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The Silvertonian 1901-03-09

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 ii    ■■.■_■    mt   m.-
A   Local
t '   <    "  ••*$}'
The     Time
Wb Have the Goods the
.  www    People want.
A irenernl Une of <<\
O-rocexies, Boots <S& Slioes
AN,)   G-ents' FuirrLieliirigrs.
GiuTiiraG mnu ii motto-
mi mtm paoimcnos.
HiililM [Mm.        SIS     THK LOCAL Ll
030000 50003000O000OC030O
General   Mining     fltewi
Around (lie District.
Prices And Quality Will Be Found Right.
I». BURNS *$e oo
The advance reports of tlio  Minister ol
Minea, aa announced this week in the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Legislature,    ate-  highly   encouraging,
STORE ' IN   UNION  HALL, 1s\Mn\ng K utatKving Increase lu Ilie ton-
SILVERTON, B. 0. | na)je ^ vu,m) <j( (])(i lllinnn_1 ,)r0).,Ic;joll
ol (lie Province over any other year'
the output for last year Ming over (bm
million dollftra in excess of that for 1880.
Tho following Ih h detailed Hat of the
production for 10W, showing I he Increase
ii each branch. A miiill decrease wiM
lie noticed iu (he production of placet
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymlr, Kaslo, Sandon,
(tew Denver. Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Green wot 1.
f       c^HOTEL.
is: '9
13,887 673
, 1.278.724
Si Ivor,
2 21J5 099
1 361 468
25 81.
1,811 0M
SILV E R T.O N     B.  O.
Total   111,840,880    tf.OOBJKH18,244,882
Com. anb  Coke.
MCO 1893 Iecrearn
t5.00a,8W   _T4.06_1.651   l1.01S.8iM
There wero 287 848 ions of ore mined
In 1890, compand with 864,796last .'ear,
an increase of'AA per cent.
The   Province bus   how  iw shipping
| mines, iiJot which are (hipping over 100
Ions u year.
The milieu cave employment to 8.73i
men, ol whom 2420 worked underground-
JAS.    BOWKS    Proprietor.
1^. J^# I^iel3®cliLei?,
The Bosun Shuts fi.r,Tn.
Ln/it Satiinlay a cablegram waa received by Manager Sandiford, of the.
Bosun mine, ordering Iho immediate
dosing down rt ihat property, Tlie iii 'ii
were iccordlngly paid o(T on Satiiril-.il-
and thy development of tbe rleh Bomil
initio is at a standstill.  This nlTeclB about
j:r> miners, halfol whom me fiom Sil-
; vcitoii.
Mr. Sandiford knows nothing that
Bhonld precipitate nub action.nponthe
I part ot the Rostra owners In Eutiland, Bud
I is awaiting for fattier details by m.iil      1
' ia probable ihat ihe ownership lias been
I transferred io new people, us there ie
nothintr around the property to cause n
shut-down, On the connry the local
management la In a position to enlarge
tlie scope of ibeir work, tho lower tunnel
having reached Ihe ledge, irfvingan exit
(or the nro practically on the Lake shore,
thos rciluciiiL* Hie cost of trana|>ortation
and giving a much greater amount oi
sloping ground than hai evei before been
o|iei'.eil no in licit property. Until word
cun be bad from England there is no way
Four of the Silverton contractors who
were laid off on Sutbrday with iho rent of
the ctew of the Bosun have returned to
work at that property.
Latt week's shipments from tho Bn-
terinii;i', ii'i-oiin'Mi'.! lo 40 Ioiih were h-fi
out of our lin*, This week no oie was
shipped from this mine.
During the WOBk lour horses were
added to A. P, McDonald's string of
stock whioli ia nt work bringing down
oi'' Irom the II.--.vi it. mine.
Win. Thomllason, manager of Ihe
sptciibiioi iniiii'. p lid the camp n visit
on Wednesday, coming down hero to inspect tlm Atletu claim, in which he la
Tlm II ill Mines 8ir.oit.ir hns been
d<.'ibled in capacity, hv the blowing in i f
a new fin mice on Thursday , and tl.e
addition ofa moe.baiiJcal roaster and a
lirlquc'tting machine.
T, t't. Proctor mndn an inspection of
the Silverton Hoy oo Tuesday. He is
having this property developed under
'•ontlr.et, and h Well   snlisfi.'d   wilh the
result of development bj far.
Tho Chapleau mino has beon sie/.ed
hy BheriffTuck under a number of judge-
merits filed agaittst Hint property. A
mortgage (or }2t),00i), issued in France, is
al.so out against the mine anil buildings.
The Prescott 'ten I is oft', unless the
bonders have a force of men nt work on
tl.at Oioperly to-day, which is hardly
probable aa none of those Interested are
here.   A n-quest for mi ex'ention of time
as been nsked for und refused.
Shipments of ore fr.im Slocan Lake for
the year IS'.)!), total,-il   H07S Ton*.
Bhipmontsin 1010 totaled"4080 Tops.
The shipment    ot   ore    from    -Slocun
Lake points, up to and Including  tho
ine.-..-iit week, 'rom Jan. 1, 1001.
From N"i-w Denver Tons
Hartney    100
Frbni Bosun Landing.-
r.i--m  180
From Silvi-ito'i
il .-a. tt  470
I'r mi Enterprise Landing
Hut. rprl«!    12.)
From Hlocan i 111 ,-
Arlington       720
Twto Fr e .<ls  40
Bl ici. Prince 60
Bondholder     80
i hapleau    15
Speculator         20
Total 1775
o ■___.
N F, McNaught left on a business trip
to Seattle On Thursday.
A Nineara Vapor Hath is being ehown
al the Drugstore.   Inspection is invited.
7'>e licence of the Rasin Hotel in the
Arlington basin has been transferred to
Drlsooll k MoKlnnon.
To br> strictly up-to-date the new City
nf Slocun will do wi'hoiit a Mayor. This
is a horseless age, you know.
O TI. Poole, who spent some time
heie lepros. tiling .John Choldftoll k Cn,'
ol Nelson, returned to that eity on
During the week F. F. Liebscher, our
merchant tailor, received a large assortment of spring goods for his tailoring
Flower and Garden Seeds for sale nt
Tho Silverton Drug Store. *
II ynu are suffering from la grippe or
"ny kindred affliction, lake Perfect
Waters. One box will effect n cure.
Four-bits nt The Silverton Drug Store.*
Go to R G. ri.-ii._Vs for all kinds of
fresh fruits. He is receiving shipments
daily. Freeh confectionery, choice line
of fresh groceries. *
Hockey is still on In the skating rink,
although enough bare ground haa pushed
through tlie snow on the football field to
warrant blowing up the ball. It wjuld
never do if ihese games interfered with
each other.
H. II. Reeves is in the Slocan Hospital serionaly ill with pneumonia and typhoid fever, having been brought down
(rom Three Forks Inst Saturday. His
mi'iiy friends here hope to hear of his
early recovery.
The secretary of the Women's Christian T''ii:;erance Union has written to
ihe Attorney General complaining that
Ilie Licence Commissioners wero not
giving ''British justice"fo Slocan City in
their manner of granting hotel licences
for Ihat town.
Police (ifficer Stublis made a trip down
'rom S.itidnn on Saturday lapt and gath-
crc I in a  Sandon  miner, charged  wilh,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
obtaining a watch from   (i. Tl. Knowles j their mines ready to  produce  lead and
iiinU-r fiiNv pretences.    TI13 accused did | silver, piactically closed   down,  at  the
not remain long in  durance as  be was
lioek again on Monday.
flrecn, On The King's Speech.
R. F. Green, in speaking during Ihe
debate on t i Speech from the Throne,
had mu"h say upon what waa not
mentioned in il.a Speech, that waa the
silver-lead mining and smelting problem.
He was glad that the Government had
measures in contemplation which promised lo encourage the introduction of capital into tlio Province. The railway to
the northern part of the Province was an
important proposition which should receive ihe aid of the Government, and
the same applied to the Coast-Kootenay
railr-.i,".'!. and tlio railway to the northern
part of the Island. There was another
matter, however, which he considered
eipially important with that of transportation, which he thought theGovern-
ment should have included in tbe Speech
bad Ihey justly realised its significance.
He referred to the question of tbe treatment of tlie lead ores of the Slocan. In 180ft
there were practically no lead ores mined
in East Kootenay district. In one short
year tl.e industry had jumped from practically nothing to 38.000,000 pounds. It
was estimah-d, with facilities for getting
rid of their ore, it would double in tho
next year. Altogether in the Slocan
there was produced in 1899, 16,660,000
pounds of lead. Last year the product
was 2d.000.000 pounds, an increase of
3,340,000 pounds, and they had come to
the present year with a prospect of having a st ill more prosperous year for the
lead industry. But the American Smelter Trust came to Ihe conclusion that it
did not want onr ores. Whether it wus
that thev had ore sufficient in their own
countiy, or whether Ihey had thousands
of tons of lead piled up in vaults, simply
seeking to regulate the supply, tbat they
might hold the price of lead to a higher
figure than before, he did not knor. He
did know tliat they simply refused on the
1st of Janmiiv. 1901, to re-affirm the contract they had made with the Slocan
mines in the previous year. The consequence of that was that a number of the
mines were shut down. A number of
others seemed to be able to get some little terms from the Smelter Trust and
had closed down partly, or limited their
output. Some of the mines, notably the
Lat.t Chance, were limited to a certain
number of tons per day. Tills state of
affairs was serious; that they should have
61 M
of leaniin;
when work will   ba recom-i
Outside ParlU De.-iring Horses in Silverton
Can  Have Them  Reserved Ry Writing To—
♦ t t t t ♦
p. Mcdonald.
1 put 111:0
N't-w  York,  Mar. 7—-Bar
Lake copper,  !tl7.0i).
Lend—Tho firm thai fixes tho selling
price f ir ini-icrs ai.il sin dlers quotes lend
at. i 1.37 ui the close.
WG WOUIJ) CALL THK mBfflOS   *t*y*%<^
Of  our  Customers and   the Public in general to     *
the fact that We carry tlio Most Complete Linn and      #
carried by any firm in the Slocan District, antl are     #
prepared to fill orders of any sine at short notice.       #
and others, who are in need of supplies, to inspect our stock and secure our prices before
purchasing elsewhere.
Tired  The Dnndi.
Labor Commission ts E. P.
and E. Willi on-* ha.I a chance t
force this week the Alien Labor law find
took full advantage of it. The contractor grading for tho new spur of the Red
Mountain railway at Ross.nnd Imported
16 luborers fiom across the line, in spile
I of tie fact that thi-ie wero many idle
men in that city. The labor coinmls-
I slonera Went to Itosslnnd and convinced
I themselves of these facts. They then
deported the alien laborers at tho con»
tractors'expanse, warning ihem ar the
same time that, the fnll measure ofthe
law, providing for tv lino of $1000 for cacti
alien imported under contract, would lie
enforced in future. Tho Alien Labor law
may be regarded as non-operative bv
some, but it is quite evident Ihat neither
Ed. Bremner nor hia colleague have received any instructions lo that ellect.
P. II Partlett preached n special
sernion nn Sunday in th-' Horton build-
ini: to n record congregation, his subject
being "Life In Silverton." He dealt with
everyday life in the mining camps, its
enjoyments, drawbacks and temptations,
lie approved of harmless athletics on
Slindftv, provided ihey did not interfere
«iih religions services. Mr. Bartlett.
-ince his retirement from the ministry,
has lived among miners, in town and in
the-blink-house, and his words and opin"
ions ^ri> of moro weight than are those of
the vast majority of clergymen, whose
knowledge of men ajvd things has been
learned in a theological college.
.Icir.es O'Dlil 11, one'of Silvrrlon's mn=t
respected young men, died on Wednesday in Kaslo, after nn Illness of but n
low days duration. II i hud been working for some time nt the Last Chance at
Sandon. g"ing to Kuslo, on bis lust trip,
but a few dttVB ngo. The remains were
Interred yesterday,
Thcdece. led was n vigorous and bright
young man, 85 years old, und wna one
o! th.' mos! popular minora In the camp.
lie wuf. Interested ia some good mining
property here and ownad some of the
benl ii-.il estate in the towu.
He was a native of Peterborough, Out,
and c.-iine to Silverton, with bin brother
lu the early days ot the camp. Besides
liis brother, he leaves Iwo sisters in O 11-
bidding ol a foreign corporation. He
hoped that the Government, having here
facts before it, would bring down a measure of relief, in the way of a subsidy to a
lead smelting industry largo enough to
treat the output of tl.e Province. He did
not care where (he smelter was situated,
although he naturally believed that the
place for it was in the heart of the lead
country, lt would not be sufficient to reduce the ore to bullion. They must havo
means of refining it, so that the product.
might be placed on the market. To-day
they were in a position of having the
riches of the earth io their hands, without being aide to make use of them. He
believed that the Government should
step in and establish a Government
Smelter and Refinery within the Province or aid the establishment of the industry. That was the policy whieh a
progressive government should, at this
time, undertake.
Headquarters  In   Silverton, B.C.
The   Standaid   Oil   Company has declared a dividend of (19,600,000 or |20.
per sham payable ou March loth.
This will hiing iho total dividends paid
by this company up to $D_.\6:_5,(i00.
Mr. Alex. Oliver, a reciter of  French
dialect selections, will figure on the program for the St Patrick's Concert, which
will be given ill the Union Hull next
Saturday evening, the Ifiih, under the
Allspices of St Patrick's Roman Catholic
Church of Silverton. The best local
talent «ill also lake part in the concert.
A big turnout is looked for, as the record
made nt the last St Patrick's concert is
not forgotten, and this one promises to
excill even that.
A   Good One.
During the week another carload
of ore was sent out to the smelter from
tho Hewett mine, of this place, which
tilings the total shipped lor the year np
to 470 tons. A. P. McDonald who bus
the contract for freighting the Hewett
ore from tlni mine to the wharf is bringing down over ten tons of ore per day
and piling it up just above town id the
snowline, Irom where it   will be bronu'ht
down to the dock for shipment as soon 	
n   tho road is passable for wagons.    The I	
I H iwett mine is now our biggest property ; "Do vou consider prohibition a failure ?i
and has a body   of Shipping oie thirteen 1 "1 do sir—most, enipliatic.illv."
feet wide tapped over lour hundred (eet, "Ma/1 auk your   business?"
deep. I "J, um a Kansas druggist, sir."
The Gates Iron Works, of Chicago, has
jr.st finished lhe largest, ore crusher evei
made. It weighs SO tons and is 20 feet
high from the floor to the hopper. The
crusher will l>o driven by a 160-H. P.
engine, and will crash eight tons of ore
per minute or oTtSO tons every twelve
hours. The machine will be need by
thc Biwabik Mining Oompany, Minn.
A feature of what may bo termed
"the Kelson spirit" is the whole-souled
generoMty which is manifested whenever
an opportunity occurs whereby it may be
exercised.—Nelson Miner.
She wns a weeded widow wise,
She had tliree husbands in the skies;
A .silver um, in solemn state,
Encased the ashes of each mate—
James, George, and  Henry, fond  and
Cremated—how, and when, and who.
She was a maiden, old and thin,
She bad no liusbanda canned in tin,
"A'as! alas ! ah cruel (ate!
Years have I yearned (or a mate !
While you—she gani-s on each urn—
"While you've   had   husbands   here to
I -The Spinster.
Idshtivr  Labors.
R. F. lircen is serving on tho Mining
Tlie Legislature has received no notification from Ottawa that the "B. C. Im-
migration" or the "Labor Regulation
Act" ure to bo disallowed.
No less than fourteen applications for
railroad charters are being considered by
the Railway Committee. Tlie question
of govern nu'iu ownership keeps coming
up, but tin-great majority of the members are opposed to such. The much re-
ferred-to public systems of New Zealand
are pointed to by those opposing such a
system as an example of how railroads
should not be run. They are spoken of
as "systems which would not be tolerated
iu Canada."
The Estimates for the year were
brought down hy the Provincial Treasurer yeiteiday.
.loe. Martin is back in the House so
busv conducting the affairs of the Province that he has overlooked his little
threat about retiring.
An amendment to the Mineral Act
will be brought down by the Mining
Committee, making a radical change iit
the locating of claims. The new amendment pr ividea that ten feot of work must
be done and mineral in place found
before the claim can be recorded, ninety
days being allowed for the work. Tins
is similiai '" the piovisions of most of
the mining states in the United States.
If th< in-mi'Ts feel that they most
amend the Mineral Ac_, this is undoubtedly one ut the i.i-.-i changes to make.
t\'-.! *
■ I
- .V- ■■■■■■       ■ -. --■<-- ■      ■ --..:-,
mAHMMH f*m' '
lasued Weekly.
A Complete Review of the Events of
the Paat Week—la This and Foreign I.nnda—Taken From the
Latent UUpatahea.
Paul Armand Silvestre, the French poet
and critic, is dead.
United (States Minister Conger estimates the total demands on China at $-100,-
The house has passed the sundry civil
appropriation -bill und immediately took up
the general deficiency bill, the lust of the
great supply bills.
'lloth houses of the New York legislature
have passed the New York city single police hill over the mayor's veto hy a party
vote. It now goes to the governor for his
C. E. Perkins, president of the Burling
ton road, lias resigned, and Vice President
C. U. Harris has been chosen president. Mr.
Perkins remains as director. His resignation is due to a desire to be relieved ol
the many cures of the ollice of president.
A special dispatch from Pretoria says
the Boers at Klip river derailed a train
containing Generul Kitchener's baggag-'.
The train was preceded by another with the
commander in chief as a passenger. An
armored train drove off the Boers, but the
lulter secured the contents of the train derailed.
The foreign envoys have received an official communication from the Chinese
plenipotentiaries offering to agree to all
tlie terms of the powers. The Chinese desire, however, to save the lives of Cliao
Shu Cliiao aud Ying Nien, but they were
informed tliat the ministers insiitcd upon
the former demands. A complete surrender is expected.
The resentment of the Cubans against
American interference with the formation
of a government has unquestionably been
increased hy the demands made by Secretary Boot. The military governor's newspaper organ now admits that the constitutional convention will probably refuse
the concession of coaling stations und will
also reject American supervision of foreign
The crest of a mountain, whose top is
more than a mile in circumference, slid
into lajugliborough inlet, 100 miles north
from Vancouver. The great slide was
caused by an earthquake, which shook the
surrounding district for several seconds,
and the resulting shock of the falling
mountain top could be felt a long distance.
Grave anxiety is felt for the fate of
Smith-Doricn's column, which has not
been heard of since February 0, when it
lost 24 killed and 40 wounded in a heavy
engagement with Commandant Botha at
Botltwi'll. The officer in command at Won-
derfonlein, the nearest post on the railway to the scene of the engagement, reports he has uo news of Bmith-Dorien,
who has about 2500 men under him.
The jury in the cose of the state of Minnesota against Frank H. Hamilton, charged with murdering Leonard R. Day, oiler
40 hours' deliberation, furnished a gciniin ■
surprise by coming into court and reporting that it had ugreed upon a verdict of
manslaughter in the first degree with a
recommendation to the mercy of the court.
The jury had been out so long that hope
of an agreement had about been given up.
John G. A. Leisliin.in, United States
minister to Switzerland, who was recently
selected to succeed Oscur S. Strauss as the
American representative at Constantinople,
today presented his letters of recall to
President Brenner.
Captain Jones of the Eighth infantry
has arrested at a town on the bay province of Laguna, Florenta Orluna and '.Miguel Ponce de Leon, agents of the Tabaca-
leria company, and William Webb, Pedro
Lorenzo and Victoria Scenta, employed by
the Philippine Trading company, on
charges similar to those brought against
D. M. Carman, the American contractor,
namely, furnishing the insurgents with
A mob of eight determined men took
Peter Berryman, a desperate negro, out
of the Menu, Ark., juil and hanged him to a
tree. The crime of which Berryman was
accused was an assault on a 12 year old
girl, whose condition is critical. The
masked men met Night Offioer Jones und
compelled him at the point of a gun Ui
hand over the keys and his revolver. Two
of them were left to guard Jones, while the
others went to the jail and secured the
negro. About 2 o'clock they returned
where the officer was being guarded and
gave him his keys and gun. Then the
men quietly disappeared without a word.
About two months ago this nqgro attacked an engineer with an ax, nearly
killing him, and he has been guilty of
numerous other offenses. Prompt action
was taken by the authorities, but no clue
has been found as to whom arc the members of the mob.
The United States auxiliary cruiser
Scorpion has arrived at La Qulara.
Brigadier General Robert McFeely, j
retired, of the army, la dead at an ad- ■
vunced age. j
Conger wants to come home but President McKinley, however, desires htm
to remain In China. I
-Official statistics estimate the French
vintage of 1900 at 67,352,661 hectolitres,
which is an increase of 19,444,981 hectolitres over 1899. • I
At Sharon, Pa., an Erie & Pittsburg
freight train ran Into a crowd of men
on their way to work. Five men were
killed outright, being cut to pieces.
Fighting has occurred between a
large body of Bulgarian agitators and
a force of Turkish villagers, near Ghe-
veghell, Macedonia.    Six   Bulgarians
were killed and three tuken prisoners.
Five Turkish soldiers were killed and
several wounded.
Ll Hung Chang asserts that tho punishment to be Imposed upon Prince
Chwang and Fu Slang has been carried
out according to the demands of the
foreign envoys.
The latest edict of the Chinese court
expresses the desire that Chl-Hslen and
Hsun Ching Yu, now In the hands of
the powers, be handed over for immediate execution.
At St. Petersburg, ln honor of Washington's birthday Mr. Charlemagne
Tower, the United States ambassador,
and Mrs. Tower gave a reception to the
American colony.
The president has Issued a proclamation calling a special session of the
senate for executive purposes immediately upon the dissolution of the present congress, March 4.
At the John Hopkins university the
resignations of Presidents Gllman and
Professor Herbert B. Adams are announced, 111 health being given as the
reason.   Both were accepted.
At Santa Cruz, Cal., Dr. Pierce B. Fa-
gen, a pioneer of the state, Ir dead."Dr.
Fagen laid out'the site of the city of
Des Moines, Iowa, ln 1840. Deceased
was a native of Iowa, aged 82 years.
An imperial decree orders the Chinese officials In Pekin to repair to the
palaces so that they may be In readl-
nesB to receive the court, which will
leave Slan-fu toward the end of March.
Mr. Cudahy is in receipt of a letter
from Pat Crowo. He maintains that
he had nothing to do with the kidnaping, but kept away from Omaha because he feared the hot-tempered people would lynch him.
Although the situation arising out of
the RusBO-Amerlcan tariff controversy
is unquestionably full of peril, neither
well Informed Americans or well informed Russians anticipate an unbreakable deadlock.
Colonel Walter Schuyler, with a detachment of the Forty-Bixth volunteer
infantry, had a skirmish near Santa
Cruz, province of Cavite, In which several Insurgents were killeu. The Americans captured 10 ritles.
The bill providing for the Louisiana
purchase exposition at St. Loula has
passed the senate with an amendment
whieh provides tor the closing of the
exposition on Sunday, and a further
amendment providing for a government exhibit at the Charleston exposition. The bill passed the senate without division.
On the North German Lloyd steamship Werra, which recently left for the
Mediterranean, was a party of scientists bound for Sumatra to view the
eclipse of the sun on May 17. There
,were 38 members of the first party,
among them being Professor Alfred E.
Burton, Professor George L. Hosemer,
Harrison W. Smith and G. ... Matth-
Several hundred Imperial Chinese
troops attacked 50 Germans west of
Paotlngfu February 21. The Germans,
hard pressed, fought a rear guard action and eventually drove the Chinese
back. The Germans had one man killed
and seven wounded. It ls estimated
that the Chinese lost 200 in killed and
Lattimer Jones, wno 15 years ago
startled financial circles by his vast
enterprises, failed for many thousands
and fled to South America and was later arrested in London on a charge of
forgery and extradited to this country,
has been pardoned by Governor Odell
from Sing Sing, where he had been
sentenced for five years and six
months. He was convicted of forgery
ln New York in June, 1897.
The American syndicate prospecting
for oil In Egypt It ls said has struck lt
rich. Thomas Sharkey, a driller,
writes home that the first well drilled
is a producer. Oil is struck at a depth
of 2350 feet. It Is near the batiks of the
Red sea. The syndicate obtained favorable grantB from the khedlve. Experts predict the field will be the largest ln the world.
DEWET     HAD     TO     RETIEE.
Ills l.'orcea St'iittcri'd—All In Killl Re-
ircni—tinny  iin.-i-N Taken  Prison-
ers— A in nt ii n It 1 tin       nml       Supplies
(tenia Olenned From Late Reports-
All Dlatrlcla Arc Helnv Developed
—A I'rosiieroua Xear la 1'redlctcd—
MlnliiK Notea and I'eraonals.
London, Feb. 25.—Tho war office has
i received the following dispatch from'
Lord Kitchener:
"Mlddleburg, Transvaal, Feb. 24 —
French reports from Plet Retlef, February 22, that the result of the columns sweeping the country east ls that
tho Boers are retreating ln scattered
and disorganized parties to the number of 5000 ln front of him. Amsterdam and Plet Retlef have been occupied and troops are protecting the
Swazl frontier. French will push on,
but Ib much hampered by the continuous heavy rains.
"Summary of losses Inflicted upon
the enemy up to February 18: 292
Boers known to have heen killed and
wounded In action; 5G taken prisoners;
183 surrendered; one 15-pounder gun,
462 rifles, 160,000 rounds of small ammunition; 5500 horses, 70 mules, 3530
trek oxen, 18,700 cattle, 155,440 sheep
and 1070 wagons and carts captured.
Our casualties: Five officers and 41
men killed and four officers and 108
men wounded. I regret to say that Major Howard, a very gallant officer of
the Cnnadian scoots, was killed February 17.
"Plumer reports that Colonel Owen
captured Dewet's 15-pounder and pompom February 23, as well as 53 prisoners and a quantity of ammunition. We
had no casualties; enemy In full retreat and dispersing after being vigorously pursued.
"Dewet's attempt to invade Cape
Colony has evidently completely
IiiinUli Weat Indlea.
Copenhagen, Feb. 26.—A satisfactory
Understanding has lieen reuched by the
ministry und finance   committee   of the
rrichsdag regarding the sale of the Danish
West Indies. The result, it is understood,
will shortly lie communicated to the
Washington government in such form, it
is thought here, that it will prove acceptable. The Danish proposal, it is expected, will include new suggestions, but
nothing, it is stated, calculated to defeat
the conclusion of the convention.
I: ii (cm li.-.l Over Two liny*.
Tuscaloosa, Ala., Feb. 24.—After 03
hours under ground, for the greater purl
af the time in water, 10 of the 13 negroes
caught in the Asylum mines hy a sudden
inrush of water, have been rescued. When
they reached Ihe liyht they were exhausted and nearly blind. It is hoped to rescue
the remaining three during the day after
I large pump, in addition to the others
alrle.idy in operation, has been put to
work. '
Extrn Seaalon l!nneorn«nr>-.
Washington, Fab. 26.—-The senate com-
mittee on relatione with Cuba has agreed
lo an amendment to the nrmy approprii-
tion hill regarding Cuba. The entire com
niiltee is agreed and there will lie no minority report anil no opposition is expected from the democrats In the senate.
It is the general impression that lhe agree-
BieM today makes un extra session of congress necessary.
iln.   lie (liven n Sew Trial,
Washington, Feb. 26.—Justice Shiras
of the United States supreme court hurt
delivered an opinion in the case of Homer
Bird, under conviction from the United
States district for Alaska, for the minder
Of J. II. Iliirlin in the Yukon river in lsiis.
The verdict  of the Alusku  court  was iv-
versed and it is expected a new trial will
be granted.
Cape Town, Feb. 25.—Colonel Plum
er engaged Dewet yesterday near Dis
selfontein, on the south bank of the
Orange river, capturing a gun and a
pompom and taking 50 prisoners. The
Peers were scattered and are being
pursued by Colonel Plumer. It Is reported that General Dewet escaped to
the opposite bank ln a boat and Is now-
fleeing with a handful of followers.
It is reported from a Boer source
from Zeerust that General Delarey has
been captured.
London, Feb. 25.—A correspondent
of the Dally Mail, with Hennlker'B col
umn, wiring Saturday, says:
General Dewet was routed yesterday
by Colonel Plumer, with whom were
Colonels Hennlker, Craddock, Jeffreys
and Drabbo. This success was preceded by a series of desperate attempts
on the part of the Boers to escape from
the water belt of the Orange and the
Hrak rivers.
General Dewet, after unsuccessfully
attempting to cross the Brak at Klip
drift and the Orange at Read's drift
and Marks drift, moved along the bank
of the Orange with one gun and one
pompom and laagered opposite Kam-
eel drift. At dawn Colonel Plumer left
Welgeverdon, 22 miles west of the
Hoer camp, and moved northeasterly.
At Zurugat he attacked the enemy,
taking 40 prisoners. The pursuit was
continued during the afternoon, the
Roers moving toward Hopetoun. Toward evening the leading troop sighted
the enemy, who had laagered beyond
the range. Colonel Owen charged the
spot where the Boer artillery was supposed to be and captureo the whole of
It. The enemy fled, leaving their
horses ready saddled and their cooking
pots full. According to the latest reports only 400 Boers recrossed to the
north side of the river. The Orange is
greatly swollen.
London, Feb. 25.—The Daily Telegraph publishes the following from
De'aar, February 24:
Mr. Steyn addressed the Boers yeB-
terday and told them they must shift
for themselves, returning to Orange
river colony as best they could. He
and General Dewet took 300 of the best
horses with which to escape.
Tlie Mlnlstrra Arr Bntlafled.
Washington, Feb. 241.--Mr. Conger has
caliled the stale department under date of
lhe 23d, ns follows:
"A satisfactory edict in answer to Ihe
punishment demanded  has lu-en received."
From this the department assumes that
the punishments are to he substantially as
stated in Mr. Conger's cablegram received
on the 21st. The minister has not yet informed tho state department of the date
he has selected for his departure from
Pekin for home.
Kn More Ilotllea Reeovered.
San 1-Yani-isco, Feb. 2(1.—No more
boditt of the victims of the ltio de Jain iro wreck have been recovered and it is
not expected that any will rise to the surface Iiefore next Thursday or Friday At
the spot where the vessel is supposed to
lie the water is .1(1 fathoms deep, which is
slid to be twice Ihe deplh at which divers
can work. It is thought by expert wreck*
ers Unit the bodies of those who went
down within the ship will never Ih- reeovered.
Il<-ilil>    to   Silrri-nil.-r.
CAPK TOWN, Feb. ii.5.—it is reported
that the inlliieiili.il commandant, I'iel.
Fourc. wilh sevci.il hundred lloers in the
Dcwi'tsiloip district arc willing In surrender if the commandant receives a proposition direct  from General Kitchener,
The expert's report is said to be favorable on oil lands near Lewiston,
Ore of remarkable value la being taken out of the Morning Glory. Good
progress Ib being made from the raise
from the second level. Drifting ls also
going on us usual. '
An unpsually high grade of ore is reported to be coming out of all the
stopes ln the Republic mine.
Rapid work ls being done on the
Quilp shaft, which Is now 200 feet below the third level of the mine, and Is
520 feet below the cropplnga of the
ledge, according to Republic advices.
After sinking another 100 feet a crosscut will be driven to tne ledge.
The working shaft of the Mountain
Lion has reached a depth of 130 feet
below the lower level of the mine, or
a total perpendicular depth of 555 feet.
It will be pushed te the 600 foot level
before a crosscut Ib i un on the ledge.
Following Is the schedule of rates
to ba charged for the treatment of custom ore hy the Republic mill, as announced by Manager D. C. Jackllng:
For ores containing 6-10th of an
ounce or less of gold per ton, $4.50.
For ores containing \% ounces, $7.50
per ton.
On ores running between these
amounts a scale increasing with every
additional quarter of an ounce of gold
from the lower to the higher will be
On ores containing one ounce of gold
or more the mill will pay for 90 per
cent of the assay value and on ores
running less than one ounce, 85 per
The mill will pay for 50 per cent of
the silver shown In assay at market
In addition to these charges a flat
sampling rate of 75 cents per ton will
be charged.
The drift on the Flag Hill Is in 150
feet from the crosscut tunnel. The
ledge Is between flve, six, and seven
feet wide. The values are regular, but
the average Is about $20 per ton.
Stoning has begun on the Ben Hur
and the output will be shipped to the
Republic mill as soon as arrangements
for Its treatment have been completed.
All work has been suspended on the
San Poll and will probably not be resumed until the shipment of ore be-
It Is reported from Sheridnn camp
that the ledge has been cut on the Tom
Quick. The Tom Quick ls<owned by
Peter McCormlck nnd partner. The
pronerty has always been regarded
with great favor by the miners of the
ramp and In Its opening will either
elate or depress the hopes of many.
The Republic company haB made
somo preparation for constructing a
high bridge across Granite creek near
the sampling mill. It will not be constructed, however, until some arrangement has been made with the mining
companies for the treatment of the
ores. It will coat a considerable Bum
of money and will not be particularly
beneficial to the Republic company unless It is used for the delivery of ore
from other mines to the mill.
The stones and drifts and ore bins
are full of broken ore at the Quilp and
work has therefore been suspended on
the raise, as the ore taken out would
have to go over the dump and much of
It lost, owing to ItH friable character.
The shaft ls 3fi0 feet below the tunnel
level. No other work Is ln progress on
tho mine.
Too much  service  steals our  time
from serious thoughts.
Evil fastens on  us rnly because It
finds affinity In us.
It Is expected that the ore output of
tbe Old Ironsides, Knob Hill and Victoria will be Increased to 1200 or 1300
tons dally, when the capacity of the
smelter at Grand Forka is doubled.
At present about 700 tons are sent out
ench day.
Morrison Mines, Limited, has made a
year's contract with the Standard Pyritic Smelting company to ship 3000
tons of oro monthly.
The second payment, consisting of
$20,000, has been made at Rossland by
the Onandago Mining company to J. M.
and C. B. Etner and J. and D. Cromie.
A petition will be presented to the
government at this session of the legislature, asking for tho continuation of
the Ten Mile wagon road from Oylwln
to the Kokanee summit.
During the weok ending Saturday
the Granby smelter at Grand Forks
treated 4410 tons of ore, principally
from the Knob Hill, Old Ironsides and
Victoria mines.
In the supreme court sitting at Rossland, Chief Justice McColI presiding,
a jury awarded L. W. McKelvey, a miner. $3000 for damages sustained In an
accident In the Le Roi mine last September.
It waB reported from Cnmp McKinney, B. C, at the office of the Waterloo
that the upper drift was full of good
grade ore from the new workings be:
low the main drift level and the company has decided to put the stamp mill
In commission again right away If water can be had.
Frank Sherry expects to have two
carloads of ore out from the Black
Prince, Sloean, by February 20. He
has a fine looking body of ore In Bight.
Ore Ib commencing to come In In the
breast of the drift being run on the
Neepawa. on Ten Mile. Tho management expects to open up a big shoot.
The Sheep Creek Light * Power com
pany haa filed articles of incorporation. The company Is formed to furnish electrical power and light for
mining purposes. The capital is In
6000 $100 shares. The trustees are
William S. Norman, Chester Glass, W.
B. Heyburn, Lome A. Campbell and
Patrick S. Byrne.
At Phoenix a force of men has
been sot at work clearing tho site for
the new four compartment shaft, work
on whicli will be started by the Miner-
Graves syndicate this spring. This
main working shaft .will be located
south of the Old Ironsides Bhaft No. 2,
and the site was selected for advantageous working of the several large
properties operated by the syndicate ln
Phoenix camp.
LOSS OF Lift IS nn
The Kincanno mine and mill near
Wallace, Idaho, were sold recently at
sheriff's sale to R. R. and F. B. Steen
for $4517, the amount of judgment and
An excellent allowing la reported
from a young silver lead camp, flve
miles from Kellogg and two and one
half mllea up Pine creek from the
Coeur d'Alene branch of the O. R. & N.
The rush to Iron Creek, the new
South Hulf camp, continues. Mine*
and proapectora are well pleased with
the promise of tbe camp, said to be
the best on the South Half. Clalma are
being 8taked In all dlrectlona.
A rich strike has been reported from
Camp Aspen on Palmer mountain,
Wash. Although mado early during
the winter, the facts have been suppressed until the present time for various reasons. The find waa made on the
Bellevue claim and waa diacovered in
running a drift at a depiu of 75 feet,
and wns in the nature of a blind lead.
So far as new discoveries In minerals go there haa been little doing in the
Coeur d'Alenea for aeveral months, but
there la almost a certainty that they
will follow each other in quick succession in the future, and generally
under such conditions that they will
become immediately available for the
extraction of ores.
A rich strike has been made on the U.
S. lie Roi mine, near Lie town of Curlew, Wash., and has caused considerable excitement among the shareholders
of that property. The ledge encountered haa proved to be at teast 10 feet
in width and the average assays across
this vein go $93.84 in gold, $1.50 in silver and $8.25 in copper, making a total
of $103.59 per ton.
Gold creek, the new mining district,
30 miles east of Kendrick, Idaho, promises to be the scene of active mining
operations this season. Several outfits
have already gone Into the district to
prepare for work as soon as the weather will permit. Some will operate on
placer ground and are getting ready.
The prospects for water for sluicing
are not what are desired. Some quartz
locations have heen made and arrangements to develop the prospects at an
early date nre completed. Men coming
out say there is more activity In the
Gold creek district now than uny time
slnco the discovery of tne Syndicate
M. Bagley, who la In from Iron creek,
near Keller, Wash., where recent very
rich strikes caused a small stampede,
says that a great many prospectors are
coming in from Republic and other
points. He reports that claims are being staked in every direction. James
Harvey is expected in from the creek
in a day or two and his report Ib being
awaited with interest. All seem to
have a good opinion of the camp, however. John King, the well known miner who was recently there, Bays: "It
looks like a mining country and there
is no question about the values unless
the aasayer is wrong."
With the opening of spring the outlook for mining in Baker City, Ore.,
diatrict la better than it has been for
many years. A number of mining en-
gineera of national reputation spent
the winter here examining the underground workings of a number of the
largest mines .with the result tbat the
Golconda haa already changed management, having passed to a new syndicate
which proposes to complete the pur
chase after working the property with
the new machinery already provided.
The Vesuvius mine has resumed
work and there will Boon lie a general
activity among the Buffalo Hump
mines. During the present winter the
mine has been closed down and on moat
of the properties work has been suspended for the winter season. The
mine la one of the best in that section
und the starting of work on the tunnel
will mean a great deal for the district.
Thero has never been a good reason
given for the cloalng of the mine, but,
the news of Its resuming work will
mean much for the other mines, which
will also start up aoon with the opening of spring.
At Loomls, Wash., the Copper World
strike continues to be the talk of the
camp and it la generally atlmulatlng
prospecting and development on the
different clalma adjoining lt. There Is
quite a flow of water out of the tunnel
nnd any iron instrument left for a
short time in lt becomes thickly coated
with copper. The owners of the Copper King claim, adjoining the Copper
World on the west and carrying the
samo lead, aro actively opening up
their property. They have a shaft
down 10 feet and will continue sinking. The ledge at this point Ib 10 feet
wide nnd shows atreaks of the same
high grade ore cut In tho Copper World
tunnel. The compreaaor building at
the Puritan mine on Go.,1 Hill Is about
completed and the work of setting up
the machinery is rapidly progresalng.
AU the machinery Ib on the ground and
a mile and a half of flume ls nearlng
completion. This flumn will convoy
the water used to run the compressor,
nlso the mill, when built. The work on
the Ella claim, near Oolden, preparatory to tho beginning of permanent development, has been completed.
Site Slriu'lt it lloclc—One lluiiilreil und
Tiveiity-Ifllwltt Uvea Loat—Consul
Wlldi.iuii und Family Among the
.San Francisco, Fob. 23.—Tho Pacific
Mail steamship Kio de Janeiro run on a
hidden rodk while entering the Golden
Gate in a dense fog. She sunk a few mm.
utes after striking.
I'llot'M Story.
8fin Francisco, Feb. 23.—Captain BVed-
crick W. Jordun, the pilot of the Kio, vus
rescued by un Italian fishing bout owned
hy Frederick Costrltti, and (Vus brought
to Mcigg's station about 10 a. in. Along
with him was a Japanese and Philip Ni,,.
He wus taken up to the room ecoupled
hy lhe customs ollieiuls und told tin- f»|.
lowing story:
"We anchored inside ubout 5 o'clock last
night, The weather was thick and I left
orders that when-the weather cleared wo
SuOUld go further iu.
"At fi a. ni. the fog ..ued. We eould
ace the Cliff home and the North I in
light, und 1 told thc mute to heave ihort
After we started heaving short tha wind
cuine in from the northeast uml the fng
settled thick, and 1 told the mule to niuji
heaving. Then the captain cumc up asd
" 'Let her go.   Wc can go ahead.'"
Captain Jordan made tins stutcmt'iit tu
Captain freeman and his friends, who
crowded around him.    To Captain Free-
mun  he said:    "Ain't  1  iu a   of a
Captain Freeman put his arms stout
the pilot and said: "Don't talk about it.
Vou art here and that is ull v.e care."
Captain Jordan tuen ctiilimicd l.n
itoryi "Vou we, my watch stopped at 20
minutes to ti. When the vessel struck 1
ordered all the bouts out. Tha lirst boat
Out was that of the doctor, ii was half
filled with water no sooner than she
struck the water. 1 got u ladder anil
placed n woman on it and we began to
descend, t'he had a hoy with licr, a child
of aliout 8 yean. She gave him to me. 1
held him in my arms und the little fellow
had his arms around my neck. The woman
and 1 were about half way down the ladder when the Kio gave a tremendous
pilch. 1 was Hung ofl the Udder. I saw
nothing then of the woman or the boy, I
went down wilh the ship about "ill feet.
I worked my way up to the surface and
got hold of mine wreckage. 1 had sense
enough left to turn on my hack and drift
with the wreckage. Then I came SOToss
what seemed to ine the top of a house,
with a Chinaman on it. He helped me
lo il.iinl.tr on to the roof and with hhn 1
drifted out toward the north heads,
"1 wus then rescued by ths BtMng
boat. I cun not *.i\ who the woman ua*.
I believe she had a husband, but he u.-.s
nol on deck when WS Iffi. I saw nothing
either of the woman or the boy after I was
Hung off the ladder into the water."
"Did you see Captain Ward?" "I saw
nothing of him after we struck. 1 believe be is lost.''
Sun Francisco, Feb. 'it.—So far as can
be ascertained from obtainable data, i.'s
lives were lost in the wreck of the Pacific
.Mail Slcamsliip company's steamer Kio du
Janeiro. Some lishernicn early this morning found a paeket containing the papers
of Purser llooncy. Among them wus the
passenger list and a bunch of paasenger
tickets, nnd us there were names on the
list whose cancelled passenger tickets did
nol appear among the recovered, it is a<
siimt-d thut they laid over either at Yokohama. Kobe on Honolulu. That they were
not on the vessel at thc time she went
down is certain.
The list of passengers as given out by
the company and compiled from the pipers of the purser is as follows:
From Hong Kong (cabin)—William
Castle and wife (laid over somewhere en
route), W. Kionz (luid over somewhere en
route), Consul (ieneral IL Wildman, wife,
hoy and infant, Mrs. Katie Nichols (maid
of -Mrs. Wildman) nnd native servnnt. J.
K. Carpenter (saved), JL F. Seymour,
Mrs. ('. K. Mcintosh (luid over en route),
Mrs. K. West (saved).
European steerage--K. c. Howell, F. B.
From Shanghai (oibin) -Charles Dow-
nll, Miss (i. Lehertn (saved), A. Hart and
wife, Edward Seorctan, Captain Hecht
From Nagasaki (cabin)—Russell Harper (saved),
From  Kolic   (steerage)--iMr.  Teumura.
From Yokohama (cabin)—Hi. Crlpp*
Matheson, Mrs. H. S. Olcott (laid over en
route). Steeragi—V. Sito, X. Sawnji, Z.
Yanmdii (saved), Mr. Tkawahiura, Mrs.
Dika Humusaki, Miss Haki Azeki, Miss
Marsu Ilumusaki.
From Honolulu (cabih)—Mrs. S. W.
Wakefield und daughter, W. A. Wooil-
worth nnd wife, W. A. Henshaw, Miss L.
K. Jehu, Mr. Okawnharii, wife'and servant, Young Chung, Mrs. A, Gussoni, Dr.
A. W. Dodd.
Steerage R. IL. Long (saved), Mra
Harry Guyan, Mrs. Frances Ripley
(saved), Mr. TaknUi iinil' wife, Mr. Suku-
ral, Mr. (Ida, William Caspar, Charles E.
Jitcox.   Philip   MusNciiblutt   (saved).
Passengers from unknown points, prc-
siimnlily from Honolulu, layover checks -
K. Holly, (saved), W. Brandex (saved),
Mr Nuscmbuiim (saved).
Ilodlea Recovered.
Thus fur only 11 bodies have been recovered, six while*, four Chinese und one
■ l.i|ijnesc.   The whiles ares
Julia Illinium, aged 55 years, stewardess of the Kio tie Janeiro.
Angela Gncsiini, labor agent in the employ of Nprcokels at Spreekclsvllle, Hawaiian islands.
IM win Berwick, aged 35 years, ship's
butcher of the Kio de Janeiro. DEED OF AN INSANE WJMAN
jj,,, IHeil at  Uiiloiilown, Wualiliigtun
ll,r,.» I lu in lioun it Well uml i hen
Threw Uettelt In- lleltl Tht-lr II. „.:„
Uiitltr tltu WaUr.
Inioiilowii, Wash., Feb. 2S.—A ter-
rll,le iniii'der ot six helpless children
l,y their crazed mother hus occurred
]1(.i-e. Mrs. Rosa Wurzer, a widow,
Ha-e.v her 8lx children, two boys and
(0Ur Kills, ranging In age from 4 to 12
years, Into a well 30 feet deep, with
'l„n two leet of water In the bottom,
then jumped lu the well, and, the belief
|Bi held their heads under water until
„ll were drowned. Neighbors found
Mrs. Wurzer ln the wen with her six
murdered children, and putting a rope
around her body, drew her out. She
i« violently liiBune and is restrained
wiih difficulty. .
\s«ttj- mill-.- at  Vancouver.
\ uneouvor, B. 0., Feb. 84, A special
Hum Ottawa says the dominion govern
ment has decided upon nn assay ollice al
once in Vancouver, a1 which gold will be
purchased from minora at its full value, in
the - une manner us during th • past season
ii hi- been purchased at Beetle for the
I'nited States mint. This is said to be
preliminary to the locution of the Canadian mint nt Vancouver. i
The ll«»t l'i'.-.i'i-i|iiloii for Malaria
Chilli and Fever i»« bottle ot (trove's Tasteless
Cluh I.-nie.   Il 1* Pimply Iron hiuI i|iilnlne In
jliiniiluss lorin,   Nn i ure. No l'ny.   Price fiOc.
The reputation of woman ia in the
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Hood's Sarsaparilla
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Ksf^oi      ,T"l>t'',"''>>- *-** N"U"" ^ ' »
Cancer until ,l'1,M*1'(1 from the county Jail and has left
the blood  is   '"''  ''•'•"'ia to act us editor of the Peoria
po.luted arid the system thoroughly con- JoOrwd for one day, for whtejl she is
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WmlesstokSatfirrLt^The^n ** ****• ■«* *CT **>»*■ M»' N"-
cerous cells form and are deposited by Uo" re''''1V('1 several urgent telegrams rathe blood near the sore, it increases iu jesting her to eomc to Peoria, and her
sia_ and severity, with sharp shooting determination not to give bond could not
pains. No matter how often the sore is hold out against the requests. Bo the.
iWrovin^,!^ mr&on'' knife or flesh last of ,h,- entailers is out of jail. Before
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Ml Windsor Ave., Ilristol
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years old, an<l for three
years hail fullered with a
tevei* for i of Cancer on
my Jaw. whicli the doctors
fnld wat Incurable, and
that I could not live more
than six ninnt lit. 1 accepted their statemen untrue,
•nd had Riven np all hoi_e
of ever being well again,
when my druggist, know-
liiKofmyconilltlon rerom-
mended 8.8. ft. After taking a few bottle* the sore
begun to heal, to the surprise of the physicians,
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gained In flesh my appetite Is splendid, sleep ii
rcltrshiug - -in fact, am enjoying perfect health."
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department f-ir any information or advice
wanted ; wc Ue no charge for this service. Your letter will recciv; prompt and
careful attention, and will be held in
strictest confidence.
North llakota Illi/.r.tiril.
Jamestown, N. I)., Feb. 21.—A blizzard
has prevailed iiurlh of .luinestimn and extending Into Canada for 4H hours. Trains
have beenaliiililoni'i! north of ('aiiinglnii
On the -lamestoivn & Northern nnd on lhe
Copper branch of ihe Northern Paciflo the
road is blocked. Snow in some places i-
blgher in.in Imix mrs. it is feared ranchmen will lo.-e heavily..
■lelpti atruek b>- Train.
Goshen, In I.. Feb, _!! - Three person*
were killed lure and several Injured hy a
Wabash westbound pa*»engcr train running Into a sleigh tilled wilh people ut a
'i"--ing near Wakaruss. The dead ure:
Christian Wagner, l/mis Wagner and
Christian Deering. Berioualy injured: Edward Wagner, aged 21, leg broken and in-
temal injuries; will die. The train was
late and was running at a high rate of
lin- government - rgads and ihe agrarian
and am .agrarian prcaa. liie Nation today contains a remarkable article on tha
subject by Dr. Berth, the leader of the
Irelsaitaigna party, reviewing Russia'!
ic.iiiiiinii- relations with Qermany and tlw
I'iiiieil Statea, aod *.i\s.
"The pres in Kiis-.i-Anieii an tariff ivar
is   of  a   tcinpoaiy   nature,   since   l!u-*n
U seriously and aytunstically working lo
Iestablish the   closest relations   with toe
j United Stan-, not onlj c menial, but
financial, thus assuming tin- portion Qer
I many haa heretofore occupied.   Thli tormJ
hi Inherent part of Russia's n licy.   li i-
ihe best blood purifier ever produced. '"' "Ml-V M- ",u m* I"'1"'-'- ''" il '" ""
Its cures of dyspepsia, biliousnesa, I'''"•>' "' l!"' whoW -;-■vcruincni."
ncrvouBness, loss of appetite and that      Those  statements,   ii   i>   a - .vied,  an
tired feeling make it the greatest stom- baaed on Inride biformation.
sch tnnic; nerve-builder and strength-
Tln-alt-r   Ut-Htroyt-tl.
(iihiniliiii. Mo. Feb. 21.   Uadcn's open
I house uas destroyed by lire Saturday.  Tin
iire was caused by a defective tutnaee and
siiited while u matinee perfcuinance was
in progress. Tlie audiapce ««- largely
composed of ebildran. Imt all escaped in
j :ry.   Loss, *i-.u,iiihij in-iirauce, $-lil,m«i.
A Million Dollar Gift.
Chicago, Feb. 24—11 is announced lint
Mi-. KmmoiH Maine of this city has turned over to the Chicago university ths ('hi
Turin War. cago  Institute of   Pedagogy,   which wil
Berlin, Feb) 2.V The two Russian semi- npresent an addition to the university en
illiiiat tit.--1.ir.>ti nis. amminting to threats "towmetit of nearly $1,000,000. The iu-ti
if a vigorous t.irill law if lieiiii.iny. midori*11*8 ""* st.irtoil by her some years ac<
.-.<•i-.iii.iii pressure, should persist in levy- I •'>[ •'» appropriation of three quarter- of .
Ing heavy import duties upon foreign ag- |m*,M°T" d liars and since that time she ha-
rieultuml   products,   have   hem   tig 'chief i1"'1'1'' addiiilial gifta to it.
niplei of public discussion here, both by
The comedy of the world ts as appar
ent as the tragedy, and far more eco
jomlcal for the brain.
When vou talto Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic,
ixciuise thu formula is plainly printed nn every
lotiU-sliowimrt_i.it ft tl simply Iron and Uul-
liino in a tnseless form. No Cure, No fay. 50c.
Tho skeptic never expresses doubt;
he feels it too deeply.
♦»♦♦» <"l'*frl"loM"li'>»*»«»*»»*»*
< >
< •
restorer the world has ever known.
Hood' s*Sarsaparilla
Is a thoroughly good medicine.   Begin
to take it TODAY.   Get HOOD'S.
$Ti >K$>
Will Keep You Dry
Tam No 3ustituts .   FaceCAvateooe,
SUOWINC FutkllMC Of (_.»»HCMT5 AHDHivn,
A. J.TOWER Co   Boston.   Mms_»
On  Hit-  lift I red  Lint.
Washington, Kb. 26.-—-JBrteadier (_!.«
eral Theodere Sehwan haa been placed on
the retired list on hi* own application un-
der the 40 yeurs' lenrlee clause.
For 14c.
W» Willi Ms fain thli y««r IM.OM mw
cut'om*!.. una hone* otter
YkM. umiii'i '"is Hln--I TomaSo.. He
-     -Ili.Nnrthfrn Union  i:«
"     K.mi'. k&Tortu  Onlo& IM
1   "     Inm-iia Omen I'llcumbw.... Ue
1  «    t'iiru»i<Wn Ueet  Me
1 -    isn«T luauh Ue
1  «    UCraeee lUrkeS I_et«uce.... Ue
I -    taegent riover Beedj.......   Ue
Wert* Sl.ee far 14eeete. fiM
We will msftfS* Oile entire Sl.sce
orth of ipienilid eeed eo<eltl<e free,
tocether with our lerfre llluetrated
tUtnt end teei OMSMf ue oo r»cel|>»
ol tkle petlee »»* It. In po«u«e
Okelee Oelew Serd SCe Ik **t at*
Potato* MUM mit beml Md ep'
Oetelorae elone. I cenU. P
mt t. uim ikb ce.,tK_wii.wH.
l i-mi|>» tti I.envr China.
l'.uis. l-'eh. 86.—A dispatch to the Temps
fiom Shanghai says ii is believed the evae-
nation of lhe foreign troopa from China
v. ill begin al the end of March.
i <•
Don't Stop Tobacco Suddenly
H Injur*! Dfrvotu lyitem to do to.   BAOO-
< UKO la tbe only cure that rmlly ourei
end notlfle* you when to Hop. Hold with s
(tierantee that three boxei will cur* nny cue.
RiP.n.nilflfl >• TFtotahle and herml.-se. lt bu
utUU UUnU rur,.,i , honii»iid», It will cure you.
ai an drucfiiU or by mill prepaid, |1 a box;
> box** $2.60. Booklet frea. Writ* Xuriiu
ChxmioaL Co., he I'miie, Wis.
Moid  Crown and  Ilritlm-  Work.
Katrauee aoi-'-'tiU-Htl.'l Mnhavrk Ulok
Spokane, Waah.
1)11. HUNT A SON*,
All  klmla of  wcrk   neatly   done  and  prlcm
Rnnme S-4-K-S Eaxle niork, Hnnkane
_ A guaranteed t'uro for Catarrh and
tHin-Uimptlen.   |1.00.   V Iaick Hux M5.
W. H.SMITH a CO., Buffalo. N.Y, Prop's.
It c,L„r,rN\s,^ pension
II B CKFONii, Waihlnalon. 0. C, ilu-i will r»
«e«lT* quick repllee. B. Mh N. U. Vole. Btaf
■tkCorp*   FroeeotittntelainmlncalSVS
Energetic men nnd women to represent ua in every section. Steady employment, good wages. For particulars call on or address Manager, 22
Golden Gate Ulk., Spohune, Wash.
The miners and operators are now In
spss-wi ln Columbia. The latter want
a raise of 10 to 20 per cent and minor
concessions, and the bosses want to en-
fcrcc a reduction. Both sides are making threats and sparring for advantages.   The outlook for trouble Is good.
The  skin  and flesh feel like
the fit of a new soft glove when
has driven out
from cold.
• •
• •
• •
. ■
• •
I •
• •
Story of a Druggist Who Was
Always Compounding ltem-
edies for Others Yet
Suffered Agonies
From the Ri publican, KUlmmto, III.
Perhaps in im oase where Htninucli
trouble was the uilmeni has the elli-
ciency of a popular remedy been ho
thoroughly dsmonstrited as in the case
of VV. E, MutbiH, a prominent druggist
of Eldorado, 111. Tho story uh told by
Mr. Mutliis is iib fullows:
"lu the spring of 1894 I hud a very
serious cut-e of iudi^ehtiou. My stom-
O i ■ Omii.ouced to give me grent trouble,
ami, while] knew the uutuie of the
pain, 1 did riot at first use the proper
preu.utiou^ For some time I did not
imy anv attention, but it gradually
__r«w -worse, when I consulted a phy-
sivian, who prescribed for me. 1 used
his medicine according to instructions.
I begun to experience nervous Bpells,
beoaiue subject lo congestion of the
stoiiiiioli, uml considered myself in a
precarious condition. The physician's
medicine nnd other remedies I tried
failed to beuelit me.
"One day a  friend urged   me to try
Dr. WilliauiH' I'ink l'ills ior Pale Peo- I
pie.    I considered  ita useless expert- •
ment,   but ns 1 bud tried   everything '
else, I agreed to take them.    That was
three and  a half yenrs ago.    When I
bad used three boxes I could note very
plainly   the   oliHnge   for   the   better. ;
When 1   had   used the seventh  box 1
Was cured.
"Tiie pills have not onlv cured the '
indigestion, but tney have ul.-u cured
my uervouHtiesH, my blood is in perfect
condition, and they huve brought my
weight from 140 pounds at the commencement of the stomach trouble to
180 at present.
"If any oue who reads this desires
to know more nf my expuiience I will
iliuily answer letters which enclose
stamp for reply. i-igned,
Sworn and subscribed to beforo me
this :_?th day Of June, 1900.
Thos. D. Morris,
Justice of the Peace.
Dr. Williams'  Pink  Pills  for  Pale
People are sold at all druggists or  will!
ue. sent direct from Dr. Williams Medi- '
■ine   Company,   Schenectady,    N.    Y. j
I'rice 50 cents per box; six boxes, $2.50. i
RAIDED     A    liaUOR    HOUSE,
Twenty tu Thirty Simla Kit-oil—One
Mun iiiiitii> Wounded, With Ttrn
Ballets in  in- Hd-iim—KuuU   si.i.-
AffiiHot the Oilier,
Tqieka, Kan., Feb. 20.-J. W. Adams
.lies at a hospital hovering between life
und  death,   ilet«us shot  during  a raid
on    u    North    Topeka    Wholesale liiiuiir
At midnight a crowd of citizens heavily
armed with revolvers, sledge hammers,
i rov. bats and a battering ram broke into
i he wholesale liquor bouse of ''Cash" Our-
lis un West Curtis street, between Kan-
sun avenue :ind Jackson Street, nnd
smashed the beer casks found there.
Three polioemen drove the crowd back.
Both the policemen und the citizens tired
their revolvers, and J. W. Ad.uns, u car-
penter, was simt twice iii the breast, lie
vas taken in a hack to Riverside hospital,
where be lies in a preoarious condition.
freaoliar I nder Arrest.
Dr. M. I!. Mitchell and Hev. V. \Y. Km-
anon were arrested,  ltcv. .Mr. Emeuon
wns taken to the pubic station, when-, he
was biiokcd uiiilcr the charge of resisting
un officer. His left hand was cut and
bleeding. He was allowed tn go upon his
own recognisance. Dr. Mitchell tonk tin
Injured man to the hospital and was al
lowed to stay and administer lo him with
"Ul Living bond.
The three policemen, Patrolmen Down*)
nnd Ituyles nnd Private Watchman Don
nuis. claim that Adams was shut by \\\,
own crowd while he was retreating train
the place where the liquor Waa smashed
and Adams says he was shot by a police
man. Officer Downey says he did not ar-
rive at the scene of the trouble until it
«as about over.
lii.-.l  tn the Air.
Officer liuylcs, who carries a C'olfs 44
caliber, claims that the Uo shuts be liieu
were in the air and that he did not aim ai
any one. Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Charles \Y.
Iluiiiniiiud, who cared for Adams at thi
hospital, say that he was shot With S
'Ai or 'AS caliber revolver.
Boiler Makers' strike   on the Erie
those interested in the movement.
The newspaper carriers of San Fran-
■isco have organized and are seeking
representation in the Labor Council.
M ift * xtanalvc breeder* tn thf northweet.
1. c. White 'uvi B, C. Brown Legfconu. S. C.
-Hf k Minorca*. Dark Brahroaa, C. i. QutM,
tlhode Wand Rods, Barred Plymouth flocks
•Vr*. $100 sluing ot U. Pekin -lurks. $1.90
pitlnn 15. Bmnw turke)**, W.0O per 11. Order
r"2:  now.   Toulouse Koe**< ?:; per '•'.
UU'K   HARDTNCK   1'rop.
Bast Bpokane,  Waah.
hi. il8n»turo la on every Sox of the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine T»bi.u
He remedy that curve it cold In on« d«jr
Men confeiw to making love, hut
blush or rugo If accused ot really feeling lt.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'HUH »♦»■>»» 9999
Chicago stationary flreemen will
itrlke for the eighthou* day In the
The Trust Problem.
To a thoughful mind, the mist prot.le.ii
i» min nt ..fin ui- uuj.uit. li inii-i in-i.rnily
jcmppled with, for it creeps njioti societv
uefore you am .iwnre uf hs existence, iii
ibis respect much resembling the var-
i'.iis dimirdera wliiih auan me itoinach,
•tich us iiiii-iijmtiuii, Indigestion, dyspepsia uml hilioiiMiese. Honfetwr's titbmach
liillers «ill cure nil Mich ailments, und
urivetit lu grippe, malar ul fever und ugue.
Be >iuc in i,'iu. jt n trial.
lewiirr    nf   Olntincnt-i    fnr   Cntarrh
Tllltt   rtllltulll   M.r.nry.
V.8 mercury will surely destroy tbe sensi
if smell and completely derange tht
vhole system when entnrinn tt throueh
he mucous surfaces. Such articles shouie
'ever be used except on prescription.
rom reputable physicians, as the damagi
hey will do Is ten-fold to the Rood yoc
an possibly dorive from them. Hull'.'
'atarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Che
ey & Co.. Toledo, O.. contains no mer-
ury, and Is taken Internally. actltiK di
ectly upon the blood and mucous sur
aces of the system. In buying Hull',
'atarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine
t Is taken Internally, and made In Toledo
>hlo, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials
Sold by drugRlsts; nrlce. 75c per bottle.
Hall's Family Pills era the best.
Charity draws from an exhaustless
Another increase of 5 per cent ln
wages was received by the miners in
the area of the Miners' Federation of
Great Britain on January 12th, which
will average about £1, or 14d. per week.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Of the U. S. Treasury Recommends
Dr. Llewellyn Jordan.
Dr. Llewellyn .Jordan, Medical Examiner of (J. S. Treasury Department,
graduate ol Columbia College, and who
served three yeurs at Weat Point, haa
the following tu nay ol Peruna:
."Allow me to express my gratitude to you for the benefit derived
from your wonderful remedy.
One short month has brought
forth a vast change and I now
.consider myself a well-man after
months of sutler!ng. Fellow suf*
ferers, Peruna will cure you."
Catarrh is a system io disease curable
..nly by sys*.ciiiii' treatment. A remedy that cures catarrh must aim directly at the depressed nerve centers.
This is what l'eruna doea. Peruna
immediately invigorates the nerve-centers which give vitality to the mucous
membranes. Then catarrh disappears.
Then catarrh ia permanently oured.
Peruna cures catarrh wherever lo-
mteil. Peruna is not a guess nor an
experiment—it is au absolute sclentiflo
certainty, l'eruna has no substitute!
—no rivals. Insist upon having Peruna.
A free book written by Dr.
Hartman, on the subject of catarrh
in Its different phases and stages,
will be sent free to any address
by The Preuna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio.
Fourteen Itntllcw Recovered.
Vancouver, B. V., Feb. 24.—A sp cial
from Cumberland slates that more water
was turned in to Xo. 0 shaft to quench
ihe lust vestige of fire, il having been
fiiiind yesteid.iy that the fire had extended
50 feet up No. ti shaft. Fourteen bodies
have so fur liiin recovered from the exploded mine, .ill of them having been taken
out by way of So. !> shaft.
Sermons are preached In many places
beside pulpits.
The uses ol f-iirlli'ld Ten are maul-
fold: it regulates the digestive
orirans; cures constipation; pari.
des the blood; brings nimil health.
Thoroughbred stock 4 months old $5
each; three months old $3 each. Lord
Brittain Hoc with 5 young $15. We
ship everywhere. Over 100 to select
from.     CENTRAL  RABBITRY,   1001
The roots of a strong tree do not j Sprague Ave, Spokane, Wash
make much rustle,  but  they  do  the
hanging on in time of storm.
Stop. th. Cough .nil
Work. Oft thc Gold.
Laxative Brptno-Qnlnlne Tablets cure a cold in
one day. .Kouure.NoPay.   Price 25 Cents.
As a rule the laborer is worthy of his
fountain; the more it gives the more it  hire, but there are cases where the sal-
Short absences increasi friendship;
long ones kill it.
has to give.
I ary is rather bigger than the preacher,   bones of difficulty.
Take Laxative Itromo quinine Tablet*. All
druggists refund the money if lt falls to core.
E. w. Grove's signature la on each box.   25c.
It Is a jellyfish  creed  that has  no
People who hnve for years suffered
with tick headaches bave never
used Garfield tea, lor this hkkii tea
is ii peattWe cure lor constipation
anil sick hcailacheR.
It Is hopeless consulting the compass
of conscience whon you lay tho load-
Btone of lust beside It
Onmpliia life ol Qnean Vlotorla    B«at
bonk,   bait  term*.   Outflt  mailed   tre*.
A.ldr.i. H. O. Miller * ft... Portland, Or.
The approbation of self is seldom
born ot the approval of conscience.
N. N. U.
No. 9, 1001,
FIT8 altar Anl il«y'» uiieof br. KDm'iHr'-at V"«
Ito-t-i^r. Semi to FltKK*i.Optrl,lll,,.tll.-.;n;ltr...'-
i-... Hl_.Il.ll Kl_i.il,l.l<i.WIAr.-liHt..l,lilliiil'l|l'i.' Pa,
Adversity ennobles or degrades; It
permttB of no midway.
I am sure Plso's rure for ronstiiniitlnn «hvc(1
nr life three vcnrit ago.-Mm. Then. IMililns
Maple street,  Norwich  N.  T.,  (Hit)   1».  1W
To nsslst nature Is no sin, but to resist her Is death.
Abiding achievement is greater thnn
restless activity.'
Bilious-Got a Cold?
You're bilious, got a cold, you have a throbbing sensation in your head, a bad taste in your mouth, your
eyes burn, your skin is yellow with dark rings under your eyes, your lips are parched and you feel ugly and
mean, as if you wanted to kick a lame infant or kill a canaiy bird. Your system is full of bile not properly
passed off, and what you need is a cleaning up inside. Don't continue being a bilious nuisance to yourself
and those who love you, but send out at once for a box of CASCARETS and work off the cold while you sleep.
Be sure you get CASCARETS!   Don't let them sell you a fake substitute.
25c.   50c
*>,- \ H AV II III TO ll'lll' nlllMit.-elirnnl>le«. ni>i>e.iill clUa, hlllonaneia,
bnd  t>.-.':.tl,,  imil l.lnml,  uln.l  on  the  Moium-li, MnuteU buwi'li   ftnil nutt.th,
, -.allow ii'iii-
yon will never km well antl he well nil Ihe time until yon lint yonr bowel*
right, inki' onr u.lvlrei .imi with I tmAIII'lN toUtiy. untie r un ahsnlute
■uurtinlee to uir  miiii,-] refunded.
Ot-AKANH'FF.n   TO   ITRKl     fllf
I'AUV-TH waaaold.   Now It !• over-Um million hoxe» u yrur. irrrnirr th»n an
•Intlliir medlelne In the world.    Thia la nhaolute proof of grent merit,  _»n_
onr l>e«t teatlmnnlnl.    We hnve faith, und will aelf l'A*C \ RETN nhaolutcly
enra   nun   the   ant  box of CAB.
yrur, greater than any
..I nf areat merit,  and
*l- IKI'lN nl...,lately
triiarunte^d to eitre or monev re_Yi~ntletK Oo hur toduy. two ftOe hoiea, alve
them u fnlr, honeat trial. u» Iter almulr tllreetlona. uml If you ure not antlafled
lifter intlng one HOe bo*, return Ihe iinuaed JtOr tint nml the empty box to
ua by mull, or the druirirlat team whom you inirehuaril II. antl get your money
Imeli for hoth hovea.   Talie oar ndvler   no mm Kr whul alia yon—alart today.
■ ■.--.111. w III nulekly follow und vou w 111 hleaa the liny you llrat
iiU'AM'UIl'.l-s.   liook (Vre by mull.   Addi  iii.iii.im. Ill nvi.i I n.,
tlrat atnrted the ua*
S.. V.,rk.rlkU«»t_.
___k  ■
ii »«* Kl
•n—r mi-i— ,i a_p;_-iT" iti-. t—!,_.»-ytru'Wcrrp-;
Saturday,    March   9.    1901.
M ATHKNON II1COK.,    HdltOM   A Prnpa.
Clocks and
tine Watch Repairing a Specialty.
All Work Left at The Lakeview
Hotel, Siiverton, will he forward-
oil and promptlv attended tu.
O. H. Knowles,
>________»_______»__»———«■___________.!      II
Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station and Wharf.
Advertising rates will be made known
anon application at this oflice.
advice know what would would hai
the immediate result of such a measure?
While the number and capacity of the
lead stacks in Cunada are so limited
as at present, any talk of an export
duty is sheer nonsence. The Slocun
has stood much, but this would be the
last Ptraw and the population would
soon he limited to buliffs-and deputy
sheriffs. Slocan ores already pay the
duty charged by the United States!
whether treated at home or abroad,
and if an export duly wero charged
they would pay that too, even to the
home smelters.
0 0 31N UIVI C A T E I).
Tables supplied with all the delicacies
of the season.
SLOOAN CItY,   ....   BO.
When your watch  goes wrong   or
your clock refuses to go bring it to me.
If you have a piece  of jewelery  in
need ot repair, brim; it to me.
j; I am prepared  at all  times and in
every case to guarantee my work.
04«4«4Q   OR   IN   ARREARS    A
» (•
There'll be weeping, there'll be  walling*
There'll   be   wrath,   and  there'll  be
There'll be many a pulpit empty, many
an exit high and low,
And the Knisers ami their corn-ins,
Shall depart the earth in dozens,
To  escape  the  desolation—when    the
Humbugs go!
Tliey shall   flee  thn   c-ew   prolific,
In an exodus terrific,
All the oily ones who fatten on tho pallid
people's woe;
And the Sweater sweot and pious,
With his 8qtiulid den nnigh us,
Shall levant to sweat al leisure—when
the Humbugs go!
But the unaccustomed   laughter
Shall salute lhe sooty rufter,
In   the  cottage  when   the   laborer hns
dropped his weary hoe.
And co wants shall e'er tissnil him,
And his bread shall never fuil him
In the happy time a-coming—when the
Humbugs go!
E. M. Brindle,   Jeweler,
NEW DENVER,  - B. 0.
ilLVERTON,      -      -      -      B. C.
[8888 88888888 8 8 8 8 UU 8 8 8 8 8
In the House of Commons a few
days aqo, Davis, of Saskatchewan,
asked. "Why .should we hmd over
to the C. P. R. the entire northwest!"
That's what we all want to know.
8L00AN,      -       -       -      B
Sandon Miners'   Union
Subscribers, (1. per month.
Private Patients, 12. per day
exclusive of expense of physician or surgeon and drugs.
Dr. W. E. Goin in, Attendant Physician
Miss S. M. Chihhoi.m, Matron.
J. D. McLaughlin, President.
W. L. IlAtiLKR, Secretary.
Wm. Donahue, J. V. Martin,';R. .1.
McLean, A. J. McDonald, Mike Bh/.dy
-and Soo line
W. W. Beaton and C. W. Webster
have purchased the Kaslo Kootenaian.
Tbat publication may now take the
turn for the better which it.has needed
for many months.
On all Trains from Revelstoke
and Kootenav Landing	
Paaa Dun more Junction for St.
Panl   on   Sundays,   Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Fridays	
Toronto on Mondays and Wednesdays  t	
Montreal and Boston,on Bat-
li rdays	
vor rates, tickets, and full information
tall on or address
. '  .O. B. Gil ANDLKIt,
•<■ ^Agent, Silveron, B. C, or
p. p. a., a. a. p. A..
Nelson*. Vancouver
The City of Slocan is at last a
reality, the bill of incorporation having
this week secured the assent of the
members at Victoria. Without wishing
to bo premature, we Congratulate the
Citizen's Committee of Slocan who**
labors have proved so successful. Il
seems a shame however that the incorporation and civic election will not
be Over in time to allow the Mavor
and Alderman to send the Heir
Apparent an invitation to visit this
district    This is a lost opportunity.
The Dominion Government is
growing more penurious instead of
more liberal in regard to lhe Post
Office affairs of the Kootenay, if their
actions in Sandon are any criterion.
Postmaster Atherton has been notified
that his salary is to bo cut down by
$340. a year and in future he must
rent an oflice for $10. a month.
The Government should spend less
on schemes for immigration and more
to oil the int.er.ual machinery of the
government By ao doing they would
make Canada if good place to come to
and our population would come unassisted.
The Nanaimo Herald has blossomed
out into a daily paper and is now the
only daily'abor paper »published in
Canada. If labor organizations in
this Province are alive to their own
interests t'ley will see thai this
paper is well supported and given it
chance to live. In times of trouble
they look for support from the local
papers, and are indignant if they do
not receive it, but in times of peace
they send out of the country for tlnir
literature and let their home press be
supported by the   ' plutociats".
Mr. R, F. Green hns proposed to the
Government that they estnbli'h a
Government Smelter and Refinery in
the Slocan, or at some most conviemci't
point, to handle the lead ores of the
Province. Such asch'uno has much to
recornuiend it. Not only would the
reduction work* pay for themselves
directly, besides settling the lead
smelting problem, but they would indirectly be a source of much revenue
to the Province in thn matter ofthe
mineral tax nnd the licences winch
would be taken out by men-hunts and
the taxes whicli would be paid by
them if the mining industry here was
encouraged in this practical wny.
This seems to be one r,f tho ernes
where government ownership tO'ild
not be objected to, by even the niai-t
Some are now clamoring for nn
export duty on coal. Are these people
trying to shut up our const coiliere-i?
If so they are tnking the. pre per bourse.
A* the const collieries depend upon the
American   market   nml if   shut   opt
Tho Editors do not bold themselves In
any way responsible ior ihe opinions ex-
prtssed under this bead. All communication, intended for this column, mnst
be accompanied by the nnuie of the wilt-
er.   None will be published otherwise.
Editor Btlvbrtonian :
Dear Sir:—
1 um jrivon to understand tbat
the editor of the "Ledge" considers himself debarred from matins, nny reply to
my letter, which you were good ehoimh
to imlilifih in your issue dated 2" February, by the-fact that I did not si^n my
nama thereto. My object io addre'ssinp
you now is to supply tha necessary information; if the "ledge''still linds itself iinnble to justify its impudent attacks
upon religious belief we tdinil know lo
what cause its silence is to be ascribed,
Yi-iirw truly
L. II. FlLMOMt, •
Thrco Forks, March 1.
Mr Schominprhorn (sjianklng bis son)
—Willie, tills is biirtlnu nie fur more
tl an it is ynn !
Littlo Willie—Well, I hope it is! You
ate wnv out of my class, and, besides,
your're bitting me below tbo belt!
■ A Grndy Comity, Kan., physician
recently sent to tha address of one of
the patients Q bill fur prof.-s.-i mal services, nnd iu ten days received the
tollowinu letter written on the.book of
his memorandum: "Doer Stir this was
put in my box by mistake l han't the
man bee's d__ul and ainl nny relation lo
mine iinvWav. I dint see bow jour
consbens will let yon dun (he dead.
Why dont J'OII live and let live and try
to meat that mat] who died in heaven
whicli i.s nroilh moar than forty dollars
to enny doctor."*—Ex.
Tln.ro is nothing ariiliri.il about these teas. Tin; iniriiy ^ 1
mi(ps(ioni.(l, ilie ILiyor is delicious, the bouquet is a revelation, k
yon hare never tasted Hritish grown teas a treat awaits yon. j^
tea drinkers try Ceylon Green.
il free sample of delirious S A l> A D A Tea sent on receipt of \n
mentioning which vou drink—Mark, Mixed or Green Tea. Addri
"SALADA," Toronto or Montreal.
Agents for Calgary Seer,
Gener^l Full Line Lumber,
Mining Dry & Mixed Sash ar,d|
Supplies.        Paints. Doors.
MoCallum «& Co,,   Slooan, 11* o.|
JNoTicii:—"II.\:.auI'"   Minjwi!  Cl,,iini,
.•limited    iii    lira     Sloi-im      Mil.ina
PkiHiin  nf Wf>:   KuotPti iv  l>!stri. I
Where located :—On Ibt'iluiNv F.insi
adjoining    Iho     "Cuiilkv    iMnjauL
Claim" mi tin- !\i-t.
Tako Notice that  1, Kraneli. ■• o'lteil!.! i
ni Silvcriiin, 1! ('.   nn   n..:fM   fur Flunk
Owen,    I"r,|i  Miner's  lYiiHleute    No
©©.COCCI _«CCK©Q.5^XC^
MEOY    for    COUGHS
14503. iit-ml Rimy ititys fnun   tli- ■•t,r.» j  Xf*"-^ [fT*
n'Miii. \niijiplv in tin- Mlnltiu llpeor.lHi I   \5»>  'TT "7'V/'*"fl T! ^"V /f"^ w
uiO.CVrtilUiiti'iifliii|.mvHlo'Msf'»t<M'j WTjB   W   I      8   9   R   S tt. Jf 8
nfj).is.'i.f o'lt.'iiiiin- ;i C'» ._.-.%■ ii (ii-ini   »/    Fmmr' tyW    ***     ^*J£^ mt**7 JA
|IU illl.iVi> tih.illl   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ami imiiiir tuko miliro thnl nclloii
'.inil.r M'i'tiini 'At, nitu-t lin ii> tinit'ini'il
lii'i-.r.. Ilif i-s:tn:,iv ul   Hiitib   LVrllUuHie
f»l litijiitivt'lni-'.t-,
li.it..! :• \* 22 b.l'v nrFi'Tin'T, 1001
Fiuxcia 3. (I'll! u.i.v.
•2rx | • 101
from that lliiliket would all lift clilBWl
down within a week. For ibit Jetir)
up lo tlm first of tlm pipsrnt liiflith,
there was shipped from tlialveiv Viui-
cfitiver Coal Co, tlm I'liinn Onlliecy
and the Lady^niith  Collit'iy   to   15. C.   	
uoints 28,400 tons tit.d from tlm same j     Wiim- |.,.-iit.-i! :-On tl e bv:•!,- M>t«>en   ft
*   „.    . ^. „~ I Ki.!.l hi.I I,'it A.'ii-','..'.•_<- : \,
colln-rii'ti  to  American points  fi.L'OO     Tukf^ntitut UibI I.   I    M.  y.filrevtir, \\
tona.    To "cut  oil'your   none to gpiti!
And Tolu.
emrxeitawRx,** mwn .yir,.v.i'i'»'.i.'<?  ■■.■^t-i;^.
N'Ol'IOK :—'-l.\N-r i'ii.im-eN'ii   ll."
[SIJVll   *M|.'.'.'I,1  •ilin-rni < 'i;;|i|i. silniili- !
In Um S! >.••>»» Milling Jliviniuli i;MVu.<i
Konieti'iy Hii-'rii't
A •i-ftKI VWV* «ir *,* *. Vi-wV^W 'Su***.*.*. '^VWVAtA_<W«/WV<»_AA**r.>
A to »toi>% l^ttt H (Ss AJ^ will do It.
your t.tdi" nny suit »omo in'^le.
but it is a policy such ns put Cliina in
her present predicament
A Pill h now befori
to ri'K'^'it'! Ihn weight or load a
vehicle may carry HCconliii^' to the
widih of the tires on its whi-els. As
luck wruld have it tliii* bill, if passed,
will only covj-r thst portion of the
Province west of the Cascado llanje.
In this part of the country tlm load
will be regulated, nsusim', not  by the
;i't'niij i)i* ntfi'tit fur i'iiwi!» Kyiid, ln-i
Mir.i.i.i   ('• r'ilii'iiTe  Ntt   i.,'.i'.._",-),    jiteiel
>i.s'y tl.'i -s I'iMtii Uie llitle lirlft.l In in;.!,
to tlm Minim; Ueu r«.ler lure peilifiiM'u
of laipltivenii'lii, foi Ibe liUrpnee '.: nli-
tuliiinji u down Grant of tlm above
^^^^^^^^^ Ami fi'.i-li !■ lako notion tJiet nctloti
our Legislature|nnderai-ctionS7. nvnel im fumni ine.1
hefqro Iho iiMiiaiinO of mieh Ci rlilliaite t-f
Dated this (itb diir of November.^lOO.
$»oltl   cit
the Siivertofi Oriig Store,
SILVERTON    •    .    .     B. c. '
q omoooc :cocc^© ©.'ccooa xcco^og^-^ ^^
".VtAAiVS tMWtlVl
J. M. .Me'.iliKCOK.
Po Gtr* KiiVfii.u,  or  to  nny  person or
perM'ii< l.i vi li'iiu he mny have Irmi'*. i ii^!
widih of the tires, hut   by the state of |',iH   Intereata  In   tlio ii'il".iini. Minn .1
, ,    ,. ,   .. ,,,     riaima.Coiilm i.o'2.   Cuinnmiider hs >• I
rouds, over eoine of winch it would be nriaol on  I'M Mntiiain. nenr Mllverton
hard  to run  on  empty eImclLirrow. 1B 0.. Slpcun Miidnj Phi i,m
Those fanatics, wiio are branded ss
"Orangemen" are busy at the present
time in passing resolutions condemning
the recent yote in the House of Commons regarding the anti-Roman
Catholic clause in the British coronation oath. The cluuse was inserted
in the oath at a time when it and the
Orange order both had some reason for
existence, but happily that time has
long been past We are glad to s?e
that only ninteen members of the
Canadian House of Commons were
bigoted and narrow- mindei' enough
to vote against the resolution.
If  our povtrninetit   has  such  pretty
Vou  me  liinliv   riniiii
t'M'i'inh-il thrive hundred
I ihat 1 !m\t>
dollars (!-;:i()0)
carriage drives west nf the  rantfr* thitlhi InStpr nnd   Improvements   upon    ibe
^^^ ' "iOVO   lii'-n'ioi.t'd,  .• inenil   CliillllS     in
It is with a great deal of  disgusted
surprise that we note that some of our
Provincial   exchanges    are    snriounly
advising the placing of an export duly
j on h.-ad ores,    Do tbe  writers of such
they nre afraid n freighter miulit upoii
tlmiii by hauling a decent loiid, it is
nothing to the government'! credit
while they hnve such makeshift rortdi
here. The fmuirr of this hill, Jlr
Oliver, bis tuL't'll a leaf out (it the
book of a foriimr superintendent of,
the Yellowstone National Pit!.-, who
made just moll regulations ai thin bill
covers to keep freighter* from crossing
the Park. This regulation was pooh
recinded, as the freighters, to get
even, had eight inch tin-s tacked upon
the outsido of the wheels of their
freight wagons, loaded up with rock
and tcok a trip over tho imw government roads and as a consequence cut
thorn up badly. If our government
on this side of the mountains would
run their road building on as broad a
basis as they want the wagon tires on
the other side of I lie range, people
here would be thankful.
Order tn hold snid mineral claims meter
provlxliiiis 'f iho Mitiyrtil Act" nml if
within ninety it iyn from the ilaln ol i li s
notiee yon f.ijl or refuse to contribute
voiir pro|iorlIon if mill QXponditi ie
together "iili nil posts of advertising,
m.iii- Itiierenrs in anhl rlnhnu will bi'coiue
ti.e |T'.|'eiiy ol il.e siibbcrlber under
.'"•etioii 4 nf mi 'et to Auiend tlm
Mineral Ait 1000
I'ii.'.xi: I.. l.rjs~'
Dated thlsSiOili. iiny of December IOOO.
Bmmtitmw**W*mr**mu*s*m*, at  ni_iiir™--,am -stem i— ■      ■   ninn
CllAUGR Ot   	
 1» AT.   G R I F F I N.	
I^irst-oiass        accommodation
for Xtie    IJttt>lio.
SiLVEUTON, H   .       I! C.
Tbe .Slate of Kansas bss for long
years been nominally a prnli il ii ion
filate, and tbe law hag Dean enforced
perhaps as well nfl such drastic law*
cnn be. Spirits are lilowed to no snhl
only as "im-dicine," and Ihat is bow tl.e
following story eatno to tie told, A
bronzed suit Htnlwiir'. cowboy planted n
"two-cnllon ib niij'iliu" on Ilie con ter of
aelinmist'e ebon. "Fill her up," I19
said, "haby'e sick,"—London Chronicle
Will    13o
^^^^^^^ Promptly
To   By
Stock   and   Cuktomh
Hkai,   I', statu    and
Raker  St.,
- GERMAN -   -
For Pale at All DruKmists.


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