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The Silvertonian 1899-09-23

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And Up To Date
Mining News
Of The Riches!
Camp  Of British
The owners of the Black Prince are
Hacking u ton of ore a day. Another
shipment will soon be made.
Tho owners of tbe Hoodoo claim near
Slocan City have scut out a ton sample
of their ore to tho smelter to be tested.
The Hartney, one of the most promising prospects on Silver Mountain, has
been bonded tor $30,000 to Spoksne
Considerable ore is being taken out by
the force at work on the Marion. About
three carloads have been taken out by
the uew management.
The ..-ontract ior tbe hauling of the
machinery and material for tho Wake-
field concentrator lias been secured by
Messrs Binnoit k o' Donne! ol tbis place.
Work is being done on the Philadelphia
i .roup oo tbe divide between Granite
and Fennell creeks. Four men are employed and the work is being done
under the direction of W. A. Copelsnd.
The New Gold Fields ol British Columbia are applying for Certificates oi Improvements for the Exchange, Silver
Plate, Skoeuui, Victoria No 4 und Wasa
c hums. This group ia on tbe west side
ol Dayton Creek, near Slocan City.
The boxes containing the specimens
foi Uie Silverton cabinet in the Mineral
Department of tbe Spokane Exposition
were forwarded to Manager lie-Inter ou
Wednesday. Specimens were sent from
all the mines and many of thc prospects
of the camps.
Tlie Noonday Mine ol Silveiton bas
been incorporated as "The Noonday-
Curley Mints, Limbed, 'Non-Feisonal
Liability.' *' The head office of the new
i iiipany will be iu Silveiton. The cap-
I'.ali/.uUon is 81,000.000 divided into one
million *1. elinfes.
Tbn owners ol ihe Queen Fraction
cLitn. l-cl'.w town,areerectiim a bouse
on (bat property so as to enable them to development work during the
...min*; winter. Tho tunnel on this
properly |< now in **» feet and tho ledge
►how* in ilia nuv ci tbo tunnel to be
over four feet wide and well mineralised.
The Noonday mine, near town, ia still
boldiug its own aa the honania of tbe
camp. About 500 tons of rich shipping
ore i-* now blocked ont and ready to be
Moped. Twenty men are employed by
this company and heavy shipments of
ore will soon be resumed. This mine
bas already sent out tbis year 480 tons of
hbipping ore.
A new tunnel Is lo he started on the
Hewitt claim. It will be driven at a
depth on tlie vein X'M leet lower than
ttinnei No. 1. This latter tunnel is now
in 160 icet and ia still being driven. Tbe
showing in tho fuce of tbis tunnel at
present is Rood. Five men. under the
Mupeiintendcncy ol Ms}. AS Reed, are
now employed on the property.
The Skylark and Ranger claim, near
Slocan Cily, is under development proving to be a most valuable property. Both
tbe No's 1 and 2 tunnels are being driven
ahead and both have shipping ore in the
(ace, The paystreak in this vein varies
from 12 to 30 Inches in width and the
ore runs from |00. to $90. in gold and
sliver.   The gold, value being about $24
Slocan City's mineral exhibit at tbe
Spokauo Fair ia going to be a creditable
one, and already over 1500 pounds of
Hi'-'cimeiiH havo been collected. These
specimens vary in also from small pieces
to samples weighing over 130 pounds,
and most of the best properties in tbat
•■amp are represented. Only tha lack of
time and means limits the size of the
exhibit that can be made from the Slocan
City district.
Al. Testers, of Slocan City, was a visitor in town last Saturday. Mr. Teeters
had just returned from a trip to the
Fairy Queen claim, about 9 miles up
Trout Creek. He report* a good showing of ore on the property, mostly concentrating, tlm lead being about
feet wide. The clean ore is high grade
ln sine, carrying considerable copper
sulphide and galena, Tbe property is nt
present difficult of access but tbe owners
intend building a good trail from tbe
In the work of his special mission. Mr
Cbsrles A. McKay, traveling agent for
the miners' unions of Kootenay, 8. C,
visited Toronto a short time ago. While
in that city on August 31, he deemed it
advisable to advertise in the Globe and
Mail and Empire in the following words:
"Miners, Attention.—Owing to a
strike against a reduction of wages cut
in Kootenay, B.C., miners sre requested
to etsy away from there. When the
strike ie ended you will be notified.
(By order),
Chah. A. McKav
Agent Kootenay A;itiers' Unions, B.C.
The Globe inserted the advertisement
without question or objection, but in the
other case Mr. McKay says "the above
notice being presented to the manager
(of the Mail Empire) through bis clerk
for advertisements, he refused it, saying
he would never publish any notice to
warn men to keep away from any place
where there was a strike on."
Thia camp received a genuine surprise
the first ol the week, when it was learned
that Joseph Errington, a laboring man
of (his place, wss in Revelstoke trying to
engsge scab labor for one of our
minea. Whether instigated by the company or not, this sneak, to secure men
ior bis employers, resorted to misrepresentations and deliberate lies. He
was direct from thia district and familiar
with the situation here, so there is no
excuse for this "thing's" action. Ha
succeeded through his lies aud confidence
talks In securing the promise of a large
number ol men to come, but tbey, becoming suspicious, sent one of their number
here to investigate. Their scout, upon
bis airival, found out that he and his
fellow working men of Revelstoke had
been d.-librntely lied to and tbat there
was plenty of skilled labor bere. anxious
and willing to go to work. For bun or
his comrades to accept work here at tbe
present time would make them the
worst kind of scabs.
Telegrams were at once sent lo Revelstoke, he himself returning to thst place
to more fully inform the people tbere   of
tbe true labor situation here, aud  to tlie
honor of Revelstoke let it be  said  that
not one miner in that district was willing
to come bere to scab. Errington succeeded through persistent lying in inducing
four carpenters to come here, saying that
Ihey would bo put to work at   once at
union wages.    ludge their surprise upon
reaching here to find no work awaiting
them and to lie told that they could have
work bye and bye.   By his actions this
man Errington has proved himself to be
worse than a scab and has shown hi'n self
willing to botray his fellow workingmen
for a little cheap job sucb as   he   has   at
present, wielding a pick and  shovel as a
common laborer.
flamed away from their homes and
dumped Into tbis province by men wbo
claim to be gentlemen.
Silverton, B. C. Sept, 20th. 1899.
To Whom  it May Conckbn.
We the undersigned do hereby
declare that we were engaged to come
out to work in the Payne mine in British
Columbia, under the vilest kinds of
The representative of the Pavne mine
gave   us to understand   in the  most
emphatic language tbat  there  was  no
strike, no trouble between  capital  and
labor, nothing, only the demand tor labor
was icreater than the supply,  and  Ihat
the  wages   we   were  ottered    was the
standard rate and regular pay tor miners
in the Slocan District of British Columbia, after accepting his terms and getting
tickets Irom him from  Ottawa, Ontario
to Sandon B. C,  we  arrived here  in
Silverton   to-day and  hearing on the
boat that there was a strike on  decided
to stay here and enquire the conditions
and imagine our surprise when  we  find
thst the  mines are all   closed down,
plenty of idle miners  here ready  and
willing to go to work if given the regular
wages snd not  be reduced  from  three
fifty to three dollars, as tbe mine managers of tbe  Slocan District of British
Columbia aro trying to do for tbe last
three months and have not succeeded in
one single instance up to date.   Another
thing tbat tbe agent of the Payne  mine
represented to us, was that tiie prices of
the necessites of life were just aa cheap
bete as they  were bsck  in Ottawa or
other Eastern cities in  Canada,   which
has turned out to he another falsehood as
the prices are at least thirty-three per
cent higher than at e astern points,  snd
the three  fifty that tbe  miners   are
demanding ia not as good  as  the  two
fifty we were  getting  before  we  came
out here  through  the  deceptive  misrepresentations of the Payne mine agent.
We ask is this our tree Canada which
in   the   past  bas  been  our   boast, can
such deception be used and remain un-
punished ; can a company or any one use
sueh means to try and make men scabs
and to forget the  least   spark  of  their
manhood?    Here wo are, three thousand
miles from home, strangers in a strange
iund, having left good situations to come
here and then be lelt  stranded   in   this
far oft western country.    Again we cry,
is this our  free Canada  and  what ia
British justice ?
(Signed.) Ryan.
Robebt Taylob.
I' Busks.
Witness. Fokbeb Clabk.
Robt. J. Sctherlasd.
A. W. McCune, of Salt Lake  City,  is
one ot the bead men in tbis Payne Mining Co., and is instrumental in trying to
down woiking men in tbis Province.  He
is posing as a friend ol labor iu Utah and
is asking tbe labor uuions of that country
to support him in his endeavor to secure
his election to the United States Senate.
The labor anions  of  Utah  should   uie
their influence to delest  this  man   for
what he is trying to brim.-   the   laboring
men of this country to to-day ho will try
in Utah when strong enough, and union
men should  put each  other on their
guard against the enemies of labor.
E.B.Rogers, ol the firm   of  White,
Rogers k Co. of San Fracisco, who have
tho contract for the construction  of  the
Wakefield concentrator, is in  town  and
work ia to be started  at once.   He  is
accompanied  bv  3. R. McRae,   who is
constructing engineer for this  firm   and
under whose supervision the  work  will
be done and  the  machinery   installed.
Mr. McRae is just from   Granite   Mont.
where he  has  just completed a  large
concentrating plant for tbe Consolidated
Granite and Bi-Metallic Co, of that place.
He bas had a large experience   in the
installing of  mining  plants   and  baa
lately, for his company, installed the big
hoisting plants on tbe various  Anaconda
properties in Butte, these being the most
complete and biggest hoistlug  plants on
the American  continent.   The  plant to
be  installed  here  for   the   Wakefield
Mines will be the most complete   of  its
kind in the province aqd will consist of
rolls, jigB and Wilfred tables.
On behalf of Thomas Clsir, who iB now
convalescent in the Slocan Hospltsl, I
desire to thank Dr. Brouse for tho great
care and excellent treatment lie bas
given him during his late severe illness
Mr. Clair feels that his recovery is due
altogether to the treatment afforded him
by Dr. Brouse, and desires thus publicly to thank him.
(Signed)   J ames T. Taylob .
J M McGregor, P L S, of Slocan City,
wss in town yesterday.
F. H. B.irtlett conducted the services
iu the church here last Sunday.
R. Covington of Slocan City spent a
couple of days in town this week.
On Thursday night, the, launch Alert
took A party of silver tomans out on a
moonlight excursion.
Tom Reed, the Ten Mile mine owner,
went gunning for bear last week and
killed one with his six-shooter,
Sandon wanted a football game with
Silverton to-day, but tbe team here
could not be got together in time.
Slocan City Odd Fellows have secured
quarters of their own on Delaney Ave.
and expect soon to move into their new
Chas. Me.Nic bolls left Ior the Arkansas
Hot Springs on Monday. He expe cts to
boil the rheumatism out of his system
during his visit.
Work ou Koch's uow burn is rapidly
progressing. The building will be one
of the best of its kind in the Slocan. It
will be two stories high and 30 x 50 feet
in else.
All work in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left at the Silverton Drug Store, will
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovei,
the well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs are ocabantebp fob ok_ year. *
As will be seen from a notice in this
issue, the Liberal-Conservatives of Silverton are preparing to send a delegation
to New V\ cstminster for lhe rally on the
5th of October.
The B. C. Workman, a well written
labor journal, published in Vancouver,
has _.lumend-d -publuMttioa. It could
not have been supported as it should
have been by those for whom it worked.
F. L. Chiistie, Barrister of Sandon
B. C. will be at the Selkirk Hotel every
Friday in tbe luturo. Anything requiring his set vices will bo attended to by
bitr. t
Dating the week Hill Bros, delivered
here "2,000 feet of lumber and .".8,000
shingles, most of which was forthe Ktnily
Edith mine, above town, and will be
used in the construction of new bunk
Don C. Kurtz, collector ol votes for the
Slocan Riding, will hold a Court of Revision lor the preparing of the Slocan
Voters'List, in the Government Office,
Kaslo, November 6th. Those voters not
already registered, should send in their
applications at once.
A successful "musical evening" wns
held by the Literary Society on Wednesday evening. Papers were read on
"Liszt" and "Mozart" and the remarks
of demons authors and poets regarding
music were quoted. Several mntical
selections were rendered and choruses
Again Manager Bolster of the Spokane
Industrial Exposition is arranging to have
one and possibly more weddings at tbe
exposition which opens on the 3rdoi Oc-
tol'i r, It is not every couple that can have
their wedding march played by a $7000
band of 40 pieces, brought across the continent ior that purpose and already two
or three young men have applied to Manager Bolster and have intimated that
they would like to start their married
life under such favorable circumstances.
Mr Bolster proposes tn make the ceremony as pretty as possible.
Js As J_vIf-iCi-r_L^xo-OL
Sil-srert©:n, 33. O-
T# 5£g Mt -Bra_y-B>p*j_M-_
Mineral Glasses   and   Compasses.
- —♦- —
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
Lake Ave - - - Silverton, B. C.
•   Silverton	
' Patronise Home Industries.
0888.8888881 8 8 8 8 A8 8 8 Si 8 8 II8 8 88 8 8 88 8-. 8 8 88 888'!'
In the tunnel being driven on the
Torpedo claim, near tbe Vancouver
Group, at a distance In of 166 feet a
streak of dean ore bas been encountered
averaging lour inches ln «idth. Thia ore
shows every Indication of being very
rich In silver. Former assays made on
oro from this claim nave values of 192
ounces In silver to the ton. The owners
are pushing development work and   the
The tactics being employed by the
Mine Owners' Association are shown up
well by the following signed statement
which we publish.   These lour unlor-
A 200'pound sample of steel galena
was sent out this w*ek from the Silver
Wedge Group to the Spokane exhibition.
Geo. Williamson has been busy this
week with a gang of men, putting in a
telephone system to connect the Wake-
Beid Mines with Silverton.
Silverton's freight receipts for thc past
ton days, including lumber, has been
sixteen car-loads. How does this
strike the calamity howiers?
Pert Wtlhelm, who won the  lavor ot
the bovs as chef at the Vancouver mine,. •
is to have charge of the kitchen for the j,or ,he cveninS *■"*
Wakefleld concentrator crew. ' 8ol°*      Mf*J
An entertainment and dance was given
last Monday evening by the Mutual Improvement antl Recreation Society of
Silvmton, in MeKinnnn's Hall, A large
audience listened to the excellent prof-rain rendered »nd about twenty couples
remained for tbe dance. Refreshments
wets served during the evening. It is to
be hoped tbat the Society will often repeat their entertainments.   The program
®888S8888888888S888888 8888 888888888888888889   tm
Iviel3solx©-t?,   •
tire TaiIo_r,jJ
Sanford D.lgle, our local blacksmith,
hss inst completed some big side.dump-
ing cars, to be used in the excavation
work being done for the concentrator
The Noonday is adding to its tone.
Three ore-sorters are employed.
A boc-ting horse and fifty  pounds o(
dynamite danced the two step on   the
.«,-. i-
-r« piiRinng tiovoiopiuom. wo.- -"■<•   •■*•"» I«„)(_  we   puousn.    tisvwo «"*"          _        m      1
winter. *    -,■■■-      x*m
<■*+»**■ A*~U*.*W.**-
Reading,   Mr. A. Kirkpatrick.
Guitar Solo,   Mrs. Yates.
Duet,   Misses Brandon and Hun*-
Reading,   Mr. B. Mcintosh.
Dnet,    Misses   McMillan      and
Reading,   Mr, R. O. Matheson.
Solo,   Mr. T. Burley.
Solo,   Miss McMillan.
Solo,   Mr. Gilbert.
• y^_—   .«<-■..,.-■ m.   **.iw.
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon.
New Denver, Csscsde City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and Greenwood.
%mm*sYw*m*ft*p. mmwov-m. THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
It,_i Gleaned *-*•*» %h» L-te Bspo-rts-
All _»l.trloU Are Being _H|-«lop«d-A
-rr-4.p--.-s -•■*•*• Is _-»dleted-_u_in»
"Machinery hall Is chock full," announced Secretary L* K. Armstrong of
the mining department of the Spokane
Industrial Exposition.
Ilepublle   NoU-n.
The Copper Mountain tunnel was extended 75 feet in August.
The total record of August development in Republic ls reported ut 2,279
The winze on tt^e Morning Glory was
sunk 75 feet tn August.
About 50 feet of work was done on
the OoMe-f, Lily tastynonth,
Cheaaw Is inuch excited Over the big
strike on the Independence claim, one-
hulf mile south of that town.
The mines around Chesaw are making a groat showing and Hint the camp
will stand comparison with any In the
The development of the Tom Thumb
during August was confined to cross-
cutting from the bottom of the 150-toot
shaft and driving south on the vein
at. the 100-foot level.
The Republic ls pusMug^leveloprnent
rapidly. L
The Gopher shafV %_» su*k 60 teet
In August.
The last month's work In Republic
camp shows marked improvement in
values. ,.»^        ... .
The crosscut from the bottom of Uie
70-foot shaft on the Agnes was run 50
feet Inst month.     ,      ...
The shaft on the<Rebate was sunk 80
feet last month.
The crosscut tunnel on the Lone Pine
was extended about G9 feet during August.
The Insurgent drifted 50 feet during
The Quilp has a record of 15 feet of
winze and 60 feet of drifts in August.
The San Poll management Is confining development to the ,south drift,
which was extended 90 feet In August.
The Bodle shaft is at a depth of 220
The Trade Dollar mine has been
bonded to Butte capitalists for 8100,000.
Worjt progressed slowly on the Flag
Hill iii August.
The Black Tall made a record of 90
feet _f 'tunnel and drift In August.
The drift and tunnel* en the North
Star were extended a total of 50 feet
last month.
The winze on the Princess, Maud was
sunk 43 feet during the past month.
Tho Chlrtfsffaft was sunk 50 feet In
On the Number One Consolidated
group the tunnel was driven 20 teet ln
A fine strike was made on the Jim
Hill claim tt Chesaw, last week. At a
depth of 58 feet they crosscut tho ledge
all ln ore antl out of three assays taken
from the last four feet they have obtained values running $.11.37, $*:n.«u.
and $45.08 (n gold.
Work will soon resume on the Delta.
Work has been suspended on the Republic Giant.
Lumber for the new 100-ton mill for
the Mountain Lion- is being hauled onto
the ground. Over 300,000 feet will be
needed. '-. Wf^*, \
Superintendent Miller, of the Ben
I-Tur^'fUtM that the double compartment shaft on that property Is down
185 feet
The Princess Maud shows the same
rich ore In the bottom of the winze tliat
has shown for the past fortnight.
The whlnt for the Delta has arrived
and work has resumed on the shaft   t i.luml.lH.
Many alterations and Improvements
are being effected at the Queen Bess,
in the Slocan.
In the*Mascot, at Rossland, a drift is
being driven to the east from the point
where the recent strike was made.
Tho maln'drlft of the Homestake, at
llosrtjand, is' now In for a distance of
500 feet. *
Thejshaft of tlie Nlrkel Plate at
Rossland  is now dnwn 340 feet.
The jiurdaneil.'s. in the Slocan, ls
be-in;,' pumped . out and preparations
made to resume operations lmmedl-
Twenty tons of ore were shlpped
from the Rambler last week.
Theflve-drlll compressor for the
Ivanlfie, In the Bloran, is being freighted up lo the mine.
The. concentrator on the Mountain
Trail.*« Rossland, is practically finished;-**      , *
The, American Boy, at Sandon. has
at last, eut the,leilg. with the crosscut
tunnegfand have six feet of mixed ore
plie, Ten-Mile creek, In the Slocan, last
week ls a most pronounced one.
The painters are giving the St. Eu-
gene concentrator building ut Moyie,
B,,C., a rather striking appearance.
Drifting on the 300-foot level continues ln a northerly and southerly direction ln the Deer park at Rosslaind.
The ore bin for the Lake Shore mine,
near Moyie, ls finished, and shipments
irom the mine will immediately begin.
A big strike has been made on the
New York, located just east of the
Fontenoy and Waterloo, In Camp McKinney.
Development work is being carried
on extensively on the Four Hundred
and the Delia, two adjoining properties In Central camp.
The crosscut In the Morrison mine,
In Dendwood camp, at the depth of 220
feet la 06 feet ln width and has not yet
reached the hanging wall.
J..Edwards Leckie bonded the Yankee Girl, the Yankee Boy and the Bell.
The properties are on Hardy mountain,
three -miles from Grand Forks.
A party of C. P. R. engineers will this
week begin the preliminary survey of
a spur from a point on Brown's creek,
north fork of the Kettle river, to Pathfinder mountain on the east side of the
.illvi\«.  NOTBi.
between  well defined walls.
Thejatrt gj -pen employed at the
TamMeTmfne, near Ymlr. was doubled fBt week.
Th-'tiew' double compartment shaft,
alreaejjr completed to the 600-foot level
of th«VT> Hoi. Is being carried down to
the 70», an- IB vrlthln 20 feet of the
level. A station In being cut at the
900-foot level In the main shaft, and
that JcveJ "will be opened up at once.
StoptngTs 1*1'progress on the 600, 800,
700 and 800-foot levels.
Work on the new Incline shaft on the
Virginia's south vein, nt Rossland, Is
being continued.
Above and below ground 25 men are
employed at the Rambler-Cariboo.
Bight men are working under contract at the Sovereign In the Slocan.
Work on the Humming Bird on the
north fork of Kettle river, in the Boundary, haii icounted.
The crosscut on the 327-foot level of
the Old Ironeldc-ts, In Greenwood camp,
has encountered tbe ledge. .
The strike m_d> on the United Em
A littlo over $4,000,000,000 constitute
the gold money of the world.
The crosscut tunnel in the John Bull,
at Loom is, goes along steadily.
A good deal of preliminary work has
been done at the Trune, near Loomls.
At the Wehe, near Loorals, the work
of sinking the 500-foot shaft Is going
On Whisky Hill, near I_jomls, the
crosscut tunnel has reached nearly the
100-foot mark.
Snake river Is beginning to produce
as tine a quality of granite ns can be
found anywhere.
Placer claims near Delta, Idaho, are
showing up better than in 10 years, and
all miners aro happy.
The sixteenth regular monthly dividend of the Deer Trail No. 2 Mining
Company has been declared.
The Spokane stock exchange will
hereafter have two calls per day Instead of one, as formerly.
On the Buckeye, at Loorals, work in
the 500-foot ttinnei goes at the rate of
about two and a half feet a day.
Mining at the present time Is by far
the most Important industry in the
great territory tributary to Spokane.
At the Gold Hill, near Loomls, Superintendent Chilson reports 100 feet
ln tunnels and 100 feet In shafts made
the post month.
The largest output of certain metals
ever recorded In any one year In the
history of American mining, stands to
the credit of 1898.
Ore taken from the Gray Eagle, 12
miles west of Davenport, Wash., has assayed $104 per ton In gold, with some
silver and lead.
A fine quarry of marble has been discovered near Colville, Wash. The marble Is easily worked, and takes a high
polish. The quarry will be developed
at once.
Some grent reports have been received from the Money claim In Nespe-
lim district, and If the values are as
reported, a startling strike has been
At the Palmer Mountain tunnel 45
feet were made In 10 days In driving
the tunnel, and 20 feet in the west drift
on the big ledge, which Is holding its
own with every shot.
One of the richest ore shoots ever uncovered in Union county, Oregon, is situated three miles south of Sparta, ln
Union county. Oregon, on the Powder
river slope nnd is named the Bonny
Flattering reports have come down
from the Wells-Fargo claim near
Sprlngdale. A vein three feet In width,
carrying galena, with ledge matter for
nearly 22 feet to a depth of 65 feet, has
been fully opened.
It Is expected that Lake Chelan will
make an ore exhibit at the Spokane Exposition for the first time really, that
will open the eyes of the mining world
to the fart that that section has the
ores In both quality nnd quantity.
Sews of the wobid in brief
A Complete Review of tlie Event* for
the Past Week la Thi* and Foreign
I.huiIbi—•iuiumiirlxril   I'roui  the  Lai-
t>*t   ■>l-|l-ll-ll«-S.
Yenr-uela  Revolution.
New York, Sept 20.—A spcchil to the
Herald from Wellington says;
Until a report is made on the matter by
Commander llnmphill of the Detroit,
showing the need nf another ship, the state
di'Piiriiiieiit will not .i-k the nuvy department to order the Nashville to Vcnezur- water*, lt is said by naval official.,
thnt the Detroit will surely arrive at l.c
(itinyra the first of thc week.
'lite dispatch announcing that the in-iir-
reetionary force* had reached Maracay
hns, for the first time, caused administration ofi'-cial*- tn doubt the ability of the
Venezuelan government lo supprc** the
insurrection. Maracay is near Valencia
und on the road connecting that city »ith
Caracas.* The capital has no defenses and
it i* thought that Castro ia moving toward that point wilh a view of investing
and proclaiming the revolutionary parly
the government,
Activity of tbe Wamhlna.
Hong Kong, Sept. 20.—The American
gnirbnnt Pumpanga hns chased thc Hrit-
icsh steamer Yuen Sang, bound from Manila to Hong Kong. The gunl-oat sighted
the steamer during the night of September
l.'i About !10 miles off the north coast of
the island of Ltihon, and suspected she
ua* a filibuster. The Pumpanga fired
three shots, which the Yuen Sang disregarded until Ihe (bird shell exploded near
her. She then stopped and the commander of 'he gunboat, boarded the Yuen
Sung, found he had mudc a mistake and
*- if ^Mmt.*siT.'usuMs,jmur*smutrrtem*.ia^m'ri4*emmm -mmmi-Jw
Vitolta  Are   **>'»   of Gold.
New York, Sept. 18.—Tlie Financier
says: The banks have practically reached
the limit of their power to supply new
money, and previou* borrower* will soon
lie culled   upon  to  liquidate.
:,*t*tK.S *.****■  TtMJWVrer-.,**?**..*!*!'*HUM*.
All epidemic of typhoid fever h.t*
broken out in the Monbite quarter, Berlin.
Dr. Poz/i, the physician attending Captain Dreyfus, says thut the condemned
man is hopelessly ill.
The queen regent of Spain has signed
a decree proclaiming martial law in the
province of Vizcaya.
John Blanehard, for nine years editor in
chief of the Minneapolis Times, is dead.
after an illness of several months, aged 57.
j , The lxmdon solicitors of the French
consulate have resigned as a protest
■gainst the verdict of the Dreyfus court
Four Guatemala hanks have agreed to
loan the government $-_,SOO,0O0, and will
increase their paper currency a corresponding amount.
Chief Justice Chamber* of Snmoa has
handed his resignation to the president, to
take effect as soon as thc powers can agree
upon his successor.
A cyclone swept over the Island of
llermucbi recently. Many houses were
blown down nnd others unroofed. No
lives are reported lost.
Four men were killed and two injured
in a head-end collision, which took place
on the Roek Islnnd, two and a half miles
east of Oxford, Iowa.
The revolution in Venezuela, under the
leadership of Oeneral Castro, is gaining
ground. The insurgents now occupy
Nelgua, three days' march from Valencia.
The German third-class cruiser Wichita,
while participating in the autumn maneuvers, exploded her boiler at Kiel, four
persons being killed and four others injured.
The little town of Northwood, Grand
Forks, N. 1)., is completely destroyed by
lire. Thc loss is estimated at $200,000.
Fifty business firms have lost their entire
. Colonel Ko-torlit/ky at M.igdulcna, has
been ordered to hold his battalion reidy
to come to t he scene of trouble between the
cowboys and Mexican guards at Naco, ut
a moment's notice.
Thc British steamer Thermopylae, Captain Phillip, from Sydney, N. S. VV., via
other Australian ports for London, has
gone ashore at the entrance to Cape
Town.   She is a wreck.
Sir Thomas Lipton has made an offer
of $250,000 for the estates which includes
the Lakes of Killarney, and if his offer
is accepted he will present them to the
Irish people in trust.
In February Peary will again move
north. The journey toward the pole will
he either by the Greenland coast or frotn
Cape Bella, as conditions may determine.
Thc Diana brings the news back.
Dr. J. D. Griffith of Chicago hns com-
pleted an official test of the Mauser pistol
used by the German cavalry. He says it
is effective to 500 yards. It is said the government may adopt the weapon as a result of the test
The steamer Rio de Janeiro, just from
China, will puss into Ihe hands of the government for the transportation of troops
ns soon ns she is discharged and has gone
on the drydoek. She will sail for Manila
September 25.
Becoming convinced that his fighting
strength has weakened, Jimmy Barry, for
a long time the champion bantam-weight,
has declared off his coming fight with
"Sig" Hart, nnd announced his retirement
from the ring.
The Brazilian government has protested against the sale of the land* of the
duke of Saxe to the German government
The government of Brazil has been informed that Bolivia has sent a division of
Iroops to occupy Acre.
The United States transport Tartar has
been detained at Hong Kong by the harbor
authorities under the British merchant
shipping act, whereby her capacity is limited to 750 passengers, although the Tartar has a licensed capacity of 1340.
The secretary of the treasury has decided, in view* of the money stringency in
New York, to anticipate October interest.
This will amount to $5,590,526, and is due
on the 4 per cent* of 1807. The seeh>_iry*»
action was taken without solicitation.
Tlie Ketehannie was lost in a storm off
the Tasmania coast, and the crew nil
drowned. The crew consisted of John
Rockwell, master, 48, Hoburt; Thomas
Price, 15, Bristol; Sigerd Maynussen, 19,
Norway;   Neil McKinnon, 31, Scotland.
The American Jewish new year bonk
recently issued, estimates the Jewish population of the United States at 1,103,80(1.
New York ha* 400,000; Illinois, 05,000;
Pennsylvania, 05,000; Ohio, 50000; California, 35,000; Maryland, 35,000, and
Missouri 35,000.
Severe rains and floods have caused postponement of the Hungarian cavalry maneuvers near Papa, Hungary, at which
Emperor King Francis Joseph is expected
to be present. Ten soldiers were struck
by lightning at Also-Kasm.crk, four being
The government steamer Ramona
st nick a skiff containing six belated
merrymakers In Qulncy bay, 111., all
were thrown ln the water and three
drowned. Tbe dead: John B. Wen-
kamp, Lulu Broye. Mary McCarthy.
The other three were saved by clinging
to a beer keg from the overturned boat.
An order for the organization of two
colored regiments to be known as the
Forty-eighth and Forthy-nlnth vblun-
cer infantry has been Issued from the
war department. All the field officers
of these regiments are white men now
in the regular army. AH company officers are colored men who served ln the
war with Spain.
Hon. John Hay, secretary of state,
mnkes tills emphatic statement regarding
the alleged secret alliance between Eng-
lad and the United States: "There is no
alliance with England, nor with »ny power
under the heaven, except those known and
published to the world, the treaties of ordinary   international  friendship for   tho
pun-All of business and commerce.    No
treaty other than these exist*; none has
been'suggested on the ether We;  none is
in contemplation.    It has never entered
into the mind of the president, or nay of
.the government to for ike under any in-
clucement the wise precept and example
1 of the fathers' which forbade entangling
I alliance* with European powers."
|    Charles A. Plllsbury, a well   known
miller, is dead in Minneapolis.
I    That Oeneral Russell A. Alger has
decided to withdraw from the senator
iul race there Ib no doubt.
|    Prince David Kanawakanakoa, a cou-
.sin of ex-Queen Lllluokalani of Hawaii,
' is visiting ln Washington, 1). C.
|    A plant of the American   Fisheries
.Company at Promised Land, L. I., is
'destroyed by fire, loss $600,000.
t    The memory   of   the   assassinated
'president .lames A. Garfield, was honored Sunduy at Golden Gate Park.
An adobe house five miles from Mora,
N. M„ collapsed, killing Manuel Cordova and his wife and six children.
J. N. Waldren, an enlisted man of
Company B, Thirty-fifth Infantry, U. S.
A., committed suicide at Vancouver,
For the sixteenth annual tourna
ment of the Canadian Amateur Ath
letlc Union at Rosedale the weather
was perfect ^T
The army maneuvers this year at
Berlin are regarded as a mediocre success, owing to various causes, chiefly
unfavorable weather.
The plant of Lee Brothers' Gin company antl Rogers Brothers implement
.warehouse at Memphis, Tenn., were
burned, entailing a loss of $120,000.
Daniel Borden, a farmer residing
nbout six miles from Spokane on the
old Spangle road, mot with an accident
which resulted lu his death. He fell
under the wagon. H^
A new baseball league, whose circuit
will Include cities in both the National
and Western leagues and which will be
known as the American Association of
Baseball clubs, has been formed.
One corner of the Queen's Hall block
in Montreal in which was located
Scroggs' grocery store, fell In. The
building collapsed gradually and no
one was injured.
One hundred thousand dollars' dam
age was caused by the burning of A. S
Nlcol's factory for wood and granite
mantels nnd grates at No. 107 East
Twelfth street, N. Y.
News has reached Governor Thomas
of Colorado, that a band of Uintah Indians have left the reservation In Utah
without permission to hunt in Color
ado In violation of the state game laws.
Two men of the Sixteenth infantry
have been condemned to death In lhe
Philippines for assaulting native women. The two men sentenced are Corporal Damphoffer and Private Conine.
One of the most remarkable religious
institutions, in the country, the monastery and college of the Holyland, es-
tablished by the Franciscan Friars of
the Holy Land, was dedicated Sunday
ln Washington.
The twenty-sixth volunteer reglmeent
has arrived ln San Francisco from
Plattsburg barracks on I-ike Cham-
plain, N. Y. It is expected the regl
ment will sail on September 26 for the
As a result of the dispute ln Chicago
Martin Walgren, a bookkeeper, was
killed and Theodore Walgren and
George Clark slightly wounded by Fred
Fisher, a tailor. Fisher used a knife
and claims he acted in self defense.
The Insurgent commander, General
Clprlano Castro, has taken possession
of Maracy, Venezuela, and Is still advancing. The United Stntes, British
and French residents asked their respective governments to send warships
to protect their Interests.
The largest wool sale ever consummated in the west by a wool grower
was closed at Mountain Home, Idaho,
when Robert Noble sold his clip of over
1,000,000 pounds to Chas. R. Kelsey _
Co., for $150,000 cash. The wool Is
purchased for the account of Theodore
Davis of St. Louis.
Chief Tetablate of the Yaquls, who
remained loyal to the Mexican govern
ment was recently seized by the rebels
and cruelly tortured, being stripped,
slashed with knives and his body
shockingly mutilated, while the Yaquis
danced about him, taunting him and
crying: "Make your peace now; you
will perish for siding with the Mexican
government" The Incident indicates
the character of the Mexican Indians
I'r.i.iirl'.-   for   a   ri.iiii.
London, Sept. 19.—A second edition of
the Times contains a dispatch from Jolinn
lieshurg which say*:
"There is, I nm informed, some carle
coup in conlemplntion. Qnnntities of
compressed forage forwarded in the direction of the Natal liorder indicates some
move on the part of troops in that quarter. The government is buying horses
freely today. Evening paper* all indicate the seriousness of the crisis."
Married a Naval Offleer.
Newport, R. I., .Sept. 20.—"Friedhcini,,
the summer home of Mrs. Theodore Have-
meycr, was the scene of one of the most
fashionable nnd at the same time one nf
the most tinostcntalious weddings of lhe
season. The bride was Mis* Dora Havemeyer, daughter of Mrs. Theodore Havemeyer, and the groom wns Lieutenu
Commander "
U. S. N.
Cameron    McK.    Winslow.
Cleveland Strike l« Over.
Cleveland, Sept. 18—fio many of lhe
street railway strikers are deserting and
applying for work with the Big Consoli-
dated company that n number of leading
member* of the union, headed by the vice
president, Charles Kberley, have demanded that a meeting be held for the purpOM
of considering whether the strike should
not he declared off.
"Put Yourself In His Place" is the
office-seeker'** favorite novel. j
Will Be At tlli-rt* to _-.rt*i* Uls Honor -Will Qumh tho Benne* VeriUrl-
Th* -Ofel_»_e_t "R**|*ic*»t**<l » Wltli-
m-wiil of HI* Appeal.
New   Vork, Sept.  17.- -A specinl  from
Paris says:
Dreyfus  will
Ih? released soon, and
therefore will he -t liberty to pursue aa
a free .nun the vindication ol his bono.',
which no pardon can g»»'«** *•'<' l'oml "f
cassation will then be open to him for
quashing the Ken.ncs verdict as soon as
the necessary facts for demonstrating hi*
innocence hnve been collected. The prisoner himself is unable as yet to declare
hi* Intention in thli respect, but his family und friends, in announcing the withdrawal "f the uppeul to the military court
of revision, ut the request <>f the govern-
ment, affirm their puvpoie never to i*mI
until rehaliirunlion of lhe Injured DMA il
The present solution of the problem is,
on the whole, the best possible.    U ll
necessitated hy the deplorable state of the
prisoner's health, which tenders his survival of u long term of imprisonment during legal pic seed ings impossible.
Therefore Dreyfus will accept as clemency what really belongs to him us a
right. The r'rciieh republic, by one ot*
those strange revulsions of feeling, common in this country, accepts this lequcl
to lhe Itctines trial not only without protest, but with poil live approval.
Populullon of Spokane, 43,000.
Chehalis county Is preparing for It-
first utile uil banging.
Two thousand two hundred and fifty
telephones are In use in Spokane.
The enrollment at the New Whatcom
state normal school has risen to 173.
The new crop of wheat is being marketed from the west side of Moses coulee.
Samuel Hardesty, a former Oakes-
dalelte, has been heard from. He is In
It has been decided to hold a county
fair in Davenport from October 18 to
22, four days.
Nine Whatcom county children were
recently taken to the state school for
defective youth.
The mysterious disappearance of
Deputy Auditor Current of Klickitat
county ll still unsolved.
Between 300 and 400 Indians passed
through Ellensburg the other day en
route to the hop fields.
A big roundup of cattle Is being made
in Asotin county to fill a contract for
1,000 young cattle for Omaha.
A pair of fine work horses were stolen from W. H. Parker, a rancher living neat* Oakesdale, recently.
County Superintendent of schools W.
L. Sox 1 as consented to conduct a voluntary weather station at Colville.
The 3-year-old son of George Harrison Glasscock, living 16 miles below
Harrington, was drowned last week.
In moving the ferry from Marcus to
Daisy the boat was carried over the
falls of the river antl completely wrecked.
There was believed to lie another case
of smallpox in Pullman last week. The
victim is J. II. Coffleld, ex-clty marshal.
The state board of equalization, In
classifying the lands by counties, raised
Island and Snohomish counties from
the third to rourth class.
James Ross of Tacoma received notice that he had been appointed captain in the Forty-fifth regiment, now
at Fort Leanvenworth.
.lames B, Clark, a barkeeper at Seattle, hns been arrested on the chartcc of
attempting to murder his wife. Clark
claims his wife shot herself.
T. M. Reed has retired from his labors on the corrrespondence committee
of the Masonic grand lodge, after a
continuous service of 41 years.
The Ellensburg Capital Is asking the
people of Ihat city to erect a monument
to Corporal George W. Hovey, who was
killed while fighting the Filipinos.
Jlmmie Tapel-newt, the Okanogan
brave who was held by the federul authorities at Spokane on the charge of
murder, committed suicide In jail 1iy
The three lodges of Odd Fellows of
Walla Walla have resolved as Individuals to bear the expense of bringing
Companv I boys home In a body from
Seattle to Walla Walla.
Jacob KInman and brother have Just
finished harvesting 320 acres of wheat
on Eurika flat, which yielded 9,603
bushels. Their wheat will stand the
highest teBt for first grade.
Leo L. Totten, living near Steptoe
Butte, Is suffering from a kick by a
horse. The animal kicked him In the
mouth, kicking out six teeth and cutting his face and chin in a horrible
Ollberi* McArthur was killed last
week in Rockford. While attempting
to replace belting connecting a traction
engine with a thresher he was caught
by the belt and his head torn from IiIh
James Sutton of Cbewelah died In
great agony In Waverly last week from
the effects of drugged liquors, believed
to have been administered by persons
who robbed him of about $200 while he
lay dying.
While threshing nenr Uniontown a
separator was blown up and destroyed,
It wiih followed by flames, which consumed the machine and the entire setting of grain. It |g supposed thn explosion was caused hy smut
The exposition grounds at Spokane
will lie open for the reception of exhibits on Friday, September 2»th, 1899
Entries may be made up to 10 p. m
Monday, October 2nd, the day before
J. E. Mahotiey of riitlrnon City was
knocked down and robbed of $411*. recently.
Oro Flno will nowconrm • In clout
touch with, the outside wot hi, with the
aid of the telephone.
Joseph Alexander of Lewiston nils-
ed u watermelon weighing 6114 pound:,.
He carried lt to Oakesdale.
Recently a number of work hotsen
have lieen sold for shipment to Scut
tie, bringing from $100 to $125 eoch.
The smallpox excitement Is abating.
The cases reported 10 miles southwest
or Moscow are reported as not serious.
A general committee hns been created at Hoise to take oharge of. the reception tn the Idaho volunteers on their
return to Dolae.
An effort will tie made ln Lewiston
this fall lo Induce Neie Perce and Asotin
counties to help build a wagon road
into the Wallowa country.
The streets of Lewiston nre lining re-
surveyed to establish sidewalk grades,
and many Irregularities ln streets and
buildings are coming to light
It consists of Governor Steunenlierg,
Mayor Richards, President Pierce of
the chamber of commerce, Adjutant
General Weaver and W. S, Bruce.
Charles Hohnenherger, the young soldier charged with murder ln the kill
Ing of Joseph Mcllrlde In a Wallace
dance hull August 9, wns acquitted by
the Jury after lieing ont live Iiouib.
The mining department of the university of Idaho has made wonderful
progress during the past two years.
The course has been made strong, unci
the students are enthusiastic In their
Harvesting is a little more than half
done in the vicinity of Jullaetta. The
weather has lieen very favorable the
past week. The yield Is much better
than anticipated. The crop In the en
tire PotlatOh will average over It bushels to the acre,
The county commissioners at Moscow made the annual lax levy as follows: State general, .Sal mills; state
wagon road, .05 mills; school, .50; current expenses, .749; bridge, .22; warrant redemption, .20; road, .20; bond
Interest ,08; total, 25 mills.
A petition Is being circulated In Lewiston, and receiving many signers,
asking the board of county commissioners to appropriate $300 with which
to make an exhibit at the Peck county
fair of the fruits, grains, grasses antl
minerals of Nez Perce county.
The reception Is to lie a state function, while the entertainment of the
volunteers will be provided for by the
citizens of Hoise through the chamber
of commerce. Vice presidents of the
general committee have been appointed from the principal towns throughout
the state.
John Klmsey, the 18-year-old son of
James Flmsey, was fatally Injured in
Highland valley the other day hy the
bursting of a shotgun. He was brought
to Hoise for treatment. It was found
that the sight In one eye was destroyed
and it Is reared lhe boy will lose his
other eye.
When true friends meet In adverse
hour 'tis like a sunbeam through a
Train* Run
on Pacific Standard Tlm*.
Oolnf \\>.t
Dally.           Quint -**t
1:1X1 a. m....
....  Ksslo  I:H p. in
1 .*•■ *. m....
. South Fork  1 lo p  m
I:H|, m	
»:« a. m...
I:K*. ■»....
10:1» .  m...
10:* a. m....
...   Itsll-Va    I'M p   m
loss a. m....
Cody June t|. n .... Ill P   m
I.*sv* 11.00 *. m.Bandon..Arrlv* 11:40 ». in
Arrlv* 11:16 *. tn . c.„iv., l.csv. 11:11 a. ni
tt.  K.  COPE-LAND,  ■up*rlnt*nd*nt
Railway aod Navigatioo
Op*r»llrif Ksslo A Him an Railway, International Nav. a Trading Co.
•chedul* of Tlm*-Pacific Standard Tlm*.
P»**en-ter train for Bandon    and   way
■nations, leaves k**i0 at 1:00 a. m.
Dally, returning, l->av** Bandon at l:l»
p. BL, arriving at  Kaalo at 1.66 p. in.
International Nav. A Trad. Co.~Op*rat*
Inj on Kootenay lak* and rlv*r.
I.e.v.s Ksslo for Nelson at 1:00 a. m.
dally, *xc*pt Holiday. Returning-, leave*
N*l*on at l:]u p. m., eallli-f at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Alnaworlh, and all way point*.
Connect* with B. V. a N. train lo and
from Bpokan*, st Klv* Mil* Point.
8. 8.   "AI.BKRTA."
Leave* Nelaon for Bonner'a ferry Tu**-
d«r* and Balurday* at 7 a. m , m*«tlnf
■learner "International" from Kaalo al
Pilot Bay.
Retiirnliif, leavea Bonner* F*rry at l:0»
a. m. Wednesday* and Sunday*.
Connect* st Bonn*! s P*rry with Or*at
Northern lallway for all point* ***t and
Bteamen call at principal landing* Is
both direction*, tnd at other point* wh*n
Ticket* told to all point* In Canada aad
th* United Stat**.
To ss,leniln rate* and full Informallea
fr -***v*#>*^-^*^*>
___i___e*' ____"__-.*-- __r__i_*»arT*-:_____ ' 'bm iir-f» hi   _*_*_____■•• em
Wrrwia   ■ a Vf Tsf*   ■****":-****tw^esAmp*r .**pw m**<r*srv. r*.ti *"i^_. ^a*w~
'jew** ajtr '^"•'A^frjei, Wfff'^.
Mischief is Done."
' A vast amount of mischief is dont, too,
< 1*1 ' brcave people -neglect to keep Iheir blood
pure. U appear* M eruptions, dyspepsia,
indigestion, oxrvottsness, kidney diseases,
and.other ailments. Hood's Sarsaparilla
cures all diseases promoted by impure
blood or low state of the system.
ilousi'i'c'C'pt-t'M In Berlin aro facing
what seems to be a crisis in the servant
question. Recently the- 'dlenstm-acl-
chen" have been seized with a fever for
going Into factories and dressinuking
establishments, and how those who are
left are forming a labor union.
' r
ftuvk Island ItciH.I Acluinaa Hui»k«.«tun-
seiinxi  r..>• 11>. I■  *-ii_n,-..
Tbn Rock Iktiiiid'RiiiDoail
lulled   n    pu-ctedcirt    in   U,t.    West  ley
equipping their engine* with smoke-eon-
-.inner*, which entircljr do «wiiv witli
Ibe heavy volume of black smoke
which is io .liNnureeithlu io passengers.
This -xjieiini-tii has been tboronghly
le*led during tbe pint lew months, on
t let I tjoloriulo Flyer, iiii.IiIihs proved
10 lit, Bticlt a'slTeocs* Unit tlie ItoVk
. lelan.l hit* adopted it over it* etillit?
sveteiu, unci, it* soon n* possthle, nil ol
tbeil engines will lie ei'iiipped with
thi* new device Ami immediately be
put buck into cci vi,...
ibis stiiokci.** liilfi., n* it Im potior
ly called, will h|l-**v__W-le to hoth patron ami tin* tuad To tlm patron ii
'doe* away with thu .black, MiOly sumkt
and ciiuUiH, -tliti*-inlillng . s 111. -1 > io tin
plenum, ol traveling; und. to the road,
it is a waving in luel as well as making
the appearance and t*ciniiuenl ol tin-
train up to .lute. The goo.! result.
trout this new equipment me uuliuiit
ed aud everything ih favorable and foi
the beat interests uf all. To niHke thn.
smokeless tiring a niece**, two thing*
aie n«te*H-r. ; the equipment uf tbe
engine with the proper apparathl tieres
eary to coiiKiime the hydrocarbons,
tbiowti oft *ioi)i the coal, und tbe
t„cirtit|->h training of engineer and lire-
man iu Ibe iDHimei of tiling und tbe
beet,.Wthods of proceeding at all
times iu order, toubtitiii the desiied result*.
The manner of equipment is briefly
a* folio***: in lhe lire Ihix of the en
ginej* built a Inillui* |j-ick atch. Be-
lofftbiff and about u foot -move the
rate* -ire bmeil fuur Ufiles in the sides
ie Ln, In each of these hole--
il iuieited A Sharp's patent deflecting
aii tube, connecting with the holloa
ur. h. Through iii.--.t- tuhe* the nut
tide ait it drawn iu and, ultei being
heated, i* allowed to mix with tbe nil.
coiisiinie.l gii'.ie-. oi By
thi* mixing lhe gasses am tiuiisferred
lato a pei l.-c i slate ol comboitinn and
ill this slate Ihej Hie consumed, at ''
thoroughly .i.-1.<.-*.-. 1 uf, thus prevent
ing tl em.Jfiom being forced out into
tl.e uir us is i ne case today on nearly
■eery ' railfottcl in ihe l'iiile.1 States.
As»isiaiit-(ielicial      .Man.i-i-i    W.    I
Allen, ami Bttpetinteiuient of Motive
Power t,l. T. Wilson, of the Kock
illand, exprea* themselves «« more
than pleased wiih the lesttltt of this
now move on the part of the road.
HI- "Keg-roe*  Killed.
Carterville, 111*., Sept. 10. C.trlcrville
wa* the scene of a bloody riot between
white und negro miners. Six negroes
wero killed, und one other mortally
wounded. Company C, Fourth regiment
1. N. <<., hu» arrived, and will endeavor
to preserve order. Forty miner* from the
llerrin mine* left that place for this city.
armed with Krng-.lori;en*on lilies, determined to assist Ihe while miners, should
Iheir services lie required. Trouble has
been brewing ever .since the militia was
recalled by Governor Tanner, since which
lime the while miners have refused to allow negro miners to come into toun.
Thirteen negroes marched into town, and
opened tire on a crowd of whites. The
whites rcluinc-i the lire promptly, and a
miming light ensued. The negroes, clos-
Ijf followed by the whites, scattered, some
i nnning up the main -tn-et, the remainder
starling down Ihe railroad truck.' Here!
the WOESl execution was done. After the
light wds over, four dead bodies were up, und another mortally woynded.
They were taken to the city hall, where
the wounded man w«» givenmcdiciil treatment, and an inquest held over the dead
"lies. Latter, qott thc llinsli mini*, in
another part of the City, two oilier bodies
were found.
„—... i  ——-   ..    "■ —■
Six Men Hol.hrrt - lla-ik.
Joliel, 111., Sept. 18.—Six robbers blew
open the safe of the Exchange bank at
Frankfort, a small village SO miles ea-t
of Jolict on the Michigan Central and
carried away nearly $_MKI in currency.
Nightwatcbman Knipple was blindfolded,
gagged and thrown into a ditch, while one
man stood guard over him. Then the
bunk wa* broken into and work began on
the safe. Three explosions, were necessary
.to blow off the door. The first aroused
a family living above lhe bank, but the
terrified people were ordered not to make
*i ia ou{oty or strike a light under penalty
of death. Having secured the money the
roLberi departed, leaving the night watchman helpless in the dii.-h.
Two -Man's ..r People r«.(
Are Kdueuted, the lii.h.i,. . Are Viry
root--The Latter Huflerlhe Most frum
the llecent Htorius.
Ponce, Puerto Rico,   Sept.   20,   There
are, genenilly spcnking, two classes oi
pcoplo iu Puerto liiin. About o per cent
me educated, thinking (oiks, who own
land and are employer*! of the git.ii laboring c!as.j. Which cur-slituic-. the ll.. per cent
of the i-.-jliv*- p^utjilidii. Thi:,,
tne peons, ha.-, always liccn iu a slate har-
deiing on absolute puvcrly. The peoiis
sulwi«t upon fi.dil, which grows abuiicl-
uatly 'everywf-licre.,-iTli.* tuvai -hum .effected the two classes very differently,
The llrst das*, has seen ils liuildin»*
wrecked, ils mai-liim-ry ruined, and it*
ripening crop* destroyed, hut the gie.cL
loss of life occurred iu the ftfcoiul class
nnd it is there thill r.lui v.ilioii Ihri-aleus.
The; planters are unable tu furnish work
lo the peons, und thc fruit on .illicit they
hftd so much depended for food i* destroy-
cul. J.clic-1 supplier are al beat only temporary, and fli-ic-ultieri oi transportation
have prevented lhe distribution of rebel
except ai most central points.
Under these qpndition* iheic is only one
thing for lhe people in do, A* last us they
e\liausl the supply of green fruit saved
Irom the storm aud use up all the edible
loots and tubers that grow iu the mountains -they pack up Iheir belongings ami
conn- into the cily. Here ihey overcrowd
the houses of the npor, sleep by Ii unci red*
in ihe city hall ami other public buildings
and mi doorsteps nnd iu park*, and wherever Ihey can liml room.
As a matter of fad people arc starving
lo death almost every day in the city of
Ponce, and while this tad state of affaire
exists there is a failure to afford coiuiner-
eial relief, whicli is the only true and
lasting  relief.
A < I.m>-<• In  Ilie ISurrlson.
Victoria, Ft. ('., .Sept. 111.—The present
garrison of the royal marine artillery here
leaves on the 20th for Kastney, Kngland.
Sour Stomsch
Back up a sewer, and you poison the whole neighborhood. Clog up liver and bow|&and your stomach is
full of undigested food, which sours and ferments, like garbage in a swill-barrel. That's the first step to untold
misery —indigestion, foul gases, headache, furred tongue, bad breath, yellow skin, mental fears, everything that
is horrible and nauseating. CASCARETS quietly, positively stop fermentation in the stomach, make the liver
lively, tone up the bowels, set the whole machinery going and keep it in order.
Don't hesitate!   Take Cascarets to-day and be saved from suffering!
4 by
M After I waa Induced to try CAHCA-
RBT9,1 will never be without them ln the
bouso. My liver w*s la - very b*4 shape,
liiicl hit head aclied unci I hud stomach trouble; New. since; telcln. Cascarets, 1 feel fine.
Hy wife hss also used them with be_e_el*l
results for tour stomach '*
Jos. KRcni.nva,
MB I Congress* St., St. Loula, Ma
lor li,
1'i.ilo... or .Ii.iii.-h   Hurry.
Lantjon, Bent .(!.- The failure of Ja
David Harry is announced.
laiprman   Iralo   Kqutpuisat.
The O. K. & N. and Oregon Short
Line have mlded a buffut, (tuokinif and
library car to their Portlaiid-Chioagp
tbtoii)*h train, and a dining car lervio*
ba* been Iniiiigtiarated. The train is
equipped with the latest chair car*,
day coaches and luxurious -nt-olau
and ordinary ileepeia. Diiect connee-
lien nude at (JrHiiger with Union Pacific', and at c Vd.-u with Rio Grande
line, from all poiut* in Oregen, Waeh-
Ington and Iduho to all Euatein cities.
For iiiforuiation, rate*, etc, cal) en
•nv O. K. _s N. ageot. or addree* VV.
II. Uurlburt, Ueueral Pa**«ag*r Agent,
Foi Hand.
25c.    50c
CASCARETS ire absolutely b.ntil'js, * purely vegetable compound. Ho mercuriil or other mistral pill-poison la Catearet*.' Catcaretl promptly, eflectlrely and permanently
cure every disorder of tbe Stomach, Liver and Intestine*.. Tbey not only aire constipation, but correct aiy snd every form ot irregularity of tbe bowels, iacl«dingdisrrb_aand dysentery.
Pleasant, palatable, potent. Taste food, do good. Sever sicken weaken or gripe. Be sure you get the genuine I Beware of imitations and substitutes I Buy a box of CASCARETS
to-day, and If not pleated ia every reapect, get yoar money back I   Write us ior booklet aad free sample 1   Address STERLING RBMBDT COMPART-, CHICAGO or HEW TORK
Sleets..!!   lllllii.'Cl   III   l'i.l'i.
London, Sept. 80. The ship Georjre
Sit-i-on of Bath, Maine. Captain Patten,
from Portland, Or., June 17, fur Taku,
China, has been burned up ni  L-o__oo.
No lives were lo-i.   The Stetson registered i
1S54 Ions, and was own.-d by Arthur S.-tv-
all i Company.
11 ii iiu.-.l nt llel.-rm.
Helena, Mont., Sept. 10.—Joseph Allen wal hanged at the county jail here.
Allen was found (ruilty of murdering ,1.
3. Reynolds, his partner in the sheep-
khelri-'g business, .July IT. 18!'**.
Kills.-1-   »;<><•»   to   S»veilen.
Berlin, Sept. 60.—Emperor William
{one to Sweden.
The Rivers Itage.l-Damage Is Stostly In
— en-miy mid AnstrlH—A 'l' Snli-
uiurgf-.l -The Itlg llrl.tKe (.cm. r.inir
Hi ii .'lre-Muny Were Killu.l.
Berlin, Sept. 16.—The floods caused
widespread damage In southern t'ermany
aaid    Austria.       The   northerly    part    of
/.ci ickau is Inundated,
Owing to the undermining of ihe railway bridge over the ben between Mul-
dorf and a train tell into the
river and live persons were killed.
All tributaries of the UuiiiitM* are Hooded. The bridge over Schwarza at r_yer-
ii.ich iciiiapscd ami ten pereoM were carried away.
Advice* from Kalisch in Russia Poland
miv 82 persons were crushed to death in a
panic in a lire there, caused by the upsetting of a lamp. The victims wcte women
antl children.   Many others were injured.
Dr.   Il.illi..-   line  Ml.
Xew York. Sept. 18.—A special from
Washington says:
As a result of the investigation of the
charges made against Dr. Kdward lied-
loe, I'nitpd States consul at Canton, it i*
stated that he will either be ordered back
to Canton or be given another position in
Ilie iiuistilar service eciually as good a*
that he occupied in China.
VVllow Fever at K.*»- W.*at.
Key West, ■•'In., Sept. 18.—Thirty-eight
new cases of yellow  fever  were  reported
\ und one .deal It.   the Increase is probably
i due hi damp weather and frequent shower*. ■    ' ■   ■
l'|«_i!~ St II.I..KO..  liny.
Liiurcnco Marques, Delagoi Hay. Sepii
'l-O^Krcsh case* of the bubonic plngne
have occurred nt Magiiite, n small place
*t\ eeem**s\*mmww*me***m**i emem]kt*\e*e
Mr*. Ada M. Herr, of 430 N. Charlotte hi., 1 aiiii'iisti't, Pa., an tiered terribly from fciuaiii disorder*, tier
nerves bicani* utislrung, ulio endured lntehte puln, tho lllghtest
labor wearied hur uud household duties beenmo a burden. Frequent
falntiicj: unci il I/*, v spells wouldcome
upon ber and sbo would fall prostrate ln n swoon. After trying several physicians without success Mrs.
Herr began taking. Pr, Williams'
Pink Pills forI'alePeople, -hesays;
i 'il'he pills brought Immediate relief, nnd after taking six boxes I wns
cured. Dr. Wllllums' Pink Pills for
Pale People had done what all previous treatment hud failed to do."
/"i-om the A'-cirniiier, Lancaster, l'a.
Our new book, l'l-lii *l'_l_s to
Wnniru., sent In plutu euvelope,
■ealed, ou request,
Or. Willi*-*' Pink f HJs lor P»l*
are n*»*f
tsld by Ihe doien or tiundred
always In package*. At all drugqlsts.
reel Irom the Or. William* Medicln*
Schenecladr, N. Y., 60 ctnt* iic-r r"
er direct
C*.  "
People who wear false hair will he
interested iu the announcement of a
strange discovery made at Antwerp. In
that city a bale of human hair, weighing 71 pounds, was stolen from a railway station. It was afterward learned
that the hair had been clipped from the
heads of lunatics and convicts In public asylums and prisons.
UNS AND AMMUNITION at Wholesale Prices t
"verybody.   mir l.srge i.tin camloaue PontslnlngW pages, *is<
*.i.jXV.;j inciieti. lull Is- seitr pcMM'-e paid cm isi'tdpt ol tlm-eeetit
to*n) one rcinrnliiK tins act hiuI inonttouluff this paper.   We csu
save vim PIC dollar* on clnns.   \\rln- ut once.
ItOK'KKTM' Ht'l'I'I.V   HOISK. Hlnnaapolll,  Minn.
■ 'resident Will   \ot   Inlrrfere.
New  York,  Sept.   10.—A  special  from
Washington pay*:
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     Notwithstanding    thp    suggestions   of
riVO Permanently Cured. No »..or.iervo,i.n«s f.°u,ke C,H'k,an and ,.*th,'r8i f^dent Mc-
rilo -rt.r Hi st day's use or Dr. Kline's cirest Kmlev has no inlentum of prolTcrmg me
Serve Restorer.   Bend for . KKK  IH'.'.CIO trial ^^** ^^^*^
I...tile snd lr<_tlae.   Dll. It.
Arch street. 1'hilH.letphis. 1'
-f-SS-^'TSCw   'linticm In the Transvaal dispute.
and Ore Testing Works.
Established In Spokane In 1HS9. Gold
Dust and Bullion bought. Send for price
list and mailing ore sacks.
I-atly Yarde-Buller, a daughter of the j
late General Kirkham, and a resident
of Oakland, Cal., has recently been deduced insane.
I |_ write t
I r  BICKf
I 1     r«c-aiv«
Suff 30th Cc
to  NATHAN        	
*FORD. Washington, D. C, thsy wUI
receive quick replies, is, (tb N. H. vols.
luff 30th Corps. Proseouttn* elalms stnoe lia
If the prudence of reserve antl decorum dictates silence ln some circumstances, in others prudence of a higher
order may justify us in speaking our
Feaee aad Iron Works.
P..1ITI..\NH  \\ lltl*.
and Iron f*i>ctitffi '
_   IRON  WORKS:   WHtl-
t'lK'.- rullliik. if. Ml Aldir.
Aroused  \i-itro llana-rd.
Macon, (la., Sept. 10.—A special from
Til'ton, (la., says:
A negro was arrested at Tyty and positively identified as one of Ihe two negroes
who assaulted Miss John-ou at that
place recently.
Two hundred men, heavily armed, as*
seinhled at Tyty. People passing ou a
train saw a negro suspended 20 feet in
the air from a telegraph pule. Search for
thc oilier negro continue*.
It Wm a Vlaze or Hrllllanry, anil Stein-
bavh Was Congratulated.
One of the events of the season wa*
the tecent grand opening of A. B. Stem-
bach & Oo.'* new clothing store, corner
of Fouitli and Moiriaon etieets, Pott-
laud. It was a scene of splendor und 15,-
OOf) rle-aed people inspected it. The
new atore is largo and roomy, light aud
aity, nnd it* elegant oaken counter*
are piled high with a fresh, latest-style
stock oi uieu'a and boys' clothing and
furnishing good*. Everything solid at
Mr. Stein bach'* store is always known
lo be ilmalile and iirst-class in* every
respect If you drop the firm a line
they will aend you fiee eamplns ot
■uitinga and rules for self-niuaaure-
ment, ao that you can order clotlling
tliat will tit perfectly and be equal to
custom-made, at ready-made prions.
In hove' clothing, the turn excels,
especially in $f> special school suits.
Visitor* to Portland are cordiallv invited to call at the Steinbach stoie and
make themselves at homo
... M_NtnrAOT.l-._D   BT ...
Such a peison ta the consrant *nvy of lh*
w.ak. nervou* pernon- of the pt-rsou with thia,
mpiire Tin, way tu build up lie—lib I*
through the _> i.
Moore's   Revealed    Remedy
Makes Impurs I.loud par*. It creates a |oo4
appetite sail s.sIms diktstiou. I1.U0 per bottlt
si j     -
. '.our drucaistM.
Vui.liiulilii lo Itelensi* Si.a.tiii i-iIn.
London, Sept. 80.—A dispatch to Ben*
ter'* Telegraph Company from Hung Kong
Advices from  Manila    announce    that
Nikola Tesla, who ls working on his
new death-dealing machine in Colorado
Springs, leaves his hotel at 11 In the
morning and does not return until after midnight.
For OoDorrhcr'A iind Qtwt uvi !>•' .-i I' 'kit* Bpeoltt'* III
•» the ONLY medicine whk-n »ili *_r>* -*»cr- e.a<i erwj
WN, NO CASK known tt ham e>er fttlrd u* cure, aa
matter now ■e-r-foti- or of how loni. -t-unMu*/. Keeuitie
Crom It* use will utonlan you. It le _,:■«-....>ly «_"-
pr«v.nt« euictwe. and i-en be Utkria trlthou: lnooove
Blenoe and detention from busl »«*_•. f<\ > tSOO. tan
■Ue by all reliable drtiRKi-ta, or aent ?r^s '.a by -£pr»M
olelnly wrapped, on nn-^pt of srixs or
PAIWT G-UEklO>j. :<>.. ta-SOMw*. *W
tXremiar mailed ott re<za«ot
Use BigC. for onnatn.-a
diirharfTA*, lnflammattoDi,
J lrritattoDi   or  nlceratloat
  of  fflci'o-i   membranM
Irreruu Meufiaa.      falnieei, and sot a*tti*>
lTHtt¥WlQ»««ICALC0. *tut or VW-*«no"-
    Sold by l>r--nrU l«.
or Mot In (ilaiu wrayyer
by  expreea,
prepaid,   (-
If.OO, or 3 botilM,
Circular teat on i
•eut on t•nvetr*
By locnl application!*, as they cannot reach the
iJiM'tt*-'. .j portion of the eur.    There is only ont
way to cure deafn.e-.t->, and that  Is hy cunsti-
.,,.,     . ,..,       >        a n    •  i i    tutton-il n-n.edien. Deufn.fS is caused by an ln-
\gniIUUflO is Willing tOreleaM till nOK and , (lamed condition ot lhe mucous lining of the
nnUh DriWneW, hilt it is added   EwsLichlun   Tube.    When   thin   tube   gets   In
civili.m Spenieh pritoner
ilmt General oti* reftuee to allow Sfmn
i*h vc-*sc*ls to proceed t» Filipino ports t.
receive ihctn.
I'.ll.l     I   III.IIIT     Willi.
St. Louis, Sept*, 18.—Athletic Park \v,i»
filled with bicycle enthusiattt, the o oedon
iM'ing the lii>t N. I'. A. cliainpionaliip
meeting of the Ktnon held in St. Lout*
under N. ('. A. sanction and rules. The
mile profeo'-iiinal handicap proved thc mo.t
exciting contest of the afternoon, Tom
Cooper Mem the final by the narrowest
of marc-ins after a desperate line with
Steven*, Kleer and Kimble.
lioiiiiiiinl.iiii.i nl Su-lif liny.
Manila, Sept. 18.—The cruiter Charles
was done*. The monitor Monterey and
gunboat Concord are reluniiiijr to Stibig
buy  lo continue the bombardment.
_______________^^_   k:.:M
Cotiirrcsnusii H.itkin.of W'iiitii-lcl, Knnsss.
Ill a recent leiter lo Ut. llartnine
Cohgreuniau Botkln nays:
"My Dear DoctOl — It gives tne picas*
nr' to certify to til. excellent   curative   ,._ n R- bomt)ard,npnt of th,
qualities of  your u.ed,c,ne*-I'.Mu;.,a   ^ (m ^.    ,)|V     .M,f ^ _. .
ami   Man-a-liu.    1 bave been  artlioteil ■-■,'-■,-■,,,-■p-■
incite or lesH foi a i|iiartei of a century
will, catarrh of the stomach and constipation. A residence in Wnahiiigton
lias indent-ell these troubles. A fete
bottles of your ill 'dicilte have |*iven me
Utmost complete relief, and 1 am sine
tha'. ii continuation of them will e-fleci
a permanent rate. IV-m-im is surely
a wonderful remedy fur cntarilial affections. .1. 1). BOTKIN."
The most ctimmcm foi in of summer
catarrh is oatatth of the sumach.
Tllli l» generally known as dyspepsia.
Congfeiiniati Botkln was a rlotlm of
this tlisease SB yeais. He-iu-iui COTel
these cases like magic, Addiess Dr.
Ilartinan, ColUlllbut, O., for a fieo
flumcd ynci have u rumbllne -cound or Imp*rf*ol
Itearlnt*. hiuI whi-n it I*. entirely closed deafness
ls the result, und unless the lnrianuimtlon can
be taken cut and this tube restored tu Its normal condition, heartn-r will be destroyed forever; nine canes out of ten are cuuiced by
cstarrh, which Is nothing but an InfluintU condition uf the mufouii  Btt-rfacs*.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness Ccaused by catarrh) that can-
nut tie cured by Hull's ejuturih Cure. Send for
uir.lil.ii».  lui .
r. J. CHENKY * CO.. Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by drUKKlsts, Tic.
Hall's  Family  rills are  the beat.
Sir Thomas Llpton, owne
A nie i
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cor* Sick Hesdsclii
and Dyspepsia, —emore Klinplesaud Purify tlit
Blood, Aid liiKuitionand-re-rent Biliousness. I)«
not ciripe or Sicken. Toconvinue run. wn will rua>
sample free, or (ull box for _>c. UK. ltosiNHcl
CO., Philada., feuuii.   Bold Lt Druggists.
Relief for Women'
RPiit/rtv, in pl-Jn,ReaU*()(*n-oloi'KJ. Writ*
to-dftv for this i'.n-k.i'ciiiiainiiiK I'arttcu
'%tS AnJ T.-tlili.MiiMLi of IHI. MAUTKl.'B
French Female Pills.
Praised by tbousiinds of aatlafled ladttttts
safe, always reliable and without an equal.
 .      BoldbjaUdniK-b* mi-tal box, Freuca
flaw on top In Blue, Wbtte and ltd.   Take no olher.
Irene- Drag Co.,381 _ as l'. -rl at.. Mew York Otty.
me about jour esse.   DR. BOSANKO. Philada., Fa
Tli.* viiiiiui* Wiped ont.
Buffalo, Sept. 'Jit. A special to the
News from Katnsliam MJ*. almost the en-
lire husiness section of that Tillage was
wiped out of existence hy a tire which
broke out in l.onis Schwert's barn today.
'ITie loss is between 1800,000 and $280,000.
Allen's l^ciot-Kense, a powder for the
feet. It clues painful, swollen, smurtlng,
nervous feet, and Instantly takes the sting
out of corns and bullions. It's the (treat-1
est comfort discovery of Ihe age. Allen':.
l-'oot-Kase makes tight or new shoes i'ei-1
easy. It is * certain cure for Ingrowing Nails, sweating, rallous and hot, tired,
aching feet. We have over :iii,iiiKj lestlmon-
lata. Try it today. Sold by all druggists
and shoe stores. Hy mail for 1—0 In
■tamp*. Trial package (TUBE, Address,
Allen S. Olmsted, la* Koy, N.  Y.
Is what I'nfli   Sun u-^es
jr. n. v.
>o. its. -tm.
All presentiments that are confirmed
I by events give a man a higher idea of
Tartar I* C Irnreel.
WashiiiRton. Sept. lfl.-TI.e war depart- . M°thfr8 wi"fl»d Mr* Win*low*a Sooth
nient received a .lepateh containing"the in? Syrup the best remedy to use for tl.rui
inform,..ion  papers   have «*»ldrea during the teething per.od.
been allowed  the   transport Tartar   at
Hong Kong,   she will proceed   to   lhe
United States at onee.
(lood humor ts one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society.
1. e  microbe*   that  cans* chills
and (aver and umlatia enter the tya-
tom threnii'li iniiciiii* membiatie*
made porous by catairh. Pe-ru-na
heals the mucous nieuibtanea and
prevents tha entrance ot malaiial j
genua, thus preveuilng and curing*
these affections.
mm \*masm\tfiemtttm»>. ^i*-.******^!^**--**.^,
Hail  Aeelilenl   In   lilnlio.
Lewiston,   Idaho,  Sept.   1ft.—Tlie  little
daughter of Krnest. Kngst. was killrd in a
runaway aeeident  neat* Morrow, a  small
place on Craig mountain last, week.
I believe Plso's Cure Is the only me-li-
cine that Will cure consumption.—Anna
M.  Ross,  Wllllanisport, Pa.,  Nov. 12, '96.
Professor Htiltlianpt has rececelved a
high order from the grand   duke   of
There are eight indies more rainfall
annually on the south shore of Lake
Superior than on thc north shore, antl
three inches more in the* cases of Brie
and Ontario. There is also a greater
precipitation on the eastern shore of
Lake Huron and Michigan than on the
Japaa _-«yl«_
E_gl_d_ Breakfast
OolO-g Uk-IB-HM'
The polite man ia always sure of his   Saxe-Welinar, in    recognition    of   his
standing In n crowded car.      , Shtirkospeurlan rcsearehes.
.. n
ts*jurtatsv*mmh*t •■< *> metetM
»,«_—.__ test assa—— .wtmr, musw^nf .a- ■ _—__  >"-'___> _—ia__r ssa st_—iua __ua_a   *&t**/_   L __M. —.-.   ——_—.-—.—■. ^msaumt ^uAsa* —  - --*1-- *
l*WJ*&.m^'!r%\w*im^Am- ew/> ;-■ ■e^ir^^'/».^if_*'«iMy.*i^_6*- :- j_ff J-l^_llK_tlw#r.-l»' <»_trflrliaw
i:.%M7-^ rx w.i 't. •?^m$?^ h&; %M£wm. %i^ % SW^Mfri WM:W$i$$0» Co-m^ajtxy^ I_/td.
"^r_h_olesa*le   etrLd.  Ketall
.Dealers Xxx Q-e_a.era,l
B. C.
For Tine- -People In tlie Slooan*
For One Week Only.
The  RAYMOND Sewing Machine,
Til- ('AHMET,   (O-ktfWilmt.)    $45.00
MAE5* m\\\m, "      "      $35.00
Jacob Dover.
Box U     .  .
• OS'T   F0I6BT
HOTBIy,        WIIABF.
JAMES BOWES    -  -  -  -    PROP.
!•; Headquarters For Dining Men :•:
-   B.C.
I* Alt, W A Y	
New Fast   Daily Service Between
Improved Connecting Service via Itevel-
atoke or Crows Ne*t Rot l-*,,
First olaat sleeper* on all trains from
Tourist cars psss Revelstoke, Daily for
Ft Paul, Thursdays for Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays Ior
Toronto 92 hours,  Montreal 96 hours.
New York 108 "     Winnipeg 6?   "
Vancouver 26 "    Victoria    91  "
For Ihe Nortb, Revelstoke, and Main
}.ine 10:80 K ex* Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 15:508^.
For Rossland, Nelaon and Crowa Nest
Line 16:50Kex. Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sundav 10*301.   >
» ^^AasTPtftpmista^upte*^,
B. 0.
Au-tiohubs, Customs Brokers,
Awo General Rial Estate Agents,
OIBce In Healer _»l_c_    -   -»    Maker St.
General Freijht iri Transfer
Business Done.
Orders leit at  News Stand will   be
promptly attended to.
SILVERTON,        -      -       -      B. C
j. m. McGregor,
£_>• M. Bx-inclle,
Will visit Silverton every
Wednesday, prepared to
repair all disabled Watchea,
Clocks and Jewelery. He
will also have on hand a
Complete Assortment ot
Jewelry, consisting of Rings,
Watt-ben, Chains, Guards,
Seals, Ac. Ac. Repairing
is Guaranteed. Prices are
as low as Firet-Class Work
will allow. While in 8il-
vurton, he will be found at
Tiie Lakeview Hotel, and
all work left there during
the week will be promptly
attended tn on his tirst vi«-
it.   A trial order I* solicited.
For Sale or Rent,
A Hotel hi Silverion.
For rates and full information apply to
pearest local agent or
W. S. CLARK, Agent, Silverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
%. J. COYLE.
A* Q. P. Agent, Vancouver
,W||*.**4a*»si;«sBlr:>»'*ll' .«i_**Ci*<ill»s»-*.»s1*4<%f «■***». i flh«»r «-r*li«*-WVe*«--)^--<^
Apply to—Math-son Bros,
Nllvtirlun, B. «:.
Land of tbe lilies of gold,
Land of the lilies of white—
Ah! can it be that your story is told?
Sullied the banner the Maiden of old
Carried unstained to the fight T
Banner of Jeanne—shall it bo
Trampled and trailed in the mite?
Trailed in the mire of black slander and
Fouled with the slime of eternal disgrace?
Better been burned oo ber pyre 1
Ah I Sweet Pucelle I were you here 1
Virgin of virion and voice-
Now, as ot yore in the cold, mocking ring
Formed of false faces tbat feigned the
true King,
Swift and assured were your choice.
Swift wonld you pass where he stands,
Swift would you go  to  him—kneel to
"Give back our honor, tbnt France may
not die!"
Crown tbe pale brow they have shamed.
Land of tbe lilies ol gold,
Land of the lilies of white,
Shake off the stupor of falshood; be biave;
Burn ont the nicer the body to  t-ave—
Think upon Jeanne and the right!
—Blanch  Mary Channing   in   Boston
lie opinion that Liberals doplore  will
have an eff.-ct which the tactics of the
Government's slavish allegiants in British Columbia could never have achieved.
"The Government in its refusal to implement a solemn pledge, has chosen to
offend its British Columbia following In
the House of Commons rather than the
C.P.R.    Sir Wilfrid Laurier would hesitate to make such a choice If tbe courage
of W W B Mclnnes characterised tbe
three other Liberal members from the
west.   Unfortunately for the people they
represent,   the Liberal   members from
British Columbia, with the exception of
Mclnnes, hnve given the Lcurler Government no cause to fear the conseqnence
of contempt for their wishes,
"Mclnnes, who has had the consciene
and manliness to remain true to his trust,
is now being denounced ua violent and
dangerous yonng man.   In the heat of
anger with a government which deceived
him and disregarded Ihe interest of the
people he represents, Mclnnes may have
used unduly trenchant langnage.   Strong
language would have been unnecessary
hsd that trio of automatons, Bostock,
Morrison and Maxwell, acted the part ol
sincere representatives of the people instead of meekly deferring to tbe convenience of the Government.    To f-ay that
strong words shall constitute a grave offence is sheer byper-critlcism wlien the
tmth Is that with more representatives
with the fearlessness ol W W 3 Mclnnis.
British Columbia would long ago have
had the letiislation it demands."
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton *•__«_*»
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing To—   ■*»• *•> MoDONALD,
t SILVER-TON, ..b n
The Nelson Tribune says that D. T.
Lowery and his paper are for sale. But
the trouble with D. T. is that he won't
stay bought In his moments of
weakness he forgets whose tag he wears.
At present time of writing, a
feeling is in the air that the labor
troubles in this section will soon be
over and the mine managers and men
prepared to reenter their former
friendly relationship so necessary for
tbe proper development of the' country-
A spirit of conciliation pi-evade*! the
expressions on both sides in the strike
and it is only necessary now for each
to suppress excitables on their sides
and allow good solier judgement to
affect an understanding. The mine
managers want men, the men want
work. Under oondi tions such a*
these the settlement ot all trouble
should be easily accomplished. Bury
the hatchet and bring ont tho peace
But until notification is sent
out by tbe Unions, workingmen
should stay away from the Slocan.
There is no more law abiding class
of men ia the whole country than
tbe Slocan miners. Ai proof of this
assertion we offer the following facts;
For over three months there has been
a miners' strike on in the Slocan. Silverton is one of the hot beds of unionism and next to the largest camp
effected, yet there has not been a
single caso of lawlessness nor a man
arrested here, for any cause, during
this strike. To show what confidence
our mine ownera and government have
in the striking men of this camp, they
have had our only policeman cached in
the brush for the last week. As there
seems no need for a policeman ir. tbis
district, tbe government might as well
saye themselves tbis needless expense.
The Colonist professes to be amused to
find that some newspapers could approve
of the Labor Day speech ol W. W B
Mclnnes M. P. The following irom the
Toronto Telegram shows that the real
significance of his remarks is belter understood in the East than it ls at the
Coast, where it would be thought that
the necessity for the speech would have
excused any extravagance of language.
The Telegram says: "If W W B Mclnnes was extreme in the words he used
in denunciation of the Government's
apathy in the matter ot anti-Chinese legislation, he has created a fnrc. which
THE 81LYERTON1AN,   |2. a year, j must be bieded,   The inflaming 0! pub-
Thorburn ^^^
Ho us© mm mm *mm-
■ 1
The eight-hour I aw. designed lo give
living wages to British Columbia laborers, and which forms the basis of Maj.
Haider's lofty refusal to be "dictated lo
by any shoemaker, carpenter or miner
what I shall do with my money," is one
of the most deservedly popular pieces o
legislation enacted bv a British Columbian Govtrament.
Thi* country is not; in need ol the
kind of imported labor that is willing to
live on (lie crumbs certain capitalist-
would throw its way. Major Haider can
go elsewhere with his capital, i( Ihe conditions of its investment in Canada are
long hours at starvation wugcji.—Toronto
His" wile's mot In r (in a terrible flutter)—Ob, dear! Ob, my,! That heavy
I-tuta XIV. ci. c\t np»* l.ns jnrrt
fallen off the wall wilh a terrible crash
on the very spot I stood on V nt a moment
belore. Her daughter's husband (uhaent-
minded)—I always said Uiat dork wa*
NOTICK :—"Kiidler" and "Rock-
Intiel Mineral Claims; situate in the
Slcican Mining Uivit-iun of It eat Kootenay District.
When located:—On Eight Mile creek
adjoining tha VYilla Mineral Claim.
Take notice that I, .1  Murray Mc-ltrogor:
soling as agent for W. W. Bpinfca. Vree I
Miner's  CertihVuto  No. iil-Mi. intend j
sixty dava from lira ibtte hereof, lo apply
to tlie Mining  Itecoriler (or a ('ertilicnb-
of Improvements, Ior Ibe puipo«fi  of ob-
taining a   Crown   Orunt ol the above!
And further take nolle*   that   action
tinder section 37,   must be commenced '
before (he issuance of such Crrtiflc-ate
of Improvements.
Dated this 17th day .(July IS'.*-..
J. RI. McGiieoor.
Notice is hereby alven that aixly
days after da'e I, W. I). McGregor,
intend to apply lo (lie Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permis.doii
lo purchase the following described trari
ol lund: (onr miles east nf
Slocan River on Lemon Creek at Ihe
month of the First North Fork, in West
Kootenav District; starling from a \uttl
marked W. D. McGregor'a N K. Corner.
SLOCAN LAKE ORE SHIPMENT."?.  I thence sootti 40 chains,   thence   west 40
1 chain*, thence north 41  chains,   thence
eaat 40 chains, to place ol beginning, the
... 1 whole containing 1(10 acres.
The shipment   ol   ore   from   Slocan J'a'ed June *>lh. 1B»
Lake points, up lo and including   the I W. D. MrGrecor
present week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Bosun Landing.
Bosun   540
From New Denver. Tons
Marion   SO
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise 680
From Slocan City. Tons.
Tamarac  20
Black Prince SO
Chaplean  15
From Silverton. Tons
Comstock   20
"        concentrates  100
Errily Edith 00
Fidelity     3
Noonday 480
Vancouver 320
Wakefield 580
0 00 per Annum.
Use   None   But
The Best!
mrs u ikuutiiM
, Notice is hereby  uiven   Ihat   litlyl
,on8- j days alter date. I intend lo apply to tbe'
Chief Commissioner ol Lund - and Works
lor permission to purch*se Ihe  following
It 11
ton will be held in McKinnon'. Hall on
Tuesday, tbe 26th inst, at 8 r. K, for the
l urpose of electing delegates to sttend
the convention to be held at New Westminster on October 5th. All members
ol the Association are requested to
NOTICE:— "Exchange, SilvkbPlate,
Skocjum, V ctobia No. 4 nnd Wasa
Miin nil C.tiiiii»; situate in tbn Slocan
City Mining Division of West Kootenav
Whete located :—West of Dayton
Creek, a mile south of Hpringer creek.
Take notice that I, J. Murray McGregor,
acting as intent for the New Oold Fields
of Briti'li Columbia, Limited, Free Miners Certiflcnto No. n212t)7, intend sixty
iIhvh Ihe date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder lor a Certificate oi
Improvements, lor the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant oi tlie above claims.
And further take notice that action
under section 37, mnst be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate o
Dated this21st day of September, 1899.
25 I 9 |9n ^ M* McGa-Oos.
.•e-wal lim Of VoM   Klk.
described land: situated fonr miles east ' tin stsatio.
of Slocan River on Lemon Creek, ut the   , ,. 1—
month ol ihe First North Fork, in Wrsl • A 'ftcticti Boo* roa nUCTK-l Ms*.
Kootenay Distiict: starling from  a -m-m Should lie in the bands ofe-«r»
marked J. M, McOregor's N. W. corner, I       Mining Man and Metail-rgisl.
thence south 40 chain*, thanes   east  401 — __
chain*, thence north 40 chains,   then.*-  It is not baaed on Uboratorv teats but oa
west 40 chains to place ol beginning, the  the i*hmnc*a_ ?»r_-r?ob2_l_Jd by the
author in an experience of ovsa twssrr
wLole containing 160 acres.
Dated Jnne 30th. 1899.
J. M. McGregor.
Owing to a reduction in miners' wages
cansed by the enforcement of the eight
hour law, the miner* are all idle and the
mines hsve  shut down.   Therefore sll
workingmen are hereby warred to keep
away from   the Slocan  and   Kootenay
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles are  amicably settled  between
mine owners and miners.
Sandon. B. C.      W. I, Hagler,
June 2nd. 1899.        Secretary  Sandon
Miners' Union
J. M. M. Benedum,
Pres. Silverton M. U
J. I. Mcintosh,
Secretary,    Silverton
Miners' Union.
vsabs, and tells how best to employ lb*'
which is already in use, not in any oe<
locality, but all over the world.
218 U 8a_u*. Stmbt, Cm caoo, U. 8. A.
TMit-   Annual
OF The Liberal Conservative Union
for British, Columbia will be held at
the Assembly Hall, New Westminster on the 5th day of Ootob.r next,
odlnmencing at 10 a. m,
All Liberal Conservatives will be
welcome. The right to vote ia confine- to delegates ohosen by Liberal
Oonservative Associations or District
Meeting regularly convened for this
purpose. One delegate for every twenty Members of such Association or
District Meeting. Proxies can only be
used by Members of the Union. Advantage may be taken of the Railway
Rates to and from the Exhibition
whioh is being held at the same time.
D. H. Wilson,   Geo. H. Oowiie,
•When In
Daigle's Blacksmith Sim BUekKa-ithiif       •  •
it. ftrfiirii* to«.
8. DAIGLE,      SILV1BTON, B «>
President. Secretary
•>*-»-* tt*. mt *.ir.**umi mm *k. -» -vTv«iv»s.' *. -v.*» rjKJtuu* *rM*.«:t*m -■**.*** .\t':.vf*fvw»*nusf.
.%s**m *- '4t****jmrm^*t>i'*r*i ■


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