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Ind Up To Date
Mining News
(]Jl   \*(
Of The Richest
Camp  Of British
[of Tlie Sloean and Other
Mining District*.
i|itn-tiinl Strike at the Uncou-
ver Nine Recently Made.
lot the  most  Important pieces ol
|imenl work, that has been aceom-
around    any    of    our    older
|ies, during the  past  sea»oi_. has
Uiat done   at   the    Vancouver
On this property there are two
ledures lying something over 200
»rt.   On the Vancouver ledne a
(mount ol work has been done and
[ugh baa been shipped to more
ay   lor sd\ the development work,
(bo   past   apason   a   cross-cut
I has been driven to the back vein
lie end o(  No.   1   tunnel  on   the
aver vein.   Tbis  cross-cut being
et in length and tapping the back
it a vertical  depth  ol 250 leet from
jterop on the surface.    The result
i crou-CUt has been Ihe tapping of
und rich ore-shute at a   depth ol
[feel   in   this    back  vein,  which
ly amounts to  ibe discovery of a
fciine cn  tt e Vancouver property.
ne iv   ore  shute   has   already had
> feet of  diifting done on it and
■every evideuce of being as bin and
kh any other  shute heretofore die-
in Vancouver   ground.   In this
lliud lhe oie is similar tothat in the
louver vein, ruuning about 30 per
in   lead  and  over  200 ounces in
|r to iho Ion, ihis new  oro carries a
i zinc and  considerable rubv silver
■grey copper.   This new discovery,
|les nearly doubling the value of the
pity to the owners, will lie of gnat
|t'u |« Silveiton,   as   the  Vancouver
al ways   beeu   oue  of    our    chief
)ik iu ibe employment of labor in our
Tho Vancouver Group has  been
up under the  management of
Hill     Rtid  the   foreiii.-iie.liip   of
I'.mUi.r   to   wlioui credit    is due
new  discovery,    besides    tbe
opening  lip ol
i-inl and economical
ilu properly.
fir Lour Star to bc Developed.
ik  has  ilew   been started or. the
Siai Group and the present season
io thli property   lully   developed.
• nie  Star Gruup, which is situated
t within the limits of our townsite
uly a few minutes walk from the
(HUce, iu comprised of two full claims
u as the Lobe -Star and Deception,
season ft discovery of clean ore was
', almoat nt grass-roots, on the
ditty line between these two claims.
discovery consisted of a paystreak
can steel galena ore varying from
t<> four inches in width and assaying
1190 to ISO ounces in silver to the
und as bikth as 70 per cent lead.
ledgo was traced for several hundred
and a series of shallow shafts sunk
n it, nil uf which bbow shipping ore
lhe ore shute being big end down,
the paystreak widening with a few
in d. pili to as much as eight inches.
ledge is a true  Assure about   four
wide, lying in a slate formation,
i a strike oast and west and dipping
he south. A tunnel bas been started
m Hume creek, which crosses the
porty within a short distance of the
CO very, and Is now in about 00 feet.
s the intention ol the owners S. E
jtion nml John Tinling, to drive this
el ahead, and as it follows the vein
expect to strike shipping ore belore
(her 100 feet Is driven.   This tunnel
cut the oro shute over 100 feot below
sin faro outcrop and give a lame
unt of stoping ground.   The Lone
Group is so situated that it can he
ked the whole year around and littlo
nv expense need be gone to for roads
t lies within a lew hundred  yards of
Alpha, wai'oii road. Before this
ion rolls around tho Lone Star will
a a place on Silverton's list of ship-
; mines.
NUMBER   2'»
tempting as to allure the average Amer
ican to embrace them, or to favor thc
formation of syndicates to invest in that
direction, but the requirements may bo
mentioned to put adventurers in possession of facts that may save thiiu
considerable expense nnd trouble, The
term of u lease Is 15 years. To get it one
must deposit 100,000 rubles (181,800),
All the preliminary work or prospecting
must be completed within the first three
years of the time of the lease. That,
however, is only the starter.
The .essee must provide and maintain
an assistant surgeon at the works, and
annually pay the government $515 for
Ihe support of a physician. He must
also maintain a police force in the ratio
of one to 30 workmen employed and
furnish the force with provisions, clothing and comlori.ibl... lodgings, etc., and
pay to tlie crown as wagea tor each
policeman 600 rubles and $1,430 for an
assistant engineer und police inspector.
All these officers must be provided with
what ihey may wish, including eoipfort-
able homes, transportation and even
luxuries, not omitting Murnm's extra
dry on special occasions. A justice of
the peace must also be maintained and
supported. In the meantime the
inhabitants with their reindeer must
bave the privilege of roaming at wi I
over the leased tract, hunting, fishing or
enjoying themselves as they see fit, providing they don't carry off tbe leased
But these are not all that are required
of the lessee. He is not allowed to em*
ploy foreigners only by particular, leave
and sanction of tbe governor-generul in
each case, As security for certain duties
and taxes he must submit to the retention of $15,150 deposit made on the
auction day, and in case of his failure to
observe the terms of his lease the $15,100
will be forfeited. The lessee is subject
to all existing mining laws and to those
which may hereafter be enacted. These
are enough, but there are others equally
as arbitrary and exac'ing, any of which
is sufficient to discourage any freo born
American from taking' chances upon
renting Siberian placer or quartz
locations.—Western Mining World.
Warner-Miller Chartered Company
The Warner-Miller syndicate has been
granted a charter ny the Ontario government, under the title of tbe Slocan
Kilo Development Company, with a capital of $7,000,000. They propose working some Outario propeities ns well as
the large number of valuable holdings
they have acquired around Slocan City.
A 100 stamp mill for the Kilo group is
one of the things promised in the spring.
The provisional board of directors is:
Senator Miller and Messrs. J, McNaught aud A. McKinney, New York;
H, Melville, Boston and Chas. Mciee,
Ottawa.    Their head office is in Ottawa
This company ia tryinn to Bceoro some
well-known Ked Mountain properties in
this vicinity. It is to be hoped tbat they
will succeed in doing so, ns tbeir advent
here would meau much for Silverton.
At the present lime this company is
probably the lamest employer ol labor
in the Slocan. Tlie managers believe in
payim; good men good wages and consequently are taking no part in tbe prevailing Eight-Hour dispute.
Through The Week.
The mail service of the Kootenay is u
never ending source of complaint and
reully this ia not to he wondered at.
In nil directions kicks nro being made,
the most vigorous ones coming down
from the Lardeau. From the dates on
several letters received ut this office lately, it uppcars thai 8 days were taken in
their delivery. An average of five miles
a day. 'ibis is three days longer than
is required to deliver .Montreal mail in
The following little stories aro given
for the benefit of those who are still
struggling under tho Impression Ihat
they ure living in the twentieth century.
"Merchant—Mr Jones plei.se arrange
these cancelled cheques in bundles of
100 and file them away."
Mr. Jones seems pucsled at not finding cheque No 0, so with it any misgivings adds cheque No. 100 to his first bundle nnd is amused that his second one
begins with No. 101.
"Bank Customer—Will you be kind
enough to let mc have ones for this $100.
"Cashier—With pleasure. (Lays first
bill aside, murmuring: No dollar.) Then
One dollar, two dollars, three, four, five,
six, .. .and ninety nine. Hero you are
The young woman had slipped on the
stepping stones in front ol her father's
house and injured her knee. It grew so
tiad that she thoughl it necessary to call
iu a physician. She had formed a dislike to the family doctor, 60 her father
suggested several otlicrB, and finally i'
whs decided to call the spruce young man
with a homeopathic ease who passed the
house eveiy day. Tbey kept a sharp
lookout, and when he came along, called
him in. The young lady modestly raised
her skirts und showed the disabled member. Tho liitle man looked at it and
said: "That cer'niuiy is quite serious."
"Well" she said "what shall I do?" "II
I wero you," he whisper* d, "f would
send for a physician ; I am a piano tuner."
Since the Japs left New Denver they
u-,t up public meetings there fur thc
lauudryiug of their dirty linen.
iiinj! Laws of Siberia Uw in Foree.
Unite recently the Russian govern-
__•■ nt has offered to lease ita mining
tula in Siberia, selling lhe privilege to
ork them to the highest bidder. The
Indltlona under whicli successful
Idem mny nperato  them   aa   not so
The cross-cut tunnel on the Torpedo is
being pushed ahead as last as possible.
Most of the boys aro down from ths
Wakefield, their contracts being
Thero is six inches ol good ore showing
in the face of the tunnel on tbe Queen
The new quarters for the men at the
Noonday mine has been completed and
is now occupied.
Sinnott k O'Ponnel, the freighters,
are rustling up tho machinery Ior the
Wakefield concentrator as last as it iB
delivered here by the boat.
The new tunnel on tho Repeater
claim, on Rod Mountain, is now fairly
started and the whole face oi it Is iu
quarlz resembling that of the Congo.
A new fan and a lot of pipe have
arrived and been taken up to lhe Rockland claim, on Red Mountain, lt Is to
be used to furnish air In tbo long crosscut tunnel being driven on that property.
The Emily Kdith company are preparing to make a shipment of ore '"""
their property, and lhe freighters are
now at work hauling il out to ihe Alpha
wagon roud. Tbere is about a earl> ad
ot this ore and it was tiiseii out ol lhe
upper tunnel while doing the last development on it. This ore will be Ihe
lir.-t (lipped f-o.'" Silverton this year.
Purely Personal Paragraphs.
J. A. Kirkpatrick returned on Tuesday
from the Halcyon Springs, leaving on
Thursday lor bis home in Nova Scotia.
Before his departmo he was presented
with a splendid meerchaum pi|* and tobacco pouch by lhe Fool hid I Club, ol
which organization he had been Secre-
tary-Treasuier. Jake's place in Silver-
ton will he hard to fill.
E. Mansfield will not ao direct to New
Zealand, as reported last wit k, having
decided to go via London. He will hnve
circumnavigated the globe when he returns to the Slocan.
John Black, ol New Denver, has been
appointed police constable iu place ol
L. R. Forbes, resigued. Jack will muke
a good offlci r.
Bert Mcintosh will be found in luluie
behiud the counter of the Wm. Hunter
Co's store.
Win. Hinder left Ihis week to lake
charge of tbo Wm. Hunter Co's store in
Miss Hunter left on Thursday on a
visit to her sister in Boston, Mass.
Sam Thomas left ou Tuesday for Nelson.
The timely arrival of the beautiful this
week has averted n wood famine.
J. A. McKinnon & Co. are np-to date
in their weighing scales, having put iu
a set of self computers.
During tho past week five carloads of
machinery havo arrived here for the
Wakefield concentrator.
Tlio gold watch lost here on New Year's
day has been found und returned to the
owner, as has also the fur boa advertised
for in these columns last week.
Divine Service will be held in Silver-
ton next Sunday evening at 7,30. everyone is cordially invited to attend.—John
G. Duncan, Presbyterian Minister.
Member Green has presented a petition to the Legislature fiom II. H. Pitts
and other ratepayers ol Sandon, asking
for some changes in the Sandon charter.
The new school house will be occupied by the scholars on Monday next.
The long expected desks reached hero
lust Wednesday and have been put into
All work in tho Jewelry Repairing
line, left at Ihe Silverton Drug Store, wil
be promptly forwaided to Jacob Dovei
the well-known Nelson jeweler. All re-
p airs ate guaranteed foii one year *
Member Green's hand is being strengthened hy numerously signed petitions
from his constituents, ask.ng ihat no
amendments be made to the 8 Hour
Law. This is iu view ol the known determination of thc mine owners to try
to secure some change in 'he law.
A party oi local dancers attended the
Quadrille Club dance in New Denver on
Thursday. On the way up, tho sleigh in
which tlicy were riding upset and spilled
the party over the high bank. Beyond
a general frhakiiigii|i no injuiics are reported. The wonder is that no bones
were broken.
Moran City Uappenings.
(from our own  Correspondent.)
The Black Prince, which is being
worked by the owners, will rhip two
carloads ol ore nt once. Rewinding
began on Thursday,
Three cars of Arlington ore are now
sacked at that mine and the raw-hidcrs
are beginning to bring it into town. The
mine is looking better than ever before.
Although the pupils huve been occupying the new school house sinco the
holidays, the finishing touches have only jist been given lo the building.
The Athletic Club has bills out for ■
grand ball and supper tot the 1811).
Dancers are ■>xpected trom Silverton,
New Denver and Sandon.
Mate Snter. who has beeu sick for several days, is back on dutv on the ss. Slocan. His place had been filled by C. B,
Gus Kitiger is holding down the fort at
Slocan Cily. tins has the honor ol being
the only man of tho naino iu America,
who is not a nephew of Oom Paul,
Tho first meeting ol Ihe Literary Society fur the year was held on Wedne.—
day evening, The "Searchlight," the
official organ of tho Society, irado ils
bow to the members, who enioyed ils
several excellent articles. The first few
chapters of "Duvid I latum" weie rend.
The reading aloud ol thia story promises
to beinteiestlng.
T* A: M'Kintxot*
Sil'vertOKL, S C-
A S S _A. T B E,
Silverton,       ....
Xj.   ____L£.   ___SZ2aoTxrleis_,    IFxop,
Are You Looking For
LIEBSCHFR,   The Tailor:   Silverton/B..C.
F». BURNS & co
One ol Iho most important and interesting leatnres of the equipment ol the
Tamarack Mining Company at Opechee,
Mich., is the installation of steam
■lamps of modern design and luin-tino-
tion. One of tin-He miii'hiiien has a
record of 1,920 tons of conglomerate
copper rock iu six days, or 'A"20 tons per
Ono cubic foot of water per second
equals  411 miners' inches.
'{Watch lh'groeui'a  nhoy." said'the
not   thinking  of    the honor of old
England as she standa,
With her glory-crowned scepter reaihing
aver all the lands;
lint I'm thinking of   the   mother as she
kneels ere ilay l.iOoue,
And nphft." her voice in anguish,  "Ood
have mercy on my son I"
I'm not thinking   ol   the   vessel   us she
plows ihe wavi-B along,
With inugnitloent   equipment, nnd  her
hrtive thre« thousand strong;
Hut I'm thinking of the woman, who,
beside a emouldf ring lire,
Strikes her breast and   prays,   "Havo
mercy on my helpless baby's sire!
not  thinking   of   the army spread
lieiienth an alien  sky,
nnl   tldnking   nl   the wounded as
ihey K'niv".'le hard and tlie;
But I'm thinking ot the maiden kneeling
on the dewy sod,
in   desolation   prayiug, "Save my
lover, O my Gt/dl"
not   pruving   for  the honor ol old
England as sh-stands,
Silverion, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
janitor philosopher!   "if be  throws   Up   With In r gloti -en.wned scepter leaching
llil cnat-cod.ii wliin he ii tiis ih' kite' en
lie Im   a grtldga   .min   III'   li.'ll.-c.     I' l>      lint I
p*,* on a ten inch   mil lie   he   eXpSt U   u
tip.    If he straiuhti'O"! up his nuktie he'i   Thi
none on ll\' cook '1
MAIN STREET,    -   -   -   SLOOAN CITY.
..v. i all Ihe hinds;
lilt    my   voice   t,o henveo.'o the
No: ol   n ar hi il lur,
He   lii-ar-a   my   supplication, ''liod
ha vi' tunny I stop the win 1"
—Cnizeii and Country.
Syrup of Horehamd & Tolu
*. •»'--». >_...
, > -   •        ,    ■   • fill NORTHWEST NEWS
An Interesting Collection a.f Items
From the lour Wertfcwest States
of ■ Mlaeellaaeoaa Nature Gathered the Past Week.
Roads and streets are a sea of mud
tn the Big Bend.
A Vancouver girl has died at the Chehalls reform school.
The Seattle public  library contains
over 20,000 volumes.
The receipts of tbe Everett postoffice
for 1899 were $10,920.52.
The lumber mills are unable to sup-
lily Spokane's requirements.
The fruit growers of the state will
assemble at Tacoma January 16.
The   mysterious   disappearance
Frank M. Clapp Is still a problem.
There are six   suspected   cases
smallpox at the Isloatlon hospital.
Osteopaths can practice ln this state
without holding a state ceililicate.
The Stanford football team defeated
the All-Seattle players In Seattle by a
score of 28 to 0.
The Spokane subscription list for the
Boers is growing rapidly, having already reached $1,000.
Smallpox is reported In the vicinity
of Alto station on the O. R. k M. line a
few miles from Waitsburg.
The merchants of Walla Walla have
decided to close their places of business at 6 o'clock In the evening.
President Graves expects an attendance of 1,000 at tbe state university
with the beginning of the new century.
The department ot physics and electrical engineering at the University of
Washington shows a most marked advance.
Immigration during 1899 Into King,
Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom counties han been heavier than at any previous period.
A gigantic fund of nearly $25,040 has
already been raised by the liquor men
In Spokane for carrying on the flght
against the saloon closing law.
The total monthly pay roll of Tacoma for 1898 was $207,793, and the
number ot men employed In the 227 Industrial establishments was 4483.
All the overhead trunk lines in the
telephone service throughout the business part of Spokane have been abandoned, and now the buried wires will
be used exclusively.
During the 11 months of the year
ending November 20, the receipts at the
King county treasurer's office amounted
to $1,356,169.17. The disbursements
were $1,343,405.96, and the expenses,
Frank Bassendorf, the returned
Klondlker, wbo was found in Tacoma,
was prominent In Oenesee county, New
York, and his friends there are not
ready to accept the accident theory to
account for his death.
An effort Is to be made by the Washington volunteers to have a reunion
and suitable anniversary celebration of
the outbreak of the Filipino war on
February 4, 1899, when the first real
engagement In which Washington regiment was under Are occurred.
News of the government's Intention
to fortify at once the entrance to Port
Orchard, across the sound from Seattle, where ls located the navy yard and
one of the finest dry docks In the United States, was received here today.
Construction work will be commenced
not later than Feb. 1.
The total value ot the 697,000,000 feet
of lumber shipped out of Washington
during the eleven months ending witb
the close of November was $6,270,000,
and of the 3,322,000,000 shingles, $4,-
485,000, with $611,000 worth of lath,
making a total value of $11,366,000 in
the product of the Immense forests
which was shipped by ship and rail to
foreign consumers.
The department of agriculture bas
received a large number of cuttings
from superior hop plants grown In Bohemia,'celebrated the* world over for
their wonderful aroma, and flavor.
These cutting! will be distributed
among the hop growers throughout the
United States, and northwest growers
desiring to give them a trial, would do
well to send In applications Immediately.
The condition of the national banks
of the state ot Washington, at tbe close
of business December 2, as reported to
the comptroller ef the currency, shows
the average reserve to have been 37.30
per cent against 43.73 per cent on September 7, loans and discounts Increase
from $9,431,066 to $11,224,445; stocks
and securities, from $1,437,619 to $1,-
566,325; gold coin, decrease from $2,-
544,404 to $2,345,344; total specie, from
$2,787,230 to $2,621,761; individual deposits, Increase from $18,702,972 to $19 -
Articles of Incorporation for an Oregon Railway up the Grande Ronde river.
Mr. Lowell will not run again for the
Judgeship of sixth judicial district of
Tbe total number of fire alarms turn-
edln In Portland during the past year
was 286.
A number of Pendleton merchants
have agreed to close their stores at 6
o'clock p. in.
The police department'of Astoria is
a money maker and for years past has
been self-sustaining.
There Is $68,229.72 ln the county
treasury to tbe credit of the 57 school
districts in Multnomah county.
8. W. Downing, superintendent of
tbe Clackamas hatchery, states that he
now has 2,760,000 salmon fry punted.
About 1600 Union county horses
hare been sold this year at prices rang
ing from $15 to $75.   The average was
This year much more attention
should be paid to Immigrants and visitors than bas ever been done before.
The report of the Insane asylum for
the month of December shows that
tbere are now 1170 patients In the Institution.
Mule buyers In Lake county have secured 40 animals and expect to get 201
more.   "A sharp advance ln prices" is
The Wasco News runs a laundry ln
connection with the paper and admonishes Its subscribers to call and get
tbeir wash.
Weather reports throughout the past
years at Pendleton show an apparent
Increase in total annual precipitation
of moisture.
Over 90,000 packages of green fruits,
berries and vegetables were shipped
from Ashland by freight and express
In the season of 1899.
A farm In Josephine county brings
an annual income of between $14,000
and $15,000. The products are hay,
grain, potatoes and 400 head of fat cattle.
State Treasurer Moore has filed his
semi-nnnunl report, showing cash on
hnnd. July 1, 1899, $932,836.72; receipts
$801,911.85; total, $1,734,749.57. Disbursements, $993,432.14. Balance on
hand, Jan. 1, $741,316.43.
As an evidence that this Is the most
equitable climate In the world, we call
the attention of our readers to the fact
that Councilman D. W. Black picked a
quantity of large, ripe, luscious strawberries from the vines on his lovely
Milton place on Christmas day.
For the year 1899 Umatilla county
must pay a total of no less than $5500
In bounties on scalps under the law en-
iicteti at the last session of the legislature.
t Complete Review ot the areata for
the Past Week la Thia and rntlfi
Lands—iiaairlMi Wtmm the Lai-
eat Dispatches,
The Lewlston-Oro Fino train was
stopped by a gravel slide several miles
below Oro Fino nnd compelled toreturn.
"Not guilty" was the verdict of the
Jury in the case of the state of Idaho
vs. Frank Naccaretto at Rathdrum.
A recent ruling of the department relieves the state from payment of fees
for filing on lands under the agricultural college grant.
The Idaho University has twenty
professors and instructors, three tutors
and Its principal building was erected
at a cost of over $70,000.
H. K. Harnett of Lewiston slipped
and fell at his home, breaking both
bones of the right leg about half way
between  the knee and ankle.
It has not been generally known that
surveys were being quietly made foran
Irrigating ditch to cover lund northwest of Caldwell, but such is afaet.
The feature chiefly notable in the
year's history of St. Michael's Episco
pal church at Boise, Idaho, is the beginning of a new stone structure which
will serve as the cathedral of the diocese of Boise.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Run on Pacific Standard lime.
Leave. Arrive.
Oolng West. Daily. doing East.
8:00 a. m   Kaslo   3:66 p.m.
8:32 a. m  South Fork  3:20 p. m.
9:30 a. m  Sproule's  2:25 p. m.
9:46 a. m  Whitewater  2:10 p. m.
9:65 a. m  Bear Lake  H:00 p. m.
10:12, a. m  McGuigan   1:45 p. in.
10:25 a. m  Bailey's  1:34 p. m.
10:33 a. m.... Cody Junctli n  .... 1:23 p. in.
Arrive. Leave.
10:40 a. in  Sandon  1:15 p. in
Leave 11:00 a. m..Sandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m
Arrive 11:15 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:JR a. tn
O.   F.  COPELAND,  Superintendent.
.... Kootenay....
Railway anil Navigation
Operating Kaslo & Slocan Railway, International Nav. "& Trading Co.
Schedule of Time-Pacific Standard Time.
Passenger train for Sandon   and   way
stations, leaves Kaslo at 8:00 a. m.
Dally, returning, leaves Sandon at 1:16
p. in., arriving at Kaslo at 3:66 p. m.
International Nnv. & Trad. Co.—Operating on Kootenay lake and river.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson at 6:00 a.  in.
dally, except Sunday.   Returning, leaves
Nelson at 4:30 p. in., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects with 8. F. & N. train to and
from Spokane, at Five Mile Point.
Leaves Nelson for Bonner's Ferry Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. in., meeting
steamer  "International"   from  Kaslo  at
Pilot Bay.
Hi-turning, leaves Bonner's Ferry at
7:00 a. m. Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, connecting with ster. international
for Kaslo, Lardo and Argenta.
Connects at Bonner's Ferry with Qreat
Northern railway Ior all points east and
Steamer International leaves Kaslo for
I_artlo and Argenta at 8:16 p. m. Wednesdays ami Fridays. Steamer Alberta leaves
Kaslo for Lardo and Argenta at 8 p. in.
Steamers call at principal landings In   ____  _,      , . „. ,       ..   .       — -,i
both directions, and at other points when1 er*  Province of China that cares to
signaled. | Patronize the cheapest and best com-
Tleksts sold to all points In Canada and   mercial show,
the United States. |    Four men were Instantly killed on
To ascertain rates and full Information  the Tennessee Central railroad, eight
•'*MM       m^^^^^^m ! miles    from    Hoekwood, Tenn.    They
were unloading dynamite, when a quantity of it exploded.
Actor Roland Reed is recovering from
In- severe illness.
A ease of bubonic plague has been dis
covered at .Manila.
The «ar department will keep all the
soldiers in the Philippines.
lion. Judd Russell was elected speaker
of the .Mississippi legislature.
The recent earthquake in California has
started dry gas wells to Honing.
The Information now comes that Mark
(lamia will manage McKinley's campaign.
-Miners of the Inili_.ua block coal district will take the lend in asking for an
Increase of wages. ^^^^^^^^^^^
William Bppi (colored) 1ms heen banged in Philadelphia fur lhe murder uf hi*
wife in January lust.
Charles 11. Cole oi Boston, former p.«s-
dent of the defunct Globe National bank,
has been taken hack to that city.
Monroe Penny was lound dead lying
beside the road near his farm, live miles
east of Spangle, Wash. Natural onuses.
A resolution has been introduced in the
senate asking Secretary Gage to explain
the system of deposit of government
Christian Scientist! of Lead, S. D„ have
rebelled against the orders of the school
board thai children attending Ihe public
schools must la: vaccinaled.
Advices from Honolulu of the dale of
Dec. 21) state ihat the steamer Algou run
on a reef while entering thai harbor on
Dec. '.'.'I, and narrowly escaped destruction.
Surgeon Oeneral Steinberg has received a message saying the hospital ship
Missouri left Manila l)c<\ 31 for San
Francisco witli 1280 sick soldiers ou board.
An attempt is being made to eoilsoli-
late all of the milk companies in Chicago
under one head, lu opposition to the
movement lour dairies will consolidate under the name of the Illinois Pure Milk
Thc high court (senate) at Paris, rendering its verdict in the conspiracy case not
previously disposed of, decided by a vote
of 130 to 3" that If. Deroulede was guilty
and by a vote of '200 to 1 decided on extenuating circumstances.
Three big champion wrestlers of worldwide lame are in Spokane.    The terrible
lurk is once more (here ready to throw
ny one  who comes, and  Louis Cannon
,l-o  has  come  hack.    McMillun  was  already  there and a  match  was arranged
n short order.
Roland Ueed, the actor, is better.
Affairs  in  Luzon, north of Manila,
are greatly Improved.
Gold shipments to Europe Saturday
unoiintett to several millions.
More than seven thousand exhibitors
.vill appear at tbe Paris exposition.
Schwan and Wheaton are now with
separate columns in the Cavite province.
"Spike" Sullivan and George McFad-
den of New York fought 25 rounds to
a draw.
The chances are that in another two
months there will be a competing line
of steamers between San Francisco and
Puget Sound ports.
The senate committee has decided
upon its report and it ls against seating Quay.
Tammany is for the Boers, as meetings ln New York clearly show that
Honolulu authorities believe they
have the plague in the Chinese homes
under control.
The past year was a prosperous one
for all the lines, as not one railroad
went bankrupt.
Cape Nome will probably have military protection, as more troops are to
be sent to Alaska.
Go See, a Chinese murderer, r.onvict-
od of killing a countryman, was hanged
at San Quentin prison last week.
The Great Western Mail line steamer Ibex struck on Black Rock of St.
Sampson Island off Buernsey, near London.   Passengers were saved.
Warehouse and cold storage plants
were destroyed by Are at Richmond,
Incurring a loss of $500,000.
Former Speaker and Secretary Carlisle says he ran not see how the house
can seat Roberts, as lt is polygamy.
A score of British fell dead at Game-
tree In the recent battle. The Boer Are
was too torrid for any living being.
Colonels Hare and Howse have arrived nt Vlgan, ln northwest Luzon,
with all of the American prisoners.
Captain Relchmann, Seventeenth Infantry, now In the Philippines, had
been ordered to South Africa, to report
on military operations in the Transvaal.
On December 1 Wentsbaugh, commanding the Alhay (a little gunboat),
hoisted the flag on Slbutti Island, near
the Philippines, and the chief dato provided and raised the pole. Natives and
North Borneo authorities are pleased.
Jack LlvlngBton, known as the "St.
Paul Kid," knocked out "Kid" Madden
of Denver, brother of Billy Madden, In
the third round before the Butte Athletic Club.
Robert T. Lincoln and Norman B.
Ream, executors of the estate of George
M. Pullman, were allotted as compensation for their services the sum of
No limit to our trade. America will
be followed by American goods In ev
was taken from the station house by
a mob and shot to death for criminally
assaulting Mrs. T. M. Simpson, wife
of an employe of the ship yard.
It Is learned that although Italy was
the last of the powers addressed to return an answer to Secretary Hay's
overture regarding the "open door,"
that government was really more
prompt than any other In the negotiations.
One man Is dead and three Injured
as the result of an accident at the
Homestead steel works, Pittsburg. The
dead man ls August Merger, and the
Injured nre John Fleming, ciushed, will
die; Joseph French, crushed, will die;
Joseph Coball, arm crushed.
An elevator In the furnace room of
the brass foundry of the Illinois Steel
Company's branch works at Thirty-first
street and Ashland avenue, Chicago,
fell, instantly killing two workmen and
injuring another so badly that he died
a few minutes after being removed to
the hospital.
The American Steel ft Wire Company
posted notices in all of Its plants, notifying its employes of a general advance
In wages of 7'i per cent, to take effect
from January I. The advance affects
30,000 employes, 10,000 of whom are
in the Pittsburg district, tlie balance
lieing employed in tho company's works
In Chicago, Cleveland and Kokomo,
Geronlmo Parra nnd Antonio Flores,
who were executed at Kl Paso for murder, made a desperate effort to kill
some of the ofllcers or spectators when
their cell (lore was unlocked. It had
been decided to hang Flores first, for
fear he would break down, and when
tho ofllcers unlocked the cell door to
convey him to the gallows both prisoners dashed out nnd stabbed right and
left among the crowd with dirks made
of coarse steel wire. A desperate struggle followed, and the most Intense excitement was precipitated, but they
were soon overpowered and hung.
Items Oleaned rrom the Late Beporte-
All Districts Are Being Developed-*
Prosperous fear Is Predicted—Mining
Motes end Personnls.
llnllla-  at  Ktml>.
London, Jan. 8.—"The men were
crowding around the engines in line ,if-
lering the drivers fabulous prices for a
eup of water,-' writes the (.lobe cone-
-to.iiil.-nl. describing the close of the hat
tie at Knsly, South Africa, "but it was
useless. The drivel's had been threatened
with court-martial if they supplied any,
as Ihere was a great difficulty in keeping
a sufficient supply for the engines. I
saw one soldier lying Hat on the line under an engine catching a 1'eiv drops in his
mouth from a steam pipe."
Such extracts us this mailed description
of the lighting iu South Africa give some
faint idea of the Conditions under which
it is being carried on. Related as these
letters are, by the time they appear in
Knglish papers  they  throw   much  needed
light tif>.ni the situation so barrenly it-
ported over the censored cables.
ll was the heal that drove British sol
diers to drink gratefully from tlie exhaust
pipe of an engine after seven hours' fight
ing at Knsly, where they lost 179 killel
and wounded.
Red   t'ruum   Worker*   Stopprd.
llauibiirg, Jan. B.-rHerr Adolph Woer-
maun, one of the owners of tlie German
vessels Mixed by the Bdtith, was inter
viewed by > representative of tbe Associated Press:    He said:
"The last one taken i- the Ilcrzog. She
has on board Dutch, Belgian and German
ambulance corps.   All these were travel
ing 1hiii,i tide under the l.'nl Cross. It is
certainly I be first time Ihat such a corps
has been detained by u hostile government.
"Their services were offend lo the British, but were refused.
"We cannot help interpreting thc action
of the British as chiefly intended to prevent the German Bast African line from
continuing its service on account of the
competition »<■ have made against the
Knglish lines.'
SihiiiIhIi   Will-   \ ol 111. Ire TU.
New  York, Jan.    H.~A    siiecial
Washington tayai M^^^^
A pamphlet has just ln-.-n issued by the
adjutant general's office under the tille
Of "Statistical exhibit of Ilie si length of
the volunteer forces called into sa'rvice
during the war with Spain, with the
losses,   from   all   causes."
The volunteer force consisti-d of 10,117
officers and 218, 'l\r\ unlisted men, a total
of 228,830, who were engaged iu the wur.
The deaths niitul-cicd MU officers am'
4360 men.
During lhe war 11 volunteer officer'
ami four officers of I lie regular army hold
ing volunteer oQtmnlsaiona were killed iu
action) three died from wounds, 111)
from lionise, and eight from oilier causes.
An Important strike has been made
in the Pauper mine on War Eagle
mountain at Silver City, Idaho. Drifting north from the incline at the 500-
foot level opened 10 Inches of gold ore
that runs about $500 a ton. This mine
is an extension of tbe Poorman that
was formerly a large producer of rich
In addition to this list of tunnels
there are many that are 250 feet ln
length or over.
Only twenty claims were recorded on
January 1 ln Republic. The claim-
Jumpers were few.
At the Blaektall mine a winze Is being sunk on the east vein, -in north
from the main tunnel.
The Merrimac shaft ls down over 180
feet and water was coming in at the
bottom and giving some trouble.
The crosscut from the bottom ot the
winze in the Golden Lion tunnel Is in
182 feet, but the vein is not yet In
The Chlco 200-foot level is now In
100 feet from the shaft, and from
where the hanging wall was first struck
It Is ln 47 feet.
There Is 60 feet of ore In the Quilp
mine and solid quartz in the crosscut.
A complete machinery plant ls to be
Installed. It Is nearlng the profit-paying point.
The auditor of Ferry county, at Republic announces tbat all fees to his
office must be sent in either cash or
money orders. Personal checks will
not be received.
On the Ben Hur 230-foot level the
south drift Is In 60 feet, and a drift
has been run a few feet northward.
The vein on this level Is about four
feet wide. The value of tbe ore Is not
The San Poil continues to show tbe
making of a valuable mine. Tbe south
drift from the lower tunnel Is tn over
400 feet, and since entering on the
south pay shoot, It has been run about
150 feet on the vein.
Now Ihat cheaper methods of treatment, and increase mill capacity for
the company and custom ores of the
ramp are ripening, Republic, to a close
observer, Is looking substantially better than it has at any time since Its
A sample from the Gold Ledge taken
across four feet in the roof of the drift
shows a value of $12.32. There Is one
foot ot very rich ore In the ledge, a
picked sample from which showed a
value of $178.54. The pay streak will
average $100 per ton.
Belcher camp, situated on the headwaters ot Lambert creek, 14 miles
northeast of Republic and a mile north
of the state road, which affords the
easiest and shortest route to It, Is
showing well wherever there is any
work being done. The veins, according
to his description, are iron capped contacts, between granite and limestone.
Republic No. 4 tunnel is 2300 feet In
length. No. 3 tunnel 1400 feet, Mountain Lion tunnel 950 feet, Black Tall
560 feet, San Poll 550 feet, Oolden Lion
540, Princess Maud 540, Gold Leaf 450
feet. Treasury and Republic Big Six
Consolidated 450 feet. Morning Glory
feet, Copper Mountain   400   feot,
pie begin to see tho Importance ot it to
them aa a distributing point, nnd tbat
It will open up a mineral country of
unsurpassed richness. It Is reported
that the O. R. ft N. will build the road
If they be given the right of way. The
building of this road will add to the
number of shipping mines east of Baker City, as the partly developed properties will be pushed to the shipping
Another property which Is attracting
the attention of mining men ls the Ex
celslor group. This group is composed
of the Golden Key, Excelsior and Blackbird, and the four principal ledges of
the Red Boy run through this group,
which ls situated on Red Boy mountain, about 35 miles west of Baker City
and three miles west of Granite. The
ledge on the Golden Key is 34 feet in
width, and the Blackbird 20 feet. Assays on the Excelsior run as high as
$338. The average assay on this group
of free ore ls $11.25, and by cyanide $28.
The ledges are in place with talc seams
between walls and ledge formation.
Britiah ( nlumblm.
The St. Eugene, near Moyie, will put
in new machinery to enlarge Its capacity.
On the St. Eugene, In the East Kootenay district, the vein has been exposed on the surface for 600 feet.
Hector McRae, manager for the
Boundary Creek Mining and Milling
Company, bas received the smelter returns from a car of ore shipped from
the Gold Bug, one of tbe properties of
tho company, which ls located near
Greenwood. The value of the ore per
ton was as follows: Gold, 3.72 ounces,
$74.40; silver, 130 ounces, $75.40; lead,
12 per cent, $7.40. Total gross values
for the car, $2,358. This ls the highest
grade ore yet shipped from the Boundary country.
From advices received from Cran-
brook, it is evident that the strike in
the North Star recently made Is a most
Important one. It was made at a point
150 teet down the hill from the old
workings. There ls 26 feet of ore in
the vein, and the vein has been opened
by two shafts sunk at a distance of 40
feet apart, and there is already said lo
be $300,000 worth of ore In Sight, and
there Is no telling what the extent of
tbe deposit is.
A large piece of work Is now being
commenced at the Ymir mine, which,
when completed, will be the largest
piece of engineering work ever executed In that district A long tunnel
Is being run from the proximity of tbe
mill to tap tbe ore body at great depth.
The length of the tunnel will be some
3,000 feet, and It Is to be made large
enough to allow of Ihe laying ot two
car tracks side by side. When tbe tunnel is completed it will run from tbe
main working entrance to tbe mine,
and all the ore will be brought out
through it The gravity tramway now
ln use will be thus superseded, and the
ore placed In the mill more economically.
Anaconda 100 feet, Palo Alto 450 feet,
North Star 400 feet, Summit-Republic
450 feet.
The year Just closed hns been a most
important one In the history of Republic ramp and the Eureka mining
district. The town of Republic has
prospered to a degree far in excess of
any other town In the state. The district surrounding the town has prospered in like manner. But prosperity
hns not been confined to this Immediate
neighborhood. Camps such as Sheridan nnd Waucnndn, each aliout 15
miles distant, have made remarkable
strides forward.
I'l-a-slala-nl   uf  I  ..1.1111 hill   ll.ll.l.
Kingston, Jamaica, Jan. '). -.Advices
from Colombia report the death t»f President M. A. Sun Clemens, which has created a new situation and greatl..' complicated the political outlook. The insurgents are making the most of the changed
Additional caill lor money and loans
mule upon the •lute nf I'anaii.i will, it
is thought like'y, provoke in open a.I-
luuiice to tlie revolutionary movement
as was the mm in lHH.'i, the jue-ciil -aunt'on being Intolerable,
Winnipeg Politics.
St. Paul, Jan. 6.—A Winnipeg special
"Hugh John McDonald formally accepted the tusk nf forming a government
in sucecsion to the Greenivny .idmiiiis-
In tion which resigned recently.
To uir.-r Mediation.
Washington, Jan.   0.—Senator
llukrr  (11),   llr, «.ni,   \..!.-«.
Two rich striken are reported. The
Van Anda and Union Copper are tbe
latest luck mines.
Granite ls on the road to a first class
boom. Thn townsite title question Is
now settled and investment In safe.
The Virtue mine, eight miles east of
Baker City, has been worked for 35
years and In still the storehouse of untold wealth.
The Magnolia Mining Company has
installed a 20-stamp mill and In now
ready for business. The Magnolia is
one of the Granite properties and ls
owned by an English company.
The machinery In the May Queen Is
nil In place and the stamps will noon
he dl-opplng. The property Is well de-
veloped nnd promises much for Its owners.
A telephone message received from
the Union copper mine says tbat at 40
feet the "rock ls Just red with copper.''
In a short time this will be added to
the list of shippers.
Clear creek runs through this property and furnishes power for the mills
on the Red Boy group. Tbe owners
propose to put ln a 10-stamp mill In the
spring. Development work Is being
pushed by both shaft and tunnel.
A big strike has just been made on
the Big Buffalo.   It has a ledge of 80
Freight and Ticket Agt., Sandon.
ROBERT 1RVINO, Mati»g«r,
t      I , iel  S ?,'        1U'',,n H,,n,,,lizi^ taet in width. Is free milling and as-
Sdhtirbet    en CTT    !° °'r"r "ays $100.04 per ton.   This property is
South AfricT                           Ui" ""<1 B,tuated two and a half ml,efl we"f «'
"  I naker Clty- an<i ls owned by Al Gelser
p.,,,.,|     , ,„ ,    ., 'of Bonanza fame.
Portrait, of 16 leading citizens will      The all-absorbing topic now  Is the
: T"_'   __  i       *   "■ " cyioueu. «Hnrn   ...,   _«_,_.  .  " ■ 1"'   nn-niJuuniinR   topic   now     S   1116
KMlo, 8. 0.1    W. W. Watt of Newport News, Va„ 'S clrrto* ewTtol      '       "" d°mfi  bU"dlnK °f th* rRUr°ad  fr0m  Baker
The Discovery ls equipped with a
whim.   The shaft is 100 feet deep.
The Little Chester also bas upon lt
a whim. The shaft is about 90 feet
Idaho's attorney general says fifty
cents is enough as a fee for recording
A movement Is on foot to change the
revenue stamp law so as to tax on sale
values only.
The Little Ned Is also equipped with
a whim. The shaft Is between 80 and
90 feet deep.
A few hundred feet north of the
Lorna Doone shaft the Flag Staff is
being worked with a whim. Tbe shaft
Is 100 feet ln depth.
The Sixteen to One tramway at Wallace, Idaho, Is completed and the mill
is running experimentally.
Senator Clark has won In the supreme court to reorganize the United
Verde copper mine of Arizona.
The foregoing list embraces all the
machinery of every description that Is
used tn mining In Sheridan and Cody
The Oold I_#dge. which lies about
four miles due east of Republic, ls operated by a whim. The shaft Is 125
feet In depth.
There appears to lie no end of the
substantial surprises accompanying tbe
development of the mines In the South
Fork district, Idaho. The assay shows
that the ore carries $160.53 to the ton.
They have two good ledges near Nelson, WaHh. Gold values predominate
In one and copper ln the other. Assays
are satisfactory nnd expensive and valuable Improvements are being made in
the district.
John F. McKee of Wallace, Idaho,
wns killed last week by falling 150 feet
down the raise in the Black Bear mine
at Gem. He was recently from Chlco,
Cal., being In the act of coming off his
first shift at tbe Black Bear, when his
foot slipped on the ladder, letting him
fall. He was married seven weeks ago.
Three deeds were filed for record ln
Wallace, Idaho conveying the different interests In the Black Bear and
Yankee Doodle lodes and the Black
Honr concentrator to Peter Larson and
Thomas L. Greenough.
In Sheridan camp the Zella M. I.
equipped with a compressor plant, and
all work is done with machine drills.
The shaft Is 180 feet in depth. One
tunnel, 500 feet In length, cuts the
lendge at a depth of 250 feet.
The outlook for the present year in
Bodle camp, Wash., promises much for
the mines. Shipping ore shows on
many dumps, and It Is believed that
development will open some shipping
mines before the close of the year.
Three-fourths of a mile north of the
Oold Ledge, in what Is known as Cody's
cnmp, the Lorna Doone Is worked with
a whim. The shaft Is 160 feet In
depth, but lt Is not worked on account
of the great quantity of water. The
whim will hare to be discarded and
City to the Seven Devils country. Peo-'a steam hoist substituted.
,,.-...,■ j
Says Peruna, the Catarrh Cure,
Gives Strength and Appetite.
Hon. *7. N. Roach, United States Senator From North Dakota.
Hon. Wa N. Roach, United States Senator from North Dakota, personally endorses Peruna, the great catarrh cnre aud ionic.    In a recent letter to the  Peruna Medicine Company, at Columbus, Ohio, written from Washington, D. C,
Senator Roach says:
"Persuaded by a friend I have used Peruna as a tonic, and I am glad
to testify that it has greatly helped me in strength, vigor and appetite.
I have been advised by friends that it is remarkably efficacious at a cure
for thc almost universal complaint of catarrh'"
.Senator Roach's home address is LttimOH, North Dakota.
Peruna is not a gMN, nor an experimint; it is an abwilute, scieiititio certainty, Peruna cures catarrh wherexer located. Peruna bus uo substitutes—no
rivals. Insist upon having Peruna. Let no oue persuade >nu that some other
remedy wil! do nearly as well. There is no other systemic remedy for catarrh
but Peruna. Address the Peruna Medicine Company, 1'tiluuibun, Ohio, for a
free book on catarrh, written by Dr.  Hartman.
I >il>min mid ( ra-iv Hnvrd.
New Vork, .Inn. 0. The new lliitis'i,
■learner Georgian, which has arrived I
from London, rescued a*, seu January 8,1
Captain Stange and a wcw ol ■'!•> men,
«l«o the captain's wife, two children audi
u nurse of the Herman steamer Ella,
which foundered al «es on the same date
while on a voyage from Perth Ainboj to
Na»M  Jrmry  Hunk  I oil. .1.
New Vork, Jan, «.--The Union Count;
bank of Kiihuay, N. .1., has placed a notice on iis door announcing that it had
bas-n compelled to sus|iend o« in» to the
unusual deniHinl made upon it by depositors, "but that there in pood reason lo
believe that dejKwitors Mill be paid in
full us soon as the bank can realise on lis
Dermaa?  I lalnia  llu-  Hernia C'arrlrd
\ii i ....iriiiiiiii.i Oasts W— siiiih-
liaill Ilia «..-.-n III l_.iii.luit—Hop.-<a to
\a.il.l Iron hie Over lira-nit I np-
I urea.
All   (iiii.-t   nt   Sum..   IIoiiiIiiko
Smto  Domingo, Jan. 9.—The  French I court,
warship Cecilia ims arrived here. The gpv-l    '■""	
ernnienl has suppressed lhe proposed pub-
lio   demonstration, considered     bv   the
Durban, .l.m. 8.—Ths Qermaa steamer
Uersog has been tested by a lliiii-.h w.u-
siiip anil brought to thi> port
This steamer, which Germany claims
carried no contraband snd no cargo Intended  for tbe lloers, was captured a
short  lime ,ij;o nnd  is now considered  a
ltiili-li prise, lo lie dealt  with by u plKe
Jan,   li.-  The  passing  of  another  week  has apparently effected no
condition  of  the   war  iu
It certainly lun. not Iss-n
ti„.i change in the
.south Africa.
Hnlor i.artn.-r of tne drm of F".  J. Clienry A
Co., lining bualneaa In the City of ToI.hIo, coun- I
ty and atate aforeanld. and that ulU uim will
pay lb* sum of ONB  Hl'NDIlKD  ihu.i.aiis !
for each and every can* of Catarrh  that cau I
not bo cured by the uae of Hull > Catarrh Cure  !
■worn and auhHcrllnd lo before nie anil nut.   |
ecrlbed  In  my pretence,   thia (th  day of   lie
eenvber.   A.   O.   IMS.      A.   W    OI.EASON.
(Seal.) Notary  Public,    i
Hall'a Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, and '
sole directly on the blood and muroiia aurfaoer i
•f Ue ay Klein.    Bond for testimonial*, free.
K.   J.  CHUNKY   A CO.,  Toledo,   0.
Bold  by dru((lata, 7Dc.
Hall'a family Pllla are tha heat.
French    i-onsul    to be injiirioui to    lhe.
French.   The situation continues tranquil productive ol any serious development*.
 . I In  Kngland   tlie  yeomanry  are  inaiiluily
Stat, of Ohio, City of Toledo. Lueta Co.. ts.    ' cnteiiiling with t'he dilliculties uf U.e lid-
J. Cheney makes oath that he la tht ■ in-'  Ichool, w llii-ll is pulling their patriotism lo tlie teet of falls ou the t,inli.uk and
oiher  inconveniences.
Cbsl is getting daily dearer und the
funds im the "absented tnindsd iH-gg.us"
and Others arc swelling by lhe UMMUMSdl
into proportions ot  unheard of munificence, while the papers, when mil magnifying Indecisive skirmishes into brilliant
istiai attention to the
difficulties   which   have   arisen   over   lhe
sci/ure of i-.iigiuU bound iul taorenu
.Mnii|iic/'. lu the latter reaped the Bun
deerath Incident almost monopolists .u-
tent ion, tlie seizure of American flour lieing relegated to a very subsidiary |xiii-
tiuii and  not  being taken as having  the
slightest possibility of producing interna-
liiinal  friclioii.    Un  the  whole, the  Hiitish press  bus  taken a culm  view  of  lhe
English business men in Paris are """"un semi.- matter and has refused
being boycotted  because of England's  "' U' M ,n,° [*&-**■* kcmd "'.
talk of boycotting the exposition. *'r T""i"U tel<*r*Phe? f''"1" Q,^M&i'
                        lu this the papers merely voice tne feeling of the government, for not the slight-,
est  feeling for  the action  taken  against
Japanese mills prefer American cotton because lt has a longer staple than
that from any other country.
Veaee aad  Iron Works.
end Iron fenclna.: offlee railing, etc. UM Alder
llua-rn Are <_iitlia-rluK iii Large Number*  Arounil the IJarrleon—Attack
Weak     l'ollila—I'rana li     I a.lail.t-ll.'.l
to   IS.-lr.Ht.
I.muli.n, dan. I).—General Huller sends
the  following  from   Frere Camp:
"This from White: 'Attack renewed.
Very   hard  pressed.'
"I have absolutely no more news and
Ihere is no sun. There is a camp rumor
that White defeated the enemy and link
4(H) prisoners.
"1 sent ull available troops yesterday
to make u demonstration al Colenso. The
trenches there were all occupied by the
General Huller has wired tlie war uflice
lhe following, dated .lanuaiy ti, from
l'ii-ie Camp:
"The following message wus received
from tieneral  While:
" 'January II.—The attack continues
mid the enemy has been reinforced from
the south.
"'Have beaten the enemy off at present, but they are still around me in great
numbers uml particularly io ihe south and
1 think a renewed attack is very probable. The sun has failed and I can not
get further information from Ladysmith
until  tomorrow.' "
Loudon, Jun ll.—A dispatch to the
Hail)   Chronicle  from   run-  Camp  says:
"Saturday's bombardment of l.j.ly-.mit_i
wus tho heaviest yet recorded. All the
heavy guns weie working and the lloers
seemed to lie pouring iu sIipIU from every
available lighter gun.
"ll lasted fully four hour* and must
have meant either a sortie by the Hritish or a determined attack on tiie garrison by the lloers. Our sheila could be
aeen lulling on I'nibiilwliiina hill and the
enemy were replying. Bisldc tlie cannon reports thrru were sounds indicating
•mailer pieces of artillery in action. The
lighting must huve beeu al closer range
than has been lhe ease up to now.
"Our naval guns at C'liievcley sent their
usual lire into lhe lloer trenches, but
Ihere has beeu no further movement
London, Jan. 0.—A special dispatch
from Krere Camp dated January 7, say):
"IIeneral White heliographs tliat he defeated the lloers this morning. They crept
up so close lu the defending forces that
the Gordon Highlanders and the .Man-
the-teis actually ifpui-.-.i them   at the
|H.int   of   the   bayonet.''
London, Jun. 9. Oeneral French reports a "serious accident" lo the Kiist
Suffolk regiment. Four companies of the
regiment attacked a r..>i-i position. Lieutenant Unkind Watson in command was
v. .iiiii.l..I and it KIleal was ordered.
The   ll...-r»  I   .. t.
London, Jan. 9.—The war olli.e has
just published the following bulletin
from (ieneral  Huller:
'Krere Camp, Jun. 8.- The following is
fiom   While:
" 'Au attack was commenced on my
position, but wa- chiefly against Oseen I
camp and Waguiihill. The enemy was in
g.ciii strength and ha-, pushed the attack
with   the glc.Hc-t     Courage and     energy.
Some of the entrenchments ou  Wagon
hill were three time- t.ikcii by the ciu-niv
and retaken by ua,
"'One |s.ini in our possession was occupied by the enemy the whole day, but
at dusk, in a very heavy rainstorm, they
were turned out of this position at lhe
point of tlm liayonci in u mosl g.ill.iut
milliner   bv   the   DeVOUS,   led   b,'   I olmiel
•"Colonel Ian II.million commanded on
Wsgonhill and rendered valuable service.
The troops have had n  very trying lime,
and have behaved excellently.   They ara
elated at the service they rendered the
"'The enemy  was repulsed everywhere
wiih heavy loes, greatly exceeding thai
ou my side, which will be reported as
soon us Ihe li-ls an- completed.'"
A in in. ii is current in London that
General   Huller   has   crossed   ine   Tugela
river, captured 1- guns uml is now inarching mi Ladysmith.
II ii no.v lull  at  I.lltlyialililli.
London, Jan. 8.- The war ofl'ue has is-
sued the following:
"From Huller, Frere Cump, Jan. 8.—
Tlie following telegram was received from
Oeneral White Jan. 11: 'Tlie enemy attacked Caesur's Camp iu considerable
force. The enemy wus everywhere repulsed, but the lighting still continues."
The doings of the besieged ut Ladysmith huve been fully described hy recent letters, if thc Hocrs continue to so
closely hem in und bombard White's
force the besieged promise to become full
Hedged cave dwellers, for, according to
the Daily News correspondent at Ladysmith, the prevalent tendency there is to
liniiiiiKiiiK Kii-a- at Ilatte.
Hutte, Mont., Jun. li.—Tlie huge warehouse of the lleniicssy Mercantile Company, opposite the. Great Northern depot,
wus destroyed by fire. Loss on building,
if 1 a,00(1 j fully Coveted by insurance,
lxiss on stock, between $40,000 and kin,-
000; insurance nbout .*_.'0.000. Cause unknown, bul believed to huve been from
defective wire or spontaneous combustion.
i.. imini Actor Killed.
Cleveland, Ohio, Jun. S.—Hans Ravenc,
ii well known German actor, who has been
playing here, was iiistiintly killed by fulling from a stairway at his boarding house.
"Nature Abhors a Vacuum."
SHjothing in the world stands still. Jf
you are well and strong day by day the
blood supplies its tide of vigor. If you are
ill, the blood is wrong and carries increasing quantities of diseased germs. You cannot change Nature, but you can aid her by
keeping the blood pure. Hood's Sarsaparilla does this as nothing else can. Be
sure to get Hood's, because
Killed   by a  lllnist.
Hutte, Mont., Jan. 8.— Mike l'ino and
Tom iiillio.i were killed in the Never
Sweat mino by the premature explosion
of a blast. Pino wus an Italian, 'A'2 years
of age and Single. Itilbua wns n native of
Kngland nml leavea a wife nml nine children,
Kn,.l»iiil'» Armored Train*.
The mugtiiticcnt nriiinred trains used by
England III her eur with the Boers will
protect her Hoops in ulmut Uie same way
that Hosteller's Stomach Hitters drives
dvapepain from tlie human ftomach, and
then mounts guard thai It does not return.
The bitters bus won lu every cine of indl-
nation, constipation, liver and kidney
trouble for liitv years,
Divorce   fur   .l.iiiii   vim lot....
Hyde Park, V  II.. Jan. 8.    Juliu  M.h
lowe Tabor, the actress, has been granted
a  divorce  from  her  husband.  Robert   la-
VlMlled  l.j   I'-iirtliiiimkea.
Tillis. Russian Qaucasia, Jan. 0.-'Altogether 13 villages in the Ai-li.iluk district
of this government hnve experienced
earthquake shocks. Six of these places
hnve been completely destroyed and 800
dead bodies have already been recovered.
Never Dusappuint
Tbe flght against the New Tork Sun
is still being waged with great bitterness by organized labor despite the
court Injunction. It ls hinted that powerful capitalistic interests are backing
the Sun, and also that some of tbe other dally papers are necretly supporting
the Sun in order to break tbe power of
the typographical union. The strike
and boycott of the printers ln Kansas
City also continues, and the machinery
of the courts Ib now being employed to
keep the people guessing.
The man who starts to go nowhere
will usually get there.
TBEAI.IMIVTAKYIIMI..   I.  I.ow.r ami  of
tStomttWrn i in«at-litpei.i'tili-ll con ._>._> I  t- t.e.d f...... the tliruat
l_. lb* atoui__.il; t OanllacauUul .Imiadi 3 Pyloric and of
ai.-marli a lluuUaiium; '■> Oall bladder; fl. t. t Small InUa*
tlnra. 7. Cattuin; 1. Verinlfo.m abpendln t. A__ve._dliigcolou;
1«   Iian-irl-o  ...lun.   11. lie., ending colun    ID.   Sttrmotd del-
ure. li Kectum: 14. Aim. Tbe dtiodeum 1» continuous a lib
tbe email intestine*. Tbe .man Intestine empties Into tbe
laiv* liit«--tii,<- or colon at tbe esreura. The arrows Indicate
ine direction wblab tbe content* of tbe bowels must take lu
yeaalu* ttoonsh U_e alimentary .anal
arc packed away in your imides and must be kept clean,
in order and doing; business. O
It's a long; way, with many turns and pitfalls to catch
the Refuse and clog; the channel if not most carefully
cleaned out every day. "»
When this long; canal is blockaded, look out for
trouble — furred tong;ue, bad breath, belching; of gases,
yellow spots, pimples and boils, headaches, spitting; up of
food after eating;,— an all-around disgusting; nuisance*
Violent pill poisons or griping salts are danger-
oas to use for cleaning out ine bowels. They
♦ force out the obstruction by causing violent
spasms of the bowels, bat they leave the intestines weak andeven less able io keep up regular
movements than before, and make a larger dose
necessary next time.   ..
Then you have the pill habit, which kills more people
than the morphine and whiskey habits combined.
The only safe, gxntle but certain bowel cleansers ate
sweet, fragrant CASCARETS, because they don't force
out the foecal matter with violence, but act as a tonic on
the wholfc 30 feet of bowel wall, strengthen the muscles
and restore healthy, natural action. Buy and try them!
You will find that in an entirely natural way your bowels
will be promptly and permanently
Made CLEAN and STRONG by
VITALITY low,, debilitated or exliaualed cur«d
by l»r.   Kllne'a  InvlK.irntliiK Tonic.    KHKIC 11
jfcf-- -
rial bottle ronliiliilns 2 Wwka' treatment. Dr
Kline'* Institute, »31 Arch Ht., Philadelphia
Founded 11171.
Ilie tillegetl  eonliiihtiiiil  have  been  given
out,  though   thut question in abstract
OBUtn no end uf engiUtiiin, hut inure re
glinting tlie effect the prssenl discussion
will huve upon future events Hum by tlie
i>it—. of contemporaneous difficulties.
The British government believes it haa
n good oase against the Bundesrsth, But
initii iu this Instance uml the eiise ot ilie
American flour the government holds th.it
Machinists of New York have sue-1 absolutely  nothing definite eiin be dune
eewled in enforcing the nine-hour day i until details huve heen learned,
In nearly every shop. 	
The oldest Presbyterian congregation In Ameriea is loented at Snow
Hill, Md.
I never used to quick a cure «m Ptao'a
• 'ure for Consumption.—J. H. Palmer,
Hox   1171,   Beattie,   Wash.,   Nov.   25,   1896.
" .\etv Vork lllun.-.
Mothers will And Mrs.Win9low*a Booth-i Neu Ymk, Jan. XI.—Fire destroyed tlie
Ing Syrup the best remedy to uss for their' hriek factory building on Ka»t Fifty-
children during the teething period. , ninth  street did $100,000 damage.    Tha
"■ ■ I building was used  in  i>art  an a  storage
A Sicilian advocate charged with warehouso by Blootnlngdale Bun., »nd
fraud  was  recently  sentenced   to  180   thoy are the chief losers.
years' Imprisonment
A quart of milk contains the same I    The Tendon, Canada, street railway
nourishment   as   "
pound of beef.
three-quarters   of   a  stride Is not off, all reports ro the con-
! trary notwithstanding.
Miliary   Market.
New York, Jan. H. The Financier
ni _v -:
The New York hanks continue to gain
slowly in oash holdings .nut surplus re-
serves, despite the drain made ii|hui llieni
hy gold exports. The clearing house in
atlUltloni report  ill   the end of the week
jusl ended |S88^50 sxraaa oash above ths
iiinoiint held at lhe o|»cliing of the year,
the suiphui ii'scivc staiulingat |11,767.7211,
The expansion for lhe -.ix days ending
Saturday is more than of ordinary inter
est, since it was nnule in the face of un
Increase of nearly $!»,ooo,ooo of deposits,
which, of course, tied up ibout $8,___MyOOO
of money in addilional rassrve require
menls. The gain in cash was (9816,800,
of which the greater part wns in the form
of legal lenders, due to receipts from the
interior.    Loans are  iM,107,lk>0  higher.
Want  War to Stop.
New York, .Inn. 6. — A special from
Washington says there is reason to believe
that the Transvaal government has only
recently requested this government to use
its good offices to bring to an end its war
with llreat Britain. This request came
through the Aineriean consul at Pretoria,
No answer has been given hy the state department.
M. ala-ri.Kia DUapitraranrr.
Chicago, .Tan. 0.—Charles A. Tracy, confidential bookkeeper for F. 1*. Bagley t
Co., mn11.1a- dealers, bus disappeared.
25c. 50c.
To any ntcdy mortal, who can't afford to buy. we will mall a box free.   Addroi Sterling Rtmtdy Company, Chicago or NtwVo*.   IM
In   Medical    Science,   Wonderful,
Astonishing, Yet
mark.] True.
By the l.iIriMluctl.  1 .n the m»r,',»l field, ol our most wnmlerful "A DROP?," * legacy ol
lliolllmiM- ' a   ••     I . ru lir.|ii. .     1,   I tu ll'Blilllliil.     Sll fli-i I lit'   '.....? nlty   In   III!   loilKtT   tt tht
uifn-T el (i -. ,:t which li .ve alwa.-t d"Se.l the Bit til ot ths niedlctl utu'.f -Ion, for now "8
drops" f ties Uitta dtneaaaa, and haa robbsd tham o( Iheir ttrror.  Thit it truly a iiod-aiven
.1 m_.|lv, y, . ic.vimU.1 b\ mmi for Hit li.-tii-t'u in . -iffiji un; mortals, tnd will be imiuli-l down to
.'.niiiiin tti'iiertllon. tn tlie moat wonderful pnidiici'ini III medical sciencedurini; the Niiielecnth
I'l-iiiury.  Thia remedy '» potittraly curing more peopla dtiiy than all other rsmsdltt oom-
Mned.   Wc , Ih.i I -11 k a- the iii-m chuoh of It li in. t i« in iii nil Ita form*, lain 1 11.. Nenralala,
Aiihniit, in i.iiupa- tnd kindred .1 i-.a-c ts t ta*t of w hai thli remedy will do. It li hi
positively cnred In a slioil tiin." many who were bid-ildilcii for years; Others who could only
weik l.y iln- uae of cm tehee, tmi still oihei'■ w tut had been itiven n|i by competent phytlolani 10
lir. TliU 1. lio t-xagKcratluu. Wt liaie the e\ ideuce iu our poaaeealon In prove all «e aty aud
more too.
••5 I'KOrs" positively euret the  ''illowlnK diseases:   RBBITMATINM, XKURAI.OIA,
•OIATIOA, OTSPBPSIA,   SACKAilll),   H4Y-KKVKU,   1   \ I V I; 1: II, st.KKI' i.iss-
SKSS, mihviii'sm.ss, iik aht WKAKKIMS, TOOTH ACM K, 1:11; vru t:, 1 kkki'-
'Ni.  M'MHNKss, BltiiM lints.  III KK tmi KI1INKV D18BASKN,   and  where out
1 cuird by this remedy, tliey mav cured ot these diseases, fur it  fortlflee llu- system iitsinsi any
uliite atlack.     "1   hid il'.-" 1. the name and live drops lhe dose    lar|(c  Imltles (;_tXI doaes) pre
• Id by Mall or Kxpreis, tl HI, or six tioltles for J6.H0.   Simple Imttles, teitiilar price, tot., but foi
bt neat thirty dt.ia . ^m the dale of litis paper, we will send sample bottles upon receipt ol 10c
aeh.   No ou. ..11 a),  iiumi t   i. wi.ti'ti-niil  rem.-dv mini  Hie.  try ll.   Write tudtv.    igimu
mn  101 K. I.aka Street, Chlotfo, III.
For Gonorrlxi-% ami UM ffft I*al*t> Okur I
li Uie ONLY mtidkinr which wUl cure each
mailer how
NO CAHE   know ti  U haa ever feUed to cure, do
r how wrioun or uf bow tetag 9mmwObg.   Wwwfcs
from tto nar wilt arfoiilnh you.    It la absolutely aafu.
t* otrh'ture, and can be taken without too	
_ and detention from bualneaa   PRICE, tt.oo.
aate br all rvllaUe dninlgla, or e-ut prvpaul by 1
tiljiluly wrapped, on nvt*lpt of prii-c. by
pA»rf chkmraC 00., QMnfth nt
Circular mailed 00 n^juw*.
||_m> Hia «for unnatural
Irrllalluna or nloarttloat
11 • riatar..        ot mucoui memtiranaa.
I Ptr„ nta Conurfoa I'i*inl.'.a, aod not a«trlD-
f IviksChfuicaiCo  ,a»nt or aoltonoua.
"i*u r
"or aent io plain  wrapper,
by eipraaa,   prettld,  for
net, S-Vs.
tl un. or 3 bottli  . .
Circular aanl on raautet.
elief for Wp
>_^C,V.    S*nt/W«,lnpltln,aaalada
to-day for thia Book,eoataw.
lan tad TaeUmoalala of DR. _______-.__.
French Fetaato Pills.
The rotton crop is estimated by the!
statistician of the bureau of statistics
in be un unfavorable one.
I'lllMlllK  ■(   AI..H.-M...
Sterkalroiu, Cape Polony, .Tun. 4.—Tlie
linen have attacked Moltcno nnd a brink
action took place.
No man is strong enough to do wrong
with Impunity.
Take l_tittlve Rrtimo Quinine Tablet) Al
druaalnta irfund the money if It fall, lo cure
a W. Orove'a alamatura la on each hot.
The assessed valuation of property
in Illinois this year In 1208,425,884 In
excess of that o   lust year.
HiiiiK your children
up on It.
rAMrPD   ,f   Curable
W/\nV_/CIV WihwttlKOtsrfKilfe.
Addrtee DR. NEWKIRK. ifuiuii*ln Home. Ida.
WJTfffllM JUL tllli FAILS. ,_
^i Syrup. Ta«toaOiK«L Dae
Bold br druaal.t".
"V **
horsed by n\e
tfeti*** Faculty
Hai Stood dve
35 Ycarj Expericna
,- la Blue
ifrinoh Drut Co
Weak and
Worn-Out People
fan aesnrs hetllh tud mrriiirih   call do
It quickly hy using
Moore's Revealed Remedy
It contains no dangerous drugs-It ha.
a ulcasatit taste, ll t bottle tt drugglM*.
t*w mtytm m ■ a aa*.
ONE FOR A DOSE.   Cure Blek Headaehe
aad Djtpepttt, llemore rtm,-la.an.l Purify lb)
Blood, Aid IUacitlou andPrertnt Hillouana- Df
not Gripe or Sicken. Toconrlnee you ,wt will ma.,
•ample free, or full box for HSo. DK. BOSAHKO
IO.. Fhllarfn.. P.ima.   Sold h» Urunltts
1TII IIINilPilai. prodopa molatura and o»ua. kohlng.
This form, aa wall aa Blind, Blaedloior Praindltf
Pllae ara ourad by Or. Boen nko'aPMe Remedy
Stop. Itoliina and hla.Tlna- ADBorba toaora.jHeS
-- ilata or aant br mall. Treatise fret, write
Till, fin iu, an wall aaBllnd.Blaad.atorl,_
Pllae ara ourad by Dr. Boan nko'a Pile Rente
Stop, itolilna and bl.eili-if.  Ahnorlx mnanr..  10   _
Jar at ilimiula or aant by mall. Traatlaa fnt. write
m. about rotir aaaa.   1>« ROSAWKn.Pkifi^*.
No. a, 1800.
IK. N. V. ******
ma sjxn ■•jm-''.'rm,<**»*% '^2—
Ot>*t9£Q   OR   IN  ARREARS   A
I  m.iiK  nnoss   WILL
IK YOUR SUBSCHli'TJON IS DUB but it will hardly serye tins i tun .
Tho local Unions must have help
from tho outside Unions, as, being
part of the Federation, they must likewise provide help should a like condition of affairs ur.se (south of the border.
Are Wfeat   You 4^ Jkoolcing:
Come and See our HEAVY TOP SHIRTS for Men,
Women.       *     *     *     *     *
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JW*#f be ™™v iN TH1S
i.i.. i ii ii a * • .....»♦« '* *'
Tfie Wm. Hunter Oo., I<tcl.e
Silverton,    _B.   C
18 sizi Crescent streets, with Walt-
ham style ca^es nt $28.00, guaranteed
to keep good time for three years.
The somc^with P. S. Bartletts movement at $13.50
v' •-■• v -■ "•     •,,   ' Deuber Hampden 23 Jewels,
ftyd li|V j ykT$tudes my Kijow  Denber 0randi    Elgin 17 Jewel8i
"of I cry oi) Owl on t)er bfM)f,     R    , 21 j8WeIli
YEARS. I      i      t      i      t
Stock of esses in the Province.
Ilk Gold Plain, Engine turned and
Engraved — The Jaa. Boss filled
ca3es. — The Deuber filled caseii. —j
^fhe Imperial 25 year cases. — Ladies solid gold watches with plain!
and set cases.
Stock of Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and 'Opals in the Province.
Call and get prices at
NELSON, B.  0.
The centre of tho Eight-Hour
storm has now shifted from this district towards Victoria, where the
Silver-Lead Mines Association has a
strong lobby at work. In the face of
a hostile house they will seek a repeal
of the Eii>bt-Hour law. In the
present Legislature their efforts are
doomed to defeat.
Then, in vase of a probable dissolution of the Assembly, we may
expect a red hot campaign throughout
the province, fought between labor
organizations and the capitalists Thi*
also can end in only one way, in the
sustaining in power of the party
pledged to the Eight-Hour law. That
wili be the question upon which
candidates, Liberal, Conservative or
Independent, will stand or fall.
In the meantime the idle mines of
Sloqau will remain idle. The opposing
parties here can come to no settlement
as long as the Silver-Lead Mines
Association see any chance to obtain
legislation favorable to them in the
near future.
Unless Ihe Setfllin Government can
show a better front than they have as
yet this session, the people will welcome a dissolution. As long as then
remains a chanco of upsetting the
Government, the present intolerable
state of affairs iu the Slocan will continue. Give tho electors a chance of
showing the Silver-Lead Mines As
sociation how unimportant it is politically, nnd the rt-Hour trouble in tin
Blocan will be over.
Outsido Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
Cun Have Them Reserve-} By Writing To—
+ t * -        t + t  -     t
SILVERTON, - • B. 0,
Oa: CovLrse
3TOVL   swore
p*f*t snaa-oDs:-
Saatgr and
When You Break Those
Resolutions Come  Andf
Look Over My Slock O
jaccos„ dsc-
EA8T and .        WEST
First-Class Sleepers on ail Trains from
TOURIST CARS   pass Medicine Hat
Daily for St, Paul.
Sundays and Wednesdays for Tok-
Fridays for Month is a i. and Boston.
— 8a* .e cars pass Revelstoke one day —
 earlier. ——
B. O.
And General Real Estate Agents,
©fllce Id Bealey Block    .   -    linker Bt.
NELSON,   B, 0.
SILVERTON,       -      -      -      B. C.
Tho election of Julm Houston a-
Mayor of Nelson ii an indication 't
what would happen in the event oi »
general provincial election. In spin
of the opposition of every corporatioi
in Nelson, the stronghold of the Mini
Owners, the friend of lubur wo .
Mayor Houston, we salute you.
The open alliance between tbe
Dunsrauirs and Joe Martin has already
cost the latter many friends throughout the Province. It had been
expected that Fighting Joe would vote
against the Government, but in the
face of his Labor Day speech at
Nanaimo, his open couflabs with
Turner and Dunsmuir are disgusting
to tbe labor voters. The actions of
the ex-Attorney-Gencral savor too
strongly of personal spite. He should
remember that he holds bis seat as s
representative and that his constituents are not in league with the
Dunsmuir clique.
j. m. McGregor
Por the North, Revelstoke, and Main Line,
7:80 ex'Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 16:20
For Rossland, Nelson and  Crows Nest
Branch and Boundary Country,
10:20 ex. Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday 13:(.0
To and from Sandon.
18:00 ex Sunday lv Silverton,
ar, ex Sunday, 10:20.
Tickets issued through and Baggage
—checked to destination.	
For rates snd full information apply to
nearest local agent or
H. H. REEVES, Afent, Silverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
A. G. P. Agent, Vancouve
For Sale or Rem,
Hotel Id Silverton.
Apply t*— MaOstnutTHiot,
Nllvrrlim, II. C.
■j--; ' ", 	
Oeneral ftcig&t and Transfer
Contractu large or small taken
And promptly attended to.
Stables iu SILVERTON, B   O.
TXiTatch and
XD epairer.
* vtmt»
Visits Silverton
(Leave Your Orders at The Lakk-
view HoTEt,.
E>. JM. JBrinclle,
rhe Jeweler,
The Nelson Miner takes exo- ptii.i
to thut clause in tho constitution of
the New Denver Miner's Union thut
says that mining is a hazardous
business, claiming it is not a dangerous calling. Oh no! The handling^!
dynamite, which every miner must d
daily, is not risky, a« can be seen by
tho stand tho Miner took on th-
presence of tho powder houses in
Nelson. Does the miner take any
more risk thau an oflke clerk? Why
of course not, the risk from a falling
roof, caving wulls, giant powder, bad
air and rotten timbers sre onljJ little
incidents in a miners daily lite that
makes it worth living. Tho risks are
so slight ihat he should be willing to
work for nothing just for the pleasure
of knowing that he i,.- alive at (he end
of his shift. That should be pay
enough for any miner. The Nelson
Miner knows; it is an authoiity on
mining and fishing.
I :•; Headquarters For Mining Men :-:
Orders Mt at News Stand will
attended to.
The pubHc are cautioned uiralnst cutting or removing any limber from within the boundaries of tbo Marcli Mineral
E. B. Phaser,
i Bilverton.
Tbe Sandon Mining   Review  hss
sgain shifted its lines of attack on ihe
Miners' Union and  is now   hurling
some patriotic columns   among   tbe
enemy,    The Review bas   broken cut
in several spots.   In the first  pi,ice it
tried to show that the Legislature had
no right to shorten hours and  forbid
the sacred    right  of contract.    This
was before the Conservative Convention at   Kamloops had endorsed  the
law.    Then    the   Review   took   the
stand that the Unions were in fault in
enlisting miners who  were not above
the average, evidently  wishing  these
men to go to work and  break   up the
union of  the better men.    Then  an
agitation to cut out  the penal clause
of the law was begun,   an.  effort   to
keep   square   with   the   Silver-Lead
Mines  Association   and    tbe 8-hour
Conservative  plank,   and   lately   we
have been     hearing   how   wrong   the
Unions were in  resisting the   importation of aliens    The  latest, possibly
not  thc   last,   stand   taken   by   the
champion of the Association is possibly
moro  ridiculous thin   the rest,    The
Western Federation of  Miners is an
alien organisation!     And  what about
the S-L Mines Association?     Does it
not takes its orders from  residents of
Great Britain and the   United States?
The Oddfellows is an alien  organisation; tbe   Workmen, the Knights  of
Pythias, the Typographical Union, and
many others have headquarters out of
Canada.    What of them?   There '- no
disloyalty among their Canadian members.
The habit of covering n«uos with
the Union Jack is a well-known expedient of the party to which tlie Review itlitur owns political ul^uia.QQo
Dec 30—Lorna Doone fr, rcnobscot,
Dominion No '2, Bostock No U. Jan 3^—
Diamond Cross.   8—Coin fr.
Dec 28—A.E. ?„'. F L Byron to E.
Dower, Dec 21.
20—Francis all. .1 M Donnely to C H
Stratton, Nov 16, $150.
Jan 3—Snowdrop and Silver Key fr
)i, T M Clements to D A Van Doru, Oet
Clara Moor, ij', Mary Modem ents to
same, June 10.
TwiliRbt and Storm \t\, C McNicholl to
same, Sept 18.
Clara Moor, Twilight, and Storm X£,
Snowdrift n,nd Silver Key fr., D A Van
Durn lo A S Reeil, Dec 2<J.
4—Return, I'M Hayes, C Hammond,
M C Monajfhan to Payne Mining Co,
Dec 30.
Continual hi, 3 0 flutler to V Liehscher, Doc 10,
Re|)oater ri, F L, Byron to (i A Jackson, Dec 12.
Alert }.j, D A VanDorn to B Kneebone
Oct 4.
5—Rockland and Rustler, G T Dover-
eaux makes oath that Geo LaDuke did
not hold a license between June 5, 1807,
atjd June 30, 189S, Oet _J1
Rockland, A M Johnson mskes oath
that George LaDuke bad a license issued
to him at Trout Lake Cily on June 4,
1897, on Dec 7.
Ji:OttB,HAllMMIR.\,   Tnip.
NOTICE :—"Tioek" "Deadwood
"Bland" Howard Fraction" awl "fi-
OM Fraction" Mineral Claims, Kituate
in the Sloean City Mining Division of
West Kooienay District
.'"Nitii'ii.- No. iil.f'C'U, intend, sixty ilny*
,,; fuiiii tli ' dale hereof, toapphr.totlie Min*
\ii\r Recorder fur .-» (^ritncnte of Im-
provoinenif, for lhe ptiiposo   of obtain
in« Crown Grants of the above diims.
Ami fniilmr l.i'ii- nolioi   Unit    selio:.
Where located.'-On   divide   between  on«l«rwctmn :I7.-itio*i     p commenced
Nortli Fork Lemon Creek nml Spriimer, ,,,;',re! ""• •* ' ""v "' """'I'   Cwtlflcate*
Creek about 7 niileH from Sioran Citv   ' °» Im,Pv' Vellioilt*
Tnke  Notice that I,   F.   C.   Green,   of       Datid tlijl Hill dov'of SeptMliliCr, A. H
Selsun, r-tinf! a» agent for the Slocan   ISnu.
Owing.tp a rediielion in miners' wa^ee
cauned by the enforcement of the eiirht
hour law, tho miners are all idlo and the
mines have   ahut down.   Therefore all
workingmen aro hereby warned to keep
away from   the  Sloean   and   Kooienay
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles are  amicably  settled   between
mino ownera and miners.
Sandon, B. C.      W. L Hauler,
June 2ud. 1899.        Secretary  Bandon
Miners' I'nion
3. M M. Benedum,
Prea. Silverton M. II
J. I, Mcintosh,
Secretary,    Silverton
Miners' Union,
Lake Gold and Silver Mima, Limited
Fret Miner.a Certideate No 014,255, intend sixty days from the date hereof lu
apply to the MiniiiL' Rem rder for (Vr-
lifiea'es of Improvement, for ibe purpose
of obtaining Crown Grunts ot the above
And furher take notice Ihst action
nnder section 37, must be commenced
before Ibe issuance of nich Ci rtideates uf
Dated this 14th day of November, 189 >.
F. C, Gun, P. L. S        .
25-11-90 i
lv Andkkbon.
::   io. | og
Notice:—"BritNami•" Mineral Claim,
situated    in    Iho     Slocan      Mining!
Division  of West Kootenay District.:
Where located:—On Four Mile Creek,
about three and a half  miles from ita
ne nth.
Take Notice that   I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of Silverton, Free Miner's Certificate No,!
B14U86, as agent for The Wakefield Mines.
Limited, of Silverton, Free Miner's Cer- I
tilicale No. 18938a,   intend   sixty iluvs j
from the   date hereof,  lo apply  lo the
Mining   Recorder  for a Certificate of
Improvements, for tlie purpose of ob '
tiiinini;  a   Crown Grant   of tho above!
claim. |
And further take notice tbat  action
Undr Motion 37, must   bo   commenced   I
before thu issuanco of   audi   Certificate
ol Improvements,
Dated this lOthday of November, 1H90
Fn.iNci.s J, O'Rkii.i.v.
18 |11 | 99
C V. RT I FI C A T !■; () V " IM FFt (7v KM E NTS
NOTICE:— "ExciiiNoi:, Silver Pi.atk,
Skoci'm, Victoria No. 4 and Waia
Mioernl ClaiuiHj situate in the Slocan
Citv Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located :—West of Davton
Creek, u mile souib of Rpringcr creek.
Tuke notice that 1,3. Murray McGregor,
acting as agent for the New Gobi Fields
of Brilich Columbia, Limited, Free Miners Certificate No. n212!)7, intend sixty
ilays fr m theilate hereof, to apply to
the Mininp Recorder for a Certificate ol
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining aCrown Grant ol the above claims.
And furibor take notice Ihat action
under section 37, muit be commenced
before tbe issuance of snob Certificate o
Dated thls21st day of Peptemhor, 189U
J. M. McGreooii.
25 I 9 I 90.
Use   None   But
The  Best!
Try ft—Prove I.
Daigle's Black-
smith Shon.
(.'('Ill Till  llliK'liHIUilllillg
• • •     and Repairing Doie.
NOTICE:— "Exciianob," "Brokkr,"
"Hi.mh" and "Cit.wo No. 2" Mineral
Claims j aituatoin Ibe Arrow Ltike
Mlnlus Dlviaion of Went Kootenay
Where located :-^On the north aide of
Cariboo creek, about oni hulf 'inits
north   of the   Millio  Mack   Mineral
Tuke notice that I, J I) Anderson. P. L
ty, of Trail, M C . iiciln  uh aflent for II,
I'  Forster Free Miner's Certificste N
TIIE SILVERTONIAN,   |2 a year   , 2Mli4, ami U. C. IVIJock,  Free  Miiier'a
Conveniently Situated near the
Railway Station ai)(l)Wharf.
Dining Room under the chargt of
Mi,-a bin Curlislo.
Tliblea supplied with all tho delicacies
of tho aeason.
HBNDRR80K4 GBTSHWG, ■ l'«o*^
HLOOAN CITY,   ....   B <^H


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