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The Silvertonian 1899-07-29

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Ind UP T0 DafB
Mining News
Of The Richest
Camp  Of British
n.s.,11 Lake Herald nays:
I10,ii  . Inst  been  consummated
K     ;i «H,ish  Co.umbia
*'" , the Galena rarm passes
W. McCiino of Salt
I,. Known as
llh_!,0WttOT- .Bop  of  Anaconda,
.party is situated  in the
the  famous   Slocan
, Thl« i"
toucatnp In
,,, British Co
le, from  the
party lias   been
umbta, aud  is about
well   known  Payne
in'" '
of an  English
in   lhe
company.   Tho
Lin**"  ^^
Bve spout over 1200,000 in
property, and now it is
known mine! in  British
nl the ■       ^^^^^^^^^
*"'12'm ,,,.,ho.il Iho mailer yester-
McCtine   admitted   having
but   declined   to
■    1,111111880, ^^^^^^^^^
■ -(ui price waa paid for the prop-
He alated tbat a  concentrator ol
list *i0 tons capacity would Ire put up
lediately, and that this  would  probe enlarged In the near future."
tltoUtfli  il.-ntn-t      can   he   learned
II j; to i o presumed that the above
„ u-tai tlally the  facts  ol the  rase.
nesilay.e representative ol Mr. Me-
,'nviu* in town and brought down a
of ore wimples, he a No secured bid I
•iKhtinR hum the mine to the wharf
a and supplies.   An this mine has
.ineil the ..IneOwnara' Association,
ntihi work will be started Immedlat*
}i tin- property and it will hi** another
ion .1 u  making   Silveiton   the
i.i".. camp it will bo.
i re* 'It 'ii ti.' nar*l*tont nnd lyluj
,,i>nt_ in.*UI"..* th • wane* being
in miner* ai the Wak-flohl mioaa,
, , published iu tho Nel-
iiii daring the past week, and
,. ii reputed Mvnrco th ly did, all
Kiuuml sorh >■ thai mine hat coma
Wednesday,   Bon  Ivii'-chone, the
actor, il  i * lip Ilia contract and tho
it,t< n   i in;.!iyed   by  him came
. ■ . iiili.    I nb f.:i. tl utconie of
.il mfuaal on the pint of the
en*   to  recognize the Union.
koil that uot only »hnulJ the
i*e I'nion nazes from Ihe OOO-
nt thu'. they should have these
lin atltina hy the manago-
aperintendent Patterson agreed
••   , :i ivhenorer they desired,
■eml of cvoiv shift nr  weekly;  he
I pay lhe  I'nion  wages;   but  he
i   not   -.purity   these  promises in
Consvtinently, tlie men came
lh* hill ,i-1.'portod.
Knee.'.tt ■ Informs us that, despite
lost 36% ol the contract
already done, on ac-
J llu isinu  tiP the contract,
| is al le •, mvp his men their lull
ive a I alanco for himself,
;,;' ' P, tic f lilow-ing statement
ivoii I'm SiLVCBTOXU- for publlca-
riio Miner and thuKconomiet will
11 I hit   "ir   Mateiiients   iu   this
i '''•! rrecti
l.i'Banl i. •tin. Htatements appear-
iMu il... in. >| thai  the miueis en-
ts« st the Wake-aid mines,  work-
.' "ti ill" '■nitriicts lately given,  were
nn basil of 18. for Iheeight-
i iliift,
We, the nn rerulgaed minor*, until
ordsy engaged on the said con-
'«, 'li'.-ire I , slate that we received
'U l"i man for every eight-hour
9 worked,
Signed)   ll. Ymger.
P. VV. I .<■<■■ I ham,
lluwmd Thompson.
Mike McMannis,
William Grady.
Vndrcw Mitchell.
I». K.Carroll.
al. G. i. n Inn hi in.
Iluasol Donald,
Thomas Hurley.
/Vlbert J. Blanche.
Ben Kneebone, Contractor.
"itlm week, 180 ions ol oro was
I'l'-d oir the Uke, all of which was
pout by the Noonday mine of this
riiice carloads wero shipped on
|ll('ay, followed by tbreo others sent
pi Niturday, nil consigned to the
l'i Smelter,
In Northwestern Ontario there sre
18 stamp mills, the number of stamps
aggregating 257. In this new Bection,
thero are already employed .'1082 miners,
receiving something over *l,O00,G00a
year In wages. The gold production lur
this suction for 1811'J Is estimated at
$600,000 over twice that of 181)8 ami l.'i
limes that of 1892, thu first  year
P. Rom and J. Richards are working
on the White Horse claim, ou the
Galena ll.d a, about two miles from town.
They are confident that thoy have found
the ledge that threw out tho float wi'h'
which the claim is strewn. The ledge
uncovered is a contact between granite
and porphyry, and a series of cutn will
be run with lhe hope of finding tho top
of the ore shute that Iras thrown out so
much rich float.
Now that the Silverton waggon road is
again passable for ore teams and supply-
waggons, it is expected Uiat lhe Corn-
stock will soon be reopened. When here,
a short time ago, If. Bell-Irving said
that his company wns preparing for nn
early resumption of work at Iho mine.
The mill will bo started up and Corn-
stock shipments be steadily made. This
company, luckily for them, did not tie
their hands by signing the roll of the
Mine Owners' Association,
The Noonday still holJs'ils own as
the mining strike of the season. Almost
daily reports are brought into town of
cew and important strikes being made
upon th.it property. Not only is the big
ore shute holding its own, but it is
growing better and iiiggoi* as development work piogresses. .The Noon day is
now giving employment 'Ito .over sixty
niep twenty fonr of whom are kept
tuny sorting und sacking nre, which I** j tliat of the lot
being tnken out in such quantities  that j pinchbeck and
Yesterday, tbo Football Team, accompanied by many supporters, journeyed
to Slocan City to try conclusions with
(he speedy kickers at the foot of the
Lake. The launch "Alert" had boon
chartered for (he trip, and lefl here loaded to the guards.
Slocan City was leached shortly after
six o'clock and no time was lost by the
players in seeking tiie uew grounds,
The new Held is laid out in a line level
spot and promises to make excellent
grounds in a short time. Just now, how-
over, it is too soft and most horribly dusty. Ae neither team had before played
on the grounds, there was no advantage
in this respect.
The game was fast from start lo finish
and considerable  heavy  lioily checking
The lako waters are gradually sinking.
I.. II. Briggs left on Thursday for his
homo in Riversido Cali.
W. Walmeley aud Ed. McLeod rode
over from Sandon on Monday.
"Champerty" und "bigamy" are synonyms in the dictionary of tho Sandon
Miuing Review.
Tbe echo of Ihe Nelson Miner & Co'a
"If il wero not forthe Noonday" is "Tlie
saddest thought's is might have been."
F.L.Christie, Barrister of Sandon
B. C. will be at the Selkirk Hotel every
Friday In the future. Anything requiring his sei vices will ho attended to by
hitr. f
We are very glad to be able to slate
that the reporled importation of Polocka,
for one of the Four Mile mines, has no
foundation in fact.
All woik in Iho Jewelry Repairing
line, left nt the Silverton Drugstore, will
be promptly  forwarded  to Jacob Dovei,
Do You Know
Wl\&ir&   To    Oet
was done by both sides. Referee Bran-1 the well-known Nelson jeweler. All re-
don was obliged to warn several players, | pairs are .CAfl-XTEBD fob OS_ veir. *
and one, wbo objected to his rulings, was j ft js supposed that lhe kissing bug, of
sent to the fence for ten minutes. Both wu*ch wc rea(i 80 much in the eastern
toamEWere out to win, which was per- I |ire,,S] jg golne ne„r _j„ 0f the microbe
bans the reason Ihat lime had to l>« j «lii-_I» got Us work in on Hobson last
called several times to pull disable play
ers into shnpe. A large crowd witnessed
ihe play and considerable money was
transferred as a result of the game. Only
one goal was scored during the game that
falling lo Silverton. On a foul, immediately in front ol >'loc.inV coal, the hall
was prssod lo Barclay, who did the trick
iu a neat shot.
It would he hard to pick out the players who especially distinguished lliera-
selves, every man  playing Ilia  position
well. Silverton's combination outclassed
lis.   For Slooan,  Brett,
Smail   did   thu for wnr. I
General _VferQlio*its
Silverton,      _3.   C.
at times neaily the whole   force,   miners , W0I], am* Christie kicked   hard  on   the
and all, sre put   lo   work   sacking   ore. • jefense, McDonald distinguished   him-
One round of holes fired by the night
shift, when coining off!Monday morning,
broke over forty tons iA ore. Musses of
ore literallv full ol and slabbed over with *
native silver are encountered, ruby silver and grey copper helm: quite common
Although the distance from the mine to
the -.jack is only one mile, it is all that
two lour horse teams can do to keep up
with the oro sorters.
self by some brilliant runs.   Tho line-up
J Backs I
The      II..li, SJg1'l||     lliilrJM'.Klflll
.*.     Prnsiirclus.
Aug 21.
Slocan Citv
1'inchl.e. k
A ger
•  Wednesday,   tho  Evening  Star
■i  near  Slocan  City,  shut down.
men were laid off lor a month, or six
<H D, A. Ross, tho manager, leaves
pwiday  for Toronto to  interview
•J1' s>itlii'rland in regard to the future
j* at the mine.   Mr. Ross  has  been
P'fypoor  health  of  late,   and   will
"erg„IU) operation while ea-t.
Brother Smill", of the BoboftTgeon
Independent, has the following merry
fling at company promoting in Canada*.
Head Offices—Bobcaygeon.
Cspital _10,000,000,   Divided   into Ten
Million Shares of _l. Each.
Ofllcers: Adolph Smiff, Esq, 1'res.,
Vr. StnilT, Vloe-Pno.,
A. Smiff. Sec-Treas.
The   following gentlemen   are in no
way connected with the Company ;
.■.miu'i is or sai.1 iniiv,    in. don joa.
( II IM11E   I.AIS,     I. sill   ll,im II! UllV,     ROM
Mil. LimiKK,     ll'Al.TOS M'cARTII.V, <>. f
but their names give a tone and silk
Iringe effect to the prospectus highly desirable iu the interest of the promoter.
The lialway Gold Culch mining company is the o'dy purely Ontarian product
iu the market.
The enormous production of gold in
tho last two jears iu Africa and the I'nited SlHtes has aroused the sell greed of
the whole world, extending into tho remotest parts of this vast Dominion.
Gold is the most universally diffused
metal in existence. ludeed scientists are
agreed that the weight of the earth com- I
pared with its size is a certain indication
that tho whole centre of the globe is a
mass of pure gold
Consequently thero is no experimenting needed ; no surface cropmngs necessary ; all that has to be done is to go
down deep enough,
The complinv propose lo go down.
Your subscription lor shares is invited,
a» development of a most spirited character is intended. There should bo no
hesitation, no doubt as to when It will
pay. In tbo bright lexicon of Bobcaygeon there is no such word as "when".
It is merely a matter of development—
tho sinking of a hole to the fabulous mass
nt gold beneath.
The more rapidly the shares are subscribed the deeper the company will tain the hole. Five millions of stock have
heen placed to tbe private account ot the
officers of the compauy. This is merely
as a guarantee ul good faith.
Five million of _1 shares, par value,
are now offered at le. per Bhare, in blocks
ol not less than 25.
Tho shares will be fully paid and nonassessable, mid dividends are  positively
n*i collectable.
Joe Brandon  ^^^^^
II. Yinger, Booter.
After the game, both teams sat down
to a spread, prepared for them at the
Slocan Hotel, and the viands received
that attention that only hungry footballers can irive. Among tho toast*
given wore, -'The Queen," "The Silver-
ton Football Club" and "The Slocan
Cily Football Club." The toasts were
given and responded to I y the two
captains and by Mr. McDonald. Several
short speeches were made aud songs
To wind np the day's sport, a dance
bad been arranged lor at the Arlington
Hotel, nnd an enjoyable one it was.
The large hall was comfortably filled
with dancers, who enjoyed themtelvM
to the utmost. About 12.80 a. ni. the
tired but happy visitors hade adieu to
their hospitable etiteitainers and hoarded their special steamer. The boys
were enteitaiued in a princely manner
and they know it. Slocan City is a
gi>od place to go to.
Mining ex|K*rts ure plentiful in the
hills these days. The temporary depression in mining has given a boost to
the idea that snaps are to be had in the
lucking up of claims, nnd capital is on
lhe lookout, more than ever before, (or
slocan prt pertfee.
A. I'. McDonald, who has been visiting
his relatives In the eatt for  some  lime,
relumed on Thursday, accompanied   by
Ibis sister, Miss   Mary   J,   McDonald of
Monkland    Out.   who  will  speed   the
| summer in Silverton.   All  are  glu.I  to
; welcome An/us back as he is . n old-time
' and a popular business man hen:
Work on Iho Silverton waggon road
has been practically completed for the
seci-soi*,.    As f„r up a*  tlia   jiuicl
theiCo-tstook road, the road  I
cleared out and is now in irood shape f
No widening was done, the amount oil
money sent over for the work, some *7'>0, |
being barely sufficient to clear out the '
The Mine Owners' Association in ita
fight with tho Miners' I'nion is in the
same fix as the man who went to lick
the editor. In the course of proceedings
he was asked to let go. The editor had
a bunch of his hair in one hand, his
throat iu another, and a mouthful of
thumb and ringer, and the assailant very
properly gurgled "I can't."
1"    -vr.. _*._. bbjVJE>pjtj--*i.
li   DRUG
M TEXT li*') MM Iii
plre minis.
;oa:t^;;|Mineral Glasses  and   Compasses,
Perfumes and Toilet Articles,
Lake Ave * - - Silverton, B. C.
The   standing of the vuiious Slocau
leams i»*
W 1. I)
Silverton - ;t -
New Denver....  i ' »
Sandon    2 " '
Slocan Cily  1 I '
Three Forks 0 - 0
The encouraging word comes from
Slooan Cily that not enough miners can
be found there to till all the positions.
Messrs. Dickenson k Felt have thrown
up the bond, which their company held
on the White Sparrow, near Slocan
(*ity. The engineer of the company
gave rather a discouraging leport. He
estimated that $25,000. would have to be
expended to determine the value of tho
nnd.    The    company,     '""   ""fc
The Editor! do not hold themselves in
any way responsible for the opinions expressed under ihis head. All communication, Intended for this column, must
be accompanied by the name of the writer.   Nono will be published otherwise.
Bilverton. B. O., Julv CSth. 1890.
Editor Sllvertonian.
To thooe wbo think
the Silverton Miner.-' L'nLn wrong in
requiringmanageraol mines belonging
to the Mine Ownera Association to give
its members written promises to
payat least |3.60 per day on contract |
work permit me to make this brief and
simple statement:
Tlio said Association has publicly
declared that nono of its mines r.ha!l pay
! more than t-.OO per shift to miners.
Consequently, when u member of the
Association says tliat he will pay 18.60
par shllt, he Is at once  a self convicted
Now, we   havo  been   taught   not
trust liais, am! that is why   we
the written guarantee■
What a pretty picture ono of these
said, sell-convicted, pompous mine-managers makes, standing upon the high
pedestal of hia awful dignity aud declaring that his word is as good as his bond!
His word eertainiy is not good.
Iu conclusion let mo say that it is
j customary to reduce business agreements
to writing, and nil Iho unreasonableness
in this trouble results irom tho refusal
of tbe mine-managers, to comply with
the ordinary rules of business.
,1. M.M. Renedtim.
. Stilve-rtoi-i
X.I.   Z_v_C.   -ETnoTxrles..   Prop,
'Patronise Home Industries.
« • i «i 8. 8« 88 8i 8•' K8 8 V 8gi iIt
/ 0818888888888888818 ••8'8»848»«88it8sn8!
A ht_. ES   i    ** IIAYE JLST BEQWVBD A   IM
.1     a  'J;' : OF NEW 8PRLSG PATTERNS.    CI
Jl t                      : ABE INVITED TO CALL  AND   INS
   «.'SPKCT  MY
®g 888888888888888*8888 8888 8*88888888888888 8®
Messrs. Dickenson Jt Felt are worUing,
are inaning active exploitations on the
Skvlark and Hanger near Slocan City.
They are negotiating for moro claims
in that district and have also somo idea
of securing some Kokaneo properties
Mr Kelt Will visit Silverton next Wed-
l intends examining several J
i.rospeeta   with    a  view   of
nesday an
our  local
The following announcement from the
Vancouver press, although late in our
colnmns, will be of interest to all Silver-
tonians: .
M.-NUKillT-McORAW-At St Saviour's
Hert Franklin, youngest son of N. * .
McNaught, r.sq. of Lexington. Illinois
,j g a", to Mary, second daughter of
lohn McOraw, of tids city.
_P. BURNS «joo
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and Greenwood.
tsar^meVufeXkt «V*v.-**J*j-"JlffM -.-■:-4^**^_Wlr*,*.«^.-*W-M^ vetttA't'^'ts^sasyA"-ierf»*e*1*^ *.,..., - .. ..mL
. ■>»!'■.   a, hmustA
\ amtsum, easaaa*mmm -*•». «sbmmmm»..j*-««4*-*a
-mmmssK -nm^s-in. '4**J
■v .-_*'•
■■v-*-, "-Si c
Sn Interesting Collection of Item* rrom
th* Two H-iulsphores Prase-tod la a
Oondenaod Form—Oallad from tha .altigraph Report*.
Washington volunteers will start from
Manila about August 10.
Sheriff Fair ol Springer, N. _!., wa*
killed by train robbers 'Tuesday.
Over a score of Bremen were hurt Tuesday night at a are in the Grace hotel, a
four-story brick structure at Park and
Reed streets, Milwaukee.
Fire wliii.li broke out in the Stroches
suburb of Quebec destroyed 35 houses, entailing a property loss of $100,001).
President Angus M. Cannon of Salt Lake
was arraigned before Judge Norvell on tho
charge of unlawful cohabitation, to which
u plea of guilty wus entered.
"Kansas has the biggest corn crop In
sight in the history of the state," says
l'au 1 Morton, vice president of the Atchison, Topeka - Santa Fe Railroad Company.
Charles Young of Springfield, Ohio,
holder of the St. Loula Republic cup, representing the live bird championship of
America, lost the cup to J. A, K. Elliott of
Kansas City.
A combination of bicycle manufacturers
has become effective. Forty-live manufacturers, representing 53 plants, were
present. The capital of the organization
will bc $40,000,000.
Jesus Qulterrei, a boy about 10 years
old, who has been working for the lata
ax-Governor Ryerson's wife, at Ensenada,
Mexico, wns hanged to a tree until dead.
Mrs. Ryerson is under arrest.
William A. S. Graham, ex-school agent,
clerk and seeretary of the board of education of Chicago, is a self-confessed defaulter in thc sum of $34,500. Positive proof
of the shortage has been discovered.
The Italian consulate at New Orleans
has received cablegrams from Minister of
Foreign Affairs Visconti Yenosta, placing
at his disposal 3000 lire, subscribed hy
Italians of the royal government and King
Humbert, for the Texas Hood sufferers.
The Ramsey street car barns of the
Twin City Electric Railway Company at
St. Paul caught tire and were destroyed.
Sixty electric cars were destroyed with
the building and a quantity of general
supplies stored on the second floor. Thc
loss is estimated at $125,000.
President McKinley was called upon
Tuesday by Senator Carter of Montana
nnd Senator Heilfcld of Idaho, accompanied by Edward lloyce of Butte, Mont.,
president of the Western Federation of
Miners, and W. R. Goldensmilh, secretary
of the local millers' union at Wardner,
Word was received at Tekamah, Neb.,
of the drowning in northwestern Iowa.,
near the boundary, of A. W. Blades, hi*
v ife and eight children, while en route io
Minnesota in an emigrant wugon. The
party camped for the night on the bank of
a creek, when a cloudburst raised the creek
12 or 15 feet, and the family, team and
wagon were swept away.
The Pressed Steel Car Company of Pittsburg has contracted with the Carnegie
Steel Company for 30,000 tons of steel
plates monthly for a period of 10 years.
This is the largest steel contract ever
awarded to one linn and amounts to
about $150,000,000. A representative of
the Pressed Steel Car Company said lately
that the actual cost of the material to be
furnished will be $15,000,000 a yenr. The
delivery of the contract will begin September 1 next.
Shot a Trump,
raseo, Wash., July 24.—An unknown
man entered the house of Frank Schunc-
iiinnii, attacked Mrs. Scliiiiiemaim with
a scythe and was shot and killed by her
son, Louis Seliiiiieiii.iiiii.
The dead man was a tramp. He li.nl
presented himself at the house the previous evening, und asked for food, which
was furnished him. During the night lie
returned nnd entered thc house, awakening Mrs. Scliiinemami, who called to her
son, and left her room. Upon this lhe intruder attacked her with a scythe, whieh
he had secured in thc garden and brought
in with him. Mr. Seliuiieiiianii, hearing
his mother's screams, rushed to lhe scene
of the dist in bailee with a large rifle. In
the darkness he was afraid to shoot, hut
finally succeeded in getting the intruder
between himself and the window and
promptly Bred.
Weary of Inactivity-The 'Claim Their
Brave Acts Have Come to Nuns;hi —A
Volunteer Captain Talks-Thluhs Otis
Weak--Volunteer* Will Not Ke-Kullst.
that with thc exception of a few garrisoned
towns, the whole country is still in the
possession of the Filipinos, so to remain
troops. Some of the men, perhaps, speak
strongly because they have fell hardships
more and therefore the more conservative
statements  of  well   informed ollieeis can
be accepted with less need of allowance.
Captain William M. Van Patten of the
Firsi Washington, who, as assistant surgeon, had exceptional opportunities for observation, WSJ interview ed for that reason
lo/*a correspondent today.   Captain Van
liml.-   Ul)    li.    I.i.in ..-.
Itoi-e, Idaho, July 2."..—Word from
Lewiston' by telephone is to the effect
that while the Indians on the Has Peres
reservation have outwardly submitted to
the agreement of their chiefs lo permit
the Northern Pacific grade through the
reservation to proceed, still tin young
bucks continue lo manifest nn ugly spirit
which is brutalized by the liquor furnished by while men.
'They threaten to swoop down on the
graders again, as they did a few days
ago, this time not to scare them off, but
to murder. There nre no soldiers there,
and tho workingineu have little protection.
India Threatened  by  Ilronth.
Bombay, July^S6.-*-The partial failure
of the monsoon has occasioned great anxiety. The rainfall has been excessive in
Bengal and "the northwest provinces, but
in the Deccan, the Gugrat and some of the
central provinces there has been almost no
Cavslrj- Horn From Sent 11.-.
Washington, July 20.—The war department has ordered troop* A, C, 1), K, F,
K, L and M, Third cavalry, to proceed
to Seattle to be embarked for the Philippine islands.
Each oi the troops for the Philippines
is to be recruited to 120 men by the transfer of recruits from San Francisco.
Boilermakers in Honolulu, Hawaii,
Are organized.
Frank Clurf, of Ellensburg, Wn., has
shipped about 20,000 sheep to Montana
this summer.
Walla Walla has a free public library, from which 9,063 books were
drawn within the past year.
E. J. Doneen, has let the contract
for tbe erection of a large warehouse
at Warner Station, adjoining Oakesdale, Wash.
The four breweries of Spokane have
declared a lockout of union employees,
and put full forces of nou-unlon men
at work last week.
The condensed milk factory at Kent,
Washington, which haa been closed
down for some time, will be put In operation by California capitalists.
E. M. Coombs, of Dark Canyon, Ore.,
on the upper LaGrande river, last year
cut and rafted down 2,000,000 feet of
logs, and this year will get out 3,000,-
A saw mill will be located at Spauld-
ing, Idaho, instead of Lewiston, by the
lumber men who are looking over the
timber In the upper Clearwater country.
Tom Daniels established a new record for Washington at the Whatcom
FallB Mill Company's mill, when he
packed 0(1,000 shingles in 11 hours of
conaecutlve labor.
Messrs. Sommervllle and Brown
passed through l'rlneville, Oregon, recently with about 500 head of cattle,
which they were taking from the Willamette valley to their stock ranch on
the John Day.
Superintendent Mayhall, of the
Washington Fisheries, baa gone to the
Columbia river to arrange for lumber
to build the Wind River hatchery. An
appropriation of $2,500 was made for
it, $1,500 available this year, and $1,000
next year.
L. D. Forrest and A. C. Woodcock,
of Eugene, have received contracts
from the Booth-Kelley Lumber Company for about 4,500,000 feet of saw
logs, which are to be placed In the Mc-
Kenzte river, and about 1,500,000 logs
for the Harrisburg saw mill.
Reports from the mountains west of
Lostlne, Wallawa county, Oregon, are
to the effect that the sheep business
is being over done there, there being
five bunds of sheep and range for only
one or two. Cattlemen have been run-
nig their stock there heretofore.
Within a few days it is expected the
248 shingle mills in the state of Washington, recently closed down upon order of the association to await a revival of the market, will be running in
full blast and turning out well up to
their full capacity of 4,000,000 per day.
The Grays Harbor Commercial Co.
has commenced tbe erection of another box factory, 80x160 feet, and the
machinery is on the ground. The
.same company started one side of the
big mill last week for a day and night
run. This company is now employing 400 men.
Mr. Buttz, the Northern Pacific
Clearwater contractor, has leased the
saw mill outfit of L. H. Keller.of South-
wlck, and wili use it near the Northern
Pacific tracks, at the point where the
north fork empties into the Clearwater, to Baw ties and timber for the
Northern Pacific.
T. M. M. & B. Company's flour mill
at Chelan Falls, is being erected as
fast as men and means can put lt up.
The long flume and ditch has been completed, and a contract has been made
for the machinery. The mill will
start with a 75-barrel capacity, andit ts
expected will be ready for business by
the middle of September.
Fred Brown, a.Colfax cattle buyer,
bought 85 head of fine beef steers for
shipment to Seattle. These, with 20
purchased last week, and already reported, will be shipped next Tuesday
from Colfax to Seattle, consigned to
Carsten Bros. Beef steers now sell
readily at from three to three and one-
half cents per pound on foot.
There is large, fine body of government land vacant in the southern part
of Yakima, Wn., that is worthy the attention of homesteaders. The land
is outside of the railroad limits, and
can be bought for $1.25 an acre, or can
be filed on for $16, which is $6 cheaper
than filing lands within the railroad
limits. There are parts of three
townships, well watered, and with flue
soil and timber, near the Big Klickitat.
In  general the crop prospects    are,.    ,, ...      ,
good In the Palouse.     Fall wheat to "-J-*™*?     T'1' .
Cheney has 292 children of school
age this year, an increase of 50   over
laat year .
VflTttifTrrBCTi-ni.ti „ I    The big Sunnyside canal for the first
vuiiUMTEERS YEAEN FOR HOME tlme since its construction has broken,
near the beadgate.
More new building have been erected
in Asotin the past six months than ln
the two years previous.
Postmaster Browne, of Sauk, Skagit county, haa disappeared, a warrant
for his arrest for tampering with the
mails having been issued.
A committee has been appointed at
Everett to organize a Snohomish county agricultural association aud arrange
San Francisco, Cal., July 25.—Half a
hundred men, fresh from the Philippines,
with bandaged wounds und shrunken
forms to tell of their right to speak, are    .    _
almost unanimous in saying that  their j for holding a county fair the coming
bravest efforts have gone for naught and , fall.
Contractor McKay will begin In a
few days the construction of barracks
for a company of soldiers at Marrow-
until some firmer hand than that of Oiis! stone point, across  from Port Town
shall  direct  the  movement  of American   send.
Last week Charles Connolly, an ex-
employee of the Mason County Logging
Company's camp,  was badly crushed.
Henry Klelnberg is building one of
the largest warehouses of central Wash-
ton near the Northern Pacific railroad
tracks at Ellensburg. Its dimensions
will be 40x100 feet.
E. Derrlnghoff, who has been drilling an artesian well for J. Fesser in
Patten returned from the Philippines on I £"e" Mox.^" near North Yakima,  has
thc transport Indiana yesterday, having
become  so  run  down   with stomach  and
bowel  troubles thut he felt that he could
be of little service with thc fighters. When
he left the islands five companies of the
Washington* were garrisoned ut Tuguig,
and seven at Pasig, three miles apart.
Many of the men were in far from u Well
condition, being sufferers from the same
ailment that forced Van Patten to return,    but    they, less fortunate  than  he,
must remain whether they will or no.
No riKl.tii.K fur a I.oiik Time.
"Tlie men have had practically no fighting to do," said Captain Van Patten,
"since they captured Marong on the lake
just before the campaign south of Manila
wus begun. This wns about March 2(1.
Since then they have been resting iu daily
hupe that they might be ordered home.
There is no disguising the fact that, the
Washington* are dissatisfied, They went
to the Philippines expecting to light iheir
country's battle with Spain."
Oil* Need*, BO.OOO Men.
Captain Van Putttn held the same
views relative to tlie needs of a greater
force to accomplish anything permanent
in the way of suppressing tlie insurgents
that have been expressed by ull other otlicers interviewed. He is emphatic that
Otis should have 60,000 men at least. This
would be sufficient to properly garrison
places captured and continue operations
for some time. An additional 20,000 would
then complete the work of subjugation.
"Otis should have had more men in thc
first place,'' continued the captain. "It is
my belief that if he had been given 26,000
men at the sturt for actual field service
thc war would now have been over. As
it wus, he only had between 12,000 and
13,000, and results have been discouraging.
None Will Ke-r;.ilU<.
"There is no hope of raising the increased force needed in thc Philippines by
IP-enlistment. This is sure. An officer of
the Fourth cavalry attempted to organise
a company of sharpshooters, nnd asked
Major Welsenberger how many men in
his five companies would re-enlist for two
years for travel pay. Not a single man
volunteered. This shows the condition of
uffuirs there.
Zelaya I* In Distress.
Mobile, Ala., July 25.—Mail advices
from Central America by the lust fruit
steamers indicate that the great revolt
in Nicaragua, in the Meridional depart-
nii-ni, is causing the administration of
President Zelaya seriou* concern. Since
the rising of (ieneral Reyes in tlie Bin
li• -la 1 - region there have been a series ef
attempts against Zelaya Ihat he has subdued with aid from the liberal administration of Honduras and Salvador. It is
said in a letter received in thi* city yesterday that Zelaya had issued an order
for tt forced loan of (500,000, to bc raised
immediately, and thut the president's
pin lain.itinn instructs depnrtmentul commandants to insist that every available
resident of Nicaragua shall assist the republic without delay.
ll....i la s,.,.r. d.r,  ol War.
Washington, July  25.—Klihu  Hoot  of
New York has accepted the war portfolio
looking exceptionally good, while a
few fields of spr'tig-sown wheat on
stubble land give promise of being rather short and are a little off color. The
past few days have been rather too hot
hut the evil effect Is largely overcome
by the cool nights. The indications
are for a fair average crop, or judging
from the absence of complaint, even
The ol, .niiln at Trl.ale.
Trieste, Austria, July 22.—Tlie cruiser
Olj-iiipia, with Admiral Dewey on board,
ha* arrived here. The principal newspa-
jier, II Picolo, has a flattering article welcoming the admiral to Austria.
The Olympia will remain here about
two weeks. Dewey's health is perfect. He
has not decided whether he will go lo
Carlsbad, a* has been announced, but it is
not probable he will do so. The admiral
intends to visit Vienna.
Klihu Hoot was born in Clinton, N. V.,
February l.'i. 1845. He griiiluuted from
Hamilton college and the New York university law school, nnd was admitted to
the bur in 1807, since which time he hns
linn in active practice in thia city. He
wat one of the most prominent membeis
of the New York state constitutional convention, where he served as chairman uf
the judiciary committee.
To Pay Off Soldier Bora.
San Francisco, July 24.—Twenty-eight
boxes of silver and 23 boxes of gold have
lieen loaded on the government transport
Tartar from the United States sub-treasury. The shipment is one of the largest
ever made by lhe government to Manila,
though thc amount wa* not given out.
The money will be used to pny off soldiers and defray other expenses of the
Philippine campaign.
Forts- Struck by MkI. I n I ou.
Berlin,  July   20.—During   a    thunder
storm recently 40 person* leaning against  t       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
a wire railing at the Charlottenburg cycle  sitting on a cup of the trestle and would
track  were struck  by  lightning.    Three  hnve lieen snfe hnd he remained there, but
Knocked Off ■ Treatle.
Seattle, Wash., July 24.—Thomas 11.
Griffiths was knocked from a trestle 20
feet high hy a West Side train at Fid-
on, a suhurh of thi* city.   Griffiths was
were killed and 20 severely Injured.
he rose just a* the train reached him, nnd
wa* struck by the engine. He wa* dead
when picked up. (.rilliths was 84 year*
^^^ ^^^^^        Ho
Inner-toll's Body lo Be Cremated.
New York, July 25.—It is decided that old and a veteran of the civil war.
the funeral  service over the remain* of  came here from Mississippi In years ago
Ingersoll will he held at the family resi
deuce at Dobb* Ferry Tuesday.   Tlie body
will  he cremated.
A crept* the   Presidency.
San Francisco, July 21.—Benjamin Ide
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Wheeler, professor of Greek in Cornell
I Bricklayers of Jersey City now work university, has accepted the presidency of
I eight hours at 45 cents per hour. the University of California.
struck a big flow of water—sufficient
to irrigate 160 acres.
F. C. Rhymer, an accountant, committed suicide at Seattle by shooting
himself. He was despondent from illness. He was a single man, 54 years
old, and lived formerly in Chicago.
Work on the Adrian ditch near Wilson creek, is being pushed. One and
one-half miles of the ditch have heen
completed, and it is expected that it
will reach Adrian in less than two
The second crop of Alfalfa has been
cut at North Yakima. The yield is
unusually heavy. Fruit and hops are
doing well. lu the wheat sections,
Horse Heaven and the Reservation, the
fall-sown wheat replowed iu the spring
is all right.
A serious accident occurred near the
Mud Bay logging camp near Olympia.
A car jumped the track and ran over
a team of horses, severally injuring
the driver, O. E. Stickler and killing
both horses.
By the breaking of a log chain, O. E.
Stlcken was nearly killed at Olympia
recently. One end of the parted chain
struck him in the face. The team
i hen ran away, and one horse was killed.
Sixty-five thousand dollars cash was
Saturday last paid on behalf of the
Great Northern railroad for about 40
acres of land on Havermale island, in
Spokane. This is but a small percentage of the amount the road contemplates investing in Spokane in the near
Last week a war took place between
50 Japanese on the one side and 250
Chinese ou the other, at Falrhaven.
The fight raged Intermittently all
night and knives, rocks and iron
bars being the weapons. The total
list of casualties were 10 Chinamen
and one Japanese being wounded.
While employees were at work re-
plling lumber in Chamberlln k Co.s'
lumber yards at Walla Walla, the body
of an unknown man was found. The
head and face were mangled and the
body was terribly crushed by timbers.
The man was about 00 years old and
respectable looking. He had gray
hair and chin whiskers.
The Board of County Commissioners
has a plan for protecting game birds
and animals ln Pierce county and enforcing the game laws by the appointment of all road supervisors as deputy
game wardens. Each road supervisor will have a copy of the game laws,
and will see that tbey are enforced in
hia district.
Tbe body of an unknown man, ap-
parantly an Indian, was taken from the
Yakima river, near Prosser. The
body waa that of a man about 40 or 50
years old. The little finger of the
right band was off, and he bad rings
in his ears. He was smoothe shaved,
hair clipped, partially bald. The only
clothes he had on was a cheap duck
Aaron Kuhn, of Colfax, has made one
of the largest purchases of grain of the
season, buying 65,000 bushels of wheat
at 43 cents In the warehouse. The
wheat was at Mockencmo, Diamond,
Glenwood and Colfax. The purchase
represented eome large crops. II. F.
Schrltler sold 29,000 bushels; E. II.
Newton, 10,000; J. A. Lyons, 8,000;
Mrs. P. Freeman, 0,000— all of their
own raising.
Martin Smith, a laborer, employed
at the Northport Mining & Smelting
Company's plant, met with a most hor-
lble death last week. He was employed in hauling ore from the outside
roast heaps to the furnaces. The ore
was red hot at the time and there was
danger of lt caving. Fellow workmen heard agonizing shrieks from
where Smith was last seen and upon
arriving on the scene the unfortunate
man was found pinned down by a mass
of the burning ore that reached to his
hips. The men worked like demons
to extricate him, but in vain, the poor
fellow absolutely being roasted alive
before their eyes.
Mob of Strikers Bid Destructive Work-
A Hoy Killed aud Neverm Persons Injured Hoard of Arbitration (live Up—
Militia C-llo.l Out.
Cleveland, July 25.- The scenes of wild
disorder and violence witnessed iu this
city in connection with the ear strike
were succeeded this morning by marked
The city authorities were iii conference
nearly all night, und early this morning
a call wus Issued for battery A of the
First Ohio artillery, three companies of
the Tenth Ohio infantry and tne Lover*
Hire lilies. Willi the addition of these
organisations the military force to cops
with the street car strike now number*
HtHI men, the city's entire militia forte.
Next will come the cull for suite troops.
.Mob  violence  will  be  suppressed  at  any
Aliout II o'clock last night a suburban
car was blown up between vVlcklilfe and
WilloUghby. about 16 miles east uf Cleveland. Tne outrage was not reported lo
the Cleveland police mnil this morning.
The car was well tilled with passengers.
The passengers were badly shaken up mid
made a rush for the doors,
A l.j-ycar-iild buy named Curnziih was
shot and instantly killed by Ralph Haw-
ley, a non-union conductor, Uiis afternoon.
Comzich was a passenger on a Broadway
car and iiiadc some remark lo the coii-
d in. tor,   Haw ley was arrested.
An Inunente mob, enraged at the shouting, quickly gathered at the scene, and
the police charged upou the crowd and
made several arrests. The mob was partially dispersed, but soon another congre-
g.iic.i. Another Broadway car came down
orange street and was atoned at Perry
street. The police again charged the mob
with their clubs and dispersed it.
The stale board of arbitration has decided i! cannot bring about a settlement
of the .-Hike by bringing the officials of
the Hig Consolidated und the striker* together to talk over their grievances, and
will abandon all effort! towards settle
ment or public investigation of the strike.
RooaeT.lt   Tn k.-H  ii  Hand.
New York, July -0.—Governor Roosevelt, it is said, is taking personal cognisance of complaints that have been mnde
by street car employee about the alleged
wholesale violation of the 111 hour law by
the llronklyn Rapid Transit Company and
the  Metropolitan  street   railway.
Il.-iith of Bob InRrrsoll.
Col. Robert 0. Ingersoll recently died
nt his home, Walston-on Hudson, near
Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. His death wns sudden
and unexpected and resulted from bear!
disease, from which he had suffered since
1896. In Hint year, during the Bepubli
cnn national convention, he wns taken ill
and had to return home. He never fully
recovered from the attack of heart disease and was under the care of physician!
Robert Green Ingersoll wns born in
Dresden, N. Y, August 11, 1833. His
father was a Congregational clergyman of
such broad views us lo cause dissension
ttctween himself and his parish. The son's
boyhood was spent iu Wisconsin and Illinois, where the family removed in 1H4.1.
After studying law he opened an office
in Bhawneetown, 111., with his brother
Eben, who was subsequently a member of
congress. Both engaged in polities, but
the surroundings were uncongenial, und
in 1S.7 they removed to Peoria. In 1800
Robert wns a Democratic candidate for
Congress but was defeated. In 1802 he became colonel of the Eleventh Illinois cav-
airy, and a year und a hulf later united
with the Republican party. In lMlHJ he
was appointed attorney general for Illinois. At the national Republican convention in 1870 he proposed the name of
James G. Blaine for the presidential nomination in a s-H'cch that attracted much
attention. From that time his services
us a campaign orator were in demand
throughout the country. In 1877 he refused the post of minister to Germany.
He took part in numerous noted law suits
in ull parts of the country, ami wus counsel of the so-called slur-mute conspirators,
whose triul ended in ncquittul in 1883. He
wus well known by his Inioks, pamphlets
and speeches directed against the Christian religion. He published "The God*,"
"Ghosts," "Some Mistakes of Moses,'
"Prose Poems and Selections," and a Imgc
number of minor works.
Itnl> Wants «.. Know.
Washington, July 25.—The lynching < f
five Italian* iii Louisiana promises to assume international aspect through the
action of tlie Italian government. Count
Viclii, the Itnlian charge d'affaires, called
at the state department nnd mode representations to the officials concerning the
atrocity iu Louisiana.
The Empress Eugenie, who has derived considerable benefit from her trip
ln the Mediterranean, contemplates a
voyage to the North sea. Her yacht,
the Thistle, has returned to Cowes and
I ls refitting for a cruise to Norway,
WiisliliiUli.il   Iloia'   H.-lllrll
Washington, July 2.1. Washington
volunteers now in (he Philippines will
certainly not be able to sturt home by
August 10, in spite of a dispatch from Bee*
retary Alger to Governor lingers fixing
that dnte. it is stated in the quartermaster general, office thut no date hus been
set by Oeneral otis, who docs not even
know* nt the present lime whnt transport
they will be sent on. Probably it will be
either lhe Sheridan or Xclundia, both of
which nre due at Manila today, but ure
not yet reported. Judging from past experience, it will be n physical impossibility to get either of these vessels ready for
the return voyage in so short a time.
Two of 'I'llcm .Struck It III. :..
Victoria, B. C, July 2T>.~M. Perlmnn
and II. lt. Hanson have returned to Victoria from Dawson. They started in 181MI
from San Dingo, Cal., with a party of 14,
of whom only live remain. Hob Johnson
died from blood poisoning resulting from
a broken mm; Brio Armstrong committed
suicide at Five Fingers; Dow und another
died of typhoid fever ut White Horse und
the remainder died ut Dawson, The two
men have struck it rich und are worth
t&oOjOOO. They will tuko buck a steam
thawing machine.
Banks Lose Thole  <■„„•.,.
New York, July 23.—The Financier
The reduction of .$12,000,000 in the .«.
posits ot the New York b.inl*.s lust week
lightened reserve requirements about $3.
000,000. The institutions, however, according to their current statement Iosl
$1,104,100 cash, nnd for Ihis reason the
increase in surplus reserve was only $1.
350,860, which brings present holding's
$12,066,000 above legal requirements,
The decrease in loans has contracted out-
standing lonn obligations no less than
$•.'0,000,000. lu the same time deposit,
have been decreased nearly $27,500,00(1,
while the cash in bunks has remained
stationary, lt will be seen that reserves
have been at the expense of outstanding
commitments, and the process does not
appear lo hnve reached nn end ns yet.
There is no question, however, Ihat the
banks are not gaining cash, even if th,.
statement does indicate otherwise.
The known operations of money last
week were decidedly in favor of the Institutions, the loss of three-quarters of a
million to the treasury having been offset
by the gain of 92,000,000 from the Interior.
The current exhibit does not reflect this,
but it is to be said that the losses shown
can be (raced to tWO pr three large bunk*,
ihe   remaining   members   having  really
stleligtlielled their positions. As to lhe
outlook the opinion is thnt there is nothing ill the situation nt present to warrant
au undue expansion in bank figures. The
liquidation which began with July has
run its course to a large extent, and while
the present is a mid season -x-iiod the
movement of money will probably continue this way for some little time.
Foreign exchange authorities agree that
gold e\|Hiits, except as spe. i.d transactions, nre nt nn end, und while the crop
season is nenr at hand it is not anticipated that the demands this year will cause
much of a drain from New York. Interior lunik reserves nre above the average, und this, coupled with easier rates
for money abroad nnd the certainty that
exchange will rule in favor of New Yoik
with  tlie coming grain exports, seems lo
favor a relaxation rather than u rise in
rates heie for the time being.
< loudl.ursl   lu  the   I'.-vio   1'ii.ilin.i.ll.
Dallas, July 22.—A report from Child
less, in the Texas Panhandle. 21HI miles
north of Dallas, states thnt a cloudburst
occurred in that region wiih disastrous
It is known the property loss is very
heavy but nothing has been learned of the
fate of the people of the inundated section, which embraces jsirtions of eight
counties. The section is thinly settled,
lhe towns are small and far apart.
A   Missing:  I'lshrrmas.
Victoria, B. C, July 21.—August Stulir,
a German fisherman of this place, left
Victoria July 11 in un open bout for Scuttle, together with two childien. He tins
not since been heard from, and il is believed he is either lost or has met with
foul play at the hands of his com-iuriious.
Large trees can be cut down by one
man by the use of a new saw guide,
which has a sharp spike to be driven
into the tree to support a pair of horizontal spring arms which engage the
back of the saw and hold it ln place to
be operated by one hand.
Train* Run on Pacific Standard Tim*.
Leave. Arrive.
Going West. Dally. (Join*; E*»t.
8:00n. m   Kaalo   3:6* p. m
8:32 a. m  South Korlc  320 p. m.
930 a. m  Sproule'a   2 ***> p. m
9:16 a. m   Whitewater   1:10 p. m
9:66 a. m  Bear Lake  1:00 p. m.
10:12 a. m  McGuigan   I'M p. m.
10:25 a. m    Bailey'*  1:34 p. m
10:33 a. m.... Cody Juuctl. n .... 1:23 p. m
Arrive. Leave
10:10 a. m  8nndon  1:11 p. m.
Leave 11:00 a. m..Sandon..Arrive 11:40 *. m
Arrive 11:16 a. m...Cody...Leave IDS a   Bt.
O.  F.  COPELAND,  8up«rlnt«nd*nl.
Death of Homllo Alter,
Natlck, Mass., July 20.—Horatio Alger, the writer of boy*' atories, died here
at the home of hia lister, Mm. Amos Cheney.
mi Kootenay,,.,
Railway anil Navigation
Operating- Knslo A. Blociin Railway, International Nnv. & Trading Co.
Schedule: ot Time- -1'aclftc Standard Tlm*.
KASLO & bujcan RY.
Passenger trnln for Sandon and way
Stations, leaves K.tslii at 8:00 a.  in
Dally, returning, leaves Sandon at 1:16
p.  ru., arriving nt   Knslo at 3:66 p.  m.
International Nav. & Trad. Co.—Op*r*t-
Ing on Kootenay lake and river.
Leaves Kuslo for Nelson at S:00 a. m.
dully, except Sunday. Returning, leavs*
Nelson at 4:30 p. m.. calling at Balfour,
Pilot Ray, Ainsworth, and all way point*
Connect* with 8.  F. A N.  train to snd
from Bpokane, at Five Mile I'olnt.
8. 8. "ALBERTA."
Leave* Nelson for Bonner'* Ferry Tuesdays nnd Baturday* at 7 a. in , mcatlnf
*tenmer "International" from Kailo at
Pilot Bay.
Returning, leave* Bonner* Ferry at 1:00
a. m. Wednesdays and Sunday*.
Connects at Bonner's Ferry wiih _r*»t
Northern railway for all point* *s*t and
Steamer* call at principal landing* In
both directions, and at other point* whsn
Tickets sold to all point* In Canada and
the  frilled   State*.
To aacertaln rate* and full Information
kaslo, V 0.
*   ■tsTm.yssSssitt'W'sM'tstM Jn,
■ <s*illlH ■ '*■***>*■>-- -mr-la-i >**,*■**«'*■ ASP.'.
/tmcutt'iir,: tut .,**++. +~u*~eA,itt*.».*i±t ijtfy, attm* <*'<»*.' i *«<****»**■*.*. wiiss.*..* •*»&»» whs**.- m*m**i ee*t*emtstswittm • Quality
* •
It is the high
quality of Royal
Baking Powder
that lias established its great
and world-wide
Every housewife knows she
can    rely    upon
it;  that it makes ^^^^^^^^
the    bread    and
biscuit more delicious and wholesome—-always the finest that can
bc baked.
It is economy and every way
better to use the Royal, whose
work is always certain,
with so
an article
as the
All -t.trlot. Ar. H,l_- ne-.iop.__A
Prosperous tear I. Predicted-Mlnln,
"otes and Personals.
"There is no question In the world
that the biggest mining exhibit ever
made in Spokane will be made this
year ut the Spokane Industrial Expo-
sltlon," said Secretary Armstrong,
when asked about the progress which
Is being made by the mineral department. "And when you say the best
jnlnerai exhibit ever made In Spokane
that will mean the finest exhibit ever
made in the northwest
were made. For the week the output
was 3,554 tons. Following are the details for the week ending July 22 and
the year to date;
Week.      Year.
Mine. (Tons.)   (Tons.)
Le Roi  1,248 45,200
War Eagle  1,473 23,625
Iron Mask       180 1,515
Evening Star        21 179
Deer Park  18
Centre Star      632 3,187
There nre many imitation baking
■KjMders, made from alum. They
may cost less per pound, but
their use is ut the cost of health.
1 Imagine that thinking Is the great
desideratum of the present age; and
the cause ol whatever is done amiss
mny justly be reckoned the general
neglect of education in those who need
it most, the people of fashion. What
i an be expected where those who have
the most Influence have the least sense,
and those who are sure to be followed
set the worst examples?- Bishop Berkeley.
$100 REWARD, $100
"*•    'li Si*   nf   tlilt*   liUpr-T   Will   Im>   plfftM-M.   X't
learn thai there it* at- lentil on* dreu-Jf-c) >\\a-
. .••■ i1 ii ■tfenea hoi dwm iiMo to pun in nil
pUffef .iii.l 11.nt ii I Htarrh. Hull '■ Catarrh
<in< j- tlu* only i ■ - - - s r _ -- - - cur*" now known Mi
tin ii. ■-it.-nl ft-it.-nut). CaUkrrh batnf u eon-
•*■ uit rii dlMaaa. rt-quiitf- u eottftltuUoiuU
ii.ii't.ti' HiiII'h ('ui.trrh Cur* l« taken int.-i-
i  t ;.(.-   1 ie tl>   ii|Kin  the  i'i<"*ih- am]  niii-
- irfacvf -I iho ijrsttm* tln-T«*t>> imtroylnjl
: undatton of tb* dbeaat,  and KiunK hi--
l*t(rnl   utrenffth   i-v   lntiMlti*   tip   thr   OODatHU
and .--i'ii. 11 i * ui. In dnlnK Ms w<>i k
Tha if i ' ■ ■ ■ ii(-. mi much falili tn Ita
rural!*« trowrr* ihM .*■»•>' after On* Hundred
i      ipi inj   ..»-*■   that   it   fa 111   t.»  mare
H* ii fur lim     ■   t.-t.m..iilal«t.
Adilii-an        r  j   CHRNfCT **; «'<*», Toledo, ■ >
-,•>.■   in i,-*_-«i-.. 76*3.
Hall i  I i.n-il>   Ptlli  are the   i*»-i
Iii a pneumatic saddle recently pat-
PDted by a pelgtAn a hollow chamber
or pocket is provided, with a long airtight tube, Which in colled around Inside to fill up all the space, after whieh
the cover is laced on and the tube In-
dated by an air pump.
The Hen-tor Kxports Ilia Personal Investigation- t'Dlte.l States la Correct
on lli'« rlouti.lary Arg,im*nt - Will nol
C.lve  I |. Auy I.mix!     Troops   ll.-;.ily.
i'A     A     *|)i'cial    friiiii
Ladles , _a Wear BhM*
On* iltt -.malle. afier using Allen* Foot-
Ka?e u |j.w_ci in be shaken inlo the«tioe».
It make* Ughl or new ~lii.es feel e»»y;
llvei insunt relief to coma and bunion*.
It'l the gremtfii comfort discovery of the
*,•*. lures swollen feet, bltlUn end ral-
louiipoli Allen'* l'uot-Kase i* ■ certain
CUtefoi iugruwllin n»il», sweating, sniari
■-R. hul. irhi_| feel We have 30.000 leMi
nioniili    A||   ,|r„--|,,, „„)  ,|)lrt, «|,,r,.s
•"•I*  -'■'■      trial package KltKr*. bv mail.
-•Wren, Allen s Qlniatad, Le  Koy. N. V.
Ill" absolute right of a corporation
to us,, tha street railway tracks of an-
""'•r i or potation, ia held. In Ingersoll
'*■■ Nassau Electric Railway companv
1 v v-'. 43 L R. A. 23C. to be protecteil
-gainst ii subsequent statute which
■"Mild make the exercise of that right
«l"|i"tiil ^^^
mi the consent of abutting own-
Tin- u
let'th of a new antifriction gear
Wheel for UK,, wm, a worm shaft art
fiiinii-,1 „f H,,,,.| „,,■.„,-,.„ ttrrung.'d
'"'"•'"I Hie periphery of the wheel,
wJ'li I'ull hearings for each splnille,
"-■"Mi nllow them to revolve ns they
 •" contact with the worm.
I '■" _wed« laborers living In a shak
111 the wooila near Kverson, Whatcom
'"limy wet. robbed of $750 a few days
Chicago,   July
W aahington lays:
Senator Fairbanks of the joint high
commission had a conference with Presi-
den I McKinley and Secretary Hay at thc
Whits bouse on ths Alaskan boundary dispute. Hi.- senator reports that from personal observation he i* thinly convinced
thai the contentions made In this government are correct snd it the modus virendl
is agreed upon, ii must bv upon ih.* terms
of lhe I'nited Mates.
Senator Fairbanks ha* been all over the
country In the vicinity ofKlukwsn, Dyea,
Skagway and the territory iu dispute, and
funis Incontrovertible evidence that the
contentions of thi* government urc correct.
It »ii« said that this government will
not yield a foot of territory and that unless the Hiitish government agrees upon
a modus Vivendi on the terms which this
government offered then will be no meeting of tha joint high commission on August *..
While Senator Fairbanks declined to discuss the subject of the position occupied
hy the Canadian police, because he may
be again called ujioii to deal with the
Alaskan question, it was learned that
members of thi* force are now in the Porcupine region, which unquestionably belongs to this government.
The orders which were given some time
ago for sending troops to Pyramid harbor
have not been rescinded, but are still held
in abeyance at the request of the Hritish
In view of the latest Information furnished tha stale department on this point,
it would he surprising if the Hritish government is not notified thai American
troops would lie sent lo l'yr.iniid harbor
whether Qraat Britain objects or not The
government is determined to protect tha
Interests of American clt—tens, no matter
what the position of the Hiitish government mav I"-
JrP« Laylo*
F-ngl,__ Break fart
0o!«H Ided BW
The constitutionality of a statute
providing for a special jury commissioner In counties of a certain population for the selection of a special Jury
list for criminal cases is sustained In
peoplo vs. Dunn (N. Y.), 43 L. R. A.
247, against objections on various
Why will any man be so Impertinently officious aa to tell me all prospect for a future state Is only fancy
and delusion? ls there any merit ln
being the messenger of 111 news? If
It Is a dream, let me enjoy lt, since
It makes me both the happier and better man.—Addison.
*... ,'" ***OVAOTU*,UX>   IT ...
__!__■ THB* MAMS.
The sender of a telephone message to
a telegrnph operator, with directions to
M'lnl It by telegraph, is held, In Garland
vs. Western Union Telegraph company
(Mich.), 43 L. R. A. 280, to be unnffect-
. ed by a regulation ,of which he did not
know, that nil messages must be given
to the agent In writing.
Snrah Hernhnrdt, nfter her season In
1 am receiving
many letters of inquiry about the mineral department. In answer to these
Inquiries I can say that there will be
no charges made for space for exhibitors. In addition to furnishing this
space, the exposition, In case no one can
come with the exhibit, will receive the
ores at the depot and place them In
the building; but of course every camp
which can arrange to do so should have
some one In charge to come with the
exhibit and place It himself."
Itepul.llc  Note*.
The shaft on the Dodie is 205 feet
deep. The value of the ore has increased to a marked extent during the
last lro feet.
The Insurgent continues to yield fine
ore and the quantity has not diminished. As work progresses it becomes
more certain that the Insurgent is to
become a great mine.
Superintendent Crumner states that
after passing through a pinch in the
south drift on the 90-foot level of the
San Poil the ore body widened out to
nearly its norma] size and the ore Is
or nearly as high grade as has been
found In the mine. The chute Is about
275 feet south of the tunnel.
General Manager Major Edwards-
Leckle contemplates doing a considerable amount of development work on
the Republic mine. Practically all the
development in the mine has been done
south of the tunnels, but he will at
once begin to systematically develop
the north hali of the property. There
is nearly 700 feet of ground north of
the tunn-ls that has not been explored.
The Art Dumont claim on Bridger
creek on the south half promises to become a bonanza In the near future. At
the bottom of the 35-foot shaft the ledge
is reported to be five feet wide, lt is
a lead carbonate and carries a rather
high i>or cent silver. The total value
in lead and silver will average about
$135 per ton.
The contractor on the Admiral
Dewey shaft is rushing the work. Some
excellent looking ore is being taken
out. but the values are said to be rather
small. As the shaft goes down there
is a decided improvement in the ledge
matter. The porphyry is disappearing
and quartz is coming fast. It seems
probable that the shaft will be all In
quarts before the 50-foot level Is
Three shifts are employed in sinking the winze on the Princess Maud.
The winze on the Morning Glory is
still being sunk, but beyond that the
public knows nothing.
Superintendent Coy of the Golden
Lily states that good progress is being
made in sinking the shaft and that the
values were practically unchanged.
The Republic Giant is looking better
every day. The ledge Is stronger and
the values are better.
Not only the ore in the drift of the
Tom Thumb is improving in value, but
the ledge la also improving in size.
There ls said to he fully eight feet of
quartz In the face of the drift.
BrlllsD  < oli.nil.ia.
The Lone Star and Hltie Grouse Company will soon commence a 1000-foot
tunnel upon these properties. The
claims are between the Ruth and Slocan Star, and the lead from the Slocan
Star runs through them.
Bight carloads of ore from the Sunshine and Silver Cup, in the Lardeau,
II. C, shipped to the Trail smelter, returned to the owners $18,948. This
was the amount realized above the cost
of freight and smelter charges.
The 40-horse power boiler and engine
were Installed last, weak at the Snow-
shoe mine in Greenwood camp.
jV good strike has been made on thc
Torpedo claim, which adjoins the Vancouver group, near Silverton.
The owners of the Pioneer claim,
near Silverton, on Lemon creek, J. M.
M. Benedum and W. M. Brasch. have
at last been rewarded by the discovery
of the gold ledge on that property that
threw out the rich float found three
years ago by the owners.
The appearance of the Stemwinder
mine at Fairvlew, B. C, is Improving
daily, as a result of the lively pushing
ahead of development work.
The shaft of the White Bear, at Rossland, Is now down for a distance of 270
Drifting on the 250-foot level continues In the Lily May of Rossland.
Things are being put Into shape for
active development on the Blackcock
mine at Ymlr. The average of the pay
streak samples across a section of lH'j
inches in $30.35 per ton.
A special committee of the board of
I rude at Grand Forks Is meeting with
gratifying success In preparing an exhibit of Boundary ores for the Cana
Totals  3,554
The British America Corporation of
London, which owns the Le Roi and
almost all of the big mines of Rossland, is extending its Investments Into
the great Windermere country, north
of Fort Steele. The first payment has
been made on a bond for $100,000 on
the Red Line group near Windemere.
It Is said to be one of the finest silver
lead and copper showings in that district.
Work on the new concentrator for
the St. Eugene mine, at Moyie, Is progressing favorably.
JIII-VI**,-   NOTI-'S.
Nickel ore may prove to be valuable
if found in sufficient quantity
Magnesite, used for lining Iron converters, furnaces, etc., is always worth
looking for.
The government assay office at Boise
shipped $37,133.46 in gold to the mint
The present capacity of the cyanide
mills in the Mercur district, Utah, is
over 1,500 tons per day.
A large area of copper bearing land
is reported to have been discovered in
Archer county, Texas.
In Wyoming, on the Little Missouri
river and elsewhere, are coal beds
which have been burning for years.
The Tacoma smelter, which now has
a capacity of 190 tons daily, is preparing to increase its capacity to 350
tons daily.
A sharp lookout should always be
kept for tin ore. The world needs more
of lt, and perhaps some may be found
in the Inland empire.
The Canadian government is advising the people to look for a good supply of molybdenum, as there Is an English firm tliat wants to get hold of a
good ore of this metal.
Zinc ores should be noticed, for they
will become more valuable as this
country develops. Some of the zinc
ores are of such a character that they
would not be recognized except by an
Cinnabar, or mercury sulphide,
would probably attract attention on account of its unusual color, but it might
be overlooked by the careless prospector.
A great amount of assessment work
is being performed in the various districts of Beaverhead county, Montana.
The elevators on the Comstock have
lowered the water to the 1950-foot station. Work of cleaning out the station Is now going on.
Old-time Comstock miners nre interested in the recent report of a rich
strike of ore in the 1700-foot level of
the famous old Nevada mine.
The Yellow Jacket, one of the great
Comstock mines at Virginia City, Nevada, is the deepest mine in the I'nited
States. The lower levels are over 2,700
feet below the hoisting works.
The average cost of producing copper in the United States is seven cents
a pound. The lowest cost is five cents,
by the Boston & Montana Co. At the
Calumet k Hecla it costs seven cents.
Republic dividend number nine for
$.15,000 has been declared. This brings
tbe total of dividends paid by this famous mine to date up to $295,000. As
usual the payment will be made 30
days hence.
Our platinum supply Is limited, and
a prospector should always be on the
lookout for that metal, as it is worth
about $15 per ounce today on the market. There is a great and growing demand for this metal, which is only limited at present by the inadequate supply.
In Montana the supreme court has
just held that the owner of a claim cannot be prejudiced by the mistake of a
deputy government surveyor in making
the survey. It Is clearly inferable from
the opinion, however, that the owner
Bhould apply for a re-survey immediately upon discovering the error.
The country at the headwaters of the
Big Blackfoot river in Montana Is attracting much attention from mining
men. A large area of the mineral bearing belt promises to become a wealth
producer in the shape of copper, gold
and silver, the first named being the
leading metal. It is thought that large
bodies of the ore will be exposed In
the not distant future.
Miss I.uoy Tucker, tbe daughter ol
a prominent farmer of Versailles,
lint., wa* tlie victim of nervous prostration. Most or tlie time *>ie waa
confined to bed, und was on tbe verge
of M. Vitus' dance. It waa a pitiful
case wblcb medical science failed to
conquer. Finally a doctor prescribed Ur. Williams' Pink rills for Pal*
People.   Hur father laid:
"We began giving the pi I Is at once,
and tbe next duy we could hue -
change for tbe better In her. We
gave ber one pill arter each meal
until she wa* entirely well. Hbe bas
not been sick B day since. We think
tbe cure almost miraculous.
"Fbawk Tucker, Mr*. F.TCCKKR."
Mr. and Mr*. Frank Tncker. being
duly eworn, slate that the foregoing
1* true ln every particular.
Iluun Johnson, Justice of the Peace.
Prom the Jiepublicaf., Versailles, Ind.
Dr. Willi*-*' Pink Pill* lor Pale People
art never sold by th* doitn or hundred,
but slways In packages At ill druggist*,
or direct Irom th* Or. Williams Medicine
Co., Schenectady, N. Y„ SO cent* per box,
6 bones $2.60.
It.-*it; mil ion   Is Accepted.
Washington, July 22.—Secretary Alger
has. received from the president a letter
accepting hil resignation to take effect
August 1. The secretary did not make
the terms of the leiter public, but read it
to a few intimate friends.
Secretary Alger will turn the war department over to Assistant Secretary
Meikeljohn next week.
Tlie lielief is gaining ground in well informed circles that Klihu Root of New
Vork will he tendered the secretaryship.
( un...lim. Shot Wins.
Hi-ley, Kngland, July 21.—Gilchrist, the
Canadian riflemen, won the tic in the premier competition, defeating Fleming,
Ifayne and Pattison and taking first prize.
The height of ability consists In a
thorough knowledge of the real value
of things and of the genius of the age
we live in.—Rochefoucauld.
Ilriilnl,  Woman   lli.u.iil   for  Murder.
London, July 21,—Despite strenuous ef
forts to secure a reprieve, including an
appeal to the queen, Mary Antl Ansell.
who was convicted of murdering ber sis
ter, un inmate of an Insane asylum, by
sending her a poisoned c.ike, was bunged
at St. Albans.
Wheat Qnolntlons, Wool Fiffnr.a nnd
the Price of Produce.
The following prlcea are paid for
wheat delivered at the Spokane mills:
Wheat—Bluestem, bulk, o5c;    sacked,
52c; No. 1 club, bulk, 47cj sacked, 49cj
No. 1 red, bulk, 4r>c; sacked, 47c.
hay, (USj alfalfa, $11.
Vegetables—Potatoes, $2.00 to $2.25
per cwt.; onions, $1.35@$1.50; cabbage
$2.60 per cwt.; celery, 50 to 60c per doz.
Hay—Timothy, $13 per ton; wheat
bay, $U; alfalfa, $11.
Rye—Country points, f. o. b., 72c per
cwt; Spokane, 75c per cwt.
Corn—Whole, $1.15 per cwt; cracked, $1.20.
Feed—Bran and shorts, $14 per ton;
shorts, $13.; bran, $15.; rolled barley,
$20.; chicken feed, $15 to $20.
Wood (on car)—Fir, $3.; tamarack,
$3.75; pine, $2.75. Retail—Fir, $3.50;
tamarack. j:t.r,o to $4: pine. S3 to $3.25.
Coal (retail)—Roslyn lump. $5.50;
Peuusylvania antharcite, $18; Colora
do antharcite, $16; foundry coke, $16;
Cumberland black, $17.50 to $20.
Poultry—Chickens, live weight, 10
to 17c per pound; turkeys, dressed, IB
to 18c; spring ducks, dressed, 14 to 16;
gee»e, live, 111 to 18c.
Meats—lieef cows, live, H3.50 to 4.50
per cwt; dressed, 7 to 7V_c; hogs, live,
4 to -ljc; dressed, 0 to 6i-
Portland—Local wheat continues easy
and is gradually falling away to a lower
level. For Walla Walla, 511 @ 57c is
quoted; hut no one anxious for business at
the latter figure .uui no one anxious to sell
nt either. Valley, dull at 58 @ 58jc;
bluestem, nominally title with no demand.
Tacoma—Wheat maintains tb. even
price that has ruled all the week, 57c for
club; 00c for bluettam.
New Vork—Silver— Certificates, 00 ft]
lilc; bar silver, OOjjC; Mexican dollars, 48c.
London—Bar silver, tinner, '.7Jd per
San Francisco H.ir silver, tiOlc; Mexican dollars, 4!H  (§* 50Y.
New York- l'ig iron warrants—Firm,
■fir  @  17,95.
The firm that fixes the selling price for
miners and smellers quotes lead at $4.3")
nt the close.
Sour Stomach
"in.t I wns Induced ta tr- (•,**(•*■
HK'1'*, I will never t>e wliliuut litem lu Hi* houae.
llr liver waa lu a Terr li.nl shape, snd my head
sclied aud 1 hail «tuiuacli Iruuhle. Now, since lak-
lus Caacareu. I feel Due. Mr wife lia&alao used
lbs— with beueflclsl results fur sour slumacb-"
Jos  hmm i.*.u. lull tougrsss Bi., Bl Louis, Ue.
Nol, .I   . ni.n.llun   Is   ll. ii.l.
Quebec, July 21.- Chris A. Qoefferin,
iiiciii1.it of thc Canadian cabinet, without
portfolio, and a distinguished lawyer Is
dead, aged 5li years.
I'll.-., of I'nin.
Many kiwi* nf piles—Itching, blcdlnc—nil
painful. Urrl.l* tortur**, im all arc quickl.
cured   hy   Osac—rtt*    Ciuiily    Cathartic      .Ml
druKglnl*!,  1">\  ISO,   BOO.
The marriage of Prince Danilo of
Montenegro with Princess Jutta of
Mecklenburg-Strelitz has been fixed for
July 27. The wedding will take place
at Cettigne.
Fence nml  Iron Work*.
and iron fencliiK; efnee rnlllng. ate, 3.14 Alder.
riesssnt.  Palatable.   Potent.   Taste Goo.. Da
tto...:   Never Sicaen. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. 26c. 00*.
...    CURE  CONSTIPATION.    ...
•i.ni.. tmmmts i—..... rslssai, v«ii-ii. Its Taet.  SI*
MTfl  DAP Bold snd guaranteed by sit dros*
-lU-BAb (iau t~ ijW-_i Tobacco Uabiw
nno  ,%i
^^^^      I     UK    K- IIKOKKN   DOWN
M',n who ■JuiYer frnm lh»» * iT-rl* nr<li*teafl«t ovf r-
irork, worry, from iln* f<*.ll«** nf ymiih. or the ex-
cf -sen of iiiHtihi o*l. front iitimttiirit. drain*),  wi'i.k-
 '     k of ilevi I'-pnn'iit oil  Hity mgnii,  failure
ittlltiiMi  t"r  nn-njim)  ill  nuch
tne   to   Dip   (bttDtaU)   hpftil" for m
f nirirvelons pu.ver to v.U_-i_*j,
• f vna* fiin-fs.
men   ll|ll|)Id   ••
teientlAc nitttH ri
The brain woman never interests us
like the heart woman; white roses
please less than red.—Holmes.
SttrV^^tSS-*   pension
BICKFORl*. Wsfhlnston. D, C, they will
receive quiek replies. U, 5th N. H. vols.
St—tf SUtb Corps.   I ■>.. -. .'.l- Imk .1. ill-   -in. r 1-,.!
President H. G. Burt of the Union
Pacific system, whose recent incognito
ride in a baggage car was noted in the
papers, frequently uses this method of
travel. He believes in "getting down
among the men," and not long ago appointed himself a member of a wrecking crew, doing good work in several
minor sniashups.
Slevklng, the Dutch pianist, who
was Imprisoned for a while in j\ustrla
last summer for disrespect to a religious procession, has eloped with the
daughter of a Vienna hotel keeper.
Let friendship creep gently to a
height; If It rush to it lt mny soon run
itself out of breath.—Puller.
CITO Perniiinenllv t uretl.   No lll*or tiervouan
Ml5 «rt,.r
1.1  [  -i.y'K llso of Dr.   Kline'* iii.-.i |
     —-* -— —- EK   n .-.oo trial
KLIN I ,  1.1-.. '.i.W
it veil |i rmtore an • itWlmIii.
.Nd DRUGS l>U  MKIHl'INl.-,
Nu   I.I.K. Tllli ITV
ITS* lo h-. i»id fur t.'ii enee and will ]a.*tallte-t1me.
(an i.e cur; icd In Hi i pocket
Bom* U tut of later—HI fur th* married, or iho**
Intending to iimrry—a irsatla* upon diseases cfili*
|fiiiT„-l.e o'ihih seoi Ir.-e by nisll Ln pl_la
••aled *OV*K*U_    A HI ill I --
«>lrl:l.   »\    IIYlllKMC   CIS..
w.en your bli.od seta In ihe prop*' condition
— when It I- rich und him sic. nourisho-siil ts
to tli. different purls of lb* UmI)-.
Moore's Revealed Remedy
-purines the blond, -rlvaa It besllh and rli Iuicks
—ll cures backaoba, narvottsnesa, tired feeling,
besriiiR down pulus, etc. etc. ll never 1*11*.
|1.U0 per buttle st youl* drt.KKlst's.
elief for Womerr
-**-**- 8e.it/We.lnplsJn, sealed enti-lope. Writ*
(jidar r.ir iln- i. ■ I...-- i.i'. i n,k- parum-
l_r> and Testimonial! of lilt. M-HTI_V»
French Female Pills.
PrmlMNl hy t hn*i]»»?i-1i of *.ii ■■■IV, l-vti-***' u
Mfr>. fcln-MTH r*-lii.Mi* nml * it Imul *_n ■■■|u_J.
___ ?-"!■. Ii> Kll .Ini.-.'i-'-ln tll'tal Imi, Frvuch
IW on ..-ii In ni...-, wiitl* and T.-«.1.   Tmlr no i-itier.
rnucfe Drug t/*...-_l A &1 I'uurtBU, Hew Yuri Ulj.
Nerve Restorer.   Be'nd for KREK  S'j.OO irh.i I »1_l%BWrlS_ltSj 01tT! <£"*' £•*-*''okay *■»<_»,•  „
— .   —   ..—.  ie. ..ii- uuli  tneutclne which will ,-ure each anil ersry
bottlaand t***atls_   Dit. R. ii
Arch street, I'lilhulelplila, I'u
NO CASK known It bas s**r falle.1 to cure, no
maIter how *■ r m or  of how Ions' 'inil'n.-    '<• *  ><*
tram Ita ttae will a*tnnlah jou. It la at**.lut»l7 safe,
preten— stricture, and can he uk-r. "ttliuut In.-octe-
olenoe and detention from hn*tn••*».   1'Hli'F, S*.u—   lo—
Mexican     clgaretto    manufacturers   -_.„„
havo organized a trust, capitalized at 1 {5--ir^^^i^rj^^fr"^tPT^'"i^
$15,000,000.  P_-__M*.W	
Kuriln lifiriiiuiriii,-I*.**** "**• *"—°" i   -- •**  ---- ---   -
Kngland will make a long tour of Bu- -Ian mining section of the Paris ex-
rope visiting Norway, Sweden, Pen-1 position. Mine owners and prospectors
mark   Prance    Switzerland,    Austria-1 are heartily co-operating.   It will also
. «v - ***.*>*,•*»««*»***•
, mark, Prance,
Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey, return-
' Ing to Paris ln November.
Ilnnkrnpt Wllliont Asset*.
New York, July 20,-Chnrlc* Andru*.
builder, hn* filed a petition in bankruptcy,
liabililic* $107,375; no asset*.
AW,****' _w•»•»^*««■w,'^''*,r**ww,'
prepare a collection of minerals for the
approaching industrial Deposition nt
The I.e Roi  compressor machinery
was repaired  and   the   mine   started j
working again lust week.   Monday wns.
Miners' Union day, and no shipments!
The supreme court of Michigan has
declared the law unconstitutional under which Detroit was to munlcipallzo
its street railways.
"Do Not Grasp at the Shadow
and Lose the Substance.
M.iny people are but shadows of their
former selves, due to neglect of health.
Look out for the blood, the fountain of
life, the actual substance; keep that pure
by regular use of Hood's Sarsaparilla and
rolmst health will be the result. Be sure
to get only Hood's, because
^(bodA SaMafHVu*
Remember that you can buy Jesse Moore
A. A. Whiskey for the same price that la
paid for ordinary whisky. Kor sale by all
first class dealers and druggists.
The strike of the textile workers in
Brunn, Austria, has been compromised.
Twelve thousand people were engaged
ln tbis strike.
Mothers will find Mr*. Win-low's Soothing Svrup the lust iiineilv to use fur their
children dining the teething period.
Textile workers of Atlanta are organizing.
3rml—r —j-led
, on r»if'i>t or nrti... \.y
I'aRHt l'__Ml,'»L CO.. OW-V.S. Bl
Ute Biff 41 for nntifttai-m
dinrh«rj[*M, iufl-mniktii-Qt.
prltftt.oDi or n!.-fr«;i.>n»
of   m a c o a ■   bopmtmnM.
PfttnlMf, %\\ 1 not -•*■.!._
IthcEhksQ^icuOo. ••n* or k-woom.
 *o.'J hf Dr-Wtate.
or wot iu plain wrtr<p«r
by   «fpn*M,   prep-id,   foi
•1 00. or I .miIUm, p.n.
Olroolu Mat dn r«iQM$
PIbo'* Cure for Consumption ls the best
of all cough cure*.—George W. Lota
Fabucher, La., August 26. lft.%.
Never Disappoints
Woodworkers and mill hands nt Buffalo havo organized.
Menlo Turk, Pun Mntoo. Co., Cnl , seereillti. 1
at the ITnlver.Itles.  ij't-nllnn, illni.it- nnd ear**
fut attention to stantal. Moral smt Physical
trnlnliiK, DllCM Holtt'l nniong , • foramoit
School* for Boy* on th* Cout.   s  *** cnrenlnln,
Will re-open In the new I -hi.| ■■_ Auii.i*t lf,ih,
(Hth yesr).   Im O. Hollt. I'll. U., l'rlnclpal.
ON- FOR A DOSE. r"re Sick 11,-sdsch*
snd f)y,|>ep»ia, llemore Timplesmnl Purify th*
Blood, Aid lilirrstionsndPreeent HillnuineM. Lo
not Drip* orBlclien. Toc-)tl»liice you, wo will mail
sample free, orfull not for 25c. DK. IIOSAMKO
CO., l"l,ii_du., i*t--;i.   Bold hy Druggists.
Mi 'III Ni. Pilenprodui-i. niiniliiri.andcaiiHeiU'hlnff.
Tllli form, aa »rll nl Hllud, 111 Ihikjt Prntrndinf
Piles sre cured Oj Dr. Bosnnko's Pile Remedy
Stnpa itctilntr ami nleedinx. AliHorna tnmon* 60c a
«lar at drngirint* or aent hy ntai:. 1'rcal iitn free. Writa
ma about jour oaafc  DK BOSANKO, Philada.. Pa.
"THE nni/rUII thaw
K. ,\. I*.
II the wcrld's grestem hero,
"   by Mn mi  Hi. .. i i'ii. I.
Agents "A anted.
~ .lySl.ltll
H. U. Miller, fi Wash. St.
No. 30, *li!>.
*mem*M\swawmmm*maem*\\mii«»<-a*a--s->-j',«a>w-ii»(i«aw.-i».-*sm**t!A*tue*tae*m*mtaxm*^^ *»mete*? •-*,*.,*«nomiiini > *tn ntiatia*eeimi*w •
T3-_r>-  .'n*.       .  -<«BK'  ■_    ■*_. -HS
t?£T\.*+ ■* !1LT ■v'-r^v—*-*."
» » * ♦vVWNS*. *v» ♦■♦*>*»
$}p Wm. ____t*jqtlt©r Oo,, Ivttl-
l^e 3 re now agents fpr
_*v£_*ir C01__.pa__.3rs
Sewing Machines
Just Arrived *
'..V.     '.!'
*«S&Q   OR   IN   ARREARS   A
| 8 8 11 $ 8 8 8 I 8 8 • * i 8 8 i . i i 8 . t i j
o you   want
JEWELRY,    ------
PIANOS 1 ------   -
j-r-oot* Dove.,
Boi U     .  .   to in. It. li.
THE jeweler.
T>o    Yota  -EMsln*?
ltOr>hi    and   BASKETS,
SELKIRK      Till!
The Silvertonian has been accused
by Borne, of seeking to stir up strife
and ill will between the mine managers
—not mine owners—and the miners.
Such, wo assure our readers, is not the
case. In thia labor dispute, The
Silvertonian has taken the stand
that the miners are entitled to living
wages. It er deavores to ascertain and
tell tho truth as to the situation in
thia camp and when a lie is circulated
on the outside, in regard to the situation, we promptly nail tliat lie regardless of "whoso corns ive trend upon".
If this striko results in nothing else
than to show somo men up in their
true colors, it will have accomplished
that much good
A miner must live twenty four
hours a day. The Mining Review
will agree with that. If tho law says
he shall work only eight, six, four or
even one hour in every twenty four, In
must earn enough while working, let
the hours be what tt.ey may, to keep
him while he is not working. The
Union wage of !?.'J fiO a day is necessary
to keep a miner fDr a day. Therefore,
we say, that in right and justice, he
must be paid that for a day's   work.
"Tlie Nanaimo Herald" U the title
of a new visitor to our exchange table.
Vol. I, No. 1, appeared liefore tin-
public on the -".nd iiiet, and if the
future numbers are up to the standard
set by the initial one, we can safely
prophecy a long and useful career for
the Herald. The mission of our new
friend Will be, to t-uote from its editorial pagi**, "to do al! that Hi. in us to
'uphold the dignity of labor' and to
■ecure 'equal rights to all.' "
T-oek     JBottoixi
r   v.
I I M.   Mc] N TOSH
B.  0
B. C.
.1 \M1'.S HOWES    -   -   -   -    PROP.
Auctioneer., Customs Brokers,
And General Real Estate Agents,
Ollice In Ke-lny Block    -   -      Baker St.
NELSON,   B, 0.
I*: Hi'iitli|ii:irlcrs For Mining Men :•:
And $00 LINE
New  Fast   Daily Service Between
improved Connecting Service via Revel-
stoko or Crows Nest Route.,
First class sleepers on all trains from
Tourist cars pass Revelstoke, Daily for
!*.t Paul, Thursdays for Montreal and
Boston,   Tuesdays   and   Saturdays  for
Toronto 92 hours,  Montreal 96 hours,
New York 103 "      Winnipeg 62   "
"Vancouver 2(5 "     Victoria    31   "
For the North, Reyelatoke, and Main
Line 10:30 K ex* Sunday Iv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 15:50K.
For Ro«sland, Nelson and Crows Nest
Line 15:501. ex. Sunday lv. Silverton,
ur. ex. Sundav Kr.'lOK
I ,1,   --
For rates and full information apply to
rtcareat local agent or
W. S. CLARK, Aff-nt, Silverton
Tray. Pass. Agent, Nelson
Diet. Fata. Agent, Vancouver
Oeneral -Freight and Transfer
Unshim Done.
Orders  lelt at  News Stand  will   be
promptly attended to
SILVERTON,        -      -       -      B. C
j. m. McGregor,
Wages, $3.00
 Per Day.
WAKEFIELD IIMffl, Limited.
Owing to a reduction in miners' wageB
caused by the enf-Areement of the eight
hour law, the miners are all idlo ami the
mines have  shut down.   Therefore all
worklngmen are hereby warned to keep
away from   the Slocan  and   Kootenay
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles are   atniciiiily  settled  between
mine owners and in ine™.
Sandon, B. C.     W. L Hauler,
June  nd. 1899,        Secretary  Sandon
Miners' Union
J. M. M. Benednm,
Pres. 8ilverton 11, IT-
L. Knowles,
Secretary,    Silverton
Miners' Union
The recent Sale of the Galena Mines
property, which lies within a mile of
Silverton, means a big thing for this
place. After lying dormant for nearly
two years, it will now bo worked for
all there is in it, the property having
passed into the handi of energetic
and practical mining men, who command sutliceut capital to thoroughly
develope this big property. A mill is
to be erected at once and as the site
is almost within the town limits, it
means not only another steady payroll but a buckpt brigade for the
town as well.
Denver Evening Post.
Sho stood upon the Pullman platform rapt
In wonder as the train did upward creep
'Neath   peaks by grand eternal   snow
crowns capped.
Through canyons deep.
"Great scenery," to break the ice, I said,
"Incomprehensible, majestic, grand!
And sho replied, with noil of queenly heail
"It beats the band!"
"Those towering pines, how graceful In
their pride,
Swayed bv  the passing breeze irom
tops to roots;
Aro not thev kingly?" and she replied:
"Sav, ain't they beauts!"
"Whatmighty power nerved the hand
that split
These mighty rocks apart, and hurled
them back!"
With upturned eyes she answered' W asn t
A crackeijack!"
'These rugged canyon walls on either side
Present ihey not a most imposing front?'
She turned her eyes upon them  and  replied :
"Well, I should grunt!''
"Didst note the '.'olden haze that dreamily
Spread o'er the hills when dav began to
She thought a moment nnd then   mi-
swered nie:
"Yes, I caught on!"
'•How Insignificant ■*■■* mortals seem
Surrounded by the wmk 01 Nature, such
As this."   She Sott replied:    "Well, 1
should dream!
We ain't so much!"
".Suppose   these   greal   walls  lowering
Should   close   upon us In this nwiul
I'linsin I"
She   shrugged   ber  shoulders  once or
twice, and said
"I'd have a spasm'."
"Aro you from Denver, may I ask?" and
Cave me a glance that caused my ban
to curl,
And snid* "Well I should murmur 'Nit "
I be
A Boston gyurl."
Outsido Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
Can Have Them Roserved By Writing To-
t        t t t t
.    A. P. McpONALD,
lip To Date Uenife.
mn si: rem. fiirkhiei.
SlNf TO ANY  AlilHil S**.
Following is a complete list of the
mining imnsr.fi ions recorded during iho
week for the Slocan Mining Division.
! NOTICE,—"North
A __•>
The threat of T. J. Duncan, manager of the Queen Bess mine, to import
scab labor from Ontario to work that
mine, must be "taken with a grain of
salt". No doubt this rich foreign
company, who care no more for
welfare of British Columbia or the
Canadian people than they do that of
China and the Chinese, would like to
import cheap labor and bo swell their
dividends. But they will find to their
surpris', no doubt, that Canadian law
and Cunadian manhood will step in
and stop any such outrageous proceeding.
July 17— SkndiMies, Silver nit,
el-eon and II Anderson.
18—Marion No2,rel, Dora, McGnigan
ck, .Lis Brown: Josey, Carpenter ck, .1.1
Foley; Conu-iacker fr., nr Now Denver,
N W Mining Syndicate,
19—Nelly lily fr. west f Carpenter, F
C Porter; Niglit Hawk, nr Sandon, T W
Filzgorald; Nellie, Howson ck. M smith
2Q— Fuirmomit, Granite mf. \V Valeti-
tine. agent for Lydla Srhwai/.e.
21—Arabia, nr lid Twelve Mile, II D | |,efort. ,|1(
Mi'Lellan; Fairview, Payne mt, H An- | *-,«,,«-_-,
demon; Pacific, nr Three Forks, 1) J Mc-
Dougald ; Atlantic, same, 1) M McDougald ; Broken sr.. nr Boyne tram, Same;
Lu Canadinne, Granite ck, G H Dawson ;
Contact, Four Mile ck, VHBebue;
Henrietta. Granite mt, 0 McNichols;
Etna fr., Frisco bill, T Avison.
22—Mellon Hole, n f Carpenter, S
Thompson; BC Fraction, Payne mt, 8
24—Patterson, Payne Mt, S Cameron
Fraction" mineral claim. sHlt-ste In the
Slocsn City mining division ol Wesi
Koottnnv district.
j Where located: On Dayton creek nd-
i*-*_ali»a 1 he "Silver Plate" mineral'
1    I'laiii*
I    Take niiiiitli.ii 1 PrancisJ. O'fteillt
osaaenl for Robert   \   It-udsh.iw, fr.c
I miner's certificate So. 2240."ia. F. G Dines,
; fn*e miner's certificate So, K879a■ tIctinrc
I M. Sorelle, tree  miner's certificate No
83569and D o l.i'wis, freeintiiet'*certificate Nn. 2871..  Intend  sixly   thiys
from   the date hereof, lo apply t., tin-
mining recorder for a lenitiri'.' ul Improvements! for tin' purpose of obtaii mg
a Crown Grant of   the alwvo claim.
Ami farther take  notice  that   actio*]
f_.W I'.r Annum.
Use   None   But
The  Best!
under section 37,   must   be comineneed   ,,-,,,  ,.,
uanco .d-.iic.li coriifl-wtc ol   " ' ■•'-- EHAD10ATE ALL TBACE.1
Dated llii-iTrtilftlul.i.v ol .Juno 18D9.
FBAKCU  I. I'll: ti Ll
21 I « I t»9.
July 18-1 X L. Jessie Fr, Old Tom
Moore. ID—Golden Kiny. 20—Phoenix,
21—Happy Delivery, Ada Bell, Shady,
Kelso. England, Ireland, Scotland,
Wester Boy, Hudson. 24—G 0 P, Snow
Flake, Mountain View, Fulton, Ontario,
Tiptop, Mae B, Ophir.
July 24—Havana.
P l> Ahier to
July 1&— Rtigbv lr . \4\
Geo W Hughes. June 23
Rugby ?4, P 1) Ahier to Scottish Colonial Co., June 28.
July 21—Butterfly, Champion,  International, A R  Marino, O J  Marino, C
tlie I Rollo to Frauk Kelly, option to Nov 1
Lees, Julv 18
24—Monitor No 2, Hustler fr., G Petty
E Harrop, A R Fingland, Mrs E J Kendall to H J Wilson, July S, bond in sum
of f 125,000
"Down lo the tongueless silence of
Ihe dreamless dust."
The death of Robert G. Ingersoll,
which occurred on the 21 Bt inst, removes another of America's noted
sons,. His greatness was recognized
alike by his enemies, of whom he had
many, and by his friends, of whom he
had more. ''Bob" Ingersoll was
known principally through his attacks
on Christianity, although as an orator
a Shakespearian student and a philanthropist, he was equally deserving of
fame. As a sample of his oratory, the
following may be taken from a funeral
addrifs he made in Boston:
"When the day is done, when the
work ol a life is finished, v hen the gold
of evening meets tbe dusk of night, beneath tho silent stars the tired laborer
should fall asleep. To outlive usefulness
is a double death. 'Let me not live after my flame lacks oil, to be tbe spoil of
younger spitits.' When the old oak is
visited in vain by spring, when light and
rain no longer thrill, it is not Well to
stand leafless, desolate aod alone; it is
better far to fall where nature softly covers all with woven  moss and creepicg
The shipment   ol   oro   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and Including   lhe
present week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Bobuii Landing. Tons.
Bosun  540
From New Denver.                           Tons
Marion 20
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise   000
From Slocan City.                          Tons.
Tamarac  20
From Silverton. Tons
Comstock    20
" concentrates  100
Etrily Edith  6p
Fidelity     8
Noonday 3 20
Vancouver 320
Wakefield 580
Total 2583
NOTICE :— "Lucky Jack" Mineral
Claim; situate in the si,.ran City Min*
inir Division (if Went Kooteii.iy Dlstr.ct
Where located:—On Summit or Pass
Creek, 10 miles from Slooan River.
Take notice that I, J. Murray McGregor,
ailing as in;ent for Robert Bradshaw,
Free Miners Certificate No. 22405a, Intend sixty days frum the date hereof, to j
apply to the Mininir Recorder for a Certificate nf Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Grown Grant of the
above cla'.m.
And further  take   notice that action
under section 37,   must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate 0 I
Dated this fifteenth day of June, iho**.
J, M. McGr-qor,
241 e 199.
iMPrin:  BLOOD,    OURRa
R »' B r \| ATIVM   ANI,
W-UOD    1'IsORIjF.P.K.
Try It Prove It.
mm m mm\\xm
am> thi:
ton.'.-, fort Of m
Bv W. I. ADAM.S.
V   I'll..
AOTKUl Uon_ ,,„„ Pa;fncAL Ml.1.
Should lie in the hands of every
"ininii Man and MeUlhirgist
(•ICATE •() F IMPROVEMENT i lloV',!'!,-r,"8"'1 °" '•ll>oratoT tests, but on
5    :-"Rnstler"    and     "lUu-M-  ^lwrK«SS_-i" ^Ui"">d &  "'•
...„ , -1.1    .:...... :„ ..._      '      .   wperiencc of over twisty
land Mineral Claims; situate in tin
Slocan Mining Division oi XXnf Kootenay District.
Where loeatetl:—On Eight Mile creek
adjoining the Willa Mineral Claim.
Take notice that I, J. Murray McGregor
act in. as agent for W. W. Spinks, Free
Miner's Certificate No. nl*_!Wl>, intend
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
tirthe Mining Recorder tor a Certificate
of Improvements, lor the purpose oi obtaining a Crown (iranl Of the above
And further lake notice  Ihat   action,
under lection '!",    must  he commenced
before tho Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 17th dav of July 1899.
J. M. McGmpiioit.
....... , , ■*--.  OVER   TWENTY
wh , in. „' ,el'," '.ow b0,n l0 °'»r>lov that
I. 1 , rlr.ea;y ,,""'e' ««>« ln«»y me.
locality, but all over the world.
Modem- Maooh-ir. Publibui-h (j,.
218 U Bails trtsveer, Ch.caoo, U. 8. A.
For Sale or Rent,
A Hotel In Silverion.
Apply to—Matheson Bros,
Mlvcrlim,   U.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days aftor date I, W. I). McGregor,
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following described tract
ol land: .Situated four miles east of
Slocan River on Lemon Creek at the
mouth of the First North Fork, in West
Kootenav District; starting from a post
marked W. 1). McGregor's N. E. Comer,
thence south 40 chains, thence west 40
chains, thence north 10 chains, thence
east 40 chains, to place of beginning, the
whole containing 1(10 acres.
Dated June .^Oth. 1839.
W. D. McGregor.
•When   In
Gonw Hall 4m Vernon ft.
•'. M. 11AURY,
Notice is hereby   given   that
days after date, I intend lo apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permiHsion to purchase the following
described land: situated four miles east
ol Slocan River on Lemon Creek, at the
mouth of the I'irst North Fork, in West
Kootenay District; starting from a post
marked J. M, McGregor's N. W. corner,
thence south 40 chains, thence east 40
chains, thence north 40 chains, llionco
west 40 chains to place of beginning, the
whole containing 160 acres.
Dated June 30th. 1899.
J. M.  McGregor.
Daigle's Blacksmith Shon.
General Blaeksmithing
and Repairing Bone.
iAjhfeVif>- *-j*-**.i.w«-v.****' ctJA^*y**m\art**v**astws^^    tysysiHe**s\y^stt**xs^sw*^tm^ '.tptfiettr--^** rtt*.s^*-twi*4ytfsse*ti <***** t^^tUtrrtu^rm*^*^^ »"»**■<- *.***»#:*itma<mi**A^&'.wM*ytr*w.e.
fffSMtx ttftstHayttssm
.«»>>•''. %,•
"ti  r *_i_ .5


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