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The Silvertonian 1898-11-05

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 *6 JUaA, pi
Read IMie
$2 Per Annum. >
Jot> V^o_P-_c
Neatly S Promptly Done
We can quoto you bedrock prioee
Bguces About tin big Ten Nile Prop*
(Tly. Activity at tbe Wakefield.
The longest shute ot ore ever uncovered
in British Columbia ia now lieing thoroughly aud systematically developed ut
the EnterprlM mine ou Ten Mile creek,
a small stream emptying into Slocan
Lake between Silverton and Slocan City.
The only rival to Uie Enterprise of bavin,
the most continuous ore body in tbe
Province is the Payne mine near Sandon
the greatest dividend paying mine ever
discovered iu Canada. The Payne mine
lies in tbe Sandon slate formation and
fcs ore bodies are long, wide and rich,
but we doubt if tbere is a single ore shute
as long, without a single break, as tbe
ore shute now being developed in the
Enterprise mine on Ten mile. A few
figures stowing some of the developement work thus far accomplished, the
length of ore body shown up aud the
depth at which it is tapped will show
tbat it ia destined to be no mean rival
to the famous Payne mine,
The Enterprise is situated some eight
•miles up Ten Mile cueek from the Enterprise landing on the lake, with which it
is connected by a good wagou road. It
lies in a granite formation and is as true
«fissure aa can be found. The ledge
may be called narrow or email, when
compared with some of the mammoth
ledges found in this section, but the pay-
straftk is continuous and carries high
values, running aa an average over 200
ounies in silver and carrying a fair per
cuntage in lead, safely uottiog the owners
tlOO. per ton. This paystreak varies
from six inches to two feet in width.
It ia being developed nml worked by u
tnnnel system, there being now live
principal ones, all of which are driven
directly on the rein nnd in ore, wiih the
•exception of one c'oee-cut tunnel that is
dii veo near the tipper end of tlie calm
-ml will tap the vein at a depth of 125
feet. Thia tunnel will be when completed LIS long and is now in 101 feet.
This property can be drained an I worked
to a depth of 960'feet before it will be
necessary to resort to sinking or to erect
any kind of machinery. Nn 1. tunnel is
the lowest dowj-i the mountain nml litis
only lately been started, but it shows the
ore to be the same as in the upper work-
inns, both as to size and value, litis
tunnel will bave attained a depth on the
♦ire liody of over 900 fot*t when its face 1*
directly under the present face ol No 2.
tunnel. Tim ion treat tunnel ao far driven
is tunnel No 2 which is in a distancu of
•70 feet. It has been driven in ore nil
the way. Au upraise has been driven
through to No 3 tunnel und measures*
183 feet, all in ore, whieh shows the
pay streak to be from ten inches to two
feet of clean ore. From No 3 tunnel au
upraise has been driven 16- feet, and
No 4 tunnel is being driven to cut this
raise, there beingatill 30 feet to drive
before the tnnnel, which is now iu 210
feet, will tap it. All ot these raises aud
tunnels are in ore and as the ore shute
can be traced on the surface nearly 2000
foot and No 2 tunnel driven into it,
without passing through it. every thing
points to its being the longost oie shute
yet discovered in the Province.
The Company, to our knowledge has
never yet declared a dividend, but it, lias
tajken out enough oie in doing this developement work to rt-inibur.se them
for all n.onies expended on the property.
A large amount of ore is now lying in
the ore bins at the mine and some oik)
tons are in their bins at Enterprise
wharf ou Slocap Lake, awaiting shipment, Besides this they have shipped
■over 1000 tons. The property is owned
by a syndicate or close corporation of
which Mr. Finch, tbe well kuown
mining man uf Spokuue, is tho head.
It is under the manegement of George
A-rlardaud direct supervision of Mr.
Uti Boise.
accomodations nt tltemlun will not, ullow
It and as the* company will build new
bunk houses at the foot nf their proposed
new tinmv.ilv, im now buildings are t>
ho put up at the workings. About 2'0
tons of ore are n I ready tacked ami this
piio is in im; addr-d to as hist .is the six
ore sortere can fill the sucks. This win-
tor will be one ot activity around the
Wakefield mines.
The Flit**
fo.!_ Millie
Ladies, Tskn Ihe lies', if you are
troubled wiih Coip-tipation.'S.illuw 8kih,
and a Tired Feeling, take Carl's Clover
Tea, it is pleasant io take, Sold I y The
Silverton Lrug Store. t
Several miners havo heen temporarily
laid off at the Comstock mines, as the
mnnasrenient does not wish lo have too
much ore broke before the concentrator
is Ui running order.
Developement work at tho Noble Five
mine at Cody is going steadily on antl
the mine is reported as loukiug line.
Three air drills are kept at work and the
tunnels are each beibg driven alioad nt
the rate of six feet a dav..
A contract has been let to A. Trebil-
cock of Sandon to run 200 feet of tunnel
at the Canadian Group. Tho lower
tunnel is now in a distance of -100 feet
and this additional 200 feet is to be
added to it. Mr. Trcbilcock waa the
foreman at the Canadian group at the
time of the last shutdown-
The work being done at ths Emily
Editn mine is showing that property to
be one of the bikgest, concentrating
propositions in the Slocan region. Considerable clean ore is encountered, but
tbe management is pushing dovelopo-
ment, ami not at present lrvin,' to
separate it from the concentralin;; ore.
as a concentrator will eventually 'ne
erected and it then cnn he handled
much cheaper than attemylfag to turt it
at present hy bund.
Dreadful)/   Nervous,
Gents*—I was dreadfully net von*
and for relief look' your K i.'* t k.vei
Hoot Tea. lt t;>iietcd my lierccs and
strengthened mv whole Kerrou. System. I was troubled, wiih Coi-'sMpaiion,
Kidney nml l>otvel trouhi,* Your The
soon eiesMed my system so titi-tiugtily
ihat I rapidly regained health and
strength. Mrs. S, A. Sweet, ll.ir*; •:
Conn. Sold hy The SlfVertoO Drug  _.or-
nuiMutj Mii-jcs
In \ faty.
No tno.-o (.'hi iiiimen are lobe allowed
around any ol the Slocali mines, nnd
those that were here ore on their wny
out, the fiat his been issued nnd th"
Sliictin minors «ill sec th .t it is ouf^co'l
Thursday evening about ninn p clock
a body of abont.OO miners appeared at
the Aj.tx mine, whero two Chinamen
were employed, and asked for the man-
dger Mr. Wright. Thoy IHfonndd l,im
that it was for tho best interests of the
Slocan mining region thnt tho Chinese
should be kept out und that thoso that
had drifted into this section bo oblt.ed
to leave.   The  manager   arid   his   two
n.imi-n were
nill    to the Noble   Five
where   another    Chinaman    has   heeit
em played.    This one ton was periuhded
/a^iison .Uineu near that town.
tiuceTuosday Iu3t wo have noticed
considerable ehati'jo in Mate Coulter's
actions. VVo learn Unit a fourteen pound
gill is ihe cause ol il ull. Co-i'/'uluhuiuiis.
1'i'iro Allalltiris buck auioiig us, and
Silverton looks natural ugain. The re-
t um of uir oltl tinnis is « good Sign,
I'erie is a mistier nnd t'liu spot u eon ing
loom camp as quick as thu best of then/.
The Wm. Hunter Co, have h-aso-.l iho
stoie rooun* iu the lircjiiner Block. They
iintl their present wui chouse at the
wlniif to small to uecutnodato the stock
tliey aie compelled to keep on hand.
Hill Bros, barga d;l ivered another
lout! of In niier ui ih-t wiurl Friday.
From oue to two full barge loads of
luiiiU.'ia week ia required to meet the
Silvei ton demand, being moro than
ct'i.tl to that consumed by all other lake
points combined.
Captuiu  Estabrook,   iate  of   tha   ss
Hunter, haa aec-'pled  tho  position  of
captain on the new passenger re  Aberdeen   on  Okanogan   Lake.    Although
pleased to hear  uf  his uppoiiituio.it we
regret  his  leaving   the   s'oejiu   Lake
^^^^^^^^^^^^^_______^^«       I service oi  which  he   was   tlit*   pioneer
Chinamen were trr-n escorted dowo (m |c„pt^in.
Concentrator |     .    ,.   .,.„ ,   .     ir
Leslie Hill, manager of the \ anconver
mine mid Dr.  Deli-iivim:, manager ol
 ———"".' I iii- (.'uinstii,:*.. inini-s aie  mukiag a  trip
,o iiccompany .he miners, who ,*roeeede'!;tl|io,li ^t
toDiIv'svillo at  tho  Payne  Tramway|   ...
Silverton, ,__.  C.       ■
MM^*a«««s«ti wJttma**awmam
Meroh andise"
where another Chinaman was added to
the list. The four TtlortgoliiiHtt w* re
escorted to Sandon, where with cm-
sitlerdblo.tliliiculty beds were procured
for tlieni. which wero p*ii,l for bv th*>
miners. Tho C!iii*:imen wero told to
hit the trail in the morning and k'*'*!>
going, not lo return to any of thc
Sandon mines. The miners then qaietlv
The wiiilo pioeeeeiig, tboatfii p_tui-
il.iy ii lit'le irrvgulnr. wns conducted io
a peaceable and most orderly manner,
No threats cr nhusive lenjfiiag- Whatever wine until. The country is wel.
ril of tlie Cliinnmcu und l'i.* nilnbrs un
to r*u fon^ratulaicil on tiie Me.'cesn ot' tl.e
A r.tiito renl appearing iu  the
.Miner, purporting to b,' au in  h;
What may turn out to ;*e a mysterv
some   sort  wus unearthed netir Slocan
last Bondav and Recorder (Jnriniio hi s
the i.ir.tir iu hand.
A. itrolman, partner of it, Maekceoii
of Slocsn City, while making a trip up
Slocan river noticed a bundle oaught pn
with a gentleman ,'r.im New Denver and
headed  "Labor   Fami ie",    has   been
largely comme'r -,l r.pjn.   We   do  in I
ktmw what difficulty   ihii   gentleman
i\:;i: have had i i procurint'* labor, but we
dn know t;:i't tin re is no labor famine n
thieportion of thoBlocan.   A', least  l.ic
(41 idle man*, thitt yj*-t to  and will   Work,
nn  K-   fiiun-l   bntviteen   Sandon,   New
Denver, SHyerton aod Slocan City
for man refusing to work fir less than
three dollars per day, it is correot nml we
hope it will always he SO Three d"l-
'ar' is small eiiou'.'ii >*a-*.e, for an holiest
diiv'a work uie! we hops it Will fever Ik-
le.s. Wo want neither Ohtn_men o:
Chinese.witgos in tills country.
I    ForOonstijmtiou   fake Karl's Clover
limit Tea, file iie.it iilooi Purifier (.'uie-
I'e.i'l iclie,   NervonsncsA,   Frnpiions of
the is'-'i
a lu.'ii.
An.lemon   k   Brady's
ikingfl load up to tlie
a small islsiid, just off the moutli ot
Lemon creek In the Slooan, Mr. -rod-
man secured tlio bundle, which proved
to ba clothing, and carried it to* Utrke*
son's shop in Slocan City. Mr. Christie
was called in and the pockets U the
garments searched.     Two rot-oibeoka
irom found, one empty thu other contain | 'the Silverton Drui
ing t-ome receipts ami the natuializaibn  >?• 30000OCCCCCCCCCC
papers of John MoPhee, dated dn Oregon 18 ,,.„-   -/i,,«,   hit,,,.,, £>,,     .^	
O FOE i/OCAt LAYOUT.        Sl'^^ww^wufdoff of the IraiUnd
trill i'_aiuiiio the -foyic mine, a proiu-
ineui miuing piuperiy near aloyie City
atjliutug Ihe St. i'Jiiguito.uiiue. in which
Mr. liiil is iijtercsieil.
Colonel Lowery, the genius of the
Lodge, is couttuuplatiag tlu publiuatiou
oi a monthly mu^aziiio in Rossland. The
1-iBUe will be brought forth u;ider the
name ot "Lowery's Golden Claim". We
hope tin? Colonel will strik* a pay-sliu!e
on U.e surface and never liml l.'ie holtom
oi ii.
J. A. McDonald, who his beat} purser
on Uhj ss. Slocan for somo lima, has lefl
for tiie Okauogon country, where he has
accepted the posi io:i of ]>nrr*;r oil tho
new U. 1*. R. ss ALertleen Which is to
ply on Okanogan Luke. Mae will go
woll recumeiided from ihe Slxan vvheie]
he leaves u host of friends.
Silverton lias a v.Vi'o** in the shspo of
tftdy Zettii. who tor a consideration will
put the |>**08pccto<*s en to many j*'xi,l
things, mines ami hidden treasures
among the rest. Wa have pot learned
. in '.her Lady Zetts h-ildsa freuin'ner's
lisreiu*e in her own titnio
J'oi.-ibly sho dosn't need ii
George McLean, nholntolyliailtdiarife
of the c.ilinaiy depaitmeol at the Galena
Mints, has taken ohsrge ol Ihe dining
room st Ihe Likettow il ilel. ExtOdsiv-J
imnroveinei.ts have been made snd every
thing is nest, cWii snd convenient*
As George Will not as chat him-ell it i<
a j*i:ri.ntee that every thing will he fits!-
 SllVl*tO-_i v
or    not.
While one   of
pack trains wer«	
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Comstock mines Thursday, somo nf  the
ond it .lies tho bead as clear u.* j pack animals turned up n   trail   at   the
Condor group  anJ   in    the   confusion
_  liir.iu'iillv arisiii'* irom ih**   taking   ol   n
1 yi I wrong trail hy ilm a.,iimtls,   a   valuable
iXj.   e%/£,m   -H-.noT^rlos.   _Pxo^.
^roi>ceCe»C*<'«Ce C*(»C«f»C»(«(«(«CcC«t<» ft C»C«Cc C«C-»C«C«C«(«(«(»C» («(.fttoft&(•»(•(• Ce^-irtXKeO®
Fall and Win
er Suit Patterns Now on Hand.
■I M M Bennedum, who has just come
down from the Wakefield mine, whore
•he has been superintending tbe puttinu
m of their now assay office, was seen by
•our reporter on Thursday. Mr Bennedum reports the condition of the mine as
excellent. The assay office, he said, is
only installed to be used in case of emergencies, most of the assaying to be done
'■» Silverton as formerly. The mine is
toots' employing twenty four miners, six
ore sorters and seven outside men ami it
>s not likely that any great addition will
•^•wfclptU-rforatlhrf winter.   The
in Oct.SSnd, 1892.   ThecldtWoir'ls now j
held by Mr Christie awaiting a claimant.
Mr. Markeson gives ns his.opinion ol
the alTair. lie lliii.Ls that some ene has
met with foul piny mid wanted to head a
search party to locate Ihe remains. Hi-*!
opinion was not shared by many however. "*oi_e prospector -:an uot bis clothes
at the Record Offlcv.
60UR-  NEWS,
O <-
o o
*pj!iane ou   U'oti-
Squire Sprout dealt out jae'.ico to two
bellicose citizens of Slocan City, last
Friday evening, iu tho Government Offices in that city.
Jackson Rackliff frill not be In Slocan
City far about thirty days. Ho got ihat
long with hard labor for assault.
Patrick MacGuire appeared before the
court on the charue of d. kd. and the
sum of f5. was mulucted from him for
Provincial uses. Pat came to grief over
a card name, which was a good excuse,
but the Gold Commissioner couldn't see
it that way.
I Primer'
1st B. Barker.
II Primer.
1st M. Barclay,   Snd H Daigle,   3rd
G. Horton, 4th J. Barclay.
II Reader.
1st H. Wheeler.
HI Reader.
1st Fay Elliott. 2nd Marie Cross,   3rd
Janet Barclay.
IV Reader.
1st A. Calhick,
W. Barclay, -Jib I Gal Wok.
J li Wood left lor
Kemsmbku thu show tonight is
Mc-innroNa H.u.i.!
l'nvttte, bath rooms, al Tom Mulveys.
F J O'lUidy h spending a few d.us in
Chaiics Keeslcr la down from the
Ootnstock mines.
W J Barker returned to town from the
Vmir eouutry on We 1-aeeua.v.
Viiic-ut Lade has gone up to the
Wakefield mino to pound steel.
David Matheaoii, of New Denver, was
a visitor iu town last Tuesday.
laundry, neatly and quickly done at
Mulvey's Latiiidry.
The Quadrille Club had another of
j their et joyablo dances on Tuesday last.
Mrs. Barry who has beeu visiting her
si.terMrd. Kronk al Nelson, returned
home last Monday.
While making some excavations iu the
yard of the Koyal Hotel, .Slocan Ciiy, a
flue piece of float was unearthed, showing plenty of free gold.
LOST:—A Waterman Ideal Fountain
Pon., on Saturday lust. Finder will
greatlv oblige by leaving same at the
SlLVIBTONI-!' Ollii.'O,
S. Daiglu has purchased tho Bacon
cottago and bus hail it moved onto his
lot in tho rear of his house. It will be
made an addition to bis residence.
H. C. McOluro, foreman ut the Galons
Mines, left Monday on a business tup to
the Ymir eouutry.
2nd A, Horton, 3.-d.
tumbled down the mountain. Tiie
hois,' Although not killed outri.'ht w i'l
no iioiirit have to h> kill.'i) :is h i is iu n
bad plsee snd apparently ha.Ily hurt.
'1 be S .fond Annual B.tll of the I 6 O F
given last Friday in -locan Cily wm an
ii'iq lalifit'd stKeess. The niii*ic was excellent, ilia floor in rlrsl-class condition
and Ihe iel'reshinents served were all thst
could bc desired by tie* most go innandia-
ing. Dancing was kept up to an early
hour and ine guests who were gathered
together Iron Nakusp, riiindon. New Denver, Sdvorton ami Nelson, deurtc. I Weil
satisilotl with the ball. Tho Order is to
he congra n atdl ou the Biitx'css of their
dunce. /■
Kail's Clover Root Tea is u pleasant
laxative. Regidatosthy bowels, purifies
tho blood. Cleats Ihe complexion, ^'asy
tu nisko and pleasant to take. '_."'. t...
Sold by The Silverton Di ug Store.     t
Diline Services will bo conducted in
the Silverton Church on the second ami
fuOith Sunday of the nion'h by the Rev.
C. F. Yates, at .'I p. ni, You ure invited
to he present.
Begiiinin.* on Sunday, November, tlth
the Rev. R. N. Powell will hold services
every,alternate Sunday at A p. in. in the
Silvern n Church. In addition to these,
services will be held on evorv uttrnato
Monday evening at 7 p. m.,commencing
Monday, November l')!h Everyone is
cordially Invited to attend.
I would respeotfully invite gentlemen to an early inspection of my
selections in Spring antl Summer Suitings.
My prices will be found moderate. I make it a point to [keep Ihem aa
low as is consistent with good material, good workmanship and the jiaee
and attention rvquiste to get up thoroughly satisfactory garments.
ie-sciier. the Tailor,
. Lake View avenue.
Silverton, B.C.®
- -•'-■i-Mc:- 1.,»,»i*i»)».<;i,;r:>:.o:o;c)»'e:6'e)»*»)»)»)o)»i«*i •'t'io!i;i;«<3»!»)t:i:ti««)i)»»
Brandon S Barrett Props.
Cure Ihat Cough with  Shiloh- Com
..,,,,,„,,, ,,       _, , riieui*stC,.ugh  i'nre.    Rolievcs Criuii
MKVV Rnthbone!efnnTu"sdsy for promptly. One tnllll-vi hottlr^ snid   \-A\
VV bin water.      lie  bus accepted a   six',;,"t'' 4) ,u'^'» •"'   2'uXe. Sold  hv  Tne
moftVhiruaagemeuUs mMWjfor of thei8,iwlon DlU)£ Sturc- t
Fine View of tiie Lako. I	
Up to Date Service.
General Ajger-ts sia_<l   !•!
.'MS      '.'.•S   A-Ili. 1 txiz Brokers.
^^^^^ Sole Agents For
-■ i   .m'.""*"-^ ''-sfeiat-r*.* -Ai* :»*,•* -,<*»„._..:   :t '• Jf\*««/■--:__■/..>.* •-_..'is*" A:; >LJt   'S'-."' > - j THE SILVERTONIAN,
R. 0. -nd Harry Matheion, Editori
ttemey Hefases to Release the I_-
•_r«r>t „*__e_es, _»« *mr» «•
•Will ■*«■« Ike atammor Flllplaoe
Wherever He -»■ M-* »*«• Vm'
less  Prlso-sers  Were  K*«*_«n*«*«l.
Chicago, Oct 30.-A special dispatch
from Manila says:
Army officers best informed of the Filipino situation said to the correspondent
of the Inter-Ocean that they were practically assured that the i*_*iia-*ge_t* would
make no trouble about wit-drawing completely from Manila. Oi-ders for their
withdrawal cn-ic from Mal-los end have
reached the insurgent i*omti*raudei*s.
The negotiations for Uie exchange ol
the Spanish end Filipino prisoners drag
along slowly, Aguinaldo being preoccupied with the withdrawal of the insurgents from Manila. He told I-aterno, the
Filipino negotiator, that he was anxious
to get rid ef the prisoners if Uie Spanish
would promise to release all political exiles.
M. Andre, the Belgian consul, is very
hopeful of the success of the negotiations,
v,_ich will be resumed aa soon a* the difficulties with the Americans ore settled.
General Otis and Admiral Dewey are
heartily in favor of the exchange.
Aguinaldo sent his representative, Tavern, on Saturday to ask Admiral Dewey
to release the insurgent launches and also
the steamboat Abbie, which brought arms
for the insurgents. Dewey refused to do
so and tohj Tavern that, he would seize
the insurgent steamer Filipinos wherever
tie found her.
The insurgents have four steamboats—
the FlipinoH, Don Francisco, Tagal antl
Barog. Admiral Dewey wrote to M
Andre, saying thnt unless the insurgents
agreed to exchange prisoners with the
Spanish he would seine all four ot these
Thanksy-lvlng  (or  Glory  of  Victory
■ nd the Hope of Peaee.
-Washington, Oct. 30.~The president
has issued the following thanksgiving
"By the president of the United States:
•'A proclamation: The approaching November -rings to mind the customs of
our ancestors, hallowed by time and rooted in our most sacred traditions of giving
thanks to Almighty God for all the blessings he has vouchsafed to us during the
past year. Few years in our history have
afforded such cause for thanksgiving. We
have been blessed by abundant harvests,
our trade and commerce have been wonderfully increased, our public credits been
improved and strengthened, all sections of
our country have been brought together
and knitted into closer bond of national
purpose and unity.
"The skies have been for a time darkened by the cloud of war, but as we were
compelled to take up tiie sword in the
cause of humanity, we are permitted to
rejoice thnt thc conflict has been of brief
duration, and the loeses we hove had to
mourn, though grievous and important,
have been so few, considering thc great
results accomplished, ae to inspire us with
gratitude and praise to the Lord of Hosts.
We may laud and magnify his holy name
that the cessation of hostilities came so
soon as to spare 'both sides the countless
sorrows and disasters that attend protracted war.
"1 do therefore invite all my fellow citizens, those at home ae well as those who
may be at sea or sojourning in foreign
lands, to set apart and observe Thursday,
the 24th day of November, as a day of
national thanksgiving to come together
in their several places of worship for a
service of praise and thanks to Almighty
God for all the blessings of the year, the
mildness of the seasons and the fruitful-
ness of Die soil, for the continued prosperity of the people, for the devotion and
valor of our countrymen, for the gloxy
of our victory and the hope of righteous
peace, and to pray that the divine guidance which has brought heretofore to safe
Two Thousand , losur-ents With
Their oncers Are d-morlng for
Office at §a-tl_*-o—General V oud
Tryln-r to Control Their Pactional  Trouble*.
Siialn Has Given Thnt l'p—Tbe Cora-
mlMlonera   firm.
Manzauillo, Oct. 31—The visit of General U'ouaid Wood, governor of the military department at Santiago, hoe been
instrumental in bringing all tihe elements
among the Cubans to the front. No fewer then 2000 insurgents, of whom 700
are officers, want offices, and their clamor
ainouiris almost to ti demand. There mv
two leading factions, one headed by General Jesus Itabi, and the other by General Bios. At present most of the offices are held by representatives of thc
Itabi faction, including tho mayoralty
and custom house inspectorship. General
Wood, in order to pacify the jaos faction, hns given them six posftions in
rural police forces and turned over to
ono of their people the lighthouse art Cape
Cms*., together with several other minor
appointments. But neither party is satisfied, each thinking 'that it ought to have
all the offices. General ltios does nol
dare evprcss his opinion publicly on General Itabi, but he feels that this is his
district, as he has had the nominal charge
of it for three years and that it ought
to belong to him aa far as appoin'unent.s
of Cubans to office are concerned, and all
the more so because he represents General
Oalixto Garcia.
Cabana Will Vot Work.
The majority of the insurgents here
have no money, and go about living fram
hand to mouth wondering what will happen next. Aimed men arc not allowed
rations. As the Cubans will not disband
and will not work, nothing remains hut
for them to strut about the city with machetes and revolvers.   Some of them are
Paris, Oct. 28.—The American commissioners have firmly but courteously de-
dined to assume for the United States
the entire or joint responsibility for the
Spanish financial conditions, and the
Spanish commissioners have timidly ■abandoned their efforts and have agreed that
the Culian article of the protocol shall,
without conditions, have place iu the ultimate treaty of peace. Thus Spain agrees
to relinquish sovereignty fo Cuba without
either terms or conditions.
All differences, if eny existed, regarding Puerto Rico and the selection of the
island of Guam were also arranged by
mutual understanding, and the commissioners found themselves weil nigh touching the Philippine question, which will bc
taken up next week.
The session of the joint commissioners,
which began yesterday at 2 p. m., ended
at 4 p. m.
One American Conceaalon.
Washington, Oct. 28. —News of the
Spanish concessions at Paris were received
here with .satisfaction. Inquiry in official
circles developed the fact thut the one
concession as 'to Cuba our commissioners
will make will be to guarantee for the
United States that life and property shall
be secure in Cuba- This responsibility
the United States will assume only until
such time as a stable government shall be
operative in Cuba.
nearly naked, others appear in long-leg
ty and hanor, may be graciously con'inued  ged patent imtaeT u^^ ^th ^y^ gpu,.,,,
in the years to come. carrying superbly  wrought Toledo ma
"In  witness whereof, etc. '
"By the President, John Huv, Secretarv
of State."
Two Battalions Hnve Sailed for the
Philippine Islands.
San Francisco, Oct. 29.—The United
States transport steamer Ohio, conveying
two battalions of the First Wa-hington
volunteers, has sailed for Manila. The
troops aro commanded by Colonel John
D. Wholley.
General Miller rode at the head of tbe
Column with Colonel Wholley. At the
wharf a substantial luncheon awaited the
men, served by the hulies of the Rj*-
Oross. Postal cards for last messages to
friends were also distributed, as well as
flowers and mementoes.
The following promotions have been announced.
Company A—To be corporals, Privates
Beits, Mitchell, Ackeimm,' Delano and
There was great excitement n the company when is became known that Lieutenant Hinckley had been detached and
ordered for sen-ice on the shin Tacoma,
Aoon to depart for Manila, via Honolulu,
where she will pick up a cargo of cavalry
horses transported that far some time
ago. It will be some months before he
again joins his company.
Tbe regiment left with almost the same
number of men orgini-lly enlisted at the
muster in, losses by discharge and otherwise equalling the number of recruits
added in July. The strength of the two
battalions is exactly 800 officers and men.
There hsve been but four deaths in the
regiment, the last ono taking place Thursday—Private Burnliam of Company B.
tC-n-rht   Yellow    re-er    While   on
Oovemntent Duty.
Sixteen   Feet  of   I'sr   Ore   Husslsf
9300 tn the Ton.
Spokane, Oct 31.—A quartz lead which
rivals in richness and extent that of any
ever discovered in America, whieh has
shown already If) feet of pay ore averaging $300 to the ton, with promise of a
wider lead, is almost at the doors of Spokane. It has been discovered in the Republic mine.
The Republic ledge has been encountered in the long tunnel at a depth of
430 feet, and it assays 15 ounces of fpold.
The first news of the tunnel encountering the ledge came Saturday evening,
when Superintendent Harvey telephoned
to the Republic office that the tunnel was
just into the ledge and that the first value
was 11. That uns not encouraging, but it
did not cause the Republic people to lose
heart Early yesterday the great news
came that 24 feet of ledge matter had been
crossed, of which 10 feet is pay ore, averaging close to lo ounces in gold, or $300
per ton.
chetes. A few wear immaculate white
suits and Panamas. They ore for thc
most purt the New York contingent, each
man now a veritable bomhasto furioso.
Except when he is on board the gunboat Hist, which brought him here, Oeneral Wood is besieged by these seekers
of office. Among the interviews he has
had was one with General Rios, who
wanted the mayor of Manzunillo, one of
Rabi's faction, dismissed and his own man
appointed. General Wood asked on what
grounds the dismissal could be sustained.
He said: "Is not the mayor a competent
officer? Has he not an excellent reputation? Did he not serve bravely and effectively throughout the war?"
To all this General Rios replied in the
affirmative, but he insisted that his own
nominee was entitled to the position because he was a Rios man. The interest*
of tlie city and locality were apparently
minor considerations in the mind of the
Cuban commanded But this appeals lo
be the case everywhere among the Cuban
William   Hyde   Dead.
St. Louis, Nov. L—William Hyde, at
one time managing editor of the St. Louis
Republic, died Saturday at his home in
this city of heart disease. He had been
a sufferer from ill health for a long time,
and for two months prior to his death
had been confined to his home. He was
62 years old and was born at lima, N. V.
During President Cleveland's first admin
istration Mr. Hyde was appointed postmaster at St. Louis.
New York, Oct. 30.—Colonel George E.
Waring, Jr., died of yellow fever yesterday at his home in tbis city, where he lm*
been since he arrived from Havana on
the Yucatan Tuesday last He was 67
years of age. His son Guy lived for some
years in Spokane, and Okanogan county,
Dr. Blaurett, who had been attending I
CJolon-l' Waring during his illness, was
summoned at 1 o'clock this morning. He
found Waring hod been attacked with
hlack vomit. This symptom continued
all morning. Waring died at a quarter
to eight The body was placed in a hermetically sealed coffin and every precaution taken to prevent spread of the dis
Colonel Waring had just returned from
Havana, whero he was sent by the government to ascertain the exact sanitary
conditions and report the best methods
for putting the place in first-class sanl
lary shape. Waring was tippnrently weil
when he left Havana and felt only slight
ly ill during thc latter part of the voyage,
but when be reached home he was obliged
to take to bed. It was then discovered
that he was suffering from yellow fever.
S-onr Bor■  Sentenced.
fit Joseph, Mo., Oct. _S.*-In the criminal court Herbert Donovan, Alonxo Arte*
bum, Charles Cook, James Hathaway and
William Hathaway were sentenced to the
penitentiary for 10 yenrs for robbing thc
Burlington passenger train near St. Jo-
tenh on.the evening of August II. The
rubbers are mars boys and arc of good
Northwest  Trap Shooters.
Seattle, Oct. 29.—Tom Ware of Spokane
is the king of the northwest tropsho_tm.
Yesterday he won the Post-Intelligencer
medal, representing the state championship at inanimates, for the fourth consecutive year, defeating Williamson and Mc*,
Broom of Spokane, Ellis and Stevens of
Seattle and Dr. Smith of Tacoma. In
his first string of 25 Ware mined only
ono. in the second he failed on three, making his total score 40.
Death  nf  Her.   (tamo-l   Nntehnsore.
Philadelphia, Oct 31.--Rev. Han.uel
Mutahnore, one of the prominent rain-
1st rs in the Presbyterian ohiirrh, died
yesterday it' his home In this city.
Montana Caae Decided.
WASHINGTON, Nov. L-Chief Justice Fuller has announced the United
States' supreme court decision affirming
the judgment of the supreme court of
Montana in the ease of the St. Louie Min
ing 4 Milling Company against the Montana Mining Company, involving rights
in mining claims.
Knperor William.
JERUSALEM, Nov. L—The emperor
and empress of Germany are ourtailing
their visit in the Holy Land. They abandoned thc trip to Jericho owing to European complications, and it is also believed
that they will not go to Syria.
Terrlfle Hall Storm.
Mentone, Prance, Oct 31.—This district
was visited by a terrific hailstorm yesterday afternoon, which is continuing this
evening. The stones are of immense »i_e.
The olive and lemon crops have been completely destroyed.
Hospital Ship Arrives.
New York, Oct 30.—The army hospital
ship Mi-cmu,i has arrived from Puerto
Rico ports with 271 sick or wounded
patients, most of whom arc suffering with
malarial fever, typhoid and dysentery.
Two soldiers died during the voyage.
Fire   Mussalmaas   Eseeated.
Candia, Crete, Oct. 30.—Five more of
the Mussulmans convicted of taking port
in the massacre of British soldieis September 0 were executed yesterday.
Wheat   QaotatluBs,    Wool    Flpares,
nnd  the  Price of  Pradaee.
Following are the local quotations.
Wholesale prices are given unless otherwise quoted:
Wheat at the warehouse—Country
points: Club, bulk 47c, sacked 48c; blue-
stem, hulk oOc, sacked 40c. At Spokane:
Club, bulk 48c, sacked 40c; bluestem,
bulk 51c. sacked 52c.
Oats—At Spokarte, f. o. b., $10 per ton.
Parley—Country'< points, f. o. b., 75@
80c per ewt.
Rye—Counftry points, f. q. b., 70c per
cwt;   Spokane, 85c per cwt.
Flour, per barrel—-Gold Drop, 93.75;
Big Loaf. 94.15; Banner, 93.50; Plansifter,
94; Superb, 93.75; Spokane, 13.50; Swan
Patent, 9415; Snowflake, 93.75; White
Lily, 93.50; whole wheat, 94; 17c, 94.25;
graham, 93.61'    <
Feed—Bran end shorts, 911 per ton;
shorts, 912; bran, 910; rolled barley, 920;
chicken feed, $15@20.
Hay—Timothy, 98 per ton; baled timothy, $10; wheat hay, 97.0Og8.Mj ont
bay, $7.60; alfalfa. 910.
Corn—Whole, 923; cracked. $24.
Wool—Fine me-ium, o@7e per lb; me
dium, 5<£0c per Ib.
Produce—Fancy creamery butter, 40
and 001b tuba, 28c per/lb; 6, 10 and 20-
Ib tubs, eOc per lb; prints, 25c per lb;
country butter, in rolls, Kt*c per U»; cooking butter, 10c lb; eastern creamery,
prints, 25c; cheese, twin full cream, l.Jc
lb; cheese, twin, skim'milk, 9j@10o ib;
ranch eggs, $6.25@0.50; selected eggs,
90.75; honey, white comb, 13c per h;
fancy, 14c per Ib.
Vegetables—Potatoes, 75@80c per cwt;
cabbage, eX.Mfii 1.75 per cwt; turnips, $1
per cwt; onions, 76@00c per cwt; beans,
1 :(<■ ljc per lb; caiTots, 91 per cwt; beets,
$1.25 per cwt
Poultry—Chickens, live weight, I0@llc
lh; dressed, 12@l3c; spring broilers,
!f'.'.25@3.7S; turkeys, live 10@lle, dressed l"@13e; spring ducks, dressed ty%
4.*j0 doz; geese, live 10®He, dressed
l?i&12}c; wild ducks. 25@50c; pheasants, 30@35c.
Meats—Beef    cows,    live    $2.50(u'2.75,
Increnne In
of Calves.
the   .Number
Salt Lake, Oct. 28.—William Penn Anderson, of the railroad bureau of live stock
statistics, Union Stock Yards, Chicago,
has jnst completed a canvass of the range
cattle in the country for the Associated
Press. He says all along from southern
Texas to northern Montana the grass on
the ranges, with tlie exception of a few
drou't'liy spells in the full, was excellent
An abundant hay crop was harvested,
and a greater number of cattle, in proportion, will be sustained through the coming winter than ever before.
There is a wonderful increase in calves,
a gain of fiom 10 to 20 per cent over the
season of 1807 being, found, as shown by
the records of "round up" foremen on the
open ranges. The movement of cattle and
sheep to feed lots and other eastern markets during October ia almost without
parallel. There is a veritable stock-car
famine in tlie Rocky and intermountain
states. There are thousands of cattle being held in close held waiting shipment.
Telegraphic reports from the principal
range shipping points in Montana and the
northwest arc favorable as to weather.
I.oaa  of  Several  Hnnatred   Thonannd
Holla ra   nt   Van.-oarer.
Vancouver, B. C, Oct. 27.—Fire broke
out yesterday morning at 3 o'clock at tiie
Hastings sawmill and entirely destroyed
it. Two hundred end fifty men are thrown
out of employment. The mill was one of
tbe most complete on the Pacific coast,
having a capacity of 300,000 feet a day,
or 0,000,000 feet per annum. All the valuable machinery was destroyed, as well
as the wharf and company's mills. Tlie
owners are the Royal City Planing Mills
Company, and the loss will amount to
several hundred thousand dollars. Three
lumber ships were saved by strenuous efforts.
3, dressed |5.60@«; hogs, live $4.60^-1.76,
dressed   #0@fl.o0;    mutton, live 40iV,c,
diciscd 7}@8c; dressed veal, 7@8c; lamb,
X2\m wholesale; venison, 10<S;20c per Ib.
Portland, Or., Oct. 20.—Wheat—Walla
Walla, «0f*BIc; valley and bluestem, 63®
04c; little selling; quotations ure 1r0111irr.1l.
Tacoma, Oct 20.--Wheat Club, 50c;
bluestem, 02(<i 03c.
San Francisco, Oct. 20. -Rnr silver,
Mexican dollars, 47Je.
Lead, $3.50,
Troopa After Indiana.
Denver, Oct 31.—'A special from Vernal, Utah, says:
Reports from over the line in Colorado
are that the troops from Fort Duchesne
are still in pursuit of the runaway debut the redskins hare thus far eluded
them. H is reported that Game Warden
Wilcox is gathering a force of cowboys to
drive the Indians back. The Indians have
announced their intention to kill a ranchman named Thompson, who lives in the
vicinity of the tragedy of last year and
who the Indians believe betrayed them to
the state authorities.
A Murderer- Defense.
San ttancisco, Oct. 31.—In view of the
fact that the Tennessee regiment was leaving for Manila the depositions of several
witnesses in the Walter Roeser murder
caw were taken Saturday. The testimony
was all in Rosser's favor, the witnesses
telling of his previous good standing and
orderly conduct. One or two soldiers who
were with him on the day that he murdered Henry Hildebrnnd said that Kosser
had been drinking and that he appeared
to have been drugged. General W. II. L.
Barnes, who has undertaken the. defense
of Rosser, will make his plea for his client on these lines.
Have Ileoched Jernanlem.
Jerusalem, Oct 31.—Emperor William
and Kimpress Augusta Victoria,, with their
suites, arrived in perfect health at thc
encampment outside the town Saturday.
At 11 o'clock their majesties entered the
Jaffb pile and at 3 o'clock visited the
Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Thc street.*
presented a lively appearance and the
buildings were lavishly decorated.
Mrs. Botkln  Arraigned.
San Francisco, Oct. 31.--^trs.  Botkln
was formally arraigned before Judge Cur-
dicsscd $5@6.50 cwt; «t*ers, live $275©  ^ q^ Saturday lipott Bn indictment
'i        Am-J..   _„.!       -""J**".     (Xi 1/7.' ii   .       Is ANSI I • . tr.     SI     .I ft S.f.   I     7(1 ._ ...
filed by Uie grand jury charging her with
the murder of Mrs. John P. Dunning of
Dover, Delaware. Mrs. Botkin pleaded
not guilty and the case was held over
until Saiuijlay next to bc set for trial.
Nesr   Central   Amerlean   Hennl.lie.
New Vork, Oct. 28.- The Herald's cor-
reHiKUidcnt at Managua sends won! that
the provisional federal government of tlio
United State* of Oontnil America, com-1
posed of the republics of Ni~aragiia, Sal-1
vador and Honduras, will be inaugurated
at j\mapin, the provisional capital, on November 1.
The Minor Occurrences of the World
In Brief Pnrn«mpha—Acoluenta
nnd Crlm*—llualneae Affair* and
liilereatlng- Eventa—Notea nf Ml*-
pellaneona   llniinenlniis.
a hypnotist of note, died at the tlermuri
hospital,   lie tried to hypnotize a iion
several mouths njro, but the uniim,* bit
biui, ■ en using blood poison. '
Recent statistics *how> that uii.l..r i«.'
ITEMS FROM FAE AND HEAE.'     ,„ tliei.p ure more ^ gj gJJHj
over 75 years there are inore Women 'thii_-
men, and from thc ages of 00 to 100 ♦*,,'
proportion is about three to two in fai! .'
of thc women.
At the recent New York memtiiig 0f •*..
directors of the O. R. k N. Co., Hi**,"
gentlemen had a conference with the ri_.
ing powci-s of thu Northern I .oiile ,_•■!
way, the result ot which conference i„
said to have been an agreement to a plan
whereby the recently talked of "cut oir
of thc Northern Pacific through the Bit*
ter Root mountains is to he jbuilt bv the
Northern Pacific and the 0. 11. i -y
jointly and to be opemted by them in _
similar manner.
Thc distribution of free mtloiis in Santiago province is demoralizing t|lt. (;u.
"Wild Bill" Turner, a desperate uiouu-
tain character of Kentucky, has been
All the British North American squadron has been ordered to mobilize at Halifax.
The I'nited States supreme court bat
decided that a live stock exchange is not
a trust.
Another fierce battle has b en faught between ,)iipane*c troops and native savages
in Formosa.
A  Newark, N. J.,  inventor is expeii
menling with  a  propeller which  work*
upon the principle of the tail of a fish.
The right of Puerto Rican* living in this
country to American citizenship is to be
tested in the New* Vork courts.
Don (Xirlos Is expected to issue his promised manifesto .soon, ii-afliiining his right
to thc crown and throne of Spain.
Tlie belief is strengthening in Washington that the Spanish 'American peace ne-
gotiations at Paris will be deadlocked.
The judges of tlie Puerto Kican supreme
court have received Americiin naturalisation and 'been reinducted into office.
The apple crop of the United States this
sea*«on is smaller than it has been since
reliable statistics have been gathered.
Havana will not bc occupied by the
I'nited States military forces untH the
date set for the ending of Spanish sovereignty in Cuba.
General Ijec's anny ixill start for Cuba
in about two weeks. Thc first expedition
will lund at M.uan/.is, fifty miles from
The overflow of tlie Yellow river in
China drowned 2000 people, and left 100,-
000 htm; less, besides utterly destroying all
growing crops,
The panic in Vienna and other parts
of Austria caused by the feur of an epidemic of the black plague is assuming
wide proportions.
It is reported that several large vessels
havje been engaged on French account to
loud grain at American ports.
Extraordinary precautions are being
taken to ensure the safety of Kmpcror
William in Palestine, and a well known
anarchist is under arrest.
An cider has been issued by the war
depai t-nipnt relieving from further duty
in the volunteer army James O. Bhune
as captain and assistant adjutant geucral.
At the expiration of a 00 days' furlougli
he will be mustered out
John Stephenson k Co., thc car build*
ine uim, have been placed in the hands uf
rivcivers on proceedings for voluntary dissolution. Thc liabilities are approximately $700,000. Tbe cause of the firm's fail-
un*, it is said, is the enormous outlay of
money on the new plaut just completed
at Rahway, N. J.
Kxcitement over the discovery of a gold
mine near Malvern, Ohio, continues unabated. The big crusher is nearly ready
for operation.
A report that President Faure of France
was assussinlited proved to bc untrue.
Dr. Roch, who has been attending thc
victims of the bubonic plague in Vienna,
together with Hen* Hcgger, another of tlie
nurses, havo developed symptoms of tha
Rear Admiral J. N. Miller, commanding the Pacific station, will be retired November 22 by operation of the law on account of age. Commodore Albert Kaut/,
recently in command of the naval station
at Newport, is now on his way to Sun
Francisco to relieve Admiral Miller.
Terrific storms have swept over Macedonia, doing an enormous amount of damage and causing considerable loos of life.
In one instance they struck a, caravan,
consisting of 400 persons, 100 of whom
were engulfed in the River Cilice und
The Turkish troops in Crete began evaluating the island last week.
limber wolves are more numerous th's
fall in Michigan than in many years.
The army is short of stall officers and
no more will bc mustered out at present.
Rich diamond discoveries iu Westers
Australia are attracting thousands nf
Fearful loss of life has been caused hy
typhoons and sand storms io the Client.
(ieneral Lee will command the first expedition to Cuba, unless he asks'to hs
This year's crop of peanuts in Virginia
promises to be very large and of line
The cust of guns aloue for United States
const defense, during the wsr was *M.
United States Senator Proctor of Vermont, has been reelected by the legisla
The coal mining town of Wellington,
Vancouver island, is sinking, and u great
disaster is feared.
France seems to be preparing for war.
She is fully manning all her cuu*n forts
and mobilizing her fleet.
Thc report tlia*t U Hung fTiang li.nl
been married to thc empress dowager ol
China was a newspaper joke.
There arc seven United States transports in the harbor of San I-Voneisco,
waiting to convey troops to Manila.
Secretary Long will ask t*ongrc*«s to
increase the number of sailors alio .red
for the navy from 12,500 to 20,000.
Six thousand distressed farmers recently
invaded Tokjo. Japan, and petitioned for
an extension of the period of tax exemption.
President McKinley hns ordered thut
Jefferson ltarracks, St. Louis, be made us
large a military post as any in the country.
Reports from consuls show that American imports into China continue to in
crtM.se, while those of all other eountriet
At Pittston, Pa., last week, at night,
Corcoran brothers cut away 0 feet of u
double frame house which encroached on
their land. '
"Billy" Walker, the pugilist, who was
knocked out by "Andy" Dupont at Omaha, died after having been unconscious
fifty-six hours.
Thc United Stntes transport Berlin
sailed for Suntiago, Cuba, from New York
with 500,000 rations for starving (Albans.
The war department has issued a compilation of notes on the Philippines, both
historical and geographical.
Swedish papers state thnt traces of Prof.
Andree's balloon polar expedition hnve
been found in Franz Josef land.
General Otis has cabled the war department from Manila that the better class
of Filipinos do not want independence.
Tho cruisers Hannibul and Hornet and
the monitors I'uritun and Terror have
been laid up in reserve at Norfolk nnvr
Lust Sunday (he Cubans at Santiago
celebrated the thirtieth unniversurv of tlio
declaration of Cuban independence.
The Vermont legislature has p'a--cJ an
act making a bounty on wolves, panthers
and beara, $12; lynx, $."i; foxes, OOc, and
rattlesnakes, $1.
President Huffy of the Swiss confederation, still continues to receive threatening
letters from anarchists, nnd is clow>1v
giinrded by the police.
At Boston, Mass.. Patrick Row-h nnd
John ('rice quarreled on the roof of u
four story building, grappled each other
in a fiendish struggle, fell to ihe ground
and died.
President Lawrence of the Ohio Wool-
growers' association, nilvocatm a combination of cotton planters snd a-oolgrowevs
to bring aliout a high tariff on raw materials.
At San Francisco, Oul., Franklin Brown,
Kaslo & Slocan
Time card No. 2, taking effect at 1
o'clock a. in.. September 1, 1898, Pacific
or 120th meridian time.—First class passenger trains:
Lv. Daily.                               Arr. Daily.
H:.iiiu. in Kaslo 3:30p.m.
8:55 a.m.
0:45 a.m..
10:110am. .
10:08 a.m..
10:20 a.m..
South Fork
... Sproules ..
..Bear Lake...
10:34 a. in Payne Tram..
10:35 a. m Cody Junction.
10:45a.m  Sandon ...
Arr. Dailv.
Mixed Trains,
..3:05 p.m.
..2:10 p.m.
..1:50 p.m.
..1:38 p.m.
..1:23 p.m.
..1:22 p.m.
.. 1:15 p. m.
Lv. Diily.
Lv. Daily.
11:00 a.m.
11:25 a.m.
Arr. Daily.
G. F. k P. Agt.
Arr. Daily.
.11:50 a.m.
.11:50a. ni.
.11:35 a.m.
Lv. Daily.
.... Sandon ....
.Cody Junction.
Navigation and Trading
Steamers "International'' and  "Alberta"   ,
on Kootenny Lake and River.
Five-Mile   Point   connection   with   all .
passenger trains of N. k t. S. R. R. to
and from Northport, Rossland and Spokane.  Tickets and baggage checked to all
United Stutes points.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson and way points, •';
daily, except Sunday, 5:45 a. m. Arri*ve'..
Northport 12:15 p. in.; Rossland, .8:40 p. -
m.; Spokane, 0 p. m.
Ijeave Nelson for Kaslo mid way points .. •
daily, except Sunday, 4:36 p. m.   )a*v*„
Spokane, 8 a. ni.; Rossland, 10:30 a. wi
Northport, 1:50 p. m.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo, etc., Tuesday, '
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 8:30 a. in.: arrive Kaslo, 12:30 p. m.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson, ete., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. in.; arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
Ijeave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.j arrive.. t
Houndary midnight; arrive Bouners Fur- ,.
ry Sunday 10:30 a. m.
1/mive Bonner's Ferry Sunday 1 p. ni.;
arrive Boundary Sunday 5 p. in.'; arrive
Kaslo Sunday 10 a. m.
(lose connection at Bonner's Ferry with *>
trains east bound, leaving Spokane 7^40 *
a. in., and westbound arriving Spokane *
7 p. m.
O. ALEXANDER. Gen. Msnsgsr.
ajitla, B. C., Oct 1, 1B97. - - • . •
____* -   _.-- .--•..■-.■'.,■   4 s__*
'M^ifn-hiiiiMlin hM -
-/.rriifiii^r^ PF
Every Action
And every thought requires an expendi.
tnreof vitality which must be restored by
means of the blood flowing to the brain
and other organs. Ths blood mnst be
pure, rich and nourishing, It is niadesd
by Hood's Sarwaparilhi which is thus the
great strength-giving medicine, the ours
for weak nerves, scrofula, catarrh, and all
diseases caused by poor, impure blood,
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" Hoed'e PHIS cars lndlK»*lionT~ati li ins."
The I'i'ntr Commission Hn* pre*
■called In Wrlti-*** llu- *-,,,,,.,„,.„,
of the Intention of the American*
to   Hold    the   lMilli|i»lne    l.ln	
Assuming.  I'"i*I  of thr  llcbt.
Paris, Nov. 1.—j\t the meeting of tihe
peace com mission yesterday the Americans presented the written expression of
the purpose of the Americans to take the
entile group of Philippine islands antl to
assume siii-h proportion of the Philippine
debt us had been incurred for the lienefil
of the islands in public works, improve
incuts and permanent betterments.
It was also set forth that tlie United
.States would not assume any part of the
Philippine debt which hail been incurred
by Kjxiin for the furtherance of military
or naval ojierations to quell insurrections
of tlie natives.
The session was adjourned until Friday,
in order to give the S-iiiiiiards time to prepare a reply, Ibe session lasted a little
over an hour.
Ten  Sliiir Tickets In Colorndo.
DENVER, Col., Nov. 1.—The time  al
lowed by law for making changes in the
state tickets ha.s expired. The middle-of-
the-road populists will have no state ticket, the court, having decided, at the last
moment, tlm I the party ha.s no standing.
There are ten state tickets, bin only four
candidates for governor.
Ijemhi   India-is   Are   Worthless,   but
Many Others. Are Dolus Well.
Washington, Nov. I.—The majority of
annual reports of Indian agents to'the
commissioner of Indian affairs are of encouraging nature and indicate progress
generally along civilized lines.
"Some of thc reports, however, are not
W gratifying, and make sonic surprising
Ktatements. Unusual In the annuul report
is the follow ing arraignment in the report
in (he report of E. M. Yerian, in cluuge
of the Lemhi Indians in Idaho.   He says:
"They are addicted to gambling, horse-
racing and dancing antl the influence of
the so-called medicine mail operates to
the disadvantage Qf the tribe. Their real
advancement has not been what it should
or what it was possible to have been under
the circumstances, in the agent's annual
report for 1H.S2 oil the U'lnlii reservation
I find 29 Indian families were engaged in
farming; 15 years after 1 can report but
II following agricultural pursuits, an increase of 12, not one convert it year."
'Agent Fuller of the lllack foot agency,
•Montana, referring to the opening of the
ceded portion under minenvl land laws
last April, says prospecting bus been
practically fruitless and predicts abandonment of the so-called mineral strip before the first of November.
While You Sleep.
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may creep upon you while you sleep. Uut
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The   Sanitary  Condition*. There
VV retched.
Much has been said of late in regard In
thc wholeKomencss of apples, nnd a Paris
specialist soys that women who want to
have clear complc--ions ought to cat three
or four apples u day. They act on the
The number of blind persons in Australia in proportion to the number of the
population is considerably less limn in
most other countries.
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Havana, Nov. 1.—Major Almy and Captain Page returned here from Cienfuegos.
They report the sanitary conditions there
U bad, especially ut quarters and camp-t
occupied by the Spnnish soldiers. Reports
of skirmishes between Spaniards are incorrect.
It in understood that eight battalions
of ti*oops remaining along the Jucuro military line will arrive at Cienfuegos this
week preparatory to being embarked for
S|niin. In all aliout 25,000 troops arc
expected to concentrate at Cienfuegos for
embarkation home.
The Spanish mail steamer Puerto Rico
sailed from Cienfuegos Wednesday carrying 1000 troops.
The Cuban delegates who have been in
session at Santa Cruz del Sur are ex
pected to continue their sessions at Ma-
The government has ordered officers and
soldiers who are evacuating Cuba to be
paid in preference to other obligations.
I tiiiKliI   In   Yukon   !«•<•.
San Francisco, Nov. 1.—Ice was making
on llie Yukon and there was thin ice at
Dutch harbor when the I'ortlund sailed on
October 11. The tug Sadie has gone into
winter quarters uL Dutch harbor. At
least a dozen river steamers are stuck on
sand bars in the Yukon and all will probably bc lost. The Dawson City is a total
wreck. The Herman und Tacoma are
aground und the other bouts are in such
perilous positions that when the ice breaks
up they may go to pieces.
II- Thinks Tbat the Colon and VI--
«•_>» Can lie liaised •-- Docked
for l.rue. Than u Million Dollars,
■nd Desires to Bead a Wrecking
I   OUI|IUll\.
Washington, Oct. 31.—Naval Constructor Hobson arrived in this city Saturday.
He appeared -before the board of naval
chiefs for the purpose of explaining the
condition of the Spanish tdiips wrecked
off the coast of Santiago and the progress
and pi-osped.*! of efforts which are making
for their recovery. It is said over a million dollars will be required to continue
the operations.
Constructor Hobson was with the board
all the afternoon and gave a great deal
of detailed information as to the condition
of the wreck*. Ho was certain it was
useless to continue the wrecking company
any longer, and that' conditions did not
permit thc $800 per day paid them.
Constructor Hobson said that in his
opinion the Colon and Vizcaya could bc
raised and brought to diy docks at New-
York or Norfolk at a cost of $600,000
for one and $400,000 for the other, und
possibly they could be brought in for
$400,000 each. The government would,
of course, take thc risk of spending $200,-
000 on each of the vessels and in the
end might find it was unable to raise
Mr. Hobson wanted to be placet! at the
head of a wrecking company which he
should organize and be authorized to expend $800,000 or $»00,000 on tlie two vessels. He said thc htdl of the Vizcaya wus
intact and proposed to build a cofferdam
around her and bring her to the surface
after making repaits necessary to float
her. Mr. Hobson also gave the bureau
chiefs information regarding the Reina
Mercedes and the Merrimac. The former
could be easily raised, he believed, for
it was apparent that she had been only
scuttled. The Merrimac could be raised
and he said she must bc removed from the
mouth of the harbor.
A Beautiful Girl's Affliction.
From the Republican, Vereailles, Ind.
The Tuckers of Versailee, Ind., like
all fond parents, aie completely wrapped up in their children. Their
daughter Lucy, in particular, has given
thero iiiut'h concern. She is fifteen,
and from a strong, healthy girl, three
years ago, had become weak and kept
falling off in flesh.'until she became a
mere skeleton. Shu seemed to have no
lite at all. Her blood became impure
and finally she became the victim of
nervous piostratit.ui. Doctors did not
help her. Most of the time she was
confined to bed, was very nervous and
irritable, and seemed on the verge of
St. Vitus' dance.
"One morning," said Mrs. Tucker,
"the doctor told us to give liar Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People,
which he brought with him He said
he was treating a similar case with
these pills and  they were curing the
It Can Be Made to Go.
"Tlie melancholy days have come"; has
| rheumatism come with them?   It can be
| made to go right off by the use of St.
| Jacob's Oil,  which' cures and  leaves no
trace behind.
The Wrst-lloii.nl Overland on the
Oreat Korthern Hull *,»«>• Derailed
Near Odessa while Trying to
-link.- l'|i Lost Time—So One Injured.
Dewey Shys There  In Meed of l.l-g-t
Draft   i.inibonls.
county  has    shipped
llr. I.oaa of Hull* a Million.
ltonibay, Nov. 1.—The great fire in Se-
rinagur, one of the capitals of Cashmere,
in the vale of Cashmere, destroyed all
the public buildings und many residences
yesterday. One man was killed. The
damage is estimated at 10 lakhs ($.j<10,-
And save middleman's proms.   Men s fine Ull-
or-mado sulis,l.1.M to (ll. t'll «»»'»»"*£; '-"to
lotue, samples, lolhncaiuriMiH-nt blanks, eto.,
mailed free" Address J. I.ANDU AN. MCK*r
building, Portland. Or.  Mention thl-ij-a*^
The Stoneware* Trnst.
AKRON, 0.. Nov. 1. -It is announced
that a combination representing 85 per
cent of the entire production hits been
formed to control the production of White,
black and salt glazed stoneware in the
I'nited States, lt. F. Kent of Akron is
president of the concern.
 Mlulns   Xoten.
Several men left Wallace, Idaho, to com-
mence work on the buildings for the workmen engaged in putting in the new tunnel for VV. A. Clark on Sunset park.
Thc dredging plant of the lion Accui\.
Company at Itannack, Mont., is said to be
a total wreck. Lost week the hoat sank,
submerging the machinery, and on Saturday night the boat turned over, and it
is not thought that anything can bc saved.
The proposed site of the Washoe smelter, east of Anaconda, has been jumped by
a man named Graham, who has staked out
a quart* location, which he calls the
Waterloo, and is sinking a shaft upon thc
ground, which he claims contains mineral.
The location notice was posted upon the
property October io, but it is claimed u
has not been Wed in the office of thc
county clerk and reeoi-dcr.
TV |H'iiding deal involving thc Seven
Devils copper properties, in Idaho, that
has been in progress of completion for
four week* parti i*1 repOT**- to have been
consummated. The deal involves the
building of a railroad into the vicinity of
the Peacock mines from Weiser, and it is
said ihat the railroad must be lieguii within UO davs und pushed rapidly to complc-
tion The railroad reaches a point within 8000 feet In eleviUton from the Pea
^Near Threr-Milc creek, a short distance
.hove Virata** City, Mont., I>r. F. K. Kills has a nnwpeot which is making a most
l!S_rf53S* It is died the iron
W L -ear. ago the float from the
ledge VM found hv pi-ospecU-rs, ami tune
3 again the lead haa been prospected
f bnt With no success until the pas.
months.   Xow 40 feet of tunnchnghas
,„,,,, run, which exptwa an ore bodj torn
t,in ..l.i.'km-,«-.ysofw"h.el.go.nto
"""""""t,. landom. 'W«m    —
.„Mcr William 11. laid.len and
Wells involving the land
which mineral    strikes
made.    Samuel T,  Mai
hist wee
made hy R<
Receiver s. A
near Oluney, on
have lately
^'„i-i"o*-y M «"■ In the weaterh
£rt   5 le quarter WOtlon,    On this he
ES.   « ml W«t    The res'  o. the land,
,      oniest of George W. BngH and n i
v.. lntclv been ma<le.    du_»u«   ■• •"»■■
( iml,,e-|,,m.estcad entry for the south-
ar.".  ol' section 88, township 24
„%„.«"« east.   Thedes'ision Usiay
sheep  this yair.
H. H. Andrews of Ccntervillc has just
sold 1500 head of ewe sheep to a party
in The Dalles for <-.d0 a head.
Flerchingcr llros. of Asotin county have
brought their shepp out of the lllue mountains and will drive them down to Sheep
gulch, on Snake river, where thousands
of sheep find pasturage all through the
winter on the hillsides.
Not in five years have there been so
few idle men ill Kllensburg. It is almost
impossible to get a man to do odd jobs
aud the services of all classes now have
to be engaged far ahead.
Kx-ifarsJiall Parker, of Fairhaven. who,
departed for South America with about
iH0,000 oi the city's funds a few years
ago, is said to be in Dawson City. .John
De Fries, in a letter to Mrs. De Fries, says
he saw Parker on September 10.
The Washington State Dairymen's Association will hold its annual meeting at
Ellensburg on December 2$ and 29. J. L.
Smith. Spokane: It. F. Heed, J. P. Sharp.
It. P. Tjosseni and J. C. Goodwin arc the
committee on arr.uigeincnt, finance and
State Grain Commissioner Wiight said
the other day: "1 find there will bc a
large number of farmers throughout the
state who will do summer fallowing next
season, and give their land a year's rest.
If they do so, they can afford to hold
their present crop for many months, and
then, if there should be a shortage in
the southern countries, they can sell -it
an immense profit."
The commissioners of Kittitas county
made the following levy at their meeting
lust week: For county current expense",
4 mills: for county bond interest, 2.5
mills; for county road, .8 mill; for county
bridge, .5 mill; general state purposes.
2.7 mills; general school purposes 8 mills:
general military purposes, .2 mill; general interest, .2 mill. Salaries of county
officers, $10,045; superior court expenses,
$3500; justice court, $810; sundry county
expenses, $8525.   Total, $21' 030.
Kx-Trer.surer Lockwood of Pacific county, who recently returned to South llend
und surrendered himself for trial on' a
charge of embezzling county funds, had a
hard time of it during the six months he
was a fugitive from justice. He waited
on table at Victoria, H. C, for a starter.
Then he went to California, and visited
10 counties in his search for work. The
places he held were: Driver of a four-
mule team in a logging cnmp, poll tax
collector, cherry-gaitliM-cr in an orchard
at 50 cents a day, cook in a Sun Francisco
saloon, and kitchen man at a summer
Ditrvlied Their Daughter's: Cate/or Hours.
patient. We began giving the pills
and the next day could see a change for
the better. The doctor came and was
surprised to tee such an impiovement.
He told us to keep giviiit; her the medicine. We gave lier one pill after each
meal until eight boxes had been used
when she was well. She line not been
sick since, and we have no fear of the
old trouble returning. We think the
cure aim oet miraculous."
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 38th day of April, 1807.
Justice of the Peace.
These pills are wondeifully effective
in tbe treatment of sll diseases arisinir
from impure blood, or shuttered nerve
force. They are adapted to young or
old, and may be had at any drug stoie.
Iloiorniuriit    A ssi-mlil Inu
*'<*-<•-   Sq-ndroa
nn    K.mrr-
Wenatchee, Wash., Oct. 31.—Conductor
Miller of the Great Northern train which
arrived here about !) o'clock Saturday evening, tells of an attempt to wreck the
train, probably by thie*ve.s bent upon rob-
The westbound passenger was running
at full speed to make up time, lt was
uu hour behind the schedule time and TO
reeling off the distance at the rate of fifty
miles nil hour. About 7 o'clock, at about
tour miles east of Odessa, the engineer
felt his machine jar and then it began to
bump along the mils, running 300 yards
before it could be stopped. The train
hands went hack antl found that a 30-foot
steel rail had been taken from the side
of the track, where a supply is left for
repiiii-s, ami placed across the tails at
right, angles.
When the pony truck struck the obstruction it wns thrown from the rails,
hut tihe big drive wheels clipped off one
end of the steel rail intended 'to hurl thc
train from the track, and in an instant
an offending piece of steel flew past the
engine cab and the balance of the rail
was pushed off on the other side. Tlie
train ran a quarter of a mile, the front
trucks bumping along on tlie ties, but the
driven keeping in** their position.
Aftr the train hands put out wanting
signals for approaching trains from either
end the engine trucks were hoisted upon
thc track and the passenger came on to
Wena tehee.
In the vicinity of the wreck there are
numerous coulees, antl it is believed the
men who placed Hie rail on the track hTd
in one of these, expecting in the excitement and confusion of a disastrous wreck
to rob the train.
The Seattle city officials who have been
visiting Spokane were aboard in the Wagner car, ami there were 30 or 40 other
Detectives will lie put to work to fathom thc case, and if possihle catch the
New York, Oct 30.—A dispatch to the
Herald from Washington says:
Two more men-of-war will probably follow tin* auxiliary cruiser Buffalo to the
Asiatic station. Orders have already been
given to the gunboat Helena to prepare-
for her long trip through the Suex canal
to the far east, and aw soon as she is ready
she will start.
Rear Admiral Dewey has impressed on
the department tlie necessity of having a
large number of light draught gunboats
uinong the Philippine islands. The York-
town, it is understood will be placed in
commission on the Paciflc^coast and start
for Manila. >
»iOO REWARD, «100.
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(aces of the system, thereby deatraylns the
foundation of tha dlaeaae, and slvln* the pa.
tlant strength by building up th* constitution
•nd assisting nature ln doing Its work. T-S
proprietors have ao muck faith In lu curative
Dowara. that they offer On* Hundred PoUars
fe- **ay case that it (alls to ear*. Band far list
of Testimonials.
Address:   P. J. CHENEY St CO., Toledo. O.
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The smallest hook ever printed is tlie
story of Pcrrault's little "Hopio'-my-
Thumb,'' lately published. The book is
one and one-quarter inches thick. It can
be read only by the aid of a micii>sc-ope,
but is complete in every way, and has
four engravings.
Coal is dearer in South Africa than in
any other part of the world, lt is cheap
est in China.
London, Oct. 31.—There has been  the
greatest activity at Devenport, the site of I fUg   DUTY OF   MOTHERS.
the largest arsenal in Great Britain, and I
two of the finest drv docks in the world. I 	
The government is assembling an emergency squadron, which it is understood
will go to Gibraltar. Despite that the
wind has been blowing almost a gale the
second class battleship Colossus arrived
from Holyhead; a first class battleship
came from Queenstown and the first class
battleship Ben Bolt from Greenock. The
third class cruiser Calliope, whicli was on
the way to the Canaries, was intercepted
Daughters   Should   be   Carefully
Guided In Early Womanhood.
What suffering frequently results
from a mother s ignorance: or more
frequently from a mother's neglect to
properly instruct h;r daughter I
Tradition _uvs "woican must suffer,"
nnd   young   women   are   so   taught,
and returned unexpectedly to Plymouth, j There is a little truth and a great deal
When coming to San Francisco go to
Brooklyn Hotel, 208-212 Bush St. American or European plan. Room and board
$1.00 to $1.50 per day; rooms 60 cents te
$1.00 per day; single meals 26 cents. Free
coach.   Chas. Montgomery.
A new catalogue of the higher pUrits ot
Xorth America north of .Mexico has I4,.i34
entries, including 15 palms and 210 orchids.
No household Is complete without «
bottle of tbe famous Jesse Moore Whiskey. It is a pure and wholesome stimulant recommended by all physicians.
Don't neglect this necessity.
'Ilie United States is about the only
country which has no established harvest
customs. In some parte 'harvest celebrations are held, but we have no trndrtieas
such as thev have abroad.
CITf Permanently Cured. .   	
ril*  after first day's um ot IM. ___*•* u
Vervr Hestorer.  Bend for
'►utile and treatise,
Arcb street, P_ll*drfphl_.
Bo fiuor -errona-ag
The largest organ in the world is in tha
i'ttthedi-.il of Seville, Spain, it has a.
pipes and 110 stops.
Other warshp-s are coming to join the
squadron and to coul. Thc government
has ordered 200,000 tons of coal.
Artillery  for Havana.
Boston. Oct. 31.—-The transport Mississippi, with four batteries of the First
Maine heavy artillery, sailed last evening
for Savannah and will probably go to Havana.
Sail for Manila.
fan Francisco, Oct. 30.—Thc transport
Xcalaudiu, with the First and second battalions of the First Tennessee regiment,
comprising 500 men, sailed yesterday afternoon  for Manila.
Gxports   of  Wheat   and   Corn.
Philadelphia, Oct. 81.—More than «00,-
000 bushels of wheat and coin cleared the
custom house Saturday on steamers hound
for European ports.
Jeff Gray Arrested.
Boise, Idaho, Oct. 30.-sIcfT Gray, the
man who it is now claimed shot Wilson
and Cummins, for killing whom
mondfield" .lack Dnvis Ls under sentence
to hang, has been arrested and is in jiiil
at Albion.
Juat   ilie  Time*.
This is just the time of the year wo feel '
the muscles all wire and stiff, and then
is just the time to use St. Jacob's Oil to \
relax them and to cure at once.
of exaggeration in this If a young
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Many mothers hesitate to take their
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write freely about her daughter or
herself to. Mrs. Pinkham and secure
the mo*t efficient advice without
charge. Mrs. I'.i.kl.i.m's address ia
Lynn, Mass.
The following letter from Miss Marii
F. Jounson, Centralia. Pa , showswbat
neglect will do. and tells bow Mrs.
Pinkham helped her:
"My health became so poor that I
had to leave school I was tired all the
time, and had dreadful pains in my
side and back. 1 was also troubled
with irregularity of menses 1 was
very weak, and ltsst so much flesh that
my friends beenrae alarmed My
mother, who Is a firm believer in your
remedies from experience, thought perhaps they might benefit me. and wrote
you for advice. 1 followed the advice
I>iii- y°u Uave' at*d used Lydia E Pinkham s
Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills as
yon directed and &m low as well as I
ever was 1 have ga'.ned flesh and nave
a good color I am coixp'eleiy cured of
Irregularity "
To Care a Cold la  Oae  Da.-   -
Take   Laxative   lir.imo   Quinine  Tablets.      Alt
(Iruttirlsts refund money If lt falls to cur*. %o.
It was stated in a London police court
recently that 8 or 0 shillings a day can'
he made by begging.
I shall recommend Piso's Cure for Consumption far and wide.—Mrs. Mulligan,
Piumstead,  Kent,  England. Nov. S. ISO.,.
Law court records show that the defendant wins his case in 47 out of every
100 eases tried.
In the tall cleanse your system by using Dr. Pfunder's Oregon Blood Purifier.
Theatrical posters must have the approval of a committee of the city council
in Hartford.
Us* Dr. Pfunder'* Oregon Blood Purifier now.
The screw  of an
about .t20,000.
Atlantic liner  costs
Try Schilling's Best Tea and Baking Powdar.
Members of the Mexican board of health
have just imported from Kurope an X-ray
ap-iarutus. It is to be used for inspecting
cans of preserved meats and fruits, "to determine if they are tit for consumption."
Iloston has a municipal telephone ea-
S-iain has greater mineral resources
than any other country in Kurope, including iron, copper, zinc, silver, antimony, quicksilver, lead and gypsum.
Dr. LllkenS, The Old Reliable Specialist.
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gapuras   -
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*   l^ixe Win. JH-tiutex' Go,, J_,t«:l„
•SRVflUL nmrnam m
A BIXE tENCH. SIAHX O » •=•..*-*....„..»{•*
the men? Not long, we may be sure
| and y< t this is what Pender is told he
J should have clone!
[that  votm   tunscrtii*- J
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[steel- fuse-powder
The Toronto Globe, which voices the
won is due and xtiAT ? B j •mlmeuta  to a  gmt extent of the
Ost****:*.^ KWrnmeiit, is devoting  considerable
the Eiirron is AN-ioDBTo .v«*t_ a *_• iemm   fo  the   Kellie   River railway
jceht Fon vou. [question ami   from   its utterance.)  it
KWWii to b.i preparing the way for the
granring of the desired charter to Mr
Coiliin. Speaking of the 0. P. R.'s
position in the mutter, it says:-
"Theiailffgivesa decided advantage
to the Cnnadian manufacturer ami trader, and tho Canadian Pacific IWIwav
Jest got a letter here from Joe, our lx,v
that aaid he'd got TJ|
VJ take °", '"i" W ^'vmned
Into the bugy, rasl.i." world, an' trv to  u ' f™ •■ "° <?anutli,,n P"dflu l^^
';     .mal-eannme ' 7 !°   '   Mvlly.(Mibaitlia^ I_   „,„„■„-   am,
Three  Forks,    Alamo  Concentrator,
Brooklyn    and I	
%W»y^^                                                  A-vy^s^w^ASV^Ji '' 8,r0'r-^Snii'ouroU'rii;t fc"°* "*
— ' '  /n' fl° we '"hi   hin.   he  coul'.
uml:e a name ■ «^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™t—         -•*-
That, in i|,e  cgwfn'   vears'd   bo   close   "ud *nd ''"J0*" ot**1'* "P^'al und vul-
HcVl^t'rilTelS^r'*'    . ! nu'\V-'ivil**">    To W flat bealda*
. weui*l,,t8 S'lbU) dtis,re t0 --1'"*  "" lUU »° "»'«>• "<M a polio- ofexolnd*
An'said that ifhe belt his grip  0n hia    '"« other railways ir, that <li-iiiL*t,  and
supn-in-iieniu, v preventing a conipanv from bulldinii a
UcMPMiie.]ay|.!ke,w all   to   town   lo ln.ilwav will, i-.-_.-: .___,.""   °
*'■"■: B,,"'<-»'<>iiglileii. clothes,
Au' with Iho itpper-te ntit ns | at ken e!e
v;,trtl nose.
Vy©tiled to lorn him from bis courst
wilh ciilin -dv-lll  nerds,
But iiii.ht us weil have chattered to the
little dii-kio bird*.
NOTICK,— -The Alpine Group of Mineral Claims" (the Swis«, Hi-,dilund
Chief, Berne, Knotenuy Pass and
Rocky Fraction), situate in the Nelson
and Slocan City Mining Divisions of
West Kootenay District. Where located:—On the divide between Knotenuy
and Slocan Lakes,   east of Summit
Take notice that I, J. Murray McGregor, L^^-g---^
acting as agent for Chas Faas, F. M. C. ' —*---—., 5
11784 A     Hanr-   fSl_n_    V   M    f!      70117
the Mining Recorder fore  Certilleale of ut'iu.ir*/ h' °   '•tra-'K-'''
Improvement, for the purpose nf obtain-   Cut feinM I u bed r.„- f „
insaCrowiiGruMoftheKhoveclHiri ,.i,  n i «I Br" Il,,'f,-V'   -"' /   "
And farther   take notpthrr&m hie'"lifi p\J SS^R^i    .-     .       VVavfr,mi
under motion 37 must  le  commenced n"[ ,ft       'V M  do  ,lim   !u,,)  «-il»t»jr»"
before the ittsimnce of mid, Cerffi. ol T m'-l""("'" ' e born.
IniprovinnntM. 11 drawt-d  u hn-.i...,!    i _
Bated thi. tiftl, day of October. 189, l-ile'l Ktmt^"  fr°"'   *8
M. fi. VV. IUthbo-M".    j Au'*-■'! Mm fur to shove it down securely in hi- rlank*.
railway with its own money and without
favors* or privileges of any kind, n't in
,uusto piew the lioun ,h oi reason and
justice. The qu stioii ia not ho
lb noli one nf Ihe rights of Mr Corhi'i and
his iifs'Hu'c-* as against the C.P.R., as
,J the rights and interest of the people
of the territory to he served. It ia they
who ought lu he conttulled mainly, and
it would perhaps be better if the matter
had been Anally decided in the British
Columbia Legislature    We should
itrumhle i-ri*it\ loudly in Ontario if it
wero propose! fo Mint um off in a siraillar
tv,tv l'n m t-jiinec ion with the Americau
sent to any address, $2.oo
a year.
Teeter  Bros.  .  .  props
Q  (Nt-itea Ft,r Hirag W (mmm ^
i    Followinir   is a complete list   of the
An' Ih-ri he kisM',: his Mn g<iod_y,   nn'j mining transac ions recorded during the
week for the Slocan Mining Division:
i knees we'd
.„•;,,!-,. ,,   i.e t-pcak ii won't lur Joe, Oei 23*— Latly  Franklin, Reco fllll, 1
Where located:   On the north aide of An'axed the   Lord   lo stay  with   him jG.Iohi.tMni* L»n<vstert Twin Lake Basif
Four Mile creek, ntljoinine tlie Ottawa wherever he -mi-htjRo. \.i kC'ameron; Bi>; FracjiouiU, Paj ne M
No. 2 mineral claim on the east. &UX nut it message did we get from   him j AI ll .. Rdlhboniu.
Take notice that I Franeis.T.   O'Beiily. tJl-' v"'lir «wsy. s___-i^sT.»___-i     ..- _s,(li (;ia,-ier creek, J 11 Martin;
.Bevent, tnt.'.Tt." "'-'--*•	
»_iv_i»su__^«^t«u^_ir ^^^^
__X/'»Ua^_i_E^_&^--_2__J J- «.
____^^^   MEATS
victoria     ^^^SSSSJSSS
Silverton's    J
-iaim.    situate   in  tne Mocan City
Mining Division of West Kootenay
. District.
Where located;—On the north-oust
' aide of Cameroniah Creek, % of a mile
from its junction with tbe north for- of
eh the pants  he
  ———■ ■* ii iiniu'in- iieie
jiprovements. rhat'uso;  o bii.-jted at  the   knees  an'
Dated this 2Sth dav of October, 189..     ,r    . s!"lt!p;«1,<" "'« |»f.      |
O^t 28—Eldorado.
 iu j.-ruction" jVlineral Claim
situnto in the Sloonri   ^fining Divis
ion of   WetH  Kootenay District
Whoro In--*.-**    ■ '■
>?,**:* notice   that   I.  J. M. McGregor,  ^K'IPlCArB OF^IMI'KoVEMfLNTR
acting as agent for Robert. Cooper,  Free  NOTICK.—   "Pemhroke" "New Bnrlt"
Muier'a Certificate No. 11794a, and Hen-      und "Hazard Fraction" Mineral Claim*
ry Sheran, 12001_,intendaixtydays from      situate in tho «Ijsj»—  -»».-.     -*-l«»'ub
tbe date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder . for a Certificate of Improvements, for tbe purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, most be commenced
before tbe issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 8th -lay of September IS98
__   . -. .,-,-tu wi no  jrave
hi.« brother I-eie Oct 26— Elvira, to GD-{.Martin gnd
] An' I mu-it fret'-h n cu'r o'  ahoe.i ;   he'* ' Peter Dilrhfltn.
if) hi* naked feet. Mcnkioii Bird, to Granville -fining Co.
jT^  An'take clor_ some   underclothes  on'!    Nov 1—RiW.ion, to Jh# I. Montgwnerj
. T. I sock.i at,' sich us* thut, j Di-n C Cm bin and G D f-vttt-r.
Likewise his ol'bluo woolen  shirt:   hei    Cliff aid CuiTi-motional, toE M S.iml-
. sayshe'sgot a lint. | iiaiids, -^--^-^^^
—From The Denver J'Jvidiiig Bust
mawsmB-  ' * -a**********************************************
uMESBbwfis . — rnoi-JIDIRECTOBT.
'<•      '_
_5S-nvIF.vTHixa   new.   neat.i* ok leading BUSiNEfsK'MFXl'i
AND CLKAV    PivtrsT   *_.        !S *• *
AND CLKAV.     FINK**TAp.       |«0 .
M    ,-. -r,   i ,    r   -. T"
:•; Rfai{i]«ar(prs For ffiflfDf Men :•: p^wnu
* I lakeview
B/mitlnn  k Barren
Juinea _otrN
L. Knowlw.
,f. A. UdfUXNON k C-.
NOTICE:— "Alexandra" and "Delly"
Mineral Claims; sitqate in tbe Slocan
City Muimg Division of  West Kootenay   District.    Where located:—At
Ihe head of Mineral Creek, a branch of
the second north fork of Lemon.
Take notice that I, J. M. McGregor, acting juaeent for p. K. McDonald, Free
Minora  Certificate No.   8929a,  intend
sixty days from tbe date hereof, to apply |
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate J
of Improvements, for the purpose ol ob-1
taining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take  notice that action
under section 37,  must be commenced
before the issuance of sucb  Certificate of
Dated this 5th day of October, 1898.
J. M. McGreoob.
NOTICE■-'•Soho'' 'Mineral Claim,
situate tn tbe bloom .Mining- Division of
West Kootenay District. Where Iocs-
led :-In the Best Basin on McGujoau
Take notice that I, .M. R. W. Rath-
Itorne, Free Miner's Certificate No
33371a. lor myself, and aa agent for J. C.
Ryan. Free Miner's Certificate No. 4774,
and Henry Eummelen, F. M. C. No 16312
intend sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to tbe Minins* Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
Gran 8°of M   1 *5S I , 0" (°Wn is 1,0,Jnd »» •" a IMf one L ^jg^M-jKS, 0 » Xi H*o_ to, qr, V,R,.-W
A-ff?rtK"r ..te'^     ..      !'hl3wi"t-    Iheamountof ,n,d,„ f^^^^ |SILVKR«ON.
•oretrie  issuance of such Certifi™..  !«t to the mines  rt\.;i„  i .        .       Ian...-,, .r.,,,.. ■:' icn-.  .\f.n lo J?l,n >-'
under  section 37. must ^ com*S«.i '' ^ hmndl** h? our ™<™
I ****l,'IWiH  11) tl
 ~s.  .nniiiiiiue oi such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 29th day of Octo'-er. 1398.
Fbancib J. O'Bciixv
P. C
to work large crews   a,K   coiLeoiienflv M1"04-C,li"r-'; Id. IrcoiioiU'     v .       r, -.
 t    co":«-qncnt!y ! (o j N ,,e|rkj(rti 'JlJjyjj*!*1*   t Mar van   And Gwxiut Rkal EtTITI Aqrmts,
- --•-I""-"1'/|to J N I'eirkart.Jidy
send inr.e sliipmcnt-i of ore down the Ocr28—Bbiuk Di.nn
hill       T!>-   	
! otott k Co.
•L G   (SORDO.V.
■04. UiUix.t 16, Iroanoi»U.    v \i I 4 ^,_.__        «        „ 	
0 v °
0 o°
 ...uie   uown   met    Ucr .8- Black Di.imoiid,>te', N McMillan  or_eo in nraloy Hiock
bar.     The   more   men   nt wotk,  the! ^i 3-SK,?iSl, Ota 3 Id,  fr-
greater the trade our  merciiants    will  oqu .isi_, E Muv;nto F8 Ilorgard, Julv
do.    Daybyd,ivitl,eco,,„smo,oap-   ?J^»ft^*Sa,y!
parent tlint   a  hanking estal.lishmeiit  Oct 27.
13 an  nhrolute ncei ssify  to our town Aii.iNiioxMiJtTS.
The   miner   comiu-,' - tlown   with   his !    Hartl Scrabble end Hid ten Treasure, S
chpques,  the   merchant  with fate iavj.K (iresB; Wilson, E CH'e-it.
j creasing amount of business, the broker. r-tccA.v citv— i.ocaiioks.
C-V  «V_»TTr. »  | nrgotiatin-the rales of mining proper-      0(.t 28-.Snow  Fluke, Ten Mile, J W
ms+fr   i9X MX.tXJ'ST^ Si-i^ I tied, ail are   now handicapped  by  the  Kvte.
mmmmmmmmmmm^ necessity of bavin,    to go to •tme\rr*%lk-V*m- '«wWt J 8"n«-to
neichhoriiicr town   tn  c..^...    i     ,.     i Ten Mile.
        R       "  t0  8,CUr'J   Ur'k,n« I- »'«'"'«• «me, J Grei^con; Rig,,, 8amc
J. M. .MoGRKGOR P. L. 8. Ao.
or  McGreook,   At*ci<«-o*« k   Co.
ROSSLAND          and             SLOCAN.  -,-,„,,.,-_,_.        ~~~
! J Sungulo.
facilities, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
V/e venture to call this fact  to  the
___.    . ..t Western mm ,*ioriiiern
Pacific 5-12,   Grand    Irnnk nnd  (ireni
! a. r. Mcdonald.
,-, „, —   ■*"'"■""!      "««—i-irear. we
OompaBjj,     riiey mny 0e able to |>,„  ^"-•:'1'- 5-12.   Gran.i   „__,
us secure* thi8 necessary tactor to a     OsSaftlrft'IW1!! ^ K ,J f"";'1^
^S;S^   l^-'r-   ^  °^  -*  -iM^r^ «-ho,„„„sonto
"And7irth„r_.k-n«.i    .. I       CROUP  ha u-Qirv-jioT'. '"t0eatlvis<!j' Niinsen^*. W Thotnliasun to same
fet-HSS^-™--" ——     )_-____-^_____L_
Improvements. Certificate of *  T,      . . NOTICE.
"  ! AT   THE The stra«*fTO action taker, by JMt}c(,      _..        „.    ^mm
l.'.I!,_-. :_ .i       ._     .'     . I    P«rli"« cutting uoo.1 on  the  property
l>«led this fifthMtlay of October, 1898.
M. R. W. "k
NOTICE :-" Burnett",   "Little   Mon-
tana" and "Palaskie" Mineral Claims;
situate in  the   Slocan City   Mining
Division ol vv eat Kootenay District.
Where located:—On  the west side of
main Lemon creek about twelve miles
from the mouth.
Take notice that I, J. M.   McGregor,
Acting aa agent for W. A. Campbell, Free j
Miner's   Certificate  No. 11415a, intend j
sixty days from the rlaio I*--  f -
Direcx and  Superior Service to East SANDFORDJDAIGfE
kiln and European Points.    To Pacific ^^
Coast.    Alaski,    Chixa,    J_-.Ak  Bnd
-U'strali m Points	
■TOU.RIST   OAPQ        '    " j CONRAD mi*.i.~
-..--..-..f... action taken Iiy Jugfice      r>   .-        ...     TOURIST   OAP<". CON
1 ^'"Ikem in the cas-of Ppnrf v, ,F„r,,-•,,''""",lr^o0l, on ,,,,? Ptoncrtr U'* W1   VARS 	
,-,-,,, fon,n,        ,s    , ase °** "-dcr v. Wart of the:Sdvertou Towneiie   or removing r>       r,     . 	
■APQ-STOBEjI^i" -me, when he renderrdhk^TlS *'" ^ m"'^     S3K28\daM^^'[oa^ ^£5
— | <'.ct in dir-ct ,-ppo.iticn to the finding IH^^ ™ ,0 tn"™ "> "« P-  ^tTZetm VoiV™" "f* I „ 0
'l!!t!UI^_lBPrr.'fr«^ fBI.jVKRTO.V TOWNSITE.        '    ^"  "
vi      r       .,   "---T" "• vj. WHEELER.
.    „. rr- .tnmgt-u, u»ej SIIjVKP.TON  TflWVRITF I     *liu"""1 l'n';* 'ceping and  Dining Cars I -      .
"""■":'""'- *h:' """l""- *»»'"l '■>■ '■"-» *« •«.-.., II"" "■:"'■ .. I umn^T7^_SS_"
- .— -..„„,B jvecoraer ior a tWiifl....'
-jwn-v. »  Croarn   Grant of the above
K WJ?i,»y sichTe^ r
pf Improvements. Certificate
-0*tedtbfal2,h dav of October 1898     !
*»• M. McGbk-ob.
iMikterj to the average jur<man or to!    I ''eraby de«ire fo inform the cituena
win jury system.  * of S.lverlon  that I huvo been furmalle
x-        i * '-"■».'.;■>»".I sHIsSm    -.• _,___._..   _r mi.
•   A either  ure tin
Take Nolle, "that T, M. ft. W. Raili-
^"?e, Free MlB^Mr^vW^-KoSi;
    %*W of «  iury *h  fln'il,   Tiwt
 |U,,:vo ■""". «"der oath, should !«,i,v_
*•: linp1^-" °n'"ri8"',tc"'"i"i-
U -In -! a _L a __,.j? | ■"■■' j»iy symein.  * . i «j o.iv.nnii   mat i nuvo Deen  (c-tnallv
unpointed City Seava»ger for Silverton
ur_1"n«its nt  »Hl">V'lutle«lo Iii'KLm ntonce. iTho citizpniJ
^^^^^^^^^^^_^. .•■lund that i;av» t-ncnsie to Hi., ',ru(!-a'.:u'ur"1!W'h:u'1 lo',0'"ldy.«trheir ,„rli,,.',
Clil-lCl decision.       Hr*    -.«..      „u_ ,7,1 ''<»yeuiiuce,  nil),   the rr-,,'iiri.|rieiitM .,/
jyj,. - ... *"   "ft    <"Uldn*'*illiol;nVref'iiiilingfheMiiit,iivfnr,(|,li„,l
i»ta|_ile -i''1"' with the jury h<-«mHo they .wei»|,'r,,u'iM,r0|J,^y- ^ B-vlw'hnmedialo
r*7JAn T^-r_TT _-i -~ CV'dfl,,t^'" empathy With P..n.I«r i i,l,«n";?1 ' o ih!» iii-iiter, it will save much
I Till    II    .  tU    I? I  l?L_   iAlorenvp^  P .  I       i t'nl <n,,Br*   mutual illCOllVenielli'.'. |
VTXiVJ^111JttlJtL^ I „J°r "" P' ,,,lf-r «>»••»««rded an- im- Cas. C. Cur.
1A*_I_.^—JT__.  ^ I P^.i.g (linger and „ever  acoUftlll(od
the company of the risk he was running
of his life. Jtwasc
-. JTlCifETS Ibscijo Tii-oi-ou Akd Baooaob
CjuOXbd To Destination.
(excepting   Snndny)
Revelsiokf* nnd Main Line Points.
fi.05—leu i c—Sii.vkbto.v-an ive—16,30
Nelson,   Trail,   Ro**s-i_„d, *c.
MttH  BKUI)   DAIfcf.
NEW DENVER -' -    •
the company of tho risk he was running |                          NOTICE,
of his life. Itwasconsecjuentlytak'ng!                              —
unfair idvantng-, of  h^emptoy^ J    Titer. Notioe tbtt -OA.j» afterdate
out- agatost them whei+: |,e got l„|,tw    "»*#H 'itflf. "> the Gold Conaiiwiuner at
How lnn~ ti-,,,,1 i .. .„:-: New Denver for ii   lii-nna- tn „,.n   ,:    I
How lo„K W0,lM „ ,_^r ^ I  hi
tJ. amploy ,f Q„y ,.orp„rHtJori  if h6
fl. C.   safety of th, .nine or of the  danger to
Nfr*f Denver tor a license (to sell li,,ii„r
at retHllon the preininea j-jf the Thi«tle
Hotel, Silverton B C, '
D-ited October qgnd 1893,
Ascertoin present rates and toll in
formation by addressing nearest locn
ugont, or     	
W. 8. CLARK, Agent, Silverton.
Tray. Pass. Agent, Nelson
 «i^PsHs. Agent, Vancouver
, , rr Vrrni' "r" '">' to be trifled with IJ T UT _r t vr mne, t,
Adoa. In time,of Shiloh Cure will \m\ M' WoINTOBH
you mnch tiouhie. Hold x r_Jl'_»__fl o„-.„...n-»,
I iur_ a ciroicr tor or
CRAB APPLES that i wiu.
-       - .       .-,     .      ,<|||ll|    *i_    WJJts,        Mill        j.ttt,
you mnch trouble, Spid at Dnigbtoro
SILYEKfON,     p. (J,
felMWfr'-r Iff ***'rjiir:,r yc^J-^fc ^^a»>s. <aa>r **^vm«; ^m^.-


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