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And Up To Dafe
Mining News
 L-llli- ■ IU-M1
Of The Richest
Camp  Of British
tunnel being tun to tap the mammoth
A. E ledge hit _ now reached a depth ol
85 feet, and within tlio next 15 feet the
tunnel should cut the ledge. Tbe face
of the tunnel is now in country rock that
s stained and splashed with copper
If tbe owners  of the A.E.   succeed in
. ..mi   UDU.fi   AD Till? I demonstrating that their ledge improves
JIlWI. AM .MALI™  W   I"** lDTCloewithdeplllU wi,l   not  only be
of benefit to them but ol greater importance to this district I han sny atrike thut
has heretofotu taken place.
Up on the "ortb   *ide  °'   Vancouver
mountain, dlrtclly opposite the  Wakefield   concentrator and  adjoining   the
Btiriisido claim, one  of   the   Wakefield
propei.it.tii is situated iho Totpedo claim
oWliedb) Kd. Stewart, Fiaua Byau and
Wrick Cluuo    On this property a large
»iuoouiof development woik and pros-
peciiiiK '"'H been done this season, with
tlie resul' Ihat it is now known   as  one
of the lie**, prospects in this district,   Ou
Hie property are two well defiued veins
t.i:. ol which liuvc been traced lor some
distance aud sie proven to contain rich
ore.  These two veins i.iu   parallel and
about I'Mi.t ii|idit   the   fctiiku  f    .oth
being east And west wiih a  dip  to  the
north.   Un the Torpedo   vtin  a lUunel
h__i been driven, fallowing the  vein,   a
distance of 170 leet and Home  very  rich
ore encountered    winch   gives   n^n.,
valuer of W2 mint e- in bilvif to the t.ti
aud50 percent h-ad    lu the lice ol the:
tunnel lhe paystreak shows to bc about
•i\ inches wide aud appeal • lo Isy close
lo aud follow  the  hanging-wall.   The
Other lead vthich   runa   parallel  to   tbe
lWp.'iln \etii and distant aoout  40 feet,
!..:.- lecu  traced   ou   the  stutaco   ior
b.-.. i..i Iniudl.-d feet ..nl  ... j ..i..--"   up   by
numerous ahallnw p is  aud  open-unit.
This vein vurie» front us to eight feet iu
width and a here opened   up was   tilled
with ore carrying ainc, carbotfRM- and
(jaleii*.   A   cmes-cut tunnel  has bead
*-lsrt.-il t j tup ibis h-ati »t a pjiut   aboat
-00 lett Ulnw the month   oi   lite luuuel
'iriieii   on    thc    Torpedo    vein.   Thia
•uiiifi ia now in 2j feet   and   wi 1   be  a
ii't.'e "ver 50 feet in  length  wheu  eom-
Ac'nA mil will ctit the vein at a depth ol
about 80 feet   Auoiher cross cut tunne
hss ah-o-becui.turii.il to  cut  this   vein
coiimioiicing at ;i  point   iu   tho   tunue'
driven  on   liu   Torpetlo vein abovt 16,1
tiH't in from its .mouth.   This  t;ro.«8 cut
Is ihi'.v iu about 18 feet and  when   com*
11"!.-.! wiil cut  tbo   vci.i  at  a  vertical
depth 'of UO leet.   The character of the
•ornutloo is similar to that of the   Van-
:ciuvcr,Group being  a  elate. and   lime
elude.   A rawhide trail   lias  lieen   built
tu the property  connecting   it with   the
Silveiton wagou road, a new cabin has
lieen erected and wo'k is being pushed
vigorously nod will be     continued  all
Tlie crof-s-cut tunnel being driven to
lap the Rockland vein on Red mountain,
bus now reached a depth of '220 feet-
There is everv in.lic.it iuu ol the near
proximity ot the vtiu, the eouutry roek
being liberally stained wilh copuer that
Iuih leached out if the ore body. A
large inflow of water has been encountered and every indication goes to show
tliHt tin* d. j.f.H.i will soon be cut. The
Rocklan . h.in an ore deposit nf g«ld-
coiiper ore that shown oil the surface to
i.e over 100 feet **•*. i■ l»- and the tunnel
being run will tip it at a d pih of over
176 leet.
Hill Bros delivered some lumber here
again ou Wednesday.
Dt. O. A. Elliott has returned to town
from the foot of lhe lake.
XtnaH aud New Year Cards, new aud
dainty, at the Bilverton Drug S tore.
Rons Th-.iburn has been laid up for
never.*! days with an eufl.uued aim.
J. 1. Mcintosh has placed on exhibit
a very pretty line of opal ware Xinas
Ciias O'liriou, wbo It-It here last summer lor um __L.ti-iu-.tu and who haa been
.-incn iii _.-..■ I.ion, returned to town ou
Commissioner Clute, who ban been
ciiininir-sioiit'd by Ihe Premier, 8ir Wilfrid Laurier, to enquire into the late violations of the Alien Labor Law on the
part of the .Silver-I_*a<l Mines Association, is now in Sandon on his mission.
lie is li'il'ltn;.- two M-ssi- --I.'ilt and has
already examined several ui Ihe mine
managers   and many   of   the minern
UeiK'lie's sew mill at Nakusp h.a
ciosud down for lhe winter. As a cju-
fteij'.Kuco several families have lelt
Divine Kekvicb will be heid in Bilverton next *iii.day c-veuiug at 7,'AJ. every-
one is cordia.ly iuvned to attend.-*Jubu
U. f uucau, i'looiiyun.i..   .Ululate!'.
Tho cut* on the elucan have puicuaeed
a net of ooxmg gloved and have lively
Uilts o- ute.-ii die-.-, in spaie momenta.
Black ey...-, arc now pait ol the utiilorm.
F. J. O'Reilly and M. R. W. Ratll-
noiii   am   represent   bilveilou   iu liie
WOlld'l) lUCtlOpollB,  I.Otl loll,    Ulil'lng    Hit)
'joiuiug HiOtttiis. ihey lcll lieie uUrliig
the week.
One of the bauds employed ou the
pile driver beie fell overboard ou Tuesday. It took ti.o combined crews oi tue
pile driver an l Kieaini_ii.il together With
several (dttfetua to effect a rescue.
The new K A tl wharf and the partially iniislied CPU vt hai I at Kaslo, have,
-   --■   -  .—.I     ..Iii!   .Jf
Around the world the fame Is blown
Of fighting heroeH, dead and gone;
Rut we've a -hero of our own—
The man who rose Irom nothing
He's a magician great and erand;
The forests fled at bis command;
And here he said, 'let cities stand !"—
The man who rose from nothing.
Aud in our legislative ball
Ue towering stands alone, like Saul,
"A head and nholders over all,''—
The man who lose from nothing.
Ilia efforts he will ne'er relax,       ^L—
11..a faith in figures and in facts,
And always calls an axe an axe,—
This man who rose from nothing.
The gentleman in word and deed;
And idn.it and simple is hia creed;
"Fear God and help ihe soul in need!"—
The man who rose Irom nothing.
In other lands he's hardly known,
Tor he's a nrodin t ol our own;
Could grace a Mianiy or throne.—
Tbe man who rose from nothing.
J: A: M'Kinnon
& Co.,
©ilTrextorci, 33-C-
Hero's to the land of Ukes aud pines,
Ou which the snn oi freedom shines,
Because we meet on all our lines
The man who rose from nothing.
— AlHXiinder McLaughlin.
Ibe attendance at the meeting called
last Thursday evening for the purpoto
bl arranging for this yeat's Xmas Tree
for the junior Silvertonians was so limited that an adjournment was made until
next Monday evening, It is to be hoped
that ail who nre intcie.-ted in this matter will lie present In Ilie Church at 8*-
o'clock. Tbe annual Christmas Tree
is as much a regular thing for Bilverton
aa ia the annual Queen's Birthday Celebration and this year should be no exception to the rule.
aaiiatm     S     M?     **m\.     "!2"     *****    ZE3_y
Silverton,      ....
maiii.Ki-i.    »'<"   '"'"•}     — — • i       i:i   .if
He Will not bc through In 3*nd.*n b.f re I awarding to a repoii received, shu o»
Tuesday as he i-i goi.u Ihonmghly iu'.o
tlu. mailer. Un Wednesday he ia ti-
p.-cted in Pllverton toe iitimie tlie hearing of evidencj. Resides thu violation
of Ihe Alien Labor Law. Mr. Clute will
Investigate iho reasons giren by tlie
mine managers why they should not
give the Eight-hour La*r * fair trial.
The last of the pipe for tlio Wakefield
has arrived, also a large boiler which
will be taken up nnd installed at once,
J (i Clark, ono of the owners o! the
A.E. claim, was in town this week.
While here he male an examination of
tlie property and was highly pleased
with thc rcpult of the work being done
lulo ae«p tvat r und d-hua,.eared.    'lluH*
is una- dtcp-.w_iicr clone ia shore.
Alt uork in tho Jowelrr lit-paiuuM
line, left at tiie Siivertou Orttj S: onr, Wll
tn" promptly forwardud to Jacob Dovei
tiie well-kuowu N.laon jeweler. All repairs are ocaramtekd foh oni vea r.*
AC. 1*. R. pile driver, I'at (ia.lahcr in
command, is doing some repairing and
strengthening to the dock here. An accident on Tuesday night resulted in tho
upsetting and smashing of tlie machine,
bnt pounding has since recommenced.
R. Elliott, M D., who haa boeu attending temporal ily to tho town practise
during his brother's absence in Slocan
City, left for Peteiboro, Wiudemere district, yesterday. He will probably hang
out bis shingle in that busy new town.
The Silveiton Gun Club has ordered
one thousand clay pineons for theii big
Christmas l>- / shooting tournament. An
effort will bo made t-i induce the New
A quiet jRedd.ng was celebrated at the  _, _    _, -m^ m **m
GvodeiKjtigh Hotel, Sandon, on Thtira-1 mLed.      J_X/£«       J&a_«l]___1.0TX7"l©S,        FXOp,
day last, the Rev. Mr. Cleland perform- ^^^^^*
miida   Gii.rbn |
mat i»; •    • ■** — • ,      ,
^^^^^^^^^^ , let. < rack shots and U.eao may also be
I been shipped and it expected to I here. .
next week    whm'Xbe   w'o.kcf      The meeting of the Mine Owners, held
""' ' ' in Sandon last Tuesday, has had no via-
Work is being pushed on tho Freddy
claim, situated just below the Noonday-
<.'urloy Mines  property.   A   tunnel   is
being driven  with tho expectation   of
cutting the Noondav ledge, which crosses
'be property,  and   which   cannot    be
'omul on the surface owing to  the  largo
amount of  surface  wash.   Thia  tunnel
lias boon started nt a  poiut  about  .100
feet below  the  wugou   bridgo   on ihe
'ialenaMiuos road, and   is  now   in  .50
feel.   When the vein is fonnd on this
ilaim, as it surely will be, it will complete
"ie chain of working properties  on   the
Noonday ledge  from  thu  lake  to  the
Noonday mine.   The claims on which
•he vein is exposed and In ing worked on
are the Queen    Fraction,  Adela  and
Noonday and it only  lacks  the  Freddy
to complete the chain.
enoriwuiuo .,._.
The Weketleld concentrator building   ___. . , .   .
Denver gunners to shoot a match here
is now so iar along that the painters are    ,      .        ..,        ,,.       ,      ■      .      ,
that coy.   Blocan City also boasts ol a
at work ou it.   Thu bulk of ihn machin- ^^™ -«— '—
ery has
installing it will bo commenced.
Another break io liie wagon road np
i ths gulch occurred last Saturday and il
has taken a gang of men nil week to
reuair it. Thi* has been another Ret-
back to our freighters, put now Ihat the
road is repaired freight is again being
delivered up the gulch.
To-day a carload of lumber   from   the
nig (he ceremony that
McDonald, Assistant-Manager ol lhe
Noble Five Mine, and Miss Lou Hammond, of Sandon, man and wife. Only
ihe relatives and a few personal ii lends
of the bride were present. Miss Jennie
Hammond, eister of the bride, was
bii.lesiuaid and the groom was supported
by his future brother-in-law, Mr. C. K.
Hammond. Mr. aud Mrs. McDonald are
now on their wedding tour to San Francisco. They will make their home in
Cody alier their return. The Silver-
to.m.is extends hearty congratulations
to tlie happy couplo.
"Oh, Tom," exclaimed the bride oi
six monies, "what do you think ! Mother
says she wants her body cremated."
"She does, eh?'1 said tbs husband;
"well, tell her to get ready and I'll take
her over to the ereuiutory the first thing
i n the morn ing.' '—Ex.
Are You LookingFo
IBSCIIER,  Tbe Tailor:   Silverton, B.C.
ible effect on the labor situation, They
«ill probably wait now until the I^ais
laiuro niocU. deliver their supreme kick
and watch for le.-nliH. It is quite probable that the Legislature will lako some
steps to harry on tho reopening oi the
Axel and Louis Lar^en, who at one
tinui made Bilverton their homo, returned on Monday,   They come here irom
nv with B
Littte Annette had been taken to n
conceit for the first lime, in her liie,
aud on her reuirn homo was asked to
givo her impression. "Oh, auntie,
there was a lady who screamed because
she had forgotten her sleeves, and a
waiter was playing on thu piano all thc
F». BURNS&oo
Mother—What  are  yon  crying   for,
child? ''JohriliV hurt me." "How pray?
'I was going to hit him  with   my  fist,
when ho ducked his head—aud I struck
the wall.—Ex.
Son-in-law—I married your daughter,
sir, and I must say I have never ceased
to regret it,   "I  sympathise  with you,
Umm creek saw-miL  was  «fc^^ the
here for the Noonday mine.   A complete hrtmaa, ■        thi,y Ul| K0„e to
set of buildings are to be erected on this K;- pr0peity  for a   Valvar, -toWJ^Jg^^^j
propertvand  the  excavations   for  the I    „.,.,,,£,    TheJP found hnwevjr  th t Uy bo,, I nmn^hu	
Lwb„ildi,,«s have already been   made.  tl,e season was loo far advanced to begin |
Tl.e new camp wi'l be situated  on   tl.e  operations this year.
Within tlie next few days the question
•"» to whether the gold-copper deposits
"ti Red mountain, four miles from town,
improves in valuo as depth ii obtained
un thorn or  not   will   bo   Polvod.   The
north side ol Oold crook, near tho mine,
and directly oppobiu the preseut temp
orary camp.
I Much to tho disappointment of thn
local chasers of the pig skin the threatened Bllvertor.—New Denver footnall
match did not come off. The local
team bad uathered in their strength and
The   spacious   home  of  Mrs. Harry
Calbick was again thrown open on I4W
«Mv darling," erii<* the hero, throwing off his disguise. "I am he." 'A'l.i
I » U ere the heroine, laying a*>ide her
Calbick was again thrown oom ™  mw £    £ „m ,„.,,     Moan.
Wednesday evening to the^"^ "J     ^ vj„„n «.*,*„ ta  the corner.
Zrr^^elXe^A    Applicftnt_How    ^.9*^9
e,i MNs McKinnon carrying off U« PfcPT   Mislrcss-Three.   Applicant
nrltlZ    Whil.   tb* consolation pita | ^d where do you live?   Mistress^Oh
1"|J ardel to Mr. Benedum.   1kmVl  J (loI,t mind muving to   anywheres
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ytnir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grund Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
There is monfiyjn this tor you.
Omaha Inoandescent Gas
Turnup.   A Gasoline .Burner.
DMnre Economical ilimi Electric light or Coal Oil    f*y*\
\n<l Better ttenfiUhtr, W
In use in all the business hotisen and in many privato residences ia
Silverton.    They pay for themselves in 10 weeks saving of coal oil
ro^ments were aerved and two new | ^ (Ufty want t0 g0
I member, were added to the l,.t. JJ>»
*'   •       'pocretary. l
"I sen' a dcllar to a youna woman lor
ii receipt to make i\w look young." What
Silverton.    li.ey my *» »-• ■-*■•-- ,     ■      of
They are ^^^^ Mfj, hours and cost,
lamp gl.«e .     One     ling « wm ^ ^  -
will you when you invest.   Drop a post card for prices. . . . . ,,      ,
Address-IAS. I. McINTOSH,   AGENT.
N. p.   rlenie menllon THI. »"•' "•"
1 played.
tUPMu* *%■**•. *>A,*sm*wr'\
•■»<«*> •tSBMiar.-'   ' ¥SAh~-*&*•■   MS_M'
'ry^.t^.^Mrtmtvtm,' \s4**t***t* -■ <i»iwst.t ■ :*** '•►_**■*+*>• .v?##(Sat«.sm.*»-.^•__.*t* *■*.-.
smmu**%*tiws tv '.***t»*^^.**s*w**.** .«__■*,_»«*«,»»__.->.*«,. -^#-. *j\**sswtr ■••*• i»*ui«a__a:«•__■_, ■.»-.w-«._^__k <*■ *+. i mum nn
l)l»«»l<-r» In Australia.
Vancouver, B. C, Dec. 4.—The
steamer Warrimo arrived today from
Sydney bringing Australian advices to
November 7.
The great drouth was broken in October.     Terrific storms    followed,    doing
.great damage, especially   to   buildings.
Hrn.lrr-ton of hws Elected Speaker^ jj,-.  ^damgtown Roman Catholic school,
of thc Howe ol RapreseatatlTes— jn which 40 children were assembled, col-
A Moaater Petltloa •! »evea Mill- lapsed.   One scholar was killed and two
lo. Names Was Presaated Protest-others seriously injured.
.        .w.sa*t  seatlaa-  ot Itobert..1    At the Santa Cruz group of Islands H.
IM   A-ral-M   Seatla.   of  RSMm. g   ^^  ^  ^  Qm a  j^^
"  ,' vessel from Noumea had infringed on the
Washington, Dee. 5.—The opening OI iabor ,-ecruiting act by giving natives Aretha Fifty-sixth congress at noon yester-, amg aud ammunition fn return for boys
day attracted that jwideapread attention impregged   The Mohawk pro|>osed to con-
flaoate the vessel but she escaped.   The
which always attaches to the annual as-
oemblagea ot-vthe national lawmakers.
There was on lidded interest in the event
this year, for the many far-reaching questions awaiting consideration gave unusual
importance to the return of congress.
Aside from this, the Roberts case intvo-
duced a phase which promised somethiug
outside of the ordinary developments oi
an opening day.
Karly in the day the throngs began
converging at the capitol. The day waa
bright and propitious, and the thoroughfares leading to the building presented a
gay and animated appearance, while within the building all was bustle and excitement Long before the hour for calling
the house to order the outer doors were
open to all, and through these flowed continuous streams of humanity until the
great corridors, galleries and rotundas
were fairly packed.
As early as 10:30 o'clock the conspicuous figures of congress began to arrive,
and this served to give the waiting
throngs a temporary diversion.
General Henderson went directly to
the speaker's private ouice, where he
shared his time with the house leaders
and with those pleading for   admission
Representative Richardson, of Tennessee, made his way through the crowd to
the members' private lobby. Here he
chanced to meet Mr. Richardson, and the
two held a short conference aa to whether
Mr. Roberta would seek to address the
A dum of comment followed the gentleman from Utah wherever he went, but
there was no disrespectful demonstration.
Very early in the day a monster petition, said to consist of 7,000,000 names,
protesting against the seating of Mr. Roberts, was brought into the hall. It had been
collected by a New York newspaper.
Tke New Speaker of tke Hone.
The eyes of the nation are focused on
David R. Henderson, whom the republicans have selected to be the next speaker
of the house of representatives. He was
bora in Old Deer, Scotland, March 14,
1840. His parents come to the United
Statea when he was 6 years of age, settling finally in Iowa in 1849. He obtained
his earlier education in the public schools
of that state, and subsequently took a
course in the Upper Iowa university.
When the civil war broke out he gave up
the study of law and shouldered a musket
and went to the front aa a private. He
was with ti>e regiment in numerous engagements and wss wounded slightly several times. In a subsequent engagement
he lost one of his legs. After the wounds
were healed he re-enlisted as a colonel of
the Forty-sixth Iowa volunteer infantry,
and served at the head of his regiment
until the close of the war. He was admitted to the bar in 1865, and from that
time until 1809 he served as collector of
internal revenue for tbe Third district of
Iowa. For two yeans he was assistant
United States district attorney for the
northern division of the district of
Iowa. In 1883 he was elected to the house
of representatives, in which capacity he
haa since served continuously.
In tke .Senate.
Washington, Dec 4.—In the shadow of
the recent .death, the senate convened at
noon today in its session ol the fifty-sixth
congress. The death of Vice President
llobart cast a poll over the preliminary
proceeding in the senate. As usual on
the opening days of congress the senate
chamber was a veritable conservatory.
Pending the actual convention of the
senate die chamber presented a most animated and picturesque scene. The galleries were filled with a brilliant and distinguished audience. Promptly at noon
Mr. Frye, of Maine, president pro tern.,
called the senate to order. The blind
chaplain, Mr. Milburn, pronounced the invocation, making a beautiful and touching reference to the death of Mr. llobart.
Mr. Penrose, of Pennsylvania, presented
the credentials of Mr. Quay, which were
presented to the committee on privileges
and elections.
Mohawk's officers say she had been practically guilty of slave trading,
The British warship Ringdove met the
Antarctic exploring vessel Southern Cro-s He.
A Review l-'rom tke State, of Wash-
lninim. Idako, Moataaa and Ore-
(on-New. of tke Pa.t Week
Boiled Uowu to Salt Our Bnsy
The pofitofflce at Virginia City*, Okan
ogan county, la to be discontinued.
Nearly 100,000 pounds of mall originates at Spokane office every 32 days.
Hay retails at the rate of $60 per ton,
and oats at 5 cents a pound at Repub-
The healthiest spot In the world
eeema to be a little hamlet <in France
named Aumone. There are only 40 Inhabitants, 36 et whom are 80 years of
age and one ls over 100.
Ths Samoan treaty will stand. The
only changes will be in the way of grammar. Use United States is not concerning
itself about the agreement between Great
Britain and Germany.
Judge Wylle, for years one of the
most prominent figures on tbe district
bench, is still living in Washington,
and, though over 90 years old, is in
vigorous health.
Paul Bourget haa announced his intention of paying a second visit to the
United States next spring to gather ma
terial for a novel dealing with social
Michael Davitt, during his day in
parliament, did nearly all his literary
work in the house writing room, where
•Hence is enforced, sitting Invariably
in the same seat.
Hiram Maxim first turned his attention to gnnmaklng In a very small way
ao lato as 1884, yet today his firm emptors over 14,000 men.
at Campbell island, October 23. The vessel reported ell well.
Captain Lorraine, military aeronaut, of
the First battalion, Northamptonshire
regiment, recently lost his life ln making
an ascent in New* Zealand.
Slapped Job Fltaalmmoas.
Chicago, Dec. 4.—The News says that
ex-Champion Robert Fltzsimmons and his
old time manager, Martin Julian, have
parted company. This was the result of
a bitter quarrel in the pugilists rooms
in the Sherman house, in which fists
were swung and a revolver displayed.
Fltzsimmons left for New York last night,
vowing he was done with Julian for good.
Tlie disagreement comes after a scries of
misunderstandings. According to the stories of both men it grew out of Fitzsim-
mons' inability to obtain a box at the
Lyric theater during a crowded period.
Julian is interested in the Lyric. The
pugilist, it is said, made certain remarks
of an uncomplimentary nature concerning
the Lyric and Julian took him to task for
After a little talk Julian slapped the big
fellow in the face and the fighter swung
on his manager's eye, skinning it slightly
and raising a slight lump. Fitzsimmons
declares that Julian drew a revolver and
that he chased him out of the room. Julian insists that it was Bob who drew the
gun.  ^^^^
Ott. Tell, of a Sarreader.
Washington, Dec. 4.—General Otis informed the war department today of the
surrender of Bayombong in the following
Manila—Report has been received that
Bayombong, with the province of Nueva
Viscaya, surrendered November 28 to
Lieutenant Monroe of the Fourth cava!
ry, who commanded in the advance s outs
on Garrangland a train consisting of 00
men of the Fourth cavalry and three native scouts. The insurgent general, Cannon, surrendered his entire force, number-
tag 800 men, aimed with Mausers, and a
number of officers. Seventy Spanish and
two American prisoners were secured and
probably considerable insurgent property.
!<<-. olnlliii.   In   V-_.na.nvln.
Willemstad, Island of Curacao, Dec. 4.—
The Hernandist revolution is gaining
ground in Venezuela from day to day and
is supported by the leading members of
the commercial and financial worlds, who
supply the revolutionists with all the
amis and money they need.
El Moeho ssys that General Hernandez
is at present at Tocuyo, at the head of
an army of from 6000 to 8000 and a great
battle is expected to occur at any time.
Castor's army is under command of a
negro named Benjamin Kusiz, a Colombian, on whose head a price was put by
the American government at the time of
the burning of the Colon in 1885.
Cattlemen Got flood Whisky.
St Johns, N. B., Dec 4.—The Donaldson steamer Amarynthia arrived today
from Glasgow with a mutiny on board.
As soon as tbe vessel dropped anchor
in the harbor Captain Taylor sent for the
police to take oil 13 cattlemen who were
attempting to take possession of the ship.
Chief Clark and a squad boarded the
steamer and after a light, during which
knives were drawn, the cattlemen were
overpowered and placed in irons. It appeared that the cattlemen broke into the
cargo of whisky just before the vessel
reached port and drank liquor freely.
Por »n Iiameaso Dr? Dock.
San Frandsco, Dec 4.—One of the
largest dry docks in the United States is
to be constructed at Hunter's point, in
this harbor. It will be built over natural rock basin and will coat about $750,000.
liie dock Is to be 750 feet long, 80 feet
wnte at the bottom and 120 feet wide at
the top. It will have 28 feet of water over
the sills at low tide. It will be slightly
larger than the dock at the Boston navy
yard and will be able to accommodate any
vessel that enters this port
Weekly  Bank   Statement.
i\ew York, Dec. 4.—ine last weekly
bank statement is as follows: Surplus reserve, $1,884,500; loans, increase, $5,532,-
400; specie, increase, $3,303,900; legal tenders increase, $1,110,600; deposits, increase, $10,120,000; circu.ation, Increase,
.*0,300. The banks now hold $8,536,700 in
excess of requirements, 25 per cent rule.
Independent Glass Factories.
Pittsburg, Dec. 4.—Fifteen independent
window glass factories were started In
this vicinity in opposition to the new
trust Six independent and co-operative
window glass companies are being formed
in this city and many others in various
parts of the gas belt
Tidal Wave oa Chilean Coo.t.
Santiago de Chili, Dec. 4.—Via Galveston.—A tidal wave today caused considerable damage, destroying property
and boats along the shore.
Promlaent Doctor Dead.
New York, Dec 4.—Dr. William B.
Garsides is dead at his home in Brooklyn. The doctor was connected with the
Brooklyn homeopathic hospital for several years.
A man Is taken down with a well
developed smallpox case near the town
of Guy.
The University of Washington Is
gathering documents bearing on northwestern history.
Of tbe $35,000 wanted for the Y. M.
C. A. at Seattle, about $26,000 already
has been pledged.
A postofBce has been established at
Goldbur, Snohomish county, with Otto
S. Lewis as postmaster.
Mrs. Etta M. Wagner has been appointed postmaster at Vesta, Chehalis
county, vice Robert Hlnes, resigned.
Wood is selling as high as $6 a cord,
and there Is almost a famine, even at
that price, gays the Ellensburg Capital.
The Seattle committee decided
against W. A. C. football players in the
game November 10 with Whitman college.
Northport is stirred up over municipal campaign. The closing of dance
halls seems to have been the original
bone of contention.
Patents have been issued to George
W. Ehrman of Maltby for a watering
trough and to Joslah O. Phenlx of
Hoodsport for a culinary steamer.
The Tacoma Ledger has been purchased from C. M. Shultz by C. J. Lord,
president of the Capital National bank
of Olympia, and associates.
Through the section of the country
around Oakesdale, were lt not for the
movements ln apples, potatoes and hay,
business would be almost at a standstill.
The Masonic orders of Spokane are
making great preparations for the
proper observance of the centennial anniversary of the death of George Washington.
Grocers and butchers of Spokane organizing to flght peddlers. They want
a city market Bite, then they desire all
peddling to be strictly confined to that
The Washington state guard Is full.
The governor thinks the sixteen companies now in existence ln Washington are sufficient for the needs of the
Tom Borgan of Tekoa resisted arrest
and was shot while running. The
wound ls a dangerous one. Having Imbibed freely of whisky he started ln
to make trouble.
John Hormogo, a miner in Wllkeson
coal mine, was accidentally killed on
Saturday night by being smothered ln
a mass of coal that slid down a chute
he was engaged in repairing. The deceased was 33 years of age and was
The passengers on the east bound
Great Northern train which passed
through Spokane Monday last were terrified at the appearance in one of the
coaches of a wild fellow who fiercely
waved an axe and threatened to clean
out the car or do something indefinite
but desperate.   He was overpowered.
Harold, the little 3-year-old son of
H. Ellertson, a jeweler living at E210
Ferry street, Spokane, burned to death
last week at the family home. He was
alone In the house at the time, and the
cause of the accident may forever be a
mystery, but lt Is believed that the babe
managed to get hold of some matches
lying upon a small clock shelf. The
funeral will take place this afternoon
at 2 o'clock from the family residence,
under the management of Oilman k
The Lapwal spur of Northern Pacific
Is now In operation.
Latah county has more school teachers by one-half than any other county
In the state.
Sergeant Harris attempted suicide.
He shot himself through the breast,
but wound will not be fatal.
The kitchen and mesa house for the
soldiers to be stationed at Osburn this
winter, is nearly completed.
John Wheeler, an aid-time miner of
Idaho of the crime of the murder of
found lying dead on the floor of his
room at Weiser.
Oro Fino citizens considerably stirred up over a school. Had a settlement
against the town and the former swooped down and carried off the school
A movement Is on foot to organize a
battery of light artillery in Lewiston
as a national guard organisation. Ernest McCullough ls soliciting membership.
The telegrrph line has been completed from Potlatch to Oro Fino and
trains are now running on orders.
A farmers' institute will be held at
Kendrlck December 8th and 9th. Discussions on the subjects of horticulture
and dairying will be a special feature.
Jas. Long was acquitted in Mount
Idaho and Washington county, waa
Oharles Larrabee In Buffalo Hump laat
August Larabee was well knowa both
here and in Spokane.
When the Moscow k Eastern ls completed an easy outlet will be furnished
for all the lumber and its value will be
greatly enhanced. It ls for this reason
that lumbermen are trying to secure
options now while the timber can be
secured for a reasonable price.
News is received of a sensational gold
discovery In Custer county, ln the vicinity of the Bulldog mine. The discovery was made by Chas. Crane ot Salt
Lake. He says the ledge is 11 feet wide
and the very rich streak six to 14
Inches wide. The samples were brought
to Boise by Mr. Crane for assay. One
went 1030 ounces gold and 3750 ounces
silver; total value, $24,843.43 per ton.
1 Another, 460 ounces gold, 2800 ounces
.silver, total value. $10,981.45; and the
third, 627 ounces gold, 3400 ounces silver; total value, $15,000.50.
Frankle Pearson of Butte committed
suicide last week.
R. W. Noyes has been appointed by
Judge Knowles to be United States
commissioner at Pony.
The officers of Anaconda and two
deputy sheriffs from Lemhi county.
Idaho, have arrested Bert Hillman and
Dan Hawkins charged with highway
It was learned at Helena that a petition asking that United States Senator Clark be not seated by the senate
was signed there early last week by
several of the state officials.
On December 1 Captain W. L. Hill,
one ot the bravest and most gallant of
Montana's volunteers, will take the position of chief clerk ln the United
States assay office at Helena.
Frederick Gilbert was arrested recently for disturbing a public school
in the Lolo district, up the Bitter Root
valley. Gilbert Is a prominent fruit
grower and rancher of that district
Another dead man has been found ln
Butte, Charles Noakes, who was a pioneer of Butte, having lived here since
the '60s. His body was discovered in
his cabin.
The state land department has filed
on 5000 acres of land selected in Madison and Choteau counties by State
Land Agent Henry Nelll as school indemnity lands.
In the opinion of the chief legal adviser of the state of Montana a board
of school trustees has no authority to
compel tbe school children of any district to become vaccinated.
The dead body of Mike Lyons was
found last week In the old workings of
the Lexington mine at Butte, an abandoned stope which had been worked up
close to tbe surface and then caved in.
The Helena city council has Instructed Oie city clerk to advertise for bids
for an electric light plant for the city.
Patrick Judge, a miner working in
the Anaconda mine, was crushed Into
a shapeless mass at Butte recently.
The jury ln the case of Q. R. Shad-
well, charged with murder in the first
degree for shooting and killing Martin
James O'Connor over a game of cards
on Jan. 11, 1898, at Butte, returned a
verdict of guilty of murder in the second degree and fixed his punishment at
life imprisonment
The half breed Umatilla is dead. An
autopsy disproves tumors that It was
a murder.
Thirty thousand bales of Oregon's
1899 hop crop will be handled by the
Oregon Hopgrowers' Association.
The Powder River Land k Irrigation
company has forwarded articles of incorporation to the secretary of state.
Kaslo k Slocan
Trains Run
on I'aclftc Standard Tims.
Going West.
Golna East.
8:00 a.
... 3:66 p.
«:32 a.
. South Fork ...
... 3:20 p.
... 2:25 p.
9:46 a.
. Whitewater ...
... 1:10 p.
8:K t.
10:12 a.
10:16 a.
... Bailey's 	
... 1:14 p.
10:IS a.
Cody Junctli n .
...1:23 p.
10:40 a.
.... Bandon 	
...1:16 p.
Leave 11:00 a.
m..Sandon..Arrive 11:40 a.
Arrive 11:J6 a
m...Cody...Leave 11:26 a.
F. COPELAND,  Superintendent.
IX »*> AMU ?*% fc»Y.»X iWi.mt„v..
I **^..*yt-*+.*A*,C {4-1KM Mt*SM*MA *Mt».*uA*Auss*tAus.'*m Mfr Mfe_Wl».
-fa-'Oiil ».%ts*l\J**t*^t*K*t ■
Railway and Navigation
Operating Kaslo k Slocan Railway, International Nav. * Trading Co.
Schedule of Time—Pacific Standard Tims.
Passenger train for Sandon and way
stations, leaves Kaslo at 8:00 a. m.
Dally, returning, leaves Sandon at 1:16
p. m., arriving at Kaslo at 1:66 p. m.
International Nav. A Trad. Co.—Operat-
Ing on Kootenay lake and rlvsr.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson at 6:00 a. m.
dally, except Sunday. Returning, leaves
Nelson at 4:30 p. in., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects with S. F. k N. train to and
from Spokane, at Five Mils Point.
Leaves Nelson for Bonner's Ferry Tuesdays and Saturdays at 1 a. tn., meeting
steamer "International" from Kaslo at
Pilot Bay.
Returning, leaves Bonner's Ferry at 1:00
a. ni. Wednesdays and Sundays.
Connects at Bonner's Ferry with Great
Northern railway for all points east and
Steamers call at principal landings In
both directions, and at other points when
Tickets sold to all points in Canada and
ths United States.
To ascertain rates and full Information
kaalo, 9. 0.
«*4k_Mn__i>W.   ^>-i,-»M..-«>.wt..
Items From lite Rich Regions of the
Paelac Northwest—News From All
the Prlaolpal Minima; Campa-Per-
■onais—Mluluar Notea.
The event of the week has been the
announcement on the part of the miners of lake Bessemer ores   of   their
1 prices for the season of 1900-1901. The
figure decided upon, $5.50 at lower lake
ports, for the Norrle grade, compared
I with $2.53 last year represents an advance rather larger than was expected.
Rapid work ls being done on the
Merrimac shaft
Extensive development ot ths Oolden
Harvest Is in progress.
Water has been taken out and work
resumed on the Oold Ledge.
Reports from the Oold Ledge are of
tbe most favorable character.
The shaft Is to be lowered an additional hundred feet on the Rebate.
The whims for the Delta mine and
Excellent progress ls reported being
made on the Oolden Harvest tunnel,
for the Hit or Miss are ln operation.
Copper prospects appear to attract
more attention than gold at this time.
The face of the North Star tunnel ls
only about 75 feet distant from the
The next deal in Republic camp will
probably bo for the Lone Pine-Surprise
Ibe contractors on tbe Copper Moun
tain claim have finished their 300-foot
contract on the tunnel.
The ground ln the Qopher shaft has
become more solid and better progress
can be made in sinking.
The new shaft on the Merrimac ls
down 42 feet and ts going down at the
rate of four feet a day.
There ls forty feet of good ore ln Republic vein and still no hanging wall
ln sight.   It widens with depth.
The drift on the Jim Blaine shows
the same quality of quarts that has
been encountered for soma time past.
It has been announced that an assay
of some ore from the main tunnel lead
of the Quilp mine assayed $212 per ton.
Superintendent Kehoe states that the
rock in the Bodie shaft has become so
hard that tbe daily progress was only
about two feet.
The big ore chute on the 600-foot
level of the Republic grows larger and
richer. The more the mine is explored
the richer it becomes.
It Is extremely doubtful if there is
another locality on earth where the outlook is so favorable for such a large
number of mines as on Oranite creek.
The mines here mentioned are in the
Immediate vicinity of Republic
Manager Leckie says that D. C. Jack-
ling, the noted cyanide expert. Is preparing the plans for the new 200-ton
mil), and the building will be so arranged as to admit of increasing the
capacity of the plant to treat 1000 tons
of ore per dsy. It is expected that the
mill will be constructed and running
by next June.
Cripple Creek, Colo., has been one of
the greatest factors In bringing that
state to the attention of the civilised
world and has played an Important
part In the world's production of the
precious metals. Cripple Creek and Its
mines are known wherever a newspaper circulates. As well known as is
Cripple Creek at this time, its fame is
likely to be soon eclipsed by a little
ereek on the north halt ot the Colville
reservation. It ls locally known as
Oranite creek. But very few people
have ever known of this stream who
hnve not at some time been ln Republic. While its name has remained In
comparative obsurity, the mines that
line He banks or tributaries have
sprung Into prominence within the
past year and are daily becoming better known to the public in general and
rspeclnlly to mining men. On the
north fork there are the Tom Thumb,
Rebate, Looking Backward, Stray
Horse, Golden Lion and Little Four
Consolidated, Mountain Lion, Merrimac and Hillside. On another northern branch of the stream are the Mud
Lake, Knob Hill, Trade Dollar, Ben
Hur, North San Poll, San Poll, Bodle,
Lone Pine, Surprise, Insurgent, Block-
tall and Quilp. On the main creek or
near It are the Morning Glory, Tenderfoot nnd Trail, Golden Lily, Troubador,
Delta, Eureka, Hit or Miss, Anaconda,
Palo Alto, Pitsburg, Ruby, Lost Lode,
First Thought, North 8Ur, Liberty,
Summit, Republic, Jim Blaine, Princess
Maud, and scores of others of minor
repute. Op the 8outh fork there are
the Copper Mountain, Bryan k Sewell,
Admiral Dewey and many others.
British Columbia.
The railway spur to the B. C. mine
In Summit camp ls completed.
On the Chlckamonstone shipping ore
is being taken out of a Fort Steele
James Cronin ls manager of the Consolidated Mines at Moyie, In East Kootenay.
The new ore shoot opened np on the
Capello group, near Kaslo, Ib proving
better dally.
Bull River district, near Fort Steele,
Is preparing for extensive development
next season.
Bond to be taken up and the Yankee Girl, near Grand Forks, pauses Into
hands of Montreal people.
A bond on the Athalston of Wellington cnmp Is taken by Mnssam * Laid-
lnw for a Toronto syndicate.
The O. K. mine of Rossland, once n
famous property, has passed into the
hand of the Old National bank.
Several carloads of ore have been
sorted at the Empire In the Cran-
brook district, ready for shipment.
After being shut down for ovor   ,
year, the Monte Cristo mine of Ross-
land, Is to be put ln operation again
Two great mines, Knob Hill and Old
Ironsides, are the big ones ln Phoenix
cnmp and are ln better ore than ever
Excellent reports are received regarding the new strike on the Oolden Eagl«
ln Brown's camp, near Greenwood.
The contract has been let for the
sinking of a 50-foot shaft on the Unexpected, ln the Burnt Baaln district
At a recent meeting ot the oompanv
controlling tha Bluokoock mine, la the
Ymlr district, lt was decided to at enee
put a force of ten men at work oa the
The Iron Colt Company of Rossland
whose property has been shut dawn for
practically 22 months with the exception of a little work done laat winter
has resumed operations.
The 300-horsepower hoist for the
Black Bear at Rossland haa arrived ou
the ground and will be set up as Boon
as the excavation of a chamber tn the
tunnel hns been completed.
On the Granby smelter three hundred men are at work. The dam ls nearly finished across the river. The flume
is to be the biggest one in all British
Columbia. The undertaking is of
great magnitude and importance.
The new skip ln the Centre Star
shaft, Rossland, has been put In place
and Is working. It la employed to balance the other skip and Its uae will result In considerable economy ln fuel.
Shlpmenta will not be materially increased at present.
Recently a Chinaman, digging on a
claim In a creek near the Slooan-Carl-
boo company's works, la Cariboo, turned up a nugget weighing 7 yj ounces ot
pure gold. This ls the biggest nuggot
ever found tn the Cariboo district. The
nugget was bought from tha Chinaman
by Mr. Youngs of Bartorvllle, B. G.
The Justice mine, near Keller, haa a
good body of ore.
The largest mining plant In Oregen,
the Cougar 250-ton cyanide plant at
Sumpter, is ln operation.
On the rich Keep Cool near Lake-
view, Pend d'Orellle, tour feet of clean
ore has been opened on the cross-cut
On the rich American Flag ln the
Methow district ot Okanogan county,
H. C. Phillips says the ore ts full ot
noston, Philadelphia and Michigan
capitalists have organised the Oneida
Copper Company, and have taken over
the Deleware mine and SO square miles
of territory In Keweenaw county.
Senator George Turner la aaid to be
barking an Idaho coal company. The
properly is near Oro Fino, lda.hu.
Nineteen hundred acres are located
$10,000 capital ralaed to open up mine.
At Mullan, Idaho, Clark * McHugh
have commenced work on the Midnight,
starting flve men to work on a tnnnel
about the middle of laat week.
Mr. Aborting, who ls superintendent
of the Dewey mine, four miles south-
weft of Mt. Idaho, reports that they
have struck ore which goes from $100
to 1600.
Seven carloads of mining and milling machinery, consigned to mines ln
Sumpter camp, have been delivered by
the O. R. * N. to the Sumpter Valley
The Amalgamated company of Butte,
Is going right along with Improvements
not only In the mines belonging to It,
but in its smelters and refineries.
Seymour H. Ball, manager of tbs
Iconoclast Mining Company, writes
from Keller as follows: "The Iconoclast is cutting into stringers of ore
assaying $60 and $65 per ton In copper
and gold. The tunnel Is in 147 feet
and the contractors are making good
headway.   It la going to make a mine."
The Iconoclast Is better known as the
Tenos George mine. It was tbe pros-
pert which he watched and guarded for
27 years, until the opening ot tbe res-
ervstlon enabled him to take It Prominent Seattle men are interested in the
mine now and West side capital Is developing It. Only a limited portion et
the stock Is held ln Spokane. The
claim Is said to have one ot th* most
remarkable showings of copper on ths
surface that has ever been found In ths
The Poland China group of Chesaw.
Wn., has been bonded to a Montreal,
Canada syndicate for $30,000. This Is
one ot the largest deals made In the
Myers Creek camp since Its wonderful
surface showings commenced to attract
the attention of mining opedators this
past summer.
An excellent Indication of the rapidly growing Importance of Spokane as
a mining center Is found In the fact
that the big mining machinery houses
are establishing branch houses there.
A yt?ar ago there was not a house in
thc entire Robblns mining district
(Buffalo Hump), and not a mine that
had diaper than a 10-foot hole. When
one takes Into consideration the climatic conditions prevailing In this section and the lack of transportation facilities, the rough and broken character
of the country, and the distance from
railroads, the development vtork tbat
has been done and improvements that
has been d,one and improvements that
have been made ln the past year are remarkable.
Tho United States turns out annually
185,000,000,000' poundB of plub tobacco,
12,000,000 pounds of fine cut, 14,000,000
pounds of snuff, 4,000,000 cigars and 5,*
000,000 cigarettes.
ThaddeiiB C. Craft, the oldest Odd
Fellow ln the United States, died at
Minneapolis, Minn., the other day. He
joined the order January 18, 1841.
About 5000 new techers are engaged
annually In Pennsylvania to fill ths va*
ram-lea caused by death, man-log*
change of occupation and so forth.
The absurd man Is he  who  never
..**_•_•> %*6«,£,'M_h4MI_'.V-<««r .*stt*.^tu*jtl*cjs^vu**mw- ■■_/««_**■*■_.**  *»__.«*** <••» J Ill THROUGH 1 WEEK
A Complete Review Of tho Divests fat
Ibe Past Weak la This aad Foreign
LaBtU-Sommarlsea From Uh* Lat-
aat Dispatches.
Gen. MUcs says the coast needs mere
The war tax swells and ls now averaging $1 per year per capita.
(len. Leonard Wood, governor of San
lingo Ue Cuba, bas arrived home.
. USaifliah Are Victorious.
London, ±t'ov. 80.—Gen. Methuen has
defeated the whole of the Boer forces on
the Modder river. The war office has received the following dispatch from Qeu.
Cape Town, Nov. 30. — Gen. Methuen
sends the following, dated Modder River,
Tuesday, Nov. 20:
"We reconnoitred at 8 a. m. the enemy's    - r , -..„,.«_«, _,«■ nneum, uys-
posltion on Modder river and found them  pepsia.  Catarrh, Rheumatism,  and all
to be strongly entrenched and concealed.'**""- "—* -"—     ^^^^^^
There was no meant of outflanking, tho
The lIurpiTH' magazines have passed Into control of a New York trust company.
The finances of the publishing company
became so entangled that a transfer was
Dewey is not in ths presidential race,
but says he should like to see McKinley
elected.  ,
James Wood, a paroled convict ol
Washington, has gone, snd now has a
penitentiary term threatening.
Col. Bell has defeated and Mattered the
insurgent brigades of Genu. Alejandriiio
and San Miguel north of Manila.
It will be gratifying to the friends of
Mrs. McKinley to know that her health
in so much Improved that she will be en-
irtiled to take an active part in the social
festivities of the Washington season this
A tire destroyed a four-story brick tenement building at 140 Houston street,
New York. William il.lmboidt, 00 years
old, a civil war veteran, and his wife,
Matilda, aged OS, were burned to death.
A train of six cars on the Great Falls k
Canada railroad, in Montana, one mile
west of Shelby junction, was blown from
the track. Peter MeCoakey, a laborer,
wss killed, and three others injured, in-
cludingrgam Griffith, foreman of the work
Bayombong boa surrendered and
with it 800 Insurgents, several American., and 70 Spaniards freed.
Khalifa was game to the lost. He sat
on his sheepskin, emirs around him,
and awaited death.
L. A. Root of Port Huron, until recently the chief clerk ot the Knights ot
Maccabees, committed suicide by swallowing carbolic acid.
The entire business portion of Onan-
coke, Va., was deetroyed by Are recently. The loss Is estimated at $100,000
with $25,000 insurance.
The policy oa to penslona Is the feature of Interior department report. A
recommendation that payment date
from time ot filing application.
In peace prepare for sudden war Is
what Secretary Klihu Root gives to
the country, his deductions from lessons of campaigns paat and present
Tbe steamer Weeott lies a total
wreck on the south jetty of Humboldt
bay, having atruck the rocka there, and
ot the- $4 souls on board all are safe
but two.
Hanna Is out. He cannot head the
management of the next republican
campaign, aa his health forbids IL He
will probably act on the executive committee and lend weight of counsel.
One of the main buildings ot the Lot-
lln-Rand Powder Works, located four
miles north ot Columbus, Kan., was
blown up. William Cusbman, a workman, wbo waa the only person ln the
building, was killed.
Roberts' path will be thorny and be
must flght for admission to the house.
Republican majority has decided that
the eligibility of the representative
elect from Utah must be determined before he can be sworn in and seated.
Oeneral Leonard Wood will return to
Cuba this week. He says he^expects to
remain tn tbe line of the army as long
as hie lives and is permitted to remain.
The Manauense was a rotten craft
.Ont of the crew says the transport wss
unfit to sail when she first reached Honolulu. •
An unknown white man closely masked held up the two messengers in a
southern express cor near Charleston,
8. C, and under cover of a revolver
compelled them to give up $1700 In
cash. KlglA thousand dollars ln another sate was overlooked by the out-
river being full. The action commenced
with the artillery, mounted infantry and
cavalry at 5:30 a. m. The Guard on the
right, and the ninth brigade on the left.,
ut tacked the position in a widely extended
formation at 0:30, and, supported by the
artillery, found itself in front of tbe whole
Boer force, 8040 strong, with two large
guns, four Krupps, etc The naval bri-
gade rendered great assistance from the
"After desperate, hard fighting, whicli
lasted for 10 hours, our men, without
water or food, and in the burning »un,
made the enemy quit his position.
"Gen. Pole Carew was successful in getting a small party across the river, assisted by 300 sappers. I speak in terms
of high praise of the conduct of all who
were engaged in one of the hardest and
most trying fights in Die annals of the
British army. If I can mention any one
mm particularly, it is. two batteries of
A special dispatch from Windsor says
that .Methuen's dispatch to the queen alter the battle of Modder river says:
"lhe battle was the bloodiest of the
century. The British shelled the enemy
out of their trenches snd then charged.
Tlie result was terrible."
The Ninth lancers are all right, as the
last reports of the battle of Gras Pan relieve the anxiety.
fare for  loaac tlrltle
Washington, Dec. 2.—J. P. V. Urioley,
s son of the late Charles V. Gridley, who
commanded Admiral Dewey's flagship at
the buttle of Manila, has been designated
for appointment as a lieutenant iu the
marine corps by thc president Young
i.i ii I lev is loo old to enter Annapolis, and
tlu* only opening for him in the navy
laid in an appo.niment to the marin.* corps,
but he lacked the necessary educatun,
and worse than all, the money for study
The boy was too modest to tell anyone
of his situation, but Admiral Dewey, who
loved his father, suspected it, and decided to act He determined to p.iy the
boy's expenses while studying lor tlie
.Air. Cilklley's mother, the widow of lhe
gallant commander <>l the Olympia, is living ul Kris, Ps. She it drawing a pension of $.10 a month, which her friends in
congress wll seek to have increased by
special net .luiing the approaching session.
"Proof of the Vuddine
Is in the Eating*'*
It is not what we say. but what Hood's
Sarsaparilla does, ihat tells the story.
Thousands of people give the proof by
telling of remarkable cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla of Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Dyspepsia. Catarrh, Rheumatism, a
other blooi diseases and debility.
The Pall Pen Empty.
Wardner, Idaho, Dec. 4.—After seven
months s» a temporary military pout tonight finds Wardner once again without
blueeoats except due company of militiamen. Troop L, First c.ivuiry, departed for
Osburns this afternoon, reaching there
just before dark. A detucliment of a doss-
en men have been there a couple of weeks
working on quarters for the winter, and
although their life will be in tents for
some time yet ull possible arrangements
had been made fur their comfort, and lumber for quarters and stables is all on the
ground ready for the soldiers to erect
Three Trainmen Are Dead.
Great Falls, Itont, Dec 4.—A freight
train coming in on the Niehart brunch of I
the Montana Central road rounded
sharp curve one mile from this city ami
struck a steer, causing a tcrible )>ilc-up
of the engine and 12 cars. L. A- Daniels,
engineer; Putrick J. Riley, fireman, anil
Harry A. Kdmiston, brakeman, were
crushed to death beneath the cab and the
Wrecked ears, within five feet of each
other.   Daniels leaves a family.
West Fatal Victor.
Philadelphia, Dec, 4.—Thc West Point
football team defeated Annapolis on
Franklin field Saturday in a hard fought
battle 17 to ff_ The soldiers won because
they  played  lhe  better  football.    They
Florence Nightingale, now over   80
years of age, aud in feeble health, recently wrote a noble letter—upon the
. .anniversary of Balaklava—In aid of the
were masters of the situation all through  I>a11 >- Telegraph shilling fund,
the game with the exception of tiie last I	
Pli.itii.-  Ship   Cannot  Dock.
New York, Dec. 2.—The board of health
has refused to grant permission for the
coffee-laden ship J. W. Taylor, which arrived from Santos with cases of bubonic
plague on board, to go to her dock.
Canadian Regiment Landed.
Cupc Town, Dec. 2.—The Allan line
steamer Sardinian, Captain Johnstone,
from Montreal, October 28, and Quebec October 30, having on bourd the Canadian
contingent for South Africa, 1000 strong,
bus arrived here.
Noa-SlnksMfi fcosta.
Ths latest invention for saving life Is a
non-sin liable boat. Jf people wonld pay ai
much attention to tlie preservation of life in
other ways there would be a great Improve*
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It cures dyspepsia, indigestion
and all forms oi 'stomach trouble.
and all fo
excellent tonic
It is an
The Hi nine llns Been Swept iini)-
tensor is Strict—Boers Are Making
flrral   Kfforts   to    Recrnlt—Mostly
Yoiiiiu Men IH.l.-r Aire.
^^^^^^^^^^    exception
few  moments of  the contest, when   the
middies  by a mighty  effort  managed  to
icon! a touchdown.   It seemed aa if every
army  and   naval   official    tttutioncd    at
Hen nre   of   Ointments   for   Catarrh
Tbat Contain Mercury.
as mercury will surely destroy tne sense
 -__■--_ I of smell and completely derange the wliole
Washington was present.   The ,..•■ rtd^'alffstamjjhan^entering It through the mu.
May*  Indians Ara Krstlrss.
Chicago, Dec. 4.—'A special from Oava, a,
Mexico, says;
Mexican troops aie waging an energetic
snd successful campaign against the Mayo
Indians in the interior of the Yucatan
peninsula. The troope are commanded by
lleneral Bravo. His force of 600 soldiers
arrived at the Indian frontier November
11 and severe fighting took place for several days. The Indiana were forced lo
alumlon their intrenchments.
The .Mosquito fleet on the Il.ili/ and
Hondo rivers gave valuable aid to thc
land forces.
No report of casualties has been received
but it is known that many were killed
and wounded on both sides.
_______________■ '    __.____• _L    s.r   '        _________ i cent surfaces.   Hucti~artlcie8 should nev-
calnnct was represented by Wa. vjietuiy. e, bP uxei except  on   prescriptions from
Kot.t ami Navy Secretary Long. 1 J*P,u!,abJe physlcians.as the dama»e they
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La Grippe, Cat:   rh.
nmuM  Will cure any acbe or pain known
In Ihe human body.  Bend for trial I
This ult oi lasts SO days mil
for trlsf bottle, 25*.
'■  Large bottle (300
doses ol 6 DilOPH each) $1.JQ or S tot fut\
187 ant l«t Pilar born St. Chlcsgo.
,      „. .hey
j will do ls tenfold to the good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney &
Co.. Toledo, O.. contains no mercury, nnd
Is taken Internally, acting directly unon
tlie blood and mucous surfaces of the sys-
l. m. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be
sure you get the genuine. It Is taken internally, and made In Toledo, Ohio, by *'.
J. Cheney & Co.   Testimonials free.
Sold by" druggists, price 75c per bottle.
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The selfishness and cold heartedness
of the "truly good" makes some men
contented in their badness.
Martler Sear llrcnxter.
Brewster, Nov. 30.—Joe Ives, a randier j  »	
near here, was killed by another rancher!     Milwaukee is to raise $35,000 for a
whose name is not yet known. school for the deaf.
1.on Jon, Dec. 4.—The meager dispatch giving a list of the British casualties at Modder river and announcing the
bare fact that Lord Methuen is still there
awaiting reinforcements, is only supplemented by a brief special message from
Cape Town tonight slating that the Boers
destroyed the bridge over the Mo.Ulcr river before the battle, and ure now concentrating nt Bpyfontein, where the final battle before Kimberly is relieved is expected
to takl place.
The censor has apparently stopped ull
press messages from the front relating to
the buttle, whicli is not regarded as a
favorable indication. As lo the material results oi General Methuen's victories it is
not clear whether (ieneral Methuen's
i force actually crossed the Modder river
or is still awaiting the rebuilding of the]
bridge before the artillery and cavalry
can cross.
In any case the railroad must be curried over the bridge before the indispensable big natal guns can pass, because
Lord Methuen's lust message showed that
they were worked on trucks aloug the
railroad. It is a significant fact that Lord
Methuen's cable makes no mention of the
liner loss, which therefore is assumed to
he small.
A dispatch from Cape Town this even- 	
ing says Lord Methuen's advance un-1 having deterred the actual holders of
douhtedly is beginning to affect the Boor. farms from joining the Boers through
strategy and probably explains the with- feu of confiscation of their property.
draw al from Mooi river. There are now clear proofs that the loy-
The continued presence of commandos alty of thc border Dutch is unable to
In Qape Colony tends to confirm the opin-j withstand the proximity of Boer comman-
ion that the Boers arc nuking desperate dos. The rest of the colony is apparently
efforts to recruit their ford's in the Dutch quiet, hut there is a strong undercurrent
districts. of sympathy for the Boers.   The outlook
While it is impossible to obtain exact  regarding Cape Colony, however, may be
statistics, it is absolutely certain that the  regarded as hopeful.
disaffected Dutch have joined the Boers |     Tlie Boers, os well as the British, uu-
An Excellent Combination*
The pleasant method and beneficial
effecta of tbe well known remedy,
Stbup or Flos, manufactured by the
Camkohnia Fio Hyhup Co., illustrate
the value of obtaining the liquid laxative principles of plants known to bo
medicinally laxative and presenting
them in the form most refreshing to tha
taste and acceptable to the system. It
is the one perfect strengthening laxa-
tive, cleansing the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
gently yet promptly and enabling on*
to overcome habitual constipation permanently. Ita perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and anb-
stance, and ita acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or Irritating them, make it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing flga
are used, as they are pleasant to too
taste, but the medicinal qualities of the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a method
known to the California Fio Stbot
Co. only. In order to get ita beneficial
effects and to avoid Imitations, pleaaa
remember the foil name of the Company
printed on the front of every package.
uranvnxa. kt.       raw yobk. w. t.
For nie bv all Dranrtata -Price 50c. per bottle
in great iiumliers which arc still increasing. Most of the recruits are under-age
men, General Buller's message clearly in
liesting  the punishment for    disloyalty! Tommy Atkins.
derestimated the strength of their opponents and every engagement has evidently tended to establish a hearty respect for
Three- HUlloa Dollar fire.
Philadelphia, Nov. 30.—Kleetric sparks
.forthe basement of Partridge k Richardson's hif department store, Nos. 16 to iO
North Eighth street, started a fire that In
less than four hours laid in ashes nearly
ntir Hooka of business houses snd caused
iui estimated loss of over $3 000,000. The
heaviest losers sre: J. B- Iappincott k Co.
book publishers, loss estimated st $2,000,
000| I'urtridge k Hiehanlnon, $000,000.
I.itt Bros., department store, $400/100.
In addition to w.e big houses mentioned, numerous smaller stores were either
gutted or badly damaged. Chief among
thta were Bailey's, $100,000; Rosenberg's
millinery establishment, $30,000. Various
other establishments were slightly dam
aged by smoke and water.
Road  Opened   Monday.
I/union, I>e. 4.—Oeneral Kltehnner today opened the VVadyhalfa-Khartmim
railroad with a weekly service of trains.
Tickets are now being issued to the second cataract snd Khartoum, where s
tourist hotel is being erected.
Peace ilirrlnrM by Yacqal*.
Denver, Dec 2.—A specisl from Bl Psso,
Texas, says:
Colonel Juan Tenochio, of the Mexican
army, snd lately with the forces in the
field operating against the Yaqui Indians
in the state of Sonora, and Major K. Pel-
aes, paymaster, have reached here from
Ouaymas and gone to Mexico City. The
two officers ire entrusted to convey to
President Diaz peace overtures made by
the Indians, but declined to divulge ths
conditions on which thc Yaquis hod
agreed to lay down their arms, and once
more recognize the authority of Mexico.
A Fatal Cvlllnloa.
Denver, Deo. 5.—A rear end collision
nevurred between two passenger trains on
the Rio Grande, in which six persons were
killed outright ami several others severely
injured. The accident happened at Kng-
lish switch, about six miles east of 9a*
lida. Tlie killed are: ('. K. Osgood, Denver; II. It. Matthews, Denver; Peter
Humes, Denver; Mrs. George Porter,
Grand Junction; A. R. Johnston, Ober-
tin. ().; unknown man.
I'heerlnK Cablegram.
London. Deo. .r>.--The Rvening News
ouys it has been li*urned that a cablegram
was received from the officers of thc
guards saying:
"In Kimberly."
Which, it adds, may mean that Methuen's vanguard has entered  Ki nbeily.
Short la Ilia Account*.
Leaner, Minn., Dec. 4.—-Charle* Z.
Dressier, deputy United States revenue
collector, committed suicide by shooting
himself. He had, it is believed, become
Involved in his accounts with the government.
Hi* 91 x Day Bicycle Mace.
New York, Deo. 4.—Thc cycle track In
Bad Breath
Undigested, decaying food remnants, in the mouth and stomach, giving off pestiferous gases, are the cause
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In u Texas case, Judge Dlllard de-!
cldes that a mortgage on an unplanted
crop ls wholly Illegal and void.
Take Laxative Hro.no Quinine Tablet*. All
dtUK__lw.il refund the money If it fit.la to cure
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All swine will eventually run down
a steep place into the sea.
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Too great modesty ls the smoke that
puts out the Are ot ambition.
,v h**-,y The Pennsylvania  J
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Auditorium, umlir the Toptofflce.
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Kelief for Women"
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iFrench Female Pills.
Accident at the <ro«*lnn.        	
v      i,        ,,       i,       a      tn l-_.__.l_. I VITALITY low,, debilitate..
nazclton, PL, Dec. 2.—A Pennsylvania hy Dr. Kiim-« inviKornti
railroad train crashed into a stage at Cran-  Trial BotU* ooouiflni i v
...       _^   ,_i .1 Kiln*- *  Institute,    B31 Au
berry crossing, killing Miss Davidson nf, rounded is;i
Orafton, \V. Va., Mis» Kmma Qocddeck of
A planter ln St. Thomas Paris, near
■ir tiih«u»t«._ cured Charleston, S. C, haa achieved a very
i vine,     r id'.i'.   il
*_,' tremment. Dr, notable success in silk culture, his audi., Phiuuieiptua. nual lncome {rom tuie 80Urce amounting to from $6000 to $8000.
New York will require over $1,000,-
...™   _..,._», sj^j. w.—.i.w «;,.-«.  M.n  ...     .     ..._., .      tl„r,|..n,ul  |       N6W   XOrK   Will   retiuuc   ».«    **
Madiaon Square Garden Is in condition I Butter nnd Mrs. Paisley of   »■«»«»■ I 000 to perpetuate the Dewey arch.
for the hig .ixday bicycle race.   On tha' Teney Cherry of thi. city, the d, iver of the (	
for the big »ix-day bicycle race,
stroke of 12 Sunday night a score of Ihe
crack ridera of America and Kurope took
to their wheels and the long race was on.
Pera'a t_tl.ln.-t Rcslcna.
coach, wen severely Injured
Froae to Death on the Trail.
Hope, Idaho, Dec. 4.—E. T. Rea, who
left this camp Thursday, was found on
Flso'a Cure for Consumption Mrt>»?E t
family medicine with ua since 16.—3, K
Madison, 2409   42.1 Ave., Chlor  o, Ul.
  A Japanese official of great prcmln-
^^^^^^^__—-. ~.-..^^H      I,,.,!  inn, riuii].   .mi.-„_..,, .-I Yelzo Ishldzukn, riniiiselnr    gen-
Lima, Peru, Dee, 4.-Via Galv^rt-,.-1 the trail fror.en to death about four miles ^JJg^^K legal adviser of
Owing to the altitude of the chamber of north of here. I i4_   „......_»   i„ _,»„_4»in«-   ih*   United
Fence and Iron  Worka.
and Iron fencing; offlo* ratling. «tc. 114 Alder.
Milwaukee has started plans for a
Dewey monument
deputle* the members of the otiblnet have
I Its   cabinet, ia studying   the   United ;
t*«d thdr^ignatlon-to-^-p^l    God h.8 delegated himself to a ^.JJjflJ^PIg ^ »«->;
T3      DDKS WHHE All H5i tans.
Q Boat roturti Sirup.  Taate* Hood. C*e I
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i i-ii.M   ■   iniiiiii-'ii" or nloertilom
n»t w i-Hoiw».       «' I" « c " u ■ niHnlirnnw..
| Pnrniu r.<i,iui.in.       l'alnliwn, nnd not ulrlu-
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I lion deputies.—Emerson.
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Do ye know Hie mountain meadow
Where the -.ueahine lingers long;
Where the robin rears it" nestling
And pours forth Ue low love-song?
Where the giizcly roams In Bpriug time;
And the bighorn sports iu play;
Ami thtt lirillluiit purple aetei
Flings its petals to the dav.
Do ye know the hrown reef stretching
Where the kelp sea-serpents twisl;
Ami the blue-white burg* from (Ji-eenland
Sail so ghoally thronuli the mist?
Where the eider drake is muling;
And liie cur.ow calleth clear;
And the winds Irom iluak lo dawning
Seem a dirge sung o'er a bier 7
Do ye know the flaming forest
In the deail «f winters nigiit;
And the sliifti-ig, i-lnnoas signals
Of lh'- niml n   northern light?
When lh" sliailotts of Ilie si nutn
Fill with formless, tearful things.
And the liurn.'d owl nf the wnotliand
SaLeth by on *'hisper*wtngt?
Do ye know the prairie panting
In the tuni.l noonday heat;
When die air is lull nf fragrai.ee
From the rose.-- at vnur ieel ?
iVhore tlie cattle in the fool-hills
Wiidc knee-deep in grain nnd grass;
And the wiry wheat is nodding
As ibe Highs ul summer past.?
Do ve know Ihe *otidtioua west-slrand
Wi li ita li.inl-i ami headlands hold;
And lis Wealth of mino ami metal;
And its threats d- line "ml old?
iVIe re tin- salmon in ihe  li.letvay
s»im in never-ending t'liloiigj
And Ilie Wavelet lo Ibe hutches
Croons a sleepy,   .-Iiliuh-i SJIig?
-»a\ ye so! junr font bus trodden
flic long-, tn mv, winding wny;
In iho dep'li of Art-lie winter
Yo haw watched the fl.islics play ;
Oil the marge of either ocean
\'e h ive heard lhe tea tow I cry;
An I the (.'lun rof the forest
Mus' be o'er ye till ye die I
I'lien stand firmly iu lhe vanguard
Of lhe hopeful, patriot bund;
l'"r your soul haa learned the legend
Of this fair Can difln land.
Aud the scenes vonr memory confers
Are thu gifts .if he;ivenly   powers
That would have know tlio meaning
Of "This Canada of Oura."
—Clins. A Riumble, in Canadian Magazine.
anythini; else, it ia a cumbersome, I
bunglesome. expensive and antediluvian ]
law. Give us .something similar to
that in use by the mining states south
of un; which is inexpensive and fair
to all.
Because thero does not happen to
be 1000 Canadian miners at present
around Sandon, the anti-union newspapers attempt to prove that there
was no foundation for Secretary
Hagler'a telegraphic statement to
Premier Laurier that 1000 Canadian
minera were seaking protection from
imported aliens. Sandon however is
but ono town out of six in the Slocan.
The fact thst but few aliens were
really importod is due to tho vigilance
of thn uuion and no credit is duo th>
Mine Owners Association for the
failure In 'heir plans
Another ft'-orite suljct with tin
anti-union press is lo deny Ihe atrenp1'
of the minotV vole. They pick out
those de<dsnnt''d as '•minera" in the
voters list, discount the totsl number
and publish lift result. Once ng>;n
they are overlooking a simple tax*.
Many who are "miners" in the strict
8' nse ot tho word, describe lhemse|ve>
a* carpenters, prospectors etc. The*'
will make an addition to the miueia'
vote not counted on by the figurer*.
The minera'vote of Silverton in the
next election will exceed the totsl
vote cast here in the last election.
•■ i
rvetnnir  tvn TACK 'HORSES  FOR   HIRE   At   REASONABLE
Outsido Parties Desiring Horses in M**^     A< p. McDONAtD,
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing To—
♦  .     V        t ■■'■■<■*. + _ 1 1
J.I. Molnttos-fa's
SII.VEKI'ON,    b. c.	
»t Allv\?sr A Y	
M mm
FirSt-Clsss Sleepers on all Trains from
TOURIST CARS  pass Medicine Hat
Daily for St. Paul.
fsijsnAVS and Wednesdays for Toronto.       .."
Fjoiuvs (or Montheai. and Boston.
- game cars pass Revelstoke one day —
earlier. ———
For the North, Revelstoke, and Main L
7:30 ex- Sunday iv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 16:
For Rossland, Nelson and  Crows Nest
Branch and Boundary Country,
10:20ex. Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday 13: CO
To mid from Sandon.
13:09 ex Sunday lv Silverton,
ar, ex Sunday, 10:20
Tickets issued through and Baggage
•7—'checked to destination.	
P18SED    IX     THE
B. 0.
Auctioneers, Customs Brokers,
And General Hkai. Estate Agents,
omoe !■ BeaUr BMk    •  •    Maker St.
SILVERTON,       -      -      -      B. C.
EDiioRMi, oiT(norri.\{i8. \
t88888888888888S8888888 88i!
Contracts large or small taken
And promptly attended to.
Stables in SILVi-.ttTON, B. O.
The struggle lieing mnde by thjb
coal barons of British Columbia,
headed bv the Dum-muirs, to keep the
coal mines of our province open to the
employment of Chinese which virtually
means the exclusion of most white
miners, is an object lesson tor the
thinking people of our country to
stndy over. It is only a sample of
what some of our own people will
stoop to to increase their ftlicady many
millions. Unless the influx of Chinese is stopped their will be trouble in
this province and a few men through
their greed will he responsible for any
outbreak that may occur.
For rates aud full information apply to
nearest local agent or
H. H. REEVES, Agent,; Silverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
A. G. P. Agent, Vancouve
For Sale or Rent,
\ Bote! In Silverion.
Appl/t.—Mittheann Sroi,
» Mlvcrl»|i, B. C.
, it i   , 'ni
Genera! Freight and Transfer
Bosiiiftss Don®,
Orders lelt at News Stand will   be
■ furtwpUy ■tten«tod to.
Order A11
£_>• IM. Brindle,'
the jeweler
Whv British Columbia papers,
poning oa mining paper*, should be
continually abusing the Coeur d' Alene
miners and makiag false and malicious
Statements regarding them is a mystery
to most people in this section of oar
country. Are they so utterly ignorant
of the fact tbat Britiah Columbia
numbers among her very best citizens,
hundreds of these self same Coeur d'
Aleners, that tbere is no mining camp
or town in the Kootenays that has
not some of them among its most,
enterprising citizens'! Thai there has
been an outrage, in the name of law,
committed in Idaho is proven by the
fact that hundreds of men were confined in prison for months and then
turned loose without even being given
a trial. This fact would appear to
most to be a conclucivo proof of their
innocence. The good and bad element
in the Coeur d' Alene district will be
found to average about the same as
tbat of the Nelson or any other district of British Columbia. Why then
continually abuse these people, have
they not suffered enough!
T-Toi i S6 mm mm mmm
The shipment   ot  ore   from   Slocan
Lake poittts, np to and including   Hit-
present tteek, (rom Jan. 1, 1B00.
From Bosun Lun-liug. Tons.
Bosun   580
From New Denver. Tons
Marion 30
Mollie Hughes  30
From Teii Mile.
Enterprise    C80
From Sluran City. Tuiif
Tiirnnnu;          SJO
Black Prince 40
CliapWan   15
From Silverton. Tom-
Co-rsliick    20
" concentrates  160
En ily Edith    80
Fidelity     3
Nooudav   530
Vancouver 320
WakeHel.l 580
Total 3018
;•. :•; ilendiinarlcrs Tor Mining Net :•:
On the fourth of next month our
Peovincial L-gislaturo will meet and
we hope the members from the mining
districts of the province will not over
look the fact that the grnatest need
cf the prospectors i; some easy method
of getting rid of a delinquent co-owner.
Our present 1 iw on the subject loads
to more roguery, and restaking  than
AND U? TO dati;
:i!<i\V:Si(oMlfiB.\IR\,   Pnf*.
•» 8 1 LV EUTON,   II. OL.
CF Ll II1CA1K OF I.Mri.OVI.MENT.S ! Oeri.li ive S ,. iiLIj.M   inlen.l -ixty .1st,
■ fi out tli ■ il.tte heit'ijl, toai'tuy lujllit- Mu> -
•Bi.ano" I1ow.\iii»Fk\ctiiis" and " li-
inx  R.-'c .r.li-r  lot ti I.t-nii1c.ile^.if In
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .   , luovemenli., Im il >• 1'inp'iM'    of j-Miili
r.KBlB.tcTii.s   Al.iie...Ul_.ii.i-i.H>i..Hf.!ii     l..n.ul ,irBljN il(ll|(> ,,,,„' lBJm,_
in the   Sliniui  L ll v Mining Uivimuii u.' •       ,    ,,     , ....
W,.,t K.ioeiuv Di-lrirt An.Uii.llier UW.. none     ihat    AtMtp
Where   loritte.i :-Un    .liviile   lielw, cn 1 »»'lei e« t'".n :..    in i-l    h* fonmi*nee.l
Nurlh Fork !.• iiimi Creek ami Spiim-er
10 i : !•
Creek abcnt,7 'inii'es7iou" S'oean'cirf j °' Im|»*pV««nicii»n
Take-  Notice dial I,   F.  C.  Ilieeu,  ol       Dat..1 ll.fe 8:li i
Nelson, a ting ns  n^entfor Ihe Mic.in   Is'1.
Lake void  und  Silver   Mines.  Limited
Fret Miner.s Certificate N«i Bl4,SS3, intent! cixly il.iyh from the thtlu  llSlflof tb
spply to the  Mining Reotrder for Cer-.
tificates of Improvement, for the purpose
ol obtaining Ciown Crunti. uf lhu«i«ivtv
And birdier tske   liotlco thut   nelioti,
under st (tion 37,  mnst be   mm.m-ni'Cil ]
before Ibe tttffcnee of such t'i rtifluitos ii
Dited this Hlb day ol November, 1669.
F. C. Ceken, P. I. S.       f
25—11-91) i
Iteforo tbfl  iii-i'i.titt:,- of mie!i    Cetl'Tttle*
,fS. \ttn.y**t, A f».
.1. D. M&tasov.
Use   None   But
Thc Best!
month. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Take Notice thst I, Francis J O'Reilly
of Silverton, Freo Miner'd Cert ideate No.
nl■ln.'tti. uh imeiit foi Tlie Wakefield Mines
Limited, of Silverton, Free Miner's Certificate No., intend sixty tluvs
from the ilale hereof, to apply tu the
Mining Recorder for a CertiUcate of
Improvements, lor the purpOBO of ob
taining a Crown Crunt ol the above
And further luke notice tbnt action
undr sectimi 37, must   bo  commenced
before the issuance  of   such   Cortillcatc
of Improvements,
Dated this 10th duy of November, 1H0D
Francis J, O'Reuxy.
18 | 11 | 90
has left
at the
THK SILVERTONIAN,   ^.ayear. i'2bm, una li'. C. lviio'ck, ^m'h\\nex'e
CERTIFICATE OF IMl'ROVEMFNTS j        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Notice:— "BunsemE" Mint-nil Claim,' .   ^^       _««--^.__»-,
situated    in    lh.!     Slocan      Mining * M*&**Q£A*&y*m
Division  ol Weat  Kootenay  District.! ****
Wi,..re located:—On Four Milo Creek,. SarSapAnUA
alami ihreo and a ball miles from its [ ^^^^
 1 ,
Try It—Prove It.
NOTICE:— "Exchahoe, Silver Plate,
Skocl'M, Victoria No. A and Wasa
Mtneml Claims: i-ituate in tbe Slocan
Citv Mining Division ol West Kootenay
Where located :—West of Duyton
Creek, a mileHOtiib of Springor creek.
Take notice that I, .1. Murray McGregor,
lifting as inreni for the NewOnlil Fields
of British Columbia, Limited, Free Miners Certificate No. n212U7, intend sixty
(Iiivh fr in thetlate hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate ol
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of thu above claims.
And fiirthiir take notice that action
under section 37, must be commenced
before ih- issuance of such Certificate o
Dated this 21st day ol September, 1800.
J. M. McGruuor.
25 | fl I DO.	
| Tool sharpening a specialty.
.daigle,    silverton. b. c.
NOTICE:— "Exciiajnue," "Broker."
"Slide" and "Craiu No. 2" Mineral
Claims; situate in the Arrow Lake
Mining Division of \iost Kootenay
Where located :—On the norlh side of
Cariboo creek, shout one half mile
north of the Millie Mini Mineral
Take noiieo that I, .1. D Anderson. P. L
S , nf Trail, H C . setin . uh agont f->r II,
E  Forj.iei   Fiee Miner's Certificate No.
Daigle's BlacksmithShon.
General BlacksnithiBg
mid Repairing hat.
Owing to'a reduction in miners' wages
caused,by the enforcement of the eight
hour law, the iniiiera;are;Hll idle and tbe
mines have  nlmt. down.   Therefore all
workingmen are hereby warned to keep
away from  tbe Slocan and  Kootenay
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles aro  amicably settled  botwesn
mine owners and miners,
Sandon, B. C.      W. L Hagler,
.lime 2nd. 1890.        Secretory  Sandon
Minera' Union
J. 13,. M. Beaednsa,
Pres..Silveitw M. V
3.1. Mcintosh,
(Secraiarv,    8ll»erion
• Miners' Union.
***•««• .-*._#t'W.|.*«,^M«,'«1*,#'.Va#W :*r.s •-,.'«.Vv««iM.)t'--'.:'.-.*<»i«**M»*i*'-'' HMW'^Mt^/.V.'.'H-,./*..^,,,
Outlet, ^•*3*tr%*r.t*t*'!*s»,t. ■ ■*.».-■ .    I'-YrAV. ,.sT*t-JI'**l.'?«_«.«M'^4VA»»»'''f^>;'f'. WH¥iimwt>iww*t*.*r.<. «A.*ttK.. ..M». «t» .AAf t ttfAtm »»_»IHiltvS •■*%   * •n_»V»r,«M. Wtsw «*■*__-><


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