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The Silvertonian 1901-03-30

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^   Local
- —
1*9     ' .l>*
Tlie     Trt*e
We Want Your Order For  Groceries. - Fresh
Stock It Reasonable Figures.
a/iin-exs' O-cttfits &xxx*
e]s.aeed. aTroaaa. 3_v£e G-I-sre
Fresh Fruits& Confectionery.
A. JEFFREYSr^v'&aS!'? oHALI*
RETAIL KTOHluJ AT •     ••      '
Silverton, Nelson, Trail. Ymir. Kaslo, Sandon.
Nuw2De«ver. Cascade City, Orabd Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood. ...
The Outlook for Tho Season Growing Brighter.
Will Iteumo Active Oparallona   Within A Few Bay.
m.    MSE»
Many to choose
irom, at
Tlie Flslier Maiden, which has lieen
tied up by litigation for tbo last three
years, lias been bonded by tbe Bank of
Montreal to a Spokane svndlcate and
will t« operated this season und»r the
management of J K Clark. The Fisher
Maiden, which is situate*! about eight
miles up tlm ereek, is a dry ore proposition lying in tbe granite formation.
At one time it bid fair to become one tf
our biggest producers, bnt the compsny
operating it became involved In financial
difficulties which caused the mine to ue
closed down. Work is to bo commenced
upon tbe property at once and a few
miners will be sent op within the nest
few days.
Condor tiroqp to Resume.
The Condor group, np the creek, will
be started np with * lull forco of
miners, just as soon as pack horses with
supplies Can get through to that property
The Condor is a silver-lend proposition
that last year was acquired by \V. H.
Sandiford for an English syndicate and
considerable work has been done upon
it. Il is the intention of the company to
fully develope the property thia season
and we msy fully count upon anoiliei
shipping iniue here before tu-xt full.
Old Maid Workings.
Work on the Old Maid tunnel hns
been suspended Ior a time owing to Ilie
large amount of sniface water being
encountered causod by the Ashing
snow. The tunnel is now in 140 feet
and the whole drift ll iu ore tlmt range*
in value from 15 to 40 ounces in silvei
aiid from |5. to $8. in gold to the ton.
The Old Maid is a big low grade propo
eition and gives promise of making a
The Sandon mines  shipped 814 tona
last week.
So far aa local ore shipments go this
week is a blank.   .
Tho Busun is credited with a 20-ton
shipment this week.
Raw-hiding is over at the Reco and the
force has been cut down to live men.
An employee of B. C. Ri Met, of Nel
son, was here this week to figure on the
eoiitr ii t lor the Hewett tramway.
A number of survey Hues have lieen
run from the creek bottom to tlie Emily
Kdith workings, presumably for a tramway.
Tbe majority of tbe Hartney miners
was laid off Juiing the week. This cuts
the payroll of the Windy City down to •
The Slocan Chief, situated at the head
of Ten Ali.e creek, has been leased by J
Aiti.hiaon snd work haa been recommenced there.
Tbe Centre Star of Rossland will pay
a dividend on April lat ot one cent per
shite Uiis makes the total dividends
paid by this company $216,000.
Jf. U. Donnelly, promoter of tbe Urban
Mining Company and manager of the
Donnelly group of mines at Sandon, lias
left Ihe blocan. The Paystreak chronicle., the regrets of bis Sandon creditors.
Tbe force at the Slocan Star will be increased to 110 men wiihin a few days.
The water supply is now sufficient for
ihe mill and shipments will be heavy for
sometime again. The Everett amelter
haa contracted for the ore.
Outside Part!** During Horses in Hilverton
<:•» Have Thorn Reserved By Writing To—
t I t ♦
O!  our Customers and ' tljnjfcubl.c in general to     *
# the fact that We carry the Meet Complete|Lineand     #
,     carried bj any firm in the Slocan District, and are     #
# prepared to fill orders of any site at shojt notice.       #
and others, who are in need of supplies, to inspect our J stock and secure our prices before
purchasing elsewhere.
BUY   FROM I'tt.
uluiniore Coalfields Will Supply the
Canadian Pacific Railroad.
In discussing tbe prospects of his company in their Alliens, coal ventures, ll
L. Frank, of Butte, in quoted aa follows
in the Western Mining" World: "I sua
satisfied from what I have been told by
expert coal men, and from what I myself have seeu, tliat the minea are the
best in the entire northwest. At any
rale they are good enough (or me and I
am going ri^hi ahead with the putting in
of macbioery and developing without
any limit. We will baye the most complete coal plant in tbat part of tbe country when all aur machinery is in and our
hoisting machinery will be as complete
as that of any of the great copper mines
of Butte. We will not ship our coal to
Montana, at least not for tiie preaent, nor
will we coke it for shipment here aa was
intended. As our arrangements now are
we will sell the entire output of tbe mine
to the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and
tbey are very anxious tbat we should begin to supply them as quickly as possible,
Which is one of the reasons for my trip at
the preaent time.
The Wrong Track.
(Sandon Mining Review.)
Th- Silvertonian decries the idea of an
. xport duly on ore, advocated in some
qu:irt is, iinil the Trade Bu.lget of  Vancouver, i imps on to it with l«oth  feet foi
<ts opinions, giving the export duly on
lug« us a defence fur its contentions.   I
ia surprising how lamentably blind even
«ouie journalists   are   in   tbeir compari
■•onu    At lhe time th* export  duty wh.-
i.nt'im logs by the Ontario Government-
it iri¥i io prevent our lumber woods from
being ilepleted by American iMtbft'ft'en,
no anxious were tbey to get our timber,
in the face ofthe fact we  had  plenty of
lumber industries at home to meet local
deniaiil    If the Trade Budget man can
show we have ample smelling and refining facilities at home to  hsndle ail our
nre, ample market to consume the product when ntined. and that the American  smelter   men  are   breaking  Iheir
necks in i race to get onr ore, its coin-
psiiBon will tie applicable, but not other
wise.   Everyone  knows, however, it is
becuuse our production of ore is in excess of   home   demand,   and  that  the
American smelti rs reluse to tske it off
our hauls at  remunerative prices ihst
the-tumble   has   arisen—circumstances
the exuut reverse of those that surround
the lumber problem of  the eastern provinces, in wnose interest the export duty
wat,   passed.   An  export duty  on ore
would only add  tbe   more  embargo in
(he way of export, and   it is  export the
country is clamoring for until we have
suitable facilities for  handling at home
at proper prices, and a satisfactory market nl.road for the excess of production.
I The Trade Budget nuisi try snd hark up
another tree, as the Silvertonian ia right
io its conclusions.
Andrew Stewart ia down with rbeum-
atl m.
A baseball club is being organised in
New Denver.
T. Kelly was down from Three Forks
during the week.
VV. J. Twiss. of Kaalo, was in town on
business yesterday.
Ferry 'a garden and flower seeds for
sale at the Silverton Drag Store.        f
Mr. and Mrs. E. Trsfford Wynne bave
been visiting In towu this week.
W. Kjte, who has been wintering in
Spokane, returned on Thursday.
The demand for dwelling houses io
Silyerton at pratentoxcerds the supply.
J.McRobbie has gone to the High
River district.in Alberta, where he will
go into ranching.
D Grant Is grading off the approach to
his house and generally improving tbo
looks of bin property.
The social dsece given in the Union
Hall oo Monday evening waa well attended and very successful.
A few fishermen have been trying the
waters of Four Mile creek, bat aa yet the
catches aro insignificant.
Tbe gardening season ia at band aad
the local bovioes are marking down tbe
locations for future raids.
Purser Fred Wright, of the sa. Slocan.
i« the proud father of a son, who came to
hia home in Slocan last Saturday, ycj ;•
Tbe C. P. R. baa quoted a liberal rate
to the delegates for the Ottawa trip of »60
for the round trip, including a special
Go to R G. Dalgle'a for all kinds of
fresh fruits. He is receiving shipments
daily. Fresh confectionery, choice line
of fresh groceries. *
James Bacon left on Thursday for the
Budge River distriut, in Lillooet. He
a ill work in the Lome mine, which is
being opened up by W. li. Bsiker.
For Ibe Easier Holidays all C. P.R.
Agents will sell round trip tickets at
«ne and one third fare on April 4th
and 5th, good lo return up to April 8th.
Mr. F. P. Johnson and bis bride, foi-
me ri)' V i*s M»hr Fletcher of this place.
spent part of the honeymoon here
as guests of Mr. and Mn Grant Thorburn.
C. McLaughlin is lhe victim of typhoid
f.-ver. He has been confined io bis
room for several days, but Dr. Brouse,
who is attending him, pronouncea it a
light attack.
Nothing hss been heard the last week
or two regarding municipal politics in
Slocsn City. The Lake towns are looking for some excitement and Slocanite-
sbnuld not disappoint them.
H. H. Reeves, bavin* passed through
a most critical stage of his illness this
week, seems ujw to have passed Ibe
turning point and the reports from the
Hospital (or the laat two days bave been
much more favorable.
I Skeleton Tredgedy.
The following is an extract from the
private cash book of a Toronto lawyer:    ■
Nov 30    Advertisement   in   The
World for stenographer    $    80'
Dec 1' Engaged Miss Daisy Rem-    .
ington at ?K per week	
4   Violets fnr .\litw Remington *    25
6   Lunch st McConkey's  for
self and Miss R    J.so
8   Miss Remington's salary,
lweek    8.00
11 Lnnch st McConkey's for
self and Min R  200
12 Bon lions for Miss R 1.60
14 Theatre, Miss B and self.... 3 00
16 Daisy's salary, I week 16.00
IR Roses at iMni.op's, lor Daisy 2.60
20 Carriage   to Hunt  Club,
Daisv and sell (Bond's)....   8.00
20 Dinner, Daisy aud  self at
Hunt Cluh    9.80
22 Daisy's salary, 1 week 20.00
24 Dinoen's, seal coat for wife 205.00
20 Catto's silk dress for mother-
in-law          80.00
17 Ad in World for Male stenographer ,  30
A Good Expert, Bit-
- J. D. Kendall, who ia at preaent con-
tri-utingn series of interesting mining
articles to a London journal, is an experienced mining engineer, but a poor judge
of horseflesh. When laat seen in Silver-
ton he waa careening madly around one
of onr vacant lot, shilling his position on
a cayuse aa if to occupy in a breath al
tha seating accommodation between hi
mount'a ears and rump. His reputatio,
as a slayer cost him two teeth (fncisoi >
aad one pair of spectacles (gold-rimmeo)
on that occasoion. The professor whs
loaded with samples at the time aa tbe
air was heavily charged with anlphur
when be finally disappeared in tbe timber.
■ v
*   ^iaCfTRfcs IN'NEt>tfN.  ALkMO.t'AND.T^RKK.iOUKa, B. C.
Heid(jttid#ra',|^'^lire'rtoii ft-U
The silver market has been very doll
and fluctuations hsve been very small.
In London tbere waa only V- difference
between the higeest and lowest quotation, tbe market closing at 27%d.
Tbe lead market is without change
The Knglish price is £13 6s. Od.  ® £13
New York, Mar. 28-Bsr Silver, (in>4
Lake copper,  $17.00.
Lead—The Arm that fixes the selling
price for miners snd smelters quotes lead
at (4.37 »t the close.
Shipments of ore fram 81ocan Lake for
the year 1890. totaled.. 3078 Tons.
Shipments in 1900 totaled 4930 Tons.
The shipment, ot  ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and including  the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1901.
From New Denver '    v '; Tons.
Hartney...'. A ._.....;:.... *  1,20'
From Bosun Landing.       ■
Bosun ...200
From Silverton ..
"±'J" •"",**■* '"'"
From Enterprise Landing
From Slocan City
Two Friends	
Black Prince
Bondholder ;
. 40
Among the papera of the late Grant
Allen was found ao article on ''The
British Aristocracy." It is probable that
he did r.nt c*re to place himself before
the English reading pnblic in the position of entire frankness which he had
assumed while writing thi* article, and
that consequently it was held until after
his death for publication. It waa
secured through his son (or The Cosmopolitan and appears in the April number.
Certainly no Englishman has ever ao
handled the subject without gloves aa
Giant Allen, and ao one waa better
equipped to do the subject justice.
wV Kara Lack.
lam jee' an old prospector, trsmp the
mountains every day,
And it isn't very olten that I make a
preaching pay,
But  I've   heerd  these  m inin' experts
singing scientific stuff,
Till  I'm gitting sort o' weary o' their
hifalntin' bluff.
I hold that books and science never bi
npoa a lead.
Never built two modern  wonders,  sich
Ha Cripple Creek and Creede;
But that every   paying   prospect ia   th*
.    Jiifly west was ttrnrXt     ....--■ .
By Common sense kr.'. jistteemeot an', hv,,
gol ' V
As I said at'lhsbeginnia', it is seldom
that   I   preach,
And I  never  fool  with language out o'
ordinary reach,
But when science gets a-trampin' on tlw
toon o' common sense,
Then It's time to show your hand agaiust
the scientific gents,
I may  never  make a wi nnin' with the
shovel and the  pick.
But you'll al ways   find me trying and a
keepinup mv lick,
And if I should happen   on   the purtjr
yellow truck,
I will give the bulk o' credit to my
Onion  Sets,  at  the  Silverton
Store, 25 cents a pound.
tbapleau  ...   16
Speculator.'    20
Diplomacy is the  art  of getting wbi.t
you want by   convincing  other   people
tbnt they don't want it.
Mere Tbe Money Ih.
_. .The follbwing table shows the specie
holdings of tbe leading baaka ofthe
world at the latest dates covered by their
reports. The amounts ara reduced to
Banks. Gold. HI ver
N. Y.Asa d. 1191.134.100   	
England 181.573,946    	
France   475,628,340    1218 903.010
Germany....   147,480,000        72,976,000
Spain     70,006.000       82.725.ii00
Netherlands. 25,209,600        28,779.000
Belgium 14,430,000 7,215,000
Italy  77,086000 9321,000
Russia 368 870,000 33,908 000
The returns of the Asaocisted Banks of
New York are of data ol March 9th and
the others are of I'ate o' Much 8th, a»
reported by the '-Commercial aad
Financial Chronicle" cable.
A fat widow always reminds you of tco
much hssl. to warm over. .
Humanity is made up of people, alt
more or less peculisr.
Lot'e wife would never have been
turned to salt, il she bad not first tamed
to rubber. ..
May—Belle has been in tbe market
for a loag time. Clara—Yes, but ebe i«
•till quoted at 27.
She—You don't klea me ,the. way ypii- '*
did before ws were married.   He—No!
And before we were married you never
tried to kiss me with your month full of
"But why is it." asked the thoughtful
Chinaman, "that I may go to jour beaven, while I may not go • to year country T" The misaionary shrugg-.l' kia«
■boulders. "Tbere is no labor vute in
beaven!" sn.I t.e. »..'.•
"The life of an actress is a very Wearing life." "3pme of them dooeeoit^
wear pretty veil, for a tact; but on the
other hand, I have been surprised to seo
how little many of tbe~ wear."
Notice in hereby given tbat all ac*
counts due me may be paid to U.Thor-,
burn, of Silverton. by  whom  rocei»»s
will be givea.
(toss Tho' i ara.
m '•••*■•   r #••_,
■erf-;*?* :«■
' ""ST**"*. T-^Jjff"^. "tjft'jtteawMiii'""**!'.' *e   •"
■ ,'**w*^*w..*my
.   - Issued Weakly.
A loiii)ile«,e Ucview ot the IO vents of
tbe l'lmt Week—In Tills and 1'iir-
elgn l-miiU-^'l'iiken From 'the
Latent   lllMjinliliem.
don, to a question from Sir Edward
Bassoon, unionist, sajd that the gold
; reserve accumulated under the Indian
•L currency act amounted March 7, to £6,-
''   : 957,000.   There was an additional £.800,-
SILVERTON,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.   000 not held under the act.   It was all
i. ,',.,',., ,i„      m      ii, _=  in India and none of it ln the Bank of
England.     ,
President Mellen of the Northern Pa-
clflc-says: "We lost at least $3,000,000
revenue In consequence of last season's
shortage of the grain crop In the northwest, but from the figures already at
hand It ls apparent that the company's
new business will keep the gross earnings from falling below the previous
year's record. If there Is a full grain
crop this yenr I look for an actual Increase in tho earnings of at least $3,-
The foreign office at London takes a
posslmestlc view of the situation ln the
east ln spite of the settlement of the
Tientsin question and entertains grave
fears that the relations between Japan
and Russia may shortly reach the danger point. Judging from information
obtained ln various official quarters tn
London, Japan has confided to at least
some of the powers her determination
to oppose at all costs any secret agreement between Russia and China by
which the former could secure territorial advantages contiguous to Cores.
Another hurricane has swept over
the New. Hebrides Islands with disastrous effects. New Caledonia In particular suffered from the devastating
effects of a wind storm, driving several
vessels ashore and playing havoc with
the. Nickel company's property. Trees
were uprooted, plantations destroyed
and 'houses wrecked, although there
was no loss of life. At Tonga, four
good sized- ships were driven ashore
and completely wrecked. The steamer
Miowera also brings a tragic story of
the obliteration of a native village near
Kumusi, New Oulnea.
A race for a $50,000 purse made up
of $10,000 a corner and $20,000 added
by Thomas W. Lawson, between Charlie
Herr, Cresceus and Boralma, ls announced by Mr. Lawson of Boston. The
race will be at Readville, Mass., ln the
week beginning September 16, all the
gate receipts to go to charity. TheTace
is to be best three ln flve heats, first
horse to take $30,000, second $20,000,
and each owner to deposit. $2,500 and
the remainder the night, before the
race; all gate receipts to be divided
equally between the West End nursery
and Infants' hospital and the Industrial
School for Crippled and Deformed Children, both of Boston.
Barn n Sahoollioaae.
Dsy ton, Wash., March 24.—Gladys
Cunningham, Pearl Evans and Lizzie
I llosijuie, aged 14, 10 and 13, respectively, '
*A prominent Boei ss^s Kruger is the
only man who can end the war.
The British Columbia government has
withdrawn ils opposition, and granted a
charter for the road south from Michel to
connect with the (Jre.it Northern.
Ai. Thompson, who wss nominated for
United States senator by the republican
cupsus, failed of election by the joint session of the house and senate.
The sale of the world's'champion trotter,
The Abbot, 2:03 1-4, for 140,000 to Fred
Uherken has been practically completed,
according to tho New York Times.
tt is understood on high authority .that
the president hns decided to appoint Mr.
P. C. Knox of Pittsburg to fill thc vacancy
in his cabinet that''Will he caused by the
retirement.of Attorney Oeneral Griggs on
April 1. '      '
The European diplomats in Washington
are deeply interred in the action of.,the
United States in sending the armed cruiser
New York to-Morocco to'aid the American
consul general in exacting an apology Af
obtaining it settlement of claims aggregating $50,000.
A snowstorm approaching a blizzard in
severity swept over the Missouri valley
last Wednesday. Nebraska, western Iowa,
South Dakota and Wyoming and Kansas
felt the effects of the storm,, which tied up
street car traffic in many cities and delayed railroad traffic. In northwest Michigan,
where thc railroads had hardly recovered
Worn lefst week's storm, a heavy snow fell.
The- sifreties of Andrew W. Smyth, for
nYetfy superintendent of the United States
bra nub mint at New Orleans, will have to
pay the government 925,000 to replace that
amount of money which Smyth alleged
was burned by an electric spark in a vault
at the mint during his incumbency during
the early 90s. The United Statea court
of appeals handed down its decision in thi
case, upholding the lower colirt, which
held the sureties liable. Smyth is now in
Ireand. >.*• "' : ;
The libel actions brought against the
London Star and Leader by Arthur Cham
berlnin, brother of Joseph Chamberlain, in
connection with war oflticc contracts, wat
begun today in the king's bench court, be
fore the lord chief, justice, Lord Alver
stone. The plaintiffs claim damages foi
serious attacks on their commercial integ
lily, including the statement that they
stooped to improper means in order to ob
tain contracts, against the interest of tin
public service. The defendants pleadcu
that their articles did not libel the plain
tiffs and were fair comment on matter ol
public interest.
J. P. Minabcr, 6. Minaber and J. A. Neu
woudt were shot at Dcuur, near Cape Town.
for treason and murder, in pursuance uf u
sentence of court martial. The death sentence was passed a week ago in connection
with tho wrecking of a train near Toac
bach, by which five men were killed. Gen
eral Kitchener confirmed the verdict. Tin
garrison was paraded and the prisoner
were led out at sunset. Death was instan
taneoiis. A Dutch minister and relative-
remained with the prisoners until the end.
Two others concerned in the. wrecking
were sentenced to live years at penal sen i
Paderewski, the. pianist, while making a tour of Spain recently, received
news of the death of hia only son.
At Melbourne lt is officially estimated that the wheat crop will yield 17,-
650,000 bushels, or an Increase of over
2,000,000 bushels upon laat year's yield.
The United Statea army transport
Orant has sailed from Manila for San
Francisco with the Twenty-ninth and
Thirty-second regiments of volunteers.
Oeneral Fullon and 180 of hia command, armed with rifles, baye surrendered to Colonel Scott of tbe Thirty-
ninth Volunteer Infantry at Antique,
Island of Panay.
At Milwaukee Are destroyed the four
story piano establishment of William
Roeflng k Sons and wrought some destruction to adjoining property, entailing a loss of 1350,000.
As a result of the cabinet meeting re
centiy. tbe postmaster general will issue
an bnifr. establishing the domestic
rate of .postage between the United
States and Cuba, the of der to take effect
on April i." *
The first Business failure'has occurred ln New York's Chinatown. The
old grocery house of Wing Wo Hlng
company has filed a petition In bankruptcy, with liabilities of $7463 and
assets of $2913.'
The result of the combined movement
against Oeneral Fourle, hear Thabanchu, waa the capture of 200-Boers, 120,-
000 sheep, 6,000 horses aad a host of
^cattle. The Boers broke southward to
tbe right and left
Ex-Prekldent Harrison left $40,000 In
life Insurance, The nppralsement of
the Harrison estate gives Ita total value
at $380,000, This Includes all real estate railroad bonds, stock In the Union
Trust company, t\hf,law building at Indianapolis and other securities.
There Is evidence In St. Petersburg of
plots against the authorities. A correspondent asserts that soma of money are
being distributed to the "tetory bands
, in St. Petersburg and vicinity to Induce',
them to join the. disaffected students..
It haa not been learned whence the
money comes, but indications point to
high sources about the court.
Lord Oeorge Hamilton, secretary for
India, ln the houae of commons ln l.on-
SELLS  ISLANDS  FOR  $100,000,!have had " F«?lirainttry t,iHl charged with 0UR   NORTHWESTERN    MINES.
setting fire to the public school building, .
Lizzie Bosquie admitted the crime, Pearl _ ————
Evans admitted being present, but claimed   items (1 leaned From I.nte Reports*
i iiiiiiu-NliiK Inland* of C'lllEO) un. Mill"
mid sililiu—i.iinI ot Sim Ill's rimm-M-
HioiiM In South Seiui—Duke of Arcon
lli'i-i-br» War in nl.
\\ jM-inmlii and Mlnnenota Storms.
Minneapolis, March 2o.—Thunder und
lightning storms raged in Wisconsin and
Minnesota. At New Richmond there was
a veritable cannonading for two hours.
The Omaha station at Bonrdmun, Wis.,
ivas struck by lighting und burned.
Much damage was done to telephone and
telegraph wires in the two stutes. At
Clearwater a barn wus struck and nine
['.mil aiiiiu.il> killed. Lightning also
struck burns near Stillwater and four
head of cuttle were killed on the farm of
Joseph Joscphson, near Mapletoi/, Minn,
the storm was the severest known lor so
early in the season. ,
Washington/ March 25.—The Spanish
minister, the duke ol Arcos, bus received
from Secretary lluy a treasury warrant
for $100,000 and the United States received the final cession of "any and all
islands of the Philippine archipelago lyinf
outside of thc line described in article 3
of the treaty of peace between Spain and
the United States of December ll), 1808."
At the same time a protocol wus signed
hy Mr. Huy und the duke, exchanging
ratifications of the treaty of cession. The
specific purpose of the transaction is said
to add the islands of Cuguyan, Sulit and
Bibitu to the possessions of the United
The ceremony uttcniling the exchange
of ratifications and the payment of the
$100,000 warrant was un interesting one.
The duke of Arcos nfrived at the state department by appointment at 10 o'clock.
lie hud with him the Spanish version of
the treuty, handsomely engrossed and
hearing the signature of the queen regent
of Spain and the -Spanish royal seal. Mr.
Huy joined the minister in the diplomatic
room. The officials long in charge in the
execution of treaties and ratifications were
culled in. The American, text of the
treuty, bearing the signature of President
.McKinley, uiready to the WW WWWW
been prepared. The queen regent's ratification wus handed to Mr. Huy und he in
turn presented to the duke of Arcos the
ratification executed by President McKiii-
The treaties in each case were handsomely bound, that of Spain being in red,
with the royal arms in gold, while America's wus bound in dark blue, bearing the
national coat of arms.
A brief protocol was then signed. It
recites the formalities of ratification Ol
the treuty, signed ut Washington, November 7, 1000, providing for the cession
of any and all islands of the Philippine
archipelago, etc. The treasury warrant
for $100,000 had been prepared in advance
and was handed to the duke hy the secretary. There was an exchange of felicitations over the close of the transaction
and the duke of Arcos departed with his
$100,000 warrant and the ratified treaty
she remonstrated with Lizzie, Gladys Cun
ninghain denying any knowledge of the
affair. The liosquie girl's attorney asked
the court to bind her over and will ask
the superior court to commit her to the
reform school.   The attorney for the other
All DlNli-l.-ls Arc Hi'Iiik Developed
—A Prosperous Year la Predicted'
Mining; Note* and Personals,
lake, a pond In the South Palouse river
ln the southern part of Colfax.
W. T. Hales has taken bond on tha
Panhandle group for $50,000 and nro
poses to begin work on lt as soon as ha
gets back from Chicago.
| The well known Rebecca, the prtncl
pnl property of the Nespelom district
South Half, Wash., 1B reported to jJ
_ under export examination and it |H i)e.
lleved that this may mean resumption
on a large "scale before long.
Frank E. JahnesBe, superintendent of
the lllue Jacket, tho well known Finch
& Campboll property on Sulnion ri«„,
wus dismissed. The other two were hound
over in bonds of $200 ench. J. H. Uough
cuused the arrests und will secure the
county reward of $2.ri0.
From the evidence introduced it appears thc girls thought they were doing
the town a service in firing the school.
The building hud frequently been condemned by citizens nnd hopes of a new
school were freely expressed if the building should burn. It is supposed the girls
noted on this suggestion.
been reached.
Strike at Muraeillea.
Marseilles, March 28.—The strike situation has taken a more favorable turn. At
a recent, meeting in the town hall con
voked by the mayor of Marseilles to consider the situation, which was attended
by the deputies, general councillors and
municipal councillors, n dispatch was received from M. Waldeck-Rousseau, tho
French premier, announcing the masters
hud agreed to arbitration respecting such
points of dispute us were open to negotiation. Two representatives of the striker*
were present at the meeting and -iccepted
tho proposed arbitration, provided it was
approved by the general assembly of the
nlrikers. The councillors then called on
the prefect and begged him to withdraw
or conceal the troops in the city. In
view of the negotiations the prefect consented to conceal the troops, the councillors promising to influence the strikers to
cease further disorders. The striking dock
laborers have informed the mayor that the
arbitration proposals have heen accepted
and the assembly of engineers has uutnor-
ized Mayor Flissicres to act as intermediary between them und their employes.
Holdup   In   Siniil...
Seattle, March 86.—Within 120 feet of
the most brilliantly lighted corner in the
business district of Seattle and in sight
of a frowd of people two unmasked high
wayinen held up and robbed A. A. Sea-
grave, proprietor of the Occidental hotel.
Seugravc wus walking down Cherry street
from Third avenue when the roblk-rs
quietly stepped out of an alley and with a
revolver made him hold up his hands. He
had only a knits and a silver dollar. They
'look the money and gave back the knife.
One of the robbers suggested giving back
the dollar, but Seagrave told them to
"blow it in."    No arrests.
Simnr  riant for Cuba.
What may be the first step in the consolidation of the various large sugar interests in the i.dund of Cuba, or the purchase of these interests by American cupi-
lulists, has been taken. The Chappurii
Sugar company of Cuba, with offices in
this city, hue placed contracts in this
country aggregating over $2,000,000 for
the equipment of tlie largest sugar plant
■ver built in Cuba. The company, of
which ex-Congressman Hawley of Texas is
president snd in which IL li Howclson
k Co. and Theodore Havemeyer arc largely interested, has acquired 00,000 acres of
land in eastern Cuba.
I'Ik   Iron   Price*  Itular.
Birmingham, Ala., March 2fl.--Annther
advance of 25 cents per ton lias been
made on pig iron, making tlie total advance $1.25 since November and $1 within
the past month. The Bales by the local
manufacturers were heavy, the purchases
lieing for iinnieiii.iic consumption. A representative of one of thc lending companies
said today in speaking of thc markets.
"The pig Iron market is considered' to
be in a firmer condition than it was four
veeks ago, when prices ruled $1 per ton
Boera Wrecked Supply  Train.
Standerton, Transvaal Olony. Friday,
.March 24.—Four hundred liners under the
Hoer coinmunder, Buys, have wrecked a
supply train north of Vladilaagle. They
curried off sevenil wagon loads of provisions. A convoy destined to join 'ieneral
Kicnch's column has been attacked between blood   riVer and    Schecpcr's Nek,
RiMHla   DcuIck  Charge. "
St. Petersburg, March 24.—It is understood and generally believed iu diplomatic circles tliat the Kusso Chinese
agreement now being considered differs
. ,.n.-iderubly from the original draft,
iiioiigh the precise differences ure not obtainable. ltu__si.ui statesmen reiterate: emphatically that Russia does not intend to
assume a protectorate over Manchuria.
Time In Growing Short.
Washington, March 24.—The question
of Chinese indemnities has given way
lor the moment to the more pressing issue
over the consummution of the Ku-.-i.i-
lliiiiu agreement, relating to Manchuria.
The latter subject has reached a decisive
stage, as only three days remain in which
China can confirm or reject the agreement.
t'p to the present time, neither the state
iu-p.iriiiii'iit nor the Chinese minister has
received any report that China has rejected the treuty.
There nat orally is much anxiety in official and diplomatic circles as to the outcome, the active part taken by the various
powers and the threatening attitude of
Japan giving unusual importance to the
conclusions to be reached within the next
few- duys. The Chinese minister today hud
u conference with Seeretury Hay, the Man-
churian question being the chief question
of discussion. The minister brought no
definite information, however, as to what
has lieen done on the agreement.
So far aa the United Stutes is concerned,
it seems likely thut the last word has been
spoken, and there is not expected to be
any decisive move or protest 'beyond what
already hns heen given. At the same time
it is appreciated that thc United States
has large commercial interests in Mun-
chiiri'- which can not but be affected if
China's authority there is practically
transferred to liiissia.
Rniislan   i'lui*   Left  1-lj inn.
London, March 25.—The Sunduy Special's Tientsin corrnqmnileiit says:
A new and unfortunate hitch has occurred in thc Anglo-Russian siding dispute. After both parties hud withdrawn
according to agreement the Russians suddenly returned to the spot snd planted
Hugs over all thc territory. They afterward again retired, leaving the Hugs Hying.
Von   \\ ii I.I.■_-«■■,.   Mediator.
London, March 26.—The Berlin cor-
respondent of the Sunday Special says:
The settlement of the siding dispute
was the work of Count von Waldersee,
who interfered at the special request of
Kmporer William, the latter considering
thnt the maintenance of friendly relations between nil thc members of the in-
lernutioiinl force was clenrly within the
scope of Count von Walderscc's duties
as commander in chief.
Severe Storm In Florida.
Pensacola, Fla., March 24.—Ureal damage was done by a severe southwest tornado, the winds raging from 48,to 54
miles an hour. Tlie Kussian hark Leitte
was driven against the west side of Com-
mundencia wharf with such violence that
all three masts of the bark snapped off,
leaving her rigging hi a mangled mass.
Every vessel in the hay dragged anchor
and the Norwegian Toly was being fast
driven-lashore when she put on steam and
pulled out into the stream again. The
schooner Irene and two lighters loaded
with lumber were driven ashore at the
eity front. A small schooner capsized,
several lighters loaded with lumber sunk
and the beach is strewn with the wreckage of small boats and drift timber. There
was an unusually high sea, the water lieing nearly level .with the wharves and nil
morning vessels were tugging, tossing und
pulling at their anchors amid the tangled
mass of wreckage. There was no damage
of consequence ashore and so far us known
there wus no loss of life.
Reduce   Vrniy  of  Philippine*.
New York, March 25.—A special from
Washington gays: Advices from the
Philippines are go encouraging for peace
that the war department is considering
the advisability of reducing the garrisons
in the archipelago. The reorgunized army
will be recruited to the full strength of
100,000 men, but it ia believed thut future
requirements will not compel the administration to maintain this maximum.
About 30,000 regulars will be entitled to
their discharges in the current year. It is
proposed to let these soldiers return to
their homes nnd to not fill their places.
Thus the army can bc reduced to 70,000
men in a perfectly natural way without
interfering with its discipline or effectiveness.
Kcw  Oil  Well  Fund   In   Pern.
Limn. Peru, via Onlveston, Tex., Hard.
2.1.—It is rumored on  reliable authority
Transvaal  colony.    The   British  had   one ji thnt the Tnlarn  Petroleum company has
man killed alid^three wounded. The bridge   lately discovered a new well which is a
at Blood river was burned. j splendid  producer.    This discovery, it ]a
snid, will lead to the export of oil to Central America nnd Australia.
Will Inveatlarate.
Kansas City, March 24—Through J. T.
Man-bands, its special agent, the interstate commerce commission Is said to have
come into possession of absolute proof that
rebates have been made regularly by local
railroads on eastbound shipments of packing house products from Kansas City, and
criminal proceedings for violation of the
interstate commerce act may result. The
investigation held in this city on Thursday last, when several locul freight agents
were examined by the commission, will it
is said, he resumed in Chicago shortly,
and the ruilroud officials who evaded the
inquiry'will be summoned to appear. It
is alleged that the commission intends to
prosecute for perjury some of the agents
who testified at the Kansas City hearing.
Bold  itulilierw.
Wichita, Kan., March 23.—The safe in
the combination bank and drugstore of
Holt k Co. of (ieiiilu Springs, 50 miles
south of here, wus blown open early this
morning and robbed of its cash contents.
The amount is not known, but sonic people pluec it at the apparently exaggerated
sum of $7000. The robbers got away
without leaving any clue.
Aid Society Celehrnle*.
New York, March 24.—The 25th anniversary of the Lcgnl Aid society WSJ celebrated by a banquet at thc Waldorf.
Saturday night. Among the guests of
honor   wero   Vice   President   Roosevelt,
The Flag Hill mine will soon ship its
The Republic mill Is slowly securing
contracts for treating Republic ore.
The Quilp has shipped to the Qranby
smelter to date 194.3 tons of ore, having
a gross value of approximately $6254.
George L. Hedges hns Just arrived
from Wauconda and stutes that the
small test mill plant sent out by the
Rossmnn company was tried with most
flattering results.
Some fine specimens of ore from the
Princess Maud mine hnve been taken
from the face of the north drift, nnd It
is now coming In acrosB the ledge like
the ribs of a man's body.
In the Quilp mine the station on tho
No. 4 level Is ull cut out and has only
one set more ot' timbers to be put iu
to finish It. The diamond drill ls boring away toward the vein.
The California Is still looking well.
All the ore that Is being taken out Is
from nbove the 100 foot level. The
ledge hns been drifted upon at thnt level for 70 feet in one direction and 100
in another.
At the Butte & Boston the head of
the upraise Is 140 feet from the surface
and there are two streaks of ore ln
sight—ono of them eight and the other
twelve Inches wide, averaging $35 in
gold and two ounces silver per ton.
Peter McCormlck has had some big
returns from samples from the Phil
Sheridan, ln Sheridan camp. Four
samples were assayed with the following results: $134.60. $287.56, $455.34,
and $157.44. Samples from the footwall
gave $5.80.
The talk abolt railroad communication between the Boundary district nnd
Republic, and the assured completion
of such a line within the year, has created more than ordinary interest in
mines in the region lying on both sides
of Curlew lake.
The Hutte & Iloston orcshoot that was
found in thc old shaft has been found in
the raise that was being made to connect the lower workings of the mine with
it. Thc ore body is .about three feet wide.
A grab sample from several buckets was
taken and the nssayer's certificate showed
that it curried 30 ounces of silver nnd
nine and a hulf ounces in gold, having a
total vnlue of $217,118. It will tnke some
time to determine the length of the ore-
shoot, but there is no doubt about the
value of the ore. Thc reason thut it was
not encountered in the drift on the 260
foot level was because it dips to the south.
When the drift has been extended a short
distance fnrther it will undoubtedly encounter the shoot.
It Is reported from Loomls, Wash
•■iris bronchi unity witnesses to show that ' that the crosscut at the 185 foot level  & Campbell property on Salmon river
the Cuiiningha.il girl hud nothing to do   of the Lakeview ls In the ledge 22 feet   Idaho;  stntos thut the  winter's work
with the case, and the case against her   ****d that the hanging wall has not yet  had given assurance that the Blue jaok.
et is a mine and may be a great one.
At Loomls, WaHh., an option on tho
property of the Mllwaukee-Palnier
Mountain Oold k Copper Mining com.
puny, on Mount Bllmeham, has boon
given to eastern people. The option Is
for $100,000 cash and lt will expir,,
April 1.
At Kellogg, Idaho, a very promlslne
gold quartz discovery was mado on Elk
creek a few days ago. To learn the extent of the find will be a part of the
Immediate work of Al. Pnge, who has a
bond on the claims an which the tiis.
covery was made.
At Myrtle, Idaho, reports from Up.
per Trull creek are that Jerry Snvagg
and party havo recently picked up several big nuggets, the largest being $43.
Some think that the head of Trail creek
will produce $15,000 this year. Every
miner on the creek ls wearing a broad
smile and Is spending money freely.
The Anaconda, on Red Top Mountain, near Colville, Wash., shows a
good vein of galena ore of a very high
grade. An average across flve feet
of the ledge at a depth of 25 feet gives
nearly 60 per cent of lead and over 22
ounceH of silver. The ore Is easily
handled by a crude smelting process
and will eventunlly be treated at the
mine in that way.
Reports have just reached Loomls
that an Important strike has been made
In the Dull"frog tunnel. W. B. Rellly,
who brought tbe news In, stated that
when he was at the mine the miners
had just broken Into a body of excellent
looking quartz, which had every appearance of being a large vein and carrying good vnlues. This .Is thought to
be the Phantom voln, - the objective
point of the tunnel.
The United States Marble company
has become a dividend payer. The first
monthly dividend of a quarter cent per
share will be distributed to stockholders March 15. The company is incorporated for 1,600.000 shares and the
dividend will consequently be $3,750.
The company Is a Spokane corporation
owning 18 claims of marble, onyx and
slate In Stevens county, Wash., about
eight miles weBt of Valley.
The Leslie group of 10 claims lies at
the head of St. Regis river, In Montana,
just across the Idaho line, the property
having a magnificent waterpower and
an abundance of timber. The Leslie
hns been developed systematically, and
with each foot of work showed a good
degree of Improvement, until the strike
in the lower tunnel furnished a genuine
surprise to stockholders and the public
as well, copper values being substituted
by nearly exclusive stiver and lead values.
At Orangevllle, Idaho, tho Indications
for an active mining season become
more apparent every day, not only In
the expressed Intention of those operating In the county, but supplies are being contracted for and pack trains
laoded for distant camps, and there Is
quite a movement on the part of prospectors, many of whom nre striking out
for the different districts ln which they
are Interested: James P. Turner has
been pushing work all winter on his big
placer proposition on Newsome creek.
He has thnt property ln excellent shnpn
for a big run the coming season.
Word has heen received by one of tho
stockholders In the Klondike mine,
near Pierce City, Idaho, that A strike of
considerable importance hns been made
on the mine. Assays have been made
of the ore nnd It runs n little over $1000
to the ton ln gold. The Klondike property Is owned by Spokane and Walla
Walla parties and has just been taken
over by the Klondike Mining k Milling
company from the Oro Fino Quartz
Mining & Milling company nt a handsome consideration, which has not been
made public.
J. D. Boyer. superintendent of the
Oold Point Mining company's properties In the Red River district, has l*>ft
for Portlnnd, where he will consult
with the ofllcers of ihe company abont
the erection of a' mill nnd reduction
works on the property this summer.
Mr. Boyer believes that the company
has a great property, ih the Copper
King, with Its large ore body, and the
high values shown, and he has no
doubt but thnt the company will conclude that the experimental stage of
development has been passed and the
time arrived for the erection, of a mill
and thc working of the mine on a largo
BRITISH   1 ill I Mill \.
The latest development of the refinery question is that a syndicate of capitalists, said to have their headquarters
In Montreal, now have an expert mining and reduction man ln the Kootenays looking over the field with a view
to reporting on the prospects for the
successful operation of a refinery.
The Cooper Wonder group of mining
claims situated on Sophie mountain,
about 10 miles from RosBlnnd, has been
bonded to J. M. Palmer, a mining man
of Spokane, who ls now negotiating
with eastern parties for the purchase
of the property. The price of the bond
Is $100,000 and calls for continuous
work for the six months which the bond
runs. The group consists of seven
claims and a fraction and Is situated
near the famous Violet mines owned by
the British Columbia company.
A. B. W. Hodges, superintendent of
the Granby smelter at Grand Forks, arrived at Rossland recently on his return from a visit of inspection to the
various copper smelting plants In the
western states and a trip to New York
and Chicago. He announced that the"
contract for the supply of the two additional furnaces with a joint minimum
capacity of 600 tons per day and the
two converters, capable of treating 100
tons of matte dally, had been awarded
to the Gates Iron Works of Chicago,
the same firm that furnished the original plant. This will give the Granby
smelter a total capacity of 1200 tons
per day. The contract calls for the delivery of the plant within 90 days and
It will be In operation by September 1.
That part of East Kootenay lying
east of the Kootenay river ls one of
great promise and must In time attract
much more attention from raining men.
The showings aro In many Instances
remarkable, and ln any section traversed by a railroad would soon force the
country to the front. Hampered as it
has been by lack of transportation tho
work has generally been confined to
the annual assessments, real development ls behindhand and valuable
claims are allowed to remain Idle. The
mining properties are nearly all easy
of access and can be reached by short
journeys from good wagon roads. There
Hold Ont <■» th« Tin Tru.l.
Astoria, Ore., March 24.—The local
fo 1 ..11,1.in 11.1 the 11,1 1, ii,,,,
• liatianooga, Tenn., Mnrch 23.-Cup-
tain M. O. Znllnski, who has heen in
charge of the United Stntes quartermaster's department at Chickamauga park
for thc past 18 months, has received orders to report nt New Vork, where he American Tin Cnn enmpnnv, the recently company went except IT men who were
will be g,vcn command of the transport formed trust to control the tin can in- not in phvslcnl condition to stand a cam-
M.Clellan for thc Philippines. 1 dnstry. j palgn in the Philippines.
Charles V  Fnlrchild   Lyman Abbott, St.   1„ a wagon road to the Bull river. Wild
Clair McMway nnd Admiral Ibggi.is.       ( Horse, Tracy creek  and  Sand  creek
mines, while ln the ^'ndermere country the government has built an excel
\ m
I'in-mint 11 nil iinn I.
WnwauVee, March 2S.—iTudire LihIwIt.
in the superior cnurf, hns declare! tincon-
Mitnlinnnl the net lo prohibit discrimination rt's-Jiinst members nf lnhnr nreitni'i-
tinns pisapii bv the legislature in 1800.
•Tiidue Lwlvitr held Hint thc law in In conflict with the constitutions nf Wisconsin
nnd lim United Slitm. the nrlnclnnl
"i-nnnd heinr' lli.il il inlcrfcrorl wiib freedom nf contract, nnd !« therefore null nnd
To rinniiplr Willi  Steel  Trim!.
Filinhtirir. Mnroli 23.—The fVolli.di nnd
Troops   li.-live.
Osbum, Idaho, Mnrch 24,-When Com- hSTmTto ^wTotTw f™e £R J **tf *£**? * "^fi,,t-
panyM of th.1 Seventh-Infnntry left here Paradise gronp, aSMSr«£d ta?tZ»S S^K ^ S^'"^«^ IT.
they were under orders for Manila, the   used all winter to haul tho ore from  « _T     " cnmn-MInn «-,( ,
tlm   Amnrlcnn   sfeel   (rust    Tlip   Scotch
steelmakers cluim In hnve full orders.
Astoria, Ore., March 24.—The local tin they were under orders for Manila, the used nil w
cnn factory, owned by the Pacific Sheet expectation being thnt, they would anil this group.
Melnl works, hn« been transferred to the   from   San  Fruncisco   soon.    Thn  entire
Muvisvi; KOTBI.
\   nnm   trvvn   cllo.1   TTn<HnV  Pllv  linn
de? the inTtl thJwt    "Tp'1 """ hP°r l*" nnt "" TwentV Mile Crpek, In
der the mud In the bottom of Cooper thn Blmllkanieen. *S*i
Jjal  m
... **.
fire 2400
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Tho worst cases of scrofula, tho
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Cars Are Loudetl—Muny Collieries
lille for Luck of limply l.iim-l'rei.-
Iileut Mllcliell (iocs lo New York—
I'lttaliurK Vein's n Strike.
piled Clothing
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w.   Hardest
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taki NoSuasrmrrca.   r«tt Catalogues
Showing rutw LiMf et  Oamhkmti *no Hats.
A J   TowtS Co Buwn  _*•.»__
Scranton, 'l'.i., March 24.—President
Mitchell of the United Mine Workers,
accompanied by pistrlct Presidents T. 1).
Nichols, T. P, Duffy UIUl ,h,hii Fahr, have
left here Ostensibly for New Vork. List
night Mr. Mitchell hold a long conference
over lhe Ion;,' distance telephone -mil it is
believed that the departure of the mine
workers' officials wus the result <,f this
interview. Theft are inilieatioiis that the
railroads urc preparing for a strike. All
the ears available nre being loaded with
coal while none is beiiii; emptied and returned to thc mines. Consequently ninny
colleries throughout the region were idle,
owing to a scarcity nf cars,
Hlreelenr Men Strike.
I'ittMbiuy. March IX. A ssrlbus strike
of the employes of the Moiioiigahclii Traction Company, whieh has lines from Pitts-
burg to llriiddock, Homestead, Dmpiesne,
lust Pittsburg and MeKi-esport, Uneaten-
ing a complete tleup of the lines, hinges
on a meeting of employes now in session
nt ltraddock. The men claim that the
company is trying to break up their
union, while the company asserts the
trouble was brought .ilmilt by their re
final to reinstate former employes who
were discharged because; they were obnoxious. Superintendent of police Leslie
bus ordered the lines Under police guard
to anticipate any trouble that  may arise.
Moving Train Broke ln Two. uml tlm
Two Sections Came Together and OU
Exploded-Stream of lilaxlng OU Bun
Into a Mew Jersey Town. ,
Mas. <!.  II. ClIAI-PEIX.
In the United States the public high
schools in 1899 graduated _:o,;_ ll boys
ami. 16,124 girls. In 18U8■ the whole
number of boys ln attendance at public
high schools w&b M»;itf; of»glrl8, 260,-
413. • ;
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Infrequently elicits tho masculine remark:    "What a pretty woman!"
All kinds of work neatly dons and prleei
Human l-l-M Real* Block, Bpokane.
The girl who apes the worldly wisdom of a matron forges a chain that
shall anchor her to splnsterhood.
There »re a ureal ninny remedies
tun there In one Ol lt« lor a
pout eort)ulen_l"ir. ih*U» liarflelo
Ten. whieh euren b> viirlMtiK tbe
bloo.l, thli' -V'movliiit Ihn cause.
The wornout uniforms of the British army; when sold, bring baok Into
the war office treasury close upon
1150,000 a year.
rn.-.. of Pain.
Mnny klnilH of pllua-ltchlnK. Iileeillng-all
1'iilnfiil. inn-ll-h. torture*, bin all ure iiuk'kly
eureil by Cunenretn Canity Cathartic. All drug-
kIhIh. 10c 2*c. 60o.
Deaf mutes are on the Increase In
German, Thero are no fowor than
6468 pei-Rons In institutions whero
deaf mutes are specially Instructed.
1 do "not believe Pi»o's Cure for Consumption haa an equnl for coughs ind
colrtB._j(^,p f. Boyer, Trinity "iSprlnga.
Ind., Feb'. IB, 1900.
H Is said that tho Salvation Army
Ir to produce plays, nnd that the characters aro to be taken by army mem-
Tacoma.—No change In wheat; blue-
stem, 59c; club, 56 M>c.
Portland, Ore.—Wheat—In the Portland market Walla Walla waa selling
over a range of 5Gc to 57c.
year. N8g4kioilast oP.lt vbgk cmhrf cm
Passing of Yellowstone Park.
It Is said that the geysers which have
made tbis nark lanious. are gsadtinlty declining. Tlii" brings to inind lhe diet, that
decline is ibe law of ibe world. Heulih is
the most precious pnsKPtslon In tbe world,
mid too great cure Crtiniiit ■ be given to it.
In ihe soring, you should .rail**' your
Strength, revitalize your blood ail'd nerves
with tbe best of all medicines. Hosteller's
-kotnach HitierF. It also cures stomach
disorders.   Try it.
A comprehensive study of the life
of any living man will strengthen the
adage:    "The good die young."
The friction of steel on Ice is exactly half that of Ice on ice, and one-
tenth that of steel en steel. •
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet*. All
rtniKglj-ts refund the money il it faun to cure.
K. w. drove's signature ts on each box.  'ix.
Truth has ever been on trial and
error has issued most of the verdicts.
a Woman
lo Ablo to Hole* Sick Women
Whon LJootorm Fall.
How gladly would men fly to women's aid did they but understand A]
woman's feelings, trials, sensibilities,!
and peculiar organic disturbances. |
Those thinu-s are known only to
women, and tne aid a man would give
is not nt bis command.
|     To treat a case properly it is neces-
I sary to know all about it, and full
| Information, many  times,  cannot be      New  York   March  25_A  rlver   of
s^sS^OTt «r »* •«•*•* r^r th,e„mHe
toil everything, und tlw physician is village of Glengarden, N. J„ while Its
inhabitants were alseep Sunday morning and reduced 11 buildings, stores
and residences to ashes. The conflagration was extraordinary ln character
and ln its origin.      *
The village Is ln a valley along the
line of the Jersey Central railroad. An
immense freight train was coming east
at 6: 30 a. m. It was composed of a
string of Coal cars and 18 tank cars.
High above the village the track of the
railroad run along the side ot a mountain. They descend as they approach
the village, but even at the station are
considerably above the main street,
which runs up to the depot at a steep
A few miles west of the village, while
coming down the Incline around the
mountain, the train parted. The engineer on the forward end pulled open
the throttle ot the engine and tried to
race away from the section, which web
Increasing its speed every secAd. He
managed to keep clear of the racing
cars until he got opposite the depot at
Glengarden, when the second ..section
smashed into the first. The first section, composed of coal cars, was going
at a high rate of speed and none of Us
cars were jolted off the track. The forward car, one of the oil tanks of the
railway section, was hurled sidewlse
across the track and the tank cars behind were piled upon top of It In every
way. The first crash caused the oil ln
one of the tanks to explode and ignite
and the terrific heat caused the other
cars to explode, one after the other.
The incline running from the depot to
the main street acted as a sluice for the
burning oil and it poured into the chief
thoroughfare of the village, setting Are
to everything lt touched. Houses,
fences, trees, shrubbery and barns were
reduced to ashes in an incredibly short
Villagers awakened by the explosion
rushed from the oncoming flood of blazing oil, carrying children ln their arms.
Some risked their lives to free horses,
cows and dogs in outbuildings, but other unf6rtunate animals could not be
reached ln time and were burned.
Within flve minutes after the first ex-
plesion the flowing river of oil had
reached Masonic temple In the heart of
the village and 10 minutes later that
structure was enveloped ln flames.
Then building after building ignited
after the oil reached them, and within
half an hour the area of 400 fent square
wns a mass of flame. From the wrecked cars the oil also flowed down the incline of the railroad track, making a
long line of fire that destroyed the ties
and bent and twisted rails. Loss, $85,-
000 to $90,000.
set a small town afire Regare Peruga as Their Shield Against Coughs, Colds, Grip and
Catarrhal Diseases.
St a constant disadvantage. This ia
why, for tbe past twenty-five years,
ti.iiusaiids of women have been confiding their troubles to us, and our
udvicu bats brought happiness and
health to countless women in the U.S.
Mrs. Chnppell, of Grant Park, 111.,
whose portrait we publish, advises all
sintering women to use Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound, as it
cured ber W inflammation of the ovaries
and womb ; she. therefore, speaks from
knowledge, and her experience ought
to give others confidence. Address Mrs.
Piiikhani's Laboratory, Lynn, Mass.
Poison oak
Poison ivy
tire among the test known
of  tbe many dangerous
wild plants and shrubs.
To touch or handle them
quickly produces swelling
and inflammation with intense itching nnd 1..ming
of the skin.  The eruption
soon disappears, the sufferer hopes forever; but
almost as soon as the little blisters and
pustules appeared the poison hail reached
the blood, and will break out at regular
intervals anil each time in a more aggravated form.   This poison will loiter in the
system for years, and every atom of it
must bc forced out of the blood before you
can expect a perfect, permanent cure.
Nature's Antidote
Nature's Poisons,
is the only cure for Poison Oak, Poison
Ivy, and all noxio'is plants. It is composed exclusively of roots and herbs. Now
is the time to get the poison out of your, New York city and state, met ln Sena-
system, ns delay makes your condition ] tor Piatt's rooms at the Fifth Avenue
worse. Don't experiment longer with j hotel, and were in conference several
salves, washes and aoapa-^hey never cure, hours,   As a result of the conference
Mr. S. M. Mil-shall, bookkeeper of lhe Atlanta , )t w(ls ,lp(.|(]ed to attempt no police leg-
(Gn ) OU I.e. lit Co., was poii_oiit.il with I'olson '
The  bubonic   plague   continues
spread at Cape Town.   There is an average of six fresh cases officially reported daily.   Most of the victims are
colored persons.
The will of the late Henry Dubois
Van Wyck, formerly of New York, proprietor of the Acadamy of Music at
Norfolk, Va., leaves sums of from $1000
to $10,000 each to friends and faithful
Lorln Blodget, an eminent statistician and one of the foremost authorities on the higher economics, died in
Philadelphia, aged 78 years. VHe was
a graduate of the Geneva (.now Ho-
bart)  college.
At Louisville, Eddie Hoffman, a
small boy, was arrested charged with
murdering another boy named Charles
Callahan by beating him with his fists.
Hoffman says Callahan made some remarks about Hoffman's sister when she
passed a crowd In which the hoys were,
and "I then just thumpeu him."
Frank B. Wright, publisher of Chic,
and connected with the Cincinnati papers for 20 years, died suddenly Sunday, aged 42 years. His wife died of
pneumonia at 8 o'clock in the morning.
He had been worried about her while
afflicted with pneumonia himself and
died a few hours after his wife expired.
W. J. Gilbert, former mayor of NUes,
Mich., reputed ti be wealthy and one
of the best known and most respected
residents of Berrien county, was found
dead in a store house in the rear of his
residence, where he had ended his life
with a bullet. Grief over the misfortune of a bosom friend is believed to
have caused the suicide.
W. P. Evans, a rolling mill proprietor of Versailles, Ky., was found dead
stretched on the floor ot his room at
the Palace hotel Sunday. He had broken his neck and the coroner pronounced the injury due to a fall. Evans was aged 00 and came from Wales
ln 1885. He was wealthy and was reputed to be connected to a titled family.
Lending   republican   politicians   of
Dak. He took Sulphur. Arsenic and various
other drugs, n-.id applied externally numerous
lotion* liml Mlviiwi h no benefit. At thin it the
swelling nml inll.imiii.it io-i wis so severe be was
niiimst blind,   l' rei;;ht years the poison would
break out every senson. His condition was much
Improve I after UkiiiK one bottle i f S. S. S .and
a few bottles Cleared h':s blood nf Hie poison, and
nil cvMences of thc disease disappeared,
People arc often poisoned without
knowing when or bow. ElplSin your case
fully to our physicians, and they will
cheerfully give such information and ad
lslation this session. The conference
adjourned subject to the call of Senator Piatt whenever In his judgment police legislation seems necessary. All
who were talked with say that the conference was harmonious.
Nelson Jones, 25 years old, of Shore-
ham, Vt., la under arrest at Mlddle-
liurg. Vt., charged with the murder o.'
Miss    Ida   Fosburgh,   at   Shere..ani.
M-i. IllviiA.   lnekwiind    I. tS rmiiliilnte tor
lbs I'reslilenii,
Mrs. Belva A Lockwood, late candidate for the Presidency. ■ «
Mrs. Belva A. Lockwood, the eminent barrister, of Washington, D. C,
is the only woman who has ever
been a candidate for the presidency
of the United States. She ls the best
known woman ln America. As the
pioneer of her sex ln the legal profession she has gathered fame and
fortune. In a letter to the Peruna
Medicine Company she says:
"I ftaie is:dyour Peruna both
for myself and my mother, Mrs.
Hannah J. Bennett, now In her
88th year, and I find It an Invaluable remedy for cold, catarrh,
hay fever ar. d kindred disc a ies;
also a good tonic for feeble and
old people, or those run down',
and with nerves unstrung."
Yours truly,
Belva A. Lockwood.
Peruna cures catarrh by removing
the cause, Inflamed mucous membranes.
Dr.   Hartman,   the   compounder   of|
Peruna,   once   said,   In  a  lecture   to<
women:   "A great number of women J
consult me every year.   I often have
occasion   to   say   to  these   patients:
T   fear   you   have   catarrh,   madam.'.
after iron m
Mrs. T. J. Ballard,
They vrlll generally .reply^ 'Oh, no, I
never had.catarrh... My nose is perfectly clear, and n»'y' breath Is not bad.
I am not troubled. Vlth coughing or
spitting,  or  any  otihe'r  disagreeable
symptom of catarrn.'. 'But. my dear
madam, you may haVe catarrh all the
same.   Catarrh Is not always located
in  the   head.    You
may bave catarrh of
tbe   lungs, or stomi ,
ach, or.liver, or kid-
neys  and   especially
yon may have.catarrh
oi tbe pelvic organs."
Tbe doctor went on i
to Hay:    "I have been
preaching   this   doctrine fo- thelantfortv ?"rek* .8P.rl"8»'
......   K... »i.     *'""''    Ark., cured ul ase-
yearp, but tbere are a vere ra«e ol catarrh
vast multitude of i>yieum.
women who have never heard it yet
Catarrh may attack any organ of the
body. Women are especially liable to
catarrh of the pelvic organs. There
are one hundred cases of catarrh of
the pelvic organs to one of catarrh
of the head. Most people think, because . they have not catarrh of the
head, they have not oatarrh at all.
This Is a great mistake, and Is the
cause of many cases of sickness and
Mrs. T. Pelton, 562 St Anthony avenue, St. Paul, Minn., writes: "Peruna
has done wonders
for me. It hi!
cured my headache
and palpitation pf
tlie heart; bas
built up my whole
system. I cheerfully recommend
l'eruna to all sufferers afflicted with
catarrh. My mother is never without
Pernna. When
one is tired and
generally out of
ports, if Peruna is
taken it immediately removea that
tired  feeling."
factory results from the use of Peru-
an, write at once ' to Dr. Hartman,
giving a' foil statement of your case
and he will be pleased to give you hia
valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
the Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,  Ohio.
Mra. T. Pelton.
Of  Particular  Interest   to Threshermen and
Russell & Co., of Portland, Ore., the
largest dealers in niRohiuery on the
Pacific Cossti have just issued at considerable expense a neat and veiy omn-
plete account book for np-to-diite
threfdieimen, eto. The bcoks are ior
free distribution, aud all people who
wsut them should write immediately
to Russell & Co., Portland, Ore.
vice as you require, without charge, and   March   12,  by  poisoning.    Tho young
we will send nt thc sni.ie time an interest
ig lunik On Blood nnd Skin Diseases.
woman wns engaged to be married to
Aldace Vondette, who was recently
charged with having caused her death
and who, after being held a few days,
was released, tho authorities being sat-
The KVIileme la Furnished by Ihe Secretary or the llmiril of 1'ihiIi. af
Wnlliliiii'i, New York, and
Cttnnot Be llmibtecl.
The popular secretary of the Wells-
burg, N. Y„ board of trade ls Mr. W.
J. Dalton, and his statement to a reporter regarding one of the most important event* of his llfecarrieswith it
the greatest weight, lt is unusual for a
person to be afflicted from childhood
with rheumatism Dut it is even
wonderful that there ls a remedy so
exactly suited to the tratment of thia
stubborn disease that one hundred
doses were sufficient to eradicate
it in a case of twenty years' standing. The proof that such a remedy
is within the reach of an rheumatic
sufferers ls found in Mr. Dalton's own
words.   He says:
"I had been troubled with rheumatism all my life, even when a boy.
It attacked me ln the legs, arms and
shoulders. The pain ln the latter
was particularly severe. I, of course,
took medicine for it, but did not
obf:iiii permanent relief. One day
about three years ago while reading
a newspaper, I saw an advertisement
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People and determined to give them
u trial. I bad taken but three boxes
of the pills when the trouble, which
had been my affliction from childhood, entirely disappeared.
"About a year later I had another
attack of rheumatism which was
brought on by working ln a damp
place. I remembered well what Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People
had done for me, so I Immediately
purchased   some.    Strangely   enough.
Labor Trouble In liiiulnn.
Loudon, March 24.—The Speaker says
there are unmistakable signs of more
trouble between thc masters and the
Operatives in the cotton trade. A period
Of activity has been followed by n reaction accelerated by tlie high prices oi raw
'cotton and other materials, a poor demand from India and an almost complete
steppage of buying from China. The
Lancashire spinners and weavers have
held out longer thnn their rivals in the.
I'nited Mates or on the continent, hut
the rapid closing down of the mills allows
their turn is coming, and as the American crop is likely to bc insufficient even
for the reduced consumption, there is not
much prospect of low level quotations for
raw cotton to invigorate the demand for
yarns and cloth. If some agreement
whereby wages may be adjusted according to thc state of trade is not soon concluded declining profits will force the
masters  to  reduce  wages.
isfled that he was not implicated ln the juat three boxes again cured me, and
Berlin is afflicted by a new toy Imported from Paris. It ls a pocket whistle that emtts a while, winding up with
ti. shriek of "Mamma, mamma."
The lleat l'reaorlptlor for Malaria
I China and Kever Is a but tic of Orovo's Taatolcsa
t< .   ChillTniilc.   It lHiilmply iron and quinine In
The   "RUSSell       COltlpOUnU   » tasteless form.   No Ouro^No Pay.   Prlce60o.
Is here to stay.    It is the Most Economical
ind Powerful Engine built.
The Kansas City Southern railway
will make a *rlal ns a fuel in Its locomotives of oil from the field recently
discovered  neai1   Beaumont,  Texas.
FITS l"»nnaiiiiiill» Curml. Nn fltii or norroiwiiMn
■ " «» urn.r llnt.I.ij'iiinui.nir. Kllni'VOri-at Niiva
■ImliihT. Hctulr.-r PHKKt4.00trlalli<itlliianil treat-
'■■"' be,It.II Klini,i.ki.,u_n Aitiist..i'iiii».i'-iihi.i. i'».
The desire  for  Immorality   la  immortal.
Write us for full particulars.  .
N. N. U.
The reninrltiihle ItlPoeSI of (inrfleld
Tea, Ilie ytrnl M Kill! circ for Con«
itlnation and Sick lli-a'aehe.Is
line io li« hcnl'; 'at. action on
all tho dlge»tl s iruani,
I have been entirely free from rheu
matlsm ever since. I hav*e told a number of people about Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People, and they
have taken them with most beneficial results."
(Signed) W. J. DALTON.
Dr. Williams' PinK Pills for Pale
People are sold by all dealers, or
will be sent postpaid on receipt of
price, 50 cents a box, or six boxes for
$2.50, by Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Schenectady, New York. Be sure
you get the genuine; substitutes never
cured anybody. Look for the full
name on every package.
A|irll 1 Ihe I'liauiie,
Pittsburg, March _>...—The United
.States steel corpora tion will, from present
indications, be doing business ou April
1, uml in tiie Pittsburg district, the leading iron and steel center of the country,
over 50,000 employes in the mills and
blast furnaces will have new employers,
lt is not the intention ot the new corpora-
tion at present to make any changes in tlie
management pf the oonstituanl companies,
but it is likely that new systems of operation will be introduced.
IHirl.i- Mlner'a Und Pall.
Burke, Idaho, March 85, William
Shaeffer, ii machinist employed at the
Hecla, had a narrow escape from death
a few days ago when he fell down tin-
shaft. He was U-ing drawn up ind the
swaying of the bucket threw him against
n wall plate that threw him out. lie fell
"0 feet to the Imttum of the shaft and escaped without a broken hone, although
seriously bruised. His escape from death
was almost a miracle,
i I. i rn..r Fell.
Oregon   City,   March  24.—An  elevator
in the woolen mills at this place tc 11 30
feet, injuring six  employes—Ida  Siielton.
Mamie   Baxter,  Jennie  Wilkinson,   Peter
Sbmers, Milton May and Charles War.
The three former received serious injuries. The elevator is in thc rear of the
niiiin building nnd the employes had been
forbidden to use it.
It Is stated  that the services held
In  Plymouth'church,  Brooklyn, were
never beter attended.   The Income of
No. 13, 1901. t|,e church now exceeds »50,000.
In order to please one only hns to
When vou take Grove's Taatoless Chill Tonic,
heeniisn tho formula It plainly printed on every
bottle showing that It lg limply Iron and Quinine in atasteleHs form. No Cure, No Pay. G0c.
i    Japan still has coins made of iron.
Siom. th. Cough and
Work* Off tho Cold.
Ijixiulve Iiriinio-ilnliitiie Tablets euro acold In
ouo day. .Ko cure, No Pay.   Price26cents.
Sliii.iiiiiK  Mt Juplln,  Mo.
Joplin, Mo., March 21.- Henry Oxen-
dine, a bartender of Webb City, Mo, was
found dead in a room nt the Hotel Willis
in this city with a bullet through his
henrt. By his side lay Mrs. Nettie Eckels, fatally wounded by a bullet through
her breast,   ln her hand she held a pistol.
A. PttsJ-fctius and Popular San Francisco
Among the institutions identified
with the growth and development ot
San Francisco Heald's business college holds a conspicuous place. Both
as a business enterprise and an educational institution it has been evei
since Its organization, nearly forty
years ago, extremely popular and eminently successful. It is ln the class
of those solid and substantial Institutions In which a city takes pride,
Citizens point to it as one of the old
reliable and thoroughly progressive
establishments, an institution with a
definite purpose and an unquestioned
In connection with commercial
education the name of Heald's is a
household word on the Pacific coast
and throtiRhout the country at large.
In Its own field of effort It is as widely
known as Stanford or Berkely, for lt
enrollB students from the four quarters of the globe. In 1899 every
county In California but four had
students In Heald's Business College.
The four not repiHsenteti were Del
Norte, Lassen. Orange and Ventura.
The register of the college shows that
in 1900 students were enrolled from
the following states and territories
outside of California; In many cases
there were several representatives
from each: Nevada, Iowa, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, Utah,
Idaho, Arizona. Kansas, Missouri,
Pennsylvania, New Jersy, Vermont,
Virginia and New Mexico. In 1900
students came directly to the school
from Mexico, Canada, Japan, the
Hawaiian Islands, Yukon territory,
Siberia and Central America. Enrollments were also made from England
and Sweden.
Its large oody or alumni constitute a most formidable promoting
force, and the steady growth of the
college can be attributed largely to
the commending voice of those thousands of graduate!, who know whereof
they speak.
For full information write to ths
college for the SO-page catalogue and
cillege Journals.
Address. E. I'. Heald, President, 24
Post street. San  Francisco,  Cal.
if Ton haven i ' rruulii healthy movement or UM
ooncli uvltj iln yii ro ilea, or win be. Kcvp roll
s)wol» open aoii i-e *c\l. Force, In ilionbapool
liuunt nliy- le ii- l'i |iol»on. In itan«en>ui. Tha
.mootliest.in.sleM. aioit eerleet way or k#»plng UM
owola cieur aod riraii Is to lake
f   V tW CATHARTIC      *%_
tH  QfOiaTtRlD
Pleasant, Palm iblp I'otcnt.TamedoMI. DoOooa.
■fever siefcen. We-iki-n. iirdniie. Wc..   . tOc   Writ*
nr free latnple. :inil boOklalor henlth.   AitdreM
•l.rll.i K-t..(. I ..if.iit. I'kliwn »**Att*St t— lark. SO*
*FPj» vniin ai MM RLEAff
~ A guaranteed Cure tor Catarrh and
Consumption.  J1.00.   D Lock Box ltt.
«. H. SMITH & CO.. Buffalo. H.Y.. Prop't
;        CUHtS nntHt All ttot tana.
I B«et C'huhIi Hyrup.  Taalea OonS. Uie I
In 'line.   "<>lil t>y drugging
ism*m.**d> -fTM-immhrV &
line*.. Kl
tl i
_-*v^-.,,..,.,.,   , „,
^■We    i psppm.,
Clocks and
fino ftteii topiriitt i Speeialty.
iv.  AJtWetJtLeft at The Lakeview
y.HoteljStt'Witen; will be totwatd,,,.
ed ana promptly attended to.
Saturday,   Makch SO.    1901.
MATHE40N niton.,   Kdltora * Props,
grants a bonus or not. This is a practical form of govern mint ownership
such as should commend itself to all.
Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station and Wharf.
• w.    ROOMS*
Tables supplied with all'the delicacies
of the season.
frENDtiRSbNA GKTHIHG, - Ptora.
8W)QAN CITY,   .. .'.;BO.
Adyertifing rates will be made known
upon application at this office.
0S***«O   OK   IN   ARREARS    A
^^^^^^^^^^       ttiSv-i. *■.:•■;$* :
Premier   Dunsmuir,   ill   his iiiter-
yiews   with   tin' Federal     Miniate'r..,
claimed--a greater share of the Dom-
inipn-revepues for, British   Columbia,
because this_proviiu.e -. has .contributed
more   per   capita to>the- Dominion
Treasury  than tlitr<Eistf.rn provinces
and   hat1» not   received   as   much in
return..   This is--excel lent reasoning.
Now let Premier ".Dur.sniuir and bi
colleagues I apply; the. same   rule   to I d ys.
West   Kootenay    when   making   his
estimates.     The   Slocan     would    be
away ahead if this wore   done.
of Canada. How humiliating for the
newspapers who tought for the 0 P R.
They are crawling diwn now, in foot
many have dropped down, tbe most
proriitnent"of thtse ihtter being^tid
Nelson Miner.
. Z.V*r.
Poor 'Old China in in a bad box, as
Home of the powers threaten rto pound
her if bhe signs a treaty withx Russia
and Russia threatens*^ pourifl: ber if
she doeiiT'not. * Yet 'people winder
why Chma hesiUteW.1},;  ^^Hfclj
I     -|" ?,'■'$&.,. J:$ffi.
Is Dewet wok'^w^^^jfe^tte^
;' I with hiiil! Hi.*liui?-.'imV'beeo killefd^'
*' - ptureA" or- coriiereilifor ttbe,Ianti"^eh
. «.,'..-.'
II     I.  . Mill
When your watch  goal wrong   or
your clock refuses to go bring it to me.
It yea have a pieoe of jewelery in
need ot repair, bring it to' tue,
.. I am prepared at all times and in
•very case to guarantee my work.
E. M. Brindle.   Jeweler,
NEW DENVER,  - B. 0.
SILVERTON,      ». .«•      *      B. C.
Sandon Miners   Union
Subscribers, fl. per month.
[,"•• Pi-Wate Patients, 12., perday . |
exclusive of expense of pliy-
slciin or surgeon and drugs.
Da. W. E. Gomm, Attendant Physician
Miss 8. y.'CjusHOLi:, Matron.
J. I). MtLiuoiiLis, President.
W. L. HAOLga, Kecretsry. •:
Wh. Domahpb,  3. V. Maktix,' R. J.
McLbak, At. J. ;Mcp^j_D, 11 ikk Br/ dy
• <^
WHfcCmdiM Sapplement
* ffltlBlBK
*■>»>• Copy
• '
he   WarM.
'  I   I   t■•■i.l lit
Meaty?     - .,
par.aoBua. postpaid.
A potato want ont on a mash .
And sought an onion bed;
'• That's pie for tne!' observed Ihe squash,
' And all thn beets turned' red.
"Go away 1" the onion, wcepinit- cried;
"Your love I cannot lie j
The pumpkin is yonr lawful bride
Yon Cantelope wilh me."
And onward still tlm tuber came,
And laid down at her. feel
"You Ciiuliiluwer by any name
And it will smell aa wheat;
And I too, am an early lose,
And yon I've come to see;
So don't turu up yonr lovely nose
Bui spinschat with me,
"I do not carrot all to wed,
So go, sir, if you please;"
The modest onion meekly said
"And lettuce pray, have pease!
•io, think you have never seen
Myself, or suielled my sigh;
Too long a maiden hsve I been
For favors in yonr   rye?"
•'Ah! spare a cuss!" the tuber prsyed;
My cherrysbed bride you'll lie;   -
You are my only weeping maid
That'a current now wiih mel"
And aa the wily tuber spoke
He caught her by surprise,
And giving her an artichoke,
Devoured ber with bis eyes.
—Joseph Meehan, from Argonaut.
88888888888888888888888 8]
_.»■»» ■'>' •
A witness before the Chineae
Commission now in session at the
Coast, sprung a conundrum upon the
Commissioners, which has , nol; been
answered yet, In answering a question
as to tho effect upon the Province of
the Chinese sending out of the Province, to China, for goods instead of
purcbaaiug them here, the witness
answered in return: ..."What is the
difference in its i fleet on British
Columbia between a Chinaman buying
bis goods io China and a white working man buying his goods in the East?
This is a qui ftion that tboae eppoaed
to Chinamen and tbeir ways should
ponder over.
Via Soo Liie
Caps Nome, Alaska, Austfalia,
Chins «nd
• -». -- ■
■tnaiKea iicgm to apt, mav wot*wo
iV».t» cowrm k*t,
:•<:-.• *" —^ -
tt_rTates.tfck.ta, and foil information
•all o» or-address
 G. iB. 0«awdi_bw.
Agent, Sllveron, B. C, or
j. g. Carter,       e. j. ooyle,
D. P. A., A.G.P.A.,
Nelson. Vancouver.
The Commissioner of Lands and
Works has notified many of the
holders of New Denver real estato to
pay up the back payments, seven. 1
years overdue, on tbeir lots, together
with all interest due. If payment is
not trade belore April 30th tbe
property will be sold at auotion sale,
Thia effects a considerable part of
tbe New Denver townsite, aud many
of the threatened Iota bave substantial
buildings on them.
Report, froip reliable sources, has it
that the 0. P. R. and 6. N. R. have
come to an agreement respecting the
proposed road into the States from the
Crows Nest coal fieias. Such being
the case Jim Hill, the galvanized
Yankee of Canadian . birth and the
bugaboo man of the Kootenays, can
sit down and crack jokes with
O'Shauglmessy, the galvanized Canuck
of American birlh, who has been lately-
waving the flag and giving Canadians
lessons in patriotism. Both of these
gentlemen are shrewd, smooth grafters
and when they are working together
it is time for both the Provincial and
Dominion governments to put an
extra guard with machine guns over
their money chests.
At Ottawa the  question   is being
debated in Parliament as to the ad vis
ability of expending public money to
help aetters from the older provinces
to secure homes in tbe Northwest.
When we sre psying sgents in
Europe aod spending public money in
an endeavor to secure immigration for
this country, it seems the height tf
folly Snd bad state smanship to allow
any portion ef our young peop'e to
seek homes in the Republic to our
south, when but a littlo inducement on
the part of our government would
secure them as settlers for our Northwest One of our young people kept
at home is worth more to tlie country
than forty of the class  oPiiiinMgrauTs
tat*' terr'ii.s'       .v.**i*ar''--   ■■•u-*^.  -
that   we  are  getting  from    .Europe.
I"* ■• ;.r- .  V      J.    t w*w''!ss*iet  •Hi'jJT   : " "'   ' J'      ■**
We sfiould   Be at'*Ttnst willing to do
-"'«;•:.v sin en, ..t*-;
"I*   nti'M      iii'ni^i    u
for our own   people as much  as   fur
these aliens.
■ ;• ' - •,,-" .    .. I.
Although the sfiruig bus opened up
early enough around tho Like and
gardens are being planted here, it is
very backward in the hills, greatly
retarding the work of several of our
minis. This il'uiiforluuate as there is
so little doing''iii tlie Slocau tbat the
retarding uf any uew Work is felt dy
all alike. The season however promises to be a busy mit; for all and by the
tirst   of   May   seven   mines   will  be
The census tafeir?1 wiir^.b^ar.piunx^^ii
Monday. -To Hum fypu.S may/,talk
tieeiy us he is sworn to iecrecy " over
what you may tell him. And if y^U
don't want to tell hir, he 'can'make
you, anywav. And tbis> is no■ April
Fool either.
Noticr:—"Hazaho"  Illiberal Claim,
witnuto.I    in   Ibe     Slocan ; - Miuing
Division  of West Kootenay ' District'
Where located:—On the Galena Fak.m
adjoining    the     "Cuii-uy    Mikebal
Claim" on the East.
Take Notice that I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of Silverton, B C.  as  u'uent  for frank
Owen,    Free .Miner's Certificate    No.
44503, intend sixty days from   the date
hereof, to apply fo the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, forthe
pinposeqf obtaining a Crown Urant   of
the above cluim.
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must   be  commenced
before the iNSiiance of  such   Certificste
of Improvements,
Dated thin 22th day of Febrnnry, 1901.
Fbancib J. 0'Reii.i.y. :
Is   2v£aciLlrie    SSollecl.
•'Thanks for the Up 'DRINK 0EYL0N1S OREE&'
I lound it .wholesome, sweet and'clean,   .        *
Now that I'm sound "in lirain snd limb
•'.- I'll never drink Japan again,"
;;;i:  UL 'GOOD  t K0(Et8 ,I[Jtf'vi;f: \,_ ..,
A frff. Kiiiii|il« of 'drliriwM H A L AI) A Tea ^-MjttfeJpii of posUI
'wnilioniiig wiiicJi \o\\ 'dfink—Bliiek, ixed or Greenl Tea. Addrewi
"SALADA," Toront-Mir Montreal.
T«7"I_1_TX3S w£w.a.<S. CIO-^.S5S
———i 2SL—;,,,  ',: ',        * ',./ *
Ajsent   for Calgary Beer.
ftOTlCK :—"Last ChakcbNo. 11,"
(Silver Nniriiet,) Mineral Claim, situate
In the Slocsn Mining Division of West
Kooienay District.
Where located :-On the divide between
EiitbtandTeii MiieCieeks.
Take Notice that I, J. M. McGregor,
a. ting as a«;ent for (ieorif Kvild, Fret
Miner.s Certificate No u3<i359, intend
nixty iIhvh from the dute hereof to spp!n
to tbe Mining Ueoonler for h Certificale
of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant of the above
And fnr'hrr take notice that, action
under section 37, must lie imnimenced
before the iaauanee of such Certificate of
Dated thia filb day of November, 1900.
I J. M. McUirooa.
To (jv* Kbi'okb. or to »ny person or
|n-r.si in-- lo wlioiii he may have l nui-d rrei!
his interests Iir Ibe fulloninil Mineral
ttiiiin.i.t'oiiu'i No. 2. Coni'iiuiii'dpr siul
1'iiie'ol ou lied Moniain. ni-ui Silverton
B V . Slocsn Miniui:.|iivi»ii-if '•
-Vou nre. Iif^li»j. _ iintiliHi), ilm.t I .hsve
fJtiieinlVil,, Jbree linmlWi)'ilollars' (t.MKJ)
in lalior' (inir i.i_iiproyeyieiits niign ibe
•aliove mViji!ioiieir.0.i Jneral •Cianns." \t>
order to hold (iaid I»fi'liitraVef_ifiii«'iinifer
proiiHiona' "f tlie Mineral'' Act shd if
will in ninety, iliii a fwiu the dale of thia
notice . jun fail or' rsfiise to ront'rihivfe
jolir pi.i|ioiiiiiii .of caiil
io-ietlu-r willi alV ,coats ol ailverllMuy,
j your in'ereaia in sniil i'luima will huopnii'
tiie, properljf of tl.e auliacillier ninler
Si-ciion 4. of nn *ct to Amend the
Mineral Act 1900.
-   l-'llANK.li.   h.ltZU
luted thia 2fi li. day of December 1000.
Full Line „   Lumber,
Dry  & Mixed Sash and
Paints.       ! ooors.
MoCallum «Sb Co.,   Slooan, B. O.
and    COLDS.
^^^H «-*•>•**_>_■;.•■» **ir*try\     wef
A Spring; «7uk1)   ia  iiarcl
co stop, tottt11 -}tSs T ^.vlll clo it.
expeii.Iilu.e j #9000X0 r-wtZZZ***
nl advertlaimt, | _T      ugvwww sms**p*t****» *iwr *mr.
The jSJIvertb^firiig Store,
SILVERTON    £ J*%  ■     B C
To .Tons Tixi.ino or, whom it iniy
concern. You ure hereby notified
Hist I have expended One Hundred Dollars in Isbor snd Improvements upon Ihe We Two Mineral Claim
on Ked Mountain in lhe Slocun Minim:
Division, located on the 24th. day of
June I80i>. ahd recorded at the record
oflice ol ssid Division on the 24lli, dsy
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ of June 1893. in order to bold ssid cluim
running full blast in this camp with a ' ""der the provixions of the Mineral Act
likelihood of others starting up,
The Sandon Paystreak has figure-]
ont that the proposed bounty on pig
lead wonld, if tbe production remained
as waa in 1900, pay for a refinery in
tbe five years and leave tbe builders a
profit of $5000. But the proposition
is not to give a straight bounty of |5 a
ton for flve years but to hsve a sliding
scale dissppearing in five years. The
initial oust of building and equiping a
refinery ia only one of several large
items of expense. The locking up of
a large amount of capital in the purchase of their raw material must also
be considered. The Provin je bas in
the taking up of the refinery scheme
a ohance for an excellent investment,
whether tbe   Dominion  Ooveromeut
John Houston is forcing the Legislature into a discussion of government
ownership oi railways by bis resolution
urging the building of the Crows
Nest .Southern as a government work.
The task of a Finance Minister is
strewir with thorns. Everybody
kicks if he bu not at his command
plenty of money to spend, and then
they kick when he tries to raise
the money they clamor for.
It has now been publicly announced,
although the fact wu apparent to all
who were not blindfolded with pred-
udici'., that the 0. P. K. wen uot
actuated so entirely by patriotic
motives in tbeir antagonism to thu
Grows Neat Southern charter as it
professed to be. The 0. N, a Com-
pany hare offered tuetn something to
withdraw their opposition and the
railway company has taken it aud
dropped tbeir affection tor the welfare
being the amount reanired to bold the
mini.. for the year ending Juue 24th 1000.
And if within ninety daya from the dute
of Ibis notice you fail or reluse toeon-
Iritiule your proportion of mich 'expenditure together with all rosls of
silverlisieg, your interest in said claim
will tn'i.oiiii' the property of the undersigned under Section 4 of An Actio
to Amend the Mineral   Act  1000.
J. W. Kyie.
Dated this sixteenth day of March 1001,
_■_______________ 4i'mmf
Thistle ^ Hotel.
CIIAKGEOF         *V     •
First-olass      r»ooommDdaton
for Ttie    I»ntolio.
, flitVERTON,      .       . ,       ,      tj 0
•Bull bom can sol alwirs bt atpndtd oa
ter. M.rlln Model 1883 R.nuicr. biv*
" Sp«ltl Smoktlw. SimI" fctfrtl,. For
up-io-d«u Inlnrmillon MS ear cil.loi-
Mailed tt 3 lUaipi.
thc Mahun Fini Arm* co.
I Jot>
'KVill   Bo   Promptly   attended
Btook  and CuaTOMa   Brokkk,
Rial   Ehtats    amb   Oinmal
Bakbb St.,   -   -   NELBON, U. (J
- GERMAN -   -
Por tola at All Drnggiats.


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