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The Silvertonian 1899-11-18

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And Up To Oafs
Mining News
mm m wwi wf f m
NOVEMBER 18, 1899.
_ nether strlko oCaome Importance haa
Wn made on the Torpedo claim, a
ledife runnla* fiawllel to Ibat oo which
,l,e tunnel ia being dHven having bee*]
Utely discovered. Thla ledgo liea about
40 feet Irom the Torp-do vein and runs
nsral'."! ••»•» '-> ■* new M** bU been
trm-ed along me eattaee   tee  ■everal
hundred feet and an open cot now lieing
run iu to it haa e_rpceed over four leet ol
mixed catbo-ane a_- nal--na ore.   It ia
tht intention ol the owners ol thia claim
todriveacroea-cat tunnel,  to this new
find, from the tunuel already run on the
Tur(*do vein,  commencing at a point
about 170 left in Irom tbi mouth.   This
row-fiu will not need to be driven over
W leet and will tap thU new find over
126 feet deep.
Harry Mahon, one ol the largest
stockholders in the Vancouver Group
visited Ihat property this week.
Mr. Fradgley, one time superintendent
ol tho Galena Mines, haa (.one to Greenwood to manage a mine lor the Ymir
Minea Company, '     i.
F. L, Byron, under whose management
the A. E. property on Red Mountain Is
being developed, -waa io town laat
[Monday. He reports the tunnel aa being
in now 7? leet with every indication in
tbe face of Bearing the big ledge.
At the IOuterpiiee mine, on Ten Mile
ereek, acoinmodationa have just been
uimpleted tor 75 ineo. A near ore bouse
ims Just been erected and tbe track laid
from the No 9. tunnel to the road. The
teuton road, ihat connects tbe mine with
the wharf at Ten Mile Landing, lias
heen repaired nnd put into good condi
tion. A -mull force of men are employed
working ou the outside ami putliugevery
tiling in slmpe lor winter. Tbe Enterprise is, ptcepting thu Payne, the best
.-levelciped and biggeft mine In the
-i'M'sm and tliat It should be kept closed
hy the uiuleisUneaa of ita managers ia a
YI.el_o.--un mine, whicli la eitoated
.•r'■:.'*-ne an.I one half miles from town
and mthin the -*i!v.rlon school district,
i* making every preparation to reeume
operations. A fine office ^building Is
i*Ing erected s short distance below the
.1 ii*. and at itift mine Marge two-atory
lii'.lilimilM'.y 44 fe.t with a lean-to is
n.-HtiiiK completion. Thia building ieto-j
|,e.iiBed as a bunk-hone* and boarding-
...h-ii* lor the employees and will eaally
K'ouimodateSjW men. At the mine
i'nell everything is in first class shape
sn*. it onlv awaite the signal Irom the
iMoager, Mr. Sandiford, to become a
hire ol industry and reeume ita place as
i dividend payer and one ol tbe heaviest
.hipping mines in the Lake region. The
Bosun baa one ol the best records in tbis
camp and baa already sent oul thia year
t.tiie8inel:era580tons ot Irian grade
mineral, which neta the company $70.
-K.rton. Tbe Bosun company have a
private dock ol tbelr own on the lake,
which is situated about hall way between
Silverton and Mew Denver andJs known
as B.-ietin Landing. It la at this pokrt
that the company-ore houaeiB aRuata-
snd (rom which all shipments of ore are
made it
During the week most ol the pipe lor
tbe Wakefield .nines lias been delivered
here. Tbis pipe is to be used to conduct
the water from the mouth of the flume
to the mill. It will carry 400 minora
inches of water with which it is expected
to generate 400 horsepower to be used in
driving the machinery. Tbe length of
this pipe Hue is 1440 feet and the pipe
taper* from 80 inches in diameter at tbe
head to 26 inehea at ita outlet.
"111 should die to-night
And you should come to my cold corpse
and say,
Weeping and heartsick o'er my lifeless
III should die to-night
And you ahould come in deepest griei
hnd woe
And say.'Hera's that ten dollars that I
I might arise in my large white cravat
And say, 'What's that?'
"If I should die to-night
And yoaahruild come to my celd corpse
and kneel,
Clasping my bier to show the griei you
I say. If I shool I die to-night
And you should come to me aad there
and then
Just even bint of paying ma that tea,
I might aiiie the while;
But I'd drop dead again."
looking for another
with   the Silverton
On Wednesday night a piece ol tha
wagon road, about three miles up, gave
away owing to the late rains and the
heavy freighting that has been going
over it. A force ol men were at once
set to work and it is now again passable.
Tbe breaking down of this road would be
a serious calamity to tbe camp ae their
ia now lying in town over 100 tona ol
freight that mutt bo aent over it, to onr
various minea, and more freight to be
aent up ia being delivered here daily.
The cable for the' Wakefield tramway
bas all arrived and part of it baa already
been taken up. The total weight ol the
cables is nearly 30 tons, and the
heaviest piaoe consists ol a single length
IM inches thick, 8360 feet long and
weighing 11600 pounds,    .
The shipment   ot ore   Irom   Slocan
Lako points, up to and including   tbe
liresent week, Irom Jan. 1, 1899.
From Boenn Landing. Tons.
1'iiHiin  M0
From New Denver. Tona
Marion ...}»
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise  '. 680
From Slocan City. Tona.
Tamarac 90
Black Prince 40
Chapleau  16
From Silverton. Tons
Comstock   20
" concentrates  100
They have gone with  a people's hopes
and pruvers.
Out over tbe eastern brine,
To strike for the might of Britain's right,
Our bi t "of tlie thin red line."
They have gone by danger ol flood  and
Aa their brave sires wentof yore,
To flght and bleed (or tlie world's  great
Aa Britons bave bled before.
To slay or be slslo for the loved old flag,
In the cause ol the just and true;
To stand (or the right ol common earth,
And tbe heaven's open bine.
And ovei our loyal land to-night,
V» hero tlie stars of our freedom shine,
From all true hearts the prayer goes up
For our hit of "Ihe tbin red line.
They have gone to flght the freeman's
For our far-off kilh and kin;
Brothers of our own blood and breed,
In the fight where tbe right must win.
For tbe sacred cause ol freedom's laws,
To win the glad release
Ol those who tread 'neath tyrannies dread
And widen tbe gates ol peace.
And shame on the soul on Britain's soil,
Wher- tbe stars ol freedom shine.
Who will not pray In his heart to-night
For our bit of "the thin red line."
We send them forth from our 'true north'
For sacred bond and mitn,
That will or ill, to tbe great brave end,
We are Britons from brine to brine.
And whenever the Lion's hnntera are out
And danger threatena bin lair.
Be the world on this side, ho on Ihat,
Canadian hearts are tbere.
And Mund or (all, though be go to the
Canadian hearts are trne,
Not only to aland lor onr own birth land,
But to die for the empire, too.
Yea we send them forth Irom our  "true
Sons ol tbe Empire's might;
Aud alien the heart tliat will not pray
For our soldler-boya to-night.
Yea, traitor the heart that takes our bread
And drinks ol our free sunshine;
That will not throb when the battle joinu
For our hit of "the thin red line."
—W. Wilfred Campbell.
Ottawa, Oct, 31,1890.
One of the most interesting meeting*
ever called in 8'ncan City was held on
Wednesday evening, -.hen .lames Wllke,
organiser for the Western Federation of
Miners, and the Rev. Mr. Roberts addressed an intereste I audience nn matters connected with the industrial question.
After a lew remarks by the chairman.
Mr. Roberts gave a short but Interesiing
talk on tho benefits to be gained ly the
working class through organization in
securing for litem through united action
those material benefit* so necessary tn
the moral, intellectual and spiritual welfare ol man.
Mr. Wilks, the next speaker, impressed upon Ms hearers the necessity
of organization among all miners. He
is an inteie.-ti'.g speaker, never at a loss
for woids to express an h'.ea snd hi*
every seutence full ol meaning. His remarks were of'eu heartily applau led.
At the close of the public meeting an
adjournment was made to tbe O id Fellow's Hall, where a Miners' Union waa
■inly formed.   Thirty five new members
were initiated.
The fallowing officers were elected:
Fred G Carlisle, President;
H, L. Fife, Vice-President;
8. B. Clements, Recording Secretary;
A. E, Teeter, Financial Secretary aod
The Slocan City Miners' Onion starts
under particularly favorable auspices,
there being no trouble of any kind t»
threathen it at preaent, and from the
past actions of the operators there tbere
should be nothing to fear tor the future.
The effbrta of the Uniou will lie directed
towarda the securing of the fraternal
benefit of the order and lending a friendly aid io tbe nearby Unions which are
struggling for their rights.
Hew To <}«•_.
Those who bad purchased reserved
seats tor the fireworks on Tuesday evening have a kick coming on account ot tlie
weather. The display has been postponed
for 33 years.
The "Young Peoples' Paper" is a new
Canadian publication intended to fill the
field in Canada filled by the Youth's
Companion in the United States, lt is
published In Kingston, Out., and con-
.sins eight page* ol matter interesting
hnd instructive to young readers. The
editor makes the at-tounding announcement that he wants no advertisers.
Thoaa^ Cano la seriously ill with
P.Wllaonof Gallagher A Wilson the
Nelaea law firm, was ln town on Tuesday.
Tbo Rev. Father Coute will hold
Maes In Bilverton next Tuesday morning
at 8.30.
New Denver is
football   match
George Jackson haa grown several
inch* since he received a telegram from
Regina yeaterday.
Malcolm Nicholson and Jack Bragg
lelt on Tuaeday lor Greenwood in tbe
Boundary country.
Ooeef the carpenters at tbe Emily
Bdith mine met with aa accident on
Wednesdey, but is again able to go to
Work. "■
Divi« Hanv.ce will be held in Silver-
ton nest Sunday evening at 7.30. everyone is coadia'.lr Invited to attend.—John
G. Dnocao, Presbyterian  Minister.
The Silverton Drug Store haa received
a shipment of the following goods;
Syrup, of Horehouml k Toln. fi Dropa(
Swamp limn, Sponges aud Perfumes.
All New Good*. f
The Foresters el Sir-can City gave a
very BUcCaaafal dance in the Music Hall
last Tueeday evening. Silverton waa
represented at tlie dance by Dr C. A.
Tbe New Denver yontbs are anxious to
burn powoVr in real guns. Tbey wish
to form a militia oorp and the names of
forty applicants lor uniforms have been
handed in.
J. W. JCvte left on Thursday for a visit
to his old home in the east, He will
spend some time in Michigan and experts to be back in Silverton about the
first of neat May.
Charles Fhss, eat  of  Silvertons old-
timers, ia spending a few days in town
Mr. Faaa  la now located in   Cieston
i-eiug a member of the  firm  of FaasA
Crawford of that town.
All work In the Jewelry Repairing
line, left at the Silverton Drag Btere.'wil
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovei
the well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs are ao-aaxrixn roa ona yiax *
Tha shareholders in the Noondty-Cur-
ley Mines, Limited, held iheir first annual meeting here this week. A motion
approving ol the action of ihe directors
waa pasted ami the aame board ol directors waa reelected Ior tbe coming year.
Tlie musi Cfd meeting ol the Literary
Society, held on Wednesday evening,
waa a decided tuocess, reports tlie See*
rotary. Several papers on musical subjects were read and instrumental and
vocal selections given. Two new members were enrolled.
The first boy born in Silverton arrived
at the home ol William Barker laat
Monday. Tlie biggest, finest boy in tha
Pi-van, Bill save, and he ought to know.
This event is the foundation for tho
rumor that the Vancouver mine waa Importing men. But this new arrival will
no doubt be a member ot the Miners'
Union belore he undertakes to pound
steel in any ol our mines.
The Rev Jehn G. Dnnean hss been
si-lectfd by the Presbyterian church to
look after the tpiritual needs ol this
church district, which extenda from
here to the Halcyon Springe Mr Duncan arrived I ere last week and has decided to make hia headquarters In Silverton. His last ststion was in Fernie,
he having spent three years in E*.*t
K-mtenay, coming there from Scotland
nnnnn i
It Ai M'Klnnon
;a«g:::!,:.:;'::: j: a i9.r,s,g. wy:W WtftfiWag
©U-rrertorL, 33- O-
,, 690
:mswsw».- *. *rj*t *
Pope says :—*
"The vulgar boil, the losrned roast an
Bnt il he had lived until now he would
know there are twenty other way» if
cooking one. Marion Ilurlaud toll.-,
them all in tho volume of "Cooking
Hint*" in her "Hits ol Common Souse
Thia valuable book ia the second of
the four volumes presented to each
new subscriber who takes advantage
of the clnbbing offer for 1800 ol The
Weekly Globe, which haa been lor over
65 years, and is now, Canada'a leading
family newspaper, from now to January
1,1001, with Till Sii.vF.KTciNtAN, regular
subscription price alone $2.00, for •:-_ MX
and Marion Harland't. latest book "Bits
of Common Sense," four volumes. Sent
iree; postnge prepaid. To I a kt* advantage of this clubbing rate subscribers
mnst pay cash in advance ■*
Mt wtrvum «. tsar**u*-. *,*es*wTt mn
Criminal st.tis'ios are alwavs inter-
eating il not always agreeable reading.
Th is.-.if lH'iR. just nt html, coctaln
tlm following figures.
The number ol charges lor indictable
.fleni'ce was 8 153. against 8 027 in 1807.
Oat of these, in 1S98. there Wert 2.*_'47
acquittals, 29 detained for lunacy, and 90
ciises in whieh no sentence was given
The number of conviction* were 6,787 as
Oorapared with 5 7_1 for 18"7. In British Columbia tho convictions increased
from 322 to 613.
The eases of drunkenness have increased during the year, 10,586 in 1.7 to
11,259 in '98.
Ont of 26 charges of murder, 4 of which
were laid in this province, 11 acquittals
were secured, I murderpr was detained
for lunacy, and 13 weie hung. In 1897
there were but 4 executions.
Prohibitionists wiM find small comfort
in these statistics, the Immoderate drink
c-rtc !■ i in .in' only .13% of the convicts. In
the higher off-i >•*+, such ss murder,
•I'Siislaiigh'er, deadly assaults etu., the
ininioderuto drinker holds even a
smaller percentage.
BORN: In Regina, Ana, on the 17th
in»t, tothwwilt. ol George A. .tack-con.
ot t-ilveiton. ad tughter.
BORN*.   In  Rilvorton,   on   Mondny,
Nov. 13th, to the wile of W. ,1. Baiber, a
The ritii >ri* of Hew Dinver luve snf-
fe-»l from many f.ikirs. Th* rOWBalte
mm got hia grift in * f-w yesrs ago,
there are Uin-i** churches In tlie town and
a newspaper bunco man has been living
there for veara. But until a few days
ap, they had snmttt ing more to learn.
Now thev have graduated. There was a
strnnger with winning wavs there on
Thursdav. Now hotel k'epors in the
me»r0poli« are smokirg »10 cigars, every
rn-n In town wears a tin watch and
ihere b a glut in ifaa ****** diamond
msrket. In the words of Un iwt "Ihey
lilt like a bass." Born speculators, cigars at ♦•.(- pw off-re 1 a sale fl Id f r in-
-eehnent. Bnt what crime* Mic mo-t
wna tb" Proles-tor'. promise ol a red-hot
muehlsiipper-Kinfonsatid red |*eppers-for the
I bo)*B—wheu be returned,
X*t.  SMC,   gno'wlee.   Prop.
Ire You Looking For
LiFIIMIILIt,   Tbe Tailor:   Silverton, B. C.
_P. BXJRIVJ-* & oo
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaalo, Bandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
There is money in this for you.
Omaha Inoandesoent Gat
Lampt   _v OosolirLe Burner*
Mure (han Fieri ri. Light or Coal Oil
And Belter than Either.
In use In all tbe business houses and in many private residences ia
Silverton. They pay for themselves in .0 weeka saving of coul oil.
They are perfoetly safe, easily handled. No omell. No cleaning of
lamp glaises. One fill-ins of «asoline burns for H hours and coste
15 cents. Li«ht -quals 4 Rochcsters. Sold under a guarantee of
aatisfaotion.    None  in   Silverton  want their  money back.   Neither
will you when you invest    Drop a postcard for prices.	
r4s*mw*Attm% ■ -tr*.■*.-.
_«—»_» _-. '__*.,uw ,
runt**-, e*At*ta em m %eee*ett******wm—ea^a— naMeai
—   in-— .
N. B.   rises* nemtlo* THK ■H.T»BTOHIAIf whsa tefky*«f,
at*, emm***s*mms***Aeer*AW*m
^■^^^^^^ ;^^fW^j TEMS HH IL
A Complete Review til tke JJvenU tor
tn. P..t Wee_ .. T**. _S4>_-j
tin I.antle-Sni-i-arUed From tke
i w.*^t\mtvmtvtmmaamm'^mmemeeeaee.■ ****-
Latest DUpatckee.
The transport St. Paul haa reaphsd San
Francisco, after a rough passage of 211 was destroyed.
fields In the southern and western sec-
1 tions of Illinois has taken a serious
turn, and it la said that many of the
"i-artneanray be tied up, aa a result of the
continued action of operators in sending coat to points west and southwest
where the miners are on strike.
*. Three tons of dynamite were stored
ln the hold of the little Salvadorlan
steamer Maule, which sailed from San
Franclgco on September 30 for El Trl-
■tiffio'Wwt'y ot San Diego. The vessel
has not been heard from since. Ship-
pins men are of the opinion that the
dynamite exploded and that the vessel
The disappearance of the little In-
maii girl remains a profound mystery.
...    ^^^ ,    A company has been formed to take
AT     I_AflY8liTttl?*0<d "ft^^-f mll«» **W  Morton,
,"  ^T  "     *    ILewIe jjounty. '    J;
^^^^^     1_i_jlM_ 8 '*-X   Business ofihe Wa|Ja Willa land of
Rnnm-rtt Brian Report fer *. se^ei*1* forOctob^ was the largest of any
B«-r.--«.__^Uu£ff<**tu «.*■ thejyea^   £  -_-_-_-_-_■
days from Nagasaki. She had bnt 11
passengers, including several discharged
Sunday school uacheik of the Miasis-
sippi valley states'recently had a confer,
enee to teach the children lessons from the
Bible.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^
The tenth annual meeting of tlie Iowa
Library Association iii*t in C_dar lipids,
la., with about )00 librarians in attendance, representing all the large libraries
in the state.
The bark Katie F. Troop is loading !,-
000,000 feet of specially selected timber
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^,—. Ex-governor' McConnell, after an ah-
at .ancouver B. C, for the Cramps "fU^ 0(aeveral »«mths, la Jiome again.
Philadelphia, to be used in building Unit-f;. .j,,,,,^ operattDns gtm cont,nue ac-
Governor Richards of Wyoming has
Issued a request to the governors of
the arid states and territories to hold a
meeting at. Salt Lake City, December
14, to formulate plans of legislation to
be submitted to congress looking to
leasing grazing lands in the west, to
stockmen and ranchers, the rentals to
be' devoted'to building irrigation Works
for the reclamation of lands susceptible
of cultivation.
 __   .
Building operations
tive, with the* prospects favorable for
continuing well into the next year at
Lewiston.     ke__-T
Nineteen families of Iowa people
lust week arrived in Moscow. They
will locate On farms la the feitile'Palouse (fcuntfy.*. *    f ■*
•      T .*!_..i_    „„..I___i  '
Lewlsttfn partiei"* will   ship i train"
load of beef cattle from this point thia
I week-.    Va* -tsalu will consist of 24
feftrs and -_f*_<_'B_id tor Seattle.
Lewlstoniperchanta have contributed a fui^Ro mak&&"t^-e»_se of tht
right of "ihe county authorities to collect a general road tax on city values.
ed States ships.        ^^^^^^^^^^
Tlie board of trustees of the home for
children and aged women, Minneapolis,
Minn., has received from ex-Governor and
Mrs. John S. Pillsbury the sum of $100,-
000, to be invested in a perma
the interest to be spent towards
tenance of the institution.      a?*..'4
The Russians are, marching toward
the Afghan frontier.
The general arbitration treaty
tween Paraguay and Argentina   has
been signed.
George W. Kern, of Allentown, Pa.,
proprietor of a hotel, shot himself and
wife in a fit of anger.
R. M. Robjnson, a Mpminen^mer-
chant of Dunrop, Tenlf; was slot recently and robbed of f 3600.
Jack Moffatr- tho ..Chicago middleweight, won aff "easy victory in Chicago over Frank Purcell of California.
Dave Sullivan and Joe Bernstein
fought a 25-round draw-tonight at the
Broadway Athletic club last week in
New York. J*7*%>.    -
Chester La Vere and Kid McCloskey
fought before the Butte Athletic Club.
La Vere had the best of it frem the
start and got the decision.
"Mysterlouft Blily" Smith defeated
Charley McKeever of Philadelphia ln a
20-round bout at catch weights' at the
Broadway Atoletic Cljib, J!ew*Yofk.- ~
Colonel Arthur L. Wagner, adjutant
general of the department of the Da-
kotaa, haa left for the Philippines,
where he has been detailed for service. -,"•'-
The president has appointed former
Governor Joseph W. Flfer of Illinois to
be a member of the interstate commerce commission, vice W. J. Calhoun,
The whaling bark Anna Hicks haa
arrived at San Francisco from the Ok-, .       . _„»,,, .,„„_
hotsk sea -rttt-MM.fM-Uru whalj J£J^Jffir.«H2£^
bone, 615 barrels.of Whale oil.and 47
barrels of sperm oil. ■._ .....       _.-..- .   ,K„^
Communication   wilt   the'  ■^tenitl!,_!^ »[0X_^f„to„^!
parts of Jamaica, particularly the section beyond the line from Morant bay
to Port Antonio, inclusive, waa recently
visited by a hurricane. .'."',>
At Piano, Cal., Reese Martin waa
shot and killed by his 19-year-old son,
Frederick. The young man accused hia
father of striking ale mother. He
claims that he acted In self-defense.
Brass bullets are being used by the|
Filipinos against the Americana.- That
fact was discovered when a bullet with
a brass casing was extracted from the
leg of a soldier at the Polyclinic hospital in New York recently.
Hrlgham H. Robert* of Utah Is to sit
as a member of the house of representatives In congress, .but only for a
month, and he Is ubt to be unseated
because he is a poiygamlst. He is to
resign after being sworn ln.
The safe and office furniture of the
Mel vera bank of Mel vern, Kan, was demolished by Si explotlon o. dynamite
touched off hy robbers, who then looted the place, securing $600 in money
and several thousand dollars in notes
and checks. 'They'escapee!, leaving no
Aa the result of an Investigation
conducted by an anti-Quay newspaper
five men, all residents of the city of
Washington, are held In bail for court
on charges of repeating. Impersonating election officers and making fraudulent returns. ,
The Italian bark Salvatore has arrived at Olouceeter from Trapanl, Italy,
with Capt. A. T. Dyer and the shipwrecked crew of seven men of the
schooner William E.- Dewnes, of New
Haven, bound from Savannah to New
Haven with lumber.
A counterfeiting outfit and safe
blowing tools were unearthed by the
police at No. 216 Huron street, Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fay, the occupants
of the flat, wer^-rreeted -and the police believe they have broken up a gang
of desperados that have become exceedingly lively In Chicago of late.
John B. Sherman has tendered his
resignation V 'president of the Dnlon
Stock Yards and Transit Company, to
Uke effect January 1. For 34 years Mc,
Sherman was an ottieer ot tho corporation and for 83 jregts of this time Its
directing genlufc*   C      ' '   *
A syndicate et American, English
and German bankers have about perfected arrangements with the govern-,
ment of Guatemala to advance to that
country $15,008,000 for the ptiYiws*. of
relieving it of Its debts and placing the
country on a flfjn financial basis. 	
The four soldiers who were sentenced J Qn\\~Q,
to death at Manila now stand an excel-
vianat*- trf    ^m^-lm^mmmMmmmmmmmmmmmm
lenced—Col. Schlel Admits the Situation !■ Better From au Knffl-ak
London, Nov. T4.---iA"*ii_p£eiil dlspatt&i
from  Durban, dated Thursday-evening;
8ay8: j CJOC**. 3OQOO0OC'.: 3000)1
"Native runners who have just arrived
here from the Drakciisbtirg districtreport
ihe Boers suffered severe defeat at liidy-
smith this morning.Ci-he Beer*guns were
silenced after four hours'. flghttiig,d_r.isLg|.l.own
sault today on the southeast corner nf life
town. The attack was most brilliant not-
withstanding hot shell lire by .British and
South African police under Walfm-d. The
I enemy lost heavily. Our casualties were
toe-Wiled aacf wounded.1' ;"   rMa*»X*m
■ ■      ■-• -■•_. ..» .-{if»  lim
• _ T •*■*_*?>■-«**■*:-N«t#S. Bilge Iff
whick, the Boer, losses were lieavy
details received.'' ■	
The war ollice published the following j
dispatch from General fuller: '      ]
"Cap* >pwn—Sunday night—Tlie foi
lowing reports have been* received 'from]
Colonel Baden-Powell_- " ■■■•
. "Alafekipg,   Oct.   30.—All   well   here.
Kiiemy is appureiilly shy ef attacking, but
ia now closing to invest i|s.. They .art- Ut-J
duy destroying the railway 12 miles north
with dynamite. Shelling is continued, but
..JTcTilnamen of Walla Walla contributed nearly $300 for the reception
of the Washington volunteers.
A rumor is afloat that the Port Town-
send Southern railway may be absorbed by the Port Angles Eastern line.
.    All-the   Northern   Pacific   lac da In
|. Western, ^Washington have, been withdrawn from the market for tho present.
The cit-J of North Yakiuu has proved, up on the 160-acre tract ln the disputed part of the southeast end of the
doing very1 little harm. .•„! Ringbone, 21 years old, was accidently
Oetober 31.*-Bnemy attempted an fc*tJUJ» »Jj by ^   ^^   ^
The Norma last Sunday made a ces-
cind trip to Wild Mose Island. Ffty
ton's of freight was carried on the trip.
The freight was principally miner's
supplies. About 20 passengers made
the trip.
The ducks are unusually numerous J
this year around Halley, but they are
already wild because they have been
ahot at so much. Deer are also said
to be more plentiful than usual this
year. This, old-timers say, indicates
an early winter.
When the convicted miners, who are
| Oemrte-_Wa«_-rke, Arthur Wallace, Hen*
ry Maroni, John Luclnettl, C. R. Burres
Francis Butler, Ed. Abinola, P. F. O-
Donald, **ike Malvey and Louie Salla
'j reach the-prison in California, they
will enter for a 22 months' confinement.
, , The jjoripitories at Lewiston are almost ready f&r occupancy. The girl's
dormitories will be filled at once, but
many of the young men will not make
any changes. The dormitories will
accommodate about 75 students. The
present enrollment ls about 139. It Is
expected that the- enrollment will
reach 200 this year. B
A. T. S:heible has left Lewiston for
lands are about 85 miles trotn Lowlo-
ton, aad the. P. k I. N. R. R. will run
lands.     The surface cropplngs show a
vein of about 12 teet ln thickness. The
coal ls considered by experts to be of
[f. first-class quality 	
A sad death occurred two miles west
of Nez Perce last week. Granville
Slier was seriously hurt by a team running away; The horses threw him to
the ground and two -wheels of the wagon struck his head. Yesterday he was
taken worse and died to day. He came
here at the opening of the reservation
and was a hard working man. He
was a native of Kentucky. He resided near Rosalia several years before
coming to the reservation. He leaves
a wife and three small children to
mourn his untimely death.
A  Train   Wrecked.
•Toledo, Ohio, Nov. 11.—Michigan
Central train No. 310, from Toledo to
Detroit, was ditched between Alexis
and Vienna, Mich. Three pel-soda were
seriously injured.   They were:    '■
John McKay, Indianapolis.
John O'Neil, Detroit, fireman.
William Hamilton, engineer.
Ten Other persons were '"painfully
hurt, and 10 or 20 otherwise badly
shaken up.
' William Hamilton, the engineer, was
thrown through the window of his cab,
and though perhapa fatally injured he
retained sufficient presence of mind,
when he recovered from the shock, to
hurry to his engine and draw the fire,
thus preventing an explosion.
The accident was the result of a deliberate piece pf work by unknown
train wreckers and happened at a point
just beyond a short trestle.
*^uaii\wtsifiJieteA ^^^^^
-He new grade of the Great Northern
SL^s.'iaWyaW! ^\:^MryeW^l_s7o7t"he pu"rpose oYaupp.y.
about 15 miles in length. It will take
two montHs to complete it ready fofi
traffic. .
The Great Northern will inaugurate
Its new short line service between the
Twin Cities and Duluth, beginning on
Sunday.;'■ Trains will be run via the
Brodk Park cutoff, which has Just been
completed. -
James J. Hill, of (he Great Northern, is reported to be interested^n this
syndicate which recently purchased
1,000,000 acres of timber land from the
Northern Pacific. 	
Already the snow plows have been
brought Into service on the North Pacific transcontinental lines, "and travel
has been Interrupted to a limited extent.. However, the roads nearly all are
agreed that they do not expect much
trouble from blockades this winter...
Workmen on the line of the Washington Central have been laid off and
all work has been suspended by the'
Northern Pacific, which is regarded as
almost conclusive that an arrangement has been made with the Great
Northern to operate this line .in exchange for track privileges accorded
the Northern Pacific, but the tejms pf
the arrangement are withheld until negotiations are fully completed.
—     i  -i .i    i iu, iij ■ ,       »■■   ••**><**
Battle With. Baadita.
Titusville, Pa., Ni>v. 14.—Three masked
rotters blew open the safe-at the IX A.
V: k P. railway ticket .office, but secured
only abopt $420. .
'The bandits then went to a disorderly
house and on 'entering presented theft* revolvers and proceeded' to relieve* the proprietress and inmates of what valuables
they had, amounting to $1000 worth of
jewelry and $oOO in cash;'
Chief of Police McGrath and Officer
Sheehy attempted their arre_t A. pitched
battle ensued, in which about 20 shots
were fired. Three struck McGrath, one
in the abdomen and two in the left shoulder. Officer Sheehy was shot in the mouth,
the ball passing through the side of his
neck and inflicting a dangerous wound.
* In the confusion the robbers escaped.
Later the. dead body of one robber was
found near the scene of combat With a
bullet through his breast.
Ilitnk Wrecker Sentenced,
Northampton, Mass., Nov. 11.—In the
Superior court Louis Warner, aged 60,
who wrecked the Hampshire County
National hank and the Hampshire Sav,
ings bank by embezxllng $500,000, was
sentenced to a term in state prlaoin, not
more than 12 nor less than nine years,
the first day to be ln solitary confinement
MetW Won.
Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 11.—Kid M<«oy
knocked out Jack McDonough of St.
Raul In the fourth round of what was
to bave been a 20-round go at the Hawthorne Club Annex. The men fought
at catch weights. McCoy outfought and
outpointed McDonough at every stage.
Kscd Garpenter and a young woman
going home from a Yakima church,
were fblipwed by a wild cat, which was
Rilled by Carpenter.,, .,,
.Gbod'prbgress Is reported on the Improvements under way on the state hospital-tor the Insane at Steilacoom. All
■the roofs are on.     '   *
A petition waa presented by the citl
sens of Everett to the city council of
that place, asking for Sunday closing
of all classes of business.
Near McMurry, Skagit county, Floyd
Bowlen, while hunting.
Wednesday afternoon, freight train
No. IS, north bound,, on. the Spokane
Falls and Northern, ran over a cow and
.the engine was derailed $ Miles north
of Springdale, killing two men. The
dejad are: John B. Connelly, fireman;
Bert Smith, brakeman.
A water company Is being formed at
Parades Sarrendered.
./Washington, Nov. 14.—Both'the state
and navy departments have received reports concerning the .surrender of Parades, a.tuPuerto Cabello, Venezuela. The
state department dispatch is from Minister 1 .im mi is at Caracas, end is as follows:
"After eight hours' lighting Cast rem'
army took Puerto Cabello this morning.
Killed and wounded aggregate 300. Surgeons and hospital corps from foreign
cruisers attended wounded. Local futilities inadequate. Castro holds' every port
and place of consequence in Venezuela.*'
Ing the town with water from the
•spring on the mountain side north of
I town*.
■ E. Wheeler, an old-time resident and
well to do .business man of this place,
was killed a few miles from Latah. He
fell from a wagon, breaking his back
fand receiving internal Injuries from
which he soon died.
. The tall weather has been and ls
still all one could ask, and ln consequence every farmer has been able to
get his fruit off in good shape and his
fair work attended to, thus ending one
of the most prosperous seasons the Wenatchee valley has ever known.
The wagon road across the river at
Palouse city has been rebuilt, a new
center span being built. The bridge
had become unsafe and for a time It
was necessary to ford the river. The
new span -makes the bridge stronger
than it bas been for several years.
While at Seattle atteudlng the reception given the First Washington volunteers, Gov. Rogers had a conference
with the'offlcers of the National Guard
of Washington, there present to the
number of nearly thirty. Governor
Rogers will at enee Issue an order reorganising the guard.
, Shingles are scarce in Colville and
the price Is going up. No shingles can
be na._ on the coast, and the supply Ib
limited to Spokane. Tbis condition
will necessitate the erection of shingle
mills in the timber belts of the Colville
valley, and once established, the making of shingles will grow to be a lively
and profitable industry.
Gold In  Siberia.
Seattle, Nov. 11.—-According to Col-
i unel ,C. M. Sheafe, who la Just   back
... . ___,*. .   . i from Cape Nome, the gold belt of that
lent chance to save their lives. Irreg-I d|Btrlct extendg ^n** Bering sea and
ularlties have .been discovered In the ,nto aiberia. Colonel Sheafe says rep
proceedings of the court-martial which uubie miwn fhelst that there la no
will require correction in the first In- doubt ^^ the truth ot thlg aaaertUm.
stance at Manila, If Indeed, they do loti*     ■■-*•**.-■<.        .,. _ m mWAWM     - I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
bar tho death sentence entirely. j    Public schools cost Berlin $3,000,000 en of Washington were made husband  combining, as are the calico mills and
The situation ln tlie   iJtA   mining a year.   '       ' | and wife. similar establishments,
■ •**'-. i}«   »• . * «AI».'-T.if__'J|H ;s»f in*lJ_»-.iB •»*•
Montana Han Killed. ,., -.
'Ne* York, Notr. 14.—The body of a
man supposed to be that of John W. Taylor, a cattleman of Living*bin, Mont^ whs
found floating in the Hudson river, otr
Hoboken. There are a number of wounds
art .fie back of the man's heMa".' T*\e bo-ly
has been in the water about1 eight day*. |
Detectives think the man was killed for
the money be was supposed to bave carried".
llriven Oat ot Japan.
"       ■ s ■-
New York, Nov. 13.—Representatives
of the mission societies of the Congregational, Methodist Episcopal, Reformed,
Baptist and Presbyterian churches met in
this city te consider the recent action of
the Japanese government which prohibits religious teaching in the schools of
Japan. Secretary Cobb of the Reformed
tihurcli presided.
It was stated at the meeting that the
Japanese government must either recede
from ita position or the missionary boards
of America and Kurope must abandon
their educational work in that country. '
Action was taken especially in behalf of
those private schools in Japan which are
dependent upon governmental support for
their success. The belief was expresed
tl^at'when .the. Japanese government is petitioned by all the missipnary societies in
th* Ui^on tjie schools founded on private
funds will be permitted to conduct r^lig-
ious ceremonies.
The present condition was pronounced
by all as critical.
of   the  Associated
Young   telegraphs
Rebel QpaelWl <$»ptfpr*dJi)_ Cofre- »h>» Amal-altM- and His
Army la Surrounded—Tlie }* Are
MufferliiH From Diseases.
.Manila, Nov. 1-4.—General Young i.
supposed to have reached San Nicholas,
about 30 miles east of Uagupan, but his
wagons nre far behind.
Colonel Hays has captured Aguinaldo's
secretary and Major Coleman is in Car-
raglan with an'escort of 17.r> Bolomen on
his way to the provllice of Nueva Vlsaya.
•A son of General Uarneras and his
family are prisoners. The general barely
The  correspondent
Press   wilh   General,	
from San Jose that Aguinaldo did not
escape to the northwest.
He and his army, the correspondent
adds, ure surrounded.
l\ii last orders to the Filipino commander at San .lose w'ere'fo hold Sun
Jose and Carragian lit. all costs.
The recent encounters were too one
sided to be called fighting. The insurgents are mortally afraid of the Americans. However strong their position,
they make but a brief and feeble resistance and run when the terrible American
yell reaches their ears, whereupon the
Americans pursue and slay them. The
moral "effect of . the news that 00,000
troops are on their way here has been un-1
questionably great..
Tbe insurgents are suffering more from
disease than from Americana, owing to
poor food, lack of medicinea and a liltliy
hospital, with the result that there ia
great mortality among them.
General Lawton has intercepted a telegram from an insurgent captain to a Filir
piiio general reading:
"How can you blame me for retreating
when only 12 of my company were able
to fight?"'       '■•'■"
A Free Fight.
Flagstaff, Ari., Nov. 14.—One white
and tive Navajo Indians killed, two whites
and one Navajo wounded, two whites
suit of an attempt of a deputy sheriff t.i
arrest a Navajo, 10 miles south of
Walnut Station. On November 6 a hand
of Navajiis, who were hunting on Canyon
Padre, below Anderson Rim, in Uiis
county, held up William Montgomery, g
cowboy in the employ of William Koden,
a cattleman. They accused him of staling horses and threatened to kill him. He
came to Flagstaff and obtained a warrant for their arrest and with Deputy
Hogan left to make the arrests. At Ko
den . camp Ihey were joined by William
Hudni and Walter Durham, who went
along to show the deputy where the Nav-
ajoa were camped. Arriving at the camp
the party dismounted, anticipating no
trouble. Hi.gan attempted to execute the
warant and entered a brush corral, where
four Navajos were, when the Indians
made resistance and a shot was fired at
Hogan, striking him in the beck, he ut
Ihe time being in a tussle with one Navajo who was trying to shoot him. Hogan
drew his pistol and killed his antagonist.
The fight became general and ended when
the ammunition of the white men was
exhausted. The result is that five Navajos are dead and one wounded. Montgomery was shot through the heait.
Hogan was wounded three times but not
Kiplonlon Killed a. Ma*.
<s_inta Crus, Cal., Nov. 14.—An explosion occurred in the glazing house of
the California Powder mills. Four cylinders containing 10,000 pounds of powder
exploded. A small amount was fuse
fuse powder and thc rest blasting powder.
The explosion, .wrecked the mill, blew
down miles of fencing, destroyed the saltpeter warehouse, broke panes of glass in
Superintendent Peyton's residence, softie
distance sway, and ejtlinguished the electric lights in Kuita Crux. Hughes, a night
watchman, was killed. His body was
found tonight. No cause for the explosion
is learned.
Oca. Miles at the Presidio.
San "Francisco,.Nov. 14.—Major General
Miles reviewed the troops at the Presidio
and left fur the south in the afternoon.
He said to a reporter:
"i shall vicit Los Angeles and San Diego
inspecting the fortifications there.   In all
| prMmbility  I  shall <■ stop off at Tucson,
Arir..; Galveston and New Orleans on my
way eapt."
Manned l»r an  Indiana Mob.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 14.—The Scdtts-
burg lynching case, which promises to be' ments. —  —
a cause celebre in the criminal annals ol authority of' a member of the committee
Indian* was called for trial before Judge oh forrf^ reiati„ns who had just talked
U_.l_„   ..f   .1...   TT.U_._I    _.._._._,_.    _,...._.        'lit.:. I " '
Viall*  tor lonurro.
New York, Nov. 14.—A speeds! from
Washington says: President McKinley
will tell cohgress of his intentions to appoint civil governors of Cuba and Puerto
Rico and may even wait for congressional
action before announcing the appoinl-
This statement is made on tho
Hsk_r of.the United States court. This1
is the case in which the father of Marion
Tyler brought suit against Sheriff James
F. OolJln of Scottsburg and his bondsmen
for"fMt properly protecting his son from
a mob that lynched young Tyler.
Med   From   Wound..
Wallace, Idaho, Nov. 11.—Frank
Cook, the man who was shot while
quarreling with his wife In tho dance
hall last week, is dead.
Record at nine Shoatla*.
Denver, Nov. 14.—A record at rifle
shooting, which it is believed, stands unequalled, was made at the regular meeting of the Denver Rifle,Club. C. C. Ford
scored 100 out of a possible 200 on a 500-
yard range with the regulation target for
that distance. The record was made from
40 allots. Ford scored eight bullseyc*,
then put tbe next shot in the circle immediately outside the bullseye, following
this with 31 consecutive bullscyaa. Tbe
latter is the remarkable feature of the
Mlercle Records Hrokea.
Chicago, Nov. 11.—The quarter mile
paced record was broken twice at Oar-
field Park. Eddie McDuffee, ln the face
of a stiff breeze, clipped 1 1-5 seconds
from the record of yesterday, making
the new mark of 20 1-6. 'A few minutes
later Major Taylor, the colored rider,
went the distance In 10 seconds flat
with the president on the subject
A Robber Shot.
Chieago,  Nov.   14.—The body  of   the
supposed robber who was shot dead by j
Claude. JJ..(liles, a police Operator, was;
identified as Frank Doyle, a brother of
John,. Doyle of the firm of John Doyle k
Co., weal I by contractors.
Trouble for Japan.
London, Nov. 14.—A special dispatch
from Shanghai says that the differences
between Russia and Japan have been accentuated by Japan's refusal to grant
Russia a foothold on the sea front of Mas-
sampo harbor in Korea.
November AsrHealtaral Report.
The November report of the statistician of the department of e«rfculture
will give 25.1 bushels aa the.average
yield per acre of corn, according to the
preliminary returns of the .department's correspondents. The preliminary estimate last year was 24.8 bushels; that of 1897, 23.7 bushels, and the
mean of the preliminary estimates of
the last 10 yeam, 84.0 bushels.. The
Indicated yield per acre ln the principal
corn states is as follows: Pennsylvania, 31; Ohio, 34; Indiana, 37; Il|l-
nols, 35; Iowa, 31; Missouri, 25; Kansas, 28*; and Nebraska, 27 bushels.
The preliminary estimate of the
average yield of buckwheat *; is 17.2
bushels per acre, against 17.3 bushels
last year and 20.7 bushels ln'1897.
The averages In New York and Pennsylvania, the two states' ot principal
production, ari 15 bushels (ind 20 bushels per acre respectively.'
The estimated averagze in tbe condition of potatoes is 88.7 bushels per
acre, aa compared with,75,2 bushels
laat year, 64.6 bushels ih 1897, and 75.2
bushels, the mean of the preliminary
averages ot the last 10 years.
The estimated average ln the condl-
hay ut 1.35 tons per acre, aa compared
with 1.55 tons last year, 1.42 tons In
1897 and 1.27 tons, the mean of the preliminary averages for the last 10 years.
There is a decided decrease in tbe
rate of yield throughout the eastern,
east central, southern nnd Rocky mountain states; in fact, It ls only ln Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and
North Dakota and the Pacific states
that the yield per acre exceeds that of
laat year.
The usual report on the wheat crop
will probably be made on December 10,
by which time the department will be
in possession of the results of a special
Investigation now being made in the
principal wheat states.
Alimony   IHn.l_-.l_.hrd.
New York, Nov. 14.—Jennie Colemau,
who said site was once the wife of
"Lucky" Raid win of California, and who
committed suicide by swallowing carbolic
acid, came east live years ago and has
made Iter home in the upper part of the
city. She became despondent during the
last few months and frequently referred
to the "good times" of daya gone by. She
drank carbolic acid.
• Rate War  on.
Seattle, Nor. 11.—Aa an introduction
to a local rate war between the three
transcontinental linen begun thia morning, first nnd second class tickets to
Chicago and Atlantic const points dropped $6 In one day. The trouble began
through alleged rate cutting by the
Great Northern.
Anarehlala' Ka4 Holiday*
Chicago, 111., Nov. 13.—The 12th snn!
versary of the execution of the Ilaym.irket
iiturchints, W.ililheiin cemetery, where the
men wbo were hanged sre burled, was visited by severs! hundred friends snd simple
commemoration ceremonies were held.
A curious feature of cycling, which
seems to be confined practically to the
northern midlands of Great Urltaln, Is
the hill-climbing competition.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Run on Pacific Standard Time.
Leave. Arrlv*.
Oolng West Dally. Going East.
>00 a.m  Kaslo  M_ p. m.
*-S_ a. m  South Fork  !:» p. m.
»:30 a. m  Hproule'a ........ I'M o, m.
»'*» a. m   Whitewater  1.10 p. m.
9K a. ni  Bear Lake 1:00 p. m.
i<»:J* a. m McOulgan  i.ti p. m.
10:11 a. m.  Bailey's  1:M p. m.
10:11 a. ra.... Cpdy JuncUc n .... l.M p. m
Arrtve. Leave
10:40 a. m  Bandon  1:11 p. aa.
Leave U:00 a. m.Bandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m.
Arrive 11:15 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:* a. m.
Q.  F* COPBTLAJJD,  Superintendent.
Belated  Ship  In  Port.
San Francisco, Nov. 14.—The ship Cy
rns Wakefield on which 20 per cent rein-'
surnncc wits paid a few days ago has nr-
Tjlewey la Married. -M...^ -— ,-..» _. «., u«,. m*
Waabinfctoff, Nov. 11.—By the most riyed,'___l days from New York.
simple Of ceremonies Admiral George |        '        ———V
Dewef, IT. 8. N., and Mrs. Mildred Hfce*
Woolen industries of England   are
Heqnc.t   „f   ||„|„,   I,«bor.
Chicago, Nov. 11.—Union   labor   In
Chicago has determined to ask the city I
council to pass an ordinance denying
police protection to all non-union men
who continue to work on a Job which '
has been "struck." I
,!••.'*.»'»*n -.£?
■ -.   .r. j .■.<■ -
i; Hi-
Private O'Brien, Troop B., sixth cavalry, died Id Wallace last week.
i...'!    .ii ri _
Railway and Navigation
Operating Kaslo k Slocan Railway, fnter-
hatlonal Nav: * Trading Co.
Schedule of Time-Pacific Standard Time.
Passenger train for Sandon snd way
stations, leaves Kaslo at 8:00 a. m.
Dally, returning, leaves Sandon at I'M
p. in., arriving at Kaslo at 1:06 p. m.
International Nav. * Trad. Co.—Operat-
Ing on Kootenay lake and river.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson at tM a. m.
dally, except Bunday. Returning, leaves
Nelson at 4:30 p. m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay. Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects with S. P. A N. train to and
from Spokane, at Five Mile Point.
8. 8. "ALBERTA."
Leaves Nelson _tor Bonner's Ferry Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m., meeUng
steamer "international" from Kaslo at
Pilot Bay.
Returning) testes Bonner's Ferry at ItOO
a. m. Wednesdays and Sundays. rh.
Connects at Bonner's Ferry with Great
Northern railway for all points eaat and'
Steamers call at principal landings In
both directions, and at other points when
Tickets sold to all points In Canada and
ths United States.
To ascertain rates and full Information
Kaslo, 8. 9.
w.-Ww-ws*-r*s*T'SHm*um*smtmt*m■*• *e**e*e*Wt*-na_i.w<_ii_m_-__»*.«'»»--»_»«.aim»--*'_-_U«;.N*-,i.-. .<>»-_-»<■_>»,>«*sk.-a^** *.._»*■«__•*«*>'«*.■•■«»-• «_•**•«*--.-wi^.t*«*ia«*»^**4***'Wtw^"fc..^aw.<*«._-aii*<i•*■*'■•««.<
^.^-?#fc^_^>?!*'^^ OZmi»swa\s\swmw^ '_*??■?__ '*^*■:^r-,Swi,:*.::
lu n..<wn\.K*»,'ir_«4 nn*,
___i _.__.__._:____._r.
. .   __. _. er _.
, j.. __.__, J'<_!•_.«__.-..' __<__"•____'-■__»____"'_> ■:.''_. mO  hrtckworkof the-flues, dust Winers  KZTiT^'?
i   '    Tea Polsoalng.
 .       Victims ot tea ptiisomug ap* becoming
I fcmuf solid ore haa l*een opened with- j a.-ujiunglv  (irevalt-iit.    Women   lit-iimiul
Items euSMS smm »-• Lata Reports-
All DlS-rietS Aire Being Developed--.
Prospero-S Wear Is Pi«dletad--tlnlng
***.**•* e****a**t.
il V ..-1 ♦
ht spite of the most stringent Russian laws on the subject—the taking
away of gold without, government consent—there ls an enormous business
done all over Siberia In gold, both dust
and, especially, nuggets stolen from the
workings. It Is a criminal offense to
be found iirpossesslon of gold, hut as
so large a proportion of the population
of Siberia consists of those sent there
for punishment, and the only further
punishment, ah'cl the only further pun-
punishment they have to fear ls deportation to some yet more distant region
of the same barren and joyless land, the
deterrent ls py no means so formidable
as a mere perusal of the awful menaces
of the statutes at. Ik at sight seem to
convey. 'Moreover, the successful dealer In stolen gold rarely -rallyo- —ps
the pepaltiea of his offenses, _veu when
caught red\h»ni*5d. ' *******'*
iu_pablle, ,   . *Li
The whim on the Gopher hna*li<>fln
removed to tbe new shaft j
Tie machinery at the Tom Thumb
Is working all right agalp.
The Quilp Is shipping, a carload of
ore to Norrls, Moot., (or treatment
Two carloads of Mountain Lion machinery have arrived ut Grand Forks.
The comiircsHor jitont nn the Zella
M, at Sheridan, if said to be doing
good work.
The repair* few .the will* on the Little Chester, ln Bherldan camp, have
reached thelf e^estinatlon.        - , ,
The Rebecca mine pn the South Half
of the Colville teeei^att-n'-hae- begun
to ship ore.     (,  ;,
The great Hillside property Is being
developed by a tunnel, ft has one of
the largest surface .showing* In the
The Tom Thumb Is said to be constantly Improving. ■ •*   .  ■
The San Poll ia looking as well as It
has at any time and the fine ore body
does not diminish.
Tbe BlacktaJ_'s immense ore bodies
are said by Superintendent Cru'mmer
to be looking fine.
There ia no change in the Flag Hill.
The winze is being sunk about one foot
per day.
The Delta shaft is showing up some
line ore and there is plenty of it. When
the whim- Is in place better progress
will be made.  . ,
Matters are progressing favorably at
ths Butte dt Boston, where surface
work Is being done.
The tunnel to cut the main ledge on
the North, istur is being pushed along
at a falr|y good rate.
Work is to be resumed upon the Liberty claim In Republic under the. ill
rectlon of H. H. Wllmot.
There ls a mow on foot to start up
the Lake View, -fhe property lies
northwest of the Morning Glory about
half a mile. •* *•
The Marietta Is a*ftne looking prospect, a short distance north of the Lake
View.   .-.--..„
The custom mill is a sure go. Manager Lansing expects to have it running ln ninety days.
The big ore body ln tbe Republic Is
still improving, not In site but the ore
is more solid than it has ever been before. The more It Is explored the
greater it becomes.
Men have been employed In developing the Ynma for some time. Some ore
can not be told from that ln the. Tom
Thumb. The,ledge has an. immense
su r facie, show ing similar to the Tom
Thumb/-    *   »       '
One hundred and fifty men are working at the Cranby smelter, nnd excel-
    . , ■ j> i ti! r _f -,s...-J! i—.**-
and st'ack ls well on toward cOTnpWtlcin.
The spur track by which the ores will
be curried iu the smelter leaves tbe
main line a little to the west of Columbia, river at a point near the dam.
The ore cars will dump their contents
SO feet above the sampler bins, which
are the highest points ln the smelter.
The exports of silver-lead ore from
Kaslo last month reached 901,000
pounds, valued at $42,058, the lead exports totaled 490,410 pounds and the
zinc 953,041. Tbe gross value, was
Work Is being done in the San Juan
and Jordan river districts, Vancouver,
island. The San Juan Mining k Development Company has let a $1,000
contract and expects to be shipping In
the springi,
The ore shipments from the Slocan
for October show a decrease of 1,187,890
pounds as compared with September.
This is accounted for hy the Lucky Jim
mine having laid off a number of men,
The number of pounds of ore shiped
lost month was 1,001,000.
Two shifts are employed on the
Qranlte. and. Banner, at Camp McKinney.    At the thirty-foot level    twelve
 --,,_. __._._.. that
has developed during the laa.1, year is
going to continue. The mines of the
world are not. producing anywhere
near'as much copper ns Is needed to
carry oh the tremendous electrical Im-'
provements that are in progress. The'1
United States ts the great copper producing country of the world. The
average production of the .United
States for some years past baa been ln
the neighborhood of .20,000 tons per
month. At the present time there ls
uot a ton of free copper In the country.
That is to say, all the copper that has
been produced up to the present time
Is now In the process of manufacture.
In the country produced during the six
In the* countdy produced during the six
months of the year 124,487 tons. i
Marines IfO to Uimm.
fian Francisco,. Nov., 13.—The naval,
hospital ship Solace has sailed for Hon.-,
oliilu and Guam. She haa al.n.nd :hki
marine*.* for Guam and l.-fflaailora for the
Ileet at Manila besides 2j> officers. Tlieic
are also over 1000 ton. of supplies for the
fleet. '•' » . - *
. ..AllJ#tj brewery workmen of Pittsburg and Allegheny have seceded from
the K. of L. and gone Into tbe A, F. of
L. An effort will be mads to secure the
adhesion of the Philadelphia and "New
York brewers also, when the national
union will be solidly organized.
\   .jfcj 1 1 . j .     ....
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feet. * wBtTth"Air testimonials.
Try it today. (Suld hv all druggists and
shoe stores; By mail for 'Sic. In stamps.
Trial package FRKK. Address, Allen 8.
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You Can't Catch the
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Neither can you cute, atafrh by total
applications. S is a constilutidhat disease,
and is aired by Hood's Sarsaparilla bt*
cause it is a constitutional remedy. It
**Ptls from the blood the impurity
which causes tht disease, and rebuilds
and repairs tha inflamed membrane*.
-crllflc-lal K>s-a \f
W   Kleetrie U.K.            •••••• j
■ gl'UKAW.B, WASH. ^^^^^
tusur u yen lake ; -.* *■
floore's Revealed Remedy
or. mnrssr pills
SML*L?JP ADOBE.   Cur. Hick II....Lch.
■*-^..g-llada.,P«naa.  Sold by Dwilt-ta.
ft. **. V. No. -IO, BO.
out Htiiking the foot wall. The quartz
is mineralized with cSopper pyrites, galena and. an occasional sprinkling of
free gold.* As Boon^a*the vein is cut
slaking .will be resumed. The stamp
mill ls running day and night'
The Iron King gljoup on 1_vans creek,
•on thev *est aide W Slocan llfce. has
passeif under lhe'control pf Mr. Bruce
White and his associates,
The ore shipments laktVsxeek from
Rossland exceedeA^.O^KI.Jtons,, ffTarklng
the record week of the camp to d^te.
The average dally output was above
870 tons.-   *'-**?-
"We shall at once put a crow of nix
men at work on the Giant at Rossland, I
under tbe management   of   Nicholas
-i-egear,*'   safel Mr. Saunders.   "Jhelif'1^ ■"»*o escep
bond which Colonel Ridpath, Senator ",,-,-u,a,,!e ph>-!"cl
Turner and myself secured on the Cop-
len holdings of 1,270,001) shares out of
the capitalization of $2,000,000,    will
give us possession of-the (limit for six
months and ln tbat time we hope to
find out whether or not It can be turned into a mine.   Should the   surface
work now In progress 8**_|_tf jnstlfy
the installation of  a' compressor,  we
shall put up a three-drill plant."
• V. M. Chadbourn, ore buyer fof the
Hall piines t-moltcT, Nelson, B. C. was
in Grand Forks recently With tbe object  of making  contracts  with  mine
It is expected by the Ramplfr-Carl-
boo management to work about loo
men during the. winter.
It is asserted that a number of Britiah Columbia mine owners at Sandon
are breaking away from the Lead
Mines Association and will open their
mines independent of the association.
An important strike has b_en made
on the Hewitt claim, near Silverton, B.
C. A ledge from five to ten feet wide
and over three-quarters of a mile in
length has been found.
Tbe vein on the Morrison, in Dead-
wood camp, B. C, at a depth of 220 feet,
Is 96 feet wide, and drifting-east and
west will be pushed with vigor.
Free milling ore was recently struck I
in the shaft of the Jennie May, a claim
in the same vicinity.
A portion of the new compressor
plant and engines for the B. C. mine in
Summit camp has arrived and will be
installed at once.
News bas been received from Summit camp that a large body of ore haa
been encountered ln an 80-foot drift
running from the 220-foot level to the
Oro Denero. This drift will be continued with tbe expectation of striking
three ledges that have been opened on
tbe surface. An aerial tram is to be
built from the Oold Bug to the Canadian Pacific railway spur.
Evidently the difficulties of the Evening Star management at Rossland have
been adjusted, for work has been resumed at the mine.
The Ymir mine has fifty seven men
at work and Is producing enough ore
to keep its. ten-stamp mill running continuously.
An Important decision has been handed down by the Supreme Court of Utah
of mining locations. The judgment
holds that the decsriptions need not be
absolutely exact The case was that
of the Farmlngton against Uie Rhym-
ney company.
The Deer Trail Mining Company of
Spokane has declared the regular monthly dividend No. 18, of a quarted cent
per share, or $2,500 In all. This makes
a total ot $45,000 paid in monthly prof-
Its of a quarter cent per share by the
present company. The payment will
be made Nov. 25 to stockholders of record November 20th.
A Montreal syndicate has secured the
Coruncopia group of mines ln Eastern
Oregon. While definite figures are
not made public, It Is known that the
property Is In the Immediate vicinity
of $750,000. The Montreal syndicate
chose to make the deal quietly, and the
Identity of the parties who are prominent ln It ls concealed from the public. London capital Is at the back of
the deal.
Thirty-two thousand dollars In gold,
representing the monthly output of one
mine and 30-hours' mill run of another
arrived In Sumpter, Ore., one day last
week. One hundred pounds, or approximately $20,000 of the yellow stuff
came from the Ited Boy mine, 18 miles
the life and variety of Health, and instead
'ot doing it naturally by building up their
system they 'resort TO tea.'* They bhould
take Hostett. r'a Stomach Bitters. It tones
Up the nerves, regulates the bowleg and
ttires dyspepsia.
■   -  .......  i  ,.-*.'
Japanese theaters have their boxes so
arranged that the ladies can change
their dresses, us it is not considered
stylish for a lady lo appear an entire
evening in one dress and with the same
John Stephens of New Albany, Ind.,
is |8 .years old, and is still in official
tarness, lielng deputy slferlff of Ffoyd
county. At present be Is doing duty as
"bailiff In charge of fhe grand jury. He
ip the oldest active politician In the
state, and perhaps, in the United States.
ARiilmtl.lo Located.
Washington, Nov. IL—The war department definitely located Aguinaldo
today as on his way to Bombang. about
75 miles northeast of Tarlac. The recent calculations bave been that the Insurgent letter was at the town of Bay-
ambang, not fai^Jrom Taring ln which
[ ease the several forces under General
MacArthur,,Generals Lawton, Voting
and Wheaton would have had him practically surrounded. There'has fieenl
some doubt, however, as to the name
Bayambang, and today this was cleared
up by definite information fixing Bombang, instead, of Bayambang, as the
place of Agulnaido's refuge. ****--■*>
l-'i.ttixl  Poole Unllty.
, C.ilviHe, Nov. 13— The trial of Albert
Poole has at last been ended. After a
lapse of over two months from the time
of the commitment of the crime the jury
returned a verdict finding him "guilty nS
charged," of assault with intent to commit
min der.
i.itsl  of tin- Volunteers.
Iii9 _.■** . .. _. «,"     . ,     .       San Francisco, Nov. l.'i.—The transport
The Pte-usnteiit, Mont Powerful snd ' ,   ,. L    __»_.   _.__.,_• .     .        }
Eftwiivo Ntverfulllug Kjiiiujdy lor i Indiana, U'liring the Ti nnes-ee volunteers,]"
La Grippe, Catarrh,
In !!..■ human body
III'     -    •        --'-
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167 and 169 Oosrbocn St.. Chicago.
the l.i-i of the returning volunteers, has
arrived in port. On board the Indiana nre
43 ofllcers and 60(1 enlisted men of tlio'
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J. Nichols, Princeton. Ind.. Mar. 28. 1896
The Icelander* will not burn ash' for
flrewood-because they* believe that those
who sit about such ti fire will'become
enemies. •  ,*■
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Herbert M. Fish, a progressive and
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ln my case, one said I had tbe grip,
another that it was Jaundice, and so
on. I tried many remedies but did
not receive the slightest benefit. 1
waa low .spirited and nervous and
had become reduced ln weight from
155 pounds to less than 128. One day
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velous. My appetite returned and I
began to (eel rested usnA restored.
AttheendoftKe tenth box Yny physical condition was better than It
bad-ten tar yearn aud 1 was a well
man. "*  «
"Hcrbebt M. Pish."
Rworn to and sbbscrfbed _Ht_rt me
this 17th day of November, 1888.
Li.oyd o. WooDBurr,
Notary Public
-From the Baft*. Capt Vincent, XT. T,
A kind of paper' is*0ip sea-
 weed which is so transparent that it
near New Orleans, never bore fruit af-i may be used "instead of glass for winter General Paekenham was wounded | fiows.
and afterWdrd buried beneath it.
< ar..f *le. Ajp-to*t   War.
New York, Nov. lljr--Andrew Carne-
county seat tor our Gas l_Kinp. Makes ita otvn
gas. *" lffftu than electricity or Welsbncli
eity gns. Chaapar than keiosene. Hetalls
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New Job for Ilia lordship,
fjondnn, Nov. J A.*—Ijoi-if* Kt i arhc-on.i ami
Mount. Koyal liijfh co*:iimissiuiier*'i_f (*.ui-
.i.i.i has been -.etded rt-ctyr of Aberdeen
university without opposition.
The most curious paper weight in
tbe world Is said to belong to the prince
of .Wales. It lathe mummied hand of
one of the daughters of Pharaoh.
gie and Jfts.'Carnegie were passengers
on the.White-Star, steamship Oceanic,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^hhlch basi arrived fromLiverpool. Mr.
Mothers will find Mrs.Winslows SMth-fCai^f-lV^ia6*™-.1.*1* good health.   He
inp Syrup the besl remedy to use for their
children during the teething period.
A liquid air factory with a producing capacity of 1500 gallons per day
has been put In operation at Pittsburg, Penn.
Tbe Methodist Churcb Extension Society has furnished aid to build churches at the rate of two a day for several
• FVlM*r  and   Irou   Work*.   •
and Iron fencing; office railing, etc. 211 Alder.
Barliinl wire fences are used exten-1
sively in Sou.h-Africa, and most of the j
I AI.IPt.tMy   Monthly   Regulator   CAN NOT
-UAUIcaiVAii.,   J)ux p,,,,,.    Un   B   Rowani
Milwaukee,  Wis
In the years 1832 to 1891, England
lost 11.niiii.mMi of its population by emigration. 1 Oertuany lewt 5,«00,000 between 1832 and 1891.
said to a rejwrter that tbe reports that
he Intended to become a subject of
Great Britain were without foundation,
for, he said: "Where a man's treasure Ib, there his heart is also."
Speaking of the present war between
England and the Boers, Mr. Carnegie
i "The war against the Boers is.most
infamous and unjust, and it is brought
iibcmt by England's lust, for domain,
ami is on a par with our attack' upon
the poor Filipinos. Those two attacks
are a disgrace to both branches of our
material is imported from the United I    Eighty-four per cent of Idaho if pfiB-1'  A Londdn rausjc school hag 3600 p»-
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are .ll.i.|mrg«-d  ... surlarv without r.-movlna toola.
N.'h'.l   for Mlc-1-.'KSVllll'lM.llll'lK lull.     I.ltll.l. IVI1..I-I.
-Olu »0 TIM.__ AM1NI TR.   lYi.iltsl_.nt..  Oat»
lolfuo ritU. l.lMIIIIS.t   MUA>,
^4*\m**^i\*^km^ K_^»^*-<«^*»«V-**»**-~ »em%*Mwa*ies- _.-#i>i«h<wf tfam-»***»\*l*H.aA*a
*<a. :*•♦**/-_»•_;
i*t,m%mm +**\*V**tm.mmm*<< tHW'PC* *a#fr_»^M,'   WnraMH* '
mm-'' !«-1>'IW*_^yW»."^-v^-"»W»w*l- • ********s\%*t*. m* ***.**<*$* r <««ar%-t<0_M*w*»<!-*
■"'I'tn-ii^rT^iiiiiiOT —sgsws;**;       it_  i 11   i  i   ■ ■   m.m**s**>*wmt*m*r*i
jsii i   iimisessij    sss esslu    I	
^re WJ*«t   You  Are I,ool__ii_-K
OS«&e_0   OK   IN  ARREARS   A
§«««««l   BE  FOUND   IN  THIS
Come and Se« onr HEAVY TOP SHIRTS for Men,
Women.<     *     *     +    *    *
All These Goods nre being Sold Very Low. # * *
BOTTOM FIGURES.     #     *     ♦
qrhe VCTm. Utiiit-ei- Co., Ivtcl..
Stlve-fton,    _3.   O.
18 siz. Crescent streets, with Walt-
bam style esses sit f 25 00, guaranteed
to keep good time for three years.
The isms with P. S. Bartietts movement at $13.60
Deuber Hampden 23 Jewels.
Mlil*,J^_W«SW^k5?1    Deuber-GiMd.      Elgin 17
M lay ar) Opal op Wbrtjtf.     B    , n Jewek
mwtmmto*m%r*9   all guaranteed fo
YEAR8.      |      »l»      J
Stock of Diamond., Rubies, Emeralds and  Opals in the Provinoe.
Call and 'get prices at
Stock of cases in the Province.
14k Gold Plain, Engine turned an.
Engraved — The  Jas.   Boss filled — The Deuber filled cases. —■
Tbe Imperial 25 year cases. — Lad
ies solid gold  watches with plain!
and set cases.
The best stock of
mt mm ur
in Silverton
Is inow for sale
at •(_>• r>.»i^*
J.I. Mcintosh's
tad  $00 LINE
pint-Class Sleepers an all Trains Irom
TOUUIBT CAR& pass Medicine Hat
DAiLtlor St. Paul.
Suwmys and Wkdrrbdats for Tor-
Fridays lor Montreal and Boston.
— Same cars pass Bevelstoka one day —
 earlier. ——
B. C.
Acctiombiri, Customs Brokers,
And General Real Estate Agents
om. _ In Bealar -Nook   •   -     -laker St.
NELSON,   B, 0.
SILVERTON,        -      -    . -•   ,B. 0.
j. m. McGregor
For tbe North, Beyt Istoke, and Main
Line 7-30 K. ex rtnmlay iv. Silvtrion,
ar. ex. Snniitiv ,16 20K.
For Roeeland, Nelson and Crows Meal
Branch and Boundary Country, 10:20 K
ex. Sumlav If* .Silverton, ar. ex. Sunday l8t _<-___.
To and (rom Sandon.
13:00 ex Sunday lv Silverton, ar. ex
Sunday, 10=20.
—CkKCKKU Til pB-mNAnos. —
For rates and lull information apply to
ear eat local agent or
W. S. CLABK, Agent, Hilvsrton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelaon
A. G. P. Agent. Vanconve
onti   acta large or small taken
And promptly attended to.
Stables iu SILVERTON, B   O.
Tha two aides in the alien importation chapter ot tbe Eight-hour dispute have been presented at the
Capital and an official inquiry -will be
made by the government l-efota the}
can take action.
Quite naturally tha m 'inhere of the
Mineis' Unions desire to see iinraediat.
steps taken by the government to en
force the Alien Labor, but thev
should bear in mind that the ina.biner)
of the law is slow iu starting in q *asi-
oirit cases such aa tbis. Especially at
in this case, as that part of the mmcli -
iuerv is baJly rusted titrougn iionuar.
If the alien bouncer were kept as well
oiled on this side of the border as it i -
on the other side, someone would be
feeling tbe effect by now.
The reports forwarded to Ottawa
by tho miners and  the mine owner*,
differ materially.    In the face of this
conflicting evidence,  tbe Miniater ot
Justice has decided to send out a com
ini8sion.'r   to    investi_<.te   the  labor
trouble here.    When   the  facts of th
matter are presented at Ottawa tb
importers of aliens  will learn   tbat il
the Canadian law is slow in the beginning it gets swift enough  before thu
curing aliens ior the Slocan mines, and
who have offered the said aliens four
tlr-llare (M 00) per day, (higher wsge..
Ui-ii is demanded bv native labor) wblcb
clearly demonstrates the contention made
by dislnieraated parties that tha labor
troubles are not based on a question ol
wanes, hut, on the contrary, it Is a wnr
waned on peaceful, law-abiding British
subjects seeking employment in the
mines Of their country at living wages
ihrough'the medium ol their organisation
the Miners' Union.
Therefore be it resolved. Tliat we, the
members of Rossland Trades and Labor
Council, protest against the wholesale
importation of alien labor by the a__ent»
of tlie Silver-Lead Mine Owners' Association, and the employment agencies ol
the United Slates and we demand that
the miner and mine owner stand equally
before tbe laws of this rounlry.
Be it fnrther resolved, That we demand
the enforcement of the alien labor lawa
ol this Dominion, and those who have ao
openly and flagrantly violated the laws
ol Uiis country and trampled on the ssc-
red righta of peaceable and respectable
litiaens should be punished as the laws
nf this country provide.
Ueaol veil, Tliat a cony of the* * resn'n-
• ions 1-e forwarded to the Executive
Council of British Colombia and ali*o to
.*% Wilfrid Lnurier nnd other members
of the Dominion cabin :t.
John Vcf arxn, Pres.
James PavtNE, Sec.
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Hlverton MoDONALD
Tuere are enough voters in the various labor unions in this constituency
to say wbo the next member to go t>
Ottawa will bo. Before the politicians
decide the matter for themselves they
ought to thiuk of tbis. Tariff bogey*
•nd N. P. iisues are not potent in this
Riding ar.d party tics no longer bind.
In spite of the strug jio that bas
been going on all summer between the
mine managers and the mute workers
over tbe question of w_ii<e., still every
thing points to a speedy settlement of
.heat, trouble* and a resumption of
work iu all our mines. While this
struggle has been going on all of our
principal mines have beon making extensive improvements and fitting np
accomodations for a much larger force
than they bave e-nr employed before.
Work is being rushed on all these
outside improvements and everything
made raady to resume work at any
time. New properties have been
steadily developed and a Hat r-f new
shippers are coming to the front It
is aafe to say that Bilverton will bo a
lively mining tamp during the coming
winter and there will be shipped
double the quantity of ore from thia
point that was shipped laat  winter.
Passed   by The Rossland  Trad?s snd
Labor Council.
For Sal8 or Rent,
A Hotel In Silverton.
apply t*—■albasun Bros,
ptyvertoa, B. o.
nau.Ji .. .i- s*r**mmm- .,   iwhju1'    .
t'ettnl freifkt wUTmufer
Order* lelt at News Stand will   be
____>•_&_-• _BriocllC3,
Will visit; Silverton every
Wednxsday, prepared to
repair all disabled Watchea,
Clocks and Jewelery. He
will also bave on band a
Complete Aeeortment ot
Jewelry, consisting oH Rings,
Watches. Chains, Guards,
Seals, Ac. Ac Repairing
is fluaranteed. Prlcee are
aa low aa F ir .t-Class Work
w|Jl allow. While in 811-
verton, be will be found at
T«i La*»*n»W Horn,, and
all work lelt tbere during
the week will be promptly
attended to on hia first vla-
it, A trial order Is solicited.
Wberess. The lahor tront.l.-s «x!stl
in tliu M'Tcan tlisirict ol 'Irit'rh <.
bi-i hnve been in progress since June 1st
1809, upon which date the amendment'
to the Metnlliferons Mines Act known a*.
the Eight-Hour Law begun, opeiative in
that dibtrlct, and the owners of ilieso
great hilver-leail producing mines bar*
formed a combine known aa "The Sifter-Lead Mine Owners' Association*'
with au unlimited capital, and have from
the inception of the reform, pas<>ed by
people of this province, shown open and
bitter hostility town ids the government, and have declared, rather than
ar.bmit to the laws of this country and
employ union labor, thst they will, If
necessary, Import Chine** labor, deprive
the native population of the dominion < f
an opportunity of gaining sn Iioiihp' live
iliooil hy applying their labor in extracting for the benefit of society the molar*
lal wealth contained In these rich
produoing mines because they are found
guilty oi being members of organised
Whereas, "The Silver*Uad Mine
Owners' Association" have agents in all
the large cities ol the United Mat** pro-
~^~4v rs*SA**.-+ttm**'c-*.*r'*T****u.****■ *om.\* .iso.*,*.-».--»_»,_- *.*******'* 'lf1«^r*^^«fcw^»*««w'H»^._'-uv-•Ja_'.^<rtuJ'.•rtSk..■»•^i.'  .s-*^**awi»«.^ iiir.ja->M_t*>_.:«-«____-__.*•.'•.-»i#«.._«*»m
Thorburn ***^
Following Is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during tin
week for the Slocan Mining Division.
Nov 3—Ninl.t Hawk, nr Rosebery,' J«
II, McAulay. _    .
4—Mother Hlgley, McGuigan basin. J
C Rift's .  ,
6—Number One, Noble Five mt.  J A
.Miittier,  Number Two,  earn.*,  same,
Seattle Fraction,  netr  Bear  Lake, W
I lager.   Noopaieil Fraction same, W C
7—Central, on Carpenter Creek, O H
Alain. Blaek Hawk Fim-iion, Noble
Five mt. F C Baker. Klugle Tax, near
Cody. J B Huev.
10—-.unset, KmIo road, II Anderson,
Four Mile. Four Mile cr, F J_.eb**«i".r,
AB_.S-.S__U. NT*.
Nov I—Speculator, Elk, Consolidated
Virginia. 2—Turrl*. Chambers, Wellington, Jav Gould. Eureka, L H C. 3—
Far Away, H— K.liu Kate and No il brad ion. 8— Man-o Polo. Drumlummon,
Home Stake. 9—ltico. Royal City,
Royal City Fraction, and Texas Boy
Kr-i'clion all for three year*, Cliico 10—
Mikado Fraction, Alice, Sunrise No 6,
11—concord, Boston.   19—Mollie.
' Oct 23-Oom Paul \i, W H Brandon
to C KloTTer. Oct 23. Golden Chariot
and Will rd *.., M E Bragdon to 1> F
Burk. 8ept9. Gibraltar all. E M Qniik
tn W P Dickson, Oct 3. Cliff Exte> bIou
H• P Daly to M R VV Rathborne. 20;
«140. Chh-ago No 9 1-16. F I' O'Neill to
B Goodwin, Oct 12; $1125, Cody aod
Joker Fractions 6 24, F H Lants to
.'ohn McQuillan, Oct 11.
27—Deeeption, Lone Star and Colonel
Sellers __•*. L H tfOS-IOCO, W Hunter to
J Tinliinr.
80—L O Fraction ■%, C Freeman to J
Wilson. Same }■„, name tn I, W Toms.
CownporeFiaetion all, E Harrop to C
Gates*. 8',-pt 20 Nelin all. E M Sandi-
luntla to U HTlinni,.i-o-i, Oct 16.
dowicli til, A E Fauqni.r to J II Moran
Nov 2— Bustler, all. Frank Watson to
W W Spink, .Inly4.
8—Tramp Planet, all. C Dart to A B
Farwell, Nov 6 BraMwick 1 0, W H
Robettaoo to H Wilson. Get 21.
i)—Chico lj. Jamee O'Brien to John
Brinen, April 3; |60.
II—Mountain Scenery and Continual
1.16, J C Bn-lerio H C Wheeler and F
Ueb. cher, Ot t SI. Mineral King y<%
Maty Mai kay lo J Sbarl.lan. Mav 22.
13—Emma No 2 W, II D McDonald to
T H Hobeo, May 30. Grand View all,
J M Kelly 10 F 1 Kelly, Oet 4. W.IU,d,
1-0 each, G M Wlllard aud P Perkius lo
JGGordon.Oct 4; |U0. Willnrd ,*_,
J G Gordon to D F Burke, Nov 11.
cxxTirtcATaa or licraovenxNTa
Out H-CenUur. Eagle Fraction, Midnight, Iron Clad, Emily Edith Fraction
Eav.e, Irene Fraction.
St-St Charles.
rowu or MToanv.
Oct 2._- M G Bragdon to James Bowes,
July 10.
Don*t do it
vet* CAM
11 to aft
HOTEL.    ?
o -—
?:-; fl<i.i.q_ttr.m For Mining Mm :-:
wmjk \ mm, ft*
1 SILVERTON,   ll. C.
Nuticx*.—"1U*k*_i.iiii." Mineral Claim.
i-ittiiAto.]    in   tho     Slocan      Mining
Division  cf Went Kootenay  Dietrict
Where located ;-0*i Four Mile Creek,
about three and a hall miles (rum its
Take Notice that I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of tsilvurton, Free Miner's Certificate No.
sl4»36.aasgentforTlie Wukefleld Miu-t* '
Limited, of Silverton, Free Miner's Certificate No. 13932b,   Intend   sixty dajsj
(rom tbe   date licreol.  to spply to Uie
Mining   Recorder   for  a Certificate of
Improvement-., (nr the pivpnee   of   ob
taining a  Crown Uranl   _•! iho above I
Use   None   But
The Best!
And fnrther tiikn notice that action I _ .. „	
endr section 37, mini   be   commence.!     ..... .  ..., . . ,_   _.,    T, -.0,/,!,^,
before the issuance of  such   Certificate | " '•*" Ei».\l»ICATK ALL TRACES
ol Improvements,
Dated this lOtlidsy of November, 1R90
FaANcis J. O'Knu v.
IS I 11 |fr9
R 11 E U M A T I S M  AND  ALL
NOTICE:— "Exciiaxok, »!Urg»PL*Ti,i
Skoci'm, Victobia No. 4 and Wasa*
Mineral Claims: xituute in the Slocan
City Mining Diviid.ui ol West Kooteuay
Where located :—West of Dsvlon
Creek, a mile south ol Springer creek.
Take notice that I, J. Murray MnGregur.
noting aa agent for the New Gold Fields
oi Columbia, Limited, Free Miners Certificate No. S21JD7, intend sixty
dnys fr. in the tlste hereof, to apply lo
the Mining Recorder lor a Certificate ol
Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must be commenced
before t be Issuance ol such Certificate o
Try It-Prove It.
Daigle's Blacksmith Shon.
' * -* ■   w    _ I    - ll      .
(toonl Fllvk _nithin*       •  •
and Rfpairing Dow.
Dated thls2Ut dsy of September, 18M.   EXPERT   HORSE   SUOER   At-
25 I 9 I 09.
J. M. Mt i-ini.una.
Th« Sitvertw »ng Um.
NOTICE:— "Exciiahox," "Broxxr."
"HunB" and"CaAio No. 2" Mineral j
Claims; situate ln the Arrow Lake
Mining Division ol West Kootenay
Where located:—On the north side nl
Cariboo creek, about   ont  hall mile
north   of the   Millie   Ma.k   Mineral
I  Olk-m.
Take notice that I, J. D Anderson. P. L
3., ol Trail, B. C. acting as agent for II.
E. Forster. Free Miner's Certificste No.
28064. and H. C. Pollock, Free Miner's
Certificate No. Bl.1538 Intend sixty days
liom the date hereof, lo apply tuthe Mining Recorder for a Certificate ol Improvements, for the of obtain
Ing Crown Grants of lliu above clnlins.
And further take nolle that iictlon
nnder section 87-,'mnst ■>« commenced
before the issuance of snch Certificates
of ImprovementH
Dated ttiteStb day of Septemlier, A.D.
J. D. Anderson.
21 I 10 I 00.
Btlde (throning her arms about the
brl -legroom- neck)—You rre my prisoner lor llfo. Bridegroom—It's not imprisonment (or life, love; It's capital
Miuiahinent.-Hyduey Town and
I Ornwtry Journal,
* ...
•■    .'> '*: r   \
-     '
.DAKil.K,       ...l^VJf^TOJf^C.
Owing to'a reduction in minera' wagea
caused by the enforcement of tbe eight
hour law, the miners are all Idle and tho
minea have shutdown.   Therefore all
workingmen are hereby warned to keep
away Irom  tlie Slump and   Kootenay
■■on nt rv, British Columbia, until present
• roubles are amicably settled  between
mine owners and minera.
Sandon, B. C.      W. L. llagler,
June 2nd. 1890.       Secretary Sandon
Mine*' U0I0*
j. M. M. Benedum,
Pres. Mlverton at, V
3.1. Mcintosh,
Becretarv, '8ll»erta_
MUtress—Another soldier haa called
on you, Jane. I thought you had only
one sweetheart? Cook—No, mum, two,
I hrsono "on tha reserve," tfl \b,eX **ye
in the^lllUry.—En.
H ■
_--•■■■*".-<•«-    w*t**>* <*.-»i *****,., **■*»■■*.'■•.'*».jatMr^wrsMMMM itt*M*t^ ,st,^.u>*fgmrm tss**ur~.\ui-jr<r.^-**r


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