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The Silvertonian 1901-05-04

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 l*f% ' Wf **■   A/r
J ^i¥tw^
itc. ijto,
tl___.ln.ir S-va-t T_b.e Pis-a.
Tins Busy Season in the liiiis is
far at Hand.
Mining; Locul* blathered Froiu This and
Other  uutrict
On Thursday a large paektrain loaded
witli tools and supplies went up to the
Condor group of mii.es and active operations will lie resumed upon that property nt once.   The Condor  i.s situated
CARDENING IS LUCRATIVE, HEALTHY AND   FASHIONABLE.;..'< ■   r.,   ,,,i!.-.  n:, .!„.,-,-,,.;, :„„i ;„i
UCe to a XdOt-W-TL :ao-o^rer.
THE WMTiitR^TLitnited.
joining Ihe   Vancouver group.   It, like
jfi*\   I U108t of (l'e properties iu ihat part of om
leached "lit with water, tht* eopper being
precipitated on serap iron ami shipped
to the refinery iu the form of precipitatd
or cement copper, eqnnl to from 75 to 80
ner cent, metallic eopper.       |
s      m\m locals.
Headquarters In  Silverion, B. 0.
lamp, is ii   silver-lead   proposition   tini!
hns  hud   a   largo amount of work tlone
upon it.   The  gioup   wus acquired last
year I'j'i lie present owners, the Congo
Minej Limited of which W. II  Sandiford
ol  the lto-un   mine  Is manager,   Tl iC
propei ty   now   heing   in  strong hands
every iff rt  will be niiule to put il upon
a shipping ba Is Ibis season.   W. Hot-
ton   will   be  in   charge of the work, as
I foreman, ami the fore-* ot miners will he
[ added to ns fasi as room can he made for
I llipiit uml  no doubt by fiiU a large lorce
will he required.
Silverton. Nelson, Trail. Ymir.  Kaslo,   Sandon,
New.Denver. Cascade City, Brand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
Messrs Wills nnd YcNiinght, have
bonded the Tunis group, u Uuat Mob ilia! n location,
A go.itl strike of rich dry ore is reported Irtim (inat Mountain by Messrs,
Young bihI Murclilson.
Ore wits shipped from Ihree points on
the Lake Ihis week. The Enterprise,
Boenn aud V AM each sending out a cur-
The Slocan Slar, nt Sandnn. 1ms now
X'20 men on tlie^ pay-roll. This is lhe
largeSI number evur emploved ut that
A. I'. McDonald is apafn bringing
down ore from lhe Hewett mine, there
bring   about    two   carloads   nt   the loot
if ilie hill wbii h will be shipped ut once.
Work has heen resumed on the big
mining tunnel being run fri-m Pandora
In   IrontOU,   In   the San .luan country of
Colorado.   This tunnel when completed j
Silverton Will Celebrate This Year
as   Usual.
The   Program   Will   Probably   Include
Football, Baseball and Athletic*.
On May 24th. Silverion will hold its
Fourth Annual Celebration, the first
celebration of Victoria Day. This was
ihe conclusion arrived at at a meeting of
the representative business men, held
on Thursday evening in the Victoria
William Hunter will be president of
this year's committee and James Bowes,
the secretary. A committee of four will
ai range for lhe various sports, they
beii g Messrs D. Brandon, J. Fir lay.
I. I! i.M.-i ami R. O. Matheson.
The plans of this committee are more
or less in the air, but Ihe intention is to
hold a Football Tournament, to which
will be over lour miles long and its' Nelson, Slocan, New Denver and Sll-
dimensfonfc nre 12x12 leet. Although Lerton ^he Invited to send fcartw. A
only 4001) feet of this tunnel ia complete,! B.lKe,„„ „,,„„ t)eween txVlJ viHitinK
alresdv three blind lode*have been cut j ,,_.„„„ w.|| a|,0 |,e arrangul for, as well
Twelve  Mile  Landing  is tie seen" of
k      «^HOTEL.
llieUillaid Shewing,
Tin1 lower tunnel being driven on tbe
Willard claim, near town, lias encountered a body of I'niieeliliiiting OH' and it
is expected Unit lie ore shnte exposed
in the upper tunnel will be lapped by
lids tnnnel wit'-in the next tidy feet.
Ibe Wlilurd is situated iiln.nl two miles
Irom town on the bead of IIuoie creek
anil is un ideal situation for 11 mine heii g
accessible nt any season of tbe year
The owners will do cmsiilt rable dev-
il'pnient work upon it ihi- seasm with
the hope of being ni.le to inaku a slapping mine out of it before full.
considerable activity nt present The
packers nre busy bringing down ore
front Ibe V it M group and packing un
supplies and blinder A commodious
! link house will he put up at the mine.
Tin" owners of lhe hotel tlmre are con-
I em pint ing reopening their house for the
SILV E 11TOS     R   0
Respps Wmk.
J U.    BOWES    P r i» |» riet i r.
Spring   {Styles
Many to
irom, at
Tailor shop
Another   property   which     has   been
started   up   this week is lhe Torpedo on
{Vancouver  monntain,asilverdead property of great promise.   The long tonne'
will he driven ahead and i.n endeavour
' made loatiikoan ore-slmie.   In driving
ibis Inline Slringetsand   hunches ot ore
have   boon   encountered   giving    ns-.iv
: values of frt'in ISO to SOO ounces in  silver
' to tbe ton   and   an   high   as 70 per cent
Mend, and ihe owners have every confidence nf yet striking a body of this rich
ore iu the tunnel.
At The Hewett
The Same Fvmuliere.
Thf  overflow  of labor from Southern
and Central   Europe, which   has  been n
marked   feature   ol   our  own industrial
situation   for  some  lenrs  past, is fell in
I \V stem Kurope nisi    Savs   the I'm-'in-
ee'rlng   ami   Mining Journal.    Not org
ago   we noted   trouble   at   some British
mines caused   by   the  Introduction of
Italian   laborers.    Tne   importation    of
I alians has been the cnn«e of trm'.hle in
France also.   Now we have a complain!
trim   Germany that  na'ivecoal miners
are   In ine   crowded   out l>y Poles.    Tbe
German mini rs ilo not relish the change.
I ut   do   not   si cm   ready   to   take nny
active   measures  lo   prevent   it as yel.
It is  only  another result of modern im •
prnvements   in   transportation,   which
make  it  possible fr surplus labnr to he
transferred al small   cost  from a country
where employment cannot he fonnd to
another a Here labor Is In greater demand.
The tendency is, of course, to reduce the
rale   of   wages,   nnd   against   this   the
German miners Uneaten lo organize.
as the usual series of Athletic Sports.
A Ball in the evening will round off the
The committee which canvassed the
town yesterday for subscriptions met
with assurance of plenty of financial
support and lhe prize list will he, ss is
usual in Silverton. an attractive one,
Further particulars will he published
next week und programs issued as soon
as possible.
Outside PartU Desiring Horses in Silvcrl.n
Can  Have Them  Reserved By  Writing To—
»■     t   ■      t.       ♦■■♦■♦ *
E A.Brown, of Sandon, has secured
the contract for the pulling up and
Installing Ihe tramway at tbe Hewett
mine of litis place nnd woik wil. be
Started np at once. The train ia lo he an
serial om, 21 to feelin length, with n
c.ipuciiv ol 51) tons per shift It will run
from the fo P ..I the hi'l to Hie N" A
tunnel ami a ill also have a station at tb»
Kofi, tunnel. Bnekele will he dispensed
with nml In tlnir place i wo conveyors
will be used, each villi a capacity fnr
carrying fifteen sicks of ore and a i si -
ranged as to h- a< le io eirry up timbers
ami supplies for tlie mine.
The OOtnpsnV will erect a targ- ore
house nl lhe foot ofthe lianiwny nml
also extend Ihe present wagon roud lo
that  point.
This tramway will enable the Hewitt
company to bring down and ship ore at
! any season of the yenr and a blockade
. need not occur again nt that mine.
Tlw Liitfl Herb. Reeves-
[Eganville (Ont.) Enterprise.)'
The remains of Mr. Herbert Reeves,
who died at New Denver. 3. C, on
Monday night of last week, arrived in
Eganville on Tn.e*d_<y of this week
(Apr 2,'!), at 1.30 o'clock p.m—tlie local
train having Taited at Renfrew until the
arrival ol the Winnipeg tiain hearing the
body. The funeral took place from the
residence of Mr. It Reeves, father of deceased, nt 2 o'clock the same day to St.
John's church. After the service hy the
ri'itor. Rev. Mr. Jones, the body was
conveyed to St John's cemeterv and interred. A laige number of the townspeople followed the remains to th "grsve.
Tliere were a nmnticr ol beautiful floral
contributions; a wreath from His Comrades; n cross from the \\ omen's Auxiliary of St John's church; an anchor
from Mrand Mis James Reeves; a wreath
irom Mr ami Mrs Drew, of Nelson, B.C.,
and across from a number of lady sympathisers in the Slocan.
Shipments of ore fr.itn Slocan Lake for
the year 1890. totaled 3078 Tons.
Shipments in IOOO totaled 4.).;(> Tons.
A few days ngo two women, one of
whom carried a baby, entered a local
c .rnet store ami signified their wish to
look at  some  cirpets.     The  shopman
The shipment    ol   ore
from    Slocun I cheerily showed them roll after roll until
a. p. Mcdonald,
silverton, • • b. c
Spain's llig Mino.
' wVWW wwwvwwv
Thistle *m- Hotel.
Lake p lints, up to an I Ind i ling   the
present week, from Jan. 1. 1901,
Fr.'in New Denver Tons
Hartney     120
From Bosnn Landing.
Bosun   LM0
From Silverton
Alpha   40
Hewett ,"i2ii
Emily Edith         -10
Fr.im (Enterprise Landing
Rnterpiise     180
From Twelve Mile Landing
V k M       20
From Slocan City
Arlington        18A8
Two Friends  40
Black I'rince tOO
Bondholder.      50
Chapleau      l'>
Speeill.itor             20
PbtMuli 20
 P AT.   (: R I I' Jf 1 N	
at-Olass       fieooiiiinocUitioii
i: 0.
A   brief  dcsciipfon   of   Spain's big
copper mino. the Kio Tinto, la given In
ihe Engineering ami Mining Jottmnl as
follows: The Kio Tinto deposits are
1 lentil ulai masses of great lateral illmen-
l sions and unascertained depths. These
I musses havo nn "iron Cap   varying In
depth   bom  40  ft   to   100 ft. or moro.
Below Ibis dip lh" lllBMeS consist ol iron
I pyrites, oarrylng from 8 to 3 per cent nl
copper.  The ml Des sro worked entirely
by open cuts, the greatest depth yet
' reached being H00 leet.    A large  hart   of
l|ie  ore  miniil   is  snltl   ehi Ily   for its
sulphur C'liitenis, wnii-it sre from 46 to I
4S p r ceiil;   from these or'- - tbo copper ,
I Is saved ss a hy •product,   Tim tonnage
i treated   nt  tho   mines   is   roasted and   sled rail 40 years.
Oxlord is the greatest university in the
Lake Superior is almost exactly the
si/.n of Oieece.
Four bushels of potatoes contain the
same amount of nourishment as a bushel
of wheat.
Wood-pulp papp as military clothing
is used by Ihe .1 apanese troops. It is
D'Srvellously tough and has a neat
Tbe life nl an iron rail ie 16 years, of a
the pre-piintion streamed.    Fir.ally  one
I (be women asked the other if she did
not think it was time to go.
"Not quite," was tho answer of her
companion. And then she added: "Bsby
iiuestosee him roll Ihem out."
Man dead.   'Nufscd.
Druggist: "Why was your wife so an-
gry at the doctor?"
Customer: "When she told him that
she had a terrible tired feeling he asked
her to show liiin her tongue."
No broader distinction can be made
between men than that which divides
tin m into two classes. To Ihe first class
belong those who always have a good
excuse why the thing required cannot be
done. The second class is composed of
those who manage to do. Foremost in
this laltei class stands nut the figure of
General De Wet. Allen Sangree, who
has just returned from lhe Transvaal,
draws a vivid picture ot Ihe character of
this most remarkable general for the
May Cosmopolitan.
The Knglish price for lead is £12 8s9d
Silver, 27?^d.   Copper, AOOhj,
New York, May 2-Bar Silver, W»Si
Lake copper,   117.00,
Lead-The firm that fixes the' selling
price fir miners and .m.-Iters quotes leai_|
at tt.AV. at the close.
i-.. --
i I 111 Hit
a Couplet* Review of the liven I* of
the Put Week—In Thia and For-
•Inn Lands—Taken Prom the
Lateat DIapatchea.
become mad in consequence of the ill treatment of his jailers.
Seattle will ask Governor Rogers for protection against Snohomish county. She
wants a quarantine.
"Billy" Smith, the American pugilist,
who was knocked out in a glove contest at
the National Sporting club recently, died.
Governor Odcll of New York has signed
the bill authorizing women taxpayers in
villages and towns to vote on propositions
to expend money for public purposes.
•Mgr. Falconia, the papal delegate in Canada, will succeed Cardinal Martinelli as
papal delegate in the United States, and
that Mgr. Zalesky, the papal delegate in
the West Indies, will succeed Mgr. Falconia.
News has reached London of a severe
battle in the vicinity of Port Darwin, Ma-
slionliuiil, between a force of Charteriand
police and natives from Chint/.i under tlie
Outlaw Mapouilara. Sixty of tlie outlaws
were killed.
At Chicago two men -will die as the result of a shooting atl'ray that occurred in
the Harrison street police court room just
after the court had adjourned. The
wounded men are Policeman William Messenger and Dr. Neison.
The famous Humbug silver mine, located at Tintic, Utah, has been sold by
Jesse Knight of Provo for a quarter of a
million dollars cash. The purcliasing parties are J. E. Dubois, a millionaire mine
owner of Dubois, Pa., and E. W. Center, a
Salt Lake capitalist.
Brigadier Oeneral Sir Frederick Lud-
gnrd, high commissioner and commander
in chief of- Northern Nigeria, and Colonel
G. V. Kenrbatl, with a force of West Africa
frontier troops, have completed a successful campaign against the powerful slave
raiding emirs of llidn and Kontagora, in
Northern Nigeria.
Once again peace rumors are in the air,
says a London correspondent. Mrs. Botha
haa been in correspondence with Lord
Kitchener, and as a result it is believed the
British commander in chief has agreed to
receive the three Boer generals—Botha, Delarey and Viljoen—within the next few
days. While nothing is definitely known,
it is expected, perhaps not without significance, that the news should reach London
fiom Amsterdam that Mr. Kruger is afraid
that Mrs. Botha's efforts will cause her
husband to surrender.
Governor Hunt ot Idaho has decided
to esqetrt President McKinley across
this state.
British Columbia ts again ln the
throes ot a political crisis brought
about by the government's bill to borrow $5,000,000 to subsidize railways in
the province.
The Great Northern expects to connect -with Canadian line at boundary
and have connection with Republic and
Kettle river districts ln operation this
(all. So says President James J. Hill.
The official name ot the exposition to
be held In Portland In 1905, as decided
upon by the Oregon and Washington
commissioners tonight, ls "The Lewis
and Clark Centennial and American
Pacific Exposition." The whole is to
be surmounted with the legend:
"Where rolls the Oregon."
The steamer Pilgrim burned recently to the water's edge at Ballard, a
suburb ot Seattle. Circumstances surrounding the conflagration were suspicious. Parties rowing to the doomed
steamer say that a strong odor of kero-
Bene was ln the air. She was Insured
(or $5,000. The owners claim she was
worth $7200.
The coroner's Jury at Helena, Mont
(ound that Matthew Hager shot Charles
Gelsa at Marysvllle with intent to kill,
and he will be tried (or murder. The
evidence showed that Hager had declared his intention ot shooting Gelss
while ln conversation with another
man. When they met ln a saloon Hager went upstairs to his room, borrowed a revolver and fired the fatal
shot with lt
At Springfield, 111., unostentatiously
and without any ceremony, the remains of Abraham Lincoln and the
other members ot his family which,
since March 10, 1900, whon the work
of rebuilding the Lincoln monument
commenced, have been reposing In a
temporary stone vault near the monument, were recently replaced ln the
crypt ln the monument which has been
built by Illinois at a cost of $100,000.
E. B. Marvin, chief clerk of the land
department o( the Northern Pacific, re
cently at the Lewiston land office,
placed Mounta Rainier scrip on 10,000
acres of white pine land ln the Clearwater country. The land filed on adjoins the selection of 50,000 acres made
last year, thus Increasing the holdings
ot the company in one body to 60,000
acres. The lands are south o( the north
fork o( the Clearwater, to the best and
most extensive white pine belt ln the
At Portland a bloody tragedy occurred recently on the fourth floor of
the building occupied by the New England Telephone company. George H.
Bralnard, a foreman electrician, who
was employed by the company for almost 20 years, while chatting with his
fellow workmen, whipped out a 38-
calibre revolver and opened fire on tho
party around him. He was evidently
an expert marksman, (or ln a brief
space of time he killed one man outright, (atally wounded another man,
and probably (atally wounded two others.
Callahan has been positively Identified ae one ot .the abductors by young
Cudahy.   He know him by Ws brogue.
M Clayton, N. M., Thomas E. Ketch-
ber, was hanged last week.   Ths rope
broke, but his head was jerked off.
The Rov. Lyman H. Sherwood,
founder of Lyon Music academy, is
dead at utahome in Now York, aged 73
lears. He was ordained to the Episcopal ministry in 1850.
Chicago manufacturers of clothing
representing an aggregate capital of
$15,000,000 to $20,000,000 have decided
to form an association which will combine with similar bodies throughout
the United States.
Ll Hung Chang sends word to tho
Christian Herald thait a serious (amine spreads over the whole province of
Han-si. Over 11,000,000 population .affected. Urgent reuet Is necessary. The
conditions warrant immediate appeal.
The heaviest rain on record fell at
Topeka recently, the precipitation ln
one hour being 1.67 Inches. Lightning
tore the German Evangelical church
and killed John C. Cooper, a gardener.
Alt Anthony, 50 miles south, three Inches of rain (ell within two hours, and
congested the streams.
The fishing steamer New England
has established a new record. She arrived in Vancouver from the north end
of Vancouver Island, where in a single
day the catch aggregated 110,000
pounds of fish. On several occasions
the 100,000 mark has been reached for
a day's fishing, but never before exceeded.
Itema Gleaned From Late Reports—
All Dlatrlcts Are Being Developed
—A Proaperoua Year Ia Predicted—
Mlnliiic Notea and Personal*.
Tin- (Viitir Canyon district is activt) tmt%/%  CSsfifS \\\Ma*tt*jaK*m*
and looking well.   A visit to the camp **M*W*V9y t#V_PV WVUIVIEn
proves a revelation of great posslblll- Havo Heen restored to health
ties.    Large quantities of high grade by lydla E* Pinkham's Vege*
ore are sacked and on the dump ready table Compound.   Their let*
tor shipment. tors aro on tlio snd provo thia
No. 5 shaft at the Tamarack mine,
In the -copper region of Lake Superior,
is one of the most notable pieces of
mining work ever undertaken. It is
4,680 (eet deep, and the work of slnk-
statontent to bo a foot, not a
mero boast. Whon a ntedl*
olno ham been successful in
curing so many women. you
cannot wall say without trym
New   Medical   Discovery.
Dr. Charles L. Vlllar, an Argentine
army surgeon, has just published a report of the treatment of 50 oases of
tuberculosis with his serum at the military hospital in New York city. The
treatment extended (rom December 2,
1900, to April 20,1901.
Tuberculosis in the early stage', says
Dr. Vlllar, was cured within 40 days.
Patients whose cases were more advanced all were cured except those .who
could offer very little resistance to the
Dr. ViHar did not divulge the character of his serum, but tt is a yellow fluid.
Hypodermic Injections are made, varying in quantity every second, -third,
fourth or fifth day, according to the
individual cases.
Argentine physicians have been Invited to investigate the alleged cure
and the serum treatment
Dr. George F. Shrady of New York
city, In an interview published in the
New York Herald commenting upon
the dispatch, said that the medical profession did not plaice much confidence
In the serum treatment of tuberculosis.
He said:
"The medical profession now holds
after centuries of experiments, that the
proper treatment for tuberculosis is a
change to dry, pure air. The Impression that men are not oured of consumption is a prevalent and an erroneous one. There have been many thousands of cures. The fact that Dr. Vlllar
does not give the formula of his remedy would prejudice the medical profession against It.
Although active, ©]>erajt!ons can not
There is hardly a shadow o( a doubt be undertaken (or some time on ac-
but what the Boston & Montana, and ^^t 0f 8noWi there is every Indica-
the Butte & Boston mining companies (tlon that the ooming summer will see
o( Butte wtill be merged Into the Amal-  a great deal ot llfe ^n the copper belt
ing It occupied four and one-half years.  /ng ft _*« / ao „ot believe It
A  1 I ll , vl I ■ rl I      oul ii-ii     nliiU'ot inlto      ikiii      11 i it _______._________■ __________ *
wlil help mo."
gamated Copper company.
that extends from Wallace, Idaho, eastward to Iron Mountain, Montana.
Seven hundred and fifty employes at
the East Helena plant of the American
The Mountain Lion shaft is down
about 675 (eet, leaving but 25 (oet, with Smelting and Refining company have
the exception o( the 25 foot sump to be - g0ne on atrlke. It is supposed the men
sunk before the shaft Is completed. are dissatisfied because of a slight re-
Excellent progress ls being made on | duotlon made in their wages with the
the Lone Pine-Surprise tunnel. It ls ■ introduction of the compulsory eight
in about 110 feet and there are but 75   hour Jaw   pegged by the recent legls-
to 80 (eet to run beiore the ledge is cut.
Superintendent W. M. Crummer
states that the long Oold Ledge tunnel
is in a little more than 250 (eet and
that (rom now on the tunnel will be
driven much more rapidly, as the machinery Is ln good shape for working.
The Chioo shaft has been timbered
up in good shape and the bulkheads
put ln ait the 300 foot level. The Bhaft
has been sunk (or several (eet by hand
and one set o( timbers put In. The machine drills were set in motion and It
Is believed that rapid progress will be
The Princess Maud has been put in
shape te resume sinking in the winze.
This will be carried from the 300 foot
level below the tunnel level to the 500
foot level, making the total depth 750
feet below the croppings. It will take
about three months to finish the winze.
The first Installment of the next
Morning Glory shipment left for Grand
Porks last week and the rest will follow as soon as teams can be got to haul
It. The entire shipment, which It Is
expected te be the largest in the history
of the mine, is expected to be at tlje
smelter by the end of the month. Work
is still being continued ln the winze
and there If no material change in the
width or value of the ore.
The main Wauconda-ledge has at last
been cut, the big vein just passed
through having proved another blind
lead. The average samples of the seven feet showed a value of $13.20. A
picked sample assayed $49 per ton. Tt
will take at least a week to get through
the ledge. This strike seems to remove
all doubts about the Wauconda being a
big mine. The ledge is being cut almost 600 feet below the surface.
to benefit the human race should be as
free as air and water.'
A second smelter seems practically
assured te Orand Forks.
A cablegram from London was received recently at Rossland stating
A remedy designed I that a controlling interest ln the Le
Declared by the Court to be Unwholesome, and Its Sale In Violation of
the Pure Food  Laws.
A case ln the courts of Davenport,
Iowa, the other day appears to have
fixed the status of the alum baking
powders as an Illicit article of trade.
It seems that The Pure Pood Co.,
of Chicago, sold to a firm of grocers ln
Davenport a quantity o( baking powder called "Pure Food Baking Powder." The grocers sold same of it,
ascertained that lt was an alum powder, returned the powder' unsold to
tbe manufacturers and refused to pay
for It. The manufacturers sued to collect.
The case was tried before Judge
Bollinger and a jury. Attorneys Neal
& Neal, and S. A. Finger defended the
grocers. It was shown that the powder contained alum. The defence
claimed, consequently, tbat tt was Injurious to health and that traffic ln
Roi mine has been picked up by a syndicate of London investors, prominently Identified with the Exploration company. This will account In a large
measure for the rapid advance in the
price of the shares, whloh has reached
£9 17s 6d. The rumor Is also current
that the same people are endeavoring
to secure control of tne Center Star
and War Eagle mines.
Word has been received at Phoenix
that a miners' strike is on at the Nickel
Plate mine, in the Similkameen. Notices warning union men to keep away
have been sent out by the damp McKinney miners' union, the nearest organization of miners. The Nickel
Plate le located in Camp Hedley, up
Twenty Mile ereek, about (our miles
(rom Similkameen city. Manager Rogers of the Nickel Plate Is said to have
announced a cut from $3.50 to $3.00
per day In wages for miners. All but
a few of the 25 men employed walked
out. The Nickel Plate ls owned by the
Marcus Daly estate, and is said to be
one of the richest mines In the Slmll-
lt was against public policy. Expert j kameen country. It Is equipped with
testimony was introduced to Bhow that an air compressor and is one of the
alum when taken Into the stomach largest employers of labor ln that sec-
would influence the gastric juices to j tion
the detriment of the person using it. mh- n*M«_. \,.~...\. «t»i„, « um
The jury rendered a verdict for the I , The Golden M(,w,*n* Min!nR * M111',
defendants, which means   that   alum  llng comply of  Spokane  has hail a   where the product may be treated by
baking   powders   are   deleterious   to   Plece ot good fortune in driving the ; mills, cyanide and chlorination works,
The Rosebud mine at Aurora, Mo.,
caved recently and burl ted five men at
a depth of 110 feet and 70 feot from the
main shaft. The sounds of tapping on
the steel rails gave their friends assurance of life. Several hundred men,
working In relays, are striving to rescue the entombed men but It will take
at least three days to reach them.
Ray Waylebt, a miner employed at
the Tiger-Poorman mine at Wallace,
Idaho, was killed recently by falling
about 50 feet down an ore shoot, striking on his head. He was a single man
about 28 years old. His parents live
at Victor, Mont., to which place his
body was shipped.
As a consequence of the recent terrible disaster in the coal mine ait Cumberland, B. C the miners in Nanalmo
are circulating a petition, addressed to
the legislative assembly of British Columbia, asking that a new law be passed providing for the examination of
persons who wish to work in coal
John MacGlnniss, assistant to F. Aug.
Heinze of the Montana Ore Purchasing
company, and a stockholder ln the Parrott, and Daniel bamm, a stockholder
of the Parrott company, have liegun
suit in the district court at Butte, similar to that liegun In Jersey City and in
which an injunction was Issued. It Is
set forth ln the complaint that the Parrott is about to transfer all its properties to the Amalgamated: that the
affairs of the Parrott and the other
companies to the Amalgamation have
been handled by the officers of the
Amalgamated company ln a way to
hurt the Interest of the stockholders of
the several concerns.
Four million dollars' worth of oro ls
ln sight in the Kendall gold mines near
Lewistown, 100 miles northeast of
Helena, Mont. This deposit of gold Is
the largest ln the northwest
The figures given are those of experts, made for Finch k Campbell of
Spokane, who a few months ago took
a bond on this property for $450,000,
to be paid on May 1 next.
They put a largo force of men to
work and drove a tunnel 400 feet Into
the deposit. Crosscuts made at various
Intervals show the deposit to be 140
feet wide, at least 400 feet long and
180 feet deep.
Samples taken show an average
value of $10 por ten. and there are, according to the estimates, 400,000 tons
blocked out. The ore Is a sedimentary
deposit, similar in character to that
of the famous Rand mines In South
It Is In a contact vein, with lime as
a footwall and a porphyry hanging
wall, a remarkable deposit In many
ways, which is exciting Interest and
attention of mining men all over tjie
The ore Is mined ln an open cut on
the side of the mountain and ts free
A meeting of all silver-lead producing mineowners of the west has been
called In Denver, Colo., to decide what
shall be done aliout an ironclad contract submitted by tho American
Smelting & Reftinlng Company. Kvery
mining district In the    state   except
Vegetable Compound
Is a positive euro  for aU  those painful
Ailments of Women.
It will entirely euro tho worst forms of
Female Complaints, nil Ovarian trouble*,
Iii-iiiiimntiim Mid Ulceration, Falling Hnd
I lisp laoeuiunt s of tho Womb, ami consequent
Spina) Weakness, nnd in peculiarly adapted
to the Change of L\fc..	
i   Your lueiTloliio eured uae of Uf.
riblo (amnio illness.
Murf. M. K. Moli.br,
IA Concord Sq., Boston, Magi.
It has c.in.il mine cases of llackacho and
Leucorrhwa than any other remedy tlio
world has ever known. It is almost infallible
in such casos. lt dissolves and ei|iol»
Tumors from tho I'torus in an early stajre
of 111- v * -1. i j 11 t. and checks any tendency
to cancerotiH humors.
Ymir ' Vegetable  OompotUM   ro-
ntovi-tl a Fiiiroiil Tumor from nty
womb alter ilnelnrs failed to give
relief. Sins. II. A. Lomuahii,
WeMdale, Mimt.
Bearing-down Feeling
Womb troubles, causing pain, weight, and
backache, Instantly relieved and peruia-
nently cured by its uae. Under all circum.
stances it acts iu harmony with the laws
that govern the female system, and Is as
harmless as water.
BaekaehS  left mu after taking
tbn Hi-coed i'ii:-.    Vour medtciut
cured me when doctors fatted.
MltS. S.UIAII lllll.STl.IN,
8 Davin Hl'i.'lt, i..it I. mi St., Lowell, Mui.
Suppressed or I'uiin ul'Menstruaiions, Weakness of the stomach, Indigestion, Bloating,
Flooding) Nervous Prostration, Headache,
(ieneral Debility.
medicine.    I am
thankful for the good tt lias don*
mo. Mrs. .1. W. J.,
70 Carolina A v.-,
.Tiimiiloa I'laiu (Iloston), Main.
Dizziness, Faintness,
Extreme Lassitude, "don't caro" anil
"want to lie left alono" fueling, excitability, irritability, nervousness, slt*op!«*Mit-_.s,
flatulency, melancholy, or the "blues " and
backache. These are Hiiro indications of
Keinale Weakness, some derangement of the
I was troubled with INazlnen,
Headaches, Ksintni-ss, SnuHing
Limbs.   Your metttcine cured tne.
MltS.  S w: ill K. llAKI.II,
         ISuckiport, Mt.
The whole nt-irv, however, Is laid In aa
Ulustrateil book uhli-h goes with each ImU-
t!■-. the most complete treatise on li-uuil.
complaint • ever published.
lor elijlii  visits  I  FUiTorcii ivilh
tomb  tumble,   and   waa entlrelv
cured by Mrs. l'liikbam's medicine.
Mns. I.. L. low tt,
Littleton, N. H.
Kidney Complaints
and llackacho of cither sex the Vegetable
Compound always cu'reg.
The  Vegetable Cob-
Ljdia E. Plnkham's
Liter Pills curt
Sick Headache, 25c.
ound   ts sold by all
BR -
mall, in form uf I'llls
Sound   U
or tent by
or   I_nsriigcs.   on   ra»
cet|.tof »1.00.
( eyrctjuniilence fret,
You can address tn strictest oonflilenre,
LTUli K. FIMalUX Btli. CO., I.jnn, Put.
health, their Bale Illegal ln the state.
The pure food laws of the state are;
long crosecut tunnel on the Foghorn at! as is largely the case at Cripple Creek,
Ymlr. At 200 feet from the mouth of j will be at the mercy of the trusts. The
the tunnel a blind vein was encounter-' trusts will have the mines producing
ed showing a stringer of good looklrg' lead ores by the throat. The price of
ore about 13 Inches .wide. This new ' gold ls fixed at $19 per ounce, whereas
discovery promisee well, although the the trust will receive $20.ti7 por ounce
actual value of the ore haa not yet been I for it. The rates are bused partly on
ascertained. tho railway freight charges, and as the
Encouraging reports are at hand railways ure going Into the hands of
from the Ainsworth camp, where mln- tho same flnanclul kings, tho smelter
ilng matters have picked up materially trust will lio ln a position In make if
during the past week. If the lead mar-' bates on freight to Itself, while charg
ket takes a turn for the better the camp Ing full tariff to the miner. An ore con-
wlll have one ofthe liveliest seasons ln taining $30 worth of mineral and ptiy-
Its history. | ing $10 per ton freight will pay $n
Work iln the big tunnel nt the High-' i>er ton treatment charges, thus leaving the miner $3 net out of which to
pay the cost of operating his mine and
mining notes. proflt for himself.   Such a mine must
Butite mining men fear serious labor cl(*e down nt once. A $50 ore, paying
troubles there about May 1. I IU  P»r 'ton  freight,  will  pay  $18.5(1
A new odl district has been found at treatment charges, leaving $20.50 per
Palouse City, Wash., and lt gives splen- ,ton for tho miner. The treatment
<lld showings of gas and oil. j eharges are an Increase ou prevailing
The Mountain View group, two miles   rate9'    Owners of  the    two    leadtag
went of Northport, Wash., whloh has   chemical gold reduction plants, with a
to the general» guarded castle and slip-  t^  ln  ccnti,^,,,,  litigation since  capacity of 1500 tons dally, will go to
pcil  Ihe   important  document   under  his
door.    The officer did  not tarry  to  note
Fouled   Clay.
Richmond, Ky., April 28.—By n skillfully planned rime Constable Neals Anderson Hiii-ceiih'd in serviiijr a writ on (ien-
eml discus M. Cliiy, notifying liiin that
Iii* bank account ut the Sttttc liniik k
TriiHt company of this city liml been attached hy his daughter, Mrs. Mary G.
Clay, nnd her son, Attorney George Clay.
The attachment grew out of the trouble a
few weeks ago, when Oeneral Clay, with a
rifle, dispelled a sheriff's jmissc which went
to White Hull to secure some household
goods belonging to Mrs. Clny.
Despairing of obtaining the goods without serious trouble, Attorney Clay ilii-idt'4
to let bin keep Ihem, bnt sued out an at-
t.iclunclit fur -MKK), the value of the goods,
und levied on the general'* bunk account.
Constable Anderson was commissioned
to serve the notice, and ufter wverql hour*
of pattest watching he stealthily crept up
Of tin'
lander le In full swing.
wliut transpired, but ns he fled from tlm
premises he hoard the general's ulurm bell
tiling for his armed retainers,
Accidentally Killed.
V.illey, Wash., April 28.—Hurry Adams,
aged IS, from Spokane, accidentally shot
Alfred .lenkins, aged IS, through the
heart. The Jenkins boy died in less tlmn
five minutes.
Cheaa Hatch Waa a Draw.
New York, April 20.—Thc third inier-
1»96, -will soon resume. | New York to complete the sulo to th
It ls reported from the Keep Cool on smelter trust. They have lieen (rocen
lAke Pend d'Oretllle that a crosscut  0llt ^^ low ™tes.
from the No. 5 tunnel hai exposed 20 	
feet of ore.   The grade of the ore can      Tjondon.—Bar silver, steady, 27 5-8d
not be learned. . P0' 0"ncc-
The Jumbo, at Buffalo Hump, Is to San ^»n<)lsoo.-4ilV« burn, r,0 7-8c;
havo a stamp mill and concentrator.   M*"0"1 dollars, 4!)'/,@50c.
The mill will be of ten stamps and the	
plant -will lie rushod In as soon as lt can fi"" nt Hun ►mmoUoo.
be got over the reads. |   Sun Francisco, April 88.—B. It. Folgtr
The tunnel being run to tap the 81m- of the Ouklund Clolf dub won the mens
nwins claim on Bear gulch, near Mur- umuteur championship of the Paolflo Const
ray, Idaho, ls ln over 200 feet and good Coif association, In the Una! round with
progress Is reported.   Tho group ls un- John Lawson of lhe Sun Francisco Goll
I.on   Hates  to   \lnnl.ii.
Seattle, April 28, The dissolution
combine of transportation companies doing
business between Seattle and noutheastera
Alaska, which u.ts announeid receiitlyi
has led lo ,m open wm iii passenger snd
fnig.it  r.ttes.    The ulnsli bus already ir '
half  wny  Into the  r.ites  fixed  by  the >li-
fiiini organisation, nnd the boinpaniet sn
lined up for a war thut may continue «H
Two compaOiei have annoutuud thc p;t"-
senger raft of $h from Seattle to Skngwsy.
Other concerns are down to ifin and $11
The association rate waa $18;
A proportonate cut hi* bsen mule in
rates for freight uml lin- «iuck rate* an
down frnm Q0 tn »7,r.u n luuvl.   .Unless i
'•"iii|u tise   is   meanwhile   effected,  "'
uhi.'h transportation men bave no hope,
thf rates will reach siMl lower poinht
with the opening of navigation on thf
Yukon next month.
um, alias "Black Jack," the train rob- draw.
nation*! chess mutch by cable ended In a J derr bond to the Murray Development dub he defeated Lewion by fl „,, uml 4 to
Merlon,,   Korea!   Fire.
Duluth, Minn., April 28.  -Advices fmtn
Ashland, Wis., report thc first swimi-* forest   lire  of  the  se.isuii   nrontly,   when   '•'
000,000 feet of hemlitrk logs ivt'ic burned
nenr Mullen. Fires nre reported along l'ie
south shore of I_uke Superinr.
Kmner lo visit America.
London,  April   BO,—A  dispatch  fn"1
Amsterdam announces that Mr. Krug*
will leave for the United States ut H'6
eoiiiiiieiiiciiieiit „f .June.
 ... •   ,. T-~Z*7"
Berlin Ir affllctod by a new toy I*'
ported from Paris. It Is a pocket whittle that emits a while, winding up ^
a shiiek of "Mamma, mamma."
The Hast I'resi rlptlor fbr Malaria
ri11,1,'",,!""1 'svar Is» bottloof Grove's Ts"tel<*
thilliTontc, Itisslniiily Iron and cjnliiioojr
a tasteless lonii.   N„ i:ure, No 1'ay.   I'rli'o8*
In Bohemia 63 nobles own tho W"
of the country. None of their est*1-
Is less than 12,000 acres. Humors
Wuste mattei-8 which the skin, kid-
"t neys and other organs were too torpid (in the cold days) to take care of,
- and cannot take care of now without.
" help, there is such an accumulation
of them.
They lifter the whole system. Pimples, boils and other eruptions, loss of
appetite, that tired feeling, bilious
turns, fits of indigestion, dull licad-
aches and many other troubles common in the Spring are due to them.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Removes all humors, overcomes all
their effects, strengthens and tones
the whole system.
" bust spring I had a lot of sores on my
fine. I began taking Hood's Sarsaparilla
uml they went away. I am now stronger
mnl healthier than ever before." John E.
Moungoven, Point Arena, Cal.
Hood's Sarsaparilla promises to
cure and keeps the promise.
-SI'      I  I —III
lr ion rmvea i a resulai health ,■ movement of MM
b-.-xri-ls i very Arty, ynn ro slek. or wil, t ,•   Keep yi 11
iHi-ult. nped, uu I to wall.   I-'uroii. In Uie nhaueui
violent nliyhle Of  |illl   (leinn'i. ....   ilatH-croU-.     Tb.
bu.utiii >i,caHle'it. boost perfeol war ol t.r*«iiiigtt»-
I.... ■    i leur htm clbau ta tu ink*
Pieasnni   Palatable. 1'i.tent Testeileod Do Goo.
Ni"   -- i-keli. Wi'iiki-n it fin,*. 'tin,       Hto   Writ
for free -ample  .um !>.... ,.i..| .,,, ia,.,.-r|i    4i1dre»»
prrll.e l.'w.tj I _>_.„_..». I *i**w.. «._e__r tl. ta* T.,i.  *.v
i uiinillan   Golf Toiirnnment,
Toronto, Out., April 86.—The Canadian
t.'uli association has named September '2">,
2il, 27 and ~2h for its annual championship
anil i-riti-ipi-tjviin-i.il mutch on the Toronto
link-. The nniiii.il international match
with tlio lTiiiteil States Ii.is lieen dropped.
Take UarfluM Tea lur const.pa-
tn.n; ll has tbla tu revurameud It;
It It made from health-giving
herbs ami it _,uiely cuics.
Ilerlln Is to have a school for coach
men, in which drivers are to he taught
in s''t along In the crowded city
Slop* tho Cough .nd
Work* Off tho Cold.
I;!1 ni Ive lit mi.ii-tjin niiii' Tablets curt) a cold In
une day. .No cure, No Pay.   Price 126 cents.
The wornout uniforms of the Brit
Ifh army, when sold, bring back Into
the war office treasury close upon
Jir.0,000 a year.
Sufferers from this tumble malady
■early always inherit it—not necessarily
from ths parents, but may be from some
remote ancestor, for Cancer often rans
through several generations. Tbis deadly
poison may lay dormant in the blood for
Eat*, or until you reach middle life, thca
a int little sore or ulcur makes its ap-
taaiSS-Sa—or a swollen gland In tne
breast, of some other part of the body,
gives the first warning.
To erne Cancer thoroughly and permanently all the poisonous virus must be
lUminatad from the blood—every vtatsga
d tt drives out This 8. S. S. does, and
Is Ike only medicine that can reach deep-
Mated, obstinate blood troubles like this.
when all the poison baa been forced out
tjf ths system ths Cancer heals, and the
■Maes never returns.
Cancer begins often In a small way, as the
following letter from Mrs. Shirer shorn
A saaN pimple cant oa my law about aa loch
•slew lli* ear oa tha Ult alda ol my fact. Ilgaes
M ao pais er loconvrn-
saea. aad I ahsuld bare
eaabotrt H bad It
in to Inflame and
. would bltad a
Utile, was aeab over, bat
UMd not lical. This
aonrtotutt for son* time,
wtaa my Jaw begaa to
til, betealai very
iluftil.   tfceCaowbf
m lo tat and spread,
atfl It was ss large aaa
alfdallar.wfcea I board
* S. S. S. aad daiarmia-
tortv* K a fair trial, it
I It waa (era.
_.. om Ib* reiy bag
heal .ndaflcr taking a few bottles disappeared
waa lemarkable
What a wonderful cf tot
m bad from Ib* re ry beginning; Iks sore began ta
enrlrtly. Tbla waa two ye.rs ago ; thei r ar* still
*" algas eftke Cancer, aad my g*aerat bcatlb
Matinues )eod.—Hut B. Baiaaa, La Plata, Mo.
I is ths greatest of all
! blood purifiers, snd the
only one guaranteed
| purely vegetable. Send
for our (res book on
Cancer, containing valuable and interesting information about this disease, and
write our physicians sbout yonr case. Ws
saake no charge for medical advice.
tw swim IfrciFic co, atuhta. u.
Is liefit time to cure Catarrh,
llroiicltltlH and Consumption
Our remedy Is guaranteed, fl
W. H. SMITH 10iMllO,'l.Y.
Imperial Troop, Routed With Severe
Loss-Jut Up a Stubborn Ke.l.tanoe -
Kettloler Waa In Uouimund of Allied
Berlin, April 29.—The German war
office has received the following advices from Count Von Waldersee:
"Pekin, April 28.—Three engagements occurred April 23 anil a fourth
April 24 ait the great wall between the
four columns under Oeneral Ketteler
and the Chinese troops under Oeneral
IjIu. The Chinese were everywhere defeated, and after a stubborn resistance
were forced baick over the wall, being
pursued as far as Ku-Kuan. Our casualties were four officers wounded and
three men killed and 32 wounded. The
French troops were not engaged."
"General Ketteler's brigade, reinforced, marched In four columns
against the great wall, Colonel Ledehur
commanding the right wing, others being commanded by Colonel HolTmels-
ter, Colonel Wallmerch and Major
Huehlenfels. Ledebur reached the
wall April 24 after a slight engagement
near Hal-Shan-Kwan.
"Hoffmelster drove back the enemy
April 23. Oa the same day Huehlenfels encountered a strong body of the
enemy, occupying a position on the
heights commanding the pass. The
enemy fought stubbornly In a particularly strong position, which was only
taken after eleven hours' fighting.
Huehlenfels and Lieutenant RIchter
were slightly wounded, and Lieutenant
Drewells was severely wounded. 'A
standard bearer and another were
killed and six men severely and ten
slightly wounded.
"Wallmerch attacked and dispersed,
April 23, a far superior force of the
enemy in a strong position east of the
breach of Hae-Cho and effected a junction on the battlefield with the battalion under Major Muelmann, from
Teing-Ching, and, taking up the pursuit, overtook the enemy In a fresh position on the south. This was captured
and the enemy were pursued as far as
Ku-Kuan. Wallmerch followed them
thither. The enemy suffered severely.
Eleven old and two new quick flrere
were captured. On our side one man
was killed and three were severely
wounded and nine slightly. Lieutenant Duesterburg waa shot through the
right arm. The enemy are everywhere
in retreat. General Von Lessel has arranged with General Bailloud that the
French troops shall occupy Ku-Kuan
for the present and secure his left
"Ketteler's brigade Is marching by
short stages to Pao-Ting-Fu, and
Huehlenfels' battalion along the mountain to Pekin."
Nine Chinamen will be executed in
the American district for highway robbery and violence. The men in question were tried and sentenced according to Chinese law, but they were the
first of such sentences to be approved
by General Chaffee.
General Gaselee, the British commander, the officers of his ptaff and
the entire British contingent gave a
fare.wel lenitertalnment to the American officers last night All officers who
were not actually on duty were present,
nnd the utmost enthusiasm prevailed.
Speeches were made hy General Gase-
lass and General Chaffee.
England'. Army and Navy.
It waa  recently  stilled thut.  England's
army nml nuvy in ii>adet|iiHte to  properly
defend hemelf Inuu   n  Hidden   Onslaught.
England in, in thin Instance, like the Individual who allows disease to creep into Ilia
system through a stomach too weak in
properly digest the food luken into it. Tu
Btreiictfieii lhe .Uoiiiiii.h there is nothing
Inner limn   Hosteller's Siniiiiicli   Hitlers.
it cures dyspepsia, oonstination, Indigestion, liver and kidney trouble, mid us a
tonic ia iiifoiii)uirHi'le.
Nniiil_i>    nl   lliillnlii.
Buffalo, April 21.—The question of
whether the exposition grounds are to lie
open on Sunduy litis liet'ii finally settled
by the board of directors.   Their decision
is I compromise.    The (fates nre to Ik- open
from I p. in. to ll p. in., hut the midway
mill nil amusement features will lie closed
during the 24  hotiri from Snlimliiy until
I inli   Arlculilli   Well.
Lewiston, Idaho, April -2*. The filth
flowing artesian well st the Dowd farm,
nix miles south of this ciiy. was struck al
fl depth of _>(MI feet, il luiyi' How resulting,
The total volume of the live wells is now
ulioiit 'Aim gallons per minute. Explorations will continue, und the purpose of .he
owners is said t<> lie to establish I |>i|i' line
system to I^wislon.
I1F W'ltt to NATHAN t-'t__Vl^S_»IV__/l^
| iiicKniitn. Washington, D. C. thev will ro-
'■ eelvequlek replies. II. Mil N. II. Villa. HUH
'"tli Corps.   I'rosucutliiK claims since 1878.
N. N, 0.™" No. 18, 1901.
HoU>   Of 1'rleat  lleeoi-t-reil.
Montreal, April -it*.- Tha body of the
ini"iiiH priest,  ltev. .Inly, Iiuh been  found
in ths lake nenr the parish,   Father Joly
disappeared live months ago, but the fact
wns not made public until April 2t>.   Two1
weeks befora iii" disappearance he draw
$2«MHI  from   the  bank,  which  money  cnn
not he found.
Ilnrvnril   Urailiiatns   I'rolest.
BoitOnj   April   2H,--The   coin-mil tee   of
graduates of Harvard represent injr those
opposed to having the university grant a
ill-nice of LL. I), to President  McKinley
hnve   mailed    "IHHt copies of   the   protest
framed by certain of the alumni, nml it is
expeotcd answers will liegiu to come iu
next week.
When vou take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic,
because tho formula la plainly printed on every
lioitli-slimvlnir iIihi li Is slmjily Iron and Qui-
Ohio lu a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay. Mm.
One of the most costly games a woman can play ls tbe game of consequences.
Bui fie Diagnosis Waa Wrong—When the
liliiml  Waa Knrlchend the Symptoms
I»lsllp|ie: r   da
.From Presbyterian J ureal, Phila., Pa,
After years of patient and intense
suffering, Miss Gertrude Gilbert, of
3201 Dauphin street, Philadelphia,
Pa., bus recovered her lost health,
and is today a rosy and blooming
specimen of young womanhood. To
a reporter she gave the following account of her cuse:
"I had been sick for a long time,
when a friend urged me to try Dr.
Williams' i'ink Pills for Pale People.
Previous to this three doctors hud
treated nie. Tliey diagnosed my trouble
as heart disease, together with con
Btunption, and prescribed accordingly.
All this medical treatment did not
benefit iu° in the least. I was in a
terrible ondition. There wns scarcely any blood left in my body. My
chief trouble was weakness, and after
laborious ett'orts to get up stairs I
almost went into u faint anil on several occasions thought 1 was going to
"So little blood had I tliat my ears
were almost transparent, and my
complexion was as white as a sheet.
I can scarcely describe my donations,
but after repeated treat ment by my
physicians I became thoroughly discouraged.
"It wus at this time that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills were recommended
to me, and I procurred a bx. Uefore
I bad finished it I begun to feel the
benelit to my health, This gave nie
encouragement, and I began a systematic course according to directions.
At the end of the seventh or eighth
box, in addition to having a sufficient
quantity and a better quality of blood
in my veins I was relieved of that
shortness of breath nnd quick heart
action which had been my chief trouble. My appetite returned, and I was
enabled to do my daily duties with a
cheerfulness which 1 had never before
experienced. I always, as a preventive, keep a box of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills in my room, i They are all tbey
are represented to lie, and to them,
and to tlieiii nlone, do I owe my res«
tomtion to health."
At all druggists or direct from Dr.
Williams Medicine Company,Scbenec-
tudv, X. Y. Price, 50 cents
box ; (i boxes, $2.50.
la Mra.   Villon (rnsyf
Wichita,     Knn..    April     _W.—Olmrles
Moore, brother of Mrs, Ckurie Nation, who
is ciiiilined in the county jail here awaiting
trial for joint smashing, died at Lewis-
lung, Kan.   When Mrs. Nation received a
telegram stating lur brother was dying,
und asking her to come to hi* iKilsidc, her
attorney and former bondsmen went to the
jail with the consent of thc county ntlor
Bey to arrange for her temporary release.
She quarreled with them nnd tliey returned and had a conference with the
county attorney, at which it wus decided
she would not be released.    Mrs. Nation
and her fellow crusaders had Ix-cli confined
ill a cell together, hut the sheriff removed
her to a cell in the steel rotary, owing to
her Inability to agree with the others.
i'ii  i niiiiii iii Porto uie".
Snn   Junn,   April   29.--Manuel   Artrueso,
who foiled for $860,000, will probably l*
able to reestablish himself in business,
Senor Argueso's linn is one of the largest
commission houses in lluiiuu-ao. The assets of the linn have nol been made known,
but it is believed they nre siillicient to
meet ull the liabilities.   Other failures tire
expected ami their cause is attributed to
the stringency of money. Hunkers here
csliinnle tlm |K-r capita circulation of
money In 1'urto ltico ut nbout t'2.
Most of the reformers move along
the lines of most resistance.
Take Laxative Hi.min Quinine Tablet*. All
druggists refund the money If lt falls to cnre.
E. W. Grove's signature Isoe each box.  26c
Truth  has over  been  on  trial and
error hns issued moBt of the verdicts.
A fee simple is money given to the
quack doctor.
Sunday closing ia now being strictly observed ln Centralis.
No show of force will be made to collect the American claims against Morocco.
A small boy sometimes gets all the
candy he can eat, but never all he
About all the things a man gets in
this life are the things he doesn't want
and the things he takes.
A frugal housewife says there isn't
much venison in market, but there is
plenty of dear meat.
The average man would never wear
his neckties out If he let bis wife purchase them.
There are only two possible things
that a woman can do if a man proposes
to her, but there are more than two
million she can do if he doesn't.
A woman bas the advantage over a
man; when she laughs when she ought
to have acted sorry she can always
claim it was hysterics.
At Berlin the VorwaerU publishes "inside news" from Russia to the effect that
the number of students enrolled in the
ui my is still increasing and now exceeds
Active man bv large manufacturing house;
fic.iiuin caslt (.Hill fnr !■_! dnys trial; promotion
and permanent position If satisfactory. Address U. B. P. Co., 723 Chestnut St., Philada.
The first two years she Is married, a
woman tries to make her husband a
better man; after that she is generally
satisfied if she can make him save part
of his salary.
Had  The Grip This  Winter
Should Read This.
Mrs. Tluophlle Schmltt.
Mrs. Theophile Bohmitt, wife of the
ex-secretary of the German consulate,
writes the following leter to Ur. Hart-
niun, from 3417 Wabash ave., Chicago, 111. Mrs. Schmitt says: "I
suffered this winter witli a severe attack of la grippe, and having repeatedly heard of the value of l'eruna in
such cases, I thought I would try it.
I used it faithfully and began to feel
a change for the better the second
day, and in the course of a week I was
very much improved. After using
three bottles I not only found that
the grip luid disappeared, but my general health was much better. 1 am
satisfied that Peruna is a wonderful
family remedy and gladly endorse it."
Yours, Mrs. Theophile Schmitt.
La grippe loaves tbe system saturated with catarrh. This condition is
known as systemic catarrh. Pernna
is the only remedy. Allow no one to
persuade you thut  there is any other
remedy just as good.
If you do not derive prompt and
satisfactory results from the use of
Peruna, write nt once to Dr. Hurt-
nian, giving a full Statement of your
case and he will be pleased to give
you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. llnitniiin, president  of
the   il.titiii.tii   Sanitarium,   Columbus. 0.
.■\V-\\V.v>\>\V\SV . ^V^K'W.W^'C^^
««m v^v<v-<_^Xvx\>:' >:-vV>-vN^SS^
Tbe Kind You Have Always Hotiglit. lias borne tho signature of Cluif>> II, Fletcher, nnd lias been mode under his
personal supiitision for over 80 years. Allow no ono
to deceive you In this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
** Just-nH-pood " are but Experiment!!, and endanger the
health of Children—Experience against Experiment.
Cnstoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops aud Soothlnir Hyrups. It in Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
Milist;uiee. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays I'et-crislmcss. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
stomal li ami Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea   The Mother's Friend.
Tie Kind You Me Always Bought
~ Bears tho Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years, r
v Genuine
Little Liver Pills.
Must ■•ar Signature of
km Pao-tmn. Wrapper Below.
__..,.■   |    •annua matt*, mtttyam
6l_.ACM0flYE.U0W '
- -        PROTECTS BOTH    ,
' in mc
«« -irtSS ««, MABDE5T STORM
toonroRA*"    CATAL06UE3 PREE
Samuel E. Morse of Indiana, wbo Is
already being mentioned, as a possible
democratic candidate (or president in
1904, bas never held any political office
except tbat of consul general at Paris
in Mr. Cleveland's second administration.
As soon as a man seems to know a
lot about women all the women who
aren't innocent think he Isn't.
Wo orfer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
rtiiy cane of Catarrh that can not be cured by
Hall'. Catarrh Cure.
P. J. CHKNEY A CO., Props., Toledo. O.
We, the underatKned, have known F. 1,
Cheney Ior the paet 16 years, and believe him
perfectly honorable ln all business transaction,
and financially able to carry out an/ obllga-
•tona made by the firm.
Wholesale Druggist..  Toledo.  O.
Wholesale DruKgl.t.,  Toledo,  O.
Hall'. Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly on the blood and mucous surface,
of the system.    Price 76c per bottle,    dold by
ill druggists.   Testimonial, free.
Hall's Family Pill, are the beat.
Prince Eul Wha, second son of the
emperor of Corea, has entered Roanoke
college, Virginia, to perfect himself ln
a knowledge of the Knglish language.
For eigbt years past this Virginia Institution has bad Corean students under instruction, and tbey have made
creditable progress ln scolarship.
hi. ilfnature I. on every box of the g.nuln.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine ran**
he remedy tbat rnr*a a eold In emm tXWf
The tram bridge that the Montana
Central had built across tbe Missouri
above the Rainbow falls, waa carried
away by the combined force of tbe
high wind and floating Ice. It will at
once be rebuilt. The loss Is about
ll.-l|i  Nature   ■■•-■■> Yont
Vitality can Dot euro dliiense, unless your
liody's kvpt clean In -i !•• and nut. Casoaret.
I'nndy Cathartic keep It clean Inside. All drug-
Kluls. tile. Bo. 60c.
No woman ever wrote a novel where
at least seven men didn't propose to
tho sumo girl who was too good to flirt
with auy of them.
1 do not believe llao'ii Cure for Consumption han an equal for cougha and
colds.—John P. Boyer, Trinity Springs,
Ind., Feb. IS. 1900.
There Is something fundamentally
wrong with a woman who has no use
for a man who smokes.
CITQ Permanently Tunnl. Ho flfj. or n.TTou.nfM
Il IO after fU1U|Ct_Mf0f I>r. KlI.e'.Qrtat Nerr.
Kmt.n r. Bend f..r KK KK S_t.ll(l trial l».|tl.. and treat.
Im. Ha. It. II KLiN..Ud..UIArrtittt.,Pt_l)«i*lpt_ta.ra.
It Is said that the Salvation Army
Is to produce plays, and that the characters are to be taken by army mem-
Simplicity, .trcngth and purity
combined lit t.artlclil Tea, tho
herb medietas that cures constipation and liver trouble..
A faultless gown of Paris mako not
Infrequently elicits the masculine remark:   "What a pretty woman!"
Mothers will dud Mrs. Window's Sooth.
ml Svrup the best remedy to use lor their
olillilrt'ti during ilie lei-tliliig iirriiiil.
Ilewaro of the gusher who loves and
fawns only upon those wbo may be
Tour Oitlde and (luard I. Ihe famou. Oregon
Blood Purifier,  teated and true.    Um it now.
A man should have a pound of common sense to each ounce ot learning.
** l&V.-i,   *'i\l
■ ..!!■    I
Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station and Wharf.
'""   '.' ROOMS.
Tables supplied with ill the delicacies
ot the season.
SLQOAtf CITY,   ....   B. 0.
"f% h. wiuur..
Stock and Customs Broker,
Real Estate and General
pAKxrn St.,   -   -   NELSON, li. jU
i'.M. McGregor,
ay 4,   1901.
MATHI-MIN ItKHS..    Kdltora * Props.
Advertising rates will be made known
upon application at tins office.
year. A nice prospect truly, which
doe* not look as if the importing of
this principal product of the Celestial
Kingdom is to be stopped. The Province has asked for an increased percentage of the tax, and possibly this
I may have been reckoned ou, but even
if this province received 75 per cent it
means the landing of 150 of these undesirables every month.
Ot**jS*,0   OR   IN   ARREARS    A
099999*1   BE   FOUND    IN   THIS
Green   of   Black,
The Favorite Tea of Britain and \m Colonies.
Orown  toy  Brltisl*  Plantem,
Amusing to see fnniii_.ii teas advertised as dean.
Is it not tilth that colors Hum.
| G. jGpRDON,
SjfLVERTON,      -      -      -      B- C.
L-   -   - GERMAN -   -
For Sale at All Druggists.
i ■
We have no apology to make for appearing with a paper reductd in fdze
the appearance of our advertising columns being justification for our backward step.
For many n.oiithsTnii SilveuTonian
haa been a losing proposition for the
publishers and while such is the case
this puper will be issued in its reduced
form. We regard The Sii.vbutonian
as one of the public institutions ot Silverton, and expect it to be supported
as such: unless support', d locally it
cannot exist. When justified, we will
again is.sue a larger paper.
At the present time there are no
less than seven expeJitions being fitted
out for Polur exploration, and the
leader of each party is resolved to
plant his nation's Aug at the North
Pole. What makes tlrs international
contest of especial interest to Canadians is the fact that one of the expeditions will Im a purely Canadian one,
headed by J. E. Bernier, of Quebec.
The Dominion Government has voted
.?GO,000 to the explorer, provided that
a like amount be raited by subscription
All the Canadian banks have c.pened
subscription lists, so that nny of our
readers may help to discover the North
Pole if tiny so desire.
Green.       Samples on application.
i (Ceylon   Teas  are Bold   in  sealed lead
•"packets       onlv        never    in      hulk.
Rliu.lc,     Mixed   or   Uncolored   Ceylon
Address "SALADA," Toronto.
General   j    Full Line    | Lumber
Dry  & Mixed
Sash and
MoCallum s& Co.,   Slocan, B. O.
'(V'A*Wi (WWvnW ViWWVl »WVW!'w W,
The ^Estimates, which were brought
down  at the  end  of  last   week   and
VANCOUVER   passed at the rate of $150,000 a minute,
provide for an expenditure of $2,475,-
.135,   with   sn   estimated revenue ot
Via Soo Line
8T. PAUL.     CHICAGO.     AND   ALL
Cape Nome, Alaska, Australia,
China  and
Vor rates, tickets, and lull infoimution
sail on or address
Agent, Silveron, B. C, or
D. P. A., A.G.I'. A..
Nelson. Vancouver
552.140,751. Of this revenue the mining industry will be called upon to
furnish $411,500, nearly 20 pur cent.
The coal tax is expected to realign
The expenditure for Public Works
totals |804t64l, of which tin; minim;
ridings will rec ive as follow*: East
Lillooet $10,000; West Llllaoet, .*!5-
061; Cariboo, £20,000; North East
Knotenuy, $.>__!,7.5 ljSouiliE Kootenuy,
§20,850; Revelstoke, S:)2,26C; Slocan,
Finance Minister Turner has, as was
expected, announced his immediate
retirement from politics. Tlie Provincial press is now tit work belauding
his work in the government ami
bewailing his departure for England.
This should not be ovei done or tin
ex-Premier will consider himself indispensable, to the Province and change
his inind about getting out.
The latent advices from Victoria
yo to show that tin; Uovtritmi.it i^
prepared to irodify its ruilni.nl policy
to appeuso certnin of iti supporters
who otherwise would bolt lhe paity
Tbe present Government is not any (oo
secure, but will no doubt last nut tin-
present st Siion.
The menders from the Kbotensy
hdVBett.il bucked up the report friim
ihe (lining Committee saying  thai it
Would bi- inadvisable 10 iniiei.ll lhe
■Mnst-rnl Aut this Session. In till f■■ci-
of ihis nppbiitinu it i»q'lltetifcfrly ihat
lhe Mitii.iter of Mines will withdraw
his proposed amendments. While th''
chances are not radical in themselves
aid nre goner-illy approved of by min-
-Seasonable   I
^ForaTonio j.
3 XT®e> Any Of J
t Tlieset %Are aM. pood \
^^vvv^^^vA^^^^vvv-^vvvvv^wSpring   Medicines.
T   Perfect BUters.
w   Tatxickioe ftStiresnpfi-rlllcfc.
"   III:    HKSI  li^ All   SVHSAI'AUILI.A   !• X I'll .\."i'S.
fi&iy-rmrta Synip of I^i^cs,
NAlURI'.'fi UKMKDV Foit CO.Ngill'ATlUN.
^ For loughs and Colds. Is Recommended t
By   Hundreds.
The Silverton Drug Store,
SILVERTON    ■     •    •      B. C.
MVAW ViiVM'* A VVWW **r**yr\a*JkA4f*. am.
i/WWV »WWVNW Ot*/lWWI ,*S.'w**s**f.W m
8     THB rs&StXi UTOIir.
$35,958; Nelson,   $25,300; Rowland*\\ti% own; them will be a feelingof re-IS *""   T"" «•»•"«'•• g
lief when it i<  known   positively  ihat b'J0O3'J0D03OpOOD0300OOOO0O0
no nmi'inl i-eiitu are tn bu  allowed.    If  —
one change is to be wade ami tiie M,.,- !    ;   Criddle  wa« a , i«ttor in town lost
in;; Committee's report tlui' tlisr^-jiurd- ,
ed, there i? notliie^ to  prevent every
If you want to advertise out a
Co-owner in yonr ii ineral claim,
Mndfiqto this oflice, yivinv
name ol claim, date ol record location, and period for which the
delinquent co-owner has failed to
do his aueesment work, mid we
will do the rest, including sending you theaflidavit for recording
We will write the notice and do
the work correctly. Address:
Bilverton, B. C.
To John  Tislinu or whom   it   may
concern,   You      are    hereby   notified
Niat   I    have    expended   One     Kindred    Dollars in  labor   and   improve
meiits tip-in the We Two Mineral Claim
on Ked Mountain  in  the Klm-nn Miniim
Division,   located on   the   24th.  d.iy ol
tf.32,a00;   Cassiar, §35,000.     Supplementary votes swell a'l these totals.
These Estiuiatis « ill be teen as fairly liberal this year, thu Slocan beiuij
voted $48,808 fur public works, of
whicli spin $9,'JOO is supplementary
A considerable portion, $10,107 is refunds for work done by various mining
coin panics last year, the Hewett com -
ivn iu for one thousand of this. The
South Folk of Kaslo creek i8 put down
for !?K000 and the Molly Gibson road
for S5000, leaving $21,!>00 for general
repairs ami now roaJs.
Although the, promised Red M un-
tain wagon road is not specitically
mentioned in the Estimates, it is a certainty that it will be built this sprint;.
Por this road, a vote was made last
year, but owing to departmental dil-
atoriness the work was not even begun.
'Ihis road is an absolute ncc.-sity mid
June 1890, and recorded Ht the record
otfioe ol ssid   Division on the iMtn, dnv I must be built os tho lack of  it   is  re-
ol June 1893 in order to bold said olllm .
under tbe provisions ol the Mineral Act,
being the amount   required to   hold lhe
aame (or the year ending June 24th UHKi
And if within ninety dnys (rom Ilia dute
ol Ibis notice yon [nil or retime tocnn-
tribute your proportion of such expenditure together with all coMh ol
Advertising, your interest In said claim
will Become "the property ol the nnd r-
einned under Section 4 ol An Act tn
to Amend the Mineral Act 1900.
r J. W. Kite
pated this sixteenth dav ot Mnrch 1001
Noncic:—"Hazaki."   Mineral Claim,
eitualed    in   Ihe     Slocan      Mining
Division  oi West  Kootenny  District
Wljere located:—On theGAi.MU F.mim
adjoining    the     "Cublky    Minbiui.
Claim" on the Kast.
Take Notice that  1, Francis J. O'Reilly
Of Silvurton, B. C   as   agent   (or l-'mnk
Owen,    Free   Miner's  Ceitiflcate    No.
445BS, intend slaty days from   (he date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Keeordar
tor eCertlflcate of Improvements, (or the
purpose of obisinlng a Crown Urant   ni
the above claim
And further tske notice thnt action
under Section 37, must be commenced
before the Issuance of sucb Cerlillcnte
.'. DaUd4bi» 22th day o( Fehrnsry,  1901
Pbancib J. O'Rbiu-v.
fill 01
tarding the development of one of the
best portions of the camp.
Part of the supplementary vote is
needed at once on the Four Mile, road.
In some placet this road is completely
blocked by laud- and rock-slides and
part of the cribbing has gone, out at the
canyon. Tho starting up of the Fisher Maiden depends partly upon this
being done, and the working of other
properties, including the Condor and
Vancouver, would bo helped greatly.
If the Slocan vote be used judiciously
there is plenty available for all the
repairing and construction required.
Finance Minuter Turner in his K»--
tiinatits, figures upon the Province
Motiving 1180,000 as tbs Dominion
refund from tbt Chinese itiiiniyratiuii
^ax. The Province receives ?25 for
every Chintmtn landed, so that Tur-
(ner expects 5i00 Chinks thin coming
member from prrMing » pet amendment and thus snarling up the Mineral
Act once again.
1 Miiniav.
<i.  Fairbairn   nq-l  J.  A. McKinnon
vi»ited NelSOl   this Week,
On Thursday  G, T. Cross   returned
(mm a business tri;> to Bpokmiu.
The Slocan Incorporation  IV11 received   thu signature of   Mr. Justice   |
IVc Have Rnpened Our Mow imi
phii. K...IC in ..in » b.»t,.a<i trip to STRICTLY  CASH K A M s
the bi l-Bon springs ou  We tnusd iy.
An enrly closing movement b.is been
nuuguratud mnong Um storu-teepers ol
Walkem last Thursday and the new Iguiidoii and Nelson,
cily will pull Off its first election a- j, w ^^ & g^, m^'gmymn
soon as possible. The boBoV of being Aiiniiftl ilescrlbes the. Paystreak as au
the first Mayor will be fought for bjri Aiiaruhlsl publication.
Underiaker Robertsnn and Butober LMt gatunlaji Chas Brand, who has
York, both good men with many m beta s|iOiiiliug tne a later at Three
t-rests iii the city and  each  btviug*t ForkS| returued tu town,
hubittiiitinl   backing,     For   atilrrmtti
there ate hosts of j,'notl candidates.
By selling for dab we can supply
you cheaper than ever with your supplies.
This week wn make a specialty
of Prase   Fruits and  Vegetables.
The system of travelling  libraries,
founded three yeeit ngo by tbt Prov-
iucial (J iviinment, designed to supply
tin- residents oi farming and minin:.'
districts with small b' rnries al no i x -
pen«e to the render, hns resulted in the
circulation of 2100 volumes between
the West C'«st, of Vancouver Island
and 150-Mile (.louse in Cariboo. So
fnr few milling enmps have taken advantage of tht- opportunity of securing
oue of these libiary, but HOW thnt tin-
Legislature has voted §500 for new
books we think that some should be
at cured foi^ the cnmp The Miners'
Union, for instance, lOuld have 100
books of fiction, history, travel mid i-l-
(•ineiitary science delivered at tin-dock
free of all charges. These would be
exchanged in six mouths for others.
Wo will furnish information on the
Subject to anyone interested,
A copy of the Brst issue of The
Evening Wurld, Roislands* oew duly
labor pnper, bus just been received at
this office, It is published ns an
evening pnper aiming to give the latest
g ueral news of ilu* wnrl I and as the
recogiiizi'd journal of orgiuii/.i-d labol
it will no doubt Pu v.ell supported
throu^ht tho Province.
Mrs.Jeffreys- XSffife
A Slnillimia's Opinion.
T. fi, MeAilnster, a member of Strstli-
Mih bet.int! nml l.er ilaogbttr Mrs,
Bolderstone, of Ulouan, Weie guests ol
.Mrs brandon, ibis week,
C. MuLaughllu in ."till conflotd In Ibe
ilosplul, bis levir proving lUeKtobt onns's Horse,  iattly returnedfrom tl.s
mote     ptnilitnl   ili.u.   miis    at    tlinl j w,ir in   South   Africa,   was  a visitor in
B"|,|",H"1- tOWli during the early part of the week.
Fresh Strawberries! Will bu foinnl at | -^r- McAllltter't iniuressioos of Booth
It. tl. Urtl|le'iiiit le. ilnys. Iln7.lv-1 Afflot us a dtslrable place tor inteinled
wood loe-cream US   hoo:i iih   Iht   warm   st'illers or white immigration is anything
weather arrives, *
The lirst StrviOS lor lhe Kspicopal
Church, since helng burned out, will bu
held lu the Umon Cnurcli, on Sunday,
M.iv .nil, at 11 a. in.
Tne .slucti!! lootball plaveri aro Blixiinis
(ui a game .unl want UilVyrtOil  to Imi in u
ti'tiiu   ami    |saUS    a   challenge.
.■IimuiI lie ttt'coinmutinied.
The New Denver Baseball chili has
lias been organized nilh Ouo. Long at
captain, U. ti. 'luylur as si.'Cietiii-ytreiiB-
urer, und  Lonu, Taylor Mid Uittnltt 11
managing committee.
Jii.nes Lydden left on Tuesday (or the
St Leon -spunks, on Arrow Lake, mhere
nu will remain lor a few tin)* trying tbe
waters lur an attack ol rlieiiui.iliiiiii Imm
wid. it im rn suffering,
bin favorable.   The country bedesciitiw
as   being   nearly   a  barren wilileriiesf
stibji'cl    to    droughts   and   hV>ods nud
plsgned with swarms ol   grasshoi',*rs
and Diet, Natal being the only portiu^ol
that country visited by the Stratlicons*
(ll lor a whilo   n an to live In.   Nn'.ivs
labor   in  cheap  nud   pleutiful and an*
Tiny ! niitr. iiuliBH a skilled mechanic will '<*•''
.    \ to come   into  direct competition with
them.   The Stratbconae were in moth i
demand and were worked hard, riding
to death horse alter horse and prelor.i-.ion
(eats ol SOOUting  and  fighting that woo
tbi'tti  thc  wood   will and admiration d
British regulars     He gives high pra"*"
to ah of the Hiitish troops with the;ss*
uepiinnol the Knglish Voertanry* whom
lit   describes   as   neither good •olili*"'
riders n r scouts.   In speaking "' ,h*
horses used ho giveH great praise W"*
"Wits that baby nlyoins r«lss<] on lhe
bottle?" asked lbs suiiili uo) ol tiiuin.«iu
Willi 'It
' V.trf
"Well, it mutt hnve been an Inkbot
Ferry's ;■ trih ti ,m 1
Canadian plain hied Immes which v*-****-
themselves much Hunerior in speed sii"
••ii tin unci to any otheis.* Tlie a»l'w
horsea also come io for his prtjise bsW
ile-uribed ta small and hardy buttSP*
ahle ol ihiinji'great. wpTk-?^Tiro|iliffon
( the Door general I'eWet is not v<*»
flattering In Ihat gtntrel,  but hs«""'
sale at tho SUvtrtuU DrOiZta i"   '"'"  Bw" "8 " **M°* """'   * ""'
"       L'        T     nut to crack.


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