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The Silvertonian 1901-03-02

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 A   I*oo«il
t**rr..-2\ 1-
Ttk«-     True
Tlie   Miner's
We Have the Goods the
People want.
A &&r^*s>3tral line of *<J»)
G-rocexies, Boots dc S3a.oe©
^   Grexi.tsf X1\a.x_rxis3a.iELgrs.
Prices And Quality Will Be Found Right.
General   Mining     News
Around ilie District.
I'. BURNS *Sc co
JO   ti:.'*:
s'i ..:-»   ; -
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymlr, Kaalo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
t       ^.HOTEL.
15 0 WHS    Proprietor.
I_V • JEvq
*>..*,   t ^ I  ■ <    •    I
Jacob Dover,
The Jeweler.
Q....*»_•»_»•_*. fMW*
Established In Nelson 1890.
O*...... o»?*»-*cj*)***-*rs*l*o*M*°.
Carried the'Biggest and Best Stock in We»tern Canada.
All Jew«lery Repairs are Guaranteed, as only Uie most expert hand are employed.
Careful and Prompt Attention ia given to all Mail Orders;
/ ldres« Oitfers to  JACOB DOVER, THE JEWELER, NELSON, B. C.
If reports from Pittsburg are correct
Ilie smelting and refininu problem in
likely to be solved by a discovery said to
have been lately made. Successful experiments bave been made w iib the new
process, which amelts and refines at the
i aame tune.   The Pitt sbuig Post has the
j following to say in regard to It.
"A lar^e number Of, melting and ore re-
.filing companies throughout the country
bave been interested in the discovery
made by a physician and chemist which
promises to revolutionize the present
methods of reducing all high grade
metallic ores, and reducing the co<t am
well as time required for this work down
to a matter of minutes. The process
has been quietly tested iu several Pills
bum plants during the past lew months,
aud in each case has proved fully up to
all the claims made for it. In the
interim a number of Pittshurgers whute
names are for the present wiih-hcld
have been preparing to organise and
secure a chatter lor the coutrul uf the
new process.
"The chemical discovery that has been
finally mnde public was developed bj
some yeais of Eludy by a Dr. Miller, a
man advanced in years, whose home ia
iu Ihe vicinity of Mt. Pleasant. His
experiments with his composition, which
is called a "flux," developed the fact
that by mixing it with asbestos aud
pli-.i'iim it in a ciucilile wiih raw ores,
the heat produced is so intense that ihe
asbestos becoiiu-s liquified. The action
of the flux and ust'eatos upon the ore is
almost instantaneous. Iu loity minutes
thu removal ol the dross from the top of
tbe OTUicible shows the pure copper',
lead, silver or «..-ld beneath.
"^Practical tcbls havo been conducted
with a koimI ileal of secrecy at the mills
of the Fox Copper and Bronze Company,
and in tbe mill of Macintosh, Hemphill
A Co. The results of these testf have
shown that the reduction of tho oies
placed in lhe crucibles has been almost
complete* In its action the flux rcmo\es
over OS per cent of the metals from the
crude ores, without any prior crushiug
Tins lias never been possible helore in
lhe history of mining. The specimens
uf copper and other metals that have
been taken irom the chemical baths are
declared to be absolutely pure and iu
need of uo further treatment, while the
actual operation of reducing them has
averaged about forty minim;; to tbe
"Another feature of tho experiments
that has developed is the peculiarly
free action ol the metals where the ores
that are used are of a compound character—containing two or more metals.
In such cases the new process has
caused the various forms of metal lo
sink to the bottom ot the crucible, the
heaviest flndiug a place at the bottom
and the next heaviest resting above it.
Three and four different metals have
thus been found in layers after the dross
has beeu removed from ihe molten mass
and the crucible allowed to cool.   The
cost of lhe material for iis manufacture
Can lie gained, ehemis.s will not commit
themselves regarding the practicability
of the process for commercial purposes.
The inventor claims that the formula is
a very cheap one and the cost will unl
Interfere wilh the commercial value in
the least.
••From several chemists connected with
the copper minea in the Northwest,
letters havo been received concerning
the new pn cess and all urge most
vigorous study of the matter, believing
It will prove one of tbe greatest factors
in future mining of all bigb grades of
Shipments of ore from Slocan Lake for
thuyear 1899. totaled 3078 Tons.
Shipments in 1900 totaled 4930 Tons.
The shipment   ot  ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and including  the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1901.
From New Denver Tons.
Hartuey    100
From Bosun Landing.
Bosun  180
From Silverton
Hewett 450
From Enterprise Landing
Enterprise      83
From Slocan City
Arlington     660
Two Friends 40
Black Prince 60
Buudboider      20
t hapleau •...   15
Speculator    20
Total 1625
8        MIMG LOCALS..        8
8 3
HO tons of ore weut off the Lake thia
A. N. Pelly, ol Vancouver, who is
heavily interested in the Vancouver mine
here, made an examination of that prop-
arty on Thursday and left for Greenwood
The sprirg break-up ol our roads has
n.w commenced and ore hauliug will
have to be suspended until the roads are
repaired and hauling can be resumed
wilh wagons.
On Tuesday lhe Hewett mine sent out.
a ihirtv ton car of oie to the Hall Mines
smelter at Nelson. This brings the
shipments from tbis mine since thc first
of the year up to 453 tons.
Tho lower tunnel on the Bosun is now
well into the lediie and the ore-chute is
expected to be cut at any time. The report of a big strike in this tunnel is a viry
much exaggerated piece of news.
A concentrating plant is to be erected
at once for tl.e reduction of the ores of
the Enterprise mine on Ten Mile creek.
The contract has been let for the heavy
timbers for tho building and the framing
of them will soon commence.
The No 4. tunnel at tbe Emily Edith
mine is now in over 600 leet and the
striking nf tho main ledge is looked f- r
st any time. It was in this tunnel thai
a blind vein was cut which carries a
paystreak of very rich silver ore.
Malcolm Nicholson, one of the owners
of the Old Maid claim near town, is
driving the tnnnel ahead on that property
The Old Maid is an iron sulphide pro-
sition carrying fair values in gold and
separation  of  the   layers   of    different ||8i|ver, it ia also the largest contact vein
so far discovered in this district.
Things liuvebeeii worse, but not much.
The crop of March duns are arriving
on schedule time.
Flower and Garden Seeds at tho Si •
vertuii Drug Store.
Mms Hunter and Miss Parsons visited
Slocan Cily.3'esterdav;
F L. Byron 8r. left on  Thursday  for
his homt In Milwaukee.
Some of tbe Fonr Mile slides thundered
down witbin tbe last day or. two.
J. A. McKinnon and Miss McKinnon
left yesterday for a trip to the Coast.
Frank Byron was down from tbe Monitor mine for a couple of days this week.
Tbe Rev. Father Cote celebrated Mass
in St. Patrick's Church last Wednesday.
Mrs. Anna Sanders lefton Wednesday
for Phoenix, where she will make her
Tlie congregation of St. Patrick's R. C.
Church is preparing for their second St.
Patrick's Concert.
Several of onr football players are
watching the slowly receding snowbanks, with itching feet.
The Nelson Miner is giving the post-
office officials of its town several warm
i oast j.   They probably need them.
The concert given on Monday by the
Presbyterians in the Union Church was
much enjoyed by those who attended.
R. J. Hamilton, of John Cholditch k
Co, spent pare of the week here in connection with tbe business of J. A. McKinnon k Co.
The Nelson Board of Trade has endorsed the application of the Great
Noithern Ior .heir East Kootenay
Go to R. G. Daigle's for all kinds of
fresh fruit;.. He is receiving shipments
daily. Fresh confectionery, choice line
of fresh groceries. *
We invite the attention of the mine-
operators of the district to the advertisement of the Win. Hunter Co., in this
issue.   It is a plain statement of facts.
If you age, suffering from la grippe or
nny kindred affliction, take Peifect
Wafers. One box will effect a cure.
Four-bits at The Silverton Drug Store.I
Nearly one thousand dollars has been
raised in   subscriptions  in   Slocan City
towards tbe uew hospital.      A grant is
exacted to be made by the local govern
"Jim" Bowes has turned his hotel
over for tlie time being lo the frescuers,
who are. doiug some artistic work in
their line in the office, hall and barroom.
An exchange says: A inbberneck
is a person, male or female, whose life
is dedicated to other peoples business.
They make no charge for services ami"
are delighted beyond measure to help
attend to everything except what concerns -themselves. Thep are usually
men wiih dyspepsia or microbes in the
intelligence, or women whose careers
have been stretched ont of all por portion looking under the bed for the
pioverbial man, frosty girls from 30 to 60
who death: in acting kittenish JC married women Who caught on as the last car
in the train weut by and grabbed a man.
No notice of motion for an increase in
the sessional indemnity has yet bwm
uiyen at Victoria. \V« wonde* at the
According to the Province, Juhn Hous»
will ask in the House, "If Rod Tolmieia
tb be allowed to walk up and .town iu
the Lobby as il In- owned Hie place?"
The Chinese Commission will begin
its work this mouth. We will sow*
learn whether ils sins will oe of omission or commission.
A Chicago judge is quoted as saying,
when rendering a decision in a recent
case in which a woman was a leading
witness, that "too much weight should
not be' attached to her testimony, be-
Cause women believe what they imagine."
During the year ending June 90th,
1900. the railroads of Canada carried 21.
500,175 passengers and 35,946,183 tons of
freight. In doing this they made a net
earning of $23,040,471, out of a gross receipt of $70,740,270, being nearly 33%.
There were 17,656 miles of railroads in
operation. During that year the railroads
were responsible for 325 deaths and 131?
persons injured.
Until the German emperor was nind*
a field marshal 1, no one but King Edward VII himself was both a field paar-
shall of the E ish army and an admiral
ofthe Englh.. ileet. The number cf
British field marshals is now nine. They
are: The King, the German emperor,
the Duke of Cambridge, I'rince Edward
of Saxe-Weimar, Lord Roberts, Lord
Wolseley, Sir Lintorn Simmons. Sir
Frederick Haine-.ntid Sir Neville Chamberlain . The admirals of the fleet are ;
The King, the German emperor. Sir
Henry Keppel, tbe Earl of plan William,
Sir Algernon Lyon, Sir Frederick Rich-,
ards, and Sir Nowell Salmon,
A well-known Nelson physician ha« a
very precocious little uirl, two yeais old,
says the Nelson Economist. The oilier
day the child was in her father'* office
when tbe latter was giving medicine to a
female patient. When the patient had
departed, the little girl inten ousted the
doctor. "Papa, was "that woman ill?'''."J
".Yea" .answered {he hither. **f)ln you.
ttive her medicine, papa'*" "Yea,"' sai-l"
the fond parent. Then, wailing a fe*
minutes, presumably lo jiive the nied-
cine time to operate. Ibe young miss
said: "Well, pupa, will the woman be
dead yet?" This question still remains
unanswered, but tbe doctor is telling ilia
joke on himself.
The Editors do nut hold themselves in
any way responsible for lhe opinions expressed under this bead. All communication, intended for this column, mnst
be accompanied by the name of the wiit-
er.   None will lie published otherwise.
# Of our Customers and the Publio in general to     *
# the fact that We carry the Most Complete Line and     #
•#     carried by any firm in the Slocan District, and ate
.     prepared to fill orders of any site at short hotioe,
and other?, who are in need of supplies, to inspect our stock and secure our prices beforo
purchasing elsewhere.
rf.'_i<li|ii.iil(Ts  In  Silverton, IM',
metals is a matter said to lie very 6imiile
und in   no   way   does  tho one interfere
with the purity of the other. Those who
have  control of   the   experiments   that
have  lieen   made  decline lo discuss the
details  of  the   process for the present,
but admit that tlie formation of a company is going on, and that negotiations
(or  the  control   or  use  of tlie process
have beeu begun  with them  by several
mining coopanies.
"One of the  chemists   connected with
the Carnegie Steel Company stated that
if    the    flux    will   liquify  asbestos   it
certainly      has     remarkable    powers,
Asbestos was known   to thu Greeks  us
the "burning stone," but this term had
always lieen regarded by modern sclent e
as mythological.   The theory that asbes-
to8 was practically   impruvious  to heat
of  any  degree   has  never  once' been
doubted until  this discovery was made.
It is now  believed that the Greek term
was due to the fact that   they believed
that if  asbestos   was  once ignited successfully it would never cease burning.
"The other peculiar feature of this flux
is the claim   of   its   discoverer that it is
practically    in destructible,   It   is   Baid j
that it can be used over and ovei  again
in the crucibles, as it passes ofT witli the
removal of the dross and never mixes!
with the metals in the slightest dcgioe.
Until tho nature uf the flux, in its composition, is known, and some idea of the ,
The case of Marino vs Alexander, concerning the development of the Marion
claim, a Silver Mountain property, is
now out of the lawyers' hands after a five
days argument. Judgement is reserved.
A laruu portion of New Denver's population were wituesses in the case.
A company has recently been formed
by Pittsburg and A.legheny men, under
a Delaware charter, for the purpose of
acquiring mining property in British
Columbia. Their capital stuck is 1400,
000. Several gold properties are now bo
ing examined in the Boundary district
ior the company.
The big strike in the Hewett mine is
increasing in value every day and Ihe
tuunel, on which two shifts are heing
worked, has not yet pierced (his ore
body, hut is still all in ore. If transportation facilities were obtainable a
e ii -Iliad of rich ore per day could be sent
down for shipment to the smelters.
Fortunately Uncommon.
One of our merchants was the victim
of a fraud last week in the shape of a
raised piy-cbeqne, drawn by the Emily
Edith management on the Bank of Commerce in Sandon. The cheque was
cashed here and sent on for collection
through the - Bank -of Montreal. . Tlie
fiaud was discovered in Sandon.
New York,  Feb.1'8—Bar Sliver, 81,
Lake copper,  $17.00.
Lead—The firm that fixes the selling
price for miners und siuelters|qiiotea lead
at H.87HS at tho close.
Tlie standing of the pupils of the SU
vcrton Public-Scoool for tbe mouth   of
February is as,follows:
V Reader.
Alice Calbick.
Adelaide Horton.
IV Reader.
Mamie McDonald.
Sarah Lawson.
II Reader.
George Horton.
11  Primer.
William White.
Evelyn Horton.
I Primer.
Chart Class.
Leslie Carey
Maguii: Parsons, Teacher.
Editor Kilvbktomis:
Dkab Sik :—
It is with a feeling of general satisfaction thai tbe puhliu will receive the,
communication suned "Devoniencea," in
your issue of Feb SS, but after all has
lieen said in conditional Ion of the policy
of Editor Lowery, nf Iln- I edge, is he not
more to be pitied than l-Iained?
lt is his maniii. evidently, to be known
U a church smasher, the sivme as it is
the fanatical notion ol Carrie Nation, o\
Kansas, to be knnwn as lhe saloon
smasher. Mrs. Nation takes her littlw
hatchet and sallies (mill, believing tliat
every saloon in tbe land will jto out of
business. Mr Lowery, with bis liitle
hatchet to grind, sallies into the churches
and ex peris to see all Christianity sneak
off into the woods.
Both are themselves at fanlt for what
they see iujiirioiii Ml the objects of their
onslaught. Neither can do the objects nt
their bitterness soy ll j'iry, and neither
can be taken seriously so far as their
manias carry [hem, however sane Ihey
mr.y he on other mildeots, Both are
smashers, and will end like others ofthe
same class. Carrie Nation has one advantage in that she is working in a just
Your* truly.
11 Kit CHOICE.
John wus n gentleman well bred.
His fortune not u myth;
But when be court.-d l-'.thelie-',
The maid replied forthwith :
"Oh. rather would 1 die unwed
Thnn be plain Mrs. Smith!"
The other came frnui over sens,
A fellow suave and fiisk.v,
Wiib i.civiiis modeled on a sneese,
In gaming somewhat risky,
lie wooed tuir Kthelred.   Now sbe'f
The Countess Schmltiwi-k}-.
i Kl
Issued Weekly.
a Complete Review of th* Events of
the Put -Week—In Thia and Kiir-
el«n Lands—Take* From the
Latest Dispatches.
General French has recaptured a 15
pounder captured from the British at Co-
General Miles has completed arrangements for the participation of United
States troops in the inaugural parade.
The annual convention of the National
Federation of Women's Musical clubs will
be held in Cleveland, Ohio, from April 30
to May 3 inclusive.
The Boer losses, when they were attacked by General French at Ermelo last
week, are said to have been 40 men killed and 200 made firi.-_one.i-s.
Former Lieutenant Governor Bates lias
been offered the position of judge in the
Philippine islands and will accept the appointment. The salry will be $5f>00 a
The remains of Colonel Albert D. Shaw,
congressman from VVatertown, N. Y., and
late commander in chief of the Grand
Army of the Republic, were interred in
llruokside cemetery with military honors.
President Pro Tern. Frye of the senate
has declared William McKinley elected
president and Theodore Roosevelt vice
president of the United States, and dissolved the joint meeting of the house and
An oil well, which has a flow of more
than 7000 barrels a day.and whicli has
already inundated flve acres of land with
petroleum, was struck in the Blackford
country, eight miles west of Montpelier,
Jgnacto Gaxialo, a prominent rancher,
haa been ambushed and killed by Yaqui
Indians at Slris, near Hermosillo, Ariz.
General Torres made an effort to secure a
number of Yaqui Indians to take them
to the interior.
Otto W. Meysenburg, formerly president of the Wells French Car company
of Chicago, ia dead at his country home,
Alma Sieta, at the age of 62 years. He
was among Chicago's most prominent
manufacturers and well known throughout the east.
General imvis nas been designated to
conduct the investigation of the charges
against D. M. Carman, the American contractor, who with his partner, Theodore
Oarranza, a Spanish merchant, was arrested February 6, charged with furnishing
supplies to aid tlie insurgents. The evidence against Caiman is accumulating.
A dispatch from La Paz, Peru, says
that the overflow of the river has caused
the iundation of the city and the destrue
tion of bridges. The electric light system has been disabled and the city has
been in darkness for two nights. Many
Uvea have been lost and the damage will
aggregate $1,000,000    iBolivian   money).
At Portland, Ore., Jack ita it, whose
family is said to live on Folsom street,
San Francisco, fired four shots at Belie
Williams, an inmate of a house ou Fourth
street, Portland. But two of the bullets
took effect, both of them striking the
womans* hand. Barr then shot himself
fn the head and swallowed poison. He
is in the hospital and his injuries may
prove fatal. Barr claims that he deserteU
hia children to live with the Williams
woman and that she afterwards discarded him.
The United States training ship Mo-
liican has come down from the Mare island navy yaxd, after having been almost
entirely rebuilt. She is now bark rigged
and closely resembles the old Hartford.
The Mohican will take aboard about 250
apprentices here and start on a cruise
to the southern seas. She will call at
Santa Barbara, San Diego, Msgdolenu
bay and Honolulu.
Colonel Simon Tucson, seven officers, 71
soldiers, 59 guns, 2000 rounds of ammunition, surrendered unconditionally recently
at San Miguel de Mayumo, Luzon. This
breaks up group insurrectoa heretofore
operating in mountains east of llulacan,
removes from northern Luzon last formidable organized force excepting in first district. Rigid enforcement proclamation,
December 20. Spontaneous action people
through federal party behalf of police,
self protection, are producing most satisfactory results.
Severe weather prevails throughout
Ail Europe ls experiencing a return
of winter weather.
Slight earthquake shocks were felt
recently ln Vienna.
Marshall S. Pike, poet, singer and actor, Is dead at his home ln Chelsea.
Joseph A. Delaharpe, who was well
known as a scedlc artist in the theatres
of this country, Is dead.
At the cabinet council at Madrid the
ministers' resignations were drawn up
and handed to the queen regent.
The work of laying torpedoes and
mines about the entrance to the Port
Orchard drydock is soon to begin.
Throughout Spain the weather ls Intensely cold, the temperature registering eight degrees below zero ln Madrid.
It Is insisted ln Mexico City ln government circles that there Is no plan
prepared for Introducing a gold standard.
Jim Jeffries and Gus Ruhlin may
flght for the heavy-weight championship ln San Francisco within a month
or two.
The house committee on naval affairs
has reported favorably the senate joint
resolution giving bronze medals to thn
officers and men of the North Atlantic
squadron  participating  in the  battle
of Santiago bay.
Secret service officials are confident
they have captured three of the men
who robbed the Internal revenue office
at Peoria of $35,000 ln stamps last January.
The .asphalt controversy has been
temporaYlIy'hdjusted by the diplomacy
of. the'UHIted-States minister, Francis
Loomls, a_nd the matter will doubtless
go to thelcourts. •**
"The Danish govergment," says the
Copenhagen correspondent of the Daily
Mail, "has suddenly broken off all dealings with the United StateB regarding
the West (Danish) Indies.
Jerome Catlln, a pioneer business
man, dropped dead Sunday morning at
his home ln Seattle. He was stricken
with apoplexy while dressing. He was
66 years of age and was for many years
a hop dealer ln Chicago.
At New York the top price for a
membership in the stock exchange has
been paid by Charles I. Gates, a son of
John W.. Gates, who ls the dominant
factor in the American Steel & Wire
company. The price paid for his seat
was $51,000.
Delegate Wilcox of Hawaii has scored a distinct triumph in securing a
unanimous vote of the house commmlt-
tee on elections confirming his right to
a seat ln the house of representatives
and holding that, the charges filed
against him were not sufficient to warrant his removal.
George W. Brlentnall, who died recently at Lancaster, Pa., was one of the
famous soldiers of the rebellion. When
scarcely more tlian 15 years old he enlisted as a drummer boy. At the battle
of Shiloh he displayed remarkable coolness and ,bravery and was afterwards
known by the sobriquet "The Drummer
of Shiloh."
The east-bound limited express,
from San Francisco Sunday, was
wrecked at Mills City, Nev. The fireman and three passengers were killed.
The conductor, engineer, one brake-
man, two postal clerks and one passenger were injured.
According to mail advices from the
Philippines, Captain Novico, the insurgent officer who commanded the band
which captured Lieutenant Gilmore
and party, has been sentenced to imprisonment at hard labor for life on
the charge of having permitted one of
Gllmore's party to be buried alive. The
victim was a sailor named McDonald.
Lord Kitchener having expressed a
desire for a financial assistant ln view
of the heavy expenditures proceeding
in South Africa, the secretary of state
for war has appointed Guy Douglas Arthur Fleetwood Wilson, under secretary of state for war, to proceed to
South Africa and to act temporarily as
financial adviser to Lord Kitchener.
Mr. Wilson will leave Saturday.
Suicides were epidemic ln San Francisco Sunday. Three men suffering
from despondency took their lives. A.
Lewis, a shoemaker in 111 health, ended his troubles by asphyxiation. Robert McEwart quarreled with his wife
and swallowed a dose of arsenic. A.
Moeller, a baker, grieving over the
death of a son who was killed in the
terrible football accident last Thanksgiving in this city, took carbolic acid.
Orders Issued from the navy department direct Rear Admiral Rogers to
hoist his flag on the cruiser New York
on the 18th instant and proceed to the
Asiatic station, where he will relieve
Rear Admiral Kempff as senior squadron commander of that station. Rear
Admiral Kempff will remain In the capacity of junior squadron commander.
The New York will proceed to Asiatic
Mine   Horror  Averted.
Canal Dover, O., Feb. 17.—Forty miners
were imprisoned for four hours in a burning mine at Lindentree, near here. The
fire was started by an explosion of a barrel
nf gasoline, which set fire to the timbers
in the mouth of the mine. Egress was
shut off and the mine, filled with smoke.
For four hours the 40 men earned water
in their tin buckets and threw it upon
the flames. In the meantime a rescuing
party had been organized' in the village
and fought the flames from the outside-
All were finally rescued without being injured.
Cement of Washington.
Calispell, Wash., Feb.. 18.—A syndicate
of foreign capitalists, represented by F. U.
Gordon of Kngland, has secured about WW
acres of land near lone and contemplates
the immediate erection of several plants
for manufacturing a variety of products.
Tlie principal enterprise at first will be
the starting up of a cement plant with a
capacity of 100 tons daily, and some estimate of its extent may be had from the
amount of cordwood contracted for in the
llrst order. The order is for 3000 cords, by
far the largest ever placed in this locality.
"■ __'•''' ''•' "
Solution  of Controversy.
Washington, Feb. lB_H$fj»tor., Hd*.
chairman of the senate committee on
naval affairs, has introduced a bill for
the revival of the grade of vice admiral
in the navy, und authorizing the president
to appoint to rear admirals to that office.
The bill is in the interest of Admirals
Sampson and Schley, and is intended to
aid in solving the problem of Iheir promo
tion as well as the promotion of Iheir officers who served with them in the Spanish
Volunteers Are Comlnar Home.
Washington, Feb. 10.—General Mac-
Arthur hus informed the war department
that  tlie transports    Hancock    and Kit
patrick left Manila yesterday for the
United States. The Hancock has the
Thirtieth volunteer infantry on board and
the Kilpatrick carries 400 sick soldiers.
Item* Gleaned From Late Reports-
All Districts Are. II.-Iiik Developed
—A Prosperous Year Is Predicted—
Mining Notes and Personals.
The Spokane stock exchange has decided to adopt a uniform schedule of
commissions. The scale has not yet
been decided upon, but the matter ts in
the hands of the executive committee
and will be brought up shortly.   •
The Republic mill ls receiving custom ore.
All work on the Princess Maud is
being done at the 300 foot level below
the tunnel level.
The Republic mill is now ready for
shipments from the other mines of the
camp, but the rate is still kept a secret.
Superintendent Thomas* *.. Dexter is
up from the Georgie Reed and reports
the shaft that ls being sunk on the
ledge to be 55 feet deep and that fairly
good progress is being made.
The machinery plant of the California bas been put ln commission. Sinking is being continued and the ledge explored on the upper level. Shipments
continue steadily and the high grade
ore will go to Trail.
The Chico compressor is being overhauled and everything at the mine ls
being prepared for active work with
the machine drills. The plant will
probably start up with a full crew
about February 20.
It is reported that there is a strong
probability that the Volunteer mine
will soon pass into new hands, as the
parties who inspected it a short time
ago are said to be well pleased with lt
and thus reported to their eastern associates.
The men who have been working for
some time on the property of the Aeneas Valley Gold Mining company have
returned to Republic. They brought a
large quantity of fine looking ore obtained in crosscuttjng the ledge. The
ore Is silver-lead and an assay of an average sample across 10 feet of the ledge
went: Gold, 80 cents; silver, 46.80
ounces; and lead, $24.50, a total of $72.-
10 per ton. The property lies about 14
miles of the mouth of the west fork of
the San Poil river and about the same
distance southwest of Republic.
When women get their rights they
will send their husbands to war as
their substitutes.
All the lumbermen of Idaho are being organized.
BRITISH   < 1(1,1 MIHA.
The well known Paradise, in the
Windermere district, is working 22
It ls stated that the Rembler-Cariboo
is rapidly becoming one of the greatest
properties in the province.
Owing to the non-arrival of coal shipments the blowing in of the Greenwood
smelter was delayed some time.
Work on the Soho group, in the McGuigan basin, Slocan, is reported to be
proceeding in a satisfactory manner.
L. A. Thurston, a well known mining
man of Nelson, has just taken an option on the Iron Horse group, situated
in the city limits of Rossland.
The amalgamation of the Kilo and
Chapleau group on Lemon creek, in the
Slocan division, which was anticipated
a short time ago, seems assured.
Reports from Tracey creek, ln the
Fort Steele district, East Kootenay, are
to the effect that the tunnel on the
Stanley is ln 65 feet. It ls expected
that the lead wil be encountered in
about 15 feet.
The first heater and purifier for the
use of mines in the Boundary country,
to utilize mine water for steam making
purposes, has recently been Installed at
the Old Ironsides.
The Granby smelter at Grand Forks
commenced operations on August 21
last and up to February 1 had treated
81,000 tons of ore, which produced 2700
tons of 50 per cent matte, valued at
There appears to be every evidence
that the new owners of the Greenwood-
Phoenix Electric tramway charter,
whoever they may be—for the public
has so far received no Intimation—are
about to start operations.
At Camp McKinney there ls a remarkable showing of quartz in the Waterloo that runs from $19 to $388 at a
depth of 120 feet. On the second level
there ls flve feet of solid quartz in the
east drift. The mine never looked better, and values are richer with depth.
Another dividnd of 5 per cent has
been announced by the Ymlr Gold
Mines, Limited. This is, however, only
an interim dividend, and it Ib probable
that a larger one will be announced at
the annual meeting in the latter part
of March.
The St. Eugene mine started up with
a full force recently and the concentrator was to have started up at the same
time, but owing to the cold weather,
the water supply being snort, lt wll not
commence operations until the weather
The Sliver Belt group on Toby creek,
In the Windermere district, has been
the si-mic of a large amount of development work during the past four
months. It is reported that there Is
eight feet of good ore ln a ledge running parallel with the main ledge.
Rumors were afloat and some of
them seemed-from authentic sources,
that the Canadian Pacific railway had
leased to C. R. Hosmer, George Gooderham and T. G. Blackstock, the three
principal owners of the War Eagle,
Centre Star and St. Eugene mines, the
Trail smelter.
Another mining deal of importance
has been put through ln Slocan section,
making the fifth since the opening of
the new year. The pn_.perty.to change
hands this time ls the well known Republic group on Erin mountain, two
miles from town.     David Sutherland
and Tom Montgomery were the owners,
having held the claims for nearly two
years. Embraced ln this group are the
Republic, American Eagle, Bonanza
and Bell.
In view of the rumors circulating In
the east of late to the effect that the
War Eagle mine might close down, and
that the deal for the purchase of the
Trail smelter had fallen through, the
secretary of the War Eagle company
recently asked the Toronto World to
contradict these rumors. He added
that the deal for the purchase of the
smelter by the Gooderham-Blackstock
syndicate is progressing favorably and
that the development of the War Eagle
mine goes on apace.
Paul Hauck and J. Altchison, the lessees of the Bondholder at Slocan, have
received the returns from their last
shipment to the Nelson smelter. The
figures are even higher than the previous car and establish a record. Altogether 10% tons of ore was in the car,
realizing 235 ounces of silver and 0\i
per cent lead per ton. The net receipts
from the smelter, after paying freight
and treatment charges, were $2400.
The previous car gave 224 ounces and
the first one 217, so the ore is steadily
'at    war    over   tariffs.
I *
HiimsIu Itetnllutes on Our Action—She
Will Increase Our Duly on Import*
—A Grave Crisis Is lleiu.lie.l-ls lip
tu the Americans.
The Lakeview tunnel, on Mount El-
leham, near Loomls, Wn., is in 265 feot.
A good paying coal vein has been
discovered at Ben Lomond, near Los
Gatos, Cal.
Capital for the purpose of developing
the coal resources of Utah is pouring
into that state.
A new company has secured the Gold
Hug group in Pierre Lake district and
will develop It extensively.
Mining matters in Norwegian gulch,
in Madison county, Montana, are quite
lively for this time of the year.
In the Cascade mountains, just east
of Snohomish, Wash., a new and large
deposit of coal has been found.
The state of Idaho is just now much
agitated over passing equitable and
just laws concerning the taxation of
mining property, real and personal.
A contract has been let by the Globe
Goldfleld company of Seattle for a 200
foot tunnel on the company's property
on Flat creek, Stevens county, Wn.
It Is rumored that the Oregon Short
Line anl Union Pacific railway companies were considering building a
branch into Idaho to be known as the
Custer Une.
The Syndicate mine on Gold creek,
near Kendrick, Idaho, has passed into
the hands of Seattle people and the
name of the property has been changed
to the Jericho.
Encouraging reports from the Big
Iron, on Flat creek, Stevens county,
Wn., about 12 miles from Northport,
have been received at the office of the
company, the Big Iron Consolidated
Mining company.
Some rich ore is being taken out of
the Palmer mountain tunnel. It was
encountered in drifting and is speckled
with free gold. Picked specimens run
up Into the thousands, while the general average Is high.
Mr. Coulter states that a great deal
of development work has been done on
the Ajax In Dixie section, the property
having been opened on two levels. He
says that an excellent body of ore has
been exposed and that It averages from
$15 to $20 in gold, nearly all of which
is free.
At Loomis, Wash., the Copper World
lead has been crosscut and found to be
15 feet wide. The appearance of the
ore Indicates that it will carry good
gold and copper values. The tunnel is
225 feet long and cut the vein at a
depth of 100 feet. Assays out of a 30
foot shaft gave from $30 to $60 In gold
and copper, and the ore In the tunnel
seems to be much superior.
Sixty-five coal miners are Imprisoned ln No. 6 shaft of the Cumberland
coal mine on Vancouver island. The
only exit ls the mouth of the shaft,
which is filled with a huge volume of
flame. There is considered to be no
possibility for the unfortunates to escape. Details of the disaster are meagre. The Cumberland mine Is near the
village of Union, about 60 miles north
of the town of Nanaimo.
The new concentrator being built by
the Empire State-Idaho Mining ft Development company at the mouth of
Government gulch, two miles below
Kellogg, Idaho, ls nearing completion.
The machinery of one side Is all In
place, but It will be probably May before It will commence work, owing tC
the railroad which will haul tho ore
not being completed. Work Is still ln
progress on lt, but the laying of steel
will not commence earlier than the
first of next month, and lt may be even
The heavy work on the new Mammoth ore bins at Wallace, Idaho, ls all
done, although it will be a month yet
before they ore completed. This Is because there will be a wait for the steel
lining. It was only ordered from the
factory a week ago, but by the time it
comes there will be nothing to. do except to put lt In, and should the ledge
be cut before that, the bins will be temporarily lined with lumber, which will
last until the steel Is In place. The
building Is 30x60 feet ln size and the
bins are calculated to hold 30 carloads
of 50 tons each, being about, twice as
large as any other ln the Coeur
Bt. Petersburg, Feb. 18.--M. De Witte,
minister of finance, has issued a decree
regarding the application of the increased
tariff to certain imports from the United
States. The decree is based upon the first
paragraph of article ti'2S of the customs
statute. The measure will become effective a fortnight after ils promulgation.
"* C'asslnl 1 nm of It.
Washington, Fob. 18.—Count Cassini,
the Russian ambassador, this evening received a cablegram from the Riiosian foreign office continuing the report of the issue of the decree imposing increased dunes
on certain American imports into Russiu,
and took steps to infei'in the state department accordingly it is realized unit a
grave crisis has been reached in the trade
relations of the United States and Russia,
'lhe immediate ell'eet of tlie Russian decree, when ii becomes operative ou Maicii
j 1) will be to increase by 50 per cent tiie
duty on American machinery, sleel and
iron goods.     These goods   already   enjoy
i two separate reductions, 30 per cent bcin;
taken oil from the general and 20 p&!
oent from the conventional duties.      Tht
I articles referred to in the Russian decree
are machinery and tools of every kind,
manufactures and products of east iron
and steel.     Roughly staled,   the    United
I States is said, to have exported goods ol
I this  description   to   Russia   last   year   to
j the amount of about $30,000,0011. 'The addition of 60 per cent to the duty will, it is
thought, prove practically prohibitory.
j The action taken means that the Russian government  will  not  concern  itself
I with a test case nor await the issue of such
a case. However, there is an expectation
that the American importers of Russian
sugar will make thc light in their own
interests. Some im-goes of Russian sugai
are now afloat and on the way to the
United States, where at least one is due lo
arrive in the next 10 days. It is not
doubted that the consignees in the United
States will, rather than pay the counter
vailing duty, which would make it ini]Kis
sib.e to compete with other sugar, make up
a test ease.
The text of the Russian order is as
"An order of the Russian minister ol
finance directs additional tariff of 30 per
cent net on articles included in para
graphs l.">0, 151, 152, 153 and 1(11, and section 2, discriminating tariff upon Ameii-
e.in hardware, iron, steel, boilers, pipes.
forgings, eastings, tools, gas and water
meters, dynamos, sewing machines; also
paragraph 107 of the Russian tariff laws,
when such articles are of American manufacture. This Includes motors and machinery of all kinds."
Qnlck Action.
Bt. Petersburg, Feb. 18.—Ilie finance
minister, M. DeVS'itte, lias proved his ability to hit quick and hard. He wus evidently prepared for reprisals before At-re-
tary Uige took final action. M. IX'Witte
sent to the senate for puhlimtion an
ordinance levying 80 per cent increased
duty on the most important American imports into Russia. The ordinance was
published today in the Official Messenger
and becomes effective March 1. This action is greatly regretted in American circles, and Americans anticipate much harm
therefrom. Well infonned Americans do
not believe the supreme co'urt will sustain
the claim that Russia pays a bounty on
sugar, directly or indirectly, and regard
the action taken as hasty, though not unexpected. It is believed that little liunii
would have resulted to Russian interests
if the action of the court had been
Metal Report.
New York.—Silver certificates, 61^
(7UB3c; bar silver, 61c; Mexican dollars,
San Francisco.—Silver bars, 61^c;
Mexican dollars, 60^®61c.
London.—Bar sliver, uncertain, 28
1-16 per ounce.
The  lllu  Steel Deal.
Pittsburg, Feb. 18.—it   is    understood
that C. M. Schwab, president of the Carnegie company, was really the man  who
OOIMummated  the great  Carnegie-Morgan
deal, in' which a numlicr of matters came
up that  threatened  seriously to .overturn
all negotiations, but which were removed
by the tact of the Carnegie president,    lt
I is said Mr. Frick will receive $22,500,000
1 in preferred stock and '$22,0<>0,00O in common stock.     In the same proportiop the
capital of tho- Carnegie company wil increase from $l(KI,()0(i>(HK) to *A80,000,000,
 ■ ''V ■ '■-. • .   iff
Washington, Fob. lfjj—According'to- an
order issued at' fhe" war department Captain Cyril King.'tiMistftmt <jWrtcrma*l'cr,C.
S. V., has.Wn dw^r^fBopj; fitp terK'Ke
ol the tJnitid States by'directjon of the
president, to ta'kKeffstt Fhlirtiill-y lS.'lOOf.
"his services being, no Jungcr-.required:'"
This Indicates the'captain will Mt be epurt
mail in led for misconduct,', i.'.' V
Stabhlnir  itiray.
Seattle, Feb. 18.-^In an altercation arising out of a poker game at (iolhelin, this
county, Daniel Morris, a logger, was dangerously stabbed in the throat by William
Coy, u laborer. Coy escaped, but came
to Seattle nnd suiVenderal himself to the
police. He acknowledged the slabhling.
but said lie wns intoxicated nt the time
und recalled little nbout tho affair. Morris
Is in a precarious condition.
nev. 11. II. nn r Dcnil.
Spokane, Feb. 18.—Rev. R. H. M.tnier,
a prominent Methodist clergyman of the
northwest, passed away nt his residence,
1020 Mission avenno. Denth followed a
stroke of paralysis, from which he had been
sinking since February 8.
The brewers and teamsters' "auton- An ir|shmnn Bayfl ft Boldlor mftkea
omy   war In Cincinnati has boon set-  his living by dying for his country.
Two scruples are not always enough ! The man who has no will of bis own
to keep a man from taking one dram.    Is somebody's else man.
James Baker, a resident of Zillah
died recntly from the affects of small-
Indications of oil and gas are reported from Medical Lake, in Spokane
Twenty dozen live quail from Kansas
have been turned loose ln the vicinity
of Spokane.
There are 75 schools ln session, or a
little over 60 per cent of the total'num-
ber in Spokane county.
The charity ball given last week at
Spokane was the greatest success of
any heretofore, $1,500 being cleared.
A petition to the Rosalia council is
being circulated asking them to refuae
to grant saloon license for the coming
J. W. Evans, one of the faculty of the
Colfax college, has resigned and gone
to San Francisco, accompanied by hia
wife and two children.
The state fish hatchery at Dkrtford
has about 50,000 young steel head salmon nearly ready to be turned loose
In the Little Spokane river.
The death of Justice O. B. Parks,
which occurred recently ln Davenport]
from grip, removes from Lincoln county one of Its oldest inhabitants.
Hog cholera and swine plague are
epidemic at Pomeroy. Seventy-five head
have been killed by order of the state '
veterinarian, Dr. Barnes of Pullman.
While Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Dutton, who
reside four miles south of Waterville,
were away from horae their youngest
son, Benjamin, 11 years old, heard a
coyote after the chickens and took the
rifle out to shoot it. Wblle standing
with the gun resting on the ground hia
dog came and Jumped up on him, and
ln some way striking the trigger and
discharging the gun. The bullet struck
the boy in the eye and lodged in his
brain, killing him almost Instantly.
Farmers from the Eureka Flat section of Walla Walla county report that
rumors to the effect that recent frosts
have Injured fall wheat are without
foundation In fact. Recent rains are
declared to have materially enhanced
crop prospects.
Nine prisoners, at the head of whom
was Arthur Spencer, the spurious Chinese Inspector and alleged all around
crook and confidence man, made their
escape from the Spokane county Jail
last Sunday morning. The escaped
prisoners are as follows: Arthur
Spencer, United States prisoner, Impersonating and obtaining money under
false iiretenses; Joe Harrison, Luke
McGluke, alias Frank Moran, Mack
McCleary, Philip Anderson and James
Morriarity, all United States prisoners,
wanted for counterfeiting; Robert Mc-
Alpln, for highway robbery; John Manning, burglary, and Edward McGuIre,
crime against nature, both of whom
are under sentence to the Washington
penitentiary. The men overpowered
Chief Jnller Thompson, who was the
only officer ln the jail. After choking
him Into Insensibility they bound and
gagged him, and stripping him of his
revolver and keys, made their escape
through the corridor leading to the
the sheriff's office. Frank Moran gave
himself up later.
Canadian  Bounty on Ileet Saarar.
Ottawa, Feb. 18.—A delegation from
western Ontario is in the city pressing
upon the government to give a bounty
of 1 cent a pound on beet sugar produced
in Canada.
Qneen Sophia Improves.
Stockholm, Feb.  19—The strength'  of
Queen Sophia is increasing.
World to End Thli Year.
This ii the recent decision of one of the
prominent societies of the world, but the
exact day has not yet been lixed upon, and
while there are very few people who believe
this prediction, there are thousands of
others who not only believe, but. know that
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A Machinists' Union was organized
In Honolulu on the 19th ult. It starts
out with ninety-eight members.
1 do not believe llso's Cure for Consumption has an equal for coughs anil
colds.—John P. Boyer, Trinity Springs,
lnd„ Feb. 16, 1900.
More trouble for the engineers. Not
only are the miners, brewers and other
unions that are organizing, on-Industrial lines swallowing tholr craftsmen,
but the tin-plate trust Is attempting to
weed them out of Its plants.
The man who finds fault with his
neighbor exposes one of his own. Nothing
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Money In New York.
Neu York, Feb. 18.—-The Kinniuiir
Mvh: For the lirst time in the history ol
the clearing house banks of New York
city they report 'deposits in exoen of
(1,000.000,000, standing at $1,011}3£0(000
The deposits are net and include only act-
tiuil iii-ins entering into that institution
Tin- gross deposits are in reality much
higher. The constant growth of the figures since the opening of the year has
boon lit lh' less than amazing, Since .bin
u.ny 5 deposits have expanded more than
(14*0,000,000 and loans 1110,600,000,
"aiuable Almanac Free.
We have received a copy of the new almanac for liXH published by the Royal
Baking I'iiwiicr i 'o. It is nu artistic and
useful book and will be of interest to
housekeepers. A noteworthy feature of
tbe almanac is a prediction of the weather
for every day ofthe year, by I'rof. DeVoe,
who correctly prophesied the (treat Ualves-
ton cyclone ana other important meteorological events. We are authorized to say
that any woman reader of this paper can
secure a copy without cost by semi ing a request rn ibe'company, at 100 William St.
Kew Vork.
On April 1 the window glass trust
and Independent concerns will close
down SO plants and throw 30,000 employes out of work. The idea is to curtail production and keep up prices primarily.
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Moat extenelvii breeders In the northwest.
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Washington, Feb. lO.—The St. l_oui» exposition bill jm.uw.il the house by a vole ol
191 tn 41. The result was received with
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In November the A. P. of L. chartered 43 unattached local unions, six
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'w free ..S.1,SWell5,'n-or,Orlpe. 10c.. fiOo Writ-
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Positive Onlers to Connrer—He la lu-
struvted to Join In No Atireemeiit
That C'ontemitlntes I-'nrtlier Hostilities—Von Waldersee Preitarlnw
to Advance on Province ol Chl-LI.
Chicago, Feb. 1!)^—A special to the Post
from Waaliinglon say.-.:
Positive orders were issued to General
Chaffee, commanding the United Stutes
troops in China, nol to take part in thc
proposed operations in Western Ciiina by
Count von Waldersee and the allies to intimidate Chinese authorities.
Oeneral (..liulFe is instructed to take na
part in the contemplated expedition to
iSi-niiig-nan-fu, while 'minister Conger ii
instructed by the state department not to
join in any agreement that makes further
Catting  Heady.
Berlin, Feb. IK.—The Cologne Gazette
publishes a. iliH|iatcli from I'ckin which explains that Field .Marshal Count von Wul-
dciscc'rt new expedition is Intended to
finally clear the province uf Chili of Chi-
nse soldiers and prtidiiee a whob sonic diead
amoifg tlie Chinese. The tieniuin cuminis-
s.iriat department has ordered a thousand
trSngport wagons to lie ready in IS days.
Over One Hundred l.o«t Tbeir I.Ives.
St. Petersburg, Pel). IK.—In tlie ollicial
report of the Are which broke oul Kcbruarv
."> iu the magazine of the Caspian & lllack
Sea company at l.-.ikii, ninl which Spread to
other depots, it is admitted ih.it 120 f.i-
t.ilitiis resulted from the oQaflagrt^fon, and
inat' in uililitioii'a uumlA-r of persona uie
expected to die from Uie resin is of then-
The search for bodies is st'dl being carried on.
Steamers Collided.
IjOtidon, Peb. 18.—The. Hus-Lin bark
Hbppct, Captain Lindbloui, which sailed
fniiu Hull-pehruufy 14 for S.ipelo, has
been lowed inlo OnmJmy' with bows scri-
iu_.lv daiikigcd by collision on the nigh I
of February 15 with the steamer Homer
from libuu.     The   li.-nni    disappeared
Bier the collision and is believed to have
foiinilcreil, with hiss of 111 lives.
IIiimhIiiii Paper Suppressed.
St. Pcti'l-sburg, Feb. IH.—On ^atur-
lay the mini-lei uf the Interior, li, i>ipi
uuine. ordeo-d the suppression for three
months of the Xovosti Dnjti, u Moscow
new-paper, which had violated the prohibition against tin- publication of university
lAillt-tin*. A secret circular has been is
■ ued reminding all the newspapers thai the
prohibition is no>v effeotiva
NeW York Wnii-lu-s Ftreliuus.
New York, Feb. 18.—Warning was tent
out by the police that the firebugs who
had -made ineffectual efforts to set lire tu a
number of, Chicago hotels were on thcii
-\ay to Xew York. Today a negro was
found in a courtroom of the Imperial hotel
ictinji suspiciously. When arrested all Us
(Kiekets were found to be filled with
Kroner   Appeals   to   Klitic.
London, Feb. 10.—There is nn tinciii-
firmed rumor here that President Kruger
has drafted a personal letter to King F.d-
wurd setting forth the Hoer case and asking for his majesty's consideration.
Prominent Editor Read.
Denver. Colo., Feb. ID—William P. Hill,
for over 50 year's a prominent New Kngland newspaper editor, is dead of grip at
thc home of his son in law, ft. R. Williams,
in this city.
Eczema is caused by an acid humor in
the blood coming in contact with the
skin and producing great redness and in
llaiuni.it n ni ; little pustular emotions fui in
and discharge a thin, sticky fluid,-which
dries and scales off; sometimes tne skin is
hard, dry and fissured. Eczema in any
form is a tormenting, stubborn disease,
and the itching and burning at times are
almost unbearable; the acid burning
humor Deems to ooze out and set the skin
on fire. ^Salves, washes nor other exter-
rial applications do any real good, for as
long as the poison remains in the blood
it will keep Uie skin irritated.        .. .
"For three years I
bad Tetter on  my
bauds, which caused
Uiem to swell to twiceu-^.
their natural slse. Patt   5-
»f the time the ditetw "*,,
*t>lathe foiyn-dun.  . J
sing sorts, verv pain-'
fui, snd csiitlnu me
much iltarmn fort Four
doctors sal-f the Tetter
had progrqssjtd too far
to l-e•' inr-vl. ami tiicy
could d i nothing for
me.   11 ">h only three
bottles of 8. 8. 8. and
This was fifteen vents
ngo,and 1 have never
•Ince seen any sign of mv old trouble.' — Mas
t,. B. J*CKSO«vi4J4 McGee St., Kaii-ai Cily, Mo.
S. S. S. neutralizes; this ejad poison,
coolsthe blood and restores it to a healthy,
natural state, nnd the rough,"'tiulfealiliy
skin becomes soft, smootlj and'.tleaa. •
— — -■■' cures Tette^^UTV'-
sii>ela8, Psoriasis, 8 dt
Rheum and aj\ skin
diseases due to n puis-
,_, ,   oned condition of tlie
blood. Send for our book and write ut
about your case. Our physicians have
made these disenses n life study, and can
help you by their advice; we make no
charge for this service. All correspondence
is conducted in strictest confidence.
N. N
The Story Is Told by a Father Who Is
Grateful for His Daughter's
No. 91 Lincoln avenue, Cortland, N.
Y., was once a bouse of sorrow and
sadness. The danghter of George
Loncks, the pride of the household,
seemed going into a decline as'she
reached her early womanhood and her
condition oaused the greatest anxiety
in tbe family. Tbe happy ending of
the matter caused considerable excitement in the neighborhood and, when
questioned by a reporter, Mr. Loucks
made the following statement:
"About two years ago my danghter.
who was then in ber Kith year, was in
bad health. She was pale and thin,
without strength or vitality, in fact her
condition was that which is genurullv
oalied all run down. We were, of
course, worried about her and employed the best physioiaus to attend her.
Tbey studied her case and although
they did everything popsible, gave hev
no relief which waa permanent. The
late Dr. Angle had first called' my attention to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People, aud my wife had beard
they were a fine tonic, so we decided
to try them for my daughter. We did
so and inside of eight weeks the primary cause of her trouble was removed and she showed a decided gain in
health, strength and flesh.
"A great many people will buy a
mediciiib and take a few deses. Then
if they are not oured they throw it
aside as no good, or take it spasmodically. We believe in a lair trial in
strict accordance with directions and
our faitb fulness was rewarded for she
was greatly benefited by them. Her
color came to ber oheeks and she continued to gain in weight and strength.
We bave told a great many people
about them and have been glad to do
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 29th day of June, 1900.
Notary Public.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills br Pale
People are sold by all dealers, or will
be sent to any address postpaid, on receipt of price, 50 cents a box, or six
boxen for $2.50, by Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Schenectady, N. Y.
Mexicans and Yaqui Indians employed ln the Mexican mines at Phoenix, A. T., are alarmed over the proposed importation of thousands of Chinese to take their places.
Grip aud colds may be avoided
by keeping the system c.eaiised,
the blood pure, and ihe digestion good.   Take Garfield Tea.
When a man buys his wife a carriage and finer clothes than he can afford, other women call it being "good"
to her.
The Beat Preparation for Malaria,
■lilll.-. and fever la a bottle of Orove'a Tas e
less Chill Tonic. It ia simply Iron and qulnlm
la a taateleas form.   No cure—no pay. Price Cue
The Minnesota house has passed an
eight-hour bill, which reduces the work
day of men employed In minea, smelters and concentrators to eight hours.
That Dull. Awful Palnl
It's a sick tienitache. Cure It? Avoid If.'
Cim-arets Candy Cuthnrilc give qukk rellet
and prevent headaches If taken  In time.    All
11 UKK I:-!.-,   UlC,   2.r>C,   60C.
i:\ii ii   Session Talk.
Washington, Feb. 18.—The president has
seldom been known to talk so freely with
members of congress and other public men
•rn any other question be had in contemplation as be talks with them concerning
un extra geetion of COngTBes. He ha-* «l>-
parcitly been revolving the subject in his
own mind fur the past month and for that
length of time bus talked more oV less
pointedly with callers, congreaamen and
senators, who, however, have thought that
the extension of the Hasten could be avoid-
ed. Even now there are many who rcfu-e
to believe that the call will be imad.
Those who have bilked with the pn-i
dent in tlie past day or two are not ol
thia opinion. Tliey say that he aiiniuiii.-
ed definitely today his determination t<>
ask v congress to come together as sihiii
u?fei- ilie completion of the Cul>aji con-
Mtitutiuii as might m-cin expedient.
Commerce of the Philippines.
Washington, FWk 18.—The division of
insular affairs of the war department has
made prblic a statement showing the commerce of the Philippines for seven months
ending July 31, 1WH). The total value of
nieiiliiindise, gold and silver Imported into
the islands daring the period named was
$i;i,:toi».r>f>4, nn Increase of $3.H_><i.:t'.»8, or
over 411 per cent, con.p.ircd with 18119. Tht
total exports from the Philippines to all
countries combined amounted in value to
$l.-i,ll__l.i»l-"i, an increase of 34 12 |>cr cent
over 1809. The trade with ths united
States ws*i Imports from this country,
|tl.0W.7881 expuris. (1,888,678. These
bitter figures ils compared with the results for the same period of the preceding
\i'iir  indicate a gain of over 7H per  it
in the imports and a material decrease in
ths exports.
Tnlk aliout the pleasure thnt lt affords you to hoar that vour candidate
has won; It is nothing compared with
hearing thnt some ono has spoken well
of you.
Many men who can tell you exactly
where to go to catch fish, can not catch
nny lish themselves.
Songs without words are preferable
to Bongs without sense.
Itouaevelt  and   the   Lions.
Meeker, Col., Feb. 18.—Colonel Roosevelt and John tJotr have ridden into Meeker from tlie Keystone ranch. When askid
for an Interview the governor referred the
reporter to Mr. (ioif.
Mr. Uol! said 17 lions were killed during
the hunt and that tiie governor himself
killed 12, four of which he killed with his
knife and eight With his riile. M-.. U.>tr
(further stated that Governpt Robeevelt
yesterday killed the largest lion that bus
been killed in that section, weighing ail
pounds and measuring 8 1-2 feet in the
llesh. Mr. doll' stales that Roosevelt killed it with his knife.
One of the most exciting experiences oi
the hunt occurred during night before
last, Roosevelt killed with liis rille hi-
second to the largest lion. In order to
get a shot at the unsuspecting beast the
governor leaned the larger portion of his
weighty body over a perpendicular dill
'10 feet high, -John Golf holding him by
the leg While Roosevelt aimed i.nl fi el, in
-t.mt,,. killing liis game. Govern ir Roosc-
M'lt expresses himself as having had tne
most enjoyable time of his life.
Governor Roosevelt will leajijp Meckel
today in a special conveyance. He will
tuke the train this evening at Hist?,
rt hence lie will probably go home.
Prizes for Sheep.
Detroit, Fib 18.—The executive committee of the American .Shropshire ReglstX}
association met at the Hotel Cadillac and
decided to offer the following amounts in
special prizes for various prominent ex
iiibilions of this kind of sheep this year:
I'aii-Aiiieiicni exposition at Buffalo, $250:
Toronto exp isition, .$100; Ontario piovin
cial fair, $100; Indiana state fair, .$10d;
Minnesota state fair. $60. To tiie international live stock exposition at Chicago
itiolM) h as -av ar.led.
Labor  Troubles  at   Plttshurir.
'Pittsburg, Feb. 18.—Unless the master
builders of this city comply witli the demands of the building trades council a
general strike will be declared which will
involve at least l.'iO.OOO men. Nearly every
mechanic in town is asking un advance ol
25 per cent. Tlie date of expiration ol
many building scales is April 1, and un
le-s tlie master builders grant an-advan e
the indications are that there will be a
general suspension in the building trades.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
Set Facsimile Wrapper Below.
ftmy saiall and as e**y
to take aa sagas.
•smnim must <m *ssv**y**A
ricSsm I fawlT T*frtAhle./*&*.?&i****t*tL
Uses Pe-ru-na
For Colds
in His Family
and Grip.
A Letter From the Executive Office of Oregon.
The governor of Oregon is an ardent
admirer   of   Pe-ru-na.     He   keeps it
continually in the house.    In a reoent
letter to Dr. Hartman he says:
State of Oregon,
Executive Department,
Salem, May 9, 1898.
The   Pe-rnn-na Medicine   Co., Co-
luwtms, ().:
Dear Sirs:—I have had occasion to
UBe your Pe-ru-na medicine in my
family   for colds, and it  proved  to be
uut of its victims. Pe-m-na not only
cures catarrh, but prevents. Every
household should be supplied with this
great remedy for coughs, colds, and ao
It will be noticed that the governor
says he has not bad occasion to use
Pe-ru-na for other ailmentg. The lea-
son for this is, moat other ailments be*
gin with a cold. Using Pe-ra-na to
piomptly cure colds, he proteota his
family against other ailments.    Thia ii
an excellent remedy. I have not had I exactly what every other family in the
occasion to use it for other ailments. United States should do. Keep Pe-ru-
Yours very truly, VV. M. Lord. na in the house. Use it for coughs.
Any man who wishes perfect health ' colds, la grippe, and other climatlo af-
must be entirely free from catarrh. : fections of winter, and there will be
Catarrh is well nigh universal; almoBt no other ailments iu the house. .Suob
omnipresent. Pe-ru-na is the only ab-1 families should provide themselves
solute eale>;uard kno«n. A cold is the with a copy of Or. Hurtman's free book,
beginning of catarrh. To prevent entitled "Winter Catarrh." Addreai
colds, to cnre colds, is to cheat catarrh  Dr. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio.
Cultivate  your  patience   and   your 1
courage and take things as they come.
Wise is the man who can keep appearances up and expenses down.
About all a coward wants is a chance
to get aheud.
The clergyman is usually the beat
man at a wedding.
when you take Grove's TasteU-Bs Chill Tutlic,
oi_k._tu_.t_ the formula Ih plainly punted on e.ery
uotLle, Bliowing that lt in simply Iron .ui i -_j.11
nine in u tatHt-ieas torm.   No cui-fc. uo pay. 00c.
rhis signature in on every box of the gonulns
Laxative Rromo'Quinine Tablets
is remedy that rcir.-* » colli In one day
(ii|itnin Hurt Bulblilea,
Baker City, Ore., Feb. 18.—Colonel \V.
Tliouiafl Hart, while a passenger on the
lioisc train coming into Huntington, stood
mi ine. rear platform of the train a-, it wan
crossing tiie bridge over iln- Snake rivei
tad jumped overboard before he could be
detained by thus,, who saw nun.
Before leaving Huntington he wrote a
letter to the proprietor ot the hotel at
Weiser, where lie had been stopping, te.l-
ing him nol to expect hint borne as lu- intended io commit suicide and requesting
him to take care of his effects.
Colonel Hart was a reeident oi thi* city
in 1898 and 1899, mid was widely known
ih a railroad and mining engineer, lie
was 08 years old and a native oi Savan
nab, <!ti., where be lias a sister. JNo reason is known for the suiiide. A searching
party will drag the Snake river tomorrow.
Colonel William T. Hart, who committed suicide by jumping from a train Into
the Snake river, was formerly connected
with the bimetallic properties at Philips-
buig, Minit.   Recently be had been inter
' ested  iu  tlie Steven  Devils eumii and had
e r
been promoting a railway to run Into tliat
section.    He was an ex-coiifedeialc colonel.
Trying to make both ends meet Is
often a difficult mathematical problem.
Cabana Meet Secretly.
Havana, Feb. is.—The special committee
tppointed by the Cuban constitutional con
vention to draw up a proposition defining
the future relations between the I'nited
Stales and the republic of Cuba, has re-
tinned from a conference with Governor
Oeneral Wood at Batabano, and will report
to the convention in secret session.
9 oo Drops
AVegcfable Preparttionfor As-
similaiing UicFoodandRc^ula-
ting lhe S lomachs and Dowels of
Promotes Digcslion.Checrful-
ness and Rest .Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor>Iineral.
Not Narc otic .
lltmpkut Seal*
Jlx.Senna '
J      Uut^le ■*.!. -
sinLtr ,uwti r
tymtrpsmt -_.
Ill CrirtHinnk.SwIa *
f/wifieJ uimr
Whirry'**. rtTVOr.
Aperfecl Remedy forConslipa
Tion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms,('onvulsions .Fcverish-
ness anil Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
Alb mon ths  <> 111
}^ DOSI S-KtlNlS
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
pish brM*0
IN      THE
9*m.-    STORM.
Take No Substitutes Free Catalogues
Smowinc fun I-.i sr Garhcmti ahd Hats.
A J. Towtn, Co. jjosgog . Mass.
km 9 '■ ■ ixajg ■.■■■!
Thl9 ti a d&ring statement, but i\9l*   ■
nr'i np«1i hr-tix it out every time,     m,
Combination  PQfB* _.... 1
OrfaU->tcoriiou earth. WHIpoflttT^r
WtoIu tion lie corn growUif.
Billion Dollar Crass.
Greatest marvel of the »■*
IS toni of harper acre. Flrrt
oropelx wen-He after sowing
Osulogu. telU,
.ndlhu N"1M K <•• null
litf Mt4 ci. .t, 10 Or.ln
.-•*ui|il« li . in./ .1"',-, .Im
BMlU i>-' In. \*i A.) O.u, |
(IM bu.t.1   p«r A.) R»(*,
-_Wl.7,(1T3 in l-Mil-n ■•!, A'.»'«-l
John A. Salzer Seed Co. li Cma, Wh.
__■■ ■■ gjqpbDCMJOcr^
>'.MV     .
For Over
Thirty Years
Ill  lllll.ll
from 14 to 25 lb» per monih br s
harmless trvstmeiii i i.. ■ ■ sa n<ls
oured.   Mm M   -   Mill rune. 431
HawleT  8t.,   ll .i-i   M. v.,
w-ii,..    "Konr yi-iiri tan I att,
redooed it pouod. tir 7"ur tsIu-
sbie trestinent.   Mv eipprtenee
si Trained Norieba'-annlitiiiethedanjsrtof IM%
Devpnurntuin   ii«> niiiwi "   PatlenuMM
by maliooullder.il> Ij l"rp«rtlotilar»addrsa«.wlta
•tinp, UH.H.C.'WiiR. l3UIiio_itTmpkCkiap,Bl
told   Grown   »'"•   BrldKe   AVorlc.
«nlrani-r 801-308-808 Mi.liiml  Hick.
Ipokaao, « -i - ii.
ITCH IN ■; P-leif" -In-1" iii'ii-iur-an-lriiuw !i-nln»
.Ills form. ai. well h* HIIihI. HL-iMlli-q nr J-r,itr-i.iln»
'"i it aro ccrsdby Dr.BoKanko'" ^Ho flemed)!.
BropaltoWngandbieedlof. A'H"..)« tumor., sins
Jar at.ilriiiri.-l.ts 'ir -in: by mall. Tn-ailaefree ,"rlte
meabuiuy.-iircaei.    D& 1IU8ANKO, rbllsda Ps.
Heirs of Uulon ■•■•!':rri who homsteaded less
than 160 ai-rtl before June -2.1874 (no mailer li
skas-loned), •hointl aiJilrtis
UKMII N, 1'OPI', Washington, O. O.
iiulsia suoesssftal
Send descrlptloa
suil let free oplnlsa
MILO.   H.  NTKVKNS  * CO.,   Kstab. 1U4.
BIT. 4.»17-l«lli.-trr«i, WAHHINOTUN D. O.
Branch sfflcei: Chicago, Citf ei aud snd DsHall
All   klndt  of   work   neatly   dune  and   prioes
'i-asoriablo. „    ,
Rnnma !-4-'i Basis BlOOl. Spokane
A fuarsatsed Cnre tor Oalanfc aad
itaptlsa." ii ot.   D look Boa 111.
'. .    .   '
MM !    .!
Ill' I.   I J
-i"'.': -,.;*""
Saturday,   AIa'kck   2.    1W1."   '
PtlBi.lSUim'BVBItY   BATlittfcAT   AT
8ILVKRT6K'-. -•-'iBi •'«.' *<
TTTT-s' :,     ..,:"-.;; V.;M     '"-'-i7^
M^Tll^CIN^KpS..   Hdlto|rs,#, Props.
Clocks and.
(Pine Watch Repairing a Specialty.
All Work Left at The Lakeview
Hotel, Silverton, wjll he forward-
ed and promptly attended to.
0t. B. Knowles,
gANDOg, ft C
-     o *****—
Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station nnd Wharf.
Tables supplied with sll the delicacies
of the season.
8LQ0AN CITY,   . . . .   B. 0.
- When your watoh goee wrong  or
»our olook refuses to go bring it to me.
If you have a. piece of .jewelery  in
peed ot repair, bring it to me.
, I am prepared at all  time* and in
evert ceie to guarantee my work.
t.-J'.Brindte7 Jeweler,
'NEV? DENVER,  - & 0.
AdvertMng rates will be made known
upon Application at t'hW^lfti*;1''•>'■'
©«««««© "OR IN ARREARS'A
<• I   BLtJE   OROSft'   .WILL
Vrig libel, While tbo editor is not in
business,for his health, neither is he
in business to place his bodily safety
at the dispotnl of all who desire to
have their personal quarrels taken up.
"Advertise him from one end ot
BiitUh Columbia to tho other," said a
vengeance seeker in tho hccoiiiI stage
of intoxication to us recently; "Advertise him plenty—if it don't cost
anything! Say it was a sober man
■from ' Nelson told you." And before
we could steer him to the ficnt
entrance he hnd pied a galley of
type and broken a piece from our
8 S 8 8 » 8 8.8 8 8 8 m* 8 8 8 8 8 8 i.81 jj
8888888 8 8 88 88888888888888
If Mrs. Nation will come to the
Slocan and tackle one of our beefsteaks
with her little ht-tcliet she will find it
a tougher job than breaking up saloons
in Kansas and equajly as exciting.
J. O. GORDON..   ,
S   F NOtAfttf'publico
BILVERTON,      -      ?      -      P- C.
V-(-.'.- :<-;\ .-■• -. .-.v.-. v tu.'    .> -■ ,
BARRISTER   k  SOJ.ICipE,,    ...
^00AN,      -       -       ►•-    B   G-
Jandon Winers'   Union
Subscribers, fl. per month.
Private PatienlB, f2. per day
exclusive ol expense of physician or surgeon and drags.
pa. W. E. Gpmm, Attendant Physician
Miss 8. M. Chihuolm, Matron.
J. D. McLaughlin, President.
Vt, L. Haole*. Secretary.
Wjf. DpSAnUE,   J.   V.   MABTIN,rR. J.
McLean, A. J. McDonald, Mike Bat dy
It is now definitely decided that an
Assay Office for the purchase of gold
is to be established at Vancouver,
while the Oanadian Mint will be
built1 at Ottawa. 'Maxwell and the
Mint" will soon be found both at the
The promised reconstruction ot the
Cabinet is near at band, if we are to
believe the reports published in the
Coast papers. The new Minister to
go in, according to these same reports,
will be either Garden or Tatlow. of
Vancouver or Helmcken, of Victoria.
and Soo line
On all Trains from Rkvki.stoki:
and Kootenay Landing	
Pass Dusmobe Junction for St.
Paul   on .Sundays,   Tuesdays.
Thursdays and Fridays	
Toronto on Mondays and Wednesdays ... -.' ,....
Montreal and Boston op Saturdays .•■•'
The opening days of the Legis'nture
have been productive of nothing for
die: inland, counties. . The ■ feature
of the debate- on' .the Kings' spe^eli Ms
the absence of definite statements <>t-
cept in regtffd tpv the , proposed railroads. It dfti".Tea»ftf*.lieA»een what
power in-feltin '.fhf'OMiini*** rllrfAtf-
thing propbeed^il'ltli&'iigli intfMi*Hi', fc
for the IwrtHHPHf^hCflWf^lliVH^Wft
tb' 'Kwrteriay ndttroa*- al»«i»-,-*eintr
shared- with tlie'' iM*riflftV^«TViiri»fr
crdwd^iiin'-'poWWr .Wtli'a 'i-erlgeaWoiv'-
"-. -' ttf'r^hTii imdaisWaAsotot: rg (jn
lt is refftnTWl^ifti^lftpch circles
that'the Presbyterian and Methodist
churches are tlbotit, W-Vrtjisttlillntv, Jfif
theft is. rO little diffeWinee' IWtween
them. Now jet the Episcopal . und
and Roman Catholic tlnwvhes join
forces and there may be ;itft_tffc'-peac«* Oil
earth. We have yeV ;-Wh.eat"6f V
rumor of the consolidation of the
Spirit Wrestlers, Baptist^,1 '-f&oiWoiiB,
Congregationalists, Frtw'Thifikers and
Jews, hut it wiUnoidoubt-cdme about
iu ita own good time.        '"' ^'v,
 ^ ^ .,_..■,     .
The Courts of Manitoba huye
declared tho Prohibition Bill cf Hugh
John McDonald's onconstitutional.
Sir Oliver Mowat, when Premier of
Ontario, declared that no Province
could pass a prohibition law, and his
decision was confirmed by the Privy
Council. But as long as the prohibition vote oan be secured without
alienating the support of the liquor
party, prohibition plank* will always
be in evidence in prpyippia| politics.
Hugh John will now have the laugh
on the earnest prohibitionists who
voted against him in the Brandon
Of immigration, Canada hist year
received thra* kinds—taxed, assisted
and voluntary. The first nearh
equalled the latter and was composed
of Chinese, who if they had stayed at
home and helped mako a (ierniaii
holiday miuht huve saved Canadians
from somo day turning Boxers, The
second, a class of serfs, downtrodt'en
for years in their native land and
Buffering with peculiar religious beliefs,
will in time become good and loyal
Canadians, happy and prosperous und
perhaps rich enough to be able lo send
out missionaries amongst the other
Canadians and thus spread iheir religious views. Last we find that class
who came of thsirown accord, seeking
to better their condition and ready to
put their shoulder to tlio wheel and
help make Cannda a great and
prosperous country. One ot" these is
worth more to Canada than all of the
other classes put together.
Proper Eneiiuragcflicut
(Toronto Saturday iNiuht.)
The bodies of some of Ihe miners lost
at'Cumberland, U. C. have been recovered. The immense loss of life in the
explos on then' is not to be lightly passed'
over, and Bhould be the atil>ject ol a Government invostinatloir Scotch miuers
were brouurht out to work in those mines,
nml retimed to aqcept the wanes coupled
with the danger. I know nothing about
ilie itdeijuacy of th- Wages, but the danger has been demonstrated. If the
Scotch .nineip tiayo to work with. Jap,
Cliineso anil Cooly assistance tho> have
a right to bo leery of tlio wliolu business.
Canada must prove herself not only able,
Imt anxious to protect the live.-i of all
miners, or men will fail to come to this
country from Scotland, Wales and the
south-west of England. Sympathy shown
10 Ibe widows ami orphans by the (im -
eminent can have little ell'tct. The min-
018 themselves, who ure tlie immigrants
wlm linti); wives antl children in tow, are
the ones who ure to be appealed to. This
cun only be done by proper regulations
Without these regulations wn cannot
hope to be 111 tractive to the belter class
of miners.
. '
m <ra m runt  jaws ku mimed with what?
THINK!! - If yoit want pare, wholNonie and cewiomieal  tea, cither
green or Mack,  use? only
The usual threatened exposures for
bribery are being made in connection
with the recent Garden-MePherson
election. The Vancouver Independent is making the charge.
A lengthy epistle from "Otilookftr?
ib in our waste paper bat-ltft
Correspondents mil st barn fo silttj
their names, if tliey wish '.0 obtain
space in this journal.
TlTol'nifew tnl|« thi' knell M piir'itiu div.
Tbn rfve.-iiii!,' shadows  blanket all tiv
Tlie w+>ury husband hooiewiiril tales bis
In'feur bin Waiting «ife 1l1.1v c:i!l hir,i
Bebiml Hip  billlninl on Hip Vitt'itntlota
The liolil up crouches  Willi his b;i_; uf
SB fill,
And elimlered rjiunl the corpulent  j ick-
;, -Kite
Sit anxious men with pictured  t::ir.!s In
'     liuinl,
And lovers ftroll hppfiiith lhe starlit. fVies
And feed each others eitis Willi  licii'eyeil
The aie litrhts spit and sputter overhead,
The noisy traiiieurs rrrll slonulbe sir- et
The big policeman ot the funeral trend
"O01110,children," said Mr Widwer,
iiiirodiicing tho secuinl Mrs. Widmer,
"•otne and kiss your new mamma "
"(Jrucioiis!" exi-hiinii'il little Klsie, "if
you took her for'new' thev stuck you,
pu."— Philadelphia "I'icbs."
"I think I'll have to read that new
novel; tliey say il's fine. Have you
road il?''
"No; I sin nfraiil it is too lon>'. My
wilebuuglr.ii copy >cBterday nml she
only got hall through while getting
Mrs. Il.iitsekeep— I Fitppoi-e yfui want
a piece of cake, too T Ilaiv.inl IlHshen—
No lai'y, hut if ihcn-'s nu old black huH
11'clotlii-s iiioinnl the holisd I could u«e
tliut; lhe poor fellow JOII giivo lhe c.iltp
|o vesterd.iy was my brothor,—rhiisdel-
phiit I'ress.
-i   .. a .1     " !_l-lj__-^i
A int «ani|ili' of diliriiuiN S A I, ill A Tea sent on reedpt of
pii.iouiii<$ whicli yiHi.driiili-HBIarli, Mixed or Orecn Tea.    AtltiresH
"SAtADA/'foront-i or Montreal.
^-..NELSON, B. 0.
Atz&rat:9m' fox* Calgory Beer.
General Full Line Lumber,
Mining Dry & Mixed Sash and
Supplies.;       Paints. Doors.
AloCotltiri* eSs Co.,   SJIoofin, B. O,
Notick:—"IIazihi."   Mim-ru) Claim, I
fjtuuio I     in    iho      Slocun      Mining
division   ef West.   Koulelliv   Oistrict. |
Wliejo |iM'jiled :—O'i ilie (i.ti.i N \ I'aiui
ililjiiii|li-.g '   ijie      ' Clltl.i-V     MtMCIUI.
ri..\nr" im tne Ta-l _-
'l^'ie'.Nniire liml !, l'"rnm-l_j .1 OTIeilly | F*
ui Sihciiiiti. !'. 1'. u« uii-nt for Kniiii. I \e
iiweii,    l'i-e   Minei's   L't 1 ll(lcate     So. I   j
OiiIbMii PurtK.s I'w-4ri!tg llnrm-a in .uilveiti>n
Can   Have Tin in   Keseived Ily  Writing To—
♦ ♦ t *> •) ♦
a. p. Mcdonald,
S1I.V1KTON. - -  I!. C.
®<%<^<^<%<*}yt~mwi *f^tT>^^iT>**f>*T>%
i     A Seasonable Arlicle.
I lo'.l.i. il ti till Wuty I'njB lr"lli the "l.lti
hen'i I. to apply lo ilie Mii.iug Ki-cnr-lei j
I'm 11 I'crlilii■ate nl Impn.Vi-.iieliK, iorlliei
pti'pisiiiil o'liiiii.tii'.' a t'rowil tiruiil nl!
ilie uhovo i-hii.ii
. Anil fnill.i-r t.:|te rinlii-e tliat Bi'tlofi ]
•.iiii!-t mm ti.ui Iii, iim.-i Im- I'O'itomlii'Uil j
hoi-.t" lhe i-snu. ee ul such UertiHualel
ui liiiprifvi-iiii.ril-,
Iitt'filtl.i.-'Siilnluy nf Fi'i-riian,  191)1. j
i'laxci.i.l. O'lJkin.v.
28IiSI ill
**r » v»at.-iui own t sjssss_fsw
ci:i:thica::: ov imi 1;ovi-;mknts
NOl'lCl:   ■.— •■].\r,T   ClIANlKNll    It,"
(Silver Nili.'_:"l.l Minoriil ('liiiiii,_.iliinte
in ihe 8l"i'»ti Miiiibg Divinioiiol Uc-n
Kiiolcliuy |i;-inct
Whare located :-l)n the divldii botWi en
Kiulit ami Ten Miii't/ieekM.-*
Take Notice thad I. J. M. Vtciit**ytnr,
11 ling us Bgcnl.for fieorgttKvild, I'ret
Mini-r.s   Cilli'.'u utu Nu  nlitioSJ.   ii.ti'iid |
sixty iluvs from t rn. date ln-iei.f to np|)l<
Id tIm iMiniiig Rem nler for u  Cerliflea'e
ot Improvement, for ihe purpose 0! nb- 1
liiininn a   Ciowii   Grant   of   the abovti I
OF tlie luit.dii it t.f meitiiiii s nn Go- iimilci't
Tberi'   is   iioiio   we   can   leuhllltiieiid   mme
Highly1 to nurcnatnuiera nml   frifi iU ilmn
V . Vs%«. "AW. 1rS*'J*^A^.VA<AVA*AVii V\ '/-.-••.'» V. > V
'.'.'"••• ■> '• '' AT
Syrup of Horehound .-& Tolu   I
'■ mi: COUGHS   AMI ( i'I.|:s.' i\
^***i*ft*^*t^st*^e*w***^^ jajs**,}
•v ■  • Try it a;u! be owM «f-ft* i*fH»: *f*
'1 ,.. ' . ,. ,..,■■ ...  .. Tor Sii't: w
■ ;';" 1CK    S!!:Vf.iliO\    \W',   SIOJE.
* ..... -■■ .      '-   ■ ■
O^^^-M^N^^   <wa\K*^<J^
And fur'hi'i- tul;o   notlco that   uction
Swipes peanniB from ihe stands alona I J'«»Jer section 87, 1mt.1t be  commenced
his heal; I h^tosv the iHaiiunee of bticb  Certilicate nf
Within the WSBllV Iioiinp the snowv nhiri   IiuprovineniH.
• -utaiss, ■' ■
Vor rstes, llcketB, a.id full information
cajl on or address
d. BrcifAHD_uip,
Agent, Silveron, B. C, or
J.'^;«ABTER. p. J. OOVLE.
***:- -J3c?,:.An::..       A- «• **• A..
There is much more news goes into
the editors ears than ever trickles out
through hia pencil Some people
have pecular ideas of the duties of a
newspaper and if we were to begin
doing what we are asked several
times a week, in the way of personal
roasts, without even suggesting payment, the mails could not .henoie our.
yancouver. | correspondence from lawyer? tjireaten-
Witll spray from puckered mouth Won
Lunuee weta;
And prowleis pick cii>nr stnbs   from the
Which later, we will pet In cigarette*.
And o'er his fiiigraht, greasy, steaiiii.-iK
Of mystery stands tbe hot tamaloman.
In moisture  joints   where glasses clink,
we hear,
As through the dimly lighted streets wc
Men curge expansion o'er their later beer
With tongue a expanded till tbey scarce
could talk. .
And heelers, flush with eush of candidate,
To  drink   with   them   lhe red-nosed
rounders press,
And in their slangy eloquence dilate
Upon Ihe ballot's guarded sueredness
And ask the hummeis to do all they can
To land their pure, uuspotted, honest man
The night creeps on, the hack men at (he
Their sleep banked eyes with chilly fin-
gere rub,
Then speed away with rattling wheels to
The men with tangled legs home from
the club:
The tired barkeeps close and lock   tin lr
The bums themselves to ten-cent beds
The weary cop in darkened hallway snores
And dreams of clues he sees not w hen
The wicked town relinquisheB its sins
To catch a nap before the day   begins.
•    —Denver Post.
♦m* Hotel.
Dated ibis Hth day of November, 1000,
y 3. M. M0GKE60A.
1 ■ "   '  ' m*****s**»m*_______■_______«WH^VH__S«^>.*S___^BIS_MW w*.
NOTICE:—"Sr. Hki.kna" and "Tnov"
Mineral Claims; (.itiiuio in tlio Slocun
Mining Division of West Kootenav
Whero located:—On Four Mile creek,
relpcailous of the "Fisher Maiden" snd
Take, tioiieo that I, N. F. Townsend.
acting us iiirent for the Fisher Maideo
Consolidated Mining A Smelting Coin-
puny. Free Miner's Certificate No.
n41153, iiitend sixty days from thedate
hereof, to apply to the'Mining Recorder
for n Certificate ol Im imn-cments, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grunt of the
above claims.
And further lake   notiee that action
under section 37,   must  be commenced
before the issuance of such   Certificate of
Dated this 1st day of October, 1900.
N. F. Tow.nbkmo.
24|lH0a. '
.  .   ,,,   I? NOW KK-OIM'VI'.D UNDER THK I'I'RSON'AI fr
'■'".'■' Cl I. UGI-. Ol-        .'   ......    . '   '"
,  P A T,   0 lt I F F I N.	
i^lrkt-oloss*        aeoommodation
for The    i^titolio.
SiLVERTON,  ....       .      ....'    B 0
Nipp—My wife worried all last week
for fear I should die.
Tuck—Were you sick ?
Nipp—No, but my life insurance
policy ran ont it waa several days before I
got it renewed.
"Where is Miss Specie lately?" "She
has gone to South Dakota lo qualify for
a divorce " "A divorce? Why, sho isn't
married." "No, but she expects lo bo,
and she does not want to waate time after she Ib munied."
To bos Kruokb, or to any person or
persons to whom he may have transferred
bis interests in lhe following Mineral
Claims.Congo No. 2, Commander and
Iliisiol on Ked Moniain, nenr Silverton
B. 0., Slocan Mining Division.
You ure hereby notified ihst I have
expended three hundred dollars (*300)
in labor and Improvements upon the
rtliovo mentioned .> inerul Claims in
order lo hold said mineral claims under
provisions of Ilia Mineral Act and if
within ninety days from the date of this
notice yon fail or refuse tn contribute
your proportion of said expenditure
loaether with ull costs of advertising,
>our inleresip in (aid claims will become
toe propeny of tho subscriber under
Stcliqn 4. of uti Act to Amend the
Mineral Act 1000.
KltANK L.   l,.J2*1
Duted this26th. day of December 1900.1
Joo  F*ri_o.tin^
\l\rill   Bo   Promptly   attended
To   By
•••      PROMPTLY DON©.
Stock ahd Cubtomb Brokkk,
Real Ebtatk ahd Uenkkai.
Bakkk St.,   -   -   NEL80N, B. O
j.m. McGregor
-   -   - GERMAN -   -
For Sale at All Druggists.


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