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The Silvertonian 1898-10-08

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 |   Read/Tlie     j
8 $2 Per Annum.
Il^^o^osososososoeo sosccso •osc^aiMc.r**-*.®
Hoing Made at the Vancouver Kno.
New  Ore  Codies Found.
miDlnif New"   f'mii    Four   -lllli*   i.ttlih
anil Klsr.uliern.
The marked Improvement in Um Vancouver mine, us deyelopemefit work ia
pushed ahead mutt be gratifying to ihe
management as well iib to the atock
holders. Tin* value of the mine Inn
doubled itself this summer, new ore l-i»l-
ies have been discovered and opened up,
new work done und laid out, old Work
straightened out nnd a marked Improve
mont muile noticeable all around.
The drift driven from Uie bottom of the
winze in No. 2 tunnel, where the ore was
sloped last winter, has been driven h-
head through the barruq piece of p-roum!
and into the ore aliiite, which shows il-
selt to bo as bin and rich ph in the bppe'
workings. This shows that the ore
ibate uoek down and bolda its own. A
ijrilt has been run west from the Upraise
between No. 1 and 2 tunnels, in ground
that was supposed to be barren and u
splendid body of ore opened up. Thi*
is being put into shape for itoping ihis
winter. An upraise has been put ia to
connect with the drift driven east from
the main raise between No. 1 and 2 tunnels. A carload of oro hns been taken
cut and sacked while doinc this email
piece of work. This shows (ho extent ol
he ore body in a striking manner.
Shtites have been put in and prepa-a-
tinns made lor atopinz on ibis body
of virgin ground this winter and it only
rusts with the management whether
the Vancouver sends down for shipment
1000 or 2600 Ions of ore this winter. The
ore is there. Already three car load bave
been sacked in getting ready to stope,
No, ,'i tunnel has b*en driven until it
is now under the wiote sunk from No. 2
tunnel and an upraise started that will
be 120 feet lon_ when it brenke through
into No. *.*. As this rsiso is ist.irb d in
more oi less oro and ns tlie on* body i-
known to be big and strong i5 leet below
No. 2, it i« ns sure a thing as can be, in
mining, that Uim rauo will open up yet
another bigldock of sto; ing ground.
Ontsido preparations sre being iriade
for winter and for shipping. The v. ng in
road is lieing put Into shape, one hoi- -j.
bins and blacksmith shop nrj being rr-
ivted ut the mouth uf No. 3 tuoncl and a
general air of preparation in noticeable.
Thin property 'u under th<* management of Leslie. Hill ami tbe foreman W
•I Barker. Both of these gentleman deserve credit for tho systematic and eoon.
omiral manner in which the property
ia being developed and the thorough
woikmanbhlp shown In the improve*
nienta made.
Joto V§Tor__t:
Neatly & Promptly Done
We can quoto you bedrock prices
go«Ki   fork   of
lava b^en  obliged
iein"it work   for  the
and J. Millv have a good thing
in the Black Pear aud lllack Prince
cliiiniR o.' Ihe bend of tbo S"'"'1
Kaalo creek. Thej
to suspend devt'
season owing to Its high altitude, but
next season hope lo make a mine out of
their property,
Lust iUondav Geo. Ay lard, manager of
the Enterprise mino on Ten Mi'",
saaortedthe Karl of Av.i arid Mel, Mc*
Ivor Campbell through thai big pro- i riy,
and the visitors left duly Impressed wiih
tho wonderful showing exposod In tot-
inirti'. Tbe Earl of A va is heavily in-
tereeted in the B, a, O. nnd it the
supposition tli.it a deal Is on for the
(enterprise pith that company',
IV Header.
1. A   11,Hon;  2. A.CalbL'!;;   8. Inez
Calblck & U' Barclay,
ill Reader,
1. Fay Elliott; 2. Marie Cn ss.
II Header.
I, Janet Barclay; 2  Harry Wheelor.
II Primer,
1. H. Daigle; 2.  o. Borton* 8. M.
Barclay; 4. H. Carey; .">. Jean Barclay.
I Primer*
1. Bertha Barker; Georgia Barrv.
Jack and Robert McDonald have gone
up to do assessment work on their claim
the Good Hope near the Oo*i s-ti ck mine.
A* sunn as the waggon road to (he
Comstock mine is completed, ore ship-
msnts will be commenced without waiting for sleighing,
C 11 Taylor has a clean foot ol (hipping oie in his claim (be Unite, situated
on tbn divide between Fennel and Ten
Mile creeks. Assay returns on Ihis ore
give 20'! o?.i. Bilverand *•■■!. lu gold,
Indisputably the best mining journal
published in British Columbia to-day is
tlie Mining Record published al Vicl .', ,
B.C. This is ,i j .on!.'.! that *!',:<i!<l be
read by every miner ahd prospaetor in
the couutry and *-*. it ri this j.j*v', :'i w •»•
ne make i!.i* following <■" ■• ''.'i i ■ ••
dew subacid Iter to the Sii.reBTost.iN wi
will ou the rnyinentofrirrv cksw over
onr regular _ub»eription pri te oftwo d ',-
I..is, i resent :i years Bubs iripl o ■• < ■
Mining Becor I. To sny d dinqnent subscriber wo make tbo Bame offer ou paj'-
meot of arrears to date. This offer is for
a'bhotrt time onlv and musi betaken e.d-
vanUge of at once,
Onlv hrjy we ever had,
Him that wen I with Teddy,
Tough and huskev soil of lad,
Itnu.'b mi' nlwavs ready.
Somewhat n*iidDt| In his way,
Rather swear, 1 guess, I ban pray,
Keif as honest iib the day,
Always nun and steady,
'    Didn't like to pen him go,
Me an' bis 61' mother,
I! Hi oiir Ii.ti 'i a packip' woe,
V ■ i it ' scarcely i mot her,
Lovud our boy nlmiglity deaf*,
An' ii knocked us oul ol gear
When he went and left us hero
tone with ono another.
I's, 'I to set hero overy night,
Mil im' n y ol' woman,
Thi kin' bout the way he'd light
When he met tbe foamuti,
Knowed he'd nev«r flinch a bit.
Knowed he wasn't built to quit,
Knowed for sure he'd never git
Back an inch fur no man.
Cl'fl 'fore we'd goto bed
I could see her heel in'
An' ! ' nowed it was fur Ned
That she w s appt-aJin'
As fiti me, 1 never learned
How lo piny, an' in ine biirnod
Kii'l of on t'.ncasy and
Guilty sort o'foolin'
When the Donver paper come
Tu Ihe ranch :l lellin'
'Bout tin* light, I made things bum
Dam in' au' a yellln !
Whooped inr Teddy an' the re-.t
With Ihe wildest sort o' u **t.
Wliila the heart within my breast
Wn.i with pride a swellln'l
Ne'."' o renf-in' on an1 on
Whooped till mother hinted
'I but 1 doted like I'd gone
Actull> •! munted!
Then a cloud ennr o'er my eyeS,
An' I groned in pained Biiprise
On one name thi y'd printed,
#      *#*■#*      »
Nothin' that the neighhone said
Could ourforrdws lighten.
Every time tbey mentioned Te 1
Seemed the cinch'd lightea !
Only gleam ■ 'sun that shot
Through oar Bonis wiih mis'ry fraught
Was Ihe ono consoling thought.
That ha, died a fightin'
LOST! A black and white spotted
collie d(;. Answers to tho name of
'Tium"! The finder will oblige bv bringing the jig to Charles McNichol, Bilverton, or H eonimunicati'ii* with him    t
.TiidgiK from the space dovoted to the
occult si sheen, theology and doggerel in
the Kns papers, tbe people of lhat town
are vc.i cultured or else very long
R-ibn Sufberland is again at the
C 'itu,ioi. making whittles and chips,
T.idi is i rst-class tiuiborrrian and well
liked hi be mating-unciil as well as by
all the 1.*.-*
Mr. 1 -eft accompanied by his wifo
and fully returned from Brooklyn
yesterd:, ATrs. Tyren is just con
VsIobcbi from an attack of typhoid fever
whicli ii aid to Im very bad in that
AmonlSUvcrton'fl cont.ingont for (he
Fruit Fi ar« Mr. and Mrs Mcintosh,
Miss M t Barclay, II. Tirade W. 8
Clark. ( I'JjCrORt., E. P. imnic'.meyer,
D. Dari'M ,S. E. Watson
A hal
•"ftflrcflt bns been   purchnPed in
—Denver !*ost
0000090^003 OODOOOO'SOSOQOQ.
iAmi   i iViii;')-
place int
Injury I
not aer«
c poke";I
rotten i
Silverton, _EJ.   C.
thn Vietl-i II"fol by Geo. Falrhairn
end Ib.new firm will hp known as
Bowes d falrhairn, Th3 Silvbrton-
i.v-i wjs'j tl'.e new firm succeRS.
H. W on of Iho Wm. Hunter Co. bas
gone li-jrooklyn   fo   releive  .f. Kirh-
bo  is  fa'ring  a   hy-nfT.    T
Kellio i|riire» Forks fills Mr.  Wilson's
Oampbell, who lias been
n thn Fbsptc, met with an
is right eye canned by a flying
rocV.   Tlie   injury   although
Is eninful, causing him to
w ■■bi.'ta.
*.vo from l!ie C'oni-
mm locals.     §
L. Ijeibert struck a fine body of ore on
his property, tho Napoleon, last Wednesday,
The Comstock mine at present employe 54 men. Of these 11 are working
on the new concentrator.
Bert Wilhelin has charge of the
culinary department at tbo Vancouver
mine, and the men claim they havo the
best cook in the district.
The big range that waa used at the
Mollie Hughes mine has been removed
and will  bo  installed  at the  Condor
group abovo Silverton.
Leslie Hill, manager of the Vancouver
mine, returned last .Monday and went
up to inspect that property accompanied
by A.N. Pell y ono of the lieavy stockholders.
The tunnel on the Lakoview mine is
now In 440 feet "ind an improvement is
uotlceabltfln the face, that leads the
owners to believe that they are approaching the ore shute cut in tho OppW tunnel.
Buildings are bolng erected at tlie
Condor group and work will bo pushed
along all winter. This property is looking
well and we may have another shipper
added to our list before spring.
A, Webb and J. McFarlane, heavy
etock-holders in the Fisher Maiden, went
np to examine that property Tuesday,
anditishopod that property may be
Worked this winter.
The Calumet and Hecla mine, southeast of Bilverton (only about 3000 miles
south-east, but that's nothing in <>»*>
country when you want to p«<T "!' •V(-,ur
*e»n) has the deepest shaft of any mine
t" the world,.
Tlie following dog story is told by one
of otfr prominent mining men, al present opening np a claim n t lr.ii'iy in es
from Silverton. The reliability of the
uarratoi will be acknowledged when v.-.
state thai be bus for Bomo tline n :■•. He-
paper man and it is needless to explain
hero tbat tbis elass of mankind slato
nothing lu*.: truths. Ibis man owns n
dog, A very o>'.' nary Iom kirg dog indeed
v. i • bit ounet le ires that this ,v : •
saving bim a modest fortuue at tbe rate
uf three caudles a day Thc ■• ■■'■. il ,:"
dog is described In the n • tier's words.
"Every morning I lay out my powdei
before the fire aud iu lo '*.>>i''. Hy eel
by ihe fire g^'ts low aud in ordinary circumstances I would have to put my powder in tbe magazine and burn candles t >
keep it thawed. This ie where tlio dog
comas In. Al *h,'fi:>; *::n of chilliness
around the shack, up comes the pup nod
■■preads himself over tin* powder. \\ hen
shooting time comes my dog goes off
shift and leaves the powder in good
shape." "A valuable dog," said our reporter. "And that's no beggar's dream"
saiit the miner, with a far-away look in
his oft'eye.
bath rooms, at Tom Mulveys.
m left Wednasd iy   tor   a
to Ore    "■•■ ■ il B ('.
Uo»i> Tin rbnra
A. Wil
I I vis   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
F Woods, ui o ;;.'ei of tbn I.js: Ohflj-Ce
mine at SandOn, made a trip on the
i.i-e last Monday.
Somo flop specimens o! copj-er-jold
rock I ave I een bronght down from the
u   * i group lately.
Lndios,  I ih i   the  best.    If you   are
tro . ■•■ I wi '■ Con 'tipalion, Sallow •■
_id a Tired Fi eling, take C
i, i, il is pleas mt to lake
Si ... j i Drug Jsioro.
Mrs Matheson and M!rs Baker of New
Denver, spent but Monday at Ten Mile,
\iM;i.'g Mis l'aylor and her sister,
H, Armour, whd Is representing the
British Columbia Mlnins; Record, was u
vi.-itjr at this ofli ;o on JIvi lay,
Master Harty'Carey has been con-
ilnedto his bed through iilue-ti this
Chas Martin returned to Silverton
yesterday, 'liter niakiug dn extended
. In ■ 'regou aud 'A'.i-, liugi"...
ntx'e Glovei
Sold by The
ann Empire Edition ot the
Review    is     r    splendidly
inul vtioo apd redacts grenf
credit nfs compll rs. A ur^at deal of
spaee is i-cn in i' to tbe minings fields
of Koofty nnd donhtlese n g,"*od result
will fol ■ for this Ractlon by the
liberal ifrtisement given us,
D II lings, one of the owners of the
Pnprlae -.iip on Alpha mountain, left
Wedneeirf f->r hi,' winter bonne at
Iv'verr-iill Ci.llforiiia. Mr. Briggs
psiects tie back i". tl.e spring ond it
Is to be h<n th at the Soprlso property
will then li vked. Tbis prop *rly can
>hip ore et§*>V|!me that it suits thn
owners to
jyteypJoi andise
__f__.    S    N.J    «_-_-.       a-T    esemom    !_%,
Siivsrton.       •
 ®il -virton    	
A true bias returned at the Sessions
in Toronto t «• rk in the charge n-
gatnst the !aton Company of applying false b descriptions to goods.
Phis o'iglit convince people that they
should spi their money wit'i mer-
chants doi u-.ines.s in their own- town
;. Btead of ling to departmental stores
and bi-yin; n catalogues — Xi. C. News
F.e not lived! A Cough. Hoarseness or Or] are. not to be trifled with.
A dose in I of Shiloh Core will save
you mucbi ble, i'oXd nt  I>rug t^tore.
Parties attending tho New Wefttnln-
ster Exhibition if onable to get accommodation at Now Westminster can do so
with littlo difficulty in Vancouver.
In order to facilitate the movements to
and from the Exhibition the, Canadian
Pacific Uy. will run seven bint trains in
each direction between Vancouver and
New Westminster, the run to occupy less
than one hour in each direction, with n
fifty cent faro far the round trip, this
rate being available from Vancouver and
from Now Westminster.
A qii'-tiding took place iu Silvei-
ton nt Ihclia of Mrs. Barclay l.i't
Monday, es, oldest daughter of Mrs
Barclay b|joined in matrimony to
James I {-tosh, merchant of this
town. Oiie near relatives of tho
brideatidlim «r*re present at the
cerem myijmraediately attar tho
marrage o-'!'''}* couple left for
•;i ikane,re th honeymoon will be
;pe:it. iiuiineious friends of the
young ootbssembled at tbe wharf to
■ *' .i*m ly on their journey and old
shoes, ii' id well wishes hastened
their . te Mr. u:ul Mrs Mcintosh
will resldfilverton after their return.
The Silvkia:.*, speaking for Silver*
toninns, us thc young rouple a
happy anpsperons voyage through
liev. DPowell, will bold rerular
Service ii Silverton Church at •"> p m
For Constipation   tako Karl's Clover
Hoot Tea, the great Blood Purifier Cures
Headache, Nervousness,  Eruptions of
the face, nnd makes the head as clear uh
a bell.   Sold at
The Silverton Drug Store, t
,1 II. nillis and family, who have
bee i living al kiwi i, on Ten Mile, have
removed to Now Denver for the winter.
Laundry, neatly and quiokly done at
Mulvey's Laundry.
Tbe SUiVKRTOHI-it received avisitfrou
the Mellon.ild Bros., who  are   wur' mg
on Ihe Congo group.   We escape*., witli
our life.
J. M. Harris, of the lleco mil, at
Saudon, returned home last Fr! y from
a four mouths visit to his o!d homo in
Levi Smith, Assistant Superintendent
of the Reco mine, passed through iM!-
verton on Friday, on his way to the Fruit
Miss Roth Rbome of Revelstoke who
arrived on Monday, has taken asituatiou
as head waiter in thc dining-room Bt the
The Karl of Ava. accompaned by
Messrs 0, D, Gedds, Mol. Molvor*.
Campbell and Manager Bionaoune
spent Tuesday in our camp.
VV. Mcintosh will be found behind the
counter at the Silverton Fruit Store
dining the absence of J. I. Mcintosh,
the proprietor.
DooAlkln, nn ex druggist, died on
Thursday in Sandon and was buried in
New Denver cemetery on Friday,   Doc
was well known throughout the Slocan.
H. Pyimin, who a short time Hgo was I    KarlMer Itoot Ten is a pleasant
employed   on   the    SlLVBRTONtAM    and i laxativipdates the bowels, purifies
forced to lay off on   account  ol   failing the Idea's tho complexion.   Easy
...   , ,    T       .   _„,        ,, ,.    to makt:pluai*ant   to take,     2octs.
health, has gone, to Los Angelas,   Call.   go,d 1(Vfi|iverton Drug Store.      t
| to regain his lost sticngtb.
Xj.   2iv_:_  _S__^OTxrles-   IProp.
e2;»:«C«C»tK«C'»C«C«C9C«C»Co(»C«C*>C«('»C» C«(«Ce<<» C«(«C-»C-»(«(tC«0C«C«C»*»»»C»CeC»O »C«-»»><Mi»^
Fall and Win er Suit Patterns How on Hand,
I would respectfully invite gentlemen to an early inspection of my
selections in Spring and Summer Suitings.
My prices will be found moderate. I make it a point to'.keep them as
low as ia consistent with good material, good workmonsbio and the care
and attention requlsta io get up thoroughly satisfactory garments.
Oischer*  the Tailor,
I  tele Fww ftTfline. Silverton, B.C.^
,Vs)».f)K)a)«eu»;cit1a t ^'^•r!r^^.o,»)^)*•.c•!o)•>•*)^l•!•'•):e.l•'•>^•>>0•)•;•^•)•)•>>)•')*••)•>>•)•>;
Brandon & Barrett, Props.
Pino View of Ik Lako. Up to Dato Service.
Opposite the SILVERTON
Generttl Agents and   «•>•      •*•
AIiaistifx llrokors.
Sole Agents For
:    * , 'Ji  .J. asl-ir*. .':
. .;■*..  .', ...     i>i   ,   .   - . -,..+■   '■n«-i"'«N     '.  ll   .
*"•   ' '.■ -   -     'J.*   ..   _'__Ij4A*:\_II THE SILVERTONIAN,
R. 0. and Harry Matheson, Editors
It Ih Aliened TUnl Uta Emperor Killed Himself Afler Ulvluit* Control
of the t'overiiHieiil to the Old Km-
press-ll Menus Mnrder nnd Serl-
oiin Trimble.
London, Oct. 3.--A speclul dispatch
from Shanghai snys:
Telegrams furnished by a tuo lai, or
local governor, to Chinese papers here allege that the emperor of China committed
suicide September 21, after signing _ie
decree which placed tlie dowager empress
at the head of affairs in China.
This, it is added, ii understood to meiin
Unit tlie emperor was assassinated. All
Engli.ih-xpenking boi'retories and the prill
ei|iul members ol the C-Unese foreign of
(ice, it is further announced, huvc been
The British foreign office today received
a dispiutcli from lier majesty's minister at
Pekin saying that Mr. Mortimer, a member of the Hritish legation, on returning
home yesterday with a lady, was insulted
and attacked by a mob which stoned him
and covered him with mud. Later in the
day, the dispatch adds, some Americuii
missionaries were similurily attacked us
wus the Chinese secretary of the United
States legation. The latter's ribs were
Sir Claude McDonald, British minister
at Pekin, reports there is dangerous feeling abroad.
A later dispatch from Shanghai says
;♦, was semi-oflieially announced there thut
the ompcror of China committed suicide
September 21.
I'liili.-rnr's   Advisors   Etxeeuted.
Washington, Oct. 3.—Minister Ounger
cabled the following to the stole department :
Pennng, Oct. 1.—Six alleged conspirators were executed by order of the empress ycsteiday. Kang, Uie leading reformer, an adviser of the emperor, eseuped
in a British vessel. Order and quiet pre
vail here. Trouble is feared at interior
The  I'cnnsylviuilu   Senutor   Churned
With   MWnse of  Nlnte  Kunds.
Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 3.—Oillclul continuation was given this afternoon to
the rumor that warrants had been issued
for the arrest of United States Senator
Quay and others, charging misuse of
state funds.
District A"WoTnry--fli'iiliftm   Uiis-af4ei*-| i,on-«-Mininw. -Notes
noon stated Unit warrants had been issued charging Quay, his son, Richard It.
QUay, ex-State Treasurer Benjamin J.
Heywood and Charles R. McKee with
conspiracy with the late John S. Hopkins, formerly cashier of the People's
hank, to make use of the state's funds
in stock speculation. The affidavit upon
which the warrants were sworn out was
made hy Detective Myers, who in an attache of tlu district attorney's ollice.
Hopkins, who is named in the affidavit, committed suicide March last, and
un examination of the bank's condition
shows its assets, were impaired. The
bank went into liquidation. The state
had half a million dollars in the institution, hut the bank's president, James
MeNmnes, made this good.
The warrants have been placed iu tho
hands of Pinkerton detectives for service.
Senator Quay arrived from Washington today, hut refuses to talk of tlie impending arrest
Wheat    Quotations,    "Wool    Fljnres,
nnd  the Price of I'rodace.
Following are the local quotations.
Wholesale prices are given unless otherwise quoted:
Wheat at the warehouse—Country
point.-.: Club, hulk 44c, sacked 45c; blue-
stem, bulk 47c, sacked 48c. At Spokane:
Club, bulk 40V, sacked 47c; bluestem,
bulk 48c, sacked 40c
Oats—At Spokane f. o. b., $10 a ton.
Barley—Country points, t. o. b., 70<g
75c per cwt.
Rye—Country points, t. o. b., 70c per
Flour, per barrel—Gold Drop, $3.75:
Big L<-af, $4.15; Banner, $.'1.5(1; Plunsiflor,
$4; Superb, $3.75; Spokane, $3,511; Swan
Patent, $4.15; Snuwflake, $3.75; White
Lily, $3.50; whole wheat, $4; rye, $4.25;
graham, $3.50.
Feed—Bran and shorts, $11 per ton;
shorts, $12; bran, $19; rolled barley, $20;
chicken feed, $15@20.
Hay—Timothy, $8 per ton; baled timothy, $10; wheat hay, $7.50@8.50; oat
bay, $7.50; alfalfa, $10.
Corn—Whole, $23; cracked, $24.
Wool—Fine meuiuin, o@7c per lb; me
diiiin, 5@0c per lb.
Produce—Fancy creamery hutter, 40
and 00-lb tubs, 28c per lb; 5, 10 and 20-
lb tubs, 20c per lh; prints, 25c per lb;
country butler, in rolls, 13c per lb; cooking butter, 10c. lb; eastern creamery,
prints, 25c; cheese, twin, full cream, 12Jc
lb; cheese, twin, skim milk, DJ@10c lb;
ranch eggs, $5.50(a;0; selected eggs, $0.25;
honey, white comb, 13c per lb; fancy, I4c
per lb.
Vegetables — Potatoes, 75@90c cwt;
cabbage, $1.75 per cwt; turnips, $i.25 per
cwt; cucumbers, 75c per box; onions,
$1.50 per cwt; beans, l_@l]c per lb;
carrots, $1.25 per cwt; beets, $1.25 per
Poultry—Chickens, live weight, I0@llc
" lb; dressed, 12(a 13c; spring broilers, $3@
3.50; turkeys, live 11 @ 12c, dressed 12@
13c; spring ducks, dressed $4@4.50 doz;
geese, live 10@llc, dressed 12@12Jc.
Meats—Beef cows, live $2.50@2.75,
dressed $5@5.50 cwt; steers, live $2.76@3,
dressed $5.50@G; hogs, live $4.50@4.75,
dressed $0@6.50; mutton, live 4@4Je,
dressed 7_@8c lb; dressed veal, 7@8c
lb; lamb, l'-Jc wholesale.
Portland, Or., Oct. 3.—Wheat—Weak
and lower; receipts, heavy; Walla Walla,
67@58c; valley and bluestem, 00(ffi01c.
Tacoma,   Oct   3.—Wheat-Club,   5ilc;
bluestem, 01c.
San   Franei«co,   Oct.    3.—liar   silver,
Mexican dollars, 47i@47|c.
Load, $3.82 1-2.
Forests Are In Flumes.
Denver, Oct. 8.—-The forest Ores which
are devastating the western portion of
the state arc burning with unabated fury,
only subsiding where fuel is exhausted.
A special from Red Cliff says:
Nothing is hear-, in Fugle county but
talk of lire from all sections. From re
ports of new territory in the gi-a-p of tho
demon, when a providential storm comes
and the summing up is made, there will
be little timber left to tell the tale. A
country now sending volumes of tire and
smoke heavenward is Bear Willow and
Jjiike Creek, a magnificent stretch of forest This lire, from its direction, will be
swept on Camp Fulford, which has already been scorched from another direction. Ranchmen on Gore creek are having a desperate time saving their homes,
as the Core range foothills here send a
continuous run of (lames for miles. Along
the side hills near Mintum even the
ground is burning. Cattlemen are getting
their cattle into unburnt districts as nip-
idly as possible, and even then are compelled to keep a close watch on them and
keep them moving. A regular gale is
blowing through the country, which
means the fast traveling fire will bc driven
forward a hurricane of flames.
The deserted village of Gold Park was
reduced to ashes yesterday, dwellings,
barns and storehouses and the stamp mill
of the Gold Park M. k M. Co. being licked
ii]) in a few hours. This town ia three
miles from the mouth of the Holy Cross,
The miners of that district fought nobly
to save tlie place. The Holy Cross is
closed down and the miners ur» entirely
exliauf-ted from their night and day battle with the flames.
Many narrow escapes are reported from
different parts of the country. Strong
men have succumbed to the smoke and
heat and must be carried off by their
comrades. As yet no loss of life has occurred, but many head of cattle and
horses have lieen burned.
in  ldaho-Gratlfy.nl*
Hiaii  Vet.
o«nt««--01aim   Filed    «">    at*
ITonerO-Or..  I.   Uetler VM*  "
I.III-U.I-   Tunnel
iii-xuiiN   lu  Savina*
Last week tl.e Mammoth Mining company, of  Wallace, Idaho, broke gTOWKI
ou the largest, piece of development.wore,
with one exception, yet undertaken ra
the OOeur d'Alenes.   This is no less than
the running of a 'tunnel from the level ol
Canyon creek to cut their lead near the
west* end of tlie ground.   The tunne w
be approximately 3„r,oo feet long, and will
cut the lead 1,800 feet below tl"' surface,
1,100   feet   below   the  deepest  work  yet
done  at  the  point  of intersection, and
(100 fet below the deepest spot yet worked
in the mine.    The time required for the
completion of the tunnel is hugely conjectural, ns the  character of the  work
frequently  elmiigcs,    but it is    approximately put at two years.
An undertaking of this kind, costing
$75,000 to $100,000 before a dollar of it
out possibly be returned, is abundant
proof of the faith of the owners in the
permanency of the Coeur d'.VIenc ore
bodies, as if the chute did not go down
the whole cost would be ii dead loss. But
ill the history of the camp there is no
wine which would cause any doubt to
creep into their mi&ds that there was as
much or more ore at that depth than
there has been on any of the Upper levels.
Before the tunnel Lh completed the
shafts of the Helena-Frisco or Tiger-
Poorman may have attained greater
depths, measuring from the surface, than
this tunnel will cut, but it will lie 200
feet deeper than the Helena-Frisco now is
and -ItNl deeper than the TigcrPoorniiin.
it is confidently expected that both of
those properties can be profitably
worked to twice Uie depth they now are,
hoisting the ore and pumping the water,
and if that be true, the Mammoth with
thut immense depth before it is necessary to hoist a pound of ore or pump a
gallon of wuter would seem even when
the lead is out there to be only in its
infancy, and that it will be generations
before its lower levels will be worked
In new of the fact that other locations
hav been, mnde recently and that litl-
ga1ou is in progress to establish Utle to
inii within the city limits supposed to
eotiiiu valuable clay, he was advised by
his attorney Unit a safe plan would be
to mite this land, which is why the Lin-
col is added to the list of Spokane county nining properties.
A l'aiup for Helena-Frisco.
lie Helena-Frisco, at Gem,   Idaho, is
toliave a new pump, which will handle
an the "water- d rni »i ng -trrto—ttre—in ine,
ruling it 1,000 feet at one lift.   At pres-
eiithe mine is worked through a tunnel
atllie level of the mill ore bins, which
riis   into   Uie mountain   to where it is
Ul feet below the upper workings of the
mn'.   There a station was built and a
sift sunk.   It is now down 1,000 feet
fin the tunnel level, making Uie 1,000-
fit level of the mine.   A station is now
bug cut at  the bottom of the shaft,
were, as soon as it is completed,    Uie
in pump will be located.   Any one but
ii liner or an engineer of wide experience
wild stand appalled at Uie contempU-
ui of such a thing as putting this piece
o machinery  1,000 feet down into Uie
hw'ls of tlie earth and then supplying
i with power sulllcient to operate it
ten the pipe to earry the water will
be to be very heavy to stand the strain
(a column of water 1,000 feet high.
The It I eh Ore Looks Cheap.
Hie reason assigned by mine owners
f not exhibit ing a representative lot of
sclmens of the ores of Republic camp
nthe Spokane fruit fair is that the rieh-
yi ore in the camp so closely resembles
\ite porphyry that it would cut n sorry
lure beside the oieB of other districts
licb show their real'value to the nuked
The Bryan & Bewail and Copper
Hnndredn of Families Are Homeless
nnd Scores Are Thought to Have
IVi-i.1i.m1 in the Harnlnn* "Korests-
Rnln Gave Relief.
The Cowardly Murderer.
London, Oct. 3.—The extraordinary hit
11.-.it tin-ill. of thc anarchist assassin! of the
Kinpress of Austria, the Italian, Luchcni.
in the prison of St Antoine, Geneva, is
causing mucti remark. Today he: is allowed wine, cigars, letters and newspapers,
spends money and gives newspaper inter
views. In fact he is treated like tlfe lion
of the prison. When examined i before
the magistrate he made a parade Of jests
and frivolous answers.
'Ilie triiU has been fixed for Uje first
week in November. He will be con
detuned to solitary confinement for life.
Only one man has hitherto undergone the
punishment which bus more ten-ore than
capital punishment The prisoner is confined in an underground cell into which
no sunshine ever penetrates. He is not
allowed a bed but sleeps on the ground
and is only permitted to take exercise once
a week in the prison yai*d.
Chaplain of the Ilnltlmore,
IjOgansport, Tnd., Oct.  3.—Word was
received here Unit Rev. Thaddetis S. Freeman, chaplain of the Baltimore, now sta
Ii.,nod  at Manila, had died suddenly  in
■•W A-MlKtunt Secretary of State.
Washington, Oct 3.—The president
has appointed Dr. David J. Hill of Rochester, X. Y., first assistant secretary of
State to succeed John B. Moore, resigned. Dr. Hill is president of the Ifc-chestcr
Also, in the navy, Lieutenant Commander John K. Pillsbury to be commander: Passed Assistant Engineer Frank
W. Dart left to he chief engineer.
Cloning Out inmp Hll.,,1.
New York, Oct. 3—The 8ceo*4d cavalry, numbering 588 men, left Camp Wi-
kolf today for lluntsville, Ala. There are
now at camp only two cavalry regiments,
the Sixth and the Tenth, (ieneral Mc-
Cliinaiid is in charge to see U> Uie closing of the (amp.
This year the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland celebrated, its 50 th anniversary. It was founded in Kilkenny,
and now numliers on its roll 1400 fellows
and members, in every part ot the globe.
Tho carrier pigeon waa in use by the
state department of the Ottoman Empire as enrly ns the fourteenth century.
Itlotera  Ite-itliitr.
Cincinnati, Oct. 3.—A WaahingUm,
Ind., special states that there was no renewal last night of the labor riots and
the reported loss of life is not confirmed.
The houses of the negroes are badly
wrecked and it is expected another raiil
on the lioh-union men will occur tonight
HniM-rstoriii nt Siill I.nke.
Solt Lake, Utah,  Oct.  3.—Thc    first
snowstorm of the season begun Saturday
mornlllg.   Several inches have fallen and
the storm sontinucs.
A proposal has been made by a French
SiivIuk a Iilu.li Per Cent.
The electro-cyanide plant of the Republic Company is making a gratifying
record in saving a high percentage of the
gold. Tho actual saving for August was
01 per cent. On $100 ore this would leave
.$!' in the tailings, and these ure being
saved for future treatment.
The average saving of gold in one day
this week was 03 per cent, one vut returning 05 1-2 per cent
Mining men say these results arc remarkable, especially when the high grade
of the ore is considered. The percentage of saving is as good in high grade
as in low grade ore.
The camp is gratified at this complete
vindiiiition of the judgment of Patrick
Clark. Old time mining men say the
achievements of Mr. Clark, in tukiiu* a
wild prospect 80 miles from a ranlimul,
locating the ore body, blocking out immense reserves of high grade ore, erecting a large and expensive mill, choosing
the right treatment for tlie ore, putting
up the necessary building*, developing the
winter power of the property, paying for
the big outlay, and declaring a dividend
—all inside of 18 months—are unprecedented in the history of American mining.
Mr. Clark's friends are particularly
elated 'because his judgment in selecting
the method of treaUng Republic ores was
flatly "turned down" by a number of
"experts" who inspected thc camp and
analysed the ores.
Cnmp McKinney Claims.
Camp McKinney, B. C, has the center
of the stage in mining matters iu Bpokane just now. The recent rich strike on
the Waterloo has done more, apparently,
to attract the attention of mining m, n
to the canip and bring the investors forward wiUi their cash than the steady
payment of dividends by the Cariboo
eonijiany ever did. Free gold, visible to
the nuked eye, always has an irresistible
The second payment on the stock of
the Cariboo company held under option
by the new company recently organized
was made last week, although it was not
due for about a month. Thc formal
meeting to ratify the sale of the property to the new company will lie held
in Camp McKinney today. Although
Cariboo capitalization has been increased to 91,800,000, the stock is selling in
Toronto markets for nbout 80 cents,
which is higher than ever and serves to
demonstrate the fondness of the eastern
Canadian for a dividend payer, which has
always been managed in a conservative
The Waterloo company is completing
its incorporation. The promotors' stock,
which is half of the capital stock of
1,000,000 shares, was all quickly .taken in
this city, not in large blocks by a few,
but by a large number of mining men
and business men of the city. Tbere was
a rush to get in on the ground floor and
it. is mid by the ofllcers of thc company
that the promotors' stock could have
been placed several times over.
I'Incer  Claim  In  Spokane.
William M. Shaw last week tiled with
the county auditor a notice of the location of a placer claim on the second addition to Railroad addition to the city
of Spokane. The claim is for 20 acres,
which is said to hear a valuable deposit
of fire clay. The name of the claim is
Lincoln. The hUld covered Ir/ the location is otherwise described as the south
half of southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section  10, township 2f>,
range 43.
Mr. Shaw said the location was made
}untain are the exceptions to this rule,
'he construction of a dam ut tbe
bath of Copper Mountain lake is nearly
cnpleied. This will make the lake
urly three-fourths of a mile long and
*ut a quarter of a mile wide. There
wl now be no shortage of water to op-
3ic Uie plant of the Republic Mining
lpany, no matter bow extensive it
ty be in future.
Monitor to Ship Poor Can.
'he Monitor, of S-ltose, Montana, is
iparing to ship four car loads of high
de ore. It will be necessary to pack
ur miles on horseback, but it yields
1 in both gold and copper and will
even under sueh conditions. This
ive will be quite an advertisement for
properties in the gold-copper belt
th of Saltese, where there are a num-
of properties which have a good
iwing on the surface, and where ihe
elopnient work so far as it has been
kits fulfills every promise made by Uie
face showings,
On the Qneanelle.
[The Ashcroft Mining Journal states
•tit hydraulic mining on the Quesnellc
i. er is proving highly successful this
jar. Trie Bleson dredge working on
tat stream is bringing up gravel averting 75 cents to $1.50 per cubic yard.
t  is expected  that dredging operations
ill  assume  large  proportions    on    the
ream   next  season  if   these    favorable
ues continue to appear.
Mining llrlefa.
The Washington mine in the Slocan is
n to resume operations.
"*ix inches of snow fell at the    Reco
ne in the Slocan last Thursday.
l. is said that work is to be resumed
the  Virginia Consolidated  at Baker
lane C. Gilliam Ls looking over th•>
t fields uround  Buker City, in com-
ny with J. F. Hardee.
The Noble Five in the Slocan is bethel 'il seriously with foul air in the lower
ti uiel.
hie car per day Ls the average shipment from the Idaho mine, in the Slo-
with IK) men employed.
The final payment of $15,000 has been
m ile on the Pothook group of claims
in ir Kamloops, B. C, by the English
he Last Chance switch from Uie K.
& '"*•. railway in the Slocan has been com
pitted and work on the new ore house is
will under way.
Jl'lie Sunset No. 2 at Rossland is to be
developed by driving thc tunnel on the
3fij'-fix>t level about 300 feet to a point
uijdcr the discovery shaft. A contract
hail been let for the work.
The Florence Miner is stirring up the
basincss men of Uiat camp in an endeavor
to get them interested sufficiently to
make a good road between Florence and
the new discoveries in the Hump. A
town has been established at the latter
place known as Rigley. This new dis
trict gives great promise and as is us
ually the case, the local newspaper is
wide awake, endeavoring to get the business for its merchants. The distance between Uie two camps can he made in
six hours with a good road.
r.i i
A   Hi. il.-   Whieh   la   Able
Through Thin Metal.
to    Cat
Ilie Zopherus Melicamis is the only
known species of American beetle that
has strength enough in its mandibles to
.-tit, metal. This curious faculty of the
/oplienis was accidentally discovered by
K. W. Devoe, a member of the New York
Microscopical Society. A friend had sent
Mr. Devoe some specimens of this queer
species of bug from the northern
states of South America. The mieros-
copist was busily engaged when the insects arrived, and simply provided temporary quarters for the creatures in a
glass jar having a metal trip in which the
••orcchiin cap was wanting. Within less
than 4H hours they had cut holes in the
metal sufficient to get Uieir heads through
ii ml would soon have escaped had their
operations remained undetected. By
careful experiment Mr. Devoe found that
Ihe force necessary to do such cutting
was equal to 300 grammes.
to protect his property interests in the
chemist to obtain easily assimilable iron I tract of land covered by it.   He has no
tonics from   vegetables by   feeding the  intention of interfering in any way with I it is   more   than 1,300    times its own
plants judiciously with iron fertilizers.    J the rights of other property owners there. I weight
The. oyster is one of the strongest of
creatures, and the force required to open
Milwaukee, Oct. S.-The pecuniary
damage wrought by Uie forest fires in U.e
northwestern part of the state can not be
esUmated at present. It may amoun to
anywhere between one and five million
dollars. Many days will elapse before the
extent of the ruin of the fiery element
will be known. A general man fell
throughout the state Saturday night. Ihis
will undoubtedly put an end to tl.e devas-
tat ion. ..
Clarke, Chippewa ond Barron counties
appear to have suffered Uie greatest destruction. Over 100 people are reported
missing in the vicinity of Rice Ijake. Sixty families aro homeless near Cumberland, seventy-five families at Turtle
Lake and many farmers have lost all
their property and had a narrow escape
themselves. It is also believed many persona were burned to death in their efforts at fighting the flames, being unable
to escape when Uieir efforts failed.
Many narrow escapes are reported. A
party of loggers in charge of August Mason of Chippewa Falls were -returning
from the camps to Cedar Lake. They hud
a race for their lives, having a handicap
over Uie flames of eight miles, ami having
but one mile to cover to reach a place of
safety. The party made for a lake,
mounted on horses. With the heat and
smoke almost unbearable, Uie first section
of thc loggers and their horses barely
readied the goal in time, dashing into the
lake, where they remained until the
flames passed over. Four men wlio were
In the rear are missing and are believed
to have been lost Many persons sought
refuge in wells.
Reports from Cumberland this afternoon say the town is in danger. Business
was suspended and the citizens were out
in force to endeavor to check the flames
Relief parUes are now out through the
burned districts south and west of Rice
Lake. Tho loss of life from the disastrous forest fires can not now be esUmated, but it will be great. The work
of getting to Uie bu ***"d districts is slow,
ss all the bridges au uown. Over a hundred people are missing. Many dead
bodies have been found burned beyond
recognition. Tlie remains of one man
by the name of Nelson were found this
morning at the bottom of a well, where he
had gone to escape the fire. At another
place a woman and two children were
found in a well, and at another place,
where a man had been plowing in a field
bis charred remains and Uie can-asses of
the horses were found. All the cattle
horses and other stock in a large district
have been burned to dcnUi. The wind
Uiis morning is souUieast and blowing at
a rate of about 40 miles per hour.
Death  of a  Newapaper  Man.
New York, Oct. 3.—A. W. Lyman,
one of the best known newspaper writers
in the country, and for seven years editor and proprietor of the Helena, Mont.,
Independent, died at his home in Brook-
lyn this morning.
Lyman was born near Cincinnati in
1848. He early engaged in newspaper
work and tor 10 years was employed on
the New York Sun, having charge of Uie
Washington bureau from 1884 to 1889,
when he went to Helena. He was in the
service of the Associated Press during
the entire period of Uie war with Spain,
having been on the dispatch boat Wanda
unUl the landing of the United State*"
troops in eastern Cuba, when he was stationed at Siboney and took charge of
the work of the Associated Press, with
the troops in front of Santiago. After
Uie surrender of .Santiago, when he returned north, he developed dropsy
trouble, whieh ended in death. Tlie body
will be token to Cleveland for interment.
Plant Vulued at One Hundred Thou*
■and Uollnra la a Total Loaa.
Tacoma, Oct. 3.—The Tacoma Woolen
Mill Company's plant burned yesterday
morning and Is almost a total loss. The
value of the plant and the stock is pluced
at $_3,IX)0 and is covered by 124,000 insurance. Tlio plant will prolsibly be rebuilt. The fire originated in the pickling
To-_rnnt ts a*Uribtited-l70^vei*heaUi*g-«f
a machine or a spark from a nail In the
wool. The mill bad received a large sup-
ply of wool Uie day before and this waa
destroyed, wiUi a clothing shipment ol
200 bolts to New York which was being
packed. The mill was one of the largest
on the coast and was being transformed
from a blanket mill for the manufacture
of cheviots and had established a large
eastern trade. The property had passed
out of the hands of Uie original company
and is held by a number of its bondholders.
Foreat  Flrea.
Denver, Col., Oct, 3.—Tlie forest fires
on the west slope of Uie Rockies continue
to spread and only a heavy rain can stop
them. Fires have also appeared on the
west slope of Pike's peak and large sections of Umber are being destroyed.
The fire on White river has burned
over an area of one hundred square miles
and is still sweeping eastward in a stretch
ten miles wide. The towns of Kokomo
and Halm's Peak are reported to be in
danger. Glenwood Springs is enveloped
in clouds of smoke and Uie situation in
that vicinity is becoming worse.
Maroona  Hostile.
New York, Oct. 3.—A dispatch from
Port Antonio says:
The maroons are assuming a more hoe-
tile demeanor. Five hundred of them
have located in a town near this city and
say they will hold it. The police of all
the adjacent towns have been sent here
to strengthen the force of officials, as serious trouble Is feared. The uprising is
spreading widely.
Mniiill Steamer Wrecked.
Seattle, Oct. 3.—Thc steamer Discovery
arrived from southeastern Alaska. She
reports a small steamer, Lady of the Lake,
running between Juneau and Skagway as
wrecked near Heine's Mission during a
recent storm. Thc Lady of the lake is
an 8-ton vessel and was towing two barges
when she was blown on the rocks by the
wind.   The crew were saved.
The dryest of all fishes is, perhaps,
the river eel, yet, according to analysis hy a German chemist, 60 per cent of its
substance is water. Salmon comes next,
with 01.4 per cent. Lobsters and oysters
arc' four-fifths water.
Three Hundred  l'ounda of Wrath.
Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 3.—Postmaster
Willis lias received a letter from Oeneral
Shafter dated Camp Wlkoff, September
20, in which he says of newspaper attucka
upon him:
"The attacks of the yellow press upon
me and others of the army administration
are simply outrageous. The articles are
filled with untruUis, beginning with the
one that I was rcs*>onsiblc for the equipment of the army with Springfield rifles,
whicli you and every other sensible man
known is a lie. Tlie behavior of some of
the yellow journalists was so outrageous
before we even got into Cuba that I Iiad
to put my hand on them and after we
got into Cuba- it wns still worse. Their
letters nre the result of personal spite.
If I had come back with a defeated anny
there might have Is-en some excuse for
their talk, but having landed one of the
most successful campaigns of modern military history, rt is simply an outrage.
"I am very fond of Kvans (pension commissioner) and am very glad you sre defending him. Some of the 0. A. R. are
simply unbearable and seem to think if
they cannot have the treasury turned
over to them that they are being defrauded.   Veiy truly yours,
Ilie Missouri land that is still subject
to homestead entry is scattered through
40 counties. There are 50,070 acres in
this state that can thus be claimed or
purchased at the rate of $1.25 an acre,
nearly all of it being located in South
Kaslo & Slocan
Time card No.  2, taking effect at  1
o'clock a. m., September 1, 1808, Pacific
or 120th meridian time.—-First class passenger trains:
Lv. Daily. Arr. Daily.
S:.*tna  in Kaslo 3:30p.m.
8:55 a. m South Fork 3:05 p.m.
0:45 a. m Sproules  2:10 p.m.
10:00am   Whitewater ....2:00p.m.
10:08 a. m Bear Lake 1:50 p.m.
10:20 a. m  McGuigan  1:38 p.m.
10:34 a. m Payne Tram 1:23 p. m.
10:35a.'in Cody Junction... ,1:22p.m.
10:45a. m  Sandon ......1:16p.m.
Arr. Daily. Lv. Daily.
Mixed Trains.
Lv. Daily. Arr. Daily.
11:00a. in Sandon 11:50 a.m.
11:10a. m... Cody Junction.. ,11:50a, m.
ll:25a.m Cody 11:35a.m.
Arr. Daily. Lv. Daily.
G. F. k P. Agt. Superintendent.
Navigation and Trading
Steamers "International" and "Alberta"
on Kootenay Lake and River.
Five-Mile Point connection with all
pasm-mrer trains of N. 4. F. 8. R. R. to
and from Northport, Rossland and Spokane. Tickets and baggage checked to all
United States points.
Leave Kaslo for Nelson and way points,
dally, except Sunday, 6:46 a. m. Arrive
Northport 12:15 p. m.; Rossland, 3:40 p.
m.; Spokane, 0 p. in.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo and way points
daily, except Sunday, 4:36 p. m.   Leave
Spokane, 8 a. m.| Rossland, 10:30 a. m.|
Northport, 1:50 p. m.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo, etc., Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 8:30 a. m.; arrive Kaslo, 12-30 p. m.
Leave Kaslo for Nelson, etc., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. m.; arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
Leave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.; arrive
Boundary midnight; arrive Honncr's Ferry Sunday 10:30 a. m.
Ijeuvo I ion hit's Ferry Sunday 1 p, m.;
arrlvo Boundary Sunday 6 p. m.; arrive
Kaslo Sunday 10 a. m.
Closo connection at Bonner's Ferry with
trains costbound, leaving Spokane 7:40
a. m., and westbound arriving Spokane
7 p. m.
G. ALEXANDER, Gen. Manager.
Ksslo, B, ('., Oct 1, 1607.
-*—   *, <M-j**JW-SI-.   «    *HI,in'.''.'*.'
■•.,-....   .        ■
l *    ■ m i-s_ran n
,.   J. WS—,
ma Pimples
Are the danger signals of impure blood.
They show that tbs stream of Ufa is in bad
condition, that health is iu danger of
wreck. Clcur the course by taking Rood's
Bursaparilln and the blood will be made
pure, complexion fair and healthy, and
life's journey pleasant ami successful.
HOOCl  S    parllla
Is America's (.'rentes! MeiHclne.   $1; nix fur |5.
Hood's Pills cart InillKi'Mlnn,  Mliouinoss,
Four Mlnrra  Were llurned.
Wilkcslmrre, l"a., Oct. 8.—Four miners
were burned to death in the Lehigh dope
of the Lehigh Valley Company at Mldvale
Saturday. A tire broke out in the slope
about Droon, At the time there were
about 20 men in the mine. All were gotten out but four. The dead: Peter Click,
Peter Coral, Martin Slmotocjtlch, John
Soronski. A miner's open lump is supposed to have set flic to the timber.
There Is mors Catarrh In this section of ths
country thnn all other disease* put together,
and until tha Inst few yenrs was supposed to
be Incurable. For a great mnny yenrs doctors
pronounced It a local disease, and pi escrlbeo.
local remedies, and by constnntly fulling to
cure with locul treatment, pronounced It Incurable. Science hus proven catarrh lo be a constitutional dlseuae, and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by P. J. Cheney _ Co., Toledo.
Ohio, la the only constitutional cure on the
market. It Is taken Internally In doses from
10 drops to a teaapoonful. It acts directly on
tha blood and mucous surfaces uf the system
They offer ona hundred. dollars for any case
It falls to cure. Send for circulars and teatl-
menials.     Address,
P. J. CHENEY * CO., Toledo, O.
Sold  by  Druggists,   75c.
Hall's Family Fills are the best
Colorado S|>i-lli_N Lose* ll Million III
HiillilliiU'M— I'nri'Miii Are 1'erinliliiH
ill tilt- U i-hI. in Portion of tlie I n-
hilDU)  Slute.
A home for barkeepers is to be established ul Waukesha, Wis.
riT_ Per—laiiwnUy Cured. Flofiisof nervousnee
rilo «fter first day's use of Dr. Klmi-S Ureal
Ni-rvi tcsiorer. Bend for Klil.lt SS.OO trial
bottle and treatise. DR. II. H. _._-N_, Ltd., V-
Arc- street, 1'hUadelpbU. 1 _
Of the public schools in Bavaria 70.5
per cent are Catholic, 20.3 per cent Prot-
cslant, und only 2 per cent (i44) mixed.
No household is complete without n bottle of
ihe famous Jssss Moors Whiskey, it is n pure
and wholesome stimulant recommended by nil
physicians.   Don't nSfleot Uiis neceasttj*. '
It is stated that much of the so-called
vanilla extract is made from coal-tar productions and the tonka bean.
I know that my life was saved by Fise's
Pure for Consumption.—John A. Millei,
Au Sable, Michigan,  April 21,  18*6.
The average number of horses killed in
Spanish bullfights every yenr exceeds
6,0(X), while from 1,000 to 1,200 bulls are
Try Bcbllllnr's   Best   is*   and  baking   powder
Rev. Freeman was appointed chaplain
in the navy June 4, 1807, and credited to
the state of Indiana, 'ilie remains will
be brought to Logansport for interment.
iv B-tabllsbcd 1780.
! Baker's
celebrated for more 2
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j| Dorchester, Mass. ^
^^^^^^^^H SI'OKANF
Moved from Hyde hlock to third floor "The
Peyton." (formerly lin-iil BastarB block), over
firs, hum's lK*nk store. (IIhssph around to III thc
eyi>a perfectly. No charge for u thorough,
scientific cxnnilnntluii.
Colorado Springs, Col., Oct. 3.—'Phis
city had a visitation of fire Saturday afternoon which threatened for four hours
lo destroy the entire business district.
The wind was blowing (UJ miles an hour
from the southwest when the fire started
at the 1). „ It. (). rfaignt depot at the
foot of t'ucliuris street at 2:10 p. m. and
grew rapidly. A strip four blocks long,
north lo south anil two blocks wide from
east to west has lieen bunted over, but al
this hour (S p. m.) the conflagration is
believed to be under control. The flame-,
arc still leaping high in the air over the
binned district but the wind has died
down and there is no doubt that the lire
engines which have come from Denver ami
Pueblo iu response to appeals for aid, will
be able to contiuc the flames within the
present limits.
The Antlers hotel, one of the largest
in the west, three lumber yards and two
blocks of business houses have heen destroyed. In round numbers the loss is
estimated at $1,000,000* Insurance one-
half of  that amount.
The lire started in a pile of rubbish underneath the platform of the Denver _.
Kio Grande freight depot, Within five
minute! it had communicated to freight
cars and it spread so rapidly that it was
impossible to move any of the cars. Half
a car of powder consigned to U. S. Barnes
& Sons exploded. Ilie cars ere thrown
for hundreds of feet and tlie wonder is
Ihut nobody was injured. Then came the
terrible danger to the city.
While the big fires were burning, several'small ones broke out throughout tlie
city, destroying several residences, and
threw the people into consternation. The
limits of the burned district are the Denver & Rio Grands railroad on the west,
Cascade avenue on the east, Pike's Peak
avenue on the north and Cucharis street
on Ihe south. Among the business houses
burned out arc the following: MacFarland
it Hills, blacksmiths; Irving k Sons,
blacksmiths* Silver Moon restaurant.
Kelly Coul Company, Felix Americano.
Hlooine, tailor; Dietz, blacksmith; John
Kline, painter) Hartlett, blacksmith;
Creamer & Jordan, blacksmiths; -losco-
iti, clothing; A. 8ep_in>. clothing: J. iM.
Ilulliuan. shoemaker; S. K. Kline, jewelry; Marlowe Pros., confectioners; Campbell feed store, second hand store, restaurant, and grocery next to Gulf depot, Salvation Army hall, Cuba Clothing Coin
•tuny, Scldolridge Warehouse Company.
Their losses range from fcilHI to $5000.
Ten partly loaded freight cars on the
Denver _ Kio Qranda tracks were burned.
Several arrests have liecii made of persons suspected of starting or attempting
to start fresh fires, but there is no question that the first tiro at the Denver A
itio Grande freight house was entirely accidental, possibly being eaueed by a spark
from a locomotive.
An Ovetwked Brain
from the lit cord, Pierctton, Ind.
Determined to   rise   iu   his nliosto! __,_ 	
profession as an educator, Ernest Keij-  -DEWEY WILL SEND TWO THERE
per, of Pieiceton, ind., overtaxed bis
ilie llllltlmore anil the Petrel win
Uo to iien Tain, Where the Fur.
eltru 1*1 eel a Are Ijiitlierlnw—Ain-
lety for Ibe Future.
self mentally and physically. He wis
ambitious, hit mind wns always ji
his work. From earlv morn until lal)
at night he continually poured ovei In
"Burned the candle at both ends.'
Few peisons, even with thestrongejt
constitutions, can keep up under suf
a strain. ^^^~
In addition to bis studies, Mr. Ken;
per was teaching school some tine
miles from bis home. Finally, lip
excessive study ami the exposure
going to and from school in all kind
of weather undeimined his health.
He was taken to his bed with   -uici*
niimiii and   his   overworked   brain
most collapsed.    For several   weeks b
was seriously ill.
Catanh had taken root in his systei
and his mini) was in a  delicate  com
tion.    He was sent to Colorado   whe
he spout three months   without receil
ing any benefit.    Then a noted special
1A Beautiful Present
\,l,li i ii.iiii I   II i-kI in.-niH   Ordered  lo Ihe l-lniul.
The !ltoir
(lives a training tbat qualifies the atmleni
fora   practical business life, as bookkeeper,
stenographer, teacher, or general accountant.
H. O. ill.AMI, A. It., Prln.
SlliKANl.. WASH.
Cor. lst'sud Post
Um. Un: «J fur unnatural
rilsrharai'S, liiBainiiiatlnns.
Irrllallinis  er  ulceration!
1 of  iu u cu us   nil-ill hranos
  l'iilnli'n-i, sinl not aslrln
I'-,.-.",*. -—s         '.„, or poisonous.
iTHEEv.N.OHtsiciiCt). eme £ -.^^
or sent In plsln wrapper
liy   express,   pri'palil.   lol
tl.nri, or S liuttles. 12.79.
(Hreular sent OS rmiuoat
tj-WOTlCTn'** MAMB.
Is It Wrong?
Get it Ki«ht.
    Keep it Kisht.
Moor.'. Ke-ealeil B«_ad*f will,lo It Three
dasss will make ywilfel better. Get it from
your druggist or any wholesale drng house, or
bom Htowart _ Holmes DragOOj BWIUS.
No.   U, '■>*•
Washington, Oct. 3.—The wnr department lin*. decided to send more troops lo
Puerto Rico. Orders have been issued
directing the Fifth regiment of cavalry,
now ul llunt.-ville, Ala., the Sixth I'nited state- volunteer Infantry, now at
Chickamauga, nnd the Forty-eighth New
York, now ai Fort Adams, to proceed to
such points in Puerto ltico as may be
desired by ths -commanding general in
that island. All troops .u Camp Meade
will soon lie ordered to points in the
south. Some of them may go to Cuba,
but the majority will, for the present,
occupy the new camps recently selected
ill Georgia and  South  Carolina.
li is expected the troopa sent to garrison Cuba will not remain long, and when
they have seen sen ice for a few months
will ret inn to ihis country. The same is
probably true as to Puerto ltico.
It is also Intimated that when the
troops return the volunteers will lie given
lid days' furlough and mustered out. Hy
that time congress will have had opportunity to determine what shall be done
in regard to garrisoning the new possessions.
This determination is no doubt due
io the pressure brought by members of
congress for the mustering out of volunteers from their states and districts.
1st from Cleveland treated him witho
avail, and then a  hospital   in  Chios
was tried, but  all   absolutely  witho
benefit.    Finally   his physician ieco*|
mended Dr. Williams'   Pink  Pills
Pale People, and from the  first box
began to improve.   When he bad tak
nine boxes he  was   completely cure]
This famous blood and nerve  medici
had accomplished what all   his  for in
expensive treatment failed   to   acuoa
pliflh.    Mr. Kemper   says  his  catar[
lias entirely left   him;    he   is  stro:
again and  weighs   nine   pounds  moj
than he ever did.    lie gives  the  pi
the entire credit.   He is starting teac!
ing again and feels abundantly  able
continue   the  work.     To   prove  thi
the above is true in   every respect, Mj
Kemper made an affidavit as follows
Subscribed   and   sworn to before rJ
this the 10th dav  of September,. 181)',
R. P. WATT, Notary Public
We doubt if these pills haveaneqn
in all the range of medicine, for boil
ing up a run down and debilitated sy)
Washington, Oct. 3.—-Secretary Long,
iijxm advices received at the state department showing the exi-ftencuj-f threatening conditions in China, oraVred Admiral Dewey to send two warships Immediately from .Manila, to a point as near
the Chinese capital ns it' is possible for
n war ship to approach. The vessels selected are the Baltimore and the l'i'tr-1.
This action   shows   conclusively   the
concern felt by the adiiiiui.itration al
the existing condition of affairs in the
C'clest-U empire. It would seem to indicate that more sensational information
had lw'cn receive- from Minister Oonger
. than   the  authorities  have  made   public.
i The stale department has the follow
ing cablegram from .Minister Conger at
Peldnt r
There is no serious danger yet, but
considerable anxiety is felt for the future. The foreign fleets are assembling
at Tien Tain.    Some of the ministers ale
ordering marines to Pekin for legation
Beautiful Pastel Pictures!
They are 13x19 inches in size, and are entitled ai follows:
Lilacs and
f Marguerites.
Tweiit>--l'lfl-  t'liinea  Weat.
Chicago, Oct. 3.--The Twenty-fifth  U
S.   regular  infantry   (colored),   the  first
regular regiment to be ordered east after
the  outbreak   of  hostilities  with   Spain.
arrived in Chicago Saturday from Montauk Point, and later left for the western
posts to which the various companies of
I the regiment have been assigned.   Four
companies go to Fort Logan, Col., two to
Fort Grunt, Arizona, two to Fort Hua-
chuca, Arizona, one to Apache, Arizona,
and one each to San Carlos, Arizona, Fort
Wingate, N. M., and Fort Bayard, N. M
The regiment of 700 men is in command
of .Major Mott Hootcn.   Thc entire regiment goes to  Lo Junta, Col., over  the
Santa   Fe  rood,  and  at  that  point  the
companies will separate.
Stenmer City of Pekin Turned Unci..
San Francisco, Oct. 3.—As the steamer
City of Pekin was starting for Hong Kong
she met with a mishap which delayed hei
departure. When on* Fort Point her ma
chinery became disabled and she wai
towed back to Mission bay.
Flnrhtlnfc In South  Afrlcn.
Lilacs and
These rare pictures, four in number, by the renowned pastel artist,
R. LeRoy, of New York, have been chosen from the very choicest subjects
in his studio and are now offered for the first time to the public.
The pictures are accurately reproduced in all thc colors used in the originals, and arc pronounced by competent critics, works of art.
Pastel pictures are the correct thing for the home, nothing surpassing
thu-m in beauty, richness of color and artistic merit.
One of these pictures —
will be  given away
with each package of  _
purchased of your grocer,
is sold for 10 cents a
beautiful picture.
• um aim diuMir mem. ' '
Elastic Starch
ocer.   It is the best laundry starch on the market, and \ j
package.   Ask your grocer (or this starch and get a
Spokane.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Manufacturers of Pure All Wool, Fleece Wool Clothing, Furnishings, Blankets
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store.   We save you the retailers profit.   Bring this "Ad "
it entitles you to 5 per cent discount.
Eagle Woolen Mills,R«
1 i11 ■>■ ■■..   11,1,'uiiii-   I'lven   n   Confe
enee   in   Trlvate.
London, Oct. 3.—A   special    dispatch
from Cnpe Town says:
The German troops have indecisively
nguged the rebels at Asosea. Kleven
ihlicrs were killed. Reinforcements have
•en asked for.
Kmneriir Surely Demi.
London, Oct. 3.—A special dispatch
from Shanghai says:
The nniioimceiiieiit of the death of the
emeperor is continued. The reports ns to
the means employed in his Uiking olf differ. One story has it that he died of
poison, and another that death was caused
hy Strangulation, while a third states
that he was subjected to frightful torture,
a red hot iron being thrust through his
Derelict Unit In Tort.
Santa Cruz, Oil., Oct. 3.—The derelict
raft containing 1,000,000 feet of lumber,
which broke loose from the steamer l'ro-
grcsso on the wny from Fuget sound wns
found by the steamer Whiteshoro and
towed into this port.
Inillnna (or Mexico.
Port Gibson, I. T„ Oct, 3.—Riohard
Adams, general manager for the Delaware
Indians, says the tribe has purchased fifiO,-
000 acres of land in Souorti, Mexico, mil
will emigrate there as soon ns possible.
Hundreds of  lives  have  been  lost  in
China hy the overflow of the Yellow river,
Washington, Oct. 3.—Agoncillo nnd I.
net   the rep. esc, tu lives of Agii>-!do   the!  rpjg Jl^g  qj,   WQMEN
Philippine insurgent leader, culled nt the 1 v.__._«._»
White house Saturday in company witli t
General Greene ami had private confer-»d   H°W   Mrs.  Pinkham   Helps
enee with tlie president. Overcome Them.
(ieneral E. Y. Greene, who enme from:.	
the Philippines with  them,  was presenti_r„ \..„..r> ..„.».    .
.,        ,     ..1    •  , I,-,-,   .,    _•■ ¥rs M-RY B01.1.1NOER, 1101 Mar anna
throughout the interview. \\ lulc the l-il-jTChicago, 111., to Mrs. Pinkham-
ipinos refused to discuss the interview, ft j ha,e been lroubled for the past
claiming it to have been to "pay tlieirlo years with falling of the womb,
res-wets," it is presumed they informally |corrh(-ea, pains over my body, sick
talked over their mission, if possible, if jjad-ches, backache, nervousness nnd
not then to lie heard by the eoinmission(iakness. I tried doctors aud various
as to the attitude and wishes of the in-faedies without relief. After taking
surgents.   Xo documents were presented.*'0 bottles of your Vegetable  Com-
 find, the relief I obtained was truly
viiiriieroii*.  i i-.iiR la to iiiinir.      Onderful.   I have now taken several
Fort Worth, Tex., Ot. 3.—Jim Garling 0re bottles of your famous medicine,
ton was convicted of train robbery _ndld can sa>'lhat l am entirely cured."
murder and  given  the    death    penalty.Mrs' Henry Dorr* No 80'- Findley St.,
Three others will be tried this week for?C'nnat\0hio' to Mrs* Knhham:
complicity in the same affair. In JunajZ?' * '°D* U'"e ' S"ffered With
1   ...   ,-    .       ,, ,.,,•    t* ironic   inflammation   of  the  womb
last Uiiimgton, Moore, Kllis, Evans amL,_   ,_   oh.. .   _ "*'mu.
t, ,.    1   , , ,. U , tin   in   abdomen and  bearing-down
Petty held np a Santa. Fe passenger trui-wi---  vv»Bror,.n«   j
, A   .• 1 ™Ti,   1      ,   *nng-  »> as very nervous at times, and
near here. Garhngton and Elba boarded weak I was hardly able to do any
the engine and shot and killed Engineenlng Was subject to headaches, also
Williams and Fireman Whittaker aiuloubled with ieucorrlwa. After doc-
then kicked their bodies off the engine,   ring for many months with different
 tysieians. and getting no relief, I had
Now Una n Rntlnfl-. ven   up   all   hope    of   being   well
Sun Francisco, Oct. 3.—The steamefain when i read of the great good
Centennial, whieh three months ago wa.fdia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
engaged aa a transport to carry troopjund was doing 1 decided immedi-
tO Manila, but was released on report.*^ to g-ve It a trial. Thc result was
that she wns unfit for the service, lui^P'y P-st belief After taking four
sailed for Seattle for a cargo of coul. T!u,u,e8 *»! Vegetable Compound and
Vessel has undergone a complete over,n(T threepackngesof Sanative Wash
hauling and now has a Unit class nitingJan say 1 tee\ like a new woman. I
  em it my duty to announce the fact
Wisconsin   possesses  a   natural   bridg,   my   fellow   sufferers   that   Lydia
with nearly as much attractiveness as thi'P*nl<ham's Vegetable remedies have
Arrests Were \iinieriiiiM, nml Over n
Score Were Injured In tlie I iuln-
—The I'oliee l linrm-il on Hie ll.tl,
nml   Ari-cNtcil Tlielr I.ellilerM.
rk,  <>,-i. :t.    A  dispatch  from   tl
New   Y.
Paris >m ~
Revisionists and anti-revisionists seem
to lie spoiling for a light. Captain Dreyfus, whether guilty or Innoeeni, has certainly caused s veritable cyclone of *>u>
sion to In let loose. Paris waa in a turmoil .ill. Sunday. Crowds KU—ling uproar ami arrests ivus the program of the
I.1-1   18  I is.    At    this moment    tbe
mounted republican guards are patrolling
certain parts of the city and all of the
police are on the alert.
About .1 score of people are said to I
have been seriously wounded in the vui
lous free fights which have broken the
monotoin nf the Puri-ian Sunday, In
one Quarter alone over 40 arrests have
been made. Of these 13 have been kepi
and the others liberated.
Prominent   Men  Arrested.
Among the latter i* Francis da Pres-
en/e, une of the first authorities on foreign politics in   France, and  a   leading
writer in the Temps.   With him **rere ar*
many ti«ik it. The police agents returned them with interest in the shape of ur-
resta. At once the light became general.
! The police made n charge and drove the
crowd back to the place des Temes.
Wood llowisl in abundance from noses
and in the middle of the riot the three
organisers of the meeting Were arrested
by order of M. Bondfer, the police division commissary, and led otr t<i the station. They there fniiiil company' enough
and to -pare, almost all bearing the
marks nf having been hiiiidh-d wilh any-
thitUE hut care.
lu,limit,I., Hum n  I
tj net—Dee litre*
'nrmle nml  n   llnn-
New Vork, Oct. 3.—A dispatch from
Manila siys:
The celebration of the so-culled Philippine independence a* engineered by Aguin-
nldo at -lulolu. Thursday as a native
function with an absurd European element in it, horn of the dictator's de-*ire
lo imitate the dress and manner of civ-
Aguinaldo and his advisers appeared in
full evening dress. There was a parade
of the 1 iu re foot ed army of the insurgents
« hose chieftain dellverfkl an addreea brimming over with patriotic platitudes, the
effect of whieh was mailed somewhat by
the awkward presence and |>"'ii delivery
of the speaker.
Afterwards there  was 11 banquet and
rested   M.   Kinc-t   Vuiigliiin,    dire-tor of  	
the Aui-re, ami   M.   Morhardi, another  the f,'u  A ncan »umU Mi ' M "',l'
of the T,in|.-' editorial itaff. Ithe l'llll""" "'•'"'-»"'»•     The menu wat
All   three were  to  have »ddre*cd  Bj*ini*-n up in the mosl approved French
meeting in i.n 1 revision in tbe Drey-  *••.■• •«••   A toast to tha United States was
fits case. 1 hi- iii.iiiife-tati.iii was ai un -  B*v« with three cheers and the deolara*
ed to be held in tbe s.ille Wagnun. VV_en   'i'"1 "•' Filipino tedependence was read.
-M. de Presciise nn-l hi- colleague.- aimed      A- the le-ult of a conference held at
at tbe ni, i-liiiLL place they  found   it  shut    M.il.iln- a  high  insurgent ullici.il  informs
cordon of, me thai A-Uinaldo will, within th
ami surrounded i>.v a strong
police, busily engaged in keepinn
ne.\ t
„     1       •     1      .,.,-   -       K * ,ew '*■'.'•'• Sll|d i> delegation to Qeneral
crowd, variously esUmuted at nui iring oils to offer
from 12,000 to 20,000 person- , I    H •   ^^^^
In anile of the nr '.,. ,.,   M    ..........   :of  t1'"1'1 ' republic.
him formally the protectorate
one in Virginia made famous hy Die vi„t*re*'' cured me of all my pains and
its of George Washington. The BadgeifferinS J have her alone to thank
bridge is located in the town of Hone}} m?J"e<-°'*,ery, for which I am grate
Greek, eight miles east of Prairie du Sue'*.   *Ma-y   **-eaven bless her for the
od work 6be is doing for our sex.'1
pile of the proteists of \|   de Presence's party, who had paid thc lent of the
ball, the police refused n Iniissi n to anyone.     Arguments    and    expostulations
were both unavailing as the brigadier if
the police remained inexorable.
Charged on  tlie >i,,i>.
The crowd, however, had groan impatient or holder,    for it   tin.iliy    broke
through the ring of police.   From crushing to giving blows wn- but a step and
Driven Out n>  Velloi* v,.\rr.
Jackson, .Miss., Oct. S. —The announcement of in uew oases of yellow fever yes
terday ha- had Uie effect of hastening
the departure of the remaining dtisana.
More ea-es mill doiibth— lie reported before nightfall. The State officials nro
leaving the city and the state house 1.-
Vshy don't you
use money=back
A Schilling & Company San Francisco
■ If-—
Mfl   ■"■SBS'SI.   i   ■
are   _Vow  _Pr-epeL-*ecl
To       T>P       _Bti-j.iii.eiss.
s_SkcXe_COO._tl.Cli-SO =
A B-U- r_SCl_ MARK ^
THAT VOl'S 1.1'HSt nir- »
at, is to t-'iut out this class oi professional stakors, who are a detriment to
any mining country, but tho clumsy
wny of going about ill is only on a par
with tho law by which an owner is
allovcd to pay 8100. into the provincial treasury in   lieu  of   doiuu;   his
THS   -niTOK  IB iVKXtOOB TO   WMT-   A K*
OEIPI ron voii.
assessment work.
k   BROOKLYN   B. C.
* V***>*>'*AVrfV*''rVV*iV**^^
NOTICE,—   "Prescott" and   'Trencott
Fraction  No. 1", Mineral   Claims;
rfituate in the Slocan Mining Divis-
ioto of   West  Kootenny District.
Where   located:— On tlie North side
of Pour-Mile creek about one and one
half miles from Slocan Lake.
Take notico that I, Kenneth L. Burnet,
(acting as agent lor tbo l'rcscott Mining Company Limited Liability, F. M.
L. No.6094A) Free Minor's Certificate
No. 6397A. inteud sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements
for the purpose of obtaiDiug Crown
Grants of both the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under .section 37, must lie commenced
before tho issuance of sueh Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 22nd day of July 1898.
Kenneth L. P.urnot
NOTICE:— "Lorna Doone" and •Trior"
Mineral Claims'situate in tlio Slocan
Minim; Division of West Knotimiiv
District, Whero located:—On the
South side of Four-Mile creek to the
West of the Vancouver Group of Min-
v   eral Claims.
Take notice that I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of Silverton, B. 0. as agent for Frank
Culver, Free Mirer's Certificate No.
11038 A., intend sixty ■>: vsfrom the date
hereof, to apply to the isl: cing Recorder
for Certificates of Improve. ients, for the
purpose of obtaininR Crown Grants of
both the above claims.
And further tako notico   Hint action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this -1st day of ,It*.Iv. 1898.
Fkancih J. G'Reili.y
NOTICE,—"Mornine Star No 7 " mineral claim, situate in the Slocan mining
division of West Kootenav district.
Where located : On the south slope of
Lemon creek, 8 miles from the mouth.
Tako'ii-it ice that I Samuel L. Long,
actta,*- cs aeent for W. A. Campbell, free
inineW certificate No. 11,415 A intend,
.sixty days frorh tbe date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder for a certificate of
improvements, for the purposo of obtniu-
ing a Crown GrRnt for the above claim,
And further tako notice that action,
nnder section 37, must bo commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
I' Dated this 4th. day of jVugust 1898.
NOTICE:— ';Alexandra" nnd "Dolly"
Mineral Claims; situate in tho Slocan
City Mining Division of  West  Koot-
enay   District.     Where locate;!:—At
the head of Mineral Creek, a hr.inch of
the second north fori; of Lemon,
Take notice that I, ,J M. McGregor, acting as agent for D. K. McDonald. Frre
Miner's   Certificate   No.   8029a,  intend
sixty days frc in the date hereof, to apply
to the Minihy Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for tin* purposo of obtaining a Crown Grant oi the above claim.
And further  tako   notice that action
under section 37,   mupl le commenced
before the issuance of such  Certificate of
Dated jhis Gth day of October, 189S.
J. M. McGregor.
NOTICE:—"Solio" Mineral Claim',
situate io tlie Slocan Mining Division of
West Kootenny District. Where located :-Iu the Best Basin on McGuigan
Tako notice that .1, M. It. W. Ra th-
horne, Free Miner's Certificate No,
33371a, lor mvsetf, and as agenl fur J. C.
Ryan, Fne Miner's Certificate No. '177!,
and Henry l-.uiunu leu, F. M. G. No 16812
Intend sixty days from tht> da'o hereof,
to apply to the Milling Recorder tor a
Certificate of Improvements, iur the p*ir-
rose of obtaining a Crown tiraut of tho
above claim.
And further take notice that action under section 37, must be commenced before the lammnce of such Certificate ol
Dated this fifth dav of October, 1308.
M. K. W. l: vi■:; "■••;:•.
NOTICE,—"The Alpine Group of Mineral  Claims"  (tho  Swiss,   Highland
Chief,   Berne,  Kootenay   Puss   and
Rocky Fraction), situate in the Nelson
and Slixin Citv Mining Divisions of
West Kootenay District.   Where located:—On tbe divideJjctweon Kootenay
and Slocan  Lakes,   east of  Summit
Take notice that I, J. Murray McGregor,
acting as agent for Chas Faas, F. M. C.
11784 A, Henry Stege F. M.C.  79147.
Herman  Clever F. M. C.A10979, W.1I.
Crawford F.M.C.4180.A and Mnx Hickman F.M.C. 4274 A, intend  sixty   Am
irom the date hereof,  to  apply "to  tho
Mining  Recorder for  a  Certificate  of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown firant of the above claims
And further teke notice thnt action,
under -section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
ol Improvements,
Dated this 27ih, day of August, 1898,
J. M. McGn_aoR.
NOTICE,- "Hoi-e No. 2." Mineral
Claim, situate in the 'Slocan City
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located:—On   the   north-east
side of Camerooian Creek, li of u mile
from its junction wiih tho north fore of
Take notice   that   I,   J, M. McGregor,
acting as agent for Robert Cooper, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 11794a, and Henry Sheran, 1200lA,inteud sixty days from
tbe date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recordor   for  a Certificate of Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaloing a
Crown Grant of tbo above claim.
And further tako milieu  that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
Store tho iesuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 8th dav of; September, 189 8.
NOTICE:—"Northern Paoifi, " Mineral
Claim, situate in the Sloc.n Mining
Division of West Kooten iy District,
Where located :-0n McGotauu Creek,
half a mile south east of the \V:is!iing-
Tako Notice that I, M. R. W. Itatb-
borne. Fret Mi ner.8 Certificate Sii3?.371a
intend cixty days from dute to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a peri ideate ol
Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining u Crown Grant of tbe above claim.
And further t.-iko notice thr.t action
under section 37 must be commenced
before the issuance of such flertificate of
Dated this fifth dav of October, 1698..
M. R. W. Rat)H'.''kn**.
8 88888888888888888888 8 8 fS
Tlie decision of Chief Justice M-
Coll, in ths case of L. Peters et »1 «
Chas Sampson end F. P. KhcrwoC,
in favor of the defendants, U no (lout
■rood law and according to law, hut t
lacks considerable of doing justice o
the plaintifl*. They, relying upon If
authority and power supposed to >•
vested iti tho Gold Commisslo*r
acted in good faith in carrying it
their contract, in regard to asscssmit
work and recording same accordinffo
what was supposed to be law, witftie
government Ai they havo bt
their property through tie* fault*.'f
the government and it. ol~'*ia!**, wle
aoting in goon faith ami with |e
in-rini'.sion ol the {jovMrnmeut throfi
its officials, are they net er.tilledfjc
compensation from this goverriwt
throuch whose fiult   thnv     have   It
their property1!
No law can   be   framed   that   will
compel a man to work on a claim if he
is not inclined to do so, but laws can
be framed under which an owner of  a
mineral   claim    muufc   do a    certain
J amount of work or forfeit all rights to
h;s claim, which at once becomes public
d"imuiii and is locatable under tho law
by any other   prospector,    What   is
needed is a law compelling   a  certain
amount of work to be performed upon
a claim before a locator has the   right
to record, giving reasonable length   of
time to preform such labor.     A law
by which en a certein  diy   ot   the
year, say Nov Ut, all claim, that have
pot had   assessment   work   preformed
upon them   become   ic-locitablo   by
other parties.    Thus doing away with
the nntidi-luvinn   law   now   ir.    force
under which a certain   cIuks   of  men
travel from one claiufl   to  another,  as
tho date of expiration of   each   claim
falls duo and relocates them.    Something modeled after the law   of   New
Mexico, in regard to the location nnd
assessment  work   of   mineral   claims
would be applicable to .our   province.
The  legitimate prospector ll the forerunner of mines, towiis.^ruilroiids  and
prosperity,    He takes his   life in   his
hands when he striked   out into    the
wilderness   to   discover    mineral and
open up new districts.    He is deserving of credit, h,s   business should   be
fostered by the   government   and   no
stumbling block placed in hi3 road, for
on him   hugely   depends   the    lutuiv
prosperity of this rtoh^tnineral country.
sent to any address, $2.00
a year.
ilson Hotel.
Teeter  Bros.  -  -  props
$*\  Bciidq-'irtcrs Tor .lining And Commercial Men.
Everything First-class In All Respects.
. o
B.   C.
"For ways that nre datk,
And for tricks that, are keen,
The heathen Chinee is peculiar,]
So sang th" poet, o** words to bt
efi*-ct, lie did not kunw the hiat-
rendlng tn!e we  tell  nor the   atigidi
thnt tore the saffron bonom of a &t . „cc,m8 s|rn.7e that we aannot
in^ swain in Kuskonook, resiflrg! muntuii » i*it;i*i*ii*n name without bin
from a perfidious net en tho p&rttf ' ui'i'iiiu li >t urnier tbo rollar. Ia in;
I'linic of his countrymen. : •-'"-'   '•"'  refered   to  Mr.   Johnson ss
Wftu Chui.K of Revelstoke nuni_rd>'*';*'*»-'h*  ■■"''■■•  aprlboto, whereas,  ha
,.       '., *_.,     li.it* oiilv    1'i-eii  catin','   liruues
among nn earthly possesions a pi,,i
Chinese girl,   almond   eyed  nniL/ny
footed, a belle, among 0 1 • -t'uls.  'ne
fame of her beauty spread,  rea fug
-  PROP.
...   u. C-
the ears of Lun Fjo in distant  ! \k-
onook.   Lun  Poo counted  Ida  * nlth
hy thn   hundreds,   but what  i»\wild
iitili-KS sparkling in the light  of I
Overtures began between  Vrah C|J
and   Lun   i'co,  the  reRult being
tronef.ir of tbe d atnsrl to thn latter   cr
H. AIJ_/,V^'j-^,5-' -
DireCT ami Superior Service to Eastern and Kino*_an Poisth. To Pacific
CoAi-i-,   Alaska,   China,   Japin and
Cure that C»u*|li with rt'iil-ih's 0(1 r.i
The bo-it O'Mijjli '/'ir,i. Roiieves Croiifi
promptlv. One million h -nI<h sold last
year. 40 d.isos lor 25cts. Sold by Tbo
. I  :■: ,... t
■• Pais Kevelsfoke
Daily to St Paul.   Daily (except Wed
neadsy) to Eabtebx Toints.
Maeolfloent Sleeping and Dinin-: Cars
on all t'alns,
TlQ-BTi Ismrn Ttt-Otoil _nu Baooaob
Revelulo.e and Main Lino Points.
8.05—leave—Sn,VBRT0N—4ri ive—10,80
Nelson,   Trail,   Ito:«l„i'il. &c
Ascertain present rates and (till in
formation by addressing nearest loca
anout, or     	
W. 8. CLARK,  Airont, Silverton.
Trav- Pass. Agent, Nelson.
Dist. Pans. Aj-nnt, Vancouvo
Dreadful]*-   Nervous.
Gents:—I was dreadfully nervous
and for relief look your Karl's Clover
Hoot Tea. It quieted my nerves nnd
strengthened my whole Nervous -litem, Iwns troubled with Constipation,
Kidney and lloivel trouble. Your The
soon cleansed my system no throughly
that I rapidly regained health m.d
Strength, Mrs.. S, A. .Sweet, linrtforl
Conn. Bold by The -ilvcrto**: J'ru^ Store
a cash coniid-iration of i?400.
Lun Fco ii out his cash  arid  hi.i f
charmer has been mpirited  away
afternoon of the purchase, threo «
known Chinamen  accompanied   hy
aeemiiigly Jap youth, hoarded tli!- Ix it
at Kuskonook and—dissapeared. Th is
Wa find in   the agony   column   r.f t e
Nelson Miner, this touching i.prca  -
"To \Vah,Chung, Ravelstoke, Bi  ■■
Some om* took my girl away, dreM d
in  English   clothes.     Looks like
Jap girl.   Has three Chinamen wi
her.    §200. rewind   for  return! g
her to Ncl-Mj-n.
Lun Foo,  Kuskonook "
It is imjiossilile fcr our  police for e
to follow tlio mysterious  workings
the "no Guyey" Chinee and   this   littl'
ncident    aeould    help    our  Eastr-pi
countrymen to perceive the undesi
hilir.y of the Chinamen  a-;  a  citiisi
Should our authorities interest  th
luii- oiily
extend an apology.
It  ii  unfortunate the  way   wo put
things sometimes.   There *:( tho well
Mr. I'oiki-ry, to whom w* gojl lai.n
edly tcferred to in our  last   liana   »s  a
genial hobo.   Mr. P.   came    very   bear
detail ns up.   Lut   we  manasad   to   ui-i
• 'awuy with him.   We tike  great   ploas-
I uire in Inklmr back ivbat w*e s.n.l  anoul
' ] >ir. 1'. ': ein« a genial hobo.   He is yist
81 a vioiuuion l.obo, and a very Indifferent
—Wetasklwln Free Lance.
Following i.-s a complete list ol (he
■ mining IransacMons recorded during thc
i (reek for the Slocan Mining Division!
Sept 27— l'roieclinn. Three Furl*-.. (I.
I'i'ttv; E-tohener Fractional, Sandon, 1'.
J HicUey; Silver Pick fraction, Alamo
Concentrator, Michael Sullivan: T-iilur-
oid I'Vactlon Twin Lake Mountain, aama
Sept £8****-Carupore Fractional, Pmne
, Mt. Ernest Harrop j Qolden IVonder.
"Cody,DM Winter.
Oct l—Twilikht, Qaleon Farm, Ctn.B.
McNicholl', Slocan Yet, Gruni'.c creek,
\V Anderson
Oct8—Romola, Four Mile, Bd S'ew-
Brtj Zoratiter, name, C S Rasiidall; Vancouver, muiii*, A i'i Fauquier; Koyal jVr-
'f I tbur. south fork Carpenter, Arthur Peel,
Oct 4—Day Dawn, Carpenter, I' A Hag
Sept 27—Egypt.
Bfpt88—Di*.Iirenk. Herbert, Medium,
Sept 20— Kittle Kim:, Toothpick Fraction. Night Owl, Drum Lommon, Daunt-
selves in this ease?     if the  abducted | Ii*fs, t'onstaut.
piece of   merchandise   is  traced,   will      Oi 11-Irot. Mask, Suhana, Baltimore
r '. traction, Northern Belle.
she be handed over to bet*  piirchsstrj       Oct   3—Iron    Mountain,      M-tjor
and tho sale recognized  ly   CaiiattPi i ,r,at'[[oa' ^hnrloUe> 1'"*Hk!in Fraction,
.... .„ .     . .       .     IC, Piurungan.
oihcinls or will any step** bo taken  by .
them towards prosecuting theso dealers
in human flesh?
Sept 27—Koiuion,   St   C.air,   Henry
: Urown to J E Mci'iuin*. Snpl 23, $125.
Good Iiope>j, Geo Clark to H H Pitts
Sept 10.
S pt 29—'IhtirHiiiiy Fractiou'h,  L W
1 Pnrki^n to Payne Mining Co, Sept 27,
:    Iloxl Fraction, E H Thomlinson to F
One of the onangei to  the  Mineral   i'un\t *-*ept 27.
'-'opt 80—Heather Bi-il, relocation Col-
lurnol, J   ll I'urrie;   Katie, relocation
Act that is   lieing   ogitated,   h   that
wh':ti) a  prospector   fail-i   to   do   his j
annu-il  assoesmmit   work,  the   claim j
will not be open for   re- location   bnt | Jj^ jjw2!frapU'   relocutiou   JeHFic-
will   revert   to   the   Crown   and   bej    Oct 1—Keystone, second   north   folk
advertised and sold at public  auclili   Le;"!°.?' l,,,'l.",11''V,'""r    „        i. v. , .
' Cut ,j—Mu'liiK hiias liaclt'jii,a«l] violet
to the highest bidder.    What   a  snap on Lemon. .1 C Gwillira.
for capital and what  a   detriment  to 'irur-sri-m*.
the whole mining business this law,  if     Sept 28— I'"Uiii*ion, C II   Brindle to
Mount Mablo Mining Co.
Sept 3D—Duf!\iin>.i, W Thomlinson to
DO Lewis and ('■ R • use
Owljtf, \\ II Crawford to same.
Oct 6--EsgleFeaHier>Weaoh1 W Glynn
tors make a husiness of staking whole | ■„ j n Muian and C VV Greenlee.
districts and who were  never  known ;	
to dig a hole   deep   enough   to   bury ' NOTICE,
themselves in, but spend their whole; v.ni\e„ cuttin^woodTn the property
time staking and re-staking claims,! of the Silverton Townsite, or removing
,, ...     ., -   , ,      stiiiie will b" pfosei'uled.    Squatters urn
thus avoiding the neeossity of dofoj „,„„ warned ,Jot to troipiW oil Mid pro-
nssessinent work, waiting for n flicker I perty.
and holding tho developement   of   the I SILVERTON TOWNSITE.
coutttrv Inck   What this law is aimed I b>' Cros8 & Co- A«ents.
i^r-EVFRVTj'Il.V:;    NEW.    NEAT.
:•; Rea^iWTtfir- For Hiniiii; .lien :•:
I     Silverton's     I
<• »i
•) (k
I Te
a? _?&»»»-»»»_ %%9m%hw*yeet>
i'.r_oil ai   iV Rarrett
Jamaa Howes
1- Knowles.
B. C.
k_*S,R-AiLSTAi£, roi\V£YATGF.R
SILVERTON,      -      -       -     W C
jVcctioskf.us, Customs BftOBIM,
J. A. McKlNNON k Ott.
TORACCO k confectionery:
CROSS k Co. "
.1. G  GORDON.
ORtce in llcnlrv IliiH'k    -   -      lintu'r Ki.
NELSON,   R, ('.
J. M. MoGREGOR P. L. S. -te.
or McGreook,   Atkinhon k  Co.
a. r. .McDonald.
passod, would he. Th*) objoet of this
hw is good an it nirna at that clustof
ho^i, who under tbe guisi* of protpeo-
Of Fancy
B. C.
11. 0. WHEELER.


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