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The Silvertonian 1899-07-22

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■ ; •   a
And Up To Oare
Mining News
Of The Richest
Camp  Of British
Wakefield Increasts il*   Force
Underground Miners.
USMfJkl    »l»l*|t   *****    **«
ttattlm  of  tke   Week.
The Noonday mine haa adlml considerably io lis fort* durinn* the •»»*.•-. and
it now employlOB a forci .1 65 men. 18
of -»hom are eni-aH-d a* "ie sorter*.. Tne
value of the ore ke.pi Improving as
depth is -wined, ■ nd Is nctti' g ih<> man-
auoment, Messrs Bei-edum end Stuart
llros. over *1000 i er car. An high as
300 sin ks bave la-en sorted and put up
n i-iug.S days work. J. H Stewart, SUp-
c'liiitcndentafthe min.*, expect- during
the nexi week, to lie able to sack ai d
ship a carload » d»y. Tlie >.oon ay
mine has more ore tu eight and l.-oks
better at the present time than ever before. As a ship-XT. it is the record
hieuker ol the Slocan.
The shipment   nt   ore   from   Slocan
Lake p.iints, up to anl luol'ilimj   tbe
pra-unt week, fiotn Jan. 1, 1899,
From Bosun Landing. Tun*.
Boson      ,, $40
From N iw Denver. Tons
M iriou     , .40
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise  600
From Slocan City. Tons
Taiiiiiiai.'  ,  20
From Silverton. Tons
Ooisf ck     20
" ooncetitrates   100
En Ily Edith    00
Fidelity    3
N ujiid iv        22*1
Vaiii-u-tver -20
Wakefield 680
Total 248.1
The ore shipment fiom Sloon Lake
-.mints forthe we.-k nmoiliit In 80 tons
Tho Tamnruc mine near Mm .m Ciiv
sent out SO tone, that i.i-'uik tiie initial
car from that puna for the season, but
owing to the renew,*.! activity around
Slocan Citv, thin carload will no d-iOM
in- billowed by many more before the
l<ri'seni season clothe, rrmn StUertou
the Soondar mine j-.-nt out three car-
I . .■.-■ on Frii)4y, ami already has nuo her
i ariojid tying ou tlio wharf.
lh- Wauptield mine U again arwumioK
i is old sir ol activity On liiimlav six
miners went up to go '<> work underground, a contract having lu-.-n let by
tbs i • inpriny for dining ahead hoiiiu ol
tha development work. II Km-ebone,
who hss the contract, waa lu loan in
search of miners ye>teid..y and seciued
seven additional men. Whicli, with Ibe
men already at wuik uiakes tsrelvu uii*n
now working underground, in ih-.i mine
Ml Kneebone an-ure*. u« that all llien
iiii.li-rgriitiiid are l*lng paid tbe union
»agu of (3.IS0 per day, and as tbey are
all union men this statement cann.it lie
dogbtod. These, with thn men Working
on the outside makes qiiii- a reap cl able
lorce working oo the Wakrt]ed.
Tin- T.imarac mine, on Sprinarr creek,
has joined the Hat of Slocan Lake shipper..
The 1 ijiily Edjlli Company sre alv.-r-
tising for Certificates of Improvements
of some uf their claims.
Work on the hi,- „. 11. gold property
in Uitiu pnvhed light along ami 'he lead
is boi lin. its own, both iu ni.*- and
Tlie for. <• of men woiking on lhe
Willa, on Red j.em.thin, sre making
good piogrme, S«<1 (lie Wills is gelling
tu lie une of our big gild-cup-ier prop
Andy Stewart, one of the bonders of
j the Nuu!iil.,y mme, retained f.om tlie
Lardeau lost Sunday. Mr. SU*wart haa
been looking alter the mining Interests
iu that country held by himself an*l
brother,       H«* reports considerable
activity in  the  Lardeau,  although   the
•now in places is still quite dean.
List Sunday while wuiking on the
survey of the Rockland claim, on Red
iloui.lain, Beri O'Neill, of Slocan Ciij .
ha.) the u.islotluue to eul his legaeverely.
As will be seen by our advertising columns, the Wakefield Minea want fifty
men |o w«>rk for them lor JlOO u day.
While we wish all our advertisers to
race!vo ample returns for their ads., we
cannot nay thai even The Sh.vkktosia*
can get fifty scab miners fur onr patron
Mr. Patterson, the msns-er of the
Wakefield Mines, inform* ns that he is
prepared to hire 130 miners, as mkhi sh
they are prepared to accept |3. a day.
If the minera remain nhdnrate, he
ilireathens to advise his Company to shut
down the-nine for a year. He, lookiriu
at the question from a manager's aland-
point, could not see why the for.inii
stockholders in the Waked: Id Mines
should be dictated to hy lhe r.*i>re«.enta-
tivesol the popple ol Brhisli Columbia.
The underground force at th.* Wakefield
wonld not be increased until the present
trouble wss declined off.
(Since Ihe above wss put in type, wo
learn thst six more miners have been
put underground in the Wakefield.—En.
with an sxe.    He was bn.uyl.t ioiu Sii
verton and Dr Bit-use  of  New   IVover
summoned.   Mr. O'N.ill will be around
in a few days, the cut, although severe,
not lieing d..ngei.nia.
On Wednesday a Urge packiran.
load, d with gereral supplies Isft for the
A. E. mine on Red Mountain. A trail
has   leu.i    built,  a   peiui.uent  camp
established and dew-lii-iuii-nt work
commenced on Ibis property, Ihe A. I-
is one of t.'i:' biggot g ld-copper prop-
nsitions on Red M iiiiilain and will be
thoiouglil) ilevelou-d this bCiSou iii'de*
thu Kii| erintenileiii v of   F.   L.   Ilyi-.ii   of
Neil O'Domiel , of 8an<lon, is hsnlin.
ore from tho Noonday mine to the Silveiton wharf. He is deliveung over
ten ton« a day and expects io IliiTease
lliia amount n. xt w<ek I'. SinOOttS
of nilv.itotl haa the contract bnt as he
had not enuOah stuck <>d» ihm hauling
Mini lake care ol hleotliei lam. ntdgl 'ing
and packing business, Mr O'Doniii-l is
lie.ping him out with tils four horse
t.-.in. min big ore wagon.
Assrya made on the ore from (he
Pioneer claim, near Slocan City, gave
for the .mlinniy lock, which was be,ng
thrown over the dump, $20. in gold, and
the ordinary quarts gave gold values of
$128 per ton. The owners, W. M. Branch
aud J M. M. Beneduiu, did notennsider
it. worth while to bave th** first class ore
assayed, plentv of gold being visible to
the naked eye. It will run sovera|
hundi ed dollsrs to tku tou in gold.
The Nelson Miner takes upon it^elt to
sav tliat the merchants of Silverton are
idle, and that uo miners, excepting
those at ihe Noonday arcearuiig $3.60
/or the eight hour shift underground.
Quite p. umiI-J) tins juf iin.tiiou was
a»nt from Silveiton, Th-*re are some here,
who are actui.lly grieved t*' see lh.it the
miners c.iu wors, ihe iniues shiii ore,
the merchants sell guo.la and the town
loige ahead, when i.,i*y lefiim* lo play.
Wherever   ihe   Miners'    information
cine hum, however, It is false.    We
have iiiiei viewed oy.r ninety per cent of
lUr uusi era iiir.i ut-*dV'i ion, only one
Of «i.uiii would say that 1.1*. |.r.:-.*nt ou.*-
iii. on ,iid not show au increase    vet that
ot Hit- prest ul iiaoiiii,  a year  ago.    Our
.wo l.ng ni ntuics, ill,i   l\ ai   liunier Co
i.uu .McKiiinun k Co., aro both carrying
larger slocks aud doing a   better ai d  an
{ucreaaliig OUsiueaS.    PBurnh&Co  aie
litoiugiwice as much  Mu-iuess   now as
| Was done, in tne a.iiiii* hi.uid a ;, ear ago.
lue hotels renori au in..ica*-e ol nuuiuess
ail aiouiid; ihe iiuuitjttr ul p.ir» uinl
saddle IiuiSl-s i,...- boell la.gcly lucroa.ed,
aud all aie at present UUSJ'. Ilie lan-
ioa.1 lieigin receipts aie an null, uiiuii ol
bui-iuers. Fur tne lUloriUallou ot tuose
who ta'K uf dull busiuu.a, we give the
fullowiug cuiiip.uilive tiguiet::
Revenue I ruin freight r. ceived
frumJul>  Is. io Hib. Ia!i8,       $76.10
Revenue Irom I1VI4I1I r-llIj,|>.-.l
Irom .luly lsl 10 14ui, XbOi,       $1*0 U9
lutai, 1st l«o week.-, July, '9.1; $lo0 25
But then the   kiglit   Hour   Law  cume.
und l.usii.ess was "ruiUed"  to the I-11-
luwiug ex lent:
Revenue Irom freight received
from July 1st 10 H1I1. 1699.      (4il.ll
KevenUi* from ireiglit atiipe^ I
froui July Ut lu Htb, lb9a.     *-08.U4
Total 1*1 two weeks July, '98   $779.78
Tne lucreaae from $156. Ui $7TO.  does
uot >tiye the impresalou 01 a rui..ed community,
Nu more men than is usual at this time
ui tlie year have leu town, Mild nine men
aie uuw Working iu ..ml aiuund the
Silv- rton iniues, iw 10 over, than ut ih t
lime last vear. At 111^ Wakefield, Condor, E.>sex, Kmilv fc-iiib, Boauu, L. H.,
t\ ilia and Noonday, men ure working
underground and every uudaiground
mau is rcctiviug $U 50 ior tiie eight hour
If the Miuer desires, as we believe, to
■a.* lair IB ibis eight hour question, it will
contradict its article of the l.S.li ni*t.
chip in. iIhIh, which thev won t«ice in
succe-Hion. this making the trop iea
persoi'sl property. During the past
week Freetby and Tallon have been
ciiallenged by ihe champions nf Colorado
who won first money at a Fourth of Julr
drilling contest The champions have
accepied the .led and when arran einents
hive been • ffecled will ro to T* lluride
to tr.liii for ihe contest. It is untices-
Mi.iv to'state that the champions are not
only willing to drill thu Colorado men
but do 111.1 except tiie ainbii ions of any
I.oul who are willitui to put np the
wherewith to mane the contest interesting.
Tln-re are at present, among our cit-
ixeus, eleven old bondsmen, as iininv as
sire needed to make up a uood band.
There are two or three Well fitted to
undertake the leadership. Why should
this, talent go lo waste' Why should we
have to depend upon outsi le bands for
our music? The small Mini of money
iiece-saty to purchase iustiuinenta cou'd
la* * cineil with little effort, if someone
would take the matter iu hand. Silver-
ton, the premier town of Slocan Li.ke.
is the only ore which does no' boflst <t
•■and Lu some of our musical enthusiasts take ui> thi*. idea.
Do You Know
Where   To   Oet
Oeneral Merohant-i
Silverton,       n*   C5.
100 foot crosscut will be driven on the
A. E. at New Denver.
The Wakefield vfill aoon resume Bhlp-
plBR. They are enxa^in. all the uiipets
they can at $3.60 per day.
Shipments frocn Slocsn   Lake points
for weekending .Inly 15th.
New Denver—
TWmvac 90 tons to Nelson smeller
Noonday 40 tons to Trail styflk-r
Tatqarac 2 tons to Nelson smelter
Total'.' 80 bms
With deep reuret. we chronicle the
death ol Hurry I'*. man, at his home in
New Denver, yesteiday moruinK- The
■ eceiiHed was well known and verv
popular hero, havint* been ut une time
on the staff of Thr Silvxrtonian Harry
had been sick (ol some time, dread
consumption clnlir«inK Mm as its victim.
He had lately returned irom law Auiielor,
Call., where he had unsuccessful) sotittht
to rev-over his lost he 1th. Hs was 24
a member of the Knights
Jos. Freethy and Tom Tallon, chain
I'ion drillers of the world, li.nl their
photogiaphs taken wilh ha mers and
dulls on Ihe twelfth ul laat 111 nil, 10 hs
f rwardi'.l to ihe Cr. scent &tei*l com*
puny of Fitlsbuig l'a., sa\s the Hutte
Tribune* Review lhe phulOi>ra| h* wuh
steel ins .1 hy ih.* oliuuinioUS Will be
forwaided 10 1 he World's fair to be held
1'i.lis, Frame, next year. Following if
ihe Treeiby and 1'ailoii record as tar af
can beo* tallied just now. altliouxh manv
of their prouiinen. inatchcs havo been
omitted. A>i|{. 1802. Boseinun, won first
Piise, 37.'a inch h in 15 minute-i, winning
he championship from D.tvcy ami
lVi-iic. who weic the chumpio'.is st
that time, having won same ut milling
congress in Helena, the same year, ly
drilling 45?jJ inches, On Aug. 20. same
year, Freethy and Tallon v on first prize
bj drilling (dry bank bole) 21% inches
The following Sunday at Deer Lodge
the champions drilled, dry hack hole,
winning the contest with LM'., Inches,
Freely antl Tallon in this match were
singularly unfortunate, as the platfoim
on which tho drills were laid fell away,
which seriously interfeied with the
drillers snd impeded Uieir progress
The next match in which ihe champions
took part wss in the old pavilion, in 18t'2
where 15 teams took part. Freethy und
Tallon won the pri«e tl.e first niuht
easily by drilling ;iK*i-lli inches, but
owing to a dispute, in which it was
claimed the champions drilled in a seam,
they agreed to drill the following
they  did,   and
Raffles are of dally occurrence.
J. A. McKinnon has been on a business trip Nelso iward-t.
Bo is*: O 1 tli" 17ili ins', at. Silverton,
the wife of Jas. I. Mcintosh, of a daughter.
Residents alonj; the beach are
gathering '.iie.ii* crop of futjiv-Q.I froii} '-he
Ql) Wednesday the bnige delivered a
carload of steel mils lor the William
Hunter Co.
Mrs. tl. A. Jackson, who has b-en'
visitin. friendM iu Nelson, returned last"
Jim .Mcintosh set up the cigars for the
town oq Tuesday.
C. L. Copp left on Thursday for Trout
Lake He wiil do some prospecting
..round there.
C. K Hammond and A. Grierson of
Sandon, were etjoying the scenery
here, on Tu. aday.
Miss Barr, of Prince Edwards 1-luml,
is spending the holidays iu Silverton,
visiting Witli Miss Hunter.
Tiie R*v.  M   D McGee re'nrued last
Tuesday with bis bride.     Mr and Mrs
tftHiee havu taken up their residence in
Slocan City.
Duitald McMillan, a former Silwrtoui*-
an, is doins a good brokerage lui-iness in
Osmp Mi'Kiiiney, under the firm name
jf McMilKii k Co.
Fishing 1,11 ties ure hiving great
success on lite Lake now, and a luri.e
number of Rainbow Trout are being
brought into town daily.
F. L. Christie, Barrister of ^andon
B. 0. will .■ at tho S-lkirk H • el every
Friday In the future, Anything lequlr-
ing his set vices will bo attended to by
hilt. t
Messrs. Webb, Fair'.»irn, Ardiel an 1
lal'kson, f >ur Silvertoiilans, have been
looking over the mineral possibilities of
upper fen Mile, returning to town las'
Mr and Mrs Grunt Thorburn have left
Kredricion, N,  1>. on  their  way  homo
Th.yii'turn via   Boston and  San Francisco,  and  will  arrive in   Silverton  In
nbout ten days.
All work in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left at the .silverton Dru,i Store, will
be promptly forwaided to Jacob Dovei,
the well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs are GUAB-KT-KD kok onk year. *
A water |>olo team is being organised
among our amphibiously inclined youths.
There are several first class swimmers
here. New I/enver has been invited to
send down a team to play with the locals
The Thistle Hotel is attain open and
running under the popular management
of Tom Clair. Mr. Clair has recently
returned from Spokane, much improved
in health and ready again to welcome
his old friends anil patrons.
SC McClnre and Frank Watson, two
followers ol Isank Walton, have had excellent luck among the tinny tribe at
Bennington Fulls. Each returned witli
lull Hiisk'ds and the other accompuni-
ments of '•fishermen's luck."
There is music in the air      Daring the
¥# Ms Ms _B__S_5_--S_BI_--_M&
Mineral Glasses  and  Compasses.
■ m
Perfumes and Toilet Articles,
Lake Ave - - - Silverton, B. C.
X*4.  SwC.   K^o-w-les.   -Prop,
Patronise Home Industries.
O. • a », a • a •. . ': . '. t *, t «■ • •   a 1 i 8 .' S ii « i 8 i S i ? » ' » * <i * • ' • '®
•■♦» a ft". *.' 1 8 » _ •• 8118888 8888 8S 88 88 88 8888*88 Si's*
_P. BURN8 & co
jest* oW »ud     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
of I'vlhliH uti11'^ sfierwsrds reelsiineif
Ti.e finiml will t«V P,wfl ^   v   'l^ossrwp-j-HMitn.l^lutil
3..'.* 'i*1*
SHturdny niuht, which .
hest Iheir former reeonl hy ait«iniiiK »| we--k, no lewn than thre vendors of uius-
deplh of 38 15 16 inches TIlS following I iosl instrumenis hnve canvassed the
yt-sr they drilled with varied success, town, gunranteein*. to (lurciiiisers, after
meetinK defeat  in  one  mutch,   which | ten minutes   prscllse '*
Silverton, Nel^o-i, Trsil, Ymlr. Ksslo, Sandon,
New Penvsr, Caanade City, Grsnd Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and Orc-nwood.
enough skill to
by  ih'leutiius: torture nil within hinrinK with thehalt-
<*'   mpic      In   mon*'Pfullness of "the popular aire"
k '■ ...,.-t,-!*t^»:e-rtA.lt *,*• «.»*y»«.V,»-.v"■'.*' ljttmws*t<.-l^:-Hrl*r.*«t*.-*u<»r*l^i*&r<^,T*to..r'^^ •u*tu,m'*l»*H *WI -Jjafc'»■>..<Wrf.»-'^nr><gl«gr«.*J»t»y.».*«***-y • flSSJH"* ;'	
;*.*.'*'*^Jlft,*>^t«'",**'/*'**-^'*'*'^***"*^ *•••! THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
A UompleU BnM« •»• •*• ■"•■*» tor
th. Past We** la --!• aad Jror.lg-
-Uuda-S-n-nartaa** From Una Latest
Ths Distillery Company of America
with an authorized capital of 1(125,000,000,
has been incorporated.
The war department has announced that
the customs receipt? at the port of Havana
for dune were $1 #2,-09. B
The salvagers have removed the American Line steamer Pari! from Off the rock
where it struck some time ago.
August Bodien of Helena, Mont., whose
Isaly was found recently, did not commit
suicide as was at first supposed.
The slam-wheel steamers Naldeen and
Ijouise were destroyed by tire at Victoria.
The loss is about $35,000; .slightly insured.
The president has appointed Colonel Alfred K. Bates paymaster general of the
amw, to succeed Oeneral Asa B. Carey, retired.
Seven persons already have died in and
near New York from lockjaw caused by
Fourth of July accidents, and others are
in a precarious cundilion. ,
The United States transport steamers
Newport and Ohio, with the returning
Oregon volunteers on board, were sighted
off Point Reyes Wednesday.
The big trust swelter at Omaha is shut
down, the tires iu several of the furnaces
lieing out, and others are to follow. The
shortage of coal is given as a reason.
Charges have been tiled against Indian
Agent John S. Mayhugh, of the White
Hock agency, in Nevada, alleging, among
other things, arbitrary administration.
Klias Hatfield, the noted desperado and
son of "Devil Anse" Hatfield, the older, of
the Hatfleld-McCoy feud that cost 141
lives, bas surrendered to Governor Atkinson at Gray, Ky.
The cruiser Olympia has entered the
Suez canal. Admiral Dewey says he is in
very good health. He appears in excellent
condition, which was also the case with
his officers and men. Tlie most of them
have suffered from malarial fever, but have
now recovered.
Another trolley car strike Is on ln
The tidal waves have caused great
damage to crops In the Carolines.
Fire destroyed the Tompkins Opera
House block and postoffice at Gallatin,
Practically every mine In the Coeur
d'Alons is being worked again by new
men, mostly from Missouri..
James Crosby, a wealthy manufacturer of Marion, Ind., attempted to
shoot bis wife and famHy Sunday.
The large plant of Somers Bros.,
manufacturers of horse collars and leggings, was totally destroyed by Are.
Tlm Kearns,*of Boston, knocked the
wind out of Jack Daly of Wilmington,
ln less than twe rounds, In New York.
A postoffice has been established at
Valdez, Alaska, 80 miles northwest of
Oreas, with F. C. Bartlett, postmaster.
William Going, the Choctaw murderer, whose Indian name is Wallatonaka,
was executed recently ln the Choctaw
Chief Officer* Brlown and three seamen of the New Zealand government
steamer Hinemoa^ 'were drowned, oo
June 4th.
The strict enforcement of General
Wood's quarantine seems'to have had
a good effect on the yellow fever situation ln Santiago.
News from Port Hill, Idaho, reports
that Wm. Reeser was shot and instantly killed recently by T. J. Dendaurent,
of the precinct.
Parris C. McGrath has been appointed postmaster at a new office just established at Velma, Stevens county,
20 miles west of Springdale.
The plate workers throughout the
country to the number of 50,000 resume
wark Immediately. The scale fixed ln
Chicago is based on the price of bars.
News of the accidental killing of
Captain Charles Buckle of the whaling
steamer Bayless, was brought down by
the steamer Alliance last week.
The second -Are within a week oc%
curred at Fori Duchesne, Itah, Sunday, when the quartermaster's stables
and contents were entirely consumed.
The badly decomposed body of W. H.
Creighton was found tn the -Spokane
river Just above the Great Northern
bridge, near the army post, by six boyB.
jfhe body of an unknown man was
found ln the Sacramento river nine
mfles below Preeport The corpse rs
that of a man of 60 years. He had a
wooden leg.
A bad derailment occurred at Blue-
cut, Cal., 10 miles south of Redding.
The second section of the . Southern
Pacific passenger train ran into the
first section.
The steamer Queen has sailed for
Alaska with a large list of **_r***r-»lon-
ists. Among them were United States
SeAtor Perkins of CaKfornU aad Henry Villard.
Following a -n_|ly q-Ht-rtf ?.nts*Uw.
Met. G-brg- T#«*t*. of t&s*nywriilm,.
111., shot and kifie-J her *-•*.-._*>•-. Mra.
Christian Pons, wosnsrfer! ber isms.rn.ad
and killed herself.
Four bombs were extiiruie.it *_ differ-
ent parts of Ba/e*M_a. laar. ws-fc. No
serious damage waa rtJ-.n**. iiut tto excitement waa fatt-MK. T_« mthar ot
the outrages Is on-sown.
It Is said that tbe mew n*»a.•■ ,• enwmm
Argentina and the rr_Wert tome* girtm
new American on tmsmw. ;i;nV* and
wool, and on Ansrf-* <*«rw.«rr gamm,
timber and certain foo-t.i
The body of the mar, wtta ♦hot n-rm-
•eJf at Lako Harriet, Mint. h*_ o**m
MNWtfMfl as that   of.   B. C. Hlnnant.
•-ashler of the construction department}
iof tint Northwestern Telegraph Co.
First Washington volunteers, and that
Major Canton, Captain Otis of Company A, Captain Scudder of Company
E, and Lieutenant Lemon are under arrest.
Commissioner Wilson, of the Internal revenue department, has lssui;.'. a
circular absolutely prohibiting banks
banks from affixing stamps to checks
unstamped when presented and requiring them to return the same to the
Orders have been received at Fort
Wright, Spokane's new army post, to
prepare to open a recruiting office to
enlist volunteers ln the Philippines.
Every effort will be made to hasten the
preparations and begin the enlistment
us quickly.as possible.
j. Homer Bird, of New Orleans, ls
now a prisoner In the military barracks at St. Michael, Alaska, charged
with thc murder of H. Herllng and R.
H. Patterson. Charles Sheffler and
Norma Strong are held under 15,000
bonds as witnesses.
George M. Valentine, cashier of the
Middlesex County Bank of Perth Am-
boy, N. J., which has recently closed,
has surrendered himself and now ls in
jail on account of a shortage In the
bank's funds, which has been variously
estimated all the way up to $165,000.
The schooner General Slglln from
Cook's Inlet, Alaska, brings news ot
the drowning of seven men at Turn
Again arm, early in June. The names
of only five of them are known, as follows: A. B. Johnson, Malone, 111.; Louis Peterson, Chicago; Chris. Madison,
Chicago;  Porter, California; 	
Hutchinson, Rockford, 111.
The steamer Lindus, belonging to
Messrs. Huddart, Parker k Co., Limited-while proceeding to sea ran aground
and Boon became a total loss at the entrance of the port of New Castle. She
was of 1,079 tons and valued at $50,000.
A southern newspaper reports the
government Is considering the sale of
the Bank of New Zealand.
Charles Elmquist of Spokane was
drowned at Medical Lake Sunday. He
was ln a boat with his sister-in-law,
Mrs. Fanny Elmquist, and a Mr. Anderson. All wore bathing suits. The
boat dipped water and finally sank.
Wm. Huntoon who was swimming near
by, rescued Mrs. Almquist; Mr. Anderson caught hold of a floating plank and
held himself up until help arrived.
Charles Elmquist sank Instantly.
Ten striking miners have been convicted in Fort Smith, Ark., for entering Into a conspiracy on July 5th for
the purpose of Intimidating and terrorizing the imported negroes ln the employ of the Kansas k Texas Coal Company, in violation of the injunction issued by Federal Judge Rogers restraining the strikers from Interfering with
the company's employes.
Why  Women Are Nervous.
(British Medical News.)
The frequedt cases of nervous prostration or utter collapse of the nervous
system under which women "go all to
pieces," as the saying is, have cause-
much thought and investigation on the
part of physicians.
Certain inorganic substances are
well known to cause various forms of
nervous diseases which are readily
traced to the poisons producing them.
Further research leads to the belief
that alum is a prevailing cause of so-
called nervous prostration, for tho
symptoms it produces on the nervous
system' after' its absorption into the
blood arfe -very remarkable indeed. Experiment- physiologically made upon
animals by Orflla, Professors Hans
Mayer, Paul Seim and others, show
that alum frequently produces no visible symptoms for many days after it-
Introduction into the body. Then follow loss of appetite and other alimentary disturbances, and finally a serious
prostration of the whole nervous system. The most prominent physicians
now believe that "nervous prostration"
and many affections of the nerves from
which both men and women suffer are] claims,
caused by tlie continued absorption of
alum into the system.
It Is probable that many medical
men are unaware of the extent to
which salts of alumina may be Introduced Into the body, being under the
impression that the use of alum in
bread is prohibited. Alum, however, is
still used surreptitiously to some extent to whiten bread, and very largely
In making cheap kinds of baking powder. In families where baking powder Is generally used great care shonld
be exercised to procure only those
bran'ds made from cream of tartar.
The alum powders may generally be
distinguished by the lower price at
which they are sold.
turns sTrom tha Rich Bl.l.x.s of the Pa-
el-e North wast, Maws From All tha
Prlnolpla Miulag Usa-us -Person-ls-
M-lnlng Motes.
Filially Hart in .,   lllr-rlr Accident.
New York, July  10.—nchri  Fournfor,
the noted 'French King-distance bicycle
rider, died at tie Manhattan hospital from
injuries, received in a bicycle accident on
SeVt-jUnTvenue a fey** hours previous. He
was 35 years old.
Founder, was run down hy s racing
team. He was thrown from his Wheel and
unable to rise, and another team was close
onto him when a citizen saw his peril and
dragged him to tbe sidewalk. His injuries
wei-e internal.    M      .
Pits Ready to Flu,In Agraln.
Chicago, July 18.—Bob Fitsslmmons
rill fight his next battle in this city. Martin Julian has accepted an offer from
the Fort Dearborn Athletic Club for a
six-round bout between Fitzsimmons and
some hea,vy weight to bc chosen later.
Tbe bout will be fought in the latter
part of August, probably the week folio-, ing the "Kid" McCoy-Jack McCormlck
go, which is set for August 18. The ex-
champion and his opponent will box for a
per.cntSgc of the receipts.
In 1775 there were only 27 newspapers published in the United States.
A man calls his dog Coal, because
It to   stated  there Is trouble in the' the first Jay he had him he bitumen.
Precious stones to the value of $160,-
290 were found in the United States in
1898 as compared with $136,675 lu 1897.
The most encouraging reports continue to come from the Conjecture
mine, ln Lakeview camp, on Lake
Pend d'Orellle. The mill recently
erected is said to be surpassing the
guarantee of the manufacturers and
the hopes of the mine owners. It ls
running steadily and Is turning out
concentrates of a value of about $140
per ton.
Republic  Note*.
The south drift on the Georgia Reed
Is making good progress.
The Butte aud Boston mine ln Republic camp ls again to take its place
among the working properties of the
A large force has begun working on
the new Wauconda tunnel. It Is to he
an adit tunnel and will be driven at
least 300 feet, at which point it will be
200 feet below the surface of the
The Apex Mining company, Limited,
Is the name of a recent Incorporation
to acquire and operate a group of
claims in the south half of the Colville
Work has been resumed on the Silver Chief in the Huckleberry range,
Just west of Addy station In Stevens
The compressor on the Golden Lily
ls working in fine shape and two shifts
are at work sinking the shaft.
The new shaft of the Agnes, which Is
sunk near the line of the Mud Lake
claim, ls 75 feet In depth.
The Quilp has been prepared for
sinking a winze from the bottom of the
tunnel near the north end of the big
pay chute.
Some work is being done on the San
Juan, and a report is in circulation
that a good ledge has been uncovered
on the property that Is supposed to be
the Kate Hayward ledge.
From numerous causes the water has
not been taken out of the Princess
Maud shaft, but the work will begin
to-day. As soon as the water is out and
the shafts straightened up work of
Blnklng will be resumed.
Work Is progressing very slowly on
the Golden Lily shaft, owing to the
presence of foul air.
Rapid work is being done on the
Copper Mountan claim. The tunnel Is
being driven about three feet each 24
hours with two shifts.
Allttle Bui-faee scratching is still going on at the Hit or Miss claim.
The Delta drift is in 35 feet The
ledge looks fine and the ore maintains
Its high grade.
The winze In the Morning Glory was
sunk to a depth of about GO feet without timbering, but the rock began to
scale off and timbering became necessary. It has been nicely timbered and
the roof lagged with plank In a most
substantial manner. Sinking the winze
will now progress without Interruption
until the level ls reached.
Big news comes from Republic con
cerning the recent development of the
Insurgent. Since the first of the present month thc value of the property-
has been doubled by the development
In following the vein from the Lone
Pine side line Into the Insurgent fraction. The vein turns to the north and
is running parallel with the Black Tall
Buffalo  Hnmp.
Mr. Turner Is erecting a substantial
log house at the    Concord    group of
preparatory   to   obtaining a
patent for the property,
A fine copper ledge has been opened
up about four miles south of the Jumbo, and Is improving as development
progresses. From several prospectors
camped In the vicinity of this work It
Is learned that the showing, outside of
this and one other ledge, Is not prom
lsing, and the men were preparing to
remove to some other locality.
No pack trains are in over the Brown
trail yet, but they hope to get through
within eight or ten days. A force of
eight or ten men has been at work this
week and ls completing the road as
rapidly as possible.
The Cracker Jack people are still
running on the drift that was started
last week, and It Is looking very promising.
The St. Paul is being worked by a
small force of men, and the development Is quite satisfactory to the management
A great deal of work Is being done
all over the camp, and as soon as thc
snow ls off ln the main part of the district a great deal more will be undertaken. There is from one to three feet
of snow.
The Big Buffalo people have opened
a new find on their group of claims
that assays far up in the hundreds. It
Is on the Oro Flno claim, and is a new
ledge, entirely distinct from the big
one on which they have been at work.
Work on the Jumbo is still progressing, and the ledge was reported as
pitching and growing lower ln value
until on the 6th the workmen struck
a richer body of ore, and It ia now said
to be looking One.
Hrlilan  Colombia.
A fifty-ton concentrator Is under
construction within six miles of Boss-
On one of the claims In the Delphino
group, on the north fork of Toby creek,
about 20 miles from Wildemere, a shaft
is down 140 feet, and between 80 and
level about 50 feet down.   Besides the  pi
outcrop on the surface has been strip-  M
ped 4,160 feet. I       **a_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_B__™
Wlldermere district, in East Kooten-	
By, is attracting a good deal of atten- FE0M H0NQ K0NQ|
Hon from both prospectors   and   men MUbl __u»_* r»u
looking for prospects.
The Ymlr mine surveyors are survey-,
Ing a wagon road up the north fork of
Wild Horse creek, which is very liber-1
til, as the extension of the Ymlr minea
road is of no actual benefit to the company, lt may be stated in this connection that the government, in the
matter of the construction of roads,'
will put up dollar for dollar with the
claim holders. I
Cannot Uo Any Business There - %re too
Closely \V»l.'lic<l New Location Is ut
I.hI.ui.ii, near Borneo-Colorado Troops
sim i Home- Idaho Come Next.
Manila, July IS.--It is reported the Filipino junta will he moved from Hong
Kong to the Island of Labium, a British
general feeling seeniB much more hopeful.
The pack train Is bringing each day
a load of ore from the lamarac.
On the Velvet mineral claim, near
Greenwood, in Deadwood camp, a six-
foot ledge is in sight carrying values
of over $20. Only 25 feet of work has
been done, but it has put about 15 tons
of pay ore on the dump.
Three men are steadily at work on
the Tiger, in Summit camp. A shaft
Is down 55 feet and a crosscut ls being
run to ascertain the width of the ledge.
A. Lome Beecher, general manager
of the Deer Park, Rossland, has let all
the staff at the property go, with the
exception of three men, who will be
kept at work until he receives fuller
The deal which has long been pending for the controlling interest ln the
St. Eugene mine by the Gooderham-
Hlackstock syndicate, has been consummated at last. The Information ls
confirmed by James Cronin, manager
of the property. The deal, as near as
can be learned, is for 60 per cent interest in the property on a basis of $450,-
000 for the mine. This is the lowest
price ever paid for a mining property
in East Kootenay. The St. Eugene
mine was discovered ln the summer of
1893 by an Indian named Peter and
was located by Father Cocola, the Indian missionary, and James Cronin,
the present manager. Later the Indian and the priest sold their interests
to John A. Finch, and others of Spokane, for $12,000.
A large compressor plant Is shortly
to be Installed at the Ymlr mine.
The Yellowstone mine at Salmo has
conformed to the Union scale of wages
and Is now paying Its miners $3.50 per
eight-hour shift.
Owing to the late cold spring, mining operations have been slower than
usual in the Lake Chelan section, but
active work is now commencing in several of the camps. The trail up Railroad creek was In bad condition, but a
force of men working for five days
cleared it of fallen trees and dead timber, so that a horse can be ridden to
iho very head of the valley.
Palmer Mountain Gold Mining k
Tunnel Co. ls In 2,000 feet.
News Is received from Bohemia, Or.,
of another rich strike of free gold in
the Music mine
a_-- . iv, six mile1 from the northwest coast
Slocan Is looking brighter than for'of |3orne0j u ■*,« American oiliciais have
some time past, and since some of the ^ Watehcd the in mbcrs of the junta so close-
properties have commenced work the *- at  **m,j, Kong that  the latter have
~-- .       'found it Impossible to supply the Insur
gents with arms,
Thc transport Warren sailed Sunday
with the Colorado regiment, Major Beadle
Strong and .Major Young of the supreme
court, who is going to Utah for a vacation, on board.
Prof, Schiirinau will arrive at Sail Francisco on hoard the China.
Ulls' Report.
"Twenty Inches Of rain ho far in July,
at tended by typhoons, made the leaving
of transports impossible. At Negros il
has heen Impossible to unload the Sixth
Infaptry until within the last day or two.
"California troops are now loading. The
ColoradoS leave tomorrow on the Warren.
Idnluis, North Dakota* and Wyomings
leave next week as Boon as the transports
can be loaded. OTIS,"
The  Model  Camp.
San Francisco, July 18.—In view of the
fact that the returning Oregon volunteer*
have gone into camp at the Presidio and
that siime l."-,(K)0 more volunteers will
arrive from Manila during the next two
or three months, General Shafter has issued a letter containing rules and regulations for a proper sanitary service at camp.
It says iu part that a medical officer of
the regular army will be placed in chai'j-e
as camp Burgeon. The officer in command
of the troops is to appoint two sanitary
inspectors, one to be a line officer, preferably a major, and the other a regimental
medical officer. These inspectors are to
examine daily thc tents, streets, kitchens,
food and sewers.
There will also be a daily tick call and
an ambulance will report daily to the
(amp surgeon, who has full authority to
dispose of all eases of infectious or oilier
Acting Surgeon W. G. Miller, U. S. A.,
has been assigned to temporary duty at
the detention camp at Angel island.
The new hospital at the Presidio is open, lt i* located at the extreme MUthwesi
end of the drill ground, convenient In all
lhe barracks and near all the camp*.
(V-eat «ootatlo_B, "Wool Fl_or«_ aaa
the  Prlee  of  Produce.
The following prices are paid for
wheat delivered at the Spokane mills:
Wheat—Bluestem, bulk, 65e;    sacked
B2ci No. 1 club, bulk, 47o; saeked, »■>«.'
No. 1 red, bulk, 45c; sacked, 47c.
hay, $13; alfalfa, $11.
Vegetables—Potatoes, $2.00 to $2.26
per cwt.*, onions, $1.35®$ 1.60; cabbage
$2.60 per cwt.; celery, 50 to 60c per do*.
Hay—Timothy, $13 per ton; wheat
hay, $11; alfalfa, $11.
Rye—Country points, f. o. b., 7Je per
cwt; Spokane, 75c per owt.
Corn—Whole, $1.16 per cwt; cracked, $1.20.
Feed—Bran and shorts, $14 per ton;
shorts, $13.; bran, $16.; rolled barley,
$20.; chicken feed, $15 to $20.
Wood (on car)—Fir, $3.; tamarack,
$3.75; pine, $2.75. Retail—Fir, $3.60;
tamarack, $3.50 to $4; pine, $3 to $3.26.
Coal (retail)—Roalyn lump. $6.60;
Pennsylvania antharcite, $18; Colors
do antharcite, $16; foundry coke, $16;
Cumberland black, $17.60 to $20.
Poultry—Chickens, live weight, 16
to 17c per pound; turkeys, dressed, 16
to 18c; spring ducks, dressed, 14 to 16;
geese, Ihe, IU to 18c.
Meat*—Beef cows,  live, $3.50 to 4.50
per cwt; dressed, 7 to 7Vic; hogs, live,
4 to IJe; dressed, 6 to OJc.
Portland.- It was dillicult to secure a
bid Of over 08o for Walla Walla wheal,
and some dealers were quoting down aa
low as 57c. Valley i-niel ai Mia 59 l-2c;
bluestem, .it)("tllc.
Tacoma.-  There is no improvement in
the local wheat market.   Pi ices are steady
at 57c fur club and til).' for bluestem.
New York.—Silver—Certificates, DOci)
t.i. : bar silver, tM►•>■ _ Mexican dollars,
47 7-8c.
London—Bar silver- Quiet at 27 5-K.I
per ounce.
San   Francisco.-  Bur   silver,   60 l-_c
Mexican dollar*-, 40 A-4(a M) 1-lc.
New York.— Tin made a sharp turn today, declining IS to _.*> points under a
refusal of buyers to go in and a breathing
s|iell all around resulted. There was little
or nothing in the news from thc west
or abroad lo bring about the reaction,
rather the contrary beng the Case, Othrl
dip.irtm.nts i f ihe 1 cal market hel 1 about
at unchanged prices.
1-ake copper -Unchanged, $IH(« in 50.
Lead I nchanged, |6j60jH--. Ths
linn that lixes the selling price fir Diners
and  -.inciters quotes  lead  al -■"!*4.: 1."» at  tlie
ItoltlMT)   anil   Murder.
Spokane, July 14.—Matt Schlott was
held up, robbed and mortally shot
about 11 o'clock last evening near the
Northern Pacific roundhouse.
About half an hour earlier two mask-
e dand armed highwaymen held up
Proprietor Will Meyers in the New
York Exchange saloon. He showed
fight, was horribly beaten by the rob
rhe strike was made ] hers, who took bis gold watch, robbed
In the west end of No. 2 level, which
has 800 feet of tunnel.
Work was resumed on theSt. Lawrence-Richmond tunnel, Saltese, Mont.,
J again the first of the   month   after a
shut-down to get ln supplies   and fix
things up a little on the outside.
Rasmus Nelson sends word of his
discovery of an eight-foot ledge ln
Slaughterhouse gulch, near Susans-
ville, Grant county, Or., assaying $5000
to $10,000 to the ton In free gold. The
yellow metal ls visible to the casual observer. The discoverer is a pioneer
resident of the Susansvllle district
The new find ls so located that lt will
be easy to develop. Mining experts,
now Investigating the camp, predict
that great wealth will be uncovered.
An exciting time, amounting almost
to a stampede, ls taking place ln the
Syndicate camp In the Burnt Creek
district, of Central Idaho. The re
markable development of the Syndicate group Is the cause ot the excitement.
It Is stated that Captain Delamar, a
capitalist, has virtually completed the
purchase of the Bully Hill copper mine
for $.150,000. Smelters are to be built
and ten miles of railway constructed lo
connect with the Southern Pacific, and
when the works are ln full operation
over 10,000 men will be employed.
The Deer Trail No. 2 Mining Company has declared Its regular monthly
dividend of $2,500, being a quarter of
a cent a share This Is tbe fourteenth
dividend of similar amount paid by the
compauy and brings up the total to
Idaho has another Klondike. It ls
located on the Clearwater river ln
what ls known as the Cove country, 18
miles from Buffalo Hump. It Is stated
to be one of the richest placer discoveries ever made in the state.
Articles Incorporating the Pacific
Coast Smelting Company have been filed ln Seattle. The capital stock is
$300,000.   B. W. Drew Is the promoter
_____________________________________   __^____^^__ -100 fpet °f drifts have been run from a
the till of the day's receipts and es
caped. The same men are supposed to
have been responsible for both crimes.
The patrol wagon force was responding to a call from the saloon when the
fatal holdup occurred.
Schlott died at the police station a
few minutes after he was brought
there. He died without giving any
statement of the occurrence beyond a
cry of ■■I'm robbed; I'm murdered,"
which followed the sound of the shot.
The flash of the gun, sound of the
shot and Schlott's cry were heard hy a
number of passengers on a town-bound
Hlllyard car, which was within 100
feet of where the shooting took place.
The Train Was Held  l'p.
Trinidad, Colo., July 14. — Tlie southbound passenger train on the Colorado _
Southern railway was roblicd by four men
at a point five miles south of Pol»om, N.
Nf., al the same point the passenger train
waa held up last September. After the
train came to a standstill and the crew
had heen intimidated by guns, the rubbers
used dynamite with good effect, blowing
open the express ear. Railway and express
otllcials state positively that nothing was
secured by the robbers. The few pisscn
gen on tlie train were not molested. A»
soon as the robbers searched the car they
mounted their horses and, tiring a few
shots to alarm the trainmen, fled without
an attempt to go through the mail car.
Parties here who claim to know say there
waa a large amount of money in the ex-
press car, as well as other valuable matter.
No   News  of  Ihe   iiimlriiinlsii
Washington, July 18.—Neither the
Hritish nor the C cnn an embassies here
have received a word concerning tlie Cua-
t.-iii.il.iii affair and the 'repotted purpoM
of a United movement to compel I'tiate
mala to observe her obligations to foreign
There is the same lack of official con
Urination of the report Ihat the Oennan
cruiser GeleT has been ordered to piiseed
to Guatemala.
Packer*   Have   C'loaed   Down.
Kansas City, July 15.—Swartzchild k
Sulzberger's local packing plant was
closed rather than grant a second advance
in wages to its 2(10 butchers and their
helpers. One thousand men are out of
It has been a union house nnd only
Monday last the employes were given an
increase in wages which, according to the
company oiliciais, brings them up to the
union scale.
Wlrrlesja   Telegraphs'.
Chicago, July IH.—A Tribune special
from  \ ii toria says:
The "M.ii imi system of w ireless telegraphy is to Im* put in opciation in Hawaii as a  means of communication be-
tHf.li the different Islands of the group.
An organisation has Inch funned, capital has been -itl.~. nl»-d and -.unr of the
material for the system is alieady on the
If some men were to eat their words
their health would bc ruined forever.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Kun un Pacific Standard Tims.
Leave. Arrlvs.
Going: Weat. Dally. doing Essi.
8:00 a. m   Kaslo   J:6» p. m.
8:32 a. m  South Forte  3:M p. m
S:30 a. m  Bproule'a   I:tt p. ni
S:46 a. m  Whitewater   M0 p. m
9:65 a. m  Bear Lake   200 p. in
10:12 a. in  McOulgan   1:46 p. m
10:26 a. m   Balley'a  1:M p. m
l'i xt a. in— Cody Junctli n .... l:23 p. ni
Arrive. Leave.
10:40 a. m  Bandon  1:11 p  m
Leave 11:00 a. in..Sandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m
Arrive 11:16 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:16 a. m
O.  F.  COPE-LAND,  Supartntendsnt.
Overloaded  Vessel l-'oundera at  Sea.
Chicago, July IH.—A special from Victoria, U. C, says:
Advices received hy the steamer
Aorangi, just arrived, state thai the Union
Steamship Company's iiitei-i-lnd liner
Oiihu foundered at sea while on a vnyage
from ('rcynioutli to Dunedin and the creiv
of 211 were lost. The disaster was due lo
overloading thc vessel.
Dealha From l,„ekja-r.
Poslon, Mass., July 10.—There have
been a number of deaths from lockjaw in
the past ten days. The victims were Ix.vs
injured in Fourth of July accidents.
Mot hem will find Mrs. Winslow'_ Sooth,
ing Syrup the best remedy to DM for tlieit
children dining the I
I lull T.mn Flooded.
Rait Lake, July 14. —A special from
Manti, Utah, saya the river has overflowed
its banks and Hooded the greater part of
that town. No lives were lost, though
there were many narrow escana, 'J'ho
properly loss will be heavy. Manti is a
town' of 2(KK) Inhabitant*, situate.   180
Railway aod Navigation
Operating Kaslo & Slocan Railway, International Nav. ft Trading Co.
Bchedule of Time-1'aclflc Standard Tlm*.
Paasenger train for Sandon and w»y
Stations, leaves Knslo at 8:00 a.  m
Dally, returning, leave* Sandon at 1:16
p. ni..  arriving at  Kailo at 3:66 p.  m
International Nav. A Trad. Co.—Operating on Kootenay lake and rlv*r.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelaon at 6:00 a. m.
.lally, except Sunday. Returning, leave*
Nelson at 4:30 p. m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Hay, Ainsworth, and all way point*.
Connects with 8. F. A N. train to and
from Bpokane, at Five Mile Point.
8. 8. "ALBERTA."
Leaves Nelson for Bonner's F*rry Tu**-
days and Saturdays at 7 a. m., meeting
steamer "International" from Kaslo at
Pilot Hay.
Returning, leave* Bonner'* Ferry at l:W
a. m. Wednesday* and Sunday*.
Connect* at Uonner's Ferry with Or*»t
Northern railway for all point* east and
Steamers call at principal landing* I"
both directions, and at other point* whin
• Tickets gold lo all points In Canada a"1*
tho  United   Slate*.
To asc.rlali) rate* and full Information
Sddreaa s I
have been run from a'rhidren during the lei'thinir iH'ii.„| -., ..    ,..,,,, "     *   ■w HiltlFJlTJPYlNO ManM*r.
iijs*--W___._~_L Jr*_
"He is Wise Who
Talks But Wter
This is only a half truth. If wise men
had held their tongues, we should know
nothing about lhe circulation of lhe-'Stood.
If it were not for this Advertisement you
might never know thai Hood's Sarsaparilla is the best blood medicine.
Ilia Very   Strkj-t ailed   Kffort   ,f ,*.„
Never Disappo
Found Dead.
Spokane, July 10,-Grasping a limb of I
a laiien tree with both hand*, aa if trving I
lu pull himself up from a kneeling position '
*""■ With his head thrown hack as if in
great agony, the dead body of Fred Har-1
V'.v was found by his father on the farm |
about 11 miles from Spokane. Tlie young
t'ori-..poDd.»t. 1U.I Kffeii-Thev" Had I '"U" ,     been gwi a"(1 *-""% bruised' by
Interview,   With   ots-  He   Prowls.-   '  ."T8  bl'"'  bl,t   **ud   »*anage'*   to get
Then, llreater Liberty. ullt  uf  re'**-''  of    the    animal  and   had
trawled several feet away from the place
where the animal was tied.
Miie   II.O..NH...I    of   'l'i..-,,,    Ss\y   0<„»
I'tiul   la  All  II I-1.1.
New Vork, July 1S.-A special from
Washington says:
The Boer j-.ncimm nl lias transmitted to
the United .Slates a copy of a petition nd-
dressed Id ii by 6000 UitUnderi denying
ih.it ihe present government in the Trans
■•gal i* tyraiiiiir.il, as declared by other
litlaiiilers supported by Great llritniii.
The petition  wa- circulated  in  jMay  and
addressed to the Boar government and a
copy of it has been received at the state
Nr Alfred Milner, Ilie BrUislrnlgtl commissioner, iu writing to Mr. Chamberlain
 ccruiiig   the   petition, declares that it
aas general]] discicdited and it is openly
-lated that the signatures hud bun r,b-
t.iined through the instrumentality of
government officials ami railway lervants,
n ho aie mostly naturalized.
lu diplomatic circles here the opinion
i- expressed that the Beer government has
iram-mittcd copies of the petition to the
j>uvem nia named  therein iii order  to
, olivine** them theic is little truth in the
Hritish statement and te prevent any of
!licm from joining Great Britain iu en
ilenVOrlng to fours better treatment for
ihe ritlanders.
luslruellona  to  llowlaon.
The f.s-ling prevailing in administralion
circle* is sh»wn by the Instructions setii
(.slay to Hear Admiral Hoaison, dircctiiij-
liiin to continue his cruise.
The admiral reported Inn airival al Cape
town from Pretoria and that the Chicago
wa* ready to sail, and the fact that he
made no mention of the situation an!
tailed to recommend that a warship l-e
■slit to I Magna bay shows conclusively
I,, the minds of the oiliciais that he is
satisfied lh<* situation is calm and that
llii-ie is no danger of war.
Striker* Selae Non-I'nloa Men.
llii.lgip >rt. X. J., July 18.—The airival
. I l.'i non unit u gUst, blowers here caused
.hi outbreak. •* -;
I lo strangers came fiom Indiana on *
train over the New Jersey Central. They
•eie met at the station by a huge crowd
i.i strikers, win. Immediately stormed the
train and captured the n >n um n men. A
lively fracas ensued, dining .'hi.-li man/
blow! weie exchanged". HalUgei f\ili|; of
the I'iiiuIh ilaiid iJI.iss Works, who wa* in
charge of the party, was Nit on the head
wiih a hi ok and badly Injured.
Tl.e doors and windows of the car were
-.haltered and a hack Halting at tlie st.i
t on f, i mail, was wricked hy strikers in
lhe belief that it wt* lo take Manager
King to lhe works.
lhe nmi union men Were tiu.illy in lined
to a company the strikers to the latter'*
liemlipiarters, where an attempt is being
made to force them to leave town.
The Manhattan Elevated Railroad,
New York, carries 625,000 passengers
per dsy.
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effects of the well known remedy,
NYBOT or Kios, manufactured by the
Caufokma Fio Syrup Co., illustrate
the value of obtaining the liquid laxative principles of plant* known to be
medicinally laxative and presenting
them in thu form most refreshing to the
taste aud acceptable to the system. It
is the one perfect strengthening laxative, cleansing the system effectually,
diapelllng colds, headaches and fevers
gently yet promptly and enabling one
to overcome habitual constipation per
manentlv. Its perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and substance, and ita acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowela, without weakening
or irritating them, make it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing figs
are used, as they aro pleasant to the
taste, but tbe medicinal qualities of the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a method
known to the --.-tani-tiA Fio SvHur
Co. only. In order to get Its beneficial
effects and to avoid imitations, please
remember the full name of the Company
printed on the front of every package
san rmAMOisoo, oa_.
Knr •*"•*» ».v sll nt-.inrlsts.—t'r'c-e JOc. oerhopli
and' Ore Teslimr Works.
■established In Bpokan* In IMS. Oold
"usi and Bullion boushl. Band for price
list ami innlllnc or* sacks.
•iial FAH.8.        ,
l*!<»t<'ou«hS>rup.  Tastes dual. Das I
la lime   Hold by druggl**-
I Manila, July li,__i.c constantly iu-
'Tcasing strictness of cen.sor.ship of pre*.
'hspatches, which has prevented th. cab*
.im to the United .States of anything that
| did nol relied official views of important
events and conditions, resulted in a united
•'N'li't on the p,„| „f correspondents here
to stir an abatement of the rigors of
The initiative in this dilution was taken a mouth ago ami resulted in the form-
Ing of a statement which was presented
on Sunday, duly (i, t„ Major General Otis,
comiuiimling the military forces of tho
I'nited .States. Thu eorres|H.iidents also
I'.ked for permission to cable Iheir papers
"11 the facts ahd different phases of events
a* thev transpired h,.,,..
Tin* correspondents had two long inter
views Kith litis, in the cans,, of whiin
thc.i claimed that the evident purpose of
the eoiiVfslifp «as not to keep information from the e ny, lint to keep from the
public ihe knowledge of i|,e real condition
of aHaiis lure' It was also asserted by
the coi'irs-ioiidentH that newspapers printed in Manila, whicli reach the enemy weekly, are permitted to publish Kta'tcnients
similar to those which lhe correspondent**
Sr*J forbidden to cable.
• ieneral Otis finally promised greater
liberality, agreeing to pass" all matter that
he might consider not detrimental to the
interests of the I'nited States. He ap-
pointed Captain Qttm of his staff as
i elisor.
The  Statement.
The statement of the correspondents i-
as follows:     ,
"The iin'dYr-igncd, being all the staff correspondents of American newspapers -ta-
lioned in Manila, unite in thL. following
"We believe tliat from official dispatches
made public in Washington the people of
flic I'liiled "states have not received a correct impression of conditions iii the Philippines, but these dispatches have presented an ultra-optimistic 'view that is
not shared bj the general officers in the
"WeKelfrvr thai the dispatches incorrectly represent cxi-ting conditions among
the Filipinos in IVSpeel lo their dissension
and dempra-tatloa   resulting   from   the
American   campaign   and   to   the   brigand
har.ii ter of their army.
"We Is'licve the dispatches err in  the
declaration thai ihe situation is well in
hand and the IKumptlon that the insurrection can Ih* speedily ended without
greatly increased force*.
"We think the tenacity of Filipino pur
(sis,, has li.fii underestimated and that the
Statement! are unfounded thai  volunteers
arc unwilling to engage in further service,
"The ccn-orship ha-, compelled un to participate iu this misrepresentation by -_->
rising or altering uncontrovcrlcd state*
Dirata of fads on the plea that ihey would
alarm  the  -soph   at   home.
"-p cific.itii ns: Thc prohibit] n . f re
porta**   the suppression of full reports of
field up. ration* in the event of failuic; lhe
iiiiihIm i of heat prostrations in the Held,
the systematic minimization of naval op-
rrations, and the suppression of complete
ie|Mirts of the situation.
"John T. Mi-Cutchc.in and Harry Arm-
strung. Chicago Record.
"Oscar K. Davis and P. (',. McDonnell.
New York Sun.
"Robert M- Collins, John P. Punning
and C I., .femes, the Associated l'r.->s.
"K.I. Keen.', Sciipp* Mdtae A*s,icia
"Keinhard  Little, Chicago Tribune."
Snitiu- Will Have Xo Klu_.
Washington, July 18.—It ll stated in
quarters intimately acquainted with recent conduct of .Samoan affairs that the
abolition of kingship in Samoa has advanced considerably further than a provisional arrangements by the Bamoan commission and that the three governments
nave so far acquiesced that this feature
is assured as part of the permanent system for the government of Samoa.
Killed Ilia Sweetheart.
Lincoln, III., July 18.—Roy Sutton Is
under arrest charged with murdering his
sweetheart, Leona Klmere of Mason City.
Sutton, it is alleged, shot the girl twice
and then fired a bullet through his own
body.   He will probably die.
Sutton served in the anny during the
war with Spain.
f'erniania Hank Closed.
St. Paul, duly 10.—The (.'ermania State
bank, capitalized at $200,000, was closed
by State Hank Kxamincr Pope. The last
statement showed d posits on hand of nearly half a million.
HOWS Tiiisr
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
sny case of Catarrh laat connot be cured by
Hall'a Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CliENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
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snd nnanclally able to carry out any obligations
muds hy their firm.
WEST A TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Druggists.   Toledo,   O.
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St. Augustine, the oldest, city in the
United States, was founded by the
Spaniards ln 1505.
I.a,Ilea  Ian   Wear  Hl..»ea
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K.i * u powder to Ih? shaken uilo tlie shoe*,
ll makes light or new shoes feel easy;
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cure foi Ingrowing nails, sweating, snniri
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Address. Allen H.Olmsted, be Boy, N. Y.
An ounce of keep-your-mouth-shut Is
better than a pound of explanation
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I'erfect   Syslem  t'leasera.
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cleanse and purify your body inside. All drug
gists,   lue,  ISO.  OOc.
l>.-«ir...-il...   III..?.- al the Vs.)   Vard.
New York, duly lit. Kin* at the llrook-
lyn navy yard threatened much valuable
propert) in the building occupied by the
pro. isiou and clothing department of the
bureau of supplies and accounts.
T'he fire was discovered on the third
fhs.r in which the duck cloth was kept and
cut up for the men in the navy. Aliout
1000 worth of cloth was on the Hour, and
it is thought that it was entirely consumed by thc lire,'as the Haines swept
from one CBd of the building to the other.
(in the second ftW »•<* stored in bales
cm end by waterproof matriial all the
other cloth for the suits worn in the navy
nnd needed for ol her. pin poses. The cloth
on this floor was estimated to be valued at
$500,000, How much of il was deslroyed
by wuter could not be learned, but it wns
thought that it must have been somewhat
damaged! despite the fact thai it was protected by watorpipol covering.
Bailie Wilh Robber (Jans*.
Las Yegas, N. M . July 19.—Meager de
tails were leccivcd here of a pitched battle
between a sheriff's posso and the gang of
outlaw* who held up the Colorado _
Southern passenger train nt Folsom a few
■lav* ago. The affray occurred near Cm.-
arron. J. W. Knir. member of the posse,
was killed, ('iniairon is situated inland
from telegraph lines.
Deputies tan and Smith of Springer,
N.  M.,  were  probably  fatally  woiindeds
\V  II. Reno, chief nf the secret service do
partment of the Colorado _ Southern, was
also wounded.
The rolil-er* were uninjured. They es
capcl to the hills. ABOtlwr pOW Ml 0T*
polled at Cinia'iri.iiaiid i* now* in pursuit
of \Mew^mV*' | *».-..' '
By a wise provision, close beside the
little tree on which nutmegs grow, often stands a greater.
I.j «>..■■ Boarding School lor Boys.
Superior advantages; reasonable charge.
Send for prospectus lo Jnmes Lyon, principal,
Spokane. Wash.
A Frenchman who loves his wife
calls her his "darling cabbage," or his
"little blue rabbit."
Keser and  Iron Work*.
uri.l Iron fencing; 00*10* railing. «tft Ml Aider.
At Naples ln 1656 during the plague
which lasted 28 weeks, 380,000 people
write to  NATHAN
B1CKFORD, Washington, D. C, they wUI
. ., receive quick replies. B, 5th N. H. rots..
Buff stlth Corps. Proeecutlns claims since UT7S.
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AUK and full address.  All correspondence professionally confidential.
Wm. MAY, M.  D.(
■at* UDorsto-Y. 94 Fin* It. Naw York Clt.
.   ——. a—
lion. Judson U'. Lyons, Register of
the United States Treasury, in a letter
froui Washington*? „». <.!,, says;
Track-laying  on   the  three-mile  ex
tension of the P. V.   &Y. R. R. will be-   t|lM nif.a  ,)f  ,,|0
gin this week, with a crew of twenty
A starch factory is the latest manufacturing Institution which the Chamber of Commerce is attempting to locate in Spokane.
Messrs. Savage and Schofleld of Olympia were awarded the contract to'states.    Hon.   Lyons  address  is  Au-
Hon. Judson   W,   Lyons, Ueglster of the
April .'Sii, 18119.
i'e ni ua   Drug  M'f'g Co.,  Columbus,
(iHnllciiien—I find Pu-ru-na to he an
excellent remedy for the catarrhal affections of spi'u-.' and summer, and
llioao wiio nitTci from depression fiom
i summer will find uo
remedy the erpial of Pe-ru-na.
.Unison \V. I.vniis.
No man in battler known in the
financial world than Judson W. Lyons.
His name on every piece of money
of recent date, makes his signature one
of the most familiar ones in the Unitod
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow** Sooth-
build a new bridge across the Yakima
river; contract price, $3,783.
Twenty tons of machinery to complete the stump mill ln the Peahastin
has arrived and will be taken in as
soon as the road is completed. Prospectors are coming in every day.
M. R. Staight was ln from Summit
camp (near Republic) recently and
stated that the first kiln of lime burned by his company, which amounted to
500 barrels, had all been disposed of
and that he was having the kiln refilled.
Sam Hull sold a bunch of horses at
auction ln Pomeroy, Wash., the other
day, receiving about $15 per head for
unbroken 3- and 4-year-old colts. Old
Alwood, whose history and pedigree
are familiar to every horseman in thc
Pacific northwest, was knocked down
to Frank Morrison for $31.
Fish Commissioner Little of Washington has arranged to start a small
factory In Tacoma for the manufacture of wire baskets to be used In the
state fish hatcheries. About 1,700 will
be required, and three men will be required to work about three months in
making a sufficient supply to last several years.
One agricultural Implement firm at
Colfax, Wash., sold six headers, one
binder and a sower recently, and It is
stated that sales of agricultural machinery generally throughout the
grain belt are very heavy, approaching
very close to the phenomenal record of
last year, when dealers could not procure appliunces fast enough to supply
the trade.
County Commissioner Strong reports the grain crop In the Wenatchee
country to be a good average; alfalfa
about a third of a crop below the Mission, owing to the freeze-out last winter; above that place the alfalfa was
not injured. Peaches and apricots
will be short, but a better quality.
During the oyster planting season
just closed at Wlllapa, Wash., over 200
men were engaged In tonging in the
various channels for young growth for
transferring to the artificial beds.
About 150,000 baskets wero taken out,
and twenty-two sloops and forty bat-
ti'iius were employed.
Potatoes are only eight cents a
pound ln the Republic market Nearly all kinds of new vegetables have
found their way into market, but they
are far from cheap. Eggs are scarce
and fresh ones sell at 50 cents a dozen.
The British ship MacDuff, for Portland, Ore., is now several days overdue
having ben out 155 days from Calcutta. She has a cargo of 4,000,000 grain
bags, and unless she arrives soon, the
price of grain bags in the northwest
will probably take a big Jump upward,
as harvesting has already commenced.
In Clarke county, Wash., prunes are
going to be scarce. There are a few
small orchards which promise almost
a full crop,   and there are larger or-
gusta, 'la. He is a mem bet of thn National Ke'inblleaii Committee, and is a
prominent ami influential politician.
He is a particular liieud ut Piesideut
Remember tbat cholera morbus,
cholera infantum, summer complaint, bilious colic, diarrhoea and
dysentery are each and all catarrh
of the bowels. Catarrh is the only
correct name for these affections.
Pe-iuna is an absolute specilic fui
these ailments, which are so common in summer. Dr. Hartman, in
a practice ol over forty years, never
lost a single case of cholera infantum, dysentery, diarrhoea, or cholera nimbus, and bis only remedy
was Pe-ru-na. Those desiring
further particulars should send for
a free copv of ''Summer Cataiih."
Address Dr. llaitman, Columbus, U.
Oeneral Wood In Charge-riflteer* aud
Kmplpyea Cannot Enter Ihe C'ltj The
.Mayor Ordered tu Close All Hotels and
Saloon*   Captain WoodruO Is Dead.
Santiago de Cuba, July 14.—General
Leonard Wood, in command of the department of Sanliago, has issued an order establishing ubsolutc quarantine. Alt ofllcers
and employes of the government are forbidden lo enter the city ■"•Uh tlie exception
of those belonging to tbe department. Tho
mayor in directed to close nil American
hotels und siiloona, to forbid other liquor
dealers lo sell Intoxicant* to Americans,
and lu arrest all intoxicated Americans or
loiterers in tlie miloona. Pack teams have
been ordered to establish camps outside of
the city, und all troops will be moved to
'bongo except one company at Mono caatlc.
| The headquarters of all departments were
moved to CriatO, -nd the railroad* and
steamship line* are forbidden to bring
Americans into the city. No ship* are permitted to touch at the wharves, Tho
strictest regulations have been established
for the protection of the soldiers at Camp
Mono Iroiu fever. No travelers will be
permitted lo leave here without having
undergone live days' detention in camp.
General Wood proposes to adopt bcruie
measure* to stamp out the fever.
Death or Cap- Woodruff.
Washington, July 14. —The adjutant
general has received a dispatch from Colonel Combs at lioniago, near Santiago, announcing tlie death from yellow fever of
Captain Thomas M. Woodruff, adjutant of
lhe Fifteenth infantry. Woodrulf '.-as a
West Point graduate, appointed from the
District of Columbia.
The Lake Patrol,
Manila, July 111.—Laguna de BflJ is be
ing patrolled by three tioops of the Fourth
cavalry, under Captain McGraw, nnd the
army gunboat Napidan, commanded by
Lieutenant Carsen. The force make* its
headquarters on un island, living in cas-
(ncs. in which the men arc towed about
to make unexp.-clid visits to towns when.
there are small forces of insurgents, for
the purpose of keeping the rebels moving.
Recently the troops hid an engagement
at Mantilupa, on lhe south coast of the
lake. They found 5IKI insurgents there.
entrenched near the sin.re. Tlie .Napid.ui
shelled the rebels and a party of Aineri
can troops, numbering 185, landed and
drove them by a sharp running lire to the
hills, where they were too strongly en
trenched for the small force to attack
Two of the cavalrymen were wounded
and the bodies of 10 insurgents teen
found. It is supposed the enemy "a loss
is 35.
-*iKht Hour Un Declared Void.
Denver, July 10.—Thc supreme court
unanimously decided the eighthour law to
be uiieonsiitution.il.
The eight-hour law whicli was enacted
at the late session of the legislature, applies only to mines, smelters and mills for
the reduction of ores. Tiie refusal of the
American ,*5meltitig and Refining Company
to pay the utile wages for eight hours,
caused its smelters to lie closed on June
16th, when the new law became operative.
This company, which is known as tho
Smelter Trust, will now endeavor lo reach
an agreement with its formnr employe^ as
lu wages and hours of lalair, and to reopen il* smellers us sunn ;is possible.
Officers of the Snnlteinieii's Union say
that, the fuinaceinen who formerly worked
twelve hour* a day will work eight in the
Athletes llt-ain Their i'r-rtii-e.
London, July 18.- Tlie American University athletic (Harvard-Yule) combination his ei ui i men ceil practice at the Queens
Club. Ten members of the Cambridge-
(•Moid team did a little desultory work.
While il is too early to discriminate between the con testa nts, the Englishmen do
not appear to be iu as good condition as
the Americans. The Americans all around
are younger and lighter, but they are in
I excellent foi in.
"They did not pick that stuff quick
enough, did they, mamma?" asked a
little boy as he passed a grocery where
several cakes of limburger were taking a breathing spell outside.
Sn.s She  l-'lr.-.l   in  Srir-Derenae.
Chicago, July is.—A special from St.
Louis says:
Louil \V. Hot-day, son of Jesse W. Hol-
llday, a Chicago millionaire, is lying probably fatally wounded at the lt.iptist Sanitarium, lie was shut by his wife at their
Mrs. llolliday was arrested and locked
up at the police station. She says she did
tlie ihooti-g in self-defense. Young llolliday met Mrs. llolliday. nee Annie lirew-
iter, a triek bicycle rider, in Houston,
Texas, in 1897.
Mi mil roe k  Takes  a  Third   Spin.
Southampton, July 18.—Tlie cup challenger Shamrock went for a spin in
Boothaniptod waters. She started under
all her working siiN and ofl Calshot
Castle bottle, her club topAail. Near the
isle of Wight she caught a spanking
breeze and  went  down  the  west  channel
big Syrup the best remedy to use for their : ,.*jar(is which show from one-fourth to  apparently at tremendous pice.   Later the
•-ildrea doing the teething period.
one-half crop, while the bulk of the or-
| ehiirdH are either    without    fruit or
The more noise a dog makes the less  snow onljr a few pruneg on the trees.
Is his bite to be f -red.   The contrary | TnIg ,8 probaij*y true ln a general way
Is the rule with the mosquito. | of al* weBtern Washington.
 '. T_i_,.. r-..r« I    Everywhere ln the Palouse Is notic-
I believe my prompt use of Plso a cur* »
preventedlq3o_ con.umptlon.-Mra.   Hi-   ed  active preparations    for    harvest,
ey Wallace, Marquette. Kan*., Dec. 11 'Ut i The farmers are getting their machln-
 — j ery ready,   and the annual exodus of
A rosebush Is thought to be exceed-1 harvest hands to tho counties south of
lngly modest, but   yet it wants   tho  snB^e -.ver na8 begun.   There is a no-
CIT* PermauenUj- OureO. f n BM or nsrronsne,
ill* after first day's use of Dr. Kllos's Urea
Nern Restorer. Send Ibr FKKB •J.OO trla
xaue and treatise. DIV B. li. ___N_, lid., •*
irc_ street. Phli*ael---la. P-	
Sometimes unpleasantrles or controversies arise between factions, or Individuals, and sides are taken by respective friends or admirers; and when we
hear one side of tho story we are in
cllned to think the party of one sldi
has been badly
much to blame; but when we hear the
other aide of the story we find the mat-
tlceable dropping off in the number of
men and teams that are going south to
work ln harvest fields, compared with
former years, which presages a shortage of harvest help ln tbis country
should there bo as large a yield as
many expect.
Shamrock returned to lior moorings with
her mainsail damaged.
To   lii.estlm.le   the   lie. ..lull.....
New York, July IS.'—The Herald's correspondent in San Salvador reports th.it
the gtiveriiment has decided to declare the
capital iu a state of siege in order to investigate the recent attempt at revolution.
All is quiet in the country at present.
To «*ro»a Ihe Continent.
N'ew Yo,k, July 15.-*Tohn D. Davis
and his wife have started for a trip t^ter quite different from what we first
.  -n_.line automobile,
The i InilMiiiru  Illolera.
Cherbourg, July 18.—More arrests have
lieen   made  owing   to   the   police   station
:iMi| 0^r   being besieged by i. pirty of marines who
demanded  lhe  release of their comrades.
••Both my wile and myself have been
-alng CAsrAiu: is and thev are the best
medicine wo have ever had In the bouse. Laat
w*elt my wife was frantlo with hesduebs tor
two days, sbe trleil aomoof yourCASCAKKTS,
and then relieved tho pain In ber head almost
Immediately. We both reeonimeml Caacaret* "
Ciias. STtntroKU.
Pittsburg Sat* A Deposit Co., PUMburg, Pa
rise, on a gasoline nutoniobil.*-1 mipposed, and If both sides ****£&
The trip will be tlie longest, if com*
ever made by an automobile.
To Kiplore the Arctic.
blame we may find the supposed Innocent party most to blame.
M. nl
lit   til
Park, ***ni Mme". Co,
rnlversliles. Ijn-nlli-n.
on., accredit. 11
i-llnmii' unit eni'i'
TNADS MA**. niaisnniD
Tlie windows of the station were broken.
Soldiers with drawn swords pursued the
men who were engaged in tearing down
I.interns after thc national fete. The riot-
us in several places attempted to provoke
the Infantry by insulting cries. The
troops, however, remained calm.
Pleasant, PslstsWe.   I'ntent.   Tstte  Good. 1st
EmDloyer to Clerk—"I don't object  HiVlamll*»*n. W*ak*B.orOri5»._ftm«a
■aia,, Ctaiaaa, Xaalrral, *•• fart.   Ill
are the users.   More users of it than
any other.   Why >  THE BEST I
Costs VOU no more than Ihe poorest I
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦I
ihi> over a little bit The blood uonrlshu tbe
system.   When  tba blood become* Impure It Is
unable lo furni*h lunirMiiiieiii lo all parts of
the bo.lv anil sn kne*s iu seme purl results. II
you sre slelt pin 1 ly rou I blood with
Moore's Revealed Remedy
Thousands ol seemlngl*- Incurable rases have
been cured-It ne.or un sla «lvo relief.    Easy
snd plenssnl to lake. ll.on per boiile al rout
Relief for Women*
"C^^    -toni/Vw.in pIftJn,in*lp<l^n¥plope. Writ*
tO-llaaT  fur  tilt**   BOOfcta C<'111 Alt.ll.fr   PlirttOU-
Uu> and TtNttuuoiLl-Jj uf ML MAUTK _»
French Female Pills.
Pr_Ji-r<*i by IbOWUdaof Mtmflnl !*d.«iu
wf-rt, nl wny* rrlUtMi'anil without an i-riuiU.
Mwbrauai-Tunriittlq m«*ia, ml nv-kw
f on tot) In Blue, White and Red,   Take no other.
Utah Drug Cu.,tttl ft UM htfl Bt., Mew Vork City.
For GADTrhi™ ami (!l« I uri-t Pale,', l ikaj Bpe—TV* II
a tha ONI.V niMllrlD,' »lm-h »lll , ur.' ,_'li alii ..try
—ao. NO i'ask known lt haa • .,r ri.il.sl to cur*, do
_*U«r now wHiHm or of hi.w Ions- aumllnff. h—nilts
Crora llr use will aatonlsli v.,u. It la alaolutelr aa/a,
pr^vpot* *rl.-lurv and can Is- taken without Iih-out*.
olrn.s. ami ik-h-nllim from l.u.in.-*a PUP K S>00. Foe
.ale hy all reliable uni|ra1*1f, or Bent prep—it l>, nils asm
o—iiily wraj-ed, on r.«-c*|>t of nrlce, by
_, . I'Aiwt ca*_iioj_(xi..oi__-o._i.
OmdB-f mailed oc ravjua-
Um BU 41 for iinmtnri
: diitrharfcea, Inflammation!,
irritation,   or  n.cerattoM
of   in ii i .> u a   membrane-*.
Ifre-reau -.mam..*.       Painle.-, end not Mtrta«
iTHEEvANf (W«MICIiL0O. B*Dt 0r l°,MD0M'
I    Mold by  Un-nt*-S
*or tent In plain wrapper
by  efpreM,   prepaid,   fo.
11.00, or I b.-tilee, $_.;.v
(Ircular Mut 4W reQ&«e»
Qlff F0R A DOSE. •"""* Sick Hesdach*
"'' ''y'IM'1-sla, KemoTt* llmplrsaml Purity th*
Blood, Aid 1'iiiistionsndProTfntltilloasness. Do
not Urine orSlokrn. Torontlncsyon.wewlll msll
aample free, orlull ho» for25c. nil. IK.SANKO
CO., Philada., friiiiu.   Sold by PruggltU.
II (.11 INi. riles priiiluretniMst ure.nd oanne itch Ing,
Thia form, aa well aa llliiul, Blacdinaor 1'rotruilinf
l'llsa aro oursdhr Dr. Boarinko'* Pile Remedy
Stopa Itclilne andhleeilltiK. -AI.BDrtia tumors. Ns-a
JaratdraaKiataoraeut uy oia,:. Treatiaofrao. Writs
aia about jour caae.   Hit Ui is \ \'Kl», I'hil.da . l'a.
nn aitenihin to M.nt-ii.  Moral iimi I'tiysbui   |0 your g0|ng to a funeral once in a JfS  _"_____
^Zu^Z^iVrZr^ f^cSSSS-S! wWl*. but I think you'mlght brlng mo ^•"-<t"'
St. Johns, 1*. F.. July 18*-Th(
ovpeilition --Inn,,.'.' j^^Jf-J^gSd
Srrta* «w Sll men wall iccMtotnod ^fwJ^Sgj g-? fiS?1""'. u0,ne'tt"nBh ■>■"iV!0'' i NO-TO-BAC f^K-VWrailt^af
i*v-^**w^et'1i»4iw<'V.,*'--'s*ev«^ .«**v*^•l♦*H'<,■*...'->!»#eTX.*^^*^-^
N. It. V,
I  the world's greatest her,,,
' by M iir.it llnlstead.
Amenta **A anted.
Only at.no
B.C. Miller, SWash. Bl.
No. 20, 'L'*).
V tlWL	
V '
yy§ ere now agents for
Sewing Machines
Just Arrived
WMMV***** <¥¥***»*»** ******
o yon   want
JEWELRY,    ------
PIANOS !-_-_--__
Jaoob Dover,
III 81     .   .    fl,'8.n, E.G.
I_>o   You _R*lali?
IiqDS   and   BASKETS,
HOX_B>__v.       WWW.
Rook     Bottom
r _F»rIoe»
B. C.
JAME8 BOWES    -  r  -  -    PROP.
••; Heafl(|iiartm Por Mining Men :•:
SILVERTON      •      -     •      -  B*C.
ted SjjO LINE
New Fast   Daily Service Between
■,'V TUB
Improved Connecting Service via Revel-
eto.ke or Crow* Neat Routes,
First olasa aleepen on all trains  from
Tourist cars, pass Revelstoke, Duily for
St Panl, Thiiredave: lor Montreal and
Boaton, Tuesdays and Saturdays for
Toronto 92 boors, Montreal 06 hours.
New York 108"     Winnipeg 62   "
yancouver 26 "    Victoria    $1  "
Por the North, Revelstoke, and Main
Line 10;30 K ex* Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 1&:50K.
P<tr Rossland, Nelson and Crows Nest
Lino 10:-OKex. Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Bunds v 10*301-
For rates sud fnll information apply to
nearest local agent or
W. 8. CLARK, Agent, Silverton
Trav. Paaa. Agent, Nelson
P^ist. Paaa. Agent, Vancouver
mm k %\nm
• mn
B. 0.
Auctioneers, Customs I-rokkhb,
And General Real Estate Aoent-.
Office In Btslsr Blank    •   •     Baker Bt.
General Fn-igli. and Transfer
R*wi_m Iton-e.
Orders lett at  News Stand will   be
promptly attended to.
J 4 G* GQ-t&ON, ~^
SILVERTON,        -      -      -      P. C
j. m. McGregor.
Wages, $3,00
 Per Day.
WAKE. IELI MIE8, tinted.
Owing to a reduction in miners' wattes
cansed by the enforcement ol the eight
hour law, the miners are all Idle and the
mines have shut down.   Therefore all
worklngmeq are hereby warned to keep
away from  tlie Slocsn and  Kootenay
country, British Colombia, until present
tro.uWesare  amicably settled  between
mine owners and miners.
Sandon. B. C.     W. L Hagler,
June nd. 1899.        Secretary  Sandon
Miners' Union
J. M. M. Reni-duni,
" free. 8llvertonM. U.
L. Knowles,
8ecreUrv,    Bilverton
Miners' I'nion.
Ot««*tO  OR   IN ARREARS   A
| $   BLUE   CROSS    WILL
$«*•*•-$   BE  FOUND   IV  THIS
asking miners to come into this country
sad work for less clear voney than
they can raako in the $_st and expecting them to -W>" to earn it, U
this a bluff or only a jo*-?
fcl)|.0ML 0UTCK(l.ri^-.   \
The iiicnilicra of the Mine Owners"
Association are still deluding themselves with the idea that the Eight
Hour law is to be held in abeyance
and tbo political wejjfaro of the
country is to be dictate*! from tbe
bead office of their association. They
fail to recognize the true state of
affuirs, which is that tiny are a lot of
calamity howlers, who are largely
overestimating their importance antl
who aro destined to be "sat down upon
hard" at the next meetiigof the
Legislature, Tbey are like spoil
I'hildreu, wbo, because tl.ey cannot
have their own wuy, throw .way their
citi.dy, little realizing ibat in a shun
time they Will betryiug for .ln.se*. If-
same sweet- They would, if tiny
had I heir way, to gain their belli h
Buds, wreck tins uh-le oui'iitry und
destroy its piiiaperity witli as little
r gard f.,r tin welfare of the people
who are mnk'ng this land 'tietr jiome,
a* the ab*e..tc- I* sub landlord lias for
Ins tenantry.
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
C.in Have Them  Reserved By, Writing To—
f t t T t t *   t
,' 8&VKBT0'nl. . . -
The reports circulated by the subsidized agents of the Mine Owners
Association, to thc contrary, the fact
still remains that thero are at present
more miners employed in the mines
Hound and about. Silveiton, twice
over, than during this stason lai-t
year. In fact thn demand for mir.ers
has been so great that, twice within
(he last week, Sandon haa been called
upon to furnirh miners to a)\ up the
quota ot men wanted. Not only are
all the Silverton miners working but
they are motiving the full Union
wage of $3 50 per dav,
Following is a complete list ol the
mining ir-iiBSt: iom. recorded during the
week ior the Slooan Miuing Division.
Julv ll-Jack Pine Fr, Four Mile ck, G
H Dawson. Nickle Plate, Red Mt, roloc
hi.BH, L M Kuuwles.
12—buck Fr, reloc New Oxford,  W  .
Cl.ik.   Rancher, Eight Milo ck. Geort/e
White.   Le Rov.ratne.
14—Bell Smith Fr, McGuigan baBin,  T
J'lo-Suiid..y, Cody ck, Jas Croft.
George, Wiibonck. A W Markham, G >
VaiiBtone. Four Silver Tipn and Pearl,
name. Mario, Four Mile, reloc Summit.
J Anderson
17—Fanny, Glacier ck, H Bymell. Imperial, u fork Carpenter, <J Eccles.
July 12— Patella, Betsy Ron, Rul'y.
Peraerveraiieefr , Commodore Sehlev.
13—Highland, RonniH Jean, Broncho,
Southern Girl, Caledonia Ir, Bloonilng-
lon-Geieree, Black Horse, Century ft,
Rio Ir  Hell Ir. Morning Snn.
14 -Dreadnaughl, Know Bird, Nalxil,,
Hairy. Altoona, TaWBIlda, Bow Knot,
Tiiwanda fr, L fr, Reiibin.
15—Sjiliinx, Siller Cord, llelenti
Kalrv Queen.
]7—>„n(li n.Ttoi hy, Alias, Slavonic,
r-i'uuiiB, Ajax, Bird fr.
June II—Hon. vino,.o. \$, A F O'Brien
tu Frank Fmuie, Jnm* 30, $100.
12-A I, 'j HO Wheeler to VV8
Clark, .Im'.* 16, -K>»0.
14—Oruekeijatk H, Broken Lock 1-12
F J 1'iniiciine to T J I/emlriim, Jnne 5
Fidelity Frm'lioti,all, Broken l*H'k,,',
(!rai'ke«jack '•}. Saiueto Scott McDonald
Jii".' 5
16—Fsiry.CTPoiter to Jno G Steel.
Mm 21)
17-Ile.lnv llo*s, all. Slsiiley. >,. II I
Brag'di u to II Clever, July 12, *30Q.
Nunc* Leo H I'Htellu, Ai E Bragdon
to Smiir*, Juiv 12  i'sisO.
Wil'.ml ''.'. II T l5ro*.il*Jli lo M E Rrag
.ion, Julv 12, ♦180.
Thorburn **
♦2 00 p.r Anr,
If, by means of false lights and
lyinjj Bif-nsls, some vessel ir lured on
the rocks and wrecked, tbe wreckers
are hung, if caught But, if hy means
of false leports and lying despatches,
the transportation companies can
dump a crowd of men an some bleak
and frozer shore, where starvation
and death must lie the lot of many,
are the liars hung? The u*u»l seasons
crop of lies of golden finds in the
Arties, is coming up in the Pacific
Coast papers, This year, not many
will be found to believe them.
Mr C concluded    to   mine.   He
bonded the I. mine und spent con-
fiileralile money o:i it - tt at is he fur—
njahed considerable money, which wis
*|ient by someone elee. He i.ever
would no down the mine, partly Wattse
|he was afraid nml -naitly because he
hud sens.* enough io kuow he would be
in no wav wiser for iM-iu*.', He fpent
I Is time on the veranda of the' hoarding
■joiiee, plavins   pedro.   T|i     m|ue   was
run Ior home months and C lost ail
be pnt into it, and now he -.-oi.demnB all
mining ventuies as basardous and
illegitimate—says 11 miners are robbers,
and would go to *ieep on shift.
—Helena Independent.
The mine owners of tbis seption,
say that they will not he "-forced".
They are not being forced. Tbey
shut down their mines of their own
accord. This was not force. They
keep them closed—of their own accord
again. They can cpen them when
tfcey wish Provided, of course, that
they psy living wages. No force is
necessary, unless the stockholder*!
deem fit to use it on their managers.
"The rate of wages paid undercround
miner* in the Seine River district i*
$2 75 per day, surfacd men ge tting from
*2, to |2 25, Out of tbis, they pay from
|4. to $5. a week lor board. Contract
labor rules at the rate of $18 to tf 25 a
loot tor sinking and |8 to $12 a loot for
And it is from the Seine River
country nnd other eastern districts
that the mine ownera of the Slocan
threaten to import men to tako the
places of the miners now on strike.
la it likely that men, will leave the
Seine I^iver country to come out and
1 .cab" in the Slocan miuei for less
actual pay than tbey are now receiving
whero they  are.    They   s,rc   actually
Oh wheie
Has all the nice c.-ol air
(tone that wn uwnl to swear
At lam winter, eh?
O f.r a daj—
Even a few
Hour* would do,
With the thermometer playing
Tag with the zero mark and  the snow
All over the place.
'M.-mber you used to race
To work
Wiih trie north wind a-chirk
At vour chin
And your thin
In the breezy,
AI ii ion l»he re?
And now we're
Dallying with a lot of heat,
Doesn't it heat
All how lime „ies?
'Member how your eyes
Used to get
Full of wet
Irani when the wind blew
A few
Freezes across the wild moor?
Now it* your
Forehead that is leaking,
Ami you'd give $4 for a shrieking
Uf last
Winter, wouldn't yon?
'Member how your feet flew
From under you and vou sat
On the icy sidewalk—
Don't talk I
ley hiilewulk—doesn't that sound grand?
Kn|h'.:i.iIIi* when you've fanned
An arm off trying to get hreesu
Enough to make you sneeze,
0 Wi. ter. say!
You were a
Good thing, and we did wrong
To. push yim along.
For Sale or Rent,
A lliilcl In Silvcrlim,
Apply to—Matheson Bros,
SlIvertoD, B. O.
NOTICE.—"Noktii ExciuNott Faic-
tion" mineral claim, silnute in the
SIixmii Ci'y nijnii.g .divisiuu of Weal
Koot. ii .iv district.
Wlim-fi I.M-aleil:    Ou Diytoo creek nd-
joiiiing   the   "Silver l'lalc"   mineral |
claim. '.
Take mt ice thai } FrnndaJ. O'RriUy
us ... nt l.r  R .la-rt A. Hr»,|«h:uv, free
iniiier'a-.-citinValeNo 2J4t »."j *>. 1. Clone*,
free miner's certificate No. ■r*879.\,Geor_e ;
\l  Surelle. free  miner'* certinVuto No
BH600snd D 0 Lewis, free miner's cer- I
lit! nt.- No. 2874»    Intend  sixty   day*:
irom   (he .late hereof, to apply to the!
mil ing leciird-r for aiertifiorc oflin-l
proven ent*, fur the pnr|-Q-t*tjf oiiiaii-titi
a Crown Grant of   the aiaivt claim.
Ami further take   notice   that   action
under nection 37,   must   lip commenced
iieinre the i-i-naiu'e of buc)) pertlfiisita <*f
Dated thin Twelfth .lav of June 18'JO.
FK.'MIh J. O'RrlLl.V
24 I 6 I 99.
NOTICE. :^t- "I.ucar  Jack"     Mineral |
Claim i -Ituaie in the HI.,can City Mm-1
ing Division of Weal K.Kitpnay li|~ n-i
Where  l.iciile.l:—On Kuminii  Or  I'-r-o
Creek, 10 miles from Kin-can River.
Take notice that I, J   Murray McGregor,
tcting as   u.ent  for Robert  Bradshaw,
lue   Miners Certificate   No. 2.40->\, in-
t*-ml sixty day* fn m the date hereof, to
apply to tbe Mining Recorder (or a Certificate nf  Improvements,  forthe  purpose of obtaining a Crown Graut ol the
uLove cla'in.
And further  take   notice that action
under section 37,   must  l-e commenced
burore the issuance of sucb   Certificate o
Dated thia fifteenth day of June, 189ft.
J. li. McGaaooa.
24 | 6 | 99.
NOTICE    :—' Rncller"    and    "Rock-
lf-d Mineral Claim*;   aituata in the
Slocan Mining Division of \. eat Kootenay District.
Where located :—On Eight Mile creak
adjdning the Willa Mineral Claim.
Take notice that I, J Murray McGregor
act in as agent for W W. Spinks, Free
Miner. Certificate No. B1.9M. intend
•dxty days from the dale hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder tor a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crowr Grant of tbo above
And further Iske notice that action*
under serti'in 37, must be romme_erd
before tbe issuance of sucb Certificate
of Improv. ment*.
Dated this 17th day of July 1899.   ...
J. M. McGaaooa.
Use   None   But I
The Best!
Try fr-fnww 1
■WIS 0.!   AllLUJUTW
fifBfral IWf Of M,  lit.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after da'e I, W. I) McGregor,
intend to apply to Uie Chief Commissioner nf Lands and Works for parr-is.don
to purchase the following described tract
oi land * Situated four miles east of
Slocan River on Lemon Creak at tlie
mouth of tbe First North Fork, in West
Kootenav District; starting from a post
marked W. D. McGregor's N E. Corner,
thence soutn 40 chain*, thence west 40
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
east 40 chains, to place of beginning, the
whole containing 160 acres
Da*ed J une 30th. 1899.
W. D. McGregor.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty
days after date, I intend to apply to tbe
Chief (■'•mmi*i*ionnr of Land*and Works
for permission to pnruhaae the following
described land: situated four miles east
ol Slocan River on Lemon Creek, at the
month of the First North Fork, in West
Kootenay District; starting from a po-t
marked J. M, McGregor's N. W. corner
thence south 40 chain,*'," thence east 40
chain*, thence north 40 chains,. thence
went 40. hiiii.H to place of beginning, the
wLole containing 160 acres. ^
Dated June SOth. 1899.
J. M. McGregor,
A Pit Acne**. Book roa. Pg/ cnc.u Bo
Should ho in the hands of every
Mining Man and Meullnrg-l.
It Is not based on lar-oratorr test*. Im!*!
the VMentUb aasvLTS obtained hj Ik
author in an experience of ovxa ttPH
ItUI, and tei a how best tn ewplov M
which is already in use. ant in an) *•
locality, but all over the world.
Mo-brn Macbivbrt PuitwnixfiC'
218 L* Hall* St««_t, Cm caoo, I'. 8.1
•When In
J _V_©_LySt)X.
C«nh*r H.II mi Strm Sis. t
FoniisN Rouas.
Oaigle's Black-
smith Sho"'
Qeieral Bhek-Mthiig
WAYS   ON  HAJ-t)-
Ye^empWeWIt^*^ teiti1tit)s\s*,'JI*4r^
jsemm •^■-^wm«^.-»,'%'*»*w>w*h'V' *r H"mswmt^*Aw^irm*j»iw*^ *wt*m*m)^km^eyi»m I
:jjri^:^;.AZ:^''j/,^trx:t, ~<:v.x:x\:.'rt . i;^'^:.*^*■•J"^'»A sffiZ^t^^


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