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The Silvertonian 1900-11-17

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he New Store.
Xow Keady for Business.
Mining News,
Local and
Jarrylnifc A IPiill Une Of
rial Orders Solicited.V!¥VV^^vvvwwv^^vvy^
k. Jeffreys,
Avison and Tnnk have  a lease ou
l'into claim near New  Denver;
Ibe C.P.R. is havlnx one hundred
morn oro cars built lor the Kooleuay
tunnel  now   being  iup  on the
8torra cluim has reached a depth of over
Silverton, 11* O* done.
lieu g
luck? Why hick is the whole
thim.'. It's the ante, the tlea], the draw
nml the whole jack pot. It's more thnn
pall onr lives. A man can't turn a dol-
I'lr without luck, hut he can draw, to n
knot-hole and catch u lune.ber yard when
Hick is pushing tblil^s his wny. Ask the
mini with the corpulent hank account
anil il he doesn't lie to swell himself he
will tell yon that the paystreak of prosperity waa never located without visible
Iraces of hick going wi'h it. We have
only to look around a fow to prove up on
Ihat. Take the Noble Five outfit for instance They stampeded in bote in (lie
lull of 1)1 when tho gu.cli was a "
wilderness, ami i
Silverton, Kelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaalo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
8 I L V E R T O N     &   C
::   J\S.    IMMVKS    .Proprietor.   :■;
The wagon road up Silver Mountain is
just about completed and ut last the
Silver Mountain inii.es are in touch
with transportation.
The Arlington Mir.i'8 are having plans
drawn up for a hunk home anil 6to:e for
their mine. The building will be 24 x 40
feet and two stories high.
The Sandon Paystreak repoits a \'200r
_00J ileal on Ihe Olds brothers' properly
in Fire Valley. The Enterprise eoui'-
piiny is putt big up the money.
The October Cripple Creek gold out-
i put   reached  Jl.iMH.900   making a total
ifor 1900 thus  fur of 119,777,1*83.   The
total  ontpnt   for  tie camp  to date is
*104 !'17,.>',.
CB Taylor, of Ten  Mile, hue lately
disposed  if his interest in the Summit
' claim near Sandon for a good figure, IL
starts cast at  once accompanied by his
wife un a visit,
The returns for five tons of nre fi-nt
out lately by the Hampton claim of
Slocan (ily lulled tbe owners JUKI
The sklpmeqt was divided into iwo lo's.
the best of which gavo 710ouncesln
silver and ths second grada 209 ounces
A Mange ol
§     TIIE LOCAL LAYOUT.      |
First snow, Novemher 15th.
Captain Troup made a tour of inspection up the Luke yesterday.
(io to R. G. Duigle's for fresh fruits
and confectionery.  Near  I'o.-ttotlico.*
The Miners' I'nion Hall in Sandon
will he opened with a Itall on November
2!)th.    .
Robert Walker requests ns to say thnt
weusles are plentiful In the Shacklown
a one-
is  here
F P Johns in of Trout Lake
time partner uf Perrp Altaffer,
peeing his friends,
An unsuccessful attempt was made on
Wednesday evening to have a dance in
MeKiiiuon's Hull.
nl   n
i owi ing
ocated seventeen sur-
low imw iii three days,    After they
had staked all they imagined they hud
any use for they started to hike it back
for Kaslo along that big ledge rinht np
here to our left. R started to snow Ihat
night and the h iys were diiven down the
hill to camp. V, hen Ihey wukp up next
-tnoriiiiigthey found that Ihey had le-
posed on ten feet of ore—the Noble Five
mine it is now. That was luck, high
grade ai.d unmluituiuU.d.
"Then there is the case of Jack Thompson.     Every   old-timer   in   tbe   Slocan
knows about Jack     He lit his caiiipfirc
and cooked his little bannock three times
on the apex of the Antolne 'edge  Before
iireiikiiig camp be slirred up  the a-he.- .
lo see that the lire   was  dead   out—and j
found a hunch of lead nuggets.    Jack Is \
livinu easy now in an   orange  grove in j
" '.i.oiititain Chief Smithy' run away
froi. a her.r on Silver mountain one day
to lhe spring of '92 His retreat wan
more hasty than dignified and on the
wav down his hat fell ofT. The hear wus
still coming his way and Smithy didn't
h"sitate, Next day he had to go buck
avo miles into the bear's territory to get
his bat, because in those argonaut days
there was not a spare one in New Denver. Talk about a man cusune—why
'Siriihy'left a trail of hiimstone   ull the
way up the hill.     When- he  found  tbe j companies are again building railroads—
hat he sut down to rest   and   cuss some
more, and he was so sincere  in Ids cos-
sing that he   Licked   np   all  Ibe loose
Illll Rros. delivered upwards
n'ore of smali orders for lumber
dining the week.,
Mr. and Mrs. N. F, McNaught leave
this morning for Iho Grady Springs to
remain a few weeks.
The Win. Hunter Co's harware dtp-
artineiit is doing u big business with llie
surrounding mines.
R. E. Peel, who bails from Endeihy,
is the latest addition to the stall' of the
Win Hunter Company,
Mrs. Everett joined her husband liere
this week. 'Ihey are rooming ut present
in the Townsite Building.
W. (irady and Ed. Smith hit the (rail
for Sandon, this week, where they expect to pound steel this winter.
At. Reeves, who has heen working at
the Corinth mine near Three Forks,
leiiuned to town on Wednesday.
Now that snow hns come the  railroad
PAY   YOI'   to   (*v*)'our tailoring done 1K8ILVERTQN
I HER,  carries ii full   lilttt "of SCOTCH   WORSTED   and   TWEED
word GUARANTEED first-class.
Liebscher*  The  Tailor.
Nl Kt  Door t) tin:  Post O.I'ic\
: ht.on    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    n
J, Barker,   who  for  the last two
years lias had i-barge as   foreman of iht
Vancouver mine,  leaves lor Ibe Bridge
River cmiitiv this week, Mr. Barker
will have i lo rgo of a mine in thai
district lately piirchnsod by Ihes.unr
people who control the Vane, over mine
of this place, While heie be has made
many friends amongst ,■)!! classes a id
has proved himself to he one of the most
thorough and capable mine foremen in
lhe Slocan. lt is largely du • lo him
that the Vancouver mine i- the valuable
property that it is.
His place at the mine will be taken by
hi.-, brother Samuel llarkir, who arrived
during the week (rom Hutte Montana
When he has   lately   had  charge ut Il.e
; Amy uml Silversmith mine.
' i/W^-W^^^W^***
histle ♦**► Hotel.
 P A T.    Q R I F F I N.	
ir^t-clo^si necvnnmodotiou
Tlie     IJitV>lio.
B. C.
comes but once
A Year.
I Am once more before
"i» my duty to let you know that I
■ve  bought    goods   DIRECT   FROM
'ERY LATEST MADE. I want to sell these goods, and will do all EN-
EM to out-of-town points.
' Uave ull kihdicf goods in n thousand   different styhs,  and   solicit youri
-    I yuaraiiteo all Ooodl bought frtiip
"    me to bo  	
V'Bii anywhere else in the Kootenay, and the very best quality,
Jacot* Dover,   TIIB J K W KI- K.R,
NELHON, . __..'■_. _ - B. C
Sew York,   Nov. Ifl.—Bar Silver, 03%
bake copper,   rlli ").).
Lead-The linn that fixes lhe sellinu
' price for miners and itneltsra quotes lead
: at *4 (i0 at the close.
Shipments  of  ore  fram Silveiton foi
the year ISU0. totaled 1808 Tone.
All other Lake points 1883    "
The shipment    ol   ore   fiom    Sloean
Lake points, up to anl Including   the
present week, from Jan. 1,  1000.
From BOSIUI Landing. Tons.
Bosun 1020
From New Deliver
Hartney  80
Capella      "
From Silverion Ions.
Emilv Edith 20
Hewett IH
Vancouver,.   1*0
Wakefield, (concentrates)       680
Oalena Mines       SO
From Enterprise Landing
Enterprise 100 >
Neopnwu    '
From Slocun City-
Arlington     n*"
Hhick Prince    M
Kilo , 20
Two Friends 20
Bondholder  20
Hampton     •  '0
Total 8984
A l.'li;i|ilcr On Lnfk.
(From The Mndon Paystreak.)
They had been conversing un a miscellany ol topics, and when the conversation finally drifted onto luck ii was np
to the old prospector to drop in and take
a nam!, and he delivered himself ol an
.mpro.nptulectnre something I'ko ttiisj
gra*s and moss in his neighborhood, just
by way of emphasis. II:- kicks knocKed
the wash i Ha ten-inch smface showing
gfsolid gslens. What 'Smlihy' found
that liny by the aid rt 1 hungry bear
oi ttcd him fio 000 within a month.
Fort Steele is telling it this
\;.:iiiii;itii>iis  Monday;   Polling on
HffCllllllT (ill).
rliln Itltllns lo lie   Overrun   by Kutem
|lc;»VJl»rlalll«- TW" MI|iU|lT«l,
Tiro Kx-IIIuiKle.«.
There will be eiehteen days more for
electioneering in Ihis constituency before
ii is decided who is to be Ihe next rep-
resentaiive st Ottawa. The Returning
Ollicer has proclaimed tl.s election dates
k above, so that events on Monday next
trill settle the question as to who «i!l
drop out ot the rue. if anyone does,
Prom prisent appearances it would seem
ihat all three parties vonld have their
candidates' up for the finish. There has
been no talk of the Labor candidateBtC| -
: ing i-iiwn and the appearance of the
big cons ol the Conservative and Liberal
parties, slumping lor their respective
•nndidaii.1, makes it appear Unlikely
iiuii either MacNeiil or Galliber would
fall hack Wc sre to have Sir Charles
Tapper, Sir Charles Ilibbert Tupper ami
lion. (Jeo E. Foster lor the Conserve*
lives, and Hon Clifford Sifton, A I.8II-
'on nml Hon J. Israel Tarte for Galliber.
Chris. Foley is playing a lone hand.
A (.'.mil Stow I'ruiiiml-
The Mui'iy Comedy Company, whh'h
is lulled (or to-nigh! in Mikinnon's Hal
has been spoken ol very favorably bj
-he   press of   Portland,   Or'gun.     The
Morning Oregoniiui" o( Sept. 8rd prlnti
the following:- "Tlie Mni'oy Coined*
Company in 'The CircueOhl'mel with a
,ie 1, ul ue ovation from n packed lious»
lust lilliht in the Metinpolitatl Theatre, n
die presentation nl ihe opening attrac-
dou of the season.   Aconlinuous round
f laughter greeted each succeeding lud-
icroUS situation, with which the play
abounds, and from the way 'The Circus
(Jirl1 caught on last night theio is a sale
IHcilictton of a big house engagement."
The company consists of twelve people and are firstclass. Reset ve seat tit k-
els for sale at the Drug Store.
About Ihetlrsi li ng lb it stiikes a man
11 bo runs away ia the scarcity of pluwe
to run lo,
Father—You have spent afortunoon
lbs races  uml  What   huve JOU leuliseilV
S u—That I am au idiot,
oil paper
Lost, Strayed or Stolen : Our oflice dog.
Answers (sometimes) to the name of
'■Sausage." 'lhe Under will oblige us by
keeping him,
R. C. Campbell-Johnson spent putt of
the week here examining some lied
.Mountain propeilies. He wus Hclolii-
panied ou ihe trip by I.is vi(-,
The work of grading Lake Avenue, on
ihe other side ul Iho hlhlgC, wu.s commenced hist Mond.'.y. Die work is
under lhe charge of Jogk Smith.
I'll sbyleriali Chilicii Seiv.co will be
held ai New Denver 11 a. in. nnd lit Bil-
verioii?:S0p m. on ruiiday theI81I1,—
Kev. Hector Mackay, U, A., Prwachv.
Mrs Darker and family will n.t accompany Fi.riiuan ll.ukir into imiioo, I ut
will return to their old huiuo iu Butie,
Montana, making u .-too iu lirevliWOud
(or a short time,
All   work   in  the Jewelry  Kepuiricg
line, left at the bllvertou llniji Slur^, Will
be promptly   forWOldOil   lo   Jacob IXlVttl
ihe well-kuortii Nelson Jewell |.     All ro
pairs are ouabantshii ton oxa vkau, *
Malcolm Nicholson, one of our old
liuii'is who wandered oil' into tl.e wheut
belt ol North Dakota  a  lew mouths ago,
returned to town last Monday. He was
.ici-iiiipaniid by his I (other David
Nicholson of Urapd Forki N. D.
The Athletic Association hai now Ihe
grouod graded off for their rink, which
is to be buili beside Four Mile creek on
the edge of lhe townsite. The ice will
1 e 100 x 40 li tt clear of all posts, large
enough lor ull practical purposes. Tht
frame work will go op next week and
the building will be Bulshtd us soon sb
the lumber is delivered,
Several locul newspapers presist iu
publishing the statement that voters iu
the Yale-Cariboo Biding may vote in
any pai' of the Riding, regard! ss ol
where they were icgistered. This may
hei.'one wilh 11 desire totbrow some oul
if their voles, and if Ibis is the case it is
dirty politics.   Voters should  leiuemhei
hat they cannot   vote   iu   any   polling
bjoth where they cannot vote In a prov-
i .rial election.
"Ilie  Coming Lad"
"The Cominj; Land" is the title of nn
excellent, 100 page, Illustrated pnhliea.-
tion, which has just reached Ihis nlHce,
The hook consists of well written write-
ups of the various sections of this Prov?
ince, illustrated with numerous photographs, It contains as well statistical,
and other information regarding tlje
milling industry, giving fuels and figures
Hint should help 111 greatly in (ireat
Britain, where the magazine will be
widely distributed. Copies may be bad
of The Clarion Publishing Co., Vancou_>
ver, Jor ono dollar per copy.
Silverton coipes in for a generous
share of the space devoted to West Root?
enay, and we quote the following paragraph to show onr local readers what 4
Vancouver publication thinks of tha
future for our town :
"The prospects for Silverton were
never brighter than they aip at present. Never before has capital lieen in?
vested more freely and the faith of those
who weathered Silverton's early storms
never before seemed so well justified,
With everything pointing that way en
plainly, it is easy to-day tn prophecy 9.
great future for the Silver Town.
Where We Will Vote.
The Sloean Electoral District is known
in polling division No. 8, iu the Dominion coiisiitueiiey, In it there are 14
lulling stations, as follows;
No. 1, New Denver, Government build-
2, Silverton, McIviiiiiouV Hull.
3, Sandon, Crawford's building,
4, Three Korku, (jigericli's store.
5  Wlutewrter,   0,   Kaslo,     7,  Aius-
worth,   8, Pilot Bay,   tt, Robson,
lu. Slocan Junction, Junction House.
11, Stoma Ciiy.. Government building,
12, Deer Park, 13, Argeutn, 14, New-
lioii's Ranch,
Silverton's Liars (M-kt.
The Silverton I.iars' Club at one of
the numerous meetings held during tbn
week discussed, amongst other subjects,
the remarkable find made some years ago
iu this section by one of our old timers,
now one of Ihe lesser lights in the
society. He furnished the following
account of his find, lllustialing it with
uuineious maps which are now in tin
office of the club's secretary, wl ere they
may be examined by any member io
good standing. 'In the early eighties,
while making a voyage in a dugout to tbo
head waters of Ten Mile creek, it became
necessary to camp, a run ol red lish
having blocked navigation on the stream,
Up to thut time New Denverites had not
ns yet thinned them out. Accordingly
I concluded to spend a few days pios-
pecting, Passing np the bill hack of
where the Enterprise inii.e is now
located—which by  the merest   aecideiii
I failed to discover—I oliHtrved what
appeared to he the outcropping of if.
mercurial stratum. Quicksilver la iul'at
that time ip big demand in the Slocan
for lhe manufacture of blue oinlnient, f.
resolved to develope the propetly at
once. After stripping off Ibe surface
and sinking 11 few feet the vein nppeaied
to increase both iu width nnd richness
und vicious of a big sale and an unlimited number of flasks, tool quicksilver
desks) Boated through my brain, At a
depth if live feet a change in the ledge
was noticeable and before going much
deeper I was shoveling out millions of
i nd. pills, which as every prospector
know- are a sure indication of liver pads.
As ihere were but few married men at
II mt lime in the Slncai;, every roan
doing his o'vn eo.iking, the demand for
liter pads was limited and the outlook
was discouraging. Rut, I resolved to go
deeper on my find, hoping fur the best.
The next day lound uie at my prospect,
bright and early, and ufter sorting oves
the dump and sampling it ' went to work
wilh 11 will. All morning I worked hard,
without any change excepting ilu.t with
depth the liver pads grew larger ued
there wns indications of sinking water ut
any time, which when struck I Imped
rtuiihl be a big flow to enable nie to lint
my liver pad proposition,    li  must have
the nfier-
was wuter
broke into my shaft. It wan a dandy
spiing I had s'ruck, not of water, hut, ot
sweet spirits of nitre.  That nettled it. {
knew without iiiiichiiiery I would never
see what was under that nitie streak, so
I returned to camp resolving next day tu
open Dp the leugo in a new place. Upon
arriving al camp what was mv consternation to find that during my absence 4
had been visited by some Silvirtoqi
prospectors who had eaten op all my
grab, kicked a bole in my dugout anil
bus set me afoot. Knowing thst it was
uhi'Ioss for mu to try to do anything
more with it that season, I lelt lor Slocan
City, where limes were so dull 1 took
to drink and huve never been able to
find my prosiieet since-''
It is tbe intention of tbe cluh to form
a joint-stock company to dnu'lope this
property, which with the help < flic
mai a lu-w in their iKx-seseion they
expect tu find easily,
been about three   o'clock   in
noon   when   what I supposed
You remember that bank teller whm
made himself so solid with the otlbnala
by Biiggesling that bank employees
should wear 1 lollies without pocketa
during banking hoursT"
"Yes.   What about blm?"
''He got away wilh fW.OOO by ibJVti*.
ing it out o| tb$ wludowjto* t'i'ii(cdcvat9*
; 1
\ '
Forest Fire
Burnt Over  Ten Million
Feet of Valuable
*»*   CHANNEL,
MaHf Vessel* Are \1 reeked  llu Hue  a
ttmre  Gale,
London, Nnv. 13.—A fierce  aieg
swept   over   the   English   channel
I..*.    t-A-. —**.*-**•    vnauiiei i  _____
l««n.Rht.   causing   a   number   of
L?dUt^_^^,deb^JPr,'nce    *"<»     Princess
Aflree to Live Apart.
San Bernardino, Cal. Nov. 13.—
A forest fire has destroyed Brook-
ing's Mill in Fredalbra park and
burned over 10,000,000 feet of lumber. The fire raged for many
hours and the flames could be plainly seen sixty miles away Brookings Mill is the largest in southern
California and gave employment to
250 men. The damage done by
the fire is estimated at $400,000.
bound for Shields near Weymouth.
The Ketch Georgian was lost off
Hayling island. All on beard were
Firs atCornell,
Ithaca, V. V., Nov. 13.—The
main building Of Cornell university
veterinary college was partially destroyed by tire early this morning.
The total loss i.s $30,000.
No Divorce.
Inslaall) Killed.
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 13.—Wm.
Ashley, a gardner at Esquimalt
was shot tonight by his uncle Thos.
Connell. He died immediately.
Connel threatened to kill the whole
family.    The murderer is at   large.
Simmer  Lost
Yarmouth,    N.   S.,   Nov.   12 —
The steamer Monticello, plying  between this port  and  St.  John,   N.
B., loundered in the   Bay ol Fundy
Saturday morning and 33 out of 37
passengers and crew were drowned.
Among the drowned are  a  number
of commercial travelers representing
Ontario    and    Quebec    wholesale
Sir Robert Hart's statement   recently made   that   the   trouble   in
China   is   only   just   commencing
seems unfortunately true.    The latest cable from English  correspondents on the spot state tbat the  empress dowager will never consent to
the  executions   demanded   by  the
powers and that   it  is  equally vain
to expect  any  moderations  in   the
forcible demands made by the allied
powers.    The Chinese court are reported   as   preparing   for    further
fight far inland to  the  province  of
Szechinen, where with  an   imperial
army of 14,000 men   they  will   bid
defiance to Europe.     In the  meantime Russia is seizing large slices of
territory   and   these   are   unfailing
signs of a good sized row  between
the allies all round.
A Canadian contingent for China
tu...;— .*-- -
London,    Nov.   tyi—The World
of this cily  says that a judicial separation  between   Prince and Princess Albert of Anhatt, grand daughter of Queen   Victoria is an ac
complished fact.    There will not be
any divorce, Prince Albert not ob-
jecting  to  the   course   pursued by
his wife,
»N    fllSUUI
(•laacow Dwellers
New York, Nov. 12.—Among
the passengers on the steamer Lucania was Capt. R. White, R. N. N,,
who for 23 years has been port warden of Glasgow. He said he was
on his way to Buffalo to study the
American system of handling ores
and grain with a view to introducing the same system in Glasgow.
He said:
"Glasgow hopes to become equal
to Liverpool as   regards   shipping
Within two or three years the reve
•_,■■-_._- — r s*.
__. -...   »V.      V   lllll.l
following the example of Australia
which already has a force there is
probably thj next step so far as the
Dominion is concerned.
A jury of twelve wise men and
true at Woodstock, Out., has placed a valuation of $1.00 upon the
feminine   heart,   such    being    the
Vlgoroae .miliar*- 0|>rrail.»i»   t__.itlii«<
the Filipino*.
New Vork, Nov. 10.—Major General MacArthur will personally direct the vigorous military operations
to be directed against the Filipino
insurgents. Major General F. C.
Bates probably will be assigned to
duty io Manilla |as the executive
head of the military government in
the Philippines during the absence
in the field of General MacArthur
Montreal, Nov. *io.—As* wired
in these dispatches last "evening,
the name of T. Chase Casgrain,
M. P. for Montmorency, is another
name'mentioned as a likely successor
to Sir Charles Tupper. Mr. Casgrain is one of the most pleasing
personalties among French Canadian politicians and a fluent speaker in both   languages.       The  ob
.4 Young nan Sulfide* lu ■ Ball HioiU
In Texas
Chicago,   Nov.   13.—A    special
from El  Paso.   Texas, says:   Jealousy  prompted   Ignace  Bustillis, a
Mexican youth, to take his own life
last night  at a Mexican ball,    liis
sweetheart  was   waltzing with another man.    Bustillos  shot himself
in the presence of all the  assembled
guests.    For a time almost a panic
reigned.    The  woman  was   seized
with   hysterics   and  a   physician's
services became necessary.
An Arsenal
Russians Kill a Hundred
Chinese and Secure
Their Arms.
Montreal, Nov *
W, H. Masterman        A' S' J
^assigned. Liabi.Tl * 'hi'«
between $,,0 ^ \,ts^fM
:' ,00° and hoo^
A *«w^
London,Nov. i3--Aspecial dispatch from Tien Tesin, dated Nov. 10,
says a force of Russians have captured the arsenal north east of
Vang Tsen, with a trifling loss,
killing one hundred Chinese and
capturing a quantity of arms and
•******, t*o.,nu/,t**4
Toronto, Nov.   ,,    D
mond Graem, who L       ' H*
Oiler'* Appointment
Toronto, Nov. 13.—It is staled
in military circles here that Col.
Otter is appointed commandant of
the Royal Military college at Kingston, in succession to Col. Kitson,
upon his  return from South  Africa.
Six -Million Mailing.
Tacoma, Nov. 12.—Oriental advices state that four to six million
Chinese north of Pekin are in dan-
ge. of starvation, the crops having
been a total failure.
«   * Marges %£**
this city, was found in h'
53 Kensington ,Ve   u " "    .
afternoon suffering eitt;;est^
a'^sor results of *    "**
'•*• ^ur last ,,iKht heP7n' I
m -"-won- ofstuh0;:;
P««"y-   and   notbi,,;      ;
«.«*...<.. mt^tuT^ *^l
Almonte. Ont., Nov. .'j
rectedre.urnsgiVeR o;~C*
of 68 as reported, over ,\,7*
liberal.    Th*   „*_,__.,       Cal(M
award of damages in the breach of Ject o( h's selection would of course
promise action of Elstone vs. King. be wiih the view to offsetJLaurier's
As the plaintiff   is   upwards   of ~r.   influenr     ...    > "■
As the plaintiff is upwards of 70
yeais of age, it is presumable that
the goods were considered shopworn
influence in Quebec. Mr. Casgrain is a member of a big legal
firm in this city.
Round about Rossland and other
mining centers in the  Kootenay   lie
many   hundred   duly   staked   out,
practically    idle,    mining    claims.
Some of these  have  been  stocked
and crown gtanted   in   past   years,
but have remained   unworked   ever
since and the shares have been scattered all   over  the   continent,    the
holders patiently waiting for  something to turn up.   Assessment work
is done annually   in   a  petfiinctory
way upon others, but in a vast   majority of cases  the  claims   are   re-
staked by their owners   when   they
run out
Dropped Dead.
I.ansdown, Out., Nov, 12.—
While engaged in preaching yesterday moning the pastnr ot the
Methodist church here, Rev. Simpson, dropped dead from heart disease.
Message Transmitted Over Kltlili -M i
Lord Hobsrls'  Heporl
London, Nov. 10. — Lord Roberts gives an interesting report to
the war office.    He says:
Gen. Knox states that he  takes
no credit for the very successful en
rwtry. .ne.* — - -* ■ •
     ,   .     me reve- "° credit for the vei
nues of Glasgow for wharfage have gagement of   Nov.   6   which   was
increased from ^200,000 a year  to due, in   the  first instance,   to  the
£47*\,ooo. determination   of   Legallais  never
  to   lose   touch   with   the   enemv.
The queen's Grandson Again, secondly,   to  the able  way
Pretoria, Nov. 8,   via  Pietermar- in which Delis,e handled   ,he  firin£
itzburg, Nov. n.~The   funeral  of line after Legallais  an   Ross   were
Prince Christian Victor, a erandsnn ^     ! '   '
Prince Christian Victor, a grandson
of the Queen, who died here of enteric fever, took place today.
Minute guns begin firing at 10 a.
m., when the cortege left   the yeomanry, and  continued   during   the
funeral.     The route was lined with
a guard of honor, consisting of the
Norfolks   and    Hants    regiments.
Representatives of   all   the   forces
were   present,    including    detach
mcnts of the coloi.iaMroops, mount
ed infantry, cavalry,   artillery   and
the medical and army service corps
wounded     ^^mummmmwmm*^mm**m
Smith   Dorrien reports that two
days fighting mentioned   was  very
hard.    His force  consisted   of 250
mounted troops from   the mounted
troops from the Fifth   Lancers,   the
Royal Canadian and Dragoons  and
mounted  rifles,   two   Royal  Canadian artilley guns, four guns ofthe
Eight-Fourth battery   and  infantry
of Suffolks and Shropshires.
Our casualties the first day were
six killed and twenty wounded,
chiefly     Shropshires.    who  fought
 -■-     '"ni    iu
seize the   strong   position   on   the
......   jnu army service corps. cme"y     ■
The bands'of the Norfolk and Hants sP'endid'y               _,       s.   ,-.
regiments'playediChopin's    dead The next day the Boers   tried  to
The pallbearers were all generals.
General Roberts, Prince Francis  of
Trek, General Kite   11111 .-1 c   ;
General   Roberts'   staff present  in
Pretoria followed the  bod).      The
Rev. Mr. Cox, chaplain of the Can-
dian's, read the lessbn.     After the
services at the church   the   procession reasembled  in  Church square
and marched   to  the   cemetery,   a
mile west of the town.
The   Queen   sent  a   wreath   of
lilies    and    carnations.      Another
" 1"—— ^^
banks of the Kamoti, from which
they were beaten out Nov. 6, but
were prevented by Col. Evans, the
Canadian mounted troops and two
of the Eighty-Fourth gun gallop
, —11-..  - - j
Dnal Leadership
Toronto, Nov. 13.—It   looks  as
though   the  announcement    ot Sir
Charles  Tupper's   retirement   from
the leadership of   the Conservative
party     is   somewhat     premature.
Hon. John   Haggart,   chairman  of
of the Ontario Conservative   union,
says that    no  official   communication   has been   received  from    Sir
Charles    and  the question of  discussing  his  successor is  therefore
He assumes that Sir Charles
Tupper would wait until he met his
supporters at Ottawa and submitted the question of retirement to
them before announcing his withdrawal.
In local  political   circles   it   has
been suggested that in the   present
emergency, a   dual   leadership   for
the dominion may prove  the  salvation of the Conservative  party  and
a precedent such  as   the  MacDon-
ald-Cartier combination is regarded
as satisfactory.   The names coupled
with that combination are those   of
Hon. T.   Casgrain   (French   Canadian) from Quebec, and R. I..   Bor
den, (English speaking; from   Halifax.
London, Nov. 10.—When the
mmm—mjmmmmmmmm^mm Osten-Dover mail packet Princess
During the time he was provincial Clementine was nearing Dover yes-
mineralogist Mr. Carlyle pointed terday a message by the Marconi
out the effect of the law in the three system of wireless telegraphy was
cases mentioned and suggested a received on board from Lapanne.
change. He advocated practically It was retransmitted to the Marconi
a   continuous   working   of  claims station of Douver Court, in   Essex,
.• .1   ,. ,  •    ,      more than 86 milec'•«•--
hin a reasonable limit and. ■»
~o     —     -.nun
within a reasonable limit and, in de
fault, forfeiture to the government.
The claims so reverting to  be  sold
by public  auction  annually.      The
provincial house recently passed an
act hy which defaulting  partners in
mining claims,   who   do   not   pay
their share of current expenses may
be advertised   out,   but   this   only
touches on the edge   of   the   question.      Under   the  law relating to
placer claims provision is   made  to
Exposition (loses
Paris, Nov.   ,2.--The exposition   OI w „ _
closes today with the evening ilium-   ,iberal     J> "J?\ °Jtr Cald»<
-nation.    There were few visitors in   D,ace ".     "       ",C,al   co"ni J
£**** -*f  '-king   pur-   jX^Xfo"  '""H
chosen atso uaeach, ' eu ,or' I
■ _______      »
Ottawa  Ont.    Nov.   tfj\   .
nesday December 5 |,as bw*|
ed as the dat. for  the noj
•n   N,p,ssl„j, county 0nttT*
December 12 as polling day
,S the constituency where irrm
election    lists   prevented
being held November 7.
»■   «e   B,,rh
Whitefish Poiut, Mich.,Noi
The Canadian steamer Ar_ibia0|||
mg between Montreal and the,
per lakes, struck   the  beach |
eight miles west of here on
day.   The crew was sand.   *J
will be able to pull her off.
"AHIINJIMI.,     iimo
l'."*d   Awhf Tfcl. normtat I. f*
Warns nir
New   Vork,   Nov.    n.-\ltx
Daly, of Montana, died ti S t
today at the Hotel Netherlands
... . I'm 1, in
I more than 80 miles distant.
<<>iiiiim Home
Ottawa, Nov. 12.—The transport
Hawarden Castle, with the remainder of the first Canadian contingent
on board, is expected to reach
Southampton on Nov. 27.
ifarderoua Hurxlar
Chicago,     Nov.   13.—A    negro
burglar    forced    his   way   to   the
.    _ ...   iihwi  10   apartment of Mrs. Orrin W. Potter,
open unworked ground for  location   wjfe 0f the   millionaire   steel   man
by any other than the original loca-   this morning and struck her
tor. If some mean;! could be d»vie«'i   '•''-■
K* pay Master lln.il
Toronto, Nov. 12.—Lieut. Ci
N. Algers, for many years payn»
t»r of the Toronto Military diitrin
is uead, aged 92 years.
......um locator. If some means could be devised
which would  not  act   too   harshly
upon discoveries ol real merit where
the owner is without means  to  develop his find, which  would either
induce the  owners  to   work   their
properties or, in default, bring them
into the   open   market   and   allow
others to go   on   with   the   work,
morning and struck her a fierce
blow on the head with a sling shot.
The shock of the blow rendered
Mrs. Potter unconscious. This is
the second burglary in the Potter
residence since last spring. In
April last, porch climbers secured
$18,000 in  diamonds  and jewelry.
It seems a little odd  that Chile
should    sell   a war ship to Peru, a
ftmallpo 1 la Pari*
Paris, Nov.   12.—A  epidemic
smallpox has broken oul htrt
probably to the   massing of
and  other  persons  from
during the exposition.
■Ned, AKed «l tear*.
Brockville, Ont., Nov. it-
News reached here from Heading
Man.,   of the death of J. Fonkt
la Nonlh Alrlea
London,   Nov.  13. — I'nder   date
  ar_  H..niP|i-   of Johannesburg   Nov.   12,   Lord
ng two miles, and seizing it in   the   Roberts telegraphs the war office as
nick of time.    The rear on   the  re-   follows:
"Rundle reports skirmishes with
small parties of Boers in the Harri-
smith, Reitz and Vrede districts recently. The commandos appear to
be acting independently and with no
bject except to give as much annoyance as possible to the British.
Our casualties in these skirmishes
were two killed and seven wounded.
Or.. 1    j me   wor«
Kossland camp and the   whole dis-1 .        •• - «cru, a   Vffln     est t.
*-^*^-uAl!_Sl3UrAbiK & - **■*-* -J
chase.    There are "gold bricks"  m       D«c«ased  built part of the G, I
nav.es, as elsewhere n,D    -	
..IV     it-
turn march were  defended   by Col.
Lesand with the Canadian dragoons
and the Royal Canadian guns under
Lieutenant  Morrisey.    Smith Dor
rien   says no praise can be  to high
  miomer   f°r   the   devoted  gallantry   these
beautiful   wreath   bore  a  card in-   troops showed  in  keeping  off the
scribed "from his mother."    Other   enemy   from the infantry conveys, —T- ■- *••*-«*  -iKirmisnes
wreaths were sent by Lord and '" tne afternoon an event unpre- were two killed and seven wounded.
Lady Roberts, Prince Francis of <-edented in this war occured when Douglas arrived at Venlersdorp on
Teck, the officers of the King's some 200 mounted Boers suddenly November 11 from Zerust, captur-
Royal rifles, General Maxwell and charged the rsar guard to within ing during the march twenty-one
Governor Sir. Alfred Milner. The seventy yards, when they were r,r,atw*rw —^ •- —-
coffin was inscribed "Major, His stopped by the Canadian dragoons.
Highness   Prince  Chr'...:—   •*• -»,,„•«— .1-- ■  ■ -
Not llui-h Kroapeel.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 13.—The
Novoe Vrema, says it believes that
the powers are becoming convinced
that China is unable to pay a war
indemnity and that this discovery
will cool the Anglo-(ierman fever.
Highness   Prince  rhri..'   '   ...
nf 5,.i,i      •     .      Chr|stian   Victor
palap ihe Walue
Havana,    Nov.     .0.-Captain
oa.sk for offers to raise the Maine
Last year he had three offers to raise
who r_,e:!iip for no,hin*' ,h°«
who  did  the   work   to   keep   the
wreck.    No explosive, can be used I HC!r,0n",N0V'   ,2,-Gen«   B«
in raising the v.isel ?,    Powdl' is il! with entric fever
^^^^^^^^^^™«        j His condition is not serious.
During the fight 16 of the Canadians
fell info  the hands of the enemy,
who treated them kindly and released them after removing   their own
dead and   wounded,   during   which
operation the Canadians  were compelled to lie on their faces  in order
that they might not see  how  heavily   the  Boers had suffered.    Our
casualties     were   two   killed   and
twelve   wounded.
- - ^'iil-UIJl.'
prisoners and a quant.ty 0f cattle
and sheep. Ventersdorp, which has
been a depot of supplies for thi
Boers will now be cleared out."
*>»teri„„. Aapatpptam****
Worcester.    Mass.,   Nov.    ,Q _
Gustave Eriksen, a carpenter,   was
fagged from his bed and   ki,iedha
an   unknown   assassin        .
_.._.    . assassin   ear v   this
^betweenher  husband'.;'r^
'ayer'. arou«d other inmates of   '
house i„ which the affair ,
J-police were c„„e^      t th?^'
erer had escaped, taki,,::^;:
l»s weapon. The authoflt"es him
no trace ot him. ,,ave
A rice company with a capital of
fifteen million dollars has just been
incorporated in Louisana. Looks a
little like another . "Solid South"
trust to go with Chairman Jones'
cotton combine.
R. and lost his fortune frying *\
build the Toronto A Ottawa*I
way, now the C. P. R.
Th*   "ar   of Russia   I,    ,akin„
■°°°<& Uh SltiZ,"""""""'
Three Uleu Dro%»ae<.
Southampton, Ont., Nov, u-J
Private Divine, Frank Pope,
George S. Varey, were drow^l
fifteen miles from here ThursdiJ |
morning. Their boat was «J
turned by a big wave.
»l With Fever.
Capetown, Nov.    12,-Gen.   Ba-
«PPo.H.o.   Have  Four .„„   Uo,wm.
mem Waveateen Members.
St. Johns, Nfd.,   Nov.   12-The
returns from Buena   Vista  district
election of Morine, the opposition
leader, and B.andford and Chaplin
by reduced majorities of about 700.
This g,ves Morine four men and
J Pr«niier Bond seventeen.
*"K Bl HNK0
**a «nrord Uem7a7Pom,
••"Plar  Bl„m,
St; Loui*. Mo., Nov. ,,     ...
Patch from   Poolar m „ "       Uls-
Afford house T^Z * 7"  U,C
«re reported to have lv d'es
fr^ the ruins  J      *** ^^ed
Hriir la Trouble
London, Nov.  12.—Wisharf, the
trainer, and Lester Reiff, the jockey,
have heen summoned for nn  explanation of the  running of Richard
Croker's horse, The Scotchman II,
I) is  regarded  in racing circles as
likely that   Reiffs license  will be
cancelled.      Lord    Durham   today
plainly accused Reiff of pulling,
mine on mre
Butte, Nov. 12.—Fire broke out
in the 200-foot level of the Bell
mine of the Amalgamated Copper
company's property last night and
is still burning.      The   ore  in this
'«•» 'he ruins a 7? ^^ ",?" ****' *M or. i„ Z
-e are believe" ?' ? ,««" ftRft« /^>^^^
the debris. bl^d  in   tio„P to ha "d. " ' Vh  h,ard  ProPosi-
tainly be |arg„       he ,0M wi» W
Vlllard Is Berne.
New ;Vork, Nov. 12-H<n1
Villard the well known fiM*i
and railroad man, died at midni^'i
at Arsley on the Hudson.
Dei-lluee lo l"a>.        —^^
Washington, Nov, u.—Thlg^
ernment of Morrocco has again ie
dined to meet the demands of ll"
United States for the payment <*
an indemity on account of tl" k'"'
»'ng by a mob of Marcus Essag-»
a naturalized American citizen.
"nrrendered Their NeaW.
London, Nov. i2.—Lord 90
bury, the Marquis of Lansdm»n<
and other cabinet ministers a"'"
at Windsor this afternoon «***
the ministers retiring or chan^inf
.offices surrendered seats to D'*
j officials and "kissed hands."
ot Ki
[f,e Tribunal of the Allies
Have a Little List.
Lorls of the Death of t     he
[press Dowaoer Not Verified.
-M. Plchon's Diary.
I Pekin, N'ov.9. —Four of the lead-
officials ol Tao Ting Fu, includ-
r Ting Vang, '-he acting viceroy
Pe Chi I'. :,nd tieneral Kusi
lang. were executed Nov. 5, under
Entice imposed hy the tribunal of
[t »llies. Renewed reports of the
Lath of the tmpress dowager are
■circulation, but they lack verifica-
U and .ire discredited.
I'll boli'e Diary.
iParis, Nov. 9,—The China Yel-
contains an account of the
|tnts that occurred from July 1899
I October 1900, including the diary
J M. I'ichon, French minister to
Jiina, ol the siege of Pekin, a re-
|me of 1 be negotiations, and a
lantity of correspondance   show-
' that the revolution was foreseen
M. Pichon at  the beginning  of
1 year.
A   llliilllll   HHKAKKH
}* September Itun ol'the  > uilr   Mill
le Large
, Ymir dispatch   says:      As  an-
bpated, ilie September run of the
n'u mill ii a record breaker,   The
pt_.-i.il detail-, of the run are not yet
hand, but a cable sent to London
npnls the output for   the  month
7,000, or a net profit  of $35,-
This   month   was the   first
bnth that the full complement of 80
imps ran uninterruptedly,and may,
eiefore, be taken as representing
earning    power   of   the   mill.
He   mine   is   shipping   some    of
le  rich   crude    ore, by  means of
»ich   the   profit    could   easily be
lised to   $40,000   per  month,   or
Ifficient to pay a 50 per cent divi-
pd on   the  whole  capital  of the
npanv.     The October run of the
il will not be quite up to September
tord. a< in the   last  week of the
both the new  cable   ol  the tram-
») broke and   had  to  be replaced
the old one.
Japanese Battleship.
London, Nov. 8.—The Japanese
ittleship Mikado, of 15,200 tons,
id to be Ihe most formidable ves-
•i of its kind in the world, was
unohed this morning at the Vick-
v Maxim works at Barrow.
Must   Deport   Them,
Hamilton, Ont.—Nov. 8.—The
amilton brass manufacturing comity has been notified by Alien La-
»r Law Commissioner Williams
mt they must deport the Ameri-
ms who are in their employ.
Pleases Holland
Copenhagen, Nov. 8.—President
ItKinlty'i re-election has been fa-
irably received in government and
Scial circles here.
Oregon's   Vote
Portland, Ore., Nov. 8.—Com-
'"• returns from all but three
nM counties in the state give Mc-
'"'•.v a plurality of 14,225.
MU I  Hi HI IN   AND   A   fll'N
"■'"''•'"KTiiiieiua Vlrloria Opera
Two bluejackets from H. M. S.
)r»S while drunk were refused
mission to the Victoria theatre
1 niRht. The pair became ahu-
e "id one of them, Thomas
"t'ey, pulled a gun and shot at
•cial Officer Johnson. The po-
!">en were notified, and, after a
'Ptrate struggle, succeeded in ar-
''ng the man.
Vauiiiuvir Man Hone Baal
r»wnto, Nov. 7._The Presby-
V of Toronto has sustained a call
Knox ch«rch here to Rev. A. B.
nch.kter, of Vancouver.
Lo.«#i(l(l,(MKI IHauy llullilluii. K11 men
In   IMiH-  Oleana.
New Orleans, Nov. 9.—Upwards
of seventy-five houses have been
destroyed by fire at Biloxi, Miss., a
well known summer resort and bus-
ness center on the Mississippi
Sound eighty miles from New Orleans.
The Catholic church, convent and
schools, newspaper offices, many
business houses ahd residences have
been consumed. The loss will probably exceed $200,060.
McKinley in Nebraska
Omaha, Neb., Nov. 9.—Almost
complete returns give McKinley a
plurality in Nebraska of over 6000.
The Republican state ticket is apparently elected by from 1500 to
A member of the Carlist committee, now in Washington, says
the Carlist uprising]^reported so
extensively from Spain during the
last few days is not a Carlist uprising at all, but merely an outbreak of socialism and anarchy.
The gentleman has been a member
of the Carlist committee for the
last sixteen years and is booked
for a high place under the government in case Don Carlos succeeds
in overthrowing the present Spanish throne and setting himself up.
He says their are no Carlists in
in Southern Spain, where the present disturbance has chiefly taken
place. There are a lot of men
there who call themselves Carlists,
but they never have been recognized as such. They are merely disturbers of the peace and are against
all forms of government. The real
Carlist all dwell in Northern*Spain,
where they have a splendid organization and abundant arms and ammunition. Within the last twenty
months sixty thousand Mauser
rifles have been taken to northern
Spain by Carlists. These guns
were bought in Germany and paid
lor by Don Carlos himself, who
is an immensely wealthy man.
The real Carlist uprising will
not come before next spring, probably starting in Match. Don
Carlos promises his followers that
he will take the field then and lead
them. They, however, have little
faith in him and are now actively
trying to get him to renounce his
rights to the Spanish throne in fa-
vorjof his son, Don "Jaime, who is
in Russia and is a fighter. Carlos'
princess also favors this plan, believing her son better fitted than
his father to lead the revolt to a
successful conclusion.
The latest alleged Carlist uprisings have been by bands of
eighty or a hundred men, hut when
the genuine uprising starts next
spring the smallest army will consist of id,000 men, and that number can be put into the field at anytime in three days notice.
Advises   Powers That She
Has Annexed Territory.
Those    Interested   Must Put   In
Clalms-The Consuls Will Enter a Protest.
Tien Tsin,'Nov. 7, via Shanghai,
Nov. 8.—General I.inevilcb, thi
commander of the Russian troops,
has officially notified the foreign
consuls through the Russian consul
that the land on the riverside opposite the British and German settlements has been annexed to Russia
by right of conquest. Unless all
foreign'owners of properly immediately deposit documents proving
their ownership, no claims will be
entertained.    Much   railroad  prop-
King fount? majorities
Seattle, Wash. Nov. 9.—While
the count in King county will not be
complete until Friday night, by reason of the local methods adopted,
the following estimates ot majorities
for McKinley over Bryan, and Rogers over Frink are substantially accurate: McKinley 2200, Rogers 500.
If Roberts never returns to Kngland to relieve Lord Wolsely until
perfect peace has been established
in South Africa, the chances seem
good for the present commander-in-
chief dying in office of old age.
Illli:il   BV   A    KM I.KH.
Unpleasant Kxperlrnre ol a California
San Raefael, Nov. 7.—W. B.
Jorrey, a rancher, six miles from
this city, attracted by a noise near
his house, investigated and found
his hired man in a tree with a large
California lion with two cubs quietly resting at the base. He had discovered them devouring a calf and
attempted to drive them away; but
was attacked and took refuge in a
tree. He was in the tree five hours
when Mr. Jorrey called his dogs and
drove the unwelcome sentinels
erty, as well as the east arsenal, are
included in the territory annexed by
Russia. The consuls will protest
against the annexation.
Approved the Sentence
Pekin, Nov. 3.—Count Von
Waldersee approved the sentence
of death ^passed upon the five lead-
inc officials of Pao Ting Fu, whom
the commissioner of enquiry found
responsible for. the murder of
American and English missionaries,
Mluuekota Blizzard
Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 8.—A
blizzard is bearing down upon this
section. The weather has turned
cold and heavy snow storms are reported from various places.
WI*eon«lu Weather
New Richmond, Wis., Nov. 8.—
There are five inches of snow which
is Still falling, and the wind i.s blowing a gale,
I.r.a«   Mi 1111 in   UUI It.   Ankoil lu   Sup
pre** II.
New Vork, Nov. 8.—Great Britain will be requested by the govern-
ment'to suppress the Filipino junta
at Hong Kong. Tin. administration has bad this in contemplation
for some time and now that no political obstacle presents itself, the
action is to be taken without delay.
The •»■■ ■. li .tlciubera.
New Vork, Nov.  9,—P.   M.   C.
Asser, F. B. Coninick, Kiel'sting
Joukhleer, A. F. Desavetin.Lohman
Jonkhleer and G. L. M. H. R'.iys de
Beepenbrouck have been appointed
the Dutch members of the "permanent arbitration court at The Hague.
Loat In llir Channel.
Bristol, Nov. 9.—The steamer
City of Vienna, from Dublin for
Bristol, foundered Wednesday night
in St. Georges channel. Only one
of the crew, a fireman, was saved.
He clung to the keel ol a lifeboat
for 27 hours,
Ha* Had a   Helapar   and III*   Idfc   ■•
lll'« Pllll I  >l   "I"
New Vork, Nov. 9.—The report
was current here today that Marcus
Daly of Montana lias had .1 reoccurrence of his recent illness, and
that his life is despaired of.
(auadlau»('au Keprmtiii e "W 'hai «'<■
Have We Hold.
Toronto, Nov. 7.—Justice Rose
has dismissed the case of Graves, of
an English Art Publishing company,
against Canadian firms for injunction to prevent themjfrom publishing uncopyrighted reproductions ol
"What We Have We Hold," a famous patriotic picture.
~ Waahluglon Vole
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 8.—Re
turns from Washington state are
still too incomplete to form any accurate basis as to McKinley's plurality,
IsKtV  FOB   G.   C.
Mr (iiarle* Tupper Will Addret* the
People Here,
(Bj Associated Fram.)     *\
Montreal, Nov. 9.—Sir Charles
Tupper left here today for British
Columbia, where he will address
meetings in the interests of the
Conservative candidates in Yale-
Cariboo and Burrard constituencies.
What  11 Few ol  the   Big Minea of
America Havr Paid
The Independence has paid $2,-
400,000; Calumet & Hecla $70,-
000,000; Kennedy $2,000,000; Crip-
pie Creek mines $ 15,000,000; Home-
stake (Leadville) $65,000,000,
"Our esteemed but blackguardly
contemporary" is the delicate manner in which the Hamilton Spectator refers to the Times of that city.
The Kamloops Inland-Sentinel
gives the news that "A Cheerful
Liar" is making a very successful
tour of the Vale-Cariboo towns.
Lest any of the political orators of
either paity should take this as a
personal reflection, it may be mentioned that "A Cheerful Liar" is a
play, in the hands of Russell &
Drew dramatic company.
I'anadlau* Hetu ruing
Ottawa, Nov. 7.—Colonel Otter
cables that the remainder of the
first contingent sails today from
Capetown for Southampton. Those
returning are Major Buchanan and
Captains Burstall and MacDonell.
Lieutenent Lawless, Mason, Swift,
Tafferty, Temple and Carpenter
and three hundred men. Major
Weeks has fever and remains behind for staff duty.
Head Kud  CollUlou
Roseburg, Ore., Nov. 9.—Th's
morning two miles south of Roseburg, by a head-end collision between two freight trains on the
Southern Pacific, Sam Hendricks,
engineer, was killed outright and
Fireman Riddle lost a foot and was
otherwise bruised. Engineer Walter Drennati was fatally injured and
Fireman Wilhound was  killed.
Kul». 1  But* Alralilp
New Vork, Nov. 9.—The German government bas bought Count
Zeppelin's ail ship for military purposes at a high price. Tbe ship is
to be removed to Berlin shortly and
further experiments will be carried
on there. The kaiser is merely interested in the invention. It is
mainly through his influence that
ibe purchase was made.
A   lli-i.mil  HoDir
London, Nov. 9.—The Victoria
Cross has been conferred on
Midshipman Basil J. D. Guy, ofthe
battleship Barlleur, the flagship of
the second command of the British-
China station, for the heroism in
attempting to save Seaman McCarthy during the fighting in Tien
Tsin on July 13. Midshipman Guy
entered the navy 00 July 15,    1898.
M)*leiiou* DrowuluK
Imelpb, Nov. 7.-The body 01
Marguerite Johnston, bookkeeper
ol the Guelph & Ontario Savings
Hank, was found in the river here
yesterday. Miss Johnston was -_3
years of age and handsome. She
left her home early in the morning
and was not seen afterwards. An
inquest will be held.
A Hace War
Washington, Pa., Nov. 8.—The
greatest excitement prevailed here
at a late hour last night and a
serious race war was feared before
morning. Four members of company H, 10th. regiment, who were
patrolling the town, were attacked
on Main street by negroes and all
were badly injured. Both whites
and blacks were out in the streets
in force and the citizens of the town
were in a dangerous mood. In
Washington Borough there are
about 3,000 negroes, and the out-
break has been instigated by the
southern negroes, recently brought
bere by contracting firms.
A large number of extra policemen hive been sworn in and several arrests of negroes have been
Boer Prisoners Confined in a
Home/Made Production.
A Great British Victory-Col. Edwards In Command of Western District.
Pretoria, Nov. 8,—During the
lait few days only a ftw slight
skirmishes have been reported. The
small Boer laagers west of here are
being driven about the country owing to the movements of Generals
Clements and French. The road to
Rustenburg is almost clear of Boers.
The prisoners, ofllcers and men,
who are now captured in this vicinity are being lodged in the bird
cage which the Boers formerly used
as a place of detention for captured
British officers. Because of slight
discomfort caused by the recent
rains the Boer captives complain
that the place is fit only fer cattle.
To Command Weateru Dlatrlci
Col. Edwards, late of the Imperial Light Horse, and now second in
command of the Transvaal police,
has been given charge of the western district, which includes Johannesburg, Pretoria, Krugersdorp and
The Boer* Deleated.
Bothaville, Nov. 9.—There has
been heavy fighting since Nov. 6,
resulting in the defeat of the Boers,
who lost 23 killed, 30 wounded and
100 taken prisoners. Seven of their
guns were also captured. The
British lost three officers and four
men killed.
A Bad Fire
St. Catherines, Nov. 7.—Chaplin's saw Works were destroyed by-
lire yesterday, loss $75,000, insurance about $25,000.
I..... L. Walaou Will   Deelgu   It   Will
Be Flaled With Bronze
London, Nov. 7.—Sir Thomas
Lipton is at Glasgow making preparations for the building of his new-
boat. George L. Watson will be
the designer. Charley Bair, Bob
Wringer and C. Oliver Iselin are
all mentioned in various rumors as
the skipper of the new boat, lt is
learned that the yacht will be plated
with smooth bronze.
MedkHral'* HeartuK-
Nelson, Nov. 7.—Fred M. Med-
hurst, the Cranbrook C. P. P.
agent is on taril in Nelson on a
charge of defrauding the   company.
A l.oodJBiidge
The contractor's estimate of the
cost ol the bridge being built at
Robson, places the figure at $650,-
HoMland mil .lieu
Louis Blue and J. S. Deschamps,
associated with Adolph Fisher of
Greenwood are establishing a sawmill at Bendell. The name of tb*
new enterprise is the Beaver Creek
Milling company.
With the close of the elections
the excitement attending the getting out of a newspaper in the quiet
town of Nelson will   not be over by
a long shot.   The Economist has
something pointed to say to the
Miner quill pusher, and the Miner
man says he has not written himself
out on the subject by any means.
The fighting editor of the Tribune
has consented to act as master of
ceremony, hold coats, pass bricks
for both parties, secure medical at-
tendance for the victor and help to
bury the vanquished. We are,
with others, eagerly awaiting thc
announcement as to the exact date
of this contest before placing our
bets on the result.—Silvertonian.
Moled   inrl.t Dead
Toronto, Nov. 7.— Squire Wing-
field, one of the oldest magistrates
of Vork is dead, heart failure.
Toronto'* Ga* Plant,
Toronto, Nov. 9.—A motion was
made before the board of control
yesterday recommending that the
city purchase the plant of the Consumers Gas company and operate
the same for the benefit of the citizens. The value of the plant and
real estate is estimated at $2,-
Between the Two C'ountrle*
New York, Nov. 9.—As a result
of the continuance in power of President McKinley and Sir Wilfrid
Laurier it is expected that another
attempt will shortly be made to
bring about a complete settlement
of the questions in dispute with
Canada. Officials of the administration say that the president and
Secretary Hay would be glad to
have the questions disposed of, but
it is felt here that Canada should
make the preliminary move looking
to their reconsideration. The Alaskan boundary line has been only
temporarily determined, but the
president would prefer that it be
finally and forever fixed,
Special Reciprocity Commissioner
Kasson is extremely anxious to negotiate a reciprocity treaty with
Great Britain relating to Canada,
because such a treaty will settle
many points affecting the products
of the two countries, and will be
mutually beneficial.
The fisheries question is also likely to be a source of trouble, and it
is deemed important that it should
be terminated in a manner satisfactory to both nations.
Officials of the navy are especially desirous that the two countries
shall determine the size of the naval
force each will maintain on the
great lakes. Several years ago
congress authorized the construction of a gunboat for the lakes, and
the board of construction prepared
the design for the vessel. Pending the modification of the Rush-
Bagot agreement of 1818, the president desired that the contract lor
the vessel be not awarded,
The Tegal Bebelllou
New York, Nov. 9,—The operations to crush the Tegal rebellion,
which are about to be begun and
prosecuted with extreme energy,
are to be of a thoroughly comprehensive character, the plan of campaign having been prepaied by
General McArthur last month after
■1 council of officers. The plan h as
received the unqualified approval
of the war department without
material modifications. It [involves
extensive naval co-operation, including all the regular warships of
the station as well as the numerous
gnu boats, purchased from the
Spanish, which are to be distiibut-
ed in flotillas, each with a larger
one as a flagship. Admiral Remey
is on tbe flagship Brooklyn and has
just returned Irom China to Manila
to assume person.il charge of the
operation afloat, which Admiral
KemplTin the Newark, already at
Cavite, has been mapping out in
conjunction with General McArthur.
The Chinese seem to have
studied out a very ingenious scheme
to make the foreign powers practically pay their own indemnitcs in
the shape of increased import duties. For ways that are dark and
for tricks that are vain the heathern
Chinee is still peculiar.
Tiirkii.il  Inloleranee
London Nov. 9.—Turkish intolerance went to the length on
Wednesday of forbidding Pere
Hyacinthe Loyson from holding a
conference in the American girls
college at Soutari. The prohibition
arrived only alter a throng hnd assembled to attend   the   conference.
sp_.nl.ir,l» Don't Like II
Madrid, Nov. 9.—Newspapers
of all shades and opinions, express
regiet of the re-election of President McKinley. Their sympathies
with Mr. Bryan were as emphatic
as their satisfaction whenever it
was reported that Ihe I'nited States
was meeting with reverses and difl /
culties in the Phillippines. Several
of the papers declare that Mr. McKinley's triumph following the victory of imperialism In Great Brit-
eiii is a menace to weak nations.
,   '.
l'i "T^
Clocks and
Vill) Wal tli l|p|tairiiig a
tiik siimmimv.
Saturday, NovksuIku 17. i!)0ft.
.^fe^-:. vvjiwV'r ;_■: -a. . „ . v_^~?—
WOTi € B
II.VTIil-SON 111:0s.,    -Kdltor* ft Prop*.
' ' I."1 ...'.( ^'l1"
Advertising rutes will bo mnde known
upon application at tbis ollire,
All Work Left at/Die Liki view
Hotel, Silverton, "ill le forward-
oil mill prompt It attended io.
O. 11* Kno\yles,
SANDON, 11. C.
ROOMS T.Uil.E     UNSl'U-
PASSKI)     IS    Till-:
A Large
Assortment of
confec ionery
Exnected Shortly
OS•••SO   OR   IN   ARREARS    A
•) *)
Ss»»««S  BE  FOUND    IN   THIS
Iliirrnli! for (lie great Diana,
And  whatsoe'er yo do,
Be sure to prop lhe old up,
And sacrifice the new.
Ye lean upon old traditions,
To question them's a sin,
And stifle tbe holiest promptings
Of the God that speaks within.
Ye clog tbe soul of Nature
With your wretched Utile creeds;
Then bold up your bunds in  wonder,
At tbo dearth of noble deeds.
Ye pray for the gods lo Kjiide you,
Yet, when the (iod appears,
Ye'll have no gods but lhe old ones,
And pierce His side with   spears.
Ye boast ol your achievements,
Your feats with the tongue ami pen,
'Til the gods look down in wond r
At the little sons of men.
Hurrah ! for the great Diana,
And whatsoe'er ye do.
Be mire to prop tbe old up,
Aad sacrifice the new.
—Alexander McLaehlan.
^^^^^^^^^      i\*n-'..-. _-—_—?
M Anderson, Oct 12. 1
Kxeelbior,   Fourth ol   July, 0  .1 nml  .   ,       ,   , .  .     n    .
G.rirnde,'4l,.llch Jas Owen to Baial. V j lnil{l|H'lllll'lll liilllOl" rill'l}
! Owen June 80. ^^^^^^^
29—Second Extension, W Q Scott to
Queen Bees Proprietary Oo, Ltd, Oct 2u.
Nov 5-Golden, If I| Pitts to J 11
Coiy. Oct 22
Power of Atbrnoy, John Poster to J T    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
K.i'11. Oct!). Riding  in   whieh   you  nre regis
Summit fr, 1.;, Bird fr, l,,, (' R Taylor      Also  take   notiee    liml    tbo   Yule
to Win Kent, Nov 3, ifoOOO. | UWibopKooteiiny elrelion   lakes   pbiOe
Kingfr, J G McOuigun to Mary Holland, Oct 30.
Silverito group, Corey, Allen nnd
Poster lo P R Won lies, loud for *_!l OIK)
Nov I.
7—Jebovn fr, M J Matthews 'a KM
Saiidilnnile, July 2.
Ji'hova fr, K A. Snndilunda to D Peterson, Oct 10.
;.;—-***    .	
Tho Impression prevails tbnt voters In
the coming Dominion elootion can voto
any place in the Riding. This is not so.
All Independent Voters take Notioe
that  vou  must vote  in Iho Provincial
■ on or about Nov. 2t»t.   The exact  dale
will ho published as soon us annoiiced.
Ity order of Comillitteu
nt Labor Parly
s.,ppi.ri,'rS.i Li»; RKHKmrn. cojvnv.t_v<;ER! Sand°n  Miners' Un
-      -      P.. 0.
A   bond   has    liPeu  seemed   on   tbe
Bald elor gioup by R K.  Fishhnrn.
I.i't    :>i'I-iIh    ll.-iliry    Si-iilinii'iil.
I ndieaof Ciinitdu:
The world never saw such an exhibition
uf patriotic sentiment us the African win
i'ii I led forth.
Canadians, Australians and the splendid J'OUtfl of Natal fought side hv side
with the British tea planters of Ceylon
anil India.
Australia drinks lhe tnasof Ceylon nml
India, while Canada already drinkstheii
Black tea. Drinkers of Japan lea should
trv their Green tens. Up to date ten
merchants (the Sala'dii Company foi
instnnce) nowsell ihem entirety on merit
"Middle-of-the-road men" are Old,'
waiting for supplies. While "sit-on-the-
fence-men" are wuitinsr to sec Imw the
rat will jump.
Ladies of Canada, we prav yon aid the
British planter. Colonist.
Silverion. Oct 94th, MfOO.
IKolleo in Hotel fiiTptrs.
NOTICE is hereby given lo all who
intend to apply for renewals of Liijtior
Licences tlmt the necessary fees must be
„       „     , ,    ...       .    ,,, .      j forwarded In the Minister nf Finance ni
Fur Pnrdiiuo of IHmoml Claims. |v,clorill b, Xmm iml/iVmSS
liavo Ui"  renewals considered  nt  n,,
JFUftSUANT TO THE ORDER ol'"« rWutar mo^tln^ of the Bonrd .o( Li-lt
Hnnornhle Mr. Jiisiieii Irving dated iwili 1 ,, . i.uime
Septen.lic.-, A. I). I nol), Tenders will be Commissioners on Deoember 16th.
1...... i v-. -II   Li*   tlm   niiili'i-Niirniiil   nn lo tie I   T   ,11  int..
Little Willie from the mirror
Ate the mercury all sfi,
Thinking, in his childish error,
It would cure his whoopiiig-coiio'h.
At the funeral Willie's mother,
Sobbing said lo Mrs. Brown,
"Twns u chilly day for Willie
When the mercury went down.
.'.-,-11.111", . ,    ...   .-■.   ,.,vv,,  ......v.,	
received  hy  the undersigned  1111 lo tie
twentieth day of November, A. 1). 1000,
for the purchase of the Mineral Claims of
ibe Comstock Mines (British Columbia.!
Limited, situate at or near Silverton, B '
C, in the Di.-tiiet of Slocun and known I
as "Ruby  Trust," "Kentucky (Jul,'
"Silver   Chief,"    "( • ni.-tnik."    "Blue
IVter   Fraction,"  "Silver  Cup,"    and
"Isaliel  Fraction,'' nl!  Crown Granted
Claims, and   also    tlm   Concentrator
machinery and plant thereon belonging I
to t)io said Company either tngi'tlior or
in p.ii-els; the said Mineral Claitui to be:
sold sirjii't to a charge.
Official Liquidator,
Da led this li'rth. dav nl October, A. D '
Fuller Building, 500 Granville Street,
Vancouver, li. c.
Chief I.f ceil Ci
K  si 1, VERTOfl I an.
s^rlberi, iTWrmowi,
***»*>** at e*m** ol,,,,,..
"Man or sur,*,,.,, nil(, ^
D». W. J?. Qonihi, Attendant pi.
m.^m.c,„s,,oLM>;;:;: jfiiri»n
. L. II.ui.Kii, Sceretnrv
Wm. Don'.vhi
Directois. ■ ■
'•  v- Mahti.v, Jt, j
mtmmm wjiJiT
Meets every s,ii,,r,illv |n „..
Hull iii Silverton, nt7.:;o,,. j,
•I- Ri ItODKItis,
1 /-. rr,    Ur"Ki'l"nt.
J. a Tyree,
»••••• *.-*x*r*c*cpM, -*-,
0 ACarrioadofi
•# Have 4rri?ed for m- Vmh mi Si€e
rresn Butrerand Eggs.   Xl?*0 n 5 ■ *<>• e.
To J.lstliS .\mu-|iso\,    Yon aro hereby '
notilied that   we  Iih'vo  expended  One
Hundred Dollars in lubor nml improve  )
ments upon ihe Oakland Mineral claim
on Pi ur .Mil,- Creek in Iho Sloean Mininul
Dillon,  located on  iho 80d"!hlyo1 \'^V "u"c» °»« tggj>.        e^™ -J «* V ol i»pp,ying
August IS9U and recorded at the record \M Dairy, i ipeclalty inaeh appreoi-i-d hi _,,,_., ''hoieiMt proJuct, ol
office of »_i id Division (,n the li'th. dav ol ! nnu    ..„,,„ ' '* our h,',.v   eustomers.
Seplcmher   IS03,   in   outer io hold said : UHT    (ill IDS "'"' "'^"''.v large Mock nf 1W r;„^u •
iclnin,   under   the    nrovisio...    of             "    UUU"^- ud.lod t„ „ilh ,|,„ | Ht."  1, f"  U'^' •« «^Munl|y l,| „
'"•1't.on,,, v.,-,„, ,„ .,„ ki|ld |lf B s am| JJ^|"« *J»« «>f (*»to.   We
Look Out For It.
H H Reeves,
Silverton, B.C.
Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station and Wbnrf.
Tables supplied with all  tbe delicacies
of the season.
......................... I
| editorial oi:tcr<hti.\i;s.
imam uuuuu..
The Public Lands and Works
Department of this Province must be
in a sadly muddled state, or our
present minister of that branch of the
public service must be about a» big an
ass as ever haa eaten out of the public
Silverton    was    promised a   wagon
road to Rod   Mountain.    The   money
was appropriated by   our   Legislature
last session   and that brought it up to
the Department of Lands and   Works,
I whi.rn the matter died, apparently   for
the lack   of brain3 to direct   tho-expenditure of the money   appropriated.
A survey w^s supposed to   have   been
made of this road, but no information
on tlie subject can   be   obtained  from
the Department.
Premier Dunsmuir has been most
unfortunate in the selection of sonic of
his Cabinet Ministers.
■ " . "     '..    '■J'.'.'j'.n' :*■•■*■*,	
* tunc cripc cut am or tartan eowcen
i   under   tiie    provisions   of    ihe
Mineral Ait, being tbo amount reqnln .
to hold  ibe  same  Lt tbo year ending,
September Il'iIi.  ltMM    Aid  ii wiihlltj
nipciy iIu.vh Irom the dale of Ibis notice j
you  fail  or  ii fuse iii contribute yonr
propoition of sneb rxiieiiilitiiio logi-lbei
with -ill cost of Rflveriiniiig, yoiu Inten+i |
in said claim will becoinu lhe pro|K'itv I
ofthe   Ml'iseiil.iis    und  i    Seelion-l    III
All Art loaiiiiuilthe Mn er.d  Ait    IMX)
V. I". 1 li n-i-iin:
T   II    Wmtrs
\V    li   (ioKlin.H.
give i\-
t    t
• o.
c ,
ourne Bros.,
^Ttnv   Denv
J*, e.
Dated this  liiteen'h  dm
i I'ii niliet
« C K' iiVIK I.s   KV,:,{V ,;KVN(||
"'"'•Klin   A,     P.  Am.UM.V..   )m1).,k
Mini. iv.M.WDI.WI'i: »„,   ...  ,„„
«»l:|.|:i. ,„ ,i,; ,N„ ,.,„,.„,,   ,..„,.,,„
Highest Monors, World's Fnir
Oold Medr.l, Midwinter fa:r
Avoid Ila'iluj Powdera contaliil.ij;
almn.   Tlt^y-iro lii.turloni* to h, __..'tli
-   -   - GERMAN -
For Sale nt All Druggists.
Thero in now no reason why ar.y
uncertainty shou'd prevail a? to upon
what basis the business of Canada, .as
far as the Government :s concerned,
will be c_,-i-inl on for the next five
CONTAINS   THE   NEW years.    Those who were In Opposition
1NGREDIKNT       ,llus' reconcile themselves  to this fact
and shape their business accordingly. |
All political uncertainties being settled
it stands the people of Britis'i Columbia in band to pull al! toynthcr for
the advancement of this Province and
never cease their efforts until it tukes
a place in the commerce of the world
at least equal to that of the Eastern |
Provinces. This result can oniy be
accomplished by the harmonious
working together of all for the benefit
pf the whole. What applies to the
Province applies equally to each town
and community and unless all work
together for its advancement it cannot
1*. 'X'lioiglnirn,
and Soo line
Still Continue To Operate
First-claw (Sleepers on   all trains from
' Also  TOURIST   CAB8 .. Passing
 Dnnmore Junction	
daily for St. Paul, Saturdays (or
Montreal and Boston, Mondayh
and Tlmrsdays for Toronto.
Same cars pass Revelstoke one
day earlier.
V O 1 N T K K
Regarding The Eastern
T R I l»
You   ('oiiteiii|iliiie   Taking
Our new and b.-uulsome'y illustrated cataloguo v.iil nluco you
in ju.st as rood a Positron to
"shop" \vi:h us a.-ii t!_oii;j!i
1 living in our city,
It contains  hundred.! of  the
very   choicest   tilings in  fine
jewelry,   walclus   ar.d silverware
A copy will be sect yvu   free
upon application,
Eittbluhetl ir> I.
We prepay
i hjri'ci -Old
refund money
if ilrsire.l.
5[_&__?0 per e?t^t off
,\HiS0r,S DliliJ & HOOK  NllillF.
jew \m\u\, - * w. c
A M) ,
I.Al'XDRV 1     „,..-
I'l.iiiiadi.i ^Voik <;i;!i,! lur m.d Uellvi red V. <•■ VI v )
VTXw*7wSO jftuadL CIO-___A.25S
Yonjje a:ul
Adelaide Gts.,
F ull Line     Lumber,
.... •.»_.„»!.,c        -    ^ry  <Sc Mixed Sash and
Are solicited  for;t,uPPI,es'        Paints. DOors.
Slaughter   ^
sal-- These   Linos.
      40   ^flB   o('HHoline^ Lumps,   Oriuiniii
Novl-Bnnset,   „   lie Carpenter er, J j 10   IteSlSrSSfi0LtSif Orlirlnal
Chris. Foley,
TIvj platform adopted eonnlxlii ol the
follnn inn eleven pblllltll
No I—Free uompalaorjr eili^iialtoti.
No 2— .A IuimI   wnrkiiiK day of ei^lit
MoCoiium ,5ifO
Hlooon, lip Of
\V Croft. 7— Columbia (r, Sandon Hill,
\V \V lieiitnii. Morning Star, Goatuit,
J Carolan. 10—Polly, nr New Denver,
D M MeDoiiKald. 12-B C, Silver int.
F Pyman,   T P, Silver mt. ti H Knowles
A8BEH8MEN1 _|.     	
For rates, tlekebi, and full infoiination
apply to G, II, Cimmiii.kr, Agent, Sllvor-
tm, B. C, or
Trar. Pass. Agent, Nelson
v.. ,1, t'llYJ.r,. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^__„wl.Va, wwa*s uiiir
A. O. V. Age^t,Vancouver.\°9* ,3-
Blaek Eagle, ?a', Joseph Cawzae to
Nov6~L D fr, Legal fi. 7—Sunset,
Mikado fr.
Oct 19—Camera. W 8 Thompson to R
H Trueman, Sept 17.
23—Dolly. 6-12, Hugh Niven to Walter
Murray, Oct 18, |100.
26—Eagle, J A Milubell to Jas Mnrra.y
Price fia.oa-—NOW $12 00
Im    u.!!iD£! J':l,;,;,,ri.c I!eUs' N0* (6-00
SlOOO.      " M,ery'   Novv   f500
40'ciiildren\s Novelty Safety 5°v7n J8*?
of  hootenay,   tiie   15_\2(.  nnifOVIO
and »15. including beautiful burnmh,. I
Bill fismes. most suitable present of the
All kind of Picltires selling nt Cost,
Picture framing a   Specialty.   l>ric0«
Kusranteed lowest in Kootenav
 Goods sent C O. I),  when deposit
| nxompanieB order    All mall oiders™
receive prompt attention at-
B.   C.   NOVELTY   CO.   I
Inspection of ai
Nn 8—Government
industries. H
No4-ri,e.«lK,lltI«vi of the ,o„irai.t
Hystoin on all pu|,|j,. works.
No 5--Tl,,,   pui,,,,  ownership of nil
francliiHos, ^,.|la9)ui,vvay     |(.
waterworks. li«l.iit.g, etc. '
8"t|on, lhe application ol the ed,,,,. tion-
al est and tho abolition of ind,,,:,.,,,,,,
o foreign Immigration to settle in Z
Diiminnin. l"e
_»o7~Tl,enbolltloa of child labor nn
der 14 voursofage.
NolO-Prohihiiionof p|j       ,
competition with free labor.
A. P. _1tfi DONALD,
^MMHTON. - • li. C.
^V^^^;  ^ -^J^>
^yrup of Horehound & Tolu  I
OjyXIJ^,    ^T,        MATHS8QN   HBO
a, puopfi,
NELSON, B.  C.    lrftNn:hL1i:C0,"PU,8Cry   e*°^ "I .be
fo   MiMlBek^m^


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