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The Silvertonian 1899-03-18

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React /Ttie
$2 Per Annum
■    •.    -
Neatly KPromptly Done
We can quote you bedrock pricee-
- m-r.
| Misleading Ifporte ^t  ©it by
Slocan   €orrespoRd»j-it8.
The air ia full of rumors of   lniuin^
do.ila, on the carpet mid in  prospective
IVM   Weekly   «"«•«     of  M,"h"  **"
tSflherrd    «t     »!»«   M--d.
:    Ci'NAI)i\N   GROUP TO  BE
The Ontario k Slooan Mines Development Company, which owns the Can-
mlitin Group, between Sandon nnd  811-.   ,-. _ ...  r.—.	
verton, will put their Mock nn tbo mm- | Alilioftj_h the H-flsopt* late, it ls beitin-
kot at one*.   The ('otnpatr. in capitalist '1 j "tug **'«H-
| for -J460 000 In on* million, five hundred I Last Sunday, two carload* of ore wete
thousand abates Ol 30 cents pitr value! lifted nl the IS.,mih Landing, being the
each. Tbo lieahiiiy ron-dsis of 500,OOJ | first shipment made Irom tho liosnn for
share*, of which MU.OCO sliares mo to bo
put on Ibe mat Let at 2n cents.
The Canadian Group is -spoken of a* an
excellent mining proposition on whieh
fon.-iileriit.le. work has been done, A
good strike wen made on I Ms ground a
6        I III
The article appearing in tlie Nelson
Tribune ef the lSth inst, regarding the
Comstock Mines' new mill, near Silver-
ton, has occasioned couaidi rat ib' surprise
to  those  wbo nre  familiir   with   tbe
subject.   The leading statenieuts made
hy the writer of tbe article  are  entirely
wrong and his information must el*her
have heen leathered from hearsay or he
bas drawn largely on hie itnatritmtion in
writing the article.   His statement that
ihe company bas a  white  elephant,  'n
the concentrator, on   its  bands,   show*
that be knows notliinu whatever about
that whicli he writes.   His slatemenla,
all through, are too eilly   for   anything
ahd not woitli contradiction, if   it  were
not for the (act tbat It tbrowa   a (tiffins
on a well -.naasged, leffitimate   mining
proposition   and  allows  an   olheiwise
gued paper like the 'hllllllie to he looked
ipon by lb.- tj.lners as n  yellow jairnal.
iucli irti'H-ui.rii.'i corn upbmtents us the
rlter uf the art li le in q .•» ;'i>»ii should lie
itiown up iii then liuo hj-l.t   la fore the
The Irtifi facta of ibe matter,  gall -ere.!
it tir.*U band from the official*., are those.
The mill, HSounstfuetedi wan to be pael
'lor in four payments, the   third   one  nl
which was to Ui pai I on tbe completion j
nii'l intuitu- over   c f   tbe   mill,   (o   the
company,   When thai lime aitive.l, laM '
Tuesday, the company  old, *ctid to Ihe
«ay the penstock was put in ant) ilaim-
iliK lliat • lew other nll.bi eban^ea   vieic
needed,     profN-StHl     to   Withhold   u few
hundred dollars ol   the   puyim-nt   nn il
-ueh al Italian., were  wunle.    Tins.   Mr
Mitchell,  tlm  eontrautor,   rotiM-iiti'd  to
ami accepted-the balance i>( U.e pai ment.
Iu rtf/trd  to    Mr    Mitchell   stealing   u
tntrcli oti tlie company <>il lucking u,•
Um mill, Ui* did  this  Ihr-ngh  arralitie-
incnt ami turned the   ke-    ovi-r   to   Mr
Thorn***, who' le Superintendent for tin j
ComaliKik ..Minea.   As lor lite  mill  nut'
saving the   Valuta,   it   ha*   given   Mr
Satisfaction to'tat lint! I her. tl it la-ell   uo
eisaffrerineitt over that t|tte-4iioit. between
the eomtiany  and  tha contractor.    Tin
laying off of the niiitere at  the mine ii
owing to Ibe facl that tbe  *.* .tiipuuy  haa
already mined anil lying ou   the dumpe
a large amount of oro that they  wish to
Ml out »l tho  way   before   mining   any
the month.   This makes tho total shipment for the year 2(10 tons.
j ThePsynejiiine isto be CAna.liarii7.ed
iind the lead ollh't-s. removed to Yonl-
Irenl.   A . barter will •« «I*»»li<*<I for n
„„-„,.,. „  -  „ once,   .lames Ross will be tbe president
abort time ago, as reported in these col-   of the company  and the  *-h*re»  will.l*ej
Bilverton pat t Us aw largely in- j reduced to one dollar, the capital being!
SeVcral sm ill mud slides have come
down during the week on th" Four Mile
road.   Theb'ff slides are doily expected.
J I Mcintosh, denier in fruits nod
eonfeetionere, will inetfili an np-todatc
soda water f.inntii'n in his atore. He
t Willises to be a'd.-i to j -rk is j'licy a
drink as anyone in tbe Province.
All work in the Jewelry R-palrlnii
lire, left .it Hie Silverton Pru_ Store, will
he promptly forirnrded to J-u-ob Dovei,
the well-known Nelaon ieweler. All ro-
Pjiira are otna-iSTEKD fjs orne year. •
umnit   ^^^^^^^^
terested III Uiis property
In an interestinu article on our town
and the locul businesses, the Handon
Mining Reviewe-iye; ".Maib'son llros.
have a brilfllt little p.per, the Silvuii-
TOMAX, Which oUffht oil iiecjlint t.f its
worth to thu place to he butter patronized by tbe mining men."
pit at the old fi'ture
Woik on the Ilnmhult claim, which
adjoins tho Vancouver «rotip on tbe
east, will bu star ed at once. J. Lade.
who recently returned from Greenwood,
lias a contract to do thu work. "Ihi.*
properly hi» nn excellent suifaco sho*v-
jiik', buiiiK looked upon as one of ihe best
prospects on Silver creek. Ilia owned
hy putties in Brandon, Men.
Charles Lot-sen and Mie Seaia Bro*".,
I.'iiiisaiid Adaiii, all   of   !»ilvuioii,   are |
Tbe D.uninion Parliament was convened on Thiirsdflv. The nnM-Chhieae
resolutions pist by the local Ho*i«e wll'
probablv be soon present**d to the Commons. Interest in thrlr probable reception is very keen in this Recti on.
HOUSE AM>UVr for sale. Pleasantly
located.   Enquire ot Bii.vbrtosi * s office.
18-2-lW *
P. G. Dou_1as, of the firm of Kcnnedv
A PonK'n*! of Toronto, wns in town this
week rtift i"_ for business..   Mr. Tiouelns
is interested in con»i'piable niininc pro
ptjrty in this vicinity, beinff intereated
with o'hera in the Carbonate Hill, a well
known Red Mountain property.
the owners of tho  Rumpoto Group  of
claims on   tbe   North   Fork   of  Kettle
River und it ia their Intention to
* Ihnii-uffhly develope that property tbis
season.   Some tun miles of trail will bo
luiltauda 100 fovt shaft r.utfk. The
1 ledtje is nine feet wide with  a  two  foo.
.lev. lopment work ou I V*^'™* ,ha» "*»• *20- '« &>¥ «nJ 16J I
Silverton owners  (""ticesin -Ivcr per ton.    ihey intend
' to sink the oro as it is   taken   out   wl'b ! *nt\ Jack McMillan
the expurihitio i of l)**iii_  able
Do You KnoArV
Wher*?   To   Oet
^tf\llZy      CANNED   GOODS,
•1 \-/ V> s\\ NO ARMY BitEE IN THIS.
General        Merehantfi
Silverton,      _B.   O.
■ V
The Lade (iioup in tho L»rdc-t'. will
not remain idle loiiit after Uie snow dis-
appeate. l'lamt aie laid out for the doing of eoiifideiabl
iIn* p'.ipet'y by ihs' Silve.rteti owners
lh- property i*. known es une . t the licet |
iu th.it dlsiricl snl se>ero1 bttyori have;
<'X,>i»»a d a desire to examine the pii.-
I.etty Msui.o'i :is In* se.iM.i will lerndl
Ilie district, as far us inovetl, is known
to l*e a lich one, ihe one Kreat drawback
to lis advancement being tbe re-locating
.ills...    Altl.ongll this e.tu he said with a
_'..<..{ileal of t mt li abont most parts of iln*
Eoo'.ciiays, we an* inl'urnied tbat it
afaU.iii'd I IS'Worst I mu, in the l.U'-k-..U
A letter receivrd in town thia week
from Iiave Bremner posted in Skagway,
Alaska, annonncea bis departure from
tbat ooittt on tb* (Uh iii»t.   Mr. Bremner
jut    wiiii-—r   . who accompanied
  to ra*- ! him, arrived in Nkag-ray some time a_o
hide it out and mar et it next  winter.    1 ''tit were unable to leave before  the date
.! stated on aeenimt iif the  nnmerotia hlif-
ABOUT IT.on.E WE KNOW. .     \%nr.\t, *„U-h obverjkj  u., u,e trails nnd
—■ < I iiut.li;   tra*.elin_' between Rkegway and
r   Id    Stewart   returned   on Thtttsiliiy I l-o«C.ihin impot-ible. •
.Itotii the Sin-ings. J    Thirteen dollar* is rather n steep urice
C. K H mi uion.i of Sandon was a via-.' t0 pny fm. n jr-kefpr oilier people to hiu_h
, por in town on Thnn l.t)*.. I nt# *,,,, t]m, WIW   the amount*-cheerfully
J    Yesfetnlitv being S-. I'-atHt-li'-i Div.  nl* i fsppareiiriv) put up by two or three of
i h • local Noon of Brill were very mti.-h   ill: our eirlceDS Unt Weilnesdav n'ltbt.   Onlv
! eviderti o . Uhe eocxl iiatnrr* of the sbowman preven-
llir.v Thnrbitru, IVter Ottgen  nttl C   , ted the ninnintr tip ol tbeae  fltju res over
' l-ttaeu uto -iiv.j.i.j-1's T,v«M-_t-iive-t in : the teens.     Like  the old  game of tho
j lUn-c -ilttf- lliit'.'hle*- and on* little pes,
, t.bfisK  who   po   np   isfsaiiif-t   it    know
JvX. j>_. BC*:->TJ->r>-tJj>-«
} Nil-weibi-i wt-wk.*
Tom lb «*d  earn.) over from  Ymir on
Mo nil..     II nori* ll,at W"V in  *
It I-, re, oiled Orel a «le 1 bai b en
eomph-l*..!  hy* which  lit ■ C.n.o gettilp.
the    Red  ni.mnt.in    _. |.l    pripetly   ..n,    ^	
which -ui-li ti li Strikes  '*•'"•  MWdo  l.i-i '; <l -nriabiug eoii.liti..i...
full, haa changed hands    .\ln?is. ll<>i*e'.   j  L.de retorned frujn Qreenwoad >n
and E.initn. Iniey. r have •oblaineil con- 'holiday last     lie ia viithuoaetie ..vcr t. e
l roi and will undo intcl'v push  ".'ora    t., pra-ia-et*. (..r the l'eun buy cjUiiIiv.
ihat Kiev cet nothing for tboir money.
I HtH what t'i-11 *?
A   fairly large audience R-tfhered   in
; McKinnon _ Tlall last Wednesday cven-
| inn lo ifrt-et the Russci Comedv Company
i The perfortnaneo was goot>, Mr. Uussell
I tiie'i'i.tly .-p.ii.ii " ;t'i the same  naor s.1
^   ll.r.r-_lyun.tJ.Mi-FaiUi-.e.wire <«> - '; .".i.vi.'^'tiie wveritl rolM a.Iopte.1 l.v -■::..
I,ev have d.:..ed,,,i',„t,ei-,,, ear  o, *„ „,„ rf.,lta _,-  slo,,n  C|lv   ,e,,er-   (     „ , „  ^ fc;     -^   ft^,'*^
•bu I* till V I'll h v". tl    I •! tie*  N '.i I.rlt-      11   . - e
, ,, ,       .,.- ,, i."-* some good son js and Baby Ulan vs made
l,l,C-lm»ii.il)eVetopmen  Co-i-oisllon I    f, r „__, riturne,,  -_ WWaiitarL    M".  tlrslM,e jllvenile Clune,.   A
Ibete   ie no reason  why the Congo J ^ j,^  wl,m.,„ ,Ml(   ,„.en  „n a 1 vote tftke„ by the ambence ot the co.-
trip eoiauclcd with bis Silverton mining ' ciu.ion t.f tbe |*erfonnance, allowed that
interests. j Billy Brewer was the mo«t popular man
B h Sut'ierlind, who was at  work at j in   Silverion,   Mir-a   Fletcher the most
the  \V«ki f.eld, led  the   n.ihi.riutf-  '-■' '*">«timi  i«.lv and Jim  MeKinnoii the
Ij.   IsrC   _E§_:_a.oTX7-les.   3Pio'p;
wore, but we are asstired by the company |
that thc shut down at the in ne is  only
tcinj-orary aud  that  a  lame  force  ol
millers will be |«t  on   sborily.   »s for
tlio staUutent that   every    thin*   ha**
br-n el.ut down and all men .Uncharged,
a visit to the property will conxince any
one that it is employiiw   a  itood  many
wen snd teams and has no ap**eutame
nl being a deserted camp.   On" carload
ol concentrates wero sent out to the Trail
, smelter thlt week and three carloads are
awaitiiiK transportstioii at Uie mill, but
the roada havo become so bad that they
are actually dangaroua and it is doubtful
II ihis ore can he got down   before Ibe
road i* made passable for wagons.
l..*.T_a:-We learn that the company
is waking a big effort to get dowu a few
tnoie C'tilouds   of  concentrates  betoM
ths roads play out entire y.    They bave
bad the mud slide  cleaned  out  having
bad a force of  meu   ehovellng all  last
night and the teama sie   brlneing  the
ore down to the wharf, lor shipment, as
f asi as possible.
uroup sltoull not ilt-veiope into as
mine an 'I.e Emily kdllb haa done, as
will be uii K-r in - ratlin energetic man-
■aetnenl ami bus an equally good surface
show in..
Mr.  Riuiinieliiieyei,  who is rstifTeiiei!
i from a apiaiued onkle end  a touch  ol
(rheumatism   has none   to ('tdifornla to
' leeiifetate.   Ifti exp.'. t-i tola* away  (o
about tltiee week*     paringhU al-fem:.,
>lr. Hope will tok* charge at tiie Eat'Ii
Edith.   We wish Mr. Rauimebn«*i*er a
pleasant holiday ..uo good health on bis
Patronise Home Industries.
®^?'i*i;g«8!is»!8..a8 5?i8g?j8i8jfggg^i«i5jSg
pieiee his band with  his cuidle-Bliek. ]
li will neeessitat..* bis layinis-off for some
Tlie.Ireigliting firm of An.'erso-i k
Bra'ly has. been bought out by 1. C Lane
ol Sa'id.ui. Mr l.ane will increase ihe
and   make   bis
to'b.-autitnl lady and Jim
iuaiest man.
. number of  the   Mcrk
| heiel-ipiiirtershire.
H Bell-trviiiif, who is largely titter-
1 eNti'din the C .imt.iek Min*,   arrived   iu
^^^^^^ [(tiecitywii  Monday     fie   led   tor  the
I coast on Wednesday  utter visiting Ihe
The shipment   ol   ore   from   Slocan '; tnine and the mill.
Lake ■ points up  to  aii.l  iin'lnding the j    Chas. 1. iraen, Ukltlg advantage ot the
present week, from Jan. 1, l^W. j tttnpoiaiy abut down ol  the Oomrt'WW,
Tons. I '» vit.iting [tie'iidt In Nelson ai d Ymlr.
W0 Jim Otto is tiie I ist of the  Boundary
fortune suckers to tetum io Siiveitor,
From Bosun Landing.
Bosii n       	
From New Denier.
M ariou	
troui Silverton.
"       concentrates
En ily Edith	
Although the snow hss only commenced to go off. preparations are beine
made by more than one outfit, to work
Red Mountain properties.   Last  Mon-
The ore KhipmenU for the  w^*oek  are
niUdc tip of two carloads o,,e of conce-
il 'I \.t i  s    ms.» -.
It begins to look as.if the return tidj war
selling in.
Geo. Williamson has been in town
Stringing telephone Wires for a few days.
The Emily „dilh mine is now connected
hv toleplioii.: with the town. J. A
McKinnon has had a hallo box installed
I Mr Wild iinsoti informs us that an
I operator will be put in town when A lew j ug
m.no phoucs are Installed, I
Charley Kesalcr, who bus been a popular citi.eu of our town for the laet two
yenrs, loavet. to-.lay for his old home in
Regius, Assa , where ho Wll! engig« in
the baetnesSai cattle raising. We have
uo fear of bis SUCOSSS as while a fellow-
1 townsman lie showed hlmsell poagessed
Plans nre being discussed hy the city
f.itherg for the further  grading of our
streets,   in anticipation of tbo Queen's
Uiltbday   celebration.    I^oiiie  favor the
extension of Lake Avenue tu far as the
bridge, cutting do.vn the rii»e iu the ioa.1
near th« townsitu builtling and ilms giving ua a much  1 inner  ui.d   t-eiter track
for our hoise raciiic.   Many d"sire to see
Second St. graded and fill-d  in.    Thia
w.iiUl make a good aipisiv in the centre
of ihe town   at the crnaMiig ot Second
' Sireel and l_ike Ave.    But whatever i>
•lone wi:l be   well done  nnd woik wit;
• e coram* nc«.d somewhere on the roads
I is soon as the frost is out of the ground.
Silver'oiiiaiis are in  iho  burnt of .loin*;
tor theim-i'lves what they want done  and I
not   waitiiiK for a kind government, a
beui-ccut towneite company or adiepen-
sation ot Providence to do  our  woik  for
®i*i*ititit,!.?.•.•••. til3 mi*i*ititn
8888I8«   ^
SII.TERTOS,   ti. C.
P. Burns & Co.
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ytnir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, tirand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and Greenwood.
Til EM
siderable develotunent work will be
done on the property this summer. It
lies near the Little Daisy and Congo
clalma and la Itself considered among
the best gold properties In the Red
Mountain eectlon ol  our  Camp.   Work
ou both tbe L. H snd Congo is to bo . interests in
resumed a. soon as the snow will permit   many nil • »« ""J*        ,,  „
ot supplies being   packed  up to those, Among,  nis   i       ^ ^^ _
properties.   With    tbe   opening up  of j interest in *■        f       y   iltul  jlt
these Red MonnUii properties Silverton  Coffey   cret      i )j(    intarebt in
^^^ ' i.i!0iired lately mouu"        *»
General A.fi£*e_-i.t<B cttxcl  $•!      %%
I Bl   preeent,   nnd   iW|»pin«
Impended until the slides arc down.
■   .-T    t -iiC-rtoti Is purohsslng
!    Wm Hunter of si.-cloiiHJ^  ^^ i
good i
in« hilled for rhiirnday, Fiiday und Sat-
uithty. Thi* company, to jndite by lh
piena notices th y have received, ia an
excellent one. Of one of ihtir pptett-sln.
nietilH, the Roahlaud Mini r .-.oys :-"Theie
was no one who attended tho performance lust ni|j;ht. but was Miiisi'n.l, and
the ujiplansu that greeted each acene wasj
genuine aud not perftiectorv,"
AT  85c   PER   BOTTLE
Sole Agents For
IU.VKRT0K,   I'.. <'••
fhescR^iMonnUin properties Silverton | ^i, ,^ u^n;;-.,,*, intaro-t ^ 1 ^,^:^ ^"^rctcirv.'• *>™  ...
will takii « foremost olace  emong tlioi seonreti taieij »i,re.. Forks.        I •" »______.'-'
<*^lKsrampl^y.7i'-8'ff!'w!.-?? "**""t*l*t%>'y- '*'W»r»lses4iS-f-a»ai-^-^tiW.'* ^p-y*^,**^* <w+*etet. WSMa* IS«»fc»y!**,•*»<%•«*•'►*>i*|tHiK>*.'«e* #>M»**»».<» a»t. «..l»a»'H^*->s-r_A. toa^-iwium^esext^ . .
fmmm ^fl-^^Wfc-*"1 •t)&4sfm%*
_-_**M*»:*!tt*jWMs*»>- _gfgj_gy mm%wimr S*f*1gb HE SILVI-RTONIAK SILVERTON, B. C
|lrov<* Back the Rebels In KTery Dlreo-
tlon- The Attack Lasted AU Day-All
the Brl(--« tn the Attack—Their Loss
Waa Heavy—Oiir's Small.
Manila, Maroh 13.-11:55 a. m.—At
daylight today Brigadier General Lloyd
NVheato-'s divisional brigade, constating
lot' the Twentieth infantry, tbe Twenty-
Uecond infantry, eight companies of the
Washington volunteers, seven companies
[of the Oregon volunteers, three troops of
[the Fourth cavalry and a mounted bitt-
Jtery of tlie Sixth artillery, was drawn up
[on a ridge behind San Pedro Macati, a
guile south of town.
The advance' was sounded at (1:30 a. m.,
[the cavalry leading the column at a amart
jtrot across lo the right .eventually reach-
[ing a clump commanding the rear of
y.uadaloupe. Supported by the Oregon
Volunteers the advance force opened a
jieavy Are on the rebels. Tbe response
ia feeble and desultory, apparently
co_iing from few men in every covert
While the right column waa swinging
towards tlio tow n of Pasig the left advanced, pouring Volleys into the bush. A
(small body of relicls made a determined
' stand at Guadalottpc church, but was unable to withstand the assault.
At 7:30 a river gunboat started toward
Pasig. Tlie rebels were first encountered
j by thia vessel in the jungle near Guada*
'loupe. Steaming slowly thc gunboat poured a terrific fire from her Galling guns
into the brush. For an hour the whirring
of the rapid fire guns alternated with the
booming of the heavier pieces on board.
In thc meantime Scott's battery ashore
ras shelling the trenches and driving the
"enemy back.    The artillery advanced to
'the ridge of bamboo and drove a few of
the enemy's sharpshooters away with volleys from their carbines.   The artillery
then advanced and met -with no opposition.
The  Wa-hlnKtoa  por*.
ln the meantime the infantry had been
ent forward in extended order, the Washington regiment resting.on the bank of
I the river,   each   regiment deploying   on
I reaching  its  station   nnd   furnishing  its
town support.
The entire column wheeled toward Uie
river, driving the enemy toward his sup-
>orts and then advancing on Guadeloupe,
jt'he artillery moved to a ridge commanding the Pasig and Bartcros.
By "this tithe the enemy was in full
[flight along a line over a mile long and
the firing was dis ontinued temporarily
iu order to give the troops a rest before
in-taking the attack on Pasig. The enemy a
loss was believed to be severe, but only
eight Americans were wounded. At this
stupe of thc engagement it was raining
The Klu-l It<-Niinii-.l.
Manila, March 13.-7:55 p. m.    Alter a
Ihort rest, General Wheaton resumed the
It tack on Pasig.   Scoi.'s battery, support-
hy two companies oi  ihe    Twentieth
J-egiinont advanced on Gtia.t. Ijiipe by the
an! atrtng the river bank, the remainder
■"of lite Twentieth regiment and the Twen
ly-second regiment following with the TS
i i-erve. rff Oregon vol un leers.
At II :.*I0 a. ni. the column ciine in eon-
-,sct with the enemy, nnd the gunboat
s'vatiiov to the firing line and cleared the
jung|e. on both sides, while the- baltery
look up a position on a bluff at the right.
The it,rei shot from the American field
pieces nt 1200 yards range dislodged a gun
of the >nciny at Pasig.
Aitqtt the 'town had been shelled the
Twenunh regiment lined up on the bluff
and ti* Twenty-second took up a position on the left of the place with the cavalry hi the cenler, whereupon the enemy retreated to th'-' town.
The gunboat then moved into a bend
opposite and a hot fire on the rebel po-
' sition was maintained along the whole
American line until 2:20 p. ni., when
preparations were made for the attack. At
3 p. m. our gunboats started in pursuit
of the enemy's armed tug, cha-ing het to
the. lake.
iAt^-30 j*, OT. ft large body of the enemy ••wa* discovered working around the
right- flank and the Twentieth regiment
was moved to a commanding ridge. The
rebels were met opposite Put ems, but
th<*v bolted. Thirty of the rebels were
killed, 10 more were taken prisoners and
the Amerffibs hist sit men wounded. The
whole American Hue bivouacked at 5
About 700 rebels were reported to be
marching Jiorthward i few miles to the
Oils' Report.
Manila, March 13.-—Casualties at San
Pedro Macati: Wounded, March 7—Prl-
vatne Warner Marshall. First Washington, thumb, slight March HV-Captain
Edward Smith, First Idaho. March 11—
Private Abe Segentholor, Twenty-second
tleneral Otis cables Ihe wnr department giving the deaths in his eommnti.l
since the last weekly report. They mini
six, including Henry O. Offahery in
fompany L, Seeon_ Oregon.
r^as-1—: __   _
A-nslral De-re*- N.-.-.U  Heat.
Manila-, Philippine Islands, March 13. —
The reports of ill health of Admiral Dewey have been greatly exaggerated. One
year, however, in tins eastern climate,
with the severe cares not only of battle,
but of the subsequent djflicull dipomatic
situation, have tired the admiral out and
neeCMffste a Well earned rest. His constitution is still unimpaired, but no man
can stand the strain of affairs here in-
A bank has been established at Klma.
Colfax Is having its annual scarlet fever
scare.   There are two mild cases In town.
The municipal taxes of Hoquiam are 8 J
mills, of Montesano 23 mills, of Aberdeen
20 mills.
Consolidation of Whatcom and *alr-
ha_-en is being talked very strongly now
in both towns.
Davenport boasts of a well twenty-
three feet deep, . which ice remains frozen the vcar around.
A party of 40 arrived at Oakesdale last
week from Tennessee, all of whom will
settle In this neighborhood.
Stevens county warrants arc at par.
Two years ago they were going begging
at 35 cents on thc dollar.
Melville Nee has been sentenced to
three years' imprisonment for robbing the
mail at the Miles postofflcc.
Robert Morrill, who is installing thc
new electric light plant in Nelson, Is
pushing the work with vigor.
During this month Walla Walla will
have for its guests the members of ihe
Inland Empire Teachers' Association.
The annual oratorical contest of the
Washington agricultural college is set for
March 17, at the auditorium of the college.
The Columbia nnd Citizens' bank of
Dayton have consolidated and will here
after bc known bb the Columbia National
During Febmary the local police of
Spokane made 260 arrests, 201 nf the ar
rested personH lieing males and 08 females.
An attempt was made last week to
bum thc large grain warehouse of Aaron
Kuhn, on the O. R. k N. tracks, west of
the depot at Pullman.
Tom Trask, lato proprietor of the
Olympic saloon, was found dead in his
room over the Nevada saloon at Tacoma,
from thc effects of a bullet wound ln the
William E. Randall of Centralis, a man
about 35 -fears old, was kicked in the abdomen by a horse, from tho effects of the
injury he died. He leaves u wide and
Father Hylebos of Tacoma announces
the receipt of a letter from Ireland saying a small colony would soon start for
the round to settle on lands of the l'ny
allup reservation.
Dr. Bill, an Indian medicine man of the
Turn water tribe of Kiickitata, reports
that the Rock crock Indians have suffered more sickness this winter than evci
before in their history.
Peter Duber, a brakeman on the
Northern Pacific woik train, near Che-
halis, was run over and badly mangled
by the cars at Winlock last week, and
died a few hours later.
Jack Cronin, who was shot by Sheriff
Billings in Olympia after throwing n
lighted lamp in the face of the sheriff,
in an ineffectual effort to escape from
jail, is lying in a comparatively easy con
tlit ion.
The board of regents of the agricultural
college will meet at Pullman this week.
The college has recently received three
new cream separators and a new com
bincl churn and worker, all donated by
If thc bib is not vetoed by thc governor graining cities of the fourth class
the-right to establish fire limits and ac
quire property by a two-thirds vote of
the electors, Wilbur will purchase a natural park site in thc western part of that
The governor is in receipt of numerous
letters from the parents and friends of
Washington's soldiers killed at Manila,
asking what steps are to be taken toward
bringing their bodies home. The governor states thnt he has written General
Corbin at Washington regarding the matter.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Rhinehart, at Walker's
Valley, two miles west ot Biglake, on thc
Seattle _ International, went out to work
in the woods, locking up their three small
children in the house, and in the evening,
when they returned, there was nothing
but a heap of ashes to show where the
house hnd stood, and their children had
evidently been consumed in thc flames.
The children were small, the youngest
being 1 year old, aud the eldest only 5.
-tiller Assume*  < oinni   n,t.
Manila,  March   12.-0:25  p.  m.
Items Gleaned from Ihe I*U Keporta-
All Olstrlots Are Being i>ai*elopa<l-A
Prosperous Sear le Pre-leua-Mlalng
Notea nnd Personala.
eral Miller will tomorrow resume his former command, of whicli he was recently
relieved by Geneml Wheaton because of
his illness.
_ ne.v brigade is being formed for Get
eral Wheaton.
Oeneral Law ton's headquarters Will re
main at Orax.
Today there has lieen irregular firing
along the line of both divisions.
The transport Isla de Luzon hns sailed
for Spain with 1,88.1 Spanish soldiers on
board. Only 120 Spaniards still remain
Ileal   With   Conns  <Hil>.
New York, March 13.— Ncwa from
Havana of (he Cuban assembly's action
will cause no change in the administration's policy. The American authorities
in Cuba will continue to recognize Gome**
and to deal with him.
lt in not believed the turm il which ha-
been created temporarily will mnke any
change in the plans of Ihe withdrawal of
the volunteers, though if ihe develop
inenl* seem to require it, the pUns will
he modified.
t'r-ernl   Root-   III.
Near York,  March 13—A    cablegram
[from Melbourne, Australia, reports   that
General William Booth, head of the Salvation army, Ss critically ill ihete.
It la now known that no fewer than 250
lives were lost in the recent  hurricane
. ^ettmem+iemammma:*^
.land, Australia.
Disaster* In a Hnrrleane.
Brisbane, Queensland, March 13.—A
search steamer which has just returned
from Cook tow n, on the ftndeavor river,
this colony, reports that three schooner*
and 80 luggers were lost and that 400 colored person-1 nnd 11 whiles were dronncd
during the recent hurricane that swept
thc northeast coast of Queensland.
Snowstorm  In   Mlaaesata.
St.  Paul, March  12.«-A severe    snowstorm is raging here arJ specials Indicate
it extends over -nto South Dakota on the i of January and the first day of March
west and into Wisconsin on tbe cad.   The!    The Morning Glory did no shaft work
The gold receipts of the United States
branch mint at Denver for 1808 to November 18th are $19,378,000. If the pur-
chaserB for the remaining two weeks
equalled the first two weeks in December, the receipts for thc year aggregated
$20,250,000, which will be an increase
over 1807 of nearly $8,000,000.
inclines*, of Slocan.
The richness of the silvery Slocan is
shown by tho revenue returns last year
from the' 1 per cent of the mining tax.
Of thc total of the $30,001 for the province, Slocan paid $18,271, or more than
one half. Hitherto all thc mines have
been in the hands of the Americans, but
four English companies are now at work
and two of them are dividend-payers.
Tbe average gross value of the ore shipped from the Slocan has liocn $50,71.
('old  of t'aaada.
The output of gold from the Klondike
and British Columbia has raised Canada
to the fifth place in thc list of gold-producing countries. While the United
Btatea shows a greatly increased output
for '08, it is second to tho Transvaal, in
South Africa. The five leading gold producing count rics for '08, according to figures recentlv published, are: Transvaal,
South Africa, $73,476,000; United States,
$04,300,000; Australia, 61,480,703; Russia, $25,136,004; Canada, $14,190,000.
Coat  ol  t'yanldluK.
The cost of cyaniding ore varies greatly, the character of the ore, location of
the plant, and numerous other things
having to la* taken into consideration.
A number of mills in this country treat
ore for le-ss than $2 per,ton, the Mercur
mill in Utah being a notable example.
In this mill froni three-quarters to seven-
eights of a pound of cyanide is used per
ton of oro treated, and the total cost of
treatment of 85 cents per ton. At the
De Lamar about four pounds or cyanide
to the ton is used.
The I nil  Value of Lead.
The unit value of lead ore is based on
New York quotations at f4 per 100
pounds, soys the Denver Mining Reporter.
Each per ceiil of lead contained in ore is
equal to as many units. Ore carrying
50 per cent of lend (or 50 units) is worth,
for example, 60 cents per unit, or 50
times 60, equals $30 per ton. if New York
quotation is $4 per hundred. For each
decline or rise of 5 cents in the New York
price a deduction or addition of 1 cent
should be matte, For instance, if the
New York quotation <•_ tlu day of settlement is $3.05, then-1 cent from >UM
price (60 cents) should be taken, making fifty-nine cents as the sell lenient
price, and so on, as thc New York price
is above or oelow $4. This method has
lieen generally adopted throughout Colorado for the settlement of the price of
lead in ores, or so says the Slate Ore
Sampling Company.
tui'iir d'Aleae's  Onlput.
The shipment of ore and concentrates
from each of the Coeur d'Alene mines is
annually computed by O. D. Porter of
Spokane, agent of the smelting companies, and a copy of it is furnished to the
manager of each mine interested.
Bunker Hill and Sullivan  26,400
Helena-Frisco    2*2,550
Morning Mining Company     16,280
Tiger Poorman     15,350
Standard.      13,460
Empire State Idaho (Last Chance)    P.650
Mammoth      7,000
Milwaukee leAsers (Gem)         850
Hecla ...*.      300
Yankee  (Blake Bros., Osbuni)      100
C.lwyn    ".     '   60
Miscellaneous shipments      500
Total     112,500
The output of thc Morning represents
hut little more than six months' work,
their mill having been burned and rebuilt
during the year. The Hecla shipped
nothing except what was taken out in de-
ing development work, but is now starting a mill ior its own' use, which will add
largely to its yield this year. Thc Black
Bear only shipped what came from one
drift for a couple or three months, but
will put in tn'.ire than six months of actual mining this year. The Gem nill he
worked to its full eapneity as soon as it
is in shape to work, and all these things
being taken into consideration, without
making any considerable allowance for
new mines, whicli arc not likely to ship
in considerable quantities ihis year, as
good an authority as Joseph McDonald,
mnnnger of the Helena Frisco, snys that
the output this year will ne not far from
150,000 tons of concentrates and shipping ore.
The Republic, as usual, takes the lead
in the amount of development work for
the month ju»t passed.
The Butte k Iloston made an excellent
record during February. Thirty two
feet of cross cuts was run and the'drift
extended for 57 feet.
Thc only work done on the Jim Blaine
during Febmarv was extending the No.
2 tunnel for a distance of 00 feet.
The number of feet of drift mn on the.
1-one pine for the month reached a total
of 63.
Thc record for the Princess Maud for
February was 80 feet of drift and tunnel.
The Republic Big Six ran 30 feet, of
tunnel and sank BO feet of shaft in February.
The tunnel on the Anaconda property
was driven 50 feet between the last dav
' Is not a cross tunnel, but is driven along
the ledge now and iWbeen for 40 feet.
The Kate Havward shaft was sunk a
depth of *0 feet'In Feohiary. The property lies due west of the Republic about
one half mile.
The Ben Hur made its usual 30 feet
of drift since the first of February.
The Trade Dollar made a good record
for tho month just passed. Thc total in
drift and winze was 129 feet.
Only 10 feet of new shaft was sunk on
tho North San Poil during the month of
The raise on the San Poil and the
wimse on the same property were extended 65 feet in February.
The Republic mill is running smoothly
and quite satisfactorily. There is no
change in the ledge that is worthy of
mention. Thc company bus 108 men on
tho pny roll. The daily assays remain
about the same as they have, for the past
two months.
The winse on the Rebate hns reached n
.\a Interesting Collection or Items from
the Two Hemispheres Presented In a
-oudeiiseil Form-Culled fron. the Tel-
•Igreph Reports.
5_?    .**.•
depth of 50 feet.
Brltlah Colombia.
A 5-ton smelter test of Winnipeg ore
gave a return of $71 to the ton.
The*Cariboo mine in Camp McKinney
hns paid over $200,000 in dividends.
It is probable that the Centre Star at
Rossland will soon join the list of shippers from that camp.
Tho new plant of Hie B. C mines, recently sold by 0. R. K. Leckie, will be
installed ns soon as it can be brought in
on the new railway line.
The Dundee mine at Ymir hns resumed work, after having been temporarily
shut down in consequence of the phenomenal cold snap, which fro7* up all the
An excellent showing is being made on
the Yellowstone mine, near Ymir, on
which 18 men are at present working.
This mine is being worked by the owners
on a co-operative plan.
Nearly 650 feet of work has been done
on the Golden Crown in Wellington camp.
Development in the Slocan district continues in its usual healthy condition.
The Payne last week shipped 200 tons
making 1,704 tons for that great property
since January 4st.
The Whitewater mine is doing hotter.
Six car loads were shipped last week.
Shipments from the Last Chance continue big. Last week HO tons were sent
The Noble Five will he a regular nnd
heavy shipper from Sandon early in the
It is ro|iortcd that the Porto Rico, nenr
Ymir, will soon begin a 2700-foot tunnel
to tap thc ledge at a depth of 1200 foot.
Tho Bosun mine, near Silverton, which
was purchaseo last August for $7,500, is
said to have netted $8,000 per month for
the last four months.
The first five cars of ore shipped from
thc Lake Snore, of Moyie City, showed
returns of !**3.000, an average of $.10 per
ton net.
IU feet
.    .    aisiso wossan.
A new coal mine has been discovered
in Whatcom county, thc product of which
''shows anthracite coal of thc first quality." '
A. M. Hitchcock, of Alameda, and oth
er California capitalists, have bonded  17
claims in  Ihe ('.lacier district,    east    of
Buckley, for $250.tKlO.
The Inter State M., M. _ I). Company
of Columbus, Ohio, have just ordered a
ten ton concentrating mill for the mine
on Colville reservation.
Sheridan cnmp, on the reservation
north of Republic, promises to l-c -tie of
the richest camps on thc reservation.
The new county of Ferry, taken from
Stevens, is said to have the richest gold
and the richest silver mine* in the stnte
of Washington, the Republic in Eureka
district, and the Zala M. in Sheridan
OOleers'  Families Stay a< Home.
Washington, March 12.-'-The war department issued tlie following:
WASHINGTON, March    lZ.-Coramand
ing Oeneral, Department of the Mist, Oov
ernor's Island, New York:    The following
cablegram is re eived from Oeneral Otis:
"Manila is not a safe pla«*e for officers'
families, (ireat difficulty ia experienced
in caring for those now here, and their
safety is one of the chief causes of anxiety.
Officers' families should remain in the
United States."
Under such conditions, the secretary of
war regrets that no more families of officers or enlisted men will be permitted to
accompany troopa.
By command of Major Oeneral Miles.
II. C. CORBIN, Adjutant Oen rah
KIpIInk* lK-eraucr of Hia LoM.
New York, March 11.—For two days
Mr. Kipling has made repeated inquiries
for his children! He asks the nurse and
Dr. Dunham when he may see them and
is particularly anxious to see Josephine,
the.little one who died. Ha nurse finds
it very difficult to invent some new ex
cgsc to gain time.
Tlje father term* to have some inkling
that something is wrong and bis continually repeated requests for Josephine nre
most pathetic. Of course the news will
not be told until he has recovered if it is
possible to keep him in ignoran e of his
great loss.
Ks-sloalosi Ib Commodore Mine.
Creede, Col., March IL—■ An explosion
of several hundred pounds of powder occurred yesterday iii the Commodore mine.,
creating grout havoc and killing at least
four men. Tho dead so far found aie:
"Scotty" Watson, Frank Hess, John Snr
Ibis certain ono oiher miner, n:imo n t
ascertained, wns killed, and it is be
licvod iho dead number six, and there
arr several others seriously  injured.
Kx-Congressman Edmonds is dead.
Thc Bank of Paso Roblcs,   Cal,,   has
The heaviest snow storm of tho Michigan snow belt prevailed last week.
An effort has been made to consolidate
builders of pi|>e organs into a combine.
Khalifa Abdullah, tho Dervish ruler
in tho Soudan, is suffering from leprosy.
Rollin M. Squire, formerly commissioner of public works of New York, ia dead.
Frank Ouilfort, one of' the Ouilfort
Bros., well known circus gymnasts, is
Rev. W. 0. Dickinson, D. D., a well
known Presbyterian minister of Chicago,
is dead.
Captain Morton Ix'vy Phillips, commander of the United States revenue cutter
Boittwell, is dead.
Throughout the Wisconsin valley district the snow is from one to four foot
deep on thc level.
A movement is on foot to form a combination of plain and decorated Inmp
chimney   manufacturers.
M. Sccrotan, founder of the Society des
Motaux, and chief agent in the great cop
per ring of 1888 is dead.
Thomas Ottieer, a Council Bluffs liank
or, lost a roll of bills containing $5,000 in
tho streets of Omaha, recently.
Johnny Griffin, tho Braintree lad, in
his day ono of tbe cleverest featherweight fighters in    thc world,    is tlead.
John Kelly and J. Burns have been arrested on i ho suspicion of being implicated in the Amherst bank robber, in Wisconsin.
Fire at Chenoa, 111., resulted in tho
dcalh of an unknown printer and the loss
of seven brick business blocks with their
Five persons were killed and forty injured in a collision ltetween two evcur-
sion trains last week near Itakata, on
Rakata river.
The Rev. Dr. Byron Sunderland hns
been appointed pastor of tho First I*res-
byterian church in Washington, to succeed Rev. T. Hs* Witt Talmage.
Almost ihe entire plant of the dimmer Lumber Company, situated on the
St. Johns river, four miles north of Jacksonville, Fla., was destroyed by fire.
Advices have just been received that
on Febr'.ary 13 half a block of the business portion of Dawson, Alaska, was destroyed by fire, the lo.-s aggregating $50,
Tho will of Herbert Stewart, a wealthy
New York engineer nnd contractor, bequeaths $.'-0,000 to establish the Herbert
Stewart scientific fund at Yale univori-
Marquis Vdlamejor, who in tho latter
part of 1887 offered Senor Sagasta. then
premier, £10,000 to start a nntional sub-
■K'riplion for the increase of the fleet, is
Thc Union (Tub of Mnltn, gnve a lunch
eon to the officers commanding the American troops on board the I'nited States
transport, Sheridan, on their arrival en
route to Manila.
The American Missionary Association
has voted ot establish in Puerto Rico nt
rairo Christian schools like those it has
established in this country for the negroes in Ihe South.
William Albi, tho Italian murderer of
James Laeoy is under arrest in Spokane.
The blizzard that swept over the country cast of Omaha, Nebraska, last week,
was the worst ever oxperianood.
Tho committee of the Oranite Manufacturer's Association and the Cutlers'
Union, reached nn agreement nnd the
strike which has heen in progress for two
weeks, has heen declared off.
The demand of tho foreign government
for a concession of San Mun bay intimates that stronger measures than the
ultimatum of Signor Martino, the Italian
minister at Pekin, will Is* necessary.
Wm. A. Douchotto, 22 years of age,
wns arrested in St. Cecilia church, Boston,
on the charge of embezzling $4000 from
tho collection box. Marked bills placed
in the collection box wore found In bis
Tho following statement hns boon issued showing the total number of deaths
reported to tho adjutant general's office
between May 1st, 180H, and February 28,
1800: Killed in action .120; died of
wounds, 125; died of disease, 5277; total,
Mrs. Cornelia Poirier and Samuel Par
slow were hanged at St. Seholnstiquo,
Que., Inst week. Life wns declared extinct in eight minutes. The necks of
both Wore broken.
While searching in Alaska tho moans
of becoming rub. a fortune of $200,000
awaits Reginald Dawson, of Chicago, in
An explosion of several hundred pounds
of powder occurred last week in the Com
modore mine, nt Creede, Colo., creating
great havoc and killing throe men.
According to a dispatch from Bombay,
■-everc fighting has taken place between
the Turkish troops and tho Arab tribes
men near Shnlil, in the province of Yemen
A Denver _ Rio Grnndo engine blow
up at the crossing of tho Rio Grande ami
SantA Fee tracks south of Denver last
week, injuring one fatally and two seriously. ■
Thc Rome    correspondent
was almost   destroyed    by tire, the toss *
be-ig placed nt $150,000.
A dispatch from Allahabad, India,
says it is reported from Varkan, chine-.-
Turkestan, that a large force* of -Itife-liin.
tr.Kips has arrived at the Russian post
FoVt Murghabi, on the Murhabi river.
The report that the Italians have seized San Mun, province of Che Kiang,
whicli the Italian minister, -Signor Miu ^
tino has demanded as a naval base un.t
coaling station, is officially declared tin
The North German Lloyd steamer
Frederic- der Orosse, Captain Dlehl,
which arrived at Bremnen on March' 6th,
is aground off Schulau in the river Elbe.
Hon. J. F. Tillman, register of the
treasury, is dead.
Ex-State Senator J. C. nojir, of Wash.,
is dead.
The Chicago hns been detached from
the squadron of Rear Admiral Sampson
nnd has sailed from Havana to Hampton
Roads, under Admiral How-ison.
Captain Thomas W. Shields, a well
known river man and a lieutenant under
General Price, in the Confederate army,
is dead.
Thomas P. Donaldson, the diver, who
was injured in diving into a tank at Mn.l
ison Square Wednesday, is dead.
Mme. Schumann Heink, tbjfi famous
contralto singer is critically ill with cry
sipclas in New York.
Mr. Kipling is still impioving. I'nn-
ble to keep Mr. Kipling in ignorance oi
his favorite daughter Josephine's death,
the news was broken to him tonight by
Dr. Dunham. The blow wns a heavy
one, bul Ihe father bore up bravely.
The Daily Telegraph of Loudon, oppresses its "intense satisfaction at' the un
Wonted scene of a review of American
troops" at La Yaletta, island of Malta.,
on Thursday, by Lieut cnn nt (Ieneral Sir,
Francis Grenfoll, governor of Malta.
Sherman I'.. Day as s[iecial master has
sold under foreclosure at auction all the
lands granted thc Union Pacific Railroad
Company in Wyoming.
General Manager Parker of the Chhti
go. Rock Island k Pacific railroad, has
announced that Ihe three thousand -section hands and other employee* of tho
company's roadway in his department.
were to bc given an immediate' advance
of from five to ten per cent in wages.
Lon. Edwards, of Los Angles, who shot
nnd killed his mining partner, Charles 1.
Evans, at their cabin    west of    Ashland
last week, will have to answer to a charge ■
of murder which  has been 'filed again>**l '
him by District Attorney Watson.
Detective Steele has arrived with' William O'Kcefc who over'five years ago
shot two men hero in a saloon and after,
being arrested, jumped his bond. He was
captured in Seattle, Wash.
North of England coal merchants are
alarmed at the steady growth of ihe
American coal trade to European ports
that  formerly took English coal.
Secret a iy* Long has directed a eiretilar
letter to thc oommanrlirtg officers of al!
navy yards and stations, reciting the
passage by Congress of a resolntion providing for the payment of 60 per cent additional for all work in those vaids and
stations in excess of eight hours per day
performed hy laborers.
Kaslo & Slocan
*    »*'
Ha ui/..
*'    ■   ,•» ■
1               V-
V. .Cer.   «*>
Trains Itun on Pacific Htan
.lar.l Time.
1.011 ve.
. JoiiiK West.            Dally.
'Ooiiiff Kast.
v." ... in    Kaslo  	
... a:.*- |>. ni
S:« a. m  South Fern  ..
... H:20 p. m.
9:.>' a. m  Bproule's	
... I:2S p. nt...
fl:ir. a. ni   Whitewater .,
... i-JO p. in
S:.V> a. ni  Hoar Lake ...
... 2:.IU |V in.-?-^ •*
10:12 a. m  HcQtllgan*...
'.« IV-i p   ni.
10:25 n. m :..   Ilal|ey*»  ....
... 1:34 p./n. .
lu::*3 n. m.... CYxly Juncti. a
... I;-K p, m.
Leave     *.   .',
10:10 a. ni  flan.lon 	
... lilt p. m.
Leave 11:00 a. m..8andon..Arrlvi},Jl:40 a. ni.
Arrive 11:15 u. in...<'ody...I.enve'11:26 a. m.
a.  F. i.-OPKLAND, Buperl--f.~n.1ent.
Navigation and Trading
Steamers  "International'' and  "Alberta'- ''
on Kootenay Lake and River.
Five-Mile   Point   connection   with   art   ■--
passenger trains of N'. ft, F. S. R.  It. to
and from Northport, Rossland and Spokane.   Tickets and baggage checked to all   .
i'nited States points,
lj'.ni' Kaslo for Nelson and way points,
daily, except Sunday, 6:45 a. m. Arrive
Northport 12:15 p. m.; Rossland, 3:40 p.
m.j Spokane, 0 p. in.
Lea\ e Nelson for Kaslo and way points
dally, except Sunday, 4:35 p. nt.   Leave*
Spokane, 8 n. m.; Rossland, 10:80 am;    •
Northport, 1:50 p. m. •'*    - ...
Leave Nelson for'Kaalo, etc., Tuesday,   ,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at K:*io a. m.| arrive Kaslo, \2-.M\ p. in   -   .
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson, el.-., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p, m.; arrive Nelson, 8 p. ni.
An Illinois Inventor has    patcntod   n
broom  handle  with a splicing ariango
ment near tho head, consisting of a mot
alllo band  surrounding the  Interlocking' Queensland
ends of the members, with a twit extend-1     A slx-sfnry <
Leave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.; Vi-rlvt
says: Thc  Ihiundnry niidnlght;'nrrlVe HonnerS-Fei^.
Pope continues to improve, but his physi   ry Sunday 10:30 a. ni.   :     '     -«-   ••■■"..
Hans say he shows groat weakness, which      Leave Bonner's Ferry Sunday 1* p. m.s .*
is rather alarming to his entourage. arrive lloundsry Snndtty 6 p. m.*| arrive..
According to a dispatch from   Sydney,   Ka'«lo Sunday \0 s. m.       ,   •
N. S. W., no loss than ono hundred per-1    Close connection at Ronner's Ferry with
sons perished in a hurricane that swept   trains eastboond,  leaving  Spokane ?J,4J).,.
s. in , and westbound artlvinf Spokane  .
ef^'JefX* _Kfl^4r *W****} *WM #*.-*■•»;*«_*,■• jAmf^'ewmammmX.*^
lt should be remembered that it   curcly.
The Marysv
tenement nt   I  Hnvarrl St.   7 d   m.
■___-• a\ AM -   '_   mr*mimms\ *drKkmfimf mi'- li f m Y~__V    jj^tMli^M^M^u^. Jft-^_dt*_t->j_l___» «ri__
"***"** ,»me>*?i*t*\ [~mK:*-r^^\\\'^x.<W^lT,.\J*\\. "flir-j-i.
ilie   woolen   mill, in Cal., I    Kaslo. B. C, Oct. 1, 1&7.'"'     *'   "
_-_MI---l-HM-IMIIHIrlltilillliillllll.   ill-Hi II llilli iillllll-^^trmWi^^^ ^wsmmsmsmam
em*Xtw*w*>» -w
*'Only the First Step
is Difficult."
The first step in Spring
should be to cleanse Nature's
house from Winter's accumulations. Hood's Sarsaparilla
does this work easily. It is
America's Greatest Spring
Medicine. It purifies the blood,
as millons of people say.
It makes the weak 01rung, as nervous
ui'ii ami tinmen gladly testify, Ii cures
»|| hliio.i discuses, a* thousands of cured
voluntarily write, It is lust the medicine
tor vou, a*5 vou will gin.Ily say ul'ier you
have given U a full' (rial.
Bad Blood—"Although past TOycarsnl
age I am thoroughly well. It was. three
1 .-.ities.iltj Ho.al'- Ma 1*11 parilin that made
11-f so al'jer .frpeii.lliig .over f(R> in ntejlcal
aiieiulaiH-e. Mv iroiihle was i, raw sore mi
my ankle "■ Mas. Loiis.v Mason, Court
-ireet. I.oivell, Mass.
.    fun-ring 8ore«--" Afterworryiiigfotii
htfllintlis J gsvs my children Hood's i?arsa<
• iiarilla and il Ohfted llieni oi running .sores.
llo.sl's pills cttrea  me of dyspepsia and
iii.iisiipinion."—-Mas. Katk IC.  _uo>us,3I
ijkivernor*- . AnnapolH, M.I.
Crneumptive Cough-" Five yetiri
ago I haft a consumptive ...ugh which re<
duccd ine 10 a skeleton. Was n.lvisetl to
take Hood's -sarsapariliit which 1 did ami
recovered normal health. 1 havelieCu well
ever since."-Matii.ua IIsii>..kwait.h, Cor,
Pearl and Clu'sinul *-ts., JenYisouville.Ind.
Never Disappoints
Hood's eills cut*t_ljy«r lilj, lh* noii-irrltatlnt anil
"JiiTy cathartic tu lak* with Hwi'» 8_rs)-i.arlila
The authorities which deny a right of
action for mere fright or nervous shock
ure reinforced by Hraun vs. Craven (III.),
42 L. R. A. 100, which Was a ease of
fright resulting in St. Vitus' dance,
caused by violent conduct of a landlord
suddenly appearing at the door of a room
in which a woman was (tacking goods fur
moving—Chicago New*.
"__ ."   ■   -
Will mnke you money fat-ltr. than any
other kind of Investment ami now* is (he
lime to buy B't.A-ks In the REPUBLIC
' MINE!-. Low priced stocks sometimes ul-
\ in.v several onus In  a  Blind..'  day.
|M Hill buy ION shares In thc -lornlii--
Olory Extension .Mining Co., ailJolninK th*
famous Morning Olory mint. Chespa-
Hliic Jay (lol.i .Milling d. stock 5c per
share. Morning tllory Hold Minltif- Co. 18c.
Iron Mask 10.*. Qnllp Mo. Kl Caliph 10c
ftavage Hold  M.  Co. J.-.
Writ* us for Information nr questions on
any of tho standard Republic or llosslanu
no. ks.   l'rce map of Republic camp.
I'-foh.-tiiRO  National llank.
Spokane.   Wash.
Tli IHIontl
(Hilton' As.uciattii
11 utoaroa.Ta-.)
wa <to a lansral fsTBiT m sines* w
seears.letroduca and sell (.stents Oai rafli
tared aitoraer tea sti yen patents direct Ires
Be fe-Maaaeatwttfceui delay Aisnts wants'
la ere** leva le'ssli aatsoted article* rurths
tafemallea raruuhas 00 reqartl Kooa 11
taisiu aa*  Oeaaa-oa  ici-suie.  FeBT-i-ri
I..r .iMK.rrtuea «n.l ill--. |M PaM's <>k»r Sts-ltV*   ll
a O.' OM.V  m.sli.-.a.   ss lit.-li will i-uil- i(W'lt   .ii.t frer)
c_-f NO CASK kmion it has . >. r 1 i;i. .1 t.> cans, nt
r—-*>r tui«  nrrloas tw  Ot how lonir «U.mli-is*    H^snlU
' 1 use **lll ssUmSoi you. H U ..1 —-hit. !> safe
■ i«rV-uirr, snd *sxn I* eOo-ii »».iln.ni hit—on.
< surf ct—b-nti..ri r—,111 I.non.—. I'KI.'K. HOD Fi»
«—v by all n-ll*l,le dmavtan, or --.it |.rv|_..l by .ipnw
l—Unly « rspt«si, on nsss>ui of prtre. Iijr
i'iM»t iiir.au 11. (<•..ridnmu, 11
C-vmlar _■_*• ao raqaax.
A Sudden Tarn.
By a sudden turn we may give a twist
and bring on Lumbago. Hy a prompt use
of St. Jacobs Oil (he twist lets go und*
ihe muscle becomes straight and strong.
 *""      ■ " ■ T- 1
Intelligence of  the Plll-ilnon.
The indigenous Filipino possesses fundamental, rudimentary Instruction (whnt
we agree In calling primary instruction),
in, perhaps, ns much or greater perfeu-
iion than any other people in the world,
lie shows himself desirous of learuing,
and the immense majority of the natives
can read, write and figure. He knows
the rudiments of religion and morality,
and shows a happy disposition to acquire that general tint of superficial culture which is nil that the great mass of
laboring people can aspire to anywhere
in the world. On this point statistics fur.
nish us eloquent and irrefutable data.
The number who eannot write is very
small, including the women, and the
number is.much loss of those avho have
not, learned to read, while those who
lack at least ihe most fundamental and
necessary religious nml mora] Instruction
are very rare indeed. The correctness
of this observation may Is* proved if the
first native one mcels. even in the most
remote sections, should be questioned, or.
whnt would he still easier, by examining
recruits in the army, who nre drawn ns
(tally from the poorest musses of the
people. 1*10111 "The Native Population* of
the Philippines," by Juan Caro y Mora,
in the American Monthly Hoview of He-
views for March.
" Punt six .year* I was a »l< Uui of d y»-
Pepala In lis' worst form. J could eat nothing
ulmilk loii.iL, una at 1 ones my siimiui-it would
nut retuta and digest evetr thnt* Last March 1
begun -.tilling CASt.'AllKTS snd slnifl llieni
bave steadily improved, until i au>aa well as I
aver was in my lite."
Uavin II. Mtiiti'MT. Newark. O.
f    V^   CATHARTIC        ^
trad* mask aiaiarsato
ries.sa.it.  Piiiiuulile.    !'•
wood. Never Sicken, ii'-ih
•leu'..   Taste  Good.
in.of Gripe l'k\ 36c,
...    CURE   CONSTIPATION.     .
Ii.rll.., H._,j, Csapsar, Chlssis, Miwtis»l, In l«rk.
M-TO-BAC-X ?.'.«•-.«.
< im ai>: •
SMi.rioiteed i.jt sll rlriis-
rmisceo llaiiii
< lnlnis   for   Head    Money.
George 11. Hold, n of Washington, I), c.
who returned from the Orient on the
llonu; Konir Mitru, has in his possession
UOtl claiiiia of the officers and men ol
Dewey's fleet for head money.. The claims,
nre to la' filed with Ihe court of claims
in Washington for fln.il a. tion.
The head money for Admiral Dewey
and his oftieors and men will aggregate
♦187*80, or *100 per head for the 18;.r.
otlicers and men of Admiral Montejo'.*.
fleet Tin; price money for the officers
and men under Admiral Dewey will
amount to 1460,000 plus the salvage of
the three vessels recently raised. The
money will lie distributed by the United
STates:district courts.'
. S|ic4ikini.' of Admiral Dewey, Mr. Hoi-
don says: "While somewhat worried
owing to iho exacting duties and re**xm-
-ii.ilitie- of In- position, he said his health
was g.ssl.   He looked fairly well, too."
Bicycles are easily cleaned by a new tie
vice, oonsisting ..t a glove to be placed on
the liiin.l, wilh one linger extending tie
yon.l the rest and ending in a flexible tip
which is guided into places difficult to
rench  with a loose cloth.
llel.elliiu   Hill   t el ■■■ I mi In.
The hnbits of old criminals are not:
easily laid aside. This fact is often of
great service to detectives. A strange
bird will lie brought in who protests his
innocence lustily. A close watch is kept
on him, as his pa-.t is not known. The
first morning he awakens in prison, if he
la* an old timer, ho will get up and fold
his bed away nine times out of ten in a
fashion that proves his experience in the
coop. If he does not do this he invar
lably will fall into line in the procession
nnd do the lockstop in a manner thnt
gives his game away.
Prom Mrs. Bank to Mrs. Pln-bam.
We offer On* hundred Dollars Reward for
•ar raee of Catarrh thai can not Im eared bj
Halls Catarrh Cure.
r.  J.  CHRNET A CO..  Toledo.  O.
We. th* und*rslim*d, hav* known T. 3
Jbrney tor the last li rear*, and beltevs hia.
nrrft-e-y honorable In all business transaclloas
end flnsr.i Isllr ahle lo earrj eul any otllg-a-
Ir.ns made by their firm
WKST  A  TltlAX,   Wholeeale  Drufflats.  To
ledo. O.
WAL_>1N0. KIN'NAN  A  HARVIN,  Wholeaal.
Di-Hlsts, Toledo. O.
Halls Caurrh Cur* la uk«n Internally, act
(si directly upon trite Mood and muooua aur
face* ot the »y*t»m Testlmonisl* sent fi***
Price V* per bottle. Hold by all Druntlsu.
Hall's Family Pills art lb* best
Thc fly lays four times- each summer.
nnd 80 eggs each- time. The descendants
of one female Ily in a -.ingle season may
iiuuiIhi   2,080^20.
nu_—r  u.
fr.«n lt« ii
■SevMi1 1
The following letter to Mrs. Pinkham from Mrs. M. Rat*-, No 2,3.14
East Susquehanna Ave.. Philadelphia,
t'a , is a remarkable statement of relief from utter discouragement. She
" I never can And words with which
to thank you for what Imlia K Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compoifnd haa done
for ine. . j . '.
" Some years ago I had womb'trouble
and doctored for a long time, not seeing any Improvement. At times I
would feel well enough, and other
times waa miserable. So It went on
until litst October, I felt something
terrible creeping over me, I knew not
what, but kept getting worse. 1 can
hardly explain my feelings at that
lime. I was so depressed In spirit*
that I did not wish lo live, although 1
had everything to live for Had hysteria, was very nervous; could not
sleep and was not safe to be left
'* Indeed, I thought I would lose my
mind.    No one knows what I endured
" 1 continued this way until the last
of l'clirtiary. when 1 saw )u _ ,>,.,„ r .a
testimonial of a lady whose case-was
similar to mine, and who had lieen
ao red by I.villa K. 1'inkhuiu's Vegetable Compound. I determined to try it,
and felt belter after the tirst dose I
'continued taking it. aod to-day an a
well woman, and can sa v from mv
heart. ' Thank God for §uch a medicine.'"
Mrs rinlihnra invites all suffering
women to write to her at Lynn Mass..
for advice. All such letters are seeo
and answered by women onlv.
In f.il.ii, Heaaton He Was luipeHclutil -
< iii.iliof Lasted rive Hours—He Was
failed a Traitor to Cuba- -The r Action
Ill-Advised- He Says He Knjoy* It.
Havana, March    13.-—The Cuban   mili- J
tary assembly, in public session, has im*:
peached General Maximo Gomez and re-1
moved him from nis command as gencr.d
in chief of the Cuban army, tho first Ull- j
lol taken resulting in 26 rotes bein^ cast'
in support of the motion lo impeach and
remove General Gomez, against four in op-
•■ositiou.    The    meeting  lasted    from  2
o'clock until 7.
General Gomez' only supporters were
General Cospcdes and General Nunez. The
original motion, which was introduced by
.Senor .Manuel Sanguilly, provided for the
abolition of the grade of general in chief,
but an amendment was offered to this by
Senor Ajrueno, which read: "To abolish
the ura.lo of general iii chief and remove
General Gomez for failure in his military
duties and disobedience to the assembly."
^enor Aguerro declared that Gomez was
Insubordinate and should be punished, and
.Scimr Sani/uilly insinuated that the gen-'
eral was a traitor to Cuba.
Aaaembl) '»   Action   Ill-Advi»*-<l.
General Gomez is believed to be stronger than tho assembly in the airections of
the Cuban army.
Many privates arc anxious to leave the
anny and go to work, especially when
they are able to obtain money to start in
life anew*. 1
The position of thc assembly is notably;
weak, as the military administration supports Gomez, olso the planters and prop-
arty owning element, who are tired of
the Cuban army, which subsists half upon
charity and half npon contributions levied
bv means of threats.
Modem Science   Recognizes
&s & Disease  of tha Blood
There   is „ popular ideo. trut  thi> diS--.*
ts c*u_ed by  exposure   to cold,  and  tH-if'
some  localities are infected *iith it more
th&n others     Such conditions frequently
promote the development of the disease,
but from the fact   that this ailment runs
in cert am families, it is -hov-vn to be hered
itdvry, _.nd consequently a, disease   of- the
blood. ^ '
A mot) 2 Ihe olilcst atir) Issl known nrMd<ilis nf IlluiTs, IB., Is t|>«nin
VanK'imly. He itus nhvni-s !*■«! |)iominciitlv iikulilinl with .tlw totenists
of that jilitct?. He whs list- first I'resl-i nt ul tin lio.inlof Trustees, and for
I'm)*: lime lias lieen n Justice of tla' Pence. II. iiwi: "I had been a juf-
lerer of rheuinntlsiU for n tit.mb.j-of via is mul ihe |uiiu nt times was very
intense, 1 tried all the proprlelafjl tpediciijes I 011M tliiuk or lieur uf, btit
received no relief.
"I fiiuilly placed my CMSevrlth n-vrnil physleiiins nnd doctored with
tliem for Moan- 1i1.1t, l.ui tin y failed 10 do me say i—■ >■ >« I. linally, with my
hope* of reliel tieiirlv exiiau-itul 1 r<"id urn uilicU 1.« adiaii^1. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People, vrTilch Induec-ti in. lu try iln-m. 1 was anxious
to ({it rid of the lirriblr di*.'"-ie .ind boti^lii 1 u c> box. ■* .'o'Pfli.' ]>llls, I I«-khii
ttsitii; llu-i.i about .Manh, 1807. Afi.r 1 liu.L uiken iwo boxca 1 was com-
pletely cured, and the pain bus n> vet 1.111111. .1 1 iii.uk il.is the best incdi-
eine I liave ever taken, and um u iiliit'' at any time 1" testily tu its guod
merits."—Il.'ujjfs (///.. limn.
Tne genuine
bold only
in pi\(k-
Age- like
m so«
per box
FOR [„
EOPLE     r
kt druggists or
direct from*:
Dr William.
M  *- »    xV
She  waH  an  aristocratic but  vinegar- j     in im improved paddle wbi'eljwr steam-
faeed lady, and she had   called   on   her   erf* thc blades are made to retain a ver-
friend, Mrs. Grindstone.   "He's a charm-1 tieal position nt all points of their revo-
i.i.im-s i.iu.-s It. i in«   little fellow,   Mrs. Grindstone," she ■ lution, the wheel lieing cnini-osol of two
(j'eneral Gome, received at Molina., this'' *"iJ. «*Wrin8 •» VVillie (Grindstone. "Only' disks carrir,l by sepai„U shitfta. the een-
ftve years old. you say: You 11 give me ter ol one shaft being higher tkan the
a kiss, won't you, Willie?" Willie did not ! oilier nnd the blades being pivrjted on
evince any signs of eagernet-s to comply both disks,
with the request, but he kissed her. j
''That's a good bov," said the visitor;
"but whut are you holding in your hand
so tightly':" "It is a quartet mamma
gave me," said the truthful Willie; "she
said she 'spected you'd want to kiss nn*.
and I told her I wouldn't do it for less. '
evening a telephone message announcing
to him the assembly's decision, lie answered calmly: -AU right, 1 enjoy the situation."
He then came to Havana to keep a .iiu-
ner engagement with his daughter at the
house of a friend.
, ...  -ANUFACTURKD    BT ...
Hrhlth   fur   Ten   ii-	
A   lively liver,    pure    blood,    clean  skin.
I.riaht .yes. perfect besttk—CaS&rStl Cindy  Cathartic  will  obtain and secure
for you.    All driiRKlst*.. l<*c, 85c.
eoniijj li
And   flood   enough   lor  you.   There   is more ot
l Jrter's Ink used hy the l*. S. l'o\i.-riinHiit than
i>l sll other ni.tken (mt tn|jether.   II eo«l» you no
inort- than the poorest ——.k lor lt.
I .unit Uioklrt" How to Make Ink IV'turrs"lire.
CARTER'S INK CO., Boston, Mass.
The queen of Koutnania is a licensed
lecturer, tie qussn »t l\>i-tugnl is 1 phjr-
sieiau and one of the liest milliner- of
Kurope and  ex Kinpre-s  Frederick    is a
To Tore * Colli  Ih  One Hi--.
Tsk**   laixslhe   Hromn  Qulnln*  T_bl»t»
4ruK«l»ts irfiind mehajf  If It f»ll« 10 CSI*
Relief at Las!
I'rsilHMl LV til..ilSSII.il. Ol
PJT—s~,W I tuiisnixt loilles »s sofe. »l
-nil All -_• I «iji r.'l_lile su.l win 1
CfIIJ**VS«t   I   Mleoiml.     Isk .lrilSKt«l fen
Dr sl»ru*l*s Kreneh Pemsli
Hills In meUl lios wilt
Kreiieli KIbk on tO(. In Blue
Wilts uil It.sl. Insist on inol'.n the aenulnr
••■•till ter WeiMl-." mailed KB-KIn plainMtM
l«t«r with testlmonlsii and tmrtle.itsisj. Address
FIENCH OllUaCO.. 381 snd 383 Pearl St.. N.V
The fii-i garden was called Paradlss be
ciitiM'  man. found  it   liia.le  when   he  got
t■».. lllr *J foi "i.ns'.'ii
lis, lm.rit.-s   li.l'i"   n.s'.n i.
Itrlisti. •»   or  Lioerailo.
of   in 11 r t. tl .   mnliitir »ut
I'nnii, mmM,      I'slDlms, am< not astrl
_THlf»«MQp"-*ICslOO. •r"-1 "* *ut*-'am,-Jt
1  BoU hy »i »rtu-
'nr sent tn plain wrsor*
by si press, pri>paid, I
ll.nO, or 1 bottles. H.M
(Hre-alar seat oS reooe.
f.eanse von haie ns nn In <our Uaek. vour
so. ii.s.ii reiutis 10 d jest food, or »»•■ •» • 1 - -
trerr step seems a btirden.  ll s 1 onr blood; 1 ry
Hundreds have lieen pel ini.n. lnlv cured by It.
II urr iKittle al (out Ar\l$t)M'*.
SlI'JP FOR A DOSE. Cure Hlek llestlaeh.
_MFJ'!,??e*s1--' «**mo»eTlniidesaii.l Hurl' thi
.,..*■■■ "I(t'»l"inandl--Te»ent Biliousness. I).
"oKlrlpeorHlolien. To eon »I nee 71111, we will nml
jstapla free, or full Ih»> fur _*►.'. 1»K. IIOHANKC
•*-'» . Ft.lla.l-., v.unn.   Hold hy UruxKisls.
When eomlna to 8an Krnnclsco ko to
Brooklyn Hotel, ■nix-sla Bush si Aim-ri-
can or Kurnpeiin plan Hoom and board
H.oo to 1-.n per day; rooms 50 cents    to
U.00 per day; slnKle meals ■ cents   Free
coach.    Chat.   Monluoniery.
Richard < roker. the Tainmiiny ehicf. is
^tid to rather like being called "Hoss,"
hv   which  his  intimates    now  sometimes
address htm.
Mothers will find Mis. Winalow's Sooth
ing tjyrup the be«t remedy to use for theii
children .Im in*; the teething period.
plats would l-o all right it" woman
could l>e cured of her bad habit of never
airing anything away.
CITS I'lrmsneelly Cured
rile   alle. lost
So flt<nr nervntunes
lin'i us.- ul l)r. Kline's ..real
Nerve lleslciir. *<.'n.l for PKr.sC »«.«0 trlsl
,i:iue«udlre..ii»e. I.K. 11. II. KUNK, Uo., M
vrch street, I'liilsU.lplilu, I-.
N, M, I'.
x... ll, -tin
When some women (ret their
crowns they «ill look qUBSI if ihey
near fristei with them.
No housi'liold Iseomple e wllhoti a boltll Ot
he lainons .less,, M.H.re Whiskey. It Is s j tire
a,id wholesome Mi mu I nut recommend.*.lb) all
*,l,, Mcisns.   DOtt'Mta-gU-Ctll.taj.eCeSKlly.
I'oririiils always flatter us. but, oar
friends dure nt.l tell us so, nn.l ttt don t
believe our enemies.
My doctor snid I would die, but P'*o •
i",ire  for Consumption otued  tne.-Ait.'
Kelner, Cherry  Valley. I"-.  Nov.
li,   &■
General Ricctotti Qaribaldl, son of the
funioi.s Italian, is married to an Englishwoman, and speaks Eoglhih fluently.   Ut
\„ still full Of the enthusiiisni for fr lorn
(h,.t led him to partake in the war 	
,„,.„, Turkey ..nd Gresoo,   H« lives ." a
wind swept east I '>"' -°P "f '."u' "f
He  takes  pii.le  m  the
An onler staying all further proceed-
iti(rs in an action until the costs of an up
peal are paid is held, in Knee vs. ltulli-
more City Passenger Railroad Company
(M.l.i. 4*i I.. H. A. 363, to be consistent
with thc const it utional guaranties of
right to trial by jury and to have justice
freely, without sale.
THY   A--KITS   loiiT-KtHr.,
A powder to be shaken into the shoe*
AJ llfit .season you.r feet, feel IWotlSn. tier
voil's 11 • 1.1 niK'.i.iit'iirial.lt*. If you bave
sniartiug feet or ti^ht shoes, try Allen's
Foot-Ease. It rests and comforts; makes
wiilkini; easy, t'tin-s swollen and sweating
feet, blisters and callous spots. Relieves
corns ami bunions ot* all pain anil is a cer
tain Hire for Chilblains, Sweating, damp
or frosted feel. We have over thirty thousand lentimonla!s Try it lodav. Sold bv
all druggists mul shoe stores for" 26c. Trial
package FHEK. Address. Allen 8. 01m
steil. fe Roy, N. Y.	
llll/ziiril  Slrni'U   \i-liriiK-il.
Omaha. March 12.--Another bjizzard
struck Nebraska ami has raged ticively all
day and at midnight shows uo signs of
a ha lellicnt.
An accident oceured at the big dam
now lieing built at Cascade by the Dominion Mining, Development & Agenty
(.'as., Ltd., by which Victor Ouinet, one of
the workmen, suffered a fracture nf the
left leg.
\V. J, Snodgrass i Son, who carry the
mail front Greenwood to Pcntiutnn.. have
t     r.
put on nn extra stuge. Their mail contract calls for but three deliveries per
Week, but since dune full they have miule.
see*- delis-erirs per week without e.\ti*a
Gi-and Forks will shortly boast the possession of the handsomest and most modern hotel in Southern Hritish Columbia.
The Vale, now under construction, Will
be ready for occupancy within sixty days.
The total cost is estimated at $00-,QQO.
Advices from Cariboo indicate that the
situation of high water is unchanged.
There is no danger to life. A peculiar
circumstance is that while snow is on the
ground nnd tin* weather Cold the water
is heated.* - .. .  * ■
Xanaiino wus startled recently hy a
highly respectable young-'lady named
Pearl Trevelyan attempting to commit
suicide on Coiiiincrcial street on account
of Samuel Hague, a prominent young mun
proving unfaithful to her.
A six- year old daughter of John Douglass was hlBtantly Killed in New Westminister, hy one of the city trolly cars,
The child tried to cross the track and fell
Itetween the rails.
St. .Jacobs Oil cures Rheumatism.
St. .Jacobs Oil cures Neuralgia.
St. Jacobs Oil cures J.umbago.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Sciatica.
St. .Jacobs Oil ctirca Sprains.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Mruises.
Si. Jacobs Oil cures Sorene.ss.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Stiffness.
St.  Jacobs Oil euros   i:.i.Lu..|ic.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Muscular Aches,
 ' .
-     FOR   MEN   ONLY.
1S1 ADAMS ST., llllCAdO.
Mm rsqatrtrif Ont-afpalsM trtatmeat «tie_«
consult p.TK.nalir or by idler "Free" witli the
[iimi sua only szcluslTs men's specialists la Uie
Vailed mens Diseases of men made Uie
•tiidjr of a llfe-ll—ia. UDforlunates ever/where
should Immedlatrly communicate wtth Dr. Foots,
of Chlotfo. Kverythinc eonAdenlial. Remedls*
sent eeer-rwhere lu sealed paoLafsa aad letters in
rain snrelopes. Correspondence sullolted. 1-tni
urrlcal. Medical and Kleetrlesl urethods
aSopTei. tielaflof tbe stomach wttk drtigs ab—n-
4ooed. Aeold drugs receromended hy the unsa-
iborlMj and arlt-styled >peciall>u la Weatera
towns. Few senulne specialists locate -outside af
Kea York er Chit-ago. In these cities your of..
rata affairs are sale. Cnequaled trsstaasnt for sll
ileeasee and weaknasses of ths Oenlto-Urlnarr,
Saiual, RcproduotlTf and Nerroui Srstama. Ira-
pediments to marriage rsmored.   ''Hjpliala"
positively  purines   ths   bloed,  cucsa sranllls axig
1 all while ulcers tn throat ot—   "
red spots on kodr aa
also catarrh and rbetiBaatlasa.
remores all wbits ulcers tn throat or mouth, 001-
wrr ooltiied spots on body anff-erupiloos on skta,
Oeneral Merritt believes that if Aguinaldo should be captured hy the Americans the Filipinos would still have a capable leader in I'io tlcl Pilar, who is extremely hostile to the United Stales, and
is not of the sort to be conciliated. "Another fairly able Insurgent commander,"
snys Oeneral Merritt. "is a fellow named
.Muriel. He is a man, however, wilh
whom we could at least treat."
- —.-»..-  .-- ..,.-..-...      . ._,,]».,—,     tha
only permaasnl restorer ana IfWlf orator, gleea
elf or to Tltsl organs and nereis prteente aad
•area grip. |> per tint tie, • tei.U Trust sottUa,
ilther rejaedy. half price.
...     '     -  ••-   '   '
Garnishment  of  insurance i'noriev due
j . -  .. ••
from a foreign corporation to a non-resident of the state, for a loaa occurring iu
another state, is hold, in Swedish American Nutji.nal. itiink, i»jf*.-JjVi'<ft*J<.*yr (Minn.),
42, I.. R, A. 28.1, to be invalid for lack of
jurisdiction, as the debt has no situs ill
the state.
>\ ill  \<H Ssve the 1 ris.1,,1,,,1  t,i|„n.
- New Yorlti March 13.—v.. dispatch from
\yashingioH  sajs:
The navy departtnenl has abandon d all
Miopc -of •j-ecoverymf.' the arinor.*<l cruiser
Cristobal Colon, sunk in the battle of
July 3. Engineers representing the Sited- |
ish Wrecking company, who fn-poctedl
the wreck, have left for Stockholm without making any proposition to the department. ,
For La Grippe Use "5 Drops"
Cured by "5 DROPS" Tlvree Years Ago.
He It (till Kell ind write*, en Oct. 10. 1898: -I teet II i duty
that I one la God ind suffering humsnlty lo announce to >ou and
all tha aorld whit • S DROPS" has done lor ma "
Ti'lllliiM- That r	
There is a  way of trifling that costs a
heat) of money.   Neglect rheumatism and   'l'0-
it may put one on crutches, with loss of;
time ami money.   St.-Jacobs Oil.will cure
it surely, light away..
llcmlly   lio.-l   in   the  Dsrk.
Waco, Tex., March ISL—Ed Fogg la^t
night killed l.tc l'carsou, whoin he found
in a rivitn, with Mrs. 1'ogg, after a bloody
duel in which Fogg was wounded. l''»gg
crawled through a transom into the room,
nnd in the dark he und Pearson opened
Sleep WnlklnR.
A device to prevent sleep walking is
to lay upon the lloor, by the Ride of the
somnambulist's bed, a sheet iron, zinc
or other metal, wide enough to insure
that he will step upon it. When th-'
sleep walking fit comes upon him his foot
touches the cold surface of the metal nnd
he instinctively draws that leg'into bed
again. After two flr three attempts the
soiiiiiiunhulist gives it up ami settles
down iu bed.
Canadian   I'en-lllc Karnlna*.
The annual report of Ihe Cauadiun l'a* -
tifie railway has been made public. The
balance sheet sho-ws that the gross earnings for the year were <>20,138,i)77; working expenses, $15,60o,(jT-'1, making the net
earnings $l<l,47.*vl72; leaving n. lurplus
for the rear of 14.124,417.
(trade mark.)
8WANSON RHEUMATIC CURE COMPANY:-! would like to thank you for youi
-rreui remedy, 5 DROPS," ami tell you what it has done for me. 1 had Rheuma-
llam In every Joint ami in the heait. ami J hud Catarrh of the Head for St) years 1
was so poorly that I lost the use of my legs and arms, and could not move wlthoul
pain. 1 was so crlpphd that 1 had done but little work for .seven long years, and our
family physician, a good doctor, told me thut my Rheumatism and Catarrh wore
-SSToUiV- al.,J * b<-lleved turn. Knt now, AKTER USING "5 DROPS" ONLY TWO
JlffM1--?.1 c?n "uly 8a.y J ,"A,V,K *>,CJT f-'HLTSO WB1.L KOR SEVEN YEARS
This medicine, does more than I* claimed for U. -At thia time, my Catarrh Is much
better and I have scarcely any Rheumatism at all. and the heart weakness and pain
are gone. My hearing lj now Hood and my eyesight la much better. I have gained
more than 10 pound-, of flesh and can do a full day's work. It Is the best medicine 1
ever saw to give a mother who lias a young child, for It has ihe same effect on tha
rhlld as on the mother. It wards off Troup and cures the Hives iif the chid, and
causal sweet and telr.sli.iig sleep to both young and old.        WM. hi. kK-l.EMS.
In a letter of Octobei 10 IS!'!, from Mr. Kellems, he save: "I feel It a duty that I
awe to Odd and suffeiliin humanity to announce lo you and all the world that I am
yet 1" the ring witli untold thousand* of others, to testify to the ftreai merits of your
valuab.e remedy called, "J DROP-." 1 believe I was the first sufferer In this pact of
tKh!.,?url.«,1? i,'ttr,".'^.f1"* '"^'""-e.of ".-, DROPS," some three yeais ago. 1 vas then
badl> afflicted with ltlieum.il sm. i atarrh, etc., which my letter of Jan. 29 ISM fully
rP-n-a0.*- A1i ' ''*•" s,lv ■■■ '"'1 -Itsil'S* cored me. To make a long story ehort. *'»
r, .., i.. 1?;'*.£■■"° fecommendaiioil In this part of the country. _a everybody knows
ftim LKVi i Sv_r,'''.n,e'\ies •',oul"1 here, IT HAS CURED more cases of Rheums-
tlam. Bclath a NSlirsiBis.aid many oiler pains than any other medicine thnt has ever
been sold or heard of. J.or the last Hue.* year* I hnve noticed the effect "5 DROPS"
has on the ■. k. thrpngh my own oh... rvatlons ns well aa my brother, who lira practicing physician, an, USES "HE "5 DROPS*' IN HIS PRACTICE. All ye that wish
for  further  Information,  write  and    --  *-
y..ti are sure to get a replv without any delay.   I
li .i fully  recomme>id  It  to any one thai  I may
-i lover  forget  what  this  remedy,h_a dona  for
me and many others.       Yours very truly. ."■*-» -    ■
-»!<-.-,_. .    .s.      , „    ,      . 3fVH' M   KEI.1.EM8, Slberts   Thd
Wltnes.ice to the above:   Jus. Brady. J. R. Cox. E. R. Huff, 8. Taylor, _)r. 8. W.
Hays, all  of  Sib. rla.  li.d.
will (as 1 hnve done In this letier)
come In contact with.   I myself .
Kellems.  Jno.
Government Seed Contract*.
Washington, March 13.—*Secretary Wil
son is making arrangements for
Ihe*■government    seed  contracts
spring instead of in, the, autumn,
been done heretofore.
let I ing
in the
us has
The wonderful success that has attended   the Introduction bf "6 I•ROP8,"•  la  un-
JumI iov ami, „ i'.Mi";^.'':^1'"' »0rl<1* 'i',l'l',W of lt! U has CCRED more,than ONE
Mil.LION AND A gUARTER sufferers within the last three* years. This must appeal
to you. One million and a quarter people ennnot all be mistaken. If iuffet_fl_iWe trust
you may havei sufflclent confidence lo send for three large bottles of "5 DROPS" for
12 50. which will surely cure you. If not. then send for a 11 bottle
enough meoli Ine to more thnn prove Its -
mall or express.   This wonderful curatlv
..  which  contains
its wonderful  curative  properties.    Prepuld  by
e gives almost Instant relief nnd Is-ta PERMA-
Sclalloa,     \niniiBiii,     ii. |.si,i.    llnokaelie,
Met'iilfjsnr»», \n.,.i..i..,s. Nervona anil Ken-
lllltii   Diver  1st  lli'n.l.
New York, March 1(1.—Thomas P. Don
aldson, the diver who wns injured in diving  into a  tank  at   Madison  Siiuare on
Wednesday-. Is dead.
Rev. (billies Wesley, recor of Oros-
niont church, London, has la-en lined $7.".
because ufter disputing a bill presented
by a workman he assaulted the latter ami
broke some of his ribs.
NENT CERE for llhriiniailsiii
Aslhiiia, IIh>  K.*ver. raliirrli,       ....       „.,.,,	
rnlalc ll.i..l.tcl,e«. lli-art \\ efckneaa, Tool l.nclir, 1 ■:,,. ii.lie, I ri>  I.a t.rlppe.
Malaria, t r«*<-pln_ .>uinlutcss, llrunelillla, and kindred tlUeusea.
'■K   nDOPQ" tl ,htt, name and dose. • I.AROE JBOTTI.E (300 doses) $U
M    \* **■ *•* ST »       prepaid by mall   or   express;   TllTtEK   UOTTLE9,   B SOUS und eur sgents.   AGENTS APPOINTED IN  NEW TERRITORY.
■old only by
Itt'AASOS nilEl.-dATIC CI RE CO., 167 Dearbora. Sl^C^leaao.   III.
Aliil.ii-t-i.'    His   only   iliirahlo   wall   eontlnK,       Aliil.in.lln>' rata 1"' USSfl over Mini or pitimr;       Every rlltirctl nn.l twhoolhouse should bo root-       A liilm.-Uiu'   pi.-kiiiies   hnve   full     .t ir«*c
tsa3SAeemM^mkm\*im^ ee*mim**.**>&m*n\'^^e*-*»*^.'-****»» AMfsmmnaUMi^*r*2W~ft£, «•*•'■-<•*»-■*, *mi».w- i. w*mmm- ^-v-^.-**-.^*.«._*,«* em
.ac"-? "kThi" iiulnl  for wulls.    It cun bo uhcJ mi | iui>   nub Tn t|v« pnunu  pncssgi's.   pn.puiiy  lu- * use.l yem-.v   tor tins «oi K   lienuois .\... 1-i -11 r 1.     tint   earU.      Aiuisistine  l.n.     froe      inn.
ilastsr, brick, wood or canvas. j baled; take no substltuta. dons not rub and scale off. ] Co.,   -rand IUplds,   Mich.
'^■sVl%'»^^i-aisWiw"'sai«'i»i(VT iimtitiulc'.cviMnj-* i:--«iihir ,'-irn*- *^i-i-L*firr-,-xf;-;----'f-- emm---------*----*-•_>«■**-«.»_-.-*,-ss-.^*__,
llieTTroiTiVe^sTiT"-W.~1'. -~-l:'.-«".-."*-' » m'"mm,Z{r,? Tmi imliil  for vviOls.    It cnn bo used rJHrBilJ   ii.il>Tri m» pnunu  paflniirsi   piepeily  In-    used  yearT)   tor Ull.
I came a citUeil of London. nlasUr, brick, wood or oanvaa. »'       .   1 .     , .
.■lun.'li ati-1 aehoolhouafl should bo mat
dons not rub and scale off
AlnliitMlne   paokaeea   hnve   fall     <11 r«-oll..n«i
*•*.'..***-*,  ins** ;. Ssf>*n-tM«. ^s.*^.«*»,•• j-***-*-* aSMU-'
.....:.■    ..;..!".-.um.     tint  curd.   - Alul—tstlno arts     fraa     .Alsbajtiiii
Co.,   -rand IUplds,   Mich
» i
*- *•
' x'.
■: .
aw*-J*sHMWV: WW •*r--flrA\"^6,iiaM'-«^
h?M.s^ls*VMMe**A**V*tSe* Tins Vlr*-r-r».'Ht»»te**-Oo..t.tcl.:;;:
We ure row ageRts for
;>•■ -,_k£_V- C0_aa.pa__.3rs
Sewing Machines
Just Arrived *
-. j>VMM»VS^^*VVVV^^^»^S^iSAr*«'V^»AV^
i MOMENT! jbnown- that both   these  ^t^ts,
c*^xcs)r«ap!*Juch.oriiiinW-?dfroma source which
is posing as aa. authority, should not
I'll AT   VOi:»   _V BSCl-V
TIO.N   IS Pfl'.   AMU TH*.T
deeeiv* a thilrl.     W«  «Ot»W take no
|] notice of inch childish statements, if
q...»....-61 their intention was otheiwise than- to
' '_.'...' '" '*'.' ,mm^*t*^'m'*m'',mmm^ssptmss»su.
• *
air. iiattha is anxious to villi a kk jjteeivetha  public and discredit  lb*
Ickii'T nui roi'.
Following is a complete list o* tlu*
in'minii. "transact tons WCOriW during the
week for thi Plocan Mining Division:
March 6—Hopeful,   Four Mile, Geo.
. ..
• •;
H. C3 \__DJ-vI_o
PROPS.   sl,VKltT0N*
"Wilson Hotel.
I linvo heen wading iWlrttefs'     '**■ •**■**
In the lighi of Ilie \ctiiK gntio hy,
As soiueiiiueB long nftcr tlio Minuet
A rwjoto (.'low linhtH the isky. '
riiero lingers a breath of the flowers—
For Vwta summer  timo.wheu   they
enme— ,
Tli'.v nn* lov'ini!. so lovlnit nml tender,
AmUi-tneil with Mr feamitiil name,  ii'avis.
_ tm* of ludr lona-and KoMen- mh   >:.»,.. TPPttV        BTOS.        -       -        flOPS
It l,ioiii*lit nie the sunshine fiom home; ;    March 4-Rcvo. I jvv.ft.-ws *-s r
It. cheered my ton.-heart in wi** desert, MkicIi 7-li  v-r ,     snAftAA lt_i-.iiiirL.rs*    FliP Miilflf   A ltd (tllltlllfrf j_l  IHfU.
'Tiviib l.i.l in my I'O-.m nt Home, Mrir«li.2-\Votk on Pembroke to apply OOQQGC BM«f|IUntrs   IM  «»"•»*-   AIW twmnirinui iwb.
0 I lue ' • t'K, bllic-.hitk its the ocean*. ,,n jje,v >..,rk „„,-*, Htiitsrtl Fraction.           \ f&hfff'.
Thutjleep where the White H"** Bjro« vwwv                      Vvent liinir Krvt.rl-m   !»   All Resirftls
Thnso tokens wskssweftWrt rewhiriSct., ci.kt iku*atr ok im™«wkmknts.       I                                   Mtjrjllllllg nrM-CWfW   hi   nil nra|»nit».
Hut .UiliiiW.'iwiisuges iifctj. I
March 3—ILunrd Fraction, New Bark
and Pom brook, to r'riiiik Ower.s.
Ottia, to Oliver Bc»-|{,
-   J-s  -ft   --  -*.    *     -
U.   C.
[o jirovt   want
A ti_v tiling:*?
IN  UAICill'..-*,    CLOCKS   oR
.lEWEtUY.    ------
I hnve 1't'i-n r.'H'itiel.er letters,
Atone with the ihitiil .lav,
.While slimluwii uiwutvoyiT the q^ltlng.
A ii.I un iiuiry strio* tar away,
A.l.iiMi the itrecn pathway wa wonder
To the bridge where the trlsHt wiiter*.
meet, ,   .
t Where tin* round moon •.bines out in lu.'r
1       stilendor • mever to C h Hope, Feb 6. ♦POO
And .\i!d Ho-Jins liniitflKMivy and sweet. I    j^ Fraction. G A MmtpoM 10 Dar-
I Ther-e     I.Uwont-ilu v   B»ew   on  the .ditnclles Minl.lK Ciwptnv, Ltd. r>'* 10.
JVb 27--Adirondack '-10.   C S Kasli-
dttll to Win Nivens. r'eh '_". *f:W0.
Mar2—Mt.ini-tit  *i,  M. K Kiiin3*iel-
ab^CPOoAald.ve i_.i"vex3r
T'lANOS 1   -   -
I    Ant t, II nf l! I* nimirier-" ImiB fl**d:
I H»w irft xiiife 1 left li' nhl inol-tree,
j     t he fluids li vi« lain frosted and dead I
1 If. w ..(ten the run.*.! have wi'-liered,
I     Yet never the rose Iu toy heart.
i Ami Milliliter wiii. verdttre lias i/overed
The drear wav tliat kept ua apart,
tl lia.ve lier*ii reutlini* her let'em,
~    ~ All xray wilh th'dust of Mtitrt*,
j -i'ili i--i*eiiti*,tl. wiili r.*sc9 h|i«1 snnuntir,
tviTPii   ,vn  ii.-wi.-iiiv   iMrinti* '    And wet wft.li rejtreifiileM fe*-fA ;
U ATCII  AND  .11'-W ELKY   l.LI A1K- , My 1,!lI,;MV,.'(1.v,J„1| Ihahtue niotiiiliiins
Mnriti S-AlpliS Fraction H.  3
\ K^le to W 1. J Tlinmns. March 3.
•   Ohrtnbera \4, i L Kitnlhuk to Oliveri
j T'Stone, Feh 10.
Mar 4—Mascot tMUl Snnrisi. Pow'or of j
I Attonit***. Alt- Wadtlvll to Michael Ker-1
.lin, Jati 18.
.   Mar. 0—l-tkeview No  12, Alphs,  AI-!
! jih* l''rai-lioii nifd l.'»*to View Frmillun, .1
|\V K»te nit.I J M U Beucltiiii to NorthI
i Witt Mlninit Syndicate Lid. March S.     [
Mimh !)— Adiron.lMck 1-9. V 11 Ik-hne 1
Crsti-i'lo Parlies DvidYinii* Horses In Mltertcii
Cm Have Them Reserved By Wrltlhn To—
T t t t ■    ♦      ' ♦ ♦
SILVERTON, - • 11. C.
Jctoot> Dover,
to. _.     .   .
Nairt-4 tih'i DAitoyd' ..Mineral Claim.!
Hitnnte.1 in the Slocan City   Mining
t: Division of West Kootenay   District !  — --.f
1 Where.locatetl:—At Oie mouth of Day- j NOTICE in l.erehy i-iven thnt dip Cnd-
ton Cr^Vear Sprluirer.   ' ! itors 0( thu iibovo named Conii'tuiv nrt*.
Ta^.notice tr,.|' I._<**^-«-**^,"rt-j required ou or Moro Ihe first day nf
iU-WM0»nt for E. 8. Kinney, tree Min-i     ' •
er'*Cer^ifleate, No. -MO0O, l»«W«_l Bi_t-y-, ^v«» "es* >*"*-»•* *l"*.' nsnuu nml i..l-
•taya from tt\e date Hfcr«*ol,  lo apply  lo ; dri.R-.os ami th-.< yv ticiilnrs of their tlfhls (
111 Wm Hunter. Kel. 27. UO.K).
Aie lovingt thai never vro-v old ; !    suniu '^ Wi»< Neviu to same, March 0 j
Hee-eH's   tiftHHiiiijt   |h«N<  «iih   onr     ^^ H-jJaltiuiore Fratflon«, lionl
.h'-iiMl'lr-. ...       . Mask.I'racti...i 'r:. lit n mask ip. *»illtiitin
0..riii.liii«hUull!'losBoiunS...t.;-  -   w ..„,„, r  i^. Ashiirit «.  Hao.-.m  «.,.
-kejm. K  Mitctifll.    [fJ^J.'fc NT* tf. O'd'Toan M, »irnmH
lei '4, Vnnoii '.i,  Uomola '4',   A E Fan- 1
i-nior to IvUnrd I'itt, J.111 2*1 fRH-,
I*--o_ ■- . ■.   _ u I    IVockeu bx-lt '„,, A V 8udtr| to N...rtl.
S8s* 38881 »8 Ss If «««•« »*»»••   \V.*>t Mlniuu Syndleat , Ltd. Mir It)
^      HH'fli'lH    filiTTIlhPPHt-S      _!    Marcli   1.".—'New Kni-liind.    RiimaWt
,     HillVnIU   -.jtilltlllir-US.     J   Walton to G H Winter, Feb U.
5 ■  It ■' ■
i . .' * 8 a i U a 8 . » »-w i i.e 8« i i 8 i- 8 .•
Ross  Thorburn.
Neckties,     'prce wo« Toe.; now lAt.
Whin* Shirts, '*     - $1.7-.;   " |t fiO
('..loied Shiru"   "    t7.'»;   "   111
lhavy Khirta "    "   1 7o;   " . Vfil
1'tulerwear suit     "    3r»0;-."    'JOO
Miner's   *-*lnj.-s.   (I.erulle,    Junipers.
Uhnkuli. it*, etc   All Niiirkeil iKiwn.
Silvencn,  B. C.
Repoi-ts frcin BaiidcnVUol amine-!
owners itu t-ting to protest rvs-iiuii.t an j
riljtii tlniijf  law' imssi'd,   it   is stult'd',;
•tars from Uie date lMreol, to• apply »» clres*,es nmi my pniiu'intirs 01 uieir tu-i.ts 1 . .  ,. ,   .    . ,     1
the aiiiinK.Hec.ir.ler tor a Certitteat.* of I or Pn,i,« and the unities und addresses Joringtlie l«t  hoiin cf   the fcr-jrfS^ -Twnrw wire heal ..mt niU'hi In  New, KiAjjn,y
lin-wyameiits, tor the*' -pnrpnee   of   ol.     -. ,..„.  „JMln„ tU „n,,, ,„ ,,V111 ,-,,,.. ,     r,,.. . , ,  .-,   ._-_.__j ! Denver nnd ism-an t Ity, I oil. of whieh |
linnroy-iiueiits, for thn "purpntie  of  oh
islrnlm >  Crown tirant   of the ulwve
. Ami farther take notice that aitii.11
und** ♦"C'tion 87, must be comnien.-ed,
tieforft the Issuance of such Cert i Urate
'D-te- this tth   day ot March, ISO).
•- ■■': •     t 11 I 3 J 00.
NOTICE:—   "Cultus" Mineral Claim;
situate in the Slocan City Mining Div
iaion of West Kootenay Dl-tirit-t.
,   Where louate.1:—At the head   of the
North Fork of.d.omon Creek.
Take notice that I. 3. M. McGregor, net-
lag as ntientfor ,1. A. Finch, Free Min-
era Certificate No. 1674a ami E. J. Drer.
Free Miner's Certificate No. 5551a. iiit-r.il
sixty days from the date'hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for n Certificate
of Improvements,'for the pur now of ob-
taininif a Crown Grunt of the above claim.
"And further take notice that action
under section 37, must he commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate oi
Dated this twentieth day oUamury
3. M. McGrkoor.
1» 111 oo.
NOTICE :—"Meteor" and "Ottawa No
5" Mineral Claims,-situate in the Moi-hii
City Mining Division of West Koole-
nay District. Where located:—On the
divide between Sprinter Creek and
tbe north fork of I^imon Creek.
of their Solicitors (if nnv} to ,1'vati Prank \ |_tun
Lloyd Of Silvertou, l?r tirb Uohltnhltt, the i
Our ii foritiant Was   htrrtrUed i
.     .      'l thut no knowledge of  m.y such   law
■ ivere ulteutled by Silvirtonittiri.
AND    FOR   THE    PEN,    'NKJ
Aueut   of   Mr.   Edmund Hoi-*, n .,> m<
Threidneeille Street,  London E. C. the!had   been  r-.c.*tv**d   in   Silvirtou.    It j    About tlm oil lest complaint that   was
LiquitlatoioflVfaidComiwiyunditsol tlut   Mr   Hi****,   who   lias ' l'ur n,:"1';lo   ,IH'   ra-V8   ,,,«'   Tv'H»   -"',
required l.v notice iu writing fmrn the , .' . .      Preaadl loronto,  eaine'from  Mr John |
said    Fvrn Frank Lloyrl an* by their \ ,',!p» '" ^ "-'lor,a »^o,»'»t'»g » "■■•■"»- j Houston, of Nelson. B. C.   A few years]
Solicitors to come in and prove lheir laid  .leal, had Wen  -..recent  at  the House i aiio when we furnibbed Mr IIou8t..n with 1
, ,   « ;hi»platit for the Tribune ho complained I HmWltMHI
■Alien a  law   was  pined   limiting ai     ; .-.
' "       tl.at tb*>ie w-.ro KOI enough cap K s -.11
default   thereof U,i*y   will he included j miue.'s ahift to eight hours and pro- j onr f0„ts to boom Karlo.
from the lienetlt of nny distribution made j yidinji a fine of tjlt).   a day   fur every] 	
Wu^.t ,1,"a1'.8 7 '"iT'1'       ,_-_     I'»»'» "oiked over the eight hours.   On l    ',h«'ft is po '"'"'!" "'« "&" |-»»* •
Dated this 14th day t.f January 1S09. •  j Wart iu town who accidentally Bwallowe.l
Asm itsT Mo-iris Cr hi* A Co.   . hi* retura to Sindoit, ht wa-i amss'*d , u , it._oI wus ^^ ^ u ^Mt'ot tl, (.,)1U|(
Solicitors to Ihe L'quivlalor  L0 j,uru t(,ftt    no knowledgo   of   this I np *2 Oo.   There is no mm hereabouts
17 Throginorton Avenue,  -in  i with n tstronji eiiO/Uli  btoin.icli   to  eow
lie    . ,   ,   ,      7      , •        ,,      ....
t]                WRITE    r.OV.E   TO  IP-fVOII^IO
and SOOItne
EaSt     AND
ONE     _PJ_>_VI<$Y
debt or claims at such time and place u«
shall be specified' in Biiih notice or in
B. C
Tii-otoH ri-ST-n.ASt* a- rorr.i»Ti>ir*if*r_a
teem   —*■- '    «•*--   ■■-- -
27 j 1 I 09
Loud in, K. O,
Auctionef.118, Customs EnoKEiis,
And Genrkal Rkal Estate Aobstb,
OHIee in Itmlrv ISlo-k    •   -
linker Hi.
leaislation    Lull    been   received. ...
6 , nickel, into 11 und i^row two dolUr  bills,
informed the other mine owners of the ;The beet thins,' they can do in this line is
district and as a result a meeting wag' to'swatlow booia and raiao (listurbaiiceu.
held iu Sandon ei* Wednesday night
anil   ad'legation appointed  to   visit!
Victoria  and  tee   the    Minister    of]
... ,-,* „  it-,1    We live in a land of high monntaina
Mines.    The   mine   owners   »ov  thati     ,_*,-,
and hlj(n  Wildes,  low   vnlleyo und  low
they would not pay *?3..r)0 fir .an eight j ^-^g, hi^j crooked rivers  and crooked
hour shift and it is not  proUblo  that1"tatesnien. bin lakes,   bin  Mrikes. bin
IHhril    SKHVICF.
thc minets would consent to a. smaller
drunks, bi_ pnm-ikltis, big men with
- hi*: pumi'kin heads,silver streams that
' Ksmbol in ihe  ihouuthtnS, ploni   |*olilk-'
Thi«   is  the   report   from S*n_on. j-tow«l_tf_mbfcrn tBi ni.l.t, roarina
1 cataract.' und loariuu orator-., fast train*.,
That such lex-slat ion  has1 beeri passed ^   m(,n    Um   ^j,   _|m||> }wsm.
SIf.VFUTON.     _- - -       V.  »
TitKKrx Isr-rtnAti) I'.Ai-.iiv«,r, ——
— CngCKr-A Trt DntlXJtrtr-fe."1—
;•; leMfWiifi For Mining Men :•:
(except iii|t   Siindsj)
Ile\ el-iuku ami Main Line Puintt.
8.00 •— lea vt—Sii.V-itToN—ariiva—16.801
Nelson,   Trail.   UoH<Und, Ac.
10 l"i—leave—Sit.VKino*.— arrive—1S.W
  nnd remained up to now  unnoticed by sharp  fluaiiciers,    sliarp    toetl   aboea,
Shiloh's    C,.n*.un*»!i,*n    Cu:o   ere    the   Provincial   pre**,    is   hard    to \ ""^ -■■•■*«•*.   fcr.1'0   plains  that   lie SltVKBTOH
_. . ,   a * t at   mt_n , where others   ii.il.    It   ie   the   len.linu I , ...    ,i-t0 »   '•• <-'t  °'    Wrtter,   Ihon-undS   uf
acS-f8 J^Senifor 3$A, ^^'T^l^^y0'^  m. .,,0inV  ",""1.,d  ^!co,,c,;he-    Mr Hickey vooohos  for   it | newapupe" ihat lie  like  thunder, and
Miner's Certificate   No.  i«74\;   K   J.
  I, ■<•.,, .    , jers alio lie like the h—1 and won't pay
t law -situ  either introilueeil or   passed ,
r a d d cent.
Ascertain pro.io.it   rates ami fall iu
foiuiulion  ly   P-dietblng   nearest lo.s|
iiKcnt, or     	
W. S. CLARK, Agent, Wlverton
Trav. I'ass. Akdui, Nelson.
Diet, l-M. Agent, Vancouver I
Dyer.ftoolA. W.-M. Shaw, 5552t, and
Charles Wweenev. !r$X>A, inteml sixty
days from the date hereof,to apply to
the Mininar Recorder for a CertihVu'e
of Improvements, for the purpose of ob-
talniBX a Crown iirant of the above
And further take notice tha action nnder section 37, mast be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this twentieth day of January
j;M. MeOreuor.
18 ! 1 I W.
CO-TAKI-e ACT,   1897,
NOTICE ia hereby given that the Head
Office of the "GALENA MINKS, LIM-
1TKD" ia now situate in the Town o
Hirtertcn and Evan Frank Lloyd of the
aaid Town has been appointed the Attor-
iievlcrtbe Company in place of Percy
" ""*"W'. -.Ihi uf tlm Cll^ofArai_*-iuyej'1 BC
Dated this 4th. day of Febmarv, ll59!>T7*^"<?^c':iRQOJ T^"-for O.mstipa-
-mtximfiejimtMmn.Jmit .U'gP.H'-' <h» *»»*---■«-Iter w-dnh It *m
Dyspepsia Cured. Sldloh's Vitalizer
mmediute y relieves Sour Stomuih,
C'imiti.' no ot t'o >'l Distress s, nml Is ths*
area! kldneV and livr remedy. Sold liy
The iSilvertnn Dru/ Store *
What Dr. A. E. Salter Biys.
Biiffili), NT,-Ger.t-:—From my personal knowledge, pained iu ehscryioR
the effect of your shiloh's Cum in eases
of advanced Consumption, I nm ptepar*
ed to sav if is tho most retr.arkable
Remedv that bus ever been bronnht to
my =ttention. lt his certainly hkvoI
many from consumption.   .Sold at
The Silveiton Drun Store, f
by thu   Legislature.     In    the   event j
of  th*  information proving   correct,!    Mlirk   **,iarkeson,    who  has  been   «
which is doubtful, it. will *?auBe serious j eltlsen of Blocan Citv  for some  lime
.....       .        '. _. •      • ."-I'   i hiiN loft for Nolson. where ho will   open
trouble in the mines of this vicinity.     _, «__,_. .„.. l.^.i _ 1 „„„..„.
! s Bakery.   He was tender*! a banquet
The Vlocau  miners are leceiving  lb.' j before leaving Slocan City.
very highest wages antl it is unreason-     A plieiipmonal strike is reported from
lauiion    creek.   Assays   having    been
able to suppoio that they will be raised.
On the  other baud  tbe   miners   will
made from the ore of a claim, the name
of which is suppressed by the wish of
up   into   the
refuse to werk tor less than  |3 50a|lh«   owners,    innning
us. 1   it i'ii.1      .    t thousande.
shift, bi it of eight or ten hours.
Stop that Coiii-h! Take wnrninfl*. I
mny lead tConstimption. A _6t: battle
rf (shiloh's Cure mnv save your life
Sold ut The Silverton Drug Store.       f
For Con-it'ir-ation take Karl's Clover
Root Tea, the great Blood l'tiiiflor Cure*
Headache, Nervoinmees, Fnipti.-ms of
the face, and makes the head as clear as
a bell.   Hold nt
The Silverton Drug Store, t
The .tateinent made, that the tunnel | 	
on the L.kevlew claim,, lately pur-j Divine Services will be .conducted Id
chase'l by the North West Mining I.the Silverton Church on the second and
Syndicate, is just one nsile from New
*<a**m*.' *m srvststo'tatw&sah,
Htriir Of J
Regiatrnr of Joint Slock j your money    S"hl at
The Silverton Drugstore, t
Penver, is   only on a par with the 1 to lie present.
I'onitli Sunday ol tho inonth by tho Rev.
C. F. Yates, at 8 p. r».   Yon are invited
assertion that Boson I/inding is only
three-quarters of a mile from the
Denver wharf. Both statements are
entirely wrong and   are  intended to
public.    Facts are facta and it is well oordbUy iuvlted to attend
rieginniiuon Stn1d.1v, November, 9th
the Rev. R. N. Powell will hold services
every alternate Sunday at 'A p..m. in the
Silverton Church    In addition to these,
services will be heltl on everv alternate
MAY, m 18991
_P*or     PROGRAM    of


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