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The Silvertonian 1901-08-31

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 .Wi   ■   ■".■•'   "■•'•'-
YI^twjuulS uXuuuj
O9000900O00O0O0000O09O3O0O0000O9O0 0000OOO9OSO0 OOOOl I
g   euuiiiiiiuuuiuuuuuuuuuiuuuio    \
The WM. HUNTER Co., Lid.
08 8888888888588«S8588888588f88 888^8 88S88888 80
i'iiiumumuta* ...............i^,*.
Z  Largest stock of H
°* •_>
» AUning: s^upplJies »
2 In     t**e     Slocan.       S
•• •_>
Ss88S8888S8888888888S8?888S88S8S88?S?8 5 8858 SS
vittuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiuau utu*g
: Stores in Silverton • Kelson ■ Alamo ■ I
'■* so
I       Three Forks and Phoenix.       H
50O0OOO3OOOC3O3i_)OOOO<3OO3OOOOO3OOOO3C3 0000-30090033 (
Mines and Mining.
.'Tin Sloean Oufrfet. Gradually lie-
galniirs; Elsi-lf.
iooiTiOiY.lL \w\.\m rums.
•^i.ipan i.tike Ore Shipment* Equal l.n-l
V«i'«   It surd—  I III Piolmlil.y Ue
Doubled liy   End „t I.,.- Year.
Thn contractors in the lower tunnel at
tlie H-wItt mad* 47 feet in tlie last week.
J.  Tinling lia<t finished the fji-at 100
feet of Ida contract at the < 'mnidiin Group
A Viipr ciew wi 1 he put on at the Marion
at onen and active development recommenced.
J M McGregor P L S liar, a camp on
Red Mountain and will upend some days
there on survey woik.
!*• fStlirflS <& Co.
Silverton. Nelaon, Trnil. Ymir. Knslo. Pan,Ion,
New deliver. CuKumle City, tfrmi.i forks, Siroar
Midway and Greenwood.
1     It in seldom that the news of a locul
mi'dnif tl'.'.d In thin column  has lobe
'iTeilited (nan onlMilesource.   That petitioning to the Rocklsud group is however
not ul'taii able .u hone, ami we take the
I following from the .' poknns Chronicle,
b'lieviru it to lie a _»:rly eoirect state-
met,i of»ny'l plans.
The deal for the itjckland group 0f
mii.iny clniniH, fitiiHt. d n'101,1 five miles
from Silverion, on Eight Mile creek, will
he ciiinplefed. within a few days. Two
years ano the Ijravm s-ndfeale secured
thi* property, paying the o>i|rinal owners
.i ceitnin cash .'.'inn tu.d lontraciing to
organize a s.oi'k i-Oinpany wlililn two
\. am and to nmkn tl.e final pu-tment to
ihem in stuck in Lt it-* ceinpany.
.'hiriiiK Hieietwo years the syndicate
Im* l-eeii d- \>ln|ing the claim"  and the
showing made I-mr been good enough to
jti-t'fi going alii id and nonipletlng ihe
'al.   The compani in now being organised in  Brriah Columbia, and the deal
A ill tlieii lie Completed,
Considerable development work has
i wen done on lhe prooert_y The mine
i ie a low j:i,nie proposition, wiih
! mnniog mioiiI etjnal in copper and gold.
| The Sll winas ar., immense, nnd it i.-
I fOlirideitd ibe njja' of any !u British
: L'o.i'iif lie.
As mvhi as the claims aie developed to
a sufficient degree « am, iter will be erected on the property   by tlie owner:,
Randoe ore shipments laat week were
146 tons, of which fl e Payne and Plncan
stiir rent out each 68 tons and tbe American Boy 20
,T M M Kenedum was up from the Hoodoo pfoitp rills week, He reports bavin?
struck wime good ore on his claims but
is not sure If it will last.
Made Good Locations in Windermere.
A Goid Country Far From The Madding Crowd.
W. Kyte returned yesterday from tbe
Wintleimere country where he has been
prospecting for some weeks. He con-
fliifd his attention principally to the
showings of ifold-copner nnd auriferous
galena on the head of Toby creek, making aeveial locations there. The formation it a lime schist, similar to that lu
ihe Lardeau. Mr. Kyle brought out
some beautiful specimens of hie finds.
I he principal mine io that district Is tbe
famous Paradise property, where thecn-
bonatessre mined with a shovel.
Tho Windermere district has plenty ol
good mineral claims hut very litile mining is being done, titers beinjj uo mems
of transportation. In coining out Mr
Kyte walked from Toby creek to Argenta,
a three days journey, packing his supplies with him.
Ija* Obiehnlm ia up from the Enter-
piipe viniiin..' hi' friends in camp. The
concentrator nf thn mine, he says, is now
nearly ready for the trial run.
One of tbn limber Stations a* the Lsst
Ohsncp tram wan destroyed by fi'R last
w»ek and a considerate amount of valuable timl'er went up in smoke. The
cause of Ihe blaze la urknown.
Winding Pp.
The Noonday Shareholder Will
a Meeting.
A ear of ore was sent out from the Ro-
s-m 1**1 S-iliinliiv, being the first si ip-
inent made from 'lint property for some
month*. Thin mine is snid to be looking
better now than at any time during the
pant year.
An event in Whitewater mining circles
Inst week wan the shipping of two car* of
ore fror>' th" Washington, bein<: the first
shiiment sitce the new management,
under 'ohn I,. Relalluck, took hold ot tli?
A report In i?oing the  round*  to the
who are the Ursfee 8yndi,ate.   .ludge  pff^t tlni « svndicate has offered to  put
8p!nka and Frank \\atso,, There ie
any amount of ore on the property to
keep a amelter goinii'.
HOTELiw    1h ,a,,,,rl:"t iS,rike-
B.   C.
JA8.    BOWKS   Proprietor.
At the Fif-her Maiden,   Upon Which
Development Work Will be Done.
Tbe Fibber Maiden Group  is abont to
bewoiked again  wi'h a full crew and
i ihat old time properly bids fnir tn become
once more one of tlie principal shippers
from this point.
One of the bigg, st strikes made in this
vicinity this year lately been msdo
on thai iH_op. rtv, at a point well down
below tne old woikinas and within one
mi e of the Koiir Mile wtitnn road. This
ronstst* ol the 0' covering of fi tht feet of
rich, ilry ore, sitni! ir to that  previously
tip $25 000 tr. work eome of tbe property
lielonginu to 'be estate of the lute Martin
C'irr, the syndicate to hav* a half interest in the property.
By request of a number of them, a
meetinn of the shareholders of the Noon-
day-fnrley Mines, Limited, will be held
in Silverton n week from to-day. At this
meeting i' will probablv be decided that
the company is to go into voluntary liquid-
r no affairs of this compsny are sadly
tangled, so much so that it has been impossible to do anything at the mine for
tinny months, although at one time a
hundred men found work there, twenty
of whom were ore sorters. The coir pany
owes several thousand dollars arounil
town for supplies and wages and has sh
asselH a one-qtiirlerinterest in the Noonday and Curl, y mineral claims snd a
lion-elapung bond on the other three
Cy going into liquidation the company
wonld release the claims so thst thev
could be tnken hold of nnd worked by
someone with capital for tho necessary
development work.
A forest fire was started in Cariboo
L'lih-h last S itnrdiiy and bv night had
spread over a consiilprahle area. The
wiitchinen at the V mcotivar and Wakefield mines had rather an anxious time
nn'il thn rain, a day or two afterwards,
put ont Ihe blaze
Work on the Silver B*tid Gronn Iisb
been suspended for thp present and Manager Smith leaves to confer with the
other members of Ids compsny. Now
that the RpiI Mountain roud ia being
built Mr Smith is in hopes of rmeivi/g
instructions to g.i abend with the development of the property.
The aerial tram at the Minnesota mill
st Sandon ia rather badly wrecked and
slopped ftom the upper workings, and I the mill ia shut down for a few davs in
wl iili gites essay values of J_.fl oniu'i ■.- of
silver to the to".
Wilh (lie Soad-gacs.
The  Oood  Work  Goes  Merrily On.
The Ked Mountain wagon road is now
being built with a rush and already
about one mile of it is completed and
judging by the piece already finished it
will be the best mountain toad In the
Slocan. The road will branch off of the
Galena Farm roml at a point about one
miie Irom town and within a short distance of the crossing of Gold creek, it
strikes accross the big Eight Mile flat*
and reaches the bsse of Ked Mountain
just above the Smith runch There are>
over SO men employed npon the road
who are boarded at the camp put up by
James Howes and instead of being dished
up tiie old style grub of beans and bacon
tliey sr_> kept  fat and husky on oyster-
Outside Partial. De irinir Horses in -ilvi-ri' n
Csn  Have Them  Received By  Writing To—
t t t t t ♦
a p. Mcdonald,
This ore.  whicli carries qasntlties of
nibv silver, giey Copper and a big1' per-
rentage of sllloa, ll in  great demand by
j the !!• iii-h Colombia sm -Iters as a flux
consequence.   The bruke on tba opper "Wp, teeth beet end mint* pie
end of the cable got out of order and  tho	
buckets looked like the seals of a inerry-
gii-miiiid for a few minutes. Before the
Irsm slowed up and stopped several of
the bucket* had left  thn cable and the
C       in Aiiieltiiig the t.a.tvy  lend ores  of the I lower terminal  hsd   been   counted out.
It isn't
Tl,,,, , man who has been eiitlng
yoodall.uu.uier, or one»hol.«
cotasstisfHct. for yu *>*
yabsohsr it a culler.   _»■«*■
tailoring for particnlnr people m
a   number of   )W"
.hears.    He doesn't
W|,h an elictrlc hand saw     Ue
knows bis business and does it loo.
, Slocan and consequently secures a low
siiieliing rate.
It is tiie intention of the company, op-
ei iiiie: with J. K Clark  as sup. rinter.-
dint. to erect at once a compete set of
! i ew mine buil 'iuic ai  ,r no ir thi* new
i showing ami   he'nre efow   fl'es hope to
' i.sve lhe mine again iMI a shipping hssis.
I     l°bc rcsiiuiptiou t.f mining operations
on a proper teals al lhe Fisher Mafden
' will have an mini' diata tfttcl up ^i local
Ihosineeeutbe cooiomy will purchano
their supplier hoie nnd Silvjrtou will be
tho natural headqu.trU-rs for tlie men.
Repairs aro now well under way.
The Ancient Order ol Flies held a
hugely attended meeting yesterday on
our boarding bouse window, and unanimously passed the following  resolution:
... 11........... ,...1., i, . ...
• i • • •       ......i ,,....,.... i ..., ,<
lali'Dliw Will Ship.
When  Tbe Four Mile Trail is  Completed.
He wet
cut" as"''
Substantial Ore Shipments.
Practically a'l Ihe ore that is shipped
Irom Shi'-an Lake points for the remaining four months of the year will be that
much in excess of the total shipments
of last ye-r. The record for 1899 was some lime ago. Tnig year 4*4011 tons
have been shipped, cun pared with 4030
last year. Next mouth the Arlington,
already Slocan's biggest shipper, will begin on a contract of supplying HX.0 Ions
a month to the Nelson smelter; the Enterprise will soon be sending out concentrates at the rate of 200 tons a month as
well aa 100 tons of clean ore; the Hewitt
will continue to ship 400 tons a month,
and a carload a Week can be counted on
from the Bosun. Besides these steady
shippers the smaller properties will to
geiher add considerable to tho total, sn
that  hy  Ihe end of tho year our   list
There ain't no credit iu winin' a game
when ye've got all the trumps, 'less you
deslt the cards yourself,
When historians nsk. Why did Wiliiam
Tell, the answer is of course, Because
li ■ apple split.
"Have you heard tbe story of the oo-
"Well, don't breathe it lo a sool."
"Has Closefist ever contributed to a
campaign fund?"
"He once gave three cheers for a candidate."
Finest stock In *'5«fft0;
ICE   AVE.      -      -      B,iJ   	
With Ibe oompletioii of the trail at the
head of Four .Milo net it ja lo be hoped
licit the Valentine G.-oiip will become a
Steady shipper. This property has had | should show a total well over 10,000 tons
Considerable development work donel This week 2U0 tona were sent oul, tbe
np„n it and ba« ii hug? amount of sbi|»-' Bosun coming in again with 40 tons, tho
,,i„g ore upon the damps and exposed in I Hewitt adding 90 to Its score, the Arling-
t:,e various workings. Ii bas iwo large ion 110 and the Enterprise 20.
W',11 defined IWnre \i>ins opened HP upon
it. whicli ctri'-ii tli: richest chloride of
silver are meat dlsrowed in the Blooen,
A 'i'i! Im    been I.n   I.   by   tl i nm .Mi.
i Va ' iiiiin- lO  connect lin- mine wilh the
trunk trail nnd with the com plet ion i*t
| the latter it will be a simple mat.,.- to
| r.uthtde thia rich oieto tiin wagon roud
! for shipment lo the sm, j;oi.
New York. Aug  2fl—Bar Silver,
l_ake onpper,   flfl 50.
Lead - The linn that fixes the selling
price f ir miner* nnd smelters quotes lead
:u *J H7!._. »i tbe close.
The Knglish prtyefor lead is £1112s fid
•Niper. £07
Silver, 2ST<d
I know a place where the sun is like gold,
And the chi rry blooms burst with snow
And down underneath is the loveliest
Where tbe fourdeaf clovers grow.
One lenf is for hope, and one ls (or faith,
And one is for love, yon know;
And God put another in for luck—
If you  search  you will flud where they
But yon must have hope, aud you must
have lailli;
You must love and bo strong—and so.
II you work,  if you  wait, yon will find
the place
Where the foardea! cloven grow.
—Ella Higgineon, in lh* Boston Tmns-
CT'l't. .     ,      . .1.
? '•
. I
ft' w
1  ll'
'   -■ li
mini wm i nn
Interesting Item* of a Miscellaneous
Nature Gathered Dnrlnit the Past
Week—AU Districts Showing Vast
Improvements—Nevr Mines Beginning   to   Shin—Mining   Accident*.
em dwellings and warehouses are going up, a new court house ls about completed, and work has been started on
the new administration buildings and
a residence for the governor.
The London Chronicle has obtained
from Lord Rothschild a denial of any
connection with or knowledge of the
reported American copper trust.
"My Arm has no copper mines," he
is represented to have said, "and I never before heard of Senator Clark."
Rice k Fosa bave bonded the Alice
  group of 20 claims on Ruddy gulch, a
The entire northwest is feeling the mIle and a half we8t of Mullan- Idaho'
effect of the work' that ls .being done t0 Colonel Dewey of Nampa.
by the great army of prospectors who      A' E' Mohr-the 0hl° tenderfoot, who     _  ^^^^^^
took to the hills for self preservation made a rlch flnd  lately near Plerce  a storm as she was en route to Padu-
when' denied the opportunity to earn city' has *""*''"** from his property; ^ and turned over ln 10 feet of wa-
thelr bread by mining Silver.   This is assayed. with startling results.    Tne I teTi aix mlleB above the city, aa she
^^^^_H____________^^H   ________________J^^_______________J_______________^^_______K .__.'-      __H^_______________________ tnr\ fi>n?vi ______-_________________________________________^__________________________________.i^___________i ni
Complete lie view of Happenings ill
Both Eastern and Western Hemisphere* (or the Past Week—National, Historical, Political and Personal  Events Tersely Expounded.
The steamer City of Golconda, plying
between Paducah, Ky., and Elizabeth-
ton, 111., was struck by a squall during
' into the Schuylkill river, and the officers
say the sewer is a raging furnace, and the
flames will soon flnd their toy to the
river surface.
The Colombian gunboat Lapopa sank
recently on leaving Savanilla for Cartagena. " Steam launehes were immediately'dispatched to search for the Lapo-
pa, but no trace of the gunboat was
found. She recently underwent a thor
ough overhauling at Colon, the repairs
tost ing $_Ja,000.
The "Hummer," the Alton fast Kansas
City train, ran into a freight that had
clear the siding at Prentice,
Minneapolis   experienced   ._.   ,
rain,   wind   and hailstorm   r0_iWce
which did much damage Mntly'
General Robert ■William, died ro
ly at the Hotel Netherwooa near p T
field, N J., from apoplexy.' H?"a,»-
years old. waa 75
A sensational saloon hokHin »_,_,
murder occurred Sunday while n, d
nival crowd was on its way £* Car"
masked ball. y to
Robert O. Evans, United States ill.,
  riet attorney for Minnesota  , t .    8t"
failed to clear the siding at mntice,   a   4eniv Sund'     frnm   "e801ta' '"ed sud-
.tation eight miles north of Jacksonville,   *£**£^ £?» £« ^
111.   ISo far as known there were but two       »« »_r,_x_i_.  __
Archie McEachern of Canada   beat
Champion, the French   rider, in ^
why the west'haa stooYthe hard" times  a88ays ot 'w0 seta of samples run from
better than the eaet.   Western energy, W^^W.OOO to the ton
utilises disaster and turns misery Into
profit, lt embraces opportunity as ardently as a cinnamon bear would embrace a tenderfoot, and wrings from
mis fortune the best gifts of nature.
Curtis Brott, 45 years old, was killed
recently In the Silver King mine near
Nelson. The accident resulted from a
confusion In slgnelllng for lowering
the cage.
Referring to the recent strike at the
Winnipeg mine, Richard Plewman,
managing director, says: "The vein
has been crosscut and proved to be
eight feat wide."
The management of the Onondago
mines on Champion creek has decided
to Install water power and a compressor plant and double the size of the 10
stamp mill now erected.
The deal on the Speculator group,
adjoining the Arlington, on Springer
creek, In the Slocan City division, was
closed ln Nelson recently by the payment of $49,000 by J. Frank Collom.
■It ls to be hoped there is to be a resumption of work on the Le Roi at
Rossland, whether that work is undertaken by the company or by the contractor. It will be a good thing for the
town, for the company and for the men.
George Aylard of New Denver and
Nell Oethlng of Slocan have closed a
deal on the Gold Viking group, two
miles eaet of Slocan, which has been
under bond since November to Thomas
S. Dunbar, representing Portland men,
who form the Viking Development syndicate.
The American Boy Mining company
has begun work opening up the Black
Hawk, another of the claims belonging
to the American Boy group. While the
Black Hawk will be developed by the
tunnel which is to run to connect with
the American Boy tunnel on the other
side of the mountain, yet the primary
Idea of the management is to bring out
the ore from the big property through
the Black Hawk and then use the Last
Chance tram.
dt seems pretty well settled that Nelson will be the site for the lead refinery to be built In British Columbia under bonus from the Canadian government. The construction of the plant
Is looked forward to with much Interest by lead miners of northern Idaho.
It Is likely to he of as much advantage
to them as to the lead producers of
Kootenay. It will give them a means
of having their ore handled practically
at their very doors. As a result they
will need pay freight only on the metal
Instead of on the crude ore in shipping
the product east to market.
The deal for the Rockland group of
mining claims, situated about five
miles from Silverton, on Eight Mile
creek, will be completed shortly. Two
years ago the Graves syndicate secured the property, paying the original
owners a certain cash sum and contracting to organize a stock company
within two yeare, and to make the final
payment to them in stock In this company. The company is being formed.
Considerable development work has
been done on the property, and the
Graves syndicate has expended between 125,000 and $30,000 since the
flrst payment was made. The mine la
a low grade proposition, with values
running about equal ln copper and
gold. The showings are Immense, and
lt ls considered the equal of any In
British Columbia.
Whitaker Wright has resigned the
managing directorship of the Le Roi
company. Mr. Wright made a desperate effort to retain hie post as head of
the great mining company, end he hoped to stave off the opposition at least
until the annual meeting In December.
The opposition, however, became too
strong. It was evident tbat he would
be forced out at the special meeting of
the company Thursday In I/ondon.
Rather than to submit to the humiliation of a removal, he resigned. The
downfall of Mr. Wrlgnt is directly due
to the efforts of .Henry Bratnober, the
famous San Francisco mining man,
who, perhaps, ranks higher than any
other American In tbe confidence of
London mining financiers. Mr. Bratnober Is himself a shareholder In the
Le Roi, and he Is closely allied with a
number of other shareholdies.
The strike at Senator W. A. Clark's
big United Verdi plant at Jerome, Ariz.,
is ended.
The Republic railroad Is making
great progress and work Is being rushed from both ends.
Sam Strong, the millionaire mine-
owner of Cripple Creek, Col., was shot
and killed recently hy Grant C. Crumley.
About 2,000 men are now working on
the railroad Into Republic camp and
1,600 more will be put to work as soon
as they can be secured.
Tbe Last Chance mine at Wardner,
Idaho, has put all IU men on day shift,
which plan Is said will be maintained
for some time In the future.
Dawson is Improving rapidly; mod-
Probably one of the largest mineral
exhibits to lie shown at the Interstate
fair at Spokane In September, and one
that will exceed any previous exhibit
shown from any single district, will
be brought down from British Columbia.
■Former Lieutenant Governor Sprlggs
of Montana Is back from a trip to
Prince of Wales Island. He says prospectors ask fabulous sums for mines,
and that placer mines of Alaska are
outclassed by lode properties and Its
wealth is quartz.
The officers of the Methow Gold 4
Copper Mining company, operating on
property on McKinney mountain, Okanogan county, Wash., have deceived
word from Superintendent Landers
that the men had encountered seven
feet of high grade ore in the upper tunnel.
The sensational affidavits filed ln Silver Bow district court in the Minnie
Healy case, in which it is alleged that
Judge Harney of Butte was Improperly influenced In rendering a decision
favorable to Heinze Interests , have
reached the supreme court through official channels.
The development of the marble deposits around Valley, in Stevens county, Wash., is going rapidly ahead. The
Interest which has been created in the
east through the exhibit of Washington marbles at the Pan-American exposition Is already reflected here
through inquiries for marble and for
marble properties.
A letter and samples of rich ore were
received recently In Spokane from the
Bill Nye mine, ln Jackson county, Oregon. The samples just received are
from a nt* lead just encountered, and
the ore is the richest yet found ln any
of the other rich leads on the Bill Nye.
The ore is hanging together with glittering gold and the assays go up into
the thousands.
John Gray, superintendent of the
Crystal mine, says that the ledge which
the tunnel had encountered and which
was supposed to be the main lead has
proved to be another vein, and that the
tunnel ls now through It and has also
passed through another of about the
same width. After passing through
these two veins the mother lode was
encountered, and both walls have been
cut. Shipping Is to begin Immediately.
The expedition which was sent by
the Spokane Development company to
the Interior of Alaska, back of Nome,
was more expensive than profitable.
The members of the party have returned from the trip. They Included James
Bresnahan, mining expert for Patrick
Clark; Harley Armstrong of Republic,
who acted as assayer; J. J. Stewart,
an assistant, and William Pierce, a-
practical miner.
Newton HIbbs has returned to Lewis-
ton from the Pierce City mining district, where he examined some extensive placer Interests for eastern investors. He reports a general revival of
the mining Industry, throughout the
whole region visited, both in quartz
and placer mining. A great deal of development work Is being done on the
established properties and new strikes
are reported from every quarter.
Mining men of Denver accept as true
the reports that a world wide copper
combine has lieen formed, and competition in buying copper will no longer
be known. The combine is said to
have been effected between the Amalgamated, Calumet k Hecla, Senator
Clark and tbe Rothschilds. Papers have
was going into Cromwell's landing.
Sixteen people are reported drowned.
At Rossland, B. C, Thomas M. Beamish was sentenced to two mouths' Imprisonment for Intimidation. He Is
one of the men Implicated ln the outrage on a nonunion smelterman from
Northport, who wax hunted through
the streets of Rossland August 10.
Beamish defended himself. Appeal was
taken and Beamish released on $1100
The Colombian minister, Dr. Sllva,
has had a conference with Secretary
Hay. It was the first personal exchange
between the secretary and tho representative of Colombia since the present
disturbance started. Dr. Sllva gave
Mr. Hay Information to the effect that
the traffic on the Isthmus was entirely
unobstructed, and also assured him of
the ability of Colombia to keep the
traffic open.
At Cleveland, Ohio, Adam Ke3t and
Joseph Eugene, two of the workman
who were trapped In the waterworks
tunnel 200 feet below thn surface of
Lake Erie by the burning of the crib
No. 2 aweek ago have -been rescued
from their dangerous position and are
now lying semiconscious at the hospital. With careful nursing the physicians say they will soon recover their
former strength.
Four masked men, armed to the
teeth, made a rush through the entrance of the Log Cabin saloon from
Resort street at Baker City, Ore., and
demanded "hands up." Dangerous
looking shotguns and revolvers were
flourished In a wild manner and the occupants of the gambling room compiled with the order. One of the bandits
covered the faro dealer, his hand holding the revolver shaking like a leaf,
while another took the bankroll of
$300. The other two men got $100 from
the safe in the saloon in front.
The state department is advised hy telegraph of the death of Senor Don Carlos
Morla Vicuna, minister from Chile to/the
L'nited States, which occurred at Kulfalo.
N. V., Tuesday. Senor Vicuna wus one of
the best known South American statea
men.   Pneumonia wus the cause.
There is a renewed feeling of hu|iefiilnis*
that the war in South Africa will soon be
at un end. says a LiihIdii dispatch to the
New Vork Tribune. The position is different from that obtaining at any time
since the outbreak of hostilities in October, 18111). Natal is clear; Cape Gilony is
rid of KritiRnger; in the Orange I liver
Colony there is practically little oppooitjon,
while in the Transvaal there are not many
symptoms of Hoer activity. Rumors of
important developments are freely ."rrent.
It is stated that the funds o. the ltocr
leaders in Kurope are now absolutely exhausted, and it is certain thut the rigors of
winter have told on the burghers in the
At Sun Francisco, Ctd., secret sen-ice officers have iirrented three men accused of
passing bank notes purporting to be issued' by the State Bank of New Brunswick, N. J., an institution long defunct.
The plates had never been destroyed, and
in the hands of some criminal had furnished over 1,000.000 notes in denominations from tl to $20, which have lieen di-
triiiuliil ull over thc I'nited States. On
information furnished hy Frank J, Perry,
who was captured a week ago, they have
just taken into custody William Hogan
and E. W. Smith. The latter, who, according to Perry, is the leader of the gang,
has lieen for eight years chief clerk of the
federal life saving service in that eity. He
has been released on bail, but the other
I two men are in jail.    Other arrests are
1 expected to follow.
|    Tit,i   Pennsylvania    republican's    plat-
killed. Engineer Shelian and Fireman Ad
ams of the passenger train, although several were badly injured. The passenger
engine and baggage ear were wrecked and
the other coaches were derailed.
The Carrie F. Roberts, fish-boat, has arrived in Huston from a trip off shore with
the biggest swonllish Introduced to the
Boston market within recent memory. Before he was cut up or sawed off he tipped
the scales at nearly half a ton. His
length was close to 17 feet. He was
armed with a rapier of three feet, with
which hy chance he might have rammed
an I sank a dory if not u schooner.
James Jeffries ond Gus Ruhlin have
mile paced   race recently,   at Queen',,
park,   Montreal, winning   by half
wheel's length In 39:19, a Canadla      "
Ian rec-
Prince Chun, a brother of the emner
or of China, and the member of th*
Chinese mission on the way to Beri|n
to apologize for the murdei- of uaro»
von Kettler, Germany'a minister to Pe '
kin, have arrived   at Basel,   Swltwr'
Word was received at Manila that
the Insurgent Colonel Loreel, with n
officers and 13 men, surrendered yea
signed"artlcles with the Twentl'etYce'n-  ^^*^.05.aE,ta.l,n_Bro*n of the Fo,,r"i
.^  . ,;   .  -_i  _.,. .  j.vii        .  form strongly indorsee the uilmiiiistratiiui
been signed covering a long terra of 0, uatripS*.
vn.',rn       'Pho   neinartlMoIIt\n   ..e   („,_.,.,„,_. " ,...*
Jack Winters was sentenced tn 10
I yeats at Kolsoin for ml,Inn," tlm Selhy
, smelter recently.
Another heavy test nf the'respective
merits of the Knglish and American hs-u
motives on the railroad ut'Kingston, .l.i
inaica, has resulted in a great victory for
the latter.
A committee of prominent pro lloers is
years. The consolidation of Interests
Is said to be financed by tbe National
City bank of New York, which Is to be
made the depository for the consolidated concerns.
The showing of the Palmer Mountain Tunnel company Is really a remarkable one, and should be satisfactory   and   highly  encouraging to the 	
* **       * m      ■ ■ »__.    nrmiim—,—r    »»■    \ -i ■ •>■• >••• • > i     twitr- ittrr.T*   in
stockholders. In running the bore 4000 organizinff a petition in favor of inferred-
feet some 28 distinct veins have beenltjoll in ^^j, Afrioa> -nf pUtton win
encountered, some of which cropped j*. |,reN,,nte,| to the czar on the occasion
at the surface, while others are deslg-' (lf |,j„ vjH|t to France,
nated as bljnd leads, halving no sur-J xhe commit ice on foreign affairs of the
face showings. These veins have been dumber of deputies has refused to grant
encountered at various depths from the funds Btcestery for the representation
150 feet to 1,300 .feet, and are from a 0f (j(,j|e nt the Pun-American congress, to
foot or two In width to 29 feet between |„. |„.|,| jn the City of Mexico,
walls, assaying from $2 to several hun-| General Miles leaves for the west nbout
dred dollars to the ton. In some cases Septeudier 23, and his first stop will he
the high grade mineral Is continuous „t st. Paul, where he will make an in-
and Is carried In the larger ledges, »| of Fort Snelling. Thence he will
showing enough In sight to Justify the visit other forts in the noithwest and
Installation of a plant and keep lt run- those of the Pacific const,
nlng steadily. |     Henry Dohm,  who died  in  New York
fecenti/, left un estate valued at $8,000,-
00(1.    lie has no near relatives there and
tury Athletic club in San Francisco for
a 20-round contest ln the early part of
November, the date to be fixed later.
George Dixon, ex-featherweight
champion, and Abe Attell of San Francisco, the bantamweight champion of
the Pacific coast, fought 10 rounds to
a draw at Coliseum hall, Denver, recently.
News has been reclved from Nome
of the recnt finding of two dear bodies
on the beach. The flrst was that of the
government telegraph operator, who
was drowned last November; the other
was unrecognizable.
A fresh order proclaiming martial
law has been issued providing for the
closing of all the country stores in
Queenstown, South Africa, requiring
that all goods likely to ibe useful to tbe
enemy shall be taken to all specified
towns, and forbidding country residents to have in their possession more
than a week's provisions.
By the recent consolidation of railways working on the community of Interest basis there are eight systems
which own or control 105,370 miles of
road out of the 193,345 miles wblcb,
according to the statistics of the Interstate commerce commission, made up
the total mileage of the United States
at the close of the fiscal year ending
June 30, 1900.
The contest of the will of the late C.
P. Huntington by the Princess Clara
Hatzfleld, his adopted daughter, will
never come to trial. It Is positively
asserted that a settlement has been
effected out of court. The sum Princess
Hatzfleld Is to receive for relinquishing all claim to a daughter's full share
of the millions of the dead railway
magnate Is placed at $6,000,000.
The state department has received
from Consul General Mason at Berlin
a long report setting forth in detail
the features of the proposed new German tariff which will most materially
affect the L'nited States products. By
far the most Important of these is noted In the advances of from 50 to 300
per cent In the rates on food materials
and live animals. The rate on wheat
of 83 cents would be Increased under
the new bill to $1.54 per 100 kilograms.
The United States sent 465.933 metric
tons of this commodity to Germany last
Ills  llrenery  Strike.
New York, Aug. 'HX.—A circular has
Immmi Issued hv Hie National Association of
Brewers making the announcement of the
commencement of war to the knife on the
National Union of Brewery Workmen
commencing September I. The brewen
ask owners to assist them in bringing first,
a general movement against the unions of
brewery workmen: second, to bring pressure to Im-.u on the government to withdraw the new tax on beer, and, third, to
nii-e the price of la-cr, with the assistance
of tlie state organization of brewery owners. The circular concludes with the an
iioiinceiiient "we will take action mi .September 1." (hi the other band, the work-
mill have -iiu out an u|i|hmI asking their
members tn -lund together. It is c-itimatcil
that -ill/UK! men will lie looked out.
II.    I.,    wn..,,,    Il.»lu„,.,l.
S.ititiiiflo, Chile,  Aug.  2(1.—The papers   his property is to go, it is understood, to
.hart announce that the United Slates inir    his niece, Mary L De Forrest of Irving,
istcr to Chile, Henry It, Wilson, will soon   Marshull connly, Kansas,
retire jnd devote his time to commerce,'     The big oil fire al the Atlantic Refining
repiesenting Hcveiul Anrericun firms,
company's works ut Point Uresis is hum
ing mot.' fiercely than at any time since
thu first explosion occurred. Another
tank has exploded, thc forte of Ihe ex-
Met   n   8p«edr  Deutb.
Walla Walla, Wash., Aiqt 2(1. —Crushed
ender Ihe heavy wheels of u wheat wigon, plosion causing a big tank  near l'ufs.iy
L, K. I'.rickson met speedv death in wesl- link avenue to careen, the blitzing oil llow-
em  Whitman  county.    The accident oc- ing over the street and forcing thc Hre-
leurred across the Aiuke river, on  A. J, men to abandon that part of the works.
Puffer's ranch. The oil ran into the sewer, whicli duplies
A   Kl.fht   Likely.
Knoxville, Tenn., Aug. '2(1. Detail
leeched this city of an attempt to drive]
the negris1. from work on Ihe property of
the Klk Valley '.Mining company, IO inilc-
from Jellico. The company il building u
branch IWd from tlw Southern railway to
its mines, having iiiipmicil iu-.'ih- fui
Ihe work. The natives objected and by
a pieurr.iitged plan tried to drive them
out. A party of white men went to the
negro camp last night and Ordered them
lo leave. A shooting affray resulted, Thc
dead body of .lames Hatfield, white, was
t. H i in I with a liullct hule through his head,
wiiiiiilil Hatfield, a brother of .lumes Hut
field, wus also shot. The property Is now
lieing guarded by deputy sheriffs.
first Wife Of  llrliiliiim   1 om.K.
Helena, Aujf. 'id.- Mrs. Zina Young,
first wife of the lute .Mormon apostle,
|!ii;.'li.nii. Young, pusscd through llclenu
recently en route to Salt Like Cily. Mrs.
Young is in a dying condition from u
stroke of paralysis, end it is doubtful if
she  will  he able to reach Kail   Like City
■live.    She   wns  Stricken  at  lhe   Inline  of
her daughter, near the Canadian border,
und her lust request before losing con
sciollsncs wus thill she lie taken to Iter
old home lo die. She is neatly HO years
of age,  uml  for more Hum All  years  hus
been prominent in the Mormon church,
until recently being head uf lhe  \|  ,nion
relief committee.
Blessings will be poured ln only ae
you pour them out.
Infantry at Tallsa. The surrender of
numerous other smaller contingents
last week brings the total to more than
Word from Chinrlottsvllle, Va., announces the death of Miss Maude Coleman Woods. In that city. Miss Woods
was pronounced the most beautiful
woman In America by a committee
from the Pan-American exposition and
her profile adorns the medals issued
by the board of*nwards.    #
At Indianapolis, Ind., fourteen persons were Injured, three seriously, in a
collision between a Greenfield Interur-
ban car and a train on the ICarie railroad. Tbe electric car was partly demolished. There were 12 passengers on
the car, nearly all from Greenfield.
The seriously hurt: Emery Scott, motorman; Oba Fox, Greenfield; Charles
At Vailsburg, N. J., Sunday, W. S.
Fenn of Waterbury added fresh laurels
to his list. After a hard struggle In tbe
half mile open for professionals, he
started out with 33 other riders In the
(five mile handicap for professionals.
Ha started off at a clipping pace and
mowed down his rivals one at a time.
■McFarland had 100 yards on the youngster, but this did not bother Fenn. Entering the home stretch Fenn had the
speed and fairly ran away from the
others, winning by about flve lengths.
His time was 10:15. The other world's
record for the distance was 10:33 2-5.
■Mr. Holbein, who Sunday, the anniversary of Captain Webb's swim from
Dover to Calais, started from Cape
Grls-Nez (between Boulogne-Sur-Mer
and Calais) In an uttempt to swim to
Dover, narrowly escaped drowning. Ha
covered the course to a point within
six miles of Dover and then collapsed,
after having been In the water 12 hours
and 46 minutes. The tug which accompanied him took htm from the water
and brought him to Dover, England.
He swam with a powerful stroke alternately on his back and on his breast,
making a good pace. The first six
miles from Cape Grls-Nez were covered
ln 2 hours and 25 minutes. Much of
the time he swam with his eyes closed
owing to the effect of salt water.
Two masked men entered the Elk
saloon at 1548 South C street and ordered the occupants to throw up their
hands. Proprlteor Hermsen took It to
be a Joke of the revelers and remarked,
"You are coming It pretty coarse."
The answer wae a shot from one of the
men's revolvers that grated the forehead of Edward Pfankachen and slightly wounded J. Keropln. Three pair of
hands shot Into the air immediately.
and the men meekly did the bidding of
the robbers. They emptied tho till and
were standing in front of the bar
when Kempln saw an opportunity to
escape. He bolted toward the door to
call for help. A shot from tho revolver
of one of the men passed dangerously
near his back and hurried Itself In th"
wooden partition nearby. Ben Johnson, an employee at the smelter, hud
Just pushed open the door to enter the
saloon when Kempln rushed by him.
One of the robbers shot at the new
comer and the ball struck him aliove
the left hip. He died.
Chattanooga, Tenn.—Henry Noles,
the negro who assaulted and shot to
death Mrs. Charles Williams, wife of
a prominent farmer, near Winchester,
Tenn., last Friday, was captured early
Sunday morning at a water tank near
Conan, Tenn. He was taken to Winchester by his captors and placed In tlm
county Jail. A mob formed but was
orderly but determined. It seemed that.
the whole population for miles around
bad turned out to see the fate of the
wretch. A procession three miles In
length followed the mob to the Will-
lams' homo. Arriving at a point in
sight of tho scene of his crime, the negro was placed upon a stump and burned to death. The negro made no outcry at any time and diet! as stolidly as
a stole. There were no disorderly
scenes about tho burning body. At
least 6000 people witnessed the horrible fate of the negro. Many remained
until nightfall, augmenting tho blaze
until the body was entirely consumed.
Then they departed for their homes
Buy Was Nhoi.
Viincoiiver. U'ush., Aug. 86, Jerelyn
Ciinhy, 12 yenr old son of Mrs. B, L, Ci"
by, widow of the lulc K. L Ciirb.v. wlm
wus the cashier pf the suspended First National bunk, wus shot uml killed nccideiit-
illy by a Ihiv whu was firing at u target-
During the siege of Paris 64 balloon*
n-Aiihi-,.! _, s   , . ileft tnPl «'ty with 91 passengers, 354
Faithful mu frow from active faith, | plgoone and nine tons of letters. isttsa
Siak Women
a*re. Valentine Tolls Hove
lydla E. Plnkhant'm Vegota.
ble Compound Ourad Her.
fliippinesa will go out of your life
forever, my sister, if you have any
of the symptoms mentioned in Mrs.
Valentine's letter, unices ji,u net
promptly. Procure Lycla E. Fink-
ham's Vegetable Compound at ime.
U is absolutely sure to help you. Then
write for advice if there is anything
about your case you do not under-
you need not be afraid to tell the
things you could not explain to the
doctor—your letter will be seen only by
women. All the persons who see private letters at Mrs. Pinkham's Laboratory, at Lynn. Mass.. are women. All
letters are confidential and advice absolutely free.
Here is the letter : — " It is with
pleasure that I add my testimony to
your list, hop-
\eg it may induce others to
avail them-
aelves of the
benefit of your
valuable remedy. Before
takW Lydla
E. Plnkham's
Compound I
felt very bad-
ly.ivas terribly
nervous, and
tired, had sick
headaches, no
gnawing pain in stomach, pain in my
back and right side, and so weak I
could scarcely stand. I was net able
to do anything, liad sharp pains all
through mv body. Before I had taken
half r. bottle of your medicine, I found
myself improving. I continued its nte
until 1 had taken four bottles, and felt
an well that I did not need to take any
more. I am like n new person, and
your medicine ahall always have my
praise." — Mrs. W. P. Valentine, SCO
Ferry Avenue, Camden, N.J.
LpJl. r. Plnkham kt*dle
A period of flve seconds between a
flash of lightning and thunder means
that the flash Is a mile distant from tne
observer. Thunder has never been
heard over fourteen miles from the
flash, though artillery bas been heard
al 1-0 miles.
How's  mint
11> offer on* hiiinlri'il dollar! tewuril for am
him "f Catam. that MUtinot be cuiej by Hall's
Cututrh  Cura.
F.  1. CHUNKY A CO..  l'ln|i».. T.ileilo.  O.
We,   the   unilirslamil,   have   known    r.    J-
Cheney for lhe last 15 yeais.  tin I believe him
perfaotty   hotioialile   In   all   business   tiiinsu
t: i.s   ami   tliiuiulally   able   to   carry   out   an>
■  .mil..I..-,  iiii,.I.   by  Unit   linn
Wl_OT A THL'AX,  Wholeaala nrucelsta,  To
l"do,  O.
W.\l.l-UN"1,   KINNAN   *  MAltVlN.  Wholesale
llruKKlsl".    Toleilo,    11.
Halle Catarrh Cuir Is tnken liit.inuily. Ml
lna  Uii.'illy   upon  Hit'  blood   i  mui.ius sur
tt.-ct ut the nyMt^in   I'rk'.. "..*. per bolUo. Sol'i
bv   all   UlUKKiHU.     TeitlHiolilala   fr.'e.
Hull i,   Family   I'llls  aie   Hie  beat.
Tlie most famous writers of the country have lu en Invited to take part In
the preparation of the September Issue,
and moro than a hundred photographs
bave been prepared, which give a thorough conception of the marvels of this
Thia algn»ture l» on every boa of the genulm
Laxative Bromo'Quinine tttAm
tha remedy that curve a evhl la <mm day
Seven hundred and eighty-six miles
of Japanese railway, owned by the Jap
anese government, earns one third
more yearly than 2942 miles owned by
private companies.
lioltl'i aohonl.
it Menln Park. San Mateo funntt, Cat., win
Nl beautiful, inrrnunilinKi, parfeol climata
aaieiul .iiiierv.i.on, thorough imtrucilon,
SOOpletS laboraiorlae, tnd aymiuuiiiin, eaall)
eiaiiilaini Ita poaltlnn lu tne Iron! ranks •)
achoola lor boys on Iba Pacllle Coaat Ire A
lain, rt. I)., Principal.
The highest clouds lie at 27,000 feet;
Mount Everett ls 29,000 feet. Thc highest recorded balloon um'ent Is 36,000.
PITO PennaneiiOj Ourad. No BU et nemoiwnsa
f llO after «™iilai>ue»iifllr. Kllae'nllreal Nm,
Berturar Send for FH KK S_l.UO trial Ui.Ui.ainl tr. ai
CrSTk-H Kll",Ud .KU ArchHt..Pblladel^la.Pa
Sowing In pain and tears promises
tho reaping In plenty and triumph.
The arrangements for the Elks' jubilee to be held in Spokane beginning
September 10, are fast Decerning com
Pleted. Already features In the entertainment line have been secured by the
management which assure the success
of the undertaking. Excellent attractions for the German village and for
the main tent, to be put on in conjunction with the Royal Italian band, have
been secured.
This midway will include an Oriental
theater, a Chinese theater, and a number of illusions,
Vlctorellas and Traviola. Victorel-
las is among the most celebrated horizontal bar performers in this country.
He has many new and wonderful feats
on the bar, with which he will entertain the Spokane audiences.
Traviola Is a premier juggler. He la
said to juggle everything from a piece
of whiting paper to a barrel of flour,
and his work is said to he of the highest excellence.
Blm, Boom and Burr, ls a grotesque
English musical trio.
The club swinging team which per-
formed at last year's fruit fair, and
which made a hit here, will hold forth
this year in the main tent.
Zoarro, performer on the globe and
spiral. This performance ls said to be
one of the greatest in the country and
to introduce features in his line never
before seen here. Also the great Sldo-
nla, slack wire artist, and Madam
Schell and her troupe of three performing lions.
Few are entirely free from It.
It may develop so slowly as to cause
little If any disturbance during tbe "whole
period of childhood.
It may then produce Irregularity of tbe
stomach and bowels, dyspepsia, catarrh,
und marked tendency to consumption
before manifesting Itself In much cutaneous
eruption or glandular swelling.
It is best to be sure that you are quite
Tree from It, and for Hb complete eradication you can rely on
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Ti,,, host of iill medicines-fur ul! humors.
The flrst men io ascend Mt. Blanc
were Balmat aud Paecard, in 1786.
They gauied the prize offered twenty-
six years before by Saussure for so doing. At present an average of fifty
parties climb it annually.
■Many experienced fishermen have
gone to Los Angeles this year to try foi
the tuna. Great stories of itB strength
and gameness are told. It Is common
to play a'tiuna half a day with a thirty
six thread line.
Kootenai mineral exhibit, Cranbrook,
B. C, September 25-27.
Northeastern Washington Union Veteran association reunion, Chewalah,
September 10-13.
Montana iState Baptist association,
Great Palls, September 24.
Montana Conference of Methodist
Episcopal church, South, Deer Lodge,
August 22.
Biennial convention of county school
superintendents, Pullman, Wash., September 3.
Walla Walla Fruit fair, September
Spokane Interstate fair, September
Elks' Street Fair and Jubilee, Spokane, September 10-24. Interstate fair race meeting, Lewiston, Octolier 7-12.
Great Falls race meeting, September
Chelan county fair, Wenatchee, September 3-6.
Lincoln county fair, Davenport, September 25-28.
Whitman county fair, Colfax, September 23-28.
Western Montana fair, Missoula, October 1-4.
Helena races, September 9-14.
Washington Stato fair North Yakima. September 28 to October 5.
Montana Firemen s association, Missoula. October 2-5.
Montana Ploueers, annual reunion,
Missoula, October 3-5.
Tho chronology of both the Chinese
and the Hindoos is fairly reliable as
far back as 2200 B. C, before whicli it
becomes misty.
Take Laxative Broom Quinine Tablet*. Al
Iragirlate refund 'ne money ii it falls to cure
K. VV. J-ove'e.ilKiiutun-Isnu each box.   360.
The sugar cane is now cultivated in
every part of Africa that has been explored by whites.
A candy dealer of national repute
says: "The American women eat more
candy than any femlnlnes on the face
of the earth."
Attempts at the culture of silkworms
aro being made ln Madagascar, which
Is believed to be specially favorable to
that Industry.
The oldest monkish order Is the Ba-
Hlllans, having been established In a.
D. 36.1. The next, the Benedictines,
date from 629.
You do not need to wear a stony look
to be a pillar in the church.
You can afford to lose the flowers of
time for the seod of eternity.
Alien lake Qrove'a Taateleaa Chill Tonic,
_eeau»« the fomtilaie plainly printed on evort
•oiile -linivliiii ■ imi it le -ilmply Iron aud (Jul
line lu A lai'elcti form. No Cure. No 1'ay. 60c
Sometimes God's storms are but to
drive us Into barter,
me Blood
When there is a natural ami healthy circulation of Uie blood, the entire
quantity, estimated at one-eighth thc weight of the body, passes through the heart
every five minute*. This rapid flow of the blood through the system prevents the
entrance of disease germs and impurities of every description It filters out all tliat
is not necessary or good for the growth and development of *to_^J«g*"?£S"
In* and strengthening thc muscles, tissues, nerves and bones. But, unfortunately.
few persons can rightly claim an absolutely pure blond supply and perfect and
unpolluted circulation, and in consequence are exposed to innumerable diseases.
Contagious Blood Poison, the greatest enemy to mankind, enters the system
through thc blood, and Cancer, Scrofula, Rheumatism, Catarrh, Eczema, bait
Rheum, Psoriasis, Tetter—in fact the majority of human ailments—are caused by
Soisons or humors thut nre engen- ■_»■_ ».j *_  Aa.*.   ______! —
ered nnd fostered in n sluggish   THO BlOOU 18 thB SOUtTCO
end  impoverished  blood.   Old m  -■§§ mdm*mAwm*tta
sores, chronic uh ers and rheumatic pains arc com-   OF Mel Ol#"e#J|f in
mon, especially among old people, whose blood .    ..   .   .....
naturally grows thin and pale because of the luck of the red corpuscles that give
color and strength to youthful blood. Sallow complexions and rough, oily skins
evidence some constitutional or blood trouble, which salves, lotions, powders nor
any external treatment can cure, Diseases that originate in the blood, whether
they manifest themselves os ulcers, tumors, itching eruptions, muscular or bone
pains, require a tonic and blood purifier such as S. S. S., which not only antidotes
and neutralizes blood poisons and humors, but possesses health-giving tonic properties that no other blood medicine docs.   It goes down to the very foundation of
the disease and eliminates from the system every-
Pt>IIul&fl BlOOd thitig of ii poisonous character or that obstructs and
m~mwmmemam** mawm**a.wm       ^^ ^ circuiation#   it builds up and imparts
BrCedlm DIseaSO new strength and vitality to the old innutritioua
... wwwv^am^wm   y^^ m^ when the arterie8 Bnj veins are once
more filled with new rich blood, the general health begins to improve, muscle*
grow stronger, and sores and eruptions of every kind disappear.
S. S. 8. is the only guaranteed purely vegetable blood purifier, and the purest
and most reliable in oil blood diseases. It has been tested in thousands of cases
during the past fifty years and is more popular today than ever. We will be glad
to eend you our book free, and if in need of medical advice write our physicians all
about your case; thi* information will cost you nothing and comes from experienced and educated doctors. All correspondence 6 conducted in strictest
The sale of thousands of copies of a
ten-cent magazine at one dollar was a
very curious happening at the time of
the Chicago Wortd'a Fair. The Cosmopolitan will endeaivor to repeat its
past success, with a Pan-American Exposition Number, which will be even
more attractive, If possible, than Its
World's Fair predecessor.
The Union of Islington, London's
largest parish, has 340,000 people. Barnard's Inn, which Is at the other end
of the scale, ha. a population of five.
iHe 'who Is willing to face failure can
never secure success.
Our Null,>u a Wealth.
(iold and silver are poured abundantly
into the hip of the nation, lun our material
wealth uml rtrength in rather in iron, the
nioBt useful of all ineutK ju.-t as the
wealth of u hiiiiiuii being lies in a useful
stomach. If vou have overworked vours
until it is disabled, try Hosielter'd Stomach I'.itters. It will'relieve l tie clogged
bowels, improve the appetite und cure
constipation, dyspepsia, oiUiumies-., liver
and kidney disease.
The assets of character are what you
are and not what you have.    '
Tba Beat I're.crlpUor  for Miliaria
•In 11 k and Fever ie a bottle OI Grove's Tastelcw
Unit'l'i ui ie.   li 1. siiu|,ljr Iron and quinine li
. taateleai form.   No Care, No Par.   Price 60c
There is no profit in religion where
there is no loss.
">    PIS'O'S  CURE   FOR
Beat Coin* Sirup. TaMea (iixxl. tin \
la ;. line.   Sold by drm.n_.ta.
The Mac-Mac Indians of North Amer-
lea bave an Instrument known as the
moose call. It Is a iblrch-ba-rk horn,
and when blown by an expert gives a
fairly good imitation of the bellowing
of a moose.
Stop* tba Cough mstd
Works Off tho Cold.
..axative Bromo-Quinlne Tablet! cure a oold lu
mo duj..No cure. No Pay.   Price25cents.
Ever'- known language contains such
names as cuckoo, pewit, whlppoorwlll
and others, in which the sound emitted
by the animal is utilized as the name.
Plao'a Cure Is the beat medicine we ever
um-.i (or all affections cf the throat and lutiga.
-Wm. O. Endsley, Vanburen, Ind., Feb, 10.
In the eighteenth century silken cocoons sold ln the London market for
one shilling a pound.
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnslow'a Sooth-
ig Svrup the beat remedy to use tor their
lildren ilnrinL- the teething period-
Regret can not bring the arrow back
to the bow.
Jf. N. I'.
No. 35, 1IIOI.
.   ...,-,-. i      ii.iiiii,:i'wli.nai.uiuliiii.ii	
9oo Drops
; AV'cgetablePreparationforAs-
! si inflating the Food andRe^ .da-
ling thc Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digcslion.CheerFul-
ness and Rest .Contains neither
Opium.Morpliine nor Mineral.
Not Narcotic.
/Art* of tiiti ui-sAKiTLPaxuait
frimeAi* Setai*
Jlx.Smitrs •
liockrtle <udU - *
III r,iliweuile.Cuut *
HinrsSewJ ■
Clmfiei .tipsr
mmtfym* runw.
Aperfccl Remedy forConslipa
Hon.Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
Hess and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
The Kind Ton Havo Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
— and has been made under his pcr-
'■fflf J*a* 8onal supervision since its infancy.
*"CC<<rAlrti Allow no one to deceive yon in this.
Ail Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" aro but
Experiments tbat trifle with and endanger the heafth of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment,
Cnstoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotio
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Wor^»
and allays Fcverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wmd
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy aud natural sleep.
Tbe Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
You can al'.yays smell a "dead
He has a costive-looking face.
Jf   His breath knocks you downi
^ He drags his feet.
Listeners to his talk turn their
heads the other way.
His breath poisons God's pure
He ought to keep clean inside;
—that means sweet breath, quick brain, swift moving feet. You can't feel well
and act well with your bowels closed, sending poison all through your body.
Clean them out gently but thoroughly and keep them clean with CASCARETS
Candy Cathartic, and you will find that all bowel and liver ills and the nasty
symptoms that go with them are quickly and permanently
f^tjp  CURED   BV ^
25c 50c.
Mil bowel li»lll.l.'«. niip.-iiill, III., MI
loimiieft.., bad brralli. ond blood, wind
on tlie Mttimucli, bloated Imhm-In, Colli
tnoulli, liradariie. Indlire.tloii. pimple*,
palm, all, r patina, liver trouble, .allow eoinplviloii
• nd dlaalne.a. When yonr bowel, don't move r*icu*
larl>- you are getting alek. t'on.tlpatlon kill* more
people than all oilier dlaen.e* together. It I* •
•tarter for Ihe chronic ailment* and l»ni: year* or
auffferlng that come al'lerwnrd*. No mailer %vhat
all* yon, atart taking «'AN« a ill Ts, Tor you
will never get well and be well all Ihe time until
you put vour bowel* right. Take our advleet atari
with «'AS< Alll.TN to-day. under un abkolute guar-
antetXo euro or money refunded. u.
nro rim Ei n*« ».-,»r. n*o
ftl*  «iM   Imi  .>r ( AHt'A ft-
I is wna ...l.i. Kow Ilia
ovrr ■!* million bmn n
yenr, greater Ihun mny
■ I ml lur ni'ilitinr In the world. Thl« U abaolute proof nf
■rent merit, nnd our heat te*tlraonlMl. We hnve tt»lih Hnd
Will -ni < AIM AH KIN absolutely guaranteed to cun ar
aionei refunded. Oo buy today, twa &Oe boiri, (Ive them a
I'wii , lion, *( trial, aa per simple dlreetlona, and If yon ara
not »iii I «H nl, after oil ng one nOc hex* return the unmrdAOa
••*•*     — <* *  •*!••**.,    .. • **r •     ■• -. 'HI    ' ■ in      I ,*• ■      ",I   » ,    .'III II   11,1      Ml
box nnd the rmnly box to ua by mall, ar the drunlat fn»m%
in purchased It, and irt your money bava t*>
1'itlio our advice    no matter whnt nils you   sta
M'hom vMi pure
boxes.    Tiiae oi
day.    Ilrulth will qulrkl
you flt'M -Int li-.llhr M«r«.f< AM AUk/IM    Hook free b
Addreist   MUtUMi KKMkHY 00*, f-KM 1011k or CT
klv follow and van will bless tba duy
nfTAftt'AHKTJt.   Hook free by mmX
! I
*w\ ■
Conveniently .Situated near
;       Railway Station anil WLarf.
ROOMS. ' '
Tables supplied with all the delicacies
oi the season.
4M£ii sjMKJtioyyLv
SLOOAN CITY",   ....   B. 0.
SATIUUMt, ACOWT   31. 'ltfJl.
8lLVEkrON', B. C.
MATfU.SON  fUiOB.,   Kdltor* * Props.
*pmm**m*sm*.m*mim ,-m.m t. i_i-W»M_MW«w>^Ma»..-TM__aw__MMMp^
R. H. Williams,
f.      Stock  asd Customs
Real   Pst.vtb    and
Bakbr   St.,   -"- 'NELSON, 11. 0
Sept.3.17.  Oct. i. 15.
Advertising rutes will be made kifown
ni>on u|i; Ik-si ion ut Ihis office.
I editorial onmomsos. I
':. . i i. j 8 £ S S i i i 8«°8 i i i i i i i I
Silverton will bo a great camp after
some moro of the minea Lave gone
through tho sheriff proems.
•§|to>M_- Mifliiigr P^jltiMiu, whicb^js part
of the SJoaan Biding. If we go a few
miles down Slocan Luke we enter the
Slooan Lake Mining Division, which
ia aho part of the Slocan Riding, and
where the Shiran L»ke empties into
Slocan River we Und Slocan (City).
Fur the sake of clearness it is necessary to tack on the "City" when we
mean the city and not the river, lake,
mining division or riding, not to mention Slooan Crossing, which is on the
Slocan River a few miles helow Slogan
—Post Offioe. Until the Slocan (City)
people change the name of their town
they must expect to he miscalled, cr if
they wish, the names of the crossing,
river, lake, mining division and riding
might be c.tang d to louu thing else.
I  TiiELxiLLwr.   jTAKEYOtrp
Premier Dunsmuir being back fmm
his northern trip, thing should begin
ti> drop around tbe Capital within a few
Excursion Tickets
To Buffalo.
(Via St. Paul or Chicairo.)
—Kootkxav  Landing  to   Tobonto.—
one  ('hanoi-:  to   buffalo.
The three lug strikes—the trackmen's, the steel workers and the Rossland minera—appear to bo dragging
near a finish, but whose finish press
despatches sayeth not.
When it is considered what the
Heir Apparent has gone through and
what is still in store for him as he
dings hunt .--If from Halifax to Victoria,
few will say that he doesn't earn bis
t —
lt is reported that Lord Straihcona
will succeed the late Lord Herschell as
leader of the British statesmen on the
Joint High Commission. Truly Canada's stock is approaching par wn tbe
Hritish market
SI ipments of ore from Slocan Lake for
the year 1891). totaled       3078 Tons.
Shipments in  1900 totaled 4!)3tl Ton*
Tlie shipment   ol   ore   from   Sloean
Lake points,  up  to and  .deluding   the
pieseut week, from Jan. 1, 1901.
From New Denver Tons
Han nev    140
Mai ion  20
From Bosun Landing.
Bosun 30j
From Silverton
Alidia     40
Hewett ....'.. 1000
.   Emily Kdith    .     41)
From Enterprise Lunding
Enterprise     400
From Twelve .Mile Landing
V&M .,     20
From Slocan City
Arlington      2600
Two Friends. , ...... 40
Blmk I'rince  ' 125
':--'?®5^<|lf«4jtef'-v      20
< hit plea 11     jr,
Speculator     '!__■'»«."    20
Phoenix '....... .... 20
Hair ptou ,,,,'.'"   q
Mrs Brandon ti.sitt-a friends in Slocan
Citv tliih week,
Harry J.  Matheson  is taking a trip
throujjh i-Oiilh Enst Kootenay.
Anoiiier lurge load of lumber was de-
liver, 'I iieic mi \\ t'diiivilu.v forthe Hewht
D. R. Young, the poet, and poli'ician.
is now boosting for bin Similkameen land
company in To onto.
The new deckhands on the «s. Slocan
are part of a cur-load of French-Canadian*
recently imported iron Montreal.
For Pule:—A flve room cnttace and
lot in Silverton. A snap foi a cash 1 ujer.
Particulars at Tlio Silvertonian Office.
The population of R.«sliind is given in
the census returns at 6138 and Nelson ni
4610 Wi- leave it to lhe Nelson papers
lo point out the mistakes.
The pohlin appreciate poo,) s^rvlie and
good rands. That is why they do their
tra tog with R G Daigle Kreah fruit
snd raw groceries. All ihe latest mag-
F O. Fauquier. Government Agent at
Ueveli-tnke. Inm 'Hipped out with {3000
of the un 'lie's money. Consiileilng hi»
chances Fauquier showed great modesty
in limiting bis trm elling lund to a paltiy
three thousand.
Tbe Shiran Citv Bnaul of Trnde hns
been organ ired with the following offli.' rs-
President, W. T. Sliitiord; Vi'vl'resi-
dent, Dr. Forin • Sec-Treasurer, C E'.
Siniih- lingiile; Committee. XV S. Johnson, f. J. Duty and J. A   Raker.
Confection e^
°A8H STOKugv
Union BJioolc,,
There ore fifteen business rstablish-
*orrates, tickets, and full information I mei,ts in Silverton.     Six of them help
.11 on or addi-en* ^^™   ^^S
snpport this paper; the others we never
All on or address   ^^^^^^^^^^_
G. B,,
Agent, Silvaron, 8. C. or
D. P. A.. A.G..P. A..
-    Ne'.son. Vancouver.
%ih Vp,
(Inlund Sentinel.)
Ftank Fletcher, who bus heen em-
p'oyed at Ihe Vi. tinia Hmel for lhe lust
two years, lelt yestenliiy for Greenwood
a here his p.ire_iN are now living. !!•»
took witli blm the goo-i irleliM of the
cnmp, all Sihenonians being numherei
uuiong his friends.
provinoial"L_nd   surveyor
3   G. GORDON.
L-   -    - GERMAN -   _
P. C.
Like the "sail." watchmen on ihe C.P.'    r.       ., T
• track in .he ti.neof ,l„,.w -  A  I    *?. * •U"** " ,"s *»'» *l","'"ni'	
j (Jo-owners.
If you want to advertise out a
Co-owner iu yonr 1,'ineral claim,
a«ad $10 to this office, giving
name of claim, date of record location, and period for which the
delinquent co-owner lias (ailed to
do his assessment work, and we
will do the rest, including sending you the affidavit for recording
We will write the notice and do
the wurk correctly. Address:
Silverton, B. C.
see, except when they wifh !o have
something to their interest deadheaded
in the paper aa news matter.
 .. tin .
A great many unkind remarks are
beiug made about the Duke of York
because of the immense sum of money
which will be frittered away by the
Canadian people in "entertaining" him
With equal justice the trick elephant
could he abusedfor his complicity with
the shell man outside the tent.
R. track in the time,./ •  Attorney
General Kherts, when ihere is work lobe
done, is generally asleep.   Last  Friday
the 8tiilinel ndvimced reHsons «liy theie
should he an iiiveaii^'ntiou inlothe wick
of the passenger train  at  Hope on the
morning of Monday, the 17il- inst. These
reasons are strengthened by the following statement in Ilie lieriild :
"One of the first men to make his nav to
the ap8i-,lance of Peter Righter,  thu en -
gine^r 01 the express trnin wrceKe.l bv  .1
i'ii lien tree at Hope laat Mondur «m  Ohiis
Kinu, president of the North Bend divi-
fiun of the B K T. of A., who «as a  passenger un thc train.    After haiiug the
injured man in good care, Mr King  wilh
twoo'hers went to s shack  ahere Ihe
Watchmen,   who   were supposed  lo he
watching lhe Gre.  were stationed.     He
week here wilh hia funi'lv. hiring returned on M "i.dny from ihe Alberts chI-
H liN lie I', ve* ii' xi neck for Soul1'
Fast KV.ntemiv, hiving recntemd ll'Ci'in-
pl.-iy of tlie P Jturiis Coinpany. Thl_»
companv is ,,p ninu a market in Frank
Albert*, «iiic!i will he ni'iiaijed by Mr.
.lucks in.
For Sale nl All Druggiis.'s.
. w.^- »ouiu  go over their
NOTICE    TO     DELINQUENT    CO-  •»«•<« eurrlully at iuteivals with a piece
OWNER. of co-.rhe snndpaper they   wou'd save
To M. E. B aodon. or whom it may -themselves and the Hies  much  incon-
mcern. You are hereby notified thot 1
lt is said by scientists  that a fly's
feet are not adapted for walking on a   .._.«....,s .,,r ure. were stationed.     He
smooth surfnc*, aldiough it had  been  aasertsthat he and the two witnei-Bes
1 bought otherwise, and that the  tick-  *   "    ""
ling as ii skates on the human skin  is
caused throneh   the  inability   of tbe
creature to sejeure a foothold.    Thus if
bald headed men Mould  go over their
Il        -t '    •'
...._.,..... vi   vnmii ii may
rtoncern. You are hereby notified that I
have expended One  Hundred nnd Two
pollers and Fifty Cents in lahor and improvements npon the  Golden Chariot!
Mineral Claim sitnated near Silverton in
the Slocan Mining Division snd recorded
in 1!he*office ol the Mining Recorder foi
the ssid division, being the eiiiouiit  required to hold said claim under Ihe provisions of the Mineral Aut ior tbe year
ending Mav 10th 11*01, .
' And if within ninety   days  from   tlie
date of this notice you fail or refuae to
contribute vour proportion of such   expenditure together with all cost of nlver-
lising, your interest in said claim will
become the proper y of the  undersigned
under Section 4 of An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act 1000.
W. H. Brandon,
1 Acting as agent for D. F. Burk.
Dated tbis 8th ,.ay of June 1901
venienct' at this seison.
1 ——
In thn knowledge gained by two
M -t.l.oiii-t divines from Ontario wbile
in Syracuse Istely the Conferences are
justified in classing the tempting chocolate and tic si-duutive caramel among
the touch not-taste-not articles.     It
with him found them asleep in lhe shuck
in-fead of be ngat Iheir po6ts." Attorney
General Eberts' inactivity in this maitti
is lhe more questionable in view of his
aciiyity in anolliernuiltrr. A ':pcah" au*
hooted' at un   the stieets of Ko^eltM.d
Forthwith the 111 «n Unit did  lhe hooting
was arrested and Atton.ey General   f.h*
erts Instructed the lawyer for the eWDpr-
ation em, loving iho ■ srsb" tmcl for the
Crowu in the prosecution of the offender
The outrage U|sjn Bntisp juslice in employing aa Crowu counsel in the case the
legal adviser of oi.e of the contending
parties needs no com men* fiom us   v\ ji_»r ,        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
is ;*rtinent to the subject under di<u-U*- I Ymi soothe « h-n trouble nvertnu. h
sion is  ihe fact thai   Attorney Ci me'sl I    0|ipt"S«e«.   Cnnsilnilo'i's typ—
Ebertacan scl promptly  vh n he wunis 1 No eigirett,, enn ever iulcIi
to, i. 11., when 11 corporation   appeals   to My pine.
him for assistance.      Attorney'ieneral j —London Punch
Eberts' partiality for c.ipnraiioiis   aa*
shown in bis unlawful appointment of
The ni ht is Mt-wfi'S lo a eln«e,
And von Vive te n pu often fed
Wi'h 'lncev—I n.nst ^,-ek repose
In Mil.
It r-rka  mv h»irl In lay "on down
So soon.    I reallv cinnol do
Without one in my dressing gown
Or two.
And then «-r part, as lovers •nwl-
llo->  fss! lime Itemed logeflinr silos!—
Till, break fast done, again yon meet
My lips
TIipi, 1, t us bii- i-h parting's grl-f,
Itnggilii-r 'be preaent pure   content,
15 fore font uo illiing po>ver brief
I It   „p„t
In   l \ in fl'-t >' it',In   , <.h"p,
Root inotll d 'o vonr si'v. r inoii-f;
Your co ■. 1 hough great, Icouid'tiot slop
To count.
I bore you 01F01 t'lninph then.
And ail the jov yoiirbeaQtv wnke
Is constant, for I uve you when
I «moitB.
JVTERCST I* helm dlicbfcd In ihe
■uw inclt'Ki powders iir.d
M;k?ied bullcu In Itrjt calibre rlllfi.
A 46 calibre bullet wdrliios S00
galMJfrtS a ihock lo ltr«e |_>me (hit ibe
I f^l* il'n.r "*.. B<" «'»»ya be depended on
PSl IffO* Mudel I80S Rcpc.icr. hi.e
Spe.HI Smoieleti Steel" lairriU. For
M.,u?Jl,J ,Jl'°'m»tloo Ktnr c.i.loi.
mint. I (or 3 liMmpe.
The Marlin Fritz arms Ce.
With Canadian Supplement
2B3  Broadway.
How York, U. g. A.
1»HB  Ileal  and   fflloet   laOneatUI
nii.iMg  Pap«,r   tm |h.   world.
Samplf) Copy Pree.
WoeMy ;.<|ltloo...|i.« pu m,,,..^ pctpaU.
Monthly       "   ... j» "        « ..
,*mmamm^m\\    ' ^I'-ciai constables nnd io Hie unsl.-Hiling   I   '    \     I   A    • .   I
was an innocent candy hurled tht j dvl(, ,„ g-w „ repre,f.„tllti ,e ot t(lp   \J I L 1 \J IJ
I riser,   ^..^tm^m^^sy^^^^ ~-^^^^^^^^B
The Mining
News of The
Slocan can be had
at First Hand
and when it is
News by Reading
1 ■
Sf nt to any nMreu in America for
Om hur for Two Minn,
lo Hum.
two pastors from trace, ono of them
ending np in the police court and the
other in the tend, 1 loin, where a fallen
I aiifo'l took charge of his watch.
By way of a joke the two had registered at their hotel umhr ficticious
names. That was a funny joke. Still
having fun they went out to see the
city by gas light and, jokeuumW two,
lost each other.   Ono was joined by a
TANGLEFOOT IS undoubtedly
f I yPaPcJ, ||,e beat sticky paper
on the market. Thereate lots of other
sticky flcpap' rs made an I advertised
r..—.....W...*3    'IS    HO'
Truckmen's Union  in  reference tn the
Alien Labor Law.     Mis contempt fnr
public interests generally, end tlmce of
organised Isbur in  particular, has  been
made i.nly loo apparent thioughnut the
tiackmen'sstrike.   I, no single in.-tunc
has he attempted to enforce the Ih w * here
tbe  Company were concerned, though
opportunity lor so doing has risen again
and again.    Il is practically veitsin that 	
.. ,,,  . . 1     ■      ,        . -    ..-.--- —— •*• "••■ •"ivernseii
tbere will  be no Investigation  into lhe
msa*. w„,Awe.,\w l-i-,- !_, maltLTalLti ('^'^ "' the 'allwajr accident of laat   h»'"une have siiccieded  in seeming
man evidently lying in wait for rustic        . ,    ..     .     .     *
u k   a   Z.a    i  -   * week for the simple reason that such an  the public fivor like Tanglefoot. Wh-n
preachers, who flashed a box of candy.   ,„,„„„„„„„ woul<l ^dtap,MBillg t0 ,,,„        ' uf        *
Whin he came to, be  was in a dis-  railroad company ""      "
reputable house where coincidentl)- hp
was found by his brother pastor, Verily truth is stranger than fiction and
when they went to complain to the
police, telling the truth as above, (bey
were run in as drunks. Now they are
explaining to tbeir flock just bow the
play came up.
**■ m v» aw, u 9m   m Pf,, m ^ m
llr-UILS linl. OiHMlk llio UOl'JIKKEPCR.
ARK u«ed by many care-
Some of the ci* irons of the oily at
tbe foot of tbe Lake object to haying
tbeir towu refcred to as Slocan City,
and their local -paper grows wrathy
over the same thing, the editor calling
       a contemporary   "sonn^,1' which was
SINI)   OP JOB WORK  AT    ' unladylike of biin. I
i  I      _^         -   J   Wedrell (io Slocan Lake, in the]
.>RI>£R8     TAKEN    FOR   ALL
a rvat aassr esum or raaraa eewesa
Highest Honors, World'* Fnlr
Ootd Medal, Midwinter Fnir
Avoid Dnklnc rim-'urs conulnlupr
aluuo.  TLuy are Injurious to bmtiu
a fly puts his ticklers  on  a   slieet  of
Tanglefoot you know that hiscotirae of
dirt and annoyance has ended.      This
paper is clean, lisndy and always ready
to use     Coining as it iioos In double
sheets wilh waxed edges, niiikas it perfectly safe to handle, ihere being no
danger ol ariiling ihe clothing or having
the hands stuck up us there is wilh
othei papers.
Five Double Mieels for 25c|,n
'01 SON
U3   'ul housekeepers as being heU
l"r tha" fl,P''Wr.   Thi,, bowever, is
»nly * matter of opinion.   The Poison
I'nd consist. ,,f« circular sheet of Mot-
"Ing paper (cut to flt in an   ordinary
g   P'"<e)   which has Imen soaked in a
"trong, poiaonous solution.     When to
^•i'edthep„di.pilUll , pieteend
enough water ,K,Ure,| on to dampen It.
Tbe diu nre attracted to the poiaoo,
'akeailpoftheliquhUud are almost
Insianily killed.
On« of ifttM P(|(1j ,„ft |() B room at
nf«ht will ktll every fly, moth or cock-
"'nel. in the room before morning.
Six Puds in al'aekng. ^'^
Patent^Meuicines  &  Drugs.


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