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The Silvertonian 1899-02-25

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 ^IvnAAxtuJ ^i>X<_lu
j^j ^ty^iiM»¥y«i*<ir«'" Vi"ii'-i'>i-i~i~ •*"'
Read The
$2 Per Annum.
Jot> Work
Neatly S Promptly Done
Wo can quote you bedrock prieoe
A letter received at this office from
Sandon, listed the 23rd. inst, says "From
l0„rto twenty inches oi ore bas been
truck in the lower tunnel of tbe Adams
8*aim, one of the Canadian Group. This
taps the oro shute at a depth of seven
hundred feet, and the tunnel haa been
Liven into the ore shute for twenty feet."
This informaiion comes from reliable
gouices and tbis strike means mum lor
the Canadian Group. This property is
controlled by Ontario people  and   lies
,bove Ui« R-* mine-   No tloubf * 1"rKe
brce will be put  to   work  to  develope
new strike.
Work an tbe Noonday, near town, Is
progressing favorably and ore is being
jacked daily-   Tlie main   drill,   tbat  is
Ibeing driven to cut  the  big  ore  shute
known to exist in the  ledge, is now in
75 feet and is being driven at the rate
of two feet per day.   A cross-cut is alao
*ing run, about 50 feet in the tunnel, to
siertain the width of the ledge, which
present bJiows itself to be a eood ten
, wide with no sign of a footwall yet.
This cross-cut is in a solid body of ore
[hat would concentrate about three into
Ine and give 300 ounce concentrates.   As
is, it is being hsnd sorted and a laree
Imountof is  being  sacked  ready  for
lliipuient.   On the  banging   wall   is a
ttrcakofore Uiat  is  very   rich,   beiuit
jive with native silver in the  form   ol
Jakes and wire.   Beautiful   specimens
Ian be obtained from tbis atreak.   The
I'oon lay lei.ge, like most of the mines
L this district, lies iu the slate formation
Ind Ilk", the Alpha und Wakefield ledgee,
Lib not a very big pitch.
Foll.iwinir tho Uopoit of tbe Mining
lommittee, the Minister of Finance haa
itroduced an Act to miiend the Mineral
t, whicli emtmdies the various Migi-ee-
liousiDsde in the Report, printed in full
u our columns last week. The bill has
.wed the aeuond reading und is recelv-
ng the hearty aupport ol Mr. Green. It
takes no reference to tho tax o:i work -
i« miners.
Another hill, introilnceil bv the Attor-
Ooneral, provides lor the uovnrning
f any new portion of the Province to
hii'h a ininin*; rush ia made and for
liieh no otfieittls have been ir.ipointed.
Mr. McPbiilips' ameudtiieiii to the
lacer A**t ia now before the II mst*. It
rovidea for the declaration of sn alien of
is intention lo become a British subject
nd giving nil the mining lialits of a
litis!) subject to an alien mas ing such a
duration.   Provision is also made  for
e rights ol aliens to acquire placer
aims hv purchase and inheritance, and
iu Issuing of in-ii miners' licences to
I One hundred tons constitute the ore
riil'inentp from Silverton lor this week.
i Wednosday  the   Vancouver  Group
tat nut ono carload  to  Trail and   the
fakelield Minesoue to San Franciaco,
° Wakefield also-sent three carloads on
liuraday, two consigned to San Francisco
["I one to the 11-11   Mines  Smelter  at
elson.  Thiu week will practically wind
1 the most ol the ore shipments for tbe
•resent, owing to the near  approach   of
• ing and the consequent breakiui,   up
r t,,e roads and trails.   As soon  as Ihe
Season permlta, a tramway will be put in
r "10 Wakefield and ore shipments Irom
post tnino recommence and this summer
'ill see Silvertou's ore shipments second
•none in this section.
The shipment   ol  ore   from   Slocan
jl-ske points up to and including tbe
IP'esont week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
[From Bosun Landing. Tons.
Bosun  180
l^rom New Denver. Tons
Marion 20
|Ffotn Silverton. Tons.
Eirlly Edith 40
Fidelity     3
Vancouver , 280
WskeBeld 680
Total  903
> um Dobun -antling.
The Comstock Mines, bave commenced
adding to its force, six new men lieing
put on  this  week
menced between tunnels No. 2 and 3
and a new raise is being put thiough
between tunnels No. 3 and 4, Development work will be pushed and tunnels
No. 3 aud 4 will hoth he driven ahead.
The present showing in the face of No 4
tunnel is evidence of the existence of a
large ore body. Concentrating oro is
being Bteadily sent down to the mill.
which is running smoothly, four four-
horse teams being ein-ih-yed in hauling
ore. Besides the concentrating ore sent
to the mill about two tons of clean ore is
daily sacked at the mine.
A return from the Register General,
showing the number of Births, Deaths
and Marriages in the Piovinco duri_g thu
Sloping has com-  year 18!*7 has j.mt been  re.*, ived.   The
rtnla      Win   *'     uml       t     ,*    i ,.
[Allowing figures are from 'vn pages.
From our Begnlir Cut respondent.
Oscar McMillan he^au r$whldiog ore
from tbe Bank of England claim last
Thursday. Rawhidiug will he pushed
from now on aud the development work
will goon. Mr. Yoik visited the mine
on Thursday to discuss with Bupt. A. E.
Teeters, the advisability of doubling the
present working force at the mine.
Jack McKinnon and Alex Stewart are
working on their Springer Creek properties. They appear to lie well satisfied
witli the results attained.
Several ot our citizens vi*i'ed New
Denver on Sunday, to pay the last tribute
to thore'i ains of that veteran prospector
tbo late Dan McDonald. He was well
known here as one of the Slocan pioneers
and bis sudden demise is generally regretted.
Thomas Lacomhe baa returned from
Montreal, whore ho waa seeking medical
aid for the tbreathened l.jsi of his eye.
Ilia many friends will be g'ad to learn
that all danger has been averted.
The Misses McMillan have written
from Glen-jtary, Out., that they ■ xpect to
spend the winter amid the s.*etiesof their
childhood. They have vi-dted A.ontrenl
and Other eastern cities and will return
to Slocan City in Ibe sprite.'.
Births.                   1837
Mabs 673
Females .... 658
Totals,             i 331
M-trriar-es,              629,
Deaths                  1,013.
Of the desths, 93 were from
10 were suicidal aud one hy execution.
The estimated expenditure and revenue of the Proviuce for the year endint/
June30.h, 1900. shows a diucrepinc*- of
$215,000 iii the fortmr over tie latter,
the figures being; Revenues, $1,549,989
Expenditures, f.l,7G7.873.
Tlie mm of $60,000 is to he expend' d
in Weut Kootenay for roads, street.-*,
briilges and wharfs, from which the Slocan receives $15,000.
In the Supplementary Estimates, we
note the following sums voted for this
Public School, S'nca-i Citv, $2*00.
"       Silverton,      $15'K).
Pnndon,        $2000.
" "       N,w IVt.ver,$300.
8      m\.\
Tl*e   Vancouver News-Advertiser in
•Peking of the Slocan Lake mines, says;
'8ilvertou, of course, is the chief ehip-
! P'ng centre on Slocau Lake, 803 tons
K°mg from iu four shipping mines.   The
On Tuesday, the r.iw-hid-rs came
down from the Wakefield, their work lor
the season being over.
jV snow.tiont, to he used in linuiin* the
Comstock ore, hns Just been turned out
from the shop of S Daigle.
The Bosun mine has eent out 40 Ions
during the last week. This brines the
total ontput of the mine, eincu the first
of January, up to 180 tons.
Finance Minister Cotton recommends
the doubling of the present tax ou the
output of the mines and the Miners' Protective Association has wired in a protest
to the Minister of Mines.
The mines in Ihis vicinity aro gradually increasing their forces and makini;
preparations for a big summer's development work. This week, seven mines
packed their blankets to the Emily Edith
mine and six were put on nt the Coin-
W. Thomlinson, tho well known min-
ine expert of New Danver, paid a visit to
the Noonday claim, on M'-nduy. He ex.
pressed considerable fiiirpri.-o at the
amount ol ore tho lessees bn>? taken out
and sacked, duiing the short time they
have been nt work. Ho regards the
Noonday hs tho making of a hie property.
Ralph Gillette passed tbrouclt town on
Friday, coming from tin: Hamilton group.
on Twelve Milo, in whieh he is half owner. He says that work is being done
in No.2 tunnel, which is now in 85 leet.
This claim lies about two miles from tbe
lake and adjoins the Get-Thern-Eli, of
which such good reports are tu circulation.
Surveyors have been at work for the
last ten days, going over tho unpatented
claims in the Emily Edith Group and
doing other necessary surveying. Tbey
speak of the Emily Edith trail as being
in excellent sliHpe and providing nn easy
means of reaching the California mine,
running within a quarter of a mile of that
property. Crown Grants will be applied
for by tbe Emily Edith company for all
their chums uot already Crown Granted
C. A. Grigg. a teamster employed by
Kerfoot k White, at the Comstock mine,
had a narrow escape Irom death or at
least serious injury, at that mine on
Tuesday. He was at work in the ore
bin, loading his sleigh, and did not hear
the warning shout, given by the mucker,
before he dumped bis car into the shute,
under which Griga waa at work. The
ore had quite a distance to come throii-b
the sbute and poured into the bin where
The funeral of the late Dan McDonald'
which took placel.st Saturday, was the
most largely attended of all that have yet.
been held in this district. Tlm former
friends and acquaintance.*! of the tte-
ceased gathered in from Sandon, Three
Forks, Slocae City anil New Danver, to
pay the last tribute t*) their former comrade and ahout one hundred citizens of
Silverton followed thiir lain townsmen
io the grays, many coming down from
the mines to join the sad procession.
The par hrnr.-r-i w«re, Wm Hunter, T
Ardiel, M. C'.-ir, C. M.-Nii boll, Al. Wild-
a.ti'1 Jack Roberts. Prayers were read at
the grave !>>* Mr. Farmer.
On Tuesday the -1st inst, Sarah Ann
MrDwa'-J, the infant daughter of A. D
McDona'd of Silverton, sue iamb d to the
lingoiing illhcss from whieh Hhe hid he-1>
suffering for 6ome months past. Mr and
Mrs. McDonald have iiud more than
their share of sorrow durin_ th;' last few
days, having assisted last we^k ia ihe
burial of their coatln. Dan McDonald,
and last Thu i sd ay resigning tlnir belovtd
d.injhtur haek to Mother Earth. Thev
have Ihe heartfelt sympathy of the
entire community in their betcivemenis.
TheGiiclph (Ottl.j Daily Herald, of tl e
14ti inst. contains the following interesting local: ''Mr. James Bowes, ef Silveiton, B. C. is in the ci"-*. on a visit to
the Misses Brnndon, Ontario s-rei.'t. Mr.
Bowes i*-one of the leading rAerehantis
of Silverion, and is well known in
Gnelpb and in thn neighborhood of
Littowel. He is on his honeymoon, having recently married one of IJstowel's
fair, r-ta daughters."
Tnis is tho Brat intimation received by
Jim's numerous friends here, us to his
aovent among the benedicts, The Sn.-
vmrtonun wl»liee the happy conple n
losgimd happy life.
his right foot.
Jfrs. A. D. Mcdonald, is reported to he
eeti"'i*dy ill.
F. F. Liehscher has been making a trip
arcund thc mines.
Vm Hunter made a business trip to
Nelson on Tuesday returning next day
Geo. Fairhaitn, who hits been reeeiv-
ingmclioal treatment in Nelson, returned
in Thursday.
8 Daigle. wbo has been seriously ill
rorlhelast fortnight, is down town once
R B Kerr, New Denver's barrister,
is the latest to leave the Slocan for the
B-aindsry. He will oj-en a law office
Wm. Brandon is expected to Tcturn
from 3uelph, Ont in a few" days. Mr.
and Mrs. Brandon will take np their
residence in Silverton on their return,
Seldom a week passes without some
eemi-aristocratij peddler canvassing the
town, selling gooda that can he purchased quito as cheaply from our local
merchants. Our citizens will be
consulting their own interests by giving
their trade tj those who expect to
remain in tho town and who ate here
to uphold  tbe  responsibility  of  their
•■■•^ftf-Sr^*?..^ #»''s-<l »--:-*i4v.
HOU8E AND LOT for sale. Pleassntly
located.   Enquire ut Silvkktosi-- n office.
18-2-99 •
Mrs. Fletehrrand Master Fred Fletcher, wife Hnd son of John Fletcher, arrived in town from the East latt Taeed y
A telegram wns received yesterday by
Geo. I'aiibairn, announcing the euddeu
death of Mrs. llowt-s, his parti.ci 'a mother.
Ihe Golden Miner publishes an interview widi W. White, of Kerfoot-; V. bite,
ia winch lit- bays that their outfit engaged
in liaioing the Comsiock oie, wiil soon
bo largely iiicieauud.
A shipment of the latest styles and
palter ns of Spring goods lias just been
received ut iiio tailoring Estaoliabuitn*
of F. F. Liebucher. Wcadvbe uurjoaug
men lo cab aud look them over.
Flower and Guidon Seeds are no.v
Sale at tbe Silverton D.ug Store.
Some intolerant crank hai been tryiug
to raiso a sectarian cry iu Nelson, by
protesting..,, ..usi „ traut being uivi- io
,lit* Sisters'lior*piui. lie wa- pruutptly
and proporly t-'o/.mched by both the
.lailua in tliat city.
An Lulu i, in Crecton, B. C, resisted
to original iii'.uiiMis iu commiting suicide
this week, lie lorced a large pair ot
s) ears into his stourr.'.ch hv pushing the
handles against airee. ihe points being
placed against bis bare skin. After
iniliciii g some BOOre of wounds in this
manner he attained his cuds.
Matters have so shaped themselves
during the past week, that the chances
for the establishment of u branch 61 a
chartered uatik in Silverion havo grown
very promising. Every merchant antl
busiuetw man i.i the ei'y has been iuiei-
vieweU and all promise their hearty sup-
poll, und tut* mine owners, who were
teen ill-he nutter, will likewise trans-
for tlnir anoounta.
Knox k Delat.ey, the New Denver
Jewelers, are prepared tu guarati'eo tlie
worn, they do. Tin y ure loC-ted iu your
niid.-t and cannot uli'jitl io malie un>
uuaiakes. Tueir specialty ia tvatch re—
t.ai.iiiii and the\ are in. pared to iio anv-
i.'iing in inui liiu*. For the conveuidHUa
oi ttien Silverion cuutoijeis, uh crUt-ra
can be le.tai tne Silveiton Um^Stoie, tu
be forwarded to them, ihey aie a local
iinu una guaruii.ee tluir werk *
Sam Jones says: ' lu the beginning
God created the heaveii and ihe euith.
T.ien he made 'ha editor, iiiui-i pjtrcn-
uei una prompt paying suj-ieiioer.*, au i
it was goon. Tlie nexi day a K.air. 8
•jlizzurJ net m aud be created tiie nun
wiio didn't ti.ke 'im home paper ami
another man wiio didn't behove in ud-
Vertiaing, and he rested. Then tbe tlevii
got into tbe uiouUhin- reoiu and irea.eil
the fellow who takes the editor'- pepei
for several yeais and Uien rifuses to pay
ior it. Tne devil then reared, but ihe
editoi hasn't bad any restbiucc."
Divine Services will bo conducted iu
ihe Silveiton Ctiurcii on the second and
ii.tirth Sunday of tlie numb hy tho Rev.
O. 1". Ya'.'is, at _ p. m. You are invited
to ho piceeut.
Beginning on Sunday, November,. Oih
tbe Bey. R. N. Powell will hold services
every alternate Sunday at 3 p. tu. iu the
Silverton Church lo addition to these,
services will be held on everv alternate
Monday evening at 7 p. m.,(!ommeiieiug
Monday, November 18th, Everyone is
cordially invited to attend.
AT   25c   PER   EOTTLE.
General Merchants
Silverton,      B.   C.
vSteel,    Caps,     Fuse.
i\>»mv i -gg
Silverton,      -
X_i.   :L£_   Sls-uo^rlee.   Piop.
v. ".'.•.'. 1.'%'.^ it •, iSi-JiSSSni^.-iSSSSSSSSSS®
Patronise Home Industries. V
® — •
®8!8!i8S?8 5S8!!8?8 88 8 8 88 88 88888888«S858S88g®
urns & Co.
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway ar.d Greenwood.
General Agents and   %&&     %%
iVlinl-ijLg Brokers*
Sole Agents For
**1**W,'A,V- *w "tmwvwwvpma*^,*^**^*..-^^..-asw J*****-i,-><m-**nt^S'SW->*m,.if— -m->mmmm*m,mu, *»»Mi-m»,M_Ma-.
V. ■vkesfyWfvrfttt**
_<i---.__*'^*____r____tf^«.i»_ri_lli !mm,*m1£mW9ti2mmZ&
£££^2£*m ms+m.,****/-**' mirem^m^^i THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
A Complete Keelew ot the «-•-* for
tbe l»a«t:*Wea_ to This a"* »«>retg-
•L-nds- Su-iiu-rlse- -from the --test
Rudolph Spreckle-i haa disposed of his
one-half interest in the Paauhu sugar
plantation in Hawaii to Edward Pollitr.
ft Co. for a sura which has not been made
Amid the unbounded enthusiasm that
prevailed in Mechanics' building at the
banquet of the Home Market Club to
President McKinley last week at Boston
death stalked in and claimed one of ths
prominent men present. The victim was
Frank E. Taft of Whitinsville, Mass.
Major General John C. Bates, military
governor of the department of Santa
Clara, and Inspector General Brecken-
ridge paid a visit to General Gomez, who
.waa expecting to leave for Cardenas.
I General Horace Porter, the United
Statea ambassador to France, who returned to Paris from Rome, was accorded
a most cordial reception by the king and
queen of Italy.
The officers and men of the battleship
Iowa were the guests of Mayor Phelon
of San Francisco at the Orpheum theater one night last week, and after the
performance the sailors were entertained
at supper by the mayor.
M. Marks, an Australian expert, direct
from Dawson, places the output of the
Klondike at $19,000,000 thin year.
The estimate of losses to the cattle and
sheep interest's caused by the recent
storms in Colorado, made by the stale
'< veterinarian, Mr. Grcswell, baaed on report* received during the past week,
reached «. total of $200,000.
The commission named by the president
to consider questions pertaining to the
civil affaire in Cuba and Puerto Rico is
busily engaged in completing preparation*
to leave for the islands.
Among the passengers of the steamship Alki, which has arrived from Skagway, **vas Thomas Graham, who has been
in t-ie Yukon country for a number of
months, collecting an exhibit for the
Paris exposition. He haa secured a large
and rare collection, which will be brought
out next'summer.
The three children of H. S. Clyde of
Olympia, Wash., were playing soldiers in
an upper room of the family home when
suddenly a report was heard and on rushing up stairs their parents found the little
2-year-old son, Ernest, lying on the floor
with a gunshot wound through the heart.
Fred Foster of San Francisco has paid
$10,000 to Burns ft Waterhouse for the
promising 2-year-old Yellow Tail, a chestnut colt by Imp. Watercress, dam of Imp.
Paloma, the dam of Miss Rowcna.
Steamer Rotterdam, from Rotterdam,
reports that Feb. 6, in latitude 40:33,
longitude 48.26, she sighted the British
steamer Rossraore, from Liverpool for
Baltimore, in a sinking condition. The
Rotterdam took off all on board the Ross-
more, 42 in all.
A historW event in the history of Pres-
byterianism in Michigan and the west
will occur this week when thc Fort Street
Presbyterian church of Detroit will have
completed the fiftieth year of its existence.
The queen's bench division of the high
court of justice has granted a rule to prohibit the order of the consistory of the
court of St Paul's, allowing the opening
of the Druce vault in Highgate cemetery
being carried into execution without the
sanction of the secretary of state for home
affairs. The attitude of the home secretary is not yet known.
A. L. Jennings of Chickasaw, I. T., was
convicted of train robbery in the federal
court and, sentenced by Judge Hosea
Townsend to life imprisonment in thc federal penitentiary at Columbus, Ohio.
Colonel Ray has arrived in Santiago de
Cuba from' Guantanamo to arrange details for the departure of his regiment,
the Third immunes, next month.
All sections of the orange belt, near
Jacksonville, Fla., indicate the cold wave
did not do much permanent damage and
utterly refute thc statements sent out to
the press.
Upon recommendation of Major General Brooke the withdrawal of American
troopa from Cuba has been postponed.
David Bradley, aged 87 years, president
of ths Bradley Manufacturing company
and proprietor of the first foundry in Chicago, died today of old age.
Luther Chapin, the founder of the Senior Order of United American Mechanics,
is dead, aged 83.
The engagement is announced of the
earl of Crewe to Lady Margaret Etrenne
Hanna, youngest daughter of the earl of
The Niagara Falls k Lewiston railroad
otherwise known as the Gorge road, has
gone into the hands of a receiver. The
company will be reorganized.
Ethan Allen Hitchcock, the retiring
American ambassador to Russia, recently
appointed by President McKinley, United
States secretary of the interior, haa arrived from abroad on thc steamship Teutonic
The westbound Burlington fast mail
beat all records between Chicago and
Omaha last week. Distance, 602 miles;
actual running time, 8 hours and 44 minutes. *
The express train from Calais to Brussels having passengers from London on
board, collided with a stationary train at
Foret, near this city. Thirty persons were
killed outright and 60 more or leas injured.
The    refrigerator   transport   steamer
Celtic has sailed for Manila via Honolulu.
The president and party have returned
this morning from the trip to Boston.
Malon Thomas of Berkeley, Cal., is
dead at the age of 104 years, after an illness of about throe months.   His wife,
The Samoan complications are about to
pass into the safe lines of diplomatic
treatment, in the judgment of the officials at Washington, who say there is
really not much danger.
The mysterious disappearance of Captain John M. Neoll, at San Francisco, of
the Fourth United States cavalry, haa not
yet been solved and the idea that he has
committed suicide is gaining ground. He
was short $5,000.
The deal by which a syndicate, mnde
up of men interested in the sugar trust,
the rubber trust, the Standard Oil company, thc Union Pacific and the Santa Fe
railroads, Palmer Oil company nnd others gain control of the Kansas gas field
and the big zinc mines in this district has
been closed.
A ruling by the supreme court at Carson, Nov., in the gubernatorial contested
election ease decides one of the points
at issue in favor of Governor Sadler,
leaving four other allegations to be contested and tried on their merits.
j\n amendment to tne constitution of
North Carolina limiting suffrage has been
adopted by both branches of the general
The Oregon legislature adjourned sine
A tremendous snowslide came down the
side of Yellow Mountain, Col., one-quarter of a mile below the town of Ophir,
and killed J. C. Varden, foreman, and
practically destroyed thc Caribou Concentrating company's plant. The slide
was visible from the town of Ophir, and
those who saw it say it was the largest
they ever witnessed, it apparently being
about 100 feet deep and more than a
quarter of a mile wide. The Caribou mill
was crushed like an egg shell.
A serious conflict has taken place between the Russians and Chinese at Tal-
ien Wan, 300 of the latter being killed.
It is said to have originated in a question of taxes.
Fred Bartlett of Butte, Mont., dealer
in gentlemen's furnishing goods, is asking
for a receiver pending bankruptcy proceedings.
The United States anny transport
Sheridan pulled out of her pier in Brooklyn at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon on her
way to Manila, by way of the Suez canal,
with 1635 enlisted men.
Thc Germnn newspapers in their discussion of the Samoan question arc taking strong exception to the spirit and
statements of the letter of Chief Justice
Chambers of the supreme court of Samoa
to his brother in New York.
The Denver Trades and Labor Assembly Feb. 19 decided to act with the Colorado Art club in the erection of a memorial to the late Rev. Myron W. Reed.
Their proposition is to build a labor temple, a large building to be used as a sort
of national headquarters by labor asso'
ciations, connected with whieh there will
bc a free art gallery, library and reading
room. The preliminary work will be be
gun immediately by a committee appoint
ed today for that purpose.
A coroner's jury of Portland, Ore.,
found that Mrs. John Rankin, whose
death occurred at the Imperial hotel,
committed suicide by shooting herself.
Mrs. Zacharian Chandler, widow of the
famous Michigan statesman, is dead
The Greater New York bowling team
will begin its tour to the Pacific coast
this week.
At Ferris, Texas, the stables of J. M.
Bachelor, the well known racehorse man,
were burned and the famous thorough
bred J. M. B. was cremated.
Tho United States transport Minne
waska with a battalion of the Fifth infantry and a lot of government supplies,
cleared from Port Tampa for Cuba.
The health of King Oscar has been re
stored and he hns resumed the govern
ment amid general rejoicings.
The republicans of Madrid in the chamber have decided to begin at once an en
ergetic campaign against the government.
Ground will be broken at Cincinnati for
the great international soengerfest building. The centennial of this grent organization will be celebrated here next June.
John Rockwell, proprietor of the Revere house of New York, is dead, aged
69 years. He was famous for his striking
resemblance to General U. S. Grant
Advices from northern Nebraska indicate that thc winter wheat crop has been
badly damaged by the recent cold snap.
In many localities the crop will be a total failure, while in others it will be very
The steamer San Antonio of the Mai-
lory line, three days overdue from Boston, has arrived at Brunswick. Captain
Avery reported the worst experience of
his life.
Fifty oyster sloops and schooners were
carried out to sea by drifting ice from
Magothy's bay.
Items Gleaned "From the Late "Reports—
AU District. Are Being Developed-A
1'rotperou. Tear In Predicted— Mining
Motes and Personal*.
The management of thc Trail smelter
expects to be able to blow in the new
lead furnace about March 1st. A great
quantity of Slocan silver lead ores have
been received at the smelter and if the
experiment proves successful the Trail
smelter will have all the ore it can handle
of the lead variety.
Hen Hur, Reynblle.
Ben Hur—A great body of ore is being
exposed in this mine and it is increasing
daily. The long drift is following the
ledge, nnd a clean breast of ore is in
the face. By the time a custom mill is
ready for business here, Ben Hur will
have a hundred thousand dollars' worth
of ore in sight.
The  Hi public Mine.
The Republic—Very flattering returns
come from ore encountered in the drift
making for Jim Blaine ground. The ore
body is wide and rich. One extraction
continues without interruption, and the
bullion output this month will be large.
The mill is running smoothly and with
much larger capacity than formerly.
British   Columbia   Properties.
There is in sight in the Noble Five
mine a body of ore estimated at 5,375
cubic feet. Calculating 000 lbs. to the
foot and $100 to the ton, the mine is
worth $191,250. It is thought at Sandon
that this ought to run up the stock of
the Noble Five at a bound.
The Payne last week shipped 50 tons
over the K. ft S., and 300 tons by C. P.
R. Last Chance shipments were 40 tons,
Reco 20, and Ivanhoe 40, a total of 450
tons for Sandon for the week. Queen Bess
of Three Forks shipped 42 and Idaho 1704.
The Whitewater shipments were 64, 'and
McGuigan 67.
Chance In Mining; law.
Some criticisms have been made that
the proposed change in the mining law of
this state does not give the locator sufficient time in which to perform the work
demanded. From our point of view 90
days is not too short a time in which to
do 10 feet of work to hold a discovery
claim. A locator who cannot do that
amount of work in three months' time
would probably not find time to do it in
as many years. The new law proposed
in this state has been adopted by the
leading mining states and has been found
to work well and without injury to any
prospector who is honestly trying to show
that his claim has more merit than a few
stakes in the ground and a notice upon a
piece of paper.—Mjner * Electrician.
Camp   MciKlnnry.
The report comes from Cam^i McKinney
that remarkably rich assays have been se
cured from the Minnehaha claim. From
the first 40 feet on the shaft the average
assays were $100 per ton in gold, and
some assays went as high as $200. As
sny-* taken from thc cross-cut at 65 feet
gave $118 in gold. At the 100 foot level
a drift was run to tap the vein and the
first ore struck went $135. The ore at
this depth averaged $27.40 in gold. The
pulp from this assay gave some fine
showings of free gold and the concentrates assayed $355.87. A sample from
the same ore with thc galena yielded
$125.50. A heavily mineralized streak in
the center gave $177.36.
The Bunker Hill and Last Chance owners are trying to tie up all adjacent properties. The Bunker Hill company now
owns over 80 claims. High price of lead
is the stimulent.
The building for the new five-stamp mill
on the Winnie Group, near Murray, will
bc put up in April. The lumber is now
on the ground.
J. Wharton, who has charge of thc
South Peacock mine in the Seven Devils
for a Boston company, has bonded the
Great Vale copper claim near Cuprum
for $10,000.
Lucky Boy ores at Custer City, Idaho,
are worked over plates and Wilfly tables,
Baving about 67 per cent of the values.
Tailings have accumulated to the amount
of about 10,000 tons, and the company
will put in a cyanide plant to rework
$7.27. The management is very much
elated over what they regard as such a
good showing, and caluclate that the
mine will soon go on the dividend paying
The Babcock mine lies on the west
side of Wild Horse crirek, about six miles
from the town of Ymir. It is under lease
to Frank Davey, M. E. There are about
20 men employed and ore is being shipped to the Northport smelter at the rate
of 20 tons per diem.
C. P. Richardson of New-come, Idaho
county, has been operating two giants on
his Moose creek placers the past year.
His ground is on an ancient channel, 800
feet above the bed of the present south
fork of Clearwater river. He says he has
two miles of ditch, 800 feet for dump, 135
feet depth of gravel and a channel 800
feet wide.
The Bunker Hill ft Sullivan tunenl,
connecting the mine with the mill, is being driven at the rate of 325 feet per
month. It has been driven about 4000
feet, with 0000 feet more to go before
completion. The 9-inch main from the
compressor to the mine is two miles long
and goes over a great mountain. This
main will bc laid in the tunnel when the
latter ia completed.
Where Mercur now stands was situntcd
the town of Lewiston in '69 and '70, when
silver was discovered. Very rich ore was
shipped, but the vein was pockety, and
thc camp was finally abandoned. In its
palmy days it had about 1,200 inhabitants. The silver vein lies from 100 to
200 feet below thc gold vein and has
scarcely been prospected as yet. Some attention is again being paid to it.—Mercur Mercury.
The Neihart Miner says: "So modest
are the owners of the famous Big Seven
mine that they did not announce the last
two dividends of $30,000 each. Yet such
dividends were declared for September
and October, and there is ore enough in
sight to continue such declaration of dividends for some time to come. The mine
is rapidly changing from a silver to a
gold producer, although the silver ore encountered is very high grade.
Work has been commenced on the new
smelter at Cascade, by C. A. Stoess, who
has been placed in charge of the work.
The most fortunate circumstance in connection with the work of building this
structure is the discovery of a large body
of clay, which may be used in the manufacture of all the brick necessary for thc
construction of the buildings, while lime
for fluxing purposes in sufficient quantities has been found near thc site of the
smelter. Thc flume for furnishing the,
water supply will be a mile long and
about three feet square.
The mines at Wallace, Wardncr and
Million are mining approximately 100,000
tons of ore per month, which ia coneen
tniled to about 18,000 tons before ship
ping to the smelters.   The mines which
produce this are the Bunker Hill ft Sul
livan and Last Chance at Wardncr; the
Tiger ft Poorman, Helena ft Frisco, Stand
nrd. Mammoth, Black Bear and    Hecla
near Wallace, and the Morning at Mullnn.
It is estimated that the output of these
properties for  1899 will  be an  increase
of 20 per cent over that of 1898.
The Old Abe at Wardner ia being developed by means of a 1500-foot crosscut
tunnel. Good bodies of silver-lead ores
have been encountered, as well as rich
streaks of copper glance. Its ores are a
good deal in the form of chalco-pyrites.
This property belongs to John Finch and
St. Clair Brothers of Wardner, who will
put in a compressor plant early thc coming spring.
J. L. Parker, engineer and general
manager oi the Dundee Gold Mining
company, has had thorough tests made
of the concentrates turned out by the 50-
ton concentrator put in to treat the low
grade ore of the Dundee mine near
Ymir. Concentrates from the coarse jig
of the firat run gave returns, two tests,
of $24.90 and $30.10. From thc second
screen, from two assays, $50.80 and
$50.82 were obtained.
February Report of the New York Clear-
lnK House Banks—The Cash Be.erre
the Mu ic-'xt for YeaTi-I.ar«e Demand
for Mom*j---1.IIUI1*! Inereaalng.
York, Feb. 20.      The Financier
The dopwits of the New York clearing
house bunks, according to then* statement
of February 18 are withiu a small percentage ot" $900,000,000. Their cash reserve is $258,066,«00, the heaviest accumulation of funds ever reported by these
institutions. In fact, the cash balance of
the United States treasury, including the
$100,000,000 gold reserve, is only about
$14,000,000 above this figure. Considered
as a reserve it constitutes 28.66 per cent
of the enormous deposit total, or $34,-
373,825 more than the 2T> per cent which
is arbitrarily held against deposit liabilities.
This is almost $10,000,000 in excess of the
idle cash reported for the same week ln»t
vcar, and reveals the remoteness under
normal conditions of any probability that
money may go to an unusual figure, owing to the activity of exchange transactions and the sums required in the financing of new trusts.
Tlie banks, to tell the trutli, nre exhibiting a degree of strength in the face
of present demands upon them that is
little short of marvelous. Within the pa-it
week, despite the increase of $9,113,100 in
deposits, necessitating enlarged reserve requirements of over $2,250,000, their surplus reserve decreased only a little over
5*1,000,000. The gain in cash was due to
deposit additions. Specie receipts were $3,-
634,000, nioHily from the Pacific, and the
losses of legal tenders were about $2,500,-
000. This shrinkage waa due to shipments to interior institutions. But that
ihe demand forecasts a continued loss h
uncertain, us the interior bunks are remarkably strong in reserves nnd will probably be able to eupply their own needs
without culling on balances here.
The loan expansion of $8,567,700, judging from known conditions, ought to lie
traced to stock exchange sources, especially with reference to securities returned
from abroad. Hut a closer analysis of the
system indicates that special operations,
involving two or three banks at the most
have brought about the increases and ''•>-
creases. Thus the deposits of one in.' -
tution have been swelled above $7,000,000,
while   its  loans  arc  ut  least  $5,000,000
Tlie late Cold weather at Penawawa
caused considerable damage to the fruit
The Bennett Lake ft Klondike Naviga-
tion company hns declared a dividend of
30 per cent
Five thousand sheep from Eagle valley
Ore., were driven to the feeding grounds
on Lower Burnt river.
* Five hundred lambs and 700 ewes were
bought in Yakima county. It is claimed
that good prices were paid.
The Van Horn Lumber Company of
Tacoma has leased the Buckley Lumber
sompany mill for one year.
William H. Bullard of Miles City,
Mont., has filled his ice house with 32-
inch ice, the thickest he has ever cut ou
the Yellowstone.
The Benton County Prune Company of
Oregon is having about 200 cords of flr
wood Olit for use during the evaporating
seuson next fall.
Fred Mnnroe, of Condon, Ore., has gone
to Wyoming to look over that country,
with the view of moving his flocks there
this summer, ns he says the range in Oregon is getting too crowded.
W. J. Rummens of Pomcroy has just
sold a mixed car of cattle and hogs to a
stock man from Northport, receiving
$3.75 per hundred pounds for cows, $4.25
for steers and $4.35 for hogs.
Stlnson & Hugh will soon open a logging camp in Snohomish county, Wash.,
on school section 36, in township 29,
range 5 enst. They will employ about 30
men. and expect soon to increase the
Lumber shipments from Gray's harbor
during the month of January were as follows: From j\berdeen, 14 cargoes, 6,217,-
000 feet; from Hoqiiinm, 7 cargoes, 2,614,-
000 feet; total, 7,831,000 feet. South
Bend shipped during January one cargo
of 400,000 feet.
H. S. Gilt* of Salem, Ore., boxed a ear-
load of prunes for shipment to Chicago,
the last of the 1898 prune crop in this vicinity. It will be the last carload of
prunes for Marion county. Several produce shippers report losses as a result of
the recent cold weather.
Great  Northern  Wreck.
Spokane, Feb. 20.—At 6:30 o'clock yesterday morning the eastbound passenger
train on the Great Northern railway was
wrecked on an alkali flat eight miles west
of Wilson creek and 108 miles west of
Spokane. The cause of the accident was
the spreading of the rails, caused by the
accumulation of a small pond of melted
snow, which softened the roadbed and
permitted a sag in the track. The engine,
the mail car and the baggage car were
burned. Three members of the train
crew were hurt, but not fatally, while
half a dozen of the passengers were severely shaken up.
Joint <oiumlN.il..ii Takes a Heat.
Washington, Feb. 21.—The high joint
commission has decided to adjourn until
midsummer, when it will reassemble, to
agree finally on the pending questions of
difference between the United States and
Canada. Agreement on several of the
moat important issues pending is apparently impossible at this time.
Trial Trip of the E*_et Fox.
Portland, Ore., Feb.  19,—The torpedo
boat Fox, built by the Wolff ft Zwickcr
Iron works of this city, waa given her
. official trip on the Columbia river.
. -»>-r'.'*m*<.'-'*'tt-*v--M^ &m?Mj*#t*K.i mt^mii&x "tira-wy
W a esntury, died four yews ago.        parttoular.
The Whitewater mine haa been pro
vided throughout with electric lights.
Twenty tons of ore were shipped last
week from the Sovereign to the Aurora
Owing to the great danger from
slides, work on the Treasure Vault has
been suspended for the present"
The Sunday Morning mine in the
Pierre Lake district, is pushing work
with a full force and the property is looking fine.
The Fairmont shaft, Ymir camp, is sail)
to be in $25 ore at the 70-foot level. The
ore is like that at the 200-foot level of
the Dundee.
The concentrates from the Welfley ta
bles run $34.20 and $36.95. There were
quite a number of other tests made,
which gave an average of $40 a ton.
The Gladstone mineral claim, situated
on Porcupine creek, four miles east of
the Nelson ft Fort Sheppard railway,
haa been sold by N. A. Rivers to Gideon
The value of the output of the Coeur
d'Alenes is estimated at $45,000 per day.
Branscombe ft Sonnemann of Spokane
have just added twenty men to their force
on the Cumberland mine at Silver City.
The Mammoth Hecla and Black Bear
are new properties, but their output is
becoming large. The Black Bear is under bond to Larson ft Greenough of the
Morning and Joe MacDonald of the Hel-
Chief of Fire Depnrtment Squires of
Rossland bos resigned.
It is proposed to establish an open mining exchange at Rossland.
A movement is on foot in Victoria, B.
C, to form a Society of Native Sons of
British Columbia.
A fire in Wardner restroyed the post-
office and a general store there last week *
insurance $3000.
Building ia being rushed in Cranbrook;
several new buildings are in course of
Tlie contract for building Trinity parish at Grand Forks, B. C, has ueen
awarded to Peter McRae. The building
will be 24x50, and will be begun at once.
Charles Whittington, an apprentice
plumber, while at work on the roof at
Esquimault, missed his footing and fell
to the ground, sustaining injuries which
caused his death.
Mrs. Shumaky, the aged mother of the
superintendent of the Vancouver schools,
C. W. Shumaky, fell down the stairs and
sustained injuries which arc likely to
prove fatal.
The Fort Steele Mercantile Company
are to build a bonded warehouse at Cranbrook at once. It is aaid that thc Hudson Bay Company will build their store
there next month.
There is quite an agitation going on
among the physicians and other interested citizens of Rossland, B. C, aa to the
advisability and necessity of appointing a
local inspector to examine and inspect all
the milk cows in the local dairies.
The Hanbrook Lumber company's saw
and planing mill was totally destroyed by
fire last week. The fire originated in the
boiler room, it is thought, through shavings or sawdust being left near thc firebox. The damage will be about $6,000,
with no insurance.
New   French   President.
Paris, Feb. 20.—This election of M.
Umbel by a single rollcall, and by republicans only, is ihe greatest republican victory since Grevy's walk over the course.
The new president comes from a part
of France where the Roman power lasted
longest, namely, Marsan-c, in thc depart
ment of thc Drome. He gives the impres
sion of remote l.utiu origin and looks to
be a solid, practical man who sees the
facts of life just as they arc. As president
of the senate he has hnd otliciul experience tliat will bc useful to him as president of the republic, but he is essentially
a plain, iniddlc-cJas.* man, whose mind »j«
sharpened by his practice at the bar in
thu provincial town of Montellmar, in
the south of France. He i.s there most
popular, and everyone at Montellmar
counts himself a personal friend of Loubet,
who, as mayor, county councillor, deputy
and senator, always acted as the servant
ot thc public.
He received 483 votes against 270 for
M. Meline.
Trn-red)' In a Gambling Room.
Spokane, Feb. 20.—James Laccy, the
mun who shot John Murphy in a quarrel
on Mill street last July, was ITillMsT I
from the county jail .Saturday morning
about 11 o'clock. Ten hours later he lay
dying in the gamblng room of the Coeur
d'AIfne saloon, shot through the body
withia bullet from a revolver in the hands
of Vtilliam Albi.
Lai ey never spoke after being shot. Thc
murderer fired two more shots at his victim, Ithen turned the revolver toward his
own'head and fired one shot, the ball
missihg him ami imbedding itself in the
wall pf the room. He then turned and
ran lown the stairs, through the front
doors and west on Front street. He has
not Wen captured. Lacey died a few
minnies after receiving hia wound.
Criisj   W un Shot  ll.-rs.-lf.
Portland, Ore., Feb. 19.—A woman who
registered as "Mrs. T. W. Jones of 8eattle"
committed sucide in a room at the Imperial hotel about 11 o'clock last night
by shooting herself in the head with .i
revolver. She left the following unsigned
".lac' Dear: I know this is going to be
awful hard on you and papa and mamin.i,
Shortly after the tmgedy a man giving
the name of Daniel Rankin of Seattle appeared at the hotel and identitled tbe
suicide as his wife.
Sale of Tacoma Land.
Tiu'onm, Feb. 21.—The sheriff's sale of
the property of the Tacoma Land Com*
pany to satisfy a claim for $763,000
against it took place yesterday, the pin-
chaser being the 1'rovident Life and
Trust Company nf Philadelphia. The
price paid was $637,000; but a judgment
to cover the deficiency of the claim will
be secured.
Kaslo & Slocan
Vi-nirean-e o.  a Wife.
Sat Francisco, Feb. 19.—An nngry wife,
jealous of thc attentions her husband paid
to other women, visited a horrible revenge
on ler sleeping spouse Inst night. She
prodired a bottle of carbolic acid and
pouted it over his face and eyes while he
wasjaslecp, and unless providence is kind
to John Montgomery the huslmnd will
not look upon the fair sex again. His face
is frightfully burned and the eyesight will
probably be completely destroyed. After
doiig the gruesome work the woman
pouired the remaining contents of thc bottle jdown her throat, but there was not
enoiigh of the fiery liquid left to kill her.
i.ioi-Ko Qreen Will Meet Kid MeOo-*.
5an Francisco, Feb. 21.—"Kid" McCoy
George Green, a local middleweight,
have signed articles calling for a 10-
round contest between thc men some
time in April. Mi*Coy agrees to knock
Green out inside of 10 rounds or forfeit
the decision.
( Implnln  Passed Away.
Washington, Feb. 21.-General Otis to
e-aft Frisco.   Tbey have made their sec
ond payment on tho bond. f lain  ,t_w_   r   Th_rt*_-a   "Z"'ll' *_»__!
Trains Run on Pacific Standard Time.
l'/enve. Arrive.
doing West. Dally. Going Bast.
8:00 a. m    Kaslo    ;i:5S p. ni.
S:,12 o. m  South Fork   3:20 p. m.
9:3e a. m  Sproole'n   2:25 p. ni.
'•l'i i. m   Whitewater   2:10 p. in.
»:ix. u. in  i-.ir Lake   2:00 p. m.
10:12 a. m  McOulfrnn   1:45 p. m.
10:25 a. m   Bailey's   1:14 p. ni.
10:ai a. m... Cody Junclh n .... 1:23 p. ni.
Arrive. Laavo,
10:40 a. m..  Sandon  1:15 p. in
Leavo 11:00 a. m..Sandon..jVrrlvc 11:40 a. ni.
Arrive 11:15 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:26 a. m.
Q.  F.  COPELAND,  Superintendent.
Spain Will Get Twenty Millions.
Washington, Feb. 21.—Thc house committee on appropriations has ordered a
favorable report on the bill to pay Spain
$20,000,000 for the Philippines. Chairman Cannon was directed to call up the' arrive Boundary Sunday
bill today under suspension of the rule*:.i Kaslo Sunday 10 a. ra.
Navigation and Trading
Stoamsrs "International" and "Alberta"
on Kootenay Lake and River.
Five-Mile Point connection with all
passenger trains of N. ft F. B. R. R. to
and from Northport, Rossland and Ido-
kane. Tickets and baggage checked to all
United Statea points.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson and way points,
daily, except Sunday, 6:46 a. m. Arrlvs
Northport 12:16 p. m.; Rossland, 8:40 f.
in.; Spokane, 6 p. m.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo and way points
dally, except Sunday, 4:36 p. m.   Lsavs
Bpokane, B a. m.; Rossland, 10:30 a. mi
Northport, 1:60 p. in.
leave Nelson for Kaalo, etc., Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 8:30 a. m.: arrive Kaslo, 12:30 p. m.
Leave Kaslo for Nelson, etc., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. m.; arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
Leave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.* arrlvs
Boundary midnight; arrivs Bonner's Ferry Sunday 10:30 a, m.
Leave Bonner's Ferry Sunday 1 p. mi
6 p. m.i arrivs
Cloas eonnsction st Bonner's Fsrry will*.
trstes wars obtained averaged in value [of acuts enterocolitis.
Secretary Hlteh-oek Take* ihe Oath.' trains Mstbound, leaving Spokans Ti40
Washington.   Fell.    21.—Ethan   Allen's, m., and wsatbound arriving SpofcS-S
oath yesterday and entered upon his duties as secretary of the interior,
luk 10,0*1, HOT.
* <m
\+tosm%':mmmm\m "'xs+me^ THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
■ Illi       II Hull
--a._-.-h-hAAAA A AAA__.._.____ __.
,    F?TT?f▼▼?▼▼▼▼?????
Salt Rheum, j
Hands Would j
Crack Open
"1 oannot say too mnch in
praise of Hood's Sarsaparilla, as
it haa worked wonders in my
case. 1 was airlifted with salt
rheum on uiy hands for many
yeurs. 1 tried many remedies
but did not obtain relief. My
hands would crack open and
bleed profusely and the pain was
terrible to bear. Since luking
Hood's Sarsaparilla the tlesli baa
healed and my hands are as
smooth as a farmer's hands
noulil be. I have recommended
Hood's Siircupnrilla to mv friends,
and aa far as I oan iearn it has
pioved B-Uisfactoty." — LLO-D
B. CHASE, Pottereville, Mass.
Hood's Sarsapurilla is the best
medicine for salt rheum that
money can liny.    All dealers,
News from Nicaragua—Buttle Kx]it-t-t«d
•oon An Uprising Against the President—Honduras tiuti'i uiiiiut Renders
Aid to tlu* President.
At r. recent sale of autographs in London a letter written by Washington to
Lafayette went ior $30; a Washington
plain autograph brought $20; President
Zttolmry Taylor's signature, $9; President
Garfield's, $h; Gen. Grant's, $0; Jefferson
Davis', $3; Washington Irving's, $5; Benjamin Franklin's, $10; Emerson's, $2.60;
Holmes', $8, and Longfellow's, $7.50.
Mr. Weddling— Ah, darling, 1 see you
have prepared somvething new with your
own little hands. It's luscious, too, dear.
What is it?
Mrs. Weddling—That--that's bb bread.
- Judge.
Mr. Slowboy— I never jump nt conclusions. Mrs. Slowboy—It is unnecessary
for you to tell me that. Probably the
only jump you ever made in your life
w as when papa reached for you tbat time
on the steps.—Chicago News.
The Earl of Elgin, until recently viceroy of India, has been appointed Knight
of'the Garter in place of the late Duke of
Envy drops poison into all our
St. Jacobs Oil euros Rheumatism.
St. Jacobs Oil curea Neuralgia.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Lumbago.
Si. Jacob-! Oil cures Sciatica.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Sprains.
St Jacobs Oil cures Bru'wca.
St. Jnit-tM Oil cuica -oreiies-.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Stiffness.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Backache.
St. Jacolts Oil cures Muscular Aches.
The remains of Julius Goldschmidt,
who was consul general at Berlin, (Jer-
many, and who died a short time ago.
will be brought to Milwaukee at tlie ex
pente of the state department at an early
ISl AIH.M1 ST., . Hit Alio,
MSB requiring unsurpassed treatment should
consult person—I',*- ur by letter "Free" wltb the
I',, seer sod oul..' vsclusivs men's specialists La the
val;ed stairs Diseases of men Bad* Um
stud/ at a I'll- i!nil-. I iif'.iimine, every—tier*
a-ounl Iniroediuit ly t-ouiniuiiliiile wit- Dr. Foots,
vt CMC—go. Kv.r.iliuif cunUdential. Hemediea
sent everywhere lu sesle*i paakagsa snd letters In
plain envelopes. Correspondence solicited. 1—test
■arglcal. Medical aud Klortrieal methods
adopts— bringing tbe stomach wilh drugs abandoned. Avoid drugs recommended by the unao* I i,,|
U.urljed and sell-styled specialists in Western I
towns. F*w i.nuuie specialists locate ouieids of
N>-w York or C'blcag o. In thee* cltlts your prl- |
vale aBsIrs are sate, t'nesiualed treatment for all
diseases and weaknesses of ibe Uenlto-I'rlnary,
tseiual, Reproductive and INervous Systems. Im-
pedlinenU to marriage removed. "Hyshala"
positively pnrlflea the blood, cures syphilis and
removes all while ulcers lo throat ur mouth, copper colored spots on body and eruptions on skin,
also catarrh and rheumatism, "Vliorala," ths '
only permanent restorer and Invlf orator, gives
vigor to vital organs and aarves. prevents and
cure* grip. |i per bottle, I for ti. Trial eotUea.
tlthsr remedy, hair price.
Chicago, Feb. 22. — A special to the
Times-Herald from Mobile says:
The fruit steamer Sunniva, of the Blue-
llelds litinniiu Company, has arrived from
Bluetields, Nicaragua, with the following
advices, up to February 15:
General Mena bus been for three days
above Rama with 700 insurgents. H is
reported that the liberals are coming under lreon litrada. Furmis Diaz, a liberal
lender, was wounded and captured with
Iii followers above Kama by an insurgent
force under the Rough Rider ucout Siin-
A buttle in expected here in a few days.
(Uncial Keycs' Iioiits hate returned Irom
Qreytown to defend this place. The man-
of-war San Jacinto is also here. Three
hundred Americans from Cuba arc due
here to join the insurgent (conservative)
forces. Mitrailleuse, tint ling, Krupp und
Qotchklss guns arc also exi>ccled here as
additions to the insurgent arms.
Greytown was Miiiounded by the
Rough Kidcis when the gunboats left, A
force of liberals is due at that port.
Colonel li. VV. Winchester, chief of police at Puerto Barrios, has joined Reyes.
Four hundred men are awaiting Reyes'
arrival in Uianada to Hock to his standard.
The conservatives are volunteers, and
engage in their ordinary tusks during the
day, while ready at any time to respond
to the bugle call. If a choice were given
them, they would prefer Clarence, the exiled chieftain, to President Zeluya.
The foreigners here support the conservatives. Order is generally prevalent.
The Norwegian und Hritish craft that
were impressed by tbe insurgents to oarry
troops have been released.
The Liberal Kspoii-i snys the revolution will last only a nionlh.
Senor Ktfpinosu says the cause of the
discontent against President Zelaya is
widespread and well grounded. Ilia uncle
hud heretofore been un intimate friend
and supporter of Zelaya, but recently lie
had nol been able to approve or support
Zelaya'* conduct as president.
In addition to levying the tariff taxes
on the eastern coast, Zelaya liad causeJ
to be summoned tiie leading native capitalists of the country, and, declaring
them to lie enemies of thc republic, had
caused them to bc mulcted in lines, iu
most instances equivalent to their entire
available capital.
If the departmental fiscal agent failed
to collect the tines, the unfortunates were
committed to the pciiitcnli.uy without
trial or form of law, placed ln chains and
kept incommunicado, and in many cases
denied food or water, until the fine was
paid, whicli in all cases purged the prisoners of their declared treason.
Kspinosa says these facts have estranged the good people of the republio
from Zelaya, and that Reyes confidently
looks forward for support fram them and
the active aid of the eo-ssrvative
church patty of the republic.
Kspin.^a said he learned before leaving
Bluefields that the Hondunu goverament
has dispatched men and arms frOU Tegucigalpa to Zciaya's aid. The Honduras
allies were said to Ik- commanded '•>' lil'ii
oral Zurra, a general under Borilla.
The Sweet Young Tiling—I just had a
lovely time at the matinee.
The Elderly Terson—Had a good cry,
"Yes; I cried over the play in the first
act and then cried through thc other acts
because I had made my nose red I"—Indianapolis Journal.
"What's the most mi iked feature of a
newspaper office?" "Why—er—the
proofs."—Philadelphia Bulletin.
With LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they can not
reach the sent of the disease. Catarrh Is a blood
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Cure Is taken Internally, and acts directly on
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Cure Is not a quack medicine. It was prescrllied
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years, ami la a regular prescription. It Is cora-
oosed of the best tonics known, combined with
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muoius surface* The perfect combination of
the two Ingredients If what pi-oducea such wonderful results In curing Catarrh. Bend for l«»-
tlmonlals,  free,.
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A natural deduction: Hixon—Are you
engaged in the same business you were in
lust year? Dixon—Yes, and at the old
stand still, Hixon—At the old stand stijl!
Why don't you advertise and stir things
up a little?—-Chicago News.
The Pleasantest, Most Powerful and
Effective Neverfalllng Remedy lor
La Grippe, Catarrh,
ruaoi nana Will cur* any ache nr pain known
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1S7 and 169 Osarbo n ft., Chlcag*.
The Bride—Dear Arthur, if you only
knew how happy I am with you! The
Bridegroom—You ought to be. Would
that I had made as good a match as you
did!—Fliep-cndc Blaetter.
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, nervous and uncomfortable, ff you have
smarting feet or tight shoes, try Alien.
Foot-Ease. It rests and comforts; makes
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Secretary j\lger returned to Washington yesterday from Boston, where he left
his son, Fred, resting as comfortably as
could be expected under the circum
Our New Calender Watch for 1899
Gives the time, day, date, month and changes
of the in....n, ll,ui,i -,nii', accurate, durable.
If yeu are a Rood slant write us Immediately
for particulars and our xpcclal Bicycle premium   (i. er.
The Doctor (writing a prescription! —
Vuu still have something to bc thankful
for, madam. Your husband shows no
symptoms of having tbe disease. Mr.
MUiui lin the fell clutch of thc grip) —
No, sir. He's too mean and contrary to
take it!- Chicago Tribune.
llu-   .lunula-.
p. m. -The heat
It will
on until
Serene comfort and Happiness ln advanced years are realized by cotcpara-
ti»fly few women
Their nard lives  their liability to serious inn) ti.es on account of their peculiar organism and their profound igno-
'atice concerning themselves, ail comb-Da io shorten thepcriodof usefulness
aoA Sl'.thelr Jateryears wit-suffering.
.Mis I' :. „haiu hns done much to rnalte
women strong.   She has given advice
l" many that has shown them  how to
K unit against disease and retain vigorous Health -,ti o'.dage.    Fromeverycorner; of the earth '.-ere Is constant'.;,- coming tbe most  convinciug  statements
from women, showing the efficacy of
Lydia E. PinUham's Vegetable Compound :n overcoming female Ills. Here
X* a .etter from Mrs, J C. Onus, of J20
Horner Si , Johnstown, Ps , vrhich Is
earnest and straight to the point :
• Diar Mhs. PtMtUAM.—I feel It my
duty to tell all suffering women tbat I
think your remedies are wonderful. I
tad trouble with my nead, d'r.-ty spella
and not Cashes. Feet and hands wero
•cpld, was very nervous, could not sleep
well, tad kidney trouble, pain in
ovaries and congestion of the womb.
-ince te'ding your remedies 1 am better
• very way My head trouble ia all
gone, have no pain in ovaries, and am
cured of womb trouble. I can eat and
sleep well aud am gaining ln flesh. I
consider your medicine the beat to bo
bad for female troubles."
The present Mrs. IMukham's expert-
race in treating female Ills is unparal*
lelled, for yeara she work**! aide by
side with Mra. Lydla E. I'lukham, and
for sometime past has had Bole charge
of the correspondence department of
her great business, treating by letter
as many as a hundred thousand ailing
women during _ single year.
wa •* *iv<
l-on colli rutin*.   111
Manila, Feb. 18, 5:38
ii very  oppressive today and the troops,
especially those who are'compelled io work
in the open, have been affected,
probably be warmer from nou
the rainy season.
ilie rebels have been concentrating
south of the Pasig rivet, m front ol Brig*
alter General Ovenshlne'i lines, on the
right, all day long. Thc country is the
vicinity is particularly thick jungle, ex-
lending for miles.
Scouts report the rebels are apparently
coining from Lnguiuia nnd Cavite provinces. The Americana are strongly en
trenched from the beach to thc Pasic
In cable of the 11th, in the list if the
First Montana wounded, James W. Kennedy and William Kennedy, Coinp.uy G,
are identical, the latter name beiiu; correct. He was shot in the right thigh, se
vers. Lieutenant Oardenshire of the
First Montana, wounded, Ls William
Oardenshire, formerly private of Company
'•Then I told him what I thought of
him." "In good, plain language, I pre
Hume':" "Well, yes. In fact, some of my
expressions were positively military.*"
Indianapolis Journal.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth-
Iiik Syrup thc best remedy to use for tlielr
children during the m-tliing period.
"Wife, what a lot of grammatical errors you make!" "What of it? Aren't
they us good ns those your mother used
to make?"—Chicago Record.
When coming to San Francisco go I"
Brooklyn Hotel, 208-212 Bush St. American or European plan. Room nnd board
$1.00 to 1 .50 per day; rooms 50 cents to
ll.ou per day; single meals 25 cents. Free
couch.     Chas.   Montgomery.
Muster Oul   Viilunlrrs.
Washington. Feb. 81.—Tha war dipnrl-
ineitt  has Issued the following statement:
Orders have been given out for the
muttering out of the following volunteer
regiments, at Savannah, Qa.t Third
Georgia, batteries A. Bi 0 and D; Maine
artillery: Two hundred and Second New-
York volunteers.
At present in camps at Augusta, Oa.,
and Greenville, 8. (.'.. the Third Ahibim.i,
Third Connecticut, Fifth MsssaohuMtts,
Thirty-fifth Michij.Mii, Fifteenth Mini-iota, Forty eolith New Jersey, Two Hundred anil First New Vork, Two llunilicl
und Third New Vork. Tenth Ohio, first
lxh.sle  Island, Second  West  Virginia.
Thi' order discharges all thc volunleeis
remaining  in  the  I'nited  States,
mlile (0 Hnunll mill  I"  Miinlln.
Washington, Feb. 21.—The senate
committee on foreign relations authorised
n favorable report on an amendment to
bo offend to the sundry civil -pproprU*
lion bill for Ihe const met ion of a cable
to Hawaii ami Manila. The cable is not
to be built by the United stales, but a
yearly subsidy is to be paid by ths gov*
Mnnler In ihi* Fli'M Denrce.
Hutte, Feb. 18.—A jury in Ute distriol
court today
oieii. guilty
Nathan B. Scott, the new senator from
West Virginia, mode his fortune, like
Senator Turner of Washington, in mining.
He wus born in a log cabin and was left
an orphan while 11 small boy.
I believe Plso's Cure Is the only mcli-
elne thnt will cure consumption.—Anna
M.  Hos.s,   Wllllntnsport.  Pa., Nov.  12, "»•
The engagement is announced of Mis-.
Viola Deetriclt, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs.
John Deetriok ol Youngstown, and Wil
Item  McKinley  Duncan of Cleveland, a
nephew of President McKinley.
CITS Perrr-uinitly CnreS.   Ro fltsor nsrvoosnst
rlia   an.' first ilsy's use or Dr. Kllnp's iir.-a
Nervr Hestorer.  _
bottle and treatise.   DR. B. li.
_rc_ street, •'lilladHplila. Ps.
tWnl for runt  OJ.oii  trla
-_-jNK, Ltd., w»
Governor Brady of Alaska first went to
that territory as a missionary. He was
once u homeless boy in New York and
received a college eduentioii through the
Children's Aid Society.
declared Jacob Shafer, coi*
d murder in the llrst degree,
[colored, August 12, 1807. 7&o-_tt_V
TO Cure 11 C-old  lu  One l»ny.
TakP -afcatlvt llnnno Quinine Tablet*. All
druggists refund money If II Balls to eun
Congressman    Tawney    of    Minnesota
owns the last communication in writing
made by the late Repreeentttive Dingley.
it is the original of a telegram written
before eongress reassembled alter the holidays, when Mr. Dingley was seriously ill.
No _0_se_oW Is complete without a botlle ol
the famous .1 Moors Whiskey.   It Is a pure
and wholesome Miimiinnt recommended OJ* sll
physlclniis.   Don't neiileel tins necessity.
Governor Roosevelt hns been elect ed 11
member of the New York Uutorlo-1 society anil is taking a great interest in iU
Try Schilling's Oust Tea and  Uaklnf ro-rd(-T.
Our business ii seed sowing, no' sheaf
Rev. Charles Albert Berry, D. D., chairman in 1897 of the Congressional Union
of England and Wales, and first president
of the National Council of the Evangelical
Free Churches, fell dead in London yesterday while conducting a funeral service.
It was evident that the man was in dis
Cress and wanted immediate relief.
"Where can I get a diver?" he asked.
"Give it up," was the prompt reply.
"What in the world do you want of a
diver at this season of the year?"
"I've made a bet that I can find thc
mercury in thc thermometer," he answered.—Chicago Post.
They were preparing for a banquet at
which both sexes were to have representation. "Don't usk me to speak tonight,"
she said. "I never have to ask you to
do that," he answered.—Chicago Post.
"Why do you always ent at thnt restaurant! I know of a dozen better
"Perhaps you do. I know of other
places where they serve better steaks
und where the prices are lower, bnt this
is the only place I've been able to find
where they boil the water."—Cleveland
Madame Sofia Scalchi, the Italian opera singer in an interview at Wichita,
Kan., said: "I am going to make this
my lest year on the American stage. Next
year I go to Australia. The rumor that
Madame Patti and myself intend to make
a farewell trip together next season Is unfounded."
Magazine Editor (coming in in the
morning, to office boy)—Any one waiting? Office Boy—Yes, sir; four admirals
in your office, and six brigadier-generals
in Mr. Burpoice's room, and some more
military gentlemen outside, sir. I kept
'cm separate, as you said, sir.—Life.
The world against him: Despondent
Tremlow (mournfully)—Well, by gosh'
This is the irony of fate for keeps. Here
I've spent me last fifty cents ter commit
suicide with gas, an' I git a room with
'lectric lights.—Judge.
"Father," confessed the callow youth,
"I have married her; we arc two souls
with but a single thought." "Well, you've
gained something. A single thought isn't
so many, but it is more thnn I ever knew
vou to have before."—Detroit Free Press.
The  SI10rlc-.1t  War.
The shortest wuy out of an attack of
neuralgia is to use St Jacobs Oil, which
iilforda not only a sure relief, but a prompt
cure. It soothes, subdue*, and ends the
Mis. C.—I wonder where in the world j
the alarm clock has gone. I saw it on
the mantel yesterday. Mr. C.—$t was
there yesterday, but 1 heard it going otf
this morning, Mrs. C.—Well, I hope it j
hasn't gone where you told it to go.—
Yonkcrs Statesman.
"Did T understand you," said the imposing and handsome lady caller, "that
marriage is a civil contract?" "Nothing
is better settled, madam," replied the lawyer, whom she was consulting. "Then I
desire you to proceed against my husband at once for breach of contract."
"lttit on whnt grounds, my dear lady?"
"He hasn't been civil to mc an hour since
wc were married."—Detroit Free Press.
sold only in
Mrs. Smallcunnan—I see you are as
much of a gallant with the ladies as
ever? Major Slamjammah—Indade, that
was always a strong wakeuess with me^
-   Harlem Life.
"I have never acted contrary to the dictates of my conscience," said the rich
man proudly.
"But some of us," replied the poor
man regretfully, "are not blessed with
such easy-going consciences."
"Would that I could look into those
eyes forever!" exclaimed the lover.
"How are you on endurance, anyway?"
asked the prosaic young woman, who is a
mcmlier of nn athletic club.—Chicago
"Arthur, I would like to go to the seashore this summer," "Agreed. Where
would you like to go?" "But, Arthur!"
"What's up now, my dear?" "But I
wanted you to say no so I could persuade
you."—Fliegende Blaetter.
to take a try at it? Mrs, Foleigh—Yes,
please. Mr. Foleigh—All right. Just get
the pen, ink and paper, and I'll dictate to
you.—Cincinnati Enquirer.
Wife—Here's nn article in this paper
ou "How Men Propose." Do you remember how you proposed to me? Husband
—Not exactly; but it must have been in
the dark or by mistake.—Chicago News.
No man can ever be right till he acknowledges he  has been  wrong.
The worldly church administers a killing remedy to the dying world.
The Christinn armor   includes neither
scabbard nor back plute.
An interrogation point makes
pillow  for a troubled heart.
Hie devil has n fine voice for sentimental songs in the parlor.
Learn when young—give advice when
Enlarged Prostate Cured.
The Bane of Old Age No Longer
To Be Dreaded.
A Man Eighty-two Years of Age Cured
In Dixie, Ark.
One of the oldest and best knows men In
I'erry County has Uie -atl-*l»(-tlini ol enjnylnn
perfert health after -Mitfcilni; f"i- more than
fifteen year- «llli clni'iilc prostatic enlarge
ment an.I Inlln11111111tlc.11, nml »lll cheerfully
tell anviine how he un* eared.
MR. H   I.. TttTX-LK,
We want tills In reiuli the eves of every reader
ef this paper,   Mr. 11. L, Trundle, Dixie, Ark.,
Is I'inhiv tun years of tine, ss halo ami hearty 11
manor lila asri* n« «*im he found Iii the Histii'of
ArksnuHH; In furl, he looks a* yoinnt a a man
of  sixty years.    For more limit fifteen yearn
Mr. Trundli* was a slave io prostatic disease.
You men who arc. niiiieteii know wbsl ii meant*—
the dins of unrest, the ni_hi« of torture snd
UiiCftMliiii", the pain, Ihe fTcqticnt rails In nsaa
water ami the liiiiMlltv  to flo SO,    Hi tthl
scarcely fret about the house, feeble, trembling
nml racked a it ii vain from head to root.
In thli condition he nail the -laiilnn; an
noiiiiceiiient In hl» |ui|>er that a mniiclniH new
method for rurlnn proststto disease h.nl bean
discovered. He wrote to the addi-osf given foi
full particulars, ami nt once obtained the
remedy ; In leas limn ten days mine he hint Ihe
Baii-iin (inn oi anpt'iienrlng relief. Ills t-n-r
wns chronic, docpsented, sn 1 iho rhanecs of
recover* on account ot hi* sge were sfralnsi
him. Vet sixty rtayi nt oontlnunas use "i the
famous solvent.AiterniM method eared him.
You men wlmsresfflleii'd can have the nunc
experience If youdowhsl Mr. Trundle did; ha
used Sol vent-A Iterant, s new>*nethod iresimeni
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ompany, ills M, Hinlth lliUMIny, lloslon, Mnxa.
It won't ro-t you n cent lo K''t the Information,
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is due not only to the originality and
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the Company —
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From Head to Foot.
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Jacobs Oil has curative qualities to reach
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The devil has to pry the busy man's
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TJso Big U (or unnstura
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irritations   or ulcerations
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Piles ire cured iy Dr. Bosanko's Pile Remedy
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U you want a paving agency write at once
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5'oflalo, I. Y., sole proprietor.
X. N. V.
•*.... 8, *9U.
A Oi/ everybody you know to
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The Tin Tags taken from Horseshoe, "J.T.,"
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3 *tcuson, A*sj4nch, nod atoal   ...   16
t Chil.l's Bet. Knife, Fork nnrl Spoon    3S
6 Salt mill Pepper, one each, quadruple plate on while tnelal  ...
6 Ka/or, hollow gnuind, fine Knglish
slcel       #    	
7 flntti-r Knife, triple i.lale, best qu.iL
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9 Stamp RoifStcrlinq lilver	
ill Knife, "Keen Kutter," two blades
11 lluicher Knife,   "Keen   Kuticr,"
s-iu.-li blade	
li Shears  " Keen Kuticr," 8-itieh,
i.i. U-l        75
Ul NtilSei,<.'nicker ,-iiuln Picks,silver   80
II Nail I lie, ..telling silver, amethyst
..I. I in. li    , 100
IB Tooth Mulsh, sterling silver, ame>
thysl set. fl-inch  100
III Paprr t'nter, stetline, silver, ame-
tbyai set. 7-inch ion
IT Base Bi-, "Association," bsatqual, 100
18 Watch, stem winil aad set, guaranteed good time keeper    300
19 Alarm Clock, nickel, warranted .. 200
20 Carvers, buckhorn   handle, good
steel 200
21 Six Rogers' Teaspoons, best qual. 226
22 Knives and Forks, six each, buck*
horn handles 260
23 Gock, 8-day, Calendar, Thermom
eter, Barometer  BOO
24 Stove, Wilson Heater, liic No. 30
or No. 40   BOO
26 Tool Set, nol playthings, but real
loots.      I'M)
26 Toilet   S'el,   decorstcu   ]Hiree'ain,
very handsome  800
27 Watch, solid silver, full jeweled     1000
28 Sewing   Machine, fiist class, witli
all attachments  1.MK)
29 Revolver, Colt's, best quality 1*100
30 Kifle, Winchester, 16-shot, 22.csl.1600
31 Shot Oun, double barrel, hammer-
less, stub twist     2000
32 Cuilar (Washburn), rosevoad, in
laid wiih moihcr-of-pearl... 2000
33 Bicycle, standard make, Lulies' or
gents'  2509
BOOKS—30 choice selections —saint
as last year's list, 40 tags each.
!______—_L.T___i   Z .    *    .. ' atid l| mav Im> vrortli hunilrnls lo you.   Vt rl»
s^ms"-** • *wv-»r***v«-.*-' v»«- \\<\*-t*,remve#A>*i+ mm^mm*^mmmm
This offer expires November 30,1899. *.
Address all your Tags and the correspondence about them to
r__S__tf&*___-*!_fr^ tmmm ■Mmms^AmaeiiimVm stt-SZS-
'■■y ^^:
to tt±& ^ris©
toadies of SlI/VrJB>R'TO-X
;n this square means J
TION   18 DUE   AW» THAT jji----^^,,*-*,^
(By an Australian Scotch poei.—Gordon,)
The Win. Hnuter Oo„ I*tclJ
Purjijjased and Payment Made as Soon After the 'Receipt of Ore as
Samp le Can be Assayed.
Quotations Given Upon Receipt of Samples.
NELSON     .       .B.C.
When the red mun in the corner puts
hia strong voice to the proof,
As he uivett "Three Hundred Pipers
nnd tin* chrous lift" the roof,
When the cbiel sings "Anni. Laurie"
with its tender sad refrain,
Till the tears are on their eyelids and
the di ink comes round attain ;
When they chant the stirring wai-3on_»
that make the coward feeht,
Then you're fairly in the middle of a
wee Scotch nicht.
When the plot begins to thicken nnd
the hand logins to plav,
When every tin pot chieftain has a
word or two tn ■■ii*';
When they'd s II a Queensland station
for a sprig ol native heath ;
When thews one Mac on the tnble und
a com*!'! underneath; '
When the half of thein are sleeping
and the whole af them are tichl-—
You will know that you're assisting at
a (hie?) Scotch nicht.
When the last, big bottle'*? empty, and
the dawn creeps gray ami c.iuld,
And the latt clan-tartan's folded, uud
tho last big lie is told ;
When they totter down the footpath iu
a brave but broken line—
To the peril of tho pa8«ers and the ti.no
pf "Auld Lang Sine";
You can tell the lok   n.t breakfast as
they watch the fearsome sicht.
They have only  been assisting a*, a
braw Scotch nicht,
bijildi'iB-', where their only ubo would
bo to give work, for the time being, to
the idle population of some particular
town. Fifteen thousand dollars will
not do much in the Slccan, out as we
buve received us much as any other of
the Kootenay Ridings, we iiiUat
perforce be satisfied.
The member for It issland hat, it is
ri'ported,  threatened  to  resigned  on
account of the estimates an.*! the electors of h*8 constituency  iffy sending a
delegation to the Coast to d-mivid an
he: e_ae in their ihai e.    Rossi nd mui*
b;-ar in mind that "thr-re aro  otlv'rs".
The princip.l source of dissapoint-
inent to thia  vioini'.y is the omission
of a few hundred dollars in   the   s-up-
pleincntary   list, for   the   immediate
repair of the Four Mile waggon road.
as soon as all the slides are down.    A
few dollars judiciously   expended   in
April or May, will save ten times  the
amount needed if we must  wait unti1
July, besides allowing the  continuum*
hipraent of oro and supplies over the
road.    An  effort* should b,*  made  to
secure    for   immediate   U**e  a   Hum!
sum for this  purpose.
THISTlvB     "
• SM
• •
• -»-'
OS  v>
* • '
.«• '
' •-•
-i ■■■—I 'HiMHi'lHi—iiw,___j[_
.:.     props. 6|**ve-,ton' B,o.
Wilson Hotel
Teeter   Bros.  -  -   Props
OSOOOC Headquarters For Killing And Conncrtial Mch.
Everything First-class In Al! Respects.
B.   0.
NOTICE:—   "Cnltus" Mineral Claim;
situate in the Slocan City Mining Div
ision of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At the head  of the
North Fork of Lemon Creek.
Take notice that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as aiient for J, A. Finch, Free Minora Certificate  No. 1674a and E. J. Dyer,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 5651a, intend
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificste
ol Improvements, for the purpose ol ob
Syrup of
and TOLU.
will cure a  cold,
J.'i.i.s;..-... jiis.a.i.';*•->(
It is gratifying to see t'io dot *r-
uiined stand taken by the Government
in regard to the restriction in the
employment of Mongolians on public
works. The answer sent tlowu to the
Federal authorities, In response to
their hint Hoarding tin- repeil of the
anti-Mongolian laws, shows that no
interference in these matters will be
at all  acceptable.
Finance  Minister   Cotton    in   his
Budget speech, states that the miner iu
comparison with the lumberman, the
merchant and   the   farmer,   pays but
little if any   taxes,   end    proposes   to
double the tax on the mineral  uutput
of the minis.    This in itself is a small
matter, as the tux on the net output of
the mines   ii one  of the.  hast of tlie
many taxes that the  mining  industry
has to pay and,  a-i a general  rule, a
mine that is shipping cun utfird to pay
a   tax.    But his    comparison of  the
miner with the   fanner, is   no   doubt
resented hy the mining element, from
ihe woikii.g miner, who pays  $5.  to
the government for tha   privilege   pf
working fur his  living, to  tho  miuc-
tnan who pays a tax of 25 cents per acre,
on land  to   which   the    government
retains all surface   rights.   Does   thc
farmer or lumberman   pay   into   the
government 8100. for a licence to carry
OU his business*, hs a mining  company
Tli—        1~        *~ii | hap. to do, or does In* even pay   SJ5.   te
Tin   Seattle Post-Intelligencer   in j be allowed to work at his   calling,   ns
good Saddle and pack horses for hire at reasonable
ilates a uen1 rai, fre.gh? and transfer business done.
Outside Parties DfHiring Horses lu Pllverton
Cim  Have Them  Reserved By Writing To—    A* v   WcDONALD,
t t t t t t t SILVFRTON, - • n. C.
-COMB A_XI> &-_£_&-
Ross  Thcrburn,
Silverton,  B. C.
taining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take  notice that action   nOWGVCr    030.
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this twentieth day of January
J. M. McG-eoob.
NOTICE*.—"Meteor" and "Ottawa No
5" Mineral Claims, situate in the Slocan
City Mining Division ol West Route
nay District.   Where located:—On the
divide   between   Springer Creek and
the north fork of Lemon Creek.
Take notice tbat I, J. M, McGregor
acting   as agent for J. A, Finch, Free
Miner's Certificate   No. 1674a;   E. .T.
Dyer, 5551a, W. M. Shaw. 5552a, and
Charles Sweenev,  9696a,   intend sixty
days from   the date  hereof,to apply to
the Mining Recorder for   a Certificate
of Improvements, (or the purpose of obtaining  a  Crown Urant of the above
And further take notice tha action un
der section 87, must be commenced before tbe issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this twentieth day of January
J, M. McGregor.
28111 99.
Nonci :—"Oma" Mineral Claim, sit-
uato in the Slocan Mining Division of
West Kootenay District. Where located:—On the Galena Farm, south of the
"Stevenson" Mineral Claim.
Take notice that I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of Silverton, XX. C, as agent for F. 0. Berg
Free Miner's Certificate No. 5715, intend
Bixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose ot ob
taining a Crown Grant  of the above
AjAd further take, notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance ol such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 7th day ol November, 1898
Francis J. 0'Rku.ly.
19 111198
companies act,  1897.
25c and 50c
a bottle.
Silverton,   B. C.
commenting on the newly proposed
mining law, now in tho House at
Olyinp'a, states what will be acknowledged, by every practical miner as the
direct truth, in «ayin?;
'"One of Iho most serious draabaeks to
the opening up of a new mininaj district
ii the claim speculator. He does nothing
for himself and ho deprives others <>f
opportunities to -abie'i they aro entitled.
The life of the prosptutor is hard enoiuh
without beirg forced to encounter the
sclfibliness of  men  who seek  to  win
does the prospector and then pay .J2 50
to hi\ve his work 1«corded"! The
mining industry pays its share of the
taxes of the count!y, and to nmke
tl.e-n more burdeiisonif, isun injustice,
Ic appears to be tlm legitimate prey
of smelter combine* and lent) truat,-
and, in this country, sutFr-rs from tariff
laws, from which there uppears to be
no escape at present Mining U an
infant industry in British Columbia
and, if fostered by the governm'tiit, its
OIVE}     __»_©»0-«Y
AND    FOR   THE   PEN,    INK
wealth    without  working for it.   The, growth will Im i*i«;antie, nnd  fi!|»vvin_
prospector    is    -iititled    to   make  his
seareius upon every square font ol lam!
upon which some other practical proe-
I eofpr is r.ot already at   Work."
Abhon^h thusa fu.-ta nre apparent, I churches.
it is another   question   to   make   the | 	
legislators legislate at all satisfactory
against this state of things, That is
the experience in Ftritit*h Columbia.
in it« wiiko and growing u;> wiMi It,
will br* village* and towns with their
aftu.dant     factciicf,     bcbuuli     and
Of Fancy
CANNED   GOODS   -    -   -   -
B. C.
NOTICE is hereby given that the Head
Office of the "GALENA MINES, LIMITED" is now situate in tha Town of
Bilverton and Evan Frank Lloyd of the
f aid Town hss been appointed the Attorney for the Company in place of Percy
W. Evans of the City of Vancouver, B.C.
Dated tbis 4th. day of February, 1899
B. Y. WoorroN
Registrar ol Joint Stock
NOTICE is hereby given that the Creditors of the above named Companv are
required on or before the first day of
April next to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts
or cl dms and the names and addresses
of their Solicitors (if any) to Evan Frank
Lloyd of Silverton, British Columbia, fhe
Agent of Mr. Edmund Heisoh ol 20
Thread need In Street, London E. C. the
Liquidator of the said Company and il bo
required by notice in writing from the
said Eyan Frank Lioyd are by their
Solicitors to come in and provo their said
debt or claims »,t such time and place as
shall be specified in ench notice or in
default thereof they will be excluded
from the benefit of any distribution made
before such debts are proved.
Dated this 14th day of January 1899.
Abbubht MoKBis Crisp k Co.
Solicitors to the Liquidator,
17 Thrngmorton Avenue,
London, E. C,
11 ' 'i
The Dill introduced into our lo.al
Legislature by Sir McPhiilips of Victoria and entitled "An Act to amend
the'Placer Mining A-t' " is, from a
mining point of view, about the most
sensible piece of miuing legislation
introduced during the present session,
up to date. The bill is fair to all who
wish to engage in placer mining in
this Province, aud While still reserving
the right to locate ground to British
suljucts, it gives aliens an opportunity
to purchase placer property aud
allows them the privilege of hicouing
locators, upon declaring their intention
under oath to become u subject of
Great Britain. This bill, if pissed,
will have a tendency to encourage
immigration and prosprcting and to
make it an object for the alien to
become a Eritish subject and take up
his per-uaiit nt residence iu this country
It is to bo hoped, that in the inteiests
of the mining itidustiy this bill will
nasi the house and become the law of
tbe land, for as it now stands Hi-itUI)
Columbia has taken a step backwan's
iu her mining laws and stands at tin-
pn sent only on an rquality with the
Chinese and their "shut door" policy,
•«'MW fr^W. j***** W
It can hardly be supposed that the
Estimates will ' ■- found at ull to (he
liking of the majority of residents of
the Province. The flt*t that the
Government is short on collateral and
his cut down expenses and salnries in
every direWioTi. will not he ronudered
by those who expee' the  Government
NOTICE i«i hereby given in Rerordanc
with the sUtnt.-H, liml i»r, vlneial B«-v-
ennq Tux ami all Thxim levied under the
As'i-ssmnnt Act, nr.< i.qw due for Ihe year!
1899. All the ah ve-named taxes collectible within the West Kootenay Dbe*
trict, N* Ison Division, are payable at mv
office, K'f-in.
AHsoisFu.eut TiixR-" nre collectible at thi'
following rates v'7. :■—
IK PAID OB Osl B'FOtlK uO'h OF J'*.NT, 18*99
Time Fifth of One per cent on Real
Two and one hall per cent an MMMed
value nf Wild Ijan<l.
Une half of i ne per cent on Personal
On so much on tlie Income of an- \\«r]
son ni exceeds One thuiistnd Dollars, thi
following rates, namely, upotltueh exceni
of income when the lams is nor won)
than T**n Thnmuud Dnl'itrs, rum
cent; When mcli excess i* over Te
Thousand Dollars' nml not more tlm;
Twenty Thousand Dollars. One nnd on
quarter of Ono per cent; When mcli t
o-'so iM over Twcntv Thousand Doll.irij,
One undone hull'of One pt-r cent.
IF  P.linON OR AKTKB 1st  Jll.Y, 18*19
Four fifths of one per cent on Poil
Pi operty.
Three pei eent on the j\*-ses_cil vali
of u ihi Land.
Three Fourths of one ]>er cent on Pe ■
annul Property
On so much ol the Income of any !>■ r-
Bon as exceeds one thonsand dollars, the
followlax rates namely, upon aueh exce»'
when th" Bftniii is not more than tn
Thoiii-'ipd Dollars, on« nndoneqnartirof
one per rem. when ench excoss i.s over
ten thousand di liar* and not morn than
Tiventy Tiioiisond Dollars, Oneand one
lia'f of One per <;e*>t, when such excess
is«vir Twenty Thousand Dolhttt, One
am! three quartern of one per cent
Provinui'il Tt' vcnneT-x, Three Dollnts
per capita
KaAo B. C , 28iJ January, 1.99.
JIM.  Mc IN TO Sill
SUjVEltTON,     B
SILVERTON.        -      -       -      P. C
And S00 Line
East and West
Tickets Issi*i*dAnd Basoack —
— Checked To Destikatiok. 	
go to the
-hiloli's Consnmptfun Cu e rore
where others fsii It Is Ihe leadini*
Cough Cine,. i <i no home should be
without ir. pleasant lo tjk. aid goen
right to the spot.    SoJ.l nt
(excepting   Sundav)
Etnveletoke and Main I.ins Point*.
Mi-, li      r...il,    KossUerl,  &c.
10 18—h sve—8lI.V_8T0x—arrive—13.35
<   r:an present   rates aid full in
fornietion hy   eddreesliig   nearest loce.
agent, or     	
\\   8. CLARK, Agent, Silverton
Trav. Pass. Ag«nt, Nelson.
Dint. P<.Hs. Agent, Vancouver
D/Ki'tpMin, Cured. Shiloh's Vitalizer
tnmediste'y relieves --"onr Rtomncn,
Coming no ot i'o nl Distresses, end i» the
t-reat kltlnevand liver remedy. Sold by
Tho .Silveiton Dr'iir Store t
Wh»l Dr. A   K. Salter Says
P.'iffilo, N V.—-Gentsj—From my p*r
poniti knowletlge! iiait'eil in obs^rvin.
the r.-ocl of vour Shil.il.'s Cure i- eases
of advanced Consumption, lam piepar-
el to fiav it Is the most remarkable
Reined? thst Ins -er iiee^. brought to
my-Iteiitiiin. If. h'i* cer'iinlv s.iveil
in.iny fiuin a insntnption    Sohl nt
Tir Silveiton DrUB Store, t
JAMES BOWES    -   -   -   -    l-ROP.
■stop thnt Coogtal Tske warning. I
mav  le.i' I lonsunnptioo,    A L'5i bottle
'f siiilo!i's Cm ty   ssvo   your  life
Ho\6 nt I'lie Bilverton Drug .Store.       f
Por CoiiKiijiaiinii lake KsrPs Clovr
Root Ten, Ihe great Blood Purifier Cures
Headache, ((ervonsneSs, Eruption** of
the face, nii'l n ,ikes the he id as cluir aa
a bell.    SoMat
Th" Si I von on Dni:/ Store +
Karl's Clover R >ot Tea. for Constipation '"'« the best and if niter lining it you
don't say ao, return the nackago and ger
roui inoncr    Snid at
:•; Mqaartfrs Por Mining IN :•:
And GitN-itAi. Rkal Estate Aoesth,
OITIs* In Iiinl.ir Blooh    •  •
NEIjHON,    B, 0.
«•*€« Bt.
,i if. mcoregor.
!_,____..'K .!___ J


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