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The Silvertonian 1899-08-24

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 \ ^Jrv^jijpjjdS   ^-WuM
And Up To Date
Mining Hews
Of The Richest
Camp  Of  British
Word bus been sent oul that the Even-
mTi near Blooan City, which was
iwnnshorl time ago, will reopeU
rtrst with a full force t« men.
, far known the deepest workings iu
•it the Eustls mine, Eustis.
where In mining for pyrites' a
10 feet has been attained.
■n the
Cumuli! are
ore in Bight. The zinc, which the old
management considered a detriment,
has lately become valuable, and besides j
the zinc ore there are large bodies of lead
ore in sight. A concentrator will he
built immediately but the site has not
been decided upon yet. It may be either
ut the mine or in Silverton."
\ou hadn't onghl to blame  a
things he hasn't done,
For bonks lie hasn't written or for
lm hasn't won.
The waters may look placid on  the sur-
laco nil ornun
An' yet there mav be undertow a-keepln1
of him down,
I In
\\u  H
at the
etuli uf _
I ,,:,. Smith, under whose manage
„,,( iho  Silver  Hand  '
I | was in town during the week
, rppor's that property aa showing up
-II under development.
i lute stormy weather has had the
ri of driving into town quite a number
,r prospectors, who have found life
. ,:il,,s lo i tough during tbe past
, week, steady rain, It has brought
,„.,. j„ ,ji|H..i'ting lo a Standstill M
,;,,'; tin ugh llu* wet Broili lias
an iilnn *' impossible.
Mountain I'lopiMtli s are being
! nml in fscl more development
im; dorlo on  Led Monnlalh
Id-copp i pi  l"»-iti llls "'in on all  our
I!   ,.,. ii   properflea,     Tl
Ufjd will soon bias widely known ns
i a, I coppet camp as it is now as
|,  ii .,ivvi ilistiict■ j
Street and Ed, While, local  Usher*
in    re making  some   big   catches of
i.     i ..fl the month oi Six Mile creek.
uim   they   litought   over   Mun.lays
uhi< li consisted °f fi'1)' pounds of
, i Salmon, their weight ranging from
I, three and one half   pounds each .
hing Hsh Is all in knowing how !
e work lately done on tho L. H. C.
■ ned by Lee Chiam, haa result-
i unci verlng a streak of ore, on Ihe
i .mi'   r.t two feet wide.   The oreis
i ry galena a'nd tlie  Indications are
Le Im.*'cot the making of  a good
pity    The I.. II. C.   claim lies up
k ,'iout   three   miles   above
ek c liiientrator.
'li or. one  of  the   Innneis
lark ami   Hanger   has   been
ii.   The showing in the other ttmnel
ing Jrlveti  ahead,  is excellent
 pauyis now   also   doing  some
ce piMapocting,   W.   Horton,   who
i|*l ■  mn Jo i n  frojn   tho property
l> ih.il mi u  lias  f.dleu   (here  every
dining the week.
lhe Emily KJithuiiue,  among   the
: ddc  improvements   done,  a
. i- ; -en I'.iiupleted   that  connects
iuc with the Silverton wagon road,
ig il ut a point near   tha   mouth 0*
: gulch     A wagon load is to   be
nee Ihat will nearly  follow this
>-:' ompleted and will l.o on a ten
nl grade,  the   length   lieing  one
mile.   This   road    will   not  only
•ii the haul lul will make it  much
i '." 'i.ui-port oie from tho mine   to
'•' si', wlnif for shipment.
I* ' his Is lhe t"t-il for ihe oro sent
'mm tlm Lake region for thc week.
1 ore consisted of two carloads
i" l from Silverton to the -Trail
iter by the .N.iouduy mine of this'
"    I'll ia briuge the total shipments'
1      'ii frolU this property up lo 4SII
iind    brings  Ihe   amount   of oro
; (l  iu tvilverlun since Uie   first of
r -• nt vein iji   to   1863   tons.    All
ifar shipped Irom this  pui'it have
heavy galena ores and it i.s safe  to
■bai ii has averaged  150 ounces in
i md over 40 per cent lead per   Ion,
•« value of  the  amount  ol  wealth
'•he mines ol Silveiton are   contrih-
i  'In' wmldcau bu easily estimated.
■V. McCuno, K. V. McCiiuo, Ray-
Id McCune, and Miss Fay McCune,
''' Lake,  I'tah, accompanied by 0
•snd, Superintendent of the Payne
landon, E G Rykert, of the firm
inalg, Hykert k Co, Montreal, and II
Ingshury of Sandon, paid the camp a
lurlug the lirst. putt of tho week.
llMilyianiu down tho lake on the
r1 on Sunday and spent a few days
vat the property,of tho lato Galena
• Limited,
■* W McOune and Mr. Rykeit, fo-
|,M With Mr. Iloge of Anaconda, havo
|V purchased tho Oalena Mines.
F" locally aa tho "Oalena Farm"
lwere examining Ihe properly with a
ul selecting a   concentrator site.
I""K that was done, however, was
1 public.
r"M ««ek, Mr. Rykert was Interviewed
union   by tilu vPa} streak,"     It
A.ngol the Galena Farm
High up on the aide of Alpha mountain and ndjoiniog  the  Alpha mine  is
i■,■■■•,  is being  situated   the   Snrpii.se  claim.    The big
Alpha ledge crosses this property and an
ore-ahnte, almost as large ns that worked
on the Alpha, has been discovered   and
enOUgh  woik   done  to  show   that this I
claim is tho making of another Silverton '
shipper.   Tho Surprise is one of a group !
of three Crown Granted  claims  owned
by L. II. P.riggs and M.  Grady   of  this
Since the days of Eve and  Adam
tho fight of life began,
lt ain't heen safe, m.v brethren
lightly Judge a man
He mny ho iryin' faithful   for  to
his lid) a go,
And vet his  legs get (angled
treaclrrous undertow,
He may not lack in lenrnin' an' ho may
not want for brains,
He may be always workin
patientist of pains,
An' yet go unrewarded; an', my friends
how can we know
What bights lie might a-climbed up (o
but for the undertow?
You've heard the Yankee
hen's nest with a holt.
An' how the hen kep'  lajin'
John Gilpin is in Bossbnrg, Wash.
i-a '.iiipjie   is a visitor of  Banford
Miss Duke of Spokane  is visiting her
sister, Mrs. CT Cross.
Men from Nelson   are   being   brought
j into town to work on the   Emily   Edith
in the j wagon road,
A. S. Brindleof New Denver had his
face   nnd   hands   severely  burnt  with
for  to I
make | ,
story   oi  the
4 Wauelha,been driven <m the YetSm^faeUiV0"1*
Surprise a distance of 110 feet, the   vein!        I tiow
as with
nor a siiifi
,hn I boiling oil last Wednesd. y.
MtS, Mcintosh, who has Dfen visiting
her sons here for a few weeks, left on
Monday for her home in C ran brook,
.liiiige Spinks, who bin been away
attending to his judicial duties, has returned to town to look after his mining
being followed, and in driving this tunnel over a carload of clean ore has been
raved and piled on Ihe dump. The vein
Silverton i is large averaging ovei 2<»feel wide and,
as on the Alpha claim, ilea fairly tl it, the
dip being about 45 degree^, tn driving
the tunnel for the (list (50 feet, a streak
of clean ore from one to two feet wide
was followed, whicli gradually worked
over to the footwall and went out of lhe
tunnel, which was driven straight, nt al
distance ia of about 50 leet. The last HO!
teet of this tunnel is iu ledge matter ih.it
is full of ore and would give good returns
If run through a concentrator. Lying in
(hia ledge matter are boulders or large
chunks   of   clean  ore,   some    of   them
weighing over 4U0 pounds and the  whoip
diift is in matter that will  pay  to   woik.
At tlie end of this tunnel crosscuts  have1
been driven both ways.   On the hanging'
,   . , .   I Carpenter, A 0 Ostbv,
Wall threo leet ol hr»t  class coucenlr-t- , peioiiinr%. ■
ing ore was cut, nnd   nenr  lhe   foolwol*      14—Tip Top, \\ ilton
Kill a   hid
nests, an'
Thnt hen was simply kickin'
deu undertow.
There's holes in lois of hens
yon've gol to peep below
To ,ec   iho   egL's   n-ioilin" where
hadn't ought to no.
Don't blame a tu_n for fallin' to achieve
a laurel crown
Until   yon'ii* une the undertow  ain't
draggin'of him down.
—NanJmo Herald.
Following  la a complete list "I lhe j
mining transactions recorded during iho
week (or the slocau Mining Division.
K8W   lirxvril—l.oc ITIOXS
Aug 8— Morning Star, Wilson creek,
W ScllOl-P.
9—Mountain Queen, n Ik Carpenter,
r.'I'H* Iron King, .1 Brown. Mountain
Mail, i. fk Carpenter, It ,f McKenaie.
11—Vesndory and Veand
peuiei, ,1 1! Martin.   Lucky
No reply bos yet been received from
the Department in regard to the tender*
ent in fur the building of thc Public
School building here.
All woik in ihe Jewelry Repairing
line, left nt the Silveiton Drug Store, will
he promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovei,
the well-known Kelson jeweler. All repairs are -iahasti-kii roR one year. *
The football team wants to go lo Koss-
landon Labor Day. The players a'so
want lo meet once again the representatives of Sloean City and Sandon. Challenges to that effect have been sent out.
F.L. Christie, Dnrritter of Sandon
It. C. Will be at the Selkirk Hotel every
Friday In the future. Anything requiring his set vices will be attended to by
birr. t
Do You Know
WJiere*    To    Oet
^~ ^~* ■*■*• NO ARMY BEEF IN THIS.
There are l.l'J pnblioations in Canada,
of wlii'-h 'Mis are newspapers.    Of these,
113 are published daily. 6 trl-weekly, 57
i,  n fk Car- | semi-weeklv, :X bi-weeUlv nnd "89 week-
■Mvede, n fk ' Iv,   Of the d.iiiie*. 38 are Conservative.
V Johnson and (
the streak if clean ore liist followed I>>■
thc tnnnel was again struck. At this
point it is about is inches wide The
character of the ore in the Surprise is a
very fine grained steel galena, carrying
Considerable grey copper und
assay values ranging   fiom   1**0
Alice Libby.
It Strange-
io—Marion fi, Payne ii
16—Champion Ir, Wilson  ck. F Kelly
Gipsy Queen, Pour Milo ck. Joo Frasei
i Forest King, Rami*, A Wild.   Qlenwoou,
Penned ek. C  II   Brindle.    A\  ndnlo,
giving j same. !•'. M Brindle.   South, enme. i une
0   7o0   Haul Climb, IVi'iipine   ck.   I. McDoilg-
ouncet. in sliver nnd from 60   lo  88   perja
cent lead per ton.   The formation is the j
same as that iu which lie nearly ull tl.e
big silver lead properties in  the   Slocan,
being a   Sandon   slate   with   occasional
dykes of ipiartzite  and   porphyry.
The situation of the property is very
favorable for economical working, as it
can be. operated and chained for a great
depth by tunnels whieh enn nil be driven
directly in lhe vein, lt is distant from
Silverton two nnd one half miles und
connected by ft good wagon road with
the town.
Although the Suprise has ns yet never
shipped any ore aud is perhaps less
known, even locally, than many claims
with much less favorableshowlnes, it has
heen demonstrated thai it C only a
question of work to make Ihe  Surprise
one  of   the   steady   prodt is   of   the
Wineta, nr Three Forks, O E Seymour i
lit—America, Qranite ek, F II Bart-
leti.   Great Britain, same, .1 ll Roberts,'
Lord Robert, Fennell etc, same.    At*
wood, Silver mt, VV D Mitchell.
21— Chiea.o fr , Cody ek. J Doekstend- |Splendidly illustrated and
••r.   I.Ion. silver mt , H Slier ran.   Nor-
! way, Four Mile el. (i is An lerson, 8wo
|den, same, P. Lrnquist. Rhena fr, Silver
j mt, A Wallace.
142 Liberal apd 'Al Independent in po'.-
! itics. Of the 1219 j.nlilicntiona, 01 are
I printed in French, 1 iu Danish, 7 in (icr-
iman.'i in Icelandic, nnd one each in
j Swedish, Gaelic Chinook, free and New
j Denver
We bog to ackuowledg the receipt of a
copy of the "S .veulerof the Picturesque
; Northwest" issued fram tiie press of
Peaslee Bros.Co., Portland, Oregon, on
tbo occasion of the visit of the National
Editorial Association. The Souvenii
contains much valuable Information of
the    American    Northwest,    and     is
General Merchants
Silverton,      R.   o.
__^. S S -A. "ST B R,
Silverton.       ....
l!   DRUG
Mineral Glasses   and   Compasses,
^> ..—
Perfumes and Toilet Articles,
Lake Ave - - ■ Silverton, B.C.
or! 5ti e
e Prospector,
printed,   tbe
ypc for the edition   b?ini»  supplied   by
the American  Type   Founders   Co.   of
Portland Ore,
Bulldim** operations in Silverton are
recommencing alter a long pause.   Lumber for  two dwelling  houses has been
delivered on the water front during the
week.   M. It. W, Kathborn is preparing
Hay Slate, 1'ny State fr. Amazon, Stan- ^ to erect some cottages on IInine Ave. for
ley.   11—Heather Bell. Eclipse.   12—Le renung.   The lack of vacant houses in I
Mont.   14-Bo-erNo2. RedStar,  Uid*   town |,n ntarded tho growth of Silver-1
night,  Iron tlad,  l-.agle fr,   [loatawain,  . , .       .     ,,
Ma.vSfr.   16-Erie. Brnna**le*, Farin' ton    f"r   Bome   "l,,e l",st «m!    Mr'
don,Twickenham, Maminoth No7.   I" Bathbora'e investment should prore al
— Kanawha, Transit, Cliiro, silver Reef,, good one.   .1. M. M. Benedom will build
, Archie (r, Algonia. Uuhin, Heine ( ft ,)(J,IHe    Thcsei ,o8et|1(,r with the new
school house, will keep the local caipen   |
August 8—"lilvei Summit, G k K, silver Creek. 9—'.'iledonia, Saddle Kock,
Cuiled Fraction, Producer, 8abbath,
Ontario No I, Avalon.    10—Merrimac,
Hi.   -ML   -ETnoTjrles.
K. Ruble
Foot  Mil
"^eiiiii      IS—Silver Leaf, An
19—R(lb Roy, Lake View Noil
I Satisfaction, Thursday (r, A !•'.
CoinmsnUsi Lxtenslon, Basin fr
years,    Wooden   Spoon.
There Is no (rouble between iho mino
owners und miners in East  Kootenny
Ths owners aro pa. ing ♦_ 60 for eight
boors work, and (ind it difficult to set;
men in sufficient numbers.
Butte, Repeater,
( CBTirlCATRl OV IMt'iioV i:mi:S is
Aug 8- Alps Fraction, Alps, Altnras.
12—Admiral Nelson, Kitchener fr
18—Majestic nnd I'nexpi cled.
The mines nnd prospect of Wilson
creek aro now accessible n*id can bo
reached without taking a pack on ".our
buck and clambering over logs and
through tho brush as formerly. A trnil
has just been built by the government to
the forks ol the creek, a distance up
from Rosebery of 17 miles. Tho trail
has been built on aa good a grade as
possible and is now open for both horsemen and pack trains. That the trail was
built under tho supervision of Cliar.es
McMllhin, is sudicent guarantee that tho
work was done in good shape. It has
been known for some time that some ol
the best prospects in tho Slocan were
located on Wilson crook, but owing to
tlie ultcr impossibility ol gettina supplies
up to them, nothing could be done on
them   before, supplies  baring cost as
Aug 2—Parrot 1l
Monaghan, Julv 81
aghan to 8 II Snydi
7—Clara Moore, l4
to 1' A Vanl'Oin, .time 10.
II  Ililhiii   to
Sum.* ■',, M (
r, .Inly 31.
le. Marv MeClements
T Sherman totleo I^ng,
Dec 12, 98.
10 -Le Roi, V L w Mnlholland to G
H Dawson, M^y 80, $1000.
1 X L fraction, F A Davis to Miller
Creek Go, All1-' 1.
1.*—pr.iilueer and Cido'lnnii. .1 A Yer-
ex to C F Burpee and D u Macdonnelli
Sepl •'•, 1SiIT.
16—Greenwood, 0 II Brindle to Mt
Mabel Co, Aug 16, .
IS—Taniarae, Big Jim,   liiiuin,   Main-
moth, Rossland, K>'d Mountain,  II  Mcpherson, A N Patterson, <i Denny
Bridgfordto.) M Martin, .Inly 18,
s'i.ie. :i tera sawing wood foraoroe time.
Briitol,     The July  Annual   of  thc  Kootenay
, O. K., i Miiiiiiu Btandard, which has just reached
thia office,   is   wlmt   vns   promised   its
lubfciibera—s large, splendidly lllua-
t ated And well wrltien volume of no
pages, li contains numerous illustrations, .-nt will givo its many outside
subscribers a good idea of the mining
importance, wealth aud beauty of the
Eootenays Among Ihe many Illustrations are, one of Sii vertou, Tiiii Sii.vi:i<-
tonian "dice, the Noonday Miue nnd the
Emily Edith mine. As nn advertisement
(or the Kootenai's, nothing better has
yet appeared und it would take consider
able energy to Issue a, better descriptive
volume than that just issued by The
Standard Publishing Company.
Patronise Home Industries.
'     ;{
• Mun
•.•.•.♦.• 8SS8 8S8 8i88 8888 88 888gl|t9
-» !.!.*. •.•.*.•.•.•.•. ♦.*. •.•*•.*** J.*.1'! 8 S8®
M ii
high as 45 cents per pound delivered at
tbo Martin Croup on the ereek. But
now with tho completion of Ihis trnil al1
these haul conditions on the -"reek are
changed, ami no doubt Wilson cresk
inrmrrtieH will be developed and Rose-
'^"■."ItheUalen,. i,-ar.u....Mr ^^^^ tho ledge, it is  likely   '...nt   wore
A very subdued-looking boy of about
thirteen years, wiih a long scratch on
his nose and an sir of general   dejection
came to his tea'her   in   a   rural   board
school and handed   her  a  note   before
taking   his    seat,   nnd   became   deeply
absorbed in his book,
The uote ren.i a* follows;
Mi*s B.,—Please excuse James for not
being    tluire    yesterday,     lie    played
Wo*.. Seward, who lately lef) hero, has ,,„„„,,., hut don't ueed tolick him for it,
«ono to work at the Snowshoe   mine  at
Libby, Montana.    Several old   Silveiton
hoys are now working at that property,
•nd Hritish Columbia is looser several
good miners.
Work has lately been suspended on
tbe Condor Group, but  ns the owners
believe the crosscut   tunnel   tl 9V   have
Ijoei* driving is now within a few feet  of
tlxe Tailor^
that  woik   wil
us the toy he played trooant with nn*
jhlin fell oul, an'the boy licked him, an'
n man they 'l eked caught him un'
licked him. ae' tha driver ol a van they
hung on to licked him also. Then his
I pa licked blm, an' I bad to give him
another (orcbeekln, me for tellin' his
pa, so you need nol lick him until next
time.    1 think ho feels ho better keep in
1 school hereafter
.*M«<.V.mU*  jn>**\.
IP. -BUR-VS &oq
Silyerton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Urand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and (irconwood.
u.w*"At*m. ■ uth* «yt±c*wr*»-**.'**m+.J* >.*_»»«.«..■. t4Att»)**tsu. Httsyt■tufs*.- :Ate*ttAeAts**shiuu- *»*»...j <Vt utwrmi.***** <SSs*S»»««H
.*** .  , i  j'M.-. I I
THE B-tVEft-fOmAK rttt.Vl.tt'.Oy, B. C.
Seems to Hava Been VamarranUtd-Be
Watt Release- Immediately—He Was
h Plotter Af»l»st San Doming o-Oen-
eral Wilson May Oet the Blaine.
Havana, Aug. 21.-It is asserted that
the arrest of General Juan Isidro Jiminez,
the aspirant to the presidency of Santo
Domingo, who was captured aboard a
steamer at Cienfuegos just as the steamer
was aliout leaving that *>oit, was not
caused by orders from Havana, but was
effected through the orders of General
James 11. Wilson, governor of the department of -tetanias and Batata Clara, immediately upon learning of the arrest,
Major General Brooke gave orders for the
release of the prisoner. The action of
(Ieneral Wilson in ordering the arrest of
Jiniine7. causes much comment. The present plans of Jlmim*- me unknown. Raving
missed tlie steamer on which he had taken
passage lie will probably return to Havana
Commenting on the arrest, Diario Ae Li
Marina says that the mayor and police at
Cienfuegos refused to cairy out the orders
given them for the apprehension of J inline/., as they claimed that to do so would
he. to violate the law of the country and
the arrest wiib made by a customs officer.
The Diario expresses the opinion that
the detention of Jiminez was the result of
a request made to the government at
Washington by President Rigucro of S.into
Domingo that the suspected filibusters be
prevented from leaving Cuba for Santo
Domingo until ufter the elections in the
republic had heen held.
French,,,-,, Shot l.y a Jew Hater.
Paris, Aug. 19— The Droits du L'Hom-
me says that a locksmith named Bonnet
lias been shot in the abdomen by an unknown assnilimt who saw him in a street
and called out "Looks like one of those
dirty Jews."
The man then fired at the locksmith anil
escaped. Ronnet wus taken to the hospit-
ul seriously wounded.
A Syat.malic  Plan   for  Distributing
Washington, Aug. 21.—Secretary of
War Root made public a plan for systematically taking care of the supplies
distributed for the relief of the destitute
Puerto Rlcani It provides for a central
committee of representative citizens of tlie
country, to which all committees are to
report. This committee is to have charge
of distributing the supplies, which is to
be done in a manner to secure the best
results possible. The following persons
have been scleited by Mr. Root to form
thc committee: Cornelius N. Bliss, formerly secretary of the interior; Brigadier (Ieneral G. V. Homy, formerly military governor of Puerto Rico j Rt. Rev. James 11.
Bleiik, S. M., D. D., bishop of Puerto Rico,
now sojourning in this country; Hon.
Warner Van Norden, president of the
Bank of North America; W. L. Corwln.
secretary of the Merchants' Association of
New York Cily; the mayors of Boston,
New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore,
or such representatives as they may choose
to designate.
The work of distribution in Puerto Rico
will continue under the direction of <<0V'
ernor Oeneral Davis. The actual transportation of supplies will continue under
the direction of the quartermaster general's department.
One Hundred Thousand in Need.
The secretary if war made public the
following telegram from Governor General
"At least 10,500 tons of food should be
shipped weekly until further notice. Have
now fairly full reports from whale island.
Can not reduce lirst estimate of 100,0(10
to be fed or assisted. Am starting public
works as rapidly us possible, and h pe soon
to get large numbers on a self sustaining
basis. If local committees act without
concert duplication and waste would be
sure to result. Therefore I suggest a
central committee to regulate this and
would give assurance to contiihutora tliat
donations will be wisely handled.
■'.Send all clothing and medicines offered. Fully one-half beans and rice should
he shipped in sacks weighing 100 pounds
per sack, for it must get to the interior
on pack animals. The sacking material
will be useful for clothing.     DAVIS."
turns Olea-ed Fram the -.ate Report--
All DUtrleti Are Being De-eloped-A
Prosperous .ear II Pradlc •--Mining
Motes and Forsonall.
11,-Im-Ih Attack Anttelea.
Manila, Aug. 10.—Kight hundred insurgents attacked Angeles hut the Twelfth
regiment drove them into the mountains.
Three ditched locomotives were captured.
None of the American troops were injured.   The insurgents' loss is not known.
C. T. Spencer of Kentucky, reporter of
the Manila Times, was killed yesterday
during the fight at Angeles.
Another   Mob   Victim.
Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 19.—A dispatch fiom
Brantley, Ala., says:
Charles Hart, a negro, who attempted
to assault Mrs. Stephen Battle, a widow,
was taken from Brantley jail by a mob of
100 men and shot to death in the woods
half a mile away.
Governor Bushnell will Investigate
the strike situation ln Cleveland. Cars
are running on all the Big Consolidated
lines. But the boycott on the line and
on merchants continues.
l'.\|iu»ni»,i In Loans.
New  York, Aug.  21.—Tlio    Financier
The  feature  of   the  New  York
statement for last week was an expansion
of $1,048,000 in loans, the first that na»
been  recorded  since  July  8,  last.    Thc
liquidation in this item in the intervening
period has been not le-.-, than $47,000,0011.
The loss in deposits in the same time lias
In en about $.0,000,000 but the b inks have
$10,000,000 more surplus reserve than reported   in  July.    Their  position  is  correspondingly stronger,  but  the  fact  that
loans are rising indicates that this steady
liquidation  is at au  end.    The  loan  expansion, in view  of the activity is mod-
crate to my the least.   The hanks gained
a million dollars as a result of the week's
operations and us the increase of $1,28..-
500 in deposits called lor an increase less
than a  third of a million, in additional
requirements,  there  was an addilian  ot
$iisii,','7f> to surplus, making the excess ut
the close of the week, $15,08*2,'li50.
The scene of the greatest activity la
on Red mountain and along Slllcia
creek, Mt. Baker district, Washington,
the vicinity of the Post-Lambert ledge.
In these places work ls In progress on
half a hundred claims.
Republic Notea.
At the Vulcan No. 2 the shaft ls down
12 feet.
Development continues at the Mountain Lion.
The Ben Hur shaft is down 145 feet
ln very hard ground.
The Gopher shaft is a little more
than 100 feet In depth.
Work has been begun on tho Minnesota claim In Sheridan camp.
The Stray Horse tunnel is ln 200
feet, but no change ts reported.
A contract to sink a GO-foot shaft on
the Vulcan No. 1 ls now down 25 feet.
It Is understood that the Monarch
company will shortly   resume   operations.
The Golden Lion tunnel Is In 465
feet and work suspended at the face
for the present.
Among the promising properties In
the camp is a group lying half a mile
west of Park City.
The drifts on the 150-foot level of
the Tom Thumb are showing up a fine
body of high grade ore.
The shaft on the Agnes claim is
down 75 feet and a drift has been
sailed to prospect for the ledge.
A tunnel has been started 200 feet
south of the north end line of the Republic mine and is running southward
on the vein.
Good progress is being made with
the long No. 4 tunnel, which is being
driven to cut the Republic ledge at a
depth of 600 feet
The drift from the main tunnel of the
Black Tall has passed the point where
lt was anticipated the big cross vein
would have been struck.
Republic camp Is already world-
famous for its rich ores and Is about
Slnco January 1 there have been 379
new mineral locations recorded and 400
records of asaessment In the office ol
the gold commissioner at Fort Steele. |
Collett & Starblrd, who have a bond
on the Silver Thread group of mines
near Wlndemere, B, C„ will commence
at once the development of the property.
Paul Johnson, who was the designer
of the Hall smelter at Nelson, will superintend the construction at Greenwood of one ot the largest smelters ln
Work on the Humming Bird of
Grand Forks, which has over 3,000 tons
of ore in sight, will be reduced for a
month during the construction   of a
bunk house.
Below will be found the detailed account of the shipments approximately
for the week ending August 12th and
for the year to date
I.e Roi 	
War Kagle ..
Iron Mask ...
Kvening Star
Deer Park .,.
Centre Still'  .
will aid the
cook as
no other
agent will
to make
..     63
..   157.8
..   661.5
,915.0    87,920
Total tonaj	
Among the promising properties of
the Buffalo Hump Is the Monte Cristo.
The Concord, in the Hump country,
has a shaft 33 feet in depth, ull in solid
The work on the PlngO at Bosshurg
consists of a shaft 60 feet deep and 275
feet In drifting.
The big copper companies of Hutte
are still on the warpath against the
wholesale stealers of their ore.
A strike of rich silver ore has been
made on the Roaring Eagle, in Kena
camp, on Bridge creek, Washington.
Around Creston, Idaho, considerable
development is being done, one of the
best showings being ou the St. Patrick
group of four claims.
C. A. Wells has finished another cou-
tract on the Lafayette on Fifteen Mile
creek, near Bosshurg. Nice looking
rock has been encountered.
Work I.s being pushed ahead on the
Wellond group, near Post Hill. Idaho.
A tunnel has lieen driven 120 feet,
striking four feet of solid galena.
J. H. Wilson, who has charge of the
work on the Scotia, on Toulou moun-
The (Utility cake,
Thc white and flaky tea biscuit.
The sweet and tender hot griddle cake,
The light and delicate crust,
The tinely flavored waffle and muffin,
The crisp and delicious doughnut,
The white, sweet, nutritious bread and roll,—.
Delightful to the taste and always wholesome.
Royal Baking Powder is made
TARTAR and is absolutely free
from lime, alum and ammonia.
iz, 1 here arc many imitation baking powders,
mwM   WewM nude Irom slum, mostlv mi!.! cheap,   Avoid
them, as they make thc lood unwholesome.
Warm   lYt-lroine   I.   \ lults.
Salt Lake, Aug. 21.—Batteries A
Kaslo k Slocan
                      ■          ■ tain, near Bosshurg, says that the ver-
to be placed in a position which will Ucal _haft ,„ now ,,own about 140 feet
insure more rapid development. Hon  - H Conra(, of g_,t Lakp who
Dividend No. 10, of 1 cent a share. (.ame .. Montana ,0 examine his Madi-
was declared by the Republic Consoli- sonjan mlm? „,-„._,-,. the n,port that
dated Gold Mining Company last week. he hfld    irt.hnwd the A1Uau„, mlne at
This dividend swells the total amount „a .   ~(.
of Profits paid by the great Republic ft ,8 . maUer .. con8lderabie „.««-
mine to $330,000. faction to those interested ln mining
The San Poil, Black Tail, Lone Pine* a, Bo8gbnrg thut the fanl(1UR BonBn-_
•urprise and  Insurgent are   able   to ha8 ^ place(, „___ tfce d|vldeiM, pay.
Trains Run on Pacific Standard Tlm*.
Leave. Arrlva.
Going* West. Dally. Ootnc East.
8:1*0 a. m    Kaslo    S:M p. m.
s:32 a. m  South Fork  1:20 p. m.
1:30 a. m  Sproule's   1:15 p. in.
9:45 a. m  Whitewater   1:10 p. m.
9:&5 a. m  Baar Luke   1:00 p. m.
10:11 a. m  McGuigan   1:46 p. m.
10:K a. in  Bailey's   1:34 p. m
10:31 a. m.... Cody Junctli a .... 1:23 p. m.
Arrive. I.esvs.
10:40 a. m  Bandon  1:11 p. m.
I-save 11:00 a. m..Bandon.. Arrlva 11:40 a. m.
Arrlva 11:16 a. m.'iCody...Leave 11:16 a. m.
Q.  F. COPE-LAND,  Superintendent.
mi Kootenay „,,
Railway and Navigation
Operating Kaslo k Slocan Railway, International Nav. & Trading Co.
Schedule of Time—Pacific Standard Time.
Passenger train for Sandon and way
■tatlona, leaves Kaslo at 1:00 a. in.
Dally, returning, leaves Sandon at 1:11
p. ni , arriving at Kaslo at 3:66 p. m.
International Nav. & Trad. Co.—Operating on Kootenay lake and river.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelaon at 1:00 a. ra.
dally, except Sunday. Returning, leaves
Nelson at 4:30 p. m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects with S. F. & N. train to and
from Spokane, at Five Mile Point.
Leaves Nelson for Bonner'a Ferry Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m., meeting
■teamer "International" from Kaalo at
Pilot Bay.
Returning, leaves Bonner'a Ferry at 1:00
a. m. Wednesdays and Sundays.
Connects at Bonner's Ferry with Great
Northern railway for all points east and
Steamers call at principal landings In
both directions, and at other polnte when
Tickets sold to all points In Canada and
the United States.
To ascertain rata* and full Information
•<»**'<*if''***\t»t.*..   -rsisas-v   wm. - -«*wm---  ■»«-
Kaslo, B. O.
Il.i.l Wreck ou the Uulf Road.
Texarkana, Ark., Aug. 21.—A message
has been received here to the effect that
a northbound passengir train on the Kan
Has City, Pittsburg _. tlulf Railroad went
into Little river, 50 miles north of here.
A switch engine with crew left for the
seene. The wreck is between stations and
it is not known how much of the train
went off the bridge. It is known, however, that the baggage, mail and express
cars went in.
Kan-as City, Mo., Aug. 21.—Advices rc>
ceived here state that no one was injured
in the wreck ef the mn tub mud passenger
train on the Kansas City, PitUburg _
Culf railroad, 50 miles north ol Texarkana. Tlie iv reck is supposed to have been
caused by the tender jumping the track.
Auk Removal  ol Wholley.
Olympia, Wash., Aug. 21.—It has leaked
out here that twice within the last few
months the officers of the First Washington volunteers have wired Governor Rogers asking the recall of Colonel Wholley.
When talked to some time ago regarding
Wholley, the governor said he had nothing
to do with the matter, as it was entirely
iu the hands ot the war department; that
while he had the appointment of Wholley
as colonel of the regiment, the department
only could recall or remove him from his
command. Notwithstanding this fact, it
is known that the ofllcers hold Governor
Hogers responsible on the grounds that he
should have preferred and fathered their
request to the war department.
Gronuded .... Angry Reefa.
Cape Haitien, Haiti, Aug. 21.—British
steamer Andes and German steamer Hun
garia have grounded on the reefs off this
port, the buoys swept away by the la*t
cyclone not having heen replaced. Tlie
cable connecting Cape Haitien with Puerto
Plata has heen broken as a result of the
grounding of the steamers. It is hop.d the
Andes will be refloated this evening, but
fears arc entertained for the safety of the
Cloakmakera Strike.
New York, Aug. 21.—Fifteen hundred
iloakmnkers employed hy A. Popkin &
Company, No. 748 Broadway, have gone
on a strike because it is said Mr. Popkin
refused to agree to a new wage scale.
N» l'i-*w to the Aaanaaln.
Rennes, Aug. 21.—The police have aban
doned a clew to the would-be assassin of
Ms Labori which they have been following
at, Asigui. The suspect has given satisfactory proof-i of his innocence.
Gold for Notea.
Washlrjrton, Aug. il.—The call for geld
certificates in exchange for gold coi    "***
send ore to a nearby smelter and thor©
by obtain money enough to obviate the
necessity of all assessments or treasury
stock sales.
It is stated that the tunnel on the
Wauconda is in 50 feet, and that the
tunnel on the C'ackamas Is In 15 feet.
These properties lie about 13 miles
west of Republic, on the state wagon
road leading to Okanogan river. Twelve
men are employed by the two companies.
The shaft on the Chespa-Blue Jay is
sunk to a depth of 80 feet. It was put
down outside the vein. At the 80-foot
level sinking was stopped and a crosscut run toward the lead. At a distance
of 31 feet from the shaft, ledge matter
began to appear in the face of the
cross-cut. At last reports the entire
face waa in ore. It ls almost certain
that this is the rich Morning Glory
Brlttsa Colombia*.
The main drift of the Homestake at
Rossland is being pushed.
Work Is being pushed steadily on
the Neglected in the Slocan.
A fine strike has lieen made on the
Rio Grande property, near Ymir.
The shaft of the White Bear of Rossland is down to a depth of 290 feet.
A new shaft house is being erected
on the Great Western, at Rossland.
On' the Deer Park at Rossland on the
300-foot level a receiver has been put
The Pennsylvania Mining Company
Is rapidly developing the Deer Trail at
Between 30 and 40 men are at work
on the properties on Toad mountain,
near Nelson.
The owners of the Brittle Silver
group, near Fort Steele, have commenced work.
R. H. Hutchlns haa been appointed
superintendent of the Mother Lode, in
Deadwood camp.
The work of crossc.uttlng the lead of
the Deer Park of Rossland on the 300-
foot level continues.
Development work on the Tontine
group of mines on Quartz creek, near
Fort Steele, Is progressing rapidly.
A strike of importance ls reported
from Silver mountain, In the Slocan.
This time lt lifon the Lost Tiger group.
The contract on the Bondholder
group In the Slocan has been finished
and the men have returned to New
The Crawford Creek, B. C, Mining
Company has found the rich vein of
ore for which lt has been looking for
three years.
Hon. C. H. Mackintosh has severed
his connection with the BrltlBh America Corporation, except ln an auvisory
The Rambler, Jackson, Antolne and
Noonday shipped ore from the Slocan
last week. The Noonday 60 tons, Jack
son 41, Rambler 49, Antolne 20
1>, Utah artillery, have arrived from San
Francisco. The soldiers were given a
hearty welcome at the depot hy a large
ami enlliiii-.islic crowd.
Vail us iu litary org nlut'on. ■, n.l civic
societies et orted the returning vol.mteen
through the gaily decorated ilreeta to Cal
der'i park, where the governor and other
state officers delivered addresses of welcome, tteaponset \xeye made by Majors
It. W. Young ami K. A. Grant After .lis
tributing siale bulges to all the stale vol-
iiuicers an elegant luncheon »a» served in
the park.
All business was suspended for the day
and thousands "f people congregated all
along the line of march. General W, II
Penrose was grand marshal ami all military and civic societies of this city and
tbe principal <iii,s and towns in the state
William F. Coaton, who designed the
army transport flag now In use on all
government transports, and received a
patent for the design on June 13, 1899,
has assigned the patent to th war office for the nominal sum of $1. The
assignment has been accepted on the
part of the government by Col. Charles
Bird, quartermaster ln charge of the
transport service.
Mothers will find Mrs. Win-low's Soothing Syrup the best remedy to u*e for their
children during the teething period.
lug list of the mines of Washington
A  mining  deal   was   consummated
whereby the Bunker Hill mine, In the j ,tM£ part"in the parade.
Sumpter   district   of   eastern Oregon,
passes into the control of R. H. Pope,
M. P., of Sherbrooke, Canada.
Chris Knutsen, a mining man of
Northport, has just made a strike on
his claim,   the   Silver  Butte,   located   ground
Fielding T. l^e of Chicago is the
owner of a curious old clock, about 8
feet high, whieh was an heirloom In
the family of the late Dr. McGrana-
ghan of Peoria. It bears a record of
having been repaired In 1775. Mr. Xjo*
has recently had it repaired, and lt lg
H     in good running order.
ptoftsawmst A—Mst-tar contests. 	
Aitorla, Or., Aug. 81.    The field games      Remember that you can buy Jesse Moore
.    ,        '   ...     .. *.. , H ...      A. A.  Whiskey for the same price that li
ol  the  Pacific  Northwesl   Amateur  Ath*   paid for ordinary whisky.   For aala by all
letie Association  took   place  here on  the| first class dealers and druggists.
of thi Astoria football dab. The
mile run and  throwing the diseiiB.    The
University of Washington won the lo ■.
pound hammer throw and the Tacoma V..
M. C. A. was fust in the mile walk.
about seven miles from Northport, on
Deep creek,  and adjoining the Great
Western mine.
The Burlington group cn Nine Mile
creek, near Keller,    consists   of   six
claims, the Delaware, Senator, Delegate, Arlington,  Burlington   and    St.
Elmo.   Considerable surface work has
been done and high assays in silver and
lead have been secured.
The secretary of the chamber of commerce at Seattle is sending out letters
to different   prominent   mining   men
asking that they send mineral exhibits
to form a collection to be established at
the chamber. Samples as nearly as
possible in cubes three inches square
are wanted.
J. E. Daniels, deputy collector of
customs at Northport, has been authorized by the United States treasury department to receive free of duty all
ores from British Columbia which arc
consigned  to  the   Spokane Industrial
Exposition   mineral   department,   pro* [shooting and stabbing him wiraily
vided they are shipped in quantities of
no commercial  value,    All shipments
should be addressed to II. Bolster, Malinger of Spokane Industrial Exposition,
Mining Department. H	
The Virtue Consolidated Mines Com-1ordered lo th
pany through Eraser k Chalmers, has is feared,
ordered a 10-stamp mill, amalgamating
plant ami setters, a compound 150-
horse power Corliss engine, a lliedcr
compound compressor of 10-drlll capacity, a direct hoisting engine with
Corliss    valves,    valve    keys,	
brakes,   steam   reversing   gear   and|*°r eu ****** ••* w« ■*»n_' driven around
steam clutches   for   the   Cumberland j* **MrP corner. "
mine of Silver City, Idaho. The cost
of the machinery and of erecting the
plant Is about $100,000. The mine was
lately sold by Sonnemann _ Bran-
seome of Spokane for $1,000,000.
At Schwelnfurth, Bavaria, is one of
the largest ot the world's manufactories for bicycle ball bearings. The twa
factories there, belonging to one firm,
turn  out annually  2,000,000  gross ot
Multnomah Athletic club of Portland iron
ihe |sile vault, the running high Jump,
the 180-yard hurdle, putting Um 1*> pound
shut and ihe *__n yard hurdle.
The Seattle Allil.tic i bib t' ok the 100-
yard dash, the Ho -yard dt*li, the running I these little steel balls, and employ 600
broad jump, the 880-yard run, the *_'.o-! ,„,.__ wor„|ng for a day of 10 houra*
\ard dn*li and ihe relay race. ' duration
The Seattle Y. li. C. A. team won the |	
I...linn Jerr>s on Wnr I'sili.
S.m Francisco, Aug. 2*..- -A s-Mvi.il
fiom Window, Aiizona, *.iys:
Two hundred Indiana in Foreman
Mink's grading gan^', at Navajo Spring--,
60 miles cist of bare, arc threatening to
exterminate nil the whites in that section.
They weie paid olf on the 16th and pro*
i ceded  to gamble und  drink  heavily.    A
gambler named C ll. Landreth, after a
quarrel with tome Of them, assaulted one,
^^        The
tribe   armed    themselves*   with   nil    thc
weapons in the camp, thol the gambler
seven   times,   Kalped   him   and   iniilil.il.d
hi* body beyond recognition.
Tioops from Knit  Wingatfl have been
s cue and  serious  trouble
ll.-i.F.l,..-   Motor ' >.r  Overturned.
Beilin, Aug. 10.—The widow of the late
I anti-Semite  lender, Heinrich, was killed
Und three other persons were i-enou-ly in-
Kteain j1!le<l by the overturning of a benzine mo-
lle.ill.eills    Ol'.ler.-.l    In    Mlltf,
Washington,  Aug. 21.--Secretary  Hoot
has issued orders for the Twenty seventh,
Thirty-first and Thirty fourth reglmenti
of volunteer infantry to proceed lo Sin
Francisco at once. These regiments will
sail for Manila when transports nre provided.
■'nlholi..    I  lioiili     lloiiuil.
Cincinnati, j\ug. 21.—fit. Pauls German
Catholic church is burned and several nil-
joining buildings damaged, The total h ss
is estimated at $120,000, The ohurch mu
being remodeled and the (he started fiom
supplies of the workmen.
Actions of the Just
Smell Sweet."
Tlie fragrance of life is vigor and
strength, neither of which can be found
in a person whose blood is impure, and
whose ea>e*y breath speaks of internal
troubles. Hood's Sarsaparilla purifies
the blood and makes the weak strong.
fflwtfo SaMa.
sold only in
Mrs. Lena Crawford, an Insane patient at Tiel's private hospital, haa Just
had an operation performed by Drs.
McLeea and llosklns lo remove a glass
ball from her head, says a Wichita
Kan., dispatch. The bull Is small and
Is supposed to have been Inserted near
the brain for some remedial agent. It
wiui placed there 30 years ago. Soon
afterwards dull pulns passed through
tho woman's head, and bIx months later
sho went Insane. Ever sine© then she
has been a maniac, and no one ever
remembered tho glass ball having been
put there. She waa brought here and
tho hospital physicians made an examination, later removing the ball. It
was covered with a thick coat of membrane. Just aa soon as she recovered
from the operation she also recovered
her proper senses and now talks quite
freely of the incident 30 years ago,
She says the weight of tho ball caused
her to lose her mind. Mrs. Crawford
Is 75 years old. Tho physicians say
that a similar operation waa never before performed.
22.—Reports   from
Victor  lu
Col.,  Aug.   —.   _-.
., snys the husiness portion 01
HI. Persona Were Drowned.
Washington, Ind., Aug. 10.—A carriage
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    containing  six   persons   was   precipitated
James Welcher  of Nelson  recently 1 into White river as it wns being diiven
made a strlki up the north fork    of aboard a ferry hunt, nnd all were drowned.
nJTB*E3l-TCt'*J'-«.'w'*TO,,T       ^^   i proflpector8 ln that direction. land Miss Amy Dillon are .lead.
...  M AN-IFAOTUR-D    IT ...
Victor, Cl....    --.- ^wwwwwwwwwwwww,,-,
the to»n is burned.   The wind was blow
I Ing n gale and the loss is certain to he
heavy,   Cripple Creek has been asked for
Both the Western Union Idegra* h office
and the telephone exchange have been
burned nnd the details of the fire are hnM
to get,
Cripple Creek sent it* fire nppurutua.
Postmaster of Buffalo is putting automobiles on the road to gather ma"
■.tA-i+iutii* ._frt_ '4#ltv'<, #''i-l!i0
horses are run out of Joba.
*ttiL**Wmr*>*** .* e*e*y§t .mme \?m**t:.«*y****Y. ****<>* <•*'«'-*rm^-MHM' mW/maUim *m0***r** ****** fi'me** ^.rtmVmMAmaMtm'**m**jt*tr**^H<m**em*'± mwm*mmt^<tM-.^mm^* *mw'.■mTf40-m\ DREYFUS CASE ALL THE TOPIC.
Tbe .lurtge Gets Angry-Tha Crowds
Hooted suit Veiled-Old Mt-audala Are
llrought Out -Urryfus -Ives n Heller
i.vii:  : i :i,ii. n \ i'ii i.   mows.
The executive council of western
Australia has passed a bill enfranchising women.
Mrs. Ada Shaver, of Spokane, aged
50 years, threw herself Into Hatigmun
creek and was drowned.
Major Russell Harrison, Inspector
general, is critically 111 with yellow
fever at Santiago de Cuba.
Five lives were lost Sunday by the
capsizing off Polnte Au Marque, Mich.,
I of the schooner Hunter Savldge.
Hennes   Aug- 22.—The third  week of      Paris was the scene of the most sei*-
lhe llrevl'us court martial began without  ions    disturbance    Sunday,    recalling
incident   The possible reappearance of M.'some of the aspects of the commune.
The transport Caroline has sailed for
Manila  from Seattle.    She    had    400
Labor! attracted a large audience ut th
Lycee, but though be is progressing us
satisfuclotily us possible, his physicians
deemed il l»-,t for him to remain quiet.
\\ lull il became known that the distill
guished lawyer would not participate in
ihe proceedings, a laige number of disappointed persona quitted the emit room.
The   coin I    settled   down    to    business
quickly and by D o'clock live ivltuesses
had appeared at the bar. If this rate is
continued it is considered the court will
get thl'OUgh with the Oil ordered witnesses
before Ihe beginning of September ami it
is expected the verdict will be delivered
by SeplcnrlK*!' 7.
All the witnesses Monday were hostile
to DreyfttS but none of their evidence was
fresh. The audience followed the depositions   with   comparatively   little  ililrcM,
a reference by At. Qribelin to the relations of Dreyfus with the dembmondalnes
proving the inosi appetising portion of
the morning's proceedings.
A subdued litter went round the cunt
room when (iribelin even professed to
know the exact amount Dreyfus spent
upon his various amours. Qribelin gave
his testimony with an honest demeanor
but nothing iu his appearance would eon-
tr.idicl the contention of the Drcyfiisaids
that he was .Major Laths' tool in the
machinations uf the general staff against
Colonel l*i-*i-uait, who li-teind to tliibe iu
with an air contemptuous Impatience.
M. lleiiuiiige, counsel for the defense,
was inure successful than Usual in cross-
examining him, and visibly disconcerted
(iribelin. The counsel scored a distinct
hit when he gut (iribelin lo admit that he
■lived iu the Intrigues of De Clam and
Henry to shield Ksteihazy, and when
Cribelin was finally disposed of his evidence hnd suffered badly.
Dreyfus created a hitler impression today, lie entered the court room with a
in.lie confident bearing nml replied to the
witness in a calm voice without any
theatrical gestures, nnd  his  remarks were
put so lucidly that he appeared to mnke
sn impression on tbe judges, all ol whom
aie reputed to Is- bitterly opposed to him.
Thc session  Wound  up  with  a  scene oil
account of the extraordinary conduct of
Golonel   Jouaust,   president   of   the  court,
who permitted himself to make an murar
runted  display   uf   partiality.    Bertullua
had been confronted with Ihe la-t witnes-.
Captain Junck, und Oeneral Gobi had defended the latter, when Colonel lleipiait
asked   to   lie   allowed   lo   refute   some    ol
.lun.k's remarks. Jouaust m de a gesture*
of impatience, and shoutedi
"Whnt. again V
An outburst u booing and hissing came
from ilie audience al such a display oi
unfairness. The judges and gendarmes
quickly suppress!d the noise, hut Joususl
undersign! the w.ll-m.riled rebuke a In.in
istered to him, tinned red and adjourned
coin t 10 minutes later.
Illotera   Are Arrested.
Paris, Aug. 22.— In consequence of Bun-
day's events jndii inl proceedings hnve beeu
instituted against Sebastian r_.ure and
four others for rebellion, acts of violence
and attempt* to murder and against divers -leisons fur robbing the building and
burning its furniture; also fur breaking
the windows and inciting to riotous a*
A member of the anti-Semite league
says M. Cuerin has three dnys mole pro
liriui- Out the Yankees.
Chicago, Aug. 22.--A Special fiom
Portland,  Oregon,  says:
Chins Schellein, ju-t returned from the
Atlin district, Alaska, tells a reinniknhlc
st.uy of the Canadian polios, Schellein
claims that he nnd his milling companions, Henry lingers, Peter Mfgeile, Carl
Hcnreiii and Thomas Mai-Dry, were driven
out of the Allin country and that they
Intend to lay their grievances before the
highest federal authorities at Washington,
sheiiein say a I
"The pcicscciition of n*. ns well ns scores
of other American miners, began months
ngo nnd has grown in intensity so that
now an American's life is in constant dan
ger in the Allin countiy. Wc were forced
io abandon our claims and were
24 hours tu leave."
horses belonging to the Third cavalry
on board.
Preparations continue actively In the
matter of arranging for the speedy
transportation of the troops to thc
Five hundred tons of supplies for
Puerto Hlcan sufferers were placed on
board the transport Panther at Philadelphia last Sunday.
8lr Thomas Upton's yacht Shamrock, challenger for Amerlcu's cup, has
reached New York port, accompanied
by her tender, the steam yacht Kiln.
An explosion of oil in the five-story
brick building at 2629 Dearborn street,
Chicago, gave the fire department tho
hardest tight it has had in three
General Mercicr, who was minister
of war when Captain Dreyfus was condemned, and who in the present trial
Is the virtual prosecutor, says the captain will be convicted.
A head-on collision between two trolley cars occurred on the Norristown.
Chestnut Hill & Hockborough railway
In llymotith township. Thirty persons
were Injured, throe fatally.
James P. Young, of Chicago, a private In Company I), Third Infantry
volunteers, was killed by a freight
train at Bvanston while on his way to
Kort Sheridan to report after a day's
Jack McCormack of Philadelphia
knocked out "Kid" McCoy in the first
round at Chicago. The bout was to
have been for six rounds, and it was
generally thought McCormack stood no
show at all.
An Incendiary fire destroyed an entire block In the heart of Sydney, Mo..
inflicting a loss of not less than $40.-
000, with no insurance. It was with
great difficulty that the rest of the
town was saved.
Intelligence has been received from
tbe French Soudan, Indicating that
Lieutenant Klopp and Lieutenant
Mounter, who were sent to take command of a column of troops there, have
both been assassinated.
Two of the boilers at the Pittsburg
Vitrified llrlck Works at Pittsburg
Kas , exploded and the engineer, fireman and a yardman were instantly
killed and four other employes were Injured. The engine and boiler houses
were demolished.
General Merritt says: "So far as I
know there will be no immediate
change in military commanders ln the
Philippines, (ieneral Otis, whom I regard as one of the most capable and effi-
lent officers In the service, will continue in charge of the American forces.
Frank W. Funk, accused of the murder of William Brooks at Washington,
D. C, was captured at Columbia, Mo.
A strict blockade has been established in the Hue de Chabron and the authorities have begun a regular siege of
the building ln whirh M. Guerin and
his anti-Semite colleagues have entrenched themselves.
One of Henry J. Ruumgartner's homing birds of Milwaukee, Wis., won the
150 mile race under the auspices of
Milwaukee district, National Federation of American Homing Pigeon Fanciers, from Winona, 111., to that city.
Tho bird not only defeated a field of
171 contestants but broke the United
States record for that distance. The
winner's flight was made at the rate of
1,651.19 yards a minute.
Passengers of the steamer City of Topeka, which have arrived from Skagway. Alaska, bring news of the first
legal execution in the Klondike. A
triple hanging occurred at Dawson
August 4. The parties hanged were
two Indians, Dawson Niintuck and Jim
Naiituek and one white man. lOdw.ird
Henderson.    Henderson was convicted
of murdering his partner named Peterson.
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Washington. : Wilson, where the government is con-
The Reardan Exchange Bank is open structing fortifications, died from the
for husiness. effects of terrific injuries received there
Ten carloads of cattle were shipped  while at work,
from Davenport last week. Charlie Johnson, a colored man, was
Meyers Falls is taking on an air of thrown from a brakebeam on the Nor-
renewed energy and thrift. them Pacific overland last week, near
Palouse will soon be supplied with N„rth Yakima. His leg was cut off
artesian water for city purposes. near the thigh and the chances for his
The outlook for a good crop of hops I recovery are doubtful,
in llenton county never was better. The railroad  rates to the Spokane
Moore & Co.'s bank is open for the industrial Exposition which opens this
transaction of business at Gohlendale.   year Oetober 3d and closes the 17th,
A three days' fair will be held at El- will he the same as last year. The
lensburg, Wash., beginning Oetober 16.   rate will be two cents a mile each way
Twenty-five families of Mexicans are i 0r a single fare for the round trip,
en route to Yakima with their teams       William  Woodruff of Nelson,  If. C,
Heavy rains did much damage to hay was found lying dead in his bed at
and grain iu the section around Kettle Spokane, Wednesday. An empty dram
Fulls. : hottle of morphine and a farewell mes-
The King county share of the quar- saKe scrawled on a piece of paper gave
terly school apportionment win _*■*'evidence that it was a case of suicide.
New Btreet car rails to the amount; i.ewis G. Gates, the critic, has re-
of 126 tons were received at Spokane; reive(1 a yeai..s leave ot a*,Sence from
recently. ! Harvard, where he is assistant piofes-
The new cable has recently been sue- i sor of Kngljslli and is living in England
eessfully stretched across the river at   w,K,re be is at work up0i, a book to
The Buddhists in Ceylon are now i Pa., colored, aged 22, gave birth to
energetically preaching that the end of seven babies, recently, four boys and
the world will come this year, with the! three girls. Though small, all were
result that the faithful see that it j well formed and lusty-lunged, Three
would be mere waste of time to grow j lived till noon, when they succumbed
rice or in any way provide for the I to the awful heat of the badly ventl-
nants of next year, and are instead giv-  lated room In which they lay with their
ing their minds seriously to a pilgrimage to Anuradhopura.
l.H.ii.--   va...   H.-.r  l*),.<»f,s
One slie smaller afi«*r using Allen's root-
Kane, a powder to be shaken into the shoes.
It makes tic ni or new shoes feel easy;
jives instant relief lo corns and bunions.
It's the greatest comfort discovery of ths
age. Cures swollen feet, blisters and callous spots. Allen's Foot-Ease ls a certain
cure for inprov, lug nails, sweating, sniari
In*, hut, aching leet. We baveSO.000 te.«li
-lonials. All druggists and slum stores
sell it. *_Sc. Triul package FREE by mail,
•.-dress. Allen 8. Olnutted. La  Roy, ti. Y.
mother, and later in the afternoon
three others died. One, a boy, remains,
and doctors say he has a good chance
to live. The father is a laborer, 25
years old. The mother has had two
children before, both of whom are
Plso's Cure for Consumption has been s
family medicine with ua since 1865.—J. ft.
Madison, 2409   42d Ave., Chicago, 111.
Germany has about 23,0u0 physicians
and surgeons.
IHII'I   S«-ur«-   llo.n    I'ii ill.
OsptetoW-, Aug. 22.—The report Unit
the Trans vim I government has bunded it*
reply to thc British agent at Pretoria to
he forwarded to Sir Alfred Milner, the
British high commissioner for South Africa und governor of Cupe Colony is confirmed.
It  is believed  the proposition of Great
Britain for a joint commission to Investigate the effect Which the franchise reform legislation would have on the Ult*
hinders has not heen accepted, but that
the necessary proposals have been ud-
Then the Wnl.-r llilnli.-.l In.
Halifax, N. P., Aug. 22.—Four men
were drowned here while working in a
Cofferdam being built for the Midland
lllllroad .at South Muillund. Something
went wrong with the air pipes and water
rushed in. The dead ure Buke Peters,
.fames Wilkes, William Donnegiin and
Con Da cry.
ll.u.i.-.l a HIk Hi-<-i.i..-r.
Reranton, Pa., Aug. 22.—The Mount
Lookout breaker at Wyoming, Ta., operated by the Temple Iron 4. Coul Compuny,
was imi unl yesterduy. The origin of the
lire wns unknown. The breaker wus one
of the largest in the valley.   The l.iss WM
■ 'run..;   r.uiul.i  Ills  l.nst  flul.l.
San  Kriineisco, Aug.   10.—Jim  Francy,
the   Cincinnati    middle-weight   pugilist,
who wus  beaten   Into  Insensibility  by
Prank McConnell in their contest before
Ilie National Qttb, has not regained consciousness, nml physicians nt the receiving hospital have given up nil hope ol
saving his life.
Tin* ll... i-l. mu, nl A.i.lnrs.
Jacksonville, Flu., Aug. 10.—Private
advices received in this city stnte that
the West liuliun liurricunc visited the
islnnd of Andors, ol tlio Bahama group.
Inflicting great damage to property ami
completely wrecking the sponging Ileet
It is said Unit ISO bodies were washed
Frederick Mobs expired while lie
was driving to his home from Sprague
last week.
With a good price for the cereal, the
average farmer of eastern Washington
may well feel jubilant.
At a meeting held recently by the
business men of Port Angeles a board
of trade was organized.
The commissioners of Yakima county have decided to issue bonds of the
county to the amount of $92,000.
E. B. Raymond, the hard bicycle
rider of Olympia, made the run from
that city to Tacoma in 99 minutes.
Last week Ernest Curry, a son of
George Curry, met with a severe accident while unhitching a team from a
Mrs. F. B. Shardlow, of Yakima, was
severely burned about the feet, arms
and hands by the explosion of a lamp
In addition to a live stock department at the Spokane Industrial Ex
position there has been added a dairy
An extremely light fruit crop along
Snake river is reported. There will be
a fair yield of peaches In a few orchards about Wuwawni.
The work of transcribing the Ferry
county records from the books of St>
vena county  has been completed.    It
cost the county $4,289.14.
The postoffice at Heard an was en
tered recently and some small change,
about |20 in stamps, a registered letter and a revolver Btolen.
The Washington state fair to be hell
at North Yakima, September 25 to 80,
promises to be the big event of the
season for the chicken men.
The cost of educating children In
the Spokane public schools last year
was $23.1G per pupil, based on the total
enrollment, which was 0,288,
The prom
appear next fall.
Tells the Secret of His Great
To decrease the friction of car wheels
a newly designed truck has in place o
the single journal box a series of antifriction wheels set iu a position to en
gage each end of the journal, revolving
wiih the shaft and dividing the frictioD
between them.
I*. n
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and Ore Testing Works.
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Dust and Bullion bought,
list and mailing ore Hacks
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There Is mora Catarrh In this section of th-**
country than all other diseases put together,
and until th.e last few years was supposed to
be Incurable* For a great many years doctors
pronouncod it a local disease, and prescribed
local remedies, and by constantly falling to
cure with local treatment, pronounced it Incurable, Sciatica haa proven catarrh to be a
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constitutional treatment HuII'h Catarrh cure,
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pie will And peroumem and quick relief in
It   buiM
Revealed    Remedy.
having an igniter which engages    the I
tuliiiig to light it when thrown forcibly;
out by swinging the tube, the rear end,
Sticking in the ground.
Mi>i. AttMlcs Americans,
London, Aug. '2'..--A special dispatch
from Leghorn, Italy, isyi flvs men have
been arrested on the charge of attacking
ami wounding tho sailors who
liiini tho cruiser Olympia,
had eoiiir
Robert Downing, the Tisgortisn.
Robert Downing was recently interviewed liy the 1'iess on the. subject of
hie splendid health, Mr. Downing
piomptly nml emphatically gave in.
Ttliule credit ol Iii*. splendid physical
condition lo l'e-iii-na, saying!
"I find it a preventive against all
Bud'ieu summer ills that swoop upon
one in olianging climates and water.
"Ii is the tiiieiu traveling companion
and Biifegiiaid against malarial influence".
"To sum It np, Pe-ru-na has done
me more good than any tunic 1 have
ever taken."
Healthy mnconi membranes protect
the body Against the beat of summer
and tbe told of winter, l'c-ru-liti is
Bute   tn   bring   health   to the  mucous
llelli  *iM(..re   ii. i|,  Yon.
Vitality cannot cure disease, unless your
body's k.'i>t clean inside nnd out. Cuoarett
Candy CatlUIrtlO keep it oie—B inside. All drus
gists,   lue, 150,  OOc.
Nuts of any size can
|  s the <'M Y medicine wbu-h will   ■■!.■ mu
lit* n ■ i,■ K,-, 1   in  A i  **'•'■   **'' ''ASK  known it hi— , tse fallt-
ik t__un,.u in -| gjj^, how     r,oug or 0, ,,„„ [in-23
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-   *eh and STery
ed t.* eur,, io
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real*  jaw   piloted   011   the   handle,   With    »len~> and detention from hnain, ss.   nili-K.Sj.es. J*W
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Jl-ol_r mailed on re^iexa.
"  AddressDi.
bin*. O.
Plnane  llmimlit   l*'*-»»<   ■••'■ln*
■Madrid, Aug. 21.-U is announced thai
the bubonic plague «as brougbl to Oporto,
Portugal, b? a steamer loaded Witt TlOt
from India and that 40 BUW altogether
have been reported.
British India now has 140 collegea
mstJi'^ri**^^ :»**M.-k.<w*r-«f>*ild'"^J^es.^^'*. -
a. .,•••-. t>*v«.
^^^^     um list of the Spokane In    mombinnes ot the whole body
dustrlal Kxpositlon this year promises.      Wiiteftir  a copy   of
to be like  everything else connected   latest   book    entitled
with  It,  much belter and finer than   tarr'-
ever before.
S. W. Groom was Instantly killed
last week at Spokane hy the breaking
of the circular saw of a steam wood
sawing machine, ono piece striking
him on the back of the head.
In both the poultry department ninl
the slock department at the Spokati"
Industrial   exposition   In   October,
single ]Udg6  system  will  he  used
awarding prizes and diplomas,
Every Grand Army man In the north
west will be anxlOUl to visit the Bpc
kane Industrial imposition in October
for the Grand Army Hand of Canton
Ohio, Is to furnish tho music for thai
Maurlne, a well-known ita*
employed   at   Point
Dr. Iliutinan's
"gnmmer Oa«
Hartman, Oolum*
I [    BIl'KFURU, Washington, U. C, ihey wll
II receive quiek replies. B, 6th N. H. Tola
naff tutb Corps. Prosecuting glslms aloe* is,3
German locomotive factories number
18, and have a capacity of 1,400 locomotives per year, part of which output
is exported. It is said that no Ameri
can locomotives have yet been Introduced into Germany.
tlonnry ntfineei
tsH-ffi r.,w*tusmp.y   . ,■ y>« *•*•*"
Remember that cholera morbus,
cholera infantum, summer complaint, bilious colic, diarrhoea and
dysentery are each and all catarrh
ol the bowels. (Jatatrh is the only
correct name for these affections,
Pe-iu-na is an absolute spec;lie for
these allmentt, which are su common in summer. Or. Hartman, in
a practice ol over forty years, never
lost a single case of cholera infantum, dysentery, diarrhoea, or cholera mm lin*. and his only lemedy
was Pe-ru-na. Those desiring
further paiticulars should send for
s free copv of "Summer Oataitb,"
AddressDr. Hartman, Columbus, O.
Now It ts charged that Rockefeller's
Chicago University sent Btudents to
New York to take the places ot trolley
C|*fQ Permanently Cared, No tlisor nervousness
rilu niter llrst tiny's use or Dr. Kline's tirent
Nerve Ut.st.irer. Mend for I Kl'i: tt'j.00 trial
buttle und treatise. I) ;. It. II. KLINK, i nl., v.
Arch street, l'lilli.ilel|ililn. Pa,
A writing paper trust, with $25,000,-
000 capital, and an Ink trust with $20,-
000,000 behind It, are among the latest
i-*..|i..<- and Iron  Works.
snd Iron fencing; cfDce railing, etc, ;i:u Aldir
The co-operative colony ln Colorado
Is reported to be In bad condition. The
colonists have commenced to "law"
among themselves.
Cm Big *- for nnnatur*
diichftrfCM, ItiflAiiimati *_■
, Irrltftttuoi   or  ulceration.
of  mt* co-i   metnbrft-tM.
Irr-a-r-MU o«n__|io».      PkialMt, ftbd not Mttfa
theE«ni(U«icuOo. «*Dl or *>.•--.--•.
I   Sold by Dr«ctta«-k
*or pent In plain wripptr
br   «fpr«M,    pr*r*»Ul,   fo.
li w, or 1 botlln, p.Tft.
Circular Mut on r««_ai-_t
Relief for Women
BiMif frrt. in i.Uiri.wAl.-.'. i'titi*I■■,*■»■. Writ»
HHHUr fur thin ikM.k.rt-iilAlnlnir Partli'ti-
'Cl ami   li-fimioiiial" of DK. M At, I KI.'S
French Female Pills.
PraliHxl hy thotiaandii of MttiOad Mlwu
aaffi, al wny*. rclml'l" and without an ■ •l'"**1
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(lag on top In Bluo, Wlilt« and r- <\.   Tako no other.
Vrvuotl Drug Co.,881* 8b_ I'-uarlSt.. Wew Vorh CLljf,
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CO., Philada., tfeana.   Bold by DruiglsU.
I: 'fc of i'rotrtiiliiig
 ^^    . lf.Rem.Ml)
Stops itehine anil bleeilmir. Abnorbalnmors _B.iel
This form, aa well as lihu.l. H i    k
Piles sre cnred by Dr. Bosi-nko'e Pile Rem.nl
ib file Hemed)
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ..ijrba tntnnrs   fine a
Jsr'st draailata nrsent lir ma. I. Treatine frae. Writs
SM aboutfooroaas.   DK.HI)SANKO, Philada., Pa.
Mrs. George Hackett, of Browuvllle
Is whnt the largesl and best
school lystsnuI use.
N. N.  11.
So.  Mi  'OU.
Mm.ISHi,t*y»yti*Wseeii*>i> '<«*.**>-»»»**wevf.'.t»<**i*'>«Msr^w».*'._. "\.
ir,.*»-. ■'. \*w .».,-.....    ^,. r. .»—..■■:.■»»i»-a;.%uuwttrsumuwtgtmmC
\i.^,>a:^;A :>-/;'^> 9KJ5
i ft
'I "JM ■>-' a.m     Bi"
S"» -'■■asuiiia.tssw
I    T77"_CLolesa,le   a*n.<3.   35S©taIl
Dealers _E_cl O-eneral
st^kWee+eeie+e+e&e+ejreee ***
ftPEOlAL   lINES   QF fALL   AND   '^INTEll
F O R Is S   AND   ALAMO,    B,  0.
roar, b. c.
_««^_p   Oil   IN   ARREARS   A
•i     ^
!«tf_.®«8   BE  FOUND   IN  THIS
square.     sriiscjiirnoN   ake
8818888 8 . 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8818 8 8so
o yow   -wont
Anythln gg*?
JEWELRY,    ------
PIANOS? --------
J.iooto Dover,
Uox 34     .   .   Nelson, It. G.
Oo   Ytui  Fish?
lipl'S    and    MUSKETS,
"jri-iiEO 1
HOTELe        WHARF.
Willi'll    I   OFFER    AT
Rock     Bottom
,1 I M.   McINTOSH
a AMES HOWES    -   -   -   -    PROP.
1-; Ilrii.|i|ii_rlrrs For Mining Men :•:
glLVERTON      •      -      •
And S00 LINE
New  List   Duily Service Between
J in proved Connecting Service via Revelstoke or Crowe Nest Routes,
First class sleepers on all trains from
Tourist cars pass Revelstoke, Daily for
Kt Paul, Thnrsdavs for Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays for
Toronto 92 hours,   Moutreal 06 hours,
New York UM"       WiaaipegO-    "
Vancouver 30 "     Victoria    31   "
For the North, Bovclstoke, and Main
Lino ID:*) Irf Hiirnluv iv. Silverton,
ur. ex. Sunday, ITi r4)K.
For Hof-shtatl, Nelson and Crow* Nest
Lino 15: Ml. et. Hond-j It. Silverton,
llr. ex. Sunday 10:10K
For raiet aud full information apply to
neatest local agent ot
W. S. ( LABK,  Ai-eut, Silverton
Tray. Pass. Aewn, Nelson
A. <i. V, A«onl, Vancouver
The Nelson Miner of the 25th., inst.
prints .i half coluuin article on the
Noonday mine 'of Silverton. The
whole article is an endeavor, by direct
lies and dirty underhand insinuations,
such as only a scab paper run by
hayseeds would resort to. to hurt the
value of the mine, and besmirch the
character an. business ability of the
management and also incidently discredit the Miners' Union of tlio Slocan.
The article, appearing as it does m a
paper that has earned the unenviable
reputation of being the most unreliable aiining paper in the Kootenays, is
hardly worth contradiction.
Why the Miner shpulc} go out o{ inroad to throw mud at its  sister towns
and try and besmirch the character of
men whose intregrity can  be  vouched
for by all our citizens who are   favored
by their   acquaintance,   can  only be
because it is the tonl of :i lot ot carpet -
bagging aliens who are trying to reduce
| the standard of Canadian  manhood to
I the level of that of  their own.    But
| Canadians miners are not to be influenced by such rot as (Iip Miner dishes
up to its unfortunate subscribers.
What one of our poets soys of
Canadian lulior to-day, will still bo
true long after our would-be aristocracy has left the country ami the
Miner is forgotten.
"Where none  nre  slaves,   that  lordly
May idle all Uie year;
For rank and cast am of the past—
They'll never flourish here!
Aud Jew or Turk if he'll out work,
Need never fear disaster;
He reaps the eiop he sowed in hope,
Fir Jack's as good's his master
Onr aristocracy ol toil
Have made us whnt yon sec—
The noliles of (lie forge and soil,
Willi ne'er  a peiHsjiee!
It makes one feel himself a man,
His very   blood leaps faster,
Where wit or worth's preferred lo birth,
And .luck's ai* good's his master!''
Political news from the Capital
shows a positive political tangle. Une
by one the supporters of t)io Administration arc withdrawing their support and now it would seem that
unless some of tho Opposition can be.
induced to join his party Premier Semlin must confront a hostilo majority
when the House next convenes. Some
predict an immediate session, a dissolution and a general election. Othets
are calling upon the Lieutenant-Governor to dismiss his present advisers
and call upon a new man (no names
mentioned) to perform the impossible
feat of framing a cabinet out of the
Opposition material now on hand.
Joo Martin, Digging ar.d MePher-
son are Eight Hour supporters in the
Opposition now und Helgesou has
joined the same party with the view of
helping its repeal. Some Kootenay
members are credited with a desire lo
follow Joe Martin into the Dunsmuir
camp as allies. Could a worse muddle
of men and platforms be imagined t
A general election is necessary to
straighten out the tangle and without
doubt there will soon be one. This
being so, and there seems little doubt
of it, every voter should see that his
name appears upon the voters' list, ft I ^^
mav soon be needed. By calling at **-
this office, all entilhd to vote can
secure registration, You supply the
name, we do the rest.
Outside Parties Desiring Dorses in Silverton
__em Reserve.1 By Writing To—    A- P* McDONALD,
t t + t + SILVERTON, * • B. 0,
Can Have
f t
T liorburri lp h hk Smicf,
JTf\ 11 CA   ,l()l S|: KWM H |{\ISIIHII.
NEWS    •
Melauolestes pieipes
Fed on b.tl b..|?s at his ease,
Suddenly he softly swore:
'T slisll taste ol human gore!"
Gently sleeping on her bed,
Raven tresses round her bead,
Ruby exit cf her mouth.
1 lateway pure of love nnd truth.
Parting in an oval thin,
Showed thc ivory wall within.
In her brief ami hli'ltnl dream
George so near lo her .lid seem,
And a kiss fell on lur lip,
Not as lees do honey sip,
Not with sofi ami leathery touch,
But wiih tierce anil piercing t'lllicli.
Not the charm she knew so well —
So she wakened with a yell,
'Twosn't Qeorge.'but if you please,
Twas the demon picip-s.
—W E II. in Saturday Night.
>'-' 00 net Annum.
Use   None   But
The  Best!
NOTICK,—"North    Kxciujcok   1'kw-
iit.s"   mineral claim, sllnsts In tbe
Slocan Cily mining division of West
Koot. nav district.
Whore located;   <>n Dayton creek ad-|
j ri-.iun   the   "Silver i'late"   mineral'
Take notice that I Francis.!. ''';:.i. Ij
as .vent (nr Robert   \   I'.i.i Ulu.i. free
minor's certificate No 2.406*, I.('limes.
1 free miner's certi-cnt** So, 5879a, Ueor.c
I M. Rorslle, 1  miner's cenillcnto No
183809 and DO. Lewi*, free ml tier's cer-
iili.-ate No, -S74 \. intend sixty days
from (be dale hereof, to apply to 1 li>-
mining lecorder for n rerthVtt'e oflin
j proveincnte, for the purj oseof obtnlnin*-
a Crown Grant of   Ibe above claim.     H_________________-____^___-^___-^
And further take noiioe thai  action —        _,.
tinder section 37,  must  he commenced  ..,,,,
before the issuance of such certificate of I " ■'-'* ERADIOATE ALL TRACES
iiiiproveiii.'iit-t. .,
I*aled Ibis Tan Iflh d.iv of Jnne Iftfrfl      ' '*
J'li.tNi is ./. < >'i<. im
21 I tl I 99.
ft 0.
auctioxekbs, cisto.m8 brokehs,
Akd General Real Estate Agents,
Office In Ileulev Block    -   -      lUkcr St.
General Freigiit and Transfer
liiisiness Done.
Orders  lelt at  News Stand  will   be
promptly attended to.
SILVERTON, -      ft C
j. m. McGregor,
5 0 M INE R S.
Wages, $3.00
Per Day.
JEO. AI. I 5 ri 11< I lo,
Will visit Silverton every
Wednehday, prepared to
repair nil disabled Watches,
Clocks and Jewelery. He
will ?lso have on h unl a
Complete Assortment ol
Jewelry, consisting of Rin^s,
Watches, Chains, Guards,
Seals, kc. dec. Bepairlog
is G niriiiitei'il. Prices are
as low as First-Glass Work
will allow. While in Hil-
yerton, he will be found nl
The Lakeview Hoti**,, und
all work left there during
the week will be promptly
attended lo on his llrst vis-
' 1 r ~*i~
The labor situation here is practically unchanged.     Most   of   our   hiif
NOTICE :— "Lac-i  J„r_"    Minn.:!
Claim j situate In the Sl.miii I ii. Mining Divlsionof West Kootenny Dlsirlul
Wliere loealed:—On Suminii or I'ii*-!
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Creek, 10 miles from tilocan River.
mine? aro doinc; only   a   little surface I Ihat boiler plated journal, for someone 1 r**-ff' "otico that I .!. Murrsj McGregor,
s      j -ur-ut.t .,.,-. ,,     , ,-      actini" as  nuent  for Robert  Um■lnhn»
„.^,.1, „„,i „,!,;;„..  .. 1       . 1  to Intonn uim tbat bis table of ore s bin- ' i.-rM, uin_M <•* ».;.-.. ,    «   __»««?'
work anu adaina   some  much needed ... . Minsrsuertincste   N.». '.'.'ion. in-
' tnents is leeking in correetneHs in regard j tend sixty days from the date hereof,  lo
A» the New Denver Ledge relit-s upon 1
Its exchanges or heresay for In mining
ncws.it would boa kindness, that would
no doiil.t be appreciated b* the editor of i
improvements to their bunk-housis
etc. The gcod naturcd feeling that
has characterised this strike, still
prevails and will no doubt outlast tbo
strike many years. The miners who
have conducted themselves as gentlemen, acting entirely within their righls,
haye won the confidenee and respect
not only of the business men of the
Slocan but also of these same mine
managers, who, although the fight was
against them, could not but admire
thc manly upright fight that the
miners are waging to retain a fair
rate of wages in thc Slocan for themselves and fellow wage earners
throughout this section of our province.
With the amount of work now laid
out around our various mines, which
must bu completed before winter sets
in, (otherwise Dame Nature and not
the management will ploin the mines
and thu I cause a loss of a year's work
to the stockholders) it will puzzle the
mine owners to find .skilled labor
enough in the country to accomplish
it. The only **uHerers through the
present trouble have been th*1. business
men of the Slocan and lhe holders of
stock in Slocan mining pfopcrtitl. As
for the miner?, most of them have
been able to look upon the matter as a
huge joke gotten up for their benefit
When tired of being spectutors, the>
have shouldered their roll of blankets
and gone oft', going to work in some
other camp, where skilled lubor woh
gladly received and well paid. This
ib the inout regr-table feature of this
whole labor difficulty,—that then* is
being lost to British Columbia score**
of her best skilled miners -and no
class will realiz" this more than tho
mine managers when they attempt to
operate their minsi and are unable lo
do so lor the   lack   of   skilled   labor,
to the Noonday mine of Silvertou.
The shipment   ol   ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, np ti and including   the
present week, from Jan. I, XHW.
From Bosun Landing. Tons.
Bosun    540
From New Denver.                          Tons
Marion '.'0
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise   <I80
From Slocan City. Tons.
Tamarac 20
Black Prince 20
From Silverton. Tons
Co*i stuck     20
" concentrates     100
En ily Edith     flO
Fidelity     'A
Noonday mo
Vancouver— 320
Wakefield 580
Total 2813
apply to tbe Mining Recorder for a Certificate of [mnrovementa, fur thu purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant "l (lie
above claim.
And further  take   notiee  thai action ,
under section 37,   iir.ist  Ih* commenced I
belore lhe issuance of -.iicli   Certificate O
Dated this fifteenth day nl June, 1890.
J. M. McGri ion.
24 !•; I 09.
J.MIM ill;   ULOOD,    CURBS
R H I! r M A T I Si.V   AND, Allf.,
IU,')ol'    DIBORI/KRS.
Try If—Prove It.
urns Oil iniUiiMiTMV
»Nf> Tin:
(.'••mm. Un Of W Milk
IU  W. 3. ADAMS.
A PaACTICAl  _oo« KOtt P_*CIJC-L -ft*.
Sbonl.lboin the hands of ovary
Mining Man nnd Metallurgist.
Il is not based on laboratory feat", bint on
E OF IM I'ltOVl'.Mr.N r I the i-Hvj-TKM. bksclts obtained In  the
'' .     ,   ., ,,,   ,   .aiithori.it -cperl.uco ot ovrb veesttx
HOTICK   :—"Bosller"   and      Rouk-1 vi:,lKSi „,„■ tepf >jOW ■„.., to Olp|)|ov i|,_f
which ih alreHdv
■Bosller"    and
land Mineral Claims;   situate in the I
Blocan Mining nVUon of   .-! Ki.oi-7!!n<i!!.!*r'?"!!y '"""'• no- »■•■«»■ ous
enay District. looaliiy, but all over the worltf,
Where loeatetl:—(Jn Fiul.i   Mile ereek I
adjoiningt-S Willa Mineral ( laitn.
Take notice that I, J. Mnrray Mctiraior \i,
Owlrtfl (0 a reduction in miners' wages
caused bf lbs enforcement of the eight
hour law, the niiner*. are nil idle and lhe
mines have  abut down.   Therefore all
worklngiiien are hereby warned to keep
nw.iv from   the  Sloenn   and   Kootenay
country, British Colombia, until present
trnulilcs are   iiuiicahly   settled   between
mine owners and miners.
Samluii, B. C       «V, I,  Hagler.
June   nd. 18i'0.        Secretary  Sandon
Miners'  Union
J. M M Henedum,
Pros. iSilveiton M. U
I.. Knowles,
Secretary,    sii virion
Miners' I'nion
For Sale or Rent,
i Hold III Silverion.
.e«in_ as agent for W. W. Spink., Free 11"?""   M^Himt IHJBUWUM OfJ
Miner's Certificate  No, nl.miii, intend a18 *«**84Uji-tmht< Ohcsoo,U.S.A..
sixty days from the date hereof, lo apply
to (be Mining Recorder for a Certificate I ^ «-rir« '	
of Improvements, for the pinpnse  t.f ob- • W Wc llgfl     Il_L
tainin*,' a   (V<.wn   tirnut of (he above ' 5
And ftuther lake noli I   thnt   action.'
radarseotion87,   moat be oommenosd .,.,
Wore the Issasnos of sucb Certificate 1 OAMa IN FOR YOUR MBA T_i at
of Improvements. ""*-,L8 Af
Dated this 17th day of July 1890,        | I-firi'v's
J. M. MoUbiooi.
Notice is hereby |*ivco that sixty
■lays after date I, \v. li. McGregor,
Intend to apply to the Chief ('oiiiniiH-
sloner "I [.andsnnd \A'oiks for permission
to piirihnse tl.e following described tract
ol lanil ' -dilated four miles cast of
Slocan River 00 Lemon Creek ot the
month ol the First North Fork, in West
Kootenav District; starling from a post
marked W. D. MeOrenor's N E. Corner,
thence soutli 40 chains, thence west 40
chains, thence north 40  chains,   Ihenee
cast 40 chains, to place of beginning, the
whole fontaininK 100 acres.
Dated J11 ne 10th. 18;)0.
W. D. MeOregor.
Wowt .Mir-oiif-,^
..'iiriirrTlliil. and Vrrnop Sis. w
Fnriiislii'd Rooms.
j. m. Barry prof.
Notice is  hereby   uiven   thnt.   Kj-(v
lHVsaf.,ri|;„(,Ii,„(.,„|loa|ll,|v ,„X
uiiiefCoinrnlssloner of Lands and Works
," l".M""-**i..n lo pni<-|,„8„ ||M,  fo|loW|„_
•^rlhed ami .situated four , m
"' »locan I Ivei on Lemon Oresk, al ths
gontb of ths First North Fork, in w
■Kooenav I)i«tiiet: slurllii. f,,,,,,  „  ,,,"
Daigle's Blacksmith Shon.
General BlaeluBithiDg
ami Knpairing Dont.
■■v-i, ..«•»». -'...wwwum**-
«>M* 'AttUw A..**.********t^Vl»««*«to*it«S£* %r*i*?Krts**}# <* WUW.V
m-irkt-.l J. M, MclJl»wr"'sy.'w; t.;,rnV7 i
"ent", south 40 elmins, 1 „,,  t.„,i '/o   	
[which   thev   were   InstfL-ticntfll   in   inn-.ta   wsm,,. .. s, olcc«-'*l»lnlng 180acres.   	
r**-ift-^;-;^,t^w^ msm**mtmemmWmmVeem*^
^^| I, M,
m#Wtmp*m*mrmW .^mm^Jmmrmmr.em^


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