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The Silvertonian 1901-04-20

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 \K*\nMXJuii UUr%
A Xrooai
The     Trtte
p.BURNS &co
Silverton, Nelson, Trail. Ytnlr, Kaalo, Sandon,
NewJDenver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
«*      O.HOTEL.
Eastern Finaurial Papers Tliiuk Well
of the Smeller Combine.
Mining tocaU Battered rmm This an.
Other  Disc   tlcli.
*** ■■—■
JUS.    BOWES   Proprietor.
Many to choose
irom, at
Tailor sliop,
Ottttslile Putin* De-trim Hw« In Silverton
Cm  Have Them   Reserved I!y  Wiitiiu To—
♦ t t t t f *
a. p. Mcdonald,
RODS,      LINES,     HOOKS,
Ac.        Ac.
TXT©    rFvurrLislh.
231c© to a X-iawzi rCLO-wer.
THE WM. HUNTER CO.. Limited.
Headquarters In  Silverton, 6. G.
' Behind votir hack
He sneers at the woik you do
And pities you—
He aays you are a lool to try.
No flaw escapes his eye;
Hut the good he passes by—
Behind your hack.
Behind his hack
You candidly declare
That you ilnn't cure—
You know he's mean and small —
One of thc snakes Hint crawl
In hidden ways, that's all—
-Behind hie hack.
When lace to (ace,
Re ears you'll win some day
If you strive away;
And, flattered, yon reply
That you hold his judgement high!
Lord, bow good men do lie
When (ace to (ace!
—Torontp Wotld.
A subscriber to a certain paper died
and lelt fourteen years of subscription
unpaid. The editor appeared at the
grave as the lid was screwed down for
the last time and put in a linen duster,
a thermometer, a palm leaf fan and a
receipt for making ice. Editors as a rule
are not prosperous, but tliey are kind
hearted and considerate.
Of three wires ol the same thickness,
one made of gold will sustain 120 pounds
oreof copper, H02 pounds; and one of
iron 540 pounds.
An art graduate recently painted the
picture of a dog under a tiee so lifelike
that it was impossible to distinguish tb* (Consequently one may confidently
If the views of the eastern mining and
financial papers are correct, and ihey sre
unanimous on the point, the corn-olid a
tion of the smelter Inteiesis ln America
! will he of great benefit to the silver
miners. Those papers take tin- view
that if the consolidation isconeummmcri,
the Control ot the silver market of the
world will be taken from London anil
transferred to New York, says tbe Butte
Western Mining World.
Ever since the 16th ccnturv the great
bulk of the silver production ol the
world has come from the western hemisphere ; at llrst from Mexico, luter (rom
Peru aud the other neighboring parts ol
South America, and still later Irom the
United States, Mexico and Canada
Since the Bauie date also—and io (act
lor centuries previous—60 per cent and
upwards of the yearly production bas
been required by Europe to pay its
annual debt to Asia. Since London
became the commercial centre and
clearing house ol the world (about 250
years ago}, to ita bullion dealers (ell the
pleasant task ol collecting Irom the
•ilver producing countries their nnnn.il
yield ol Ihe metal, and selling it to ihe
European users. The latter, consisting
Ol French, English, Italian, Dutch,
Spanish and latterly Geimau bankers-
each acting for the merchants of theii
nationalities a bo were engaged in
Asiatic traile—directed the London
dealers to ship it to lhe mints of India
and Cbiua (whicli were uncifer British
control), where it has been steadily
coined nt a ratio of 16 to ! into rupi-i e
and yens, am' then in-ed to pay tin-
Hindoo :md Chinese merchants (or the
produce tliey shipped to the west.
As these eastern lamia bave always sold
to the civilised nations more than ihey
bought Irom them, there has beeu in
variably a balance of trade in thcii
favor, (or which nothing would lie
aeueped but silver. Theieasoti for this
was that the Asiatic merchant bought
what he shipped to Europe, irom the
Asiatic producer in ihe interior, where
silver has In en tbe only currency, aguie,
the commodities so bought came lo tht
seaport in innumerable small lots ol too
litt.e value in most all cases to be worih
tbe smallest eVeu uf gold coin.
Bullion dealers therefore have lieen
aciug through all these years aa Ihe
ageut fur Innumerable small producers
of silver in the new woild and lor a lew
large and wealthy sil\er coiisntni is in
Ihe old. Naturally their interests have
been with the latter, and the effect haa
been to keep the price of silver down to
the loWi-st poshiblt* notch. As long as
fiee coinage waa in force uinmig lhe
nations, the lad cimatitutt-it (as il doea
with gold) an unlimited demaud.and the
price could not recede below the figme
resulting (rom the tatio adopted between
the two metals. When, however, thut
bar was temoved, a natural state of
trade ousued; and aa producers were not
united aud each one soul hia metnl
when he pleased, the buyers naturally
have been able to set lhe value.
During tho last 20 years, by the rapid
and marvelous growth of the precious
metal smelling industry in America,
each year bas witnessed the passage of a
larger and larger proportion of the silver
product uf the uew world through the
hands ol American refiners; until ut the
present time all ot the metal yielded hy
Ihe minea of North America, and more
than half of that from South America,
goes to New York for sale to Europe.
In the organisation ol Ihe American
Smelting k Refining company the
London bullion dealers held enough of
the stock and paper of the company to
compel the selling cf thin metal through
their hands. But, before the consolidation with the i-iiiggenlieinis could be
arranged this control had to he resigned.
The latter corporation declined to join
until arrangements were perfected, insuring the soiling ofthe silver in New
York. The litigation that ensued was
an attempt to prevent the consummation
of this deal, The American Smelting k
Refining company ia now entirely in the
hands of Americans whose interest itia
to act more strongly for the producer
of the metnl than (or its consumers, and
who can make more money on a rising
silver quotation   than  on a falling one.
too early to predict with any d g ee of
aecniacy to what ex'eii this advance will
be, and what may follow should Ihe
market value of the meta! once again
equal its coinage value. Every miner,
however, will feel pleased in knowing
that from now on the price of the while
metal will be determine d in America,
and not a-uosi the water.
During the week the Enterprise mil •
made a 2) ton shipment.
A new strike of clenn ore ia repotted
(rom the Thu l-'iii-mln mine.
Wednesday the Bosom mine mnde a
shipment of twenty (ous uf galeua uie l.i
the smelter
The ore in the drift being run on Ihe
Ruby chum is widening out. The shoeing is said to lu excellent.
Owing to the ii rush of surface water.
caused hy the melting snow, work tn
the Bondholder claim lias been suspended (or the time being.
Jas J. Godfrey, the bustling all-round
insurance genius ami general mining
broker ol Sandon. inn been appointed
deputy mining recorder for the Silver
Several Nelson merchants propose to
form a company for the erection of a lend
refinery. Should it be decided by the
Dominion authorities to bonus such au
undettiikiiig a flrsl-clus* scran may he
looked (or between tli" two Koctenay
Lake cities for its possession.
Up to date from the fir*! of ihe year
the Slocan mines have shipped 8400 tuns
with only one portion, the Blocan City
division, shipping to snywheie near ils
full capacity. There are thousand ot
tons of mined ore in the Sandon and
Whitewater camps lying wailing foi
more fi.vor ible (r» igbt and smelter arrangements.
j    Else Waited the Million.
A highly amnsing incident recently
occurred io the lite ot one of Butte's
prominent assayeis. A laoy cilled on
the assayer wiih a sample o( qilar't.
• hid. she lieaifcd the weaver to test foi.
gold and sliver. The sample wns duly
tested and showed the component parts
of 'he specimen lo sample #20 in gold
and iU in silver. Bt iug informed of the
returns by the assayer, the lady showed
a tendency to await something else, und
iipoi, being nsked if ihere waa anything
else she di sired, sue informed the assayer that she wanted a settlement for the
assay n-tiirns. Tbey showed that (he
ore sampled i)3l and she wanted tlie $34
Lt took some lime to explain the matter,
hut it was finally accomplished. The
story leaked out through an attorney to
whom thf lady present*d thn case for
advice, she not being thoroughly satisfied with the u.ssayi.r'w explanation.
What Counts.
Of the 28 British Columbia minea that
bave paid dividends all but seven are
Slocan properties. Of the |6,392 0>0
paid to dak- considerably more than half.
|3 975,000.   has   lieen   paid by mines In
the Slocan proper
It is expected that in a short tine
there will be added to this list man}
others, among which will p'obablv he
iim American Boy, Arlington, Hewett
ami Elite!prise.
Such a   showing as this speaks much
(or the profits in silver-lead mining   aid
causes some Wonder at tlie seeming pref
iTeuce of investors lor gold propei ties.
bark of the tree from that ol the dog.     ' loi an advance in the price, but It la yet
Shipments of oro (mm Slocan Lake for
the year 1890. totaled 3078 Tons.
Shipments iu  1900 totaled 4930 Tons.
The shipment   ot   ore   from   Slocan
Lake points,  up  to anil Including   the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1901.
From New Denver Tons.
Hartney    120
From Bosun Lauding.
Bosun  220
From Sii vt-1 ton
Hewett 626
Emily Edith      20
From Enterprise Landing
Enterprise    140
From Slocan City
Arlington     1335
Two Friends  40
Black Prince 100
Bondholder     50
( bu pleiiii     15
Speculator        20
Phoenix 2.)
Total 8006
The census taker did the town during
thu week.
A social dance was given in the Union
Hull last night.
Francis J. O'RiellyC. E. ia spending
tbe week in the camp.
James Bowes made a business trip to
Nelson during the week.
Martin O'Brien is visiting in the camp
with his brother Charlie.
W. R, Wills was down from the
Monitor mine on Thursday.
Ferry's garden snd flower seeds for
sale at the Silverton Drug Store.        t
Oiai.es McLaughlin is reported as
getting ou fuviirablv in his sickness.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T Cross attended the
Alhaiii concert in Nelson on Monday.
The newapaper war has died down in
Nelson hut bus broken out in Sandon.
Sporadic attempts sre being trade to
revive interest it. lootball and baseball
Some laps have made their appeaynce
in Sandon and have opened up a laundry
Grant Thorburn is in the Crow's Nest
Pass investigating the resouiccs of that
Rev Alexander has received a call to
ii Manitoba church. He leaves about
'•lav 1st.
During the week Charlie O'Brien has
neen suffering (rom a seveie attack of
■ In nmutism.
A P. McDonald was one of tbe Ril-
vtrion contingent wl o went to Nelson
>o heat Albaui.
A company has been formed in Spokane to work the Taniarac Group of
mines on cpringer creek,
J. A Kellv, mill man of Ainsworth
wis -baking hands with his many
friends here during the week.
J. A. McKinnon, . who has heen
spending some time down at the Coast,
relumed to town on Tuesday.
Oue of Contractor Koch's four-hone
learns is engaged in hauling lumber and
coal no to the Emily Edith mino from
Silverton's dock.
Fresh Strawberries! Will he found at
R. G, Dnigle'sina few days. Hnzle-
wn"d Icecream aa soon ae the- warm
wen ther arrives. ». . *
Harry Smith, who has been working
at Moyie until the recent shntdown, bus
returned to Silverton and gone to work
at the ll-'sun mine.
A strictly "ninatnre" came of baseball
will be played to-day in New Denver between the Silverton Sandbaggers and the
Denver Lot-jumper*.
Go to R G. Dsigle's for all kinds <l
fresh fruits. He is receiving shipments
dally. Fresh confectionery, choice line
• il (resh groceries. •
Goad's Fire Map of Silverton is heinu
corrected and brought np date by their
agent E. Swindlehurst, who spent
vesteaday in going over the town.
Rev. A. E   Roberts will preach a special sermon on Sunday afternoon,  having
lefi-renceto the death of H. R. Reeves
Service commences  at 8 p. m.   All are
The following will represent Silverton
in the ball game to-day: Covidgton c
Marshall p. Heath ss. McNaught 1st b.
Bailey 2nd b, Linton Snl b, Bowes 1 f,
Matheson c f, Watson r f.
Al'hough the various post offices in
the S'ocan hsve been cut down on the
Dominion pav-rnll the IochI office will
not suffer. Silverton seems to he the
only town whese post-master hss escaped
the tut.
Last Sa'nrdsy, Dave Davi», who was
hurt by a premature blast at the Queen
Bess mine some time ago and sent to
Spokane to have his eyes treated,
relumed lo town. Dave has many
(riends here and all sre pleased t.i see
him so fully recovered from his injuries.
Onion Sets, at the Silverton Drug
Store, 25 cents a pound. *
M cum) at-Last,
ReevesSuccu.ubed to. the. Fevqr,
Oa Monday Night.*   **"   ' '^
The illness of Herbert H. Reeves, who
had lieen confined to the Slocan Hospital*
for six weeks, lm8 resulted fatally, the
grim spectre calliug tor bim on Monday
night. His death came as a shook to
Silvertonians, as the reports of his physician, Dr. Brouse, had been encouraging
up to tbat dar.
The deceased was a young man, but 23
years old, ami very popular among ali
wbo knew him fur i,i„ 8lerling qualities.
He came to Silverton about two years
ago for the C. I' R., having been previously employed by that company in
Nelson and Sandon. After some months
as agent he decided to go into business
here, purchasing the business ol the Silverton News Company. Just before his
illness he had accepted a position with.
the Wm. limner Company. He was.
a director iu tlm local Athletic Association and took an active interest in whatever was being done for the town.
He was bora in Eganville, Ontario
where his parents yet reside, his brother
being the publisher ol the Eganville Enterprise.
The remain.-) bave been embalmed and
are being taken east by W. Thompson,
his litelong friend. A funeral service was
held iu New Denver ou Wednesday, in
the Episcopal Church, ol which deceased
Was a members, and many of bis friends
aud comrades attended to pay their last
r 'Kpecls to one who has earned a place
in their affections.
The parents of the deceased have the
heartfelt sympathy ol many in the Slocan
in their loss.
Uot  Staff!
The Townsite Building Goes
Blaze of GJory.
About one o'clock Tuesday morning a
fire alarm was shouted through the towu,
-ind the bucket brigade turned out to find
a lire ui.der full headway in the Town-
site Building,one of the principal buildings on Lake Avenue.
Alter sonic warm work the furniture o i
■he family occupy ing the upstairs wan
partially rescued, Hie occupants having
escaped in plenty of time, and Hie furnishings of the Episcopal Church, which occupied part of the building, and some
store fixtures were dragged out of reach
of the 11 tines, No attempt was made to
put out the lire as one side oi the building
was ablaze before enough had gathered
to do anything. Tbe structure burned
like tinder and after blazing fiercely for
half an hour collapsed.
For some time the surrounding build-
ings were in danger of being ignited by
the blazing brands which were scattered
widely, but water was freely used and
the night being calm the flames were
confined to the one building. At the
cottages oi A A Webb and M R W Rath-
boru the workers couid not face the hea1
but plied their buckets blindly. If this
latter place had caught the schoolbause
would have been in great danger.
The origin of the fire is unknown, but
it was probably started by hot ashes being throw n too neai the wall 1 usnra nie
wss carric! on the building.
The English price (or lead is £12 lis 8d
Silver, 27J-£d.   Copper, £69 10s,
New York, April 11—Bar Silver, 59
Lake copper,   |17.00.
Lead—The firm that fixes the selling
price (or miners and smelters quotes lend
at HAI). at the close.
Si lipid—
Vil lhe Same One.
The right of a Methodist minister to
smoke ii being discussed by the high
dignntoiiea of that church. The offending Drother is a preacher in Nanaimo.
and his casfl has been carried to Toronto
and back, The reports at hand do not
specify the reverend sinner's favorite
brand, nor do they tell whether his taste
runs to clays, havanas or the dainty but
demoralising "cigaroot."
This gentleman however was uot tbe
one who bought three packs of cahtai, .
keg of "Scotch" and a doien extra dry,
and wanted a clergyman's discount.
Tho Dominion Government is acting;
wisely in holding down the applicants
(or the Crow's Nest Southern to certain
strict conditions respecting tbe supply of
coke (o: I'atiadian smellers. It nh» ac«
ted wisely in snubbing iheC. P. R. and
telling it to run aud attend to ils own
_, - -
\\st9wsmjwtm K
-\     *•
Kill      ■«««■
Clocks and
Fine WatcJ^ftcpairing a Specialty.
All Work Left at Tlie Lakeview
Hotel, 8ilverton, will be forwarded and promptly attended to.
O. ». Knowles.
SANDON, *B. 0.	
a__^n____________—>•—■—__■»«■•—■ i
Saturday,   Apbu 20.   1901.
MATHEMlN HHOH.,   Kdltors * Props.
i Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station and Wharf.
Tables supplied with all the delicacies
of the season.	
When your watch goes wrong or
your clock refuses to go bring it to me.
If you have a pieoe of jewelery in
need ot impair, bring it to me.
lam prepared at all times and in
every case to guarantee my work.
E. 11. Brindle.
- B. 0.
BILVERTON,      -      -      -      D- r-
Sandon Miners'   Union
Subscribers, $1. per month.
Private Patients, %2. per day
exclusive of expense of physician or surgeon and drugs.
Da. W. E. Gomm. Attendant Physiciai
Miss K. M. Chisholm, Matron.
J. D. Mrl.Ai'oui.iN, President.
W. L. Hagler, Secretary.
W«. Donahue, J. V. Martin.'R. .1
McLean, A. J, McDonald, Mike Br/dy
Mining j0    ~
With CinadiM Supplement
803 Broadway,
Haw York, U. •• A.
■       rm*.***. wss^ff mnk  mam  lnflne___.Ua]
HIIbIbk Paper   la  tke   World.
■Maple Copy free.    | 1  l  l  I  I  I  i
Wi   •
Weakly Mltioo. ..t&t. periwa, postpaid.
Xsattlr     " ... IM -       *
Advertising rates will be made known
upon application at this office.
QS««fteO   OR   IN  ARREARS    A
| %   BLUE   CROSS    WILL
£»?«*«$  BE  FOUND    IN  THIS
Rwkin' The Season.
You kin bet I've had some pleasure,
Yon could never, never measure.
An' I'm feelin* what my brother calls
Tbo' ma didn't know T did it
(11 she knew it she'd forbid it),
Yet, 1 had my shoes and stockin's off
In the spring-time I wss hatiu'
To give up my dandy statin',
An' mv rubber boots an' hockey-stick
an sleign;
But I realise my folly,
An' at school I'm aetin' jolly,
Fer I had my shoes an' stockin's off
Bikes are passin* ev'ry minute,
An' the riders think they're in it,
Au' they think tbat  they are  feelin'
awful Kay,
But 1 bet a silver dollar,
Fer a mile they heard me holler.
W'en I look my shoes an' stockin's off
In the races I'm a winner,
vV'y, I run like snv sinner,
They kin never ketch me playln' pull
An' my feet is feelin' lighter.
An' my head is feelin brighter,
'Cuz I took my shoes an' stockin's off
Ef a bully, pnrfy scrsppy.
Makes my recess most unhappv,
1 kin  sass  him   an'  kin quickly ran
a wav,
I kin call him "nay" er "nigger,"
He can't ketch me, Iho' he's bigger,
Fer he bas bis shoes an' stockin's on
But I tell you: in conclusion,
There will be a slight confusion.
Ef a licaiii' mars the pleasures ot the
An' a fear that I'll he rattled.
'Cuz at noon my sister tattled,
Tliat I had my shoes an' stockin's off
Via Soo Line
FROM   -
Cape Nome, Al-
aaka, Australia,
China  and
TifHorcii tickets to a*0 r bom rvomko
vor rales, tickets, and (ull information
call on or address
......... 0. IX. Chanducr,
***** ***-wA**sistrHtlii*tan,3t,G., or
3. 8. CARTER, M. i. COYLE,
D. P. A , A. O. P. A.,
Nelson, Vancouver.
The   Uelmcken   resolution   on the
advisability of the Province bonnsing
i refinery for lead bas been ruled out
uf order by the Speaker. This was
chiefly due to objections raise*1 by
Jostph Martin, of Vancouver, Brown,
uf New Westminster and Curtis of
Rossis nd. If the leaders I of the
Opposition expect ever to receive the
•indorsation ot the country they will
get down to work, go into questions on
heir merits and not fight aud raise
technicalities (or the sole purpose of
badgering the Government, The
Minister of Mines and the members
from all the mining districts who
work tor the ooantry and not for a
job, favored and supported the resolution, but it could not escape its
fate. Ihis is a sample of the useless
obstruction dealt out when mining
matters are before the House, and the
apathy of foreign investors cannot be
oudered   at.
of snow and the feet of tbe prospectors
grow itchy. Within tho last two years
more good strikes have been made
close to the Lake than back in the
hills. Formerly the ground near at
haud had been run over by the pros-
tors, and never properly prospected.
It was however all stiked. The
backwardness of the present season
will doubtless see much of the first
prospecting confined to tbe lower levels
and some more good strikes will probably be heard of near town. Tbn.
year promises to see mere real development work done on the hundreds oi
claims around this town than ever
before. The usual amount of restakiu^
will of. course be done by those who
hope to benefit by someone ulteb
work aud are too lazy to do anything
but chop stakes. But the past year
has seen many of this class crowdei
out of tbe district and the legitimate
claim   holders   are in a big majority.
diick Johnson to Emii Heudricson, Apr
6. Also >«' in each to Frank Heudricson.
18—Daniel, «ialt, Donnelly. London,
Crawford fr. all of each, J M Donnelly,
Alexander Crawford and John A Black to
the Urban Mining Co Ltd,.Oct 23. i90l).
Green   or   Black.
Is Bcora.o_ro.ical Tea.
Its   greater   strength   combined    with its   absolute   purity   unko it
the best tea on the market
If your grocer does not keep it he will get it rather than lose your trade
The lead delegation, now at Ottawa,
has interviewed the Premier and
some of the Cabinet members, but
has as yet received nothing definite
in the way of a reply to the several
propositions. The Slocau watches
tbe work of the delegation with
anxious interest
The fire which visited this camp
this week has caused many to speculate
upon the effect a fire would have if it
ouce got headway in the thicker built
up parts of the town. Once started
a fire would make a clean sweep of the
biggest part of Silvertou. Continual
vigilanoe should be exercised. Ami
by tbe way, wbo are the fire warden.,
in Silvertou aud what are they doing?
There ate several unsafe chimneys—
stovepipes through the roof—quit-
close to large blocks. These should
be looked after.
Henry A. Hicks has made application
for a transfer of the licince nt Hick's
Hotel, Slocan Ciiy, and ihat a meeting
of the Boaid of Licence Comuiist ijner*
will be held to consi ler such application
at the Court House, New Denver, on
Saturday the twenty-seventh day ol
April, 1901, at the hour of Ten o'clock in
the fore noun.
Chief Licence Inspector.
New Denver. April 12. 1901.
If you want to advertise out a
Co-owner in yonr it ineral claim,
stud $10 to this ollice, givliiy
name of claim, date of record location, aud period for which the
delinquent co-owner has (ailed lo
do bin u*fesntiieiit, work, and we
will do the rest, including send*
ing yon the affidavit lor recording
We will write Ihe notice and do
tlie work correctly.   Address:
Silverton, 15. C.
Green.      8amples on application.       Address "SALADA," T6ronto.
as Ceylon  Teas  are sold   in sealed \atA
" packets       only      'never    in     Khil
Black,     Mixed   or   Uncolored   C     ,
niv..__u iiisiiini "t*._._.i.       v<\non
It has been said by one of our
exchanges that the great-majority cf
workingmen in ihe Province, by
sending their orders to Eastern sweat
shops, are not desirious of seeing local
stores established nor towns built up.
This is a mistake. The workingmen
appreciate the presence of local stores.
They know how convenient it is to
have some place to stand off fur their
supplies when they are out of work
and have not the ready eash to send
East They never ask ciedit fiom the
departmental stores where many of
them send all their orders, and it
would do them no   good   if    tbey did.
Bystwlar—Poor fellow! One of bis
wounds is mor al. I believe.
Policenun—So it is; but the other
wan ain't, so he has an even chance.
lhe Royal Commission now investigating tho Mongolian immigration question has. succeeded io
awakening public interest in tbat
subject, baa more fully brought to
light thn danger and menace this
immigration is to Canada and has
been also the means of making a large
number of our public men take a
stand for air against the Mongolians.
The work of thia Commission will
result in a large amount of good and
even if it should not result in the
Government at once excluding the
Mongolians, wjll open the eyes of the
Eastern people and help educate them
on tho subject of such vital importance
to the pcoplo.of  tliii.Province  ,._
Tbe hill sides show a few spots bare
Mcli 22—American Girlfr, Howsoa ck
E R Woaks.
Mch 10—Cube I.ode, two years. Pamlico. Bell. 26-March Bird, March Bird
fr, D W fr. 27—Wilmer. Ivan. 29-
Last Chance No 2. April 2— Keyafone
ft— Frisco to 1902. 9— Fonf Mile No fi
Deception to 1904, Lone Star to 1004'
Florence, Trust fr. Cliff Extention to 1902
10—Crank fr. 12—Pinto fr. Mountain
Goat, Galena fr, Superior. 13—Crawford
creek, Daniel, Gait, Donnelly, Gordon.
Mch 18—Jeanie 1-6, M A McDonald to
D J Matheson, Mcb 9.
19—Midnight Star !,;,.IM Donnelly to
Anims Mcintosh, Mch 18, *70
20—Richmond %, Robert McDonald to
Antone Fisher, Mcb 11.
Pollard M, Neil McDonald to same,
Mch 11.
K 1' '-i, John McLarhlan to same, Mch
23—Bendigo1,,, Morning 10.   Benhow •
%, Triumph H, Kitchener 3-5, Big K.iin-,
awha 1-6, Tom Bowling 1-6, Seaton fr H<
Cuba '4, Dundee }'.. Emporium ti, ,P J
Hickey to Nellie Hickey, Mch 23.
. Bendigo fr ii,  W II Yawkey   to P J i
Hickey, July 28.
April 3—Farnum, Erin, Carrlck, Ball-
mont. Earl, \i each. M Donnelly toEdw
Cunningham, Mch 18.
Apr 9—Dixie Hummer yi'l'PS Hickey
loCLafjit. Hieltpy, Apr 8.
Four Mile No 6 )4~3 C Buffer to F F
Liebactv-i'. Apr 9. flO
Morqing Star, Snowshoe, >:, each, Hei_-
Notick:—"Hassari."   Mineral  Claim.
sittiHtotl    in   Ihe     Slocun      Mining
Division   of Went   Kootenny   District
Where located:—On Ilie Oai.ixa Fahm
adjoining    tlio     "Cuaiv    Mineiui.
Claim" on the East,
Take Notice that   1, Frarn-ls ,T. O'Reilly
of Silver'on. B 0,   iim   agent   for Frank
Owen,    Free   Miner's  (Vitilicate    No
4450.'!, intend sixty <'a>N from   the ilttlt
hereol, to spply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate oi Improvement*, (or the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant   of
the above cluim
Ami fui'.lii r take notiee flint   action
nnder section 37, tunai  lie cpmtnenued
before the isHiini.fi. ut   such  Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 22th duy o* February, 1901
Fkancis J. O'Rkii i.y.
28 I 2 I 01
Attentat   for Calgcairjr Beer,
Full Line    I Lumber,
Dry  & Mixed! Sash and
Paints.        ! Doors.
IVloCtilliian «& Co.,   Slocan, li. c,
«i n cl
for    COUGHS
Nonc'K to dki.inijuf.st
co- own i:::.
prrson oi
• **s.*\*sAt»*sAts*\*A/w* A VViMVlVW i'A^\N\VWv\v\V.a %- iVWVMO
Syrup Of
And Tolu.
To GVS Knt'iiKF.   or   to   nnv
persotiH to «Iiiiin he mny Im
hia   nite-ests   in   the  folio
(Mai.fis.Congo No. '2.   Commander and
lirie ol mi  Ked MiMiiain, neai Silv. rton '
B O . blocan Minim; 1'ivi-iun
Yoil xre lien-bv rt-1iti ■ i thut f haw. I
expended three hundred ilollara (fSOO) |
in lanor ami improvement., ii|-on n..
above mentioned ineral Claims in
order to hold sahl Mineral i-liriiia un>ler
provisions of liii VIneral Art ami il
within ninety dajra from the tlain nf Ihls
notice you fnil or ledis* tn contribute
your  proportion   of   aaid   expenditure
together wilh all touts of u'lvertlning,
yonr Interests in snid claims "ill b-'.-oine
the properly of Ibe sobrrrlhsr mule!
Section 4 of an *ct to Amend the
Mineral Act 1000.
Fiukk L Bftr_t
Dated thia 26th. day of December 1000
.■i.      I" inuii up   i   j*- r* wL*. * --.-■- - -^ w . w — w ww*r*r*rwv*rw-tr*r yv WW-*  *s
vetra.-i-ri..il»    A  wprliijj   couifli   I»   liorct
twintf Mineral j \*
i to stop, r>titH«Xg Twill dolt.
The Silverton Drug Store,
B. C.
' ^v%^w^_^v^^w^^w
To  John   Tinum; or whom   it    mny
concern.    Vou      am    hereby    notified;
that  1    hnve   emended One    Hundred    I>ollnrs in  lnlhjr   and   improve
merits upon ilie *.',• Two Mineral  ('bum
on Ked Honntaln iu the Shiran Mining
Division,  located on the 24th. dav of
June ISOl), and recorded at lhe reeoi I
office of snid Division on the 24th, day
of June 18IO in order fo hold <iaid clnini
nniler the provisions of lhe Mineral Act,
being the amount required '.o bold the
same lor the year ending lime 24th 1IHX)
And if Within ninety daya from tnn date
of this notice you fail or refuse Inron-
Irioule yonr proportion of nuch ixihmiiI-
iture together with ull costa of
advertising, yonr iiiterent in nald claim
will beoome the property ot the ond r-
nigned Pnder Seellou 4 of An Actio
to Amend lhe Mineral Act 1000.
J. W.Kyie.
Dated this sixteenth day of March 1001
Thistle ^ Hotel.
 F AT.   ORI F F I N.-llill	
3^Ir«t-olri««        aooommoaoto n
for  TH©     I»til3lio.
Silverton,     .    •,     .     .     .     B. a
Joo Printing
Will    B©   I'roiimiiv-   attended
To   By
WORK ##_*
Stock  and  Customs
Uk.M.     I'.HTATK      AND
Bakkr St.,   -   - .NELSON, B. C
-   -   - GERMAN -   -
For Sale nt All Druggists.
1' .. TO ADYKBT1§E_.IN^
Pcfi/e,'' "**''" —*•'*■••***'' 'ii. ■• -
,, , ii ii i i    i' ninyi. i">ijii iu;^.
A  X*ooaI
*L\ •
■ -*.-- ■-•s~<*" ■
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
NewjJDenver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
Siilixtaeliiry Frugrm Rrpnrird From
rl hi; Viiii«os Properties.
llll,\l\« LOMLS.
Mining Luoala fiuthcreil Front This ai«l
(liber    DUlriot
B.  0.
Dining   the    wvek    the   cintra-jlor-
Woiking (a the long lower tunnel ut tli
{ Bosun   mine,   ne.tr town, cue .unit-red a
live   inch   streak   ol  clean   high  gnul
galena   ore,   siiniliar   lo lh.it in the bi_.
ore   shnte uliove.   This strike i-< u con
luiiiii'ioti    of    lhe  ore    i-litne    shove1,
pioving ili.u the oie noes down, ami wi 1
open up aimther   big   pfeOO   of  sloping
ground at thai mine.
JAS.    BOWKS   Proprietor.
Many to choose
irom, at
Tailor shop,
Tlm 1'aiiMOVrr.
The lone tunnel be'ng diiven atlin
Va neon Ver mine in no » in ove liOO feet
and a ill soon be under tlm nlil uoikin^
mnl into the urV i-luile Thin tuiiti. I it.
now draining • ll' H>e wuter fram tin
U|iper workings uml Ihis W II en iili- ih
management lo gn ahead with ill-
sinking of the winse Ihat Hi y \\er.
forced 10 al'imdo'i sonu time agouwni;
to lhe inflow ol water.
Outside Part...« De iring Hmsee in Mlvertmi
Can   Huve Them   Reserved By   Writing To—
♦ t t ♦ «
a. p. Mcdonald,
silverton, - • b. c.
RODS,      LINES,     HOOKS,
Ac. Ao.
A Tin Mile Kijwrt.
The shift on the Iron II re propert-.
ou Ti n Mde, u now do vn a lUelli nl i;0
n-et jml ill the boMOm the Vein shows b)
lie over two feet wi In with u pity-.ire.tk 18
incline in width *,h il i!aitii4nMm «f tin
tidiest ore evr evricicd  in tint e.in.'
''o far the maniiLiemeiit has lieen fo»-
niiiiiie in meeting with hut veiy'litili
water anil   Uie  uork  of sinl-ing i.-i U-ii.l'
pushed a* rapidly a< possible
Wmk W.ll lid r W.r.
Dming the week a few c irp-nt is were
put to work fr_iiniin.' nm'iern lot the new
c'liicentiatnr al tho Enterprise mine on
Ten Mile, mid the work wid be pushed
by the contractor, from now on. Aylwin,
near the Enterprise mine, will lie tha
centre ol a hn«y mining enii|i title* seaHnn
•a S'veral properties in that uci^hbjrr
hood will work.
"Bvex3rt3a_.in.gr    riom    "A"
Bee to a Lawn raower,
Headquarters In  Silverton, B. (J.
Tli« Hewett Tram.
Itwseexpectedth.it the contract |nr
lhe Hew« tt train way would Im let I Ills
week, hut the contract will not be let nn-
lil next week. The planeo' the Company
have l*en altere I since Iheir Intention to
install a tram was formed, and it isproh-
aUe tliat hii aerial line will he put in
instead ■ f a suifaco ii.iiuw.iy as was tirHi
MY     LIT ILE    CAT.
. A Utile girl on reluming from school
found the dead hotly ol her liitle cat
thrown ont in the vard. lhe following
is lhe- expression oi tier griei!
Dey'slrowed you out an left you alone,
Little Cat.
I'a a stroken your lur,
But you don't never pur
Or hump up anvwher.
Little Cairo'y I* dat?
Iii your pnrin au hum pin up done?
An w'v is vour li'lle foot tied,
•;.'.     '   Little Cat?
,.I)iddey .pieon Vour,.(inuinick inside,
- ..j,i-".''!        Little Cat »
Bldtfiey pound V<iVi ■'« i' bilcke
' 'On'wll lilg. nasty Hiii ks,
■ QHsbuse y.'.u'WH k-rks, -
•   .        ..• Until Cat—>H me dat?
pidjd^y holler weiiever you cried?
Did it hurt weirv inm-h wen vou died,
Little Oat?
Oh, w'vdiden vou nun off an hide,
Little Cat?
I's wet In my eys, not I always cwies
Wen ii pnsy ent dies, little Cat,
Tuik of d!t.
An is s'lfully solly besides.
Des lay still down on de gwoiin,
W ile I tucks ile tTweeii gwass all awoun.
Little Cat
Dey ran't hint you   uo more wen yous
tired an Snie,
So dest keep iwiet. yon poor little cat,
An loigei ail de kicks of de town
—Maijoii Burns, in Toronto Globe.
Freeh Strawberries I   Will be found at
K. U   DiiigleVina  few   nays.     Hetlo-
wimiiI  lue cieiun US   bou
The Iv-inhoe mill ut San-Ion is now
running ai full capacity.
Assessment, work lias Vieen completed
on the Cliiia Moore claim near town.
IVepurili-na me untler wny for stinting
ii;i work on lim Black l'i ince, nearSloan
Oeorue McFarland, of Nelson, ha-> ill •
cnn'net for lhe building of the Enlir-
1'iise mill.
Jos Connors pnd A Allen are la'i 'nil
i ill some ve-y rich ore from their Twelv.-
V'ile property.
A eii'lia I of ric'i ilrv ore i* being
nicUd down to the Twelve Mile dock
r in the V k M mine.
A. Wild* ami II iri-v S  it, who oth tlie
Ti nicest claim on Twelve Mile, Intel d »o
•leniiietno   ilevelojinieut work upon thai
ropertv at once.
Al and W Thomson returned on
' Hernial- from Tw. lie Mil where they
have li— n working on their properly the
Jill cer Tip group,
The tunnel on lh" Mflj'lha c'niin on
Fight Mil*' creek, l'n« ri-iicliet) the vein
it ii tl |itlt hi of 110 'eel and a ten fin I
«ins-* han heen eunk.
Sonu- of Oi-- members i f the lead dele
••I.inn have reiiireeil   fr-m   Ottawa anil
"X|irpia llteiiiKelv" a< Confident of tin-
•rami  u nf lhe  required   honuty  by ihe
Dnrii a lli» week a piwi'l anowi;'' g
j'rn--k lhe i ri-I o'lT n' 'lip n-i ll'h of' e
Sn 3 tunnel nl the V n conver mine and
lie h-iii«e got ilecnle-lh the worst of the
Tlie fn-p   of   the   Innir   tunnel.   Iieiin;
dHven  on   ihe  Lone S-«r if roup, show*
•v-iy ini!ieiii.-n of Hearing lhe < re shn'e
■md a    i-fiike   in   thnt iimperlv is confi
d- mly looked for by the 'iwii"rs
In iSOO ih^re were 1" 990 minera em •
iiiny. r\ in Mnntsna. O liml nnnilMr
nly fi2 were hurl In ae i let-to. tin ii in -
i--ii of fjl ili'ies hsinif 41 4'1 "f I'-e f ta'
•p-!.i.«nt> wertin iutl..l mines, and 7 iu
■oul mines.
.1 M M. B-'nedum lino received a ret-.
titrate of iirkii.'«lei|j'-niotit fiom the
[liminton (* iv.-rninent n« h-inif a e 'll-
•ri'm'or ti lb" < i-nli-i.-al Snryv t-i'iihi'
:it lh- I'liria Txi'i'Siiinn. Tnis cxhi'tit
waa awiirde'l n Oriin-' DIplom*.
Ore alilpin-mt- f-.itn Pilvi lion fnr the
Insek   coiioi-i'of   tlirin   CAr'oils, l«ri Of
which me fr in the Alpha atoilconsigned
to th» Tr nl mneUer. Tl-e ■ t'ter ca- loud
i» from lhe Fitnilv E hth mine and
wao « sample lot, li-iiiif conpl^ned lo
pa'fties in Lot doe, Ei'irland.
Richard I*. R .tliwell. f m- 29 yearo editor of itie "-'iiiiin. erii b mnl Minimi
lonrn.il," antl one nf Ihe lending all h-n-
lllea in mining maltera in Uie world, di d
in New York oh tin-ITMi inst. Mr. Re It-
well was a Canadian l»v birtb. bcimi
» unlive of InnetMoll, Ontario,
AuiIIiit Mining Trust.
The Aninl_faniH:e.| Copp.<r comnir.y i*
a ueiv trust forniitl in lite I'nileil Sia'es
Unit iii Hi/.e ami imwer Is only second in
11 in wor.il to the Steel Host. It will
lontrol the follow imt titj mining proper-
lit-s' The Anaunnda Cop|»r company,
the Cjloiailo Smell imf and 11. -1 i i - i 11 ___•
conipanv, the Harrot Silv-r and Copper
ami the Washoe Copper oompany. The
new companies being ■bsnthed i-y this
trust aie, the Calumet and HeoUCnp*
per Mining company, ihe I'nited V-nl",
the Boston k Montana oompant ami ibe
Butte k Boston company, The rniifl
States Se.liiiL' company will io Ihe
selling agent of ihe new trust. The
tnwt will iiu-reii-e the capital Mock of
the Amalgamaietl Company to $180,000,-
Shipmnnts nf ore fr.iin Slocsn Lnke for
the year 1890. tntnle.1 3U78 Tons.
SiiipmeiiN iii 19k) totaled 40S0 Tons.
The shipment   ol  ore   fn-m   Slocan
I,.ike p Mini,  np  to anl  Inclu-llng   the
ini'Meiit. week, from Jan. 1, 1901.
From N'-w Denver Tons.
Hartney    120
From Boenn Lending.
IWun  220
From Silverton
Ali'iia      40
Hewett  52il
Emily Kdith      40
Fr nn Enterjiri.-e Lending
Enterprise     14 J
From Slocun City
Arlington      13*5
Two Friends 40
Blank I'rince 100
11 ■mlieiMer       50
I hapletiii     15
Speculator       20
Phoenix 2i
Total 20.i6
Tom Allen of AiiiHworth, waa a visitor
in town 011 Tu'.silay,
A Masonic Lodge is being orgnnised a
1 lie Fool oi the L-ke.
F. F. LiebMi-her made a luniness trip
10 Ihree Forks on  V\edmadry.
The hh l'_mpresa id China landed 5U0
Uhli-amen in Victoiia this week.
Ferry's garden and flower seeds for
••ale al the SiKerlun Ding Store. f
Mis-t May Lyons, of S union, ep<-ut pa t
f  lhe   week   Here,   the  guest ol Mra
D. 0. Mcit-ie returned on Monday
110.11 n trip lo Calgary to consult hie
iihyi iiiaii.
A Miners' Union has beeu oigsnized
in Fei.iisoii, witti  Vincent Lule as lie
■lltil pii-M-leiit.
Ane Rub ns, who has lieen up at the
il'iiiii.r mine all winter, returned to
oaii ou Saturday.
T Aid el is fencing and itlicrwisi-
improving ids pi-ipeny 011 the coiner ot
beooiid tot, and Hume Ave.
Root. IV I, who has been up nt Alamo
tu Ine iii.i.rehi ol the Wm. Hunter Co,
leiuiuuil lo tow 11 yt-i-tedii).
Ibe S.inilnii 1'ii.vnlreuk talks of dis-in-
coi,iui'.nioii us u iiiib.-iiue Hulu-li_.il  of  l'<e
civic en augh meute 01 me Silver City.
Arthur Mullen and MraEileu Lunlick,
11j.l1 ol 1'lnee Foraa. weie mairieil in
mnl utty on viediichday uy Rev.  Fulhei
Tue c, iiHiis inker Ihis finished up bin
Work in Ibis tliH.nui, baring taken the
employee! of Um huleipuau miuo in
Thu Mure of A J. Ifiey has been closed
lur the last few iluin cut i-nr.i.e_-a will
ue leeiiiueil al the ol 1 bland williiu tlie
UrXt lew   tin) a.
Oo lo R U. Daigle'a fur all kinds i>(
■rash fruits, tii m r^ueiviug sniumeuta
daily. iFrt-sh col, ciluuco, c.iuice lino
■ot ireuli giuceriea. *
The lirst tetvica for the EapieMjail
Ciiiirili, eii.cu i eiug btirneil oul. w.li um
u iU ii, tlie Union Ci.urcb, on Oiii.uay,
.U.i> jili, mt 11 a. ui.
A   return   baseball   in itch   with New
I>i ii v. r « ui   be   played  lit-ie  thia alli-r
u oil     The ground  has   -ceu raked uver
uud prepar_<tious u «de lur a but game.
J l-.uck, our liic*l policeman, on
Munday look duwn and turui-d over io
Uie NelsOn ..iilliuiiiies youug liuoein t.
wbo r.ii-t-il a cluck which was caalieil by
one ol uui lucal hoUilinli.
Tbe iS.itii day Post, in claasifyiuj the
meuibeiH ot lue Assembly *•> regarda
In.-n nititii.lt) on ihe railway qiu-stiuiii
pb.cen K. F U t-i-u uuioug lliuse wno do
inn favor railroad couip'itiiiou.   Tlie I'oat
is evi teiiily llul poaled.
• ii.int Tliorlunn and Geo. Fairbairn
returued un Moudiy from a trip lu
liit-irmure and the Clows Nest coal
fields, They weie much impressed wi li
ibe great possibilities uf tbat eouutry and
pietlici a boom ior that sectiuu this
W. Koch lms just had completed a
li e new dock. 78 x 45 le. t, at Ten Mile
Lending. Ibis nock Is a gnat iiupiove-
meiil over the old one and will be ueed
by .Mr. Koch iu handling lumber lur the
Lnke Unite uf which be expects udo his
eh  ie this season.
Different Tt-*j[#)     -:;!
Hiwevor snrtessful the SilwHoo
pporis may tie elhewherp, there seems to
» e sonietliiig in' the atmosphere oi the
Windy City which prevents them from
making a win iht-u.. The baseball match
last Saturday ».m no exception, iw the
rule. New D.-nvir winning out With A
►core of 31 to 18. Some me-.nliers of ihe
vixiiing team »ere iroubleil oniiaelly and
appeared in duuht as lo which ball to
catch out of tlm two or three which Saw
t ig-'lher. Tins waa due to straiding ior
(he highballs prior to Ibe match.
Taking h Chances.
On Thursday eveninc a citizens meeting was held in the Victoria Hjtel to
devise some method of protecting the
tower part of low n from a fl oil or overflow Iruin Four Mile creek, which owiog
to the backwardness of the season, is
predicted hy many. The meeting was
unanimously in favor. of fixing Op the
itovetnment road at-the mouth, of.ihe
canyon, straightening the creek . there
snd adding to the nibbing already in.
Geo. Fairbairn was seb cted to eupefaijse
the work ami a committee consisting of
J.Tvree, VV. Scott and I*. Grant was
appointed to so lelt cmitiihutions io work
o cash with which to do ihia necessary
work. A little work done at the present
lime will ilu n ore real gcxxl than a
thotiHaud ilolUrs t xpei.iletl later on when
tlie danger uf a flood is witii ns, and may
be the nn ana uf saving tbe town from a
disaatei thatwuold wipe Silverton off of
the map. It i ul nu use for lhe Mown to
look for any help in the matter (rem
either the townsite company or the (iov-
enimeit and what is to tie done must tie
dune at once, the muscle and cash being
•■aihed amongst i-urt-elves. Everyman
ii lerested iu itielown either in business
or property is i«-r.-oii_*lly interested in.
this matter snd nlnudd d.i his share-
towaids haviiiii this work done at once.
On Tii-si'ay afii-rnoon a gathering ol
Silvi-itoii'- native suns and dauKliters
wns held at the home of Mis. W Krumlun
Liquid tettesl.in. nts were .ervediutat
Intervale and the young folk bad a
pleasant  time   sampling   each    olhcis
Japancs.: .\aiur_iluuion FftiijL
|^ The investizition irto Ihe^eulawrol
ruatnralizotioo ofthe hundreds i.f japan.
ese last summer, who engaged iu tbe
salmon ti.-hei.ea and made abortive tbe
fi .hemicu'h strike, must have lieen a slip-
shnil aff iir wlieu evidence like the tul-
l.iwing was iiii-»ed. This evidence eras
given by Mr Bun well of Vancouver tbis
week before thu Chinese Commission.
With reference to the naturalizing ot
Japanese, the witness stated that be bad
not iced larue numbers nf Japanese pre-
senting certificates uf naturalization-(or
the purpn e nt obtaining licences When
they could not possibly have b"en prop-
erly naturalised, in many cases-these
Japanese were taken Iiefore the Japanese
consul by Mr Bremner. the labor commissioner, when the facts were elicited
thst tbey bail been but a short time in
'lie cuiiiiln anil their certificates of naturalization must have been procured bv
fraud or peigoiiHtion.
I wanted In fuidout how this whole*
sale na'uruliz-t'ion waa done," continued'
the wit' ess, "so I went tn a notary public's oflice mnl said i wanted to net put
tbruugli iu * harry. He said that was
all ri*ht In- could mnnage it easily.' He
showed me » great pile of papers which
he suit were Im Japanese, and stated
that he could put me ibmuiih with the'
lot. 1 ilien ml 1 the notary puh ic that t
liml a number of Italians I wanted tu get
in, ho he said he would put ihem all
ihrouich lor 1'2 s head and give me halt a
dollar lake .11"
"I came 11 the conclusion that the
Britiah Columbia system of naturalization was rotten."
The English price fnr lead is £12 7s 01
fcilvcr, V%\     Oop|>er, £79
NeW York, April _!5—Bur .Silver, 69,'i
Like copper,   |17 Ot).
Lead—The tli in iIihI fixes  the ►» linir
mi   the   warm   price f >r minera hihIhiii -hers quotes lead
weather airivus.
*      | ul*4 37,'„ ut the el.'i.e.
Iriuu|il Adjustment.
One ofthe promptest adjusted losses I
in tho En iteniiyH. was tho ml just ing ol
the fire iosurai.ee on the townsi e building of this place, it wns instil-il forthe
sum of 12000 in the phoenix Fire In-
HUriiiice company of London ICnghiiul,
r (presented heie by Grots A Ci, This
bulldlnu  v>as destroyed   on    Tnesdav
niitr-ii<g nf i it week and the loss Was
adjusted lhe'1 I'lin'i ir Friday The
•infilling   was valued ut (3000 ainl wuh a
By ori'er of the United States postal
department il is uo longer Spokane, but
Spokau; Lake Kno enal, inst, ail uf Luke
Kootenay | Pend Oilelle, for Pemld'Or
lelie; Ch alum, for Cle-Klum; Saupoil
(nr Stum Foil, ami Ohinaiiiui, (or Okanogan.
I saw the tender crocus croke
Out iu the frosty air,
Thai tieic ly blew from Hudson's Bay
Or up that way soiuewheie;
I saw a bluebird turn its blue
Tues up and cease to care;
I saw a cowslip in the lune,
Because 'iwas icy there.
Onion   Sets,   at   Ilie   S Iverton
Store, '2b cents a pound.
Organized A Club.
A well attended meeting oi nasehat^
enthusiasts whs held in the Victoria
Hotel on Thnrsdav evening and the Silverton Baseball Club was formally or-
gsniz-d. The officers lor the first ses-.
son are: I»'»e» Bowea. Captain; R •<>>
Matheson, Secretary-Treasurer. A full,
outfit of Hie necesBsrv paraphernalia wilt
be secured »t once.
A young man wbnhail just heen kicked
down the Hoot neps by the irate lather
of lis hei-t nit I. says lie wasn't hurl mm It
i>\ tne old gentleman's bo. i, but i.e
adds, "I Mt considerably put out  at lbei Fort
Navigation Opened.
Commencing May 2nd from Owen
Sound an i Msv 5th from Fort William,
tbe Canadian Tactile Upper Lake steamers will n smne regular trips pn Jbft
fnlluwlne schedule from Qwen Sound:
s.s. Alberts. Ttieedav; s.s..Alhabs»cft.
Thnrinlay ; • ■ Manitoba,8atqrday; free*
Willi .m,    Aihabasea,   Rundsya
ti)tal ii-
i time.
Manitobii, Tuesday; Alberta, Friday, K
■ t-t.
by tbe former In the second round with
a left hand blow on the law which put
Cuff out of business.'
United States Consular Agent George
L. Schetky, who recently returned from
San Francisco, gives a most pessimistic account of the condition of the coal
trade there. He says oil is putting
coal out of business everywhere except
for domestic use. The slightest fluctuation in the present prices would be
fatal to the coal Industry.
Four men confined In the Carbon
county (Wyb.) jail cawed the bars of
their cells, waylaid the jailer on his
evening round and locked him In a cell.
The prisoners secured the jailer's pistols and coatless and hatless escaped
to the hills. A large possee ie searching the country. Two of the escaped
prisoners, Orno McSwain and James
McMahon, were awaiting trial on the
charge of murder.
Frederick Berstecher was beaten to
death with a rifle last night by Adolph
Von Grueningln at Bethany, a village
12 miles from Portland; Ore.
Recently four innocent white men
were shot, one perhaps fatally, a negro
was shot and another badly cut, the
result of a drunken fight started by a
crowd of negroes in Rosedale, Kan., a
suburb of Kansas City.
Joseph Hume, the pioneer salmon
packer of the Pacific coast, is dead.
Death was due to heart disease. Mr.
Hume established the first salmon cannery on the Columbia river In 1874.
In 1896 his husiness Interests were
transferred to Alaska.
The horribly mangled body of John
A. Smith waa found on the tracks of
the Seattle & International railway between Fremont, a suburb of Seattle,
and Ballard. There Is a belief that
Smith was sandbagged, robbed and
then thrown on the track to cover up
the crime.
The London war office has received a
dispatch from Lord Kitchener reporting that since April 18 various British
commanders have taken fil prisoners,
together with 100,000 rounds of email
ammunition and many horses, cattle
and wagons. Lord Kitchener reports
also the surrender of 20 Boers since
that date.
A high wind that struck Chicago recently loosened a huge iron water tank
from Its fastenings on the roof of the
Galbraith building, Madison and
Franklin streets, causing it to crash
through the eix floors to the ground,
injuring flve persons and resulting
In a damage to the building estimated
at $60,000.
The Flood Hollow dam in Middle-
field, Mass., gave way recently, letting
loose the water in the big reservoir,
which rushed with terrific force Into
the west branch of the Westfleld river,
sweeping everything before It and submerging the greater part of the town.
No lives were lost, but great damage
haa been done, the extent, of which It
ls Impossible now to estimate.
Henry H. Morrick, a 7-year-old
grandson of Henry Harris, a well
known rancher, was Instantly killed
at .the Roup farm, on the Yellowstone
railroad Sunday night. The youngster
entered the granary to drive out some
chickens and while he was doing so a
chicken flew against a loaded gun in
the building, knocking lt down, the
force of the fall causing thc weapon to
be discharged. The contents struck
the littlo fellow, killing him Instantly.
The hotel and bathhouse:* at historic
Steamboat Springs, Nevada, which ln
trie balmy days of the Comstock mines
was a watering place where more
money has been squandered in a night
than at almost any other resort on the
coast, are no more. A Are, which started ln the hotel, crossed the road to the
two-story bathhouse where the main
baths were situated, and entirely destroyed both buildings. There was no
Insurance on the property.
The steamship Indravelll has arrived
ln Portland from Yokohama. The Indravelll is the first of a fleet of 9,000
ton vessels comprising the Portland
and Asiatic steamship line established
by the O. R. 6 N. to operate between
Portland and the countries of Asia'.
The other vessels of the line ae at present constituted being the Indrapura
and Knight Companion.
Pao-Tlng-Fu, China, has been for
some time a big- military camp of
French and German, soldiers on the
way to the front. It is now estimated
that 8000 French troops and 6000 Germans will form the entire force when
all the reinforcements bave arrived.
Tbere Is no truth In current reports
regarding severe fighting between the
outposts and tbe Chinese.
Dr. H. L. Nletert, superintendent of
the, St. Louis city hospital, has performed one oi the most remarkable
operations ever recorded ln the annals
of Surgery. It consisted of taking
'three stitches In the heart of Philip
Gunn, who had been stabbed In a
brawl. The point of the knife blade
had entered the right ventricle and
had pierced .to the. cavity of the heart.
The knife entered' the heart obliquely
and the result was that the opening
between the cavity and the pericardium, or ooveiing of the heart, was lip
shaped on both sides.
The wound acted as a valve and at
each pulsation of tlu. blood through the
heart but a small quantity was let
through the artificial opening. The
task of stitching the wound was difficult Dr. Nletert tlrat removed * section of the breastbone, exposing the
pericardium. The motion of the heart
can not be repressed and be was forced
to make the stitches while the organ
waa shifting about. It required three
stitches to effectually close the gap.
This delicate operation finished,   the
A Complete Review of the RvenU of
"tfie Vaat Week—I_a Tbis and lor-
•- el urn     Land*—Tnken     From     tke
Latest Dlapatekfa.
Negotiations are about terminated   for
the purchase of the Danish West Indies by
the United States.
Funeral of Apostle George Q. Cannon at
Salt Lake was one of the largest ever seen
in the intermountain country.    It    was
simple but solemn services.
At Zanesville, Ohio, J. K. Lambsley of
Lowell drowned liimself in the 'Muskingum
river recently.   It was alleged that he was
short in his accounts ae township treasurer, and his 'bondsmen notified him  that
they would no longer be responsible.
Frank B. Loomis, United States minister to Venezuela, haa arrive^at New York
on the Red "D" liner Caracas, on which the
came from Porto Rico.   Mr. Loomis goes
to Washington to report to tlie state department and President McKinley immediately.
To the Associated Press reporter who
met him at quarantine Mr. Loomis said:
"I did not say any of the unpleasant things
that bave been attributed to me about
President Castro during my stop at San
Juan or anywhere else,   the fact is, I like
Mr. Castro very much.   I was interviewed
at San Juan, but it was more of a pleasant
chat than anything else."
A Kansas special from Memphis says:
Two men with   drawn revolvers   robbed
Ben Marsh's gambling house, back of the
Pea-body   hotel,   recently.   The   robbers
spent three minutes in the place and got
away with $3O0O.   The police have so far
failed to get any clue as to the identity or
whereabouts of the men.   They were evidently   experts in the holdup   business,
working quietly and rapidly.
At Shamokin 1000 men and boys bave
gone on strike at the Natalie colliery he-
cause the Shamokin Coal company would
not accede to their demands.   The colliery
is completely tied up.   Tbe men ask that
James Bateman, inside foreman, and Conductor John Yeager of the miners' train
be discharged; that trainmen running on
the company's road between Natalie nnd
Locust Summt be granted a 10 per cent
increase over the present wages.
Former Captain Oberlin Carter, U. S. E.,
and associates swindled    the government
out of $2,100,159 on army contracts   at
Savannah.   Carter has been tried and convicted by four courts. -Yet he wants to be
leased on bail, perhaps to fly the country
with his ill gotten gains.   The foregoing is
the substance of the statements made by
Solicitor General Richards.   Mr. Richards
has filed with the supreme court a brief in
opposition to the application for bail filed
some time ago.
The Lemurs National bank at Lemurs.
Iowa, has failed.   Thomas J. .Ward, vice
president and general manager of the institution, is a self confessed embezzler to
ths   amount of 925,000 to $30,000.     He
also absconded.
The great British rival to the isthmian
canal is a railway which is being built
across  Mexico's   narrowest   point.    This
will be mainly an extension of the Te
huantcpec line, built by the Mexican government to connect the gulf of Mexico
with the Pacific, which baa no terminal
At Butte, Mont, Al Davidson, a mining
man operating at White Sulphur Springs,
but living in Butte, committed suicide recently by shooting himself in the head.
He bad been in a row with another man
and went home to get his gun to kill bis
adversary.   'Hia wife persuaded  him not
to leave the house any more, end he lay
down.   (Shortly after this bis wife went
into the room and found him dying, with a
bullet in his brain and a pistol by his side.
By the exploson of the boiler on the river
steamer Romona recently four persons were
killed outright and six others seriously injured.   The dead include two women, who
were passengers on the steamer, and two
deck hands.   Of the injured the purser and
the mate will probably die.
The dead—Mrs. H. Morrison   of   Fort
Langley, B. C;    Mrs.   Baillie of Mount
Lehman, B. C; John   Mack,   deckhand;
Henry Phipps, deckhand.
The injured—Richard  Powers,  purser,
probably burned fatally; James Maynard,
mate, probably   burned   fatally; George
Knowell, fireman,   badly   burned;  three
Indians, seriously burned.
The boiler explosion occurred n midstream, while the steamer was cn route
from New Westminster to Fort L_angley,
the latter   being   a   fanning settlement
about 26 miles from Vancouver, B. C.
The New York Evening Post says:
The summary of the United Statco treasury's report shows that the government's
aggregate gold holdings for the first time
in history have passed tbe half billion
dollar mark. The actual total was $500,-
278,500 of wheh $252,07»,859 was held
against certificates in the bands of ths
outside public, and $150,000,000 as a reserve against outstanding United States
notes, the balance being free assets.
An attempt of three convicts at the
penitentiary at Santa Fe, N, M., to effect
their escape resulted in the killing
of Convict George Stephenson, the mortal
wounding of Convict Simmons, thc .serious
wounding of Convict Jose Monica Sena,
Captain of the Guard Felipe Armijo and
Guard Pedro Sandoval. George Stephenson, convicted of murder, bad in some
manner armed himself with a revolver.
William Simmons, sentenced for cattle
steabng, and Frank Carper, sentenced for
cattle theft, were in the conapiracy to
break jail.
Final arrangements hare been made ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
at the Russell house fo* Oie building pericardium was sewed together.
of a steel and Iron plant at Sault Ste.   portion   of   the   breastbone removed
Marie (Canadian side), which will em-  could not be ^pl(iced ana the operation	
ploy 10,000 men and be capitall_wd at  was. concluded  by stitching together Northern jp&elflc agent reports the foi
iw      °°' ■'' '■ tht> 8kln &ni tl>e outer tl88Ue8 that  lowing shipments  from  Troy:    2478
The glove contest between Jimmy cover the chest.   Gunn Is still alive  cords of wood, 27,500 railroad ties, 86,-
Burns   and   Ed   Cuff,   heavyweights,  and the physicians predict bis recov-  850 bushels of whoat, 880,000 feet of
An Interesting Collection of Ileum
From tke Four Korthweat States
of a miscellaneous Nature Gathered the Post Week.
Chris Strohm, a farmer, was badly
Injured recently In a runaway accident
at Walla Walla.
The Milton Fruit Growers' union has
organized as a company with a capital
of $2000, 400 shares at $_> each.
H. J. Rand of North Yakima has under construction the first cold storage
plant in central Washington.
The breeding of fine poultry la becoming a prominent as wel las profitable Industry ln the vicinity of Genesee.
A. Wakerbarth of Sanborn, Iowa, has
purchased Art Browning's farm at
Adna, in Lewis county, paying $3325
for the 160 acres.
No further light has as yet been
thrown on the whereabouts of W. R.
Carleton, the mi-sing insurance man
from Walla Walla.
A most interesting event was the
consolidation of Hiram and Amos
lodges, Free and Accepted Masons,
which occurred ln Colfax last week.
Gordon Burke, 14 years old, a student ln tbe Tacoma high school, fell
from the bannister recently and struck
on his head, producing Injuries which
It ls feared will prove fatal.
W. A. Lauder of Moscow, who ls shipping apples to Seattle, has announced
that the O. R. & N. and Great Northern
have acceded to his demand for a 60-
cent rate on less than carload lots.
It Is stated that the Washburn-
Crosby Milling company of Minneapolis, one of the biggest in tbe world, is
about to get control of the plant of the
Washington Grain and Milling company of Spokane.
The British turret steamship Caithness, 18 days from Mororan, Japan, arrived in Port Townsend with seven of
her crew of 28 men down with smallpox, and will be sent to tbe quarantine
station for fumigation.
Frank Reich of St. Paul was killed
recently near Skykomlsh. He was a
foreman of the Kelly Atkinson Construction company, which is erecting
the steel bridges for the Great Northern at Spokane and at points along the
W. P. Drugan, a well-known prospector of Chewelah, was arrested at that
place recently on a charge of assault
upon a neighbor. While in jail he set
the straw bed on fire, wrapped himself
in blankets and tried to burn himself
and the jail. He is suppose.1 to be Insane.
A contract has been closed by J. A.
Sloan of Cleveland, Ohio, for a tract
of land with a frontage of 900 feet on
the Puyallup river, in front of Tacoma,
for the plant of the Taooma Shipbuilding company. Title to property is conditioned on tbe investment of $300,000
ln plant and material or the expenditure of $250,000 in wages In flve years.
'Democratic nominations at Spokane are
as follows: Mayor, Dr. P. S. Byrne; treasurer, Harry Eggleston; comptroller, Floyd
llnggett; couneilmen, First ward, Leonard
Funk, E. W. Hand; Second ward, Fred
lialdwin, P, Sondger_ith; Third ward, C.
DuQuesnay, K. B. Luing; Fourth ward, E.
M. Woydt, G. W. Burch; Fifth ward, Julius Zittel, N. S. Pratt. This was the ticket
nominated by Spokane democrats Saturday
night in a convention.
Rupert McClure, aged 11, was horribly burned recently at Wenatchee.
He secured a baking power can, filled
with gunpowder and drove a hole in
the top with a nail. He then dropped
a lighted match in the can. An explosion followed. Both his eyes were
blown out and he was terribly burned
about tbe face, neck and head. His
hair was nearly all burned off. His
condition is critical.
apples, 108,000 feet of lumber, 700 telephone voles, 81,200 cedar tenoe posts,
end 36 toils of dried prunes. The value
of the above shipments would aggregate at a conservative estimate no less
than $60,000.
J. A. Kelly has leased tbe Blackfoot
Creamery company's plant at Black-
The Inmates of tbe Blackfoot Insane
asylum now number 227, of which 149
are males.- ...
Plans are' being prepared for tbe
Knights of Pythias building at Boise,
to cost over $20,000.
The British-American club Is being
organized ln Boise. There are about
400 British-Americans in that city.
The U. of I. won the debate aguinat
Whitman college on the trust question. Arguments for national restraint of combinations were considered better handled.
Articles of incorporation of the Salmon River Railroad company were
filed recently with the secretary of
state. The capital stock ls fixed at
Fire at Lewiston destroyed the
buildings occupied by tbe hotel, Mean's
Implement company, the Owl saloon
and Model restaurant, with nearly all
the contents.
What seems to have lieen nn attempt to
commit a cold blooded murder occurred
alHiut iux miles north of Bonner's Ferry.
Arnold Sterns, the victim of the attempt,
is a young rancher. He walked four miles
after .being shot and his condition is critical.
Chairman Burton of the river and
harbor committee of the house has telegraphed his acceptance of the Invitation of the Lewiston Commercial club
to have the committee visit Lewiston
and make a trip from this point by
steamer to The Dalles as guests of the
For the quarter ending March 31 the
Which took place at Rossland, was won ery.
logs, 300 tons of hay, 17,600 boxes of
Joseph H. Baker has been chosen exalted ruler of the lodge of Elks In Bote-
Montana Odd Fellows have already
raised $6000 of the required $10,000 for
a home for widows and orphans of tbe
Great Falls horsemen have, arranged
for a ten days' racing meet next September. A fund of $10,000 has been
subscribed for expenses.
As a result of the recent examinations held by the state medical board,
Dr. W. C. Riddell, secretary of the
board, announces that certificates will
be Issued to Edgar R. Bradley, Elkhorn; R. O. Blaydes. Pipestone
Springs; S. S. Attlx, Gilt Edge; W. V.
Kingsbury, Billings; Budett O'Connor,
Butte, and W. T. Reynolds, Aldrldge.
In a row among partners In a mining
claim at Marysvllle last week, Charles
Gels was shot ln the back by Matthew
Hager and will probably die. Hager
accused Gels and two other partners
in the Bell Boy mine of trying to freeze
him out because they wanted him to
Bell and he refused. Gels and Hager
met In Lehman's saloon and Hager ac
cused Gels of saying be would cut his
Insldes out. Gels then rushed at Hager
and they clinched. In the scuffle which
followed shots were fired, one of which
wounded Gels. Another penetrated the
thigh of Edwin Burke, while he was
Salem reports that the Petite prune
trees ln all the lowland orchards are
in bloom and the Italians are beginning
to bloom.
A cannery Is about to be established
in Milton by Charles H. Pierce of Al
bany. wbo has been successfully en.
gaged ln the canning business for the
past ten years.
Antelope has adopted a curfew ordinance compelling minors under 16
years to be at their homes after 8
o'clock in summer and after 7 In wln-
The Portland board of trade will
make an effort to secure for that city a
linen manufactory which, it ls said
will employ 2000 people when lt Is once
put ln full operation.
R. P. Nell, of Ashland, J. S.. Orr. of
Klamath Falls, and A. J. Sherwood, of
Coqutlle City, have been reappointed
members of the board of regents of the
state normal school at Ashland. Their
term of office ls six years.
C. H. Stranahan has sold his Sherman county farm of 530 acres to O. A.
Hazen for $7000, and his stock and
farm Implements to the same purchaser for $1000. Mr. Stranahan will
move back to the Hood River valley.
The raise in the Morning Glory ls
up 52 feet.
The California is still in rich ore on
tbe 200-foot level.
Tbe Butte k Boston is drifting north
on tbe 260-foot level.
The work of sinking tbe shaft on the
Oblco, 100 feet deeper, has begun.
Tbe big tunnel on tbe Wauconda ls
now in 675 feet and has passed through
42 feet of the ledge.
In the bottom of tbe northeast drift
from tbe main tunnel of the Flag Hill
mine a ten-foot body of ore has been
It is rumored that the Rossman company bas purchased tne machinery for
a mill of 100 tons dally capacity for the
Work on tbe ElCallph ls going on
well. The shaft Is being sunk and the
adtt driven. In both are found excellent stoping ore.
The Quilp bas closed down and will
remain so until there ls better transportation facilities. It costs too much
to haul ore to Grand Forks on wagons.
The Republic bridge over Granite
creek is finished and the new ore bins
will be ready this week. The mill,
however, ls ready to receive custom
James Wardner, the famous mining
plunger, Is In Rossland again.
Tbe -Boundary ore tonnage for the
first three months of the year Is 75,910
tons. . "- .
The Snowshoe mine, In Greenwood
camp, ie being developed by both shaft
and tunnel workings.
Work has been resumed on the Nonesuch and Republic claim-), In Smith's
camp, near Greenwood.
At Slocan, the Bondholder has temporarily closed down, owing to the inrush of surface water from the melting
snow.   Resumption will be soon.
Tbe last boring made by the diamond
drill on the- Green Mountain, at Rossland, shows that it bas one of the largest ledges In tbe Trail Creek division.
Tbe low price of lead has caused a
great many of the mines to close down,
and the St. Eugene, one of the best
known of the British Columbia mines,
bas followed stilt and will run short
handed for some time to come.
On the Sunset, ln Deadwood camp,
some record breaking shaft sinking ls
being done by 12 men who bave a contract. Superintendent Harry Johns reports that in 25 days the shaft was
sunk 110 feet. It Is down 2T6 feet.
The shaft Is a double compartment one,
each compartment being 4% by 6 feet
In the clear.
Whitman Won.
Pullman, Wash., April 21.—Whitman
college defeated W. A. C. at Pullman by a
score of 8 to 4. Tlie game was an excellent
one, though clearly against W. A. jO. from
the first. Whitman played superior ball
and showed excellent form with the bat.
All Flood Records Broken—Thon-
sands Are Homeless—Towns Completely Stilllitersell—Mil nilIliellin-K
Snllei— Mills Sii nc Down.
Pittsburg, April 21.—This city is the center of a widespread and disastrous storm.
For a radius of 150 miles in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West
Virginia ruin or snow has lieen fulling ul-
most without intermission for three duys.
Mountain streums have become torrents,
creeks are swollen and out of their banks,
and the 'big rivers ure oceans of turbulent
water. Flood records, it is expected, will
bc broken before the water subsides. The
financial loss can not be estimated. In addition to the hundreds of thousands and
perhaps of millions of dollars it will cost to
put large manufacturing plants in commission ugitin, tens of thousands of skilled
workmen ure thrown out of employment
and lose their wages just at a time when ull
the iron and steel mills are rushed with
Thousands of people are lying in the upper rooms of their water soaked houses,
without heat, light or foed. Where gas
fuel is used the pipes are Hooded and cut
off and whnt coal there may be is under
five to 10 feet of wuter. ,
AtScoville, the home of the Presscd-Steel
Cur company, the town is completely surrounded by water. The workers and their
families constitute a community of several
thousand persons.
Wheeling, W. Va., fears the most disastrous Hood in its history. The wmthenvi.-tii
suy the river will make a new high record
al that point. The mountain streams of
the state are gushing down with resistless
force. Behind this comes the Hood tide of
the Ohio, fed by the Monongahela, Allegheny. Beaver und other tributaries. From
to to 50 feet of water is feared at Wheeling,
whicli means an immense loss of property.
ln many parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio
piobably the heaviest storm ever known ut
this season of the year has lieen raging for
two days. At Oil City the oil exchange
went out of business temporarily because it
was impossible to secure quotations from
New York, Pittsburg and other points. On
one railroad in Ohio passenger trains are
stalled and engines sent to their assistance
huve been buried with snow und all must
wait with a hope for a speedy turn of the
weather. In the meantime the passengers
must depend on nearby fanners for sufficient food to keep them from starvation.
The big manufacturing plunts in this city
huve suffered severely. The cost of repairs
is but a small item in comparison to the delay in filling the orders with whicli all the
plants ure crowded.
The iron mills along the rivers were early
alllieied und one by one were compelled to
shut down.
A widespread and disastrous flood has inundated all the lowlands in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West
Virginia. Streums, both great and siiiull,
have passed the Hood line and ure still rising. Pittsburg is the center of the storm-
stricken district and Ihe effects nre proli-
ably worst in its immediate vicinity. Rata
has lieen fulling in and for many miles
around Pittsburg for 00 hours arid all precipitation records are broken. .Parker's
Landing, up the Allegheny, reports nearly
four inches, and Greensboro, on the Monongahela river, over three inches. Down the
Ohio over four inches fell at Wood Junction und about three and a half inches at
Beaver. West and north of Pittxburg heavy
falls of wet snow are reported. Up the Allegheny river reports come of two feet of
snow on the level at many places. This had
the effect of breaking down telegraph wires
and crippling railroad service. Mails are
eifhet delayed for hours or not arriving ut
Business, religious services, comfort and
health are ut the merry of the storm. Several narrow escapes from death have been
reported and it is not improbable that when
the flood subsides it muy reveal a number
of bodies.
.Steam and electric railroad trucks are
buried under thousands of tona of earth
washed down the hillsides, and in some
cases the trucks huve lieen moved. Where
the snow and sleet prevailed telegraph
wires and poles went down under the burden und costly ruilrotid ami other bridges
bave lieen washed uwuy nnd their plan
At Carnegie, six miles spnth of Pittsburg,
everything is in a Btute of panic. To add
to the excitement a niun-lier of negroes got
drunk on liquor bring carried from the cellars of .saloons. Chief of Police Foster tried
to arrest three of them, when tly>y attacked
him with razors, cutting him severely. The
fircbells were rung and the ctttzens turned
out. They suppressed the negroes and arretted three of them.
Pittsburg, April 22.—The most widespread and destructive storm, from a
material point of view, has passed. It
has left a zone of ruin 200 miles ln
diameter. Cities 70 miles from Pitta-
burg were tied up by one Of the worst
storms ever eeen here. While the
snow fell from 18 irfcheS to throb feet
deep, which Is.^ot extraordinary, the
snow was so wet that It fctnfig In
weighty masses to shade and fruit
trees and poles, bearing them to earth.
It settled on steam and electric rails
like wet sand, stofoplhg All traffic and
making pedest^laplem almost lmpossl-
The fall was so hanvy.ond spontaneous ln some places that the residents
declared It 'seemed' like the bursting
of snow clouds. A few miles away
are towns In Just as dire straits from
rain, but with speedier prospect fdr
relief, as the rain will run off swifter
thsn snow can melt, yot here traffic
was practically suspended.
Cincinnati,   April   22.—The    river
reached   47  feet  here,  rising tw
Inches an hour. ' ""*•
Cincinnati,   April   S2.~There  h
been more alarm throughout the t»7
vglfey pn account of the %x>ds than .
any period since February 1884 wh
the Ohio rlvetfr&ohed its highes't IT
of 71 feet and 9 inches at this ch
Most of the Inhabitants of the vail
spent the night In anticipation of a
worst flood ever known in the valley
and they will not know'until tomorrow
that the water has begun fallinir „i
Pittsburg.   Until   this  news  reached
river men here tonight lt was feared
that the record of 1884 might be broken, but now It le generally believed
I that the river will not exceed the flood.
I of February, 1897, and of March, 1898
I when It reached 61 feet at Cincinnati
I    The present flood Is the worst that
I has ever been known so late in the
| spring.   The first week ln April, 1886   _
I the river reached 55 feet and 9 inches
1 In this city, and that was the highest
water ever known so late In the spring
There has been no flood ln the Ohio
valley since March,  1898.    The flood
will do much more damage now than
It would have done two months ago
While the water has begun to fall at
Pittsburg, both rain and   snow have
been falling heavily all night and today, and tonight all along the Ohio
The danger line has already been
reached at points above Cincinnati and
it will be reached here tomorrow
morning. The merchants and manufacturers ln the lower part of the city
have been working all day and night
preparing for the worst.
The Myer's Creek (Wash.) district
will be represented at the Pan-American exposition.
The big ore body on the Horn Silver
mine, in Okanogan county, has been
encountered, and the main body Into
which the seven surface ledges run is
now close at hand.
George Runkle, owner of the Pioneer, ln Pierce City district, Idaho, has
ordered a 20-stamp mill for his property. This fact has disclosed the Important Information that a big strike
has been made recently on the property. It Is said that a 43-foot foot ledge
has been exposed, showing average
values of $25 per ton, ;.
An alleged gigantic swindle, by
which the citizens of Colfax, Wash.,
and vicinity are said to have been beaten out of nearly $15,000 by means of a
"salted" mine, has come to light and
there ls much excitement in consequence. The property Inv^ved was located on the south fork of^the Salmon
river, ln Idaho, by S. R. and R. C. De-
vine ln 1896. It consists of a bar of
sand above tbe river and contains 140
Conditions are favorable for placer
miners in Coeur d'Alenes, although
they can not expect a very long run
at this time of the year. A number of
the smaller operators are at work, but
the hydraulic elevator Is fdle, and
probably will be until Barry N. Hill-
ard returns from Boston, about the
last of tbe month. Everything about
the works Is in good shape, the work
done on the creek channel last fall
having protected lt thus far against
any damage from water, and as Prlch-
ard creek has already been, about as
high as It gets no damage Is probable
when the spring Hoods come.
Caused   by   an   Impure  Condition
of the   Blood—How It   May
Be Permanently Cured.
From the Mirror, Manchester, N. B.
Although rheumatism is one of the
most painful and I dangerous of the
many troubles which nlllict mankind,
it can be permanently cured if a proper course of treatment is taken. The
real cause of rheiiinutisni is the presence of acid in the blood and the
only cure is to purify, nourish and
strengthen this vital fluid. The best
specific yet discovered for this purpose
is Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pule
People and tho number of cures they
have effected in cases of this stubborn
disease is wonderful Mrs. S. D,
Loveland, of No. 13.'l West Hancock
street, Manchester, N. 11., was cured
of a severe attack of rheumatism by
the use of this remedy.    She says:
"Several' yeaty'ago one Qp my knees
was injured hy u fall. About the first
of June, 1897,,rheumatism set in and
at    lust    got   wi   I md tlm t 1 (tin Id not.
bend my knee. It was v.Cry painful
and I wait uiuihle tn riiove about. I
tried various reined ics, Tint not one of
tiiem relioevd nie in any way.
"In the lattet part of August,
nearly throe months after the pa in
and stiffness begun, a friend, Mrs.
RothWell, of^^rt'tt, Mass., told me
of Dr.,Williams' Pink Pills for Pule
People. I willingly gave them a trial
and experienced  relief   in a few day«.
j I bonlinOClt. until i had taken threo
I boxes and-wns able to bend the knee
'and gu up and down stairs without
difficulty.      I   huve   since taken the
'pills a number of times, for other
troubles and always witlr_gjiod results.
"fliitve recommended.:Dr. Williams'
Fixik, Pills, for Pule People jnmny times.
I hiive nut. li'iii-iietl with what effect
they were token,, excepting in the ca*"'
of twwof my relative! ,,np  a   young
I woman living In myifiupily, eacAi nf
whom'Was greatly benefitted. I fei'l
that I'cannot' suy too much in favor
of the pills."   '  • »'«•■'
,    Signed,     MKS.,,8. D.XOVKLAND.
Subscribed and sworn'tii Iiefore  nie
ihis 27th day hM-Vbrliilrj; 1001
■Seal   ,'■'''[     ''  " Notary Public
I At all druggists p.r'd'ii'ect from Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Schenectady,
N. Y. . Price, 160 eppts per box; si*
boxes, 92.50. Jnthe Spring
irerished—a condition indicated by
Maoeo Not In California.
Ithaca, Vf. Y., April 21.—The report from
R«n Francisco stating that Santiago Maceo,
The blood is imping, jtycnk and lm-    *°'» of (_lem_r.il, Slaceo, had arrived there,
"' bavins' been deported from Manila by General MacArthur, was emphatically denied
by Antonio Maceo, who claims to be the
only son of the late Cuban patriot. Young
Antonio Maceo entered Ithaca high school
In September, 18011, and is taking a course
preparatory to entering Cornell university.
pimples and other eruptions on the
face and body, by deficient vitality,
loss of appetite, lack of strength and
There's a physical reason for this —
hut it need not be discussed here.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Makes the blood pure, vigorous and
rich, creates appetite, gives vitality,
strength and animation, and cures
nil eruptions. Buy a bottle and have
the whole family bogiu to take it today.
'-1 was bothered with very bad sores on
my arms and hands. Hood's Sarsaparilla
being recommended, I got a bottle, and
when I bad taken It the sores were all
none. Hood's Is the best blood purifier I
ever used."   W. K. Willis, Felton, C'al.
Hood's Sarsaparilla promisee to
cure and keeps the promise.
Tbe countess of Limerick has started a movement for the supply of shamrock to Irish soldiers who are serving
outside the green isle. Several other
aristocratic women have promised support. It Is proposed that Irish officers
will be called upon to pay for the
shamrock, and that money thus collected will be given to an association
which cares for tbe families of soldiers
and sailors.
Last year Mexico manufactured 376,-
000,000 packages of cigaretes and 119,-
000,000 cigars. This ls an Increase of
10 per cent over the previous year.
Men are more sensitive about age
than women, and the man who tells his
age before being asked always looks
older than he says he is.
It is estimated that one-third of the
dwellers upon earth are habitual users
of tobacco.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Colonel Cornelius Cardiner, who ls
to be governor of the province of Ta-
bayas, in southern Luzon, ls a native
of Michigan and was graduated from
West Point In 1873.   As a lieutenant
he   fought   the   Arapahoes   and   the
ne.,".-'Tii Cheyennes In Nebraska and
Kansas before the battle of Republican river, af which Colonel Lewis was
Mow's Timi
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
&n> cam* of Catarrh thut can -not be cured i>y
Hall'a Catarrh Cure.
V. 1. CHENEY & CO.. Props.. Toleilo. O.
Wa, tha tm i.-isiKii-'l. have known F. J.
Cli.-ney lor the past 15 year*.' and believe htm
IH-rfertly honorable tn all business transactions
hi. I nnanclally able to carry out any obllga-
Uuns made by the Arm.
WEST A TRUAX;       *.  • ■    ■
Wholesale Druggist*.  Dnltdn, O.
Wholesale Druaglsis.  Toledo, O.
Hall'a Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the syslam.    Price 76c per bottle.    Sold by
all druggists.'Testimonials free,
Hall'a Futility I'llls are the beat.
The manuscripth of tbe 15th and 16th
centuries are, ln many cases, almost Illegible on account of the fading of tbe
ink. At that time the lampblack Inks
passed out of use and chemical inks became popular.
Thia signature la on every box of tha genuine
Laxative Brorao«Quinine -raw.*
the remedy that ertrce* n colli la ooe «__aj
The perfumers of Rome lived ln a
special quarter set apart for their use,
and whole streets were filled with their
shops, which were lounging places for
wealthy young nobles.
Straw Is put to strange uses ln Japan. Most of the horses are shod with
It. Even the clumsiest of cart horses
wear straw shoes.
Herd Ibe Red Finer of Danger!
h'.l pimples, blotches, bolls, noma are dan-
*'r Klun.ils of torpid liver, puUi.ined blood.
Usi-an-ia Candy Cathartic will save you. All
■UnigKlsts 10«, Kir, .Wc. |
Nottingham ■ Is the. richest town In
EnKland. It has established the only
university college maintained by the
-Jfiunicipality.   .
narfleld   Tea has long been reo-
Ok'nlzcil as the greatest reinody
IO'-  Iniwel  and liver troubles;      It
'" made from  simple  herbs that
cure   chronic   coimllpatlon.
from a cliff 1000 feet high ono with
c'ear Vision can see a ship at a die
«nce of 42 miles..
FITS   ermaniMiilr Oured.   No Jilt ar nervousness
.____..        J™' Srst Jar's nseof llr. Kline's Ureal Nerve
£*<■;"' ■ Si.iulf,i^|rKEKS_|.OOtri»ll."lil..RiMltri.»i.
"*• h«.H.II K_ri»fcUJ.!J_nAftfiBt.,PIilladiIiiUI».l'ai
'"' y ' \
The manufacture of the old phos-
PnoniR matcW vritr.tie prohibited ln
Hwitzcrlanrt   afteir  April   1.
Pl*'» Ctn» cannot  bt  too  highly  spoken  M
Ave*  wU,h  <mr*'-J« er.   O-Brlan,   W  Third
- "..  Minneapolis,  Minn..  Jan. t, 1100.
thl/'lm ftre ProbaMy a lot of women
loncd      flnd beftven awfully old fash-
.',i^;r.Y11,,fl"<1 Mrs. Wirislow's Booth.
clilIMn , 'i   \e hrili ttniMy to use lor their
"" n 'hiring ihe teething period.
Homo ^i60, ** im' Switzerland had a
Population of 8,812,561.
I'ii trick < H Killed.
Spokane, April 21.—In n quarrel between
Patrick Collins nnd J, A. MTller, ranchmen
residing on adjoining farms aliout six
miles north of Milan, Collinij was struck
on the head with u club and killed. Miller, the alleged murder, i* now in the county Jail. He came to thc city nnd gave himself Up, He acknowledged killing Collins,
but nays it was done in self defense.
Golden Won the Mnteh.
Columbus, Ohio, April 21.—Peter Oolden
of New York won the six day go as you
please walking match.
At Denver an attempt was made recently to poison Joseph Haennelt, a
prisoner In the county jail, who is
charged with having assisted to rob
Mrs. Dr. Flora Hetts of $7,000 worth of
diamonds in August laat when driving
with her. An apple pie and some
cheese were left at the Jail for Haennelt by an old man who Is unknown.
After nibbling at tne cheese the prisoner became sick. An emetic was administered, which saved his life.
John Frederick Dovey, an Englishman, had been Idle In Pittsburg for
some time, and being unable to get
work of any kind enlisted in the United . States navy. Half an hour after
being sworn in he received word that
he and nine relatives were heirs to a
fortune of some $40,000,000 left to
them .In England by a man of whom
he had never beard. Another heir
lives In Chester, Pa., and a third ln
Monongahela City.
Cultivate cheerfulness and amiability. A smiling face chases away gloom.
Say pleasant and kindly things when
you have the opportunity.
The Duty
of Mothers,
What suffering frequently results
from a mother's ignorance; or more
frequently fi" 1 a mother's neglect to
properly instruct her daughter 1
Tradition says "woman must suffer," and young women are so taught.
There in a little truth and a great deal
of exaggeration in this. If a young
woman suffers severely she needs treatment, and her mother should see that
ahe frets it.
Many mothers hesitate to take their
daughters to a physician for examination : but no mother need hesitate to
write freely about her daughter or
herself to Mrs. Pinkham's Laboratory
at Lynn, Mass., and aecure from a
wont ui tlio moat efficient advice without charge.
Occurred at Vancouver, Washington—
Both Bad Oonfeaaed—Same I'latol bid
the Work—Bod lei Lay Together Near
the City.
Mrs. August Pfalzgraf, of South
Byron. Wis., mother of the young lady
whose portrait we here publish, wrote
in January, 1890, saying her daughter
had Buffered for two years with irregular menstruation—had headache all
the time, and pain in her side, feet
swelled, and was generally miserable.
She received an answer promptly with
advice, and under date of March, 1890,
the mother writes again that Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound cured
her daughter of all pains and irregularity.
Nothing in the world equals Lydia !___.
Pinkham's great medicine for regulating woman's peculiar monthly
Drninnil for More   Battletlilpt.
When the Secretary of I lie Navy rei-etilly
demanded more bntileships, Coiijtmaa considered   his   recommendations   favnrahly,
and authorized Misconstruction of se*eral
powerful warships.   Protection Is vhatuiir '
smpnus    require, mid   forth cations   will
not adequately supply this. Defeiiteagaliist
all  disorders ot the iHBesire organs,  sueh I
aa dv.-pepsin,  constipation,   biliousness,'
rheumatism and nervousness, is adequate-1
lv afforded hy that efficient remedy,   Hosteller's Blomucli timers.   Trv it. i
A minister doesn't have to know the
marriage ceremony by heart, for if he
forgets a word the woman can always
prompt him.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.   All
druggists refund the money if lt (alls to cure.
E. W. Grove'b signature ls oa each box.   26c.
The South African Chartered company has placed an order for 12 batteries of quick firing guns In Germany.
According to the teachings of at least
one rabbi, Eve was a blonde.
The skin is the seat of an almost endless variety of diseases. They are known
by various names, but are all due to the
same cause, acid and other poisons in
the blood that irritate and interfere with
the proper action of the skin.
To have a smooth, soft skin, free from
all eruptions, the blood must bc kept pure
and healthy. The many preparations of
arsenic and potash and the large number
of face powders and lotions generally
used in tbis class of diseases cover up
for a short time, but cannot remove permanently the ugly blotches and tbe red,
disfiguring pimples.
Etornml vlgllanoo Im the pnloe
of a beautiful oomploxlom
when such remedies are relied on.
Mr. H. T. Shube. 1704 Luces Avenue, St. Louis
Mo., says: " My daughter was afflicted for yean
wilh a disfiguring eruption on her face, wlncb
restated all treatment. She waa taken to twe
celebrated health springs, but received no bene
fit.   Many medicines were prescribed, but with-
out result, until we decided to try 8.8. 6, and by
the time tbe first bottle was finished the eruption
began lo disappear. A dozen bottles cured hei
completely and left her skin perfectly tmooth.
New   York   Hupr me  Court Held that
It Waa Not.
Llmburgercheese—or rather Its odor-
was passed upon by tbe New York Supreme court the other day. The court's
decision was that Limburger cheese
kept on the premises of a firm dealing
In butter and cheese Is not a public
nuisance wblcb the courts will abate,
at tbe suit of adjoining property-owners, and this although the cheese ls
kept ln enormously large quantities.
In a dissenting opinion Died by Judge
Hatch, however, the following language ls used: "Tbe odor from Limburger cheese, when It ls given a fair opportunity to spread itself. Is overwhelming and unless the olfactory
sense be educated to tbe liking or deadened to Its presence, It Is about as offensive an odor as can greet the olfactory nerve of human beings. That the
premises arc Inhabitable ln Its continued exposed presence will not be generally believed and when lt Is combined
with tbe odorlferousness arising from
tbe cheese, we can readily see that a
stench can be produced by the side of
which the smell of hogpens and slaughterhouses might be regarded as delicate perfumery. It Is enough to say
that language falls In description of
sucb an odor and It ls evident that the
witnesses for the plaintiff were baffled
In their attempt hy lack of power to describe the overwhelming presence. It
needs no occult power to understand
that only a small quantity of Limburger cheese Is necessary to All the atmosphere with smell. We have seen a
single wagon, containing n large quantity, drive people from the street along
which lt passed and we can readily understand that by constant use the wagons come to have a distinctive smell
entirely their own."
Site is now seventeen years old, and not a sign 61
tUftfrnharrassing disea»e has ever returned."
S. S. S. is a positive, unfailing cure foi
the worst forms of skin troubles. It ii
the greatest of all blood purifiers, and tha
only one guaranteed purely vegetable.
Bad blood makes bad complexions.
—m*. m*^*. gmt*. purifies and invigo-
^^ ^^ ^^ rates the old and
^^ ^^ ^i makes new, rich blood
kjk/^wj that nourishes the
**WsWrW0WW body and keeps tin
skin active and healthy and in proper
condition to perform its part towards
carrying off the impurities from tbe body.
If you have Eczema, Tetter, Acne, gal)
Rheum, Psoriasis, ot.your skin is rough
and pimply, send for our book on Blood
and Skin Diseases and write-our physicians about your case.   No charge whatr
Called to Preach.
It ls to be feared that some other
men's "call" to prencb Is not more Imperative than that of the negro referred
to by Mr. Booker Wasbliigton 111 the
Tbe old negro was working In the
cotton-fleld one hot day In July. Suddenly he stopped, and looking toward
the sky, he exclaimed:
"O Lawd, de cotton nm so grnssy, de
wuk am so hnrd, nn' de huh uui sO hot,
dat 1 b'llevc dis darky am culled to
preacb 1"
Kxcrolae fbr a l-'m Man.
Club attendant (to stout party who Is
struggling iuto overcoat)—Allow me,
Stout party—No, don't trouble. This
Is the only exercise 1 ever take!—London Punch.
In the United States the public high
schools in 1899 graduated 20,844 boys
and 36,124 girls. In 1898 ths whole
number of boys ln attendance at public
high schools was 189,187; Of girls, 260,-
II KecpYou Dry
The Best rrescrlptloft, tor Malaria
Chills and Kevor Is a Imtileot drove's Tasteless
Chili Tunic. ItlsRlmply Iron and quinine ln
a tastuloss torni.   Np Cure, Nd Psy.   Price COO.
If a in.-iii spent half as much money
ln keeping the affection of a woman n«
he does winning it, marriage might not
be callod a failure.
OA1IFIEI.D TKA, the medicine that
l'i, 1111 •■■ I ho blood . and cli-nnacs
tho svsti-in, brintfi gond heslth
to sll who use it It ls mule
hum    herbs.        IlruKRltit   sell   IU
The luckiest people ln the world are
tb one who do not depend upon good
Bank Failed.
■Vancouver, Wash., April 21.—This city
was thrown into a fever of excitement by
thc failure of the First Xational bank. The
following notice was posted ,,n the front
door of the bank at the beginning of banking hours Saturday morning:
"This b^nk is closi-d and in the hands of
the controller of the currency.
"J. W. MAXWELL, Bunk Examiner."
Vancouver, Wn., April 22.—Charles
Brown and E. L. Canby, president and
caehier respectively of the First National Bank of Vancouver, which was
closed recently by the comptroller of
the currency, committed suicide two
miles from this city by shooting themselves with a revolver. Their bodies
were found lying together ln a Small
clump of bushes about one half mile
north of Columbia school, which ls
situated on the outskirts of the town.
They both used the name weapon
and Canby evidently died flnst, as the
Washington, Feb. 4, 1899.
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus,
Ohio: i
Gentlemen—"I have taken Peruna
now for two weeks
and find I am very
much relieved. 1
feel that my cure
will lie permanent. I have also
taken it for la
grippe, and take
pleasure in recommending Peruna
as   an    excellent
ConKressman Howard,     remedy to all fel-
low-suffcrcrs."—M. W. Howard.
Congressman  Howard's home   ad-
revolver was found ln Brown's hand, dress is Fort Payne, Ala,
It is evident that Canby put the muzzle
of the revolver in his mouth and then
blew the top of his head off. Brown
then took it and shot himself ln exactly the same way, falling over'Canby's
body. The fact that Brown's bicycle
and an umbrella belonging to Canby
were found a short distance out of
town last night led to the belief that
the two bank officials had taken their
A searching party started out and
after several hours' hunt the bodies
were found In the clump of bushes.
Friday evening Canby, upon being tegan with a Iwttle "the "first"wee"k m
told by Bank Examiner J. W. Maxwell March and it certainly did me a great
that the bank would not be permitted I deal 0f gooa. i wag 80 well Bntj8f,ed
to open Saturday, went out In the yard , that i purcha8ed another bottle und
behind the bank and attempted to followed your directions, which you
shoot himself. His revolver failed to furniBh with every bottle, and I am
explode, although all flve chambers | giad to Bay that jt ha8 cured ,ne j
were loaded. After falling to shoot I shall certainly recommend the Peruna
himself Canby came back    into    the
bank, and he and President Brown left
together, the latter taking his revolver.
Frash- etaotnehrdlu etaoinfppu fwy
When Bank Examiner Maxwell confronted the bank officials with the
shortage of $81,000, which he had discovered, both men admitted their guilt.
It Is said that both Brown and Canby
had been speculating in stocks. Beside Brown's body there was found a
package containing $25 and a note saying that the money belonged to his
Upon Canby's body the following
brief note was found:
"My Dear Wife—I feel  what I am
about to do is for the best   Forgive me
if you can, and try to live for our dear
children.   God bless you all.   Goodbye.
"NED, April 19, 1901."
Brown, who waa 54 years old, has
lived ln Vancouver since 18G2. His
fattier was the first receiver of the
Vancouver land office. He has served
as auditor of Clark county, was married and had a family. His connection
with the bank as Its president dates
back 10 years.
Canby was 32 years of age, and was
well connected. His wife was Miss
Frances Burnslde, daughter of an Oregon pioneer.
District Attorney Gay states there
Is evidence that the criminal acts of
the two officials cover a period of several years, and only by a thorough investigation of the books can their full
extent be known.
Canby carried $13,000 on his life and
Brown carried policies aggregating
Mel.eny  I*  Champion.
Portland, April   21.—B, L.   McLeay of
Portland defeated S. D. Bowers of Tacoma
in the finals of the golf tournament for the
mmpinnship of Oregon.
When vou take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonlo,
hersnse the formula Is plainly printed on every
tonic showing that It Is simply Iron and Qui*
slue In a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay. 60c
Only three weeks are required to develop a perfect mosquito from the egg.
S^Hiie7^2^ Wettest Weather
/-iTAinrilr^  PDPF
Sudden and Severe
attacks of
come to
mail)- of US,
but howe
bad the i
and deeply,
•oothes snd
the nerves
and brlugs
a sure cura.
THE after-effects of the grip are often disastrous,   ft Is commonly
known to the medical fraternity that the numerous ailments
ar.d complications which follow the grip are apt to be more serious
than the acute stage of the disease.
Some people have the grip very lightly.    They may be confined
to the house only a day or two and yet a long train of disagreeable,
dlsabl'ng symptoms follow.    All sorts of tonics and stimulating
remsdiei have been devised to meet this condition.   None of them
can compare in results with Peruna.
Every one who has had the grip oujht to take a short course ot
Peruna.   Read what the following people have to say about It.
Washington, April 24, 1900.
The Peruna Medicine   Co.,   Columbus, Ohio:
Gentlemen —
"About two months
ago   I   was taken
very   ill  with   la
grippe    and    was
obliged to go to bed
I took three bottles
of Peruna with very
beneficial     results
and I was   able   to
leave my bed in a Frances M. Anderson,
week, and regained my usual strength
very soon. I have nothing but
the highset praise for Peruna and recommend it to those similarly afflicted
wherever I can. "—Frances M. Anderson.
Grip Poisoned Ber Blood.
Mrs. T. W. Collins, treasurer of the
Indeiiendent Order of Good Templars,
of Everett, Wash., writes:
"After having a severe attack of la
grippe I continued in a feeble condition even after the doctor called me
cured.    My blood seemed poisoned.
"I also suffered with dyspepsia, and
had either to starve or suffer from
what I wus Piiting. A neighbor who
was using Peruna praised it so highly
that she induced me to try it, and I
soon found this was what I really
"I could soon ent my regular meals
with relish, my system was built up,
my health returned, nnd I have remained in excellent strength and vigor
now for over two years."—Mrs. T. W.
Miss Alice Dressier, of 1818 N. Bryant avenue, Minneapolis, Minn.,
writes as follows
concerning Peruna:
"Last spring I
■uffered    bom   lu
gri|>|ip mnl was partially cured, but
the hud after-effects remained through
the summer ami tomebow 1 tlid not
get as strong as I was before.
"In the full I caught cold after getting my leet wet and nnd attending a
lecture in a cold hall and suffered a relapse. Catarrh of the throat and
head followed, and as I was in a  weak
Grip Produces Catarrh.
Henry Distin, the inventor and
maker of all the band instruments for
the Henry Distin Mfg Co., at Wil»
liamsport, Pa., writes:
1441 South Ninth Street,
Philadelphia, Pa., May 6, 1899.
Dr. S. B. Hartman, Dear Sir:—"I
write to inform you that I had a bad
attack of la grippe last December
which lasted more than three months
and which left nie with catarrh, when
several of my friends advised me to try
your wonderful medicine, Peruna.     I
to all my friends."
D. D. Wallace, a
charter member of
the International
Barbers' Union,
writes from 15
Western avenue,
Minneapolis, Minn;
"Following a severe attack of la grippe I seemed to lie
affected badly all over. I suffered with
severe backache, indigestion and numerous ills, so I could neither eat nor
sleep, and I thought 1 would give up
my work, which I could not afford to
"One of my customers   who   was
greatly helped by Peruna advised me
to try it, and I procured a bottle the \ condition physically previous to this,
same day. I used it faithfully and it took but little to break me down
h'lr a marked improvement. During completely. One of my college
the next two months I took five hot- friends, who wns visiting me, asked
ties, and then felt splendid. Now my , me to try Perunu, and I did so and
head is clear, my nerves are steady, I found it all nnd mora than I hud ex-
enjoy food, and rest well. Peruna peoted. It not only oured ine of the
hns been worth a dollar a dose to me." catarrh, but restored nie to perfect
—D. L. Wallace. | health."—Alice Dressier.
If you do not derive prompt and satisfactory results from the use
of Peruna, write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full statement ot
your case and he will be pleased toglveyou his valuable advice gratis.
Address Or. Hartman, President of the Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
For the next 30 days we will ship this
|S0 machine on 80 dayi' free trial in your
own home for |21.75. Send this ad and
your name for full description and our
FREE TRIAL OFFER. We also sell
|40 bicycles for J20.26, Write today.
This is a chance of your lifetime.
A Jhreeher designed by us for threshing in the foothills. Write us for particulars.
Portland an,d Spokane
The militant spirit is dominant ln
Nebraska. In the Fourth district ln
that state there were 400 applicants
for the West Point cadetsblp.
Eight teeth suffice the elephant for
munching purposes. The giant animal has two below and two above on
each. side.
Stop* th. Cotsyjh .ltd
Week* Off th* Cold.
Laxative lir.iuiii-mitnine Tablets cure a oold ln
ono day.-.No cunt, No tuy.   1'rii-o 26cents.
"I .... ion* 14 •!•»• tt a tlm* -iib-iii ■
■ •*•■■■> of   II.•   I... «vrl_>.   ii.,1 kcllll   Stilt   14
novt ibuui ISSSPI bl "■ "I ,,"t ****' tujtcilona
(tir.it, Id r„iiiii|.i i  ■ •  lur Mf to I litis   |ilt«i1 mt IB
ltlntrrl_.lt miii.l"   during Hit! Unit I did tv-
trMblus I bttrdor tiulimitrfuuiid tm rtlttf. tuoh
wtt m, out until I iitgtu utlng i'asi niK'Hl I
bow bin from out u> mitt pttttgtt t dtr tod III
wttrlekl nun io gl ft IMS HI lor ttcb niuftiuuti II
ittuont riUgl.' a Trass I. Ue*T.
wa south si., iitutu, me*.
1    *s-_aW CATHARTIC        j*
|g MM*  mtitTIItlo.
rittttnl.   rtltltiut    I  ""'   Tint   Snot.   Ve
a ood. Ntrit Slottn. Wttun. or Url|.t. III...       I&.
ttpttt Ctsittr, UlMgt. Btttfttl. Sft Ttf-L   Mi
i, i„ .i time In euro Catarrh,
I 111 |>l Ion.
t.-i .1, |i.
11,,,ii. min. tnd L'niitiiui|ilUili.
tin. mniM} iHKrtlirtllU
I' it. llm SIS.
W. H. SMITH i CO., Buffalo, H. Y.
Ymir uui.I., nnd Ouaril It the famoui Oracon
HI,,,,,I  Purifier,  tettetl and true.    Uae it now.
Showing full Line of Garments ond lio
If modesty was the fool killer most
women would die of old age. i
04Y.ON WWWAR_.CC ' '."l
Be unselfish, deny yourself and pre-  n. N. U.
fer others; readily pardon any seeming lack ef attention.
Govern yourself, guard your temper,
avoid moods and pets and sulklness.
Only 14.6 per cent of the natives of
Porto Rico can write.
No. 17, 1901.
_^ ^_____ . 4,»      .■ tt *•.<•. ••*  i ■'«■■
PW$ and
Hipairing a Specialty.
*A... A'.fs^stptpam,ii ii^l i
ajlf Left At 51ie -latkeview
ed and promptly attended to.'
O. ._&-K^o^vles,
,8A»PQN, - -'- a o:
Saturday,    APUtt 27,   1901.
MA1HKSON ltltOR..    HdltuM A Propa.
4   - *>  ■     ______-_••♦£	
Conveniently Situated near
j^allway efiaiion and Whaif.
''■■■' ROOMS.
T*We* supplied with all the delicacies
jatthe season.'
8tO0AN qiTY,   ....   BO.
When yonr watch goes wrong or
jfour oU>'k refuses to go bring it to mc
Hfou bavea piece ofjwelery in
sm)A ot repair, bring it to me.
I am prepared  at all  times and in
*wy case to guarantee my woik.
fi;f .BrindieT Jeweler,
.SEW DENVER,   - B. 0.
pwrnsm;^    -'• -    n. c.
|^8^ Miners'   Union
opjeac to Tiiis; public.
V f li.f^NwH.'**".  *1 Pef month.
.-...      Brivate Patients, $2 pet d.iy
,        occlusive of expense of phy-
' slclan or surgeon and dru^s.
Advertising rates will be made known
upon application at thu office.
% §   BLUE   CROS8    WILL
Ml        I '        l.     	
_4__— .. ,. „> e,,i    '..J .. i.
The Duusmuir Governuieiit has appropriated part of the railway  policy
of Premier it>ss, of Ontario, and" formulated a railway policy foi Una Province.   The'proposed scheme fulls short
of lhe Ontario model in some respect!^
but inasmuch as it   contains somo approach' s to Governuieiit Ownership it
is in advance of  what   Inn been   tried
hitherto in the Pmvince.    Ti.is policy,
as outlined iu the House, if-:   The sum
of fife million dollars is to he burrowed.,
live lines of   milway   are to he subsidized at the nte of'$4000 a mile, tak -
ing four million of thu loan; and   hai
a million is to be used to build a brid^i
over the Fntr.er river at   N w   Westminster.    As a return for the bonuses
the Province will  have the following
rights over the linen. Ahsolute control
ot the frcii(ht and pa^setujer rates; four
per cent of the gross   earnings  of   the
road»; and the right of taking over the
lines at a price to he fixed by  arbitration, no charge to  be allowed   for Unfranchise right.
It is probable tint the lines will h-
built hy the C. P. R, wnich would not
be d>-s.irable iu regard especially to the
Coast-Kootenay line. Home of the
lines, notably the GolJen aud Fort
Steele, would have to bu built by tbat
'c is not to bo supposed that this
policy will find favor among th >se who
d.-iiiand absolute government ownership, nor among thjvi interested in th--
building of tin. lines, hut it seemi a fait
compromise b.'tweeu the two extreme*.
times as much made in stock gambling
whioh merely trausfers money already
in circulation from t'ie pockets of the
slickers into those of successful manipulators and aflds not one cent to the
actual wealth of the country Canada
has a "great and , pto pemus mining
future Ufore it and lhe govern ments,
both provincial and Dominion, should
do ull in their powt r to foster and
■ ncnurage an industry w huh in time
will do more to build up the country
than any other enterprise now in
When the lion and lhe lamb lie
down together it is u sure thing thai
there is wool iu the lion's tee'h and
trmhle for the lamb is not fur distant
lpa.'W*F. Gomm. Attendant Physicist
■ MjA* S. M. CnlSHOLM, Matron.
-.-J. D. Mc Laugh UN. President.
W. L   Haolkb, Secretary.
L   W«. DOMAHOB,   J.   V.   MARTIN, R. J
, .     V  :■■   !■
iMcLVAN, A. J. ^cDoXALD, MlKE Bn.' Ill
4 1
Unadian Supplement
flaw Yort», vTV.'k.
Oh, the dnys cone bv! Oh, the day R<me
The sppl- s in the orchards and the pathway in the rye;
The chirrup of the robin, and the whistle ol the quail.
Ashe niped across tne meadow sweet as
any idnhtiiiicale;
When the hlnom was on the clover, and
the hlne was in the sky.
And my happy heart luimmcd over—in
the days gone by.
In (he days gone hv,   when   my   naked
feet were flipped
By the honeysuckle Umtlo where water-
lili.s dipped.
And the ripples of the river lipped the
iiwhii ali'iint ihe brink.
Where the   placid-eyed  and  lazy-footed
cuitle came to drink,
Ami Ibe tilting snipe stood fearless of tbe
truant's way ward cry,
And tbesplsshtuil of   lhe  swimmer—iu
lhe days gone by.
Oh. the days gone by ! Oh, the days gone
The music of the lauiihinu lip. the lnslrt
riie childish la'tli in fairies and Aladdin V
inagitt ring—
The simple, soul-reposing, glad belief in
For life was like a story, holding neither
soli nor si|{li,
Iu the   ii'.l'le.n,   olden   ulnry of the d.iys |.loe Merlin's hap into the government
tone 'vj_Jaweg whitcomlie Riley.   corfal '* »P"-«'d"'g dismay amongst the
* followers uf Dunsmuir end a F»a-i.-pr.|
out of the  government   corral may he
looked   for.    The  strong   men   of_the
governuieiit   party are leaving,..it and
thu ship of state that has beeu b'uuler-
It i. said that opportunity produces  inB *m0H**'t the *hoali for sutne time
_.       ...       .      ,     ..     appears io b» now   fail ly   up   agaiust
he man,    If so, it is time then for the
the rocks,
leader to appear who shall be the political Moses to guide the affairs uf British Columbia to that promised Uud of
prosperity and out of the di in il barrenness in which the last two or three
crops of politicians have blundered.
The Auembly at Victoria presents a
dull level of mediocrity uml any chaiig-
of  governments,   if fnr uml  fn in   the
material in sigh', would not hi Ip much. I
Now is the time when a  leader could '
Green   or   Black.
Js Bcon.oa_a_D_.Ical Tea.
Tts   greater   strength   combined    with its   absolute   purity  make n
the best tea on the market.
If your grocer does not keep it he will get it rather than lose your
ask n*ore ix.
Extern difpatehea, dealing wiih
th ■ le ul n fi iery, say th.it sucb au
iustitiiution, if built, would b- located at either Toronto or Montieal
They also t>tate ihat the delegates Iron-.
h'-re are in fiv.ir of tuch a location.
Although it uiartem little just hIh re
the riliiniy mny be built, it la lund
to find thn reason which promp'ed the
d'I gite< to ii.-ijiiesje in the pr.ipisal
of locating the refinery outside th,.
and  Wteet Influential   earn a place for himself iu the histuiy | p.ov-i„co.
of British Columbia.
As the fresh ymini,' man entered the
ear ai Koseheiry he .-a» id a ulunce ih.it
there was une Bent wiih a youiitf ludy in
it and I.e iii.trclied straiuht down lhe
aisle, depotdted his overeat, sat down
and lainiiiarly observed:
' I emiiely loruot to uulc your permission "
"Thai's of no consequence," she ie.
'•Ih.u.ks. Just out from the East I
presume?'1 us he ul inc. d »t the buiidhs
aud clips on the finn nearby.
•Not exacily."
'All alone, eh?"
"Aliiioct. but in t quite. Mv hnshsi'il
is.ihe conductor un this train, the Ir.kc
min is my cousin, and n y father and
oi'o'lier are io the s.-.it behind us."
•'Oh! I see," itas >ed the young man.
and* I bit floor ol that cur beiame so red
hot lliut lie took long steps as lie headed
for the smoker.
iloi!   A T\ A ll0"'!™ T""' I"* **> '" "»i*i I-..I
bALAUA BSp .iiS.Gji
(Jreen.       Samples op application.       Address "SALADA," Toronto. >lgB
8. H. WI HUMS,
Stuck  anu  (Ji'BToms    B':oiciin,
Lea I.    bsTATB     A.no     liaNSHAI,
BAKKuSt,   -   -   KELSON, -li, I
YtWjS   HTE  BI L V I'. R TX] N I A N
BUnlnc Vnter   In the   World.
mte Copy Sfepp.    |  l  I   t  t  |   i  t
Weekly ____Ht.oa...|s.«. par annom, postpaid.
■- ... IM •*   ■   -
,   f    VICTORIA
-   :
fia Sijo Line
{Jape Nome, Al-
aska, Australia,
Obiua  and
■ nnm to airorxoM kkglam>
TiMBlis. tickets, and full infoimation
^jallnnor mbirom
Aud still they con e! Five lun.(Ind
more Chinese were dumped into lli-it-
uli Columbia on the _ii.li iunt., to
come into competition with white
lulwr and help drive a few more of
Cinada's sons and daughter* into
exile. The day will come when the
present policy of driving out free
born Canadians to make room for tbe
slant-eyeu heathens of China will he
regretted by the people of our eastern
province? in sackcloth and ashes; when
Canada will looks for help from the
strong arms of her western sons and
finds she haa nothing to summon to
her aid but a mob of useless
Notick:—"Uazari." Miiienil Claim.
Minnie i in Ihe Slot un Minim:
Division nf West Kootenajr District
Win-re liM'ii'ed :—On lite li.u.LN \ F.iiiM
sdj. lining ihe "f'l)m.hY iMi.nkkai.
Ci,ai»(" nn Hie FaM
Take .Nrilice Ihat   1, Francis .1  O'Reilly
'of Silvor'on. 15  t'.   aa   ayerit   for Friina
the   Ouvertiir-e it of   a  refi iery   Uiih   Owan,    Free   Mlnei's  C.iiiflcat..    No.
445U.J. intend aixiy t'aia fr..in   lhe ttate
Ti spite of ih i > nelt r tr iu'iIu s and
lack of a market for our ores the
Slocun Lake count ry his atii-mly
shippi-d this year ore to the value of
8270,000    snd with an assurance fiom
-    - CHUMAN -    -
For Side nt All  Urag|d tn.
If yon wani In adv. nice out s
Co-owner in ymir i. im tai lllallll,
SiidflOlo this ufliee, glvift)!
nane of claim, dute of record lo-
cnii"ii. iiihl peiiod foraltich Ilie
(It linqin lit co-iiwiier has fulled to
do bin au-esMitent work, and we
Will do the lest, i cliltllt'K i-end-
logyuu lite allid ivit lor lei'inihna
We niil write tlie notice and do
the woik correctly.   Addiess:
bilverton, B. 0.
Agent  for Calgary Beer.
Full Line    [ Lumber,
Dry  & Mixedj Sash and
Paints.        I Doors.
McCallum «& Co.,   Slooan, H. O
_______________   ______________ -■*■-•* m. ______ j ■■ a _____■ a ______ m . ^-
^m*a f*TLt *9mmm *w*w *• WWW AW^k a99A
mm*^ ^^ *irW^arSa^d\d*\ s^sf\d\Ai\d^d\mmW *i^pTi
I B^or ek Tonic
I Use ^Vnjr Of
C These, 'hey »re HI GooU §
»_si_wSpring   Medicines. T
lt^_-__.w__. W
^ For Coughs and Colds- Is Recommendedt
Perfect Bitters.
Jnmpien Sarsaparilla.
■      IUK lll'.Vl  Or   .11.1. KAKSAPMtll.l.A   KXIIIAtrs
Syrmna Syrup of F^lgrs.
By   Hundreds.
The Silverton Drug Store,
SILVERTOU    ...     B. C.
r m WWWW * mm* ^rryWV>n s*me^**fn*wrW^tsm*^^ *"
0. B. Or \Nnt.Kn,
Ateot, Wilieion, B 0. or
«,       S     B. J. COYLE,
U, FA. A.u.f a.
, Vhiicouvit
.Ait*. . I'll   I   U
The whotmale jobbing merchnnU of
Nelnon are equaling over the jobbing
trade done throughout this district by
the agents of the Dominion Express
Company. Few outside Nelson have
any sympathy for thnn. These w hole-
salm merchaiits are openly nmnaed by
the_local niHrcbanU in the di trict of
which" NelBorr-piwesa* centre of cVin-
peting with them for tho retail trade.
Tiny will gH|| a retailer gooils anil then
underquote bun with a customer. A
d.isiiofihe express company's medicine wili do them good.
section khould I ef ire the ptesent year
i loses hive produeed nt least $1,000,-
000 uf new wealth for the eouutry.
The average ore shipment* for this
year bave been 675 toi a per month, a
satisfactory thowing when compared
with 410 tons for 1900 aud 2G0 tous
for 1899 per month.
Wealth piodiieii.l from mining is
new capital added to thu world and is
of more buiiefit to a country than fifty
here. I, io M|t|ily io the Mining Keeordtfr
foi ■ Cerlilli-uleof Lllprnvelnentu, lorllie
liu-poKi'of obtainiiig a Crown Grunt of
tlie almve ululm
Aim fllllle r dike nmiee that   Bt lion
nnder noctlon 37, niinit  be  oommeneed
Iiefore the ii-siiHiice of  such   Ceriifieate
ol Improvement!),
Dated thin 22th duy of Fetiruarv,  1901.
Fhanciii J. O'Reiu-y.
28 | 2 | 01
A rvtt tsntrt eaMli Of t»bt«b romt i*
Highest Honors. World's r-air
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Arnl.l   lt:ik.-|tr   I'nwill-™ <:.inlnl ll I n;/
ulnm.  Tlivy art. I. J.irluu*lo lioaltL
Thistle ■** Hotel.
F*lrst«01assi       accommodation
for Tlie    l»ubllo.
Subscribe for
I'o di-i Khiukr, or to any person or
pei nous to whom he msy have transferred
his Initi-fBts in lhe followinK Mineral
i iiiiniM funirii No. 2. Commander and
Rtisol on Red Moiiia'n, near Silverton
HC. Minim Mlnlnu DivUinn
Yon  nre herehv   n.till il ihit I lime
exi ded  three '-nii'lieil ilnlhirs (4300)
in Ihi or Mini lm|iroveliniiln h|h)h lhe
itt nvi> nti-n'ioiieii lueial ('iHimn In
Order lo hold snid mineral elalnm un>H>r
ji-.it 1-iiifM .f i|i» Vlneriil Ait and if
w ill,in ninety days "d"in ihn dale M thia
notice mu full or ipfnse In Kintilhute
min I'Mportlntl of »aid exiieiidltme
in .tier «|ih till rusts nf advertising,
i "in- iii'erests in said el lin* i< ill become
"e iTfeiiy of tie mh,ei||ier under
Hi ellon   4   <•'   mi   »ot   to   Amend the
I Ineral a.i hkxi
I -KANE  li,   I..A..I
I'ntiil iIm -ti Ii i.n\ ol Dllviiiber 1900
To John Tinlino ot whom tt may
concern, You are hereby notified
thai I have expended One Hundred Dollars io labor and- Improvements upon Ihe We Two Mineral Claim
on Ked Mountain in the Nlocan Minion
pulsion, located on the 24th. day of
June 189ii, anil recorded at Ihe recori
office til snid Division on the 24lh, Any
of June IH!'.. in order to bold said claloi
niitler the provisiuriR of ihe Mineral Ail.
helnif tine amount reqnirwd'-tH hold tbn
SMiue for the year entliiiK lune 24Ui lWi'1-
Aint if win.in iiiiii-u dnya (uim the il»"'
of ihln no'lee you full or reluse loron-
irl mle viuir'pr ipoiilon id mich -ixiiend-
niire Uuelher %ith nil runts <d
sdveriisl- it. vimi iitterext in HHid elsim
will h'Tome the niocerly of the nidir-
Kik'ned Under Htrtlon 4 of *n Aft ti»
to Amend the Mlueri<l Ait 1900.
J. W. K\te
1'atcd this sizteeuth day of March 190V


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