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The Silvertonian 1899-02-11

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Read IMae
$2 Per Annuo}.
Join Worir
Neatly 8 Promptly Done
We can quote yon bedrock price*
The stock ol the Payne Silver Mining
Co. is now listed on the Montreal Stock
The manawment of the Vancouver
•Mine stood treat to a turkey supper for
their employees, last Saturday.
E Rammelmeyer, Superihtendant of
ol the Emily Edith mine, left on Friday
on a business trip to Rossland.
Steady «ork has been done in the tunnel of tlie Rico claim adjoining tbe town-
! gite and it is now in 100 feet.
C E Hope, of Hope Gravely Co of
Vancouver, and a heavy owner in the
Emily Edith mine, arrived in town on
Three four-horse teams irom Koch's
Stables pulled into town on Snnc*',y to
haul down the Emily Edith oro. They
had finished their contract on Tuesday.
Dave Moore, the ore buyer for the
Trail Smelter, put in the fore part of the
week looking up the lake mines and has
succeeded in capturing moat ol the ore
being shipped.
Foreman Barker of the Vancouver
Mino was one of the extaerta who examined the big Eugene Mine tor the
company which has just bonded it for
nearly hslf a million.
W. Dmitri brought down aoire good
specimens of surface croppings from the
Maple Leaf, near Rosebery, on Thura-
diiy. Assaye from the lead on thia claim
show 36 ozs. eilver and $13. in gold, from
6urfs.ee rock.
The big St Eugene mine, near Movie
City in East Kootenay has been bonded
for $400,000, The bond waa eigne i by
Dr Bell-Irving, agent for the purchaser,
on tbe recommendation of Leslie Hill,
managers of the Comstock and Vancouver Minea of Silverton, respectively.
A California paper in a recent iaaue
notea a ease of a mine owner in Nevada
country, justly eonvicled of penurv for
falsely swearing to an affidavit of labor.
He swore that he performed labor during tbe year 1898 upon bis placer claim
to ths fair aud reasonable valuation of
$100., and in September, 1808, Bled hi»
affidavit. It wra proven at tlm trial that
be had only sunk a bole 15 feet in depth
by '>>.. feet in diameter, the same being
in loose gravel ■ It was also proven that
the labor performed conld be done in
three or fonr daya at a cost not exceeding
$24, hence the conviction.
If similiar action were to lie taken in
tbe Slocan against thoae who show no
hesitation In swearing in some of their
assessments as being $100. worth uf work,
it would be awkward for 6omo but good
for the many.
An interesting Retnrn has been received at this office from the Queen's
Primer, showing the amount of taxes
paid hy the various shipping minosof tho
P o*,ince during the yore eutflrtjj June
80th. '97 and '98. By it we le irn iu the
time mentioned, West Kootenay hud 8u
shipping mines; Fust Kootenay had 8
mines that bad aliipped; Cariboo had a
list of 28, ol which number, 15 bore Chinese nam* a; ten mines to Yalo District
had contributed to the treasury, two In
Lillooet and one in North Nanaimo.
Of the amounts paid in in 1893 the Le
Roi leads, having contributed $7,528. the
Payne coming next with $5,9.2. and the
Hall Mines a good third, with $4,411.
The total collection from these mines
for the year ending June '98. waa f36\
061., of which tbe minea of Silverton
contributed $340.85.
Shipments of ore from   Silverton   for
the week total 160 tons divided between
the Vancouver, Emily Edith und Wakefield mines.   The Wakefield sending out
three carloads on Monday to San Francisco and one on   Friday  to  the  Hall
Minea Smelter at Nelson.   Two carloads
shipped by the Vancouver   Group,  one
on Monday and the othor on Wednesday,
both consigned   to   the Trail  Smelter,
This week the Emilv Edith  mine made
its    first   shipment    for   the  season
consisting   of   two   carloada   shipped
Wednesday to tbe Trail Smelter.   The
rosds  nnd   trails  have   been  iu   good
condition  and  ore  bus  been   coming
down without IntorruptlonB.   New that
the Comstock concentrator haB started
up, we hope by next week to bave It on
out shipping list.    Tlie mill having a
capacity of sixty tone per day, lt  Is expected that the company will be able to
■hip from 40 to 00 tons of concentrates
Per week.
According to returns presented to the
Legislature, there are, built, being built,
or going to be built, 73 railroad lines in
British Columbia. At least that manv
charters have been granted up to date.
During tbe debate on the "Health Act"
considerable complaint was made regtid
ing the working ol the present law. O ir
local member, Mr. Green, said that the
Provincial Board of Heaith had been
moat arbitrary in its methods. It had
insisted ou forwarding certain oi its pet
fads instead of obeying '.be dictate! "f
comuiiu sense. He pferred briefly to
Kaslo, Slocan City and Silverton as three
places which had Buttered from tho work
of the Provincial Board of Health.'
Big Enders and Little Enders.
A great row waa raised in the House
on Tuesday over the Queen's Counsel
Bill. Tbe disuiiat-ion revolved aiound
the question as to who should and ahould
not wear a silk go* n in Court. As Ion--
aa the law of decency is observed, 'loe-*
it make much difference what the lawyers wear?
The Placer Mining Bill ia up again for
amendment. McPhil!ip*< of Victoria has
iiYtroil'ieed an-nr.imiimrnt lor**ni*>v- tlio
bar lately placed against the aide of placers to aliens and against tbo right nf
aliens to inherit aame. This is the way
tbe law should have been in tbe first
place and will make an excellent law out
ol what is now a harmful measure.
Clifford ol Cussiar haa also un amend*
ment to the Placer laws. By it the discoverer ol a new placer ground is entitleil
to a claim 500 feet long, a party of two i»
entiiled to 10C0 feet and tbe limit is alsc
fixed for parties up to eight in nnin.*er
The amendment also includes a clause
by which tbe Government will be staked
in on all locations. Mr Clifford, cominn
from a placer country, ought to know
what ia wanted in the matter of laws, but
we fail to see why be wishes to interject
a stiip oi government land between any
two claims.
The shipment   ol ore   from   Slocan
Lake points up to and including tbe
present week, Irom Jan. 1, 1899.
From Bosun Landing. Ton*1-
Bosun 14°
From New Denver. Tone
Marion •*
From Bilverton. Ton8,
Emily Edith 40
Fidelity     3
Vancouver ^^
Wake-old •«*<>
Total..,.  7*3
From o-r Kcg-ler Correspondent.
The Evening Star Mine on Daytc_
creek, continuea to improve in lppea|
ance, The original owners were here tti
Tuesday and feel jubilant over the ot<-
look for thia property.
Jamee Sanders, one of the principal
claim owners ol thia section, returns!
Irom an extensive tour last Tuesday, tin
tills trip he visited several eastern citijs
and also Salt Lake City. After haviig
visited many mining centres, be retort*
satisfied with tbo Slocan.
George Petty, a sneceseful mining mat
of Three Forke, Ib comhluing bosine*
with pleasure and paying our city a visiW
He has extensive interests here.
Tbe All Star Specialty Company gav>
a good show here last week. Some d
thelr sketches were good, much bettor
than tbe usual run of Bhowa visiting
small towns.
W B Harrison, of Lane k Harrison ol
Sandon, is here looking alter hit mlninj
A deal la on for the Rochester claim,
near the Lemon Creek townsite on Si*
Mile oreek, owned by Joseph Payne, but
at the time of writing, those interested
have not agreed as to terms.
Superintendent Teeters bas increased
tbe force at work on the Bank ot England.
Private, bathrooms at Tom Mulveys.
School-books at the Dru^ Store.      t
Mr.. Barclay ia vi-iUng in Nelson.
The tug Sandon kept busy breaking
ice last Sunday at RoseLery,
Tlie thermometer recorded 26bolowon
Sunday niond.ig at iho Coiustock Mines.
A splendid calendar from the press ot
the Victoria Coloni.it has beun rect ived
at this office.
The Nelson Tribune snys thai Johnny
Harris has loreulused uu one of the Sandon new*-papers.
Speci-1 music will be given at tbe
Church Services to-iu. rrow aitnuoou.
All ure invited to utteud.
Some of our citizens aro voters in tbe
Nelsou Riding ,m i will go to tha city ou
'iuesduy to rtcord tneir votes.
La Grippe bos claimed tbe attention
ut many ol' ullr uUZ-On iluimg tlio past
week.   Over tliirtv cases aie reported.
G. Jackson, who recently purchased
an interest in the Bury Block lure, haa
brought bis family up from Nelson and
hiis moved into th it bnildlng.
A highly successful entertainment and
dunce Mas-,'iviu last nignt iu the Bosun
Hull, New Denver, Quite a number
of onr citizens uittndod aad nil j,**h - of
it ivod lime.
Grip is no respecter of rank. Tbe
editorial staff of this paper has been
halved by its ravages, which fact will
act as au excuse lor.the scarcity of news
in our cobniins this week.
The All Star Athhlic Company wero
billed to play here lust Saturday iiij*lit
Ever)tUiig was In readineait for the per-
foriUiiute, but up to 9 o'clock only two
pers'ini bad paid tin admission price u'
the Utx Offii"\ conaeiinnntly no show
van urea, fbo iii.i'i.i_e.r next morning
disbanded the cu.uji.iiiv and tbe Stars
are n« longer a coustellstion.
Kiox k Delai.ey, the New Denver
Jev.ilers, are prepued to guarantee the
■•v.» t.l*iy do.     Til*}  .He kllMH->-   i_    )CUI
tn.-d.-t nnd csiinot afford to muke anv
tnistakos. Tbeir specialty is »v.»teli re-
pairiug and tbey are prepared to do anything in thut line. For tlie convenience
of ibeii Silverton custoiueis, all orders
can be bit at tbe Silveiton Drug Store, to
be foi warded to them. Thev are a focal
tirm and gtiuiuniee tbei** work *
This week the Emily Edith mine sent
out its iuiiiiil shipment for ths year,
coosli-ting of two carloads. The Emily
Edith mine is not prbpertv speaking a
shipping mine, but is what is termed, a
concentrating proposition. Thero are
however streaks of clean ore, from six
inches lo four feet in width, in tlie
Immense ore body exposed in this mine,
any one of which would by itself
constitute a valuable mine, but whose
value is po over shadowed by the big
bodies of concentrating ore exposed, tliat
it !•» lom sight of by the casual observer.
Situated as It is within one mile of
Silverton, tlie Emily Edith is destined
to lie a big fuctoi in the future of the
town. The principal work on the
property consists of two tunnels driven
directly on the ledge, and numerous
crosscuts, a description of which haa
been already poblb tied In thepe columns,
tin re lieing at the, present time over
1500 feet of underground developtuen
wotk accomplished. The ledge is t>hown
to-cnnl.'in big ore bodies, in places being
over 6j feet wide, all ore. Enough ore
ii now on the dump to justify the
er-'Ctioti of hconcentrator nf at bast 200
ton*, capachy per day, and cnoiwh ore is
blocked out in tlm mine to em*ure its
continuous ruining for u long time.
Tbe Emily Edith lies, like most, oi onr
mines, in tbe Samlon slate foiraation
and the character of the clean ore is a
finegrained wavy galena with occasional
bbtches of coppor sulphides. Tbe
concentrating ore will run aliout eight
into we und the concentrate*, will
average from 200 to 250 ounce* in silver
and 50 per cent !• ad per ton.
O the grip—
The terrii'le grip!
I'm tonderingstill it he'll _et metlii* trip
It he'll OOdgh mc to^-lory
Anil finish my i-tory—
The grip—the terrible _ri*ij
O tbo urin—
The terrible (trip!
Pm-.ondt-ring.'iill it he'll  founder  the
Or still kee-pn ''ody
A-taklog bis'toddv"—
Tho grip—the terrible grip!
0 tbe grip—
(Ain't it time for a "nip"?.
Bc enre that th>* hour—the minutes don't
1 am ae lucky
As folks In Kentucky—
Soherif'Btothegrip—!■■ the grip I
—F L Stanton in Atlanta Constitution.
Divine Services will he conducted in
tbe Silverton Church on the second and
fourth Stiudav of tho month by tbe Rev.
C. F. Yates, at 3 p. m. You are invited
to be piesent.
fSeginninz on Sandav. November, 6th
tlie Rev. R. N. Powell will bold services
every alternate Sunday at 3 p. in. In the
Silvr"*n TVi'jrch    l'i arVlWoc to thw,
Ai.it.ro will t*J Itl-Nl.M,    I*IVI\     ■»'l*s...*'0
Monde* eveninu at 7 t>. m , oomrmmrtoff
Monday, November 13.h. Even-one ia
cordiallv invited to attend.
Tlfl£   OI_rO_Bl_0,
Tlio   Leading  Nwxp.pcr   of the
—Has over 12 000 more regular
—circulation kvskY day than ll
—bad la 1897. M.d nearly 4000
—mote than it had a year ago.
With ita 24 or 23 pages every Saturday, its  b'nstiated supplement, iti
many special fcetoros—* Short Stutb'S
and Sketchy Arlie.es—besides having the current news ol the day, has
become a ptront; rival  to ihe heat
inoutbly mail uui nes.
You can have THE ULOBK every diy
tor aliout the same nice as yon have to
pay for many of tbe smaller dailies.
A. A. Webb and Bert McNanght are
paying Nelson a \ Lit
Kenneth Motrison r. turnel from bis
Arkun«.;iB trip on Wednesd .y.
Hnrry Thorburn is back in town, alter
spending a few days in the hospital.
.lako Kirkpatrick, nf lb- Wm Hunter
Co, went to Nelson Friday on business
for that firm.
IL Brady ii sufferintr wilh a misplaced knuckle, It made necessary a
trip to Nelson.
Norman Knight waa taken to the hospital on Monday. He Is -uifferlnu from
a complication of in fla minatory rheumatism and lu grippe.
W. Smith was represenlini the Enill.
EdithmttltUl the hospital, hist week.
He !>* now berk at wo-k and speak* in
iiiirh praise ol his treatment while under
Dr. BrouBe's care.
F L Pyn*n left last nlrht frr a
trip to California. He intends to be
away about six we.*ks and *IH visit
•Frisco, Los Arti-flo* and Sacramento
wbifo In the Golden S»ate, piovlded he
geU poet tbe Spokane bunco wan.
II 1,1 had sevenil uew foatures add»d
lias all the n«ws of the week in concitw*
forui, and keens its readers in close louth
with every pan. of the world, and more
especially our owu country
S'lbscri, tion r. te** and full particulars
can be bad at the office of this paper, any
newsdealer or post muster, or aeud direct
Toronto. Caxaoa.
General -VXeroljkCiiit*
of _L/£i:raexs Supplies,
Steel,    Oc-ps,     -E-rtiste*
♦4fr»»#ttB--i       ■.'■'■ ■" —L-1 8     ■-      tl     ,1.   —If—
Silverton.      •      •      •       •       B, C.
±j.  2v/£.  Knowles.   .Prop.
Patronise Home Industries.
a. c. *
P. Burns & Co.
OF Ml! (JUS no.
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymlr, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and Greenwood.
Genernl Agents and   $•$      %%
$•$      $•§  Min-lnc: Brokers,
...  Sole Agents For
»*»•««* <^m*MVt*mi,m**m>w •■^x>s^m*"+.*xe*^\^
,^'*,^ ^~**,,*v^ *_^W^^^J* J
.«*#' X'^vrjftvtjr-w-w mmKrm*mv.
r ', _^3 m
riage appeared it wan quickly hemmed In
•• v „» friends and enemies,
! "Vive Rochefort"
and hoots and in-
riage appeareu iv -•—, -
by a howling mob of friends and
Intermingling cries of "Vive Rochefort"
-J     *«.
.»._   TWO   _I•_--P■1*»r•,, r™"-"        _ -.-..
£_£•« ron_-C»H.d fro- th. T-l
•lgraph "Report**
Th, insular cabinet late Saturday _at
' t       p R   tendered it* resignation
^ JOSe'    o!„'erM Henry, because, after
to Governor General nemj,     ^    _
dismissing Ur—- --^ charg(J of
and "Vive 1'armee,   -	
vectives, while the air was filled with
flowers, stones and oranges, hurled indiscriminately at the carriage. Fighting ensued and many persons were injured, including two town councillors.
The cabinet, at its meeting recently,
decided to abolish the ministry of the
colonies and a decree ordering the taking of the steps will be immediately presented to the queen regent for her signature.
The collier Sterling, towing the cruiser
Topeka, haB arrived at Fort Monroe. Extensive repairs will be made on the To-
peka's boilers and machinery at the Norfolk navy yard.
Peter Neu, of the firm of Heidmeir &
Neu, Chicago, was instantly killed    to-
IT    \l HUH ft   I'10st-1'tie"s --""-t begun between the Atneri-
lll     Mil Nil If  lcan rtrmv am* nilVtt* forces in nnd about
III    lilflluLn. ilL-iila ft'.d the Philippine insurgents. Tlie
insurgents, he said, had been the aggressors and had been repulsed.
Admiral Dewey's dispatch is as follows:
Manila,  Feb.   5.—The   insurgents inau
guruted a general engagement yesterday
night, which continued today.   American
my and navy generally successful.   In-
rgents driven back and our line   ad-
Flllpplnos Try  to Ftsis the  Guards—A
Hot Fight then Took Pises-They He-
1 rented—Nnvy Wiih Engaged—Message !
From Otis and Dewey. I
vTnVed.   No casualties to ^7^-.-^
Carbonell, General Henry or
lered General Eaton to take charge o
Jelepartment of public instruction, am
the aePa" p,       t0 Ukc charge of
instructed Majoi *>cly*        . , j^u, -ui.*»6» -   . .-...    -.tn ft
the department of public «ratt. ^ Mi     on a u ly-ho with a
tnl-_Tt- w  n. Johnson of Cincinnati,  nigin .    „.a8 m the
Manila, Feb. 6, 8:15 p. m.—The long
sxpocted rupture between the Americans
and the Filipinos has come at last. The
former arc now engaged in   wlvine   the
Philippine probl       	
dition possible.   Tlie clash came
- when three daring J \lifmm steinhage;
The Wonnde*-.
Fourteenth infantry:   Sergeant Samuel
Tire Court of Inquiry Will »■»""■»£
His Charges-Beef Question Will be
Thoroughly Investgated-Bepert to be
Hiil,m.Html to the Preildeot.
Washington, Feb.   0.—Indications   are
Fourteentn im_..u,.   --.8        thftl a °°urt of in1uiry wiu '■* ordered to
Rowker, Corporal James Neary, Musician investigate and report upon the t<*uth or
Joseph W. Osberger, Private Dixon, Ev-  falsity o* the statements alleged to have
- —        *     .-- -_„__ p„n.  been made by Oeneral Miles in which the
Arthur L. Osleurn, Richard  il0^   ^^  WRg   j-^,,^*   at   wme\w
Captain W. C. Johnson
senior vice commander in chief of the O
A. R., under the constitution becomes the
acting commander in chief at once upon
[the death of his superior and continues as
such until the vacancy is filled by the
national council of administration.
Several of the strikers have returned to
work at Colon, Columbia, as a result of
the railroad's notification of an increase
of 26 cents silver in the rate of wages.
The strikers at Panama still refuse to go
to work and the deadlock there still continues. The strike has now spread to the
banana laborers at Bocae del Toro.
The town of Stilesboro, Ga., waa nearly
wiped out of existence Feb. 4 by a tornado. No lives were lost, but several
people were injured.
President McKinley presented to Chas.
A. Schott, chief of the computing division
of the United States coast and goedetic
survey, the sprize recently conferred upon
him by ihe Academy of France.
This prize of 4000 francs was founded
by an Englishman about two years ago,
and was to be conferred on any person
in any country whose discoveries in science or whose investigations had been
n>ost valuable and had contributed most
to human knowledge in the direction of
mathematics, mechanics, physics, chomis-
try or geology.
The United States gunboat Castlne,
which sailed from San Juan on January
16 for Manila by tbe eastern route to re-
enforce Dewey's fleet Is taking on coal at
Gibraltar. The United States military
transport Grant, which left New York
January 19, also bound for Manila and
which arrived here on February 1 for coal
and supplies, proceeded for the Philip
A company of armed foreign Boldicrs
entered the United States at Port Huron
Feb. 4.   The command is composed of 60
cadets from Toronto, who ere en route
to Tampa via Chicago, on a trip combining pleasure and instruction.  Mayor Stevens, the common council and citizens met
the cadets and escorted them to United
States soil.   The cheers of the Canadian
eoldien'  t» upon landing on American
soil waa demonstrative of the friendly
feeling existing between Canada and the
United State*-.
The coldest weather in many years prevails throughout the country surrounding Pendleton, Ore., although 12 below is
the lowest temperature recorded here. At
Meacham it was 42 below Feb. 4, at Helix
21, at Ukiah, 60 miles south of here, in
Camas prairie, it was more than 40 be
party of friends.   The tally
hands of Captain Banning,   and    while
crossing Grand avenue, near Washington
street, the kingbolt broke,   the   entire
party of five being violently thrown to
the Btreet.
The residence of II. C. Bellinger, superintendent of the smelter at Northport, iB
burned. Some of tne furniture was saved.   The loss is difficult to estimate.
The overdue Cunard liner Lucania has
been sighted off Fire island.
Practically the Bale has been made of
a majority of the stock of the Liggett 4
Myers company in St. Louis, tobacconists,
and only details remain to be arranged.
It is a cash transaction, involving a little
more than 60 per cent of the entire stock
of the Liggett k Myers concern and the
consideration is $0,500,000.
At a meeting .hero of the Anti-Dreyfus
• *•- I Voll
Died of Wonnds.
Lieutenant James W. Mitchell, Four-
inner mo _~ _.„ «-.,, |r i
hilippine problem with the utmost expe- erett, Miclmeriennedy, Aug. BeiTy, Ben-  <-'««-*■    	
.tion possible.  Tlie clash came at 8:40 p.  .__,,_ A   g^      Q        p   M^llan, quality of the beef furnished the tr
m yesterday evening, when three daring Hcnn._ a,,--,, 0  j   Wri ht   wu. UU..'„K the kle w„ WM b      ,    u
FiltpinOB darted past the Nebraska   regi-   ymn $\QMX •-"■-.     .   »t„„ ° '
ment at Santa Mesa, but retired when Hugheg anj Albert K j^^
challenged. They repeated the experiment without drawing the sentries' lire,
but the third time Oorporal Oreeley challenged the Filipinos and then fired, killing one of them and wounding another.
Almost immediately afterward the Filipinos' line from Ooloacan to Santa Mesa
commenced a fusilade, which   was inell'ec-
Nebraska, Montana and North Da-1 »o ™,„u, .	
1 i. ii I ment. which continued for 24 hours'and
The W. C. T. U. of Revelstoke has
opened a free public reading room.
Rev. Father J. M. Le Jack, one of the
best known pioneers of thc Roman Catholic church, is dead.
Approximately, the total area of lhe
railway belt In British Culumbia *i* io,.
085,738 acres, and the area of the part
of the belt surveyed by tho Dominion
government is 834,140 aoros.
All the banks of Rossland, B. 0.,
served notice on the papers published
there thnt in accordance with the general
custom throughout Canada they will
want their advertisements discontinued
after the 31st ult.
The Chinese colony in Vancouver   has
contributed $750 and   New Westminster
$212 to the fund being raised in Victoriii,
B. ('., for the establiKhmcnt of a Chtnew
hool.   The fund lias now    swelled   to
length at today's cabinet meeting, and al- ^338. Tl.e promoters will send at once to
Si. no de-Bite decision was reached  Clinton f„r an instructor to be selected hy
the consensus of opinion was that such   th(. benevolent society there.
tne conse-mu* «    r      _    M _.,-    _ ^^ of thc Eni|,eop(U c,mrel|
lue  « "us,.......    u.   .,
proceedings should be had.   it was argued      j*,ev   y  yQ}
ii the puckers who had furnished beef to  ft^ ltevolstokf
met    with    a    sail acoi
^ncMYUliam C. Smith, First Tea-;|ft|*epa^eu  ^^ guppUed ^.^  ^^ „ llie Alu.rt Canyon sU
article as charged by MUes, the country   Uon     ,le  attempted   to  bonrd  the At
had a right to know it and if the charges N    y. ex(J„.ss whilc the train was in m
foundation   the   people   had   «*   tion, „nd fell between the itatlon plat
'■IV. • .   M	
nes^ee, died of apoplexy at head of command on first line. OTIS.
Otis In Control.
Mnnila, Feb. 0.—-To the Evening World
We control the situation,    'vi— -»"_ss»
The engage*
kota ou
febraska, Momum. u..- *----...„.   which continued Ior '_•* noni
_,„ ^tposts «f*,tS2tASffl las. evening, was satisfacto^
their ground until reinforcements airiveu. 1
_S S in the meantime concentrat-
r_t inl ooints. Coloacan, Galgalang.n
Ijeague of Patriots in
the Alhambra hall
at Marseilles a hostile demonstration on
the part of sdmo Dreyfusites led- to serious
fighting in the streets, during which revolvers were fired. The police repressed
the disturbances, but a number of people
were injured. Many arrests were made.
The commission to investigate the conduct of the war is devoting all of its energies to closing up its report.
There was a big fire at Blockow, Mo.
Half a square has been burned, and soon
othor buildings were ignited. They appealed to St. Joseph for help.
Snohomish is overrun with tramps.
The schools of Colfax arc in a flourish-
er at three points,
Santa Mesa. ^^^^^^^^^^^^_
At about 1 o'clock the Filipinos opened
a hot fire from all three places simultaneously. This was supplemented by the
fire of two siege guns at Balik-Balik and
by advancing their skirmishers from I'u-
coa and Pandacan.
The Americans responded with terrific
fire, but owing to the darkness they were
unable to determine its effect. Tlie Utah
light artillery finally succeeded iu silene-
ing the native battery. The Third artillery also did good work on the extreme
left  The engagement lasted over an hour.
had   no
equal right to know that fact
lt was also agreed that Miles should
not be suspended from his ollice as commander of the army pending such an In*
^^^^^^ vestigation,   lt i_ not believed any action
AN0THEE SHAEP _raGAG_____I!TlwiU •* take"' however* unlil the war "•'
I veatlgating committee has made iu report, which is expected within a few days.
Tlie cabinet also diijcussed the sanitary
condition of lfavana and Oeneral Brooke
will be instructed to proceed as rapidly
as possible in his work ot renovating the
The methyl which is   to   tie   adopted,
Xt-liruskii  Boys Were In  It and  Silt
tered Additional L-tusea.
The United States   cruiser
ine um—u mm»—
and   the  gunboat Concord, stationed   off
Malabona, opened fire from their secondary
batteries on the Filipinos' position at Col-
caeun and kept it up vigorously.
At 2:46 there was another fusilade along
the entire line, and the United States seagoing double-turreted monitor Monadnock opened fire on the enemy from off
Ma late.
Americana Advanced at Datyltsht.
With daylight the Americans advanced.
The California and Washington regiments
■   . 4V~ list.
ing condition. , ,
Whooping cough has mode   iu appear- made .    .ndid cha      „_, dnwa ^ m.
ancc at Ellensburg. ^^      ■^-^■^l" ^« »-^ s-„ta
IU—U*3   _   ^j,....	
iplnos from the works at Pocoa and Santa
'      '      —■—*-*«*-ni   nlso   di*-
Manlla, Feb. 7, 10 a. m.—Late yesterday
Oeneral Hale's brlg-ade advanced and took
the water works at Slng-lon. Pour companies of the Nebraska regiment and a
part of the Utah battery with two Held
guns and two Hotchklss g-uns met the enemy on the hill, a halt mile out, and a
sharp engagement took place, in which the
Nebraskans lost one dead and three
Dr. Young, formerly quartermaster sergeant In the Third artillery, was wounded,
captured and brutally murdered and bis
body, when recovered, waa found to have
been horribly mutilated. The Filipinos
were driven back, retiring ln bad order
and carrying with them the valves and
cylinder of the pumping machinery.
Oeneral Ovenshlne's brigade advanced
and took Barnaque, capturing two Hold
guns.  They met with no opposition.
Oeneral Mc Arthur's division advanced
beyond Oagalangln without loss, the enemy retreating upon Caloacan.
namely, a court of inquiry to pass upon
Miles' conduct is taken to indicate knowledge on thc part of the administration of
what the report will have to say as bearing upon Miles' charges.
Oeneral Miles on being informed of the
currently reported court of inquiry in
store for him said that after thorough consideration he had decided to say nothing
on tbe subject.
form and the sleeping coneh. the wheel*
of the ear piisMing over his right leg just
below the kn.-e.   He was brought to Rev
elstoke hospital, where his limb wns am
until ted.    The  reverend    gentleman    li
much Moved and exceedingly popular.
The widening of the roadbed between
Roe-tand and Trail hns shown in a re
markable wav the richness of the Ron-
land  camp-    *>*>»• tho Mayflower mine
to the eud of the road, a distance of four
miles, every rock cut has shown ore, aud
three' large bodice of shipping ore have
been uncovered.    On the Idaho claim 1
ledge thirty feet wide and averaging $1H
per ton was cut, and on the Center SUr
claim a ledge of shipping ore fifty feet
wide has just been uneovored.
^s:-««»^r:™=i-'j-':. .. .^rrr^r'
circulated in Spokane.
The Walla Walla police ha*ie run all
the hobos out of town lately.
Claude Riggs of North Yakima possesses a violin which he claims to be 250
years old.
tinguished itself, capturing several prisoners and one Howitzer and a very strong
position at the reservoir, which ia connected with the water works. The Kansas and
Dakota regiments compelled the enemy's
right flank to retire to Coloacan.   There
, ^L101*1 8?h0°1 enron'™_lt °* Everett _.;. i-tc_-UUint flring at vftr;„1H ,„,,,.„
is 1,083, an increase of flfty-thre* over aU day ,ong    -^ l06gea -, ^ riHpin08
that of one year ago. can _ot ^ ^^^ at present> but y^
John Berg, a well known saloon man «f were fc-.-.-  to ^m^^^*^mm
Roslyn, dropped dead    on
while climbing a hill.
On February 7 Kettle Falls wiU vote
on the proposition .to levy a special tax
of $2,000 for water purposes.
The prizes of the late poultry show at
Colfax have all been delivered, the expenses paid and a final reckoning of ac-
counU made.
    The Palouse farmers last season put all
The supreme tribunal, KnighU of Py-  their spare ground into wheat   raising,
jas, after settling a few minor raatter-h, Now there is a shortage of all kinds of
haa adjourned.   The tribunal which has farm products.
 -j—- —-* «# it* lime      A boy who gave his name as Carl Usen-
,      be   considerable.    The
American losses are estimated at 20 men
killed and 126 wounded.
The Ygorates, armed with bows and arrows, made a very determined stand in
the face of a hot artillery fire and left
many dead on the field.
Several attempts were made in this city
yeiterday evening to ai-assiuate American officers.
WiiHhiiiKtoii Dead.
Corporal George W.  MeOowan, Company A, Spokane.
Private Ralph Simonds, Company  A,
been devoting the greater part of iU time
to the ease of Henry Vellcnvoss, at one
time grand chancellor and who led the
German ritual movement, has notified
VeUenvoss that 60 days was to be given
him in which to reply to the 10 special
Montreal, Feb. 7.—Agoncillo, Agtinal-
do's re*>re.sen tat ive arrived here at 0:45
yesterday morning.
Agoncillo and his secretary are leing
watched by two strangers, supposed to be
United States secret service men. Ont of
them shadowed Marti, the secretary, vho
went out for a drive, and tlie other )e-
1 mii nod in the hotel to watch Agoncilo,
who busied himself with tearing up a
number ol documents.
Driven  Back Ten Miles. |
Hong Kong, Feb. 6.—The latest advices
from Manila say that the rebel forces
have been driven back 10 miles and their
losses are estimated at lWU killed or
wounded. During the lighting the United
States warships shelled a railroad train
loaded with Insurgents. Colonel William
C. Smith ot the First Tennessee was ln
the thick of the fight when attacked by
apoplexy and fell from his horse.
At a meeting of the committee of the
stockholders of the Electrolytic Marine
Salts company in Boston, Winslow Warren made an oral report of thc progress
of the company to the effect that of 10,-
000,000 shares of stock originally issued,
about $964,000 worth was sold. Tlie balance stood in the name of Rev. P. F. Jer-
negen. This balance has been turned over
to the company and probably will be cancelled.
The January grand jury in Chicago,
which haa been investigating cliarges of
jury bribing brought against several court
bailiffs and which returned indictments
against Bailiffs Lynch and Dwyer, made
iU final report. The report says the members of the grand jury are satisfied that
an organized system of jury bribing ex-
iiU In the civil courts which has been
used for the benefit of the street railways.
The Colorado Midland has succeeded in
forcing a train through the drifts westward to Basalt, where an castbound passenger was met and brought back to
Terrible scenes were witnessed in the
conflagration last week which destroyed
the whole village of Kagyprobroea in
LipUu district of Hungary. Twenty men
literally in flames ran about the streeU
until they dropped insensible. Many
were trodden by maddened animals. Others were frozen to death in the open Ileitis.
Twenty charred bodies have been recovered and 90 of the survivors are suffering
from dreadful burns, several being blinded.
Attorney General Griggs, in a decision
rendered recently, upholds the right of a
' military commander to out a cable within
tha territorial waters of the enemy without being liable to damage. The question arose on the cutting by Dewey at
Manila of the cable of the British Eastern
extension of the Australia, Asia k China
Telegraph Company, who filed a claim
with tbe ataU department for $30,000
damages. Griggs finds that under the law
ef nation* there is no ground for claim
for indemnity,
The departure today of M. Henri Roch-
Jfort, the editor of Intraosigeant, the
radical Dreyfus organ, for Algeria, was
gunner was caught passing counterfeit
nickels in different slot machines at Walla Walla recently.
The permanent school fund of Washington will soon be increased to $10,400
by the sale of timber land in Lewis,
Clarke aftd Chehalis counties.
SUte Treasurer C. W. Young is the
heaviest stockholder in the" People's Advocate, a populist paper on whieh foreclosure proceedings have been instituUd
by the Second National bank of Colfax.
A boy named McGonigle was picked up
in an insensible condition near North
Yakima the other day. He had been
thrown from hia horse and had either
fallen on his head or had been kicked by
the animal.
The experts appointed by the North
Yakima city council to look into the rumored shortage in City Treasurer Pres-
sey's accounts, have thus far discovered
the shortage to be about $3,000, but it is
claimed that the whole shortage is $tl,<KX).
A decree of foreclosure was entered in
the superior oourt recently in the suit
of the Stato Trust company, of New York,
representing the bondholders, against the
big drydock at Quartermaster harbor. The
decree Is for $203,486. Thc property will
be sold March 18. ^^^^^^^^
With the credits already due for service
in the jails and penitentiary and with
good behavior throughout, A. J. Symes,
condemned recently to serve his sentence of eighteen yearn for killing Lou
Conlee, will be entitled to discharge from
prison at the end of ten years.
The sudden change in the weather waa
welcomed by the Walla Walla fruit growers. The unusually warm weather of the
past week had caused the fruit trees to
begin to bud, but they had not reached
that sUgo where they could be easily nipped by a Biibsequcnt cold snap.
The supreme court has affirmed the
judgment of the superior oourt of Thurston county in the case of tha state vs.
John Cronin, appellant, Cronin, a logger,
who shot one Antonio Ferrari, a year
ago last Christmas, and was sentenced
to twenty years' imprisonment.
A sad accident occurred at McMurray
Monday morning. Freddie Gagen, accompanied by his two little sisters, were crossing the lake on their way to school. Freddie was rowing and the oar slipped and
he wa« thrown out ot the boat. This happened in the middle of the lake, and before help could reach him he was drown
Private Walter N. Hanson, Company L,
Ml thc steam laundries in Fnokane
venting cuts in prices.
There are 506,880 acres of surveyed land
In Whatcom couuty, and 1,059,840 acres
oi unsurveyed land.
The Whatcom Rod & Gun club will
build a boat and club house. Tbe club
has 80 applications for membership.
Uatf a million barrels of flour were
made in Spokane in the twelve months
between January 1 and December 31 of
At a meeting of the shippers of Spokane recently resolutions asking tho legislature to create a railroad commu-sion
were passed.
Work on thc new .",00-barrel flouring
n.il! at Everett will, it is said, bo com-
have, combined for the purpose of pre*
li 1 -loud Miirvh 1.
The Big Bend National bank, of Davenport, at its last annu.'.l meeting, divided
to declare a dividend of 25 per cent, on
the capital stock, payable nt once.
lien arc at work at Wenatchee clearing the ice out of the Columbia river, in
oiler to make it navigable. Dynamite
is being used freely, and it is thought
tbe jam will be broken in a short time.
Walla Walla is Boon to be the home
of, another manufacturing establishment.
Final arrangements have been made to
hieorporatc a company known as the Pa-.
c-iflc Slope Grain and Seed Cleaning com-
Plre at Colnmbaa.
Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 3.—A few engines were still pumping water on tlie
ruins of last night's conflagration. 'IV
extent of Uie fire could not bc realized
until daylight and then, while the loss
waa severe enough, it was thought to fall
slightly behind the figures which had
been made up last night.
Private George B. Reichart, Company
E, Tacoma.
Private Frank Smith, Company E, Ta
IVivate Matthias II. Cherry, Company
E, Tacoma.
Private Sherman Harding, Company I,
Walla Walla.
Private Edward II. Perry, Company I,
Walla Walla.
1-rivate Arnold II. Moeckel, Company
II, Ellensburg.
lt.-litirt.-il  lleiid of Idaho.
Chicago, Feb. 6^—A special to the
Times-Herald from Boise, Idaho, says:
The following Idaho men arc reported killed in -Manila*.
Major Edward McOonville, who was in
command of the Second battalion, Idaho
Corporal Frank Caldwell, Company B, 34
years old, born in Chicago, enlisted at
Harrison, Idaho.
Private James Frasor.
Private Oeo. Ball.
First Montana Wounded.
Private Reynolds, slight wound in ear;
Charles Rummell, flesh wound, slight | Corporal Hayes, missing, probably killed;
Private Joseph N. Sorenkon, head wounded, probably bad; private Mayerstick,
lungs penetrated, serious; Oorporal I.
Skinner, slight wound.
Dispatch From Gen. Otis.
Washington, Feb. 6.—12:26 a. m.~
The following dispatch from General Otis
hns been made public:
"Manilla, Feb. 6.—AdjuUnt General
Washington: The insurgents opened at-
liu-k on our outer lines at 8:46 and repeated the attack several times during the
night. At 4 o'clock this morning the entire army engaged and all attacks were repulsed. At daybreak we advanced against
the insurgents and have driven them beyond the lines that they formerly occupied,
capturing several villages and their dofense
works. The insurgent loss in dead and
wounded is large; our own casualties thut
far estimated at 176, very few fatal. The
troop* are enthusiastic and fighting fearlessly. The navy did splendid execution
on the flanks of the enemy. The city is
held In check and absolute quiet prevails.
The Insurgents bave secured a good many
Fired the First Shot.
Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 7.--Corporal Greely
of Nebraska, credited with firing the first
shot at Manila, was a recruit who joined
tho regiment at San Francisco several
weeks after the muster in and depaiture
from Nebraska. His home is thought lo lie
Mailison or Norfolk. The First Nebraska
is commanded by Colonel 8totzenbe**g,wlio
is a first lieutenant in the Sixth cuvilry,
regular army.
G. A. II. « oiiiniiil.-r  D«*ad.
Washington, Feb. 6.—Colonel James A.
Sexton, commander-in-chief of the Grand
Army of the Republic, died at 3:16 yesterday morning at Garfield hospital ln this
city. Colonel Sexton's condition had beea
regarded as serious for a week or more.
Labor in Canada is about the same aa
in this country, so far as conditions and
wages are concerned. Many Canadians
work in the United Stntes. and ties
versa. Nearly all of the labor unions of
Canada are local bodies suliordiuste to
international unions, which have their
headquarters in thia country, with the
same hours, wages, union labels, ete., a»
An Arabian coffee picker, working from
daylight to dark, earns 30 cents per day,
Kaslo I Slocan
IHiileultle*. In Crettlnir Sew*.
Manila, Feb. 7.-7:15 p. m.—Owir.g to
the area embraced in the scene of Sunday's
engagement, a semicircle of fully 17 niilfs,
details regarding the fighting have been
extremely difficult to obtain.
Second  Hulletlii  From  OtU.
The second bulletin conUins the liat of
46 dead, making, in addition to the previous bulletin, a toUl of 50 killed in the
battle of Saturday night and .Sunday.
The   V\ jt.inliiu   llllsmnl.
Cheyenne, Wyo.. Feb. 4.—The blizzard
seems to have spent its fury in Wyoming,
and is is thought the worst is over. No
idea of the probable loss to stock on the
ranges can yet be given, but it is the
opinion of the best informed stockmen
that the losses will be found to be great-
No wind of sufficient power to blow the
deep snow off the feeding grounds has prevailed and as a consequence it is argued
the cattle and sheep which have been
driven to cover have perished in great
numbers. For the stock which have been
cared for and which have survived the
unprecedented snow little hope is bold
The Pullman flouring mill has resumed
i-fcni lions after being cloeed down since
tie holidays for want of wheat. WhUe
tie price was up last week tho mill ee-
cired enough wheat to run   it   several
Work is steadily progressing on the
fl^me and ditch for tho M. M. k B. Co.'i
lHur mill at Chelan Falls. The lumber is
h-iiig hauled from Lakeside for the mill,
tl 3 construction of whieh will lie begun
ai Roon as settled weather pcrtniU.
The board of stato land commissioners
lull* ordered sold 317.75 acres of timber in
Snmoinish county, Wash., the appraised
vduo thereof being $4,887.50. Sale will
ta e place on March 4, 1899. The land
is ocated in the north half of section 10,
to'nsbip 28 north, range 4 east.
"he gram and   seed   cleaning   plant,
wlich is being added to Walla Walla's
in ustries, will employ 50 men at Walla
Wdin and 10 traveling men.   Ground has
liifti  bought, and the contract for the
buildings let.   About 175,000 feet of lura-
wr will be used in the buildings.   The
[dmt will be in operation in 60 days.
'The Salmon FiBh company has incor-
rated at Fairhaven, with $75,000 capi-
1; the Pound Net Fish company, with
,500 capiUl;  the Point Roberts Reef
irapany, with $90,000 capital, and the
ternational Boundary Bay Fish com-
ny, witn $46,000 capital,   all   naming
aiihaven as their place of business, were
nong the Incorporations filing articles
ith tho secretary of state during last
Trains Run on Pacinc Standard Ttini*
Leave Arrive.
Go.uk West. Dafly. ao'n* fm
8:00a. m    Kaslo   »-« *>• m
8:32 a. m.
..   South Fork;   3:» p. m.
  Bproule's   "*:•« P- m
..   Whitewater   2'10 P- n'
.... Bear Lake  S'* P- m
.... McGulR'iii    ll* P   m
    Bailey's    I'MP   "'
. Cody Juncth ,1 .... l:M p. m.
  Sandon  l'« P m
I^ave 11:00 a. m..Bnmlon..Arrlve 11:40 a  m
Arrive 11:16 a. m...Cody...L«*ave 11:* «• <"■
O   F. COPETUAND,  Superintendent
9:3' a. m...
»:45 n. m...
9-.BR a. m...
10:12 a. m...
10:2fi a. m...
10:33 a. m..
10:40 a. m..
1'ln.no Factory Burned.
I Detroit, Feb. 3.—The extensive piano
ind organ factory of Clough k Warren
sua damaged by fire to the extent of
^100,000 today. The employes had great
difficulty In escaping.   Robert Ferguson,
Wmn~m*Wamam '«%yWi»r: m% if m*ft.*M,<MlW smlmw^.tm&a&nhf-. jJHemypemwm *a*.*r.tifr-tfy*-^^^
from venry. j    Vienna's great muni>-lpal railway aya-
Washliigton,   Feb.   6.—Admiral   Dew- J Um haa just lieen completed.    It eost
I ay today eabled the navy department that $4O-,00O,WW-
tlon. The Rue de La Cannebierc was
black with people and guarded by a largo
loree ef police. When M. Rochafort'i oar-
George Gagen, and about nine years old
The body Is in about forty feet oi water
and has not yet been reaorend.
Railways   Blook-d   b-   Know.
Denver, Colo.,   Feb. 4.—lt   has   been
many years since Colorado railway, have I grg"- ™ ~~— ^"^ &^ ^
had to contend with BUch   conditions ai jJTTJ in*,,re<i
those  now  prevailing In  the mountala ^__]	
I regions. ...   Gibs Wuta Aane-itloD
On the mountains thousands of cattle an
freezing and starving to death and nothing can be done to save them.   The wenth-
New York, Feb. 4.—A dispatch to the
World from Havana says:
A committee of Spaniards in Havana
Navigation and Trading
8te_mers "International" and *4lb«rta
on Kootenay Lake and Rivtr.
Five-Mile   Point   connection  with  »"
passenger trains of N. 4 F. S. R- R-
and from Northport, Rossland and Spokane.  Tickets and baggage checked to an
United States points.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson and way poin"-
daily, except Sunday, 6:4B a. m.   -*fr
Northport 12:15 p. m.; Rossland, 9'.«> *■
m.j Spokane, 0 p. m.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo and way £»
daily, except Sunday, 4:35 p. m.   •*-*•*
Bpok-ne. 8 a. m.j Rossland, 10:30 a. BM
Northport, 1:60 p. m. „-
Leave Nelson for Kaslo, ate, XttitfW
Wednesday, Thursday, VtieM'^r7
at 8:30 a. m.j arrive Kaalo, »••»/•»■
Leave Kaslo for Nelson, etc., MonjsT,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, row-
4 n. m.j arrive Nelson, 8 p. m. ^^^.«
and another snow today.
Corbett aad Sharker.
Chicago, Feb. 7.—The forfeits of both
^^___^________^^^^^^^^^^^^ Corbett and 8harkey have been posted to
Mauser rifles, a few field pieces and qi ick' guarantee their appearance in the ring at
tiring guns, with ammunition, during the, Tatte'reall'e, March 7.
er bureau predict* continued cold weather1    *** """*"""'"' •*"■ -1	
—_ 1.—i__i „..„,.. ,,.,,„„ ! has Issued a strong appeal to their compa
triot* throughout the Island to unite for
tne purpose of bringing about the annexation of Cuba to the United States.
Leave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m-i
Boundary midnight; arrive Bonner's Far
ry Sunday 10:30 a.m. ,
Leave Bonner'e Ferry Sunday 1    * »■»
arrive Boundary Sunday 6 p. «M «n
r?ailo Sunday 10 a. m. ufc
dose connection at Bonner • Ferry wi
train, -.utbound. l-mvi_« Spok««TJ*
r«n., and weitbound arriving Bpolu-*
. A ..Jf^gmm\i ._tf_l_ri__-_U--e-M__-<n-_*_l
The older a man geta the more he woo-1        O- -tf^KV llW.
Im hew beys owns te kww se wuek.    |   ■§•**■■»•¥•*•»
Filipino Lose Two Thousand.
Manila, Feb. «.-Careful estimates place
the Filipino losses ur to date at WOO oet '„
8000 wourded an_ C**«? ^(tg^fieouera.        '0
,n*»a,me^m^^*u^-yrm jgjj; m*.
In Medicine
Is proved by the health n
of the people who have
taken it. More people have
been made well, more cases
of disease and sickness
have been cured by Hood's
Sarsaparilla than by any
other medicine in the
world. The peculiar combination, proportion and
process in its preparation
make Hood's Sarsaparilla
peculiar to itself and un-
equalled by any other.
»...1.1   (iiiin.il.
Washington, Feb. 0.—According to Cnn-
snl llriish nt Clifton, Canada, the output
ol gold from tho Klondike and British Columbia hns raised Canada to fifth place in
the list of gold producing countries. While
tho United Stales shows an increased output for 181*8, it is still second to Uie Tnins-
viial. According to the latest figures the
Ave leading gold producing countries for
1&D8 are as follows: Transvaal, $73,470,-
600) United States, $04,300,000; Australia, $01,480,763; Russia, $2«,130,U»4; Canada, |14,ll»,000.
Items Kriim tbe Rich Ktglons of thn Pa-
oltto Northwest, News From All the
Principle Mining Citiups—Personals—
Mining Notes.
A   New   Itnllr-ii.l.
Snn Francisco, Feb. 0.—W. H. Llewellyn and George Tiffany, two New York
eapltalUta are here. They are said to
have come west on au important railroad
deal. They have in view nothing less:
than the building of a railroad from Portland to Tacoma and Seattle, a distance of
1   10     lUll.   8,
Bond-s have already been phi ed in New
Yoik to raise the necessary money for
the construction of the road.
Strikes In.
The chill of frost strikes in and carrier
with it aches and pains. St. Jacobs Oil
will follow close behind and drive them
out of the system. It will search and
The London printers, who compose tho
largest local union in tbe world, and
whose delegate in the recent Trade Union
i-ongms spoke and voted in favor of
socialism, will vote upon the question of
assessing themselves to send their own
members into political offices.
Over 30,000 *>eoplo attended the funeral
of M. Dormoy, the socialist mayor of
Mont Won, France. Many telegrams
of sympathy were received from Lieb-
knecht, Beliel and othei  foreign leaders.
Mrs W E PASTOR, Youngtown,
North Dakota, writes about tier struggle to regain health after the birth of
ber little girl:
" Dkab Mrs. PiNsiiA-t—It Is with
pleasure that I add my testimony to
your list, hoping that It may Induce
others to avail Uiem-olves of your valuable medicine.
- After the birth of my little girl,
three years ago, my health waa very
poor. I had leiicorrliusa, badly, and a
terrible bearing-down, pain which
gradually grew worse, until 1 could do
no work. Also hud headache nearly
all the time, aud dluy feelings. Menstruations were very protuse, appearing every two weeks.
" 1 took medicine from a good doctor,
but it seemed to do no good I waa
becoming alarmed over roy condition.
When 1 read your advertisement in a
paper. I sent at once for a bottle of
Lydia E Plnkham's Vegetable Compound, and after taking two-thirds of
the bottle 1 felt so much better that 1
send for two more. After using three
bottles I felt as strong and well as any
"I think It Is the best medicine for
female weakness ever advertised, and
recommend lt lo every lady 1 meet suffering from this trouble."*
Maternity ls a wonderful experience
and many women approach lt wholly
unprepared. Childbirth nnder right
conditions, need not terrify women.
The advice of Mrs. Pinkham is freely
offered to all expectant mothers, snd
ber advice is beyond question the most
valuable to be obtained. If Mrs. Pax-
ton had written to Mrs Pinkham before confinement she would have been
saved much Buffering Mrs. Piukham'a
address Is Lynn. Mass.
i ni'.   n a
•40, 930, 825. 923.00, 930.
U rou want a paring agency write si one* b»
tore til territory is uken.
'Illtl! T. M Kit un,i. « voi.k oo.,
It has been estimated on good authority
that the output from Ymir will l>e close
ou 7,000 tons for the month of February
from the six shipping mines, viz.: Ymir,
Dundee, Porto ltico, Tumiirac, llluckcock
and Fern. In the suiunier there will also
have to be taken into calculation the
Fairmont, Bullion, Wilcox, liig Horn
(Siuiooo) and Union Jack, nil of which
will be shipeis. Ymir's future looms out
very brightly, ns big iuterosl will be taken in the camp as soon U the news
reaches London.
Unite  to   iiiiil.-iin   Hump.
There is considerable talk among local
miners and prospectors about the Buffalo Hump country und there is certain to
be a small exodus from Butte in that di-
nation when the winter is a little further
gone. Most of them will try to get in
before the snow is otT the ground, as it
is comparatively eaaj traveling to the.
almost impassable mud which minis
V. H. Cold Imports.
Ilie U. S. gold imports for the. year
1898 were $lfi8,03*},_o_ and the exports |/
$10,11)4,054, or an excess of gold imports
in 1808 of $111,841,208, as compared with
an excess of gold exports in 18U7 of (265,-
800. The silver Imports for the year 1808
were $20,020724 and the exports $5*1.707,-
104, an excess of -diver exports of $24,-
707.380, as compared with nn exec— ui
silver exports in 1807 of $25,578,000.
Unit,ui   „-    lliniliiiia   111, i.l c ii,l.
Tlie Iloston _. Montana compuny will
read! the $10,000,000 dividend mark lie-
fore spring. Last Friday the directors
declared a regular dividend of *M per
share, payable Feb. 20, to stockholders ot
record Jan. 24. This lust dividend brings
the total dividend disbursements of this
company up to the magnificent sum ot
$0,875,000. jU the present price of copper it is calculated that thc company will
pay $24 per share this year. In 1898 the
company paid $10, and expended a large
Bum in improvements.
The Sulllvun Strike.
News came in that an unlooked for
strike wns recently made on the Sullivan
group properties at Fort Steele, H. C, disclosing a big lodge of galena carrying copper and gold, lt has not lioen determined
yet by assay the relative quantities nnd
values thereof, but the principal stockholders are laying low nnd are quietly
gathering up all the stock they ciin find.
There is no tieosuiy stock now on the
market. Rome of thc largest stockholders, amongst whom tire Col. Wiu. Kid-
path, Frank ltogan, Ceorgc Turner und
Ed Saunders, say that they would not
part with their holdings at anything less
than par -one dollar per share.
Tbe iiik  Huirtiio Ledse.
Tbe le*Age on the Big Bufl-lo is slid to
be 40 feet wide ami 3u feet of it will aver
age $.'10 pel ton, while 10 feet w ill *,'.> f30.
A mill test of the ore taken from a 10
foot hole sunk about the center of the
lodge made at the Banner mill in Flor-
enee plated (20 per ton in gold. The concentrates were shipped to Tacoma mid the
return was $2717 in gold and sixty ounces
silver per ton. At Murray seventeen
property transfers were placed on the
OOUn^y records last week. Of thess six
were for the nominal consideration »f $1
each, but the total of tho seventeen wus
$10,025.87. The t'oeiir d'Alenes mo so
well covered with old surface locations
thnt there has been little room for the
tunnel site man tc get in his work, and
claims of that nature are seldom recorded.
R. 11. Hritt, Mgr. Poorinnn mine* at Silver
City, says the outlook for the Poornmii is
brighter thnn it bus lieen for years, nnd
will soon ugnin be n steady produce*! Thc
mine bus been thoroughly developed! At
a depth of 900 feet, 250 feet below tic old
workings, « icin 4 to 5 feet witU was
encountered. From this 450 tons of high-
grade free milling ore. was extnictid and
milled last year while the development
The Lake Shore, Moyie, will soon ship
to Trail.
Thero will bc in thc vicinity of 1,500
tons of ico harvested at Fort Steels this
Fifteen men are employed at the
Washington, and six men at the Great
Tlie Emily Edith is sorting and sacking oro for shipment. The now ore louse
is complctod.
The ore shipments from McGuigan for
1898 net up 834 tons. Of this the Rambler-Cariboo shipped 408 tons; Antoine,
376; Dardanelles, 129; Silver Bell, Jl.
A force of men nre breaking a trnil to
the Two Friends mine, Springer creek,
and tho ore now on the dump will be
rawhided to Slocan City for shipment to
the Trail smelter.
Six inches of clean oro is showing in
the drift on tho Noonday. N. J. Stewart, A. Stewart nnd J. M. M. Deneduin
lately commenced work on the property
under a lease from the owners.
-ThejBelta claim in Republic is beginning to nttrnet. attention. Thc property
.bonded in November last by tho
In the gold commissioner's office at Nelson.
,J. H. Spiking last Monday put a force
of men to work on the Josie, Big Horn
and Little Giant claims in Sheridan camp,
lying about a mile south of Snyder's camp
and netir the Uncle Sam. This group is
owned by a Trail, B. C, compuny.
The Tteinu ir Gold Mining Co. of Republic has been working continually and
has a tunnel in seventy-five feet, with an
approximate distance of forty-five feet
more to the ledge, when the ledge will bo
cut at a depth of   Ninety   feet,
A crew of men have started to work on
the Tenasket claim, about three miles
southeast of Repulilic. A short tunnel
will Ik* run to tap the lend 50 feet deep
und ii the result is satisfactory a deep
tunnel will lie run, thc site having been
The Fontcnoy, in Camp McKinney, has
been bonded to Dr. J. P. Roddy and associates for $20,000, ten per cent pf which
hns been paid. This claim is located 120
feet from the famous Cariboo mines and
there is a 83-foot shaft on the property
there is a 83-foot shaft on the property.
Among the most promising mines of the
Newport district iu Idaho is the Pride
of Idaho. Thc owners of this property
nro running a tunnel to tap the vein at a
grent depth, which they expect to strike
aliout the first of February. They are
now in about 125 feet and sending it
through as fast us two shifts can push it.
News comes from Republic that good
ore is being encountered in thc workings
ou the Noble Three Republic group. This
group of claims lies immediately in the
heart of the belt, and within 1500 feet of
the Republic mine, adjoining the Jumbo,
Anaconda, Dora and Troubadour, and
gives promise of making a good mine.
The Twin Sisters mine, near Centerville,
has beeu secured by Pittsburg people interested iu the Trade Dollar at Silver
City. The new management is working
a number of men. It is the intention to
explore thc property during the winter,
and if it proves us good as it now indicates, a large mill will lie erected. There
is a 5-stamp mill on the property.
Ezra Buird and It. D. Williams returned
to Lewiston recently from Spokane. They
had been called to the mining niotropolis,
says the Florence Miner, on deads connected with their Buffalo interests, and
mnde some transfers for large figures.
The Buffalo Development Co. haa ac-
quired additional interests by its lnte
deals, and is displaying great energy in
developing thc interests of this new el-
Krennerite, a mineral not previously
identified from this country, haa been
found In the Independence mine at Cripple Creek. It occurs in brilliant crystals
of a pale yelowish bronze color, but tin-
white on. cleavage fnces. Eliminating the
insoluble matter, an analysis shows the
mineral to contain 43.86 per cent gold,
0 40 per cent silver, and 55.80 per cent
tellurium. The crystals are small and
about a9 broad as long, and the prismatic
faces nre striated. They have a perfect
basal cleavage, which is a prominent feature of thc mineral. Thc lack of any appreciable quantity of silver in the Cripple Creek ores, ns shown by the returns
of the smelters (. Is proof thnt much if not
nearly nil of the mineral passing ss syl-
vanite is either krennerite or its sub-R-ie-
eits, cilverite. Krennerite ranges from
silver-white to brass-yellow in color, and
is so near sylvanite in its physical propertiee that frequently Uie eye cannot distinguish one from the other.—Georgetown (Colorado) Courier.
All the great copper mines of the United Stntes were discovered by accident
rutin r than thc wit of man, says the Boston News Bureau. The pigs uncovered
the Calumet & llecla. A wandering cow
is responsible for the Quiney. The Tarn-
Brack was a piece of bull luck by reason
of the fact that its vertical shaft struck
the Calumet vein in richness, just undei
the only large worthless spot found in thc
Calumet vein. Hnd the great tract o{
barren ground separating the Calumet
nnd the llecla continued a few hundred
feet lower down and made barren the
upper acres of the incline of the Tamarack property, thc Tamarack might
now bc of little account instead of a
dividend stock as above $200 a share.
These remarks arc emphasized by the
fact that the Tamarack management
spent some yeurs ngo two or three hundred thousand dollars to the north of
ELearaarge trying to find the Kenrsnrgc
vein on the Seneca and Ameek proper-
tics to make thereof a paying copper
mine. The effort was fruitless, but a
venr ago un overblown tree showed thc
Keexearge vein to be just to the oust of
where it hnd been looked for in the north-
. em properties, nnd the result is the Mo-
hawk mine, which promises to be a dividend pnycr in a few years.
W. W. II.
No. 0, "©D.
Gun-In'* r'unernl  I
Havana, Feb.  6.—Thc
D   < nil ii.
that General Cnlixto Uarcia'e body is being brought here on tho United States
gunboat Nashville is pleasing to thc Cu-
bana and preparations nre being made for
the holding of impressive funeral services
here. It ia said that General Ludlow will
permit 500 soldiers of the Cuban army under nrms to enter Havana on the day set
for the burial nnd these with a detachment of American troops will render military honors to the dead commander.
In Denmark they have an original plan
of keeping down drunkenness. When the
police find anyone in the streets intoxicated and incapable of steering a fairly
straight course they bundle him into a
cab, tnkc him to the station, where he
gets sober under a surgeon's care, and after recovering sobrk'.y he is taken home,
Million  Potter's   Saloon.
Bishop Potter startled the members of
tho Church Temperance Society at a
meeting in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel of
New York, Jan. 10. In his address he
Baid the saloon was a necessity under tins
present condition of nffuirs. .Joseph II.
Choate, in a speech, took the opposite
view. The meeting was held to gather
money for the proposed Squirrel Inn, a
temperance establishment for the Bow-
cry, where the working people cnn go
and spend their evenings. Bishop Potter
was to speak upon "The church nnd intemperance," but he confined himself utmost wholly to saloons as a social necessity. "We may abuse it," he said, "an-
ithcmntize it, but it is a necessity so far
as social intercourse, relaxation nnd refreshment are necessities. The saloon exists because you nnd I huve given our
brother no better things, lt is the truth.
You may not like to hear it, but so it is.
Wo who belong to the so-called favored
classes havo our clubs. But the poor
man cannot afford $100 a year for a
club, und so he frequen's thc saloon.
Ivct there bc no mistake; the man who
keeps n saloon defends it, and justly,'as
the poor man's club. There arc more
poor than rich, more saloons than
clubs. Thc mun who seeks the saloon
and who suys it is the poor man's club
tells the truth. Can anyone blame the
poor laboring man, weary of his work,
because he leaves his so-called home, his
wife, his squealing children und seeks in
the brightly-lighted, comfortable saloon
the society of cordial companions?"
The temperance people present were
■tutted at such sentiments from Bishop
Potter, but he was thoroughly in earnest.
His address had the effect to cause the
rich men present to go deeper into their
pockets for finance to establish the Squirrel Inn.
1.on,led   Dnvu.
The air ia loaded down with pains and
aches, und some systems take them in
like a sponge. St- Jacobs Oil rubbed
in will take tho pain away and leave a
SomethiiiK Very  Soot-In**;.
There is something very soothing in
the use of St. Jacobs Oil for the. cure of
Neuralgia, lt soothes the pain, while it
strengthens nnd restores the weak nerves
to a natural condition. It is prompt and
NebruHkii's  Cold  Wave.
Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 6.—It has been the
coldest for eight years in central and
northern Nebraska, the mercury registering 32 below zero at Valentine, 22 below
at Beaver City and 18 below at North
The United States war department haa
established a censorship over all political
news between the United States and the
Philippine islands. Americans get therefore very littlo reliable news regarding
the true state of affairs there.
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 BURK WHf RniU. ILK FML8. _   ,
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- -   SB '•'
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■"Ialio„, an.   should the prices  load of "peaches" on board.   Then again
!!StTiS^-S^n -»nc-ithe biu ,or thc8e liHle nttenHrto r
hold up a lew■ * d     the gn,oonkecper ,„ whose place
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Lotteries originated in ancient Home
Some of the petrified wood found in
Arizona, it is said, is so hard that steel
tools will not work it, the petrifactions
being only three degrees less iu hardness
than thc diamond.
Thirty new buildings will be erected at
Ontario in the spring.
Fishermen nre catching quite a nunibor
of iteelhead salmon in Coos river.
The survey has been made for a county
road from Newport to Hcrnville.
A rabbit drive in Lake county, Or., recently resulted iu the extermination of
2,401 of these posts.
The residence of Mayor Bergman, of Astoria, was burglarized bust week and
$1,000 worth of diamonds stolen.
The controller of tho currency hns de-
clured a dividend of 15 per cent in favor
oi the creditors of The Dalles National
Waeco county stockmen Had-*! meeting
at The Dalles recently to n.-ike arrangements to protect their rights in the Cascade mountain reserve.
Harold Stevenson, 18 years old, son of
B. O. Stevenson, wns killed by n falling
tree hist week. The accident happened
five miles west of Forest Crivc.
„ Arthur Hughes, uged 22, wanted at
SteelV-ie, Mo., for rape, was urrested recently by Sheriff K. L. Stephens at (Hide,
18 miles from here, in thc mountains of
North Umpqiia river.
A. B. Hammond, of Astoria, and F. B.
Mi-iiovern, of New York, have been meeting with several-of the Columbia river
cannery men in Portland for the past few
days with a view to effect ing the coin-
bine of certain salmon canneries.
When the postoffiee at Paisley, Lake
county, was robbed in 1800, one of thc
men implicated in the affair made his
escape. The name of this man wns John
Hilton, and no clew to his whereabouts
wns ever obtained until a few dnys since,
when he was located at Boise City, Idaho.
He was plneed under arrest and confessed
his crime.
The markets of Berlin bring a revenue
of $045,000 to the city. Any surplus
is devoted to lowering the rents of the
shops and stands.
money*>back tea and
balling powder at
Your Grocers
ll us.nl-. Our Friend.
London, Feb. 0.—Ethan .Allen Hitah*
cock, the retiring American ambassador
to Russia, who was recently appointed
United States secretary of the interior,
arrived in l/indon on his way to Washington. He carries home the strongest pro-
Russian sympathies. In an interview haJ
with him by a representative of the Associated Press, Mr. Hitchcock denounced
emphatically tho stories current since tlie
beginning of the Hispano-American war
that Russia was a menioer of the coalition of continental powers whieh would
have intervened in the dispute had not
England refused to join them.
- The Rational
Inventors' Association.
We do & general PATKNT Hl!SIN*B8S. We
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At its present rate of combustion it is
thought the sun will last from 7,000,000
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When coming to Ban Francisco go to
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can or European plan. Room and board
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The Municipal Savings Bank of Berlin
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To Cure n Cold In One Da*
Take  Laxative Bromo    Quinine Tablet*.     All
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It is not so much being exempt from
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Eugene V. Debs is lecturing in the Interests of the social democratic party in
the cities and towns of Michigan.
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iho famous Jesse Mooru Whiskey. It ls a •■ur-
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The pensions to the aged and infirm
disbursed by tbo German government
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this country the poorhouses tire tho last
refuge of the aged and iuftrtn.
PIso's Cure for Consumption has saved
me large doctor bills.—C. L. Baker, *Ua
Regent Bq., Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 8, '96.
W. O. Pearson, a prominent British
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T. A.   more careful.
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horn handles  350
—I Clock, 8-day, Calendar, Thermoro-
t-ii-i, Barometer  600
24 Siove, Wilson Heater, tiie No. 90
or No. 40 500
25 Tool Set, not playthings, but real
tools      650
26 Toilet   Set,   decorated  porcelain,
very handsome  M0
27 Watch, solid silver, full jeweled . .1000
211 Sewing  Machine, first class, with
all attachments  ..loOO
2fI Revolver, Colt's, best quality 1500
UO Kifle. Winchester, lu-shot, 22-cn! 1500
21 Shot (iun, double hariel, hamtner*
loss, stub twist  2000
32 Guitar (Wattiburn), rosewood, in.
laid with motho--of.pearl. . .. 2000
33 Bicycle, standard make, I—dies' or
gents- 2500
BOOKS —HO choice selections — same
as last year's list, 40 lags each.
This offer expires November 30,1899.
AtUlicss all your Tags and the correspondence about them to
, DRUMMOND BRANCH, St. Louie, Mo. •
■.^t«-iHi;j-M •**,»*-? hM1 i»iri-w_MT»» in' i*t»egnp m
mtetA*%*M*%'^amt\teeilmr.<. .-j ______e
-■■ -*.--.--.---- -a -W-k-fc-J   ,
to tlx© ^*ris©
A BM1- PKSCfL --ARK ^o«c»ooc«r»JO»o#otQ
TION  » DUB   AND THAT L^-^^.^^Jt
fKU.ilr, Gilt'YHOaXUS.
IMie Wm. Hw-tater Oo., I«t<*la
FareM and Payment Made as Soon After tbe Receipt of Ore as
Sample Can be Assayed.
Quotations Given Upon Receipt of Samples.
NELSON     .       .      B. C.
i swing uitlip sunset lam!.
Tlie world of prairie, 'lit* wot!-' ol plain.
'li>* world ol pro/nlae, and h«pe find its in.
["he world of  gold,  nnd iho  world of
Vml tho world ol the v illing hand, ".
T cnrrv the nrave nnd hold,*
The  one  who  wm Its lor  the   nation V
The one who's past  is  a thing that's
The one who battles and beat" ahead,
And the one who noes for gold.
I awing* to the 1 nnd to lv**,
I mn the power that laid Ua floors,
1 Bin lh • (tui li- mitt* western hioie-*.
Thai open 11 lone to me.
I swing to the lund of morn,
rii** uri-y old  cant,  with   its grey  old
The land of liepnre, the land of ease.
The lund of flowers und fruits and trees,
And the place where we were bora.
Freighted with wealth we come,
Pood nnd fortune, and fellow that went
Fir out west on adventure bent.
With well-worn pick and folded tent,
Is bi in-line his bullion home.
I never will he renowued,
Aa my twin that swings to the western
For 1 am e»ie of the hnmb'er paits,
But I am the toy of the wuitini! hearts,
Fori am ihe homeward bound.
—E. Pauline Johnson, ia tbe Manitoba
Free Press,
basinets men if Bilverton end a glance
over our advertising colums will show
to whet en extent we are amassing
To ptoperly advertise our town, we
rauBt receive the Eupport of the
businets men, the miner and prospector.
We understand that nn offb't is to
lie made to more thoroughly advertise
the resource* of  Ui'h  section  amono;
• ho investors of "the Eastern provinces.
Could n* y   better   advertisement   be
tn u-i- than that of a good local  paper?
Hundreds of copies ot the Iilv-Rtoh-
ian could bo delivered weekly throughout the east for a   noniii a!   cost   and
facts weekly repeated in a local   press
are of a   hundred  times   morn   value
than columns of bo-.ui matter paid for
in    out-do    journal's.      Let    eviry
prospector,   who wishes   to  advertise
the district in which he  is interested,
subscr.be for two, thn-e or four copies
of his loctl paper, to l-a   sent  eait.
The result will show itself long before
another rubscription is due.
If in quest of accommodations
or entertainment, go to the
S. •!
• *l
THE L.1- : iKiNlMiEl)   WITH  Til
PROPS   bilverton,
NOTICE:—   "Cultus" Mineral Claim;
situate in the Slocan City Mining Div
ision of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At the bead  of the
North Fork of Lemon Creek.
Take notice that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as aeent for J, A. Finch, Free Miners Certificate No. 1674a and E. J. Dyer,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 5551a, intend
sixty days from the date'hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
ol Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ol theabove claim.
And farther take notice that action
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of each Certificate of
Sated this twentieth day of January
J. M. McGbeoob.
28 111 99.
NOTICE:—"Meteor" and "Ottawa No
5" Mineral Claims, situate in the Slocan
City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.   Where located:—On the
divide   between   Springer Creek and
the north fork of Lemon Creek.
Take notice tbat I, J. M, McGregor
acting   as agent for J. A. Finch, Freo
Miner's Certificate   No.   1674a;   E. J.
Dyer, 5551a, W. M. Shaw, 5552a, and
Charles Sweeney,  9695a,   intend sixty
days from  the date  hereof,to apply to
tbe Mining .Recorder for   a Certificate
of Improvements, (or the purpose of obtaining  a  Crown Grant  of tbe above
And farther take notice tha action under section 37, mast be commenced be-
iore the issuance ef such Certificate of
Dated thia twentieth day of January
J, M. McGregor,
tt 111 99.
Notice:—"Oma" Mineral Claim, situate in the Slocan Mining Division  of
West Kootenay District. Where located :—On the Galena Farm, sooth of the
"Stevenson" Mineral Claim.
Take notice that I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of Silverton, B. 0., as agent for F. 0. Berg
Free Miner's Certificate No. 5715, intend
sixty days from tbe date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of ob
taining a Crown Grant   of the above
And further take notice tbat action,
nnder section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
ol Improvements,
Dated tbis 7th day of November, 1898
Fbancij J. O'Reilly.
19 111 | 98
NOTICE,—"Tho Ben " mineral claim,
situate in tbe Slocan mining division
pf   West Kootenay district.
Where located:   On the north side of
Four Mile creek, adjoining the Ottawa
No. 2 mineral claim on the east.
Take notice that I Francis J. O'Reilly
ass-ent for "The Wakefield Mines, Ltd.*'
free miner's certificate No. 12147a, intend'
sixty days from the date hereof, tn apply
to tbe mining recorder for a certificate of
improvements, for tue purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant for Ibe above claim,
And farther take notice • that action
under section 87, must be commenced
before tbe issusnee oi sucb certificste pj
1 flated this 88th day of October, 1898.
Francis I. O'Reiliv.
Syrup of
and TOLU.
will cure a  cold,
however bad.
25c and 50c
a bottle	
Wilson Hotel]
Teeter   Bros.  -  -  Props
Headquarters For Mining And Commercial Men.
Everything FirsUha Lb All Respects.
The Doukhobof c ilonists, who are
n>w being settled in our Great Nrrtb
West, by the Society of Friends
(Qunkern) and the Dominion Goverr-
ment, give every promise of becoming
good settler* and citiz-ns. Tiny come
of a hardy and industrious stork and
their peculiar religious belief is no
bodies business but their own, in this
freo country. What Canada wants
is hundreds of thousands of just »uob
settlers from the north of Europe and
1-ss immigration from the South cf
Europe and Asia. ~
B.   0.
Silverton,  B. 0.
a   :•:
:•: line
Of Fanoy
CANNED   GOOD-   -    -   -  -
B. C.
i-*m tArnm.***.** <tms$aal<a^.»jea*mj+sh« »•««««<«t^sviiiilVwsw*- j#t.j u*,m#*mw
NOTICE is hereby given that the Creditors of the above named Company are
required on or belore tbe first day of
April next to send their namp.s and addresses and the particulars of their debts
or cl huh and the names and addresses
of tbeir Solicitors (if any) to Evan Frank
Lloyd of Silverton, Brtish Columbia, Ihe
Agent   of   Mr.   Edmund Heisrh of 20
Tbreadneedle Street, London E. C. the
Liquidator of tbe said Company and if so
required by notice in writing from the
said   Evan Frank Lloyd are by their
Solicitors to come in aod prove their said
debt or claims at such time and place as
shall be specified in such notice or in
default  thereof they  will be excluded
from tbe benefit of nny distribution made
before sucb debts are proved.
Dated this 14th day of January 1809.
Ahhi'rkt Morris Ck.bp k Co.
Solicitors to Ihe Liquidator.
17 Throgmorton Avenue,
Lond'in, I 0.
8888888888888888888888 8*»
Tbe large tract of rich mineral
crmr.try, lyirg between Four M'le
creek and Ton -file creek and extending back from Slocan Lake f_r fully
ten miles, sections of which are
developed, some partly prospcted aid
some practically u i-prospected and
unknown, is suflbient warrant far the
existence of the tiwn of Sdvertcn.
The uatural outlet in fact, the only
outlet for thii vast tract of country, is
by way of the Four Mile car yon,
at the mouth of which is situated cur
town. The nature cf the country
aloi g the lake shor**, hetwe* n Silverton
and Twelve Mile creek, forbids tb*
establishing of a town.
With the min*»s of Four Mile, Eight
Mile and Ten Mile behind us, the faith
of our citizens in  our  town  is well
founded.    It is only necessary to visit
the mir.es, to  study the geographical
lay of tbe country behind us,  to take
the   plans   of    the   vat ions   mining
companies operating in thi* section, to
arrive at the conclusion that Silverton
is bound to lie this camp of the Slocan.
Yet the   fa'-t   remains,   that notwithstanding the backing of Silverton,
other   towns,   not having   one-tenth
resources of tbis c_-ip have surpassed
it in growth, population and   building
up of local • nterprises during thn past
year,    Why is this the   easel     Is   it
necausoour citizens do  not  pull  together for the   advancement  of  our
town?   Why is it that we  an  forced
to depend for  our banking   facilities,
for our amusements and for dozens  of
other   thing**,   upon   our    nnghbor.-?
Silveitmiaus have faith in their to»i,
but why do they not con lino to force
tho truth of th"ir faith in  their town
upon outsiders.
.a-v-Co-Do-C-Lald-'e _L_I"vex3T
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
Can Have Them Rewrved By Writing To—    A- '• MeDONALD,
t f ♦ t t t t SILVERTON,
Pheebul (affi'iliiiBgruffness)—I am a
blunt man, Miss Brisk, and have n"
lime for eoft sentimentalities. \\ ill you
be my wi'e? Maud Bri-k—I am no'
hulf so plain as vo'i are, Mr i'lieebul,
bul just as blunt—No.
Mamma—What Is Willie crying
about? Bridget—Shnre mx'tim, hr
wsnted to iro across th* atreot to Tomm-v
Green's. Mamma—Well, why didn't
you let him go? "They wire bavin*
chara'U-8. he sn! I,-na'um and I- wn**ii*i
shuro us he'd had 'em }et,"
To be well dressed s as
conducive to a contented frame
of mind as to be we I fed.
Don't ]ud_t>a man bv the clothes be
wears.   They mi_ht be borrowed.
The cirvtilation of  a newspaper depends on the edit-41 *■■ conscience.'
CO-rANIKB ACT,    1397,
NOTICE is h r-by t'iyen that tb* Head
Office of tbe "GALENA MINES, LIMITED" is now situate in th» Town of
Silverton and Evan Frank Lloyd of tbe
r.iii! Town bus been eppointcd tbs Attorney lor the Compsny in place of Percy
W. Evans of the Ci'y of Vancouver, B.C.
Dated this 4!b. day of February, 1800
S. Y. WooTTOit
Registrar of Joint Stock
Ross  Thorburn.    Silveiton, B. G.
ONE    _p_B>_v_sr^
SILVEitrON,     B. C.
SILVERTON,        -      -      -      P*. C
and $00 Line
East and Wes
The Sn.vKRroNUN is a purely local
ent»rpri e.
The Silvertosian has worked, first
and last, fur the welfare of Silverton.
For over a year it has spent time and
money in writing up the mining
resoun es of this camp. The prophecies
it bas indulged in, regirding the
various mines visited by its representatives, hi.vo proven, in the light of
time, to be w II within tho mark and
its optimistic views regarding the
future of the camp bid fair to be
Few people seem to realise the
benefit to bo derived for a town from
a newsy, reliable newspaper, su< h ns
we hsve endpavered to make the
S!lverton!An and few, too, realise the
amount of work unceskary to publish
suoh a paper in a town as s-null as
The newspapers published in tbe
small towns of British Colnmbia are,
utmost in vsriably, supported by the
Townsite Companies of their tr.w is
Tbf Bl-fntOM-JI is not »o support*!
NOTICE i« hereby piven in arrordanc-s
with the statntr'S, that Pr«vincial Revenue Tux a"d all Taxes levied undsr the
Asuessme.nt Act, an* now due for theyesr
I8W. All the ab-'ve-iianiisd Ihx»s Vol-
lecti'de within the West Kootenay Di«-
trii-r, N'lson Division, are payable it my
office, KiibIo.
Assessment Tuxes are collectible at the
lo'low.UK rates vis:—
ir I'Ain on on neroRK SO'h or jukk, 1809
Three Fifth of One per cent on Itea1
Two snd one half per cent an assessed
value of Wild Land.
Ore hill of one per cent on Personal
On so mni-h on tli<> Income of anv person ai exceeds One ti.ous.tnd Dot lira, th**
following rules, namely, npon Moll excess
ol income when the seme is nol more
tlutn Ten Thousand .Dollars, tine |>e-
cent; When rooti excess is ovnr Ten
Thousand Dollars nnd not more tlmn
Twenty Duiusand Doll-irs. One anil one
quarter of One |>cr cent; When mil excess is over Ta-entv Thousand Dollars,
One and one half of One per cent.
Four fifths of one per cml on Ileal
P. operty
Three tiei rent on the Assessed value
of Wild Land.
Three Fourths of one per cent on Personal Property.
On so much of the Income of any p' r-
s-m ss exceeds cue tbonsand dfUnrs, the
f- illnvi ititr rates nmely, anon such excess
when tlm Hume is not more thnn Ten
Thouasnd Dollars, one nnd one quarter of
ono per cent, «ben such excecs is ovor
feu th'-iitand dollars and not More than
Twenty Thousand Dollars, One and one
half of One per cent, when such excess
is over Twenty Thousand Dollars, One
and three quarters of one per cent.
Provlmiul ReveuueTax, Three Dollats
per capita.
Kaslo B O, ||ft| January, 1899.
go to the
Shiloh's Conmmption Cure cure
where others fail. It is the leading
Cou^h <'me, nnd no borne should be
without it. Plessant lo take and goea
rijjht lo the spot,    8obl at
Dyspepsia   Cured.   Shiloh's Vitalfier
mtnediately   relieves   H>ir   Rrotnauh,
C .miuK np ot Fo.-d Distressfs, and is the
pieat kidnev and liver remedy.   Sold by
The Silvorton Dmn Store f
What Dr. A. E. Salter Stys
P.nfTiilo, N Y.—Gent*:—From my rier-
sonal knowh-ilMTo, gstm-d 1:1 observin-r
the effect of vour Shiloji's Cure in ti-iseii
of advanc-d Consumption, I am prepared tn hiiv It ia the most remarkuhle
Retnedv that has ever beet, brought to
my " Mention. It hns certainly aavod
muny from Ciii'ftnmp'lon.   Sold at
Tlie Silverton Drug Store, t
— Tickets Isscej) Ako Baooagi i
——— Chkcxed To Destination. ~\
fexceptinit  Sunday)
Revelstoke and Main Line Point!
8.05—leave— Sii.vxrton—anive—I
Nelson,   Trail,   Rossland, kc.l
Ascertain  present   rates and full
formation by   addressing   neareet
_«ent, or     	
W. 8. CLARK, Afent. Silveij
Tray. Pass. Agent, Nel|
Dist. Psss. Agent, Vance*]
:•; Hfaflqaartm For Mining Men
Stop that Convh! Tnke wnrninx. I
in.iy leal tOonsuniption. A -.Tie bottle
at Shiloh's t'tire mav snve your lift-
Sold at The Silverion Drug Store.       t
For Constipation take Karl's Glover
Root Tea, the great Blood Purifier Cures
Heudsche, Nervousness, Eruptions ol
tbe face, and makes the head an clear an
a hell.   Sold at
The Silverton Drug Store  t
<'.*^"*rtU|»e««ate» ,f'e*+mrfm*>***1!r j*-*\4--«ii««4
4«*<«A. .ij-vs*, •***;
Karl's Clover Root Tea. for Constipation it** the beat m.d if sfter .1 ing it yon
dont phv no, rejurn the packanw and fat
^*^>'y^ 4-^ac^^v^ .m~.mM
And Gknkkal Real Estate Aoesj
OMea la ll«_lnr HloicU    •  »
NEIilON,   B, O.
• eMLm\sVnkMV'mm}W'it».
:t *m*amMtsM*&\ism*v*m^ ■ aser*+*mes*mn*m*\*memm.**m^
irm^.ee,:: .^*<M*w*m«*#ti*kM0rj*a*iem* .*y»< «w1 m**** :»i


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