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The Silvertonian 1901-08-03

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dij$ij«siJ8iii»2m.*'ii.aa...... uuut * ♦». .o
i The WM.' HUNTER Co., Lid. I
ta I ot
ott*t,ts*n**,fftvii»t.*.**t»**tttt tittttttitfffQ
.. .
:  Larflse«t wtoolc of *
• »
~ In.     the    Slooan.       :
V tfVtWtt* W8 V •• * ••••• ••••"••••••••»•a•r °• •%
•* • • * 9w*y*i4**i * * • ****«•* »*•«•) »**••*»•««•••• <t i . * #%
: Stores in Silverton • Kelson - Alamo • £ g
'* *      o
;       Three Forks and Phoenix.       £  g
t* »     rt
)ODCfi__>OOO0O0000_>£>a)00C0C)0?')D00 O00JD3OODD3D OO
■> I ooooooooeor>oooccococ.'Ooooco I
o| The Arlington mine shipped 00 tons
Si thin week and the Enterprise 40 tons.
K| In lim No.2. tunnel nt tin. Hewitt
P|uflii! :i large body of shipping ore has
81 lately been exposed. It is over seven
K[feet wide and the miners ore now busy
91 stopping it and sue is inn it for shipment
I just as it Is brpken down in the mine.
A shipment of ore will noon he mnde
irom the Cspellii claim on Gout Mountain.   A ou'lond.of on' IiuaIcii taken
lilt,   pari,   of   which   ban   already  I'l-'ii
• delivered at tlie rail roud,   Ii is tt dry ore
und samples 250 ounces In silver lo the
I ton,
A meeting of the directors of tho Rambler-Cariboo mine was hold in Kuslo on
| Wednesday, when n   one   per cent  div
1 idend win- di e.iii'ed.   This, in connection
with   tho fact   tbat  the   company   is
I earning enotJah to build n concentrator,
caused a jump in tho stock  irom 4.1 tu
60 cents.   The mine has paid up to date
*_210,0, (> in dlvidende.
Shipments ol'oro fram Slo.inn Luke for
Lhe year IK!)'.), totaled 30T8 tone.
Shipments in  X'A'JA totaled 4030 Tuns.
The shipment   ol  oro   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and Including  the
present: week,.from .bin. 1, 1901.
From New Denver Tops.
Ifhrtney    140
Marion  .20
Prom J-tosun Landing.
Boson   £00
From .Silverion*
Alpha     -l-'i
ItoiM.lt    700
lv lily Ku'itii      40
I-r un 1 M'-'iHi'-c Landing
I  11 ■; pi■■■•■;    :_00
From T reive Mile Lao ling
f-Abl        20
From "■'"" in < lity
A tin 'im    .:    2240
Tao Friends  40
Bin •.< I ii"i ■ 100
l; mdhnlder      20
i haplenw    1")
Rpe inlatos.      IM
Phoenlf :!;)
Tolal 3IC3
Benedum  has begun   work
leas., on Hi" Free liold claim.
,1 XI M
nmler Inn
wliicli iiojuiiiH Hits llo'itloo in lie-S rati
City district, The ore iju >this elalai is
Iree milling and Carries high wiio •.-, the
didiciiity of working the ore shnte ex*
posed In ing its location, which is on lo.i
marshy ground and o-iiis-ipit'iitly wet
A shaft will beannk upon this showing
Is 3d
The Knglish price fill lead
Silv-r, 20f-4'il.   Copper, !.■'.'.,.
New York, Aug    U—Bar Silver,   581
Lak • co|tper,   $17.00.
Lead—Tlie Arm thai Axes the sellin
AN_  OL1J   COIN.   .      , .   .
To receive a coin '220 years old. in
change is not olten tho good fortune of'
81ocunersi especially when the coin hap-
pens to be of a lare mintege, but B. F.
iUeNuuglit wus so foittinuto in Slocan
City a few weeks ego. How the coin
came to be masquerading as a dime in
the neck of the woo s is a mystery.
Tho piece in an  English  groat   ol the
coinage of Chillies II, the dute being 1681
Tlie face of tiie coin,  whicli  ia  perfectly
1'giiilc, bears the faoe ol tlie royal lover-
of Nell Gyunn  and loe  words "Uiirolue-
IL Dei Gratia."    On the reverse is a;
inonogriiiii of three entwined C"s, sur--.
in.united  by  11 crown and date nnd en--'
citoled by ihe title "jtfgg - Br   Km - et'
Hi.1 - K.->:.•'or "King of Great Britain,
Franoe and Ireland "
The present owner of tho coin has-
compared din iiod with the fac-sitnilo ot'
one advertised ae north $1500 and believes it to i.e llu. same issue. He haa
heen offered a large sum for it but will
M.e if.the advertised price is obtainable
before parting with it.
ni'i'Aii. sroRF.t* at
N  * Iienv
'elann, Trail, Ymit. K« !-'
r. Cascade City, Grand Forks, Rirdar
md Ureenwi   I.
'liie Enterprise mino on Ten Mile
creek, has ugaiu became a-steadv shipper
ihotit 60 ions 11 mouth ol rich clean ore
lieing sent out tn the Milliter. The mine
is 'ii excel Ion I shape nnd Eitperint .nil nl
.Mi'l'l.ee, who   is nn  old  li   practical
miuinuman, is keeping development
work well in advance of the ("topers, A
force ot _.'"• ii.e-i ar- now eut ployed ami
I thia force will be Increased tt soon as
the mill now building is complete I.
Who  Borrows Peter Dunne's Pen For
The Omission.
"Minin*," mid Mr. Pjoley to hi*
price for miners and smsltefs quotes lead j friend Hennessy, "is a tumble rhiskv
at_M.37>i at iim dose. [business."
  'Tt is that," answered Mr.  Hennessy,.
TO000000004_)0!t_OOOOO.tSOOOOOOOllMuU at Hi'poor dlvlls wid their blaok
Till: W% LAYOUT.
<Lv® ^'J
B i 1
, V K'R T O S     1:
i .
Tin: BB8TE1 R:;iMir.i' »orEL in rnESLOCAN.
fFacial attention to thi: tratellinq public.
J ,\ S.     II 0 \) 18    T r 0 p rid o r.
'•uiside Parti.« De-irinu Horses In Rilverton
da Have Thein Reserved By VVritlnn To—
».       1        f        t        t ■        ♦ *
A. P. MvliONAl.D,
sua KRTON, - - B.
A kubetantlal a Iditl .a was madi to
our list of oie shipment!   this  week  hv
the   Hewitt mine, which senl -"ii  ISO
ions from Silverion.   The Iwn four-ti ir*
I team hauling from Hie'foot ol the tram-
u iv are i-.icli inikiiiL' tw ■• tlins d lilv Ul d
all)    e :iv'!e i" av r 1. -i '...-i   1
i v.- c'.i until Ihey c,i,--.i u . whli tii • 1 te*
koi ters, a hit li w ill 110I he for st I n»l
Ihr -e ; ths. To 1 and • lhe ore thin
week the :;... Slocan mado I wo extra ni id
■lay !rips !-. Bilverton,
I.ate snrface work  done on the Oat-
Itiean and Sum-,• claims, on Ten Mile
where the ihh strike was madeosii-
innti-il in  these culnmns last week. Iia>
I resulted    III   lir.nllier    |.-•_;.• I.einj fo I I I
j 1 tinning pintlM   to the main ledge and
' a'.iat' j'niy leet away, li,:^ nea liml is
ilnyil \ feel w 1 le, e.i riini! a mx inch
paystreak oh either w«ll, Tha ore Iib"
not yet been assayed I it ia foil of cai-
bonatet snd black sulpbnretti a si d
cannot boi • ■ • • ii-.'i.   At cross ent tunnel
'is   being  diiven   10 tap thn main Ii
being   Blrcndjr   Ui about 185 feet.   Ti-is
. iiiniiel   will   lap  the I   . i at a depth of
..vi i  Ml le. !
A local exchange says that lhe Rock-
land syndicate bl eked ile- h Hug of
lhe Red Uounl dn nag m road 1! iw?
lie money wa 110I e| , ■■': de l c mdi>
tl nel on any action • the Reck ' I
people. Wo have Mr. Green** word for
that. The a| proi. latlon \.e* • 1- -1 loi
a trunk i-a 11   ' -i iln, 1 ot  for n
Itockl ind mad, md ihe 1 iom .1   « 1 - not
R   Malloy    was  a   visitor  iu   lowi.
'IllllllL.   ll  e   « -
Bush fires havo been doin? consider*
able damage in tlio surrounding monn
i Geo, Fairbairn and B. F. MeNanghl
have Htiikbed ibeir work on their Lemon
creek cldinis ut.d are back in 1 iwn.
l.i   Dwjer, who   has   been  working
.it   tlie   Heaitl mine for home time, li .~
ell   Oil  a   visit  IO  his old lin.no in Call
f -iriiia.
Si. - ertoi ' ■   poj ".lal!"ti  wni  iter.
II     -ii   i   . :■:-.! ij . a   il.ue.'li'ei    ha\ I"l
1   ol   the  i 0 .!•• < i' Mr. Andrew
1 Im can, v. ho i.s visiting Iriend
in tov n, wns uim of Ilia Miccesehil candidates iu the 1 us, i.. s boo leac iers ex
S c. R --'.- ... 11 .1 'Hi tt, III. wilh h (
rtiie, is vUitiiig l,:- -v'.'- here, \i• .-
Lawson. Ihey will spend a week ii
J. A. Kelly who built the Wal..■;'.•_.
mill here, was quite seiiously* injure. 1
on Tuesday by u fall from the ore l tusu-
iiu Arlington mine at Ymir.
it  (i. Dii^le has a good  i'ne of  fr.- h
..'i. oei '-.<■*. i 1 addition 10 his ■-'■' '. oi fruit
vegi lalde 1 and roiifectlonei,.    Al   the
latest maga ii 11 1 and | bi iodicals,
**. Www..*rwxa,JW9wr* * W. ......... .^t f-l/CTV      M f! P
__t\.  Alatt^i*             : has id- ••■>» i<i" "' "l,'t '"
4 want.- in the color, quality end
Of   Opillloila           '. nil of the clothes be ware.
L:                                                        * Ail scree in eome thli et>
1 ii** .usuai^sinsiM '* *******.**'U
evp tided because ol lhe gn  t stm
and Infonipett nro of th" I   muiis-loi   •
• ii I... 11.1 m and Works nn I lih | I
icorag of pi   pecta     I su er il 11 ■>
. iei, many ol
id 11 the   '.
these wen. not
management ol
mine win led the    Silver
built t.i s Iverton sod dis-
T'.wi i.i-i-, ; ipers will li,- launched iii
1I10 Boundary country 1 his inounlh One
r.i.i be known ..- the Grand F rka New.
an i will be edited hy !•:. ') II.-::; lh
i'ii.-: .1. \V. Grier will enniu ei in West
l'"orkras tile '^   ■' 1" -. Ni ■■ -.
A p< eineial veterinary vi-ite-l SI >car
City this We--k mi the 1 iiu 1 I r glan-
dera,   He traced a ' -.- ' !••• : 1 IVordenV
.-i '.'    ■ nd 1 e.-.in devi lopn '.•.     Ho did
1;.; 1 n   •:';,- lie tn He
lent tl ud :    • others before
11 r
in ibe Red  Mountain
whicli uri- ,l.-\ 1
. land*, and the owners ol
oonanlled     When lhe
I llle   llart.ev
1 .Mountain 10:
1' n in
went oft Salt of Clothee give your order where ll will be BUed
vour  miti«iac'l->:i, Remember thai
JSiivorton'.**    Tnllor,
Carries*Lino of Goods from which
anyone oan wleot u pine to mil.
■• large and   Increasing nnmber ol
Umtoraen in the Blocan testtty to the
1-xccllenco of bin work.
agreed wilh the government eurveyor,
ihe government waived the ob]ectiot 1
and went nliead with Ihe road If Uie
Rockland owners objected why didn't
the Government do ae il pleased then?
It Welle oan be neither strongftor ici-si-
ble he should :it Ica^l be consistent.
Ilie• u :... wa 1 woi     1 1 :•
A   black  In u   I - .   naking lifu
int I.  tl   ■ ■ -i tl - • ','..',.
i.. li ■ 11 :•- : 1 thoh
.   .   ■ nd ■.    \   . - idi • 1   -ii   the    hill
! to cut Bi uin's \ i-ii  short w'.  . n
rllle but having mis 1 I the lirsl ^l nt had
na upp -inn ity 10 try  .1 1 ihei 1 no, hm
.   dp b i\-:: - tin Ine« 1 idsowhero.
.1. C. II irri" hns received .1 letter from
A. Cleverly, better known locally us the
■• Prophet,"from s.mih tfrion, Clever*
ly's regiment has long since been ordered
home und he was lUpposod hv hls8locan
frieiuls to be Hnfu uml well  in   England
An amiable southern editor gets
around thc retraction problem cleverly
by laying In print: "II Is not our
purpose 'r desire 10 nil'nd anyone,
Sh 11'd ii".v readi r ol this pnper feel
aggrtcvi I nt. anything which appears in
onr columns, If he will bring his copyol
lhe pnper to mu odiee and point oul ll:i
olTendlng paragraph we will cheerfully
take our lelsaora nod CUt i' nut for lim,"
even rr.sliiu1 10 th' dhiug etliores fr
bromy sdUer after a pay-day. Ii must.
be nn rible har-rd on thim."
"It's nol tb' min I Im upukin' about,''
1   ti   i ile, Mr. fJuoley, "tbey can always
orgbaulsea sthiikean'go fishin' in th'
1 ig dais     It's the   poor   man wid th'
Cipital l'il be sorry fr.    Take  that man
I ibioiiherm.in, fr Insthance, HInnisy, it's
ICr tli'loikes av.hini :. c bear-rt bheds.
I I'here he is, Hliniisy,ln Tiiuronto, work*
j ing har-rd  I'r hh n.oniy, botiliti' th*
■ pthatcbeereand Inebriates, wid thc
neicury builin' in in' iuA-llouse, afraid
1' taste 11 ilrup av bis envu boltliu' I'r fear
I lie wud   ttl.iiiidir down  hy  th'  Btliock
Ixcliaiigean* dluop tome tipn.   You'vet
j ,ii 11 ed i-rioiigh «iv thim on the  coiu-ri>e.
j .1 .uni-.v, lo kuow how uisuBbtroiH  tln-.v
I c 11 be."
"Oi have." i_aid Mr. Henuebcy, very
"But oue day his feelin's gate tli' hist,
iv him. au' 11 lur-rking tuyportcr Iteara
hi- ravin's     Tn' nixt day tb'  papers say
'Great Bthruikeon lh1 Wnr Algle'or 'Th'
.Cmtre St liar a Boueuey.'   As good liiic
11 I hav' it he has mere istfi.x'k than hi*
tiirunk will hell ro he dlsthribotee it
iiu ig w id s.mie nuggets behind iii' phlate
jiii.i.ss wiudya in a confide'rat'e otliee.
fousee, IIniiii.-uv, what wid his own
: 1 li a-, li .- ,_ii il's Black-Block be hur.-
his ban's foil.   But he aenda up a oliikin
r 1 Alk > Hall, which bis bouse i< called.
Hid a bile liis wife is plueliii:' th'   hill ho
sits on tli'  front   slips an'  watches th
throlleya go pun wid th' preachers an*
widdleri.   These hav seen lh' papers an'
.ne rushlu' to lh' brokers to mine in War
Alulo .- 'liitii'iites.     Tbat word  broker,
mind ye Hiunissy, is nu j-'sh; the've
'link tunny.    In a day or two it lakos out
av th'  Gooderham dlathrlllery that th'
sllliike is null.in wurtli  epakin'  BV, an'
1 .iu in' widdies an'   preachere  come
rlnaln' th-' dure bell at Alko Hall un'
wain lo sell back their Itbock.     'Will ye
buy it':" says ihey. 'He fellow rliullerers,'
s.us he, cbokib' wid emotion, 'pv conree
I »ill, at .1 phroper dlsheonnt.1 Au av
ouuree hie sthoclu go down wid th' te-t
Bu' th' pa|eis tell what  ha l"st   minin',
.,11' hi:< wile bin'SWiin av tbn widdies tn,
.1 1 lb" Kti^b woik."
'■ Bill 1 thought that th' War Aitflu was
a eo ii iiiiin'," Huid tlm poaated Mr.
II, nui'My.
'it makes ne dlflerenee, eaid Hioier.
"I .Ik nl th' i-surnnce money the aitl-
dlea loat uii' sec th' preachers takin' U|»
missionary collections to cone even i'r
tb' money they dropped minin'. 'Twan
not dropped down thrshaft, moiml yn
FHnnlssy. although nr proachera wud
s.v i; bad tone deeper than Unit as far-r
us ihey weie concerned, Where diJ th'
money go? \e nsk. You'll havo to auk
lh' brokers.   They had ii lust."
Thc   Urn'   tuiti  at    church
always give the tnist collection.
It   is easier to set 1111 alarm clock Hum
it is to get up when it   alarum.
Last Tuesday was declared fi civ'c
holi 'av in Kaslo in bun -i of n Sunday
school  picnic given on thai day.   Havi
the people of Kaalo become so very very   -
good, ir was this fust nn excuaetoie   fX»(WMKW»9999mmWWeQ
the women and children out  oftown j;   Look for tha bine etoaa on the haok I
He was taken down however on the co Rod4lve tlio poor men a rhanoe to go on J- It
[of hie regiments departure w+th enteric a big, old fashioned   jamboree?   \\e f page of tbla paper and note otrefal* *
<9tit*i**ier mttitmek ®r>eoialtyi
>^iVia.VlAlVl'VV*/VVty^^^v^^V«^>A^^v^*v'>>",>A/NA'NV'^^''V   - i.ing norlh for &lglau I
fevei an I for wet Ks In a r<adyamith ho,« hnve beard ol nil kinds ol excuse- being
pO.il he fiinghl a gtlmmor foe than iho m
Rior-i.    Silveilon'ti cx-c ulieiiiier i- tow   1...
liHppllv ootiviili'sceni ami by this tlun i-i lo use tbn Stinduj ichoola na a oloak (or a 9
,.,.'• -_i«.*i«.«. *i*ie '»'•(•(•(•(•  t ..it....
1   -..- ie .nu i-i 1111 Kin,.-. <ii   e.MUMe-  tieinir »                     .       ,      ,. r.,
, * y wh.it it seniles. Tun do the *
n.id; as a cause for going on a apree, * ' %
n we believe that K 11 la is lh • ib-t ally * oocessary, I
e ' ic holiday und n bl. bust,
u *   ■     '
IMMMMM  '■',:''* ','" ■    ■'-"■lrf--'v>«- rW
A Complete Review of the Events ot
the Past Week—In Thia and Foreign Land*—Taken From the
Latent  Dispatches.
his father's conduct at the battle of
Santiago. He declared that some startling fasts will be brought to light if
the whole truth shall become known
and that the reputation of persons
other than, his father are likely to
The transport Meade ha-J arrived at
San Fraucisco from Manll.i In the record-breaking time of 21 days. The
Meade brought 350 men of the Eighth
field battery, 21 United States signal
corps men, 35 Insane, 369 convalescent
soldiers, 1 time-expired  prisoner, 202
Donald J. Beaton, editor of the Nelson ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Daily Miner, was thrown Iroui a streetcar  discharged  soldiers from Manila and
mill was placed in operation as quickly
as could be done.
News has reached Lewiston, Idaho,
that a rich strike has Just been made
on the old Blue Dragon lead, In the Elk
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_. City district, where a flve foot seam of
  ore assaying $19 per ton has been un-
Kema <;ie«,...,i From Lata Heports-i covered on the 100 foot level.
.„,.,., „      , The   shipments   from the Standard
All Districts Are llelna Developed ' *
inline  al  Wallace,  Idaho,  to the mill
for the week  were 3120 tons,
-A Prosperous Vrnr In Predicted—
mi ii iim Notes mill Personals
An Important discovery of lime rock
     ,  ....    ,_.      T_ , has been made at a point on tho Keltic
HnnHav ami HieH »li» aiiini. Pvenlnw ni the  103 bodies, Including that of Helen D. i   , ,     '     , ;,       ,   „, »,„,.„„„
Miruiiiy aim uiea tne same evening ui wit > i river nbout nine ml es above Marcus.
residence of John Horton on Stanley street, Cochrane, a contract nurse who died
where he wus removed at the time of tlie in Manila of acute nephritis. It ls tho
accident. I flrst l)0(ly of a woman t0 be brought
.Because he went bathing in the Touohet from the Philippines. Thero were
alone when he could not swim, Henry Jlig- abont 10° Passengers, including Brig-
bee of Tekoa met an untimely death. Ilig- a'lier General R. R. Hall, Colonel C. R.
bee had hut recently gone to Waits- Greenleaf, Colonel Moale nnd u number
burg, Wash., from Tekoa to labor in the' of other a™y officers. Drs. Humphreys
harvest fields. I an(* Gilbert of the United States solar
Twenty-live machinists in the employ of ecllP8e expedition were also, on board.
the Pacific Coast company in Seattle, who Pour deaths occurred during the voy-
left their positions  when the machinists'- aKp' tIlose of Lieutenant E. J. Hinchen,
union ordered a strike last May, have Forty-fourth volunteers; F. R. Bradley.
returned  to work.    An agreement    was1 Second cavalry; John Blue, Third eav-
reached between the men and President
At Topeka, Kan., Mrs. Carrie Nation wus
fined $100 and given a 30 days' jail sentence by Judge Hazcn in the district court
fur disturbing the peace and dignity of the
city by a Sunday joint raid last March.
There is no appeal and the noted woman
must serve her time in prison.
The third national Bundesfe.it shooting
airy, and Joe Murphy, Fifteenth infantry. Information w.i3 brought by
the Meade that the transport. Sheridan
will arrive here about August 9, bringing General MacArthur and party and
the men of tho Fourteenth infantry.
U. S. A.
Amid the enthusiastic cheers of nearly 10,000 people Cresceus, world's champion trotting  stallion,   again   demon-
festival will crown Aldoph Strecker of Sail   strated that he Is the peer of all trot-
Francisco  king shooter  of America.  His   tel'8 by trotting a mile over the Glen
 .     .   °        .       . .. ... ..Hia   t......I       in     O.OOl/ 'Pi,!,.    ..... 1.11^1	
score of 394 for 200 shots on the point target will stand as the mark of national
kingship for at least three years, and there
is no telling how many festivals after that.
The government has determined to make
vast improvements in the fortifications
around the harbor of San Francisco.
The announcement is autlionttively made
in theatrical circles that Sir Henry living
and Miss Kllcn Terry will make u 22
weeks' tour of this country during the
coming season.
Dr. George W. Gue, one of the best
known Methodist ministers in tiie northwest, dropped dead in Portland Wednesday
morning us he was going to the Southern
Pacific depot to meL the returning Kp-
wnrili league delegates.
At Denver, Watson W. Moore, formerly
a leading member of the New York bur,
is dead of paralysis of the brain, aged 51)
years. Mr. Moore achieved International
fame while acting as consul at Constantinople during the Russo-Turkisli troubles.
At Tiffin, Iowa, a passenger train on the
Rock Island road ran into a siding. A
sleeping car was knocked over on its side
and several passengers were injured, but
none of them seriously. All the- Injured
passengers proceeded to their destination,
Mike Kelly of Leavenworth, Kansas
while insane, recently shot four men
fatally wounding three. The victims are
John R. Garrett, a prominent business
man. Police Sargent Dodge. Detective
Mike McDonald and Dr. Charles MoGee.
The condition of Dodge and McGee is considered critical. Garrett diiil while being
taken to the hospital. McDonald will
probably recover.
At Manila the Liliertad is authority for
the statement that Senor Patrino will
leave the federal party and will organise
what lie culls the nationalists, on a pint
form resembling that of the conservatives,
with Aguinaldo as president and 'former
insurgent military officers and former
members of the federal party as leaders.
The purpose of the new party will be the
ultimate independence of the Philippines,
Joseph Selllgo, an Italian, who escaped from the Eastern Washington
Hospital for the Insane recently, was
killed Sunday morning about four
miles weet of the city by an extra
freight on the Northern Pacific main
Earl Jenkins of Seattle, Miss Florence Kevins and Miss Anolia Cole of
Puyallup were drowned Sunday afternoon by the capsizing of a row-boat, on
Spanaway lake. David Hanshaw of
South Tacoma was with the party, but
managed to retain hold of the boat
until rescued.
"Budapest papers are filled," says a
dispatch to London Express from the
Hungarian capital, "with accounts of
a project to be promoted by American
financiers for the creation of another
but more luxurious Monte Carlo on
Margarethen, opposite the upper end
of the city In the Danube."
At Muncle, Ind., Peter Tlllby, an Iron
worker, called on Mrs. Mary Torry
Sunday night and threw the contents
of a small bottle of carbolic acid Into
her face. The acid burned out the
woman's eyes and burned her neck,
breast and arms frightfully. Tllli.y
had vainly pleaded with the woman to
marry him.
Phil MeWilliams, a rancher living a
few miles below Trinidad, Col., shot
and Killed Salvadore Pacrce and his
son, Charles Paerce. In the flght that
occurred at least a dozen or more shots
■were exchanged, the Paerces shooting
MeWilliams' horse from under him.
The shooting ie the outcome of an old
Mrs. Antonlon Van Osten, an aged
Holland woman, fell dead from the
heat on the street in Grund Rapids,
Mich., while on her way from church.
She was supposed to be In very poor
circumstances, but a cloth pouch was
found tied about her waist, under her
skirts, containing $1045 in gold and
Rear Admiral John Irwin, retired,
died at his residence In Washington,
after an lllneBs of several months, due
to a complication of diseases. He was
69 years old. He entered the naval
academy in 1847 and had a good war
record. He leaves a widow and a
daughter and a son, John Irwin, paymaster on the Essex, now stationed at
Captain Thomas F. Schley, eldest son
of Admiral Wlnfleld S. Schley, who is
stationed at Fort Douglas, ln Salt
Lake, outlines some points that will be
brought In the court of Inquiry as to
ville track In 2:02^. This establishes
a new world's trotting record for both
sexes, replacing the former world's record of 2:0314 hold by The Abbott.
The ministers of the powers after a
recent meeting dispatched a not?" to the
Chinese peace commissioners formally
accepting the recent Chinese offer,
which was in anticipation of the minister's plan for the payment of 450.-
000,000 taels as indemnity at four per
cent interest, the final payment to be
made in 1940. The total payments of
principal and Interest will be 1,000,000.-
000 taels. The subjects of punishments
and examinations wero practically
closed, the ministers accepting the Chinese Btatement of what has been accomplished as the best settlement obtainable, although not satisfactory.
Wash. The quarry of limestone Is practically inexhaustible. It extends from
a line near the railroad route clear up
on the side of the mountain. The stone
has been tested thoroughly and produces limo of very superior quality.
R. G. Dun & Co.'s Weekly Review of
Trade for last week says:
A fortnight of the steel strike has
passed without materially altering the
position of the contestants or adversely affecting the industry as a whole.
Exceptional activity Is noticed at the
mills not affected by the strike and the
movement of structural material for
bridges, buildings and track elevation
is still heavy. Steel bars for agricultural implements are firm in price and
freely purchased. Railways seek
freight cars and rails are sold for delivery next Janunry. Cotton ties,
sheets and hoops are commanding a
premium. Pig Iron is accumulating,
but producers offer no concessions.
New lines o'.' woolen goods for deli very-
after October 1 opened at moderate
reductions from last year's prices, as
generally expected by the trade. Supplies of heavy weight goods have been
reduced to a satisfactory point and the
situation in all branches of the Indue-
try Is such as to engender confidence.
Raw woolens, however, thus far failed
to reflect the Improvement, quotations
remaining unchanged. A few of the
mo3t expensive grades are held above
former figures and the bulk of the new-
domestic clip has gone into the hands
of speculators who await, profitable
terms. Cotton goods are dull, neither
buyers nor sellers exhibiting any eagerness to make preparaU-Ans. Withdrawals of prominent coticers from the
Fall River selling committee suggests
lower prices for print cloths. Mills are
not fully employed, either north or
south. Quiet conditions in the domestic manufacture, light exports and better weather on plantations caused fur-
thclr depression In raw cotton.
Shoe shops are producing at full capacity, with ordera arriving steadily
and salesmen are alreidy placing
spring samples liberally In western and
southern markets. Business Improves
as the season advances, and local jobbers report July trade in ?xceas of the
corresponding month in any previous
Variations In the corn market Indicated manipulation by slock market Interests. Weather reports alone were
sufficiently distressing to carry September corn at Chicago to within a
small fraction of 60c, while the withdrawal of support caused a 6c decline
the following day.
High prices prevailed throughout the
week, however, and 2,449.921 bushels
of old corn were taken out of the cribs
and marketed at big prices.
Wheat, prices aro more rational and
tho movement Is heavy. Receipts for
the week were 6,498,000, against 5,496,-
997 last year, and Atlantic exports
4,873,309 bushels, against 1,600.3!50 a
year ago. Failures for thp week numbered 198 In the United States, against
231 last year, and 28 in Cinnda against
28 last year.
min imi COLOMBIA.
The existence of bituminous coal on
the north fork of Uie Kettle river, 80
miles above Grand Forks, has been confirmed.
Tho Cambria mine in Burnt basin
was recently bonded to Chicago people
by R. Darrow. The price is not made
public, but Is between $5000 and $8000.
Oro shipments from Kaslo last, week
are: Slocan Star, 1S9 tons, valued at
$17,538; Last Chance. 21 tons, valued
at $1991: Rambler-Cariboo, 60 tons, valued at $6840; American Hoy, 41 tons.
A number of Spokane people-are Interested In the Tamarack Group Development syndicate, which is working
the Tamarack near Slocan, B. C under
option. '."Improperly lies on Springer
Jay P. Grave*, general manager of
the Granby Consolidated Mining &
Smelting company, says that another
corporation that will Include leading
shareholders in thc Granby will build
a smelter In Grand Forks. A site adjoining the Granby plant has already
been selected.
The railway from Marcus to Republic
will open a large territory studded
with prospects on which development
is being actively gushed, It looks as
if some of ihe gold-copper properties
on which operations are under way will
soon be in position to furnish a light
tonnage to the railway.
The Reco mine at Kaslo, the property of J. M. Harris, will soon again
resume shipment, as operations have
been under way for several days to
open up new bodies of valuable mineral
lately discovered. Good miners are
scarre and Mr. Harris finds difficulty in
securing a satisfactory forco of men.
On the Tammany group in Burnt
basin a 100-foot shaft Is being sunk
under the management of Hert Rea of
Rossland. Since Mr. Pickering bought
this property in the spring, bunk and
mess houses and a blacksmith shop
have been erected and other extensive
Improvements made.
The effect of tho strike in tho big
mines is apparent on the ore shipments
for the week. The total output of the
big mines of Rossland was: Sixty tons
■hipped from the I.e Roi to the Trail
smelter, and the Iron Mask, whicli is
working as usual, sent out 140 tons,
making the total output of the camp
200 tons.
Tho Enterprise in Slocan is showing
some phenomenally rich silver ore. The
work is going along smoothly at the
mill, which will soon be in shape to
handle the output of the mine. Speculator camp is a busy place, with work
on half a dozen claims. About 20 men
are employed at the Enterprise under
Foreman McG'nee.
Work is progressing day and night
on tho Victoria on Shamrock mountain, near Cascade, B. C. Two shifts
are driving the tunnel which ls soon
expected to crosscut thc lead. Should
surface values go down. Cascade will
soon have a shipping mine Tho promoters of the property aro D. C. Beach
of Cascade and Frank SUrkey of Spo
Portland.—Walla Walla,
57c; cluh, 56c.
ll.ili.i In  Mi|i|il>   Holme  llii n l.i unl.
[Minneapolis, July 28/—Chicago creditors of the T. M. Roberts supply house iu
voluntary   bankrupt   proceeding   before
Judge i/ichreii in the United Stales court
secured the apolntment of Charles M.
way mid Frank W. shaw ns receivers.
Now   I'l-.-Mi.l.-.il   »r  I'lille.
New York. July 20.—A dispatch from
Valparaiso snys:    The electoral collige lias
OOSl   its   vote  for Jeriiian   llicseo  for   the
next president of the republic.
The monthly pay roll ln Butte
amounts to over $2,000,000.
During tho present year Butte has
been practically free from smoke.
The dally output of ore from the
mines of Butte exceeds 10,000 tona.
Mammoth ore shipments from mine
to mill were 1050 tons, bringing the
total for the year up to 50,128 tons.
The Buckhorn group, one of the best
known properties In northeastern Idaho, will soon have Its own stump mill
at work.
Shipments for tho wor>k from the
Morning mine at Wardner. Idaho, were
450 tons of concentrates and 39 tons
of ore.
The people at Troy, Idaho, aro wildly
excited over the existence of gas out-
cropplngs, since the visit, and encouraging report of Professor Samuel
The first discovery of gold ln Montana Is reliably reported to have heen
tana Is reliably reported to vhgkqj v
mado In what is now Deer I._odgo county, In 1852.
Among tho mines around Baker City,
Oregon, there are 44 properties which
have produced ore, and last year they
turned out bullion worth In round number 1 $i,ooo,oiie.
Santa camp, Idaho, Is humming.
Preparations are under way for working on a large .scale, and confidence in
the camp Is Inspired by thn developments In progress.
The flrst discovery of copper In Montana was mado In 1864 by two prospectors who were In search of gold In
the vicinity of tho present "Greatest
Copper Cnmp on Earth"--Butte.
The Northport smelter management
worked a coup upon the -Irlkers at 4
o'clock Monday morning by bringing a
special train with 48 nonunion men
Into the works. The new arrivals como
from Leadville.
Confirmation reaches flrangevllle
Idaho, of the strike at Elk City In the
old Blue-Dragon,  now the  Alamance.
an Increase of almost 400 tons over the
previous week. This brings the total
for the year up to 88,731 tons.
Tho souvenir number of the Western
Mining World, published at Butte, ls
a work of art. It contains many halftones of principal mines and smelters
In the Northwest, as well as a world
•f mining infoyrmatlon.   Sent! for it.
Word has lieen received from Lake-
view, Idaho, that the new wagon road
to the Keep Cool mine has just boon
completed, giving splendid means of
j transportation from lake Pend d'Orellle
to the camp. The face of No. 5 tunnel
is all In solid ore, and In the winze the
miners are sinking from No. 5 in good
01 '.
The Conjecture company has put Its
full force of 18 men nt work on development at Its well known Pend Oreille
property, Shipments have been suspended for thc present, but they will
I be Started again in about a fortnight,
when It. is expected that 60 tons a week
will be sent to the Tacoma smelter.
A ledge of high grade ore has been
encountered in the Deer Trail No. 2,
which was abandoned by that company's superintendent somo time ago.
For years ore was taken from this
claim by the Deer Trail company, but
it all came from blanket ledges encountered ut numerous levels.
"There Is yearly as much money Invested in mining as thero is in banking, but banking does not prove as safe
or as profitable as mining. In a time
of prosperity the average banking dividends seldom exceed 8 per cent a year.
• * * That mining produces quicker and greater profits than any other
Industrial pursuit is evidenced by thc
si-oies of multi-millionaires."
The Apache at Nespelem, Wash., continues to improve and the ore Is phe-
nnmlnally rich. The last assay shows
a total value of $2,547.17 In gold, silver,
copper and lead. It was not an assay
from a picked sample. Hundreds of
pounds of finer ore are being taken
from the shaft every day. Mining men
who have hitherto given Nespelem but
little attention are coming this way and
deals of all kinds are under way.
Passengers from Nome City report
a rich strike In the Falrhaven district,
90 miles north of Nome, and say a
stampede has occurred from Nome.
The Bluestone district Is still frozen
and lt will be some few weeks before
miners will lie able to commence sluicing. Tho Kougaroek district is also
backward and 1.500 men are ln Teller
City waiting for the season to open.
Over half a million dollars has been
sluiced from winter dumps near Nome.
The silver-lead mines of tho Coeur
d'Alenes and British Columbia continue to be the most profitable branch of
mining In the Inland Empire. In the
face of the depression in silver, and in
spite of uncertainties in ♦ iio lead market, thev keep on paying dividends at
a pace that, has never been rivalled by
either the gold or the copper mines of
the surrounding country. Tho divl
•buds paid the silver-lead mine owners
of the Coeur d'Alenes and British Columbia reach $12,000,000. That Is over
throe times the profits that have been
disbursed by the gold and tho copper
mines, which have paid in profits a
trifln less than $3,500,000.
The Outlook Brlghler-C«.„rHrv„w miM
11 1.1 Mill Hist. Arrived hi-i. Kevt .
B OMt-Hubiulned tu Uuiumliiv., 0„
Uulll Miller.
Pittsburg, Pa.. July 29.-The strike
Evidently no effort han neen spared
to make The Ladies' Home Journal for
August a positive boon to Its readers
during these warm midsummer days.
Its light, readable articles, bright stories, clever poems, charming music, and
numerous beautiful illustrations afford
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Swiss and Italian lakes, as well as such
delightful articles as "The Singing Village of Germany," and "What Glrl-I.ifo
In Italy Means." allure the thoughts
to foreign lands, while there are timely suggestions about "The Picnic Basket," "Keeping a House Cool In the Dog
Hays," and "Sea-Side Toys and How to
Make Tin m." Other thoroughly Inter
estlng contributions uro "The First
White Baby Horn In the Northwest."
"My Boarding School for Girls," and
the usual serial and department articles. By the Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia. One dollar a yoar
ten coal 1.". copy
of the steel and tin workers of the
Amalgamated association agajiist the
United States Steel corporation will
probably bo settled this week. The
conference held In New York Saturday between the officials of the United Stales Steel corporation and Preai-
dont T. J. Shaffer and Secretary John
Williams of the workers' organization
has resulted In paving the way for
renewal of negotiations between the
two conflicting Interests. It Ian said
that u basis for a conference has been
arrived at. This basis will not be
divulged until later this week. If the
basis Is satisfactory to the general
executive committee of the Amalgamated association the conference between the association and the manufacturers will proceed at once. If on
the other hand the haslB Is not whnt
the Amalgamated association considers negotiable, the strike will continue.
President Shaffer and Secretary
Williams of the Amalgamated association, have returned ifrom New
York. They spent many hours In conference with the leading officials of
the steel trust, and came homo with
hopes for sn earlv ending of the
strike. In Pittsburg littlo was known
of the conference, but the greatest
Interest In the outcome was shown
among the manufacturers. Vice President Popo of the Carnegie Steel company, said he had heard absolutely
nothing of the results, and did not
know that the conference was on.
Additional Information regarding
the Now York meeting of the Industrial loaders wbb afterward plck"d up
from reliable sources. It was stated
that the two Amalgamated officials left
Pittsburg on Friday night and when
they arrlvpd In New York went direct
to the private oflice of Mr. Morgan.
Thc meeting between the Pittsburg
men anil Mr. Morgan lasted from about
11 o'clock In the morning until 4
o'clock in the afternoon. At no time
did the conference adjemrn to the of-
litis of the United State Steel corporation. During the conference
President Shaffer and Jud^e E. H.
Gary wore present most of the Unit
Another conferee wns Mr. Dawkins,
one of Mr. Morgan's partners.
The Amalganiati'd officials directed
their attention almost entirely to Mr.
Morgan and President Schwab. They
wont over the grounds on which tho
strike began and discussed a settlement basis. After exchanging views
with the steel officials Mr. Shafter and
Mr. Williams left tho office.
It Is believed that before the end
of the week the three mills will all
be ready to run again, providing repairs undertaken since the strike began are done. Should the whole project fall of coming to an amicable end,
however, the fight promises to be more
bitter than ever.
Hill Wh<-nI Field lire.
llimtsville, Wash., July _2H. The worst
wheal lire in this vicinity for a lung I Inn-
occurred when several hundred acres or
Hue grain belonging tti P. II. ilatcin.ui, n
man Named Valve, and others, was completely destroyed, A threshing outfit was
operating mt the Beteman farm and il la
supposed the fire started from s spark.
Ths loss Is variously computed bul aggregates several lliiiusaiiil dollars.
Prisoners Prom  M1111II11,
Leavenworth, Kan., July ~N.   Twenty
six military prisoners, all nf whom hai
seen service iu thc Philippines, haye been*
received al the United States penitentiary,
their sentences ranging (nun live yiafi to
life.     Among   the   number  iiie   six   wlm
wen- sentenced to death by 1 martial,
but  the lenience  mis commuted by the
llle   Iilelll.
'rroill.lt-  ill   Norlliimrl.
Northport, Wash.. July 89.- Two of the
leaders ill the Siiu-lti'iiiii'ii's union arc under arrest, it is asserted that they run
three workmen four milt's down ths trsok
under threats of dire vengeance if they
returned, li i- alleged also that the leaders iM'.it their victims severely with bier
bottles and ended a nasty night's wmk
With   nibbing  one   man   of 938.    Charge!
sgafusl them an- assault with deadly
Weapon and highway  robbery.
Mint Head, vice president of the union,
ami Louis Conk, u prominent member,
aie the men under arrest Tliey were
giving a preliminary hearing this sfter
noon and tonight Iwti re Justice . r.tvi-.
The hearing was continued 111111" -Sonday.
In iln- absence of Pfoeecuting Attorney
linilley nf < uh ilie the state was represented by D. II. Cut, attorney for tho
Norilipnii smelling 61 Refining oompany.
The prisoners had Ih'i'u served with warrants and Mere al liberty nil their own
recognisance   Ths  local  ofllclsls did nol
think   it  lli'eesMiry.to denial: 1   hail.
ii.ii  Spelt*Continues.
Chicago, July :Jn.. Ninety-live degree
narked the official maximum temperature
of Chicago Saturday,   Pour persons tli™
It   Ilie   KSUll   nl   lhe   heal   nnd   all   equal
number wars .prostrated. Thermometer"
mt the street showed OS to iir> in tha
shade antl flam 108io llfi in the sun.
St. I.niii- Tli.. M.ixinirin temperature
u.i* ut degrees tedsy, There were seven
deaths from heat, h
t 'in. iunati —The.maximum Umperaturo
WUS IM) and lhe hiijl'i liitmidily during the
day caused four deal lis ami 20 prostration-. Of the pn|sluitii>ns 111 oeelll'li'1'
during  lhe mqpjillg.
RoosayaH win \<>i Attend.
Denver, Colo., Silly  BO.     Vitt President
Roosevelt can not' attend the reunion ol
tlie army nl lhe Philippines in Sail  Lake,
August 134ft   lu a letter   received   by
(Ieneral living i£i,. |K, declines because
Of "pr&SS of engagements."
Pope Was Kikmu.-.i out.
Pendleton, Ore., July 2H.   The 10 round
glove contest between Jack   Po|H'   and
Toby  Iiu in was held before a large BUdl-
enee, antl after llghling five furious rounds
jaw mid ths
Laat spring the mill hurnod but a new'resulting almost iiistiinil;
Hiiii-iii.. ni Halter, Idaho.
Salt  Lake, duly B0,   A   special   from _^.__
llailcy, Idaho, says thai John O'Brien, a i 11 .\ in  hooked   Pope on  the
butcher of that place, was arrested on a | latter went down and out,
charge  of  buying Stolen   cattle.     At   his
preliminary   examination a strong   ease
was made i.g.ii.i-i  Mm    Rather than go   and obstinacy a strong won't.      ,
to jail he shot himself in the head, death I    Lots of men who preach charity wait
Persuasion  Indicates  a strong, win
for other men to practice lt. Disfigured Skin
W'aeted muscles and decaying bones.
I What havoc I
Affair, hi Hekln. ,„K  virt} a,   Loul.vllle, Ky.
^UBliiiigto,,, July 30.-Mr.  Rockhill Louisville,   Ky.,   July   2B.-'-ln  «   Ure
„„.„,„  ,,, ..,    i     ,.,         „   , that th»-1- ». _..      atale ael,a't»"-nt which early this morning destroyed   the
Jmore                                         UhUt' ,,'"'   httne80tlatloI>'« Pekin will close property   of   the   liugley-Orahain Photo-
It Is commonly marked by buuehes In ,    ,   ' , , °  weeks  with  a   signatory graphic Supply company Max Belovitcli,
tne neck, l£j^n»WMtam' Wes, dys- pr° Jl"' by a11 ot *ht noweus. tt oSarmaker, and PoUoetnoa James Pru-
^aSSRfSl,^ A' Sl~^r ** ?">" bmned to death in an effort to
rtirftby i       ... ",lt"uon or not further picas- rescue women and children who occupied
tl**.*i*4'sri   t**!*»*******    tit <-e   question   at' present   of  the rooms  above   the   store.   Shortly   before
tiOOU S tiarsapartlia lulll,,!l1 increase of the Import ens- midnight  a  terrific   explosion awakened
Whli h expels all huuiors, cures all eruptions, and builds up the  whole system,
whither young or old.
•o'M duties beyond 5 per cent  (the everybody   in    the   neighborhood,   and
iiefont Bgure).    It Is agreed that In  aniing ihe  lirst  to reach the street  iu
limn     .1...     .     __ -     —. ~
TfimTi rill* eu»S UVSt Iili: the imii IrTTfatlng anil
;„iiY_..alli«rtle to take with lluod'«  Niim.m.,111„.
...     __ren't» regular healthr moTem      .„ ,,.,, 	
bimula evory dar, you re a ok or will bo. KeauVirai   I ho.-,,!',....,
bcnll open, and be well   koroe.ln thethapeo!   lhe,efo'e      set
Tlnloiit pb/alo or pill polaon. la liatHforoua.   Tha   taels    ennatlt,,
imuoUioiit. taalent. mint oorfooi war 0? -if-Joins ihi i <onstlt.ll
B_a«M_*WJ»Ji^^ of   financial    measures    is
ettled.    The    450,000,000
»'"-y »f "kMpins'ifii  —"' '""niii»tinK th"5. Indemnity, are
I tO be converted Into gold at the equlv-
CANOy laXent ot the tael value
CATHARTIC | hist April.    In case thi
oase the revenues of China are not front of the btiiidlng, on Jefferson street,
■iiMcl. nt for tho payment of Interest near fourth, and adjoining the offices of
HO  principal  the  powers  are  to ex- the Associated Press, was .Max Bcluviteh,
I   dne   the   revenues   and   determine a   cigui maker,  living   across   the street,
what changes are necessary in order Hardly had the first expiodon died uwuy
to supply tho deficiency.  The Imperial before  he  'md  dashed up the stairs  in
maritime customs are to be Included answer to a woman's screams. About thc
in  this arrangement. lime he reached the second floor he must
The  British  minister    Is    satisfied have  fallen,   for   when   picked up a few
with this arrangement) and the whole moments   afterward   his   right side wus
Corn Will Avrruwe l-'ioin Seven to
Tiv.-ntj Bualiela to the Aere—Sale,
or liniili-ii Si-.-ilM Phenomenal—I.ive
Stock to Ue Held (or Uetter I'rleea.
t,u«'-I" <-'lonr aud clean la lo lake
vradi hmh asaisrtaiu
'ULATF the u*i2
burned to a crisp. Police Officer dames
l'i mien was found on the third floor suffocated, and seven firemen were taken
from the ruins.   .Some of them will prob-
on the 1st of ul,i.v die.
mport duties      " ^ rumored that six or seven persons
Pleanant, Palatable, Potent. Taate Oood nn rieuu,
Hetur Bloftn, Weaken, or Orlpe. lite.       [to   wSta
fur free -ample, and booklet on health.   Addreia
ll.ilim liarfi I •«!■»■;, Ctlaata, lu._,.,i. .,„ ytri   M)||
are subsequently Increased the free '"sl ""''■' "U'H '" ''"' hulldlngi but thin
list will have to be abolished, except ''"lll"t '"' verified si this hour. Several
ior cereals; but it Is understood that '"' "T1"1"' miasing, and may be iu the
compensation   will  in  that   case   be  ru'w*
Baked for, probably the financial par-. The lire ipread With sueh rapidity that
ticlpation of China in even the water 1*™ the ""' Betters ivere nonplussed,
approaches Of .Shanghai and Tientsin.. I When the lirst crash came there was
All the principal points of the nego- nothing but smoke, but in u moment tiie
tiations are im\v settled, and it is ex    ■''•"''' wa* u  veritable furnace from lloor
I,ire   Stock   ni   Spokane   Fnlr.
A solid train load of live stock, In-
cluding cattle, sheep, swine antl goats,
has been secured for the Spokano Interstate Fair, which opens September
liuh. as a result of Supt. .lobn U
Smith's visit to Oregon. Tho chief
Oregon Ian exhibitors will be Charles
B. I.add, Portland, three carloads of
short horn cattle, sheep anil goats from I
his famous Oakhlll farms; William
L_add, Portland, two carloadB of dairy
cattle and Berkshire hogs; W. O. Miner. Hepner, Oregon, two carloads of
short horn cattle; F. A. French, Portland, fourteen hpad of P-own Swiss;
.1 11 lloneyman, Portland, fourteen
head of Ayrshire cattle. It will he a
Battle Royal of the Giants, and It remains to be seen which of the Pacific
Northwest States will secure more than
it- share of the blue ribbons.
pected that the results will be summarized  in  the  final protocol  within
wo weeks, and thrft all tho powers
will become signatories.
In connection with the Indemnity
payments a question has arisen
whether the United States government-will take its share to be Issued
by China In American gold or iu
pounds  sterling.    The disposition  Of
■is government Is to take the bonds
In the form that will be the least inconvenient to the Chinese govern
ment, and In the Interest of uniformity/It is probable that the payments
will be paid in pounds sterling.
iioina Snhaal.
At Mfi'ln Park, San MUeo Coiintr, Cal., wltS
Hi If-aittilnl, • irrpnmllniis,   parfe'et   climaia
Miainl --:i.:-. ami, thoronfh Instruction,
i i ,' -ip 'lalinraniries, ai 1 (yumaaium, ,-aailt
■ia mania It.   idaltloti  In the  front rants ol
I      In   I.e. . en the  I'ai-iHu Coaat.   Ira tt
Sunt, Pb. II., Wlnclpal.
II i- elaiined that the two- Dakotaa and
Minnesota alone will harves ihis year
between Is:, ihmi.ikhi and 200.000.000
Limhehi of wheat, ss against 100,000,000
l.i-t vear.
iikw tin-:  nc  OINTMIMITS  i-'iih c.\-
aa merrury wltl surely destroy the Bona.- of
ein.-lI und r<implet..|y iliruiiRe the whole cyi>
li-tn whi-n anttnns It ita iikti tin- mue.-ua nur-
facet Sueh .uii. ..a ahouia never lie uand ex-
<-|.t on lu-eacrlptlnnH from rapatabla ehy-l-
eians, na tie- i.um.iii- thi*y will Uo la ti-nfnM
tn ih- ko-a y -u i-iin iKia.-ably derive fr..m tti.-m.
Hall'i  Catarrh Cure,  manufactured  b)   I-'.   I.
I'luli.y &  CO.,  Toll- '-i, nil filnliiH  no  -eer
very. nn<l Is tuken lute ttally. net UK .lln-c'ili
u;-in tht l.loinl uiul m.irous surfue. h ot th-»
•yium. In I .-lying llRil'a C.tiirrh Cut-- ■••
•ur.- ii nil Kut lhe i.ii ii- lt la tuken Internally, and niailt- in Toleilo. Ohio, by !■'. J.
Cheney  A Co,    Teailmonlula free.
Sold by druaSfltt.  price 7's) tier Lottie.
llulla I ..nol,   i'llle are the t- .-t.
The avir.'^'.' distance traveled  by  llrit-
iah lucouiotive engine drivers is from 80,-
(hki to SO.OOO mill- eVerj year. There are
sboul 20,000 drivers iu t.c United King
*\Q sax///
Laxative Bromo-'Qninine Tabieu
Mia remedy that rnrea • Mid In one daj
The live largest cities of England, ex-
elusive of London, are ns follows:     l.iv
••il I,    (iH-i.!»47;   Manchester,   B48_9eB|
Itiiniingliam,   C22,]S_!;   Leeds,   488,983)
Slii-lflsld, :ino,7I7.
Ston. tho Cough .nd
Work* Off Iho Oold.
t-ajBtlve llrniiiii-giiliiliie I ii blot < cure a colli lr
onodsj.-.Kocure. No Pay    1'rlec fficcnta.
The man who keeps his engagements
punctually loses a lo: of valuabls time
watting foir tho other fellow.
Musicians w«.|i Paid.
Ixindon.  duly  90.—Never  before    have
singers and opepttic stars received such
very large sums for performing in private
houses ss they have received this icason.
Kubelik, the youthful violinist. i« easily
the Iii ui of the Ipt    He never played ai a
private concert for les. linn 120 guineas,
an.l generally got BOO, and there was
scarcely an evening that he was not found
at the hous,. of   ■ ,. tnilllonalre.   One
well known woman gave a Kubelik party
each week, and, not tathded with paying
him tlie maximum sum for hia services,
presented the violinist \lith a Stradivsrius
.Mirth £1600, Mme. Melba'a London
agent asserts that she bas received 600
guineas  twioe for appearing    at    private
parties, I'aderewskl got I0U0 guineas foi
two performances in houses   on   Carlton
House ten ice.    In many case- ll  large
Mini- are paid by Americans.
Collections of War Revenae.
Washington, July 80.—A statement pre-
pared st the internal revenue bureau saya
that the collections on account of the war
revenue act during the period from June
18, 1808, to June 80, 1801, were   (318,-
7!NI,-|I1|. a, follows:
Schedule A- Documentary stamps,
Schedule U 'Proprietary -tamp-. $14,-
080,664; beer, |n00,987,0a3| special taxes,
•: 14,037,207; tobacco, 848,863,306; smiir.
i2.ii;n..si:.: dgars, $8,480,444; cigarettes,
$3,001,302; legacies, |9,331326; excise,
Wi,720^76; mixed flour, $21,880; additional taxes on beer and tobacco, $883,-
to roof.   Loss, aboiil $60/100,
Metal   Hi in.ri.
San Francisco.—Bar sliver, 58^c;
Mexican dollars, 49,/i@50c.
New York.—Metal quotations:
Silver, 5996c
Silver certiflcatesi. COc.
Mexican dollars, 4fi?4C.
Lake copper, $17.
Lead. $4.87#.
Casting copper, $1G.62V2.
London.—Bar silver, 26 15-16d; copper, f67 28 6tl; lead, £12 5s; spelter,
flC 12» 6d.
NliiWS  ITEM*.
Sunday, for the first time ln IG
years, Walla Walla. Wash., was a
closed town throughout. Stores, saloons, ice cream parlors, soda fountains and cigar places all were shut.
James Wilson was recently shot and
killed by William Lyle at l'lgari, In
Lincoln county, Idaho, lt seiins there
had been some trouble between them
about cattle but the exact cause of
the shooting is not known.
A heavy rain and windstorm prevailed Sunday afternoon over a good
part of North Dakota. Great damage
is reported at Tappen, west of Fargo,
where a church, a store and some
dwellings and barns were blown down
and the Northern Pacific depot was
A sack of 1000 silver dollars has mysteriously disappeared from the Chicago
Commercial National bank. It had
been left outside of the vault by mistake when the bank closed for the
night. This is the second strange disappearance of a package of money belonging to this bank within a year.
Detectives are still looking for a bundle of $20,000 in hills shipped by the
bank with the Adams Kxpress company to the National State' bank at
Burlington, Iowa, in August last. When
the package was opened at Burlington
it contained only clippings of paper.
Rxploalon Killi-il Two >ii-u.
I'kiah, tai.. Jul) 20.—A threshing machine exploded at Anderson Valley, kill-
Ing two men. William Rose and I). I..
Leir, .Much grain was destroyed by the
tire following the explosion,
A n tin no 11 ill'- a-   I I all.|i   I I W;ii;!iin.
Experiments in Prance bave proved con-
viucim., and the French believe tbey are
certain to play a role of much Importance
in modern warfare. It is odd to note the
different uses tn which nature and science
arc put, On the battlefield thev light for
the destruction of life, while throughout
the country, HoSteUer'a Stomach Bitters
lights to preserve it. For fifty years tbe
Hitlers lias been curing dyspepsia, indigestion constipation ami biliousness. It will
also prevent malaria, lever and ague.
The lltmt rr..H<rl|itl.ir   Tor HaUrla
riiilUand Kevor In* bottleo/Grove'sTantelem
Chill Tunic.   It ll (Imply Iron anil quinine In
»tasMeealonn.   No cure. Nu Pay.   PrlccGOo
Politeness ls like an air cushion;
there may be nothing in !t, but it cases
many a hard jolt.
ThrOW riiyale IO the Iloaal
''.•nmiimtlnn In truftlcd by «n lnlpnlln.il tonic
"ii'l Hvi-i mlmulnnt. pnli'''Me. ki-mIc yd po-
Hil-Caarareti   Candy   Cnthnrttc.     All   drug-
*■'!». llu;,  Vie,  Mc.
In oi/.o, not countim: colonies, the Fu-
T"lie«n powers stand In Ihis order: Rus-
"in, Atintriu, (lenuiiiiy, France, United
Kingdom; Italy.
FITft Pxrmani.ntly Onr«d. No nt« or ni>rfoii«nn__i
•,•'** ttler llrttif__T'« mi"'f Ur. KllB»'"Orii»t N"ivi
}l<*ltin.T. tendr.,rFRBKS'J.OOtriulbotOoM"'!"**
•"•■ l»».B.II KLiiii,Ud.,mi Arcli8l.,Ptil<»d-il|.lii».l'-k
Over 7(HK1 men de-erted from the Prencli
nriuv lust yenr. (irent Britain's record
fur desertion is under .100 in one year.
Mothers will find Mrs. WInslow's Sooth-
'"c Svrup the best remedy to use for their
Children during ih« teething period.
The population of the United Kingdom
Pl|c,si'd that of France for the llrst time
in 1HD2.
Pllo's Cure can not ho too hlitlily »P'ikon nf
*" a rounh oura.-J. W. O'Hrlen, S22 Thlnl
Av". N., MlnncapolU, Minn., Jan. I, 1900.
Express trains in Russia do not run
0v»r 28 miles an hour.
F. Wellington Ruckstuhl, the well
known St. Louis sculptor and secretary of the National Society of Sculptors, has been appointed u director of
sculpture of the Louisiana purchase
Take Laxative Bronio Quinine Tablets. Al)
AriiKKlsts relunii the money Hit falls to cur*.
G. W. i-rnvc'B jiiniuiiii'-1-mi each box.   26c
Tho use of the mosquito Is to show
us that troubles are not always In proportion to their size.
Slow Healing
With rich, pure, strong blood
one is never troubled with sores
or ulcers. A cut or any injury to
the flesh heals in a few days,
nature supplying the healing
balm in the form of healthy, new blood; but when the
circulation is taiutcd with poisonous ^crins, humors or any
effete mutter, a slight scratch or abrasion of the skin
becomes a festering sore, tiny pimples grow to be boils,
swollen joints and inflamed glands often hreuk out into offensive, slow healing
sores. A polluted blood is ulways u meuuee to hculth ; not only does it keep the
skin in a chronic state of inflammation, but every organ and fibre of the Dody
suffers from un impure aud sluggish circulation. You never feel well, you are not
and never can be well until the system ia relieved of its terrible load of impurities. With the blood so contaminated, so deeply poisoned, ulcers, boils and
sores of every kind are apt to become chronic and often develop into Cancer.
Sores and ulcers are most
often caused by poverty of
the blood and a weak and
slow circulation, brought on
by long continued sickness,
malarial poisoning, torpid
liver, the use of mercury, or
whatever is calculated to destroy the vitality of the blood
and break down the constitution. These old chronic sores
last sometimes for years, eating into the flesh, muscles,
tissues, and even down into
the bones, and are such a tax upon the system that it is hard for the patient te
recuperate, and n simple malady otten proves fatal.
Nothing so quickly or surely restores lost strength and vitality to the blood aa
S. S. S. It is an antidote for the severest forms of Blood Foison, as well aa the
irritating humors that cause the eruptions and sores that sap your very life and so
greatly disfigure you. S. S. S. is the only guaranteed purely vegetable blood purifier It contains no mercury, potash, arsenic or other hurtful drug. It cleanses
the blood nnd purifies the circulation, thus ridding the system of the impurities
that keep the sores feverish and painful, At the same time your general health
improves under the tonic effects of S. S. S., and the skin becomes soft, smooth
and healthy. If vou are troubled with boils, carbuncles, sores or eruptions of any
sort write our physicians all about your case; don't risk vour own judgment
when you can get'medical advice from experienced doctors tree. Book on Blood
and Skin Diseases to all who desire it.
and bain uiscase   ^^ ^^ SPECIFIC COMPANY, ATLANTA, OA.
I became afflicted -with a severe sore lea- and
from the knee to the foot waa one solid sore.
which was very offensive. I spent over $1,000
on two trips to Hot Springs, and local physicians treated me to no purpose. I had about
decided to haTe my leg- amputated, when.*
friend induced me to try 8. S. S. I began to
take your medicine, and in tha short apace of
m ven months it has completely and thoroughly
cured me. Ily leg is a witness today aa to what
S. B. S. will do when taken regularly. Tha sore
haa healed entirely and my health haa Improved
wonderfully. I have already grained 80 pounds.
Box 845. Winona, Bliss.
Topeka, Kan., July 29—Lacrosse reports heavy rain ln Rush county and
ihat grass and stocK water Is abundant. Scott county reports an excellent
rain. The buffalo grass ranges are
excellen. and there is plenty of feed
for the stock. Rain that fell In Coa'-
ley county will Insure a fourth of a
crop of corn, accori.iiig to a dispatch
from Wlnfleld. In Wellington, during
a severe rainstorm lightning struck
a cookhouse belonging to a threshing
outfit and two men were fatally Injured. The rain was the most general in the eastern part of the state,
which needed It the most.
The sale of garden seeds ln the
state haB been phenomenal. Farmers
purchased large quantities of turnips,
sorghum and rye to seed for forage.
Many farmers have expressed their
Intention of planting large fields of
turnips. The estimates of the probable yield of corn range all the way
from seven to twenty bushels to the
No more spasmodic efforts to sell
stock will be made. The farmers are
uow satisueU to hold the atock until
lhe prices get better, being confident
of Uieir ability to obtain enough feed
for them now. While the rain came
too late to be of great benefit to the
grain, It practically insured a large
fruit crop. Apples and pears aro getting in bad condition, but now, with
anything like favorable conditions,
they will make a large crop. The
Kansas apple crop is in line condition and the product promises to be of
as fine a variety as has ever been
known In the state. The fruit surprised the horticulturists by the way
in which it endured the severe dry
The cities of the state will t^ain
great benefit from the rain. In some
places the sewer systems had gotten
into bad condition through the lack
of water to wash them out. They
have now been fully flushed and a
better state of things will result.
An ice famine, which was staring
some of the cities in the face, has
now been averted by the cooler weath
er. Water has been supplied ln generous quantities, buildings have received a thorough wetting and the
danger from fire is lessened tenfold.
Atchison, Kan.. July 30. — The
drought in northern Kansas which
bar, lasted without Interruption since
April 15. Is broken. The Missouri Pacific railroad has received i yorts from
all stations which extend 1100 miles
westward from the Missouri river and
northward Into Nebraska, and all except two or three report a downpour
from a fourth of an inch to two Inches.
The rain was a steady, drizzling one
and lasted, in most places, for three
or four hours. The parched earth
absorbed the moisture as fast as it
fell. While the recent rains have
covered central and southwestern
Kansas, they have not touched the
northern counties up to within the
last 24 hours.
Kansas City, July 30.—Rain fell
here almost continuously, the downfall amounting to over an Inch.
Lincoln, Neb., July 30.—Reports
from all over the state show that the
rains that visited this state have left
the corn in many localities in better
condition than was at first thought.
In somo loealitles, however, there will
be no corn, while in many localities
there will be about one-third of a
In an InterTlew He Kelatet Bow Ha A:
oompllahed What Many Others
llu\. Failed to   Do.
Jaok Williams, of No. 401 Delaware street, says the Kansas City,
Mo., Journal, is well known as an enterprising news agent and a thoroughly reliable man. He had been a sufferer from kidney trouble and endured
much pain from it until recently,
when he tried Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People and with such
success that within a short time lie
was entirely and permanently cured.
To a reporter he said:
I "For two yoars I had pains in the
back constantly, causing me serious
I inconvenience.    But I   did   not   at-
i tempt to ijo anything for my complaint until the latter part of last
winter, when I suw an advertisement
of   Dr.   Williams'    Pink   PilU   for
I Pale People and decided to see what
they would do for ine. I was relieved
within one week after I began taking
them; the pains disappeared and so
complete was the cure that I have
not found it necessary to take further
treatment nor have I been troubled
at all by the disease since."
Kidney complaint is an insiduoui
disease. First come almost unnoticed
pains in the back and some slight inconvenience. The pains grow gradually worse and the inconvenience
greater till finally, if not given medical treatment, the person suffers awful
torture and becomes unfit to follow
his ordinary occupation. Blood poisoning sets in, the constitution is
wrecked and death often results,
Mr. William stook the one unfailing
remedy and was readily cured within
a few weeks. His statement was
sworn to before Lionel Moise, a notary public, and the facts above will
bear the most searching investigation.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People will not only eflfect a cure in
cases similar to the one above, but,
acting directly upon the blood and
nerves, are an unfailing specific for
such diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial purulysis, St. Vitus' dunce, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous
headache, after effects of the grip,
palpitation of the heart, pale and sallow complexions and all forms of
weakness cither in male or female.
At all druggists or direct from Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Schenectady,
N. Y. Price 50 cents per box; six
boxes, $2.50.
ROW   llflttlrahlp   Malm-.
Philadelphia duly W.—The buttle-
siiip Maine, designed to lie bigger,
stronger and faster than her namesake,
whose shapeless mass still lies in the hur-
ii-'i of Havana, was successfully launched
from ths yards of ths Cnmp ship ___.
Engine Building Co. One ol the largest
ironds that have ever seen a warship
leave the ways at Cramps, was on hand,
und paliiiilism ran wild us the ship left
lur cradle.
The ceremony of christening the ship
was performed by Miss Mary Preble Anderson nf Portland, Mc a descendant
of the Preble family thai has added fame
to the naval honors of the country.
Ilia   Si-illrui-i-    ll. iiu. ..I
Washington, duly '2X1.—The president
has granted a pardon to John K. John-
ton, former president of the State National bank of Logonsport, Ind,, who
was convicted of misappropriating funds
of the bank and other violations of the
national banking act. He was sentenced
to 10 yenrs in the penitentiary, and already has served live years.
Mm iili,.-   Shop   Burned.
York, l'a., duly lilt.—The machine shop
of the American 'Machine 4 Foundry company, located at Hanover, ihi* county, was
destroyed by lire. The loss is estimated
at from 170,000 to $123,000. This plant
was owned by the American Tobacco company, und was used in the manufacture
of its machinery. Three hundred men ure
thrown out of employment,
In bent time to euro Oatarrh,
Bronchitis anil Connumption
Our remedy in miaranteed, |1
. P.O. Hoi 973.
W. H. SMITH HO., Buffalo. H. Y.
.VN.U. No. Ill, 1001.
Heat Cnimli Syrup.  Tannin (loud.  Um
la time.   Hiild by druml"'"-
Cambridge, O., July 28.—One mun
dead, ono dying, another probably fatally shot and a fourth man with the
bnck of his head crushed in. with tho
threatened lynching of a negro Is the
result of a free-for-all fight at King's
mines, near the lllack Top mini's.
Ohio, whero a riot beteew Hungarian und Slav minera occurred recently.   Tho dead man Is Grant Taylor.
I ns! Bicycle Itucr.
New  York, duly 28.- -After riding   37
miles  in   a   four eoillered   Till mile  motor
p.ned  bicycle race at   Manhattan  Beach
ihis evening Harry Kikes abandoned the
contest and went to his dressing room,
thoroughly beaten.    Bobby   Walthour of
Atlanta won the race in an hour and 22
minutes uml •«) 33 seconds, tinisliing five
and three fourths laps, almost two miles,
ahead of diinmy Morgan of Chelsea, Mass.,
who was .three miles in front of Arthur
Koss of Newark, N. J.
Tin-Ill   lllll   ot   liermany.
Berlin, July 28.—The bourse took a
pessimistic view of the tariff bill, and a
general fall in the prices of iron and coal
shares resulted.
The "l...k,il Anzciger learns that the
members of the bundesrath regard it certain that the hill will not pass that body
in its present form, and they expect considerable changes will be nude therein,
especially SS Kmpcror William is desirous
of new commercial treuties.
Hrlllah Routed.
London, July 28.—Telegraphing froni)
Pretoria, Lord Kitchener reports to the
war ollit-e us follows:
"A detachment of Steinaeker's horse occupying Bremersdorp was forced to evacuate July 24 by a superior force of Boers,
probably the commandos from Amsterdam and Pietretie. 'liie detuchment
fought its way to Lemboho, u distance of
Iti miles, losing about 10 killed ur wounded and a few missing.''
Bsport  All  Their  Wheat.
Taciinia. Wnsh., July 211.-—Ths Tacoma
Grain company, better known to the beds
us Caiiliii A Itihh, will Im- exporters this
year. They expect lo export practically
ull the wheat they buy. and will probably
-hip from their Tacoma warehouse between 8,000,000 and 0,000,000 bushels of
wheat during tlie season.
Men- Vork Ilnnka In i..i».i  NliHpe.
New York, July 28.—The Financier
says: The statement of the New York Associated banks last week was again
favorable, showing an increase of $2,01)9,-
2<H) in surplus reserve, carrying this item
to $23,128,676, or the highest amount reported since IVbruary 2, when the surplus
was $24,800,825,
Another si,-,-I I 'omlilnnl Ion,
phlcagO, July 110.-Another steel combination embracing the principal plant.
engaged in making steel eastings is to be
formed. The nucleus of the combination
is the America ti Steel Casting compuny
of Chester, l'a. The capital is to lie upwards of $16/100,000, with the prospect
that the amount will bc increased considerably later on.
Arlaonn Fnrni I.nnda.
Washington, July 80.—According to a
bullet in issued by the census bureau to-
lay, there are ".SIX) farms in Arizona, with
a totiil acreage of 1 ,l):i,'i,.'l27 acres of which
_i'i4.."i21 are .improved. Of these farms 1700
are owned hv Indians.
When rou take Grove's Taateleaa Chill Tools,
because the form ula Is plainly printed oo every
bottle showing Uiat It la simply Iron and Qui.
alne In a tastelcM form. No Cure. No P17. No.
'  ■
BM ■    jiui Hit I  i
. .   ■» 	
Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station and Whnrf.
S.vTUHii.w. Aruesr  ", 19U1.
SILVKKT()N, li. V.
Tables supplied with all tin; delicacies !
like-a pall over tin- Sloean-. Prospectors j
nud travellers in the mountains cannot
ho too careful With their ca in ji fires atj
this season. IVw ri-_i!i>.t_ tin- tremen
-Jons amount of damage done yearly in ;
British Columbia by forest fires, fur j
outside of the annual loss of timber, i
_.   - - | mine buildings and prospectors   camps
MATHtsox Sinos.,   cditari * Props. |W(. destroyed and liy the negligence of
• ■ ■ ■ ■         '     i saint-   thoughtless   one  uianv  a   poor
ol the season.
,   SLOOAN CltfY,   .... "B. 0,
prospector   has   seen   his worldly   all
TWO DOLLARS A YKAK. j swept away mid lias had  to  (ly for his
 ! life,   home   never   returning   to their
I friends but meeting death in the (iery
. H. Williams,
Advertising rates will be made known
upon application at this ollice
1 holocaust in some far wilderness.
Sl'Ol'R   AND   Cl'STOMS     HnoKFI:,
Real   Ii statu    ano    Ubneiuii
_   .NELSON, U. C
BAKBII     St.,
0«««5SO   OR   IN   ARREARS    A
e) «;
<• <g   BLUE   CROSS    WILL
0«?«*«S   BIS   FOUND     IN   THIS
Tho people of Silverton asked the
government for a wagon road to R*d
Mountain, which they knew they
needed, and tho government went to
woik and hud tho old trail to Ten
Mile,   which is of no pnrticu'ar use to
■A ■
Green   or   Black.
Trade Is Confederating The Empire.,
iirilain  Is Canada's! Best Customer.
Britain  Cannot Bay if She Dots M Ml
I   n    TK.A.     Grown     hi    a    British    Oolopy    By   British    Capital,
Green.      Samples on application.
a ■ Ceylon  Teas  are sold   in  sealed  lead*
packets       onlv never    in •    hoik.
Illicit,     Mixed   or   Dncolored' Ceylor<
Address "SALADA," Toronto.
• f^C^C^4>'f^C^#>tC^Ci*;€__>'#
any one, cleaned out     It i ■ a   cas» of   fh
asking for hroad  and   getting a Btone,   y
 hut things begin to lock nn* as if the   SA
stone in tha hands of SilvPrtonians will \\e
88Si88-88S88888888«88888 88S .     ,     .   ..  I j.
X 8!COine   :n   handy   to .hrow at the ;.'ov-   S»
Itt-AtelCIS EXfllBlflM,
f Buffalo,   $76.01)
JULY 2, 10,   -   ACQ (J BT 0, 20.
San FraneisM, $5040
JULY 18, 14, lo.
S *
S88-88*88 8-88 8888 . ita.8888 88 88
ernment candidate at the next election j *<
There's- u  cliai.oii  liOW   for brolher    \"
®@©®@ © $® • @ w e ® ®
All   Swisses,   Prioes    amt
The announcement made by us last I
week   thnt   Robert    b\   Oxeon    will
with   .something;   besides   wafer;   the i *
week   Unit   ltoi.iert    P.    (.Jreon     will I , . .      .   I -*i
Ireahsh   nre now   running  mi bring ji \ t**
succeed   R.   McBride in  the   P««*- .long M"d Uy ia a wi'ntart upply.       ! V
muir Cabinet as Minister of Mines has
'revived election   talk  throughout th
As a member of   the Dm s-
CHRISTIAN QftlfOR C08VBXTI08, h«ir   ^etoment Mr. Gfceen would,
! in the event of u contest for the Slocun
Cincinnati,   $68.50
JULY   2,   8.
Detroit.   $71.75
; seat,   which    is   probable,    find    that'
Some weeks BgO n few ret: irlis co:.-
ourning the life ami liahits of the pros-
pector were published in thi i ■• c ildmriti
This skeieh   went fhn  rounds of  tli    ""3
local press,  travelled ci-.stii rd   v.a thi  '• Y
A U L Y  _>,  a.
many would oppose his return whoi
were hard workers for him in the last i
prt-ssroonib of the Toronto dailies  anrl
appeared  as original   nutter  in   the
• Empire." n Loudon   (.Kit.'.)  publica-
Dunstouir   is    unpopular J tion.    Then it recrossed th*- "■•■••"i a.,i\ I
_<£_h. _____£__. _4£_V      ,011*1
  ! here, of that there cnn be no
, i
vorrates, tickets, and full infoiiuation land the name would be  a tre
call on or address . ...
[ilJudlcap to any candidate.
.<■ O. R, Cl!AMUiElt,
Agent, Silveron, r>. t'., or
J. S. CARTER, v:. J. COYLi:,
p. p. .a., a. <;. r. a.,
Nelson. Vancouver.
I        Jo-owners.
II yon want to advertise ont. n
.Co-owner in your i. ineral claim.
Ktnd$10to this office, l_'iVint'
name of claim, date "I record lo
question, {came westward,   its latest appearance  r^
j     I being in the Lardeau K iglc, being duly , \
credited as an   imported  article  from-l;"
ip.,,.,;,., ■■' r
That the   ludericndeiits   and   Union'
1~ ' |
men throuehmit the   Riding   would  . ^.,    . „,,,. „|
0 iho Angnet   number ot tie P.sll Mali I
nominate a candidate  to   oppose   Mr,. Maiiasfrie containa a deactfptive uccoonl
C.-een is absolutely certain.    Already of ,h(! H,),'*>'   Moaulaln   repion  r,f Canada, the article  l.-iii^' entillnd "A New
thu names of two probable   candidates j Swjh...,,..,.,, -.    T||1,     wivr      Bjvjg(,-,
are   tiieiitin.vd   and   otliers'  mny  bo European   travellers  to   iwit the Can-1
Indian IlockieM and predicts thai Urilisli
I Columbia's  trade   with    t-iiiti-.'s    will
which may   come   sooner   than most  shortly  mean   more   to   i„r  tlian her
.expect.    The     two    mentioned    are mining industiy.
Wilimm   McAdams,   editor    of    tiie
Sandon-Paystreak, and    Christopher
n lhe
3 > 18!ZJ Or   ^TORG *
c «j^r*0i> t> n*^itT> *%*> 0T^*i*^*r>9f
l.M. MoCiliEGOH.
forthcoming before   nomination'   day,
Pil'lVlN'TAI,    l.\ND     SURVEYOR
■ - -
SILVERTON,      -      -      -       R.  C.
I lust   Dominion   election   us   a   labori    Time 2Q—Wa'er i-"-u.i. •■  <i-il-m
cation, antl period forwhich the j Foley, who made a brilliant run
delinquent co-ov, ner i.u: faile 1 te ,', .  .
... , ia;;,   DonuiKon   elect
dolus assessment work, nml we ■ .,
will do the rest, including aend- candidate.    In either of these two Mr,   jj^'on        "? ' ■*' .'
jnd you the affidavit ior reoordinu Qfep,, would find a stroii"   opponent. I    24-Florence. nrVnndnn, RA l.netii,
We will write the notice and do I _, l_6*-Camp"i.looille, n f (jflriM es, J :
the work coricetlv.   A.hl.css:     I11"8   c*ntMt.   >f 't comes   ut all, wil!   llEj.lOtt.    Naw Kiiuland. *if C,.r«.e„t.r
ok.S _* < I'lieiMii.    Vieinrvfr,  Cii'lv  ek, !
come suddenly i.-.-.d  leave   botnshort a BDock»teid.-i.    Ui-.i-i tr. , ,-■- „ t, ,, ;
IJ A Black.   Gordoti ir. sun.., It 51 •!_;.•-   Pumess
L-   -    - GERMAN -
'tiNi'Al.NS   'IKK   NK'.V ....
For Sale ill  A.I   Hi'i.v.i.trf.
.silverton, B. C.
time for preparation.
OWN Kit.
0—Snow>h■-.■.   Rnekinglnim
Caiiiial. Etna fr.   »i—Kiliel fr. < loe^l.-ll.
Inly 2— I.inie fr. Payne hit, F II  Wll-   AlHfany, Silver *'• i vii. (i . -lho|ie. I.imi.
i.    Cortes,   nr   l'>ly,   M   MoAlldreW     Cil»«i«.    2*— Anlcn   I, U. li'L.n.l. Seol-
Tbe Right Honorahte Joseph Cham-1 Su«;iex, nr AlcGiii^aii.M Ga.uv, hm*.  Madtajn - i.     S-Ali-n,-Falrr j
T« M        '    irnnv   nrwh       if miv I 4—Agues, near Alamo coDcai.tiator, A   Queen. \\ami ;, (»c • mi ' >•■■ -en, < o|i|ii r
La™; Y«naw^M-iSuSd tUt'IUerlain wiabea to use British Columbia OOstbv. «"«•„«" "'      -;' -M••■!.!«....   "i,i -
"""'    ••■"■"■ Ui|18i.lefr.Cnrpenl«r ek, I) Mv-J lo,n M,v'"• Ubnrstor No 2, Gpnd Hope.
d ii,  .1 K ri.uii.  Gipsy, Mae It. Blai'e, Keuo.    -!'-.tni-
Hiuli Ore, Emir Ali,o. F Rviin    I* Clmip    erica.   Sort-Lire   Rov,   Gieal   Bri'ain,
lirovements ^pon the Goldon Cliartoti j matlo ebew game.     In  I.s plans of nJLls-Jr and   iViii„.;ii,," a: r„,;,i:
have expended One  Huiulr.M im.i Two ' *, (l p^wn ^t, )n, sacriLc«,l in tbe diplo- I Lend    8-Cal.ile   Mi
Dollars and lifly Cents in ln'ior tiiiti un-1 / '       ;.,.  ,   .,      ..     .,.'■',
IVlinersl Claim situ 'ted nenr Silverton ir. ■ ,
the Slocun Mining Division m d r«iorded  Imperialism the welfare of tins Prov- •> \-  — '. a M      ^ ^^
nlheothceof thiOli.i.n, Reorder   "• | illc,. is 0verbalaneed by a desire in bo Pai?»e mt, C u„i,„- ,.v '
Ipe said division, lieing Ihe  i.ii.ount   re- i ,., ,,   '  .      ..   ..... .      .,,..,
quired lo hold eai.leli.iinuii.ler il„, pro-  polite to Japan.     And  in   thisdeflirel    ipB^Caeho R..y! Gold ck. fill
Head Vi'.,i,ii. Ali. I ;!..-..In.   Koillli WiiI.-m
I limn, .'n-, Kilvin,   v'niidory,   Vundoru.
visions nf the  Mineral Act lor  Ilie  year
(Sliding Mnv lO'.h 1001,
And II within ninety dsvs from the
dele ol this notice you fail or refnso tn
contribute vmr |irop.-itti"U 01 sni'h ex-
liemiiture together wilh all COS! ot ,-idver
TU INS.'lt.tS.
lune 17—Rweet ■ lru» -
M  l'i Yoilli;
he is  niifoituii'.Vly followed by  SirI ffl7*?,Vi VhM!V;"u'" f,;.'',;.p,',"t,M'''<'   'o M SJ'jrchlaoii, Mnr 10 la0.1.
' - | A Mitchell. Jji-wle, same, \> Willi. .),■■-      21—Ida,   '...   N   C   Diugman   In C A
Wilfrid Laurier,
I Sle. same, A Mitchell. :-n lifird, June 19,
a   ....    . 17-**tprlmir, Carpenterifc. JTFolev       :.   Id», .1 B Anderson' to J M  Ander-
huch is the. interpretation put Upon 1 Grand Rapids, Fennel i:k, ,1 Kiulav Jr. Uoii.Miir 10
tisinp, your intern* in said claim will the recently published warnins sent by   Al"""" :"' >■'."■"• .'• N1 ■•"■"' • -™<>"''  '•"'••   "ptlc-  i .wrier!
become the properly ol the underaiuned
tinder Section 4 of Au Act to Amend the
Miuersl Act 1900.
W. H. r,n.\M.os,
e.i-e.-\ halm., ,| |- inlay Sr.
flilvi rlistn.', H I   i.uAei i,
le   i.
•ui.' 'J.
the Colonial SfecreUry to the Oanadhsn I    ,9r-('*lv,»;. and Telephone IV, Payne     NS*li  same.   Ruby.  1-I6wi.h, 81
J im. i   French,
Wnlknr II M Walker to   Win   Lettuilck
government in anticiiiation of a report     20—Friday fri nr Three Forks,   A Ii Mav IB.
Acting as agent lor D. F. Hur,.   unfavnr,,,,„   to  j^^   S„lill£„^ilf;« i V^-!\'L ,,„■ U;    '., I   ,:,,„.  P  Me'. I MffttJISE'i lYB.^SlSX'i
Dated thisBth ,h,y of ..uucin.. | Mag prpcfintw) ,,y thaRoya, Commjgr Grjor.   ^Fr^reddy Ua ;,,,',   Mg. {.,,,,,-v. s; 1; ...^ ■,^
siou which has been investigating the j U*»nol*« and Highland Jdsslo, mih.-,   li   Ultimensiier, Supt, Ift; 1H03,
.,,.., Cilhiok. I     lliirtnev, Svlvin;.., '„.   cicl,,   kngtie
Mongolian immigration question. |   2_t-~Reno, Wilson ck, M Mnrchikon, .1 j Flowers, 1-0, \ i. unto AH Blum
•r, „„„„i„.,. i     ,i- Ui-i.'lev.    Gnlleo, joins U.ii.-uii.  L >M  «naner. Sepi 19, 1S99
there may be sdCh a thing as om-  Rpowlea.   Bellvne fr, i'syne mt, Geo I    .u,.,, .sv,,-,,,,,,,, i . v.AHU. U'. 1) l>'
The Mining
News of The
patriotism toward? the Empire    Such
_.',—llitdiar i Cavoil, n-'iir Wilfcnn rk,
. wuiihi 1>u tin' acceptance of Rritisb in-1^ Brandon.   David Ihiriim. same,  \ i;
i II ilderhton.
1 torferencu   in  such  u  vital   rpiestion | ^Sflt—Jersey. Wilson ek, A M Descbampi
Slocan can be had!,
M PI, r-on io A II i".n neiuiir. >.-|il IS
1891). Il.irin y. <4' Hylvanile '._.. lvuti,.
*i, -Iuiii"s C:iiiip||,,|i U) A II I'liinieniiiici
-e|.t. is, |89u
Augual Flower, 1-8 .1 C Datlerto A II
at First Hand
$nd when it is
News by Reading
I by Canada without remonstrance.    Is
the blamo of Selfishness le.-.s on   (Ireut
j Britain for wishing to sacrifi :•• a   part
of Canuda than it is on thn   Dominion
ber Pacific provinsel
AS   l:i  iMI.NTM.
.lone 18—Mary Durham,
. I
I imi fr.    SO-*Planting*.
:i'i(i      !()_.
Blnmenauer Bent, 18S0
Haiti.ev, nil inleie.t,   AD   Ml'PllertOn
I to  \ II lllumen-tui'r. ,-.'tu, 18, 1809,
llu i and   llu'i, all iiiteie-:. r Avlson
Flag Stall'. Delewure Ir, UiirsMer, (In   !'°.) " Blumennnep, S ipt, IS  180.1.
Hvha rn-    Au.un Flower
Malvern,   Csmden,    ir ui-i.i.   l> iul-i..|-' ' "ub mid    Hub,   limner and Edith, A H
I for wiibing to preserve for Canadians I Delorabie, Yonng  Wnmfnlon fr     22— J*D»*n«»oou»r to J D MoMnster, Nov 27,
'Glen, Blooniltlgton,   lot.-s,   Revelstoke    lftJ,)-
l.inciln. Kxpert,  Dalkeith,   tie aher fr!      >n   ni._u    n ■  . ., ,- „
. Kelso, Rucklend fr. St James   24-I,»dv  ,  [°~, *r\^o*\[in,f To   l L v-imlW:U
It would be cold comfort to a Can- Aberdeen,     28-3..rali .Tane   Onur nM"?rCr™ P **["% Julv«0'   ,
i   d: -_,.        L_   ,,     . ,   ...     .iGlenwirv   Lintirl,   l.!._,-l_  Riv   '.-,•.. i ..;!..•.. '''--Diamond I .r.,,.. [1 H;,le,'-,l«,    D»r
j- ii .... .   (ileiu'iirv   I iiinel   1',.,-L- I.',v    oa   . '        l'i—I'lamomi i.ni'i-i.   ; mj) eiftm     \~)At
diai,   workingman, shonldered out of \ ^fc ^'^illZr^      v\n^  \ V\S°xSl ,Qlbnl{U,r'   ,",,J   L   f'
-nployroent by a Jnp and forced to frmbrook, Grand   Sund.    2«_h i i rK,T'.''\i ,'''■'!"' </" '"    IV""H "'*
light. Nonharn Light.   20-Black Bird      iV   '■   '    , ,-" ;           „   .
ainpete with other .laps in  the  labor | Nonimiiel. Vernon, Nonporiel fr    Morn '          T-''h/o    *ullttnce '° U MeDonaW
....... _.__.! u... ..... ,....:.,. ...    IngSun. Sllgo.   July y-Plnnacle.    m- . ' ;5_,';.. !   '..    ..   ....    	
market to know that the Rritinb am-1
bassttdor in Tokio lends  tho international i-bUllion.    Patriotism, like cliar-
I ity, should begin at home.    Canadian.!
' owe it to themselves that  thev  should
Aberdeen.   10— Aids. Gftmy 'Quu'oft   B,'' to,A,l: 'j''1 ;l'"    ''
count the cost before  they  odor   this i '^"'m. Troy      ||   >!;,,,,!„. >,,     ,:„v      h  I. -i.   hot \'Wms, 9S 600, Ba^ln fr.
' Wmt. Summit fr. Bird ftj Surpriiie exi      '.,     /','
lo   i9M
4- Joint'
' e,
'■■I-resi   to G l>   Mevl rii
With Canadian Supple
Sent to any adito'sn in Aworica {or
Onn y^ar for Two Dollars,
In Advuncp.
:     _._... ..   .. ! province ns a sicrihce to  Inipiriulmm. I Nabob.     12—Annex ;r,' 1'nrie.   ,, ,        24-iJil)  I  fi, p  M   Haven to I   V Mi- ?
ttuby, Bristol, Commatifler, H B^iland'. °ffi_i*'&"* -"* r*r*u    „M,     . ,   ..    .
ORDERK     TAKEN     FOR   ALLI mm  Bonnie Jean.   10-Ow»», Black *r.ln«.   J!~s  """   So  0   by   _.'..., fl    \T) T„  "Mt **"  "loal
..'."',      Furlong fr,    16- llai.tlv, KH'.iMori„,i(. ' J ,!l'„ ";J,   '■■' '•'""   loQDAIrvl.ru W»tag Paper   In tkm W«H.
iKINI>    OF  JOB WORK   AT Affaln tb8 siason  of bush-fires hns I Arei.ia. lions, lr. AleAld-er  Prim-tavs   *«a ln, Sami-ic t'»pr Free.    .  *.,,,, ,
.        i     i     j     .i       i    j      .1 I'-'inip.irte, Cashier,     17—dlvrr  I r.,. ,    ,  ''   ' Milne ton "me  Pel 2 ,80  --■ -        —
rrived   and   already   the   6loUd«  of Opndonr. 6orH=a fr. OI.ri.tlii" ".i.»mitf     ' .': ,u  "'    Mmlulst...'..,., ^S^^^^WW*
203  Broadway,
How York, O. A. Av
I smoke from fires already  started hanjr
SbatbtM GHrl, Broncho,   18-Theliuti
I '    !. tu  re
r i' ii
'.Vi i '.-I-- I'lllll'in. s.;.tti|i..r anaoBj, post, 1*1.
Mm,I lily '   ...   ! SO  " "      4     "


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