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The Silvertonian 1899-04-15

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 \ K^tJvkjlujI   LJjAoi^
$2 Per Annum.
Joo "\2Voj?-_c
Neatly RPromptiy Dont
We can quoto you bedrock prices
Icna    l«
To   The
mil'lllSE     MSB     WBfll
Notes    of    Interest     Arounil
antl    Alioot
the      Camp
llu, Noonday min" on the (i-ilena
l-in Mats, near town, ha« beetl altrai't-
skleml'le W'l-t'ei'iio.u l.tlelv, a t.l.ort
IcriptlonofUie  pl-P-Hy  will   be
■est to our readers.
rho Noondav was amongst the fust
inertias Btake.I in this  vicinity   and «
be amount of galena flogt WM fonnd
[theclaim.   A  carload  ol  this  «■«•
i collected and shipped hy the locators,
i retartis from which were most en-
Iraging'  'Dub waters from Gold creek,
,g|| stream   erortlnii  tho  propertv,
diverted and considerable gioun-l
■clog done, In hopes of tine .v.-i ing tho
be,    b'll   Wllhotrt   success.    Seve.al
hspect holes wen*   put  down   and   a
anel run   with   equally  discouraging
Hr.J..M.M..Be_P_om  of   Silverton,
Lactic-*-* mining man', bad on several
It-ioni csrelnlly examined the ground
tame to Ihe conclusion Hint a large
body existed in ilia property; He
ciated with him ihe Stewart Rn*l. <•*■
i place, also prartieal mining meii,
aliout the  mRldre   of   last   January
1-) M.ui..I s liberal lease und bwtd on
i.roperiy.   Work ww at briCo r.>ni-
i.i„,',j mill a tunnel started, which
|fore I'tiu'iriiing   more  ll.uti   IS  f.'.'l
t-ountere'l the leil-.e, altbongti  much
oVtn   up.   'Hit*   tu'iiiiil  wes  rlHvel.
ion- ami the ore lost, sll. «I"g eoiiclus-
lrU.alil.ey wi-w In a -break  in  tin-
Uve, whirl. In Un*. ''reuk was l/Itta vei)
■ut anil only   tin*   bTOgiog   w\.!i Ming
■c posed,
Cmts-cnlttng was   now commenced
|ntl a cross-cut driven *_"> feet  before the
i.1 wall was**ni""Uuit'retl.   A *nt;i!l stope
upr*ise was then driven up  s-jmo  30
til. sll   in  ore.    Here  ^vured one of
^ioeo Btrinn.' freaks ol IntiabVs  so cum-
aon iu the minim: *oild; while hla-ling
Ind tetirinu iloivn huge musses of pulenu
Ire, weighing hundred* of  pounds,  the
piners broke through into the t.ittun of
prospect hole,   stink   hy  the original
'.nets, who, if they b*d but  sunk   the
■oie, six inches deeper, would have un-
overed the hidden wealth of the Noon-
(lay initio.   While   doing  this   work  a
Bisrl-j.nl of clea * ore was taken   out anil
krke.1 and now await* iliipmeut on the
tbaii, also about300 ton*of good con-
Icitttaliiij oro  lias  been   piled  en tin-
lump at the mine.   A liiim-sl l.n** been
flrivi'iilro:n the end of the crosscut anil
ho vein discovered in place, tbo walls
f*inij permanent, with no sun  ol any
lit-lilm*. ment havitii* taUt'ti  place.
This tunnel is beimj driven itnead as
If.isu* r-oMiUle un 1 as tho lcl_o is s'tvon
Ileet Hi.ln and mostly good  shipping ore,
■the pile ol sacked ore is rapidly growing
jEroi.i llu<distance ulong tlfn stiriuce that
the  limit   «a.s   thrown   und   frt.m the
typography of-the ground, there can be
lull little doubt I but tbis  ore  shute  encountered, is .at least 500 feel long and a
largo amount of stop)rnf ground cm he
opened up before it will hr* necessary for
the owners to resort to sinking.
I   , hikixq mm.     |j
Samples, varying from 500 to 1000
pounds, of Emily   Edith  conccittratini*:
j oro were sent to he tested  to -St. Louis
f'liiiijiiff I Mo., San Eraiinisci) Cul, and Keewatitl
Ont;   An soon as it is ascertained which
Is    tho    most   suitable   machinery   for
treating their  ore,   this  company  will
break ground for a big concentrator.
When (ieneral Warren returned yesterday from Spokane, says the Rossland
Minor, he (-fought with him an electric
lamp that is destined to work a wonderful change in mining operations in this
ciiinp. Tho lamp is charged wilh elcc-
ttit'ity and can I.e easily carried, A simple pres'stire ol a rintr oo one part starts
up a bright light, arid tl.e Lattery is
charged for all months and can he easily
recharged. At present the cost of tin*
lamp is $7, but they can be easily inan-
nlaotured for much less money, and tin!
(ieneral thinks ihat they can be mifde
iril s • d lor alw.it |1. In tha'ease much
of the discomfort ol goln« through mines
can he overcome, und a great Having in
ilie expcn-io of li.hiin'.' be mnde.
Q au B t E
The shipment    ol   ore    from    Slocan
Luke points, up  to and Including   the
present week, from .Ian. 1, 1899.
From Bosun Landing. Tons.
Bosun S*M
From Ne\t Denver. Ton*.
Marion.   SO
From Silverton. Ten*
Comstock    20
" concentrates  100
Kiri'.y Edith   ".".'. <W
Fidelity    3
Vancouver, 320
Wakefield 580
Toial 1083.
Hloean Lake Uh Two  More To
lis   List  Of Victims.
Fred       Jetttey        and       Jack    • Tudil
I)rowned off  Nllvcrton.
The Silverton and Kcw Denver pu'Oic
are to be congratulated on securing the
ittend.mv of tlie Metropolitan Qj*e»a
Company, nunilwrin-j 30 people, li '•>•
company will pres.>.ii La M-SCotto In I'.o
New Denver Opera Honse on Monday,
April 2l.lt. provi.liiia that the manager
now in tl.e city, can seenre a snlllt- nt
g.iariititee in the two town*, This will
no the theatrical event ot the year 98
tbis excellent con.piny have Mr I at.
enviairie reputation in Rossland, Nelson,
,.nd the entire province. It is to bn re*
grafted that Silverion hns no proper hall
t eec'imm date a Urge c iiipany, us tbe
manager say*. Ihat lie would piny here il
he c.iilil secure accommodations, flip
price 6t admission la placed ut $1. Re-
served s.'ats f 1 ,-r*0
Nl'l.ui'itlsi', SALK CONFIRMED.
liuiliei report! on Ihe Enterprise deal
point toward the confirmation of the
"tory. According to the latest reports
in Ihe Spokane mining press, Iho price
to ho paid l,y tl,,, London people will be
considerably below Iho half million mark
nml nut-three quarters of a million, as
Btmcd hy un over enthusiastic reporter.
.Should this doalbo consntimted, it will
mean much for tbe Slocan Lake country
in general and Bilverton in particular,
this being tho neurest town to the big
mine. In Ltd itls Bald In* tl.oso familiar with dip country, that tho mino is but
a trifle farther trom Bilverton than Irom
Ten Mile Landing. A trail run from
hire to tbo mine would bring all tho
Enterprise trade to this place, besides
being tho means of promoting Iho more
thorough prospecting of an immense
scope of country.
It is quite probshle tbnt the prr-joeled
Waggon roid, intended to tap Ibe Red
Mountain cotihtry, will bo extended to
tue Enterprise. It is not to bo expected
that any ore will come out this way, but
the road would be ol jreat valpe in many
"••or ways.
Joseph MeNana-hfe, brother ol N. F
McXa'ight, is in town.
Sanford   Daigle*   loft  for   a   visit   to
Rossland on Thursday.
Capt. Davis, a prominent citizen oi
Trout Luke City is now in Silv.-iton.
C McMillan returned to Silverion on
Wednaeda-f from Sandon, whero ho has
heen Spending Ihe winter.
F..1. Nelson, tho founder of the 811-
ve.ion Nuws Co.. is In Spokane, en
route to the Seven Detils cjiuitrv.
Frank Culver, was seen lately in
Spokane- m-tii.lc _ bicycle. He promlred
to be in Silverton within a few tlavs.
F. Bammelmeyer and family who
have heen spending iho lust few weeks
iu California, are expected to return
Prof, loe Millward gave a very entertaining phonographic ri-citu! in Ibe office
bt the Victoria Hotel, last Tuesday evening.
F. L. Ryron returned yesterday from
Han Francisco, Cal., where ho hud been
spending   the   winter.    He   renorted
having had an enjoyable trip and  enmes
hack in good health ready for the rash
he expeclb  to  see   in    Silverton   this
L II Rrigtrs arrived In tbo city from
Riverside, Call., yorlerdsy. AUImogh
loath to leave bis orange grove for the
mountains of the Slooan, no bus twy
valuable mining property in thli
demanding hie . attention
especial I y glad to. welcome
A giO-l- luts been cast over the neigh-
boring towns of Silverton ami New Di-n-
v.-r by thi* news ol the drowning of Fred
15. Jeffreys und .Lick 0. Todd, two young
men we I known in both towns, their
homes being in the latter place.
.lust how and where the catastrophe
Occurred will never be known, there be-
inU no witnesses of the accident.
On Sunday last, the two young men
left New Denver for Ten Mile, taking
with them on the steamer u I'eterbnro
c.noe, intending Io puddle back. Their
work, the re-siakinn of a claim, would
not detain then, long und they were expected to rcturu to New* Denver on Monday.
Ii was not until Thursday, however,
that nnv anxiety over their iioi.-itlurn
was felt, their friends supposing that
iboy hod gone'down lo Slocan City to
record ibeir claim a^d fete repjpining
there with Friends.    A telegram of on-
■ _*i'm \- was s*nt to Recorder Christie, who
replied that nothing bud liepn sen of Una
mis-iing ones.
Anxiety now .-han^ol lo alarm, and
Search parties «verd or_jtiii7.t"l lo explore
Iho iuke shores, one part v t-oini; over to
th ■ veal fthjf>i-tj. the .jtlu.r co-iinir down
to'.va.d'SiKc.ton. It was shortly after
reaching Ihe Silterlon townsite that, the
iir-i tru.'e of th.* nnfortnnate ones was
f.smd, i Itai being here pleled np, hav-
inn'J O T"dd" writ'en on the inside,
A few yards tart her . m. a cost w.i" found
w .shell np o.< Ihe beach which aiui Ids*..-
titled a*>"al*M»belonging Ip Todd. Near
lure also was found the nanoe, which on
Monday had been bond and drawn up
■ n the shore l.y Al. Morrison, near whoa
cabin it had grnnnded.     I'ud.lles an ■
nnsllkms wero seal I .red near.
By means ol prearrsnm-d siu'tial*., tie
senrchers across ihe lako were informed
of the unhappy discoveries.
Dp till then, nothing had been found
lielonglng in Jeffrey, bnl a shoil time
afterwards Mr. Gilpin reported ItayJnn
found a pou-jacUot on the shore below
his cottage. I'hls was produced and
i.lri titled.
lt seems probable Ihst the unfortunate
pair had left Ten Miie. Oh Monday ...»n -
ing and pas-e.l Silverion early in
the      niornitiit. The     high     wind
had made the surface of the lake rough
and chiipov and their frail craft prohahh
capsized JUSI oil'the nioiilb of Four Mile
ereek. Although both were excellent
SVimmerW, their *iowdrs would be useless in the Icy waters.
Both ihe yoiimt men were woll-known
and highly popular throughout Ihe ylo-
can. Fred B. Jeffreys camn here from
New Westminister about two yeats ago.
He. entered Into a partnership with J A
Mill ir, eatab!Islilng Ibeir nuiiimss In
911 VSrt00. For the last year he bad
redded in New Denver, where he was
de ervedly popular. He was about 2".
years old.
The other victim ol Ihe hungry waters,
I. O. Todd, was about 28 years old. II.
had been a resident of New Denver for
nbout three years, coming there Iron
Manitoba. He wits a cousin to M.s. Fd
Shannon of New Denver and leaves u
brother in Qolden, li. (! He was a successful prospector, beim? Interested in
considerable mining property arounil
We   are
Mr   Br'iL'its
■r-r*-.**i '  ■!•■•-    s_,. — --      ,
back ..t this rime us Ins energetic won.
ami f_t_ab.e ingfteelloni helped mater-
mi- In making our lust veers
celebration the success it was. He
should bo made a member of Uns yea
committeCi at once.
Hill Bros' tHj; is making frequent calls
at UliS port. They have twice delivered
lumber bore this week.
Beware of him, who loudly mouths his
lionety. Also of a committee which
insists on yelling tho t-eutiincsa ol their
prize list.
We note in ihe British Columbia Gazette the appointment of F. F. Lloyd of
Silverton ur! a Notary I'nolie. The hard
Swearing will now*, naturally, be done at
tne L-oitil' ei.it of Luke Ave.
The football fever has broken out in
tbo most contagious form. It is unfortunate thai tho leiiitih) program will nol
admit of a football match, but our players
will be heard irom later ou.
It bus been decided to locate the hull-
Krounds on tin. (It-Id south ol Ihe Thistle
Hotel, Work is now ^oingoo'vigorously
to make these grounds ono of the beat
li-.'.ds (or athletic sports in the district.
All wo.k in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left at the Silverton Uru,* Store, Willie promptly forwarded to Jacob Dove.,
tl.C welt •known Nelson jeweler. All re-
putrn ate uiau-inte'si. roil onk yeah, *
H. Clever will start Uie reinudeling ol
hia old uu'icht-r shop ou Lake Ave. in a
lew ilays. Uo expects io see hetor.* the
-now lbe.s next lull, a scarcity of l.usit.t's-3
bluetts iu Silverton aud he ia preparing
lor it.
In three hours, tho committee appointed
to solicit stiosiripiious for the coining
Celebration, wen* promised amounts ag
^.tvalii.t* •; 10.JJ.     This anititltil. it iaCOU-
,   u ill} cxiitctetl.   will,, t Mippliiiieitte
iv an uddii.oiial   liunortd or so, bviur.
tl.e end ol the niotilh.
Aeguji 1', McDonald is now on his way
uack to ihe, tuaplc sugar stoves of hi*
ouyhool, lie left on 1 iiu_ilay last
intending to spend a fow weeks with bis
pa rente near Cornwall, Ont. He will be
oackln tune to celebrate tho tiueen's
dittlidiy n. Silverion.
We are informod t'.i.tt soiie of our
uebjl.borbig camps wili imitate Silverton
tins )«ar in teiei.r..ilu« Ult- tjureii's
.JuUiJ.iy. We liopti iliey are alt
-iiccibsiul itllbuU-l. bv celebrating at
mute llajv "i ol ue obliged lo re.uaii.
,nt.i> fiom Silveiton utl tlt.U .late, Wlllcu
-vill he bail -lot llit-iu.
ln the House of Commons. Mr. Me-
Inrres, lu.-tn er lor Vane uvur, will move
thai in u.e opinion ol this Douse it is
• ierii.ii.iu uud expedient ihat the Govern moit should, ut tho euriieut pos-rible
dutu, esbMil.st. u mini iu  Canada, lor U.e
punioa*. "i cuiuingall ihe gold, silver and
copper currency neceeaary io meet the
c iiiiiieiii.il tequiriueuls uf tl.e country
Tbe work being doiio on the Ball
grounds promises to make it into a liebl
ior i-port uuenrpaaaed in the Slooan.
A'.o'it flirty ol our ciizens and tour
leains are at woik grading it.
The Celebration Committee held a
toe Ii |j on Tue.-d iv evenimrin tlieThor-
•urn Housei A general prize list was
drawn up, the liberality of the citizens
enabling them to put up the following
Hi.lendid prize list; Base'.aU match, $10\
Hose Keel race. |1«>, H'.rse R ice, $125,
0 llling Contest, $lo0. Caledonian Games
J150. Lacrosse match, $100.
This shoii'd warrant the best program
ever offer-.) to a Sloco intblie. A com-
miit; i w.i-- appo iiti-i' to select the ground
for ih- sports.
When the baseball team from Nelson
swoops down on Silverion .<n the 34th
oi May they will be greeted by n very
repre-rn 'i a gathering of the pebple of
the Slocan.. The committee that has in
Charge tbe arrangements for  the  cel-
ebraiion is a most enerir.'tic one and will
leave no stone unturned to ase that the
celebiaiion is a gigantic success. Nelson
bids fair to he depopulated on the
Qu en'*! birthday und the gteutest number
of pleasure seekers will be at Siherton
to cheer the local teams on to victory.
—Nel son Miner.
111 EM
Do You Know
Where   To   Oet
General Merchants
{Silverton,      _B.   O.
M. _MC. B1-0-V RDUM.
astm^te    r3    3    t_-^»    "a¥T    ___2    _E^,
Silverion.      • •       B, C.
£i.'   -LC.   ElELOTxrles,   Prop.
v        'Patronise Hnrna Industries. V
0          #
/    ®S88!i!88i?«!i!*'.i? i 8 ilifiiil i 9 i I i 8 8 R 8 8g 81 8®    JV
V^J       V V ' \' ^_f
»\ STYLES   ■     T nvVE U]?'T 1^r*T'^rBf> A-   FULL LINE P
J         ,   * : OF Nl'W SI'IHNG  I'ATTI'RNS.     CUSTOMERS \P
tL ALL                 i AUK INVITED TO CALL   AND  INSPECT  MY gg.
®8 8888881i8i Si 8i•88888 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8®   f*
iejbseliex*,   4
tine 'T'^ilor^t
,   B. C.    y
urns & Co,
Pilvertou, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Snndon,
New Denver, Cm-entle City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Miihr-iy find Grrenwood.
Yfpterday afternoon nn iin*uicros**fnl
nttempt lo rsgaln ths bodies of the victims of Monday'sdrowninx seeldent, wns
made. Two l.andksrclile^ were caught
by Ibe urnpplii.i? irons, near iho n.tiUlli
oi th ereek 1 one ol which was tlmuml.t
|.o Itnve boloniietl to Jeffrey,
It Is not at ..II prob'.l.lo that tlio hod-
. |oh will fvi'f bt> reoovured, ns ol nil those
j drowned in Slotian Lako of late years,
j only ono body han como to the siirfaco.
of oft re las pise.
CMfcO® JS & OO.,
Oeneral Agents nnd   |#$      ;•
|#|      !•$  IVXlnlnff Brokers.
Solo, Agents For
AT   20c   I'ER   BOTTL.E
- A
.*' I
-    i
-m I*,., mmxemtm 11 1 m*mf*mw*m J
mm%femmm  *.***-',m*-m%t*v*itt>mtttear.***ti"-*iv-s-*-wis*-   -----  -    __-__ ._.-_.
»-*»-m» emtmma.'^*^.*mmammm ■ mwmemk*n»>iwmt.*mmWts^^ THE ritt.vMftTnNIAX.-Bll-V-eHTON, B. C.
_ "
st OompleU K«-lew of tho -*-«-ts for
th* PhI Weak In This »-_ VToNlgn
L«.ids-rlum_i»rlsed rrom the Latest
The Twenty first United States Infantry. 1400 strong, have left for Manila. '
Joo Waleott ami Jim Judge were to
fight 20 rounds nt Toronto, but the
light came to an end In tho oloventh
round. Waleott finishing his man with
n terrible light on the point of the
The jury in the ease Of A. B. Jones,
formerly cashier of tbe Utah National
bank, charged with shooting ex-
Banker Stout, rendered a verdict of
not guilty.
Henry MasHoe and    his son    John,
turners living in the northern part of
Harlan county,   Ky., were   ambushed
I and shot dead while on their way from
n neighbor's house.
John D. Sims and Leonard Halo
were drowned at Shorebar, on the
north side "nf Feather river, Cal., last
The statement of the board of trade
in London for the month of March
shows a decrease of £1,920,400 In Imports and an' Im 'reuse Of £1,454,100 in
It is announced that Great Britain
will formally occupy her new territory of Row Loon, adjoining Hong
Kong, this -month.
At the town hall in Liverpool, Eng..
the lord mayor presented to the captain, officers tynl crew of the Cunard
liner Peruvian an illuminated address
and medals In recognition of their devotion to duty in behalf of the mercantile marine service and Lloyds'.
The wife and daughter of John Car-
rlngton, living eight miles east of
Veedersburg, Ind., were killed by a
dynamite explosion which wrecked
their house. Carrlngton had placed
about 75 pounds of dynamite under the
stove to thaw.
General John W. Turner, who served
with distinction on the union side In
tbo civil war, is dead.
At a meeting of the Tammany general committee last week resolutions
were adoptetd putting tbe organization
on record,as favoring mii-lclpal ownership of gas plants for all lighting
President McKenzie of Elmlra college, N. Y., has already secured $100,-
000 toward a $400,000 bl-centenninl
fund. The celebration will take place
in September, 1903.
The stockholders of the Pan-American Exposition company have decided
to Increase the capital stock from $1.-
i.oo.ooii to $2,500,000 ln 2r.fi,ooo shares
of $10 ench.
England won the International football championship by a score of 2 to 1.
Recently published official figures
show thnt 'In 1898 the Canadian gold
output was. $13,700,000, placing Canada In fifth plate its a gold-producing
The California state fish commission is about to undertake the extermination of sea lions that Infest the
California const and which destroy
enormous quantities of fish.
A pitched battle was fought in the
streets of Branson, 8. C, last week
between James Preacher, Charlie
Preacher ahd Aren Preacher, broth
ors, on one side, and George Reid.
Mack Reid, James Reid, brothers, and
Joseph Connelly on the other. George
Reid was killed. Mack Reid probably
fatally wounded and Joseph Connelly
seriously wounded, and James Preacher slightly wounded;
Vice, President Hobart is slightly
better (but Is not yet out of bed.
Thomas J. Havemeyer of New York
is dead. He was a brother of Henry
O. andSTheodore Havemeyer and was
formerly in partnership in the sugar
business «M them.
Top men in the mines in the southern Illinois coal district have decided
to strike as the result of their employers' refusal to grant a raise of 25 cents
a day. This will tie up at least 3,000
Moses W. Dodd, founder of the publishing house of I)odd, Mead ft Oo Is
Edward Ryan, one of the victims of
(ho shooting at the race track at Memphis, is dead.
The Jefferson day banquet of the
Montlcello club has been abandoned,
owing, It Is said, to dissensions over
the invitation list, and William J.
Bryan, who was to be the chief orator, was wired not to come.
Matthew Hancock, colored, who shot
and killed Ticket Broker tieorge Per-
ton at Union station In 1897, was
hanged In the jail yard at 8t Louis
last week In the presence of 500 pools-
Texans recently shipped their first
cargo of cotton for the Japanese markets. It consisted* of 13,832 bales and
was loaded on the Japanese steamer
Tamba Maru.
Impressive funeral services over the
remains of Major McConville of Idaho, who died while leading a charge
against the enemy in the Philippines,
were held Sunday in San Francisco by
the Knights of Pythias at their castle.
8. 8. Benedict of 8loux City, la., is
dead. During the war lie had charge
of consular correspondence for Secretary Seward, and was with him
when he died. Mr. -Benedict was formerly harbormaster of the port of New
York, and served on the stnff of three
governors of New York.
Jack MaeMillan, well known
through Europe and In the I'nited
States as a curler, waa caught In a
belt In a flour mill and killed.
chief surgeon at Santiago, in which
he says that the city and department
of Snntiago are in generally good sanitary condition.
Charles Wllkerson, yard conductor
of the Chesapeake & Ohio, was shot
and seriously wounded last week In a
fight with Ben Bates, a bugler at Fort
The United States cruiser Raleigh
has arrived at Bermuda.
A fierce battle occured at Highland
Falls last week between candidates
for admission to West Point as cadets
on the one side and boys of the village
on the other.
William Whist, well Known in newspaper and Grand Army of the Republic circles ln the west, is dead.
Dr. George A. Raw-son. who figured
ln a sensational divorce case In Seattle a few years ago, committed suicide at the insane hospital at Indianapolis last week by hanging.
The Yellowstone river caused greater damage to life and property this
year than ever before. Four persons,
Mrs. R. W. Snyder, her brother, Eugene F. O'Conner, her niece, Miss Nellie Reagan, and a visitor, Miss Rose
Wybrecht, lost their lives last week.
An attempt has boon made to assassinate the czar's aide-de-camp, Oeneral Mauseoy. He was stabbed in the
throat by a servant, but the would-be
assassin wns overpowered. The general's wounds are not serious.
John H. Sullivan, a former member
of the governor's executive council,
and one of the most prominent politicians In Boston, killed himself by
shooting last week.
Frank Grlffln, editor of the Dally Review in Marysville, Mo., was shot and
wounded last week by C. G. Jasse.
Returns received from the Irish
council elections show that 300 nationalists, 83 unionists, one labor candidate and one liberal have been returned.
Major General Shafter, accompanied
by his aide, arrived in Washington
last week from California to testify
before the army court of inquiry Into
the beef charges, having lieen summoned there for that purpose.
News has reached London that the
Danish steamer Nordfarer, Captain
Drunnich, from Galveston for Hamburg, via Norfolk, took off 26 men from
the French fishing schooner Engenee,
which foundered at Bca.
Justice Stephen J. Field of the United States supreme court is dead.
Gross railroad earnings.In 1898 on
163,181 miles of road aggregated $1,-
112,417,900 in 1897. This is an increase
of 6 per cent over very large totals
for the previous year and amounts to
over $7,000 per mile. Operating expenses on the same roads increased
only 5.9 per cent, thus leaving for net
earnings an increase of 6.2 per cent.
The strike of the members of the
Journeymen Bricklayers' association
at Philadelphia has been adjusted.
Tne steamer Del Norte lms tmiivti
from San Francisco for Unalaska with
the first crowd of Klondikers for the
Yukon this season.
Charles Ootchy was shot and probably mortally wounded last week at
Blaine, Wash., hy George W. Snell.
Fire broke out one day last week in
the five story dwelling at. No. 2 East
Sixty-seventh street, the home of Wallace Andrews and the five story brown-
stone house of Alfred Adams, No. 3
East Sixty-ninth street. The houses
are in the heart of the district occupied by the homes of New York's richest millionaires. The Andrews home
was totally destroyed and 13 lives lost.
Private Albert L. Knudson of Company I, First Washington volunteer infantry, is appointed as chaplain of thc
regiment, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Chaplain Thompson.
The gigantic mill trust just organized under the name of the Republic
Iron and Steel company is in full operation.
Frank Wade and Ernest Cleverer,
murderers, and George Wilson and B.
B. Stockton, Indicted for criminal assault, have escaped from jail at Liberty, Mo.
The Massachusetts has sailed from
the Brooklyn navy yard to join Samp
son's qua-iron at Trinidad. On the arrival of the Massachusetts the squadron will proceed to Southampton,
Burial  of  thc  llrroea.
Wasl.ington,April 8.—With full military
honors, iu the presence of President McKinley and his cabinet nnd a multitude of
people, the liodieg of 338 dead heroes who
gave up their lives for their country in
Cuba and Puerto Rico during the Spanish-
American war, were consigned at 2 o'clock
yesterday afternoon to their last resting
(.luce ii. Arlington cemetery.
Many Filipinos Submit.
Washington, April 8.—Adivces from
General Otis report everything quiet in his
command and that many Filipinos in the
vicinity of Malolos are displaying white
flags in token of submission to United
States authority.
Sim. an Kill.or.
Mnnsville, Mo., April 0.—Frank Griffin, editor of the Daily Review, was shot
ami mortally wounded yesterday by C. G.
Jasse. Tho trouble was over some reference made to Jas e in Griffin's pap r. Griffin is one of tlie best known characters in
northern Missouri.
Worker* Better Paid.
Muscatine, Iowa, April 8.—The three
largest of 20 pearl button factories operating here have announced advances of 15
nnd 10 per cent in wages. Six hundred
button workers are employed in the city.
The Roman Catholic bishop of Malt-
land, Australia, has forbidden the use
of flowers at funerals in his diocese.
Items (.loaned From tbe Vote B»porti-
All Districts Ar* llelns Dovelopod-A
prosperous tear Is PreiUcted-Mlnliis
Motes -ml Personals.
The Standard Mining Company of
Wallace, Idaho, paid Its monthly dividend last week, amounting this time
io $30,000. This makes a total paid ln
dividends by this company to date of
$1,745,000. The company is operated
as a close corporation, and this Is the
first time a statement of the amount
of Its dividends has ever been given
to the public, but lt comes from a
source which leaves no doubt of lis
This shows that In the amount of Its
dividends the Standard Is the second
mine In Idaho being surpassed only
by the De Lainar, which paid $2,290,-
000 up to May, 1898.
The Mabel shaft Is about 40 feet in
The Lucky Consolidated has been
attracting some attention of late. It
lies west of the Palo Alto.
The Tom Thumb Giant has been
taken In charge by Ambrose Stewart,
manager of the Morning Glory, and n
force of men has started to sink a
The U. S. Development Company,
successor of the U. 8. Le Roi Gold Mining Company, has decided to mine in
earnest. As evidence of this fact the
company has asked for bids to sink a
100-foot shaft on the property.
The Gopher Is turning out some nice
looking ore. It would take an expert
to tell It from the Mountain Lion ore.
The Durango Gold Mining Company
in pushing work on the Alloth claim.
The shaft is 40 feet in depth, and the
ledge maintains its width.
The report is being circulated that a
now manager has taken charge of the
Tom Thumb.
The Good Luck Consolidated ls go
Ing down with the shaft. After sink
Ing 50 feet the ledge was crosscut, but
as it was considerably broken up the
management decided to sink another
50 feet and to again crosscut the vein.
The Gold Ledge is still the magnet
that draws the curiosity seekers and
mining men to Gold Hill.
As the dritt on the Mountain Lion
advances, there is a steady Increase in
values. Since the drift was started
south to make a connection with the
shaft the values have risen more than
100 per cent. At the point where the
drift began nt the tunnel the ore ran
from $40 to $ti0 per ton.
On account of the bad air, the con-
trnctorn ©— tWc- G—I- l^'.v. w..»-.. compelled to throw up the contract on the
main tunnel.
The whim on the North Snn Poil is
In place and will be put in operation
Immediately. The shaft is 70 feet ln
depth. There apears to be little change
in the character of the ore for the past
50 feet.
The Ben Hur shaft has been started
but for lack of material the shaft has
not been timbered and not much progress has been made on it.
The El Caliph grows larger every
day and the ore maintains its high
The Insurgent claim is now developed by shaft The character of the
ore remains as heretofore.
The drift on the Bryan k Sewell was
advanced 40 feet In March. Ouly one
shift Is employed.
Superintendent Hinckley states that
ihe shaft on the. Mary j\nn was sunk
42 feet last month.
The Golden Chest, which lies on the
east slope of Copper Mountain, ran 100
feet of drift and sank eight feeet of
shaft between the first nnd last days
of March.
The Golden Chariot shaft was sunk
46 feet, last month. It lies a short distance southeast of the Mary Ann In
what is known as the southwest belt.
The Admiral Dewey ran 25 feet of
shaft and 30 feet of drift during the
past month.
The progress on the Payne tunnel
for March was 30 feet. The Payne
lies south of and ndjoins the Iron Monitor.
The Republic, as usual takes the
lead In dovelopment work ln March.
It has to its credit 427 feet of drift.
Rather less than the usual amount
of development work was done on the
Jim Blaine tunnel, the total number of
feet run being 60.
The Butte k Boston drift was extended 89 feet during the past month.
The south drift of the Princess
Maud was extended 70 feet last month.
The Number Six tunnel was extended 100 feet last month.
The Kate Hayward tunnel was driven 93 feet in March. The Kate Hayward adjoins the Delta on the east.
Hrl.lsh  Colombia.
The lead stack at the Hall Mines
smelter will be started up as soon ss
the new water jackets arrive. These
hove lieen oidered for some time and
are dally expected.   The smelter bas
7 grass roots this property has paid
nnd when supplies are packed up and
tbe men get to work, ore will be secured rapidly from the presont body.
During February 2,445 tons of ore
run through the Whitewater concentrator, producing 276 tons of concentrates. The shipments were 285 tons,
and the returns from 242 tons amounted to $12,590. The approximate profit
on the month's working was $1,250.
For the 18 days ending March 3 the
following were the results of opera-
lions at the Hull Mines smelter: 2,458
tons of Silver King ore and six tons of
purchased ore were smelted; containing approxlmiuetly, Silver King ore
54 tons copper, 36,890 ounces silver;
purchased ore, etc., one ton copper, 130
ounces silver, seven ounces gold.
The Noble Five Is waiting for water
to start the concentrator. The bins
and pockets are full and a two weeks'
run will l>e required to handle the ore.
The Ruth company is making arrangements to commence the construction of its tram and concentrator at an
early day. T. Mitchell, who built the
Comstock and many other concentrators ln the Slocan, has the contract
for the Ruth concetrator.
Buffalo Hump Hotels
Around the mountain traveling is
very difficult. Every one has to get
out and break trail for the horses and
the animals frequently sink up to
their necks In the snow. From Elk
City to Badger the snow Is deep but
the trail has been kept well broken by
travelers. Tbere Is considerable activity at Badger, where the Big Buffalo
company is getting out its mill and
moving It to the Hump.
The Big Buffalo shaft is down 35
feet, but for the last few feet values
have depreciated. Mr. Sweeny says
that the latest showings are disappointing, but the work will proceed,
although the size of the shaft will be
reduced aud tho force of miners will
be uot more than 12 meu.
The uews ot finding lower grade ore
beneath the sensationally rich ore of
the surface has caused considerable
comment here but hns not served to
oampeu the ardor of owners of other
It is said that the ore in the bottom
of the shaft is more heavily mineralized than above, and carries enough
gold to make the property a dividend
payer if the values now shown In the
bottom of the shaft hold out. Definite
Information as to values could not be
MiniNG  MOT-K.
Discoveries of copper ore near Salisbury, N. C, at the Union gold mines,
are exciting intense interest and
claims are made that the supply will
equal the famous Calumet and Hecla
and Anaconda mines.
It Is known that negotiations are
pending for the reopening of what is
commonly called the Whitlatch Union
mine, the property of the National
Mining antl Exploring compiiuy, irbtcli
Is located at the head of Oro Fino
gulch, about four miles south of Helena.
Twenty-five cans of black powder,
used in blasting at tbe construction
works at Point Richmond, Cat, on the
Valley road, exploded last week.
James Ilogan won killed and Thomas
Keefo burned so badly he will die.
Dnn Quin, the superintendent, was
burned aliout the face ami arms, but
will recover.
The ore shipments from Rossland
for ihe week ending April 8th are as
follows: • Le Roi to Northport, 2,376;
War Eagle, to Trail, 468; Iron Mask,
to Trail, 108; total, 2,952 tons. Total
shipments for the year lo April 8th
were 22,036 tons. The ore shipments
for the past week hold up fairly well,
considering that the War Eagle has
not been able to commence shipping in
earnest. There are over 1000 tons of
broken ore In the workings yet, and lt
will be another week before the War
Eagle Is in a position to run along
with the Le Roi.
The following Is a list of the different classes of business now in Republic: General merchandise, 3; barber
shops, 3; paints and paper, 1; dry-
goods and shoes, 4; saloons, 12; hotels,
3; theaters, 2: real estate and brokers,
10; lawyers, 6; restaurants, 10; fruit
stands and cigars, 4; grocery, 1; hardware and tinware, 2; newspapers, 3;
lodging houses, 9; telephone offices, 1;
assay offices, 5; stables, 3; drug stores
3; meat markets, 2; bank, 1; dentists,
2; news stand and hooks. 1; millinery,
2; dressmakers, 4; jewelers and watch
makers, 3; laundries, 4; physicians, 3;
dance halls, 2; lodging tents, 2; carpenter shop."! and contractors, 3; tinner and plumber. 1; sign writers, 2;
shoe shops, 2; harnessmaker, 1; blacksmith shops, 3; furniture, 2.
Ban. _*wto_'S Ksi«etllllon Drives the
lt.liel* ITri.ui that PoslHon-They Lost
1 »r,e Numbers-Have Retreated to the
Mounltilus   Are Advised to Disarm.
ManUn, April lo, 6tM a. m.-Oencral
Law ton Im** captured Santa Cruz, at the
extreme end of the lake, and driven the
rebels, who weic commanded by a China-
man named l\.o Wah, into the mountains
The American loss was six wounded
The rebels' loss »as 08 killed «»d 40
wounded. -
An expedition cm-isting of about IHHI
men, commanded by -Major Oeneral Henry
Uwton, l.'ft San Pedro Macati, on the
river Pasig, Saturday night with the purpose ol crossing Lftguna de Bay and cap
tilling the town of Santa Cruz, on the
eastern ihore of the lake. The American
troops «eie then, ns planned, to sweep the
country to Ihe south. The force consulted of 200 picked iharpshooters from various regiments, Hawthorn's mounted battery, Gale'* squadron and three troops of
the Fourth cavalry, unmounted* lirooks'
ami Tap-iis' battalions, Fourteenth infan-
tiv, Uncle's battalion, First Idaho infantry and Fraln's battalion, First North Dakota Infantry, under General King.
The flotilla of 20 canoes, lowed by tugs
and conveyed by gunboats Laguna de
Ilav. Oesla and Pappldau, and preceded
bv'a launch containing Oeneral t_wtou
aiid General King. ni«.vtd tO*ard the lake
just as evening was --citiiix In. li waa a
truly picturesque scene, The men 0 rrted
iHtit'n- i i 1" day- and the Hgh'esl inarching equipment General Lawtdna plan
was to reach Santa In./. Mimd.iy morn
ing at daylight, to capture or destroy Ihe
rebel gunboati and shipping, to take the
town and then to "cour ihe oun ry to t'.e
lOUth of the lake, a dUtrit-t nol yet e.\
plot el by i he America-*
Vi.il   lie   «»tif«*«-«*slt-d.
Washington, April 10.—The following
dispatch wai neat-red from General <»:i-
Manila, April 10.-Adjutant General,
Waahlngtoni iMwiee** command Captured Santa Crua, the chief cl y of Lagan*
d«- Bay, thi** morning. Casualties, six
wounded. The Insurgent troops we.cd.iv
en hack, leaving .W dead on I I.e field and a
large number of wounded. la«.ton will
pu-h Hc-t.va.tl. tlTtS.
r'.rrd   oil   Neoallntr   Purls.
Manila, Ap.il 10, 4:45 p. m.- Tin- reb 1-
atong ihe railroad fired »i a scouting pinj
near Malolos today, wounding Iwo mem
hers of Ihe ki».i*s.» regiment.
The l.'ni.t'il Stales t/unl-ott Bennington
hns gone up the coast in order to .clicVC
.i Spanish garrison of IT nun. bcle.igur. 1
there s'n, c May.
11   i« considered   rignrfioanl   thnt   the
Oi e.tnia   RspBRoia, lollUCllj   nibidly   in  fit,
vor of the Filipino government, is now
eo_HMU-g disarmament and advising I'll-
i'.in.is u. accept the Inevitable, li has
earcfi.ll> analyzed ihe proclamation of the
United Mates l'hilippinc c...ni.iis~i.i...
pointing out the advantages, o| the definite policy determined upon.
BRITISH .oi.t-niu*.
Rossland is to have a paid fire
The Nehon Daily Miner will public
".ereafter a Sunday Issue, omitting the
usual Monday paper.
Acting under Instructions from the
department. Postmaster Angus Cameron of Cascade made np the first indi.
vidual mail bags for the new postof.
rices recently established between that
city and Brooklyn.
The provincial legislature recently
granted appropriations totalling 19,000
for a bridge over the West Fork near
Midway, and for building wagon roads.
Prospectors claim that It looks as it* ;i
second Houndary Creek district may
soon be opened up at Midway.
The contractors for the poloa for the
telephone line which the Columbia
Telephone & Telegraph Company pro
poses building to Camp McKinney, are
now distributing tbem along tl.e road,
Early communication between that
stirring camp and Spokane via tlio
Houndary country towns Is promised.
As the shifts were changing In the
Centre Star mine Inst wepk, Mack
Cook and his partner, Ed Welch, nnd
Michael O'liagan and his partner split
their fuses, fired then, and sought safe.
ty. O'llagen's shot went off, and ll It-
supposed Cook thought it was his aud
went to the face of the drift just In
time to lie kileld by the explosion. His
partner has gone to get ready for home
and in passing heard some one groan,
and iiim.ii investigation found lt wiih
Cook, who died almost lmmedlaicly.
Cook was a single man, 36 years old,
and was an old-timer lu the camp.
--.indent of
S111-.ft11.11 Kiplnlaft.
April  8.—The  M.|d.id
the Times Mjrsj
Ihe queen regent, in signing the peace
treaty, acted under the advice of re-|M.n
-iblc ministers nor will her action meet
opposition from Senor S'ags-ta on the re-
t-sscmhling of the cortes.
Sagasta simply means to place it upon
record that hi- object in applying to p r-
iianii-..t for an authorisation to change
the rode of the Philippine* was to reconcile tiie two apparently conflicting article
in the constitution and to make the authorization a shield for the queen regent
against attacks by He ci.Tsfs and ie,mb
< ..Im  »Hi.u lu Come la.
Washington, I). l'., April l'i.--Inspector .Ieneral llreekcnridgc, who hits just
rcuinied from an Inapectioa trip 10 Cnb.t
.ind Puerto It ii o. in an interview, s.ys:
"Since ihe I'niled States has been in
possesion of Cuba ihe condition of the
Maud hai naturally Immensely improved.
I have no idea that there is any danger
of nn insurrection against the I'.tiled
Statist. The minds of the people a I this
moment are on ihe question of the $I,0II0,-
0TO to l-e paid to the Cuban Insurgents
After ihi- hai been settled they will devote themselves lo the discussion of the
kind of gove.nnient Cub:, a' all hive nf er
the American troops have been with-
'•There will lie no trouble fiom Ihe Ctt-
l-ans as n people during military occupa
tion, but I feel sure that after our troops
arc brought home (here will lie disturb
I'nre-t pervade;. Cuba because the p.o
pie have no voice in their government.
They know that the I'nited Stntes can not
ut present take tl.e island, nn matter not"*
much we would like io do so. I an. confident that if a vote were lake., in Cuba
today on a propotdUon of annexation lo
the t'niled Stales it would be adopted by
a vote of two to one. The Spanish element prefen annexation and many of the
Cubans also for they do not know after
the* expirntion of the I'nitisl States rule
whether 8000 or 10,(100 of the former insurgents will rule or the people will rule.
Ll  Hbbk  Cluing  la   Dlmrraec.
Tacoma, April 10.- Oriental advice*
state thnt n sensation has been caused at
Peking by nn edict issued by the empress
dowager charging  Ll   Hung  Chang  nml
A Gift From Fell*  Kimr.-.
Wnshington, April 0.—A notable ceremony occured nt the executive mansion
yesterday, when  the  French ambassador,
M. Canvbon, presented to the government r:,'ang Jumel, governor of Shantung^ wilh
nnd  the American people as represented  W0**   extrnvngaiice.    Ikitl.   arc   ten-rely!Northport 12:15 p. ni
through President McKinley two magnifl-  p«nj«Ured  for  tl.e extravagant mnnne. i"n'n'.; Spokane, (I p, m
l-i.ll.    .1-1.1-   nt    l-lss.
I'e.lin. April ft.—An official telegram
from the German consul at Apia. Samoa,
dated Mai-b 24, saya minor collisions sre
daily oocnrlng, and that the Istmbaidm .11
continue-*.   Tic di-p.tch r.d'***
"Tanus yeaterdny  was appointed  kin;;
at Mulinuii by the o;he. consuls ami Com-
in.in-1 r*.    Bl.s'n »•" i« at a stind-ltP.    All
-hop- have been cl lad since Mar h 18."
The   ..ri..--   < <jiiiiu.»k.<iii. r.
Washington, April I.—Tbe British government l.n- chosen c. N. Kllio.t, c. 0.,
is high <'<>mnii--ioner lo Samoa. Klliott
is one of the Itritish euiUissy stuff here
and has had a .lis'ingut-hcd career in diplomacy.
There are said to be 230 glaciers In
the Alps over five miles In length.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trnlns Run 0.1 Pacific tttnnditrd Time.
I^'iive. Arrive.
Qolng West. Dally. CloiiiK Kttst.
8:00 n.m    Ktisln    :t:[_ p. in
*.•.■•"• n. m  South Fork   H-.20 p. m
9:30 a. m  Sprotib's   ■*::*.-> i>. n.
9:15 a. m   Whitewater   2:10 p. in
»;66 a. m  Hear Lake   »:0i» p. n.
10:12 a. m  McO..I-;an   1:8 p. ni
10:25 u. m    linlley's   )::» B. in
UcKI n. m.... Cody Jiiiutli i>  .... 1:23 p. in.
Arrive. Leave.
10:10 a. in  ftnnd.in  1:15 p. ni
t.enve 11:00 n. m..Pnndo>...Arrive 11:40 n. nt.
Arrive 11:1.1 n. ni...Cody...Leave 11:26 n. 1.1
U.  V. COPBLAND,  Hiiperlnlendent.
Navigation and Trading
Steume.s "International" ami "Alberta''
on Kootenay Lake and River.
Five Mile Point connechou with all
puMeinrer trains of N. k V. S. R. R. te
and Irom Northport, Rossland and -ipo
kanc. Tickets and baggage checked to all
United iStateH points.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson and way point*,
daily, except Sunday, 5:45 a. m.   Arrivs
Rossland, 3:40 p.
memorntcd the opening of the new French
j\merican  cable,  Augnst   17  last,   when
President McKinley and President Fame
secured the entire output of the Queen exchanged thc first messages over the new
Hull     —,l..o       n.,n>     Tl,™„      _..._„.. t -   '.. ~' "     "'"
cent vases from the French national pot   "hich t'liAiifr .Tumel   has   entertained Li
tery nt Sevres. Hung Chang at Chin.infn while tlio litter
Tlie gift was from the late president of  ,vns on routn ,0 t,lfi Hooded districts along
the French republic, Felix Fame, nnd com   'be Yellow  river in the capacity nf Imperial   high   commissioner
of  river
l.i-lrn.i.rs  tor  Ps*noe.
Bess mine, near Three Forks, for a line,
considerable period, and this ore,
which ls a galena, can be smelted to
great advantage by mixing it with
some of tbe Silver King ore that carries considerable silver
no copper. ,     it convention, which
,„..*,.„        . V   ,    *     ' T °'~JnC Hemnt> "• -><-«<'y 'n connection wilh the restoration
bnt nr.^LnrJ  itiftjtT?**** ■** '™8tit"ti"n of -' P«ee and the reorganirati. n of the gov-
but W-Ctlc-lly Ihe Un ted State* delegation to the dlsar- eminent   in   the   Philippines precluded
01:1111,-n      ,'i.ni ..1,1',,..,     .....:....    ...Ill    _--. ..   ■    .
ijeave Nelson for Kaslo and way point!
daily, except Sunday, 4:35 p. m.    Leav*
Spokane. 8 a. m.; Rossland, 10:30 a. m.;
North-tort, 1:50 p. in.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo, etc., Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
al, 8:,10 a. m.; anive Kaslo, 12:30 p. m.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson, etc., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. m.; arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
C-b'I Spare ('rorsr*  .>-«<.>.
Washington,  April  8.—Secretary  Long
announces  that  the delicate and  impor-
t nt duties d v lving upon Admiral George
on, April        The se rctary of   Dewey in connection with the restoration   -ONNr'lt**-*  FERRY AND KOOTENAY
Leave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.j arrive
__e__r_*___ft^'"V'--» -■   ^..•ri^^^^
-. ^-_U_l__Ji_i.'s_hl__t___.  __■!_. ''sgu^sajJjLlt ' ~i/jstk i__-_-.i-    '_It__-M- ■—■■**     •'m)Li*am. 'w-'Mjia. -*____. -_-rSs__- *a*sVi s__» ' _f_i_iM _r_-   -■ **-*•."
■ *, rir*sWeAw**e*AW ^PeFse^m . ^p*  'W<mj*iSsWwtW,. *-**r«P—i"US ^mr*r)^mlA'r*Ae    ^tpfesy*^st WSPr- 1 v     S^AWmes*        .amrys*'.  wTt^tm ^ptAt^mr  ~"—— l^^F   ip^pi*s|| se*?u\.-    ... ■
celved a report from Major Harvard,   who live by begging,
Slocan railway for laat week amount-'delegation
ed to 463Vj tons, being made
following    mines;    Last Chance
tons; Payne, 206% tons; Ramble
tons; Jackson, 46 tons; Reco, 20
Liberty Hill, 15 tons.
In the Beatrice tunnel and shaft
splendid  showing of ore.   From tbe;
.etsm/sm.i.j***VA^"*&i,*> 'siusttf"'.'^-.^-*^ si**** .ktmim+iw, Um*4suwr»'sfcstxr' 'tAmmem*. -ommitm *
' -"-"gallon. |ad)e| of [he j^d Cr0M gociet_t j    ^^ -  -
ettumyearn «•<**. ■ .>*•**.
ALEXANDER, Gen. Manager.
Oct 1, 1I9T.
^■4jtfu».:*.i«wwi%^^»•*« **m+-}m*#*^&'W^^ nsmxmf i«%^<ni»W'
*-k^tmm\.   -*m\\e .^tutmmXm.   ML-W__> _-btt_l
:mmi mmma.mjm^*maajm.mm%>%*M^        *myK.m#r. ?XHmm*--^i**i>* "Better Be Wise
Than Rich."
Wise people are also rich
when they know a perfect
repiedy for alt annoying diseases of the blood, kidneys,
Over and bowels. It is
Hood's Sarsaparilla, which
is perfect in its action. It
so regulates the entire system as to bring vigorous
health. It never disappoints.
Goitre -"Fur 12 years 1 bad goitre, or
meltings on mv neck, whicli was discoursing and troublesome. Itli.'iiioiilisni :il-o
tmiio.cd me. Hood's Safi'i.pikrilla tu red
me complc.elv und tin: Mulling bus en.
.irely ilis ppenred, A lady In Michigan
tew im previous testimonial ami _>ed
Hood's'and wns entirely cured of tbo same
trouble, She thanked me lor rot unitiieiiil.
nig It,'VMM. ANSI Sri.ii iii.amj, 408
l.uvel street, Kalamazoo. Mich,
Poor Health—"Had poor health for
vears,"paius lu shoulders, back nnd hip*,
will, ronsinnt headache, hervousnesa and
no appetite. ITsed llmur*. -arsapnrllla,
li.lined strength ami can work bard all iluy;
sat heartily and sleep well. 1 took il bemuse, ii helped my husband."—Mat.
)-.'i.i/.ab.:t.i ,1. litiii'i.s. Mouse I.nkc, Minn.
Make* Weak Strong I would give
}.'i u bottle tor Hood's Nirsn pari lis .1' 1
i.mill not u'ci it For lest, li is tl.e besi
spring   otcdi.-iiic.     11    makes   U.e   weak
uroiig."— Albmr A. .In..now, lio.tgiu*-
low.i, N. V.
Iln Hits rnhllsliril   n   I'mii-ililc.   Oppus-
Iiik Perpetual I'eace—Bays II  Will  not'
Sm-i-m-i.  for I'lilvciNitl ,1'i'Si-f    A  Cum- |
until   of u 0*1 until Paper.
London, April 8.—The Berlin correspondent of the Tiii.es says .
IWcs-or Von Stengel of thc Munich
university, who will be one of the German delegates to the disarmament conference al Tl.e Hague next month, has pub-
jlislicil a pamphlet opposing the advocates
of perpetual peace, lie declares thc conference is puerile and even though convoked by a onr ami attended by the most
{skillful diplomats and slute-micn will not
succeed in establishing universal peace.
On the Contrary, he contends that such
conicienies involve the danger of intensifying existing differences and he asserts that
ho far as tier...any is concerned she has
still to achieve her rightful position in the
politics of the world.
In commenting upon Von Stengel's pam-
phlet the Berliner Poat says it la a '"source
of great satisfaction that tl.e German del-
Sgntes arc free from tl.e vague illusions of
universal fraternising.**
Never Disappoints
Hood's Pills ours live.  I.I i, the nun irrliaiins art*
,,i,l> iMthsrllc to Ukkt Willi  HtsHl'S tt»n»»tJS-'U-i
Mill l nutl.l   Hill   III*  ...Mill.
Washington,  April 0. Minister Correa
.if Nicaragua has heard nothing from his
government si.ne the authorities here de-
tcnni.led to send tl.e cruiser Detroit to
Kh.efleldi io see tlwt tl.e American Inter*
c«is were protected against the reported
exactions of (leneial Torres. Senor Correa
<avs, howe.er, that he does not apprehend
.mv seriou- trouble at Bltteflelda, as the
Siciin.gii.in noveinment will «ee that
American citirern are afforded the fullest
I. limit   I'liirs   Wnr.
Sen Vork, April 6.—A dispatch from
Pun ui Prince says-. It U reported that
Ihe Dominican government is mas-tag
troops nt. ihe frontier in fear of invasion
liv Juan .limine/ from St. Marc It is .tls.
causing the arrest of suspected D it.iiuii-ana
tesiding in Port au Prim*. Senor .limine*/
i- n iw iu St Thomas.
Mauds i.»   In  \reil.
Kvery living thing has pains and
aches sometimes, and the aches and
Italna of bumanklnd have a friend In
St. Jacobs Oil. which stands by In
iiuj-iI to cure antl restore.
There is no single day of the week
wblcb is not accepted by some portion
of the human rnce as the "day of rest."
For example: Persians, Tuesday; Assyrians, Wednesday ; Egyptians,
Thursday; Turks, Friday; Jews, Saturday.
Only one man ln 203 is over six feet
in height
Bo Says Mrs. Mary Rochlette of
Linden, New Jersey, ln this
Letter to Mrs. Plnkham.
"I was bothered with a flow which
would bc quite annoying at times, and
at others would almost stop
"I used prescriptiousgiven me by my
physician,  but the
Muue    state
of    affairs
" After   a
time   i   was
taken    with
a     tl- Hal. n g
that    I   wa*
obliged      to
keep my bed
Finally,    in
despair     I
gave  up my doc.
tor.   and    began    ^^^^^^^^^^^
taking your medicine and havo certainly been greatly
benefited by Its use
Lydla K. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound t.as indeed been a friend to mo.
' I am now able to do my own work,
tl.ar.Us to your wonderful medicine. I
was as near death I believe as I could
be m> wink that my pulse scarcely beat
sod my heart bad almost given out I
could not bave stood It one week more,
1 am .ure. I never thought. I would
be so grateful to any medicine.
" I shall use my Influence with any
one suffering aa I did, to have them
use Lydla E. Plnkham's Vegetable
Kvery woman that, is puzzled about
her condition should secure the sympathetic advice of a woman who understands. -Write to Mrs. Pink bum at
Lynn, Mass.. and tell ber your Ills.
stiif_.-_ __S a*** tUrt rH"»l em fto* IM
Jlnat el -M-etablM, grain, h»jr   In (rest .bun
"nee.   Cllmats splendid'.   Crop   failures Im
-■sBtble.   Adapted  U   lb*  raisin,   ol  cattle,
iffi,, lio*rs;J»lry and poultry Industries.   ll
"''"I district, prOTldlne an excellent market
"""I-. —	
lor all produott
Tender   II.mIi.
The more tender the flesh, the blacker the bruise. The sooner you use St.
Jacobs Oil, the quicker will be the cure
of any bruise, and any bruise will dis-
appear promptly under the treatment
of the grent remedy.
A handy pocket cash register has
four openings In a circular plate form-
li.R tho face of the register, with four
disks pivoted inside to be revolved In
either direction, Indicating the amount
of money on hand by numbers on the
faces registering with the openings ln
WANT    SO.I-.1.1 N.i
li Kl
Potatoes ore now selling nt $1,06 a
bushel in Chehalls.
Potatoes are selling for $1.05 per
bushel at Chehalls, Wash.
A large sample of Yakima hops has
been sent to China.
The big mill at Port I.udlow has
shut, down for two weeks for repairs.
The Northern Pacific has paid
$554.94, being Its 1898 personal taxes
In Lincoln county.
0. It. Morris of Judith, Montana, reports live stock in fairly good condition In that section.
Dillon, Montana, reports the sale of
144 head of steers In Beaverhead county at $50 per head.
8toek of every kind is in good condition around Dallas, with no loss
from starvation or bad weather.
There ls much Inquiry for heavy,
well bred draft horses, and prices have
an upward tendency at Stayton, Ore.
A Skagit fir scaled 32,444 feet—43
feet long and nine In diameter. Another scaled 16,000 feet, and weighed
68,000 pounds.
A' clam-canniiiR establishment has
opened up at Warren ton, Wash., with
employment for 45 men and 10 teaim.
throiiKhotit the season.
Washington prunes are being shipped to California, where they are sold
under the name oi Imported goods, on
account of their superior quality.
The White Crest Canning Company
of Auncortes, has been organized, and
will succeed to the clan, canning ami
fishing interests of W. A. Lowmnn.
The canneries nt Hlalne, Wilt, are
taking on new employes to work during the salmon uomaon, and there will
be work for good, competent men for
• be next six months.
There Is at present some 1,500,000
pounds of wool stored in the warehouses at The Dalles Ore., and in a
short lime the new crop, whicli will
probably amount to 7,5.10,000 pounds,
will begin arriving.
There are three camps on the Upper
Chehalis shipping logs to Cray's harbor, Wash. Another camp will start
up shortly, which will put 1'.,000,000
feet on the dray's harbor market this
Doust k Dam, of North Yakima,
have received an order from Shanghai, China, to ship five bales of hops
U samples. If the sample bales are
all right, large nnd increasing orders
may be expected from China.
How many women arc saying liwi now:
'Oh, 1 wn.it a change In my wall decorations; I mn tired brwt.ll paper."
How many dealers ure saying: "Ob,
What a t.Ultance tbe Wall paper business
bas become; now much lime and invest-
ment it takes and bow little ibe probt?"
How many painters and decorators who
liiiveleni Ibeir in.liicncc lo iuisIi forward
tihe wall paper crate now liud their occupation cone.
To ull such we would ,-inv
"I'm., sell and
water  Alabus-
advocate the  durable cold
Alabastlne can be ii«e.l on either plus
tereti walls, wood ceilings, brick or can vat.
It Is absolutely fireproof in Its nature, li
durable, and any one can brush il on.
Alabastlne U sold by paint dealers everywhere.   A.-.k yourdealera for card of .in.*.
A new folding gate for use on private driveways has a series of pickets
formed into lazy tongs, attached to a
post and extending out within reach
of a person ln a buggy to operate the
gate without dismounting.
hows tiii-st
We offer One Hundred Hollars Reward for
ariy case of (.'nlarrh thai fan not be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHR.VKT _ CO., Toledo. O.
We, the underslKtied, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and bellevn him
perfectly honorable In ail l-usiri.--.-. transactions
and tinan.-lally able to carry out any obligations mode by their nrm.
WEST A TKUAX.  Wholesale  Druifgl-ts,    Toledo, u.
Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure In taken Internally, acting directly  upon  thc blood and  mucous surfaces of the system.    Te-tlmonlals sent  free.
Price 7*k* per bottle.   Sold by all Druggists.
Hall's Family I'llls are the bos'..
William Enrle Cook of Portsmouth,
R. I., is 102, and claims to be the oldest Free Mason and the oldest member
of the Methodist church in this country.
TRY   AM.. VS   r-OO-r-E.lSK,
A iMiwder to be shaken into the shoe-
Al this season your feet feel swollen, ne*r-
vou.s and uncomfort—bte. If you have
smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's
Foot-Ease. It rests and comforts; makes
walking easy. Cures swollen and sweating
feet, blisters and callous soots. Relieves
corns and bunions of all pain and isaoer-
tain cure for Chilblains, Hire-ting, damp
or frosted feet. We have over thirty thousand testimonials. Try it today. Bold by
all druggists aod shoe stores for 25c. Trial
package FRF.K. Address, Allen H. 01m-
sted.Te Roy, N. Y.	
Chief Justice Fuller of the Tnited
States supreme court, always walks
with a gold beaded cane given him by
a grateful client 30 years ngo.
...-Illlll      Mill.      I.s-lllll).
No beauty with pimply skin, dull eyes,
hut! breath. Clean your system and keep
ii clean will, frnxrant Caaeareta Candy
Cathartic I  All druggists. ioc, Be, Mc.
Helpline a  Home.
The usual knot of people that had
gathered on the sidewalk to look on,
as people always do when a horse falls
down, saw in this case something that
was new to at least some of them. The
horse, the off one of a pair hitched to
a truck, had gone down on a snow-covered and slippery asphalt pavement.
The driver cleared away all tho harness, loosed all the fastenings bo that
the horse would have perfect freedom
of movement, and then did the one
thing thnt was new. He got from the
truck a big piece of burlap bagging
and went back to tbe horse's head and
prepared to place it under the horse's
forefeet He spread It under the
horse's off forefoot first, because that
was the one he came to first coming
from the truck, arranging it on the
ground close to the foot and then lifting the foot and leg and pushing thc
burlap under lt.
Then he went around the horse's
head to repeat the operation with the
nigh foot, and when he got all ready
and had got hold of the horse's foot to
lift it, the horse lifted his foot himself, while the driver simply carried
It forward to its proper place on the
burlap. Then, with this good, secure
bold for his feet the horse got up on
the slippery pavement with no difficulty whatever, and the driver hooked
blm up again and drove on.
Level-headed driver; good horse.—
jVeic York nun.
Wheal <lm.tiitli.iis. Wool Vluu
the  PrIre  of  Produce.
The missions of the Presbyterian
church occupy 12 distinct fields In
Mexico in which 73 salaried workers
are engaged.
To Care a Cold la  «_e Day.
Takt   Laxa.l-t   Bromo Qtilnlns)  Tablets       All
druggist- refund money If It falls to our*. Ho
Silk Is considered unclean by the
Mohammedans, because It le the product of a worm.
The following prices are paid for
wheat delivered at the Spokane mills:
Wheat—Bluestem, bulk 50c, sacked
52c* No. 1 Club, bulk 47c, sacked 49c;
No. 1 red, bulk 45c, sacked 47c.
Vegetables—Potatoes, $2.00 to $2.25
per cwt.; onions, $1.35@$1.50; cabbage
$2.60 per cwt.; celery, 50 to GOc per doz.
Hay—Timothy, $13 per ton; wheat
hay, $11;  alfalfa.  $11.
Rye—Country points, f. o. b., 72c per
cwt.; Spokane, 75c per cwt.
Feed—Bran and shorts, $14 per ton;
shorts, $13.; bran, $15.; rolled barley,
$20.; chicken feed, $15 to $20.
Corn—Whole, $1.18 per cwt.; cracked, $1.20.
Wood (on car)—Fir, $3.; tamarack,
$3.75; pine, $2.75. Retail—Fir, $3.50;
tamarack, $3.50 to $4; pine, $3 to $3.25.
Coal (retail)— Roslyn lump, $5.50;
Pennsylvania antharcite, $18; Colorado antharcite, $lti; foundry coke. $16;
Cumberland black, $17.50 to $20.
Poultry — Chickens, live weight, 15
to 16c per pound; turkeys, dressed, 16
to 18c; spring ducks, dressed, 14 to 16;
geese, live, lb to 16c.
..leats— Beef cows, live, $2.75 to $3.50
per cwt.; drensed, 7 to 7'-.-c; hogs, live,
4 to I'.e; dressed. S'.u to _G Der lb.
Portland, Ore.. April 10. — Wheat,
Wnlla Walla 58c; valley, 60c; blue-
stem, 61c.
Tacoma, April 10.—Wheat, nominal;
I'lub, 68c; bluestem, 61c.
San Francisco, April 10. — Silver
bars, 59-t,; Mexican dollars, 48 to 48"-j.
Lake copper—Brokers', $18.00.
The firm that fixes the selling price
for miners and smelters quotes lead at
$4.10 nt the close.
___^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow1! -ooth-
Tl.e coal bunkers nt Do.ity, Ore., will i Ing Syrup the best remedy to uae for tbei.
children during the teething period.
Australia is the only country in the
world where no native pipes and no
native Rinokers have beecn found.
soon be finished, with a much larger
capacity than the old ones. The coal
company is adopting n new rotary
washer which promises to revolutionize coul washing.
The sound of the hammer and saw
is heanl throughout the length nml
breadth of the Chehalis valley. That
part of southwestern Washington
drained by the Ohehulle river is exhibiting an agricultural, commercial and
manufacturing activity which argues
well for the "Evergreen" state.
A snle was made of 5,000 bushels of
wheat at lllue Mountain station near
Weston, by (!. \V. Staggs, to R. Jainie-
son. The price paid was 47 cents.
This has lieen the only sale for three
months, and many heavy growers still
hold for 50 cent*. jVbout $60,000 worth
of wheat Is still unmarketed It. that
The Weston brickyard In Oregon began work last week with three yard
crews, numbering nbout 25 men. On
account of prospective building at Pendleton and Walla Walla, ami the brick
famine at Walla Walla, the Weston
yard will be kept busy throughout the
There wns n young mnn from I.enora,
Who boldly went off to the war;
The "be«f" mnde blm sick,
He recovered quite quick.
By ihe prompt use of old Jesse Moore.
We credit our virtue to ourselves
nnd charge our vices to human nature.
CITf Permanently Cured. Sn Bisor ner-roaiBet
rila »n- r ilr-n day's use or Dr. Kllue's lln-at
Nirvr AesUirer. Bend for FKKK 94.00 trls,
bottle and trw-tltm. DR. IX. IL JL-CMt, ltd., Mf
-rcH street, PUlUdelphlS. PW	
The pope has decided to re-establish
tho Catholic missions which existed in
the Soudan liefore thc Mahdl's usurp-
tlon. Mons. Sagrado, who was formerly vicar apostolic of the Soudan, has
been Instructed to carry out the work.
In the spring elMBM your system l-y using
I>r.  Plunder's OrtfDB lUood Purifier.
Stivap With John llu...
Washington, April 7.—Public men here
mc dlttrntiing with unabated interest ihe
proposition that the I'nited Stntes and
i'.cat Britain enter into an agreement by
which the i'nited States shall turn the
-overeignty of Ihe Philippines over to
tireat Britain in return for tl.e Hritish
West Indies.
More   Troops   for   Mini.In.
St. I.ouis. April 8.—Batteries I, N and
K of the Si\th V. S. artillery have pns-ed
through this cily en route Iron Fort Hamilton to Mi nil.i. The battalion is under
command of Mnjor F. J, Parker.
Kew Can anil r.imlii.-*..
San Francisco, April 11.—The Southern Pacific Railway Company baa ordered
.1000 new fi eight cars and 3.1 new locomotives.
  Collls P. Huntington is an admirer
season.    From three to four millions , ot the first Bonaparte and has a valua-
of brick will be manufactured. I Mo OOltoetton of prints, portraits and
books concerning the emperor.   He Is
In a new combined mud guard and
support for bicycles a stiff wire frame
is hinged to the crown of the front
fork, extending down to the crank
banger. It is covered with fabric, to
protect the rider when mounted, nnd
the lower end swings to the ground to
form the support.    ..-.-^ •
The artist Is the only workman who
loves his work better than himself.
Also   rich   orsnltsrrT   Istids
-^wr-*--- •**•*»■** an
ar_i:1i-_-MSaeajlvlni '«" PjrtlonlsrV.   _4
a-ssstodsy.       rj. R^ DaWITTJtorsury,
I „-      tl,rt        IXIOKH     iUIH t*l Illllfs,     Hi^     *^*a*srrl'mvm9 •-"     —
The flab canning companies or   lu , yRcht8man and has a more
Sound nre having their nets men       , ^.J L.ow.edge   of   navigation
and scows repaired,   ns it wll be but *            ,       seamen.
three months before the run of salmon | than most amateur seam	
commences.   The companies down the j -,,*,,.,,,,,-,, UsthOdM Magazine.
Sound nre employing many new men. ____         _ ^  Joh„ Wp8]py ,_
as the run of the sockeye jmlmon com-1 >      h__ ^ mibliHh„(1 monthly
mences nbout June 16th and lasts   o „, r,.ache.l Its one
August 1st.    The wckeye_•nlmon «, .      hnil(lrw,   and   f0l.,y.
thousand,  four hundred
second Issue.
I Thmrlow Block,Ska Fimclsoo, Oat
&*m+mmi!*3m*t>m*ms%jt^^ > mm _r*i>«hC?*r>
-.-I- ' ■* ■
aught and trapped In tlm Sound near
Blaine and Point Roberts. 	
Fall wheat Is In fine conditio., about . Mnekav the other ovenlng
Dallas, and bids fair to be a full crop. •_ gft_ Vrmclie0 60
It will be BO per cent nl  least       i      , cm-)oyw, of ,he Postal Tslegrnph
season Is late, but iprlnf *» " • £» I Com^ ln wnlrh ho Is a heavy stock
Ing up and look Ing well    Spill If «»»    ^m   j^ _b f,lrnl8nw, wilh
ing ls being pushed as rapid!   as I        ^ & ^ __d . (,arr|nK„
Bible. The whea afjfj'j",JJ . I Bw.aU(,fi of Helen Oould's kindness
to the average, and onts, " ^ ,,|v ' l0 tho mon W(„.kinR on the Windsor
present    prices,    will IM «««•»«J   hoW,  .,„„„  ,„„  wo|.k,„en   divided  to
more. Work In the hop ywdi>w\? , ^^ hw ft ^h^^ Bhe was
greealni rapidly. TM vw»" » (_ l0U(.h(1(, ,)y tll0 offl,ri but refused to ac-
im* s«_tl' 0ta^-m*'^?e**S%f;p^ <iKmwea» j^tm, .ywd-Mi*>•*%***m
fine condition, and everyl-TnrT*»''TTTj|»0^
to a bountiful harvest.
"1   bSfSSSSS  ..lstl»II.RHS.nds.
s mild snd sttecilfs IsisiIt* tbey sre simt.lT won-
isrful. My dsusltter aud 1 were bothered with
sick slontscb snd our bresih was »cry bsd. After
t si st. ii a s few doses of Cssi'arcis ws I.sre laitiruTed
wondsrfnllr Ths; sre -i great help .n tbs faro Uf .*'
wit nt t min a NAi.ri.
1IH Itlt.eiibouts St   I'nicinnall t. *jlo
W   ~L -jW CATHARTIC        ^
TSAOf mash Mawrimo
6'-VUTE THE »-l_.'
Pleasant    Palatable.    Potent.   Ta«t* Oood.  IK)
Hood, NSTtr Sliken. IV™. i   l.iu.i-  in.   ''.V ioc
...    CURE CONSTIPATION.    ...
••_.s, < —...-   I ■.!..,.. S..I...I   \.. Tsr.. ]||
M.Tft Bail Sold and sjiarsnu-ed br sll drtti-
•lU-BAU n.uio -j'l'MCTobsocollablt.
 tmi WHtK SB. USE FAM.B. __ I
la tiro*.   Bole ht -nia-rnts. I
Any Girl Can Tell1
A physician *who rtuKes the
-test _nd is honest about it can
tell you that, in many cases,the
number of red corpuscles In the
blood is doubled after a course
of treatment -with 0t Williams'
Pink Pills for P_le People.
That this means good blood
may not be entirely clear from
the doctors statement, but any
girl v-tho has tried the pills can tell
you that it means Tea lips, bright (
eyes, good appetite, absence of
headache, and that it transforms the pale and sallow girl
into a maiden who glows with
the beauty which perfect health
alone can give.
Mothers whose daughters
firow debilitated as they pass
rom giTlhood into womanhood
should not neglect the pill best'
adapted for this particular ill.
l'r.'itik II. Trout, of I"', -fin-told Ave., Detroit, Midi., says :   "At the
ax*' of fourteen ere lu.i to take our daughter from school ou account of ill
health, sin' weighed only 90 pound*., was link- and sallow and the doctors
sniil (he It-id ■_■_._., l;inally we gave her Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pull.- I'i-o|ilr. When she had taken two boxes she was strong enough to
leave lur Ind, mill iii less than six months was soim-th ing like herself.
To-day she in entirely cured, and is a big, strong, healthy girl, weighing
130 -.omuls, and has never had 11 sick day lince,"—Dtlrtit Evening Newt,
The gjnuine Or Yfilliatn. Pink Pills lor P&u P«opi« atc
Sold only  in p-ck&ge., tbt^TcvppcT   _iw_yi bearing
the full n_m«.   At  &II dTugtJt^kk, ot direct   from   the
Dr Vf.li._ms Med.tine Co. Schenectady,HY, 50'per box.
Tli«* Defective Clnsse-i.
Thirteen out nf every 10,000 pec >i-*
!_ the United States are In prison, au'
17 of the same number are insane.
Thu sexes show an equal per cent of
Insanity, but females form a small percentage of the prison population
Nineteen out of every 10,000 white p..1 •
pons are deranged, while only nine ou!
of 10,000 colored people are so afflicted. Of onr native whites fourteen out
of every 10,000 are crazy, while among
the foreigners the proportion is thirty-
nine. No attempt is made to show the
causes which make so many foreigners
go mad. The tendency to insanity is
greatest among the Irish and least
among the British and Germans. Fifteen out of 10,000 people are Idiots,
nnd here again the colored people show
a less per cent. The tendency to idiocy appears to be greatest among those
of Hungarian stock and least among
those of Italiun origin. Seven out of
every 10,000 people are deaf and dumb
and eight are blind, ln Idiocy, deafness and blindness the sexes are divided In this proportion: Males, 55 per
cent;  females, -If. per cent.
T11111 many   Wiiiil-   Gaft.
New York, April 0.—At a meeting of
the Tammany (icnernl committee Friday
night resolutions were adopted putting the
organization on record as favoring munici-
pr' ownership of ga* plants for all lighting
L ..rposes.
There   Ia   No  Telllna*.
Be sure not to let rheumatism stay in
! the system longer than you can get a
' bottle of St. Jacobs Oil to cure lt
j There is no telling what part it may
i strike or how much misery It may
1 give.
The Thomas Robinson Lumber Company of Tacoma has purchased a half
interest in the shingle mill of Howell
& Roetler. and the shingle mill of W.
Burnhoe, of Rainier, Wash. They
will enlarge the mills and run them at
their utmost capacity.
rise's Cure for Consumption Is the best
: of all cough cures.—George W. Lot-.
I P-bucher, La., August 26, 1896.
Between 1870 and 1897 the number
of professional women writers In the
United Slates increased from 159 to
At present the longest single submarine cable Is 2,700 miles.
I'se Pr. Pfun.ler's OreRon BIoihI TurUler now.
The population of India increases at
the rate of 3,000,000 annually.
For 30 Days You Can Try It for 20 Cents.
Spant HunrJ. . - of Dollars Trying to Get
Well, but all In > .in, Used "5 DROPS" for
Two Months and Is Now Completely Cured*
Thousands of Crateful Letters Received
of Which the Following are Samples:
  To Ihe 3WVVSON RI   ..'" "aTIC -JURE CO., CUIO-go, III.: Ointw*.
(THAOC MARK.! uns—I will stste thst I h»d I Rheumfttism over li years. Spent ovsi
MOO.OOIn tr.li'g to gel well, but til in vsin, until i.ty br»iht-r-in-tfiir iritve nie one bottle of "I
DROPS" on trisl Istt June. I u-ed it for two months, and lam Dow a well man. ICiTlainly beller*
lt ls all you claim for It, and fully worth the money to anyone. I hone the public will l-.titA.
by my tlsu-tueni ol my own CAM, and anyone wishing to writ* me will receive su answer.
REGENT, 1I.I... NOV. 11, 1817.
BWANSON* RHKl'MATIOCi'RRCO., 117 Dearborn St., Chicago, III.: 8IRS-M*/wife has bee*
su-erlns two vesrv wi.lt Klietiinsllsm. -'u-,- could not get about at all. She hat used about •-•
bottle iii -5 DROPS," andean now so tboitt without crutches. I never have found anything
Ihat did ber io mm h good, tin I bope to be tble to contlnHe the treatment until the lt entlralf
well J AMI'S Wll.l.lAM-1.
Ai a pntlllre curs fur Rheumatism. Sclallcs. Neuralgia. Dyspepsia, l.aekacha, A sth-
oiu. Iln/ rarer, Catarrh, BU       ' >■-■• Nervousness, Nervousand NruralEle Head.
aches. II--m I Weakness, T -h«, Karaelse, Crou-j, Sn aHluu. I,a Qrlppa, Malaria.
Craepliif Numbness, etc.,
"FIVfc OffOPS" hit never bun eqatlttl
"g nDflPt" taken lint onceatlaj l»» '->s»of this ureal remedy and te tnaMe sll taflkreri ts)
0 Unuro make a trial of It*, wonderful ciir-.tvepropertlis. tvs will send out durtti( tbs n«i. tktrt-r
days, IOu.iUO satuiilc* boiil<<*i. 160 eaeb, prepaid by in. il. Kvea a sample bolile will convince you ol itb
merits. Bent ami chr-peit medicine on earth. I .Are. bottles (100 doses) |i. ■*"- for 30 days > bottles tat
|Z.au 8t.li. only by us and our a.-cuts. Aeents wan.ed In new tarrltury. Write us today.
• WAN8ON IlllKtll VI ll   Cl'll- CO.. 167  169 Daarboru lb., OBIUAQO.  ILI,-
8ent   .on (postpaid) on   rtcblpt of 10 ctt. la
|.-->tsi;e, il i.id- red it otne.   Ad.!ie»s
Occidental Publishing Co.,
O . KI AND.  CL.
... MANUFAOTUREi-*)    BT ...
Your Strength Depends on
lb- i unilliliin of viuir lilno.l     If It It
in \ r condition tn toting, rotif
hvaiiii i* iii KH'iu dinger,  Tin bro
kn.-nn bloon iirciiglher i«
Moore's Revealed Remedy
A  dolUi  Imitli1 hi  > mu   drtiRifttt'i
mn Impr-uvc your lioMth   lu-ikc )uu
Kc.r OorK-rrtu-M* and (lie**! trvX Vt\h<^ Okny sj-h-iiV' 11
ii the ONLY nusllrinc which will riir.- mod nnd f"r»*f-f
OMe. NO CASK known It hns cut fnUttl to euro, no
mnitcr how nt-rlous or of how loiikf ■.Lan.iluir Me-flulta
frtiin IU um* will -u-toninh yoit. It i** Hiwliitflr «•/«,
prevent, ntrlrture. and can he taken *-■ ,t:, ■-;: in-uur-.
alette* and detention from lninin.-t«. I'ltlt K, $S tax F«<f
•bvle hy all rWiahle dnitrKi-*ti«, or prnt prr-paid bjr. lpi-**■,
plainly wrapped, on rwe'j-t of prtrt-, hy
PAiwt CllftllUAL CO., Cbloaco. ILL
Circular mailed on request
Ask drucirlsts  fur Dr. Mnrti-I s
Frcnilt l-'eiiiali-Fills In iiivlal l»-s
^^ with Frum-h Klmr on. up In lllut»,M bits
mm J*" siiil Ue.i.    Insist on having thi-  tenulno,
IWI (■ "RellerrorWomen"insllnfFRKR In pimn
w— "——se«l«l letter with tctlninni'ih. a n.i i-.-iru. iiliu^
FRENCH DRUG CO., 381 -383 Pearl St., New lork.
We   CAN'T
um In tn i i ii I.tli in
we do — wc ilnt.'l
know how to. Wc
can m.ikr pimri't
and chetpat ink,
but wc won'..
Is the cW I'mt <-nn be
niiiile.    It  costs  you  no
 more than the poorest.
FWut*f booklet " How to Malic Ink I*iiiures"lree.
CARTER'S INK CO.. Boston, Mass.
FIT in NliFil.--! (initio. ■•■ in..Ul nr.-an.l cmuw IttTF n«
Tills form, sh *.-ll ns Hi in... II luiu-ir l'rutru.,n,fc
Pll«« art rim-il l-y Dr. BTtanko't Pile Remedy
8to(iMtrllillK s-iii lil--iittlv     All- >rlis lltinnrtl.   -jn-s
Jsrst ilriisirislMMi si-ni l,y ,11 s,l. 1 ri-tlii.,' tr,.,. Writs
-ttslwutyoiiri-asn.   IIU HtiSANKi), I'lnlsda. Pa.
'xrvr. * •-*k•-,,*-•**- «i«:^-' • T_rw,»iK«
DM  Mir « for lliinaliirs
dischsrs.-i's, Ititlsnuinlioi s.
Irrltstlotis  or alcers.loni
__  _ ot tuofOQi  membrtnet.
trrt—su stsufftos.      Fsinlrss, an-, not sttrla*
TKavuSlOi-lCUCo. «*■■■• or rwlsonuas.
    Mold ky nr-c-lstt,
or -H.il. in pisln wrapper
by elprt-M,   prepaid, (ol
li.iii. or > buttles, S1.1A
(Hrcular teu. on rajattt
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cure Sick il.-s.Ur.ht
tad Pj-speiisla, Hentoet* .'lin-ileeand Pur.?7 tl j
lllo.nl, Aid IHiii'St.on soil Frcrcnt lltliiitisnesv !>■
not'IMpeorBlcksn. TocoiiTlnce jnu, we will null
I'tuple free, or full box for'j*.*m-. I.ll. IIOSANKO
b<>.,/',i.lailis., IV,in...    H..I.I 1,7 lirttitKlsU.
'      ' -_-w     __-k. —        ___.      ____ ■ - _-. asm   attme
■ I
• ■
! _-L^MWgt»
■t.. msvsri
~ 'tV^i^^-lVT-V'ilV*.*-'
l^he Wttiu Htaiixter Oo„ _Ut*to |
uui _ JltUS.    t
We 3F^ lyoyv agents for
_N/£_T*y: Co33-u_?_i__,3r.3
Sewing Machines
Just Arrived *
Come alone, old chupver.line's 'bout«,.
1 'i,.wsii's toni* i a" niiuUiy nara.
!:,;;';; too.iiie-s«.io,-'v ^'(,odo,,Kuan1'
*, trot along right alter ioie.
00 TO THE'
It is a pity that our paternal Gov- j Ui, n| (lllt ye|, 0ut o' yeh misery.
eminent could not devise a scheme to , S;1W -„-, y.r ,^-^VjJiJjj 'S\nt\\ *.
lessen tho friction between tbe towns ^^^'^llXnldi'Vp'ini" bird no more,
of the Slocan. This lui«Ut be dope!Yer^XllM"V?^
by increasing tlie number of days on Yer a-gettin cross an' In the was.-
which eelebratioua could npplicubly hell ^^aVI,''^! nS'i'iotedone,
held or, to approach the matter iton\^^l^6^^ ,
the other em!, legislate some of th. E|86why would yeh hung back that-a-
o?istin« Slocan towns out of existence, j y^***^ ez young es yeh onco wus hey?
Th - ,„ ght to be easy for a Qemfamm | ^ ,„_ fn^-dayM nole^  ^
Mn* in the district, as the -^HC^
80 yeh got to make way ter lh» brindle
'   i _*>; -'.-Mt-gli'llW fn
that can limit the number of   working
mines in the district, as the leg)
recently enacted, bids fair to do,
. • J
■ ••
• .'
. ♦
-• •
us •
• •
a a j
• »
« »)
• tJ
o you   ■w-f-.-.H:
Anythln g£?
JEWELRY,    --___-
'PIANOS ?-___--_
Coiimuiwiig, old chap, your time's  'bout
Some of our Sloiaii exchanges insin-   -.^ ^^ ^m u, ft_ e0-y joa_
uate  that Silverton  is showing ber Course,you.Ii.n.tknow,'^,''°i'i-l,*t,0Bi
Hit I can ininil whrn von vina sprier,
selfish side by preparing for  tho  best   VJt'akln'ns up when tho burn .-un-lstM •—
... , i    .- i  it  ;    ltdon'tweinportlMe, yetl km.w
and biggest celebration  ever  held   U11 Xh it wuz cl pu onto tifti-en year ago.
the Slocan.    It is  suggested that  we| Mv j -)Ut. ver h.tir wa-. long. an1 thick
promised not  to celebrate this  year.
Thaf, is   a   mistake,    We   will   have
(with apologies to   the P.   M.  G.) the
biggest ci Itljitttion that has been,  and
i tn * ut nut*  intentions  on  record,   we
i:,U'iK.1 i.t-tyear to be out again.
Jaoot) Dover,
Box 31     .   .
TUE  J_N'_L-R,
Nn-r.,-.:       In,, vfineral  Claim, | (£ _$_£,!£ J f^ K
sitiiated in  tin* Slocan  C
Division  of West  Kootenay   District
Where loeatetl:—At the mouth of Day-
Ion Creek, near Springer,
Take notice that I. <->eo. II. Aylnrd acting aa agent for E. S. Kinney, Free Miner'.-Certificate No. 11000, intend sixty
'days from the date hereol,  to apply  tithe Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
linnrave.i.entK, lor t)ie. purpnso   ot   ob
taining  a  Crown Grunt   of the above
And fiirlhpr take notii'o that action
undr hPt-tinn 37, unu-t   be  commenced,
boforetheiMsuai.ee of  audi  Certificate
ol Improvements,
Dated this 6th   day of March, 1899.
11 |8 1iH>.
NOTICE.*—   "Cnltus"  Mineral Claim;
situate in tl.e Slocan City Mining Div
iainn of Went Kootenav  District.
Where located:— At the  head   of  the
North Fork of Lemon Creek.
Tak« notice lhati, J  M McGregor, acting ne ai-ent lor J. A. Finch, Free  Miner* Certificate   No. 1074a ami E. .1. Dyer.
Tr   Miner's Certificate No. 6551 a. intend
■>•    * dayp fn ni ll.etl.ite hereof, to apply
u t. e Mining Recorder for a CertifWte
of ln..*roveme>.tii, for the purpose of obtaining ..Crown Giant ol the above claim.
And further  lake   notice that action
under section 37,   must be commenced
_efOre tl.e issuance of such  Certificate ol
Dated this twentieth day of January
J. M. McGrbook.
28 11199.
NOTICE:—"Meteor" and "Ottawa Nn
o" Mineral Claims, situate in tl.e i-loi-an
City  M:..ing Division of West  Kootenay District.   Whoie loeatetl •—On tl.e
divide   between   Springer Creek and
the north fork of Lemon Creek.
Take notice Ihat I, J. M. MeGreeor
acting   ss agent  for .1. A,  Finch, Free
Miner'* Certificate   Nn.   1R74.\;    E. J,
Dyer,666>A. W.  M.  Shaw, f.552\,  nnd
Citarlee Sweenev.   M95a,   in'end  sixiv
daya from   the date   hereof,to apply  to
the Mining Recorder for   a Certificate
of Improvements, (or tl.e puritcse ol ol>-
m in ing   a   Crown Grant   of the above
And further take notice tha action tin
der section 37, must be commenced before tl.e issuanco ef such Certificate of
Dated tbis twentieth day of January
J, M. McGregor,
28 | 11 99.
A blue b .ok, luit-iy lhsucd by the
iirituh Government, shows thut there
is u likelihood of ilia Indian mint be n,
.t*;„iti thrown open lo the coinage of
silver, a proposition having been mail.'
by the British Government to the Gov-
11 ii.ue.it of the United States to fix a
rutio on silver at 22 to 1, or 84 cent-,
per ounce for silver 1000 fine. It
iheso two jjovernuietiU call only come
io au ngr-eitiQiit by which the mints oi
both Great. IJri*t.in und tbe Uni'id
Stat,8 would bo thrown open to the
freo and unlimited coinage of silver at
the ratio of' '12 to I, what a blessing it
would be to the poorer cf-tt»_s thtou;.'!!-
Wilson Hotel.
Teeter   Bros.  -   -   Props
O&COC  ReadquarterH For Milling hi Comnicmal Men.
Evcr)(!iiii2 Firsl-i'lass In \\\ Respcels.
_.__ _ _ *
When you pulled little Sally out o' the
An' it cat'ni* in handy that night  in  tho
We coddled to keep c.ich other warm.
Putty l'.'oiI dog. I'" admit—but sny,
Wl.al's the us., o' t.lkin', yeh had yer day
I'm hopin- the children won't   hear tho
Er wh.U'11 I sav, when I gel back ?
I'hcv'il beasiiii'ipic-tioiis, Ikno-v then*
An' I'd have to lie' bout a chicken hawk:
But tha sound   won't carry beyond this
hill; .
All don.' in B minute—don't bark, stand
There, that'll do; steady, qnit lickin my
Wind's wrony  with  the gun,  I   can t
I'm j.-st as s'lnWy ez I can he—
Mn-t be ihe agey's Ihe matter with me.
An' that stitch in ihe hack—what 1 gettin'
old, tuo?
The—dinner- bill's—lineiu'—fer - u.e—
—Clinlis E. Raer.in Philadelphia Press.
Outside Parties Desiring Hoises in i-'ilverton
Can  Have Them  Retcrvid F.y  Writing To—-
t t t + + t t
B. 0.
Following ia a complete 1 i**t of the
ininini transa-* ions record ul dm ing the
week fot the Slocan Miniti.' lnvn-ion:
April  1—l.-ifiahi Hump,  Four Mile, J
uot  the   world  and  Hie silver li.iini;  TittlVug.
*, ..r;i ,s_^ nlture rr.v.tion,   (.'..yient.'i .
m\? Of II0!{f;!!0l.\!) WD TOllI,   for Ooagtu and Olds.
LIUC CREAM, unequalled for the skin.
would ut last be   visible   in   the dark
i lou.l that   has   lately    been   liuiiij-u.i*
oVei the Slocan.
And General Real Estate Agents,
Ofliro In Ilenlev Block    -   -
lUlict  Bt.
j. m. McGregor,
Shiloh's   Consumption    Cnre   cnre
where others   fail.    It   ie   the   leading
Cough Cure, end   no home should  he
without it.   Pleasant to take and goes
right to the spot.   Bold at
I—l»S    "K   *"     "■  -~**•    •_..'•■ V—W-   «,   ......     .„   MM
great kidnev and liver remedy.   Bold by
The Bilverton Drug Store +
Dyspepsia Cured. Shiloh's Vitalize.
mmediiitely relieves Sour Stomach,
Oomiug np ol**Food DiRtresseH, and is the
What Dr. A. K. Salter Says.
Buffalo, N. Y.—Gent":—Prom my pergonal knowledge, gained in observing
the effect of your Shiloh's Cure in i-aaes
of advanced Consumption, I am prepared to aav it is tl.e most rercarkablo
" ' tl.at has eyi
••-mAttention-  It has  pertuinly  suved
^ seres*
Itamedv that has ever l*eet. brought t<
mymttention-  It hae  pertuinly
m»ny frooi consumption.   Mold at
;--Mb.~w» St-sfjtiiifc,.'*#; Set'tmtHe■•_-> :w***^cw%.mient.,. <-sft-.vWMWt-.aik.
or to RENT.
The application of-Mr. Corbin for u
iliarur to construet a railway into the
Ivetile River Country, will again come
upbefo.u ihe Dominion Parliament,
within the next few .lays. It is to he
hoped that this time his application
will be grunted. Diilisl. Go)un.bia as
a whole and tlio Bouuditiy Country,
the portion nioie particularly all'eeted
than nny other, is in favor of the con-
ftrucuou of thia road. There is no
deubt bet that the 0. P. B. will tt^aill
oppose it as it d.l iu the last Bus-dun of
Pdi'liaiinnt ami it is also rumored that
the Grand Trunk Railway will tbis
year, -*ive no active nid, as it did last
year, to .Mr. Corbin. As the pros mid
cons of the ell'eetpf the building of
this railway lias been thoroughly
thr. she- out through the press and by
A NEW HOTEL,   FULLY   FUR- tue Peol'-- o!   Bnl»-'«   Columbi.t, il.e
NISHED,    CENTRALLY   LOCA-! H'cl,0M of lhe Dui,,i,lio» »l0!'1 ■*'11'"-led
TED IN SILVERTON.    A GOODH ™ ^ ^^ *BhW '"  fttV°" °f
the ur.iiitinu of this   chatter,  etui tiling
For fuil particulars write to or apply
at the Office of
Silverton, B C.
"Third notice"—Every editor has received them. The ix-stmaxtor si-nd<
ihem to the editor, Tho poslmn-ter i«
not to blame. For in»tance, there was
a man by the name of—well let us say
Tim Short, who sent ns three notices to
stop his paper, he did not want it any
longer, We wondered what was. the
matter. Upon investigating our subscription book we fonnd tl.at Tim was
short $2 00. He never paid a cent and
yet ho stopped his paper as a matter or
economv to ns. A few evenings ago we
stepped into church and Tim's melodious
tenor rang out lond and clear in that old
soul-stirring song, 'Jesus Paid It All.
He might  have been  mistaken but hi
earnestness impressed us.   Tl.e next da
we sent him a receipt in full, beg.ing his
pardon lor not knovtinir he bad m:.do  nn
assignment of his liabilities to tho  Lord,
it to be of direct benefit to the people,
they expect, us a matter of justice,
that the Parliament at Ottawa will
comply with tl.e withes of the people
and allow this road to be built, notwithstanding any arguments advanced
by the C. P. B, whose wish to monopolize the whole of this Piovinee, not
cnly in the transportation business but
in other branches of industry as well,
is patent to any one familiar with this
0 W R fu-e
■..•..ires—Wutfc u i tin? Iron Mask to
apply on Bullana and Condor.
April L—Snow Flake, March Bird, Ea-
u'e, Keliiimv, Gentle Annie.
April 1— lids, Anny. two years.
April 6—Treasure Vault, Fraction.
Vp il 0—Mohawk, (iieeti Fraction,
011 I'otniui-iti l'.'.ti'ii-.ti, Monitor, Victor,
flv - ear-, I.ot.e Ilu-hMor, five years, Isis
two ; eats,
A ril 8—Superior.
April 1(1-0 K.- No 2. S-.r.-iy. Ca<-*ds
Young Dominion Fraction, Qneen City,
U'lfiiui, Hooklnghnm, May Queen, Mav
(2 lO'-n I'r tcti'ti.
April 11—Itellview, Paymaster, Teen...-, h.
Mar 29—Kaslo, Alma and Oio, to DE
Bpragne nnd John s Parker,
April 5—Shoe Pwap io P 8 Bvrne.
April 7—Baltimore Fraction, Condor,
Sultana. Iro-i Mask, Iron Mask Fraction,
io Northwest M Hvn; Ltd. C8 Rash-all,
Ed. Stewart and E Pitt.
Mar 29—Briinswic.UJ^, J A McKinnon
to W 11 Ri.liLTtaon, March 2H, |300.
Mar 30—Nancy Lee ami Stanley No 2,
'.. in each, N McMillan to .1 Wiggington,
Feb 27,
j\pril 4—(.'.ipita'>s, Amos Thompson to
W tf Taylor, Nov 8.
Anny %, tieo Mo-isjii to A 0 O.dy,
April A, -fiOl).
Stockholm)^,  AleniiV^, Ch'srlettW, and
Norwt>JB',   A O Oatby   to  Joseph ltmh,
April 'A
Mn.o Fnictinn'j,  W D Mitchell  to NF
McNaught; No. •!
Walla'.'e.1^,   jVuioji   Thompson  to same.
Nov 18
Dowry K, TurrlaW, Cnpello '.,', David
Bremner io.n F McNaughi, Jan o.
April 6t—Freddie l.ee Fraction, VV S
Gnri.er to A W McClllie, Nov 7, $5,000
f.iitlo Joint, Ciias G Guffiu to (.ame
April 7—Big Timber)-., F Stuolo to \V
B Steehi, June ,7. 1808
Piilmita, E It C Cl rks m to Alhtil
Robinson, Oet S.
Power of Attorney revoked, Jackson
Rackliff fr.nn Chas McNicholl, April 8
April 10—Torpedo Js,, K Morrison to
Ed Stewart, Nov 14.
April 11—Power of Atlornev, Albert
Taylor to Jas Ryan, April 17.
letterand Note Tabtela, rapeterlos,
Bill Rend*, Memo-books, Tlme-
Booki,   Noli*  Forms, (Jidt-r
Blanks, Receipt Forms,   Drults,
So ibblers, Blotting I'aier. Bnrora,
Files, Bnlers, Penholders, Pene,
Ink,      Pencils,     elc.    etc.
MLVBrlPDN,     ii.   C.
And SOO Line
East and West
rmioron KiiisT-cLAse k tourist s_-_rtss
J„ G. (tORiJUN,
SILV Ejt roN^ - - -_    P. (
The production of silver pre?oiits some
pi cu iar phrases There is no special
effort bei.-g made to mine silver, yet th-
world's output last year was the *?roatP*-t
ever known, amounting to over 100,000 -
000 ounces. In Il.e United States Ihe
prodnction « as considerable, reaching a
total of 00,000,000 ounces last year, ns
nmainst 53,800.000 in 1897. This steady
increase in production despite the fa.I1-
inK price oi tl.e ineial must be accounted
fur he.-ni.se of the enormmis Inereiue in
Divine Services will bo conducted in
the Bilverton Church on the second nnd
fourth Sunday of the month l.y tho Ita*/,
C. F. Yntes, ut 3 p. m, You aro iuwtfd
to be present.
Beginning on Sundav, November, Oil.
lhe Rev. R. N. Powell will hold services
every alternate Sunday ut 3 p, m, |_ i|„.
Silvercn Church. In addition to these
services will be held on every alterr.ata
Monday evepin-- st 7 *.. m.,comp.en.'lng
AND CLE-.N.     FIN F.ST   AT-
Tickkts Issuen Asd Kag.iaok ——
— CO-CKKO To Dkstinatioh.  ■
(excepting   Sunday)
Revelutoke und Main Line Points.
s.O.-)— leave—Silvkuton—arrive—16.S0
NuUon,   Trail,    Rosslaed, Ac.
:•; llradqniirlcrs For Miain? Men :•:
S'LVERTON       -       -      -       -   B.C.
Asceit-iin  present   ratos and full in
foriiiHliot.  I y   ndiIr.Kr.iiig   nearest lor*
agent, or     	
W. P. CLARK, Apent, Bilverton.
Trav. Psbb. Agent, Nelson.
Dist, Pass. Agent, Vapi'ouver
ON  .
MAY, 24h 1899.
inotal-i it is ii by.i.roiliirl.
For     PROGRAM    of
and X»ri_5«©-Se
•tsiSistii--*tts_»ii-i isw-mi wis i mn si m im  11 an. iii \'umvi.*m*.m,*mmm •***>*!■■> *m«sM»**ss'ii«ssi»<h-»»i*--t>«. uwmtttt- :»_n»»im<<»'->.-<
ilit- iiui|iut of i.'nld, copper ami  |ea_i of I Motmay, Noveinliei I-'llh     Fvi-rvnne i
cordially iniiijjii *-t Httend
|^WPyf; a3$%ym&M&*>a#M*tt^ *&imnsem**mm*41&


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