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The Silvertonian 1898-04-02

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I l!
^^H^v^^--'^^'-^ f'
Silverton ian
$2 Per Annum.
|CiCicwK#Bs<-«> ecw-cso S(seeMKee«kspsKD
Neatly & Promptly Done
We oan quoto you bedrock prices
That Property Visited by Our Mining Reporter.
,„«,«   N-U.   of  tot-rest   In,   Around
0U"    XI   A»»o«t  the  DUtrlet.
One ol the most promising p.operties
Jbu arv to Silverton is the Fidelity, dls-
Setd le» than one year a-,0 by   rank
Rvroa and owned and operated by r rank
TTn?h  Holta and Arthur William-
y; iu.i. •'-• a*- irr,hip*
,ed'«5ions oi clean high gra^e «^-
L.h,-.ides placing upon the dump at
lt'Ba,' besides placing upon the dump at
the mine over 100 tons oi second-clasB
ore —Not bad foe a property that has not
vet rounded out its first year since being
discovered. It ia situated about hall
way between Bilverton aud New Denver,
being about two miles from either place,
and lies on tho first bill oi any importance back from Slocan lake, It being
1500 feet to the lake and at an altitude
of 500 feet above It. A wagon road
and trail connecta it with Silverton, troni
which point its oree are shipped,
The development work so far done
.. iiiMiMtH of three tunnels, a 60 foot winze
and 20 loots haft, besides numerous open
cuts and prospect holet put down to
trace and show up the vein which bus
been traced on the surface lor some 500
feet and which has shown up well wherever uncovered. The first two tunnels
were driven but a short distance and the
ore mostly sloped out which produced
about 90 tons of shipping ore. Tunnel
No 3 has been driven 80 feet ;ind in the
face it shows a ledge five font wide with
two fcfci of clean ore, the balance being
ledge in 'tier und concentrates. Near
the mouth of Ibis tunnel a wiuxe has
been sunk 60 teet showing the le I.e to
be from five to six feet wide, aud the
naystreak running Irom IM to '.4 inches.
At a depth ol 60 feet in the winze a drift
■inn run 20 feet east 041 the vein aud
shows the puyatreak to >x -Ola-dies. A
shaft is being sunk some 400 feel west of
this tunnel on the ledge, and has now
reached a depth of 2 1 feet arid shows tbe
vein to be over six feet betweeu walls,
The last ordinary general meeting ol
the Queen Ress Proprietory company,
limited, held in Loudon, England, on
February 17th, was ol interest from the
fact that it was stated to the chairman
that the net profits to date upon shipments of ore was £3,480, sufficient to pay a
dividend, but also because a discussion
of the smelting question took place. The
chair-ran, Capt. Needham. spoke of the
heavy freight and smelter charges.
Mr. May said that though there might
be a feeling towards helping our cousins
across the water, they die not want them
to make too much out of their properly,
and bo hoped the directors would
as soon as possible get the oro treated
in Canada and save as much as possible
of tbe heavy charges.
The chairman said that with respect to
tbe heavy cbnrges for freight and treatment in the United States, there was a
very difficult and complex question, and
it was rcceving every possible attention.
not only from their managing director*,
but also from the managing directors
from all Ihe mines in that district At
present they were absolutely in the
hands of the United States government,
and no doubt,if some large capitalist or
English leviathan were to come into tbe
country and set up in opposition to tin
United States, be might get the better
01 her, but for a small capitalist to
attempt it would  bo very ri-ky indeed.
Suppose a smelter was orected by a
small company got up in London *, when
the conditions seem lavorable. and every
thing wiiB goini on perfectly and it
looked like being prosperous, the United
States would tako tho duty off had, and
that would at once place the English
company in 11 false position. Then the
would lower the freights, and if tbe worst
came to the "tarsi she would aeiual;. itive
a bonus tolheiu toso'-d iho ores. The
lact was, they must have these ores,
] they were so useful (or fluxing
own ores.—Kootensian.
McDonald And Walker Sent up For
Trial at Jane Assizes.
Work   nn
Our   Slri'flu   .In
Whim    I'urlv
vein lone uv.-i   »■« ._-. —   — An old creek bed his been run   into in
and carrying (our feet ot concentrating I „„„ ,,art (l( the (-.,■„„_ Mjll(,s  workings,
ore, aud everything points to the   «»rik- J a„(1 ^^ ?nMr Um txup9fawl opera-
J. A. McDonald and Duke Walker appeared before Police Magistrate Lilly on
Tuesday on the chargs of robbing Knox
Bros.' jewelry store. VYalker was culled
to the witness stand and gave evidence
as follows:
On the night of the robbery I was going up Sixtth street when I thoaght I
noticed a light in Knox's jewelry store.
I started across Ihe street and when I
got to the store the light was not there.
Supposing the boys had gone into the
back room, I went iu, the door being
open. I got about half way through the
front shop when I was jumped by an unknown persmi. I wab told that if I made
an outcry it would be at the peril of my
life. I then started to go out but the
person—whom I then recognised as McDonald—said uold on He, McDonald,
reached behind tho counter and brought
out a sack and said come on, let us go.
He said keep quiet and 1 will see that
you get what iB right. I renionstnited
with him, but lie said never mind, 11 lie
had too much he would oce tnat Knox
got some of it back. We wont over be-
iiind tbe Bolander block and M. Donald
thrcwjtlie sack uhd<tr the stairway. There
was oonaiderabie snow 011 the ground.
McDonald said it would bs alright there
for a while. McDonald afterwards took
the jewelry out oft be sack and put it in
a box. I saw McDonald daily aller the
robbery. I was afraid 10 inform as Mc-
DoaaM hud threatened mv life and pro-
petty if I did. When MiD.oald went
nvvti be fold me to take car o( the jewelry until he came buck, ami he would
lix il some way. W .< 11 M O >iml i bad
ilivid- ] |{,,lMi. I took the jewelry from the bux
where it was secreted and took it to uiy
Thecvanidepl-nt now being put i„ u,w;n room, so that no one could get it
the Fen, mine, .Nelson, will have a ca-1 * <•»"•«< «J *™*^ ■»»
ol 50 tons a d:.v. °° «*"-•< <"k*'{ ■*» ,ie ,M not repm
be said lie was afraid of being implicated
he could do nothing but send him up (or
trial iih Walker's evidence was very
damaging, and be it true or untrue, it
seemed very strange to him that he, McDonald, could stand there and listen to
such a story as Walker's and then have
nothing to say. It looked to him, the
judge, as il McDonald waB alraid to ask
Walker any questions for fear he would
say something that be did not wish to
bear. He would therefore conunitt him
for trial at the next aifis-es at Nelson,
McDonald asked if he would be allowed
ball and the judge refused, stating that
be, McDonald, would have to apply to
the County Court for same.
mm mm,
The Ruth mine has declared
end n! three shillings a share.
Considerable excitement wae created
in our bnr_ last Sunday morning by a
fire at the residence of C T. Cross, The
blaze started bv the chimney and soon
smoke was pouring from the roof. The
citizens each armed with a bucket or can
gathered in front of the building and
two bucket lines were formed from the
lake. In spite of the fact that the Are
had gained considerable headway, the
plentous use of water soon checked and
save the damage tbe roof occasioned by
pulling off ibe shingles and a general
dampening of the furniture, no great
loss was experienced.
The port inn of Lake Ave. that was
graded hy \olunteer labor this week is a
pitikinit instance of what u-i.ht bo accomplished ii nvi-rv citizen would take
the mallei iu hand and exspend a .lave
labor on thc mad. Th" po'tion graded
only serves to emphasize more Bttongly
the disgraceful state in which our main
stree1 is ltd. Appaiently no voluntary
■ontri'outiun will be luade by the town-
file company and it will depend on ourselves whether our eireet is mad-i presentable or not. Toere is no .'oiibt that
plenty of volumeor work would be done
if any competent> person aouuI offer to
oversee and direct opomti'x.s. Spas-nodi : work for a .'ay or two is not going to
have the road in proper shape before tbe
24ih of May. S'"nettling must be done,
'...ythitig, so Ion;; as it is done quickly.
Tom A. Cox left lact Monday for the
coast where he has secured a situation.
Jim Howes is having some fine trees
planted in front of tbe Victoria Hotel.
A. F Henning left here this morning
with his wife and family for San Francisco.
George Currie and Miss Anderson ol
New Donver, were In town on Wednesday.
Angus McLean has returned from his
eastern trip. He arrived here last
Malcolm Benton has resigned his position as foreman at the Currie, He left
Silverton on Tuesday.
J. Mclntyre, C. P. R. telegraph inspector, wi;s having some repairs made
at the wharf last Tuesday.
Divine service will lie held in the Silverton church next Sunday afternoon at
8 o'clock. All are heartily invited to
Geo. Fairbairn returned from Brodie,
Cal. ,011 Tuesday. The spring is bringing all tbe boys back like swallows from
the south.
W. Fogerty, better known in this district as Silver Tip, left here on Monday
for a prospecting tour of the Colville Reservation.
The Rossland Trade & Labor Council
have passed a resolution condemning
the employment of Mongolians and advocating the boycotting of that class of
Percy Wilksnson passed through onr
city en route to Nelson. Percy informs
us that he has decided to fake up hie
residence in that burg.
George McDonald, who left the Comstock intending to go to Kalispell.Mont.,
to visit his dying brother, received a telegram announcing his convalesence.aud
has returned to the mine.
A large number of New Denver's citizens assembled on the wharf last Saturday to welcome the home coming of J.
A. McDonald. One was heard aakinc
him if he had returned to stay.
Miss Maud Robinson of Revelstoke,
wasaccidently shot by a hunter named
Skene, on the 24th inst. The contents
of the gun struck Miss Robinson just
above the ankle and the foot had to be
Messrs. Stege A Avison are to re-open
the Newmarket Hetel in New Denver on
Monday next. The Newmarket has
always been a popular house and no
reason can be seen why it should lose
any of its popularity.
Ross Thorburn journeyed over tho
rocks from the Comstock to visit bis
friends here last Monday. Ross tells ua
he is not an equestrian und found the
ride down an exhaustive one, but as he
a plush sofa pillow on his saddle on the
return trip he doubtless found the trail
back less tiresome
Hugh Brady returued from his trip to
Nelson yejterday.
^•t«v«.'«f«:»"-(«(«-or«(»(-«c»(«(«(*c«(«'»*'«i**r» (•t«(«i»t«-v»(o<«t»t«»f«»c»c*»t>(»c«K»<i.t»<«c»i.»'»c«t»^
Spring Suit Patterns Now on Hand,
ing of the shule of clean ore, that is Up
ped by tuunel* two and three, which
pitches west in the vein. A large niim-
borof our readers -ho have heard of ibe
Fidelity, but who bare never visited it,
are under the impression that it is t»
small, narrow, contractel. knife-blade
seam, when in reality it ie a large, well •
defined vein with true walls varying
from four to seven feet, and carrying six
inches to two leet ol clean ore end considerable concentrating and second-class
ore, varying in places id width as the
nature ol the vein permite.
The nature ol the ore is a fine steel galena, tunning up to 60 per cent, lead.and
from 100 to 200 ounces silver per ton. In
places, however, it runs into tine which
largely replaces the lead, but it still car-
lies ita high values In silver. The owners deserve credit lor the commendable
way in which they have pushed this
property tothetront, and there are few
properties In this country that can show
us good results for the amount of work
doue and the length ol time it has taken
to accomplish it.
tionsat that point.
A. McNaoglit has shipped specimens
ol the ores of this district to tbe Freiberg
Uuiversity, Freiberg, Germany, in answer to a letter forwarded to him bv M.
H. Schmidt, Anecortes, Wn.   from the
president of tho University. Mr. Schmidt
who is well known here as a former partner of Mr. McNanght, is known  es  the
best authority on mining properties in
America, and has in tbe course of his
busines career visited the principal mining districts ol the world     He declares
the IJlocan to be the best mining camp
on earth.   He is a grsduate o( the Freiberg University and an ex-partner ol the
president of that world-famed mining
school.   Mr. Schmidt was employed hy
tliB Alpha Company in the purchase of
that property and still believes that that
properly haa a big future.   Specimens
Irom the following Slocan mines were
forwarded by Mr.McNaugbt; Wakefield,
Fidelity,  Silver Nugget, Ruth, Idaho,
Fairy Queen,   Enterprise,  Vancouver,
Alpha, Comstock, Fisher Maiden, Ottawa. Mountain Chief, Emily Edith. Cascade, Mollie Hughes, Kallspoll, Galena
Farm, Slocan Star, Noble Eive, Payne.
Pieacott,   Calllornla,   Hunger,   Saddle
Rock,   Cameronlao,  Kilo and  Susan
Following   is a complete  list of the
mining transactions recorded during the
week for the Slocan Mining Division :
March   2J—Arab,   Carpenter,   Alex.
Gray Vox, same, Olof Ringwood
North Comot, Eight Mile, J. D. Reed
March 21—Marion
March 28— Silver Cord, Blazard
March 20—Mollie
March 28—Echo' Hillside, J C R,
Little Widow Fraction, Kinkora, Tryon,
Pinto No!
March 26—Mollie )t\, Chas A Gardner
to Jas M M Benedum and John N Nnnu.
Mollie linghes, Real Idea No 2. Idea,
Elnathun, Kinkora, Pinto No 2, Tumi,
H E McCarvello to Felix Hughes, Jan
2«, $10o0
Same claims, Wm 11 Saudiford to RII
II Alexander. P of A, March 22
Same claims, Mary E Bragdon, Henry
Sberran, Herman Clever lo Win H
Handiford, March 20, $40,000; $4000
down, $18,000 in six months, $18,000 in
nine months
March 10—Chester, W H Beemish
March 21—Premium, Neil McMillan
March 23—Madge, Black Prince, Dun-
das No 2
x I would respectfully invite gentlemen to an early inspection of my
V selections in Spring aod Summer Suitinpa.
$ My prices will be found moderate,    I make it a point lo keep them us
jf low as is consistent with food material, good workinausbio and tbe care
f and attention r. quistc to get up thorougl if satisfactory garments.
I -_^rTr.ji^i^.i;.;.;,1>
. Liebscher. The Tailor,
Is it now about  time  our  issuers o(
marriage licences, clergymen and others,
called  a   halt   and   stopped  marrying
couples who have  nothing to  live  ou,
excepting love?   Some young men never
stop to think that they have no cows, no
horses, no pigs ; and the first thing they
do is to go and   get  married.   We  can
liarbly blame them after all. Wo would
do the same thing ourselves tomorrow if
the play came up right. To lie sure  all
he  dowry we could   bring ou r bride
would be a lot of gall, but it is a good
quality und procures us a fair income.
We are on tbe market, for particul rs
as to age, pedigree, etc, enquire during
office hours.   II wo are out when you
call dont go away      We  are  only out
having a drink.    Candidates* can leave
photos.   Tbe lowest or homeliest tender
will not necessarily  be  accepted.     All
camdates must have ut least two  years
J.O.'lodd.Sew Douwr, was iu  our
cry nt, TufaoV,', '
himself. Continuing. Walker snid:
Knox had been talking of going to ibe
Crow's Nest Pass <tnl I was going with
huu and intended to take Ibe jewelry
with me and when we got there, rc-tore
the stolen property, and explain mutters
When questioned in regard lo the
ring he said; McDonald gave me the
ring stout two days before leaving New
Denver and told me he got it from n
woman In Sandon. I wore the ling most
of the time until I gave up, on demand,
lo Mr. Sproat. Tim ring was larite for
my little finger aud too small for mv
third finger. I do not remember the
date McDonald left town.
Herb. H. Knox wus then called and
testified to the identity of the ring, and
enu:i crated several of the articles stolen, and when produced, identified them
as being his property.
E. M. Brindle, Mr. Knox's assistant,
was then sworn and testified as beii.g
sure that be locked the door of the store
on the night of tbe robbery. He was at
lodge on that night, and closed the store
about 8 o'clock. Thev had no particular time for closing. Thut tbe store door
was unlocked when I returued from
lodge obout 11 o'clock.
Special constable Powers was then
called and testified as to going to Sandon
with Walker, and bis, Wulkei 's, confession on the wny to town Irom the Denver Siding.
The court then adjourned until 1:30,
when Walker was again called and committed for trial at the next assizes,
which take place in Nelson about June
McDonald then took the stand and
testified as follows;   I left New Denver
on the 26th of February.     On tho night
of the robberv I was at my own house at
8:15.   I was in the house all night with
the exception of about 10 minutes, which
time I was at the St. James hotel.   I remember the time quite distinctly on account ot that thing happening.   Walker
said in bis evidence thut I gave him the
ring two days before I left New Denver.
I know people that saw him wearing tbe
ring at a masquerade ball here  on   the
loth of February.   I can prove that I
have not been in Sandon since the 25th
ot December or November, I just lorget
This concluded tho evidence.
111   lh •   morning  when   Walker had
completed bis evidence, the judge asked
McDonald if he wished to ask Walker
any questions.   McDonald replied in the
A friend of Mr. Joseph Martin's said
to a Free Press reporter thst the minors
about Mr. Martin now being published
froui Ottawa in a evening paper, were
far from the troth. "Mr. Martin," he
s iid,"'is going to enter British Columbia
politics. He will enter Hon- Mr. Turner's cabinet as Attorney General and
will run for the city of Vancouver. I do
not care to havo my name mentioned,
but there is no question as to tbe truth of
i this statement.
I   Lake View avenae.
^^^^^^^| Mvertwi,B.C.|
*»>»i«-)»i»i*i»'.«i»)»)»i»i»i»i*»)»i»)w»:»i»,»i»i«»j*«i») •)»)«)»:»)».0»i»)«i»)»j»)»)«»j»)»)»>)*v®
X     3H. -VI. BENEDUM,
Silverton,       -       -       •       •        B.C.
A progressive whist party was held at
the home of Mrs. Barclay oo Wednesday night. A very pleasant evening was
passed by all present. The honors of
ihe evening fell to F. F. Liebsi her snd
the bobby pri.e was csptured by tbe
skilful play in i* of W. W. Boucb.
J. H. Falconer, organiser for the I. O.
F., has been having bis name uneviably
published in connection with a letter
written degratory to Judge Spinks of
Vernon. Mr. Falconer is mixing up politics and Forestry in a surprising manner.
:•:      :•:      :-:    Ileadnoartcrs for Mining and Coinmorcial Men,
Domestic and Imported Wines, Liquors and Cigars at tbe Bar.
B. 0
provisions and fathers who ^ ^ I    'JJ-,-^Ung tbftt M had nothing to
as our affections cannot and must not M  nej
be trifled with.   lUce prejudice, cut no | say.
this  caso.-Wetask.wiu    Free
In the afternoon when McDonald bad
Grant Thorburn is making a visit to
James Cameron has gone to Sandon
on a visit.
For that tired feeling use Dr. Fax's
A. Alexander, Sandon, was in town
last Monday.
W. Hunter made a flying trip to Sandon on Thursday.
Flower and Garden Seeds at the Silverton Drug Store.
Dave Bremner arrived in the city last
Saturday from Calgary.
Recorder Sproat has been appointed
as Gold Commissioner,
Miss Williamson rode over from New
Denvor last Thursday.
H. M. Fullerton, lb ant ford, Ont,was
a guest at the Victoria on Tuesday.
Miss Williamson returned from her
visit to Vancouver last Saturday.
Compasses and Mineral Glasses of all
kinds at the Silverton Drug Store.
Miss Ada Johnson, New Denver, visit-
Hotel Victoria.
James Bo-wes .Prop
I*.   O.
ice   in
i Lance
tlniniehcfl his evidence, Ihe judge said , «rl with Mr". Birclny last Snndny.
!_,.   rfcv-C-  Kriow-les.   Prop* THE SILVERTONIAN,
R. O. Matheson, Pub.
B. C.
We doubt whether England ever will
leave China a loan.
— i
The consolidated biscuit trust sighs
no longer for floury beds of ease. It
has them.
That "vegetable ball" given by lead-
ore of New York's "400" can only be
equaled tu Boston by a codtish hull.
"Zola has raised an Issue In France,"
comments the Detroit Tribune. He
raised something a great deal hotter
than that.
For the time he has been at It General Blauco has managed to achieve
as picturesque a failure ns could have
been expected.
It's hard to use tbe word In tuch a
connection, but much of what Germany has said about the American apple Is simply rot.
▲ writer In Harper's Weekly mokes
the tine point that when a Western
farmer lays by for a "rainy day" he Is
saving up for a drought.
The $100 counterfeit bill has ceased
to worry capitalists, but paragraphers
should be on the alert. There is a new
counterfeit quarter In circulation.
A returned Klondlker says: "It Is extremely cold there about eight months
of the year; we consider _ero as Just
nothing at all." We consider It thc
same here.
A fashion paper suggests that the
reasons woman powders Is to "take the
shine ofT her nose." Not at all. She
does It to take the shine off some other
Tbe United States Circuit Court in
Cincinnati has rendered a decision
against the cast-Iron pipe trust. Here
Is a method of hitting the pipe which
should prove popular.
The cabled Information from Italy
that tbe earth has two tuoous will surprise no one who has ever overestimated his tankage capacity. It Is very
easy to see more than two moons.
Bishop Vincent has started a crusade
In Kansas against the deadly sin of
chewing gum. We have felt certain all
along that sooner or later the great
besetting sin of Kansas would find her
Life is full of contradictions. The
bacillus or the world-stirring whooping
cough Is found to be particularly small
and delicate, but what ravages tbe little Intruder can commit! Science will
yet get the better of this dlsturlier of
the peace.
Inventors. Skepticism regarding the
outcome of such Investments is also not
modern. Pepys adds, "I do not find
thst my lord do much like It."
The United Slates has long enjoyed
the distinction of producing more gold
than any o.her country, but In spite of
the teeeiit discoveries in Alaska, and
the gold that Is being brought Into the
country via the Pacific, It Is thought
that we are to be robbed of this distinction. There Is reasou to believe
that the Transvaal will soon take the
lead In gold-production, If It hns not
already done so. Thc Engineering and
Mlr.lng Journal recently, estimating the
output of gold for the year, credited to
the United States $S5,498,fl50 nnd to
the Transvaal 156,472,300. The significance of these figures Is understood
by a comparison with the figures for
180(1, which show that tlie fnerense In
the Fulled States was only |8,000,000,
while the Transvaal made a Jump of
no less than $13,500,000. If the Transvaal keeps up anything like this pace
during the present year, there Is little
doubt that we shall be left behind in
the gold-producing race. It Is not Impossible, Indeed, that the United States
may drop to the third place before long.
Australia Is Increasing her production
of gold rapidly. Her total last year
wns more than $40,000,000, and this
wit bout counting New Zealand and other
adjacent Islands. This shows a gain of
nearly $7,000,000 over the yield of 1800;
so It will be seen that If Australia continues to galu nt the same rale and the
United States makes no more progress
than it has In the last twelve months,
there will be two countries In the world
with a better gold-produclug record
than ours.
Dr. Nanscn's criticism of our palace
cars Is that "there Is no privacy" on
them. Perhaps it is natural for an
arctic explorer, who loves solitude and
a low temperature, to feel that way. If
Nanseu ever conies to this country
again, the railroads should provide a
refrigerator car for his exclusive use.
There is considerable inte-reut manifested Just now In regard to flour, looking like wheat flour and sold as such,
but manufactured out of wheat and
corn. Corn Is a inoat excellent aud
wholesome food, but fair play to the
consumer should dictate the policy of
common honesty In making this blended floor, so that tbe customer would
know juat what he was buying.
The election of President Krueger
means something more than a mere
compliment to the leadership of the old
boer. Stripped of Its trimmings, it
means that tbe South African republic,
or at least Its Dutch element, Is uncompromisingly opposed to British
suzerainty over its affairs, and that ns
soon as the opportunity arises It Intends to play for absolute Independence
of Great Britain.
A member of tbe editorial staff of the
Bhreveport (La.) Progress receutly shot
and killed a negro. The next Issue of
that Journal referred to tbe dead msn
and added: "Our editor asks his
friends to come to thc man wbo did the
killing for an explanation of the unfortunate affair. This Is only fair; no
one can deny that." It might do no
harm for the State's Attorney to drop
around there and get an explanation.
The strike and lockout In the English engineering trades, which began
July 13 of Inst year, has ended, and the
men have gone beck to work. Tbe
strike Involved the question of an
eight-hour day, aud also that of the
management of tlie shops, and on b-s.li
points the men were defeated. It Is
estimated that the «-trlke en used a loss
of ten million doll nre In wages, and n
distribution of two million dollars In relief, but no accurate estimate can be
made of tbe loss to employers.
In the diary of Samuel Pepys there
le tbe entry for Oct. 8,1600: "This day
I heard the duke speak of a great design that be and my Lord of Pembroke
have, and a great many others, of sending a venture to some parte of Africa
to dig for gold ore tbere. They Intend
to admit ae many aa will venture their
money, and so make themselves a company. Two hundred and fifty pounds
Is tbe lowest share for every man."
This record not only shows how old a
pursuit Is gold-hunting In Africa, but It
likewise reveals the purpose of the
promoters, familiar In modern plans of
the sort. "As many as will venture
their money" have an equally good
e_*aitce nowadays to Join tbe army of
Most of the appliances of modern
civilization brings risks as well as advantages. Tbe people who lived a hundred years ago could not travel so rap-
Idly nor communicate with each other
across great distances so conveniently
as we do; but on the other hand, they
were strangers to some perils which are
familiar nowadays. Their Journeys
were slow and serious affairs; but they
were In no danger of lielng blowu up
on a steamboat, or tumbled over a railway embankment, or even of lielng run
over by a trolley-car or a "scorching"
wheelman. Their houses were not
lighted by electricity or by water gas;
but they were not burned up by reason
of badly Insulated wires or asphyxiated
In their neds. They knew nothing of
fifteen-story buildings, but they also
knew nothing of elevator accidents.
Nevertheless. It is doubtful if more lives
nre lost by accidents of travel. In proportion to the number of people traveling, than was the case a century ago.
Hundreds of people travel by water
now where one did so then: but ocean
travel has lieen made relatively more
safe ns well as more swift and comfortable, by modern appliances. There
are still possibilities of collision or of
striking a reef In a fog, but It almost
never happens that a modern seaworthy vessel founders through stress
of weather. One steamship company
which has sent its steamers back and
forth across the Atlantic for more than
fifty years Is able to lioast that It has
never lost the life of a passenger In the
service. As to the railways, In 180*1
one hundred and eight-one passengers
were killed on the railways of the
United States, and nearly twenty-nine
hundred were Injured. When these
figures are compared with the amount
of passenger traffic, it appears that the
railways carried nearly three million
passengers for every one who was
killed, and about one hundred and
eighty thousand passengers for every
passenger injured. A famous humorist
once compared tbe number of people
killed In railway accidents with the
number dying In their beds, and reached the conclusion that It was several
thousand times more risky to lie In lied
than to travel on a railway. It was a
playful exaggeration; but it is true
that, if modern discovery and invention
hnve resulted In new hazards to human
life, they have also supplied new safeguards aud preventives.
E 10
taken before the court
'brief as follows:
1.,..Mil_.nl..ii mill Fludlnir*
,,, purport ia ' M.. to Fort, lli.nchucn, Arizona, and one
company of the Fifteenth Infantry from
Kiirt Bayard to Fort Apache, Arisona. Or
TeKllmoii) Taken Before the lloiir.l
of Int|ulr>- Accompanied the Re-
port—Mpaln Notlfled That the Wnr
In Cuba Musi Cease*-loncoiilra-
linn of liiltril stnli'M Troop*.
When the Maine arrive* at Havana she den. were also f^^^S^S^i
wns conducted by the regular government post at Whipple,Bniwdn.  Although they
Tbe position is taken by Dr. McBur-
lu-y, In the London Medical News, that
there really Is no medical cure for appendicitis, even though some cases recover witl.out operation; be considers,
too, though appendicitis is a surgical
disease, yet operation may not be necessary In every case, the fact lielng
that '.his ailment It, a stoppage of the
drainage from tlie appendix to the co-
ion, and preliminary treatment Is often
worse than useltws. Thus, tbe opium
treatment relieves pain and discomfort,
but entirely masks the symptoms at a
most important time, for It Is In the
first twenty-four hours from the beginning of the attack thai physician* can
decide not only as to tbe diagnosis, but
as to the result and course probably of
the case. If, for Instance, tbere Is no
Increase In urgency in five or six hours,
the patient Is not in Immediate danger
if kept at perfect rest In bed; on the
other hand. If in twelve hours tbere la
ctlll no Increase In the severity of the
symptoms, the patient should begin to
Improve. Hut, If the urgency of the
case has steadily Increased In twelve
hours from the time when the diagnosis was made, an operation will prob-
nbly be called for. After two attacks
a paiiemt is sure (o have a third, and
each attack renders operation more difficult and dangerous; all the advantages lie with operation between the attacks, and In an operation during an
acute attack tbe prognosis Is worse.
Building Associations of the Land.
Tbe 4,770 building associations lo the
United States have 1,010,300 members
and asset* of $000,000,000.
A tough beefsteak Is a cure sure for
Its own consumption.
Living op to Ideals Is like doing every
day work wltb your Sunday clothes on.
Washington .March 28.—The determination was reached early this morning to
send in thc testimony taken before the
board of inquiry to accompany the report.
The members of the foreign relations committee of the senate made vigorous protests against tho former arranged program, saying it would be a -fruit deal of n
farce to refer to that committee the findings of the court and withhold the testimony. The committee desired the testimony at tlie earliest possible moment. It
was also pointed out that withholding the
testimony would be construed by some
persons to mean nn attempt was being
made to keep from congress and the people all testimony regarded as sensational.
The "lle-ix-iue.
To the Congress of the United States:
For some time prior to the visit of the
Maine to Havana harbor our consular representatives pointed out the advantages
to follow a visit of naval ships to Cuban
waters in accustoming the people to the
presence of our Aug ns a symbol of goodwill, and of our ships in fulfillment of the
mission of protection to American interests, even though no immediate need
therefor might exist.
Accordingly, on the 25th of January
last, after u conference with the Spanish
minister, in which the renewal of the visits of our wnr vessels to Spanish waters
was discussed and accepted, the peninsular
authorities at Madrid and Havana were
advised of the purpose of this government
to resume friendly naval visits at Cuban
ports, and with that view the Maine
would forthwith call at the port of Havana.
Appnrent  Frlendllneaa.
This announcement, wns received by the
Spanish government with appreciation of
the friendly character of the visit of the
Maine and with notification of the intention to return the courtesy by sending
Spanish ships to the principal ports of the
United States. Meanwhile the Maine entered the port of Havana on thc 25th of
January, her arrival being marked with
no special incident besides the exchange
of the customary salutes and ceremonial
Thc Maine continued in thc harbor of Havana during the three weeks following her
arrival. No appreciable excitement attended her stay; on the contrary, a feeling
of relief and confidence followed the resumption of the long interrupted friendly
intercourse. So noticeable was this immediate effect of her visit that our consul
general strongly urged that tlie presence
of our ships in Cuban waters should be
kept up by l. mining the Maine at Havana, or, in the event of her recall, by
sending another vessel there to lake her
The Fatal Right.
At 40 minutes past 0 in the evening of
j thc 15th of February the Maine was dc-
I strayed by an explosion, by which the en-
t tire forward part of the ship was utterly
| wrecked.   In this catastrophe two officer*
and 200 of her crew perished, those who
were not killed outright by her explosion
being penned between decks by thc tangle
of wreckage and drowned by the immediate sinking of the hull.
Prompt assistance was rendered by the
neighboring vessels anchored in thc hnr-
hor, aid being especially given by boats
of thc Spanish cruiser Alphonso XIII and
the Ward line steamer City of Washington, which lay not far distant The wounded were generously cared for by thc authorities of Havana, hospitals being freely
opened to them, while the earliest recovered of the bodies were interred hy the
municipality in the public cemetery in the
city. Tributes of grief and sympathy were
offered from all official quarters of the
Effect   on  tbe  .\atioa.
The appalling calamity fell upon the people of our country with crushing force and
for a brief time intense excitement prevailed, which in a community less just, or
selfishly controlled, must have led to hasty
acts of. blind resentment. This spirit, however, soon gave way to the calmer processes of reason and a resolve to investigate
the fnct« nnd await msterinl proof before
forming a judgment as to the cause, responsibility, and, if thc nets warranted,
the remedy due. This course necessarily
recommended itself from the outset to the
executive, for only in the light of a dis-
pnssionntely ascertained certainty could
it determine the nature and measure of its
full duty in the matter.
Annnlntment of the Coart.
The usual procedure was followed ns in
cases of casualty or disaster to the national vessels of any maritime state. A naval
court of inquiry was at once organised,
composed of officers well qualified by rank
and practical experience to dlsoharga the
onerous duty imposed upon them.
Assisted by a strong force of wreckers
and divers, the court proceeded to make a
thorough investigation on the spot, employing every available means for nn Impartial and exact dctenninnti. n of the
cause of the explosion. Its operations have
been conducted with the utmost deliberation nnd judgment, and, while independently pursued, no source of information
was neglected, nnd the fullest opportunity
wns allowed for simultaneous investign-
tion hy the Spanish authorities.
The finding of the court of inquiry wns
reached, nftcr 2.1 days' continuous labor, on
the 21st of Mar.'h, and having lieen approved on the 22d by the commander-in-
chief of the naval force of the North Atlantic station, was transmitted to the executive.
It is herewith laid before congress, together  with   Ihe   voluminous  testimony
pilot to buoy No. 4, to which she wns
moored, in from five and one-half to six
fathoms of water.
The state of discipline on board, and the
condition of her mngurines, boilers, conl
bunkers nnd storage compartments arc
pnssed in review, with the conclusion that
excellent order prevailed nnd with no in-
dicntion that any cause for Internal explosion existed in nny quarter.
At 8 o'clock in the evening of February
15 everything had been reported secure
and nil wns quiet. At 40 minutes past 0
o'clock the vessel wns suddenly destroyed.
There were two distinct explosions with
a brief interval between them. The first
lifted the forward part of the ship very
perceptibly; the second, which wos more
prolonged, is attributed by the court, to
the partial explosion of two or more of the
forward inngiiMiines.
The evidence of the divers establishes
that the after part of the ship wus piuc-
ticnlly Intact, and sank in that condition a
very few minutes after the explosion. The
forward part was completely demolished.
Upon the evidence of concurrent external cause, the finding of the court is as
follows: *
At frame 17 the outer shell of the
ship, from a point 11, feet from the middle line of the ship nnd six feet above tlio
keel, when in normal position, had been
forced up so ns to be about four feet above
the surface of the water, therefore about
34 feet nbove where it would be hnd she
sunk uninjured. The outside bottom plating is bent into n reversed "V" shape, the
nftcr wing of which, nbout 15 feet broad
and .12 feet in length (from frame 17 to
frame 25), is doubled buck upon itself
against the continuation of thc same plating extending forward.
At frame 18 the vertical keel is broken
nnd bent into the singiilur angle formed
for outside plates. This break is about
six feet below the surface of the water and
about ,10 feet above its normal position.
In the opinion of thc court, this effect
could hnve been produced only by the explosion of a mine situated under the bottom of the ship at about frame 18 and
somewhat on the port side of the ship.
The conclusions of tlie court nre:
Thut the loss of the Maine was not in
any respect due to the fault or negligence
on the part of any officer or member of
her crew.
That tho ship was destroyed by the explosion of a submarine mine, which caused
the partial explosion of two or more of
her forward magazines; and that no evidence has been obtainable fixing the responsibility for the destruction of the
Maine upon any person or persons.
1 have directed that the finding of the
court of inquiry and the views of this gov-
j eminent thereon be com mil nice toil to the
government of her majesty the queen of
Spnin, nnd I do not permit myself to
doubt that the sense of justice of the
Spanish nation will dictate a course of action suggested by honor nnd the friendly
relations of the two governments.
It is the duty of the executive to advise
congress of the result, and in tlie meantime deliberate consideration is invoked.
Executive Mansion, March 28, 1898.
do not seem to do so, the orders may have
ii bearing on the proposed concentration
of troops for use in a possible emergency.
Noi-h-ii-Hik of Ihe Talk* anil the Acts
of in-ii- llrancbea.
Item* of Information Gathered From
„   Wide   lira Political   11 ,■,,,.,.,,
Intra nnd Industrial Notes—Crimen
and   Accident*.
Simla,      Is     S.I.IIH..1    by    the    lulled
State*  Government.
Washington, March 28.— The United
States government has presented to Spain,
through Minister Woodford at Madrid, n
carefully prepared note denting with the
distressing condition nf affairs in Cubit.
and making clear that this government
can not withhold much longer such definite action as will bring thc present struggle and the suffering it is occasioning to a
Thc note wns submitted to the Spanish
government the hitter part of last week.
The Spanish government hns mnde its re
ply. lkitli the note of the United States
nnd the answer of Spain are marked by a
conservative tone, which, however, does
not overcome the dignifying firmness
which characterizes both governments.
At the Cabinet Meeting.
Washington. March 28.— The cabinet
meeting was largely devoted to reading
thc president's message, sent to congress
at noon. Seven] minor changes were mnde
in the wording, and after it had been dispatched to the capitol, some time wns
spent in reading lute messages from Minister Woodford. Although the details of
those dispatches are not made public, it is
thought they are reassuring in character
and give bnsis for the belief that the present strained relation* may yet lie satisfactorily relieved.
It is undoubtedly true that Spain is
willing to mnke important concessions to
thc United States, nnd is willing to go
even so far as to agree to withdraw her
troops from Cuba on conditions which, if
not satisfactory to this government, arc
more liberal and conciliatory than anything hitherto received and clearly indicate the purpose to avoid wnr, even if, to
attain that end, she is compelled to make
sacrifices never before cmisiilcied.
Notwithstanding these hopeful signs,
negotiation! have not passed the danger
point, nor is it hoped that this govern
ment will accept nny compromise that
does not involve the prompt cessation of
hostilities, even if the question of the future government of Cuba be left to future
tlen. Mile* laane* Order* to the lie-
partment of Colorado.
Washington, March 28.-Major General
Miles issued an order today transferring
the hcadqunrters nnd six companies of the
Klcventh infnntry now In tho Department
of the Colorado, to Jefferson llarrncks,
Missouri, nml also directing thc general
of the Department of the Colorado lo order the heiulnunitcrs staff nnd hand of the
Fifteenth infantry from Fort lin yard, N.
The stirring scenes of the Fifty first
congress, when the members of the minority were charging down the nislcs protesting ihe rules of Speaker Reed, were
recalled Friday ill the turbulent scenes
and protests niiidn by the minority
against the chair's rulings during the consideration of the naval appropriation bill.
The ruling in effect compelled the members to confine their remarks under the
five hllnuto rule to the subject before I lie
house, and was made against  Mr. Unit
man of Montana, who atteihptod to make
n political speech. The ruling was de
nouiiceil as a usurpation mid appeal after
ap|M>nl was taken When nil else failed,
every expedient, was resorted to to block
progress with the bill.    As a  result  but
four pages vera disposed of.
During the debate on the naval appropriation bill Saturday in the house every
Utterance In favor of aggressive action
against Spain was applauded to the echo
by the 01'OWdod galleries. A strong effort was made to Increase the appropriation for the naval reserves, but it failed.
Another effort to have the government
uniform the naval militia also failed. The
main contest of the day was over a proposition tn decreii.se the number of timber
drydocks authorised by the bill from four
to three. Mr. Cannon, chairman of the
appropriations committee, who made the
motion to discuss tne whole question of
war preparations and to inveigh against
undue extravagance, was voted down. No
point of order was made against the pro
posed timber dock*, but Mr. Cannon gave
notice that ho would raise a point against
the proponed steel d.s'k nt Algiers, Ln„ on
The gmnd jury at Chicago lias return
ed indictments ngiiinsl George ll, .lacks,
formerly chief of police of Muskegon,
Mich., nnd William 11. Willows, charging
them with the murder of Andrew 11. Mc-
(lee. Jacks and Willows, it is alleged,
decoyed Mis'fee to nn n]«rtnient house On
the south side several weeks ngn and murdered nnd rubbed him.
Colonel John W. MeKen/.ie.a well-
known veteran of the Mexican war, is
dying in Snn Francisco. He is n native
ol Newark, N. J„ nnd wns formerly olty
marshal of Sun Francisco und cnhmcl of
the First, regiment of the National
(i im id of California.
The Missouri supreme court has declared
the inheritance lax law unconstitutional.
All gambling nl Dnwson City, Klondike,
has been restricted to "legitimate games."
Five small children of l'ottsville, Pa.,
ate Wild parsnips, and will probably die
from the poison.
Governor Culberson of Texas 1ms issued
a quarantine against yellow fever on nil
rimst. points and along the Kio (iniiide.
Pearl Bytinga, thc actress, is in n New
York hospital, insane from the morphine
Kugcne Snulsby, a prominent pnlitljjuH;
nf Imliiiiiapiilih, has been stricken witk tilia! blindness. _        - "**
The French minister for flic colonics has
refused Ilie petition iff Mine Dreyfus, wife
of Captain Dreyfus, to share the hitter's
imprisonment on Devil's island.
Many nf the leading grain dealers of II
liiinis ask for the repeal of the Inw giving
the right to elevator proprietors to trade
in the grain of which they arc merely public custodians.
MeaSUrea are being considered nt ltoni
bay, India, to deal more effectively  with
thc ground that a dock necessarily involved in the future the establishment of I the black plague, from which thousands
a navy yard. There wns some further I of natives are dying,
discussion of the relative merits of large! Jim Orr, a versatile nnd independent
battleships nnd smaller craft, in which I reformer in Kansas, is working for the
the temper of the house Seemed about j passage of ft law which will OOtnpel every
equally divided, but the paragraphs rein- Jinan to refrain from signing another man's
tive to the ships had not been reached note without lir>t getting his wife's con-
when the house adjourned. 'sent.
I'reHl.leiii'N Mcnnhkc llecelvrd. A  cablegram  from London concerning
Every available inch in the senate pub-! Mr. Gladstone's health says: "It was his
lie galleries was occupied .Monday and all
the senate galleries were packed to the
doors by 1 o'clock. In the diplomatic gallery were Aimer McKinley, the president's
brother, and Mrs. Captain Sigsbee. The
attendance of senators was unusually
large At the eniielusion of the reading of
the president's  Mage, Senator Davis oi
Davis of Minnesota, chairman of the committee on foreign relations, amid a buzz of
whispered conversation, rose and request
ed that the findings of the court of inquiry
be lead. At the eonclusion of the reading,
Senator Davis moved tlie message of the
president, the finding* of the court nf inquiry nnd the testimony taken before the
court Is* referred to thc committee on foreign relations nnd ordered printed.
A big crowd wns present in the house.
At exactly 12 o'clock the s*>cnker called
the house to order. There were no preliminaries. While the journal was being
rend, Chief Executive Cluerk I'rudcn up
peered with the message, which was an
own wish to lie moved to llavvardcn with
as little delay as possible. Whatever the
precis,* nature of the facial pains, neuralgia or the presence of some unhealthy
growth, there can lie no doubt that.
iIn.null Intermittent, they have oesatinned
severe suffering, and it niressnrily follows
thut his physical powers and heart's action have become gravely enfeebled."
Thc attorney general of Texas has ruled
that in consequence of the cureless drafting of resolutions iu the legislature there
will have to lie tiw. slate elections ill Texas this year. Thc regular election of slate
officers will Ik- on the second Tuesday in
November, nnd a "fecial election will have
to be held the first Tuesday, which is the
first day of November, to pass on some
constitutional amendments suhmiheil bv
the last legislature, to is- \otcn on this
The British government is massing n
powerful Heet iii Chinese water*
It is understood thai Frances demands
nounced ns soon ns the reading of the in China Include the cession of fang-tat
journnl wns concluded. When the reading of the message was concluded, a wave
of applause swept over the lloor and the
galleries. The speaker Immediately announced the reference of the message to
tho committee on foreign relations, under
the rule. Mr. liniley, the democratic lend
er, asked if the report of the board of Inquiry had nut accompanied the message.
Thn speaker replied that a foot note t-i the
message contained the information thai
the testimony had lieen transmitted to the
Arrested on the Charge of Mul-omit-
lion  of  l*erjnr>-.
Unite, Mont., Mnrch 28.—The climax in
the perjury eases growing out of the SI,,..
fer murder trial wns reached Saturday
when ex-County Attorney Mclviu I,
Wines nnd his former chief deputy, Edwin
S. Booth, were nrrested on the charge of
subornation of *ieijury. Wines nnd Monti
were attorneys for Shnfer, who wns con
rioted of murder, and evidence has sinci
Is-cn accumulated thnt n startling lot of
perjured testimony had been intimbued
nt the trial by the defense, including depo
The troops at Fmt Sheridan, Chii-ngo,
are to join th,. hoops at the Xcw York
liiiilmr defenses.
Four moonshiners have been arrested,
and their illicit still etmflseated, in a cellar in New York city.
Threatened by s trump, Mrs. Qesella
Bond of Chicago clapped s pan of dough
on his head and the vagrant lied in terror.
English newspapers hint thai the French
navy mobilisation may be iu connection
with the impending rupture between the
United States and Spnin.
I tecs use  of  the  Unprecedented  drouth.
•tockrelsersat Fresno, Cal., have petitioned the president to permit gracing on certain pillions of Yosemiie Park rreerva
tion lin ming Mason,
The equal taxation committee of the St.
bonis Single Tax League claims to have
evidence that "mors than $360,000,000
worth in actual easli value of real estate
and franchises in Si. |,,,uis goes untaxed."
Thomas Gassett, n farmer, near Seymour, hid., supposed i" be dying with eon
sumption, during a riukml spell of coughing recently threw out «.f his stomach a
living oyster. He began tn Improve al
once, and is recovering rapidly.
Ham burners, horse thieves snd other
sitions from Seattle, Wash, County At ! " '•"''."biers in the cast end of Clark conn
torncy Stnpleton h,,s nlso moved for thcl'V- Indiana, arc to Im- ruthlessly pursued
disbarment of Wines nnd Itooth before the  "■••' prosecuted, mi ssaoeiatl .f the lead-
supreme court.
Flft>    Per
Cent     Increase
Heavy Demand.
"'K i i of that section having been form
ed mid Incorporated tor th.se purpose*.
ihe work of deepening nml widening
tlie channel on the bar at Pensscola, Fin..
is being pushed with the utmost speed,
and the largest merchant steiin-liips now
pass without difficulty. It is expected that
Boston, March 27.--The demand for ma-128 feel of water will won be.obtalned
rme wnr insurnrtec hns greatly increased
within the pnst few dnys. l'lesidcnt Fuller,
of the Muslim Murine insurance Company,
snys his company has recently writ ten
about 2"> risks and is daily receiving many
applications. In consequence of the thrent-
cning aspect nf the situation war rates
have lieen increased SO per cent over rates
previously prevailing.
Fishermen   Drowned.
Copenhagen, Mnrch 27. — A telegrnm
from Trnmsne, Trnnisoe, islnnd, reports
that 45 fishermen hnve been drowned nlf
the north const of Norwnv in n storm.
sum lip..x   In   Arlsonn.
FlngstiifT, Ariz., Mnrch 27.~-Tl.cic nre 12
enses nf smnllpox nt the village of Ilell-
mont, 12 miles west, of here, llellmonl
hns about 100 people mid the entire popti-
lation, lnrgely Mexican, hns lieen exposed
to thc disease.
Governor Bradley of Kentucky has re
toed   the  fellow s,.| vmils bill,  which  was
considered one ..f the must Important
measures passed by the recent legislature,
ii|Kin the ground that it would make the
corporations responsible for I class (f injuries for which they nre mil responsible
under the constitution of the state.
Powder, shot and shell continue to arrive nt Penaaeola, Kin., in huge quantities
for the forts mid batteries defending the
Inubiir. Three of Ilie eight big innrliii*
for the new battery on Simla Ross Island
hnve nlso arriied. mid they will be moiiiit
ed as quickly as possible. There is great
activity iu I'nrt Pickens. In addition to
Ilie six mid elghl im Ii rifle guns, a I.Vineh
gun is being mounted on the fort.
In nccnrdiincc with the wishes of Fanner Appleby of Hempstead, N. Y„ his widow caused his rcihnins tn be cremaled nnd
mattered Ihe ashes over the fields.
BBnHHUmHH 11 <jB_S8
Both the method ana results.••wheii
Svntpof Pigsin.taken; it is jileasant
and I'ofi'osliing to tho taste, and acts
■rpiitly yet promptly on tho Kidneys,
1/ivcr find BoweU, cloau#es tlie iyg.
inn clVi'ctiiiiUy, dispels colds, head-
nehes und level's ami cures luthitiial
coiiBti'MltioiJ. Syni)i Q'f l'"i<j;s ih tlu
only reiiK'dy hi' its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste ami acceptable to tlie stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
elicits, prepared only from tlie most
lienlllivainl ao-i'oi-aliU'Niilmtaiieos, its
miuiY excellent qualities commend it
in till ami hnve lmulc il tlie most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Pigs is for wile in 50
•int bottles by all leading ilruo-
uists. Any reliable druggist who
may not bavo it on hand will pro-
euro it promptly for any one who
wishes to try ft.    Do not accept any,
LOviSVlUE, AT. NEW YORK, /».*-.
rifl.iliiii     lloli
inn nil
•'.illns   Si-nI
llu-   luti II,
III    Colli-
Washington, March 26.   Captain Rob-
lei I). Kvans. better known ns "Fighting
Hull" I'.i.nis. inis reached here ami was
iinmedlntely ordered to take command id
(lie Iowa.
Captain Sitnp-nii of the Inwn and also
nt the inquiry  board bus been ordered
in i in- command of the North Atlmitii-! lemii^ii »iili a |Mipiibitiini nf lOOtoa sub-
fleet, relieving Admiral Bicard, who is ill jsimitinl place of turn Inhabitants with
Commodore W. s  Schley, in all prob   graded itreeta and better buildings than
me usually found ill mining camps of a
Title  II In Passed   In  ||i<*  I'lirchnsc
of lite Whitewater Mine—The s»i-
viinlie (mi,,t> |„ Miiiititiin—IMiicer
Work on iu,. gainton- Ti-iiiihhc-
lIOliN In lle.l Moiiiitiiln l-hoperlles
Kaslo, II. ('., reports that the entire balance oi the purchase price ol the Whitewater mine was paid over iu cash, mid the
title deeds were passed, by virtue nf which
the property comes into the possession of
the Whitewater Mines, Ltd,, the notation
nt' which wns recently successfully completed in London by the manager* oi tbe
biiiidnii ami British Columbia Gold Fields,
Ltd. The deal wns carried out and con-'
siiniinatcd iu Kaslo. By the sale the two-
thirds Interest of.I.e. Baton ol Kaslo and
W. 0. Price of Kasi, Oakland, ('nl., was
purchased outright for cash, nnd tha one-
third Interest of John L. Rotallack und
Major Montgomery was paid for in stoclc
ot I he new corpora I Ion. The lirst payment
on the deal was made December 31, with
!>0 days' Ii on the balance.   The exact
price is not made public, but it is generally understood that the transfer wns made
on a basis nf |400^00Q for the entire mine,
Saturday the late owners of the Whlte-
unlcr mine held n mooting in Knslo mid
decided to declare » dividend approximating 140,000, milking a total Of $104,000
paid in dividends lo date. The amount of
the dividend today Includes the net profits
of the bij.' silver property to the 28d inst,
the date of tale to the Whitewater Mines,
Ltd. According to the terms of the con
tract part of Saturday's dividend {joes to
the  new  owners.     The  lnine   is   now   in
charge of s. s. Fowler, representing the
purchasers, It is believed by some he will
have the management of Hie property.
S>l viinii...
The Iowa i f Sylvnnile. in the north-
western corner of (Hothead county, Montana, is n gold camp where there have
biiii no si'tliai-ks, and where new linds of
value were made even- week during the
past prospecting Reason, with an abundance of (.'round yet unprospceted thai is
doulilli— aa good as any. The town has
mown from ■ village of tents about one
be opened up about two and a half miles
up the North Fork from Grand Forks, It.
C. The gold-bearing ore is a decomposed
while quarto. Joseph Pounder has just
received au assay return which shows n
gold value of JpH in the surface cropping of
the Rose Hud claim. Then is every indication of this new strike being the commencement Of n camp equal to Cnmp .McKinney, as the surface urc is identical
with that of the famous Cariboo mine.
Ilie Moulin.
The Monita, on lied mountain, Ilnss-
land,   has  been  purchased   by   thc  War
Bogle Consolidated Mining Company on n
basis of W, cents per share, or about $1)4.-
IKK) for the property. The Monita wns
stocked fur $760,060, nnd market quotations have been from 12 lo 16 cenls. The
mine, is about 800 feet west uf the 'War
Bogle and has considerable development
work dune.
Tlu* Wnr |.'iiu;lc.
Rossland reports ihe transfer of John
It. Cook's one-fifth interest in the Pilgrim
mineral claim to the War Ragle company
practically gives that company the control
of thut claim, m.d completes Important
negotiations which have been in progress
lately   for  the  acquisition   of  properties
which me especially valuable In the winking of the War luigle mine.
linker I'll*,   lllslrlct.
Prom the present outlook it will not be
at all surprising if, before the seu-sou of
IMIH is far advanced, there will be upwards of 1600 quarts and placer miners
laboring in the mineral regions tributary
to linker City. Ore., and that the yield of
gold for this year will surpass Unit of $'{.-
000*000 in 1897 |,y many thousands of dollars.
Spring Medicine
These two words emphasize   a   necessity
nnd indicate a remedy.
KlMUNf' the season when the blood is
most impure ns n result of the winter's
closer Confinement, higher living, slower net ion nf the kidneys and liver;
w hen the humors of nil kinds, boils, piui-
pies and eruptions nre most liable. In up
pear; when the week, languid conditi.in I
of the whole bodily structure demands i
und welcomes help.
MMDICINK thnt to which the millions!
turn at this season—Hood's Knrsnpu-
rilla. The originnl nnd only preparation especially aduptcd to the present
needs of Ihe human funiily; that which
makes the blood pure nnd clean usshown
by its thousands of wonderful cures
of dreadful blood diseases; creates an
appetite and cures dyspepsin, ns shown
by its "magic touch" in all stomach
troubles; steadies nnd strengthens the
nerves, us proved by people formerly
nervous, now culm nnd self-possessed,
11.unks to
(inly those who hnve been relieved of
great suffering can fully npprccinte the
gratitude with which the testimonials
overflow written in favor of Hood's Snr-
supurilhi.    Just read this:
"C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
"Gentlemen: "We use Hood's Sarsapn-
rilln as a general family medicine. If
any of us run down, we alwnys get a
bottle nf Hood's Sarsnparilla ns a tonic.
My youngest hoy, now seven years old,
wus u very delicate child until he was four
years old, when I began giving him
Hood's Snrsiipurilla. After using two bottles he is as well as any child." MRS. S.
H. RICHARDSON, 023 Hush Street, Seattle, Wash.
System llrokea IIimvii.
"For 15 years 1 have suffered with
catarrh and indigestion, and my whole
system was almost completely broken
down. I had almost abandoned nny hope
of recovery. I finally purchased six bottles of Hood's Snrsiiparillu, und its effects
have been marvelous. It has made inc
feci like a new man. I am able to sleep
well, have a good appetite, nnd hnve gained several pounds in weight I recommend Hood's Sarsnparilla to nil my fellow sufferers." JAMES WILDIilt, Oro-
ville, Wash.
He  Feci*   All   Hlslit.
"Several months ago I waa covered with
blotches and sores and had an itching sen-,
sation all tlie time. I read about
Hood's Sarsnpurillu and began taking it,
nnd it soon made me feci all right. 1 believe it to be an excellent medicine for
scrofula troubles." HUSKY JKNKINS,
Port Angeles, Wash.
IS America's Greatest Medicine because it cures when all others fail.      lie sure   to get Hood's,
Will- Orders  Issue.!  to  the Mure  Island   llllli-irs.
that   painting   of
Art Note.
"Williams   Is   crazy   over
"No, ho Isn't crazy.   He hasn't offered to buy
It yet."—('Iilcugo Heeord.
neither Spain nor the Spanish are mentioned throughout.
Vnllejn, ('al., March 86.—Rear Admiral
Kirkluiui. commandant at Mare island,
has received orders from the secretary ot
the navy to have the cruiser Charleston
ready for sea by April 1.   Orders were also
received to prepare the Yorktown for ser-
vie.- with all possible speed, nnd tc increase the force nf men at  work mi  the
DOH r in-: im Mir.iii.ii.
1" us Inn
Ill-suit Of Hie Im e-ilittlllloil of the
WrcckiiiK <>• Ibe llMtlleslil-l
tin I ii i- III llu*. nun HiirlMir—"-.» One
on lloanl to Illume.
KIcmetilH     lllslrll.ule
Stole   Nonillllltlolis.
d thc
ability, will in- placed iu command
squadron al Hampton Roads.
i.olnu   III   Key   West.
Kingston, Jamaica, March 25. Tin
cruiser Cincinnati end gunboat Wllming
ton, without the United State* gunboat
t'astine, returned to Port Antonio and
nulled mi liniir later.   It  Is thought the
uiii-hip- have gone lo Key tti-t.
Mains utile-,s  Order,-,I  11,line.
Washington, Merck _5.-—Oreders have
In i n issued detaching Captain sigsta-e and
the other nib.cis from th<- battleship
Maine nl Havana snd ordering them ti
I nn 1 home and await orders.
Monitor  Terror   Snlla.
New Y.nk, Marsh 23. -Monitor Tcrrm
has sailed from Tompkinsrille bound foi
Key West.
We blanket a horse In the warmest
weather after B hard drive If he Is to
stand in his stall. We take violent exor-
etae and da hard manual liilior, and very
many take no precaution against sudden
OOOllag off. In case of the horse, If he
chills, he will he foundered. In case ol
men and women who arc forgetful
...■ii,, of     the     eonsepaeneee,      they      win
ciulser Philadelphia to as great a number !,_„„,    somu.ss    liml    tfUtness    ttom
as could be  employed.    There arc now   head  to foot.      If   we   are    thus   for-
neurlv JIMIO men at work  in the various I Botful, we need not he so of the fact that
department, and before the middle of next \ * i^^-J* *• SLZfmmTl
week it  is estimated that  there will lie j go0d rubbliiK relaxes the stiffened mu.s-
2500.    Never iu the history of the yard   cles and  puis the Joints to work again | „,   „,„  explosion   the   bnttleship   Maine j 7Z1    „ ,   ,,       .,,,..,,,.  „,  .,.,,        n    ,,-
In good ord.-r.    In this senson of sports .  .      ... . ..,..,.,    I'n-t  -""i   •'"    -"iciarj   oi it.in-
lion.- who enjoy thorn ought to he without a bottle of the oil.
Washington,   Mnrch
•if the court of inquiry which investigat-
ed the wrecking of the bnttleship Maine
is mnde up of eight pints us follows:
First—The court linds that ut the time
Portland, Ore., March 20.— Tlie joint,
i-oiiferencc committee appointed  by the
populists, democrats nnd silver repnbli-
I cutis on thc disii ibution of state offices hns
• reported.   The populists pet the governor.
The report ' attorney general, state printer and superintendent of public instruction; the democrats get the state treasurer, justice uf
the supreme court and congressninn from
the First district; while thc rcpublicnns
get thc congressman from the Second dis-
hns there lieen  such  a
siieh busy times.
crowd uf men or
in live and one-half to six futh- :
nil.I   I'ri-vcnf    V.-iiiin   liy   i ..ui;.. sv
on  the  lin I nc  II, -|iiii-i.
Washington, March 2S.   Rome of tin
senators and meml-cri of the house win
year's growth.    Thero nre several good
lmsiiic»s blinks and five lintels, one of
rrhioh i- u three story structure. There
in- two properties that are lufflclently developed I" be called mines. They nre the
Keystone and tbe field Flint. The Keystone is equipped a itll a HI slump mill and
..in. nii-.itoi which mc running day and
night and working 3(1 tuns of ore daily.
Ilie clean up is made mice a month, und
substantial gold In irks Rod their way to
Spokane «iih regularity, Keystone ores
run fn in 94 to $12 per ton low-grade, to
Is- sure, but easily handled, nnd sn abundant that ii is a big thing for the owners.
The Keystone employs about 50 men in
the operation of the mine, not including
the ore haulers, \\...h| choppers and others!
directly connected with the property. The
i.ohi Hint hns a line new modern mill,
built ill .i eost of 135X100, The plant eon
-i-is nf a jo sinnip mill, sis concentrates,
land n gravitj ear line 2800 feet long con-
i pectins tbe mine with the mill.   The
Wheal     (|iiiiiiiiln,i».    Wool     I'luurc.
nnd   tlie* I'll.-.-   of   Troiluce.
Though a republican and a rich man.
Vice President Hobart Is quite democratic In Ills ways, In this respect reminding many of Adhil K. Stevenson.
b..  (Mf.iTn.-
per    ton;
per Ib
I equipment enables the company lo handle
hnve just iMicil ibe president gathered!;,, tons of |8 to 912 ore per day. Theprop*
Iho impression frog, bis carefully guardedier«v |s developed t«. the 200-foot level, and
• the urc body is from
I'Ik at   llu- lime, thai he would not make
-i\ in js feet wide
«liy   imp-riant   ie, omi.icuilali.ili   In   nui   . .„„, ,.(1„sjsN „,I oxides and sulphides.   The
gross, but wants more lime In which lo •_,,, ,, j, treated by the concentrator
"""■"', ' BotlaUona with Spain withL„d , Mta llN ,,u, niill   T|l(, ,„•„„.,.,„.
>lUl'!.,lnv.al tli;>iiicnilliilldcp.iilm.-iits.
Mlnernl   Hill   Illmrlct.
men me intereated
! piny-
1 lilt 11
Rome of them reached the conclusion
that he is hopeful of securing Spain's eon      A great many
sent in the iudependenee <f Oulis or at near Pony, in the Mineral Hill district.  It
least  to a  condition anproachlng inde   is said more men Ihan ever Inf..re are
•iciiilcin-c. by
"ii  i hem 11i.-
other means.   Be urged up   working in that section, and that from per lb
ipeelal importance of doing  Uitrce to live carloads nf on* arc being]tatoM
all thev could i" rappreei excttemenl and   AUpped weekly from this district   The
prevent action by congress in connect ion ! claims that are the huge producers are:
-.villi ihe receipt of the report of the Maine   * |„. iidie, Summit. Mountain Cliff, Wll-
'li-.ister. - |<.\\  t nc. and  Ned.   The Wntsekii mine.
________________________________ : which has bi-en worked by Mr. Miller and
j Mr.  Whipple dining tbe winter, is pro-
AI50UT CHANCE OF UFH dndng some One ore, and the gentlemen
will sunn begin (hipping their nre The
Wiit-ckii is one of I he old stand b\ claims
of Madison county. Seldom a leason
pa—cs tluil suine one ibs'S nut make a
lurky hit In thi~ mine, and take out s nice
shipment of ore which paya them hand-
[somclj im the Hme expended, and yet the
• M-iii Is to Irregular that s company could
.I., n< thing with it.  The ore icems to be
I "I suffered for eight years, nnd
could liml no permanent relief until
one yenr ago. My trouble was Change
of Life. 1 tried I.ydia E.l'inklinm's
Vegetable Compound, nnd relief cnine
almost Immediate-
Followthg are the local quotations.
Wholesale prices ore given unless otherwise quoted:
Wheat   at   the   warehouse  Country
points; Club. bulk. TiT'c: sacked, Ollc:
bluestem. bulk, IKI.'c; sacked, «'lo. At
Bpokane: club, bulk, 5K',e; melted, 01c-,
bliieslein, bulk, IIHc:  sucked, (14c.
Oats    \t Bpokane, f. a b., $18@le\M.
Bye   Country points, f.
per cwt.
Flour    Pet barrel. *.1 T.i.
Ha)   Ti thy,  **iii.."iii.'iiil
Wheat hay. |0;  alfalfa, -sill.
Kjifis   Kniich. $3.7S(§)4.
Muni   Flue medium, B(i
dlum, ."iff lie per lb.
Produce   Kmuy creamery, w nnd 80-
lb tubs, 28c )M-r ib: .">, 10 und 20-1U tubs.
Mc; prints, 80c; eastern butter. 2fi@20c:
country butter, in rolls. 20@23c per Ib;
cooking butter, lllc: cheese, twin, full
cream, 13@14c; cheese, twin, skim milk.
|)W.i lo.-; ranch eggs, |4.75@5-tfi; honey,
white comb, I3|<a I40| fancy. 15c per lb.
Vegetables Potatoes, 40(<|42c per cwt;
uiiiniis, |2.76@3 |M-i cwt: In-ans, lj(ff-2c
l»crlb; cabbage, tl per cwt: iqnash, $1_4
per do/.; cauliflowers, $1.5u pet doa;
green onions, 23(5?25c per doc; lettuce, 20c
per Ib: spinach, ,*ic per lb; rhubarb. Bo
toniutiies, .SJ..MI a box; sweet po-
|3 ]M-r c« I: radishes. III,- per lb;
green peas, io.- per lb; asparagus, 2Sc per
lb; artichokes, ihk- per down.
Poultry   Chickens, live weight, 0®10c
per lb] dressed, 11(., 12c"; turkeys, live, 11
(ffil2cj dressed. l'Jf.i l.'tc: ducks, live, lis-:
dressed, ll@12c per lb; geese, live, 10<S
lie; dressed. I2t3 l-'c
M.-ais   Beef cows,   live.   $:bn:l.-2."i per
cwt: dressed. .*t!(n (i.'iO: steers, live. (3-SS
f« .1..">(l; dre-wil, $d.f-0(i/7; hn^s, live, $4.7S
We are assrrtinj In the courts OUT right to thi
eiclusive use of the word "CASTIOKIA," and
"I'lTCllKR'SCASTOKlA," as ourTrade Mart.
I, Dr. Samuel l'itcher, of Hyamiis, Massachusetts,
wan the originator of " HTCHKR'SCAS 1'OKIA,"
. the same thut has liorue m.d does now bear the
I fac-slHiile siKiiature of CIIAS. II. FLETCHER o-
| every wrapper. This is the original " 1'ITCIIER'S
CASTORIA " which has been used in the homes
of the mot hers of America for over thirty years
Look Carefullyat Hie wrapper and see that it Is
. the kind yon have always bought, and lias the
I sin-nature of CIIAS.   H.   FLETCHER  on  the
wrapi*r.   No one has authority from me to use
my name «cept The Centaur Company of which   fc"^ £„   „,  ,    (1,
aias. H.- Hi!:her is Tresident.
March 8, .-«y?.        SAMUEL PITCHKR,
was lying in live un.i one-unii u. six uiu.- ; KjnR ()( p>ak(,r ^ was m)rninftt(Ml f(,r
.mis of water. | governor on thP flfth *,al|ot *,y {\ie »_-_.
Scc.nd  -The discipline aboard the slop i u,t ^,,^,,^0,,.   King |_ nt -__,_ ., ,taU
was excellent; everything stored MOO™;.lgen_tOT
in;» to orders—ammunition, nuns, stores. |  .
etc. The temperature of the magaatnee
at R p. m. wus nominal, except in the
after 111 ill. Ii magiudne, and that did nut
Third—The explosion occurred nl 0s4fl
o'clock on thc evening of February \o.
There were two explosions, with u shnrt
interval between them. The ship lifted on
the first explosion.
Fourth—-Thee ourt can form no definite
opinion of the condition of the wreck
fmin the divers' evidence except ns to the
technical details of thc wreckage, from
which the court deduces that a mine wns
exploded iiiidei the ship mi the port side.
Sixth—The explosion was due to   im
Garni fur Port Townariil.
Xcw York, March 24.—At the qunrter-
mastcr's burenu n contrnct hns lieen
awarded to the Northern Pacific niilrond
for transporting two 12-inch rifled cannon
and four 8-inch ones, with their disnp-
peering carriages, to Port Townnend. The
guns arc at the proving grounds at Randy
Hook und the carriages nre at thc factory
in Watcrtown, Mass. Thc cost of transportation will be $9500.
lli-ll«-f That It l« Dii-ceroas to l*ul ■
Hat on a il.-.l.
At thc recent sale In Boston of thc library of the late Charles Deans a small
quarto nf 18 I. lives was sold for $450. It
was printed In lft*2, and Is thc history of
thc settlement  of  New  England.
Allen's Fool-Ease, a powder for the feet.
It cures painful, swollen smarting feet and
instantly takes the stiiiu out uf corns and
bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's l'oi.t Kase makes
tight-titting or new shoes feel easy. It is a
certain cure for chilblains, sweating, damn,
callous and hot, tired aching feet. We
have over 10.000 testimonials of cures. Try
it today, bold by all druggists aud shoe
stores. By niaiffor 25c. in stamps Trial
package FRKB. Address Alleu 8. Olmsted, Le ttoy, N. Y.
I learned of what is to me a brand new sn-
rHTstlllon  Just   the   other  day,   and   I  tremble
lo think of the risks I have been runntns all
ihone   years  In  my   iKnorance of   It,   Bays   the
Washlnirlon Post.    It was at an Informal  ev-
-uliiK entt-rlalnmt-nt at the hoiuse of a woman
1   know,   and   In   the  room   set   apart  for   the
A-rni». of the  women gu-sc.  was  a maid who
was   directed   to  Bee   to  It  that   nobody's   hat
was   placed   on  the  bed,   for  the   layins  of a
. hat on the bed, as the hostess explained later,
always siKnlllos the  approachlnK  death  of  an
Intimate friend i i   the house.    The superstition
_ is, 1 believe, ot Sicilian orlain, and It's a very
' <ixxt   superstition,    I   think.    Inasmuch   as   It
: lends  to preserve the freshness of dainty  bed
I coverinfis.
a mine.
The report as a whole is a formal, dispassionate recital of fads and hems the
stamp of thill strict, officialism which
inaiks naval procedure. It is brief, not
exceeding  1 SIX)    winds, and    among the
Five  la  the    sacred    number    of    thc «''!-hl  .>"'"'" f-'"'N  l" ,lll0 f-'m,,,'st len8th
i-iiin.-sc who have live planets, nve ear* nnder the lecond  heading, which deals
ilinul points, live Virtues, eve tiiKtes, five with the discipline nnd order of the ship,
musical Iniics, live ranks nf nohlliiy and This the court epeciflei with extreme mi-
live colors. OUtenCSS,  the smallest   detail  of  the sat-
'  i-factory    condition    ot everything    on
T believe my prompt use of Peso's Cure , . .„,;„,, riven. The normal tempera
prevented  quick  consumption.-Mrs.   Ul-
Seventh—-The opinion of the court
states that the explosion of the mine
caused the explosion of two magazines.
Eighth -The court declares that it can
not find evidence to lix responsibility.
Report is i nn,,1,ii.ins.
The report is unanimous, and is signed
by all the member* of the court. It dues
nut refer tn the existence or non-existence
of the mine in the harbor of Havana, ex
ii'pt in the specific findings thnt a mine
was exploded under the ship and thc I
opinion that  the explosion of the two I FITS ^™lir:'l"d..,y,',,r^s,. „,' M_7^JS£
maea/incs was caused bv the explosion of   NerveKeston-r.  Heiid for KKKK  SS.00 trial
bottle .in.I treatise.   1 itl. II. 11. KJ.IM-*, Ltd., HS
Arch street, I'lillmli'lphla, Pa.
A new plant of extraordinary beauty,
discovered In the Himalayas, it placed on
a shelf In a moderately warm room, tho
dry bulb, wit'hout having been planted,
produces a tlowcr that unfolds thc blooms
In midwinter.
After heiim swindled by all others, send ns stamp
for particulars uf Kiuai Hotomon- Treasure, the
ONLY tcn.--v.-r of manly sirennth. MAMO.N
I'llKMIi'AI. IU-. 1'. O. ISox 717. Philadelphia, Pa.
cy Wallace. Murquctt. Kans.. Dec. 12, '98.
atrong.    I flvo tho 06
credit.    I have i oniinciidcd It to aev-
erul of my f i lends who are using it
with like rcsnlti-. It has cured me of
several female disenses. I would not
do without Mrs. PiiiUliain's remedies
for anything. Thero is no need of SO
much female sniicring. Her remedies
arc a sure cun:."--Miu*. Bf._- KiUNKH,
Knightstown, Henry Co., Ind.
Iiy tho way, the lending druggists
tc.ll tin that the demand for LytlU Bk
Mnkbani's Vegetable Compound is
■Imply beyond their power of uiulcr-
atandingi and, what Is best of all, It
docs tho work promptly and wel
ly. I hnve taken
two  Isittlcn ol
the Vegetable
Compound, in pockets and chutes.
UmclKixesi » '  M..,i..t..i.. Olatm.
of Pills, | The Qertrude claim, on lied mountain,
and have In Rossland, bus been s,,id to sn eastern
also used syndicate Tin- property was owned by a
the San- ; Spokane company, and ihe consideration
Of the sale  is   hall  the stock  of the  new
oi nip.iuy. with (40,000 to be placed In Ihe
treasury by the purchasers for development purposes. The Qertrude is tho aec
mid claim «cst nf the War Eagle, snd ad-
the Number <»ne, Vnu Know, Sorbin
slightly developed, but ii is said to show
n   well defined vein.   Nn work has been
dune i n il fur n long lime. Wallace Mount
was president and J. M. Mniplicy secretary of the Gertrude company.
On  MI_OB lllver.
The Horseshoe I'lncer Mining Company
operating on (he great horseshoe bend ol
Salmon river me engaged In a mammoth
undertaking. The? »« making a nil ol
1320 (eel through ihe nek of the horse*
' mi
Wash, and
must say I havo
never hud anything help ro much. I luivo better
health than l ever lmd in my life.    I
feel   like   a new   person,  perfectly j ,„.■..,._ „,„| s„vclly.   The property M
mponnu nil the
(».'>; dressed, "Siiinti.'iii; mutton, live, 4o< Recently published statistics show that
■He; dressed, B@ftyc per lb: dressed veal. ! more than a million women over the age
7i.s,- j of 18 arc employed in factories and work
Sun   Francisco,   March   28.   Wheal -   Bhope to Great Britain.    Blevso per ceni
Shipping,   *l.u>l,».i;   for No.   land   ef tftem toetont to trades u-lona.
-?l.l.'i for choice! milling. 11.45(3*1.80.
Portland, Ore., March SB. Wheat Walla Walla, 78@T0cj valley nnd bluestem,
78c per bushel.
Tacoma,   March    88.—Wheal  closed
strung with little Iradng: Nn. 1 club. 70C|
Nn. i bluestem, 19c
San Francisco, Manh in. Silver bare,
56|C]  Mexican dollars,  I.'iUh llic.
Itnr silver    S5|c.
Mexican dollars- M|e.
laike copper—-Quiet) brokers'. $11.7"i
(a 12.
Lead—Quiet; brokers', |8.S0,
i    We offer One  llundr.-d   Hullnrs  llewanl   for
any cane of I'atarrh that can nut he cured  hy
' Hall's I'atarrh Cure.
P. J. CHBNBY. * CO., Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for Ihe last 15 years, and lielleve hiia
' psrfacUy honoral.le In all huslnt-sa transiK-iltiiis
' und Iliiaiiclully nl.le to cany out any obllga-
: tlons made hy their firm.
' WEST  &   Tltl'AX,   Wholesale  IlrugRlsta,  To-
ledo. IL
Hru«alats,  Toledo, O.
Halt's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, art-
- lnir directly  uiion  the hloo.1 and  nuicous  sur-
I faces of  the system.    Testimonial,!   sent   free.
i Price 7r,c |n*r Imttle. Bold hy all IiriiKKlsts.
I    Haifa Family Pills are the best.
II us,i,n, (illli.-rs I iiiler Areal.
Sebaslopnl March 27.—As n result of the
discovery of serious and wholesale bribery nnd corruption, 100 duck yard olli
ciuls nml officer! of the Russian Black Sea
fleet hnve been arrested. Admiral Kopy-
log, commissioner ol the fleet, has been
dismissed. Five offlosrs have committed
suicide since their nrrest.
Thc entire area of the I'nited States 's
placed at 1,SM,017,(U acres, of which 741.-
702,»i5 acres is now owned hy Individuals   ,•,,„„ chilli the cniirt deduces that n mine
' tine nf the large forward magazines at 8
o'clock    only an lmiir and 4(1 minutes lie-
Tore the explosion   disposes of the qnes-
(tion ol accidental combustion from in-
Iteraal causes, they are nevertheless
the opinion  thai  the explosion of the
, mine under the pi it side of the ship caused the explosion of the two magazines.
This will explain the remarkable destruction wrought, the explosion thus l-eing
• shown to have combined the force of n
mine  without    nnd   Ihe  two  magazines
within.   The two explosions) which the
court linds to hnve occurred with a short
1 interval between them, is an addition.]
detail  showing that two forces operated
in causing the destruction.    The tin.ling
I that   the ship lifted on the first explos-
1 Ion indicates an external source, nnd one
I of tremendous power, to be able to lift a
battleship ol thousands of tons.     The
character of the wreckage, technically de
I scribed in the fifth part of the report,
Not within Uvtaff memory has there
been known so abnormally snowless a
winter in Kuropcan Russia as the present season.
If a man doesn't laugh  when lie sees
is in
j a girl trying to sharpen a pcm-il Ii
"   love with
To Trade
an old printing press or
material of any kind for
new, write to, or cull on
American Type Founders'
No annovinK satttv pin attachment to
break or unfaiten. Works automatically.
Absolutely Prevents Skirts from Si,.t;lii_
Simple and effective. Will sell readily where*
ever shown. Agents Wanted everywhere. Fur
terms, elc, address
810 Market 9t., Kco.n IS, San Francisco, I'sl.
or by Corporations of slates, or hns pnss-
cd out of Ihe control of tho general government.
A curious fact hns been noted by Arctic tnvelers—snow wlien nt a very low
temperature absorbs moisture and dries
shoe in turn the channel ol the rlveri iou ^y„P clause ia Charters,
feel |„m. i „ already completed.   This     Nl,NV Y„,.k( Mur.eh 24.—The Kvenlng
.-ni -vhen finished will lay bare two miles World says an ominous sign that the
nl I he river bed. The gnivel tnken from I slruined relation! between Ilie I'nited
thn OUl yields fnun (Ml lo 7(1 cenls in gold ! states anil Spain  will  result   in  war  is
.. culm-yard.  The company proposes to famished by English shipowners, who
work all the available gravel ol the *, have cabled to their agents that all char
mil then UlC bed uf the slieain. which will   |,.rs must Contain thc war cluiisc.
nibtcdly "prove very rich,
•tnrl'n-i- MIIIInK <•••*•'*.
A new free-milling ore camp toaboul to
2 x I
If in doubt  about   what   step to tnki
consult, a dancing master.
Schillinkfs  Best
powder  ought  to
twice as much as
st'll   for
the next
\ias exploded under tlio ship nn the port
side, sustains  the view  taken  by  some!
experts shortly  after  the disaster,  thnt,
Ihe fnree of the explosion was cxert.d frum
port tn starboard.
Captain Blgabee BaoaerateeV
The feature of the report of deepest interest lo the DAVy is UlC complete exon- ;
crfltion ol Captain Sigsbee and nil on
board contained In the second finding,
selling forth the perfect order and discipline prevailing on the ship, and nunc
directly stated in the sixth finding, which
declares the disaster to be due to no fault
nf those on board.
The inability Of the court to find evidence to tlx the responsibility, ns stated
In  the eighth  pari, makes the report so
I guarded   In expression   of blame   that]
Is It Wrong?
Get it Right
Keep it Right
"■•ors's Raresled Remedy wllldo It. Three
dosM will make you feel better. Oet It frsra
your druggist or any wholesale drug house, or
from Stewart 4 Holmei Drag Co., Seattle.
INDIAN     WARS Writs f..niir..r-
-nation Important to uiuItmi sad widowe
Indian war veterans. TAllER A WHITMAN C(V.
Pension and Patent Attorneys, Washington, D. O.
inuj i rinyr Fer sale on crop payment, t'2.00 per
IoSIH IsntSO airerHi'i, balance i3 crop yearly
until paid for.   .1. Mulhall, Sioux city, la.
N, N. I).
ftir tracing and locating Gold or Silver
Ore. lost nr hurled treasures. M. I>.
run l.K.ll. Box :iit. xiiiiiiiiiiKtiui.c.iiiii.
No. II, 'UN.
The Provincial Mining Report for
1887 compiled by Provincial M'.r.eral-
ogist Carlyle will be extremely gratifying to this Province, and especially
to West Kootenay. The production
of the British Columbian mines last
year was $10,455,288 being 40 por
cent, greater than the production of
189G, Tho collieries produced about
$3,000,000 of this, an increase of only
2 per cent,, while the excess of last
year's metals over that of 1896 was
$2,747,596. In West Kootenay, notwithstanding the depreciation of silver
and the heavy duties on leal exacted
by the United States, the production
increased from $4,002,735 to $6,765,-
703. Of tbe entire mineral production
of British Columbia, West Kootenay
produced 89 per cent
Hotel Selkirk:::
Brandon & Barrett. Props.
lip to Date Service.
Fine.View of the Luke.
Fire. Insurance and General Agents,
MFSole agent for Silverton Townsite.
NOTICE-"J. I.   C." Mineral  claim,
situate in thn Sloven Mining  Division
of West Kootenay   District     Where
located:—North of  Four-Mile creek,
about two miles from Silverton, B. C.
Tlike notice that I,  Chailes E.   Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 97291, intend, sixty diiy  from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder (or a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.   Aod  farther take notice
that action, under section 37, must be
commenced before the issuance, of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February, 189S.
Chah. E. Hoi-e.
NOTICE—"Arena    Fraction"   Mineral
Claim; situate in the Slocan  Miuing
Division of West  Kootenay District.
Where located:—North of  Four-Mile
creek, about two miles from Silverton,
Take notice that I,  Charles F.  Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 97291, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the
above claim.   And further take notice
that action, tinder section 37, must he
commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this loth day of February, 1898.
Ciias. E. IIopk.
NOTICE-"Emily     Edith"     Mineral
Claim; situate in the Slocan Mining
Division of  West Kootenay District.
Where |located;—North of  Four-Mile
creek, about two miles from Silverton,
Trke notice that I, Charles E. Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 97291, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.   And further take notice
that action, under section 37, must be
commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February, 1898.
Chab. E. Hope.
NOTICE—"Jenny     Jones"      Mineral
Claim, situate in the Slocan Mining
Division of   West Kootenny District
Where located -—North of Four-Mile
creek, about two mLes from Silverton,
Take notice that I, Charles E. Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 97291, in-
tond, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Miuing Recorder for a Certificate ol Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim-   And further take notice
that action, under section 37, must be
commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Impiovements.
Dated this 15th day of Februaiy. 1898
Ciias. E. HorE.
NOTICE—"Silverton    Boy"    Mineral
Claim, situate iu the Slocan Mining
Division of West Kootenay  District.
Where located:—North of Four-Mile
creek, about two miles from Silverton.
B. C
Take notice that I, Charles E.  Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 97291, intend sixty days from tho date hereof, to
apply to the Miuing Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.   And further tuke notice
that action, under section 37, must be
commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements,
pattd this 16th day of February, 1898.
Chab, E. HorE.
NOTICE-"W.H. R.» Mineral Claim,
situate in th6 Slocan Mining Division
of  West Kootenay District     Where
located:—North of  Four-Mile creek,
about two miles from Silverton, B. C
Take notice that I. Charles E. Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 97291. intend sixty days fro n the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe above
claim.     Aod further take notice that
action, nnder section 37, must lie commenced before (he issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.-!.
Dated this 15th day of Februarv, 1698.
Chah E. Hoi-k
NOTICE,—"Mohawk"mineral claim situate in the Slooan Miuing Division  ol
West    Kootenny    District.      Where
located:    On  Four-Mile   creek,  and
about two miles from Silverton B. C
Take notice that I, Charles K. Hope,' free
miner's   certificate  No,   97291,   intend
sixty days from th«date hereof to apply
• o the Mining Recorder for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant ot  the   above
claim.   And further  take   notice that
action uDder section 37, must be commenced  before  Ihe issuance of   such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February, 1898.
Chab. E.Hope.
NOTICE.—"Crescent" Mineral   Claim,
situate in the Slocan Mning Division
of   West   Kootenav District.   Where
located:—North of   Four-.iile creek,
about two miles from Silverton,B .C.
Take notice that I, Charles E. Hope,
I'ree Miner's Certificate No.   97291, intend sixty days from the date hereof,   to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice thnt action,
under section  37, mnst.be commenced
beiore the   issuance of  such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February,'189S.
Ciias. E. Hope.
Silverton News Go.
Fruits and Conlectionery, Tobaeeox,
All the Latest Periodicals, Including the
Leading Daily Papers of the World.
Blank Books, Receipt Books, Stationery.
Supscriptions received for ail magazines.   Courteous .treatment.
SILVERTON,      .      •       -       B. C.
thia vicinity hive nothing to  conceal
about their workings.     This branch is
in charge of a practical and experienced mining man and any articles can be
relied upon as stating the exact truth
about any property visited.     We are
endeavoring to publish a paper that is
in all respects a mining paper devoted
to the mine* of the Slocan lake country, and any   information   respecting
our mines and prospect! will be thankfully received by our busy quill push-
er. ________________
Mrs.   Matheson,
For Dress    Goods.   Millinery, fancy
goods, Confectioner and Baktr.
B. C
BILVERTON,      -      -       -      B.   C
Mr Cot bin seems to be having a
good deal of trouble in obtaining a
charter for his proposed line of railway
into the boundary creek country. A
petition against the granting to his company of the charter for which application has been made has been sent to
Ottawa from the Local Legislature of
this Province and the President and
Vice-President of the 0. P. R. have
appeared in person before the Railway
Committee of Parliament and urged
that it be not granted or reported by
the Committee, the C.P.R. Co. undertaking to have a Hue of railway constructed — mirabile dictu ! without a
grant of land or money — and operated
there by the 1st of December next
while petitions in it's favor have been
forwarded from Greenwood, Grand
Forks, llossluntl, Nelson, Kaslo, tte.
We think the charter asked for should
be granted. It is alleged that the Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railroad Co.
— owned l.y the same company —
have been discriminating against Canada and Canadian interests in the rates
which they have been charging; and on
reading the charges of that nature
made and the company's answer thereto, it would seem that the charged are
not without foundation. But though
it were granted that they are tine, is
that a sufficient run-on or u reason at
all for the exclusion of the Company
from this new territory. ._ sufficient
reason it would be if there were not
a very easy method of bringing that
and every other railway company operating in Canada to time and preventing them pursuing an auti - Cana
dian policy by the appointment of a
strong railroad commission, with ample powers to settle the various matteis
of this character oL great moment
which are constantly arising and to
enforce such settlement With such a
commission, properly officered and
with ample powers, no difficulty iu
the way of an anti- Canadian policy
to be pursued by Mr, Corbin and hia
associates need be anticipated because
it could not occur. In it's absence
there may arise at any time what is
said to be in existeuco on the Nelson
ifc Fort Sheppard Railway. Railway
companies are good servants hut often
intolerable masters; and so instead of
excluding the Corbin company from
Boundary Creek, we would favor the
granting of tlie charter and would advocate the appitment without delay of
a strong commission with ample power
to adjust all transportation difficulties
The editor of one of our exchanges
indignantly refuses to advertise for
the Hamburg Lottery and to make his
virtue more impressive, adds that he
would have received pay in advance.
Things muht indeed be coming smooth
for our independent friend. He aUo
refuses an ad. for a Toronto nursery
firm, to be paid with "homo grown"
nursery stock. He explains as follows:
"We have a nursery of our own, full
stocked with home-grown, all free
from the San Jose scale and just recovering from a mild attack of German
There is   going   up   a   great   cry
through the press of the  country  regarding the smelting   possibilities   of
this section   of   the   provinci.     One
would   be   lead to believe by reading
most of the articles published that this
section—the   Kootenay   mining   districts—was, and   had been tor some
time, robbed of its oroi that the neigh,
boring Republic might grow   rich  at
our expense, and that smelters ought
long ago have been established in our
midst.    Now, any smelter man knows
that owing to   our  position and   the
newness of most of   our   mines,   that
there has never been a time in the history of this section that   it has    been
praccicable to  operate a  smelter  and
refining plant of sufficient size and capacity  to   meet   in   competition  the
smelting interests and Lead   Trust of
the United States.     The mosf, serious
drawback, and one that has b en vital
in its bearing on the subject, has  been
the subject of fuel, it having been   almost impossible to get in coal and coke
in sufficient quantities to keep a decent  smelter running.     The  freight
charges on coal havo been such that to
pay them and   come   anywhere near
giving the same rates for smrlting as
plants that are  part owners    in  coal
mines and railways, and   whose plants
are so situated as   to   have  plenty of
railway competition, such as the United Smelting Co. of East Helena  Boston ifc Montana at Great Falls,  Parol
of Butte, Omaha & Grant of  Denver,
and adiz'ii others, all advantageously
situated in regard to railway competition, and in proximity to  cheap coal.
The amount of fuel   us- it is simply a?-
toiindim , and it has   b-cn   proven   in
several instances   mere advantageous
to haul tbe ore to the  coal   than   the
ci al to the Itnines, as in the case of the
Boston ,t Montana, whose   snn Iter  is
situated nearly   150   miles   from   its
mines and in near proximity to its coal
measures.    This question of fuel alone
has been sufficient to  keep   a  smelter
company from trying to operate here,
knowing as they did what disadvantages   they   hud    to   meet.    Another
thing that apparently has been overlooked is the fact that it lias only been
within the last two   years   tiiat   the
mines of this section have been proved
up, aud it has been demonstrated that
they   go   down  and give a reasonable
guarantee that tbey are able to supply
a smelting plant for a go. d many years
to come.   It niU3t be a big plant, costing in the neighborhood  of a   million
dollars if it ii   to   meet   competition,
buck the Lead Trust, and  be able  to
handle the Kootenay ore?, or even one
half oi them.   With the completion of
the Crow's Nest Pass road we will  be
able to get cheap coal and   coke,   and
now t'mt the mines  have proved that
they are here to  stay, and   with   the
aid of a reasonable   import   duty   on
lead bullion and finished lead product*,
no doubt capitalists   will   be   in   the
field this season, and we may  reasonably expect to seo within   the   year  a
smelting and refining plant under construction with   sufficient  capacity   to
handle our ores, but np to the present
time and until tbe Crow's   Neat Pais
road is completed and coal  mines   are
open to us tbe building   of smelters  is
200 Gases Goodwin's Candles
T 100 cases Hamilton powder
One car Cumberland coal
and one car fresh groceries.
It is our intention to give to our
readers each week u descriptive article
on one of the many properties working near the Silver Town. We begin
the serie* with a sketch of the Fidelity
mine, and hope that the operators of
the other mines will assist us m giving
to.the public Reports on their proper-
tier.    Fortunately the mine owners o
The. Kcotonaian honored us this week
by re-publishlng an article from last
week's Eilvertonian on the smelting
problem. By some oversight they forgot to credit ns with tbe article, but
then accidents, of conrse, will happen,
We have received from a private
6ourco the positive information thnt
West Kootenay is to havo ono more
member in the next House at Victoria.
Official notico of the change will soon
be made,
•Silverton,      B.   O.
In the merry soring time
_Dr-   Fax's   Sarsapaxilla
See that you get the GENUINE
s   Sarsaparilla
For Sale by all Leading iMiggisti.   ^wW
PERFUMES THE BEST.     -    -    -     DRUGS AM WitlMEIT.
Trail BtAZEr cigars.
3=3.   O.   -L£atli.eso2i,    prop.
Dissolution Hoi ice.
We beg to notify the public that the
partnership hitherto existing under the
firm name of Amleriou, lUrvey A (5u,
has been dissolved hy uiiitu.tl consent,
John A. Harvey retiring. The Imkinewt
will be carried on a* before under the
firm name Anderson <t Brady, who will
assume, nil liabilities nnd collect all accounts due tbe lute firm
Silverton, 1$. C Much 23, 1893.
Courts or Assize and Nisi Prius,  and
of Oyer und Tertnicr and  General  Goal
Delivery, will be hohleu at tho places
und on the dates following, viz:—
Citv of Nelaon, on Monday,  the _0lh
dav of June. 1898.
Town of Donald, on Monday, the27th
day of June, 1888
By Command.
Prov neiil Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Oltioe,
8111 Mnrch, 191)8
Canadian Pacific
And Soo Pacific Line.
Is the Comfortable nnd most Direct
Route to all Point* EAST. To Pacific Coast and Trans-Pacific Points
To  the   Rich   Minim*  Districts  of
New Tourist Car Service Daily to St.
Paul. Daily [except Tuesday] to
Eastern Canadian and United Mates
Points. MagiiihYjent Sleeping und
Million Cars on all Trains.
Daily Connection [excepting Sunday] via Rosebery. 8:0") a. iu.
leaves Silverton ; arrives 4 .30 p.  in.
Kaslo & Slocan
SiilijVct  to   change   without  mlice.
Trains run on Pacific Stai.daiii lime.
8 :00 a. in. Leave Kaslo Arrive 3:50 p.m.
8:.M    "    " south Fork "   3:16   "
9:3(5     "     "    Hproule's    "    2:15    "
9:.r>t     "    " Whitewater "   2:00   "
10:03    "   ••   Beer Lake «   • :4u  «
10:18    "    "  MoOnlgan "   1:33   "
10:83     "    "   Junction     "   1.12   "
10:!>0    "   Ar. Sandon Leave 1:00   "
Geo Freight and Pass. Agant.
GEO. E. COPELAND, Superintendent
btrs. "International," and   "Alberta
on Kootenay Lake antl River
We have been informed that the
law we quoted last week regarding advertising of mineial olaims has been
amended so that several claims can be
advertised in one notice. We therefore retract our criticism on the Ledge
article over the above Act,
Ascertain Present Reduced RhIch
Andfuli Tn'ormatlon by Addressing
Nearest Local Agent, or
W. S. CLARK, Agent Silverton.
F. ANDERSON, Trav. Pass. Agt.,
E. J. COYLE, Dist. Pass, Apt., N*h°n'
Five-Mile Point connection with il
panneiurer trains of N. A F. 8. R.R. to
and from Northport, Rossland and
Spokane. Tickets and baggage checked
toallU. 8. points.
Leave Kaslo for Nelson and way
points, daily, excopt Sunday,6:45a. m.
Arrivo Northport, 1215 p. m.: Rossland,
3:40 p. ni.; Spokane, Op. m.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo and way
points dailv, except Sunday, 4:35 p. tn.
Leave Spokane, 8 a.m.; Rossland, 10 ;W
a.m.; Northport, 1:50 p. m.
Leave Nelson for Ksslo. eU, Ti»es.,
\Vcd.,Tliur.,Fri.,8at., 8:30 a. m.* er-
r;ve Kaslo, 12:3Qjp. in.
Leave ICaslo for Nelson, etc., Mon.,
Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., 4 p. m.; er-
live Nelson, 8p. m.
Leave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.; arrive
Boundary midnl.bt; arrive Bonner's
Kerry Sunday 10:30n. m.
Leave Bonner's Ferry Sunday 1 p.m.;
ariiv- Boundary Sunday 5 p.m., arrive Knslo Sunday 10 a. m.
Close connection at Bonner's Feiry
with trains east-bound, loavinu Spoil ii nn 7:1(1 ii. m., and west-bound urriv-
Ing Spokane 7 p. m.
(i. ALEXANDER.Oeneral.Manager.
KaMln, B. C , October 1,1197.
1^,, ».;,'..,-.


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