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The Silvertonian 1901-05-18

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 • $
FISH     BASKETS,        he.        Ac.        ko.
ISco to a La-N^ra rp-o-w-er.
THE WM. HUNT I Pi CO, Limited.
leadqnartere fo  Silverton, IM.
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymlr, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Oenver. Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdsr
Midway and I in'en wood.
* ■   coHOTEL.
ilii! Min*; uf a IMIWcfik In flic
Silvery Sloean.
Milling Locals ^alliered Fn.__stt.ttj ami
Oltisr   DIstrMt
Never wss the world mora conscious
uf the great truth I dot (he mining induatry la in ifs infancy. Solomon, in all
hia clury, gitslng in rapture nnon the
gilded minaret* of the splendid'te'inpln.
never dreamed of the fact that the minea
of Ophir were a wildcat speculation
compared to thn revelations of wealth
that would punctuate the future with
exclamations of wonder and surprise.
I'he well-heeled I lira of ancient Peiu
piled high Ihe product ofhis Klondjkea
to tempt the bmia of Pitzaro into the
germination of a gorgeona impulse, and
duut beBt) lelt within his coj per-colored
heart' that he had gotten the mining!
buainesa down to a tine point without
the cyanide process.* Like Solomon he
did not live hniiietiongh to luain Ihat
time must ahuille off * few desultory
centuries before the mining industry
would tie even in ita infancy. The ■utile
tuny be said of the extiava.Sii.t old
gentlemen Who foi met ly managed ihe
ufl.im of Persia, Egypt, Urcse and
Rome, who had money to throw at the
birds in their day and generation, aud
whose prospectors were the fir-t to atari
the story about the Loht Cabin mine,
which haa lieen discoverel regularl)
evety year eince Cleopatra ruined Maik
Antony with a wild-cat deal. The
wisest of the antioats Ull no record to
gho* that they anrii-i;i:it!'d a future
giruter than tl.e (iresent In which lliey
Uye.l, ami «|ijiir.'titU the UlOs never
cecured lo the iihjM funUitt tl th..t the
niiiiittg industry wonld ml acquire ile
infancy until the latter part of the nineteenth century in tin- modern measure-
uient of time. Bach, however, in the
solemn truth.
US.    BOWES   rritpriflor.
.p_ri**!&£   {Styles.
any to choose
Iii om, at
Tailor slxop,
The Enterprise shipped a car of ore
last Saturday.
The machinery for the Enterprise
mil', is now on the ground.
N.'F. McNaught expects to bejln work
on the Hampton this month.
Assessment work has been done on
the Independent claim, on Ten Mile.
The force at the Payne has been cut
down to 40 men, all on development.
The St Eugene mine, Movie's big producer, has reaunied operations after Iy inn-
idle for a few- weeks.
Balfour k Company have filed a claim
against the intercut in the Hampton
group, near Slocan, now held by J, A.
McKinnon and R.J. Hamilton.
. E. E. Chipman, recorder at Kaalo,
• ill be promoted to the ollice of (iold
Commissioner forthe Slocan, and Alexander Lucas will step into his present
heith.   So reports the Nelson Tribune.
One of the largest minion contracts
yet made in this camn was made this
week for tha driving of SOO feet addition*
al in the No. 6 tunnel at the Hewett
mire ahcady in 325 let. II. W.Bragg
has secured tbis large contract and work
is now underway.
Alrxandei Watson, general ntansgernf
the Consolidated Alaskan Company o'
Cap* Nona, spent part of the week here
on his way lo Ope Nome from Chicago
A vlstl was paid to tho Emily Edith and
otlier nearby properties, Mr. Wilson
i_> impressed with the mining possibilities
uf the Sloean and tmrposas returning in
the fall to make some investments
J. A. Raker, of Sloe in City, will leave
on Monthly for Denver Colorado to
sttend the annual convention of the
Western Federation of Minera which
meets in that city nn Mny 27th, to elect
officer* for the ensuing year and trana-
act other husiness. Mr Baker will po
as representative of the three lodges on
the lite, New Denver, Silverton and
Slocan City.
A Large Attendance is Assorred-A
Good Time Certain.
■ •'   St&Tbl©-
DUti-a a general Freight ahd transfer business done.
Outside Perth* Dwiring Horses in Silverton n        _
Cm Have Tbeto Reserved By Writing To—   A> *' McDONALD,
t * t t t + * SILVERTON,»». B.
I'ps and Dor.as in \ Miuing District.
Tlie nps and daw ns of fnrtnne in the
lead mining region are thus desciihed in
The tbiens tKan ) Repuilxtn: "On
our streets we cufi point to men who
could not draw achique for 10 cents six
months ago Now they can draw it cheque
(ur f10 Ok) --.ind lhe bank -wouldn't incept it. Yonder is a man who walked
Into Galena aa & tramp a yenr ago Today he is pnr'er iu u hut I. Here comes
a man who burrowed 10 cents of us list
week to get a glass of milk. Now he
wants to hoiTOW 10 cents more. Another,
who was put in tbe lock-up and borrowed
money to pay his flue, wss arrested a-
gsin the other day and sent to jail. He
couldn't borrow anything this time.
Here's another man who came here with
hi* laat cent in hi* pocket. Last month
he drew a cheque fnr (20 000. Ha, too,
is in jul. He signed another man's
nsuie to tha i-i.i ete Such are the nps
and downs of lead mining life. Here to*
day, in jail to-morrow.
Tha   field   la   Flr_.tr lass    B&ape-QooO
Weather   Premised.
Arrangements are now practically com*
pleted for the celebrating of Victoria
Day here next Friday, and the weather
clerk lias been properly subsidized to
supply plenty of sunshine for the occas-
There will be three football games and
a baseball match, besides the regular
aeiiea of athletic sports, s program which
will completely fill the day and provide
plenty of excitement for the large crowd
expected from Nelson, Sandon, Slocan
City and New Denver. One of the football games will be played in the forenoon
as soon aa ihe boat comes in. This will
be the forenoon's program. Iuimeiiate-
ly after diuner the second football game
will lie played; then the baseball players
will go on and the -footballers will rest
for the Simla. After the fans hsve won
and lost the trophy, the winners of the
two football matches will play off for the
medals, Eetweun these events the running and .jumping contests will take
place. It is safe to say thst a better
program than thia lias never been promised before in the Slocsn.
The C. P. R. official* have heen cor
responded with in order to secure a
change in the running time of the boat,
and definite announcement of the timetable for the day will be made early next
Everybody come.
.Thistle-**> Hotel.
 PA T.   ORIFf I N.	
*iAirst«C:l»»»      apoommodotlon
0&VE11TQN,      .'■.'.      i      .       0 °'
Shipments of ore fr.im Slocan Lake for
the year 1890. totaled 3078 Tona.
Shipments in  1900 totaled 4930 Tons.
Tlie shipment   of  ore   from   Slocan
Lake points,  up  to ami  Including   the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1901.
;From ttisf Denter Tona.
Hartney    180
From Bosun Lauding.
Bosun  240
From Silverton
Alpha  40
Hewett 54»l
Emily Edith      40
From Enterprise Landing
Enterprise    180
From Twelve Mile Landing
V&M     20
From Slocan City
Arlington       1.15ft
Two Friends 40
Black Trince 100
Bondholder      60
Chapleau    1ft
Speculator.       20
Phoenix 20
Damning  Evidence.
An Old Navy Veteran ftttfMtf Atiae by
.Japanese for Iiii;*rial Kcasea*.    t
If such evilmre aa tliat glean helowr
will not mote tke Dominion and Imperial Governments to take steps to stop
Orientals from coming to thia country
and competing in the labor markets
wilh whiiemeii, the country deserves to
tie left In time of trouble to be defended
by the Orientals.
"Ro'nrt Pledger, who is st present
encaged in cutting cordwood, replying to
Chairman Clu'e. stated that he was a
pensioner from the Hritish Navy, hiving
lieen in tlie set vice aa a Royal Marine
for -.".' years. He had wotked at thc
Hasting* mill in 1805 6 and hsd got9.">
cents a day. Japs being paid from SO to
00 cents.
To Commissioner Munn, witness
slated that Chinamen were always willing to cut cordwood cheaper than he
could. Last summer he had, on one
occasion cut, split and piled five cords for
one dollar which, allowing for stoppages
for rest netted him but four cents an
hour. Ba saw lots of white men turned
away fiom the Hastings mill, some of
whom could have received employment
were it not for the Japs. lie bad been
in the country for 17 years. Ile had a
disabled foot and consequently was
doubly handicapped in hia efforts to
obtain a living in competicn with
Orientals. He had fought the Japs in
the sixties, bnt it was harder to flnht
them here under present conditions."
Tn Kansas Citv a boy not long sines
cl imbed a corn stalk to see how the corn
■vaa getting along,'and now tlie st.iU is
gn wini; up quicker than the boy can
climb down. Three men have tinder-
taken to cut down the stalk to save Uie
bov from starvation, hut it grows so fast
ihat they can't buck twice in the same
place. The hoy ia living on nothing but
raw corn and it is estimated thst lie haa
already thrown down over four buibel of
The English price tor lead is £1212s 6d
Silver, tlXd.   Copper, £70\.
New York. May 10-Bar Sllver.69^
Lake copper,   |17 00.
Lead—The Arm that fixes the' selling
price for miners aud smelters quotes lead
at $4.37,!i at the close.
"Your medicine has helped me wonderfully." she wrote to the patent
medicine house. "Three weeks aro I
could not spank the baby, and now I am
able to thrash my husband. God bless
At the Queen Bess mine 30 men are
employed and work  will he earned on
1 regardless of the trust.
Ps—Johnny, your mother ssys you
came home to-day with wet feet and she
wants to know how lt was posstnle for
vou to get them wet when the sidewalks
are sll so dry.
Johnny—it's funny    bow    ignorant
Tliey Ride Astride.
The women of the Boston smart set
havinc ahown a tendency to adopt the
rational manner of equestnanahip, gives
a Chicago paper the chance for this gibe:
They are coasipinz in Gotham
And Ihe Quaker City too;
All the ladies are exclaiming:
"Here's a pretty hnw-de-do!"
There is horror in Chigano,
They are shocked in Baltimore,
And declariiiir that they never
Heard of such a ihinic before—
But the men are busy rushing
To tbe famed Black Bay
brave-   ride
ladies their
Boston steeds
the , this
Since way.
Oh. we might have heard serenely
Of the overthrow nf Kings,
Of the flitfht of nihility comets,
Or the fsll of Saturn's rings;
We could still remain composed if
All the stars passed off in dust,
Or if Morgan had decided
Not to form another trust.
But the world seems sadlv muddled,
Things have surely gone amiss
bold-   ride
women their
Boston nags
the like
Since this.
Men sre crowding on the sidewalk*
l'p-long old Beacon Hill;
They are watching, they are waiting,
As the scoffers always will,
And the sacred codfish slyly
Peep out every now and then
To discover what is holding
The attention of the men-
There Is winking, there is blinking,
There is many a leer and smile,
and       ride
maids in
Boston this
the hero
Since style.
"Did you send any of Jimmy's csst-
off toys to tbe Children's hospital T "No;
when Jimmy gets th rough with bis toys
you  woldn't know   whether tbey had
women are about such things, ain't it pa TI oyer beeu toys."
i ..-1.1
•-. feS
A Complete Review ot Ihe Events of
the Past Week—In This mnl Foreign Lauds—Taken From the
Latest   Dispatches.
English   miners   have   decided   to
await the operation of the new tax.
■ A steamer with smallpox on hoard
was not allowed to land, and was sent
back from Juneau.
The Great Northern repair shops at
Great Falls haVe been ordered closed
on account of the strike of 40 men
for better wages. Tho company refused to grant tho demand.
The treasury department Is preparing a letter to the postoffice department asking that a fraud order be
Issued against parties representing
themselves as interested In the Durkee
The hoard of overseers of Harvard
university at the regular meeting here
have voted to grant the degree of Doctor of Laws to President McKinley.
The degree will he conferred at commencement in June.
Sebastian Martlnelll, titular archbishop of Ephesus and cardinal elect
of the Church of Rome, has received,
at the hands of Cardinal Gibbons, the
red berretta and donned the robes
which will hereafter mark his rank.
A search party which has returned
from New Guinea discovered the half-
eaten remains of the Rev. James Chalmers and the Rev. Oliver Tompkins
of the London Missionary society and
their followers, who were massacred in
April hy natives of Flytiver, New
Guinea, after a tribal fight.
The Marshall block in Seattle,
owned by W. L. Smith of Syracuse, N.
Y., and the Walker block were recently
gutted by fire, which started in Mitchell, Lewis & Staver'a implement store.
Cause unknown. Damage will amount
to about $200,000, probably three-flfths
of which Is covered by insurance. The
Mlgllavaccl Wine company's stock was
badly damaged.
The New York stock market was
utterly demoralized recently hy the developments in Northern Pacific. What
were rumors became assertions of fact
later, that the Harriman Interests, ln
retaliation for the recent attempt to
secure control of the Union Pacific,
had turned upon the Morgan-Hill In
terests and wrested from them the control of the Northern Pacific.
Three persons are reported to have
heen lost in the fire that totally destroyed the five story apartment building at the southwest corner of Sixtieth street and Lexington avenue, ln
New York city. Others were injured,
some so seriously that they may die.
The damage to property ls placed
at $50,000.
Moulton Needham, secretary and
treasurer of the Washington Baseball
Club, is dead.     _^i.—=■-=.'—=.■—-■ *
At Nelson, B. C.v^slr ■n~*m? Jimmie
Burns and Charlie GofT fought twenty
rounds to a draw.
Omaha haa resumed kts normal wide
open condition, Mayor Moore's blue law
enforcement having been abolished.
The boiler at Reilly'a sawmill, near
Stroud, 0. T., blew up recently, killing
Oscar McAlly, engineer, and fatally
scalding Solomon Reilly.
Fully1 10,000 men and boys ran riot
In the streets of Detroit for more than
three hours one day last week and a
continual running flght with policemen, both mounted and on foot, caused
great excitement in the heart of the
A set of boilers at the Highland hoist,
operated by the Homestake Mining
company, at Lead, S. D. blew np with
terrific force recently. The engineer
was killed and two helpers seriously
Injured. The Homestake company will
be 'badly crippled until the hoist and
sawmill can be repaired.
The passenger steamer Bon Voyage
caught fire In Lake Superior recently
and was beached near the portage ship
canal. A telephone message from Red
Ridge, the village nearest the spot
where the steamer was put ashore, aaya
that flve passengers, all women, were
drowned ln getting from the boat to
the shore. .
Miss Dora McDonald of Detroit,
Mich., who apparently died several
days ago, and whose condition was
such that her physician, Dr. George S.
iFleld, refused to pronounce her dead,
f after 30 hours suspended animation,
owing to uncertain signs of life about
the body, died today after being In a
cataleptic state for 43 hours.
On a farm near Bloomlngton. 111.,
Merritt Cblsm killed his wife. As she
was starting to church In a buggy with
the two little daughters of Chlsm. her
stepdaughters, a quarrel arose. Chlsm
Jumped Into the buggy and with a knife
cut his wife's face and neck. He then
threw her Into the road. Jumped on
her and stabbed heir repeatedly.
A strike Involving directly 150.000
machinists and Indirectly 500,000 men
In the metal working trades Ib expected to take place May 30, unless some
arrangement. I* effected In the meantime. This Is the statement made by
President James O'Connell of tho International Association of Machinists,
who has his headquarters In Washington, D. C.
At Falrbury, N. .T„ a horse doctor
named Zelgler and Frank Browner,
were having a flght back .of Colby's
billiard hall when the ftock Plains
switch engine, pushing a train of cars
out of the way,, ran oyer the two men,
cutting off both Zelgler's feet and Injuring Browner's right hand. The men
were drunk. Zelgler has since died
and Browner will lose his right hand.
Bradstreet's report on last week's
business ls as follows:
One looks in vain at this writing for
any evidence that the general business
of the country had been ln any way
Interfered with by the—for the time
involved—severest fail ln prices In the
history of the New York stock exchange. The general conclusion reached is that, Indeed, the conclusion ls
purely a "stock panic," not Involving
or connected with the general Industries of the country ln any way. There
will not, in fact, be a bushel of wheat
or a ton of coal less in the country as
a result of this convulsion. Speculation in grain and other staples has,
however, been checked by the concentration of Interest upon the stock market.
General trade advices this week are
ln the main rather more favorable than
those of last week, mainly because of
the Improvement in crop prospects, due
to seasonable rains following planting.
The lull In the active buying demand
for Iron and steel noted last week Is
mainly because mills and furnaces are
already heavily sold ahead, and large
consumers, having placed orders, are
now awaiting delivery. Bank clearings, swelled by enormous stock earnings continue to show satisfactory Increases, and failures are down to a
normal minimum. The textiles are
still the soft spot ln the general situation and are still dull.
The feature of the week in the crop
situation Is the arrival of rains
throughout the northwest, which has
placed the spring wheat crop, now
nearly all planted, in excellent condition.
In the southwest and central west
crop reports aro generally good.
Weather conditions on the Pacific coast
are most favorable for crops, and a
good yield of grain is Indicated.
Failures for the week number 193,
compared with 163 last week, 184 in
this week a year ago, 164 in 1899 and
250 in 1898.
Canadian failures for the week number 26, against 17 last week, 19 In this
week a year ago, 21 in 1899, 25 ln 1898
and 31 In 1897.
Tacoma—Wheat, steady; bluestem,
61c; cluh, 59c.
Portland, Ore.—Wheat, Walla Walla,
Prices   I'ii 1.1   Prodncers.
Poultry and Eggs—Chickens, old,
10 to lie per lb, live weight; ducks, $4
per dozen; geese, dressed, 12c per lb;
turkeys, live, 10(5)12c; dressed, 12@
13c; eggs, fresh, $5 per case.
Vegetables—Potatoes, t!5c per cwt;
onions, $3.50 per cwt.
Live Stock—Beef, live steers, 4Vjc:
drqssed, 8c; Uve cows, 3^c; dressed,
7^c; veal calves, dressed, 7(5)9c; mutton ewes, 3c; wethers, 3M>c; hogs, live,
$4.75@5.00 per cwt; dressed, $7 per
cwt.    ,
Sheepskins—Shearlings, 10c each;
short wool pelts, 30@50c; medium
wool, 50@75c; long wool, 75e(5)$l.
Hides—Green hides and calf skins.
5@6c per lb; dry hides, butcher, 10@
12c per Ib.
The local mills pay the following
prices for grain, delivered: Club
wheat, 44^c bulk, 4(_i4c sacked; blue-
stem, 47c bulk. 49c sacked; red, 43c
bulk, 44c. sacked.
Prisoners Fonurht OfOcers.
Reno, Xev., May 13.—A Gazette special
from Atlin, Osl,, says:
Sheriff Tlehrens of Redding. Shasta
county, Cul., arrived nt Atlin. Modoc county, Cal., on the track of Deerland nnd 11-
lingsworth, two prisoners who escaped
from the Shasta county jnil on April 0.
The constable of Alturas, H. S. Walker,
met Sheriff Beltrens nt Adin anil they located the prisoners aliout three miles north
of Ailin. A hand to hand combat ensued.
Deerland was killed by a bullet, probably
from his companion, na he was between
tlie sheriff ami lllingsworth. Deerland did
not shoot, ns the sheriff had him covered:
hut lllingsworth shot 15 or 90 times, three
bullets piercing the sheriff's clothing]
Constable Walker was shot through the
top of the left hip, probably fatally. lllingsworth esea|_ed. Decrlitinl's remains
were taken to Adin. tValker, besides Ining nonstable at Alturas, is the operator
the Cnlifornin   k   Oregon   Telegraph
company's office* nt that plac
Mlir.lert.l   ll,.r   sTok.fi  Chilli.
Wichita, Kan.. Hay 18.—Mra, Nick
Mark ami her daughter, Mary Mark, the
wife ami daughter of n prominent farmer,
took Mary Mark's Illegitimate child from a
hospital on pretense of Inking it lo their
Inline, and nn hour afterward it was found
clinked and hurieil in (he sands of the
Arkansas river. An attendant in the hospital suspected that something was wrung
and notified the police. Roth women were
put through a sweat, and Mary confessed
the murder and informed the police where
the body could bc found.. -j
■ .-  . -
Ployvs  III  a Truitt.
Mnlinc. III., May 13.—The .Molinc How
company, owning the second largest plow
factory in the world, has given an bptl
Items (.leiineii From l nl.- Reports—
All DUtrlcU Arc 11. iuu Developed
—A Prosperous Yenr Is I'redleleil—
Mining Notes and Personal*.
May 1 came and went at Butte, Mont,
without the rumored trouble with the
miners, but all is not yet serene. The
smeltermen's union has demanded of
the Butte & Boston Mining company
and the Colorado company that an
eight hour a day be given the yard
men, teamsters, machinists and blacksmiths, who were not given the eight
hour a day when the miners were.
General Manager Gillie was not here
when the demand was made, and the
union is waiting for an answer. At
the Colorado there are only 30 men,
but at the Butte & Boston there are 75.
erto unexpected ore bodies In the lower  Q^fJ    GR0SVENOR    SAY<\«
levels, thus largely increasing the val-   un ' °'
ue of the property. Jay P. Graves, who
owns the controlling Interest in the R.
Bell mine, in Summit camp, has acquired the Champion claim adjoining lt on
the east, from Alex Omon, Joe Burron
and Fred Munn. The second payment
of $1500 on a bond of $5000 has been
ftPeruna Is an   Excellent  Spring  Catarrh Remedy—I am as
Well as Ever."
No more work will he done-On the
Quilp on the raise, as the air Is too foul.
The Quilp compressor plant ls:agaln
running and the machine drills are
breaking ore.
The teams are busy hauling ore from
the San Poll mine to the Republic mill,
the ore bin being refilled as fast as
the ore la drawn from lt.
There will be more shipping now
from the Republic camp than has been
expected at any time since the trouble
between the mine owners and the mill
Eureka gulch Is fairly alive .with
teams and wagons. It appeared to
have been suddenly transformed from
a nearly deserted avenue to an active
Returns from the last shipment of
19 tons of Morning Glory ore have been
received. The ore carried six and three
quarter ounces of silver. That is equal
to about $140 per ton.
The Quilp mine is to ship its ore to
the Republic Power & Cyanidlng company's mill, and if reasonable profits
can be made from the first trials it will
from now on be a steady shipper.
The Lone Pine-Surprise mines will
soon be favorably heard from no doubt.
The grade from the Lone Pine ore
dump to the main road has been nnder
repair and was finished recently.
The trial shipment of ore form the
Ben Hur mine is completed and did. not
exceed 110 to 115 tons. Whatever the
exact tonnage may be will depend on
just what quantity can be hauled
through the day.
A force of men have started to work
at the Black Tail mine, and a few hundred tons of ore will be run out of 1t
within the next few days, to be hauled
to the mill. All that nas yet been shipped from the Black Tail so far had
already been filled Into the ore bin.
News has reached Republic from
Sheridan camp that the Phil Sheridan
group has lieen bonded to James Cron-
an. Mr. Cronan Is a mine manager of
large experience and excellent good
judgment. The Phil Sheridan group
is owned by Peter McCormlck and
Thomas Phlnney. It is situated about
three-fourths of a mile northwest of
the noted Zella M., out of which a
considerable quantity of very rich ord
has been taken. There are two feet
of this ore on the footwall, and three
feet more of highly mineralized vein
matter. The ore is a sulphide, carrying silver, gold and copper.
tn mm; NOTES,
The work of grading for the proposed
railway to connect the Holden mines
with Lake Chelan is fairly under way.
Mining men who own property
throughout the Newport (Wash.) district, on the Pond d'Orellle river along
the Idaho-Washington line, are watching the development of the Copper Hill
with interest
At Burke, Idaho, the Hercules has
cut Its ledge, and while not yet In as j
far as It was expected that the tunnel
would have to go to get. ore, some ore
of a very fair grade was found where
the tunnel cut the vein.
During the month of April the mill
of the Great Northern Mining & Development company at Gilt Edge, Mont,
crushed 4100 tons of ore. and tho production of the mill in bullion was $33,-
000. The average value of the ore was
a little more than $8 per ton.
An effort Is being made by prominent
stockholders of the Iconoclast Gold &
Copper Mining company to reorganize
the company on an assessment basis.
The company's property Is the famous
Iconoclast, near Kellar, on the south
half of the Colville reservation.
Captain John Gray, the superintendent of the Crystal, noar Davenport,
Wash., says .that the miners who are
drifting on the 300 foot level have cut
a seven foot vein and are near the main
lead. Another crow of men have been
put on and in 10 days Mr. Gray expects
to be shipping ore. The output will
be hauled to Davenport and loaded on
A carload of mineral specimens from
eastern Washington havo been dispatched to Buffalo, where they will be
displayed as a part of the state's mineral exhibit at the Pan-American fair.
One of the principal exhibits is a mantel from the United States Marble company, which has its quarries at Valley.
Many fine specimens of gold, silver and
copper ores were also Included. All
In all the collection is the finest that
has ever left the state. It is in charge
of Superintendent C. L. Knot.
The Providence, in the Cedar Canyon
district (Wash.), which had been shut
down for the past three months, ls
working again, and will begin shipping
as soon as the roads are in condition
for traffic. A crew of 40 men will be
put on in about two weeks and the
property will be worked to its full capacity. The Elephant, in the same district, has 15 cars of ore sacked and
ready to ship. The old Deer Trail,
which has been shut down for three
years, has been leased to Captain Bur-
bridge, who started a new tunnel and
at a distance of GO feet and 40 feet
depth struck a large body of ore. Several new properties In the Cedar Canyon camp are being opened up this
spring and additional men put on In
the old crews. The camp i3 very active
and large bodies of ore are blocked out.
The Elephant has $180,000 .in sight,
and In the Providence there is $75,000
worth. It is expecte'd to put on crews
sufficient to take this all out this season.
Hon. Dan. A. Grosvennr, of tho Famous Ohio
Hon. Daii. A. G rosvenor, deputy
auditor (if the war department, in a
letter written from Washington, D.
0., says:
"Allow me to express my gratitude
to you for the benefit derived from
one bottle of l'crijnii. One week has
brought wonderful changes und I
ain now ns well as ever. Besides being one of the very best spring tonics
it is au excellent oatarrh remedy."
Very respectfully,
Dun A. Qrosvenor,
Almost everybody needs a tonic in
the spring. ■ Something to brace the
nerves, invigorate the bruin, and
demise the blood. That Peruna will
do this is beyond all question.
If you do not derive prompt and
satisfactory iv nits from tho use of
Peruna, write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full statement of your
case and lie will   be   [ilt'itsed   to   give
you his valuable advice gratis. .
Address Dr. Ilaitiiiiin, president  of
the Hartman Sanitarium   Columbus,
In ticm time to eiire Catarrh,
Bronchitis nnd Consumption,
Our remedy la guaranteed, |l
P. o. Box 973.
»Y. H. SMITH £ CO., Buffalo, N. Y.
Gains a Wife Thrnnsh Pretty Dining
I ni.in tllrl't. Mighnp.
A few weeks ago Miss Ethlyn Flsbei
was a dining room girl In a hotel In
Wllllamsport, Pa., but she Is now Mra.
Earl W. lleuulng, wife of a wealthy
manufacturer of Masslllon, Ohio. Their
acquaintance dated from a mishap In
the  dining  room,   when   Miss   fisher
nn n isii COM mbia.
An effort ls being made by some of
the heavy stockholders in the Humming Bird (B. C.) Gold Mines, Ltd., to
reorganize the corporation.
There are many rumors regarding a
probable deal between the Kilo and
Chapleau properties on Lemon creek.
M. Mougues, engineer of the latter, has
Inspected the former property recently,
which doubtless gave .rise to the report.
The Similkameen country of late has
been noticeable for the Interest taken
in it hy outside mining men. The'.realization that this section of the province
ls capable of producing both valuable
minerals and coal Is gradually dawu-
lng upon those who are looking for
virgin fields for the safe investment of
capital. The solution of the transportation problem ls practically solved.
Edgar Petch, a Hossland lad of 17
years, met his death in a dramatic manner last week.   In company with anoth-
Knminii Girl Kmnnlierii.
Wichita, May l:t.—Winona Kilgnre,
Anna Peoples and Jiuuimlne' Wilheif.
three young girls, the hitter a daughter of
Lucy Wilheit, the colleague of Mrs. \„.
tion, smashed the Summit saloon here.
They entered with rocks, ami the liar-
keeper did not know thut an attack wal
threatened until the glass began to craeh
about his cars. Fred Wolf, (he proprietor,
defended his place, knocking the girli doWn
with hia fist and pitching them one after
aiii.llici- into the street. In the melee the
wrist of Miss Peoples was broken. The
police made a quick run for the scene, ar-
Bested ull Untie of the smashers ami lodged
tliein in the city jail.
IteU-lmtim lo A.lj.Mlrtl.
Berlin, May I.'l.-Thc members of the
rcichsliig want lo go home „ft,.r dlapoalng
of the few pcmling matters. The adjourn*
llieni will lie until 'ifler the cm! of So*
Cenrber, when the government has promise.- lu present the t.niir bill, which, in the
uglily considered
me.iiiuliile, will  lie thnn
'ss.in now, because the attendance at
ii-iclisl.ig during the past    furl night;
dwindled steadily ii ml' important measures
have repeatedly been passed by, a few icon.
of members.' ' ,
er lad of about the aame age he went by the various slate governments anl
on a picture taking expedition. While huiiileiiiith. An adjournment is rmllv
sauntering along Sheep creek Petch
saw a log projecting from the cliff GO
feet above, and giving his kodak to McLean, he said: "i*u climb up there
and have you take my picture hanging
from that log." He fell and his head
waa crushed.
The mining belt around Similkameen
City is about 80 miles In width, running for over 40 miles in a northwest
and southeast direction from Copper
mountain to Bullion mountain on the
east side of the Keremeos valley. The
ores in Camp Headly are chieflly arsenical Iron and chalcopyrlta carrying -bulge John 1>. Undsoy
good commercial values  while that of  In New .York, who ha
Hits.   KARI,  W.   HKKNINO.
upset a glass of milk over Mr.  Ilenning while-be was at the hotel.
Although confused over the accident,
the pretty waitress apologized so gracefully that the heart of the stranger was
touched, nnd lie'decided then and there
to lay siege to the young woman's
heart. That he succebded la evidenced
by the wedding which hns since bean
solemnized. Mrs. Ilenning Is 22. years
old and Is very pretty.    She Is an or
phan. . -
I. ■
lie Tried   lo  Hell  Secrete.
• Washington, May  13.—An attempt  lo
sell the confidential communications he-
twen the attorney general and the secretary of war in the Neely ease has been un"
earthed by Chief VV'ilkie of the secret service, information has been obtained by
counsel for Neely
to New  York capitalists which, if closed,
within the limit of Ot) tltys, will bring tltiK J c^lefl^ <!?p'M!r »»1phldes of a shipping
character.   There are several proper-'
received a letter
Stirling creek and Pearson's camp Is signed John B. Dickenson,   offering   him
copies'of the correspondence*
iiiiiii into a proposed $oO,(MH),000 plow
continue and make sure of. its auccees,
The company has opposed the trust, but
will sell rat her than light it.
Short In Ilia Account*.
tlfes Iii Camp Headly which can ship
tire as soon as transportation arrrlves
In the Similkameen valley.
John Dorsey, representing the Lake
Shore'Copper Mining & Development
Jasper. Ind., May l.'i. In a despc».\te
hai lie wiih a deputy sheriff Geolryo
jlccvcs was shnl l.o death near ,11 tlftiliiig.
Inu'g while beinjr taken from Jciri'isiinviilc
reformatory In Jasper,  wlieie-.be nnd  his
Washington,   May,   lS^Viinptroller «f .•?°n|p,!WH" "jade a payment of J4000 .«tnUm. john ,,m, ,,, ,;.   ,.,..,,,, ,,.. ,,.-,, fijr
e Currency Dawes .has rccciAcd a-iele-, i'XEfWJ?'4,1^ *'. "•fflff1 *  » PUtdar Committed  1(1 years ago.
th, . ,,.,..„,, ™-»- .™-»-™. «-.f:_c-i fw.ooo Ixmd on the J. S. claim ;.,    um-
g,a„, f„„„. New 0*U»„. WfWMflrin^^ftR^   He Is also developing the |
,ulk *Blite Bell., In the same, camjj. under
slrallaT conditions,   the amounts paid
the teller of .the Ilihcriiia National
was sliort.iii hia nccoijnU $311,000,..
It ls never too late to mend, but some
times it is time wasted. (
Miecv'♦hcnrA. Itcld lip,
Sail  Like, May  13.—A special  lo  the
!on aocopnl,of the two'jfroptvftWln'tJhe TliI,»,u' trm '''v'nistoii, VVy','.., says that
past three months amount to fl3,B0O. 'e'tfht-sliet'p herders returning frdm lotck
Canton, 8. I).,   Mny   13.- The Clinton      Prospecting with a diamond drill In   Springs were held up by two men in the
Slate bank  failed  to open its doors this   the B. C. mine, In Summit camp, hue   railway yard* early today ami robbed of
morning. ( resulted In the discovery of somo hlth- sums ranging from $,)0 to (5100 each.
1-..Iwin A. Al.lier   to  Paint Coronation
f-'cene of King 1.0 w anl.
An exceptional tribute hns beeli pdld
to American art by the action of Ktug
Edward of F.nglaud lu .coiiiuilsalonluu
Edwin A. Abbey, a
member of tbe Hoy-
ul Academy of Eng-
luml, to paint the
coronation scene lo
Westminster Abbey.
Mr. Abbey lg a native or Philadelphia,
Where he wbb born
In IH.-.2. He studied
nt the Pennsylvania
Acndemy of Elue
Arts and at 10 begun drawing fur
k. a.. Anuicr. Harpers publications. His work soon gained him a
wide reputation, hia llltistrutlous for
many of,Shiiks]ieiire's pluys being regarded ns models of Iheir kind. When
he hail attained fame as a black and
white artist he sought distinction as a
painter nnd Is now regarded ns without a peer In the line of historical
scenes,. Iu l.SUil .Mr. Abbey, who has
Ills studio In Gloucestershire, Liigland,
was elected an asaoclate of the Hoyal
Academy. Americana' Will be pleased
to know of the new, honor that h08
cdtiio to hlm-'n rare one Indeed'for a
foreigner to attain when the occusloii
Xsi considered. The ennvna upon whicli
fiie coronation of King Edward is to Im
depletcij will be llflecn feel long.     >
■    Tl^n limit Iioiiiii'h  I'mhIiii.
A render of the scrlpturea emphasizes
the fifteenth Psalm ns the guiitleinn'n's
Psalm, beeuuHc It describes ns uniting
tho ninny who are entitled to. be considered as gentlemen "one who leaflet b an 'incbrrupt life, speaketb truth
from bis' heart, doetb up e.VHUo bis
neighbor, Is lowly In his own eyes,
kcepotb his word, even It be to bis own
hindrance." DEFENSE Of SIEEL III
Tiiiiii.s H I* <'»«•«> Tiling—hin Compa.
,,,   control!  Itllxht  ( iiiiccriiM—SelU
|.,iniiii-is oi Low Com Abroad to
Until Uie Market*.
Washington, May 18;--^'liarles M.
ttcliMiih, president of the United Statea
glcel ctiiii-liiii.ition statctl before the Indus-
l,i.i] ciiiiiniission that the United . Stales
f!1(_el company controls eight, companies hy
nulling their stock, nml that; while Btdptf
nn. taken to insure the good will antl co,
onenilion of I'll Oiaae companies, ench one
generally is left to conduct business in its
0(vn way. As a rule the plan litis been In
tiki- in only companies which were not.
competitors, but it was true tliat there
w(>ri' eases in which two institutions of the
Mine Hue were brought together, antl in
,,„.|i cases the manager* were expected to
,„.i together in making their plana   for
Kiuiiiierating the advantages uf consoll-
(luiiiii.  Mr. S<-hwnb saitl they  were fuiiiitl
,..I,,, i.illy in triiiis|Kirtalioii( ami  iuan,igi
until ami iu tin- ulilizntioiijnf all the ores
owned, lu 'his connection Mr. B^h*ab
mid that the United States steel com-
nanv owns SO per cent of the Iron ore of
t|„. 'ci Hint ry ami he BXpfflSS*! the'opinion
tint these ore deposits must   constantly
 „   |n  value Iki-iiihc limited.    The com-
,,„n mako from (la to ir, per cent of.tlte
,t,rl products of the country. He dao
.,1,1 thai lliere h.ul lieen no Increase In the
I,,. 0f products since the organization of
>l„. I'nited Stales company and that the
triuleiicy is toward lower prices.
Disciisaing the toritT. Air. Schwab ox-
iiti—ed >lie opinion that in articles of
manufacture In which l.ilxir dues not en-
tn .i- .in important   factor,   the   tana
Less of Jippetite
13 Loss of Vitality, Vigor, Tone.
Tit t stands to reason.        '
It i union in the Spring-, when
the blood, which needs demising, fulls
to give Iho organs the stimulus nec-
essan for the proper perfoitiliairti
nl tin ir functions.
Hood's Sarsaparittd
i-V-in-i'a the blood, restores appetite,
piii« vitality,  vigor,  tone — this  is
one of the reasons why it's called the
(ii-t.-itcst Spring Medicine.
Take it. ...
" I have taken IIikhI's Sarsaparilla nntl
it Iijs created a rishI appetite aim cleanaed
mv blood."   Aniii.eii Kiioiik,  I'laltniiiontli.
" My little brother batPhfi eppttite. He
hai taken 11. •- .<I'_-. Stirstipiirlllu and now
mis hungry like nny other liny." Mai'u
Kiloobb, Alden, Kan.
Hood's Sarsaparilla promises to.
euro and keeps the promise "'■
uiight he removed, hut that in products
Imlnvt l:h0rr^ **•!* S«ch a,
' "„ 'r*0red—^-'>' li,e trade
F   the   tariff   were removed. He though!
\y   ««pt on the Pacific coael there
1 ;;>' <>f the tariff tyould nol interfere
I "' ''," P'-nd'iction of steel rails and hil-
. "''"• .Mr. Schwab took a positidn agaiSt
'">">„,ed labor, saying that it did „„(
give individuals a fair chance in 11,,..
Mr, Schwab iftld it was the purpose 0
the parent steel company to yont.-til (lie
Subsidiary organizations j„ ]lannonv, but
'his was to be done by indict lin,. i|,e 0f
.leers „f t|„, va,.ious eonoerns.
"I here may not be so many names of
Influence on the boards," he said, "hut the
toanagement will lie efficient.)'
Mr Schwab excused himself from
speaking concerning the details of the organization of his company once or twice,
saying that questions concerning capitalisations, premiums, etc., should be asked
of Mr. Morgan.
Lower Price Abroad,'
He admitted that the company sell- at
a lower price abroad than at home iii noise
products, The practice is followed to
hold the markets, he said.. The witness
discussed the relation of the tariff lo the
steel industry at length, but he said that
on the whole lite steel magnates did not
desire to have the tariff changed in any
respect, considering it entirely satisfactory as at present arranged. Asked for
his opinion as to the effect of the enactment of tin' IWH.t-M_y_-b.il,.t.tkiiig.Uie.dury
off trust made articles. Mr. Schwab expressed opposition lo it. He did not consider as possj'UJe nn iifleriiati(iiyl iron'dRd
steel Combination regardless of all -tariff
lest riet ions.
It.'llll illll     Of    I   llpillll     III     I.Illl.If.
Discussing the relation of capital te ■ a-
iwr he said that vi'ltile lie would dot' undertake to outline the future policy of tlie
steel corpora tii ut, he did not indorse tlie
policy of the labor organization' a- in thfl
interest of the lalsiring men. He did
ho|ie, however, to arrange matters that
operatives could share in the profits of
the enterprise,
What is
A dull*, throbbing pain, accompanied
by a sense of tenderness and heat loir
down in tbe side, with an occasional
Shooting pain, indicates inflammation.
On examination it will be found that
the region of pain shows some, swell-
lutr. Tltisls the first stage of ovaritis,
inllamm.'.tion of the ovary. If the roof
of your house leaks, my sister, you have
fixed at once; why not pay the same
tttS,_ieat to your own body ?
You need not, you ought not to let
yourself g-o, when one of your own sex
Mrs. Anna Aston.
holds ort tbe helping hand to you, and
will X&plHeL'tfoA Without money and
j without price. Mro. Pinkham's labora-
! tory ia at Lynn. Mass. Write a letter
there telling all your symptoms and
got ti^inienelitjof- the greatest expert
ence/n.treating female ills.
"I, was suffering to. sucji atv extent
from b*n"rian trouble that niy physician --t.yuight an operation.'would .be
necessary.    " '
"Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound having lieen recommended to
me, I decided to .try it. After using
several bottles I found that T wpv
cured. My entire system was toneC
up, and I suffered no more with'my
ovaries."—Mas. Ansa ABro.v.Troy..Ko
siiiinn   Gets   Iimnltliiir.
Constantinople, May l.'i.—A third note.
evidently eminatlng direct Jsovt the sultan,
was delivered to the ambassadors, demanding iu peremptory language the iiiimedi tie
suppression of the foreign. postofTices. arid
■reiterating the charges of smuggling
against foreign officials. The ambaSsidbrt
Immediately returned the note to the'
pOrte, thus ere it ing a partial cessation "of
relations between the nmbasiiea ami tho
Turkish government. ' .
"For six y**r* I was • rlctlm *1 4y—
teytl* ls lu worst form 1 coulikHI BttlUM
■ t milk tout. and st times mi tPAmtch »ouii
•ot rststn snd dlsest e-.rn that, Ull Msrrk I
Pit** iikl.it CASCARETS snd sines tins 1
tats •ir»dl)y Improrod, tscVlW •" M wsll.ss I
•Hi vas Is my Ills." '   £ 3T    .
David H UuSTit. Httuk. a
CANOY.   pi.;
...     GUM   CON«Tll»ATIO»l.
*._•__, twm^ty ta|..|. CU»*rs,f*tUwil, lo I
ll-TO-MO SSi!Tl^VW!?l?L
lie gentle ln speech,	
*ith an angry word,' r!MneijiW#ll|^ll|lit
the aecond ward makCH
'rum slrnstnr* Is on
Laxative Br
'it. remedy thst cii/tts .«.«f<|li1 Mj'.;<lj
In tho quantity.^
continenta   ranlty.'fK^
America, Afi-lca^VNl
rope, Asia, AuBtrjIUja'. „,
rcniisylMiiiln Won-.
Annapolis, MA.. May  18.    After :i  most
exciting finish, iln- University q( .l.'cnn
-iK.mi.i eight oared eretv, the one that
is tu repi-es|.|it the univti^Ky in the i_I• -■ ■
ley  regatta, defeated tl.e tjrs;  nny by  13
feet, or exactly one sec aid in point of time,
over a two mile course.
AndcrHiii, Ind.. May 1.1.-—It is asserted
here that the Deitrich syndicate and (Vie
American  Window   Glass company  have
formed  a  jkioI  to absorb all  of  the large
natural gas companies of Indiana.'
A Long Way Itnuml. I •'
According to a.paragraph In the New
fork Sun. there Is n postofflee' In Mlnne-
lota from which'It takes a letter eight
lays—and more than twelve hundred
miles o'f travel—to rench another office
only half a mile away.
The second office Is in Canada, on the
other shore of USlAy River.   The mnil
used "lVbe enroled across In a hark
canfte by n hnlf-breed. who made a Ilv-
Llng by the work,   Xow it goes one huu-
'di^ft and iifty miles by stage, one liqn-
jdred miles by rail to Duluth, six hundred miles west ami north to Winnipeg.
! two hunilriil miles east by rail, and two
; hundred   miles more by steamer and
I canoe to get to that village that can al-
I most be reached with a shout by a good
pair of lungs.
The Aliseiit'Mloiletl Ititrglnr.
Stranger—You seem pretty Bush.   In
opsonic clever jojieration recently?
Jimmy Pores-Yes.
►;.'&Jj-.ulgj:i; ^Soi-i-ie one let you in on the
ground floor?
.limniy Dorcs-O! no. No confederate.
Just my usual lay: second-story window.— riilhid'Mpliiii Press.
Stop* the Coup-hand ,    .
..■ v Work* Off tho Cold.
Ljixallve Komi>Qal nino TsUets eure %00l4 in
ai* d^y^By qure. No Pqy.   Prico iio cents.
Contribute of your.best.tp tl)e_,pteASr,
idee B^qEaeflj. ■ Study the character;'of
each'and a^ppatblze with all In tt'otii-
ble" or In" Joya, however'smalL
._ m ■!■ '   •■''   '•' •'-•'• • .i-.-
Mothers will l'md Mrs. WinslOW'S Sooth
i,o_ Svrup the best remedy to use tor their
children during ibe teething period.-
riTQ l'i nn.uH-ntlr Cund.   Ko tlu or iiiTToiiinpw
ll I O    sfterwMHniMeornr. Kline'., Grwit N.tt«
lt.»t.ir.T. S. iul fur FK KK $-.\Illl trial I,., tl. i.t,.| tr. .11-
t*,. tl». II: III Kia'NS. I-I.I..WI Ac. ll St.. l'lil ml^li Im,. l'»
■ -^e J5l0tAU} tole rant, agree.to differ In
opjptqnj and.refu3e to turn loud In dis-
cuBBfcin. .    ...'   *
Yawning ln company ls a beneficent
natural exercise.
Tin. 11.-st l-n-m-i-lpti,,.-  r.ir Mulurla
Chills anil Fever Js a bottle of Grove's TRsteleita
CbllI 1 i.nic.   lt in simply Iron snd quinine In
stsaKilesslorm-.   No I'nre. No Psy.   Price SOc.
Congress has adopted the "slow-sand
isystem" of filtration for the water supply of Washington.
*) oo Drops
J (lie FbtiS and He ^Ufai
sinachs and Bowels of
; ii \NiN/(HM,nKf:N
Our IIXII ciita|ii»-'whfiitllis a fhft'Mta
iverytliiiig noeilcft Mi'jihotiigrtijjllrifc' f.'
ii|Mise8.    The fiillt!a|.'liiie,tif.iiiniitj'Wf';,;'
'»ls in the west.      K'jrk-, ■ troary i£i
-. 33p Sutter Mt., Ban iM'ii'iu'i'si'Hi,  ",'
It's still a question whether a, baby
prefers to be rocked or to He still anil
h"wl. '    ,.,
,tp...i   '.: .    i •.    r   •
"'•ill! Il.ni't Vott lleur tjie IliiliJ  I ry!
1 ll" only tinfc iiieiuclrtu fur m.ur rttrtl i-nlli- hi
[),r"ln«   li.tliii-H In CnsoarVlS fiiit.1t-   I'tiiluii-tli-.
*i«K« mother's mltk miiilly purgapvn,>'?_>|J)f-.
«'"l«, I0o. _i.-.c. rioc     .,. , , ': i
 ,—rffUir-isw.- :-y**rr-     •» i. •.
In Madagascar silk is fani oWy, fab-
'lo used in the manufacture of cld'fh-
'.«"il Ileiilil, cntnes to ilinse who rtil'e the'
j-'i-'-nl hi-rli I,limit |.urit)..t. iSni lirl.l Ten;  '
1 '-li'imsfs (lie «y_ituiivH'iil etti-i-s iliiptst-
lit dliurdsrs,   Atf .Tt (tirtn's sell tt.> '
It Ih truly a flho" art' to wear new
clothes unconsciously.   "  '
N' N' U- .No. 20, 1901.
irpliini' uoi-Miiu'ictl.
■C.A\W   i-.-'.r
~  i Tool*
,.J    Jlx.tmrut t
J      sUArVrUir-
MtrXrrsI e
,   ^SSiiyJwiWTiw;1
Apafccl Hnraedy.for^pnslkw-
lion, Sdur ^tomarh,)Jiar(lidjm
Wtirnt? .< lOiiviilsitms .Feverish
ncss iindLosH'tV^SLigftP,''
• *?F|KjSimile Signature or
NEW YORK.   , j
,..    Alb ii-'oii.!,-K> oil*
>y Uitsi.s -iKCi i>i i s
For Infante and Childtep.
(The Kind You Have
Always Bought
B^ars the
-..- .. t    ur*!! -
A new lock nut bas a key, fnserted ln
the side of the nut, wltb a sharp edge to
bite luto the bolt threads and a point to
engage between two threads, the key
being can-fed by a tapering groove, with
a rounded end to force It against the
| Gorks can be easily withdrawn from
bottles by means ol? a new attachment,
Consisting of an endless strip of canvas
1 or other heavy fabric, whicli ls forced
I Into the neck of the bottle with the
cork, a loop being left at the top for the
Insertion of the lingers.
Two (}eriuaii8 have patented a locking apparatus for bicycles, consisting of
a pair of sliding bolts Inside the handlebars to engage the head of a pivoted pin
ou the brake-lever, the brake being applied aud Uie lever locked by a key to
prevent use of. the wheel.
. A Bavarian has designed a bathing
<ap to keep the hair dry when In the
water, coverings being provided for the
back of tbe head, temple!} jtnd forehead.
Apertures are cut. qtjt 'fty the ears and
the edges of the cap are flrnily pressed
against tlie Bkln by Internal springs.
To give an alarm when any predetermined temperature is reached a new
thermometer has wires Inserted In the
side of the tube to complete an electric
circuit as soon aa the mercury rises,
the wires being led to a switchboard,
which ls set at any desired temperature. • ■
Sewerage Sjrsteii> of Berlin.
The sewerage system of Berlin annually transports from 110,000,000 to 70,-
000,000 tons of sewage for-distribution
oyer an area of 20,000 ncres lying from
sfcveu to fifteen miles beyond the city
limits. Although the cost of the drainage is about $_>r.,0U0,000 • a' year, the
enormously Increased fertility of the
land makes it a paying operation. Besides tbnt, it is the most sanitary and
scientific mode of disposing of the
city's garbage.
Starving in the Midst ol Plenty.
"I want you to understand," said a
purveyor of literary wares, as he left
the editor's office with a heavy package
of poems appropriate for all seasons,
"that 1 don't approve of the stuff you
are publishing in your paper at present,
sir, and I don't hesitate to say so. Unless you change your methods, sir.
there are people In this town who
would not buy your paper If they were
starving, and I am one of them!"
JnstlHalile Pride.
Wood—I notice Sawyer ls very proud
of his family tree.
Blabb—Well, he ought to be. ills
fatk-.- got his titart iu the lumber business.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature ef
- -   / .,..A.....
See Fac-Slmlle Wrapper Below.
▼err snail and aa a say
to lake as sugar.
I cSnts I Purely yc&tAble.Ar<&..'?Zrtl~*
*wmat***wm wee*
In-l    Sulmim-hie   I'uble.
The first siiliiiiiirinei tili'it' was laid iu-rns«
the English Cliaiinsl mumi Iifty yenr* uim.
It was alio -limit Ilie same tune that Hns-
tenter's Stomach Hitters, the World re-
uotrtied dyspepsia rure, was ttrst lutro-
duoed to ths public, it yuu are a sufferei
from this ailment, or from Indigestion, tin.
lulein-v, constipation, nervousness or in-
siiiiiniti ynn should in it nt imt-e, if vou
w<>ttUl lie wall. It will Strengthen your entire system aud produce sound sleep.
Buttons and trimmings to the value
of $1,683,869 were Imported into the
United States from Paris in a single
quarter Just year.
I. um     nt     lu.nn-     !»    rure     yourself   nml    others   without    m.-illil tie.
Yuu ran,   fnr wc tell you how.    Sen.l address
fur. free   Information.    Spokane   Institute  of
1'nyehiiloKJ',  Tut Sin-ttKiie ave., Spokane, Wusti.
Human hair, wigs, albums, chromos,
and photographs are some of the articles which the United States import*
extensively from Germany.
The Helena division of the Fish and
Game Protective association has decided to offer a reward of $5 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person killing song birds.
The treasury department has Issued a wan ant In favor of Admiral
George Dewey for $9,570 or account of
prize money found to be due him from
the court of claims for the destruction
of the Spanish fleet in Manilla harbor
May 1. 1898.
Politeness is a coin that passes current in every land.
Lord Saulsbury, in order to take exercise in London, has obtained tbe
king's permission to bicycle In the
grounds of Buskingham palace, whither he is now daily accompanied by his
daughter, Lady Gwendoline Cecil.
Do not monopolize conversation or
attention, and do not talk too much
of your own affairs. There Is a limit
to people's Interest In your concerns.
Develop and print your own pictures. Complete outfits for printing
and developing .'i'-.x.l',, to 4x5 pictures, 91.60 and *2..ri0. *Kirk, Geary*
Co., 330 Sutter St., Sun Francicso,
The biggest and most costly hotel
ln Boston Is tc go up this season. It
Is to be In elegance a rival of New
York's Waldorf-Astoria.
TO CCBK A COLD IN ONK DAT when vou take Grove's Tsstelem Chill Tonic,
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.   All j tiecmise tbptpnnuU is plainly prlntc.lOD every
drtiKKlsts refund the money if lt tails to cure.
E. \v. Orovo's signature ls oa each box.  26c.
The average'girl finds lt much easier
to get-married than to keep house.
Mistakes tire the milestones In a
man's life.
i.r.rftrl-1 fwfi li»0 IttiMI used, the b-_st
Ilk. il n.u.14s tin- i-rii_-iu.il herb tea for
Die t-tireiif oonstlpstloU ami -h k heailacho.
It stregtUciis the digestive ureaus.
A man never seeks a woman's society
because he thinks she needs him.
bottle Hhcmimrfhst It Ts simply Iron and Qui*
nine lu a taat^ess form. No Cure, No Pay. 60c,
When fortune Is on our side popularity alwayp bears her company.
IL Writs to I.ATHAN rOl^O'y1",
ll ui' at uiiii n«s ingion, D. C. tiler will roll reive i|irrk re) liss, II 6th N 11. VoU. Stall
20th Corps.   Prosut iiIiik claim* sineo 1878.
In Saxony toymakers eijrn
penny an hour.
For Over
Thirty Years
The BlOOti
When there Is a natural and healthy circulation of tne blood, the entire
quantity, estimated at one-ciKbUi the weight of the body, passes through the heart
ilvery five minutes. This rapid flow of Uie blood through the system prevents the
entrance of disease genus atid impurities of every description It filters out all that
ia not necessary or good for the growth and development of thc body and nourish-
iaa un.l strengthenuiK the muscfes, tissues, nerves and bones. But, unfortunately,
few osteons can rightly claim an absolutely pure blood supply and perfect and
unpolluted circulation, and in consequence are exposed to innumerable diseases.
Contagious Blood Poison, the greatest enemy to mankind, enters the system
throuKh the blood, and Cancer, Scrofula, Rheumatism, Catarrh, Eczema, bait
Rheum, Tsoriasis, Tetter—in fact the majority of human ailments—are caused by
poisons or humors that are engen- ■»«__J._j a*.  AS.**,   ** —
tared and fostered in a sluggish TH*9 BlOOtl IS tllB SOUsTwO
and   impoverished  blood.   Old #   -.-  mt4m.tmmmam4§p
sores, chronic ulcers and rheumatic pains are com- Ol Mil %9trmnajtlB
mon, especially nmong old people, whose blood .    .. T_i__
naturally grows thin and pale because of the lack of the red corpuscles that givp
color and strength to youthful blood. Sallow complexions and rough, oily skins
evidence some constitutional or blood trouble, which salves, lotions ponders me
any external treatment can cure. Diseases that originate In the blood, whether
they manifest themselves as ulcers, tumors, itching eruptions, muscttlarto txwe
pains, require a tonic and blood purifier such as S. S. S., which not oalv-aatMoUa
and neutralizes blood poisons and humors, but possesses health-Jiving toMopwfler-
tics that no other blood medicine does.   It goes down to tht vety ftfamUtaon ol
thc disease aud eliminates from the system cvtyy-
Pnllutetl BlOOd  thing <>f " poisonous character WtttuiiAistTucta and
Ri*nf*df* DisOaSO new Btrength and vitality U> the old iniiutriUou.'i
•ma-mmaa-w sp.*ww*w^m%w  blooa> ^ ^hen ^^ trterfeg-wtd veins areonc?
more filled with new rich blood, the general iicidUi begins to improve, nawclea
grow stronger, and sores nnd eruptions of every kind disappeat.      ■' .
S. S. S. is the only guaranteed pmeN- vegetable blood pnnfisr, and.the puw^
and most reliable in all blood diae*_je».,..» haa been tested in thoiisandsi of caaea
during the past fifty years nnd is more pppular today thun ever. We will bo gu"i
to send you our book free, and If fa need Of medical advice wntc our physicians all
about your Cise; this information will cost you nothmp and comes from «P«>
enccd and educated doctors. AH correspondence is conducted in fjtnctem
I |l , bn
' 'H ■
;'   1    '
i     I
I     I
mnmm mp i.rm,%m*;**mF*iv*uii.mwiie****w»mimm*m*
•        - _»
Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station and Wharf.
good; service—comfortablk
Tables supplied with all the delicacies
ot tbe season. '
8L00AN CITY,   ....   BO.
Saturday,    May 18. 1901.
ppbushko evrry saturday at
81LVERTON, - - - B, 0.
MATHESON BROH.,    |-.illt.iirs * Props.
Stock  ahd Customs    Broker,
Real   Ebtatb    and   Ciunkral
Baker St.,   -
_NELS0N. B. 0
j.m. McGregor,
. Advertising rates will be made known
upon application at this office,
SILVERTON,      r      -      -      B. C
§ £
5. f
*> •)
■* <•
L-   -   - GERMAN -   -   -
For Sale at All Druggists.
",   EAST
"» '■• -■'HEATTLE
: Cape Nome, Alaska, Australia,
China  and
iRor t "•
«'    SwW cojmktvr.
"• : * -«■ >'-' '    . ■ ' ■
•orrates, tickets', and lull information
•all on or address ••;.
Q. B. CliAicni.na,
;.   A»»fct, 8ilv»_ft_m, B. C.or
3. 8. CARTER, **       \i A COYLE,
»-:•;     d.p. a.,   v,:;. At«.p.A..
Nelson. '     Vancouver
If you want to advertise ont a
Co-owner In your i.-iueral claim,
Hnd |10 to  this office,  giving
name of claim, date of record location, and period tor which the
delinquent co-owner hss failed (o
do bis assessment work, and we
.  will do the rest, including send-
log yon the affidavit for recording
We will write the notice and do
the work correctly.   Address:
Silverton, B.C.
For the fifth timA the citizens of
Silvertou will throw their town open
and invite the residents of her sister
towns to come over and be sociable.
The invitation will be generally accepted and the athletic youths of the
Slocsn will vie with one another in
friendly contests of aju-ctl and strength.
Other years may have been mon*
prosperous with ourselves and our
neighbors but on May 24th all who
avail themselves of the opportunity
of visiting the prettiest town on tin
most, picturesque lake in British
Columbia will forget their troubles ami
join together in having one grand bit;
Word conies from the east that
Premier Ross, of Ontario, wishes to
remove the statue of Sir John Macdonald, erected in the city of Toronto
at the head of Queen's A venae, and
use. the site for the proposed monument to be erected in. memory of our
late Queen Yiictoiie. Among Canad.«'i.
illustrious dead there is but one that
towers above the rest and that is tin-
late Sir John Macdui. \)d. and in the
city of Toronto the scent nf -many of
his triumphs a statue his bet>o erected
to him in a most conspicious position,
'hat the youths of tlm country may
aiwayi bur him and his great services
to ihis country in remembrance.
England has produced many great and
good and beyond doubt the greatest
wu onr late Queen, to whom hundreds
of statues will be erected throughout
the empire. Leave Sir John Macdonald s statue where it stands. it is
one of thn few ereofed in niPinory of
Canada's Grand Old Man, who spent
hia life in thn upbuilding of thi*
country and who is rn titled to the
first place in the hearts and memory
of his countrymen.
trust, with  its parali'zing influences,
whieh again  stagnates  business   and
Spreads another big  black  cloud over
the   face   of   the  sun of  prosperity,
which should be shining brightly upon
the Slocan, blessed  as it U by nature
with  untold   wealth,   but   cursed by
man's  ingenious    trusts,   strikes and
Politicians.     Not long   ago,     British
Columbia was one ot tho best portions'.
of   the world   for a   young   man   or
woman   to   come  to and all that was
need'id were settlers with willing bauds
to Help make a country  out of it and
gather thm   harvest   that energy   and
our  natural   resources   guaranteed to
all.    Now things ha ve changed.    Our
coast country? is over  run  wiih remittance men and Chinese, while the
milling sections are filled with idle men
waiting  for   the   trust   to  allow the
mines to start, hoping against hope.
Every   one   here   knows what our
natural  resources are- and   feel confident that the time must  come when
the world   will  need and   want  the
product   of  our   mines,   but  in the
meantime what is  to  become  of the
people   who   have   made their home*
herel   At   the  present time ttn-re aie
more people in British C dumbis than,
owieg to a combination of Cnimse and
hard  times, cm  earn   • decent living
and it is almost criminal folly for out
Government   to   invite   immigration
while the   country  is in ils present
Green   or   Black.
' '• ■■ -'•   ■• -°   I.'   '/I     ;|.'   '.V.
Is . Perfect . Tq^V-':'.'; .
It is Pi.rli.ft Beeuse It Is Pare, Wtaksone, Clem, Delicious.
It reaches you in its natural state.     Prussian Blue, . Soapstpne,   ato.','
are not used, as in other teas, to hide defects.    It has none.
Green.      Samples on application.
I (Ceylon  Teas are Sold   in  sealed   lead
'   packets       onlv        never    in      hulk.
Black,     Mixed   or - Uncolored - Ceylon
Addreas "SALADA," Toronto.   ..i".,."._.   .'»
MoCollitm «Ss Co*,
Full Line |
Dry & Mixecl
Sash arid
To John Tim imi or whom it msy
eoncern, You are hereby notified
that I hsve expended One Hundred Dollars in labor snd improve
tnents upon the We Two Mineral Claim
on Ked Mountain in Ihe Slncan MiniuK
Division, located on the 24th. day ol
.lune 1890, snd recorded at tbn record
office ol said Division on the L'liii. dnv
ol June 189!). in order lo bold ssid clsitii
under tbe provisions of the Miiienil Act,
'beinK the amount required to bold the
name for the year ending June 24th 1000
And if witliin ninety days fiom the date
of Ihis notice you fail or reluse tn contribute yonr proportion bt sucb expend-
it nre together with all costs of
advertising, yonr interest in ssid claim
will' become the property of the under-
■lathed nnder Section 4 of An Act to
to Amend the Mineral Art 1000.
J. W. Kyte.
Dated this sixteenth dsy of March 1901
-      Nonet:—VHasabi."  Mineral Claim.
Kitiiatpd    in   the     Slocsn     Mining
- Division of West Kootenay District
Where located:—On theGALKHA Farm
- adjoining   the     "Cirixy    Minkrai.
Claim" on the EaSt.
. . Take Notice thst I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of Bilverton, B. C.  as  stent for Frank
Ei,   Free Miner's Certificate    No.
, intend sixty days from   the dste
I, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for aCertfi.rate.of Improvements, for the
.- purpose ol obtaining a Crown Urant  ol
 the ebovH clrflST
■■-.        .And further take notice that action
'   under soctioft "37/must, bp commenced
•,, before ,_the Istntnee ol such Certificste
-•-pi Improvements,
.-rrr. .VetedJhU ??lhJ«X of Emmery, 1901
. Premier Salisbur/s attack upon the
Irish people, wu a needless insult to s
people who havo furiindied the only
brilliant generals that P.rit.rn has produced since tho days of MaiHiorou^h,
and furnished commanders for the
British forces such as Wellington,
Roberts and Kitchener. Irishmen have
laid down their lives nu every British
battlefield that the meteor flag of
England might be carried on to victory.
Read the names and records of the
British toldiers now serving or who
have served in tbe present Boer war
and Ireland in porportion to her
population will lie found to have done
more than her share. Irish politics
and politicians may lie radical and
peculiar in their methods, hut that is
no excuse for an intuit flung in the
teeth of a brave people whose sons are
fighting on every kopje over which the
British standard floats. There it an
old saying "to the Irishman belongs the
fighting, to the Englishman the spoil."
•'Hope springs eternal iu the human
breast," and it is this which keeps
miners, prospectors and business men
from becoming discouraged at the
black outlook in this portion r four
Province. Three years ago the price
of silver dropped down so low that
most of our mines shut down. People
here were aghast but not discouraged.
Then came a labor trouble which tied
up every industry tor over a year and
Slocan murks-men are organising a rlflr.
"tl way" Thompson has left lhe Slocun
for Alaska.
Jiul.l Kohrer, Sandon, has mado an
assignment. '
Sandfonl Mcintosh is down from tlie
Queen Rets mino.
Nelson's Thursday half-holiday ha*
busted up Ins row.
Miss J. Wilson of Three Forks was n
visitor In lO'Wi this week.
Jsek Fraser made a business ttip to
Sandon dining Ihe week.
Tlm athletic grounds !r#ve been cleared
Up in readinetw for the spurts on Fiid.ty.
John Fingland. sujierln'.enitent of the
Mo-itnr, spent pa to/the week here on
business. . j;
The New Denver Miners' Union will
give ti strand ball o-i tbtj evening of Victoria Day. '!_.'_•••       i.
Eii«coral CliurclpSemthti. will lie held
Sunday ufien.oon i at -3 o'clock in. the
school lion e.
A full set of baseball paraphernalia arrived here this week for the use of the
ball players.
A. V. McDonald, who hss heen np st
the Last Chance mine for some lime, is
bock in town.  _
This paper will be i«sned one day ear-
tier thnn umihI next week on account of
the celebration.
The i ensti.' rntimerntor has civen ont
that the census of Silverton will be
between 10 ami 500.
Gto. Mi-I.enti ia down fmm the Last
Chance mine, where he has been presiding over the rsnga.
Fred S. Okell ha« been apD< Infed by
br the Methodist Conference to look after their Interests in Slocan City. ,
King Edward hearing Ihat Silverton
was going celebrate Msy 241b hss concluded to celebrate thst ii..y Mniself.
Commencing atonretheC P R s s.
Rxksnee will leave Ksslo fnr I...'do
st 8 p. m. on Tursdays and*8sturdtys
The first bear of the season on **lght
Mile ereek interviewed A. V. Smith nn
Sunday last—there is *mr ment in camp
Jack i'l ck, the guardian of the peace,
visited our hotel keepprs on Wednesday,
renilni'lnit them of the eu.ly lapsing ol
their licences.
A contempory remarks Ibat the United
States his .'W.liOO 000 pigs; we understood
the ci'iiHi" of the United Stales to lie
over 70,000,000.
Fresh Strawberries 1 Will be found at
H. li Daiyle'sina few dsys. llsxle-
wnod Ice-cream as soon as the warm
weather arrives. •
Sandon wss knocked ont of the diamond in New Denver last Saturday by
the local players to the tune of 81 lo 17
In seven inninga.
On snd after Monday next the wlctet
st the Post Office wm open at 8 30 a. m.
and close at 6 30 p. m. The public will
govern Heel! accordingly.
Next Thursday a civic election will be
held in Handon fnr the election of h
mayor and alderman, to replace the
vacancies In the council
"Dad" Black, well known to all old-
timers in the SltM.nn, went down Ihe
Lake this week. ''Dinl" is making bis
money row 'n Fetguson.
Mrs. J. 8  MeRohl ie left ves'.>rdat In
join   her  ItiiMbiit.-l  at  Nun oi,, Al er s
Mr and vrs    McKohi.ie  ptl|Ji*nf Ailt
! missed by tin il Iricn s here
______________   ______________ kAAAAAi tat*9ss^Asmssmmtdam4X ______________   ______________ *- A A a ____>. ______ __■ __■_____.______■___»._____.___»._.   -,,.     -^ .'**. _*.____>.______■___>._. ^ **, **. a*. _a ______ .. ^^   ^^^
^W MmnrWV ww*** wwwfpm Ammw^rm^wmwmw mmwmy*wwmw^m\m^mw w ww^ wwwm a
U WsW _____■■___.______■_____._*■ __k  Av_A__LA__kU W^ _____.______.___> ________________   a* m m m ___> i* IB wsW*M _»■ a _________________.____.  *f*_msum*sms*mwmsWmu^mW
^^ ^mw mmy>**a***wwwm mm W ff W a mw *mw w*a**wWWW*t WW^r*W*W W.mm mw W*ww,Wmtfmr9 WxmrrW*Wmp**4>w* ™W ~W7
ji-Seasonable   *
t For *2k Tonic
J XJse Any Of
I Tliese. ihey »re «l Good
k ivwwiiwiyw^ w^vwwSpfing   MGdicinGs.
•    F*©rfeot Bitters,
JnttttxiCtfA Sarsaparilla,
Syrmnci Syrttp <>f F*l|»:s*
NAltRKV lll'MLDV Fun CO-NsI'IPATION.'      l5^ -"
2 For Coughs and Colds. Is Recommended £
Ey   Hundreds;
The, Silverton Drug Store,
siLieroiL^ . ..a I.e.
{fit W1SJ
& &*f&f*fi*&&*t*& S
'^^^ ^^ wW^m^tiWt*merm> *9W*^rWWt*WiTw^m ~wr
. .. ..  ui  :,.-  . .   . ,.    I     Trsvel     from     Slneau    l-mem
UMdOlw^naaBLJuid JttJpfW the B„ff()0 ^^j,.,, ,„„.,.„,,,.        ^
butmeii of til.   Sow pomes t|ii lead j <,W|,.B -Q , fiW ,Vrtj |u-l jw lj)t, .. u ■,
set a price, bill mere ru*tlin£lbget it.
Fur Victoria Day May 2-itli all C P. fi.
Airenta w iU letttf r'»md ti ip tickets at
a fan! and a ijuhiter-flood jt.iinu May
_.'3nl or 2A'.b and returnimr till May 27th.
S. Barker, w ho I as lately had charge
at the V-ncuUver mine, 1-ft on- Monday
for Butte. Montana. Mr. C.irker expects
to xisit Hit Pan American bef-ira his return.
Tbe sfnppintr of work on the Lardenn
branch of thn C P ll is a cilppllng b'ow
to the urospe'tity of that ifcli section this
suinnier, unless tliesnspeitaion proves to
be only temporary.
John Pophaiw,:,ol»s"uf oui<old- timers.
drnpti.-il into town on Tlmrsilay. John
is on Ida rtmd. iiWi the. Similkameen
coiuiiry where- he -M interested in some
valuable copper properties.
Silverton enjoys the unique distinction
of lieinu the only town in Canada where
the parents object lo the monthly school
report beinir publisheil in Ihe local paper.
The parents are otherwise intelligent
The teams scheduled to play football
here on Victoria Day are those of
Sandon, New Denver. Slocan City and
Silverton. and tessibly Nelson The
I all tame will be between New Denvei
ami Silverion.
The Silver Mountain road Is men!ior«d
In the Supplementary Kstimates fot
$1500, which will finish the mad over the
flats. Another part of the pnbllc mone>
will he used to make the Government
square In New Denver look "pretty."
The Football (.luh was organized nn
Tuesday. The club will be nnder the I
same officers as Ihe ball team, Jinn."-.
Howes being elected 'captain, and R O
Mathes'in aa secretary -treasurer. H.
Linton will act with the captain and secretary as a uianavliig committee.
The Slocan Band, which will be here
during Victoria Day, is under the leadership of J. A. Fisher, late of Brandoe,
Man., wbo has made thia band one of tie
bast in the Kootenays. The avgregatl-n
number nineteen pieces, and the m m-
hers will take advantage of this trip to
all their brand new tiniiornis.
The prudence sl.pwn by onr. citizens I
milling to the crlhhluit of Fonr MUWre*
is amply justified by the present  r"n'|
flout now   t raiirig.tiif.iii.st the hut v
Om water Is M.n r ilus thnn ri  h
tii»!i 'liwl   • t'i     ;f  iitiif  - ;v..   ,       •
ail.. :    •
We Have ReopfAl Oar Store on'a
■ '':•" *■ • •       "...«
—i ^'■':',1   ■ —
By selling for Qnh   wr can supply
you cheaper than eter with yoar t»p-
...    v-- ' 'it er
pi.es. x.-^ r
Thin week we make a specialty
'' of Frtme' Fruitf and  Ve^tables.
Mrs. Jeffreys
trains |
TESSIT la fcslat dltpUrH la ikt
in ol imokiltas pawasra nt
IseUtst kallSti la larti nllkn rllti.
 ,____ A 41 tsllkrt ballot «l|hl«a StO
trains fins s tAttt lo larti tsn>* '•'■• Iks
■•sll korM un aol always %* AtetettA n
ter. MwIJa Modal Ittt ttp«.trra kava
'• Sptclal Saoktltas Siaal" kantla. ter
un-to-dsta laftroMllM as* ssr laialoa-
the Marun rime arms Co.
With Cuadiu Stpplcnnf
103 Broadway,
Maw York, U. I. A«
npHB   Boat   aad    moot   IHtWHsl
• I mn.in«, *.*** m* m» iVnM.
Saaiplr Copy 9tP*.     »'" |
^.,i...n»..   ..',..,-4.,
-       "1
tt|i. yiat.i......ti ..i...1. i..Ni. ... i..        ■ mfu^    "  t- mt "     mm *  ''^t-


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