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The Silvertonian 1899-09-09

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And Up To Oafe
Mining Hews
Of The Richest
Camp  Of British
.|ttDWlto being driven on the \io_*
i! one of the promising properties
S'giugtoEd. Stewart.
Vtorceo. men are being employed by
llC owners of the Martin Group on Wll
1 iu extending the government
-   fio  iheir  property.   This  new
J, pt trail will be alxmUei long when
boat  brought
On the
i trin
Os Tuesday, HlllBro-
Ztrom their mill a buff lotdej
7,000 feet of lumber.   Thi. lumber
,J5 bv  the   Wakefield   Mines,
„    of „ going  into  the flume betag
;„ilttu M1p,,ly water and power for the
ntrator to be erected.
cast fork of Wilson creek and
Homing the Martin Group is a promia-
,i prospect belonging to 3. Libby. On
,ia prop -rty i« » ■•>« concentrating pro-
Mitlon over 50 feet wide, being an
Itered quartslte dvke carrying values in
liver and lead. Specimens assaying as
iK|- as L-OO ounces in silver and tt5 per
ml to the ton being obtainable.
.1. K. Daniels, deputy collector of cus-
ita- at Northport, haa lieen authorl7.ed
v Ilie I'nited stales treasury depart-
,enl to receive free ol dutv all ores Irom
ritish Columbia which arc eonsianed to
io Spokane Industrial Exposition min-
department, provided their are
*d in quantities of no commercial
All shipments, should be ad-
,| to H. Holster, Manager ol bpo-
Indnstrlal Exposition, Mining
YY. Lnney who   left Silveiton  a lew
maths ni* i ou a proapeatb.il trip through
■ Hound.*v and Kettle River country,
i struck il big  ou   Copper creek,   a
i.i.nv   ol the   Kettle    River.    He
ixl hU partner, J. L ferny, discovered
nl located abat U Mown as the Lottie
.liroup,   a big copper dyke  over  600
let wide, irom which assavs   can  bc
litained running aa high as 40 per cent
{Upper.   An oir.r to l»ond (or tbe sum  of
bo.Otvi has beeu rofuiedb.   the owners-
SEPTEMBER 9, 1899.
ir- ••'
soon be accumulated on our dock. The
showing in tbe mine is immense. Two
feet of solid clean galena carrying large
quantities of grey copper and ruby silver
is the showing in the face of tbe drift,
At no time previous has there been such
large bodies ol reserve ore blocked out
and ready to be stoped. The managei
states that heavy shipments of ore to
the smelter will be again resumed in a
few days. This property ia being stocked
and the miners working in the mine are
volunteeriog their services and askint*
for their pay in stock in the new company being formed. This of itself is
evidence that the Noonday of Silverton
Isa paying proposition.
Among other claims on Wilson creek
on which considerable development
work is being done is the Jennette.
This mine, for it bas virtually passed tbe
prospect stage, lies up the creek about
six miles from Rosebery. A force of ten
men are given steady employment and
the development work is being driven
night and day. The mine is opened by
tunnels the longest one of which is now
in .'1-tO leet. The ore from this vein
gives assays ranging from 200 to 800
ounces to the ton. Preparations are
being made to work a large force of men
on this property during (he ensuing
winter aud large buildings are being
erected for their accuumiodation. The I
Jeannette will ho ainon** the lirst ol the I
Boeebery mines  to  become a
Tho new owners of the Galena Mines
have stated, in late interviews granted
newspaper representatives, that they
intend to commence operations at once
on that property. That they intend lo
expend a large amount of money on improved machinery and that a concentrator will be among the first things to
be erected. This is encouraging news to
the citizens of Silverton, many of whom
believe the Galena Mines to ono of our
biggest properties. It is to bo hoped
that the statements given out are correct
and Ihat Mr. Hand the new manager
will have work commenced at once on
Ihi* near-by property
But I hear it callin' still,  as
down to rest,
An' I dream  the Voice
never lied,
That I hear a people  comin'
People of tbe West
An' maybe 'twas his voice
to guide.
—Clive Phillips-Woolley  in London
I   lay  me
I  love  has
the  Great
callin' ms
Till'.   REDWOOD.
\ mud for one year bas l-een given bv
|ihowners,W.Brown, W. Horton  and
W   Kyte, on    tbo   Evelyn   claim   to
i. -: M • l> malilot Sand jn.   This  claim
ac* just »*-low the Baftalo, In the  Reed
liil  Itoblnson gulch.    lt  has a  well
•il ledge nl concentrating  ore  that
and   has
No  time
• ma ol the bell lurtace showings in the
vicinity of Skcan t'itv is on the Red-
wood claim on Dayton creek. This,
prospect whi.'h belongs to .!. W. Kyte,
Geo. Sioll and Martin Isaaeaon, lies in'
the granite formation on Ihe right hand
side of the gulch an.l about one mile
'rom the Evening Star Mine. The ledge
which ts Irom eighteen inches to three
feet wide, has been traced for aerer.*
hundred feet. The paystreak which
gives average values ol 80 ounces ol silver snd 112. ip gold to the ton, varies
from six inches to one foot in width-
The ore is what is known as dry or
siliceous ore. carrying considerable iron
sulphides and a small percentage of lead
and running well In both tbe precious |
Charles A. Mackay, President   of the
Nelson Miners' Union, and   the accredited representative of the min ers' unions
at Nelson. Sandon, Rossland,   Whitewater,   Ymir and Silverton, is   in the
city.    He is in tho east to impress the
fact that a miners'strike is in progress
in the Kootenay country,   British Columbia.    His presence is due, he says, to
the fact that the mine owners have  bad
an agent here seeking to engage miners
under   contract  to work in  the mines
that 'lo not pay the union   wages.     He
has been at Rat  Portage,  Sudbury    and
Parry Sound, and will proceed from here
to Nova Scotia to notify   tlie   miners
On June 1 last a law came into io rce
in Hiitish Columbia making eizht hours
a day's work iu the minea. The work
before tbat was done in ten hour shifts
and the wages paid were $3.50 a day.
With the decreased honr. a number ol
the mine owners cut down the pay 50
cents a day and the men went on strike.
At present only about a third oi tha total number of mints are not paying the
union bcnle ot wages. No fixed scale
waa eel by the unions, but they demanded that the same amount thould lie paid
for eiuht hours' work as had heretofore
been paid for ten. The chief difficulty
is in the Slocan country, where Mr
Mackay says the mine owners are nearly
all Americans.—Toronto ;ilobe.
-•ragca over six feet in width
ill traced a   long   disl.mcc.
bum lost in getting to work  on   it. a
'mnletcoulflt being sent up Wednesday
fde property  will now 1)0   thoroughly
Work is now being pushed vigorously
j-ii tne Hume that is to supply the water
snd power for the Wakefield eoncen-
iratnr. W.C. K. Koch whs has the
pnlract, of not Only koildlng the flume
[ait also for furnishing every thiug used
|n us construction, has the work now
under way. The flume is to be a
little over ono mile in length and will
■Ornish nmple power for tho proposed
Ml, Tho Emily Edith wagon road is
ilto lieiug built by Mr. Koch, who has a1
(•resent over 40 men employed on his
rarioiw contracts in tbis district. He
Kpeotg to increase his force to 75 men
• ithin thc next few days.
The New Denver Ledge with its usual
inaccuracy in giving mining news, comes
out with a blathering piece about tbe
Noonday mine of this place, leading the
public lo believe tbat Ihe present management, Stewart Bros, and Penedum.
had sold out or wero about to transfer
their lease and bond and interest acquired
by I hem to Percy Dickenson of Slocan
City,   and   that    Mr.   Dickenson   bad
I can hear the willows whispering, 'way
down the arctic  slope.
Every shivering little leaflet gray with
There's no color in lhe heavens, and on
earth there seems no hope,
And tho shadow of the winter's on the
An' its  lonesome, lonesome, ionesotne,
when the russet gold is shed,
An' the naked world stands waiting for
the Doom;
With the northern witch-fires dancing in
the silent overhead,
An' my camp-lire just an island in  the
already purchased tbe property and  was I When tbe very bears are hiding from tbo
to havo poaession in two months     Such j       Terror that's to come
,,        '. ....        .   .      i_i_.ji__       An the unseen wiiil's above me whislle
information as this is entirely misleading, j        6oml).
The situation regarding IhiB property ill When except   Ihe  grnanine pine-trees
ttvs   Stewart Bros,  and   Benedum   are and the willows, Nature's dumb,
the owners of a one fourth interest in the     AmMhe river roadway  freezes to  its
Noonday mine, tbey havo also  a bond
' strike   the   home   trail
About one mile from Rosebery and
joining tho Royal Five Group is the
Plaple Leal claim, This property is one
[I Hoselrery's most promising prospectB
snd is owned by tt. Malloy and W.
tiith of Sllvertou. The vein, which is
IS inches to three feet wide, has
«en traced, on the property, for over
1 feet, numerous open cuts have been
fUO on it and a shaft started, on which
lionsiderable work will be done this
■■winter. The vein lies In a granite for-
lllRtioi- nnd the ore is dry, carrying
lvalues of lift outces In Bilver and |18. in
IRohl to the torii    ]t •„ a  -00- surface
["'lowing and with work should  make   a
and lease on the other three quarters
and on this bond they have made the
first payment, another payment not
being due yet for 60 days. It appears
that Percy Dickenson, ol Slocan City,
has purchased, for cash, from the other
owners, their interests, amounting to
three quarters, and subject to the boud
given by them to Stewart Bros, and
Rer.edum. Tbe piice was slightly
less than that for which tho bond calls.
Mr. Dickenson will mako as profit the
difference between his pun base price and
that which he will receive from Stewart
Bros, and Benedum when they take up
tho bond on the property, which without
doubt they will do when due, if not
Ore is a^ain being brought down from
The Vancouver company which is
operating the Vancouver Group above
Silverion, has lately been reorganized
and made much stronger. The object ol
thus strengthening ihis company was to
enable them to pursue operations on a
much larger scale than formerly. An
era of deep mining will be inaugurated
by this company and tho question as to
whether there is 11 body <>l galena ore
underlying tbo lino r,ono in that property
demonstrated. This company has so far
boen very sucuessful iu their mining
operations and have always |had the
very best of managers in charge ot their
Rut I cannot strike   the   home   trail.   I
would uot if I could,
\n'I want no othe'r  smoke  across   my
When I drop, I'll drop alone, asalone I've
alius stood,
On thc frontier where I've led, let  me
I wonldbn't  know   men's   language,   I
couldn't think their thought,
I couldn't bear the hurry of mankind ;
Where every acre's built on,   where   all
God made is bought.
And they'd almost made a hireling of
the wind.
I've been alius iu the lead since  I   grew
grass high,
Since my lather's prairie schooner  left
the Known,
For a port beyond the sky  line,   never
seen hy human eye,
Where God aud God's   creation   dwell
Way back 1 heard men callin', one woman's voice waa (ond,
An' Ihe rich   lands   towards   harvest
murmured, ''Rest."
But a sweeter voice kept callin' from the
Unexplored Boyoud,
A wild voice in tho   mountains  callin'
I heard il in the foothills—then I climbed
the Great Divide;
In the Canyon—then I faced the rapid s
Io the little bre<»se at  dawning,  in the
dusk at eventide,
The voice that kept a callin' went before
Mv crooked b'inds aro empty,  my   six-*
io,1 frame is bent,
There ain't  nothing   but   my   trail to
leave behind.
An' the voice that I   havo   followed   has
not told me .vhat it meant,
Work on tbe new school house was
commenced on Wednesday by tho local
Work on the Rathborn cottage is
nearing completion and that building
will be one of the neatest and cosiest
dwellings in the camp.
Several of our young folk   attended  a
social dance ln New Denver last Thurs-
j day  evening.    The    "Alert"   made  a
I special run for tbe visitors.
All Wilds, B. Kneebone, J. Connor
I and R. A. Sait, who are interested in
! some good properties near Slocan City,
! returned  to  Silveiton   on  Wednesday,
W. C. E. Koch, who has numerous
freighting and road building contracts in
the Silverton district, will erect a large
barn on the Lake front, for tho accommodation of bis work stock.
I'. I.. Chiislie, Barrister of Sandon
B. 0. will be at the Selkirk Hotel every
Friday iu tbe future. Anything requiring his services will he attended to by
bin. +
G. W. Grimmett of Sandon will conduct the services iu the church to-morrow
in the place of Rev. A. E. Robert, who
will occupy a Nelson pulpit. Service
will commence at 3 p. m. as usual.
The house being erected for J.M. M.
I Benedum on Lake Ave.,   is   uow   ready
for  lhe   lathers.   Mr.   Benedum's new-
cottage will make a beautiful  home, and
is a credit to our enterprising townsman.
All work in tbe Jewelry Repairing
line, left at lhe Silverton Drug Store, will
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovei,
the well-know 11 Nelson jeweler. All repairs are quakantekh i-*ok onk, ykak. *
A subscription list was drawu up last
Monday evening to raise funds for the
Football Club and before the business
houses bail closed, over *f50. bad been
turned into the treasury. As all thc
games played by tho team are free to
spectators, a subscription is tbe only
expense-raising scheme open to the
A. P. McDonald has secured the Silverton agency for the sale of Lethbridgo
coal aud expects to do a good business in
black diamonds this winter. As there is
no better coal mined than tbe Lethbridge
product, we have no doubt that Mr. McDonald's energy will be substantially
rewarded. The first carload of coal will
be here next week.
It is said that Slocan City is preparing
a challenge (or tbe local footb:*ll club
to meet tbe Slocan team next week.
New Denver is also said to be practising
fur a game. Sil.erton has played np to
date ten matches. Allot Slocan City's
games have been with the red and white,
they having won one of the matches,
drawn one and lost two. Could not
New Denver and Slocan City be brought
The Silverton Literary Society held its
first regular meeting on Wednesdav
evening, with a good attendance. The
following program was rendered.
Address, hy tbo President.
Song,   Mr, VV. Gilbert,
Reading,   Miss Barr.
Song,   Miss Brandon.
Essav,   "James Wbitcombe Riley"
by  Mrs. Yates.
As will be seen by our advertising
columns, the Liberal-Conservative Union
will hold its annual meeting in New
Westminster on the 5th of Oetober next.
The meeting should have some very interesting matters to discuss, and the ex
peeled announcement of a genera'
election, which many of our eastern exchanges are propheoylng, should mako
tbe meeting an eventful one for Conservatives in British Columbia. The Union
bas a good local membership and doubtless a strong Silverton deelgation will be
present when President Wilson calls the
meeting to order in New Westminster,
prof. Montgomery of Trinity College,
Toionto, who is one of the best known
mineralogists in Canada, spent part of
the   week   on Ten Mile creek.     The
An' tbo eyes that sought a sign   nro Koyai Standard was tho property exam-
nearly blind. | )W&.
©llvextoaa., S. C-
T# :m. ixl* _B-g_v_Eor>xj_M:.
^^mmm^m^^mWaWA\WamwmwaWmm ■■-^---^----■■■■--■-fc*
Mineral Glasses   and  Compasses.
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
Lake Ave - - - Silverton, B.C.
Id.   -L£-   Knowles.   -Prop,
Patronise Home Industries.
O.•«'»•.«.».•.'.•*• i
•.-. *■.•.%•.•.•.•.•.•.■-.•. <.%•.•.••.•. 8«88®
Silverton, Nelaon, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forkg, Sirdar,
Midway and Greonwood.
_. _. __"       "' '* __•_•■_ __"" ■___*   very ume* ui iusiii>n-» •- ---■*- -•  nearly Dll-Ui
,|1>^"^*tt^^nTC"ia'_,r"» ^uHc^-:**^*i,itSJ-vJcV**1 * * >»et&mrrit •-<*.■ ***** ro^wc-Nib ■«•*-> *mtee*r*%eA<*ttv wavm
■**.** 4a**uAau tMif-Msac**;*-- tx*^t**tetrwm\ «-<«>,*«i«m
#*••—**„«.«•» tUAt^stAtuusstsle><.'dAAc*jSttsty**mr
W eiis*.,^*****..
M^iN^'«^;«^4;^r->^«^^•«-«*•>  Ms* r.»*•* .-**,*■ i*m THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
A Complete He*, lew ol(t_o Invent, tor
the Past Week lu Till, and For*-lK»
I„-.ndi»—Sui-ma-lse- l'*rom .tlie Latest Dispatches.
Hilly Boyle, a notorious character of
Montana, is dead.
The big battleship Wisconsin will aoon
be ready for her triul trip.
Aguinaldo, a Japanese paper claims, waa
assassinated hy General Pilar a short time
Major John M. Logan, son of the late
Oeneral Logan, has been assigned to the
Thirty-third infantry.
The builder'* trial trip of the Alabama
battleship resulted in developing a inuxi-
mum speed of 17 1-4 knots.
Notice has been given that the option
on window glass plants,   whieh   expires
September 1, will not be renewed, and that
the combination which was to have been
made has been abandoned.
The steamer San Salvador, in leaving
Rio De Janeiro, came into collision with
the United  Stutes cruiser Montgomery,
causing some damage.
James Jeffords, the big heavyweight uf
California, knocked out Nick Burley of
Portland in two minutes at the Olympic
Athletic Club, Portland.
The Keokuk express on the Rock Island ran off the track near Elgin, 111.   The
engine, baggage, mail and smoking cars
were demolished, the  engineer,  fireman,
baggageman and mail clerk injured.   None
of  the  passengers  is  reported  seriously
hurt.   The accident was due to a broken
wheel on the engine.
Ralph Drought, son of Henry Drought,
a merchant of Wardner, Idaho, waa run
over and killed by the 0. R. k »N. passenger train. He wus deaf and dumb.
There is active recruiting everywhere,
and the Peruvian government continues
to send troops to the interior. Business
is at a standstill, and the mines are shutting down.
Rioting and disorder broke out in connection with the strike on the lines of
the Big Consolidated railway in Cleveland, 0., and four cars were nearly demolished, while the crews were compelled to
flee for their lives.
lt was reported at El Paso, Tex., on
good authority that Mrs. Rich, who .killed
her husband, hud been taken from Juare-.
to Chihuahua, Mex., under a strong guard
on the previous dsjr. An investigation
proved that report „to be without foundation.
Joe Choynski was given 'the decision
over Australian Jimmy Hyan at the end
of a 20-round go in Dubuque, la., for the
lightweight championship of the world.
With about 100 conin-issioned places yet
to fill in the 10 new regiments under organization, Secretary Root finds himself
overwhelmed with applications, even
greater in number than the sum total of
those received at the beginning of the
Spanish-American war,
A Burlington train was wrecked near
Barnard, Mo., on the Creston branch of
that road. Engineer Chris wus instantly
killed and Conductor Metlier and Fireman
Smith were fatally hurt. The wreck was
caused by the train running into cattle.
W. L. Chambers, chief justice of the
Samoan islands, has arrived iu Washington.
There were disastrous forest fires in
thc southern portion of Calhoun county,
Ark., this week.
There wus grave apprehension of trouble .Monday during the progress of the
Labor duy parade in Cleveland, O.
Thc president and Mrs. McKinley, accompanied by Assistant Secretary (Jortcl-
you, have arrived at the capital.
The single taxers of New York arranged for a big demonstration in celebration
of thc 00th anniversary of the birth of
Henry tieorge.
His holiness, Pope Bophronlus, patriarch
of the Orthodox Urcek church of Alexandria, Libya, Ethiopia and all Egypt, is
dead, aged 103.
The Quaker City lias donned ita best
bib and tucker ih honor of the visitors
to the national U. A. R. encampment,
hehl there this week.
As a result of a saloon brawl in Chicago, in which a score °' "ten participated,
several were injuied by Hying bullets,
and the establishment wrecked.
A pleasure yacht on the Man nice river
capsized near Ironvillc, 0., and it is believed the entire company aboard, nine
men and women, were drowned.
A violent cyclone raged recently in
the Azores Islands, doing much damage U
Tlie Kansas and Washington regiments
are loaded on the transports; two battalions of thc Thirteenth infantry have relieved Ta_a<uee__s at lloilo and Oabu.
The latter, with tiie lowus, are the only
remaining volunteer!!, and they will sail
Many Spanish prisoners are escaping
from the Filipinos and bringing into the
American lines stories of hard treatment.
They agree that the Filipinos are exceedingly short of rutions,and that a large see-
lion of their troops is reduced to the use
of home made black powder.
Thc unknown woman who registered at
thc Lindell hole! in Hastings, Neb., as
Mrs. W. L. Lee, and who did of poison
in thc hotel, has been identified as Miss
Laura lx*e French of Burlington, la., and
it is almost un assured fact that the dead
girl was murdered and did not commit
Thc steamer Caribee lias arrived in Ne.v
York from Barbadocs with 'AA of the 39
passengers of the Lamport and Holt
si earner Wordsworth from Rio for New
York, which put into Barbadoes with her
engines disabled. Thc head of the low
pressure steam chest was blown out,"Instantly killing Archibald Thomas, the
chief engineer.
Sunday a carpenter named Yanguilder,
living in the southeastern part of Salt
Ijikc City, gave his two children, a girl
and a boy, heavy doses of morphine und
then shot, the girl through the head, killing her Instantly* He afterward shot the
boy through thc head, probably fatally,
and then, killed himself. It is believed
the man was temporarily insane.
Shipping and to property ull over the island of Snn Miguel.' Scvreal lives have
been lost.
The transport Morgan City, liound for
Manila with 724 recruits, struck a rock
at the entrance of the Inland sea. The
vessel was beached to save the lives of
those on board.
While mentally Unbalanced ITenry Em-
de, of Chicago, a carpenter, shot and killed his wife, Kmma, and fatally wounded
his 5-ycar-old daugrrjei*. He then committed suicide by hanging.
Lieutenant Commander Winslow of Admiral Sampson's staff says there was no
truth in the stater-lent that the admiral
was to be relieved trl ermrmand of thc
Atlantic squadron at his request.
The Wilder guards, a crack military organization of Knoptvilfe* every member
of which was a vofunreer in (lie Spanish-
American war, has volunteered to go to
the Philippine-! or wherever the president
may see fit to send them.
Jacob Dold's immense packing plant,
situated in the bottoms on West Ninth
street, Kansas City, was damaged by fire
to the extent of from $250,000 to $300,000.
The fire started in the fertilizing department, after midnight.
As thc result of a fight between strikers at a colliery in West Pittston, Pa.,
A Bold Holdup.
Spokane, Sept. 4.—Thc first gambling;
house holdup in Spokane since the exciting clean out of the Le Roi a year ago
happened at 3:45 o'clock Sunday morning
in Harry Green*! hall over Alladio'a restaurant. Two masked men wilh four
heavy caliber guns robbed the place of
about $1700 in gold, silver and bills. They
escaped unmolested through the rear halt-
ways nnd by the back entrance.
ln their llight they were pursued by
Merchants' Policeman Richard Gemmrig.
On Brown street, between Riverside and
Sprague avenues, and on Sprague between
Brown and Bernard, a fusillade of more
than a dozen shots was exchanged between
the officer and the highwaymen. Ou
Sprague avenue near the corner of Iter
nard, Ocmmrig fell to the pavement with
a bullet through his groin. He waa conveyed to the Protestant hospital, whero
he now lies in a serious condition. Whft
hopes for the best are entertained, there
is grave fear that his wound will prove
One of the two highwaymen was cap
tured a few moments after Gemmrig was
shot. His place, of hiding in a clump of
bushes in a vacant lot on First avenue
near Bernard street waa surrounded by ofllcers. Having thrown away hoth his gun*,
he surrendered and was pulled from his
hiding place by Patrol Driver Freeman,
who had joined in the chase.
Evidence against Jack Williams, the
captured robber, as the man who shot
C'emmrig, eould scarcely be stronger if a
dozen persons had stood by and watched
him file the shot.
Frank Fair, aged 23 years, who gives
his occupation ns machinist, was arrested
on Howard street Sunday on suspicion of
being the second highwayman. He is
said to answer thc description closely. He
was arrested by Ollicer Brusch. Fair is
an ex-convict. He is said to have served
more than one term in thc penitentiary
for crime.
A Provisional Uovcriuueiit-New Cabinet Selected—J linen* s, th* Maw Pres-
.. ldeut— Their People Seem Satlsfled-No
Mure Bloodshed.
Santo Domingo, Sept. 2.—The revolutionists have formed a provisional government with Horatio Varque. as president.
A complete cabinet has been selected.
There wna some disorder here, but no ono
wus injured.
Dreyfus Trial.
Rennes, Sept. 3.—Elation is the only
word that expresses the feelings of the
Dreyfusurds after Saturday's proceedings.
The tide has turned at last, they say, and
Dreyfus cannot be condemned after the
evidence given. The spirits of the Dreyfusurds ure .jnit.- mercurial. Every day
since the opening of thc trial has seen
them rise or fall. Recently they have been
falling heavily, the close of the morning
sessions generally finding them in anv
ious conversation, accompanied by oniin
ous shaking of their heads. Today's
buoyancy, therefore, is all thc more noteworthy. Friday was a fairly good day,
but Saturday's session, they claim, put
the verdict out of doubt and the judges
must acquit Dreyfus.
Port Au Prince, Huiti, Sept. 2.—The revolutionary forces of Santo Domingo occupy Puerto l'luta and Santiago. A provisional government has been established at
Santiago. The arrival of Jimenes is momentarily expected.
,  New York, Sept. 2.—A dispatch from
Santo Doming.) says:
There is little doubt that Jimenes will
noosed to the presidency as soon as he
Tlie peace and tranquility which pervade
the city ure in marked contrast with the
conditions that existed a few yeurs ago
and show how popular the revolution is
with the musses. Apparently the entire
island is satisfied the change in government promises improved conditions. The
newspapers all urge moderation on the
part uf the revolutionists and advise all
citizens to refrain from disturbance.
Kigueroa was permitted to reach hia
home unmolested, aud the revolutionists
everywhere are behaving with thc utmost
moderation, even going so far as to pay
for the property taken und supplies used.
lt is believed thut ull lighting is over
and that with the arrival of the leaders
of the revolution on Sunday to take
charge of the government all cuuse for
alarm will have been removed.
Yesterday was the climax to the government. The government was powerless
to retard the progress of the revolution.
Word had come that all tlie principal
towns in the interior on the north side
had gone over. Added to this hud come
news that another hurricane was forming
and that the United States cruiser New-
Orleans and the French cruiser would he
left to the mercy of the revolutionists.
Business was practically at a standstill,
and chaos reigned. People dared not stir
from their homes at night.
ln this dilemma came Figueroa's announcement that he would resign in order
to prevent bloodshed and at once ihe situation changed.
Sliniii  Wnr In tiermany.
Berlin, Sept. 3.—Thc anny maneuvers,
which will begin today and end September 15th, will be of more than usual in-
teiest and importance. The operations
w ill be conducted on the same grounds
and largely patterned after the Napoleonic campaign of 1805. Half the troops
engaged, the Fifteenth corps, will approach the opposing forces, tlie Slxieeuiti
corps, by forced mar, lies through the
Black forest passes. After striking the
plains thc corps will operate along both
sides of the river. The decisive action will
probably occur in Wurtemburg, between
Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg. Big reviews
ut C'uilsruhe, Strasburg aud elsewhere will
precede the maneuvers. Emperor William strongly hopes to see some strategic
A noteworthy feature of the maneuvers
will be the presence of a number of distinguished military men from other countries.
INIJirSTrtlA-  nOTKa.
The estimated sockeye salmon pack
of puget sound this season is 510,000
cases. .
The Puyallup hop growers nave held IAMERICANS CAPTUEED A PORT.
a meeting and reached an agreement to •»■
Columbia IYIiih Again.
Newport, It. I., Sept. 3.—The first of the
formal trial races between the Columbia
and Defender for the purpose of selecting a yacht to sail against thc Shamrock
in defense of America's cup resulted in
so decisive a victory for thc new b.iat that
were it not for the fact that it is desirable
to have her race as much as possible, other
contests would seem almost useless. The
yachts sailed one of thc regulation 15-
mile windward and leeward courses in an
eight-knot breeze that increased on the
beat out and flattened out on the finish,
and it took the Columbia just six minutes
and 40 seconds less time to cover the distance than it did the Defender.
British  Tara  on Strike.
London, Sept. 5.—Tlie general strike of
thc seamen and steamer firemen which has
been threatened for some time, was declar
ed yesterday, the ship owners refusing to
accept the invitation of the seamen's and
firemen's union for a conference in regard
to fixing thc rate of wages for firemen and
sailors at a slight advance on the average
wugea now paid in the various British
A  Race Wnr.
Atlanta, Oa., Sept. 3.—The Jonrnal has
published a sensational slory from its special correspondent, who haa recently been
in North Carolina, on tne campaign commenced there by the white people, both
Democrats snd Republicans, to disfranchise 100,000 negro voters in tbat state.
Boiler —'.plosion In Pittsburg.
Pittsburg, Sept. 2.—A boiler explosion
at the Republic Iron Works on South
Twenty-fourth street shortly before daylight killed live men and seriously injured seven. The mill was partly wrecked and the entire plant was compelled to
close down.
The explosion occurred just as the night
force was leaving, and the duy force was
coining on duty, so there were only a few
men in the mill at the time. If it had
happened half an hour later the list of
dead and injured would have heen appall*
Yellow Jack nt Key West.
Washington, Sept. 2.—General Frank,
commanding tlie department of the gulf,
has telegraphed the war department that
four cases of yellow fever have appeared
at Key West, and asked instructions.
In reply, General Miles sent telegraphic instructions directing the removal of
Hie garrison at Key West to such a point
as Frank may deem best, but suggesting Fort McPherson.
'Ilie garrison at Key West is composed
nf Batteries B and N, First artillery.
There are no cases among the troops.
Hampaon to Retire From Service.
■Washington, Sept. 2.—At the conclu
sion of the Dewey celebration, it is announced, Admiral Sampson will be relieved of the command of the North Atlantic squadron. This action is taken at
the request of Sampson, who has already
had much more than his portion of sea
service in hia grade.
Admirals Furquhar and Remcy arc
prominently mentioned to succeed Sampson.
pav J1 a box tc hop pickers,
The machinery for tho new flouring
mill at Lewiston, Idaho, has been shipped aud Is expected to arrive soon.
An employers' association representing from $7,000,000 to $9,000,000 of local capital, has been organized ln Spokane.
Plenty of hop-pickers are reported ln
the Puyallup and White river valleys.
Picking will not commence before September 12.
The straits of San Juan de Fuca are
reported alive with salmon. The run
of {all salmon Is expected to reach the
island traps within a few days.
The Victoria District Farmers' Institute has appointed a committee to look
into the question of establishing a cooperative creamery In the district.
The Puget Sound Oyster Company
has bought about 1500 acres of oyster
bed land near Union City, and ls planting it to native and eastern oysters.
A phenomenal run of fall salmon
Is now making toward Commencement
bay, near Tacoma. Each trap brings
to the scow lying alongside anywhere
from 2,500 to 4,000 fish.
Indians from as far north as Queen
Charlotte sound are pouring into Tacoma ln their canoes en route to the
Puyallup valley hop fields, attracted
by the offer of $1 per box for hop pickers.
A train load of twenty cars ot sheep
went from Ellensburg, Wash., to Armour k Co., of Chicago, and a similar
train Is expected to leave every week
for the next month. Prices are good
and there has been considerable rivalry among the buyers.
Three hundred cayuse horses passed
through Goldendale, Washington, en
route to The Dalles for shipment to the
Linton cannery near Portland. They
came from the reservation and are the
property of a number of Indians. They
were sold for $2 per head.
Portland oyster dealers are excited
on account of the Morgan Oyster Com
pany, of San Francisco, having contracted for nearly the entire output of
oysters at Shoalwater bay, paying, lt ia
said, $2.50 per sack for them and furnishing the sacks required
It Is reported from Mount Vernon
that it Is conceded by all that the thous
ands of acres of oats, which promised
prolific yields, are a total loss, as the
continuous rains have packed the
stalks into the ground as if a heavy
roller had passed over them.
There Is a fruit-paper famine ln
Roseburg, Ore., the entire supply for
wrapping pears and peaches being suddenly exhausted in the middle of the
shipping season. Several tons of this
paper were shipped, but the fruit crop
was so large thut the supply proved In*
C. A. Beaver, living between Jacksonville and Medford, Oregon, is building
a new fruit drier and warehouse, lt
will have a capacity of 3000 pounds In
24 hours. Mr. Beaver has about 30
acres of young fruit trees which will
yield this season about one ton to the
acre of very choice prunes.
Salmon canning in British Columbia
for the season of 1899 has ceased. The
completed returns are not at hand, and
may not be for several days. A week
before the end of the season the pack
promised to show up well. Fraser river was put down for 360,000 cases,
against 205,000 cases last year.
The treasury department has advised
American customs officials on Puget
sound that fishermen who find themselves In over five fathoms of water at
hlgn tide for a distance of seven miles
from the eastern shore of Point Roberts, toward Blaine, are almost certain
to be fishing in American waters.
The destruction of the oat crop and
the late hay covering not only the
whole coast, part of British Columbia,
but also tho Kamloops plateau, by the
late 15 days' rain, is a calamity which
must be generally felt in all interests
through the province. The loss of
much of the crop on the lower Eraser
valley Is due to the scarcity of workmen, nearly 10,000 of whom are employed in the Fraser fisheries, and
nearly one-third of this number are
from the building trades, who while
they were earning $3 per day at their
trade, had been allured to gamble ln
fish, and as It has turned out have
averaged $25 per day. The building
progress has been seriously retarded
by the desertion of even the most skilled workmen to engage in the fishing
Charged Dp » »*•■■ » Thousand reel
High and Planted Our Iflag-Boodllug
Has Begun at Manila -Another Small
Attack-Admiral Wattou 11 .
Manila, Sept. 3.—Argogula, the most
impie!>nuble stronghold of the bunds
which have been destroying plantations and levying tribute on the people
of Negros, was taken by the Sixth infantry under Lieutenant Colonel Byrne. The
only means of reaching Ihe town was up
un almost perpendicular hill, covered with
dense shrubbery and a thousand feet high.
The Americana accomplished this under
lire, although nn ollicer and several men
were hit aiid rocks were rolled down on
them. The nativestrehgth was estimated
at 400. -Many of Ihe rebels were wounded
and captured and 21 were killed.
The American for.es captured a quantity of stores and destroyed (he fottill.'U-
The shipping coinmi*»ioncr at Manila, a
Kilipino hitherto iu high standing, has
been arrested, charged with appropriating
a half mouth's salary and levying month-
ly thereafter an assessment from all the
native sailors shipped from this port, lt
is represented that he held a commission
iu the insurgent army and was raising
funds for the insurrection, but it is
thought thai his operations were merely
private blackmail.
The Insurgents made an unsuccessful
attempt to drive Colonel Smith's command out of Angeie. with artillery, the
lirst time Ihey have attempted to use
this arm for muni lis. They brought two
Krupp guns from Porta and tired eight
shrapnels at the town at dawn. Only a
few of the shells exploded and the aim
of the gunners being had no damage was
dene. Lieutenant Kenney's guns of the
First artillery were brought inlo action
immediately and soon drove the enemy
from their position.
Hoera Await the Outbreak.
Cape Town, Sept. 2.—Reports received
here from various outlying districts of the
Transvaal describe them as being in a
state of excitement. The burghers, it i-
said, are watching the developments
keenly, but the majority of them hope for
a peaceful settlement of the crisis. There
is a general exodus of British subjects
from the large towns.
Son  Domlii-ro'a  Chief.
Puerto  Plato, Sept.  3.—Snn  Domingo
The air Ib   clearest   at   Arequlpa,
Peru.    From the observatory at that f .   .
nian_  -nr-n #„„t -i™,   »_       .       ... I •-">• l "*' capital, has declared for Jim-
T'on^neh «    T    ,' *   \ * a"* ""* Telegraphic, postal and railroad com-
;.?   ,     \ n „lameUr* »,aced on munioation ha. been restored wit-out oen*
"^E-f'^ir* JoimPollock.wa188h"t  ^h'te d'sc, has been seen on Mount gor.lnp   throughout   the  country.    Tlm
and killed, William Thayer seriously in -   Charchanl, a distance   of   11   miles,' members of tin
Truln Struck the Slide.
Tacoma, Sept. 3.—On the Northern Pacific tracks east of Palmer, on the west
side of the mountains, is a huge pile of
rocks and mud. Into this huge pile crashed an east-bound freight train, hurling the
engine into (ireen river below, and injuring K-glnoer Wiley, the fireman and head
hrakeman. How seriously these men are
injured it is impossible to learn of the
railroad officials.
Thc scene of the accident is in a narrow
canyon, thc sides rising precipitously,
while a short distance below is the rushing Green river, a mountain torrent.
Admiral Watson i*. Quite in.
Boston, Sept. 3.—A letter received here
from nn officer with Admiral Watson at
Manila, dated July 20, says thut the admiral is very ill, no improvement in his
condition having been shown since the
11th, thc date of the accident which threatened to destroy the launch and to which
tho attack is attributed. It is understood
that he will ask to he at once released.
nred nnd about eight men hurl. I through a 13-Inch telescope.
nk-BM-^^^^UM ^.i**-.-^-.*--!*'**^ **,-*_,
A new woman's club Is to be started
members of the provisional government  In London to which no one under bIx
__ _}v°__*!*. S_.ntia4J° for tLe capital. | feet tn height will be admitted
-_-, . -a.***** 4tr **&.<***** «*._•* stria   i-v*. <*«»«.» -*•*, •/,, ■_«* ***-. wmm,^.
The result of the queen voting contest for the state fair is increasing ln
Interest daily.
Governor Steunenberg and party
will accompany the volunteers on their
journey home.
Rain has improved the ranges In all
parts of the state, and stock is in excellent condition.
The state militia is showing up In
good shape, and ull the members seem
to be taking an active Interest.
The Idaho volunteers who left Manila on the 3l8t ult., on the transport
Grant have reached San Francisco.
Large shipments of apples, plums
and peaches are being made from this
state to the eastern market this year.
Mining interests in the Nine Mile
country are such as would indicate a
boom in that vicinity ln the near future.
Frost injured the vines of potatoes,
beans and melons In the northern part
of the state last week. The damage
will not be great.
The Boise Gun club has accepted the
challenge of the De Lamar club for a
match, and the event will come off on
September 15 in Boise.
Ralph Drought, son of Henry
Drought, a merchant ot Wardner, was
run over by the O. R. k N. passenger
train.    He was deaf and dumb.
The grain harvest In Ada county Is
almost complete; threshing Is ln progress and threshers report grain turning out better than was expected.
The prospect of the main line being
brought through Boise has already had
a marked effect upon the real estate
market and property is rapidly advancing In price.
The three-year-old daughter of
George Merrill, living near Nampa,
was killed last week by a colt, which
kicked her, the hoof striking directly
over the heart.
The work of computing the assessed
valuation of the state as equalized has
been completed. The total shows It to
bo $40,248,412.33, as against $30,423,-
671.95 last year.
Attorney Sam McFarland, brother of
R. McFarland, ex-attorney general for
the. state, now a resident of Lewiston,
arrived in Kendrick last week greatly
exhausted, after being lost In the mountains for nbout 15 hours.
The total assessed valuation of the
railroads for the state Is $8,290,4r.2, of
telegraph lines $94,799.31, and tiie telephone lines $51,169.76. The first conn.
ty In assessed valuation Is Ada with
$"),180,271, the second Latah with
Complete returns of Lewlston's assessor show the valuation of taxable
property ln the city to be $830,912.80,
a gain over last year of ver a quarter
of a million of taxable property. The
number of school childron In the district by the census just taken Is 1031,
a gain over last year of 231.
George Flood, a motorman In tho
Hunker Hill mill yards, was making a
coupling between a lumber car and another car, when the brakes slipped,
starting the train, which threw him
ofT his balance. While falling ono of
his feet caught between the two cars,
breaking his leg just above the ankle!
All Will Soon Iletarn.
Manila, Sept. 2 —Of the troops about to
return lo thc United Stales, the Kansas
men will leave on hoard the transport Tartar; the Washington regiment on hoard
the Pennsylvania, and the Nevada cavalry on lhe Ohio. All these departures
will occur within the next Meek.
Fight hundred men of the Kansas regiment will return, and 200 will remain at
Manila, 150 of them re-enlistlng. Three
officers and 30 men of the Kansans were
killed and 19 ofllcers and men died from
disease during lhe smullpox epidemic,
while 128 members of the regiment were
Of the Washington 8715 men are embarking, while eight ofllcers and 200 men
will slay, mosl of them re-enlisting iu
the new* regiment*, forming here. One of
the ofllcers of the regiment was killed,
one was wounded and one died from dis-
ease: 24 men were killed and 128 were
wounded and nine died.
Affairs In Trntiavaul.
Undnn, Sept. 3.—Judging from surface indications an altogether new phase
seems to have come over the Transvaal
crisis. The tables have been turned and
now if is Joseph Chamberlain, the seere-
tarv of state for the colonics, who proposes further conferences. In this and
other respects the official negotiations present a more pacific uspeet than last week.
But with the bare exception of these negotiations every other circumstance points
to war. Whether, as has been suggested
iu these dispntehes, higher powers thtu
Mr. Chamberlain have interfered in the
interests of peace or whether the secretary
has taken a leaf out of the book of President Kruger, of the Transvaal, meaning
proems!ination, can scarcely lie determined at Ihis stage.
An English (Ind.) clergyman refuses to pay poll tax on the ground that
he is church property; the property of
the congregation as much as is the pastoral residence, and that, aa such, he
Is exempt from taxation, the same as
the parsonage.
To prevent the bursting of water
pipes when freezing a uew Invention
has an expansion chamber formed ln
the upper side of a section of the pipe,
filled with air, which Is compressed by
the expansion of the water to Increase
the area inside the pipe.
One of Uncle Sam's Alaskan Islands
can boast the largest stamp mill In the
world. It has r.40 stamps, and crushes
quartz enough daily to give $8,640 In
gold, which the other mills ln the plant
Increase to $14,000.
In 1886-7 there were 209!) professors
and Instructors at all the universities
of Germany. In 1896-7 the numlier was
2494, an increase of 19 per cent In a
Some Paris friends of one of the victims of the Bourgogne disaster have offered the sum of $30,000 as a reward
for any one who will give an Impetus
to the discovery of life-saving apparatus.
Electricity has been applied to the
manufacture of glass. A pot of "batch"
ran be thus melted In 15 minutes that
formerly required 30 hours.
Kaslo I Slocan
Train* Run on PaclAc Standard Time.
Lsava. Arrlva.
Going Weat. Dally. Oolng Kaat.
J no s. in   Kaslo  IU p. m.
1:31 a. in  South Fork  1:10 p. m.
1:10 a. m  Bproule'i   l:-> p. m.
.lb t. m  Whitewater   1:10 p. m
• Vt t. in  Hear Lake  1:00 p. m.
10:11 a. m  McGuigan   l 41 p. m
10:16 a. io   Ilulley's  l.M p. m.
10:31 a. m.... Cody Junctl. n .... 1:11 p. ro.
Arrive. Leave.
10:40 a. m  Bandon  1:11 p. m.
Leavt 11:00 a. m..Bandon..Arrlvs 11:40 *. m.
Arrlva 11:16 a. m...Cody... Leave ll.» a. m.
O. F. COPELAND, Superintendent.
..„ Kootenay „„
Railway and Navigation
III If Guns to Siiluie Dewey.
San Francisco, Aug. 31.—Two 10 ton
guns will leave Mare Island for Vermont,
whin they will boom a salute from the
liills surrounding Admiral Dewey's native town of Montpelier when tlie ll.igsliip
is sighted off Sandy Hook.
Operating Kaslo A Slocan Railway, International Nav. & Trading Co.
Schedule of Time-Pacific Standard Tlroa.
Passenger train for Bandon   and   way
stations, leaves Kaslo at 1:00 a. m.
Dally, reluming, leaves Bandon at 1:11
P   m„ arriving at Kaslo at 1:56 p. m.
Internallonal Nav. A Trad. Co.-Operat-
Ing on Kootenay lake and river.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson at 1:00 a. m.
dally, except Sunday.   Returning, leave*
Nelson at 4:30 p. m„ calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects with 8. F. A N. train to and
from Spokane, at Five Mile Point.
8. 8. "ALBERTA.''
Leaves Nelson for Bonner's Ferry Tuesdays ami Saturdays at 7 a. m., meeting
■teamer  "International"   from Kaslo  *t
Pilot Hay.
Returning, leaves Bonner's Ferry at 1:00
a. tn, Wednesdsys and Bundayi.
Connect! at Bonner'a Ferry with Great
Northern railway for all points east and
Steamers call at principal landings In
both directions, and at other points whan
Star Polntrr'a Mnrk. slgnslnl.
HARTFORD, Conn., Aug. ll-The fen-     '■'•ck*tl1 »°',J «o sll points In Cansda and
tun of the. day nt Chnrter Oak today was I'nited  States.
Hiar Polnte-'s grent mile In two minutes     To ■•certain rates and full Information
nat without a slip or brenk, breaking the   *d«**Mi
«_^_!$_&A d 1I_L_5 Umo h0r,ie ,a,t I "OBKRT IR VINO, Manaf .f,
■^^liay*,^^,,,^^..^^^,-,,.,   ^tMrlgAWUtr*'* *-Wk«!li&IUflb*««*»,,
tmmemmmmirmarmatAtitMt i^y^s»-%»4S-w^iw __^_________-*»**-^*»^ ww»>-~ 41
One Year's Seeding,
Nine Years' Weeding."
gAfjtgiedtd impurities in your blood will
sow seeds of disease of which you may
never get rid. If your blood is even the
least bit impure, do not delay, but take
Hood's Sarsaparilla at once, h so doing
there is safety: In delay there is danger.
Be sure to get only Hiiod's, because
The "Tutors of the New Colonies—Sr-ra*
lary Hoot's II.h< AIIiuiiIiiiiik l'r»,l-
l.lriil. He hui in an n ".Present- Hail Iln p.
fill    i...ii,ii.l Ulls to be Cliaugeil,
\\ .i-liinfiti'li. Sept. 0. The cibinct to-
,l.iy was iu _-4_ul f>»' more tliun J. hours
nml a variety of matters, whicli have ao*
,11 later] during the presidents abeeece,
were discussed.  It   was letexelfrf Hoot's
llrsi  attendance,    The   other    rut-hlSbra
tUms O.eauod lrram ths Lata Reports -
AU lllstrlcts An Being Developed-A
Prosperous tear Is 1'redlr «j-Mining
Notes and Personals.
A combination among zinc mine opera*
lois at Joplin, Mo,, to demand $ut per ton
for ore carrying 1)0 per cent metal, |s to
be fought by refineries, llepresentatives
of leveral large concern*- are now iu Colorado contracting for ore. ]•'.. VV. Hum
phreys, of Uplands, ind., owner of a huge
rclini'iy, and A. 11. Crowe, of Weir _i!y,
Kan., have engaged the services of un ex-
perl, and are exaininig leveral Colorado
propcilie-., said to yield a good necuent-
age of yinc ore. Mr. Humphreys has already obtained three large properties, anil
bus over Km men at work. A ileal is
probably to go through for a dozen silver
mine* iu the stale tha! can supply ore currying 40 per cent of zic.
Republic   noire.
Active development ii in )n*.*grc-s on the
Rebate, one of tbe promising properties
pf lhe Clark group.
The joint shaft of the*Vresuo and Littl"
Tom Thumb is nn feet deep,   it became
■ ■   ■
W il	
I'leiident Si*buriiian  nf the  I'hili'-piin
(.,uiini-*ii,|i a*a* also pi.-enl by invitation
,Hi,l in.nie a comprehensive statement
iii,- situation in iln- Islands,   It i* under-
.li..ol lli.il lie will s.uin make u Statement
hi ihe press which will cover his older.
\.ill,,u ill tlie islands, ami later he will
in.ik, a formal repurl to the president
ending the subject in dctalL
11 is understood that fc-churman takes a
lui|K'ful view of the situation iu the Phil-
i|ipincs ,mU lias in. iluiilii that wiih our
increased forces we will be alilc to in.ikc
ciiin|iaialively very slinit work of Aguin-
al.l.. and the Insurgents. Although the
work of ilie anli ini|icniili-l league ha*
had no considerable Influence among the
soldiers in our army, Schuiman said it
certain)*' had given great encouragement
i.i Aguinaldo and bis followera
The subject nf relieving Oli* from part
of his duties hs head of b dh the civil nov-
<i in i km ! and Ihe military fine was not
mentioned at the uiciiiii*.'. although there
i- a growing llll_»lI—hill thai he may la-
put at the lic.nl of the civil government
.unl relieved of rcs-miisiliilily of inililaiy
u'M* rations.
Attack  on   (irs.   Oils'
( Imago,    Sept.    -i.—Tilt
I ssrsctrr.
|in-ciil   Hire  Hay,  l.'agc,  lliuluoik and   neces-aiy to have machinery, as lhe water
was causing much trouble.
The drift mi the North Ita] from the
lower luiinil is in 4S feet. Then- |* Hire
feet of ore that will average $ii per ton.
The drift will be cniiliiiueil for some di*
laine further in hope of encountering an
ore chute.
The Canadian syndicate, represented by
Alexander Dick of ItoUland, lia* taken
charge Of tin- Hag Hill, ami will at once
begin the development of the property upon an extensive scale. Ten men will lie
steadily employed.
The Republic mine never looked better
than it does at present, and lhe vein is
daily showing eviden e- of being wider
than the puhlic ha* yet been informed of.
The lower tunnel of the North Star cut
a vein with two Stringers Of ore uome
weeks ago.
The Flag Hill mine in Republic camp
has pus-ed into the hands of u Canadian
syndicate of capitalists.
The enormously rich streak on the Pi in-
eeoa Maud, which ha* created Mich a sensation   in   Republic  mining  circles,  continues to widen a* more depth is attained.
Briilsa Columbian
A lower tunnel is io run on the Ajax
fraction, in the Slooan.
The IXL at Uosslsnd has commenced
shipping ore, ha\ing sent  _U ions to the
lhe Kveiiing Star at Rowland has just
biok.-u inlo a large on chute in the lower
drift tunnel.
Tin sineltei tpiotiun at (jreenwood, so
far a., location is concerned, is practically m-1 tliil and work has already begun.
A ledge of ore carrying good silver vol
lies has Own opened on the Jack Pot iu
the ltoundaiy.
The Dibble, a bigli grade silver proposi
tion near Fort Steele, will probabh lends
work this fall.
There are 10 men working on the development of ihe Tontine group at Foil
So f.u a* known the deepest working* in
Canada si's at the Eustis mine, Uustls,
Quebec, where in mining for pyrites a
depth of -.'.VHI feet  has been attaiued.
Asoaya made last week of ore from the
ltiillle Silver group, near Fort Steele,
gave lhe following leturns: 33*20 per cent
copper, b'.T 1 2 ounces silver and $12.80 in
A fori**' of six men nre ut work on Ihe
Duchess group ou la-muii creek, in the
The Evening Star, in the Slocan, will resume operations on the 1st of September.
The Ruth compies-or plant, in the Slocan, will Iw moved from the mine down
to tlie .'on. elltrator.
The tho tiold Mining Company has Uk-
en a bond on Die Si. l/.ui-, group of six
claims, Situated near the head ol the second fork of Lamm ereek, near Slocan
You know very well how you feel when your liver don't act. Bile collects In thc blcod, bowels become
constipated and your whole system Is poisoned. A lazy liver is an invitation for a thousand tfains and ach?s to
come and dwell with you. Your life becomes one long measure of irritability and despondency and bad feeling
CASCARETS act directly, and in a peculiarly happy manner cn the liver and bowels, cleansing, purifying,
revitalizing every portion of the liver, driving all the bile from the blood, a_ is soon shown by increased appetite
for food, power to digest it, and strength to throw off the waste.   Beware of Imitations I
77-5 J.
charge! of perjury and rabornation oi
■"•rjury have Ixen tiled agaiu*t -eneraJ
i .**. (Mis, commander of the American
.irniv iu the Philippine*, with I'le-iileut
M, km Icy hy Frank I*. I'lau. one of the
.oiin-.l for Captain M. tl. Carter, late go.-
,i ii mint engineer at Savannah. Counsel
lllaii declare* that at an early date he will
..I-, hie charges ol pcijury aud subornation ol perjury against Judge Advocate
Colonel Tham-S H. Hair. Colonel llarr
appealed in the famous trial of Carter for
the government, t.enrr-1 Dtie was pre*i
dent ..I I lie Carter court martial.
Troops   a I   Krlerm.
San Franciw-o, Sept. S.—About 4800
troopa art scheduled to leave here for Manila between September Xt ami IS on the
lian-|siils Murium, ('unit and Sheridan.
The Thirty-first volunteer infantry, recruited from Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee,
and West Yitginia, and the Thirty-fourth
volunteer infantry, from Colorado, Ari-
/niia, New Mexico, Indian Territory, Oklahoma and Miunc-ota, ure in camp smiting
iian"pnrliilion, as aie al-o some :t.r*.l n-gu-
lain. Three others of the new volunteer
regiments and a troop of regular cavalry
are expected to come inlo camp ut the
licidio fiom the east within the next few
llr«vr>- al -lbr_lt-r.
Qlbralttrr, Sept. Ii. The t'nited Slates
cruiser Olympia, with Admiral Dewey on
board, nrrived. The usual salutes were
exchanged between the Olympia and the
Deary is slightly Indbyoeeil al present.
Hi....   ..(   Fort Slrrlr, B. C.
Fort Steele, Sept. S.—Kiie broke out in
the Hotel International and it WM totally
destroyed, together with the nlntc ol T.
Armstrong, the Dominion Express office
nnd the dwelling of I1. I.ulner, besides
badly damaging several buildings on the
opposile side of the street.
■ >■•■> f..«    Trli.l     Monday*.
ltennes, Si'pt. 4.—The Dreyfus Iriol In*-
gan today with the largest allcndancc
yet seen in the I.ycco. The interest in
the trial grows as lhe denouement approaches. Six to ten days is given as Ihe
outside limit for the further duration of
the trial. There was an exceptionally
large number of ladies present today, their
blight costume* giving a gay look to
the court room.
CASCARETS are absolutely ksnoless, a ***-reIy n.etable compon.a.   Ho merer-rial er other mineral pm-polioo la Cascarets.  Oasesrets n-emptly, e_ee_»ely aad **i___-ro_y
csre every disorder of the Stomach, Liver aad Intestine*,. They not ouly eare constipation, hut correct auy aod every lorm ol irregularity of the bowels, lacladiatdlarrh-aaoddyssatery-
Pleasant, palatable, potent.   Taste good, do food.   Never sicken, weaken or gripe.   Be sure you get the genuine I   Beware ot imitations snd substitutes I   Buy a boi of CASCARBTS
to-day, aad ii not pleated ia every respect, get your money back I   Write as for booklet and tree sample I   Address STERLIH0 RBUBDT COMPAHT, CHICAGO or MBW TORK.
At the Knob Hill mine, iu (Jrecnwood      Mr. iW. T. Stead, who has worked ln- French coal mines employ about 81,-
camp. a mass ol ore about B2_ feet each i defattgably throughout Europe in the 000 persona; other mines, 12,000, and
wuy on the four sides and ahout 17(1 f.-et | interests of tbe peace conference since quarries 8000.   Of the miners 15 per
from the surface is blocked put ready for' the czar's rescript was issued last fall, cent are women and children; the aver-
stoping.                                                        writes of   The Hague Conference in age of working days is 289; the aver-
A tiail  i lo be built from the Wonder-  its Outcome" In the Review of Reviews age work hours 9V4, and the dally wage
for September.   Mr. Stead was at The average 75 cents.    The production of
Hague  during  the  entire conference,
and he undoubtedly enjoyed a closer
personal acquaintance with the delegates than any other journalist.   He ts
convinced that great progress was ac-	
about 628 feet in.      \\ here    intersected  C0InpIuhed •„ the direction of univer- Line bave added a buffet, smoking and I
some nice looking copper ore wa* opened  gal ______ ,jbrary «_ tQ t)|_.J  Horl•„,„*.(*,,joago >
  tbiough train, and n dining car eertfoe
An  Englishman bas patented a bi- bas been   iuauguarated.    The  train is
fill trail to the Yakima and Sunshine
mine, in the .Slocan, in the near future.
A 1 OUO-tunnel is contemplated by the Sunshine company.
The tunnel on the Morison, in Dead-
wood camp, has reached    the    ledge   at
coal and lignite last year was 32,439,*
730 tons.
Improve.! Train  Kqulpute-t.
Tbe 6.   It.  & H. and Oregon Short
Including the cost of passage and
back, a four months' trip from England to India can now be made for
nlwut $1,500 first class, and $1,000 seo*
ond class.
MT- rVrn-jui'iitly I'ored. No-uornorvousn-ss
•ll* iiller tlml 8r>y'» use of l>r. Kline's dresl
Nerve Ueslnrer. Wnd for FKKK »'J.OO tr.nl
boUletnd in-mise. Du. It. II. KI.1NK, Mil., wr
Arch street, I'lillHilel-ihla, l'a.
Marblehead, Mass., haa attained the
250th year of Its honorablo history and
Is having a loan exhibition ot cherished antiquities.
irdr more than 15 years 1 was a
SUITS?, r from K.slrllls In tj*0"
form.   1 was much redaicod I   ties
neriiianeiit. When 1 began l» »»•
tha Ills I welshed lilfl pounils; novv
I itfc HIS. These pills dl<l nie more
ifTrtthabaU lha other medicines 1
_.ve ever taker.., K. m,-L«m.a»"
flnhscrlhed and sworn to l>»f>"',ll1'»
U    u 11 W A ta.ACt. N<*n rV l-itblio
-Frmnthe Press. Hamilton. IU.
ToTnr surr.rers from^,« ",'"'chd,.rt
bower trouble Dr. winmu- di.'
lKK,k Is free on roi|U«eU
The War Kagle mine is now* producing
ore ut the rate of nearly 10 carloads a
Work continues on the two double compartment shafts, which are being sunk ou
the vein of the Mountain Trail, ut Koss-
A ten-stamp is to be installed without
delay on  the Hunker Hill  property near
H,?'-''u-     . L „ „  „.,.      , An  Illinois    man    has    patented a
lhe  \ en.ee group at Hall Sid.ng has  h telephone de8k> whlch ha8 a pair
been bonded to II  fc. Cro.sdale, manager   ■   br_cket_ atta_h_d ^ ^ vM ._ ^
cycle tire with   sectional air pockets,   equipped   with the   latest  chair cars,
formed of hollow rings, wi, i grooves   day  coaches  and   luxurious  flrst-olses
#   W. H. STOWELL & CO.,   {
\       and Dealers In Assayers'  Buppllee,
ir**. •e_^VVV%%.'«V*V%^%^V%''vi
... M A**r-JTACTUm«_   BT ...
cut in the face of the rim and a bolt
set across the rim to suspend each ring
and allow it to rotate Individually, a
punctured ring being easily replaced
by ——other.
of the Nelson smelter, who is actively dc
vcloping thc property.
ltecent developments on the Wilcox
mine, near Ymir, have served to show* up
a fine body of ore. Thc shaft on the
Fourth of July claim, adjoining the Wilcox, is on thc same vein as No. 2 tunnel on the Wilcox.
The official returns from tho Ymir mine
for July are as follows: Bullion from
plates, $14,000; concentrates, $6250; crude
ore shipped (carbonate ore, 40 tons, galena
ore, 2_ tons); estimated value, $4000.
This makes a total of $24,250 from 21
days' working, the accident to the crushing machinery having made a short working month.
The ore shipments from Rossland last
week were:
and ordinary -.leepeis. Diteot connection mail.' ut Granger with Union Pa-
citlo, and at < <_-i.ii with Kio Grande
line, from all points in Oiegon, Washington and Idaho to all Eastern cities.
For information, rates, etc, call on
anv O. It. & N. agent, or addrsss VV.
H. Hurlburt, General Passenger Agent,
Pott laud.
a shelf, with rollers set In the lower
portion of the brackets to carry rolls
of paper which run across the face of
the shelf in conjunction with carbon
papers for duplicating.
A writer in an English magazine declares that the real average Englishman Is a working man earning $6 a
Gambling In France ls said to have
reached sueh proportions that the government has begun to study the question seriously. It Is estimated that half
of the suicides In Paris are due, to
losses at the ra.es.
Week, tons.
Y'ear, tons
Ia. Roi     2.3U2.r.
War Eagle   8,-W.fl
Iron Mask       252.0
Kveiiing Star     *t>3.0
Deer   Park   	
Columbia Kootenay  ..       31.5
Plso'i Curs for Consumption hai save.
m« large doctor mils.—C. I*. linker, t.li
Kegent 8q., Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. S, '«.
  I  JtS-B .. th. do.es or hundred
Mahogany comes to the United 8tatea
from Mexico at the rate of $25,000   a
month, an Increase of about 10 per cent
over last year _ figures.
■•- smtymt^mtAi«_. _.«, «* *,«, m*esnit^^MrAt..*uA*mswtt**•■•
Total       5,008.5     102,580.5
HI MM.   ItO.-BS.
1). ('. (lark, who has charge of woik On
the Silver Chief iu the Huckleberry range,
near Addy, Wash., reports the shaft down
50 feet and has crosscut both the foot and
hanging whits, showing on the footwall a
three-foot vein of quart-, carrying copper
The mineral department af the Spokane
Industrial Exposition i* ending letters to
all the manufacturers of mining machinery asking them to exhibit in machinery
Thc Crystal mine, near old Fort Spokane baa struck it rich again, and in a
place where ore was not expected.
" T.-i.-Tftrnfi***: -maite that can lie found
in the slate of Washington will bc secured
for the rock drilling contest at the Spokane Industrial Imposition In October.
When thc Spokane Industrial Exposition opens its doors the lirst thing the entering crowds will sec will be the mining
A 75-foot shaft has been ordered sunk
on the lllack Cat mine iu Sumpter camp, i
A 22-ton car of concentrates was shipped
from the Conjecture mine on Lake Pend
d'Oreille to the Tacoma smelter recently.!
It is reported lor a certainty that Rtille
and Anaconda men will begin the erection
of a custom mill for Republic camp and
«i«0 an electric tramway from  the north \
end to the south end Immediately.
The work of placing the hoiat and building the ore bunkers nt thc lllack Hear at
|/Himis is progressing favorably.
At the Cold Hill at L0-mii good pro*
gtBH is being mnde in both tunnels and
shafts and in one of the latter, on the main j
ledge, sonic particularly line ore is showing i
Parlies returning from the new mining;
camps on Snake river coiillrm former re-
porta fnmi thai district. J
I.-.n...  UBS   *V-»r   Ml.or.
ine size smaller after usins; Allen's foot*
Ease, a powder to oe shaken Into the s hoee
It Dii'.ts tight or new aboes feel easy,
rives Instant relief to corns and bunions
It's the greatest comfort discovery of tbe
tie. Cures swollen feet, blisters and callous spots. Allen'. Foot-Ease la a certain
•rare for inf-To~tiiR nails, eweatlng, smart
Ing, hot, aching feet. We bave SO.OUO testi
monlals. All druggists and shoe stores
sell It. 25c Trial nad-age KKK_ by mall.
Address, Allen 8 Olmsted, I.e  Roy, N. Y.
Such a prison Is the constant envy of the
weak, nervous prrsou—ol the -»-r«ou wiih thin,
in en re blood'   tlie way to build up health la
thlOUgll tile biiK.d.
Moore's   Revealed    Remedy
Makes lmvurs Mood rure.   It creates a good
appellir anil «ill» digestion.   (1.00 per bottle
, al . i.nr .li ii, .■ - ■
Good No. ., 65c per 1000,
loaded on care.
Write for prices of No. L
P. O. Box S06     Tel. 670.     Spokane, Wash.
for Qon-rrhu- snd Ota* g*t I _■*I ■ O—st Bpe——* U
■ the ONLY nwdlMns vbfc- will ear* each and ent*
—as.  MO CASK known It h—i .nr raited to can, u.
-J how serious or of bow long- Standlna. HrrilW
tro— Mi UN will art-nlth j ou. It la a—roruWlr «_*,
pr-Teou. Krfctura and can tM> salten without tnoc-Tv
alenc* and qassadon from bui.ln.-m PHIC—. SS.00. r_
—dr h; at> n'—Uik. dr >KirU—.. or «.nt pr,.|-l'J br
Id——hrwraepad.onr-n'.'   r
O-M-f __M oa MM
Ifnt——.or w-nt nr,'
wpt of nrlty, oj
turf 0J___O>X r
New York City annually pays $00 ln
gold, ln one payment, to every blind
person who has been a year resident
iu the metropolis, and who has not
been an oecupajit of a city Institution
during that time.
Us* Big Si tor tmoetnra
dischars**, ix—tamme'tioaa,
irritation,   or alosratlo—*>
el  mo con.   membrauM
aitrlM.      P*»I-In», and not Mtria
l*nu_»«iOs«"ioiillc. **"■ '** xi-onos..
•all k. Draiitik.
or wot In slain wr**f*e
br slfnss,   sr«f»ld,  (»i
11.00. or 1 tKUtla., bit.
Clronlar ssat d_ naossS
The deliilitatinjj drains and
discharges which weaken so
many women are caused by Catarrh of the distinctly feminine
organs. The sufferer may call
her trouble Leuchorrhoea, or
Weakness,or Female Disease or
some other name, but tbe real
trouble is catarrh of the female
organs aud nothing else.
Pe-ru-na radically and permanently cures this and all othet
lormsof Catarrh. It is a positive
specific for female troubles
caused by catarrh ol the delicate
lining of the organs peculiar to
women. It always cures if used
persistently. It is prompt and
Tbe microbes tbat cause oh ills
and lever and malatia enter the system through mucous membianes
made porous by catarrh. Pe-ru-na
hetill tjie mucous membianes and
prevents the entrance of malntial
genus, tbas preventing »nd curing
these affections.
There Ib nmre Cntarrh In thli eectlon of Ihe
cc-umry than all other dlseasea put together,
and until the Inst few years waa supposed to
be Incurable. I-or a (crest many years ductora
pronounced tt a local dlscoce, and prescribed
local remedies, and by constantly failing to
cure with local tieatinent, pronounced It Incurable. Science baa proven catarrh to be a
constitutional dt«pi»u»e, and therc-fora requlr.m
i-.'ir tiim.ii.n'*l trt'Utmrnt. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo,
Ohio, la the only constitutional cure on the
market, lt Is taken Internally In doacs fmm
10 drops to a teat-poonful. It acts directly on
the blood und mucoua surfacea of the aystein.
They   offer  one  hundred  dollara  for  any   ra*-c
RPR ■ A R m/fl BOOK,
elief for Womeiv
_^*C_v    Sent A*«. In plani, staled enr-one. wrne
■—" - -    ^   to-da; ter thi. Hook,contain—ig Fart—*a-
■an aad W-Hi ot DO. _AST_*,*S
French Female Pills.
Pialaed by tboaaa&df of uttRflnl Mks as
safe, ahnmrallabla aad wltbqatanequal.
H-iilJbjalfdrmririinstn m<H_d but. Freooii
flag on tup tn Blur., Wbtteand itcd.   TiJte no other.
moot! Drug Co,, antiM Petri Bl*. Mew York CHy.
ONE FOR A DOSE.  Cure Sick Hesdache
•■" njspepsla, ltemnrellmplesand Purllr Ibe
It falls to cur...   Bund for circulars and toatl-    Wood, Aid l'lK'*»tlonandrrs?ent Klllouinsas.   De
uot Gripe orSlcken. Tocvorloce you. we will mall
sample free, or full box for VV. DR. BOSAlfKO
OO., Plili_,t«.,______  Bold t>- I>riifgisu,
ITl'lTlMil'ilrnrriMlu, „ iniM«liir„»ii,lr«i.",. ll.'luii*
This form, a* will aa Blind, Blwdinaor i*rotrudina
niunlala.    Aildresi.
r    *. CHENET * CO.. Tolrdo, O
Sold by dru_slsts, 7",o.
Halls Family Pills sre th* best.
The population of the South African
republic consists of 65,000 Boers, 87,000
other whites, called Ultlanders, and
000,000 Kaffirs and Zulus.
PilMir*cur*d l.y
Stop* Itchlnfl andTjlPed"in_."Ab*torTis t"iirio*ff,__0o .
.I.r st dmifTH*or**ntbr n.a.1.Traatls*fr**. Writ*
una. A
by mail,
staabootfenroaa*.  DR. IIOHANKO, I'bil.da.l'a
Remember that you can buy Jeess Moore
A. A. Whiskey for the same price that 1*
paid for ordinary whisky. For sale by al.
drat clasa dealers and druggists.
A politician weakly and amiably
right is no match for a politician tenaciously and pugnaciously in the
wrong.—E. P. Whipple.
V  N.  V,
Too flood and Too Cheap to be
Without lt.
Ko. .10, 'WI.
Mothers will find Mrs. Win-low's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for theii
children during the teething period.
Patience is tho support ot weakness;
Impatience is the ruin ot strength.—
Fence nnd Iron Works.
and Iron fencing-; office ralllns. et- _4 Ald*r
The maximum number of visitors to
tho Royal gardens at Kow, England, on
any one day last year was 71,874 on
May 30. The smallest, 61, on November 21.
Lord Dunraven, who no longer cuts
any conspicuous figure ln yachting circles, Is saltl to have become a patron
of professional pedestrlanlsm.
Pure Tea
(n package*
at grocen'
»*.,s*»-w«m.j atmtmem wswtmtwtsvm*w*swsw*i
•nwi_MMM'M« lira ■ **eveir**tw*m^*wa*m\*m<vi tmmvt*jee»ia*nHte%*m
rem mmj^jtemsm^ «WrfS_MM mm\ atme^mmtK. TaAita
"W"!b.ol©©©.l©   and  Ketall
Dealers In. <3-er_-©ral
•m saying it. It may be right to «Mn
,he people on such occasions to lake the
law into their own bands. It mav be
dangerous to advise violence and !_•£
breaking; still moredangerous la it lor
the idea to prevail that the sovereign
* *   BLUE   CROSS    WILL
8888888888 8888 8888888888
people will submit ■»,f^^SJTL
Tlie"time IniB come to act. ***Z«J »
this provii
The tin." "nB t*J,"*J "-   —_    _i._„i
this province hesitate-why ehoul
Outside Parties Desiring Horsea in Silverton
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing To—
♦ t t t +    _J I
a. p. Mcdonald,
FdfrKS   AND   ALAMO,   R 0.
o sroti.   want
JEWELRY,    -   -	
PIANOS? -  -
The New Denver Ledge musk bo
about to come oat in blue again, judging from the  ravings of its  whisky-
soaked editor in hit last issue.    Thia
poor excuao for a man, who at times
sinks ao low in the gutter as to become
the pport of bar-room loafers; this irrepressible blackguard, who is a disgrace to   thn balance of the Slocan
editor*; this gin-sodden tinhorn, who
with his filthy rag set back for several
years   the   prosperity ot Kaslo,  put
Nakusp on the pork traiu,  broke out
in Netv Denver and has succeeded in
j putting that otherwise likely burg on
_■__■   the burn, and wbo may at any time
break out in some other healthy locality and Jonah it, should be run into
a Keely Institution and made to take
the jag cure, for his own sako as well
as that of hia friends—if he  has any
It is creatures like R. T. Lowery, who
raise the doubt as to the value of education.    Are the disgusting vices of
thia unfortunate the remit of heredity,
of youthful  environments or of senile
•alien t"
The apeaker then recalled the pretty
(able ot William Tell and hia refusal to
bow to Ihe legendary cap aa allowing
that the men who areBometimes branded
as rebelB are not always bad men.    For
years, he sold, our In ends south o( the
Tine pleaded with Washington (or relief,
but nothing waa done, and they acted
for themselves.    We are of the same
blood as the people below the line, and
we shall be untrue to our racial traditions ii  we do  not now take action.
What is to be the outcome of this? he
asked.   How long are you going to be
deceived ? You baye the majority on the
voters' list,   \\ hy don't you control the
affairs of  the   country?    When election time cornea, assert   your power;
stand by your interests, and when you
—in __ ^^^^^^
Up To Dato Service.
nn Dy your iuwido-. —
•ak out labor will be king in British
J-noot» Dove.,
Box*.     .  .
Nelson, B. 0.
T>o   You IM»1-V
RODS   -tod   BASKETS,
HOTBIy.       WHARF.
Those acquainted with tho late
management of the GaleDa Mines
know that that property waB in the
hands of thoroughly competent and
practical men. When thc new owners
get in and do something towards making a success of this property, besides
blowing, it will be time enough to t Ik
about the late management.
WHICH   1   OFFER   Al
Rook     Bottom
B, C.
MME8 BOWES   ,-   -  -  -    PROP.
•*; Headquarters For Mining Men :•:
-   B.C.
B. C.
Air-TIOX--R8, Customs ISrokehs,
And General Real Estate Agents,
•mee la Bealey Block    ■   -     Baker 81.
NELSON,   B, 0.
General Freight and Transfer
Husiness Done.
Orders  lelt at News| Stand will   be
promptly attended to.
"fl G. GORDON,^
SILVERTON,        -      -      -      B. C
ftnd S00 LINE
New Fast  Daily Service Between
Improved Connecting Service via Revelstoke or Crows Nest Routes,
First olasa sleepers on all trains from
Tourist cars pass Revelstoke, Daily tor
St. Paul, Thursdays for Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays for
Toronto 92 hours, Montreal 96 hours.
New York 108"     Winnipeg 62   "
Vancouver 20 "     Victoria   31  "
For Uie North, Revelstoke, and Main
Line 10*80 K ex* Sunday lv. Bilverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 15:50K.
For Rossland, Nelson and Crows Nest
Line 15:60Ke_. Snnday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday 10* 30K
For rates aud fait Information apply to
jienreet local agent or
W. S. CLARK, Agent, Silverton
Trav. tan. Agent, Nelson
A> O. P. Agent, Vancouver
"f■    ..... - ______
j. m. McGregor,
The trouble in   the Slocan, .raised
by the issuance of the  Mite   Owners'
Association's ultimatum iu th. matter
of wages and the proper resenting of
the same by tho miners,  will   toon  V*<*>
over and    work   be  resumed  in   the
mines at union  wages.     We  venture
to say that  never in the  history of
miuing in the Rocky Mountains has a
strike been won against such apparently overwhelming odds as in  this one,
where capital was fully organized   to
opposo their men.    But, backed by u
friendly government, held up by public
opinion and  officered bv  determined
•nd conscientious men, tho  miners of
the Slocan are teaching the world what
can be done ia a righteous cause by
organized working   men   against the
arrogant demands ot capital.    By their
determined stand, their solid front and
gentlemanly  behavior,  they have set
an example and won  the admiration
of their fellow workmen    throughout
the Dominion.    This strike has shown
that British Colombia has more honest
workingmen and fewer scabs than any
other mining country on the American
Columbia.   ^	
Not less interesting was the speech
of Jos. Martin, M. P. P., who followed Mr. Mclnnes. After detailing
tbe events leading up to his dismissal,
he spoke of the present plight of the
government snd the probability of an
earlv election. We quote below some
portions of his speech.
"Some of my friends sny 'But if you do
yon will let in the Turner party.'    II the
Turner party have a majority behind
them they ought lo be in  power.   That
ix government .•>•   majority.     If   they
have a majority they ought to rule thi*
province, and therefore why should I or
why should you be afraid of a new election?  To appeal to the people  of   tbis
province on the question  whether they
are .oing to be ruled by people liko lh,
Cotton.   The premier i? premier only in
name—ft pieroW who jumps when told
to jump b * Mr. Cotton, who  rules.   We
sre to be hindered, we nre lo he coerced
as free men from expressint! our  views,
snd hindered from anothf-r appeal to the
people by the bogey Mr. Cotton, und his
paper put? up every time: "Don't knock
ns nnl: you'll have the Turner party in
again."   I     vvculd    lather  have them
back.   We know* what they will do.   He
at losst has no sympathy with Ihe cause
of labor.    Mr. Cotton onlv  pretends  to
have-sympathy in  order to remain   in
power.   Any man   that  savs  that   the
buildtngofainillwhichwill  add  5,000
people to your population, which will io-
creose prosperity, shall not  be  allowed
because it is going to mar the view*  from
bis residence is a man whose heart  und
sympathies are more deadly opposed   to
tlie interests of labor Han   Mr.   Turner
<«    For alter all the Turner parly only
t- 00 per Annum.
_B>. M. -Brlnc-le-,
Will visit Silverton every
Wednesday, prepared to
repair all disabled Watches,
Clocks and Jewelery. He
will also bave on hand a
Complete Assortment ot
Jewelry, consisting of Rings,
Watches, Chains, Guards,
Seals, Ac. kc. Repairing
is Guaranteed. Prices are
as low as First-Class Work
will allow. While in Silverton, he will be fouud at
Tux Lakeview Hotel, and
all work left there daring
the week will be promptly
attended to on his first visit,   A trial order is solicited.
Tit. Keynote Struck   by Mclnnes and
Jos. Martin on Labor Day.
wanted everything for themselves; they
were honest aliont Ihst. Bui that principle is dead in this province. But I
know Ihers is no danger of _ Iheir being
returned again; the Colonist, the chief
ol tltem, admits that tbey are dead.
Whether we want it o> not, JWO may
depend upon it there is bound to be a
general election in this province just ss
soon as tbe hou.*e meets. In August
last vear the government was dismissed
because tbey did not have the confidence
ol the country, and we came into power
and justified His Honor and I was heartily in sympathy with that principle.
When a government has lost the support of the house, it should so. Not in
six months, but immediately. But here
wc are in the same position again. A
government which has not the sympathy
of the people is administering the affairs of the people, and are allowed to
deal with grave questions Involving large
amounts of money. If Mr. Cotton were
to run attain in Vancouver, and I speak
advisedly, he could not save hia deposit;
and yet he is the master ot the situation.
And if we should have a general elec.
tion, in what way nre we to deride?
Things look rather chaotic. Some say,
give ns party lines, hut how are vou and
I, after denouncing the*. •,Ottawa g vern
ment, going to array ourselves on tlie
side of those who break their p.edges to
British Columbia? Did not Mr Mclnnes
give the keynote when he said the sovereignity of the people! Is not that a
principle broad enough for us to stand
on? The principle tbat a member is only
a member elected to do Ihe duty demanded bv bis constituents? And even
if we don't succeed, if we don't send
enough members down there to form a
govarnnn n , we will have enough to prevent  any   government   from   violating
NOTICl". :—-UnMler" and "Itwk-
l..ml Mineral Claims; situate in the
Bloom Mining Division of IN est Kootenay District.
Where located:—On Eight  Mile creek
adjoining the Willa Miuera) Claim.
Take notice that I, .1. Murray McGregor i
acting as agent Ior W. W. Spink*, free j
Miner's  Certificate  No. itl_1M i. intend',
sixty (lavs from the dale hereof, lo appl> i
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
ol Improvements, (or the put pose  of ob- ■
taining a   Crown   Grant of the above '
And further take uotic     that   action j
under section '>",   must he commenced
before the issnanoo of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this IT'li day of July IS;***.
J. M. McGbroor,
Notice ia hereby  given  Uiat sixty
days after  tla'e   I," W.   I).   M „_.
intern! to apply to Hie Chief OommN
sinner of Lands and Works for permission
lo purchase the lollowing described tr.net
oi land: Situated four miles east of
Slocan Kiver on Lemon Creek at the
mouth of the First North Fork, in West
Kootenav Distih't; starting from n post I
marked W. D. McGregor's N. E. Corner,
theme soutn 40 chains, thence west 40
chain*, thence north 4. chains, thence
east 40 chains, to place of beginning, the
whole containing 100 acres.
Da*ed June Wth. 18;)0. j
W. !>. McGregor
Use   None   But
The Best!
Try It-Prove It.
General Tire Of Cold" SHIx.
Notice is hereby   given   that  sixty
days after date, I intend to apply to ihe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works I
for permission to pnrchsse Ihe  following
described land : situated four miles east
of Slocan River on Lemon Creek, at the
month of Ibe First North Fork, in West i
Kootenay District; starling from a po*t
marked J. M, McGregor's N. W. corner, '■
thence sooth 40 chains, thence   east  40 |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
chains, thence north 40  chains,   thence : It is not Imiscc] on laboratory tests, but on
—____^H . M	
| A P_-cn.il, Book for Pr,.ctic*.u. Mrs.
should he jn the hands of every
Mining Man and Metallurgist.
For Sale or Rent,
.1 Hotel Id Silverton.
Apply ■*;•—Matheson Bras,
ftllve-rton, 0
W. W. B. Mclnnes, M. P. has broken away from the Laurier government
for their abandonment of their measure
raising tbe Ohine.e tax. Speaking of
the government's action in this matter
in hit Labor Day speeoh, he said:
''We have resorted to every device to
compel the government to redeem its
promises and they have absolutely refused to do so. It may serve a purpose
to send a man East, but there bas always been too much talk and too little
action. The time bas now come Ior
a'tion, r.nd I think there should be an
opportunity for tbe entire province to
pronounce on the question. But I intend to give you the chance to so pronounce. I intend to resign and see il
the united voice of 5,000 electors on
Vancouver Island will not be listened lo
at Ottawa. If that fails what are we to
A Voice—"Turn them out."
Mr. McInnea-MTurn them out nothing t
If that should fail, act yourselves.
What is the use of turning ont one lot
of political tricksters to put in another
lot? Go back to first principles. We
are the people and the people rule. If
those in power are too cowardly to act
take the law Into your own hands. You
are the fountain of all authority, and
there. omes a time when nothing but
^tT<t,.ii.ie*^Ai\. rWW((   -|1«" ■rs'.i'l'iri***»fjiSJ»Q )m 'Xmlgimsessitilftltt.
There will be 85 camps represented at
the Spokane Industrial Exposition. In
order to make a proper display from Silverton, f50. will be required for the bare
expenaea of transport! ng the specimens
and setting up the cabinet. Those interested in the exhibit should provide this
sum. Specimens, which may be lelt
with either C.T.Cross or Agent Clark,
must be handed in by (be 19th, inst.
west 40 chains to place of beginning, the
whole containing 160 acres.
Dated June 30th. 18911.
J.  M.  McGregor.
Owing to a reduction in miners' wages
caused by the enforcement of (he eight
hour law, the miners are all Idle and the
mines have  shut down.   Therefore all
workingmen are hereby warned to keep
away from  the Slocan  and  Kootenay
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles are amicably settled  between
mine owners and miners.
Sandon. B. C.      W. L Hagler,
June 2nd. 1899,       Secretary Sandon
Miners' Union
J. M. M. Benedum,
Pres. Silverton M. U
L. Knowles,
Secretary,    Silverton
Miners' Union.
_v  rv  ii".   i/ii-miu vn nu--ini"i 7   » -""••"i   ■"•'
the MUCTtC-- kksilts obtained by lhe
author iu sn experience of otk« *tw Kxrv
yeahm, and tells bow beet to employ that
which is already iu u**, not in any uie
locality, but all over the world.
CLOTH BOUND, »l,:*0.
Mod-hv Machinery Piuilihiiim: O*
218 La Bails Sthekt, Ch caoo, U. 8. A.
The shipmont   ol  ore   from   81ocan
Lake points, up  to and including   the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Rosun Lauding. Tons.
Bosun  540
From New Denver. Tons
Marion 20
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise   680
From Slocan Cily. Tons.
Ta manic     20
Black Prince..,,,..., 20
From Silverton. Tons
Comstock   20
"        concentrates  100
Emily Edith 60
Fidelity     3
Noonday 480
Vancouver 820
Wakefield 580
Tola! 2848   I
OT lie _3_.r-.x_x.t--l
OF The Liberal Conservative Union
for British Columbia will be held at
the Assembly Hall, New Westminster on the 5th day of October next,
commencing at 10 A. m,
All Liberal Conservatives will be
welcome. The right to vote is confined to delegates chosen by Liberal
Conservative Associations or District
Meeting regularly convened for this
purpose. One delegate for every twenty Members of such Association or
District Meeting, Proxies can only be
used by Members oi the Uuion. Advantage may be taken of the Railway
Rates to and from the Exhibition
which is being held at the same time.
D. H. WmrOM,   Geo, H. Cowan,
President. Secretary.
Corner Half ind Vernon St*. w
Furnished Rimiiqs,
Daigle's Blacksmith Shon.
Geieral Blwtamilhing
and Repairing Dose.
ewXermmmY *ewZstwC ■ w*fw„"• m*ar»m'w f^'At^'' :$tfeif}tt}tfw**
'*.amm**\***m*&tA m****jgWgtg^-B-*"^**** jgg^WMgjg^ WS-M^T* •#**<**/■-£


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