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Silverton Silvertonian 1898-01-08

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Is H«w Mug towlepw. fey Ir.
Work Has »*«« Mmm4 ob th« Taxes
Hey   trswetton bbU   Cracker   Jack—
•ottkwrit RIbIbc Association.
Last Tuesday E. Bammelmeyer, of
Rossland, arrived In Silverton, accompanied by M. Newman, J. Anderson, J.
Strom, W. Kiel and A. Johnson,miners,
and it wm soon learned that work would
begin at once on the Emily Edith. No
time was lost in purchasing provisions
end making other arrangements preparatory to an early start for the mine
the following morning.
No trouble wee experienced In making
the ascent to the mine, and six men
are et present engaged in development
work, and the force will be gradually
increased from time to time as fast as
room can be made for tbem, and work
will be carried on without any let np
until the property la thoroughly developed.
Work on this property will lie watched
with keen interest by mining men in
general, as some very high grade ore
baa been encountered, and the claim is
looked .upon a* one of the promising
propertiee io this mineral belt.
Mr. Bemmelmeyer baa become quite
heavily interested in mining property
around 8ilv*rton, having acquired interacts in the Silverton Boy, Silver Standard, Giant, W. II. B. and several other
promising properties besides the Emily
Edith, nnd he Intends opening op
all of ell them during Uie present year.
He is a thorough mining man and aa he
has ample capital at hla command, he
dees not intend that any property which
he acquires title to shall remain undeveloped. - Mr. Bammelmeyer has
shown bis faith in Silverton'* mineral
resources by backing up his judgment
by already investing large sums money
in purchasing properties, and no doubt
to thus doing, will be the direct cause ot
bringing other capitalist* this way who
will atoo aid let the devetoresee* -ol
valuable propertiee.
persons living at a distance from
wy of these offices {n (procuring
their parcel*. Every package arriving
hymailfrom any place outside manifesto to the collector of customs at the
nearest port or subport to the place to
which the package is directed for examination as to the liability of contents
to customs duty. On arrival ol the
packages the postal officer must affix to
each parcel a red label with bis memorandum thereon directing bow the parcel is to be dealt with by the customs.
In 54 places, chiefly In Manitoba, the
North West Territoritles and British
Columbia, postmasters are authorised to
collect customs duties on postal packages. Duties, however, to bo collected
at the s points must first be assessed at
the nearest part or subport.
On Tuesday of this week four men
who had been employed for some time
in Kazan's camp on the Crow's  Nest
Railway made application to the government agent here (or food and lodging.
They stated  that they were destitute.
They had been working on the railway
for eome.time, but found from month to
month that they  were getting deeper
into debt with the contractor.    Questioned M to how that could be, they said
that though they wers being paid tl 60
per day, they had to pay $4-60 per week
for board, and this with the charges for
necessary articles of wearing apparel,
and the number ol days they were idle
during the month, they could  not get
square with their employer.   The men
were (ed and lodged over  night iu the
jail.   The following morning tbey were
given breakfast, and took the road for
Goat river, hoping thus to reach West
Kootenay  where  they   thought  tbey
might obtain employment.   Tbeee men
were all stout fellows who looked capable and willing to do a full day'a work.
The fact is becoming apparent that when
the press of work on the  Crow's Nest
Railway begins to slacken some thousands of men without means of subsii-
tence will be thrown upon the charity of
Southern British Columbia,—Prospector.
Wm. Hunter visited Nelson this week.
a Ten-
Mews. Holts. Williamson and Byron
have began development work thin week
on the Cracker Jack, which joins the
Fldelty, and the owners think tbey have
another as rich a bonansa ae the
Fidelity, and tbey intend opening it op
M rapldry as possible.
Work wm started this week on the
TexM Boy Fraction. A tunnel will be
driven io I )0 feet, and it the property
shows op Mis expected by the owners,
the mountain side will be penetrated soother 100 feet. This property la owned
by Messrs. J.N. Nuun end J. E. Barrett, and adjoins th* Cascade on the
E. J. Field, Into manager of the Wonderful mine, la quoted by the Sandon
Review, as saving; "There is no limit
to the amount of good to be accomplished by intelligent organization on the
part of mining men such aa la contemplated by the Northwest Mining Association. There must be complete aud
hearty co-operation between the mine-
owners and employee, to that each wid
feel that the benefits resulting to them
are commensurate with the outlay involved oo their part. To be effectual
such a plan should embrace an efficient
and hospital service, which could be
maintained by the diversion to the association's treasury ol the monthly payments ol one dollar which are now being
collected from the wcge-earner and paid
to outside hospitals lor service which In
many instances are far from satisfactory.
Life and accident insurance, to be furnished at actual coat to members of the
association, would follow in doe course
and an endowment (nnd should be established for those who may pass a certain age limit, and inch employee ae
may be permanently disabled while engaged In mining. Such an organisation
can readily secure proper and needed
legislation for the benefit of IU members. Legislation cot*Id be reduced to a
minimum and an effectual stop placed
upon the absorption A mineral lands
by railroads and otlier corporations."
The new regulation t governing the
treatment ol peckagea and parcels arriving .in Canada through pottofiioes
went into effect on January 1st. Heretofore all such packages have been sent
to the 57 offices known as exchange
offices throughout the Dominion, necea-
Washington, Jan 4.—The second issue
of the daily consular reports from the
bureau of foreign commerce of the state
department Is devoted to a report -from
United S'.atea Consul Smith at Victoria,
upon the lawa of British Columbia relative to stock companies and trading corpora linos,
Mr. Smith rays tho question arose as
to whether obstaolei were being placed
in the way ot corporation* of the United
States operating in Canadian territory.
Hesars investigation shows that such is
not the case; the laws are the eaine for
cititen* of the United States aa tor residents of the province. In order to prevent fraud, however, regulations have
been recently passed by the provincial
parliament requiring an official representative of the foreign corporation to
be a resident of the province.
Thirty Killed and the List cf  Wounded
Fully One Hundred and Fifty.
Last Monday evening a large crowd
xathered at the city hall in London,
Ont., to Helen to the successful as well as
the unsuccessful municipal candidates.
The hall was old, but wm auppoted to be
sound, though it had not been used for
some time. As the meet ing progressed
the tremendous audience became enthused and indulged in a good deal ol
applauding of candidates by stamping
of the feet, which it is supposed to have
loosened the beams, and at 9 o'clock
part ol the tfoor over the city engineer's
office gave may, and a couple ot hundred
people were precipitated into the room
below, where on them large beams fell,
and, worse than all, the massive iron safe
and a steam coil, which crushed and
pinned scores ol unfortunate people.
The scene in the hall wm indescribable. People went half road trying to
get out. The cry of fire started, and
the police and firemen were quickly on
the spot, and as sooo as the horrible
situation wm realised the services ol
both were used in carrying the dead and
wounded to the hospitals. Large crowds
gathered in the streets, where the contusion and excitement was terrible, nobody knowing who might not be among
the dead or injured, who were not all
secured for two hours.
It le claimed that those instantly
killed will number fully thirty persons,
while the number of wounded is close
to a 160, many of whom cannot
recover from their injuries.
The Reoo mine Is at prsMnt shipping
II tons per day.
The Le Rol smelter at Northport is
espectod to blow in next week.
The   annual meeting ot the British
{Colombia mining enginoera will meet
«Uai^ljr^-'*^g4|^~««  tlj« 'f«rt C4 taJVe«a«aW**rt*Jaii«aWW|e\.
T. Cox it visiting with friends
New Year's day passed off quietly in
W. C. Klnnoa is visiting cities on the
• oast this week.
Peter Llndquist wm over from New
Denver Thursday.
J. McMaster, ot Revelstoke, wm in
town Wednesday.
L. Chisbolm and A. Smith, Sandon-
ites, were Silverton visitors Wednesday.
Rev. Powell and wife spent the fore
part of the week with friends at Sandon,
Miss Agnes Barclay 'waa seriously ill
the tore part of the week, but is now
The SavxBToxux force is placed under obligation to W. 8. Clark for their
New Year's dinner.
Ed White and Alf Wilds are camped
t.. the opposite side of the lake, devoting their time to hooting and fishing.
A. W. Maxwell returned from 8andon
this morning, and will stay with Silver-
ton, as he finds no place like it in the
Grant Thorburn paid the city of Nelson a brief visit the fore part of the
week. He repoits business brisk in
that metropolis.
Foreman Lewis wm down from the
Vancouver mine Wednesday. He
wears a broad smile these dare, but is
too busy to tarry long with his friends.
J. Tin ling, wbo has been spending
the holidays with friends and relatives
in Western Washington, returned home
Thursday.   He reports a pleasant time.
Work on the Lakeview is progressing
favorably, the tunnel now being in
nearly 150 feet, and it is expected that
the lead will be topped within the next
60 feet.
New Year's day wm celebrated at
Eureka, a small mining camp near
Grand Forks, with a shooting tonrna-
njent in which <hree 4uea were badly
J. Tail was down trqm the Frisco Saturday and Sunday, and expressed hint-
sell as being well pleased with the development of that property. He returned to the mine Monday.
A. A. Webb was up to the Fisher
Maiden this Week, cleaning the mow off
the roots of the buildings. Mr. Webb
is confident that work will be resumed
on this valuable property In the near
Rev. Booth held services at the school
house Thursday evening. He is an able
speaker, and merits better congregaliona
than that which has greeted him on
former occasions. He will hold services
every Thursday evening.
K. L. Barnett, Provincial land surveyor, of Rossland, arrived in town
Thursday evening with a force of men
and Is making the survey ot the Emily
Edith. Application will be made tor a
Crown grant aa soon aa th* survey is
Purser McDonald, who baa been enjoying a six-week'e lay-off has returned
from the coeat, and ia once more at hit
poet of duty on the steamer Slocan. He
is a general favorite with the traveling public, and all his friends will ;be
anxious to know as to whether trip extended aa for as San Francisco.
J. A. Campbell, wbo has had charge
of H. Cleaver's meat market in thia city
since it waa first opened last fall, will
bid adieu to Silverton friends and leaves
for greener fields and pastures new.
Mr. Campbell ia a hale fellow well
met, and has a host ol friends here who
will wish him success where e're be may
The reaction In business which
usually takes place after the gayetiee ol
the holidays has been noticeable to a
gtMter extent thao usual the past week,
as the men who came down from the
hills have returned to their work, and
in some instances the forces at the
mines havo been increased, which has
lett but few idle men iu town.
.. •-. ■   i  i <
by   the   Canadian   Pacific   company
on ore shipments from this place to
Nelson, which leaves the rate under the
new tariff sheet $S.20 against $6.00 prior
to the completion of the Slocan Crossing road. The rate to Kaslo has also
been reduced from $6.00 per ton to $4.00.
Mine owners should be truly thankful
for these email favors, as it means a
saving cf many hundred dollars annually to the shippers.
The Comstock shipped 90 tons ot ore
to the Tacoma smelter Thursday and
the Vancouver 40 tons to the Evorett
smelter, via the C. P. R. The Vancouver
has 40 tons at the wharf. The roads are
now In excellent condition-for hauling
down ore from these two mines and
shipments will continue all winter at
abort the present rate of from four to
five cars per week.
Fi F. Liebscher, Silverton's genial'
knlgbt of the scissors and cloth, has
purchased a cottage-; cook stove, and
other paraphernalia needed for housekeeping, aod says his happiness would
be complete if he could find one ot the
gentler eex who would ass! ,t him In
assuming the responsibilities of caring
for his home. This is a rare opportunity
for om of Silverton's f iir daughters to
secure a comfortable home. Foi full
particulars enquire at the tailor shop.
Word was received this morning
thai D.Dunn had died at his homo io
New Denver, shortly after daylight.
Mr, Djnn waa well and favorably known
throughout this portion of British Colombia, having came west at the time
of the construction of the Canadian Pacific, having been a prominent contractor on the same. Last summer Mr.
Dunn erected the wharfs at Rosebery,
* New Denver, Silverton and Slocan aod
has a host friends io all the towns along
the lake, who will extend condolence to
the bereaved family ot the deceased.
The steamer Slocan made a special
to this point Monday with a car load of
lumber for J. A. McKinnon A Co. The
lumber will be used in the erection of a
building 22x32, adjoining their atore.
Which will be occupied by J the postoffice.
The office will be moved from the storeroom as soon as the new quarters are
ready for occupany, and will be fitted
np oa a mora extensive scale, Mneare.
McKinnon & Co. an determined that the
people Of Silverton shall have first-class
mail facilities, so far as lies within
their power and are deserving of great
praise lor their enterprise in thia direction.
Considerable annoyance has been experienced the past week by Silvertooitee
Who have been accustomed to fresh
meats three times a day, owing to a
change in the ownership of the market
at this place and New Denver. H.
Cleaver has sold out his interests in
both chops to P. Burns, wbo will reopen the Silverton market next Monday. Mr. Burns practica'ly controls the
meat trade ot the entire iCootenay country, baring shops in gll the principal
towns. It is not known at the present
time who will have charge of the market at thla point.
Cspt Hall, Mamger »f the k Iw,
is Instantly I3M.
in mi raw luu ww.
Stoma (lettlBK Draws to a Solid ■«*!•
tseas    ■Saais - Britain's   Mlasral
Rowland, Jan. 5.—Oapt Wm. Hall,
the superintendent of the Le Roi, wm
killed nt 6:20 thia evening by falling
down the wain shaft from the surface
to the 600-foot level. The body wm
terribly injured by the fall, and the
remains were hardly recognizable.
The captain went underground
about 4 o'clock this afternoon on his
usual inspection of the mine. Arriving at the 600-foot level safely, he
examined the progress being made
io extending the shaft to the 700-foot
level, and subsequently made a tour
through the west drift at the 600-foot
level. He then climbed into the west
skip and wm raised to the surface.
A moment later he stepped off the
skip. What happened then will never
be exactly known. The only witness
was the engineer on the duty at the
time. He Mys that instead of getting
off on the floor of the shaft house
Oapt Hall stepped upon a ten-inch
beam that separated the compartments. He evidently slipped aod
was precipitated dowo the mine
nearly 700 feet The body is southed
beyond recognition. Au inquest will
be held.
According to the New Denver's correspondent to the Spokesman-Review,
tho Vancouver mine of Silverton is
shipping more ore at the present time
than all the other mines combined
throughout the Slocan division—350 tons
per day. This correspondent, whoever
he may be, apparently has but little regard for the truth, a« tbe Vancouver la
shipping 80 to 100 tons per week, instead
860 tons Per day.
Agent Clark has been notified that a
Sandon will hold Its first municipal
election on tbe 22d Inst.
The Idaho aod Ahoo concentrator at
Three Forks is now running steadily,
It is said that Genelle Bros, eaw mill
at Nakusp ia running full time, with
plenty of orders ahead.
J. M. Harris has purchased Black's
hotel at Sandon. Mr. Harris now owns
three ot the leading hotel buildings in
that mining metropolis.
Ghaa. Borene, tbe Whitewater hotel
keeper who waa charged with assaulting and thua attributing to the death of
Albert Ash ton, was discharged, aa the
evidence was not sufficient to warrant in binding him over for trial.
Messrs. J. C. Eaton of Spokane,
Wash., aod W. E. Price of Oakland,
Call., have sold their interee s—one-
third Mch—in the Whitewater group
to the ' London aud British Columbia
Gold Fielda company, limited, $150,000
having been paid on Friday of last
week. The'mine wm sold on the basis
of|a valuation of $450,000. This does.not
look as though English capital bad lost
faith toanv great extent in Slocan lead-
silver mines. For some months past
the Whitewater has been shipping about
200 tone of ore per week, end baa been
paying regular monthly dividends.
I reduction ut $1.80 per ton t)M been made and It be creoaetod
One of the moat remarkable wills ever
filed in the surrogate, New York, iathat
of Henry Morehouse Tabor, offered for
probate last Tuesday. In spite of the
fact that Mr. Tabor wm president aod
treasurer of the board of trustees ol the
First Presbyterian church, in the opening clause of his will be denounces ell
religion as a sham and as having Its
origin in superstition. He requested
that no servicM be held over tho body,
Au inside viaw of a mining camp's
working ia \% better criterion of its
state of Development importance and
value thao the rush to it of adventurers who hope to reap where they
have not sown. The following testimony from an outsider will sufficiently
convey the fact thnt the mine-owners
of. the Slocan are not idle,
"Although one hears much less talk
about the Slocan country thia year
than formerly,! bad rather take my
chances io that rid. mineral country
than in the much boomed Klondyke,"
remarked W. A 0. Weymouth, a
mining man of Portland, who has
just returned from a long stay iu the
"There is more work going on io
the Slocan mines nnd prospects this
year thao ever before,1' continued Mr,
Weymouth, "although the towns scattered through the Kootenay hills are
undoubtedly quiet and business is not
nearly so good as it was a year ago.
Thia is no doubt due to the fact that
the floating population is so much
smaller. There is no Ihnger a rush to
the Kootenay ot prospectors and adventurer*. Those who go have business there, and matters are consequently settling down to a solid basis.
A great many mines will pay hand
some dividends to their owners this
season, and taking all io all, I regard
the great silver belt that stretches
north from Ainsworth to Sandon aa
the best mining country on the
American  continent."—Kootenaiau.
only 10,168 tons having been produced in 1896, whereas the output in
1863 wm 210,000 tons. Flint mining
still survives at Brandon, in Suffolk;
the produce of a few shallow mines
worked in a most primitive fashion
suffices to supply the gradually diminishing demand for gun flints, which
are exported to savage countries.
Referring to gold ore, the report
points out that compared with the
yield of the colonies and many coon-
tries the amount 'fit gold obtained in
Britain ia insignificant; neverthelen
mineral vein* in North Wales have
from time to time furnished considerable quantities of rich, auriferous
quart*. Io 1896 the five mines in
Merionethshire produced 2,706 tone
of ore, from which 1,351 J ounces ot
gold, having a value of £5,035, were
obtained. This, however, is a much
lower output than that of the previous year. The principal iron-producing districts at the present time
are Cleveland in North Yorkshire,
yielding over 5,000,000 tons annually,
and Cumberland and North Lancashire, with an output of over 2,000,-
000 tons. The Cleveland ore is an
earthy carbonate, containing about 30
per cent of metal, while the red
hematite of the two other counties
yields 60 to 60 per cent The total
quantity of iron ore obtained from
the mines and quarries last year was
12,500,000 tons.—Mining Critic,
An account ot the quantity and
values ot the minerals obtained from
tho mines, quarries, blue books, etc.,
in the United Kingdom during the
year 1896 is given in a blue book tost
issued, and which will interest many
people in British Columbia. In
1896 the total output of coal wm
196,361,270 tons; ot this amount
9,300 tons were obtained from open
quarries. The seams worked in England vary from 11 to 12 inches to
30 feet in thickness, and in Scotland
seams of canncl coal only six inchea
in thickness ate being worked. The
only mine worked tor cobalt and
nickel ore is io Flintshire, and after
being idle for several years it ha*
lately been reopened. The mine affords an instance of the recurrence of
the mineral absolane with red clay in
irregular cavities in the carboniferous
limestone. Copper mining is rapidly
decreasing in importance in Britain,
British diplomacy sometimes seems a
bit alow, but British fleets Svldom pro-
ciastinate when there is work to do.
Great Britain gave Europe a lesson in
sea power when the "flyiog squadron,"
able to scope with any foreign fleet, wm
mobilised in the channel without drawing a ship off the foreign stations, and
stood ready to meet an enemy at My
point at borne or abroad. Now she gives
Asia a lesson in the sudden appearance
in Co roan waters of seventeen ships,
able to meet any hostile combination
and able, with the aid of thirty Japanese ships, to dominate tbe whole .northern Pacific coast of Axis, to shot up the
Russian ships io port and to cut off
French and German reinforcement.
This celerity of action and alert pre- '
paredness for hostilities always has beso
the secret of British successes at sea.
More oo the ocean than on the land victory is with the commander who concentrates his force at tbe right time and
place. Napoleon died in exile because
be could not fight on two elements si
once, aod bad no naval duplicate suddenness with which this fleet looms up
io the Yellow Sea that recalls the appearance ol Nelson iu tbe Bay of Biscay
when Villeneuve thought he wm cruising in the West Indies. That wm the
curtain raUter for the world drama ot
One must reflect upon the conditions
of modern naval warfare to realise the
Importance of England's advantage, assuming that she has a complete understand! ng with Japan. Steam ironclads
cannot keep the sea and fight far from
tbe naval bases, like old wooden sailing
ships. The very lite ol a modern ship
depends upon ports ol coaling aod refitting near at band. Russia liM one such
port at Vladivostok, but Germany h»s
none in Asia. Great Britain has several
ot herowo within a few day's steaming,
and all tbe resources of Japan are at
ber disposal within a few hours. It any -
thing could make the theatrical German
crusade more ridiculous than the imperial rbedomontade which ushered it
in, it is that Prince Henry muat buy
coal at a half doseo British ports on his
way to China. Not only Is the British
fleet on the ground before the German
fleet starts, but the latter is absolutely
dependet non British help to make ita
Journey. The Russians are little (better off, because the English and Japanese
could shut them off in Port Arthur snd
Vladivostok, and work their will in
Cores and Pekln.
Tbia move opens a new phase in the
game of Europeanlsing China. Great
Britain's protest against tbe Idlsplace-
ment of British administrators in Cores
is an earnest of the way in which she
will meet the developing planslfor Rus-
sianicing'the Chinese administration.
British policy apparently is .to tahe no
part in the partition ot China, >ither to
share it or prevent it, but to require tho
most absolute guaranties for her trade
and to protect it against unfriendliness
of administration ot any part of the em«
plre In whioh her commercial interests
are greater than all other foreigners.
To this end she will menace Russia, oppose Germany, support Japan, exhaust
the resources of diplomacy, aod, if at
last needful, v ill fight. This is tbe no-'
tloe she has just served upon Europe.-*
New York Commercial Advertiser.
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r. The Tailor,
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W,**»W«^ *<**•**-«*   rf ptito ^ *^ jg « » 4UV .ih»«
'^v™*-****-** THORBURN HOUSE,
llsvns&est ggfil anatss-sa A» i mU
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sto)M«r U*m*tH*.imi**j • —-^f-rsffrn ■■#l-g-r sff trrtrr r-f-T '*■*"■*'»— 'l'"   "^     ^'^:
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stotol Ukat, «Wfo **« WMitsI Mi lavev
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|4asns, a«4 to*  saarfc a to*
'**»^*»«' jiBbs^nlamigfckss «tokto e« *B
toM eMto al tWMMtor,    IMnnrato^tonr «<* n«w «i 5f<w Tans'x.;sgltm. ^ ^^^ , ,.;,',."iVmM
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iilitow fs Wkk mek t*%**^ » w^- Uvt, »^ m*»Mt •**>* *tl»is»>^.   Tft*»««»is efcirf. to« gnU is *jmA
«r*wk*,y*tm**r • IWM* to*»itor And tbrnnfn 3f*» Ye»fs «r* ew oV-1^^»ifc ftatforst is ant •» r*A in tU
4tUto$t»t**ty«<** -4 tettorm » IteWl into V^   «f 3t« «anJWBtoJ»«««*r -»»•-  »» ^ « ** *
atmsa^n^rnto   bfastit. a^'TfeMtor*, ire*«MM U X~ r^*,\(^^^t^^J^i        TarCLeS
mfUnU9wmku»mmf%iku brit»k't*tm ***& p*t%Ut for •hrtit JSJw^ZTtlii^^iB«ai
OytonrWn   prnwrteew rnavto an  s^ipnWt   to   *ve~Jurj-»   H*»ri ^^.t „, oj^j, ,toirtr ,«w ^..j
l*«ftoti  M Vmtm •**  (tiMls   * Hf9**, r.    ■ \Tb* »v„ri ia oVue* sytuaatkaily aed u,
aniawrftjr «l   ton o-tawn-nl U Uk\   r« P«vtosi.l Lsa^atstoan   «ffl [iwwtogWF»««« h » «o«-**t*Sy p«A-, ^ ,FAT 4ND CLFAN
Hotel Victoria.
fc*»s^tto*,ntfow,lBt;M*™a^t^^ .af^tospiteflftbefowxra^^t^orei
•snMtMM4n*o^H*MtorM«t4Mri*g „ „ ** f?1'..- jftjj "^
•nn£*ir»wf«forforators,   A «m»,     YirrmnAr -« »n* d*t* .art ^l^^n^rilT jpr**J
T#i«# rSnMfsavy • slny -psnsM lyy but
•/MtavMiflti^M tot*] are avMwl to ton
■Wy*HPF»w (W    wWW 0P0^0v0w I0W0   10^^000
tHrmtUm, mm tbmAy fnopttwU*
0wUbbwf0im»i4k*ilUM»tt4) mi*-
torawktof ipstsnl np.   TRtov ****
W9¥*   ^PbHP  si^^lWn" P0vl"W    00    %^PW      mSt^JwTTj
ftmkm, mU tA *UUto m mart Unm-
wtf ritostod, m& net* «fsrr .«4l«a-
Wflfl^er   ^P       •^Wa^P^rTPWjJ     V0"J      ^f ^^Wto^WI
fo tMt nt alllMrf f/^ tfot first w**jk ie
Ifen fmr, AgfMpmmU mm Mn%
pmimi+i wWsit s*fsfal &thw pr*p-
•VtiM e>UI tasgin sVe^rfssMt ill •
favy shut lit**, Tks new y*ar nlll
tmoMvt gvani, nsUvtty awnfig itw
MUfsfton wIom, an4 msojr smr, »Jnn-
ftsri will bo a4d#d t« ttw lis*,
. fveio w
ftsM ftM* «n NMft «C tins   iitm,— j to* tnrsmtim tor Tbenfors Vvrtttt, > mOKh umiu/rr—Vht mine; i*i* Ui/ to i*»t |
i be i
Tmmw is ft ftotinf ot dlssstlr^actfofi
In Vistftfift, tnlng to tfc* /Mt that the
Oana4ian g9r«/*}m#nt will fswmlt the
Vf*lt#4 Mt«to» to <vm4 Bfovisfnos Into
ton Ktovtfyk* eonetrf fre« of duty.
TImm* protisioM ftrs to m tnksn in
for Um r-slkf of starring- miners who
are Amnrtesn subfost*, and fcavs
wpsrad Into OsiiaOa—not with any
tntoiition of bt-Mfomlng «\i\wm -hot to
neotimttlat* oil tl»s g»)4 th«y son and
flMMi mtirn to (Mr nntlrs land with
tto»lr nowl* ae<idlr#4 WMlth, W« fall
io *«« whsra Osfiftdlans wilt tons sny
dl»|/lay of patriotism by Allowing tbn
1 JniM HtfttM to provid* for \m sub-
jests woo bars wsuly ru»M to lb«
tor nortb wlUwwie taking «ufnoi«nt
fnud e/lth i\mm. Ybsliountsd S'oKm
will bavo too relief party gndrr
charge, and sue that no goods an sold
plftWy (WllroMng duty
Tn» LmoVsw Tntnen
fbo ftsdton attrmef **nan-n  n gnbl
tosis M soon mvm&fafUx*o»h*rwm ;■
tbo ssintn asnnt >/« rMpensd.''   Tb*
rsspsning of ton minto is tbe nnly |
nay in wttidi proepefrty esn be
stored, | nvtits for tb« use of tb» Canadian
{>i«tT*>w-ior«bMto»l«d ton public so j for «*»lori*s.
nrgM pIlMrin ^(^ 0^ (^ Vj;j h4lft th^f Jjtou^      Alt <A ftl Ml lag
1 until aftor tb« «6rpM is torotd
to tJ»* pectnto
v^os in A-ulr.li* ,
». c.
has    bt^n
run north sod sooth, and i«*ve a dip of I
2Tj<J*gr«e east an-i vrst. In ■<,f»:n*i
fixe roioess »h«It issonk nntit the vein ;
fostrocfc*.   Then U»b miners work   ap-|
re-1!*^ adopting'tito'tWvarTeto.to^l^^^^' IS "TuSI I
»* •/    • __ I sod downira/d to tbe shaft, throa*!*!
i n*»w for tbe we of tbe (knsd»n io- wl#ien H ^ M1W/J l0 ,be tiitU„f ,bere
Tuft n^SSl^sr^   at Ot- ^ ~* *£*• "*™ «*&'»j» -»•-'-
fannistotrwIucingatiH vt tl« pr*n- j ^ whkh <****" <* «*• ^ **>
1 <$« ounces.   Tbe pator-t only is w: -
Hotel Selkirk
*wt sMsion of tbn kgislatnre providing liiat nn p«r*on entoring tiie rm
curt A Uom HwKttoti-(}*,R*n\ Oliver.
ploy »f tb« provimr*. aft^r /anMry I T*°*"u wi" *• *'W «» »*• »».«»
Ist>lf|0,s1»airbeentitl«lto. retir-!or'*#'000 wt*"^ ^ • con,f',tte
Ing ^atlowsncw,    Tbn government  it
supply to th'j forces.
sftfd to l*»dsifions slso «f carr/iogoot j MOXTK VAHl/)'H HKVK&VK,
tba prinnipJs in tl»« bill introdtf^d Tbs slteged attompt of toe prinea'of
pridntoly/tbi obj"Ct of nblcb Is to'JI«nseoto"»/lnfd"ttieCaShw compsny
permit tbe gsriiisfaeingof tbe Mls'ries | "** I*' »o «»<« puhllcation of.thspsmph-
of tflrll MrYants, th# Inability to do mi* *P"" <*
which in 'the pasi bMbssn a consider-
abbi grbrvanos among tradesmen grjd
llM 0SU*Wd th« growth of ft Urg<- f.urn
bsr of dendlx-ats In thn dvil service
Tug eitisens of ipohonn bans eon-
trlbntod 11,009 toward ' a fund -of
140,000 wblcb is to W raised tvt\Wll"mi *•  mslntentnce of tbs Canjno,
tors tbroagbovt the UrIM *«t*» rn>9,tt*e) ^arto, polhte^ ete.,/»,000, the
Th«. friends of silv«* are waking s'tflergy and »«ho.il* ^o,(KKl. dmiltlcs
gallant ngbt, and have no cause for(*fl,0W, \f*r#*i<rn\«>r\n £ll.000an'l the
fssllng disooursged, ' Ifsrs would be f«*^lken»rt losses MfiW.  The <livi-
sbarrholders flili of
interMtlug msdlnf. While everyliody
Is susrs l bat the Casino coolrif/tit'd
Isrsely to bis reveuMiew hoew Ihst be-
sldes tit* huUMy (A the prince tbe «*tsh-i
lishmerit kissp* np ttie indgrti, pollen,
lighting, water, poJKofffcn^tilsrgy and
eiisrttat/le lnsUtutionsv> Imtt tHmn'n
!exp»ndilore of   tits. pTiocij-ali v spsrt
a good opportunity for tbs- oh«rnph;n«
of all vor in firitUli Coiumbis to assist
their nnighliors' acro«s tbn line, by aiding in raising tbs 140,000, and thus
show that th«y era in sympathy with
t)»s masses of Ameriosn people wbo
sr* making a desperate struggle in
trying to fro* tbeotMlvs* from tbs
tyranny of tbn combined plutocracy
of that netlou.
'li'inls on shares absorbed fi7«,000,
makings t<H«l revenuM of 11,540.00;),
whftih the "fools <-f tbs worl>l"leftst the
Motile Curio ambling Isbles, An in-
ii'M'«tlii« Item I* "pr«m subventions
M,m." The p-imphl'il *iolds it Isab
solii(«<ly tieocsssry In expend s Isrge
sum In securing tbe. good-will of the
tioiiiirientaJ 4»rs*s sod lb Is sabi that ovsr
hslf the sloiins of nuloldsu km <mly l-hl*
upon the |tort of H|v*ra nimspsj'Ci for.«
ebsre ol the Ixxidle,
IU? »'.7kn.*n in the iHr.d, Bsrton A |
Albion are much more comfortable tluin
tbe workers in a coal mine. IVre nre
no noxious KMt>* ami no 'longer from explosions. Pare sir I* forced In tbrou^h
tariuan shafts, *n<| ibus into tbe drivers,
'fit* lui.n*ls ire drilled far apart, to
thai tliere will be no danger to the < ity
above, wbere sll is trade and bustle.
Know airmen by these presents Ihst
the parlnersliif) bitherto exintirij; be
tween J. A, McKinnon and Angtm L.
McLean of Bilvc-rtoo, B. C, and cori-
doctol ander the name and style or J.
A McKinnon & Co., general merchant
Hilverton, B. C, U this day dissolved by
mutual conient, Angnnt L Mc(,<-an retiring from the firm. Tbs business will
Jie conducted tinder the same nam* and
style try J. A. MeKinuon and W.C. McKinnon, alio will collect all bill* and
,a«*uuit) all the obligations held against
said firm,
luted at Silverton, B. C.   thin 221
day of December, 1867.
J. A, HcKtataoM,
A. L, McLkak.
SxandLoan.   ds  Barrett   ^
Pine View of the Lak
l'p to Dale Scttm*.
Appllesitbrn fur Liquor Lli-mu,
Notice Is hereby given that thirty (30)
days from date the undersiKned will apply to (he fStipundary Magistrate of
West Kootenay for a license to sell
Honor at retail u> his hotel (I.akevicw
Hotel) in tho town of Silverton, County
of Kootenuy, IS. <:., I>,<:em'ier 14, 1897.
L M. Knowlkn.
pec. 18-18,
X,.   1£
*i«»g,**>»L--e   , .•     ■ "
• »
.jit//- - r..ti..Lii.iiJS)isn  .".y ,i! .it. ',Tf
W"J*.I*-J"U ■■.'.S'.U'.'f ,.|. ■■ .1 '.("'•.'J.1:  ." .I.'IUHU'S1 JffS'l Si
 II II     ■ II
-L-U1 ■"■?«*..
I I ;.11 4
* A
a*Mm'     *V*rvis"snI** -*
Puan or
■■■"■■■■■'■^^-at-u-AJ^ju-.  ——w    «
Batm? /i i SitoiYliiw/ ay |ti ffotyi%fl, qf
KdQTCwav Oivision.B.C.
for * Sale hoiih Easy -* Terms.
•^   i
H.    T.    CROSS,   Aaent. Sllvert
Or tn.a mI «•**■. M atoelr. <xortty way*
la whlc* tha lit* WlSAn «• *•**« ""I wW.
How waaiy U oSr aasrt taaa* many da/at
Of MisatanlsBS rmtiassln that hold,
Parlsr wttfcImUlata* aa« atu-ca phrass,
Bow wosry I* oar aa*M than maay dayst
Of wavarlat ssaassloss asMhar hot air cold.
Whom frass aUnwrathOod lara-ata bo. It Sold
Bow waai-v hi oar haart th— taaay aayst
Tea, for th* taVUod algal I* roan* tb* lands,
Aad sMt at* wo at aU sb* Imperial star-/.
Th* team* of powsr *ad its ion* trail of Bala;
Tho rati sty brows la aiosaos* art* (trawa
th* BilahS*J
That la th* easr, affroatad earn* of p**a*
Bui dswa a pMpU to ha ranked aad slsia;
Th* •muloai armlat, wails* without SIS**,
All rshSMBl aU la Tala;
Th* past* aad last— *» mardor by delay*,
Aad tb* dtuab throat* that *a th* deaf throas*
Th* ooraMoa, IovsIbm Inst of torrttory,
Th* Up* that only babbit of tholr taart,
Whll. toth* Bttht tho ahrUkUghamltM Haa*|
Th* bought alio*taao* aad   th*   purohasod
Fals* honor and •hamofnl s'ory—
Of all th* *vll wharoof this U part
Bow wosry Is our baartt
How woary la our hoart tk*M many days!
-William Wat
"A disappointment connected with
something near your heart, and—let me
She tuned the cards up meditatively
on tbe shining oak table and put. her
hand* to her head In a pretty affectation
of wisdom. '■'/'
"That means love," laying her finger
en the Ave of hearts, "eternal love—the
love of some woman. It looks like an
old friend, and she runs in hearts, 1
think. Yes, she is quite light dan you
Place herr ...   ,
"As far as the coloring goes," he
laughed. ' 'I know any number of light
women—yourself, for instance."'
"Oh, I'm not in itl My hair Is too
yellow. This one is more of the demi-
blond; something like Hiss Maitlaml—
cronse hair and blue eyes."
"My dear girl, Miss Maitluml Isn't a
hloud at all. If you Can't do better than
that for me, I'll throw np the whole
She smiled and ran off a few more
eard*. counting every third one in quite
a professional manner.
"Well, if it's not Miss Maitland,"
shaking her head, ' 'you will have to fill
m the name yourself. There is the aos
W spades. Thai's bad luck and a death
and— Oh, there's your wish I Have you
«»sde a wishr"
He shook his heed. "You didn't tell
"Well, I tell yon now. Make it right
**ay, and a good one, too, for I beliove
»* s going to come true."
"But," he protested, leaning forward
and resting his arms on the table, "if I
make such an important one I want a
guarantee.  Are you prepared to give it
"Don't be absurd, Jack; this is oerf.
•us.  Now, wish something good."
4tvj;i teU yon wb.Jj.lt ia?"    ..    .
"No, "• dbdbtffilly. "You don't nave
to, but you can if you want to."
••Well—J -will toll you if I get it
Now, mind, this is very important "•
"Select three cards then. Does it con-
earn a woman?"
"I might have known it Is she light
or dark?"
"That would be telling."
"Oh, you are too provoking!" petulantly picking up the cards. "It would
serve you right if I said you didn t get
your old wish at all."
"But you won't do that?"
"Be still. I will if yon don't let go
of my bauds. Seel You are making me
drop all tbs cards."
"Nonsense! I'll help you pick them
np. Just'teli me if I get my wish."
"Well, I'll see. There's that ten of
diamonds, and the deuce, and—ah, tbe
aos of hearts I You will have it, sure,,
but there is a little disappointment just
at first I see—dear me. Jack I What are
y in doing? Let go my bands."
"Not until you nave given me a guarantee for my wish."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean—oh, well, you have known
it all along. You are my wish. No, no,
don't move. Come, dear, be serious with
me for once."
"But I don't want to be serious," she
cried, trying to draw away from him.
"You have spoiled all my fortune.
Look! Here I see a gift coming."
"What do I care for the cards or anything else in the world but you? Come,
Nell I Qive me au answer. You must
have seme feeling of kinduess in your
heart for me, your old friend,"
"That's it," she whispered faltering-
ly, for the first time letting her eyes
meet his. " We ere snob old friends. I
have known you all my life—I —" rubbing her hand on the table nervously,
"I am fonder of yon than almost any
one,, but bow can I tell if that is love?
Jack, dear, can't we go on in the old
way? I don't want to marry." Her fingers closed pleadingly. '' Why should wo
jpoil it all by getting married?"
Hs made a quick, impatient gesture.
I "Oh, yesl I know it is different with
men, but I would be contented to live
on just aa we are for years. Why, seel
We would never know what it was to
tire of each other. We would not have
all the romance brushed off our love by
the monotonous'intimacy of married
life. We would have nil of thr delight
with none of tho despair. I don't know
why marriage should be regarded as the
height and pinnacle of earthly bliss. It
seems to mo it is the one great institution that destroys love."
She gave a restless sigh and let her
chin sink into the soft palms of her
bands. Tbe pink light from tho lamp
fell upon her yellow hair, where it lay
in babyieh- rings on her forehead.
He stood looking at her a moment,
bis heart smothered with pain and longing and love. • Then he leaned slowly
forward and took both her hands from
her face and bold them in the firm clasp
Of his
"Nell, dear," he said softly, "you
talk this way because yon don't know I
what love ia why, do yon suppose for
a moment that a mere pleasant companionship would satisfy a man Wbo loved
you? He would be only half a man to
accept what you suggested. As for me,
I cannot go on with our friendship. I
will not take a crust when I have asked
for bread. Yon cannot help it dear, and
I must drop out of your life and live my
own as best I may."
He dropped her hands, and, turning
away, began to finger mechanically the
Uttle stri ig that regulated tbe lamp until the flame began to flicker and Anally
went out.
"I beg your pardon. I have a match.
I can light it again," be muttered has-
. She watched Rim in silence as he
struck a liglst ar* with a steady hand
once more sent ■ a soft glow over the
room. '
Her eyes traveled to his face, with
tho light shining full upon it   It was  '
Strangely still. She felt a peculiar little
fluttering sensation in her throat.
"Jack," she whispered falteringly.
He turned in a sudden passion, and
catching both her hands drew her near
to him—so near that his white faoo was
almost touching hers.
Sbo did not move, but a deep flush
crept over bis tanned cheeks, and his
arms tightened convulsively. The force
of bis clasp crushed and hurt her. His
face came nearer, nearer. Their breaths
mingled. Then, with'a sharp exclamation, he loosened his hojd—so quickly,
so suddenly, that she almost fell backward.
"Forgive me," he muttered hoarsely.
Don't speak to me. Good night. .Say
good night to your mother too."
He pulled aside tho curtain with a
rough hand and stepped-into the hall. I
She could hear him getting into his coat ■
Her hands vrero still fingering the cards.
From the force of habit she turned three
up. Her eyes fell upon them as they lay I
under the lamplight.
A mistake—he was getting his cane
now. A—the door wns opening—a '
heartache. Sbo felt the cool night wind
on her neck and turned slightly. Then
. there was tho Bound of the closing door
echoing through the silent house—n
• mistake. ., . |
. Her eyes clung to the cards. They
seemed to mock her. Sho stretched her
arms out blindly toward the door nnd
tried to coll his name, hut her lips did
not move.
Then in a frenay of pain she scattered
the cards on tho table. Her eyes foil
suddenly upon pne. Sho snatched it
recklessly from the pack, and rushing
into the hall flung the door wide open.
"Jackl Jack I" sho panted.
He wsb half way down tho steps, and
as he paused and turned toward her, nho
impulsively threw tho card nt his feet
Be stooped wouderingly, and raising it ,
held it up to the light ,
It wns tho flvp of hearts.
"Noli!!' he cried, springing up the
steps. His voicowus hardly to busocog-
toised. ' I
A sudden flutter of nerTousnoss swept
over hoi", and witb^a throb of fear she
slammed tbe door tight, but he knocked
heavily against tbe'panels.
"Nell, Nell, openl What do yon
Tbe door did not move.
"Sweetheart I"
Then there was a little uncertain
turning of the knob and a crack of light
appeared. Crushing through it, he
caught the slight, trembling form in his
quivering arms.
"Nell, Nel), what do you mean?"
"I mean," her words falling spasmodically from her lips, ' 'I mean that I
want to give you my—guarantee."—
Leigh Ford in Truth.
Silverton NewsCo.
Fruits and Confectionery, Tobaccos,
All the Latent Periodicals, Including the
Leading Daily Papers of the World.
The Windsor Castle Ghoet.
Lieutenant Olyn, the young guardsman who recently - encountered , a
"ghost" in Windsor castle, continues to
insist that his eyes did not deceive him,
and, judging from tho details of his ex-
ueiience which he gravely gives to all
Inquirers, it is more than probable thnt
he is quite right, at least so far as regards his assertion that he "saw something. '•' It is easy to see something
almost anywhere, and in Windsor castle
there is a large n-unber of people who
may well have.littie affairs" of their own
which their duty as royal servitors prevents tbom from attending to except in
ways as mysterious as possible. Be that
as it may, Lieutenant Olyn courageously, perhaps indiscreetly, declares: First,
that he was sitting quietly in the castle
library, improving his mind by a perusal of "The History of Dorsetshire;"
second, that, glancing up from this far
from exciting volume, he saw a' Woman
in black, with black lace on' her head
and falling to her shoulders, who passed
noiselessly across the room and disappeared in a corner that was out of his
range of view.
This is all there was to the apparition, and the lieutenant—wisely enough
—would have thought nothing more of
tho episode had not an attendant come
in soon after to close the library. Lieutenant Olyn told the man that thero was
a lady in the inner room. The . servant
investigated. There was no lady. And
the chief librarian, who was then summoned, immediately declared that the
young man had seen the specter of (jucen
Elizabeth. Lieutenant Olyn was willing to let.it go at that, and the story
has deeply impressed everybody in England except a few cynics. Tho dean of
Windsor took pains to get all the details, "several members of the royal
family" have interviewed the guardsman, and tbe papers have given much
space to the occurrence. Meanwhile,
doubtless, some young woman is Mossing the superstitious, tendency of her
fellow countrymen, mill it's not impoe-
S. bio that some young mhn is equally
pleased at it.—New York Time*.
Plank Books, Kecei[>t Rooks,.Stationery.
Supseriptiutis received for all muga-
gincs.   Courteous   treatmei.t.
SILVERTON,      •      • *    -       B. C.
I mm',mi estate, coivetuger
I8II.VF.RT0N.       -       -       -       B.  C
^>F0II!> t»i!(iLF;-
!       AM) Wagonmaker.
' II rrecs'ioetn j an 1 Wagon • BS| airing
Si-oiulty  <       •■ 8II.yr.UTOS. R O.
SiiNfiRAL act, ik.i:;.
(I'tIRM   K . )
■    JiOTlCE —QaKita   Bank,'    JrllnWl
Claim, ci'.uii'e rn thcMoian Mining  I).-
vi.-ioti   of    West    ICootf-nay    District.
! Wln-ri" l-ni>d:—dbortt ') miles   south'-
• a»-1 of  BIlveMon.   Take notice thnl  I.
A.  It    Kii.lainl, free  ml Iter's ceitilicite
No. 88070 At  agent  for   H,  .1.   Kendall.
In e miner's certificate  No. "155.1, nnd
i nivnelf, lulend, sixty ttayU from the dale
lii'it'of. to spplv to tli'i Mi..inn Uicotdcr
for ii C. rliacate t»f   linprovciimiils,   lor
tIn- pin-..,-..- nt olituii niK:iCiO*n Onv.it
of tin-«bov«claim..
An'!further notice Ilia! action under
section 87, must   l>n commenced   before
fhe ls.«ii hum   of tho Ceitillcate of   1m-
pr icemen's.
Dated ibis 2.id day of Novcniln*r, I8f)7.
NOTICE.—Baby Bnth Mineral Claim,
situate in the Slocan Mining Division of
West Kootenay District. Where located :—about 3 tiiiles southeast of Silver-
ton. Take notice that I, A. K. Fing-
land, free miner's certificate No. 80070,
rs audit lor E J. Kendall, free miner's
certificalo No. 74553, and myself, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to thr Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, lor the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
Dated this 2nd day ol November, 1897
Silver Cup mineral claim situated in
the' Slocan mining division of West
Kootenay district. Where located : On
east slope of Fennell Creek (emptying
into Four Mile Creek) about ten miles
east oi Silverton, It. C.t
Take notice that I. R II. II. Alexander, ttctin i ns asciit for the Comstock
Mines (R. O), Ltd., freo miner's certificate No. 0394S, intend s'xly days from
the date hereof to apply to the mining
recorder for n certificate of improvements, lor the purpose of obtaining a
I crown grant of the above claim
'   And lui'thor dike notice  that  action,
j under section 37. must  he commenced
before the IsuuHuee of snili certificate of
Kilted till* 13th day nI O.lol er, 1897.
NOTICE —KaiieU Mineral claim, situate in tiie Siocuu Mlajuu Division i>f
West Koo'fnay District. Where
located: On si*. Ad.uns, 2 miles
Southwest of Sandon, adj'Uniug the
R'T.udoii claim.
Take noticetlni. I, Roheit K. IVmer.
us spent li r (reor^e Sleeman, fioo
miner's certificate No. 79131. Slid .lainea
0, F'.e'eher, liee miner's certificate No,
7918),intend sixty days from the dutu
hereof to apply In. the Miuiug Recorder
for a cettitl ale of iiiK.roveiiieuls for tho
|tnrpo*e of obtaining a ,Cro\ui Grant
of the nV'Ve cla'in. And unilur lufei.
nuiiod (hat nction under feet loll ,87,
must hecoiiimi need before the Issuance
of such certificate cf Improvements'
Dated this27'luliv of November, 1897
R. E. Pai.mkh, P. I.  S.
-! rinnncAi:; of improvf-mints
• Ttteet of Familiarity.
' 'Breeves is pretty familiar with thn
, Irw, Jam told."
"Wonderfully so. I guess that iswhj
'ho' manages"'to'get "himself fined for
contempt' every -session.' '—Indianapolis
Journal. .,'•;.
Not Inn is lierchv uMron that sixtv day*
. after ilate, I intend to apply 10 ihe Chief.
• Commissioner if Land and   Wo: ks,  (. r
, in i in s-i.hi   Io   purchase  the  billowing
pali'e| u! hind, sima-<> on (iinni,e cieek.
i tributary if   Fuui-Mile creek,  in  th:-
SI in an Division of  West   Kootetui.   tlit>-
i tiici:   Cuniin'tuiir.'  nt u  jsi^t   chin led
, on tlie west side of Oianitc cieek, ui out
ilii-"i>-i]n:irii<r uiih"- Irom Its month  ami
about seven  hnndinl   teet  wept  of the
j .ti.i4 ; til.'lice oasteigl'li cluiiiis; theine
south eithty chains; tin nee west eighty
chains ; theiie.. noitii einhtv  chains,  to
! p in|. of ccriiineiiccnienl, coi tuinin;- (MO
Kited iliiji.-sltb daj <*' October. )8!>;.
L'KSM"" Hit I..
! 17-97 IViU.i;. 1'.
NOTICE,,- Sarah I'.. Mi' end claim, situate, in the Slocan Mining DlvUloll ol
West Kooleii'tv I'ls'iict. Where
b«!  t  d|      On    Alt.    Ailinw,   2    mile*
Kt>nthwest of Saudi n, and   adjoiiiiii||
t|ie Brandon el ihii,
TiiSu notice iha't I. It ilip'rt F   Palmer,
i as   nuei'.t   for    Gciirjfe   Wteinan,   fi«-«*
. niiiiei's; certificate "No. 79.ol. and .I.ones
| C. K"li'ber, fie.- iintci's C"ititicnie No,
i 791.12. intend -ixiy tiitf* fri in i|im da|.'
I licet of Io apply   o the  \fH>i:ig   Un older
for. a certificate of impin.etinn's hi the
! piirpo-e oi" ohtaii.'ing a ('ro«n (iril.t ot
; the ill ove claim.    And fuilher l'ik«   nit-
ihe that neti in under s.elioti 87,mtl8t Im
lomineneedltefiTe the Issuance of kiii-Ii
eeriifloite of iuipiovciiipnts.
Dated Ihi* '.'Tth ditv nf November, 189."
R. E. P.«:.ti.it( ". L. !;. McKiiuion&Co
* liners' Sunplfa. *
T" A vir* to oor Store will
pf Goods tun Cancelled.    Own n
¥■ nisi ta flstsaa lasaiiffirsn af
i ia Onr Motto.    0*U m-^ we wffl alway* bw
I by the la
i held on
r «i, WKt. snet in Washington
I ton insetted to «m-
ef which the Mlowing » a
provides:  The
•JHh he saafas-
 # -u„ to this and tb* fdandard
wait ol val je *b*U continue, a* now, to
«*!*Mgr^cfr*^ .one-tenth,
ef nnmftoUaenow
totto«~te-bFArt«* the
AH sH"!""—■ »* IM P*?we*t
mt ^"In iniifiitimsdininnf"—•"•
Wk   mZ^aww* *anB«BBBB» bw-bb ** ■« ^
rty tetfc* standard foresaid; be* thss
-      he limit! to
^^^^ «jualitjr of tbe
"tlihrn   Coifed States. OT
ef atonr anawr cnmenry hattog the nnsV
GeM !^_^_i_-IIIIIIII_
ha bereaftrr
Toy« <*f «** 	
Trail blazer cigars.
of tho
to (per cent, of the
ef tto coinage of fairer dollars.
-eanrTeafaaUbeheUas a csssm
end tased solely far the redemption
and in exchangf for ench
tor *Jrrnr, and rmkotditwy and
Eton time
at Wa*j-ia*too. and si
U the Unit*! nutes
a* tbe erseretsry of the liiassnj   may
frees thn* to tJane deeignate.
Fny entgnM for »eM cetrpAtstse.
Fey ont goid   coin in  le-lensption of
TJnttod States nates or tiessnry note* of
stiver duUors for silver c*rti6-
o* stiver eertifeste* of dmeoBina-
.«f ta.tenna fa. to rrrhaotg tor
silver dollar* and for 80*** ctruficale*
in rlinmninatirma mam m\ .
divtoao ef Vent
rtorwlstasil:  Ob
»„ rJct Fennell Creek (
sen* Fonr Mfle Creek). shoot
T*ton-aCkethntI.E H. H.
sjpsjt for Use
ifB.C). Ltd.. free mini	
1 sixty day*
, tosnafj to the m	
n tot listens* ef top-rove-
^_^^^_ ef eMstosstc n
anrido* of
_____ _■
,  of Fennell Crook {
iota Fonr Mil* Cneh).   '
•not of Silverton. B. C j
late tsntJsn that I. B, H. H. Alexander, acting n* nfont for tho Coosotock
Mine* B if) lid., fro* a*ioor'» owtiaV
Km n*m*a !■■■■ i no _-r_ «-      •>_»
r*o. snn, rnssna no soy* trots* mo
to apply to tho
for the amiss* of
of tto
BILL! recommendation of his paper, he
"My paper has a wide circulation;
goes eraryw here; in fact, I have hard
work to keep it from going to h-l!"
He got tto pees,
Thn Dominion government's   collection of .coins, valued at   $2,000,
were stolen Wednesday morning from
the art gallery building at Ottawa.
run broke oat Wednesday morning in the; Ottara   university   and
caused damage to the amount of $20,-
000.   Tbe fire was ssid to been caused
by boy* smoking in tbe dormitorie*.
An  English  syndicate  has   been
formed to erect palatial   hotels   nt
various points in Canada under one
management      The  syndicate    will
erect  hotels at Halifai,   Montreal,
Ottawa, Toronto and Niagara  Falls
W. M. McPherson,   president  of
Molson's bank, F. WoUerstnn Thomas,
general manager, end 8. Findley end
H. Marklar.d Molaon, directors, have
returned to Montreal from a visit to
Manitoba, tbe Northwest Territories
and British Columbi*.   As a result of
their observation* it has been  decided
to immediately open fcranrhe* of the
bank in Victoria, Vancouver, Revelstoke and Edmonton.
The government at Ottawa has been
advised that the law officer* of the
crown in England have decided that
Spain bentitled to receive the advantages of the preferential tariff in Canada under the treaty arrangement, and
in eoneeqaenee of this an order in
council will be passed at once extending tbe preferential tariff to Spain.
Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain by
desire of the Queen, expresses Her
Majesty's deep regret at the sad accident at London, andber sincere condolence with the suterers and families
there who have been bereaved. The
Colonial Secretary of Sute also asks
Lord Aberdeen to convey bis own
deep sympathy with tbe sufferers.
The detailed  report ot tbe Geolc-
gical Survey open statistic* of mines
and mineral* for tbe year 1806 has
been issned.    It gives  Canada's total
mineral   production for th* year  a*
912.500,400, en increase of 135  per
cent in ten years, the  production in
ISM having been $10,000,000.   The
increase of mineral production in tbe
United States for  thn name  decade
iras 40 pet cent-  The annual production per capita i* $8  in  the   United
__ Umt '■ State*, against $450 in Q»nad».    In
! the prodaction of gold, British Colum-
I his stands credited with over $4 per
cent, nnd Nova Scotia with over 19
percent.  The  North we*   Territories,
Handing tho Yukon district,  came
third, with al per cent, and Ontario
fourth, with abcut 5 per   cent,  while
Quebec contributes mack under 1 per
_ t,iifinn wtt* t*^ made to
SSS Good"
nrnui oil mm. m!»
8T«MUSIUBC••  MU**"tSI«r»BO.
When you want either Goods or
prices let us know as we are the
IM, uU *^,nnwtto*«t«"rM»'l>l*.w *■ N
u MsfflB
sal sentiment in the country.    'No
the Lord's Dsy Act was passed long
before the corporations gained their
present standing in the community,
but the spirit of the law was no doubt
that it should apply to corporations as
ell ai individuals.   The chief ground
open which tbe courts held that the
law could not apply to  corporations
was that that the act did not contain
any provisions for punishment, except
that of imprisonment and of course,
corporations could not be imprisoned,
Tbe present bill therefore provides for
a maximum fine of $400 for corporations breaking the law.
NOTICE:—Katie D. Mineral claim, situate in the Slocan Mining Division of
Wsat Kootenay District. Where
located: On Mt. Adams, 2 mile*
southwest of Sandon, adjoining the
Brandon claim.
Take notice that I, Robert E. Palmer,
aa agent for   George   Hleeman,   free
miner* certificate No. 79131. mid James
C. Kelelier, ftee miner's certificate No.
7*9132. intend sixty day* from the date  ■...»-   «~- ,  rv--- -
hrrecl to apply to the Mining Recorder rive Kaslo Sunder 10 a. in
for a certificate of improvements for the i    Close connection  af  B
puipusa of obtaining- a  C-o.-n timet
of tie above claim.   And InrtSer lak*
notice that ectioo  under  notion 37,
most 1* commenced before the isenance
of inch certificate of imi-rovetuents.
lUted this 27'h dsy of November, 1887
R. E. PuLMBB, P. L   S.
Stra "International," and  "AlUr1i|
on Kootenay Lake and River.
Five-Mile Point rocrecticn with i
passenger traina of X. A F. 8. K. R.i
and   from    Northport. Rossland ttM
Spokane.   Tickets and batgage vlircul
to all U. S. points. 1
I eave Karlo for Nelson and *tJ
points, dsily, except Sunday, .>. to a. al
Arrive Northport, 12 1ft p. m.: Koulita]
3:40 p. m. ;Spok*ne, op. m.      gg^
Leave Nelson for Kaslo snd i*J
points daily, except Sunday, 4:35 p.s]
Leave Spokane, 8 s. m.; BosslsnH, 10 ■
a.m.; Northport, 1:50 u  m,
leave Nelson for Kaslo, et.'., Tattl
\Ved.,T1inr.. Fri., Sat., S-30 a. m. J
r';v« Kaslo, 12:£0p. m. ^^^
Leave Kevin fur Nrlt-on, etr.,Nn|
Tties., Wed., Tburs., Fti., 4 ]•■ m ;i
rive Nelson, 8 p. m.
Leave Kaelo Saturday 4 p. in.; irtitj
Boundary inidnicbt, srriv* Dtawi
Ferry 6unda)10:30».m. I
leuTe Roum-r's Ferry Sand*) 1 pn|
■rriv*   Boundary  Snuday 5 p. in.
Close connection af .Bonnet s F«
with train* ts*t-bouod, lesviss «
**ue7:40a. m., and w*»t-bo«tia rftt
ins Spokane 7 p. m. Hmnn
O. ALEXANDER,tieneral.M*Min.
Kaslo. B.C.Octolerl,l»7.
Tb* lotki is***** ef any
aeeflnei at^_^^^^^^
nnssd caaspnired -rryHal,
in real
CBXtmoxno****™*0***** certificatt OF impbovemests
SOTICE:-BJBUe yiraUtHrmel  Mineral      NOTICE.—Beby Ranfa MhMrnl C '
■^ ^ *~ "- " ■M™M   *itn*s*tott«««^Minh»g_pwisi
Vent rentensy VmSSTWbmn
1#Q ~s~~WHHK • KoaSlMof wQwtMwmwt Of   ft
hereof to apptr to tho Mining atecor-'"
for a ceniiesh* of iniprovetncnu for	
enrpoe* of obtednsng a Crown Grssst of
the nbov* claim. Ami fnrther take no-
fHe the* o-rtfcrn —bbW enrtltm 17 *B*jet be
of Sii
ton    Take nutir* that I. A. R. finr
bnd. fceeasrnnr'e certincnae Bo. SUOTa,
c* aeeot for E  J. keodall. few oxhnrr'*
rmfjawsne No, 74SM.   and nyaeJf, to-
tamf, sixty eeye trosn the deto here*
snpfy to tbe   "
Cortineate of
      inannlto'jB net
of thn^xanital stock af the bsmk the
Unttod      ^^^^
af the United
Begksulnt tv yunrs ntnt the
ef theyrsf ■>■****.thesmsiatof
tobn    ^^^^^
— In exenostnoreU skat to
ench year by ems Iflli ef the » yer con*
of eaoetal besctn srorided tor.
Every nsHsnel bask shall eny n tax
nt thereto ef S ster
ing m excess of SO per cent and not n
•otcass ef an per cent of its enp ktsi.
Any hank  snay d*oo*it nary tontof
wkh thebseimtref tto United
for tto rstitmmetaf of enr of fas
I*nm-neBt*BmBn***BTBB^BnBa> mmWmJ wm
4>t*d this tnd day ri November, l«ry bonk* end
atoftos,—"Robin"    mineral    claim;
citneaein the Sktcnn Mining Divisson
of   Went Kootessay Iitatnct.     Where
located: Fonr-MOe creek, Slocan Lei*.
Tskenoticeiketl, H. B. Alexander.
free tniner'* certihmte Bo.   77«nS   as
nt for F. W. Oodoal. free sarner'*
inentn So. 78887, intend sixty dktu
i dot* hereof, to sjmtv to. tbn JOtm
mer for n certificate of Vm-
__. a. for tb* parpen* of obuin-
tng nCtoern Qntst *tl tto tstosn claim
And fexttor, teto notie*. Ttot   i~
-r~»»ic:« . fc. ,ae* »* tto fsoU
i ro«nBM*<*d
tof enchcetttieeteof
Ibittithdaref Oetotor, IBW
tobn nisi sad by all
on import*.
Nstignnl beaks sbfrjhoU
not lens then 2S ,fet cent  i
centfertto reepoetiv*
provided by law, at leant
■ hiebre*enr**h»nb*in«otn.
inthevenhsof the beak.
Permit tto m*nniisf*ns of
hankswithecesetnlof ttijOfO.in
of 4,000 Bonnlntton or M
Provinkm   etonld to ssnd* w
branch bonks seny bo eetebli*hed.
A man who owned a ssnajl eosmtry
newspaper in the ka*t  mode  np his
mind that he was entitled to
SOvorCnn tmfeeral rlein sstisslsl in
tto fOocanrix*ndng chrhnw ef West
Kootenay district. Where located: On
eeatalofw of Ptoneil Creek (emntyinc
,ato Fonr Mile Crook) abootten miles
*ea» ot Silverton, B.C.
Teto notice that I. R H. II. Ahtx-
a*rf*r.*«tie«se**p8sit lor th* Cceestock
Minns(B.C.). Ltd.fr** minoV*eertifi-
cnto No. OaniB, intend sixty d*y* from
the date hereof to apnly to the mining
~* * n cniwnVele of imnrove-
... the pornoso of obteiniog *
fomstof tto ntovn clsto.
njsdtojrttor use notice that action, t . »"_    1.. _-.,. ^ w.
tandor eestlpyi VI. nsost he coni-ni-neid tion, and hnving fixed upon tto pees
^Mth^mwmt*9tmA <w1ia^-lto>ntfattotiissu- wrote tto ■*-*
tt4ssittbdsTnfOcto^tU|7.   Arnt of, n railroad for n mm
One of tto meet important measures
kid before tto Octario. legisisture at
its present seesioo ie Hon. Mr. Hardy's
bill to amend tbe Lord* D.y Act   Ia
tto find place, ttonteasures so amends
tto swat dee a* of the Lord** Day Act
as to ssnke it tsppiicnbu to all classes.
Tto enumeration of tto persons al-
atrnck out, snd tto act ia
to apply to all person*  whatsoever.    Secondly tbe net place* corporis tto sssse position es tndi-
I nukes them liable  to a
fine of $400 for aa tnfree
of tto  law.    Nor  does this
frae employes of corpora—
pi rsensl   liability nnder
tto Ant.
Tto fotkywiijg indiridnsl* snd per-
ate exeasptfd from the provuiotu
of tto Act; telegraph  end telephone*
__w rsnlk deakn,ice bncktrtetm,
livery   stnbse keepers, ctomists  snd
snd   tnornio*   newspaper
so far u  babbnth evening
eessary to tto peVlication of
n Monday morning ieane.
It m nndcrstood ttot tto
     _ eetion will tore no
v on tto rnnning of Snodsy curs by
•greet rsilways, especially inssmneh as
tto ett«wn«7-grneral to* refosed to
drfn* tto wtwd-tra-rellcr'in the act,
preferring to leave it to tto courts to
deal with. I* bringing down his bill
Mr. Hardy began by noting ttot tto
const nt aptpeal tod foond that tto
Le-nTe Day Act did not apply to cor-
\* Tto tone* wss prrnetkeJly uaani-
fsn tto opinion   tto* ordinary
Lord's Dny and tto he one was backed
up « thn view by an elssnst nniver-
NOTICE,—Sarah B. Mineral claim, ait-
ua'e io the Slttcan Mining Division ot
West Kootenay District. Where
located: On Mt. Adams, 2 miles
southwest of Ssndon, and adjoining
.  the Brandon clsim.
Take notice that I, Robert E. Palmer,
as sgent for George. SUeman, free
miner'* certificate No, 70131, and James I
C. Keleher, free miner'* certificate No.
701 St, intend sixty days from thn date
hereof to apply to tbe Mining Recorder
for a certificate of improvement* for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant oi
the above claim. And further take notice that action'nnder section 87.must be
commenced before the issuance of ench
certificate of improvements.
Dated this 27th day of November, 1807
R. E. Pai.mlb, P. L. 8.
Kaslo & H
MINERAt. ACT, 1898.
(roan r.i
NOncE.-Gs.lena Bank. Mineral
Claim, situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West Kootensv District.
Where located:—about 3 miles tooth-
• set ol Silverton. Take notice thst I,
. A. K. Finland, free miner'* certificate
I No. 88070 as agent for E. J. Kendall,
tree miner's certificate No. 74553, snd
myself, intend, sixty days from the dale
hereof, to apply to th* Mining Recorder
for a Certifies'* of Improvements, for
th*porpo*e ol obtaining*Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And fnrther notice that action under
•ectioo 37, must be commenced before
tto tooaoce of the Certificste of  Improvements.
D. ed this Sod day ot November. lf»7.
Subject  Io   ch*ote   without D*j
Trsins run on lWnc St
R5tn «• " Sooth Fork J.w ,
•• Bnroole's »*J
•• Whltew.t*r *^J
" BesrUk. ;J
•• McGuifsn ;»
••   Junction Igl
Ar. Sandon leave I'M
cent uns.
11 m "   i^r....Cody..Lve.Uj»
For ra'ee and information srP'Iw
company'* offices.
Gon.FraiKht snd Pass. AP
GEO. E. COPELAND, Sareriote*"
Notice is hereby given thst sixty days
after date, I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Land snd Works, for
r to purchase the following
parcel of lend, situate on Granite creek,
•tribuUry of Four-Mil* creek, in tbe
PI ocan Division of West Kootenav district I Commencing st a post planted
on the west side of Granite creek, about
three-qeaiter miles from its mouth snd
about seven hundred feet west of the
creek; thence east eighty chains; then**
sooth eichtychain*: thence west eighty
chain*; thence north eighty chains, to
point oil commer-.cenient, containing 640
Dsted this S4th dsy of October. 1807.
I.ssurt Hutu
17-07 PerR.E.P.
Canadian Pac'f
until «•»«'
Sqo Pacific L«
Jm oil) Lite
Belting throo«btlfk'|jJ
coove". Seattle, ^    J
West. Through
•friit cart
AbqU—IIbb  **•>  Ll«a*r Lira
Notice is hereby given thst thirty (30)
days Irom dste tbe undersigned will apply to th* Stipend*!? Magistrste of
West Kootenay tor a license to sell
liquor at retail a* bia hotel (Lakevlew
Hotel) in the town of Silverton, County
ef Kootenay. B. C, December 14, 1807.
L, *|. Kuowtas.
Dee. ln-u.
ing and P'"'
Umb kin***
Cdecked through to*1
Daily Servke
For "
From W*****!**
formstion aa*»»»*
cull on or address.
W. 8. CUtt I** M%,
niiiil i-miii' WW !■*■ r.i..


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