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The Silvertonian 1900-09-01

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__n.OTxrles_,   Piop,
Silverton, Nelson, Trail. Ymir, Ksslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway nml Greenwood.
The Triune Group, a L irdeaa properly
on which Uie I.i-'i- Brothers ol Bilverton
have a lesse, recently shipped a ear ol
ore to the rmll Smelter and received re-
turns of fo.flllHO, being if299 'M a ton.
'l'i.i- leasees expect to i-Diii 160 tons more
this winter. The cost of shipping this
urn to ths smelter shows the disadvantages under which the Lardeau claim
holders are laboring. To pack tlie ore
from the '1'riitnn lo Thompson Landing
COSl f25 :i inn. and from llmt point .i
freight and smelter rate of |22. waa obtained, making a lolal charge against the
oie, for transportation alone, of :?-!"•u too.
§     mm mm.     | J   m m\i layout.
A Coat Tale*
Are You Looking For
Stylish goods?
TIIE .PRICE SOMEWHERE Nor ai.to. |■-.; 11-
IF SO DROP IN   AND   MAKE YOU.R   sll.'r-
*      LIKIisrilJlK.   ili<> Tailor:   SUrertofl, I &
AV. A Coplen of Spokane, formerly nf
Blocan, bas been appointed Commissioner for the Slocan in the Minto*: De-
1 partdient of  the   Spokane   Exposition.
! Mr. Coplen in largely interested In mining property in the Slocan and can  be
' li pi inJ.ii upon to do tbe cunp justice
In a Iciti r to Tiu. Sn.-. ki.toman  he
i snys;
"AS near ss 1 ran (ind out, and I   ton!:
Icare to look ii up, the samples here arc
■ nil ri.lit. [ Loot year's exhil it is refern d
to.—En, and iu'good keeping, Ttioenb-
l let, wiih .i Lit,i- varnish applied, will be
a- good ss n> «, bo I should think witli a
few additional  new   samples  from lhe
I strikes in your camp there can be a  line
[attractiveexhibit got up without mnch
i N [ 'll. I-O.''
li.o artier farther s.iv.-i Uiat lie in wll-
Hoirto ink*' charge ol Hi" eutire H,> D
exhibit. We would like to see the claim
holders, Die prospectors nnd lhe citizen"
uikc hold nml  push the matter.    Il  i-
HOW in their hands
j";-.''.;;!!'::_■■;•* for ^h'J Hefl :•:
AM'   UP TO  DA! !:.
8  JAS. BOWES,   Prop.
*tm**m    rZusi    f3    mum7*)**    "3T"    m\\*s\\m    IE£_,
  SJiipments  of urc  fram Silverton foi
EVERYTIIJSC NEW, NEAT tbn year1800. totaled 1698 Tone.
Ul other Lake points ... . 1385    "
Tho shipment   «• t  ore   from   Slocan
I.uki- points,  n;>   U> aihi .including   lhe
presi nt week, frdm Jan. 1, 1900.
From Bosnti Landin:.                   Tons.
1'. istm Tl'O
From New Denver
Hartney  20
Capella  7
From Silverion Tuns.
Emilv Edith SO
Hewitt     7il
Vancouver    80
Wakefield, (concentrates)        080
lialena Mines         20
From Enterprise Landing
Enterprise 880
From Slocan City
Arlington     800
Blank  I'rince     60
Kilo 30
SILV E R T 0 N,   B. O.
Marriage A I^ailtrre?
^If yoit do not tz&t yotir CLOTHING
ITroi-ii. ]..*OI.T_reXJ_5 BROS.,<|
Assessment work ban Just been coin-
pic ted On the Oalena Farm properly.
The Wakefield Mi ties i.s ntill dosed
iluun, the new manager not having
arrived yet.
Development work is being done on
the Oil.;.i,1.1 il.iiin, a silvcr-ieud pro-
ln'i'ty, ncai'ilic Essex GroUtt,
Mr. IVlley, one of thu principal  slock-
holders ui the Vancouver iiiino,  paid u
visit to ihat property during the week.
J. 8. McFarlane retufoad from prince-
ton ion Monday. According io Jack the
liuiiiiiiaiy loiMisuio quieter even tli an
'noa'.i :n the SI- can,
During the (hut.if the weak the UUnk-
hooSb ut the Ivanhoe mine wins burnt
down, .\i,.at of I i.e inini.ru working
iimiu lost  .nl    Uieir   personal  effect?
ia tne liii.
'J'ho Slocan lJiiil is jnhjl'int over the
bousing uf iim b'peoulaior Croup, a
Sprtipger Creek property, for (65,000 bj
J.FjCollum. Thu owners of the group
are It, I. Kirkwood, T Kllpuuiek, ._.
1 nuk an.111 it! SuiUberiugale.
bred Liebscher, one of the. owners ol
the Moiiciiii Scoi.ery piopeity tu the
Silver Baud Bantu, paid a visit to that
property on Tuesday. He expressed
..in.seli ta highly pleased With ihe
showing made and brought buck with
liiin .suiiir tine nam plea of galena.
A feu days ago the men working in
the No4. tunnel at tho Emilv 1'iiiib
mioe, struck a holy of water of ench
volume thut they beat a retreat outot
ihe tunnel. Tiie water vein, tapped waa
of encli asige that it BWept the tunnel
cleiffl of everything moveable, hut.-.
run It^oll out so tliat Uie men were able
lo    i l.aek to w ,-iL.
N'ewY irk, Aug   t.10.—Bar Silver, 61}^
l.iki- i- ipjier,   $10.60.
Lead—The firm Hint flses the selling
dters quutee lc.ni
ai t-XuO Ate the clui e.
From The Colonist's report of Ihe do-
inn ol the Legislature n" Priday, the 24th
n.i., the f .Mowing i- quoted:
"After prayers by Lev. \V. L. Clav, Mr.
Green presented several yards ol petition Irom Sandon, Silverton, and some
other Blocan poiuts, protecting against
Che appointment ol s mining commission. These ntimeri ns siimatareii had
all been obtained in a day er two, nnd
the petitions i-i-iii^ iinn lied, trailed lor
some distance behind the page as they
wore being carried np lo Mr. Speaker "
The following program will be rendered to-night at tho "Birthday SooiaP'
iu McKinnon's 11.ill. preparations foi
u! tch have been going on for Borne lime:
.-■ lection     i   .    Silverton Orchestra.
Chorus     silveituii Iilee Cob.
Solo  Mr. H. Bnillh.
Selection    Silverton Orchestra,,
Solo        Mr. .1. M   ll.uii^
t'lioriis    Bilverton Glee Cluh.
Solo  Mrs. Mall.csi.n.
( lub Swinging.     Mr. E. McNichols.
Selection Bilverton Orchestra.
Alter the program refreshments will be
perved by the ladies. A large audience
i.-- looked for.
Fred   Fingland   has lelt on a business
trip to Vancouver.
Mis. Nevei's, of Nelson, waa a gneit of
Mis. Carey tills Wtek. <
W, il. Hunter nlade a buulness trip to
N'elti'ii ilnriii!_; the week.
Mrs. Barclay is visiting In Movie with
he.'' daughter Mrs. MoTntosh.
Go toll, <i. Datglp's for frc_-!i fruits
nml  niiileeliijiiei v.   Near   I'.istuHieC*
Forbes Davidson i Toionto s|a_int nan
of the week here vtfltll Mr ail'! Mrs Muth-
Martin Morrow, who baa been pro-
8| ecting in the Snulikiuiieeu is book in
tho Slocan.
Mr. and Mrs. N. F. McViiight have
goue to Blocan, Where they will.stay a
short time.
Divine Service «i!i be held to-morrow
afternoon, at A o'clock, In iho Union
Church.   All welcome,
Malcolm Nicholson is now on hie way
for iii.uiu r.iiiis, Noitii Dakota, where
he will Spend a few weeks among his
Hugh Hyland is one of iho happiest
men in to'vn (hie week.   A big baby toy,
WllO iinived al ins homo last liii-tday  is
the e .'lac of lt all.
Miss Llshman, who haa reoently
severed hei connection with Ihe
Victoria HoteJ, ivhh presented wiUi a
;: Id watch by some of the boarders.
J. A. Kelly, who has had charge of the
Wakefield mill, lelurned yesterday from
ii trip to the Coeur «P Atones, which be
snys Is i :n.n^ a big mining boom.
Tho invitations printed for to-night's
H i   ii unfortunately wpre not enough to
jo around,   Those   not   receiving ihem
ll y ■• iUuI on u weleomt ii they attend.
All wmk in Ilie Jewelry RejiairlnB
line, left nl llieisi verton Drug Store, wflI
be |.r mpi J   i •: ■'- ii ';. ■!  t-i .1 ic ib Do.vei
.. .i.n* N.l.sull jevei.-l ,       All ro
pairs are -.i \:. v-.'.'-:.i:o i u; unl vi: \k. «
l';e Toronto World's daily financial
articles an : rain and live stock leports
are accnmie and fi II and are looked for
by evervone interested in them. The
\Y irlJ i-. pii li-l. .1 overy day in the year
and devotes its energies to getting ont a
Qrst-clos - ni irning papi r,
H. H. Reives made a trip to Nelson
yesterday for thu purpose if purchasing
I a complete stock of ihice C0nfectlon*ry
.,n,l fiuiis (or his nr.-,- here, In addition
lo those Mr. Reeves carries a One line of
smokers'supplies. He is at the present
Iinie selling a One line ol pipes at rock
ii | rices.
James Kerr, an old-time member of
tlio perlesh, one who has seen better
day*', wandered into the eanctumn this
wi ek and icgaled the staff with the ex'
puionces of oue who could "light his
'•'-' wid th' (lish of do wheel." Mr.
Ken's appearance did not denote the
chequered state ef finances of which our
gUesl complained, his eout particularly
giving hia tho smug appearance ot a
pastor on parochial business. Our devil,
who should have known better, attracted
the wearer's atfcution by the frequent
gazings he bestowed upou the garment
and elicited 'he information that the
coat was had through necessity, having
been traded off eight times, only, like the
cat, to return each time. Thereby bangs
a fule, which ii given below in the words
of the winner:
This Talk Of A Coat.
This is the story of h coat that was too
large for even u trump printer. Haviug
faileil to make closo connections with hia
millionaire friends in the East, Jim came
to the modest conclusion that bis own
brand new suit ought to ho exchanged in
a Sheeny bagnio.
This done, Jim with a |S. note stsrted
in to wake the echoes in a saloon. That
.vas in Rawlinja, Wyo. George Perry
of tho "Rawlings Republican" shed
real tears when he saw his old pal of
Cheyenne In his Expansion coat. This
• as too much fur James, and hn too
wiped away a tear. But Jim is a bung-
starter from Pnwullop. Without a mo-
n-ants hesitation he traded that unique
coat with the first tramp ho met. Con-
mstiihiling himself .lim went ou his way
r> j lielng. In a week's time he and tho
tramp again met and swapped back. The
tramp was the bigger man and  insisted.
•lim took n tourist's walking ticket
through Washington; was mistaken for
Kenneth Snrhlgton iiellairs in Spokane;
was refused h permit at (Jem, and invested in some milling stock in Rossland.
These varied misfortunes he traces ti»
his ownership of the coat. The cruelest
shock of all was being taken for a preacher in Nelson, .liui with >jreat presenco
of min.1 irlshed himseli '***] Hashed a
corksciew, tbns establishing an alibi.
i'l.is coat should have another and
larger owner, If Dr. Sinclair of Rosa-
laud fails lo recognize it—if any party
to the crime other than Jim can be pro-
doced, wo would lie pleased to know.
The coat in not a coat of many colors
l-'veryl.inly bus a prospective interest in
il—capital or non-capital. The garment
Is nn i-partisan and its personality can
only be accentuated by too much hooze»
The present wearer of it is a worthy
gent who is of the opinion that the
world is round and the people in it
square Treat him kindly and take care
of the coat, for it is heavily mortgaged
and his puise is li-jht.
SUIT. •' •"' °   SAMPLES   .OP   SUITINGS,
Bnstern pantincs & ovEROOA11 xcs to
SfHA?F*lffP?ORDrt.ARY0        C,I°°SE ^0M'
jTt!r'%%r' DenVer, 15, O*
We have so far escaped the smoll-pox
nnd hnlioiiic pi gue, bill nn sll wise
providence has seen fit to inflict Sll verton with a bad attack ol base ball fever,
which broke put In Its worst form last
Shi..lay, A but was found and n ball
dug Up from the Lord knows when- and
two scratch teams lined np with blood In
thell eye and fear in Iheir hearts, bound
to tin or die. The score run up was
something awful and  the referoe'a  life
Mas only saved on occasions by the
Interference of tbo several Ihonsand
spectators. The side of a vacant building served as.oatoher and made tiouieol
ibe  best  plays made during the matoli.
Only   night    slopped    the   Mora     from
running up Into  lhe  thousands,  and
after   several   of   Ihn   players, who liml
heen    sweating   wilh   fear,    had    been
{dried out mid    Hie   field   ele.n.'il,    loo;..
was nude for the town mules, who
pi iyud tgg until lime :o go to ehnrch-
Tinisc Vs'im Incw-And Didii'l.
How old is Boh Fitssimmons, the pugilist? Anyone who knew within ihreo
, years had u t:"!l mine un Ai-r Lis hat
(:r a few 'lays this week
The rec ut "g i" between Fits and
rkey caused some excitement in our
midst, Iliseiis-.iinis on prite fights in
general and Fita's ti_;!iis In particular
in ie held • n every corner. Hs '. Shar-
kev been around he wonld have been
told exactly Imw lie o mid have won thai
pot Instead ol having been counted oul
lint all who discoursed did not agree on
details—It's  a habit  n nily   acquired
here, lids nol agieeing—*nd t xpn ssions
of opii lun t ' aignmeiits   and
lhe arguments sprs   [int   ■■ For
a time it looked like those palmy days
when there •■• is m inoy Ip l.nni In the
ion n and malchi to light it with, In
these days when Ihe knocker Is abroad
in the 'ami and—but that kind of knocker does not work In the ring, nor on the
square either, and belongs to another
story.   To resume om tale
Al first if  began with a Stetson hat
limit and before manv minutes n couple
[of pain were laid away lo await   ibe
ers' choice.      But   this   wasn't   fas'
i noa.li for them end »a.Is w.-ie flashed.
IVI' i" ll CtatOrS  colli'I   Ilee   several
weie eoinin.nolereil bj stakeholders, and
belore many minutes these wero feeling
rich with over $500 of other folks' mon*
ov iii Iheir pockets.
rhen thu wires brgnn to burn, for it
i wm resolved Ibntonly Richard k.  Fox,
the -p. I Inn; mil hoi itv of New Y..rk,   was
alone . oinp. tent to settlo the many
questioiii debated, Rven Ebhard, however, seemed stuok, for In leply to the
enquiry respecting 1 iUslmmon •' age, I.e
|replied! "Hesay&heiathirtyei,-hi, we
heli.'Ve lie   is loll V   live."
So Hiere ■'.   "•■. with material foi iin-
[UmLted   I
Colonists?    Well,   'tis  your  wav. John
nnd yon know tho old speech liesl,
'Tis nol by tags or titles we   Britons are
banned or blest.
We've fniiuht on the veldt together, and
you've said wc were killi and kin
thai wejnst hailed from without, whilst
you did abide wiihin.
Have il your wav, John of 1'ngland, you
know best thn ancient speech;
We've finished iIk* task we met for; it
ain'l for us to preach
B .'   when   yon   asked   ns lo stay here,
John, to "colonise the land,"
We own our leclinga rose a bit! Oan you
nol understand
Your  Queen  Is  Ihe same as ours, man
and we bOW to a -inu'le   Lord,
And   our   l! ig  and our speech are one.
John.and we strike with a common
Thai   we're  not  perpetnal campers-out
(we've bad cities foi several years).
Or lilieis of earth,  or  woodman, or
helots, or pioneers?
Thai   when  we  took down * lie rifle, na
llll  ■ i'es (.'lipped I iluoilerbllSS,
Wc ronght i . help Ihe empire—end that
the empire's U8?
We', r  a   NATION   same  as you are—
d m't call   us colonists,
Or we'll li av.- to tack your Normans on
i om Immigration lists.
Bnt n mhi will, well, brothers, ynn know
lhe fulk-tongiib most—
The Alrie   sun   is setting, you're sailing
im England's const.
» -, comb.y, John ; we've done our   work
on tl.e veldt of Africa,
You have vour home in England, John,
we've ours In  <'aiiu.la !
--.luek Canuck In London Outlook.
"The .lips seem   10   hilVO    ni.idi- soiiih
wonderful charges "
"Yes   1   paid  IQ.0Q for that Satsuiinv
tee ; ot,"
"Th" eiisoline t <nk nf an automobile
blow ihe machine is (set In Die air ta
Piltaburtt the other day und  two  men
were hmlly damaged."
' [uittgttlO*  IVMTSQ doing th_.t'."»
Recent   Miniag   Story Exposed  to
I ing market, and, it is reported, sold
' out and took their profits.
The telegram sent to London by
Bernard   Macdonald,   the   general 	
manager   of   the   British  America
Corporation, was to the effect that King Humbert's Assassin Tried
they   were getting 4-ounce ore  in
"Perhaps the most delightful explanation of the   working's   of   the
stock exchange  is to  be found   in
the last book written by  poor Harold Frederick, before'the  Christian
Scientists sacreficed his life on  the
altar   of  their   faith.    The   whole
curious system by which a man sells
what he has not got and buys what
he has no intention  of   owning,  is
there full} set forth.    It is possible
that Mr, Whitaker Wright, the  famous company promotor, has  read
in the   Market   Place.    His  latest1
deal seems almost a  plagiarism of
that story, and as it was worked out
with Le Roi stock it has a peculiar
interest locally.
"Some tew weeks ago a telegram
was received in London to the effect
that a lead had been discovered in
the Le Roi which ran $50 to the
ton.    The price   of   Le   Roi  stock
the   Annie  shaft.    This   telegram
was by no means  a fake,   as it is a
well known  fact in  the camp that
the ore chute now being worked in
thut   property   has   been   running
from two to fourteen ounces in gold, ,
and the average for nearly 100 feet J
in depth is closer to $80 than $50.
The statement that "settling day
comes" is also false, as the Le Roi
No. 2 company have only recently
asked the   house for a settlement,
which may not be granted for another two or three weeks yet. and
until such settlement has been fixed
no deliveries can be demanded.
New York, Aug.  29.—The trial
real transcontinental array, extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
The more important  mines are rep-1
resented  by large  specimens,   and j
taken together,  they constitute an
I almost] unparalleled display.    This
I i.s the verdict, not merely of visiting
Canadians,   who   naturally   feel  a
personal pride  in this exhibit from
their home land,  but of   European
mining engineers  who  are viewing
Destitute Miners Brought From Nome
by the Government.
There is an  element in the London stock exchange which has been
hammering Mr. Wright's flotations
persistently.    Last year this  same
element,   by   conspiracy  with   the
superintendent of Lake View consols,   by   manipulating   the  mine,
hammered  these shares from £28
down to ;£io.    Owing to  this con
spiracy   it   is   reported   that   Mr.
   _.«.„,  ..un.   *y.—me inai   mining engineers  w
of Bresci, for the assassination of the foreign exhibits with impartial
the king of Italy, will open today and dispassionate eyes. It has al*
at Milan, according to a cablegram   ready been  confirmed  by the large
I from   Rome.    It is   expected that   number of awards given to Canada
Bresci   will    deliver    a   statement   by the jurors of the mining section
which he  has  been pieparing.    In   0/ the exposition.    A  recent letter
an interview Merlindo, who will de
fend   Bresci,   said:   "The   defence
will consist of a simple but dramat
ic description of Italy's social, eco
nomical   ai.d    political   condition,
which rendered the assassination of
v. 11 . .  .
—   -— •"*"■"■ spiracy   it   is   reported   that   Mr.
rose at once, and the bears began to bright  suffered   to the extent of
sell largely in   the   full   and  very aboot $4>000>000.      Mr.   Wright,
natural expectation that the shares __...: j—-
would   fall.    Mr"   Wright   quietly
accepted,     either    personally    or
throngh agents, all offers.    Settling
day came and the price instead of
going dowu was   going   up.    The
brokers prepared to pay the differences but to their astonishmeet Mr.
Wright demanded delivery.    Then
it was   discovered that there was
hardly any stock to be  had at all,
Mr. Wright having   carefully   corralled all the paper before he began
his little operations.    The scarcity
of shares when they were actually
wanted sent the price   higher still,
and when the astute engineer of the
scheme let his victims out at  the finish he was a few hundred thousand
ahead of the geme.
"Unscrupulous as the whole transaction was. it had been  so organized that the principals did not come
• within the law or the morestringent
rules of the  exchange.    That Mr
King Humbert possible. Bresci
maintains his attitude of cynical
The Sentence
Milan, Aug. 29.—At the trial,
Bresci declared he had decided to
kill King Humbert after the event
in Milan and Sicily. "To avenge
the misery of the people and my
own," he added, "I acted without
advice or accomplice." The prisoner   was   pronounced guilty   and
evidently seeing an opportnity of P"" "" Pronoun«d guilty an
getting eveu wiih the bears took ad-1Sentenced t0 ™P""*omnent for life
vantage of it, and  will likely come
_<-».. A       .. I t A*    I .*
out ahead of both games
It is a well known fact in Rossland that Le Roi No. 2 has three
shipping mines. The Josie, which
is developed to the 600-foot level,
has immense ore bodies blocked out,  _^____._^_.     .    ..
.... _    _ uiciii.s nave neen made whereby the
of shipping- grade.    The Poorman   „*.**■,* n « ,
,. .   ,        ._-.._-.    Canadian Pacific Railway company s
was a shipper before the o,  A. C.   . , .       . ..     _, • , r*
.    . .      „..,,„      .        telegraph and the  Commercial Ca-
acquired it.    The Number One  has   ., .„ „.   ,,
ble comoanv u/iii to/-—* -♦ >—"
also a big ore chute, also devoloped
messages to and From Soldiers In the
Allied Armies.
Montreal,   Aug.    29.—Arrangements have been made whereby the
\xr . .. . ° "*■•   sucn time .
Wright happened to   have all the   the output
Stock in mirhl      .„_,_,_     .L.    ___. r"*•
to the 600-foot level, and now ship-
ing; while the Annie has the richest chute
camp. ^^^^^^^^^^m—^^mw
These mines could easily ship
from 300 to 500 tons per day,
provided the Northport smelter
could accommodate them; but with
nearly 45,000 tons of ore stacked up
at Northport, it would be folly to
increase present shipments until
such time as the smelter can handle
from Paris states that the prizes
awarded to this section are twice as
numerous as the combined awards
in the same department to Kngland
and the other colonies.
The mining and mineral exhibit
from Canada has been fortunate in
its installation. It occupies a very
large space on the ground floor.
The walls are decorated with numerous pictures of mines in this
country, showing rot only their
picturesque situation, but their ac-1
tual operations, thus giving a more
graphic presentation than volumes
of descriptive matter could convey.
Numerous geological maps, well executed, hang in place, appropriately
accompanied by geographical charts
showing location. Every section is
plainly labeled, and still further differentiated in being indicated by a spe
cial color. Ontario is marked pink,
the Northwest brown, New Brunswick green, Manitoba violet, British
Columbia yellow, Quebec red and
Nova Scotia blue.
Specimens from the Le Roi, War
Eagle and other prominent mines
of this district are  well in the fore-
Seattle,    Wn.,   Aug.   29.—The
United States army transport Law-
ton arrived last night  from  Nome
with 220 passengers,  two-thirds of
whom are destitute miners, returned
at the expense of the government.
Rev. Sheldon Jackson enme in  on
the   Lawton,    bringing   with him
twenty-five Laplanders employed by
the United States,   in   its  Alaskan
reindeer experiments.     The    Laplanders   are   bound   for   Norway.
About eighty   Laplanders now  engaged in mining at Nome,  refused
to leave the country,
Mr. Jackson reports that the
grippe, pheumonia and measles
I have been epidemic all summer
among the Eskimos, materially
lessening their numbers. The
ravages extended from the Aleutian islands to Point Barrow.
The revenue cutter Bear was loaded
with supplies and sent to the relief
of the natives.
New'  Vork,   Aug.   2Q        .
Russia is quietlv  _.   •  .       W
-i— ...    .. "leAm,
the Japanese an8We^;^«
covite moves.  __,_.... _. . -W
Hver, it ,S thought that th7u^
'nese tronn...   "S
of the Japanese troops atAm
^ Japanese answer tothMA;
covite moves, says * rJ.    M*
gram. U^**%
Critics here are beginni
ogmse that the outcome*,'*
slices of Chinese territory will
ta,n,y   I—   .'"to  thepos2*
*"*. Germany Bnd ^H
first named will  Sei/e M     1
o-He P»ea that China de^
-d invaded Siberia. G *
** ** Tung asindemn^
the murder of Baron V0„ *!**
""■-f? ». or, if not, Amer 1J
the British   policy   w|||    ' *
event, is not known. m
ble company will accept at half rate groun(1 Ufge pieces of them are
from the adjutant general of the insta„ed on a stand where they are
army,   continuous   me sages   con-
stock in sight when the telegram
was received and that the telegram
itself was a fake are facts which are
significant enough, but it would be
difficult to prove that they were
more than a mere coincidence.
"And, after all,the men who were
bitten were doing their best at the
time to bite others. It was e
"sure thing" speculation in which
they   got the worst."
There is hardly a word of truth
in the foregoing extract from the
Province of .August 25. Thorpe,
the principal character in "The
Market Place," put Rubber consols
on the market and had no title
whatever to concessions supposed
to have been granted by the Mexican government. The members of I
stock   exchange,   anticipating
„■     „     .      .- ;   "".      taining  messages for  the  soldiers
so far developed in the       .     .,        ,°.       „.  . ,
and sailors of the allied forces in
China from their friends at home.
Messages  must  be strictly social,
in plain  language and must be ad
dressed to the commander-in-chief.
Half rate messages will also be ac
cepted   from   the   commanders   in
China to the adjutant general ofthe
army containing messages from the
soldiers and sailors in  China, to he
distributed to theii friends at home.
No doubt when Bernard Macdonald returns from Alaska, he may
have something further to say in
connection with this matter.
London   quotation*.
The London financial papers of
August 1 s, give the following quotations on British Columbia proper-
Le Roi, £6ii.
Le Roi No. 2, £ty.
Rossland Great Western, £$}£
Enterprise, £1.
Ymir, £1. 11-16,
B.A.C., i4sh.
Whitewater, 12/6.
Exceptionally   High    Scores   at   the
lloiuin Ion MM** Association nee I
___,_,     ..t-...l,I_K
the failure of the flotation, naturally
sold Rubber consols short. The
applications which came in amounted only to a few thousand pounds.
Then Thorpe conceived the scheme
of employing the Scotch broker to
accept all offerings;—and after
getting everything in, Thorpe ran
the shares up lo £ 15. He then applied tor and obtained a settlement
from the exchange, and then de-
demanded the delivery of the goods,
The brokers then found that in order to make good their sales they
had to buy the shares from Thorpe
at his own figures.
The whole story was inspired by
malicious people to injure Mr.
Wright, the character of Thorpe
being a supposed representation of
Mr. Wright. In fact it is a caricature rather than a portrait.
The   first   error    the    Province
makes is in thc  statement that this
laat squeeze of the bears has been
in   Le   Roi   shares,   whereas   the'
stock  which has made such a sensational advance was Le Roi No. 2,
comprisingjthe Annie, Number One,
Rockingham;  Hecla Fraction, Josie  and   Poorman.    This company
was floated   on  the   market a few
weeks ago in London at ^600,000.
The   successful    subscribers    who
ware   allotted   the   shares,    found
within a few days afterward, a ris-
Flclit Tomorrow Night
New York, Aug. 29.—Corbett
and McCoy have completed their
training for their fight tomorrow
night in the ring of the Twentieth
Century club in Madison Square
garden. Corbett said: 'I am ready,
as I announced, to meet either
Fitzsimmonsor Jeffries on the night
following my battle with the kid."
Instantly Killed
Chicago, Aug. 29.—George H.
Ling, who saved the lives of scores
of people at the time of the Johns*
town flood, fell from a train at
South Chicago ysterday, and was
instantly killed.
Corhett and MeCy,
New York, Aug. 29,—Corbett
and Kid McCoy are both in firstclass condition for their fight at
Madison Square Garden. McCoy
weighs 168 pounds and is in condition o fight the hardest battle of
his e. Many of his admirers feel
confident that he will defeat Corbet*.
Ottawa, Aug.   29.—The Dominion of Canada match at the D. R. A.
meet, which concluded   yesterday
afternoon, showed   some tremendously high scores, the average   being far ahead of last year.    In this
match. Sergt. S. W.  Bealy of the
Fifth   regiment, C.   A.,   Victoria,
won $8, with a score of 96!   gunner Fleming of the same  regiment
won $6, with a score of 95 Sergt.
Major Richardson, also of the same
regiment won $5   with a   score   of
95.    In extra series "A" first stage,
five shots   at   600   yards, Gunner
Fleming of Fifth regiment, Victoria,
won $535, with a score ot 25.
British Columbians.
Ottawa, Aug. 29.—Shooting this
morning was for Kirkpatrick's cup.
Three British Columbians were in
this competition and won money
prises. Sergt. Major Richardson,
Victoria, won $5, with a score of
60, Sergt. Major McOougall and
Sergt. Bodley each $5, with scores
of 59 each.
— —j —-
made as conspicuous as  possible.
On    another   stand    are   grouped
silver   lead   ores from the Slocan.
There are also  fine samples of native   silver   from Silver Mountain,
Lake  Superior.    Next  to this is a
stand containing copper ores   from
British   Columbia, the province of
Quebec and  the province of Ontario.   The  various copper ores   so
irridescent   and diversified   offer a
beautiful   appearance   and   attract
much  attention.    There is also an
exhibit  of copper  matte   obtained
from the smelting of the ores.
The intrinsic value of the mineral
exhibit from Canada,   including the
Klondike, is  estimated at $30,000.
Part of the collection  is  placed in
four burglar-proof glass cases protected by metallic covers.    Two of
the cases contain nuggets and gold
dust from  the alluvial  deposits of
British Columbia.    In the third one
are   specimens   from   the   famous
Klondikt mines,   which  are known
throughout  Europe,   and  are very
much  admired.    The chaplet   presented to the Rev. Father Gendreau,
O. M.  T.,  at Dawson   City,   and
composed of gold nuggets from the
Yukon river, excites  the interest of
all.    This   chaplet  is estimated at
$500.    Another small tray contains
gold worth $896, obtained by washing 20 pounds of gravel.
Thr   Safeguard    Against    Fraudulent
Winona,   Wis.,    Aug.     29.—A
bankruptcy discision has been filed
to the effect that under the bankruptcy act, no   creditor   can  have
his claim allowed until he surrenders to the   trustee   any   money   or
property ne may have received from
the bankrupt   within   four  months
prior to bankruptcy, without regard
to the creditors' knowledge  or  ignorance ol the fact that  his  debtor
is in danger of bankruptcy.
urn and por roAL.
The Wales Tle-I y Is  lis.lun lis Kl-
reet on ihe Supply.
New York, Aug. 29.—The strike
of   coal   miners   and  railroad employees of Wales is likely to . have a
lasting   effect   upon   the American
coal business.    Most of the foreign
shipments have been on the orders
of different governments, who have
needed the coal for their war ships,
but now inquiries are coming from
private consumers of coal in England, France, Germany and Russia.
The  inquiries many  times   exceed
the orders.
Mars It Is yiltretsrvtttvst
New York, Aug.  29.—''R^t
attitude  has been greatly misrepJ
sented.    Her operations in nonhn
China are conducted solely fori
. purpose of restoring peace and*
der, are absolutely unselfish." \
statement,   says   the   Washing*
correspondent of the Herald, *j
made by De Woolant, the
charge d' affaires.   Russian
have   telt    keenly   the  aspen
lately cast upon their country.
< ousidrn 11 em
London, Aug. 29.— A special i
patch from St.   Peterburg contaai
the somewhat remarkable asserts
that Russia will notify the pots
that she considetr the relief of 1
Pekin legations as the final acta*
plishment of the military task oil
allied forces.
The afternoon papers, howtn,
regard the activity of the alliesS
Pekin and the difficulty of (//tanning a responsible Chinaman, tie
whom to treat, unless Li Huf
Chang is able to secure crerdnlali
satisfactory to all powers, as imSf
ative that the solution of tht pi*
lem will be more prolonged ul
more difficult than previously hosd. J
"■alls la Alaska.
, Washington, 'Aug. 29. — The
postoffice department has given a
contract to the Canadian Development company, limited, to carry
letter mail from Skagway to St..
Michaels and Nome from December
1 next to March 31 next.
The placing ot a Canadian exhibit
m the Paris exposition may well be
regarded as fortunate. The industries and resources displayed in the
Canadian pavilion have been a revelation and an object lesson to
thousands of visitors whose previous
impressions of this country were, to
say the least, hazy and obscure..
All accounts from Paris show
that the exhibit from Canada is attracting its full share of attention,
and ,„ most instanees thjs attent.on
•s followed by surprise and admiration. The mining section occupies
a prominent position,  having been
accorded its rightful place as one of
the leading industries of the coun-
try. The collections of specimens
from tbe various mines presents a
The item of $2500 for a Normal
school in Vancouver, provided
for in the estimates, has excited
some curiosity, the sum being so
small that it was probably insufficient for the proper establishment of
such an institution. It is explained,
however, that the city of Vancouver
is offering the free use of school
rooms for the purpose, with heating,
lighting, etc., free to the province,
and that as the school cannot come
into operation until the beginning
of the year, $2^00 will be quite
sufficient to meet the charges for
salary for tbe remaining months of
the year, The necessity for a Normal school has been apparent for a
long time, and has been a standing
subject of agitation in educational
cities in the province.
A  Hln   Export   Trade  lo    Karope,   Is
Ottawa, Aug. 29.—The government has received a number of inquiries from leading Europeans as
to the quality and quantity available, of Canadian coal for export.
Should price and quality be satisfactory, it is expected a big export
coal trade will be soon developed
between Canada and Europe.
A Big Rhae Mil.
Quebec, Aug. 29,—The inprij
was office is purchasing here a H
amount of footwear for use by*
imperial troops in China. AW
$70,000 has already been exptniid
Will Itppese   Tlsdsle
Simcoe,   Ont.   Aug.   29.—So«*|
Norfolk   liberals   have  nomin^
'■   R-   Atkinson  to   oppose H»
David Tisdale at the next i'cd
»• K.|Rrb Nomina!,*.
Mitchell, Ont., Aug. 29.-S0t.th
Perth liberals have nominated D.
K.Erb sitting member, „s a candi.
date at the dominion elections
^^^^^^—tAy Vite
Cornwall, Out., Aug. a9__AIcx
Jams hardware store was damaged
by water and smoke this morning.
Loss, about $3000.
Ottawa, Ang. 29.-The charge
of attempted murder against John
Mann, of Strosede Lima, by his
wife, was dismirsed. Mrs. Mann
"Heged her husband had threatened
to cut out her heart.
John McNaught of the Strath-
cona Horse, predicts that quite a
number of the soldiers now in the
transvaal will remain there perma-
nently, or at least long enough to
test the resources of the country.
l-t.rn.u.a.l  Arhlimiioa.
Washington, Aug. 29—Under
authority of the treaty ofthe
Hague, President McKinley has
requested former Presidents Harri^
, son and Cleveland, to accept appointments on the arbitration board
for International differences.
Aa Aei unpllee.
Buda Pest^Aug. a9,_A venet;an
who It beleived to have been an ac-
Will Hun A*iiu.
Kingston, Ont„ Aug. 29.—Fn»
tenac Patrons of Industry In"
again chosen D. D. Rogers, sitl*
member, as a candidate at the «*
general elections.
North middlesei Liberal*
Ailsa Craig, Ont., Aug. W
Liberals of North Middlesex In"
again chosen V; Ratz, sitting «**
her, as their candidate at them*
general elections.
To 4 lain,  an   lulirrllsuc
San Francisco, Aug. 29.-— E""1*
Burdock, of Honolulu, and f*^
arrived on the steamship Chins, 9
route to England, to claim an I
heritance of $ 1,700,000 which, tW
have been advised, is awaiting th*
NIK   to Two ^^_
Montreal, Aug. 29.—The l«Hj
game closed with a final scor* 1'
six to two, in favor of New W<*
A Nudiieu Death
Montreal, Aug. 3o.-Whil* »''
complice in the a,.a*7„»t"" ^ ,e,,ding the wedding of two y^<
Empress Flizabl   r a " °f   fricnds in Richmond Hall l«» «£
b^narlted, ^^  haS   P«nny Swarts dropped to the ^
and died iu convulsions. 'RIOT BUSINESS
| T. G. Blackstoek's Emphatic Statement Concerning Mines.
tlthough   not   quite    recovered
a recent   attack   of typhoid
-, T. G. Blackstock, vice-presi-
of the War Eagle and Centre
mining companies,  in   an   in-
iew accorded a  Record   repre-
live yesterday, made a vigor-
defense of the company's man-
n'lii  up   to   date   and   stated
[kly what policy would   be  pur-
by them in the future.     What
is the announcement added  im-
jance is the fact that,  combined
the  B. A. C. company,   these
rations represent 85  per cent
e  working  properties  of   this
and that  up  to   the   present
they have outwardly   worked
ison, particularly in relation to
ibor question.     Just  how  far
ixecutive of the latter  corpora-
agrees with the views  express-
Mr. Blackstock is not known,
is presumed that there is   a
let     understanding      between
and that the   position   taken
e maintained in the future,   it
e noted that Mr.   Blackstock
merely willing to  speak  out,
anxious that his views should
tiooderham was not present
the interview,   except  for  a
ni or two, but it may be taken
[anted that  the  vice-president
for the management gener-
Never in the  east,   and  cer-
never   in   this  camp,   have
been expressed with  such re-
tig frankness.
The Labor Question.
here are lots of things I'd like
ilk   about,"   was   Mr.   Black's greeting to the Record rep-
tative.    "For a period it  was
ight expedient to  remain silent
lome matters of importance here
to say nothing  concerning  the
lagement of the War Eagle and
entre Star, but in  my| opinion
ime for plain speaking has  ar-
und it is not only   permmis.su-
kit necessary  that   our   views
lu" be known by this community
liners and merchants.
kavs no quarrel with the miners
or any other combination of work-
■ do not believe In attempting to
Uboi organizations, as It Is a one-
I content from tha start.    Tho sltua-
as wa found It up to a certain point
year, w ts a per tec t ly intolerable one
»e will never submit to It again, no
>r what the result may bo.   Our ex
•s had growa out of all proportion to
isults attained nnd I bslleve that It
lulte true that wa had become the
Ing stock of all mining mon owing to
is taken course we adopted.   For ths
1. let me tell you Plainly, the mines
*t worked upon the strictest busl
irlnclples, and In favor of tha sharers.   Do not misunderstand me; we
ay good wages to good mon, but we
tslst that tho wages paid are earned.
■oi making any extravagant state-
«hea I say wo definitely nscsrtalned
1 the period complained of that many
men only really worked one-third of
Ime, and It became simply Impos-
0 carry the load thus Imposed. Con-
itly. we were obliged to close down
hope such a state of things
ever exist again; but," added
ipeaker with a good deal of
th, "if they ever do, we wilt
down aad remain closed down
long that when we do start
>ln there will be no fear of
»r trouble. I wish It to be dls-
y understood that this Is not
>at, but an intimation of what
1 be compelled to do. During
*it I have found a most de-
Itnprovetnont and I believe
>pe It will continue.   Wc have
good miners under contract,
8. high wages, and there is a
change for the better in many
A  Business Basis
hink there  are other matters
a change is needed. Prices
"y instances for goods that
night to your doors are, in
nion, needlessly high. They
me down in  time, doubtless,
the good of the community
•p cannot come too quickly,
leat, for  instance, and many
reasonably high. Sooner or later
mining communities, like others,
must come down to a business
A Camp for Homes
Vt  am glad that   manv of the
miners are building and occupying
their own  homes.    You can   have
no better guarantee for a permanent,
prosperous   and    well    conducted
mining camp.    The man who has
no stake or tie to bind him to your
community, and who, after causing
trouble,  can  pack his blanket and
tramp off elsewhere, is not likely to
be of much benefit to the town.    A
camp of homes, such as I have understood  this  is fast  becoming, is
the   best   safeguard    I   know ^of
against disturbance of any kind."
Satisfactory Itlauanenient
When told that the management
of   the mines   was   the subject  of
much local  criticism; that the real
trouble   was  alleged    to  be    not
men    so    much   as    the      mine
managers,   and    that    unpleasant
comparisons   with   the   B.   A. C.
properties were openly  made about
the camp and  that  the visit ot Mr.
Gooderham and  himself was confidently expected  to cause a speedy
change—Mr. Blackstock said: "We
are the last  people to hear these
tning and I am glad you have mentioned them, as I   do not think any
man or management  is above criticism.    Not being  a mining man, I
have to  rely solely  upon  our staff
for my  information.    Some  of the
matters you speak of I know about,
and I think that all  of them are capable of explanation.    We have the
utmost  confidence  in our manager
and you must remember that he has
had almost untold difficulties to contend  with.    We   know these   and
are quite satisfied  that  he will successfully   surmount    them    all   as
quickly as it is possible to do so.
Unreasonable   Legislation
Referring to the provincial legislature, Mr. Blackstock said:   "I am
strongly opposed   to some  of the
proposed legislation.    Mine owners
are   being   taxed   out of existence
and if it continues,   British  Columbia will be known  as  a good country for the capitalist to keep out of.
Just   to  the south of us   valuable
mining  properties  can be obtained
today, cheaper and on  better terms
than   in   British   Columbia.     You
may be sure that if you continually
drive the capitalist  from your door,
he   will stay   away for good,   and
without   capital and   plenty   of it,
your  mineral   resources  would   lie
dormant.    Is   it   wise?   Is it good
business   policy    to   hamper   and
frighten   away   the   investor? We
have time and again refused to consider tempting offers of mines elsewhere than  in   Canada,   chiefly because Mr.   Gooderham,   from  high
motives, thinks it his duty to invest
in Canadian  industries  in   place of
going   into    the    United    States.
Other capitalists  are  uot governed
by the same consideration,   but will
go where they  can   make the most
money.    Competition among capitalists for your properties is what is
most wanted   here   at the present
time to  promote  prosperity  for all
hands.    The whole trend of legislation in this province, in my opinion,
is along wrong  lines,  and perhaps
when it is too  late you  will find I
am right.
The Two Propertiee
"I am   going   to be   here some
weeks, and will thoroughly acquaint
myself   with   the   situation at  the
mines.   So far as the drop in stocks
is concerned,   neither  Mi. Gooderham nor myself have  dealt in them
at all, and up to  the last moment
before the drop came, our own relatives   and immediate  friends  were
the heaviest purchasers.   When the
shareholders heard my explanations
at the annual  meeting,   not a word
of hostile criticism was offered, and
I think they were more  than  satisfied with the statement given them.
Personally, we are in favor of amalgamating the  two   companies   but
the other shareholders would  probably object.      1  was   misquoted  in
Toronto in this   matter.      What  I
said was that shareholders of either
the   War   Eagle   or   Centre   Star
would object to having the stock of
the other unloaded on  them.      We
have    perfect   confidence   in   both
properties     and     I     would     not
be understood to  reflect  on  either
one at   the expense  of the  other.
We are perfectly well satisfied with
Al--   t-.--.-L       1 .*
The Japanese Seize 50,000 Taels of
London, Aug. 25.—A Pekin  correspondent says:    "Pekin   ie   now
entirely     urder     foreign   control.
Looting   is    proceeding   systematically.    The  French  and  Russian
flags are flying over the  best portion of the Imperial domain,   where
it is beleived the  Imperial treasure
is buried.
The forbidden city is respected by
j international   agreement   although
any punishment  will be  ineffective
unless it is occupied.    The Japanese
have seized a horde amounting  to
50,000 taels of silver.
The empress dowager,   the  emperor, Prince Tuan and all ths high
officials escaped to  Tai  Yuen  Fu,
provinct  of   Shan Si,   from which
point they proceeded to   Sian   Fu.
There is no governor."
Meeting; Mobs.
London, Aug. 25.—Street fighting   breaks   out   intermittently   in
Pekin, according to dispatches from
Shanghai,   the   allies   not   having
sufficient forces  to  police  the vast
city.    As small parties of the allied
troops penetrate  into  new districts
they  have  to engage  half  armed
Forbids Couiiiuiuli sllou
Washington, Aug. 25—Admiral
Rcmey reports that the Russian
commander at Pekin has forbidden
any communication between his
forces and the Chinese.
liennan Transports.
Taku, Aug. 25.—Transports are
pouring into Taku. Three large
German vessels have arrived and
are unloading. One regiment that
has disembarked is on its way to
Pekin and another is bound for Tien
Tsin. Three Russian vessels are in
the harbor.
Liverpool Bealmeni Snftro Severely—
Heavy Caaualtlee on the 23d
London, Aug. 25.—Lord Roberts
has left Pretoria, and has fixed his
headquarters at Wonderfontein, the
second station west of Machadodorp,
where the bulk of the enemy's
hlrmy is supposed to be. Wiring
from them Aug. 24-, he says:
buiier  reports  the  Boers laid a
trap for his   cavalry   August   23,
opening with several  guns at fairly
short  range.      The   English   guns
silenced  the   Boers  but  when   the
firing ceased and   the  pickets were
being placed for the night, by some
mistake   the    Liverpool    regiment
advanced fifteen hundred yards into
a hollow out of sight of the  main
body, where they   were surrounded
by Boers and suffered severely. The
Liverpools lost  ten   men killed and
Capt. Plomor and fifty-five wounded.
In addition they had thirty-two men
Gen. Buller's other casualties
Aug. 23, were twenty men killed,
wounded or missing."
Lord Roberts also adds that Gen.
Pole-Carew occupied Belfast, near
Machadodorp, Aug. 24, without opposition.
Gen. French with several brigades of cava Iry is moving east 0
Dewet Escapes Again.
Krugersdorp, Aug. 25.—Commandant Delary appeared yesterday
before Bank station with a large
force and summoned the gar-ison
commanded by Lord Albermarle to
surrender. The garrison refused.
In the meantime Dewet took advantage of this ruse and crossed
the river towards the Orange River
Fifty Thousand Colliers Are Idle as
a Result.
Hit   Bl.l.i, lilts AOAIN.
Lelt   S&OOO 1 Worth In   a Sleeping Car
Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 2$.—The
report was made to the police last
night of a big diamond robbery on
a sleeping car of the Cleveland
Terminal and Valley railroad. Mrs.
McBride, wife of a prominent manufacturer, is the loser. She had
$5000 worth of diamonds in a bag,
which she left in the lavatory.
Belurned to   tbe  Front
Toronto, Aug. 27.—A London
cable says Private H. Andrews of
the 5th regiment, Victoria, , injsred
at Paardeberg last February, and
invalided to England, has recovered and has returned to Pretoria.
Measures   Aaalnst  AnarrhlsU
Vienna, Aug. 27.—It is asserted
that the French government expressed its readiness to interchange
opinions with the powers regarding
more stringent measures against
anarchists, believing that the present means of repression are inadequate.
Duel  With Basore
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 27.—Donald Gray and Maurice Hutchinson,
colored, last night fought a duel
with razors, which lasted more than
half an hour. The fight was witnessed by a large crowd of spectators. Both were seriously cut, and
Gray will die. The trouble was
over a woman.
He Is Taken lu Chance by the Spokane
Kenneth Farririgton Bellairs, formerly of Rossland, has again been
taken into custody on the charge of
insanity. The Spokesman-Review
"Kenneth Farrington Bellairs,
whose claim for $6,000,000 personal damages is now before the city
council, was arrested last evening
on a charge of insanity preferred by
Health Officer W. W. Potter. He
is confined at the county jail, pending examination on the charge.
"Since his release from the asylum he turned|his attention to industrial enterprises. He became interested in the industrial exposition
and, his atte'mpts to interest Mana- ]
ger Hawley proving unavailing, he
has written letters threatening suicide. These letlers have led to his
arrest, Mr. Hawley called the attention of the health officer to their
"Mr. Bellairs was taken in custody last night at Main avenue and
Division street. He was indignant
at the arrest. He asked the officer \
tor time to write four letters, and
his request was granted. One of
the letters was addressed to President McKinley, another to the British ministry, and the others to
friends in London."
London,   Aug.    25.—Forgetting
the Chinese   cryptogram   and  the
unending war in  South Africa and
the re-construction of that country,
the strike on a little one hundred
mile Welsh  railroad stirs up more
serious interest than anything else
in Eagland this week, because it is
closely related  to the coal  supply
and  the  manufacturing vitality  of
the kingdom.    The Taff Vale railroad   carries   the   product of fifty
thousand miners into Cardiff.    The
fifth day of the strike sees small
quantities of the  best steam  coal
commanding thity-five shillings. All
the Cardiff factories are  shut down
and thc merchant fleet are unable to
leave the harbor  because they have
not been supplied with coal.     Mist
of the mines  are still piling up coal
at the pit mouths.   All will probably
be idle in another week.    The cause
ot dispute is t.hat two thousand railway servants want  a half penny an
hour more  and  are  upheld in that
demand   by  the  union  of railway
men  of  the   United Kingdom with
£.'-•50,000 in the treasury and a strike
strike income of ^3,000 a week.
Interwoven with the discussion
anent the coal scarcity, trouble is
brewing everywhere in the world.
The Great Eastern men have handed
in an ultimatum demanding increased wages and threatening to strike
if this is refused.
The arrival in the Thames on
Thursday evening of the British
steamer Queenswood with four
thousand tons of coal, and the
sailing of the British steamer Arm-
stor from Norfolk, Virginia, on
Wednesday with four thousand tons
destined for Bantry Bay for the
British navy, afford a text on which
hangs abundant speculation. English writers point to America's
exhaustless coal supply and to the
ultimate certainity that large imports will be made from that
France ard fingland May Take a
Turn At lt.
New Vork, Aug. 25.—"That the
French government is preparing for
war there can no longer be any
doubt." Th* Pall Mall Gazette
makes this statement editorially. It
but puts in concrete form what
newspapers in all parts of England
have been saying in a more veiled
way for three days, says a cable dispatch. There is absolutely no reason for war between France and
England, save the hatred of every
class of each nation for the other.
What specially has scared the
English are the French experiments
with submarine guns, but many
other French doings are having
their effect.
Philadelphia Clab Wins.
Paris, Aug. 25.—The crew ofthe
Vesper club of Philadelphia won
their trial heat by 15 lengths, defeating a crew of the Nautical cluh
of France. It was an eight-oared
race and the distance was one mile
and 158 yards. The Vesper's time
was 5 minutes 15 2-5 seconds. The
final heat will be rowed   tomorrow.
A Canadian Killed
Ottawa, Aug. 27.—Sir Alfred
Milner in a cable from Capetown
announced the death of Private
Arnold ofthe Strathcona Horse, a
native of Cookstown, Ont., from
wounds received at Standerton,
Aug. 11. Private Norris of the
same corps, leported missing at
Greylingstadt, July 5, was killed on
that date.
Car   Jumps the Track
Charlottetown, P. E. I., Aug.
27.—The west bound train on the
P. E. I. railway, Saturday evening
jumped thp track at Bluebank.
Engineer Pound received severe injuries besides being badly scalded.
Passengers got shaken up and the
engine and cars were badly wrecked.
What     the
Hot In the Kaat
Montreal, Aug. 27.—Intensely
warm weather prevails throughout
Ontario and Quebec, The mercury
ranging from 80 to 90 degrees in
the shade.
Liberal Candidates.
Brampton, Ont., Aug. 25.—-Peel
county liberals have chosen Joseph
Weathcrstone as their candidate at
forthcoming general elections. The
North Ontario liberals have chosen
Duncan Graham as their candidate.
dities used daily bv all of us,
ter making every' allowance I £e are T£'y« WC" f^9"*" W'1"
. y  »huw«iimj   (fog   way   botj, pr0perties are now
e, the prices charged are un- j coming on."
Sir  Cbarlee Tupper
Halafax, N. S., Aug. 27.—Sir
Charles and Lady Tupper arrived
here Saturday. Sir Charles is still
suffering from the sprain to his
knee which occurred at Amherst on
Friday night. He is obliged to use
a crutch. The injury, however, is
not considered serious.
It   Holmes  Momlualed.
Durgannon, Aug. 25.—West
Huron Liberals have nominated R.
Holmes, sitting member, who succeeded late Cameron, appointed
lieutenant governor of N. W. T.,
as a candidate at the next general
Victor    Had
About It.
New Vork, Aug. 25.—"The fight
between Fitzsimmons and  Sharkey
last night,"   said    Charley White,
who   refereed   the   bout,   "though
short, was the best mill I ever  saw
and the best man won.    Both   men
displayed    great    gameness.    The
blow that knocked Fitz down   was
too high to be effective.    When the
ei.d came Sharkey stood the rain of
blows like the stoic   he  is.    When
nearly   gone   Fitzsimmons got  his
famous left  hook to  the jaw  that
won    the    fight.    Fitzsimmons   is
right in line for a return   match   for
the championship."
Fitzsimmons said: "I knew all
along that I would win, but really
I did not think that I would do it so
quickly. I expected that Sharkey
would last about five rounds. I
was in the best condition of my
life. Sharkey can hit harder than
Ruhlin and is a game fellow."
Scalded   Him
St. Thomas, Ont., Aug. 27.—
Glen Tyler, a Michigan Central railway engineer, is in a precarious
condition, suffering from a severe
scalding administered to him by
Mrs. Halbert, who alleges Tyler
was an intruder. While in an outhouse Mrs Halbert threw a pail of
boiling water on Tyler, terribly
scalding his head, face and arms,
legs and body. Mrs. Mrs. tHal-
bert has been arrested.
Barclay Webster Nominated
Kentville, N. S., Aug. 27.—Conservatives of Kings county have
nominated Barclay Webster, ex-
M. P. P., to oppose Hon. Dr. Borden at the coming elections.
Heeepllon   to Voluutecrs
Quebec, Aug. 25.— A reception
was tendered the returning Canadian invalids who reached here last
evening by "Lake Ontario."
Will Be Brought Home.
San Francisco, Aug. 25,—The
large base hospital that was projected by the government at Nagasaki, Japan, has been abandoned
and the wounded brought from
China will be brought directly here
and treated in the general hospital
af the Presidio.
Surrounded   the    House    ol'  .'lis   Br
Wright at Ulllniau III
Oilman, 111.,   Aug.   27.—Michael
Ryan, who  accompanied   constable
John Milstead,   to  serve a writ for
malpractice   on   Mis.    Dr.    S.    N.
Wriyht, was fatally   shot hy an unknown   inmate   of   the   Woman's
Lying-in   hospital.      The   victim of
the alleged   malpractice was  a 10-
year-old   girl,    who   died   and was
buried secretly.    The   town   in in a
fever of excitement.    A   mob  surround' d the house of  Mrs. Wright
with threats to fire it.    The inmates
have not yet been artested.
A CLERICAL   < Oil I'l.ini l-.vr
Will Oppose Him.
Three   Rivers,   Aug.    2
Adolph Car ran, member for Three
Rivers and St. Maurice counties, is
threatened with opposition Irom his
own camp, local Conservatives having intimated that they intend bringing out B candidate in spite of the
fact that  Sir   Adolph   had   already
I announced his intention of running
1 again.
•.Mary  Anderson    Thought  It a Little
Too  Quirk.
M-iry Anderson (Mrs. Antonio
Navarre) admits Ihat she'is not as
young as when playgoers knew her,
but she confessed to having received a shock at a bazaar held in
Broadway, Worcestershire, the
other day, when the rector of a religious community told her she was
a mother to them. She made a
little speech in which she remarked:
"I am somewhat overwhelmed by
the clerical compliment, but he
might have said "sister."
All   American    at   Tangier*    Mobbed
aud   Hlirued
Tangiers  Aug.    27—A    Tilled
States warship has arrived   here   to
support the claim arising out of the
murder last June   of Marcus   Essa-
gin, a naturalized American citizen,
who was manager  for   the  French
firm of Brunswick &  Co.    Essflgin
while riding on   horseback   through
a narrow street   in   Tangier,   jolted
against    the   mule   of a   Morrocau
and  a   dispute   ensued,   the crowd
siding with the priest.     In   self defence Essagin drew his revolver and
fired; wounding a native.    This was
the signal for a   general  attack   on
the American, who received   dozens
of knife wounds,   and  whose   body
was burned, according to some   accounts, before life was  extinct.
fW J*s*st*,.met*mmmm9s,p*2*»,'****
■«'■    »t;
SAT'-nn^v, Skiticmbkh   ] .1900.
PRAP0X& BARRETT   • ■ l»
l'llllISIIKl)  IvVKItY   KVTt'WMY    AT
MATllF.sox nitos..   Editors * Props,
Advertising rates will i.e uuida  known
upon application ut this clllce.
_*■■■' ■ ■'.".,.«.»■ ...» -...._..■■..■■ ■■■--
IS'Jl  showed   that   durinj,'   that lin 6
880,000.     immigrants     arrived     in j
Onnndn, but alas it  also  showed  tbat j
the   increase   in   populntion    of   the j
Dominion was only 1)08,000.   or   .'578,!
000  less     thnn     our     immigration
Ai'iorclii."   to   that   we lost nil of our I
natural   increase and   .,78,000 of tin-§
iiiiiniijiaiits who   were   assisted   into
noniint; to O.-inndn, a record for a  new
country that is simply appaling.
That we have room  and   hemes  to
spare     for   millions   of
i    111',
.1.  C
Ant; 17—Beaver fr, ^^^^^^^^^
Bnlttnder. ,, ,.
18-Kli-emr, I'ielit Mile cr. 1. Knee-
lioi.e. BAT..I I! I.. Denver, Sum;.-'.
\\ ilsnn i-r. AOwimihand 1! Anderson.
20—Closebiirn. n Ik Cnrpeutei cr, John
'.M-l-A-nir.-ii'..!.. I"."ir .Mi!<- Ed Stewart,
TA— Alien K m Sandon J 11 Csmoron
Fair  Oliamv,   liraiiite   mt,   -V Sproat.
Sunset. Four Mile er, II I'erkins,   ter
S  Wees,    \ iola, nr
1*2* 'XVtiorfouqrn,
SILVERTON, , -   p. c.
(I.mm.liv Wmk CalledVor nml Delivered Weekly.)
111 0 USE
B. C.
$3 K : r?l
Clocks* and
fine Watch  impairing a Sjicdjllj
•> •)
<*■ l*
*) •)
OR   IN   AKI!KAKS     A
BLUE   CROSS     Wil.I.
3»»*»eO   BE   FOUND    IN  THIS
  industrious curity. P.iyn '■ h Wees.
I people is proved by tbe   fact   that   in      ii—pii,.   Piineesi-,   Fennell    W,     "■
Wiliiiims.   I.aiin'iii,   Fennel   i'r,   3m
SUBSCRIPTION    AKi:Stak,'n "p
Mai itnb.-i and the North   West   alone j
there are 381,000,000.  acres  (^Government land, of   which   up   to   djate
I only   10,000,000.   acres   have    bsen]
It  is to be hoped that our
| next census will be as agreeably tnp-
prtsiug to us ns our last wns disapoint-
iim. '
88881 UUiiUaiii.ti... . ;
Atlgl4—I.IIV.'IH,    S\C;I,    I'.nrotl.   I'lil
Silver Reef, Nniihi'rn 1
N.irtliein Be ! lr, Ptn
D.iv, Silver I. nf.    lt
Q*p+**t*lAr>r>t*^^ ***W'**'WA**_VV.O
The man who ia conducting the
wave of prosperity now passing
over Canada, evidently has n grudge
against the Sloean. Why this should
bc when we have so many good properties is bard to explain unless it is
that he is holding this big lead region
in reserve for some big war.
In 188$ lhe value of Canadian imports
wns 1162.704.308; exports, ^168,896,905
Thero nre 17,250 miles of-roilws.v Hies
in C.imtil i. which enrnt. I |63,670.000 nt
un operating cost of $40,706,200 lust year.
The number of letters bundled by the
9420 Cun nd inn post offices lust yenr was
150,375,000, nn.I the uuiuber ol u.'is-
pajiers was 118.235.000.
i£^#|-Wlli £l»d tliat trio
Div, silver I.m.   tu-Jtiisker fr.   17—
Tamarack. Hi* Jim   n,i_>In.   Rossland, -^-,,—-* *my*      4-q      TGSLCil       t_il.3
Red Mountain,   Mnniinolli.   Emporium. ( AA/  *%\**i J/ WW       j.^/www-____.^- ^^^
o±   tlie   Sip.
Archie fr. Un1'!'. I»u    Hesth-r  Bell
Atwootl   18—0 K. Comet, Brunswick.
2(1 — Alert, I  'i.-it.u'i H n- rv, Monterey,
Illinois,    Huh.    21-Trom.     22-Btty _ .*t^
State.   Biv   State  fr,   Mountnjn   ^IqQJQ,   13   tj^LXO'CL^J^L   XiDu©
Now Ihat   the  money appropriated
by the Government   is   available  for
the  buildiii!,'    of   the Red    Mountain J
wagon road, why is it that (he Iloek-
land Company does not show up   with
their share of the money and   g"t   tho
i work underway?   There i.s a eliijue in
New Denver nuking for the road work
[ in that vicinity to be let by  contract
instead of   by days   work   under the
charge of a government  foreman.   \\Y
in Silverton have had   enough   chenp-
john contract work done in this camp
to teach us u lesson.    What we   want
is a good road when it is   finished and
not a makeshift piece of work, and tin-
only Way to get it is to    hnve    it  done
by a competent man » iiose only object
will    be   to   see   that   the money   is
honestly   expended   nnd     the.    work
properly   done,    A     contract    built
road   will   mean   that the contractor
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^fwill try und make as much mon^y  out
of it ns he can,   will  hire  cheap men,
Dining   Room   under tlie djarge ol fa ^^ material and do cheap work,
with   the   result   that   be will male
money and the (Mjviinn-i-iit will havt
All Work Left at The l.nkeview
Hotel, Silverton, will be |..r» hi tied and promptlv al tended to.
O. B.  Knowles,
SANDON, is. C.
*mmp**m**Pt**M***M*Am***p*pm    i-wi i  ■ i. ■     i    i mm ■■■ — ■■
Conveniently Situated near
Railway 8tation and Wharf.
BO fi    &i— Ajti*,  I'shnila    24-(
donia, IT "1 fr,   s:i Idle  •'l"'l<.  H'"]1*-
I,'.ill-mi. r_.iM.|iiility. Crowfell. 27 -
Hiisin fi. Lim V.■•!,-•. 28—Eastern
Township, Camp LoUge,
TKixsri i;-.
(' (i uelv 10
Although ir waft tlionght thai nil nr-
rangeiirenis bad l-een made fnr n visji
Irom the Sandon boneball plavera Inst
Sunday, the boys from the Mountain
town (ailed lo appear. A name wns
played however between two loral teams,
assisted by some visitois from New
The l.nidean Hovers were beard from   your
t!ii« week.   They visit to meet the local  short
football team here on Labor Day,  but ns
the team here has practically disbanded,
not having i.^en able to secure any home
(tallies bom the teams they hive met and
defeated abroad, they will hardly play!
annir. this season.
Aug 17—Black Jim fr,
.binics .,..!.'.Hi,  Aug 17.
'.'I —Un-.: n,  Maine. !  ('■  cucli.   li.'Orne
Ligbtliody to Jst'oh Sterling,  Aug 7
Independent. <i  1!  W'riglu nnd VI \V
Fellows cluim '.-,. from Fran
Independent,  1 24, Q   H W'ri
VV Fallows Aug, is.
'i'nvn. ' .   !■!  llendrickson  lo Franli
Ii. iii!iu-l;-..- . An.' -.'1
23—1'iiw. r ui Aitornev. Ed Bnrtlett t(
F L Christie. Feb 9, 18f».
iB Golden
'lit to w
Phoenix, H Croft lo i; M Sandilands,
Aug 20.
ltt-.l I-'.i\-. ',,. f'entral, I (i. A Uoiiiiis.it)
to A W Wii^:.'. .'■:; ... ;',
87—Emerald u. '. ..I VV Bell to D B
O'Brien Aug 13.
columns of
Tlio mlnorc' trade
Is tlb-o trcid-o. ST7"er3T
TTvTeolr pitie tlio-u-sand-
Slcoaii znjnLlners read.
"VVhv that seriona anal ms look upon
V    banti-iiiuly
iked   lhe 1st.
*^^^VtAlV>_AllV<.->VV^•'VV, ^/v^/^»V^A»VVW'AiVS_^A_AA^^^^/'^_^_M^Ag
"I c.ini u-iiii'iiiiiei- where I stuck my | J
! waist.
replied   the  man. in pink shirt
I3o Yon
Miss Ida Carlisle.   	
Tables supplied with nil the delicacies
pf tbe season.
I wish to inform the Silverton public that I have purchased the stock
and business lately controlled by ,fas.
1. Mcintosh, in the Brandon Block.
I bave now on order a   full  line in
H. H. Reeves,
Silverton, B. C.
the road
to   build   over   nsain next
"Show our ensign.'' "raise rmr stand ml"
Long may it wave o'er land and sea.
Keep it always in tl.e vangnard,
it   in the   banner of the fie.-.
Tbnt   glorious   flair  the world beholds,
And Kurope'snl jecia alndly come
To find beneath it- sheltering folde
True freedom and a   bappv home.
They coble /run England's mo-u-bunked
From Irelaml'it vales of emeraM green,
From bnniiie Bootland's heather tnlls,
Ami France's vine-clail capes serene,
i Tbeir fniiiie lives with ours to iiuk,
Ciiiiimr in "iir national plan,
l Ami all thnir vain distinctions sink
In the pioml name "Canadian."
They come from sunny Italy,
1    *■ j    From Norway and from Sivee.len too,
on [From Russia and from Germany.
Leaving the Old World f<_>r the' N, _v,
role anil An-tiim. Hun. and S..vi-i-.-.
A l! leavi, tbe bind Hint gav« tliem birth
earth..  •
Witli Iii-proved Connecting Service Via
-ftEvaurroKK  or Ckowh Nkut Route to
First-class Sleepers nn all- trains from
Tourist Cars pass laedidne Hat
daily for St. Paul, Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston, Mondays
and Thursdays for Toronto.
Same cars pass Revelstoke one
day earlier.
Ex Suo. To & From the North.  Ex Bun.
11:00 lv. Kiia'krton Arr. l.">:40
Ex Sun. To A From ihe Hcuth.   Ex Sun.
15:40 lv Sii.vkbton Arr 11:00
For rates, tickets, and (ull infoimntion
apply to G. B, Chaniilki:, Agent, Silver-
; tqtj, B. O, or
It   is   commonly   claimed
[prospectors   and   claim   holders
Alpha and   Silver  Mountain that the
proper route for  the proposed wagon      _  ___ ______
road   from   the  Marion and Hartney j '^..f'l " l'^',-,"r ''■■:.'•' "'
!    I bu bee-it counti -.- on tne
mines to the Lake is around   the  base
of Alpha mountain t> the Alpha
wagon road nr.d thenoe Ihroujjh Silverton. This mny be a mistaken
idea, but it is one expressed by many
familiar with the ground. If such le
the case it would be a mistake to
allo.v th'" 0 :.u'i:«sioiier of Lands and
Works lo remain under the misunderstanding that the only toute for Hie
Silver Mountain wagon road wns to
New Denver. Accordingly a uiemoriai-
was drawn up here last week and
forwarded to the Commissioner of
Linds and Works nt Victoria, asking
thnt Iiefore work was start'-d on tlu*
proposed road, proper surveys be
made both from 7-icw Denver and from
Silverton and the road built where the
beat grade could be secured for the
money. This seems to be a very
reasonable request. The Ftatement
made in the last issue of The Ledge
that the citizens here were petitioning
to have the road built to Silverton is
about as correct as The L_edge usually
i bites things.
Sandon  Mine!
Our colors  are red. \i bite and blue,
Oil wllh.ll a heuVHl  niay bo  nee;;.
With maple leaves oiir emblem true,
An emerald wreath of virgin   green,
Long mav ilmt lianner proudly wave
i rom where Atlantic's sur. i-< loar
»\>   when-   l'.e-iii.-'-: waters lave
Our gr,\it Doiniuion'S western  sliote.
Then let u* nil Willi heart  nml band
Unite in one great company,
Should"-- to shoulder   bravely >tand,
And lluht for Inline mil  liberty.
A iniuhiy heritage Is onrs,
Stretching across (mm sea lo sea;
M iv <iod preserve iis wnndrons powers.
To form n iintion grand and free.
—The oIloVS poi'in. written by t'nptnin
\V. Di Andrews, Gt. C V., Toronto, lias
i c nt!y beau published, and is only one
ol many of lid admirable contributions
to Canadian poetry.
01! N   TO   THK   PUBLIC.
Subscribers,  $1. per month.
Privale Patients, |2, pei day
exclusive ol expense ol physician or surgeon and droits.
Db, VV. K. iiomiii. Aitendanl Physician '
Wires A. .VI. Ciiisiiui.u, Matron.
,f. I). .Mi I.\; ..ii.in. President.
VV. I,    il.Kil.F.K, ^^^_
Wm. D..nui!!:,   J,   V.   UABTIX, R. J.
MoLiuy, .v.J. McUoN.vi.:>, Mikk Bh d\ .
Fresh   Bread
rii:sauH'a_..,s!._i.!.I.i Order.
X. i;.MSI'. • Sillortwi, II. Q,
Or*t*As*sr>Ar'ir*s*Vit*\^c\ »/V»A'- A^^vVV^.^^VyAA^^V>>^^A<^^,^V^<^,^^^^^^
Tu Wilson   ^8#«
1.1:nnBi nm,
l'.VTl 101 U   Wl.I.I. T.VKI N CARK "1".
A FliiSI ■ .'!!'! V;M> !.'< ".\i ON  Mir PRKillfl -
BAR   l ;: '.;-•;! l' \YTfH 'Ii:i.   l-l-'l    lli.'.M'.si.i   v\im >;. i.ii.i uiis
AND rii.AU.-.
UEA1   .      i    ' ':    FOB M1N1KG MIN.
'.!aiN si' 1:EET, - SICCAN, H  <.'.
I -1 ii :  - in :, :\ Ni i m.n  •'!,-■ I),
It ss nothing
Our   American   coustos   have just
tnken their decennial   census   and the
There i.nce WB> a Man wlm had Moi cy
t<i I!i,irii ninl he ciuic; VV'eiit for lis knew
that lie would find many II it Wans In
that Place to help blm l.nru It, !!■■ wal
what Ihey call a Murk. When be iir-
rlyed in the West he told all the Crowid
bis Brrand nnd tbey Winked,Iheir ICyos
.it. Bach other and began tb talk In idly
about tbeir Claims. After some Days he
went-to the Hill and Bought a Mine for
much Money because Ihe Prospector
said it was n Good Mine. Then Die Hoys
smiled Behind their HiiihIh because tin-
Pilgrim had a Wildcat. Then the. Men
began fo Mine and made a Strike and
figuring «n"i|: now  in "progress 'ily! f»" mine made Dividends for hhn.   Am
,                                  „  .  ,     '          ,,              the I'ios|iectiir was the. (hump nfler All
their government ollu'inla.    I lie ligures j 4 |./ln| „„,, ,,.„  M _    ,,
so far given cut show a large increase
in pjpulalion for thut country.
Next vear the decennial ensus cf
the Dominion will be tnken and it is
to be hoped that it * ill not be the
disappointment that our last census
was, but will show a substantial increase in both wealth and population
for Canada,
If we are retaining (he immigrants
who have been coming to our country
and keeping the natural increase ut.
home, the census should show an
increase in population   of  nearly one
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson   ,n,11,0,', a8 °Ur ","11,*rat,on nlone  laHt
year wus  over 4 i,C00.
.£, J.COYLL.       ^ Tbtt last census, whicli   covers the
A. q.P. Ayent, Vancouver' ^.ri0d   between the   years   Inland
A I'oolund his  Money are no;   Always
easily Divorced.
Laundry Work
Of The
Silverton, B. C
BftVERTOS 3J?^i!ki' MM,
NO. 06.  VV   V. Of M.
Meets every -Saturday in (he  Union
Hail In E ilver ton, al 7 :S0 i-. m.
.i. ii. Eliiott;
I'itinncial-Si ere! niv
but fair
v       I
r W
i    ...■   -  ,;
,   ■!
; To !-l bv Mucaa r:!.f;;:n r; kHow
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sciceJed ;!;■
\mhm slwi:; ;,i IkU anrtrjr.   All goodi brnglil'lure are g«m^
41 qiulily Bid pri«m arr iieb ia ;,\\\ eoipete wiih Kaslcrn luarkd.
^vwvw^.'A'm u ii!,\ in BTEL80H
ItKPAlRIM    ,\
8PEC1 il.l\
•t:rl:'s'.iw\ iip-to-dite goods in nrndcM^iix, nidi as nrvcr bi
A i;iii:i'.mati'J COTLXt
Wi:   AUK   THK   .V;!.\T8
Lilac ('iTiiiii, /lisllcy's llnir Renewer,
dtiiadiiiii Corn Cttffl and SjfTDp
of lliirclioiiinl ;iii(i Tolii,
l INVITE Vncnit'Ai.i,
Jnoof> Dover, # TIIK JBWELEE, •.%ELS0K. B.&
PreK'riplion Depfrtmont Copidete nnd
I'n ,To   Date
SILVERTON,       -      -      -      li. C.
Full Line      Lumber,
Dry  & Mixed Sash and
Paints. ooors.
Supplies J	
MoCalhinuVCo.,   Stloeciii, P- O*
:;.:his..,,)m,kv,,I',,k II0HHE8 for h
Oatsido Piirli, h .
AT    KKASONAlil-l'
n_- u      .... """a' l,orw" InWIverlnn
C«n H iv.- ih,,„ iic-eivci i.v Written To-
»        ♦      -t        t        t        ♦
A. p. McDonald,
sil.VI I1TUN, - • VC"
Syrup of Horehound & Tolu j


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