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The Silvertonian 1900-12-08

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srBscitipno>:s1 fro
BoxiAR0UN0 THti
8 lb. TURKEY OJR GOOSE,      -      -      -
l do/.ES ORANtlBS -
$1 tii
|8 80
ut***etA-'.9eaPs**tm****mtm*M  ■        ,,—	
!§     mm mm.
Woik lia=* been suspended on   tlio
j Condor  Group  and   all   the  men ure
. down fiom tliat property.
!   J. •>.'. AI. Benedum bas (rone down to
 . It, ■ Karly Bird claim on Ten Mile, to
Tlie Majuba Hill-Contract nriifrTr^,taT»^.^:i , .
* icn  thousand   feet of two inch plank
lillllds   TliroU'll    lljb ere being taken up to the Emily Edith
mine, I > be wed in building oie slums
j iii Uiat property,
Messrs, Hancock, Harris and Beau
I pore; all of Slocan.City, have secured a
lease on tlie Boudho.dcr Group, irliicli
Al  'feeler und others worked y.o guouess-
folly, nlso miller lease, up l'i now.
A car of con -filtrates a day ih what the
Minnesota  concentrator is expected to
run out.   With  what clean  ore  will he
shipped from the mine tlie total output
< is expected to average sixty carloads a !l
A nood lino of new books nnd novels
j at Beeves'.
left  on    Tuesday    for
Folty a  Close BmmMIi
Liglifcr Thin
Silverion, Nelaon, Trail, Ymir, Knslo, Bandon,
New Denver, Cascade City,"Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway ami Greenwood.
A properly ihat is being quietly and
systematically developed nnd which
t is likely roon to become another
( valuable property is the Mujuba Hill
' claim on Eight .Mile creek', ThisproB-
: prct is situated abont one mile np Eight
■ Mile crick from Ilie lake and consist! of
j a six foot ledge running nortliwest sml
' southeast in a quaitzite forma!ion and
I upon whicli considerable work has been
'done,   Tbe Character of the ore in tbis
earning sulph- |   —wmmw^^^^^^^m**mmma^mmam*M
erels and bnitle silver, specimens being     Messrs. Cameron, Linquist and Camp-
obtainable   that   will assay fiom 1000 lo   bell, of Slocan,   have   began   an  action       ... -  - -w.
1500 ounces In silver to the ton.   T/ho Ugainat John Liwscui, ot San  Francisco,   to come in, it looked as if he would   beat
I development   work   done upon far, | over the Bee traction claim, near Slocan * out Galliber.
[besldeaa.ot of surface work, consists of City.   Tho plaintiffs claim to bold a
two (annuls  45 and   C3 teel in length* I"'01" location "of thq ground in ths Bald
The loner Uinocl   which  is now in 0 Mountain Fraction.
' feet is expected to strike (he ledge at a j    Thursday  the Hewett mine sent off fo
depth   ol   abont  100  feel   In  the next   lhe Bmo]tor a shipment of ten tons of
|i«entv.   The  owneis Al.  Wilds,    Al. I ,r,.   xi>ia ore -waa what they succeeded
Frank   Ryan
Slocan City.     -j^^^^^^^^^^^^^™
Tenders for the erection ol the NeHon
Tost Ollice are being called for.
Tom   .Mulvey   is   building  himself a
in -at little house on Hiin.e Ave.
Beeves carries  a  fine line  of froth
halts and confectionery.
Assessor Cbipnwn hss been favoring
j the public this week with tax 110,'ices.
.Miss Nettie Badcliff.', of Sandon, is
The result of Thins lay's polling In and the Burrtr.l Ridingibss resulted in the return ol two Government sup
pollers, (ialliher and   MaxWell, I	
, (Ji,1;il"-'r"» '""J '<«»« jority over tlie I visiting here with her frieuda, the mites
Labor candidate of 450   wag not expec-! Lawson.
ted bere, where for a time Foley stock
was away above par,   Except among •
few of the most enthusiastic Conserve-
lives, McKane's success was not looked
forward for. His large vote showed what
remarkable energy he must have used in
the brief canvas be was able to make.
l'"jr a short lime when  the returns began
IIEaD office.
Smith and E. Criddle, all  if litis place,
Intend  to  push development upon ibis
_   property tin's winter.
ildiljli.a Contract is
S I !. V K 11 T O N     11.   O
I HE l'.l'.sfir ItNIsMED HorKL INTHK8LO0AK.'
II 0 H J S    r r o p r i <• t o r.
^    UK
12 rop'os' itioja—
".'. V '•"■!* to In.!-your tailoring dona IK SILVERTON,
LH ' ER, e.irrbsa Ml Iii* ..{ FANCY WORSTED and TWEED
t"        ' i «ork UUARANTCto limt-claae.
Liebscher.  The  Tailor. ■
Jack Ctitsholm and George Clark aie
down from iho Philadelphia Group
bavi; g eo ph'ted their rontract on that
property. Tbey bate driven 10J feet
'•f tunnel directly on tbe vii:i. 4l. x i\x..
int in the i!e rand limbered through!
The Philadelphia property lies on the
west side el FfRoell creek aliout three
miles op that stream from Fonr Mile
rmk. Tbe vein on Ihis property fa a
Urge fi .'lire, varying from six to ten
feet in width, lying in the granite foN
ui.ti -n mid running northwest nub
laoalhratt with a pitch west into the
I iiinnni.iiu. The character of tbo ore
ii:i»bin-d ly thli property isiilicaw
Heel galena running over SO [nr cent in
Ii a I and Currying over 10) ounces in
silver io the ton. While tunning the
tnonal bunchna of ore  wire contion illy
flic iiintvred.    Li  tlie   faCO of lim li.lilie!
!lbo   showing is   excellent   with iv. iy
Indications of Abating an ore shute.
iu bringing down to tbe wharf daring
the late cold snap. They bave also a
iarjt-e amount of oro at the end of the
•ragon road which will be rushed down
for shipment with the first snow,
Recent thaws have played havoc with
some of our roads. On the Four Mile
toad several small nml slides have
came down making the ro.ul all but
impassable. It appears to bo a waste of
time and postage stamps to request our
government to do am thing in regard to
road builJiog or repairs in this district
Jteal l)nr U tin Put O.L.-
V. R T '» N
II.     C
' w^A^v\^^wv^A^^l^
dsX        iV^i
.The, ^^^
istle^^ Hotel.
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________> H m
 V A T.    OR IFF J N.	
l^r  st=oi«ss       aooommodatlon
for Tii^      latil>Ho
silverton, H|^
.        .        15. O.
'Established in Nelson 1800."
nines but once
I   A Year.
* '"^fi^w*****^^
1 once roon befort yoo, alive and
pro»| n,.n.t
' ">y duty to lit ypn know that I
■J* bought Roods DIUKCT FROM
>    'VI EST MADE    I want to sell I It."..'Koo<Ih,  nnd   will   do  all
'u   N«> FREE OF CHARCE    and   PREPAY all   E
I>tva all L-;,,,!_,.«       j   • made  and
^   •■Kii.dicr goods in a thousand   dilTorent  styles,  and   solicit JOUr| Work dono upon
grantee all (iunds bought from     j>«     tw„    m***-*.—**.
ii" to i.e  *m*v>   13€_m*   oenr
"'■■ ^ "Iso i„ »,„, Kootenay, and the ferjXm^^,^        '
i-;Cob ^>over,   11| E J K W K I ?.J,
■ttttw _____■ ^H ^H ^M
pat i
I huh Pir!iii!|iiislif(l.
The bond on Il.e t'lii) and Mabou
'claims, near Uie Enterprise min<», which
was hill by J. Frank Cohatu for his
company, has been thrown up. Mr,
Colluin ba.-i Censed to be invested and
expended nniind Slocan City many
thousands of dollars, I Is company doing
mainly responsible for lhe present pros,
perlly of that town,   It there should bo
any favors 1" be grant*! in that ilii-tric'
it would set in that Mr. Coiliiin's wishes
should to a certain extend be consid-ie I.
espeWally where his Intervals are directly
concerned, unl web has hardly been
I lite case. A abort time ago the wishes
of the Arlington   Mines   Company   and
I Umm of the business men «s well irert
'aibitrarily set iioide by   a   public bod)
I Sip h actions have undoubtedly mnob to
I do with Mr. (.'nllutu's determination lo
rotiid bis operations to Ibo-e  proper
I ties already arqulrad mid nol lo invrai
farther, for tome lime al least, in Blocan
city mining propoify.
PmjiCfliiig    Siastin   Kit!   Our
The late storm closed Ilia prospecting
MMontuthia portion of the Blocan and
all proapeetofa who were not In readiness
to continue woik dutlug the winter have
been driven out of lhe bills.   Taking lhe
' senson all together it has bren a lalilv
New York,   Dec.   »i —U.trSilver,ill'.,
Like copper,   $10 5).
Lead—The Arm that fixe-* the" selling
price f ir millers 9ud sin-Iters <i'iotei_ lead
at *t 00 at Iheelise.
Shipments of oro  fr.un Silveiton ior
the year 1800. totaled 1603 Tons.
All other Lake points 1383    "
T!ic shipment   ol  ore   from   Slocan
Lakapoluts, np to and Including the
preanit week, from Jan. 1, IOOO.
From Bosun Landing. Tons.
llosun 10S0
From New Denver
Hartney  SO
Capella  7
From Silverton Tons.
Emilv Edith   20
Hewett   ...   8")
Vancouver   120
Wakefield, (concentrates)       o*U.
Ualena Mines       _.o Enterprise Landing
Enterprise 1020
N'ecpiiw.i    7
From Slocan City
Arlington      1048
Black Prince....    oo
Kilo  M
l'\o Friends 80
Bondholder  20
Hampton   Id
Total -i'-'ll
Tic (iliiiihTii's  Hour.
\ Christmas TV, e. something of interest to the adults as well as to the juven-
[ Ilea of the camp, «ii! blase In all ii-
glury on Christmas I've if (he wishes of j
Iho ladles Interesting thcipselvea In ths
mattei can be oarried out, and when did
the hulies of Siiv it ,n ever faii to carry
th.-ongh to a successful Conclusion anything tbey bave undeitaken?   A Christ-
, ni is  Treo  and   Entertainment  aro as
Tho returns as tbey were received
were announced tn tbo Union Hall and
as the Slocan vote was (list announced
the boys weie keyed tip for a victory.
I!ut Ihe ti turns from the north soon be-
gan to clull the meeting an,l before nine
i,'i lock the fact was paiiifu'ly apparent
that tbeir champion, Chris. Foley, was
beaten. It was the fust time that the
hoys had taited defeat and the taste was
The few exulting Liberals were not
i.uuiereially able to break the dark gloom
of the town and no help was to he c.t
;iected from the Conservatives, for once
solid Silverton knew no joy in the returns.
The Slocan vote went, as c-tptcted,
heavily Foley, he having receive I five
votes for every fjur shared ny tho party
candidates. In no |ioll of Importance
was he defeated, while Ainsworth, Three
Folks, Whitewater,Sandon and Silver-
ton went soiilly for him.
The Slocan vote was ns foil iws:
Foley, (ialliher. M'Katie,
Sloran City....
• ■(
New Denver,..
Three Forks
*■ -
Sloean Juiieli ui
Nei\liii}_;'s Bunch
Deer Park   ....
Pilot Bay	
Ureeti, 043
h is
To'-jIs... 500
Laat June lhe result wus
Keen, 378; Kane, 108
In tlm twelve lWiiuia
tar n.s heard irom, Q.illlher
ities in six, McKane in two and Filev in
threo. In Ihe "organized districts,"
where Foley's friends c united upon one
thousand majority for him, bis vote was
2200, only 4:\S more than tho successful
In the northern districts nnd tho ifalea
and E ist Lillooet the vote was solely for
lhe parly candidates. The cities divided
as follow.-: 8andoni Rossland, Green*
wood aud Pernio nil   gave  Foley good
Miss Ihlker, of New Denver, spent ft
few days here, the guest of Mrs. Chas.
The Sandon Citv Hall will cost $3,105,
the contract having been giv.-u uj Full lot t
it McMillan at thai, figure.
The regular meeting of lhe Bible class
was held last Wennesdav evening at the
bonis of Mrs. B, Calbick.
Ninas anil New Year's cards at tho
Drugstore. Dainty tokens of remembrance for distant friends* *
The him'ier for Uxa-skalinx rink has
now arrivjd, uo there Id. no reason why
the building sh »■ i- I not be coup leled at
Mrs. R. MeN'.i!i,dit and Muter .I.ick
left on Monday for the Coast, where they
will spend the holidays among th: ir relatives.
The former office of Tub Pilvkutoxiaii
on bake Ave., is being fitted up as «
stoic and wil lie occupied lv tt, O,
While up at the I'hilad Iphia el ii u
Jack Chi>hohii put ou'. a few marten
traps and as a result brought with
him six p:ime pelts.
L. Q. Boas,  who  is working  »t tl.e
Hewett   mine,   cune   down to cast his
ballot on Thursday,   "Hns  is  hi> first
Iappearance lelo.v  the snowline since
I ea'Iy last October.
Next week Joseph Brandon leaves for
lower California, where he »ill pitch  his
, tent forthe wlntor. . lie ejficcts to lie in
Los An&loa in tfim for the Ibae Caini-
vid on New War's'Day. /
AM work in tlio .lewelry Etepoititfa
Iii a, left at the silveiton f>riig8tor^, will
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovei
the well known Nelson jeweler. All ro
pairs on in-ah i\ti:ki, i-jii osk vi. ib. *
Tjje Rev. W. A. Alexander, fonnetly
' ft ilumbia, bas been stati Kied In ro by
the Presbyterian Chu"di t-» lo-ik after
iheir corner of the hai vest.    No will Im
hefire the clcrcbgocrs ol'iliii  for
the tiist lime lo-raonow aftvrnion at 'A
o'clock i.i the I'nion Church,
'. h-.-.' h in !r-1 guests cuj ive I Ili3iu-
Selvet at the Miner's Unl ill l'-ill in Sal."
' '-'■";'" i don las- week, when tlie splendid new
'"" ll,:'i "" ' f. i in Hall was formally op n*l. Thia
Hall iwt $10,000, all ol ali'.ch was contributed by the members of tho Sandon
Miners' Union, whieh prov. • ;t an cm r-
get iu organization blessed with au able
executive cnpable of handling \.it-c ven-
line uitli credit,
Laat week fireman S. Barker, of the
Vaiicouvert received the sad ilea's of iho
dentil of his little daughter I'll.el. only
sla years old, whom bo hai hit only a
fortnight before ln  good  health at  i.ii
inajoritii'K, Galliber captured bis home,    j—^————————————————mmm
town, Nelson, as well as Kaslo, Phoenix, i hmne in  BattC,  Montana.    What   adds
Columbia, Grand 1'oiks, Fort Steele anl^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
and  Kiti,-
Cranbrook;    Conservative
Here recorded in Kevelftukc
The llistrlotl give  tha   following   re
III us.
,_. c
i    .   &
!?     p     ~
will   dn   ull   EN-   seaf;on B"  'OK'inei  is ■»■ ■«»»■"—.m mm    into   mu   r. ..., ^...   »,^.   .._,
EXPRESS PAR     >t00<' 0I1<>''""" "'l'   ',ro,'H!C'OM '"''"' "'lirueh a partof Silverton's yearly fare n~
view, several new  ,-tiikes  having been , h the celebrating of the Qneen's Birth
^^^ ^^™   ^^^smmmmmm*****mk.t\.     m**m*mM 	
considerable developmci t j jnj.( nni) {Wu KtMn ill0Ujj 11()t p(l!,g
prospeets. During NrtUiout tha annual treat, tn order to
tho past season time has been but few wt njniten moving a public meeting will
milling deals eonsnmmated and none ol be held In the 80I100I on Monday nftei
great Importance ouuido of the Hewcti fV\.„t,\ Ail Interested In giving the Utile
deal  Varlooaieaaonshavo been assign il ,mes a Merry Xi us arc requested to be
for the lack ot IntefSl capital  has taki 1    present,
in onr prospects during the  past season
East Lillooet Al
West Lillooet	
No re)
111 MS.
West Yale   ISO
East Yale  8211
Borelsti ke  201
Bout It Kail Kootenay 804
North East KootenaylOO
Some lay it tn the late strike, some to ti
polltlclal tiirtuoil which  has lastod
Hiiinnier, while others blamo Ibe presi  I
wars which are absorbing large 11110111 '-
of capital.
"I   tell   you   it  pais to   ndveili-e
I "That's true enough; a fellow I knew
Bp   advertised for a (innine to take cars   1
,  v I and the next day he died."
riwn ,.■■■.-« w. Canada ran exemplify
thst adage, ami Indulge a patriotic sentiment, by  ii-sistiiig their Knglish, Irish
The I'miiii .lurk.
iiliich    floats   over   Britain   and all her
oolonlea  is emblematic of the adage,
■'In union there is strength "   The pat
rlolio   ladies  of
:iud   Scotch cousins  mho  produce thi
pure   iioiehilie-inade   GREEN   tells    of
India.    Tea   illiiikus   Will  li lid the lllue
Klhbon, Monsoon and Salaria groan teas 1   " -
1 pioasanl ctiun^o from Japan.- -Colonial (uot yet been appointed.
2,S.!--i   2,;oi   2100
These returns are incomplete,  hut thc
election of I ialliher is beyond a doubt.
In Vancouver, Maxwell's majority is
OoO, enough to overcome any hostile majority outside that city.
W F. Anderson bus resigned from hi.--
positl in as Travelling Passenger Agent
of ths local O. P, K. division.    This po-
Ion had brought   Mr.   Anderson   Into
still moie to Mr. Marker's grief Is the
flCt that his duties here m uie it imporH-
i'.de for him to attend his child's funeral.
Mr. Barker's many Mends here extend
their sympathy to him,
Mr. White,   formeily   of   Ihe  tii in  ol
KorfoOl and White, W ho h id the UOIlll   it
lor hauling the Comstock uoncuiittatc*,
which unfortunately for nil eian enn-d
ncre never turned out, was i;i I iWli this
week, and brought down from Uie mino
the ore-slslghs sod harneaa belonging *o
Idm. lb'finds that much of his unlit
had been carried off, something surprising for tbis locality. Mi. \\ I.lie is at
nt located at Fernie,  being
coal •
contiict «iih the travelling public,among
whom he was very popular, and who will
iegri-1 his resignation, His successor I
present located at t'l-rnte, living eoai-
Inspector for the C. P, R, He is ciiflm-
dastic over the future for coalmining in
Britiah Columbia and Alberta.
Evfifrd'tl   Short lr.
Kohert F. (neen, our local member,
promises to make it warm fur the Depart mt'"t of Lauds and Works for i'a
neglect ofthe Red Mountain wag, u road,
after the affair had passed Into its coll-
tiol. He has done what n is poislbla
an ! naturally resents having to hear tbo
blame for the nonuseof tho appropriation
he woikeil lo Moure, a blame which tho
Victoria department and not le should
bear, Mr. Green expeets to visit Silver-
ton   shoitly   to learn tin wishes of Ibtt
district iu regard to appropriation next
Sossiou. I
•,reai«Uut,» Message
Washington, Dec. 3.—The message opens with a  brief survey of
the growing strength and increasing
power for good ol republic  institutions and American  liberty  at  the
outgoing of the old and the  incoming ol tbe new century.     The  Chinese problem is made the  dominant
question in the foreign   intercourse
and an elaborate review is  made of
thc details   of   military  operations
and diplomatic steps   taken  in  the
progress of settlement up   to   thc
present time.
In the event of a protracted divergence of views in the Chinese
negotiations, (he president favorably inclines to Russia's suggestion
that the matter of indemnity be relegated to the court of arbitration at
The Hague.
Uncertainty is expressed as to the
prospects of the well-nigh extinguished German trade.
The settlement of thc Samoan
problem has accomplished good results.
The friendly relations with Great
Britain continues. The war in
South Africa introduced important
and vexatious questions.
Appropriate representations resulted in the British government
agreeing to purchase outright all
goods seized showed to be the
act.ial property of American citizens, thus closing the incident to
the satisfaction of thc immediately
interested parties.
at Annual Meeting.
Knox and DeWet
London. Dec. 1.—- Tha Evening
Standard reports that a grest light
is in progress between   Gen.   Knox
(and Gen. De Wet  near   Rouxville,
in  the   southeastern   extremity  of
^^^^^^^^^^~" Orange River colony and   that   the
capture of General De Wet is considered imminent.
Legal Expenses Heavy — A   New
Rate for Freight and Treatment Probable
The  modus   vivendt   in   Alaska
boundary matters, has so  far worked without friction, and tlie Dominion government has  provided  rules
and regulations for securing to  our
citizens the benefit  of stipulations.
It is at best  but  an  unsatisfactory
makeshift,   which   should   not   be
suffered  to delay  the  speedy  and
complete establishment of a frontier
line to which we are entitled  under
the Russo-American treaty   for  the
cession of Alaska.
The Toronto paper* publish long
accounts of the Centre Star meet-
ng last week, and take the view
that another step has been made
the recovery of the mining industry of Canada, in the resumption of dividends by this company.
WUat Ur. (-iooderbam Maid.
Among other things the president
of the   company said    "The chief
hope for reduction   in   the   cost  of
mining lay in   the adoption  of the
contract system, which the   Miner's
union had heretofore,   by   an   over-
whelming majority,   refused   to  allow, although  at   the   same  time
the cost of mining has  been  stead-
! ily increasing.   Under these circumstances, which had existed from the
first, and   which  everybody understood,     it   was  made  clear to  us
by our new  manager,   Mr.    E.   B
KI11 hrurt-V First III.pal. li.
The first dispatch from Gen.   Kitchener from Bloemfimtein.Nov, 30,
confirms the fighting between   Gen.
Pilcher and Gen. De Wet as cabled
and adds the latest reports   regard
ing Gen. Know being in touch with
Gen. De Wet's force.
Kitchener  also   reports   that   Gen
eral Paget   was  fighting   with   the
Viljeon and Erasmus  commandoes
and    that  he    drove    them    from
their position   iu   the   vicinity   of
Reitfontein.    The British   have six
men killek and 56 wounded inclm
ing Colonel Lloyd.
Huge Panther Tears Her to
AndSlartona Vigorous Search-
How the Child Was.
Tlilrlj live Killed.
A patrol of fourteen South African constabulary during the night
of Nov..28, engaged a contingent
from Massobocks commando, and
35 Boers are reported to have been
killed or wounded.
Three Nulcldra
Victoria, B. C. Dec. 1 Jack
Hayes, a saloon keeper who at.
tempted to poison himself with
rough on rats on Nov. 15th
  -3m.   .swal-
_^_^—mmwww***M***»***m "• lowed the contents of a box of the
Kirby, that the time had arrived rat poison yesterday afternoon and
when we ought to attempt  to  ma-   ^n-J
We await l\n fulfilment of promises by the sultan to make reparations for the injuries suffered by
American citizens in Armenia.
The financial   operations   by  the
government during the year are re
viewed in detail.    Immediate action
when we ought to attempt  to  materially reduce the cost  of mining,
and  by  increasing our ore  reservt
and equipment, obtain better smelting rates.    To accomplish these objects   it   was   imperatively  necces-
sary   to    close  down     the   mine.
Thc labor unions  have  by a  large
majority,     accepted    thc   contract
system;   'and   our   relations    with
labor, wh;ch a   year   ago   were   a
menace to  the  peace  ,-.nd   welfare
of the   camp,    have become established  on an  amicable  basis;    and
our costs of mining have   been  reduced at least   30 per cent."
how tirade Ore ArallaM ^ ^^
Vice president, T. G.  Blackstock enee   Brandon
.... ... uciau.    immediate action   ........       .    .        . c ..
. justified  the  closing down  of the nersetf.
is urged as a measure   to  promo'e      . .     ,
.       .        ... ,,    . mine because by that means  better
American shipping and foreign trade    , . ...... _.•_,
0 labor conditions had been obtained,
Ti-» —.jLawmwm
died last night. ^^^^
It Waa Mra lliirliclit
Buffalo, Dec. 1.—The woman
who committed suicide yesterday
at the Iroquois hotel here has been
identified as the wife of H. H. AI-.
bright, who was recently engaged
in the hotel business in San Diego,
ami Another
Nelson, Dec. 1.—Special. — Dr.
Hall was called out at • yo o'clock
this morning to attend to the case
of an inmate of Florence Brandon's
house on Lake street. On his ar-
rival the patient proved to be Flor-
^^^^^^^^^    who  had poisoned
Minneapolis,   Minn,   Dec. 4.—A
Cartivright,   Wis.,   special   to  the
Times  says:     An   eight  year old
daughter of C. P. Riley,   a  farmer
living about 16 miles from here was
carried   away  re'eently   by  a  huge
panther  and  devoured.    The  girl
was walking along  the  road  near
the  (arm,   when the   beast  sprang
from   the  woods   and   taking  the
girl in his   huge  jaws,   carried   her
into a swamp,where she met a horrible death, being  torn   limb   from
limb.    T|ie  remains were gathered ,
up and buried,       The   community
has  organized a panther hunt   and
the farmers will not lay aside  their
guns until the brutes shall be exterminated.      Since  they started out,
a panther measuring ten   feet   from
lip to tip has  heen   shot   and   two
other large ones have been seen.
Jump In White Bear
Rossland, B. C, Off* 4.—
Yesterday and today the stock
market produced two sensations.
White Bear has jbmped up to 4c,
and has been in demand around
that figure. Today 67,000 shares
were disposed of on the exchange
around the figure quoted.
While the manager will not talk,
it is asserted that the diamond drills
have disclosed the presence of the
looked for Le Roi ledge, hence the
demand lor stock.
In London Le Roi shares dropped
$5. The reason given being a sudden bear attack. No quotations
have been received today.
Emperor Nicholas »„. J
A Suuila)  Mtootluc
Rossladd, B. C, December 4.—
This morning before Police MagisJ
Irate Boultbee Mrs. Margaret Jones
was charged with killing a valuable
collie dog, the property of J, W.
Pettier. It was claimed that the
animal was shot by Mrs. Jones
early on Sunday morning last.
Four witnesses testified as to the
shooting, and the subsequent admission made by Mrs. Jones. The
accused went into the witness box
in her own behalf, and the case was
then adjourned until Thursday next
lor further evidence
ti.rm.ts* Loir Im < lilua
Shanghai, Dec. 4.—The Germans
have lost 20 killed and many wound-
* Polite   Reply From
°"ls,d« »< Fra„ce, ^
Paris,   Dec.4_.,lti
We   s»ys a special dispatch fr
'ogne, .«th«. Mr. Kr,! ^^
AmmHh Hmh,
London, Dec. 4,-|n ..,„     .
a confidentia. inqui,,-as" 7;
* Mr. Kruger would be        '
to    the     effect     that     1
Baucis ,o,eph had ,„adeo^
position for   the  llexl  lev,   *
The Trail Ninelter
The following are the ore shipments received at the Trail smelter
from the different shipping mines
for the week ending Dec. 1:
Centre Star 27#9
Iron Mask    221
B. C   252
Payne    131
Sullivan    104
Ymir      50
Total 3547
Matte Kii.t Bullion.
For the week ending Dec. 1 the
matte shipped from the Trail smelter was 94^ tons. The bullion
amounted to 92 li tons.
K.VV. Ruff,  so   we„ I
      hlS C,ty as th* former age,,, of J
ed west of Pao Ting Fu, where they I f„,T ^^ ^' is """ J
'   forthe Su   van Machinerv,     I
were attacked bv i:n» Rnv.„ I __,, ,, , '."-inner) compel
and for   several   leading J
. companies.    Mr. Ri.H\offict8J
plodet1 in tne arsenal   occupied  by | p°,umbia avenue west, n«j
the Russians.
Tl.e president calls attention to
combinations of capital organized into trusts, and he repeats the
language of his  previous message.
In a head on collision on the
Mexican Central today 11 were
killed and over 20 injured.
The czar passed a very good day
yesterday and had a very good
Four companies of German troops
are reported to  be   seriously  menaced 35 miles west of Pao Ting Fu.
It is by the imperative  order*  of
the czar that the Russians are handing over the Shan   Ha   Kuan   railroad to the Germans.     The necessary documents   were   signed   this
The Knglish court of appeals has
rendered a decision whereby the
crown gets upwards of ^1,350,000.
W. F. McLean, M. P.,has abandoned all idea of seeking the leadership at present. K. F. Clarke, M.
P., will probably be the Ontario
PP. Cole,oDe of the best known
ifram dealers in Toronto,   died  last
evening. ^T^
Gen.   Kitchener    reports    from
-    -    ..       VUMIIIItU,
and these enabled the  management
to reduce the   cost   of operations.
He quoted figures of the manager
to show that   the  actual   cost   of
mining in the War Eagle  averaged
$2.20   per  ton   last    month,    as
against $, for  the  year   ending
September 30,   and  that  the  total
cost of production last  month  was
$3.25 per  ton   against   $5.20   the
past year.    This means a reduction
of about 45 per eenf.    This   reduction of course greatly increased   the
possible   output   of   the  mine,  by
making  a vast   amount   of lower
grade avaiable.
Darlington's Report
From a  letter  dated    Oct. 23,
"(c) Tbe Centre Star  is  improving in depth.    The  fourth  level   is
opening out a very fine body of   ore
11 the west, and   on   both sides  of
tqe fault, which broke up   the third
level'while the fifth  level   175   feet
deeper, has broken into a fine   body
of ore, where   the  station   is   just
being  cut at the   shall".    This   new-
level should  be  entirely  free   from
lhe  fault   in   the   west   end,    and
great   thing   are   expected   of   it.
Although J have been  through   the
Le Roi  mine,   and   have  seen   tne
stopes 100 feet   wide,   I  must   still
Hrlil.h Parliament
London, Dec. 3.—The opening of
the  initial session  of the  fifteenth
British parliament   occurred   at   2
o'clock this afternoon.
It was a formal affair and of little
public interest. Small crowds ia*
semb'ed to see the beef eaters who
carried* out the usual search for possible conspirators in the vaults beneath the house of pailiament
with the customary ceremonial, and
with the customary result.
There was likewise the usual
competition of zealous membeis of
parliament to be first on the scene,
and Mr. J. C. MacDonald, Conservative member tor Southwark easily
secured the choice of seats, arriving
in the bouse at midnight.
The llun... n**tm
The only business before the
house was the election of a speaker.
This did not occupy any] length of
time as there was no opposition to
the re-election of Mr. Win, Court
Gully for a third term. The real
work of the session will not begin
until Thursday with the raiding of
the Queen's speech
Four Men Drauuea
Spokane, Dec. 1. — Four lives
were lost here last night by the capsizing of a ferry boat in the Spokane
The ferry is about two miles
down the river. It was crossing
(he stream with 18 workmen, who
had ended their day's work in a
construction camp near the Great
Northern's new bridge.
The men crowded to the bow and
it was forced under by the swift
current and the boat was swamped.
All the men were thrown into the
wattr. Five swam to shore and the
others climbed on the capsized
boat- The waves ran high and
washed four of them off to
drown. The dead are: L. Simons, colored, lack Lovett and two
unknown Italians.
The explosion was
caused bv two Chinese, both of
whom were killed.
Tien Tsin, Dec. 3.—Tan Wen
Huan, the author of the Pao Tung
Fung massacres, was paraded
through the Victoria road in a cart
under a strong German guard previous to his decapitation.
London, Dec. 4.—The Kanow
expedition proved inefficient, the
Chinese avoiding all attempts to engage them. The towns en route
were occupied unopposed and tons
of skins and silver were levied. The
cavalry captured the baggage of
the retreating Chinese force at Stven
Hwa Shu, killed 20 of its guards
and secured 20,000 taels.
Three mandarins, instigators of
the massacres of converts at Tsi
Ming, and 23 Boxers were executed.
luttw Hobrrl*
London, Dec. 3.—Her Majesty
Queen Victoria has decided to confer a dukedom on Lord Roberts
and parliament will be asked to vote
him ^.100,000,
kane street. revenue■
tions for last month totaled fcl
63; those ol Nelson reached!
Rossland  beat Nelson in duty.
lected   for   November, the ,,
showing Rossland S17,155.50,1
son $15,967.10.
W. H. Adams,   of the  Ran
Consolidated, is  at   the Koole
Mr. Justice Walkem took up L
only remaining case, that of A4^
Burns, at the   morning   session \
the supreme court today.  Thim
completes the sittings ofthe am
Leo Craig, who has been acta)
manager of the Merchants Bankd
Ilalilax at Grand Forks, has it
turned and assumed his dutiesImM
A ca«e  of great   importance VJ
mining men i.s now being considt
by Mr. Justice Walkem.   The;
involved includes the question ay
I whether stock issued on its faai
fully paid up can bj assessed Xof
liabilities contracted   by  the
pany.     Judgment will probably 1
be given for some time yet.
The November customs  returns
for Nelson were:
Dutiable imports $65,799
Free imports     8,907
South Africa that  fi_»n    ir-.-: _- ■!•                    ""**'   *   musi  st"l
engaged all i,L Suod.vT*" Si     1W  ** 'ha'  *   Ce"<"
Part of Gen, D," We's fo "          tt foil "S 2* P'OVt the "**« mi"e
of Bethulie     TK. ul„     *' "°rth '" the Ross,a,ld ""P-"
.      __,   .•_■•_.«>    Illl
of Bethulie.    The Boers retired.
A wild woman is camping in   the
bush near Ottawa.'
Five men were killed and 2.? injured today in a collision on the
Southern Pacific, five miles south of
Suisun, Cal,
Daniel MacAleese, member of the j
British house of commons for the |
North Monogan division, is dead.
It is probable that   the contract
for a Turkish cruiser to be  built  in
Interesting ftpnrr*
The financial statement for the
year shows $238,000 paid for min.
ing and development, $11,500 for
diamond drilling, legal expences
exceed $33,000. The net proceeds
from ore sales were $359,000. The
second dividend of $35,000 will be
paid January 1.
A Winnipeg dispatch   says   Mr
Greenaway,    formerly   premier   of
the United States wiirbrce,KeIledunit°ba'   ^    '"   """ersation
an soon as  the   Kentucky  denari. "" 'nt'mate   friend   yesterday
'"in. d™™,, » *£Tier/; ""'ThiI ""'Mi°"« -WtmZ
The ..
Under   the   agreement   between
George Gooderham  and  the   Fair-
view corporation,   Mr.   Gooderham
agrees to loan the corporation $30,-
000 on the  security  of its  mining
properties at Fairview,     In consideration for this   loan,   u Inch   bears
interest at six per cent, the corporation gives   Mr.   Gooderham a  five
months' option to purchase   a  one-
half interest in   the   properties   for
$100,000.    In case he takes advantage of his option the present  company  will   be  reorganized,   giving
him a   controlling  interest   in   the
A meeting of the stockholders of
the corporation has been called for
Dec. 14 at Fairview, B. C, to ratify
tha stui***.— Gooder-
A <lni r«h  l'i Khi
London, Dec. I.—There was an
extraordinary incident in Whiting
Bay, Arran, yesterday euening.con-
nected with the recent union of the
Scottish churches.
A number   of   anti-unionists   attempted forcibly to take  possession
of the local free church and the officials barricaded the  doors,   whereupon   the   besiegers   stormed   the
church and tried   to   force   an   en-
tiance by way of   the  roof.     They
then broke through a   window   and
compelled the defenders of the edi- 1
lice to retire at the point   of   a   revolver.
Total $74,706
Duty collected. .$15,927 10
Other revenue.
Total 115,967 I*
HoMlane Ulan Killed
Bossland, B. C. December 4
Another (,-itaf accident took
about 3 o'clock this morning i»l
Nickel Plate mine, when J
Hickey was instantly killed.
The unfortunate man was om
a party of three  in  tne ascend
cage from the bottom  of the aj
shaft.    Hickey was standing on*
bars and when the cage   had co*
pleted its upward course as far *
the 4oo-foot station   Hickey tuft*
faint, let go his hold and fell.   1
j man was literally cut in two and the
A bik ore D«ai upper   portion   ol   his   body «*
The largest ot* iU_.i crushed into fragments against i
ed in Brithl        .     I """ ******   ^ °f ,he sha"   the   lower portion
N_,l._,„ ia"       V0lumb,a'   *»ys   the   filing to the 6oo-foot level.
eison Mmer. has been consumma- lt is suPPOsed that Hickey'iMj
Wfl by the St. Eugene Consolidated If*8 Wa<i caused bV ,he lll,nes m
M""ng company, of Movie Z "l* blas,in& in fl,e lower lw*
which the Messrs c. i • Y Where he had bee» at work'
Sons, the sm.T ,gKenhe,m * Dr. Reddick said this morn*
easta rt'r peoP,eof Antoga- 'hat he did not propose to have *
lima, Chm, contract to ch inquest.
91.0oo.nn_-> _-.» 1..    . I —1	
.... iu purcnase
$1,000,000 ol reduced, wet silver-
lead ore yer year from the Moyie
Owing to the success of the St.
Eugene mines Moyie has sprung
from a village to a city in a few
l»l«iciil«ed aa a Haocber
Chicago, Dec. 4.—Matirio DN
riz, who has served terms in •'•
prisons of Barcelona, Spain and i».
Italy, and is wasted at Havana,'
arrested last nigbt   on   a  Mexi<*>
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Central   passenger   train   near ".
M. F.   Carey    entrin PaS0'    He has   'M-000 vvor,h i
British Election Tr««5   "^ °'   th'   dia<nonds and other jewels »<■ **■
rfN--,  is  the  ll™  C^"a">'I P-so,,.
o{ Nelson,  h th. °mpa"
Camnhe. '   Vht _*UM«  of Lorn
Campbell,     m
nealhormra. Htinw,ford.
The  many friends  of J,   h    w
Hungerford ofthe  C. P.    r   'te|   '
graph staff in this   city,   W(„  ,    *
with regret of the   death   of   Mrs
Hungerford, which occured at   the
family residence on Spokane street'
at 7.15 this morning. '
Mrs. Hungertord had been   trou-
Wed with   asthma   for  some  ti
but although run down  in  health
she was considered  out of da'
on Saturdav        A    _-_,„ _
wnr« irlZli .     ge   for the   Saturday    '.T^8'   elections   on I Uay-      The   Boer   statesman   *•' I
and the  patient   sank   rapidly  and      •        '8'Mere«J.    This   .h-         I hi-ho, r. fc. u-J... «_ndmW.M
never raIlied     Notice of lll8fuynera|
will be given later. ^T^
r.   Careh  I ""       He was disguised  as  a  rant
ws>y  to   Aukland     NeV    7 °"   h'S   and when taken int0 c,lstotl>' **
via New York and Lond *"*'   chief o( P°''«, o^red  to give *
company's h„„: '     °"'  °"  h'S   everything he possessed  to secu"
company's business.
to vote 11   _~ cr*  entitled
Satuta!   _mU?,C,pal   Actions   on
Oom Paul Kruger left  Pan's
day.      The   Boer   statesman
,    j     - " I'vrsons   had   '-"ecrea as ne arove away, >»»'»
I advance oferCd'    Th'S   show's   an   his hat from the landau windows
*""•'*   «»t   Which'  25°   °VCr  'ast   reply•
I nam... contained    ^3       Lieuti Co|,   0Uer wl„   be b»»'
jquetted at Toronto on Dec. 20.
1   \ Another*'"*11'
p|«8burg, Pa., Nov. aS.
, on the Cleveland & Pitts-
1 railroad, which left Pittsburg
,,, o'clock city time last night,
as wrecked at 1130 a. m. half a
,j|e west of Heaver, one man being
jlled and several injured.
The official declaration for Mus-
La and Parry Sound gives Mc
tormick, Conservative, « majority
■ 12 over Watson, Liberal.
Hon. G. •'-• Foster, ex-finance
ninister, who is in Toronto on pri-
busiiiess,   sajs  Conservatives
!eed nol he in a hurry in choosing
,aders us there is no pressing
ecessiiy for it.
C, A. McCool, Liberal, was de-
■gred elected in Nipissing county
Tr the house of  commons   yester-
1ay, no other nominee being put in
omination, Klock, Conservative,
laimi the seat from Oct. 31, and
tit filed a petition with the courts
,enforce his rights.
A writ on behalf of the Dunlop
'heumatic Tire company   of   Lon-
n, Eng.i has been issued at To-
nto against Senator Cox, Edward
urney, E. H. Ryckman, barrister,
I of Toronto, Warren Y. Soper of
ttawa, of the Dunlop Tire com-
ny, limited, of Canada and Anier-
Dunlop Tire company, claim-
ig damages to the amount of
50,000 for alleged breach of con-
Sir Alfred Milner Says the
Boer War Is Not Over Yet.
GerHlaiu NeUe Vewel
New York, Nov. 28.—It is reported here from Pekin that the
Germans have boarded a Chinese
vessel and demanded treasure consigned to an Knglish company at
Tien Tsin. As the boxes of treasure had been landed the Germans
could not get it. They then hoisted
the German flag on the vessel and
confiscated her cargo.
Discharged  Volunteers Will Have
to Take the Field Again If the
Boers Are to Be Subdued.
A Typhoon Swept Guam Doing Great Damage.
Capetown, Nov. 30. — In th
course of his address to the refugees committee on Tuesday Sir
Alfred Milner admitted that there
had been general miscalculation as
to the time when peace would be
Guerrilla operations, intended to
inflict the maximum ot injuries upon
the victois, were causing delay, and
he finally pointed out that those fit
and willing to render military service could hasten their own return
and that of the other refugees by
returning as volunteers to the field
of action.
Turkey threatens to
unless the Kentucky is
the I'nited States.
Lord Pauncefote  is
an earl,
go   to  war
recalled   by
*>• S. Cruiser Ashore.-Flve of the
Crew Drowned-Thousands
of Houses Demolished.
Wilwaukee, Wis,, Nov. a8.—
Charles Nearang, a brickmaker,
early today shot and fatally injured
his wife, and then committed suicide by shooting. The tragedy
followed an attempt by Nearang to
slay his three children.
<o be made
Pearson, tho  murderer of Annie
Irittin, will be executed Dec.   7   at
amilton, the petition   for  commu-
ition of tlie  sentence   to   life   im-
tisonmt-iit having been refused.
Mai or Payment of Ottawa is  be-
bnomed lor deputy   minister  of
ublic tiorks in place of tiobeil,   re-
Vesterday morning the  body   of
■Ved Nessey,  a   well-to-do farmer
lo years of age,   was  found   partly
levered with snow.    He diec' either
Irom heart failure or exposure.
The Lake Megantic reached Halifax yesterday  after a  tempestuous
passage.     Twelve hours after leav-
ng port the steamer  encountered a
evere storm, and later   the  clutch
i thi rudder broke twice, rendering
he steamer helpless and greatly denying- her.
A movement is on foot in Toron-
0 to establish a large bakery trust
vhich will   control   the   supply   of
Nothing in regard to the 17. S.
battleship Kentucky is coming
direct from Smyrna. The authorities there are censoring all dispatches.
The improvement in the condition of the czar continues,he passed
an excellent day yesterday.
The opinson is expressed in diplomatic circles that the American
claims arising from the Armenian
massacre "may now be regarded
as practically settled as an irade
providing for the building of a
cruiser in the United States is ofli -
dally promulgated."
Joseph Hazleton, the Toronto
ifuggist who was arrested on the
charge of performing an abortion
on Margaret Milne, is now charged
with murder, Mrs. Milne having
dl«d last night.
The strength ol the czar is in-
creasing. His physicians stated
«»t he pilJSed a good day yester-
Kruger will leave Paris on Sntur-
My tor Cologne.    On   Monday  he
I«" to Magehurg   and   thence   to
I Berlin.
J* V. Eaton, elder son of the big
I tp*rtnie'" store owner, lett an es-
[«'• valued at $.15,000,  which will
"•divided between his  widow and
*<> daughters,
fhe recount in North Grey gives
ofr|   "otsey,   Liberal,   a   majority
lhe French chamber of   deputies
° ■>' unanimously adopted  a  note
empathy with Mr. Kruger.
■•Milan NarrlHce
J^<*go, Nov. 3o.t-A special  to
"•Record from Bakersfield.  Cal.,
•VSi'"   Indian   named  Chico  was
:eKlo d.eath»few ja>'s ■*>
near kemville, but whether  it  was
^^ent or he was offered   as  a
»■" sacrifice  by  ,he   other   In-
HorrlbK-  Arrldrnl
San Francisco, Nov. 30.—A revised list of the dead in yesterday's
horrible accident to a crowd of
men and boys witnessing the Stanford-California football game, from
the roof of a glass manufactory
shows fourteen names.
More than 100 persons fell into
the furnace of the factory wben the
roof collapsed.
The injured are now being cared
for in hospitals or at their homes
and number about 83, many of these
cannot survive.
Sister Sanghamitta, a Buddhist
nun, has arrived at San Francisco
from Honolulu and proposes to
ypeak throughout the country in behalf of her chosen faith.
France will not take the initiative
in intervention in South Africa, but
will not discourage any other
country Irom doing so, Mr. Kruger has not formulated any proposition, nor intimated what he intended to do. ' It is not known
whether he will ask Holland to propose mediation or open other less
clearly defined negotiations.
With the president's approval and
that of the congressional leaders
lhe United States legislature provides lor a permanent standing organization with a minimum strength
of fifty thousand men, to be increased as occasion demanded by doubling   the   size   of companies.
in Toronto both ex-Mayor Shaw
and Howland, ex-M. P. P., are already in the field for the mayoralty.
Mayor MacDonald and Thos. Craw-
M. P. P", also mentioned as likely
candidates together with Aid.
Montreal Aldermen favor a petition of for turning some of the city
parks into skating rinks tor the
winter season.
As a result of the recount in the
P. E. I. the Conservatives have
now three to the Liberals two
Manilla, Nov. 29.—The transport Sherman brings news of a terrific typhoon which swept over the
island of Guam on November 13th,
demolishing thousands of houses,
including the headquarters of the
governor of the island. The towns
of Incrjaran and Tarraforo were obliterated and hundreds of natives
killed. The cocoanut crop for four
years have been ruined and the vegetation of the island has been killed
by salt water.
The cruiser Yosemite dragged
her anchors and was driven one
hundred yards from the reef. Her
boats were crushed in. A launch
with a crew of five men which left
the ship to find a safe anchorage
were swamged and the whole crew
drowned. The bodies ol Coxswain
F. Swanson and Seamadlieorge A.
Neill, were recovered after the typhoon subsided.
The storm veered after the Yosemite grounded and she was driven
further ashore. A boat which was
lowered was immediately swamped
by a big sea, all its occupants mir-
acously succeeded in reaching land
alter an hour's struggle iu the
Hall war Wreck
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 28.—
The engine of an extra west bound
freight train on the Kansas City,
Memphis & Birmingham railroad
jumped the track while running at
tull speed yesterday evening near
Horse creek. 25 miles west of here
The locomotive turned over down
an embankment and was followed
by three cars. Wm. Jones, a colored brakeman, was killed and Jesse
Wilder, the engineer, was caught
beneath the engine and so badly
scalded that he will die.
Canadian Troops Get a Great
Reception Today.
England and the Colonies Brought
Together by the War  Our
Boys Entertained.
In Noun. Ai'rlra
nans in the
certain.       ^^^^^^^^^^
'^reported that several Indians
"We Ihere at   the
d.nceWeT h°lding   SOme
orderot,        .   era,ely   r0as,ed   by
er 0| nis tribe.
party is not known   tor
time  and   that
sort   of
M,noting ASTrajr
San Antonio, Tex., Nov. 30.—
One man killed and five others
wounded, one fatally, is the result
of a clash between Ihe union and
non union forces in the telephone
strike here. Wm. Lacey, policeman, is dead; O. B. Blanton, striker
will die, and Martin Wright, president of the electrical workers union
was shot in the left arm; Sandy
Smith an employee of the telephone
campany and two others were also
Sandy Smith did most of the
shooting. In company with other
employes of the company he started
out to repair broken wires. A
crowd surrounded him and began
throwing stones, he escaped from
the crowd, but they followed and
the fight continued.
Lacey was the   first  victim;  the
second shot grazed Wright's  chest
and entered his  left  arm;  the  last
shot struck  Blamon.     Lacey died
in a few   minutes,     The shooting
caused a great  deal  ol excitement
and iiiinv wild rumors.    Smith and
one of the strikers  were  placed  in
Beer Poisoning
London, Nov. 29.—The Beer
poisoning desease has spread to
Leeds and Birmingham and an
anlysis of* the beer in the public
houses has been ordered, A feeling of panic prevails among the
people and many have gone to the
hospital, where it was] found
that they were merly frightened,
The government has ordered an
analysis of all food products in Manchester containing sngar.
Ruaala'a Frl. iKUIilp
London, Nov. 30.—Dr. Morrison
wiring to the Times from Pekin
Mr. Degeirs, the Russian minister, who had previously assented
to all the terms of the conjoint note,
including the death penalty clause,
has now intimated to the Chinese
envoys that Russia, ever actuated
by a sincere friendship for China,
will insist either upon the revision
of the death penalty clause, substituting a provision that the guilty
shall be punished by the Chinese in
a manner acceptable to the powers,
or that the terms of the note shall
not be irrevocable, but may be
modified by negotiations with the
Chinese envoys. Russia has thus
again proclaimed how farcial is the
so called concert.
The Chinese envoys are kept
well informed regarding the discussions and disputes of the ministers at their meetings. So intimate, indeed, are the relations of
Li Hung Chang with the Russians that there is no reason why
he should not be invited to attend
the conference of the ministers.
Japan requires that China shall
erect a monument to the murdered
Sugiyma, her chancellor of legation.
A Public BseeaUon
Tien Tsin, Nov. 30.-Tung Wen
Huan, provincial treasurer of
Chi Li is being brought here to be
publicly beheaded by the government executioner.
Colouel Vorlrk !>'"«'
Berlin, Nov. 30— A special dispatch from Pekin announces that
Col Yonck the German commander,
died Nov. 17. His body will ar-
rive in Pekin today.
Pretoria,     Nov.     20.—Colonels
Hickman  and   Plumer have arrived
here.     During   General    French's
operations     at    Klip    Riversburg,
their colums captured three wagons
loaded  with  provisions that   were
identified  as    being    part    of the
the supplies  that   were  distributed
by the British for the   relief of the
Boer inhabitants   of Johannesburg.
The  authorities,   in recognition  of
the   services  of  Lunsdens  Horse,
are paying  indulgence   passage   to
them on their return to India.   This
contingent equipped  themselves  at
their own expense  and   paid   their
own passage from   India  to   South
Gen Smith-Dorrien's column has
returned to Belfast after a five day
march from Bullstroom. They had
only one casuality. On the return journey the Canadians, while
scouting, rode close to an ambush
prepared by the Boers. Realizing
the'r position they sprang from
their horses, turned them loose and
sent them galloping back to the
column, They then sought cover
on a slight ridge and poured a
hot and accurate fne into the Boers,
killing several of them and holding
the position successfully without
A force of Boers attacked Balmoral yesterday. Col. Stackhouse,
four companies of the Buffs and
one howitzer, successfully defended
the place. The British lost six
men killed and nine wounded.
Thirty of the Buffs were captured,
but subsequently released. The
lloers lost very heavily. The British took a number of prisoners
;uul brought in many wounded
lloers, several of whom subsequent
ly  died.
Nome Initialed
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 28.—The
L'nited States revenue cutter McCulloch has arrived from Alaska
with news that Nome is now completely isolated from the outer
world by a barrier of ice. For
seven long months this condition ot
affair will continue. The camp is
well supplied with provisions and
Knox and  Dewet
Capetown, Nov. 29. — General
Knox has succeeded in getting in
front of De Wet, placing himsell
between the Boers and the Orange
Col. Pilcher had a smart skirmish
on Nov. 27 with a part of De Wet's
command. The Boers retreated,
abandoning a lot of loot and a large
number of horses. Steyn and De
Wet were at the fight.
The    Boers  were   so  tenacious
that Pilcher's men actually   reached
a position   within   thirty    yards   of
them,       where     revolver     shots
were      exchanged.      The     Boers
shelled    the   British    wilh    fifteen
pounders captured at   Dewetsdorp.
The      British     lost     one   ^killed
and      six     wounded. Several
wounded Boers weie captured.
Many    farmers     in the  d strict
have joined General De Wet.
London, Nov. 29.—A detachment
of 200 men of the Royal Canadian
regiment, Col. Otter commanding,
which has just reached England
from South Africa by the Hawarden
Castle, arrived in London today.
Since their arrival the Canadians
have been greeted everywhere with
tumultuous applause. General
Stewart made a brief speech tu
them, during which he said Englishmen rejoiced over the honors
achieved by the home troops and
their kinsmen from all the colonies
brought together by the war. Col.
Otter expressed his thanks for the
sympathetic utterance.
A Draiuatlr Feature.
The lord mayor entertained the
Canadian troops today. A dramatic feature was a speech made by
Private Molloy, who has been rendered sightless by a bullet which
traversed both temples. Molloy,
supported by a comrade on each
side, related how he left his university to serve the empire. He said
he had no regrets for so doing, as
the "truly brave should be ready to
accept the vicissitudes of fortune
with fortitude,"
Vorlrk   nylug
Simultaneously with this attack a commando of 600 Boers,
with one gun, attacked VVilger
River. The fight lasted for eight
hours. Ultimately the Boers retired with considerable loss.
Hritish had one wounded.
Captain Baker of the first contingent, to South Africa, who figured prominently in the fights of
Sunnyside and Paardeberg, has declined to offer for further service.
C. Renford, the old man, without a friend, who was found in a
ellar on Duke street, Toronto,
yesterday morning, died last night
with having recovered consciousness.
The Tug, "Home Rule" returned
last night from Pelee island, and
reports the vessel wrecked at Pelee
Point, Lake Ontario, breaking up
and all hands lost.
It is rumored in Ontario political
circles that Hon. G. VV. Ross will
resign the premiership in Ontario
to become minister ofjustice in the
Dominion cabinet, succeeding
Hon. D. Mills, who will go on the
supreme court bench. Ross will
be succeeded by Hen. J. R. Stratton, provincial secretary or Hon.
J. M. Gibson, provincial   treasurer.
London, Nov, 29.—Col. Yorick,
in command ofthe German column
is lying at the point of death in a
village near Pekin. His illness was
caused by inhaling fumes from a
stove in his bed room. Field
Marshal Count Von Waldersee
will bring in Yoricks column.
The Keuturk)  al Sm>rua
Constantinople, Nov. 29.—The
arrival of the U. S. battleship Kentucky at Smyrna has so shaken up
the palace porte that evidences are
accumulating of a desire to hasten
a settlement to the satisfaction ot
the I'nited States. It is now believed that Turkey will find the
money, and older a cruiser in thc
hope of propitiating the I'nited
States. The relations between the
I'nited States and the porte still
continues cordial.
As the Boers retired a shell was
placed among them on a kopje,
killing or wounding [thirteen. The
enemy fought at close quarters
with utmost  determination.
The Czar passed a good day
yesterday, and slept fairly well last
night. This morning his majesty's
condition and strength are satisfactory.
The dowager empress of China
is ill, and the Chinese ure already
forcasting the situation in the
event of her death.
There has been a bad break in
the Erie canal.
Wal  In Brazil
New York Nov. 28.—A Rio
Janerio special says official information of a positive character has
comfirmed the reports that Uruguay is about to sever friendly
relations with Brazil.
The Bolivian minister informed
the minister ol war thut the Bolivian troops have been hampered
greatly in their work of suppressing the rebellion because supplies
have been received by the insurgents through   Brazilian   territory.
Ulll He Stales
Washington, D. C, Nov. 30.—
President McKinley will strongly
urge the admission to statehood of
the territories of New Mexico and
Arizona. tub Mimmiir
8ATUnnAv, Dbcemuer   8. lOOO.
I't'ill 1«1IK_D KVUIIY   UATUEDAV   At
MATHESON IIKOS.,    IMItors & Pr.ip..
lo another along the route. It also has
leased « long-distuuce line from Boston
to New York, und over this transacts
much business formeily done hv tele-
Clocks and
Fino Walcii Rrpairing a Kpednllr.
All Work Lrftnt The l.ikevioiv
Hotel, 811 veitun, will I c forwarded nnd pronipllv iit_en<li"l to.
O. m* Knowles.
«oxKr^,      \m\\\}
Advertising rutes will bo mode known
I upon application at this office.
When a man tiin't got n cent, nn' he's
feelin' kind n' hlnn,
An' Ilie cl'nnls  hang diirk nn' heavy an'
woti'l let the fltincliine through,
Il's ii grout thing,   0 my  bretlnen, for h
feller just to lay
11 im  hand  upon   yuur   shoulder   in n
friendly sort o' way!
It nnikes n iiiiin feel eurhii*, it makes
the tear-dropH Ftart,
An' you sort o' fool a flutter in the region
nf llr hi'iirt.
Von can't look up nnd meet his eyes; yon
don't know what to say,
rtheil liis I a nl  is on your sin n'der in ii
liietiilly sort o' wny!
0! lhe world's n curious compound, with
its honey iimi its mill,
Willi its cures nn'  bitter crosses; but n
good world niter all,
And n good  (Jml  must hnve mado it—
leastways Unit's   whnt I sny
When n IihiiiI rests on my shoulder in a
fiicinlly sort o' wny.
—J ii Hies Wliitcomb Riley
• I'lif.IVS
I), c.
The standing of tho pupils of the  Sii
vorlon Public Scnool for the month   of
November is as follows:
V Render.
Inez Calbick.
Adelaide Horton.
Alice Calbick.
IV Reader.
JManiie McDonnhl.
Ill Reader.
Harry Wheeler
s.unii Lawson,
iMiiy Lnwson,
II Reader,
Oeorgo Horton.
II  Primer.
William Wlijto.
1 Primer.
Evelyn Horton,
l'.iulorn Tyree.
Chart Class,
Leslie Carey
Freddfo Jeffrey.
»    Mawiii: P.wtso.v.s, Teacher.
ereek, JO Ryan. wv.»»mi.
M-Sweot Grass fraction, Goat int. M j To .1 amh h Andkunii.n,   You nie hereby
F Young. nutiiii'il tlmt   we  hnve expended  One
17—Jttorning, Slocun luke. J 11 Mc- ; Hundred Pollars in labor ami improve.
■■___________________■ I nuni. upon the Oakland Mineral Claim
/.,, I,'..,,., \i;i.. t'......i. i.. .i._ _j,_ .-    ...   .
The Wife (scornfully)—Why don't
yon stay nwny frntn homo when you 're
drunk?   HoJband—'Cituso   I'm drunk!
Nov 12-Jumbo, l.'i—Mollie. 19—
Madison Extension. 20—Hurlington No
3. liiaml View, Gopher. 23—Bostock
No 9, Turris.   24—New Gelliing.
Nov 18-Msjuba Hill '„', A V Smith to
E Criddle Nov 10
l r-Heat her Hell, Atlanta, North Star,
seized by Sheriff Tuck for debt due
Ingila McDonald, Nov ;o.
Ill—Coin Minin.. Co, all hit, Gus F milky lo W W Warner, Si b 10, (800.
2.1—New- Springfield, Sampson, Wonderful traction, I XL, Miller Creek Co,
I esse to Geo II Dean, Aug 11,
27—Stanley No 2, Nancy Lee, Butuher,
ml int, James iViggingtou to II Sie.,e,
Nov 20,
28—Silver King ',,, O Augustine to J, Nov 10,
Dec I— Slioshone jf, claimed by JO
Dolander, 0 .McNiehol, W S Lreivry,
owing to J E Leatry having allowed his
license In lapse, Dec I,
Ireland, ull int, E J I-'icM to Geo Kidd
Oct 31.
liiCio ii|,un ,,,„ vnniuiiu in i ii era i uimm
on Four Mile Creek in the Slocan Mining
Division, located on tho 801 h. dav of
August 1886, nml recorded nt the record
ollice of suiil Division on the ljttlt. dav of
September ISOO, in order to hold snid
claim under tlm provisions of ihe
Mineral Act, being tbo amount required
10 bold the same for tlm year ending
September 12lh. 10(H). And if within
ninety ilnys irom the date of this notice
you fall or refuse to contribute vour
propoi lion of such expenditure together
with all cost of advertising, vour interest
in saul cimin will become the property
ofthe subscribers under Section 4 of
An Act to iiiiiend the Mineral Act 1000.
F. F. Likiisi'iikh.
T. H Waso.v
W. li. GiiKnoN
Sandon Miners' g
i Cliokc
mum for xm mini.
Call   and   see
H H Reeves,
Silverton, B. C
— ■■■■■■■■■   1-H^-lfWI-ll—l   ■ I ■■'■■>— ■'      I I
Conveniently Situated near
Kail way Station and Wharf.
We have seen the close of a good
fight for parliamentary honors in this
Hiding. No parly has cause to feci
Ashamed of the showing .--vie by its
.sncidate. Gulliher, although elected,
had no easy mutter in downing his
miner opponent and for the few days
that McKane spent in his tour of the
Hiding, he made a wonderful progress.
It is now up to the people of thiu
Riding to forget their political dill r-
ences and attend to their knitting.
Prophets forsee a revival in miuing
and consequently a revival in all
classes of business in the Kootenays
Let us work for that and be ready
together to grasp the opportunities as
they come. There has been nothing
done in lhe campaign now over not
honorable and aboveboard and there
should be no hard feelings over the I r,
n«   Patriotic,
Fair ('iiiinilians:
Your brother* and lovers nre returning
covered wiib glory.   The whole empire
ittestn the credit of their nchiev einenls.
n Africa Ihey   met   tin ir  cousins—-the
^^^^^^^■^^■^^1 Ibiiish ten planters—
' Suico  tho orlui'iis from  Ibe  instill   ,.,,,.,,
ment plan  furniture house took nwny |    O.-Ht Cousins: You cm aid the com
my desk," snid the lonu-iin-lr''•■•|-c ■•'      in.--
-- ~ ..v.ioit  iouk nwny | Cousins: You cm aid  the com-
ny desk," snid the long-iirck, hungry-jrniltKiifyoiirsoldier brothers. Try Ceylon
Hiking poetaster.   "I l.nve often wiiCen : «"«.' ,,,"lirt   G1<P:S   '«'».   »  Jon now
,    .     . drink Japans.   Leave  the rest toiour
on nn empty stomach; lor I mn a con-  ,,,lil)tv   t,tUttii    ,s,,,„b(   MonPQPa mit*
loilio.'.ist as well nsa po't. Iilno   Ribbon  packets await you.—Col-
* run: srapc chcam or TAntAH power n
 —w,w*******mr.     NOTICE:  -"St"  hiuI "Timv"
H«w nKsvKii—locations Mineral Claim.; situate In theBlocan
Nov 12—M k M   traction,   MttitiLan       Mining Division of  West    Kootenny
-_-_____»____-__~-~.~_---_-~.—- . '    IM-sirii't.
' Where located :—On Four Mile creek. |
r.-lociitioiisnf the '"FibIh r .Maiden" i lid i
take  notiee that I, N   F. Townsend
acting as uvent for the FMn r Maided
Consolidnted Mining A Smelting Coin   :
puny,    Free   Miner's   Certificate . No.;
j iitll'n;:, int- rn 1 sixty days tr. III  the.late  !
hereof, to apply to lhe Mining Recorder
for t fYiiili.-i-'"' '•—
'"'"'""""*' "•«' m
d.;*"!—™ »
y .bis nfteentb '^^^ehPt j g*g* 3. ^.^^J,
When buying
Christmas Groceries
The   Cheapest and   Best
IN this LINE  is SOLD AT
C* . i
vei't   n* c.
**** •••...	
...... w:*-
AN]) g
• j
• »••,()
Moiik i.i:rT at !••  a..
('-'^^U'i,,:o,,n,r!1!;,n)Hn(,(./v-oa-;-     M
Up to the tiiiit. of going to press
fourteen Silverton voters have
informed us tint t'.iey each were one
of the six who nurked a G.illilu-r vote
Highest Honors, Vv'orJd's'Fa(i-
Qold Medal, Mjdvvijitej1 Fcir.
A viiiii -Hiking r*oiTi!rrri;r
nluin.  Th-y iro l.i.lurio'.ic to iitnllV.
Tables supplied willi 'ill  the
of the season.
SLOOAN CITY,   ....  BO.
L-   -   - GERMAN -   -
For Sale at All Druggl.ts.
and Soo line
Still Continue To Operate
First-clas.4 Sleepers nn   all trains from
Also  TOURIST   CARS ... Passing
 Dnnmore Junction	
daily for St. Paul, Saturdays for
Montreal und Boston, Mondays
and Thursdays for Toronto.
Same cars pass Revelstoke one
duy earlier.
A lighter vote than usual was cast
on Thur-iday on Slocan Like, there
having been fifty—nine more votes
polled last June.   The figures arc:
'98       June.    Dec.
Slocan 95        1C0        117
Silverton ii9 94 76,
New Denver      108        115 90
List June nine votes   were   cast at ■
Enterprise, where   none   were   polled
on Thursday.
At Your li!
Foley and McKtue can now appreciate Ooni Paul's feelings when
the Kaiser William tripped him on the
threshold of the promised land-
The Family Herald and Weekly Star
ol .Montreal, has just moved into ils palatini new building, admitted by its contemporaries to be one of ihe tiue-t, if not
the very fun nt newspaper building in
tho world. With its new lightning
presses uml npiiplment, lhe new building of the Family Herald and Weekly
Star cost hulf n million dollars. The
progress of thn Family Herald is one of
the marvels of the century.
Our hii.n..scrr.c!y i'U'S-
trated 100pegs Catalogue
will tc ser.t yoz cn eppi
This still place the !
largest and choicest
jewelry stock it C.trud.i
atyour dlspsra'.
We are doing tuzir.css
on thc closest pczsib't'
maigin of prcfii, [,ii.:rr.n-
tee safe delivery of mods
and cheerfully refund
money if you ere net
thoroughly c.i'.iz'ic.l.
Ryric Bros.*
row wi AM*!*. ;.ti„
gy^  toro:
Csu.dshti test.
earn an, 'P**ta.ii,~**s.*mm    ■  *      V/e
yv .l-nI ESS Ano. CZCK^t^
^^*At* tor OA1|ahybeij?
General        phji r :no      T      .
am- . T^    uu 1-'Ine      Lumber,
«.     *^*y   cV i\i/xed Sash ar.d
;ils of hwx
THE   CIJAMHEIt    OF    mixes.
"THE I.!<;!'<_>_: IK l.'NCK
The fi-f'.i- i:".' at p'i- a'i'ins f tt   ii ■•: ett
j bavi' lu-en inai|-> »'i| w ii|   be   ■-■ >'•_-(. I.-..-. I
I I.v tin- r.i-i-nl nf Lie iii i'  I'i-iiiii'Ii-m im
fi r Ihe Si'm-.i-i i ii'i'int- f'l-iiil nt Ne"
Denver on s.itiinlr ilu< i-"< li day <>i
Dccetiiher, nt lOiiMiN'ka   ni
A I<                                        Hotel,                                  i ■      H^^^^B f-x                B ^^^^^^^^mmm
I         IVliV.'l. Hi.tellir. M'H.                             ■SflnDlKS PllJTlfS ODOI'S
L»jl*:nHm«.  D,, IIoum".  NeivDm- :OUpj/ilU5. A   clllll>. U-JUl S.
ver, Ilolel lira lie •.
Ilenrv   Ste.e    NV« ,...-,. let Hut. I,   Katr   JVlcColltllia $$*. CO,,      KI()e{Ul,  I 5. O,
Jiicnlnxin   i^c   Co,   St. .Lunes Hotel, Neu I ' 'J^      	
11,      er,   Ilolel  lici in ^H^
f.'.uii I.eveMpie, Kobson Hotel, Ro'ison,
Hotel licence
•Limes  lirown,   Me'liiignn   Holel,    SIi:-
(JnilMli.  Holel licenrP.
J I Naiib.   Rosctierry   Hotel, RosoU>rry
II- tei li.-er.ce.
Ito'.iert.   M.ehJen,   Two   Fiiemis    Holol,
Sloean City,  llo'el lieendj
.1 ir Unly,   Slo'cnn   Hotel,   Slocan   Cily,
Hotel iiceiice.
ticor.'i' A) la in,  Alywin Hole!, Alywin,
Hotel licence.
Hugh Niven.  Miuers Exchange,   Three
1'niks.   Hotel licence.
Bramlon sk Barrett, Selkirk   Hotel. Silverton, Hotel licorice.
Alex   S'lwart.   Victoiin   Hotel,   Sloean
Citv, Hotel licence.
Pat   (.iiiiin.  'ilii-lle   Hotel,   Silverton,
Hot. I licence.
W.   Wdieibiiiil,    fclernutioiiul     Hotel,
Sh can City, Hotel liei'iice. ,
frank A. Card. City Hole', Slocan Ciiy
llvti I licence
A.   I'.   Te.-'er,   Wilson   IIou.-o,   Slocnn . ,
Citv,  Hotel licence. I
Oilier DunoU,   Richelieu   Ilolel,   Three j-
Folks,   Hnt.l  ll«-«—
OOOOSADDir i\i,„, ""*»****•
U™-* A GE.NuVAfjrut. "JL'^S   FOB   IUKK   AT   REAStLNARU
**w^^-: U,Ul *su rHAMFRK BUSINESS 1WI.
"'""i'ePaiti,.,.    ..,',;„.. ,,  ,       .-•;,	
'Jthere^ an/ming Daintier or Beiier
It Must Bb       W*T,W ««■««« «« ■■>
Regarding The Eastern
You   Contempluto   Taking
Thn present Hritish navy, built within
<l-k work the world^^r:,:;; I,, Ti,e C,,am,'er °f Mil- -»t. rriiJ
£«tl all other countries'records,'both I COrrP8P0r,denUinev«^y Cnmp j»
STSliS?' b}' "iX'y-,ive B,,i^' «| tl* district, of East and West   Root
ten years of time.
An electric raihvuy is to be constructed
between Liverpool and Manchester, intended especially for tbt swift transportation of passengers. It is snid that the
system adopted will bo that of the single
elevated rail, cars being suspended from
the mil. Tbe projectors talk of sendinu
trains from one city to the other, a
distance of about 29 miles, iu 15 iniutittr,
W*9sWamWammmms\        T. ,, , _ "> 'he rate of H/i miles an hour.
Por rates, tickets, and full infoiuiaiion
apply to G. B. CiuNntaii, Agent, Silver-     The  mo8t  «to"«w »■«" «' »'»• ,el«-
on  IX C   or phone in steam railroad   service is pro
bably  mnde  by  the  New   York, New
W. F. ANDERSON, Ilsven and Hartford Uailroad.  of which
• 'fray. Pass. Agent, Nelson   F  P  Valentino is superintendent   of
V, J, COYL\ telegraphs. Thin roud uses the telephone
A. Q. P. A|jent,V»n ouver. 'iir a" l,s ,rain dispatching Ht the Boston
terminal, and also ftr nnionncing th •
approach of trains from ono signal tower
♦■WWWI'I      M  ii         .*,     ■■*
 ,', ""I'ii'".    Klein..,.,,    ll.,     T. ■«     lllliai     IIM ....
..   '•l".M,>,fc„;.." "-"•'• Man IkD 01iOIDK-Wl| Vuri    'il   u" •' "«««  mm-:  or.     csiit
Miowlte k   Finhn     i   l   • n... ■"•"'i.i.l'.
  ,   f''v-«-.'i.iiiiil,',;..'v~ "»"-i.      ?;l.s-»"-i. < i:i„t,,. T,„. „„„,
"""- »™ .-»...... m JfMSMf ». ttmeJ   AVn**- m mpS JSTOBiaiSfS^i
SjSsasK&iias1- »-*L    **•****» *** «i;oW- Go<.«i8.
''IS'I'VIS, fct'.'"-'-'->'«»*..■ T,,e   siiverton      ~~-
"imh £:;,_?'" "»h "«.. ci„. I _________        "ma:    S.tore.
cn.y   V.I.  lo .k0„, „„„„,,,,,
mnptnntin,   will b„ p„j ,„ ^
Correspondent, will »,„ Pxpecte(, [Q
furnish the Chamber of Minei with
all development going on at the mii.e,
the in.tall.tion of machinery, „hiP-
menUofore and value, and generally
such new, ..will B»tract the attention
of capitalists raid cause them to investigate and invest.
Applioatiom to be addressed to the
ClIAMHEU  or  MlNB8,
Southern British Columbia
(Kootenay and Yale)
J   Rossland, B. 0.
Hotel licence.   ^^^^^^^^m
a. A. McMannla, Junction Hotel Ri«-
,     '/''nelioii, Hotel lieeiee'l0Ca"
i'Xw'SLnV' '•" " • C-.,„,
j»tt5&*»" '■*«
Hojle  k  Heeler,      Chap|PM1    ... .
SILVERTON,      .      .
'    ^^^ "      B. f
fi^WA»AAAA_4..  _
t4(«r Bed,
_RE8ENT   BOTH    Vftjttoj.   AND   PBB1TT
'   ToiM .Nils.
Jiipanesc Ware
(ikm WsJicx.
J.M. McUREHOR^^^^^^^—
SLOCAN CITY, .    jj'c
■" 'i.avc; wm ,,,,      ""wuiuo is suitosi-.d


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