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The Silvertonian 1899-12-22

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, In
Ind Up To Date
Mining News
Of The Richest
Camp  Of British
22, 189!).
mi   mmm.
,i    .mat vear tho BlWwton
\e\TmTmmtmmWM  H not «..«
dUUi linanv ot** camp in -he
pf0tre«« tl...n a. ^  ^ ^^j,,
I^Ssnced and improved, some rd
,,»v" ,__.  rnm   a  state  of likely
rr^-u two miles, o.
l°r nd development » rk has
rnd'E inmS various proper.ic
^!,Byear.Sloapit»|ll.Jba (act
W« nrorerr.es I eve heen tied up
°nr„ to tie indent Ubor troubles
:;;;lltoVore  M.iP,ed   (rom   lhe
.rtolalHl^to.... o(  a "cn  ^
i, which has easily^averaged   50   per
unaod has netted nol h'M than $100. or
^JflO.000 Itlsa-ecrd M.at any
LlJenm: tl.aMh.ee >e...-»al{o«- had
(<wr UniK no roads a«.d only   •    ot   <-f
Si.ll, developed prospect*.     H-.t ' .he
,;,.,hwili.u.fnndno amount ul aet-
i,M.„, Klondyke excitements or lot*
heen ahle lo keep the hil-
shipped that nave returns of over 350
ounces in silver to tho ton, and specimens can be obtained imining into the
thousands. During the present year
020 tons of this rich oro has heen idiippcd
It is developed by a system of tunnels
and is tapped over 300 leet deep. Over
a mile o( underground development
work has been dune on this properly, a
large amount of which haa been accomplished thia year. The Vancouver la in
(tret class shape and as a producer its
future is assured (or some time to come,
recent development work having tin-
coveieil some o( the h.-st ore biidios yet
discovered in this mine Tho ore i:_ a
ttnlena carrying hlaek sulpherets, ruby
and native silver, besides considerable
grey copper. During the Inst lew month*
work has net neen pushed actively on
Ihis property, only u Small (orce being
employed, owing to a r. organization of
the company taking place.
NUMBER   2(1
have been employed on it for the past
five months and over 500 (eet o( development work accomplished. With
the result that good bodies ol high grade
ore have been cut and tapped at a con-
Hlderablo depth. The oro so (ar eocotin
tered ia of a dry nature und c-irries it
large percentage of native silver aud
assaying ae high as 600 ounces in silver
In the ton. Thu ledge on the Hewett is
large and well defined nnd has been
traced on the surface over 1503 feet.
The Noonday, which is situated within
one mile ol town, is the bonanza discovery ol the year in thia district.
Although urn was known to exist somewhere on this claim, oaing to the large
imount offlo.it found, ils precise whore-
allots had never been 'ocuted. F.arly
iu tho yenr a lease and bond was given
on the property and the leasees at once
hi irted a tunnel io try and locate the
ledge that hud thrown out tie flout.
After di iving but a sliort distance tne
I. dge wan enc'unl'r.'.l and onu of the
.argent ui.d richest ore bodies ever deponed in the Blocan was out, aiththe
tesult ilmt the Noonday Curley Minea.
wire incorporated to ib-velope and Work
the property. Although the Noonda;
lathe roomiest mine in the camp ;t has
shipped more ' le.n ore ihtring Ihe year
thnn any oilier''.I the Slocan Lake
minis, the amounttotaling 010 t.ns, 30
tons being sent out during tlm preaent
week thai sampled 23*> ounces in silver
to the ton. The Noonday mine has been
the largest employer ol laDor ol  0UV   of
A short di»t nee below town and
directly on the l.ako shore, a prospect
was iii-c. vercd inst summer that bids
f.tir lo make n mine. This prospect is
known as lhe Queen Fraction and something over 100 feel of ttinnei bet heen
driven on lh • vein and work is bring
pushed on it. The vein is without
doubt lhe same et that on which the
Noonday mine In located. This prospect
ia lhe lake end of that chain of mines
that extends from the lake to Ihe Vancouver and which embraces such well
known projieriiea as ihe Noonday,
Hewett, Lorna Doon, Vancouver and
many others.   For the amount of   work
A SERIES OF Jil,'R<JI,.\lilES~ri,WS
1_M ll jj M K
^^^^   *9
III ill I*    VMIinr, t   ' 'i    int.   uuiwuku     ...■» L,
dontJ on it the Qoeeu Fraction thoviB up of their approach however the bold bur-
■    ' ' -*- -   *--       »       I—  I   -*_1   At I
The first attempt at robbery that has
occurred heie since the time of the boom
took place shortly alter midnight on
Thursday morning, tho Win. Hunter
Ci's store Icing tho scene ol operations.
The rnbb«r hud mccocded*n gaining an
entrance lo the store through the door,
out ol which ho hnd removed a latge
pane of pines. The noise of his entrance
a woke Mr Kirkpatrlek and Mr, Wilson,
who room over the shop, and they proceeded to investigate.   At the first sound
SilTrexton, S C ■
well and the ore cot
quantity but alio in
gained on it.
only   increases   in
value  hs  depth ie
the Willard, on which 200 feet of  work
, has been done and a big led/e exposed.
un     .    , .   . 'i    iii      , j The Greet  Britinn Group, at the head
Silverton's mine* curing the past season,    ...     ..        .   7    .   .     .
■ i-  . t lot (iraniteueck, hashada   ot  ol work
and has jumped into prominence  Irom a t^^^^^^^f*^^s*s*>wu,*
doubtful prospect inlo a full flcd^cd
mino and a steady producer. About 800
fret of development work has been done
on it ami a large b dy of loth clean and
concept rating' recxp>*>d The character
oMie oreiaa steel galena carrying grev
copper and ruhy silver, hut ore canying
: large  quantities  of   native  si Ivy   are
troubles has   —.	
tit on district from forcing ahead.
To give any thing like a detailed dc_>-
iription ol the Wajf.-tield Mints wonld
tiki, ttji loo mnch space, as it is onu of
ihe bi-rt developed proppfllea in the
Sloan. The Wakefield uiine is situated
high up cn the eid* of Wakefield inottn-
:on .ml'm'srly seven mi'es Irom Silver
im. ll is dc^elopiflbv a s)slem of
lutineli. .11 ol which arediiv.'ii i iicctlf
on ths ledge. A large atnO'in: ofoolh
tle.n sn I nuiirmr itimjore Im    lieen _ ,__   _   _    ...
>.l«tMlouirerilF^to M«i*.   Son*  WW ^i&l^Uot wUhnndWauUturfpecl-
i.n.oltlejiioi'ehai^-eh khl.iped (rom | m«ns can be obtained.
tl.e cr"f«'rty iln. year nml only the lack
0/flighting lat'ilili.-K ',. i.ited lie  output
A concentrator of im tomidailv.i.pacity
it beiuc ercetttl, l.y White. KoeSia & Oo.
fur this coinpiinv. The mill [t Mtualei!
J.rrel'y haloW Dwl' u.ine on Four Mih-
■ *i>kanil ia connected with.lhc mine b\
a bucket tra_pwsy some 6;;00 leet ir.
tengtli. Ri-thilie (ratnway and tnill are
ne.ringcompletion knd eftily in the new
yrar will be pounding away ou Wakefield
■re The Wakefield like most other
Hi'vertou properties  produces   n   heavy
galena ore end its values in silver vanes
fr-flt 100 to '-.'50 ounces to the ion. '
Although the mine hns hecu  partially
i'iiAwI during part of the year, still nearly
ittOO teet of work has bten accomplished
"i'l the  result  has   been    eminently
ss'Hlseiory to the management.
B-siileii the loregolng there are tunny
t other pioniiu i,t  silver lend properties
j to the ciitn/, many  of -which   have had
'sltirRe   amount  of  development   work
oti thetn this   year.    Among   the   most
prominent of these nre;the Essex jieiip.
upon winch nearly 1000 leet of w.irk La.*
been done and which   haa an  excellent
shotting of high  grade ore; tiie  Lone
8tar. a new discoveiy, with ore running
as high aa  301)   ounces   in   silver; and
glar fled. ^^^^^^^^^^^
Theie nre several suspicions btrangcra
mound town, whom it Would he well rid
of Kuipi.ion for this shop hieakiug ig
retting upon lh. m and it might he a*
well for them intake this hint nnd move
ilone mi it hcsidi-a lh* huilding nf three
mi'es of trail to connect it with th* Bilverton wagon road; the Silver Rand
which from the work done on it this
season, gives promise of becoming a big
mine, and there are' at least a dozen
other protici lies tbat have lind a let of
work done on them this season.
After the nh.ivn had been put into
tfpe,itwas learned ihat two cabius
down the Ink" shoto had been biokcn
•iiio. ^.s u.e man remarked after being
tlnie kicked hy a pet mule, 'this is
gelling monotonous."
Silverton.      .      .       .
Tho remains of the late George A. McDonald were interred in the Slocan City
cemetery U»t Saturday. The luneral
wnscond icied by the Sloean Ciiy Minera'
Union upd waa attended by several
members of the local Union.
The Galena Alines,  which  is situated
within   it   shoit   dirtnntv  cl   town, has
during   the   year   cininged   hands
pasped from lhe control   ot  the
company   who   dl vcloped   it,
li in.Is   ol
^^^^^^^^^  into   the
au   American  ai>d C.itnidui
This  is  a  well   developed
mine, being one  ol  the   oldest   in
camp,   and  ha_>  a  most extensive
modern plant installed upon it.
latiM amount ol ore  is
Arou'nd the Emily Edith Group Ihere
hM been wonderlul changes made during
His past year.   This property which lies
within two mile-. "I town has .luring tb"
past year develope I intooB. ol the very
bi»ge«   coucen!ruling   propositions   in
the whole of Britbdi  Uolnmhia.   Nearly
2000 feet ol underginuwl  dfVataraf?'
work has been done-on  this  pro^ly
and some ImtnenM ksdie. of oro expos
eL   lu pUtes the Indue ia shown  to m
55 leet wide and filled with ore that Will
Maily concentrate  six  into  one.   This
comply during th« year has built a new
Wigor. roud to |he  promty   antl   have
erected the most complete and  extensive set ol mine buildings yet put up in
this portion of ti-e Slocan.   Just  'nelow
the mine,  a' tery short distance, the
company h.s Selected a mill-site which
hu been surveyed  and  laid  out    and
arrangements are   being made   (or tho
erection o( a large  concentration  plant
in tlie spring.   Three carloads ol clean
galena ore has heen shipped  Irom  this
Property during the season, bnt as the
fesnore lies in  Mreaks  through  the
concentrating ore the company d»ea not
*-y to mine   it  by Ittelt. and tl.e ore
shipped was taken ont in driving crosscuts.   The Emily   Edith   Ib  considered
here as one ol the biggest properties  in
I .e Slocsn.
^^______|i yery
         ^^^^^ blocked out and
ready to stop- ai,d iilthoiigfl it has never
as yet figured on our shipping list it i-<
in a position at any lime to ship large
quantities of ore whenever the pannage
ment see fit to coiuineme shippil g. A
limited nun her ol men has ■icen em
ployed upon his property tbruighon' the
year and close lo 1000 Ic-t o( work has
been done unit.
Our gold belt whicli tonbiarea most of
the head waters of Eight Mile creek, and
being that portion of our district known
as Red Mountain, bnh not asNet attracted the attention of out.-i l._ capital to
the < x'.ei.t that Its 1 Ig id nwiM-s el gold
ore seem to )tiMi'y. It has inver'l.'-
less hect-tuc a favorite pinion t.i our
district for the Investment of Icca)
cfl( i!.il_4jP"be in rat prominAt properties
on the gold licit MP* tho 1.7 IK, a big
proposition nearly 10(1 feet with? that
gives gold values ranging from |6. to
|!?2o. to the ton, and on which over 300
feet of underground work hns heen done;
the. Congo Group, a gold-copper proposition, with a rein ateruging about 12
teet, which gives afsay values of from
*5 to !|30 in gold and from '2 to 20 i ctceyt
Xd.  2vf.   ^ZnoTxrles.   Fxop.
Barrister Christie was
don on*i"iiefilay.
The hoys Irom the hills are
iu foi't+icir Christmas dinner.
The Nev Denver Quadrille Club will
give a sui ial dance next Thursday.
II#th Calh Hindis om.ng lliose who
aie spending   Cliri-liiiaH ahroad.
Geuial (ieorgo^lcl.eau will spend hie
Christmas anions his relative, in Cbe-
welah. Wash
F_*h-'.s <.f Mrs Bart-Uy will be glad
to learn Uiat she has reCouvered from her
Pkt severe illness,
tffho 'Imi-eilo is another property about
< t_l..„ „MM L-mm
Copper to the ton,  having coi.....«.__._.
workdorkdono on   it; ihe big A.  E.«Jwl«'residentphykfirianai
ledge which is over 100  feet   wide,   hiisl^1'" Bprl'lga.   lie left Silve
had 100 lent ol tunnel diiven on   it   this
season, besides a lot of surface work , the
Rockland on which a gos-ecnl tutu el  is
■no iw|i™.. --^^^^^        btirg driven to cut   the   big  ledge  .tnd
wliich little il anything wss known up to  which is now in 2:0 feet,
within tho last few  intlKllm.   Now  il is
know n as one of lhe   best   proppeds  in
Iho camp Hnd  is   r.ipi.lly   l.' ing   iraus-
Uormed itite a mine.   This   properly   is
situated on lhe side ol Vancouver mountain and directly above the Wakefield
mill-site,   which il  adioins, and  heing
about th4n and   one   half   miles   from
Silveiton.   Al   lhe   first   of   this    year
nothing Out a few coyote holes had been
dug on it and a tunnel elarted and although a ledge had been   uncovered no
ore ol any value  had   been   discovered.
Now it has SCO feet oi underground development  work done, besides a large
amount   of   surface    stripping.    Two
ledges are   now  known   to   cross  the
properly, on one of which a   paystreak
has neen opened   up   that   varies   from
(our to six inches  in   width   and  gives
values of 102 ounces iu silver lo the tun.
The other ledge,   whicli   is  also being
opened np. shoiys io be over eight leet
wide and tllli d with a good grade of ore
carrying carhonales,  galena  and  xinn
aud  running high  in  both   lead and
.Are You LookingFor
LBSflini.   The Tailor:   Silverton. B. C.
lhe VancOuver'Group, which is known
ft* ino ol our steady shippers, is situated
about (our miles up the creek above
town. This Is a well developed property
•Htl i| noted as being the producer ol
the highest grade silver ores iu this
0Uttlct.    carload    lots    having    been
One of the results of the present year
mining development In this camp, has
boeiWlhe opening up oi the Hewett
Group, about lour miles fiom town.
Tbis property which nt tbo first of thp
year but little was known, eveu locally,
bus btaii developed into one of our most
promising properties.   A  loruo ol men
Thia evening will be ''Tha Children's
Hour"* when the distribution ol gilts
fi'iin lhe Clnistnias Tree will tal;c place
in Mi'Kinnon's Hall.
The i. quest of thc committee for funds
has heen met in the Silverion way, that
means generously. To-night all will a-
gree that the commit lees havo used the
funds judiciously.
At 7:30 the program for tho evening
will begin. All are cordially invited to
come and hear it.    It will he as follows:
Opening Selection. Orchestra
Chorus;   (Red, White and Blue )
Recitation; Bertha Barker.
Recitation; .Ictinio Barclay,
Cliorus;   tJingle Bells )
Recitation; Evelyn Horton.
Dm t;       J. Barclay und A. Honon.
Chorus   [Upidee-J
Kindergarten Song;
Ret its'Ion;
Orchestra Selection.
Recitation ;
Recitation; ^^^^^^^^
Chorus; (Merry Christmas Has Come)
Kindergarten Hong,    ft LRUs Ones.
Recitation; A. Horton.
Recitatiuu; Bertha '.larkur.
Chorus;   (Geography Song )
w  A
Our sympathy in extended to Mrs. H.
O. MUieeler in the death of her father,
whij.h recurred in Pendleton, Oregon,
lust week. »
Dr, C. A. Elliott has accepted tbe pot-
lion of resident phystci in ai the Halcyon
^^^^^^^^J^^^m ertou (or ihere
aht Wednesday
Divis:. KgKVica will he hehl in Silver-
tlfti nexi Sunday evening nt 7.80 everyone is cordially invited to attend.—John
ii Duncan, Presbyterian Minister.
All   woik   in the .lewelry Repairing
line, leli at the Silverton liruj; Btora, wi)
be promptly forwarded lo Jacob Dovei
|4h(j^vell-kiiown Nelson jewelpr.     All rc-
pitlfs liri> ll'.AIt.VSTSKn I'OB ONt VI'.AB *
Hugh Brsdv, one of tbo party who
Isil here last spring for the Allin goffl-
lields,   returned to town Jitst Monday
Jimmy   Anderson,   wiio   accompanied
him, is nowin Dawson and expects to go
to Cape Nome next spring.
A c'othes-llne thief, something new in
has '"''tl        HH ___________________________________________________________________________________________________■
town     Thi* species ot iho light fingered | | ^gfQ    |§   ^^   \\\   \\\\§   {Qf   yQU,
'   ■* '""" "       A*
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Vinir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, CaacadnOity, Grand Forks.-Sirdsr
Midway and Greenwood.
H Carey,
g Little Ones.
.v„iv lltland.
Adilic lloiion.
M. McDonald.
M. Ban lay.
Recitation'; „, \V  »"'-lny-
Chorus;   Christmas \\ MM Sung )
Uec.it.ttion; M Clement.
Recliailon; .,1M1.1,rPT
Churns I    (Dearest Spot On Earth.)
Selection | „,,       • Oroh^ra.
t.od   Save Thu Queen.
own       • .,
.rl'oe Is the most contemptible of the lot,
hut wc prefer to believe that the cases
reported are an Instance ol practical joking combined with a jig
J.ast Saturday, W. J Barker, foreman
* the Vancouver Group, received the
hsd tnesa-ge telling him of the death cf
his mother in Butte. Mont, Mr. Barkai
eft on Sunday for Butte lo he present at
the funeral. The news came us a shock
as no word of Mrs. Barker's illness bad
' preceeded it.
During hie cnmpiign Member Green
pledged himself to canvas his constituency between the meetings of the legislature, to neii'iiiint himself with the
Wishes of the district, His second visit
ui this ua nre to Silveiton wns made on
Saturday tn«t. These constituency tout*
are in striking contrast to the course
pursued by too many M- P. P'«, who are
neve, seen between elections by any b"t
tbe boSKR,
Omaha Iiiomulosoent Oast
ly?»nip.   A. Gasoline Burner«
DMirc ttunitmiriil ilian Dtetrit Liglit or Coal Oil    <^
Aii.l Mtff Ihn Either. V*>
in uie in all the. buitiness houses and in many private residences tu
Silverton. They pay for themselves in 10 weeks saving of coal oil.
Thoy arc perfectly safe, easily handled. No smell. No cleaning of
lamp glais"!.. One filling of gasoline burns for 1-1 hours and costs
15 cents. L'uht equals 4 Hochesters. Sold under a guarantee of
satisfaction. None in Silverton want their money, back. Neither
«t will you when you invent.    Drop a post card for prices , . .
N. ll    s*\***e .ii.'iiilon Till'. viiiKimiMW whra rtptylng,
..•Ait'M'i ia*e*t*erm*see*A
<***»..•- *VA star *sit*m^\W*'r***r4u*t amtfsusy^. et*. «!«»***<_".
jr*i%Y m«V*a ,:>.'• i*st,At.,..%%t.wK't*%*t'mu4-.-a^wWi^tiit'jisnaMWmMMSWsaiaaw -*m> IIS 11 UL A
4 Complete Review .t tke Events tor
the Paet Week la Thia nnd Foreign Leads-Summarised Fran the
Latest Dlsaatekea.
Large deal affecting the cannery Industry on the coast Is on foot.
The Broadway National bank ot Boston, capitalized at $200,000, has (ailed.
A new journal Is to be established in
London with a policy ln opposition to
the war.
The national republican convention
will convene at Philadelphia on Tuesday, June 19, next.
Representative Knox of Massachusetts has Introduced a bill for civil government in Alaska.
Aguinaldo Is no longer a warrior.
Accompanied by women, he ls trying
to escape by hiding.
The effect of the war news over Bui-
ler's defeat caused a general slump In
tho London stock niarket
The Yaqui Indians are well armed,
as guns are shipped to them from San
Francisco, billed as mining machinery.
The new governor, General Wood,
has gone to Cuba. He does not anticipate difficulty ln establishing the new
The president has nominated Edwin
V. Morgan of New York to be secreta.
of the legation of the United States at
Seoul, Korea.  ...
The demand ln all quarters of England ls to send more troops. Stories of
great losses In desperate battles add to
the terrible depression.
John P. Squire ft Company, corporation and allied companies of Boston,
engaged in the meat and provision
packing business, have assigned.
Federation of Labor adopts a resolu
tion, believing members of the organisation should use their ballots independently of the parties now prominent.
Distress ln the famine stricken districts of India is becoming more
acute. About two million, two hundred
and fifty thousand people have received
Clarence King, the young forger who
recently escaped from Jail in Greenwood, B. C, was recaptured at Phoenix,
where he was found hiding ln the cab-
In of a friend.
The Peninsular and Oriental line
steamer Ballarat, from Calcutta, bas
arrived at Plymouth, Eng., with a native Indian fireman on board suffering
from the plague.
Kid Parker, the Denver lightweight,
made Rufe Turner, colored, of Stockton, quit In the ninth round of what
was scheduled as a 20-round bout in
San Francisco,, Cal.
The Forty-eighth United States Infantry has been released from quarantine at Angel island and will probably
salt for Mantla.on the transport Grant
about December 20.
Rear Admiral I.ord Charles Beres-
ford of England, baa confirmed the Associated Press announcement of his appointment to be second In command of
the Hritish MedlterrarteA fleet.
Filipinos were encountered by the
Twenty-fourth under Major Batchelder.
Tho enemy left four dead and flve mortally wounded, while American loss
was one drowned and four wounded.
Representative Sutter of New York
has introduced a joint resolution de
claring that a state of^var exists in
South Africa and according belligerent right to the Transvaal government.
News of Buller's overwhelming defeat caused great consternation in London. English supremacy ia in peril.
"Where she wras over a century ago."
Fears of Fran6e. Troops must not be
withdrawn from liiin.
The Ebell society-fcilies of Oakland
have been successful in their efforts to
secure the $20,000 ' necessary to purchase a site upon which to build the
library for which purpose Andrew Carnegie has given $50,0Jf.
An Invitation signed by Mayor Phelan of San Francisco and the grand officers of the Natlce Sons of the Oolden
West has been sent toAdmiral Dewey
requesting his preaeflb in this city
on admission day, Seprf mber 9, 1900.
The unknown man' who committed
suicide recently lg San Francisco bay
by Jumping from the^ferryboat 8an
Rafael was undoubted^ Howard Ttittle, 24 years of age. son of a wealthy
stock broker, who made his fortune In
New York and now resides In Paris.
Secretary of War Root has recommended the president to commute the
sentence of Corporal George Damphof-
er of Kalanftr, Wash., and three other
soldiers, convicted of assaulting native
women ln the Philippines and Sentenced to be shot, to Imprisonment.
Governor Rogers of Washington will
call a meeting of the state board of
coal mine examiners In the neat future
to thoroughly investigate the cause of
the Carbonado explosion. The meeting will be held in Olympia and reports
formulated for presentation to the public.
Last Friday Adam Crist, of Tacoma,
dellberatel shot his wife fatally, killed
bis 8-year-old son, neriouBly wounded a
second son, aged 5 years, and then ended the tragedy  by   putting   a bullet
through his own brain.    Jealousy ii
the only motive assigned for the crime.
Following Is the past weekly bank
statement:    Surplua reserve, Increase,
$166,800;   loans,   decrease, $6,045,400;
specie, decrease, $2,738,000; legal tenders, increase, $1,768,500; deposits, decrease, $4,643,200; circulation, decrease,
$346,000.    Banks now hold $7,026,825
ln excess of requirements'.
A permanent congress of Chicago
ministers of al denominations to meet
every month may result from the mid-
continental congress of religions recently held. A united effort on the part
of ministers In an endeavor to effect
civil and religious reforms is stated as
the object of the proposed congress.
Adjutant General Fox bas forwarded
commissions of rank ln the National
Guard to the following officers: Colonel J. J. Weisenberger, Whatcom; Major John Y. Terry, of Seattle; Major
A. L. De Huff of Tacoma, Major J. A.
Drain of Spokane, and Lieutenant S.
A. Dorn of Seattle, aide on brigadier
general's staff.
The Stanford 'varsity football team
will go north at the end of the present
semester for the last game of the season. The boys will line up against the
Multnomah Athletic Club's eleven on
New Year's day. It is likely the Stan-
fords will play the University of Oregon team and the athletic club of Seattle.
The war office at London has received a dispatch announcing that Gen.
Buller has met with a serious reverse,
losing 11 guns. Gen. Buller was attempting to cross the Tugela river.
Finding It impossible to effect his object he ordered a retirement ln order
to avoid greater losses. He left 11 guns
Senator Foster hns fared exceedingly well, for a new man, ln the distribution of committee places. Besides getting the chairmanship of a new committee on coast and Insular surveys, he
has secured positions on five others,
three of which are ot especial importance to the Pacific coast—agriculture
and forestry, fisheries, and manufactures; the two committees of lesser importance are woman suffrage and revolutionary claims. Senator Foster feels
quite certain the Interior department
will order the elimination of about 200,-
000' acres from the Olympic forest reserve in Jefferson county and possibly
300,000 acres in Clallam. The report
of Supervisor Sheler has been received
by Commissioner Hermann and is said
to favor all the above changes in the
size of the reserve. Senator Foster and
Representative Jones have secured an
additional mailing clerk for the Spokane postoffice.
Situation  In  l.oii.l.....
New York, Dec. lh. -A dispatch from
I., null in says:
There is no alleviation of the gloom aim
panic caused by On. Buller's reverse.
The British forces in India cannot be
any further depleted hy drafts for South
Africa, while tlie threatened trouble with
Menellk, the negus of 'Abyssinia, and the
possibility of complications along the
.Mediterranean renders the reduction ol
the garrison! in Kgypt too risky, although
(Jen. Kitchener is going to Lord Roberts
as chief of staff.
Fear is expressed that the Herman navy
may he n<ed in conjunction wiih th.se of
Russia and France to exert pressure to,
prevent reinforcements reaching South Al-
rica. It is possible that in view of such
a contingency immediate orders will be
issued' for the mobilisation of the fleet reserves.
The British public is awaiting with the
keenest apprehension the lint iudiea'tion
of active hostility from contiiient.il enemies.
A reconstruction of the cabinet is eagerly iliscii-wgd ill political circles. Majiy
deem it imperative tint its eld and u-i^Pl
members, Uj/PGoachen, Chaplin and Cross,
shall Is- sacrificed, laird Salisbury, t^-
]>i.—.-.I with public and private cares ami
shaken in health, is declared in bc anxious
to retire, hut it is represented to him
that his disappearance would inevitably
cause it total collapse of the admiuistia
Items From the Rich Heyl.ma ot the
l'a.-in.- Northwest—Ainu Front All
the Principal Mlulu* Camps-Per-
aonala-MtniuK Notea.
The Palmor Mountain tunnel at
Loomls, Wn., has reached the half mile
mark. In ndditlon to this hy the end
of this month drifting will be going
on in 10 of the 15 veins cut. At the
Black Benc^new men are being put on
the pny roll from time to time.
Eastern capitalists have an option
on the Alabama nnd may take control
by .limitary  1.
The Flag Hill company is running a
crosscut for the purpose of cutting the
lurge ledge that is lying west of the
tunnel. Work has been suspended on
the winze anu will not be resumed until after tho large ledge is cut.
A station is being cut ln what Is
known as the back or eastern ledge in
the Black Tail mine, and when it Is
finished a winzo will be sunk upon the
ledge. A crosscut tunnel is being driven
and a drift is also being driven along
the ledge.   The ore is looking fine.
The winze in the Quilp is going down
steadily and Is now near the 80-foot
mark. The crosscut at the 50-foot level
ls in 36 leet and the face is still In
solid quartz ot unusually «high grade.
The prediction that the Quilp was likely to prove to be as large as the Mountain Lion or Republic bids fair to come
true.   There are 15 men employed.
The winze on the Stray Horse is 90
feet deep. It will be continued to a
depth not yet determined. At a depth
of 50 feet a crosscut Is being run that
is now In 30 feet.
The Tom Thumb drift Is being driven at the 150 foot level In a full face
of ore assaying between $20 and $25
daily averages, and we have not seen
the foot wall for 20 feet back.   Water
south drift from No. 2 tunnel encountered 20 feet of good ore. In the drift
from No. 3 tunnel, and almost directly
tinder the big ore body In No. 2, the
ledge was 30 feet in width. In the
south drift from No. i tunnel a crosscut reveals the fact that the ledge Is
53 feet between walls. This growth In
size as greater depth Is reached ls phenomenal. It was unlooked for. Many
thought the ledge might possibly get
some larger, but none believed thnt It
would more than double Its width between tunnels Nos. 2 and 4. It hns
gradually grown in width from the surface to the depth of 000 feet and has
every appearance of growing still
The Hump has six feet of snow, but
development continues on a number of
principal claims.
Adolph Wetzstein Is after the Boston
& Montana, and asks for a receiver for
the Commanche, at Butte.
Charles Wallace, foreman of the
Hecla claim, near the Cleveland, is at
Spiingdale. He is showing some extra
rich copper ore lately taken out of tho
sliuft. He reports that the vein is Increasing In size unit richness us depth
is gained.
Finch k Cnmpbell have an option on
a famous old mine, the Oranite, In the
Coeur d'Alenes, In the Nine Mile district. It was once a producer, but fell
into financial difficulties and has long
been idle.
The commission appointed by Judge
Clancy to appraise the value of the
Butte ft Boston ground condemned by
the court at the request of the Montana
Ore Purchasing Company, which company desired to use the ground to dump
tailings on, filed Its report, assessing
the total value at $500,000. There are
two tracts, one valued at $455,000 and
the other at $45,000. This includes
both surface and mineral rights. The
bill of the three commissioners is $10
per day, a total of $480.
William Hunter, the veteran prospector and mining man, says that the
Methow Gold and Copper Mining Company,  recently  incorporated,  has  one
Gil BULLER BM Mil 10 fill H
lhe UHIInIi Hnve Met Defeat Three
Times I* <>"• Week—Lout Many
Ollicer. anU Gun»-Thc UhffllSh
Kilit-el  \lelory Soon.
London, Dec is. Iieyoiul a partial li«t
nml a summary of the totals of the casualties of the Tugela rivet- engagement,
posted Sunday at midnight, the war office .
Will -iiii'.l fto Mora Fooling—Inless
i ritn.-e Recedes From Her Present
Position War Is Certain to Follow
—Kiii|ireK» Dowager Qlvea Instructions lo  t i.ln.l.1 I'm.,   mme Fluhi.
Chicago, H«t'. 111.-A special from Tn-
ennui says:
Hong Kong mail advices state thut another   Franco-Chinese  war   is imminent
Uifessei nol te have any news from the We* the delimitation of France's "leased'
'cat of war, while the censorship evidently   {^^ »» K"»"S (',,ou **> u» "» Ton
Mrecieil tin the Ground Where lhe  ill.I   Mill  Uns  lll.itvi.  to  Atoms  l.y  the
The Hoers Were  ll.i..l>.
M. He Ixtng, the manager of the dym>-
mite factory at Mod.lcii'ontciii in the
Transvaal, has returned to France and
ins been interviewed by the representatives of several of the Paris journals. He
■ays that the British government can have
no idea of the vast extent of thc preparations that the lloers have been quietly
making for years with the realization thai
another struggle with the full force of
Qnot Britain was inevitable. Even slfftuld
ihe Qoers lie driven out of Natal, lie points
but that no British army could ever hope
to enter the Transvaal and survive.
Since the tviir began, he says, licit Ai
tillery that had been carefully s'
away, has been brought forth. Hi
serin that the furls at Pretoria and Johannesburg are as strong as any fortresses
in the world, and have within the«last
month been rendered absolutely impregnable. Kilelberg alone could hold its otwi
with -.Tt men against 10DO assailants, par
ticularly iu the rainy season, which lias
just begun, causing iinfordiihle. streams to
spiinj; into exii-ttiltt'.
Al. He Umg state- that there are about
lUHHi well trained Herman volunteers in
the liner army who have not yet been «i'
lowed to !>o to the front. He adds thut
the governments of lhe republics are shotting a great economy of strength and hate
not used a thiol of their military re-
Huller Crossed the Tageln.
LONDON, Dec. 30.-The Dally Mall hears
from a hitherto reliable correspondent thut
General Huller, after a stiff light. cro«»eJ
the Tugela river. The correspondent also
states ihat (ieneral Methuen's communications are cut.
Tha war office has posted a revised list
ot tbe casualties In tin. battle of Magedfon-
i.-in, giving 51 additional killed.
The above ls a half-tone cut of th e new Bunker Hill ft Sullivan concentrator, erected on the site of the one destroyed in the riot of April 29, 1899,
at Wardner, Idaho. The new concentrator Is 250 feet long andlJas a frontage of 180 feet on the O. R. ft N. Railroad. It crushes and concentrates 1,000
tons of ore daily. The destruction of the olu concentrator entailed a loss of
about $250,000. The new mill was erected In 100 days. Only a few troops
now remain in the Coeur d'AIene«_ountry, and the rich mines and busy mills
show no evidence of the recent troubles. Tho "bull pen" is ejgpty and law,
order and prosperity prevail.   .
Is ua longer a serious inconvenience,
as its intlow has slackened since the
frosty weather set in.   Water has not
of Of most remarkable copper show;
ings IjmAbe Methow valley, Wn. The
conipa^T owns seven claims about 32
at any time interfered with the   pro- j miles up the river from ita mouth and
gress of development. i aboutfceven miles below the mouth of
Work is progressing favorably on Great#creek, on McKinley mountain,
the Morning Glory.* There Is no change The lead is a great outcrop of copper
to report about #that property. The ore, showing solid hematite and pea-
ledge looks about the same as It bas  cock on the very surface.
Brooklyn  Won  the  litter.
Washington, Dec. 18.—The Brooklyn
has arrived at Manila, winning easily th"
long nice from this country out which
she has Ixien running with the New Orleans. The New Orleans sailed from Sin
gapON today for Manila, SO that she Id
about four days behind the Brooklyn.
Hub Closed Its Doors.
New York. Dec. 10. The Produce Kx-
ehange Trust Company of tbis city has
dosed its d.sirs.
A smelter employe at Northport was
struck by a train and Injured recently
at Northport.
for a month past.
Seven men are employed ln sinking
the shaft on the Hit or Miss. It took
a week to get the water out of the shaft
but now the shaft ls going .down about
three feet a day. The ledge fills the
shaft and all Is not taken out.
The ledge struck ln the bottom of the
250-foot shaft on the Chico a few days
since has not been sufficiently developed to show its value. An immense In
flow of water was m^trand it ..as kept
the men busy.to ktcp down tne water.
Drifting on tho vein Is still going on
at the UolddLedge. Good progress is
being made. Some good looking ore
is coming up but Us value is unknown
to the correspondent. Two horses and
seven men are doing the work.
A station is being cut ln the tunnel
of the Princess Maud to enable the machine drills to be handled more readily
when they arrive, and for the further
purpose of making room for more
tracks, as the mine will be worked
through the tunnel, for the present. It
Is rather slow work, as the rock Is hard.
Some stringers of hard, white quartz
have been encountered In the Butte ft
Boston shaft. They vary In slue from
2 to 18 Inches. No Information Is obtainable as to the value. It seems
probable that within the next 25 feet
the ledge will be all solid quartz. There
Is a great deal of water coming Into
the shaft, but it Is easily handled by
the pump. The Butte ft Boston's is now
the only steam hoist in operation in
the camp.
The Republic has been a big mine for
a long time In the eyes of those who
have examined the property thoroughly. But even the best Judges and greatest enthusiasts did not dream three
months ago that It would turn out to
be such a gigantic mine as It Is now
demonstrated to be. Those who have
recently examined the property aro
wondering when the limit of Its greatness   will   end.   Approximately   the  $2,000,000
The l)if*f Trail No. 2 Mining Company of Spokane passed into the hands
of a new management. Charles Theis,
F. E. Ooodall and associates, who have
been connected with the company since
it first began to pay dividends, have
sold their interests In the corporation
to a new syndicate which Is said to
have ample Canadian backing. The
new officers are: President, C. D. Rand;
vice president, William Chaplin, of St.
CatheaJnep, Ont.; treasurer, John H.
Peet, JrniX secretary and general manager, N. B. Buckler. When the new
board had been organized the first
business transacted was the declaration of the nineteenth dividend of a
quarter of a cent a shart, or $2,500,
bringing the total of the dividends paid
by the company to $47,500. The dividend will be paid Dec. 25.
British  (.ilunihla.
The first shipment of ore from
Greenwood camp over the new Boundary railway was recently made. It was
from the Snowshoe^nine, and consisted
of two cars of ore.
One of the largest mining transactions tffat has been consummated for
some time was successfully pulled off
last week hy J. B. Ferguson of Vancouver for the North American Mining
Company on the one side and Charles
10. Benn of Rossland acting for the
various parties who were the vendors
on the other, says the Rossland Miner.'
The purchase includes the assets, comprising mineral claims, stocks, shares
and plant of the following companies;
Thc Sarah Lee Gold Mining Company
blocks other channels ol Information
.Never within the range of the longest
memory has Great Britain mel with tln'ee
successive'military reverses in a single
week, and hence it is not surprising Ihat
miles of anxiety should be heard among
the general chorus of press expressions oi
grim philosophy and resignation.
Air. Asquitlt'a speech al -Sew Castle fairly expresses tbe moderate average opinion
ol the situation. A more radical view,
which, however, has lew  open  followers,
was echoed by Sir Wilfrid Lawson in M
address lo lhe liberals of Carlisle, lis
Omused the government, after bringing
the country to the verge ul war t.im
America, Russia, Uermany and France, ul
having plunged il inlo war in South
Africa iliiougu Incompetent diplomacy, tin
thought the people should insist ou the
government stating its terms so it might
be seen what was being fought lor.
At the Army and Navy and oilier clubs,
the general impression prevails thai thu
cheek is only leinjioiaiy.
The government is probably voiced by
Bt. Hon. Waller Long, president of the
board of agriculture, \tlio, speaking al the
Ship Brokers' association dinner at Liver-
poil, intimated the cabinet committee on
national defense had considered the advisability of utilizing thu militia and volunteers lor sendee abroad. He eiiiphati
tally asserted that the government in no
way atn ited lo interfere with the gcli
erals in        r military operations.
Some say that another 1UU,UU0 troop*
are wanted, and, declared Air. l*nig, if tin
government does not purpose to send them
they say it will bt; wauling in its duly
to the country. For his own pan, .Mi.
Long said, he failed to see that lhe necessity had arisen, but if it does arif the
nsi.mm will in- forthcoming ami they will
be sent.
London, Dee. 18. -General llullri rc-
jn.i i - tn the war ollice his losses in Sal in-
day's engagement were: Killed, 8'-,
nounded, Wf7j missing. 348; total, HOT.
Word   ol   Cheer   for   I.i.uImu.I.
OupeTown, Dee. 18.--Advices from llul-
uw.iyo says that a dispatch from Mali-king
dated December u. announced that the
scheme ol advancing the military works
was acting well au.t had forced the lloers
to evacuate the strong commanding forth
licit ion northeast of the town. It wa-
added that the British conlinued pushing
back the lloeis and were then working
toward their main siege batteries. The
Hiitish casualties were trilling. The lloci
force was then reduced to about _flJOO men,
with four Held guns and some siege guns.
kin bolder.
This .1 i-.pnt.- is of several months' standing, lhe Fit-ncli claiming more than the
amount of territory which China is will
Ing lo concede under Knuieo'a original demand for an open port there under French
Marshal Sn, China's most famous general, and victor of the hal.le at Liang Slum
in the last I'lancoChinc-e war, was seal
lo Kii.ing ('lion hay with .'in.iKMi well-
drilled troops,
He lane spiri.il orders from the empress
doWOger to uphold the Chinese cause ami
light if necessary without fun her order.
from Peking.
Aliirshal   Su  arrived   last   month   from
Kaoiig Shu  Wan, on  Kuung Chnu  l..u
and   a   skirmish   Im'Iwccii   Chinese   .U1,|
Klein h troops follow ed hi- refusal io longer temporise mn boundary negotiations
Half a do/ell I'leiieliincu were Wounded
ami lit) Chinese. 'Marshal Su lias -, nfeerve
force of IMNNI regulars at ise Khan and i-.
pteparing for a big light.
The French have smaller forces and to
strengthen them have assembled the warships Desciirles, Pascal, Bengali, Sorpii-e,
Lion and DcwtTtinS SUSS lit Oiliciais at Piking and Nanking arc excited because
President Loubet has refusid to reieivc Y.i
Keug, the Chinese minister to Paris, until
the boundary dispute is settled.
Wnitinit   for   Rotl)   of   Her   llnshnnd.
San Diego, Cal., Dec. 10. Mis. John A.
Logan. Jr., accompanied by her three
children and mother, lias arrived from
VoungHtown, O. They will await the arrival of the body of Major John A. l-o-
giiii. Jr., who was killed in the Philip,
Sumpler ill..Ion t'nmp.
R. J. McPhee, the old time mining
man, known from Cuiiboo to California, is superintending work on the
Blue Jacket group.
J. J. Hennessy and John Martin, the
Slocan operators, were in Sumpter lost
week. The two gentlemen purchased
a controlling Interest in the War Eagle,
lupr the big Bonanza and the Domingo; Sweepstake and Riverside claims,
on Cracker creek.
A recently formed corporation lias
deposited ln the First National Dank
of Pendleton $25,000 for development
of the AJnx mine, three miles from
A remarkably rich surface strike on
the Colorado claim and fraction, owned
by P. D. Healy and Andy Stlnson, is
leported from Granite Summit, five
miles west of town. One assay gave
$372.12 In gold, and the lowest $0.18,
both virtually from croppings.
Clark ft Sweeny of Big Buffalo fame,
are headed toward Sumpter. Advices
received announced their Intention to
visit the camp at an early date, and
corral whatever loose mavericks among
the Oregon bonanzas they "tan find.
The Bonanza Ih 'equipped with 40
stamps and produces $40,000 pei
month. The E. ft E., which Just now,
Is elosed down, pending the result of
litigation, operates 20 stamps, and has
during the three years prior to '18i*9
produced an aggregate of $860,000.
into operation December 15. 8ome
magnificent specimens from the magnolia were shipped to Portland as one
of the star exhibits in the chamber of
commerce collection in that city.
Horace Sloan, T. R. Yerger, W. H.
Jones and F. R. Dunn have Incorporated the Bysam Gold Mining and Milling
Co., to operate the Bysam and Tiger
claims at Quartburg, in the Dixie Butte
country, near the Copper King mine,
which is operated by United States
Marshal Hanson.
Twenty-seven thousand    dollars   ln
gold from the Red Boy mine and $11,-
000 in bullion from the rich Golconda
passed through Sumpter one day last
week en route for deposit at Baker
Cl»;-.    This    represents    the   regular
monthly cleanup of Godfrey ft Tabor's
Red   Boy and a 20-day   cleanup   of
Messrs. John T. and J. O. English's
Golconda.   The Red Boy operates a 20-
stamp mill and the Golconda a No. 4
limited, capitalized for $1,000,000; the  Bryan rolling plant.    These are two
Utica Group Mining and  Developing  of Sumpter's banner mines, only the
Company, limited, capitalized for $1,-  E. ft r. and the Bonanza outranking
000,000;    the   Keystone Gold Mining  them in value of output.
Company, limited, capitalised for $1,-1	
600,000, and th* Wild Horse Gold Min-!    American ladles In London who nave
ioKnnn°nnnany' "mlte('' iaP|tnllze<' t°r  equipped a hospital ship, say they are
not appreciated.
lures Is In l....id Health.
London, Dec. 10.—With reference to ths
rumors circulated on the stock exchang*,
the Associated Press has been officially informed that ihe queen is in excellent
health. And also that there are no indication-, of the surrender of Kimberly.
'Iiini-i   Is Kasler.
New York, Deo. IH.--As a result of a
meeting of the clearing house committee
Slll.IKKI.IHNI    was   loaned    on    the   st..'k    U>
change Monday.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Run on 1'arlflc Standard Time.
Laavt. Arrlva
Going West. Dally. Oolnf Bast.
8:(W«. in    Kailo   S:U p. m.
I:U a. ni  Bonth Fork  S:M p. ni.
»:*• A. in  Sproule'i   t:M p. m.
»:« «. m    Whlttwaltr   1:10 p   ni.
)K a. m  Beer I.»k«  l.uo p. in.
10:11 a. m ..Mululgsu  1:41 p. m.
10:» atim ? Bailey's  1:14 p. m.
10:n arm.... Cody Junctl. n .... l:tt p. m.
Arrive.    .   * Leave.
I0:4o a. m....'.*... Sandon  1:11 p. t».
f.fsve 11:00 a. m..Bandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m.
Arrlva 11:16 a. in...Cody.. Laave 11:11 a. in.
u.  F. COPELAND, Buperlntandant.
mi Kootenay....
Railway and Navigation
Operating KuteA Dlocan Railway, Inter-
natToiiStSav. ft Trading Co.
Schedule of Time-Pacific Standard Vlma.
The 10-sump°miir"at"the" Magnolia ^,rr,"en"."' l™'?,,or Bmnion   ■nd   w"
Ine   owned hv W   I    vi«.««     -»-.   stations, leavaa Kaslo at 4:00 a. ra.
" ' L\\****\*7  ^l.V1"8.0"'   „WCTt      D"'V. return.,,,.  „.va. Bandon at 1:1.
p. m., hinving at Kaslo at l:H p. m.
International Nav. & Trad. Co.—Operating on Kootenay lake and river.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelaon at 1:4* a. m.
dally, except Sunday. Returning, laavae
Nelson at 4:S0 p. m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Alnaworlh, and all way points.
Connects with S. K. * N. train to and
from Spokane, at Five Mile Point.
e. 8.   "ALBERTA^'
Leaves Nelson for Bonnar'a Kerry Tuesdays and Baturdaya at 7 a. m., meeting
ateamer "International'' from Kaalo at
Pilot Bay.
7._v>"'',urnln,f' mYim Bonner's Kerry nt
.... "' m' Wednesdays, Krldavs anl Hun-
; '"_' '•"'meeting wilh ster. Intemat onal
for Knslo, l.artlo ami Araent.i.
Connects at Bonner'a Kerry with ilr.st
Northern railway for all points east and
Hteiinier International leaves Kaslo for
i.iir.in ami Araenta at s:«i p. m WeJnes-
'II.vi. and Fridays. Steamer Alberta leaves
Bunds   '"'     ml" *1"1  Argenta at H p. m.
Biaamera call at principal landings le
both directions, and at other points when
Tickets sold io all points In Canada and
the United States.
To ascertain rates and full Information
8. CAMI'llKM,,
Freight anil Ticket Agt., Sandon.
AOBIRT 1RV1NU, Manager.
kaslo, ». A
IrKKl. 'tis growing colder
' Every yenr.
And my heart, ilss! grows oldsi
M       : Kvery year.
1 can win no new affectlou;
I itars only recollection.
Iietner sorrow auU dejection
" " Kvery year.
Of tbo loves snd sorrows blended
Kvery year.
Of Ihe Joys of file.ids.ilp eiule.l
1,'vcry year.
Of the Ilea thai still might hluil me
lntll Time ii ml Ken III resigned uie
My luniuiltlt.it remind tue
Kvery year.
Ah! how nail to look before us
Kvery yenr.
when the einuds grow darker o'er ua,
Kvery year.
When we see the IiI.ihsi.iiis fnileil,
Thnt tu bloom tve uilglil hnve aided,
And liuuiorlal garlands lirnlileil,
Kvery year.
To tbe past go mme dead faces
Kvery rear.
As the loved le.'ive vit.-iint places
Kvery year.
Everywhere Hie sad eyes meet ns.
In Ilie evening's dusk they greet US,
And to come lo llieni entreat us
Kvery year.
J'el, the sln.ros of life nre slilfilng
Kvery year.
And we lire sen ward drift Ing
Kvery year.
old pleasures, clinging, fret us,
Tbe living miile f.ngel   us.
Tbere ure fewer Io regret us
Kvery year.
Itut tbe truer life draws nlglier
Every year.
Aud Its morning star climbs higher
Kvery year.
I aiili'i hold on us glows sllgtiter,
Ami the heavy l.in.leii llgliler
Aud Hi" dawn liuiuorlnl brighter
Kvery year.
rjgvKPKATRI) robberies of the stage
jrjr coach which made a weekly trip
*»\>fr«m Klag«taff to Pillman Valley,
A ri., hnslly aroused the ranchmen sn.l
small slorckeepers aloug lhe line to the
determination that something must Is*
dun.' to pill a slop lo Ihe hohlups hy the
desperste highwaymen. So bold had lhe
robbers become ihst not Infrequently pas-
la hi* search for the daring highwaymen.
Nothing out of the usual happened during thc greater part of Ids journey, uml
he was fast beginning to think thai his
trip Wf.tild be made without Inciileur
when he tieared the lonely spot fit which
alumni nil nf the robberies hnd taken
place. Standing his Winchester by bis
side and placing his revolvers iu bis
hip, he slowed up und peered cautiously
on either side. Suddenly, ss he turned
a bend lu ihe sorrow pass, a figure loom*
ed up iu the .enter of the ma I nnd shouted:
"Hands up!"
Iu an instant the agent bad caught up
his revolvers, but before he could pull
(he trigger the highwayman fired, un.l
the plucky agent rolled from Ills seat it
desperately wounded muu. Before advancing a step the robber tired again,
killing oue of the lend horses. He then
quickly strode to the coach, picked up the
wounded man, threw him under the seat.
and begun rifling the old vehicle. A small
box, containing the money destined for
the I'iiiiiiaiii Valley ollice. was all thnt
was Secured, As the robber hacked out
of the coach his eye caught sight of the
little bundle of blankets on the seat.
Stooping down he pulled aside the covering, and was startled hy bearing a wee
little voice sny:
"Is you my papa? I'm his Chrlstmus
gif: mamma sent tne."
"Vou bet I'm your paps, and I take vou
n« the most precious Christmas gift umr
tal limn ever got."
Fondly clasping the cooing baby In his
stole down his coarse, tvcatheriwaten
face. "You are my Christinas present.
an ull them thing, it yotu'ii. I've taken
many a chaucs for ni.t lite to get 'em, but
I never will do ll agVm for your sake,
for I ve got _tv.iiiei.biii' to live for, no' I'll
raise .vou lilce .-, |-i(iy,"
Thc liigliu-aytn.ri then i.no!t on the
ground Horn- of the cavern and prayed
'bin  he might he forgiven nn ho stroked
ihe golden curls of hit little companion,
oil which bis tears sfUtUatod like dew.
"Sii1. sir, boys," uuid (Ue sheriff as he
-I'-wly leuki-,1 out t.f th,.. cavern. "Come
on, don't make a uol/c; we ain't seen
blm do uolhin*. He'd ucv.-r fob another
coach, for she's made n iiiuti of hint, ami
he sol the best Christmas girt Santa
Chins ever had hi his big storehouse."
Agent Willuid recovered and lire years
ago came to Chicago and is the owner of
a small hay unj lecd tloi'c i;i Beldeu
avenue.—Chicago Tribune.
I'ii si-nis lor tin, I'oor.
"In your Christmas purubaslbg do not
be tempted io forget those who. because
of tbeir poverty, ure unable to do any
shopping either for themselves or for
others," advises Finmc. K. Lsntgan iu
i he Ladles' Home Journal. "Let your
pieseui* to them be of ii nubsiantial character—a tou of coul, some wiiim clothing,
sonic money, a bm of groceries, or a
basket of Christmas marketing, topped
wilh a bunch of holly. And to the little
children in it-hose homes Christmas is hi-
tie more than a name, send some of the
many bright, new tin toys which ai- so
Inexpensive; some candy, some fruit,
bright fed woollen milieus ami Tain o*
Shunters, uml, if you can afford it, some
good stout shoes and warm stockings, A
piece of bright colored plaid will make a
pretty  gift   for   the  little   girl   who  bas
never, perhaps, bad a new dress iu ber
life. Accompany your Christmas presents with some cheery Christmas greetings am] some Christinas greens, Be very
sure thut this thoiighlftilness will bring
its own reward, nml that in the years lo
come the memory of the Christmas win n
you gave the most und received the least
will he the happiest of all ihemoites to
Yulef iilc Amenities.
Miss Anlii|iie—My slocking was no full
tbey couldn't get anything more in it.
Miss Pert—Yon poor thing! And wna
that all you got?—American Humorist.
Holiday 1 roubles.
"Whnt do you intend to get your hm-
liand for a Christmas pi ft V"
"I can't make up my mind tvliet.i.-r to
tengers were shot down before they had
even offered tbe alightest resistance.
Something must lie done, and li. Frank
Wills'rd. tbe agent at Flagstaff, finally
made up bis mind to drive the coach on
ils aril trip. He announced his intention to bis assistant aud told the uew
driver that he could lay off a trip.
"I will find out wbo are killing our passengers and robbing the company mi
almost every trip," said Willard, tbe
night before bis departure, to a group of
ranchmen who had come down the mountains lo purchase trinkets and provender for the Christmas days. Kvery ef
• fort had beeu made to apprehend! the
stage robbers without success. Not even
a trail in the deep snow could he discovered. Footprints of a iniin or men with-
. in a radius of twenty feet of the robbed
eon.1i were all that wns ever seen. They
could Is- traced nowhere. Only the single print of au elk's hoof could be found,
iiiul' elks, as a rule, do not rob stage
coaches. It was a mystery, but Agent
Willh'rd Was determined to unravel It.
When lhe incoming coach from Volunteer Springs got into Flag-tuff to transfer Its freight to Willard's care it was
found thai be had intrusted to him a
■most precious bufdeu wrapped snugly In
warm, soft blankets. Opening the bundle a pair of big blue eyes, shaded by
clusters of golden curls, gased at hi in In
babyish Wonder.
A note pinned to the blanket near the
throat of the little oue stated tbat the
baby was named Helen Ornce Morris ami
that she was scut to her father at I'itt-
mun Valley ss a Christinas gift from her
fnoHier, who wus too poor iu health and
purse to make tbe trip.
"Trhly a precious present If her father
i< anything of a man," mused Agent Wll-
hii'il, as he tenderly took the little one In
bis arms and placed n,. lu bla own comfortable bed in thc rear of the express
"IHce. But he had other tilings to think
nf, and after kissing the sleeping baby
unrrled about his work of gelling ready
for bis trip.
. In the .morning he wns up bright and
•aily, had little Helen lucked away snugly inside the coach, and was off for his
■nation, ttveuty-llve miles distant, near
the Francisco range of mountains.
'clond lurk to you, Willard," wns
Jliouted after blm by the ranchmen wbo
bad gathered about to  bid Uui success
tiig brawny arms, he leaped from the
coach, cut loose the dead horse and its
living companion, and then lashed the
remaining pair into a run in the direction
of I'ittman Valley. A moment later, as
he stood in the middle of the pass, he
gave a shrill whistle, and from a clump
of piue trees ou the side of the road
emerged a tall and powerful elk. Without
hesitation thc stately auinial moved
Quickly to the side of tbe robber, who
hastily tied ou its back the box of money,
and then, still hugging the precious bundle, he leaped on the elk's hack and was
soon lost lo sight iu the valley below.
Tbe clattering of the maddened couch
horses as they dashed into the little town
of I'ittman aroused its eitir.etis, who soon
learued from the wounded ageut. who
had redbvered consciousness, what happened. A posse was at once formed, and
with the sheriff in lhe lead set out for
the scene of the robbery and attempted
murder. Arriving there tbey were nonplused at railing to find any trail iu the
deep snow except Ihe hoofprints of an
elk or slag.
"Don't see how we ran make a move
without a trail to work on," said tbe
sheriff.    "Might as well give it up."
But this did not suit Wesley Hawkins,
an old uiountain trapper.
"These elk linofprints are a mystery
to mc," he said. "I know positively that
there are uo elk this high up iu the mountains now nnd haven't been for goin' on
three year. They are nil in the valley
below, and for one I think we ought to
follow this trail."
"Mebbe you're right," said the sheriff,
who set off ou tbe elk trail, followed by
bis posse. Two hours of quick walking
brought them to a cavernous-like open-
ing, around which were seen Innumerable
human footprints. Cautiously they bent
to their hands aud kuees and began to
crawl In at the mouth of the cavern. In n
few momenta they heard voices and came
to a small, stout door, which stood partly
njar. The poorly furnished room they
lieered Into was nlila/.e with the light of
a huge log lire, nnd seated In lhe middle
of the floor was little Helen (irace Morris gasiug in rapt wonder at the big
Christmas tree laden with articles which
thc highwayman hnd at various times si
cured In his forays on the express coach.
"All these llilugs is ymir u, littlo one,"
said  the  rough visaged rubbw St  tears
give bim lace curtains, a dinner set, new
portieres or a drawing room clock."—Chicago Kecord.
"Papa," said little IVtie. "does Krlss
Kringle bring little boys toys ahead of
"No. my son," replied the father.
"Why do you ask?"
"I was a wonderin' what them new-
toys was I found away back iu the loft
behind the trunks."
A new telephone exchange will Hoon
he established nt Wenatchee.
After December 5 tbe mall will be
carried from Wenatchee to Waterville
Willie Lannun recently met a terrible death at Hoslyn by falling under
car wheels.
Services In commemoration of
George Washington wero held hy Masons of Walla Walla.
Beginning with the first of the new
year the postoffice at Concord will be
known as Clarkston.
People of the town of Wenatchee are
exceeding glad over the making of the
new county of Chelan.
Attorney Snively says the contest
will lie dropped on Chelan county, as
an appeal can not be taken.
One hundred and seventy new text
hooks have been added to tho training
school library at Ellensburg.
The Masons of Davenport observed
the 200th anniversary of the death of
Washington with appropriate ceremonies.
The anniversary of the death of
George Washington was observed with
appropriate memorial exercises at Ellensburg.
Approximately a sum of $200,000 in
delinquent taxes was paid into the
county treasury this year on Whatcom
city property.
The national government has sent
600 new belts to the adjutant general's
department, to lie used by the state National Guard.
sheriff at Fairfield, is on trial al Spo-
Hherlff at Falrlleld, is in trial at Spokane for his life in Ihe superior court
on the churgo of murder.
Ed. Barry, middleweight champion
of tho northwest, was knocked out in
the sixth round by Dan Egan, the Montana Kid, ln a 10-round bout for points
at the athletic club.
Frank Dimlck, a steamboat man,
was recently robbed of $4,000 in negotiable securities early yesterday morning on the steamship Umatilla between
Seattle and Victoria.
Fatal stabbing affray occurred at Index. A. T. Palmer, attacked in his
niarket by J. A. Pozer and a companion, stabs the former, who died a few
minutes afterw&ids.
For two weeks past representatives
of eastern wool firms, principally from
Boston, have been canvassing the wool
growing sections of the state in an effort to buy up next year's clip.
President Bryan gives views on
dairying of the State Agricultural Col
lege president. Says there are two
sides to it, hut gives strong argument
in support of diversified forming.
John McCaffery, an insane man,
killed at Tacoma. leaped from roof of
four-story hotel to avoid pursuers. John
Nelson a mill hand was also crushed
by a flying piece of wood recently.
The safe of the Oregon lumber yard
was blown up by burglars at Walla
Walla. The work was neatly done and
no clue was left to tell the tale to the
police. The amount of money secured
was small, being about $50.
The 4-year-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Philips, of Ortlng. while
playing with matches, accidentally ignited one, the flame catching her clothing and burning the child so severely
that she died in a few hours.
Few people realize what the fishing
business on Grays harbor amounts to.
During the run of the silver-side salmon the fishermen of the Hutnptulips
sent up 2,500 fish tn thirty days. These
netted them $5,000 cash.
Among the many resources of the Big
Bend country is one to which but little
attention has been given so far. That
it the production of onion seed. Samuel Griswold, living 10 miles north of
»Davenport. owns a large tract of land,
and for the past three years has devoted a few acres to this industry.
• Farmers residing on the higher lands
about Waitsburg, report an exceptionally fine prospect for fall wheat. The
grain in many places is jointing, and is
very strong. Some farmers have pastured their fields to prevent the grain
getting too far along before the heavy
44 A Miss is As
Good as a Mile.
If you are not entirely well, you are ill.
Illness does not mean death's door. It is
a sense of weariness, a " tired feeling" a
life filled wilh nameless pains and suffering. In W!, of cases the blood is to blame.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is Nature's corrective
for disorders of the blood.   Remember
Sndilen Death.
Tnconin, Dec. I4.~ John Nelson vnu iir--
"lanlly killed while at work in the Bt
Paul <t Tacoma mill.   A piece of toother >■
flew back over the saws, striking Nelson ''
jusl above the heart, from the effect of
whicli he died a few minutes later.   Be
was  unmarried  ,,nd had worked  at  the
mill for eight years.
What do people mean when they talk
about unhappineas? It is not so much
unhapplness as impatience that from
time to time possesses men, and then .
they choose to call themselves miser-
One of the most remarkable examples of an elective office becoming her- . Th* Trp*wrH*t Invention.
eilltary occurs in the recent designation lATOSWSnS KftSS
of Dr. Norman Macleod to be the next J'""1 l" MWH) pfople, but hs fails to state
bow many cases «f weak stomachs it hat
Induced. All people of sedemarv o«u.
nation need Hosteller's Htomaeh' Bitters
It helps nature to bear the strain which
mine* Irom confinement.
moderator of the Church of Scotland
general assembly. He will be the third
of that name and the fifth member of
the family to hold that high office.
stats of Ohio, ciiy of Toledo. Lucas Co.. «.        Life has been compared to a   race
K^r.,:t: °o,lvhrxj:;h;but the allu8lon 8tm im^°^ * *■
serving tbat the most swift are ever
the least manageable, the moat apt to
Co., dolus business in the City of Toledo, county and utatt atureuld, and that aaid Arm will
par tbs turn ot ONE HUNURKD DOLLARS
for each snd every cane of Catarrh thai can
out be cursd by th* use of Hall ■ Catarrh Curs
FKANK   J.   l.'HKNEY.
Sworn and eubucrlbed to Iiefore nie and lub-
acribed In my presence, thli Mh day of December,   A.   D.   1»S«.      A.   W.   OLEASON,
<8«sl.) Notary   l*ubllc.
Hall'a Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, and
acta directly on the blaod and mueoua nurfaces
of the ay-Hem.    Rend for teatlmonlala, free.
F,   J.   CHENEY   A tr.,  Toledo.   O.
Bold  b)   drussli-ta.   lis.
Hall'a Family Pllla are the beat.
Si ale Senator Hayes of Missouri is
au uncompromising enemy of football. I
and al the next legislative session will \
introduce a bill to prohibit the game
In his state.    He is now collecting statistics calculated to prove   that   the
stray from the course. Great abilities
have always been leas serviceable to
the possessors than moderate ones.—
Taaaa MtH
The P.eatamett, Most Powerful and
Kflecttte KsverlalUnf Ksmsdy la*
La Grippe, Catarrh,
Will core sny acbt or twin knows
r trial bottle, this.
Larn tiottia (Jus
St I
lid I
In the liuniau body. Send lur Ula
TbUoflti lull Sudasionly. Lara)
Suae* M 6 D_±0P9e«cb)»l & or S lor tUAS.
117 tl i«S OtMrWta SU I
Police Magistrate   Crane   ot   New
sport is of such a brutal character that i York not long ago fined and severely
it should be prohibited.
l'l.-.i«_,m.  Palatable.  Poteat.
Kii-v o, buy ra«y tn lake. «,»>• In action, eaa
In raault*—Oaacail t> Candy t'aihartie. ISsa
liver rtfVtatac ami inleallnal t.mi.. All drug
KM*;   l'N ,   BC     '.n
Congressman De Armond of Missouri
saws wood for exercise and declares
that many of bis best speeches have
been formulated while engaged ln that
exercise. His wife is described as "one
of the best politicians in Washington."
lectured a man who was brought before him for kicking a homeless dog
"just for fun." Now Harry J. Bascom
ot Providence, wbo has some valuable
collies in the New York dog show, bas
presented Mr. Crane with one of them.
Colonel Hesseltlne told the Loyal Legion at a meeting in Boston tbe other
evening that in his opinion "Le Chant
des Marseillaise" was the grandest and
most powerful war song ever written.
Tak* Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. AB
drusgi-t.- refund tha money If It faile to curs.
E. W. iii- ve', elsTiature li on each box.   16c.
In an article on the admission of women to Cambridge degrees Miss Helen
Gladstone refers to the fact that no less
than six Cambridge colleges were
founded by women for the benefit of
Fence   aad   Iron    \V urka.
and lrua fenclns: nf_v* railing, etc. St Aider
Seaslsckness is given as the cause of
death of Judge John R. Putnam ot the
appellate division of the New York su-1
preme court, who died on a steamship An Excellent Combination.
just outside of iiong Kong. The Judge The pleasant method aod beneficial
was on his wav to Manila lo visit his effects of the well known remedy,
son. a snldier in our army. gTW* or Flos, manufactured by the
i California tie Srwst <t>.. illustrate
j the value of obtaining the liquid laxa-
PIso's Cure for Consumption has saved   ,jve principles of plant-, known to b«
me large doctor btlls.-C  L.  Baker. 4.5t   „u^ii0inallT   laxative   and   presenting
Regent Sq.. Philadelphia. Pa.. Dec. S. •»».   ,hem in th; form mool ntre*h'mg to tbo
| la-ste aud acceptable to the system,    lt
Samuel Gompers,   president   of   the ' is the one perfect strengthening- laaa-
American Federation of Labor, was ser-! tive, cleansmur the system effectually.
iously injured while bicycle riding at
Washington on the 7th, by being run
down by a street car. It is feared that
he is hurt internally.
Mis Awful   Fate.
Visitor (in dime tuusciiiiil—Where ia
the human ostrich who was ou exhibition here last week?
Lecturer—The poor fellow ale stiine of
the candy thai his little sou got oft' from
the -Sabhaili school Christmas tree nml
died iu horrible agony soon after.—Puck.
l.i-i.u.-il   III-  Slater.
St. Louis. Dee. 19.—A special from Dallas, 'lex.. MJSI
The trial of Dr. S. M. Jenkins, charged
wilh minder and abortion, came to S SU*
den and tragic end when lluph Wlic.it.
2S rears old. a brother ol M.nv Wheat,
«ie of the doctor's alleged victims, shot
and mortally wounded the defendant In
the crowded eouMroom.
No mortal has a right to wag his
tongue, much less to wag his pen, without saying something.—Carlyle.
VITALITY low.. deMIILited or eihausted cured
by »r Kline • tnt-tgoratmr Tonic IK _■__■_ l:
Trial Unlit* cMttain.n* : Weeks' treatment. Ur
Kline's lutltul*. »a Ar.b St., l^nUdelphia.
>-ounded ML
Pittsburg printers have struck because Linotype machinists refused to
join the union.
Mother, will find MrsAVinslow's Sooth-
lag Syrup the be.it remedy to u<e ior their
children during the teething period.
Sleep is Ui a man what winding up is
to a clock.—Schopenhauer.
dispelling colds, headaches and ferers
gently yet promptly and enabling tine
to overcome habitual constipation per-
/naneutly. Its perfect freedom from
everv objectionable quality and aub-
slsnrn and its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakenm?
or irritating them, make it the ideal
, laxative.
In the process of manufacturing 5ga
are used, aa they are p!ea>ant to the
taste, but the medicinal qualities of the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aroanatk plant*, by a method
known to tne riHWHU Pi* Srmve
Co. only, ln ortier to get its beneficial
effects and to aroid imitations, please
remember the tall name of the Company
printed oo the front of e»«ry package.
aax rajutcisco cat.
foe mK by all DnasU- Price Sic. pet battle
THIS re Bte»» foe $31.41     S.eethe
K_-Uil«.' IToJn-~.» t>» >t bcl.il."
I'-vflL   l*4»__>t«-.&u_ft- ot <mr natM
T-V_ra      tXher. _,__*• __.W______.-e»l tkeir
.new. at Parlor Starafc bat »«ri\«ii«-l
with tk« untutonn cnaeal. Uurns
to luraub *s »ilb tfc.»*,*o  *w cn mil
HtMliUn^lin'rl^ia »l.f__i_-_t .ai
Uttl    MOU *o*>t b. rrwut ot tlttr
ou. ot tb*m* ywrior *lor*%. TSwyMttur*.
ate* but a t.uat i_t«_t<,f tbeir ,W*v.
Seatt' ItUoa r*fFSotr.c.1.*sto
*., balance to jour beaker or f_>__£Bl
!#al ,-u arrival at roar t.~
SS lOJlte	
■an w.» •—
%p^Ti.~tT..t*,>**r..•*.*** oAturtt
Uew fuel than aaaaaf
whsn or^ari tut.
'i^ixit ll»4'i>.K SJVVK i\triuxiv   TKI B
take, umiiiwl than aaaaall SBSlSi be**
AUsuwAto** ■—
JA^       Oalnl-saiii
fere lent
aa-i V«&_m__m
.5.1 R__-a_pfe-    0- Wr-.rn t ir*; ts si*3t**:-t.
- tub. Cuti-CK    -T—Tiemr. aa a I'aae-e". H«4«ti~».
Va»«r.l   li.inwer..     M-V"ea»-   a*!  *?»«
>- BMSvfca-  J <t*r***l >.vn*t «*>•»■
IW.-C a«4 Ileal*' Kmrmaa'.M ll»»a».    VSl>»
W-akM_t.aaJSb_.v-.   0-L**» t-a-a. *aJ vlwa*
Saal 0 .-<a*al our l____r«a Sm .- 7 . »' • ■■*■** Mtus
t,. ,rar Min1 v r.:-— * —* —^t^m*tstttt
a. .1 , __.■*» *■  I fc-a .aut.t.t*** pati.
If thu ti-ivrn ' a rtmtfftf. Iioaltby unm-nu ■>• uf Wfcr
IkiwvIh t*Tory tlay. ymi rv itck.pf will b». Mim* yau
bOWtlll o;h'H. im lw» wrll    ►Vrot* m Hhi fcfal4«U»
vlolonl |ihyslf *ir i>ill   poltOQ n (latinv-nPi-*
im * I lu*.I, vasli'si. IDOtl tHTli't't way ul ki» , m*
buwt'Uoloar ami tUait is lu Ufcu
rrs-v.-ntitie. the greatest aatawptle aad
iMrsilOldl kiman. Will tuir all fcn.s.c
■Tvatsi.y.. I'.'f.'ivc PAtt and .-ertain. ,\o
«-.HB*ii aafe witluHit It Mail or.1- r-
otemmiit mie.i. »n»« b«t   Ameefa •*»«-
irtl    ItiK moiu-t   itta.l'     H.-n.iiil  Prua to..
lAi'm i-.i Bill.- -i'«■•-' l* aetmo, txt
»\»tmam*m**> mt*t** r*»»*.a__»_»».<a-. *
k t»a OOT.Y a_a._-l_.-u_v «!>»■» »U1 oata «^S **A :mt
not.   SO CAS*  ».»o«a a kaa nr. (x*?J V rar* aa
■    *f\.^*W   *sw*ct w***.*tt em £.
ynt.Df *SAtt rnianmo
Find the stocking that Willie hung up.
rieaaant. Palalal.lt>. Poit'iu TsSUOpOd IV
Ni'YirM.-kpii. Weaken. urilrli^Wi-. av- :.v-   WyAsr
lur Irou Kiini|ils. ami tHmkl.-i
[ at.rl.aiz 11.ara, ira,„i. . hi.....
*_airr.l. *..
Mr. Fsnfls (to .lohiiii)' Otinuol—Well,
Johnny, arc you praying for many ChrU    l( F F P  Y (1 li R   BLOOD   CLEA1
ma. pr.-aet.ts this yearV   Johnny-No. I   *"'     iUU"    "
ain't.   1 didn't net half what I prayed foi
last year.- l'uck,
('iiiiiea yearly;
I'oatit ilearly:
llrnke- iii'iirl.v.
nn. ukicm * book. m
ief for Women
fcrt/*aa.l« i Mi. imJaagaofa. frfca
Frtnch FiMlt Pills.
ruaaSlllMT ''^     M.a.«_-a--^
a.!,, aia*;>ral_ahla**t walta.ll aa «,«!
Wl.lb. all .HurtiM.la ***** ».-a. 1-r.fcS
c!Z:»\ A Wi lVa,ISt_, Mt i*a au.
*..>*• to*  •_«*_*_■ or  ot tow tsmt t
ttom mwm.tsi .**.*** yw.   it »
yews*. *r».ti__la, anj «^W»i'«*'SS,V2;',",?r
Ma_aca aa4 ^rtratKa, frou. b«_a_a.-ia.   ItN a. Far*
msr t. aS waaia, an^smg. oc ww* m «a»l «J »M«"»
•*-» "B,**u ■VSftUB&E vw. ti
Orrmlar rnuiiet o_a tv^axC
sad 0r« Testlof Wocico.
■stsMtaha.!   In   Spakan*
Datt anJ  nullum bousM
list and malltna or* aa.ka.
In   ISM      OaM
tiand for trie*
\. V
It may take iilne tailora lo make a man,
but oue flu i-t mas la euoiiKli V> break Unu.
Im»^"1ii>-» t»i>lalal»a».la«a*»l%.-ai»s
, w,V .. B'm'l. B arJiua ."t rrotru.liaj
tr* i-ura.1 i>i Pr. foaanlto'a >n» H»ins«l»
^Slfallns    *W.«*al«la»*a_J*-»
.B'arJu.a .»t _
•nnko's >n» ajanVKll
 S   Ataorbalu-a.** Jiv l
nil.; mail Ttaatiwltaa  w,ilt
UK Hl»»NKO.P»Ua,l*..IV
.1' at
ta Dr
StO|M ll»-lm>  kU.I 1-1<
_l..atdtot«i-i- ■'*.
m. ab»«» »*«' ••••■
■ | ^.,1 t«\   million-..
^^^ i..„..f ,.f ii- .iti.tltiy
ta, BmI •» h* «»»*l»r»l
trtua-.»-». •' *K-«J»tw»*
al ■ a , o» » »«*"»»
raiaVa*. «ol •»» aa«j.___-
f,., .^ ^.«__jaa«a.
SriSV 9t !■'"■
ol wat ta ti»-»  arat»ar.
tt  »»K*aa_,   Hat«j<  ts*
tvaUr a«t <_a tatwac
Horrid Rheumatic Pains
Ar* eattse.1 b' th* t»»«->tia* ta «*• W*i*kya,«
•111 tw tflleved el tka v*i<x *,v.*cf.y,y**t t**+t
vlU W » t.n ,•■■ • -?
lioore's Revealed Remedy.
Assty saS r'*a*an< »* «»**   ^°* **"** •**••
nlisl.   |1N|M **tu* a» }**' tr******.
ONI TO« \ooai. n»w "MBttfi
' -a*.
| BloaO, siX* ItavalWaaaJirva.aat Ifc *>*ut**s
aotilrtr* .".*i,-»»a   t*<**.i*c..-f**.*' ''.,
. ri.llaJa . IN«»».   »*-i *J i*.**»>t***
ts* ■H8TTrr5tr8rji»^t^<a.»i-.-«i 4?:
Kit. ni'.i«imiiiww^t' '■ ''I mi i.iwwwsssbsn
-ag.' '-'.'i.|gg**ggBg
^re what   You  A**© ^poking
Osi'SSO   UR   15  ARREARS   A
V Reailsr.
IV ReaJsr.
1, Addie Horton,
2. Ali.ce 0*1 Wok,
3.   Inez Calbick,
Come and Seo onr HEAVY TOP SHIRTS for Men,
Wpinen.       ,     *     #     *     #
All Those Goods are being Sold Very Low. # * *
BOTTOM FIGURES.     »     *     *
1*t*e W«*. Ht**iter Co., lUt&.m
Silverton,    B.  O.
fit I ou" ao 0j»fli ort b«'r b"re«Yi
Stook of esses iu tho Province.
14k Gold Plain, Engine turned and
Engraved — The Jan. Boss filled
cates. — The Deuber filled cases. —
The Imperial 25 jeat oases. — Ladies solid RoKl watches with plaii
and set cases.
\M tip* Groscent streets, with   Wult-
hain lUyla sasef at |jJ5.Q0, guaranteed
to keep good time for three years.
ThesaroeVith P. S. Birtletts movement st $13 50 **.
Deuber Hampden 23 Jewels,
Deuber Grand.      Elgiu 17 Jewels.
Royal 21 Jewels.
YEAR8.      t      t      t      ,      t
Stouk of Diamonds, Rubies, Emerald* ami  Opals in the Province.
Call and g.-t prices at
When dav draws near its close,
The liberal radiiiuceof thn western skies
O'er html and sea before our uladdeued
A (.unset glamor throws;
And Christmas-time thus comes,
Heaven-sent, to light the evening of
the year
And scatter kindly radiance far aud near
Upon out hearts and homes.
Lift up your eyes, and 1)11
Your minds, my iriends,   wilh  Leely
given light!
Open your hearts to radiance still more
The spirit of good-will!
—G, Jell-Sharp in Pall Mall Mtig.t7.ini..
I, Marie Cross, (promoted)
2. Fay Elliott,
3. Janet Barclay.
Ill Reader.
1. Mamie McDonald (promoted)
2. Magiiio Barclay
S.   May Clement
II Reader.
1. Harry Carey
II Primer.
1. George Horton
I Primer.
1.  Jennie Barclay (promoted)
2. Bertha Barker
Churl Claei
Evelyn Horton
Willie White,
Grace Cross.
Can Have Them
OutHido Parties I)oeiri"«»Io;HCHh.Silsjrt:m        ^  p   ^j^jejty
Reserved Ily Anting to— • *mmm^^^^^^^^
t SILVERTON, - • B. 0.
j 8
'. ...s *...». i 88888888888888
A small girl, 3 yearn old went to a
children's party the other afternoon.
Alter she hud icltinud homo (-he mid to
her pother.
"At ihe parly a little girl fell through a
chair on tho lloor.' The other uitln
laughed    1 uidn't,"
"Well why didn't juulauyh?"
"Cau.-e I wus the one thai fell through.
iIt wus the tmtne Utile girl who after a
trip in tie country, remarked:
"I vt'sb I hnd a lioiuc out of doors
like auotie li;.s."
House B0,!"W|
I |i To Ontc Smiff.
You Are The Best
antra is ooo!
at •os^iu^a*
J". If Molritosl^'s
'   [    '   fjLVBKTOa,    B. O.  ■■■'.■'.
- First-Class Sleepers on all Trains Irom
TOURIST CARS  pass Medicine Hat
Daily ior Br. Paul.
Sundays and Wehnbsdays for Toa-
owro.       m
Fn_(f!/,vs (or Montheal and Boston.
— Same cars pass Revelstoke one day —
 earlier.     -■ —
. hum
B. C.
Auctionkkhs, Customs Brokehs,
And Gknehal R k a l Estate Agents,
Office In Henley llloob    -   -     IliUnr St.
SILVERTON,       -      -      -      B. C
^Tnu Fii/vki. toman vithes its readers
one and ull a very Merry Chri.-ttiiK.-i.
J"hn Houston is entered for thc
Mayoralty Stakes in Nelson and we
venture to say that he will not be Hated among the "also ran" when the
Votes me counted. Go in and win,
John, wo look for your success.
12 to a*
"Look heali, Kplirintr, whl r ro' it*i *>
In recli it lig as dm?',
"To a masked ball, "Linda.   AU»ap-j
posed to l>e Uncle Sam"
"Yo'.io.in_>ay?   Wal, enm hack heali  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
man.,,..' rock dese twins.   ReckMi if yo'.      - Mo\VBU KNITTIKO M AC1IINES ANl> V18IBLE-
n unties,,,,, iiwplantJMjktb.b ^v    » p WR1TB rs    CArAL0OUE8 tm>
ol our uew possessions.    Bwmou ai'iMi.iii.Mt  ii.ru >» #»*»»«
dress   up   an' go to dat  ball a? MfoL _ _    . i _■__—_——
C'lumbia." <■?
1 s
I  z
oo o
For the North, Kevtlsiii-ie, and Main Line
7:80 ex* Sunday lv. Bilverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 18:20
For Rossland, Nelson and  Crows Next
Braneh and Boundary Country,
10: a) ex. Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday 13:10
To and from Sandon.
13:00 ex Sunday lv Silverton,
ar. ex Sunday, 10:20
Tickets issued thbouoh an;i Baoo.vok
' -Si-^CHECKKn to destinatios. ——
For rates snd full information spply to
Dearest local agent or
H. H. REEVES, Afent,. Silverton
'("ray. Pass. Agent, IsloM
A. Q. I'. Agent, Vaicouve
SLOCAN CITY, .  ...*    B.C.
€. A. ELL101T H. D.«
Contracts large ur smail taken
And promptly attended to.
Stables in SILVERTON, B. C.
For Sale or Rent,
'- : 1Mb Silverton.
Afplr »•—■»th««OQ Broi,
MlverttttD, 8. O.
General Freight and Transfer
Barium Done.
Orders  lett at News Stand will   be
.fftynptly attended to.
irder A H
the jeweler
1 ii    w_
That a Redistribution Rill vrill bt
introduced early in the coining sic-
siouot'our L»giblaturu ii the opinion
of the Inland Sentinel and the Nelson Tribune, both ot vihoiu ought to
kuow what they are talking about.
The Tribune has made a forecast of
the Bill, which it thinks will glre Nelson a member, throwing"the rural n-
inttindcr of the Riding into the Slocan
Division. The Slocan tlwn will havi-
two uiunb.ra, one foi Slocan Ltke and
Sandon and one for Kootei.ny Lake
antl Ymir. The city members would
represent 6000 people and the rural
members 3000. This will give the
House 38 members.
The Sentinel believes that some
such bill will be atuoni; the first meis-
ures to bo introduced after January
4th next. Such a bill would be necessary, it thinks, in view of the shaky
condition of the Semlin Government
and the probability of an early elec -
tion. The editor ol the Sentinel being
a member of the Government should be
well posted^
The Kootenaian professes to believe
that Robert F. Green, M. P. P., although a staunch Conservative, will
not secure the Conservative nomination in the not improbable e. ent of their
putting up n straight party nominee.
Many of the party resent Mr. Green's
part in the Eight-Hour dispute. In
the event of tho Slocnn Like and Sandon diatrict being taken out of Mr
Green's constituency he may have
more trouble in his re-election than
under the present conditions.
The shipment   ot  oro   (rom   Slocan
Lake points, op to an-I incl-iditiR   the
present week, from Jan.4, 1899.
From Bosun Landing. Tons.
Bo«tin   PH.l
From New Denver. To._<*
Marion , W)
Mollie Hughes  80
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise  G80
From Slopitn City. Tons
Tumsrac       20
Black I'rince 40
Chaplesn   15
From Silverton. Tank
Coustock    20
" cr.nt-eiitrates   KM
EnilvE.lith  ...   60
Fidelity     3
Noonday   fc£0
Vancouver 320
Wakefield 680
Tolal 30-18
\:-; ISi'.iiii|ii.irli'ni inr Minin* Net :•:
I      mm mm.     |
CommiHsionerCluto has finished his
investigation in Nelson and Ymir and is
now lioliliiit! e.iiiit in Rossland.
A Miners' Union has been organized
In Moyie, the mining town ol Enm
Kootf nay. The new organization sturte
out with a membership of 71, and under
most favorable conditions. Organizer
W ilks, in speaking to a representative
ol the Moyin Leader, said: "I find ii:
most Inippy condition ol affairs existing
in Moyie.. The miners aro receiving the
htiiinliiril scale ol wages, (3.50 for an
eight honr shift, and I have heard ol no
grievances whatever. The most friend
ly relations sei-m to prevuil between tlie
mine owner" aad ilie miners, nd I have
! every leiiw.n to li^u yti tbnt these con
ditionB will continue to txitt,"
has left
at the
HOTEL,     i
TAl'.Li; CSSI'hpAssi:i» IN
:,!;;)ttESiU!i;i!.\ll!\f   Projw.
| Sl LV ERT6N,   U. C.
 1...6. _. -
li mu tli l ■ t.iti- lirreof, loaptily.toUie Ml
ing Rik: tr.lcr fir a Certific.itn ol In
proveinei.t.*, lor the pntpose   of cbleiii
ing t:,-owu Grunts of tbe above claims.
And further lake n»tic»   thst.   oetinn
under mtt'tion S7,'iiiuxt   he  cmnwiaefe.l
NOTICE f-'Tiora"    "I)i:_iowoonv
"Bund" How mid Fraction" and "l'l-
oer Fbaction" Mint"ul Claims,sitoate
in the  Hi.i-.in City Mining l>ivision ol  '
West Koo emty District B	
Where  locatedi-On   tlivido   between   'in'ier mrti-.n-/. u,u«   ne  cmnmj^^ .
North Fork J_"tnon Creek and Stinger  before th* nwuinco ol such   CcrbSvates
Cr.ek uliont 7 milnl dom Sloean Citv.   of Imprnv -tnetiia
Take  Nt.iitv that jt,   F.  C. dreen, ol      Ditk-.l V.s'.» Shdiy t,f Peptt ih)< r, A. P.
Ni-luon, ujting as agent for the Blocan   18i)J.
l.-.k.-iii.l.l ami Silver   Minea,   l.i.nir.-.l j   p AM>uwot
Fret Miner,! C'eriitleulo No all,'-.'50. in- ?\ > jo ; go
teud sixty dayv from the date hrreol t. .      ' i ■	
apply to the   Mining Recorder for Cer-   » t     • XT Ft
tiliraies of Imptotemeu't. for ihe purpo-ie ■ j  Jcp Nrinp Kilt
of ebiaiuinj Ciown Grants oltlieulMA.    ^ ^v       i1WI*v        a-ret*.
claims. '
And fur'her take notice thut action j
under section 37, must be crnnmcm-p-l j
before the iesuaiiito ol eutli Ctrtificstes of'
Dated this 14th day of November. I8O1C '
F. C. Grax, T. L. S.       )
The Best!
Btiissmr" Miinrii! <'l..h_i,   _. w^       #______.
n    tin.      Hloenii      Mining' InfillSC*-©y*
fit ii-ttO'l   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Division  rd West  Kootenny  District
Where located:—On Four .Mile Creek,
uboilt three and a hall  lulles from ita
Take Notice that I, FranelsJ OTteillyj
of 8ilvcrii_.ii, Free Miner's Certificate No.' np   . -,,». T - •. «-
ul-in*-., ns agent lorTbe Wskefleld Mines ur    '  ll Vl
Limited, of Silverton, Free Miner's t'ei-
IIdeate No. 18038b,   intend   i-ixty dare
from the   lists hereof,  to apply  lo tiie
.Mining   Recorder  for n Certificate of,
Iniproveinents, lur lhe  purposa   of   ob
mining   u   Crown Grunt   ol the tibovo
And further lake notice that  ncli. n
,ini!r taction 37, must  be ooihfiienced
lief./re the issiiaueo  of   such   Certillcain
ol Improvement-.,
Dated IhUlOthday of Novembi r, ls9t»
Foaxcm ,1. 0Ri:ii.i.y.
IR | 111 UH
NOTICE:— "F.xiaiANOi:, Miivicu Platk.
Kkocim, VicroBit So. 4 und VVaea
Mineral Claimsl situate in tlie Sloean
Citv Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located :—West of l);ivton
Creek, it inileaomli of Klirtnget ereek
Tuko noiine thut 1, .1. Murray McGregor,
acting ne agent for the New ('.old Fields
of Biiti^h Colombia, Limited, Free Miners Certifkite No. n212l)7, intend sixly
days frt.ni the date hereof, to apply lo
tbe Mining Recorder  lor a Certificate nl
Improvements, for the purpose of obtain*
ingaCrnwn Grunt of the above claims.
And further tuku notice that action
under seeilon 37, niiint be commenced
belore the issuance cf such Certificate o
Dated this21st day of September, 1BM».
J, M. McGiiwioit.
25 | 0 I ft!).
Try It-Prove Ik
Oaigle's Blacksmith Shon.
(Jenoral Itliiiksmilliinp
anil R^pairiBg>B'-
THE SILVERTO^AN,   $2. a ypar.
NOTICK:- "Exciiawik," "Bhoki.ii."
"t.i,ii)ic" and "CitAio No. 2" Mineral
Claims; situate in the Arrow Luke
Mining Divinion of West Kootenay
Where located:—On the north side of
Cariboo creek, about one half mile
north of the Millie Maek Mineral
Take notiee that I, 3. D Anderson. P. L
8 , "f Trail, H C . iii'Hn • ns agent lor H.
I',   Forr-ter, Free Miner's Cetlifieiitn No,
!.r,0o4, ami H. 0, Pollock, free Miner's
Owini: to a reduction in miners' wage*
caused by tho enforcement ol the eight
hour law, thu miners are"all Idle and the
mini* have shut; down.   Therefore all
workingmen nro hereby warned to ke«P
away from   tho Slooan  and  Kootenay
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles are  amicably  settled  between
mine owners and miners.
Sandon. B. 0.      W. L. Hegler,
.lime 2nd. 1899.       Secretary Sandoa
Miners' Union
J. M. M.IBenedum,
Pres. Silverton M. B
J. I. Mcintosh,
Secretary,    Bllvsrto^
Miners' Union


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