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The Silvertonian 1901-04-13

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Y^uwJt.'   * l..*- *Um
Pa.   Local
wwrnutt mi  11   tmmd
Ithe   miners  store.
\%z Want Your Order For   Groceries. - Fresh
Stock lit Reasonable Figures.
I^IirLers'    Outfits     - 3E?"ux-
Fresh Fruits& Confectionery.
0000000000030000000900000$ opoooooooooooooooooooooooo
I      mm locals.      I
Part  ol
(he  Hewett
Laid   Off
Force  is
AIlnliiE I.nt'.iU tiathered From Thin and
Other   District*.
I*. BURNS *S& 00
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir. Ksslo, Sandcn,
NewJDenver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
SILV E 11 T 0 N
During 'he week the management of
the Hewett mine has been obliged to lay
off part of the crew nt ihat property
Owing to all of the available storage room
being piled up with ore. The state of
the mud und luck of a tramway make
it impossible to briny; the oie down for
shipment to the smelter. All work has
therelure been suspended for the time
bwing above the No 3, tunnel and 17
men sent down lhe lull. About 15 men
will still be employed in doing development work in lhe lower workings and
he force will be added to again j list as
coon as it is poss ble to move and market
the ore. This is the first time in the
history of this camp that a mine has
become ao blocked with ore ns to be
o'.diged to lay off men fnr lack of room
to store the ore being taken out.
B,   0.
Many to choose
irom, at
listnrra New.
A. A. Webb nnd G. A. Jackson left on
Tuesday forBlairmoie. whero they have
secured a contract from the F. Gehoti
Company tor their-coking. This Company will be supplying theC. P. It. witti
a tliousaml tons of coal n day within n
few wteks nnd wil. have several hundred tons «[ screening* eai-li week for
coking, winch will be done by tl.e open
sir process. Mr WebO is an experienced
coke mar., hating bad charge of an open-
sir plant in New .Mexico. Willi Mr.
Jackson, ho will employ a forcu uf men
on tbe contract.
(.'lose Saving.
a^CoaDoan-ald-'G Xdirv-oxzr
Outside Partis De,ir_ng Horses in Silverion
Cau Have Them Reserved Ry Writing To—
t t t t ♦
a. p. Mcdonald,
The Watseca mine, in Montana, whicli
is owned Hnd being operated by the
same syndicate Mitt owns the Galen*
Mines here, and of whicb S. C. McClure
Is fireman, is turning out to-be n bin
producer. The oro carries considerable
antimony and a very little arsenic and
copper, hut on tlie upper levels it Is a
free milling quarts pretty well stained
wilh iron. TIip mill has heen remodeled iutn n combination process that
is making UlC closest  saving  of any mil!
In that state.   About TO per oent ot tbe
values is saved by  it coarse cyanide
treatment, fiom   whence  it  is  passed
through a- Huntington mill, over plutes,
REASONABLE i to amalgamate the coarse   gold   uol
I dissolved, and thence over two Whlfleyt,
! making a total savins) of 98to 09 pei
jcenl.   The  present capacity D about 40
1 tona.   This compuny  owns the ground
\ along tha lead for over 5000 feet and it is
mostly all productive,
Twenty tons are added  to the Bosun
shipments this week.
John Tinling is aiiain driving ahead
the long turn el on (he Lone Star jyoup.
A report sent out from Sandon this
week announces a hij» strike ou the Reco
Work is lieing done on the Silver Tip
group, near the tni_uih ot Twelve Mile
Only 120 ton were sent out by the Bandon milieu last v.ick. No shipments
were niudo fiom the 1'ayne.
Ar interest in tint Hampton claim, a
prospect of great promise near the Arlington mine, was for »ale by the Sheriff
The syndicate who have latoly nc-
qiliied Ibe Fisher Maiden group, have
announced that Ihey will commence
>vnrk on that property about the first of
The Bosun trine is again employing
a force of over 20 men ami Steady shipments will again be made to the smelter
of high grade galena ore from this
During January and February the United States imported 7.0i»l tons ol lead
more than tliey re-exported. The figures
are: lend imported. 2!i.232tnn ; re-exported 18,571 tons. Of tlie lead imported in
ore nnd Iniue bullion, Mexico furnished
55.7% and Canada 37%.
Shipments of ore from Ihe Lake for
some weeks will be conliiiPtl to one or
two properties, the majority of lhe mines
being now shut off on account of the
spring break-up of the roads. The Bosun will probably ktep up ita regular
shipments »nd the Emily Edith may
send out a car or two.
On Thursday Peta Sinnott, who has
been freighting at the Idaho mine, came
down to town and was busy shaking
hands with his many fiientls. Pete
sat s that the snowslides up there Were
getting altogether too fiiendly and tie
thought it lew days lay off wonld do him
good and give the slides A chance to
conn'down without Kcttmg taugled up
■villi one of his teams.
Of  our  Customers  and   the Public in general to     ,
the fact that We cany the Most Oom|ilete'_Line and      #
,      carried hy any firm in the Slocan District, and are      #
prepared to fill orders of any size at short notice,       t
and others, who are in need of supplies, to inspect our [stock nnd socure our prices before
purchasing elsewhere.
wn.   aweaj   *.n\t\i\\   wnmi"   s,..*.,.>   »* ---
Iba World's Gold Supply.
Some interesting statistics concerning
tbe. wm Id's gold supply are given in the
March number of Chamber's Journal.
It seems that for lhe thirty years ending
in iSOt) the total production ul gold had
remained practically stationary; but
since tl.at year the annual increase has
been most marked and steady in nearly
all parts ol lhe world which yield the
precious metal, as the following figures—
the total produethm fnr the years staled
—will show :- In 1SSI0. £24 200 ;dOO 1892,
e20.fl00.000i in 1^)1. £86, $5.000; 1S05,
£41.010 DUO; in 1886, £46,000.0001 1897,
£51.000,000; 189d, £'i9,87."> 000. The
Transvaal, In 1809 produced v.o less than
4,009.160. /.*.
Hradqnartm  lu  Silverion, II. 0..
To  Text Kid Mountain.
The first of 5Jiy was the date set hy
Minor-Graven syndicate last fall upon
which to teeommeiico operations upon
Iheir mammoth Rockland ledge on Rid
Mountain. The lateness ol lhe pr.sent
season may delay their commeiiceni"nt
somewhat, together wilh the fact that the
Red Mountain wagon road is yet unbuilt, but it will not be long before the
practical testing of the gold-copper ledges
ol Eight Milo creek will be begun.
Mining men in ihis district are greatly
interested in tlio work to be done bv the
Miner-Graves people, us that syndicate
has a reputation for going nt their Undertaking! in a thorough business manner
and ofi making a success ol whatever
they attempt lo do. If they succeed as
they expect in their Sloean mining, it
will mean much for Red Mountain, tor
although many claims are staked  there
ami luui-li piospecting ami development
work has been done by Ihe claim holders,
none havo been iu a position to develope
their propoilies at any depth.
Upon the success or failure of lhe
Rockland grodp depends tbe onto une of
many mining vendues between Silverton
aud Fight Mile.
Shipments of ore fr.mi 81ocan Lake for
the year 1880. totaled 11078  Tons.
Shipments in  lflOd totaled 4980 Tons.
The shipment    ol   oio    Irom    Slocan
Lake points, up to an I Including  the
pros.-nt week, from Jan. 1, 1001.
From New Denver Tong.
Hartney     120
From Bosun Landing.
Boenn  200
From Silvi rlon
Hewett ">2<i
Emily Kdith      20
Fr nn Enterprise Lending
Enterprise    120
From Slocan City
Arlington       1885
Two Friends  40
Blank Prlnoe '00
Bondholder     5o
< liaplean     15
Speculator      20
Phoenix 20
Total 2666
Frank L. Byron had business in Nelson this week.
Angus McKinnon is gone to the coast
on a husiness trip.
Mrs. C. WalmBley of Sandon visited
Mrs. P, Griffin here this week.
Ferry's garden snd flower seeds for
sale at the Silverton Drug Store.        t
A Children's Easter Service wan held
in the Union Church here on Sunday.
A Jeffreys has just opened up a fine
line nf confectionery. It will stand saui-
J. S. Moore, Government inspector of
roads and trails, spent part uf Thursday
iu (own.
A new bridge is being built over Carpenter creek ou the Silverton-New Denver road.
The gardening fever is now at its full
height. The crisis is expected to appear
with lhe weeds.
W. 11. Brandon is rn Blairmore and
will go into coal mining if a favorable opportunity presents itself.
J. Foley and 3. A.,Baker of Rloean
were up yesterday cbn6'.ilting Ilie officers
of the local Miners' Union.
A representative of tbe Vancouver
Trade Budget waa doing '••_ iucss with
our merchants on Thursri;"...
The Royal Commission has reopened
its session in Nanaimo, where plenty of
eviitence will be forthcoming.
Mrs. N. McNaught, while culling some
kindling on Wednesday, had the misfortune to gash her hand severely.
F Card, wiio h'olda a liquor licence for
the Hick's House, in Slocan, wants t0
transfer his licence to H A Hicks.
Cody has a census enumerator of her
own, while New Denver, Silverton and
Ten Mile share one between tliein.
Mrs. Bradshaw, who was some time
ago a resident of this camp, is here Irom
Montreal on a visit to Mrs. Gardiner.
Miss Hunter and Miss Parsons visited
Nelson dnrnhj the week, where- Miss
Parsons attended the Teachers' Convention.
Go to R G. Daigle's for all kinds of
fresh fruits. IL: in receiving shipments
daily. Fresh confectionery, choice line
ol fresh groceries. *
Residences are in demand nt .present
in the camp. Half a doten families are
looking for dwelling houses, bnt the
supply is limited.
Fresh Strawberries! Will be found nt
R. G. Daigle's in a few duys. Hazle-
wood Ice-cream as noon as the- warm
weather arrives. *
Jack McFarlane left during the week
forthe Similkiitneen country, where he
will put in the summer developing his
mining  property.
The Alert brought down a barge load
of lumber from iiill Bros, saw mill on
Friday, Hills' own tug-the Arrow being
laid up for repairs.
The citizens of New Denver consider
the demand ot the Government that they
should pav up for the land they are living on us "an outrage."
Small-p ix has lieen imported into the
cily of Nelson from the  Boundary and
has also appeared in Cranbrook. All the
cases so far repo'tfd in the Kootenays
are of a very mild typo.
%, Dai'dehas   resumed   charge   of his
blacksmith shop bere.   He has visited-j by soma oh bt
I lie Bonndery camp and other  parts ol
the Piovince and llnda out tint Silverton
is the best place lor him.
J. M.'Fuilane, W. Thompson and Al.
Thompson returned from  the   Red  Fox
mine on Saturday, having been away all
winter They report fifteen feet oi snow
al the mine and still snowing.
IS il   ll
The actual saltinL' of mines by the old
well known methods has actually gone
out of date, and is altogether gone^ont of
practice to-day, but tiie more progressive
and up lo dale method of salting a mine,
is not to salt the mine at all, but to salt
the engineer's report, hy greasing his
fingers, says the Butte Western Mining
\\ orld.
The manner in which a great many
people inve-t in mining is sufficient to
open tbe way fur most any old kind of
smooth promoter to get along very
nicely without resortinj? to any of the
old methods of salting.
Usually n lri«'inl of those interested in
the purchase of n mining property is
selected to go out. and examiner the
mining property simply because they
know him to in; honest, not that he
knows anything about the business.
Getting into the nroporty he is easily
led lo the richest portions of the veins,
and from ono to another, and not being
posted as to the business, is easily convinced that it is a most wonderful mine.
Furthermore, it is very natural for tbe
man who is on the ground to become
enthusiastic; in fact, (lie most natural
thing in (he world, and the less he knows
about the business the more enthusiastic
he becomes.
The way some syndicates manage
their properties even after getting hold
of a good one, is sufficient to discourage
mining investments.
The fact is tliat the opportunities tor
salting a report and diverting the capital
from development into the pockets of
disreputable persons are far greater and
lar more lucrative than attempting tlie
actual salting ol a mine.
The English price for lead is £12 17s 6,f
Silver, 2Sd.   Copper, £68. 12s.
Sew York, April 11—Bar Silver, 69%
Lake copper,  $17.00.
Lead—The firm that fixes the selling
price for miners and sin-'lter.r<piotealea<l-
at *4.37'o st the close.
Cut  His  Throat.
John R. liarr,   known   as  "Scotty,"'
committed suicide at the Idaho mine last.
Monday by cutting his throat. The unfortunate man was mentally unbalanced-
through excessive indulgence in intoxicants. A coroner's jury reported "death
through suiciae."
It de rabbit who got clean away from
ns dat, was de fattest.
De man who tries to call back de tastn
oli last y'ar's persimmons sm workin fur
nil thin.
It's linn, an natur' dat we spend mouey
fur a rattrap mi a bit ob cheese an den
purceed to feel sorry tor de rat we-
Married in a lius|>iial.
R. Insinger. in whose name the business o! tlie Hewett mine is conducted
was taken lo a hospital In Spokane last
Saturday, having been ult..eked hy typhi hi fever, au arrangements ior Mr,
losing..i 's marriage had been made for
last Monday, and although bis sickness
has alien d  his  plans considerably, yet
Rev Mr, Roberts is busy taking the
census of this portion of the Slocan. He
will enumerate lhe Inhabitants of Roseberry, New Denver, Silverton and tbe
adjacent mines nnd the mines on Ten
Tbe Silverton patients in the Hospital
aro reported as being about the same as
last week With 0. McLaughlin the
fever iii running its normal course, and
Herb. Reeves is being kept up with Mini-
The Revelstoke Herald aaya thnt M
Gradv intends to put up a $25,000 hotel
at the St I.eon Hot Springs, which will
be a 0001 pie le summer lesort hotel with
every modern convenience. A large
bottling plant will be operated in connection.
Tho plans are now perfected lor the
erection of ft 100 Ion coiicentiator to
handle tho  output of  the Enterprise
Most people go into matrimony same
as dey go lishin. Each party wants to
cotch a'.l de lish and hev all de fun, an
de odder one kin bait do hook nn look on.
Der may 1* a feeling ob pride in* hones! labor, hut somehow or other most oh
ni take aheap oh pains to bide de patches
under our coattaile as wo go home from
While de world may have bin betteied
moral   precepts   handed
down from ODB gineraliun to another, it's
ny private opinion dat. de padlock hns
had a heap to do wid gineral integrity oh
I ain't t (ins to envy no man nnthin,
but eometim « ob an eavenln when I sot
down to u.v pipe and think it ober il does
seem soil iqueer dat do white (olkH
hev moid ob te money an de cull'd folks
most olid-- dawgs.
Dar am alius a teslin'ob self compla-
cency in de breast ob a man who has
slept as sound as ft log all night an rises
up iu de in riiin' to tin i dat his neighbors b-trti hiirned down at midnight wid
oo Insurance
i lhe   ct reiuonv   was   performed   on   the,
»,,.., ,i .   i  n   ' mine on  Ten   Mile.    1 he   mill   will   be
chosen date,    lim bride was Mrs. Julia
v   Whiteiiian, daughter ol  William Nettleton, one of Spokane's ddest citizens
erected just i el"W the mine and he as
i modern in its equipment as il is possible
I to niAc it.
We ain't exactly rejoicing
s bad luck, but we don't
like io see folk* git along any fusler dan
we do.
n de last ten y'ars I hev felt
inah dar was no hell, an I am>
-ionished to di skiver tint de-
i helped me to git de best ob>
nu in tradlu' mowls.
—Denver News.
ober anv'
de odder
Let us then be up and doing,
A I be iiniug money kings;
Some iln we may he   endowing
Onivei litiue and thingj,
Lives ol ill i mains remind us
Thai »   ■ ' K°' hi own the stock
If we w 'I. to leave behind us
Ubrarl * on even  block.
—Chicago Time —Herald,
MM »»r K
Issued Weekly.
and he received $600. R. Rahm of
Pittsburg was third, with 14 kills, and
be got $400 In cash. A. H. Fox of Baltimore missed his first bird in the shoot-
At Lexington, Ky., with the cry "The
vendetta; the vendetta" on his lips.
General Casslus M. Clay, the famous
abolitionist and duelist and former
United States minister to Russia, recently led his little bodyguard to battle
| againlst a sheriff's posse which had
NEWS OF THE WORLD IN BRIEF,  gone to Whitehall, his palatial mansion
in Madison county, to serve papers on
the general ln a civil suit instituted
- <<""»'"" »•■'■«■» •» "'<■      *»<• »' against him by bis daughter, Miss Mary
For-   B. Clay.   Many shots were fired and the
the 1'iiKl Week—In Thia and
elitii Lands— Taken Front
I.ult'M<   OlM|iii(«-lie».
Ann-licnii ti nt.' Hussion Commander*
TliniiKlit It Wiin Too Manj—Hallway to Ile Kept (iuarded—rinlins
>lusi Ue Fixed May 1—HiimhIii'h
Mrs. Carrie Nation of Kansas »iH>nt another hour and a half in St. Louis recently, and left in disgust at the tilings she
saw and the treatment she received.
It was announced by the management
of the Southern Athletic dnh of Louis
ville, Ky., that "Kid" McCoy and Pater
Maher had heen matched for a 20 round
bout here April 29.
Major General >S. R. M. Young, who is
to succeed General Shafter as commandant
of the military department of California,
lias left Washington, accompanied' by
Lieutenant Smedburg.
The secretary of the treasury has purchased at New York for the sinking fund
$072,000 in government short term bonds
on substantially the same terms us the
$2,000,000 purchased yesterday.
News has been received at Phoenix,
Ariz., of it catastrophe at (senator Clark's
United Verde mine at Jerome. While
nearly a dozen men were at work near
where a shot was placed on thc lower level,
there was a premature explosion. James
Kooney and Joseph Seifel were blown to
fragments and several others were injured.
Owing to the discovery of a case of
smallpox among the men of the Eleventh
infantry, stationed at San Francisco, the
regiment did not sail for Manila ou the
transport Kilputrick on April 5, as had
been planned. Two companies of the reg
iment are to be detained at Angel island
until (Linger of the spread of tlie disease
id passed.
]>uring a session of the court at King
shin, Ky., Hon. Samuel A. Brazeale and
Hon. James J. Littleton, prominent attorneys and leading republican politicians in
tiie Second congressional district, quarreled over a speech which Littleton made
against Brazeale, who ia running ror
mayor of Kingston, and each drew a revolver and commenced firing. None of
the shots took effect. They were separated
by bystanders and both placed under arrest.
. One of the worst snowstorms ever experienced in Pittsburg region beytiri early
yesterday, and soon telegraph, telephone
and trolley car service became practically
suspended. Miles of poles are down, making the streets literally a network of
wires. The falling wires throughout the
outlying portions of the city made it ex-
tiemely dangerous for pedestrians, team
slti's and street car men, but up to noon
no fatalities have heen reported. The
damage in the eity will he very heavy.
President Kruger says the Boers will
be satisfied only with Independence.
The president bas made the first announcement tbat Mr. Knox had accepted the post of attorney general to the
The country from Iba to Morong Is
now held by American troops and the
war office Is highly pleased with the
latest good news from Luzon.
At New Orleans tbe warehouse on
the South Side plantation, containing
a large quantity of sugar, was'destroyed by fire recently.   Loss, $200,000.
At Tientsin lt Is reported that the
Russians have been endeavoring to enforce a purchase of the disputed railway siding from the original Chinese
According to the Pretoria correspond
ent of the Dally Telegraph the Boera
have shifted their seat of government
from Petersburg to a point 35 miles
Lord Kitchener has personally presented the Red Cross medal to Mme.
Ferriers, head of tbe French ambu
lance department, for her services to
the British wounded.
A Pittsburg dispatch of April 5th
says the demand for tin and plates ls
unusually heavy and this week finds
every plant of the American Tin Plate
company In operation.
The navy department has awarded
the contract for the building of the 23
knot protected cruiser Milwaukee to
the Union Iron Works of San Francis
co.  The contract price Is $2,867,000.
Lord Kitchener, reporting to tbe Lon
don war office the finding of an abandoned and destroyed pompom near Vry-
held, says: "This account* for all the
enemy's guns known to be ln the southern district."
The steamship Rheln, which arrived
recently from Bremen, broke tbe record as a passenger carrier. Besides
her crew, which numbered over 400,
she had 2502 passengers. Of the latter
53 came In the cabin.
Major Amnion A. Augur, Twenty-
fifth Infantry has been transferred to
the Twentieth Infantry. Major Eugene F. Ladd, quartermaster, U. 8. V.,
has been ordered upon the completion
of his duties as treasurer of the Island
of Cuba to proceed to New York for
further Instructions.
John W. Gates will retire from the
office, of chairman of the American
Steel A Wire company and take a long
trip abroad. He has returned to Chicago from New York after an absence of
three months and said he expected to
resign, as he felt that he had worked a
good many years and ought to give
younger men a chance. He will retire
from active business for awhile.
K. C. Griffith of Pascoag, R. I., won "All flesh Is grass," remarked the
the grand American handicap shoot by hungry vegetarian as he tackled a Juicy
killing 18 straight In tbe shootoff, miss   steak.
and out, and got $600 ln cash and the 	
silver cup.   The second man was J. L.      Japan has 6,300   kilometers of rail-
D. Morrison of St. Paul, who killed 17,   ways, or about as many as Bavaria.
posse finally departed without accomplishing the purpose of Its visis. It Is
reported that General Clay was wounded during the affray. Fleeing from his
supposed enemies, he barricaded himself ln his "den" in the mansion and
there he remained guarded by his faithful servants. Whether or not he is
w ounded is only known to himself and
to his little bodyguard. No surgeon
has been summoned to the house and
none dare approach except on Invitation.
At Marseilles the striking dockers
have decided to resume work.
Augustus Byram, one of the pioneer
mining operators of the far west, is
dead at his home In Chicago.
Telegraphic advices received from
Richmond, Quebec, announce that the
business portion of that town rests in
the midst of a raging torrent.
Mrs. Michael Chart of the town of
Lake, and her 7-year-old daughter
Mary were drowned in the Kinniklnnlc
river at the Klnnlkinnic avenue bridge
in Milwaukee.
According to the St. Petersburg correspondent of the London Daily Mail
Import duties for Vladivostock have
heen raised on all American iron, steel
and machinery.
Probably 10,000 persons participated
Easter in the dedication of the Second
Church of Christ Scientist, at Wright-
wood and Pine Grove avenues. So
great waa the assemblage that a quadruple service was held.
Mr. Rockhill, United States special
commissioner to Pekin, recently had a
long Interview with Ll Hung Chang,
who satisfied him that there is not
likely to be any further important
hitch in the negotiations for a settlement between China and the powers.
At New York a fire which broke out
at different times did damage to the.
extent of $175,000 to the stock of the
Sudhaus Puper Box Company and the
machinery belonging to the company,
as well as to the stock of Swetzer,
Pembroke & Co., both firms occupying
the building at 83 and 8» White street.
The horae abatoir at Llnnton, Ore.,
which was shut down last fall, has
started up again. As conditions are
more favorable now for its successful
operation lt is likely to be kept running Indefinitely. About 800 cayuse
ponies have been sent in from the
ranges and lt is probable that 10,000
will be slaughtered this year.
By the derailing of the engine and a
number of empty freight cars being
brought into Kansas City on the Kansas City suburban belt line railroad,
four members of the crew were injured.
William Prime, brakeman, had his
skull broken and eyes scalded. He
will die. The engine was demolished
and 10 cars were reduced to* kindling
Fifteen hundred pounds in dynamite
were used recently In blowing up the
forward superstructure of the sunken
United States collier Merrimac, which
has long Impeded the entrance to the
harbor at Santiago de Cuba. The explosion was beard plainly in the city,
flve miles away. Divers Immediately
descended and found 40 feet of clear
water over the forward portion of the
At Montreal Archbishop Bruchesl Issued a pastoral letter dealing with the
judgment ln the Delplt case, which declared marriage of Catholics by non-
Catholics legal. "All unions," says the
archbishop, "contracted with invalidating Impediment for which competent authority has not been granted
dispensation, even though civil power
looks upon such unions as valid and
legal, must be considered as null and
invalid. This Is' a point of doctrine
that cannot be denied. Without that
faith would be shipwrecked." The
archbishop concludes by pronouncing
sentence of excommunication on all
those who disobey the laws of the
church concerning marriage, reserving
the right to himself nnd the vicar general to absolve those who become guilty of such a fault.
Pekin, April 8.—The recent meeting of
the generals of the allied troops and Count
von Waldersee was of great importance
and interest, though it was known beforehand wliiit had been practically decided
on. Still the meeting showed conclusively
the attitude of the different powers. The
only dissents from the plan adopted were
General Chaffee, the American commander,
and (ieneral Wogack, commander of the
Russian forces, who both thought that
the number of points to Imi occupied was
excessive nml also that the number of
troops was too great. The oilier generals
were unanimous in the opinion that nine
points on the railway should bc occupied
between Pekin and Sbin-hai-kwan, with
6000 men. exclusive of the _SHH> in Pekin.
This will lie a permanent measure, while
the reduction of the present forces will be
made according to the present wishes of
the respective governments. The railway
between l'ao-ting-fu and I'ekin will nol
he guarded, it not lieing a line of communication with the sea.
i IiiIioh   for   Indemnity.
General Chaffee suggested that it was
only necessary to occupy two points between Yan-thsun and Tientsin and three
b-'tween Tientsin and Sliitn-liai-kwan.
with a total of 2000 men, exclusive of
those at Pekin. It was not necessary, he
said, to liave soldiers at Toiig-ku, as naval
vessels were always there, and because the
reliefs could be passing backward and forward. Oeneral Wogack thought that 1000
men would be sufficient for occupying
Tientsin and Slian-ha-kwan.
AITectlng Mnneburla.
The views of the majority will lie presented to the ministers for immediate action, as the generals feel that the acceptance hy the Chinese of the.se terms may include the total destruction of the forts at
Shaii-hai-ktvan, Pci-tang, Taku, Tong-ku,
Pei-tsan and Yang-thsun, whicli will mean
complete submission, when arrangements
ought to he mf.de for Hie withdrawal of a
majority of the forces from China.
London, April 8.—O. .cial notice has
been received tliat claims for indemnity
against China must be filed with the Bluish minister at Pekin, .Sir Ernest Satow,
before May 1.
London. April 8.—A dispatch from St.
Peters-burg says it is learned from a trustworthy source that Russia's diplomatic
agents abroad were instructed on April 3
to communicate to the governments to
which Ihey are accredited an identical note
in the siinie terms ai that presented by
COUnt (ussini hi Secretary Hay.
The text of the Identical note, as it appears from news which has come to hand,
is as follows:
"That in the present circumstances a
ipecial examination into the Msnebndan
tjfail', instead of lieing an open testimonial
of friendly sentiments on the part of Russia toward China, might entail various differences for the neighboring states. Russia does not in any way insist upon the
conclusion of any such agreement and even
abandons all possible negotiations in this
mutter ln as much as the imperial government ever adheres faithfully to its original and oft rei>eated program it will quietly await the further course of events."
I Strike to Continne.
Indianapolis, April 8.—The national executive  committee  of  the  United  Mine
j Workers of America will meet here and
will probably be in session five or six days.
The miners' officials   are not   forecasting
I what action is to 'he taken, but something |
is to be done for the relief of the miners
iu the Arkansas, Kansas and Indian terri-1
lory fields, where a strike has been in
progress for nearly two years. The miners
there are holding out for an increase of 10
per cent in the wage scale, but the oper-
1 atom show no signs of yielding. Men have
heen imported to take the places of the
strikers and have been given the increase
the latter have been demanding. ;
| The strike has cost the national organi-1
ziition a large amount of money in the
way of a relief fund, and it is expected
that if the differences can not he adjusted,
arrangements for continuance of the relief
fund will 'be made, as the organization is
determined not to give up.
| The situation in the anthracite fields of
Pennsylvania will he considered and it is
said that ways and means are to lie devised for strengthening the organisation
there in the hope of increasing the likelihood of the operatives meeting the operators in joint conference next year for the
•purpose of settling differences for the entire field.
Items Uleaned From Late Reports—
All Districts Arc Belli* Developed
—A I'ronperou* Yenr I* Predicted—
illlnliiK Note* nnd I>ernonnls.
Knipcror'B Recent Speech.
Berlin, AprM 8.—The entire tiennan
piess is still greatly excited over the emperor's recent utterances on the occasion
of his toasts and the reviews in the weekly
press confirm this qpndition. The Cologne
Yolks Zeitung says Emperor William's
words to the Emperor Alexander Grenadier regiment upon the occasion of their
installation in their new barracks near the
emperors palace, when he called them his
life guards, etc., have been received everywhere with dismay and amazement, but
sadder still is the fact that the emperor
had the regiment's barracks built in close
proximity to the castle, which shows that
the emperor meant what he said upon that
occasion. The pajier then dissects the emperor's toast concerning Russian-German
relations and says il is evident that somebody is systematically trying to embroil
these hitherto friendly relations, and from
the emperor's hints this can only be Great
Britain or Japan. The psper concludes:
"Where on earth are our new Knglish
More   Surrender*   In   l.u/iui.
Manila, April 8.—The following surrender have occurred: The insurgent general. Arejolo, with 'Ml officers and 700 men,
at the town of Nnevu Caceras, in tlie province of South Camarines, southern Luzon;
the remainder of the command of Major
Pablo Tecson, consisting of lit ollieeis, 17.')
men and 'l:l.') lilies, at the town of N«n
Miguel de Mayumo, liulaeiin province, central Luzon, and ltl officers and 70 men in
Huhican provnee and ut other points. The
wholesale grocery dealers of .Manila report
doubled sales of groceries since the Investigation into the alleged commissary scan-
days were commenced.
Mmij   Men  to  He  Idle.
Low-nil, Mass., April 8.— Agent Tlionuis
of the Treinont k Suffolk Mills company
has received orders to slop three quarters
of the machinery until further notice, in
consequence of tliis order aliout 10,(MXJ persons will he thrown out of work. The
prolonged depressed condition of the trade
is the reason given by the management of
the mills fur this step.
Kroner (Joe* to llllveritani.
Utrecht, Holland, April 8- Mr. Kruger
has started for llilvcrsum, where he will
stay for sonic time.' The burgomaster of
Utrecht and n big crowd bade him farewell at the railroad station.
Miner*   Won   Victory.
.Springfield, III.. April 8.—-The conference
of coul miners and operators of the Springfield lubdlstrict reached an agreement
w hich is n practical victory fur the miners,
the only demand receded from being free oil
and ciilloii for drivers and day laborer- in
the mines. Tlie price of oil was mudc uniform at 50 cents a gallon.
'I'oi-.-n Quieted by Prayer.
Constantinople, April 8. -During tho
panic resulting from tlie earthquake shock
fell at the time of the sultan's reception in
lhe palace, u muezzin tfotn Aleppo, pos-
teased of a magnificent voice, began chanting u prayer from the Koran for protection against earthquakes. His voice rose
above the tumult and had an Instantaneous
effect on those present. The sultan, who
had taken a few steps from the throne, and
all other Moslems, holding their hands he-
fore them, joined in the supplication of thc
muezzin. Afterward tho band resumed
playing and the reception was continued.
\ llliuioii* Crime at limit-.
Hutte, Mont., April 8.—Evelyn Hlewctt,
aged 0 years, daughter of Mrs. Hlewctt, a
widow of Walkerville, was outraged and
murdered in the cabin of thc watchman of
the Walkerville reservoir anil the place is
then believed to have been set on fire with
the evident purpose of concealing the evidence of the crime. John Warne, thc
watchman, who is 71 years old, is under
arrest as the murderer, and there is an
excited feeling in Walkerville.
I\ew Paper  for Portland.
Denver, April 8.—Portland is to have
n new- morning paper, to lie published by
the late assistant business manager of tho
New York Herald and Willis 8. Thompson, formerly city editor of the Denver Republican, and more recently connected with
the Examiner as assistant city editor.
llridKe Gave Wny.
Syracuse. X. Y., April 8.—While a car
on the old Kast .Side suburban line of the
Syracuse Rapid Transit company was
crossing the James street bridge over the
(Vwego canal, in the heart of the city, the
bridge suddenly gave way, dropping the
car with its 00 passengers to the canal no
feet below.
Several persons who were crossing the
bridge at the time went down with the
ear, and a horse and wagon loaded with
lumber were piled on top of the heap.
About 40 persons were injured, several
Had the canal lieen filled with water,
the result of the accident would have lieen
terrible. The car struck the tow path end
flttt and then slid off into the mud at the
canal bottom, where it stuck. When the
crash came people on the street called the
fire department. Ladders were quickly
lowered and the injured carried up and
sent to their homes or to hospitals.
The bridge was about 8(1 feet long and
00 feet wide. It was broken sharp off at
both embankments, the cntre structure going into the canal.
More Oil Wells.
Beaumont, Tex., April 8.—The sixth
gusher oil well has been added to the
lle.iuinoni field, and it is reported to he the
finest well yet strucK. The well is HMO
feet deep and shows a pressure of HO
pounds to the square inch, whicli ie said
to exceed the Sun Lucas gusher, 100 feet
away, and which has hitherto maintained
the record of being the greatest producer
in the world. The oil pool where it was
•struck is only 40 feet deep and is resting
on a lied of sulphur. These fuels were ascertained hy the drillers. After the oil was
struck tlie pipe was permitted to sink tip-
til it struck tlie bottom, and .t rested after
40 feel had gone down. The drillers then
bored four feel into what they say is a
bed of pure sulphur. In two other gushers
sulphur was struck before lhe oil was
reached. President Gilbert says that one
day next week the valve will lie opened to
test the flow.
Iron ore to tbe value of $44,226 was
Imported from Spain by the United
States for the quarter ending September 30, 1900.
Solder Won Oratorical Content.
Pullman, Wash., April 8.—The fifth annual orittoricul contest of the iigriciilluml
college wns won by p. F. Nolder of (he
senior class. His subject was "The Living
Problem," and dealt with the liquor traffic, lulviK-ating the (iothetlburg system of
control. He received a $&r> gold medal and
will represent the college at the intercollegiate contest to be held at Moscow on
the last Priday of this month.
Lynching In   ArkmiHiiN.
Osceola, Ark., April 8.—May hearn of
Luxora, Ark., was taken from the county
jail here and lynched. The victim of the
mob was a young white man, the son of
J. R. Hearn, one of the most respected
farmers living in the neighborhood of Luxora. The crime for which he was hanged
was the shooting of Clyde King of Luxora on the niglu of Sunday, March .Tl.
Twenty Holihera Killed.
(Berlin, April 8.—Count von Waldersee
reports to the, war ollice that after dispersing the robber bands to tne northeast
of Tientsin the troops engaged in that
work have returned to tneir quarters. In
the course of thc operations 20 robbers
were killed and one gun and 20 wagons
with arms and ammunition were captured.
Women   Hlllseil.
Chicago, April 8.—Firemen over the entire system of the Lake Shore road huve
been granted a material increase in wages
und the action taken by the management
has averted what threatened to cause serious trouble.
At Phoenix, Ariz., the Congress mine
has been sold to an eastern syndicate.
The reported purchase price ls $3,000,-
000. The Congress mines have been
operated IB years and the workings are
at a depth of 3,000 feet.
The great Wauconda ledge has heen
cut In the tunnel. The wait was met
b75 feet from the portal.
The Iron creek district lies about
nine miles northeast of Keller, on the
head waters of Bridge creek.
The air compressor for the Gold
Ledge tunnel arrived at the mine last
week and ls already Installed.
A rich strike of ore 30 inches wide,
was struck a few days ago on the 200
foot level of the California mine, about
10 feet northeast from the shaft.
The lower tunnel on the Georgle
Reed was being driven with reasonable
speed and that some good looking ore
was recently taken from the shaft.
The dlmaond drill thut bus been
used on the Quilp for some weeks past
hns been shipped by wagon to the South
Half, where it will be set up on thfe Manila.
Lieutenant J. E. Leckie, it is thought,
will take a position with the Republic
company. Lieutenant I^eckio is, like
his brother, a mining engineer, and is
said to be as goood a miner as a soldier.
Tbe new Lone Pine tunnel is in 29
feet, and at 50 feet will be about under
the apex of the "Black Tail" vein, but
may have 75 or 80 feet to run to tap the
lead on the tunnel level.
Manager R. G. Edwards leckie of
the Republic company, lt ls rumored,
will leave ln a few days on a trip for
the northern part of Norway, to examine a large nickel mining property for
a New York syndicate.
The Zela M. mine in Sheridan camp
has been bonded to an English syndicate for $1,000,000. The new company
will proceed at_ once to development
work on the Kitty Cldye claim, which
Is part of the company's property. The
property owned by the Sheridan Mining company lies on the same ledge
and between the Zela and Clyde claims,
so that the development of the latter
will come pretty near showing the value of the Sheridan mine. The contract
work—sinking the shaft to the 300 foot
level—was started at noon last Saturday. Superintendent Debbridge has
received the returns from 25 tons of
second class ore from the California
vein, which netted at the furnace $1905.
An Important, strike has been made
on the True Blue group, located on tne
south fork of Kulso creek.
The strike on the True Blue group on
Kaslo creek is likely to prove of the utmost Importance to the section.
A new. mining and development company of Spokane has taken an $18,000
bond on the Tamarack group, on
Springer creek, British Columbia.
Work has been suspended for the
present on the construction of the 10
stamp mjll under way at the May ft
Jennie group, a promising Forty-nine
creek property.
W. W. Warner, M. E., well known as
the man who has made several of the
Slocan producers, has secured a lease
on the Wonderful, In Sandon camp, and
will develop lt largely.
Byron C. Rlblet, tramway expert of
Nelson, B. C, who will erect three
tramways for the Andes Mining company of Chlmote, Peru, has arrived
there. The work will swell the receipts
of the Nelson firm by $60,000.
The management of thn Arlington
(Erie) mine Issued a statement from
Its oflice at Nelson to the effect that the
construction of a 5.0 ton concentrator
at the mine would he commenced within the next fortnight.
Colonel W. S. Ray of Winnipeg states
that all the company's obligations will
be discharged at once and that the directorate will UiBe no time in placing
the Molly Gibson on a dividend paying IwbIb. The company proposes to
proceed as early bb possible with the
construction of a concentrator at the
mino with a capacity of 75 tons dally.
The St. Eugene ni^ne at Moyie has
closed Its month's run and tho mill
record Is the largest In the history of
tho property. The best previous performance for a month of 31 days was
3040 tons, but last month the ttotal was
swelled to 3200 tons, despite a shut
down of two days during the motith.
The concentrates from the St. Eugene
are being marketed at Antwerp, Bel-
MINJ1VG Mi'l'Ud.
At Keller, Wash., tho Manila Is In
splendid shape. The drift from the
lower tunnel Is ln about 70 feet and
the last 20 feet has been all ln ore of
excellent grade.
Charles W. Clark, 8on of Senator W.
A. Clark, has nbout completed a deal
for a bond on 80 acres of patented land
at Kenwood, a suburb of Helena, Mont,,
for mineral purposes.
It Is reported that a wagon road will
be built this summer from Sprlngdale,
Wash., Into Cedar canyon. This would
cut the present ore haul from the Deer
Trail and neighboring shippers from
45 to about 25 miles.
The Leslie Copper Mining company,
operatlngjn the Coeur d'Alene, will not
receive Its new air compressor for several weeks yet.
A rich strike of almost pure copper
was mado ln the Blue Bird mine, In
the Hoodoo district, 35 miles east of
Palouse, a few days ago.
At Wallace, Idaho, C. B, Wallace has
the tunnel on the Ruth Mining com
pany's ground ln 110 feet and the show'
Ing continues to Improve.
The Lake Superior Steel corporation
is negotiating for the purchase of the
mines, railroads, Bhlps and mineral ami
timber lands of the Cleveland cilffa
Iron company.
The American Sheet Steel company
haB Issued orders to put in operation
four Bheet mills at the Falcon plant
Niles, Ohio, which have been idle for a
Reports from the Snake river oil
fields are to the effect that the Bernard
well, at a depth of something more
than 400 feet, Is In oil In quantity.
Preparations are complete for the ra-
ceptlon of ore samples at Spokane for
trans-shipment to Buffalo for the Washington exhibit at the pan-American exposition.
J. T. McAvlney, who Ie ln Stevens
county, writes that assays taken from
No. 2 lead on the Anderson, near
Sprlngdale. Wash., returned $41.25 in
gold and $14.40 ln silver, with traces
of copper.
Verbal reports submitted to the
stockholders of the Congress mining
eompnny, at Its annual meeting recent.
ly, indicate that tbe company's well-
known nickel-copper property on
Bridge creek, South Half, Wash., is In
splendid Bhape.
One of the largest oil drilling out-
fits in the country ts due to arrive In
Spokane within the next ten days. The
drilling outfit of Charles Davis of Spen-
cervllle, Ohio, has been engeged to drill
two wells In the oil districts near Spokane, and the contracts have been closed.
Development in the various mines
and prospects in the Palmer Mountain
district ln March has given good results. As the veins are more explored
anfl greater depth Is attained the fact
is becoming more and more assured
that this district is destined to rank
second to none when once It gets transportation facilities.
Settlement of all litigation regarding
the Post-Lambert mine in the Mount
Baker district was effected last week.
The mine was sold last year to J. G.
English ft Son for $750,000. They spent
many thousands of dollars developing
it, but refused to make a second payment upon learning that a suit for a
half interest In the property was about
to bo filed.
There la more mining Interest In
Sumpter, Oregon, than ever before, and
more transactions are being made of
prospects and mines.
The work of the past year has more
than doubled the number of actual
mines In the district, and this season
will see the number of stamps more
than doubled, many new mills having
already been ordered and more properties are sufficiently developed to warrant the putting up of mills.
Tho Quebec's owners have ordered
an additional 10 stamps for tbeir mill,
now in course of erection.
The   Conutellaton   company,   with'*-
property In the Cable Cone district. Is
taking some ore out of the Evening
Star claim Ihat averages nearly $20.
The large producing mines of the district rarely ever permit the public to
know anything about their cleanups,
but it Is generally known that several
of them run from $75,000 to $100,000
per month.
At the Bonanza mine for March the
cleanup amounted to $100,000, tho largest In the history of the mine.
The output of the Red Boy, North
Pole and Columbia are known to be
near the $100,000 mark while the Golconda, Couger, Mammoth, Bald Mountain and others run lower.
Thc Bonanza Ib said to be milling a
lot of $1000 and $1600 ore. The month's
cleanup of bullion took all the strength
of two men to carry It a few feet.
Metal Report.
New Vork.—Bar sliver, b9%c; Mexican dollars, 49c.
London.—Bnr silver, flat, 27 5-lCd per
San Francisco.—Silver bars, 59Vic;
Mexican dollarB, 50Vi@51c,
l'i i.-i-«  I"ald  Producers.
Poultry and Eggs—Chickens, old, 9@
10c. per lb. llvo weight; duckB, $4 per
doz.; geese, dressed, 12c per lb.; turkeys, live, 10©12c; dreiwed, 12@13c;-
eggs, fresh, $6 per case.
Vegetables—Potatoes,j C0c per cwt;
onions, $3.50 per cwt
Llvo stock—Beef, live steers, 4^c;
dressed, 8c; Uveo owe, 2J£c; dressed
1\,\ veal calves, dressed, 7@9c; mutton, ewes, 3c; wethers, 2'/jc; hogs, live,
$4,75@5 per cwt.; dressed, $7 per cwt.
Sheepskins—Shearlings, 10c each;
Bhort wool pelts, 30@50c; medium wool
50@75c; long wool, 76c@$l. .
Hides—Green hides and calf skins,
5@Gc per lb; dry hides, butcher, 10@
12c per lb.
The Spokane mills pay the following
priccB for grain, delivered: Club
wheat, 44c bulk, 45c sacked; bluestem,
47c bulk, 49c sacked; red, 42c bulk, 44c
iini'i-iNini (jot ___»,:!i;i Plurality.
Chicago, April fi.- The official canvass of
the returns of the lute city election waa
completed foduy. If shows that lluirrison,
democrat, received 100,780 votes and
Hanecy, republican, 12H,4ifl; Harrison's
plurality. gSM9.
The largesj democratic plurality was
Unit of Charles F. (inn!her, the democratic candidate for citv treasurer, it being
Callahan  Pleaded Not Guilty.
Onialui. April fi.--.Tames Callahan, the
alleged Oudflhy kidnaper, was arraigned
before Judge Baxter in flic criminal lieiu-h
of the district coiirf and pleaded mil guilty
and was held for trial on April 23 on the
charge of rohliery. Spring
You are miule aware of the necessity for cleansing your blood fu the
spring by humors, eruptions and other
outward signa Of impurity.
Oi- that dull headache, bilious, nau-
cpoiis, nci'voiiscoiitlition iinil tliut tired
feeling aro duo to tlio same cause—
weak, thin, impure, tired blood.
A'iicrica'1 Greatest Spring Medicine is llootl's Siii'siiparilla.
It makes the blood rich aud pure,
cures scrofula and salt rheum, gives a
clear, healthy complexion, good appe-
(iie, sweet sleep, sound health.
Kor cleansing the blood tho best
modicino money can buy is
It is Peculiar to Itself.
in me
Good Live Agents Wanted
In nil unoccupied territory, for iho
Debt Wheel! oo Km tli, tbe 1901 <
$20 - S25 - $35 - $40
105-111  tWh Stretl. fO«TI._tNO, Oft.
Ill Hill It
I. A I'.'IK
One hundred farmers ■ noar Keota,
Iowa, have planned to build a telephone
line in the spring. It wil be nine
mih'B long, connecting Keota and South
English, at both of which points It will
loin long distance switchboards.
l.i Hung Chang la so deeply committed to Russia that he is no longer a free
aK'ent, says a correspondent, and lt ls
impossible to evade authorizing Huh-
Bias wish.
DR.   HUNT  *   SONS,
B Dentist*.
All  It Iran  of work  neatly  don* and  prices
!>..-    ll-,l>li-_
Rooms 3-4-1-1 Eugio Block. Spokane.
The first currency issued by the
whites within the limits of the United
Suites was wampum, which was adopted by the Massachusetts colonists ln
ISO" in their Intercourse with the Indians.
Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
JniRglstl rci'uiiil lhe money iI 11 lulls In cure.
'  ". Urove's slRnsturp Is on each box.   26c.
>' 'i-nty one new banking institutions
have been authorized to do business In
Missouri in the laBt two yeara and a
larg« number ef banks have Increased
their capitalization.
It lias been found In India that Inoculation against rinderpest will protect
&" animal for a period of seventy or
e|Khty days.
Re lltuullfui:
Ji ■ l<;ir. rli-un complexion Ik Iho foundation
w 'ill lieiiuty, CuHcareti. Candy t'litliHrtli: make
•ni keep tho skin soft and velvety. All drug-
1»t»,  Wc,   Utic,  60C.
The Hindoo chronology extends to
'•'■ XX. C; Babylon, 6168 B. C; China,
'I" B. C.
finrflclil Ton In nn oxcelleiit
lie-ili. Ine t,, in ko in lh« spring I
ll prniliioei it healthy seilmi
"i tin- liver; lt olsitniea tin-
Hyslcin ami purities the blond.
Rmeralds have been discovered In
Ari/."na and, It la said, In North Carolina.  They are, however, very small.
P*o'» Cure for ConHumptlon is an Infal
lible m,.,»c|ne for 00UBhs and colds.-N.
"^Hamuel, Ocean Grove, N. J„ Feb. 17,
Congress has adopted the "slow-sand
•Mem" of filtration for the water sup-
ply "f Washington.
Permanently Ourod.   No fits or nervnusnoi
' nay's tipe_.fl
Bolo?. imi',,'tli-»li(ii7'«ii»iHirii'r'. kiWhiirl'st Nerve
!•_,. iTL i,lV,,"'f»rFRBKt_I.OOtriall.oltl..Rii.ltnwi.
"n.It.ll Kui«s.l_til.,v3IAroli8t.,Pliil»di>liihla.l,s.
Amnng the students at the Unlversl-
y of Paris last year there were l,2oO
«°m foreign countries.
WILL   TRAVEL   12000   MILES.
win Paas Through fi siuies-niiicr-
««•> Is Aliout Complete*,livery
Hiitir Ai'i-oontru |'„r—Will su,,,
uml Make Speech at tli.liiiiu.
Washington, April B.-JSeoretary Cor-
telyou is dally mggged in conference with
senators rwi representatives and railroad
officials ragardlijg the Itlnery of the |irea-
iilent's coming tour across the continent
As near as possible Secretary Cortelyou is
trying to complete the ichedule before
the train leaves On its long journey. The
time of returning to Washington will he
fixed almost to the hour before the dejiurt-
uie, despite the fact i.iat the train will
lie away from Washington for six weeks,
nml will travel 1_2,<KM> miles,, and go
through mora than hail of the states of
the i'nion. Reportsrecelved'al the White-
house are Unit the entire west \» making
preparations for the trlp> ll. T. 8eott of
the Union iron Works of Han Ifauurisoo,
where tha bittleshlp Ohio will be launched,
is coining to Washington to accompany
ihe prealdent to California, He has also
placed his magnificent residence in Ban
l'l.inciscii at tlie disposal of the president.
In UH Angeles two prominent citizens
have tendered the use of their houses.
While these invilations may not be accepted they show the hospitality that is
being offered to the president,   it is not
known yet. whether Attorney (ieneral
Knox will accompany ihe party or not. Ile
has just returned fiom spending the winter
iu California nml may imt care to return.
Wiih lhe exception of Secretary Qtge
.md possibly Secretary limit every other
cabinet ollicer will go, Kiich one will
transact department business aboard the
train just as if In- was at his desk in
Washington. The president will be iu
constant cniniiiuiiicaiiou with Washington aud will attend to all executive business, riie executive machinery of the
government will, in fact, go along daily
to the accompaniment uf the imi-e of the
railroad train. Wlilli* in Washington
stale tlit* president has decided lo stop at
Chehalis, the homo of the Hiiz/jud broth-
ers, tlie two army otlicers who accompanied (ieneral Fun-dun upon the perilous
juAriiey which effected the capture of
Au mu.i M' i The president proUilily will
make a brief -pi-ivli tlu-ie.
The proposed sail by steamer from l)u-
luili or Chicago to Buffalo ha- been eliminated from lhe itinerary, owing to the
fact that the steamers do uot begin to run
until dune IS. After the trip through the
Yellowstone park the party will go to
Sail l_tike City. I'tah. thence to Denver
anil Colorado Spiing-. Two days will
Im- spent at the latter place, in order to
allow time for B visit to Pike's \u:i\C.
Stops will In- made ai Kansas t'itt .md
St Joseph. No extended stay will be
made at Chicago. About two day * will
In- k'penl at buffalo, visiting lhe pan
American exposition and Niagara Palls,
Tlio Twrnilrlh Century.
Tbe twentieth ceiimry in-caii January
1st, mil. ri.iI will end with L'Hm Peopls
did tint ln-|!iii to reckon time from A. I'. 1.
bill wailed until aliout the MO tear of the
Christian era, People who begin t" nn-'-
the great health resioritlve. Hosteller's
So in h lliilers. iniiiiuliiiu-ly alter lhe
lir.-t outbreak "t dvspepsta, malaria, rlieu-
inaii-'n. const tuat Ion, ntrviiusnsss or ki l-
liey I rou I lie wi.l dale I heir cure immediately from thin.
The rearing of silk worms and the
production of silk during the years before the revolution promised to become
one of the most Important Industries
of America.
When vou tako Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic,
iici'miiso the formula is plainly printed nn every
tattle showing; that It Is simply Iron and Qu'.
nlno in a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay. 60c.
The Tennesseee house has concurred
with the senate in forbidding the employment of white teachers in negro
public schools.
J. Q. McUuIkbu Injured.
Portland, Ore., April 8.—While sitting
on a sill of one of the fourth story windows of the Imperial hotel to get a breath
of fresh air, John G. McGuigan, a well
known mining man of Spokane, loat his
'balance and fell about thirty feet to the
skylight below. iHe was picked up suffer->
ing from a fracture of the base of the skull
and was taken to St. Vincents' hospital.
It is believed that he can not recover.
Mr. McGuigan is about 40 years of age
and is one of the owners of the Alamo mine
at linker City. His sister is Mrs. Patrick
J. Jennings whose liuwluinil controls valuable mining properties in the Bohemian
dist riet.
John (!. McGuigan was one of the discoverers of lhe Sloean. The first piece of
silver tloat found in the district was picked
Up by John Seaton, who. with Kli Carpenter, located the Payne ihe same day, curly
iu July, 1SD1. William -M. Heiinessy
learned of the iinil, and with his brother
John, Prank Clint, John McGuigan, Seaton
and Carpenter, he wenl from Ainsworth
into the new camp and '2'A claims were
Staked, Aiming these were the Noble Five
group.  List   Chance,  R,   K.  l-cc,  Northern
Belle and Slooan Hoy. McGuigan took a
oomptouous part iu lhe development of
these properties and many others, later
prominent among the producers of the district, it was after Js k MoQuigah that
the town ami creek of McCiiigan, between
Sandon and Kuslo. were named.
He is resting easier and unless new
complications set in he is expected to
Mrs. Watson's Message.
Sho toils all suffering women how sho warn
ourod of Ovarian Inflasyntrm^n by
When the
Hair Falls
accompanied by
mucous patches in
the mo U t h, erup.
tions on the skin
sore throat, pippei
colored splotches
Allt s"'""''n glands, aching muscle;
till] a"'' '""""'■ ,lu' ,l'8ea,e is niakinj
v** rapid headway, and far worse
symptoms will follow unless the blood u
proinpiy and effectually cleansed of thi.'
violent destructive poison.
S. S. S. is ihe only safe and infallible
cure for this disease, the only antidote
for this specific poison. It cures tht
worst cases thoroughly an£ permanently.
My condition Could ite&t&Sl
J Poison.   I triec
Have Been No Worse. &^**JBS
did me no good ; I wm letting worscnll llu
ut, ulc<
v tiody . _
with copper  colored  splotches and   oftensivt
lli'|.orl    I iil'iitinileil.
New York, April 8j—The World's St.
Petersburg special says: The reported at-
tempi on the czar's life al Tsarsko proved
unfounded. The csat and czarina are living ill seclusion here. The czarina's health
is delicate.
Measures of drastic repression have la-en
Instigated against students in the universities throughout the empire. Four hundred students here have been ordered to
report themselves morning and evening to
the jHilice. All who fail to do so are arrested and thrown into prison for an in-
delinite period. Seventy hate been arrested already.
air i
time ; my hair csme out
throat and mouth, tn
cers appeared in mv
twdy was aim
.imost revered
An Inlian.ipilis Woman's Sworn Statement of the Way in Which She
Wus Saved From Death.
From the Indianapolis News.
Mrs. Mary K. Burns, of 505 Hiawatha street, Indianapolis, Ind., Is living evidence of the wonderful powers
of Dr. Williams' Hink I'llls for Pale
People, the remedy that cures where
all others fall. For yeurs she en
dured all the tortures of indigestion
nervousness and female weakness, n
complication of troubles that live physicians confessed their inability tc
cure. Her story is well worth the attention ol every woman.   She says:
"My Illness commenced after my
first child wus born. I was so weak
and nervous that it seemed 1 would
never get strong. For twelve years
1 doctored for female trouble, complicated with nervousness and indigeR
tion. My stomach was so weak that
for days at a time I could eat nothing
but bread and milk. I was also troubled with palpitation of the heart and
was often so miserable that I could not
lie down. Five doctors prescribed for
me, and I took many kinds of medicine without being benefited. One
day I saw Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
advertised in the papers and I de-
elded to give them a triai. 1 did so
and had not finished taking the first
box when I knew that I was getting
"You can imagine the relief I felt
when I found that after years of suffering 1 was being cured. I continued
taking the pills, and the female trouble
entirely disappeared. Dr. Williams
1'lrik PUls for Pale People did more
for me than lt was claimed they would
do. Since I first took tho pills I have
not needed a doctor nor any other
medicine I they have restored my!
health, strength and happiness.
"MKS MAR i   K. BURNS."    I
Subscribed and sworn to before me j
this lilth day of October, lilOO.
(Seal) Notary Public.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are sold by all dealers, or will
be sent postpaid on receipt of price,
50 cents a box, or six boxes for $2.50
(they are never sold In bulk or by the
hundred), by addressing Dr. Williams
Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y.
" Dkah Mrs. Pinkham :—When I wrote to you a few months
ago I hud been suffering from inflammation of tho ovaries and
womb for over eighteen months. I hnd a continual pain and
soreness in my back and side. I believe my troubles were caused
by overwork and lifting some years ago. Life was a drag to me
and I felt likn giving up. I hud several doctors, but they did me
littlo good. I began to use Lydia E. Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound four months ago and am in better health to-day than I
nave been for years. All my pains are gone. Your Vegetable
Compound has made me well. I recommend it to all suffering
women,'—Mrs. 8. J. Watson, Hampton, Va.
When there is one remedy that is sure, and
hundreds of thousands of women know from experience Is reliable, ts It wise to experiment with
untried and comparatively unknown medicines?
We have deposited with
the National City Hai lc,
  of I.Mm. $5,000, which
■^■^^^^^^"^ will be paid to any person who can find that the above testimonial
letter in not genuine, or was published before
obtaining the wrilei's -pecial permission.
l.vi.u E. I'inkiiam Mkdicink Co.
How Miiiii.uril, with Aid of Sc.vyiil, Got
Pome l'hntoiti'Bph*,
The seyyid—hiickmiin and nothing
more—exacted the deference due to
him, ull along the road. Otice beside a
deep, sluggish stream we came upon nn
eiii'iiinpinent of nomads, wbo hnd come
down out of the mountains to wash
and shear their animals, says Harper's
Weekly. Tbey were bard nt work, the
boys holding down the sheep nnd gonts,
while the elders   removed the   deeces.
The women, to whom health lent n
buxom kind of befiUty, nml wbo. after
the manner of mountain women, were
lax iilinut the exposure of Ibeir faces,
went about among the Bocks, drawing
milk Into earl ben vessels. As I leaped
across the stream, camera lu band, a
grent cry of protest went up. and the'
chief of tbe outfit a bronzed, bearded
und rangy gentleman, wbo missed bis
proper place In the world by nut lu-ing
where be could play right guard ou a
I'rlncton eleven, came running Willi
hulf u dozen of bis retainers nml a doa-
en Kurdish sheep dogs ul bis heels. He
Waa roaring lustily and waving Ills
arms lu mandate to me to get buck to
the other bank. and. reaching for n sort
of bush hook that be curried to make
tlie argument good. In the wildest
plunge of bis onslaught be caught sight
of the Seyyid'a green belt He slopped
ns If some thoughtful person luid pulled nn airbrake on hi in, aud begun to
With wrath and revernnce Struggling
In blm be nsked tbe seyyid what sort
of being I wns and what I wns going to
do to bis people with that "box which [
bad the evil eye In the end of It." It
WH explained to blm. He looked
doubtlngly at the camera, then whispered to the seyyid. "ls It a slnV"
"No," snid the lawgiver.    >
The chief relaxed his bold of his
snickersnee, nnd put his entire company, men, boys, sheep, goats nnd rosy-
checked women, through their paces,
while the evil eye winked knowingly
and often.
Children of the Soil.
The Cape of Good Hope was discovered by Diaz, the Portuguese navigator,
six yenrs before Columbus saw San
Salvador. In tbe middle of the seventeenth century the Dutch Enst India
Company formed a permanent settlement nt the foot of Table mountain.
Tbe Orst settlers were Branch Huguenots, Hutch Protestants and German
Lutherans. As immigration Increased
the hardy pioneers moved north from
Table bay on the great prairies called
veldts. Here ns pastoral shepherds
tbey began that lonely life which has
developed In ils followers courage, self-
reliance, love of Independence and of
solitude, the lending trails of Ibe boer
of to day. Tbey were called "liner,"
which Is the Hutch word for    fanner.
''bis a!fn*tura it on every box of the (enaim
Laxative Bromo-Quinine t»i>i«u
bo remedy thst enres it com la oo* day
Contract Burgeons ln the army are
employed to assist tbe regular sur
geons. They receive a maximum sal
ary. of $150 a month.
All d'-i-asi-ii condition! ol the
in. .hi uniiikinsrs l>-nellind hy
tin- u-i'll known rcic.i-dy, Hiiifleld
Ten; it iiiirilti-s lhe i.: i m..l
cicuin ins somplsxli n
The oldest known artesian well was
sunk at LUlers, France, in the twelfth
Beware of the scandel monger, and
shut your ears to what ought not to be
Mothers will liud Mrs. Wlnslow's Smith-
lllg M rup the best remedy to use ior their
jiiilcircn during ihe teething period.
Y..nr r.nl.I.- and lluanl Is tin- fuiiMiii. OngOB
m i I'uiin.r, t.-Mt.-.i an.i tru-.   Dm it new.
Sugar ls found ln parsnips, mallows
and almost all vegetables.
Morlca of t'hil Irrti.
"I do not believe In telling n child
ghost stories to frighten blm when he
ls naughty. When Clifford Is naughty
I explain tbo germ theory to blm and
have htm look through a microscope nt
bacteria'. It frightens liiin terribly, nnd
at the same lime Inculcates scientific
knowledge."—Detroit Journal.
tores    I sultcrcd severefy from rheum-itic palm
In my shoulders and arms.   My condition cuiili!
have been no worse ; onlv thoseafflicte.Ins I wns
can understand   my   nulTcrings.     1 had about
lost all hope of ever being well nRain when
I decided to try 8. 8. S..
but must confciu I had
little faith  left  In  any
medicine.   Alter Inking
the third bottle 1 noticed
a change In my condition.   Thi» was I nily encouraging, and I determined to give 8. 8, S a
thorough trial.   I'rom
thnt time on the improvement was rapid ; S. S. 8.
seemed lo h ve the disease  completely   under
control; the  sores and
ulcers healed and I was
toon free from all signs
of the disorder ;  I have
been stronu and healthy ever since
I,. W. Smith, Lock lion 6n, Nolilesvllle, Ind.
_______________ stWAs sttAh is the only purely vegc-
^^^^«"^t;iMc  blood   putihci
^^ ^^ ^^. kniLvii.   $i,oouis
tj^ k^MulIcicd for proof ib.it I
mWmW WsW it contains a particle ol j     s,.n,,lor Wolcott of Colorado Is heav-
mercury'.potash orother inmcral poison. I        lnter08te(! ln a recent Hch 8trlke
httTfilTMM 1" tbe Cripple Creek district.   It Is In
this disease  with full directions for sell tho Last Dollar vein and runs 1000 to
treatment.   We charge nothing for medl- UiOO ounces to the ton.   This Is said
cal advice; cure yourself at home. to be by far the richest vein ln the dls-
Italians as Cotton rii-kers.
In the South tbe Italian are found to
bo the best cotton pickers.   They   are
quick and have nimble lingers.
It Is hnrd to tell these dnys If a girl
didn't lake time to couib her hair, or
took the time to comb It lu the lutes'
Slop* th. Cough and
Work* Off Iho Cold.
I .nxntlvo Hnur.il. .jut nine Tablets euro a cold In
une day. .No cure, No Pay.   Price 25 cents.
The treasury department has Issued a warrant ln favor of Admiral
George Dewey for $9,570 or account of
prize money found to be due him from
the court of claims for the destruction
of the Spnnish fleet ln Manilla harbor
May 1, 1898.
i% H. P.
Pumps Water, Saws Wood,
Grinds Feed, and costs two
cents an hour to run.
Get full particulars from 310 Market
Street, San Francisco, Cal.; First and
Stark Sts., Portland, Or.; Los Angeles,
You Do Your Part - We'll Do Ours
Which is send us your address,
Which Is mall von tree nur
I'KI.'K'.ri' ACCOUNT UuuK.
Portland. Or.
spoksne. wash. Largest Machinery Dealers In tha Northwest.
A mixinre of deep rontiii-i nrn»s seo.Is that we
will cnn: iin 1, i- in rrow on dr. irtiutnd thai will
im! product cereals nr any iilhcr kind nl grass
Will make Otop ol Inly, and palters all xcnsotn
of Hip yi>ar TOO iicier luv.-aied a dnllar In
your Ills Ihat will ulvp you such rsialHI prlco
Ilil.l'O |i-r ltm nr __n cents per imiiml.   Send ui au
THIII" order (nr '.no pnnnds; we will lend Instructions
Hi     ptSOWlnit.    Address M. .1. SIUKI.US A CO.
IIIUL i Grower" nnd   Importers nf all kinds nf lirass
■»    PISO'S  CURE   FOR -' ^
| Host i -niigh Hjrrup.  Tastes tlnnd  tree |
la lima,   Hnld hy druggist*.
and Field Seeds.     MOSCOW, IDAHO.
Is best lime lo cure Catarrh,
llniliclillis and ('uiiHiiuiptlon.
Our remedy Is Kiinrantecd, II.
P. o. IIOX07.1.
W. H. SMITH l\ CO., Buffalo, N. Y.
London, April 9.—The Pretoria correspondent of the Morning Post warns
his countrymen against hoping for an
early termination of hostilities or be-
lieving the stories that the Boers are
tired of war.   Ho says:
"It becomes daily more evident that
the Boers Intend to flght to a flnlsh.
Many are surrendering, hut they are
men of no standing. The real fighting
men are still in commandos, and although recently successful British operations tend to hring the end nearer
it is evident that the Boers must be
completely crushed before a general
surrender Is probable."
It ls rumored that Acting President
Sohalkberger has removed the seat of
government to l.ytlesdorp.
According to a dispatch to the Dally
Mail from Hilvolsum, Mr. Kruger, who
has just arrived there, has expressed
an intention to go to the United States
in June and visit Washington, Boston
and Chicago.
"It Is definitely ascertained," 3ays a
dispatch to the Times from Kroonstadt,
dated Saturday, "that Generals Dewet
and Botha met at Vreide."
Lord Kitchener has informed the
war office that eight volunteer companies, freed by reliefs, are coming
home and that arrangements are ln
progress for the speedy relief of further companies. He thus appearB to
be endeavoring to meet the demand
that fresh troops be sent to the front
to replace the stale men.
Tho Cape Town correspondent of the
Daily Express reports wholesale arrests for treason in Oraaf Relnet and
Aberdeen. There is no other news
from South Africa this morning except that a small party of Boers has
reoccupled Phillipstown, in Cape Colony.
Sentenced for  Murder.
Washington, April B.—Privates Edward
M. Blrodle nnd James K. Coffeey, Troop C,
Third cavalry, were recently convicted by
court martial at Manila of murder and
sentenced to imprisonment at hard labor
fur life. It sppeart from the record, a copy
of Which lias been received nt the war department, that the accused murdered a
harmless native boy, io yean old, whom
tbey met on the highway. Major General
Wheaton, commanding the department of
northern Luzon, approved the sentence,
which will lie duly executed at Hilihid
prison, Manila.
The Heat I'resciiptioi' for Malaria
Chills aid Fever is a bottleol Grove's Taateleas
Chill Tonic. It In simplv iron and quinine ln
a tameless form.   No t nre. No Pay.  Price 800.
T.icumii —- W'licit — Steady.   Bluestem,
.V.ic; Huh, oil. li-,
Portland—Wheat—Walls   Walla,   57®
Beware of Them
There arc two afflictions which
perhaps give the most pais
and trouble, viz: •
Both disable and cripple,
St Jacobs Oil
is their best cure.
If You N«d a
!_>/-» 11 pn or any piece ol Maohlnsry, lt
DUILCIv, « nj pay to wrlm ua lor catalogue and prices
Portland and Spoken..
"I bare died your valuable CAMA-
Itl-.T-t and Ami tiera peifec',. Couldn't do
without them, t _»»• nsvd ihem for some nuia
for Indigestion and liuiouaneas and am now completely cured. Recommend them, to every one.
Once tried, you will never be without tbem ia
lhe family.''    Euw. a makx, Albany, N. Y.
t   m.'**JW CATHARTIC        ^
raaoi mask HMM
-Pleasant,   ralaisi.e.   Potent.   Taste Ooo4.  Oa
Sood, Never Blcki-u. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. 36c, KM.
...    CURE CONSTIPATION.    ...
■Urli-r t.w.s, t._.p».-. I't-lcsc*. B.-ttr..!. %.. X.rt. M
MTfl RIP Solo anil Kiiarnntfted by all ansa*
• I U-BAU (isu io t'l SI Tobaooo tUbU.
N, N. U. No. 15, 1901.
I ■
i-i lewrramrn -MMWMI>W<WMiWWW|<Mi WMWWW v """'•'■ "V"***
Clocks and
fine Watj^j^iriPg^ Speeialty.
All Work Left at The La** view
Hotel, Silverton, will he forward-
ed and promptly attended to.
O. &* Knowles,
THE SiI\ fcIti 0XIA3V.
Saturday,    Aimiii. 18,   1901.
SIATHJKSUN KKOS..   Kditora & Prop*.
Conyeniently Situated near
Railway Station and Wfaaif.
Advertising rates will lie made known
upon application at this ollice.
tables supplied with all tlie delicaclei-
ol tha season.       	
When your watch goes wrong or
your clonk refuses to go bring it to me.
If you have a piece of jewelery in
»sed ot repair, bring it to me.
I am prepared at all time* and in
every case to guarantee my work.
E. H.BrindieT Jeweler,
NEW DENVER,   - B. 0.
BILVERTON,      -      -      -      B> c-
Sandon Miners'   Union
Subscribers, fl. per month.
Private Patients, *2. per day
exclusive of expense uf physician or surgeon and drugs.
Ph. W. E. (-omnt. Attendant Physiciai
Miss H. M. CiiiHiiui m, Matron.
J. D. Mi I,.m niii.iN, President.
W. L. IlAiii.Kit, Secretary.
Wm. Donahue, J. V.-Martin,'R. .I
McLkan, A. J. McDonald, Mikk Bii, dv
Mining Ju
With Canadian Supplement
a»3 Broadway,
New York, O. •• A.
r — ■..'    "■■
nr**n*s b»i end  nioat inflin-niui
mining Paper   la tke   World.
Sample Copy Free,     t   I   I   I   t   I   I   l
Week ir Kan ion. ..•&<« par ftnBo.ro, poetptld.
Monthly     " ... MO M       "
0»«*«?0   OR   IN   ARREARS    A
•) *>
«» g   BLUE   CROSS     WILI
S»»Wo   BE   FOUND    IN   THIS
Now as   tlie  editorial   writer on that
journal  has failed  to post himself on
the   subject   ard   knows    absolutely
nothing  ubout   milling,    smelting   or
refining,   lie    is     anything    but   an
authority.     His arguments  in defense
of an export duty shows that  ho has
never   had   any   dealings   with    the
smeltt.-rs   and  are  so   utterly absurd
that   he   should   confine   himself   tc
articles on oyster shells as a fertilwtr
what   to   do with our   surplus  sawdust, and   kindred subjects.     This   is
tho lust time  we intend   to give any
apace to the subject of au export   dut.\
on lead, as those interested in the lcaii
producing   sections   of  Canada  kno*
ihat an   export   duty ut   the preset.i
time would   be tho 1'eatli blow to ae
aiready overtaxed anl crip| 1 d iudusti)
We  are Kind  you're out ol bock,
Carrie   Nation;
For it gave us quite a shock.
Carrie NBtion,
When the Kansas   judge cot rash
And confined you, lacking cash,
Behind bars you   couldn't smash,
Carrie Natiou.
It was just a little inm,
Carrie Nation,
When they jailed you like a bum,
Carrie   Nation;
You who bate a jug  confined
In a jug, unlii my mind
Was a treatment most unltiml,
fan ir Nation.
But you have a chance' at last,
Carrie Nniion.
To get even  for the past,
Cariie Nation;
There's your beer-encrusted hatchet;
Ami, I bet you, whon you snatch It,
That the] Javhankers  will  catch it,
Carrie Nation.
You contribute  to our glee,
Cnrrie Nati in,
When you're on a jamboree,
Cariie Nation ;
When yon get  lo spillii.g juice
Then ton raise tha merry d.-uee,
Like a cyclone just broke loose.
Carrie Nation.
But your paper   is most dreary,
Carrie   Nation;
It makes everybody  wcaiy,
Carrie Nation,
When    you're   smashing   nnd
With a hand-ax, you're exciting;
But for heaven's sake stop writing,
Cariie Nation.
—Denver News.
' J. C. McLagan, for forty yenre
connected with the Canadian press,
and editor of the Vancouver World,
died in Vancouver on Wedueidaj
evening.    Peace to his  nshes.
British Columbia may now be said
to have entered another epoch in the
history of her mining development.
She is to-day in much the samo position as was Colorado some years a»o,
when the smelting industry was lirst
established in that state, Bays '.he B C
Mining Record. The total mineral
product imi of Colorado in 1SS0 was
valued at fifteen millions; by 1890 it
hnd increased to fifty-two millions,
and in 1900 to over six hundred millions. That is to say, for the last ten
years it has averaged in value over
fifty-five million dollars annually. The
mineral area in Colorado is very much
less than it is in Urituh Columbia.
will bo held to eonsi ter such application
Bt Uie Court House, New Ivuver, on
Saturday tho twenty-seventh day of
Aprji, 1901, nt the hour of Tan o'clock iu
the forenoon.
Chief Licence Inspector.
New Denver, April 12, IDOL
If you want to advertise out u
Co-owner-in yonr n ineral claim,
stud $10 to this office, giving
paine of claim, date of record location, and period for which tlie
delinquent co-owner has failed to
do bin assessment work, and we
will do tho rest, Including sending you the affidavit for recording
Wo will write the notice anil do
the work correctlyi   Address:
Silveiton, B. C.
Notice:—"IIa/aiu."   Mineral  Claim.
Minuted     in    lhe      Slocan       Mining
Division ofAVeat Kootenay  District
Where located :—On the c;.\i.ina F.uim
adjoining    the ^ "Cim.itv    Minku.u.
Claim" on the East.
I'nke Notice tliat  I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of Silverton, Ii  O.   as   agent   for Friiuk
ihven,    Free   Minei's  Certificate    No.
44503. intend sixty days from   the ilate
liereol. to apply to the Mining Recorilei
for a Certificate of Improvements, forthe
piupoBi' of obtaining a Crown Urant   of
the al'ove claim
And further take notice that action
iiuler-ecti ni 37, intuit   Im   coniiiimii-i'il
before  the i.-suaiicu of   such   Certificate
01 Improvements,
Dated this 22th day ol February, 1901
Franc:* J. O'Riciily.
2S I 2 I 01
Green   or   Black.
Is Perfect'Tea-
it Is Perfect ifccauso 11 Is Pure, Hholi'somo, Clean, Delicious.
It reaches you in its natural state.      Prussian Blue,   Soapstone,   etc,
are not used, as in other teas, to hide defects.    It has none.
A free runplc of delirious S A i, A 1) \ Tea sent on receipt of postal
mentioning which yon ilriiik—Itiurlt, Nixed or Green Tea.    Address
Toront'ior Montreal.
Most of our exchanges aro running
guessing contests based on th° census
returns. Our guess is that a large
number of citizens are likely to die of
old ngo before the tensus man can get
around to enumerate thjm.
Tho penny postage rate haa resulted
in   tho     Government   cutting   down
you're I postmasters   salaries.    Jf  thi-i   is   tlm
way it   nets  it   is  a  pinny   wise und
pound foolish policy!
NOTICE :—"Last Ciiasck No. 11."
(Silver Nugget.) Mineral Claim, situate
ill till! Slniali Mining Division of West
Knoten iy District
Whero located :-Ou the divide between
Eight and Ten Mbe C.C'-ks
Take No!ice (hat I, -I M. McGregor,
noting as nuetit for (leorg" KmIiI, Fret
Miner.s Certificate N" i.:_<i.'il). Intend
i-ixty days from the dute lieit-of to appl.t
to the Miuing Uo" nler for a Certificate
of Improvement, for tlie purpoffl ol obtaining a Ciown Grant of the above
And furlir tako no'ice thnt action
nnder section 37, most he commenced
before the issuance of mcli Certificate of
Dated this 0th day of November. 1900,
Aeent   for Colg;ary Beer.
General        Full Line      Lumber,
Dry  & Mixed Sash and
Paints. Doors.
MoCallttm «Ste Co.,   «Iooa_ia, U. O.
t f«WWV« /WWVil* W_VvVW ^VVVWiW W/WVW> <vwv£© Q
for    COUGHS
\.. tt*u*u*m-*u: u.:; .*
...................... til
Via Soo Une
8T.P1UL.     CHICAGO,    AND   ALL
fltpe Nome, Alaska, Australia,
China  and
vorrali'H, tickets, and full infonnnlion
vail on or address
G. D, Chandler,
Agent, Silveron, B. C, or
irsTcARt'Eit,"     "u.j: COYLE,
P. P. A., A. G. P. A.,
HoUqii, Vancouver.
In our high hills at this se.ison of
the year the snownlide reigns as kit-;,'
and for the next few weeks it is will
for miner, freighter and prospector to
leave loin iu undistuibed possi-Bcioii of
his rugged kingdom. Of all the
dangers that confronts the toilers
amongst the mountain ranges of t In-
north, none are bo much feared as the
deadly avalanche of ice and snow that
is likely to sweep down the mountain
side at any time with such speed und
force as to carry doath and d-strucliou
to all in its path. Each and every
year since the discovery of the Slocan
the snowi-lidc has claimed as victims
to its wrath oue or more human liven,
| t us hope that this season will be an
exception and tliat the destruction of
a few acres of timber will* suli'ice.
Without knowing tho exact grievances, alleged or otherwise, of the
Rossland Miners' Union, wo cannot
but feel thankful for the majority
adverse to the strike motion, which
was balloted on this week. The
mining industry of the Kootenays is
what we arc all dependent upon and
any further trouble, whether of lubor
or legislation, would certainly do us an
immense amount cf harm at present.
The Miners' Union must not strangle
the goose that lays (he gold, n egg, as a
strike at the present time would do.
The ir.inn-owncrs too havo their
grievances at present and mutual
forbearance will be a good thing until
such time as matters adjust them
sel ves.
As n result of (he difficulty of
innikctiiig thn product Ot their mines,
the St Eugene Consolidated Company
has closed flown. This t-Rects the
Mryie, Like Shore and St Eugene
minis and throws ,'100 miners out of
employment, The town of Moyie will
feel acutely tliii state of ali'iiis.'
It is now that seaton of the year
when the entire press of the Pacific
coast from San Francisco to Skagway
is busy telling fairy talei of the
richness of tbe Arctic regions nnd what
a paradise of a country it is for u
poor man to go to who ,wants to '.'ft
rich quick, lb-ring 'thn summer after
the transportation companies huve
harvested their crop of suckers, they
are not so sure about it being a poor
man's country and early in the fall
they will be howling ac th.i government to send up releif to the Starving
miners and furnish them transportation bock to their friends und
civilization. This (.auc is j.layed
successfully each succeeding season.
.1. M. Mc'.iltl (iolt.
*<AgyM^_M_M_^_MwiW_M_M_M_M_<^_MiH^^MM¥MM¥MM¥< iVWWO
Syrup Of
And Tolu.
To Gts Kiut-i.ii. or in any poiuinnor
liersoiiH to «l. io he may have inutafi-rred
bin   inle'ehlH    in    lie   fellow ilia Mineral
Uluims.Coiigii N'< -. ( i.niii.iiniirr ni-ii
Rris'Ol "ii Hell .Moniii'ii. in-ill Siivi rlon
Ii  t! , Slocan Miulllil  livi lull,
You nn; liiiel.v D"tili •! ibil 1 Imw
exiM-inliii lbrec liiiiiitreil dullem ;.>J00;
in labor ami Itnprort'iiientH upon llle
iil-ove lien iine.i . iiii*iul Claims in
order tn hold miM mineral claims nii-lei
pTov|_4tuiiM of ill" mineral Ad Mini II
within toinet-v days Irmit the dale nf Mil*
iiotieo ynn fail or refustt to eoiittihnte
your proportion nl sai'l eXpondliure
tos-'i-ilier  wiih   nil   cost* of advertising, I
vour Interests in aai'i claim* will became i ____.-_.J__._ ,
tlie properly of tl.e siilicciilier innler|
s.etion 4 "f nn *ct to Amend the I
Mineral Act ]!:().).
(•'rank L. K.-^;.-
Daled thls20ih. day of Deosmber 1900 |    vviVwwvwvkvww
f>    A  ft9prliiLs"ootissti   1**   I^arcl
to stop, tofctt H «& Twill do it.
The Silverton Drug Store
SILVERTON    ...     p. c.
In the last issue of thn Trade Budget
to hand we notice that it is still
hammering away at and advocating an
export   duty on  lead and   lead ores-
The standing of the pupil* of the   Sii
verton Public Scoool for the  month   of
Fehruarv is as follows:
V Render.
Adelni.ie Ilorlon.
Inez. Calbick.
Alio Calbick.
IV Ueailer.
Mamie McDonald,
Sarah Lawson.
May Lawson.
II Header.
(leorge Horton.
tl   Primer.
Kvelyn Hnrton.
William White.
Maooik Parsons, Teacher.
Henry A. Hicks has mado application
for a trsnsfi r of tho Hence at Hick's
Hotel, sioei.n Ciiy, and that n meeliog
oltbcIio.nl of Liceuce Comiiiiasioutr.-i
To John Ti.ni.imi or whom it. mm i
conecin, You aie hereby notilieil
tlnil I have expended One Hundred Hollar* in labor ainl improve
nieiitK upon ibe t\e Two Mineral ("Iiiiin
on Ited Mountain in the si. inn Mlnlun
Division, lociiied on Ihe l!4ih. day of
Jn.-ie Is9ii, tnd recorded at the record
olliiv nl m_ii<l Division on the iMtli, ilay
Of June 18.1.1 in order lo hold Haiti claim
mi'ter lhe provisions of Ibe Mineial Act,
lieiie.' the ainniiiil required '.o bold Ilie
H.nne for the year ending lune '2ti\i 1IHI0
Ami if wiliiin iiinelv c\*y\ fiom the   (lute
of litis noijee you fall or retuse tnrnn-
trionle your pioportion if such ixtieud-
ituro togellier with all ciml* of
ailvi-rlising, your interest, in *nid claim
will in come the ninncrty of the uiiibr-
sltfned under Section 4 of An Actio
to Amend ilie Mineral   Act   11100.
.1. \V. K>io.
Dated Ibis sixteenth day of March 1901
Thistle ^ Hotel.
 1> a T.   GRIT F IN.	
KtrNt-okiss        Qccommodato n
for  Tlie     _F»wl>llo.
Jot>  Friirting:
'Will    Bo   Promptly   Attended
To   By
•••      PROMPTLY r>OWTJS.
B. 0.
Btock   and  Customs    Hrokkii,
RBAL     h.BTATK      AND      UKNKHAI,
l.AKKll   Si. ,     -
-   -    - GF.RMAN -   -
For Sale nt All Druggists.


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