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The Silvertonian 1899-05-13

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$2 Per Atn um.
vrvAA£JUdL> "KJ
Jot> "W'otflsr-'
Neatly ^Promptly Done
We can quote you bedrock prises
[lie Lower Levels Arc Eewiviog Th.
rnwpcetors' AUcniiou.
U.IrM  trrAee  •«.«.""  ««*  »•   The
Vufrn   Fr««tlnn -Wh'«t •• »""■«
l.son Anion- Ihe Mines.
|\V[tl.!o the last few days, s strike luis
Ln made on the Queen Fraction claim.
I„t will no doubt lend to snother mino
Ii„if opened up wi.bin sight of town.
L Queen Fraction lies at the loot of
[, (Hlens Farm flats »nd entends to the
L.. shore, ci-bracing several hundred
let of the Hhnre line and taking in the
■L,-. ol Gold creek. The claim is
I,,,,! by David Matheson who holds ft
[interest,JML.ndand 0. Strickland
llw hold a M interest each. Thin clairo
U located on May 24th. 1897, and
ITisteoe- tho "Q«en emWrn** in
L„r ol her Majesty's natal day. Two
Lgsments have been done on the
loperty, Mb on a largo ledge or dyke
j porphrvriiic quartz which gave gold
lint*- oi from $5. to *15. per ton and
■cressed hi value as depth was gained
lis year it was decided to do the work
|knew place near lhe lake shore,
Jiere indications ol a ledge showed iu
|« ilale formation      A few home work
overed the led-ce and eiposed a pay-
(rt-ak ot Irom 8 to 15 inches of pay ore.
Lt little work bas as vet been done, but
Lii'li to show the ledge to be in place
Jd coniinuous. and the ore to be im-
|ovt»K with depth. The ore taken from
_-p-tyitreak is a steel galena, carrying
lp|..-r sulphi-les snd like all the Slocan
, will run high in both silver and
rrito strike ol the vein is east a_- T^',
lth *. dip to tbe north.    The present
.-k is teinis '■one at a point within
J.* leet o( Uie Lake and a tunnel is belt *..irtt*J that will follow the b-inn.ni/.
}.>,'■. i-hi- li in well defined.    Tl.e pay-
eak lies within two leet o( the bugs'* wall, which it appears to follow.
litis Ht.ikuon tho Queen Fraction is
in- nf tin- best surface showings exposed
i this vicinity and it would bc no sur-
tit.-* to see this a shipping property
'tl.in the vcar.
mi:   NOONDAY.
IThe oro kltule at  tl.e  Noonday   Mine
tah it-tain  Lipped  last Thursday,   this
In" nt .i 'lepth of  12_ feet in,  and tho
le is liulilii.i; its own both   in   size antl
■lue, l..tr iiy a piece can be   picked up
■til due* not show   grey-copper among
i salens and plenty of native silver is
Lihle.   Thli l_,t opening Into the   ore
file hai been made lo the face of the
M working  tnnnel   which   has  been
idw.il/ anting into the ledge, boss not
I.uipxir it*, use as  a working  tunnel.
|.i* ..ill enable tbe management to now
Blow iho ore with  their  main   tunnel
h<i do   away  with  Ihe   necessity of
Inning   any   more  cross-cuts.     The
■(-on-lay has now  a  Urge  amount o(
lipiiig ground opened up and is rapidly
kiini: its place ui among tbe big Silver-
pn mines.
At tl.e Kniily Kditb .roup, tbe work
on the wagKon road to iho No 2 tunnel
haa been suspended end lhe men i.r<*
now at work gr-uinil-gliiclcing for the
ledge on the Sllvert-m Boy, ono of the
A meeting will he held in Sandon on
May 25.1. to confirm lhe sale of tl.e Ptiyne
mine aud to issue the new stock. Half
a million shares will he rt-tainetl ah trcitR-
tiry stork tl.ec.pital i>eintr $3,000 000 in
L. 3, Forget A Co, Montreal -.toekbrok-
ers ..re in link. Thron.h n mistake th.y
ordered 6000 of Anaconda stuck instead
of600. Belore the error ws« re.tifl"d
the stock jumped and tbey sold out, $113,
000, to the good.
Chester F. Lee, a mining expert of
considerable prominence in Montana
and Idaho, is paying the camp a visit.
Until a few months ago, I.e wa-t connected with the Bunker Hill k Sullivan Mine,
whose mill left for parts unknown a few-
days ago.
Tl.e road up Fonr Mile creek i« getting
inlo an almost impas*ah|e condition.
Two or three slid.-s have come down
over it and st the canyon s mudali-lt* I as
carried all lhe criii work at ibis poin.
into tl.e creek. Here only a path is left,
dangerous even for a saddle horse.
F. L. Byron and Joe Brandon are
doing assessment work on the Little
Jack, one nf their Red Mountain ilaims.
This property lien below tbe a Con no
•Jroup . Cabins had been erected by
the former owners A large gohlbearinv
ledge runs through <Ik» ptoperty and it is
on .his that the work is being done.
W H. Sandiford, Manager of the
Bosun Mine, and II. C. Oswald a director
of the Northwest Mining Syndicate.
were in town on Wednesday. Mr.
Oswald expressed surprise tl.at Mr. Sa»-
diforda choice of lot- uim. for bis headquarters hail not been in Silverton, as
that town Impres-ied him as lieing a better
location tl.sn New* Denver. .Mr
Sandiford explained that as there WM no
bank here lie was forced to go where be
now was.
Tl.e Slocsn mine owners held a nieet-
itifr in Sandon on Tuesday to ili-ci.-s tlie
putting into foice Ol lhe Ki.ht Hour
clause. Tlit-v anti~i|*te nn .rouble in
he chant*;-* of honrs, being confident thai
tteason will rule In ileterinitiiiit; Ihe rutted pay under the new system. Tl e owners f<*el not .be slightest resentment
towa.da their men for insisting on tli*.
eiifurivineiit of lhe law, but teel that lhe
Legislature was act in. atotinst the licr-i
interests of the countrv in instigating
tbis cause of friction between capital an
Celebration  Phrases.
Tho bunk honse nt tho Vancouver
Ine wis destroyed by fire last Sunday
Jilt-moon. A spark from the chimney
V Hipposed to be responsible for the
flue. The warehouse and cookhouse
Milch adjoined the building burned,
*ere saved through the efforts of the
pien, and the Company's loss is conse
Wntly small. The crew lost part o'
Iheir clothes snd a few of them mourn
she loss of some firearms that decorated
[he walla of the sleeping room. The
pfflce has been turned into a t emporary
l uukhouse.
The founder of the 8i_v'_htosmn has.
it would seem, a penchant fur mvsletious
dissai-earan.es. It will he r--iiirnib--r-'il
thnt his departure Iron*. Silveiton partook
of this nature, althou.l. there was no apparent reason lor it. His litest is rep<j>-
ted in the Tekoa (Waal.) T-pic;
"James Cameron, one ol the editors ol
the Oakesdale Sun and (miner editor of
tl.e Rosalia Citizen, has mveterio.-sly
disappeared. He waa seen iu Tekoa
last Saturday morning at about 9o'clock,
since which time no trace of the nii**-*in*i
man has been found. Mr. Br-okuer. Ins
partner at Oakesdale, has diligently in
quired about him in all tl.e I'alouse
towns but so far has been unab'e to .et
r,ny information aa to his whereabouts
The theory is advanced by some thut h<
bas left tbe country, but thero seems to
be no reason why I.e should do so without letting his friends know it.
To-morrow a football match will be
played between Sandon and Silverton
teams. The local tesm, although having some members new to the game, are
expeitedtop.it up a good game anain.-t
their hilltop opponents. The line-up will
be; Goal; Bowes, Backs; Malloy, Jack
Halfbacks: Cole, McNau.ht, Watsoo;
Forwards: Lade, Lightha'ii, Matheson,
Barclay, Walker.
The Otld Fellows of Sandon hove
decided to join tho Miners Union in their
Queen's Birthday trip to Silverion. In
(act, from all reports, the citizens and
miners uf S ...Ion will come in u ijody.
Ibeir loading athletes are entered for Ihe
Athletic Cinnpetition.
Thc Ni-lsonitesare divided. A large
largo crowd f.ora the c.i--itul of the
Koorenays will undoubtedly be here, but
part of their citizens wi'I join the Knights
of P., tintta in th,-ir Ka.-lo   trip.
It has been drci h-1 ihat the lengih of
our p.ogram will make a football match
impossible. There is only on* town in
.he S.iiciii wh- re i into pasKes go slow'}'
hb to allow of three match s to be played
in one afternoon, •-espies many other
uports as yet too numerous to  nn n'ion"
Numerous entiles are expected lor the
drilling contest. All the entry fees in
(his event are to be .bnateil to tbe
Hospital Fund of lhe Miners'Union.
Altl.nu-di m.it. il that they will
'"puhitively" appc.tr elsewhere, the
biKgest pa.t of both the Sandon and
Nelson Baseball Clubs wili be here, and
a short game will probably be played.
The Sandon Band will appear in Iheir
new uniforms and the Miners' Union,
with banners and badges, sre expected
to cut a wide swath.
The attention of the Asy.ttm authorities should be culled to lhe f-ct thai
xii individual, etyling himself "A Slocan
Pioneer", is residing within lhe cily lim.
its of Silverion, whose long residence
among the mountains has nflocted the
luting ofbis brain. We have H Msnon*
dmiht as lo the njstmee of Ihis pioneer,
hut if he ne in ll»e fi-ah he can inform us
personally whether I.e is merely a l.arin-
Itss idiot or what the NcImoii Tribune
wiiu.tl call ".»ihiinphool". If this inter-
estinu puafatasv, who from his action ami
from fadt period of existence in the Slo-
c.n, must have lew. a personal fiiend of
Judas lscariot. will scrape olT.be h.irna-
cies at.it emerge from his notu de plume,
we will Ireat his remarks seriously. That
he wili not do so, is certain, as thi one
who writea as he does is generally as
cowardly as the editor wiio publishes
such correspondence. Aawe bave bc-
f.ire remarked, we aro verv sceptical a.*
.o Uieir lieing a genuine Slocan 1'ioneer.
A   Correspondent Is   Pleased Thereat.
Some extensive improvement aie taking place arouud the Lakeview Hotel.
Grant Cox, secretary of the Sandon
Minora' Ucion, passed Tuesday in town.
J. Tinling, secretary ol tbe L. 11. Mining Co, bus purchased tbe Turner Cottage.
Wm. Brandon, manager ot the Cans,
dian Croup, was In Sandon the first part
of (be week.
Tl.e district scavsnger paid our city a
call on Tuesday, He touud us quite contented as we ere.
Several inquiries have been njade by
those in searci. of houses during tl.e
pabt week. There uie ..one iu town for
rent or for sale,
Tlie large hall over McKinnon k Go's
store is being cut up into living apartments. Tl.e sequel to ibis will be reported iu a lutu.e issue.
The homely t-ptid is the topic of new s-
puper talk in tl.e Slocan. They are
quoted at three cents in New Denver and
lwo cents in Silverton. Our local merchants buy at wholesale.
AH work in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left ut the Silverton Drugstore, will
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Dove.,
the well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs are ucaha.ntkkij foii onk year. •
It is not alone in tl.e Slocan tl.at cele.
Orations are causing trouble. Victoria
has had till its elaborate -duns knocked
silly by tl.e action of Admiral Pullizer,
who forbids auy patiicipatiou by the
navHl forces in lhe cele brut ion of the
The Wm. Huuter Co. are always
branching out inlo new enterprises and
are ready to seize all and every oupur-
tuni.y that presents ItSsif for increasing
the business of tt.eir company. They
have made all arram-iements for the
opening up of a iin*mithing department
in <he near future. Tho larue hall ov,-r
Iheir warehouse in the Wakefield Block
has been leased an-l within a few* weeks
i-sww at—.4.   |—-.--iU*.*. tWt was\mAyt  will   b»
ready to hntulle il.e Luke Itade.
Several of il.e Sandon -.(torts visited
town last Snutlay. They were tlelighie-l
wilh tl.e appearance of tho athletic
grounds ami tiling*) in uent-r.il around .he
camp. A boat ride was one of ihe eve-.t-
of tl.e day.
We apoligizc for all mistakes made in
previous i-.--i.es, and say they wno inexcusable, and thai we ought to know better, as all an editor has to do is to hunt
news, and clean the roller and tl.e press,
and set type and sweep tbe flt-or, und
write short items, and fold papers :n d
make paste, and mnil papers, and talk io
visitors, and d.stritt.re lv, t- an I chop
wood, and read p.ools and correct mis
takes, and hunt the scissors to write ed*
i.oriuls, and haul water, and wonder how
long yaps l ke *'A Slocan Pioin-er" can
keep o... of the iii.nl house, anil roa.lr
^advertisements and job woik, aud tlonge
• he bills, ...id dun the folks that won't
pay no, and take cm-sings fro... everybody und tell everybody, und tell our
subscribers that ne need money.
*U_VIO_V   M_E>_V
mm locals.
The Black Bear slide, tempted out by
|the sunshine,  lo,jk   *tg   ,,„„_*)  run „-
F. L. Byron has had bis mining ont-
•)> packed over to   Ms Red Mountain
Property preparatory to ectlve develop-
| ment work.
The men at the Vancouver are now
r»<-k in the old workings in Ihe mine
polng development work, the surfaoa
|laU'r 'naking further work on the
P'-untain Boomer imposslblo.
C. K. Hammond rode over from
8 andon yesterday. His mount, a now
addition to tbe Hammond stable, will be
entered in the Slocan race, and if it is as
fast as Charley thinks, he will laud U.e
A partv of local photgraphers made a
trip to Indian creek last Sunday. They
met with various adventures, seeing
among other things a heap of green
snakes. They did not ssy what braud
tbey carried with them.
A letter was received yesterday from
Hugh Brady, written on tne steamer one
day out from iSkagwuy. He reports the
party In the best of health and anxious
to reach the golden Atlin. It is probable,
the leiter says, tbat the parly will ho
delayed at Lake Bennett until tho
hrs.kt-pQitlw ioe,
An old Denverite writes to ua a«
follows: .«'It was with great pleasure
that I noticed in the New Denver Ledge
of this week, ihat a kind paternal government had o.io-'.nore come to ihe rescue
of the most ancient and dullest, town in
the Slocan, and had furnished tl.e sum
of|150 to clean off some of the accumulated moss that hud |*rown there since
the lively times ot tl.e euily 90V, when
New Denver was a place of some standing- The special reason for the expression of pleasure made above, is, that
some strangers may be induced hv t|.e
great and windy promisee made by the
Ledge ami others, to visit the Windy
City on May 24 I., antl if the town presented its usual 'lu.B been' apiu-arui.ee,
i. might reflect discredit on other town*
in the district, from tl.e fsct tl.at tl.e said
strangers might be induced to value New
Denver at its own valuation, vi*. tl.e
priucip.il point in tbe Slocan, antl so
without investigation condemn the other
lo-vns on the strength of what was seen
at New Denver. Hence I am glad that
the place is to be cleuued up Defore
the 24th, even though the goncral public has 'to pay the piper'.
"I am also pleased to note tbat Mr.
Forbes P. C. is in future to be located at
New Denver Of course, I do not know
tho reasons for this action of tl.e government. Surely so quiet a place cannot require a constable to make the citizens
respect the law- Can it be that the
Government wants to prevent the ancient
hurt! from being lost off tl.e map and so
has sent Mr, Forbes there to prevunt the
business men left in the town, from following the majority and taking the.n-
Hi'lvet, oil' to lht'|Iiuu..ihiry l.'ieek country.
The public meeting for tl.e election of
those to be entrusted with the warden-
ship of tbe Silverton School district,
which includes everything from Bannock
Point to the Bosun Mine, wss held last
Saturday, in the Schoolhouae. Ths
old Board waa reelected aod a third
iiitiiil-er i Ihisen, the trustees now being
Messrs. Bowes, McKinnon anil Jackson,
Tt.eir term of ollice will expire on June
30lh., but as tl.e board ia a good one, they
will probable be asked lo remain in office for the following year.
®j_xiol__e   Union    Made   Oi«
Royal Seal,
Kootenay Belle
Little Gem,
and Blue Bird,
are  the Best Union Made Cigars
On the Market, and are
-Kept  at   all the #      •      •
1JV   SILVERTON.      •      •      #
Soo Tbat The BLUE LABEL Is Oo Ear li  Box
And That Tbey Are Made By
The Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.,
P. O.  BOX 126,
--' ■ ■       ■"■» s I   s'l. - a  r I,     , " '—*—     mT
Xai.   .Iv-C.   __S_n_©Txrleo.    -Prop,
Patronise Home Industries.
0888-888S8S8 8888Kt8 g_8.d8i-8--88S8-S-S-.-i-®
®8 88888S8888888888S88S 8888888 88888888888888®
BURY mt 8ILVEBT0E,   B.C.   *
Use   None   But
The Best!
_P. _BXJ_KIVS tSc oo
Silvtrton. NWson, Trail, Ymir. Kaslo, Sandon,
Ni*\v Dnnver, UoR-Hrle City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Mit I way and Ort*eriwoo-l.
Try It-Prove It.
in prizes
I-V     8II,VE?RTONi.
Sole Agents For
ej.  ■
•  *"l
v * »*wii"if»-« *& *r*seamamct*eryeMe»}.
•rtu+Jar^iatmetov«*«s*..v-*>v»>«a«K>-»w-..--1tetMmmmtepa. *^>K**-.'  .«'.-_'>^',-*««-*»-•,«,._*,  \w.-
^aft..*.-^*"—»•" '**♦>, jr.. tstrf* imsimrriMm!»ru.'.ttf:  **,- .^••."Sssjs*'- THE S-LVERTONtAtf. SILVERTON, B. C.
A Oomplett) Be-lew of the H-enta for
the Past Week  It. Thia  and  jToi-Ik-
Ls—ids -8uini_-»rU»-
atrikea in
Martial law has been declared in Ward
nor, Idaho.
There were several   labor
Cleveland, 0., Monday.
South Dakota prairie fires have done
much damage in that state. Log** are
After nine weeks of enforced idleness,
the plate glass factory reaumed operations
in Alexandria, Ind.
Charles McCullough, a fami laborer, was
shot and killed Monday by Mrs. Eunice
Brown, at her farm south of Canton,
S. D.
Great Brits in has already taken steps
to counteract tlie efforts of the Russian
expedition In Asiatic Turkey.
Howell T. Morgan, returning from Port
Valdes, Alaska, to Bayonne, N. J., killed
himself on the train in l.idi.tn...
Oscar Gardner, the renowned "Omaha
Kid," received the decision over Tommy
Hogan. the crack New York featherweight Tliu.stiay in a 20-rou-d.bou-
Spain is collejting evidence with a view
of claiming a cession of land in China aa
indemnity from the Chinese government
for permitting the steamer Abbey to leave
Canton last August with arms for the
Olin R. Wclbom, ex-collector of internal revenue in San Francisco has been
arrested by United Statea Marshal Shine
at the Presidio, where he was serving as
an army private under the name of O. H.
The rebel* have retired from their fortifications at Vailele, Samoa, which they
demolished together with other forts along
the coast
The following customs and taxes were
collected at the ports mentioned during
April:   Manila, $457,0C2; lloilo, $4v'>-4
Cebu, $30,757;  total, $633,203.
Ten of the 14 republican members of
congress of Illinois have decided unanimously to support Congressman Albert
Hopkins, of Aurora, for speaker of the
nalii nal house of r.p escntatives
There were fifteen members of
the Yorktown party captuied by the F.Ji
pinos at Baler, and Admiral Dewey accounts for five that have been killed.
They probably were killed or fatally
wounded in the original assault upon the
landing party at Baler.
The monthly statement of the public
debt today shows, at the close of business
April 30, 1800, the debt leas cash in the
treasury amounted to $1,172,587,201, an
increase during the month of $23031,701.
Thia is accounted for by the payment of
$20,000,000 to Spain in settlement of
treaty obligations.
The latest estimates of the Klondike
gold yield this season range from twelve
to twenty millions.
A peculiar tragedy occurred in Stockton, Cal., Tueeday night The bodies of
Mrs. William Hickman and Mrs. H. A.
Haasal, clasped in loving embrace, but
both dead, were found n a room of a
lodging house, a bullet having ended the
life of each.
As a result of Oeneral Torres' oppressive conduct toward Ameriean merchants
trading at Blueflelds, Nicaragua, this government haa determined to require the
Nicaraguan government to relieve him
from duty at that point
Formal announcement of the organization of the American Hide k Leather Company is made.
Henry B. Hyde, president of the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United
States is dead.
Peter Maher and Gus Ruhlin, the
"Akron giant," fought to a 20-round draw
before the Lenox Athletic Club Tuesday
General T. M. Anderson has been assigned to the command of the department of the lakes with headquarters at
Paymaster General Stewart, U. S. N.,
has been informed of the intention of the
navy department to retire him on May
6 for age.
The police board denied a license to the
Coney Island Sporting Club, under whose
auspices the Fitzsimmons Jetlries fight
was scheduled to take place.
Great Britain haa officially demanded
of the Chinese government satisfaction for
the recent attacks made by the rebels
upon the British authorities in the Kau
Lang extension of Hong Kong.
The dead bodice of 252 United States
dead, brought from the battlefields of
Cuba and Puerto Rico by the steamer
Crook were interred at Arlington cemetery Tuesday with military honors.
Tuesday, Eugene Bei-e, of Joplin, Mo.,
aliot and mortally wounded Sanford Dor-
tys mistaking him for a brother, Fieldon
Dortys, whom he had sworn to kill for
marrying his daughter.
The heavieat rain of the season visited
Illinois Wednesday.
Edward N. Wclton formerly a well-
known publisher of New York, is dead.
Mra. George Dehaven, of Walla Walla,
committed suicide by drowning Wednes-
Rev. Bishop Christie, of Vancouver
island, has been appointed archbishop of
Julius Olay, now consul at Windsor,
Ont., has been appointed consul at Barcelona, Spain.
The Chapman Slate Company, in l'enn.,
have announced a 15 to 20 per cent advance in wage*.
The American Sugar Refining Company
has advanced    the   price of all refined
augara one-eighth cent per pound. Mount Vcrnon, Ky., May   7.-Dcputy
W. A. Brandea, of Oakland, Cal., has  ghcrriff Morrison waa ahot dead by Ike
been sentenced  to life imprisonment at  Bird while trying to arreat him.   After
San Quentin for the murder of his daugh-  the murder Bird sent a bullet through his
Alexander Masterson, a director of the
Farmers Loan k Trust Company, 72 year*
of age waa ahot and killed Wednesday by
James Neal Plumb, in New York.
The Japanese steamship Sakura Maru
haa arrived from Callao, Peru, where she
landed 500 Japanese emigrants from
The government has decided to estibl'sh
a mi-tiry post at Pyramid harbor in
General Charles P. Eagan, prominent
in the army beef scandal, has sailed for
The final organization of the Rubber
Goods Manufacturing Company has been
iA terrific explosion took place Thursday in the mixing house of the California
Powder work-
Mrs. Augustus Styles shot and killed
her mother, Mrs. Catherine SchulU* Thursday in Chicago.
tlali Adali, the Turkish wrestler, met
defeat Thursday at the hands of Jack
Carrick, of Wisconsin, champion of the
Nebraska was thoroughly drenched
with a heavy rain storm Sunday.
A violent windstorm swept through
the western part of St Louis early
Sunday-. -
John R. Lochhead, of San Francisco,
one of the best known physicians of
the orient, is dead.
W. B. Brlnckley was shot and instantly killed by William Wieland, at
Bayfield, Col., Sunday.
General Otis has returned the Spanish artillery and money captured in
Manila by the Americans.
The nitro glycerine house of the
California Powder Works exploded,
two killed, several wounded.
Edward Goodfellow, for many years
connected with the United States coast
and geodetic survey, is dead.
The powder mill plant of the Potts-
ville. Pa., Water Company blew up, destroying 18 tons of powder.
Rudyard Kipling has been offered
and has agreed to accept the degree of
LL. D. from McGUl university.
Dr. William Lambert Russell is dead
at Barre, Mass., of mumps, aged 99.
He was the oldest Harvard graduate.
Hugh Cavanaugb, aged 25, was killed
by a basket ball at the New Jersey
Athletic club last week in New York
A fire destroyed the Odd Fellows'
building ln Santa Cruz, Cal., causing a
loss of about $50,000, covered by insurance.
Professor E. Benjamin Andrews, former president of Brown university,
will be elected president of the Colorado state agricultural college.
Articles of incorporation of the General Carriage Company with an authorized capital of $20,000,000 have
been filed In New Jersey.
Cyrus Dolph, of Portland, has been
recommended by the examining board
at the Presidio for a second lieutenancy ln the regular army.
Kx-iniernai Kevenue Collector Wei-
born remains in the county Jail at San
Francisco, having been unable to secure bondsmen.
A mob of 2000 strikers and sympathizers made it practically impossible
to operate street cars with safety ln
West Duluth and they are abandoned.
The navy department has made an
allotment of the appropriation fund of
$50,000 for tbe assistance of the naval
militia of the states supporting such
Jim Murphy, the comedian, Is alarmingly sick ln Wisconsin. The temperature Is 102 and his lungs are much
sorer. A Chicago physician has been
telegraphed for.
Captain Sir Herbert Scarisbrick
Naylor-Leyland, Bart, who had represented the Southport division of southwest Lancashire in the house of commons in the liberal interests since last
August, is dead.
The French minister, M. Tlchon, has
demanded mining concessions to the
value of 1,200,000 taels In the province
of Sze Chuan. as indemnity for the
recent imprisonment of a French missionary.
Governor Thomas, of Colorado, has
announced that within a few days, if
President McKinley and the secretary
of war continue to ignore his communications on the subject ot the return of
the Colorado regiment from the Philippines he will take steps with the view
of securing the immediate recall of the
Items Gleaned From thu _»te Bep-rts-
All Ulsrrlot- Ar* Belug Developed-A
-."rosperous tear Is Fred.cted-_U_l._g
Motes and Parso-ala.
Hlott-rs- Are Flyls*.
Washington, May 5.—The war department has received the following dispatch
from General Merriam:
Wardner, Idaho, May 5.—To the Adjutant General, Washington: The inquest
is still in progress with closed doors. One
hundred and twenty-eight arrests have
been made by the state otlicers under military support. 1 "here weie no signs of resistance, but the indications are that most
of the leaders of the mob have escaped,
going cast and west into Montana and
Washington. Others are hiding in tl.e
mountains. The sheriff at Thompson
halls, Mont, reports many are arriving
there on foot over the mountain trails.
'ine governor* of Idaho and Montana
are corresponding for anests in Montana.
The troops are in position to do all that
is possible. There is now no appearance
of organized resistance.       MERKIAM.
Water Spout  Floods the Oo-Bfry.
Los Angeles, Cal., May 9.—A well which
spouts a large column of water from 200
to 400 feet high has been opened near
Whittier in this county. The well was
be'ii-.' drilled in the ho; e of striking oil.
A bill of Interest to miners and men
who work around the mines has been
pased by the Pennsylvania legislature.
It was Introduced by Hon. William Anderson of Mahoney City, a labor champion. The bill is ln six sections, and
in substance is as follows: Within six
months it shall be unlawful to operate
any collery In the antharcite regions
employing more than ten men unless
the mine Is provided with a sufficient
quantity of linseed oil, bandages, linen,
splints, clean and ventilated, so that
injured employes can be given medical
freatment in case of emergency. The
foreman or his assistant must see that
there are no violations. The foreman
shall also keep a book showing the required articles on hand, name of persons Injured, nature of Injury, treatment and by whom treated at time of
accident. The mine Inspector shall
visit each of the medical rooms in his
district at least once ln six weeks and
examine the records of the same. Upon any negligence on the part of the
company to comply with this act the
inspector shall notify the county coroner, which information shall be regarded as evidence on any inquest that
may be held on employes dying from
Injuries received while working in
such antharcite mine.
Great Britain Coal.
Great Britain maintains its position
as the greatest coal merchant of the
world, supplying two-fifths of the coal
required by the inhabitants of the
earth, and employing more than one-
third of the total number of men who
work ln mines. In his report on the
mineral output, Dr. Le Neve Foster, the
chief Inspector of mines, shows that
America leads in Iron, Great Britain
being second, the deposits of Alsace-
Lorraine placing Germany third on the
list with an output of 10,000,000 tons of
ore. Spain produces the largest quantity of lead; the Malay peninsula is
responsible for nearly two-thirds of the
world's supply of tin, and the mines of
Upper Selesia makes the German empire foremost as a zinc-producing country. The South African republic has
been assailing the position of the United States as a gold producer, although
the latter still leads In silver.
Number Six tunnel was run 70 feet
during April.
The Rebate drift was only extended
40 feet in April.
The Gold Leaf tunnel was extended
40 feet in April.
The El Caliph tunnel was extended
80 feet last month.
The cross cuts on the Lone Pine have
been driven 60 feet in April.
The tunnel on the Monroe was driven
a distance of 60 feet in April.
Drifts were extended 65 feet on the
San Poil during the past month.
The Jim Blaine tunnel was advanced 80 feet during the last month.
The Anaconda tunnel was extended
100 feet during the month of April.
There has been considerable work
done on the Flag Hill during April.
Tbe Rosanna tunnel was driven nearly 100 feet during the month of April.
The tunnel on the Republic Giant
was extended 45 feet ln the month just
The Insurgent was developed by
shaft last month to the extent of 36
The Golden Sunset group was developed by shaft ln April to the extent of
40 feet.
Forty-seven feet of shaft has been
sunk on the Golden Lily within the
past month.
As usual the Republic takes the lead
in the development for April. The total of drift run was 448 feet
On the Union ln April there was a
large amount of work done. It consisted largely of trenching and shallow shafts.
The Mabel, which lies one-half mile
southwest of the Morning Glory, wa*
developed In April by shaft to the extent of 45 feet.
The hard rock ln the Princess Maud
has made progress very slow for the
entire past month. The total number
of feet run was 65.
The Georgia Reed and Bull Dog did
but 20 feet of drift work in April. The
property lies about four miles south of
the Golden Harvest-
The double compartment shaft on
the Ben Hur was sunk 30 feet last
month. It is the only three-compartment shaft In the district
The development on the Gold Ledge
shaft for April was about 40 feet. This
property lies on Cold Hill about a half
mile east of Lake San Poll and four
miles east of Republic.
The record of the Morning Glory for atlve' the <lay of the week or month
April is a good one. There was 65 feet | when Payments for Wages or supplies
of raise made from tbe tunnel for the,are made' a Btatement of all mortgages
The record of the Summit-Republic
for April footed up 138 feet of drift
along the ledge.
The Hit or Miss has been developed
during April to the extent of 20 feet,
by shaft
During April the shaft on the Delta
was sunk to a depth of 25 feet.
The San Juan shaft was lowered 25
feet last month.
The shaft and crosscut on the Trou-
badous were driven 65 feet during the
past month.
Forty feet of tunnel and drift work
was sunk on the Blue Jay claim last
Tbe Good Luck Consolidated shaft
was sunk 3o feet during April.
There were 40 feet of winze sunk on
the Copper Mountain claim last month.
The Mountain Lion made an excellent record last month. The drift was
extended 150 feet. The cross tunnel
has been driven 200 feet.
The Gopher has had 48 feet of shaft
made the past month.
The Annie tunnel has been run fully
80 feet during thc month.
The Quilp drift was run 80 feet In
The Agnes shaft was sunk 20 feet in
April and there was 30 feet of crosscut.
The North San Foil shaft was sunk
70 feet in the month of April. This
property is a fraction of 300 reet lying
between the San Poil and Ben Hur. It
i.s on the same ledge as the above.
British Colombia.
A great body of ore is reported In the
Whitewater Deep.
Eight feet of clean ore is showing in
one of tbe Queen Bess tunnels.
Work was started last week on the
Corncracker claim, southeast of New
Fifteen tons of ore have been sacked
on the Mollie Hughes and a 20-ton shipment Is nearly ready.
On the Hamilton group on Twelve
Mile, in the Slocan, the tunnel has been
driven 160 feet.
The Iron Horse (at Rossland) west
drift at the 300-foot level is all in ore.
The south crosscut ls three feet Into
the ore body.
The Evening Star (at Rossland) has
struck three feet of arsenical iron ore
in the raise from the lower to the upper
tunnel, which assays $31. Manager
Drumheller will go there next week to
decide the question of sinking a shaft.
The Velvet reports the south crosscut on the 160-foot level all in ore for
50 feet. The shaft Is 260 feet deep, and
a crosscut from the bottom has been
begun. j
For the four months ending April 30
the total cruBhings and shippings from
the mines of Ymlr are as follows: l
Porto Rico, 1400 tons crushed; Dun-
dee, 750 tons crushed; Ymir. 250 toes
crushed; Ymir 1500 tons crushed (estimate for April); Blackcock, 188 tons
shipped; Tamarac, 6 tons shipped;
New Victor, 6 tons shipped; total,
4,100 tonB.
Development work will be started
about May 10th on the Big Horn group
near Ymir. It Is proposed to at once
begin sinking a shaft and start a tunnel.
A leaf of fine B.ilphide ore has been
struck in the Maine claime in Summit
A six-foot ledge, with $70 assays, has
been struck on the Gold Standard, In
Camp McKinney.
The ore shipments from the Rossland camp for the week ending May
6th, and for the year to date, are as j
follows: tons this week, LeRol, 1795V*.; '
War Eagle, 1697%; Iron Mask, 18; to-!
tal, 3,511 tons; tons  this year: Le Roi,'
25,530V.;  War Eagle   10,437%;    Iron
Mask, 760;    Evening Star, 36;    Deer
Park, 18; total 36,782.
Mllfll-iO NOTES.
A six-foot ledge of rlcn ore has been
uncovered near the Taylor k Crow
mine at Galice, Oregon, by a Mr. Williams and his partner. The vein has
been traced lor a good distance and
carries as high as $75 per ton in gold,
as well as 16 per cent copper and some
During January, February and
March, 1899, the actual gold production
of the Bonanza, Baker City, was 480
pounds. The gold is worth $16.75 per
ounce at the United States assay office
and at 12 ounces of gold to the pound
makes $96,480 that the Bonanza has
yielded in three months.
Several strikes are reported from the
Siskiyou mountains, Oregon, one man
taking out a bunch of ore having over
$4,000. The country ls full of prospectors and as the season advances we
may expect to have a number of good
mines found. In the Waldo district
good ore is being founa. The prospector there is looking for copper, some
of the copper running very high In
Oregon's new mining law makes It
mandatory on all persons, companies
or corporations employing miners to
file with the county recorder and post
In the mine office, the name or names
of the owners, whether the work Is being done as owner, lessee or agent,
where the principal office ls located'
the name of the responsible represent
Evil Dispositions
Are Early Shown."
Just so evil in the blood
comes out in shape of scrofula, pimples, etc., tn children
and young people. Taken in
time it can be eradicated by
using Hood's Sarsaparilla.
In older people, the aftermath
of irregular living shows itself in bilious conditions, a
heavy head, a foul mouth,
a general bad feeling.
It is tbe blood, the impure blood,
friends, which is the real cuuse. Purify
that will. Hood's 8ar»aparllla and happiness will reign in your family.
Blood Poison—"I lived in abed of firs
for years owing to blood poisoning tbat
fulliiwed small pox. It broke out all over
mv both, itching intensely. Tried doctors
and hospitals in vain. 1 tried Hood's Bat*
sapurilla. It helped. 1 kept at it and wu«
entirclv cured. I could go on tbe lions--
tops and shout about it."—Mas. J.T. W il-
liamb, Carboi.dale, l'a.
Scrofula Soros—" My baby at two
months bad scrofula sores on cheek and
arm. Local applications and physicians'
ntetlicine did li.tie or no good. Hood's
Bartapari 11a cured him permanently, He
in now four, wilh smooth, fairskin."—Mas.
8. S. W'rotkn, Farniington, Del.
Never Disappoints
Hood's Pills ctra llvtr Hia, UnaBon-lfrlUilng and
only ca.hurtle to l-fce with Hood's SsrsBimrtlls.
Ail ni It   IlK-y  Are Whipped.
Manila, May 6.—Thc rebels are whipped.
The end has ben reached for them.
Colonel Manuel Argueles, chief of stall
for General Luna, who, with Major Jose
Bergal, is here as a special envoy from
Aguinaldo to plead for an armistice told
me this frankly today. Colonel Argueles
comes directly from General Luna, who
is the commanding general of the insurgent army, and is the right aim of the
revolutionary pirly. "We know that we
are whipped," said he. "I don't mind ad
mitting that Aguinaldo is discouraged.
More than this the troops are de'rrmintd
to surrender, and tbey have not been
backward in submitting th it position to
the leaders.''
The military representa'ivis of the rebel
leader arc much cast down at tl.e stern
position a*umed by General Otis, but .he
feeling here is tl.at the American general
is making the only permissi le stand, an 1
will force a complete surrender.
St-ntl-ient for A-ne-ntlon.
Washington, May 7.—Hon. H. O. Curtis,
of the insular commission has returned
to Washington after his visit with the
other mtn.bc.s of tl.e commisri n tu l't. -t
to Rico. Air. Curtis stopp d in Cub., an 1
reported he found a large majoii'y of the
responsible people of that island advocating annexation. Among those with
whom he talked was ex-President Masso,
who is avowedly favorable to the policy
of making the il nl a p rt of lit • Un't.d
States, (ieneral Masso told him that the
planters and busines men gene, a ly mn
favorable to immediate annexation and
that indeed their feeling was unanimous
except in the case ol some soldiers who
were ambitious for a trial of in.lcp ndenl
government, and also some of those who
are drawing rations from the United
Sheriff In Prison.
Wardncr, Idaho, May 7.—Sheriff Yung
and County Commissioner Boyle are the
head and front of the dishwashing brig.tdi.'
at the bi.llj.en where the c.ptured rioter*,
are confined. Their sudden fall from official greatness to the menial end of tha
prison cuisine was accomplished today.
Both were given a chance to resign from
office, and both refused. They were
promptly turned over to a waiting guard
of negro soldiers, placed under arrest and
sent down to the prism, cap'ins.
These Qratoful Women Who Have
Been Helped by Mrs. Pink-am.
purpose of ventilation, which was necessarily slow work. The tunnel on the
ledge was extended for a distance of
70 feet
About 20 feet of shaft was sunk on
or Hens against the property and when
Of leer nnd  Malefactor !»■_.
-orled Bonds  In ■ Cellar.
Cincinnati, May 0.—Buried treasure, in
the Dora during April and 30 feet of ihe shape of 11 $1000 bonds, bearing un-
cross-cut work waa done. | clipped coupons which add several thou-
The Reindeer tunnel was extended Mn** dollars to their value, were found by
45 feet In April. 11 nomas Lawson, a negro laborer, while
The Mary Ann record for April was ***gRing in the cellar of a down town de-
45 feet of shaft. partment store on Sixth street.
The Kate Hayward tunnel was drlv-
The corpse of Adolph Miller, a boy 13
-fears old, waa found hanging by a rope
to tha limb of a tree near Vancouver,
Wash., Wednesday.
own heart, expiring instantly.
en 100 feet last month.
There was 50 feet of tunnel run on
the Lily R. during April.
The Jumbo tunnel is ln 126 feet, 60
It has been observed in the hospitals of which was driven In April.
that nails on amputated Angers con-1    Work on the North 8tar has prog-
tlnue to grow. - ressed rapidly during the prit month.
I'iirIHs. Norton Dead.
New York, May 5,-Charlos Norton,
once a famous pugilist is dead at hia
homt in Newark, N. J., aged 47 years.
The average person wears nearly 14
pounds of clothing.
Women who have suffered severely
and been relieved of their Ills by Mrs.
Plnkham's advice and medicine are
constantly urging publication of their
statements for the benefit of other women    Here are two such letters:
Mrs. Li/./.ik IlKVKiti.v, 258 Merrlmao
St., Lowell, Mass., writes:
" It affords me great pleasure to tell
all suffering women of the benefit I bave
received from taking Lydia K Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound I can hardly find words to ex press my gratitude for
what .she. has dune forme My trouble
was ulceration of tho womb I waa under the doctor's care. Upon examination he found fifteen very large ulcers,
but he failed to do me good. I took several bottle&of Lydia E Pinkham 'a Vegetable Compound, alsoused the Sanative
Wash, and am cured. Mrs. Plnkham's
medicine saved my life, and I would
recommend it to all suffering women "
Mrs. Amos Trombleat, Ellenburgh
Ctr., N. Y.. writes.
" I took cold at the time my baby
waa born, causing me to have milk
legs, and was sick in bed for eight
weeks. Doctors did me no good, I
surely thought I would die. I was also troubled with falling of the womb.
I could not eat, had faint spells aa
often as ten times a day. One day a
lady came to see me antl told me of the
benefit she had derived from taking
Lydia E Plnkham's medicine, and advised me to try It. I did so. and had
taken only half a bottle before 1 was
able to alt ln a chair. After taking
three bottles I cou'd do my own work.
I am now ln perfect health."
Large Amount of Property Destroy?.!...
Several Towns Damaged -Bninors ur
Loss of Life—Three of a Family klll*a
lu • Storm    < titi'.
Wichita, Kan., May 6.—Meager rep iris
reach here of a terrific wind storm tliat
caused great destruction at several points
in so..then. Oklahoma. Ihe most s ri us
da.rn.ge is reported ut Chickasaw, Ton
gawa ond Anadarko. lite storm struck
Chickasaw at 3:30 o'clock in the afternoon and destroyed that half of tl.e town
north of the Kock Island r_ilr.oud shops.
Sixteen buildings were blown down a.nl
tl.e roof was torn from tl.e railroad roundhouse. Sixteen injured persons had btet.
taken from the wrecked house up to i;
o'clock, but only one death had been reported. J. H. Murray, a railroad man,
was dead when taken flora the wreck of a
ituimrs of greater l.-ss of life are about,
but cannot be confirmed. Only one telegraph wire runs out of Chickasaw, an,I
there is little chance of getting a list of
tie inju.el t n'g':t
The storm came from the southwest,
preceded by a heavy hail and followed hy
a tlood of rain. The path of the storm
was right down Chickasaw avenue, the
main street of the town, and nearly
every building on the street was either
wrecked or unroofed and tl.e contents exposed to thc rain.
A dispatch reteived in Wichita from
Tonga wa says that in Canton township,
18 utiles west, greut dam ge waa do:.e I y
a tornado.
The family of J. H. Ware took refuge in
a storm cave, which became s,*> h -avy from
the constant rain that it fell in, killing
three members,of the family. Tie hiusis
of J. C. Tounel and S. Saunders wen
blown to pietes and Mrs. Tuur.el was badly
Of the damage at Anadarko no hirg tan
lie definitely learned. Tlie Kock Island
extension up the I'mrilan valley to .AnV
durko is reported washed out in three
places and traffic is blacked.
The statue of MIbb Frances E. Wil-
lard may not be placed in statuary ball
of the house of representatives after
all. Although the state assembly of
Illinois has appropriated $9,000 for
that purpose, tbe Illinois congressional
delegation ls at loggerheads over the
proposition and may prevent lt. The
opposition to placing a statue of a woman In the hall is headed by Representative Hopkins, of Illinois, on the
ground that Illinois had four distln-
gushed sons— Ulysses S. Orant, Abraham Lincoln, Stephen A. Douglas and
John A. Logan—whose Hfework and
public services place them ahead of
Miss Wlllard.
Mrs. Leland Stanford ls the owner
of one of the finest Jewel collections In
the world.   It is valued at $2,000,000.
Kaslo & Sloca
Trains Run on Pacific Standard Time.
Leave. Arrive.
Going West. Dally. doing Bast.
8:00 a. m    Kaslo    3:66 p. m.
8:32 a. m  South Fork  1:20 p. m.
9:30 a. m  Sproule's   2:25 p. ni.
9:45 a. m  Whitewater  2:10 p. m.
9:55 a. m  Bear Lake  2:00 p. tn.
10:12 a. m  MeOulgan   1:45 p. m.
10:25 a. ni   Halley's   1:34 p. m.
10:33 a. m.... Cody Junctlt n .... 1:23 p. m.
Arrive. Leave.
10:40 a. m  Sandon  1:15 p. m.
Leave 11:00 a. m..Sandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m.
Arrive 11:15 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:25 a. m.
O.  F.  COW-LAND,  Superintendent.
Navigation and Trading
Steamers "International" and  "Alberta"
on Kootenay Lake and River.
Five-Mile Point connection with all
passenger trains of N. k F. S. R. R. te
and from Northport, Rossland and Spokane. Tickets aiid baggage checked to all
United States point*.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson and way points,
daily, except Sunday, 6:48 a. m. Arrive
Northport 12:15 p. m.j Rowland, 1:40 p.
m.; Spokane, 6 p. m.
.Ijeave Nelson for Kaalo and way point*
daily, except Sunday, 4:35 p. m.   Leave
Spokane. 8 a. m.j Rossland, 10:30 a. ra i
Northport, 1:60 p. m.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo, etc., Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 8:30 a. m.; arrive Kaalo, 12:30 p. m.
Leave Kaalo for Nelson, ete., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. m.j arrive Nelaon, 8 p. m.
Leave Katto Saturday 4 p. m.| arrive
Boundary midnight; arrive Bonner's Ferry 8unday 10; 30 a. ro.-
Ijeave Bonner's Ferry Sunday 1 p. mi
Vriva Boundary Sunday 5 p. m.; arrive
Kailo Sunday 10 a. m.
Close connection at Bonner's Ferry with
trains eaatbound. leaving Spokane T.4»
a. m., and westbound arriving Spokane
T p. m.
O. ALEXANDER, Oen. Manager.
■***»»•. B. a, Oet 1, INT.
{*£ <•_■*-**/» .-3»*W*rjp*sV. •:'*-**h*"W|s*»***,-'-r..a^^
mwme em •*«*«.« *»-*'<.- *<.&*Ar**m^. <*»***■ ttftte<■ .<*** *««_• tttms,.>■* «y%». -»r ■*-.■ *«_ .><a#i»»_».u* _*«- .«*-#-»*'^asteWl THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
The Frances Wiilard
Miss Georginna Dean was for three
yean inissiot.a.y in Liberia under the
M. B. olinroh from tl.e training school
In Chicago. After l.er retu.n she
studied nursing, graduating from the
present Frances E. Willanl National
Tii.iiper.ii.ee Hospital of Chicago. She
is an enthusiastic f.iend of IV-ru ua,
as is evident from tl.e following letter:
Chicago, III., Jan. 20, 1809.
Pe-ru-na Drug Manufactuiing Co,, Columbus, O.:
Gentlemen—You will be glad to
know of the happy results obtained
from the usi-ol Pe-r.i-ua auiii.ig the patients  uinler  my oare  whenever   pre-
Hospital, Chicago, III.
J scribed by the physician.    I have seen
some very remarkable cures of oases ol
very obstinate catarrh of  the stomach
where  Pe-ru-_a was tl.e only medicine
used. I consider it a reliable metlioine.
Georgians Dean.
The symptoms of catarrhal dyspepsia
are:    Coated   tongue,   pain  or   heavy
feeling in tl.e stomach, belching of gag,
! dizzy     head,    sometimes     headache,
'despondent   feelings, loss  of  appetite,
palpitation of tl.el.eaitand irregularity
of the bowels.
Send for a free book written by Dr.
Haitmnn, entitled "Health and
Beanty." Address Dr. Ha.tman, Columbus, O.
A Surprise to the V. 8. Forces—Nebraska
Regiment Wants a Kest—Oeneral Otis
Semis a Report—War Department Kn-
couraged-Dewey to Come Home.
BIUTISH < (»_-■-HI A.
The Kamloops city council has been
petitioned to prevent the spread of tbe
Chinese laundries ln the town.
The Canada Powder Comapny will
commence the manufacture of dynamite about the end of the present
The New Vancouver Coal Company
has started to sink a shaft 350 feet to
the coal on the northeast side of New*
castle harbor, Vancouver Island.
The customs officers report a car or
two of bonded goods dally passing
through Northport from Rossland to
Manila, May 8—7:40 p. m.—The Filipinos surprised the United States fores at ,, ,,,-,,, , ,, ,
St... Fernando with a daring trick jester- Ca8c.ade Clty' Qrand ForkB aBd Qreen-
day. A railway train with an engine at, W0"d- . . . _■'__„. ___•■--J
each end was run almost to the American I The Plant and good wl" of the Koot'
outposts and in plain sight of the town.' fnalan "•'■paper' has been acquired
Before they could be reached a g_n„ of by a 8yndlcate ot Prominent business
natives sprang off the train, tore up sev- men- who are "PP-y-n* for registration
eral lengths of railway track, boarded the as a J°,n* "*~k company.
train again and ste.nu-d away so quickly  _,Cecil Smlth' of Toronto-    the third
* Eastern man chosen by the Victoria
council as city engineer, has wired that
he cannot accept without a guaranteed
employment and full control over his
subordinates. •
. Arrivals from Nanalmo say that that
jtown ls now very busy and a brisk
trade ls being done there. In Wellington, however, the town ls the dullest It
has ever been, and there is said to be
reason to believe that the coal mines
there will be closed down shortly, at
least to a large extent.
Hi-ti-iiin-   Collector   Skips.
Rossland, B. C, May 7.—W. S. Jones,
internal revenue collector for the Dominion
of Canada in the Rossland district, has
skipped the country with the give.nment
rash; the amount of which has not yet
been learned. He has coll.'cted uluut $1000
from Messrs. Thomas _ Greiger, which he
lias not accounted to tl.e authorities for.
Inspectors Miller and (iili are here from
Vancouver investigating the matter, and
Ji.nts is no one knows where.
stni» of Ohio. City of Toledo, Lucas Co.. ss.
*-*rsnk J. t'lu-i.«•>• mukin oath thut he Is the
si-nlor partner of tits firm of K. J. Cheney at
Co.. de.n* business In the City of Toledo, county .tin. suite sfdtesiilil. snd thst said firm will
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William Rockefeller will build a
handsome bouse at Putnam Hill, near
Greenwich, Conn., for his son and
ll.Ii.-la Had Fled.
Manila, May 5.—Major General Mac-
Arthur's division advanced to San Fernando today and found tliat place had
been evacuated by the rebels, who left
a detachment to cover their trail. General Mac-Arthur occupied the burning
town without loss.
The rebels south of Manila attempted to
ru-h through General Ovcnshine's line last
night The atttu.pt failed, but the .ebels
maintained a fu*illaile of musketry on the
Fourth infantry regiment for several
hijnrs. The demonstration was ineffectual
beyond scaring the inhabitants of Malate.
The outposts of the Idaho and California
regiment*-beyond San Pedro Macati were'
also attacked during the night.
General -awton is still quartered at
I tali nag.
lie...  on  (he While Fla*.
General I-twton, when attacking in
force outside of lialinag, saw women and
ehliuren in the rebel trenches and sent
Captain Case in advance with a white
Hag to warn the insurgents to remove the
non-ctmibatants. When within 600 yards
of the trenches two volleys were fired at
Captain Case'a party. -      ,
Morula  *>"..<-|i li-iss.
Dallas, Tex., May 9.—A report from
Benjamin, Knox county says a terrific
storm, with rain approaching a water*pout
swept over tl.e country aliout 30 mile*
west of that place, and that the family nf
tieorge Humphry, composed of four per-
mmt, were drowned by the sudden overflow of tl.e Brazos river.
I L   write. .0 NATHAN
I [    tllcKFOnn, Waihlngton. D. C. they will
II receive quick replica. It, r,.h N. 11. vela.,
Staff 20th Corps.  I'rii-ci'utlna claims since 1*171,
MlKROttrl  Methods.
Jefferson City, Mo., May 6.—Tha Missouri house has passed and sen t to the
governor an important bill requiring Missouri corporations to keep their principal
ollice in the state and providing that at
least three directors shall bc residents of
there was no opportunity for their cap
The Nebraska  regiment is asking for
temporary  reilef from  duty.    Only  377'
men of this regiment are left at the front.
Oils' Report.
Washington, May 8.—The war department has received a cablegram from General Otis giving the situation in the Philippines, some parts of whicli have been
omitted by the war department in making it public.   The di-patch is as follows:
"'.Manila.—Adjutant General, Washington: The situation is as follows: Lowton
is at Maasin. and lialinag with scouting
parties to the north and east. MaoArthur
is at Sim Fernando. The population of
the country between Manila and northern
points held by troops are returning home
anil appear cheerful and contented. Army
gunboats operating in the rivers have
cleared the country west of MaoArthur of
the insurgents. Signs of the insurgents'
weakness aie made apparent dailv.
Witt- li.'jiiirtiiu-ii. Knrosrssed.
Washington, May 9.—The war department officials seem to be even more encouraged over the condition in Manila.
The report of General Otis today indicates
that tlie American troops are well disposed
lt has been evident that the insurgents
who were operating in the swamps and
jungles east of MacArthur have been very
annoying, but the army gunboats have
made it too hot for them to remain. Law-
ton appears to be pushing northward 15
miles to the eist of MacArthur. The Rio
Grande lies between them, and there the
gunboats evidently are at work. The portions of the di-*patch whicli thc department
has not made public possibly refer to the
future movements of the two divisions of
the army.
New York, May 0.—Admiral Dewey has
cabled to this city his acceptance of an invitation to a banquet to be given in his
honor by 100 prominent citizens. It is
likely that Admiral Dewey will return to
this country as soon as peace negotiations
With the insurgents have lieen concluded.
He will return via the Suez canal and
come to New York.
The navy department has selected thc
successor to Admiral Dewey to command
the Asiatic station. Orders were issued
today detaching Watson from command
of tl.e Mare Island navy yard and ordering
him to report to Admiral Dewey at Manila to relieve that officer when he feels
he can bc spared there.
Rear Admiral KemptT, at present or
waiting orders, has been ordered to succeed Admiral Watson in command' uf the
Mare Island navy yard.
Wheat Quotation-., Wool FIaures ss<
the Prlee of Produce.
The following prices are paid for
wheat delivered at the Spokane mills:
Wheat—Blue_tem, bulk 60c, sacked
52c; No. 1 Club, bulk 47c, sacked 49c;
No. 1 red, bulk 45c, sacked 47c.
Vegetables—Potatoes, $2.00 to $2.25
per cwt.; onions, $1.35@$1.50; cabbage
$2.60 per cwt.; celery, 60 to 60c per do_.
Hay—Timothy, $13 per ton; wheat
hay, $11; alfalfa, $11.
Rye—Country points, f. o. b., 72c per
cwt.; Spokane, 75c per cwt
Corn—Whole, $1.16 per cwt.; cracked, $1.20.
Feed—Bran and shorts, $14 per ton;
shorts, $13.; bran, $15.; rolled barley,
$20.; chicken feed, $15 to $20.
Wood (on car)—Fir, $3.; tamarack,
$3.75; pine, $2.75. Retail—Fir, $3.60;
tamarack, $3.50 to $4; pine, $3 to $3.25.
Coal (retail)—Roslyn lump. $5.50;
Pennsylvania antharcite, $18; Colore
do antharcite, $16; foundry coke, $16;
Cumberland black, $17.50 to $20.
Poultry — Chickens, live -weight, 15
to 16c per pound; turkeys, dressed, 16
to 18c; spring ducks, dressed, 14 to 16;
geese, live, 15 to 16c.
Meats—Beef cows, live, $2.75 to $3.50
per cwt.; dressed, 7 to 7%c; hogs, live,
4 to 4 Vic; dressed, 8% to 9c per lb.
Tacoma, May 7.—The wheat market
closed weak and unchanged. Local prices
continue at 58c for club and tile f r bluestem.
Portland. May 7.—Wheat—St.ady;
Walla Walla 58J@59c; valley, OOc; blue-
stem, Glr«ti_c.
Nervous People,
Nervous people no_ only
suffer themselves but c_u_e more
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them.   The/ are fretful, easily
worried  hnd therefore & worry
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you* when your pulse beats excessively, when you ore. startled
at the least unexpected sound,
rour nerves are in a bad state
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Pills for Pale People.
' They (ive strength and,
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body, and make despondent,
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charms.. here is-proof*
»j_*!te_--_yi£_-__5e■*«t*«n--re«r-3ld daughter of Mr.T.C.Watroas,
(gel CUripn St., Bradford, Pa., tu -.eiied with a nervous disorder whicli
threatened to end her life. Eminent physicians agreed the trouble was
J-*™,,j!?i1:*ow.-i-!h_*_?!.^'but.f*,-1'i*d to *■••-telle- Mr. Watrous heard
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1'altS fcuiau* *_ OO, Oh*.
Ob-oakr —-M on MM
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discharges. Inflammations
IrritatloDi  or uloera-otu
of ro u e 6 u s   membranes
Irl——alt assist—».      Painless, and not •stria
ITHtEt/»Sl0Mu'.0sl0o. **"'" or Po'sono—-.
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Margaret Deland says she reads economics, history and thc newspapers for
Instruction, and novels only for entertainment
Sim.   I 'II-.I- of  Snl. III.-.
Btcm.r, Xcl.., May 9.—Mary VI cli, the
' iii .year ttlil daughter of a farther resitting
ntar this cily committed suicide while despondent over tl.e death of her soldier
sHeelliei.it. ('curve Hour, who fell More
('.ilotx'.iii while fighting with thc Fi.st Ne-
There was a young man from Lenora,
Who boldly went off to the war;
The "beef made him alck.
He recovered quite quick.
By the prompt use of old Jesse Moor*.
The queen of Italy, saya a gossip,
weighs 176 pounds; Queen Victoria, 171
pounds; the Queen of Spain, 147
pound--, and the queen of Belgium, 143
The Ideal Laxative.
No more ancient pill poisons and black
dnttiKlits, but up-to-date, scietitlnc, liarmlcss.
palatable, potent t'uscareta Cand> Cathartic.
"J'umilsts,' 10". We, -km*.      * ,,
The only woman of royal lineage
who is known to hold the title of M. D.
is Queen Amalle of Portugal.
Mothers will Ond Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup the best remedy to UBe for their
children durng tl.e teething period.
Swinburne, the poet, ls said to be
growing, very eccentric aa he nears his
elghtleh year...
FITS P*****—aninitly Cured. No fluor nrrvousnei
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Arch struct, Philadelphia. IV
The distance from the furthest point
of polar discovery to the pole Itself la
4G0 miles.
Plso's Cure for Consumption haa been i
family medicine with ua since 1865.—J. R.
Madison, 2409   42d Ave., Chlca.0. 111.
Cecil Rhodes has donated $1000 to
the Salvation Army.
In the sprint cleanse your system tsy using
Dr. Pfunder's Oregon Blood PurlBar.
A colossal statue of Qlad-itone is to
bo erected in Blackburn, England.
Use Dr. Pfunder's Oregon Blood Purifier now
The first lifeboat was launched   In
Governor Powers, of Maine, Is contemplating a trip to Cuba and Puerto
Rico with his la»ge staff.
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effects of the well known remedy,
Svrup or* I'ios, manufactured by the
Cai.ifohnia Kio Syrup Co., illustrate
thc *alue t.f obtaining the liquid laxative principles of plants known to be
medicinally laxative and present ng
them in the form most refreshing to tho
taste and a!*;*eritftl*1e to the system. It
is the one perfect strengthening laxative, cleansV the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and reven
gently yet prompt!-/ andennblmgone
to overcome habitual constipation permanently, its perfect tm*m.-Iwta
every objectionable quality and TOO
stance, and its acting on the WMM
liver and bowels, VrTthOUtJ^gf-M
or irritating them, make lt the ideal
'"in'tho process of manufacturing fl£S
are used M they are pleasant to the
Late"but the mefllclna^ q.ml.t.esof the
remedy are obtained from ienna and
_th,"-aromatic   plant- by a met hod
»•? »s
-ffe. s 'and to avoid imitations, please
Minted on the front of even P»°-«W*
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Girl   Struck   l.y   I-frht-inff.
During a violent thunder storm recently, lightning struck Sadie Tunic,
a Russian girl, 13 years old, while
standing in Canal street, New York.
The bolt was attracted by thr steel rod
of her umbrella. She was taken to
a hospital, where it was fouud that she
was badly burned about lhe abdomen,
right leg, both wrists, nose and right
cheek and that she was suffering froia
the shock. Radiating downward from
the upper part of the breast were half
a dozen marks seared ln the skin, while
around each thigh and extend ins to
the knee were a series of rings. Around
each wrist, and not unlike a bracelet
tattooed in the skin, w°ro two rings.
Her clothing was untouched For
nearly an hour after her admittance to
the hospital, both her legs were paralyzed, but she recovered the use of
those members. The girl said that she
did not have any pain at any time.
The physicians do not bs'ieve sbs will
recover entirely and were surprised
that she was not killed outright. Canal
street was crowded _t thu lime '.he bolt
descended and there was srent excitement among the people.
-..,miil. un Ordered to Newport.
Washington, May 9.—Rear Admiral
Sampson has arrived at Washington ami
called at the navy department to confer
with Secretary Ix>ng regarding the future
movements of the North Atlantic squadron.
lt was decided the ships should start
from Tomrtkin-.ville on the 2Hth of the
present month tor Newport, to be present there during the inauguration of the
governor of Rhode Island.
SwInillliiK  Involvl-HT $100,000.
New York, May 9.—Tha p~_ee sny 'l"*1
the total sum involved in the swindling
of which Dr. llrgel-tburg, now tinder arrest
In litis Angchs, Gil., it -ecus d will reach
Dr. Heg-Uh'-fg waspr.s'dint of the Investor's Guaranty & Trust Company, with
ofliccs in this city. It i-s alleged the com
puny did a "blind pool" business in the
• ■tic.ll<-  Const  Crncker Trnat.
Trenton, N. J., May 6—The Pacific
Const Hiseuit Company with an authorized capital of $4,000,000, was incorporated yesterday at the office of the ge.rfr
ta.y of state.
I.iiuluir Scr-lo-alr  HI*
New York, May    6.—Paul    Lawrence
Dunbar,  the negro poet,  is seriously
with pneumonia in Uiis city.
San Francisco May 7.—Silver bars,
til l-8c; Mexican dollars, 50Jc.
Mexican dollars, 61@*52c.
Lake eo;p r-Brokers' $19.12,@1925.
The firm that fixes the «l!irur price for
miners and smelters quotes lead at $4 10
at the close.
\\ M-liln-tiiti  on  the  Move*.
Manila, May 6.—A large bedy of Filipinos is reported to be moving around
(•eneral MacArthur. left flank toward
the railroad. Reconnnitering parties have
also located strong forces of the enemy
at Antipnlo and San Mateo.
Colonel Wholley, commanding General
King's brigade during the latter's illness,
is moving toward Antipolo.
Heporta received here from lloilo and
Cebu say that all is quiet there.
Minister to Persia
Washington, May 4.—The president appointed Hon. Bert W. Bowen, of New
York, as minister to Persia.
-LABASTINE Is the original
and only durable wall coating,
entirely different fr.om all kalsomlnes. Ready fdr use ln
white or twelve beautiful tints
by adding cold water.
AD1ES naturally prefer ALABASTINE for walls and ceilings, because It ls pure, clean,
durable. Put up ln dry powdered form, In five-pound packages, with full directions.
lit, kalsomlnes are cheap, temporary preparations made from
whiting, chalks, clays, etc.,
and Btuck on walls with de-
caving animal glue. ALABA8-
T1NK is not a kalsomine.
EWARE of the dealer who
says he can sell you the "same
thing" as AUABASTINB or
"something Just as good." He
is either not posted or ls trying to deceive you.
ND IN OFFERING something
he has bought -heap and tries
to sell on A_ABASTINE'S demands, he may not realize the
damage you will suffer by a
kalsomine on your walls.
EN8IFL.E dealers will not buy
n lawsuit. Dealers risk one by
selling and con**umers by using
infringement. Alabastlne Co.
own right to make wall coating to mix with cold water.
every  schoolhouse   should  be
r coated cnly with pure, durable
ALABASTINE. It safeguards
health. Hundreds, of tons are
used annually for'tola work.
that packages are properly labeled. Beware of large four-
ponnd package light kalsomine offered to customers aa
a five-pound package.
UI8ANCE of wall paner ll obviated by ALABASTINE. It
can be used on -ilastcrod walls,
wood celllnKS, brick or canvas. A child can brush It on.
It does not rub or scale oft.
STABLISHBD !n favor. . Shun
alt Imitations. A!-- paint dealir
or druggist for tint card. Write
for "Alabhstlne Era," free, to
Rapids, Michigan.
You will never know what
Good Ink
is unless you use Carter's.    It costs
no more than poor ink.
Funny booklet" How to Make Ink Pictures " free.
CARTER'S INK CO., Boston, Mass.
Cure Sick Hoadscbs
, pepsis, RemoTe ^Pimplas and Purify tbe
Blood, Aid Higcstion nnd Prevent Biliousness. Do
not tiripeorSickt-n. Toconrlnce you. we will mall
sample free, orfull box for 25c, DR. BttsANKu
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ITCHINtiPilefl prod tiet-moiHtur.'.'ind cause itt?—in_.
This form, as well as Itlind.Bleedtusor r*rotruding
Piles sn cared hv Dr. Bosnnko's Pile Remedy
Nt-.ps itching-and bleeding. Absorbs tn mors,  fsk-a
r. Bosnnko's Pile Remedy
leedinjr. Absorbs tn mors, fsk-a
..ar at drug-gists or aont by mn i I. Treatise freo. Write
uie about jour case.   DK. BOS.VNKO, Philada., Pa.
The work of enlarging the capacity
of the Independent canal Is progressing rapidly.
The preliminary hearing of Gus
Smith, at Wallace, has been dismissed,
charged with vitriol throwing.
1 ill,,In,i-   Want   Jobs.
Washington, May 6.—It is believed an
animating purpose in the Filipino presentation to the American co>nmissionei*s at
Manila is to insure that whatever form
of government is adopted will afford lucrative nnd intluential places for the many
Chris Thlessen, of lewiston, has | ambitious Philippine leadtrs. Tl.e admin-
commenced shearing a band of 1,000 j istration sees nothing in this aspiration
sheep in his corrals back of Normal j ircconcilablc with firm government over
jjUj i the island by the United States, the op-
James Judge and family of Sand ; portunity of the Filipinos being f jund in
Point, have moved to Harrison, Idaho, I a liberal provision for munit ip.tl and even
where they will engage in the hotel provincial native government in the
The stage of water on the upper Pot-
latch is now favorable for log driving
and active work is now under way on
the river to start the big drive.
Sheriff Bradbury has sold four
horses which belonged to C. E. Roberts
and were attached for debt by the Sand
Point Lumber Company.
The First National bank of Ken-
drlck Is making arrangements to call
ln Its circulation, preparatory to changing its name Into that of the Kendrlck
State bank.
The county commissioners spent
two days in looking over the roads between Uonner's Ferry and Port Hill.
The road overseer, Mr. Dawson, has a
gang at work.
At the meeting of the council at Moscow It was decided to call for bids, to
be opened May 15th, for furnishing
lumber, city printing, and running the
water works.
Reports from the section north of
Lewiston, near Uniontown, are to the
effect that practically all tke fruit has
been killed with the exception of apples
and cherries.
Rev. Mr. Locke, superintendent of
the Fort Hall Indian school, reports
an attendance of about 180 at the
school this year, and a very successful
school year all around.
The supreme court has affirmed the
Judgment of the district court of Latah
county in favor of tne defendant in tho
case of S. Barghoorn vs. Julia A.
Moore. The judgment of the lower
court Is reversed ln the case of the
Security Savings & Trust Company vs.
P. M. Rogers, also from Latah courity.
The case was decided ln the district
court In favor of the defendants.
A farmers' Institute will be held ln
Genesee the afternoon and evening of
May 13th, to be conducted by the professors of the experimental station at
Moscow. ; The subject for the afternoon session -will be "Grain and
Grasses." Much Interest ln the meeting'Ib manifest and lt Is expected that
much good will- be the result.
In New York a young woman suffering from paralysis of the right arm,
superinduced from holding up her
skirt, was taken to one of the city hospitals Monday. She had been in the
habit of wearing one of the latest tailor
made gowns with a train. This long
skirt paralysis is due to holding the
arm ln one position too long, which,
with the weight of the skirt, affects
the muscles and the nerves. The affliction is similar to that with which
base ball players suffer and which Is
called by them the "glass arm." The
complaint, physicians say, can be cured
by massage treatment, but the arm will
remain weak.
Italy exported last year 21.000 ancient and modern works of art, valued
at $600, ii.O. More than one-half of
them went to Germany.
"MSC.IHK'I'S do all clu.med for tliem
and sre (.truly wonder.til meiiuitio. I have often
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nave round It in Case—tela glue* taking them, my
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way.       Hiu. ma t.i.ie _. Mki.i.A ut.. LuUrsll. Tenn.
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2, as Industrious as ever.
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Sl.rll.r «—tsy f.-|...,, nilrass. Si.nlr.sl, N.w Tsrt. —I
M-Tll-Mi"* Sold nnd uiinrnntoed by nil drug-
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I Couth Byrap. Tastes Qooo. Vm
tn time.   Sold by dr-urelsta.
I •
-■»..*iasasnw.    -■a.sss-'usn lt»WW ' -v. .aaata,* %*AmesWA<ta*W .«*JW«'IU>.'«ssfi.
' t*mesmm*i*'*s*\ »■*•» earewrarts'.
*g**wttjeasWs\w*$p      or,, jwts} twaajsw'.  •memem, wtsoB t "wr*. "j
.wnttm-*'■ rtm-t i-yr--',-" a
lie 1^iit«._iliki-rfg^;fei^^^
s ii'. i,--:*.- r--»
: 8 8-8.9.8 S 8..♦..,.».... 8.8 8 8«*
"\Z\ffe ?re now agents for
_*v_l_'y"   Co_3-.pSi__._rs3
Sewing Machines
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o yon   -want
JEWELRY, tee - -
The   ■bt»t*kward   season, ' that    1ms
delayed work  around  our numerous
..lint's, k.'*)t  the army of prospectors
from taking to the   hilU, on   isccoB.it
of the denp sno-v, has not been without
sunlit lii-iu-fic tu  tho mining'* industry.
The > piY-speotol-s,   who -usBslly   grow
restless a out this'tint. of the year, uot
being able to go out into the hills, have
turned their attention to going over
more thoroughly that   portion   of  the
country lying . car tl.e lake,   which is,
on account of its low altitude, bare of
smKr;   With the result that within a
reditu of two miles of  Silverton set-
eral new strikes have been made, all of
...ore or less   consequence   and   some
that will no doubt lead to the opening
up of now   mines   in  (his   vicinity.
Among the best cf the late strikes are
those on the Lamont, Willnrd, Manitoba and Queen Fraction claim*., any
oue of which stands a   good  show   of
making producing mines.   So although
the backward   season   has   worked   a
hardship on many, it has been  attended with fome good to the development
of the country, >*•
JacobDover,       I	
pox 3.     .  .   Kelson, B. 0.
To The Silverton Sports.
I will have a lot of
.  Koclrets.,
t-ETlagrs <55c.
In time for
may 24TH.
THE 4Pr0S!T>
HOTBI<,       MttF.
KH.VF.KTON,    B. C.
.TAMI'S BOWES    -   -   -  -    PROP.
i*; Hcarfqaarlers For Mining Men :•:
SILVEKTON      -      •      ■      -B.C.
and $00 Line
TnitouGR n-mr-cL-ss k to.bist sleepers
Tickets Issued Ann Baooaob
— Checked To Destination. —
(exceptiug  Sunday)
— Revelstoke and Main Lino'Points.
•.Q5.—leave— Silve_ton—arrive—16,80
Nelson,. Trail,   Rowland, Ac.
Ascertain present   rates aod fall in
lorrnation hy  addreahing   nearest" Iocs
--.Kent,or    j*T.......;..... .'-..,,:.
W. 8. CLARK, A-rsnt, Silverton
Trsv. Pass. Agent, K^MO
pist. Pass. Agent, Vaosoovtr,
B. C.
auctioneers, cfhtoms brokers,
jVnd Gese-ial Real Estate Aoests.
Uffltt la neau- Block    -   -'    Maker St.
8LOCAN CITY, . ......,..-. B. C.
General Freifht and Transfer
Orders left at News Stand will
promptly attended to.
8ILVERTON,       -      -     B. C
W. PeUew-Harvev, V. C. fi., Member
inst. Mining and Melail.ir-jy, London,
and lor many years with Vivian <_ Sons.
Swansea, and. at present their representative* in tbis--country, has extensive
Metallurgical Works at Vancouver, and
is miking a specialty of advising on the
cyanide treatment of ores, and making
tests by amakamalion, cl.lorinution ami
conoeplraiJQn. Another feature of the
business is checking smelter pulps, assay
ing in all its branches, with chemical analyse',   a
Having had ten years' experience with
ihe ores of B. C, in addition to a long
practical training in Europe, tl.e result«
reported by the above can be entirely relied upon 'J here ere no pupils kept in
be bnsiness, Hih assistants lieing ;
Meta-loboists   Cecil Bryant. Asso
and Assatem.   elate Rovsl School cf
Minss, London.   A. F. McF.wen, Felbw
Chemical Society, and late Chief Chem
ist and MeUllurgist with   tbe Cassiar
Central Railway Company.
Analytic--      A. A. Watson, Fellow
Chemist. Inst, of Chemistry, Loo-
don, ami Bachelor of Science, with honors
in Chemistry, wbo bss bad a long and
varied experience in Chili and Qneen**-
W, Pellow- Harvey represents the following-*--* in Canada, vis:- Mews.
Vivian A Sons, Swansea j The Elliot.'s
Metal Co., Barry Port; Tbe Caesel Cold
£-trsctini{Co,Glascow; Mssarr. James
I Bits.' M. E. London; and is also special
Govemmsnt examiner Ior Ike Provincial
Assayers' examioaUoD.
Farther particnlars on application nt
tiie office, Fairfield Block, Vancouver,
The following letter has beer) sent j
to us, with the request that wo do
what we can to push along the scheme
proposed. We have no hesitation i.n
endorsing the hopes of the writer that
a Slocan Football League will be
formed,    Our correspondent says;
In view of the (act ih.it the towns
uf the Slocan have all oruanized football
clubs, would ii not i.e in tl.e interest of
I lie game to form a Slocan Football
League? Slocan City, Silverton, New
Denver and Sandon clubs could arrange
ii series £of games, which would prove
interesting. The Season is well advanced
ami il anything is to be done in this direction, it should be started at once.
1 would suggest that the secretary oi
the Silverton club should correspond
with the secretaries of lhe clubs mimed
ami if tho idea meets with acceptance, a
secretaries' meeting could be held and ..
schedule of games drawn up. I leave
ihjs for the consideration ol those interested.
Yours truly,
As we stated last week, New
Denver is supported by tho charity of
the Province at large. Professional
beggars, their cries never cease, and
the sop of 9150. thrown them this
week only whet their appetite for more
Our local government hss been badly
affected with the prevailing Imperialistic idea and is anxious to pose as an
assistant of world wide enterprises.
This craving for notoriety tempted the
members of the executive to put a
meddlesome finger into tho Anglo-i
American Oommission l.y si.zing the
season of its session to pass tbe Alien
Exclusion Act, thinking doubtless that
their action would throw the American
commissioners into a state of terror.
A good deal  of. the   blame   for   the
t'-iluro of tbo   CotnmiMto-   U-u    ln-en
attributed to this action of the Legislature.
No* their, efforts aro taking a
d._ere.it turn. They arc vieing with
Great Britain herself in contributing
toward the expense of the Pacific
Cable scheme, A cool million is the
amount tbey are contributing as an
advertisement for the Province This
is one-ninth of the cost of the cable,
and Australia, Canada and Great
Britain aro partners iu tbe enterprise.
The question is, arc w? not paying to
much for our whistle!
In this part of British Columbia,
and wo do not think that tbis section
is any exception to (be rest, tl.e want
of good roads aud trails is retarding
development of the mines. The entire
sum of $15,000,, tbe amount voted for
the Slooan, could be used to advantage
in road building in the immediate
vicinity af Silverton. This amount
spread out from Slocan Crossing to
Arg-'nta will be barely sufficent to
repair the seasons ravages on the road)
already in use and it seems useless to
ask for any farther grant to build new
No great amount of grumbling has
been heard over the smallne-u of this
estimate, those interested believing
that the government was giving all
that could be spared. Now that the
executive has proposed to sink a
million in the Pacific for tbe benefit of
a few coast cities, a different hue is
cast over ths sise of tbe road building
fund of the   Kootenay.
Wo are not con/o.»ant with the
dividend paying qualities of a cable
company, bat we venture to say that
a sum of money equal to that suggested
as our share of the cable laying, invested in roods snd trails throughout the
mining sections of tbe province, woald
return a dividend into the money
chests of tbe province, ten times
irreater th_n that produced by a one-
ninth interest in the Pacific, cable, and
as an advertisement for the Province,
would b»vo a many times more far
reaching effect than, the presence of a
landing station for the American end
of tbo cable, somewhere on the coast
of the Provinoe,
Bn(ith Columbians eon justly be
a-ked to contribute their share of the
Dominion subsidy, bat a Dominion as
well as a Provincial tax comes high.
Following is a complete list of the
mining tranaae'ions recorded during tl.e
week for the Slocan Mining Division:
Aj-r£7—Springtime, Fonr Mile, J.E
Apr 28—Nellie Fraction, leloc. Clinton
Wm Niven.
Mav 2—Alice Murphy. Silver Mt. A J
Murphy;   Donley, same, Hugh Behtie'.'
Mav 3—Nettie Fractional, Carpenter
creek, C II Brindle.
May 8—-Deception, reloc. Mollis, Four
Mile, J Tinling.   Kola, north fork Car
penter,    reloc.    Ellis,    R   Thompson,
World, Carpenter, same
Apr 25—Elk, two years, Speculator,
same, Virginia, same.
Apr 27—Keewatin, Emma Fraction.
Apr 28— Concord.
Apr 29-Wren.
May 1—Torpedo, Juhilee, Creole.
May 2—Angeloa
May 8—Belt Fraction, Bear Fraction.
Fenchurcb Fraction
May 9—Dewey, Spike, Republican,
Mav 8—Golden Chariot. Morway,
Stockholm. Alma, Charlotte.
May 6—Roval Five, Jennie, Lakeview
certificate    or   satisfaction.
May 1— IJtaryiew, Empire. Richmond.
A-r27—ry/.}.i, 3 M Hays to J Bongb,
May 28. 1898. >* .
t-iaine'i, same to same, bill of sale in
escrow, *730. due May 26, 18M.
Cults)]', C H Lawson to J McKernan
Feb 9.
R D Fraction}^. ST Walker to N V
McMillan, March 27.
j\pril 29—Rock In nd, ECumn.ings to W
W Spinks, April 12.
Northern Pacific all. Red Cross all
Soho?,', h k vV Ritl.bourne to J C
Ryan, Janiury 4
Same, JjJ in each, J C Ryan to C H
Green, Apr.: 7.
May 1—Edith J/. J Campbell to DD
McPherso.., April 27.
Hartney and Sylva.iite -„' in each, E
Shannon to same same.
Letters of Administration granted on
March 29, to Catherine Stirrett oi the
estate of A H Siirrett.
May 2— Random Shot. Win Braden to
to Edwin Wallace, July 23, 1897.
S me, E Wallace to Aj.ix Mining and
Development Co. ltd. July 9.1898.
Cuba 1-6. C H Loenson toB M Walton
Nov 22. 1897.
June Bug, Culm >,.,', Sigbee Fraction,
A C Behno to W C Yawkey
Cuha 1-6, B M Walton to P M His'.ey,
April 28.
May 3—Same, all interest, J McKier
nan toPJ Hickey, April 29.
Marie S Fracti n!,' C8 Rasbdall to
G W Hughes. 1200. April 29.
Same ?;', same to Scottish Colonial
Gold_elds, ltd. $600, same
Grand Stand W, E L Beer to C W
Green ley, Feb 8, iffi.
Ma> 5—Home Rnn«-, Wm Glynn to
A E Fauquier, Jan 13 tb.
Moaicli V. C E Fielding to O M Getting, Feb 6 $75.
Same, C M -.thing to A E Fauquier,
April 19.
<t ■•
•« omot o**
aoso «-o scao
o.. ... taso
. . . . cms*
caca caoa acao
• ii *. a ■. .
:»a c».a ».ao
« • a • CAM
scao caso ono
 PROPS,  ^v^o-v.Rr
The shipment   oi  ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and* inot-utbog tbe
presen   week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Bosnn Landing. Tons.
Bosun       400
From New Denver. Tons
Marion 20
From Bilverton. Tons
Comstock    20
"        conceutrates  100
Emily Edith «p
Fidelity     3
Noonday  so
Vancouver 320
Wakefield 680
"Is Bllkins  patriotic?"
"I should say he was. He's one pf the
.-post patriotic men I've ever seen. Why
•hat man has run for office three times
always to be defeated, and yet he declares tbat thia country Is nil right |n
some  re*<i*ect,B."
Outside Parlies Desiring Horses in Silverton •*"
Can  Have Them  Reserved By  Writing To—    A* P*  McDONALD,
'  t_    _J t   t t        t |        BILVERTON, - • B. O.
On May The 24th,
CALL    INT    AT    THE
Thorburn ^^
M. M.
Silverton.      ....
Do You Know
Where   *Xo   Oet
B O 0 T8 A N D 8 H OE _-, .   ■ •   .
B     NO ARMY BEEF IS THIS.      .
r.noctuiES and provisions.
Oeneral AIei-eJi«nts
Silverton,      _B.   C,
May, 24th,1899.
$1,750 iTpirzEi
HORSE $50tM i. Pbm..
RACES. E^? •»-•••»■■
______      4 75. & $ a&.
PONY RACE, I 50. k $ 25.
■itdwd tiaie of Baseball   < -  Hose Reel Um.
8a-*« Band Will Be la Atlenthmee
H. O. MATHESON, 8komt_j»T.
>m''Xt>.*-~'*ir. -mt
-*M    «.•>»   'i*.. ■'._-* _r"-*-sss.*_, v,,- -_*k  »^j„-sgi.j»»k .. ,mwwtr.+-*' r*+9m.'*tt* A*k*t-, .mt
-wismn *mtwt*m*mtt'• aemmmwemtaam .sssw-.,-i>^(.sst*is.>,<s_sJ,..<»<fi^.^-c,


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