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The Silvertonian 1900-12-15

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LOC AL l\U9Jmh N5WS. - J
8UBSCRIPUOX6, $3.0 |
«*.,5 S'-ii,Jv:;
—"   .._'   i '■     i.7~>"
8 It, TURKEY OR GOOSE,      -      -      -      •
2 POUNDS ASSORTED NUTS      -      -      -
1 POUND FIGS        .-■*---
1 POUND DATES -     -      -     -
1 polNl) MlXKl>to80UlT8   -      -      -      *
I poUND HOOD CEYLON TEA   -      ,      -
, IM.ZI.N GRANGES -      -      -      -
i milND MIXED CANDIES    -      -      -      -
1 POUND CALIFORNIA HONEY    -      -      -
16 80
BURNS «8 oo
fisher laidcn Property Examined.
An examination of the Fisher Maiden
Mining Company', property wm made
thi. week by Mr. Klngal nry, tbe expe>t
for the Slocan-Kiln Company, which
operate, .o extensively around Slocan
City. Nothing can be learned of any
pending deal on the property, but a.
Mr. Kingsbury wa. joined here on hi.
return by Percy Dickenson, the manager
(ol the Sioean-Kilo Co., it is assumed
'tbat they are desirous of acquiring tbe
property. If inch hIioiiM be the case it
would be a good thing for the camp, as
the mine i. known a. a good one and, if
in Uie I,nnils of piich .. Mr. Dicken.on
and hwCnmiMiiv, mould help largely in
bringing Silverton once moie into favor
among mining men.
Silverton, Neleon, Tr.il, Ymir. Kaalo, Santlon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Fork., Sirdar
Midway and Ureenwooil.
The Slocan Chief joined the shipping
lilt last week by needing out 16 ton. from
A ch.nge of foreman.hip ha. taken
plaeo at the Hewett mine, Pat Dwyer
succeeding Hairy C.'.bick.
Tlie V. k M. group, a Twelve Mile
property, which i. being developed by a
Vancouver .yndicte, will make a triul
shipment in n few day..
It i. estimated that Montana's copper
output this year will exceed 300,000,000
pounds, tbe value of which will be over
$42,000,000, The largest output in the
history of the slate.
The niininx law of BHfi.b Guiana
presciities that . placer claim shall lie
1,500 f,et iu length by 500 leet in width.
and that no iuore than four claltta shall
be owned by any one person. The gov
eminent collects a royalty of 90 ceuts pe
*       c^HOTEL,
It IBS   frfiritiit.  w
I (Vrcspondcut Answered.
One of oar aabscrihers in Lo. Angelo.,
California, wrttee to ue for infonnat.on
regtrdtog the new working.at the Vancouver.
The lower or No. 4 tunnel Is  now in
a little over 300 feet, bnt ha.  not as ret
reached tlm lead.     The   Indl atier.s   in
the (see ot tbn tunnel are .neb .* lead the
management to believe  that lhe   ledge
Will be t.ppe ■ next week, although  nothing definite can   he  stated   regarding
1 lliedi.tance yet to be diiren.    After the
i ledge ia pierced considerable drifting will
i have to be done before any   known   ore-
I shute i. tapped, h-it ,<t thi. tunnel is 25)
: feet lower on tbe ledge than No S, it will
1 be aeen what an extent of .toping ground
I will be opened np when tbe ore -shute is
fiu.lly reached.
P. F*.. ¥^iet_Hsol_Le.r,
k sea
fE.Wfct,   ALL    WEIGHTS.
THESE GOODS THE FINEST TO BE II AD I «"itrary it seems to be
value, cince the  United
rhistle*K* Hotel.
 P AT.    G R I F F I y. .i i :
^lrst-oilrtsa        aooommodatlon
for  Tlie      _F»t_tt>U©
silverton, no.
Wbol Re Cora of Silver!
To (lw question, 'What be.-oms of the
•liver?" Uie "New. Bureau" of Iloston
iff rt:
The supply of white metal continues
at>out ns largo as ever, notwithstanding
ita ao-ralleil ilemoneti_kition, a. for many
ve.ratlie jii'l'l  Irom   lhe  mines of the
: world has exceeded $200,000,000 measured  by coining value.    Yet  tberei.no
I apparent surplus at this time; upon the
apprecisting in
States Mint i.
now paying fiti cent, per ounce, compared with 46 cent, a few years since.
S'.lver is still coined iu large amounts
with every indication that it will iu
(iitnre be coined in even larger auiount.
than has been the rase for many years
In 1898 the United States coined it to tbe
value of 123,000,000; Mexico coioed $21,-
000,000; Russia $22,000,000; Japan.
fS.OOO.OOO Figures show tbat the
coinage of silver of all countries during
tbat year w.e$14»,250,000.
comes but once
A Year.
'Established   in Nelion 1890.*
*« once more before yon; alive and
Itfa«ny duty to let you,.know that 1
Je booght   good.   DIRECT FROM
lAVlNn^B^iS*:   Iw>ntto.elltli.....Rood«, a,„|  will  do all EN-
Um     . °P °HARGE    *"d   PREPAY■»   EXPRESS PAR.
[J to "ut-of-town poinU.
^»ve.!lkitld|oflloodiinftthoB|itiid   d.ftMB|   gtyH   ^   go|io.lyour
■ Rua»"at.teo all Good, bought from
n»« to bo ,. _
m •nywhere else
per   oent
' -«w »m if, the Kootenay, and the very beat qu.Iity.
n el Zoot> Dover» T ! U K W RI
Shipments   of  ore   fr.im Silverton for
the year 1890. totaled 161)3 Tons.
All other Lake point. 1385     "
The shipment   ol   ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and Including  the
prespnt week, from .'an. I, 1900.
From Bosun Landing. Tons.
Bosun HOO
From New Denver
Hartney  20
Ca|*lla  "
From Silverton Tons.
Emilv Kdith 20
Hewett 85
Vancouver 120
Wakefield, (concentrates) 080
Galena Mines       20
From Enterprise Landing
Enterprise 1020
Nerpawii    7
From Slocan City
Arlington    IMS
Bl.ck Prince    «0
Kilo 20
Two Friend.  • • 20
Bondholder  20
Hampton  10
Slocan Chiel 10
ounce on gold and 4 cent,  per ounce on
Mine-owners II. B. Alexander, S.ndi-
lands, L. Alexander, Zwicky. Ransom,
Heap and Whiuier, all of Sandon, and
W. H. Sa-.diford of New Denver, passed
through here on Tuesday en route to the
Mine Owners' meeting in Nelson. They
were joined here by E. Criddle, of tlie
Wakefield, and C. T. Crow, ot the Hewett.
The coal mines in the province of
Sii.osi, China, have recently been carefully studied by a European expert.
Hisrepoit states that there is sufflcent
coal in this district alone to supply the
world at the present rate of consumption,
for several centuries. The province is
nn interior state, .nd begins about 100
miles north of Pekin, exteouiog north
aud south GOO miles and east and west
about 150. It is therefore not so large
aa Cojorado.
The .water-blast, being turned ont by
the Hardware Department of William
Hunter Co, are pronounced by mining
men who are using them or have seen
them in oi«ratioo, as the best blast for
mhie ventilation yet introduced into
British Colombia. Tnree of these plants
ti*** been installed lately, oneeartf.it
tho Vancouver aud Emily Edith mines
•in Four Mile rreek and one at the
Monitor mine of Three Forks. This
company is also furnishing a large
.mount of air pipe for the variou. mines.
Observations by Kir. Martin Dooley.
To most people n savage nation is wan
thatdosen't wear oncomfortable clothes.
If ye live enough before thirty ye
won't care to live at all after fifty.
Play actors, orators and women ar-re a
class be themselves.
A tanatic is a man that does what he
thinks ibe Lord wud do if He knew the
facts iv the case.
A man tlial'd expect to thrain lobsters
to fly in a year is called a lonnytic; but a
mau that thinks men can be turned
into angel, be au election iB called a
reformer and remains at large.
Thrust ivrybody but cut the ca-arilc.
Dressmakers' bills sind women into
lithrachoor and men iuto an early decline.
A woman's since of humor is in her
busbanJ'H name.
Diplomicy is . continual game iv
duck on the rock—witli France the duck.
No man was ever so low as to have
raspict lor his brother-in-law.
Th' modhren idea of government is
"Snub the people, buy the people, jaw
the |ieople.
A vote on tbe tallyslieet is worth two
iu the box.
I care not who makes tb' laws of the
nation if I can get out an injunction.
An Englishman appears reserved
because he can't talk.
What China needs is a Chicago exclusion act.
All the wurrld loves a lover—except
sometimes the one that's all the world
to him.
'TIs as hard lor a rich man to eother
the kingdom of Hivin as it is for poor
man to get ont of Purgatory.
If Rooshia wud shave we'd not be
afraid ol her.
F. J. O'Rielly P. L. 8. is at preient in
the camp.
E. Rammelmeyer visited Rosalind
this week.
Tom Ardiel is spending. lew day.at
the Halcyon Spring..
Wm. Barclay lefton Thursday to join
his motliei in Spokane.
Fred F. Liehscher ni.de a business
trip to Sandon on Tuesday,
Officer Christie ha. been weeding the
undesirables out of 8locan City.
Mr. and Mr.. N. F. McNaught returned on Wednesday from the Springs.
Rev. Mr. Mount, Epi.copal.an, i. preparing to bold regular services in Silver-
BORN: In Silverton, on Sunday 9th.
inst, to the wile of Israel Patricau, a
E. M. Brindle, the New Denver Jeweler, ha. reopened hi. shop in New Denver;   •
■ ¥.. Criddle h.s resigned hi. position on
the Directorate ol the Athletic Auocia-
Ttie Sloc.n City sports .re preparing
(or the Fourth Annual B.nquet in Hogan's Alley.
Xui,is and New Year's card, at the
Drug Store. Dainty tokens of reinem-
brauce for distant friends-
Fred. SUrkey. tlie head-push among
the Nelson Conservatives, rounded up
tbe faithful around town yesterday.
The Athletic Association Rink i. now
well on its way towards completion and
after to-morrow should be ready for the
A General Meeting of the B. C. Good
Roads Association will be held in Victoria on December 18tti. All interested
are invited to attend.
The question of public vrs. private
ownership ol the water works system,
which is being installed in Slocan City,
is being threshed out.
On Thursday the threatened coal
famine in town was nvertfd by the
arrival of a car-road of <?x!t rosj consigned
to the Wm. Hunter Co.
George White has pureh*ee»l the
Barclay house, on Lake Ave. It is his
intention to move it Iwick from (be street
Iiefore occupying it with bis family.
Some fine samples of fancy work .re
for sale at the Iii nu Store, consisting of
doilies, centrepieces ki: Just the thiug
for sending .way as an Xmas gift.
All   work   in tbo Jewelry Repairing
line, left at (he Silverton Prut Store, will
lie promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovei
the well-known Nelson jeweler.    All re
pairs are ouabante.i. run OSS year. •
Miss Eihel Williamson ami Jas. Currie were married in New Denver last
Tuesday and am now on their way East
to spend the honeymoon. Both bave
many friends here, who join Tu. Riivkb-
toman in wishing them a long and happy
life together.
We have ju.t received ssmple copies of
the two beautiful premium pictures being given to subscribers ol the Family '
Herald and Weekly Star. The one is the
famous Hoffman's, "Christ in the Temple," and the second is entitled, "Home
from the War." Subscribers to this
great weekly certainly get their dollar's
The little ones of Silverton are .gain
Invited tj meet Santa Clans, who has
arranged his business so ss to enable
hi._j to greet the good folk of Silverton,
big and lit»!e. on Christmas Ef*. in the
Mine's' Union Hall. The little ones
for the next few days should lie extr.
good and spend lots ot time shouting up
the chimney their numerous requests to
Santa, nnd Old St. Nick may even
listen to the older folk il they follow the
children's example.
, COipmclTEB.
The Editor, do not lipid themselves in -
uny w.y responsible for The np!nion»'ex«:'
pressed under this head.   All communication, intended for this column, must
be .ccompanied by the name of the wiiu'
er.   None will be.publj.hed otherwise.   J.
An Editor With A luiia.
Edror Silvbrtoxian :
New.Denver'hs. an editor with a
manl., .nd one of ludicrous porportion..
For several   week. I have noticed the
rapid development of  R.   He   claim,
that almost anyom* can acquire' a mania
of _wme kind if they try to long enough,
and certainly Editor Lowery seem, to
have got  l.is'n with all the appurtenance, thereto.   To  a  man up a tree', it    •
would seem that lie wa. endeavoring to
prove the  whole civilised wot Id wrong
and himself light.   It begin, to look .a
if the Ledge oflice  were  in   even closer
quarter, than  "next. door, to an imane
asylum."   For week.Editor Lowery has
devoted column alter column of bis valuable journal— tiie pride of the Slocau—to s
rambling exposition of his anti-religioue
feelings.   He' prides' himself  that hia
mind is of such tremendous purport ions
that it cannot • accept  the teachings of
Jesus Christ, hi. heart so large and full
of  love that  he can outlove even God
himself, and  he claim, to have something up bis dee ve infinitely better than
the religion  of God, the creator of the
world.   It  his  mania  would just .How
him to go . step farther and present hi.
caw  more clearly,  letting this   poor
deluded world know exactly wb.t kind
of a spiritual ore chute he has got liiduen
somewhere  aoout  bis   'amrtoiny,    w»
might all share with him hia "lieuceftil"
rest.   But so  long m   he continues to,
prtsent only the unconscious waitings t,i
a self-confessed loat soul nobody will be
the wiser.   It ia really of very little importance to the world to know it Editor
Lowery is spiritually lost or saved. Tliat
i. a matter that concern, himself   alone.
He loses, and the worid gains nothing.
in bis rabid declaration.  Uiat  he i. too.
deep for the Word of God.    He may .a
w.-ll devote a column every week telling
his reader,  tliat tie hasn't changed his
socka, a. to repeat week alter wtuw  that
hiitunrtmum '* 11<■!I    Howey^..
that is tfcr^tjunthe'_ia.nM noils'.   The '   ~
most prominent feature of hi. tirades u
lhe frequency, which  uwrks the.appearance of the little word. i"I," "my," »ed
"me",  which  is  a  very bad sympton,
denoting as it does,  the  pieeenca ot
egotiam to a very marked degree.   Truly
ilie wise men's assay of man was correct;
'•.-■eest  thou  a  man   wise in Ids own
conceit? there is  more hope of n fool
than ot him."
Your, trnlv.
A Lsdo. Reaiwciv
—       Mk)Rales by the C.P.R.
In connection with the Christmas and
New Year's holiday, the Cauadiaa Puc-
illc Railway will put into etrect the usual
holiday rates ol single (arc for tho round
trip. Passengers can purcbaso tickets
mi the following dates:- December U-'nd,
28rd, 24th and 25th. good to return Jan-
I nary 3rd, and on December 29th, 30th,
price for miners and smelters quotas lend Msl an,| January 1st, good to return on j
New York.   Dec. 12,-Bar Silver, M>4 |
Lake copper,   $10.50.
Lead—The Arm that fixes the'selling
Returns Up to Date.
With only four unimportant polls yet
to hear from, the vote in tbe Yale-Car-
ihoo RMIng totaled 8373. These were
divided among the thr.e candidates as
Galliber •'"•''4
Foley 2*12
McKane «""
Galliher's majority over Eoley is 4S2,
and over iVtcKane 547. Foley lead.
McKane by 85 votes, and the four pla.ies
to hear Irom in Fast Yale will bring the
two dtll! nearer together.
The vote cast wan tbe second largest
polled In anv one-member constituency
in tlw Dominion of Canada, being surpassed only by the Nipissing Riding in
Ontario, where over 9000 votes were
cast.   In 1896 onlv 3300 votes were reg-
A   General    Invitation.
Editor Sii.vkrtonian.
Deab Sis:—
On Chrfatmu Eve. the little folks will
gather in the Union Hall to welcome
Old Santa once more. A short but well-
irotte i up program will he rendered
before tbe tree is unloaded. The entire
iifl'.iir is under the sii|iervisioti of thn
mothers assisted by friend, and no effort
i. being .pared to make thi. Christmas
the jollies! one of-.!!. Any one win.
wishes ui.y leave present" with the
Committee Monday, the-4th. and Um
same will promptly be placed on tb4
Tiik Comxittkb.
at 14.00 at the close.
.lanusry 3rd,
'\8tered in this Riding.
A Credit to the Prolines   i
The British Colombia Mining Record,
whicli is surpassed in enterprise hy no.
other British Columbian puhllcntiou, is '
to the front again this year with a social
Christmas edition. The volume I. well
illustrated, snd contains numerous interesting stories by Provincial w'riU'rs and
niany excellent articles concerning the
mineral resources of tbo 1'rnvliico and
iheir development. Among Hip contributors is Howard West, ol New Denvei,
who writes of the Slocau and its oppm-
tunity for investments. As a sample of
what cn be done 'out West," the Xunm
number of the RecorJ is wel: worth 1 «-
ing sent to Eastern friends.
Hi-    PMtrlntlc.
Fair CminliiiiiN.
Your brothers and lovers are returning
covered with glory. The whole empim
attests the credit of their achievements.
In Africa they met their cousins—tb*
British te. planters—»Im fighting for the.
Dear Cousios: You can aid the comrades of your.oldier brothers. Try Ceylon
an d India GREEN te.s, il you now
drink Jspans. Leave the rest to your
dainty palates. Salad., Monsoon .nd •
Blue Ribbon packets .wait you.—Colonist.
A L.tion with colonies is kept buss.
Look at England 1 She's like iao lv tb«»
Swiss bell riiig»is. ..•MHMam
Attempted to Exterminate
an Entire Family.
field near Woodstock, Ont., with
only a night shirt on and part of his
ear cut ofT, his arm gashed and
other parts of his body mutilated,
died yesterday.
Navigation on the St. Lawrence
river and gulf is practically closed.
The last steamer sailed from Quebec yesterday.
Seaton Attacks His Relatives with
an Axe—Some of the Injured
May Recover.
Seattle, Dec. 9.—Wm. Seaton,
aged 22 years, formerly of Decatur,
III., attempted last night to exterminate an entire family of his relatives at South Park, nine miles
from Seattle. With an axe he
smashed in the heads of four people, leaving them for dead, then he
shot one man in the back and attempted to kill a deputy sheriff.
Before being captured Seaton was
shot twice, but not fatally by Deputy Sheriff Kelly.
The only one kilted outright was
Seaton's uncle, Daniel Richards.
Seaton smashed in the head of his
sister, Mrs. Roy Clarke, but her recovery is hoped for. The other two
victims were Mertle and Hazel Hop-
good, aged about 10 years, children
of a former husband of Mrs. Clarke.
The skulls of the little ones were
crushed and then the bodies were
thrown into a manger in the barn.
It was supposed they were dead,
but a later report from the county
hospital says that the skull of one
of the children had been raised and
there are hopes of recovery. The
other child will undoubtedly die.
A man named Kennedy, who got
it Seaton's way after the tragedy,
was shot in the back, but not seriously. Seaton fired three times at
Kelly before Kelly brought him
down with two shots which took ef
feet in the head and arm. Seaton
told the following story:
"I was disgusted with the actions
of my sister and after I had struck
her in the head with an axe I came
to the conclusion that. I • might as
well make a clean sw»e*p.-"I smashed
the skulls of the ehfltliVrt and then
threw their bodies tmq'flie manger.
Returning to the houjfl, I saw my
uncle asleep on a sofa, I chopped
his head almost off.", ., I
While telling his .gtdrV.rS&tdn
gave no evidence of insaitity_'
lllr. KruRer Welcomed
The Hague, Dec. 9.—At the
opening oi the second chamber today, President J. G. Gleichan   said:
"President Kruger arrived here
today. He will take up his resi-
denced here. I take the occasion
to propose that the chamber author-
ixe me to welcome in its name
the president to our country and
offer him an expression of our cordial sympathy."
The proposal was adopted amid
cheers and bravos.
New York Man Arrested
and His Stock
Hanged in
Pearson   the  Murderer
Hanged Early This
Hamilton, Ont., Dec. 9.—George
Arthur Pearson was hanged at 7:50
this morning. ,      -
Donald |, McGillis of Montreal
was this morning found guilty of
conspiracy to defraud his creditors
of over $300,000,
Two unsuccessful attempts to destroy the business portion of Kings-
ville, Ont., were made on Tuesday
Sault Ste Marie, Ont., has nearly
doubled its population in five
Several thousand dollars damage
was done to pianos in the storehouse
of D. W. Karn & Co. of Wood-
slock, Ont., by fire last night.
Hon. Clifford Sifton was ban-
quetted last night by citizens of
Fort William and Port Arthur,
The czar slept well all night long
His general condition and spirits
are very good.
Dr. Mazzom, the pope's physician, performed a slight operation
yesterday on a tumor underneath
the pontiffs arm.
Mr. Kruger started for The Hague
on a special train at 10 o'clock this
Frederick Dell, who two or three
weeks ago wss lound lying   in   a
New York Nov. 9 —While a
big Broadway crowd watched the
proceedings last evening, a patrol
wagon carted away 10,000 films
and negatives of the American Electroscope company, as well as the
proprietor, John J, Alexandra of
Brooklyn. It was the second time
he had been arrested during the
day, the federal authorities having
first put him under apprehension.
He was taken into custody at the
instance of Attorney Comstock. The
10,000 films and negatives are alleged to be in paft improper. The
federal authority arrested Alexandra
during the day on a charge of sending improper matter through the
mails, He was taken before
Commissioner Shields, where he
waived examination and he was
held in $1000 bail, which he immediately furnished. The police claim
young men would go to the rooms
ahd pose for the pictures.
Cuua In Fu.lilou
Worcester, Cape Colony, Dec. 9,
—The attendance at the Afrikander
congress today is very large. The
Afrikanders ridicule the idea of
11 ou hie. The say they can air their
grievances without resorting to violence. They are greatly incensed
at the posting of guns in a position
commanding the meeting place.
The slopes surrounding the tswn
are crowded with artillery and
troops with cannon have been posted on Gallows hill and Prospect hill.
A  fteuMtloual   Triul
' . -.    . I      '
Berlin, Dec. 9.—A very sensational event was developed yesterday during the trial of the rich banker, Sternberg, fdr art alleged offence
against morality. The states attorney declared that Criminal Commissioner Thiel had made a full confession to the exanining judge that
he took bribes from Luppa tor official reports and evidence against
Sternberg and that he had also admitted the truth of the statement to
Inspector Stierstader that Thiel hail
to bribe the inspector by offering
him a villa on Lake Geneva.
The states attorney went on to
point out that Thiel's confession implicated Dr. Weithauer, one of the
lawyers for the defendant, Theil
having accused him of receiving
purchased documents.
A motion was made by the states
attorney for an immediate search of
Dr. Werthauer's office, but the
court declined to grant it on the
ground that such a step would be
illegal, Luppa is an agent of
Sternberg's, through whom was
purchased false evidence. It i.s assumed that between five and six
million marks were expended in
this way. Luppa fled about a fortnight ago.
John Gibson of Catlettsburg, Ky.,
is charged with killing his infant
stepdaughter last week with a hot
poker and was placed io jail today.
The General will call on
Cronje on His Way
Lord Kitchener in Supreme Commando-Herding Boer Prisoners
—Ready for a Row
Johannesburg, Dec. 9 —General
Bader.-Powell has fixed the headquarters of the Transvaal police
force at Moddersfontein, where the
dynamite factory building will be
used as barricades.
Gen. Robeits, who has turned
over his command to Gen. Kitchener, will embark for England on
a steamer that wtll call at St. Helena,   where     General Cronje    and
They acted according to the highest
standard of patriotism and made the
amy respected and feared in South
In conclusion General Roberts
said: "I regard you, my gallant
comrades, with affection and admi-
retion.    You will live in the memo-
ory of my life's end,"
il, Hi-iHni: iln- Boera
Johannesburg     Dec.       9.—The
authorities here have   prepared  ac-
many other Boers are prisoners of comodation on the race track for
war. He is expected to arive home four thousand people from farms in
on January 2.
Prior to leaving, Gen. Roberts
issued a farewell order, praising the
army for  its   conduct   duriug   the
the vicinity of the rand. The
burghers will be hearded in the
laager and will be strictly watched.
All able bodied British subjects  are
campaign.    He referred to the  suf-| liable to be conscripted   for  service
ferings and hardships of the troops,  in the rand rifles.
which he said, were endured uncomplainingly. He added that they
had   marched   enormous  distances
Beady lor a Bow.
Capetown,   Dec.  9.—Owing   to
the   attempts   of  sympathisers  to
at incredible speed over precipitous communicate with the Boer prison-
mountains and through dense jun- ers at Green point, some maxim
gles.    Their food and clothing were guns have been placed   in   position
on the surrounding heights in readiness for a disturbance.
often scanty and they were continually shot at by an invisible enemy.
The Prince
May Race
Great Interest Is Being
Taken in the (Next
Yacht Race.
• New Vork, Dec. 9,—Yachtmen
have been discussing with great interest the possibility ofthe boat
building for the Prince of Wales taking-the place of thc Shamrock II,
as challenger for the Ametica's cup
in case the Royal Yacht club should
come off the victor in the trial races.
When the attention of Manager VV.
Butler Duncan, jr., was called to
the cable he said:
"1 have not considered such a
contingency. The cables relating
to the challenger have been of such
a speculative character I have paid
no attention to th'em. It really
makes no difference after all what
boat comes over after the cup, as it
cannot affect our activity in regard
to the defence.
"We are going to get out the
very best boat possible. No pains
or expense are to be spared to make
her the fastest thing afloat, and
when the time comes to race we
shall have the knowledge that nothing has been left undone to make
the defence a success,"
A Toronto coroner's jury in the
case of Mrs. Margaret Milne's
death, have brought in a verdict to
the effect that the woman came to
her death as a result of Hazelton's
(druggist) criminal operation. The
hospital authorities were condemned
for not properly caring for the
woman. Hazelton now awaits trial
on a charge of murder.
A Parisian
Mutilated Body Discovered in the French
Paris, Dec. 9.—A package containing the severed head, the arms
and legs of a young man has been
discovered in waste ground in the
Rue de Platiers at Belleville, and
another package containing a disemboweled and otherwise mutilated
trunk was found in a gateway on
the Rue de Fauborg St. Dennis a
mile and a half distant. The two
discoveries are apparently the same
murder, probably committed yes-
tetday from the appearance of the
bodies when found.
The first package was deposited
late last night by six men, who
were seen from a dwelling house
opposite. The crime has caused a
great sensation.
London, Dec 9.—Rev, Joseph
Parker, pastor of the city temple,
will have entire direction and control of the London Sun from Dec.
17 tc Dec. 22, and will, during that
time, endeavor to show British
journalists and the British public
how a newspaper should be conducted in order to effect the greatest good.
The government will maintain
guards on the Welland canal
throughout the winter.
Thirty three aliens made application for naturalization papers at
Toronto yesterday. The list in*
eluded twenty three Italians, eight
Chinamen nnd two Americans.
Condensed News Over the
Wires This Afternoon.
Elections In Quebec-Presentation
to Hardy-Toronto Doctors
Are Anory.
Sir Charles Tupper is to devote
the rest of his life to the insurance
business as president of the Crown
Life Insurance compzny.
{[Executive Lord's Day alliance
met at Toronto yesterday and decided to vigorously oppose all Sunday cars.
W. F. McCleary was nominated
yesterday by the local Conservatives
and J. F. Gross was nominated by
the Liberals for the Ontario legislature.
Ex-Premier Hardy of Toronto
was last night presented with an
address and a cheque for $e7,ooo.
With 37 candidates, all Liberals,
elected by acclamation there is little
interest being manifested in the ra*
maining   35   constituencies   being
contested in the province of Quebec
m***tmym\   "11-1 ************
(At theclose of theXConservative
conference in Toronto yesterday the
members stated that a seat in Ontario would certainly be found for
Hon. G. E.  Foster.
The czar pas-.ed the last 24 hours
very well. His condition is satisfactory.
The Imparcial says today it considers the rupture of the- relations
between Holland and Portugal to
be very serious and blames Lord
Geo. Arthur Pearson, who confessed to having~shot Annie Griffin,
his sweetheart, on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 23, while out driving,
because she threatened to expose
him tor making improper proposals
to her, was hanged at 7:50 this
morning at Hamilton.
Toronto doctors have formed a
medical association for the purpose
of protection. They claim that patients who are in a position to fix
rates of pay have an idea that the
courts will usually sustain them in
the non-payment of doctors' bills.
Returns of yesterday's nominations in the province of Quebec
show the election of 31 Liberals by
acclamation. In six other constit-
uencies'there are only Liberal candidates in nomination.
Wm. Hebden, a young Englishman, was drowned in Lake Nipis-
sing on Wednesday last.
Lord Minto today accepted the
honorary presidency of the Navy
League of Canada.
The   continued   a
of    the
Montreal authorities in the Chis-
holm case is causing much indignation.
Nominations for the provincial
legislature' of Prince Edwards
Island took place throughout the
island yesterday. Every seat is being contested.
The vacant senatorship in Hamilton will probably be offered to either
Mr. Gibson. ex-M. P. of Lincoln
and Niagara, or T. H. McPherson,
ex-M. P. of Hamilton.
Ontario Conservative members of
the house of commons, as well as
defeated candidates in the general
elections, assembled at Toronto this
morning for the purpose of discuss-
ing questions of leadership, pro.
tests, etc.. the meeting being held
in secret.
The Pre.b»icn«n Hevlew.
The Presbyterian Review, pub*
hshed by The Poole Pubishing
Company, Toronto, contains a
large amount of interesting matter
in the issue of Nov. 29> just on
hand On the front page is the
excellent picture of Rev. D. C.Hos-
sack,   M.     A    I      1    it .•'
» '*., l.   L. B.,    editor.
There is also an illustrated article
on the work of RtVi iZ~^
who  has   beenj8tated '     >
Crook's   church, Torc^ 7 *
the vacancy; also  on !•_,"_ ^
Winchester, minister-ele'rofV'
church, Toronto; on  Rev.   K"°<
McLeod, late principal 0f |i A' J'
_gina Industrial  school    Th" ^
ber contains an excellent J '^H
tionofthe central figures   ^ '
about the Moderator's desk      *
Historical Moment when V "V
nant of union   was  sijrned   7*1
the two Scottish church*    """'^
The C.IP. R. is maki
ments with the Esquimau lndranfj
naimo railway for a direct
ion  between  Vane
Jnd Nt.]
°"ver and V,',
New arrangements wi|, '
into operation next March.
A Wealthy Stockman Ran,
Amuck in Nebraska.
Th  Sh riff Manag d to Sav« w,
Man from a Crowd Bent oa
Lynching Him.
Platte Centre,  Neb. Dec. 9.-1 j
was only   the   prompt   at rival
Sheriff Birnes and four deputiud
prevented a lynching as a cul»|
ation of a series of shooting affi^l
here yesterday.   The town if pa,]
iy excited.
W. J. Gentleman a wealth I
stockman, who caused the troui,
held the entire village at bay ul
shot four men, one of whom m\\
Gentleman, inspired by a grudp I
over a cattle   suit   several nxwthij
ago, attacked Martin Burns, 1 far-!
mer, on the street.    Infuriated attar 1
the fight, Gentleman secured a ihat
gun and went in search of his mi
mies.    He entered the hlaclcsiwt*
shop of S. Olsen and shot tht oner.   Marshal Hayes tried to arrot
him and was   shot   in  the back.
He was   finally   overpowered and
taken to jail, and he drew a revolver and shot into the crowd tbat
had gathered,  and   Henry Lanpr
and   Robert   Wilson   were badly
wounded.     The   sheriff and four
deputies arrived from Columbus ii
reponse to an urgent summons ull
rhe prisoner was spirited an ay in >|
Telegrapher* Sirlk«
A strike of »clegraphers lock
place today on the Gulf, Colorado*
Santa Fe railroad. Trains betw«»
Galveston, Tex., and I'urcell, IT"J
are tied up.
ComnilltMl   *nl»M'
Toronto, Ont, Dec. 9.-R"b,rt
Turner, aged forty years, a nati«
of Taunton, Mass., and until mt\
employed in the Toronto Silver
Plate company's works, commit'"1
suicide by inhaling gas at his toed
in the Central hotel yesterday.
had been dismissed owing to
trouble at the factory and went
his room, left a note for his «»'
lives in Taunton, and then committed suicide.
Killed br < <>■' «•■'
Picton,    Ont.,  Dec.   P.-^"*]
Drummond and his two sons
ley and Ernest, were acphixa
yted WI
coal gas on Tuesday night,
discovery was only made last ev
ing when the two boys were f<>uD
dead and the farther in an unconscious condition, who died short j
afterwards.    Investigations  sh
that all dampers of the coal •
were closed before the gas had"
burned off, the escape of which,
suited in the death ot the three. WINDOW QUOTATIONS
[London,    Dec.    9.-[Specialj~
Le Roi. £7 6s<
B. A. Ci 'SS6d-
.     .  M  I 0M>
ftttwii::"  j
bo^biWenOrowii, fl
KwwlOaaipMoKlniiejrj w
nitre bwr • • • • ■ ■ •• j — :\„ o,,
«r TraU No. a  ^
C^^r'(A9M,'p«id) ag
Oaa |a«h'». «""(1J W
ton Coll    ■   ,t
J»   1              io
fei  ih
Initio.... ■ .• „
I,1K(0rohenoro)  «
IT-urn             Be
hob tun  y
Lie line Consul  B
kuuenatia  .
html Oold Fields  *H
Irrnon..  -j*
fcuiitain hwu  w
■ble Kive  ■•■■••,-••;■■■• ... ...
Trili !__«•( tout Kootenay )»1 (W
muj  ;■;" ?,,
fcaogaa (Aaaeaa. paid).. iy4
(ironsides  70
Ifi» • "J
iria Mines  ■
nces» Maud  3
Ip  *<X
uoler-Curiboo  Wjm
.public •■••• M
fKlmo Consolidated.... 3
llivau  M1.
liarar, aaa'l paid  5
Thumb  X'2%
lAuda  'iX-i
tgnna  IM
r Kagle Consolidated. ,| 1 06    S
klerloo...  3*
Site Bear  t%
llllMll'K  "l
% i 00
160 00
A Heavy Storm Sweeps English Coasts.
Wreck of the Ross Gull   Only II
Persons Out of 40 Saved—h
Dough Experience.
London, Dec. 9 —Storms have
been sweeping over the British
coast and the ships in the channel
have had rough experiences. Several minor wrecks have been reported.
The steamer Ross Gull has been
lost off the coast of Jersey. She
foundered in a gale at 11 o'clock
last night. Only 11 persons out of
the 40 people on board were saved
A Pntal Fire
Evansville, Ind., Dec, 9.—One
life was Jost and several were injured in a fire today which destroyed
the iron works of Geo. L. Mesker
& Co. and Loewenthal's commission
house. The losses are estimated at
Five men Killed
Inglewood Junction, Ont,, Dec,
9.—John Allen, Neil McArthur and
Oliver Ellis, section men, and John
Teetzel and Arthur Frame, farm
laborers, were instantly killed this
morning while riding on a hand car
on the Grand Trunk tracks near this
place. All the killed were married
'.V.'' ■
*»■**   hUlHI.,, TION
The Boer Leader's Appeal to
to His Countrymen.
Britons and Boers Will Eventually
Live Peaceably Together Under
the.British Flag.
Hugh madden  Dead
Word has been   received   of   the
eath of   Hugh   Madden,   a   well
known hotel man, at   Nome.      He
was a pioneer   in   Trail,    Rossland
and Nelson.
i'r.mr Improving
The czar has passed the last
twenty-four hours very well. His
convalescence is following generally
a favorable course.
Turkey and Ibe K«i_iiih ky
The government has stopped all
telegram', from Smyrna in regard
to the Kentucky.
he rcti.Mil  emphatic declaration
of llu Hon. Richard McBride,
lister 0! mines, that the members
the provincial cabinet   should   in
future personally visit the tjreat
ing sections of the  Jwoteifays
Vale much more frecpifntly,   if
would kjep in touch   with   the
i.ssing requirements   of the  dis-.
ict, wHI he wry  well   received   in
We hope, therefore that the visits
the members of the government
the Kootenays will no longer  be
^rmed "angel visits," by reason of
leir rarity, but that   the  residents
this section of the province may
fve 'hat   personal   contact   with
ir provincial  rulers  which  they
fve a right to look for.
n th; palt %it has been too'often
rule that in order to obtain   any
Ignition   whatever   it  has  been
.cessary to send  deputation  after
fputaiion to Victoria, and be under
t disadvantage of having to plead
• favors off and away from the
»« where they were wanted and
*re their importance could be
>t considered.
Mr. McBride has been greatly
pres*d by what he has seen here
">g his present  short  stay, and
™.v be satisfied that he
I press hii views as stated upon
other members of the govern-
nt when he returns.
^ house will meet next month
'■R« the session   is   over   w.
• ""onably hope to greet the
eral member> °< the government
• ''me to time.
Bold   llold-l p*
Chicago. Dec, 9.—Two attempts
were made to hold up cars on the
west side last night. The first was
productive of a fight ,and the final
capture of twoj^of, the robbers by
the crew and passengers ot the car
and came near ending in a lynching. Two hours later three men
tried to hold up a car on West
fortieth avefiue.^;The car was
chased two blocks by the bandits,
who fired Averal shots after it,
but the driver whipped up his
homes and escaped.
>v- j£	
..t*r _.       -__„-____^______„_---_-_—_______
London Talk
The judicial decision i.i East
Queens, P. E. I., election recount
gives Martin, Conservative, 2250
good ballots and McKinnon, Liberal, 8857.
Capetown, Dec. 9,—Paul Botha,
who was a member of the Orange
Free State's volksraad for 21 years,
has issued a pamphlet appealing to
his fellow countrymen to accept the
inevitable   and    recognize    British
rule, which, he says, is alone possible in South Africa, although Great
Britain's weak and spasmodic policy
in the past was  a   grave   mistake.
He says that he has repeatedly but
vainly appealed to   Steyn   and   De
Wet to cease fighting.    He bitterly
attacks Steyn.      He  predicts   that
Britons and   Boers  will   eventually
live peaceably   together  under the
British flag.
Is a Divine
A i'.looe ■ lee Hon
The   Indians Impressed
with Her Sharp
Hamilton  Han  Dead
James Davis, market, clerk of
Hamilton,'a well known' Liberal, is
dead, aged 50 years.
ReMMtlonal   Arre*i
A Sensational Toranto arrest occurred last night when Ross McC.
Cameron of the'mettorological department, and a prominent member
of Little Trinity church, was jailed
on a charge under the Charlton act,
preferred by James A. Henry, caretaker of the church.
London, Dec. 9.—The members
of the Royal Canadian Jregiment,
visitedjhe house^orparliament^this
Mr. Chamberlain acknowledged
the indebtedness^!' Great Britain to
the colonial troops.
The Canadian contingent was
most cordially,!] welcomed in the
house ot lords, by Lord Lansdowne
and the Duke of Aberdeen in brief
Col. Otter in]thanking the speakers, denied the allegations of bad
treatment of the Canadians. He
said the only'complaint he and his
men had to make,was that they were
being killed with kindness.
J*Wn,ofW.A.   Galliher as
hardl"" °f yesterday's  contes*
<"y   surprise   anyone   who
s'Je force   of an   appeal   to
,tafr'end at court," backed up
'^porters <rf..  government
)rt;eCUre in °«*e by  a big
Jn McKane made a splendid
2 lmdcr the most adverse
™ 'a"Ces imaginable, and the
r^'ve party  |, indebted   t0
™« Polled  ,or   Mr.    Fotey
^rters nnd the Labor can-
'■» "ucceeded beyond  mens-
"'^-ing both   of   the   old
'» Wid    the   nl...
«ne  electors   generally
J.^h of his following i„
'TluX   »« «   ''"Her,
, ,rs'll"'lMillcrofHam-
"jvegone to South Africa to
^n-Powsir, police force.
Annual M««ttn* of tbe Giant
The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Rossland Giant Mining company was held yesterday in
the offices of the company in Spokane. At the meeting the principal business was the election of
officers and trustees for the coming
year. The following officers were
President, A. D. Coplen; vice-
president, Dr. G. S. Allison; secretary-treasurer, D. S. Prescott; trustees, A. D. Coplen, M. S. Bentley,
Dr. G. S. Allison, D. S. Prescott
and S. K. Bentley.
The property is being worked
steadily with good results. No
definite line of work was laid out
for the year, that being left with the
trustees. It is their intention to
keep work going the same way as
at present for the time being.
"The ore we have been shipping
has netted us, after paying for shipping and treatment, $17 per ton,"
said Mr. Prescott. "We are now
working in the shaft, which is down
40 feet, and intend to continue shipping. M. E. Purcell, [the superintendent of the mine, has reported
that the ore is improving with every
foot the shaft is lowered, and that
the ore body is widening. We feel
very pleased with the present out-
look tor the mine and expect to
make a fine showing during the
oming year."
Canada [at Part*
Canada's chief exhibits shown at
Paris will be transferred to
Glasgow where an exhibition will
be held next May.
Phoenix,Ariz.,Dec. 9.—A Papage
Indian woman was brought to the
territorial insane asylum today, She
became insane several weeks ago
over the religious teachings of a
woman, a so-called "divine healer,"
who live.-, af Phoenix and whose
strange delusions have been impressed on the Papage to such an
extent that many more of the Indians are partially demented.
The Indians have been contributing all their money to the alleged
healer, lt is said she has emissaries among other tribes and the
authorities are searching  for them.
Charged win.  Murder
A warrant has been issued for
the arrest of Mrs. Hazelton, wife
of a Toronto druggist, charged
with tlr* murder of Mrs Martha
Milne, through abortion. Mrs. Hazelton has disappeared,
Canadian Bank llu liber* lo (omnl tin-
Blaine Treaty.
Iu. riirllir)  Fire*
There were five fires of an incendiary character yesterday at Bow-
manville. Several arrests have
been made and others wili follow.
PlKlitllliC a Itlahlae
Jailer Cameron, Turnkey Forbes
and an old soldier named Winters,
an inmate of the Woodstock, Ont.,
jail, are all suffering severely from
injuries sustained in endeavoring to
overpower a maniac named Burton,
another inmate of the jail, who was
causing a disturbance, having set
fire to his bed tick. Winters was
nearly killed and Cameron was
knocked senseless before Burton
was captured.
Britiah Paelflc Hquadrou
The Allan liner Parisian, with
Rear Admiral Birkfor I, who is going to Esquimalt to take command
of the British Pacific squadron, on
board, arrived at Halifax this morning.
Chicago, Dec. 11.—The question of the constitutionality of the
Blaine extradition treaty, between
tireat Britain and the United States,
signed by representatives of the
two governments in i"';9, and
which, it is asserted, has never been
passed upon, is to be brought before the United States supremo
court in the cases of Fred Lee Rice,
Frank Rutledge and Thomas Jones,
who were arrested in Chicago last
June on the request of the Canadian
authorities, charged with being
fugitives from justice.
The specific ch-irges   again;t  tie
three   men   included   complicity in
several bank robberies   in   Toronto
and other Canadian  cities.      President McKinley issued a warrant  for
the requisition  of the   three  men,
but action was prevented by a   writ
of supersedeas,    issued  by  Judge
Kohlsaat of the the   United   States
district court, and   since  last  June
the men have  been   confined   in   a
county jail.    Next Wednesday attorneys representing  the  prisoners
and the British consul   will   appear
before the supreme court at   Washington, and bail for   the  prisoners
will be asked pending the  consideration of the Blaine treaty.
Should bail be refused the prisoners, they may remain in jail here for
:t year before the case is passed
upon. It was in the cell of Fred
Rice that a revolver was found,
concealed in a basket of"grapes
some three weeks ago, and since
that time the men have been closely
RIoplug Huaband Drop* Dead at Sight
ofDeMrted Wire.
Vancouver, B.   C,   Dec.   10.—
The mysterious death in this   city,
of a man  known   as   William T.
Wilson, and the subsequent investigation into its cause, has  brought
to light a strange story of sin and
of swift and   tragic  retribution  for I
a great wrong.     The man  whose
body now occupies a marble   slab
in the morgue has been identified as
William Boulton, scion of a well
known  English family.     To conceal his whereabouts from the  family he had deserted, he assumed  a
fictitious  name,  thinkirg that   his
identity   would   be   safely   hidden
under the name of Wilson.
When the man was found dead
there was at first no one to  identify him, except the women who was
known here  as   his  wife.   Today,
however,   several  witnesses swore
that his  name was   William  Boul-
ton.    Among the witnesses is  the
wife and other members of the family whom  Boulton  deserted.     The
Boultons   resided,    until    a     few
months ago, in England.    Then the
home was broken  up by  the  sudden departure of the husband,  who
fled   the   country  with   a  woman
other than his wife.    The  eloping
couple came   to   Vancouver some
time ago and  engaged  apartments
at a  prominent hotel.    They gave
the name of Wilson and  seemed  to
be ideally happy.
"Mf either gave a thought to the
deserted family in far-a-way England, it was certainly not a thought
of apprehension. The lovers believed firmly that Mrs. Wilson was
nursing her sorrows in loneliness,
where the guilty husband had
left her, thousands of miles away on
the other side oftthc*world.
But retribution found Boulton, if
not his companion, and in a manner sudden and terrible. Withont
a word of warning Mrs. Boulton
abruptly appeared on the scenejand
confronted lur guilty husband.
What passed between them in that
last interviews ill never be known,
unless Mrs. Boulton chooses to
tell, for a few moments later Boul-
ton sank to the ground a corpse.
The autopsy surgeon declared, after
a close examination of the body
and its organs, that death had resulted from fright and from no
other cause.
Another dramatic feature of
the case is that the husband of
the women who was known
here as Mrs. Wilson, accompanied Mrs. Boulton on her journey
across the ocean and across the
continent. The deserted wife ard
the deserted husband made common cause nnd together joined in
the search for the runaway.
Lord Roberts Sailed for Btig-
I nd This Morning.
Extnds th Hand of Frlndshlp ta
theores   They Have B11YII;
lead by Foolish Leaders.
Durban, Dec. 9 —Lord  Roberts,
on board the  Canada,  has   stafted
for Capetown.      He was given ao
enthusiastic send off.    All the ships
in the harbor  were decorated  with
Prior to his departure he made a
speech in which he adjured his hearers to hold out the hand of fellowship to those who have been their
"When blessed peace is restored"
said the field  marshal,   "You   will
tell them that we are all one  in one
country, that we have  one  interest
and that we   honor   them.     They
have  been  fighting   for   a   wrong
cause, having been induced to do so
by their misguided  leaders,   nevertheless we honor them  for  fighting
for the liberty we ourselvss so thoroughly believe in.    And now, in the
spirit of liberty, truth,   justice   and
freedom, we are prepared to extend
the privileges which every  Englishman values to those who have been
fighting against us."
Arthur G. Dunn, a ywdejaa,
aged 22, was instantly killed in the
Grand Trunk yards at London yesterday while engaged in coupling
The Royal and Canadian Electric
companies will soon amalgamate.
New Boud l»»ue
The Bell Telephone compeny have
decided to authorize an increase of
the bond issue and to apply to parliament for the right to increase its
Tlirlllluic Experience ol   a  California
Redding, Dec. 10.—Robert G.
Wright, a young miner of Redding,
knows the terror ot being in a narrow shaft with a heavy charge of
dynamite approaching the point of
explosion. Through rare presence
of mind Wright managed to save
his life, though the big charge exploded within 5 feet of him.
Wright had been working iu a
shaft on a claim near town, lt w;is
down sixty teet and the miner
placed a charge of dynamite,
lighted the fuse and rapidly climbed
the timbers toward the surface
When thirty feet above the sputtering fuse the timbers gave way and
he tumbled down to the bottom of
the shaft.
John Weir, who was handling
the windl.is. heard him shout to lower the bucket qickly, but before he
could do this he heard an agonized scream:
"To late!"
Weir began to descend hastily
down the shaft when the explosion
came. He pressed on through the
smoke, supposing Wright had been
However,   Weir
Double Dally Train Service.
No. 11, Went linu.id . ..
Nn 11. K.i-t Bound, .   .
No.  .. West llinin-l.  ...
No. i. v.s\i Bound .   . .
•Cueur 1   Alette brunch
Palouse & Lewistnit hr'ttt
•Centml With, branch
•Local KreiKht, mil
M.ocal Freight, e_ist 	
'Patly except Sunder, all others daily,
liven not. east bound.
».i; 1, m.
«..-,( a. 111.
10.'. p, in.
11.4S P- m.
<i .V) p. Ill-
MS p. 111
1.co p. in.
5. •« p. 111.
j.;; p in.
y.lSt. m.
0.4. a. in.
11.00 p. ni.
II.M p. m.
7.2; a. nt.
■..;_) a. in.
>..lo a. tii.
Corner Howard and Riverside.
blown to   pieces.
found him, pale and mud-covered,
but uninjured. At the last moment
Wright had remembered a small
excavation in the wall and with all
his might squeezed his body into it.
The concussion stunned but did not
injure him.
Trains ll and ll! run solid betvrutti
l'lirtluml uml St. Cnnl. Trnius .1 und I
inn solid batWMtl Port lain) anil Kiiniuii
City ami St. Louis, vin IlilliiiKB and "Hur-
IlllgtOIl Koiiti'," Without iliiingc. Tliroi_.i_.-li
l'lilliiirn Hint Tourist tili-uper* und UMbiK
I'ii ra on ull trains.
I    X
J W. HILL. (Ipneral Air-nt, «|<Jpne, Wn.
A.D. CHAKLT0N.A.U._P.A..P(_4»iid.0l*. -—I .   , ,.
iii.ia i ttitfit it Kiisiim fmtt i »,n yi#
fr!.'.!   ^if-.lilfiivrj ir       ii, .,
Saturday, Deckmiikr 15. lOOO.
I-l'lll.lSHKIi EVRBY
 B. U.
MATHB*ON IlltOS..    fridltor* ft Prop*.
The eitioot of Slocan City, for instance, have petitioned the Board to
grant no new licence* in their town.
and. aa a new application from there
will be considered by the Board today, their aotion may be taken as a
test of their willingness to parry out
the wishes of (he public or not.
Clocks and
fine fotcf Repairing a Specialty.
AU Work Left at The Ukeview
Hotel, Silverton, will he forward-
ed and promptly attended to.
O. XI. Knowles,
SANDON,   -- - li. 0.
Advertising rates will be made known
upon application at this oflice.
l8 88 888 8'8 8 88888 88 8fS888 88j|
1888888888888888888 88 8888,9
HQTB>I_y,        PARF
B. ft
The Rossland Record has suspended
publication. The Record waa a
bright, newsy paper, outspoken in its
views. Too much so, indeed, for its
own good, as its open hostility to the
Rossland Miners' Union was ita death
warrant, in most towns in Kootenay,
iu Rossland apparently as much as
other places, in order to succeed a
newspaper must be of the milk and
water variety. Nothing will down a
publication so much as to be guilty of
having views on any subject. We
give this as a synopsis of our own
The decision arrived at bv the ladies
to go ahead with the usual public
Christina? Tree will give to half ot
our citizens the only tasto of real
Christmas they can possibly get. The
men of the mining camps have little
inducement to be morally better than
what they are, and in affording thero
whatever harmless enjoy ment their
Xinas Tree always is the orthodox are
grasping an opportunity for doing more
good than all the psalm-singing for
the next year is likely to produce.
A Choice
pall   and   see
0 H Reeves,
Silverion, B. C
If the dailies of Nelson are really
catering for outside subscribers, why
do thoy persist in using over half their
space these days in quarrelling over
tbe four bit job of one of the niunin-
cipal officers) Their outside readers
want news too, not the personal
opinion of either the editor of the
Miner or tbe  editor of   the Tribune
• t ' ill-'
regarding each other.
1 .'■.---/ .* ' .      ;._
Conveniently Situated near '    '
Railway Station and .Wharf.
—i ■■:'<.{■■
'   ROOMS.
Tables supplied with ill the delicacies
• of the.seasoh.
-   -   - GERMAN -   -
!... CONTAINS , THfc   NEW
For Sale at All Druggists.
and Soo line
Still Continue To Operate
First-class Sleepers nn all trains (rom
'Alio  TOURIST   CARS ...Fasting
 Dunmore Junction—-—
daily for St. Paul, Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston'! Mondays
and   Thursdays   for • Toronto.
Same cars pass Revelstoke  one .
day earlier.
Some of oar exchanges are advocating the giving of a purse, out of
the public monies, of twenty thousand
dollars to Colonel Otter for bis services
ia South Africa. What has Colonel
Otter done any mure than the other
Canadians who volunteered for active
service that be should be entitled to
[dip his hand into the public purset
Nothing! He, like the balance,, has
done his duty as a soldier; nothing
more or nothing less, and we are
proud of him equally with the balance.
If Canada bas money to give, which
we trust she has for this purpose, let
it be given to those of her soldiers who
are in actual need of it. Make no
discriminations amongst her soldiers,
alt of whom are equal in the eyes oi
God, of the Law and of tbe people.
There was landed a, tew days ago a
Canadian soldier from South Africa, a
young man who at the call of his
Queen laid aside his business interests
•nd went out to fight, willing to lay
down his life in her cause if necessary.
In embarking he marched proudly
•board of the vessel with his head
erect In returning the other day, he
was led off the vessel by a comrade
and in a abort time, unless be has rich
relatives, he will become a public
charge. This man was shot stone-
blind while fighting bis country'*
battles and i.t is such as he wbo are
entitled to receive monies from the
public purse. And until such time
as such as he are amply provided for,
any one should be ashamed to aik that
public money be given to another able
to provide for himself.
.    _.      T
Regarding The Eastern
You   Contemplate   Taking
i _________^_  •
J.'-V-'     For rates, tickets,'and full information
"'"•' appif to O. B, Chakdlkk, -Agent, Silver-
• isdRttisui- _.
W. F. ANDPRSOlC""*" *
* Tr»v- Pass. Agent, Nelson
A* Q, P. Agent, Van on ver.
An nld man was weeping over a tombstone, and a gentleman passing askt/l in
sympathy: "Have you lost a dear relative?
"No," said the old mun, pointing to
the inscription that rend: "Here lies a
lawyer and an honest man ;" "but I was
wondering how they managed to lay two
poor (eijlows in one grave."—Suturday
"tt'K'M TAK' A CVP O* ||lNOMBSS."
Tiiouch Women's minds, Use Winter's
May shift and turn an' a' that,
To love of Scandal, Tea and friends—
Their Com. taut ijirtl for a' that!
An' soawa* wi' Foreimi Tens.
Doon wi' /span an' a' that!
Ceylon Green Tea they loe* the beet,
And wlm' a-crime danr ca' that?
For it's the tea nhoon the lave,
They dearly loe' nn' a' thatr-
Illue Kililion anil Saliulu, too,
And Itrnw Monsoon, an' a' that—
Because yon lee, 'tuixt you an' me,
Japan tlie Line they dra' st.
For syne tlie fii*i are British Teas,
They, loo' them weel, an' a' that!
Tho' some may* prate o' ither teas.
An' flaunt Japan, BB'.a' that—
The Lassie* say they'll hae' their way,
Au' drink Coy Ion for a' that!
For a' that, an' a*, that—
Awn' Japan, an* a' that—
The lioniiin teas tliey Ine' the bent
Are Empire Grown, an' a' that!
The above pnitjreKtion from a fair Canadian correspondent, "with aimlngies In
Burnx." hns been' liratefullv received and
imn # i.iti-ly adqpteit hy—Colonist.
application will be made to the Lenick-
tfve Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia at its next Sesgion for an   Act
to incorporate a Company with Power to
run, construct, excavate and maintain a
tunnel through and under the land lying between the town of  Silverton   and
the town of Sandon  in tlie District of
Kootenay, iu  the  Province  of  British
Columbia,' from a point on the North side
of Four Mile Creek at or near where said
Creek eolers Slocan Lake and within two
miles of the said town o.' Silverton  to a
point at or near the town of Sandon, and
within one mile thereof; and for the pur-;
puses of the undertaking to run exploring and branch tunnels from the main
tunnel; nlso to sink  or raise,  mining
working  or air shafts along the line or
course from the tunnel or branches; to
explore for minerals by the use of drills,
shafts or excavations; to construct, main-
lain aod operate by electricity or otherwise   tramways   und   roadways for the
purpose of   carrying ores,  waste, mine
products und freight or as may b'.i other
wise required-, to engage in all   kinds of
minimi operations and to erect and itiuin-
taincrtisliini;, electrical, hydraulic, sampling, coiicentratiiiK. smeitiint and running Works or other plant unl to deal in
the products ol the same; to supply, sell
and dispose  of  compressed   air,  light,
power und water und to erect and place
anv pipes, electric lii.e, cable or electri
cal apparatus above or below gruiiml, a-
lona. over unit across streets, bridges and
lunda;  the  right,  subject  to txicting
water records, to acquire aod  take Iron
Four Mile Creek sluresaidso much of the
water of said Creek as may be necessary
for all or any of the purposes of the Company, iiml the right to use and utilize for
said purposes all water coming from the
saitltiiiiiul or branches,   and   to erect,
construct and maintain any dam, raceway. Hume or other contrivance or plan
for diierting and utilizing aaid water and
t,u construct and maintain all u01 ksnecessary.'to obtain and  make   water   power
available; to take and hold shares in any
other Company; to enter into any agree -
ments and to mnke contracts with persons or Companies owning anv interests
in   mining   lands or otherwise nnd to
charge tolls and   receive  compensation
for the use ol the tunnels or works of tho
Company, for drainage or other hciielits
derived from the tunnel or branches; to
purchase, lease or otherwise acquiie Und
bold patents, machinery, lands, premises
building* und all real ami personal property ; to build, own aud maintain wharves,
docks and tramways in connection with
the undertakings of the Company, and io
bnild, equip, maintain ami operate telegraph and telephone lines iu connection with the said tunnel and  branches;
and with power to expropriate laud lor
the purposes ot the Company ;  und wit
all other necessniy or im.iiteni.il   rights
liowers und privileges as may  he liect
•itry. incidental nr uondueivff to the al
tiiiumeiit ol toe unove ot j cts ur   auy uf
DATED «t Vancouver.'R  C , ihis gill
day.of Itawmlwr, A, I)  l!MO.
Davis, MarsiullA .Macnkili.. '
Solicitors for the Appticitnta
.irj'.nj.i 2.L.-1 \..xi.l:.
To James Akmsksos,   You at*, hereby
notified that  we  have expended  One
Hundred Dollars in labor and Improvements upon the Oakland Mineral' Claim
on Four Mile Creek iu the Slocan Mining
Division,  located  on  the 30th. day of
August lwwi. and recorded at the record
oflice ol said Division on the 12th. dev of
September   1893,   in   order to hold said
claim  under the   provisions   of    the
Mineral Act, lieing the amount required
to  bold  the  same  for the year ending
September 12th.  1000.   And  if within
ninety days Irom the date of this notice
you  fail or refuse to contribute -your j
propoition of such expenditure together
with sll cost of advertising, yoilr interest
in said cluim will become the property
of the   subscribers   under  Section 4. of
An Act tb amend tbe Mineral Act   1000.
T..H. \Vii_son
W. K. Gordon.
Dated this fifteenth day of September
Sandon Miners'
OPEN  TO  THK  Public.
Subscribers, »l.pern)0llth
Private Patienta,.»2. per day
exclusive of expiflae of p|„.
Da. W. E. Oomm. Attendant Pi.«i .
J.U. %_U|i<ihun, President.
W. L. HaoutK, Secretary
Wm. Dohahus,  J. v. M'ai^iv r
6 Good Chteer/i
When buying
Christmas Groceries,
The   Cheapest and   Best
Bourne Bros.,
A suits ssurc csiaM or t»st*s rowcta
The idea of a Silvsrton-Randon
tunnel has long been regarded as
feasible bjr many in the Slocan who
are familiar with the riohness of tbe
gronnd between the two towns. That
this ides hss been taken bold of by
some with capital enough to put their
plans into operation is now evident
from the advertisement published in
these columns by them through their
solicitors. A tunnel, such as the
company desiring a charter propose to
drive, would be abont five miles long
snd would pass through or in the
neighborhood of about a doaen producing mines snd scores of prospects
more or less valuable,
This is the fitlt proposition of the
kind that has ever oome ap in this
part of the   Provinoe.
Highest Honors. World's Fair
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Baklnpr rairtfiirs containing
•lam.  Ths? are lajurlooa to health
E. M. Brindle,
Jeweler, Sc.
Has recommenced husiness in
hit old stand antl ir. prepared
to devote his time and skill
to the repair ot all defective
time piecei-'. The Lakeview
Hotel is his Slvorton depot.
- -   - R C
We heartily agree with the opinion,
expressed in the editorial columns of
the Ledge regarding the indiscriminate
grauting of liquor licences in tho Slocsn.   The Board of Licence Oommit-
■ sioners bas it within its power to make
I it an ■ ihjeet for an hotel-keeper to run
| a first-class hotel, bat as  it has been
this power hss been   little  exercised.
The Chamber of Mines wants reliable correspondents in every Camp in
the districts of Esst and Weat Kootenay and Yale to whom reasonable
compensation will be paid for their
Correspondents will be expected to
furnish the Chamber of Mines with
all development going on at the mines,
the installation of machinery, shipments of ore and value, and generally
such news as will attract the attention
of capitalists and cause them to investigate and invet'
Applications to be addressed to the
Chamukh or Minks.
Southern British Columbia
(Kootenay and Yale)
Rossi,ahd, B. O.
WokK ir.rt at E. Amiminov's rahsv,.
sMor ix NEW DEN VER], wili, ss r„'
R. Thorburn,
.      SaVERlSr^- -  l; B
(Unn.iry Work Called for snd Delirered Vitetly.)
NELSON, 11. €.
"^TXaiTES -A.r_.c3. C_r&A.22S
Diamond Hall
of Canada.
Established in the year 1854,
our business has experienced a
steady Advancement until the
present day.
Our stock of Diamonds,
(J Fine Jewelry ami Silverware
is universally conceded to bc
thc largest in Canada, nnd our
reputation for fair treatment
of our patrons is such as to
command confidence.
Our new and handsomely
illustrated catalogue will bring
you in touch with our present
stock and a copy of this will be
cheerfully forwarded you upon
Ymc* «»ii AMaMa SU..
W.,r.,tyc*er,tt TORONTO,
• nd refund money It ietttet.
lAgentp for CALGAKY BEER.
-*- -•
j 23:__A.I2ID"W^.K__S.-
General Full Line Lumber,
Mining Dry & Mixed Sash and
Supplies.       Paints.       | Doors.
MoCa"»'" •* Co.,   Slooan, g. O.
3_v£oX30ria>lia_.a X-lTrex
■u^JLi?^KA£5,SG,l0""K'f0H m"K A1 •""*"■"
N^ICE:,^,"1Sr- H"'KNA" snd-Taov"
MWsnl Claims; Kit nut.. i„ the Slocan
Minlnn Division of West   Kootenav
District. ^
Wliere locttfed:—On Four Mile ereek
reloi'mious of the "Fisher Maiden" ..mi
T«ke   notiee that I, N. F. Towmiend
*etin(? as ancnt for Uie Fisher Maided
Consolidated Mining 4  Smelting (Jom-
P??iV0 ,F_.ree. Mi,lftf'«   Certificate   No.
HllfS, intend sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mlnimr Recorder
for a Certitluale of Imuroveinenta, for lhe
purpose of obtaininn a Crown Gran t ol the
above claims.
And further take  notiee that action
under section 37,   must be commenced
Iiefore the issuance of such   Certificate o
Dated thia 1st day of October, 1900.
24I1H00. NF-T"*™."
Oiit*j,|e PartU
Can  l|„ve Them
♦ ♦
, i#!rinfl HorKi-H in Silverton
Renerve'I By  Writinn To— •
______H^I       Bi
a. p. Mcdonald,
An Infernaiional CpntfisT
![••?is anyrhing Daintier or Belter
i» ftrooSfArSSSioi?.^VfIj0A8K» T,,AT w HAVE now
TRa"lSio 8KM w!°sHirin6H   MADE   LEAT^«   1
Austria *!2?.!HftW' ^e united scates, Germany,
X+O Trouble To
Sii vert
Show   Good««
oix    I3r«j£
SILVERTON,      -      -      .      B   0
j.m. McGregor
Water Sr!».
-PRE8ENT    1'OTll    U8EFUL    AND
Toilet Sets.
Japanese Ware.
Cbeese Ifalies.
IHAT    A     I.II) ci' ...        ■-•*"**^m*    nwmmm.      ******


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