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The Silvertonian 1899-08-05

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\7\ J, ) JJJLL
And Up TO Date
Mining News
Of The Richest
Camp  Of  British
j»«-__-OOOOOOOOOOOOQ «•'"■  . Ai prW-ntViilii i.| ■   ,i, (. ,..
V. Ill    I.-JI     tBl'     Ull
Ml\l\(l      LOUAl-S. 2|;"«bllt«ttta good depth Hint  L'i*..   ..i   M.1.-I-
-Ml1- 8||b|e Stoidlltl iironnl, nnd it i«   imw hi   n
,.. miner, wss
lnlm ClniHtopber
,11 cuve iiHbeArl.iigt.inn.ini* on
r„dTy.   lIiW.s.akeuto.hel.OH(,ltal
*l7^»»»*w ^™*'°™zol
:'u,l.1(.,cluimal'0V^.*wn,are bu-y
„'.»M« «lon.bat,,o,.er.y
, w sisgel bl Spokat.e «•-» on R. d
•      T.,»siin\  uiakints an nam-
IWilU group.
nit)l„r:il mine managers
mine owners
Xowlsy. •
the Oolone
*k.  Tl"1
attended the
meeting  m  Simdou  lust
eyOhil tbe casu.il reni.irk ol
attending th»t "a swrni)
„„,    |,eld,''   nothing   can   Ml
dm proceedings,
,,!\. Th.lins- r.turne.l y*-8i..r.1_.y from
!   filers   Group   on   Colh-e
overnm.nt   truil   up    the
„Hhpd   ahead  am! will
little oy«r .50 d-ct. The deieliipinenl
woik jn tieinx iluii.1 niidei the supervision of E. Foil.- Smith, who expect* tn
have the property in .ood shape by the
end ot the |i<-**iit. neaxon.
,.,.|i in ts'init   I .
,ICI, the vteeuti '» a,,°'*1 u'° wt'''k8'
Itertaiid H.trry C'.H*i**-. who ll»v-
,., prospecting   in   the   Si.nilki.me. I
j ,>• esfect tn n ma
,,.,,„■ wiH return tolbe Sfinllktmew
;■•..'    V •
.■tinned     home     > e-**i.*r*ln.* .
nin here for   a   si on
ihe chillis tbey have   _t..k-d.
The Willa Group Is tq he Ihoroughlv
IWwIu-ieil snd MsU-rosJio »oik lias
Ifgadj leen -started. This Gromi lies
ii Red UonptaiR snd n.lj dus the* Lin'"
,i,Vgold |i'i|ieity. A force of men
.,. I,,.,.,, eniidoyed ull hiiiiimer, strip--
jng.nd prospeillbg   a   big   g«_   arid
i, r letlge thai ci-iMl the   Boe-l*-**
.im, one nf the Group, with lhe result
iati  iiiiniiiy OuV   feel   theroselve*
ittifleilio thoroughly   d-.'wlopini!   Hil»
■ !■•.   [t has Wn examined   by   som
lie best  known  eaperis  and  pro-
ii.. leipial to atiMliiuu in   the   Ri*"*
wml district.   Wednesday    a  tana*   pf
nrrt sere put to work tb start- tuunel
i Killo'-euu-i tin*   vein  at   a   gieal
leplb, ami sri_hgeme__i haw ftuM I hen
Im.lefor the erection   ol  luildines tn
aiiimoda'e  a  lar.e   force    if  men
li.    Kionp   is   owned    bv   tho   Willa
(IliiiiiU'C. iniuinv, and the ttnlji   will   be
lone nnder the B-Magwaeut of Fnuik
Vstjon ' I Spokane.
Aiising Ihe mary *iri**v.1ne_t Red
ui.lain properties, Is the A. K. "• I>i**
> hii nol l-cnpper proposition and lie*-
ilweentlio Congo Group and Little
•i-  claim.   The  A, K.   IvcXtie snows,
i tli.. r-'iidi-e, to l*». OH.' of    I lis*    UgKMl
imiii Rritisli Cultinibla, being fully
leel wide Tlie wsike of tl.e win
oi th east sod south "west wl'b a din
pitch into the mountain of .hmii oo
giees Die vein ls wlmt would he
ova in tin* Ros-ltand or Cnilndaiy
unlr? as a Liu "iron cap", and a hole
illed anvwh >re in it and blasted ex-
JSSS ure that carries lar.e qu intitios of
more or le*s C*nfWf (.nlpM.!*-**   and
n places considerable molybdenii". All
I 'Ids nre cart ten v»lne« in iiold varying
•"111 ll few rents |„ fO'i.. and a* depth  Is
ii    marked    improvement    j**
HI |
iHvahlc iii Imih the .old   and   copper
'I um.   \ large amount of  labor ha*
••en expended in pro«pr<tiiiK tin* snsface
If this ledge, numerous-.hallow opeiilm.'*.
sving been msda.   Lately a tunnel im*
■esn stsited thst will cat   the  ItdM  »'
dspth ofover 100   feet,   Thia   work Is
fins, dune under ihe snperrliloi  of V
Byron and win ho pasherl  thronub ta
Wnipletlon at   once.   The  formation ie
pimilar to that ol  tbo   Congo   Group   h
Wenlteaod schist, and the  ledue Itself
P'l'iy   bo   termed   an   altered   quarlzito
fyke. r
Tho Silver Rand, which lies up near
1 " Very head waters of Right, Mil,*
f'j*'1'1'. is destined tn rank among the
P'HWrt ol the big Slocan mines A
Mme amount of surface work has been
Pone on this property, and the main
IWW, which averaj-es ton feet in width,
PM been opened Dp on the surface, everv
P«le ways for i'iintSn bi over 300 feet
M'gs bodies of *:oncoutrating ore have
»sn   expijHeil,    whicli    wiU   prove  a
""■■■•» when a mill for its treatment is
frected, A spur from the n|ain ledge
Pa** produced  sonie very rich shipping
r"' assays Iroip which have run us high
I'M8oni'Cesln silver  to   tbe  ton.   A
Ihhh   llHH ,""'U tlriv01' lt> o»   t*1'8  »P»r
I« "Sot und tho top of a rich  ore   shute
The Noonday mite, which is at present
Silverton's principal pualuier, on Tium-
d,<* h.nl .fTrOof ii*. men, who wore
notified that lim lavnir wan only temporal)' Htul that their aervieeH would be
again rei-uind within a few daya. At
prssanl 2j men  are   employed  and nil
the iiihii I.lid .iffare  ! xpected    to   he    at
wmk ttitaiii within a week. This move
on the part ol the iiianaueuieiit was due
to the lark of acuommoi-itiene for th*>
men and ihe ni*d#ssliy of  ke'pin*; the
ilsvMoi ment work ahead if lhe sloping.
At no time in the jilirtdry of thi* mine
liuF ii looked so prop.ising or had ho
tiiiich ore in ehiht as at tbe present rinie.
Luinh. r for the erection of buildings Wc
is hemg t»• •--, n up to the n;n e ..ml i very
ruillriiliii* t. jui brings down a load of
ore. Tin* in ne imw lioUU lin- ncutid
place mi Silv. rton's shipping li<i l*elug
ullly surpassed in lhe niiioiint nf nre
Shipped l,j liuii nf ll e W :.ki l:rl:i, \\\\),-[\
it bids fair to **t».li ovi it.ike.
I!^3!^_1!1^OOL AUGUST
Lim tarn i\u
J   Yates end 7ami|y~7,aV"0~  taken
their residence on flume Ave.
The moral (or immoral) effect of Sun-
day iootnali ,8 agiuting the press ol
Mrs Barclay, left Monday for the
H..lcyon Springs, where she will apend
a few days.
5,  1869.
Ax.l Larsen, who has been prbspec*
tii g nn nnd Kamloops for borne titnc, ie
back Li t> wn.
Barrister Ollllstie, of Sandon, and Miss
Hatt, of Kreden tog, N. it., were married in Vanoouvei la t week.
RusmII ami Billy Th mpson were over
Irom New Denver on Wednesday, chop-
!>inu stakes on Red Mountain.
Geo Cole and   bouglus Darg left on
t'bniMl.iy f.,r lhe Liirdeau.    Th.
io |iro.*pect tl.e*e dunng August
A   l'lJOTil.lLI, M.ilCH,
WhHt should fie'a iood f.otbsll game
will le pulled off nn the   Silveitm     I.  d
next Tuesday, between the Sanitrn and
Silverton tei mt* Tie tU|_o wil be
called at 0* 30. Thie will be the fourth
game between these two tei.m», each
liuvinu a vidoi \ nnd n draw 'o Its credit.
jV dance will 1* given in McKiniion's
11 ill alter the raine.
Secretary McICinnon of th** 8cht*ol
Board bus received a leiter from Alex-
Robinson, Supefflntendeut of Education,
■tatiin.- th.it a requisition had been sent
to the ljftnds and Work* Department fur
the amount nJpeesRnry fur the immed
iato erection of a school house iu Sihvr-
The site selected is on Hume Ave,
,....,.,,, "«»■* Wie comer of Fourth St. Work will
doubtless*commence wiiliin two weeks
A force of men went up lo the Hewitt
claim on Thhrsday and lhe No. 1 tunnel
on tliat jiropeity Is tn lie driven ahead
The Hewitt, lie* about*fair roites from
town and on the mounUin ov<iiiu"l<iiiw
lhe Galena Farm Hats and i.-* directly
on iln* strike of the Vancouver ledge.
Considerable, work has been done .u
ltd*- property, which besides a lot of
surface woik two tunnels have heen
driven on the vein, both of which hale «
l*ood Hliowini! of ore, the upper one being
iu GO and the lower one 40 feel. The
work will l edooe un !er the uianaaemein
of Msj. Reed, one.of the owners ol the
Nelson-, street railway is no longer a
thing of ibe fiiiure. The silver spike
wa* diiven, amid -ip-iropnate ctrernoii-
i<-s, lest Saturday.
The dining room of the Atriingtcn
Hotel, the popular Siocn Ciiy hostelry,
which has heen closed for tome time,
wjli be rcop.-i.cd nexi week.
••'Choil reopen- on the 14th inat, and tbe
new bllildHnit should he ready for occu-
pation early in tho ter*n.
VV, Mcintosh  who wan one of a party
I of Silv r.oi.i.ms,  who   I ft here   nome
F. L. Christie,   Barrister  of s_ui)on | months aHo for the Atlin sold fietds, inn
B. C. will in; at the S"lkirk llmel e-fery-l 'utterdated June 6th,'gives his ImpreB-
Endiiy in the future.    Anything requir- | sion   of Ihe much talked ol  Atlin, A'.
ing his set vices wifl  lie utteuded to try I'lollOws:
bin. j,
A street spunkier has made its ap
peamr.ee on our sli-eejs, much lo lh
satiste tion of our dust woiritd-citizens
Tin foiiilild Held lips received a mud
needed dampening.
Those alio arc lucky  etjoutfh   to
to Ik, aide to indulge in butl.i. g   ,i\' '.i,e 1110 wore alu) i fe1| >011 it*a ,J0, Vl.rv en.
that  the   t l**..e icijiirajii..--.    Wc did  not net down ov. r
si or 10 feel any place as the water  would
"I havo  lieen  rusfUng ever sinco  I
came here, but have not seen a  thiiiR as
yet.     I   have   been over one hundred
miles of country since I came, besides up
on crick.* an 1 mountain tops, and as vet
I have not s.cn a good  lo .kiiiv: piece  ol
Uptaitz.    We sunk b lies and pinned   dir.
be. 'till further order*-'—could net colors and
Cons id eral dp activity ia manifest
ah nn It >■ mines and prospects around
gltaan Co/. Old stiikfs hi.* beins
opened up and developed ami ne«
*trikes sre 'of daily occurence. Five
strongoomtMiiies are operation in that
disirict, all of which are paying lhe
L'nion scale of wa.es. The COO.psnie*
are., tbe t'hap'esu, A'lin.ton. Taniarac.
Skylark .t K.ini_t-r unl Ih.* it ack I'fliire
Slocan Ciiy It* If Is lu ' "i i'f; ami hin-Ue
and  no  complo lu .      u i*s  . r
i>u the Free Gold Gioun, which adjoins
ihe H wird Frartioll and in r.wnp.1 h\
J. M. M. B* i.ediiin, Wdlmiti Kyte and
olb. r, a well d. fined vein of fre" gold
Oft*, lies l*en struck, Tide v. ill ia over
three feet in width and pans in free gold
aliout JflOO to ihe too. Tbe vein h s
h.en traced some distance and a Belies
of open cuts i un into it.
Another neighboring property that is
showing up well under development
wmk, is the Hoodoo, which Ii.ih a vein
over five feet wnloof.uod  million ore.
The Liberty which adjoins the Hondoo,
Is another piniiii-ini! property, .urfaee
ore taken fr..in the Liberty vein assayed
■flj in irohl and 50 ounce*. Ill **ilvei to the
toll. Dave Davis mid William Horun
ol BUveiton are both Interested in th s
propcriv ami are at presei.t domgtie
usbcumii- nl work.
The wagon road riintiinir Op Springer
creek from SI e.u. City and connectiny
that place with the mines, is beiiv
cleaned out, fourteen men being cngaifi il
in tbe work. It is the intention of those
ln charge, as soon as it is cleaned out, 10
continue the load up the creek as far as
the present supply of money will permit.
The Blink Piincu on Lemon creek,
nonr Slocan City, i i prnvinir itself tn be
tin- liii i-tilko of the season In thai
m-idiitiiub.md nml lis oril shoe is big
rich und continuous. Tin* ledge averages flvp feet in width and is all shloping
ore that will ruu Considerably over 150
ounces iu silver to the ton. A large
force of miners will be put on at this
property as soon as the necessary accommodations can lie erected for the men.
ore is being packed out to the end of the
wagon road ior shipment to the smeller
and steel tails, lumber and supplies aro
being hurried up to the mine. There
appeals to be now little doubt but that
the Black Prince vein crossed the Two
Friends ground aud is a parallel vein to
tho Two Friends
is within the town limits nird within
heaiing distance of several families.
Profanity is becoming no common
among the I ii'licr-i. A hint of this
shuold lie enough.
Mr and Mr., Grant Thnilmrn  returned
vesti iUui In in   their eastern  e-ceiuwon
come in and we vvonid have to net   i ut
No doubt there n;e some   good  p^ac-r
i I.iims, but they are  not  many and the
se.isnii does r.o>   open   until  Ail|»tlst 1st
There are lotB o! men In here with star-
vafjon staring them in the face, wbo can-
ttnong their reh.live.-
iLej vtiiid sll lhe pnieiisl cries
Canada and the 'at-:, r ones of the north.*
ern Sillies Although they bad'an ?ii-
j -table trii'', tl e» rtltnii convinced thai
'there is no place like home."
The    in fo, iu Jit   who    furnished   the
N.l-.'ii Mn er tl.e article on Ihe N: on-
day Mine, ' f this place, snd wh'ch was
pnhlihhid by that paper bn Ilie4ih. inst,
i-» a liar pun" and t-imple. Tbe article is
h tissue f'f fals, hoods and could only
have . iiL'in.i'i d in Ibe inilid of some
Sll***!,**, who is haying bis heart e.i'en
out wi ■' enyy to see luuiesl men making
oi h pest living by honest wmk
I'ne Sentinel, Toronto, the oulcial or«
,; in oi the Orangemen, is cele1>r.0ing the
j .-.impletio'i of i:- tWenty tilth yuirol nub
iii'iiti.iti, ind li..* is-tied a special edition
oi sixteen p nes. It is handsomely i11 un—
•rated With potratts pi the vailoUs Celebrities of ihe Orange older. Nielnlas
FI.ksI Davin, Professo.: Goldwin Smith
.unl .lames L Hiiuhes are afflbtig lhe
conliibutors to this special liiiinl'er.
All work in the Jewelry Ri pairing
lint), left ut the ,**ilverton I>rn_ Store, will
I.e promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovei,
the well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs are GPABA-TgaU roil oM. ^ L.iK   *
tlils yenr.the Spokane Industrial Rapo
Mtion will he helo in a monstrous circus
tent. It will not he a building, us heretofore, composed of a wooden frame work,
., ilh ll roof of cinviis, hut it Will be u
r. jll sr clrcUS tenl made In   sect: ins and
put up iu sections.   When the exposition
is over it will he taken down, folded, and
|.nt away until next year. It has cost
more lo mnke Ibis tent than to put Up
ono of I he buildings heretofore used for
the fruit fuir, but "ben it Is finished h
will be g»od for ninny veins at. least.
There are in Let three h*_ts. The main
one is 100x3.'i0 bet in size The two others arc each ii little smaller. There will
lie no danger uf the tents blowing down,
for, in case of a severe storm the centre
(mu he lowered and thus avoid the force
0f the wind.     The tent is b in ■ ini.di' by
*.'. o. is.rg. unii! rceetiily of Bpokane,
hut now of -seattlu.
ileirirp not t-et anyihini! to do ami cannot cet
out. Toe freight and passenger rates
here are something awful, from Atlin to
The only oro sent off the Lake during
the week, was sixty tons sent to the
Tuiil Smeller from the Noonday mine nt
Silverton. This mine has also two carloads ol ore lying on the wharf ready to
be loaded onto Ihe steamer and the ore
haulers are steadily hauling ore Irom the
mine to the wharf. Several properties
around Slocan City ure preparing to ship
ami packing has alieady commenced at
tbe Bluck Prince.
■ituiii". and ili>. steamboat fare i* |1 .lot
hiiikof that I will not «o into detail*
ab.Mii Ihe country, when nol In aawnmp
y11ii ne ou drv sand or trr.iv I hills; w ben
off Ihese, cuml'lnu a i-iatiite n lime-
s one mountain Granite and lime is
the principal ft filiation with OOCOSslon-
aily a little slate. I cou-ider it a loss of
time to write about tho country and a
urcaler loss to be here."
There's been a lot to say about tho  man
behind lhe gnn.
\iid folks has praised him highly for tl e
noble work h.- *     n";
He won » l"t of hom>r for the land where
men »r.. free.
fi was him thai sent the Spaniards kith.'
Inn k iicros- Hi" sea;
But he's had -is day of glorr, had  his
little spree, and now
There's another to  he  mentioned-he's
lhe man behind the plough.
A lia'tlcslii-i's a wonder and  an  atiny's
iiiluhlv grand,
Ai d w.iirm's i perles-ion   only   heroes
under and,
riiere's i.nn*ihin**t*af»rt o' thrillin'  in a
da.' that's Waviii  I i.'.,
And b m.ikesyou want t' holler when the
ho\ 's i/i. marchin hy;
Bui  when  tin   Bhuiiti's  over  and lbs
flahtin's la e, somehow,
.'.e Iln I w-',tHidl lepeitillngonth in
i ehl "I ihe plouah.
riiey slnti about th** glories ol Ihe  m n
behind the gun,
And the books are full of stories of the
wonders he has dm ";
The worl'' has leen   made   over by tbe
fearless ones who fiithl*
Lands that used to be In  darkness tbey
iiave opened to the light.
When God'* children speak, tho soldier
has to settle np the  row,
And folks haven't time   for   thinkin'   of
the man behind the plough.
In a'.l the pomp and splendor of an anny
on parade,
And nil   liroti.h   the    awful    darkness
that tlie binoko nf balttle made ;
In ibe halls   where jewels (?litier and
win re sbontin. men debate.
In   lb"   places  where   rulers deal  out
honors to the great,
There is not a simile   person   who'd   be
doing business now.
Or have in. dais il it wasn't for the   man
behind the plough.
We're n-htiildin' mighty rities and we'ro
iriiiniiig lofty heights)
we're a-winnin' lots of iilory   ond  we'er
settia' thiiuiH to rights j
We'er a ihoiviii'  all   creation   bow   the
world's strain should run,
Future  men'll gflga  In  wonder at the
things licit we have done,
And they'll overlook the feller, jist the
saint* ns they do now,
Who's tbe wnole concern's  foundntion-
lliat'S ths imiu behind the plough,
—ti. E. Riser, in Chicago News-
Do You Know
Where    To    Oet
A   V-/ O 4\ NQ ARMY b-tkf in Tr-ISi
*   ^^ ^ ■*» NOliBY AND STYLISH LINES.
Oeneral Merchants
Sil^rerton,      _B.   C.
T^ Mi ]VX' «i^-ivi->r>rT-wy-
Mineral Glasses   and   Compasses.
•  Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
Lake Ave - - • Silverton, B. C.
Id.   _L£.   _E-ZrLOTxrles.   __?zop.
v Patronise Home Industries. _F
•          f
A     09tfo.'.'.'.*iiinit S8«8»8i!i!88888?S88885S!(-   A
Jk    A   ' STYLES   !     • -*AVK lrsT  REO'IVED  A   FULL  LINE   X
l_0    .V*\..|.f-.\   SW\   ..... .  ....      TV.. 1,—SMI      I.V,
®8 8» %'.♦.•. •.•.•'.•,«,• •.•i 8 8 88 88 »8 18 8 8 8 8 8 8 8®
Silverion, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Deliver, CiibchHo City, Grand Forks, Birdar,
Midway nml Greenwood.
*     I
m**>wttwtm*m>r *«-*<iiti>a*ii<iHia'ii'.s^-t*i>^-*'^**^-t*»»**''tii^ »"■*«»**#»' mermm*4r*i*m ***tteama*mem
Large Number or Inmate* Stricken—
Several Death* H»»e Occ_Te*-Thous-
and* Have Been Bxposed-Goveruuient
Surgeons Ordered There.
Norfolk, Va., August 1— A message
tram Governor Woodfin of the Soldiers'
home nt Hampton, snys there hnve been
three deaths from yellow fever in Oie last
i»4 hours, and ;«i cases arc now under
treatment. Expert surgeons and immune
nurses are being _*U_*d and rigid quarantine regulations enforced. He docs not
think thc disease will spread beyond the
An  Alarms-* Ontlook.
Washington, August L—Surgeon Oeneral Steinberg received the following from
Lieutenant Colonel Dewltti
"Fort Monroe, Ya.—Surgeon Pettus.
United States marine hospital service,
quarantine officer, officially slated that
yellow lever was at the National Soldiers'
iioine ut Hampton. There were 34 cases
with six death-. The commanding ollicer
took immediate measures for quarantine."
Oeneral Corbin says the conditions are
serious and then' i- no telling how far thc
infection may have reached. Exclusion
parties have been coming io Old Point,
Newport News and the soldiers' home.
Many of the excursionists hare mingled
wilh the soldiers.
Corbin says one theory of the way the
fever might have lieen brought to thc
home is that one nf thc soldiers recently
visited Santiago. He returned some time
sinee, suffering with what the physician.*
Ihought to be dengue. It seems it was
not until the inmates of thc home began
to die that the disease was discovered to
be yellow fever.
Officials of the war department are very
much concerned about the situation. Corbin and Sternberg had a conference early
Ihis morning and it was divided to hold
everything in readiness to take care oi
the yellow fever should it appear among
the troops.
Orders have been issued by the department removing the garrison at Fort Monroe to some point on the northern coast
to be selected by (ieneral Merritt. A few
officers and enlisted men will remain al
Fort Monroe as guards.
Surgeon Oeneral Van Ituypen of the
navy department said lie did not believe
it would Ik* necessary to suspend operations at Norfolk. The navy yard, however,
would bc quarantined.
IIo»  Did It Gel There»
Newport News, Va., Aug. 1.—Tlie offl-
eers of the Soldiers' Home at Hampton
have no bleu how the yellow fever worked
its way into the place where over 4000 old
union veterans are quarantined!
This ciiy is completely cut off from
Hampton, Old Point, und Soldier*)' Home
except by wire. Reports telephoned from
lhe last named place today show the fever
situation there is well in hand. Hilly one
new case has developed since yesterday
afternoon and no other deaths have been
The home grounds are effectually quarantined and it ia not thought the disease
will spread beyond the reservation. Aimed
Another Car lllowu l'p.
Cleveland, July 31.—The blowing up of
another Euclid Beach suburban car has
demonstrated that the danger point is not
yet passed in connection with the street
car strike in this city. The plan to ra*
lease the military force early next week
will probably be abandoned and' the soldiers retained indefinitely,
Contrary to previous reports, eight passengers were aboard thc car wracked, and
that they escaped serious injury is considered almost miraculous, The explosive
used was unusually powerful. Tlie heavy
car was lifted fully two feet from the
track by the explosion. The flooring was
blown upwards and over the tops of the
The authorities are unable to get the
slightest clue to the identity of the perpetrators of the outrage.
The cam are now moving on every line
of the Big Consolidated system.
Vni.iiM    of    Some    of    the    r.l ...-li.nl
Ilmnd*   Sold   In This   Vicinity.
The recent discussion In the papers
of the effect upon the human system of
food made with alum baking powders
and the opinions that have been published from noted scientists to the effect that such powders render the food
unwholesome, have caused numerous
inquiries for the names of the various
alum powders.
The following list of baking powders
containing alum is made up from the
reports of State Chemist Nicholson of
Nebraska, the city chemist of St. Louis,
the food commission of Minnesota, or
other reliable authority:
Hi.kli.K   I'.Mv.l.-rs   t'ontnlnlmc   Alnm.
K. C Contains Alum
Jaquea  Mfg.  Co.,  Chicago.
CALUMET Contains Alum
Calumet Baking Powder Co., Chicago.
HOME  Contains Alum
Home Baking Powder Co., San Francisco.
WASHINGTON  Contains Alum
Pacific Chemical Works,  Tacoma.
CRESCENT   Contains Alum
Crescent Mfg. Co., Seattle.
WHITE LILY Contains Alum'overtaking the Paris about 10 miles out.
D. Ferrera & Co., Tacoma. Owing to the high wind und choppy sea
BEE-HIVE   Contains Alum  *t was difficult to get a line to the Paris
Washington Mfg. Co., San Francisco.      nut ,),-,, Wi(s (inallv accomplished and the
B0N B0N Contains Alum gtm| „.heeter     „,;, baok l0      t.
Grunt  Chemleul  Co.,   Chicago.
All Al.iig the Western Coast—No -Ives
He ported Lost—Large Number or Houts
Were Destroyed -financial Loss Will
Amount to Thousands of Dollars.
St. Michaels, July 31.—The most severe
windstorm seen here in many years swept
over this bay. lioats anchored in the
stream were torn from their fastenings
and either swept ashore or sent (lying
seaward, thc direction of the wind being
Fortunately no lives were lost, as the
majority of the vessels wrecked were
.small steamers, built in 1807, for the Koy
ukuk rush and which since early spring
have been idle at anchor iu the buy. Their
owners in many instances have eithei
gone to Cape Nome or Oalvin bay, giving
up all hope of selling or leasing their vessels.
The damage will amount to many
thousands of dollars.
lleginiiing about li o'clock in lhe morning the velocity of the wind increased until ii approached a buiripane at noon.
Ocean craft und large river steamers tugged at their ponderous anchors, firmly
rooted in the mud, but try as he would,
the Storm King was uiieaqual to the tusk
and turned his attention to the smaller
fry with great success, as lhe beach for
several miles will testify.
The point of land on which the Alaska
Commercial Company's plant is built got
the full benefit of the wind and considerable damage would have occurred had
not the greatest care been taken, and as
it was, the company lost its lately acquired tug boat, the Anna Eva Fay, purchased last winter at L'nalaska.
The stern wheel City of Paris, lately
purchased by the Alaska Kxploration
Company, snapped her anchor chain and
drifted rapidly to sea with two watchmen
aboard. As soon as possible the St. Paul
ot under way and went to the rescue,
Will Thwart Russia's Plana.
Chino, July :tl.— The Japanese alliance
has been welcomed by England and Germany on the ground that it will rein-
vigorate China and enable her to resist
the liussian advance.
The Spectator, in the course of an interesting artiele, asserts that Japanese reorganization of the Chinese army and navy and finances would be successful because the Japanese are more in sympathy
with Chinese national feeling than the
western nations.
Japan, the article says, would abolish
corruption and organize a formidable well-
armed Chinese anny, while the combined
Chinese and Japanese navies would be able
to prevent any invading army reaching
China by sea.
Pern   Enjoys   Prosperity.
Lima, Peru, July 31.--President Pierola
has opened congress.
The galleries were crowded with members of the ministry, officers of the law,
diplomats and the general public when
the president's message was read. **Tlie
message says the relations of Peru with
other countries are perfect, that thc revolutionary movement is gradually sue-
climbing Slid that Peru has made progress economically. The commercial movement of the year, it shows, exceeds that
of the previous year by more than 10,000,*
(KHI sols and the public treasury condition shows much improvement.
The president also announced the acceptance by Pent of the Washington
postal convention.
DEFIANCE    Contains Alum
Portland Coffee and Spice Co.,  Portland.
PORTLAND  Contains Alum
Beno & Ballis, Portland.
In addition to these, lt ls learned
that many grocers  are   selling what
The tug Anna Eva Fay drugged her
anchor opposite the Alaskan Commercial
Company's wharf and drifted on the rocks
a few feet astern of the river steamer
Louis, which was firmly lied to the wharf.
All efforts to get the Fay off were in vain
brands. These powders are put up for
the grocer and his name put upon the
labels by manufacturers of alum powders in St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City,
Tacoma, San Francisco and elsewhere.
The manufacturers, lt is said, find their
efforts to market their goods in this
way greatly aided by the ambition of
the grocer to sell a powder with his
own name upon the label, especially
when the grocer can make an abnormal profit upon It. Many grocers,
doubtless, do not know that the powders they are thus pushing are alum
powders which would be actually contraband in many section if sold without disguise.
It Is quite Impossible   to   give  the
names of all tbe alum baking powders
tn the market.    They are constantly
guards will prevent any persons from the appearing ln all sorts of disguises, un-
fever infected districts from entering the der all kinds of cognomens, and at all
they call their own private or special.and shc poinded to pieces in a few hours.
The river steamer Dorothy, owned  by
Powers Sl_a the Protocol.
Washington, Aug. 1.- Secretary Hay
received a cablegram from Ambassador
White, president of the American delega
tion to The Hague peace conference, stating that the 10 powers represented have
signed the protocol of the arbitration and
mediation treaty. Included in the li-t arc
France, Kngland and Ilussia.
The treaty will not become effective so
far as the I'nited States is concerned un
til it has lieen ratified by the senate, so
that its provisions could nol lie availed of
at this time to settle the boundary di*pnte
between the I'nited States and Canada.
Kven after the treaty is ratified it is snid
that arbitration of this question can not
be invoked unless with full consent nf both
] rallies.
Sprrnd of 1'lanur Throughout  India.
Bombay, Aug. 1.—At Ponnah ihere have
l.i. n .Mi eases of plague and BU deaths
fiom disease in 68 hour*. At the cantonment in this city 310 cases, 201 deaths
are reported.
Several new cases sre reported among
Europeans, Meteorological conditions in
dieate the close of the monsoon and the
prospects are ominous.
Thresher Rairlne K-plodrd
Detroit, Aug. I.—A special from White
Cloud, Mich., says: A threshing machine
engine exploded near Big Prairie. Charles
llaight, Alpha Height, Charles Crabtree.
Oeorge Overly, Cecil Priest and Raymond
Howe were killed. Oscar Evans and
tieorge Haight were severely injured.
Three Were Drowned.
Ashland, Wis., July 31.—A rowboat
containing W. C. Ott and Mrs. and Mid
llovntim, was caught in a terrible gale
which prevailed for two hours on Chequa-
magon bay. All three were drowned snd
Ihe bodies have not yet been recovered.
Ott was a resident of Chicago.
kinds of prices, even as low as five
and ten cents a pound. They can be
avoided, however, by the housekeeper
who will bear In mind that all baking
powders sold at twenty-five cents or
less per pound are liable to contain
alum, as pure cream of tartar baking
powders cannot be produced at anything like this price.
James Deitrich, dragged her anchor and
went ashore, but there are hopes that she
can be saved. jUong the beach several
other small Steamers and numerous sloops
and Yukon river boats arc total wrecks.
Among the wrecked craft is the steamer
William McKinley. The river steamer
Anna Wanda is smashed to bits. 'Ilie May
West and the Weseig are also on the
r.X'ks. One of the new barges belonging
to the Alaska Exploration Company was
blown to sea with a valuable cargo.
Captain Kraut and mate, of the four-
musl.il schooner Carrier Dove, while trying lo row, to lhe wharf, were washed
ashore, but were pulled out, narrowly escaping drowning.
News of the storm at Cape Nome is anxiously awaited. Thc barrenness of the
bench upon which the city of Nome is
built und the high surf that continually
rolls in will make the storm unusually
fatal to shipping. With such a wind as
prevailed here, none of the dozen vessels
anchored off the cily could have escaped.
Capture of Calamba.
Manila, July 20.—Brigadier General
Hall, with 1000 men, has captured Calamba, on I-iguna de Hay. The loss to
the United States forces is four killed and
1*2 wounded.
Calamba is a town of nearly 12,000 population located on the eastern shore of
the buy, 30 miles southeast of Manila, and
is much farther south than the American
troops have yet penetrated on land.
The force whicli captured Calamba consisted of -100 Washington volunteers;
460 of the Twenty first infantry; 100
Fourth cavalry and two guns of the First
'Iliree members of the Washington regiment waded from canoes through the
swamps, often shoulder deep, while a
group of Filipinos concealed in hay stacks
were shooting at them until the tin-lad
"Napidan" commenced using her guns.
On the American side two members of
the Fourth and two from the Twenty-
first infantry were killed and several
w ounded.
Sir Jallaa la llonorrd.
London, Aug. 1.—It is officially announced that .Sir Julian I'auncefote, Hritish ambassador to thc United States, who
was the head of the British delegation lo
the international peace conference at The
Hague, has been elevated to the peeiage.
nrla-andaar and Blackmail.
Hong Kong, July 31— Brigandage and
Hill Be War la Ban Do-alago.
(ape Haitien, July 31.—Advices received from the Dominican frontier say
the Insurgents have cut the teregrapn
wires in the ncighhothood of Santiago de
lo* (aballeros and also near Moca.
The insurgents in the West part of Sanla
Domingo await the airival of Jiminez, under whose leadership they expect to attack Santiago.
Attack on Calamba.
Washington, Aug. 1.—(ieneral Otis
makes a report to the war department of
the efforts of the Filipinos to retake Calamba, as follows:
"Manila.—The insurgents in considera-
able force ap-ieared in the vicinity of Calamba yesterday and were punished and
driven off by Hall. Our casualties were
one  killed   and   seven   wounded.
"Captain Simpson of the Sixth infantry
struck u robber band in Negro* on the 28th
instant, killing 10.—No casualties."
w io.iili.ui...>  Boy  Hart.
Oeneral Otis cabled the list of soldiers
Wounded during the capture of C_lumbj
July -M. Among the names is that of Fred
I.. Hallou of Company H, llrst Washington infantry. He was shot in the shoulder, but not seriously wounded.
ii.-h.Ij   to Start.
North Dakota. Wyoming and Idaho
are on the transport ('rant ready to depart. lM~<iic to delay until tomorrow to
Hs-civc   monthly   pay   permitted.''
Hallroad Wreck.
Denver, July 31.—A Times' Cheyenne
special says:
A collision occurred on the I'nion Pacific near Wolcott between the eastbound
overland passenger train and a light engine going west.
K.ngineer Marsh of the passenger train
and fireman Konold of the light engine
were killed and two mail clerks injured.
Knginccr Mack of the light engine jumped
before lhe collision, and is said to have
lied to the hills.
Derision la a Compromise.
Denver, Aug. 1.—The state board of arbitration has filed its report on the in
vesligation of the smelter strike.
The   decision   reached is a compromise
between the demands of the smelter men
'■niiiirri Dies la Jail.
Joliet, III., July 20.—Adolph L. Luet
gert, thc wealthy Chicago sausage mak-
er, who was serving a life sentence in the S_   ^.t0™?*0*   °f   U,e   """P""*
penitentiary  here for the murder of bhl_™J__*tto» of "mon or no"'"-'011 **»■»
wife, was found dead iu his cell.    It ii
not known whether he killed himself or
is ignored.
died of heart disease.
Miners Move Westward.
Klkhorn, W. Va., July 31.—Two thou-
Athletes Sail for Home.
Wheat Quotations,Wool Figures and
the   Price  of  Prodnee.
The following   prices   are paid   for
wheat delivered at the Spokane mills:
Wheat—Bluestem, bulk, 51c; sacked,
52c; No. 1 club, bulk, 47c; sacked, 49c;
No. 1 red, bulk, 45c; sacked, 47c.
Fruit—Apples, 5c per lb; apricots,
15c per lb; bananas, 30c per doz.; black
raspberries, 15c per box; blackberries,
20c per box; cantalopes, 50c apiece;
carrots, 5c per bunch; cauliflower,
12',-jC per head; cherries, 10c per lb;
currants, 25c per gallon; cabbage, 2V_c
per lb; cucumbers, 3 for 25c; gooseberries, 5c per quart; grapes, $1.50 per
basket; green corn, 35c per dozen;
green peas, 5c per lb; head lettuce, 3
lbs for 10c; lemons, 30c per doz.; new
potatoes, 4c per lb; new onions, 2'/jC
per lb; onions, $1.50 per cwt; peaches,
2 lbs for 25c; pineapples, 50c each;
pears, 10c per lb; plums, 15c per lb;
potatoes, $2.50 per cwt; radishes, 2
bunches for 5c; red raspberries, 20c
per box; string beans—15c per lb;
strawberries, $1.25 to $2 per crate; tomatoes, 25c per lb; watermelons, 10-35
cents each.
Lard—50c to 60c per 51b pail.
Hams—15c to 18c per lb.
Breakfast Bacon—12',-ic to 18c per lb.
Picnic Haras—10c per lb.
Salt Bacon—10c per lb.
Hay—Timothy, $13@$14 per ton;
hay, $12@13;  alfalfa, $11.
Corn—Whole, $1.40 per cwt.; cracked, $1.50.
Feed—Bran and shorts, $14 per ton;
shorts, $13; bran, $15; rolled barley,
$20;   chicken  feed,  $1.00.
Wood (on car)—Fir, $3; tamarack,
$3.75; pine, $2.75. Retail—Fir, $3.50;
tamarack, $3.50 to $4; pine, $3 to $3.25.
Coal (retail—Roslyn lump, $5.50;
Pennsylvania anthracite, $18; Colorado anthracite, $16; foundry coke, $16;
Cumberland black, $17.50 to $20.
Poultry—Chickens, live weight, 15
@16 per pound; turkeys, dressed, 16
to 18c; spring ducks, dressed, 14 to 16;
geese, live, 16 to 18c.
The following quotations are given
on live stock and dressed meats:
Beef—Live steers, $4.00@4.50; live
cows, $3.50@4.50; steers, dressed, 7J_
@8c; cows, dressed, 6@6',_c.
Hogs—Live, 5c; dressed, 6@6V*.c
Mutton—Live, 4@4'/_c; dressed, 10c
Portland—Wheat—Walla Walla, 57c;
valley, 58c;  bluestem, 59c.
Tacoma—Wheat continues dull and
weak at 56c for club, 59c for bluestem.
New York—Silver—Certificates, 60@
61c; bar silver, 60%c; Mexican dollars,
London—Bar silver, firmer, 27%d per
San Francisco—Bar silver, 60V_c;
Mexican dollars, 49</j@50c.
New York—Pig iron warrants—Firm
Tbe firm that fixes the selling price
for miners and smelters quotes lead at
$4.35 at the close.
Final  Session  at The   11-_>-«-.
The Hague, July 31.—When the inter
national peace confer.nee met for the final
sitting it was announced that lt) states
had signed the arbitration convention, 15
the other two conventions, 17 the declaration for prohibition of throwing projectiles or explosives from balloons, 10 the
dechiiaiii.ii prohibiting thc use of asphyxiating gases and IS the declaration for
prohibiting the use of expansive bullets.
Two Bora Drowsed.
Colorado Springs, Colo., July 28.—Don
aid Matheson and Robert Matheson, aged
12 and 10 years, respectively, were
drowned while bathing in Big Sandy creek
near Matheson, Klbert county, about 00
miles east of this city. The indications
are that thc elder boy was drowned while
trying to save the life of the younger.
Southampton July 20.-A portion of Secretary Hay. ns ls well known, la
lhe Yale Harvard athletic team, which a devout 0mar K-*»yymi*lte. lt lg _ot
competed in the inter university sports at' howeYer' 80 wel1 hnown that his col-
Q ns club, London, have sailed for home  leet*011 ot editions of the Rubalyat ls
sand  miners  have left here  for  western on  hoard  the steamer St. Louis.    They  "ec0***1 only in this country to that of
.ml  fields  to  get  better  wages.    Many wprp ~jv(,n a hearty farewell by a large  Nathan Haskell Dole.
Items Trom the tXleh Blgtons ot tho Fa-
elfle northwest. Mews Wrote AU the
Principle Mining Oan*»*-F«r*0_»l»-
Mlnlng Motes.
The bulletin of the American Iron
and Steel Association has received
from the manufacturers complete statistics of the production of all kinds of
pig iron ln the United States for the
first half of the year 1899. The total
production was 6,289,167 gross tons,
against 5,869,703 tons in the first half
of 1898, and 5,904,231 tons In the second half. The production of Bessemer
pig iron was 3,778,937 gross tons,
against 3,703,584 tons in the first half
of 1898, and 3,633,800 tons In the second half.
Republic Notes
The south drift on the No. 2 tunnel
level of the San Poll mine, ls looking
well, and a recent sample from the face
assayed $139.70 per ton, of which $21
was ln silver. The north drift on the
some level shows two feet of ore in the
face, which gives good values.
The new tunnel on the North Star
mine was started June 9th and ls now
In 198 feet and timbered from the
mouth 50 feet. It is gaining four and
one-half feet per day In good ground.
A large body of ore was encountered
at the mouth of the Palo Alto tunnel.
The prominent properties at the
head of I-ambert creek that are being
worked are the Belcher, Eastern Star
and Columbia groups. On all of these
active development work Is going on.
The district lies about 15 miles northeast of Republic and only about one
mile north of the state wagon road
leading from Republic to Marcus.
The Golden Harvest group will shortly be under development again. The
company has been reorganized upon the
assessable plan. The old corporation
was the Golden Harvest Consolidated
Gold  Mining Company.
The shaft on the Liberty, in Sheridan camp, is 40 feet in depth. The
ledge Is said to be eight feet In width.
Some fine specimens of ore are exhibited, and it is claimed that the
values are also good. Some of the ore
closely resembles that In the Zella M.
While there Is some gold in the rock,
the larger part of the value is in silver.
Brltlna Cola-shla.
For the month of June the official returns from the Ymlr mine are as follows: Total amount crushed, 2,000
tons (dry weight); gross estimated
value of concentrates, $4,500; bullion,
$16,500; shipments of crude ore, 46
At a point on the Kettle river, eight
miles from the headwaters and 27 miles
from Arrow lAke, via Fire valley, John
Worth located a placer claim several
months ago. John Lodge, who ls an
old placer miner, located a claim opposite the discovery, and during the winter cut a ditch 3,000 feet In length In
order to obtain water. The diggings
are on the bench. Quite a number of
claims have been staked, and many men
are getting ready to wash the yellow
dust out. Seven dollars without saving
any of the fine gold ts the largest
amount yet taken out in one day. The
bedrock ls from five to seventy-five feet
from the surface, and indications point
to pay ground, more especially for a
hydraulic company. About three miles
from the placer ground several gold
quartz locations have been made. The
placers are located about 90 miles from
Grand Forks.
The latest big ctrlkes in the wonderful camp McKinney are on the Balmoral, south of the Granite, and on the
well known Pender. The Balmoral has
a two-foot vein, and a recent blast
showed the whole face literally covered with free gold. On the Pender another four-foot vein has been opened
which pans free gold throughout Its entire width, and shows a liberal sprinkling of visible free gold.
The Sunset mine, In Deadwood camp,
is to be equipped with a $20,000 plant.
James D. Sword of Rossland, representative of the James Cooper Manufacturing Company, has closed a contract for
a 20-drlll Ingersoll-Sergeant compound
steam compretmor plant, two 100-horse
power boilers and a 100-horse power
hoist with a sinking capacity to 1,000
feet. The Sunset, the B. 0. and the
Mother Ijode wl'l thus be equipped with
the largest machinery plants In the
Boundary Creek district.
Situated at the hend of Hidden Creek,
near Ymlr, In a large basin, are a number of properties of merit and which
hnve the Indications of making mines.
The distance Is only about eight miles
from Ymlr and If the results continue
as they have heretofore there will be
two or three shipping properties from
that locality.
The North Star and Sullivan mine*,
near Fort Steele, will soon be ln shape
to make large shipments of ore nt
slight expenses. The Canadian Pacific
is building a branch right to their ore
dumps, and Inside of the next 90 days
the output of both properties can lie
handled with little trouble. The Gem
nnd Stoney, two properties adjoining
the 8ulllvan group, will probably also
be ahlppers as soon as the rnilroad Is
completed. The shaft on tho Gem is
Just getting through the capping of
the lead and ls coming Into ore Identical in appenrance with that of the Bui
Sinking on the winze from the lower
On the property ctlled Society Qiri,
near Moyie, East Kootenai, there lg _
tunnel being driven to crosscut the
lead ut a depth of 80 feet, on which
three shifts of eight hours each are
working. In the St. Eugene there are
18 men at work on the eight-hour shifts,
30 men engaged In building the concentrator and 15 on the flume, it Ib expected that the concentrator will be
ready to run by September 15.
lt Is rumored that a deal is pendiug
for the sale of the Trail smelter to the
War Eagle people.
The work of erecting tbe stone foundations for tbe new compressor plant ot
the Center Star ut Rossland ls nearly
MlMNl.   RO 1KB.
There seemB to be much excitement
In the Thunder mountain country,
which is about 40 miles a little south
of east from Warrens, Idaho. A large
number of prospectors are outfltlng
daily at Grangevllle for tbe scene of
the new excitement. From the appearance of the ore lt Is an extension of the
Buffalo Hump district, but yet differs
from this In the one respect at least
that phonollte has been found. The
ore carries considerable free gold,
which is plainly discernible with the
naked eye, without the aid of a glass.
Bill Keeler, well known to all old Coeur
d'Aleners as the original locator of the
Widow's placer claim, has made several
locations which are promising. About
200 prospectors are now ln the district.
WarrenH and Florence are almost depopulated on account of the rush to
these new gold fields.
The mill at the Conjecture mine, near
Lake Pend d'Orellle, Is to be doubled iu
Dixie camp, Idaho, Is full of activity,
and development work Is being prosecuted with the greatest vigor. This
young camp is certainly one of the moat
progressive in the section, and justifiably so, for It has many fine surface
The famous Mariposa estate, territorially one of the largest gold mining
properties in the I'nited States and the
first quartz property developed In California, Is to be reopened and worked
after a suspension of operations for
nearly 3.r> years.
Charles T. Taylor and John M. Fulton of Reno, Nevada, have bought from
Samuel Hunt, Orrln Bennett and 8. D.
Thacker the largest antimony mine In
the I'nited States, thero being over
2,000.000 tons of high grade ore In
sight. The price paid la unobtainable.
The mine is located In Humboldt county about 70 miles north of Winne-
On the Jumbo, at Buffalo, Idaho, the
vein had run out of ore except for a
few small stringers in the face of the
tunnel, and the property was looking
decidedly black, until a crosscut was
started and run only a ,ew feet, when
a fine body of quartz was opened, and
at last report they bad cut six feet, with
the farther wall not yet In sight.
Next after Palmer mountain In Importance In the Palmer Mountain district. Gold Hill might be classed up
with the best, which would Include
Douglass, Kllmeham and Little Cha-
Kaslo k Slocan
Trslns Run on Pacific Standard Tlm*.
I.*ave. Arrive.
Oolng Weat. Dally. Oolng Baal.
t:00 a.m   Kaalo    3 bt p   in
1:3] a. in  Bouth Fork  1:10 p. m.
>:*> a. m  Hproule's Mt p. m
>:4t a. m  Whitewater  MO p. ra.
»- a. m  Hear Lake  loo p. m
10:11 a. m  McOulgan   1:41 p. ro.
10:26 a. m   Balltya   I:t4 p. m
10:33 a. m.... Cody Junctl. n .... 1:11 p. ro.
Arrive. Leave.
10:40 a. m  Bandon  1:11 p. m.
Lsava 11:00 a. m.Sandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m
Arrlvs 11:16 a. m...Cody...I.«av* 11:11 a. m.
O.  F.  COPELAND,  Butxrlntandant.
. J—L-
blackiiiflil have become so rampant in the'mine*, here aie  compelled  to close.    The crowd,
neighborhood  of Canton  that  silk  mer-. situation   is   becoming  alarming   among
chants have been obliged  to notify for- o|>eiatom owing to the rapid emigration.
eign buyers that they will prbably be unable to fulfill their contracts owing to lhe
insecurity of transportation. j
•+***>■ ■ttte-.'^mrv-^tm,    Truir    ir»i  *tmm emWm mw*mmmmmmmmm
Prance   and  Paraguay.
Mrs.   M. Ki..i. ,   Inpr-vea. Buenos Ayrea, Aug. 2.—The French min-
1'latteburg, N. Y., July 31.—Mrs. Me- inter here lias atarted for Paraguay in or
Even the quiet waiter li frequently Kinley continues   to   improve in health der to "t-establli-   dlplomatlo   relation.
called to order. and spirit*. between    .aneo and Paraguay.
mi Kootenay .„.
Railway and Navigation
Operating Kaslo A Bloran Hallway, International Nav. & Trading Co.
Schedule of Time-l'ai-1-c Standard Tiro*.
Passenger train for Bandon and war
stations,  leave* Kaslo at 1:00 k. m.
Dally, returning, leavei Sandon at Ull
p. ni, arriving at  Kaalo at 3:U p. m
International Nav. A Trad. Co.-Operating on Kootenay lake and rlvsr.
B. B.   •1NTKRNAT10NAL."
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson at 1:00 a. m.
dally, except Sunday. Returning, laavsa
Nelson at 4:30 p. m.. calling at Balfour,
Pilot Hay, Ainsworth, and all way point*.
Connects with B. F. A N. train to and
from Spokane,, at Five Mil* Point.
8 8. ".ALBERTA."
Leave* Nelson for Bonner'* F*rry Tu**-
days and Saturday* at 7 a. m , mssllng
•teamer "International" from Kaalo a*
Pilot Hay.
Returning, leave* Bonner* F*rry at 1:01
a   m. Wednesday* and Hun.lays
Connect* ai Honn*r* F*rry with Great
Northern railway for all point* *a*t and
!r,?rL°nHthe EV"Tn„ng ^ftr' at "»!*■*■"•*•» ran st principal landing. In
land continues. The winze has now both direction., and at oth.r point, wh.r.
renched a depth of 15 feet below the' "lun.led.
lower tunnel. Tho winze m in ore nil T1<*ket. sold to all point. In Canada and
the way down. i >>■• United 8tate*.
On the Tamarac, nenr Ymlr, n very     To **,c,rt»'** rate* and full Information
nice strike of ore has been made at the AiiTW   „__
150-foot level I ROBERT IRVtNO, Man.g.r,
,, L   __________ ka*'8/ 1 °-
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ih* F»»* *••■* '" ThU *"d Wm"*ien
Uwd^Saromarlao*  tTtom th*   Latest
Paril authorities have approved of
the designs of the Lafyette monument.
Don Carlos, the Spanish pretender,
has left Venice ostensibly for Austria.
Sunday has been the hottest of the
uea-on at Omaha, 99 iu the shade at 2
p. m.
Mr. Chamberlain Is not prepared to
explain situation on the Newfundland
It is announced that the Dreyfus
court murtlal at Rennes will open on
August 7th.
The C. H. k D. Elevator located In
■•'not Toledo, was totally destroyed by
ore recently.
Lloyd Tevls, one of tho wealthiest
and best-known residents of San Fruu-
i-lueo is dead.
Antone Haluiih, an Australian miner,
bbut and killed himself Sunday at Juneau, Alaska.
About 200 messenger boys employed
by the Postal Telegraph Company, ln
New Vork, have struck
The attempt to reopen the Globe
Mueller at Denver on the old 10 and 12
hour schedule, has failed.
William Armstrong, wanted In Chicago on the charge of jury bribing, has
been arrested al Port Angeles, Wash.
Senator Shoup has recommended the
appointment of William H. Savidde, of
Boise, as census supervisor for Idaho,
il. B. Hutcherson, a former resident
of San FranclBco, was drowned near
Hallard, Wn., while in swimming Sunday.
A sharp earthquake shock occurred
In lower California, recently, with vibrations from southwest to northwest.
No damage was done.
President and Mrs. McKinley will
leave the middle of this week for their
vacation at Hotel Champlaln, three
miles from Plattsburg, New York.
An unknown man fell 40 feet down
the Colusa-Parrot shaft at Butte, Mont.,
Sunday. He was seriously Injured,
but physicians cannot at tbis time tell
whether he will live or not.
The following are the census supervisors for Washington state: First
District, Joseph 11. McMillan, Falrhaven, second district, Austin Mires, of
Dr. Allerdice, formerly of Prescott,
Arizona, was found dead ln bed at his
room at the home of Charles Burton,
*!34 West Monroe street, in Chicago.
in the room was found a bottle of morphine.
The dominion government telegraph
line Is now completed to Five Fingers,
and Is progressing so rapidly that mes-
hages may be sent over it from Skag-
«ay to Dawson in less than two months
from dale.
At the Saint Augustine Parish Athletic Club game* recently, James Flan-
nlgan, of New York, broke the world's
record of it; pound bammar throwing
by tossing It 101 /eel 1 inch from a 7-
loot circle.
By the disarrangement of the indicator on the hoisting apparatus of the
West Colusa mine at Butte, one man
»as killed and eight others narrowly
escaped. The dead man is William
Thomas, shift boss.
Joshua L. Carlisle, of Butte, was
found dead In a creek ln Missoula gulch
It is supposed that he had a fit and fell
in. He was a well-known music teach-
ur. and an old timer ln Butte. He
Ir-ve-H a mother and two sisters.
Four hundred pressors employed ln
tne -'irment trade struck    work    for
higher wages, and organized a union.
Ihey claim, their number will be doubled soon and that 700 more garment
workers will strike for higher wages.
• hick Davis, of Wllmot. Ark.,    the
MHO murderer of William Qreen,   a
respected farmer, was overtaken in a
corn Held today and snapped both bar-
Ms of 1iIb gun at the pursuing party,
•nil wns then fired upou by them   and
Instantly killed.
Late arrivals from St. Michael, Alas-
*u, report that there are at St. Mlch-
Ml uliout iu small river steamers for
sale. They are the property of un-
lucceoaful prospecting parties that
wintered on the Koyukuk and other
I'liiiiches of the Yukon.
Three, negroes wero lynched nenr
Satlold, Ga., aud the mob ls hunting for
Ave more who are believed to have been
•lumbers of a gang that robbed J. E.
Oglltree, agent of tho Plant system at
Saffold, afterwards blndlug him and
""Ranking his wife in bis presence.
A coroner's Jury at Portland, Oregon,
recently brought in a verdict that Clara
••Itch, whose dead body was found ln
J'ycle Park recently, was murdered
by strangulation, and charging Frank
Mr-Daniel, who was with her when last
Men. McDanlel stoutly protests his
W, Banning was found Insensible on
the bluff overlooking Granite creek,
hree blocks west of the Republic bank
"> Republic, Wash.   His skull had been
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Louis, near the Shakespeare statue,
where Adelaide Nellson, Olga Nethersole, Booth and Barrett have in years
Bailey for ))ast planted trees from Shakespeare's
"Jack" Hogan, a life-saver at Fire Island beach, lost his life ln attempting
to rescue Albert C. Hubert, a newspaper correspondent, from drowning.
Howard B. Bliss, of Cranford, almost
lost his life while assisting Hogan. He
too, risked his life freely to save that
of a stranger.
A Jury has for the second time acquitted Avollna Arredondo, the murderer of President Idarte Borda of
Monte Video. Among the argument-
brought forward In prisoner's behalf
was one that it was not proved that the
president's death was caused directly
by the shot, as no autopsy had been
held on the body.
The board of Inquiry of the Immigration Bureau have refused to allow the
Filipino band to land from the Transport Indiana. The musicians were Imported for the Omaha Exposition, and
were under contract to F. M
a term of six months. On examination the board ascertained that there
was not an actor among them all and
they were classed as contract laborers.
The American Writing Paper (.'.hiiim-iy.
a new trust with a capital ol t-^000,00.,
has taken charge of its newly acquired
The Oregon volunteers have turned over
all their rides, what little ammunition
they had left, their cups, knives, canteens,
haversacks, etc.
Fishermen found the body of Torssol
Oiero, a Frenchman, In an eddy in Kettle
river above the big dam near Cascade, XX.
C, Tuesday.
It can be slated positively that a majority ol the cabinet is now in favor of a
Changs of military rule, butli in the Philippines and in Cuba.
A menage from Honolulu says: M.iun.i
Loa is still in eruption, three streams of
lava flowing down the mountain, and one
was within  IU miles of Hilo.
The amalgamation ot -H large plumbing
manufacturers  of  the  country   ha*  been      Nikola Tesla's   new   laboratory   on
perfected under the title of the O"11''1 pjke'B Peak Is a long wooden structure
ton ami William Stole!*:, who live on the
Kankakee marsh, have been killed.
■A bad wreck occurred three miles east
of Clark's station near Reno, Nev. The
first section of No. 'A eastboiiiid passenger
left the rails and was piled up crossways
of thc (rack. Engineer Keal was killed
and his til email badly hurt, and a number
of others of the train crew were shaken up.
It is reported that the revolution in
San Domingo is progressing favorably.
Fire at Tupper Lake, N. Y., in the
Adirondacks has destroyed a hotel and i
16 buildings.
Almost the entire German press issued memorial editorials, the occasion
..„„k  ,„»„.„ i    .      , »-,        being the anniversary of the death of
Joseph Jefferson is to plant an English  elm   in   Tower   Grove   Park,    St
ier in the Canadian parliament at Ottawa regarding the Alaskan boundary
dispute and the alarm which these
speeches have caused in official circles
in London, everyone at the White
House, D. C, at the state department,
and in cabinet circles generally, laugh
at the very Idea of a possibility of war
with Great Britain on this or any other
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Foundry Company, with a capitalization
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Baron Ku-wel of Klllowen, lord chief
justice of Kngland and a member of the
Venezuelan arbitration commission, enter*
taincd his colleagues of the commission al
dinner recently.
The  name  oi  the  First   South   1
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The Oxnard Sugar Company of Ventura,
Cal., lias purchased the Patterson ranch,
consisting of 6.70 acres. The price is reported to be half a million. The land will
be planted wilh sugar beets.
Henry Novels, a negro, who attempted Hon.
to assault Miss Rosaline Davis of Battles*
burg, Miss., was captured near Bond,
.Miss., nnd later identified by the younj,'
lady. The mob tied him to a tree ami shut
him to death.
A. Finley, third oilier of the steamship
Garonne, now being filled up at Seattle
for a transport, has received word from
Kngland that through the death of bli
father he is heir to an cstalc amounting
to nearly $1,000,000.
President Zelaya of Nicaragua has gone
to meet General Terenclo Sierra, president
Of the republic of Honduras, in the Gull
of Concluigiia, 00 thc coast of Salvador,
with the object of making an offensive
and defensive treaty between Nicaragua
ami Honduras.
The rumors regarding thc formation
of a China-Japanese alliance are semiofficially denied, and It Is asserted that
ihn rnvnva recently sent to Tokyo were
1110 envoys rooeuuj r> friendly i BflhOOl* for Boys on lhe Const
appointed simply to prove the iriiuiu.* 1 W||) re.ope„ ln th„„,,w bull
relations between tho powers.
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S. F. Chronicle.
Idlns; jAuirust  15th,
Prince Bismarck.
General Otis has informed the war
department of the arrival at Manila of
the transport Valencia. There were no
casualties enroute.
President McKinley will give a reception to Admiral Dewey at the White
House when the latter arrives in Washington.
The revenue cutter McCulloch    has
sailed for St. Michael, Alaska.   Major 'e-jst   ,
E. W. Clark, special treasury agent sta-!
tioned on the Pribyloff islands, was a
passenger on the McCulloch.
Serious forest fires are reported between Clallam and Neah    Bay, Wash.
Recently there has beeen no telegraphic
communication between those points.
The United  States transport    Han-
; rock, having on board the    Nebraska
regiment and two batteries of the Utah
! artillery, have arrived ln San    Fran-
, clsoo.
The one mile match race between Ar-
j thur Zimmerman and Eddie C. Bald at
Vailsburg, N. J., for   a   "guaranteed
! purse" of $1,000 and a percentage of
the receipts, was won by Bald.
Champion Walter D. Mansfield has
again broken the world's record for
long distance casting. In the accuracy event he made 'If. per cent and S.r,
per cent in the delicacy event.
lt is admitted in administration circles that upon the assumption of office
by Secretary Hoot, General Miles will
again become a leading factor in the
management of military affairs.
Paul Corcoran, the Shoshone county
dynamiter, has beeen convicted at the
recent term of the district court at Wal-
ace, conveyed to the penitentiary and j
entered upon Ills term of service.
Two automobiles beat the Paris-St.
Mole express train in a race between
those cities, a distance of 'lift miles,
making the best time ever recorded for
an automobile, covering the distance In
seven hotira and 48 minutes.
The effect of Judge Thornhill's decision In the Iowa court will result ln the
release of James Doyle, El Paso county's millionaire prisoner. James Burns
will comply with the conditions imposed on him by the court and Doyle
may go free tomorrow.
One of the biggest quartz discoveries
In the history of Idaho has been made
on Badger creek, which empties into
the Hoise river about three miles this
side of Twin Springs. The discovery
was made by a prospector named Frank
Bryant at a point on the creek three
miles from Its mouth.
The accident on the Erie railroad
growing out of the landslide a mile east
of Luckawaxon, N. Y„ was not as serious as at first reported. Only the fireman and engineer of the derailed engine of the westbound Chicago express,
which turned over on the track, were
killed, though a number of tho express,
the vestlbuled train for Buffalo and
Cleveland, which left New York, were
Despite the wild utterances of Sir
Charles Tupper and Sir Wilfrid Lanr-
Oprii  n  Bank  itt  Honolulu.
San Francisco, Aug. 1.—The Hrst and
only national bank outside of the continental boundaries of the United Slate*
is about to lie established in Honolulu.
Colonel W. G. MeFaiiand, who was
chamberlain to Queen L_iuokalanl, ha*
arrived fr..,,, the islands to perfect the organization of the lunik and later lo return i.ith gold coin, representing the
stock subscribed for it by San Frapcisi-o
and New York capitalists, A charter for
the bank  ha* already  Is-en procured  from
the United States by Perry S. Heath, a*
si*iant postmaster general, but it can not
lie u*ed until congress places the Hawaiian situation under the territorial laws of
this countrv.
'l'i..* Leader of I lit, Burke Union JA.uu.l
linlli v n„ Was Scntonoed for Seventeen Years i.l Hard Labor ln the Penitentiary by Hie Judge.
Walluce. Idaho, July 20.—Paul Corcoran is guilty of murder of James Cheyne.
After deliberating all night, the jury tiled
into the court room und announced the
"Guilty of murder in the second degree."
Which meant that Paul Corcoran, leader of the rioters, must spend at least 10
years in the penitentiary to utone for his
part in the outrages at Wardner on that
eventful Saturday, April 2(1.
The verdict, while not unexpected, bus
Created great excitement here, it means
that the .Miners' l.'niiin has beeu hopelessly beaten alter one of the greatest legal
battles ever fought iu American courts.
It Means more than this, for it is the signal for tlie vigorous prosecution und severe punishment of the maddened mob
that blew up the Hunker Hill <_ Sullivan
mill just three months ngo.
At the later session of the court Corcoran
was sentenced to imprisonment for 17
years in the penitentiary.
Court then adjourned until September.
The New  Itecrnlt*.
Washington, July 28.—Returns received
by Colonel Ward, the officer in charge of
the recruiting service, show that 017 recruits were enrolled for the volunteer regiments yesterday, making a total enrollment to date of 540!).
Fence and Iron Works.
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Three   Noi.-.l   I' -iibith.
Liverpool, July 31.—Senator Woloott of
Colorado, Israel Zangwell, clitic and nov-
TihI Sloan, jockey, have sailed
for New fork on the Cuiiard line steamer.
Dr. Amos Williams Patten, of the
Hyde Park Episcopal Methodist
church, in Chicago, has been chosen
professor of the new chair of Biblical
instruction at Northwestern University.
Alfred Harmsworth of the London
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—enee ami detention from husincw. THU IB, *! 00. txa
sale by all rcllahle druptri.*—.. or aent prvnald by *******
P——uy w-rappsd, oo re.e'ptof prt.-e. by
  1 -BUT CH__ll-_ CO., OI-, .0, Ol.
t-reaka* mailed oo reuuss.
Use Big «J for uiinatu-a.
discharges, luflanimatloos,
Irritations   or  ulcerations
'of  ran con l   membranes,
Psinleaa, snd not sstria-
iTHtEnnsiOiw.OMOo. ••»* or solsonom.
Sold by Dram-la**.
'or sent In plain wrapper
by   efpreaa,   prepaid,   fo,
'*   i, fe.76.
•1.00, or I bottlj
Circular taut
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cor* sick Hesdsch*
suil Pjipnsla, B*DOV* I'lmiilesand Purify th*
Blood, Aiil I'litciitionsiiJPrrTeiit Biliousness. Do
noUlrlpoorSirken. Tocolirlnee you, wo will mall
aauiple free, orfull hox for'25c. DK. ItosANKO
CO., PI-lhMla., Cr-U-n.   Sold hy Druggists.
rlUlIlMi riiPHproiltu'nninitt ure and oaiiHf* Itehlng.
*i well aa Blind,BltodlUOt l'rotr.ulii.f
I'd by pr* Bosnnko's Pile Remedy
r and bleudinif. Atinorbs tumon*   (ioc a
Thia form, an well aa Blind, Uie
Pile* aro enrod by I
Stope itching and 1
Jar at druggist* or aent by mai.. Treatise free. Writ*
-ua about jour ea*«.   DR. BOS ANKO, Philada., Fa.
'  '   ■'
Hullt, l'i:. -., Prlnclpol.
Mam*- W"e>>-xrwiiai •j**---t**>**1{N-i*>v»-^ exetmm
V   V   ll.
No. 31,   IM*.
■w-.- ~-«--.i. .emJwDruw,* ■ .*»«-^.w^'i«-*-<*V--»f''*»ti*risrii.ii ■*■
( * *■<■!:    IMWK
»;.»$-€; M®*£Xy£W^*m XM Z \ "^ fi1:" &?■
\W*w*£ft. Z»mZ ft^m^tf^r J r. wsc. :Y%:^:m;m^. -_e_
Ii© Wjpn. Hunter Oo„ T,t€L.
Y^/e ^re nQW agents for
Sewing Machines
Just Arrived *
o you   want
A. n_v t 1* 1 n g;*?
JEWELRY,    ______
PIANOS 1 ------   -
Jaoot> Dover,
Box 34     .   .
, R. 0.
T>o   Yon IMslxV
.0_««*«0 OR IN ARREARS A
* |   BLUE   CROSS    >VILI.
$mmd& BK F0,INP W TH,e
a a a . . a . . a . . * a a . a a a . . . s . . . .
tftliOKI.lL OlTlRorilMIS.   I
The New Denver Lodge poses as an
uphojder of the Minprs' Unions in
their demand for the niamtainance of
the old scale nt wagos for tho altered shift, but it slows not tho least
hesitation in striking an underhanded
Mow at the Silverton Miners'Union
at the request (or command) of one of
the members of tho Mine Owners' Association, whose humble servant the
Ledge proves itself to be.
The main desire of tlie Unions, at
this present juncture, is to maintain
the existing stale of'wages, i e S.'l.TiO
per shift. Their employers aie combined with the avow'd irtention of
forcing down the wages to !?3 00 per
shift. As a result we have had a lockout in the Slocan for several weeks,
put matters, have not progressed as
the mine managers wished or expected, Instead of becoming meekly submissive or  wildly antagonistic,  either
the Wakefield and at the Bosun.
The Union asked, through the men
at work, for a written as well as a verbal tjuarant.ee of the Union wages. In
default of this the  men were  called
And the hypocritical Ledge, the
fnend(?) of the miners calls their action an "Unjustifiable Interference."
The Ledge is a confirmed etraddler,
with never heart encugh to avowedly
take one side of any question. Its
ollice at present is overshadowed by its
neighbor, the home of the Northwest
Mining Syndicii >; It condemns the
Miners' Union because th y havo "deprived their members of employment.''
Tho contractors interest<*d cheerfully
threw up their contracts nnd are not
looking for sympathy, The managers
uf the mines in question must either
honestly hire their men or honestly
abide by the rules of the Mine Owners'
Association. The Miners' Union will
not be an accomplice to any halt
Foltowinvr is a complete list of the
mining traiieacions recorded daring the
week for tne Slooan Mining Division.
-j_y - ...*■,'.i- .-•» _a____g _b____bm—ttg*-r_agA
34.oDp_&aldL*s 3_AVGH?3r
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing To—    A* •*** MoDONAt,D,
t t t i t t_       J SILVERTON, - . B. C.
Thorburn l*,Tfr«S
IJOUS© bouse mm fmsiied.
July 2-1—Silver Tip, Fennel ck,
('a. ruber.
25—Rutterford,   Four Milo,  F Ryan
Barbarian, h fa Carpenter, li McTaggart.
of  which  courses would   have suited I   28—Dundee. Fish Lake, \V.II Yawkej
I New Jersi-v. a fk Carpenter, J VO'I.ongh
the managers, the miners sim-ly went i *,,,.; B'iroTbl,ig, north fork Carpenter,
,   ,    .l n-       , .u      i M Mi'Atnl'i'"*;   MatiJ  •.av,  n  fk C.ir
to work for those willing   lo pay then, , r<  . v „., .„_,,,„„ .    ,,(>aiwk| , fk
their just  wages, or occupied tb*m- Carpenler, Same1    Minnie Clark, n fk
[Carpenter, M Mi-Andrews.
selves in quietly   minding  their  own     27—1 X I. Fr, Miller ck, F A Davis,
28—Blade, s fk Cartjcntor, .1 II Wol-
businesa     j\J1  this   time,   the  mine
verton; Resplendent, Silver mt,   A Poi
, ii Kay, J B
"   managers   hive   been reviewing    the !'.'.'.' j 0oe. >«!01  ,v!".';'''".';'?
!.          ° *»          Fi*her, 3Riley and.I rrolev.
-,„„! situation and a  good many  of  them I    81**-E_reka, Wilson ck, A Peel: Helen
1 Ur,!                   .      ,       , .      |H.F F Ijeibecher* Hastings. Silver mt.
Rock     Bottom
B. C.
jAMES BOWES    -   -  -  -    PROP.
;•; Headquarter. For Mining Men :•:
SILVERTON      •      •     •      -   B.C.
Hnd S00 LINE
New Fast   Daily Service Between
Improved Connecting Service via Kevel-
stofee or Crows Nest Routes,
Firit class sleepers on all trains from
Tourist cars pass Revelstoke, Daily for
St Paul, Thursdays for Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays for
Toronto 02 hours, Montreal 96 hours,
New York 108 "      Winnipeg 62   "
Vancouver 26 "     Victoria    31   "
- mm
B. C.
Auctioneers, Customs Brokers,
And General Real Estate Agents,
Office In Bealey Block    -   -      linker St.
General -Freight and Transfer
Business Done.
Orders  left at  News Stand will   be
promp'lv attended to.
SILVERTON.        -      -       -      P. C
For the North, Revelstoke, and Main
Line 10:30 K ex* Piniday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 15: fiOK.
For Rowland, Nelson and Crows Nest
Line 15*50Kex. Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex.' Sunday 10 30K
For rates and full information apply to
nearest locul agent or
W. 8. CLARK, Agent, Bilverton
Trav. Paw. Agent, Nelson
Diet. Vaat. Ataai< Vancouver
Wages, $3.00
Per Day.
Owing to a reduction in miners' wages
canned by the enforcement of the eight
honr law, the miners are all idle and thc
mines have shut down.   Therefore all
worklugmen are hereby warned to kei-p
away from   the Slocan  and  Kootenay
country, British Columbia, until preaent
troubles are  amicably  settled   between
mine owners and miners.
Sandon, ll. C.      W. L Hagler,
June nd, 1899.        Secretary  Sandon
Miners' Union
J. M. M Benedutn,
Pres. Silverton M. U-
L. Knowles,
Secreln'v,     Pilyr-rnn
■    ' ai
| now recognize that they had deceived y Nelaon
themselves in tlirir first wild rush to
join the Minn Owners' Association,
Possibly too, they see the axe in the
hands of tlie back E.st or Old Country
stockholders, and know that they are
imperiling their jobs in depreciating
any longer the value of their employer^ property.
But the mine manager has much
(he same repugnanc to being called a
traitor as a true miner has to being
called a scab, which is the same thing,
and so ho dares not break abruptly hie
irksome connection with ihe M, O. A.
Acting under circumstances perhaps
like these, two managers of properties
in the Silverton district, tho Wakefield and the Bosun, gave contracts for
woik to be done in their mines. Each
of the managers in question gave verbal promises to the men engaged by
their contractors Ihat they should be
paid ?.'? 50 for every shift worked By
this they secured tlio pervices of good
miners in their mines.
Then, in order to discourage the
Unions in other camp and also to impress upon their "jo-signers in the M.
O. A. ultimatum that they were not
scabbing on their own account, they
instigated articles in their press to the
effect that these miners were receiving
less than Union wageB. At least the
NeUon Miner quotes the management
of the Wakefield as authority for such
The men employed at theso mines
would not pose as scabs nor would the
Union allow them to do so, It is only
by presenting an unbroken front that
they can hope to win.
Another important feature of the
matter is this, The taking of contracts tends to lower wages. When
the system is in full swing, the competition becomes keen and tho mine-
manager secures cheaper and cheaper
labor. Thus the contracts given in
the Wakefield and the Bosun, although
liberal ones, were the thin edge of the
(heap labor wedge. Contracts are always renewed on slightly ln38 favorable terms for the contractors. At the
Royal Canadian a few dnys ago the
contractors could not renew their cqn,-
trai.'ts so us lo ensure a duy's pay for
iinii mpti      Bu il would haVe Leen nt' App'vin—^tnthm.n Bros,
Julv 24—Horse Shoe. 25—Unexpected
Ethel Fr. Cross Full. .6—Learning. 27—
Tom Billing, Victoria No 8, Keno, Pay
D:iv, Violet Fr, Pansv. 28— Emporium,
Baltimore, LeRol. 20—Jehovah IV, I'ro-
teelion, Mav B-*e, .-iantHna, Fuller am)
McMlllau fr, Alpt. fr. Belfast, New Phoenix, Cnrr_nt, Alice Fr, Falrhope*, Heather Fr, 31—Cedar, bt Lawrence, Glen-
Julv 24-Victor, J^, A C Allen to C. A
Petty, Dee 31 '93
Jnlv 26-Silver Reef, U, P J Russell to
M C Aloniiglian, Mar 18. '97
Adirondack 2-9, W Hunter to R Bloan
H Lowe and Waliei Murrav, July 17
Pilver Reef, \6, M C Monaghan to II
W Peel and L H Snyder, July 22.
Rutland (r.,,^, V\ S Drewry to Scottish
CiiloniHl ('o. July 17.
July 27—Judgement from Supreme
Court for Chas D.irts against St Keverne
Mining Co.
Ju'y 28—Notice that I N Peyton . D C,
nnd A (Virion Imve delivered a certain
bill ol sale to l'_tri :i< und Bridget MuCue
July 20.
Power of Attornev, Bridget MeCue to
Patrick MeCne, Mar 12. '97
Uli.-ii, Andrew Jay, Colorado. '., in
Monntain (ilnry, Rooky Boulder nml
Morning Glory, and J^'Alioe, P MeCue
and B MeCue to George   VV Hunlies. option to purchase at ♦6000   July 18.
Baltersea, FJO'Hiellv to Wakefield
Mines, Jul, 27
One Shot \i, A 1 Foley to A E Dronard
July 27
NOTICE,*— "North Kvrii\M.i: Fjuc-
tihn" mineral rlaiip, Biluate in the
Slocan Ciiy tubing division of West
Kunti ni'' ili>triit.
Where located: On Daytnncrwik nd-
joieiiig ilie "i**ilver Plate" iiiiiunil
il lim.
Take notice that I Francis J. o'.ieilly
a*- i-.'viit tor Itibert A Uruilehaw, (i>»*
mltifli scertlfiealnNo 2.'lll")i I' Clones,
free miner's rertl-iiiitu So 5879a, George
M   Siirelle,  free   miner's eoin'i :ite No
83560nnii I) () Lewi*, fn»e miner'seer-
liliiate No, 2874\ intend sixty days
from the dale hereofi lo apply to tiie
iiiiniiig lecirdi-r for a ceriificaie ollrn-
provements, f. r the purjio-eof obiatniug j
a l'rn«n Grnut nf   tl.e above claim.
Aid fnrther take  notice   that  action
under section 37,   iiiii*1   he commenced '
before the is-tniiu'e of such cirtitic.i'e  ol
Dated this Twelfth dav of June 18'rU.
Francis J. O'R.iixv.
24 i 6 | 99.
NOTICE :—  "Lucky   Jack"     Mineral
Claim ; i-ittiate in tlie SI nan Citv Mining Division nf Wc-i Kootenai Distrt-|
Where located:—On 8nniu.il or I'^ss
Cnek, 10 miles from Slocan lii.er.
Take notice that I, j  Ifarraj McGregor,
aeting as   iiL'ent for Robert  Bradsha-ft.
Fiee Miliers Certificate   N... 2240ja, in-
t-nd sbttv days fr. ui the date  hereof,  tu
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Cer-
lificate of Iroiirovements, forthe pnr-
iiose of ohiaiiiing a Crown Giant of Ihe
above cla'ni.
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must ho commenced
bemre the issuance of such Certitii ale o
Dated this fifteenth day of June, 1899.
J. M. McGrioob,
21 | 6 [ GO.
♦2 00 per Annum.
Use   None   But
The Best!
T17 It-Prove Jt.
»i\is m .11n1.i1.111 mill
fiwj^ Cire Of (Jnfif Mills,
The shipment   ol   ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and Including   tlu-
present week, from -fan. 1, 1899.
From Bc-tin Landing. Ton*.
Bosun   540
From New Denver. Tons
Marion 20
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise   600
From Slocan City. Tons.
Tain arm:    20
From Silverton. Tons
Comstock   20
" concentrates  100
Emily Edith  60
Fidelity     3
N oonday 3m)
Vancouver 320
Wakefield 580
For Sale or Rent,
A Hold III MIhtIwi.
NOTICE   :—"Rnstler"    und    "Kock-
I  i.d Mineral  ( laimsj    sitiute  in the
SI.nan Mining Division of     ent Kootenay liintri.'t.
Where located:—On Fight Mile creek
ii'lji'iiiing the Wi|in Mineral Claim.
Take notice that I, J Murray McGregor
acting ss agent for W W. Spinks, Free
Miner's Certificate No. -12988, intend
sixty days from the dato hereof to apply
to lhe Mining Recorder lor a Cerilflcutfl
of Improvements, Inr lhe pii.pnxa of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further lake nntico that nction.
under section 87, mum be commenced
before the issuance ol such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 17ih  dav of July 1899.
J. U. McGiikoor.
A Practical Book tor Pr/ctical Msk.
Slmnld In, in the hands of every
Mining Mar, and Metallurgist.
11 is not htsod on lahonitnry tests, bnt on
the esACTi.AL RKHi-tTS obtained hy tWa
sntimr In sn experieneaol over twrxty
vr.iHH, and tei a how best tu employ that
w Inch ig already in uae. not in any on«
locality, hut M|| over Ihe World.
Modern Maciiikkry Publish!**.. Oo
218 La Salle -*trei:t, Cii caoo, V. 8. A.
Notice is hereby given tbat sixty
days after da'e I, W. D. McGregor,
intend to apply to Hie Chief ComniiH-
siiinernf Lands and Works for permiH.ion
to purchase tl e following de-cribed tract
ol land' .Situated four miles east of
Slocan River nn Lemon Creek at the
month of the First North Pork, iu West
Kootenav District; starting from a poet
marked W. I). McGregor's N. E. Corner,
ihenco south 40 chains, thence west 40
chains, theme north 40 chains, thence
east 40 chains, tu place of beginning, the
whole containing 100 acres
Dalod June '•lOlh. 1899.
W. D, .McGregor.
•When In
<a4      -V-_sr,»o-V,
Restaurant, I
florae* Hull and Vernon Stu.
Furnished Rooqs,
"•Hv rl.,11, 11.  c.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date, I intend to apply to ihe
Chief Commissioner of Land.*) nnd Works
for permission to purchase the following
described landiiduated four miles ea«i
oi-Iodan River on Lemon Creek, at the
mouth of ths Klrst North Fork, In Weal
Kootenay District; sisrtioa from a post
marked J. M, MoUroRor's N. VV. corner
thenoe south 40 chains, thence east 40
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
West 40 chains to place of beginning, tbe
whole coutaining 1(10 acres. '
Dated Juno.'lOth. 1899.
J. M. McGregor.
Daigle's Black-
smith Sho1-,
General lil^U-illiin^
and HepuiriBg Dm.
S. D AIULE,      SILVEIty'ON, B. 0-
•. mtsVt t Iawni ■iii^whiu- «.■,». mmnmiAjmimr^itt*t..*'w*m#mw«'mtm**nt'>t>'i**t< etmmrrsrmt*mst wjWWSS^M»


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