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The Silvertonian 1901-06-29

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 V \*>i\^MU4_V IJt
,OTS'   Fl'Umim;.
A New Line of Fashionable Cambric Shirts. The Very Latest in
Design.     All Colors.
Stetson's Hats.    Known Whcrevt r
G.iod Hats are Worn.
Spring and Summer Underwear.
Neglige Shirts for Warm Weather.
A  Full Line Of Dclicacius.
Preserved Ginger.
California Olives.
McLaren's Cheese.
Eastern and California Canned
Crosse k Blackwell's Pickles.
Christie's Fancy Buiscuits.
Heavy anH Substantial Miners and
Prospectors' Shoes,
I ooooooooooooooooooooooooos
Football Shoes,   Light but Durable.
Enameled and Patent Leather Shoes
for Town Wear.
Ladies' and Children's Shoes.
11A R I) ff A RI
Tht) American Boy in now em ploy in if
'A'2 men,
Thomas Hrown is now Deputy Mining
Eteoqrder at Sandon.
M. S, Davis, formerly manager of the
Silver King mine at Nelson, arrived in
town on Thursilay lo Inspect the Hewitt
mine of thin place of which be ia consulting engineer.
The Noble Five mill, at Cody, ia now
running on a 1000 ton sample from tbe
Payne damps. The Payne people evi-
dently Intend 16know what a mill will
do with their ore before they build for
W. II. Brandon contemplates doing
j considerable work upon the Canadian
Group this summer, lio visited Bandon
last week and while Ihere made arrangements for letting a contract for 200 feel
of tnnnel. The Canadian Group lies on
the divide between Fonr Mile and Carpenter creeks, tlie main portion being on
the Silverion -.lope.
THE WM. HUNTER CO.. Limited.
Headquarters In  Bilverton, B.C.
J3 & <OOt
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, S.imlon,
New Denver, Oascade City, Grand Porks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwoo 1.
A nice surface showing of galena ore
was Uncovered last wick on the Condor
Group as ajesnlt of the ground sluicing
which foreman Horton has had his
force engaged in. The extent of tbis
strike cannot be ]ndge«l as yet as work
Upon the allowing has only just Commenced, Tlio news is pleating to this
camp and is encouraging for the muu-
On Tiiesdav E. Foyle Smith; who has
charge of the Silver Band Group at the
head of Eight Mile, arrived in town.
Some wortc will be done upon this property tliis season ami several of the
claims Crown Granted. The failure of
onr Government to keep its promise in
regard to building Uie lied Mountain
wagon road is having a discouraging
effect upon tbla :••« will as other claim
owners iii tliat section of our camp.
<*>      c^HOTEL.
:•:  JAS.    HOWES   Proprietor.
llond Taki'n Up.
Tlie bonders of the Iron Hone Group,
mi Ten Mile creek, have deposited the
final payment in tl e liaok rnd arc now
absolute owners of lhe properly. Tlie
Iron Horse was owned by Messrs McLean and McDonald of Silverton, who
tialied lhe ground In 1894. The new
owners have j'ISt paid the list of (18,500.
for tlie ground, are Syndicated as the
Burlington Mining Compsny. Machinery ia to he installed and the property
developed on O large scale. It is due to
the gootl rustliiig abilities cf Mark
Manley tbat tins deal has been put
tlnoiij;!i successfully.
Stringing Tins Guiles.
The cables for the Hewitt tramway
reached here on Thursday and the
small one has already been transported
to the mine hy Bert Hilton, who is doing
the  freighting for contractor   Drown.
T%lf r^V^TT    ^if^S   kf^o IH* /O ►<■">* <£?iOi   '''to tramway is s. 2500 feet in length,
£y XdJJ_I. A.    V -V^y    W^JLX'^^W'O'W    Hi,-  Htiti.inirv   .Vi'e-^   which     tne,me
Irom, at
Tailor s
inch iu diameter, weighing "t'OO pounds
und a ball Inch cable 6000 feet iu length,
weighing I'iOO | builds.
A. E Brown has everything at the
mine In teadinosa and the work of
stretching these cables will commence tit
nine. This i" expected to take only a
few days time, and then the Steady
shipment oi  Hewitt ores to the smelter
I will    bo   COmil i tired.     No'V     tlittt     the
transportation  difficulty  is abont over
the Hewitt mino with the large amount
ol ore  Backed,  broken   in the ni lie anil
blocked out,  «ill be second to none in
ihe slocun as ii shipper.
Outside PartU Desiring Horses in Silvci inn        &   j   j,joi>ONAT__D
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing Io—    ' '        .
, + ± f f t * SUA hklON, - • 1>. *•;•
Thistle **-
 P A T.   OR! V F J N,	
HHr st-Olass      aoooxML^woClotioii
for 1Mie>    i"»tti^iJo»
Shipments of ore fr.mi SIoeaii'Luko for
the year 1899. totaled 8078 Tons.
Shipments iii   1900 totaled 4080 Tons.
The shipment    ot   ore    from    Slocan
Lake points, mi to and Including  the
present week, from Jan, 1, 1901.
Emm New Denver Tons.
Hartbey    140
Eroin Bosun Landing.
Bosun  -200
From Silverton
Alpha   40
llew.tt  . . 670
Emily Edith      -10
From Enterprise Landing
From Twelve Milo Landing
V & M	
From Slocun Citv
Arlington       1761
Two Friends  -10
Black Prince 100
Bondholder     60
Chapleau    16
Speculator    20
Phoenix   20
Slociiii's Celebration.
Tho Celebration and Miners' Union
Picnic heltl on Tuesday and Wednesday
in the new city of Slocsn was not Ilie
success that the citizens looked for. The
expected crowds from Sandon, Now Denver, Rossland and Nelson were lacking
and even the attendance of Silvertonians
was limited. This was duo to severs)
reasons, the chief ones being tho uncertain weather and an inconvenient train
ami boat service.
From the Lake towns on Tuesday some
sixty pleasure seekers took the boat for
Blocan to visit their neighbors, hoar the
Speeches of the Union leaders and see
the football game between the Silverton
ami Slooan teams.
After the arrival ol the Nebon train n
procession of about ISO members of iho
Miners'Union anil the visiting"football
player), headed by the hand, marched
out to the picnic grounds, which were
«ell fixed np for the occassion. Here
some hours were spent in assimilating
the provided refreshments and listening
to the speeches. The speakers were
Ed. Boyce, the President of the Western
Federation of Miuers, ami James Willis,
the Vice-President. The speeches o1
these gentlemen were weighty because
of their moderation and display of good,
Common, r<r.'i"tical sense. Tlie speeches
were listened to attentively and With appreciation.
The lootball game ended unsatisfactorily, the score at the end of an hour and
a half's ploy being one—one, aud the
nearness of boat time prevented further
playing, The Blocan players were oul to
win and had a splendid team, forcing the
visitors to piny a defence game nearly
all through the match. The Silvertonians were weak on tho lorward line and
wire criuiip'etl up by the heavy checking
which characterised the game. The visitors were playing with only six of their
regular team, and tho substitutes on the
forward line broke up the combination.
One of the new men was n Slocanite ,
picked up to complete the eleven. Tue
one goal ior Silverton was scored by Bir-
cl.iv, and a foul and free kick in tlie Silverton goal gave Slocan its score. The
splendid work of the defei.ee saved the
visitors from defeat, Jackson, Malloy and
Byrael stopping many a wild rush.
Considering tho circumstances the visitors felt Satisfied et holding their hlne-
sweatcred opponents down to a draw but
will be better prepaid! inthe game for
the ownership of the line trophy which
will be played withip tlireo weeks.
Tho Silverton team was: Jackson,
goal; Byrnes and Malloy, hacks; Bllndle
Howes an.I Nicholson, half-backs; Owens,
Walker, Da relay, Matheson and Crawford, forwards.
On Wednesday Sandon and Slocan
played an exhibition game, Sloe .in winning by three goals to two. A baseball
game between New Denver and Slocan
wns woo by the former, the score being
18 runs to 7.
Cold and Silver ProducUon.
As a gold producer In 1900 Canada is
third among the world's nations. The
production of tlio world, according to the
statistics compiled by the Engineering
ami Mining Journal, wns (855,924,664,
whicli, excluding Ibe Transvaal, isa gain
over 1899 o( ••fit),171,000, The small returns from the South Africa mines gives
the world's total a decrease compared
with 18'.U of (53,081,298. Tbe live principal producers uro:
United States $78,159,674
Australasia 7:'>,4ti7,no
Canada   97,916.742
Russia   28,090,862
Mexico 9,409,053
The ail ver production of the world Increased from 177,886,532 Troy ounces in
1899 to 182.682,653 ounces in 1900. Tho
United States continues to hold the first
place as a producer, witli Mexico secjud
and Australia anil Bolivia following in the
order named. Canada, with a production ot 4,446,505OSS., ranks ns ninth,
The principal producers were:
Troy o/.s. Value
United States,.. 59,581,797.. $86,576,900
Mexico 55,804,420..   84,260.404
Australia 14,068,244 ..   8,636,288
Bolivia, 10.482,685..
Peru    6,690,955..
Germany,    6,248,826 .
Spain    6.909,317.,
E, C. Lyons has been elected city clerk
of Sandon.
This issue is the last one in Volume IV
of The Sii_vki_tonian.
A report from Cape Nome says that
.Tack Lowes is drowned.
Miss M. Parsons leaves to-day ior her
home in New Westminster,
On Tuesday A. P. Reed left for the
Mt. Sicker camp on Vancouver Island.
Nimaa i-Opeo for engagements, charges
motlerate. Address Mis. J. F. Delaney,
New Denver. »
Saudonites in playing tho municipal
game havo _f2(!S3 in sight but aro $7872
behind the game.
Miss Duncan, who formerly bad
charge of the school here, arrived in
town on Thursday cfa a visit to Mrs. B.
P, McNaught,
George W. Grimmett of Sandon and
Miss Rate Almira Brooks, of Winnipeg,
Man., wero married in Nelson on Wednesday, tho 26th inst.
For Dominion Day all C. P. R. ncents
will sell round trip tickets at fare and
one fourth coibg June 29th and „30th snd
July 1st, good to  return until July 2nd.
Geo Dometto, a member of Silverton
Miners' Union, died in Slocun last
Saturday. He was buried by the local
Arfelection for n school trustee to sue-,
ceed J. A. McKinnon, whose term haa
expired, will be held to-morrow niorninK
in the school bouse. We understand
tbat there will he a contest.
Thanks to an appreciative public, R.
G. Daigle announces that he has been
enabled to increase bis stock ot fresh
fruits ami groceries. His pi ices are
reasonable, his  stock  fresh.       f
A. Jeffreys, who hns been visiting lhe
Lardeau camps," is back in town, Ho
was not impressed with the country
visited from a business point of view and
failed to locate any traces of the boom.
M. Grady came over from bis home at
the St. Leon Springs to look-after his
Silverton interests last Saturday' "aKd
spent a few dayi... bore." 'Mrti';(Wa3y
intends to build a modern hotel at the
i St Leon and to estaMtsfT' _f1usliiori|ble
summer resort there.
Win. Hunter returned Inst week from
Ihe Lurdeau, where ho had gone to see
lite effect of tho railway building upon
business, lie reports limes as fairly
active in Trout Lake and Ferguson, liut
not so active as to jiistifiy any rush of
busroess men into that section.
Walter Smith met w-ith nsei*_ou.i'aiid
painful accident at Koch's saw-mill on
Ten Mile creek last Saturday. He was
working on a trestle, about twenty feet
off the ground anil in some way lost his
balance and fell face forward on the
ground, cutting a bad gash In his fuco
and otherwise bruising it, heiug'insen-
gible for Foine time from the fall. He
wns brought down to tlie Landing ami
sent to tbe hospital, where his injuries
were sewed up and dressed.
Canada,     4.446,605,
. 8,406,712
. 4.047,505
. 3,885,026
. 8,928 974
. 2,780,699
Tho English price for lead is £12 8s Oil
Silver, 27,._jd.   Copper, .Di'.".,.
New York, June 27—Bar Silver ,Wnu
Lake copper, fi7.0o.
Lead—Tlie firm that fixes the selling
price for miners and smelters quotes lead
at $4.37){ at the close.
Nntsi.: Open lor engagements, charges
moderate.   Address Mrs, J. !'. Delaney, | appreciation  ol
New Denver. *
Pnblic Sclmol I'lusiug.
The closing exercises at Sif^erton's
public school, which took place yesterday morning, were well attendee! hy tho
I ulies who turned out in full force to
hear the public examination of tne pupils
Tho children did remaikahly well,
showing a prolicencv in their 'lessons far
in advance oi what should be expected
of children of their ages, working out
difficult Questions !n algebra and answering questions in geography and history
tbnt would more than pti7.zlomost ofthe
adult visitors. Miss M. Parsons who
has been teaching our school for tlie last
year deserves great credit ami it is to be
regretted that she is retiring as instructor of Silverton's young folk.
After the exercises wero concluded
Mr. J. Tyree made a short and neat,
speech to the children anil presented Ihe
following rolls of honor; tieorge S.
Horton for regularity and punctuality;
Alice Calbick, regularity ami punctuality ;
Marv E, Lawson, proficiency ; Mary K.
McDonald, deport ment.
Prices wero awarded to the following
pupils: Ine/. Calbick i nl Sarah Lawson
map drawing;   Addle   Horton, Composition; nnd  Evelyn Horton and Eudora
Tyree also received prism.
The  following  pupils  have received
promotion into higlier i-hiiiS's : Mary   K.
McDonald promoted  from   the fourth to
tilth ; tieorge Horton from the seaond to
third   lender,  and   Willie  Wl.it.  is pro
moted into tho second render.
Miss Parsons, the retiring teacher, wns
presented with a gilt by lhe pupils ss nu
lur  iff its    in   their
i behalf.
I   i
i   l'i
•: - '..•-.- ROI IN WEST Wli
Thuusnads Ara Homeless and Destitute
-Mine Buildings, Mill! ami Dwelling!
Are Swept Awi»y— Hallways Track Are
llone-I.mi I* Knormous.
Two hundred, perhaps more, drowned or crushed to death.
Four or flve thousand people homeless and destitute.
Mills, mine buildings, storehouses,
stores and dwellings by hundreds
washed away.
Property loss aggregating $2,000,000.
Miles of railroad tracks, with cars and
engines, carried away by the torrent.
Bluefleld, W. Va., June 24.—This section \h«s been visited by flood, tho extent of which ln all probability will
equal or exceed that of Johnstown In
1893, so far as the loss of property Is
concerned. Sunday a heavy downpour
of rain, accompanied by n severe electrical storm which lnci eased In volume, continued for several hours. The
storm continued throughout the entire
day and night, and at 10 a. ra., while
the etorm has abated, the lowering
clouds threaten another terrific downpour at any moment.
Many miles of the Norfolk k Western
railroad track, bridges and telegraph
lines are entirely destroyed and communication ls entirely cut off west of
Elkhorn so that it Is Impossible to
learn the full extent of the loss of life
and property, but officials of the coal
companies, located In the district, have
sent out messengers to Elkhorn, the
terminus of both telegraphic and railroad communication and have received
a report that a conservative estimate as
to the loss of life will easily reach 200.
Some of the drowned aro among the
most prominent citizens of the coal
The Pocahontas coal field is located
In a basin with high mountain ranges
on either side, Elkhorn creek flowing
through the center of the basin, which
ranges from one-fourth to one mile in
width. From Tennis, W. Va., to Vivian
yards, W. Va., a distance of 10 miles,
miners' cabins, coal companies' commissaries and coke plants line the basin. Elkhorn creek, fed by numerous
small streams coming from the moun
tain side, rises rapidly.
This aterspout came so suddenly
that the eetlre basin between the two
mountain ranges was flooded and before the terror stricken i_,>ople realized
what was upon them, they were carried down by the flood, which swept
everything In Its path. The little town
of Keystone, with a population of about
2,000, seems the greatest -.uffeivr, prac
tlcally the entire town being washed
away. The town ls located near Its
center. It was to a great extent the
headquarters from which the mining
population purchased supplies and was
also the only place In the field where
whiskey could be purchased.
At this place there were some 12 to
IS saloons all of which were washed
A great number of the coal and coke
plants throughout the Pocahontas district are reported practically destroyed
and are in some Instances entirely
washed away.
Owing to the very high water which
has flooded the region and prevented
communication, anything like a correct estimate of the loss of property Is
Impossible, but from the best Information obtainable at 2 p. m. Sunday the
loss to the property will easily reach
Lindgraff, the beautiful home of General Ord, Is reported gone, but his family Is said to be safe.
Passenger train No. 4 of the Norfolk
* Western reached Vivian about 8:30
a. m., met the flood and was unable to
proceed further. The waters reached
such a depth that the coachee had to be
abandoned, the passengers being rescued by means of ropes strung from the
windows of coaches to tbe tops of remaining coke ovens, some distance
away. Between Elkhorn and Vivian
yards, a distance of 10 miles, 100 cars
are aaid to be washed from the tracks
and many of them carried down the
A rough estimate places the number
of bridges washed away between Bluefleld and Vivian yards, a distance of 28
miles, at from IB to 20, and from present Indications lt will be Impossible to
run trains through to Vivian and
points west of there for eight on ten
days. This will render It Impossible to
get relief Into the stricken districts
and with those who escaped with their
lives, homeless and without food, indescribable suffering is Inevitable.
On the Clinch valley branch of the
Norfolk k Western railroad, between
this city and Norton, communication
ls entirely severed west of Tazewell. Va.
Report* come from that point of great
loss of life and property throughout the
entire section.
■4n Shakerag, a negro settlement on
the outskirts of Tazwell, the water
stands to the depth of eight feet In the
streets and houses. All of the occupants
have been removed to points of safety.
Three miles west of Tazwell, on the
Hlgglnbotham farm, the house of Paris
Vandyke, a farm hand, was swept
away, carrying with it Mrs. Vandyke
and her four children.
There Is no telegraph station at Wit
tel's Mill, and It Is Impossible to ascer
tain particulars.
Nothing whatever has been heard
from the section of country between
Vivian and Williamson, other than the
river Is reported as being entirely over
ft., banks and higher thnn ever known
by the oldest Inhabitants.
The town of Welch, county seat of
McDowell county, must bave suffered
severely and a number of large plants
situated on the banks of Tug river, no
doubt are entirely washed away.
Late advices from the Clinch valley
division confirm the reported drowning
of 10 persons. A family named Hook,
living near the river, close to Pounding
Mill station, on the Clinch valley division, were all drowned, -ix perishing.
Three daughters of Coal Inspector
Dlnsmore are reported drowned at Keystone. They were alone in their father's residence when the flood came, and
all trace of them Is lost. The Pocahontas company lost f 30,000 ivorth of-coke
ln cars and coke yards. At least 100
freight cars standing on sidings collapsed, rolled into the flood and were
■Freight trains ln transit were overtaken by the flood and some cars washed from the tracks.
Relief committees will leave here at
daybreak-for the-stricken region.
The train master of the Norfolk &
Western railroad walked the track between Vivian and Northfork, a distance
of 12 miles. He discovered 30 bodies
floating In the river.
The big ore body on the Sunset mine
near Greenwood, has been opened.
The Stemwlnder, at Fairview Is likely to resume operations at an early
The oil boom has struck the Boundary and traces of what ls believed to be
the real thing have been discovered
near Grand Forks.
The Snowshoe, In Greenwood camp,
last week sent down to the Greenwood
smelter three cars of ore taken out in
the course of recent development work.
There are rumors of a mine owners'
combine to control the output of the lead
mines of tlie Slocan. The combine would
have selling agencies in London and New
The main ore shoot on the Blue Bird
claim at Deer Park on lower Arrow
Lake has been reached and all Indications go to show that it will soon be a
dividend-paying mine.
The development of the Imperial and
Eva groups by the London & British
Columbia Gold Fields is expected to
bring into prominence the gold ledges
of Lexington mountain In the Lardeau.
About a mile and a half east of
Greenwood, In Skylark camp, is situated what Is known as the Lake group
of claims, on which development work
ls now being done by the Chicago-British Columbia Mining company.
An extraordinary general meeting of
shareholders In the Brandon & Golden
Crown Mining company was held recently when It was unanimously decided to reconstruct the company on an
assessable basis. Of a million and a
half shares over 1,200,000 were represented at the meeting.
George B. McAulay, managing director, of the Cariboo mine, accompanied
by Frank Mendenhall, manager of the
Rossland branch of the Jenckes Machine company, were ln Camp McKinney recently arranging fnr the purchase of 40 additional stamps for the
mill. That would make the capacity of
the mill 60 stamps.
Development work continues at the
B. C. mine, near Eholt, and the diamond drill is at work prospecting both
laterally and vertically. Ore shipments
are being well maintained, the aggregate tonnage shipped having now exceeded 40,000 tons. The average copper
values obtained from this quantity of
ore ran to nearly 7 per cent, while the
yield of silver was about three ounces
to the ton, and there were small gold
values besides.
A large amount of construction work
Is proceeding In the Erie district. The
Finch & Campbell combination have
started a large crew preparing the
ground for the erection of the stamp
mill on their Second Relief mine. They
will also put a force of miners to work
on their Keystone property. The 50-
ton concentrator at the Arlington mine
is nearing completion. The plant is a
very complete one and is almost entirely automatic.
The Bill Nye mine, In Jackson county, Oregon, owned by Spokane men, is
proving a world beater in the bringing
forth of rich gold deposits.
News has reached Baker City, Ore.,
that John James' remains had been
found In the mountains by a searching
party. He was lost In a storm last December.
Over 2,000,000 miners are required to
produce the world's supply of coal. Of
this number 693,660 are employed ln
Great Britain and 401,230 ere employed
In the United States.
At Dixie, Idaho, the Mammoth-Great
Eastern Mining company have made arrangements for the use of the Comstock
mill and Is stoping 100 tons of ore with
which to make a mill test.
By far the best rock which has come
to light In the Myers Creek mining district has recently been unearthed on
the Lord Kitchener mine, situated on
the northern spur of Copper mountain.
Robert Wagner of Pierce City, Idaho,
says that a rich strike has been made
near the Crescent mine at Pierce City,
and that a ledge one foot in width has
been found In the prospect shaft that
Is enormously rich.
Is a constitutional disease.
It originates In a scrofulous condition ot
the blood and depends on that condition.
It often causes headache and dizziness,
Impairs the taste, smell and bearing, affects the vocal organs, disturbs tbe stomach.
It ls always radically and permanently
cured by the blood-purifying, alterative
and tonic action of
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Tbis great medicine bas wrought the most
wonderful cures of all diseases depending
on scrofula or the scrofulous habit.
Uoon't riur Uf tlie Doit cstbartic,
t Complete Review of the Event* ol
the I'iiki Week—Iu Tlila .n. Foreign Land*—Tnken From the
fsPteat   Dlapatehe*.
On May 25 Nome was subjected to a
most  disastrous fire.
Did Hawkins, lightweight champion of
the Pacific coast, defeated Billy Armstrong, champion of Hiitish Columbia, in
six rounds. The contest was fust and sol
entitle and the best man won.
Colonels Infant and Uulvara. representatives of General Callles, have
signed the name of their general to the
agreement to surrender. Under the
terms of this agreement Callles Is to
assemble bis men at Santa Cruz, La-
guna province, as quickly as possible,
and there surrender himself and command to the American authorities.
Attorney Oeneral James Donovan had
scarcely crossed the state Hue on the way
east until the Helena gambling house proprietors began to brush off the dust from
their paraphernalia, The attorney general
left for a six weeks' vacation at his old
home iu Maine. One gambling house In
Helena opened, another followed suit, and
the gamblers in Butte, Anaconda, Great
Palls and Kalispell are doing the same.
Donovan had closed gambling tighter than
it had ever been since Montana wus settled.
A contract litis been signed in New York
city for a complete out tit of lulling stock.
Including pressed steel cms, locomotive and
passenger coaches, for the Republic and
Grand Forks roud in Washington. The
road will be 48 miles long ami of standard
gauge. At Grand Forks it will connect
with a Canadian Pacific railroad. The first
trains will be run early In November if
nothing occurs to block the const ruction
work now under way. The road will be
used mainly to carry gold and silver ores
from mines in tlie Republic district, on the
eastern slope of the Cascades, lo Canadian
smelters at (Jrand Forks.
Ex-Governor Ha/.en S. Filigree of Michigan died in London last Wednesday, His
son was the only one present at the time,
flaxen Sentor Pingree was born in Denmark, Me., in 1340. In 1802 he enlisted in
the First Massachusetts heavy artillery
and served until the end of the war, when
he located in Detroit, embarking in the
manufacture of shoes, in 1889 the republican party nominated Mr. Filigree for
mayor of Detroit and he was elected by
over 2000 majority. He was reelected in
1891, 1893 and 1895 by increased majorities eaeh time. In 1890 Mr. Pingree was
elected governor of Michigan by 83,000
plurality, running ahead of the national
ticket by 2(1,000 votes. He was reelected
governor of the state in 1808 by about
160,000 plurality and served out liis term,
Which expired in 1900. List March he
started on a trip to South Africa, whieh
resulted in his death in London.
General Shafter did not consider the alleged frauds at iSan Fruiicisco worthy of
a report.
At the conclusion of the regatta held on
the Lower Kibe a dinner wus given on
board the Hamburg-American yacht Victor Louise, at which Emperor William
made a speech. His majesty told his hearers that he deduced from recent events in
China the guarantee that tlie peace of
Europe waa assured for long years to
come, because of the mutual esteem and
spirit of comradeship created by the united action of the allied contingents,
The Denver Times says a gigantic
scheme is nnder way to transfer the railroads of the United .■stutes to the government A western financier who returned
from New- York, where he investigated
the rumors alloat in financial circles, asserts that the report of pending government ownership is general. He declared
that in a few yean the Rockefeller, Itar-
riniiin, Vanderbilt, Gould and Morgan interests would turn over to the government every line of railroad in the country, the government to pay the total val-
Hf of uitout $10,000,000,000, a Htring of
banks to be controlled by the same interests to finance the deal.
The Jury in the Barker case at Jersey
City has returned a verdict of guilty of
attempt to kill Rev. John Keller.
A violent storm burst over a large
area of southern Russia recently, flooding several towns and gr?atly damaging the crops.
Since the present serious condition
of affairs In southwest Texas between
bandits and the authorities began, six
men have been killed—three American
officers and three Mexicans—six wounded, all Mexicana, one being a woman,
and nine captured.
Bob Fltzsimmons and Gus Ruhlin
are matched to meet in a wrestling
match at Madison Square Garden on
the night of July 2. Graeco-Roman
style, the winner of two falls out of
three to be declared the victor. Charley White will be referee.
Thousands of people camped on the
border of the Kiowa, Comanche-Apache
reservations in Oklahoma, awaiting the
opening of that land to settlement, are
In destitute circumstances according to
Dr. J. McKenna, who recently returned
from tho scene.
Seventeen persons are believed to
have been killed and a number Injured
as the result of a flro following an explosion among a quantity of fireworks
is not known. The property loss will
'n the store of A. Rlttenburg at Pater-
son, N. J. The cause of the explosion
not exceed $35,000.
Civil government will be established
In the Philippines on July 4. Judge
William H, Taft will be designated
civil governor. He will remain at the
head of the Philippine commission,
which Is to be continued. The order
creating him civil governor was Issued
hy the president through the secretary
of war.
Hoshl Toru, who was   minister of.
communications in the last Ito cabinet, was stabbed at Yokohama at a
meeting of the city assembly aud died
shortly afterward. Hoshl Toru wns
Japanese minister at Washington, and
was formerly president of the house.
The assassiuation is supposed to. have
been due to politics.
'it Is reported that a syndicate of
capitalists ls planning a combination
with $100,000,000 capital to control the
entire production and sale within the
United States of the various products
and by products of cotton seed. There
are 4S0 cotton oil plants In the United
State, of whicli the Amcilcan Cotton
Oil Company with a capital of $30,000,-
000 owns 35 and the American Oil Company owns 10. The othei'B are operated
largely by cotton planters.
Secretary Root has received a letter
from Governor General Wood containing the official announcement of the
adoption of the Piatt amendment by
the Cuban constitutional convention.
Like the constitutions of most of the
South American republics, the Cuban
constitution has been framed with the
constitution of the United States as a
model. The adoption of the Piatt
amendment makes it sufficient for all
the purposes of this government In Its
relatione with Culm.
Dr. D. K. Pearsons of Chicago has
mado public the following college
pledges, due by January 1,1902: Whitman college, Walla Walla, Wash., $50,-
000; Illinois college, Jacksonville, $50,-
000; Fargo college, Fargo, N. D„ $50,-
000; McKendrle college, Lebanon, IU..
$50,000; Bethany college, Llnnsburg,
Kan.. $25,000; Fairmont college, Wichita, Kan.. $25,000; Drury. Springfield,
Mo., $25,000. Total, $275,000. This Is
an official list of gifts "to struggling
colleges," which Dr. Pearsons proposes
to make before tho end of the year. In
addition there are one or two other
promises which will make the total
$350,000 in round numbers.
Each nation Is to help ln the destruction of the forts in China.
The grain warehouse of the Tacoma Grain company at Reardan, Wash.,
Is now a mass of burnt ruins, together
with nbout 12.000 bushels of wheat.
The fire is supposed to have boon
started by a drunken tramp, and be is
not to be found, his remains arc now
supposed to be in the ruins.
S. E. Stevens, county Judge and a
wealthy farmer, and John A. Webb, a
neighbor also prominent In county affairs, met on the road three miles
from Mlakka, Manatee county. Florida, and renewed an old feud that existed between them. Stevens was
stabbed to death, and Webb seriously
hut probably not fatally cut.
Recent events In Cape Colony seem
to prove the Boer invasion of that
country to be serious. A letter to the
Daily Mall dated Capo Town, June 5,
confirms the pro-Boer report, and says
the invaders number anywhere from
7000 to 10.000; that thev are swarming
all over the eastern and midland districts and getting recruits and horses.
The death of H. S. Church of Louisville was the second act of a bloody
tragedy that began in Louisville with
the murder of Emily Stewart, but
whicli did not come to light until recently when the police found the horribly mutilated body of the woman hidden ln a closet In the same house
where the man wde dying from
wounds self-inflicted with pistol and
A shooting and cutting affray ln a
crowded coach on the St. Louis & San
Francisco Sunday ended In the killing
of one person and the wounding of
several others, and created a panic.
Ihe killed: Mrs. Samuel Hart, rol-
ored. St Louis. The wounded: James
Laughlin, conductqj, St. Louis, shot'
through the arm; Frank Williams, col-!
oicd. St. Louis, shot through the leg
and badly cut about head.
A tornado struck the residence portion of Middlnport, Ohio, early Sunday
morning. Two houses and si:< bams
were blown down, about 20 buildings
unroofed and 500 trees uprated. All
the telephone, electric light ant!.-tole-
graph wires were torn down and
across the trolley wire of street cars.
Horses were killed by contact with
the wires and one man was fatally
burncd. Thousands of dollars damage
was done to bridges.
The annua! report of B. H. Tatum
assayor In charge of the United States
assay oflice at Helena. Montana,
shows the nNnoral production of
Montana for 1900 to have been
as follows: Gold. $4,736,225; silver,
118,482,211; copper, $39,827,135; lead.
$701,155; total. $03,740,727. This is a
decrcaae of $4,710,581 ns compared
with the previous yenr and Is due to
the falling off in silver production and
the lower average price received for
copper, whose output exceeded the
preceding year.
The Duty
of Mothers.
What suffering frequently result
from a mother's Ignorance; or more
frequently from a mother's neglect to
properly Instruct her daughter !
Tradition says "woman must suf.
for," and young women aro so taught"
There is a littlo truth and u great deal
of exaggeration, iu this. If a you ig
woman suiters severely she needs treatment, and her mother Bhould see that
ahe gets it.
Many mothers hesitate to take their
daughters to a physician for examination : but no mother need .hesitate to
writtt   fre*»lv   aliout,   h«r   (In inrl.i...    ..
lion : out, no uiuinur need .Hesitate to
write freely about her daughter or
herself to Mrs. Plnkham's Laboratory
_._■      I   ......       ILIituu ,,,,,l     ...........    _.        '
hersel_  _  ,,,__,
at Lynn, Mass., and secure from '«
winii-iti tlie most efficient advice without charge.
Mrs. August Pfalzgraf, of South
Byron. Wis., mother of the young lady
whose portrait we here publish, wrote
in January. 1#_K), saying her daughter
had suffered for two years with irregular menstruation — had headache all
the time, and pain in her aide, feet
swelled, and was gcnernlly miserable,
She received an annwer promptly witli
advice, ami in: ar date of Maruh, lHtifl,
the mother writes again that Lydla R.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound cured
her daughter of all pains and irregu.
Nothing in the world equals Lydia &
Pinkham's great medicine for regn.
latlng woman's peculiar monthly
will m you m
oNSAiefvearwHtRi.  .
catalos'-'ls ry.it
Many a friend In need is allowed to
remain In that condition.
st.nn of uhlu. eity >.r Toledo.  I.was County,
• Ito
Knink I.  Cheney makes ""tit thnt ho Ih
■color imrtniT ur tin- Sim of _•"   J. Cheney «
Co.,   itoitiK   business  in  Um ciiy  uf    Toledo,
County anil state af.iri'Kitl'l. ami tlm! said lli'n
Hill j.nv tin- Hum of ONK HUNDRED DOLLARS fur (.acll nie! cvi-ry ease ,.f i-atarrh lltll
ciinn.it he eurt'il l.y the an,, of Hall's Cfttai-:i
Cure. FRANK.   J    i'HKNKI
Bworn to before etc and subset tt»e,i In my
presence, this tith day uf Dooomber, A. 11. Itst,
A.   W   UI.KABON.
(Seal) Notary Public.
1 Iul I'm Catarrh Cur© Is taken Internally ind
acta directly on the blood and mucous surfaces uf tin system. Bend for testimonials,
ttte V. J. CHBNBT & CO., Tuledu, O.
l-lold  by druKKifti..   7.V
Hull's Family  i'llls nro the  b. tl.
In Europe 10 out of evry 1000 persons are living out of their own country, In America 137 out of every 1000,
while 300 out of every 1000 Australians were born in Home other part of
the world.
'bis signature Is on every hoi of tbe genuins
Laxative Bromo*Quinine T»bieu
be remedy tbat mm • cold In one da/
The population of northern China
Is almostly completely vegetarlon, tho
chief articles of food being millet, rice,
maize,  potatoes and turnips.
Pend 16 cents in stamps fnr A sample of copy of Camera Craft and a
large threocolor picture iiP'Wuwoiiu. "
The best photographic magaziire published. ,')_10 Butter St., Han Fja&isco.
■-^——————        _,
We gel three shocks at a shot-kliiR play-
the piny Itself, Ihe people we see there,
and the people who nee us thure—ChlciiKO
Spnin  lluyliiw  \f»v  QniM.
London. June 23.—Spain np|ienrs to be
making vigorous efforts to repair the depletion of her armament caused by the
Kp.tnish-Aiiieiiciin war. Al special nsvy
commission from Madrid, now in London,
has placed with the Miixim-Yickci's con
cein a large order for guns which tinting tests this week made the remarkable
record of Hiring live aimed rounds in 37
seconds, maintaining an average,   with *
projectile weighing l!IKI pounds, of nver five
rounds per minute. The striking muzzle
energy was ll.OH* feet, or nearly six times
greater than in the case of the guns now
used on board Great Britain's licst battle-
ItmnDGyn pension
IT BieKroRO, Washington, D. C. thev will re-
• • celve (itilck replies, II. nth N. II. Vols. Stall
20tli Corps.   Protocoling claims sliico 1878.
Some of the scales for weighing diamonds arc so accurately adjusted that
a speck of dust or an eyelash will
affect the balance.
PsruiiiiiiiitlT Cured.   No Ills er nerrotiiin.es
utter llrst ilny's menf Ur. Kline', Ureal Nirvs
Rsstorsr. Rend for FKIll__i_1.00 trial Imi llnend treaties, lh.. it II Kliss.Ltd..HI Arcli8t„Phli__.lrl|ibl».l'a.
A splendid ledge of copper ore has
been encountered on the Rlggs group
of claims, at Imnaha, Idaho, during tho
laat week.
The fools that rush In whero angels
fear to trend are lucky if they are
able to crawl out again. ,  ,
Am fill   II ii ... l.i ll >   In   (lit en ku.
Chicago, June 23.—One person fatally
hurt and six prostrations, one fotfll, wns
the record of a simmering day in Chicago.
The mercury stood at oo degrees, bul the
humidity was so grent thnt lhe record i
of thc thermometer is only n faint record
of 1 lio discomfort cnused. |
John Hull fell from n third storv win- !
dow while trying to get fresh air.   (,'liuiltV.
Jenkins, aged 70, died of the heat,
Mothers will Hud Mrs. Winslow's Sooth-
u> Hvrup the best remedy to use lor their
'liililriii during ilie terming period.'
A legal fight will bo mnde to prevent thc securing of railroad franchises In Culm.
, a ......
Plan's Cure cnn not be too hiirlily spoken ot
as ti eniiKh cure—,|. W. O'llrlen, S22 Third
Ave.. N., Mlnneaiiolls, Minn., Jan. 6, 1900.
The more some people tell you thi
less you remember. ROYAL Raking Powder is indispensable to the preparation of the finest
cake, hot-breads, rolls and muffins.
Housekeepers are sometimes importuned to
huy other powders hecause they are "cheap."
Housekeepers should stop and think. If such
powders are lower priced, are they not inferior?
Is it economy to spoil your digestion to save
a few pennies?
The " Royal Baker and Pastry
Cook'*—containing over Soo most
practical and valuable cooking receipts— free lo every patron. St-tul
postal card with your full address.
Alum is used in some baking powders and in most of the so-called
phosphate powders, because it is
cheap, and makes a cheaper powder.
Hut alum isa corrosive poison which,
taken in food, acts injuriously upon
the  stomach,   liver  and  kidneys.
H (overs n WIU.' -.luiii — \ i ■ ■ > 11... i ion
Wiih C_a_refu!!y Wonted—\.-. i i.,.1 ti l
Mi-till Truili'M A_»n.m-IiiII<iii lli«.
I'liilnlin—(lllte.-ra   ol   I lliiin   Speak.
Milwaukee, Wis., June 22.—A
sweeping Injunction of widespread
scope and Importance was issued toduy to the Vltter Manufacturing com'
pany. The order prevents tlie strlk-
ers from In any way Interfering with
the workmen that are employed at the
Vltter works, from gathering abont
th'1 works In an? wav. fiom posting
pit • ts. dom combining for the pur-
\m- ot preventing tradesmen from
g to workmen who have refused
to quit, a'"' i'""11 doing anything that
u'l In any way operate to result In
ti mage to the Vltter company.
Nn' Injunction equals in Ita effect
the combined strike order Issued bj
Judge Jenkins in thc Northern Pacific
i. bo, without i mbraclng any of the di
fi (ts of tho order which lei to its
n vocal In the court of appeals. There
Is not a elu^li' reference to the strike
in tl.o Injunction—the men are not
restrained from s: i'.;n». as they
were in the Northern Pacific order,
hut are Blmply restrained from taking
anv action or lining anything which
will in nn" wny tend to cause damage
to thc Vltter company.
While the action is brought in the
name of the Vltter company, tt la really the National .Metal Trail's association that Is the pliiintilT. the Vltter
ci -upany having i"' in selected to
serve ns plaintiff, because. It is aaid,
tlie equities oxistlnK well! greater In
its favor, and Milwaukee was considered as the best place In th" country
In which to fight the battle in the
The Injunction Is directed against
each and every member of the International Association of Machinists,
and all persons in any way conn Kited
therewith.   Tlie order is returnable in
Judge K.lliott's court
George Mulberry, third vice president of thc Inlet national  Association
of Machinists, lieing interviewed in
regard to the Injunction, said: "I do
not believe that the Injunction wil!
have any effect whatever on the
strike I can not nay what will be
done until we have a conference ami
talk It. over. Very likely the entire
proceedings will bo ignored ant: the
men will go on as before, or else deliberately violate the order and tnak"
a test case of it. The employers can
not stop a man from picketing thc
shops. Any man can walk the streets
and speak to other men on any subject he wants to. It is a great bluff
and does not   frighten us a particle."
r> clone in  Nebraska.
Omaha, Neb., .lune 23.   Tha dispatches
fnilll   Ntiper.  Nell., the  seene of the  lei'i'llt
cyclone, do not change materially the reports. Bertha Anderaon hss been added
tn the list nf killed, .unl her mother, Mi-.
\ngiist Anderson, will probably die.
A revised li»i of tlie dead .unl injuied
is as follows:
Jacob flreenlnjf, used SS; Maggi^Oreen-
Ing, aged 1-: John dreening, aged Bt
M.u-v dreening, aged ti: Jacob flreening,
Jr., .tL'i'd .t: t'l.ir.t Anderson, aged "•.
Id.i taderaon, aged 5; Bertha Anderson,
aged lit; Mi-. Jacob Greening, scrioualj -.
In lore Anderaon, aged B, dangerously:
Mix August Anderaon ii in a critical condition; mt" Met/, seven bruises; Henry
Mit/. leg broken.
The little town of Neper i* almost entirely destroyed, 'lhe people nre gathered
in the few buildings hft standing, among
hem ti clinivh and acboolhouae, nnd provisions tint! clothing ;ire bring aenl in from
surrounding towns.
Ornish Lost Again.
Chsddock, ripe Colony, June 2-i. In
nn engagement .it Waterkloof June 20 :»'■
British   lo-t   eight   i killed and   two
mortally wounded, and hnd four nun seriously wounded, in addition 86 men of the
i i|ic i ciiltiiii.il i mounted rifles were captured. Tlie captain of a Boer squadron i"
reported t" h.ive been wounded and one
Qoer "a* killed.
Whon vou take Grove's TustelcRti Chill Tonic,
Meatus tho fomuiH is plainly printed on even
hotlli'Hhowlnfr'hat tt Is simply Iron and Oaf •
aluoinatastclms lorm. No Cure, No raj. 50c
Russia kills 3,000,000 ermines, 15,-
000,000 marmots and 25,000,000 suuir
rels ln a year.
Servia Is on the verge of a revolu
Millions of little glands or tubes connect the blood ^^^^ffiggj
these small drain pipes perspiration passes out, earning with it the impur ties tnat
Tr I IbZW off bf&e bl^. SotSd thc pores of the ^^^S££
even a brief space of time, and thc poisonous ™"e'/urccdJ™ f,,1"1,0 &! *gt!
tion, instant death would result. In addition to the sweat g at is, ihe iskin, is
provided with certain Others which pour out up it an oi y ^bW *?g5g
the skill pliable and soft and protectfig it from teat and cold Tb'■ ■J™d «*£™
areRt.ch.selv related that whatever affects one seriously interfcics W'th tneitiinc
"ions of the%£et. N.,t only health, but life itself, depends upon perfect harmony
between Uie blood and skin.    When, therefore, the .,«••#   -mnta
blood becomes poisoned from any cause, it quickly f #1 Wi. J tW*9l *anu
manifests itself upon the skin in the form -a*4am**s*%mi Pof MM
of sores and ulcers, piniplcs and various   ptXtertimi   rOI»»n«
Sft SaJVUSSS^ of the poison or humorJj£Mogd.
tammy ditclc Xnatlng in the blood has l*Wfe?^rtS?taffl£Si from
skin is not oulv alfecled by the poisons generated i^tht'S^jSMSTwool
without enter through tlie open glands or poresi and quickly-infect theMMooo.
Mercury rubbed upon the i.kin will produce Rheumatism, and I oiaon Vt* '™Lfi%
aud other wild pluuts gain ***%£%£fe. ^tS^S
Pure Blood- of w^atf3fi«B£ffCSS
Soft, Healthy Skin HBtt^*!»5
of the skin    The treatment »*tM£^j^ 8 SttbS
restores healthy action to the skin. The use of cosmetics^^'S
und beauty to a rough, red, piu.j.ly skin or tfOMranp^^J&dwSS
is rich, pure blood, such as sAs. 6. makes It not only ^f£*^J^£^
ing blackheads, blotcbesand irritating, itching eruptions, WfegMJJWJW™
health. S. S. B. contains no n.ercu.y, potns?., anenic or otherimineral,Jmtttit
purely vegetable remedy and the safest and best iu al blood and Ota'WUDU*
Writ*ou? physicians for advice or information; they have B^"^W £3™
and skin diieases, and you can have the best medical advice w»^* "«• Bo°* °"
Ulood and Skin Discuses five. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, BA^	
i tii-st time t« euro Catarrh,
Rroncbitli and Consumption
Our remedy in Kimrantacd, *l
1UMITH CO^ ButfauT, M. Y.
Judge Bell of Seattle today fixed August
23 as the date fyir Murderer Nordstrom's
James J. Hill, president of the Great
Northern railroad, bus sailed for Europe
on the St. Paul.
According to private dispatches from Rio
de Janeiro rioting is going on there as a
result of increased streetcar fares,
The Amalgamated Copper company has
filed papers increasing its capital stock
from J7B,000;000 to $165,000,(300.
The Hamburg-American1 line steamer
Deutschland 1ms arrived at Plymouth* England, having broken her own record, She
covered 9082 miles in 5 days ll hours and
•r)l minutes, tit au average speed of 'i.1.38
knots, against 23.80, her beat previous
The ship John McDonald of New Vork,
• apt.tin \Vntls, Irom Baltimore September
IS for San Francisco, has been posted at
l.loytls as overdue. Nothing lias been
heard of tha dolin McDonald -since site was
spoken January 13 last, latitude 34 north,
longitude  184  west, when slie wus Hying
a signal "ship on fire." She kept on her
course, however, without stopping,and was
loon out of sight.
Wednesday tlie greatest event of many
moons in Hi.tic society circlet took place,
when little Maltel Foster wns married to
William A. Clark, Jr., youngest antl only
unmarried child of Senator Clark. The
affair had been looked forward to with
anxiety ever since the engagement was
announced, whloh was four months ago.
Thi lirst date was set for tlie 16th, then
changed to the 5th, then to the 19th, as
Senator (lark could not he there before
the latter date.
Mrs. w. t. Clark, or Borne,X.T. Tails
Why She in Now ItftcoinmoiidiiiK ti
II «llkll.,WH     Itemed?    to
II.-i Friend*.
Indigestion and stomach trouble
have many results that are not always
readily traced to their real cause.
Sometimes tke kidneys are apparently
affected but more ofteaan irregularity of the heart's action produces a far
more alarming symptom. The cause
is easily explained and is removed
when the stomaoh trouble is cured.
A case in point is that of Mrs. W. T.
Clark, of .'118 West Thomas street,
Bome, N. Y.    She says:
"To begin with, 1 bad gastritis,
which Int.uglit nn sinking spells for
about mi hour every morning. I was
very weak and nervous and finally WES
compelled to take to my bed. My
illness began in the spring of 1897,
and continued for about four months.
For about half tbis time 1 wus con-
lincil to my bed. I Buffered greatly
from the stomach trouble and nervousness, but what alarmed me must
Was lhe sin   ing feeling at tlie   heart.
"1 had read about Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People and when
some of my friends recommended the
pills very highly, I decided to give
them a trial. I bought one box and
by the time this was used up the sinking spells had ceased. I felt better
but continued taking the pills until I
bad used 12 boxes. 1 still keep the
pills in the bouse for I believe that
they are a splendid medicine. I
always recommend Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills to my friends who are ailing for I know that tliey will do all
that  is claimed for tliein."
Siguy.1,     MR8. W. T. CLARK.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
thia 9th day of April, 11)00.
Belli 8. Brown,
Seal. Notary Public.
No discovery of modern times has
proved such a blessing to women as
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pule People. Acting directly on the blood
and nerves, invigorating the body,
rigiilatng the functions, tbey restore
the strength and health in the exhausted patient when every effort of
the physician proves unavailing.
These pills are sold in boxes at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50, and
may be had at all druggists, or direct
bv mail Irom Dr. Williams Medicine
CO,. Schenectady, N. Y.
New Chief of Police.
Seattle, .lune 2,'i. -The climax in tlie bit-
teres!  light ever known In the   history
of the Seattle polite came when Chief of
Police Meredith handed his resignation t.»
Mayor llutm--. to take effect duly 10. The
mayor immediately accepted Uie resigns.
tion and granted Meredith leave of absence until tlie resignation takes effect.
Americana Won,
Glasgow, .Tune 2'.\ The International
pigeon match here   for a   prise   of  200
pounds, resulted as follows:
America 98T, Scotland 8S2. Fred Gilbert
of Spirit Tuike, Iowa, and H. Morrell of
Milwaukee, both made tlie highest possible score.
Take pictures at night ut yuu home
—print t belli at night—yon can do it.
Address Kirk, Geary k Co., 'A'AXA Sutter St., San Francisco, for information. Largest photo supply house in
the West.
N. N. I).
no. ao, inoi.
Prominent Farmer Ormi.
Walla Walla, Wash., June 23, -
Thomas Turner, a prominent rancher of
Whitman county for wi years and a resident of Walla Walla for several veins,
died here tonight of paralysis, Mr, Turner was (H) years old und was a Piicilic
coast pioneer.
Bradstreet's report of last week's
trade is aa follows:
The situation was one of sustained
strength ln some lines and further improvement In others. The crop situation, of course, remains the main subject of interest and this on tbe whole
la a good one,valthough too much rain
ln the South Atlantic states and too
little in Texas, with the lack of warm
weather for corn in the northwest, have
constituted exceptions to otherwise favorable advices.
Perhaps the most significant feature
noted for some time past is that presented last week In regard to the prices
of a number of leading commodities.
Hides and leather, long threatening an
advance, have at last succeeded In this
respect and In addition corn and oats
among the cereals, lard among the hog
products, cheese among dairy products,
and coffee and tin ure all higher on the
week, the only Important reduction being in wheat, due mainly to liquidation
of the July option as much as to continued good crop advices.
Woolen goods trade advices are quite
cheerful and clothing manufacturers
and dealers are reported quite confident
as to the outlook for business. No particular change ls noted in wool prices,
but there Is a good volume of business
at the east and leading interior markets. Shoe shipments continue close
to the maximum, again exceeding 100,-
000 eases for the week and for tho season they are KI2.000 cases larger than
a year ago. Hides are firmer at the
west and higher at the east.
At Chicago leather is strong, With
stocks of upper leather reported light.
Wheat, including flour shipments, for
the week, aggregate 5,520 831 bushels
against 5,719,109 last week, 4.645,100 in
the corresponding week of 1900, 3,74(5,-
718 In 1899, and 3,799,407 bushels In
1898. From July 1 to daty this season
wheat exports were 211.512,214 bushels
against 196.480,136 bushels last season
and 223,193,476 bushels in 1898-99.
Failures for the week uumber 188,
against 198 last week, 167 in thi3 week
a year ago, 199 ln 1899, 22<» in 1896 and
215 In 1897. Canadian failures for the
week numbered 26, as against 17 last
week, 28 in this week a year ago, 22 in
1899 and 19 in 1897.
Cured of Catarrh  of Long Standing.
Portland.—Walla Walla wheat, 59c.
Tacoma.—Wheat  steady;   bluestem.
61 Vic; club, 59i^c.
Cnn  Surrender (IOOO Men.
iSinta Cruz. Province of Laduna, Luzon.
June 24.—In thc course of an interview
with him by a representative of the AaSo-
dated Press (ieneral t.ailles, the insurgent
commander whose surrender is promised
and who is now established iii the former
American headquarters at Pagsangan, said
he was convinced of the wisdom of sur
render and is satisfied of the liberal Intentions of the American authorities. The
town i* full of armed and uniformed insurgents.
i.iimlilin__.  In  Muiilnnu.
Helena, Mont., June 23. Reports published in Butte papers that before going
east Attorney General O'Donovan reached
an understanding with the gamblers by
which he would no longer euppress
gambling, and instructed tlie county attorneys to that effect, have balled forth
an emphatic denial from Mr. CDanovan's
deputies, F. W. Mettler and Tl. I). Moore.
The New   Bicycle.
lWycle manufacturers slate that the bicycle fur this yenr will bc practically tlie
slime motile a-* pioo, as Improvement aeemi
io he Impossible. Precisely the name is
true of 11 listener's Siomach Hitters. It
represents the limits ot sience. and itisim-
poailble to make a belter medicine for the
Stomach, liver, kidneys and blood. Try it
for dyspepsia, indigestion, constipation,
iliittilency.orSOUr stomach.and you will be
convinced.   Never lake a substitute.
Ex-Congrcismsn A, T. Ooodwyn.
Ex-Coiigressiiian  A.   T.   Goodwyn,
from Alabama  writes  the following
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus,
Gentlemen—"I have now used iwo
buttles of Peruna, and am a well nr.-.n
today. I could feel the good effects
of your medicine before I hud used it
a week, after Buffering with catarrh
for over a year." Respectfully, A.
T. Goodwyn.
Catarrh in its various forms is
rapidly becoming a national curse.
An undoubted remedy bus been discovered by Dr. Hartman. This remedy has been thoroughly tested dur>
ing the past 40 years. Prominent
men have come to know of its virtues
and are making public utterances on
the subject. To save the country we
must save the people. To save the
people we must protect them from
disease. The disease that is at once the
most prevalent and stubborn of cure
is catarrh. Public men of all parties
recognize in Peruna a national catarrh
remedy of unequalled merit.
If you do not derive prompt and
satisfactory results from the use of
Peruna, write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full statement of your
case and be will be pleased to give
you bis valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, president of
the Hartman Sanitarum, Columbus,
**t nlkni tb• Iorlnr« of lb• A.
*tth protruding pllu brought ob by oouUp*-
tioii with whim I waa affltoud for tweet/
f»»r» I r»n across your CASCARETS Is the
•own ot Nswtll. Is., snd nsTer found aajtblac
v, sa.ual ttasra. To-dsr 1 am entirely fr** fro*
sllss snd f**l Ilk* s nsw mss>"
a M. Kara, Ull Jons* St., Blsoi OIIJ. I*.
I    **m^**W   CATHARTtO -at
nsassst, fslstsbl*.   roust.  Tsst* Oojd. ft
Nod. M*tm Hlok*n. Snkn or Srlp*. lOn. Ms. ■___
...    CURB CONSTIPATION.    .*,
■brit.i tail, l,.,_>|. Cllln*.. S..W..I, ».. T«t. na
io-f o-iio jft^ggmfcW;
ClmflVe In C". mt inn nd of TroopH.
Washington. .Tune 24.—Following the
Hitler issued making Judge Taft civil governor of the Philippines, an order has lieen
issued naming (ieneral Chaffee as military governor of tlie archipelago.
Milan,   In  Italy,  will  soon  have  a
"Rowton house" In which 000 persom
The Apaches have three different
kluds of violins, each having but one
string and played with a small bow.
Stop, thc Cough and
Works Off th. Oold.
can get clean beds In well ventilated   Sg^.SBeSS^^^'ff«S_fl1
roms for seven cents a night
A  Perfect  Cathartic.
Not violently emptying the bowels or olesn-
Iiik i'Ui gently stimulating, toning, strengthening   the   Intestinal   walls—Cascarets    Candy
Cutlllll tie,   lue.   lio,   60c.
The population of Rome Is now
462,000—a gain of 161.582 in ten years.
The llest 1'rescrlptlor for Malaria
Chills snd Kevcr lit s bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tunic. It is simply Iron and quinine lu
__. tasteless form.   No i are. Nn l'ny.   Price SOC.
Difference  of taste ln Jokes ls a great
strain on astonishment.
iMvWvW^WVV... w-VVWVViXSSV.^. v'«SS_X!iJ&5SJiN&^^^^^
i Ii v.\\\\V^V\\\^VS^v'
vti!i_>Xv\v%\v\ v^v^ss^^.v*^sv>&; *v<; <_\WiW
Take Laxative Broruo Qulnlno Tablets. All
a nav Kr refund tho money lilt fails to curs.
E. VV. Urove'B Jlgnaturn Isim eiieli box.   26c.
Tlie man who hns never Written a toon
Ish love letter has not yet taken all the
The Kind You Have Always Kouglit has borno tho signature of Clin?*. II. Fletcher, and has been made under his
personal supervision for over 80 years. Allow no one
to dceelve you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
*• Just-as-good " are but Experiments, and endanger the
health of Children—Experience against Experiments
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothlngr Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age Is its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
and allays Feverisliness. lt cures Diarrluea and "Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Pood, regulates the
Stomach and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea—Tho Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
" Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years. »•
♦' !
Conveniently Situated nenr
Railway Station and Wliarf.
Tables supplied with all the delicacies
of the season.
B. 0.
R. H. Williams,
Stock  ahd  Customs
ReAI.    ltSTATK      AHD
Bakkb   St.,   -   -   NELSON, ii. 0
J U I. Y 2, 10,   -   A TJ Q U 5 T  8, 20.
San Franfiseo, $5i).00
} U L Y 13, 1-1, 15.
Cincinnati,   $(58.50
JULY   2,   3.
Detroit,   $71.75
JULY   2,   3.
Vor rates, tickets, and full information
call on or address
G. 1$, Chandler,
Agent, Bllveroo, P.. O., or
D. P. A., A. Q. 1'. A.,
Nelson. Vancouver.
SATtinn.vY,   Jink 29, 1901.
scribe money for this work, we like the
Americans liuve our own to look after
first and it there is ony thing left over
we have millions of fellow subject* in
India, dying like (lies for the want cf
food nnd these nre entitled to lirst
place when we have alms to give.
MA'l ISIVON ItltOS.,   l-dittim & I'i-.i.is.
Advertising rates will bo made known
on application at this ollice,
ossasao  OR   IN ARREARS    A
o) •)
% %   BLUE   CROSS    WILL
OS»«Wo   BE   FOUND    IN   THIS
Payable in advance,   pbioe
I editorial oraoppiiras. I
If you want to advertise out a
Co-owner in your i. .ineral claim,
send $10 to this olliee, giving
name of claim, diile of record, location, and period for which tlio
delinquent co-owner bus failed to
do his assessment work, nml we
will do the rest, Including sending yon the affidavit for recording
We will write the notice ami do
the work correctly. Address: i
Silverton, II. C.
It is rumored anions; those who nre
on tho insitlij thnt a Cabinet shuffle is
miller way at Victotia of especial interest to the Slocun. The latest is thnt
il McBride, the present Minister of
Mines, will take over the Lands and
Works Department, now held by W,
C. Wells, who will be dropped in the
shuffle. The portfolio of Minister cf
Mines will tlien be taken by Robert F
Green, member for the Slocan.
Minister Mc Bride is one u'enilier of
the Cabinet who has been approved of
by the country fur the handling of hi-i
department and his succession of Wells,
should tlie rumor prove true, would be
welcomed. Wells certainly is u rank
As Minister of Mines Mr. (Irecti
would be'able to do much for the Slocan, which us a plain member lie has
uot been able to do.
Laugh,  nnd   the world laughs wilh you,
Weep, nnd you  weep alone,
i'or this   brave   old earth must borrow
its lullttl;
It hns trouble enoui_.li of its own ;
Sinn and the bills will answer;
Si_;h! It is lust on the air;
The echoes bound lo n juyfnl sound,
But shrink from a voicing cure.
Rejoice, and men will seek you;
Grieve, and tbey turn nnd k'o;
Tliey   want   full   measure  uf  nil  your
But I bey do not wunt your woe.
Be chid, and your friends nre ninny;
Ru end, und you lose tbeni all;
Thero nre none to decline your Declared
Rut nloueyou must think life's, gall.
Feast, and yonr halls are crowded!
Fast, nnd thu world noes liyj
Succeed and ijive, and it helps you live
But no man can help vou die.
Tbere Is room in the bulls of pleasure
Por R long and lm.ll v train :
But one by one we ninal nil file on
Through the narrcw aisles of pain.
—t'nl, ,!ubn A. Juyce.
Green   or   Black.
Trade Is Confederating The Empire.
Britain  Is Canada's  lies!, Customer.
Britain Cannot liny if She Does Not, Sell.
TEA     Grown     In    a   British    Colony    By    British
Green.       Samples on application.
SS Ceylon   Teas   ure sold   in
packets       onlv        uever
sealed   loatf
in      i nib
Black,      Mixed    or    Unenlored   C
Address "SALADA," Toronto.
To M. E. Bpagdon, or whom it may
roncern. You nre lie.-eby ittitilietl Hint. I
liave expended One Hundred nnd Two
Dollars und Fifty Cents in labor and improvements upon the Oolden (.linriutt
Mineral Claim situated near Silverton in
the SloCHii Mining Division nnd recorded
In the ollice of the Mining Recorder lot
tbe said division, being tlie nmonnt required to bold Raid cluim under lite provisions nf the Mineral Act fur the year
ending May 10th 1001,
And if within ninety days from (he
date of this notice you hiil or refuse to
contribute vour proportion of etieli expenditure together with ull cost of advertising, your interest in said claim will
become the property ol tbe undersigned
under Section 4 oi Au Act to Amend the
Mineral Act 1900.
Wi H. Brandon,
Acting as agent for D. F. Boric.
Dated this 8th day of June 1901.
To John Tinmko or whom it may
concern. You sre hereby notified
that I have expended One Hundred Dollars in labor nnd Improve*
pients upon the We Two Mineral Claim
on-Red Mountain in the Slocan Mining
Division, located no the 24th. duy of
.lupe 18911, und recorded st the record
office of said Division on the 24lli, dnv
of June 1899. in order lo hold unit! claim
under the provisions of the Mineral Act,
being the amount required to hold (he
same for tire year ending June 2Kb 1900.
And if within ninety (luyn from the dute
of this notice you fail or reluso to contribute your proportion of _Rut.li expenditure together with all costs of
advertising, your interest in said claim
will bpcome the property of the undersigned under Section 4 of An Act to
to Amend the Mineral   Act  1900.
■J, W. Kyto.
Dated this sixteenth day of March i0*)!
If or.e were to judge nlone hy the
lamentations going up from a contemporary for the poor tux payers over the
distribution of Government advertising in tiie Slocan the impression would
be that a large sum of public money
was being distributed among the two
or three Slocun papers on the patronage lUt. All the money spent in Government advertising in the Slocan since
the last election bus not totaled over
5180, not a great f»iu fnr the five
publications among which it was divided. TllE'SiLvrcirroxiAM received n-
bout §2.ri out of this, nnd gave value
for every cent received, but tho sight
of a notice headed with tht) Lion and
Unicorn is evidence to some that the
paper containing it is a "pap-sucker."
The minds of some Slocan writer.! cannot rise above subsidies and smut.
Mayor and ftlilcrniDn.	
Slocan's first civic ('lection wns pulled
off according to program last Saturday, A
York being elected as Mayor by a comfortable majority. The result of the balloting is us follows:
Fur Mayor.
A. Vo.tK 40
I). D. Roger! son  '20
For Aldermen,
W. E. Worsen  os
It. A. BlIADHIlAW       07
A. C. Smith  08
1). Niciiol  51
A. B. r.AitiiKii  48
T D. WobncocK  42
I. a. MiCalliim  !;0
II. D. Curtis,    88
A. F. Teeter      2-'
We warrant this to cure the most obstinate i
25 Cents a Botiie. §
J For coughs
X ^aojci colds #
DM^ffiratifaottirecl and Soldat
       DRUG   STORE.
Notice :—"IIazari."  Mineral Claim,
citniited    in   the     Slocun      Minion
Division  of West Kootenny District.
Where located:—On tlm Carina Faum
adjoining    the     "Cciaicv    Mim.ku,
Claim" on the East.
Take Notice that  I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of Silverton, B. C.   bh   agent  for Finnk
Owen,    Free   Miner's   (Vitilicnte    No.
44593, intend sixty days from   tbo dute
hereof, to apply to the Minium Recorder
for aCertiflcate of Improvement*, for the
puinose of obtaining a Crown Urant   of
the above claim,
And fuittier toko notice that action
under section ^7, mtiht bu commenced
before the issuance of sueh Certificate
pf Improvements,
Dated this 22th day of February,  1001.
Francis J. 0'Kj.im.y.    ,
<» | ? | 01 i
We are in receipt this week of a
pamphlet, issued by the Christian
Herald Bible House of   NewYoik.
It is headed "An earnest plea for
starving China, thousands dying daily,
help needed ijuickly." >.'ow we do not
doubt but that there is ugreat amount
oi starvation and misery to-dny in
China, but so is thero ulso in other
places and if our good friends in New
York wish to feed die hungry and
clothe the naked they do not have to
go to China hut can btart in ou the
good work within live minutes walk of
their head oflice in jNew York city.
"Charity begins at homo" and if our
good American friends would look
after the feeding, clothing nnd finding
employment for those vast armies of
human  wails, both   men  and women,
crowded like sheep in thn s-lunis and
tenements of their large cities it would
reflect more credit upon them. Misery
enough thero is at homo without
chasing over to China to find shaving
men and women. If tbey must hnve
someone to sympathise with antl look
after search out tho widows and
orphans of tho men murdered in their
"sunny" south, because Uod gave t In-in
a black (-.kin. Or, if thev draw tho
color line, hunt up the widows and
cripples left after any cf the big
industrial strikes by jour ever-reatly-
to-shoot deputy-sheriffs, Let the
Chinaman nlone, no doubt he would
rather star»e In poace than be sniffled
over by a lot of people who hold up
their hands 111 holy horror nl, hil
country und religion while shutting
their eyes to the rotteness of their
As for asking Canadians   Ip sub-
Dttcw i)i:NV!:i(_i.oc iTtoxa
May ai—Mole, enst of Bilverton, E F
l.loyif. 27—I.oxt B'hr I'r. Four Mile,
Frank AnderSon. _.!■-—Mondiv',nearthe
Hewitt, F V Detacher. 88— Rnim.d Fr.
Mqw.mIi Side, (ifti Long. 31—Buffalo
Kr. Nt w Deliver, l'An^ritfiion. I—Home-
stake, Four Mile, I) Duvhh. t'onlicl,
Red M "iiiii.iio, c 11 Aticer itnliie. ;i—
Ida, near Tbtee PWks, K X' DinauiHii
I in fly, near Three Forks, t' A Sandiford
4—s.ivuhp. n 'iir Titree Forks, A Thompson. (>—Kinisoii, Silver Moiii'ulii I'
Avison. S— Bu ie, intir Silverton, '
Benedum. 10—-tfxlunl, near tlie Alpha,
(i \V Sinipseii. Masonic Fr. and Crown
Fr, Bear I.tiko, A (' YanMosrkciRu
Red Jacket Fr, near Silverion, A I) McDonald. 18—I'nndora, Pour Mile, C
Copp, IS—I'ortliuid Fr, Carpenter ck,
1) Mulpby. 17—Monte Cristo, neu-
Alamo truiii, y. 1,'iirlsnii. Kin_: Kdntirl
Wiltiiiti ck, .1 Wiiglit. Fttibir-, Silv.r
Mt. D UoKinnoo. Louise, Silver Mt,
DM McDougald.
May 21—Dandy fr, Sandon Chief,
keystone, Concordia, llreatKaide. 38—
Baldwin, Aiim/.on, Queen (r, Fairhope,
Fniriiiiiuiit,   Freeport.    I'ora*,    Tii r
Luke, Bolivia, 27—Little Iduk, Snow
turd. Hiiinia No 4, ,'!, nnd '2. Aniii'/.'iii
Dutchy, Hull nud linn, Hunter, RvaIr,
iiliid.iittne, (il'ii'fkaiif, Jerome Raldbu,
28—Hasaril, 29—Admiral Dewey, Newmarket, Wiliie, Allicrta lr, Vlitlet, I.iieral
No.'!, MinnelialiSj Evening, Jennie,
Violet fr. Mnybelle, Perth, Carlton,
Fltisiie fe. Yeiiuiy, Silver BU!, Rherldau
"it—Hemlock. :_'.—Jilbllee, Sampson,
1 X 1, fr. VVooderfnl fr, .lune 1 —
Anncortes fr. S—Miller  Croak fr,   l—
Fred I., IIiivihiii, Dowev, Yinlen. Allin Ir,
Commodore Buhley. Sunrise. Cnliu.o No2.
(J—King  O-car.   Silver   King,    l.tnky
Baldwin. 7—Neil fr, Mascot, Bnnrlse,
B—Ouray.    10—Congo   No   _.'.  Mdlle,
I'el.iiiloiio, [lonside. Seattle, Sealilt! lr,
Delta, Bonn, ll— Vsnnni ir. Mentor,
Second Extension, Mentor fr, Boston,
Frank fr, Black Hawk ir. 12—Willnrd,
Golden Chariot, Mcjnba Mill. 1.1—
Cobble Hill, Royal Five. I.nke View,
.lennie. 14— Nettie 11. l.'i-Lake View.
17—(Jem, pidlann, Ashlsnd, Ophir No 2,
Slinkespeure, Little Junilni.
Msv20—Windsor, Hslkln, BAT, J R
L, % in ench, II Anderson to X R .Siinn-
deiH, i|2.IO.
21—Concordia, Gus Kundin to Chan
Kumlin, May is.
Four Mile >.., F F Liebscher to \V H
Giiulv, (L'00.
2»—Unlooky Day H- W R Gregg to A
A McDonald, Sept '2',. J(HM).
Itlncop ',,, C McNiehol to R Insinger,
May 22, h
Rincon fr, nil. A H Reed to name, May
Mrs. Jeffreys
i.m. McGregor,
BILVJ5RTON,      ...      p. c.
L-   -    - GERMAN -   -   ___,
Fining J°     ^
Wltb Canadian Supplement
203  Broadway.
New York, U. 8. Ai
For Sain ut All  Dru^Khts.
WKid   to   DSnlk,
Mt.v 21.
Alberta fl ',,.1 M Liml to W A Liml,
Apr 1(1
28—0IMKS, W .1 Trctheivav tt> G Al-
fxuiiler, Aitril 13
Lonely Lake, .1 M Liml t(. WAnder-
-t'tt. March 88
Formosa hii •' I' Bronia to C II Alter-
crotiiliie, Nov 18, 180 I
Central, Pollard, Rfolitnond,  K P. U
in eai'lt, ,1 T Foley to A ETIsher, Api "">
29— Sunt.net, all Ioteres! assigned, A
L'tiiieiix loJos i b Martin, A|H 5, 18 10
Tornado 1-8, L'al ('luneto.) W Olirom.
M iy 28
81—Jubllao, J .-ntilh to W A Thoiiiii
now, Mny -2H
Anne 8— Declaration ro Homo Ruin by
M McAii.lr.w, Hay80
4—SIlHO lr, W D Mitchell nml R Thoin-
pHnii tn a Thompson
Stanley 1st, II C Tlmmlinson tn Ada
BHrlun, Si>|i| '2il, MM)
liruiiHwicli ,'j, A 8 Reed to 0 McNicli-
nl, June 1
Sunni'l, Arabia, '.i'eacb. II I" Anderson
nml II D MeL'll.iii to S Hnyden,  .lune 1
11—Fire 11 v i
Diiiginan, Juiu 10
Ida *i, N C DiiiKtnun tu F C DiOKman.
.1 Mil.- 10
Firefly )■;{, C A Sandiford to FC Dlnu-
llinn, .llltie 1(1,
18—Madison Extension ".j, E L Wnr-
lier loTB May, Oct 5, lHlll)"
'i, 0 A Randilord to N c,
rj*HK   Best  and' ffloat
l     p niotDK  Paper. In   She
•ample «'..|ijr Free. *
I   I   I   i I
Weekly Edition,.. \*AM per annum, postpaid.
M un I lily   _"   ... 1,(0 •• "     ,     "
The  lollowinU   appllnatlon   bus   beon
raoaivad fi r a Retail Liquor Lloenoa and
will ba considered by the Board ol Lie-
anna Oomralssionsrs lor the Slooan Lie-
once Ditilrict nt   tha Coiiil IIoiihi', New
Denvi'f. un Saturday, tlie Oth dnv ol
July 1901!
llemy sieu'e,      New  Denver,
Dated  nt  Silverion   Ihis  M.b day of
June, IIHJI,
Jons T. Bimci,-,
Chief Litciice   Inspector.
The Mining
News of The
Slocan can be had
at First Hand
and when it is
News by Reading
Sent lo any dtrm \:\ krrira for
One Vrar l'ir Two fo]\m,
l'.i Adrant1.
OltDKRs     TAKBN    FOB   ALL
KIND   ov JOB work   AT


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