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The Silvertonian 1899-09-16

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And Up To Dafe
Mining News
and tramway.
donfra-di l«l ■■■"I Work Already
Well  linder Way.
ilunoi mie moves mm.
n'rli i.i.l.inel   Sellers   Ornnp of Atissr-
iillur    N«*»*     »r     the     4**»ni|».
Of The Richest
Camp  Of British
One ot the moat important things in
I,. )•,.,:, i Columbian minion world is
, ,;,, ision of thc Vfnkefleld Mines
l.iinUe.l. operallDg Iho WitUellold Croup
tilmve Silverion, to put in a complete
i.lsnt lor tli- concentration of the ores
ifuin their mine. LoO-lOg to tbis end, s
ontnut was made-with B.O. Riblet of
kelson (or the eiei-tit n of a Kinlavson
imteiit wire tramway, to connect the
mine .villi ihe mill, to be elected at tho
fuutofthe hllj below the mine. This
immway will be 6300 leet long and will
|1 ave a capacity (or hundlitiK ten tons
,.i hnnr, or 2IU tons por day, which can
lhe doubled by Ihe simple addition oi
ra buckets. The d.lleivuee iu altitude
um cti the loot and head of Ihis trntn-
,. is :iC0O feet. A eoctraet has also
ecu let by this company to W. C. K
. ■ i the building of a llume to
iiiihict the lur_e volume ol water needed
ii the mill and for furnishing lhe
■necessary power lo npnale It. This
§s-alerway will be -MX) (eet Ioiik 1440 feet
uf which will I).' a pipe lino nnd the
lislatce, £060 feet, lluii.c. This flume
will carry 1 m min-'i's inches of water
und aillcnabl: lite company to uencrate
|ii im ,■ 400 hoiso power it needed.
li MO'.iliuet for the  concentrator  has
• ii lei lo White, Rogers4_Co.. ol  i-Un
r|l mi.ci-c.i, who will erect  Iho   building!
ii   i ill Ihe machinery.   Tho coucen-
Lritui htiilding wiil he 110  by   80  feet.
H'..- | I in i\ill have a capacilv f. r  treat-
liniS luO loinolore per duy atW   will  be
inn sited   completely    witli   tl.e   most
nodern   improved    machinery  for the
ouci-ntratliiK olstlch ores us are produced
l.y    the     \\ ,'.,•:! •:,!    tirotij)  of   mine-*,
.Uiioiiuot.'.ei lliiugi a cjini'lotc electric
lirfht J'ltiut will he   inbt.iil.il.   The   mill
tti.I I.e erected ou thu company's mill-*
ii« directly below the mine, aod on a
I thu ; i in-; al a slight elevation  al-ovo the
fiia.f, 'i6B"Ju!J'in«!» a ttratrtto formation,
the strike of the vein being north and
south and dipping east into tho mono tnin.
Tho pavstuak varies: front three to eight
Inchon in width, the ore heinu eilicions
and carrying ar|*entito (a sulphide of silver OOOnring in crystals) running high in
both gold und silver. A careful sampling
of the ledge, on the surface, for over
1600 feet In length gave average nssay
values of 270 ounces in silver awI $10.
in gold to the ton. The lowest values
glt/en from average samples taken was 80
ounces in silver and 14 40 in gold nnd
the highest return! were 70H ounces iu
silver und $18 20 in gold to the toil.
These, returns are from avera.o samples,
specimens being obtainable that will run
several thousan 1 ounces in silver per ton.
There arc ou tho property eight known
ore-shutcs that crop out on the surfucc,
and with development lhe Colonel
Sellers liroup should become one of the
hehl paying propositions in the country.
Tito   men  working at the Willa ure
having a few days lay-ofl-.
Four oie*cars were delivered here on
Friday for W. C. K. Koch, Ihey ;irc> to
he used while excavating for tbe Wake-
lleld conceit!rator.
The man is thought n knave or fool,
Ur bigot plotting crime,
>\ ho, for the advancement of his race,
Is wiser than his time.
I'or him the hemlock shall distill,
I'or him the axe ho bared;
itor him die gibbet shall ho built;
For him Uiei-take prepared;
Him kIiiiII the scorn and wrath ol men
Pursue with deadly nim;
And malice, envy, spite, and lies
.-.hall dlscteate his name.
But truth shall oonqa.r nt tbo last,
For round and round we run,
And ever tin* r i-l.t comes uppermost
And ever is justice done.
race through thy cell, old Socrates,
Cheerily to and fro;
Trust to the Impulse ott by soul
-.And let the poison flow, [clay,
Tbey may abetter to earth this lamp of
That holds a lamp divine,
But they cunnot quench tho (ire of thought
By anv Such deadly win'1;
They cannot blot thy spoken words
From ibe memory ol man,
By all the poison ever was brewed
Since time its course began.
To-day abhorred, to-morrow adored,
So round and round we run,
And ever tbe trutli conies uppermost,
And ever la justice done.
Plod in thy ■'rave, gray Anchorite,
Be wiser limn tliy pc-»rs;
Augment the range of human power,
And trust to coming years.       [cursed
They may call thee  wizard,  monk, ac-
And load thee with dispraise;
Thou tvert born five hundred year3 too
For loiiilort of thy c] yg.
But not too soon for human kind ;
Time I
Angus McKinnon led on  Wednesday     Tjme hath reward In etorej
for the South  Fork   ul   Kaslo  creek,  to A^ ,hc •■/•»'•'■"< of ■>"•• ?'«■■ ^corno
,        .,      ,.      •                   ... Iho go. Is whom we adore .-
work on lhe   Morning  Olorv   (..roup  of The blind can see. the slave is lord;
claims iu which he is ittletested. So round und round wo run.
The cross-cut tunnel being driven on tKuSff^^
the Rockland claim,   one  of  tbo   Willa .,        ,   ,.,
Qronp.ha.nowre.ehrd a depth of SO ^^tSK;
feet.   It-era remains about K0 teet more They may gloat o'er the senseless words
to bo driven betore  tho tunnel   will cut tbey wring
the big leiign. From the pangs of thy tlispalr;
They.may veil ibeir eyes but tbey can-
I.    Keytar, who is in charge of  the not hide
collection of ores for the I'aris  F.xposi- Tito sun's meridian alow;
tion, bom this district, was in town on Tlte lit-el of the priest may tread thee
Thar_day securing some specimens.   Mr AtvUtVn.t.t work thee woe;
Keytar is at present developing the Cin- lint never a truth has been destroyed ;
derail, claim near Tbn. Forks. They may oiu.se V. and call it a crime;
I'revert and betray, or slander and slay
|     ' .. I'otn   Mile creek,  the'situation
igil .in   Ideal   millstlo. .Work on |  ,
:i.iiuway and flume is already under'
... ami Un fir ; ol in x'. s&afc **ill   see
ai net ion started op the concentrator
.„ iiiug.   The Wakefield Mines Limited
ilra-provlnei.l bompeby, many ol
; I'khol k'ren **. Hug lu Croat Britain
board W director, holding  their
i.        y   iu   Uh»*COW   Scotland.    It   is
u.d rthe direct   management  ol  A. F,
I itcsou, v.it'n head ' l-C S 'o Silverton.
iki Bold Group ui   mines,   owned
i) ihis company, is well und thoroughly
'ieveloped.   Last    winter    there     wus
►hipl-od front this property 740 . tons  of
1 lean ore and only the lack   of facilities
i a getting tho on* from the inlne to  the
«a„oii road limited the shipments.   Tlio.
1'iopcrty Is situated high up on tlie   slda
"i Wakefield mountain and is developed
A fine strike ot clean ore has been
made in tbe luce of one of tho tn'in'ls
being driven on tlio Kssex Group. Thi*
-'r.k • was made ut a distance in oi about
40 feet and consists of six inches ol high
grade galena carrying plenty of grey
Through the bonding ol the Trade Dollar mine, near the Mountain Lion, in
Kepublic camp by Messrs Lansing, Hoag
aud Brandon of Butte, for $100,000., we
understand that II T Bragdon, formerly
of the Slocan, bas  made a* substantial
Till.   ..OUT  NOT OVER.
There sre plenty ol good workingmen
iu the Silverton district to fill tip all
vacancies in Silverton's mlt.ee. Tbo
strike Is still on aad any miner coming
in here, takes tbo place of n local man
who is lighting In the cause ot  labor.
Its teachers lor a time,
TitiflTie sunshine f.ve slrnll light the sty,
As round nnd round «•<> run.
And the truth shall evcrcoui'*Uppermost
And Jrialice shall be done.
And lives there now filch men as these—
With thoughts like thn great of old?
Many have died in their miseries,
And lelt their thoughts untold ;
And many live? and ure ranked as mad,
And placed lo the world's cold ban.
For sending their bright, fur-seein;» souls
Three eeniuries in the vnn ;
They toil in penury and grief,
Unknown, tl not maligned,
Forlorn, for'.orn, bearing the scorn
Oi the meanest of mankind ;
But yet the world goes round and round
And the genial seasons run,
And ever tint trutli comes uppermost,
And ever ia justice clone.
—Chas Mackay.
Measles have made their bow to n
Silverion audience.
Purrv Hill, who has been foreman at
tho Willa, left for Spokane on Wednesday.
A large number of Silvertoninns listened to Dan Godfrey's Band last Saturday.
According to reports brought into
town there is un untisally large crop of
bears this year.
Miss P. Wilnon, sister of Harry Wilson,
of The Wui. Hunter Co., is in town, tho
guest of Miss Hunter.
John Barclay is visiting his old home
in Innisfail, Alberta. He will stay ou
tlio prairie for about two weeks.
A very siicces'-ful and well attended
dance was held last evening In ths large
dining room of the Hart Hotel. A good
time was had by ull who attended.
James 8. Reed of Portland Ore., who
represents the Hartford Fire Insurance
Cj. of Hartford, .Connecticut, spent
Wednesday in looking over our town.
Arthur Kirkpatrick has crossed the
continent front Nova Scotia to visit his
B. C. relulives. Ho is In town spending
a few days with his brother, Jake Kirkpatrick.
D. T. Lowery has sobered up to such
a clegree as to fee! some twinges of
sii.rn.-. He bleed, relationship to the
skunk family as an excuse for his redolent rottenness, lie may call himself a
skunk if he so desires, bnt it's hard on
the skunk.
During the ptst week   Hill Bros., our
' local sawmill  men, have del Ive re11 at
' Silverton's wharf 65 000 feet  of   lumber
! most of which is for Ihe Wakefield minis
I above   town.    Within   the    last   month
| this firm has delivered here  115.000 (eet
of lumber part of whicli has   heen   used
in   ll-—.•recti'iu   i,f    _&_•    l.uiUlimr,    iu
Silverton but by far tho larger part going
up to our mines.
>'V u system ot tunnels. It bus several
ib itisand feet of development work done
on it, consisting of tunnels, winzes and
upraise., lu this mine bus been dis-
covered and developed some of lhe
i agent bodies of both clean nnd concentrating ore known in the province. The
property being fully devonf-cd and under
thc Lest of managements, wiili the
'  mptetion ol their mill,'will   no doubt
 n be  in  a position  to  pay  steady
dividends, The building "of this mill
by the Wake field company means their
employing a large number ol men In the
vicinity of Bilverton for years to come,
•nel will add largely td tW business
I'tosperity of this place.'
A good trail, on a wagon road grade,
,l!'* just been completed 10 the Colonel
Sellers (Jroup of clai'ns on Coftcc creek,
and the erection of new* bunk-houses is
well under way. This Group is becoming
•'•'ll known and for tho amount of work
'lone on it Is one of lhe biggest showings
lu thi. rich   country.
Hie Colonel Seller. Croup is owned
hy John Tinling, Geo, Fnlrbalrn, Chas.
Brand and Win, Hun'er of Silverton and
I'bll, DuMoulln of New Donver. It is
situated about tun miles up Coffee
Ofsek and is boing developad under the
supervision of Chas Prantl. Tho vein
bits been traced and dug on for the full
'ongth of four claims nnd averages from
Lust Monday evening a well attended
public meeting wns held in MoKionoO'S
Hall, and anorganhution formed for the
purpoae of providing so ial Intertainmenta
during the coming winter. The name
adopted by the chillis tho Mutual Im
provetnent and Recreation Society ol
Silverton. A large number joined, the
society starting off with 4*2 members, it
is the intention of the society to give a
short entertainment and a  social   dance
The regular meeting of the Silverton
Lttern**y Society was held last Wednesday evening in the church, Considerable husiness was done and the following
regular program for each month was decided on: 1st meeting, Music; 2nd, Lit-j every two weeks, Ibe first of whicli
erature; 3rd, Debate; 4th, Social discus- be given in McKinnon. Hall next
sion ot Current Kvents.    The following i Monday  evening,   The  entertainments
program was rendered: I ^ ■» «ivt'n *■•' he *"-"' nml ,1,e flode,y
Address, "The work ot the society" ! extends a hearty invitation to   one  and
by tlie President. I all  to   cone  und   pass   a   pleasant and
lieu ling, "Curfew shall not ring to>
night."    hy Mrs. 11. Calbick.
Essay, "Justice" Mr. H. Malloy.
Song, "Last Night" Mrs. Matheson.
Heading,   "The Dying Pugilist." by-
Mr. T. Lawrence.
Tho last item of the program was an
interesting    discussion   on    "Woman'
Right.." It was started by Ihe President
and carried on by Messrs. Kirkpatrick,
Calbick, Gilbert,  Iaekson and Malloy.
Several new members were enrolled.
Mav GwtTn.D_ DOHOAH.
sociable evening.
Ambition. Trout Lake wants to send a
football team into tho Slocan to win
glory nnd incidently battle for a purse
of $200. They bave asked the Sandon
team to arrange a game for them on
Silverton's ground for tho 0 hampionship
of West Kootenny and a purse as above
If the Trent Lake boys want a game
here is the place to come but already
tho Silverton team has twice refused to
plav for purses. The Silverton lenm is
not a professional one. There nro In
Silverton, however, plenty who nro
willing to back the team to the extent of
if.200. If the challenge sent is a bona
fide one, a certified cheque will bo
deposited at tho Bank of Montreal, New
Denver, to covor any Trout Lftko money
Traveling on Slocan lake nt the present
time is anything bnt agreeable, especially
for ladies, as the tug Sandon which is
the only thing the 0 P. B has running,
was never intended for tho tises it is now-
being put to. Although Capt. Seeicun
and his otlicers do everything in Iheir
power to mako things comfortable for
the passengers they are unable to keep a
slow going tug, carrying freight, in any
condition (or passengers, The passenger
steamer Slocan is lying at Uosebery and
as half the time they have no one
working on her she is liable to rot nt her
moorings before she is fit to bo put back
on her regular run on the Lake.
Low   Wages tho Source of Increasing
Low wages is the source of the largest
share of immorality. It is so easy to
talk platitudes when you've had a good
dinner and sit comfortably clothed and
warm in your snug room. But think ot
youth and fresh girlhood fading dav
after day in the dim precincts of factory
and sweatshop; think of every hope slowly dying, ol the want und despair and
pinching out of all the meagre gray days.
And side by side "with this terrible existence place the temptations that always
come to poor youth and to poor girlhood.
How ninny of us who are better off would
keep to the straight and narrow path
were we in n like case, while the broad
highway on which lie the pleasures aud
luxuries ot life shines so near. Bnt on
that way lies sin! Well, when the he.-rt
and brain aro dulled to apathy, tho conscience is nut apt to be very sensitive
When want of decent food, of clothing
and I.eat, and the common necessities
assail one, when honest toil will not bring
honest wage, it tnkes a very strong sou!
to keep on thnt narrow, grim wny, And
we are only human. A great and ten 1*
ble account will he laid at the doors of
the masters in trade when the summing
np time comes lor us all. The traffic of
llu: fiictoti is and sweatshops is as much
a traffic-lnR in flesh and blood ns ever
wns that of tho slave-trade. There is
not one of these despairing or reckless
girls wbo goes down to utter destruction
and ruin nftcr au unavailing attempt to
earn a decent livelihood by tho work of
her hands but will have to he accounted
for by those in whose bands the power
lay to help her.—Kit, In Mail and Empire
All work in Ihe Jewelry Repairing
line, left ut the Silverton Drug Store, will
bo promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovot,
the well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs are m'AitANTKun ton onk ykaii. *
F. L. Christie, Barrister of Sandon
II. C. will be at the Selkirk Hotel evcy
Friday in the future. Anything requiring his set viceB will bo attended to by
French Evidence—"YOtt say, snre,
zat you ar-r-re convinced of zee guilt
of zee ptisonaire. On vat do you base
zt.(.s confidence?'' "1 vill tell you, my
general. I va| told by - washerwoman
of the Rue Sebnstopol -at she found in
zee insito pocket of /.eo vite vest of a
hot-r-se rubbnir of see Petit Piepus,
a lctluir from a scavenger of zee
Quttiliei' Latin in wheech ho sny zat
he It is iuslovet-r-r-heard a hnulevar-
du r say to zee crossing sweepairo in
front of see Or-r-audc* Oper-r-ra-houso
zat bees gr r-iannie/.zaire called out in
her sleep zat Dr-r reyflis vas guilty !"
Profound sousation.—Cleveland Plain-
T* A*
SilTrertoaa., B_ C-
■A.   B   S   tmmm   "ST   B   R,
Silverton,       -
Mineral Glasses   and   Compasses.
—       ■ . —to-  —
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
Lake Ave - - - Silverton, B. C.
_L_.   lv_C_   K-CLOTxrles-   Piop.
Patronise Home Industries.
OU888S8«.8!li888S«.•.»•»•»fji.g888»«8'<8^8-8.8 »•
-.•.•.-.•s •.•.•.•■» 88 8 8 «.«8 88888S88888SS888S®
K. C.
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Knslo. Sandon,
New Denver, Gaac.de Ctty, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and Greenwood.
:*W*.»J <4**m*<***Vr*4ltKl\m.' Jstarn. ,,.
momtm^mul1*t*mm*jrA7A*Aa^ -w-m*.** **•
{•*--.•»<•*-»-•*_.... tsa>T*m>.sm<t.*sis>wtrt'**t*'..
*mteti*>mtt**Ammtm '<sm"w--.M THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
Te-t of the Judgement-He Was Con-
(Um-ed by a Vote or two to rt-a-.be
Vote Taken Sepeoately-The Counsel
for Uefei.se Was Howor-Strlckeu.
Rennes, Sept. 11.—Tlie text of Ihe judg-
mnt in the Dreyfus case it. as follows:
"Today, thc ninth of September, 18l>'>,
the court martial of the Tenth Legion
army t»rps, deliberating behind closed
doors, the president put the following
questioni "I* Alfit-a Dreyfus, brevet"captain, Fourteenth regiment of artillery,
probationer on the general staff, guilty of
having in 1S!M entered into machinations
or relations with a foreign power or some
of ils agents to induce it to commit hostility or nuclei take war against France
or procure it the means therefor by delivering Ihe notes and documents men
tioiiecl in the document called lhe bordereau, according to the decision of the
court of cassation of June 3, 181)1)?' The
\oles were laken separately, beginning
l.y the Inferior grade and youngest in
the last grade, thc president having given
his opinion last. The court declares on
th. question hy a majority of live vole
lo two, yes, the accused is guilty. The
majority agreed that there are extenuai
ing circumstances, in consequence of
whieh and on Ihe request of the commissary of tho government, the president put
the question and received again the votes
in the above mentioned form.
"As a result, the court condemns, by a
majority of five votes to two, Allied Dreyfus to the punishment of ten years' detention."
The pent-up feelings of the audience
were expressed in A long, deep drawn
"Oh!" when Colonel Jouaust-reached the
word ''guilty." The word was pronounced
under his breath. Owing to the threat
of vigorous punishment for uttering any
cry there was no outburst, but thc faces
Of th. majority of the spectators reflected
un expression of surprise. M. Labori
heard the verdict with a pallid visage,
while M. Dcmange fell back in a chair
as though horror-stricken. Colonel Jou-
Aitst tread the judgment without a tremor
of his voice and apparently unmoved.
A  llrnliil   Act  of lujuetlre.
London, Sept. 11.—A special dispatch
from Berlin says:
It is now permitted to be known that
the war office holds documents conclusively proving Ihat Eslerhu/y and Henry betrayed their unfits, and only the permission of Emperor 'William is awaited for
the publication of documents showing the
sentence of Dreyfus to he a brutal act of
Ureal R-cltement at Home.
London, Sept. ,11-—A special dispatch
from Rome says that the sentence pronounced against Dreyfus has produced
enormous excitement there, and thousands of telegrams of sympathy bave been
sent to Dreyfus and to M. Demsnge and
M. 1-,-ori. According to the same dispatch lhe pope laat evening sent a long
telegram to President L>>ubct.
Oakesdale is enjoying a reform government.
The university or Washington opens
September 12.
A steel bridge is to be built at Menlo,
Pacific county.
There ls a shortage of school teachers In Jefferson county.
Tacoma will need $118,000 to run ita
public schools tbe coming year.
Walla Walla county's wheat yield ib
now estimated at not less than 3,500,000
Active preparations for the opening
of the Coifax college September 20 are
being made.
Will Postpone Trial*.
Wallace, Idaho, Sept. 11.—None of the
prisoners in the Wardner bullpen are lo
be tried at the present term of court in
this county. The only trials that may
occur in connection with the riots of April
last will be those of the seven prisoners
who recently escaped from the bullpen,
and their trials, of course, depend upon
their recapture, which seems highly improbable as th. days pais by, and no clues
urc unearthed.
Tlie announcement tbat there will be
no other trials is not otlk-iullly given out,
but is admitted by Prosecuting Attorneys
Forney and Borah, Judge Stewart, who is
holding court, State Auditor Sinclair and
Roddy, Robertson and llreen, attorneys
for the defense.
Hall-road Work  Has   Slopped.
Lewiston, Idaho, Sept. 11.—Word received here from Almota slates thai all
forces on the Snake River Valley road
quit work Satnrday evening. Many of
the men will leave on thc boat tom.riow.
It is not known yet from headquarters
what will be dene, and whether the work
will cease for any great length of time.
The Snake River Valley road is the
line being constructed hy the O. R. k N.
between lii'taiiu and la-wi-ton. About
'WHO men  were*''employed.
Tlie   l»r.-> fus  Trial.
Rennes, Sept, J.—The opening hours of
the court martial of Dreyfus we're spent
behind  closed  doors.
The length of time employed in the
examination of Ccrnuschi was the subject of much remark as being indicative
uf the fact that the court found the witness worthy oi more consideration than
it was supposed, he deserved.
The largest audience yet assembled in
the Lyeee was present when the open
session of the court martial began.
Hoy Waa Found Dead.
1/H.n 1-ike, Wash., Sept. IL—The dead
body of Audi, the I-ly car old son of
John Anderson, was funnel by Peter Soof,
less thsn half a mile from his home. Thc
body was lying on a rocky ledge near a
line fence, lt looks as if the boy hud
just climbed over the feme and hud taken
but a few stepp when he had -lipped, snd
as he did so h.lel at ruck the Inn. i of his
shotgun on  the rocks, discharging  both
barrels into Ihe side of his head.
The Yakima Indian reservation I.
expected to yield 250,000 bushels of
grain this year.
Joseph B. Bare-, a bailiff In the superior court at Tacoma, was drowned
in the bay last Friday.
JameB W. Current, deputy auditor of
Klickitat county, has mysteriously disappeared from Goldendale.
The total precipitation ln Walla
for August was 2.16 inches, which beats
the record for twenty-seven years.
John Anderson, a 14-year-old hoy, of
Loon Lnke, Is missing, lt Is feared
that he has met with some accident.
A number of now silver trophies have
been provided for prizes at the Spokane Industrial Exposition this year.
The normal school, which opened last
Monday at Cheney, ts progressing very
satisfactorily to faculty and students.
Athletic sports are to be interesting
features of this year's Spokane Industrial Exposition, which opens on the 3d
of October.
It ls learned that Don Cameron, who
was badly hurt in an explosion at
Horseshoe basin, Chelan, a few weeks
ago, ts dead.
Pullman hns a genuine smallpox
scare. There Is one well developed case
in the new pest house, and two suspicious cases under quarantine.
Between 600 and 700 delegates to the
Columbia river conference of the Methodist Episcopal church assembled in
Spokane for the conference.
College hall, at Pullman, has been
successfully moved and now stands on
the foundation built for it in the rear
of the administration building.
W. M. Herbert, a musician of Spokane, by the death of his father in England, has fallen heir to $25,000 in cash
and a considerable amount of property.
A Governor's day is another feature
which is being added to the many attractions at the Spokane Industrial Exposition which opens on the 3d of next
Spokane celebrated Labor day in
grand style. They had a magnificent
parade in the morning and speaking
and sports at Medical Uike in the afternoon.
The editors of the Pacific Northwest
have lieen Invited to a banquet at Spo-
kaue to be tendered them on press day,
October 7, at the Spokane Industrial
The premium list for the Spokane Industrial Exposition In out. lt ts a
handsome Illustrated souvenir book,
which will be prized by every one who
secures a copy.
No American contralto enjoys a wider reputation as a musical artist than
does Lenore-Sherwood Pyle, who Is to
sing every afternoon and evening
throughout the Spoknne Industrial Exposition.
"Two amateur bicycle world's records were lowered at the Y. M. C. A.
meet In Spokane recently. C. C. Hoi-
_el, on a heavy track, unaided by any
favorable wind, made the half In 45 4-5
aud the quarter In 20 1-5.
Professor Frank Miller made a highly successful balloon ascension at Spokane one night last week, which was
seen by several thousand people. The
ascension and the drop with the parachute was kept In full view all the time
by means of a mammoth nautical
1 -OBspleta Be-low af tha --ants far
tha fast Waak la This aad Woewlau
Lands—da-uaartaad From Mia
Tl..- Traaavaal c'rl.l..
London, Sept. IL—The actual status of
the Transvaal crisis appears lo bc unchanged. In spile of all the clamor and
excitement raised by the rumors preceding
the council, (.real Itrilain's ministers apparently have done nothing more than
strengthen the hnnds of Joseph Chamberlain, the secretary of state for the colonies, (hereby confirming the prognostications of the most conservative element.
An far as the international relations ure
concerned, war is no nearer now than it
was a week ago, though the friction in
South Africa itself is keener and more
likely to prod DC a conflict.
Ex-Secretary John O. Carlisle when
preparing a case or a speech mechanically plays solitaire. He will begin
sometimes early In the evening and be
at the game until long after midnight.
Although hi. mind i. on the more serious matter, he rarely makes a mis-
Major General W. Salmond, C. B., to
whom has been granted a distinguished
service reward, Joined the English
army 42 years ago, and attained his
present rank In 1886.
Mob. Jssir. H. iSaalla 1*  li.-n.l.
Newport, R. I., Sept. 11.- James 11.
Kustis, ambassador to Prance during the
second Cleveland admrnistrallon, and for
nterly a senator from Louisiana, is de.nl.
Yellow Fever at Key Weat.
Jacksonville, Fla., Sept. IL—The stale
lioard of health has received reports to
the effect that there are nine new cases
of yellow  fever  in   Key  West  and  one
Dwlght T. Moody, the evangelist,
pride, himself on the fact that tbere is
not one expert shorthand reporter out
of 50 who can make a verbatim report
of hi. sermons.
Farmer* of Kansas and neighboring
stales are being organized Into a $20,-
000,000 trust for the purpose nf corral-
ing agricultural product*.
Don Cllmaco Catderon, the new Colombian minister at Washington, la 40
year. old. He .peak. English fluently
and without a trace of forolgn accent.
In County Limerick, Ireland, the
farm laborer, are organizing and strU-
Ing for a shorter workday.
At a meeting of the Calumet k Hecla
Mining Company held in Boston, a dividend of $20 per share was declared.
Kid McCoy knocked out CcofTrcy
Thome of Kngland in thc third round at
lhe Broadway Athletic Club, New York.
American apples are in sueh'great demand in Germany this year thnt shipments have commenced a month earlier
than usual.
Pittsburg's 12th annual exposition
opened Wednesday in a blaze of glory.
The exhibition is larger in scope than in
previous  years.
Three cases of smallpox are reported
in Kalispell, Mont., and it is feared that
more will follow, as the victims were
roaming around the streets until a few
days ago.
General Prank, commanding the department of the gulf, announced that
the garrison at Key West would be sent
lo New York on account of the yellow
fever at Key West
A freight train on the Norfolk and
Western broke in two and two sections
came together in Dingess tunnel. Brake-
men Archer and Booth, Fireman C'hitlin
and four tramps were killed.
G. B. Swineford, son of ex-Governor
Swineford of Alaska, has bought up a
printing outfit and shipped it to Cape
Nome, Alaska, where he will start the
llrst newspaper,  the Arctic Gold Miner.
As a reward for his services in connection with the Santiago campaign, President McKinley proposes to continue Major (ieneral Shatter iu command of the
department of the Pacific with his present volunteer rank after the time reached
for his retirement ou September 14.
North German Lloyd steamer Kaiser
Wilhelm der Grosse arrived in New York
from llremen, Southampton und Cherbourg after a record passage of live days
18 hours aud 15 minutes, beating her best
previous westward Cherbourg passage by
two hours und 5. minutes.
Governor Candler of Washington was
asked today to send a Galling gun to
Brunswick, Ga. The request comes because of the implied threat in - statement recently made by a negro editor
that armed negri.es were ready to sustain
him in whatever he said or did.
The Nevada Power Company is organ
i/ecl, and proposes to transmit power
fiom thc canyon east of Reno lo the
Comstock for pumping and other operations, as well as distribute power to
Reno and vicinity.
The matter of making an effective
blockade in thc Philippines and especially
around tbe island of Luzon to prevent
the insurgents from obtaining ainmu-.-
tion and supplies is giving the army
considerable concern.
The Pittsburg Bridge Company and
Charles M. Peuwly, superintendent, were
held responsible by u coroner's jury for
the death of 11 men who were killed iu
the collapse of the arches of the Coliseum building in Chicago in course of
construction ou August 28.
The contest for the open and amateur
golf championship of the Western Golf
Association opened auspiciously on the
links of the Glcnvicw Golf Club, Chicago,
Wednesday. The contestants include
many of the crack amateur golfers of the
west, and some record-breuking playing
is expected.
In response to requests from Governor
Rogers and the congressional delegation
from Washington, the secretary of war
ordered General Otis to place a mustering ollicer on the transports bearing lhe
Washington and remaining volunteers to
their homes. It is estimated that three
weeks will be saved by this procedure.
An open switch on the Erie railroad
caused a collision between freight and
passenger trains near Meadville, Pa. Tlie
p.-Wing.T train was running 6U miles nn
hour when the wreck occurred. Engineers Arnold of the passenger and Shelter
of the freight, and a trump named Kirs, h
were instantly killed. Three men were
Amid the shrieking of a thousand whistles the While Star line's new steamer
Oceanic, the longest ship ever built,
-ie.unci out of Liverpool harbor recently
on her maiden trip across the Atlantic.
The ship is in command of Captain
The Dreyfus verdict caused a feeling
of almost stupefaction tn Berlin.
Spokane people raised $1,500.00 by
Sept. 1, to bring home her volunteers.
A patent for barrel tons has been Issued to Daniel B. Le Van of Caldwell,
Twenty-three new cases and three
deaths from yellow fever have been reported at Key West, Fla.
Thc United States cruiser Olympia,
with Admiral Dewey on bonrd, has
sailed from Gibraltar for New York.
A strong gale took place Sunday at
Kltts and Antigua, and It is feared the
storm is coming In the direction of St.
Thomas, D. W. I.
H. Y. Hawes of Johnstown, Pa., has
sold the famous racer, Joe Patchen, to
8enator McCarthy, of Goshen. N. Y.
Hawes sold for more than $20,000.
The two-year-old child of I,ouie
Delles, living near Farmlngton. Wash.,
while playing at a well with other children, accidentally fell tn and was
Fewer pensions were granted to soldiers In the Spanish war than was expected, the number being 296. There
are now 991,519 names of pensioners on
Ine rolls.
The surplus reserve of the New York
clearing house bank, to all Intents and
long contest over the four million dollar estate left hy the late Wilson Wad-
cllngham, who died In New York about
three months ago.
Express train No. 10 on the Southern
Pacific was robbed near Cochise, Ariz.,
by four masked men, who blew the aafe
open and took everything In sight. The
amount of their booty Is said to be
The First Colorado regiment of volunteers have been mustered out, paid
and discharged. The rolls carried 989
men, all told, and the amount disbursed
was about $160,000. The regiment has
left for home.
It is understood that General Sir
William Redvers Huller of London will
start for Cape Town Saturday. The
Indian authorities are chartering
learners to transport troops to South
Africa as rapidly as possible.
Patrolman Jack Martin of Tacoma
wns shot antl wounded by two men
whom he was attempting to arrest. He
wounded and captured Tom Moore of
Hutte, Mont., one of his asallants, but
tne other made his escape.
ln a single week one-half of the pecan
etop in Texas was killed by the pest
Known as the web worm, and commonly
called the caterpillar. Reports are still
coming in to the effect that the worms
have Invaded the remaining counties.
A movement Is on foot against sending exhibits to the Paris exposition ln
1900. Many intending exhibitors have
withdrawn their notices of participation, on the ground that the present
state of things in France renders it unsafe to send exhibits.
Tbe governor of Idaho says he has
every reason to believe that tbe Idaho
regiment would be brought from San
Francisco to Boise In a body. The plan
is to bring them over the Shasta route
of the Southern Pacific to Portland, and
from there over the O. R. _ N. and Oregon Short Line.
The navy department expects to begin the manufacture of smokeless powder at its powder mill a few miles back
from the Potomac river near Indian
Head, within the next two or three
months. Work on the mills has been
pushed energetically, and at present
about 1200 men are employed.
Two hundred feet of a trestle on the
Columbia, Newberry k Lattren. road,
over Broad river, near Columbia, S. C,
gave way under a trainload of granite.
Several cars and an engine fell 50 feet
into the water. The following were
killed: Engineer Dick Weatherby,
Fireman Silas Rennick, Stewart Martin, a negro, Unidentified man, with
head severed from body. William
Hates, an extra fireman, went clown
with the wreck, but was dug out from
tons of granite without a scratch.
Deputy Marshal Joseph Pinkham returned to Boise, Idaho, from Owyhee
county with John Jensen in custody.
The prisoner is one of two desperate
men who attacked Blackaby k Parks'
store at Jordan Valley, on the evening
of August 28, his partner, Joseph Law-
son, being killed at the time.
TU« eo.ver-1-ent steamer Ramans
struck a skiff containing six belated
merrymakers in Qulncy bay, III., all
were thrown in the water antl three
drowned. The dead: John E. Weh-
kamp, Lulu Broye, Mary McCarthy.
The other three were saved by clinging
to a beer keg from the overturned boat.
An order for the organization of two
colored regiments to be known as the
Forty-eighth and Forthynlnth volunteer infantry has been issued from the
war department. All the field officers
of these regiments are white men now
In the regular army. All company officers are colored men who served in the
war with Spain.
Otis' Plan ot lump-Inn.
New York, Sept. 12.—A special lo the
Herald  from  Washington, says:
Considerable progress hus l>een made by
Major General (His upon the plan of campaign he will inaugurate immediately upon the beginning of the dry season! To
prevent similar preparations being made
by the insurgents and perhaps a forerunner to the comprehensive operations lo
occur when the conditions permit, and offensive movement hy the commands of
Major (ieneral Lawton and Mac-Arthur
will begin at once.
Would   I'IhIiI   Kxtrrha*-.
Kansas City, Mo., Sept. IL—Captain
Thomas Phelan, a hroadswordsman and
crack pistol shot, has issued a challenge
to Count Esterhazy to fight a duel.
Phelan has engaged in several personal
encounters, and is a man of fearless character. He is said to he kicked by several
prominent local Jews, who have guaranteed his passage to Kngland lo meet Ks-
tcrhazy.   He is a veteran of the civil wur.
turns From tha Bloh Rl-r.l-.-s Of the Kn-
eltto Holt-wot, *••»• WtotA All th*
rrlnelpU Ml-log Oamps-Parsonals-
Ml-lug Matas.
One of the most Important mining
enterprises In Idaho is soon to be started In Owyhee county, lt Is what U
known as the Sinker creek tunnel project. This tttnel is to be cut through
War Eagle mountain from a point on
Sinker erees. The project haa long
been looked upon as the most piomlfl-
lng one In the west, but difficulties in
making arrangements with the Owners
of the mines hnve always stood ln tne
llriiol.lt.-  Note*.
The Republic company has secured tt
rate for hauling ore of $5 per ton to
Grand Forks.
From time to time favorable reports
have come to the city from the Capital)
mine, 16 mileH northwest of Republic,
on the reservation.
lt is said that the great ore value:,
which made the Republic famous In its
early days when Spokane men owned
it are undiminished. Recently a body
of ore between the second and first lev
els which averages $696.80 per ton wns
opened up.
The body of quartz in Princess Maud
is four feet wide, nnd appears to he
widening. There Is one foot of high
grade ore which will average $225 per
ton. lt lies next to the footwall. Syl-
vanlto permeates all the rest of the
ledge in patches, something that ballot occurred before.
Good progress Ib being made in the
preparations for the construction of the
Mountain Lion mill. The work is being pushed with all possible speed and
it is expected to have the mill rtinniu*:.
even under the most unfavorable cii
cumstances, by the first part of December.
W.........   111...   Out Hrr Hralnn.
San Francisco, Sept. IL—Mm. Pauline
Smith, formerly of Portland, Oregon,
blew out her brains as she was lying at
the side of her husband, who was asleep.
The report of the pistol awakened him.
The wife died a few minutes after firing
the shot. She was despondent, melan
choly being induced by brooding over her
past life, having been divorced from a .Mr.
Hull of Portland a year ago. She though I
of him constantly, in spile of her marriage*
lo Mr. Smith. The Double were lo have
gene to Portland tonight.
Willi..... MrMlrkf-B In Dead.
Olympia, Wash., Sept. IL—William
McMicken, surveyor general nf Washington, is dead. Mr. McMicken Was a nicm
ber of the G. A. R. and stood high |n
Masonry. He leaves two son*, one a member of the Seattle law firm of Slruve
Allen, Hughes 4. McMicken, and another
who is engaged in the slrcel railway business  in   Ihat  city.
Condition of il,,- Crops.
Washington,  Sept.   12.—Crop  reporti
mclition of wheat is 70.9 as compare
*s*f»»:i<»iw>r'.» »'i -Hns-j*,*. **w"j>ga. **m.<
wilh 86.7 on August l.   Corn So...
purposes was practically wiped out by
Honor Manuel Garcia, the oldest pro-  the operation, of the week ending Sep-
feasor of music ln tbe wo.'d, w>. born   tember 9. it* the course of a speech pi      	
Lord Sandhurst, governor of Ituml
Brills-  Co I an. I>ls-
Work is to lie commenced on the
Mollie Hughes in the Slocan.
All the ore has been cleaned np from
the Enterprise workings in the Slocan.
Work on the Copper Bell at Index Is
being pushed with four shifts of men.
Very rich sulphide ore has been encountered of late on the Mabou, in the
The Wnr Eagle Is sending an 800
pound sample of ore lo Ibe world's exposition at Paris.
The Marion has one of the b**sl
showings ever seen on Silver mountain, in the Slocan.
It is reported the drift from the m:iin
shaft on the Arlington, In the Slocan,
has broken into a large body of high
grade shipping ore.
Development on the Arden group,
above the Mountain Chief, in the S.o
can, has uncovered a strong lead, with
a sprinkling of ore.
Coffer dams to aid in the construe
tion of the dam for the smelter not.'
building at Grand Forks have been la.ci
two-thirds of the distance across the
North Fork of the Kettle river.
A party of C. P. R. Engineers this
week will begin the preliminary survey
of a Bpur from a point on Brown'.-,
creek, north fork of the Kettle river,
to Pathfinder mountain on the east sld*
of the river.
Through the efforts of William Dunn
there will be an excellent collection o*
samples of Rossland's ores at the Pahs
exposition. The collection embraces 42
samples, including ore from all the
principal properties in the camp.
The first discovery of coal In the
Boundary country has been made by
Robert Clark, a well known rancher
and prospector. The seam is said to
average 25 feet In width. It is locat
ed on the Laurier mineral claim on the
north fork of Kettle river.
The most important happening of
past week among the mines of Rossland
camp was the finding of a rich oie
shoot in the Mascot. The shoot Is from
six to seven feet In width and assays
of a carefully made sample shows thut
it runs $264.61 to the ton. A remarkable feature of the find is the fact that
the ore carries over 200 ounces In si I
Scottish capital, In a quiet wny. Is
going into the Kootenays and picking
up some of the good things that are to
be had. The latest deal Is one just
completed on behalf of capitalists in
Scotland by John MeKane, and involves
the purchase of the tavlna group of
four claims on Hamill creek, in the
Lardeau district, for a consideration
said to be in the neighborhood of %iH,.
000. The Lavlna group is situated on
Hamill creek, eight and one-half miles
from the Kaslo _ Slocan railway, which
Is now lieing extended Into that dis
MI "J I No  ROTBk.
Marble Is reported to have been discovered nenr Sauk City, In Skagit conn,
ty, Wash.
At the Spokane Industrial Exposi
tion this year the mineral exhibit will
be given the place of honor.
Everything seems to promise an active winter for Dixie and with Its excel
lent showings will surely enjoy lis
share of prosperity.
The Ibex mine, near Sumpter  Ore
was sold to the Consolidated Mines As'
Rociation of Untlon    last week     Th»
price Is not made public
The recent rich Strike of high-gnu!..
Ktilena ore In the tunnel „„ the Gold
Mountain group „n Nine Mile, near
Keller Wash.. Is still a t0|)1,' J J
terestlng conversation among nt.Bln,
wnm-i °r ,eBB W°rk °n the dal™ '««
Wllmot camp, near Keller, Wash    bju
Jew done this season.    wilm„t   a up
l» named In honor   of    Lew Wlln io
county commissioner for    the
The collection for the mineral exhibit from Dixie, Idaho, for Spokane is
fast Hearing completion. It contains
some large collections of high grade
ore and will make a creditable show-
ing for tbe camp.
The Treasure Box property Is the latest sensation at Bosshurg, Wash., owing to the fact that a shoot of high
grade gold quartz has Just lieen encountered in Its upper tunnel, which is no«v
In about 50 feet.
The development work on the Alliance, on Toloman mountain, near Keller, Wash., la progressing with entlic.
satisfaction. The drift at the end uf.
the lower tunnel will soon encounter a
body of splendid galena and copper ore.
The Montreal parties who bonded the
Father lode also secured three or fo.ir
other claims ln the Immediate vicinity,
giving them one of the best groups on
Sunset Peak, in the Cceur d'Alenes.
They have already started to get things
In shape tn work.
A deal has lieen closed in Denver by
which an English syndicate purchases
for $2,500,000 cash the property of the
Big Five Mining Company at Ward,
Col. The properties Include the Nlwo',
Dew Drop, Columbia and other well
known gold producer.,
Great activity Is being Rhown this
year in all the mining camps along llu*
Methow Valley, Wash. From Slnlc
creek, just across the summit of the
Cascades, to the mouth of the Metht;w
money is being put Into the mines and
work is In progress upon dozens of
A vein of coal eight feet across bus
just been uncovered on the Taentim, the.
mining district recently discovered to
miles west of Bllen.burg, Wash. Th"
cnnl was found in the contact between
the mineral and sandstone, "and tests
have shown it to be of excellent quality for blacksmiths' use.
The Nespelitim country west of Keller, Wash., has of late given to the district a strike of more than ordinary
importance. A prospect of u few months
ago, admittedly a promising one, now
ranks as a shipper and promises to
make that section famous. The property Is the now famous Stephenson
One of the most Important mining
deals in the history of the southern
Oregon mines has just been completed
at Ashland. The Montreal k Oregut
Gold Mines (limited), a Canadian corporation of which Charles G. Griffith is
manager, has purchased the Ashland
mine for a consideration understood to
lie $120,000.
Sumpter camp will have a minium
exhibit at the Spokane exposition. Every one Is enthusiastic over the alia.,
There Is gteut excitement as Ihe result of discoveries made in Plumbago
canyon by Colorado miners. The camp
is about 25 miles north of Luraun .
tV'yo.. and 17 men have been employe J
for some weeks. A carload of the oro
was sent to Denver and returns sho.v
50 to 70 per cent copper and elg'it
ounces of silver to the ton. A larg**
number ot mining men have gone to
I'lumliago canyon and staked n.T
The Xjstt Chance mine at Saltese, lu
the Cceur d'Alenes, shipped two ears of
ore last troth, which a couple of leasers have taken out during the spring
and summer. The V. S. mine, adjoin-
inK it, shipped one car a few days ago.
These two mines have been shipping
occasionally for six or eight years,
generally being worked by leasers, and
they have proven valuable properties.
The ore Is mainly a carbonate, with
more or less gray copper, and yields
from $100 to $150 per ton above freight
and smelter charges.
Interest in tho Badger creek gold district, 40 miles up the Boise river, was
revived by the result of development
work tbat has been made since the discovery of the district. A tunnel has
lieen run 127 feet, rutting the Copper
Queen lode 90 feet deep. It has opened
li feet of ore which carries an averae.*
value of nbout $20 In gold, while much
of it is very high grade. The walls are
granite, well defined, and the vein gives
every Indication of being valuable
Some little prospecting has lieen done*
in addition, and the results indicate a
great gold district.
■■*******K;***^^ ■*•■*■■<■• «m>i
IDAHO   *tiiTBI.
Prospectors are at work on Bed Rock
and Jack's creek.
The Inland Grain Company haa established a receiving station nt W'l*
Rodgers Brothers' of Challls wool
clip this season nmounled to 160,000
Custer county's apportion of the stale
taxes this year amounts to $"i,,l55...7.
In I8»8 It was $.1,826.50.
was as much work In the office of II:.'
county recorder ut Wallace as at present.
The public: schools opened at Lewis-
ton with an attendance of about S75.
Professor R. N. Wright, formerly of
Astoria, Is In charge.
.Joseph Malloy has been appointed
chief clerk at the Lapwal agency to sue-
teed Chief Clerk Martin, removed by
Indian  Agent  Stranahan.
Albert Clarrlngton, a 13-yearold
Cballl. Imy, shot himself In the foot
while fooling with a shotgun. The gun
was loaded with buckshot.
The arrangements committee for the
reception of Company D, Idaho volunteers, or Genesee, have plnn. well arranged for a two days' reception.
The recent storms did more damage
than ull tho previous ralna. The wind
beat down a great deal of standing:
grnin which Is so ripe that It will DOl
■-"tighten up again.
George j. |^.Wih slates that the work
Of the deputy game warden In Wood
River country, was done well, the re-
Hiilt being that the birds had not lieen
much disturbed before the expiration
of the closed season.
The prospect of a legal school fight
nver the new board refu.lng to recognize the teacher.' contract, made by
U&^jjB-aSJd ^_J.Ja_^J»«_^J5;'-rrv.(wi.s
Kun last week by the resignation ot "
'•m**'*tma*w*tm»* <l*.*»*..»**. %fietwW*f^ ew*mV*4****>*Aim*MmW etutfai.^. **m\*_■«$, t^samttmrwaw*,**.*** J**±^4ft^^,*,*w««»_>*)*>«_. amt*r^m i
44 The Laborer is
Worthy of His Hire.
'Bui a wage-earner ran earn more if he
lus vigorous health. The blood is the
life-giving and strength-making part of Ihe
system. If it is pure, all is well: if not, it
should be purified with Hood's Sarsaparilla, which makes the weak strong.
Never DisappoiJtl
l.nl.or Notes.
The laborers of Winnipeg have organized.
Atlanta pressmen have established
an out-of-work benefit.
Kansas City organizations have secured over $10,000 toward their labor
Shoemakers of Denmark won their
nntlnnul strike for 25 per cent, increase
of wages.
For every cigar you smoke thnt does
not bear the blue label you eucotiruge
poverty and slavery.
Thero have been r.O strikes In lull-
nnn since January 1st, every ono of
which hns been won.
Dr. Abner L. Davis, one of the founders of the Union Reform party, has
joined the Jones crowd. He says the
II. R. P. is disintegrating.
The hands at the dockyard extension
works, Gibraltar, lo the extent of over
3,000, have struck work. The men cl>'-
ni'iiiil higher wages and water free.
Parts is threatened with a serious
strike of gasmen, who are demanding
a reduction et the hours of labor from
ten lo eight, and eight francs a day.
In Georgia, the other day, 200,000
barrels of the esteemed Ht:ii.,'ard Oil
Company's product wero seized because they were not up to the required
point of safety.
The referendum vote recently taken
by the Bricklayers' International Union
on the proposition to affiliate with the
American Federation of Labor is announced to have carried.
Kight members of the Miners Union
of Pueblo have been placed under
bonds on charge of kidnaping, because
they Induced nine men to quit working
ten hours at the I>emocrat mine.
Now the insurance companies are
kicking against the trusts. The combines are beginning to insure their own
institutions, netting aside a certain
amount of profit for thut purpose.
The old-age pension act of New Ze.i-
land will probably be amended to included American residents of tbat
island, and perhaps Furopeans also, if
resident there for twenty years.
■A movement has been started in Minnesota to combine all the traveling men
(who were prosperity pufTers in '961
In one trust-smashing aggregation. In
the past twelve months no less than
36,000 drummers have been relieved of
their jobs antl about 78,000 in the last
three years.
Party Is Now «t KUI.-WI11 Again Soon
M___ tbe Trl|»-Tl.a,, Were Monti..
I" tl»« Field- Uemlneuts of tl.e Uresis;
Party Here Found  Uiui.olesled.
Bi'i-rm, N. P., Sept, I.I. The Peary.
Harnnworth steamer Windward, Captain
John Jlaitlcll, I'rc.in Llah, Ninth I lieen-
land, Atigu-t 2ti, has arrived here, reporting all well ou board. He will be followed
iu a week hy ih,. j',.„,v Artie Club's
•Slcainci- Diana, Captain Samuel W. Hurt-
lelt, nlxn from Ktan. The Windward report* ull on hoard I lie Diana were well
at  the time the vessels separated.
The two steamers nlei at Kiah, August
12, and worked iu company, under the
personal direction of Lieutenant Peary, in
collecting supplies, tar tbe winter ami tho
equipment for next spring's campaign.
The Windward was ice hound in Allium
bay, ou the west side, »i Kane Basin, about
.mi miles north pf Cape Sabme, irom August IH, 1898, to August 2, IH!*!*, being iu ,t
-mi of eddy undisturbed by wind or current. The season »ui one nf continuous
calm with very little snow, the minimum
temperature at the ship being 70 degree,
below zero.
Lieutenant Peary and the -ledge parties
Here iu the Meld almost continuously from
Oetober, L8D8, U) August oi this year, and
have effected an extraordinary wnounl ul
Important work, not only bearing on the
future ..f his own expedition, but adding
much  to thc geographical  knowledge ul
lhe cOSSl line: and the Interior of Fllsmeie
land, Lhe southern portion uf Gtinnelland.
Hi- sledging j. urncx Aggregated more than
10,000 mile*, not including several trips
repeated over portions of the track.
As .soon as the young Ice could bear a
sledge Pear) made a careful reconnoiter of
the coast line louth of Alliii.in Lay and
carefully defined the lauds and water between that |Hiiut and Cape .Sabine. This
work completed, Lieutenant I'eary nejtt
made several luceessful hunting nip- and
laid ill an ample supply oi fresh meal, in-
eluding inu-l. oxen, -cal- and birds for
the wiuter, Utilizing the December moon,
he sledged along the ice fm-.-O miles north,
over almost Impassable lee to -tot Conger,
the headquarters ol the Ureely expedition.
Lieutenant   Peary   found  Fort  Conger
exactly a* (freely left it. The table « i*
standing from the hurt uieal and all lhe
oilier appointments had remained undisturbed for IU year-. The buildings were
iu fair conditio—, lie tc.ok possession of
ihe property, real and personal, in the
name of the United Mates government
and posted notices t'. that effect. lie
brought aw.) and i- sending home the
orurinal  tfreelv  n-.eu.l-,  the sextant   of
Sick headaches! Always trace them to a lazy liver or a sick stomach. Poisonous matter, Instead of being
thrown out, Is reabsorbed into the blood. When this poison reaches the delicate brain tissue it causes congestion
and that dull, awful, throbbing, sickening pain. CASCARETS remove the cause by stimulating the liver, making
the poison move on and out, and purifying the blood. The effect is almost instantaneous. Ladles, whose sensitive
organisms are especially prone to sick headaches, do not suffer, but find relief in CASCARETS Candy Cathartic.
Look out  for Imitations and Counterfeitsl
funertlT"— Kansas City independent.
"■oils niT vtlta ■_- myself kave been
M "     *
medicine we bare crer lutd In the house   Last
-sine CASCARETS, end tbey are thu best
week mv wife was Irantlc with beadnche tor
two d»ys;she tried some of your CASl'A KET8
and tbey relieved the pain In bcrhead iclmost
Immediately. We both recommend Citsc*-
rsts." Cbas ST-crinr-nnii,
Pittsburg Safe A Deposit Co., ruts burg-. l'a.
"Sonny," said Uncle Ebe_, "l-okotit fo_
ANNUAL 8ALE9. 6.000.000 B0XE9.
25c*    50c
CASCARETS are akaolcrUly harmleii, a purely regetable compound. Ho mercurial or other mineral pill-nokon ls Cascarets. Cstcarets promptly, effectively and permanently
*trt every disorder ol the Stomach, Llrer snd Intestines. They not only cure constipation, hut cjrrect any aad every lorm ol irregularity ol the bowels, including diarrhoea and dysentery.
Plessant. palatable, potent. Taste good, do good. Never sicken, weaken or gripe. Be sure you get the genuine! Beware ol imitation, and substitutes t Buy a box ot CASCARETS
U-day, and it not pleased li tvary respect, get year money back I   Write us lor booklet and tree sample 1   Address STERLING REMEDY COMPANY, CHICAGO or NEW YORK.
The dally average of immigrants Into
tlie Tnlteti Slates is 2,000.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trslna Run un PsclKc Standard Tlm*.
I.esve. Arrlva.
doing Wast. Dally. (Joins Kaat
1:00 a. m    Kaalo   3 r* p. in
I JJ a. in  South Kurk   1:20 |i. m
in  Sproule's   »:*- p  m
m    Whitewater   11:10 p. m
in  Bear Lake   1:1*0 p. m
m  McGulgHii   1:46 p. m
in   Bailey's   I'M i>  M
ni.... Cody Junctlc n  1:23 p. m
m  Bandon  1 16 p. m
Leave 11-00 a. tn.Bandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m
Arrlvs ll:lia. m. ..Cody...Leave 11:16 a   m
O.  F.  fcil'Kl.ANI'.  Superintendent.
1:10 a.
» «, s.
»-> a
10:11 t.
10 26 a.
lu a a.
10:40 s.
Kootenay .n.
Railway and Navigation
Operating KaSlo A Blncan Railway, International Nhv. A Trading t'o.
Schedule of Time—Pacific Standard Time.
Paeaenger train  for Sandon    and    way
etallona. leavea Kaalo at 1:00 a. m.
Dally, returning, leaves Sandon at 1:16
l>.  m . arriving at  Kaalo at 3:66 p.  in.
international Nav. A Trad. Co.—Operating un Kootenay lake and river.
Leaves Kaalo for Nelson at t:00 a. m.
dally, except Sunday. Returning, leavea
Neleon at 4:30 p. m., calling at lialfour,
Pilot Hay. Aliis»v>i iii, and all way points.
Connects with S.  I". A N.  train to and
from Spokane, at Five Mils Point.
8. 8. '•ALHKKTA."
Leave* Neleon for Bunner'i Kerry Tuee-
daya and Haturdaya at 7 a. m., meeting
eteamer "International" from Kaslo at
Pilot Bay.
Returning, leave* Ronner'e Ferry at 1:00
a. m. Wednesday* and Sunday*.
Conneria at Bonner'a Ferry with Qreat
Northern railway fur all polnta eaet and
Steamer* rail at principal landing* In
hoth dlrectlone, and at other point* when
Ticket* s.,1,1 to all points In Canada and
the UnlUd Slate*.
To ascertain rate* and full Information
l.teui.-naut Beaumont, B. N., of the H_i_s*
Markham expedition ol 1876-8, recovered
l.y Lieutenant L-ekwood, and ninny pri-
\ai.- letter* Bnd papers ot member* oi the
(.reefy parly, .ill «t which arc in be for-
Hauled  to the Peary   Arc-lie- ('lull Of New
Voile. A eonaiderable quantity of pro-
V-doM Here (1*0 found unci protected for
further emergency.
He also pushed u i ecoiinai*-ancf beyond
Port Conger t" Cape Berry, todlng prao-
lieilly the same conditione of sea as at
the point wuth. Then lie made the second
trip lo Fort Conger. In all four parties
from the Windward bad reached tbat
point and returned without other accident
than that to Lieutenant Peary whose toes
were  frozen.
Viscount Esher, master of the rolls
in tbe court of appeals In London, 84
years old, was a famous athlete in his
younger days, rowing in the winning
Cambridge crew at the university boat
race of 1839.
Twelve labor and seven fraternal organizations deserted a meeting hall and
moved at Albany because the proprietor of the building where these organizations met repaired tbe httilding with
non-union material.
Male, B. 0.
i **~**mi*!s*»u**uM.mVAetm*m*^^
Mis* Cordelia Moore, of Mnlone,
N. Y.,until recently, lias been n lifelong Invalid from palpitation of tbe
In-art anil weak-Mi of the blood.
Physicians were puttied over ner
rase, their most skillful efforts were
bullied. Various remedies weretried
wltliouUvall. Thc proverbial "change
of climate" was advised, hut the
constant chnnite wore upon her
until, to quote her mother's words,
"she became a living ghost.' Miss
Moore said: I'Upon JdvWOf ■
friend I began Inking Dr. Williams
Fluk Tills for Pale Peoiilcand before
the first box wna used I noticed a i
appetite nnd felt
1 began to regain my
.pellte nna felt better generally.
After finishing the flrBt box 1 took
*lx more. TheefTest wn* wonclcrtui.
I grew strong and sullied In flesh.
nf never felt better ln my life titan
I do now 1 weigh more than ever
beft>re nnd I consider myself cured
,    From tin tiazrttt, ilalone, cf.
, SchenecUdr,
Labor day was generally observed la
Hamilton by the closing of all places o£
Helena and Kaat Helena ate now
connected hy an electric railway line,
live miles long.
Mathias Ensch, California!! forty-
niner and Montana pioneer, died at "St.
Peter's hospital the other day.
Professor Albeit J. Roberts bas accepted the position of teacher of languages in the high school of Helena.
Jim Stevens, of ('hoteau, has completed a Hut bottomed boat in which he
proposes to float down the Teton to
the Missouri and thence to New Orleans, via tbe Mississippi.
Peter S. llarringlon, ex-mayor and
ex-city councilman of Butte, was arraigned in tlie police court on a charge
of setting liquor at retail without a
lltensle, unci pleaded guilty.
There was a very pretty little ro.v
over the lihrarianship of the public library in Butte. The past incumbent
was beyond criticism and hitherto the
office has been kept out of the whirlpotl
of politics.
Mrs. Harriet M. Tttttle, wife of Rt.
Rev. Daniel S. Tuttle, Episcopal bishop
of Missouri, who died in St. Louis recently, was at one time a resident of
Helena, antl was well known to the old
timers in the city.
John Sexton, a miner, was found
dead in a wine room on North Wyoming street, Butte, last week. He had
been drinking to excess, and it is sup
posed that this was in great part responsible for the death.
Judge Lee of Kibbey was in Belt the
other day, and in speaking of the crops
in his section snys that he has ridden
over 300 miles of territory, and the best
crops he saw did not equal one-half of
the yield of former years.
James A. Shannon committed suicide
In Butte last week because he fonnd
whisky had too strong a hold on him,
by the poison route. He left a note for
his mother in Eurora, 111., saying only;
"Mother, I am sorry. Good by." He
was a fine accountant, and had a splendid  position.
Labor day in Butte was the largest
attended celebration of the year, and
reports from the street car roads show
that over 25,000 people were carried on
the cars to the various places of amusement. Over 8000 peoplo were carried
lo the Columbia Gardens alone and although men, women and children clung
to the cars like flies, there was not a
single accident in the city that Qay.
The general prosperity of the residents of the. Bitter Root valley has not
been disturbed this year. As a rule
farmers bave paid the mortgages on
their land antl have money to loan, and
while crops are light this year as compared with other years, the increased
demand and price of all farm products
more than compensates.
"It seems almost Incredible that In
the neighborhood of $40,000 in actual
casli should have been confided to letters during the last year, and harder
still to credit that the most exhaustive
efforts failed to find the owners of one-
fourth of that amount," writes Patti
Lyle Collins in The. Ladies' Home. Journal tor September. "The envelopes
Which are addressed are kept on file for
four years, blank ones not so long, but
In either case a liberal margin of time
is allowed for claimants to appear before the money is finally turned Into
the treasury to the credit of the post-
office department, ln addition to the
money contained in letters during the
same period, something like $10,000
was found loose in the mails. It Is
officially styled  'loose money.'"
In addition to the 40,000 building
craftsmen who were locked out in Denmark several months ago by the organized bosses, who are attempting to
destroy all unionists, some 15,000 workers were locked out a few days ago.
A   Until.-   In   Kentucky.
l.oui-ville, Sept. 12.—The evening Post
ha* an unconfirmed repent from Manche*-
ter, Ky.. that four feudist* were killed in
a hat tl.- on lied Bird creek, Clay oounty,
Such dishes as beef or veal olives
are attractive and palatable. Sufficient
meat for them may lie purchased ror a
single meal; in fact, this is true of all
stews; but broils and roasts are not
good when small. Beef olives are strips
of thin round steak with a small piece
of suet or bacon rolled and tied within.
They are first browned in a little suet,
and then stewed slowly until tender—
about one hour—in a hrown sauce made
by adding two tablespocmfttls of Hour
to the fat in which Ihey were browned.
After mixing, add a pint of hot water
and a seasoning of onion, bay leaf, salt
and pepper.—September Ladies' Home
1»—pr»»v-.* train  Kqulp-.e-t.
The O. K. & N. and Oregon Short
Line have added n buffet, *tnokin_ and
library car to their Portland-Obioago
iliicui.lt train, and a dining car lervio*
baa beeu iiuiuguarHted. Tbe train i*
•quipped with tbe latent chair car*,
day coaches Hnd luxurious -tlt-cla*l
•nd ordinary *leep>*i». Diteot conned-
tion made nt Granger wilh Union Pacific, and at ti.dcu with Rio Grand*
line, from all point* in Oiegan, Washington and Idaho to all Kaitetn cities.
For Information, rates, etc., call on
anv O. Et, & N. agent, or ad.hen W.
II. Hurlhurt, General Passenger Agent,
The Iron Molders ot North America
held their annual convention at Indianapolis, it was the largest held for
yeurs, there were 325 delegates present,
and the session lasted fourteen clays.
The next convention will lie held at
Remember that you can buy Jesse Moor*
A. A. Whiskey for the same price that I*
paid for ordinary whisky. For sal* by all
first class dealers and druggist*.
Riulyard Kipling has an American
double in the person of William L.
Meeker of Chicago. The likeness la
said to be perfect.
Lord Brassey is going to England at
the end of the present year. His term
of office as governor ot Victoria expires
in Octolier, 1900, but in all probability
he will not serve quite the full term.
Professor Wiesner, principal of the
University of Vienna, has been severely reprimanded by Count Bylandt-
Rheldt, the Austrian minister of education, for having signed the international address of learned men appealing to the czar of Russia in liehalf of
By local appUmilOnSi «■> they cannot reach the
t.i*-.*'.v I portion ol Um a&r. Then- .*■« only om
way tu inn l_MfM-B. nnd that Is by eonsti-
tutior.al i-m.'.l;.*.-. Dtafn«M lb caused by un in
llnnu-ti (•>mlittnn of thu mucous lining ot the
Kiii-t.H hi.in Tub*. Whoa this tube gets ln-
iiiinu.i you ii.tv- a rumbling j»ounil or Imperfect
hi'-irlng. untl whtn it is entirely clor._ii Ueuine.*>n
if- the i' ult, nnd unle-sn the Infhininntiion cAXl
bt taken out and this tube restored to its nor-
iiiii I condition, htaring will be dextruyed forever; nine car-es out of ten are caused in
t'Htarrh, which Is nothing but an inflamed condition   Of   tht*   Rtucoui   purfot •-■*.
\\"f will gi\e Une Hundred Dollars for any
case of DoafMSI unused by catarrh) thut «.*:in-
n.it ba -Hied by Ball*i CaUurb cure. Send for
clrculniH.  in.'
r. J   CHENEY fk CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold bv  druealsts,  Wc
Hull >  Family  Pllti are the bML
P. O.
Good No. t, 65c per 1005,
loaded on  cars.
Write for prloci of No. L
Box _<J6      Tel. 670.      Spokane, Wush-
For Qo.i'.rrtiiH- .Di! OI«rt grt Palm 1 u«»j Spec**.<•   II
)ti*. wUl .nn' rsch and ..
. lh* ONLY niedl.-iiM wtili-h will run* i-a.Ii _„.l ,.-«—
—m. NO CASK known lt -as ever (sued lo curs, _»
—ttcsr low sertouil or ot how lont* suiiillng. AtsuHs
(rom Ita um will e*Mmish yon. It la etao'ut*l7 Mis,
irrTpnu atrirturp. and can be taken without lnconv*-
■ e«iT and ik-u-ntlim from .eases l'l'.li >, **.cio. ra*
ml. b7 all rvllable drcifnrla—. or a.-nt prepaid by ax>T*_c
I—Ul,ly wrsrrpwd, on re,—-nt of 7.-lee. by
  * P_B8t C-_*10-- OO., I*--*.*. AX
J*rc_*r mailed oa riMMt .-—-«_»
A number of Socialists were again
arrested In San Francisco for holding
street-corner meetings. The polic.e
judge discharged them and scored the
chief of police.
Richard Mansfield started in life in
London as a painter. He had poor luck, I
however, and often used to spend his ,
meal hours outside of restaurant windows instead of behind them.
Bitch e prison ls the ronsisnt enrv of Ihe
week, in r ,.11.- penon—Ol lhe person with thin,
nipii't- 1.1...1.1 The way to Lutl. up he-lth 1*
Ihiough tin- bldod.
Moore's    Revealed    Remedy
Mnk.-j Impure  llootl purr.   It rrefttes ft f004
ftppetlt* end s*.Uih dlmstiou.
•I your .111:_ar>*• 1.
It UU per bolt.
I ehall recommend rMso's Cure for Consumption fur and wide.—Mrs. MulllKin,
Plumste-d,   Kent.   England,   Nov.  8,   11**--.
Mrs. Rathbone, wife of Major Rates
C. Rathbone, director of the posts of
Cuba, was one of the organizers of the
Daughters of the Revolution in Ohio,
where her husband was at one time a
member of the stale senate.
Use Bi* 4* for anastarei
dlaehsricea. Inflammation.,
I IrriUtloot   or   ulcerations
1 nriettre.       of  niucuui   tu.Ditir.iiM.
DM*au asstatcas.      Fslnleaa, snd not sstrte-
1theE»»«|0i»«<io»l0o. s*en' or sotsoiioes.
••id fc- r
*or .ant ln plain wraeaar
iiueea.    prepaid,   foi
•1.00, or I bottlaf, (J.*;*.
Untilur mu e_ naia*
l'liilii.lc'lpliia,  Sept.  8.—At the
>f the national encampment of Hi
cm.,-.-.« ..f ci..- li. A.
-lllfldelphla,  Sept, 8.—At
e Grand
Army of Ilie Itepiiblic .Judge  RouMier ol
St. Jyoui* withdrew ns a oandldate for coin
mender In chief and Colonel Albert I).
Shnw of Wutertown, N. Y., was elected
to that tifliop by acclamation.
Irvine Itobins of Indianapolis was elect-
ed tentor vice commander in chief.
11. M.  Mintci of Louisville, junior vice
William II. Baker of I.ynn, Mass., sur
geon general
The king of the Belgians travels ns
Count Rivenstein, Invariably putting
up at his hotel in Paris with far less
hustle than that which the arrival of
an ordinary foreign count would entail.
CITS Permenently direct.   No lienor nervnnaness
rlIO  alter first clay's use of I'r.  Kline's c'reni
Nerve Restorer. Send for I'liKK *»'.'
I..,Ml., in..I ireitllse. Dll. It. II. KI.INK.
Arch siri-et, I'liiladeiplilR. l's.
OU Innl
1.1.1., US'
Relief for Women*
Stint five, in nl*io.ntAlm1 envnlop*. Writ*
tn tUj r<>r thin Hook.couUU_-.i_ir Puil-U-
(«rt mail TdHtimon-ali uf DK. MARTKL't
French Female Pills.
The mineral depottment of the Spokane
Industrial Bxpotttlon is ending letter* to
all lhe manufacturer* of mining machinery asking them to exhibit in machinery
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
■ffects of the well known remedy,
Svrup of Figs, manufactured by the
California Kio Syrui* Co., illustrate
the value of obtaining the liquid laxative principles of plants known to be
medicinally laxative and presenting
them in the form most refreshing to the
taste and acceptable to the system. It
is the one perfect strengthening' laxa
live, cleansing the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
ijently yet promptly and enabling one
to overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and sub
stance, and its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating them, make it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing figs
ire used, as they are pleasant to the
taste, but the medicinal qualities of the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a method
known to the Cai.ifoRNI*. Fig Svrui
Co. only. In order to get its beneficial
•ffects and to avoid imitations, please
-cmember the full name of the Company
irinted on the front of every package
LOTJtaVI__8, KT. N-W TOKK, K. T.
"or s»le by all Dru»glst*.-Prlct> 50c. per bottle
Crvernor Roosevelt while nl tils
country home, takes recreation after
the manner of Gladstone and has become an expert at felling trees.
Prmlsed by thousand, of aatc.fl—1 La—lease
safe. ftlwMTBreliable an.: without an eq—d.
hi'l.l brail ilru.Kie.M In Ulel—I box, French
Oaf on top Id Blue, white and Tc. .1    Take no other.
"Trench Drug Co.,ail * -Cl 1'c.ilBt.. Mew York CUr.
In OHIO who li.-c.i i.nr.-
ly iii;c.li-i-tlil'll-i'-. with It
,!..-, |. Well   Hi.; mi: I ml
ill took our  nclvire mid
b.HiKlit one ot ,icii ......I-
.-.-.. :l 11,1 flrsl-clwas	
write to NATHAN
HICK FORD, Wai-hlnfton, D. C, tlity wll
receive qulek raulles. B, 6th N. H   vols.
lun JOtb Corps. Frosecutlnt elelms since 1871
Chillies E. llc'ssey, who has been elected acting chancellor of the University
of Nebraska, has spent most of the time
since he llrst entered college in botanical research.
Fence and Iron Works.
end Iron ren.-ln*: office railing;. Mo,  -4 Aider
Miss Margaret Long, daughter of the
secretary ot the navy, and Miss Mabel
Austin, daughter of ex-Governor Austin of Minnesota, nre studying medicine together.
Well Machines,
nn.t .11.1 %?.i»oo worth nf drilling with it last year.
Tb«r*nr* wan who refusetnukenooondvloe whfii
11 l*»i>ner«'d them mi u "-iivi-i plun.M ' (MrrulHMlre**.
i.o»MiN.vMM.tx,   - Tirfilr, ohio.
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cure Sick Heedscbe
and li-i|« |,*ia, U.-iiuiT,. l'iin|,le.an.l Furlfy the
Blood, Aid DlKc-stlonsndPrSTent Biliousness. De
notCJrlpeorHlcken. Tocsuvlnce vou, we will mail
• ample, free, or full boi for iv. OH. BO-AHKO
CO., pi,ii_,i»., _-___„.   Sold by Uru_rUU.
rc.'lTlN'i I'll rutin ui ll.-1. m.MHt tir.- en.l c.hn., it.-lmie
■'   e_or t'rotrudmt
Pile Remedy
This form, ss we..
1'il.a are cured by
Jar at drugtisis or
sia alnjut juurci
I ae Hlinil, III,.,-,11..*f_or l'riitrudiu_
— JJ: P,r* fo»nnlco,»>ll« Retried
Btnpa Itching and bleeding. Abeorba tnmore   6ck- _
 ntbyraail.Treatlaefree. Writs
DR. HOSA NKO, Phllsds., P_
Mother* will find Mr*. Winslow** Sooth
ln(f Syrup the belt remedy to une for t licit
children during the teething period.
l'oo Good and Too Cheap to be
Without It.
v :*-,
The new Independent Labor party of
New York has begun to enroll voters In
all of the sixty assembly districts of
that c'lty. Several large ratification
mass meetings are slated.
Best c '.itiKh Syrup.  Tsetes Uood. Use |
In time.   Bold by druggists,	
*w^'»-*'*iA^^*»-t.-*:,^«^..w,.i«-»^»«i-,:*,:_«. vt^rc*semiaamjtmA*MVts«M«N«tiMnM«-< taWmtsmte-WW I*
«_-!j_n«_B<»*»_-s». *-..    .«..-.■..-.-■...,,-.
s«riwm. ***imwK** **,*****■ *^*mam+er*4t„K, mMwpmm****"*
t>„ "W******"*-"
Jm<-   J*\ M ^e***^ ,
HI txx«
"^Tli.ole©a,le   a*r_.d.   .Retail
Sealers In Q-eneral
CPEOIAL    I INEB   Qf pALL   ftND   '^INTEtt
MUDERWHAR just   Jtocred.
IF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION IS DUE |     If activity on the   waterfront   and
M«MO OR  LS ARREARS   A [the heavy delivery of freight are signe
■J        «*   BLUE   CROSS     WILL
I, II. C.
O 5TOt3L    W»l_-t
JEWELRY,    ------
PIANOS?  -   - -   -   -   -  -
Taooto Dover,
Uox3,     .   .
the Emm.
, Ii. 0.
T>o   You KlslV.?!
ROD*?   and    BASKETS,
l'ASSEI)    IN    THE
IS-Oclc     Bottom.
_ JPrioes
.II M.   Mel NTOSH
B. C.
,iamks bowks   - - - -   prof:
•.^-everything  new,  nkat,
and ci.e\n.   finest appointed house in
the kootenays.
15. C.
;•; lleadtinartors For Mining Men :•:
SILVERTON      •      •      •      -   B.C.
New Fast   Daily Service Between
Improved Connecting Service via Revelstoke or Crows Nest Routes,
First class sleepers on all trains from
Tourist care pass Revelstoke, Daily for
ST Paul, Thursdays for Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays for
Auctioneers, Customs Brokers,
And General Real Estate Agents.
Ofllecn In lli-i.l.-v Block    -   -.  : linker St
(ieneral Freight and Transfer
Business Hone.
Orders  lelt at   News. Stand  will   be
promptly attended to.
SILVERTON,        - -_   -      B. C
j. m. McGregor,
Scab labor is not patronized by
British Columbian.1;—unless it is far
removed. As far, for instance, as
Toronto. The patron of eastern departmental stores is a patron of worse
than .simply scabs. He is -sympathiser with tho drivers of the sweat
shops, the breeders of prostitution. In
another column wc publish an article
from tho clever pen of "Kit'' with
whose writings all the readers of the
Mail and Empire are familiar. It deserves a careful reading.
Does the woman who desires pnly to
secure a "bargain" realize that ahe is
an important factor in the degradation
of some of her eastern sister=*. What
lhe Chinaman is doing on the coast
towards driving hundreds of girls out
on the streets to earn a living, the
departmental stores ate doing iu Toronto.
of returning prosperity, then Silverton
must bo on the eve of good times.
Our wharf is piled up with hay, ore
and other freight, tho warehouse is
full of Hour and merchandise and tho
waterfront, near the wharf, is crowded
with piles of lunibor which accum-
mulate faster than the many teams
employed can haul it away and deliver
it at buildings and mines where it is
to be used.
a^oDorLalda's Xmivoxy
Outside Parties Desiring Horses In Silverton
Can  Have Them  Reserved By  Writing To-
t    mW
a. p. Mcdonald,
Up To Hali* Service.
And now the politicians are raising
the cry of party politics and are
letting the local issues of the clay sink
ont of si<:ht. Workingmen beware! It
•i the old trick of politicians being
tried over 'j again, to try to divide
t ic*   pec pie   against   each   other   and
Following is a complete list ol the
mining transactions recorded during the
week for the Slocan Mining Division.
August 30—Waterloo Fraction, O K cr,
J T Kellv. aiidday, reloc Victor, J Tinling. Maydee Extension, Four Mile er,
,1 Brandon.
.'il— Kootenay Sovereign, relocalionol
Forest Fire, E P Bremner.
Sept 2—Galena Fraclion, Galena mt,
F II Wilson.
5—L D Fraction, Noble Five mt, C A
Freeman. Esmorelda, Howser tic, C
Anderson. Co*ell Fraction, s I Carpenter, G Kay. The.lust One Girl. Silver
mt, OF Nelson. Ocean Queen, Trout
cr, Emily Swan. Copper Kins, same,
F W Wright, Rubee, mime, A I'inne-
gan. Michigan, same, M Ma Wo 11. Emerald, same, R McGregor,
8—Morning Glory Fraction, Fidelity
fllll, A. Jacobson, \| M l;, Gold ck, I)
7—Tniuipet Fraction, Sloc.n'.l.ako, N
W Miui'Jg Syndicate. Swede Boy, n I
Carpenter, A O Ostby, F Johnson, ('
8 -Bank Roll, Eight Mile ek, D Brandon.
11—Chance, divide Ten and Twelve
Mile er, .1 Winters. Continual, Eight
Milo, J O Butler. Ava. Silver ml, !•'
I'vinaii. Sunrise,same, 1> McKinnon.
Alert, Eight Mile ck, 1) A Van Dom.
13—Oakland, Silver tut, Pat Moolley
Nob Hill, sioean.Lake, M LNicholson,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^_______________l      A'lyitst  '',0—Mono Frac-liuii,   Toronto,
hus bllDg about discord in   the rank* I Province, Pure Gold. Belle Smith, Camp
Lodge, Eastern Township. Sent 1—
Mountain Goat, Fedora, Black Horse,
While; - Horse. 2—Neglected, Tramp
Piuiiit, Mountain CQueen, M untaiu
Maid. Q—Tornado, Flood Fr, No 2. International, Imperial, Boephorus, l.ib-
raltnr, Silvet Band, Trojford, Islington,
t\ Infon, Croydon Fraction, Rodney. (I—
Surprise Extension, War Fraction, f'oin-
nvnnder, 8*-Fountain Fraction, Black
Diamond, ii—-iiowdon, 11—Iron Monn-
lain. liolllil;,y l--ri\ciion. Liilv, O-ktcind
No 4, Mountain Secnra*, TwiliuhL Sturm
13—Sadie. Ellis, Moi'M, Ella.: Prince,
Alhamhra, Lilly It, Lone Star No 3.
CKitTinc-.vrKS ov imimiovemuntb
Sept. ll—Boatswain Fraction, Tyro,
Tyro Fraction.
of what is now a united people, lt is
not ot any very vital importance to
tho Workingmen of this province
whether we are having a high or a
low tariff or whether the Reform or
Conservative party is in power at
Ottawa. Rut it is of vital importance
to the tnaisea ot tbe peopl.* ole Britl.l.
Columbia whether we have honest
men with modern ideas on the piesent
labor issues in office in our local
legislature at Victoria. What the
working men must do, if they wish to
preserve their standing, is to work
and vote for their candidate no
matter what his politics maybe in
Dominion matters. Those who have
been tested in the late labor troubles
ate entitled to the votes and confidence
of the ni.\.*scs in any ensuing   election
NOTICE :--' Kii-:'.''' tin.) "Rock*
l.iiid Mil eral Claims| Mth-itn in the!
81 lienn Mining Division ol ■ c-.-t K"Ot*
c-nae l'i.*lric t.
Where iccit.-.i --'>.• '-i.-iit  Mile creek
iidj lining the \> ilia Mineral Chiiln,
Fake notice that I, .1   Murray MiKIregnri
ictinv ns agent tor W  IV, Spink*, Frew j
Miner's  Certificalo   No. i. 1 __ 1 •*>;. Iiilend
sixty davs from iln* date hereof, lu iippl.i j
to the Mining   lie cor.lei for a CcMilie.ilc  .
of Improvements, ior ihe |Miino*«e <>( obtaining a   C.'own   Grant  ul lb" iiIiavi I
And ftnllier take nolie     Ihat    action (
under section *'>7,   must b.i comment-oil
before  the  issuance ol Bitch  ( cililicatc-j
of Improvements.
Hated this 17. b day of July 1800.
.1. M. ,Mc'Gi*t-c;.iii.
*T-* 00 | er Annum.
Use   None   But
The  Best!
* T       A
Notice i* hereby  given  that   slx'y
days after  da'e   /,   IV,   /'    MtiUregor, j f> \\ p *
intend to npply to lhe Chief Coin it-1 *-
■lone, of Linclsand Works for per mind -,
'o purcliase tl.e (olio'sing described tract.
ol    html '    Situated    fOlir   miles   east    ol ;
Slocan River nn   Lemon   Creek   nl   lit*- j
month of the Fiisl North I'o'k,  in    We*t
Kootenav I list net; starlit)).' from   a    | csl
marked VV. D. McGregor's N. I'. Comer.
OF   IMl'i'Rl'.   I.LOOD,     OVURU
M A 1 I SM   AND   ALL
csep( ft—F.volyn, option   to pnrcltasel thence soiitu lo chains.  I hence   west 40
for 1(3000, I W Kyte, A   Horton  and W | chains, thence north 43   chains,   llienoe
•■as! 40 chains, to place nl beginning, the j
whole containing in*) nrri-n.
Try It-Prove It.
Toronto 92 hours, Montreal 06 hours,
New York 108"      Winnipeg 52   "
Yanvou,yer 20 "     Victoria    31   "
For the North, Revelstoke, and Main
Line 10:30 K ex Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Buuiiay, 15: TjOIv.
For Rossland, Neleon and Crows Nest
Line 15'AOKex. Hnnday lv. Silverton,
-(ir. ex. Sunday 10:30K
For rates and full information apply to
nearest local agent or
W. 8. CLARK, Agent, Silverion
Tray. Pass. Agent, Nelson
t\. G. P. Agent, Vancouver
4,**~Vw.i*mu»s;itm»t..:f.um*.m -rumtuaa .wwm* -, wm *
£>• 1\I. J 5 ri i »* I lo,
Will vieit Silverton every
Wkdnksday, prepared to
repair all disabled Watches,
Clucks and Jewelery. He
will also have on hind a
Complete Assortment ol
Jewelry, consisting of Kings,
Watches, Chain*, Guards,
Seals, Ac. Ac. Repairing
is Guaranteed. Prices are
as low as First-Class Work
will allow. While in Silveiton, he will be fnund at
The Lakevikw Hotel., and
all work left there during
the week \ ill be promptly
attended to on his lltst visit,   A trial order is solicited.
For Sale or Rent.
A Hold In Silverion.
Apply to—-Matbcson Hros,
ftllv.r.on, it. C.
The speech made by W. VV. B. Mclnnes M. P. at Nanaimo, on Labor
Day, is causing n commotion nmotigj
the eastern press. (specially his remarks
on the Chinese problem. It is having
the desired effect of awakening the
people of the east to the grave dangers
that are confronting their western
Province, by the influx of this yellow
hordo of Asiatics. The workingmen
ut this province have long suffered
from the neglect of the Dominion Government to put a stop to the immigration of the Chinese, and it needed
just such honest, outspoken words
from some prominent public man,
such as those uttered by Mr. Mclnnes
to bring them to the senso of the
danger by which this province is
threatened. The Chinese who keep
flocking in, and who are pampered aud
encouraged by a rotten aristocracy,
little better than the Chinese they
employ, are a source of grave danger
to this New Dominion. The United
States, which has had the largest
experience of any nation in the world
in handling and amalgamating foreign
immigration, after devoting years of
experience and millions in money to
the problem, were at last obliged to
exclude the Chinese whom they found
could not be amalgamated with a
white race. If the people of the easl
wish to save themselves the phock of
hearing of such doiugB in their western
province as thoKO that were witnessed
a few years ago in Seattle and Rock
Springs, they bad better take in hand
quickly the suppression of this loathsome Chinese immigration. There, is u
limit to the patience of even a good
citizen, and honest men will not long
ondure seeing their daughters driven
onto the streets and their sons made
tramps  because   they   cannot   lower
Brown to Waul McDona1d,'8ept 6.
August 20—Alice Murphy, A .1 Murphy to V II Behlie, April' £9. Ctica,
Andrew Jay. Alice, I'.ridcet McCtie to I*
MeCue, Aug 3. Power of attorney, ,1 M
M Beneduui to J W Kyte, Aug 11.
8Q—Sftr_e, C A s*toes to II McKensle,
An. 26.
31—Druoiluminon and Hotneslake '.,,
J Carraber to TjMeMurry, Aug 21, t_00.
Sept 6—J L P, F A Henneberg to M
MoAndrews, July 5.1897. Hume, M Mo-
Andrew to J V O McLaughlin, June 9.
7—Alert)i, F I'vman to FK Hurry,
Sept 4.
8—Humphrey and Be.it Fraction, all,
Ramhler-C-criboo Co to W II Adams,
July 23. Same, W II Adams to Rambler Cariboo Co, Aug 23. Coming Event
antl Central 1 0. J S Reed to T Clair,
SeptS, Power of Attorney, J II Howes
to EC VVragge, Aug 14. Same. l>* F
MacNaugbton to J A Howes, Aug 15
II—Coming Event 1-0, J S Read lo
J Taylor, Sept 11.
Shortening Ibe hours of labor lengthens the vents of life and gives (be workman an opportunity lo cultivate the ac-
qtialntiince of bis family and to see how
his children look In daylight.--York, Pa.
Labor World.
The shipment   ol   oro   from   Slocan
Lake points,  up  to an 1  including   the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Bosun Landing. Tons.
Bosun    540
From New Denver.                          Tons
Marion 20
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise   080
From Blooan City. Tons.
Tamattu*  20
Black Prince 20
From Silverton. Tons
Con; stock    20
" concentrates  100   '
EirilyEd'ith 60
Fidelity     3
Noonday 480
Vancouver 320
Wakefield 580
li.Ved June *0lh. IS .'.
W li. McGregor.
AND  Till*.
liiiiirafiVar. Of m  Mills.
A Put. ricti. Book mit Pit. (lieu. Mt:s.
Should be in the hands of every
Mining Man nml Metallurgist.
Notice is  hereby   t_i\*• ■ 11   that   --ixtv ;
days after date, 1 intend lo apply to  lhe
Chief Commissioner "f Lands and Worts
for permission to purchase the following
described land: situated lour miie.i east I
of slocan Itiveron Lemon Creek, at the
month of the Iirat North Fork,  in   WetA
Kootenav District i slsrtinii fcmi  a post
marked J. M, McGregor's N. W. corner,
thencs south 40 chains, thence   east   40 I ^^^^^^^^^^____^^______________
chains, thence north 10   chain.*,   thence j It in not based on hiboratorv tests, but on
west40 cbuius to place of beginning, the | the ikuiuai. iiksilts obtained bv Ihe
whole containing 160 seres
Dated June 801 ll. 1880.
.1.   M.   Mctiregor
Owing to a reduction in miners' wageB
caused by tho enforcement of the eight
hour law, the tniuera nre all idle nnd the
mines havo   snut down.   Therefore all
workingmen are hereby warned to  keep
away from   the  Slocan   and   Kootenay
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles aro  amicably   settled   between
mine owners and miners.
Sandon. B.C.      W. L Ifagler,
Jane Snd. 1899,       Secretary  Sandon
Miners' Cnion
J. M. M. Benedum,
Pres. Silverton M.D
L. Knowles,
Secretary,     Silverton \
Miners' Union
luthor ta-tn experience of ovta twkxtv
vt: tics, and tells bow bed to employ that
_ which in already in use, not in any on*
—   locality, but all over the world.
1*lxe  _^ViT_-ti.il
OF Tho Liberal Conservative Union
for Rritish Columbia will be h*'ltl at
the Assembly Hall, New Westminster on the fith day of Uctobsr next,
commencing at 10 a. m,
All Liberal Conservatives will be
welcome. The right to vote is confined to delegates' chosen by Librnl
Conservative Associations or District
Meeting regularly convened for this
purpose. One delegate for every twenty Members of such Association or
Pistrict Meeting, Proxies can only be
used by Members of the Uuion. Advantage may be taken of the Railway |
Rates to and from tho Exhibition
which is being held at the same time.
P. II. Wilson,   Geo. H. Cowan.
MoiiKitx   Mauiim-'uy Pubmh,-in<; O
218 L\ S.m.i.i: Stki:*:t, Cii <a«io, U.S.A.
•When  In
Oorner lliill and Vrrnon Kto. W
liimislieil Rooms,
Daigle's Blacksmith Shon.
..fiHTiil liluc-smithing
and Ili-pairing Done.
_________________-___-___-__-i^^_     S.DAItiLI*:,       SiLVLRTON, B. C.
.'•#»*Mc--w*»*rt««*M»S«'*-W'*,-*>^»« ■*.**^'*l>¥»^w*«*¥rWhtl>.r****>*'r.<,, <•*«.■*.>fij*fa*M*mwri.e.,**.» ****, *wum*. ^.^vVHjr.t.t**e*>***.*~i^
,tt*e:*ew^ay.t>^»^*^^ W*m^*m^ir*^emm^6PuWAr*^ *wm>W*mir*t»^ *"**■'»' > I .\S*'J&mWe.m'Artt*m*'W..mta * *X >*v*mmm****,***m%Vff*WmA«*1frmWiWX'l


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