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The Silvertonian 1899-10-14

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 __ Reliable	
And lip To Date
Mining News
I :
Work on the May dee claim, two miles
above (own, is being done. The tunnel
i-i now in 35 (eet, which is belli*; driyen
on tbo ledge and considerable concentrating ore is being encountered. The
lodge is five (eet wide nnd has been
traced on the surface ijtiito a distance,
laviiis ((ill, manager o( the Vancouver
group, spent the (oro part of the week
here at lhe mine. The Vancouver group
under his management has had a suc-
i-OBsfu! run up to the present shut-down,
and it is to be hoped that work will
s.in lie resumed on this paying property.
Cross & Co have prepared and are dis-
*i'uniting muting the visitors at thc
i-lKjk.ino Iiivlii*.iiinl Exposition a neat
(older entitled "Silverton, B. C, Tlie
('ii nel pal Shipping Point on Slocan
I.;ike." The (older gives iu ft condensed
form a doseiiptiun of our town and Its
six men ore now woiking on the
lb wilt claim, whicli is being de\ c-h pi ,1
nniler tho management of Maj. A. 8,
Keed. A good showing of ore, mostly
concentrating, ]a exposed in tbo lace of
both the tunnels being diiven. Build
ings are being elected and a winter
mini, established,
E.J, Kelt, wbo WHS in town Ibis
week, has gcT.nl now s to tell from Slocan
iity. No idie men ure to bo found
ihere, nil having gone into the bills,
then' being work (or all in the many
pro* erties opening tip around tbe town.
Things in uenerul tiitve taken a promising
turn In Slooan City.
During tbo week, Hill Bros, the sawmill men, deliver.-! 00,000(sot o( lumber here fir ihn Waki-liel 1 mines. Siii-
iii't ,t O'Wej'.ine'll, who have the con-
tr.i't fur the hauling of the supplies and
material from Ionyii to the '-otico-itrat-r,
an- t. Hi Hiii-  this   llllli! l-r  a.*   f.i.t   US   it
can bo il. l-vere. here by the boat.
The K.Si-x Group, which lies below
lhe Wakefield mino, ha».c!_.ed clown for
iti. winter, 'ihi* ivm hi-da nece-csnrv
I.-, the newt tippnu _b ui winter and Hi*
I ■._ •>'. accoteiiii'i l.i'i >iis ior tin- men.
'Ihi .*.' -up under tl.e iiiaiu.fitciil of G .
P .':.•,*-in I. is gi.cii *"-<'-'•* Io n gu-d
I !■•' ..f i'.i-it ..'I -.'I'liiii >i nnd a liri'n s**
moiiat ol iJ**velopniviii w,.r'_ h ** boon
clone.     SpOlC  ***Oe_J   M;ik;s   of   e I *:ltl   ore
ii \> I.iiely t.,-i n mode in XI,la propo.Iy
lh■■ oilier d:y ..a*/rs Cj*'*> ami <i."-
It tic made a Strike va lIj|*Liu.i*.roek tt
;. lend c--.titain:ng about four f.ct of coil-
iri.li.iiiug ore an Ja coupl.' o1 Btrlnff_ri
al out (.ur inclii.'., in HilckneM of solid
galena ore, Bays tho Trout Lake Tuple
tin this pew kttlSie two l„catio**_ hnve
been niuJc, named ies|n elive'i) tbo Silveiton Boy und Rusty. Then claim.*
are near the Kusty Axe and are supposed to be on a par.iPel vein.
taxes, school taxes, siibscribos to nearly
eveiy scheme ol raising money trotted
around, often by th**, vary sum. ladies
who send oast for their frocks and bonnets, while their husbands are talking
unionism, socialism and all tbe other
iims und nt the mini' time aro letting
their wives spend their money with eastern departmental' stores which ore
claimed to drive more girls to prostitution in one year than are picked up by
the clmrch workers in two and lo oatipe
as much moral degradation in Iheir
.rinding aweatsbons aa nil the saloons
in the big cities whero tbey do business.
II unionism is ever to be a real power in
thu community it. must be square nnd
thoroughgoing) nc>t selfish and one sided
The sweatshops of tho east shouid receive no aid or countenance from it.
They aro as much its enemy as they ore
an obstacle in tho road of every business
man in our now and struggling communities ol the west. The amount of cash
■cent oul in n f.'w months of one town,
our own (or instunci', to tlie eastern departmental stores is tinning. If the
money wns faithfully spent bere, time"
would soon niter fur Iho better and
prices/ton,.would be lower, And eVery
loyul union man cbonM commence without delay a crusado against this annual
tribute lo the sweatshops of Montreal
nnd Toronto and commence where it will
do most practical good-in bis own
Thanksgiving Day next Thursday.
Mrs. Tyroe has been visiting friends
in New D nver during lhe week.
Mrs. Barclay entertained her friends
by a progressive whist party on Monday
Next Monday evening a duties will be
(liven hy the Silveiton M. I. nnd R.
Society, every one is invited,
The Ki,i*rhts...f Pvlhias o( lhe Slocan
are preparing lor their Annual Ball. It
will ho l.elci early in November.
Mrs. ti A Jackson
nec:iiin|i_nied by
F. L. Bvrnn. under whoso eupervihion
the work is being clone on tho A. E.
claim on Reel Mountain, was in town
last Wednesday. He reports the tunnel
AuM being driven al being in over 60
f.'el and that it is expected Ihat tl.e
lower edge of tbe lodge, will lie encountered in a few tejet further. After the vein
i-cstruclf it will take over 100 icet of
tunnel to cross-cut it, as it shows ou the
snificoto h. fully thst wide. The A. E.
is .1 big gold-copper proposition and the
vnlue of other properties besides the A.
E, rests on tbe outcome nt tbo tunnel
rmw being diiwn. l'rnb.il.ly no other
\w.ik being do'-e In Ibis d;.-tiict is
watched wiih su tpneb Interest as ih's as
mi it reels tlio bopea ol owners of copper
prospect- in tfele cnmp. A large pack-
traiu loaded with ni>,pii,s went up to
Iho mine on Thursday and work i-t lo
I'U-'i' d an Inst an possible,
daughter, Miss Wilma, left last
Thursday for Begloa, Asia., whero ber
pnrents rei-idn. Th:-y will return to Silverton next February.
All   work   in tbo Jewelry Repairing
ine, left at lhe Silverton nMgSt_f_lw.il
be promptly forwarded to JftL'Ob D-vr-i
the well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs aro urrAn.iK.K_n ton ose vim*.. *
A H. Fischer, representing
on I'ii nine
Last Wednesday tbo alarming report
was brought to town that smallpox bad
appeared in Sandon.    Upon   invesllgil-
lioti tlio following was learned.    Robert
.McTiiggart. a curpenter employed nt the
Silver l'.ell Juiiiia   lu McGuigan   Basin,
came into Sandon on Tuesday, being ill,
He. Consulted A doctor,  who  recognized
the  signs   of  tbe  disease,  but  wbo,
strange lo sny,  allowed   tbe   man  to
wander at largo arounej   Sandon   licforo
attempting   to  quarantine him.   Mc-
Taggurt is   now   lying  In   the   Sandon
I Hotel, which hns   been closed.   Rumor
I hate ll that the disease  wa.*  contracted
I from tbn Chinese cook lit the Silver Bell,
I who bad  recently  calno iu  from   lhe
coast.   It is to bc hoped that the disease
will bc confined to Ibis ono case.
At __*__'Ki:_*_no_ni
Mr. Wm. Hunter, Who attended the
! Liberal-C inserVglive convention i*> New
Westiui'i.iter from Silveit.iti, return"d
,,. JO Nel** i on W.eine.day. Ho la plea-eel with the
spent part cJ thn week ill! work ol the convention nnd with th.
town. Tbe Tribune; h a popular news-1 unanimity o! the delegates. Tho newspaper among onr citizens and the glad I paper reports of a split in the conven-
band wat* bc'.d out to i!« representative ] tion over the question of lhe introduction
A concert, under tho amplce.. of the ' ol parly lines in local politics are wholly
Ladies' Aid of tho -letbodist Chon-h,'unfounded. Mr Hunter believes tbat
will be given in Bosun Hall, Now Di-n- ! the decision ol tlie delegates iu thi* "naive r, next tuaedsy evening. The pro- • ler will, if curried out, purge the govern-
gram will be given  by the local talent (ment of the Province and call  into tbe
SIlTrextoaa., 23. C«
The Dramlutnond Qronp en the head
of the ereek   and   above   the   CoiUStoOk
.Mines is one of Silverton's coming
minea. On this property ii ledgo over
eight (ect wide has been traced, ami dug
ppon, (or a distance ol 1000 (eet. On
the footwall of thi*. ledge is n paystreak
-if fiom three to live inches ol clean oro
tbat will inn H)0 ounces in silver and 40
percent h>n,l lo the Ion. John Carrnhar
the owner, bus just complete I a 5J loot
cross-cut tnnnel, which bas cut tbe
ledge .10 (eet deep. At the point cut
the ledge is nine feet wide, there being
two leet o( concentrating ami five inches
of clean ore the balance o( Ihe ledge
being filled with ledge mntter.
Th, tunnel being diiven on the L. H.
i vein, is no*, in 80 dvt, and the qnart_
istnuiiliar to that exposed in tbo upper
tunnel. New quarters arc* being oroctc-d
on the propsity and work will bo pushed I
all winter. The L II is known to bc
tlie biggest body ot gold bearing quart-
yet cliFcovericl iu tbe Slocan country.
The upper tunnel which cross-cut the
ledge, sltOWl lhe vein to be 110 (eet wide
and wiih average values uf $15. in gold.
In this bi. ledge aro streaks varying
Irom a (o\v inches to several (eet in
width that give Values in gold rangin
(rom $*.U to *f 150.
o( Bilverton and Now Denver.
C. A, Elliott M. D., who sp.*nt soma
lime in our city last August, loo-Irtgover
the town wiih a view of commencing
practise here, returned last Saturday.
Since leaving here, the- I),:ctor bus visited his home hi London, Out.,  and  h.is
made a .idling trip around East Kootenay. Although not certain yet, Ihe
Doctor may decide to locate in  Silvt-rtop.
Among the mrivnls in Silverton this
week is E. M.Touxean, who came to
h>ok after matters in connection with
the Wukefleld mine. Mr. To-ltMU is a
mining encineer of world wide ipputn-
tion, being a member cf the firm of Ton-
sou ft Janson, of London, EJngliui.l, who
are interested lis mine. in many parts of
tho v.-oiid. Jn.the recent wreck of the
Scotsman, Mr, Tonxosn wee on boaid
IVednesd iv evening Ihe Liierary Sue-
ie!y '.net In the church f,r their re_ille..'
debating e«cuing, writes their secretary,
rho (abject oi debate wns: ''Resolved
tliat education is of greater Influence in
the formation o( character ihsn nature."
The subject was ably haudle-d by .Means
Roberts and Kirk pad ick (or thu affirm*
nlive and Messis .Mathesoti and Tinling
for the negative. A vote taken after the
debate gave9 negatives to 4 affirmative.
I'aCL   KlU'OKU.
next Governinei'.t a more representative
body ol men than those last elected. The
present friction between the Mainland
and the Vancouver Island members will
in this way be eliminated. The probable
louder of the party will be Charles Wilson of Vancouver.
ist£* _?vi- _B_£iy-E5r>u;M:,
»  "
-_f__.      3      l3      srt_u_-.
To bo serenaded into Silverton is an
honor; to Ie serenaded out of town can
hardly be c-ons'ilercd as sucii. Nut that
hnyoue has received such a cercmoniou*.
-.fiiel-uif Mime lhe only Chinaman to in
vsflwthehwWtedlt|0 mountains found ibe
atmosphere of the* -*_.p too chilly.
But one. waa near it. Joseph Errington, more IkmllUrly known as "Whls-
kera," who earned notoriety by his recent
attempt to import Revelstoke minets (or
the Silv.rt.n mines, made up his mind
to leave a camp where bis best work
was not appreciated. For various reasons
Joseph does t.ot like* this town. This is
B.iel, but true. He had occasion to change
his mind however about embarking from
Bilverton ami walked to New Denver
Where the citizens bave (ewer torn ■ toes
to throw away and nol so many oil cans
to pound.
The cross-cut tunnel being driven cn
the Rockland claim on Red Mountain,
has just struck the ledge and the rock
so (sr encountered is fully up to the
expectations ol the maua.ement. Specimens brought into town show a largo
amount ol iron and copper sulphides and
should assay well in gold. The Rockland which is ono of tho Willa Group o(
claims, hns n big gold copper ledge
showing on the surfuce, nnd tho tunnel
now being driven into tho ledgo cuts it
at a depth of over Jo (eet. This compuny has Just completed the erection o(
buildings ut the mine tbat. will accommodate a largo force of miners.
On Monday tbo ss. Slueon will recommence her regular run*, on lhe lake.
This will be web mite news to .locaniles
Tbo rilocan has been repainted and
greatly improved during her lay-up.
The following timo-tnblo will go into
effect on Monday.
!).     leave    Nelson     arrive
11:20 Slocan City
13. Silverion
13:30 New Denver
14: Rosubpry
10:30 arrive Sandoq   leave
Tbo local time tah'.o for the miming
and evening boats ia
6- le-avoSleC'tn City arrive 1800
New Denver
jU ..si _.
The Revelstoke Herald, commenting
on the practise ol patronising Easl«in
depa.t-fle.ntal stores, says in a recent
Hugh Cnlbotm, who has been for
some limo in tl.e employ of A. V. McDonald, our local livery man, while
taking ii pack-train up to the A. 1'.. mim-
on Red Mountain, mot with quite a
sorloue accident on Thursday. Some
trees having (allon across the InUl M
in cutting thorn ont of Iho way hhpped
and cut himself on the loot quite badly.
He managed to reach White's ranch,
nt the loot o( the mountain, and it win
Z some time Iiefore Hugh will be able
to get around.
*sr»''v«a*ii--t ■   wAA'X-^tttr.et*'**' .-»,,.a.******,-
(From the London Spectator.)
Deep mournful area that seek tho ground
The devious path lo  trace;
Tbo giant foun of Lincoln, crowned
By Cromwull'agrosser face;
Coarse, rustic garb, tl uncouth cut,
That musics each mighty limb;
Ils shapeleea folds the ready butt
Of Europe's jesters trim,
Su much the crowd can see;   the rest
Asks critics cieai-r-eyed;
So rough a scabbard leaves ongqued
How keen tbe Idado inside;
The trenchant will, the subtle bruin
Su Btrangelv doomed to  Wage
With destiny's Still climhlnj maiu
The hopeless war of Ago.
His kindrid aie a rugged brood
That nurse n dviuu 'i .*;
The ion* -f 0 ilvin'a bluer mood,
/■ml sterner than imir sire,
Bv faith through track lees desorta steered
Loat miles of onuly Band,
Far from Ihoililrudllig WOi i,l they fivtred.
They (ouud their promised l«nn>l.
By inch _rim guardians tutored well
lhs Spui.iii ciiildhooil grew;
The wind trail of the fleet gaietl.
The lion's path In:  knew ;
The cnmp surprisgd nt dawn, tho ritsli
Ot feet, the craekling ainuke,
When on Ilie sleeping laager's bush
The sudden Kiitlb' broke
Nay, once, 'n- said, when Vaal iu Hood
Had t-'iii. •: lhe hunter's way, ,
And ni'd lt-.swoll.ii curtvtit stood
A v\  tl   '. dj1"!!': at 1'iiy.
While hiuiie I. lure the brute drew back,
And some belt to tlio wave,
Btrt nog tbat torrout'slooming track,
Tbo mercy stroke lio gave.
A stream more rapid and more  wide
His strength basatetnraed since thim—
Called from tho plodding learn  to guide
The starker wills of men—
Chrtiiee-prtuiticoi! to so new a trade,
Unlettered and unschooled,
The clod-iirc"! clownish   |n*ns„nt  made,
No less, a realm, and ruled.
Yet, though thnt realm he nt ill sustains,
Against an empire's might,
I And with untiring skill maintains
The so uiieepial   light,
II.- htivs bis victories all too clear,
Whoso foe* have Time for  friend ;
Each fatal triumph brings mure near
The inevitahle end.
Haply the hnarso-voicod guns must
The loud debate at last,
Ere tbe young Future  can OOmpOM
Its quarrel with tho Past;
Natbh ss our Englaud, unashamed,
Mny greet a foeman true
Of, iier own stubborn motal framed,
For she is iron too.
Mineral Glasses   and   Compasses,
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
Lake Av - - ■ Silverton, B. C.
It needed the pen o( Mark Twain to
g-ve tlie humorous side ol the Christian
Science controversy  now   Icing  waged
ihtotigh the magazines between tbo followers of Mrs.  Mary  B.iker Eddy and
the dissenting Christian -'.dentists allied
with whateverjetbers who cnred to enter
tbo lists.   M.st of our road-re aro  pruh-
ebly fat-Ill ir wiih the subject, thanks to
the many phuraphlots scattered through
lhe enmity by the regular an 1  irregular
Christian Beientlate.   The Jargon on one
siilc when opposed to the jargon on the
other i* bewildering, tbe intelligible fact
I proti tiding icing tbe certainty of tbe. cx-
I ist -ne'.- of n book culled "The Science nf
Heal lb with Key to the Scripture.."   It
j Is a sequel lo thu Bible.   The question at
Issue is the author-hip of (Ids work. Mr*
I Mary Bak r Edtly, oi whom the Uo.,k of
I Itevolatloni hints, has all the credit.   Iu
th ■ Uotober number ol Tbe Cosmopolitan
V.aik Twain writes on the subluui from
a scoptlc's standpoint, it should be
£,   \\\JSLm   2Sr_.oT7Tles_   X^rop.
Patronise Home Industries.
0888. S...8-83 8 S3 KB 8 SUS.i.* 8888«88«»«'*?8*88®
Among oils other exchanges id ono
pro'onting another freak of rell|{ton. I'
Isstyied "The Christian." The editor
Is nn olill'ir.g fullnw srho makes trips ta
el.her n.uwt, or H"il lo gut inf irmntluii
foi 1'i.cj uier*. If you want lo t k him a
question just send a thought wave rol-
llngin hia direction, rhis saves post-
age stamps. This editor Is not as mod-
e.t ai the average Blocan scribe. The
latter may secretly Imagine liimrclf to he I
more tlntu bui|ii|n, thia editor boldly
claims to bo Uod himself. Tbo product
oi ihis divinity is printed nt Little Kock,
Il mny be of interest to Iho managers
of mines in this district to learn that the
(dukors on the ill-fated ocean liner
"Seiitsai.in," whoio hellish, actiniiH
Intensified thu l^orrqra of thnt vessel's,
wreck, who, drunk and riotous, terror*
lied passengers and crew, robbed, and
Intuited women, were not tho regular
crew ol t-tokors but uuahs who •hipped
in tboir place, Ono who vill betray bis
fellow working man may be depended
ui .n to betray his employer ■••—*——.-
the opportunity occurs.
if 88888888888888888888 88 8 8 88 88 8888 8 88 8 8 88 88®
tine Tailor,i
§   BARRY BLOCK 8H.BRT05,  b. C.
I». BURNS &co
^^     -Edward Sydney Tylee       ^^^^^^
-.-i_--S». -K   sn.'-*"-"*, ■+.■**>•.■■•'■».***,■,*.ijw..Um-' «__w •*-
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaelo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and Ureenwood.
• er-.wee.yeotu.^•Vt0**y>ii^m>e'-*ua*r9*r «*..»-»,-wttmer*. ^c/iwiress**.■•yfsw,'~i*i»'*mA*iu*?t
•aOWWNOWeaa****1 "mm***.oNrrn-i■ um  ■ ■
rm» '»,m4ff*m mmwm ***•>.*- ******* ^w^ii^vy^M_
fight, lasting three-quarter-) of an hour, the
enemy was driven off. in this engagement ihe American casualties were four
men slightly wounded, Six of the enemy were killed, but the number of wounded is not known.
The bad condition of the roads made the
progress of the artillery slow*.
Mrs. C.co. Burch, a well known and esteemed woman of Skamakown, died at
Novcleta, Hand of Luton, Oct. 10,- [ her home last Thursday.
Brig.Oonoml Schwan'a column, consist-1 Charles Elder, a prominent farmer
ing of the Thirteenth infantry, a battalion of Skagit county, has harvested 3.S00
of the Fourteenth, two troops of cavalry,' sacks of oats from 105 acres.
Captain Reilly'a battery of the Fifth artil- j Oyster Bay Is now shipping COO sacks
lery and Lowe's scout* advanced from 0» 0ySters a week, and arrangements
Bacoor this morning  and  occupied  Ca-
Drove** ._. Bsfisy .*-* ol Troarkeo
ond loto the- -t-s-nps—Took Two
Towns—Th. Amerloon Fare*- »»>-
ininrtl Considt-roblo Uum,
V Complete Review of tke li.v.-ma for
tke Pan Week In This and -'oreUn
Lands—Sm.ii.iiirlf.-_ Krum tke Latest Dlsiintchea.
vite, Viejo and Novcleta.
The American loss was three officers
nnd nine privates wounded, one of tha
officers being mortally hurt. The loss of
the enemy is unknown, but the bodies e.f
three Filipinos were seen. There were two
sharp fights near Novelet-. Lowe's scouts
first encountered the enemy near Cavite
Vic-jo, and soon put them to flight, continuing their advance.
Captain Saffold's battalion of lhe Thirteenth regiment, with two companies of
tlie Fourteenth nn.l a number of Tagalos
soouts, Captain Mclirath commanding the
troops of the Fourth cavalry, and Captain
Reilly'a battery, came upon the enemy
in a strongly entrenched position on the
road between t'avito Viejo and Novcleta.
A tight lasting half an hour followed, resulting in the enemy being driven back.
The American forces sustained considerable losses in this engagement, the men
being shot from the trenches and shacks
along thc road.   The column then pressed
on to Novcleta, which they found desert*
ed, and will remain there tonight.
.Naval Force- fo-Operated.
Tlie naval force and marines co-operated
with the troops.   Thc gunboats Wheeling,
Petrel and Callao lay off the shore near
Noveleta and threw shells into that town
and Santa Cruz for an hour, preparing the
way for thc marines to land.   Two battalions, consisting of 450 marines under
Colonel Elliott, advanced along the peninsula from Cavite to Noveleta.   Thc only
way was up a    narrow    road through
swamps.   A mile beyond the marines' outpost column  was suddenly   encountered
with a volley from the trenches across the
road.   A flank  movement was executed
and the insurgents were driven from thc
trenches, the marine- wading through rice
held* in turning the flank of the enemy,
who retreated to strong sand fortifications
across the creek dividing the peninsula,
destroying the bridge across thc stream.
The marines waded through   more   rice
fields, forded the river in water to their
shoulders and carried the forts, meeting
with feeble resistance, the first encounter
having disheartened the enemy,   -quads
were sent to Novcleta and  burned  the
town and huts all along the road from
which tha enemy commenced the firm*,'.
There a junction was formed with  tho
scouts who had been sweeping the swamps
and thickets.   Thence the marines returned to Cavite thoroughly exhausted.
Lieutenant Wynne with a three-pounder did good execution during thc advance.
General Lawton was not in personal command of today's movements.
Captain Cowles' battalion of the Fourth
infantry, while reeonnoitering today,
found a body of several hundred insurgents near San Nicolas. After a brisk
arc being made to Increase the catch.
A movement is on foot to Improve the
condition ot the North Fork trail from
BirdweU'- toll bridge to Shuksnn unci
to the head of Swamp creek.
The sixteenth annual convention ot
the Eastern Washington Woman's
Christian Temperance Union will convene on October 11, 12 and 13 at Wenatchee.
On October 8th, the citizens of Mount
Vernon and adjoining school districts
will vote on the question of establishing
n joint high school for thc leveral districts.
Over thirty miles of steel has now
boon laid on the Snake River Valley
railroad between Grange and Wallulu.
In a week or ten days the truck laying
gang will move to Wnllula end again,
to resume work left off about twelve
ml lee out.
The Victoria (B. C.) police ure baffled ln the attempt to locate Jack the
ripper who foully murdered and mutilated Mrs. John Binge, Thursday night.
It is believed to be either the work of
a moral pervert or of Indian women
from up the coast.
It Is reported that Indians are taking Immense noumbcrs ot salmon from
the Spokane river by means of fish
traps. The matter has been called to
the attention of the prosecuting attorney, wbo will investigate.
The British Columbia Union of Christian Endeavor will hold their sixth annual convention at Victoria, ln St. Andrew's church October 17, 18 aud 19.
Farmers of Washington county are
happy over the fact that the government has purchased 750 tons of hay in
the neighborhood of Forest Grove.
This hay ls ln first-class condition, and
will require at least 75 cars to haul
away. The price paid for the fodder
will amount to several thousand dollars. It Is not known as yet where the
hay will be loaded on the vessels for
The semi-annual meeting of the Walla Walla presbyteria is now in session
at Assot In, Wash. There are between
25 and 30 ministers present from Washington and Idaho, of which number 10
or 12 are Nez Per,*e Indians from the
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Run on Pacific Standard Time.
I-.-Y-. Arrive.
Going West. Dally. Quins Kaat.
1:00 a. m   Kaalo  3:55 p. in
1:32 a. m  South Fork  5:20 p. m.
1:10 a. m  Sproule. s  1:25 p. ni.
.:46 a. m   Whitewater  2:10 p. m.
t-M A. m  Bear Luke  1:00 p. m.
10:111 a. m  M-Oulfan  1:4. p. in.
10:16 a. in   Bailey's  1:34 p. m
10:S8 t. m.... Cody Juru-il. n .... 1:1*3 p. iu.
Arrive. Leave.
10:40 t. m  Bandon  1:1.6 p. m.
Lsava 11:00 a. m..Sandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m.
Arrlva 11:16 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:26 a. in.
O. F. COPE-LAND, Buperlntendant.
* „   . -„—i   I   ii
.... Kootenaj „„
Railway and Navigation
_■ 1
Operating Kaslo * Slocan Railway, International Nav. & Trading Co.
■chedult of Time-Pacific Standard Tlm*.
Passant «r train for Sandon   and   way
atatloni, leaves Kaslo at 1:00 a. in.
Daily, returning;, leaves Bandon at 1:11
p. m., arriving at Kaalo at 3:66 p. m.
International Nav. * Trad. Co.—Operating on Kootenay lake and river.
L.avaa Kaalo for Nelson at 6:00 a. m.
dally, (except-Sunday.   Returning, leaves
Nelaon at 4:30 p. in., calling at Baltour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects with S. F. * N. train to and
from Bpokana, at Five Mile Point.
Leavea Nelaon for Bonner's Ferry Tues
daya and Baturdaya at 7 a. m., meeting
eteamer "International"  from Kaslo at
Pilot Bay.
Returning, leaves Bonner'a Ferry at 8:00
a. m. Wednesdays and Sundays.
Connects at Bonner's Ferry with Great
Northern railway for all points eaet ant
Steamers call at principal landings la
both direction*, and at other points when
•Igaaled. •
Tickets aold to all points In Canada and
tke United Btates.
Te ascertain rate* and full information
ROMRT nt VINO, Manager,
heel*, 9. O.
Gold Hunt Front Capt* Some*.
Run Frane.iseo, Oct. 8.—Tbe steam
yacht Ton nsend, owned hy C J). Liinc,
the millionaire miner, lin* arrived here
from Cap. Nome. She brought down several miners who had with them considerable gold duet. Captain Wick* of thc
Townsend made a trip to Kotzebut* sound
from Cape Nome in July and rescued 70
uf llieni who had gone there in the hope
of .hiding gold. They were in the point
of breaking down from want of food and
proper clothing and would undotiuiedly
have perished miserably if Lane had not
sent his yacht to remove them to Cape
Nome. Eighty-three others were taken to
St. Michael by the revenue cutter Hear.
Most of them hnd scurvy and many had
lost hands and feet by being frozen. It is
thought that tbe men rescued by the
Townsend will recover in tbe milder climate of Cope Nome.
Now la Fall M.viiiu.
Chicago, Oct 7.—Thc celebration of the
Chicago autumn fesi iv.il began in earnest
tonight with the arrival of President McKinley and his eabinet, Vice President
Marisc-al of Mexico and party and Si,
Wilfrid Laurier, premier of Canada, with
other Canadian imt.ibli-s. Tonight also
the first of the series of parades and banquets were held and from now until Tuesday business will be practically suspended. Vast crowds congregated tonight in
the handsomely decorated und brilliantly
illuminated court of honor.
One of the feature- of tonight's celebration was the bicycle procession of over
7000 uniformed whcelnfen.
The* Solace   liraln  In Port.
San Francisco, Oct. 7.—United States
navy transport Solace reached port from
Manila shortly after dark tonight, and
dropped anchor in the stream off Harbor
View. She was not boarded by custom
house or quarantine authorities, and will
remain at her anchorage until given a
clean bill of health tomorrow morning.
The Solace brings a number of discharged
and invalided sailors from the Asiatic
fleet. There arc 230 officers and men on
board, most of whom are discharged seamen. Thc list of passengers includes a
score of invalided sailors and a score or
more of naval oflioers.
-Inge Hi>l,iii-r« Bound Oie-r.
Pendleton, Ore., Oct. 7.—Commissioner
I-.iiley, upon evidence being presented by
the government against Rarkley and Far-
rens, held them to thc federal grand jury
at I'ortland in the sum of $10,000 for the
alleged crime of robbing the Ontario-
Rums stage mails on the night of Friday, September 22. During tlie hearing
statements made by witnesses for the
government, tended to connect Van C.
Alexander with the robbery, Alexander,
as one of the witnesses swore, having
given up $170 to the officers. He Uvea it
Huntington, Raker county. That a third
man besides Parkley and Farrena was im.
plicated was conclusively proven in the
After a career of a few montha, the
Victoria Dally Qlobe haa passed out of
Laurier stales positively thnt so far
no offer has been made by Canada to
send troops to South Africa.
Colonel Harry O. KesBlcr, of the First
Montana volunteers, will come home a
brigadier general.
The Mallory steamer Leonn was burned and sunk nt her wharf ln En_t river
Saturday. The cargo consisted of to-
bnco nnd 8,000 bales of cotton, and valued at $250,000 to $'100,000, ls a total
loss, and the boat Is little better thnn
a wreck.
The Crocker Estate Company, which
In composed of tho heirs of the I .te
Chas. Crocker, has mndo a gift to the
employees of the Southern Pacific railroad of the Crocker homestead nt Sacramento, to be iinc-il as a hospital.
Gen. Otis has Informed tho war department of the arrival at Manila of the
transport Athenian with a detachment
of tbe Third Cavalry antl horses. There
were no casualltles on the voyage.
Forty men employed at Cramps', representing various trade-, today Joined
the striking employees of that company
There Is llkelyhood of a serious water famine in Honolulu if ratm* do not
come soon. The water lu the Na.un._-
nu reservoirs is lower than it has been
for years.
It Is announced ln St. Paul that ihe
Grout. Northern ls figuring on the building of Its air line between SL Paul and
the Canadian boundary at once. The
Information comes from contractors
who have been asked to furnish estimates.
An epidemic of small pox has broken out on Orcas Island to the terror of
the inhabitants, and with the result of
completely stopping communication
Orders have been Issued Bending the
Forty-sixth and Thirty-ninth regiments
ot volunteers to Vancouver barracks as
quickly as possible. The Forty-sixth
was recruited at Fort Crook, Neb., und
the Thirty-ninth at South Fnrmiugham,
The ITnlted States Counsul at Dawson City has reported to the department
of state that W. H. Sutton, who died at
Dawson City last spring, has been Identified by a photograph furnished by the
attorneys of the young man's family,
who live In Minnesota.
The transports City of Para, Zealan-
dia, and Valencia have sailed for Manila with the Twenty-nlntli regiment
and a large number of recruits from
San Francisco.
The war department has written to
the governor of Idaho Informing him
that the state authorities must make
arrangementa to control the Conor
d'Alene mining situation, as it Is dc.lr-
ed to withdraw the United States troopa
as soon aa poslble.
Captain Bodfish, of the steam whaler
Beluga, wbo haa Just, returned to San
Francisco from the Artie, reports that
some kind of consumption is epidemic
among the Indians.
The big steel ship, Edward Bewell,
just launched from the yard of 1 er
builders, Arthur Sewell k Company,
Bath, Me., Is the ninth one of the fleet
built by the Sewells and Is the .ninth
steel vesel constructed by the firm.
A logger going up to camp on the
Shelton Southwestern railroad one day
last week, threw hia blankets off and
they rolled under the wheels, ditching
a number of cars. Now Superintendent Kneeland's fiat has gone forth
stopping everybody from riding on the
train, even to tbe logging-camp moguls.
The immense log raft which left Seattle a few weeks ago ln tow of tho
steamer Czarina, and which wns lost
off the coast and found a few days ago
off Port Harford, was towed Into San-
Francisco not much the worst for wear
and practically Intact.
Visitors to the Spokane Exposition
this year nre more than pleased with
the entire affair. It la an exposition ln
every sense of thc word and no longer
could be called a fruit fair. All the departments are well represented, nnd
there Is no room to spare anywhore.
The music and the vaudeville attractions make the program very fine. Every ono la pleased with the treatment
given visitors by the people of Spokane,
and by the management of the exposition.
When the transport Pennsylvania
arrives with the Flr8t Washington,
volunteers they will be given a royal
reception by the Red Cross association
assisted by the citizen's executive committee. Through tbe generosity of the
executive committee the steamer Caroline has been placed at the disposal of
the Red Cross association and will be
kept in readiness for duty at Jackson
street wharf.
OH .-('ON.
Ileal estate ln Sumpter Is changing
hands rapidly.
Baker city Is trying a few Welsbneh
gas lampa for street lights.
F. D. McCully has sold 800 head of
i-nttio In Wallowa county, and ln a week
will sell another band of equal number.
Fine cranberries have been exhibited
at Mnrchfleld, from a farm near Rocky
Sumpter will tomorrow give a reception to Fred Woolley and Alex Steed-
man, returned soldiers from the Phil-
ipines, whose homes are In that town.
Tho Florence West has a cabbage
that weighed 40 pounds after all the
coarse outside leaves had boon cut off.
Jt measured five feet In circumference.
J, 8. Kenyon, n Baker county rancher, spent two years In the Klondike,
unci brought back over $40,000. While
ho wns mining his wife successfully ran
the ranch.
Many lurge trout are now being
caught in the Wallowa rivet*. The
trout, are of tho Dolly Varden variety,
and bite Salmon eggs readily. Somo
ns long as twenty Inches hnve be on
caught recently.
Sumpter- water works will supply
1,000,000 gallons dally of pure mountain water. It will be located about
2000 feet from the center of the town,
and have an elevation above It of more
than 200 feet.
In Wallowa county, last week, a divorced man named N. 7, Ron, was arrested, on a telegram from Union Co.,
he-cause he was trying to get out of the
country with the minor children, which
had been given to the wife by the court.
His sanity Is doubted.
Over three hundred head of cattle, lie-
longing to Polk Mays, were weighed at
tho W. M. C'o.'s stock scales last Saturday, to bo shipped to outside points.
On Sunday 200 head of fine beef steers
purchased by a Walla Walla company
from the Warnlck Bros., were taxen
through Wallowa.
A young man named Gillespie, was
arrested Saturday at Cottage Grove on
suspicion of being the murderer of Mrs.
Edson, of Gold Beach. He ls barely
20 years old, and from the Curry country. He sold a pension check to C. O.
White, drawn in favor of the murder-
eel woman. Mr. White came to Rose*
hurg and got the check cashed at the
First National bank, and this put the
officers on Gillespie's track.	
The Salmon Water" Company, which
now gets power from water wheels 600
feet away to run Its plant, Is to bu'ld
a tlume and extend Its ditch to Its
pumping station. This will sove use-
ing an endless cable 6500 feet long, of
l'i-lneh Manila rope, which has to be
doubled five times to stand the present
strain, and lasts but four years. The
improvement will cost $25,000. Since
tho company sank large cribs In .he
gravel beds of the Willamette river,
Salem's water supply la wholesome.
In    Traii.ii.nl   and   K'nalaad.
1."inhni, Oct. 8.—I>i*p.ttchc* say Pre
toria presents a most deserted appear-
nn.c The government has ordeted all the
saloons closed throughout the republic,
(ieneral l rniiejc _' forces near Mafcking
moved closer tn the border yestenl.iy.
Her majesty iu privy council at Balmoral this morning assented to (he cell
ing of parliament, the mobilization of the
reserves and the continuance in the nrmy
of all soldiers now serving who in ordinary circumstances would bo entitled to
di-chargc or transfer to the reserve.
A gieen book issued yc*sterday contains
President's Kruger _ reply to Mr. Chamberlain's dispatch referring to the petition nf the outlanden* to thc queen.
Hurry lli.liiri. la In Jail.
Santa Ana, Cal., Oct ..--Harry Roberts, who recently arrived at the home of
his father in Pcatland, this county, waa
List night arrested here on a telegram
from the sheriff of Nez Perce county,
Idaho, who holds a uui rant for the arrest
of Roberts for forgery. Roberts is said
to have forged the name of A. C. Davidson
of Lewiston, Idaho, and thereby secured
a large sum of money, with which he lied
to Portland, Or., nnd thence here. The
picture and description received here last
nighl procured Roberts' arrest less than
an hour after his arrival. Roberts' father
and other relatives are making strenuous
efforts to compromise the matter by wiring hhclin parlies their willingness to refund the money secured by forgery, but
no arrangement looking to a settlement
in that manner is thought possible.
Train   Hit  •  Freight   En*lnr.
Chicago, Oct. 7.—Five persons were injured this afternoon in a collision between
a Hawthorne race track train on the
Illinois Central and ft freight engine which
stood upon a siding switch which
hail lieen left open. The passenger train
eraahed into the other engine and nearly
every occupant of the coaches w»s thrown
to the floor. The injured arc: George
Unstick, engineer of passenger train; Mis.
Gertrude Alexander, Charles Moquade,
Charles E. Mooncy, unknown man. None
of the injured win die.
Sail, il   Away  for  Manila.
Portland, Or., Oct. 4—Thc transports
Rio de Janiero and Sikh sailed for Manila this evening with the Thirty-fifth regiment, United States volunteers, on board.
In addition to thc regiment there were on
board 21 trained nurses and 60 casuals,
who will be assigned to companies when
thev reach Manila.
Thr Tlaer-Poorman Suit.
Boise, Idaho, Oct. 7.--A suit was commenced in the I'nited States court today
which presents the second chapter in the
somewhat sensational Tiger-Poormnn litigation, growing out of the sale of that
great property at Rurke by thc trustees
of the company to the Buffalo Hump Min
ing Company.
In this action it is charged that Charles
Sweeny and F. Lewis Clark con-pired to
defraud the minority of the stockholders! the shippers,
of the Tiger-Poorman Mining Company by     The   Virginia   made another 20-lon
securing the election of a set of trustees  shipment of ore to the Trail smelter
tU-ia aiaaut- fr-i- tha Lata BaiH.rU-
All Districts .-• _«I_b l>»»»»«H»n--_.
-T-sp-r-us t•_. IS _-___l-ia_--.aa.l_B
Motes and Personals.
Sonic time ago J. A. Osborne, of the
Rainy Lake Herald, came Into the possession of nn old diary of an old employe's, now deceased, of the Hudson
Bay company, and in rending lt thioii'
he learned that the writer described
very lucidly some mineral deposits on
the custom shore of Hudson's bay, In
the vlnclnlly of Great, and Utile Whale
rivers, In whnt Is known aa l.'ngnva
land. The description w*ns so clear
that Mr. Osborne succeeded in Ind-' ing
some Iloston capitalists to provide the
necessary funds to equip an expedition
to go and make a search for the miner-
uls. The parties left Rot Port.igo
about the first of June and Mr. Osboinn
returned Saturday from the trip, first
going to Oltawn, where ho and his associates filed on a largo tract of valuable
lands containing gold, silver, copper,
precious stones, nickel, Iron, clnnnliar,
gypsum, In fact almost all kinds of mineral of economic value. Mr. Osborne
says that the new region opened up, so
far as mineral wealth Is concerned, p.its
the Klondike lu the shade, and he snys
that Mr. Lowe of the geological survey,
who has put In two yenrs Investigating
thnt country, snys it Is the coming min-
ornl producing region of the American
continent. There ls plenty of room for
prospeetinK, as the region Is 400 by 100
miles hi extent. Tho country can lie
reached hy water from Boston, and Mr.
Osborne says that next spring a company will outfit a steamer and will send
her right up to their property with
$100,00n worth of supplies and materials for exploring and developing tltflr
claims. The experience of Mr. Osborne only goes to verify the claims
that the whole of Canada, from the
wilds of Labrador to the Pacific const.
Is one of nature's greatest storehouses
of minerals of economic and precious
value. If this region were opened up
by u railway, tner« would certainly be
a rich field for all kinds of mining enterprises. Besides onthrlclte coal,
there will be found lignite, beds of gypsum along the Missanbi; de-posits of
gold, silver, copper, tin, near Moose
Factory; and line potter's clay and silica sand.
iin-Biiii Shows l'p Best.
By far the most comprehensive and
elaborate exhibit In the mineral department of the Spokane Exposition Is
the private collection of Fred R. Mellts,
which was brought from Baker City
and which was materially ai'gm* .ted
by ores from the celebrated 8umptcr
camp, collected for tbe occasion by Paul
Poinclexter. 'I he total exhibit, reore-
sentlng every mine in eastern Oregon,
ls In charge of Messrs. Mellls and Point-
dexter. Mr. Mellls Is the mining commissioner from Oregon to the Paris exposition of 1900, and resides In Baker
City, Ore. Mr. Polndextor ls a prominent mining operator In the lively und
hustling mining camp of Siunptfr, Ol-.
Ores, Kohl specimens and concentrates
(the latter are on the road) are in the
exposition from the following districts:
Sumpter, Cornucopia, Balsley-Elkhorn,
Rock Creek, Sparta, Eaglcton. Virtue,
Ryo Valley. Mabel, Gold Hill. Pocahontas, Pine Creek, Snake River and Seven
Republic  Camp.
The ledge on the Hillside has been
crosscut f>8 feet without the second wall
lielng struck.
Reports from the South half received
at Republic, are to the effect that in Davis camp on tho Harvest claim, the
shaft Is encountering ore which shows
c-ciuHiib'i.ibb- native copper.
The bond on the Vulcan No. 1 and
No. 2, lying a short distance southeast
of the Mountain Linn, will be taken up
this week.
With the sinking of the winze on tho
No. 3 tunnel on the Republic, new features aro being encountered, principal
of which Is the appearance of sylvanlte
There have been considerable quantities of free gold found In the Prince ss
Maud winze within the past few days.
The fine gold Is found In the tellurldes
In almost, every piece of ore that comes
out, nnd tho lend appears to be geting
The Hit or Miss shaft Is nearly 100 ft.
ln depth. The ledge Is one of the finest In the camp. The values are not
large, bnt they nre growing steadily.
The average nt this time Is about $10
per ton.
Work on thc Delta has been carried
on some distance south of the shaft,
whore there Is a large body of quartz
cropping out. This shows an average
value of nearly $7 per ton.
Within 30 dnys the Princess Mend
Gold Mining Company expects to have
a complete machinery plant Installed,
with which development will go forward at about four times the speed of
hand labor and with far greater ease.
Hritish Columbia.
The Coxey, on Red mountain, owned
by tho Montral Goldflelds, will soon join
be the preferred motlvo force, but
should favorable terms be secured, clee-,
trie motors instead will be used.
Dividend No. 1 of the Okanogan Ftee
Gold Mines will be paid October 15th
to stockholders of record October 10th.
It Is a quarter of a cent per share.
Contract work has been started on
the Slocnn Star, being confined to iho
No. •"■ tunnel.    Four men are employed.
Advices from camp McKinney ru.i<<
that the oro encountered in the tunnel
In the Granite and Banner is richer
than any hiterto taken out.
News comes from Sandon that the
Pnyne mine has discharged all of the
mon employed under contract, 2R |n
number, and that the mine Is completely dosed down. The cause of this action Is said to he that five miners who
had come out from Montreal to work
for Ihn company at the rate of $3 for «
hours were induced by the mlners's un-
ion to quit the Job.
Thn Golden Eagle proposition has
been stocked as the Royal Victoria Mining Company, with a capitalization of a
million dollars.
MUfura noti.-.
Fully 25(1 men ate now employed In
thn Buffulo Hump district.
The Buffalo, No. 3, one mile from
Cuprum, ts yielding tin per cent copper
nro at a depth of 30 feet. The own-n*
are shipping the ore.
The smelter at Mineral will lie repair
1 ed nnd   resume operations   as soon us
fire-brick arrive from Wales.     Ordln
ary fire-brick will nol withstand the rx
cesslve heat.
The Ohio mine, located near the Columbia, In tho Bourne district, has
three mon engaged ln driving a tunnel,
which will extend about 300 feei before
it roaches tho ledge, which will be at a
depth of aliout '.'0 feet from the surface
Tho Robert Emmett mine at Cornn
copla is to be rapidly developed. As
many men will lie employed as can be
economically used. Tho mine now has
a crew of twenty men at work.
The Maud 8. group of four claims, in
the Fort Steele country, ahout 2o miles
altove Trail, Is reported ot have a well
defined ledge of free-milling oro; some
of which assays as high as Jl ..ono tn
the ton.
The expected strike In the Keep Cool
mine u.-ar l_akeview, on I_ake Pend d'
Oreille, has been made, and it la bigger
than the company anticipated.
The I.eMle-star group in the KasIo district, ts said to bave a continuous ledge
of 16 feet, which can be traced across
the entire surface of the three claims.
At a depth of 40 feet the ledge Is 22 it.
•vide. The ore carries gold, na'lve silver, black sulphides of silver and topper. Gold can be soon with the naked
An effort Is being made at Sumpter
to build a new sampling work- lt
would cost about $7000, and requir-**
about 30 days to erect. Many prospectors have small quantities of ore, but
cannot afford to ship, because freight
on small lots is five times as htgn on on
Five carloads of copper matte from
the Hall Mines amelter are now en
route over the Crow's Nest Pass branch
to New York. The value of the shipment Is given as ln tbe neighborhood
of $_8.tM)0.
Recent assays of ore from the Decor-
an in the Seven Devils district, Idaho,
arc said to show 35 per cent copper.
The South Peacock allowed 4» per cent.
Active operations ore In progress.
The War Eagle haa ordered twelve
three-quarter Little Giant drills. This
makes 24 drills supplied the Wax Eagle
mine last month.
Concerning the existence of gold tn
the Philippines, Reyes Lata, In a lato
number of the Review of Reviews.
says: "In certain regions there la not
n Btream, large or small, whose sands
do not show the yellow trace of gold,
while now and then natives of the Interior offer heavy nuggets for sale.
Inland Rmplre Ilralie t r..|>.
Portland, Or., Oct. 4.—Advices received
here show that practically the entire
grain erop south of the Snake river has
lieen threshed and that Hfi per cent has
heen delivered at warehouses, ln that
section the crop will be about 20 per cent
short of thc 1S08 crop. North of Snake
river about 7.'i per cent has been threshed
and M js-r cent delivered to warehouses.
Tlie i-rop is estimated at 18 per cent lie
low last vear's.
Iln mi nn    IIi.hII.ib    llork   S..I.I.
Havana, Oct. 7.—The Spanish govern-
mini has sold the Havana Halting dock
for 1*1.00,000 to a syndic-ale of Vera OWI
merchants. Several New York firms have
la-en asked lor terms for conveying thc
dock to Vera Cruz. The purchasers wish
to tako it nway about the beginning of
nevt month.
IH.-.I of Paralysis.
Republic,   Wash.,   Oct.   7.—Fred   T
Brown, one of the proprietors of the Hotel
Delaware, died of paralysis this afternoon. I
He was first stricken nine days ago.
who sold the mine to the Buffulo Hump
Mining Company, controlled by Sweeny
k Clark, for #250,000, whereas the Tiger-
Pnoitimn is worth a million dollars.
The plaintiff in the action is John F.
Forbis, a Butte mining attorney, who appears on behalf of the minority of the
stockholders of the Tiger Poorman Com
An electric hoae carriage la In use by
the Parle fire department.
The consignment oamo from the now
surface workings, on tho ledge about
300 feet south of the shaft. It la handsome, close grained Iron rock, carrying
a little copper. The chief values, hew-
ever, are In gold.
Thc development of the Iron Mask nt
the 300 and 350 foot levels has opened
magnificent bodies of copper ore.
The big now hoist on the Center Star,
at Rossland, will be designed either for
steam or electric power.     Steam will
Hold Robber Hnr<*e««(nl.
San Francisco, Oct. 7.—One of thc
boldest robberies which has ever occurred
in thin i-ity was accomplished in broad
daylight this afternoon at the corner of
Market and Brook streets, when 11*500
in finld was taken from a United States
paymaster*! wagon. The robber hnd the
appearance of Mng a workman. Detectives are scouring the city for the robber. It is thought there will bc no possibility of his escape, as the description of
the thief id prfect and no time was lo*t
in reporting the loss.
Is  ClllUty  of  M«...l«..nl.l. .
Republic,  Wash., Oct.  7.—Frank  Dra
per, on trial fur lhe murder of John Hull.
»as found guilty of manslaughter.   The
trial commenced last Monday, and closed
lust night nt a late hour.
To prevent the legs of furniture from
tearing the carpet a pad has been designed, consisting of a spindle to bo Inserted In the ond of the leg, with a
headed portion formed at the lower end,
the latter being! covered by a cap of
leather or rubber.
■**,*> urns .«%.-,-_ >*#,* a«^w»n~.*._«s./.^. vr^avt^ _ *xt*mam-*utme* .****■. .-w-wn-vc-Sre ,s.iw_>a-.«c.».-»a.w-K>,>--*«^»t. .*ums*-,m^*s»y* yt\ <«vi»t*.,.mr ,_wa»v.-. . wa**--! r- f^ts- a«iwi**<«n.,- .t*oes^yw.4*u,^*m*tmi****M*r-.   ,-».*..«*-*_•.   .,«, $****** . ******   ■ '■ mtstsm »-_-.-:.»—. *v ■ai,,ii-. »nsn
^mm-ii i:^ ^mMjumTM
The Fireside Friend in Half a Million Homes.
Special Subscription Offer
for 1900.
Those who subscribe at once will receive the nine
November and December issues of the Companion
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of your subscription to 1901. k joj
Send us your addies, Oil fl Postal and ire. utll
ne.i,l you our I il.1,t uiteit Announcement Sumliei;
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und  Contributions tiujajid for the   new   volume.
■1 HI
>lflr.,uelle Club «a»e It. Aananl
llnniiuet at ChlcBKo-Noted Speak-
em 1'resent-Areliblsbop Ireland
Ilie  Klrnt  to  Arouse  KnthusUnui.
WiIns .Meed* Reinforcements— Thr
M.»>.c Made iM Obedlenee to Uew-
ry'a Ad _*lce—Marlaea and Bine,
inekela  lo Help Soldier*.
tlii* ciiy, nil  vvuiting order., Iniving been
brought liii.' i<> participate in thi. trade,
celebration iu honor of Adtnirul Dewey.
Ttieee raintDfoemtnti will add considerable
siri'iiKtli to the Asiatic, ■.ijuiulron, and tlie
adiuini .trillion b.-lievc. they will hnve a
i[och! effect in ending bemtiliticn. Tlie
Brooklyn')  formidable   equipment   will
mickc her of iiivflluable> Mrvioe.
Washington, <».•(. I.   Tlie prealdent to-
.lay   tluivi.-il   the-   illllllillliilc   ,li.j..i',i.'li     to
the Philippine, of a number .if u_*-U of
lhe navy, including the eruise-r Brooklyn
and the gunbonts Maiiciu and Haelliaa.
The action is thc rc.uli of Admiral 1'«■.*.
■*>■'» inierviow today, in which he went
over the Philippine situation wiih the
The orders given are in line with the ex-
[.-•eased determination of Uie pi evident 10
iuinish thc ami) and n.ivy every tesoun-e
1,. si.imping out the lii*>iiiiec._oii al the
.-.irlii'Ht possible time. At Admiral IK*.*,-
ey'» interview with the pnaidenl today,
ttir former went into lim Philippine aitua-
ti..n at great length, explaining Carefully
the exi.ting condition "t affaiia ami hil
viewa of the outlook, concluding with a
recommendation that the Brooklyn and
other vessels be sent at once 10 ihe Phil-
ippinet. Thit reininrcement of the present ficpiadron. he urged a* necessary, and
laid their di»|..iich nhould be directed h.
e'.irly an pooibli-. flic pnaidenl immediately coinmunicateil with thc navy department and iii»truei_d the seeieury .ii
Uie navy to is-iiio nn onl.-i .lining out
.lie admiral's •recommendation, and t.- mm
that they be got in readine**-. at once. Tic
Marietta and Machia-*, beeidca the llrnok-
lyn, will Ihi designated by the nuvy de-
j.:iiim.-iit along with several other ret
nele, whieh have uot beeu selected, I in-
Brooklyn is now with the other vessels of
the North Atlantic tcepindron off Tump-
kinsville. The M.iclo.-,-. and the* .Marietta '
nre at present lying nt  thc    wharves in
lle>i.>i<li>> 1     Inlk   ■■   Rrnemed.
Waaliington, Oct. 4.—The British am*
batty was reopened here today nftcr having been located at Newport during the
Dimmer, llu* permits the resumpiinn of
personal exchange*, on the Alaska boundary question, anil during the day Mr.
Tower, the British charge d'affaires, had
a talk with Secretary Hay in relation lo
the mnttcr.
The opinion wan expre^S-d that the modus Vivendi recently arranged between
Hay and Tower would be acceptable to all
piirties concerned, Cnnadn includin*r,
although the (ln.il word has not yet lieen
ooniniiniicale.1 from London.
|iiiiim,.«,i Train _"<|i.ipm»ne.
Tbe O.  II. -r N. anil Oregon short !
Line have added a bullet, smoking and
library  car to tlieir   Portbuiil-Obicugo
tbiongh train, nml n dining car ser.it'..
has been  inatigiinrated.    Tne  train is
equipped   with  iLw   inteat  chair  cart,
day  coacliet  and   luxurious  flitt-olatt
and ordinary steepen.    Uitect contieo- j
tion made at Gi anger with   Union Pa*
••ific. and at  Ogden   with Bio  Grande
line, from all pointt in Oiegon, Washington and lil.ii.ei   10 all Eastern cities.
Por  information, ratet,   etc.,   call  nn
nnv  O. K. k N. agent, ot address   W.
II. Ihnllnii'., l.en.-ral Passenger Agent,
A year's leave of absence has been
granted to Professor J. Mark Haldvln
of Princeton university, In order that
he may see "The Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology" through the
press In Kngland. He Intends to sail
on September 19.
The   Great Catarrh  Cure.
, -_ _•<_■-
JOK   WIIKKI.KH'S   I HA Kill.   AT   HAN   JUAN   HIM..
Major-C.eneral Joseph Wheeler, .Mm-1
manding the cavalry forcea ln front of
Santiago and the author of "The Sunt 1
ago ('uuipaifii,"   iu   speaking of   the
great catarrh remedy, IV-ru-nu, says:
"I join  with Senators Sullivan, Roach
and Mi'l'iicvv  in their good opinion 01
Pe-ru-na.    It is recotnmen<*)d to me
by those who have used it as an excel-
lent touio   and   particularly effective'
aa a cure for catarrh."
United States Senator MoEnerj.
Hon. 8. D. McKnery, United states
Senator Irom Louisiana, says the following In regard to I'o-ru-na:
''Pe-ru-na it nn excellent tonio. I
bave used it sufficiently to sny that 1
helieve it to be all 1 hat you claim for
it-—H. 1). McKnery, New Orlenna,
United States Senator Sullivan.
"1 desire to say thnt I have been
takiug I'e-ru-ua (or some time for catarrh, and hace found it nu excellent
medicine, giving me more relief than
anything 1 have ever taken.— W. V.
Sullivan, Oxford, Miss."
United States Senator Botch.
"Persuaded by a friend, I have used
Pe-ru-na as a tonic, and am glad to
testify thnt it has greatly helped nie
In strength, vigor and appetite. 1 have
lieen advised by friends that it it remarkably ellii'Hcious as a cure for the
almost universal complaint of catarrh.
—\V. N. l-OH'-h, lairiinore, North Dakota."
A free book on catarrh tent to any
address by The Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Uo., Oolurubus, Ohio.
Chicago, Oct. 0.—Thirty-five hundred
men gathered around ihe tables in the
great banquet hall of the Auditorium tonight ai the nnnufll banquet of the Marquette club. Uiis banquet Is a regular
event nnd although coming at the same
time as the fall festivities is not distinctively a part of it.
The guest of honor was President McKinley, who sat at n raised tnble on the
east side of the hall. On thc right of the
president sat Archlii-hcip Ireland of St.
Paul. Others at the table were Secretary
t'nge, Attorney Oneral Griggs, Postmaster Oeneral Smith, Secretary Hay, other
members of Uie president, party and officers of lhe Marquette club. Thero were
no e.|>ecial decorations at the banquet, n
great mass of meet in front of the presi-
dent being the only display.
it was beyond the appointed time when
President VVlckersham, after the remnants nl the banquet hail been removed,
i'iillc-el the gathering tu order and introduced Additon Bollard, an old settler of
Chicago, who gave a humorous description of Chicago in early days, in speaking
of the sentiment of old Chicago.
lie was followed by Archbishop Ireland,
who spoke of "The American Republic."
The archbishop was given an ovation as
he rose, and his speech was an eloquent
tribute: to American manhood and to the
lepublic, whieh he declared to be "the
I best form of organized democracy revealed iu humanity's history."
Thc archbishop's closing words were:
"And whatever we do, whatever plans wo
form, whatever line of action we adopt,
let us Ih- mindful of one thing—the Amcri-
cdii spirit is the enemy of nil those of humanity who by turning liberty into license, endanger democracy, or who, in
striving lo repress license, bring in measures that are Incompatible with a free
government. Whatever might lie thc apparent and temporary gain—the harm
done is unspeakable; liberty would lie
driven from the country. The American
republic—she live-s, and liberty lives with
her. The (lag of thc American republic
means liberty. With anxious eye and
throbbing heart wc watch today the journeying of thc ling of America toward dis-
tint Isles; wc pray for its safety nnd its
lienor; we proclaim that in A-ia as in
America it meant liberty and nil liberty
brings with it. Some say it menns in
A«ia the repression of liberty, (lod forbid.
Jl means in Asia the institution of civil
order, so that America, to whom the fates
have- decreed the unsought duty of main
taining oider in those islands, may see
and know who are lhe people of thc Pnil-
ippines, who there hnve the right to speak
for lhe people, what the people desire and
for what the people nre fitted. Civil order
and ii must lie restmed; the flag of
America may lie trusted to be to the Fili-
pin.H the bnrliincer and guardian of liberty and the rights of the people. Thc
American republic—she will Jive, and
with her liberty will live.-'
«*. I*. H. Maehlatats on a Strike.
Vancouver, lt. C, Oct. 4.—At 10 o'clock
this morning the mechanics of the local j
Canadian Baeiic railway shops went out
en Miike. Tnisacii,.n was taken on orders
telegrapheel from Winnipeg, nnd is said
lo include- all mechanics on the Pacific division, numbering 400 men. The men
state that before night they will be joined by all their fellows in the east, and
that from ocean to ocean the Canadian
l'acilii' shops will l>e closed. They have
lately organised on labor lines, and having submitted some of their grievances to
the general labor board, on their advice
jii.I under their promise of support, have
gone out. Reduction in pay is the principal reason assigned.
Mode la tirrat quantities.
Denver, Oct. 4.---A special from El Paso,
Texas, says: l'red 11. Pcitz, a civil engineer, has returned from the immense
socln beds nf Donna Anita county, Mexico,
whcie he surveyed and staked out 82,000
aires of scsla lands fur a Pittsburg syndicate. The soda is almost pure and the
beds arc S5 miles long, 12 miles wide nnd
titi fi*et deep.   The tyndleate proposes to
establish plaster Of paris and cement
work* and conned with the Santa l'c railway by I short line. The soda is oi gn!.it
value for e.erb nie a, id, sulphuric acid and
M a fertilizer.
A. II. Krosl's fo»nt»* Folks.
A. H. Frost, the artist, has undertaken
what is thus fur his most ambitious nnd
sustained pice of work, in a serie. of
eight paintings, entitled "A. H. Krost'ri
Country Folks." Tho serits will pie-cut
the best of American rural types in the
different aspects of their social and neighborhood life. BtOh painting will be distinct, and bc given a full page reproduction in The Ladies' Home Journal, the
serie- running through that magazine for
eight issues, beginning with ilie Christ*
mas number.
Does Your
Baking Powder
Prof. Geo. F. Barker, M. D., University of Penn.: "All
the constituents ot" alum remain (from alum baking powders) in
the bread, and the alum itself is reproduced to all intents and
purposes when the bread is dissolved by the gastric juice in the
process of digestion.   I regard the use oi' alum as highly iniurious."
Dr. Alonzo Clark: "A substance (alum) which can derange the stomach should not be tolerated in baking powder."
Prof. W. G. Tucker, New York State Chemist: " I believe
it (alum) to be decidedly injurious when used as a constituent of
food articles."
Prof. ... W. Johnson, Vale College: "I regard their
(alum and soluble alumina salts; introduction into baking powders as most dangerous to health."
In view of such testimony as this,
every care must be exercised by
the housewife to exclude the over
and over condemned cheap, alum
baking   powders   from   the   food.
Baking powders made .'ruin crcim of tartar, which in high!)
relincd grape*' acid, urc promotive 01 health, and more efficient.
No other kin-! ihould lie used iu IciM-iiing food. Royal Baiting
Powder i* the highest example ol a pure cream of tartar powder.
Allen's Foot-E-ffe, it powder for th«
t.fi. lt cures pntnfu!, swollen, smarting,
nervous feet, and Instantly takes the "ting
out of corns and bunions. It's lhe grates! comfort dim'overy of the age. Allen's
■""uoi-Kmce makes tight or new nhoes feel
easy, ll In a certain cure for Ingrowing Nulls, sweating, callous and hot, tired,
-iching feci. We have over KO.ueiO tesilmon-
ials. Try it loduy. Kuld by all druggists
ami shoe stores. By mall for ".*,,- ln
stamps. Trial package FREE. AJdress,
Allen 8. Olmsted, I.e Roy. N. Y.
Mike Powers, a    prominent saloon [
man of Victoria, Ii. C, was sandbagged
at his own gate Sunday morning on returning    from   his saloon.     The bag !
bunt and a hacktmin passing sca.ed
his two assailants off.
tr" ('l AIMAWTfl  Poll
I L,   will.-   to   NATHAN
I f    l*.10Kl.-0ltl>.Washington, D, C tliey will '
II receive ouk-lt replies. 11. r.Ui N. 11.  vols.
utaff ISith corps. Prosecuting claims since ISTI. |
Fence nnd  Iron Works.
• nd Iron fencing; oWce railing, etc. Ml Alder.
Only two noblemen, the Earl of
Sandwich and thc Marquise of Klpon,
Bubaoribed to the Cromwell memorial
Plso's Cure for Consumption has been
a Qodsend to me.—Wm. B. McL'lellan,
Chester, Florida, Bept. 17. -886.
An epidemic of abscesses has spread
among the men employed In the mill!
of Mnncle, Ind.
The mlcrobea that onuae chills and fever and inuluiU enter the s-stoni
through iiini'cius membvnneg mnde poroua by catarrh, rc-ru-ua heals the mu-
cou8 iiH'in In uues und prevent* the entrance of malarial germs, thus preventing
-and curing these affect Ions.
A curious figure In Kronen politics
litis disappeared from Paris.   This   ls|
Mme. Unstlen, who wns charwoman at!
the German cintuiBsy.   She used to en-1
ter tbe building at 6 In the morning
and empty the contonts of tho WMta
paper Imskets, coat pockets and   nny,
drawers she could ransack Into a recep- (
taele, which -*an handed over to an-,
other agent of the French espionage department.   Mme. Bastlen could neither,
read nor write, so thc second agent nort-
cd tho papers.   ThlB went on for many
years and  the Hermans bad not lhe
slightest suspicion of the truth.
Frank Long.who lives near Lennon,
I Mlcb..aays:"IwasU-»nwltl_ap**.ln
In my back, and 1 was obliged to take
to my bed.The physician pronounced
my ease muscular rheumatism accompanied by lumbago.
"I gradually became worse, until 1
thought death would be welcome release. I was finally Induced to try
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pule People, and after using Ave boxes, was
I entirely cured. 	
' «'l am confident that Pr. ~l llllams'
PlnkPlllssavedmyllfc. 1 wlllgludly
answer Inquiries concerning inyslck-
ness and wonderful cure, provided
stamp be enclosed for reply,
Sworn   to  before  me at Von Ice.
Mtob., tbis 15th day of April, 181*8.
O. B. GoLDe-l-ITI., .JW.cs o/C>« Peaet
—From tht Oticrwr, Fiuthina, Mich.
I Dr Wllllsmi' Pin" PHIs «or Pals Psepls
' ars ns.sr sold m ths solan or hundtsd.
HaCatS In oscksaai. At all dniggliU.
5? s-WcV .rosi" a Ur. Williams M.dlclns
Cs . Ichonsclsdy. n.... W cents ssr lis.,
II kesss 12 oo.
Hy l«-cal applications, as they cannot reach the
■ ,11 >ti, ",1 portion of the enr.   There ls only one
' way to cure deafness,  and that la by constl-
< tuclonal remedies. Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed cndltion of the mucous lining of ths
i Eustachian   Tube.    Wlien   this   tube   gets   In-
n.iin, .1 you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect
hearing, nnd when It Is entirely closed desfness
. Is the result, nnd unless the Inflammation can
ne taken out and this tube restored to Ils normal condition,  hearing will  be destroyed  for-
• ever;   nine  cn -es   out   of   ten   are   caused   by
^ catarrh, which Is nothing hut an Inflamed con-
' dltlon of tho mucous surfaces.
I    We will give One Hundred Dollars  for any
1 case ot Deafness ccaused by catarrh) that caa-
I not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars, free.
P. J. GHJU-J-X ft CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold bi- ilruaalsts, 7f_c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
George F. Edmunds ban   presented
I 2500 volumes of standard books to the
high school library In Burlington, Vt
rlTO PcrmanenUy Cured. Nofllsornervoiisnean
tlio   Blur Him day's use of Dr. Kline's Ureal
i Nerve Restorer. Send for I HICK Br.Mio trial
bnilleand treatise.   Inc. H. II. KI.INi..  I .id., tur
I Areiu 'i..-i. 1'hlls.leliilila. l'i.
Farmers who have heen la6t ln get*
! ting their grain threshed aro the for _u-
I nate ones thia year, as their grain Is
I coming In dry and hard.
Use Big 41 for unnstor.
discharges, lnBe_.__a.loa_
: Irriutiems or ulceration
of  aiueoai   nisnibrsnx
rainless, and not aatrls
lm£»MlO^JMtOo. i»al or KljoaoM.
'or Mot la plain wrasse
Aii Excellent Combination.
The pleasant-method and beneficial
•ffi-.ts of the well known remedy,
-iYKL'l' or '■ins, manufactured by the
Cai.i_-o-._ua Fio Brsur Co., illustrate
the value of obtaining tbe liquid laxative principle*) of plants known to be
medicinally laxative and presenting
them In the form moat refreshing to the
taste aud acceptable to the byatetn. lt
is the one perfect strengthening 1am-
live, c-li'unilng the system effectually,
dispelling cafd ., headaches and fevera
gently yet promptly and enabling one
to overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and anb-
stanc-e, and ita acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating them, make it tha ideal
In the process of manufacturing figs
sre used, as they are pleasant to the
taste, but the medicinal qualltieaof the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other 'aromatic plants, by a method
known to the (ai.ik.ikm ( Fio Sraur
Co. only. In order to get Its beneficial
•ffects nml to avoid imitations, please
remember the full name of the Company
uriiit.-il on the front of every package.
eAtr mAMOiaco. oai.
louisvili.k. arr.        new you. w. t.
-,.r __ir i.v »ll druggists —"rice 50c. per bottle
by .fprrn, »re»»ld. U
♦1.00. or I bottl-. *i.7».
Olrealar Mat A naaae
. . iNcrtMleiipnmuiy, iuoi.t<ir.kndosua«iU'liius
rills ferin, »» «.-li _sli!li_d,lil«-d,n«or ITcilrnJIoi
Piles sre .-nr.il i r Dr. Bosnnko's Pile* RimMi
Stop, lu-hina mil bloseliuf. Abiorbs turaoir joo ■
Jsr st .Irons i»l • "r sent by mail. Treatise hn, Writ.
■ ssbeiatjuur .■•■•.   DR. lie ISA UK.>, I'lnls.ls.. f.
iWPII   fe CAl        1
ULI » 1ST. rou BIO dollar, .n Oune    Wr_ts«totice
w   »i   s.iJ.nfl,  irsi'IV   Hill SK    Mloaaavulls.   Ittaa,
Wr.ts at odos.
Ill SK    Mlnasapulls,
Molhera    will    fln.l    Mrs.    v\T»al0W,l|
Soothing Svrup the best remedy to ON
for their children during the taathing p*r-
tod. .     .
W. H. ST0WELL & CO.,
Land Lie-alers In Assayers' Heipi.llaa,      W
, For ((-unorrlt.i-h e.uA Dlort «<-i IVb«t'a OUy ^yeKAtm* 1
m Uio UN),V  ni-mU.-ii-a* whtob will rutt* t*.'h Mhl «TW7
, nm, NO cask known It fau evir fill, .i to mra, nt
ouUW-r now utIohh nr of l>nw long nAmllnff.   He*\iU
,   troin it* Uttt wilt   R-'Oin-'li   y..n,     ll   b   ftlNMlUtvlj' eej.
! prevents nt rift urn. UO pu be t__k«n wltbo-it UNM
,  «l*ni-n aimI tliU'iili'iu frf-m lnin-i-««*i.   Pl.H'K, f-.OO.   Tto
wie by All r_-.i-.b_t- ani-_riri-rt^, or HHMpi b> Anprtt*
! ■Ui&ur wnpp*dt oo irce'pt of trlco. cr
\9muur   ******   ftjnf 0Kt_tlO-r00..0tl-<iLlB
That tired, languid feellnff, tbe peine la tbe
i back and the climulc beadaohe wUl HHMil
qulckljr 11 you take
Hoore's Revealed Remedy
It Is an lib-si medicine tor women, easy an<
pli-s-siit to take.  11.00 per bottle at your drat*
: (iat'a
nn. WAi-riLi. arroi,
elief for WpmeiL
^PV    aer"/**m, la P-ta,sealedsanloe* write
-~*-r    ^   tn<lart„r thu Hook,soaUni laHfefe
Ian and TeeUaiaaials uf Oir______r£l_%
French Female PIUs.
Praised by thoosaad. of uti>___ed laaiaaaa
safe, slwsn i-sllabla aad wltlweS aaiigsal
Solilbr.ifilniinrlstsla -_«_b_»7rr_»o*
tu* on i.,(1 in Blur, WklMaaa M Takeaaet-eir.
rreoob Drug Oo.,Nl A Ml I* earl at,. Hew fork OK*
ONE FOR A DOSE.   Cure Slek llMda
1 m   y,!■?_!p!U,■,' I?m**\ "»Pl«sand PairltT _
?if_f^A'dlal^t'0DindF,*w»B11*^,ll«**»-   t*
aotUrtpeorBlcken. TocenTlaoejrouLwe-ltlaaall
'AH pltl*'._e' ?' '1_L!••,*,or "•• "»• l«»a--«0
! CO., .Philada.,«____.   Bold by Dnnlste.
—None so good, but It ooete no
more than the puureaL
 Wan.1, 'ee.
■ cwwimw-wrntr eseum*- mem. w»t- m
..*.*,,rmurt.<:w,+:*i.m»™. I
.**r"*.»*'v***»>...i-it*n»»/in»<i. m»u».,v,.»ft..i«. «».j_is.™<fc .^./..i.mna.."•**..*.••'"*'.'**'.*-'.•*_.
____■■ - _,____!*«____._. it t \y**mm*A.limiiij *.
mm**. *_k_________. ".*_____*• ___.. _pt_t  . ____-_-=
-_-^^k-_i__-li-!--..u mv rsrs
tPo-ttxiia-fxyf X_/tci#
'Wholesale   etrLa.  Kets,Il
Sealers In. a-er_.eral
Underwear Just  Jtocked.
<• «   BLUE   CROSS    WILL
ItMfti bk to,,M) in t,,,s
11 i 8 8 8 _ . 8 5 _ 8 _ . _ 8 8 8 . 8 8 il 8 8 «
»»»»_»»*»»»»♦ »»»»»»»«■*'■ *»»"»■»
FORKS   AND   ALAifO,    13. C.
I, B. C.
MSB. &m&
jjut Ic-jon 0;_Kvi-.*i--.:.'^.';
18 _iz> Crescent streets, with   Walt-
ham stylo canes at SB-'") 00, guaranteed
to keep good time for three years.
The same with P. S. Bartletts movement ot $13.50
Diuber lluuipdeu 2'A Jcwpls,
D.uIn r Grand.      E'giu 17 Jewels.
Royal 21 Jewels.
YEARS.      t      t      i      t      i
Stock of Diamonds, Rubiee, Emeralds and  Opals in the Province.
Call and get prices at
Stock of cases in tho Province.
14k Gold Plain, Engine turned and
Engraved — The  Jas.   Boss  tilled
cases. — The Dpuber filled cases. -
Tbo Imperial 25 year cases. — Lad
{es solid gold  watches  with plain
and set cases.
NELSON, B.  0.
Gall and See.
B. C.
This world is full ol troubles and
the mine managers have their share
ot them th-si* day**; trying to explain
to the stockholders why they are to
get no dividend! for this seasons work:
trying to make miners undeistand
that $3. per day is more than $3 50
per day and, last but not least trying
to convince shareholders in their
mines thnt they ore making nioii<*y by
being money out of pocket.
this reason   tbeyhavp  concluded,   at]
the Liberal-Conservative   Convention
he Id last week in   New   Westminster,
to endorse the proposal of putting up a
atraight party ticket in the next provincial ejection.   They claim  that by
a division on party lines tho government of tho provinco   will''bo   better
administered than under   the  present
system of Ins and   Outi*.    They   are
evidently overlooking the   fact   that
a candidate roust have much more   to
recommend hiia than the simple   fact
that he may be a  Conservative.    The
avarage Conservative in this section of
B. C. at  least,   does   not   feel   very
strongly the party tics.   This is true
as well regarding the rank and   file of
the liberal parly.    Voters hern   are,
we are glad to know, thoroughly Independent,   nnd     the    candidate   who
secures their votes   must   bo   a   man
prepared to ivprcsent his constituency
Independent of nny party.   The introduction  cf  Federal party   lines   into
loctil   elections   is    as   much    to   be
regretted as wonld be the dragging  in
of religious questions or nn attempt to
draw a color line.    Tho voters of this
constituency know iheir man and the
next member from the  SlcOan iv\v be
..isilv named.
OiitsieJo Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton r_/*.*._T
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing To—    A> *** * -M-DONAT-D,
t t t t . t . SILVERTON, - . B. C.
Ip To Date Serviw.
11(11 w: MM! FMtr.l8.IE...
Considering th" condition of most
of the mines in the Slooan, prices of
living in tl.is country nnd wages paid
skilled miners iu other SOCtloilB, the
miners of the Slocan nro doing no
more than what is just and proper
when tiny   n fuse to  work   for   less
than |3^aper day.   Buinfi   in   touch     TIl0 hlli. mPn,   „,  or„   fri:.n   sloM
with th.)   mining   camps  of   Canada, J j^ p0jote> ap  t0 a„ | [nclwltas   ilie
Great Brit lin und tbe   United States: present woo*, from Jan. 1, 1^00.
-"-***"■■* ; ....
they know the conditions ii the labor
murket nnd tho present   demand   for
miners. They know that they can
win this strike and nre determined to
do so if they have to keep every mine
closed until tho mine manager, grow
gray headed und prematurely old from
walking the floor nights nnd fi^urini;
how lo start up without miners.
R. C.
JAMES BOWES    -   -  -  -    PROP.
:*; Headquarters For Mining Men :•:
BILVERTON      •      •      •      -B.C.
And S00 UNE
New Fast   Daily Service Between
11V TI1K
Improved Connecting Service via Revelstoke or Crows Nest Routes,
First class sleepers on all trains from
Tourist cars pass Revelstoke, Daily for
St Paul, Thursdays lor Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays for
Toronto 92 hours,  Montreal 96 hours,
Hew fork 108"     Winnipeg 62   "
Vancouver 26 "     Victoria    31   "
For the North, Eeyelstoke, and Main
Line 10:30 Kex* Sunday iv. Silverton,
At. ex. Sunday, 16:60K.
For Rossland, Nelson and Crows Nest
Line l&'60Kex. Sunday lv. Silverton,
4r. ex. Sunday 10:30K
For rates aud full information apply to
nearest loc^l agent or
>..     IV. 8. CLARK, Agent, Silverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
f. J. OOYLE.
A. Q. P. Agent, Vancouver
■, t %eOCf fttrwr y.yw-'riii^.**^ ■"' * **
And General Real Estate Agents,
Office In Bnalev Block    -   •     Baker Bt.
General Freight and Transfer
Business Done.
Orders lett at  News Stand will   be
promptly attended to.
_E>. M. _e.r_U-.cile,
Will visit Silverton every
Wednesday, prepared to
repair all disabled Wat. lies,
Clejcks and Jewelery. He
will also have on hand a
Complete Assortment ol
Jewelry, consisting of Rings,
Watches, Chains, Guards,
Seals, Ac. ke. Repairing
is (liiiiiiiii'eeiel. Prices aro
At low as First-Claat Wmlf
will Allow. While in Sil-
vertnii, ho will be found at
The Lakeview Hotel, aud
all work lelt there during
the week will be promptly
attended to on his first visit,   A trial order ia solicited.
For Sale or Rent,
A Hotel In Hijverton.
Apply to—M»lh«moi> Hrok.
I.IIY--I-t--n, V. C.
■-* *^jmt-lr*9.f9.<,**'':>^fb*i".tshim A-es\tu*w**t
Part of the opposition press it still
harping on the question of eight hours
and ten hoars and trying to .how that
..tut iii the wage? of the quart!
miners of the Slocan is not bciug
attempted by the miue owners. Now,
if they knew at much about mines and
miners as they do about pumpkins
and politics tbey would know that
quartz miners do not hire out to woik
by r.he hour, but by tho day or khift,
which is the term for a days work.
If some of tin so advocates of-cheap
labor, who are tiying to imprest upoii
the Slocan miners the fact that $3
per day is better than §3.50 per day
and that at the end of a month's
work their cheques would be bigger
at the $3. per day wage, would turn
their attention to aouie more plausible
arguments they might do some good
for their employers, tbe mine owners'
At it is tbe average Slocan miner it
using hit own head to do hia own
thinking aud ia able to figure the proposition ou1; for himself without any
help from the mine o*ners or their
The Nanaimo Herald, one of Ibe
youngest but also one of tiie strontji-M
local newi-pipers of tho Pi mince, in
making n gallant effort to induce its
renders to crysluliiz-i their anti-Chin-
eso sentiments into a boycott against
Chinese laundries and Chinese gardeners. Thit is tho proper method ot
attacking the evil which bids fair to
become a great menace to tlio coal-
niiners of Nannimo and Wellington
[f the cOal miners or qn,.itz miners dn
not desire Cnincse competition in
their line, they cannot, but refuse to
eneouragn Chinese competition with
white labor in other line* Be consistent, support white lahor,;encour.i_<e
home industry and rid the province of
the Chinese.
From Bosun Lauding. T-Os,
Bosun   fi<i.)
From New Denver.                          Tons
Marion .., 20
From Ten .Mile.
Enterprise   680
From Slocan City, Terns
Tamil rue  20
Bluek l'rlnco 20
Cliuplean  16
From Silverton. Tor.t
Corst'ick     20
" concent rates    100
En ily Edith    60
Fidelity     3
Noonday 50)
Vancouver 320
Wakefield .-SO
The leading men among British
Columbia Oonqervntives have satisfied
themselves, rightly or wrongly, that
their part; it in the majirity in British
Columbia and they Intend, if -jlouiblc,
Followinc is a complete list of lhe
mining transactions recorded dm inn tlie
•vcok for the Slooan Mining Division.
Rent 26—Sven, Dardanelles basin, J.
W. Bower.   Pulman  Eraclion,  Cody cr,
Ac B. Doekatttder.
27-Midiington. Silver mt, P. Lind-
quist and 1. Shannon. Ruslivillo, reelu
Broken Drill, P Altnff-.r. OM Man, s e
Silverion, A S Reed. V Fraction, near
Al-mo, A .1 Becker. Cape Fraction,
same, Lv X Butt.
88—Hit Me and Take It. near Idaho,
DJ McDonald, Home Run Fraciion,
Carpenter er, C W Groen'oe. Kimr, on
Cody cr, M McAndiews. Limit Fraction, C.Hjy ck, same.
29—Henreita, n I Carpenter, by I. Tl
Weill. Commonwealth, Finnel ck, E M
Blindlfl. Bntton Fraction, Howaon ck, J
It Cameron, C E Johnson* J k C Fraction, smne, Standard, Cody ck, J Dock*
Oct 2-Ootr. Pan), Tributary ck, W 11
Brandon. Mud Sill. same. Checkmate
Fraction, Silver ml, F. E Fam-iiier and
V II Bilme. Moonlight, Hc-.l nit, E
Dower. Biiitreiiin II iv Frstiinn, Hllvta
mt. 0 E Strickland. Bendign Fracila^
Idnho bnsin. W H Yontur. Benlmv nr,
Kliiin. W S Drewry. Triumph, aame, P
•I Hiekey. Libliio Fraetii.n, Fi-lelilv
buite. I) McLeod nnd .1 A Taylor.
4—Two Jacks Fraction, Payne mt, P
M II->•_..*. Copper Top, Eight Milo ck,
J R Barrett,
0—Silver Vault, Silver mt. A .Tuenli-nn.
Solo, r.'iino, 1' Linnqubrt, Sktlatk Frnc-
(ion, Cody ek, J l.aniz. Skviatk Frac
tiun -.iiiiic., R Al.n*i>eii;liin. (ii.i.yo'.v, in
Twin Like Basin, U Kay and A J Mc:-
7—Adeld Fraction, Gold ek, II Thorn-
9— Union Cody ck It A Langill, Davis
Pavne mt, .1 Wllllnmaon
10—Colninlnw, Silver mt, W Mcrklev,
E P Bremner.
TIlANfll ins.
Sep 2ft—Moncton, a B Doo'csfoader to
.1 Docksteader, Am B. Motintuin Scenery nml OuBtlnul, 1-1(1 ciii-Ii. ,J C Bntli-r
io F l.lbtober und II«; Wheeler, ou Sent
27-l'Kini.reld.i % C Anoerson to C E
Seymour, Sept 15.
39— PiilmaiiFraeUon, A D I) elcHtflnder
tn J Docksteader, S-t.i 27.
Oci 8—Fidelity, Craekerjack, and hi
of Broken Lock, agreement _ McDonald!
T J l.e-ndrniii nnd F J Fiiiiieanc to N \V
Minii,« Svndlciil.', H.*j,r 2H. Eowca 'a'
T BroWn and ,1 Miller lo V ,1 Sarin, Kojit
30.    Kven yt samo lo same,,' ept ,10,
4-Vega hi, 3 Brown to snnie, satno
Bump lM'4,e hi, Eastern Township li,
T 0 Hartiiiuti to J A McDonald, on Sept
7—Cliitopa and Oplunka, F A Steel
to J O Steel, June 3.
Sept 27—Robin, Ia>s Veins, 2.-AI-
haiiii rn, Cownpore, Golcfn M'oneler,
Medium. 29-l*»rro'i. 80-Mnrvarct
Fraction, Sioran Yet. Daybreak, liiniuh-
Ini; Waters. Oct 2— Dtai.a, 1— toe'Bee
_3ton;.i._.Silr.r Vault.    .'I-!,,,'..-.    .r.r.   ■'
(2.00 f-er Annum
The  Best!
Ni.ll Ii**]-.:—  "I'.vrmsui*, *-it.vr.ii 1'i.mk. I f Tc<» la^swisct Vine
■   S-Oci-M, Victohm No.   I and  Wam| 1_/_i*w I\iJUC IfU\
Mim r ii Claim-.; i>itiiaie in ihe &X icati I
City Ululng Division of Wont Koolena>
Whore    located .—We'st    ol   Dayton i
l.reek, a mile SOQth of Hi :i. ^e-r i n-ek.
1'iiko nn'ic. liml I, J. Mun jy McGregor, |
arti:i|» as tn/etit for l!u> New Gold FittM* '
of Briti-b Columbia, Limltod, Freo  Min-
ers Certificate  No. n212.i7, Intend oixtj
days from t.ie.elati! hereof, to apply lo
the Minim." Recorder for a Ci rllucite cj
IniprovementH, for tlie purpose ol obtaining* Crown Grant ol the above clams.
Anil further take nol ire tbnt niton
under section 37, mnil le commenced
lierore lhe issuance of stub Certiliiate o
Dated thle.21st day of September, 1899.
J. M. McGrroob.
25 | 9 I 09.
Owine to'a reduction in miners' **vai{cs |
oanaed hy the enforcement of ihe einht;
hour law, tbe miners nre all idlo and the •
mines have   shut down.   Therefore all
wmklii"iin-n are hereby warred to koep
away from   tbp  Slocan   and   Kootenay
crniitrv, British Columbia, until present
troubles aro   amicably  settled   between
mine owners nnd miners.
Bandon, B. C.      W. L Ifnifler,
June 2nd. 1800.        Secretary   Sandon
Miners' I'nion
J. M M BeBedtUn,
Prcn. Silvertuti M. II
J. I. Molntoehi
Secretary,    Silverton
Miners' Cnion.
R U E U M;A T I S M  A^D   ALL
Try It-Prove It.
Boots and Shoes.
m\t9m Two doors sooth of Post Ollirc;.
SILVERTON,   •   -   -   B. 0.
TIIE VILVI RTONIAN,   |2. a tear.
Oaigle's Blacksmith Shon.
Gcneml Elhfk_niilltiiig
anil Rf*|Kifrin? hw,
Fraction, Dmrnluroen. Homestalro, and
Nnrll.ern   Bell.     5—Fi.l.-lity   Fraction,
L.iko Fraction. Daribin.-lle')
No 2.     'I—
l.armle, Old Tom Moore, Patarniiican.
9—Moncton, Hnnrino, Twiliizbt, Gopher,
Grand View, Omega. 10—Old man and
Sep 2n-Eiireka  No 2,   Mineral   Hill.
Oct 0—Northern BejU.
Oct 7-Clms I', Hflna..lo„ liJ^unjujol-
S .DAIGT.K,       SILVERTON, B. 0.
To Packers
and Freighters.
-Fpr (S_ale-
21 Pack Moles.
6 Work Mules.
2 Saddle lionet..
iit>[ii<*ji_*CW>»i._r,__pHM*«*r.ci tsmt^MOian
'^im^^»*%ar%a\%lm^ ^^5«W*sW&


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