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The Silvertonian 1899-03-11

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 jjiruwirrrr •*■•-"-*"*■ ■•■*■''■*••-*-'**"*■■-*-*-***f
Refad T^-0
I $2iPer Annum.
> > .*?*'■'■.*; *».     *. • ,
\Wv     ' judil ,^jJU
Jot* "WorU:
NeatlyS Promptly Done
We can quoto you Bedrock prices
News from tbe Various Minis Working In And Arwwtr■['Mitfrttwn.
eoM-T«iR ant mi mil
STEiMLY.   --■
Th*     t'lrot   foiicwbtratis     l.t-nvo     Tliu
Oa»»-»«-el*»P-ia'* Th^ >»'*»**«-
neld-Aii'.tlv?r  •s-.i-'N-r-r
the    «u*HB-.- -
fr      * .»
Thursday two tfartoa-s ot oVe wore
shipped by the Comotock Minee to the
Trail Smelter. Oue carlo*! *W'ooiii-
poaed of concentrates troiu. the Compau.* 't>
new mill aud were tlio _r»tj*vi*r_ 8liij,i|*cd
from a 81ocan Lake Another car
ol concentrates iu now Ivjuftatilie »h*j,
and nearly a carlo_4 oi-" Vai>c<Mivu.r (n*
The roads are beeomini' so had that they
will soon be impassablejmiljBhii-mi'iit.**
will be postponed until wagons can be
brought into use.
Thf* miners at tliu 'Oomstoo-" Mines
wi re'ff.on Tliufidai" and, \tM fiat
il'e_BlWlyAl>e*?j*n when \hxiio. ifmS
will He resumed. Tlm wl'l not interfere
walrtlifi-mniii^ni ihv -uit.U.-\»l«,.-.U: jffil
be kept pounding away on tin. ore ac*
cumulated im ih. forUms dumps ut the
initit*. ti... iia-1,1 tri^i.i.jii-f-ri
befwefen (he contractor* und mine man*
auerpentastoyht'llior the new n.ili.-i-
fiaylnnthe vitlir h nc elos*oly in s-jiee-f'-io*
by tho contractor, hn» b, un liirjji Ij
exaggerated on tiie r.ut ,i,i,.. ,'lhp niill
iislUllllinj; '.llld will    lOlttilltli'    to .ill)' >«*,■'
It ia cloini' li.iilv g -oil work und notbUig
but raHuht alteration in the pluoinu tMH
Minn* Of 'lit* mill liinnry is considered I
necessary lo tnako as com pi etc 'i h'-niio*.*
nl ibe values in tin* oie uh  ih  pogKible.
r9OO3OOOO0O99(ftaO 000003000
lis LouAi iwm\
' D*d" Robinson n tune I to town on
Thursday.   He comes from among ihe
VV,J'_wt«*otKaslo is* u  visitor in Q&uoiiians.
Tho electric liKht plant is now install...
at ihe miil and q telephone wire in being
Strang to connect it with tin* mine.
La*t we. ik we t'lirni it:l" il tlio   *>tirch;i«*H
of tbe Lakeyiew j-roup nf olaims by   th-
Northwest. .Mi-iiii;; Syndicate   mid  ihi-
I we are able to ti 'I of"n ftiftltes pur-
i ilmpo liy that Company, m nie, na was
Hip one ol labt neck, from Silveit'in own-
pre,     Tlie  Broken  Lock ihuin.,.iu*peiw■■
cation nver the Fidelity, Frrscu  and
E, RatTuneliaeyer, muiisRer ot the
Emily Edith mine, . leiivns to-il ly on a
iniiiiief-H trip to ti-n i<r..a_ir?c.j COi.
HtMjSE AND'LbTforwW. IWsntly
1"<-.ite I.   Enquicc at -jlvbrtohi• *-* oflioe.
1« 2-'tu *
K. Uiiz-ioker, rcpre*-t.t.iti.-.i of  Fmn+i
tSt Qialfiiern, spent ii f<*w «Uys it town
lliiri week
Axel r Larson was il iwn from the
Obtustdbk Milieu c'uritn; tl.e week
.iiirtnlirt_ to iho uhip-.nijijt of ore from
'IihI mill..
RoesThorhnrn lias decided to l^i^poso
of his Mock of dry goods and gent's furnishing-). T'i e_eour'*RO quick Fiiies lie
li'is tnarlteil his stock uwny down. Iload
liin ad.
All tiork in the -Jewelry Repaii-infi
Hue, left at thu Mlvertoii Droit Brrire, will
b_ promptly forwrar.lod to JauoltDovotj
the well-known N'.-lson jeweler. All recurs UIO OlAKANT-UO r ,11 ON a VE.Mt    *
We have Just lieen shown by  Mr. N
McNaught, the smelter returns fr.nn tlnnt*
small shipments ofore.Venf*out by him
some time ago from tuts Lemon creek
properties.   The sliipmenf* coh*i*V*d of
20 sack* from thr- Ki'.o claim and two
smaller Iota from the Saddle.  Rock und
Superior claim, all situated ou the 6t»:
north fork of Lemon creek and  I ni mediate)* surrounding the ('hstpleau mine
The returns are: "NnliHei-'avk j ncl'l. >lll)
silver, 45 Oss; Superior; «6ld; trIl-4 ; Kilo
gold, $96. V*     !: -'•'■    '
Mi*. McNaught liolda'iiiters-sts in lb*
Kilo and Naddlerock, these claims biting
prior locations over all in the neljfhbOr-
hood, with one esneplloii, the paltrtnei
and Hecl.i. The mu,!' '..Iket! ol Even*
ing Star mine is a rjoigliborinsi propi rl .
t'on-tiderahle work lu* Beeii -h>* <"* on tl e
Kilo and this summer will nee develop-*
uieiitw-rkccilvcl-. procacditig.
'her well knowrt .1 din***on Fideftlv
wat "on Tl.urstlav turned nver to ih
W. W. Sju^icaSc by A V. Smith for a of *fl(KlO
chean purchase
iho purchasers (he greater pari of the
fidelity hill for their operations.
An iifH-l-ompfll iliiuce, given in Me-
Kinnoti's II ,11 lit-i WpdotiU-ay owning,
turned out to lie a-vary j.illy affair.   Al
the I'm'.iI il ine.-M tvett pie-en'   and   kpp'
MUiie tu Ibe vijuvalili* Ptraiiis of the \io'in
.'* "Ui ihe Iwitids of At. Win's
hiieii:!' lioTilnwon ot'Sdulh Kooienuy
Asstenderel hisreBlgnatioii to the At-
, ,, .    r ,-    .   -Tt'iriiej ».. nei.,1.    ffd i-r.'f.'iu to rein u Ilia
at tiii-i  fie*iiie  rnd   yi\c , , ,     ... .
money and drop, me title- to paying foi
I tire t*nif>r ..I Dttiug called "Mr. s
Tlm   ntiwstiaifer:!    publishe'l
iijiinliiy   couniiy   are InUIng  roiuers
.hat t 1iii*ie is nuih'.ii'ji there f*»r them, uo-
\o9» Ihey hive money.   Those who n-e|
.til;e weudingthetr way to*aid these pae-
luros sreeu, v.iil please Like nolo.
Aspeci-1 Ottawa corrosponde-t t'lfthe
Montreal S'.ir wriieii io t-uy llutt the
Federal HutlMirriiets will not interfere i'i
Uriilt-li OnlumMa'tJ Alien I'Licir Art, hut
Isi in Canada   for
inpi'ivfiuent over
The output nf miner;
IS'.!.-*, show* aileou)' I
thai ol lS.i?. the im ri BSe being  over
entire Dominion.   Che Yukon im'J
p'it n>, of c iiir*e, reaponaihlo for '.lio
iii   th'
increase In  he. lofal o! tin* yellow metal
IthcHng it>iirosim:tt"lv Uil'W'.OCO. LaaAJ
,..- tact* are tl 2ML46Q.; NicltcU *ii.r>!ra.
Jllli Bowes returned from his l'.nstern
trip Lint Sanday—nlone. The announcement oi ins marriage, made bv the
(i'lilph (Out.) liewspaper*, was, it ap-
•fourt*, an elaborate joke only.
refer 3rant, it well-linown profpector
iii ihe Sloean ami ono of onr bent known
ci izotid, left on Momliiy i'.»r the Atllti
L'tke diggings, The nviiiy frionds wl-0
galheml at ihe wharf to shout their farewells, wished I'oter tlio full measure ol
Hticc s   in his trip.
A hir'.'e atuoii: t ol talk lias been going
on us to wleth. r un alien can locate
.i.iie-rul himl in tie»"l Slates. We
her-(.'ive lh* Uuited Stn'es law ou the
mUI jb.-t, but out reiil.lrt must ber in
luiml ih .1 all miner .1 lands are Uni'eri
Si.i'es l.ti'l ant 'Iihi this law deals only
v.itb ihe lo/utor or patentee ar.d has r.u
bearing oti nny R-ibsequeiit ifanlifeTS.
"Sec. 231'.). At. v.ilntttile mineral
deppsit*inUivtsbelingli^ t iilie United
suiih, t.oih surveyed ai>' unsurveyed,
are hereby d- il.iieil lo i e free and oiien
to'exploratioit   and   purchase, and the
LvkU in which th *y are liniini to occn-
pailon audpurchft***-, try citizens of tin;
Uni'e.l Sutes and thoso who bave <!e-
cl.ned their i.-iicntioii to hceoiiii* roeh,
under regulations prescribed by law,
.rnd Qcoordhig to ihe local cUitoi"- or
ir.U-.s of uiinoia iu the several mir.iug
dinlcicte, **o far as tl-e nine aie appli-
•aMe at,J not incotiisi-iUfnl with tlio law.)
of ilie Lniicd States."
General Merchnnts
®iIv*e_rtoi-i,      _3.   O.
|P gem FTaTH,!!, LIIjTE
||o_c-L^Irxexs S-UL/pplie*
Steel,    Caps,     Fuse.
' .4'
« e/e _ *« -?____________-
an: pre
I., 'iis.tliow onr an'.i .Trttiitie.^e
lt';'ishl»aili. Il i.- t-.i'i.l unle's* thin is
K^ie,^J^pau   wlil  re^aimVo mjjinrt the
Mews. V, LuU>, W Welch, JM Dwyer
snd Jack Mclotosb have Keen givt n n
contract by iho Wakelleld Minus for 400
feet of development work on tlie property
nuil lelt on Thursday for thu mine, with a
crew of miners. Their contract calls for
ths driving ahead of No. 3 tnnnel SOO
feet and the ai-iVing of a 200 foul wtnxe iii
No 2 tunnel.
Other small contracts have been given
by the company and the regular working
force is being increased.
.*!03 ; Coal, ^3.L'-7,ri50, and OApper. »2
lo'.i.'oO. Tlie total pii'ucti'ii was f_7
'i'7 XlSi., iho iion-motalli'j being (13,-84,
630 , ne! Ilie $21,-22.601. Last year was
•he lir.-l ill Wliieli ibe vnlufl of the gold
pioi'.nced exeeivleil th..t of «, ihe la.-*'
two yi urs v:i\ing:
• 1S''7. WM.
C.-hl,   |».fJ00.000 •?!" (0)000
Coal,    !?7.uOj.000. .-S'-OOo-jn
Strange to relate, the table trwin aidoh
'• cue  lijiires are quoted, published  bj
t  „ Toronto Glo'ie, contains no ineiitiiii
of silver, cldKsiiii* it evidently among the
"othi r nit'tals."
Our lo 'al read, rs will bj ^'ad to '.earn
that IJ I) Oamerou, who was lately (Wider
ar-est f:>r O-taJuing goods tinder   false
pietex*--i'i '•"•* ooou iMuvlinr-fcil bj Juv
llco.1 ivj luibfon tiiid Uosi* if Cascade.
It wa** shown that be not personally
Ooutl-Cied any of the uebt> claimed to in-
_%r. IVt.  BENEDUM*
Work on the Noonday ID progrcsei.-ig
favorably. A shaft i» beiiig emk r.eai
tho inotithofthe main ittnncl i*-.ct t'"
ledge is improving ns tic*it' ie belnu
giiiued. The crosB-t •■ in It)* ledge is
still tmitig driven and i» i*-W in 11 feet,
all in oro, and the clean ore Ul Increasing
in quantity as the foot-wall ie reared, ilie
face being in a urtaae of flue steel galena
Ore is being sacked daily and a shipment will soon t>e ready. It ia probable
that tbis ore will be shipped to Manchester, England, thus avoiding the lead
duty of the United States and roap-^ng
the benefit of the high)-ine value* contained iu tbe ore.
Th- shipment   <>l   ore   from   SI..can
Lake   points np tn and including the
present sreek, from Jan. 1, 1890.
I'rotn Bosun Landing. Tons,
Bosun  180
From New Denver. Tout*
Marion 20
from Silveiton. Tons
Com stock .'.'. v-;  '-''-*
"        concentrafea „■   -0
En ily Edith     40
Fidelity   . , . .    my i      ■'
Vancouver   2S1
\Ya_t!ield  ***
Total  043
To Un- tditor;
I desirig aSinalbipaee in ymir column
i r Ut* pwpnae if iuforudug tiute i«r-
.'iii* who make it a hahit to coiiijegatc
at theO wharf h ie,ou the t»ir-
Vid of every bout, and make an *• xhib*
Itioh of their loss oi m .i.Ii*kkI, d-.- ei.e*
•ii d M'lf-re-pei t b\   n-iti^ fotll  and  oh-
• ritt' ho.^n o.e in flte presence ol I idles
a el ottleiB.lhat fi r thu Inline I Intend to
lay Information with the proper iitiihor-
li. -, *..j m'C tt i!i*t.' i-s ii t   io.e   wnj  lo
nave rii'-n ac ionsfctonjHsil.    I "el  n.ak   ,
no exei'plioiiH   what is Vi r, Mid the  fire;
,i, ihnnk or sober,  who  uses any
loul tartimKge Oil the pieiiiKV-Boistlie 0
1'. ll. ut Bilverton will he piu.-eei.ted.
,\\ s. Clark, A went.
The meir.ory of the sueceH attcodiKg
tlu la I celebration ol the t> leon's Birth-
lav in Silveiton Ins returued to many
o- onr citiz.iiu with the idirinkago of toe
anewbanttaand plans ure already in con-
tenii.h-.ii'in for ibi.i yar's L-olebrutioii
Tlie uo k Of Hie UO-MluitUHlS   OUgfli
Hi.   3^_   _l^:_c-_oT77-le3-   3E?rop.
the management ol the Vancouver
group have plans laid ont for the doing
of considerable development work, In the
coming summer. One of the many contemplated improvements will bo the
driving of a long cross-cut tunnel, to tap
the ledge below No. 3 ttinn 1. Tun. Hi
No I ts to be driven ahead aud considerable development work 'mo at this
point. The biggest p.uce :f work laid
ont by this company is their plan for the
thorough opening up and developing of
t'he Mountain Boomer, one of the claims
lo the (iroup. The breaking up > tho
roads has compelled the manager •_*: to
suspend the sacking oi ore for m, ; nent
and it is feared that the last two cat-
loads sucked   cannot  now be brought
his efforts.
amefeetau^ttumtv »,tt»w\^.^+*mmtt tmmmi*****,***
The lower tunnel being driven on the
ledge of tho Hamilton group on Twelve
ia now in over 103 feet. This property is
being well opened  up by  the owners'
having ovet 260 feet of tunnel already
.1.Timing, se'-rottry of the L. II. MU-
log Company,'Who lafl Silverton some
week* ago for hi-* home In TajSoma, ra"
mrnrdon Wedtn'r-day. Mr Tinling says
that hiH company have cbt-pl-Wd their
plans for this summer's'Work on tho I.
H. and tliat they will thoroughly develop* their property.
It isi-ratifying to know fiat thero wan
one member of tho Mining V»mn\Uu.».
and   that   one otu- own mpinber, Hob ^
Qrean, who triad to introduce Inlo tho,
Miin nil Acl a con,li.oii-HtM.rf atiHiMhiHMii j
regarding dafaoltlnKco-owners. Thoi It*
me-oaucoasaliil In bis rflbrt* to con-, bis confreres of ibe pi.ulicability
of the menmire, is unfortunate, but bis
constituents will glvo hiui full credit ior
' (loi.ig farther Eotith or.e comes to the
middle district uf the Ko. tenayi*, tailed
t'u- sioeau.   Hero on huge range* exist
some if the 1 n-rt mines In British CVlum-
it. liiuatril between the Kootenay and
Arrow Lakes.    Beginning will. Naknep
on Arrow I like, ihen Silv. Hon   NjW 1>. ll
vcr, s;o*:'.ii City, -tmdon, VVhlteVater,
Kisli and Ali iworth ate all iniuiitgeoii-
ius Wc-ilth and . ss are foUCtl
here. Open towulhtn Is the order oi ilie
div* in t-onio pl-toe.. Temptations ure
many., Wlralonarl^a and moial reforrn-
i era are much iieede I.
Sotbe ltev."Dr. Si'tiieer wn'es to the
Toronto ti lobe about a district that in bo
palpably law abiding and puritanic IImM
our p.iteiiii.l government sees no necessity lor police protection ia most parts
of it.
»t*»aswr Hi's year and last veui'**
■ x; t'ti' nee whl be railed inlo play by
•be Virions c(tici'<I■>. Wo would nttVIM
il.ose interested lo t„ku some tteps to
nf -lie the Sloati that un May tho 2*ith,
1S0J. Silverton will, as usual, Uee^i
<t«^q<j *\>*w^yma>
Patronise Home Industries.
®8 8 .' • i 5 i g S ! 2 ? * 8 8 t. SI 8 8 ? S S i 8 8 * 8 ? S 8 8 8 S *, 8 8 S 8 8 5 » 8®
*      LATEST.
«. 1888 8888.888818888888888 888888888*88888888®
Divine Services will be conducted in
I tlio Silverton Clniri'h on tho second and
' lotittli Siiinlav of tb" ltionlb by tbo F.ev.
0, F. Yules, ut 3 i>. tn.   Yon are invited"
to be present.
r.-'giniiiujon s-.i'idiv. rtovemlier, 6U.
tiie Ihv. U. S. I'owell will hold -wtvlow
Oftjry iiltt-rnate Snn lay at ''■ p. ui. in the
Silv. i s ii Church l-i u'Mi'ioti to lhcse,
*er*.lo.'S will bo heldon ovorv alternate
>loii.i.,y ovenlug at 7 p. m ,couim«?n«dng
M iieiay, Novetniicr l'vervone is
OoriHally i.iviie.l to attend.
It vns rover Intended that ntwn shoO'd
borrow trouble and then tako it to the
Lord in prayer.
+   t   +
The lu Iglit of repartee ami tbr* acmo o'
wit in the Silvery t\ wan is to cull your
opponent In an argument a j dinny-coino-
t   t   t
When an Individual pupscs a bad bill,
tbey put him in the Penitentiary.   Do we
do th* same with our Legislaune'.'   Nit!
+   t   t
Don't buy a cabin in tbo 8ea*-oiio(snow
bi iks. Wo know a man who puielmced
one on the itrenutb ot n rtove-.plpe rhlm-
ne-* protr-ding from u .Irift. When it
lintwed tho next day, ho still had the
B. 0.
urns & Co.
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Y'rair, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway aud Greenwood.
AT   23o   PER   BOTTLE.
General Agents and   :•*.      '.'•
Mining Hrokers*.
Sole Agents For
^^^""MB'Vfc •'WlhiWr >•
Tu**XMK*»e*eSmi>.* W *■*»**
■''^^'^mmwMtmm^t^a^^ 4mm,tmt9
**mm> ^*_a^ ^^^-^^-^w^-a^s^***,^^^^^..^,
mm:?\ r
nwju. 1
A Complete Review or th* tt-ents for
tha Past, Woo- lu Thi* on- Tot-alga
_ond»-8n-_iimri«ed from tho Latest
The new cabinet haft taken the oath of
office in Madrid.
A severe snow storm prevailed in Mis-
Fsouri last week.
There was a snowstorm general through
i out Kansas last week.
Monsignor Anzino, chief chaplain to
^King Humbert, is dead.
Mrs. Sarah Stevenson, mother of former
pViee President Stevenson, is dead.
The cabinet council of Spain decided to
uppress the pensions of all former ministers.
Queen Marie Henricltc, who litis been
ilTering   from   bronchitis-pneumonia is
•ry low.
"She water in the .Titmes river at Richmond, Va., i« up 21' feet at Columbia and
is still rising.
The police board of St. Louis has ndopt-
. ed a resolution enforcing the saloons to
be closed on Sunday.
According to the reports of his physicians Rudynrd Kipling is now far advanced on thc way to recovery.
The wages of all day laborers in the tin
plants of Newcastle district, Pa., have
been advanced from 5 to 10 per cent.
The wages of 3,000 employes of the Riverside iron works in Ohio, will be increased 10 per cent commencing March 0th.
Thomas llobart, formerly a well known
|u*on manufacturer of Cleveland, antl for
Jve years a resident-of Pittsburg, is dead.
John Lawson of Chicago, known its the
terrible Swede, won thc 100-mile open
race at the meeting held in Snn Jose, Cal.,
last week.
Among the projects to whieh thc short
session of Congress was unable to give fa-
Ivornble consideration was that to have n
'battleship named "The American Boy,"
The transport Valencia, whicli sailed
for Manila, carried in addition to Liu
soldiers, stores and supplies, $1,500,000 to
pay the troops -now in thc Philippines.
The Wellman steel works at Chester,
pPa., have ben sold to a syndicate of capitalists represented by Frank Samuel, u
i'hilodelphia broker.
During thc week the Carpenter Steel
Company*- of Reading, Pa., shipped four
ear loads of projectiles of various calibres
to the Norfolk navy yard.
In the course of a-recent conversation
Dreyfus declared that his return to
France wos imminent, but for the ptut
month he had received no new*.
It developed at the meeting of thc Cen-
ral Federated Union at New York that a
taper hangers' strike, if it comes, will be
lie to troubles among the workingmen.
A determined attempt at suicide was
nade last week when Edward White deliberately took oft* his coat and walked off
the end of thc city wharf at Nelson, U. C.
Un was rescued.
i_idy  William    Rcrcsford  of London,
formerly Mrs. Louis llnmmersley of New
Vork, nnd Inter the dowager diichcss of
turlborough, has sailed'for the United
The circuit court of the state of Maryland,   composed of Judge* Boyd,   Stake ' ^	
and Sloan,   derided   the   church ease in ' and in order to hnve the same represcnta-
Mbss., Officer John F. Henly is probably!
dying from three bullet wounds and a
terribly battered  head.
The construction eraws of the Nevada,
California _ Oregon railroad have reached a point 12 miles north of Amadee, Mas-
sena county, Cal.. and are rapidly extending the roadbed across the Madeline
plains toward Alturas and southeastern
Two armed highwaymen lay in ambush
on a bicycle path two miles from Tacoma last night nnd captured nnd rob-
boed seven men lietweeii 8 and 11 o'clock,
securing several watches but less than
$10 in cash. After robbing them they tied
their hands aud feet nnd laid them in a
row in the brush.
The Daily Graphic announces thnt the
British minister to China, Sir Claude McDonald, acting upon Lord Salisbury's instructions, hnd notified the Chinese foreign office that Great Britain will hold
China to the terms of the contract in the
recent railway loan and will also support
her in resisting nny aggression intended
to force her to repudiate her obligations
under the contract.
The first sect ion of the fast paper train
at Huntington, Pit., was wrecked one mile
east of this pbtec this noon by a landslide which resulted from n heavy fall
of rain. Engineer Robert McCulchco'ii
and Fireman C. Troee, both of Harris-
burg, were instantly killed.
Last week a gale in Niagara, N. Y.,
caused much damage. The wind came in
gusts, tearing signs from their fastenings
and stripping sections of roofing from
some buildings. Electric light wires were
torn down. The old elevator at the Buttery Whirlpool station wns blown over.
A conspiracy among the convicts in the
state prison nt San Quentin to murder
their guards nnd effect n wholesale delivery of prisoners has been revealed to
Warden Hale through the faint-hearted-
Hess of one of the conspirators.
The lower house of the Texas legislature has adopted a resolution thanking
the Indiana legislature for returning to
thc Texas Terry Rangers the company
flag, captured by an Indiana regiment
from the. Rangers during the civil wnr.
The mystery surrounding $20,000 worth
of deeds, bonds, and negotinblc paper that
were found in an alley reecntly in Chicago, wits solved when it wns diseoevied
that the papers hnd been stolen from the
waiting room in the Dearborn street station.
Thomas Nolan, aged 18 years, son of a
well known oil producer, wns shot and
probably fatally wounded while trying to
effect an entrance into the house of former Senator Lewis Emery at Bradford,
Pa. The shooting was done by J. M.
Houghton, who wns guarding the house.
JTremout, the thoroughbred stallion,
the property of General W. 11. Jackson,
was found in thes table at Nashville.
Tenn., with his stifle joint broken. Nothing could be done and the stallion was
killed. He cot General Jackson $17,000
some years ««- -t 0"rlgm*fj sales.
The lives of nearly 100 persons were
jeopardized by a fire whieh broke out iu
thc Lackawanna Valley House block,
Seranton, Pa., and communicated to the
second, third and fourth floors. The occupants were taken out safely, but elml
only in their night clothes.
Senator Turner hns secured one of the
best of the committee plnces mnde vacant
by retiring senntors. In thc closing hours
of the session Senator Gorman announced
that Senator White's plnee on the commerce committee would soon be vacant
Raw* From tho Senate and House of
Roprese-t*ti-es—Oo-deosed From th*
Latest Press Dispatches—Motion* Mid
Ming acceptance by the I'nited otates of
the cession of a tract of land from the
state of Massachusetts needed to extend
thc lines of the Boston navy yard.
Jt wns now 11:45 by the clock, but the
ns-iistant doorkeeper with a long pole set'
back the hands ten minutes. This raised
a loud laugh.
Woolen mills in New England are enforcing 10 per cent reductions.
Textile workers of Fall River, Mass.,
havo asked for a restoration of the old
wage rate.
Denver Trades Assembly   has   re-en-
Thc conference report on the bill au
thorizing governors of state- to be reim-
bursed for expenses inc.rred in raising and' ^y^JJ^S "fight
equipping the volunteer army was agreed'
to Thursday,
The conference report on the naval personnel hill whs agreed lo. The bill reported by Senator Hawley, of the military
H il'n irs committee, amending the act, suspending the operation of certain provisions of law relating to (lie war department, wus passed.
The senate pusscd the Alaska code bill.
The indications from the conference on
the river and harbor bill are that a compromise on the Nicaragua canal amendment will bc agreed to.
lt seems to have been determined that
some en mil legislation will bc passed.
The commission of Cicorge Dewey to be
admiral of the navy hits been made out
at ine navy department, and sent to the
White House, to be in readiness when thc
bill creating the ollice of admiral is signed
by the president.
When the senate convened on ita Inst
legislative session at 11 o'clock Friday
the morning business was suspended practically and the senate proceeded immediately to business looking to adjournment.
The following bills were passed:
To incorporate the National White
Cross of America nnd for other purposes;
amending the internal revenue laws relating to distilled spirits and for other
purposes; a bill providing for a site for
the  Washington public library building.
On Saturday Senator Hale presented the
conference report on the naval bill and
ii was submitted to the senate. Haie announced that the house had refused absolutely to authorize the const met ion ol
a  government armor plate  plant.      Mr.
Dewey for Immediate Action —A Flag
nf Truce Qo«* out—Otl* Will Kscept
Nothing but Vnvondltlonnl Surrender—
Complaint of the Army.
ngainst several theatre*.
In a tobacco raising district of Kentucky the farmers recently burned their
tobacco owing to the low price fixed by
the trust.
Marlboro boot nnd shoe workers are
still on strike. In other parts of Massa
cliusettg wages in the trade have also
been forced down.
The Economy co-operative colony at
Reaver Falls, Pa., a semi-religious institution, is on its last legs. Several local
schemers are getting control of it.
Union people of Denver are raising a
popular subscription to erect a monument lo the memory of Rev. Myron T.
Reed, the well known reformer, who
died recently.
New York promoters nre trying to interest capitalists iu n plan which contemplates the formation of a gigantic combination to control the American sonp
output with $00,000,000.
On a straight vote as to whether or not
political discussion shall lie tolerated in
the printers' union of Atlanta, (in., the
socialists, who too'- the affirmative, won
out by a vote of fct.r to one.
Pastor Paul Oohre. the leading social
writer among the German clergy, says
that it is useless to expect the return of
the masses to the Christianity ns taught
and practiced by the churches of today.
In Bedford, Va., the tobacco workers
have not received any money in five
years. The pluck-me store has allowed
them to exist, and that is all. Still they
claim that slavery has been abolished.
Thc Central Federated Trades of New-
York adopted the greater    part of the
NeW'Secretary   of   War.
Washington, March 5—(Ieneral ".Toe"
Wheeler may  be  thc next secretary of
war.   The president,When he heard how
Speaker Reed had insulted the general by
refusing to recognize him on the floor til
the house, was indignant.   The president
regarded the speaker's action as an insult
to an old and  valued  representative, nn
insult to the confederacy, an insult to u
soldier, an insult to a Santiago hero. Several gentlemen  talked  over  the    matter
with the president this evening.     Whcu
Manila P. L, March 4.-1 am just nbout! they left the White house the news be-
to atari with a flag of truce for the in-  came current that General Wheeler would
snrgent lines at Calooean, haviug received  succeed Run-ell  A. Alger, land  that the
permission from General Otis, to eonler j latter might oblige his friends by announc-
with the Filipino commander, fitfoiwo It* tag his. willingness to retire next week.
Hale then explained that the rcpori of the' Cleveland C. L. U. political platform. At
Smoketon,   Md.,   in favor of the liliernl
Tlie bulionic plague is raging at Bombay with Unparalleled severity. According to official returns there were 111*2
death* laid week, but these are quite under the mortality.
Fitzsimmons and .ifffrics may   decide
Ihe ring   championship at Bergen Beach,
near Ncw.York City.   Martin Julian says
that thc owners of the resort have offered
' $40,000 for the fight,
A dispatch from Manila ifimoiinccs Hint
the American authorities there have undertaken, the protection of German inter
cuts and that the crtyscr Kaiserin Angus-
tn hits left Manila Bay.     *».#
Another blimird struck Nebraska nt
NchiHhkU Ciiy, three inches of simw fell
and the mercury reached zero. Syracuse
reports n sixty mile nn hour gale wilh
the mercury l^Jow zero.
An order of the board of police commissioner* at St. Loui-. Mo., Hint all
saloons lie closed untif midnight Sundny
under the provisions of t^s law was ear
ried out to the letter.
The French steamer Chertt-on. Captain
Aillard, chartered by the Spanish government, has arrived at Valencia from Cienfuegos, hy way of St. Michael*., wilh repatriated Spanish troops.
Commencing March 10 a 10 per cent
increase in wages in even* department of
the Riverside Iron and Steel plants at
Wheeling, W. Va., will go into effect.
Aliout 3000 men are affected.
lt seems to be generally anticipntcd in
wool circles in Philadelphia thnt Ilie
amalgamation of a number of large woolen manufacturers of this city into a large
Mnpany is a matter of the nenr future.
The body of 1). P. Ewing, a member of
thc firm of the Tyler Banking Company,
of Tyler, Tefss, was found in the Taylor
bottling works. Near him was found nn
empty morphine bottle indicating suicide.
The Shanghai correspondent of Ihe
Daily Mail snys that the lender of the
rebels in the province of An llotti, the
notorious desperado, Ntti, hns been enp-
tured, fifty of his body guard lieing killed.
It i* said at the war department thnt
there is no cause for apprehension on account of thc detention of the transport
Sheridan in quarantine at Gibraltar.
There is nothing more serious than a mild
type of measles aboard.
A rape of smallpox was discovered in n
Wg downtown apartment house iu Cleveland, Ohio, in which nearly 4IH1 people
were living. The victim i« an attorney,
und he was the room-mate of Frederic I,.
Tnft, assistant county solicitor.
A* a result of an encounter with two
tion for thc Pacific const on that commit
tee thnt it now enjoyed he nsked the ap-
eancy.   No one in the senute offered the
slightest objection.
The official statement of Representative
J. G. Camion of Illinois, the cliuirnran of
the house appropriations committee, summing up the appropriations of thc Fil'Lv-
iift Ii Congress,    shows nn nggregente for
the entire congress of $l..*itMi.80O,2OO. and
for-U*' session just closed a total of $073,-
il.-iS.2no, with authority for contracts sub
jeet to future appropriations amounting
to $i"*0,000,(H)0. *
j\n imperial cabinet order has lieen issued in Berlin, in whieh Kni|ieror William
after referring to "certain regret table nf
fail's in which officers have recently been
involved." and to the "frequency vyith
which officers receive loans from professional money lenders ul usurious interest"*
directs thnt hereafter every offitcr nhiill
immediately communicate nny nnd all offer, to his superiors.
conference committee fixed the price of
armor plate for ships authorized by the
bill at .M< «i a ton.
Senator Fairbanks moved the consideration of the bill extending the immigration
laws to the Hawaiian islands. Without
action on the bill the motion to go into
executive session was carried.
At 11:45 o'clock the doors of thc senate
were opened and the senate began the
hist executive session of tlie present congress.
Senator Hoar reported the president had
no further communication to make. Senator Cockrell presented the usual resolution of thanks to the vice president and
Senator Vest that to "senator Frye, president, |ns. tem.
Vice President llobart then reviewed tlie
work of the session and thanked the members and officers for their courteous treatment. He then dis'lured the senate adjourned.
Ita the Moose.
Tlie conference report on the omnibus
claims bill wns agreed to. The confer
enee report on the ceusuf bill was also
There was a great scramble for unanimous consent when thc house met Thursday. Wilh the end of congress 48 hours
off, almost every member had some local
scheme he was trying to save from death
l-ointmcnt of Senator Turncf to-ti*^ va J on the calendar*, and they stood in the
*■ " area in front of the speaker'a rostrum ten
deep clamoring f<£ recognition. Bills
were passed aa follows:
To authorize the secretary of the treasury to donate life saving apparatus to
thc imperial Japanese society for saving
life from shipwreck, and a series of bills
authorizing various otlicers of the government <to accept decorations from foreign governments.
'Ilie resolutions to declare General
Wheeler and other representatives holding nrmy commissions to have vacated
their scats in the house was coiled up today by Mr. Henderson of Iowa. By a vote
of 42 to 87 the house refused to consider
the matter.
Mr. Southard (rep.) of Ohio moved the
least half a dozen central bodies in var
ious parts of thc country have done the
same thing.
In a mill at Allentown, Pa., puddlers'
wages have been raised to $2.50 a ton,
whieh indicates that the $4 rate is not
being paid to nny considerable extent.
The foregoing advance is being loudly
heralded as a sample of prosperity, when
everybody knows that it is u beggarly
wage for the labor performed.
A congressman at Washington says the
eight-hour law is now practically a dead
letter owing to the action of United
States attorney general in suspending it
during the late wnr.
The British employing printers have
formed an organization for th* purpose
of compelling linotype operators to come
to their terms. The workera secured
the eight-hour day and restriction ot
apprentices, nnd the bosses arc kicking.
Thc Indiana legislature killed the two
cent fare bill. The railway corporations
worked thc same old game—got their
willing slaves to circulate petitions protesting -against thc proposed law, ns their
wages might bc reduced. Other, and usual, influences were exerted.
The. -liners' convention in Charleroi,
Belgium, recently held, adopted n resolution calling upon the craftsmen to make
preparation for a general strike by obtaining sufficient provisions and funds.
Higher wages arc demanded, and incidentally greater freedom of suffrage.
A prune trust i* being formed in California, while in Baltimore, Maryland, thc
breweries have formed a combine. In
Pittsburg a brick trust is in process of
formation with a capitalization of $7,-
000,000. Kentucky distilleries have consolidated with a total capitalization of
$3*2,000,000. Other new trusts announced
are: Print good*, «*200,000,000; steam
engines, $25,000,000. A trust is also announced on candy and bananas, ohpect:
to increase the price.
Dewey Raised nu >>«% Viae:.
Manila, March 4.- Admiral George Dew-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ey rui*ed his flag a* admiral on board Hie
pnswage of the Ohio centennial bill, car-| Olynipia this morning and was aiiluled
rying $2,500,000, and it was passed, 120 b.V the guns of the foreign warships, the
r0 i9_ | British cruiser Narcissus and thc Gcrmnn
At 11 o'clock Friday the house entered cruiser   Kawerin    Augimta, and  by  the
upon the lust legislative day of the ses- American ships in port,
sion.   The managers were in their places      jVdmiral Dewey cabled Secretary Ijong
and the public galleries were crowded in ■*3 follows:
anticipation of spectacular scenes. |    Manila, Mnrch 4.-I-1ease   accept    for
After reading the journal, Mr.  Burke 'yourself, the. president and congress and
of Texas announced the death of his col-  m}' countrymen my heartfelt thnnks for
league, Mr. Cranford.   The usual resolii-  th* Rrcat honor which has been conferred
tions were adopted and a committee ap-  "P°n nM>-
pointed to attend the funeral. °°" to Al*''r-
The conferees on the river and harbor] Washington, March 4.—Secretary Alger
bill have practically reached an agree- today received the following cablegram
ment. The Nicaragua eannl paragraph' from Major General Otis at Manila, ln
will be greatly modified and will appropri- acknowledgment of thc secretary's collate a million dollars for an examination' gratnlalions sent him yesterday on hi*
of all routes under direction of the prcsi confirmation „s a brevet major general:
dent. The report of the commission mak | "*s"-eere_ thanks for recognition nnd coning the examinntion will bc made to ^.^fWratatJO--,
gress nnd no provision i« made for begin
ning work
Two  items  from   Oregon   upon   which
i.ol.l la t'kllkal Coaatry.
Snn Francisco, March fi.—Advices from
.\o oilleer Outranks lleivey.
In the la-t hours of congress it wns provided thnt the admiral of the iuvy should
receive the pay und emoluments of Ihe
Inst general of the nrmy. This legislation
wus supplemental to thc bill reviving the
grade of ndniiral for the benefit of Admiral
Dewejr. lis effect is to give Admiral
Dewey dnip, n-aiiun at Ihe rate of $14,500
a year. Of ihis amount $13,000 is the
regulation pay of an admiral of the navy.
The extra $1500 is the allowance mnde to
ihe general of thc anny of $12.) per month
for quarters.
Admiral Dewey holds the highest rank
in the military service oi the United States
army or navy nnd ranks with thc highest
of officers in thc principal foreign navies,
Planner ot the Week.
New York, March 5.--The Financier
The statement of the New York clearing
bouse banks for the week ending March
4 shows a falling off of $5,750,775 in surplus reserve, bringing the total excess o_ .... , _^^^^^^^^^^k~__~
ca»h to $24,587,125.   Thi* is a decrease of! tion made hy the senate. i to *&**! growing into a lively town.   Thc
aliout $4,000,000 compared with the clos- The nomination of Samuel J. Harrows J^/J_U,V .bflck of .il' "n'__! btf0tti
ing week In January. In the aame time to lie librarian of congress has been re- t,'p d-v""'* *** in American territory, in
the loans hnve expnnded $54,300,000 nnd ported unfavorably by thc senate commit-' A,a**U \™l*T< nnd ol"m"' "ra *,bo'" -1"'00
deposit* more than $53,000,000.   As a five' tee on library. 1•Vot *$***> or •*_« 20 ■*" in l,r,'«*
weeks' record this advance hns never lieen     tin Saturday the final conference report
equnled. 00   the   naval   bill   wits  Knotted   by   Mr.   *"*  •,M»a,«' Harle* la aa  A-alnnehe.
 .  llontclle.   He  explained  that  tbe  senate      Gunnison, Col., March    4.—Five   men
IM*nd More Troop* lo Manila. | hnd yielded to the house as to the iiiuiilM-r  and  a woman nre buried  under nn ,ivn-
New York, Mnrch fi.—Colonel Kimbnll of ships to lie authorized (12) and the lunche of snow which came down Granite' benefit more than 3000 men nnd will pre
received word from Wnshington that or-j house had confirmed the armor plate pro- n.ountain near the Magna Charta mine at vent the strike of puncher* nnd riveter*
dcrs hnve been issued by the wnr de*wrt-   vision so as lo limit thc cost of armor to  White line, 25 miles from this place. Tlie'  -
there was a seeming split Inst night hnve Juneau, Alaska, of February 22, sny thnt
been compromised.    Ihe    V'squirta    bay a ■*•*» *,,likc *«> H» Porcupine district hns
item has been modified so ns to hove the °i",,",,'d   M'"'*  ■   •"-»•»  of   miners  to   the
project examined by a board of engineers. Clnlkat country.
Thc house viclds on the boat railway pro-|    «• ■i'ld «'a» made on Talikin creek,
vision so far as not to repeal tne law for "•■K>*'   flow" in,° *•>* Cliilkat  about   12
the project, but strikes out the appiopria- •"•*<M (tom H»7"« mission.   Tlie mission
La Cruz, in the presence of both armies,
General Otis thinks that the nut will be
practically ended within three inonlhs.
VVhen General Lawton's divisioi arrives,
the American line, now stretched out for
22 miles around .Manila, will bc shortened
and strengthened, to enable a powerful
column to mass and smash the insurgents
massed beyond Calooean, and thence advance on Mnlolos, thc Filipino capital. j\d-
miial Dewey thinks that the enemy should
bc attacked immediately, nnd all the islands occupied.
General Otis said to me today thnt he
will not reserve any communication from
the insurgents, but he is willing to treat
with Aguinaldo simpjy as chief of the in
surgent forces. He will accept only unconditional surrender. Before the pns nt
conflict tiegun General Otis said he sounded Aguinaldo'* commissioners as to the
acceptance of local .self-government under
American sovereignty. Agtiitinldo replied
tbnt he would only accept absolute independence, alt hough he was willing to lei
the I'nited .States protect thc republic
against foreign Interference, tienernl Otis
is anxious to hnve Sp.iin ratify the trcuty,
as'now everything outside of Manila is
officially Spanish territory. The ndmiral
is for action. He thinks that this hair
split ting and firing on our troops all
around the city night and day from the
insurgent trenches will assist thc Filipino*
in getting nnus. Kios, the Spanish commander,
now in Manila, wishes to withdraw at
once hia troops from Cebu Zamboanga und
other -mints in the Philippines, but (Jen
cial Otis rcftires to consent.
Our lines about the city are everywhere
well planed. Incendiarism has been suppressed und the natives in Manila are
thoroughly cowed. There is an average
of three deaths weekly from sinall|iox in
the American nrmy. Thirty cases ure
now in the hospital.
General Otis has complained to Admiral
Dewey against the navy forcing thc cam
paign too rapidly.
Tlie railroad to the Fairfax mines ha*
been completed.
Arrangements arc lieing made in Palouse to manufacture pottery.
The Keefe k Perkins shingle mill at
Sultnn, Wash., has started up.
Can* k Carr, bankers of Montesano, are
arranging to open a bank in Elm*.
The ice crop this year at Miles City,
Montann, is good, averaging 34 inches of
clear, good ice.
During the year 1808 the mills of Ballard manufactured over 300,000,000 cedar shingles.
Klbcrton will put in a fruit evaporator
the coming season, with a capacity of
from 30,000 to 40,000 pounds.
There are 00 Jnps at work laying side
track at Wallula. They nre fast taking
thc pluee of Chinamen.
Warren Stetson, of the Stetson & Poet
Mill company, ia interested iu an excelsior and broom handle factory being
creeled nt Kedro- Wool ley, Wash.
There is considerable uneasiness among
stock men nnd fnrmers near (.'olfux because the prolonged winter is causing n
shortage of feed.
The Abbott ranch, nenr Montesano, was
recently sold to n brother of J. B.
Gouehner, manager of the Montesano
creamery for $2500.
Cattle buyers from Spokane have been
scouring tho country to the south of
Kockford during the past two weeks in
quoit of beef cattle.
A cockerel at the Spokane poultry
show wa* sueh a fine bird that tbe judgc
of the exhibition offered $75 for him,
which was promptly refused by his owners.
The Pomet-pj^and lewiston stage line
hns been shortened. The mage only runs
now from Pomeroy to Alpowai. tfhe mnil
route is discontinued between Alpowai
nnd Lewiston.
Dr. N. O. Blalock, of Walla Wnlln, the
most extensive fruit raiser in thc Inlnnd
Empire, states thnt the fruit crop of Walla Walla county has been extensively
dn iniigcd.
The Bellingham Buy Improvement com
pany's mill at New Whatcom present* a
veritable hec hive appearance. A large
number of men are employed in thc saw
mill, which has a capacity of cutting 76,
000 feet of  lumber per day.
The biggest stick* of timber ever cut iu
Portland were cut at thc mill of Inmnn,
Paulsen k Co. recently. They were of fir
and were three feet wpinre, and a little
more than forty-eight feet long. They con
laincd 5,200 feet of lumber, and weighed
nbout 20,000 pound* each.
I.ImI of Caaualtlee.
Washington, March 5.—The war department has received ihe following cablegram
from General Otis:
Manila, March 4.—Casualties, near ('a- First. Montana, -March 2.—Bond
Private Alfred Cushmore, thigh, alight.
Near Sun Pedro Macitti, Third artillery,
March 3, Sergeant Dennis Shea, just reported as missing.
Grant Ctillam, Tenth Pennsylvania, wns
sent outside the lines for information January 27, und has not lieen seen since.
Steamer Btarbark a Total Wre_.
New York, March 4.—A dispatch from
Panama snys:
The agency of the Pacific Mail Company is in receipt of news thnt the Star-
buck mn ashore on Point Conwquin.i.
She left Panama on February 22 bound
for Chnmpcrico nnd wny points.
The Peru has been sent from I.a Lib*
ertnd with assistance. The pa*sengers
unci crew nre safe, but il is fenred the
steamer will lie a total loss.
Fi-eiffht Trala Warn WrtflHsl.
Tncom.'t, March 8.—A freight trnin was
wrecked nnd two Cars and an engine derailed while approaching the Stampede
tunnel of the Northern Pacific last night.
Little damage wns done. A crew from
Tacoma cleared Uie track. Thc cast b nnd
overland leaving Tacoma Friday evening
was delayed at Weston 22 hours and the
west bound overland due in Tacoma this
morning, did not arrive until 10 o'clock
Tn   Italia*   Two   "*.-«    KtrniH-r*..
Negotiations hnve been concluded for
tin* building by the Cramps of two, and
perhaps three, large ships for the Oriental
k Occidental Steamship Company, of
which company John I). NpreokcU is president. The new veoscls will bc about
liimo tons each, furnished with twin scre.CH
attd capable of averaging 17 knots an hour.
They will probably ply between .ion Francisco and Sydney, N. S. W.
Araealc la All Wall Paper.
Ithaca, N. Y., March 6.—Dr. F. M.
Chuinel of the chemical department of
Cornell university has announced that, a*
a restdt of a chemical analysis he has beeu
carrying nn for several months, he is able
to state that nearly all wall paper* sold
nt the pre-ent time contain arsenic-] poi-
sin, some of them in surprising quantities.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Bun on facidc Stan-lard Time.
OolttK West.
8:00 n. m	
8:.t! n. m....
9:30 ti. m	
fl:45 n. m....
!":.'«> a, m....
10:12 n. m....
10:25 a. in	
10:33 ii. m...
10:10 n. m....
....   Kaslo  ..
. South Korit
... -proule's .
.  Whitewater
.. Hear I.nke ..
.. Mh; ulkiiii  ..
..   Hit 11. vs  ...
Cody Junetl. n
ilolim Kant.
.. 3:56 |>. ill.
.. 3:20 p. ra.
2:26 p. in.
2:10 p. nt.
2:00 p. in.
1:1- p. in.
1:34 p. in
1:23 p. ni
1:11 p. in
Carload* ol l»-roJr«tlle«.
Pending, Pa., March 6.—During this
week ths- Carpenter Steel Company of this
city shipped four carloads of projectiles
of various calibres to the NorfoiK nuvy
ynrd. They nre Intended for both the
army nnd navy nnd some of them will
lie used for coast urn-ice.
^^^^^^^      .. Baudot! 	
Ijeave 11:00 a. m Hnndon. Arrive 11:10 a. m
Arrive 11:15 n. m...Cody...Leave 11:26 a. in
U.   K.  t;ol*K"I.ANO,  Hu|>erlnteiident.
Ailian-e  of  Wave*.
Pittsburg,     March     fi.-~ The     Schoen
Pressed Steel Company of Alleghnny ntl-  ry Sunday 10:30 a. in
Navigation aod Trading
Steamers "Internalionnl'' and "Albert-"
on Kootenay Lake and River.
Five Mile Point connection with sll
passenger trains of N. k F. S. It. R. te
and from Northport, Rossland and Spokane. Ticketii and baggnge checked to all
I'nited Statea points.
1/cavo Kaalo for Nelson and way point*,
daily, except Sunday, 6:40 a. m. Arrive
Northport 12:1ft p. m.; Rossland, 3:40 p.
m.; Spokane, 0 p. m.
I/cavc Nelson for Knslo and way point*
daily, except Sunday, 4:3- p. iu.   Leave
Spokane," H a. m.; RoMland, 10:30 «. m.;
Northport, 1:50 p. m.
Ijeave Nelson for Kaslo, etc., Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
al H:30 a. m.; arrive Kaslo, 12:30 p. ra.     •
Ijeave Kaalo for Nelson, etc., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. in.; arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
Ijeave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.; ariiy*
Hotindory midnight; arrive Honner's Fsjr-
vnticcd   wage*  in ull  dcpartancnU  toduy
from ."> to 10 -ier cent.   This incri*a*e will
ment requiring the Ninth, Thirteenth nnd  ifclixi, lull had secured elimination of the  mis-Ing, who arc *iip*">nsed to be dead »re
[ were attempting to crack a s»Ie m the   Slxi i aFliifeiyTo De put In service mum  i    The iu-i legislative art 67 the hot 	
' office of Scannel A  Whole*., nt Lowell,  dintely nt the Philippine*. the pnssnge of n joint resolution author- arc unknown.
I„_vc Uonnor's Ferry (sundny 1 p. m.*.
arrive Uoundary Sunday 5 p. m.j arrlvs
Knslo Sunday 10 a. m.
Close connection at Ronner's Ferry wW-
! train* euitboiind, leaving 8p<-*«n» 7*440
a. in., and westbound arriving Spokane
 l*i>fs of Deliclaa* I* III.
rKteao<- *m\mstHmtKa\WkaW Ummmmm. at, n-JaiPM.dMHaa*»*s--^^^
- house wa* .lame* .lordnn nnd three men whose names] um  i* gravely  ill, suffering from  bron-1 0. ALEXANDER, Uen. -lanagsr.
filial pneumonia.
Kn.lo. B. C„ Oct. 1, 1897.
*£J«|«5«*» mm%*,\*1^*w?mw*%
^^»2^J^2_I_i__^_____-__J_S_-_-_-_S___-_2_ THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
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Better Than Show."
The wealth of the multi-
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health are a curse, and yet the
rich the middle classes and
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gcrotula " I luce years ntro our son,
now eleven, bud a serious cuse of scrofula
niid erysipelas with tlrciuli'iil lores, di*-
t■liargiii- nnd itehlugC0lisiut.itly. Ilecould
n,it walk, t-jeverul physicians did not help
l.>r sixteen mouth*. Three month*', treatment, Willi Hood's Sarsaparilla made bim
perfeutly well. We are glad to tell other*
ui it."-Mits. David Laibo, Ottawu, K:ts.
Nausea-'"'"'""'"K spells, tli/.-du'ss
• nd prostruiioii t.otiDlcd me for yeurs.
Had neuralgia, grew wcuk and could not
sleep. M v »««' was itgiiiust me, but Hood'*
Barvaparllra cured me thoroughly. My
weight inerensed from l-'*> to 148 pounds. I
»ni the mother of nine children, Never
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street, Washington, X). <J.
iczemfa—"We had to lie the the hand*
ul our iwo-venr-oltl soli on account of
n/.cum on face and llrnb*. No nietlU-liie
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V'v.'k  123 Montgomery Hi., Patenou, N. J.
Item* (lleaned from the I.ate Reports—
All Districts Are Being Developed A
froaperou* Vear I* Predicted—Mining
Note* and Person-la.
never Disappoints
Mootl's Hills cure liver iib, tin*.aM^rrjtatlnS »<i4
„i,ty i-attiarllu t<> take wltlt II I'ii risrsaparliie.
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an oflfeer!"
"Ves; she captured him in what *he
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inent."   IViston Traveler.
ISl    ADAMS   BT..    « HICA-O.
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attfy of > lirc-tlia-    t'un-irtunaies  sver/whsrt
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elodr   —,  -   ..—  - -
•bouid Imiiiediefelj-communicate wltb Dr. Feot*,
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The ctlitor erfticised Iii* lv>ok—
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A Man Eighty-two Years of Age Cured
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nil nit)one how he «ai eared,
. MB. II. I.. TntlNIII.K.
wn wnnt this to reach the even ol every rentier
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Is eluliiy two yours of ittje. a* hale nml hcnriy *
man of hi* age its can lie fotiiul In the Htntu of
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nf slxlv years. For more tltn'ii fifteen yenrs
Mr. 'l'i un.lie wns n slave lo pmstatlo illeeas*.
YrilTliien who nre it illicteil know wliat It mentis—
thn days of tiinc-i, tin- nights of torture ami
uiirsxIncH, Ihe pnln, the frei'iieiit calls to puss
water nml the Innhllltv to tl<> ho.    He  coithl
scarcely get shout the wrote, feeble, trcmiiiing
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in.iiiiceiiicni In his |t»p«r thnt I marvelous new
method fur curing proslnlli- tlieuasi* liml heen
ill-woven*.!,   f t.
The five lending gold producing countries for 1M1I8, according to figures recently published, were: Triinsviiul, (South
Africu, 173,470,600; United States,"ijsttl,
300.000) Australia, 191,4-0,763] Russia,
^5,130,004; Canada, #14,190,000.
KlKhl  lliiuilrt-il  Dolliirx Pet Milan*.
t'ulilincl 4. lleclii slock is selling in lion-
ton ut ipxin) per share, the par value being
•fcjij. This niock has Increased over *j*'_iH)
per share SillOS lust October. Jf 18-cent
copper will inuke such vuliieit, 20-cent copper will .simply put il "twit of sight."
-M.lllllCII-,1.   I  ,1       t,||.»l, ||.
Very clicoitruging reports arc llntling
their wuy into print concerning (punt-'.
developments in southeastern Alusku.
Due concern, the .Sea Level Alining i.
.Milling Co., cliiims to have u lurgc force
of men opening up s series of large veins
which average in gold irom $-5 to 192,
i'«ii|MT In Mlnnesiita.
A copper strike Iium Ik-cii made ut the
mouth o( Kline river, about 13 miles from
Duliith, on thc north shore, thut nuty
resnlt in mines thut will rival those of
the Michigan copper country. The strike
is said  to bc one of  thc  richest of  the
numerous copper strikes made in ihis vicinity in yean,
Mlwrtoit,  U. C, Tramway.
rMlverton, one of the busy mining towns
of -Slocan lake, is figuring on u number
of important improvements this .season,
among which ure u 200-ton concentrator
ut the Kinih Kdith mine, un aerial tramway by the Wakefield company, a long
crosscut tunnel on the Vancouver group,
und severs! companies arc several companies ure getting ready to start development work.
l'Vlii-utir*. Shipment*.
Februniy's shipments of ore from Slo-
ciin mines have broiight the totul ship-
tnenis stnoe January l up to Gf-W tons.
If this rate «>t shipment is continued, it
will tiring the output for the yeur up to
u ligtirc more than double thnt of 18HS,
ami mill new importance to the silver-lead
producers of the Slocan, and will do more
to »tir up the already awakening capitalist* to these great dividend pitying pro-
positkms than tons of carefully prepared
statistics ou the merits of the Blocen us
a money making district.
The WklM la the Coaistopk.
The wink of unwatering the great
Comstoek wus stnrted up last wti-k, ami
without a hitch of any kind witter was
sent through the pipes to Sutro tunnel
under a M0-pound pressure. The water
wns reduced in the shaft at the rule of n
foot a minute, the stream running
through Sutro tunnel like u mill race.
The water conipnny is furnishing ull the
wuter needed, and a steady pressure i.-
mniiituined nt thc 1700-foot level. Then-
is gicnt enthusiasm at Virginia City over
the success of the pumping plant, and it
is regarded »* the turning point of a new
era on the Comstock.   ( olinnhlM.
A foot of clean ore hns Wen struck on
the Miibou. mljoiniiig the Enterprise,   on
SliM'un  hike.
The Slocitn Ore Purchasing Company
has lieen organ-ted to build sampling
works ut  Nelson.
It is sniti that an amicable settlement
of* celebrated Centre Star-Iron Mask
suit is not Improbable.
At u meeting of the Northern nolle
stockholders at Toronto, it was practical*
lv decided lo resume operations on this
property in the nenr future.
Greenwood is the center of n district '20
miles square, in whicli ure located S do/en
cutnps, ull of which nre showing consid-
etnlile activity nt   the present  time.
The Mines Development Company,
which lately lecured the Swansea in the
Windermere district, northeast of Golden,
will spend ■j'-o.ihiii in development work
this summer.
The mini's that were shippers last yenr
are heavier shippers this yenr, and in every case the promise i* that the out put
from many, if BOI all of them, will greatly Increase Instead of diminish.
li the nth ice of the Province is tnken.
and Americana nre excluded from mining altogether, the receipts of the govern-
incut will not exceed -•"> per oent of ths
present  revenue from thai  source.
ln the yenr IWIK thr total amount of
ore shipped from ihe Sbs'iin reached 17,
000 tons. If the present rntc of shipment
is maintained, and there is little doubt
but that it will is', if not greatly in-
oreaaed, the out put for lsim will lie in 'he
neighborhood of io.'kmi tons. „f a valuS
of $8,000,000.
The rich  ledge  in  thc  King  Hill  bus
u, iilcncd to one foot.
The shafl on the Snow Drop hns rench-
ed n depth of HO feet.
Work progresses steadily in the s|mft
of the North Sun Poll.
Thc Trade Dollar cross drift is sti
ing pushed from Ihe bottom of the winze
There is no change in the appearanos
of matters in the Paw Alto since lust re-
There i* no change in tho appearance <>f
the quarts in the Troubadour shaft this
There wits some nice ore
ImiIIoiii   of   Uie   shilft   OU  tilt
A force of men on the Gopher shaft will
continue it to a depth of at leant 50 feet.
The assay of a sample taken acrons the
face of thc drift  in  the l'rinces*  Mnud
gave values of $20.80.
The Mountain Lion is not drifting, as
it is difficult to make much headway with
hand drills, and particularly so ns it is
difficult to supply the nir necessary for
the safety of thc men.
Some water is coming in the face of
the Republic Summit tunnel, nnd from
this circumstance the superintendent
thinks that the footwall is not far ofl'.
There is now seven feet of quartz.
lu Ore-run.
The new $100,000 mill ut the Golconda
mine, near linker City, Ore., is building.
The owner! expect grent success with
the new bromine-chlorine process.
The Collateral mine, adjoining the Virtue, in -astern Oregon, bus now done
some 1800 feet of development work, nml
hnve exposed a big body of ore thut will
keep a mill long ut work.
The lute Oregon legislature pnssed
three bills affecting the mining industry:
"To put placer nml quartz claims upon
the siiinc basis n» real estate;" "to provide for lien ngiiinst mining claims for
labor and supplies." nnd "to provide for
tho upropriution of wuter for milling nnd
power purposes.'1
Development work that bus tnken place
in the mining districts adjacent to Long
Creek, Ore., within the lust 12 months
hns iu n manner settled the future of this
extensive mineral licit. This season will
not only bc notuble for the discoveries
matte, but will nlso witness the unfolding
of lurgc and rich ore bodies, in the props
ei'ties now being operated.
It is reported thnt K. Ray bus uncovered ii $1(1,000 pocket on his property nt
Cold Hill, ufter going through some .'t0
feet of solid rook from where he uncovered n $4,000 -locket last summer. The
foul hns created considerable excitement
in the vicinity. It is located on the famous gold hill from which the town ite-
rived its name and from whicli stub nn
immense sum wns tuken out in pockets
ninny years ngo.
From present Indications, the Susan-
ville mining district will experience n
prosperous year, ns business men of nil
clusses nre beginning to come in and look
for locations, ami view th« possibilities
of opening up trade. The lhidger Mining »t Milling company bus Wn running
its new 10-stnmp mill on good ore nil
winter, and shipping good carbonate ore
from the Badger mine us well ns sending
out several carloads of high grade concentrates from the mill. Work at other
mines is promising.
The Kxtreme Northwest Suffer* Least—
California Suffer* iniiu a Drouth A
Heavy Loss Through Texas, New Mexico and Indian Territory.
minimi Ntyraa.
riaeer worK nt Murray, Idaho, is having a renewal.
Work has lieen resumed on the Daddy
nt Murray, Itlnho.
Thc new lOstnmp mill purchased for
the properties of the Okanogan Free Gold
Mines has arrived at  \\ enalclice.
It is reported by purties who claim to
know tbat thc Grouse claim in the Coeur
d'Alene bus been sold to Lnr-cn A Green-
A reoent advance <>f IS per cent in the
price of antimony leads lo renewed interest in the Nevada and California deposits
of that metal.
A Toronto, Canada, syndicate bus pur-
chased a bunch of 17 dalmi in southwestern Colorado, nenr the famous Smuggler mine, for $2"*O,00O.
The Mineral Point mine, nt Osborn. recently shipped its first eur of ore, nml it
is cluimcd it wns the richest ever ship*H*il
from the Coeur d'Alenes.
The (ate of the tunnel in the Lonibiudy
mine, in the Coeur d'Alenes, is reported
full of first clnss milling ore. whicli ns-
says till -«or cent lend nml 22 ounces in
silver to the ton.
The third session of (he mining congress is to l»e nt Milwaukee, Wis., next
August. The first wns in Denver, Colorado, .Inly, 1S'.I7: the second, Suit Lake
t'ity, V't'ali, July, 1SP8.
The Snowshoe mine, in thc I.ihby district, bus produced sboul 1800,000 so far,
nml with thc new machinery lately installed the output will lie greatly increased.
Since 1803 little hus lieen done in silver
production in California' the largest silver producing mines nre in Inyo. Kern
and Snn Bernardino counties; except ns
a "by-product," nothing is being done
therein at present.
The Itinlto mine nt thc hend of Pritch-
itrtl creek, six miles enst nf Murray, owned by Mauley & Pedicord, is shipping ore
in lurgc quantities. The richness of the
ore enables this- company to freight it 2(1
miles io Thompson Fulls.
The 11' liter and the Gem, two of the
mini"! which made the silver-lead belt of
the Ct .'iir d'Alenes famous, are preparing
to sturt ip again. The Hunter wns closed on ■ .'count of tlie burning of its con-
ci I'mtoT a yenr nnd n hnlf ngo, nml the
Ocin wns closed while lend wns down to.
$2.tio because to continue work meant
putting in new hoisting machinery, ntnl
the outlook for the product did not justify nny expenditures of thnt nature.
These two properties will furnish employment to 1100 or more men when they get
running, nnd will mnke n material in-
Crease in the output of the district.
Sailors Shot hy the t'nnlnln.
Philudelphiii, Pn. Mnrch 7.—Cap to bl
Torrence. comniiinding the Hritish tanker
Tiincnrville, now In this port, shot three
mutinous sailors on his last outward passage lo lte'fasl.
Denver, Colo., March 8.—From reports
which have been coming to thc headquarters of the National Dive Stock Association for the post month, the oflicers of the
association estimate the losses from the
recent, storms to cattlemen who have herds
on the open rouges at 0 per cent of tint
entire amount. This, in round numbers,
would amount lo over three quartets of a
million head.
The reports have been received from
leading stockmen nml nre considered accurate us fur al they go. Oregon, Washington und Arizona suffered very little and
will have only nominal losses. California
is still suffering from drouth and the ;mt-
look there is bad. The losses in Wyoming, Colorado nnd the I hi hot us ax yet ha"c
not averaged 4 per cent.
in northern und Western Texas and
northeastern New Mexico nnd southern
Oklahoma nnd Indian Territory the heaviest losses have been with so-called
"through cattle," that is, cattle lieing
moved north from the south, reaching in
some lections us high ns 20 per cent.
Further  Lo**  _*x|ieete<l.
Taking thc runge sections as a whole, to
the present time, thc losses will average 4
per cent. With the most favorable conditions thnt can be expected additional loss
mny bc looked for before spring, and
should the weather continue bad through
March, u heavy loss will certainly result.
In Utah, Wyoming and some parte of
Orgeon heavy sheep losses arc reported.
It is feared that there will also be heavy
sheep losses in Montana. Wyoming reports some instances of losses reaching as
high us 30 per cent, and some claim that
if Mnrch furnishes much bad weather thc
sheep losses iu that state may reach 25
per cent.
Important   **>*»*   K-peeted.
Washington, March (>.—There is reason
to expect important news from Manila
within the next fortnight. It has .level-
o*ied that Oeneral Otis has practically
completed his plans for a grand onslaught
on the insurgents which is expected to
deprive them of offensive power at least.
It is probable that Otis will form a large
pun of his force into columns as soon as
his reinforcements arrive and \*. ill push
Ihese into parallel lines to tight through
the jungle eleuring out tiie insurgents in
every direction us the troops move forward.
The American troops nre getting restless and nervous under the petty but annoying -huipsliooting of the Filipinos and
ure so anxious lo put a atop to this that
Oeneral Otis has yielded to their desire,
licitlltx  Since  I.iisi   Hi-iMirt.
Manila, March ti.—The following deaths
sime the lust weekly report, February 25:
Private Richard L. Bryant, F'irst Colorado;
Verne M. Barker, Thirteenth Minnesota;
Hairy L Plowman, First Idaho*. \\ iHiain
J. Donoliue, First Colorado; Sim Barber,
Twentieth Kansas; John A. r'win-j, fir^t
North Dukota; Frank Cpham, Fir*t
North Dukota; Joseph Marx, Company C,
First Montana: George I* Doren, Eighteenth infantry.
Died of wounds received iii action February 27:
Private   Richard
Private  Howard
February 28:
Private Edward S. Moore, Company O
First Montana. oris.
Taken Hold.
We cnn wake up from sleep and find
that soreness and stiffness hnve tnken
hold of un'. We can use St. Jacobs Oil
ami go to sleep nnd wake up and find
ourselves completely cured.
Senator Mason of Illinois enjoys the
unique distinction of having been one
of the most aggressive in bringing on the
wur with Spain, and one of the most violent in opposing its logical results.—-Kun
sas City Journal.
"How's your wife this morning*;"
"She's very  happy,  indeed."
"I understand she was suffering with
the grip."'
"She hits it, but she isn't suffering. You
see, she bought n 50-cent bottle of medicine for 4H cents some lime ngo nnd she
wns beginning to despair of ever having
a chance to use it."—Catholic Standard
and Times.
Pure tea
In packager
at grocers'
Best ?
Did for the Hie llulit.
New York, Mnrch <!.—W. II. Gray,
innnager of the Westchester Atnletio club
deposited SaOO wilh Dave Holland Of Ihis
city in support of the club's otrer of $15,-
iH)0 for the l'itzsimmons-Jell'rcys fight.
W* offer One Hundred Dollars Reward foi
tar cs-e of Catarrh tbat can not be cured bj
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
P.  J. CHENET A CO.,  Toledo,  O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. 3
Cheney for the last 15 rears, aad believe htm
perfectly honorable ln all business transaction!
and financially able to carry out any obllsa-
tlons made by their Brm.
WEST -  TRUAX,   Wholesale  Dnifgtsts,  To
ledo, O.
DrufKlsts,  Toledo, O.
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Ing directly upon tbe blood ami mucous sur
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Price 76o per bottle. Sold by all Druggist-.
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Thc pair on Ihe stngc were sitting next
ojic another on a sofa making love. It
seemed to take a long time, but all in the
theater were watching with eager eyes
to see what would come next. Suddenly
u voice from the audience broke in in
broad country dialect: ''Whiles ye're a
long time thinking 'bout it!"
A powder to he shaken into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, nervous and uncomfortable. If you have
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Foot-Ease. It rests and comforts; makes
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He got up, brushed the dust from the
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1ST antf 189 Osarbs n tl., ChksflS.
H.    McLean,    First
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A young polieCmkn had to take n prisoner before the magistrate, and utter the
trial convey liim to the court prison. He
bad never Wen in the building before,
nnd stood in the corridor with his charge,
not knowing which wny to lurn. At last
the old offender bail pity on him ami
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far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company--
When coming to San Francisco a;o to
Brooklyn Hotel, 20S-212 Bush St. American or European plan. Room nnd board
11.00 to l.r.0 per day; rooms 00 cents to
Jl.uo per day; single meals 25 cents. Free
coach.    Chas.   Montgomery.
Ilcnr*    of   I'nissln    (Oni iiiiimls.
Berlin, March ".—A high official of the
German navy department has informed
the Associated Press that the appointment of ITinee Henry of l'rus-o.i. brother
of Bmperor William, to the command of
ihe enst Asia squadron, had been considered for months past, nnd was finally decided upon ns being the most available,
the emperor wishing to show the American -icople that he is thoroughly friendly
to them, knowing Henry i* popular ;n the
i'nited States.
His Daughter—Yes, Ihe story ends in
the same old way; they marry and live
happy ever after.
The furniture man—Ah! Antique finish.—Indianapolis Journal.
Jennie E. Green and Mrs. Harry
For (rOBQrfim-tt mid *»lii t ttvt Pa tat > Okaj Specific. It
m Ihe oSt.Y ii.iilirm. wln.h will »me •,*«-•») and ever?
«_!*«_, So CASK known it hns -rvt-r fallttl to cur., no
matter how ~> n-*u- or of lim* luntf HUUi.Utig. Id-siilU
Tr-uin it* ni' will ,i-ii'iii.-!i you. It i-t ataolntW-f safe,
jir-f. < nt * KtriHiirf*. nml can Im* lakfn withimt Im-onvo
nti'iii •■ and ili-t- iii.i'N from btM-BRm PRICK. $3.-0. Kot
nie by all rvllabk* ilni_vi--. -. or wiit nrfpaid by - iprvna,
plainly wrapped, on re-r-ptof priiv. hy
^^ J'AHSt CHEMICAL CO.,Chfcttfo, 1U-
QbUB-tf mailed ou requeHt,
The National
l-TeDtOK' ...oclatloi
Wad«a|«neral  rATKNT BUSINESS.   Wa, introduce and sell patents. Oar refl»
tare.! attorn*; ean pet you patents direct from
ine (overnment without delay, —gams -ranted
la avery town to sell patented arttclea. Vurthet
information furnished on request. Room til
Cbabiimi o» 0*_M-Bca Sci-t-ma,  Po-t*__-_,
Mothers will tltul Mrs. Win-slow'* Sooth
in1/. Syrup the ticst remedy to use for theli
children  during the teel'iiu***  period.
A Iterliner has asked the permission of
the local authorities to establish a public
cemetery for pet animals. He believes
it would meet n long felt want.
taken from the
Agnes nt n
       lepth ■ ■ tVct.
imitlciiliii-i', 'mul nl "once olitiilnetl tlio , .pi , p,,,^ ;,, t ),,■ Anaconda tuiiin
remedy; hi leu* tliuii ten ilayi* more lie liml tin* I      J ,,-,B,,-,B,,-,B,,-,-,B1
siillnliietliin of  c-tpcrlcnclnit relief.    Ills case    ttnUCI to I
.._._..   __■• wrote lo the mldress given  for
(nit   tun 11. ii In i.-.    im.I   nl'Once   olitiithftl   the
wns chronic, deep-seated, sn I Uie chances of
rwovcrv Oil account of hi" nge were tiftiili.-i
him.  Vet sixty day* of continuous use of tlio
famous Nnlvent-AlrVrmm method cured Mm.
•*Y<tti men who nre afflicted cnn hnve the same
cj-imvlrnee If vou do whnt Mr. Trundle did; ho
iWM'sbl-cT.t.Alternns.n now-nielhoil treatment
very hard, mid its n oonse-
ss is -slow
To < ore ■ Cold In  One Da-.
TaKe   Laxative   Rmmn  Quinine  Tablets,
druggists refund money if it falls tn cure.
Farmers around1 Medford are all busy
plowing and putting in grain during this
pleasant weather.
For some time past there has been a
good ileal of cattle stealing in the vicinity
of Stayton.
No linti-tehold is complete without a Lot He of
.he (aniiitiH .leuse Moore Whiskey, lt Ik a pure
and wholesome stimulant recommended by all
physicians.   Don't neglect this necessity.
Charles Roberts is building a twat for
use on tlH UppOf Coqnille river.
ijittenee the progrr
The crosscut has passed   through   ths
body ni ihe Qullp, ni Republic,
ii been started to run with
ii lin it in two nicely written Imolis which
yotrrau gel freo of charge", hv mull, bv sen  ing
"'  Medical
yotrcau gel free of charge, hv mull, bv sen  in
yiiiirnninc nml itililic-s I., tin-
great oit
ami n <lri!t_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
' '-no'Vi, Hur iii'imigciiicnt  has ii.i.iig
,|an t.i determine the most  fa-
Hinl niiiiri'fs to ihe l-.iiii.lrc   Mcilli-rtl     ,„■  ..  ,J|„n to ilelerniiiic tin- 	
U\roifcii * -Wft VS UPMIL"?'" * "^ H w^ilWJJP1'^1'-'
• _S worth>  t.i v.,i,     U'r-t       .      .•        * ...,..,.!    abaft. VM'lllllll    I linn*"-.
Jinj It may Im worth hundred* to you.   WrtIS*    ,i„„i,i„ ,.„inparlnictit shaft
wdsy, and refer to this artluls.      ' dotnm loin-mi
Money to l*n>   Troops.
Snn FranciaeO, March 5.—The trinispurt
VitlciK'in, which is expected to sail for
Manila Ihis afternoon will carry in addition to loO soldiers, stores and supplies,
.*l,.ri(Hl,(MKI to pay the (roops now in Ilie
Ilrliia   liii-iii-ri'il   Ont.
f'hiillaiinooga, Tennii., March 2.—1n0
I'.ighlh I'lilted Stale* volunteer regiment
is now lieing mustered out.
N.> Ills or nerviniiiii..
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Kline's urea
verve licitiii-iT.   H.-ini lor   I Iti-K   •*.0O  trim
— - -_io__ii "
flTf -permanently Cured.
rlli   hut llrst day's use of ur.
bottle and treatise.   1>B. B. IL
Arch street. Philadelphia. Vo.
i-K, Ltd.. "■■'•
Stimpter will soon hnve good fire prr
thnn     iworiK -
P!*o'» Cure for Consumption t* our only
medicine for couRhs and colds.—Mrs. C.
bells, 439 8th Ave. Denver Co!., Nov. 8. 16.
Hutte   Smelter  Hun   lieen   Hold.
Denver, March *!.—The sale of the Ool-
oriulo Smelting and Mining Company's
property at Hutte, Mont., to a New York
c nnpany   is  announced,   the  price   being
Jennii*-. E Gkkf.n, Denmark, Iowa,
writes to Mrs. l'inkhaiu:
"I had been siek at my monthly
periods for neven years, and tried
almost everything I ever heard of, but
without any benefit. Was troubled
with backache, headache, pains in the
shoulders aud di/ziuess. Through my
mother I was induced to try Lydia E
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound) and
It bas done nie so much good. I am
now sound antl well."
Mrs. lUnRY Hai-vdy, Riverside, Iowa,
writes to Mrs. Pinkham the story of
her struggle with seriousovarian trouble, and the benefit she received from
the use of Lydia E. l'iukhnm's Vegetable Compound.    This is her letter:
" How thankful  I am that  I took
your   medicine.    I   was troubled  for
two years with inflammation of  the
womb and ovaries, womb was also very
low.    1 was in constant misery.    Iliad
heart trouble, was short of breath and
could not walk five blocks to save my
life.     Suffered  very  much   with   my
back, had headiiche all the time, was
nervous, menstruations were irregular
and painfull had a bad discharge and
*as troubled with bloating.    I was a
perfect  wreck.     Had    doctored   and
taken local treatments, ill was no
better.    1 was advised by one of my
neighbors to write to you.  I have now
finished thc second bottle of Mrs. Dink
ham's Vegetable  Compound, and  am
better in every way.    I am able to do
all my own work and can walk nearly
a uiilc without  fatigue; something 1
had not been able to do for over two
years.    Your medicine has done no*
more good thnn all the doctors."
DM IW* «» for •■ni.r.t'j'i.
■II- I'tvriv*, luHfttnmatloD-,
itrU&tio-ifl   or  ulc-nuloni
sat » t-uriemr-e of   in n COttl    ine-'iii-TfcU***.
|.»rt--M,n'1._.       ''-.■: .■«■-. M' ' not fc-trta*
"tCA-CO-   K       '   Or  P-i'*.    :i.  ,'s.
SoM hj DrarfUU,
'or "i.t in pUiii wrt-ppAr
by  • ip ■ --.    i'  vnst-.i,  foi
$1.«U, 01 3 bottlM, -*-.7ft.
Oi.-cuUr tent on r*4ue*t
■*      FOR
Particulars and t•■—11
tnonlals tn plain Healed
, letter SUu.kd Kukk
j FRENCH DRUO CO.. 381 It 383 Paarl 31.. Nets Tort
V'vi.|--iiioiiv wbo tttcli-v i" -i'ii iheli
rakms r*iioum ffrUv u»< Bentl -i -rvnti
Ul utampx i"r it tony of "Pm-iilc North
wf.-t ProfirrfM a .iuycm* Qnlde"  vow
IiiIiiIiik hUOtlPWl-l  Of  1'iirifaiti-   in   t Lt v
IHtilM'llV    1111(1     tit flu-    tor    Mill'    .Hit!   r.\
rluuiffe ttifotiKhotii the Weil   rVtldrMt,
S 13 post St . Spokan-s. Wash.
Your Blood Needs
Olefin I ni; cvimv spring: you ihoaM  ink" •*0Tn0<
thhiK to make it purer, bcnl|liler, richer.
IVlli do il—tin il .inl.-liit im.l ii. ,i-itii;l'. It.'.n-
■lrcil« testify to i-- li -i'ii. ;{> ii : ; iwci - tl
per bottu. ai your cli anifb
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cure 8i«k II. a.U< !■•
snrl f)r«p«'|.nls, UiinoTf I'lmples antl Purl';- ths
Blond, Aid IHici'stiunsiidPrevriit Biliousness. I>o
notilrlpeorBlcki'ii. Toeonflnej yuu.we will:mall
•ample free, nihil Ih.i For». I»B* litfSANKO
«0.,_,hll_<l«., I*enim.   Buldbr Ijrti|«lsH.
. nr..i|.i.-.- miiMiiri.aii.lVau-i. it.Tilua.
i iii« ii.r.n, .■ ..I'll ss Itltit.l. I. . .:...' ur l'r.>tr.i.liii|i
Piles areoutnal i > Or. BosrinHo'a Pile Remedy
*ltu|i«lt,:htliu SJi.l al-....litiii. M.h.'tl.s l.iitiors. /.., a
lata! ilriilriristMi.i jAml.v limit. I'r..»iiin-fees Writ,
in*. »l.,.ut./.iiti .-«...   lilt. BiiMANKtl.'-hilsila.. l-.v
riils r
•■' i'
* Ai
..." I.
Nu. 10,   im.
mjrHN>^m,*ei. *muflr«*»-!_ -i?
?MmfTimms&^*mH2lL\ IMHBgc Wi _■■- r^
-ft-JU a   .mii     .     ."j..
*eH o* 11;
Xli-© IVm. Hunter Co.. 3_,td.
Wft are now agents for
•'•,,_*v_.:Fijf CorapaxLys
Sewing Machines
Just Arrived *
■l'liAT  -lOin   f>inr-cr.ii'-
TION   IS Ull-'   AND   THAI'   ?
Cat*-*-™***- mO
I'lIU   KlHTOIl   IS  ANXIOUS  TO   WHITI*   A   Hit
I j CKil'l' FOB VOU.
Tlie following is Uui liifl pofin wrtltt n
by tin.' Cui'aili in pit, Aifhibnld LuMp.**
man, lately deeoased,
the American miner, tlni8 doing awry
-.-*_! with the r.y -f protcpUo- tp»*
\ pauper labor, Thn reduction of the
duty on lend, has ninny and powerful
friend*.on.t_e American, bide of the
line mid we believe the lime is not tet
'(intent when tlie authorities at
Washington will have a change of
h.urtand the duty on lead und lend
Urea will le wiped from the American
Tariff Laws.
[ lie upon my hod nnd liear nnd tee,
the moon  is lisintf thtotiilh the  i.'lis-
lanlng tree*; *.
And  iiutni-iitly    n   ami  f. ii.nic
liiecr.'', ,
With a vast voiuo returning utfullv,
Comes like a deep toned giicf, und ntirs
•n ""■■ .        ..   ,,
Somehow, by Home Inexplicable art,
A sense of my soul's sinuim-m*-*-*, and
its part
In the dark march of human  destiny
The  introduction of the  C. P R.
into the itneltii'g iiidu.-try r.f Hritish
Coliin.liia wus regarded by as, at the
time, ni a detriment to ihe future
smelting Indus try of tin* Province, m.d •
even now there are cropping to the
mtrace evidences that our view of tin
Fituution wns lint erroneous.   Tho 0
• e
• *
. .
• •
• .
* «
cum BROS.
15. C.
Whiitaiii I, then, and   What   uio  they   p  fi, i.s ,.redi'..'d with hiving throttled
I luv-L- am. Iarigh, and mourn the project of .« sampling  «orks  at
4  Jo you   want
-*__ lii^r t ti i t\ g?
JEWELRY,    --___-
l-IA.VOX ,--__--_.
tllllt   I'.IMH
Yonder, am
nnd ween?
Whnt rbiili they know of rrio or I. nlusl|
Olllii'in?   Little,   Al tinu'S  aa if frotq
Wo witki'ti to this yearning, passionate
Ami tremble at onr spirtttia] solitude;
N-iv. never once we fuul wo at© i»l. i.e.
'A'I ile iho ureal human lit-Kit iin-Hlul  OS
To make ihe smile on other lips cur own I
fo live niniii the Hgiit iii oth-ra' eye**
T.i breatho without adour-l ihe lun Ul |   'works t.t N.'Ifoii to enuipet     witli ns
Uf thut moat jf-erfeei love thai knows no
To «:'>*. 1 love vrii, eiily,   lot rare
Whether the dove  coutea  liatls tu ns ] tj,e jjondon offices of the Boso.u  Mini
their columns, giving
Wilson Hotel.
Teeter   Bros.   -   -   Props
0COG0C  llciidiiii-rtirs For Mining And Cfinnnereia] Men.
Evcrylliing First-dass In Ml Rpspeets.
Rosebery and the company who were
desirous t f installing them met. with a |
decided re'ntT in Nelson. Thus we
lintl the Nelaon Tribune savins;
thut the Hall Mines Smelter i* to he
*).i* i^led. Il quotes a high C P. R.
officii assay ing.''We would be blank* :1
fools to allow sni-Dirs and sampling
B.   0.
o .s that we in"d ourselves.
On the pievioti-i day, a   letter  fro:i*
Outside lVtie« Di-irinft Horses in Silverton
dm Have Them Reserved By Writing To--   A- *• WPHHAPD,
t        t        t        t        t        ♦        t        SILVERTON, • • B. C
DiviiicBtt**eIf-f»r*?e'fulloes'«,  at   fnft
Jacob Dover,
Box 34     .   .   Kelson, R. G.
Notick:—"D.tYTtTs"   Mineral Clnjro.l     ' *
eitiiatcd in the Slocan City Aliniiu
Divwion of Went Koolenay District
Where located:—Ai the n o :' 11 of Dayton Creek, near Sprlnuer,
Take notice that I, d'eo II Ayl.ird m-t-
inirf ns Hiient for E. 8 Kir-iir-3*. Free Min-
et'« Certificate No 11000, intend sixty
days from the dgt** hereut, to apply Ui
the Mining Recorder tor a Certltttate of
Iinproveiuents, lor thu ptirpoao of 0I1
taining a Crown (Jrant of the nhovo
And fnrther take notiee that action
undr heetion 37, must  he  commenced,
before the issuance of  such   Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated tbis 6th   day of March, 1899.
111 a 100.
NOTICE:—   "Cnltus" Miners! Chum;
situate in the Sl.« an City Mining Div
ision of West Kootenay District.
Where located :—At ilie head   of the
North Pork of Lemon Creek.
Take notice that I, J M. McGregor, acting as a.ent for J. A. Finch, Free Miner! Certificate No. 1674a ami K. J. Dyer,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 6651a, intend
sixty days from the date'hereof, tu apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of o'>-
tainitig a Crown Grant of the above Claim.
And further take notice that action
tinder section 37, must ho commenced
liefore the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this twentieth day of January
J. M. McG-E.on.
28 I 1 I 99.
NOTICE:—"Meteor" and "Ottawa No
6" Mineral Claims, situate in the Hloean
City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.   Where located:—On the
dlvido   between   Springer Creek and
tbe north fork of Lemon Creek.
Take notice that I, J. M, McGrezor
acting   aa agent for J. A, Finch, l->. e
Miner's Certificate   No.  1674a ;   E. 3,
Dyer, 555U. W. M. Shaw, 66634, nnd
Charles Sweeuev,  9695a,  in' sixty
days from   the date   hereof,to apply to
the Mining Recorder for   a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining   a  Crown Grant  of tbe above
And further take notice tha action under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of sucb Certificate of
Dated this twentieth day of January
J, M. McGregor.
28 I 1 I TO.
NOTICE ie hereby givei that the Head
Offloa of the "GALENA MENEM, LIMITED" ia _<)• ait-ate in the Town o
-iltertoB sad Teem Frank Lloyd of the
Mid Town ha* bean attainted the Attorney lor the Oompw* ia plac* of Percy
VT. Bvana of tbe City o' Vancotster, BC.
Dtetad this Mb. day of February, 1899
tlii r'sj """: -       SUV.  WOOTTO"!
and TOLU.
will cure a   cola,
however bad.
25c and 50c
a bottle. - - - -
Silverton,   [5.0. •
Of I^eir_o_v
CANNED   GOODS    -    -   -   -
-   -   -    PRESERVED FRUIT  u*ii'\r>   DA1LT.
\ tiisli, mill ilu ii u loni**. tlien a need;    : the quotation of the OPR son Per on
fo ureet with open the best and U^  ofa   yi/  ..t20.60  \^  ton for
•freijjbt in d treatment, tit.d l.\ cents
•pi i IU . n 100 pei cent, of th.* I ati
'contents, or un titnnutlt, of deduction
■equivalent to the United Stntes duty
"ind onlv for another's wound to bleed:
Ttiis is tn t-ee tlt» beauty thai %»A in '.Hit.
Wrui«V»ed    rolled    with   Hie,    Ineffable
Cillll.'ill .
There lit a beantv al iIioko-' of life,
Abaiiatvgmwlniie e the world bo^-ni ; ,    ,       , j,,,,,,   ln   -rc/.
iliroti.'li every uize  nud  race,  rnon^li;
lapse and strile, Again, in Wednesday a issue in an
Till Hie treat human toul complelo her ,,;J|(, on ,|m &iJl..ltii»_*-~ problerp,  Tie*
t-paii. .
Beneath the waves of stoi-in  thnt  larsii Trtbunemakes the following statement:
._,"•"■ lnlrM'    ....   , ,.   , ,,i   "The i.-'tluet of'lit' Trail   sim-ltor  is
rhe currents of blind passion Ihat appall I ' f
T i listen nml keep watolt till we riisrern j not inurki.-ted in Cin-idn, and it ... is
Tne tide. •! soverei|tn ti_lh tint *-ni.l.-s ; ^,;n.,^j tl) ili(. Vii't. tl S*M.*-»  fur  sale
it till: , , ti it
Sotoaildressonrsplrita to ihe liei-tl.t. ; tluty '""st d.* paultnit»hen sttmittei.
slid hj iitiim.' tl.i'iii t.< tl.e viilittnt whole, j rf it ;a ,|. . ■ ,.y\ ;0 (Jrr.,t Britain fn;
Dittt tbe irruat liiht be  tlotirer  fur  otu (    ,,'.*.. ,
I,..),. I turn, then itiajustin the same p-Eition
A ti.t Ilie great soul thus stwiiger for our Uj j( the product of an Ai-.i-ricat.
•r.r'i'u,;.-   .*.„„.   tt,i,  U   to   have   iiv-,,li**meltershlp;te-.n,l;.'\ii.-e.     Th.'ie is i."
through tamp [Sentiment iu the hu-inesi  whatever"
keiiit'iiiiior ua with no familiar namu. _,,      ,     .    ,    ... . r.       1
The lead   bullion   of   a  Canadian j i
•nieltnr is ndmitud,  in   bond,  to an
returned  to
Ni-rl;lie«.     prre wa-- lh-:. j how .SO.'.
Whit,. Shirts, ••     •• fi 75; " \\ fVn
Culoietl Pliicls "    "    1 73; "    1 !.'5
I   OEFEll  THE OPPOSITE «  H-uvy Shirtu "    "   175; '■    |.5u
,,1,1,-j.ivj       vv  111**-!   Will    XIV   2   ,',''l.'itv..|.ri.t:il      "    S&J* "    -JOO
JjAI.-AI.*..*-.    .v.A  LOSS   wil.l* ux. fi M,,1PrM st,M. Ovontlle, Jumper*.
YOUR GAIN. X  Ubinketl.&c  kc All Marked Don 11.
Ross Thorburn,
Silyerton.   B, C.
i S £ £ 4 i i S a i . . S . S ii » 8 i i i i i '* 8 ', j A imrioen  refi .o-y   snd
*   F'H'-Oitlll. OiTCROPPI-QS.   Jic-*"iu!uf",'n<-*",fi,'0-'o;u'r'ri""t ,f
1 I    the   tluiy  . 11    lead bullion.     Canadian
Sll888888888888881888?H«»g   lead can thui be morketed in England
And S00 Line
OJV_E$     P15NWY
AND    FOR   THE   PEN,    'NK
Tin* American duty on lead ore is
again being difloussed by tlrt press of
the Province end, by some, apparently
looked upon as a retaliatory measure
adopted by the United Slatis agiiinpt
the   Canadian   had     miners.     "Such
East and West
J I M.  Mo IN TO.•'111
luty on lead in ore, U mule a bounty
however is not the case, for among Ute.|fof th<> Twl| |m_Uhr   T,|H  K„oteiny
circumstance, under which the measure 11( ftJ mi|if,r ,jM h;s ^^   wIl„!ilt.r  t0
ivus adot.tetl liml iiitbtt<rsasotisleading ,   ,1    n ji.js_i_   «.-.. .1
* •* j pay to the Dnitt'il Maites   gOVeTnmeUl
thereto, Canada tut  hut   little   figure
on eijual terms with American h-od
with the exception of this ehar^"*. Ii
this is so, es tha Tribunes states, why-
is the full amount cf the duty oil ler.d
in ores, pbarged the Canadian leetl
min'T bv  the Trail   Snelte"?
The dififer-nce between the bondiuglj* G* OORDON,
Charge on lead   bullion and the  ful | jjjjjj^ Kmi'SIiTE, COSVEYISCER
Bu.yEttroN,    a. 0.
N O T I C E.
or to the Canadian Pacific RnKv.iy.
Neither cours" i-hoold havn to !.•• taken
while there t-ro S'tielters in Cani.ti..
end u niarket outside cf the United
Suti s.
mc! Canadian lead wai hot considered
a drop in the bucket of tin-   tln-n   lea I
market   The adoption 0! tln.s duty
was forced upon the administration at
Washington hy th" had pi-nducprs if
the diflerent   portions ot the  United
States,  as  a measure cf   protection
•tt,-aiiist the  pauper  l-ibor  of MHtico,
where a di liar a day   was   being  paid
to the  lend miners  and  where, there
were and arn immense bodies of  low-
»rado    galeiia   ores.    The   American
producers of bad were forced   to jut Ithe dutleaend BaUrj  of the Registrar
their miners  three dollm and  fif-'j |of th" c' "n,.v Cm,t- *h,",° Aon ,h,!
ci nts per day and other expensm were!
H  C-  '-■   P'oporlion,  so  that   tiny   fo.t- tl jl,,no
tho.i-s'.Kei unahle to competei with 8««°tted:_■ Re.isi.arof th- County
the Mexican mine oniers. Then i ,'*M"'t Ht N,'v U"IV"'' !•«*--. ho Ei-t
comioi-ncea en agitation for protection tbp ^,0,■iti(,,'. uni» •*«»• No appm-
!.i\m:;i. • against the pauper labor and cl.e.ap \ P>«-t>ons an* made for n Oohl Ooftt-
ieodof-1 xioo, always a rallying cr> | miasioner ut New Denver, the only
in the United Stater, hy the mine vo,e 'f ""-"','8 in "ll':,!'
cwners b.iek<d by the Illinois and labor
orgaiiizttiont, throu-Jiuut the Uniuii.
Tiiey carried the it iy at Washington
and tlie   administration  adopte-)   and
Ir', as the Tribune siys, the   Mining
: Recorder at Nev Denver  will  assume
Odd Commiationer come ii.l   A short
ttu'O     Ah' tier     Suroat    wus
NOTICE is hereby given Hint the Creditors of the above named Company ure
required on or before tho first day nf
April next to send their names and addresses antl the particulars of their debts
or tl ims ami the names ami addresses
of their Solicitors (if any) to Evan Frank
Lloyd of Silverton, llr.tioh Columbia, (he
Agent of Mr, Edmund Holseh of 20
Threadneedle Street, London E. (!. tho
Liquidalor of the said Company nnd il bo
required by notice in writinix from the
said Eyan Eranlt Lloyd ore by their
Solicitors to come in and prove their Ritid
debt or elttima at such time and place us
shall bo speeified in uiich notico or in
default thereof they will bo excluded
from the benefit of any distribution made
before such debts are proved.
Dated tbjs l*Jth day of January 1809.
Asiii'mit MoaniH Cu se ,V Co.
Soliciiosa to the L'qnldator.
17 Th» a'uort.jii Avenue,
l/ondoe, E, (J.
eMr!(m*m*mm*«*e*m »-i>t*-ttiii^^-''->i«i-js»<^ .e^e***-*: < **immj*kmjieejei0f&^ ^p,m\* *v,^frm»i
Ii" could
participate being a lone Item of *?230O.
fur Stipendary    -lagi-etfatef.
We are ut 11 I si to kno*.v whether
the Slooan will have a Gobi Coin-
put into force it duty on lead and | "•'■■-«'•■"" after July 1st. or not. If
lead in ore.*. tj this measure j '"'• f,0", w,1!*t 80UrL'e '■vil1 hfl <Jr»w ',ls
was a powerful organizition composed j "alary? If not, why ha* nothing definite
of the lead smelters, railroads and; been done towards abolishing his
manufactures   of   lead   products  aud j offiee|  1, Uiis a parallel   case to  tba>
althoiiglt   dtfeatid    by    the    popular I   ,. .,    t.   ,        ,. ,
, .        ,        r. or the Ivu-ilo policeman, who Was not
oamit*   for    protection   the  Agitation'
is still gbiflg M'J'etly on for a repeal of ; flr",, ,",t ha'1 hi" H,]*t9 P,aced at or'fi
this high  hail tluty.    Another  thing  <*--••»•' »y-»H
that is bavins a tendency to In Ip  the | —— 	
rodt'ctioti of the duty on  lead   by   the
United  States,   is tho  fact that the
wanes paid to Mexican  miners  have
more than doubled the list  few   yean
and the wages paid iu this tvuntiy aie
r. c
go to the
Shiloh's Consumption tine curie
«i er- ut!,ei.** fitil It is Ilie lending
CoukIi Cute, and 110 home should lie
whl 10111 il. Pleasant to take ami noes
right to the spot.    Hold nt
Dyspepsia Cmed. Shiloh's Vitalleer
mmediately   relieves   Sour   rltomaoh,
Ceiniiiii up or i-'n id DlrtressHB, and is the
irieal Itidnev and liver remedy. Sold by
The Silverton Dm. Store +
What Dr. A. E. Salter Save.
Buffiilo, N Y.—Oenii;—Front my personal knowledge, ualiied In ohservine
the effect ot tour Hlllloll's Core in tt.-ises
of udvat'ceil Consumption, I »m piepur-
ed to h:iv it is the most remarkable
Remedy 'hut Iihh ever beet, hroit-firt lo
mv stteiit;.in. ft has ceitainly saved
11.any from consumption.   Sold at
The Bilverton Drmr 8'ore. t
stop that Oonutil Take warning, 1
mav laa 1 lOoosumntion, A 26u bottle
of Sliilnh'H Cure mav Rave i*our life
Sold at The Silverion I)m« H'oro.       t
iiihot'tiii 1 irsr-ci ass <t- TOt'OieT si.F.ei*-e»i
tionp    SERVICE,
Tickkts IssttoANi) Baguaob -
— Ciiei Ki:n To Destination. —
(esreptiii-j- Sundny»
IteveUtoke and Muin Line Points.
.^.0"i—have—Sii.VKn'roN—urrive— lfl,3(
Nelson,   Trail,   ltosslan.1, kc.
IO lo-leave—Silveuton—arrive—18.35
Ascertain proaeut   rates nnd full in
formation by  addressing   neorett lori
aKent, or     	
W. S. CLARK, Apent, f*||Vertou
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson,
Diet. Pass. Agent, Vancouver
-   -    PROl'
la-TEVERYTHINa    -fBW,    NEAT,
:•; Headquarters For Mining Men :•:
ForConstipation lake Karl'a t'lover
Hoot Tom, the ltlootl I'tiiitier (Jmes
lleedaphe, Nervonsnees, Ernptii>ns of
the fuee, nnd ilinkes the haail an olei g
u hull     Sold at
The Silverton Dniir Stoii,   r
Kail's Plover It ml 'IV.i, for C"ir*tu>u-
ti oi It's ilie in"-i in .1 if after ti ne: il. von
d ni't suv so, return the paukime and IWt
Sold    *
Auotionk-hs, Customs Brokkiis,
And Gfnehai, Rital Eerain Auenth,
■     linker HI.
Orl-lce In Kf--Ur ISs«»r»    .   .
NELSOIf,   B, O.
vuur jaioOMX    S'lhl-il AND OTPrlmt ■ - --.
MaiMIW__M__^__o]|_—-' ^_K_J__BL.  -—'**----•*---_-■■■■ --.-..:   -    '----. a^_]^^b_iM^__ClS_k__b_^__^__l__ai_l__( O-MM-t ■■ illllsn'i s ss atftlfiH    '       «___■ ----■■-   -..J-.
'^^mUaSl^^mtmm^ WHC»i«MkMil0B^^ \^lf«r^««-Mr**w<W'Mr» I^^WSSpa^^


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