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The Silvertonian 1898-05-07

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 3 (InZt't &M
, . ,„ l,****-** 'WW ^t^J
$2 Per Annum.
a. a • a a a a.a a a a  a.a:a:a -a   a .♦ a^a »i4c*ca^
Job Work
Neatly & Promptly Doner
We can quote you bedrock prices i
• -a a •». a a a a a a a * . a  »-••«,-»•«• »"»o(a*)
Mollie Hughes flr«.( Being
Steadily Dev«hpet
1,1, <•»••'•• <■••• Appeal*4r-l«a»_-M«?
„!-„ SiiKt-l-Olher  Haws  In
-ml  •rooiw'  ths  Mints.
he Mollie Uunhes Rroup. of claims
litasteil directly on the shore of 81c-
I_.e shout one mile north of New
,-er. TiioN. & 8. railway crosses
properly, so as tar as frelttfjt rates
shipping facilities aro concerned the
ution ol the property is ideal. This
ip of d iims were oritfinally located in
I by tlie Hughes brothers Geo. and
■x, who held them for some six years,
■ ilthouirli they had several good
Brs for the property, the. refused to
■.Main* a ridiculously large price
Lie rim: tlie amount of work done;
King the mistake that more- than one
Epr-ctor has, asking an exorbilant
Be snd at last being obliged to sell
Btbont one tenth of the price asked
Binslly. About the first of tho yea?
E property passed into the possession
■if. Clever, H. T. Bragdon, Harry
Brran snd T. Avison who within a fen
■eifter their purchase bonded the
mit group of claims to a straw: Eng-
B Company represented by W. 11.
■difcnl.who 11 once proceeded, to put
(property Into Workable shape. They
■ilo;ng good work and pushing it
■um rapidly a« possible. Tbe prc-
■v cmv-'n of the follow irig claims, the
Bin Hughes, Idea, Real I lea No. 2.,
Hs'sthan, Kinkora, l'iuto and Trynn.
■io-p are three known veins on the
■wny. all ot wbi di have been traced
lpro<|D*et(*il along their surface and
■ a* lull «-; tin* Mollie  Hughes vein.
■ is the principal one and after
■<' the* group lakes its name. This
Bmns North Ewt at*! South West
■ia ii,'.!i of ft.,0, to the North, varolii! Miilih between the walls from f.itu
■n feet m.d tho streak of quails that
m<'* the psy ore, lying mostly ou the
win,; wall, runs from six inches t
■-' (ect. There are now being driven
ftouiitt I his vein, two tOJir.yis, one
me mill one below the railroad track,
■upper one being now in 8) feel and
ftpttted tn intersect tbe vein shortly.
■ one In-low- the track is in 5o feet
B a cross: ut w id lie run   from it if the
■ i* nut rut soon. There is lalk cf
■ting ii tunnel at the lake shore whirl.
Bn would iup the vein at a con.-Kler-
B'leii'.li. This vein ha bcsii pros-
Bed ilong its trend on the surface for
m 1500 feet hy a system of open cuts
Bilisllnw pits, everywhere allowing
Blipiartr. can-flag mineral, and very
B isssyi can be obtained from spoci-
■I selected from almost any of these
■ling*, They have now started to
Bs working shaft, tbat for timhoring
■ •ill lie a credit to the compiny If
Binusd down, It had reached a depth
Pfeet, when visited this week, and
Bbe l*i" "ii wm three feet of ore that
■-hiies-i !■ muni he exceeded even in
■ country of rich led-jcs. The ore
Bl Uken out is what is known as  a
■ m siliceous «r« carrying but v«ry
l«l*s<l, but literally splattered and
■M with urey copper, anurite, c»r-
■«leof itrey copper, native silver and
BrJ little galena and copper pyrites.
■ e char, ctir of tlio ore t irongb:oi t he
■> >• siliceous, thn walls aro good and
liusrtz (re* from  them.     The foriu-
■"'» -isnite for quite a ways up from
I •»■*•* hut chsiigcs into elate as the
Pis followed east, but notwitliBtand-
I*1-* change in  formation the vein
I*' from one formation to thc other
ll(>t-t sny displacement, cutting both
|»knil,-.   The next vein In Import-
P i« the Kinkora,    This is a cross
l" or in other words runs noarly  at
l-'n.li-stothe Mollie Hughes vein
i1-1' it must cross, but has not vet been
|cu to the junction or intersection of
ll*oveins.   It runs North and Botitl.
rJip8 Kant, laying entirely in u gran-
I formation.    This  vein  bus  been
P<l snd dii|? along its surface for pome
I'set showing a continuous vein curry-
I Psy  roek.   The vein varyiug from
I110 '0llr 'ect and the pay streak from
lmol.es to a foot.   There h_s been a
l»«driven 1)0 feot to tap ibis vein
rb nM <>« a stringer ten inches wide
f wtriiis good values in both gold and
P"'  Tliey are now sinking a shaft
P I down 30 feet and bas six inches
P"l ore.   a sample shipiueut of ten
I °' this  ore   gave   returns  of  202
Pw»nf silver and $7.80 iu   gold   per
r    he ore is dry carrying a littlo lead,
FT ol grey coopor, und   specimens
P'-'tl native silver are pleiity.    A
sample shipment of ore'is to be made
Q-ntrt.the Mollie Hughes velu of about
teh tous, and judging from the way the
ore la coming out the shipment ought to
be on lit way in • very few days. A
sample of ore taken from the bottom of
the Mollie Hughes shaft and assayed by
Howard West on Monday last gave returns of 4030 ounces, of silver aud $28.85
In gold per ton. This property Is undei
Ihe management of Air. Sandiford who
is ably assisted by R. H. II. Alexander,
Buperintendent and Joseph Pelou, Fireman. The force of men now employed
is 10 and the force will be enlarged as
room is made so that tbey can be norked
advantageously. The Mollie Hughes
group, although as yet not iu tbe sense
of the word a mine, i« a magniflcicnt
surface showing and if surface showings
and indications go for anything it is the
making of a mine, and a mine tbat is a
To Tho Queen's Birthday Celebration
The Mollie Gibson case is to be taken
for decision to the highest court iu Great
Britain. Last Monday an appeal was
made before the Full Court of the province at Victoria agninut the decision of
Judge McCcll.and tlie higher conrt must
now decide the issue. It is suld that the
coats in this suit have grown to an enormous sum, one Nelson firm of lawyers
acting merely as agents, havo a taxed
bill of $400, and seorching the records
has up to date cost $200.
Official Pnigmru For The "Jay— ttulcido
In   Nelnun   Of    Geo.   Oonper—
Other Celclirutinn Note*
Work on the Pine Knot commenced
on Monday last.
A contract has been let fur 100 feet of
tunnelling at the Emily Edith.
A bigstiikuis reported on the Two
Brothers claim on Lemon Creek.
The I'.i.-tii.ik is threatneing to
become a daily according to some ot our
Col. Frsser Superintendent of the
Galena Miucs paid Bilverton a visit on
Sam Thomas and W. Melutosb have
gone up to work en the I'iue Knot on
Four mile creek.
Charles Lirseo, foreman of ths Corn-
stock was in town Thursday, and re ports
tbe mine looking well.
The Mary Durham claim has been
found by the surveyors of the Mollie
Hughes to be un their ground.
The trail*ta the Wakefield mine is
now open, and Anders m A Brady's
pack train are making trips over it.
H. Clever and T. Au<o;i hive ro-
-takod the groiiud in disp'.re in the
Mollio Gibson case.    II -w «ill it end ?
T. Vincent lias secured a position nt
the CotQItOck mine. Mr. Vincent will
kiek with the Silverton Fo-tbull team on
the 2.lh May.
R. O. McConnell bat. upou farther
consideration declined the position ol
Piovinciul Mineralogist, aud will leave
(or the Yukon naxt week.
Since January 1st. tho United Sta'os
has" exported Silver tt2.802.5J3, .old
t4._B3.S21 and imported silver $«64,2i4
and i'old $40,353,832.
The cross-cut tunnel being driven to
tap the Cascade vein is now iu 95 feet
and Ml-eing pushed right along by the
owners, Wheolor, Kerr und Abercrotu-
Tho crosscut on the two hundred;fool
levjl in the Galena Mines, has not yet
cut the vein. Good progress is beinu
made, from 35 to 40 feet per week being
Tom Reed will leav.i for the Big Bend
country next w^ak*. where be will work
foi the Cariboo I'lacpf Co The company
aro to build twu mile's, of flnuio on S mith
Mr. Sindifonl. manager of the Mollie
Hughes property hoe gone to ihe coast
to examine a gold property, about two
hundred miles North of Vancouver, in
which his conn-any is interested.
For a successful kicking contest some
of our citizens should be barred. This
is necessary to secure outside competi-
ilon as it fc» well known that Silverton
produces som.i of the best kickers ever
In the broad jump tbe person who
jumps over 100J feet will be imprisoned
lor W veara for each and every foot he
jumps'ovcr tlie lOQO-foot mark.
It will not be necessary for tho teams
who are entered for the drilling contest
to bring their own boulders. We have
yot several left on the townsite.
Odds are (-noted ou the streets at two
to one in favor ol the pig against the
Hold, in tliu greasy pig contest,
Only those between the ages of seven
ami seventy are nlenible for tho mola-iies
and bun tuting contest.
Any ono participating in tpo shot-
putting will only bo entitled to ono pmo
should he loso the shot.
Contestants In the swimming races
muBt have their trunks checked »t tho
In the 100 yard it will not be necessary
to carry weights.
If large prizes and hearty welcomes
can make a success of a celebration, the
committee who have arranged the following program may rest asBurud of the
complete success that is to crown their
efforts for thc Queen's Birthday. Nothing
baS been leit undone which should have
been done and if anything has been done
which should not have been done, the
committee will have it undone.
It will be a day ol nierrv rioliqg. Ail
sort of noises, from thc booming of giant
powder to tho tunes of tlie band, will be
kept upend a continuous round of sports i Hie Ministers In regards   to  a
lead imports.
11 ni nt Thorburn paid Sandon a visit on
A littlo more work  wanted on our
streets.    >
John Werely, New Denver, was in
town Thursday.
Lake Ave. is to have good substantial
sidewalk laid on it.
The town of Northport Wash, was
destroyed hy fire last Monday.
Messrs Brand'and* Smith are developing the Coronation claim on Twelve Mjlo.
Flower growers from tho windy city
nre transporting Silverton soil to their
Gus Matthews of Three Forks, was-
shaking hands witli his friends here last
The talked-of militia regiment for
Kootenay is now being formed in Rossland, Nelson, Kaslo and the other Kootenay towns.
Catarrh Cured.    A  elenr  head  and
t>«ect   breath   secured    witli   Shilob's
Catarrh Remedy.   We sell 0 bottles for
$3 and guarantee absolute cure.   Sold at
The Silverton Drug Store, t
Ualqh Gillett made a triq to tbe bead
of the lako Wednesday to look aftea his
mining interests in that  locality.
Mayor Houston and John A Gibson,
of Nelson, are   in Ottawa interviewing
duty  on
aad excitemets is provided by tho able
The amount of money subscribed by
the citizens will be sufficient to reward
liberally the winners of the various
events and these amounts together with
what has been suhsciibed for the grading
and improving of our street for tlio occasion, shows tho hearty manner iu
which interest in the celebration has
been token by all classes of Silverioniuns.
That tho citizens of our neighboring
towns will embrace this opportunity of
visiting the silver town of Slocan Lake
is fully expected by us, and that the natural beauty of the town combined with
tlie gloriousness of the da> will be impressed upon our visitors, i? one ol the
looked for consequences ot the visit. As
Bobby Burns bus written, not exactly
about our town but what is very applicable :
**To see it is to love it,
And love out it forever;
For Nature made what it is,
And ne'er made sic anithcr."
Thc pro-rrani for lbs sports of the day
will be as folrow»:
In the morning will take place the
hunt races, conaistii.g of a double ard
stogie scull rai o and acanoc race; swimming and aquatic sports: In the afternoon in the ordar named will occur the
10J\ard JtMi.
50 yard prospectors' race.
11)0 yard hurdle rsce.
UK) yard boys' race.
50 yard fat men's race.
Sack race.
Standing broad jump.
Running    "       "'
Pole vaulting.
Running high jump.
Hop, s!ep and leap.
Putting lftll* shot.
Tossiug the caber.
In the evening a crand hall   will   be
held in the Bremner Block, and no pains
are to he spared to m ike this ono of the
events of tho day.    In the course  of the
evening will be held a contest  for the
best Highland Fling dancing for a  suit-
ahle prlas, and   prizes  nre   nlr-o   to   he
given to the   best lady and  gentleman
When it is said that upwards of $500.00
«il! be given in cash prizes among the
contestants in the above, it will ho seen
that competition should be keen in all
the events, and the interest of our visitors consequently increased.
The liberal actiqne of the railways in
granting a single fare from all Kootenay
points to Silverton. and making all tick*
ets i?ood from the 2,!rd to the 20;h, inclusive, will he appreciated and taken
advantage of by all.
Ollicial Programs will bo distributed
shortly by the BtLVlBTOSIaN containing
all uecosssiy information, und tho secretary, R. O. Matheson, will ftirnihh
whatever further information should bo
Last Friday George Cooper committed
suicide iu Nelson by stabbing himself in
the tongue. Cooper, it appears, was in
the habit of inflicting sonie injary on
himself in order to gain admission to
some hospital, nnd it is thought that
this was his idea in giving himself tlio
wound that caused his death.
Sanford Daigle, wbo has been acting
as blacksmith and tool sharpeiuer at the
l Comstock, is down  aud   will  open bis
blacksmith shop in town.
Assays on the ore being taken out of
tho Silver Chief, cue of the Comstock
properties, runs irom 531 to 1220 ounces
in silver per ton.
U. W. Barker the foreman of the Vancouver mine was in town last Monday,
he reports the mine looking well and the
snow g'.lng rapidly.
Mineral Glasses u. it U-UipuSSeSgelore
at the Silverton Drug Store, t
Stop that OotlgbI Take warning. It
may laa-i to Consumption. A 25c bottle
of Shiloh's Cure may save your life
Sold at
The Silverton Drug Stoic, t    ' Frauk R Strohm.
For a few days only,   110   feet front
ou Lake Ave., at one-half list price.
CROSS & CO,, Agents.
Foliowin_   ia a complete list of thc
ininiiig transactions recorded during the
week for the Slocan Mining Division:
Apr il 27—Hightower. Slocan Lake,
Mill creek, W D Mitchell nnd Alex McKay
April 2S—Harold fractional, Carpenter, R'.bt t*!oan
April 2!)—Florence Fractional, Goat
Mountain, Put Fitzgerald
Malvaua, Four .Mile, Gerald Gardner
April SO—Iludup, Silverton, Paul
May 2-Clifl" Fraction, Four Vile, E M
May 3—Carpenter crock, Frauk A
April 25—Lottery
April 28—Hard-lira pel, Handy, Clinton
April '.7—New Discovery, Isabella,
Lake View, Side Hill. Clinton
April 28—Lake Show, Keewatis, Ma
April 2'.i—Florence
May 2—Angelo, Belt Fraction, Ruby
Tiiirt", Kentucky Girl, Isabel FraCtiou,
i silver Cup, Bluo Peter Fraction, Comstock
May 3—Mis-oral King, I-'on Clad
A,.ril 26-Bockland «-,', Henry C
Wheeler lo Wm Ward Spinks. April 11
April 27—-LittleGiant J3', Geo Fair-
bsirn to Peter Grant, Jun 15
Little Giant \4, Peter lirant to Fred F
Liehscher, Feb li
Lake View W, Jas Santon to Chas J
Grant, Nov 30
April i;9— Copper King, Michi-an,
Faiih', Queen, agreement setting forth
equal slimes, R L Swnii, W. A Swan. F
W Wright. M Mat son
Same, j i in euch, R L Swan and W A
Swan to 1 niily Swan, April 12
April SO—Iron Glad, l'aglo Fraction,
Emily Fi'iili Fraction, Eagle, 1-5 in each
Patrick Daly to W E Rammelmeycr Dec
Same. 1-6 In each, F H Barllett to
sai""ro, Feh 12
Emilv 1". litis 14, Patrick Dalv to same,
Dec 21
Crescent. L 11 Bartlett to same. Feb 21
Mist t-j, 0 K Fraction .*_, F H Bartloil
lo same, Feb 12
Patrick Daly to Chas E Hope, transfer
of rntorest in a ditch on J I C and Emily
F II Batlett to Chas E Hope, snme
April SO
May 2—Cable }3, Jas Sauten to John
Jones, Jan 27
Dunodin )3, Jas Marshall to Thomas
Brown, Oct 12
Same !3,saiue to Duuean R Forbes,
April IS
Drown, Nov 13
April 22—Wild Deer, W W Freeman
and Jno Guthrie i Oro, British Canadian
Goldileld.i, Exploration, Development
and Investment Co. Ltd;  Valentine,
Frank Chapin, G W   Week  and  Valentine Wagner
April 27—Mountlna Branch, E D Dun-
April 28—Pay Streak, Vanity Fair
April 26—Mastidon
April W— I'nited Umpire, Siiuuyside
April 28—Littlo Bouauza, Caledonia
Fraction, Texas,Mountain Key Fraction,
April 28—Alum, St Albiii. Forlorn
Hope, Chespeake, ihxie and Bhlloli *..
ii A. McKINNON & CO,
.   C.
jbfeirefia riclise
_. 9
ft r
S,      I wouh
Spring Suit Patterns New on Hand,
_  i respectfully invito gentlemen to an oarly inspection of my
•   selections in Spring and Summer Suitings.
My prices will be found moderate,   f make it a point to keep thcin as     *
SB       5,
I   low aB is consistent with good material, good workmanship and  the care      •'
__* nml     .if I Anllrii     »!-. r. II ' _    * . .     *,.    <».-.t    Bk__    ll. ._. I'l I * _ f - •
•   and attention requite to get up thoroughly satisfactory garments
!     Liebscher, The Tailor,
%\ •>- ■     w
I  Lake Tiro avow. Silverton, 1.11
T0  ^» M--  JS-ES-VraPUIM:-
Silverton,       ■       -       -       -        B.C.
:•:    lleadiiiwrtcrs for Mining and Comiwrml; Mjn-,
Domestic aud Imported Wines, Liquors and Oigars at the Bar.
R. C
Hotel Victoria.
ii. e
W L Cahuvin to T hoy Tobin, T100l)
April 86—Ohio '(,, R 1 Kirkwooc to E
A Wells. (500
April 28- Susan 8 H,  Win  Harris to
<grnns hotel is new and neatly furnished,
Id.   lJLm   ^-ZxioTxrles-    _Prop... THE SILVERTONIAN,
R. 0. Matheson, Pub.,
Ob, Havana! What an odor Connecticut la raising In thy name!
It seems to be a peculiarity of French
srlmlnal trials thst the conviction pre-
eedes tbe prosecution.
A Denver saloon-keeper offers a printed war sous with each drink. Tbe song
probably Is enough to drive anyone to
When the ocean Is not big enough to
accommodate our new nary any longer
without crowding, we will buy another
ocean, that's all.
Tbat Hamburg astronomer who
claims to have discovered a second
moon must have used an unusually
large glass—a "schooner," perhaps.
conflict, and It Is where the commercial
spirit runs highest that the talk of wnr
Is loudest. The armaments of the great
commercial powers have never been so
large either relatively or absolutely ns
to-day, but this Is not enough, and to
England's special call for $120,000,000
for more war ships, France echoes
$100,000,000, Russia $70,000,000, (.Oft.
many quite as much, aud the United
States anywhere from $50,000,000 up
In special regular army nnd navy bills.
Recent statistics prove that tbe consumption of whisky throughout the
West Is steadily decreasing. Tbat
shows what became of the air ship.
American bicycles have become so
popular In Germany tbat German manufacturers are hunting for methods to
keep Americans out of tbe market.
We are constantly told that "Spain
has great pride." It Is fortunate that
she has. She doesn't seem to be overstocked with anything else, except lt Is
The modern folding bed and the sensational newspaper correspondents are
both employed for lying purposes, but
tbe similarity ends right tbere. Tbe bed
abuts up occasionally.
Ex-United Stntes Senator B. R. Bruce
Is dead. Next to Fred Douglass he
was the most conspicuous representative of the colored race lu America. He
served one term as Senator from Mississippi. Was born a slnve In Virginia
tn 1841. The tutor of bis master's sou
taught him to read. After the wnr bo
became a student nt Oberlln nnd finally settled ns n plunter lu Mississippi.
He was county superintendent of education, sheriff nnd held various State
offices before he wns elected to the United States Sennte. He was Register of
the Treasury under Garfield aud wns
reappointed by McKinley to thnt office.
Molilalia Company lo lie Ki-Iik-i.i--
porated In New York—In nnd
A run nil Ymlr—rriiK'ri-NN In Steven* County—"lews From llonilitnil.
A poet In the London Spectator has
excited tbe derision of the EnglUh
speaking world by rt*_arklng "I try to
remember tbe future." Yet bow many
people bave suffered disaster by carelessness In the matter of futures.
An Eastern advertiser prints a picture
of a campaign rooster over an advertisement, saying: "This Is the hen tbat
laid tbe eggs that we sell 16 for 25
cents a dozen." Tbat advertiser should
be arrested for a fraudulent use of tbe
Nothing cnn be more grnteful to the
American people than the complete
u na nl in Hy of the testimony borue by
all wbo have visited Havana to thu
fidelity and efficiency displayed by Consul General Lee In the disclinrge of his
delicate and responsible duties. Amoug
the last to offer his testimony ou the
subject Is Senator Gallinger of New
Hampshire, who said In a speech In the
Senate: "General Lee Is deserving of
the highest possible praise for the
manner lu which he carries himself lu
Havana. Cool and fearless In the midst
of difficulties and dangers, be never
loses sight of the fnct thnt he Is an
American cltlaen; nor Is he unmindful
of the tremendous responsibilities mil
duties of his position."
The. Cariboo hydraulic mine, one of the
largest on the const haa commenced operations for Ihe season of 1808. They
tinned on the water April 1 for the first
time this season, and are now running
night and day with a good head of water
From the report df Manager J. B, Hobson
for 1807, the following summary of the
MOBOn's work is taken: Total time occupied in washing, 111 days 17 hours;
quantity of water used, '223,41(1 miner'-!
inches; quantity of gravel washed, 840,-
180 cubic yards; gold product for season
8078 ounces; value of gold, $138,550.7!);
total expense of operating, $01,311.77; receipts for season's profits on stores, board
ing house, lumber, etc., $4022.01.   Th
is shipping ubout 05 tons per day lo
Trail smelter. The ore is being accumulated at the smelter preparatory to the
blowing in. which will take place after
the work of remodeling the plant is com
The  Seised   SnnnUl.   Stenmer  I.nilen
With Wnr Material.
I'.iiiliil HI ii ii wliter of siiiinlii i il-. by
Shot nnd Explosion—Volunteer*
ll Mined In Ihe States West of the
MInnuiii-I "Un?, lie Sent Aero-m the
Hold    the    I'lilll-i-iliiv
Special dispatches from Cadis, Ky..
announce that Miss Beatrice Cunningham of that place bas recently published a novel, the sale of which she Is now
accelerating by giving a kiss with each
book. She probable will do a fine male
order business.
Oscar Wilde is undeniably a wit,
even though he may be wicked. "How
are English prisoners treated?" some
one asked him after bis own release.
"Why," he responded, "England treats
her prisoners so badly that she does
not deserve to have any."
Tbere Is a bad atate of affairs lu
Cleveland. Ohio. The Plain Dealer reports a man ns saying: ".My cigar last
night cost me a dollar." "How so?"
queried his friend. "I smoked It nt
home, and my wife was sure the gns
was leaking and telephoned for a
A bachelor philosopher remarks tbnt
"no man ever wants to kiss a girl after
he has once seen her bold a nickel the
conductor has given her for change he
tween her teeth, while she gets her
purse open," and be further Intimates
that such a girl Is only fit to kiss a pug
dog. Of course bachelors are not always responsible critics.
A little girl In a New York school
•creamed at the sight of a mouse. The
children became panic-stricken aud
rushed screaming out of tbe room, the
teachers ordered a fire drill, a fire
alarm was rung in, distracted parents
fought to eater the building and save
their children from the supposed
flames. And all for one small mouse.
Rash Is the man that dares to laugh at
the feminine fear of a mouse!
With the return of the cycling season
when century runs by organized clubs
are of dally occurrence, the question of
permitting women to take part In these
long-distance trips is again discussed.
It Is maintained that century runs have
become athletic competitions, such as
require the utmost physical endurance
on the part of tbe riders, and that eou
Btltutlonally a woman Is not sufficiently strong for such a fatiguing test. Distinguished   medical   authorities   pronounce the task of covering so grent u
distance as a hundred miles in a day
awheel   exceedingly   harmful,   on account of the prolonged nervous nnd
physlenl strnln Involved,    for   which
women rurely possess   the   requisite
physique, and for other rensons thnt
physicians only can property    appreciate.  There are few organized runs of
a hundred miles In which some of the
participants do uot fall lo complete the
century.   This being true of men, It Is
by so much tlie more evident that women   should   refrain from the practice.
Aside from the Injurious physical results that attend century rhliug    by
women, the question presents another
view even more Important, that of (he
propriety of women engaging lu sueti
runs.   The example of wonieu at tending the ordinary open century run. iu
which the proportion of the    parttcl-
pant! Is rarely less than lifty men to
one woman, who rides generally without escort from early morning to late
night, in the common ruck, is not calculated to elevate cycling, particularly
among women.    Rather It litis a tendency to degrade the siiort.   The nei es-
sary or usual incidents nttendlug ecu
tury runs are not conducive to the cultivation of feminine graces and should
receive the stamp of disapprovnl by tlie
cycling public.   Resolutions condemning tbe practice are being considered
by bicycle organizations.    If   women
lnck tbe good sense nnd good taste to
determine this matter for themselves,
the men should determine It for them.
_______________________________     I
water supply  is from  a. ditch  17  miles
long, with n capacity of about 3000 miner's inches. The ditch connects with Pulley's and Bootjack lakes. The former
holds 304,000,000 cubic feet, equal to 140.-
741 miner's Indies, and the latter 102,-
000,000 cubic feet, equal to 75,000 miner's inches. As those lakes do not give
Sufficient water for a season's work, they
are now bringing in another ditch from
Mooreheaii, at a cost of over $100,000. The
reservoir site on Moorehead lake is extremely favorable for storing large quantities of water. An earthen dam 485 feet
long, or 50 feet extreme height, and containing 50,000 cubic yards of embankment, will retain a reservoir of water 35
feet in depth, covering an area of 020
acres, and will hold 550,000,000 cubic feet
of water, equal to 254,029 miner's inches
or 127 days' water of 2000 miner's inches
daily. The drainage area, ia sufficient io
fill the reservoir. The water from the reservoir will be delivered at the mine by a
ditch 10. miles long, tlie dimensions of
whieh aro 11 feet top, 5 feet bottom, 3
feet depth, grade 0 feet per mile, capacity
2500 miner's inches of water.
lloNton nnd "tin n tn mi.
Tlie directors have decided to change
the state of incorporation for the Jloston
New York, May 1.—Discoveries have
been made on the captured Spanish
steamer Panama which makes it very
Improbable that she will ever be returned
to Spain, whatever disposition may be
made of the Buena Ventura and other
prizes taken, says Uie Key West correspondent of (lie Herald.
The prize commission has discovered 200
new Mauser rifles and a largo consignment of swords and bayonets, besides a
quantity of fixed ammunition for the Panama's 4 14 pounder guns, which sho might
have used to blow her captor, the Mangrove, out of the water, but did not
The Panama's captain had refused to
admit that his cargo included any contraband of wnr. It is believed that S further
search will rcval ninny more weapons
and possibly moro ammunition. The prize
commissioners also found papers tending
to show that certain of the Panama's
passengers and old New York Spaniards
had heen actively engaged in plans for
aiding the Spanish of Cuba in getting
anus, ammunition and supplies.
The discovery of these documents lias
already led to an order from Washington
to hold aa prisoners of war a large number of the passengers of tlio Panama.
Some patriotic sailors and marines object because tho Spanish flag still flies
over tlio Panama, Uuido and other prizes
I of war.
After Qualt rough came ashore from the
Guido, having turned his prize over to tlie
United States federal authorities, one of
the marine guards hauled down the Spanish flag from the staff, where it Heated
under the stars and stripes and announced
his Intention of keeping the Spanish ling
as a souvenir. He has been sharply reprimanded and compelled to restore the
ting to its place as it is rightfully there
until tlie prize court condemns the ship
The only excuse the marine gave for his
action was that he did not think the
S|Kininrds should be permitted to fly their
Hag in Key West barber.
pacific   to
the poverninent The. house committee
on appropriations reported nn urgent je-
ticieiK-y appropriation of $35,370,025 for
the support, of the army. The house
agreed on the naval hill and it goes to the
Western Volunteer*.
Denver, May 2. According to Colonel
Yolkiimr, adjutant general of the Depart-
ment of the Colorado, the volunteers,
rained In the states west of the Missouri
will probably bo sent across the Pacific
ocean to hold the Philippine Islands.
Chicago, May 2,- A sped
,..,, _.   __.._ to the Daily
News from nshingtoii from Washington
says: The president nnd cabinet have rs
ceived information that the Spanish gov
ernor general of the Philippine islands hns
sent a Hug of truce to Commodore Dewey
This ad is interpreted to mean the capitulation of the Spanish forces.
Battle of ilniiiin.
Iiondon, May 2.—Details of the bntlle
of Manila have heen received nt the Brit-
ish  colonial  ollice.    They   came  in  two
cable messages received yesterday even
The first, cable dispatch announced thai
■ -    '*. i i	
ImIiiiiiIn  to  He  Placed   Under  United
siiiti-N Protection.
American fleet entered Manila harbor
reek yesterday, stationing it
Ihe forts opened
it Montaiui Copper Company from Mon-1
Una to New York, says the Commercial: CENSOR FOR  HAITIEN  CABLE.
Bulletin.   The new company has thc same I ________
capital stock and par value and has j I'nited State* Controlsi Commnnlca-
rhosen this temporary board of directors: tion With Puerto Rico.
Charles W. Welch, W. C. Taylor, Wilson 	
P, Miirehhank, John J. Hoaeh, Brooklyn} New York, May 1.—Brigadier Genral
Edgar DulTiiin, Newark; Janus Parker A. W. Oreely, head of the signal corps of
Jr., Jersey City; Edward J. Dwyer, New the war department ,is in tlie city. Ho
Vork, did not visit the army headquarters on
This change has excited no end of com- j Governor's Island, but Lieutenant J. F
ment on the street and opinions as to the | Miixfield, of tho signal department, was
reason lire divergent. One theory is that in conversation with him.
it means a merging with the llutte & Bos- j It was learned afterward that General
ton, thc latter being a New York com- IGreely assigned Lieutenant Mnxfleld to
pony.    Those who hold this opinion are j the duty of exercising censorship for the
before dayo
self op|s site the city.
fire ou the American ships, whereupon
they shifted position to Cavite, Manila
hay, engaging in a fierce light ngiiinst
both the forts and the Spanish licet. The
engagement here lusted two hours and
resulted in annihilation Ol the Spanish
fleet This dispatch adds that the Amer
icun ships withdrew to their magazine
vessel in the center roads for the purpose
of coaling. One American Vessel, name
not mentioned, Is said to have lieen (lis
Commodore Dewey requested the Brit
ish consul to convey a message to the
Spanish governor gem-nil demanding the
surrender of all torpedoes and guns at
Manila and the possession of the cable
offices, saying that unless the terms were
complied with he would proceed to bombard the city. Tlie first cable messKgc
ends with the statement that the Spanish
officials were conferring with the British
consul and telegraph companies and pending a decision lieing arrived at the cablci
were not permitted to handle messages.
The second cable dispatch announced
that, the Spnnish governor general refused
to surrender the torpedoes and guns and
tho cable forces; that he had prevented
the agent ol the telegraph company form
conferring with Dewey,. The message
ends with the statement that the British
governor of the straits Settlements ev-
•x-ctcd ii bombardment by Monday morning, when tlie Spaniards would cut the
New York, April 30.—A special to the
Press from Washington says:
When President Dole of Hawaii left
this country recently nftir his visit tn
aid in the annexation proceedings before
congress he carried with him the draft
of a bill which promises to make history
it is for passage by the Hawaiian congress and provides, in the event of a wnr
iii which the United SUites may need the
Hawaiian inlands for a base of supplies
that the islands shall be put under the
protection of tlie American flag.
It was prepared with the knowledge ol
members Ol the senate committee on foreign relations anil had the approval of tin;
adminsit ration OH certain conditions. One
condition was that it should not be submitted to the Hawaiian congress unless
there was u war.
When President Dole left tills country
war with Spain had not been declared,
but was deemed probable. No OondltioiM
are to he Imposed on the United States
should tho Aniediciin flag lie raised over
the islands. If a eonsideration was nam
ed an appropriation would be required
which would need congressional action
and probably cause complications.
A niajortiy of the senate and house are
in favor of the annexation of Hawaii an.I
the project has (ailed so fur mily through
hick of the neoes-airy two thirds vote in
the upper body. In an emergency the
president of tlie I'nited States can oxer-
ciso what is known as the "war power.''
He con accept the privilege granted by
the Hawaiian government for a Isiae of
supplies in tlio Pacific ocean und to guard
the island completely the (lag of the
United States would lie rais<*<l as u Uir-
rier against which foreign meddling would
not be permitted.
it would not surprise well informed national legislators to hear by the next
steamer from Honolulu either a confirmation or strong indication of the fulfill
incut of this important news. The opera
tions of Commodore Dewey in tlio Philip
pines are significant iu connection with
the expected establishment of S protector
The *i|imil»li   I,o»».
Paris. May 2.    Madrid advices say no | nte or sovereignty over Hawaii.
Spanish warships surrendered and that
the majority perished. In a dispatch from
.Madrid it  is estimated that  the Spanish
loss was 400 men killed.
Ilewry'*   Instruction*.
Washington, May 2. - Secretary  l^mg
A watchmaker vrhc brought suit for
divorce a year ago has been arrested
at the Instigation of hia wife thirty-
five times since then, and bas spent the
major portion of bis time In Jail awaiting trial on some frivolous charge or
other trumped up by the woman. Tue
poor watchmaker Is quite run down,
and wants this sort of prosecution
wound up at once.
One can easily see why Englishmen
-wish success to plans for the liberation of Cuba. Their losses through tbe
devastation of the Island are only less
grievous than our own. Scores of cotton and tobacco estates are owned or
mortgaged In England, and almost all
tbe money Invested In the Insular railways came from London. It Is with
English capital tint public works were
undertaken In a number of Cuban cities
between 1878 and 1894. No Interest or
dividend will be forthcoming on aay of
these securities until peace has been
restored In the Island.
It Is somewhat remarkable, when one
considers the matter, that tbe line of
fleers of the navy bave never asked
themselves what tbey would do some
day, with ships to command and no engineers competent to manage the motive power. Tbey are men upon'wblcb
heavy responsibility rests, day and
night, tn peace or war, and there have
been many Instances of mental and
physical breaking down. There are
captains, commanders and lleutmints
enough for the new ships, but no engineers, and competent engineers can
not be secured offhand.
Not since tbe opening of the century
_s« the earth been so far filled with
•tern threat and preparation for armed
A case has Just beeu decided in England that is of Interest in this country, for tbe circumstances are very lik«
those tbat have frequently occurred In
the United States, but which have not
reached the courts. The case was based
upon the charge of manslaughter In a
game of football.   The game was being played under the association football rules, which were designed specially to limit the hazard In playing the
game In question.   It was claimed that
the defendnnt, contrary (o (he rules of
(he game, charged the deceased from
behlud aud threw rim  violently  forward against the  knees of    another
player, from which he received Injuries
that caused his death.   Tbe judge held
that "tberules of the game were of little
consequence, for no association could
override tbe law In sucb a manner, nor
could lt make lawful and Innocent that
which was dangerous.   The law of the
land declares thnt lt Is unlawful to do
that which Is likely to cause the death
of   another,    and liability cannot be
avoided by the enactment of rules reducing the danger," aud the prisoner
was held for manslaughter.   The Judge
said:    "But, on the other hand, If a
man Is playing according to tbe rules
and practice of the game, and Is not
going beyond lt, It may be reasonable
to infer tbnt he Is not acting In a manner which he knows will be likely to
produce death."   In the heat of playing
the game men forget, In the desire to
win, to observe the rules tbat have been
adopted lu order to reduce the rink to
a minimum and do things that result
fatally to their opponents. Football has
become established as one of the most
popular of all our American sports, but
however lt may be hedged about with
rules It Is a dangerous game, a fact
that Is too well attested to admit of dispute.   The English case was brought
to put a stop to the lawlessness of tbi
game as lt bas been played at Rugby,
and lt Is probable that lt will be ample
to Inspire some respect for the lives
and limbs of men engaged In the spirited contests.
A petty politician always wants to be
taken seriously.
strengthened in it by the statement thnt
Charles P. Welch is a large holder of
Hutte stock. Some other people incline
tio the belief that tho Montana insiders
believe that they can make more money
by having a large share capital, say giving four shares of new stock for one of
old. Still others claim that the change
has been made so that the legal battles of
the company shall be fought in New York
courts rather than iu those of Montana
where the judges are too deep in polities,
in which also the Anaconda money cuts a
wide swiith.
At  Ymlr,   11.  C.
The mining boom has taken a great
spurt in Ymir during the post few dnys
;ind the town is full of experts anxious to
get hold of properties. Tlie great majority of these men represent large capital
both from thc United States nnd Europe.
There are several large deals on foot that
the Spokesman-Review is not now at liberty to make public, but will be able to
do so by the middle or last of the week.
Building continues in Ymir at a rapid
ra(e, and all buildings are occupied by
husiness men ns soon as completed. There
is not an empty business block in town at
present.   Tho town of Ymir now contains
III.mn  I'p by Hple*.
Fuston, Pa., April 20.—Tlie large packing houses of the Atlantic Powder Company, near Dover, N. J., containing high
explosives for thc United States govern-
._,„„_-.,. „,„ „__ ___,„ _,  up to Oilfi had not received u line from   ment, were blown up yesterday.
This fact, in connection with the report   ,,,p Astatic- squadron.    It would take in j    Two men were known to be Killed. Sev-
that an invasion of Puerto Rico is con-! much as three dnys to reach Hong Kong j era! arc missing and a number injured.
was re-1 ll u believed the British consuls have The explosion is believed to have Wen
orders to keep (heir government posted j the work of Spanish spies. B-Spicioui
nnd the first news not from Spanish characters hnd lieen seen around the
sources will he received nt the llrilisli for | buildings for several days.
government over the cable to Haiti.
tcniplnted  as well  as of Cuba,
gardede ns extremely significant in army
circles.   It wns said by an officer:
"It looks as if the placing of a censorship over the Haiticn cnWe which leads
to Puerto Rico means a blow at tho Spaniards in Puerto Rioo as well as in Cuba.
The seizure of the Spaniards, lm.se of supplies at Puerto Rico before the Spanish
fleet arrives would do more to kill their
operations on this side of the ocean than
eign office.
Commodore Dewey's instructions per
mit him to bombard Manila and if no-os-
sury to take posussii n of the islands, hut
he is not to do so unless the city's harbor
troops operate offensively against him.
An  \iik-i-ii-iiii Protectorate.
New   York,   May   2.       According   (o   n
Wheat    lluiitnllnna,    Wool     Klaurra
•nd the Price of Prodaoo.
anything else that would be done.    The ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
preparations to transport troops to Tampa j World cablegram from Singapore, the pol
means  that  the actual  invasion  of  the I icy of General Aqulnaldo, leader of the
Spanish possessions is not to be put oil
until after the rainy season."
Some Hunter of His Captor** on thr
lli-ali   Sena by the Spanish.
New York, April 30.—A dispatch to the
World from Paris says:
General Woodford, accompanied by Mr
Sickles, his secretary of legation and tho
  naval and military attaches will soil by
200 people, but it is safe to say that the J La Tourainc today (Saturday) from Hav-
.umlier will be more than doubled by the | !• ft* New York.   They will go thence to
It is (-Miniated
Philippine insurgents, sfter ths islands
Following are the local quotations.
Wholesale prices are given unless otherwise quoted:
Wheat nt the warehouse - Count iv
points:    Club, bulk,    7.1c; sacked,   78c:
have been captured, embraces tlie [nde- j bluestem, bulk, 70c;  sacked,    78c.    At
pendence of the islands, external affairs J Spokane:   Club, bulk, "He; socked, 7tk';
bldsotem, hulk, "He; socked, 80c.
to Im' controlled under American and  Kit
ropoan advisers. Temporarily nt least the
insurgents desire nn American protectorate on the same lines proposed for Culm
'Ilie   scheme   Includes   free   trade  to  the
Outs -At Spokane, f. o. b- -lh-.
Rye—Country points, f. o. b., 66@70o
per cwt.
Hour - Per barrel, $4.
world,  safeguards  against  the   influx   of j     liny--Timothy,     |9.fl0($10    per    ton;
Chinese   aliens,  complete   reformation   of, wheat liny, $H; nl fulfil, ?0.
first of September next,
by conservative mining men that at least
1000 men will Im* employed in (be various
mines nround Ymir before (he first of
•Inly. There are at present about '.(Ml
miners employed hy Uie Porto Rico, Dundee, Ymir, Nebraska Qlrl, Jubilee, Klise
Tumoral*, Salmon River and Porcupine
und one or two other companies. It ih
stated on good autliorily that the Ymir
mine alone will employ 200 men as so-ti
us their -lO-stamp mill is put in operation
The Snnlii llnnn.
The tunnel in the Santa Rosa a promising property on Santo Rosa mountain
in the Rossliuid district, has come into a
fine body of white quart? that has lieen
pierced for nine feet with no signs of tlie
hanging wall in sight. The ore curries
considerable iron sulphides mixed with
copper, and satisfactory assays have been
received from it. Tho tunnel on the Santa Rosa is now in a distance of 225 feet.
Thr   Missouri   ( liilm.
An important mining denl bus just been
consummated ot Chewchih, Wash., by
which the Hay State Mining Company acquires the Missouri claim near brown's
hike. This claim was the property of local and Spokane mining men. It is developed by SM feet of tunneling. The
main tunnel tups.(he ledge ISO feet from
the surface, the ledge at this point being
aliout six feet wide. Tlie ore is copper,
gold nnd silver and ussnys well. The new
owners intend commencing work in thc
near future and will sink a winze ut the
face of the tunnel, going down on (he
lodge. This company now owns four
claims in thut district, nil of which nre
more or less developed und show good ore
of the wimo gencnil character ns the Missouri. The claims are about five miles
southwest of Chewelah, nnd nre easily
nccessihle by a goc.d wagon rood.
Thr War KnitI.-.
The War Eagle mine at Hosslnnd, B. ('.
Washington. Mrs. nnd Miss Woodford
will remain in Paris for Uie present. Thc
recall of General Woodford was highly
unexpected and orders were only cabled
to him last night
If Genral Woodford is captured, an interesting but bold question of international low will lie raised: "Are ambassador*!
persons and dispatches contraband of
Tendered   I.eadernhlp   of   thr   luiir-
trrnth  New  York  Infantry.
New York, May 1.—Colonel Frederick
Dent Grant has telegraphed to the Fourteenth regiment armory in Brooklyn that
he will accept the leadership of thc regiment.
His messnge wos in reply (o a communication from tho regiment's nomination
committee inhuming him that he was its
unanimous choice for the place and asking him if ho would accept
In   I'i-iiii«) lvnnln.
Mount (!retna, Pa., Mny 2.—To Camp
Hastings, the present homo of the Pennsylvania national guard, trains from different parts of the stale yesterday
brought in over i"*000 excursionists. 'Ilie
only drills toduy were gunrd mounting in
the morning nnd dress -Nirnde in (he evening. Tomorrow the real business of inspection and muster will begin.
IncrciiH.-il    HiirUliin   llonr*.
Topekn, Kas., May 1.—The Santa Ke
rnilrond officials have given notice thnt
commencing Monday tlio working time of
all shopmen on the system will lie increased 15 hours per week. This Will in-
cretino tho pay roll .'17 per cent
The wine product of Prance in 1875 hns
never been cipinllntl.
the corrupt judiciary, free press nnd pub
lie utterance, religious toleration, the ie-
inovnl of restriction on enterprise, the
building of railways, nnd gciicrul encoiir
ugeinent for Investment in the country.
The Spaniard* have eommitted s mas
sucrn   of   the   defenseless   populutiou   of
Cebu City.
Irish  ( .mm nl n In Hi.na
London,  May 2.- The   Pnmellite mem
Im-i-s of parliament sent the following dispatch to President McKinley:
"In the nnines of millions of Irishmen
(hn  I'mncllitc members of ihe  house of
commons   send   congrul libit ions   on   the
brilliant victory of Ihe American fleet.
In (In- s.-niii.-.
Washington, May 2.—In the senate, nf
(er tho chaplain had offered thanks for
Dewey's glorious victory nnd prayed for
a speedy nnd triumphant close to tlu-
war, the revenue bill wns referred to the
finance committee, nnd the conference report on the nnvul appropriation bill wus
agreed to. The senate receded from its
amendment to pny nnvul officers for pnt-
ented inventions used by the nnvy. The
hill to give more iiulhority to the army
(■unrtermnsU-r's department in time of
war whs passed. The senate pussed the
wnr  emergency  deficiency  appropriation
bill. The senute fiiinncc committee practically decided to eliminate the tonnage
(ox feature of the war revenue bill to
avoid irritating European countries. The
seiuiie adjourned to Wednesday.
In   Hi.-   iiiuHc
Washington, Mny 2.- Mr. Livingston of
Georgia Introduced in the house today n
resolution extending the thanks of congress to Commodore Dewey "for eminent
skill and valor exhibited hy him and his
squadron in the recent engagement, re
suiting in the gh rious victory over nnd
dest met ion of the Nixuiish fleet ut Manila." Chairmen Cannon, of the appro-
house pnssed the urgent deficiency hill up
propriiiting nlmut $.1(I(I,(HM),(H*0 for war
expenses,    lt wns explained that (he vol-
onteers would be paid from the time they
were cnllcd und  the expense from their
homes to (he place of enlistment borne by
Eggs   Hunch, I8.7604JS.
Wool—Fine medium, 6($7c per lb; medium, fifd tic per lb.
Produce— Fancy creamery, 40 nnd Willi tubs, 2Hc per lb; 5, 10 nnd B0 lb tubs,
'.He; prints, 27<828o; California butter,
20®_6e- country butter in rolls, 20@23c
per lb; cooking butter, 10c; cheese, twin,
full cream, ISQUqj cheese, twin, skim
milk, DJ(n;10e; mnch eggs, $4(5)4.25;
honey, white comb, 13J@14c; fancy, 15a
per lh.
Vegetables Potatoes, aooi Me per ewtj
cabbage, 75c per cwt* turnips,   75c   per
ewt; beets. 75c per cwt; onions, |1.60_l
1.75 per cwt; Wns, l.(n 1] per lb; sonn-li
$1.10 per dozen.
Poultry—Chickens, live weight, 0@10e
per lb; dressed, ll(6>12c; turkeys, live, 11
@12c; dressed, 12@13c; ducks, live, 10c;
dressed, ll(o>12c per lb; geese, live, 10@
He; dressed, 12@12}c.
Meats—Beef cows, live, VtQSM   per
cwt; dressed, $0f(i0.5(»; steers, live, 93-39
©3.50' dressed, $8@8*80' hog**. livc> *,','7;'
(«;0; dreaied, $7f-*.7.50; mutton, live, 4W
4jo per lbi lamb, 12.o, wholesale.
Portland, Mny 2. -Wheat—Fusion
Walla Wnlln, !i:if>r05e; val!:*y and blue-
stem, 07f«l)Hc *ier bushel.
Tacoma, May 2,--Wheat—No. 1
05c; No. 1 bluest em, $1.
Sin   Francisco, Muy   2.---Silver
50'lc;  Mexicun dollars, 40(Vr>40Jc.
Unr si'ver, COJe.
Lake copper—Quiet; brokers', $12.
Lend   i.iuiet, brokers', $3.50.
WI-K-niiMln   I'ntrliitH.
Milwaukee, May 2. ~ Bet ween 20,000
und 26,000 people visited Camp llarVey al
Ihe state fair grounds yostei'duy, where
the Wisconsin national guard art enoan-P'
In i n <l l ii n n.
Wdlanapoiis, Mny 2. Over 50,000 people visited Camp Mount during yesterday
morning lo see the national guard.
Asia  is the largest continent, hnving
10,000,000 si-nine miles. Ill El
HlilllS Are Expected to lleacli Puerto
III,... May 7-l'l>l'*« Niniiiilrnn llu*
,„ ,v,.,|   Order*,   Pre*uniulily   to
Join Ailmlial SiiiiU>»on-Anotlier
,.,1/e tiniliired-Hcildy lor the
Washington, April :iO,-A cable was re-
-oived this morning that the Spanish (or-
l.oiilNliinn   Volunteers.
New Orleans, May 2.-  The First rcgi-
I Went Of Lonlsiana  volunteers under Col-
onel Stevens wem into oarap al the race
; rack yertei-doy. The second regiment
j "ill follow tomorrow ami will make up
I more thnn the state quota.
Orders are supposed   to  have  been re-
j Wived last, night nt camp detailing three
wmpanles of regular infantry to the forts
along tlie gulf coast
(.',|„ boats A/ore, llayo and Ancle sailed
[-,'„ nmriiing from St. Vincent for the
Canaries. Two of the Ix-uts were towed
|,v transports and  it  is  believed ure go-
in» for lupalrs to tlio damage received In
Iho collision yesterday.
\n\ictv is felt as to tlie dcstitnalion of
the inure formidable part oft he fleet which
nailed for the west yesterday, if headed
for Cuba they will likely roach Puerto
•;j,„ about  Mny 7th.
Heady   '"■'  """  Simnlitrils.
"\,w Vork, April 30.—A Special (o the
Herald from Wushiiiton says:
Immediately following the receipt of
ofliclol Information announcing the de-
iinrtiiie of the Spanish fleet from St. Vincent sailing orders were issued the Hying
squadron under command of Commodore
These orders aro the result of the dis
i n-sion of (lie nnvul war lioiiid of the
ntratcgetical considerations entering into
the departure of the Spanish fleet. Naturally the greatest secrecy is observed but
it is generally conceded that the proba-
i.ilitiis point, to an Immediate junction
ni the armored vessels under Commodore
Schley nnd those commanded by Rear
Admiral Bampeon, nnd the placing ol this
formidable force nt the central position
where they cun promptly resist nny lit-
tack made by the Spanish Beet either on
tin- American coast or on the blockading
squadron sun minding Cuban p rts.
win Destroy Raw natterir*.
New "link. April 30. —Another bombard
Imrdineiit of Malaiiziis will probably follow if <'enor-ul Blanco makes nny at tempt
in replace the batteries demolished by
Admiral Sampson, snys the Washington
correspondent of the Herald.
Official dispatches from Admiral Sump-
non received ut the navy depart merit tell
briefly of tin- bombardment. The only
explanation he makes for the attack ou
the Miitini/as fortifications is that he dis
covered the Spaniards were erecting heavy
glltlS there and he doomed it expedient t"
demolish (hem. He adds thnt the Purl
tan will be sent hack to Matun/as with
1.hliis lo destiny any now batteries that
may lie constructed.
Wild  NiuiiiImIi   Scheme.
Now York, April .10. A dispatch to the
Herald from Havana saysi
It is rumored that —enrol Padra has
Rniohed a plan for conquering Florida. It
will Ihi pri-scnted t>> the other general"
for their opinions before it gOOS to ltlunoo
fur final approval. A part of the nrmy is
being organised for tin- Invasion "f lior
Another   Prise.
Now Yoik. April SO.—A Key West *|>e
eiul says the  Dolphin Captured the S|sin
i-.li s«h 1 suici I ...He otT Havana harbor.
Oft"  (or  Tniiipii.
Chattanooga, April 'In.    The Ninth eav
aliv und Sixth infantry left, Cliattuiu- gi
on -jus-inl trains for Tampa this morning
80 far as.can be learned no more troopi
will  be sent south  from here for several
d.iys.   Qoneral Brooke seems to think his
command is here for some time, us he
granted permlarion fur a large portion of
11 io participate iu the parades in Chattanooga  next week.
order* t„ i(|„i,„ companies.
Hoise, May 8,     (lover..or Steunonborg
lias again ordered the companies of Idnho
militia enlisting ns volunteer organlsa-
ions to leave for ll,.iso as won as possible. It is expected they will all he here
by Ihursday night. The Itoiso company
has already gone into camp on govern-
ment rations, and Company A at Caldwell will start tomorrow 'to n
unroll   to
We sre UMrttna in the courts our right to the
I   nm%i_U_%,9._!_ C°Td  " CAS'l'OKlA." Biol
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I fac simile Hijjnature of CIIAS. II. l'l.KTCHKR 011
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CASTORIA" which has been used In the honieti
1 of the mothers of Ametlcu for over thirty years.
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(he kind yoi, have always bought, and has the
.igniiliire of CIIAS. H. FI.KTCHKR on the
\ wrapper. No one has uuthoiity from rae to use
1 '.iy name except The Centaur Company of which
ihas. 11. Fletcher is President.
March 8, eXy,.       8AMUKL PITCIUfR, M.U
A big battleship has on board an else-
; trie plant capable of lighting 11 town of
."■lion Inhabitants.
• IOO   IllUAHl).  If 111(1.
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Madrid Dlayatohei Tell of the ihir-
Ink lOulriiiiee of the American
s.|iu,,l, ,,,,, n,,. Annihilation „f ,|,,.
Helm, Mnrln, Christina nnd the
Caatella, the Crl-iiiling of the
MunilHiiHo ami l llu.. mill lireul
Ilium. Kc lo Other \\ a rah I pa.
The efTort  to make sugar from  beets
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The death penalty is rarely enforced in
Uermany, Austria, Denmark or Bweeden.
Aner being swliidlnl hy a" ntliers, send usaiamp
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The   property   of   the   Presbyterian
chltroh  in  the state of California is esti-
matisl at 18,000,000.
A   II. ...in. ,1   Plot.
Atlanta, Qa., April 80. -Qovernor At-
kinaon has received u letter from James
I).  Long, of Good   IIojm', saying  Spanish
spies were planning to wnsk the bridges
and blow  up the  trains carrying   ti(Mi|vs
to Ke\   West.
We will forfeit JUKI if any of our pub
Uahed testimonials an- proven to be no
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in  the spring cleanse y.uir eysiem by  using
Dr.   I'luiiil.r'H  Oregiin   lilnod   l'uiiher.
viiliiult- Toward llnvvntl.
Washington, April '29.—It is understood
Ihe Hawaiian minister hns boon advised
that this country will not change its policy toward the Hawaiian i-lands pending
congressional action on snnesatioa,
t haaeil   liy   Spaniards.
Toulon, France. Mny 1.    It is said the
American yacht  Ramouna, on her way
to Marseilles, has Im'oii oha-eil into Saint
Impo/  by Spanish  warships.
"ler-iitnit   Mllllla.
(hosier, \ i.. May 2.   Governor Qroul
haa culled an extra SOMlOU of the legiala
lure May ."i to provide funds (or the soli
nislcnee and tninspertntioii of Vermont
troop*. The state militia will lu- mobilized mi Sunday, May 7. at Battleboro.
The finest -looking people of Europe nre
tin- Tziganes, or gypsies of Qungary.
Ni-.irly 10 |H-r cent of the population of
Siberia are Rusalan exiles.
Dcware of "cheap" baking powders. Alum makes
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i.. i
(  N  I
Lisbon, May 1 — 11 p. ni. -Reliable news
has been received hern thut the S-wnish
fleet was completely defeated off Gavitc:
in the inner harbor at Manila, Philippine
Madrid, Mny 1.-6:20 p. m.—Advices
from Manila say that the American
Squadron under Oommodoro Dewey np
peered off the Hay of Manila at 5 o'clock
this morning und opened a strong cannonade, against tlie Spnnish squndron nnd
forts protecting the harbor. Tho Spanish second cIuhh cruiser Don Juan de
Austria wus severely damaged and her
commander was killed.
Another Spnnish vessel wns burned.
Thu American M-uudmn retired, having
also sustained severe damages,
A second naval engagement followed In
which the American squadron again ruf-
fered considerable loss and the Spanish
warships Mindnno and Ulloa were slightly damaged,
During this engagement the Cuvite forts
maintained a s((*ndier nnd stronger fire
upon the American squadron than in the
first engagement.
Admiral Iterniojo, the minister of marine, has expressed himself as highly
pleased with the heroism of the Spanish
marines and 1ms telegraphed the congratulations bo Admiral Montejo and Ihe vigorous crows of the Spanish squndron under lire of superior warships.
Straight From .Manila.
8 p. m.—Following is tlie text of the
official dispatch from the governor general of the Philippines to the minister of
war, (laneml Correa, as to the engagement off Manila:
"I^ist night, April 30, thc batteries at
thc cntrame to the forts announced the
arrival of the enemy, forcing a passage
under the obscurity of the night. At
daybreak tlio enemy look up positions
opening with a strong (ire against Fort
Cavite und Tardenal. Our fleet engaged
the enemy in a brilliant combat, protected by the Cavite and Manila forts. Thev
Obliged the enemy, with heavy loss, to
maneuver repeatedly.
"At (1 o'chs'k the Americans took refuge
Is'liind tho foreign merchant shipping on
the east side of the bay. Our Hoot, eon-
sideling the enemy's superiority, nadir-
nlly suffered a severe loss. The Maris
Christiana is on lire nml another ship
believed lo lie the Don Juan de Austria
wns blown up. There was considerable
loss of life. Captain Curdaro/a, commanding the Marie Christiana, is among
the killed.
"1 cnn not new give further details
The -|iirit of the nrmy. navy and volunteers is excellent-''
-ii.iiii.-io   Admits   111"   Defeat.
Madrid, via Paris. May 1.—The time of
the retreat of the American squadron behind the merchantmen was 11:30 a. m
The nnvul bureau ut Manila sends the following ro-Kirt signed  Montejo, admiral.
"In the middle of the night the American squadron forced the forts und before
daybreak appeared off Cuvite. The night
wus completely dink. At 7:30 o'clock
the bow of the lteina Marie Christina
took (ire and BOD after the poop nlso was
burned. At 8 o'olock, with my stuff, 1
went on board the Isle of Cuba. The
Keinu Maria Christina and the Castilhi
were then entirely enveloped in flumes.
"The other ships having been damaged
retired into Raker bay. Some hnd to be
sunk to prevent their fulling into tlie
hands of the enemy. Thc losses are numerous, notably Captain Curdurzo, n priest
und nine other persons."
< inIin   "a  VU-tory."
London, Mny 1.—The Madrid correspondent of the Financial news telegraphing
this morning says:
Tho Spanish ministry of marine claims
a victory for Spain because the Americans were forced to retire behind the merchantmen. Captain Curdurzo, in command of the Eteina Maria Christina
went down with the ship. The Spaniards
fought splendidly. There is great anxiety
for further details.
t'rimhtiiK  Ili-frat   of  s.iiiln.
London, May   1.—Dispatches   received
from   Madrid  stale  Hint serious lighting
bus occurred off Cavita, Philippine islands. While it is quite clear thut the
Spanish Squadron has suffered a crushing
defeat, the dispatches leave unclear (he
Intensely Interesting question whether the
American squadron has suffered material
damage. All news thus far conies from
Spanish sources, but it seems evident that
Commodore Dewey has not captured Manila. Unless he is nhlc to mnke another
attack nnd capture the town, he will he
in un awkward pot*ition, having no ha-e
upon whieh to retire nnd bo refit.
probably, therefore, the United states
squadron will be obliged to make for Ban
Franeiseo, as Ihe entrance to Munilii bay
was heavily mined with torpedoes.
Driver's <;reot  l'lurk.
Acting Admiral Dewey displayed groat
pluck and during in making for the inner
harbor.    According to private advices re
calved from Madrid, thn United states
cruisersOlympla,Balelgh and two other
vessels, the names of which are not given
entered the hurlior.
No dispatches give details as lo the ves
sols actually engaged on either shlo.
It. nppenrs to l*o> incorrect, thnt the
American ships dually anchored behind
the merchantmen on the oast side of (he
bay.    lt. should lie the west side.
Probabilities point lo the second    on
gugonient occurring through   the    Spaniards trying to pro hi' the landing of the
American wounded.
Reliable details can not he had until
Commodore Dewey's squadron is able to
coinmunica(c with Hong Kong. There
is. however, n   suspicious    frankness    in
(he Spnnish dispatches that savors of the
intention to break unwelcome news to
the Spaniards. It is not likely, however.
that Commodore Dewey wMI renew the
II III)    \elVK   In    l-'riiin    Millie....
London, Mny 1—Midnight.—The second
seiliim of the Madrid dispatch reporting
the engagement off Manila buy hns just
been received here. It shows that there
Was "serious fighting off Cavite." Admiral lieriiiejo, iieoording to the dispatch,
bus wired congratulations (o (he Spnnish
nuvy ou the behavior of (he warships
ugninst superior forces.
No eonllrmntion has la-en received here
of the dispatch from Madrid us to the
fighting ut. thu Philippines irom any
source. Neither the Keuter Telegram
Company nor the Times, nor the Daily
Mail, hitherto tlie only source of direct
information from Manila, have received
a word on the subject.
All  Spain   li nl>.
London, May 2.—Dispatches from Madrid dated '-:~0 a. m. say tho city is now
tranquil although the mounted guards are
patrolling ull the main streets. At the
theaters, cafes and in front of newspaper
offices last evening the people loudly lamented the unpreparedness of Manila to
resist the American warships whoso attack had long been expected. Te Madrid authorities are determined vigorously
to suppress all street demonstrations.
us im mi
Crimea and Caanaltlea In All I.amU-
Paraarapha Aln.nl l'ruiiilm-iu
Persons— Bualneaa Conditional In
Uriel—Peculiar Incidents He-
corded hy "llnii*/ Observers.
The number of lives lost in the snow-
slidcat. Chilkoot Pass, Klondike, will
reach 100. Sixty nine bodies have been
John Jacob Astor, president of the
Findluy, Fort Wayne 4 Western railway,
has offered to place his road at the free
disposal of the state government of Indi-
ii nn for the movement of troops and supplies.
There are no orphan asylums in Australia. Every child who is not supported
by parents becomes a ward of the government and is paid a pension and placed
in a private family, where board and
clothing are provided.
It is reported from Harboursville, Ky.,
that five more murders liave resulted
from the Maker-Howard feud, among the
victims being the wife and two children
of one of the participants. The murderers fled to the mountains.
Sir Charles Dilke says that England
will not allow Spuin to search British
Twenty-three Canadian militiamen ut
Toronto bave applied for service under
tho Spanish ling.
ruin-, ui the entire business district! Tho Pope has been chosen arbitrator to
nothing but ashes remain. More than 401 settle tho boundary dispute between Hay-
buildings went, up in smoke this morning j " ■»"• Snn D'-m-ngo.
Dozens of people are homeless todayi!    tadianapolta judges und state official*!
hnve nsked tho president to call out .ri00,
I'lre ItiiKi-N lu the Heart of the Husiness  Ulstrlet.
S>bI<-iii (liilli |'|i hy America's Greatest   Medlelne.
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Hitpnrlllu, purchased the Itrst bottle, und
1 began tnklim It. I continued the use
of ihe medicine according to directions.
The result was a strengthening and toping up of my whole system. In a. short
lime after I began taking It I was a'jle
io lay away my pipe, unit 1 have hnd no
desire for the use of tobueco since that
time. Mood's Sarsnparilla thoroughly
pufined my blood nnd drove ull the poison out of my system, lt has made me
a new and free man. Uefore taking It I
tried many times to give up Hmoklng,
and took many pn partitions with the
hope of regaining my health but all these
attempt* tolled. My health Is now po
good lhat 1 do not need any medicine.
"J. R. _r*9*ADDBN,
"Brownsville, Wash."
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Charm nf WashlnKton  Society Is In
the Variety or reople One Meets.
Northport,  Mny 2. — Northport  is  In j
scores nre penniless. Of nil the buildings
on the flat but two arc left standing —
tlie Spokane & Northern depot und Hendricks' store.
Late last night, some careless smoker
threw the stub of a lighted cigarette on
the carpet in the little tailor shop behind
Madden _ Riley's saloon on Fourth avenue: there it smouldered. At 4 o'clock
this morning Humes shot up through thc
roof of the building. Ten minutes Inter
a little crowd of excited men was struggling desperately to chock u roaring Tire
thnt licked up thc dry buildings as if
thev were tinder boxes. For three hours
the tight with the Barnes went on.
000 men us n peace move.
A Paris dispatch snys thnt not a single
French ]«i>er or a single Frenchman sup
ports the United States.
The Kock Islnnd (111.) Arsenal has been
ordered to provide complete equipment
for 75,000 men for field service.
The Ohio legislature hus designated Toledo as tlie place for holding the Ohio
Centennial Exposition in 1!H)'I.
Tho Atluntie naval division of the
French northern squadron is under orders
to cruise constantly in the vicinity of
Two unidentified bodies of men, sup
wind, which was scarcely breathing when I***1 to hnvp Wrn '"'"''If'ed. were found
the first  blaze  wns seen,  came rushing ■ *"     >»*'': ""'" ''■" ■"   ! ■'' -"■ "i"'-   ^
fatter and faster, sweeping the tliimes first |
one wny. then another, through the heart |
of the town.
Every man and boy in Northporl did
his ls-st, hut all together could do nothing. To throw water on the Humes was
like sprinkling a furnace; to tear down
a building was but to give the flumes n
quicker chance to leap across. So fierce
wns the hent that, with the poor appliances nt hand, it soon became almost im
possible to come close enough to fight the
lire at all.
The calamity fulls with more crushing
force because of tho high rates of insur-
nn e that have bi-en maintained. In hardly any instance has property been insured
for more than a fraction of its value, and
for do/ciis of loesea there will Ik* no In-
BUrance at all. What the total loss will
Is* cnn not now be reckoned with any accuracy, but if it is covered by si'100.000
everyone w ill Is* glad it it is no worse.
Jny Tnrre>   Addresses the Killers  of
Ihe   >«rllini'»l.
"I am just finding out the chnrui of
Washington society, which lies in tlie
grout variety of people one meets, and the
interesting topics discussed when there is
time to tnlk," writes "A Cabinet, Member's. Wife," in the Ladies' Home Journal. "At home everybody hnd known everybody else in society from the cradle,
und we did not have much but ouch other
to talk about, but os 1 get to know people
here, nnd go to entertainments outside
of the official round of duties, I begin to
understand why so many come to Washington for residence who have no business,
official or domestic ties in the place Its
rather nice not to have people know just
how much you pay your servants, ond
when you bought your last piece of furniture."
Stockings were first used in the 11th
century. Uefore thnt cloth bandages were
used on the feet.
The sense of touch is dullest on the
Washington, April 80.—Mr. Jay I* Tor
rey, who is to organise the second regiment of volunteer cavalry among the riders and marksmen of the northwest, has
sent the following letter to those who
will recruit tor that regiment:
"My Dear Sir: You nre herby authorized to tenure the names nml addresses
of those who may wish to enlist for two
years, unless sooner dischaigea, as troop-
erM in Uio Second regiment of United
states volunteer cavalry. I regret to say
that there was no compensation or allowance made for this preliminary work
Ttaopers must be over IS and under 40
years of age; physically sound, of good
character and habits, horsemen and
"As wc. nre to fight for the same cause
und divide the sunn* rations, it is of the
greatest Importance we should nil be
good, true men.
"l'leiiM. Impress upon mm who propose
to enlist that we shall wink every day
nnd fight when we get a chance and
hence do not want any comrades other
thnn Industrious patriots.
"I am taking every precaution to secure
arms, hoi-.es and equipments of the first
class  in every  particular.   Bespeaking
your very earnest im -operation in organizing n regiment in which it will bo a pleasure to serve, a source of pride to our
friends nnd a tower of Strength in upholding our ting, I am
"Very ilnoerdy nnd truly yours,
Roentgen ray experts expect to do val
liable service in ease of war by locating
the positions of bullets in wounded men
Dr. John Guiterus, the yellow fevei
expert, has declared that there is no pros
cut danger to be apprehended from tin
disease in Culm.
John Seott, one of the oldest resident*-
of Sandoval, 111., committed suicide Tues
duy afteriioon by hanging himself from ii
tree  near his home.
The threatened Apache Indian uprisin»
in Oklahoma bus boon averted by the nr
rival nt Fort Sill of a company if the
Seventh I'nited States cavalry from Arizona.
I)r. Guiterns says that the Cuban army
und leaders nre anxious to serve under the
direction of the general commanding the
United StaU*s army of oooupntioii.
Mgr. Sntolli. Iho former papal delegate |
to the United States, says that three year' I
ago he foresaw and foretold the wnr be .
tweon the I'nited Stutes and Spain.
Professor Qoldwln Smith says that tin
war will end by the United States tiiking
Cuba nnd Panto Rico nnd probably hold
ing the. Philippine i-lands for au Indemnity.
John A. Logan. Jr., has received author
ity from the war department to enlist at
Chicago a regimen! of cavalry. The work
of i rgunizing has lu-en progressing several
The Missouri state superintendent of Insurance has levied $_.'t'l.'104.17 tuxes
against foreign insurance companies doing
business iu the stnte on $11,(H)S.210.*H!)
premiums  receive.
A dull, throbbing pain, accompanied
by a sense of tenderness and heat low
down in the aide, with an occasional
shooting pain, indicates inflammation.
The region of pain shows some swelling.    This is the first stage of ovaritis,
inflammation of the ovary.    If the roof,
of your house leaks, my sister, you hava
it fixed   at  once;
why   not pay tlie
same   respect   to
your own body ?
Write   to   Mrs,
Pinkham.  Lynn,
Mass., and toll her
all your
Her expert-,
ence in ,
treating \
female ills
•s greaU-r
than any other living person. The following from Mrs. Annik Crims, Ticon-
lerngn, N. Y., is proof of what we say:
. " For nine yeurs I suffered with female weakness in its worst form. I
was in U->'. nearly a year with congestion of the ovaries. I also suffered
with falling of the womb, was very
weak, tired all the time, had such headaches as to make me almost wild. Was
also troubled with leticorrhoan, and was
bloated so batlly that some thought I
haul dropsy. I have taken several bottles of Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, and several of her Blood
Purifier, and am completely cured.   It
Hull lights hnve been arranged in all thei to    wo_de_ to all thttt T got welL"
larger towns of Spain, the proceeds to be
devoted t.i the national defense fund. Gen
oral Weyler is to be sent to Cuba in coin
maud of nn army corps.
The governor of Massachusetts hns sent
a communication to the legislature advising the passage of a hill to permit iu
SUrancC companies to issue policies protecting property that may lie in danger ol
Arbor day was widely observed through
out Pennsylvania In accordance with the
governor's proclamation.   That state was
the flrsf  to take up the question of tree
protection,   siiu-o   which   over
trees have Ih'oii planted.
The United stntes navy is likely soon
to have torpedo l-oat* nf nn entirely new
pattern. American invention has devised
a now kind of vessel nnd two of this kind
ure building according to the Becor patents at the Becor shipyard in Brooklyn
N. Y.. nnd will be launched in a few days
In the Becor boats there nre no fire boxes
or screws. The fuel is burned directly in
the cylinder, nnd almost the entire bent
energy is utilized in propelling the bout
whlcfa Will make tremendous speed.
To Prison for Life. •■•■„, republican state committee of Mill-
Madison Wis., Mny 1. -Will It. Bstor I neaota has called the state convention to J
and William Fuller, two robliers, ail-ltod ' meet   in   St.   l'nul   on  June  90,   and  nt- I
at Waukesha for the murder of un aged I ranged at thut time United Stntes Bene-
couple und burning their bodies nt lllack ! tor Cushniaii K. Davis lie Indorsed for re-
Earth Wednesday night, pleaded guiltyIelection.
to the crime here yesterduy.    They  were |     A currier pigeon service is being organ- I
sentenced to life Imprisonment [Und al tha Itrooklyn navy yard. Fanciers]
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Cleveland Oil«Paint Mfg. Co.,
... MANWrACTTJIlEI)   BT ...
(.old   (if   I  iililiirtiln.
Son Francisco, May l. Chsries Q, Yale
statistician of the San Francisco mint and
the California mining bureau, reports that
wiiii jjiod birds have been asked to aid
the piveinnieiit   in establishing the  new [
messenger sen Ice.
James Adam--, a protninent  funnel  and '
stock   raiser  of   Richmond,   Ky.,  ha~  lithe gold output in California during ISO" j signed lo Walter Bennett, president of the |
was $l."i, 181,401.   This is |1,310,161 lessI Madison National bank.   Ldabllitlea, <S4,-1
thnn the product of lsftfl. 000j as-ots. nhonl $35,000.
 The   prince   of   Wales   presided   at   the
Mlnaeaota's Quota. 'council of ministers which drafted ('rent
st. Paul, May '..   The Minnesota nn*IHrltaln'a neutrality proclamation,
tional guard in camp nt the st«to (air     At a linge mass meeting in Trafalgar
grounds spent yesterday in drilling and square, London, the course of America in
listening to various band concerts. Nearly   the Spanish ulVair was heartily comincinl
every railroad entering the city brought ed snd cheered
in excursion lata bv the hundreds.
Is It Wroag?
Get It Rifht.
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W.saVa H*T-sl.rt Ra-ioj will doll   Thl-M
Sesst will maks son Isel bstMr.   Ost It rism
r«n 4rucftat m sur wholeisls drug boos*, w
fraaa tMwut _ -dim-* Or u« (*• , Sssttls.
riir true.iik nml liicsllist noli* or Hllvnr
»M   or  Inirli'il treasures.   St.  D.
fOWI.Kit. H"S "BTHoiillllliIHili I'olm
The tympanum is really n drum.
Ostrich eggs weigh about three nnd a
half pounds,  ench
in, us
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Fire Insnranee and General Agent.,
o*xc*MINING UlllllilltS   *..
CmWSole agent for Silverton Townsite.
NOTICE-" J. I.   C.'v Mineral   claim,
situate in thn Slocan Minion Division
of West Kootenay    District.    Where
located:—North of  Fonr-Mile creek,
about two inilos from Silverton, 11. C.
|   Take notice that T, Charles K.   Hope,
Free Miner's Certiflc«te No. 072*91, intend, sixty davs from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recoiderfor a Certificate of   Improvements,  for the  pur-
pose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.   And   further take notice
that action, under section 87, must be
rnininenced before the isHiiancojof such
Cerliiicato nf Improvements.
' Dated this 15th day of Febmarv, 1898.
Chah. E. Hope.
NOTlCE-"A__na Fraction" Mineral
- Claim; situate in tlie Slocan Mining
Division of West  Kootenny District.
Where located;—North of  Four-Mile
creek, about two miles from Silverton,
B. C.
Take notice that I. Charles F. Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 97291, inland, eiaty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim. And further take notice
that action, under section 37, must he
commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 10th day of Kobruary, 1898.
('has. E. Hopk.
NOTICE-" Emily     Edith"     Mineral
Claim; situate in  tlie Slocan Mining
Division of   West Kootenay District.
Where [located :•—North of  Four-Mile
creek, about two miles from Silverton.
B. C.
Take notice that I, Charles E. Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No.  97291, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
•apply to the Mining Recorder tor a Cer-
.Iflcato oi  Improvements, for Uie purpose of obtaining a ("roan Grant of the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
above claim.   And  further take  notice I --—.    g~^     -_,-^--   "a* J"fcTtT
Unit notion, under section .17, must be. JtV* vJr»  i^I Ju/lv HPLJr-^l-
cominenoed before (lie issuance of such !
NOTICE—"W.II. R.'» Mineral Claim,
situate in tli6 Slocan Mining Division
'.   of  West Kootenay District     Where
Ideated'—North of   Four-Mile creek.
about two miles from Silverton, It. C.
Take notice that I, Charles K. Hope.
Free Minor's Certificate No. 97291. intend sixty days fro n the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder (or n Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown (.rent ol tl.e above
cl.ira. And further tako notice that
action, under section Wi:' must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements".
Dated this 15th day of Febmarv, 1898.
Chah E. Hopk
NOTICE,—"Moliawk"mincral claim situate in the si H-an Mining Division ol
West Kootennv District. \\ here
located: On Four-Mile creek, a*"'!
ulioiit two miles from Silverton, 15. C.
Tako notice that I, Charles E. Hope, free
miner's certificate No, 97291, intend
sixty days from the date hereof to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ot thn nliove
claim. And further tako notlco that
action under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this loth day of February. 1898.
Chas. E. Hopk.
"Compamkb Act, 1897."
Canada: )
Province op British Columbia, f
No. 80.
THIS 18 TO- CERTIFY that "The
Wakefield Mines, Limited." is authorised and lloeuced to carrv on business
within the Province ol British Columbia,
and to carry out or efl'ect all or nny of tho
objects hereinafter set forth to whieh the
legislative authority of the Legislature
ol British Columbia extends.
The head ollice of the Company is situate in Scotland.
The amount of the capital of the Company is £100,000, divided into 100.COO
shares of £1 each.
The head oflice of the Company in this
province is situate at Silverton, and
David Bremner, general manager
of the company, whoso address is Sil-
veerton Hluresaid. is the attorney for the
The objects for which tho company
has been established are:—
(1.) To adopt and carry out, with or
without mollification, an agreement between The West Kootenay (B.C.) Exploring nnd Mining Compuny, Limited,
of the first part, und Hugh Moncrietl',
Solicitor, Glasgow, as trustee for and on
behalf of 'this company, of the second
part, dated tho 15th day of February,
1898. providing fur the purchase by tbe
company of the whole undei taking, property, nnd rights of the first party, including the mineral claims, mining und
other rights in British Columbia, together with the' plant, land, houses, buildings, funds, elfecte. and other assets
whatsoever and wheresoever of tho first
party, all as referred to in tho snid
(2 ) To carry on the business oi miners, mercliiints, agents, si ore-keepers,
farmers, stockmen, (trusters, carriers,
transport agents, builders, contractors
nml brickmakers, and any other kind of
business which may seem to the compsny cajiable of being convcnieutlv carried on in connection with the above.or
calculated to develop,enhanco the value
of, or render prolitale the propcity and
rights of the company.
(3.) To acquire by purchase, lease, or
otherwise, such lauds, mines, works,
buildings, easements, machinery, plant,
und stock-in-trade, and also any concessions, claims, licences, patents, trade
marks, monopolies, rights privileges or
authorities of and over mines, mining
rights, land, mineral properties, water
and other rights iu British Columbia Or
elsewhere, a- may bo necessary or convenient to enable the company to carry
on its business, and that either aim ilutu-
ly or conditionally, and either solely or
•jointly with others, und to explore.work,
develop, curry out, exercise, aud turn to
account the sume:
(4.) To acquire bv purchase,   concession, lease, hiie, ('barter or otherwise, or
tu erect, construct, carry out, maintain1,
improve, woik, coi.trol. und superintend
any roads,   ways,   bridges,   machinery,
works,    houses,    railways,    reservoirs,
water-courses,     tramways,    aqueducts,
Wharves, furnaces, mills, quarries, pits,
crushing Works, hydraulic  works,  elec- j
trical, chemical and  mechu.uii.al  works,
fiicioiies, warehouses,  steam  or  sailin.
ships, boring, hauling or other machin-l
eiy,   appliances, or engines, and othi'i {
works unit   conveniences  which wa> ■
seem directly or indirectly conducive to!
any of the obj"Cts of the company, and!
to coiiirilitite to, subsidise, or otherwise
aid or lake part in anv Mich operations,!   , ._      , .      .-_.
whether the same  belong to the com- ' ™ Oyer and leimiorand General   ftotl
1'iiiiv or to roy'Qthp. company or poison. I Delivery, will be liol.len nt the places
(5.) To search   for,   crush,   win,   net,
qnerry, wash, snn It,  reduce,  amalgam
ate, calcine,  dress,  k line,  manipulate,
and prepare for market snriferoui quarts
NOTICE.-"Crescent" Mineral   Claim,
situate lh the Slocan Mning Division
of   West" Kootenay District.   Where
located:—North of   Four-Mile creek,
about two miles fromSilverton.B .C.
Take notice that I, Charles E. Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No.   97291, intend sixty days from the date hereof,   to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Cer-
Uficate of  Improvements, for the pnr-
l>ose of -villaining* a Crown Grant of the
above claim.'"     '
And further take notice that action.
under .section 87, must bo commenced
before the   issuance of  such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of Febriiarv,"1898.
Ciias. K. Dopp.
Certificate of Improvements.
' Dated Uiis 16thday of February, 1898.
Ciias. E. Hope.
mines, lands, properties, rights nnd interests are to be deemed capital, and
how much profit, and to distribute any
such profits among the members In cash
or otherwise:
(15.) To proracia. form nnd be interested in any other company, syndicate
aiid'pnrtnersliip, from timo to time whose
objects shall include the acquisition nnd
taking over of all or any of the proper y
and liabilities of this compuny, and: to
transfer to any such company,any property of this company .and to take or otherwise acqniro, hold or dispose of shares,
stock, 'debentures, debenture Block,
property nr other securities in or of nny
such company,and to subsidise or otherwise assist any such company:
(10.) Ti invest aud deal with any
rtioneys oi the company not immediately
required for carrying on the husiness of
the com puny, upon such securities and
itl'such manner us mnv from time to
time bo determined, and to ienlist-, vary,
re-invest or otherwise deal with such
securities us may from time to time be
(17.) To lend money to any person or
company, und on such terms ns may
seem expedient, and in particular to any
persou or company haying dealings witli
this compuny, and to guarantee tlie performance of contracts by any such person'or company:
(18.) To draw, accept, make, ihdorso,
execute, issue, discount, and negotiate
bills of exchange, promisary notes, bills
of lading, and other negotiable or transferable instruments.
(19 ) To borrow or raise money in such
manner as thn company shall think fit,
and in particular by the issue, ut. par or
ut a premium, of debentures, debunture
stock (perpetual or otherwise), bonds,
mortgages or any other securities charged upon the whole or any part of the
properly (including uncalled capital),
and tights of tlio company, and to remunerate nny potion or company for
services rendered in placing or assisting
to place any of those securities:
(20) To sell, improve, manage, develop, louse, mortgage, dispose of, turn to
account or otherwise deal with all or any
part of the property or rights of tho company on such terms ns ihe company
shall determine:
(21.) To piocnre the com nan v to be
registered or recognised in British Columbia or elsewhere as may from time to
time be determined:
(2^.) To do all or any of the above
things in any part ol the world, and in
particular in British Columbia and iu
Gr at Britain, and as principal agents,
contractors or otherwise, or by nml
through trustees, agents or otherwise,
and either alefteor in conjunction with
(l!3 ) To distribute nmoligat the members any of the property of the company
without conversion into money, or any
proceeds of sale or disposal of any property of ihe company:
(2L) To do all audi oilier things ns
are incidental nr com In ive to the attainment of ihe above object's.
Given under my band and seal of office nt Yieto.ii. Province of Riiltnli ("nl-
nnibii, this 6'h day of April, one
thousand eight hun'ivd and nin.tv-
[ti] S.  Y. WOoTl'ON.
Registrar of Joint Stuck Companies.
t Fax's   Sarsaparilla
| The  Best  Spring   Medicine
A      making Pure Blood
fj See that you get the GENUINE
A rax's (Sarsaparilla
" Are you in favor if ihe passing of
an act   prohibiting   the   importation,
manufacture or sale of spirits, wine.nle,
beer, cider and other alcoholic liquors
for use as beverages)" Thia is the
plain, direct and simple (-ucstion that
the Government, true to the. pledge of
the Liberal party, will submit to the
people cf Canada upon a day in the
near future to bo named by proclamation. The issue *.vill not be burdened
by subsidiary considerations, such as
the question of meeting the b -lioicney
of revenue that must result from tlie
adoption of a prohibitory measure, or
of the inevitable difficulty of enforcing
In an editorial in the Victoria
Times ii*. the really deliqutp, way in
which it expresses its politioal views
says; " Chinese laborers have no pet
dogs--they eat them: How doea that
diet eniiipaii! with the " orow " that
th.; Times will eat after the election.
It is reported that a patriotic Am-
eriian who is temporarily resjding in
our midst shot several of his valuable
chickens becaus-p they were classed as
lllack Spanish.
A member for   the  Slocan.      Just
what the Opposition papers have beau
roaring   about the    C ivem-nt-nt, not
,    ,      ., .    ,    , , i ,   ,   ci„__„ giving,    What will be the  next kick.
the law if it should he onaoled, Ifivery ■     °
persin \»!i> will be entitled to vote in
the eloctioti of a im u.! or to tin* House      '•''■'• Elitorof the Cranbrook   Herld
of C-ninin.s unl-i* the franehis.*   bill   «"» «*  "w  -1   the    Sn.vERTOXUl*.
now before Parliament shall be en-I than is cv*r printed in it     He mast
til-Jed to vote  on  the pleb'wite.   The H-* * seytnth son,
voter  will   simply   answer   "yes"   or' "■    ■ .'"'■■•r,—
"no" to the question by   so marking a '      Th* Amaispan receipt far making a
specially-*) e,iared lull )t that w'll h • j good mining fawn is to hsv.V a**} least
provided. Provision is*made for the I one killing in tho place. We imist
representation at tin- polls of th • two ' expect big th'nji of Kmkonook now.
sid'es-of thu liquor question. These are -—._-_—
the salient features of the plflbialte bill
submitted to the House hy the 11 in.
Sidney Fishet.
CouXTS o? A_51Z_ and Nisi P. im, and
viz : —
and ore, lead, coal, ironstone, mid oilier I (-'*v -..Junts^lSOS
and on Ihe dates fullowii
Cite of Nelson, on Alon lav,  the  -O.li
.lav oi June, i-.'w
Town ol Donald, on Monday, the27th
metals and mineral substances of ail
kinds, and generally to curry on any
metallurgical operation* which may
seem conducive to any of the objects o(
Ihe company:
(ti.) To buy, sell, barter, itnpirt, export, manipulate) prepare for market,
and deal in' merchandise of all kinds,
and generally to carry on business as
merchants, importers, and exporters :
(7.) To establish, manage and nssist
chemical and assaying laboratories for
analytical*and testing purposes, purlieu
 By Command.
l'rovnci .1 Secretary-
Provincial Secretary's Oi'.ice,
8th March. 1933.
May 24-th. seventeen days from today,    del-ration   Cm.mitten    [ilea'.*.
Probably tin- largest nngget or mass of
silver ever mined was a piece weixbii...
1,810 pottD-S which was taken frosu tlu;
Snin^^ler mine, Af-|n*n,   Colo.,  in 1894.
In ir^ard to tb is nn ,'^'ei, S 1. Hullel,
of the Sinii'-nlor mine, writes, to Mines
ami Minerals.
'  Tiie nugget in (juoHiion formed pit*-
t tl 'n i °' * oondgnmenl ol I j.Orft p-ninds of oro
^^mWWWi nliii'l. with silver ill   '»-l  cents  or  there-
^^^ pera.ing the mining L^,. nMtAm fa» .ml dm* ot all
news published last week by one ofoui [expenses very clone, to *i82,O0O. Thin
local   contemporaries,    We   are told j particular ottxget wa* gotten oui ht itself
Hut the Vancouver in..d- a   shipui»nt j and Seemed  to he ex'remely  pure, so
Of two carloads of ore "a f.-w dsy BgC !t;,ot' l*J-0*OKr*phed it.   It was iuipoM-
.^ t   ...       .    ■ , ■ '  , \ Ible lo assay it iu the ordinary a.-c-ptr-
()ll   top  Of     tlllS   aitoiilsllllil(    pieOO    01 I _, .,.__ ___••.   . ...   a._"_aal
information we are tui.l tl)>it tin- I! [iily
Kdit'i   ih   having a   trial   shipment of]
Wjtiu; the people if Bilverton are
wrapped in the arms of Bforpheus and
i.ur busy s'.rci't is given over (,> ihe
^aiiiliols of the lunar worshipping dog
"'"■', and ih** postvr-loring triul<-"i! apn*-nr*;
thttt some of our lulnes »r»> secretly
shipping many coi snf ere of which  we
had no kuowledgi
conclusion whil
We ar
lion of the word nnd it km put directly
into crucibles and the crtniti'e returns
_iven to us by the company. Thestne't-
iug charges on such ore were naturally
" This streak iif*ilv#roconredua cor«
in soma very rich ore, averaiting about
I OOOonneefl |«;r ton.   At times it wonM
by Cross St Co., Agenl.".
»..»v..w.,o,„. .cn.„,Bli„,|.™»,,.„(.,.u-i   h() warned not to trespass
larly for iiiialyiiiife; and testing the vain** | n.rtv
able Substances speoifled or referred to1       •'
in this article, and generally  to carry on
and promote the objects of mineralogists,
metallurgists nnd iiiualgamators:
(8.) To acquire, carry on and undertake all or any part of Ilie business, property nod liabilities of any person or
company curving on business similar to
ih.it which this company is authorised
to carry on, or possessed of property or
rights suitable for nny of the purposes of
this company:
(il ) To enter in to partnership or into
any arrangement for sharing profits, union of interest, reciprocal concession,
joint adventure or otherwise, or amalgamate with iuiy person or compuny carrying on, or about to carry on, any business similar to that which this company
fifty tons packed  down  for shipment ,
Tim truth is that no shipments have;
been nude froro the mines for over;
two mouths on account of tl.e condition ' 	
— w WM....M. |—..   .v...      a»a un""n   11   T. Will'I
Parties cut.in. wood on the property ofth" "^    Apparently good ing;,,,, „■„,,, „„ ■„,.,, in lllickneM| .ntl lhen
of tbe Silverton Townsite, or removing I news can    be manufactured   fi^ht  on ; "iden out to two feet or tw> and a lull
tame will bo prosecuted.    ^B-Mw*'*w the premises iu somo offices ■(p1,   II *u* little purer than a silver
on said  pro-i ! dollar and almost aa blight.     We were
obliged to mine by the side of it, allowing
j it to hang down in to the stopo until  we
  had reached a natural crack or very thin
Wk learn that   Welt Kootenay is  Pl*» when we could break it offl    It
to have an  additional  member  in the ! ""<•<•'-<"•■ -long (he slope for twenty or
r      , IT n   .t     t>   i.,   i   ai       thirty feet in height, was three or four feet
Local House.    By thu  Redistribution ;.   ,      ,.      ..,,
,,,,,., ' , ,   'in length, width as given.
K*r beyond the glamor
Of Ihexiiy and its strife,
.which   was    recfiitlv     brought      ,. i.,_ ,„_,.__, It ___'     .....     ,
1 «* as to just hiw It was reads it Uufu
NOTICE—-'Jenny Joni-s" Mineral
Claim, situate in the Slocan Mining
Division of West Kootenny District.
Where located :—North of Four-Mile
rWek, about two mi.es fiom Silverton,
». It.C,
Take notlco that I, Charles E. Hope,
Tree Miner's Certificate No. 97291, intend, sixty days from the dote hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Cer-
I tint-ate ot Improvements, for the pur-
|, pose of obtaining a Crown (Irant of the
U above claim. Aud further take notice
that action, under section 37, must be
Commenced before tho issuance of such
Certificate of Iinpiovements.
'Dated this 15th day of Februaiy. 1898
Ciias. E. Hopk.
Fruits and Couieftionerv, Totottos, i*'uI,'0t"lt"i?rnr-r ™'nl"!y teffi
•' ' | ness or  transaction   capable  of   being
conducted:so as directly or indirectly to
Novels, Blank Hooks,
Blank Legal Forms,
Subscription received
for all newspapers and
SILVERTON,      •      -       -       11. C.
NOTI0E--Sllvertbn     Roy'1    Mineral
Claim, situate in the Slocan  Mining
Division of West Kootenay  District.^
Where located:—North of Fonr-Mile
creek, about two miles from Silverton,
Take notice  that I,  Charles E.  Hope.
Free Miner'a Certificate No. D7291, in
tend sixty days from the date hereof, to
Apply to tho Mluipif Recorder for a Cor-
tlfie-ate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.   And furtter take notice
that action, nnder section 37, must be
•ominenced before the issuance of audi
'••rtifloat* of Improvements
[ » Paled thia 16th day of Febmarv, 1898
*• ■» On»e  K, ttora.
Mrs.   Matheson,
ljor Dress    Goods.   Millinery, fancy
goods. Confectioner and Uakrr.
II.  C
.LLVFRTON,      -      -       -      B. C
benefit this company:
(10 ) To acquire anv invention capable
of lieing used for anv of the purposes of
the company, and to acquire anv letters
patent, brevets d'lovenlion, piivileges,
mononolies or concessions of an analogous character, whether granted by the
United Kingdom of (ireat Britain or
British Columbia, or by any oilier country, in resnei t of any kiicIi inventions.
(11.) To nct'Uire and grant licences to
work and use any invention which the
company is authorised to acquire:
(12) i'o sell, lease, mortgage, abandon claims and rights, dispose of, tjive in
exchange, turn to account, or otherwise
deal witli all or any part of the property
and rights of the company, including the
sale or other alienation, and the granting of powers to work any mines, claims,
interests, or rights of the company on
any terms which may from time to time
be deemed fit:
(18.) To sell tho undertaking, property and rights of the company, or any
part or parts thereof, from time to time,
for such consideration as the company
may think fit, and in particular for cash,
sharer., stock, debentures, debenture
stock, property or securities of any other
company having objects altogether or in
putt similar to those ol this company :■
(14.) To buy, sell, and to make profits
hy dealing in claims, mines, lands, properties, rights and interests, and to develop and work and otcerwise turn the
same to account, and for this purpose to
determine how much of thu proceeds of
sale or realisation of any such claims,
____  ____________   . I down, West   Kootenny   plui   a   largo   for ina to ultm > ihnnrv      n   _>_• _,.,-..
There was once a little quarts mine rich       .•       . _    ....       ,. , .        !?       .      .     *     . y" ** "om^
nnd tree. (section of bouth East  1 ale was given j times found crystallized in connection
Whero an honest-hearted miner       I t'iren members.    This is recognised hy I withsrgenUte, which might lead ont to'
Used to lead a bappy.llfo,   ... j t|)_ K0V-n„|!C|lt „„ ,„, „„„, Mt  |(I|_ | think that it hail simply been ar.entito''
and that bv tl.e enormous pressure e«-
ertedon it the sulphur had been expelled.
________________ ____ Again, I have found pieces in which
is now to be given to W est Kootenay the outer su.faco wns a very thick inase.
and Cassiar is to he given only one of wiro silver practically welded together
representative, This late-it division I 'vl|i'h would, nl course, account for it in
of Kootenay gives n qs«mW to Kaslo | a ve,'>' ,liir<Jfe»t «sv.
and thc Slocan.
Contented at his work as he oould be.
He walked the earth quits proudly,
A bonanza king forsooth,
For lie thought no disappointment could
Bnt he left his work one evening
And bis sad heart knew the truth
For the pay streak had gone oft* into the
There's a name that's never spoken,
Th re's a miner's heart that's I roken
For hs thought he'd he   invited   to  the
Bradiey-Martin ball.
There is still a memory living
Of how prospects aro deeeivino*,
When the pay atruak  wanders off into
the wall.
Now he situ within his cabin
Thinking of tlie coming yearn,
And wondering what his  future has  in
Aud the demon of despondency
Is Mailing in his ears,
lioaling at  the
so government as less than this im-.
portnnt part ot   British  Columbia  is
entitled    to.     An   additional   member
 What Dr. A. E. K.'lter S.y*\
Buffalo, N.Y.—Gaiiti:—From my perls'    criticising the   actions  of  tlie!somi' knowledge, gained   in  observing
n „ •  •      n i!       .i    ' "ie effect of vour tihiloh's Or--'- -----
Dominion Government r.gard.ng the 0f advanced ConiZSIXl
Corbin charter and the N. & 8. i.xten-'Vi1 ,0 .fl,,Y ft is ths
aim it will be hoi no in mind that
Minister of Railways Blair has acled
in Ilie interest cf British Columbians.
Be worked hard for Corbin's franchise
I nnd vigorously opposed  the  extension
! of the c. P. it. to Whitewater.
am prepar-
-    -   - -   most remarkable
Remedv that has ever beer, brought t<>
my attention.   It has  certainly   save!
many from consumption.   8old at
Tho Silveiton Drug Store, t
And the hungry wolf is
' door.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Still Ills' heart is in the mountain,
There among tho riK'kv seams, Robbery is    three mill's from   New
And he NmetimesUiiuks ''tis gone be-j Denver and   .Silverton   is seven  miles
Whore bright with golden spangles. | 'rom Roseberry; therefore,   argues the
in.the rosy realms of drearta, j Koslo News,   .Silverton  must   be  ten
Lies fhe pay streak that went ofl into Ihe       ,    , '
wall. niilea from New   Denver,    Seven and
There's a name that's never spouen,
There's a miner's heart (hat's broken
There's just another missi-ng from the'
Bradley-Martin hall.
There is mill a memory bring
Uf how prosp.-cts ure deceiving,
When the pay streak  wanders off into
the wall.
—C. II. Thompson, in Idaho World.
thrco make ten don't tbey.
F, 1'yman is again
in tho Jewelry Ban-
iuess nnd is prepared to attend to
all classes Of   '
If tho official dog catcher of Kaslo
runs out of material he might try
Silveiton for a while. Ho would (ind
abundance of game here, and no closed
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