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The Silvertonian 1899-04-01

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$2 Per Ar .urn.
Jot* Wo-Pli.
Neatly (Promptly Done
We can quote you bedrock prices
[ping   Srill- ^»««'»
This    Wirt.
about ilin»e_ I'lcbcM wide A* yet no
UKHttys havH bt*f ii tnado on this ore bnt
it has every appearance of lieing a hiifh
Krudo inilcuii. The Mnh iwk li'*-*. within
h mile of Silveiton and mlj tins the Sil
vertoti Boy on** of the Emily Ediih
Group. Tic owners .1. Mi-lriirlaue, J.
P..|ihiiii und E. Raminelme»*cr are well
ipleuHe.il with il*i» showing mnde and
• beli-Ve they Iii.v*- fi.l the nu.kiiiji of
auodier rtilv.-.rt.in  shlp-iar.
IP0„ FOR HI! 24th.
nwi MM MtTB.
tr-rom    tSlwesi"
•/■-** **-s. ■     .
of     I„U*r*st.
„ week bn« forW tona nt ore was
. ,,,,   .pm-rJtivHrrrmVl.s.r.ll'-
, nnv. i «...«». r. •...-«« «**■*■?  ■***!
■,,,,dtoth.T.ail Fmelttr, mak mu
I,,..Mill    mt    »'v   Hi-   Willi*
, i,,1,). nt nil'*-1 "i .
..,,,„* fitMoW-'vea--»ml a hnlib^
;;.,,,h-nvmerHcloM-.o^O 000., ..-.ti.
H.ure for a mine that to only m.«l j>
.(   I ring   iU'Vel..|*d
■vj the ir.'CiHH ____
lay   W'Otlier  .arload   ol Enid.*
I,ll(,r,.v>,H^bi|.l'Hlt..tl.c 6melter»t
,i. this i,i n th- ihM «*^Wr ib.*-
r The Emilv Edltli is « < •-' «*■
I;i,,ill(£ ,ri„^iti....   end w ■"••«;
l is  being  mad.-  to  selH-iatu and
(,„ aid* men. th- c»ean -re e...*min-
M    on  nre ■•bi|.in-*nis f.-r   lh*   fl*"*'
lhi|lht-iade nah*i'»    o\l**tV»t ne*
I, b,v.i..!|.1".* ..*- «.' ">e *-l.i*'l**i I'
L in tbe P -■.*.'". ''Ut ««*• xpe.1 la-lote
l*.e.r WW I******"- »««" '»••*-'be
frton nines *i» B»ve .viHl..«e of
lon*batll-ro>sl U# firft Vhtee on
The Hbi|itni>nt.   nt   urn    from    Slocan
Lilir |i.'illlH,   up   to  un>l   il't'ln.litl.!   ill"
present week, front Jan. 1. 1899.
From It.i.iiin Landing. Tons.
IliM-llll   v     o00
Frum N'*w Denver. Tona
Marion 20
From Bilverton. Tons
Co i fttncIs*      '20
"        ooncsntratei  100
Bar Hv Edith  6J
Fidelity       'i
Va.i'-o'iv t*r  :i20
Uakvliel.l 580
Tola I
Irom ..ur ltegulnr «'<■■ rrkposidiiii.
lie Ontario and Slocan Mine-. Devel-
rut Cutnpiny. In*nl oHiee* st SiUvr-
, It. 0., have Ju*»t is>ued ibeir pro*-
ins Several innies, weil known
itiyhotu llniHrio, me ioni.il in Ibe
ol llirtT nix. Gen. Sltvtr.au of 'iiielph
iKl'r«*si ent end til. '■. Rymi "' He
h ii'v Yi:i-l'.aridctit D_ I Rran-
i and W Ii Bu.ml.-ii of --ilv-erloii an
loi the ilirrtturs.
nt tlie l.'si-t i.iw*u slhie't'.-irt of tin
^isr-fi ins i-u f.n--nnilit.'ul the Siiiilti'i
ns of tlm rhiiitiit-iiie from   tbe  C-.li-
Ian QruO|>. sluiwittM the net pruceed-
|iii tan -.'lipni.'titH in hnve l-.'ii  f-llW.
111127  per ear rewrHviiyely.   Tins or.
ns 107 mu in silver an.', 56% lend.
Nearly I2X) feet nf  tunnel  bat  heen
fii.-ii -ind new buddin.a are elected ul
' mine. _
'he "l.iims in tbe "Canadian Grr-np lb
ii.n'iv   on   the Silver-ton flops- ..( the
nte, looping ovei tbe eumtnit and el
ndin*- toaarda the'Ittub   mine.     The
tin work haa been done on the San.ion
Mr. Ernest Mansfleld rt'lved frotn
l.nii.liio. England, laai Uondai in com-
naiiy with a French eniiineir, Thpt
«ill htiiit in a lew Hays for the Joker
gruiip _t ihe In .nl oi En-do creek,
Tlie Qladetone groop ult Springer
creek, ub-Jiti three miles from SIimmii
City, in now beina worked l.y the owners,   .1. lIcKlnnntt mi.I Al* x steuuM.
They have Biilal.ei) aU'tit 123 f.ei ••!
ttniliel Jin' have -i.iit.eil u i|.-pth nt 9J
feet. AUIioii^'li they have not aa ^el
ti iii'hi"i ihe main ledge, tli_ tunnel hue
cut a ri.'b atiinuer n( ore.
The r.-i*>>rtei|   sale  of ibe   Arlington
Ulilie ia mum.iU\  Weleoilie I'eWH here.
The tnany   Irelnls of  the  MiiCO*  M.:-
A tiieciiigohbe prominent citisena
ami 1iiih;ii...ih men of Silverton was held
lam niibt and the question ol holding a
eel.'liiation on ilm cmint! Queen's
Birth lav w ia f it mull v deeblt-ii >.ii
The matter Of c)n>ssin|| the varioii*i
C'.nuniileeN um tint detini'elv closed,
tIn■> ni'-itier lieini.' left over lo the next
A lar.-e mm fur p>iz*>rt and to cover the
. Ki-enses of thee leiirution wax proiuiHed
and planh were diHi-nsa.il for tlm further
trra.lii g nf tbe street* for tbe  i.t'c.ifion.
C T, Cross, who visited Nelaon this
wtek. r-portH thai considerable interent
iii our cel'i.r iti.i i-i felt tb're and tt i«
not improuiiib* that the Od I Fellows oi
tl.nt .-in will decide tn run ih ir ex-
niixion hern While in Ni-Ihoii Mr
Coils (..'.'tired a [iroiiiico ol favorable
exctui-ioi. ru'eM from Nelson mid int. r-
inedi lie p*dut_ to fllvertn- f .r the 24th.
We are .lint io see the interest tu in
iu this in.liter bv tl.e I'i'izci.*" and the
enihiisiisti.' tioini or in whteb ii i-< being
t-,k'*ii It .Id of Silverton it known a* ii
i'-iiniii'iiiiiv tliat in .kesasiicceHH of whatever it in d- nut. h to do mid in the
matter oi th •  coming   celebration, it
promt-, h io ,-nirp.isis itself.
A in .'tin. »f the isltl-jehS has been
eille.l for next T'»e*i»y ut 8 p in mil
will l>e held it the otti.'.-of ihe Yiclort i
Hotel. A this nneliiig, the var.ous
iMiiimi'U'*--. oml-ottic -r.*t will be ch weo
ami it iadeairable tlm all who cm, will
Do You Know
'loiitre.il and other eSHlern cities.
During th« six in .nth.-, end tu June*
30 .i, 1H0S. the r venu** uinotinii d U i|918
iu ihe l'o-t Ollioo in Silverion 'Ihe
aniouit of money or 'en*, issued wa»
|420 nml paid. (143 The followinieiabie
ifive a compMrb-on oi the r-n nu-s con-
tril.tiiett by tin* tbreu Momn Lako I".1-!
'ili.-es, 1'Ii.imii Ci:v leading, Silveituii
I'liiiiiim next, lieing a nidi ahe-id of N<-w
Denver, tiusin* the ti.nu's on ihoae. given
in the I', btiiiastti (itsneral's report,
Toiul Revemm
Kloean City      *2.2_7 40
bilverton 'It monthH i*i-.i«i_
1913. Jan. toJuue.)   11837 4'.
New Duuver " "*A -»
(Thewine Icing  stink   In   the  No2
line) nt the U'akeQeld Mine*, has  nt W
irhed a depth o( 70 fe*-l.   The ►*r-**in»l
Imr.i and quite sn inflow of water wi a
nroiiniercd,   ao   that   tbe   eonlMctors
tm-hided to throw up the eruitract and
u k f..r tho company at d i\*'h pay. A
<- 'I nn...mn ot ure has lieen encountered
ill the wav down, t-n the company will
.tn-li ihe woik to completion as lust as
ctsilile. The Wakerlehl Mime are
'iiiplnjini* a largo number ol men in j William*.
Mng development woik. When th.-ir
rittnwav is in o|«rut'ou, tbe building of
thich is di rided ufiop, it will' be Ibe
tit-gint ubipping mine in ihe lake region.
p      mm KiiAis.     |
Titn-e   in |M.itant     inin.ii   have   imw
ibeir head i.tfi ei al S.lvert'.n, the I.  H
■ be Cauadiuu and thn Wakefield.
Tin- Whitewater mine wa« started up
lust Tu.-mI.iv, with 100 men o:i the pay-
ioII,   Tiii-    bus   a I'on;   t.iken   up   the
Hie many  ir-m.ir. .,.   ....   .....^v.. :.     *UrplM minere ill thin  Section.
Millan   were  | leased  lo wi-U-oni^ thi-.o |     ll m inmored !bata the  Hall Mines, nt
tuck attain fr*'tn their cxieniled trip twj Nelson, have b,-en noti-tsil lU«t«n action
ia in i-onteiiipbHion anaiusl tin in for infractions of Hie Kiiihl Hour L*w.
' We i.olio* in Ihe nrords that  Phillip
DuMoulin of N.-w Denver has purchased
a one-el hi interest lu tl.e Colonel S lleis!
tiiiiip   o>i   Cofl'eo   creek, coiisiderati n
On Blind*? the Itortin chipped (rout
Buaun l.iii.lni,- two catloada of ore.
This nrinvH the siiipmenis from this
•nine up to 300 tone bilice tl.e I'nst of the
The Emily Fdith Co, have let a con-
iract for the drivinn of u 100 foot tunnel
i)l] ihe J. I 0. claim, cue of Ibeir itrnnp
!li.mi.is Ardiel went tip Tuesday to
atari work on the. contract.
The Condor Group is to tie started up
with uftili force. Ed BteWart la now ut
the propertv putting everything into
-li p.-m> Hi it a lull .'tew ' an he put *o
wi.'k ss s.joo «s the snow will permit.
Ihis property las had good huildinKS
erecied. There is a fine surface showi. v
and a long OftWS-CUt tunnel was slatted
mil i.earlv ranipleted alien work was
snsi-eild.d l.»-i fall
11,774 47
Koliowin'.* is a eoinplrtB -ist nf the
.ninin^ ira.isa" io'is i.T.ir led dtirilig tlie
w«ek (or the t*l<*can Mliiiiiu pivialon:
Mar 2 >— M idle. Four Mile, D llranduti
He.', sailie, W  ti  Hi an Ion.
Ken Fraction, same, Joseph Rraudon.
.'Hr 21—Lucky   lk*rt,   same,   Allen
A gratifying Increase In Ontario's mineral production is nhnyin hy the Bureau
Jof .V.ln «' report lor 1898. From it we
learn th it the prodtlrtiou of Copper was
•■ "73.500 i nnnds, valued at 126* 000 *,
Nickel, 6.667 700 ponnds, value 1514,000.
la their pnabiciioit, t>IU nu-ii were employed who drew wuyea nmotlnting to
I3I5.6.H). Of iron, 48,253 siiort tons of
P'K iion were product**!, unith |530.7ti0.
jl» Ing employment U) 130 men, wag.a
Paid tei 466.
Th" gold yield was 16 075 ounce*.. This
Is 43% more than tlie yield of 1897 and
VIA% more than 18.16.    '
vi   ' :     -■■_——.
A  PR'-UlSlNsi   PUOiPEjr.
_^^^^^     AKSESHMKNT8.
Mnr 15—M Hiltor No 2.
HarXU—Daniel.  UuMwII-f, Crawford,
Oall, U'irilon.
M»r 16-Cniitinental, to Bonttllh Colonial l,nl.I I* l.'i.In.
Slocan Sovereiun, to Bloeau Mines E &
liar 18—Telephone }(, M it W R.tb-
bnrne t'> I'avi c Mining Co. l.t i. Man h 11
Mar 21—Climax U,  II  OOllwtlto S
11 Nichols, Narch 10 >t75J.
Sunrise }y, same tu same,  March 10.
CoriierHcker%.  F II Bartlctt to B, F.
MiNiiuuh', Feu 12.
Fiiirhnvun,  N K M.Natigbt to Joseph
Brand.in, M' rch 2d.
Corncracker %,    B. F. McFuugbt   lo
8 C McCltire is back from lh« Halcyon
E A Pa'terson and F J O'l.ielly left on
Ttiesduv last on u visit to Victoria.
George If. Sm-klin.. the one lime
homner of Silveiton, passed through tie
town on Monday.
J. M Barry, formerly of Silverton, has
bought out the .Model Rt-stauraut on Bak-
• r fit root, N. Isor..
C'.arley Butler, formerly rrei.ht atrent
here, has U'li.e into a in, rchunlile vei -
turn in Win-l'-mere
"Did" Robluaon left for Ihe Coast on
Tuesday tn look after his ranching interests and sir..* up his tun ip crop.
Dr. Armsiroiiu', V. H is ex uniiiim: the
stock at Hill lln.s. mill. A report whs
current thut danders bad made their
A letter received  in town  from Peter
Ross Thorbiirii will clo-*e hia store on
Mon l.»y.   Plea-wit ik*   notice.
Silverton citisetm are rustling in good
lime to li'iv- a ni.- 24t ■ of May lelel.ri-
tion—Saiidon A.ii.inK Review,
Oir loi-il linme train *r*i »re b* tiiuiinj?
to ),rep re th Ir in umis for iln Q.men'a
Birth day trials t, b^* rtla tiere.
These. Slocan is luidtip, some repairs
to In r I'oileia t-eing uecensaiy. The tug
Sandon bus meanwhile taAen I er iuii.
Greater New York intends to <■«•!• hiau*
the Queen's Btrtliday.     Silverton wib
nlso ei lei rate  the 24th — "-aiidou  Pay
Ou Tne-day the as. Slocan made an
extra nip lo "-ilverton, Iriiiulug down
240 .'uses nf yiant powder fur J. A. McKinnon k Co,-
All work in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left nl the -*ilveiton Urn. Sior<?, will
be promptly (orwardod io Jacoi. D.vei,
the Woll-kilOWii Nelaon jeweler. All 16-
p.lirs ale OCAltASTEKO I' ill OSg YKAK.  *
The story ol 'ho prop'sed inioipoi-
atiuo of Nakusp has no inundation in
fact. The loan has oeen receiving CU-
aidemljle Irec adv<-rtisi.-.g in the provincial pre«s over lite utniy.
A petition to   R. F    tiro.'ti,    II  P. P.
is in i-ireuluiioti.   I' a>ks, that  be pull
the pro|ier striuga to si clue thu -staliob
iugol Co i.ia .in Forties, um-fip Tore
Forks, i.t s.mi.; ji.it.it on Sioiaii LukH,
Tlie Ne sou i'niiiino will fr.-iu tj-lay
tic issued as u tuorniiig paper. Thia will
i.e much mull) unreal.lu for ouiMd*-
liat.ons of Ihe Tii .line, at they will thus
receive th.'ir m-wa otie d iv earlier.
James B con. who moved (rout h.re
last amniiier, leiiiuii-d on I'u.saI iy from
Bpriughih, N. S. Ho lias not yet d.tei-
miindon his plana lor the fintiic hut
will prolieuly de.-ule lo telocate in Silverion .
Ueotst-inixation id being discn-s-d in
local fonti-aii ctrulee. A fair xiouud i..r
the itame could he pii pair.I with little
ti'Oilble. A fiiolt'ull match Wlli Im one
ibe drawing tarda of our Qnce./a Btrih-
d>>* Ci-lehialiou
Tl e Nelson Ei-omimiai fete off tin-
i«ill,iwiiig.-"li wa* bop.-d that tlie i.oo-
• l.Ki whicli had ro long Cast its s.aiiow
uV«l Slucain Uuy had Iv-n dispnli*.| wi .,
I ,he i xi< of D. R YoUnil. Nol so, imw
11-v>r Tne Biiciianiii ira natu- i-ouipaii)
U IWturi'.g the rest lents ol thnt plau
with "Faiiclion' and -East Lyni.e.' "
C M ll'i', reprventinit the R -salami
Miner, pud thi-* office a pleasant visit on
-.utirdsy last. Toe Miner wb' in In'n o
pi. coii-sid* ralily inoi- a<teiil|..u to Uie
S'.K'au count iy White ihrough here.
Mr, .Holla; secured the services ol acveral
irooil cot respondents.
Lust SatiiriUy afterm-on uu ii.cipiunt
fire at the Gilpin i*ot.a_o causeil tome
little exi:> teme tit iiiniinl town The lire
eati.tit hotarenn the iwiluig and ti e r.ot^
hy >he pipe. It wus boon extinguished
hy a lew timely bu.kets of matt r. This
is ihe second lime the house has been
on tiie.
Mr. Mi-limes, member for Nanrdmn
bis given notice u| u mutiun that the
lioVeil'U lien.'tal i.(j asked to teq'test ti.e
ImlK'ii.l liov.iiiinent o Mlii'ii.i thc B
N. A ari iu silrh u way an to empowei
Parliament to itii'teafe the repies. lita-
timi ol British (Joliltiitiia in awrdant'e
with the tlaims of ih.-Piovinte. as ni.it
b jiistilied oy any i*ensu-<of ibe |sjpula-
liou taken l>y tin* Province.
We have just lieen shown a unique
machine, impoited bv the Wm lianiei
Co , which is no* ou exhibition at their
waub ii-e for all wii" wi-h  lo call   and
examine it.    Thu   province of   British
Cohimi.ia, this |io>tion of it at  leaat,  is
no! adapted for the tne of either bicycles
or tricycles, lint there is  no iv mm  why
Ibe iinic>.*le,  ii titsluccd  hy  this enier-
piisii g   firm,   el i.old  not.  have a Uvtae
sale, even in this hillv cnuiury.    Besides
giving a  healthy   form of ex. rc|se,  the
Onloycle WMjld be used to  advantage  a-
rotliid many of tbe minea.
\2V_nei-©   *T o   Oet
wrNyyfr>    boots an d shoes,
****** V****W^***^^^^M^**»******0
General Merehant»
Silverton,      JES,   O,
Xi.   3iv£-   SZnoT^les-   TPxojp.
Patronise Home Industries.
'•)S-!8!88SS8?if888)tl5 8?8Bi8888888l8i88888S88 8-»
m ALL             : A"F-:?V1
W THE                 STOCK
*\ »g - 8 f S 8 8 V 8 8 f 8 B 8 8 B S 8
888 8888 88 888888 8 88 8888 88®
ll\i.l.Y  KLiHk
P. Burns & Co,
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir. Katio, Sandon.
New Denver. Care-ide City, Qrand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway ami Or—nwooit.
"Tar 2:i-Pbn-uix, All.an.br.H
B. JT E G acliinUi w U'*" U ,Iu"U"*  _____________________________________
"tS*. Vt • Telenbon V_  lM-ri.'k Burna to j Grant. WI.O luft hern a few week* »«■> for
Mur K4-Ttin plt.'n >*• l" . 0. | ,.,,.. „.,„_ „. ,liH safe Arrival ut-kai'-
puvne Mining Co. UU.-W0II"*
M.-.I.  "7— Eiirluuiiu     Friiftion,     »'"
M.wtoi D-CJ mi D-viasi-"'
A ui! 10.
. beit,',  driven * oh    Iho ineni»l on out «*-»-**   -."";,, w„|
min^ driven on   thu   voin   be uloureq on.   j. ^ |or
A  tunnel   is bein*  driven" oh
Mohuwk claim
T'ie tumn-l ia l*uin^ 	
"■Hd a ni_ intprovenient ia notloea.dt*
as depth ia xuined ou the Indue . In thu
face of thu tunnel i hern uw. luiir Jent 1)1
quart--, siarryiug  c<*-.ijldorable  iron   and
Within -.taw iesi work will b. J»J
mmmimewmmm   A Held, tanta
Silvery with •nouKh open prtime l«J
lllia,,„rpoHe,I..U   tlinm  'a  mtW0l«    ^
a0Bey enough here to uittko   .nyll. K
from ne.-eu loot rins to a  hti.f  wiio
Allui, annnuncos bia safe Arrival at Ska»'
nny, Alaska.
The comrades of uMike" Cummins
will l>e glad to learn thut be ia f.ni re-
covenntr. At the time of his removal, it
WM feared liy many that he would never
return to Silverton.
Clmrlie Keaslnr, who waa rejiorted   to
have been killed in the Slocan country j
about a y .*nr niid n half avro cjuie luick to '
Ket-iiia tliin week.   Tbux one by one our
wandering bo,M return,—Regitia Sluu
General Amenta and   «•£      t#
:•*.     :,•,:   MIoJuu: Brokers.
AT   26c   PER   BOTfLI
Sole Agents For
wru slurrying  c<*-..ldorable  iron   .ud  fro... n si'^u loot nnt, vo - j^ , , v .      .
imsm&wm. >jwt. ?m% THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
A Complet* Ke-rlsw of ths. --rents for
th* Past Week la Thia and Foreign
Lands-Summarise- rrom tha *L*-.test
The tactual work of taking sub_crlp-
tlons for stock In the wofld*_ fair corporation h_s begun.
A petition to Queen Victoria signed
by 2r^DOO British subjects In the Trans-
van) has been handed to the British
agent at;J?i*«t_ria praying her majesty
to secure reform of the abuses from
whtfh the Ultlanders are suffering and
claiming their position is intolerable.
With a superiority in cleverness,
Quickness nnd ring generalship -which
was apparent from ihe first round, Kid
McCoy was very properly awarded tho
decision over Joe Choy___l at the ond
of a 20-pound contest before the National Afheltlc Club In Mechanics pavilion in San Franclaco last week.
Paris is suffering from the scourge
of Influenza. The deaths during the
last seven days have been 238 above
the average.
The'Influenza Is raging ih Berlin and
the death rate is heayy.
General Greeley has received cable
dispatches trdm Cuba announcing that
the military telegraph lines have eben
completed between Sanctt Splrltus and
Clege D'Avila iu the centre of the is
land and between Holguln and Victoria de Las Tunas, department of Santiago. |\
Jules Cambon, French ambassador
to the United States, will soon be appointed ambassador to Italy, to succeed M. Niscard, who Is about to resign.
Chris .Dosser, a carpenter, shot and
killed _ls mother-in-law, Mrs. Brehm,
and then fatally wounded his wife last
week, at Appleton, Wisconsin.
Montezuma University, at Bessemer, Alabama, was destroyed hy Ure
last week.
The organization of the American
School • [Furniture Company, capital
stock .$1,500,000, has been completed*.
The little town of Liberty, In Oe
Kalb county, Tenn., is almost wiped
off the map. A furious tornado swept
over It.
Tom^Bs-oderlck, of Yonkers, knocked out Mike Farrager, of Youngstown,
Ohio, Inst week.
The newspapers of 8t. Petersburg
publish pitiable accounts ot the condition of the so-called famine districts
of Russia, especially Samaria, ln the
eastern part* of European Russia.
Michael Muukascy, the famous Hungarian painter who has been secluded
in a hospital for the Insane at B-nn
for more t_an two years, ls dying.
Colonel M. J. Payne, ex-mayor of
Kansas-Cityy-haa filed a petition in voluntary bankruptcy In the federal court
there/   m    s L .
John Butter, Raid to have been the
oldest-bachelor in the United States, is
dead at Huntington, L. I., In his 101st
year.     ,
ATi-lililsiiop Hennessey Is seriously
ill at the archeplscopate residence at
Dubuque,  Iowa.
Joe Ooddard, the famous Australian
puglllst^-better known in fistic circles
as t,be "Barrier champion," has decided to rehire from the ring.
Wheihithe Will ot Rev. Edmund Dru-
ry CopeY, rector of the church of the
Redeemer at Astona. L. I., was filed
tor probate, lt was found that It bequeathe^ the bulk of the estate of |28,-
000 to tin wife who*died several years
ago, The will would have lieen Inop-
eratlvejfcuit that.-dt bequeathed his library tq the University of the South
at Suwanee, Tenn.
Marquis -Salvago Itnggl, who succeeds Stanor Marttno as Italian minister to (Siina, ls expected to reach Pekin
about the end of next month. He will
ojien neKotiuUons with the Tsung Ll
Yamen concerning Italy's request for
a concession at San Mini hay. '    '
John Gilbert, whp slew his wjfe and
four children with a hatchet on February 28th XasIL oe bis farm near Industry, Kan., Headed guilty wlten put upon trial at Clay Centre, Kan., and was
sentenced to death.
The German battleship Oldenburg
broke her anchor and went aground
near Kiel during" a heavy snowstorm.
It Is reported that.a Mohammedan
rebellion has broken out in the province of Kan-Su, the most northwestern
province of China.
The popular actress Lola Bauzolla,
exclaiming " 'Tls love tbat kills," shot
horself with a revolver on the stage In
full sight of the audience during a performance at Cllll, Styrla, and was re-
movod In a dying condition.
At MoKeesport, Pa., last week Frederick T. Clark shot and fatally wounded bis wife at the home of his mother-
in-law, Mrs. Richard Movie, and then
killed himself.
The Danish government will ask
parllament'to vote a credit to send the
crulservFyon to China in connection
with Denn-iVs movements there.
John Webb and Will Toney, two ne
gro boys 18 years old, were klllod and
two oYlrW conrarles seriously woundod
last week at Edgefield, 8. C, by four
white employes of the ftdgefleld cotton
Mr. Davitt, nationalist member of
parliament for South Mayo, was Bton-
ed and several ef hts supporters were
badly .injured at a political meeting in
Charley-Wile, county Cork, last wtelt.
Flint gla-B bottle manufacturer's of
the United States, acting in concert,
have withdrawn all price quotations
prepa**ito_y to. putting Into -ffeet-th
plosion on Washington street, Seattle,
making the third victim.
Arrangements are being made for a
reunion to be held at Guthrie, O. T., in
June next, of the Rough Riders who
fought ln the battles around Santiago.
The Buffalo has sailed from Manila
for New York. She comes by way of
the Suez canal.
The Roumania has sailed from Santiago with' the remains of 554 soldiers
who were killed or who died ln Cuba,
and 120 from Puerto Rico.
The United States auxiliary cruiser
Badger has arrived In Valpariso, having on board the exhumed reraalps of
Rear Admiral James H. Shotts, U. S.
N., who died at Port Stanley, Falkland
islands, ln 1882.
St. Louis Is to have a new bond and
stock brokerage company which will be
one of the largest ln the country and
its advent on the street will be a surprise to mdst of the brokers.
Practically without cessation lt has
been raining throughout the northern
part of California for the last week.
The Insurgent forces under General
Ramon Guerrera, formerly Venezuelan
minister of war ond marine, who last
month started a revolution against
President Ignacio Andrade In tho new
state of Guarlco, have been severely
defeated by the government troops under General Fernandez, near Macaparo.
The subsistence bureau of the war
department says that the supplies sent
from the United Stntes, including all
kinds of vegetables, arrived at Manila
In good condition.
The transport City of PvcMa has
sailed for Manila with 600 men of the
Ninth regiment of infantry.
Joseph Albert Mlnott, secretary-
treasurer and one of the founders of
the Goodyear Rubber company. Is dead.
The secretary has issued an order
for the free admission of binding twine
to the United States from Canada.
Hon. Francis Harrison Plerpont, the
first governor of West Virginia, ls
A dispatch from Klraberly in Criqtia-
land, West South .Africa, reports the
death of the famous missionary, Rev.
John Mackenzie.
Governor Roosevelt stated that he
would If possible attend the proposed
reunion of the rough riders, to be held
In the west June 24.
The United Statets supply ship Relief, which left New York on March 3
on her way lo Manila, has arrived at
Eddie McDuffie, the well known middle distance professional rider, has
been reinstated by the L. A. W. racing
board, having paid his fine.
The transport Zealandia, it is now
definitely announced, will sail with the
balance of the Ninth regiment this
Mail advices from New South Wales
sny that the drouth that is now pre-
vi-iiiing in that colony is the worst
ever experienced. Settlers and stock
men are appealing to the government
for aid.
The order to compute the time and
make up the payrolls of the men who
worked overtime during the Spanish
war has been received at Mare Island.
The fifty-sixth annual boat race between crews representing the universities of Oxford and Cambridge was
rowed today over the usual course,
from Putney to Mortlake, a distance of
about' four and a quarter miles, and
was won by Cambridge for the first
time in 10 years.
Two highwaymen made an unsucces-
ful attempt to hold up the Angel's
Camp stage near Altaville, Calaveras
county, California.
Director Meriam of the census bureau has made the following appointments:
William C. Hunt of Massachusetts,
chief statistician In charge of popula
tion statistics; Le Grande Powers of
Minnesota, chief statistician in charge
of agricultural statistics.
A contract has lieen entered into between Godbe of California and Japan
under which 50,000 tons of Iron are to
be delivered to Japan as goon as possible.
Attorney General firlggs has decided
against the landing of another cable
ln Cuba, the Postal Telegraph company having onked that right
Fifteen hundred employes of the
clothing manufacturers of Philadelphia have struck for Increased wages,
abolition of sub-contractors and an
agreement that the wages will not Ik*
General Otis cables the 'transport
Grant has left Manila for Nagasaki
and San Francisco.
Ex-Governor Fletcher of Missouri is
Addison E. Harris, the new United
8tates ambassador to Austria-Hungary,
has arrived In Vlcnno.
Citizens of the United States residing in Chee Foo, China, have made an
earnest appeal, through Consul Fowler
at Chee Foo to the charitable in Amer
lea and elsewhere on behalf of the sufferers from thc appalling Yellow river
floods of this year.
Captain James McQueen Forsyth,
who haa lieen recovering ln the naval hospital at Philadelphia from .'. se
Vere Illness, has received word from
Washington of his appointment to
command the cruiser Baltimore, now
In the Philippines.
The state department Is advised thai
Francis C. Randolph, an American clt-
zen, has lieen found guilty of "deliberate homicide" at Bogota, Colombia.
Charles McCoy and Carl Connor,
each aliout 17 years old, were boxing
'In Center, Indiana, when Connor gave
McCoy a fearful blow over the heart,
causing n hemorrhage. The blood
poured into the abdomen In a stream
Death waB almost Instantaneous.
Harry B. Moiohold,   prominent   In
"T_"_l.__Ia5___* 2?__ "Bt whl?h .■fl , Cincinnati for years as a broker and a
promotor, and  formerly president of J
Items Cleaned From the Late Reports-
All Districts Are Being Developed—A
■prosperous tear ls Predicted— Mining
Note* and Personals.
Alex MacDonald, the famous mining
king of the Klondike, returned to Tacoma from London. He announces the
sale of six of his richest Klondike
claims to a London syndicate, which
includes several members of parlia
ment. He ls taking in a $200,000 hydraulic plant, and impresses the great
est confidence that his cleanup will be
not less than $20,000,000. It is considered here the biggest hydraulic mining
project ever attempted.
A III* Price.
The announcement is made on reliable authority that W. S. Stratton haa
sold his Independence mine to an English syndicate and is now on his way
to England to complete the deal. The
price is not known, but as two experts
after a thorough examination of the
property last December estimated the
ore in sight at $6,000,000, it is assumed
the selling price is greater than was
ever paid for a Colorado mine, Mr.
Stratton has already taken over $1,-
000,000 out of the Independence, and
for the past three years only the on-
encountered in development work has
been taken out.
Bnflnlo llmnp Note-..
i The snow road from Badger to the
Hump is completed to the Big Buffalo
group. This end of tbe road is the
best part of it between here and
The Big Buffalo people have the
frame up for their hoist aud are ready
to commence sinking. The management expects to have attained a depth
of 150 feet by June 1.
Harry Schwartz, special agent of the
United States land office, ls here by Instruction of the department of the interior.
The weather for the past 10 days han
been exceptionally good and travel has
been increasing.
The bonding of the Winslow claim,
in the Buffalo Hump camp to D. B.
Huntley, representing the De Lamar
Mines, Limited, of Detainer, Idaho, is
reported. The consideration ls $50,000,
of which 10 per cent has been paid.
W. H. Wright of Spokane has bonded the San Francisco group, comprising the San Francisco, Baby Louise
and Monte Carlo claims in Buffalo
Hump camp. The amount of the bond
Is said to be $50,000 antl $1,000 has
lieen paid.
TO   rilr.l   1*1.....-r  I  Inlm*.
Owners of placer claims of more
than 20 acres under one location need
do but thc amount of work required
for one claim ln order to obtain a patent Sucb Is the ruling of the general
land office. Thc local land office has
the following from Commissioner Bln-
ger Hermann:
Register and Receiver, Spokane, Washington: I am in receipt of your letter of March 6, 1899. lour Inquiry relates to a placer claim embraced in a
single location made by eight duly
qualified persons and containing 160
acres of land.
"You inquire whether the claimant
of such a claim in making application
for a patent, therefor, must show, under section 2325 U. S. Revised Statutes,
improvements of the value of $4,000, or
whether a showing of improvements,
of the value of $500 would be sufficient.
"From a careful examination of the
mining circular, approved December
15, 1897, you will see that a single
placer location may embrace 20, 40, 60,
80, 100, 120, 140 or 160 acres of land,
according to the number of locators.
"Following the tenor of the decisions, it is the practice of this office,
in a case where an application Is made
for a placer claim embracing but one
location made Jointly by eight persons and containing uot more than 160
acres, to require the applicant to show
by proper evidence that not less than
$500 worth of labor has been expended
or Improvements made thereon. Very
llrlilsli   « nlaiubln,
The Reco mine decreased ita force by
18 men last week.
The Wonderful mine In Slocan halo men working and will do some shipping in the near future.
A good strike has lieen made on the
Monarch group, near Ymlr. The ledge
on this property is over 50 feet wide.
A new gasoline engine has been purchased to run the machinery of the
Ivanhoe ln the Slocan.
The total shipments of ore from 811-
urface indications are that the vein
Is from 50 to 100 feet wide.
On the Sullivan mine sinking Is
progressing favorably, and the enthusiasm of Superintendent E. C. Smith
continues unabated.
The Stone and Gem claims are direct
extensions of the Sullivan group. The
owners have made arrangements to
stock the claims and work Ib to commence as soon as the weather will permit.
The biggest ore contract ever made
I u the Rossland camp has been made
between the War Eagle Consolidated
Mining and Development company and
the Canadian Smelting works at Trail.
"We shall begin this week to sink
a shaft 1,000 feet deep on the Republic
mine," said Patrick Clark after the
meeting of the stockholders had been
held and the transfer of the Republic ; •'■'"''
mine and all assets of the old com-,
pany bad been made to thc new cor-,
poriillon. "This shaft," he continued,
"will be a double compartment and will
be started about In the center of the
pay chute. It will be sunk vertically,
however, without regard to the ore
body. We shall also at once begin the
work of enlarging the dally capacity
of the mill from 35 tons to 100 tons.
In short iho new company will undertake miuing of the Republic on a large
There was a report of the finding of
some fabulously rich gold ore in the
Bull Dog and Georgle Reed tunnel. Investigation shows that the ore In the
tunnel assays from $4 to $123 per ton.
On the same ledge, however, a large
mass of float was found a few days
since that Is plentifully sprinkled with
free gold.
S. P. Domer, general manager of
the Ben Hur, says that all arrange
ments have been perfected for sinking
a three-compartment shaft on the Ben
Hur, and that the work thereon has
If measurements   are correct,    the
Bryan & Sewall will cut its ledge in j
nliout 60 days.
The Butte & Boston never looked so
well as at the present time.
Superintendent A. E. Stewart has a j
force of four men working on the Idle
erty claim.
Some assays have been made of Good
Luck Consolidated ore within the past
The tunnel on the Jim Blaine is making good progress and will bo completed to the Princess Maud ledge in
aliout 40 ttays.
The Republic Little Giant is making good progress on the tunnel.
The Mabel is said to lie looking finely. The ledge Is a most promising one
and Ib well mineralized with gold.
The Dora shaft has reached a depth
of 65 feet. It Is still in ledge matter
but appears to be nearly through.
On the Summit tha winze U being
sunk and the ore is apparently improving In quality.
There has been some surface work
done on the North Star lately.
Victorious American Army Push on|to
Ihe Keliel Capital-Had Sharp fight-
Aguinaldo Personally Commands the
body »f Insurgent Troops.
Wounded not heretofore reported:
Sixth  Artillery—Private  «roderi<k   t
F_»t Washington-Co. G, Private R,,^
R. Me.in, hand, "light.
II. iillis Sliiee I.xmi Itepori.
Washington, March 27.—In a eablogian
dated today (.ieneral Otis aiinnun.'p., i|,,,t
Ilie following dentlm have occurred since
hit) last report:
.Mart-it 17---William S, Trm-ey, First ',■■>,.
ho, drowned, accidentally; Jos. L W.ilkir,
private First Tennessee, varioloid.
Mnrch 20 — William Wallace, prlv.it,.
Fi.-st Tinno-noo; Edward R.Prymh n. t.ii
vate First  Colorado:   RenjiM-iu Hubbard,
Washington, March 27.- The following
dispatch irom General Otis reached Washington at S:5o th'.-* morning:
Manila,  March 27. — Mat-Arthur  hoUU
Miuilii.i.   Severe fighting today, and our private Fourteenth Infantry) Heniy I.e
ca/jualties number about 40.    The insur-
gent* Imvo destroyed the bridge*?, which
impeded ibe program of our supply train
mid artillery.   Our troops met the eoiuen
I insurgent tenses <>n the northern
ine, eominiiiided by Aguinaldo in person,
liovc  them  back  wilh  considerable
100 dead on1
biieliei-, privale On. II, Fir-il   Washington,
drowned, accidentally.
March 22-Milton S. Molse, private fo.
I), First Waisliini/iau. fiom wound in .„•.
Slaughter.   They left nearly
field, and many prisoners and small
.ted.    The   .oliiin i    will
■ihing no-Tan.
It is announced that a small smeller
is soon to be erected on the Uncle Sam
mine, near Bosshurg. This smelter is
to be built' by the capitalists owning
and operating the mine, and probably j
will cost between $15,000 and $20,000.
The smelter will be of   sufficient C«-le_d   t»   the  battle.    Approaching  un.br
,1:111s were ca|
preen on in tlie morning.
lt is iwpposed that this dispatch WW
sent t Iii-* I Monday) evening.
War   Ueparlmenl   SatlnOed.
Satisfaction, is D"pre«ied at thi war de
■-..uncut about thi .situation in i.iie Philippines, li i- said that the dispatches
from Oeneral Otia and prew dispatcher*
show that tho column is pre.-s.ng steadily
forward, and tbat the troops are vigorously in earne-it and in good condition.
' The hcliei is expressed that thc Inaiir-
pints will soin get tired of being eonstant-
lv (ought, defeated and driven back with
loss. Great confidence is oxpre-sscd In the
abllltj   "I llelii'inl Otis to tinish  Ilie war,
beiimse of bis determination lo gi*.e ihe
foroei .I Aguinaldo no rest.
The Korvvard  Movement.
Manila, March 27 -3:2.'- p. m. -Oeneral
MacAithiir's division -pent ilie night and
morning at Miyianayan, thc next ntatinn
beyond Pelo. After reoonnotterlng hi-*
from, he pushed along the railroad tmi
iit'ieiii..' a toward Maloloe,
ll I he staienetit . f the .'15 prisoner* e p
tilled today is true, the main body of the
enemy has'retreated lo Malolo*. Hut thete
are nn more ti en lies to encounter, al-
though ner ao viiiaues, Including ii»-
larger settlements of Kalu.-an and dud-
gu'.ntn Intervene.
\\ ii-.hliiut.Mi  Bor*1 I'.iperleas-e.
The Washington rrghnenl had an exciting i'\ponen.e and displayed much pal
liuiiiy. 'She soldiers found a bund of in
Mirgeftts concealed in n stone house over
whi.'h the French Hag was flying. A pii-
v.ue volunteered to set Ore to the building
He did m and the tio-.ps approached while
it was binning, and the Filipino*! had ap-
parently fled, bul they were greeted with
a sudden volley front the ten-ony of the
house, resulting in the buflding being
I'leur.'.l ol iI.e enrol) in short ndu.
The Am. ri an foic * advanced f.om Me
v.-aiuiyaii. the brigade eoiimian.i.sl h.*
t'enfral (His bong left <>f the railroad and
(Ieneral Hale's on the right. Tbey event
uitlly discerned the white r.n.;s and
si.eples. among ilie gcees tries beyond the
river, looking not unlike a Massachusetts
The relicls hud an unfordable riveT i.i
front of them and tbey poured in their
fire soeffe.tii.lv it showed tbey -ut- vet
elans, probably members ol Iho natite militia whieh the Spaniards orgsnUed.
The American artillery put a draauitle
Moyie has a board of trade.
The Rossland Miner now uses linotype machines to set Its type.
A $50,000 hotel is projected for Earn
loops, B. C.
A Chicago capitalist Is putting up a
$50,000 hotel In Grand Forks, B. C.
That there Is a general boom In the
Boundary Creek country Is evidenced
by the fact of the large crowd of mining and commercial men there.
A 15-year old girl made an attempt
at suicide at Parson's bridge, Victoria,
a few days ago, choosing strychnine ai
the means of self-destruction. Fortm
nately the strychnine had lost Its kill
Ing powers, and restorative measuni*
being promptly resorted to, she escnp
ed from possible evil effecta.
A new town has beon located tn the
nelghliorhood of the proposed railway
line from Greeuwood to the west fork
of Kettle river. It is called Beaver
ton, and Is surrounded by a large num
Iter of recently located mineral claims,
many of which give promise of !»!«
A roost unfortunate accident happen
ed last week to one of the vehicles of
the Columbia Stage Company, as a r<*
suit nf which one man Is now lying at
the Hotel Cascade In t'as.-a.le City with
both bones of his left leg broken. The
stage, fu charge of Driver Rogers, left
Hall's bridge, seven miles from Cns
cade, where horses are changed, late In
the evening. When about three mile
from Hall's In proceeding down a stes»p
hill. In pitchy darkness, the driver in
some way lost n line. While reachln*-
fnr the brake a sudden lurch threw
him out. Then the horses started al u
breakneck speed down the sleep In
.line. As they ran all but one of the
five passengers JumixM for their lives.
The one who stayed on the stage en-
taped unscathed, as the horses stopped
ln a swamp at tbe bottom of the hill.
paclty to handle 100 tons per day.
The biggest year's yield of the Corn-
stock was In 1876. the coin value of
that year's production being $38,572,-
The gold output of the Cripple
Creek, Col, district for the month of
February, was $1,257,250, and the dividends declared aggregated $378,000.
The largest amount of revenue
stamps required by any new mining
cover of thc bushes to ab mt 00 yards from
the trenches, the artillerymen emerged
up n an open -p ts e n-nunding the .o n.
IllNpiiMlllon  of  the  Fleet.
Washington, March 27. Admiral Dewey cabled the navy department the situation nnd posit Inns of thc American v s-eN
of hi** fleets    The dispat h follows:
Manila. Much 27.- Thc Olympia an I
Oregon, the Mnnndnock, M. nierey, ('alio.
Manila and the Helena arc .-ci-upying slra
company in the west on its stock issue ' Ut,'u. position at Manila Isiy.   The Boston
since the present revenue law was en
acted will lie that required by the new
Republic company. Stamps to the
amount of $1,750 will be placed upon
the original issue of $3,500,000 face
At a meeting held last week some
of the brokers of Spokane not lu the
famous organization sometimes irrev-
erenty termed the "Sacred Twenty"
formed an organization to be known as
the Spokane Stock Exchange.
The Prescott Courier tells of a discovery made near Montezuma Wells,
consisting of blanket-like deposits of
a peculiar clay, which it Is believed
the prehistoric people of Arizona used
in the manufacture of the pottery
which is now discovered in ancient
tombs and mines. Upon exposeure to
the air, this clay becomes as hard as
stone, but quickly dissolves lu water.
It glitters with mica. It is apparently
not affected if subjected to a white
l'*l_lil   Wilh  a   i.-.in   ot Thieve*.
Pexter. Mo, March 27.—A pitched bit-
tie  was  fought  near  here  yesterday  lie-
tween a gang of thieves and Sheriff Evans
verton already   this   year   aggregate! and a posse.   After 10 minutes of battle,
ana Charleston, the Ooneord and Petrel
are cnikdng ..ll Luzon. Have sent the
Bennington to Hong Kong to dock. The.
Princeton is at Singapore, repairing p.»-
pellcr. The Niishan has gone to Qttain.
The Iii" will .sail shortly for lloilo with
coal, Will dispatch the SotaM as soon as
p, Rsible. DKWEV.
V.I.IH i,.mil  I isxinllles.
Washington, March 28. — General O.is
lias notified (ieneral Corbin of the following additional oaanaltlet of March 23, 24.
2"i nnd 26:
Third Artillery - Lieut. M. II. Krayeu
buhl, captain nnd commissary Cnltod
States volunteers.
Twentieth Kanrtaa Bergennt Morrh) J.
Cohen, Privale H. Fairehild.
Twenty-second Infantry Sergeant 0. P.
Second Oregon—Oo. L, Privates L V.
Stniwdcrinan and Hayes 1). Taj lor.
Wounded. .
First   Montana —Major  F. J.  Adams,
surgeon, thigh, slight; Co. It, Private Ed
ward Morrisscy, arm, slight,
i    Third Artillery-Privates Robt Xoifeld,
Patrick O'Brien, mason Callaway
Moras Hrothera Waal fay.
Seattle, March 26.—Moran Brothers today brought suit Against tbe North American Transportation k Trading Co. to re--
rover the sum of 837,04., the balance due
on thc isinstructlon of tbe Yukon river
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains  Run
nn Pacific K'nn
•lnr.l Time
<'nlni; v\'est,
O.iIiik Bnat.
I'M a. m	
....   Knslo  	
... *!:.'_ r*. IB,
*:'■'■': n. m	
. South Kork  ..
... 3:M p. m.
!.:.." R. in	
. Rproule*i 	
... :'.:'*i n   m
Dill ,i. m	
Whitewater  ..
... 2:lti p. in
9:« a. m	
.. llcnr I.nk" ...
... 1*09 p. m.
10:12 a. m	
..   Al.-lillh .,;,   ...
... l:l'i p, in.
10*25 ... m	
..   Ilnlloy's   	
... I:.*U p; m.
IBM a. m ..
Cody Juni t|. n
... UH p. m.
10:10 a. m	
.... Rinirlnn  	
... 1:15 p  ni.
I.cnvc 11:00 a. mffaiiilon.Arrive 11:40 n 'ni
Arrive 11:16 n. m...Cody.-Leave: 11:» a. ni.
<».   K.  CirhT.ANO,  Superinicn.lent
Navigation and Trading
Steamers "international" and "Alberta''
on Kootenay Lake and River.
Five Mile Point connection witli all
pMssciiKn (rains of N. k ¥. H. R. R. to
and from Northport, Rossland and Spokane. Tickets and baggage checked to all
United 8tates points.
I.cavo Kaslo for Nelson and way points,
daily, except Sunday, 6:46 a. m. Arrive
Northport 12:15 p. m.; Ro*.*btnil, 3:40 p.
First .South  Dakota —Private* Oeorgc m*; 'sP«»-«-ie. 0 P- m.
close to 1,000 tone, the   output of Ave during whieh a hundred shot* were fired,
different mines. Charles Ilcndrickson, chief of the th'o'ts,
Shipments from the Payne are In the «o.s killed, and liin daughter, who partlcb
neighborhood of 2,500 tons this year, [paled in the Imltlc, fatally wounded, nnl
while the Last Chance Is about 100,011c deputy slightly injured.   Two of trie
to be decided upon by the truat
l*s%U^%&t^*m&'t r'■i»»w.<»)l^iiniiiiii 1
£   deau from Injuries received In the ex-' dead.
tona behind. These are Slocan's heav
lest exporters.
The Snowshoe, one of tbe oldest
properties lu Oreenwood camp, baB
been Imnded by Robert Wood, Robert
Denzler and Thomas McDonnell to J.
W. Astley, representing the Kootenay
Mining syndicate.
The control of the 8t. Elmo mine, in
Rossland, Is reported to have been sold
to New York mon on a basis of $50,000
for the property.
The double compartment shaft on
the North Star claim Is down 215 feet.
A atatlon has lieen started on the 200-
foot level to croascut tlio lead.
g,m» were captured und five escape
Pome l nimlit  l'p  With Thugs
Seattle, March 20.—*A sheriff'*
composed of three men overtook four rob
I ben w ho robbed the Shelton poHtoflicp
of $800 last night, near Kamilche, about
7 o'clock tonight. One of the rjbb?n was
shot and captured, thc other three es-npel,
but they are being closely pursued. Th«
wounded robber was not. seriously Injured,
In the Island of Minora, one of tho
Philippines, the humming blrdfl are
pugnacious little creatures. Thousands of them frequently attack hunts-
ftmmrarsv* mm a*t* '■'.. **f^»iV«&
MW4OT!&*_,li**W^^ ^Tc^u^^s^etlmes aai-lou7wc
llenson, Byron Hasting*, Sergeant Hiram1
A. Pratt, Privale Fred barber, Artificer
Arno Hughe*, Privates Myers, Allison,
Fred l.oreiicnn.
Thiiteenlh   Minnesota      Privates   J«i <
Hamilton, Roleit t.eib.
Second Oregon Privates Leo B. Ora e„
neck, mriil.tale; D, Daniel Bowman, hand,
severe; F, Richard Sprlokdale, leg, mod*
posse prate; (}( Charles R. Cocard, iprilned ankle: M, Oorporal Frank B. Kdward.1*,
thigh, severe; O, private William I). Col
lins, shoulder, severe; Musician Klmcr K.
Barnes, elbow, Slight) H, Private Rdlpn
Nodgtn**, elliow, ni derate; 1, Private Vi il
Ham H. StolTcr, cheat, severe 1 K, Sergeant
Charted T. Wallace, nek, slifrlii.
Fiist  Idaho-Maude Hill.
First  N'.'liniskii—First  LIcuL Jafeph ..
Store!*, Privates Weldon li. Robins, Fred
Wagen,  Hairy  Fetchic,  Walker  K.  Mod
ley: I, William .1. Fink, llii«h, severe; M,
Leave Nelson for Kaslo and way points
daily, except Sunday, 4:36 p. m.   Ijeave
Spokane. 8 a. m.; Rossland, 10:30 a. iii.;
Northport, 1:60 p. ui.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo, etc,,.Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 8:30 s. m.; arrive Kaslo, 1?:30 pTm.
Ijeave KobIo for Nelson, et*., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. in.; arrive Nelson, 8 p. ni.
Leave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.; arrive
Boundary midnight; arrive Bonner's Ferry .Sunday 10:30 a. 1.1.
Leave llonner's Ferry Sunduy 1 p. ni.;
arrive Boundary Sunday .*> p. in.; arrive
Kaslo Sunday 10 a. in.
Close connection at Bonner's Ferry with
trains eastbound, leaving Sp ksne 7:40
a. in , and westbound arriving Spo-ana'
:Witf<i*ieTimiaselaMm*smw^ ,-«r.v«*»*s».s*,_«^**,. «#»»«**■»*.
load la to be cro.acut at once.    The  the face and neck
wounds on
First North Dakota   Private Harry W.
Donovan 1
«.. ALEXANDER, Qen. Manager.
Kaslo, B. C, Oct, 1, 1807. THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
Evil Dispositions
Are Early Shown.
Just so evil in ihe blood
comes out in shape of scrof-
■ ula, pimples, etc., fn children
and young people. Taken in
time it can be eradicated by
using Hood's Sarsaparilla.
In older people, the aftermath
of irregular living shows itself in bilious conditions, a
heavy head, a foul mouth,
a general bad feeling.
It   is   Ibe   bl'O.I.    tlie    impure blood
Ij-ietlds, wlii.li is the real cause. Purify
iliatwiib Hood's Sarnaparllla and happiness will reign in your family.
Blood Poison—"! lived in a bed of lire
fur years owing to mood polaonfna that
followed small pox. 11 broke out all ovet
my body, iti■litugiiiicn-o'ly. Tried d'OCtort
»n'd hospilitls in vain. I tried Hood's Sar-
tiiparilla. Ii helped, I kepi at it and was
entirely cured, f could go on the housetop) _nd sliolil about il. -Mas. J.T. Wil.-
uasi, C'arliondale, l'a.
Scrofula 8ore»-" My   baby  at two
months bad scrofula sons ou cheek und
arm. Local applications and physicians'
nicilicine did Utile <>i no good.; Hoods
barsaparillu cured him permanently. He
Is now lour, with smooth, fair skin."'- -Mas.
b. 8. WaoTtN, Farmlngton, IM.
Hood's Pills our« liver Hi., iii* Don Irritating snd
""os-r c—th—rUolo isks *>lih Howl's ——rssinrtlls
Tin re   Is great  Indlnation   in  Ger- ;
mail..' at tbe otterageous sentence im !
posed  on   10 rnrpenters  in   Dresden,
who were sent to prison for a total of ,
;.:i years for assaulting a brutal contra, lot who compelled hia employes to
work overtime.   Two socialist dalllef
havl already collerted over $1.1,000 foi
the maintenance of the families of the
prisoner*, and the socialists in and out i
nf pailiament are denouncing the government for the persecution of the car
penthts.   The agitation has become so '
mi.leaj,ri .el   that the crazy    Bmperoi
William  has instructed  hia  hireling*
In tin- rei.hsiag to withdraw the bill
providing for imprisonment of strikers who Intimidate or persuade other*
from Slabbing,
Gloss an a -nlldl-g Material.
It* has long been a dream of the
builder to employ glass more largely
In construction and that dream is now
being realized. Glass tile is a comparatively recent American invention
and is manufactured In the Pittsburg
region. It Is recommended for Its superior sanitary as well as decorative
properties, and the demand has grown
so rapidly that the capacity for pro
j duction is about to be doubled.
ln Europe, however, a longer stride
has lieen taken. An American consul
reports that a process glass is to be
used as the main building material for
large structures. The glass is devltrl-
lled, opaque and prepared in large
blocks like building stone. It withstands crushing weight to a high degree, Is not brittle like the ordinary
glass of commerce, and keeps out frost
i-nitc- as well as stone. Such Is the report of consular Investigation and this
development must be regarded as an
Important advance.
This is not all that Is desired in
glass as a building materia.!, however,
Perfection wll be reached when the
blocks arc made translucent and ornate. Tbe ideal Is a wall that will filter the Hiinlighc into living rooms,
when the windows are closed; that is
susceptible of artistic decoration without Interference) with the light giving
qiiitlities and thut has all of the other
qualifications claimed for this new
Kuropean building material. No doubt
that condition will be attained when
the demand for thoroughly well lighted and sanitary houses has become
strong enough to incite. Inventive
genius to serious effort in that direction.
It might be a speculation of curious
Interest to determine the reduction of
disease dangers from the use of such
dwellings, but that may be left for the
future. It is enough to know at present that all authorities agree upon the
sanitary advantages of sunlight and of
walls that cnn be easily washed.—
PUtspuro Dispatch,
Without lvno-.vl.iu It
While sitting in a draft, without
knowing lt we may become Bore and
stiff from cold. We feel soreness and
stiffness all gone after using St. Jacobs
Oil, hardly knowing when.
After-acquired lands aro held, in
Moore vs. Jordan (N. C), 42 Ij. R. A.
209, to be subject to the Hen of previously docketed judgments, not according to the dates when they were
docketed, but by pro rata application
of the proceeds. A note to this case
reviews the authorities on the priority
of judgment liens upon after-acquired
The latest lifeboat, which bas been
approved    by the British    admiralty
.arrles throe long cylinders Into which j
l.uOO.OOO cubic feet of air can lie com
pressed-   This air will drive tbe boal '<
i-'. miles Un hour for six hours.
Admiral Sampson has written for
the April Venlttry an illustrated article fully describing the work of "The
Atlantic Fleet in the Spanish War,"
and drawing its lessons. In a footnote the Admiral tells this good story:
"As we passed the Teresa and Oquen-
io. a Spanish sailor was seen struggling in the wuter on the seaward side
it the .Yen* York. In response to his
mils for help, one of the crew seized
the chaplain's reading-desk, which was
Mowed on the main deck in the pas-
iage between the two cabins and which
had a cross showing on It. As he did
jo, he cried out grimly. 'Cling to the |
■ross and you'll be saved!' The Spaniard followed Instructions, and was
sii veil."
Miss l.nciii.- Fame,.daughter of tbe
late pn*«ldeit.ol Uie Kronen republic,
intended io~Oike ihe veil after her
lather's denfh, lt is said, but friend*
■ in-liiiideii her and now she proposes
to continue hit work as a lay sister of
charitable institutions aud in addition
will do some tlterary work.
A claim for death loss occurring after an assignment for creditors by an
assessment life insurance company
which had no capital stock and no accumulation of muds for losses, except
such as It secured by assessments for
losses, Is held, in re Wisconsin Odd
Fellows' Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
(Wis), 42 L. R. A. 300. not to be a debt
which can be enforced against the eft
tate in tbe hand- of iho assignee.
161     AIMS!    ST..     1HIOAOO,
Mm  rssjal-irij  lssorsysstsl   trnsttntat  it
MI'llll p.fs.,
•rbr'tetut " !•>*•■• w
lib Us.
ti. sr.r «od e nr Ssoliislvs smsn > specialists '.s lh.
sl;.d Stales Dlissisi of man s_».l. lh,
•issIjf of . lirp-tl—is. fiiforinns'si every—hsr.
iho-nd loiBisillstrl; communlt-sl* -H» Dr F»ot,
»f C-lcage. KTrrytliing confidential. Hunsdie.
tsnl STery-beretn sealed paoliagee sad lalttrs li
rail e-velopeo. Cerrsspon'lence s.iilcllsd l-lss
asf leal, Medical and Blartrlaal m.tbed,
• Sopis'l. Deluging tbs ito—iscb srltb drufi s*i—s
looro. Avolddrugs recoainiended *y lbs unaa
ib.r'.ssd and sell-styled spMlaltsts Is W.st.r.
towns, r.w gsnulns sp.crtsilsts locals ouisld. o-
Us* fork or Cfclc.go. Ia iti.i. oltlas four prt
'.I. srr.lrs ars •■(.. t's.qu.l.d tr.slm.ol for al
I stairs and wotntiin of lh. UenllO t'r.isry
Soiual, K.prod ioll». aad Nsrvuui ti-sisn-.i tm
sMImsaU to marrlsfs rsmov.d ''Hiphata*
toalUvel- parlies lb* blosd, curs, systilus an.
..moves all *» tuts olorrs Is throat of mouth, hi
t*t oolorad spats an bod> aad aroptlons ss sklr
alia catarrh and rbsumallsm, "Vlaorala." lh.
only poraiaatnt rstiortr and Invlgoraior. flvn
slfsr la rllal   ergons aad   Btr-raa.   pro-rtnu   aa.
sVltl make you money fa«ter than anj
ither kind of Investment ami now Is thr
Imp to buy -nooks In the REPUBLIC
VtlNES. Low priced stocks sometimes »d
-"nnce several cents  In a  sin«Ie day.
$20 will buy MHO shares In lh* Mornlnc
llory Extension Mining Co., adjoining tbi
'amoui Morning Glory mine. Chcspa-
81ue Jay Qold Mining On slock to pei
hare. Morning Glory Gold Mining Co. ISc
ron Mark 10c. Quilp 16c. E! Caliph 10c
■lavage  Gold  M.   Co.   le.
Write us for quotations nr Information
■n any of tho Btiiiulnrd Rcpubli.' 01 It'.:'*,
and -.locks. Freo map of Republic camp
'teferences: Exchange National hank
Traders'   National  bunk.
Spokane,  Wash
Saras trip    fl p»7 boltla. I
•■Mr ro-asdV, hair sris-
h,  m.
The mineral miners of the north are j
to strike for higher wages. Several j
weeks ago It was loudly proclaimed in
the papers that the operators had
raised wages, but the advnuce had a
string attached to It, as Is usual In
such cases.
llr   Attend*  lo   llualneas.
lie   attends to business   who   goes |
strnlgbt to work to cure Neuralgia by
the use of St. Jacob's Oil, and saves
time and money and gets out of misery ,
•inlckly.    He's/lill right.
The hard coal trust ls preparing to
put otl the screws. The middlemen and
Jobbers, according to a New York dispatch, are to be wiped out and thus
$.5,000,000 will be saved to the pltttes.
Some of the mines are also being
•losed to restrict producUon, and If
necessary the price of coal will be
A Cincinnati Judge hus decided that
it Is lawful to Issue counterfeit union
labels Cigarmiikers had brought action.
m^aua*—-~u*~er^ue~**-~i       »      "
New Orleans is about to erect a statue to Oeneral Beauregard, by public
subscription, lt already has statues
of Robert K. l.ee, and Albert Sydney
The wool on the back of a sheep Is a
shepherd's barometer. The curlier
the wool the finer will be the weather.
The selfishness that shuts In the
candle-light shuts out the sunshine.
Por 80 Days More You Can Try It for 20 Centt.
Cured of Rheumatism.
-Irs. Rosa Gaum Writes  to  Mrs
Pinkham About It.   She Says:
Iikaii Mas I'ink..--.—I take pleasure In writing you a few lines to inform you of the g*ood your Vegetable
Compound bas done me. 1 cannot
'hank you enough for what yottrmedi-
•ine has done for roe; it has, indeed,
iclped ine wonderfully
h'or years I xva-s trou-
.led with ao
ii» worse, nn
.il at last I
vas compelled
o consult with
t physician.
lie said
•e   done   for       ^^^^^_______^^—
ne but  to go under an operation
In speakiiij? with a triend of mine
ibout it, she r. iiiiniiii'iiili"! I.ydia K
'inkhatn s Vegetable Compound, say
ng -she knew it would cure ine. I then
ent foi your medicine, and after lak
og three bottles of it, the tumor dis
.ppeared Ohl you do not know bow
nuch good your medicine lias don*
oe I shall recommend It to all suffer
ng women—Mrs Kosa UaVM, 720
•Vail St.. Los Anrreles. Cal
Tl.e great and .nivaryiiifr success of
i.,ydia K I'inkbatn's Vegetal)1? t'om
wuiid in relieving every derangement
.f the female organs, dernnnst rates
t to oe**the modern safeguard of wo
nan s happiness and bodily strength
vfore than a million women have been
leneflted by it
Every woman who needs advice
ibout her health is invited to write to
lira  Piokham  at Lynn, Mass.
Printers issued seven charters lost
month.—New York union will give the
vegetable farm for the unemployed an
other trial.
Make Your Liver I.U.-I,.
A lazy, languid liver keeps you in bad
health all the time. Wak" lt up to lively
action -"villi CHwama Cnr-iy Cathartic. All
druggists, 10c. 25c, 60c.
The Town of Polo Will*Fall-Two n'uhl
Attacks Made oo Vt—An insurgent
General Wounded —Malolos Is Their
Manila, March 20.—Qeneial Muc.Vr-
tlmr'rt right wing is closing in on the town
of Polo this morning.
Heavy flghtiug began at Bagb.ig and beyond. The enemy are retreating up the
valley toward Malolos. Whcalou'* brigade on the left, in -which is tiie Plrti
Watdiington, ha.s crossed the river and
driven the insurgents out of their trenche*.
so the railroad bridge can be repaired.
Two night attacks were repulsed by
Hall'.s brigade, the enemy retiring in con
It in reported that the insurgent general, Montenegro, was wounded during ".he
night attack.
Aguinaldo  has  his  strongest   force  at
Mulolon.    Then-  in  nothing left  for  him
but fight when the final stand is made.
Ill llliniil bnt  lllmxly  FlM-lti.
Manila, March 25.—As darkness descends tonight our army surrounds nbout
50(10 insurgents to the north of the little
village of Polo. Casualties of our side are
about 200, mostly wounded.
The insurgents retired in great disorder
through tl.e woods to the second line,
leaving their dead on the Held in heaps,
Our men pressed forward and reached
another thicket where there were trenches
in a growth so dense that the soldiers had
lo force their bodies through while volley
after volley limned from the hidden barricades.
A- our line swung northwest and came
U> the TulinkttO liver, General Win-ton's
brigade (in which are the First Washington volunteer!) moved out from Culooeau
and snepl the trenches directly in brant
Our line was now stretched along six wiles
of the south bank of the river, with the
bridge at Calooean destroyed. There wen-
solid lines of insurgents in trenches on thc
other bank. Their bullet*, cut limbs from
trees and beat up clouds of dust as the
Third Arkansas artillery boldly wade
across* the river and stormed a blockhouse
of the enemy. The Kansas men charged
the trenches, dripping, with the utmost
ciithuMiiMii. It was Hii.-li a charge as the
Filipinos could make no stand against
They broke and ran for the high ground.
1 counted 31 dead in the spa*** of 50 yards
Meanwhile Wheaton shelled the trenches
on the left.
As winter p_sscs  -w_y it U-ves m&ny
people   feeling  weak, depressed and easily
tired.     This   means   that  the blood needs
attention   and  sensible people  always take
a tonic at this time of year.   Purgatives are
not the ridht medicine — they weaken Instead
of strendtnenind.
Dr. William-^ Pink Pills for Pale People are
the best tonic medicine in the world and do
not act on the bowels. They stimulate the
_ppetite, enrich the blood, strengthen the
nerves and make people feel bright, tctivt
and   strong.
' No one Is better able to speak of this f-ct than Miss Haiel Rnlder,
a charming young wouiau of Arlington, Ind. To-day she has rosy
olieoks, sparkling eyes and a plnuip form, whicli prove tbat she It
In good health. A yuurago Miss milder was very tbln, her cheeks
pule, eyes sunken and dull. 8ue waa troubled with nervousness
and general debility.   Rhe says:
" After several mouths' treatment from tbe family physician ws
saw lie oould do uo good. 1 was discouraged and did not know
tsliat to do. One day I read an Item In apuper of the wonderful
curative qunlltlMof l3r. Williams' 1'ink i'llls for 1'ale People. I tried
ibe medlrlne, and when nearly through with the second box noticed
a ebange for the batter. After I hnd taken eight boxes I was cured.
and bave bad no occasion to take auy kind of medicine since. I
owe much to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, probably my
life, and I advise any one suffering with trouble* similar,to mine,
to take these pills."
Sold by -It druggists or .ent postpaid by the    Dr.
Williams' Medicine
Co .Schenectady,
N.Y.,on receipt of
price, 5o<*per box*,
six boxes, $2,-§.
ILLS    . "-..
FOR ,-
_„     THE.   CA-.KT     .
Jbtooa ftstt-H MA mvte TMNt
On receipt ef-10 cents (la postage) we will'
mall to your address (postage prepaid), three
new compositions ol shoe! muiic^opyiigbted.
KCIIMUl fUlliCO,     ..JULUB, uu
Projectiles for modern big and rapid
Are guns require about half their
weight ln powder to Are them.
When coming to Ban Francisco go to
Brooklyn Hotel, 208-212 Bush St. Amerl-
■an or European plan. Room and board
11.00 to 1.60 per day; rooms 6u cents to
<1.0G per day; single meals SS cents Free
■oach.    Chas.   Montgomery.
The highest price ever paid for a
race horse was $150,000 for the famous
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ng Syrup the best remedy to use for then
-hildren during the teething period.
Some men are so Interested in the
monkey stage of their evolution thai
they forget they are now men.
To Cnre a  Cold In  One  Day.
°ake  Laiallvr   Bromo  Quinine Tableu
rugglsts refund mone)  If It falls to cor*.
It is usually the man who cannot
rule his own house who wants to ml
minister the affairs of the earth.
No household is complete without a bottle o!
he Unions Jesse Monro Whiskey. It ls a pur.
md wholesome stimulant recommended by »1
physicians.   Don't neglect this necessity.
Some people so blind their eyes with
tears for yesterday's faults that they
stumble all through to-day.
;IT| rermane-lly Cured. 5o Btsor Attteeeatt
11 • after ttrsi day's uss of Ur. Kline's Ureal
**er-eRestorer. Send for FKI.I •«.QO trial
•ottle and treatise.   DR. R. 11. KL-NS, Ltd., Ms
ire- street, Philadelphia, pa.
The church that does not gather In
the poor shuts its King outside the
Pico's Cure for Consumption Is the only
cough medicine used tn my house.—D. C
Albright,  Mlfflnburg, Pa..  Deo.  11,  '»5.
The day after Donaldson nearly kill
ed himself in his dive at the Madlsoti
Square Garden, New Vork, three applications were received from divers who
wanted to take his place and ono of
them, \V. .1. Ellis, was so persistent, de*
spite the fact that the management
had abolished the performance, that
he had to lie ejected from the garden
by force.
'""i.v    a tier i »ut Die ssiriile bottle most used
used about hslf the ilollsr botile then all my
> .j-tn si«i-p attain at niKht without any more
1 r-syui l fan not find Words enough In praise ef
____?_->-*r"-"'FrV0^ ror an y<»" •i"-_S-
SstMsf mjtliciie is»n "5 UHOl'S" lor aU Ibeir his.   Thanklnj! ^YY'K   1*< ► ri t' ill.-1A. Wis, i'.l*- 'u. ""*•
Kir «ii"ym.y -«i»-Ji2r*
-.rsnistu, /ursyer, your friend,
Offenses against Kaiser Wilhelm's
dignity In the year 1898 were punished
tnken all together, with 2000 years Imprisonment, according lo the Xurnber-
per y.vilung, a social-democratic news
The world produeos annually about
8,000,000 tons of sugar nnd the United
States consume a third of this Im*
mouse  quantity.
Life Is a scheme of paying off our
debts to the past by gifts to the future.
The silence of a good man la more
eloquent thnn the rhetoric of a fraud.
Snow flurries of trouble do not ex
t_a.ij_.lHb find's aiin of love. 11
Aiiierleiill   Losses Are  Ilenv).
Washington, March 25.—The war depnrtment late tonight made public the
following dispatch from General Otis:
'"Manila, March 25.—Adjutant General: Perfected northern m—rcment not yet
completed. Otis' and Hale's brigades,
with mounted troops of the Fourth cavalry, the turning column, met with heavy
resistance over difficulty country and aie
tamped tonight six miles east of Polo and
six tnilM north of the line on which the
advance- was taken up. Wheaton's brigade at t'-rtloocun drove the enemy across
the river. Lfall on the extreme right encountered considerable force and routed it
Fighting heavy near Calooean. The in ivo-
inent continue* in the morning. Our
casualties about 100—2.r> killed. Tlie enemy lost in killed alone "200.
A per diem tax on employers foi
each foreign-born, unnaturalized person in their employ, -which may be deducted from the wages of the employe,
is held, In Juniata Limestone Company
vs. Fagley tPa.) 42 L. Vt. A. WI, to be
in violation of the United States constitution, fourteenth amendment, and
also of the uniform rule of taxation
required by the Pennsylvania constitution.
A suit for divorce brought by the
husband whose property is all within
the Jurisdiction of the court, although
his wife fails to appear or answer on
personal service In -another state, U
held, In Sprague vs. Sprague (Minn.),
42 L. R. A. 419, te give the court jurisdiction to decree alimony, although
tho wife in not personally served within the state.
Last year the United States Imported 2286 horses, worth $200,000, and exported over 51,000 horses, worth $6,-
000,000. In 1S90 this country imported 38.24S horses and exported only
l-r.-hlMlorle    Mil III moth   I'omid.
According to the latest matt advices
from Dawson, a marvelous discovery
has been made on Dominion oreek, ln
the Klondike. A prehistoric mammoth, weighing 30 tons, with flesh still
sweet enough to eat, was found on
February 8th, by August Trulson, a
Swede, and his partner, while working
their claim ou Dominion, c/eek. They
came across the remains 40 feet from
the surface.
A soil si vert deep dark loam; will gran all
kinds of vein/tables, grain, hay—la grett abundance. Climate splendid. Crop failures Impossible. Adapted to tbo raising of cattle,
sheep, h --.__-^_-^_-^_------------
A llou.i.e Murder.
Itouling lireen, Ohio, March 20. O. K.
West en haver of North Baltimore, one of
the best know it attorneys in this county,
ivns murdered at Hoytsville shortly after
noon yesterday. He was trying a case
l-r.iinst Paul and John Zeltner for attorney lies, and uhen the court adjourned at
Boon the brotherti demanded certain pa-
|iers, which lie refused lo surrender.
John ZeKiiei tired at the attorney, who
ran out of doors, the Imll striking W'est-
enhaven in the right side. Four more
shtta uere fired at him. but did not take
elToc- At the corner of the building Paul
Zeltner met him and tired two shots nt
the attorney, one striking the leg and the!
other going into his forehead. lVath resulted in a few minutes.
After the murder the Zeltuers fled to
their home, pursued by a crowd of several
hundred men. The Zeliners su>,k1 boldly
in their yard all tl.e early part of .lici
afternoon and defied arrest. There was a
frciiient exchange of shots between the
fugitives and the crowd at long range, and
a man named Wittenmyer, who crossed
in open space, was shot through tho
heart and instantly killed. Sheriff Kingsbury and a rsv<w> of deputies were soon on
the scene, but the fusillade of shots kept
up by the Zcltncrs prevented any effort
licin*- made to capture them.
TRT   ALLBN'S   1 ooT  KtSK,
A powder to lie shaken lulu the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, nervous and uiinunion able. If you have
mia'rtitig feet or tight shoes, try Allen's
Foot-Ease. It rests and comforts; makes
tvalkmg easy. Cures swollen antl sweating
feet, blisters nnd eallous spots. Relieves
sornsand bunions of all pain and is a certain cure for Chilblains, Sweating, damp
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sasars, laUoduM ana tall patents.   Oat r»fl»
■tei a ttorn st aaa set yen patents a tract ttom
a |-otsrnment aiUeu*.delay.   Altati want«l
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ater-iatloB rurn'.shad oe roq-aesl    Boom nl
1MB mt OeatsuMca Bvu-iaa,  r«-rr*-_r_,
One of the numerous country members of the Connecticut legislature Introduced a resolution providing that
the general assembly shall Anally adjourn Thursday, April fith, at 2 p. m.,
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PABST ClliMlCAL CO., Cldc^fo, UL
Kelt.    Mlll.r    In   Hrllml.
Wa-fhii-gtctn,   March   28.—A  chan^t   in
iho coinniaml of tlie X'iwiyan division
.1       i»    •.     i   _i   i a    ii   -t ■ I HHIIH L»v;irt'i-i.  mt* um
the I niled Males army at lloilo oieurivd] BOtlc« t.y sotiHiiile people
"A tape worm <il-{ht«eu fetl long al
least riimv on the scene alter my lukliin two i
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.-.killful iniin-itt-mpni oi the deli ate ittua-l
tion is due in a large moasiire the capture
mid ixi'tipalinn of thai Philippine strong-!
hold. Oeneral Miller retires a brigadier!
general) to wbloh rank he -.v.is promoted
!>y President M.'Kinley tot his capture
of lloilo.
'BOWIX8, ll.lid. U H
l's« U'K H tor uunstura
.11—. h»TK.'s. Inttsmmsttous
Ossrsstasot    ~| irritstious   or  nlcerstlooji
is4_suisi.rf.cf ruueons  merobrsnes.
1->r«..nu mdiw.os.       I'»ililcss, fi'n! nol Mlrln-
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of Jackson county, in a fit of jealousy,
shot and mortally wounded Mn. John
1 l.-i-lin. r iu an attempt to kill M.tdda
Fleishnor, her lfi-year-old dattplilri-, who
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. iiiiiiisis.ii
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Mr wile and 1 end .Jinpy..jsjwlqf .?£* And "™J*^^^rwwH;
TriKii.vi.nte. , _„,,, i*..,,,i.e, ton .11 il Victor,. from  Oil-
•W_ did ititht well*'   Oh, ves,.nr-we F*™J^$^ Tmlt,
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'For.ettle   WV    Not   -el,,  *.r. ••T.^^
iJto'SSSK'B .».., has *^W —
n^S what they want-de- TheftvNg^^  *f
.o^^ln-XVir P^Pera  camo lyu^on have ueve^een it a-e put it
ih-'vi-anKii. the laiea. .'nitv..      ■        r,, (Zrl      1 dated Ihe  title   role,  and
And .time around lo wain us that they'd Qf «Jr».j *«£&,,
ilpuatii.tl.e   lack r.ri.nolBn„reW.,hadaWi....erinCtra..o B.r-
tnleix we  promptly gave   em _yrano »■«• •*»
Benrerae. "erac-
.e •
• »~
-.» e
s •..
ie •
• -•-.
PROPS.  "*"*„
o you   want
A ny trlT 1 n |g?
JEVELKV.    ------
•IANOs 1  ■■   .     -    _
'We,en.(orI.-atl...t It came.   'Great " ifcJfc^&S Pember,on-
Set. !'.f_.v.Jiu.,'if. Greek.      - .,01 "'"f^ ° £'   von   Kid   he'd
Or Latin, of-wm-  foii-tan. tongue that And lai.l a bat wi     Unj an- km  ne.<.
XsJSailst&psa r- -&^?S«£& '"""'
Ln&V&theAtam to  |,i. evil- 'Hom^nhUT'rijW'. true, air; hut
A-aTnedl.muient. locee upon Cyrano The Uh fUed little interest in Cyrano
Ben/erne, BcrKerai*.
•'He worked like mad.  Ihat  Dago  did, "That'. .11 then ie lo tell,  .ir;-itwent
llimniiu all the ni.l.t and day. hom ba.| to jrowe,
Transl.,....' and expnrgi.,' and improvi..' Wl.ei.ey.-r I wetfpn 'I.estn.e.on.ehobo
nn 1 hi* nl'iv fl'n H rilMe,
He i.,...iln'e'.l 'some  clever  pgs  end Would He u.. In Ihe callery.   the  earn-
dutirea for K.-x.ue HS WI""*" Bill.
X,„: r iedtl..H.!.|.t,tiontna l.i.'h ar- And   .....il;...'   nit   .....Ite.-np   With   hie
tMiit id .--«»• i1i.i..|ieil r. Viivf. .kill,
A-d   I ..net. l'. on.   when   '.«.. dot.,- We .I..h.*.I .1."  I 0..-0    and   -walked   the
.'here *..„'. mil  lack i,cs-11., h-jpoy to I.p l.,.ck-
Of  ...m.,1    dr..m..tic' act!".,    iu   Cjrano And ..-v.*. will I play u«ain Cyrano B.r
l_»in>i I.. -.er.ii*
1    *      ' —1{. Hartley in Dr.iii.ulic Mirror
Wilson Hotel.
Teeter   Bros.
OCO0O0  R«.4l«rten ^ MiHiB8 *D(I {mml^ *'■•
000000 Kftryt-iRg First-elm to AH Bespe«ti.
SLOGAN   CITY, - - ••     . .. " B
fiOOn SADDLE ANDP»(.K   HOU8FS   FOR  HIRE   *l*™*£f*
1 not >tr!c*'8'.*irily   have  to   he enforc-d
EARN   a   ...........».:.;..'.*ii*ii
I   An   ep>l>>_y     apparentlv   anei   with
III Oil! li.   vll* li'll I !.\«S.     )i'every inning law   willuut nny  extra
J»oot> Dover,
Roi U     .   .
Noncr;:—"1»avtos"    Mineral Claim;
sitnalel iu  lh-  Slocan  Cily    Minim.'
Divi.ion  of Went   KiNiti-ii iv   Di.trirt
Where hvate-l*.—A' t|m mouth oi Day-
' ton Creek. n.*ilr Spri «e>.
1_ke notic thHt 1   tieo. li Aylnril not-
in_ a« .11-B..1 h»r E. 8 Kn n> v, Free Miner V Certifli-atf  No   HOuO. intend eixtv
dav. fr..m lh- date hereol.  to apply  to
the Mtiiimi Ueustnt***-(or « Certiti*at|i of
l.niiroveinent<, for lhn ptvprwe   of   oh
. tainltiK  a   Crown  -rant   of the ahove
And further lnkt* notice tliat  action
nndr hecfinn 37, mnst  be  i-omment-ed,
hef'.rc tl.e i-s'iHiiie  of   such   Cerlillcate
•f Improvement.,
Dated this 6th   day of March, 1»90.
11 I 3 I P9.
NOTICE:—   ''C«llUH"  Mineral Claim;
situate in the 81 .can Citv Mining Div
i.inn of Went Kootenav l»l*>'r et.
Wliere located :—A* the head   of Ihe
North Fiirk of l.omon Cr-eh.
Take n.vice Ihat I. J M McOreenr. «.t-
inK aa ..ent for .]. A Finch. Fn«e Miner. Certiflc-ttH No. l»7*l\ an.i F..I fiver.
Free Miner'. Ce.tifica'e Nn 6601.*. int-nd
Sixty iUvh Ir m thed .tc hereof, to Hpt.lv
to Ine Mini..V Recorder for a O-rllflcale
of Improvement*., for the pn.|*o*.e ofol>-
tainiiii/ aCruwnU'ant oitl.ealajve cam.
And fur.her <ake  no'ice that gctio»
under auction  37.   niu-'t  l-e coniroenuetl
hefore the iaauanue of atiih   Cert illcate of
Dnted thie twentieth day ol.lanu.iry
f e*ei.
J. M. McQreoor.
28 111 88.       r
PA8SFD     IN     THE
NOTICF:—"Meteor"' and "Ottawa No
6" .\\uieiai Claim.,.'.lime iu th,. hlot-an
Pity \\ ninii Divi.ion of W • et Koote-
pay m*i(iic..     Wlicie locii'ed —On Ihe
divide l<e<werp Spri*.i;er Creek and
the north fork of Lemon Crack
Sake ..oiUi- ihal l,.f. M. McGre-rnr
n_ ». uient for .1. A. Finch, Free
Miner', ("e.tinc.te N... 1674\* E .f
Dier.5551/.. VV M Riaw. 5652\, and
Charle. Sweenev. UtWoA. iu'e.id .ixiy
day. fin... the da*. h«r«-of,U> .pply lo
the Minim.' Reco.der If a O.tiricate
Os Impioveliieiit., tl/r the pmito-Kj of oh
tdninK a Crown '.rr.iiit of the above
Amifnrlher take notice ilia  anion nn
rlerr-cition 37.'iittHt  he ciin.:n.-uc. it before th- i.ri. .nee of euuh Certificate of
Daied thia twentieth day of January
J, M. McQrecor.
coMrANii. acr,  1897,
NOTICE ie hereby given that Ihe H-ad
Office of tbe "GALENA MINKS, LIMITED"!, now situate In llu Town o
-iirertop and Eran Frank Lloyd of the
•aid Town haa been appointed the Attorney for the Company In pl.ee of Percy
y/. Evan, of the City oJ Yanrnover, B 0.
f>at«d till. 4th. day of February, 1899
---_._.._. -.B^YvWoorroii
m\mk barrsit, • - mors
B. C.
NOTICE i. hereby iiiven that the Creditor, of the .hove named Cnmpanv .re
icipiired on or before the fir.!, dav of
Apiil next lo .end .heir name, and ad-
ilr.H-.en and lh>* paltidl'iiiH nf .heir d-bl.
urcl mm nnd the 1 n»tn>ti iiiid ihMivkh. m
■ if their Soliciiurs (if mn ) to Evan Frank
Lloyd 01 Silverton. Kr U*-l> C<.1..«<Iuh, lh-
A'jcnt of Mr. Edu.and Hei-ch of 20
Thread needle Street, Lmdon E. C. tlie
Liquidator of Ihe .aid CompHuy end .1 ho
r.ipiited bv notice in writing* fr.-u. II.e
■iiid Even Frank Lloyd ure bv their
S'dicitor. .0 cotnt) in and prove their --aid
debt or claim, at «nch time and place u-
hIii.11 lie .pecined in sn.-h notice or in
delimit thereof they will lie excluded
from tl.e I ei eflt ot .HV dihlriliutiou .nude
bef'-re .licit del.tg are proved.
Dated thia 14th day nf .Iannary 1809
AtUii'K<-T Morris Ck.sf k Co.
•Soliciinr. to the L'q'ii>tntor
17 Thrngmnrton Avenun,
London, E. C.
27(1 |99
The large amount of ea.ter.. Cm-
iiilian tttpital that is being itivested in
i.i.i.inj» (-nt* rprisea it. the State, of
Idaho and Washington, instead of
I-ei.it; invested ii. fomc of the mat.y
pro.i'isii.g properties in B>itit>b Col-
umliiu, iB lamely if not entirely clue to
The Nelaon Miner of yesterday, in
an able critici-no nf tlm E>*<ht Hour
luw, lm« tin- following to ssy on the
manner of its pasaiii-f. Wn have been
UfceH to tusk for profe.-sing our ignor
ance of tl.e  measure some week*   a-;o
ur liuuuleinme and cu'iiberoM-mining! ,„   ,   .        .,   , ., ,
_        I We believe that the  va**t  majority   o,
those most interested,  the miner end
mine owner, and the iie.v*pap*-'.s of the
laws.    Tue mining laws of our  Province are anj thing but  modern,   when
OutHi.leParti.*.Desirii.it Horae. in Silverton McDOKALD,
Can^Iav^Them ^served By^Vrilinjt So--       •    ' ^^
Necktlea.   ^priee wat 7ec,; eow HH.
\\ bite Shirts. "" " |175; " U «•
Cnlotecl >1hlrM " " 176; w L2*
H-avv H.irl. " " 1 75; " LW
1'n.Ve'rWe.r.ult    **   310;   "   §«•
Miner'. Sho s.  Overalle,   Jumpers.
Blankets. A*-**: Ac   All Marked Down.
Ross  Thorburn.
Silvenon,   B. C.
atatcs and have a tendency to discourage
compared with those  of other-tilting  _. _. , ,   ,,
* . .. p j Kootenays, knew no m«re awut  the
matter thin we did   The Miner say.:-
• "s*o quietly »'a-< the law c'lamred (bat
it*_« 1,01   lim'd  .eVctriil   il>iv..   alter  the
Legislature   |.roi.|_".i<* I   ihat   it lu.amc
ra h.-r than to encourage, th_ iuve»t>-
m-nt of capital in mine, and mining in
the Province. Tho mine* of British
Columbia for extent or richness cannot
be bu.passed by those of any other
]> irtion nf the known world. There
are untold millions of dollars worth of
minerals locked up in our mountains.,
bnt cf what value are thesi. immense
deposits if they are allowed to remain
untouched in the bowels of the earth,
giv:ng ..<> employ.ne.it to labor nor
adding to the wealth of the countrv?
They are of no morn  valut*  than so
generally known that tho leu hour day
had been reduced 10 one, of ei.hi. Neither owners nor employee, had the
faintest suxpifi' n that le.ialntion bo
ii.r_c.tlv. end materially .freeing them
had even been thought ol. They are tl. •
persons most chiefly interested; indeed
a'etl oonly one. directly inierestcd; yet
without their knowledge, wlihottt anv
previ M intimation, without debate nr
previo.i. disc.iHMion at pubiio meeting.,
through the 1 icss or in I he Legislature,
an amendment  is  pa.aeil  reducing th
i'uch   hirren   rtx'k.    Tlm    want   of I working day   in mi'e. by twenty per
Auitionkeiib, Custom. Hrokbbr,
And Oeneral Rkai. Estate Aqemts,
r»ley  lllMh     •   •
Maker Bt
Shiloh'.   Cun.nmpM.in   ti'iro   cure
where other,   fail,    lt   ia   the   leading
Cough Cure, and  no  home  ehould  be
without it.   Pleasant to take and goe.
right to tko .pot.   Sold et
Dyspepsia  Cured.   Shiloh's Vitalizer
...mediately   relieve*.   Sour   Stomach,
(; 'tning up ot Food Di.tre.se., and I. Ihu
real kidnev and liver remedy.   Bold by
he Silverton Drng Store f
What Dr. A. E. Sailer Bsvs.
Buffalo, N.Y.—Gent*:—From my personal knowledge, gained in observing
the effect of yoor Shiloh'. Cure in cases
of adv.uci-d Co».nmption, I am p.eper
e«l to e.v  It   is  tho,  meet rn-_..kahle
Rented* that has ever IweL  brought to
_S.^_k  ■•-"Itentinn.   It ha.  certainly  Bsved
W.-M immxxfi ■JiauU.'UW.,X.-*»j~- Hieirf'eM*.**
cipital is, and always has been, the
■Irnwtmck to tl.e development of
British Co'uu.b.a'a mineral reaoui.-eg
And wi..*.. wn si e as we have seen
during the p.stsix months, the gradual
wi lnlr.iw.il of American capi'al and
C mad nt.1 capital passing us by and
prefering to invest in the neighboring
states, something is wrong. It is not
the fault of our mines, for they are
acknowledge*! t<» he among the beet.
Ir must be therefore, our mining luw,
which tax heavily and adds many
restrictions, some of them absurd, to.
tlm succtssful operation of
within our Province.
a   mine
And S00 Line
cent.    We are ..ot prepared  at the  mo
mem   to  hiiv  that  it   wu*-  nirieptiiiuiH
legislation, lui it certainly   hud .he   op ' *'
liearauceof it."
A full Lino nf New KotcIs by tbr
Best of Nodera -ithurs ban just
De.ru Keri'ivpil. If yoa are a Reader, Thin Kill inUrest Yto.
(* _ 9 _ 9 * **« 9 • * i t»
BILVEttrON,     B. C
-      -      -      V
East Astv. West
The eight-hour law, is but another
sample of onr late mining leg.olatioo,
which has ben the means of st.H more
complicating the Mineral Act. This
law. wus uncalled for and not requested
by the metal miners or mi in owner-
and its enforceme.it will but be the
means of retarding the development of
this section. There is K .ne talk of
the miners asking the Minister of
Mines to enforce tbis Act It is to be
hoped that this is not 10, as it would
be taking an unfair advantage of the
mine owner, on whom this act was
sprung without wsrning, and would !
be the means of precipitating a struggle
between capital and labor. It is
doubtful if the miners could win in
such a struggle as they aro not properly organized or in a position
financially to miter a fight of this
nature. In justice to all concerned it
is lo be hoped that the Act will not
be enforced.
To day. the First of April, is a red
letter da'e in the juvenile calendar.
To-day, many door Ik*II« will cUng to
the touch of undi.cover.tble lunula ami
no one, not a dyspeptic, will feel annoyance fro... any April fooling. We
know a little brown liai.ed maidei* who
wat presented with a wuteli, l*er first
one. Gravely rnspnoting her gif', .he
announced that .he would only Wear it
nn Christmas.. s, K..stern aud April fool
The question of the origin of April
Fool's day is not at all clear. Some
suppose it to be bveri on an incident
in the life of Jesus Christ, hut other
authorities say that it is probably a
re'ic of some old Celtic festival. The
I'ustnn-v, vhatever be its origin, of playing triclis 01. tin - day upon unguarded
individual**, appears In be uu.ver.al
throughout Europe. In France '.he
victiiiiittermml sn April fish, probi-
bly a sucker, in England, an April
fool, and in Scotland, the land of eu-
phonism., a gowk Our shortness in
w's and k'a forces us to omit the name
in Wale.;
Thc best word now spoken for tbe
Alien Aot is that it does not do so
iiiach  harm   as   was   feared  by   (ts
wgaho-tiit-H ^,'-*^4^^^^j.^ri-g
1.1 ni~-f un,,-T.._. (. «... :. _„_       .. .:*:  •~T-T-:!^~*^f~: ^-refy-S-t, i.
The fill ve. ton Drug ritore. t    I  hj Eight Hour Law it| that it  need
Divine Service, will be conducted la
the Silverton Church on the second and
fourth Sunday of the ...ontI. by the Rev.
C. F. YaleB, at 3 p, u». You are invited
to lie ptesent.
Beginning on Sunday, November, ft*-,
the Rev. K, N. Pow*U will bold service**
every alternate Sunday m 3 p. ,„, j,, {nt
Silverir-n Church In addition totheae
wjrviceB will Ih* held on ever* alt«rr..le'
-   -   .    I'KOl'
."     - !  "I '!' .   V" '..      '
'.ip.ot-fiR n.tT-ciJis. A TOV-iST •_*'
.J     1 -
L0*.*|ttT KATES.
-—I-  CHKCKSn TO D_.TI.ATH-***.   —
(exrepting   Unaday)
Revels'oke.nd MaitrLins P.4e»e.
8.05—1, av« - irii.vaaToK—arrive - 1«.S#
N.-lso...   T'.ll.   Kosdard. Ae.
«0.1 <S—leave—Silv sktok—arrive— 18 M
:•; Ilisiil'imirliTH For Mining M>*n :•:
Ascertain preM.it   rate* and full hi
formation by  addressing   nearest rere
axeid,or     ...  :a....,.,..»,.;,	
W. S.-CLARK, Areet.lUlverte*.
W. F. ANDER-OK.      -.
Trav. Pus, Aga-t, Neleew.
Dht. Pa.s. Agent, Vsneonvef
may, 24h isaa
*%**,& _Prl»«»e
Vordially invited, to,ettijufl.
-w^wsr**.,   .■^taavwstw*..  ■■ tenm'»>->■♦ ie***/***.■ emtafmy.\tw
i*m\Msm&':m*''r && »^fe^ ^^^: ■ ^_ *AJrr$%&^^':s ,««***y iimn*


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