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The Silvertonian 1901-06-01

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ROUS,       tnSBS,     HOOKS,     FT.IKS,    LANtlNG
NETS,     FISH     BASKETS. fc. Ik. io.
We     I,,\_a.r3____.is____i.    Every.
tlaixxg: _B-u.t TDae 3Tisl3..
Fonr Milo Crotk Ihruitencd The
Town—Dan2.1T is Past.
Wn«     Freely ,
Uutid   l_.flf.-i_l.
L'aed     Willi
Ever3rt]_airLgr    rrom   ***$>**
See to a XjarwrL rncwer,
IleadqnarliTs  In   Silvcrfun, W.V.
The principal  event  here during the
GARDENING IS LUCRATIVE, HEALTHY AND   FASHIONABLE, j week  ljaa  k.en  u ^,(| ,J(,lweeil „„.
raging waters of Four Mile cicek and
our citizens, winch resulted In'a victory
tor the ciiisuns and tlie town is now safe
Irom being flooded for at least another
year. Om week ugo the enow in the
higher hills began u.cltin_; rapidly and
the waters of Four Mile creek, wliuh
par«nes through the townsite, sonu
became a raging flood tilled with driit-
'.vmnl and threatening to hap ils banks
and wipe out the-business portion of the
town, Volunteers from among our
citizens were .found in plenty to clean
out the Xoi jams and confute the water
within its banks For nearly a ween
the light raged and sevi-r.il times lhe
creek Jammed full of logs in spite of the
efforts made to keep ii clear. Then
dynamite' was brought into play and
half cues ot 60% were shoved into the
jams and exploded, tearing the jams
apart, smashing logs three foot through
like matches anil hurling chunks oi
driftwood hundreds of feet into the air.
rills use ot dynamite in tl.e hands ol
skilled men alone saved the town from
a disastrous Quod. At ore time the
main bridgc.ucross the Stream appeared
to be doomed as the crib j.ng tliat protects it was tapi.liy li.'ir..; underlined by
Ihe Water and earrie.l away. A government crew at this critical stage came
to the help of our citizens ami did got d
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New;r)_iiiver, CuMwte City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
*¥      c^eHOTEL.
•    s l L V E It T 0 N     11.   C.
:-:   JAS.    BOWES    Proprietor.   :•:
SffiAtig-.. Styles
Many to
irom, at
Tailor alxop,
work towards saving tiie bridge,
day night the weather inrtied cooler
causing the sir w to melt leu rapidly and
tho waters of the creek have fallen so
tlittt no fear may now !,♦ .tit of a 11 jod.
Tlie lake hero has risen over eijjht leel
above low water mark and has already
Uiasted the highest of water reachtkl last
I year   ami  bids  lair   10 lise tt least two
; feet higher,
Silverton, thanks to the efforts of some
; of ber citizens, has been more fortunate
than most ot the lake towns as we have
escaped without any damage to the
town and wiih only the loss uf portions
ol the Four Milo wagon road above lite
canyon. While S.mduii has received
considerable damage) New Denver has
her uew luidge h.idly warped ami
S.oe.iu is still threatened With a Hood.
OOCOC0003000I oooooc        ^
The Ruth mine is expected to start up
at once
Neil Mclnnis is now the chief of the
Saudou police force.
Prospectors  nre   noiv   setting    their
packs   ready   and   preparing ior acam
paign in the high hills.
The I'ayno Mining Company will erect
a mill for the concentrating of tlio ore
from the Maid of Erin claim. The present dumps ure also expected to furnish a
two years' run for the mill.
As soon as the season will permit of
sup; lieB being packed up to the IIooiloo
caiiii, 00 the head waters of Lemon
creek, work will be actively resumed
there. .1. M. DI. Benedum, of Silverton
is developing the claim for Virginia cap-
italista and has every expectation ot having a mine there.
„. _____ .,..
Dominiclc.Salk has gone up to the
Congo Group, ou Red Mountain, where
no will do considerable work upon that
property for, the o*vners. The Congo js
oue of the ipoil promising properties in
that section ol our camp, lt is a true
fissure vein from eight to ten fegt wide,
lying high up ou the side of Red Mountain nml carries good values in both gold
and copper, The lack of transportation
uns greatly retarded the di velopinenl o'
this as well as Other properties In that
neighborhood ami il the Government
keeps Its promise to build the Red
Mduntula w.-g)ti road there will be
considerable developme ut work doue in
that Bcctiou this season.
Still Playing The Came.
The Sew Denver Ledge uses considerable space this -veck explaining "the
treatment received at Silverton" by the
New Denver baseball (layers, and calls
the pame -i "cooki li" one. Considering
thai Cook, Iho visitors' pitcher, was bit
fer nine rims in one innings the Ledge
is probably correct. The Silveiton nine
di.l not win the (tamothrough Itsalledged
ringers, as the visitors male 14 tuns,
tniough to win if they bad been able to
p!,iy on the bases end in the field. Tliey
were badly beaten before Petty went into
Ihe  box, and  they  know if.   The New
Denver ball players take their beating | Pauper's Dream on Goat  Mountain,
like schoolboys.   Try to act like men.
Talking about trusts, the question
arises, aro they a good thing for Ihe
people or not? Opinions appear to he
badly divided on the snhject In this
Section the trust has proved a good thing
and has been the means of holding most
of our population here where they are
acquainted and can get trust; Without
trust most of us would have starved to
death. If n man won't trust in this
country be might, as well go out of
business for most of tl e business done is
on the trust plan. We trust in each
other; in God; in the country, aid
largely in luck. Yea, trust is a good
thing, if you are getting trusted.
A man came up to us tbe other day
and asKed us who was the sheriff cf this
county. Now a man who ipso innocent
as that has got no business nut in this
western country where dodging the
sheiift has become an exact science. Not
to know tho sheriff by sight is a crime
no old timer would be guilty of. Why a
sheriff is liable to be loaded with writs,
six-shooters, i xinelitiiitui papers and
kindred knick-knacks any of which
western men have an antipathy for and
will not remain in the same neighborhood with unless detained by force.
We went up lo exnfliine a quartz
prospect, the other day, so as to get ont a
boom addition of Tin; ?ii.vertonian, and
after crawling up snowslides, barking
onr thins and jarring down enou.h
slide-rock to macadamise all the roads in
Ontario wo Anally reached the difceovery
shaft of the bonanza. It was perched
upon the apex of an almost inaccessible
peak seven miles from no where, and
the enthusiastic owuer informed ns that
there were milti ms in it. We did not
contradict him as ne were alone and he
uns bigger than ns. We sat down on
the edge of llle bole to rest and feast our
e.ies on the thiity cents worth of mineral
in sight ami muse cn what the man in
the overalls with a three weeks beard on
his face would do with the million, when
be took it out of (he hole and bow
changed he would be by old age when be
got that million. Wc are safe back in
town now, handy to our shot mm snd
we don't earn If he thinks we think he
was lying about that, nlllion cr not.
Lack of spare tbis week compels ua
to leave out several important pieces of
mining news principal amongst whieh
are: The Con-Mock mill Is yet. closed
down; The.Alpha is still within sight of
town; Wakefield stock is not retting so
biNkly on the Loudon market us lormer-
lv; rim Galena Mines will start up who
lhe owners gets good and ready and Ihat
three sni'ks are now ready of the 7000
to:i   shipment   to be rent   out from tbe
Outside Parlltm De.dring Horses in Silviilon
<an  Have Them  Reserved Ry  Writing To—
t t t t t t
Thistle «m
a. P. Mcdonald,
 P A T.   Q R I K F 1 N.	
Flr_Ht«Closs       aooomniodatlon
for Ttie   i»iit>ito.
SiLVERTON, •      u °'
Shipments of ore fr.-im Sloran Lake for
the year 1890, totaled "078 Tons.
Shipments in  1900 totaled 4930 Tons.
The shipment   ol   ore   from   Slocan
[Jake points, up to and Including  the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1901.
From New Denver Tons.
Hartney :    140
Frotri Boson Lulling.
Bosun  240
From Silverton
Alpha   40
Hewett o"0
Emily Edith       40
From Enterprise Landing
Enterprise.....-     18J
From Twelve Milo Landing
V&M     L'i)
From slocan City
Arlington      l.r>0")
Two Friends  41)
Black Prince RH)
Bondholder     .rii>
Chapleau    15
Speculator     -0
Phooulx 2i)
Total 2980
Probably women invented skirts so
tbey could make their feet, look smaller
by having (lie heels of their shoes put
way up under their insteps.
There was probably n lot of scandal
before the Hood because the women
could trace Noah's family buck to Eve
ami nobody knew wiio Eve's father was.
There are three habits Ihat no amount
of treatment will ever cure a woman oi
when she once gets them: The garret
habit, the twin habit, and the bare-neck
photograph habit.
Reduced Rules East. On May Mist
and -I'ii- 8th Agents Canadian Pacific
Ily at Kootenay pom mon points will
Issue roiilid trip tickets to St. l'aul at
(60,03 gootl for sixty days with corresponding reductions to ull Eastern points
irom all Stations. For 1 un-American
Exhibition, Tickets will be sold June 4th
IStll, July Und, 18th and Aug tith and
20th to Buffalo st $70,007 Full particulars Irom local agents.
"Please look plcamnt," remarked the
Snap went the camera.
"And now,  ma'am,"  he continued,
"you   may    ro-iunio  your  natural  expression."
"To make herd water soft," wrote the
ceneral Information editor, "put boras
in it. To make soft water bard, freeze
Husiness   Man: "What is your name,
The English price for lead is C12 12s (1.1
Silver, 27b.il.   Copper, C70',.
New York, May 30—Bar811 ver,59Jfj
Lake copper,   if 17.00. Applicant: "Thomas k. K. K. Carter.'
Lead-' ho linn that fixes  the  selling      "What does the K. K. K ' stand for'.'"
prloe for miners andsmsltetiquotes lead I   "Nothing. The man who stood for me
at *}t :i7'.j at the close. I when I was eh listened stuttered,"
Thev wear their breeches in their boots
Ont West,
Their jewelry's the sort that shoots,
Out West.
The   men are toughs with lighting sand.
The women holy terrors, ami
The girls are fresh to beat the baud,
Out West.
There's lightning in the booze they dnnlc
Out West,
Tl.e friendly glass ihey never clink,
Out West,
Tbey fill it till it overflows
Ami raise it up beneath the nose,
And say "Here's how'." and down she
Out West.
The   preachers get their Sunday "tips,''
Out West,
In faro bank and poker chips,
Out West,
And Monday 'round the games they trot
And buck the tiger, like as not,
Out West.
Thu maidens all wear cowboy hats,
Out West,
Ami wear no corsets on their slats.
Out West,
And when a lover seems lo feel
Too shv to make the sweet appeal.
They pull  a gun and make him squeal,
Out West.
The  women vote the same as  men,
Out West,
Preach politics with voice   nnd  peu,
Out West,
And if a husband makes a play
To  take  that Stored right away
lie grows baldheadeil   in a dav,
Out West.
And yet we love tho«e'atty cranks,
Out West.
Wc got the gold to till our banks,
Out West,
They  dig  it up in every yard,
And that is why we try so hard
To hold them in our high  regard,
Ont West.
-James Barton Adams,, in penvir Posf NEWS OP THE WORLD IN BRIEF.
A Complete Review of the Events ol
the l'aat Week—In Thia nnd Foreign 1-anda—Taken From the
Latest   Dispatches.
It has been definitely decided that
the president and his party will leave
San Francisco Saturday. They will
go direct to Washington, and no
stops will be made except those made
necessary by railroad arrangements.
Alaska may have a new governor
soon after President McKinley returns to Washington. Governor John
O. Brady's term expired this month,
and he Is now holding office through
that provision of the law which keeps
him till bis successor ls appointed.
The president and Secretary of
State Hay have been ln constant communication with Washington during
all their Journey west. Dispatches
from our foreign embassies have been
continually arriving, and the Chinese situation has received special attention.
The greatest flood ln the history of
Bllzabethtown, Tenn., swept through
there recently, drowning three persons and wiping out 62 dwellings. The
names of the victims are: Mrs.
Gregg, Mrs. Fllley and a negro named
Souchong. Others are missing and
nre believed to have been drowned.
The cadets dismissed from the
West Point military academy as the
result of the recent disturbances
there are: Henry L. Bolby, Nebraska; John A. Cleveland, Alabama;
Trangett F. Teller, New York; Raymond A. Lynton, Michigan; Blrchle
O. Mahaffoy, Texas. All these cadets
are of the second class.
The following cadets bave been
suspended: Olan Culeshire, Illinois; Benjamin F. McClellan, Mississippi; James A. Shannon, Minnesota;
Charles Telford, Utah, of the second
class; also Thomas N. dim poring of
Ohio and Henry Hawley of New York,
of the third class. These cadets are
suspended without pay until April 1,
Reports from Pekin are to the effect that Marshal von Waldersee has
Informed the Chinese his troops will
not leave Pekin until the court returns and he is himself received ln
imperial audience. The French have
withdrawn from the Shan-sl expedition and the English have refused to
take any part in lt.
Captain Frederick J. Barrows, Thirteenth volunteer Infantry, late depot
quartermaster of the department of
southern Luzon, who was charged with
embezzlement and selling government
property, to be dishonorably discharged and to undergo flve years' Imprisonment. Both Barrows and Boyer
will eventually be removed to Leavenworth prison, Kansas.
According to advices from Dawson
of May 16, by the steamer Cottage
City, the Yukon river at Dawson Is clear of Ice. On the afternoon of the 14th thousands of people were attracted to the river front
by the cracking Ice, which was heard
for miles. The scene was awe inspiring and business of the Klondike
metropolis was suspended. Ice accumulated ln the river above the city
to a considerable height and so great
became the pressure that the Ice In
front of the city gave way, and with
a roar and rush lt soon disappeared
and formed a large jam about a mile
below Dawson.
The United States revenue cutter
Orant has come off the rocks ln Soan-
ich sound.
The village of Esparagossa, province
of Badajos, has been almost destroyed
by a storm.   One woman was killed.
The wooden steamer Baltimore foundered recently ln Lake Huron near Au
Sable and 12 of her crew of 14 were
H. H. Spyer's shingle mill was
burned recently. Tbe fire started in
the holler room.' Loss, $20,000, fully
covered by Insurance.
-Marvin Hart of Louisville recently
knocked out Dan Creedon of Australia
ln the sixth round before the Southern
Athletic club of Louisville.
Thomas Morris Avery, founder of
the Elgin National Watch company,
died recently In Chicago, from a stroke
ot paralysis. tMr. Avery was past 62
years of age.
La Union, a large union soap factory
controlled by Serrano k Farjas and
owned by various stockholders of Tor-
reon, Mexico, and surrounding neighborhood, has been destroyed by fire.
Loss, $225,000.
A superior force of Boers made a
determined tatack on a convoy between
Ventersdorp and Potschefstroom, May
26, but were driven off. British loss
was four killed and 30 wounded. The
convoy arrived In safety.
Governor Aycock of Raleigh, N. C,
says the flood damage In the state
amounts to several million dollars.
Last night's rainfall was very heavy
and more rain ls falling. AU streams
ln that section are rising.
At Key West, Fla., as the result of
an unexplained tragedy at a cottage occupied by the D'Ormt- J-Fuller company, a dramatic organization. Miss
Ines Leonard and T. Edgar Bauclelgh,
two members of the company, are dead.
Another material cut In Alaska passenger rates has been made by the Pacific Coast Steamship company, which
advertised and placarded first class
tickets to Juneau and Lynn canal ports
for $5. It provides also a round trip
voyage betw "n Seattle and Alaska for
Alexander McKenzie. the Nome mine
receiver, who was sentenced to a year
In the county Jail at Oakland, Cal., for
contempt of court but whose sentence
was commuted, was taken from the jail
to a private sanitarium, where he will
remain, he says, until he completely t
recovers his health and strength.
The team of American trap shooters
selected to represent the United States
ln the match with the British experts
for S2500 a side at the Middlesex Oun
Club's grounds near London, on June
11 and following days, have sailed for
Liverpool on hoard the steamer Canadian.
The multiplex system of telegraphy,
Invented by the late Professor Henry
M. Rowland, of Baltimore, which Is being Introduced into Germany, permits
of the transmission of eight messages
simultaneously over a single wire, four
in each direction, at the rate of 40
words a minute. The messages are
sent by means of a keyboard similar
to that of a typewriter, which can be
operated by an ordinary typewriter operator and are recorded at the other
end of the wire by a small machine.
It is possible either to print the messages upon a sheet of paper or upon a
long tape like that which ls used in the
ordinary ticker service.
At. Albany, N. Y., electric cars racing for a switch while running ln opposite directions at the rate of 40 miles
an hour, caused the loss of flve lives
Sunday afternoon by a collision In
which over 40 prominent people were
Injured, some fatally and others seriously. The dead are: Frank Smith,
motorman; William Nichols, motor-
man; Maud Kellogg, Round Lake; Annie Rooney, Stuyvesant Falls; David
Mahoney, mate on the Dean Richmond.
Fatally injured: George Barry, Troy,
hurt Internally; Fred Smith, Albany,
Injured Internally. The scene of the
senger rates has been made by the Pa-
accident was at a point about two miles
out of Greenbush, on the line of tho
Albany & Hudson railway.
Sew Creed.
Philadelphia, May 20.—The Pre^iyterian
general assembly lias taken another step toward revising the confession of faith by rejecting the minority report which had been
offered aa a substitute amendment for the
majority report. The vote was 271 to 234.
Tlie recommendation is as follows:
"We recommend that a committee bc instructed to prepare a brief summary of the
reformed faith, bearing the same relation to
the confession which the shorter catechism
bears to the larger catechism, and formed
on the general model of the consensus creed
prepared for the general assembly of 18(12
or the articles of faith of the Presbyterian
church of Kngland, both of which documents are appended to the committee's report and submitted to the assembly to Ih-
referred to the committee appointed."
With the consent of the utweinbly the motion waa changed so that the vote was
taken.on the question of striking out the
recommendation from the majority report
stead of accepting the minority report aH
a substitute. During the discussion ,.i' the
subject Moderator Minimi gave the gavel
to Vice Moderator Pitcalrn while he addressed the commissioners in favor of the
Dreaa Saved Her Life.
Philadelphia, May 20.—A sensational attempt at murder and suicide took place at
a hotel here when John A. Jenkins of
llronklyn attempted to kill a young woman
named Mae llniher of this city and then
blew his bruins out while in the grasp of a
patrolman. Just at midnight a policeman
heard a scream from a window on the
fourth floor and saw a woman hanging
from the window by her dress. The officer
ruxlteii up the stairs and met a man hurrying down. 'He grasped the man, who suddenly drew a revolver and blew out his
own brains. The woman was rescued from
perilous position and gave her name as Mae
H»iber. She said she and Jenkins hml
taken a room, and Jenkins had declared his
intention of killing her and himself, and at
the point of a revolver had forced her to
write a farewell note. Watching her opportunity, she had sprung fiom the window
and her dress caught and held her fast.
Dowie Warned.
Chicago, May 20.—With the grand jury,
the state hoard of health antl city health
department closing iu, dilliculties are arising to threaten Dr. J. Alexander Dowie.
Formal notice has been served on the Zion
bank, of which Dowie is head and front,
that after next Thursday, unless unlocked
for arrangements lie in,nie, its business will
nut be handled through the Chicago clearing house. Warning to this effect was entered by the Commercial National hank,
through which Institution the Dowie bank
has made its clearings.
Killed a Hoy.
San Francisco, May 20.—K, 0. Ilislop, a
13 year old boy, was murdered, presumably
by burglars, in his home on llaiglil street.
The boy was at home alone during the absence of his parents. When his mother returned she found him lying in bed unconscious. His head had been beaten into a
pulp by a 'blunt instrument. He died in a
few minutes. The house had every appearance of having been ransacked hy
Major lim l» la Innoi'i'nl,
Washington, May 2fl.—The reports received at the war deportment concerning
the commissary affairs at Manila make it
plain that 'Major Davis had no connection
or cognizance of the irregularities which
were developed. It is stated that there haa
been DO time when (Ieneral MacArthur or
the olllcers making the investigat ion desired lite presence of Major Davis, as his
record was dear.
Can Make the Journey Safely—Im-
menae Crowda limbered tu See the
Party Depart—No Formal Cere-
m.nii.n at Depot.
San Francisco, May 26.—The presidential party, after a sojourn of
nearly two weeks In this city, left for
Washington a few minutes after 10
o'clock this morning. The physicians
In attendance on Mrs. McKinley held
their last consultation, and after they
had announced their decision that
Mrs. McKinley was strong enough to
endure the transcontinental Journey,
preparations for the departure were
rapidly made. Mrs. McKinley seemed
elated at the prospect of scon being
at home. She was conveyed from tho
Scott residence to the Oakland ferry
In a closed carriage over a circuitous
route, which was chosen so that the
Invalid might pass over only smoothly
paved Btreets, the jarring basalt
blocks which are laid on many streets
being avoided. She was accompanied
by the president, Dr. Rixey and a
trained nurse, the rest of the party
proceeding to the starting point In a
more direct way.
An Immense crowd had assembled
at the ferry depot of the Southern
Pacific, the wide expanse afforded by
the junction of Market and East
streets being a solid mass of humanity, through which the police with dli-
Acuity kept open a passageway for
the president and his party. Heads
were uncovered as the carriage in
which Mrs. McKinley rode approached, and there was a visible effort to refrain from an outburst of
applause as the vehicle, with drawn
curtains, drove slowly through the
throng. All respected the frail condition of the sufferer and enthusiasm
was suppressed.
There were no formal cernioniei at
the depot. Goodbyes were exchanged
h>; the president, cabinet members
and other members of the party with
the friends who had come to wish
them God speed, and the distinguished
travelers boarded the ferryboat Oakland, which made a special trip for
their accommodation. The carriage
containing Mrs. McKinley was driven
onto the lower deck of the boat and
the curtains partly raised, so that she
might catch a glimpse of the bay and
Golden Gate.
As the steamer drew out of the slip
hats and handkerchiefs were waved,
and as It swung clear Into the stream
the shipping craft In the harbor dipped
their colors In salute. Tumultuous
cheers then broke forth on shore and
were borne across the waters as San
Francisco's final farewell to President
McKinley, his wife and the accompanying members of his official family.
At the Oakland mole, where the
train was In readiness, precautions
had been taken to prevent a crowd.
The Inclosure was carefully roped off.
Mrs. McKinley was tenderly helped,
out of the carriage by the presided,
and when she had been made comfortable in her car he appeared upon
the platform and waved adieu to the
throngs beyond the rope^i.
Colfax, Cal.—After leaving Sacramento the president's train ascended
the Sierra Nevada mountains, rounding the snowcovered peak of Cape
Horn just before dark. There were nn
incidents of the trip during the afternoon. The train is due to reach Og-
den tomorrow evening ai. (i:30 p. in.
liner i mo inn minx on Move.
Middelshurg, Transvaal Colony, May 20.
—The commandos of Kritainger, Van Rcc-
nan and Fouche debouched yesterday before
dawn and crossed the railroad. They darted
southward, raiding the more populous districts of Cape Colony. Fouche's command
has neen resting many weeks in the mountains,
Carnegie'* Glftt
London, May 28.—"We trust in Scottish pride to rise ln its wrath against
this Invasion of the almighty dollar,"
says the Review of last week, commenting upon Andrew Carnegie's munificence to Scotland university.
"Many of the oldest and best families In Scotland," continues the periodical, "send their sons to Scottish
universities where they pay the fee",,
like the sons of their humblest neighbors, neither more nor less. It Is to
be believed that this will continue If
the fees are paid for them by Mr.
Carnegie. Imagine the duke of Hamilton, Cameron or Lochiel or McDonald of the Isles allowing his heir to
get education at tho cost of an American ironmonger. We shall next hear
of some Chicago porkpacker proposing to buy up Oxford and Cambridge
and dictating terms ot admissions and
the subjects to be taught, or of Boss
Croker forming a combination to control ■ university on Tammany principles ln the mind of the rising generation of cockneys."
The 8t. James Gazette In an editorial headed "The Anglo-Saxon Millenium," commenting on a pessimist's
proposal that "Yankee Doodle" be
made the national anthem; that the
American language be made compulsory ln the schools and that the coronation of J. Plerpont Morgan he arranged for June or July next, says:
"But there Is a bright side of the
Americanization of this Insignificant country. It ought to make
war Impossible. How can the
patriotic American suffer from
Anglophobia when he loves England so much that he wants to be her
owner? How could he sink merchant
ships In which his own money ls Invested? War would ruin his Industrial
enterpi \\n. stage, press and locomotive companies, philanthropic
schemes, aristocracy, race riding—In
fact everything except our agriculture
which has ceased to exist."
No other article used in the domestic
economy of the household has so many
enthusiastic friends among the housekeepers of America*
No other article of food has received
such emphatic commendation for purity
and wholesomeness from the most eminent authorities.
The great popularity and general
use of the Royal Baking Powder
attest its superiority.
The " Royal Baker and Pantry
Cook "—containing over 800 most
practical and valuable cooking receipt!—free to every patron. Send
postal caid with your lull address.
Avoid the Imitation powders. They
are sold cheap because lliey nut
made from alum. But alum is .1
poison dangtrOOl to use in food
Imposnnllile to Stop — Explosion Followed—No I.I\-f a Lout — Train Completely Wrecked—Engineer and Fireman Remained nt Their Poati.
Everett, Wash., May 27.—Special
from Skykomlsh. Wash.:
A frightful accident occurred on the
line of the Great Northern railway,
which resulted In the demolition of an
engine, almost half a train of loaded
merchandise cars and a large steam
shovel. That no one was Instantly
killed is regarded as little less than a
Westbound freight train No. IS passed through the big tunnel shortly after
noon and was speeding along down thc
rugged western slopes of the Cascades
and had reached a point about four
miles east of Skykomlsh, when suddenly a loaded push car came Into
Engineer John McOhonrly, whr was
ln charge of the forward end of No. l.r>.
made every possible effort to check his
engine, but the momentum waa too
great. When within a few feet of the
then deserted push car he and his fireman were horrified to see can after can
of giant powder piled high on top of
the car. It was too late to even think
of jumping and the two heroically stood
their ground.
A second later and the pilot crashed
into the push car. Explosion after explosion rapidly followed, each succeeding one being more terrific, If possible,
until finally, when the smoke had
cleared, the awfnlness of the havoc
created was realized.
The engine was literally torn to fragments, her boiler raised clear of all
other parts, while her great trucks
were hurled up the steep mountain
side for a considerable distance. The
steam shovel, which stood on a siding
nearby, was torn to splinters and will
be fit for nothing but scrap.
About 75 yards from the scene of the
terrible explosion stood the shack of
the track walker. It, also, was utterly
demolished, but, strange to say, the
track walker himself, who was ln the
shack, was but slightly scratched.
Loads of merchandise of various kinds
are scattered promiscuously ln all directions. A hole sufficiently large to
bury a locomotive In was torn In the
Engineer McOhonrly was severely Injured about the head and otherwise
bruised up as a result of the concussion. He was put aboard a special
train nnd taken to a hospital at Everett. The fireman was also badly
bruised, but not seriously Injured. No
one else was hurt
A Clerk In it IHInniiBpollit Drjr GoedsStort
Telia How Him Iterniite Able to -Perform Her Duties Easily.
From the. Minneapolis Journal.
Have you ever stopped to think that
the position of a saleswoman in a
large dry goods store i.s a particularly
trying one? Working lung hours, lieing compelled to stand most of the
time, nnd being expected to look
pleasant regardless ol suffering whioh
she may be enduring, is it any wonder
thut weak, nervous women find it impossible to follow this occupation?
Everyone will be interested in the experience nf Miss Nellie M. Tonilinsun
nf IH Is Minnehaha avenue, Minneapolis, Minn., who is 11 clerk in une
of the large dry goods stores of that
city.    She snys:
"When I was eight years of age I
bad tbe scarlet fever nnd it left me
with weak kidneys and a complication
of diseases. I was nervous and finally
became so bad tbnt I left school mnl
ditl not go for 1111 entire term. I hud
headache all the time and was too irritable to talk with any one. The
leikst exeiteiiiiit seemed to make my
heart   Hotter   nnd   a   fainting  spell
would follow.   At times I became bu
dizzy tbat 1 WOUld bave to sit down
until the feeling passed invay. My
blood seemed to bave turned to water
nnd I bad no color whatever in my
face. I was a mere skeleton and hnd
to lie down several times during the
day. I lhid one of tbe best physicians
in the city but he did not help me.
"My parents read aliout Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People in
one of our city papers and thought it
would lie wise for me to give them a
trial. I Iieguii to get better when I
bad taken the first box and by the
time 1 bad used two and 11 half boxes
I was cured. I can |ierforiii with ease
my duties as clerk in a dry goods
store. I was never so well as I am
tixlay and it is all due to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People."
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 2(ith day of December, 11)00.
Bi M. Thompson,
Seal Notary Public.
At all druggists or direct from I'r.
Williams Medicine Co., Schenectady,
N. Y. Price M) cents per box; 6
boxes, $S.fi0.
Are lntlil. il to Milium-.
Washington, May 21).- -The comptroller
nf the treasury lias decided tbat  United
States Senators Bats and Tillman having
been summoned to tbis city as witnesses nn
behalf of the United Stales in the ease of
the United States against CulJenj nre entitled tn the usual mileage and -witiicsH fees
provided by law, and that the law as In tlie
clerks and officers of the United stntes
whieh provides Unit ill such,'eases they shall
nut Ihi iilliiwcd mileage, din's tint apply to
United Stntes senators.
The total number of copies of newspapers printed throughout tho world
ln one year Is estimated at 12.000,"
000,000. To print these requires 7S1,-
200 tons of paper.
The man whn has never written a foot-
Islt love letter has not yet tuken all the
Minimi  Iln* iiIk  Coal Oiillonii.
Toledo, Ohio, May 27.—M. A. Ilmin.i k
Co, have secured options on almost the entire Masslllon oosJ district. The output of
the properties included in the deal amounts.
to over 1.000,000 tons per year. As the
land is largely upon the Wheeling railroad
it is thought that, the deal is part uf Hit-
one by which flenrgv J. Gould secured control of the Wheeling.
For $12 we sell otic of tho finest -1x5
cameras mado.      Equipped   with  till
Improvements, Send for full description, At dealers, or Kirk, Geury &
Co., 330 Sutter St., San Francisoo,Cal.
Aguinaldo will probably come to tlio
United States early next fall. He has
already Informed Oeneral MncArtliuf
of his desire to visit tbla country ami
•wants to leave not later than September 15, when conditions In the Islands will permit his unconditional release from custody. Reports from
MacArthur show that Aguinaldo It
now permitted to have a large amount
of liberty, but until civil government
Is Inaugurated It is not probable that
he will be allowed to have perfi'ct
Take l-axntlvo Bromo Qulnlno Tablet*.  *J
ilriiKKlatR refund thomonuy tl it ialla to cure.
K. VV. drove's Jlgnatarn It 1111 ench box,   «*■
Girls, If singleness Is bliss 'tis folly
to be wives.
The fools that rush In where angels
fear to tread are lucky If they »'•
able to crawl out again. I
uai*of*U one
>l rked by failure of appetite, lost, ol
vilality, that tired feellngj bilious
tin ns. dull lii-aihicbes, Indigestion and
0|,; i- stoliinell ll'oiibles, as well us by
pimples, blotches, boils and other
in jitions, ure till referable to nn im.
pn i> or impoverished condition of the
li   id.
ftocd's Sarsaparilla
(nil-eis ull those conditions — it's
Lie ini-ilii-iiie that iiiukes the blood
ptii'O and rich— the pi'tulini- tonic
tlmi. streivgthons every wetik function
mill builds up the whole ity ft tem,
" U'c think there Is no medicine that can
ti|i'..l lliio'ls Siirsiipiirlllu. It has etiretl
nn if rheumatism and relieved my bus-
bun.I of catarrh. I have tried It for boilH
mnl have found It One. When we have
iii.' tired feeling we Inks Flood's and In a
Fifii ti tlie trouble is gone."   Mas. J.A,
|- i IH   Sl<T|,-li.i|, ((tl.
" "i.
Some of the scales for weighing diamonds are so accurately adjusted that
a speck of dust or an eyelash will
affect the balanco.
With its issue of April 18th The
Youth's Companion entered upon its
75th year.
To commemorate this anniversary,
the publishers prepared a richly printed souvenir illustrating the growth of
the nut inn and of The Youth's Companion since the yenr The Companion
was founded, 1827. Perhaps the most
significant features of the souvenir
arc its three ninps. Thc first t . ws
thu smnll section of the continent..occupied by the United States of 1827,
when The Companion began life with
practically no subscribers, Another
shows the system of railways which
cover the United States in 1901, an
Aggregate of 187,781 miles, The
Youth's Companion traversing every
mile of this system onceu week. The
third map shows the number ef sub-
fcriliers to The Youth's Companion
in every state of the union in 1901,
the paper being delivered every week
to 515,342 American homes.
In Europe 10 out of evry 1000 per-
stins are living out of their own country, in America 187 out of every 1000,
while 300 out of every 1000 Australians were born in some other part of
tin- world.
fino HOWARD mino.
Tlti» r.-flil.i r»r thin pupi'i- will lie ploriBPil In
'■mi lltal thi-rr- Is nt M_UI WW drift-led <ll*-
eat* Hint mlence linn been tbla to nip- In till
ll- stiiKi'S. mill (tin! In I'liturrll. Ef&ll'l '''-
turli Cura Is iln- only paelttva ours kii'iwn to
di* in.-.it. :,t  fraternity.   I'ttiinh being ti eon*
Itut |..-,:,l     111.4,'HH.'.     ri'qillri'H     a     t'liIlMlltlltliillHl
tn aiini-nt. IIhU'i, Catarrh Cora la taken In-
t'rntilly. aetlng illreelly u|mn tin- IiI-m.,1 tin.I
mttooui  tutte/o&t .»r  lbs  -_yttein,   thereby  A*.
siinyiiiK tlm foundation nf Hi*' illseuNiv nml Klv-
lni< the iiHtleitt strenKlti try luill'llns np Hi a-
i.i iitli.tl nnd inmlHlltiK liHture In ■-••Ihk Ita w rk
The proprlStoni have an much lallh 111 Uh ,-iiim-
lltra lami-rs Uml they "ff>r Ont Hundred Dot-
Inm for any out tliat It rails to cure. Ken I
.ur Hut or testimonial!.    Aililritui
K.  .1    I'HKSI-.Y  A  CO.,  T.lelO,   O.
Bold hy ilriiKklsts. 75c.
Hull's riinitly   I'llls are Hie hist.
The large stock of California raisins
Is so large that growers talk of building a distillery to absorb the yearly
surplus hereafter.
Thit ilfnitture It on etery box ol the geniiin.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine t»m«u
•A. remedy that ear** * cold la oh day
Milan, In Italy, will soon have a
"RowtOU house" in which t.00 persons
ean get clean bods in well ventilated
rums for seven cents a night.
Thinking of buying a camera? If
so, send for our 1901 catalog contain*
ing fully illustrated description of
every camera untile. Kirk, Geary ife
Co., 330 Sutter St., San Francisco,Cal.
The population of northern China
Is almostly completely vegetarlon, the
chief articles of food being millet, rice,
maize, potatoes and  turnips.
Wrltt to NATHAN |-T2.1XO«~*A ^
HltKniKU. Wmhlnaton, 0. C. tbey will ro-
i-elvti quick rejilleii. II. Mb N. II  Vols. Staff
'.'"Hi i tu ps.   Protooutlng datum ilnco 1878.
The Apaches have three different
Kinds of violins, each having but one
string and  played with a small bow.
CITO Permaneiitlr Cured. No Mi or nenrouniiw
ll IO ■.ftpr flmtilnr'niltnorilr. Kllae'u Uraat Nenra
ll.«t.ir,r. Send for FKBK t'i.00 trial Im ll.' __u.l treat-
Im. IlE.tl.lt RLlN«.l_(d..ll.1l Ari-liSt.,l'lil.aiW|.hls.l'a.
Flattery Is the nonsense ladled out
lo people by those who have gold
bricks for sale.
1'i.nNiiiii.  I'liiiiiiiiiic  Potent,
Unity lo tiny, etisy to lake, easy In netlnn,
i-nsy In results f'asearel Canity r'athnrt'e. Iiloal
liver remtialor anil Inlesllnal ton to. All ilrug-
Ulsts. 10c, __[._•, Wa
Procrastination may be the thief
of time, but thero are many watch
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnslow's Sooth.
• ng Syrii|i the best, remedy to use for their
Ohlldreii during ilie teething period.
The Paraguay river, so called from
the republic of the same name on Its
I'tnilis, Is 1X00 miles In length. Al
points In Its lower course lt.ls from
live to 15 milo wide.
I "m snro Plan'i Cure for Consumption wived
n|v life three years ago.--Mra. Thos. HoMilna,
Maple atrett, Norwich, N. Y., Feb. 17, 1900.
W« iret three ahncks nt a shucking piny—
the piny Itself, the people wc sue there,
"iul the people who see ua thai*—Chicago
Help for Women
Who Are Always Tired.
" I do not feel very well, I am ao
tired all the time."
You hear these words every day; as
oft"n as you meet your friends just so
otten are these words repeated. More
than likely you speak the sume signifi-
cent words yourself, and no doubt you
do feel far from well most of the time
Mrs. Ella Ulce, of Chelsea, Wis.,
whose portrait we publish, writes that
she Buffered for two years with bear
tap-down pains, headache, backache,
and had all kinds of . jiserable feelings,
Mat. r.i.t.A Rica
all of which was caused by falling and
Inflammation of the worrib, und after
doctoring with physicians and numerous medicines she was entirely cured by
Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
If ;;ou are troubled with pains,
fainting spells, depression of spirits,
reluctance to go anywhere, headache,
backache, and always tired, please remember that there is un absolute
remedy whicli will relieve you of your
suffering as it did Mrs. Rice. Proof
ls monumental that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is the
greatest medicine for suffering women.
liniiiiiiiiM Will Heiieli Hundred* of
'I'IkiiinuiiiIn uf Dollars—Telegraph
Miles Down—Fruit Damtaed-
llnllwain Covered   Willi  Sand.
lions a Rrectetl In I- inilustlc Shapes bv
Kccentrlc Dutchmen.
One of the curious things to attract
the attention of visitors to Holland Is
the leaning of a great majority of tho
houses. To see Certain parts of Rotterdam and Amsterdam It would seem as
though there were no houses there
Mantling straight and that great mini-
jers of them must collapse, Iu buildings side by side some will lean for-
wurtl, Minn, backward and others side-
wise. Their old cracked walls suggest
thut It is the result of age, while, of
course, it is principally due to the soft,
wet ground ou which tbey ure con'
There tire, however, ninny buildings
iu thete cities which were originally
and unmistakably built out of the
straight Foi Instance, not far from
the Hotel Vleux-Doelen, where the delegates to the pi-ace conference stayed,
there is nil extension being built to one
of the churches, und, although the
wulls are uot yet completed, they lean
outward more than twelve Inches.
Another Instance of this is found in
some of the corner houses, whose walls
leuu out over each street. In many
cases uew bouses are evidently put up
to match the houses alongside. Strangely enough, though, there are comparatively few Cases on record of collapse.
At Fninkfort-on-the-Malu, though, of
course, such construction ls not common ln Germany, there Is one street In
which two houses on opposite sides of
the street lean over so far that their
roofs meet. In oue of these houses
Lord Rothschild was born. In Paris,
on the other hand, lt Is noticeable that
the builders Intentionally construct the
houses so that they lean backward
slightly to add to their stability.
But almost In Ihe center of Paris
there Is one big stone building which
leans out fully three and one-half feet
over the sidewalk. So solid, however,
are the Paris buildings that this one Is
claimed to be safe.
Ths neat I'reacrlptlor for Malaria
Chills and Kevcr Is a bottle ot Grove's Tantelew
Chill Tunic. It is simply Iron and ipiinitic In
a tasteless form.   No Cure, No Pay.   Price fiOc
The more some people tell you th'_
less you remember. 	
Salt Lake, May 27.—The windstorm
which swept over Nevada, Utah,
Southern Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado recently did damage that will
run Into the hundreds of thousands
of dollars. It resulted In almost complete prostration of telegraph and telephone service ln the states affected,
and for nearly 24 hours during the
height of the storm the lntermountaln
legion was practically cut off from
the rest of the world.
The storm was severest In eastern
Nevada and Utah and ln the fertile
valleys in the northern part of Utah
Widespread devastation resulted. When
the storm wus at its height last night
the wind at some points reached a
velocity of 50 miles an hour.
At ugden the storm was felt worst.
Here the wind tore roofs from a number of buildings, including the Baptist church, completely demolishing
barns nnd outbulluings and scattered
them far and wide, uprooted many
shade trees and tore other to pieces,
blew ln plate glass windows in busl-
nes blocks and prostrated electric
light wires, so that after midnight
the city was in darkness. The damage In Ogden probably will reach
? 100.000.
Klve Points. Logan, Smlthfleld,
Hooper and other places the damage
was very great. Hundreds of fruit
trees were completely stripped. The
force -of the wind was so terrific
around Logan and Hooper that tomato vines were swept entirely from
fields. It Is estimated that fully half
of the crop was destroyed. Around
Hooper the sweep of the wind blew
away the plowed ground to the full
depth that the plows had entered the
earth, rendering the land practically
useless. Along the north shore of
Great Salt lake the wind practically
picked up the dry sand in great quantities and hurled it across the country
with terrific force, half burying the
railroad tracks for miles.
Conrnj- Hun Derby.
New York. May 26.—James R. Keene's
Coiiruy, the first 3 year old to win a Brooklyn handicap, cantered home a winner at
the Gmvesend race (rack With odds of i to
1   against   hhn.   Herbert   finished   Second,
with Standing In third position. The favorite. Ranastar, was away back in the race,
unable to got np liis speed in the heavy
tro-inr. A mure disagreeable day for the
Brooklyn handicap could nol have been imagined. The h_j» event was pulled off in
i driving rain.
i\ innii 11..-  output.
Seattle. May 2(1.—Among the jiasscngers
who s.iil on the Cottage City is T. P.
I.ippv, the Klondike millionaire. This is
Mr. I.ippy's annual trip to bring out his
yen's cleanup, lie said thnt the total output from the Klondike rtigion for this year
uuild probably bc nbout $30,000,000. '
Mury   i:ilen   l.enae   Dankrnpt.
New York, May 21.—Mary Kllen Lease
filed a petition in bankruptcy in the United
Stales district court. The liabilities are
13247; assets. $*>!.:). Much of the indebtedness was Incurred ns endorser on mortgages given hy her husband, C. L. Lease.
Printing Without Ink.
A company tins been formed to control
the process of printing without ink, ant.', in
B     snort    time   it   is 'ejkpecied   that   olfl
methods Will be revolutionised.   There is
ne lltitiK, however, Unit has resisted all in-
iiovatlons; thai is, Hostettler'i Btomaofa
r.itiers. It is a wonderful msdloiiiefoi dyspepsia, Indigestion, blliouiness, insomnia, constipation and nervousness. It ni>;ii
prevents malaria, fever and ague. Try ir
unl vou will noi lie disappointed.
Russia kills 3,000,000 ermines, 15,-
OiiO.OtiO marmots and 25,000,000 squirrels In a year.
nitTercnce  of taste In Jokes la a great
strain on astonishment.
Rheumatism is due to an excess of ncid In the
blood. When this escapes through the pores of the
skin, as it often does, it produces some form of skin
eruption —some itching disease like Kczcnia or
Tetter —but when these little tubes or sweat glands
are suddenly closed by exposure to cold nnd sudden
chilling of thc body, then the poisons thrown off by pi
the blood, finding no outlet, settle in membranes, *
muscles, tissues and nerves. These parts become greatly inflamed, feverish and
hot' dacKer-like, maddening pains follow in quick succession, the muscles become
extremely tender, the nerves break down and the sufferer is soon reduced to a state
of helplessness nnd misery. This ncid poison penetrates the joints and seems to
drv out the natural oils, and the legs, amis and fingers become so stiff and sore
that every movement is attended with excruciating pains.
Liniments, plasters, electricity and baths, while their use may give temporary
ease cannot be called cures, for the disease returns with every change of the weather,
ease, swui g g g curejJ ju,eumatism by
"Three yeara ago I had a severe attack of working a complete change in
la erinpe, which lett me almost a phyaioal
wreck. To add to my wretched oonditlon, a
■evere form of Rheumatism developed. I
tried all the phyaioiane in our oity, but none
of them could do me any permanent good. I
iiaod aU the rheumatio euros I oould hear of,
but roceivod no benefit. After beginning S. S.
S I was relieved of the pains and have gained
in flosh and strength and my general health
is better than for years. I consider S- B. a.
the grandest blood medicine in the world,
and heartily recommend it to any one aeek-
lng relief from tbe tortures of Rheumatism,
ing reuei ir        GEEO0By  union, 8. 0."
the blood | Uie acids are neutralized, the circulation purified and
the rich, healthy blood that is
carried to the irritated, achinsr
muscles and joints, soothes ana
heals them. S. S. S. cures Rheumatism even when inherited or
brought on by the excessive use
of mercury. Opium, in some
form, is the basis of nearly all
so-called Rheumatic Cures,
which deaden the pain but do
not touch the disease and lead
to ruinous habits. Alkalies nnd the potash and mineral remedies so often prescribed affect the tender lining of the stomach and weaken the digestion, thus
adding another burden to the nlrendy weak and impoverished blood. S. S. S. contains no mineral or dangerous drug of any kind, but is a simple, vegetable
remedv nnd the most perfect blood purifier known. Send for our book on Rheumatism and write our physicians if you wish any information or advice. We would
tie triad ta «JU you a book free; we charge nothing whatever for medical advico.
''I Ch3erfully Recommend Peruna to All Who
Want a Good Tonic and a Safe
Cure for Catarrh."
Prominent members of the clergy are giving Peruna their unqualified endorsement. These men find Peruna especially adapted to preserve them from
catarrh of the vocal organs whicli has always been the bane of public speakers, and gene il catarrhal debility incident to the sedentary life of the clergyman. Amoi ; the recent uttearnces of noted clergymen on the curative virtues of Perui. is thn following one from Bishop James A. Handy, D.D., of
«/ take great pleasure In acknowledging the curative effects, ot
Peruna. At the solicitation of a friend I used your remedy mod
cheerfully recommend your Peruna to all who want a good tonic
and a safe cure for Catarrh."—James A. Handy.
Husband Escaped the Pangs
of Catarrh ofthe Lungs,
Most Cases of Incipient Consumption are Catarrh.
Edward 8tevenB.
Mrs. Edward Stevens of Carhtage,
N. Y., writes as follows:
"I now take pleasure in notifying
you that my husband has entirely recovered from Ccatnrrh. He is a well
man, today, thanks to you and Peruna. He took six bottles of your medicine as directed, and it proved to be
just the thing for him. His apjie-
tite is good und everything he eats
seems to agree with him. His cough
has left him and he is gaining in
Ilesh, and seems to be well every way.
I hope others will try your medicine
and receive the benefits that we
have."—Mrs. Edward Stevens.
When the catarrh reaches the
throat it is called tonsilitis, or larny-
gitis. Catarrh of the broncihal tubes
is called bronchitis; catarrh ofthe
lungs, consumption. Any internal
remedv that will  cure catarrh in one
location will cure it in any other location. This is why Peruna has become so justly famous in the cure of
catarrhal diseases. It cures catarrh,
wherever located. Its cures remain.
Peruna does not palliate; it cures.
Mrs. Frederick Williams, President
of the South Side Ladies' Aid 8ociety
of Chicago, 111., writes the following
words of praise for
Peruna from 973
Cuyler avenue, Chicago, III.;
"My home is never without Peruna,
for I have found
during the past six
years that there is
no remedy that
will at oncenllevi- Mrs. Fred Williams.
ate suffering and actually cure, as Peruna does. Four bottles completely
cured me of catarrh of the head of several years' standing, and if my husband feels badly, or either of us catch
cold, we at once take Peruna, and in
a day or two it has thrown the sickness out of the system."—Mrs. Frederick Williams.
Mrs. W. A. Allison, of 759 Sheffield
avenue, Chicago, 111., is the Assistant
Matron ofthe Peo-
ple's Hospital.
She has the following to say about
"I have had frequent opportunities to observe the
I wonderful curative ]
effects   of  Peruna
■ especially on  per-    Mr». W. a. Aliiion.
: sons suffering with u congested condi-
(tion of the head, lungs and stomach,
generally called catarrh. It alleviates
pain and soreness, increases the appetite and so tones up the entire system
that the patient quickly regains
strength and health."—Mrs. W. A.
If you do not derive prompt and
satisfactory results from   the   use of
| Peruna, write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full statement of  your
1 case and he will be pleased to give
you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
the Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
I'lnii Due* Not Follow.
The decision of the supreme couit
is that the constitution does not follow the flag. This decision, the most
important that great tribunal has ever
made, will be handed down next Monday. The decision Is ln favor of the
government, but by a divided bench.
There will be at least five individual
opinions, but some of these are concurring opinions, expressing the views
of the writers more fully and particularly than Is done in the opinion of
the majority.. The court goes back
to the period in which the republic
was formed and the constitution
framed and endeavors to ascertain
what was the Intent of the founders of
the nation.
The opinion of the majority of the
court disposes of the uniform taxation
clause of the constitution, which has
been invoked by all the appellants In
these cases In the following manner:
The framers of the constitution, In
wrting that claase, had no thought
of Its application to territorial possessions. No such question as Is now
presented had arisen ln their minds.
The elause which provides that all duties, imposts and excise shall be uniform throughout the United States,
the court holds, was placed in the
constitution as a result of the Jenl-
OUSles of the states which united In
forming the nation. It was Intended
to prevent any state or combination
of states securing advantages over
another or others to prevent the ports
of one state gaining preference over
those of another In the importation of
This rule of uniformity wns made
primarily for the states united, the
eourt holds, not for territories then
possessed or afterward acquired. The
constitutional requirement is satisfied
ns long as all duties on imports are
uniformly Imposed at all the ports
throughout the United States. The
advantage of this uniformity may be
extended to territories and possessions not states and not members of
the American union, but that Is for
congress to determine under the constitution.
The earl of Seafield holds Qreat
Britain's record as a tree planter, with
60,000,000 trees planted on 40,000 acres
in Invernessshlre.
Stmm. Ihm Cough .net
WorA* Oft Ihf Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Qulnlne Tablets cure a oold ln
ono day.-.No cure, No Pay.  Prloe28cents.
Servia is on the verge of a revolution.
When yon tako Grove's Tantolets Chill Tonic,
' ■ri-ii tiso the formula is plainly printotl on every
iKitili- sltiHvliiir Him It it. simply Iron aud Qui-
■lino In a taaieleim form. No dure. No Pay. fide
r jun tuvon'l a rrirulm hp&ltby movement of tht
mi:l« t'vi'i >- day, yuu're itck, ur will he. Kt «p yoai
"*i'li o|.i'n. it ml Ih well. Force, in the IMM Of
'■lent physic or pill poUon. >■ dangerou*. Tha
. n,\ iii-st. i ttslfM. uiuit |H:rfoei way uf k_f*pioM ih«
»*'Ih I'li-jir •_,nc clean li to take
a     \^^m   CATHARTIC ^
fleanani. I'slnmMi.. Pot«ut.Tut«OooS. noOood,
11-vit Sloken. Weakeu, or <_. ripe. 10c,    .. iOo  Writ*
'ir rroe MUBple, ati-i booklet on limit h.   AddreM
urn., u.™.d, l.-,..,. Ctuwaw, ■M__rMl, «.» !•**. .m
, IN THE WORLD     !
////J/r '' ' bmi mi TRAPC ^
CATALOGUE rRCt „     ;
5howinc ruki unc er OASMCNTJ and mu
Attorney W. A. Lewis of Spokane,
charged with embezzling $1800 from
Nettle Brauer Piatt, a client, has been
captured in Seattle.
A legal flght will be made to prevent the securing of railroad franchises In Cuba.
la licnt time to onre Catarrtv
BronrliltlH and Consumption,
Our remeily In Kuaranteed, fl
0."8lflll OO., toffalo, H.t
N. N. U.
No. 22, 1901.
I Cough Syrup. TMtw Good, v
tn time.   SoM by 4rg
II -TW.I----MI ■  .■■■' ■ »■.
Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station and Wharf.
Tables supplied with all the delicacies
of the season.
Stock and Cumtomh Bhoickr,
Real Estate and General
Satuhday,  June   1, 1901.
published every saturday at
MATHESON BftOH.,    Editors & Prop*.
Bakrr St.,
KELSON, li. 0
.i.m. McGregor,
SILVERTON,      -      -       -      B. C.
Advertising rates will be made known
upon application at this ollice.
Q4i.*«40   OR   IN   ARREARS
« *)
(• te
») •)
the Dominion Government haa voted
half a million dollars as a bonus. The
C. P. R. wil) doubtleBS irnki) the refinery pay, but what benefit the miner
will have from the bounty is hard to
say under these circumstances. The
building of competing smellers would
lie choked oil", and it was to encourage
the smelting industry that the bonus
was passed. Another object was to
rescue the miner froni the clutch of an
American trust, but it will only enable tho C. P. R. to do somo more
njueezing. This company, it is certain,
will charge to the limit of endurance.
It will be to its object, of cour3e, to
allow the mine operator enough profit
to ke<*p him at work, but it is intolerable that the whole Industry should lie
always at tlie mercy of one corporation.
Green   or   Black.
Tradfl Is .Conlederaling The Empire.
Britain ls Canada's Best Customer.
liiilaiii Cannot Buy if She Docs Not Sell.
Uso    TEA     Grown     In    a   British    Colony    By    British    Capital.
-   -   - GERMAN -   -
For Sule at All Druggists.
Reduced Rates
1   EAST.    1
31 p' ~ 8 JJE-
to Buffalo^
JUNE 4, 18; JULY _.', IP;
Vor rates, tickets, and full inlotmntion
call on or address
G. 6. CiiANDLsn,
Agent, Silveron, B. C, or
D. P. A., A. G. P. A.,
Nelson. Vancouver.
If you want to advertise out a
•Co-owner in yonr n ineral claim,
send |10 to this office, giving
name of claim, date ol record location, and period for which the
delinquent co-owner has failed to
do his assessment work, and we
will do the rest, including sending you the iitliiluvit for recordini!
We will write the notice and do
the work correctly.' Address:
Silverton, R. C.
To John Tikliko or whom It may
concern. Yon are hereby notified
that I have expended One Hundred Dollars in labor and Improvements upon the We Two Mineral Claim
on Red Mountain in tlw Sloean Minimi
Division, located on the 24th. duy ol
Jnae 1899, and recorded nt the record
office of said Division on the 24tll, duy
of June 1899. in order to hold aaid claim
under the provisions ot the Mineral Act,
being the amount required to hold tbe
same (or the year ending June 24th 1900.
And if within ninety days from tlm date
of this notice you fail or refuse to contribute yonr proportion of such exi*nd-
ituro together with all costs of
advertising, your interest in unit! claim
will become the properly of lhe undersigned nnder Section 4 of An Act to
to Amend the Mineral   Act  1900.
J. W. Kyte.
Dated this sixteenth day of March 1901
I'uzui-.'.mm* **u'u*»'<
Green.       Samples on application.
ss Ceylon  Teas  are sold   in  sealed  lead
''packets       onlv        never    in      hulk.
Illaok,     Mixed    or   Uneolored   Ceylon
Address "SALADA," Toronto.
General        Full Line      Lumber,
Dry  & Mixed! Sash and
Paints. Doors.
The sudden rise of water in the
Slocan streams this week ha? done
considi rahle damage to rouds.and trails
throughout the Riding, not least of
which was the damage done to the
Four Mile road. This road being a
trunk line in this section, it is to be
hoped that the government oiliciais
may see their way clear to have it repaired immediately after all danger of
high water has passed. Four companies operating in this camp depend
upon this road as a means cf reaching
iheir properties and we cannot. Btibrd
to havrt any shut-downs on account of
delays for repairs.
We aro glad to hear that there It
no foundation fur the report current
that the ossified mun recently exhumed
on Silver Mountain will play with the
New Denver baseball team. Silverton
enthusiasts do not object to playing
with wooden men wit'i cast iron jaws,
but when ossified men are rung in they
The air is lull ot rumors cf impending mining deals, building of new
and ntarting up of old mills and the
opening up of new golconda*, but
unfortunately they arn only rumors.
The actuul mining being done in the
Slocan is oouQned to a fuw of our old
established mines and there is nothing
new in mining circles to report this
week, VCo uim to give the mining
news stra:ght und gather it at first
hands discrediting and disootmting all
rumors as much ns possible.
Some of the English pipers are
sarcastic towards Mr. Carnegie, and
doubt the propriety of British institutions accepting gifts fer educational or other pntposes from t»t>
"American iron monger.' This does
not look very well coining as it doe*
from a class who his jiedillul its
aiistocracy nil over thu American
continent looking for millionaires'
Jauglltett. Tin: example t-et br Mr.
Carnegie »iU we hope bs followed bj
sonu: cf the Oid Country millionaires,
who at present set more store ou the
education of a favorite _fiiiod!i_ dog
than on that of a f. How cMtnn.
McCallum <Ss Co.,   Slocan, _B. O.
rVWV*--* 4WNASAA A £» *_**_*!*_* ,***sr*A**tt*\ /Jtw if* *_.WWN AVAAAAA
I IToi* ol 'IToiOLi© 5
I XJ§®& Any Of I
I Tlnese. Jh?y ar8Mfi,j. pood l
vvwwwvw*^wv^ww$pnng   Medicines. T
7   jPertfeot _Blttei*». m
(w COSrA'NlS'l CEI.KItY, C.vsr.\|;.v AND I'.imnoCK.
w   Jamaica ^larsapfirlUa,
th        Tin- i,:,-i (»!•'.w.i. - u.s.ai'.akii.i.a i'.\ri:AtT>.
.\.wi;..i-> iiKMKDY KoH OOMirlr.U'lON.
oooaqooooooaoooooocsoapeco @ a
k   HORIOH$.)ITXll _A.r^I> TQI^U 3
^ For Coughs and Colds. Is Recommended £
£ By   Hundreds.
The Silverion Drug Store,
SILVi.lTOfi    -    •     •     B.C.'
What is there about tho search for
precious metals in these rugged Western hills which proves so strong that
nothing but death cun tear one nvfoy
who has onco yielded to thc fascination?
Men in all walks of life have taken
up the burden: laborer.!, mechanics and
professional men, buys from the farm
und tho sons of the wealthy, striplings
and veterans, the prospecting fever
subjects alike. Can it bu greed of
gainl If so, other pursuits oiler surer
.wealth and fewer hardships. Do the
perils and hardships appeal to the
adventurers or is it that the gambling
instinct in the human breast lures a
man into the solitude, trusting to his
luck to strike it rich and return alive.
There is some fascination, some inexplicable reason which tempts men of
so mauy different temperaments, habits
and ideals to follow so precarious a life
as that of the prospector.
Mrs.   Brandon  i.-t   (biting   (fiends   in
''AW,\ *.'***:/■-.'--try A\.W\«_.»< .AACWV OCi'A^V^Vt.V^'AA
WAV'/ ,WVV^«JO»\V\V. « rAVWiW VaViw'iVWWiV*
taking   evlitenee In Nelson mnl  Knslo
■ luiin^ the week.   Tliey purpose vi«itiii{f
tlie Aineiiean ('):ist i-iliivi lo  eertiro iul-
ili'ioe it evidence reiMnlinuChinese com-
petition befura lislenlntftqi Ihn arguments
Major Iteed nnd J OS. Wallace left on  ,)f „„ Uw,.pi,.   ,n ,,,, |Itfm|w, niIj«.
Tuesday lor Victory, where ihey will  Foley, express cbnlWei.ee In the result
spend Mine atfeks. Lf ,!lB Gjurnnisslon's re|.o.t to the Gov-
Plenty  of driftwood  Is afloat In Uie ernment.
lake aud a itrand harvest is being made |        - i
hv wood gatherers.
E. Criddle of Nelson spent part of the
week here on In1_.1t1i.93 connected witli
thu Wu lie tie nl mine.
EOHN:  At the Slocsn Hospital, Ki-w
Denver,   on   May   uO.li   to   the wifu n!
Lorenzo Alexander, n poo.
On Tuesday Jack Prater left for spittle.
Tlie follow in'.' npi'ltiMliun.   have   been
reei iv("l for Hetnl  Liipu r l.iivrn-es  and
Noticb:—"Haharii"   Mineral Claim,
Minuted    in   the     Slocan      Mining
Division  of West Kootenay District.
Wlipre located:—On theO.iLFNA Kaiim
adjoining    the     "Ct'BI.BV    Minkhai.
Claim" on the East.
Take Notice that I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of Bilverton, B. C.   ss   fluent for Frank
Owen,    Free  Miner's  Certificate    No.
44593, intend sixty days Irom   the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining ltecordcr
for a Certificste of Improvements, forthe
purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant   of
the above claim.
And further tske notice (hat action
jjnder Miction 37, must   lio   eomtnonrcd
'ore the issuance of  such  Certificate
alias pro veruebts,
" Dated this 22th day of February, 1001
Francis J. 0'Reim.v.
28 I 2 | 01
I     ' .   •
Finance Minister Turner Will not
re?ign his portfolio until comfortably
seated in lhe Agent-General's chair in
London. This will serve two purposes,
lie can discount somo Provincial paper
in the world's money market to better
advantage and can. draw double pay
as long as his jobs lap.
ahere he expects lo loin the Bilverton I will lie mnsldehnl by ihe Umrdof l.ic-
boys who left last week for Cupe Nome.  ,,,"'(' Crini.nMoners for Hie ftloeaq  I
No meeting of the Celebration Com
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company, which lias absolute control of
the transportation of tho lead ores produced in Jhis province und which dom-
., %., , , court, has been  puidoned after serving
males   tho   smelting   industry   here,  abo„ta tl.inl of bis U-rm.
proposes to erect the refinery for which I   The Chinese Commission bus been
mittee was held tbla week.   The threatened flood proved loo strong a counter-1
uttrm tion.
Mrs. W.L. Jeffrey! died last Thursday in New Denver after a lingering illness. The remains were buried on
Tbe Rossberry Ilo'el will not be running nfter July l>-t; at least Landlord
Nanlt is nut applying for u renewal of
his licence.
Owing to the overflow of Carpenter
creek. P. Angtinon It.-.d to In inn his pack-
train by t.ont to .Silverton in order to
get to the Hartney mine.
Tbo NelsonTiibiine in discussing baseball matters overlooks tin; existence uf a
team hero. After Silverton lias beaten
Nelson at tbo game tliey will know more
about our ball- players,
The body of a malo child wns found
floating in the Sandon flume last week.
A curoner'.i impiest. was lield, thn medical testimony showing tbat the body was
thut of a slill-born chilli.
Thanks lo an appreo'atlve public, ll
Q. 1 'iiinl- announces that be hits been
enabled lo increase his stock ol fresh
fruits and groceries. His pi ices are
reusonuble, bis  stock   fresh.       t
Ueot-go Mc_l.el1an, a highly respected
Sandonlte, tried uiiMiceossfnlly toeiit his
throat last week. He bus been sick for
some time nnd Inck of lleep 's supposed
to havo temporarily deranged his mind.
Alexander Mackenzie, half owner of
lhe Alpha property here, who bad lv en
sentenced to serve one year in the California   penitentiary   foi   otntetrpt   n;
SUCH District Nt the Court l!"i|se, Neiv
Denver, nn Saturday, tie l.V.h duy of
June 1001:
James Howes, Silverton.
(Irani 1 linrliiirn. "
Brandon .t itsrrett "
Kumile- k liiilav, "
Pal Orlffin, "
A.O. Alliin. Vevey
tie-iige Aylwin, Ruierprise,
Dated at Silverton this Nt day ol.fune,
John t. Duck,
Chief Licence Inspector.
IVc lam llnifli.nf'il 0;ir'St«re on a
i !	
It 11.0 Tl! < ISII BASIS
Ily-sellin;.for Cish   we  can supply
; you cheaper than erer with your supplies.
This week ere make a specialty
of Frese  Fruits and   Vegetables.
Mrs. Jeffreys
litre i.
API'LICAl'iuNs for examination tor
Steam Boilei Inspectors will be received
by tlm Chief Inspector of Stenin I'.oilers,
New Westminster, B.C., Up to June lOlh
1901, Appilcanttm.net be hit ween the
ngei of 2.') und 50 years, Ihey must have
bad     nt    least    liv    years'   practical
workshop experience  ns maoliiniMi oi
boiler makers, and must nlso haves
thorough understanding of steam eimin-
Forms of psrticilars may bo obtained,
on request nl Intending applicants, irom
Iho   Chief   [nspeotOf of   Steam Boilers,
New  Westminster, B. c., and must be
properly llilcl in ami returned to him on
or before tlm above mentioned dale,
The candidates solecteil lor exnmln-
ii'ion will then bn notilletl iis lo   d ile nlid
place of examination!
The salary mil be |]00 per month,
W (', W'ELI s.
Chief Commissioner of Lands
nn I Works.
Lands and Work Department,
Victoria, It  0.,82ud M;,y, I'Ml.
NTHREST li belni dli|ilir*4 la lh*
uie of smokiileii posd.ri Md
jacketed bullets In Itrfecalibre rlRee.
 I A   -15 cellbre bullet welffclnt S00
tmittH glvei ■ shock to lirfi feme that the
imall horee can nol alveyt be depended oa
for. Martin Model 18SS Repealer* ka>e
Special Smokeleai Stoel'1 barrels, ttr
up to date Information ae* our c a I a I o |.
Milled lor 3 elampa.
The Marun Pirk Arms CO.
Mining J°
With Canadian Supplement
253  Broadway.
Now York, U. ft. As
•i* ,-
refill'.   Brut   and   Itlo.t   l^l«MUe>
nilnlnc  Paper   In  the   World.
Rumple ropy free.     t-t-. t„,i„ ,|. t   I   '
Weekly Killtloa.. .iri.no per annum, postpsW
Monthly      "  ... l,«0 _-_


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