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The Silvertonian 1901-07-27

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000OO00000QO0OC»00OO302OO©OOO000C»^ •**.*.«   |Qj,.,„ p
O** 88 8 k U UUiUUUUi ......... ....... UiUO
1 The WM. HUNTER Co., Ltd. I
088888888 »8f888K388S88S Sf || jg gg 88 gg} 9^8.8888880
98888888888888888888888888 888888 8888888888 8888
2   X^d_rieefst stock of £
'• *
5 JMlllliijLT   Supplies •
S In     tli©     Slooan.       £
OS ..
-8888881888888888888888 88 88888888888888 88888 888
8J 8 8 8 8 a 8 8 8 8 8 8 4 8 8 8 . 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 • 8 . 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 <_ 8 8 8 V
2 Stores in Silverton • Nelson ■ Alamo • s
Three Forks and Phoenix.       I
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sinlar
Midway ami Greenwood.
a c
Operations wero resumed at the Reco
mine this week.
.Assessment work is being done on the
(ialena Farm property, nenr town.
The Lade Group, in the La-ideaii, has
been bonded for *100,(J..O, nnd n llrst payment has been made.
On Wednesday a small force ol men
was   put  to  work   liy the Gover nineiit
'cleaning out the Eight Mile trail.
A two mile trail is being built by tlm
; owners of the Alert claim loeonneel
| thut. properly with tlm I.. II. trail.
Ore shipments Irom Sandon Inst week
I Amounted Jo 174 ions—Star IOS, Payne
| _.'."), Trade .Dollar-;)and American Hoy 30
I The owners uf tlm litihv claim are pre-
| paring to ship a carload'jf their ore. A
! ton was sent out last week as a trial ship-
j ment.
What Is believed to be the outcrop of
tlie Slocan Star ledge has been uncovered on tho Rabbit's claim adjoining the
Star and belonging to the sayie company.
Gold miners  from the Klondike  who
| have paid the Dominion rovalty of five
per cent receive a onu per cent premium
I by cashing tn their dtut at the Vsncou*
: ver assay ollice.
Tin* manager of the Vancouver croup
is anxious to have work resumed on that
property as soon as possible and has
written to the watchman to seo if operations can be begun now.
Owing to the strike of the deck-hands
nn the C. P. It. s s. Slocan no ore lias
been shipped irom Silverion this week
although threo carloads nro now
awaiting shipment on our dock.
An act passed by the legislature o'
j California at ils last session, nnd which
•took effect May 33rd, provides that Sn
'that state tint''standard miners' (nchol
i water shall be equivalent or equal to l'._,
cn. It. of wuter pur minute, measured
through any aperture or orifice."
A strike of very rich dry silver ore has
heen made on the Gaiincan nnd Simcoe
claims on Ten Mile'reek. These claims
lie well up lhe creek snd the owners
alter duing considerable work have
Anally traced tha Hampton lead over on
to their ground and have openbd it up in
several places. A two Inch paystreak
has been uncovered that gives assay
values ranging (rom 10(H) to "OUO ounces
iu silver to the ton and one assay taken
from it gave B358 ounces ol silver. Tom
Reid, one of lite owners, has taken a
lion 1 and lease on lhe other interests and
will proceed to develope the property ut.
Duncan Grant has a crew of six mon
now at w.)tU building a trail from the
end of the Four Mile wagon road up the
creek. This is the trail promised by the
government for the Fisher Maiden and
tho Valentino Groups. Its terminus wil)
be Fish Lake, about 1.} miles from Silver-
ton, If the appropriation of ifOOO will carry it that far. This trail will be used by
mnnclou's prospectors and claim owners.
Shipments of ore from Sloean Lake for
the year 1890. totaled WS Tons.
Shipments in   10:);) totaled 4030 Tons.
Tho shipment   ol   ore   from   Slocan
Lake points,  up  to und  Including   the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1001.
From New Denver Tons.
Hartney     140
Marion 20
From liosun Landing.
Ilosun  260
From Silverton
Alpha   40
Hewett 570
EinHy Kdith      40
From Enterprise Landing
Enterprise    200
From Twelve Mile Landing
V&M       20
From Slocan City
Arlington   2Iso
Two Friends  40
lllack I'rince JOO
Bondholder     50
Chapleau     15
Speculator     20
1'hoeuix 20
Total 1 TT:.
The English price for lead is C12IIs 8d
Silver, 20'1,,'d.    Copper. £07->„.
New York, July 25—Bar Silver,   5S,U
Lake copper,   if 17.00.
Lead—The tirm tbat fixes  the  selling
|     TIIK LOCAL LAVOLT.      1
During tlie week Frank Culver left for
a visit to Seattle.
W. Wamsley, o{ Nelson, was a visitor
in town on Wednesday.
On Tuesday a strike of the deck-hands
on the ss. Slocan took place.
Yesterday Hill Bros, our local lumber
men, delivered another barge load of
lumber here.
Local merchants report a aenersl revival In business, the July trade being
the host for many months.
The Slocan City Council has passed a
"fair wage" resolution and will have the
union label on all supplies.
Tlm sule of New Donver town lots on
Thursday gave many delinquent owners
a chance to get a cheap title.
On Monday a shipment of Gait coal.
couslsllug t.f two carloads, was delivered
here for tho Win. Hunter Co.
Mrs, Barclay and family, who have
heen living for some months in Spokane,
returned to Silvertou yeiterday.
E, Uatiimeltneyer, superintendent of the
Emily Kdith mine, accompanied hy his
wife and family uriived in town yesterday .
A party of Silvertonians aro camping
at Eldorado City, being at present tho
only dwellers on that government town-
Mr, William Barclay is now a graduate
of the Biair Business College of Spokane,
having passed his liual examination with
On August (Uh tho C. P. It. will sell
round trip tickets to the Pan-American
Exposition at LuD'alo, good for sixty
days, for tf7l>.
It, Q. D.tigle has a good Tne ol fresh
at *4.:>7,'. at the close.
price for miners and smelters quotes lead | Rroeeries, in ml.lit ion to his stock ot fruit,
vegetables and confectionery.     Al! tho
latest magazines and periodicals.
The Kaslo Kootenaian is once again in
new hands. This time it is H. A. Dlack-
burn who will attempt to pull the Kaslo
paper up out of the muj. May ho succeed,
JAS.    B 0 If ES   Proprietor.
avCqXJ©»ald-*n Livery
Thero is one naturf.l resource that
British Columbia his, and It is a resource that will make. Jvootenay prosperous for many years. The resource is
silver-lead ore. There may he periods
of depression, brought about by various
causes, but the men who will stick to the
silver-lead mines will come out all right.
—Nelson Tribune.
outside Partita De.-iring Horses In Silverton
Can Have Them  Reserved liy Writing To—
t t t f t t
a. P. McDonald,
Every Man
has Ills own idea ol what he
wants in ths color.Iqualliy ami
ent ol the clothes he wears. But
All agree in some things.
• • MsgeMssesosesasasssas ..»*••* •-*-•-••»
A  Matter
Of Opinion.
• • • *m..UK»]IMJK*2**"*»»mc»'*^*** **&
When in want of a Suit of Clitl.es uive your order where it will be filled to
your satisfaction. Remember that
Silverton's   Tnllor,
The Hewitt tramway is now completed
and   rnnniiiL' smoothly working fully up
| to   the  expectations   of both  the mine
management and builder. The carrier
'. hi ings down three-quarters of a Ion Bt a
lo id   and   two   minutes  is  till the lime
consumed in making the trip. The
[accumulation   ol    ore   st  the   mine   is
being rapidly deiivcicl at lite ore bouse
! at the foot of the tramway.   From eight
to twelve lOOS nf ore a day is now being
. delivered at onr dock for shipment to the
I smelter.   The transportation problem for
the Hewitt mine  has now been solved
ami good dividends aro in sight for lhe
The development work done upon the
Hewitt has proved il to be ii lirst I i.limine and it has now | rohiibly mora ore
blocked out and in sinhl thu any other
mine.ln the Slocan, it being a dry ore
proposition its ores arc in big demand
ami the lead question lias little It any
cflect upon ils profits, The mine wil]
now be worked to Its lull capacity, the
force of miners will bo Increased and
larger buildings for the accommodation
ofthe employee! erected, During the
week the mine was visited by two of the
directors and the consulting englneei
who expressed themselves with In in-'
moro than pleased wilh the way the
property   was   being  managed   and  its
present appearance.
D. J. fieaton, editor ofthe .Nelson Miner, met with a fital accident last Sunday
in Nelaon, He was standing on tbe platform of a stn etear and the jolt of the car
at tbe Stanley street torn threw him violently to the ground. He was unconscious when tucked np and never ralliedi
dying three hours later. Tbo deceased
was'60 years of Sge and in splendid hod-
,lv and mental health .
A sequel to "Cuddle   Doon" by the
same author, Alexander Anderson.
1 sit afore a half-oot Ore,
Air I mn a' mv lane.
Nae Irion'or fremit daunders id
For a' my funk ure gsue.
An' John—that was my nln gude man—
He sleeps the moots aniamr,
An mild frail body like tuysel'—
It's lime that I should gang.
Tlm win' moans roun' the mild houie-ao1
An1 sltnki s the n'e iir tree,
An'as it Miiiciisit ivaukens up
'.tlld things fu' dear lo me
il I <•'hil<t only uiei't. my heart
Ii wadua' be sue sair.
Um tears me gane, an' bairns are gaue,
An' b.iith ('mill, back nae inair.
Ciriics a Line of Goods irom which
anyone cau select u piece to suit.
"There is yearly us much money invented in mining us there ia in  banking, ! Could I lint ken that he is wet
Aj' Tarn pair Tarn, sac fu' o1
He lun' tills wurhla fi rbt,
An' sair, sair hs was haddou doon,
Wi' mony a weary mci lit.
lie bore it a' until tbo en',
r.ut when we laid him doon.
Tbe gicy hairs there afore Ibeir time,
Were thick ainaiig the blooii.
An' Jamie wi' the curly held,
Sao biiirly, big, an' btaw,
Was cut doon iu the prima o' youth,
The first ainaiig litem a'.
If I had teats for thee ailld ecu,
Then could I greet lull weel,
To think o' Jamie lying deid
Ancath the engine wheel.
Wos liab—what, cau I say 0' him?
lie's waur than deid to me ;
Nae word (r.ie him I has weary veals,
Has come across the sea.
Letters of administration for the estate ,
of the late Herbert  Reeves-of Silvertou
wero granted this week iu Nelson to 1'.
E. Wilson, acting for  Benjamin Reeves
of Egansville, Out.
Dr. Go-Jim, of Sandon, garnisheed the
City bank account last week lo collect a
$'.100 account, bOt fonud that the bank
had only seven cents to the city's credit.
Tlie City Treasurer had been there Indole
him and bad tho wad in Ins jeans.
On Wednesday the steam launch Alert
took B picnic party io lhe picnic grounds
at the mouth uf Six Milo creek. Tho
excursion and picnic was given by Mr.
and .Mrs. C. T. Cross iu honor of the
visiting co-jwncrs ot the Hewitt mino
and a few invited guests from Silverton
and New Denver. A pleasant day waa
passed the excursionists returning homo
u the evening.
Tlm managers of the Sandon Football
Club want to run an excursion to Silver-
ton and bring along the baseball team
and Iho brass band. The football team
wants to play Silverton, the basetlallera
will arrange to play with New Denver
and tbo band would play rag-time for
the drink*, Silverton haa offered to pot
up i".'> to help pay expenses. Tho excursion will come oil'early next month.
The number of summer visitors on
Sloean Lake tins M'ur is much larger
than ever before. As a lesortfor tourists however Slocan lake has yet lo bo
"discovered."    The attractions of ihis
section in boating, bathing, shooting and
Qshing,   combined  with the grandest
i f mountain scenery,   far  outclass   UlOBO
of the greet majority of resorts and will
be appreciated and raved abont in the
not (ar distant future.
A large and increasing number nf
Customers in the Slocan testify lo tho
1   ■ ■ellencn ol hia work.
Stammer »«itss ° Specialty;
1 but banking does not prove as safe or  as
I profitable as mining,   inc. time ofpros-
I parity the average h.inking dividend sel-
'  dom exceeds 8 per cent a year That
mining produces quicker and greater
''profits Ihan any other industrial pursuit
is evidenced by thn BOOtlS of uiulti-
! I millionaires."— Nations!    Banker,    of
' I Chicago,
As here I sii Ihis nicht,
Tins warld wi' a' its fauchl and care
Wml look a woo thing lieln.
1 sii afore u half-oot lire,
An' 1 um a' mv lime,
Nae fiien' ban 1 tn ilauinlci' in,
For a' my link are sane,
I wtisa that lie wlm rules us a'
Fl» ' where lio dwells il.iiiie,
Wml i -iii-h m) anld grey In id, an' say,
'It's time locii'ldlc tlwjn,"
The starting np of the Hewitt tramway
wus witnessed by Mr. mid Mrs. Insinger,
Mrs. K. F. Cartier and F. .1. llolman, of
Spokane, and Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Davies
o| Nelson, who also took a trip over the
line and visited the mine. Messrs Insinger and llolman are members of Iho
Hewitt syndicate, Mr. Davies being tlm
consulting engineer for the eompnny.
! The party spent the week iu Silverion,
wing gnosis at lhe Victoria Hotel,
* f.
| Look for tho blue cross on tho back J
: I
* page of this paper and nolo careful- 9
, ly what it signifies.    Then il> tho 9
f f,
I noce.' .ary.                                              *
* 9
■*<tt*i.(o<e(.t.(eiai*i*(«(«(«it <.t.(.<»<ac.ttt*
.,.-*--        -.-■-... v
■     ■    - .--
■mi - wm ■ I     ♦
A Complete Review of the Evente ol
the Past Week—In ThU and Foreign Lands—Taken From the
Latest  Dispatches.
Mose La Fontiee of Butte was given the
decision over Dave Barry of Canada in a
20 round go recently.
Advices from Dawson, under dute of
June 28, state the gold shipments to the
outside this year have amounted to $5,-
000,000 to date.
A terrible storm struck tho Pleasant
Point district on Carhcrry plains, near
Winnipeg recently, doing $100,000 damage to crops and farm buildings.
A special from Big Sandy, in northern
Montana, tells of the lynching of three
horsethieves by a posse of infuriated
ranchers on the Missouri river just below
-Word reached Hereford, Tex., of a regular pitched battle and wholesale killing
between Mexicans and negroes, who are
working on the new Rock Island extension
in Mexico, 100 miles west of that place.
Deputy (iniue Warden F. A. Moilaney
of IVtu, Cal., Iiiilfhrecd Indian, shot and
killed W. A. Woinack and fatally wounded A. L. lliiieliiiian, who, it is claimed,
resisted arrest while illegally fishing iu
Grandmesa lake.
The Idaho state board of pardons unanimously decided to commute the sentence
of "Diamondfiold Jack" Davis to imprisonment for life. Davis was under sentence
to hang on next Wednesday for the murder of two sheepmen in Cassia county ill
February, 181)0.
General liiitteriielil is dead. He passed
away at his home    near    l'oughkeepsie,
n. y. •
The pension roll is rapidly growing. It
amounts to nearly $140,000,000 ior the fiscal year.
Shamrock II. sails for New Vork July
25. Mr. Thomas Lipton thinks she is the
fastest racing yacht aHoat.
Marshall, Mo., a town of 5000 people, on
the Chicago 4 Alton road, !)0 miles east
of Kansas City, is reported burned.
There is an almost complete cessation of
mining operations in the Lackawanna valley because of the strike of stationary firemen.
The strike in the Nationul Steel company's furnace at Nile-. Ohio, has been
settled, and 350 men have returued tu
With threatening curses and at the point
of guns two masked men held up C. B.
Clemmer and Con Reagan on the east
bridge across the Umatilla at Pendleton.
An explosion occurred recently ut the
Gyttorp Powder works ut Nora, province
of Orebro, wrecking seven buildings. Four
persons were killed and a number injuied.
Leigh fl, J. Hunt, the Korean millionaire, is very ill at Nagasaki, and lias Ih-.-ii
compelled to give up his project of starting
an opposition paper to the I'ost Intelligencer of Seattle.
The Bteel strike in America is attracting
much attention in Kngland generally, and
while long articles are being printed in
the newspapers on the subject, no comment is made in the editorial columns.
The contract for tlie construction of an
electric railroad between Seattle and Tacoma, a distance of 28 miles, has been let
to Hale k Smith of Portland. The contract price is not given out.
The mobilization of two fleets at Portsmouth and Devonport, Kngland, for naval
maneuvers of exceptional interest serves
to divert public attention from the inglorious and protracted war in South Africa.
During operations with a military balloon near Schlusselburg, on an island in
the Neva, 21 miles east of St. Petersburg,
the balloon exploded. One person was
killed and 20 wero injured, several fatally.
Billy Madden, manager of Ous Ruhlin,
Uie heavyweight pugilist, who was in
Butte, states that he had been Offered a
purse of $20,000 for a meeting between
Ruhlin and Jeffries by the Olympic cluh
of Butte.
Official announcement has been made
by J. Pierpont Morgan that he had selected James J. Hill, K. H. Eurriman, William
Rockefeller, II. McK. Twombley and Samuel Rea to till vacancies to be created in
the directorate of the Northern. Paeillc railroad.
At Rochester, N. Y., after nearly nine
weeks' idleness, the striking laborers engaged in the municipal contract work have
resumed work. The men ure grunted 20
cents an hour for un eight hour day and
time and a hulf for overtime a iul double
time un holidays.
Twelve miles south of Glenwood, Iowa,
tlm chart cl bodies found in thc ruins of the
residence of Fred Fourhelm with u shotgun and razor by their side mutely tell thc
tale of a tragedy. Ap]>carunecs indicated
that Fourhelm had cut the throats of his
wife and child with the razor, set fire to
the house and then shot himself.
At Vienna Deputy Bakman has lieen
commissioned by the representatives of the
boot and shoe trade to question the stuath-
alter in the lower Austrian house as to
what that body intends to do with regard
to the threatened invasion of Ihe Vienna
market by an American syndicate, l_oc.il
boot and shoe men consider that American
competition menaces the very existence of
tbe local industry.
The ministry won in the recent elections for the councils geMral In provinces of France.
Brigadier General Samuel T. Gushing, U. 8. A„ retired, formerly commissary general of subsistence, ls dead.
Captain Charles Botha, son of Philip
Botha, and Field Cornets Humann and
Oliver have been killed In tho Orange
River Colony.
J. D. Groy, a switchman for the
Northern Pacific, was killed recently
in Tacoma by falling from the gravity
bunkers to the deck of a collier.
Earl Russell, arraigned at the bar of
the house of lords for trial on the
charge of bigamy, pleaded guilty after
lengthy arguments against the Jurisdiction of the court.
Major James O'Neil, one of the oldest pioneers of the Pacific northwest
and for many years deputy clerk of
the United States circuit and district
courts, died at Spokane Sunday,
"It is officially reported in Shanghai," says the Shanghai correspondent
of the London Standard, "that serious
disturbances have broken out In the
Hsing-hwa district of the province of
The war In Cape Colony is hurting
the United States trade, according to
a report received at the state department from Consul General Stowe, dated shortly before he submitted his resignation to the department.
The religious enthusiasm aroused by
the international convention of the Ep-
worth League reached its culmination
at the meeting held Sunduy afternoon
at Mechanics pavilion. About 10,000
persons were present and not a seat
wa.1 vacated.
A bulletin recently Issued by the een-
nus office shows there mis heen a decrease of the Chinese population in the
Unitod States since 1900 of 17,665, the
number now being 89.600. The .Japan
ese Increased during the past 10 years
from 2,039 to 24,300.
Seven women, headed hy Mrs. H. H.
Grover, president of the Eldorado, Kas.,
W. C. T. V., entered a joint run by a
man named Bush In a tent In the center of town and demolished a ttibful
of bottled beer. They took samples of
the liquor to the sheriff, who later ordered the joints to quit  business.
The total number of casualties to persons on account of'railway accidents
during the year ending June 30, 1900,
waa 58,185. The aggregate number of
persons killed In consequence of railway accidents during the year was
7,865, and the number injured was 50,-
320. Of railway employes 2,550 were
killed and 39,643 were Injured.
Adolph Strecker, a barber of San
Francisco, at a recent shooting of the
third National Bunderfest completed
a score which has never been equaled
ln the United States on the King target
and which will doubtless give Strecker
the "King prize." Out of a possible 200
he has made the record score of 395
points, breaking the highest sccre of
"King" Hayes, made three years ago,
by 22 points. F. C. Ross, the first
bundes king, made 371 six years ago.
R. G. Dun & Co.'s Weekly Review of
Trade for last week says:
Anxiety regarding unfavorable possibilities in the future rather than any
actual present misfortune, depressed securities and caused cancellation of
some orders for merchandise by western dealers. Retail distribution of
goods will not be curtailed by the labor
controversy unless it is of long duration, as tho men have saved money during the recent period of full employment at high wages. Similarly in sortie
agricultural districts where there Is
fear that little corn will lie harvested
preceding bumper crops at good prices
have put farmers In such prosperous
condition that their purchases will not
fall off materially, while the greatest
crop of wheat on record has not
brought a return to the low prices of
previous heavy yields.
Beyond advancing prices of steel
sheets and depressing the market for
tin, quotations have not been affected
hy the strike of the Amalgamated association.
Woolen mills are generally more active than at any time this year. The
tone Is distinctly firmer and stocks at
mills and In warehouses decreased. In
cotton goods the situation ls unchanged. Stability of prices seems assured
In the footwear Industry. The firm tone
ls sustained by the steadiness of leather and buyers are not seeking concessions. Factories are running full time
with orders on hand for months ahead.
Calmer counsel prevailed In the grain
markets. Atlantic exports show a large
gain over last year's figures, for the
week amounting to 3,902,775 bushels
against 1,841,861 a year ago.
Failures for the week numbered 198
In the United States against 231 last
year and 32 ln Canada against 27 last
International Mining congress, Boise,
Idaho, July 23-25.
Convention of county superintendents of schools of Montana, Helena, August 20-21.
Washington Press association, Tacoma, August 13-15.
Montana State Baptist association,
Great Falls, September 24.
Montana State Trades and Labor
council annual convention, Anaconda,
August 20.
Montana conference of Methodist
Episcopal church, South, Deer Lodge,
August 22.
Montana grand lodge, A. O. U. W.,
Anaconda, September 9-10.
Vancouver (B. C.) street fair and
carnival, August 5-10.
Helena races, September 9-14.
Elks' carnival, Tacoma, August 14-
Spokane Interstate fair, September
Lewiston Interstate Fair race meeting, Lewiston, October 7-12,
Qreat Falls race meeting, September
In.-lc si,,,, Can Hold Morro.
Havana, July 22.^-The report that the
United States intends to hold Mnrro cattle snd the fort does not cause much adverse comment here, the publ:e generally
expecting that Mono castle and Cabanas
fortress would be taken for a nival station.
Mm.  Kr Hirer  la  Dead'.
Paris, July 22.—A dispatch from Brussels says that ex-President Kruger hs
been notified by cable thnt his wife died
Saturday at Pretoria.
Items Glenneil Krom bale Heitorta—
All Districts Are HeliiH. Developed
—A I'r.isii.-Kiii* Yenr I* I'redleted—
Mining Notea and I'i-i-moiihU.
L. K. Armstrong, superintendent of
Washington's mining exhibit at the
Pan-American exposition, has been released, his official head falling at the
end of the present month. Elmer E.
Johnston, the new executive commissioner for the state, who succeeded O.
M. Moore, will in future be in general
charge of the state exhibits personally.
He relieves C. L. Knox, who has been
In charge of the exhibits. The latter
takes the position vacated by Mr. Armstrong. The move is said to be made
in the interests of economy.
There are only two mon employed
on the Gold Ledge tunnel.
Good progress Is made dully on
tho shaft of the Trade Dollar.
The Butte & Boston has nothing
now to report in regard to developments.
The last work has been done at the
Republic mill and all employes discharged.
The California contractors who
are sinking a shaft from the 300 foot
level,   are  making  good   progress.
Manager Hedges of the Wauconda
mine has received information that the
machinery for. the Wauconda mill has
reached Midway, B. C,
Progress has been slow lately on
the Princess Maud on account of tho
rock. The bottom of the shaft is almost 400 feet below the tunnel level.
They are still driving the crosscut
on the Chico. which is being driven
at the 400 foot level. It is expected
to reach the ledge before the end of
the month.
The EI Caliph is more than fulfilling the expectations of the company,
as at every foot of development the
ore body grows more solid and maintains a high grade of value-
The shaft on thc Morning Glory,
which Is progressing favorably, is not
following the ledge, as that has
changed direction somewhat, but they
will crosscut to the ledge after sinking about 20 feet further, and determine the condition and value of the
ledge on the 300 foot level.
Four feet of high grade ore has
lieen struck on development on the
May and Jennie near Nelson.
Some of the richest ore over found in
PboenlX camp has been struck by thc
diamond drill In the Idaho, owned by
the Dominion Copper company and located in the heart of Phoenix.
Three seams of soft coal averaging
four feet thick were recently found 60
miles north of Grand Forks. Grand
Forks people are enthusiastic over
prospects of having their own'coal near
at hand.
The working mines at Rossland are
the Iron Mask, I X L, Homestake, New
St. Elmo. Spltzee and Big Four. The
Iron Mask is keeping up its shipments
to the Trail smelter and will continue
to do so regardless of tho closing down
nf the copper furnaces there.
After many delays caused by the mechanics' strike the aerial tramway at
the Hewitt, near Silverton, Is at last
working, and tho mine once more Joins
the list of regular shippers. It Is the
intention of the management to ship a
carload of ore overy other day until the
lower tunnel Is completed and connected with the upper workings. After that,
provitled the ore goes down, the shipments will bo much increased.
The St. Eugene mine at Moyie, In
East Kootenay, has quit breaking ore
and the force, except about 80 „ien on
development, has been laid off. It Is
expected that the force will be reduced
still further to 50 men. The St. Eugene company had a contract with a
Belgian company to ship 9,000 tons of
ore within six months. There is enough
ore, concentrated and ready for shipment at the mine, to fill the Belgian
contract. Tho St. Eugene has paid
$210,000 ln dividends this year, but the
money was largely earned from shipments made last year, when tho price
of lead wan higher.
What Is probably the most Important
strike ever made In Ymlr district is
Just reported from the Ymlr mine,
which has now a proved oro body of
such dimensions and richness as Is surpassed by but few of tho great mines
of tho west. Twenty-six feet of $40 ore
Is now exposeil on the No. 4 level at
the Ymlr and when lt Is borne in mind
that up to the present the large profits
made by this company have been made
from ore averaging less than $9 per ton.
It will be readily recognized that the
preaent strike Is of somewhat sensational character, Indicating a time
when these present profits will be more
than quadrupled.
The week's shipments from Slocan
have not been as numerous as expected,
though In total they have been satisfactory. The Arlington was the only
shipper, sending out 60 tons. Its figures for the year are 1905 tons, the
heaviest In Its hlstorv. Ore Is being
sacked at the Esmeralda for shipment,
nnd the #nmo ls being done at the
Fourth of July. Frank Dick has been
prosecuting work on tho Rose, on the
north fork of Lemon creek, chiefly by
ground sluicing. Tom Lloyd, Al Owens
and Gordon Sutherland, New Denver,
aro developing the Morris groun. on the
north side of Springer. Tho Radellff
brothers have been onenlng up the Little fllnnf grnnn of three claims at tho
head of Lemon creek. L. T. Larson of
Nelson and C. Newhaus of Three Forks
are coowners with them In the property. Things are in an encouraging condition at the Tamarac. Six men are
working at the Phoenix, with the certainty of un early Increase..
>iim.m; notes.
The Snow Storm has shipped another carload of ore to the smelter. The
Snow Storm ls a copper property, situated three or four miles above Mullan,
There is a growing impression that
the reported discovery ot rich gravel
in the big bend of the Snake river near
Ontario, Ore., has moro to It than has
been supposed.
It is rumored that W. A. Clark of
Montana during his recent trip to Europe came to St. Petersburg and Moscow incognito, nnd with a certain unnamed count Invested 10,000,000 rubles
In Ural copper mines.
Murray, Idaho, has been experiencing
a genuine stampede because of reported
discoveries of rich rock "up tho North
Fork." That la a very Indefinite expression, but It Is as good as can be
given by anyone who Is not already off
on tho stampede.
A most, peculiar deposit has been discovered near Asotin and Lewiston,
Idaho. Thc product has a woody fiber
and burns with a bright flamo like dry
wood. There is on occasions a sputtering like thero might be oil In the substance, hut there is no book on bitumens that treats of It In any manner.
Drifting has commenced on both
lodges in the Humming .Bird, near
Burke,, where the strike was made In
the second ledge recently. While the
first strike was not so great as first reported, tho ore being largely concon
trating instead of all shipping, yet in
both ledges there has licsn a marked
improvement slnco drifting began.
What Is said to be one of tho richest
strikes ever mado in southern Idaho is
reported from Owyhee county, not moro
than three miles from Silver City. The
property ls owned by another man.
Robert Noble, the Owyhee sheep king
and another man. They have found a
ledge over eight feot wide and the ore
runs over $100 a ton.
According to tho statement ol C. A.
Jones, a Spokane prospector, w'no has
arrived in Spokane from the Bitter
Root district, tho country around Oro
fino, Wash., certainly contains a variety of minerals. He brought with him
somo samples of Onyx and magnesia
which ho says ho has recently uncov
erod within three miles of Oroftno.
Charles Sweeny has been made de
fendant In another mining suit involv
ing an eighth Interest in the famous
Skookum mining claim at Wardner
Idaho. The suit is similar to the case
tried at San Francisco In which Ken
nedy J. Hanley was plaintiff. The
plaintiff in thp second suit which was
filed In tho I'nited States circuit court
at Moscow by Attorneys Graves &
Graves. Is W. C. Murphy, a wholesale
grocer of Missoula, Moiit.
Tlie Northport Smelting & Refining
company filed articles of Incorporation
with tho county recorder at Wallace,
Idaho. W. B. Heyburn. E. M. Heyburn
W. B. Sams. D. C. Corbin and James W.
Morrison are tho Incorporators. Wal
lace Is named as tho principal place of
business and the $1,000,000 capita
stock in $1 shares ls all subscribed by
the directors, W. B. Heyburn, Bernard
O'Neill. Louis Odell, Bernard McDonald
and T. Mayne Daly. Mr. McDonald, as
trustee, subscribed for 999.996 shares
and the other directors for one share
Frank E. Johnesso has Just come out
from the Crook's Corral district, on
Salmon river. Idaho, where he has lieen
developing the Blue Jacket mine, on
which ho has a bond. This is the prop
erty developed hy Finch k Campbell,
who threw up the bond after exepend
ing $15,000 in development work. Slnco
that time Mr. Johnesso hns run a cross
cut from the 200 foot level, cutting tho
lodge, whore It shows 12 feot of pay
ore. He has 500 tons of shipping oro on
tho dump and PBtlniatos that the stopes
show $150,000 worth of good smelting
oro which would all stand shipping if
a steamlKiat should bo put no the upper
Snakn river.
IIVKI.II  I ITV. OUR.. Mliroi.
The Concord Is stacking up rich ore
and it Is rumored that the owners hav.o
bought, several  odjoinlng claims.
Thc new hoist of the Rod Boy Is the
finest. In the west and Is working like a
watch,   whilo tho new depth attained
is only about. 200 feet, the ore body Is
showing Increased richness.
The May Queen, lt Is said on good
authority, will within two weeks put In
a hoist and deep sinking plant, which
will add another rich mine to tho list
of eastern Oregon producers.
From Stlce's gulch, 18 miles southwest, at the foot of old Baldy mountain, comes the story of a big find.
"Uncle" Dan Dlllabaugh has come In
with a $42 nugget which ho picked up
from tho grass roots on the Kenyon
and Brown placer ground in Stlce's
The mining season ls on ln Baker
City and trading Is lively. Tho Big
Hump group In the Virtue district, was
sold for cash. About $20,000 wns paid.
That and the sale a few days before of
tho Uncle Dan mino In tho same district for $.10,000 has brought tho old
Virtue district to tho front, again. Mining mon <<.iv that. It will he tho active
camp of the future.
Ii nn Tiniil  lliii'iiiil.
Minno.ipnlin, July 22.—A tel.-p'ion1 mns-
sijre to the Times from Riceville. fown
snvi Hint. Iho town, with a population of
800 tn 900. wns practically wiped out by
lire.   Loss estimated at $200,000.
nor Killed.
Fverett, Wash.. July 22—Ba»ll Mur.
phy, n 7 year old bny of Monte Crin'.>,
was ln«tnnlly killed by lielng run over hv
a heavily loaded ore train car at tho Mont
Cristo concentrator.
To Mothers of
Largo Families*
In this workaday world few women
are so placed that physical exertion
is not constantly demanded of them I *
their daily life. ln
Wa make a special appeal to motheri
of l^rge families whose work Ib never
dono, and many of whom Buffer, and
suffer for lock of intelligent aid.
To women, young or old, rich o»
poor, we extend aa invitation to accept
free advioe.    Ob, women I do not let
Hss. OABSn BaixaviLLB.
your lives be sacrificed when a word of
advice at the first approach of weakness, may fill vour future years with
healthy joy. Address a latter to Mrs.
Pinkham's Laboratory, Lynn Mass.,.
and vou will not be disappointed.
" When 1 began to take Lydia R.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I wa»
not able tt do my housework. I suffered terribly at time of menstruation.
Several doctors told mo they eould do
nothing for me. 'thanks to the Pinkham advice and medicine I am now
well, and can do the work for eight lis
the family.
"I would recommend Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound to all
mothers with largw families."—Mbs.
Cabjux B_ci__l_Ivrv_K. Ludington, Mich.
In the performance of her duty Ida
Hathaway, a nurse at the Hartford
hospital, contracted ophthalmia from
a child patient and became blind. Hartford people have raised a fund of $8000
for her support.
For Infants and Children.
the Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
The late Kmile Itlchobourg, the popular French feuilletonist, made $150,-
000 by royalties on his last eight hooka.
Ills total fortune at his death amounted to nearly $500,000.
oil ei«Tiature If on every box ol the fsatilnt
Laxative Bromo-Quinine t.m.u
e remwly tbat curve i> cold In o_M day
Residents In England hnve £110,000.-
000 Invested In mortgages In forelga
countries. These Investments annually
drain the foreign countries of about
15,500,000 In cold cash.
| bll.KFORD. W__st.lng.on. 0. C. lli.-v will rail reive ijulck replies. H. Aih N. 11. Vols. BUS
ailli Corps.   Prosecution claims since 1878.
The Import of precious stones at the
port of New York during May amounted in value to $3,189,273, against $!.-
322,357, the value of the Imports during Muy, 1900.
ii,.11ri i.,-i,m,i.
Lady Minto wife of the dominion's
governor general, has already received
nearly $20,000 for lior Collego Hospital
Kiit iii I-in i.H..- earner,
llilliltv     riuuriii'    IhMiIii   nt   , .int.; tl ui    I'm-
rareti '':.-.;- Cathartic lbs madlslsi et inlay, i nli. una 111)111,Ih iiiu nut uf ilui. All
-IriiKSlnli.   .'*-,   '&c,   W.
Prom the Atlantic ocoan to tho head
of Lako .Superior a vessel may sail I"
Canadian waters a distance of 22ti0
statutii mil'-'.
Take Limit ive Bnimo Quinine Tablets. All
SrnijiilM., iclini.l ||.,- money if Jt falls toCUrs.
E. W. drove's-.lgnature Is on ouch box.  26c.
The principal gas company In Chicago has pledged itself to pay i% per
cent, of Its grous receipts Into the city
CITQ P'riiian.nilT Ourad.   Nn ni« sr nwriiosnssi .
rl I «   ant.r llrst i.BT'Miiimr llr. KIlBe'iiUrnalNrrM
Heaterer. BoiiiirnrPHEK#_I.OOtrial lHi»lnanillrna-
se.. llu. II 11 K i.i m. Ud_. vm Anl, Hi., PtiUadalpbie. l'a
The summer girl who makes ono
hammock do for two Ib a practical
Mothers will liml Mrs. Wlnslow's Booth-
• ig Kvruj. the Iiohi remedy to use tor tlmir
'illdren during lhe tc. tlnng period.
It's an easy matter for a marrlpd
man to got next to the latest word l»
PImi'b Cura la the bast medicine wa ""J
uai-.l for ull nrrivllnns or thn throat ami lOTS}
-Wm. O. Kndalcy, Vanbuian, Ind., Ttti. >°.
Chnklb Hoy, tho new Turkish minister to this country, Is a keen going
sportsman and extensive breeder ot
thoroughbred horses, In which he take»
a groat Interest. Impaired Digestion
May not be all that is meant by dytpeptta
now, but It will be If neglected.
Tbe uneasiness after eating, fits of nervous headache, sourness of the. stomach, and
disagreeable belching may not be very bad
noW, but they will be If the stomach ls
suflertd to grow weaker.
Dyspepsia Is such a miserable disease
that the tendency to It should be given
early attention. This ls completely overcome by
Hood's Sarsaparilla
which strengthens thewhole digestive system
Iniltt That the Minn Workers Ii, ihn,
Their Pualtlun Defliiitaly Onoe Kur
All null Iul statement Issued Krum
I-In linn's  lleuili|iiitlter».
Wlllkesbarre, Pa.. July 22.—The
glittlnnury Bremen's strike will soon
he at un end. At a meeting of the
executive officers of the United Mine
workers and the officers of the firemen's order, the firemen insisted that
the mine workers define their position definitely once for all. as It was
Impossible to carry on the strike if
the I'nited Mine workers opposed lt.
With that object in view the executive ofllcers of the mine workers
agreed to come to this city and meet
the strikers.    The United Mine work
its were represented by 2t; officers
nl the throe districts. The Stationary
I'iivineii's association was represent"
ed by .1. F. Mullahoy, president of the
association; Thomas Barrett, vice
president; J. A. Oerrity.' secretary;
Hroiliis I.angdon and J. F. Wade.
T. li. Nlcholls. president of District
No 14. opened the discussion. He
said the strike was inoppoitune at
this time. It was detrimental to the
miners, who were under agreement
with the operators to remain at
wmk for one year and If the United
Mine workers remained out It would
menu the sacrifice of the good will
n( the coal operators.
President Kahey of the Ninth district, also spoke against tho strik".
He claimed the strike was Inopportune and that his men wore opposed
to it. President DulTey of the Betroth district, said the firemen In his
district did not go out on strike. This
•'lowed lack of unity and the strike
could not succeed.
The following official statement
ni- issued from firemen's lieadqiiar-
ten tonight:
\ftor the ofllcers of tho three dis
trids of the United Mino Workers
defined the attitude they contemplated assuming toward the firemen
should their strike continue we
thought that It would be. to th" in
ti-rest of all concerned to bring It to
n speedy termination and In consequence thereof we made propositions to them which were adopted,
after which wo Instructed tho firemen
to pursue all honorable moans to
have their positions returned. Although tho strike Is not yet declared
off until after the answers are received from their employers, yet It seems
to lie the prevailing opinion that
should they be favorable tho action
of tho delegates Monday evening
will end the strike. But should any
one now out of employment on the
ground of the strike be discriminated
against the end would bo as far off as
• ver. The firemen aro determined to
stand by those who sacrificed thoir
positions before they would tnkc ouv
plnceR. All of the fln'men who are
still at work shall remain until after
this convention.
"Vice President.
Prices   Paid   •"   Spokane.
Poultry and eggs—Chickens, old, BQ
Hie per lb, live weight; ducks. $4 per
dot; goose, dressed, 12c por lb; turkeys,
live, 10@12c: dressed 12©13c; eggs,
fresh. $4.25 per rase.
Vegetables—Potatoes, $1.25 per cwt;
onions, $3.60 per cwt.
Live stock—Hecf. live steers, i\.c;
dressed, 8c; llvo cows, 8^0! dressed,
?4e; veal calves, dressed, 7©9c; mutton, ewos, 3c; wethers, 6\4c; hogs. llvo.
$l.75©5 per owt; dressed, $7 per cwt.
Sheepskins-Shearlings. 10c each:
short wool pelts, 30«?50o; medium wool,
ri0(8>75e; long wool, 75c®$1.
Hides—Green hides and calf skins,
r.irafic per lb; dry hides, butcher, 10©
130 por lb. „     ,
The local mills pay tho following
prices for grain, delivered: Club wheat.
44fco. hulk, 46MO lacked! bluestem, *TC
bulk, 40c sacked; red, 13c bulk, 44c
"The Hawaiian Islands are full of
beautiful womeh who are willing to
jocose   wives   of   ambitious   young  n      „ ~~Z  „,    .,
Americans who go to Hawaii to make Peculiar    to    Summer    Weather
their fortunes," s.-ys Miss Rose David-      Promptly Cured by Pe-ru-na.
ion, who ls to represent Hawaii at the
Pan-American exposition. And they
are heiresses, too, many of them, she
sa) j.
The Spokane Interstate fair will b«
opened ln that city at 10:30 Tuesday
morning, September 10, by a grand exhibition of the noblest of all animals
and a parade of horses of every breed
ind variety, such as this section of the
country has never before witnessed.
The Teaser Injured In a Run-
away Accident an] Reported
to Have Gone Insane.
In October, 18%, une Monday
morning the Bushford school did not
open and it was reported tbat the
toucher had gone Insane. The physician in attendance pronounced the
trouble nervous prostration and said
tliat school work was mentally and
physically Impossible, The teacher,
who is now  Mrs
Rush ford, M ^^^^^^^^^
view published in the Star of that
place, gives the true story of the event.
"To begin at the beginning," she
said, "when I was about seven yours
of age u sudden [right brought on il
dreadful condition of nervousness.
When, in 18%, I was injured in a
iu nu way accident, this, oi unbilled with
my former trouble, mado mc so ill
that 1 wns unable to open school the
following Monday.'"
"Wiih it true that you wore report*
ed to iuj insane?" asked the interviewer.
"Yes, and the meniliers of my
family thought that I was becoming
so. Words Jo not express tlie agony
I endured with my Bead and eyes.
The least noise would cut through
my nerves like u knife. I was hot
and cold by Bashes, had piercing
pains in my temples nnd in the hack
of my head and a red mist was con-
stunt ly before my eyes.
"I was dizzy und faint with fearful
nausea, which nothing relieved. I
could take no solid food for 10 days,
but lived on milk and lime water.
When the doctor hail treated me fur
nearly six weeks without helping nie,
Mrs. J. Webster, a nearby friend,
reoommended I>r. Williams' Pink
Pills   for   Pale   People.    I took them
faithfully for not unite three months
and was perfectly cured. I have never
heard of a single oase where they did
not prove beneficial arid know of several iiersoiis who have taken thero successfully for rheumatism."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are not like other medicines.
They net directly on the blond mid
nerves. • This makes them invaluable
in such diseases as locomotor ataxia,
partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dance,
sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous headache, the after effects of the
grip, palpitation of the heart, pale
antl sallow complexions anil all forms
ol weakness cither in mule or  female.
At  all  druggists or direct from Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Schenectady,
N. Y. Price 50 cents per box; six
boxes |2.50.
Miss Mario Coats, president  of  the
Applctiiii Young Ladies'  Club, writes
the following concerning Peruna:
Appleton, Wis.
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, 0.:
Gentlemen—"I find Peruna an ttx-
cellcnt spring and summer medicine
L. A. Gullickson, of llll(| Bm gia,t to cull tbe attention of
nay friends to it. When that languid,
tired feeling conies over you, and
your fond no longer tastes good, and
small annoyances irritates you, Peruna will make you feel like another
person inside of a week. I have now
used it for three seasons and find it
very reliable and cHicaciiius."—Mario
If yuu do not derive prompt and
satisfactory results from the use of
Peruna, write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full statement of your
case und he will be pleased to give
you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. lliii'tnian, president of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Portland—Walla Walla, B5066C
Tacoma.—Dluestom. 57c; club
Croim Palled,
London, July 22.—A dispatch io the
Kveiiing Standard from Odessa "iy» thai
"'"Hiding to the reporls of special IgWJtl
Uie Siliorlan crops appear to be nearly a
total failure. ■
Uxatlvs Bromo-Qulnlno Tablom euro a cold t»
ono day. .No cure. No Pay    Price 01 oents.
Wifeless Tficarrnpiiy.
Portland, July 22.—Experiment* with
wlrelfN telegraphy for reporting i"'|°,n n8
«lilp« will soon be made lietwcen Tat l»n
Maud nnd Nenh buy, at the entrance lo
Puget sound.
r.mnt Trees of   ills I'ncllie Coast Have
Never llt-en in Jenpa ily.
Statements iu the California papers
that the sequoias have no commercial
value are apt lo create surprise at ull
the effort that has la-en needed to be-
Kin tho work of making these giant
trees public Instead of privale property lu order to preserve them, if they
huve a sentimental value only no great
price should be llski-d for them. Indeed, that is the argument addressed
to the eustern owner of the CiiluverilH
grove, with whom the national government Is dickering. Hitherto he has
been threatening unless his price wus
paid to convert the trees Into lumber,
when "every lumberman knows that
the trees are of no value lor milling,"
says the San Francisco Chronicle.
Iu the llrst place, the Sun I'liinclseo
paper explains, the cost of fellliiK any
olio of the nlnety-tWO bin trees on the
D00-acre tract would be excessive, it
would tuke live men twenty-two days
to bore enough holes through ray troe
thirty feet lu diameter. After being
felled the trunk would have to be cut
Into forty-foot lengths to be serviceable,
A block of wood. suy. thirty-three feet
In diameter by forty feot lu length,
would weigh about iioi) tons and uo
machinery has yet been built capable
of handling It. No saw could work on
such a section, If It were possible to
get It to a mill, anil to split it with
dyniimlle, ns Mr. Whiteside once suggested, would shatter the log and spoil
the lumber, in other words, the big
trees .ire vastly too massive for commercial use.   New York lOvenlng Post.
Among the lucky youngsters who
will inherit great wealth is the 3-year-
old marquis of Blandford. Some day
this boy will be twice a prince, a duke,
a marquis, twice an earl and twice a
baron. He will rule over 23,000 acres
of land, be lord of Blenheim palace
and inherit a good share of the Vanderbilt fortune.
mi:in i itv.
an   mercury   will   surely   dettxoy   tile  Bunne  of
minii an.I completely Senuin tlm wh _y_*
i.-in \vii,-n tmienas lt ilirnuKii the tmn.<»un Hiir-
t.ict A Such inlli-l.i, flluUlil tn-S'er lie u8l\I i-x-
iv|it uii iiii-_K-ii;.tiiiiin ii.iiii teputable phyii-
i-Imi.m. hi. ti,.- damage >>"-> win iiu is Untold
w ih-- K" »i >■ u inn poaelliiy derive titan in. in.
Hull > Catarrh Cure, manufactures by 1-*. I.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, cumulus iiu ipsr
oury, unit u taken Inteinally, uci ng dlrno*!)
upon tin.- Mum] and inucuus aurfaoei ui tlui
hvm.iii. in buyiiiK tlairh Catarrh Curs **.
tart uiul K»t Um K'-nulne. 11 la tutn-ii In.
u-iniili>, una made in Toledo, "ilo, by 1-'. J.
Chen*)   a. Co.    'I'l-HtiinuiiluiM frwi_,
Sulil by ,11 .itiii-i -.  price 760 per buttle.
ll.,.   I'.ilully  I'llls uie lliu besl.
A MUunierHtnmlinK,
"Henry." said Mrs. Oldham, "this is
May Summer's gal's Intended."
"Ah!" exclaimed t.h<> old gentleman.
"Glad to know ye, Mr. I.egiou."
"Brown Is uy uuino, sir."
"Ye don't sny? Why, she told me her
beau's name was Legion."—Philadelphia Press.
If a man looks nil right ns nn nngol.
with nothing on him but a thin bath
robe, why wouldn't he look nil right
ln the same sitting on his bock porch
at home?
There Is one good thing nbout a boy's
dirty hands—they will wash. Some
dirty things, some dirty reputations,
cau't be gotten rid of.
What has become of
bad tbe baby si mo 7
the girl who
Some men in performing a duty look
as If they wore hired to do it and were
doubtful of being paid.
The Kent l'reecrlptlor r.ir Malaria
'lulls mnl Fever In a liottlcof11 rove's TaMi-lcni
Ubtlllniitc. lt Is simply Iron and qulnlno ll
I tuti'luM form.   No i ure. No Pay.   Price S0o
A bright man  never  wastes   much
time gazing on the gloomy side of life.
\\ li.-ni nnd Meat Cunt Much More Ac-
eordinu to New Schedule*—War
Predicted—Violent       sinrms      Are
RniiiiiiK- Vineyards nnd fleet Crops
Berlin, July 20.—A lively discussion
of the tariff question broke out last
week on the publication of the new
agricultural schedule by the Stutt
gart Boebachtter. which claims to
have authentic information on this
matter on recent tariff conference.
The most striking features of the
schedule are the high duties and the
minimum and maximum charges on
cereals. The figures are the lowest
admlssahlo In commercial treaties,
while the maximum charges are 05
marks per ton on wheat and (10 marks
per ton on rye and oats. The mini
mum charge on wheat is 55 marks
per ton and on rye and on oats 5u
marks. The present duties on rye
and wheat are 86 marks per ton and
on oats 28 marks.
Animals and meats are without
minimnms. The duties cn swine
havo been raised from 50 marks per
ton to 100 marks per ton. Meat, lard
and calves are scheduled for consid
erable increase. Sausages nre raised
from 170 to -150 marks per ton, but
ter and choose from 15 and 20 marks
to 30 marks por ton and eggs from
20 to GO marks. The conservative
and agrarian papers ignore or doubt
the story printed by the Stuttgart
Boebachtter, which other papers
have, however, Investigated on their
own account and substantially con
Arm the Boebachtter schedule.
The Frankfurter Zeltung avere
that the commercial treaties will b(
impossible under such duties ami
sa.VB. "Tariff wars are In Germany 's
future, If the government realizes 1U'
The Tageblatt considers the ached
uie to be monstrous, and prints sta
tistics showing that the new duties,
on the basis of the imports for 1900.
mean an increased expenditure of
66,000,000 marks to the consumer, no!
to mention the rise in prices on do
mestlc products, and argues that the
United States and Russia, two of Ger
many's best customers, would adopt
reprisals were the duties put into ef
The Voerwaerts characterizes thc
published schedule as usurious- Thc
Hamburger Correspondent says thc
government --will publish the tariff
bill In a few days.
The tidal of the Russian cruiser
Nowlk, built at the Schichau ship
building yards, shows that vessel to
have an average speed of over 2."
The weathei has boon unusually
hot throughout almost the entire
country, and the drought is extensive
Violent storms have been announced
from various points In the empire, anl
the vineyards In portions of the'
Hartz mountains have been almost
wholly destroyed. The beet crop has
been Injured in some places by the
drought. The rains have helped other
sections. The water In Weiser antl
other streams Is so low that ship
plug Is attended with difficulty.
A Balloon Air,-n»lonli« Killed.
A balloon ascensiniiist was recently kill-
fd while making one or his daring trips.
Life is too valuable to iride with in fool-
bardv adventures. It is better to employ
ourselves in peaceful pursuits where we
may he secure. Then if we take care ot
our health, we can live io a good old age.
The best means of prompting good health
is Hostettsr's Stomach Bitters. This medicine cures dvspepsiu. Indigestion, constipation, llatulency and insomnia. Be »ure
to try it.
At   lliiirnl.i.
Buffalo, N. Y., July 22—A new fea'.ure
of exposition work that has been undertaken by the Washington slate rcprcs n
i.i11\•- at the Pan-American is the collection of mimes of those sh iwing an in
Iciest in the state's resources.
Boy  Shot.
San Francisco, July 22.—The young
sons of General Kobbe, now stationed at
Manila, have been arrested and held for
assault with intent to murder. Their victim is young Paul Wissig, whom the bojs
shot in the lungs with their r_fles. Eric
and Herman Kobbe, 15 and 16 years old,
for several weeks have been shooting with
rifles near Black Point. There are no
houses on the beach, but men in boats
havo complained of the boys' recklessness
Wissig, with three companions, was in
a rowboat when several shots fell abmt
them, and Wissig received a rifle ball
through the lungs, which surgeons think
will provo fatal. The Kobbe boys claim
tliey wore firing at a target on the beach
ar.d did lot seo any boat, but the younger one admitted to his mother that he
might have shot Wissig.
Hentructlve   Klre   at    Winter...
Winters, Cal., July 22.—A $100,000 On
occurred hero. The principal losers were
the Winters Dried Fruit company, $10,-
000, fully insured; S. B. Chandler lumber
yard, $15,000, insurance $0000; the California Prune association, $0000, fully insured; the Granger Warehouse association, $15,000, partly insured; Henry Trailer, $20,000. A number of small outbuildings valued at $6000 and three c.ir
loads of grain belonging to McNeill wire
Kxcliuiiwc It HIkIi.
City of Mexico, July 22.—Exchange cn
New York has reached a premium ot 1.15
above par. This is a wholly unprecedented rate. There is talk of the consolidation of the great banks in order to offset
growing American financial and business
influence. It is reported that the entire
slreot railway system of this city and the
f deral district will soon pass into tho
hands of Americans.
l-:»lir.-H» < milium>  In 1.unit.
Seattle, July 22.—The Groat Northern
Express company has lost a package containing $750 addressed to the Puget
Sound National bank nt Seattle. F. A.
Maughan, general western agent of the
Great Northern Express company, is here
to trace the missing package. One of the
employes of the local oflice of the company has been dismissed. No proceedings
hava as yet been taken.
Fort  Canity.
Washington, July 22.—General Young,
commanding the department of California has assigned compinies of cast artillery just arrived at San Francisco frum
tlie Philippine stations as follows: Thirtieth company to San Diego; Thirty-second company to Fort Liwton, Wash., and
Thirty-third company to Font Canny,
\ctv i.i-iilii f.oninil«nloner.
Tacoma, July 22.—William H. Reed hit
lieen   appointed   by Governor   Rogers »
member of tha   Washington   state grain
commission to succeed himself.
Ahoiuh Sweatshops.
New York, July 22.—Members ot the
executive board of tho I'nited Garment
woikers met and ordered a general strike.
High heels, it ls said, owe their orl-
gto to Persia, where they were Introduced to raise tho feet from the burning sands of that country.
The average man gets angry every
tlmo he Ib ln the wrong and knows it.
A crust and a kind word are better
than a feast and Indigestion,
Wisdom  Is often nearer
stoop than when wo soar.
when   we
When YOU take Qrove'ii TftHtolomi Chill Tonic
becaime tho fonitilaIs plalnl7 iirlntoilon even
bottle Hhowlnir' hat It Is simply Iron anil Oni
ohie In a tMtelim form. No (Jure, Nn Pay. 50'
Some Juries lose a lot of tlmo In try
Ing to find a verdict.
Eczema sets the skin on fire. The acid poisons
the blood are forced out through the pores of the skin,
causing intense redness, burning and itching. So terrible
is tlie itching nt times, especially when tbo body w overheated, that the almost distracted sufferer feels that he
could tear the skin to pieces, and that he must scratch or
go crazv. He knows from experience that tins only
makes matters worse, bnt, made desperate by the terrible
burning and itching, he is for the time being indifferent to after effects. There
are several forms of Eczema, the moist, or weeping kind, that comes in little pustules which discharge a water)', sticky fluid, which dries and peels off in bran-like
scales. So profuse is the discharge at times that large scabs or crusts form, which
are both painful an.l troublesome, and not easily removed. Red, disfiguring bumps
and sores are symptoms of Eczema. The dry form usually attaches the head,
bands and feet; the skin, becoming hard and rough, often cracking open and
bleeding, and attended with much itching. Eczema depends upon a poisoned con-
6 dit um of the blood, and local
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
5m Facsimile Wrapper Below.
Terr aaall aad »• e**-y
ta take as tag**.
-.      .     owtrsvinm ..imimiumii.   _   ■
1MVttttt I sTwreiy TeftUMe.>*«^^C«<J
Kr. I.. Marno, Escondldo, San Sleso County,
Cal., writes: " My body broke out with a rash
or eruption whloh ln splto of aU efforts to ours
contained to g t worso. Ths itching, especially
at night, wus simply terrible; lt would almost
dliappoar at times, only to return worse than
evor. I bad tried many highly reoommended
preparations without benefit, and hoarinsr of B.
B. 8. determined to give lt a fair trial, and was
inoxprcaslMy delighted whon a few bottles
ourod me entirely, removing every blemish and
pimple from my body. I shall not fail to raoom-
mond B. S. 8. whenever an opportunity ooours.
applications, while soothing
ana cooling, and may to some
extent relieve the inflammation and itching, cannot
be considered cures, because
external remedies do not
reach constitutional or blood
diseases. Salves, ointments,
powders, lotions and soaps do
more harm than good, by
smearing over and sealing up
Mny wit* had |>lmpl•• on h«r Bite,feat
sh* ha* bsen Mklni CASCAUETS and ihcj
__.»»» til diiappearM. I lud oet* traukUd
wiib oooxlptHon for loma time, but afMr •skins th* first Cato»r*t I have bed ns inukts
wilh this ellmenl. We ctnnot ive tt Mo bl«k-
ly ef Ciioiriiu "        Fhiii Wihimi»,
t70S Oermaatown Ara. Philadelphia, Va,
S   *t\Mm1AW CATHARTIC        _.
moos MASM
PleMtnt,  Paltiable.   1'oienl.   Tut* Oood   De
flood. Never Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. Me, Ma
...    CURE  CONSTIPATION.    ...
•i.,n.. i...i, i..,..,, i m..|.. m..i,..i, •■. y*es, Mi
mmmmmmmm^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the pores of the skin, thus
forcing tbe poison book into thc blood. S. S. S. antidotes and neutralizes the acid
poisons aud drives out of the circulation all impurities and humors, and the pure,
rich blood tiiat is curried to tlie diseased skin quickly allays the inflammation,
opens thc clogged up pores, and thc skin becomes soft, smooth and ready to perform
its proper functions, To be rid of Eczema you must first purify and build up the
blood, and nothing so surely ond effectually does this as S. S. S., the only guaranteed purely vegetable blood purifier. Send for our book on blood and skin diseases,
and write our phviiciaus for any information or advice you may desire. Medics)
advice and book free.        THB SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, UA.
w. h. s;/
K. K. li.
In In-fit time to cnre Catarrh,
ilium uii ir- and Cointumptlon
Our remedy in guaranteed, $1
V. 6. Box ttTS.
ITH I CO., Buffalo. N. Y.
>... :ni, nun.
"l    PISO'S  CURE   FOR
I torn 1'iiuKh Srrup.  Tentee Omul.
ta lime.   Sold br drii||_[l«lii
■naMHHMHMMM "* WmmWM •■■■■ —
I M - amj. mm 'F1113>
Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station and Wharf.
Tables Rtipplied with all the delicacies
Of the season. •
SLOOAN CITY,   ....   B. C.
R. H. Williams,
Stock Attn Customs   Broker,
KeAI.     Ji STATU      ffVti      GK&BBAIi
St.,   -   -   NELSON, a 0
Saturday,  Jily. 27, 1901.
MATftBNON MCOfl..   I-Iillturi. 4 Prop*.
. —•'"    . ~      —■" ..... i
Advertising rates will be made known
. upon application at this office.
Kooten.ij in their Icbs.
08««?*0   OR   IN  ARREARS    A
t) %. 1?IjUR   CROSS     WILL
0»»»®«0   BE   FOUND    IN   THIS
i —a—rnr,—ir.        _____■—mr.
Some labor papers have been crying
out thnt the Labor Commissioners
appointed by the .Dominion Government aro no good exgept to draw a.fat
salary, We know nothing of thn
labor commissioners in the East, hut
'n Hritish Columliia Ed. Bremntt,
one of tho appointee?, litis qprtuinly
earned liis salary and has accomplished
a large amount of good, being instrumental in Fettling more than one
dispute between employer and employees. Ho is a conservative man
looks at both sides of a question in
dispute and is conscientious in the
performance of his dutitM. Both
labor and capital in this Province urc
indebted for tho jjoo'l work done-by
Ed. Bremner and .should
credit for it.
give hi in
I*..'.i.. i t: * * a t. * a : *:. •. I
PM-AMEKHM i;.\ll!!tlH0.\,
Buffalo,   $70.00
,T U L Y 2, 16,   -   AUOIJST 6, 20.
EPtfoitTii imm imm.
San Francisco, ipO.OO
JULY VA, 14, 15.
Cincinnati,   $08,50
JULY  2,   s.
Detroit,   #1,75
JULY   2,   8.
Vor rates, ticlieta, ami full information
call on or address
G. B, CiiANni.KR,
Agent, SUvoron, B. C, or
D. P. A.,
A. 0.4". A..
•   Vancouver.
II yon want to advertise out n
Co-owner in yonr ii ineral claim,
send $10 to this office, i;iy'nK
namo ol claim, date of record, locution, and period for which fire
delinquent co-owner has failed lo
do his assessment work, und we
will do the rest, including sending you the affidavit for recOrdfm:
We will write the notice and do
the work correctly. Address:
Silverton, B. C.
To M. E. Bhaodon, or whom it mnv
concern. You are hereby notified that I
have expended One Hundred and Two
.Dollars and Fifty Cents in lahor and improvements upon the Ci&Iden Chariott
Mineral'Claim situated near Silverton in
the Slocan Mining Division ar.d recorded
In Ihe ollice of the Mining Recorder loi
the said division, lieing the nmount required to hold aaid claim under Iho prn-
vieioiiH nf the Mineral Act for tho year
endinir May 10th 1P01,
And if tfithin ninety iIsvr from the
date of this notice yon fail or refuse to
contrihiite your proportion of such expenditure together wilh ull cost, of ndver-
ii.iiiu.', your interest in said cluim will
become the property ol the Undersigned
under Section I of An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act 1900.
W. II, BitAMioiJ,
Acting as a^eut for D. F. Burk.
Paled this 8lh day of June 1001.
I\Iuny members nf the Al ine Owners'
Association are not! iu favor of the
lead refinery beirlg built by the C P.
R. And with very good reason. The
C. P. R should never he allowed to
secure u stronger olneh on the lead
muni!',' industry than it has at present
It is nnrrsionablu to suppose that the
lend botift'y would help thfl lead
miner any if it had to pass thrOSgh
any 0. Pi It. hands. The Dominion
has given enough already to this corporation without allowing it to draw
any more bonuses.
Green   or   Black.
Trade Is Confederating The Empire.
Iiiilain Is Canada's Best Customer.
Britain Cannot Buy if Slie Docs Not Self,
Use    Tli A     drown     In    ii   Hritish    Colony    By    British
J Ceylon   Teas  ure bo1,<1   jn   seeletl
on IV
Green.      Samples on application.
piictets mm lieVfl-       |„ I      ■
Mack,     Mixed   or   Uncolored   &,
Address "SALADA," Toronto )loa
®©©#$®®$ w*wOO*\v
Ail   Slajes,   r»rioess    and
If tile Slocau was a county, with
powers similar to such a division in
the Eastern Provinces, half our
troubles over roads, bridgos, trail* and
schools would be done uvviiy  with.
The Nelson Tribune this week republishes the rumor contained liy
these columns some weeks . ago concerning a shifting about Of the Cabinet
members at Victoria, consequent upon
the early retirement of Filiation Minister Turner. The portfolio of Mints
will be taken by Ilohert F. Green,
member for the Slocan.
This confirmation of thc report, for
the Tribune statement may be taken as
almost an official announcement, means
that this Riding will soon lie thrown
open, as an acceptance of a portfolio
will necessitate re-election for Mr
Green. Whether lie would have the
walkaway as a member of tho Dunsmuir government that he had as an
Independent candidate remains to be
seen. The Slocan does not favor .llr.
Dunsmuir and his government but as
Minister of Mines, Mr. Green would
be a hard man to heat in a bye-election,
The Mine Owners' Association   has
addressed a petition to thb Governor j<livill,,,i WB fiil1"   Gsnadian working*!
General   in   Council   asking   that   a I,ne" lv«vef,J'' representation, according I
Royal   Commission  bo   appointed   to |t0 ,lipir 8trf-,1S,h.    On   ull   boards   of
enquire into the mining laws of Drit-I """'"""'" of  tll"ir   rerpi'ctiw  onions11
ish Columbia and somo of the acts of an;'   '"   Rnn>c   ""'C"1".   notaMy    thej
thc  DoiriMlon   Governuieiit,     which IW**1*!"* Federation of   Miners',  they
they claim  are  strangling the mining  have a larger lepresfiitution tl.an their I
aWAdwemjp warn  JL.
• ••es
A large amount of space is now
being used by some of t'le Canadian
press iu advising union ni"n ill Canada
to ctrt looso from nnv affiliation with
the unions in tho United States.
Most of the papers giving this advice
to union men have nev.ir Iiefore been
noted for their loVe of unions and
unionism. They ttf-pesr to overlook
the fast that labor unions Ike the
roilrouds hsve been reduced to u
In'sinetM proposition ami _vcOgnisa.no
Hag nor boundary line, hut nre run on
the   principlo   of   "unitnl    we stand.
*)      ©@ © *w ® ®<9& ® 9wS9 9
t      'THIS   SII.VJ5RTOX
ft J31^£JO   STORK,
tfrnwiwAemdwAmwaemammmt I ■
To John Tini.imi or whom it may
concern, You nro hereby notilied
that I havo expended One Run-
iliud llnllars in labor and improve-
mehts upon tlid Wn Two Mineral Claim
on Bed Mountain in the Sloean Minim.'
Division, located on the 24th. day ol
.lune 189!), and recorded at the record
ollice of ssid Division on the iMtti, day
of June IM!*. in order to hold said claim
under the provi-domi of the Mineral Act,
being the amount required lo hold the
name lor the year ending I nn ■ 24'h I'M).
And i( within ninety days Irom the date
of Ibis notice you fail or reluse to con
tribute yonr proportion ot such extiend
itnre together with ull coata of
ndvertising, your interest iu said claim
will become the property of tbo under
signed under Section -1 of An Act to
to Amend the Minetal  Act  imxi.
J. W. Kyte.
Dated this sixteenth day of March llKll
t*mt**mtmymam****m I   I
NoTrcs:—"H.iy.ahl"   Mineral Claim,
eitnuted    in   the     Slocan     Mining
Division  of West Kootenay District
Where located:—On tlw Oai.una Farm
adjoining   tiie    "Ci'si.kv    Minkk.h,
CL.wi" on the East.
Take iNotico that  I, Francis .1. O'Reilly
of Sflvbrton, B. C.  as   agent for Frank
Owen,    Free  Miner's  Certificate    No.
44593, intend sixty days from  the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for aCertfllcato of ImprovementH, forthe
purpose of nhtniiiiug a Crown Urant   of
the above claim.
And fmther tako notice that action
Under section 37, must   Im  commenced
incorporation    and
numbers would entitle them to. In
'.•use of Btnkes or lockouts the greatI
trouble bus al«nyi been to keep other '
workmen from coming in to Ii!l the !
places cf the men out and experience
has shown that only by unionising all ;
laborers cun that b   prevented,
industry of this Province. Tho stagnation of the industry is due, tliey
state more to the unequal share of the
taxation it has to bear and to laws
limiting their operations than to any
other cause. The mineral urea is unlimited and the tffects of had management, over capital.s_i.tion, stock
swindling ifec are no worse in their
effecuthan they have been and are in
every other new mining   field.
The petition cbmpluins of and ask.;
relief irom tile following:
1. Custom duties which increase
the cost of mining about 13   per cent.
9, Tho two per cent tax on tho
output of tho mints levied by the
3, Excessive
registration fees,
4. Kxccssivoftes for boiler inspec- ■"■■~ •' * ■ .m
tion, recording fees, timber dues and I    the Cliineie and the Dwr questions
The Nelson Miner Ivas  on Tucsdav '
last sold by the Sheriff for a   debt of I
*">!0<\ being hid  in by   Messrs Miller
it, Richards of 'loronto,   presumsblyl
for someone  who   will _,til' continue
the   publication.      Th-   Miner      ha-,1
during the   last three  or  four   feart
•teen fighting the popular sid,. 0f nearly ,
every movement which   has   enme   iti
-^*—*X*W    t**rj*****m±
OO TO       S^
|Jeffrc-^s       ww.
In   Xliti     I
The Mining
News of The
Slocan can be had
at First Hand
and When it i9
News by Reading
S liver tonlnii.
Sent t(i iiny address i.i \mr\ti Ur
One )'»;ir for Tiro Dollars,
In Atlviiiifp.
in   W'cut   Kootenny   and its flnaftclftl PROVINCIAL   LAND    SCR VE VOI
embarassuleut is  the natural
miners1 licences.
6. The Eight Hour Liw.
b\ The passing of class Ir-glislation
consequent upon the struggle between
capital nnd. labor. '
7. Thb extension of the Eight
Hour law to certain surfaoe employees.
8. The demand of information for
statistical purposes from the Minister
of Mines..
9. Certain provisions of the Mines
Inspection Act.
10. The steady increase of taxation
and threatened legislation which is
keeping out new capital.
11. The "Master and Servants Act.''
13. Tho Dominion   "Alien  Act."
The mining ini'ustry,  the   petition
says; pays 50 per cent of the taxes
raised in the Province, 22.7 percent
cf tbe entire mineral production going
to the Provincial treasury.
are all over nud relileil, hy tlm news_-
papcrs, nil that remains to be done
now being to whip tha BoerS| fin I out
some method to inaljtith- Ohinofta pay
up anil then divide the ajinils. An
ear.y proposition, especially the latter
SLOCAN I'll'Y  11. C.
J, (!. GORDON,
SlLVERTON,      -      -      -      r,. 0
Toronto nml Winnipeg pride themselves Otl their rowers, mnl semi them
to gather garlands in Philadelphia.
Slocan City   ami   Sandon   also   have
I-   -   - GERMAN -   •
For fnhi ut All DrntJgluts.
•hakes Imm hesd and is drunk amin ; and
yet I spiwe yon wontler how We tollvnitn
Mrs. Nation. If thu feet of Iho  vile uliill'
rowers, but  thi-y   keep them at home  l"on traffic in don't fata hold In hell, us
ns member*of their citv councils.
A wholenalc liquor dealer in KaOSBS
City lately received from n custonlCT the
lollowing sppssl iiiiil'hiiiieiiintion:
Coldwiiter, Kun   1P0I
Hear Sir: I take my iwn in bund to
let yon linow Unit while I n'iiit, neither a
bigot nor ti iiluimiiie the vile siniryou nro
il-senditig out here le hut domed linle
short of iliiihollyenl.    It  nils   our urrn-
The sudden death of Editor llcaton,  bonnes full of porpers anil imr ahdougli-
of the Nelson Miner, will he generally I 'n<"", M[ "f *-"r,,;" ll":t'H llni1 "''"'» poured
regretted by all who knew |,j,„_ ,.jtl„,r ,oto ,l «1h8j jt f',k "" ri«l" htM »»<! H«w
before the issuance of such  Ceililicate „ .,        ,    ,,
of Improvements, ' personally or   through   ln»   writings.
Dated this 22th duy of February, 1001. | His three s«ms havo tho   sympathy
»| 21 01
Francis J. O'Entxr.   j of    the   newspaper    fraternity     (f
(tin fine chape, nud who I u'k you wants
his stomiik Itched .".II over with phnniat*
tic pattern? like a gosbbtmned tatfooted
man turned iiut'idi-it,?   A, man t'.-iUi is a
Idrinkof tt to-duy un I dff.y.,fi,-f (,,,;„„ ,„H
the feller biivh, I don't want a  it
.lohn K. Httnggertv, n friend ol mine,
he look buttHocoiiHciitilive drinks out of
a Jug of liquor ha roi from yon and he
died ii-holleiiii' he'd swullered Ihn Salvu-
li.ui Army.    Now no lleker dealer who
watde to get aloiig in this life oan aflbrl
to waste his enstomors like (hut and if
ym don't tuke in sending ns abetter
grade of goods Id return for our : onev,
you'll drive us nil into the Prohibition
rniikH in eelf defence. A word to the
wish laorortto be sufficient,
Vonrs truly, ,1   ||. K,.A„.,M(.K
-The Htisiot.s of th0 function |ovjna
fltleson thB Coast should I.e warned In
time it it to spend all tbeir mooev in en-
leKstnlng the Duke o| vor|(. «r, ,vj||
take a lnpt-> th,. capita!,mum, |v„
iie.it   fntllro and  l"ik.  for
Fining J°     ^
With Canadian Supplement
283 Broadway,   •
Mew York* U. 8. A.
***r<nK  Best  and   Stout   tnamtrmtU,*
r   'Jli.lnt  Paper   tn  (he   WmM.
Stomplc <;„|>f (Tree.
t   t   l   I   I   I   I  I
in th
"'   ►fare of   Weekly KdJtlen...|6.<i0pereiiDa!n, postpaid.
| MoiitUly      "... 1:40 "_  "     j    "    , t


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