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The Silvertonian 1901-09-07

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' NUMBER  10
MB0O0000000UU0O3OOOO0O000OO oooooooooooo ooooc
08.a8msemsfgmmv8 8 2m_i.i2 8....... umo
'- TN WM. HUNTER Co., Ltd. 1
It 1*999*,* f.8 888*8888 88 88 88888 8 88888 888888888©
Z  Largest stools: of "
Z 5*
S        JM£nirij>: supplies *°
2 Iix     tiie    (Slocan*       »
j »
Kg88888888888888888888888888888888888888888 8S
Witt iUUUUit**tii....,....i.... .at ggggggg
z Stores in Silverton • Kelson - Alamo -1
z       Three Forks and Phoenix.      I
MOOOOOOO oooooooooooo <
Mines and Mining.
At the Bosun mine during the week a
new ore shoot Waa encountered in tba
No 3. tunnel at a distance in from liie
mouth ol Over 700 leet. Thia atr ike consists ol over three feet of ore, two feet of
which ia clean aieel galena carrying
large quantities of grey copper and
without doubt tba richest ore ever en-
Icountered in thiamine. There ia also a
fine showing of oie in tbe So 2. tuunel
whoie a ahoot two feet wide of clean
cube galena is being developed. The
force at the mine ia b- ing added to and
at preaent a crew of 22 men aie employed. Tbn Bi'Bun, which haa been
developed under the pergonal manage
ment of VV. II. S.imliforil, ia a dividend
paying properly and ia one oi ibe few
ailver-lcad mines that has continued to
work at a profit in spite of the poor
market for lioth lead and silver. It has
heen well equipt and developed and
these new strikes at a greater depth will
insure it a continued life for some time
to come aa a shipper aad dividend
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
Hew Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
ii, '
a.dvfa. .*
*      ^HOTEL.
About the Hewitt mine all is activity
and the outi-ide work ih being nifh, il in
Hiitici)-uiion of the near approach of
winter, which cornea much earlier at the
mine owing to ita high altitude than in
ioimi. In the mine ore ia being encountered und blocked out in all tho
levels above the No 6 tunnel, which ia
the long tunnel being driven by contract,
and over ten ions a day of rich ore are
being taken out. suited and sacked. The
lower tunucl, No 6.. id now over half
completed 1 em; iu a distance of 630
feet, the contractors having made 125
feet for the month of AngUBt. This
mine ia shipping at the rate ol 100 tons
a week and ihe majmigement, Cross & Co
of this place, expect to be able to keep
the shipments up to this figure. The
output of the mine skipped thia year to
the ameltera up to tho present time
amounts to 1103 tons. The new mine
building is nearing completion and
material is now being tnken np to the
mine for the building of a terminal at the
upper end of the trar. °ay and also fur a
loading station at the men I h of the No 6.
tunnel. Two four-horse aud one six -
[ horse teams are now busy hauling np
supplies and lumber and bringing down
Ore from this nropertr and the tram wav
is kept busting handling material
between I ho mine and the bead of the
wagon road. A forco of 50 men are
employed mid Foreman P. Dwyer is a
busy man attending to all ihe work that
fad. under his supervision.
Thia week's shipments from the Hewitt consist ol an  ev<*n 100 tons.
Tbe Fourth of Julv claim Joined the
shipping list thia week, sending out 7
tons from Slocan City.
Winter quarters, consisting of a cabin
ore-shed and blacksmith shop, ore being
put up at the Hoodoo on Lemon creek.
Six properties sent out ore from Sandon last week. These were: Slocan Star,
108 tons; American Roy, 40; ivanillic,
40; Goodenough, 40; Last Chance, 20;
Noble Five, 17; total 2A5 tons.
1 Work on the Gatiueau and Simcoe
claims on I en Mile creek was begun nn
Wednesday under the recently given
bond, the particulars ol which were published in tbis column some weeks ago.
Thomas A. Noble, of Pittsburg, Pa.,
and W. D. Wrigbter, of Spokane, two of
the principal owners in the Iron Horse
group, visited the Slocan this week, inspecting this and other Slocan properties-
New York. Sept   0 —Bar Silver,
Lake copper,   (16.25,
Lead—The firm thnt fixes the selling
price for miner* and ameltera quotes lead
at $4.37,'.;. st tbe close.
Tho I'.ngliHh price for lead is £11 ]7s6d
Silver, 27d.     Copper, £66)f.
Local Events.
Surveyor Bartlett has laid out the pipe
line from Hume creek to the reservoir
•ito for the waterworks company, and
the ditch is now dug and ready for the
pipe layers. Work on .he reservoir itself ia at a standstill, nothing having
been done aince the lumber for the tank
was delivered on the ground. Th-a ia
due to the fact that every Slocan carpenter is engaged at soire of the various
mines and none can be got for this work.
The Red Mountain wagon road, which
is being built, is now completed from
the point where it leaves the Galen*
Mines' road to the roud camp and work
waa commenced ibis week on tbe Eight
Mile side of the camp. The rbad as far
as completed has a ine grade and is ono
of the best pieces of road ever built iu
this district. i
JAS.    BOWKS    hopriotor.
Oatside Perti*. Desiring Horses in Silverton
Can  Have Them Reserved By Writing To—
t ♦ t t t ♦ *
a. p. Mcdonald,
The Rambler ledge haa been followed
through the S.iiuliiii slate formation into
the underlying granite, where at a depth
of 700 feet a rich ore shute has been excised (or 200 feet, the ore beingextreme-
ly high grade, averaging nearly AoOozs.
of silver to the ton. This is the first Slocan vein to he foi owed through the slate
into granite, and il is significant that the
oie body in the older fonmilion is both
bigger aud licher than in the slate.
0 L O T II E S    F O R    M E N.
The depth and continuity ofthe Payne
ore body is to be tested by diamond
drills. Stone k Knight of Spokane will
commence work with the drill in No. 5
Tunnel this week and will explore the
ledge for new ore t-hutes b'low tbe present workings, tiie intention being to tunnel fiom the Sandon side when these are
located. In tunnel No. 8 another drill
will he put to work exploring below tha
old "■likings where the big ore bodifs
were located.
When fickle Fortune smiles on one she
grows lavish iu her favors and showers
her gifts in a bewildering sequence.   The
Lido boys spent several years in  bard
work wailing to make a strike; prospecting in nu miner,   working for   a grubstake during the  winter  months, they
pushed tbeir fortunes, opened  up their
prospects in the face of difficulties and
came up smiling after every throwdown
and misfortune.    None will t-ay tliat the
boys have  not earned t, e good things
tliat the turn of the  wheel  haa  brought
them this year.   Their latest good fortune is told by the Lardeau Eagle:
< "Two weeka ngo a bat is to-day a grass
root slnpt'ci and  a Muter Triune mine,
waa vacant groeitti ,_n lite south slope of
Triune cieek, opposite and a little below
the Triune mine.      Vincent  Lade,  who
baa been foreman at the Triune, on tlie
supposition that   thia   should be   good
ground took put luck and placed stakes
upon two claims, named the Oolden Lode
ami Little Pine, which are now owned bv
himself and his broibar Jas.  Lade, nho
were also co-owners in ti.e Ophir Lade
gold   property  recently  bonded to the
Ophir-Lade syndicate at HOO.OOO.   Mr.
Lade had found a big iron capped ledge at
the time be staked the property, hut on
Tuesday last iu company wilh  Andrew
Ferguson, they decided to take a look at
what looked not unlike a second lead at
first sight.   And to eay that their expectations were more than realised would be
whispering tha result.    They   actually
picked out two sacks  of cloan ore and
carbonates. Identically the same stuff as
the old Triune produces, in a truo ledge
from 6 inches to . feet in width.   And
with a few samples thai doea one good to
look at they left for town,    Mr. Lade resigned his position at the Triune at once,
and in a few d.,ys will start work on   the
Golden Lode group."
The following remarkable fish story is
vouched for by one of our leading citizens,
who is an expert angler and teller of fish
yams. He had been whipping -Four
Mile creek, meeting with indifferent success, his catch being limited to a half
dosen fingerlinga. Just as lie had begun
to despair of a catch he noticed that ho
bad lost a heavy gold ring off his finger,
tbe climax of bia bad luck. Just at thia
moment hia reel began to sing, and for
fifteen delirious momenta he forgot his
former bad luck, bin ring and all else in
ihe excitement of landing a ten pound
trout He marched boni" with hi* prize,
and after putting hia basket beyond the
cuts rench, went into his room to wash.
Here the flrst thing be saw was his ring,
which he had gone away and forgotten.
Now that   the   C. P.  R, trackmen's
stilke is over, perhaps the   Compan v
will rush work on the burned out trestle
on the NAS and resume the regular service for ihe main) line. ■     '•• -
No drillers offered themselves against
Roes and McLeod, the Slodfcn tenn, at
the Phoenix Labor Day Celebration. The
boys gave :m exhibition drill, patting
down a 43 inch hole. They drew the
$175 purse.
Tlie first number of the LadysmitU
Leader, under ibe editorial management
ofT. L. Graham, will make its appearance to-day.
Fauquier, tbe ex-Gold Commissioner
of Revelstoke who drew more than hia
salary, bis been committed for trial. Hia
shortage amounted to nearly $3000.
It isn't
That a man who has been cutting
wood all summer, or one wbo has
a faculty for cutting coupons, could
cut a aatlsfactory stilt lor you. Now
Llebaoher is a cutter. Has bem
tailoring for particular people for
• number of years. Ha uses
■hear*. He doesn't "cut" a suit
with an electric band saw. Ho
knows his business and does it too.
■   Finest Stock in the Slocan   -
LAKE   AVE.      -      -      SILVERTON.
^ryrynnrru-iA-AriVL _a-a_a-«,-aAAA_siAAAA^AiV>^vvsAiWi
Shipments of ore from Slocan Lake fer
tha year 1899. totaled 3078 Tons.
Shipments in 1900 totaled 4030 Tons.
The shipment   ot  ore   from   Slocan
Lake pointa, up  to and Including   tin,
present woek, from Jan. 1, 1901.
From New Denver Tons.
Hartney..    140
Mariou 20
From Bosun Landing.
Bosim  320
From Silvertou
Alpha  40
Hewett UM
Emily Edith       40
From Enterprise Landing
Enterprise    420
From Twelve Milo Landing
V&M     20
From Slocan City
Arlington     2720
Two Friends  40
Black Prince )'2b
Bondholder     20
( hapleau    15
Speculator      20
Phiainlx  *)
Dmrptou    tt
Fouith ol July     7
It Is an easy matter to catch and kill a
misquito if you wish and Ihe fellow who
Uvea in the misquito belt will certainly
be consoled lo know that he can rather
in anopheles, curlex or sny of the others
just for the trying. Two things ara absolutely necessary in order to make the
The misquito must be allowed lo lig!*t
on one's body then he must be allowed
to unsbeat hia libinm, and begin bis
boring for oil, blood or whatever his
appetite may crave. When the misquito
geta inlo this position he is absolutely at
the mercy of the fellow whose corpuslee
he is seeking to rifle. One may make a
piisor.er of tbe mosquito without atiring
a hand or moving a muscle. How?
Simply quit brnatbing. Sit still and
hold your breath. The mosquito wilh
all ihe force of ils mil gs and lags could
not break a .cay from the spot where he
had sunk hia beak, and the only remaining thing to do would be to slip one's
finger up under his wings, get a good
firm trip on his back and then swat him
nn the bead or slay him in some other
The Sultan's getting ready to be ugly, so
thev sav;
He is bm ing cannon tbat he wants delivered right away;
He baa all the correspondents in a quiver; tbey declare
That the   situation's   grave,   and that,
there's trouble in the air,
But don't you get excited, don't fly off
** FOR
There won't be any war.
All the world ia waiting, hoping for the,
great and glorious day
When the Sultan and theshamelul throne
he's on shall pitas away.
When the nation* ahall unfurl the splendid flag of Progress where -
Tue snileil old Star and (.'rcsent'a tattered edges foul the air;
But the nations still are jealous, therefore patience, patience—
There won't be any war.
—Toronto World.
Neighbor— Why do yon jog the baby
ao hard when she's crying? *
Troud mother—Sure, it makes her cry
with such a beautiful tremmylo.
The flags on tha ss. Slocan were
flying at half mast yesterday owing to
the death of E. J. Duchesnay, gentral
sup, rinlendent of the 'Vibe division ol
jthel' P. R. who *.„■ nccidnntly killed
by a falling rock in a burning tumid
on that i-oad while gi>ln„' directions to
the men.
"I lell you sir," snid the clergyman.
"the trouble liea in the fact thut we have
too many lawyers."
"Tbere ia where you arc away off,"
r, plied the judge. "The real trouble ia
due to tbe fact that theie aren't half
enough client*."
Of course tbe fair damsel fully expected the orthodox annwer when ahe
smiled sweetly at the young man In tlm
hammock and asked : ' What is heaven's
best gift to man'!" But she had calculated without tho aid of a pocket
calculator, (or the practical young man
replied, without hesitsiion.   "A horse."
"Has the colonel been digging into
mathematics? I never saw such an expression of worry."
"No In, bas just discovered that there
is on'.y one hip pocket in Ida new
trousers, .unl ho is racking his brain lo
decide hetwicu carrying a gun and *
_ \ Difficult Digestion
Ibat is dyspepsia.
It makes life miserable.
Its sufferers eat not because they wemt le,
—but simply, because they mtuf.
They know they are irritable and fretful;
but they cannot be otherwise.
They complain ot a pad taste In the
mouth, a tenderness at the pit of tbe stomach, an uneasy feeling of puffy fulness,
headache, heartburn and what not.
The effectual remedy, proved by permanent cures of thousands of severe cases, ls
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Hoop's f ills ara ths bast cathartic    ~~"
Molilalia Cenaua Manufncturea.
'The.census bureau has issued a bulletin
on the manufacturing industries of Montana, There were 1080 establishments reported in 1900 with 10.110 wage earners
employed who received $7,900,880 in wages.
The product waa valued at $57,0r5,824.
Omitting copper smelting and refining and
lead smelting and refining (industries included as branches of manufacturing in
1900 but not ho included in 1890), there
was an increase of 120.6 per cent from 1890
to 1900 in the number of wage earners employed and an increase of 180.1 per cent in
the value of the product. The most import
ant manufacturing industry in the state is
the smelting and refining of copper, with
4'2W) wage earners employed and a product
valued at $30,387,003.
Thc smelting and refining of lead g-.ive
employment to 503 wage earners in 1900
and had a productive value of $5,204,203.
Interesting Items of a Miscellaneous
Nature Gathered Daring the Past
Week-All Districts Showing Vast
improvements—New Mines lleuln-
nlng   to   Ship—Mining   Accidents.
■ate Blown Open.
Taeoma, Sept, 2.—When the Northern
Pacific freight agent at Olympia unlocked
the door of the depot he discovered thc
safe had been blown open and the entire
contents stolen. He refused to state how
much money was in the safe, but it is
known that there was several hundred dot
lars there.
The police have no clue to the robbers
Everything indicate! that experts 'did the
job. Some men sleeping in a caboose on
the track in front of the depot were .not
awakened by the noise of the explosion,
though its force broke the windows of the
building. Admittance to the depot was
gained by breaking the fastenings to the
The supreme court has announced
an Important ruling ln the litigation Involving the Minnie Healey mine in
Butte, when the application of MHes
Finlen for an injunction to restrain
F. A. Heinze from operating the jmlne
pending the appeal from Judge Harney's decision, ,was den. ed. Work will
immediately be resumed In the mine.
The affidavits reflecting on the character of Judge Harney, who tried the Minnie Healey case, were also ordered
stricken from the files of the court. The
court made a third order denying the
motion of the Boston k Montana company for an Increase In the Pennsylvania indemnifying bond. In all of the
orders made Mr. Heinze wins. -    ■
 : IH
Spokane Marble company. The ledge
haa been opened up only on the surface, and shows many colors.
List of Dead Grows.
Philadelphia, Sept. 2.—Tlie list of dead
as the result of the explosion of a boilef on
the steamboat City of Trenton in the Delaware river has now reached 21. Sixteen
bodies have been identified and five still
await identification at the morgue. Light
bodies were recovered today in the vicinity
of the disaster. Nine persons are missing
and the flve unidentified are probably
among this number.
The bodies identified were: Marian Ash
mead, aged 16; Anna B. Herr, 10; Miss
Matilda Cross, 21; Alice Matthews, 441
Jrene Wield, 10; Dora Wield, 12, of Philadelphia; Harry Johnson, aged 30, Huline
ville, Pa.; Montgomery Marvel, 24, Sea-
ford, Del.
lake Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet*   All
WH refund the money II Jt fails to curs
I W. j-ove'sjignaturo lnoBeaCli box.   26a
F. Wellington Ruckatuhl, the well
known St Louis sculptor and secretary of the National Society of Sculptors, has been appointed u director of
sculpture of the Louisiana purchase
Jacobs   Oil
beats all records a:. \ always will.
Weakness of
the limbs
and all
Aches and
lets like
The great Dane group of mines, Pdrt
Steel division, has been purchased by
J. C. Drowry, for 400.900.
A force of 20 men are employed at
the Nettle L„ Lardeau , doing development and getting the property opened
The B. C. Copper company, Greenwood, have contracted with the B. C.
mine for the treatment of 200 tons of
ore per day.
Arrangements have been made at the
Arlington mine, Slocun, for the shipping of 1,000 tons of ore per month to
the Neleon smelter.    •
Mr. Frank IJobbins, manager of the
North Star mine in Bast kootenay, says
that about 1,000 tons of ore are being
extracted per month.
One of the most important deals perfected In Kootenay for years is that
made on a group of 15 claims at Kitchener, East Kootenay, purchased by a
Montreal syndicate for the sum of 1100,-
000 cash.
Jones and Scott, miners, who have
arrived by the Princess Louise from
Cape Cormorell, on the extremity of
Vancouver Island, report that they
found blafck sand bearing gold there
and took out f 1,100 In two weeks.
IX C. Corbm says: "The Iron Mask
inapagement has decided to close down
until tlie labor question is settled. In the
meantime it will consider the question uf
sinking a working shaft,,inasmuch us we
estimate that 91 to $.') per ton in cost of
extruding the ore can thereby be saved."
Henry Bartnober, who was In Rossland recently In connection with the
Le Roi, spent one day at the War Eagle
and the Center Star. This has revived
rumors that the properties will be taken over by an American company or the
English investors represented by Mr.
At the preeent time the only working
property In Comp McKinney Ib the Cariboo mine. Up to October of last year
the, Cariboo-McKinney Mining k Milling company had paid dividends to the
amount of $487,087. Superintendent
Keane recently estimated that there
was fully 76,000 tons of ore In sight
A report ie to hand regarding a remarkable strike at tbe Rambler-Carl-
boo. On the 700 foot level, 200 feet
from the shaft, an ore shoot 175 feet
long has been opened by a short crosscut, carrying the richest ore ever found
In the property. The shoot is from one
to two feet wide, averaging close to 600
ounces In sliver.
The committee on the rock drilling
contest which the Elks propose to give
during the coming Jubilee has solicited among the mining men and has succeeded In raising $1,000. This will be
divided into prizes ot $500, flrst; $300,
second; $100, third and $50 fourth.
The contest will be for teams, although an effort is also being made to
secure enough to offer an additional
prize for single handed overhead drilling.
The Jubilee dates are September 10
to 24. The contest will start September 23.
To keep out Irresponsible teams an
entrance fee of $10 will be required
from teams and the contest will lie declared off If less than six teams enter.
Several teams from the Coeur d'Alenes
have already signified an Intention of
entering the contest, and inquiries have
been received from British Columbia
and Montana.
The following rules have been agreed
upon as governing the matches:
1. Time of contest 15 minutes for
each team.
2. Change from hammer to drill every minute.
3. In changing from hammer to drill
the man on the hammer is allowed ono
blow after his partner lets go of the
■drill; in other words, positively no fostering allowed. |
4. Fifteen pieces of % inch steel allowed to each team. |
5. iBItts on steel must not measure
less than % inch across the point.       j
6. Four Inches allowed for a bltt on
steel; that Is, a drill must not be
swedged back over four inches from the
point of hitt.
7. Hammers must not weigh over
seven pounds apiece.
8. df any team shall drill through
the rock before the 15 minutes are up
they ahall start a new hole. Broken
steel In hole or fltchered drill Is no excuse for starting new hole.
9. Each team is allowed a tlmekeep-
«r, a coacher and a water tender.
A Private
For bearding and day papila
Opens Hevtember li. Pins
paw building. Tbs principal
has litA twenty-Hires years'
•ipeflance In 1'iirtlanil. Correspondence solicited, toy
ealalOtfuas address
J. W. BILL, U. D„
M>. O, drawer 17, Portland, Oa
' this Is thefennls*. tt Ineress-
, as flash on toy pari of tbo body,
I develop* bust to sny desired site
i ss4 makes rouml,pliinip/soe sad
neck. Hemere* all blackheads, I
laa. freoklaa, plmplos, flesh
worms! and maker thoak In son and while. Write
air stents' leim.. MUM. K. JONK* * CO,,
Offices S10-S11 Inter Ocean Bid*., Chicago, IU.
X* Me Vp                                      Ho. :i«f tOOl.
m    ___.
:ube r^r,   (J
r j    UIvfPT 1 Obi
Last week witnessed a great deal of
activity ln the various mines and prospects of the Pierre Lake mining district
A wonderfully rich pocket has been
foutiil in the old Virtue mine eight miles
east of linker City, Ore. Thia mine was
noted for rich pockets. Tlie one opened
recently is thought to be larger and richer,
than any heretofore discovered. It is on
the 400 foot level. Ore has lieen taken
out of tl ' nine in times past that went
aa high as $100,000 tn the ton,
Tho California Mountain Consolidated Mines compauy of Sumpter bas ordered a concentrating plant as a supplement to Its stamp mill. The large
amount of ore In dlght will be milled
as soon as the plant can be established.
There are 60 men employed by the con»-
pany and this number will be materially Increased before the end of the year.
At a cost of several thousand dollars
the road to the mines has been greatly Improved, many short curves being
eliminated. The Improvement will benefit a largo number of mines.
Charles D. Porter, general manager
of the Kootenai Copper Mining k
Smelting company, near Port Hill, Idaho, report", the striking of the ledge In
the new tunnel which has been driven.
In about 23 feet. The ore encountered.
Is of high gralo copper and the ledga^
is 30 feet wide. Just the amount af th ks
that is paying ore has not yet been determined, but lt Is known that there Ib
at least ten feet of it. Assays from the
ore show values of $65.79, being an average from six samples. The vahies
are mostly ln copper.
The statement that Washington was
soon to be the bauner marble state of
the Union looks as though It would
come true. Some of lhe best ledges of
marble have been found near Spokane,
and recent strikes are not particularly \
plentiful, but ara.still not infrequent.
Bradstreet's report on trade for last
week says:
A further Improvement in corn crop
advices, confidence of an early ending
,of the steel strike, a further advance
In ,cotton and the advent of cooler
weather are unitedly responsible for a
still further enlargement of general
trade distribution at nearly all markets
and a perceptably and more cheerful
tone of business generally. Especially
•good reports come from such centers
as Chicago, which reports a very heavy
•business in dry goods, clothing and
shoes; from St. Louis, with advices of
unusua 1 strength of demand among
Jobbers and the dry goods trade In August beyond expectations; from Kansas
"City, which reports that Jobbers have
all that tbey can do to handle business
'Offerings, and from Omaha, which reports August trade larger than last
year. Wool Is moving actively on good
manufacturing demand, but It ls no
•higher In prices. Reports from the
woolen goods market continue favorable.
Aside from the strength In textiles
the feature In prices Is the lower range
•of cereals and farm products generally.
Wheat is off a little In liquidation, bus
•ed on large receipts at the northwest,
smaller clearances and less active export demand.
The air of patient serenity with
• which the Iron and steel trades view
the trade and strike situation Is significant of the confidence growing that the
■end of the strike Is In sight. Leaving
•out this matter, the trade Is in good
-shape and consumption ls large. Fl-
■nancial products, such as hoops, tubes,
•sheets and tin plates, are still bringing higher premiums. Structural material, plate and bar mills have orders
for months ahead.
Wlro 1s scarce at Chicago, owing to
'the Jollet shutdown. At Plttsburc merchant furnaces are at the end of their
.orders and must pile stocks next month
If the strike lasts. Foundry Iron Is ln
'good demand at St Ix>uis and hardware Is in active distribution at all
western markets.
Wheat, Including flour, exports for
•the week aggregate 6,607,611 bushels,
as against 6,606,989 last week and
3,248,313 this week last year.
Wheat exports from July 1 to date
•98»aggregate 57,286,932, as against 25,-
'888,477 bushels laat season.
Business failures for the week number 188, against 181 last week. 165 in
this week a year ago, 131 In 1899, 164
>ln 1898 and 198 In 1897.
Canadian follures number 29, as
.against 24 last week, 32 ln this week
-a year ago, 25 In 1899 and 26 In 1898.
/'For eight yeare # aufm
fered with Mlemma,
tion oi tho womb and
painful menstruation, and et times H
seemed as though §
ahould die*   I jjjfoo-
tlmo, but seemed to
fall every time* A
short tlmo ago I-began
POVND, and thanks to It, to-day I am a won
woman.''  MRS. L. L. TOWHE, Littleton, N. (f*
-.  •■    **t      > ,
Mrs. Towne, like many other suffering women, was a vkrtfhj at-
theory. Her physician did his best. He had battled wit|) her case •
steadily and could do no more. If Mrs. Towne had "asked ad vicei
of Mrs. Pinkham seven or eight years earlier, she wonld "._ave liad'.
just so many more years of nappinees and comfort and health. ;*
It is not reasonable to expect that any living person can.
advise for female troubles as safely as Mrs Pinkham, whose J
experience ls without parallel in tbe world. This should appeal
to the common sense of any woman, especially when nearly \
every newspaper in this country is printing in almost every v
issue the letter of some woman who has been cured bv^Mrs. ■*
Pinkham when doctors had given ber up. Don't wait for the';
. doctor to give you up to the surgical knife, or tell you that you "j
cannot live. Oet your advioe where you are certain to nave a
the benefit of the widest experience. Write to Mrs. Pinkham, *
at Lynn, Mass., and rely on her. No charge is mads for advioe. J.
There is no female complaint, however simple or hoWever _.
serious, that Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound 6
will not help; of this there is monumental evidence in its thirty '"■
years' record of constant success. When you ask for this aiedi-t
cine at the druggist's, be sure vou get what you ask for and'
nothing else.   The medicine that ourea is &.
Lydla E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound*]
DFUUIDD   WehaveiliToMtedwIUi
tit If AKIl   the M*irit__.ltiiy Bank,
^^^~^"™"^™™   will K» paid lo any pels
son who can Sod that tbe above testimonial
I publish
letter is not seaaiae. or was p*M 	
obtaining tie writer's special penaisalaa.
ed before
Ltoia K  ritsanxtt Mantcma Co.
Naval I'miiri'M.
Captain Charles IX Sigsbee, chief of the
ollice of naval intelligence, has mnde public th.it hiiiv.iu 's annual publication, entitled ';>otes on Naval Progress," which
sctn^forth in a comprehensive way the advance that has been made in naval work
mining the foreign navies.
A noteworthy statement is that the new
Gci man battle fleet will be practically
complete when the vessels laid down iu
1806 are completed, instead of in IBM, us
formerly proposed. Vessels laid down
after 11)05 will be either for foreign service or iioii.i,-liie fleet.
The subject of wireless telegraphy as
hearing ou uavul progress is treated tit
length, and it is staled that great progress
been   in.uh'   with  this  new  means  uf
Carrie Nation, who arrived in New-
York recently, was arrested at Twenty-
eighth street und Eighth mciiui'i charged
with "r.ii-jjiig a croud aud urea ting a
riot." . A,
At Tacoma, Wash., A. M:*Sagar, aged
25, whose home is supposed to be at Cherry ville, Kan.,.- was; stained to death hy
Uilcy -Smiillwood, aged II), with whose
family he had bee nrouming.
lt is now very .doutotfuh according to
a dis|iatch to the I.ok-.rt Aii/ei:_ei from
Baad, .Switzerland, whether I'rince Chun
will come to iierlin to make formal apology for the murder of Huron von K>■ t
Lord Kitchener reports to the war oflice that nihe 'persons' were' killed and 1/
has    ^	
communication abroad during the past I others wounded in the blowing up uml
year, particularly in increasing the dis- derailing of the train wlrieh the-ttoers de-
lances over which messages pan Ik, sept]atroyed recently between VYintervul und
snd In providing mean* to guard against I Hiimmeiis Krael, '.f.'. *
coiifuMon when, messages cross oi|e  an-l    A»smeler will lie huil| at Miii'yavitlu, It.
other,    it   is   shown    that    the    Hritish. I ('•., l0 bundle the silver-lead ore- from the
i-rench, German, Japanese,  Russian,  J tab   Sullivan group of mines.    Work  will be
Ian,   Spanish and Swedish   navies   have' gin at once.   It is expected that tbe plant
adopted  wireless  telegraphy  to a greater| will he reuilv to treat Ore by April 1 next.
or less extent    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
To give an idea of the lighting strength
ot the seven principal navies uf the noiLI
a table is submitted showing tiie foil _
tonnage of ships built, building nml to ue
Kngland, 1,766,855; France, 781,005;
Kussia, o6ifi46; United States, M)1,V.H:
(iermiiny, 458,4_tt?; Italy, 3-22,707; Japan,
Naval appropriations for the present
fiscal year arc stated us follows:
Kngland, #14li,"55,(i-20, an increase of
over $10,000,000 us compared with lost
year; France, $d:i,244,(li">«; Kussia, $oO.-
0008, wVt, an increase of over iP5,000,000;
(ierm.iny. !M(I,S22,732; Italy, *-23.7IK1.5!>5;
Japan, $14,555,033 und Spain W.800,000,
to In- devoted almost exclusively to shipbuilding,
a new ledge of marble has recently j ^rue run ril0C
been discovered on a ranch near Milan,
and adjoining the splendid quarry of
Yankee Won Futurity.   •
New oYrk, Sept. 2.- John li. Miadden's
Yankee, at 4 to 1 in the betting, / n the
classic Kuturity at 8lieepsliead I lay today,
thc riahest fixture on the American turf.
He won driving by a length and u hull'
from what wns perhaps the best nml highest cbnis field which ever ran for the stake.
I>ux Casta Wiih second, while Harriin iln
tolled third, it wns a grent nice nnd nobly
won, and a rceon. breaking crowd of 30,000
people stood up in their excitement ami
cheered. The winndr's share of the stake
was ipl/IOO.
Society wns out in force, nnil the big
grandstand wns packed to overflowing,
while the broad lawns nnd infield were
black with people. All the celebrities of
the sporting world were on hand nnd every
walk of life seemed represented. Tht, track
was fast and the conditions favonible for n
I ill hln   Won    \khIii.
Newport, K. I., Sept. 2.---Columbia,
splendid.y handled, beat Constitution four
minutes and HI seconds, corrected time,
over a course ol l.'i miles to windward it in I
back in the first trial rnces to select the
cup defender. The defeat wns decisive, and
admirers of the Constitution ure ut their
wits end to mnke U]iolugieH uml excuses
for her bail behavior. She wus fresh from
the Ilerreshoir shipyard, where her bottom was burnished until it glistened like
plate glass in the sunlight. Her sails fitted
Iter admirably, with the exception of the
balloon jib topsail which she set on it
homeward rench. Thus she had no
ilrnwlmek to act as a detriment to her
•peed. Moreover, Mr. Herfeshoff, her
designer and builder, was (board. All.
however, was of no avail. Constitution
was bcaieii fairly on her merits, and unless she sails better In the next races
committee which has the matter in eh
will decide ujKin selecting Columbia
meet Sliumrock II.
The smelter will have a daily Capacity of
100 tons when llrst -tailed.
President J. J. Hill of the (ireat
Northern railroad has ordered that steam
locomotives lie su|ierscdeil by electric motors on the Charade division ,jf •.the (ileal
Northern, lt is understood that if tnis
change works satisfactorily, electric mutant will be introduced.ou otj^cr divisions
of the road.
At Albany, N. Y., a frightful f.itc Is-fell
the family of Wilbur Alexander, a large
contractor. A naphtha luunch exploded
on the Hudson river at "The Abbey," a
mile and a half below the '•'ity, .killin;,'
Mrs. Alexander und her little daughter
nml burning Wilbur .Alexander and in'
son  Wii'lmr, Jr., iir n'-horrible manner.
The Isidics of David Scott and John
Stevenit, one the steward and the other the
head waiter of the Siwuiioy Ciolf cluh.
New York, were found In'a room which
the men,occupied in tlie i;attic of the
clubhouse, which is located' in the outskirts of Yonkcrs. They hud been murdered with a butcher knife
Saloon  Held  Vp.
linker Cily, Ore., Sept. 2.—There was a
during holdup nt. Hon inc. iu this county.
During the afternoon two well dressed
young men entered the saloon and gambling house of Cily Councilman Anderson
and asked for a drink, which was served lo
About 0:30 in the evening they relumed,
Wearing musks und armed with six »:,outers, und commands)) every one present to
throw up their hands. They secured $200
from the 21 game nud departed in haste.
Mr. Anderson is able to give a fairly
gund description of the men, nnd the sher-
ill is now on Iheir I rail. It is thought t. nt
thee', men ure part of the siiinc gang that
In id up the I, ig Caliin gambling house in
this city 10- dnys ago.
r.Miilcr   l.tiilo.lt-il.
Alton, Pa., Sept. 2.—At Munson, a mining town north of this city, Kiii.inucl Km
us, a (icriiian miner;•wnnT'inplJlhg powder
from one cask into another ut his lion■•'
when a spntk. fell ii/mi •hiv.y.iiv. ini.i flu"
powder. The explosion which -"followed
wrecked the house nnd hurled the EUlIP
family in nil directions. TheJ father.
mother nnd .'two children livcrftl terribly
'buniei! nn'd mangled/ All v'ere lrjing, but
their iieuth is expected.
Trenailrer Suauendrd.:
JACKSON, Miss., Aug. 30.^-yovcrnor
Longlno has signed a doeiunent •suspending State Treasurer J. VV. Stojers and
appointing Hon. (j. W. Oylisle tem|Miraiy
treasurer. Stowers is short in ihis accounts *•
I'-iiiikM to a Draw./
Hutte, Mont., Sept. 2.—Moseviufontise
of Hutte nnd Tom I'rncey, ehnmjiion welterweight of Austrnlin, fought !}0 rouiidJ
to a ilynw nt the siiuccr truck. $o'h mc"
tqofc nnd gave u grent amount V* pnn.p-
meiif, K
.   £
The Raat I'mseriptlor for a|»l»rl»
Chills and Fever In a Ijottloof GroTeM Tsstols*
Chill'Innie. It Usimply Iron andjqulnlnein
a tasteless form.  No Cure, Mo Vuyj. frloo 60c
the Bpokane Marblcaanmop    ayalare,,.  purpoee.
Flattery Is a mask assumed for a
More Troopa Needed.
LONDON, Aug. .10.—A specisl dispatch
from Shanghai says the llritisli nutliorl
ties at cl'kin have telegraphed for more
Hiitish troops.
Ho who Is willing to face failure can
never secure success.
• Slnrl.   for  Wsses.}*
AL'IXIONA, l'a., Aug. 30.—ThlCemploye*
of tlm Altoonn, Johnstown, KlhWhurg *
Kastern rail way .hays nil gone an strike,
alleging J,\i\i>re on tbe part uf.Tthc cum
puny to pay siiluricR.
The BpoWna & K*"1"
crn Trust Co. Savings
bunk do|_*rtiM«nt allow*
4 per cent |iei- annum. Interest deposits made now draw interei't
from October 1. Deposits received hy mull
in amounts of (fl und upwards. THIRTY-SIX REPORTED DEAD.
Loaded PrelRht Train, V Itbont lOn-
alni's or Men Came Over the Mountain Side and Crashed In Rear I :„.!
of n I'aaaenirer Train—Superintendent Downs Ainona the Kllleil.
Thirty-four dead, three fatally injured
and 10 more or less seriously hurt—that
is the result of the terrible train wreck
und holocaust on the Qreat Northern railway at Nyuck, 'Mont.,' Friday evening.
, .Tlie wreckage instantly took fire and
burned fiercely for over two hours and
a half 'before reaching the pussenger
coaches in which over two score human
.beings luy 'buried, fcioine were mangled,
some were dying and many were dead.
Their mutilated remains were never recovered, hut were cremated in the awful
furnace heat which consumed every vestige
of-Uii) wrecked curs except the iron und
. In thin fearful holocaust the bodies of
Assistant < ieneral Superintendent I', T.
Oo.wijs and son, T. Kirk Downs, were
consumed, together with the remains of 'OX
laborers whose names could not be leurn
Ten freight cars loaded with shingles
iu'i3T.'lumber, " one boxcar loaded wit'
canned salmon, and three conches on the
passenger train, including a standard
sleeper, a day coach and the private cur
of •jSupcrinleiuient Downs, were burned in
the conflagration.
The wreck occurred at Xyack, 41 miles
east-of Kalispell, Mont., at 8:30 o'clock
in the evening. The passenger had just
passed a caboose- and a duy pussenger
coach, standing ou u sidetrack, and was
running about six miles an hour, when the
rear end of our train was crashed into
by a runaway- freight train of 28 mrs,
which had started from a siding near the
summit of a steep grade. These cars were
heavily loaded und when the crash came
were miming fully 70 miles an hour.
' Eye , itnesseH say that the freight cars
vame down the mountains with a roar like
a tornado, carrying great clouds of il I i
and withered vegetation in their wake.
The roar of the runaway trail was beard
above tl:c ii.iise of the passenger train
by a nun »vhu was iu the detached caboose.
The (Kilnt at which the collision occurred
was just beyond, a sharp curve, which, together with- the moving passenger train,
prevailed any. attempt at warning, had
siK'lj|i',.tlf__ng1keen possible.
TiAhosc on the train not s single moment's warning was given. The first we
knew^* was a .fearful crash followed by
H sickening, crunching grinding, tearing,
jolting «oiiml.- Thia was fu..iinVil by the
violent oscillation of the coaches, a sudden jt'ik nud all was still.
The cau* of tba' conflagration was nol
from  the'--stove   of the su|ierintendent"S
private car, aa at . flrst   announced, but
mail. fr. lighted  oil  lamp in  thp• caboose
*■     whioh was standing on the sidetrack nnd
' i ■ - trhicli was overturned when the collision
_.   occurred.   The point from where   tlie   ca-
' - •. •' esbofie* was   overturned to where tlie vic-
t ■ .j Aims, were   buried   beneath the wreckage
Wm ait least live ear lengths distant.   That
V •*' accounts    for    the    considerable lapse of
*' .'(bit* before the sleeper and other wrecked
i    ' '. «isrs',wisre burned.   No Arc Originated in
■ ; •"   pro pSsengpr train at all.
'   The    wreck    was    not caused from a
>     ,• freight train breaking in two, ns l.rst re-
f ' ported, but in the following manner: East-
'bound freight train No. 1(1 had taken the
*  aiding neur the summit of the grade near
" i%- Essex, 10 miles from where the collision
occurred.   It "-consisted ol   28   loaded cars,
two engines and a'-caboose.   A helper engine is useil at the rear of freight trains
over the Esse*   grade.   The   caboose fob
. .., lows the helper engine.
After the train passed Iiotli engines of
the. freight  were detached  and  taken  to
ESsex for water  und   coal,   leaving the 28
. ears on the siding.   'It is imposed the air
.,. ...  (brakes which  hud  been set  leaked,  thus
, i,      allowing the tension on the brakes to relax, with the result that the 2S cars began
to go down the hill, gathering momentum
at every mile, until the point of collision
: ....    with tbe passenger train, when it is variously estimated    that    the runaway cars
must have lieen going st the rate of 70 to
100 miles an hour.
Tlie real liJss of life  is variously esti-
{       muted. The conductor in his report to the
physicians snid that the duy coach dairy-
. ing the laborer* left Havre with 47.men ou
imani.   Between Havre and Nyuck'   four
left the train, leaving 4,'l on board-in the
couch when the collision occurred.   Of the
lh rescued, three were dead and one died
.••   • ahortly. afterwards, making a total of U
dead and   missing.   These,   with the three
".'  „. jwhsengCr* iti the private ' coach, make a
'total of 34 who arc known to have lost
' their lives at the time of the accident.   'If
V the conductor,  was   mistaken   about four
men   leaving   the   coach bctweeh Havre
''     and Nyaek, then there was a total of 38
>..»-;i.-_men killed.' -   •    ,
The laborers were being taken to Jen-
''  "■ lii'hgs by tiuthrie ' &    Co., contractors.   A'
.«,.;: \memb?r of, the flrm. was on Ix.ard (he train.
The life of this man whose nuiiie-'wus not
'   *'''' Warhcd was saved by a simple game Of
;,..;. -.cahlv .■;•'•.., ■-.■■;
"It is. twlicytf    that    nothing further
.:":'" conid;!invleibii»h'i(ciH)nipliiiheil' toward the
•V*  ewiigoflife.ps ail-indications of any one
yet remaining in the wreckage alive hnd
long censed.   The'-W-'was' no lack of aid;
. ,^.,*'i,illxia.hpndr.e^l tp<-*nsW'1^<^(,r<! P»',8,'1W,-',>
on the train, and, a gang of daps■■;worked
►XT*  BtffliUulty'}   eovKrlH^  Wefy"purl   of the
wnjckifgi;. suriouiidiiig the buried euis of
fuiiiinii freight.
Tlie work of rc_K>ile was tarried nn under much diHi 'ulty. Thirteen of the injured were taken out and'as fust ns re-
leased from the wrecknge hnd to Ihi curried down tho embankment to the ravine,
•where they wero -placed on mattresses
taken from the sleeping cars.
Tin-re were 18 victims taken out of tho
, wreck.   Three were already dead nnd two
died'shortlyaftorwards.   One of them was
Of Nervous Prostration.
(Seo'y P-iard ot Education, Ban Franctsco.]
Hon. J. A. Simpson, secretary of
the board of education of San Francisco, Cal., writes:
"I have found Peruna an idi al
tonic. Some months ago I suffered
with neurasthenia (systemic catarrh),
caused by too close application to
oflice work. My system seemed worn
out und I fcit far froi i well. I
found Perun.i benefitted me very
much. It built up tho entire system
and made nie feel like a new man. I
believe it is well worthy the high
praise bestowed upon it."—J. A.
"Summer Catarrh," a book written
by Dr. Hartman, president of The
Hnrtnian Sanitarium, on tho subject
of the nervous disturbances peculiar
to summer, sent free to any address by
The Peruna Medicine, Co., Colum
bus, O. >
the cook, who went down in the private
car of Superintendent Downs. Of the 13
injured, tho doctors said three could not
possibly survive while the chances for
three others were slim.
The laxly of Assistant General Superintendent! Downs has lieen identified among
the dead brought in hist night by the finding of a wntch upon the clothing beating
his name. 'The body is all ni.inf.led nnd
Following are the names of thdse wounded und in the hospital here: 1). M. Coo.
ley, Peter Ijicliunce, Dun Munluin, John
X. Rhodes, August HoltT, John Se.*'.ii \
Ixniis 'Miller, Arthur I'latts, David Hope,
D. T. Olson, Charles Oallagher and Jo n
Krickson, all laborers, and (!. H. Iliirkc,
passenger brakeman, living in Kalispell.
Chinaman   Kiiliheil   of   .<son.
Helena   Mont.. Sept. 2.—Young In,    a
Chinaman, who was about to depart for
China, has had to postpone the trip. He
had been employed on a poultry farm at
Toston for three years and had deposited
all his earnings—fBOO—in a bank in this
city, lie came to Helena, drew his money
from the hank and pi,unl it in a trunk,
which he took to the cabin occupied by
Chung Quin nnd Yung He. two Chinese
gardeners, late in the evening. About II
o'clock, while farewell festivities were iu
progress, eight masked men entered the
cabin, and, covering all the assembled Chinamen with revolvers, one of the robbers
went to Yung I'n's trunk, abstracted the
SjiSIHI, and with his companions quietly departed. Yung L'n will return to the poultry farm.
Lawton's rue on Mumps.
Washington, Sept. 2.—The wnr department hns lieen Informed that the ]«ist.il
authorities have decided to place a portrait of (ieneral II. \V. Lnwton. who lost
his life at Sun Mateo, in the Philippines,
on one of the new issue of postage stamps.
Over 800 miles of new steam railway
will bc constructed in the United States
this year. Oklahoma and Indian territory
are in the list for (112 miles.
Ram's Horn Sounds a Warning: Note
to the Unredeemed.
HE   book tbat
has inspired tb
race   does   nt.
need to prove Br
own Inspiration.
The wealth t*t
A life will sometimes depend on
Its wastes.
Some think
they are sinless
because they are
You cannot follow Christ without confessing Him..
Peace with God gives   power   with
lie who gives his body to sensuality
gives bis soul to suicide.
No safer harbor Is gained by tacking
before the wind of truth.
Happiness even In misery Is tbe hallmark of the heavenly man.
If your life Is bid with Christ, Christ
cannot be hidden lu your life.
If men would have vjod's rest they
must be wem-y lu Uod's work.
Sulvutlon by self-examination Is like
sweeping u room with a searchlight.
The beauty of earth comes from tbe
showers as much as from the shine.
You cannot appraise a man apart
from his soul, and that is invaluable.
There would be few slandering
tongues If there were uo listening ears.
If you have God's work ln your work
you can get along without man's
I.oyiiliy to Hln Kuployer.
That young man who consented to have
a portion of his blood let out to save his
employer, set a remarkable example of
heroism. The incident shows what power
there is in good blood. There is only one
natural way. to get good blood, and tliat is
from the stomach. If the stomach needs
nssistunce. try Hostetter's Stomach Bitters.
This wonderful medicine cures dypepsia,
indigestion, constipation, and makes rich
red blood.
Jack Winters was sentenced to 15
yenrs at Folsoin for robbing tlie Selby
smelter recently.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of  .
In FsoStmlls Wrapper tUktw.
Tsar •■•■U am4 *a i
_____.-,   ,    msuss mtmfpmmettwstyt. __
tJeJAt I »wt**r TfstaMSy^Sfc^gS^
 ■   iilwsus *
9oo Drops
AVcgetable Preparation Ior As
similating IheFood andBegula-
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes DigeslloivCheerful-
ness andRest.Conlains neither
Opium.Morphine norMineral.
Not Narcotic.
ntctie offXJjy<iirWnrnxMH
ftjumum Smd-
AbcSsyuta ,
Arute.tewtl e
nmmtyrmwn rmj**w.
A perfect Remedy forConsllpa-
Hon, Sbur Stomdch,Diarrhoea
VVbrflis .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEK
Facsimile Signature of
For Infants and Children.
wmmmWm^^mmlm^mimm*fmm9mWm*mmmmi^mmwm    -.'•■--
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Blood Poison
The poison ejected from the fangs of the rattle-'
snake is not more surely fatal than the virus of Contagious Blood Poison, which pollutes and vitiates the w*i
blood, destroys the tissues and bones and eats like :i * '
canker s ire into the flesh.
This disease appears first in the form of a little sore or Mistier;" soon the
glands begin to swell, pimples break out. on the body, the mouth and throat
become sure, making it painful to eat or swallow; dreadful ulcers appear on ths
.of Blood" Poison
tongue, copper colored splotches and other characteristic signs
come as the disease progresses, and the destructive virus takes deeper ljoJ<|,ijpon
the sytem. The medical men are as sorely perplexed over the chunicter of this
blood poison as ever; they tell you to tuke mercury and potash' alternately for
OUR FREE HOME  TREATMENT. "'"^   >'^v  ,ml' t,,l!
Onr book on Contagious Blood Poison gives more
Information about this disease than you can possibly
get from any other source. It describes accurately
and fully the symptoms as they appear in ouch stags
of the malady, enabling the reader to correotly diagnose his own case, and, by following the instructions
laid down ln this book, to successfully treat himseU
at home. Should the patient need any special direction or advice, our physicians will be glad to correspond with and help him along in every possible
way. Don't hesitate to write fully about your condition ; what you have to say about yourself will
never go beyond our office. Tou can have the bost
medical advice and this valuable littlo book without
any cost to you whatever. Our physicians are in
correspondence with hundreds all the time, and
have successfully treated thousands of cases. Don't
despair of a cura because something else has failed.
stomach of no human
being can stand this
treatment long; besides,
they do not Cure the
disease permanently, as
thousands know from
S. 8. S. is the only
guaranteed purely vegetable blood purifier,
and the only antidote
for this peculiar virus:
it purifies the blood
and builds up the constitution. The appetite
improves' 'almost   from
the first dose, the sores
soon show signs of healing, and the unsightly, dirty splotches and eruptions grow
paler and paler, and finally disappear.
S. S. S. has for nearly 50 years been known and used as a remedy for this dreadful disease. Gentlv, but thoroughly, it removes all traces of the poison without
the least injury to the system. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. AtlanU, 6a.
I.ami   Juniper   Killed.
llloisc, Idaho. Sept. 2.—-A speeial from
Mountain Home says:
Hill Little was shot ami instantly killed
liy .Sain Calloway, nt the linn oi l-'lelelier
& t'ulliiivay, Mlieepmen. The tragedy ocelli red-ut a point on the South Itoine, about
eight miles below Dixie.
There lias been trouble over a ranch occupied by IJttle. Thia morning Calloway,
in going to his camp started across the
ranch, that being the only way to reach it.
Little appeared ami ordered him olf. lie
emphasised his command by fiourUliing a
revolver, finally taking sight ut Mr. Calloway and trying to shoot him. The revolver missed lire. Little -snapped it four
or flve time.-- and then started for his cabin
to get his rifle.
As Little reappeared at the cabin door
Calloway fired with a rifle, killing him instantly. So inijue.it has yet been herd.
Mr. Calloway is on his way to this plaee.
The ranch trouble arose over the jump
in;j of the property by little. The latter
located it and some time ago sold it to
Fletcher & Calloway. The land was un
deeded, however, and Little took advantage
of this tact to jump the ranch.
N.'Kr", 1  M<li|...l  .
Kansas City,  AIo., t-ept.  1.—The  nmn
hunt that has been in progress in Johnson
and Cass counties, .Missouri, siiiie last
Tuesday evening, when Miss Mary lb'ii
demon was found murdered st the home
of her brother in law, Chapman Hyatt,
and the negro hired man, Boasie Francis,
the supposed murderer, missing, has not
been successful.
Stop. th. Cotnjh .ltd
Work* Off th. Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure a cold ii
cine Oa j. ..Do cure, No Psy.   Price 2S cents,
Attempts at the culture of silkworms
are being made In Madagascar, which
Is believed to be specially favorable to
that industry.
When von take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic,
because the fontula is plainly printed on even
bottle showinir' hat It II simply Iron and Quinine ln a tasteless form. No Cnre. No Fay. SOc.
The use of the mosquito ls to show
us that troubles are not always ln proportion to their size.
Over "000 men deserted from the Frenctl
army last year. Great Britain's record
for desertion is under 300 in one year.
How's  Thlnf
We offer one hunitrpj dollars reword for any
case or i'm in 1 ii thut cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHKNET ft CO., Propa., Toledo, O.
We,   the   undei ign..<l.   have   known    F.    J..
Cheney for tlie laat 15 years, and believe him
perfectly   honomble   in   all   bualneas   truiuat—
tlona   and   tlnuriclally   able   to  carry   out  any
obligations made by their Arm.
WEST  &  TKUAX,   Wholesale  Druggists.   Toledo,  O.
Druggists.   Toledo,   O.   '
Haifa Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting directly upon  the blood  and  mucous surfaces of the system.  Price 75c per bottle. Sold
by  all druggists.    Testimonials free.
Hall's Family  Pills are the beat
It sometimes happens that a
woman's hair is a bit of fiction founded on fact.
This signature is on every box of the fenutas
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
the remedy that cures a cold te omt> .ay
Politeness Is like an air cushion;
there may be nothing in It, but lt eases
many a hard jolt
r BH.KFOHD. Washington, 0. C. thev will re-
■  ceive quirk replies. B. ,1th N. H. Vols. Sta_>
-UUi Corps.   Prosecuting claims iluoe 1878.
The man who keeps his engagements
punctually loses a lot of valuable time
waiting for the other fellow.
CITfi PermaneoOl Cured,   No Nt as	
rllO afterflratdar'itiseofDr.Kliet'iiOreatNerto
tUx-Unrr. Send for FRRBt-J.OO trial bottle and trews-
M. Ha.lt.ll KLl»l.UJ..»31_l.r<-hHt..PhUadelphi__.P__.
A crust and a kind word are better
than a feast and indigestion.
Mothers will find Mn. Winslow'a Booth-
■ ipr Syrup the best remedy to use for their
hili.no during the teething period.
The men who succeed are those who
arrive promptly on time.
Plso'a Cure can not be too highly spoken ot
as a cough cure.^J. W. O'Brien, in Third
Ave., N., Minneapolis. Minn., Jan. «. ISM.
The honest blacksmith ls seldom Inclined to give up his vise.
23«     SO*
taste good.    Eat them like candy.   Thsf
remove any bad taste In the moutb, leaving the breath sw , t and perfumed.  It Is
a   plcaMir.-   to  take them, and they are
llkcl especially by children,
sweeten   the   stomach  by cleanslnr ths
mouth, throat and food   channel.     That
means, they stop   undigested   food   from
souriiiir Hi the Btomach, prevent gas forming in the bowels, and kill disease germs
of any kind that breed and feed ln the entire system.
are purely vegetable and contain no mercurial or other mineral poison.  They Consist of the latest discoveries ln medicine,
and form a combination of remedies un-
equaled  to make the blood pure and rich
and make clean skin and beautiful complexion. . ....
tone the stomach and bowels ahd stir up
the laiy Ilver. They do not merely soften
the stools and cause their discharge, but
strengthen the bowels arid put them Into
lively, healthy condition, making: their action natural. •
never grip nor gripe. They act quietly, positively and never cause any kind ot uncomfortable feeling, Tnken regularly they make
the liver act regularly and naturally as It
should. They keep the sewerage of the body
properly moving and keep (he system clean,
increase the flow of milk In nursing mothers. If tho mother eats a tablet, lt makes
her milk mildly purgative and- has a mild
but certain effect on the baby. In this way
they are the only sate laxative (or ths
nursing Infant.
taken patiently, persistently, will cure any
term of constipation, no matter how old or
i_ >w often other remedies hav^/afled. They
nie absolutely guaranteed tb cure any case,
or purchase moniy will be cheerfully re-
cost 10c, 26c, 5ftc a box Samples sent tree
tor the asking. Wp publish no testimonials
but sell Cascarets on their merit under absolute guarantee to cure, i.iuy and try a
box to-day, or write us (or free samples
and booklet.      , •
will be paid to my reader of this paper who will re-
port to us any attempt of substitution, or sals of
" something just as good" when Cascarets are called
(or, and furnish evidence upon which ws can convict.   All correipendtncs condden tial
% m  "
j     CooVeisieptly jBittiated near
Railway Button and Wharf.
Tables supplied with all the delicacies
of the season.
.!   TBExSIlMRTftSm.
Satcrd.vt, Ssptember 1,1901.
R. H. Williams.
Stocs. .oft Customs   Broker,
Rial   Ksiatb    asjo    Oeneral
Bikiw   St.,   -   -   NELSON, 15. 0
Sept.3.17. Oct. I. 15.
MATHEION BUO*..   Kdttors & Props.
Advertising rates will be made known
upon application at this oflice.
Excursion Tickets
To Buffalo.
■—mw ■■■■■■
(Via St. Paul or. Chicago.)
Vor rates, tickets, and full inloimalion
.ell on or address
Agent, Silveron, B. C, or
D. P. A„ A. G. P. A..
•' Nelson, Vancouver
j (J6-o\yners#
If yon want to advVrtine out a
Co-owner in your i, ineral claim,
sand $10 to tbis office, giving
name of claim, dale of record lo
cation, and period for whicli tlie
delinquent co-owner has failed to
do his assessment work, snd we
will do the rest, including send
ing yon the Affidavit (or recording
Wa will write the notice and do
the work correctly. Address:
Silverton, B. C.
To M. E. B AGOo.v, or whom it msy
concern. You are iierehy notified that I
liave expended One Hundred ami Two
Dollars and Fifty CentB in labor and improvements upon the Golden Cbariott
Mineral CJaim situated near Bilverton in
the Slocan Mining Division ar.d recorded
in tb* office of the Mining Recorder foi
tbe said division, being the amount re-
quired to hold said claim under ihn pro-
■aislnis of tho Mineral Act for thn year
ending Msy 10th 1901.
And H within ninety days from the
r\ate of thia notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure together with all cost of adver-
rising, your interest in said' claim will
become the proper* v ol the ondersigned
noder Suction 4 of An Act to Amend the
Miners! Act 1900.
i W. H. Brandon,
Acting as one nt for D. F. Burk.
Dated I hia 8th day of Jnne 1001.
^——^— i i .i
t'he Mining
News of The
Slocan can be had
at First Hand   ■
ind when it is
Newsky Reading
J. C. Brown, member for New
Westminister and ex-Financo Minister under Jos. Martin, has been
chosen to i ntor the Dunsmuir Cabinet
a? Provincial Secretary in place of J.
D. Prentice, who ia promoted to fill the
position of Finance Minister, now to
he vacated by the Hon. J. H. Turner.
And as a protest Minister of Mines
McBride lias handed in his resignation. ;', |
■»—■■«■■. ... _— —.—,, ,
■*• . .  ,
leitti any address in America for
to V'tr lor Two Dollin,
ll Advance.
9$&JE|t9    TAKEN    FOR   ALL
'  ,      BOTTOM PRIUES.
Thus it would seem that those who
prophecicd a Martin candidate for tho
position were justified in their views.
However paradoxical it may appear,
Joseph Martin and Premier Dunsmuir
are in collupion; oil and water have
mixed, the capitalist and demagogue
have formed a partners-hip, and the
lamb has lain clown with the lion.
And right here it might be said that
Joseph is no sheep.
British Columbian politics make
strange bedfellows and it may not be
long before Dunsmuir finds that the
bed isn't big enough for both him aid
Martin, and it may not be Martin who
will be kicked out to muke room.
A B. C. politician is like the flee,
who when you put your hand down
isn't there. Can history show a greater
burlcHjue of government than this
province has had for the past four
yenrs! We doubt it: for a collection
of petty intriguers, belly-aching side-
steppers antl huckstering cabalists the
gang in the IJ. O. Legislature grasps
the pnstry. Not one of them has shown
himself man enough to put up bis
knocking hammer, come out in the
light and declare himself. Joseph
Martin has enough spunk to sny
"Damu the pnblic," when his wants
differ from the country's, but the rest
damn the public without having the
spunk to say so.
What will Green, Houston and Taylor do now!   Will they take their medicine and still stay in the band wagon
while Martin holds  one rein?     Green
was elected to  oppose Dunsmuir, in a
constituency that would havo nothing
to do with Martin.     When he bad to
choiise between them he   choso Dunsmuir as the lesser of two evils.    Now
that they bave joined forces it is up to
Green to get out and help defeat this
mongrel government.      When it   has
been defeated, if he acts  like a  man
and helps do it, he atands  some show
of reelection,  unless the country has
taken a tumble to itself and refuses to
send back a single one of thc members
of tbe'present Legislature.     By electing a  new set of men throughout, tbe
province stands every chance  to  win,
the present gang of political jobbers
having turned thb Legislature  into u
game of grab in which the biggest hog
and the greatest traitor have got tbe
plums.    Tho Nelson Tribune calls politics a game, but Houitou was not elected at a political gamester,  nor wai
Green sent to Victoria as oue.    There
is too much game and too little  business done at Victoria, too much looking for jobs and too little looking after
the interests of the country,  which is
going from bad  to worre.    One crowd
at Victoria bas squirmed into power,
the other crowd ia trying to squirm into their places, and that is all the difference that can be seen between them.
Aito a  policy,  neither side bothers
about such a thing.   Na one in this
constituency knows how Green stands
on any particular question, nor is he at
all  anxious to  declare   himself.     In
other constituencies it is the aame. As
a matter of fact the individual members
have no opinions before tbey meet in
oaucus and find oat how best they can
use their vote.   They are opportunists
every one of them.
It is time to call for a new deal with
a fresh pack, and it would be wise for
tbe public to see the cards cut
«wr:-hi-glwrr mountains $e*eMf-:-X9r.
minds tho prospectors and mine
speculators that within a few weeks
tiiis country will be. covered with a
heavy mantle of the beautiful and
another prospecting season will be
The season which started out with
every promise of bfirg the best that
the mining regions of British Columbia had known for several years hss
heen virtually a failure and proven a
bitter disappointment to many. Capital
has fought.shy of this section, our
ore market has been closed against us
with a consequence that a good
prospect, if struck, could not be
disposed of aud a partially developed
min* was a drug on the majket, while
to work them with no sal* for thc ore
was simply out cf thn question.
Taking it all together the season
jo»t closir.g has been throughout the
silver-lead districts a disappointment
to many. F«i'h in the country by
1 those interested or familiar with it is
shown by the many new enterprises
undertaken  by locsl men.    Hope aud
onfidence   ir.   triumphanOy   demon
strating the   richness of this country   ^nmn Church.
T. G. Proctor, of Neleon, visited tbe
Emily Edith yesterday.
A representative ol the Toronto Globe
can vnssei. the town last Saturday.
Mr. snd Mra. Sidney Norman, ol Spokane, are spending a  few days In town.
Pete Pinnot returned on Wednesday
from a trip through Ihe Lardeau country.
C«rl Llndow, of Slocan City, shot one
of hia fingers ofl' while out gunning this
. G. A, Jackson has returned   to East
Kootenay where be will work for the P
Burps Co.
Wm. Hunter was in Phoenix looking
alter that end of his company's business
this week.
George Fairbsirn made a I tip to the
IlHm;>ton Group this week returning on
To n Mulvey, who has lieen cooking at
the Victoria Hotel, lift yeeieiday for tlie
Sandon camp.
Rev. E.G. W. MacColl conduced a
Labor Day Service last Sunday in the
Confection er3(,
to the  capitalists is written upon the
faces of our prospeciors.
While this summer has beeu poor
it is a long lane that has no turning,
and those who stay with the Slocan
will come out all right in thn end. A
stiff upper lip looks better than a down
mouth and a grumbling pessimist is a
curse to himself and a nusiauce to his
Our criticism of the B 0 Year
Book was apparently piemature. It
appears that thn issue was not intended to be an altogether new edition,
but was the edition of 18l>7, with 125
pages of new matter. The volumes
were what waa left over of the 1897
editicn, which was not Usued by the
government but by R. E Grosnell,
who loat heavily in the publishing.
Having no available literature for the
Glascow and Pou-American Expositions, the government purchased the
edition, having the latest statistics
added, md binding the volumes in a
handsome red cloth binding. lliese
latest volumes contain even the cenau*
statistics   issued   only a few days tto.
Mr. Grosnell is now at work preparing a.new 1002 edition, which will
be thoroughly up-to-date. It is to be
hoped that he may lie more successful
iu disposing of this edition, a* the
compiling ofthe necessary statistics in
a work of tbis kind is a heavy  task.
Slocan uewiipapttra are more or lesv
at the mercy of their informants when
reporting mining news of tbe district.
There sre thousands of claims in the
Slocsn and it is impossible for us or
for anyone else to know one-tenth oi
them «r to be able to verify thr owner's report about his property. A wit
has said: "A mine is a hole iu the
ground and the owner thereof is a liar."
It bas been our endeavor to sepcrate
for our readers tbe wheat from the
chaff, but are sometimes taken in by u
smooth ta'kand then get tlie credit for
having originated tiie lie. One of
these occassions came up a week or two
ago, when we reported a mining deal
that never took place. We were aim-
ply lied to, that was all.
Gus Wehh left on Tuesday for Ten
Mile creek, where he will put in a week
or two prospecting.
There was no school on Monday, being
the only lr duration tbat a Dominion holiday wita being observed.
W. Horton Is hack from Slocan City,
where ho has beon doing development
work on his mineral claims.
Mrs. Thoibarn will leave Silverton
nest week tor Dawson, Yukon Tenitury,
I© join ber husband, Grant Thorburn.
For Sale:—A five room cottuce and
lot in Silverton. A snap for a cash I uyer-
Particulars at The SilverUmiHii Office.
A bully girl arrived at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Ltahni-her on Monday. With
careful nurcing the lather Will recover.
E. Rsmmelmeyer. wlioli now nian-
uirer of tlm Stemwiiider property In tha
Kairview camp, wai, a vLiiur in town on
Moulin v.
Ro*s Thorburn  is hack in Silyerton,
having sold out hi* laundry business in
Phoenix.    He reports business t;'iict  in!
the Boundary.
Mrs. 8. Dsiiile is in lhe Slogan City!
Hoepital.    She   hss heun Ul f-w some
weeks and left on Monday to go under
tho doctor's caie.
W. Thompson, when cutting a rope
last Saturday, plunged the Mnde of bin
knife inlo his leg, making u nasty but
not dangerous ent.
Dave .Moore, ore bnver for the Trail
Sroeliiug Works, was in town Huh week.
Me reports the whole islucan country us
very quiet at present.
Mrs. McGraw, who has lieen visiting
her daughter Mrs B P. McNaught, and
Mies Kate McGraw left for ll eir home
on the Coast ou Monduy.
The public appreciate good service and
good iioods. Thut is »hy they do their
tra dng with R G Dahfle. Fresh fruit
and i.ew groceries. All the latest man-
.i zincs.
Shooting eeston   opened nn   Monday
and several parlies from  Silveiton  ami
New   Denver hsve viniled ihe   Galena
Farm flits during Ihe week slier grouse
So lares bags have as vet lieen repotted
Union Bloolc,,
SILVERTON.      -       .       .      p   p
L-   -    - GERMAN -   -   .
For Sale ui All Drugging.
TEKEST is bttat dlinU'td In ttc
u>e of •motelc-.n powder* tnj
lackcicd bullet* In Urft cslikra rlBt*.
I A 4S etllbrc ballM vtlckiat *»«
£,••110 (Irri ■ shock lo l«rg» aattt ttitl th«
•mall t net can not alvirt )K »t*tnUi os
(or. Mariln Model ISSS Rsprettn km
.Special _>moktlt« Sled" barrel*, fat
iip-io-dete Information te* Our calalog-
Malled lor 3 itampo.
The Maruu Fibs arms Co.
Mining J°    ^
With Canadian Suppleittflt
383   Broadway,
Now York, O. 9. A.
Among the merchandia
8. E. Kiser in Chicago Record-Herald.
aa itr.ported foi ! rw*.
KmI uee this week wbk a Isrite consign-     *
went of (nil nnd winter suit pattern!, nv
ercoatiug. A-o.  fc F. F Li-hacher.' tl.e
Tailor.    Unseen t0 jt thnt htl  patron*
have iho ben that is going in his line.
HB   neat  and   Moat   InBaaaUa)
Stilting Paper   In  Ah*   WarM.
Sample, Copy free.     I   a   I   I   I   I   I   t
Weekly Mit ion.
Monthly      "  .,
. W.H) per annuta, postpaM.
, i jo - ••     ,     "
v The sudden change in the weather
within the last few days from an
almost tropical beat to* pointa little
above freezing, and the appearance of
new snow upon the oeaks of some of
Hear the wrangling aod the jangling over
Hear the sinner tell tho godly what he
They argue through the day  time and
they argue ihmngb the night.
They i-_i.iN.innd from dry goods bnxea »"d
tliey preach mid prate aod wrile;
They are getting- up new gods and tearing old beliefs in thiWa,
And, like the circling ripples, the commotion ever spreails—
They talk until they're tired.
Each believing he's Inspired,
Each helievipg there's importance ip the
little light he aheds.
They are alerting new religions every day.
They are daily potting old beliefs away;
They are dropping thia and that and tbey
are building up anew.
Every tinker thinke he onlv knows the
course we should pursue:
They are groping, ihey are hoping, they
are stumbling In tbe gloom.
Every dsy or two some prophet starts
himself a little boom;
Hinder, higher, evei higher,
They keep ..limiting in their ire,
With no one sure ol anything except the
wailing tomb,
The man of seienoa wisely  abrugs his
shoulders and explains
That all the rest are rraiy, and is lnughed
at for his pains;
The preacher preaches gravely, and the
atheist proceeds
To smash the church to pleeea And to
tear apart tbe oread
Or kill »«■ Off While U Sleep.    Ilnlli Ways art Hard «i
tkcUIKS boi Oood for Ilie HOUSEKEEPER.
But its ln»t the same-old battle tbat has
oft been fought before,
That has lasted through the ages and. In
foiig'-t nn ev,-rv shore.
And Ihe shonting Onra « bo go if,
All believing thet thev know it,
Know as much as you and I do—merely
that and nothing ii.ore.
r I ypaper, the i,e__t0^ p,^
on the market. Thereare lots of other
sticky flypaptra made and advertised
but none have aucceeded in securing
Ibe public favor like Tanglefoot. When
a fly puts bis ticklers on a sheet of
Tanglefoot you know that his couree of
dirt and annoyance bas ended. This
paper is clean, Inndy and always ready
0 uee. Coming aa it doea in double
sheets with waxed edges, makes it perfectly safe to handle, there being no
danger ot toiling the clothing or having
the hands stuck up as there is with
other papers.
Five liounle Sheets for
AUE tiKoil by many care
fui housekoepera aa being better than flypaper. This, however,
only a matter of opinion. 'ihe Poiat^
Pad consists of a circular aheetof blot-»
ling paper (cat to lit in en ordinary
plate) which has been soaked in a
strong, poisonous solution. When to
be used tbe pad is put In a plate and
enough water poured on lo dampen il.
The fiios are attracted fo the poleoo.
take a eip of the liquid and are almort
instantly killed.
One of tfiese Pads Jeff in a room et
night will kHKevery fly, ,noth ore**-
Poach in lhe room before morning.
Six Pads in a Package JJajj
Patent Medicines  &  Drugs.
Silverton, B.O,


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