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The Silvertonian 1900-01-27

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Mining News
fit The Richest
Camp  Of British
utter Attempt to import Men For
pe (lines Falls Through.
I la Carload of Kilty—'limy   were
arle.l Ry ,t.   Roderick   Robertson
i Falls  To Appreciate T.'ie jnan-
They Have Shown.
•lr*   '
% second step iii the plans of the
Ha pwncrs was made last Monday,
Hia the management of Ilie Enterprise
■[tempted io run in a carol im-
Bfcen for tliat rich property. They
^m*M however, that Canadians
ild apt ho shipped around the country
il ears, like cattle, as could the
Ieight foreigners landed last
^^tlio l'uyno Miuo
mdny, word was received hy the
nions, fiom a sympathiser in
Vfliloki', tliat filty men (rom V«n-
iVpf •niil'l reach Iho Sloi-an Hint .lay.
^^R;it Uiio.i men accordingly
A as fur ih HomcI cry to meet them
mm par-undo Ilicm not to aot.j wmk
Hfri (do train pulled into Uoseberv
^■itkiisp it ilri'U' un extra j' ■- ' nui i
llllul with men. Tho doors ol
sch were locked and the platforms
rdrd by rupee Ihst none could eet
no Bteps. It was inly through
ip.'.oHS ihat liny approach lo the
naido could In- made, lun in the
r'.;''■ - Hint the train ii.'iiiiiineil ut
ry, the union men had gained
[point ainl the imported men. not
hi for the coach doors to be un-
b.'gan tv "warm out through the
ic   men  had   been   accompanied
lie roast by J. Roderick Robertson
Imioilier  herder,  uhose  name we
ailed to ge'..   These endeavored to
tho stampede.   Their men,   who
heap   loll I y  this    I.    Roderick
soil and his agent,  A. M. Beatty
icouver, thai there wrs absolute)*
ir trouble or striko in the Slocan,
y   now   learned   enough  to show
I hat  they  bad  been grossly de-
and i closed lotemainany longer
thin the trip between ltosebery and
VWtoi., :m animated ilcluiie was going
Hp- (he   imported   men,  uml   lh
I   n . n   argued   the   point with .1.
|H-k.    The     latter      expostulated.
teed,  tliri'uthencil,   and coaxed,  lun
|Hen. despite his objections can led
Heir    bundles   at   Silverton.   An
it   was   made  to  hold the inenV
;o and the boats crew wus uppcaled
these  latter could no more huKI
rticular baggage, which was not
J,   than   they  could   that of any
passenger,   Asa  last  resort, J.
ick Kobei l.-ion demanded the relit of the fares from the men whicli
I advanced them In Vancouver
hich they had agreed to repay him
their wanes of $3 00 per day     As
cn justly considered themselves
ed, they paid no stlenliou to this
id,   but  filed ofT the  boat here,
led by the union pickets,
of the tiiiy that had been brought
ly four disembarked at Enterprise
ng, aud none of 'heiio are fit lo fto
rgronnd   as   thoy  know nothing at
lout ii ining, Ol tho entire fifty less
ten   had  ever  seen   a mine, the
irity   of   tiii-iii   being  sesmuii and
Monday evening, after the strau-
h.nl been billeted among iho hotels,
,hs meeting waa held iu the Union
and the situation bere fully ex-
led lo the men.   These latter then
id   unanimously  not  to no to work
agreed to leave the Hocan for the
t of them, seventeen in number,
n Wednesday on their way back
.neouver and Calgary, the balance
g the same day for the south.
ly feel naturally much aggrieved at
ay they have been treated by ein-
icnt agent Beatty, who knows well
ituation here, and by the niauagor
Enterprise mine, by whom they
ler    they were  grossly deceived,
ready to leave   Reveistoko tbey
io suspicion of any trouble hore aud
v were after then confined in their
like a bunch of sheep, Ihey could
thing  but cemo on.   Tiiey were
e class of men of whom  scabs are
and  their prompt action, after
Ing  ot  the strike, should be an
it lesson lor the Silver Lead Minea
i'ltion tn take to heart.
en   leaving  Rosebery,  Robertson
■d to New Denver to have u magls-
i trteet the host.   As no unlawful act
I'.''-ii committed, this action appears
fiirn, unless lu> thought tbat the law
was amendable at his option.
It is now rumored that be will cause
tho arrest of all the mop who refused to
work, charging them with obtaining
their fare money and refusing to abide
by their signed agreement. Considering the reported statements made by
him on tho trip, he would do well for
his reptitiition as a Washington by
letting sleeping dogs lie.
The stoiies of the forty odd passengeis,
who landed here, ure similar, The
following told us by William MrGrann
of Vancouver, is a fair sample.
lie waa hired in Vaieouver to work
in the Enterprit-e mine, lhe fact that he
wus a seaman apparently bciug unimportant ae ho was not even asked his
occupation, or if he could mine. He
was told that there was ao strike of any
kind here nnd he would receive the
going wages of $3.00 per day. He came
in wilh tlio party, sccompanied by J.
Roderick Kohertson and a foreman. At
Revelstoke, a man enme iu (he cur snd
began to tell Ibcm about lhe trouble
here. He waa ordered out hy Robertson
w ho eaiil that the car was private. Then
he had jhe doors locked until wp got to
Arrowhead. When ua reached Nakusp
ihe door., were again locked and the
platform roped in. At Roseliery Borne
mun rapped on lhe windows nnd begun
lo tell us of lhe strike. Robertson told
us to pay no attention to ihera. but
somo of ns began climbing ont of the
windows and then I he door was unlocked.
After we detailed lo got off the ooat here,
I. l.'od.-'iiik Kobeilson demanded our
fares buck and tried to pieveiil us Inking
off our fane's. Al hast ihirty of our party
um not miners. Wc have refused to
go to Wink bn'iuifc we were lied tn
heforu ue S'Ortcd and while "ii the way,
Beatty will probably send in some
more men.
| Ml.ttMi LOCALS. :
Captain Diilica'i, of X-lson and W. H.
s.indiioi.i ni ihe I'.. -;ii Mine, were lure
oil Monday mil made an examination
ul the Noonday mice.
Considerable development work is
being done ai the Wulipficld Mines,
under the contract s\_item, und Ihe
mine is in shape to work full blast us
soon as the mill i> ready to run,
A fine showing of cro hss heen encountered in one of the nines being put
in from the lower tunnel on the Noonday
property. In die face of this lower
tunnel there le now raposed five feet of
good concentrating ore.
The Mining Committee appointed hy
the local Legislature is composed of
Messrs Nei'l, J. M. Martin, Hume,
Kellie, Suiiih. Ilelgesen, Green, Henderson, A W. Smith, Dunsmuir,Ebens,
McBride, Robeitson, Baker and Irving.
There is now lying on the dock psrt
of a carload of ore from tbe Emily
Kd'ih mine and also par' of a shipment
of oro from the Hewett mine, (his ore
was brought down during the week, but
owing to the absence of sleighing on the
lower level i near the lake han ling ore
Irom the mines has been suspended for a
sent from Nandon lo the Superintendent
of Police, and asked what wus being
done in Ibis "urgent" caso. He refertd
to a gentleman in the House from the
Slocan as authority for the "urgency."
The message, which he read to tbe
House was:
Sandon, B.C., .fan. 16,1900.
F. S. Hussy. Supt. Frovl. Police, Victoria, B. C.
On behalf of the Payne Cons. Mining
Co I demand ample and Immediate police protection for liie and property. A-
bout midnight on the Hth inst, a mob q
about 20 men came to the Payne tramway to prevent miners who hud just arrived from going to work at tbe Pavne
mino. The secretary of the Saudon
Miners' union, who was the chief spokes
mail, said tin.■at.h--iii:igly among other
things, "If you want dirty warfare we
will giye >ou all you want." The
threathening attitude and the violence
of the language used on the occasion
leads me to believe that I am justified iu
appealing lo you for protection.
(Signed) C. H. ILuTD.
Msnager Payue Mine.
Mr. Green said that for the benefit of
the member for South Victoria, (Mr.
Klieits; he would give the house his
opinion upon the Situation to which reference had heen made. There was no
doubt that lhe supeiintendent of police
hud received (, telegram such as had
been rend, nn^ possibly others of similar
tenor. But why had these telegran s
been sent? Why were speciul'polieemnn |
asked for ut ihe Payne mine? Simp y to
stir up strife and discord where none at
present existed. He denied that there
wns the slightest liability of bloodshed or
seiious trouble occurring in the S|ocan.
If Malinger Hand would treat bis men
properly they would tieat him pri-perly
If it should be Unit Iroiiblo did arise it
would not he through lhe men of the
unions using moral suasion to preven1
the importation <'f men (uliens) to take
their places in the works of the company.
He was satisfied that the Attorney Oeneral would use .dl due precaution for the
protection of life and property, but he
denied ihat special |iolice were neces
saiv—no more so than when this same
gentlemen had had special police hurried on n special train to Ymir, to protect
life nnd pioperty that never was in
coast. Have had many applications
since you left. When do yop want next
contingent?   Writing.
per A M Realty
-Than, Tiiis Letter.
Slocan, B. C„ Jan 25, 1900
Friend Harry,
I am hero on a wildgoose
chase. There were only 6 of the crew
went to work. When we got to Rose-
berry the union men met us them. Tbey
knew all about it last week when they
were hiring the men. Tbey locked the
dooru of the car at Roseberry to keep the
union men away. The boys opened the
Windows and talked to them. They
went on bourd the boat and told the men
how it wss. Roderick Robertson the
superintendent came in the car where
we were locked in and made a speech.
He told us these men would try to keep
us from going to work, that there was no
law in B C to prevent us from going
right on and he would see that we would
be all right. But we came here with the
assurance from Beatty the employment
agent that there whs no trouble here. I
went to Beatty and asked him if there
was ur.y trouble up there, und he told me
there was not. He said he bad been
sending men up there nil the time. The
mine has been shut down for 8 or 9
months. I told Beatly if there wus uny
trouble there I would not go. He us-
surrc-d me there was no trouble but when
I came here and heard fhe reputation he
had I didn't wonder at him telling such
barefaced falsehoods. Every man heie
I heard speak of him, where he lived for
five years, said he was the most untruth
fnl mun in B C. I sincerely hope this
will be a warning to nil lhe workingmen
of Vancouver to look out for him snd
every other scoundrel Ijfce him. I heard
him tell (women in his office that any
man that would pay his fare up there
would get work right away. Now there
are about 3QQidlp men here. Any man
that will try to spud men out in this
country on such [alsehood:i ha« no principle. .Ml he wants is thn dollar he gets
for it. The company didn't make much
out of bringing the crowd here.
Yours truly,
John Davidson.
g   1   I   j   fcj   g   r   |i|   jB
U   tr**
1 I   •tLat
m. *\m. BreynE>r>TJM:«
*tii**m S £5 «£v "ST ZE2 HE3.
Xmt.  3MI.   Ka&ow-les.   Prop,
Sloran Git) Happenings.
(From onr own  Correspondent.)
A.   OopteB. a  Slocanite. who is
ii at present in spoknm-, passed
through here last we>k,
Bi M. Teeters, one of tho proprietors of
tho Wllsan House, left on Tue«day for
Iowa, whero ho will mako Ins home.
A. K. Teeters in now sole proprietor of
the Wilson House,
The greatest interest was shown here
in the arrival ol the Vancouver men for
iho riiterpr.H' mine, and their disposition. Their refusal logo to work has
created much satisfaction here.
K. t. Lowery. of Ledgo fame, has
announced bis intention of publishing a
newspaper here in tho near future.
Several local dancers are preparing
to attend the Miner.--' Union Masquerade
iu New Denver on Thursday next.
The football is lieing once more called
into use. The absence of snow on the
nritetise field is being taken advantage
of by the local playerr.
Divine RttVtei will be held in Silver-
ton next Sundav evening at 7.30. everyone is cordially invited to attend.—John
ti. Duncan, Presbyterian  Minister.
All   v.orlc   in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left at thu Silverton Drug Store, wi)
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovei
the well-known Nelson jeweler.    All re
pairs are ocabantskh kor onb ykar *
The mus!cal evening ol the Literary
Jlociety was held this week at the hi-me
of Mr and Mrs. W. H. Brandon. An
excellent program had been prepared,
which was greatly enjoyed by the
Purely Personal Paragraphs.
Frsnk bones of Sandon spent part of
tho week   iu   town,
Mrs Klliot, who has been ill for some
time, has, wc are glad to state, recovered.
R. J. Daigle, lather of d. Daigle, hss
moved into town Irom liossland and will
make his home here.
Msj. Reed, Superintendent of the
Hewett  mine,  made  a  flying  trip to
Spokane during the weel;,
Harry Thorburn took several teams up
to Nakusp on Tuesday, to help in pulling
up the ss. Rossland on the stocks for
M Afraid of the Bluffers.
Read This Telegram-
In tho local Legislature this week Mr.
i lieen bad an opportunity of expressing
his opinion on the sending of special police fiiio tho Slocan. J. Roderick Robertson was then at the Coast, preparing
for bis raid of tbo Slooan, and had per-
suailod Mr. Kharts to bring up In the
House the.matter of protecting tho "lives
and property" of the Payne scabs. He
Imagined thst be would perliaps be wiring In a few days, for special" for lhe
Enterpriee. Mr. Eberts, at hisreqiies',
read tc the House a copy ol tho mussmie
Vancouver, Jan. 24.
j. R. Robertson, Nelson, B. C.
Your telegram received. Statement as
to misrepresentations here not correct.
Men were told in this office tbat mine
owners and miners had, disagreement re
Kight Hour legislation. Miners contended for fcJ.M-l per dav of eight hours and
the mine owners I represented were only willing to give $3. per day of eight
home, nnd 'hey en h signed agreement
lo tbat i fleet. They wore nil well aware
of the fact, it bung common talk  on  tho
Through The Week.
The Lardeau Eagle, a proposed new-
paper to look after the Lardeau and
Trout Lake miuing districtq. U announced to make ils appearance in
Ferguson in a short while. R, P.
Pettipieco will be editor.
We desire to call to the attention of
the authoiities, thut while they are
preparing Iheir injunctions and warrants
for tbe Miiieih' Union, there is a fine of
$25. coming to them from the ss. Alberta
for running into Kaslo last week wiih
covered lights. They ought also to look
into the matter of running passensers
through this country in locked cars, is
il not dangerous iu case of accident?
We have received inquiries from
several during tho week, regarding the
neiessnry steps to be taken in securing
natuializaiioii. Our inquirers are all
miners, who will make good citizens of
this country if they are permitted to
Conversation on Silverton's dock
helween a lately unpolled Sweed and a
local man. Oie Olson,(imported man)—
"I tanks I not go to verk."
Peter Peterson (local man,—"Yes you
had lietter go lo work. I'll give you
Oie Oleson,"You boss?"
Peterson—"Yes "
Oie Olesoii (pointing to galvanized
Yankee also iu the group)—"He boss to?
Peterson "Yes."
Olo Oleeon,—"Hell! You boss; he
boss; two boss up towa all boss at mine.
Where, men? I not go to verk for
you.   Tnoruaey  boss.
Wo bave received from tbe publish
era, The Central Press Agency, of-
Toronto, a copy of their Directory of
Canadian Newspapers for 1900. This is
the first issue of such a directory by tho
Company referred to, and it is very
creditable to their diligence and enterprise. The obtaining of information for
such a work means a lot of energy and
patience, and the hook, carefully compiled as It appears to be, cannot fail to
be a most useful work of reference to
advertisers and all who wish to ob'ain
infoi iniiti ii respecting the publications
of Canada and Newfoundland. In addition to detailed descriiitions of hll
periodicals and tho places where Issued,
Ihere are lists by counties, classified lists
under all heads, etc., besides summary
of the posing!! law customs rules on
printers material and otlm^' useful Iii-'
formation.   The book  is  well  iirnipged
Are You Looking For
The Tailor:   Silverton, B.C.
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
MAIN STREET,   -   -   -   SLOOAN 0ITY.
and   printed
and  does  credit  to
Syrup of Horehaund & Tolu
THE    SILVERTONIi|J.^StSl,iasirb,
MB Him
A Complete Review of th* Kreat. «•»
the hit Week 1» TM» »■* *••*•»«»
lmma*-a.*tta*jrt**a From Oi« l*t-
•at Dla»at«fcra.
Thomas Lewis ,ef Greenwood, B. C,
waa recently founi dead in thc roadway
near there.
Captain Luhn, retired, lias been appointed military instructor at Uonzaga
college, Spokane.
There is no truth in the alleged uprising of Canadian tribes, aa the Indians
are quiet and content.
A bill providing for an increase of the
Herman navy lias been submitted to the
federal council at Berlin.
William Ooss, a tailor from Rossland,
11. C, committed sukide recently in Spokane by the morphine route.
'Anarchy in Venezuela has caused
French citizens lo appeal to that government fer protection.
Governor Stanley Northeote of Bombay, who was created a peer at tlie begin-
ning of the present year, has assumed tlie
title of Lord Northeote of Exeter.
IScnator Pettigrew says President Me-
Kinley is responsible for the Philippine
war and declares that the blood of the
soldiers is on Mckinley's hands.
'Jliouins Sharkey, the pugilist, is not recovering from the injuries received in his
recent fight with Jeffries as rapidly as he
After the settlement of the Bosimare-
Caccavelli claim in Santo Domingo Admiral Richard of the French navy dined
with President Jiminez.
The fishing steamer Grayling, Captain
Sullivan, reports the probahle drowning
of three men, the ertw 61 the Ruby Ann,
a small sloop which was found off Whid-
hy island.
The fine passenger steamer Lexington,
owned by the Caiy line of Charleston, W.
Va., while racing with the opposition
packet Argand, struck the lock wall near
Scary, Ohio, breaking in twain and sinking immediately. The Argand went to her
assistance and took off the passengers and
crew. The steamer will probably be a
total wreck.
Plague has caused tbe death of 28
persons at Honolulu at last reports.
All grades of refined sugar have been
advanced in price one-teeth of a cent
per pound.
China will show flght, as she has received encouragement to resist foreign
Thos. B. Hlldebrand of Albla, Iowa,
Oaman Dignn, the principal general
of the late Khalifa Abdullah of the Soudan, has been captured.
The Livestock Association has wound
Up business at Fort Worth and will
next meet at Salt Lake City.
The German bark Marie has been
seized by a British cruiser because flour
for the Transvaal was on board.
The Germans insist upon fairness,
and say their ships shall no longer be
seized at will. England will be asked
to mend ber ways.
Martin Bergen of Worcester, Mass.,
a member of the Boston baseball team,
shot and killed his wife and two children at his home ln North Brookfleld.
Mrs. Susan G. Tevla of San Francisco
received nearly all the estate of her
late husband, Lloyd Tevls, by a decree
of distribution from Judge Coffey. It
is valued at about 17,000,000.
The Mormons holding fat offices are
being investigated. Federal jobs may
bo held by men of plural families, but
the president has never been advised of
it, according to Congressman Gros-
At every point the Yankee fighters
nre victorious In Manila. Hughes is
cutting a swath through Panay. Mac-
Arthur Is capturing Filipinos and their
arms and supplies. Schwan and Wheaton are pushing the insurgents hard.
The Bundesrath at Berlin has abrogated previous regulations and granted permission for the Importation of
drk-u American fruits, and also fresh
fruits, on the condition of their examination at the Basle custom house.
A special from Redwood Falls, Minn..
says a report has reached there from
relatives of old man Slover, recently
died in California, and thnt he made a
confession to the effect that be killed
Mose bulk I ns ln this county some 12
years ago, instead of William Rose,
who was afterward hung for the crime.
«;eiii-ml-. Warren and C'leary Make
Ilia Advance*-Artillery Old tio.nl
Work—The Eni-ni) Is lulled—The
Latent  Military Move.
Kaslo k Slocan
Trains Run on Pacific Standard Time.
Leave. Arrive.
Going West. Dally. Going East.
8:00 a. m  Kaslo 3:66 p. m.
8:32 a. m  South Fork  3:20 p. m.
9:30 a. m  Sproule's  2:25 p. in.
9:46 a. m  Whitewater'  2:10 p. m.
9:55 a. m Bear Lake  2:00 p. m.
10:12 n. in McGuigan'  1:45 p. m.
10:25 a. in  Bailey's  1:34 p. in.
10:33 a. m.... Cody Jimclli n .... 1:23 p. m.
Arrive. Leave.
10:40 a. m  Sandon  1:15 p. in
Leave 11:00 a. m..S*ndon..Arrlve 11:40 a. m.
Arrive 11:15 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:25 a. m.
G. V. COPKLAND,  Superintendent.
Railway and Navigation
Operating Kuslo k Slocan Rallwny, International Nav. a Trading Co.
Schedule ot Tlme-Paclflc Standard Time.
Passenger train for Sandon   and   way
station.., leaves Kaslo at 8:00 a. m.
Dally, returning, leavea Sundnn at 1:15
p. in., arriving at Kaslo at 3:66 p. in.
International Nav. & Trad. Oo.—Operating on Kootenay lake and river.
Leavea Kaslo for Nelson at 6:00 a. m.
dally, except Sunday.   Returning, leaves
Nelson at 4:30 p. in., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects with S. V. & N. train to and
from Spokane, at Five Mile Point.
Leaves Nelson for Bonner's Ferry Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m., meeting
ateamer  "International"   from  Kaslo  at
Pilot Bay.
Returning, leaves Bonner's Ferry at
7:00 a. m. Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, connecting with ster. International
for Kaslo, Lardo anil Argenta.
Connects at Bonner's Ferry with Great
Northern railway for all points east and
Steamer International lenvs Kaslo for
Ijinlo and Argenta at 8:16 p. m. Wednesdays and Fridays. Steamer Alberta leaves
Kaslo for Lardo and Argenta at 8 p. in.
Sundays. '
Steamers call at firlnclpal landings In
both direction!, and at other points when
Tickets sold to ell point* In Canada and
tha United Statea.
To ascertain rates and full Information
Freight and Ticket Agt., Sandon.
ROBERT 1RVIN6, Manager,
nut WmitN the Treasury l.i Say How
Much Sl.iill lie Coined.
Washington, Jan. 23.—Secretary (Inge
wus before the house committee on
weights and measures, and spoke in f.ivor
of the adoption of_ the metric system.
-Mr. (.'age also referred to the need of fractional currency, lie pointed out that at
present the demand for fractional coin was
so urgent that issue ran considerably beyond the $.">.>0,000,000 authorized hy law,
and he recommended that this legal restriction be repealed, leaving the treasury
lo determine the proportion of fractional
coin necessary.
Cold Hushed In Again.
New Vork, dan. 23.—Tho linnnci,-!
The New Vork clearing house hanks
added no less than $11,030,000 lo their
cash holdings last week, bringing Ihe lo-
tal cash on hand to 1279^49,200, au
annum! larger than they have had in Iheir
vaults for months past. The surplus reserve fund rose about seven and one-half
minimis of dollars and stands at present
at 924,184,070. This contrasts quite sharply with the actual deficit existing 00
days ago.
The rapid recovery is due of course to
thc return of money from the interior and
to the disbursement of treasury funds
into active channels of commerce.
Counting the fifteen millions of gold ex-
purled it appears that no less than $40,-
000,000 in cash has come into New Vork
bunks in six days. The fact that surplus
reserves are correspondingly larger is due
to Ihe growth of deposits which are about
twenty-seven and a hulf millions heavier
than two months ago. This, of course, necessitates enhanced cash reserve.
Bleyrle*   Lighter   la   Weight.
(Several hundred nf the leading manufacturers of bicycles, bicycle accessories anil
bicycle sundries, not to speak of a score
or more makers of automobiles, in represented by large exhibits at the fifth
annual bicycle show, which will be formally opened tonight in Madiao.i Square
(linden, New Vork. The big amphitheater
has lieen divided into ISO spaces on the
main floor, devoted exclusively lo bicycles
and niitiiiniihili's, with several hur,di"ii ad
ditionul spaces on the first bah'ony in
which are displayed a bewildering variety
uf contrivances und luxuries fer bicycle
riders. The advance guard of intnufuc.
tillers and dealers has been h»re lor the
last few duys and lhe crowd at the opening promises to be a record breaker.   The
display of models of bicycles for IIHH1 show
ninny radical changes ami Improvements.
The machines are much lighter than those
shown last year, the diirerence in weight
lieing particularly noticeable iu the chain-
less models.
I anada'a Forelga Trade t.rowa.
Ottawa, Jan. 23.—According to figures
compiled by the treasury department Can-
adii's foreign trade is growing rapidly. The
exports for the first six months of the
present lineal year show an increase of
120,000,000 over last year, and the im-
jsirts have increased about $_i,00O,00l>.
Kximits and imports for the six months
ending December 31, total $203,401,015.
I.iiriluiii.il... at Mrilrii t'ltr.
Mexico (.'Ity, Jan. 23.—A sharp and prolonged shock of earthquake was felt here.
The duration wns one minute, according
to the observatory. Many houses and
churches were damaged but no loss of life
wus recorded.
Men   Are   <Inllll.iU.
Wallace, Idaho, Jan. 23— There has
Wn an unusual number of men quitting
from the different mines up Canyon creek
recently, although tho exact number can
Spearman's Camp, Jun. 22.—A party of
picked shots from Methuen's mounted
infantry took a position close to the river
before dawu and when it became light
lirod on the lloers, killing one and hilling
three horses.
A correspondent was in a position where
lie could watch (Ieneral Warren advancing from Mount Alice. At tlie same time
our front was advancing, using a balloon
to locate the Boers und with .skirmishers
in front. The nuval guns and howitzers
of (ieneral White kept shelling thc Boer
At 4 p. m. (ieneral Warren was still
shelling 1 ho high ridge running ut right
angles behind Speerkop with shrapnel,
which was bursting right above the Boer
trenches. A grass lire was burning be-
lw n the Hritish and Boer positions.
During Lord Ihindonald's engagement
nt Acton Homes it is reported that the
lloers raised a while Hag. .Major Edison
stood up and was immediately fired on.
Thereupon he sent a Boer prisoner to thc
burghers to say that unless their arms
were laid dow n and iheir hands thrown up
no notiee would be taken of white flags.
The lloers tired on the prisoner while returning.
Itoer prisoners declare the Orange Free
Stale and Transvaal burghers lire good
friends and have no idea of giving up the
tight, even when defeated. The lloeis
fired Mauser volleys and used a Xorden-
foldl gun this evening.
liener.il Warren fought for 12 hours.
He gained two positions. The British loss
is believed Io have been small. Artillery
was used for the protection of infantry and the generals had uot been
in haste hut had led their men
cautiously, (Tcry, by judicious use of
field guns, had fought his way from
ridge lo ridge for a distance of three miles.
The main position wus still in front oi
them, but they had made a good beginning aud had not suffered heavily.
Lord Dundonald's cavalry advance
gunrd is now in position to try to advance by the Dewdrop roud through a
comparatively open country direct to La-
dysinilh, or may try to cut off thc Boer
retreat through Van Kecnan'a puss by
pushing on to Ladysmith ulong the Har-
risinith railway. Lord Dundonald must
he Governed by what is p._ssiblc for Warren. The former has been able to get
nurlII»est of the liners' entrenched position, which must he llimst back or turned
hv the troops now across the Tugela.
Military opinion is divided between an
attempt at pPncli.iting the long Boer line,
or, while ("lery's division holds them in
hull I, fur W .11 n-ii to turn their right. It
is generally assumed that if Buller finds
Doer positions too strong for him he will
tight on as far as possible, while White
will cut his way through from Lidysmith,
bringing, at whatever sacrifice, the'remnant of his force to Buller's camp.
London, Jan. 23.—(ieneral Buller cables
lo thc war ollice:
"S|icarman's t'ump, Jan. 23.—(ieneral
Waiien has been engaged chictly on his
left, which he has swung forward about n
couple of miles. The ground is very difficult ami as thc lighting is all the time
up hill, it is difficult to say exactly how
much we have gained, but 1 think we arc
making  -iili-tautial progress."
lie has forced the enemy from their position. The Liiica-liiic and Irish brigades
are advancing steadily. The lire is very
severe occasionally.
Mala   Array   Ih   I'IiiIiIIuk.
London, Jan. 23.—'ilie wnr office has
received the following from (ieneral Buller:
"In order to relieve the pressure on
i.ciici.iI Wamn and to a-.ccrt.im the
strength of the enemy iu the position in
front ol' Putgietcr's drift, (ieneral Lyttle-
lon made a reconnaissance in force yesterday. This kept the enemy in their
trenches in full slrepglh ull day. Our disunities: Third li.iiiali.ui, King's Boyal
Bitles, two killed, 12 wounded, two missing'' 	
It.mt..   I'lul.l   Miil.l..,rnl>.
Routed the Insurgent*.
Washington, Jun. 24.—General Otis informs lhe win department of reoent military operations in the ifriilipphfei in the
following dispatch:
-Major Johnson, commanding n hattnl
ion of the Forty-sixth infantry, Wheaton's
brigade, reports from Lemery to the effect
that he drove the enemy through Ua-
tayiing eastward on thc morning of the
lHlli, capturing 17 lilies and one field
piece. A few hours Inter he drove them
through Calaca, captured four prisoners,
four horses nnd equipments and six ritles,
and killed three insurgents. He advanced
toward fernery that afternoon, capturing
the enemy's outpost, three men nnd six
horses. He ndvuneed on the town at o
p. in. and found the enemy strongly entrenched. He sent by u navy gunboat to
Bantniigas for assistance, when three companies of Muir's battalion of the Thirty-
eighth were sent to Tanl, the insurgents'
headquarters. Johnson drove the enemy
through Lemery to 'Tanl, where he at*
tucked the southern portion of the city
nml Muir the northern portion. The cue
my dispersed, retrenling tn ninny direc-
Johnson's casualties were one killed,
one seriously nnd two slightly wounded.
Pour field pieces nnd n quantity of rides
weie captured. This movement of Joint-
son's was ably conducted and Important
ill results.
The enemy Is reported in large force ind
strongly entrenched at and near Santa
t'rii/, l.igun.i de Bay.
chwan |s swinging his troops on that
point, his left at the town of Bay, a few
miles east of Calamba, his right consist-
ine of eavali v at the right of Tavabus.
Items Prom the Rich Regions of the
Padftc Northwest—New* Vrosss All
the Principal Mining Cam»»-Per-
■ouaU-Mlnln* Notea.
i ol-..>i. Held for Mnnler.
I'lankfort, Ky., Jan. 22.—The grand
jury has indicted ex-Congressman David <!. t'olson, who was colonel ot thc
Fourth Kentucky regiment, for murder on
two counts. The lirst charges the willful
murder of Lieutenant Kthelbert Scott,
one of thc principals in Tuesday's triple
tragedy, and the other with the murder
of Luther \V. Deuiarrec, one of the bystanders who was killed. The grand jury
was granted a further extension of time
anil it is understood that more testimony
is to be heard us to the killing of Charles
Jllfian, the other bystander, t'olson's attorneys will ask for bail and Colson will
testify. Among those who have volunteered their legal services in Colson's defense are Congressman Bailey of Texas,
Congressman Houck of Tennessee and
Attorney Oeneral A. P. .Mynatt of Ten-
Colonel Colson's friends expected only
a manslaughter charge. The weapons
used by the combatants were turned over
to the court, t'olson's innil from all over
the country, ns well as from Washington
Cily, Kentucky nnd Tennessee, is very
heavy. Many society women have written him words of sympathy. Some are
.strangers. Colson is a bntchelor nnd
largely Interested in business in Kentucky
and Tennessee.
London, Jan. 24.- Nothing has been if-
ceived thus far to indicate that nny con
eliisiw result has lieen reached by the
British forces in the region of the upper
Tiigcln, nnd lhe lack of infiinn.itimi ie
guiding what men and munitions the
Boers hnve in reserve prevents nn accurate iletcriniiiation of the men sure of reul
success attending the two days' hard lighting. All that can bc suid is thnt the British seem to he doggedly advancing in the
face of an equally stubborn resistance.
At the clone of Sunday's fighting the republicans had merely evacuated Iheir first
line of defense lo lake up another seini-
circul.ii' position a short distance in thc
War, recalling the old burgher ruse, by
which tlie Boers have previously manngnl
to enticje the. British into fatal trnps.
The llmus stuck to their rock fastness,
es wilh great tenacity uml nt the cnn flatten of the day the British hnd only ml
vaiiced across a few ridges. Tlie liners
apparently have but few guns and they
dill   little damage.
Captain llnnley of the Dublin Fusileers
fell mortally wounden while leading his
men to seize a fie*h point of vantage.
Keilueer lint  lll»  n.-m-rin.
Captain Frederick J. .Mills, late lieu-
teii.iut governor of Idaho, wns recently
acquitted of the charge of murder in Salt
Lake. The jury was out only a .purler
of nn hour, just long enough to elect n
foreman nnd take a ballot. Such a finding was expected by everyone ami the an-
iioiincemint uf the result nf the ballot was
not followed by anything sensational.
Mills wns charged with the murder of
John C. Oniclveny, chief engineer oi the
Oregon Short Line, in that cily, October
8, last. Thc evidence showed thnt while
lhe defendant was absent serving as un
officer in the volunteer army of thc United
States his wife und Omelveny be*nine
criminally intimate. The lcfendant
lea rued of these facts on the day of ihe
tragedy, his wife making a full conlcs-
sion. The killing followed. The defendant pleaded thc l.'tah statute, which justi-
tics a husband who kills his wife's «_-
iliicer. und also set up the plea of insanity. Mills will p.obahly return to
Idaho in a few 'lays. His wilt remains in
Silt  l-'ike.
Brattle'* Lack.
Washington, Jan. 23.—The supervising
architect said to Itcpresentative Jones
today he would rc-onimend $775,001) or
$800,000 ns Die very lowest limit for a
public building nt Scuttle, and that in his
judgment a million dollar building should
Is- constructed there, and he would assure
Ilie coiiimitlce there should la' u million
dollar  building  erected   there.
Surgeon  (ieneral   Sternlierg   at.it.il   to
Representative Junes that while Vancouver wns Ihe best place fnr a military hns-
pitnl in the stule uf Washington he will
advise no appropriation for a hospital,
as he does not think ... will he needed at
all. Mr. Jones stated he will still work
with the committee in an endeavor to secure a favorable report on his bill for a
Menrnitun III Not Amir.
The Nicaragua minister to the I'nited
Stales has advised Secretary liny thut ns
nn ind lea lion of lhe friendship of his government fnr the United States it has np-
pninli'd nn nrbilrntor to determine whether the Marnlimc Canal company is entitled
to an extension of its concession. The
Custu Kican government still recognizes
the concession of the Muralime Canal
coinpiiuy nnd no matter how the arbitrators appointed by President Zelaya may
decide the protest of thc company, Nicaragua will stnnd hound either by the cmi-
ccsslon of thnl compuny or Hint held by
thc Kyrc-Cntgin syndimte.
t.rrman Hark  In Released.
Berlin,   Jun.   21.   -A   dispnlch   receive.
not I.- learned.   People not in sympathy  here fnuii Durban says thn Oerman hark   this city,  hns  been  made  defendant   in
with the state administration assert that  Millie, loaded with sulphur,   which   wns  two suit's aggregating $50,000 damages for
Mnjnr Kliignliurr Kuril.
Spokane, Jan. 24.— Major B. 0. Kings
iiiry, the widely known mining mun of   the "amp! "Tt win make" an 'improve!
__.__,__■ ...I   . K   . _j        Has* n.,.,ln        ,l»_r.....l-.__. !  *r
ment both In economy and In tlme-sav
The excitement ov. r the recent substantial developments in the South
Fork district near Mount Idaho Is dally
increasing and by spring the district
promises to be the scene of perhaps the
greatest mining activity in Idaho county. New outfits pass through Mount
Idaho almost daily en route to the district to begin development operations,
and a day does not pass without tho
consummation of new deals.
The Gopher shaft Is 130 feet deep and
is now in solid ground.
Fourteen men are employed on the
Mud Lake and Knob Hill claims.
Several londs of Mountain Lion machinery are arriving every day.
There is two feet of the ore body in
the Butte k Boston that averages $101
to tho ton.
More machinery for the mines has
arrived in Republic the last week than
ever in Its history.
There ls a report that work Is to be
resumed on the Flag Hill within a few
dnys, but this ls not official.
The Struy Horse is giving employment to six men divided Into two
.shifts.   The crosscut Is in 48 feet.
The Blacktall is demonstrating its
title to the name of mine, lt Is one of
the big ones of the cnmp. The winze
which was lately started in the rich ore
shoot is down 35 feet.
The Delta shaft is full of quartz, and
all is not taken out. The ore ranges in
value from $8 to $26 per ton. The shaft
\a 96 feet in depC
At the Tom ' 'mb two shifts are
sinking the new working shaft and two
shifts are working ln the south drift on
the 150-foot level. The face of the drift
is In quartz and there Is several feet
left on the wall.
The south drift on No. 4 ledge on the
Lone Pine has been driven 50 feet. The
ledge is six feet wide. The ore averages $80 per ton. The north drift has
been driven 20 feet. The ledge is five
feet wide and the quartz averages $20
per ton.
The building of the Republic Reduction Company's mill is progressing rap-
Idly. About 50 men are engaged in
framing timbers. The foundation ls
completed and the timbers will be in
readiness to raise the structure in
about 10 days. There are three carloads of machinery nt Grand Forks.
The rest is expected within the next
week. The mill building will be quite
an extensive affair, being 210x90 feet.
Sixty men are on the Republic pay
roll. Some sloping la icoinir on from
No. 3 tunnel. The ore is assorted and
sacked and will be sent tb a smelter as
soon as teams can be had to haul It to
Grand Forks. There ia nearly 3000
sacks of ore ready. It is difficult to estimate anything like Its real value.
Some of It is fabulously rich and all is
of high grade, it will undoubtedly bc
the richest shipment ever made from
the mine.
umnsii COLUMBIA.
The richest Wnr Regie ore is found
on the 750-foot level of the mine.
zA second ledge has been struck in a
crosscut  from  the south  drift of the
Gertrude at Rossland.
Tbe Payne mine asks for protection,
ap it claims union miners in the Slocun
have threatened employes.
The ore shipped over the Kaslo k Slocan railway for the year 1899 was 25,-
700,224 pounds, which shows a decrease
of 16,(i02,89l from that of 1898, says the
Kaslo Kootenaian.
A new lead furnace has been blown In
at the Trail smelter. There is a stock
of ore on hand sufficient for seversil
mom hs. The furnace is a large us anything in the United States.
The development of the Butcher Boy
ln (Ireenwood is by a shaft which has
reached a depth of 45 feet. The ore
being taken out from the bottom of
the shaft shows considerable arsenical
Iron, mixed with copper pyrites and
Iron pyrites.
The first dividend of $30,000 has been
declared by the new management, of the
Center Star, and It Is probable they will
hereafter be a monthly occurrence. The
mine Is shipping at the rate of 900 to
1000 tons a week, and will probably
keep up this rate indefinitely.
A Greenwood dispatch of the 19th
snys: Two Boundary district mines
made their first shipments today. Tho
B. C. In Summit camp, the well known
mine which Is the property of the same
syndicate which controls the Republic
mine In Republic, Wash., and the Payne
mine at Sandon, B. C, shipped three
carloads to Trail. It Is a trial shipment, but the value of the ore has been
so well determined that the management has little doubt of the outcome.
The ore averages ubout $40 per ton. The
other shipper Joining the rapidly growing list today was the Winnipeg mine,
In Wellington camp. One car went to
Trail. It is the first of a steady run
of shipments contracted to go forward
from this mine.
The Center Star In Rossland Is soon
to bo equipped with an entirely new
plant of machinery, operated by steam
power, one feature of which will be a
new plant for ore sorting, designed on
different lines from any now ln ubo In
of with a hose, as heretofore. The
steam hoist, which has been ordered,
will be capable of hoisting a four-ton
load 900 feet per minute from a depth
of 2000 feet. The building for the 40-
drlll compressor ls ln course of erection.
Ymlr District.
On the Katie D. Green group at Brie
the shaft is down 60 feet and shows One
ore, from which the last samples assayed $37.70,
The Yellowstone mine at Salmo Is
erecting a 20-stamp mill.
The total output from the Sliver
King mine for 1899 reached 32,700 tons,
against 51,568 tona ln the previous year.
The long crosscut on the Itlg Horn,
owned by the Slmcoe company, is in
GOO feet and promising indications have
been met.
Three feet of pay ore has been uncovered in the shaft on the Houston claim,
owned by the Brie Mountain Consolidated Company.
Shipments are being made from the
Arlington mine, near Brie, and from
now on a carload of ore will lie sent to
the Northport smelter each day. The
ore ls a high-grade galena.
The Leo Gold Mining Company ls actively developing the Leo group, near
Hall siding. A shaft has been sunk to
u depth of 75 feet, at which depth some
line mineralized rock has been struck.
A good strike has lieen made on the
Union Jack group, owned by Dougald
Cameron and others. During the last
month the tunnel on the Queen claim
has been running in nn additional 60
feet, making the total length 180 feet.
The Wilcox mine, owned by the Broken Hill Mining k Development Company, will enter the list of shipping
mines this week. Arrangements are
being made for ni winding the ore from
tho Fourth of July shaft down to tho
wagon road. The ore, which ls a high-
grade galena, will go to either the
Northport or Nelson smelters.
HI.XIMCI   voids.
Parties Just down from Frosty creek,
the new mining district 20 miles from
Bllensburg, Wash., report a rich strike
of white quartz, in which the gold can
be seen with the naked eye.
Another rich striko hai been made
in the Ore-Blum district, and thia time
on the Ida Elmore property on Hawkins mountain, about 25 miles from Bllensburg. A blind ledge has been
struck containing very rich ore. A
rough estimate of its value places It at
$1200 to the ton ln gold.
The Standard Mining Company at
Wallace ls preparing to mnde some repairs to its mill, and to build its Canyon creek flume a board higher, and in
order to facilitate the work the mill
will be (dosed down during the day and
run at nights.
The Queen of the West group at Florence, Idaho, was sold by John Wella, G.
T. Cone and Evan Evans to eastern parties for $10,000 cash. This group ls
the only patented mine in the district,
and Is developed by two vertical shafts
which hnve four and six-foot ledges,
netting from $12 to $18 gold per ton.
Judge Beatty of Idaho has issued a
temporary injunction ln Ihe case ot J.
F. Forbis et al. vs. the Buffalo Hump
Mining Company, restraining the Buffalo Hump company from disposing of
ore from the Tlger-Poorman mine at
Burl:'' unless lt shall deposit one-third
or the gross receipts In the bank subject to the order of the court. The motion for a permanent injunction has
been set for hearing on Feb. 1.
The Hecla Mining Company at Burke
Is enlarging Its tunnel so that it can
handle ore on an extensive scale. The
tunnel was run mainly for prospecting
purposes, and while thousands of dollars' worth of ore have been taken out
through it, the shipment.-, for months
past running two carloads per day, it
la too small to work the mine on the
scale which it Is proposed to work it
this year. While this is lieing done
most of the men hove been laid off.
Aiiiri-ii-iliiK    AiiiIiunIi.-.I.
Washington, Jan ao.—The first   unln-
wunt happening in the highly succcsstul
campaign nuw going on in Luzon is announced iu thc following c-ihlcgriini:
"Manila, Jan. 80.—A pack train of '.'il
l-niiics, transporting rations between Santo Tninns unit San Pablo, Uigunii prov-
\iiiic, ami pscorjed by 50 men under Bieii-
tcn.iiit  Ralston of the Thirtieth infantry,
wns ambushed yesterday,   Two of the
men were kileil, (ive wounded, und nine
.ne misaing, The pack li.iin was lost.
I.iciileii.iui It.ilsion nnd di men relumed
lo S.inlo iminis wilh the killed and wounded.    The all-iii  is being investigated.
"Horcl ol the Fifth inlaid ry lound in-
nirgents in lhe llatangas mountains prepared in ambush to Meet him. He killed
elgh(, wounded three, oaptdreu 17, one
S|iniiiurd und six ritles. His casualties
were two men slightly wounded.
lnllii\   »f  Japanese.
Kan Fruncisco, ,|nn. 22.—The steamer
Doric which nrrivcil from the Orient,
landed 700 Japanese nt Honolulu. This
completed  a  list   of   1IMK)  inside  of  four
dnys. Thc records of the Immigration bureau ut lliiiniliilu show thut lines June 15,
Inst 17(H) Jnpnnese have been landed there.
II..1   llrun n.-.l   at   Win.>im.
Winnnn, Wash.', Jim. 22.—The infant
son nf Frank Slnnlleld, living four miles
south of this place, wns nccidentully
drowned. The Imy wns three years old.
He hnd been plnying nenr u small wnler
I.ml. nml fell in.
there nre scores of them.
Karl Buehllng haa organized the Helena brewery workmen as a branch of
the Butte Brewers' Union.   This is a
captured early iu January hy the British nllegcd breach of promise nnd seduction of
crui«cr Fearless nnd taken to Port KHz- Lizzie Schumacher, a 17-year-old girl re-
sbcth, has lieen unconditionally released    siding in this city.
I*-***  .mn of 10 members for the union. -£^lKh^ Patr,°t,Bra '" "" ™>
Ing. Revolving trommels or screens
will be introduced to eliminate the fine
ore, leaving tho large chunks to be assorted by hand. The screening will be
done In the lower half of these trommels, while the ore will be washed au-
I tomatlcally ln the upper half, Instead
SI.    I.iiIm.i-1   to   l.icllirc.
London, Jnn. 22.—A contract hns been
signed hy M. labori, counsel for Dreyfus, during the Inte trial ul Hcniies, to Ice-
tine for 13 weeks in the United Stales
during lhe minimi of the present year.
Five hundred and sixty trade unlona
of France report flve per cent of their
mombera unemployed. WOMEN OF THE UNITED STATES
Regard Peruna as Their Shield Against Catarrh,
Coughs, Colds, Grip and Catarrhal Diseases.
Mrs. Ilelva Lbckwood, the eminent barrister of Washington, D. C, is the
only woman who bus ever been a candidate for thc Presidency of the United
States, .she is the best kunwn woman iu America. As the pioneer of ber sex
in the legal profession idle bus gathered fame and fortune, ln a letter to The
Peruna Medicine Company, she says:
* I have used your Peruna both for myself and my mother, Mrs.
Hannah J. Bennett, now in her 88th year, and I find it an invaluable
remedy for cold, catarrh, hay fever and kindred diseases; also a good
tonic for feeble and old people, or those run down, and with nerves
unetrung." Yours truly. BELVA A. LOCKWOOD.
Catarrh may al tuck any onjau of the body. Women are especially liable to
catarrh of the pelvic orguus. There are one hundred cases of catarrh of the
pelvic organs to oue of catarrh of the head. Most people think, because they
have no catarrh of the head, they bave no oatarrh at all. This is a great mistake, aud is the cause of many cases of liclmeM aud death. "Health and
Beautv" sent free to women only, by The Peruna Medicine Co., C'lunibus, Ohio.
^^______________^ GicycLts-^
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iuir ni-otiii-rii Htiinu iii iii«- .inii irtte
HI 1'url Mi-oil.
Kurt Si-ull, Kim., ,l.in. 23.—<J*©rgi Sii
ln'i- ami I'M Meeks, halt brothtra, who
wen' convicted et murder ben, wen
lyin'hi'il by n mob in Ih«» enuiiiv j.iil yard.
Al ii later liimr iheir bootee win. round
dangllhg tram two Iron in tbt yard, the
inn men, who bulled item Knnnu City,
liml been convicted nf murdei in the Bnt
degree, their viciim being u young UeX"
man tenner named Leopold BdHnger,
whoee murder occurred eeet thie eity in
Oetober leet
I'.lrvrn   Mm   In   ii   SrMer.
Lm Angelee, Gal., Jan. 9%- Bunday
morning the west end of what is known
ns thc Third itreel tunnel, which it under conatruotibn between Hill nml Httpe
streets, ti dltUUce of throe blocks, raved
in ami entombed 11 laborera mul hrick-
layeri end fatally Injured w. T. Lamnle,
an iiiH|M'itni in the em|iloy of thn itreel
ili'imrtiiieiit.    'I'lii-  entombed    men    lire:
Jerry Mohn, John Kckhart, Frank l'ny-
lemur, John Mitchell,   William   Paully,
-- Kimherley, Max CottellO, -- llrulili'ii,
.lnhn lli'jne, .1. II. Washburn, Bert tlnr-
Better   llriiuuiil   lur  Miser.
London, Jan. 28.—The idea that tbe
in.h,in government Mill ihortly have to
buy silver hae stimulated the demand, ln-
iiiraiiuiiK tii.it the silver metre ol ii»'
In,h.in currency department han been
hewvilj depleted end will be further i<-
iiuii'il ara ii t In the large Miea, tele
graphic transfers upon India, the further
imi marking »i gold (or the account oi
the Indian government ami the diapetch
ni fjniii direcl i« India. Aeoordlng to ihe
HUtlst, should ii further tflOOfKb peunde
in )johl be lent to liuli.i during the next
iwn months the lilver holding* of the
hull.ui government «iil lie probably reduced to nhout four orom. Before sueh
n figure in reached purohaaea ol silver l"i
coinage ought to be made, unless the In-
iiiaii government in ptvpatM to incur
ii-ks whieh might bring dieaeter.
The Statist Inalltl Hint the government
must buy silver without delay end have
il coined nn quickly as povsihle ami re.n
one Hint liulin ought not to be subjected
to further trlale on top ol the famine,
alah pottting out thai if trotiblei o*nr
mi the Afghan iit nn frontier silver nlone
will he us.ihlc.
At Coventry It used to bo tho diatom
to eat what wero called OoiI'h eakca on
New Year'B day. They were of a triangular Hhapo, about half an Inch thick
und filled with a kind of mincemeat.
The eity ordinandi of Evansville,
Ind., relating to temporary or transient
stcea, r.pon which a heavy llconse Ih
Imposed, haa been declared unconstitutional by .luilgo Mnttlson In tho circuit
Miicriuii  l.ocnleil   I"  Home.
Rome, Jan. We- Cb»rle* A. *\teiem,
former United Stntci consul nt Pretoria,
who left Lorenm Mtrquea Deoember 28
nml landed al Nanlei inst Thuredayj hns
arrived here. He refined to he Interviewed.
KIIIpiI lllmeelf In Jt_.ll.
Salem, dr., .Inn.  23.—.loneph  R.  Wil-
lnnl, who killed T. I), i'erry about three
months ngo committed suicide In thn county jnil by hnngiiig himself with n piece of
window cord.   Willard leawe n wife and
eight small children,
i-.-ii.rnl Wood Han leaned Hln llr-
il.-i-N—Only la Extreme I tm.-i. In
the Army to Interfere Willi Internal   Alliilm—InIiiiuI   Will   Trouper.
Havana, Jan. 24.—Thc full text of the
order relating to the duties of civil and
military authorities has been issued. The
most important provisions in addition to
those already cabled are that after February 1 nil communications between civil
nnd military oiliciais will be transmitted
through civil channels. Secretaries and
members of the cabinet having charge will
present the matters they have under advisement, which will require inunediate
action, to the governor of thc island personally for final discussion. Civil oiliciais
ure charged with the conduct of civil affairs nnder the supervision of the. military
governor alone. Depart ment commanders
are charged with the maintenance of pub-
lie order in Ihe general sen-e of the term.
Military ollieeis, the order directs, are
not to Interfere with Hie civil authorities
except under extreme conditions, where,
in their opinion, public order, life and
property are in serious danger.
In Ihis case they are authorized to suspend the offender temporarily, reporting
hiiineilialely by wire and leiter to the
governor of Ihe island.
the military authorities are also
lharged with the inspection Of prisoners
throughout I heir district nt least once a
in.mill, reporting mi them independently
of ihe civil reports, Military oiticera mu-i
not interfere with the public press, unless
such ad ion shall lie absolutely necessary
by the publication of matter intending to
provoke a scrioiii. disturhunce of the public peace, or unless necessary to prevent
obscene publications against public
The order declares that the civil law will
be found ample to right private wrongs.
The military authorities are charged
with the capture of bandits, who are to be
turned over to the civil authorities, the
military supplying the judges with nil
the evidence possible.
Department commanders shall cause,
once each quarter, an inspection of the
public schools in their respective departments by army officers.
Thc chiefs of the public works in each
province and the military engineers in
each department will Im: asHociitled fer
the purpose of instruction in the methods
employed by the engineering department
of the I'nited Slates in estimating upon
construction and oontiaota.
Alter September 1 lhe public works in
the various provinces will be under the
direct control of the provincial chiefs of
public works, a military engineer officer
continuing on duly in each province solely for the purpose of inspection.
The bakers have gone out on a strike,
demanding .-sir. in gold per month, without food, instead of $25 in silver with
food. Civil Governor Nunez .says he does
not think the strike important, and expects the difficulty will soon he arranged.
An American cattle importer ut Malan-
zas, linding himself unable to sell his cattle, smiled in Ihe butcher business, lowering the price of meat from 25 to 10 cents
a pound. This gratified the people of Ma-
.inzas, but the oilier butchers promptly
bought up his stock in order to get him
oul of the way. He says the undertaking
was profitable and that he may kill in
Havana, if he could succeed in lowering
the price of beef here it would be very Welcome, as the present prices are considered
This morning 150 persons who had been
Imprisoned on excessive sentences or had
been held for an unreasonable time awaiting trial, were released. Dn emerging
from prison they were greeted by many
fiiends and an affecting scene ensued.
(ieneral Wood has issued an order appointing a commission to look after and
lo control the archives of the island.   The
commission will consist of four members.
Knrlhiiuakr   In   Mexico.
Mexico City. .Ian. 2.'l.— News is arriving
from lhe interior points affected hy the
risen! earthquake. Much damage was
done in properly in Cuadalajara and the
cily of Colimn, capital of thc slate of thc
same name, was the scene of terrific expel iciices, accompanied with loss of liir.
The Cily of Mexico came off' conipar.i-
tlvfly unseal lied ill lhe earthquake, few
accidents occurring here. One chinch in
the  suburbs  was  cracked    und     will   be
toned for repairs.
■the Graving for Stimulants
Hns latelv attracted n arret deal of attention. The use of llieni seems lo be increasing. This clearly shows an exhausted
condition of the nerves and blood, which
mav be remedied only bv strengthening
the stomach, Hostetter's Btomaon Bitters
will do ihis for vou. ll cures dyspepsia,
I'oiik.ipauoii nml iiervoitsiiers.
Sympathy With tbe IIo.th.
Washington, .Ian. 22.—The Grand
Opera house, the largest auditorium in
Washington, was packed to the doors
Sunday night with an enthusiastic audience that expressed its sympathy with the
lloers in their light with Great lliitai'i.
Tke speakers included members of both
branches of congiess, and on the stage
were other public men who eame merely
to add their moral support. The keynote
of the speeches was that the Boers were
lighting for their independence as our
forefathers had done in 1778. The gathering assembled under the auspices of the
United Irish Societies, and a number of
leading Germans in the eity joined in the
movement..'The decorations were American tings, with a fair sprinkling of the
green! of Kiin. Among those who rsi'ii-
iiiwl sents on the stage were Senator* Mi-
son of Illinois, Allen of Nebraska, and
Tillman of South Carolina; ltepre__eiila-
tives Clark, De Armond and Cochran of
Missouri, Bailey of Texas, Cnrniack and
Cox of Tennessee, Khea, Jones and Lamb
of Kentucky, Shafroth of Colorado, Dov-
ener of West Virginia, Myer of Ivouiai-
ana, Sulzer of New York and i.cntz of
Ohio, and Mr. Van Sicklen of New York,
and representatives of the United Irish
Societies and ot lid's.
A large delegation of Irish-Americans
and German-Americans from Baltimore
was in the audience.
'_[ ——____________________-_______»____-—
The meeting was called to order by
the chairman of the executive committee,
M. Ti Moran, the national treasurer of
the Indent Order of Hibernians, who, after a few Monls of welcome, introduced
Congressman Sulzer as the presiding of-
licci. Mr. Sulzer was greeted enthusiastically, after which he made a talk.
Vckhi-I   Axliorf.
Lewes, Del., Jan. 23.—The Kenwick
Island life saving station reports a vessel throwing up rockets about eight mi'ea
off shore, it is thought to he a steamer .
ashore nn Kenwick Island Shoals. The tug
North America has left Delaware breakwater and gone to her assistance.
Labor will be represented ln the next
Ohio legislature by 23 farmers, a pud-
dler, molder, engineer, metal polisher,
miner and a carpenter.
The striking Kansas City leather
workers have been lnjunctioned by the
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rtex>er Disappoint'
Jf     He has a costive-looking face.
U    His breath knocks you down.
^ He drags his feet
Listeners to his talk turn their
heads the other way.
His breath poisons God's pure
He ought to keep clean inside;
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.— .i...
Russia is deviring more liberal inducements for European Russian peas-
sant to settle in various parts of the
empire in Asia. Approved parties of
peasants possessing a capital of from
$100 to >300 are to receive transportation free and grants of laud, tax free,
for 20 years.
The wsge question on the Wheeling
k Lake Erie railway has been settled by
a general advance of 10 per cent being
granted and a change will he made
from the trip to the mileage system.
WXwAW^ c»Kb i,»l<lf,irSUin^Arrowi,Spe»n,
atm*^       pipef.AMi.etc. Write »nd SSMout- i
llBti te H. F- Hamilton, Two Ktvori, Wla,
The advanced civilization of the 19th
century has been felt in Georgia to such
an extent that its legislature, now in
session, has Just passed a bill to prohibit child labor under 12 years.
whote TBI xiaa
Some Interesting statistics have been
published dealing with the average an-1
iiual production of books in 13 coun-
tries. The total production is 76,000,
Germany easily leading the list with
nearly 24,000, while Great Britain pro-
duces about 7000, and America only !
Every cloud may have a silver lining,
but the average man is satisfied If his
pocket ls lined with silver.
aad Ore Testing Works.
JbUbllth.il In Bpsk.n. In lt». Oolo
fust and Bullion bought. Send tor prlc»
list and mulling or* racks.
Manufacturers of structural iron say
that within a short time all the more
costly private houses, at least ln the
cities, will abandon wood, excepting for
tho most trivial use, and will make use
of structural iron for tho framework
and the beams that support the flooring.
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imlly lu all America without a bottl. of "A
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Is Um ONLY rnedk-lue »huh will iure raich uui .rery
***\ MO CASK known It bu ever f.llwl u, cur,, no
gaiter bow .prlotu or of liow long standing. IL-.nl..
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ilMiKKl'l." n luni the money If It fail* lo cur...
R,  \V.  Grove's slgnntuie In on ench  Imx;   tto,
Great Britain's volunteer force of
240,000 Is maintained at a cost of un-
der 800,000 pounds a year—less than
4 pounds a head.
The value of fish as food is Just beginning to be felt among the agricultural classes. A well-stocked fish pond
Is an inexpensive luxury and nlTords
food that is a welcome relief from the
usual pork or bacon ihat Rruees the
fnrmer's table.
Fence  and   Iron   Works.
and Iron Fencing; DffltM railing, etc. £14.Alder.
The Liverpool city council has decid-1
ed to convert or lay down during 1900 I
50 miles of electric tramways at ii cost '•
of 350,000 pounds.
Mothers will find MrtWinslow's Soothing Syrup the beat remedy to use for theii
children during the teething period.
It ts said that the latest portrait of
the queen brings out lu a striking way
her resemblance to the Stuarts.
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Near Tangier a nativo who stole a
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the chief of the Duar, and as a punishment ho was tied to a tree while his
eyes were burned out with a red-hot
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The widening of the east end of the
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The roses   drcp from   sin, but the
thorns remain.
At tho recent A. F. of L. convention
It was resolved that local bodies In
cities where annual conventions are
held make a special feature of mass
meetings, to which organized labor and
the public schall he Invited.
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Elgin 17 Jewels,
YEARS.      t      i      J      ♦      1
Stock of Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and   Opals in tho Province.
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J. Roderick Robertsou has domanded
from the C. P. R. officials the return of
tho faro monefy advanced by li'im for the
men who hired with liiin for the
Oh where, Oh where, Is the princely air
And tbe step bo firm and true;
The eagle eye and the heavy band
Of the mighty Roderick Dhu?
Are these the very  Jjpa   that swore
To break tho Unions' might?
The cunning brain devised tho scheme
j   To run men in   at night?
Are   these the very   hands that  laid
The bold Canadians low?
Who  dared invade  the  Ymir   wilds
8c»rce fifty days «g>i?
He left thu coast with liis mighty host,
And his armoured train was fast,
And lie felt a King or a mighty thing
Like Xerxes in the pitst.
He   started   with   liis   pocket book
The despot of"the' truck-
He's lost Ilia men;   he's   lost   his gri|
And lie wants his money back!
thing.   A short time ago, the management of the Payne mine at Sandon put
a few ignorant  men into their  mine
and now it is reported that thero are
a few cripples at those workings.   As
they allow no one to visit that property or talk with an^ of their men, it is
not possible to verify this report.   The
government should seo that  the Mining  Inspector   investigates, however,
md if the report Iw truo. an  example
shjuld be made that will  teach  the
m.nsgers that tbey cannot send ignorant men to almost certain injury, without becoming amenable to tho Criminal
Oodo.   Criminal negligent-, such  At-
t.i.s would be, calls fer « term to tbt
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing To—
t     t     t     t nr •» '   t
a. P. Mcdonald,
Thorburn ^^^
Stock of cases in tho Province.
14k Gold Plain, Engine turned anl
Eugraved — Tho  Jas.   Boss  filled
<5ft3es. — The Deuber filled chbos. -
The Imperial 25 year cases. — Lad
jus solid gold   watches  with plain
and set cases.
NELSON, n. a
EDITORIAL 0niKOril\(iS.   jj
Ot Course
SKlvKIRK       TH!
HOTEI.,        WHARF
When You Break Those
Resolutions Coii.e  And
Look'Over My SiOck*1 0
3_?ipesw To"b
NORTHWE8T.       "
B. C.
rn m LINE
First-Class (sleepers on all Trains irom
TOURIsFcARS  pass Medicine Hat
Daily for" 8f. Tavi,.
Sundays and Wednesdays for Toa-
Fridays for Montreal and Boston.
— Same ears paas Revelstoke one day —
-——earlier.        ■
Among the forty odd men latel)
brough' in for the attempted opening
up of the Enterprise mine there were
Bailors, lumbermen, clerks, roustuliout.-
and five—possibly six—miners. Tbrsi
men arc quite possibly skilled workmen in their several linos, but tin)
would havo formed u woeful-combination with which to take dividend*
out of the Enterprise, whero tho rock
ib noted among miuers as being tin
hardest north of Rossland.
Auctioneers, Customs Brokebs,
And General Real Estate Agents
——.___■______ '  *
UIty_» ta li.ai.r Block    .   .    Biker St
NELSON,   B, 0.
SILVERTON,       -      -      -      B. C.
Last week, us bas been reported, thi
Payne Alining Company imported ovei
% score of foreigners and   put them   at
work in their mine.    Now thero comei-
a report from Sandon of  an  accident
it the Payne, in which several of   the
Finlanders have been   injured.    This
miner gains credence l.y the  fact thai
the mine has lately been visited daily
by a phpsician.    If such an accident
has really happened, It will be no surprise to fhose familiar with tho dangers to  be  met  with  while working!
underground, especially to  an inexperienced hand.     There should be a
visit paid to tbe Pay no mine by  tin-
Mining Inspector.     No one else is allowed to visit cither the mine or  the
The-followuii, is the text of 0 bigl  y
i iterestiiig'panphlet,   now being* tlis-
t-United   thioughout    the   -Provinte,
It is self-explauuiory anil calls ft r no
omiiient on our part.
S.lieitou, Jan. 22, 1900.
We, thk usDCRSicxriR, wib to
publicly i'c.iouiico the actions of J.
Rid ink Robertson, of NnlnOU, 1! <'.,
in Winging us to the Slocan under absolutely false and  mislead in.;   repre-
.■lllllt   >is.
Air. Robertson or his ugmt, A. M
Beatty, re|nso lid  o  tn  ib.t   .h   e
wus  ubs lit ly   no  In! or tiiub'.i    o
s like ' xi ting in tl.e Slocan ai tl il a
the    management   of  the   Enterprise
min': and its employees wire,   in   lur-
mony and  perfect   accord;   tliat.   the |
standard nnd prevailing  rate of wages f
was 83.00 per clay.
Now we find that the Enterprise
mine antl all the other mines of the
Ass oiation are lying idle and that the
prevailing rate of wages tl and always
has been !*3 .')0 per shift
Any man going to «oik under the
circumstances existing in the _?locr.n is
a scab of the vilest sort.
W. McGraxn.
E. Coi.Kuumi.
Tnos Scollie.
II. 11 a roi n.
Geo Longford.
J. H. I.eeduam
M. Wilson.
Edward Edgecombe
William A Mitchell.
H. Birmingham.   Thos Scoi.i.ie.
Chas Haley.       Jos McGhkgoh.
Russel McGeaver.   G. Bkriri.
T. Bohman. T. C. Moore.
James Mii.se.       Albert Jakes.
.._.<*..  ,.i a. ,ii ..,,„-, AND VlSiBLK-
' te
|:-;lli'a<l|ii,irlrs For ffiuing Mt-ii :•
HOTEL.',   s
TAnl.r rN.si:iu'Assi:ii in
pWKftfJUIIBAtt-1,   Prtfs.
| SILV r. R T 0 N,   p. 0
W Savory.
It. Leaver.
AV. Bacon.
T. Cooper.
H. Baker.
Neil Skmple.
C. McGiirb.
William Moore.   L. B,Nicholson
Henry lln.Ti.u.
NOTICE ;-- '•Tiiier"   "Deadwood
'■|ii \nd" Howard FnAonost"and "l'i
i.ei; Fraction" Mineral Claims, situm
in thu  iilottiin  Cily Mioin^ DiviMiun o
U'n»t Kooienay District
Where  loeatetl :-Ou    tli vide   betweci
Nnrtli Fork Lamoll Creek and Sprinnei
Creek aliout 7 miles from Sloean Citv
t.'er ilii-nit- .Nu'iiioo.'ti   niirnd nislyi'ntri
nun ilie ilule lift, ol  liui|.|i|v Inn,I  Mm-
m Ki't-onlei f..r a ( eillfleate m In -
riveiiiei.il-, foj lhe piunoM   of olitaiu
j i.' C.oui, Grants of ihe abt,\e tlmii _.
And fuithcr take noma   thnt   ncliou
unler (ifci.on ,".7,-n,n»i    ne coininei.i-eil
oef ire  the  iwtu met of Mich   CVilifiiiilts
of Iinprnvi nienia
Take Noiiro that I,   F.  ('. (I'ccn, oi       fitted thi* 8:h dav i f 8e|.lcinlKr, A D.
NelHiui, ii liiiL'  as  «i_;eiil for tbe Sh-dati I ISU.i,
l.aUetiolil  and   Silver   Mines,   Limited in,
 -    • ... J. U. AMiCUSOA
211 io j r.f>.
Fret Miner.s CertiQcato Nu b!4,2&5. in-
end sixty days from the date hereof t<
Fa* the North. Revelstoke, and Main Llnet
7:30 ex'Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. dx. Sunday, 16:20
For   Rossland,  Nelson     Crows   Nest
Branch and  Boundary Country,
10:20 ex. Sunday Iv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday 13.10
To snd from Sandon.
13:00 ex Sunday lv Silverton,
 ar, ex tjunday, 10:20
Tickets issued through anj Baggauk
—-checked to destination. ——
Contracts Urge or small taken
And promptly attended to.
Stables in SILVERTON, B   O.
For rates and full information apply to
nearest local agent or
H. H REEVES, Agent, Rilverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
A. q. P. Agent, Vaneouve
For Sale or Rent,
Hotel Id Silverton.
rsvpiy u
•KatheSon Hr*a,
1, Nllvrrton, B. C.
fieneral Freight and Transfer
Orders Mt at'News Bland will   be
romptly attended to.
!     '      i
TXT'atch and
TD epairer.
Visits Silverton
ff.eave Your Orders at Tbe Lake-
view Hotel.
*&. IM. li i-l nclle,
rhe Jeweler,
From Mr. -Green's speech on th
"Want of Confidence" motion:—''The
non. senior member for Esquimalt has
stated that the miners were nat in
favor of and did not want the eight-
hour law. I aay that the miners do
want tbn eight-hour law and it ha*
come to stay."
The public are cautioned against cutting or removing any timber from within the boundaries of tho March Mineral
Claim. Immediate proceedings will be
taken against any person or persons so
doing, or trefliiaasiog on ths above
E. B. Fba.ier, Manager.
The importation vt green men to
work in the Sloean Minea may be alright Irom tho standpoint of the mine-
owner, and thero is no law to stop ic;
looking at it from a common sense
all will agree that it should bo stepped
The very men who are doing it know
this, for none should know better than
they that to put a lot of farmhands,
sailors and lumbermen into one of our
Slocan mines is little better than murder.
Unable to protect themselves against
accident*, ignorant a* to the soundness
t 1
of the walls and unaccustomed to tho
handling of explosives, as surely as
they aro put underground by themselves so surely will there be men
iiiained and crippled for lifo or killed
Yet there are men, who, in thoir
greed for wealth and utter dif.r-.gard
for tbe lives and right* of their fellow
men, ore attempting to do thin very
Jan 12—Kimberley, Carpenter creek
A E Fauquier and D McLeod.
15—Blaine, i.ear T.m* Forks, W
•Tan 12—Hoodoo, New Kohinoor. 17
Bessie.   20— Philadelphia.
Jan 10—John Gates to 3 R Gates,
Oct 18,1898.
Jan 0—Trade Dollar If, J M Martin to
J Shields. 10—Mountain Chief No 3
and Sarnie, '.., each, John Gates and J
R Gates to Mrs K L Mclnnes, Jan 4. 12
—Old Tom Moor ami Lll erator No '2. %
each, J 0 Ryan to C II Green, Sept 10.
15-BlRinp, W Fitzgerald to R Strang-
wsy, Jun 4. 1*1—Mountain Chief No 3
and Sarnia, )t\ em.h, Mrs F I. Mclnnes
to Hill Bros, Jan 15, f.TiO.
Jan 18—Frisco, bond Irom E F Llovd
to S T Walker and N McMillan, Dec
apply to the   Mining Reccrder for Cer-
ot obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And timber take notice thnt notion
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of snch Certificated ot
Im provments.
Dated this 14th day of November, 1890.
F. C. Gbekn. P. L. S.
liprovemwit, for the i   ;"»"• | '"f&fiQ^^
Nomce:—"Burnside'' Mineral Claim,
situated     in    ihe      Slocan      Mining!
Division   of West   Kootenay  District.
Where located :—On Four Milo Creek,
about 'three a,nd a half miles from its
Take Notice that  I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of Silvurton, Free Miner's Certificate No.
iiHyliii, as agent for The Wakefield Mines I
Limited, of Silverton, Free Miner's Certificate No. 139.12b,   intend   sixty ilavs
from the   date hereof,  to apply  lo the '
Mining   Recorder   for  a CertiUcute of
Improvements','fcur ths putpose   of   ob
tiiining  a  Crown (Jrant   of the above;
Ami further tako notice that  action j
undr i-ection 37, must" bi  commenced
before the issuance  of   such   Certificate |
ol Improvements,
Dated this 10th dsy of November, 1899
Francis J, O'Reh.ly.
To Cure a Cold In   Ono
Djy.      Contains  the New
Ingredient.      Ti.Y It.
IM<IUE-__6e.   At All Druggists
Owinir to a reduction in miners' wages
caused by the enfircement of the eight
hour law, the minora are all itlle und the
mines have shut down.   Therefore all
workingmen are hereby warned to keep
away from   ths Slocan  and   Kootenay
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles are  amicably  nettled  between
mine owners and miners."''
Sandon. B. C.      W. L Hagler,
Juno 2nd. 1899.        Secretary  Sandon
Miners' Union
J. M.M. Benedum,
Pres. Silverton M. U
J. I. Mcintosh,
Secretary,    Silverton
Miners' Union.
THE SILVERTONIAN,   »_>. a jear
18 | 11
NOTICE:— "ExtiiANtiK, -iii.vtiu Plate
Skoctm, Victoria l^o. 4 and  Wasa
Mineral Claim*; -Hume iii the Slotan
City Mining Division of West Kooteuui
Where located :—West of Dayton
Creek, a mile south of Spiinger creek.
Take notice Ihat I, J. Murray McGregor,
actfog as aifent for the New Oold Field*
of British Columbia, Limited, Free Min
era Certificate No. 1.21297, intend sixty
tlays fn m the date hereof, to apply to
Ihe Mining Recorder for u Certificate ol
Ininrovoments, for the purpose of obtaining aCfown GrMnt.ol tbe above claims.
And further take notice that net ion
under seel bm 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate o
Dated thle2lst day of Heptembcr, 1899.
J. M. McG-RKotm.
26 | 9199.	
NOTICE:— "Exchange," ''Biiokhr."
"Slide" and "Chaio No. 2" Mineral
Claims; Bitiiatoin tho Arrow Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located :—On the north side of
Cariboo creek, nhont one half mile
north of tho Millio Mack Mineral
Take notice that L J. D. Anderson. P. L
8, of Trail, B C, acting aj agent for H.
E  Forster. ft** Miner's Certificste Nn.
26064, and H.O. Pollock,  Free  Miner's
Daigle's Black
smith Shon.
General Illiirksiiiilliin*
• • •      and.lUpairing Done.
Conveniently Situated near ths
Railway. Station and Wharf.
Dining   Room   under the charge oi
Miss Ida Carlisle.
Tables supplied with 'ill tho dollcaeltrs
Of the BCHHUIl.
~,                         ,
HLOOAN CITY ». if.' '


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