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The Silvertonian 1899-04-22

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$2 Per Annum.
Job Work
Neatly & Promptly Done
We can quote you bedrock prices
mui mm.
Tiia ranadian Gnmii Will Employ   a . d. MeDo,*nid is .,..«• *„n sp,jn,JPr
lilt* v_i.»» i Creek tloiti-i   aesessrnent   work   nn   tl.e
\        llg     tl'CWs Kockawav claim, ol   which   he  is  the
ANOTHER   lOJll   MILE    Mid.
The Canadian Group, situated on the
divide between Pour Mile und Carpenter
creeks 1".h lor aouio tune U-eu known
|0(.a|ly as one*.!'the very best tnndnu
vropoHitlous in lhe wl.ole -tails country.
It was owned bv local parties who put
every dollar they could spare Into dev-
elopiug it, bllt Hfl every one knows it
t.kt-s mo.nyt6 make'rt iiiitie .in iriatte,
l,0w good a property it may be. und th
local owners, owin« lo their limited
capital were not able io do pi-dice to IM*
more tban promisin. woiierty. Still
m lariie amount of development work I.xm
Vuuloot-uni', amoiiuliiiB to over 1200
leet of under -round .level..penient,
besides lonsiderahlt) M.rf„ro stripping
und prosp.cti.il.', all of which wit
necessary lor tl.e prop, r developing 61
the property!
The priuclp.il un ler_r-niii I work
consisted oft lie rlr.vii.ii <»( two tun.it Is,
the upper one. known as Nol., I«ii.|i
drlvt ii on the ledjte lor a iiist.iiice of itii,
feet, and gainink O dei.tl. of aliout 200
feet. This ti.nn.-l lias expohed a laue
•.mount of ttoo*l coneentraiinK ore ami
, i-liottB theledw to 1w a iii-.niinolt. one,
VOryiliB from ten 10 twelve feet m width.
The No 2. tnnnel, driven farther down
the mountain, is now in (JOO feet and Ita*.
•Milil'd a depll. ot over 809 leet, What
appear*, to U* the same Iwly of eoncit,-
iralin-i ore as that t-trwk in U.e upper
tuniit-1 Im* I*een cut. and in this timn.-l.
ht>iilfs the concentratiii- or", a pm
streak of clean >.ie, which appears to be
continuous, lias been ei.euuntero.L
This streak of clew ore .lvera.es a
loot in width an I is <>f Id***', tttane,
r.innimi well in both silver and leul, li
fail all lhe «alen.i cneounierel in thi*.
property inns I.i_h, smelter returns on
. ii!o_d lots t.bi|'p«-'l ifivii.ir returns ol
11!» ounces in silver ano 63 j*er ceut lead
per ton.
The No 2. tunnl, it eoti.inuei, uin-i
More lorig cut tl.e Ivanboe 1<-.L*», as
that le.lvre, lielng a croaa*veii., n.iM l«*
intersected l.y the vein on which the
work is helnu done on the Canadian
Group. The hanlioc woikin.s are
knotn lobe Hearing the Ciini.dii... Gr-.tif
line and it is rumored by the miners
that thn Ivanl.oe's h<*_ or-* **l>. te it-
pitchinz into the Canadian ground.
The work ddne so far on .hie -.-roup
has heen done systematically, wiih a
view ol property .'evelopinn the .nine,
suitable buildings have heen erected and
good trails built.
W II. Brandon, who spent Ua!
winter in tl.e ea«t, and who is one of
tl.e principal owners in this pro|»rty,
has Mi.Tcedetl it. Interestiitk! eastern
t'.niaih.in capitalists who have formed
tli.'Onaiio nnd r-lor.ui Mines I level-
optneiit Coinpany to prnperiv d.*.c!o e
this   group,    Mr.     Urand ci    will   hate
personal charge of the property, and as
lie is a mining man who has learnt the
business hy hard knoelit ami is
thoroughly prac'ictl, there is nn reason
why under his management the property
should not be ii) a short time us big a
producer as anv in the Province.
Now that the property is in strum:
hands, -with aulllcent fund, at iMi
d'sposal to he aide to do justico to the
property, Mr. Brandon informs ns thai
s concentrator willprottahly he erected
on Four Milo creek above town, and
concentrates from this mine will be
"hipped from Silverton's wharf hefore
lhe year ia ended.
The first carload of Noonday ire t'.ki-n
out by iln* new management wns lifte.'
hy lhe sleainer on V\ ednesility. hilled for
ihe Trail Smelter, The work of sacking
Ihe second curl' ad Is well under way,
A good showing'Uf hoini! nittdo nt. the
Neglected claim, which lit-H jn-t souih of
New Denver. A three foot 'ed_e, well
fprlnkfeii will, galena, is lielnu opened
up. A c.oiiiiail for UO feet of luuticl has
iieeti given.
W oik wa-" entyiincMvd Monday tin tl.'
('o.ncracker eUl'.i.i, wonl. sdjoltt- tl.t
Bi-frail Group, The ownef-1 \| -.mm ,i ft
D. Brandon oi Silterion, coi.tciiii-lat
doing cotisii'i-ni' >e dev< loputeut woik on
im* prn|iertv ttita reason.
ri.ui.1 n Ar liel, -.vltsi h:t. tin. con.t n't
fordriving . 100 foot tunnel ou tlie J, 1,
;'. clan.'., tine "f the Eutilv Kdiil. Group,
ii.i*- coinpli-te I ha I' of Ilie co..tract. 8n
fartl.it iiin.iel has been a cross-cut, but
i. a expected thai the ledge will Is*
■.ij-ped in a few feet further.
•tto -I. ito...vilii-, representing tin
ii'-it.. Ure I'u.vli. itn* Ci.n.puii-. o
Ni><j|l, eptul'8 («-fA  ilhM-  l'i    idV.ii    lliis
week. Ihi o.-npitij is now ia tin: l)ahl
tor llu- pntwlune of all -IiuIm nf ore and
<lr. Kos-ntale will in the inline make
monthly trip* through the tSlocuii.
•S hilt- here, he m i la iiiniHeli aetjuatntt.-l
-vlth our business men nn-l mine innn-
•_ers, V'Ultllig the En ily Edith and
:....-.iu, itiii.t...
Conrad Hill, one of lhe owners o' the
LK-moi.t Group, came down -.'nail that
properly on Monday. He reports lhe
property as looking line and s-ys, a
tinned is being driven on the leilu.
ivhu-li is now in 60 fret. The le-'-.-e it-
• !x (eet wide lieiw.-en wi-ll* an-1 c.nie- U
t\>t.e.ik ofjdeaii oie that vain-. lion*,
ivj li. elgl.l inches in ahllll. lh.
-.ilini'O of lhe lodge   beitu   liile-J   «ith
-ini-iitialin; ore.
Ilni sal*, of iht* K-i'.etpr'-ie. iho big Ten
Tile property, means mnch lo th>* Blo-
i-_ii Lake loans, as lhe property will,
loobtlewti be w.u-i-d u. iu hill eaputi* ■
It l.-s heen developed HUilic-.-i.tly lu allow
tithe -woikiiu of st;least ISO miner-,
.vhose trade alone will be a l'i- i'em ie
tUo aorronnd.ng towns. Slocan IJitj >n«i
-'llverto'i. "ei.i-'the two nearest towns,
.vlil naturs1.lv he Uie two mosi h*ht Itted
>.-w Denver will lose tin* h-a-1 ■>:':<■
of the mine, the-*- being w .Ve ' to Nc
-nn, hut this loss will lem-'re inan evm-
-lensu'ed I"'* ''V l'i.* In-1" "I UiQ En'.'i-
prise miner*, who will oc a-i - al y wa ...
der _s far as Hie «VW I*' <'">'•
J8snriiiwt_j-  Of  a
firow    Daily.
fiig   Crowd
8    the \mi i\wm\
ltev. father Korelantl holds services
in   t nvu  io day
Mrs, Carey nml Master Leslie Carey
are now in Spokane, Wash, where an-
operation is to bo performed .in   Leslie,
All   work   in Ihe Jewelry  Repairing
line, left at the Sllved'too Dnw Store, wil
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Hove.,
the well-known Xelsou jeweler.     All repairs aie Gu.ut..NTi:i£i> fji. okk ykar. *
Chas A. Mariner mil foe. MeNaught
bave been examining mining properties
tn   this section.
Messrs Bowes and Brandon represented Mil vert on In Sandon on \Vedi.cjdav,
They reliirnetl conll lent of the gOod
faith if tin* Siiiidouies, dospite tl.i many
r«ip>'rl<, seni out  hy   interested  parlies,
G, E. McDonald, Contracting Freight
At-ent for the C. P. It, was in town on
Monday. Mr. McUonuld informed us
that the wharf arid warehouses here have
been found too limited (or the amount of
freight being handled and thut appropriations had been m.-id-i bv the t'o n-
pany for the extension of the wharf and
the erection of additional warehouses and
ore sheds.
Superintendent Bcabley . wns also a
visitor here this week When he arrive'I
he was annoyed to find tbe wharf covered with height ami the warehouse
crowded. He was mollilied when he
learned that the freight in sight repre-
Bented ||.e accumulation ol one day only
aqd not of weeks as it appeared.
I*st woek, beside the usual amount of
smaller shipments, there waa received
here, one car of hay, one of mixed ■•ro-
cerieg, one of cannud goods ami one of
dy-...r-lio. The princioal ou;t-going
reifht waa a ear load ot ore,
Tho Will-.n I claim, on., of the oidtol
locations i.ia.le on the >ilvciIon sWs nt
VlpnaJ loiint-.n, is a» last being system
,tie.illy developed and it 'ooks now a*.
II |l would he numbered iiii.oti-.st Sil-
v.rlol.'s shipping mines in the neat
future. The W'ill.iid adjoins the J. I. C
..ne ol the Emily E-liih Cirotip, am! is
owned hy Ueaara, Porklni,' r.i..gion ai d
A .Haul.
Mr. Perkins a lew weeks ago w.-nt up
pr.pa.ed to do considerable development
work Upon the in-pny. A larau
amount of siukh'c stripping haa bee.,
done, whi'h has retiiilted in show inn thc
ledge to be Ir jni uO io 4.) feet in Wldtll
The situation of the claim makes it an
ideal tunnel she ami a drift on U.e vein
Iihs beeu Started, which Is now in:},', feci.
The ore is what is known a*, cone, utral-
j ing, but a lew feet m the tunnel .here
has been fill what appears to lw the top
of a big ore shute of dean ore antl in the
luce ol Ihe tun.>el is  a   streak   of  com-
paratlvely clean ore bom -d-  to efghl
inches ivjde. The strike of the veat i*-
the same as that ol Iho Emily Edith aud
as it adjoin.*, iho J. I. C, one of the Emily
Edith tiroOp ol claims,, it is either a
r a   parallel
According to the reports going the
round of the local press, the <pn stion of
Seeurliiu the alte..dance of the vurious
athletic club.-, lias hecmnn a question of
i:oiisidettihle loisuntleistanthiig.
II inoney taUs, ihe Ion est cull comes
from ibe Silverion ('n!-*l.i*at.i .n Go__i.it-
t--.', rite imr-ies now o Ter d (or a hat-e-
lilill ..._il-h imtAi-ci, tl„. eln!„ 0( Nclnon
ami Sindon, ami fur the reel  nice   bc- | regarding lhe intention of the hill Sown
tween the fire brlgatles of these citiest \,,al1 players to play elsewhere than  in
amount-to 1430., of which &&>, will go to \ f&f*™ °" Muy 24,,,•
Messrs Bowes and Jacks in are now in
On Ap.il 24th, daily uervic.- on Coluin
bin Ulver between Nakusp und Hobson
will be resumed antl the present service
via Slocan L-ike route will he dlscttn-
linned. Aa a result of this, service between Nelson Slid Slocan Citv, on Slocan
Luke ami on N & S branch, will be the
Mime as was in ell'ect previous to the
Inauguration 61 the present service.
Mr ami Mrs W II Brandon returned
froiii Git-lpb, Ont. on Monday, M..
Brandon will make his home here in tl.e
Int..re( this being .lie head od'.ee of the
b*at-_dian Group, of wht<rti he is manager. He expects lo be able to s1.ii*t work
.... the Canadian about the mi-Idle ol
May, Tl.e stock of this company, recent*
l> placed on the eastern market has been
Hell receive I hy the investors aud lhe
isr-uc has als.ut beet, taken up.
lhe lull causers and the balance, $200..
will belong to the tire laddies.
This was decided pn Thursday and
wired to ihi. Secretary of llu- Nelson
Baseball Club, the Chief of the Nelson
1'ire Uep-ir'n.ei.l an I to the Captain of
the S.,n,I,,n The li.'j'itde. An answer
received from San Ion s.ivs:
"The jSandpn hose team will he in
Silverton to compete agaiu--t Nelson on
the 2-lih May."
(signed)   ('.. McLaughlin.
Capt .in,
Yederlay the foll.ving fele.'ram was
received:.    .
"•Million hafl-l.al| team will be it,
Silverton I*, ph.v hall an Mttt d.iy."
< >i^*t»e.t)   Win.  Wiihiish-v,
FreJ J. Rafley,
It Is practically crt tin ihat the Nelson
tea*:.t*   will ultimately 'leel'de io come
here, a'l reports i, > the contrary n it-vith-
The -Trillin**. i-rinrcMt ptOlnhleS to be
keenly tviiilested, fwrnW oemg urt*-ifj
in 'rainii.'- .'or the lug event.
Llbtratity will b,< -r*.pirent in the
priie list f'*r the {' tb-Ionian *^pi.il* and
the Committee will in.ike .. at. objeei
for the leading athht-> of ihe !\oot. • 11 ti y -
to be here.   The program I i-r.i" b t
will IH) «nn .'it,ceil ni a f-w .1 US.
OlIoM. Ho*eiitUl.', . promineul t. 1 l-
fell-iw - f Nelson, was ifi o 1. .*i y .ii \\ ed-
in-nlay. lie is. chair .nan of the committee having in charge the arrange*
liients for the annual i-.i-iir-ion of that
Lodge, ii.ml he aunoiinces that the con.-
tuittcu liavedeiiuiu-lv decided oi. iiwkipil
Silverton the ti-ndcvotis for the Nelson
OldicllowM.it the comitu'iueej.'s I'l.th
day. Tl.e lodge will oe a.coupmied by
the Smelter llu.vl and urringenicnls are
being made hy tho railroad od.ci-la to
accommodate "DO |>eopio on the trip,
I'r.i.ii ii it    R.-fiilitr C.n rs»p iiittfnt.
At the Kv iiin_' star mine, the big
IXtvfnii V.astn propeity. tl.e ore slitlte tins
I i. struck it. the ho 'o.n  ol  the shnfi,
now iluTii a-I. pil. of 150. The smelter
re:'.i os fn. n i t'i.l shiptui-nl of live ton-*
ijave -VWU in '.tld.
A t-tii'.e uf cuisidorible oonaeq-wnce
Ins rec_i.ili been niaifc on the B1aek
Prints, n«tn-l by .Mis-.-ra Sltombi-rg,
Mtirphv and Goru.nrly, the uri-.-it.al loea*
tors >>l the Two Kriouda n.ilie. Tin- 111 ck
Pi .nc.* adjoins Ibis well-kli-w n p.operty
Oo lhe claim a ?•". f'."l .rnsstnt has ne. n
mn, which tapped ibe ledge at a dep-h
ot 76 feet. Ai ibis iioint an ore body
lint* feet wide ha* b ell encotiittered
l'nis ore ir a high gru lu galel.a, carrying
it/•»"! perceiila^e of coppc. and -75 oz
in silver.
The Aihti'.-ton mine has now passed
into lite control ol J 1-'Calluni, if Vic-
tnrlii, It. (!., who will phi a force uf men
hi wink .is h:uiii as ihe 'neither will permit of 'ii- irelUugiii --ipp'.-s.
A. E. Teeters, manager of the Hank of
i'nul.iml mine, came down last Weil.u-s-
dav fto.i. the ...ine.    He is Battering from
a b id fold.
The Gulden Wetlge mill, situated on
the second north for!" ol Lemon creek,
i-.now dropping its leu stamps and is
having its t.iid ran.
ol that veil
Priucoton, B. C.
*-Mi-Hr*-«wai«» tapsmsmt, ^s^ame .^mstmm seA***M*mmam. +r**tm
E. Patterson, manager of the Wake-
lield Mines, luit for Victoria on Saturday
Mr. McCalliim, of the firm of Mc-
C-liuu. & Co., Slocan City, was a visitor
iu town on Monday.
Messrs Tvree and Hey loft for the
I*,,ul,d,.,y Country on Wednesday where
they will prospect.
J.S, Mel-'ailgne and -John Popham
have packed their blankets for the
so,..!.. They will ,U. considerable wor,
ot, their claims, staked last year  near
Four more of Silverton's young men
have Joined .he tide now (lowing Atlin-
wanls. East Monday A. V. Smith left
as advance guard for the p.uiy of (ortiiuo
seekers, being followed on Tuesday* by
Hugh Brad*-, V La le ami W. Mcintosh.
Mr. Smith had lived some years it. the
t,r N.uth, coming from there aboutl H-VR A BOUQUBJ TO WEAK ON
oi-.d.t years ago, before ihe cold linds! MAY t,|C XWENTY-F0UIJ,TH.
l-egan to attract altenUoo, Al tl.at lime
he waa trading with ihe Coast Indians	
YOUlt   GARDKJf.       A   IT'LL  LINE
ami trapping, his voyages  extending as : _  _ _-
fariipasJnnetin. Mr. lUndyls inte.ested: 1) gg        IN OI1C J_Sllt
iu several Atlin claims,purchased I.v his j
partner, I. Andersm, before tho Alien
-Vet went inlo force. Mr. Mcintosh will
use his right 88 u British subject to
prospect foi the yellow stiill'as will also
Mr, Lade.
A farewell dance wasuiven on Monday
ovening to tho hoys and they have the
good Wishes of all their friends here in
their quest lor sudden wealth,
Plow antl scraper, combined with good
hard work, are doing wonders on lh
baseball grounds. Those who have been
industriously ciretilalinii the report of th-
impossibility of peering good grounds
lure, are, to u-<o a popular phrase, simply talking through their hats,
Backv. rds are now undergoing their
regular spring cleaning up unit the
smoke of tho ban Are hang heavy on the
air. Up to date, some several billion
healtl.v microbes have had their usefu
careers cut off,
The  Best!
T^rnxiX ley • m
Do You Know
Where   To   Oet
*^^*W>A*t/»*.N*^** VMVMMW»MWMrVM¥W«0
General        _Meroliia_nit-s
Silverton,      _S.   O,
Silverion,       -      -      -       *       B, C.
Z-*.   __v£.   _EtZ-CLOTxrle©- , 3?rop.
v Patronise Horns Inlustriss. V
o          o
i    (•••888?8SS?i!i!i'l2» 8 ?i ? « 5 88i 8 i 38? 8 8 8 885881 S® A
W    NEW TT„_ _f
Q   -ML
w       THE
88S8 88888888588388888®
*%   ®S5888!858S83858*S3838 8838 88888888388388888® A
I    _L_/iel3»o_t_ie_r9   \
P. Burns & Co.
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Yrn.r, Knslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Ciisemie City, liraiiil Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and tlnenwool.
01-'   IMPURE   BL ioD,     CURES
Try It-Prove It.
General Agents nnd   *05
$•$      %m Mining Brokers.
Solci Agents For
f'V ■ II
.       -_»i<l.-t-ts III  MM ■»-.,<»■
*»M*a%.A. mm..-__>.h«mMmj
-««,rn siwrn-,,
gbl* ■^■--i<»^yW^^^^^v#.<(iW THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
Ad Interesting Collection or Items rrom
Ui* Two Hemispheres Presented In a
Condensed -Form—(lulled rrom th* Tel-
•lgntph Ueporti.
Robert Blizzert, aged 58 yeara, a well
known labor leader, died ln New York
last week of pneumonia.
Vice President Hobart is holding the
gain shown last week. He la able to
partake of more hearty food and sits
up about half an hour dally.
The Missouri river Is higher than
for years. West of Willlstou, N. D.,
many miles of track is gone.
The river was higher laat week at
Pierre, S. D., than since the flood of
1881. People ln the lower part of Fort
Pierre have been compelled to abandon
their houses.
Reese Hutchinson, a young electrician graduate of Auburn college, Alabama, is exhibiting at Mobile, Ala., an
apparatus for milking the deaf hear.
He augments vibration and enables
deaf mutes to hear words spoken ln ordinary tones. The apparatus is the
size of a pocket book and ia connected
by wires with the audlphone, which Is
held to the ear. Two totally deaf men
were experlmenied with. They stood
50 feet from the piano and marked the
time of the music, laughing with delight over the novel experience.
Joseph Kielibiuim, aged 72 years, the
head of a lithographing and stationery
firm of Pittsburg, Pa., Is dead.
The 3-year-old daughter of George
Tempero, a farmer living near the foot
of Kamiac butte, Wash., waa burned to
death last week.
Lady Frances Ann Emily, duchess of
Marlborough, daughter of the third
marquis of Londonderry and widow of
the seventh duke of Marlborough, is
The Petit Bleu alleges that Lieutenant Mijen, who died at Zanzibar on
March 23rd, while on the way to assume the governorship of Ra Jubiill.
the French port and colony on the west
••oast of the gulf of Aden, committed
Oscar Gardner and Tommy Hogan of
New York have been signed by the
Nonpareil Athletic Association of Louisville, Ky„ for a 20-round bout, to be
pulled off May 4th.
Representative Baird, of Louisiana,
is very sick in Washington, D. C.
Thomas F. Kelly, aged 55, part owner of the National theatre in Philadelphia, is dead.
The first great bicycle match of the
season came off ln Paris last week. In
the 50-mile race Walters of England
won in 1:34:43, lowering the record
made In 1896 by A. D. Frost of London,
whose time waa 1:34 *. 45:3-5. J.Frank
Stnrbuck of Philadelphia abandoned
the contest midway.
8. W. Grinstead, aged 37, cashier of
the bank In Humboldt, Nebr., committed suicide by blowing off the top of his
head with a revolver. He admitted
that he was $10,000 short in his accounts.
In the California derby, which was
won last week by Coralne, there were
seven starters. The event took place
on the track at Oakland.
Secretary Alger has put an effective
quietus on the persistent reports that
he contemplated retiring from the cabinet by a positive and unequivocal
statement that the reports were absolutely without foundation, and that unless some unforeseen and unlocked for
contingency arises, he proposes to remain secretary of war throughout the
Spanish silver is now quoted at 89,
the highest figure reached In this de
cade in Havana.
Under instructions from the president, 115 staff officers were honorably
dlscnarged from the volunteer army of
the United States last week by the acting secretary of war, to take effect
April 7th.
The L. A. W. racing board announces
the appointment of Hosmer K. Arnold,
of Portland, Oregon, as handicapper
for Oregon.
foe Cans, the veteran Daltimore
lightweight, went down before George
McFadden of New York, in the 23rd
round of their tight at the New Broadway Athletic Club recently. Gans was
not completely knocked out, but fell
from exhaustion and was unable to regain his feet in time.
The ex-queen dowager Kahloianl of
Hawaii, ls seriously ill. She had another stroke of apoplexy about a week
since and In place of becoming better
she failed from day to day. Not even
her most intimate friends are not allowed to see her.
Major General Lawton, at Pake, In
the Philippine islands, announces an
authorized statement, to the effect that
100,000 troops will be required to put
down the Insurrection in the Islands.
Word bas reached Cheyenne from
Wyoming City that Goose creek has
swelled to an alarming condition, the
bridges are all washed away and half
the town is under four feet of water.
Bx-Unlted Statea Senator Tabor was
honored with a military funeral In
Denver last week.
Orders have been published In three
American camps in Cuba to muster out
men who enlisted as regulars for the
war. There are about 300 such men in
the Rlghin Infantry and 500 ln the
Second Artillery.
The promotion of the following
named officers to the grade of rear admiral Is announced at the navy department: J. W. Philip, B. J. Cromwell, H. r'. Picking, 8. Casey. F. Rogers, J. C. Watson, G. W. 8umner, F. J.
Hlgglnson and L. Kempff.
The Cuban army muster rolls which
were delivered to Governor General
Brooke through Senor Domingo Men-
doz Capote, are prepared in neat clerical style, the 1,200 broad sheets showing on their face 48,000 names, 0,000
commissioned officers and 42,000 noncommissioned officers and privates.
The whole regiment is in orderly arrangement of corps, regiments, battalions and company rosters.
The 26th annual meeting of the National Conference of Charities and Corrections will be neld in Cincinnati May
17th to 22nd.
The driver of the Coulee City and
Brewster stage line reports that last
week the town of Ruby City, in Okanogan county, was entirely wiped out by
fire, except a livery stable.
Ylio United States transport Senator
has arrived in San Francisco from
Secretary Long has Instructed the
commandant at the Mare Island navy
yard to procure two metallic caskets
and send them to Apia to receive the
remains of Lieutenant Lansdale and
Ensign Monaghan, which will be returned to the United States for burial.
Another old-time river captain, R. A.
Dorst, of St. Louis, Is dead.
Mrs. L. M. N. Stevens, president, and
Miss Anna A. Gordon, vice-president
at large of the national W. C. T. U.,
have started on a western trip ln the
interest of the organization.
The secretary of state has directed
the return to their posts in Spain of
the united States consuls who were
obliged to leave on account of the war.
George M. Stroud, the pioneer railway conductor of Oregon, is dead.
Sam Washington, a negro, was
hanged at Yazoo City, Miss., last week
for the murder of a plantation manager named Coker last November.
Governor Rogers' new book, "Looking Forward, or the Story of an African Farm," bas been printed and the
governor has received an advance copy.
Manuel Chavez was hanged in San
Quentln last week for the murder of a
woman in southern California two
years ago.   He died bravely.
The trial of Lon Edwards for the
murder of his mining partner, C. I.
Evans, at Fairview mining claim,
near Ashland, Ore., March 8th last, resulted in a verdict of acquittal by the
jury. Both Edwards and Evans resided in Los Angeles before going to
The National Federation of Miners
has issued a call for an immediate
strike for a 2 per cent Increase in
wages in all the four great coal basins
of Belgium.
Philip Walker, a young married man,
was shot and killed in a cowardly manner last week at Kamloops, B. C, by
an Indian named Casimir.
The celebration attending the return
of the United States cruiser Raleigh
from Manila occurred last week ln New
York. The Raleigh, accompanied by
two small war vessels captured from
the Spaniards last summer and a fleet
of about 25 excursion steamers and
tvtftUo—to,      jiur—.1^.1      from      To—iplflna.
vllle to Orant's tomb and from there
back to anchorage In the North river
off Thirty-fourth street.
A case of hydrophobia has developed
In Colville, Wash., the victim being
Miss Nettie Fogg. When fed the lady
lapped her water and used her bands
and teeth to tear the meat given her.
For two hours she kept up a continual
barking like a dog. It took four men
to hold her down. When quite young
the lady was bitten by a dog, the name
of which she calls Garfield in her delirium.
A verdict of $5,000 damages against
T. J. Carson, a prominent race horse
breeder, in favor of W. F. Singleton,
a photographer, who was shot by Carson, was returned at Lexington, Ky.
Singleton sued for $10,000.
The president has appointed Lawrence Townsend of Pennsylvania to succeed Mr. Bellamy Storer as United
States minister to Brussels. Mr. Town-
send ls at present United States minister at Lisbon.
Duke d'Arcos, the late Spanish minister to Mexico, who married Miss Virginia Lowry of Washington, has been
designated Spanish minister at Washington.
A cablegram at the state department
from the United States legation at Bogota states that the Colombian government has mailed a draft to New
York for tbe sum of $10,000 in satisfaction of the claim of the Panama Star
and Herald for damages sustained
through the suppression of tbat newspaper by the Colombian government.
(.iii-i- ■ Queen,  Xotv  Nile's  II)Inar.
Snn Franciwo, April 14.—Honolulu advices of April 6 say:
Tl.e ex-queen dowager Kahiolani is seriously ill. She had another stroke of apoplexy about a week since and in place of
becoming better she failed from day to
day. Not even her most intimate friends
are allowed to sec her.
Her nephew, Kalanianule, returned from
Kti.ia on the steamer Mauna Loa on April
4, having been summoned to hasten to the
bedside of his aunt. The physicians are
hopeful, but the case is a desperate one.
Ont  of Hand* of the   llcreli-er.
Butte, April 13.—The supreme court
this morning stopped thc would-be wreckers of the Boston k Montana Mining
Company by granting a stay of thc receivership and ordering Receiver Hinds,
who wns appointed by Judge Clancy at
the instance of the Heinzes of the Montana Ore Purchasing Company, to turn
il.e property back to thc Boston k Montana Company. The latter offered to put
up a lionil in any sum for the stay and
the rnurt fixed thc bond at $250,000,practically ending thc receivership outrage.
Old and Voting; Perished.
Sacramento, Cal., April 17.—Mrs. Catherine Woods, aged 74, was burned to doth
jnt  the residence  of her daughter,  Mrs.
, Christian Miller, and a 4-year-old son of
the hitter waa so badly burned that his
recovery is doubtful.
Cities are the hospitals, not tbe
human race.
The Oeneral Thinks Aguinaldo "Is !>•>-
feated —Uai iMade.Nen- Plans — Will
Land I.art;.' Force on North Lusou—
Will Close In From l.o.h Sides.
Manila, April 15.—A correspondent had
a long tulk today with Oeneral Otis. He
regards the situation cheerfully and feels
that with the work already dune und *.h.it
which he expects certainly to accomplish
the rebels will eventually be subdued forever.   He said:
"The insurgents aro moving cast ward
and will soon be in the mountains. There
they will become mere bands of robbers
and will light among ihe-iaelves.
"They have no united army anywhere,
yet they will Ihi troublesome and wc need
a strong force to deal with the robber
"We shall not stop our operations be-
caUM of the rainy season. The rebels are
counting upon a cessation of hostilities on
our part, but we intend to keep right on.
We shall wedge the army between them
and the north, ns well as cutting the
island in two here by our forces."
We are constantly receiving authentic
reports of the pitiful condition of the
Spnnish prisoners. They are starved and
bound with cruel thongs, and many are
beaten without compassion. Thc miserable and helpless wretches stagger along, a
white faced, ghostly multitude at the point
of bayonets held by their savage captors.
The sympathy of every oue ia deeply
aroused and a determined effort will be
made to have them restored to freedom.
Union Hns Taken Calamba.
The bombardment of Calamba was
heard by the garrison at Taguig. General Law ton's men have landed at Calamba,
hut the absence of communication from
there except by water delays the receipt
of detailed news.
Twenty-two prisoners and 150 Chinese
are returning from Santa Cruz aud aro being transported to Manila. The Chinese
are coming betause of their fears of violence at the hands of the Filipinos.
Everything is quiet at Malolos. The telegraph lines are donn and the receipt of
news fro... there is slow.
The Twelfth infantry and the battalion
of the Seventeenth, whieh arrived on board
the transport Sheridan yesterday were disembarked today and encamped on the
Luneta. They report having been cordially received and entertained st tlie
British stations at which they stopped.
Viral   Iowa  Ones   to   the  Front.
Manila, April 18, 2:55 p. m.—Thc Fifty
first-Iowa has relieved the Tenth Pennsylvania regiment at Malolos, and the latter has preceded to Cavite.
Ptirsunnt to instructions from Madrid,
Spanish officials nnd the troops destined
lor tne usin-ltire l.i.miils itl--iii.Kiiis.-a !■-_,
the steamer Porto Rico today.
Urn. ...Im- Iteport of I nsunltl".
Washington, April 15.—The war department received the following from Oeneral Otis:
"Casualties heretofore not reported:
"Third Artillery: April 13—Sergeant
John L. Lang, Private A. Seiffert.
"First Washington: Company D—Corporal Cal Wclbone, hip, slight.
"Twenty-second Infantry—Private Rob
ert H. Haley, forearm, moderate.
"Thirteenth Minnesota: April 11—Private Charles Still, knee, slight; Charles
Cunley, clavicle, slight April 12—Corporal Robert Kelliher, leg, severe.
"First Montana: April 13—Company P.,
Private Joseph Wright, thigh, severely.
"Third Artillery: April 12—lieutenant
Conrad II. Ut.ua, leg, moderate; Private
litilplt If. Ooldi-n, check, severe; Henry V.
T. Jnriell, thigh, severe; George C. Samples, check, slight; Robert Miles, hand,
Carry  the Flag l'p the Amnion.
New York. April 17.—A dispatch to the
Herald front Para says:
The r.iiie.l States ship Wilmington has
received a special commission from the
governor authorizing her departure for
Iquitns, without license, which has caused
considerable comment among the people.
Under the orders given by thc navy department, the gunboat Wilmington is
making a cruise up the Amazon river for
the purpose of displaying the American
fl:tg. The Wilmington left Para on Mar. h
19 for -torts along tl.e Amazon river, tho
last point from which Commander Todd,
eotnmaiiiling, reported being Manos, which
slit- niched March 23. So far as can lie
learned, nothing has since been heard from
Commander Todd, but the oflleals are confident Ihat he observed the proper tactic*
in the manner of his arrival and departure
from ports.
A Jefferson  Dinner.
New York, April 15.—The dollar Jeffer
son dinner of the Chicago platform democrats at thc Grand Central Palace tonight, in point of numbers, was one of
tl.e biggest a If a irs ever held in this city.
Nearly 3000 men and women sat down
at long tables in thc various rooms at the
big palace. There were all kinds of people
there, dressed in all kinds of clothes. White
men elbowed with colored men and white
women with colored women. There were
four Japanese and three Chineso present,
but the Chinese were merely spectators,
and sat up in th second gallery. They
said that they hnd come lo see Mr. Bryan.
. nun.nil. >    As-rr.-il   to.
Berlin, April 14.—Baron Von fluelow
informed tho American nhmbussndor thnt
Grent Britain has at last agreed to a
unanimity rule, the United 8tates also
agreeing lo ft, and the commission cnn
probably proceed to Samoa without delay.
When some people talk we are reminded of a dictionary with the definitions left ovt.
Stayton has a broom factory. Six
persons are employed.
About forty men are now employed
at the Blue Canyon coal mine, on Lake
There Is considerable prospecting for
coal going on in the hills surrounding
Demlng, Wash.
Andrew H. Smith, of Van Wyck, has
been appointed manager of the Whatcom creamery.
The repairs to the bridge across the
Nooksack at Everson will be completed
about the first of May.
It is Bald that there are 200 Portland
boboes making their way to Astoria.
They expect to live eaay during the
fishing season.
p. C. Damm, a Seattle linotype operator, has invented a typesetting machine which he has sold to the Mergen-
thaler Company.
At a meeting of the Columbia River
Fishermen's Protective Union the
price of salmon for the ensuing season
was set at 6 cents a pound.
The Chinese in Portland are fighting
the poll tax law for the reason that ln
the past they have been Imposed upon
by unauthorized parti..■ who collected
the tax.
The Rossland Miner states that it
will not be long before 1,000 tons of ore
per day are being shipped from the different mines in and around Rossland
to the smelter there.
There Is complaint from all parts of
Kittitas valley, Wash., ln regard to
the freezing of clover and alfalfa. The
loss will be heavier than was at first
supposed, and much replanting will be
Rebel's mill at Stanwood, Wash.,
made a cut during March that comes
pretty near being a record, turning out
2,046,000 shingles in the twenty-five
working days, an average of over 80,-
000 per day for the month.
The state board of audit and control
of Washington, at their last meeting
reduced the price of penitentiary made
grain sacks to $5.25 per 100. This
will make a saving to the farmers of
'•'astern Washington of $2,000 a year.
Six hundred men are employed In
the construction work of the Seven
Devils railroad. Work has been be-
Kiin on the first tunnel near Huntington. This tunnel will be 250 feet ln
length. Men are in demand for this
The Indications for a large grain
crop In Klamath county, Oregon, were
never more favorable than at the present time. It ls claimed that nearly a
half more acreage will be put in this
spring, and the abundance of moisture
which has fallen this spring will bring
Klamath to the front as one of the best
farming counties in Oregon.
C. E. Whitney _ Co., of San Francisco, have contracted for the entire
output of the Coos Bay Creamery
Company, of Oregon. Tne output of
butter from now to August 1st will be
canned for flu- Aln—lc- ti-uuo, and it is
estimated tbat the* amount manufactured up to August Ut will exceed
100,000 pounds. The number of cheese
contracted for Is 1.500, and the net
weight will lv? about 5,000 pounds.
All the logging camps on Gray's harbor are running full crews, save a few
on fresh water streams. The purchase
of new engines still goes on, and one
can see a new one being sledded almost
all the time. The camp of Paulson
BroB., on the Hoquiam river, will cut
30,000,000 feet of fir during the next
year, having cut 2.600,000 feet last
year. A great many think that the fir
logging will be overdone and that tbe
prices will fall.
It Is doubtful If the farmers of Wash
lngton are aware of the amount of
money sent out of the state for the
purchase of the small white navy bean.
The farmers of California supply the
people of this state with about $30,000
worth of them annually. In that state
they net the grower $30 a ton. Now,
there is no doubt the farmers of Wash-
tngion can grow cleaner and better
beans than can be raised anywhere on
the coast, and there ia no reason why
they should not supply the home de
I.li-U  Croker In Contempt.
New York, April 17.—Before thc Mazet
investigating committee today Itichnrd
Croker refused to answer questions as to
how much he paid for his stock in the
United States Fidelity Bond Comp.ny, or
whether the stork was given to him. The
refusnl was noted, and Mr. Croker will
probably bt reported to the assembly in
session at Albany, with a view to his being proceeded against for contempt. The
United Stntes Fidelity Bond Company is
the concern that furnishes the bonds for
most of the city employes who are required to give security.
Captain R. D. Evans, speaking of a
aword recently presented to Commodore Phillip, said: "He deserves it because he is a good fellow and becauso
he prayed so loud with bis 12-Inch guns
at Santiago."
The children of the blackest Africans are born whitish. In a month
they become pale yellow; in a year,
brown; at four, dirty black; and at
six or seven, glossy black.
Lizards crawl along the walls of the
habitations In the Philippines disregarded hy the human occupants, and
make themselves useful by catching
flies and mosquitoes.
Senator Hanna employs five'stenographers merely to answer the letters
of persons who think they ought to
have nn office, and that he ought to
get It for them.
Baroness Ubrlke Von Levetzow, Goethe's last love, recently celebrated her
9Cth birthday at her home In Trlblltz,
A hotel of 30 rooms was moved two
miles on the Ice across a lake In Indiana while the season of arctic winter
waa on.
Senator Lodge Is to be accompanied
on his trip through •"uropt* by Mrs.
Lodge and their two sons,
Statement of Mor*-.n~I».Hnlt. Action
Must lie Taken-America Is to.lake
the Lead-Will Call I'pon EnglandjMd
Ueri-auv to Agree to the Division.
Neu* Vork, April 17.—A special to the
Herald from Washington says:
Senator John L. Morgan of Alabama, a
leading member of the foreign relations
committee, when nsked for au expression
on the S...1IO..U problem, said:
"There is but one permanent solution
of tl.e Samoan question. Tl.at is a partition of the islands by the three great
powers which have, by common desire,
just formed b commission to reconcile 'he
differences between themselves and ...e
native San.oans.
"Tl.e United States, Great Britain and
Germany will, in my judgment, act iuo-t
wisely if they at MU« proceed to a settlement. 1 fear little good will result iu u
temporizing policy toward these warlike
and bloodthirsty savages.
The Vale of the Indian.
"Whatever *entiilient we may entertain
for the rights of the Sanioans, the arbitrary law of n.itu.e wiiiih prevents au iu-
congruous a-k-dtuilation of people «I. > wid
eve. Ik- i.i. insumiouniaole barrier to
peine, ptogrcss and clvUitaUdfl as lo../ as
gowrniiiriii.il control is by the -w.ikci
"The Samoan question, in view of the
evident  intentions of  the   Lull ed  Slates,
Great Britain ami Get-many, has lessons
to be learned from our couim in the lub*
jugatlon of Africa and in lhe fate of thc
Indian, These stubborn laws of nature
can not be changed, and it is better ilint
they be recognized at the outset of the
work that is before the Snu.onn commission ami that tl.e instruction* of the nations npie-i'iilcd therein be given accordingly.
Anit-rlea   Should   Lend.
"Iii tin- pending diplomacy on this que*-
lion the I'nited States, with grace and
fai, in ss, c. n tike the initiative as *h ■ did
several yean ago in the treaty arranged
with Malletoa. Kngland ami Germany
then lost iln time in following our example and in securing the Mme recognition
accorded  to us.
"The Immediate purpose Of the three
nations is to secure permanent coaling
station* upon the islands. Once established, however, the**.* stations can not be
peaceably ii.Hintitii.iil under lhe exi*ting
conditions of the ....tires. Until they are
completely under tl.e control of U.e three
nations, bloodshed will follow, i nn. tlmr
oughly impressed with the Importance of
partition, as I believe tbe existing conditions of the islnnd iiill brin^j ilxuu this
I nele  Sam's  -share.
'The Cited State-, sln.u.d have a coaling station at Pago Pago, and then, will.
the long desired cable ii. tl.e Pacific reaching to Honolulu nml to Sydney, giving
t'l-iiimtmicntion with the 'home gover-
ments, there would be little to interfere
wiih the *pretd of civilization on the S.t-
i.ioa.t idands.*'
111.11 .Xll COLUMBIA.
Business at Vancouver antjl Victoria
is reported as very quiet by commercial men.
The city council, board of trade and
citizens of Grand Forks are taklnK
active measures to oppose the Incorporation of toe town of Columbia, on
the ground that sucb an act would be
prejudicial to the Interests of tho former place.
The Victoria trades and labor council passed a resolution drawing the attention of the minister of the interior
,o the published report of the importation of 20 men from Pittsburg, Pa., to
work on the construction of a steamer
at Lake Beunett. This the council
holds to be an Infringement ot the
nllen labor laws. The minister will
also be asked to appoint an agent In
Victoria to assist tn the enforcement
of the law.
Victoria's new society, tho Native
Sons of British Columbia, have perfected their organization and elected
the following officers; Past chief factor, Dr. J. ». Helmcken; chief factor,
J. Stuart Yates; first vlce-Iactor,
Frank Hlggln; second vice-factor, R.
T. Henley; hororary treasurer, W. A.
Ward; secretary, A. E. Haynes; Inside
sentinel, T. Smith; committee, H. D.
Helmcken. M. P. P.; D. R. Kcr, George
Maddlgan, George I_ingley and Joseph
A miner has Just reached Dyea, Alaska, who claims to be the survivor of a
party of three, two of whom were murdered by Chllknt Indians near the village of Klukwan. According to his
story, they were defacing a totem pole
by cutting their Initials on It, and were
surprised by a large party of Indians,
who shot at them, killing his two companions. He escaped by running into
the brush. The men killed were Sidney Vance, an Englishman, and Chas.
turickaon, a Swede.
The following scale will show the
fees to lie cnarged for free miners' licenses in British Columbia: Certificates issued between June 1st and 18th
$5; between June 19 and July 6, $4.75;
between July 7 and 24, M.f.0; between
July 25 and August 11, $4.25; between
August 12 and 30, $4; between August
31 and September 18, $3.75; between
September 19 and October 7, $3.50;
between October 8 and 26, $3.25; between October 27 and November 15, $3:
between November 15 and December
2, $2.75; between December 2 and 20,
$2.50; between December 21 and January 7, $2.25; between January 8 and
25, $2; between January 26 and February 12, $1.75; between February 13 aud
March 2. $1.50; between March 3 and
20, $1.25; between March 21 and April
i, $1; between April 8 and 25. 75 cents;
between April 26 and May 13, 50 cants;
between May 14 and 31, 25 cents.
A   I.Ik   lllaae lu  London.
I/tndon, April 17.—Tl.e Brili-h metropolis narrowly esca|ied a calamity today
which might have rivaled tl.e horrors wit-
n cased at the destruction by fire recently
of the Windsor hotel in New Vork.
Hyde Park Court, Albert (late, one of
the finest and most fashion.ble blocks of
residential Data, overlooking tl.e famous
Rotten Bow, caught fire this morning.
The fire broke out in thc lower part ol the
building and spread up the elevator shaft
with great rapidity, f lames involved the
upper stories before their occupants were
nn are of lhe danger. When the alarm
wns given, nlTrighted servants dropped
from the top windows to the veranda on
Il.e ninth story.
'JTie defective arrangements of the London fire brigade were again demonstrated,
and even when the fire escapes reached the
scene they were too short to reach the
people in the tipper stories, who only escaped with thc greatest difficulty, while
Ihe residents of the lower stories streamed
out of the building carrying what they
could of their belongings.
The flames were not under control ut. il
I o'clock, when the upper part of the
rtructart was gutted. Investigation into
the cause of the fire shows it to have been
due to thc overheating of an eltctric wire.
-rent Liquor Combine.
Chicago, April I.V—A special from
Lnitiiville. Ky., says:
The most gigantic liquor combination
ever engineered an a ma lga mat ion of
whisky and distillery intcre-b* with a unit-
ed capital of *J200,0<MI,(XK)—will be practically completed to all but the smallest
details tomorrow in Chicago when Ihe men
now* controlling the Kentucky distilleries
snd warehouse companies finish arrangements for the purchase and alisorption of
nearly every distillery in the I'nited
More   Troops   for   Manila.
San Francisco, April 17.—The I'nited
Suites transport Hancock will sail today
for Manila with thc Twenty-first infantry
reginicnt. Several other transport*, will
depart du.ing Ihe week. The Grant, with
invalid soldiers and many dead bodies on
hoard, i.s due here within a few* days.
Trnlns Hun on l'ticlflc 8tnniU.nl Time.
Leave. Arrive.
Oolnit West. Dally. Going East.
* 'si .i   to    Knslo     3:55 p   nt
K:*2 n. m  Smith Fork   S:JTi p. m.
t:*> a. m  Bproule's   **.2S p. m.
9:45 n. m  Whitewater  2:10 p. in.
ifM a. m  Bear Lake  -:00 p. n.
10:12 a. m  McQulgran   1:45 p  in.
10:2.-i ti. tu    Balley'i  1:34 p. tn
10:33 a. m.... Cody Junctl. n .... r.O p. to.
Arrive. Lenv.
10:40 a. nt  Sandon  1:15 p. m.
Leave 11:00 a. m..Sandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m.
Arrive 11:15 a. m...Cody...Ijeave 11:26 a. m.
Q.  F.  COPKLAND,  Superintendent.
»t*"itWi>s-*lwl <ws.<fs»nw, eittrWMw. ea,<si«»waesa%»t> jw« «m<j»mr>m. snnwwst-sr- , +*m . rmrzm.~i+m* .mm* i#\*tea***utmt*iii'i sen
an* w <ma»s4i(Biji»ia »s-i|anss«i»ii
Noted   Mall   llolihera   Captared.
Xew York, April 17.—The police hnve
in custody two alleged robbed of mnil
pouches said lo Im- notorious. The last
crime charged to the men is the theft of
registered mnil pouches nt UulTnlo early
this month. The men give tlieir"nnm."i
as Albert K. Bell of London, Canada, and
frank Smith of Chicago. In th Ir Ir n'<s
"ere found full uniforms nf letter carriers nnd the proceeds of lhe mail pouch
robbery at Buffalo. Checks nnd drafts
to the amount of $10,000 were found nlso.
Bit-hop  Wa.tersnn  Dies Suddenly.
Columbus, O,, April 17.—Rt Rev. John
Ambrose Wntterson, bishop of the diocese of Columbus, did suddenly this
morning. He had been in ill health for
some time, hut his dealh was unexpsteil.
Dr. Wntterson was born May 27, 1844, In
lllairsville, l'a. He was appointed bishop
of the diocese of Coiumhns and consc-
rated August 8, 1880
Navigation and Trading
-teamen. "International" and "Alberta"
on Kootenay Lake and River.
Five-Mile Point connectiou with sll
P-ssrittrer trains of N. * F. 8. R. R. te
and from Northport, Kosslsnd and Spokane. Tickets and baggage checked to all
United States points.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson snd way points,
daily, except Sunday, 5:45 a. m. Arrive
Northport 12:15 p. m.; Rossland, 1:40 p.
m.; Spokane, 6 p. ....
Ijeave Nelson for Kaslo and way points
daily, except Sunday, 4:35 p. m.   Leave
Spokane, 8 a. m.; Rosslsnd, 10:30 a. ... ;
Northport, 1:60 p. m.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo, etc., Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 8:30 a. iu.; arrive Kaslo, 12:30 p. m.
Leave Kaslo for Nelson, etc., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. n..; arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
Leave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.; arrive
Boundary midnight; arrive Bonner's Ferry Sunday 10:30 a. m.
I/save Bonner's Ferry Sunday 1 p. m.'
arrive Boundary Sunday 5 p. m.; arrive
Kaslo Sunday 10 a. m.
Close connection at Bonner's Ferry with
trains esetbound, leaving Spokana T:4#
a. m., and westbound arriving Spokane
7 p. m.
O. ALEXANDER, Gen. Msaagar.
mWm\mssm»mw smmmmm ten mm nn-s
-'IjleyH.   *''    '■*•'»   ■■'/.-..       ,.   ,."'.'    •.**> ,.\_.'■ '.W.V ._>,.   . ■/  .;to»-' v ■■..   w ii
" Out of Sight
Out of Mind.
In other months we forget
the harsh winds of Spring.
-But* they have their use, as
some say, to blow out the
bad air accumulated after
Winter storms and Spring
thaws. There is far more
important accumulation of
badness in the veins and arteries of humanity, which
needs Hood's Sarsaparilla.
This greut Sprint? Medicine clarifies the
blood as noil.lug else can. li cures scrofula, kidney disease, liver troubles, rheumatism iintl kindred ailments. Thus It
gives perfect, beiilllt, strength und appetite
for mouths to come.
Kidneys-"My kidneys troubled me,
• ml mi advice took Hood's t*iirsiipai'illu
which iruvcprompt relief, better appetite.
My sleep is refreshing. 11 cured my wife
also.!'- Michaki. Hovi.it, 8473 Denny street,
riitsburg, l'a.
Dyapapala—"Conii.liroted with liver
and kidney trouble, I suffered for yeurs
with dyspepsia, wilh severe pains. Hood'a
riursaimrillu made nie strong antl hearty."
—J. ll. Rmihton, Main street, Auburn, Jle.
Hip Disease—"I-'ive running sores mi
nay hip caused tne to use crutches, Wus
confined to hed every winter. H.toil's Sar-
-i.narilla saved >uy life, us it cttred me per-
fectly. Au. strong and well."— Annik
Kobert, 49 Fourth street, Fall River. Muss.
MOCldA Sa^Ofboril
Never Disappo
Mood's Pills ettrs liver lilt, .lis non-lrrlutlns snd
only cathartic to lake with Huml'i Snrsspartlls.
K. H. Sothern has just purchased
the American rights to Theodore Burt
Sayre's latest play, a four-act costume
comedy. Tho part to be played by Mr.
Sothern is that of an English nobleman who was as famous for his wit
and poetry as for his love of romance
and adventure. The love story of this
eccentric peer forms the basis of the
play, which is said to have strong
emotional Interest, although comedy
predominates. In addition to purchasing the play, Mr. Sothern has commissioned Mr. Sayre to write for him
a romantic drama which is to be completed by next September.
.1*1   ADAMS   ST.,   CHICAGO.
Men requiring ■nmrpatssd trtatmea. should
cco<ult p.rsmaily or by Itltrr "Kree" with ths
r- ui-'i snd on ix esc.us.tp men's sped—UsU In ths
o.it-d stairs Diseases or men Bade tbs
study or s lire-tit—e. t'nfbrtuneies everywhere
sboutd Immediately co—tmunlc—u wub Dr. Foot*,
•f I'tiicsfo -veryi.iitif cunSdtntia). Remedies
ssn. everywhere In sealed peckases and letters in
ij slu envelopes. Correspondence sol.c.Md. I—let.
Suraloal, MedU-al and K.rctr.ral methods
a.ii pled. OelugloK lbs stoinacb wlib drugs abandoned. A void drugs recommended by tbe unauthorised and eel.-styled specialists ln Western
.owns. Fat? genuine specialists locate outside o.
stew York or Cbk—fo. In tbess citlsa -our private affairs ars safe. L'nequeled treatment for all
diseases snd weaknesses or tbs t'enllo-Urlnary,
Seiu—I. Heprodtio.lveaad NervuusSyile--a, Itu-
pedimsnu lo marriage removed. "Hjuhala"
positively purines lbs blood, cures syphilis and
removes all wbt.s ulcers In throat or —touib, copper colored spot* on body aod eruptions on skin,
alto catarrh and rbeuma.ltm. "V.aorala," the
eoly psrmaotot restorer aod Invigoraior, gives
vigor to vital organs aod nerve*, prtvanu and
•arse grip. II per bottle, t lev Is. Trial hollies.
Hitter remedy, half ones.
The will of Prof. 0. C. Marsh, late of
Yale, leaves his entire estate to that
Institution, with the exception of f 10,-
000, which goes to the National Academy of Sciences at Washington. Yale
also gets his house and gardens, his
great library, his sclentiflc collections
and his collection of more than 2,000
rare orchids. On the house and gardens the university is required to
spend at least $2,000 a year. Prof.
Marsh left no family.
Daughter-   Should    be   Carefully
Guided ln Early Womanhood.
What suffering frequently result*
from a mother's ignorance: or more
frequently from a mother s neglect to
properly instruct her daughter I
Tradition say* "woman mustsufTer,"
and young women are so taught.
There ia a little truth and a great deal
of exaggeration ln this If * young
woman suffers severely nhe need-
treatraent and her mother should see
that she gets It
Many mothers hesitate fo take their
daughters to a physician for examination) but no mother need hesitate to
write freely about her daughter or
herself to Mrs. Pinkham and secure
tha moat efficient advice without
charge. Mra Plnkham's address ia
Lynn, Mass.
Th* following letter from Miss M _r*i«
F. Johnson, Centralia, Pa , shows what
neglect will do, and tells how Mra.
Pinkham helped her:
"My health became so poor that I
had to leave school. I was tired all th*
time, and had dreadful pains in my
aide and back. 1 was also troubled
with irregularity of menses 1 waa
very weak, and lost ao much flesh that
toy friends became alarmed. My
mother, who Is a firm believer In your
remedies from experience, thought perhaps they might benefit me, and wrote
you for advice. I followed the advice
you gave, and used Lydla K Pinkhsma
Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills as
you directed and am r.oi- as well as I
ever was 1 bave gained flesh and have
a good color J am eompieteiy cured of
Irregularity *
w. n. ii.
No.  lit. •!><>.
Items from the Hleii Klgloiis or lb* Pa-
elfle Northwest, News -Trout AU th*
Prinoiple Mining tjeuips-Perionals-
Hluliig Notes.
Curious changes occur in the char-
aster of a mine and its product. It is
a very common occurrence that a gold
mine, at depth, becomes a silver mine;
and u sliver mine runs Into a copper,
and that poor expectations run into
unexpectedly rich realizations, an Instance of which is the experience of the
Utah Consolidated; as a gold mine its
stock sold at $1.80 per share; now It Is
a copper mine and its stock sells at $30
per share.
Green McKeever has started to build
a $30,000 dredging plant at Old's Ferry
four miles east of Huntington, Oregon.
They are placing material on the
ground and will commence active operations on the boat this week. They
intend to dredge the bars of the Snake
river below Old's Ferry for a distance
of four or five miles.
A rich strike of copper ore is reported on the Highland King claim, recent
assays going $211 In gold, silver and
copper. The property Ib situated on
Diorlte creek, 28 miles from Fort
It Is announced that W. S. Stratton
has sold his famous Cripple Creek
mine, the Independence, to a company
of London capitalists. Tho price It not
stated, but ls believed to be not less
than $20,000,000.
The directors and some of the principal stockholders of the Amador Copper
Mining Company have returned to
Wallace from a visit to the company's
property, near Iron mountain. They
were so well satisfied with the prospects there that they located Ave more
claims on the same ledge, giving the
company seven quartz claims and one
placer—the latter lielng equivalent to
a good mill site.
A correspondent was up to the "Sixteen to One" near Wallace, during last
week, and found that there had been
no exaggeration in the previous reports, bnt that it was even greater
than had been represented. In fact, it
Ib unknown as yet how great lt is, as
the ledge has never been crosscut.
The largest tin mine in the world is
believed to be that on the island of 8u-
lo Urani, In the bay c' Singapore, producing monthly over i.jOu tons of tin.
Among other unique forms of gold
"mining" will appear this season a
force of miners working in diving
suits in the Sacramento river, Cal., between Redding and Kerswick.
The steady advance In the price of
materials that go Into tbe manufacture
of machinery must necessarily have
the effect of raising thc cost of this
machinery, though no particular advances nre as yet noted.
The output of Capt. DeLamar's Mer-
cur (Utah) mines, tbat has already
reached 600 tons dally, Is to be Increased to 900, and to that end the enlargement of the roasting plant is to
be commenced within a few days.
The report Is current in the copper
rottntry that the Calumet k Hecla Is
going to cease sinking and adding new
levels, and will confine its efforts to
the sloping of ground already opened.
As the report goes, the company has
enough ground opened to keep them
busy for ten or twelve years, and they
will rush production while copper is
selling at high prices. The bulls probably have lieen too enthusiastic In crediting tbe mine having enough territory
opened to last a dozen yenrs without
opening new ground. Calumet _ Hecla sends out not far from 2,000.000
tonB of rock annually. Multiply this
by 12 and It gives a total that meaus
considerable in the way of cubic feet
of ground. There Is no question but
thnt the company could Increase Its
output considerably for the coming few
years If it eared to do so, but its policy
has generally been a conservative one.
—Iron Ore.
L. T. Mitchell, who has had charge
of the work of the nine Jacket mine iu
the 8even Devils district, Idaho, was in
Hoise last week. He told a most Interesting story of what has been done
there and of the showing made by the
mine. His statement discloses the
fact that thc Illuc Jacket is one of the
reniiirliiii.il' copper mines of the country. He says they drove the crosscut
tunnel 450 feet to reach the ledge, cutting the latter at a depth of 310 feet.
They found the vein to be 22 feet wide,
between well defined walls. There Is
a streak of five feet of what Mr. Mitchell terms "solid copper." The ore Is
very nearly pure metal and runs from
80 to 90 per cent copper. The remainder ol the 22 feet of tho ledge runs
from 8 to 10 per cent copper.
A gasoline hoisting engine Is being
Installed at the Ivanhoe, In the Slocan.
It will be used at the winze which is
being sunk 200 feet on the vein from
the lowest tunnel. The work on the
Ivanhoe is now 700 feet from the Apex
and ore Is showing all the way.
n. piii.ii,-.
W. n. Kehoe, superintendent of the
Flag Hill claim, had an assay of ore
from the claim yesterday that resulted
In a value of $301.78. The assay was
made l.y H. J. Armstrong.
The tunnel on the Anaconda Is being
pushed ahead. Tho presont course of
the tunnel will bring It to the ledgo
within the next 20 feet unless It should
dip nt a much greater angle than Ir
now apparent.
The Reindeer tunnel Is evidently approaching the ledge. The water Is
coming In quite rapidly. There arc
some flno strenks of spar running
through the porphyry, that carry some
badotir «l.«f* ha.' been sunk
being crosscut. The superintendent
says that the quartz looks fine but declined to give the value of the assays.
Superintendent Ciummer of thc San
Poll states that since the completion of
the raise connecting the upper and
lower tunnel, the air is good and the
ventilation perfect. Drifting is going
on In both north and south drifts of
the lower levels. Both faces are in excellent ore. No. 1 tunnel ls being
driven ahead and will be continued until the west line of the claim ls reached.
The Golden Sunset Is now working
four men on the shaft and one on the
surface. The ore in the shaft is still
of low grade but is solid and increases
slowly In value.
In driving the tunnel for the main
ledgo on the Alice-Rureka, a fine blind
ledge was encountered. The ledge has
been penetrated for a distance of 15
feet. The ore Is of low grade, ranging
from $2.40 to $ti.80 per ton in gold.
Thomas Ryan, superintendent of the
Insurgent, has stated that he would put
a force of men at work on the shaft Immediately.
Thomas Clark Is In charge of the development work on the Surprise. The
worK is confined to the surface for the
present. Some nice looking quartz ls
being taken from the cuts. The values
are not reported.
Superintendent W. M. Plummer of
the Blacktall will set men at work
soon opening up _ new ledge on the
property. A little work was done a
short time since that disclosed a five-
foot vein of fine ore. The find Ib to be
further Investigated.
H. H. Wilmot states that the drift
that is being run west on the Palo Alto
Is carrying good ore. He says that
there is twenty-five feet of it that looks
better than did the ore in the ledge.
He is driving through what he thought
was country rock.
The Trade Dollar has been closed
down . Wm. Kells Is the manager and
the owner of the most of the stock and
states that it will not be worked again
for Borne time.
The Alturla Gold Mining Company
has been organized by a number of Spokane business men to develop the Al-
turia, In Republic camp. This property is admitted to be one of the most
promising In the camp, lying just east
of the Kate Hayward and only about
1,200 feet from the great Republic
mine. A ledge has been opened up for
the entire length of the claim, from
the surface of which assays running
up to $7.45 a ton in gold have been
At a meeting of the board of directors recently, a contract was ordered let
to sink a shaft 50 feet on the property.
Work will be commenced at once upon
this shaft. The company has about
|600 in the treasury and expects to sell
treasury stock to continue development work.
Mrs. Harriet R. Stafford, of Cottage
City, Mass., owna the flag which flew
from the masthead of the Bonhomme
Richard in Paul Jones' fight wilh the
Scrapie. Mrs. Stafford's husband is a
direct descendant of James B. Stafford,
Jones' lieutenant, who saved the flag
after the fight.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any case ot Catarrh thst can not be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENET A CO., Toledo, O.
vVe, ths underslg-ned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him
perfectly honorable In all business transactions
and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their Arm.
WEST A TRUAX,  Wholesale Druggists,    Toledo, O.
Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure ts taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucuus surfaces of the system.    Testimonials  sent free.
Price 75c per bottle.   Bold by all DrugglHts.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
De Witt Talmage has decided to become an evangelical preacher. He has
resigned his pastorate in the First
Presbyterian church, Washington, and
will in future occupy the pulpit of any
denomination by which he is invited,
filling in the remainder of his time
with editorial work on the Christian
TRT   A___N'-  rOOT-BASB,
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, nervous and uncomfortable. If you have
smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen.
Foot-Ease. It rests and comforts; makes
walking easy. Cures swollen and sweating
feet, busters and callous spots. Relieves
corns and bunions of all pain and is a certain cure for Chilblains, Sweating, damp
or frosted feet. We have over thirty thon
sand testimonials Try it today. Hold by
all druggists and shoe stores for 23c. Trial
package FREE. Address, Allen 8. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Clyde Fitch has been engaged to
write a play for Olga Nethersole, which
will be presented in October at Buffalo,
where Miss Nethersole will open her
next season.
The Pleasantest, Most Powerful and
Effective NeverftlliDg Remedy for
La Grippe, Catarrh,
Will cor* any ache or pain known
-.body.   Bend fortrlarbottle, 25c.
This offe. lasts 80 days only.  Large bottle (800
doses of 6 D-OPS each) 81.00 or S for $2.50.
In the human bod
187 tr.d 169 Doarton St.. Chicago,
Felix Mansfield has adapted "Daniel
1 .anicli," by Richard Voss, the German
playwright, for production in England.
Mr. Mansfield is a brother of Richard
of that ilk.
There was a young* man from I.t-nora,
Who boldly went off to the war;
The "beef made him sick,
He recovered quite quick,
By the prompt use of old Jesse Moore.
The bones of an average man's skeleton weigh 20 poun.ls. Those of a
woman are about six pounds lighter.
British Colosabla.
Tho shaft on the Mother Lode, ln
Deadwooil camp, is down 215 feet and
26 men nre employed.
The Old Ironsides,    In    Greenwood
camp, has started its big compressor j tic, bring health, preserve health  li
plant, which    Is working    without   a | household.   Druggists, 10c, 25c, 60c
For the Whole I'limlly.
A snfe, sure, pure, perfect medicine for
all the family.   Cascarets Canity Catliar
A   HIk   Fire.
This plant runs ten drills, two'
hoists and three pumps.
The first payment of $7,000 has been j Cleveland, Ohio, April 16.—-Almost half
made to Messrs. Genzel, Wood and Mc- 'he block of bu-incss houses bounded by
Donnell on tbe bond on the Snowshoe; Ij'kc, Itt.nk, Academy and St. Clair streets
in Greenwood, recently taken by J. W. j wns wiped out by fire this afternoon, the
Astley. The next payment of $28,000, damage done amounting to almost a mil-
comes due in six months. [lion dollars.   Flames broke out in n straw
The water Jackets for the Hall mines Jfoods factory, where a large number of
smelter at Nelson have arrived and girl" "•'*'re employed, and that none of
men are busy taking them to the works  then,  lost their  lives  is  remarkable.    A
and placing them in position. As soon
as possible the lead furnace will be
blown in and there is enough ore on
hand to keep it running six or eight
number of persons  were injured.
Drowned   In   the  Clearwater.
Ijewiston, Idaho, April 15.—B. F. Elliott,
one of the best  known  riveniien  in  tl.e
Under the direction of W. Guttrldge  northwest, was drowned in the Clearwater
work will soon be started on the Robin  last  Tuesday.
Hood,  ABsayer and  Elizabeth  claims,
which are situated on the main Kettle
river, above Rock creek.
The force on the Wonderful is being
Eight men were put on the Ajax
Fraction In the Slocan last week.
The New Victor, at Ymir, shipped
last week six tons of ore to the North-
port smelter.
A new ledge has been struck on thc
Great Western, at Ymir, at a depth of
about 25 feet.
A shipment of ore from the Madison,
in the Slocan, is being made that assays 572 ounces silver and $6 ln gold.
The Ruth trnmwoy will be erected as
soon as the sn jw disappears. Work on
the right of way has already begun.
The upraise being driven in the Ev
In Egypt, which is the very best wild
fowling country in the world, some
sporting regulations are greatly needed. The Nile valley is the great highway and gathering place of most kinds
Of European migratory waterfowl and
waders during the winter. It is also
the home of immense quantities of African birds, especially wild geese. The
case with which guns and ammunition
are now obtained makes it possible for
any native to go "gunning' and no license is needed. The fine red geese
suffer especially. The "capitulations"
make it impossible to enact a satisfactory game law at present.
Mothers will And Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup tbe best remedy to use for theii
enlng Star at Rossland, is in solid ore, j children during the teething period,
which gives an average assay of $40
io the ton.
Short of stature but influential In
the matter of avoirdupois, Senator A.
G. Foster of Washington is possessed
of inexhaustible good humor. He is
always ready with good—and generally
new—stories, which he tells ln capital
style, and is known to intimates as
"the man who laughs."
It has been stated that John Walter
of the London Times left as a legacy
to his daughter one of the advertising
columns of the Thunderer. It brought
the lady a stendy inromo of $150 a day
—enough to keep her from poverty.
Great Brltnln produces half the slate
quarried In the world. France and thn
United States a little less than one-
quarter each. Production In the United States has recently increased, owing
to the demand for export.
It is easier to turn gold into anything i'Isp than it Is to turn anything
else into gold.
To Ctare a Cold ia On* liar.
Take  L__a.lv* Bromo Quinine Tablet—,
iru-trlsts refund money If It falls to curs.
The turkey was first discovered In
: America, and was taken to England in
! the early part of tho   16th   century.
Since then it has been acclimated In
nearly all parts of the world.
PIT_ r*-erni_iinitly Cured. -to fiujor ner—onsnet
Til* after first day's nse or Dr. Kline's (ire*
Nervr jtestorer. Bend for FKKI **.00 t
■ii.ttli* and treatise. HI- K. H. J_._N_, Ltd.,
-rot.street, Philadelphia. I-
A remarkable feature of India is the
number of deserted capitals. There
are no fewer than three old Delhis, all
close to each other, and south of the
present city.
sold only In
Two bottles of Plso's Cure for Consumption cured me of a bad lung trouble.—Mra
J. Nichols. Princeton. Ind.. Mar. 26, 1895.
Men admire women, not because they
are women, but because they are not
In the spring- cleanse your system by uslnf
Ur. Pfunder's Oregon I.load Purifier.
Many a brave man leads a woman to
the altar, and then resigns his leadership.
Use Dr. Pfumlor's Oregon Blood Purifier now.
An Karly M»ruln-r Attack-Third Artillery Ungated— Several Were Killed—A
Montana Man Wounded—Rebels Went
North—Spanish Gun Boats Stripped.
Manila, April 13,4:02 p. m.~At aliout
4 o'clock this morning a small body of   ■ — "^■-
rebels attacked the camp of the Third or- | Sometimes the wages of sin look
tillcy from the swamp near Paomboan, ' suspiciously like fat dividends on wait mile and a half west of Malolos.   Two | tered stocks.
privates were killed and a lieutenant aud ' 	
two others were wounded.
Hoarded by Rebel*.
Manila, April 13.—9:45 a. m.—Francisco Keycs, thc man who recently purchajicd
tlio fc-paiii-tl. gi.nboaU at Zaniboana, Island ul Alii.du.iao, has received advices to
the effect tl.at the Ileet sailed for Manila
und returned a few days lulcr with the
vessels stripped of their guns and ammunition.
The purchasers' agcuts and the native
crews of the vessels, on board the American steamer ilutuuu, were convoyed to
Zamboungu by the United States cruiser
llosU.it, and were instructed to await thc
arrival there of the United Slates gunboat
Petrel. Instead of doing so, after thc
Boston sailed from -utuboanga, the Spaniards transferred tl.e gunboats to tl.e
agents of Senor Keyes and the fleet left
Zatubtiiiiign unescorted. It soon returned
and reported having been hoarded by
rebels, who removed the gunboats' urnu-
If the instructions of the American naval commander hud been obeyed, their
capture would have been impossible. Zam-
bounga is fortified and still garrisoned
by Spaniards, and the affair is regarded
as suspicious.
Wrecked  at   Vollmer.
Spokane, April 13.—It is reported today that the freight train which went
west lust night on the Lewiston branch
over the Northern Pacific was wrecked
one-half mile this side of Vollmer. Reports
reached the city today of the mishap, and
also that Fireman Fred Lemmon was
killed outright and Engineer Mat Rols-
ton was so badly injured that he died today. It is also reported that the conductor of tl.e train was badly injured.
Rob .er Waa Shot.
Republic, Wash., April 15.—Mrs. James
Harrington, wife of the mining recorder
of this district, hist night shot and killed
William Doughtcrty, who was trying to
break into her resilience. She warned him
away several times before she fired the
fatal shot. She was exonerated hy the
coroner's jury.
Professor Langley, secretary of the
Smithsonian institution, was recently
Miutwi a criticism of one of his theories and asked what he thought of lt.
"I do not care for it myself," he replied, "but I am worried for fear it may
trouble my mother."
Speaking of ex-Secretary John Sherman, Senator Lodge recently said:
"Everybody respects him, but I have
never found -inybody to be too familiar
with him, to slap him on the shoulder,
for instance."
t-lltave been using < AS. Alt sSTS lor
iDSoitinlti. with which I have been •.iftliclcd for
over twenty years, _ntl I can sny thut Ci—-carets
bave K*lven tuia more relief than any other remedy 1 have ever tried. 1 shall rertiilnly recommend them to my friends ns being all they nr*
represented.'      Thos.   on i.aiih, liigm, UL
I     osl^ow   CATHARTIC ^
Plesssnt. Palatable. Potent. Taste Onnrt no
Good. Never Kl.-k.en. Weaken, or <*ri|■«>. |lh*. aie, JOc.
...    CURE CONSTIPATION.    ...
Sl.iUnK  !tr-..l,  t.-apanr, Ctilfsfft, U..lr,«l. *.,m T.tl.  31$
MTfl  RIP eat am. niianuitecrl hr sll rtrne-
■IU-DAU gltujt- C'llRKToDsceo 11 Aim
Altura Gold
Mining Company.
Mining experts agree In pronouncing the
Altura one of Ihe best properties In He-
publlO. It lies among lhe best mines in
the cnmp snd haa a magnitlt-iiit surlacc
-.'lowing. A letlge showing excellent surface values has been opened up for the en-
lire length of the claim aad work is now
being started on the shaft which Is to be
sunk In this ledge. To secure funds to
continue development, 100,000 shares ol
treasury slock have been placed on the
market at
2 1=2 cents
a share. Less than 70.000 shares of till.
Issue remain unsold. The next block will
be off end nt l cents.
The officers of the Altura arc: President, li. P. Williams, the well known mining man; vice president, C. M. Schultz,
owner of the Tacoma Ledger; secretary,
VT. S. 1 mintage, owner of the Emporium
Drug Slur-', Spokane, and treasurer, \V. S.
Mcl'n'.i.  city   treasurer of Spokane.
Send all orders and request* for Information to
Altura Gold Mining Company,
418 Peyton Block, Spokane, Wn.
The stock will not lie sold In block* of
less than li-U shares each.
The oldest banker in the world Is
Deborah Powers, aged 98, the senior
partner of Powers ft Sons, Lansing-
berg, England.
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effects of the well known remedy,
•jvbup of I-'iqs, manufactured by the
Ca-Ifoknia Fio Syrup Co., illustrate
the value of obtaining the liquid laza-
*.ive principles of plants known to be
.nedicinally laxative and presenting
them in the form most refreshing to the
taste and acceptable to tbe system. It
;s the one perfect strengthening laxa-
*ive, cleansing the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
gently yet promptly and enabling one
*.o overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its perfect freedom from
-very objectionable quality and substance, and its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating them, make it the ideal
In tbe process of mnniifnct tiring figs
ire used, as they are pleasant to the
taste, but the medicinal qualities of the
-emeily are obtained from senna and
rther uron.atic plants, by a method
itioivn to the California Fio Svrup
'o. only. In order to get its beneficial
■fleets nnd to avoiil imitations, please
emember the full name of the Company
-•'inti-d <>n the front of everv package.
T.0t7I8Vr__E. KY. NEW YORK. IV. T.
■"*• t— nil nnttreiils.—Price 50c. per bottle
For Oon"TTh(t_ anil (llert irrt rntieft Oltst Hpectn> lt
* the ONLY nuillclne ulurh olll iure i«<-h ant. e»ery
-—«e. NO CASK known ll has errr foll.il lo cure no
cutter how serious or of flow lonif mjuullnfr lUtmlts
from Its nte will a-ooninli you. It Is abnoluul; sals,
prt-v.nt« stricture, unit <-an l». uien without Ini-nnte.
—it-nee anil ik U-iittnn from liuhlni-m. PRll'K, S3 Ml. For
sal-- bT all r.-llalile unifnrl-'tn. or s.nt im-pai.t bj -ir-.m,
plalnl/ wn_»»_, on rti»'i* of pries ' -
__    . PABST CU"
**Jr~-—- mailed on req,tu—t.
-U__1C_L 0O.,Cl_i.v.s, UL
I'--- civ t_ for rn.'H.n
'll-cf.fcr*".", IcflftPiii.tt.-ii-i
Irrttattosi  pf UMnttoM
ol  m a c o Q ■>   itn-Tr1 : #-•■-
(*_.: li >■■.-■.   *:   1   .  „<.   Lit..ID'
THFEv»M8(_s*«»ICUC0. «enl cr PO14V30IU.
fco.rf hy Uraa^t*,
or w>:ii In p.»in wrtp?M
br   nXpr-M-,   prvpAltl,   fo:
i linear--.
Prffi-BM mU|ia_,
fi.OO, or * bct'tlei, |_
CirraUr kdi "_. roqawt
lm      FOR
Particulars snd te«tl
moiilals in plain sealed
letter Minn, KftKK
FRENCH DRUG CO., 3811383 Pearl St.. Nett To.lt
witli back sihe. oonttlnatloD, iniit-
f;esilon, mslariii. wakeftslneti hiiiI
iitii.lii-.is of other ailments etnttA
by impure blood should try
Moore's Revealed Remedy
It's easy anil plca*nut to Uko—hundreds have been cured—it will not
fall to bring rcliif. $1.00 |n-r bolll*
at vnnr driiKBliis.
ONE FOR A DOSE. Curs Sick Hesdaehe
ind Drspepsla, Iti-mote t'lnipies and Purl'- tH
Wood, Aid I'lgi'ttlonandPreTen. Bilinumets.. D«
tot <irlpe orHti-krn. ToronTlnce you, we will mall
•ample free, or full hot for 2.--C. UK. BOSANKO
}0.,Flillailn., Petinn.   Sold by Druwltu.
iTO.TIm. Pil-t-aprtHln.-nninfKtiiri-iinileaTi^iuliiiiff.
Thi* form, tin well n« Hliinl, Hit*, -tmir ,.r l'p,.t.rn.h.,_.
rUM-jMonnd of Dr. Bosanko
Btn.m ttrliiiijf tml l>I 1.•-.
i m Remedy
>l«i it-riling *inl hi--.*.!,•!■.-   At»t'irb« tnnnim.  faici
JarfttdniKKiHUo. ■tntbf m*i!. 11> m >-*«* fr.-.* Writ*
i* about juurcMft.   bit BOaSANKO.Pbi.AdA.. Ps\
Alabastlne, tho only durable wall coating;,
takes the plai-e of .ruling knlsominee. wall
paper and pain, for walls.   It can bo used un
dPptll of 80 feot     Tito ItxllfP l» l'ow , plaster,  brick, wood or oanvaa.
Alabastlne enn he used over pnlnt or paper;
l-alnt or paper cnn bo used ovor Alahiistlne.
I.uy only In Ave pound pnokti*-c*, properly in
listed;  -ike no substitute,
Kvery church nnd .ch-'olhoiitto shnul.l |.<-
id   oul-    with   Alnhnstlne.    lliuiilri-ils   ot
us-J   yearly  for   this   work.
i-iiulne   Ai.ii'.u.      tint i-artl.
Alabastlne   puckiit--   liavo    full    illrcclloiis.
An)one can brush It on.   A-k p.tlnl denier for
'Aliih.seitlno   ICru"   freo.    AhibuHt.nt
*0!imm^! 'Vl'mmmWi ,&&*%*¥****'
e%mm 9t%.-}-Jwesm'*»tr*i*meeet>vmm»mw\*i i—umiwimiin. *mmm m >
wtastmiw itn***A*tmm\l _-__"'\ J.''" > '""■■ ■*!"*. tiptoe****
jmmikr r^-if"*"! " ""   """ *      "'      -■•'"•**'■"''
Tli.© Wm. Hnqter Oo„ lytct.
We 9 re now agents for
-iv-Ify C0__a.pa__.3-~3
Sewing Machines
Just Arrived
o "jroti   w-**i~it
Ait v-fr7i3 rig;**
FN'   WATCH,',     I LOOK'S    OR
JEVEtRY,    --___.
IN   SEWING   M \i:.li\ES, «),,
"PiANO-* ,---_--_
ing a --I'l-vi ii/ry.
Workshop*, formerly unchallenged,
HiiipvHr.iH t.-ii'o without 0 peer,
Now ai'kiiiiw'njrfB niaiit riv-.l*.
Fo.ging forward year l.y year.
Hostile powers, fearful grouping,
Eager to devour Hie weak,
St..ml ttllii-il with bated halo
And Mighty Hiituin'e.il_nv.ifull jfeok.
Fr.*etlo.n, Christian faith and Justine
Follow where her fia_H u.ilui led;
E'en tier fo«;a allow her title,
Colonizer ot the world!
Richer grows the K.npiie tlaily,
Entll.-t.-dv its lirnattlli extends;
Yet, nnalded, every have..,
Every hamlet she del'eud*..
Let hershieldin** t.tren_tli bo shattered,
Lot the vifloiioiia loe-tadveiife.
Wa ttiay groan beneath the Run-tit.--,
Feel ihe clutch   ->f '    ..ten fcrauee.
Colo.iiec! behold your ilanger!
Ujapple! fur it .rows apace:
Your dtitv ih lo gii-ml the Kinpire,
Weld, Uplift the  British .ace.
Freely take of what ahe offers,
Amply uive her of your best,
Boar your share nf Britain'fl burdon-
I'atriotlsin't* truer lent.
Drill your regiments of rifles,
Lines of hattle-rraft niuinlain,
Miiki! anil man your own defences,
Striving for the coin.non gain.
Chain your capital! wiih cahlee,
World-encircling, land io lauu;
Let government., co-operate,
Your ihief'ains working hand in luind,
Hold your ntate«m>en true to Britain,
Prove that, what rnnr aires haw ten,
You are R'iM ami i*ver well be
Bu*'J0CTS Imal tn cur (lu. t*i-.
—iili-.l ill Vti t'-t'.l Coin..*! •
to he a  moat desiinl.le  class of emigrants,  They have no peculiar religious
IteUefs aod aro a  Bturily,   honest and
independent   race,     that    should   bo
welcomed in any country, more espec-
tally in Canada,   where   the  soil  and j
climate is moat suitable to them.   Tnis j
exodus of the Finns from Russia gives
Canada the beat oppoftuiiit-f  the   has
over hat. to secure a liu*j-e   minder   of
desirable immigrants to settle her vast
unoccupied lands.
..........i ..ii ... ...» ....
From Toronto Saturday Night.
dime in!   Co.llfl iu,
Ynii frowsy Finn,
Likewise yon I'onkliol.or!
Hera la your g"»l,
You grei.tr"  Pole—
0, do not wander more!
Come tv>! Come joo.
You Uu*iitian Jew
Will, dermal  ptiiasiti-s!
Ctuii.' right along
And join the throng
Willi ntlii. uim l-y  whiles!
Come March and Mink,
you hasty chink!
You higerona and brawni
All hiit'H, all  ereetls,
All Hindis, nil breetls,
Come in und st'ltlo dowu.
No need lo wash
At..I nil ihat  ''..-It,
He ittprnunt a* ui-mIb '
Hill III. MUM    ..■•■ i*"
We'll l.riinil our "x,"
Ami S-. e tl.  I VO'I haw Vol. ""■
* *s
» *
5'«««»«» T,1K SUNNY MDE-
PROPS.   "T*%».
.i *
. •
■• •
* ».
Wilson Hotel.
Teeter   Bros.   -  -   Props
COCOCC   ..ewlqiiartirs Por Mining And (oninierria. Men.      ^^
0001X0 Evorylliing First-flans In All Inspects.   ~~&
B.   0.
ui- miiiw.
Jaoot> Dover,
Box 31     .   .   -ds'in.R.C.
«H>I_/KIT«Ii_:      w
HOTEIv.        B»-F.
Notice:—"Dayton"    Mineral Claim,
h.i....it'll in  thn  Slooan   Cily    Mining
Division   el W'-ettt. Kootenay   District
Where located:—At tin* month of Davie. Creek, near Springer.
Take notice that I. Ceo. II. Ay lard actinic at airont (or E. S. Kirnt-y. Free .Miner's Certificate No.  110i)0. Intend sixty
davs friiii. the  iluti- liejreol,  jo upplv  to
lhe Mini..*- Recorder (o. a CerHni-ote or
Iinproveiuetits, lor tin.  purpose   of   ob
tMininjr  a   Crown  Grant   of the above
claim. | 	
And further take notice that action :i.'.iivi o, *.i . iif-
nndr section 37, niusi  be  commence, t,   i>:i i 11 t a,'  iiit'ill,   •
before the i-.Hiiai.ee  of  euch   Certificate
uf lmprovei.it-t.ti-.
Dated this Gtl.   day of March, 1899.
li | :i I nn.
NOTICK:—   "CnltiiH"  Mineral Claim;
.situate in tl.e Slocan Cily Mining Div
ieioi. of West Rnolenav i>lsirii-t.
"Where located :—At lhe bead   of tl.e
North F'ork of Lemon Creek,
Take notice that I, .1. M. Mt-Ureiror. nct-
jn-lfls airent lor .1, A. Finch, Free Miners Certiflcte No. 1.174 v ami E. J. Dyer.
Free Miner's Certificate No. 5.>*)1a. i..t-*.itl
sixty days fn-n. the date hereof, to apply
to Ihe Mininj-* Recorder for it Certificate
ol ImprovementH, fur the pitrpoic of obtaining aCro.vn Otunt of the above clu'.n.
And further take notice tl.at action
under section 37, must be commenced
before tl.e insuance of such Certificate of
Dated thia twentieth day of.Tannary
28 11 I °9-
J. M. McCiiu ti.'it.
TASSFI)     iTH   .-TUB
B. C.
And Gbseral Real Estate Aoksts,
(irili-e in Bealey Bltseh    -   -
Itakcr tit.
I. M. Mcli RE (IOR.
NOTICE:—"Meteor" and "OltnTa No
5" Mineral Claims, situate in the Slocan
City Mining Division of W«t Kootenay District.   Where localetl.—On the
rllvide   between   Springer ('reek and '■■ ']ED IN SILVERTON
the porth fork of Lemon Creek.
Take notice tbat I,.I. M.  Mcfireiror
or to RENT.
acting as agent for .1. A, Finch, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 1674*| E. J.
Pyer, 6051a. VV. M. Shaw, 5552*. and
Charles Sweeney, 9tJ95a, inteml Hix.y
days from the date hereof.to apply to
the Mining Recorder for u Certificate
of ImprovementH, (or tlie purpose of obtaining a I'iuwii *.irant of the above
And further tako notice tha action DO-
fler- seeti'iti 37, munt be comaienced be-
ore the isRuance ef such Certificate of
Dated this twentieth day of Januarv
J,M. McGreeor.
28 111 99.
Shiloh's   Consumption    Curo   cure
where, others   fail.   It  is   the  leading
Cough Cure, and  no  home  should   be
without it.   Pleasant to take and goes
right to the spot.   Sold at
Dyspepsia Cured. Shiloh's Vitalize.
immediately relieves Sour Stomach,
Coming up ol Food Distress**, antl is tl.e
great kidnev and liver mmedy. Solo by
The Silverton Drug Stors f
Win* Dr. A. fc. Baiter Sav».
Buffalo, N. Y.—Gents:—From my per*
aooal knowledge, gained in observing
ttMfcflect ol yoi.r Shiloh's Cure in eases
pf advanced Cousanipiion, I am prepsr-
erl to sav It ia the most remarkable
Ttemedv that has ever beer, brought to
•my,l-'ttention. It hns certainly saved
many from consumption    Hold nl
Thn RllvHr-en
•ilni.'t sll-ut un'll you are . lit ol
the .< i -.;. -*,  .- s piece of Et.Ul.d   Hilvic
which ni.Li  »*-i   he quoted  fm  tl»V
le It'll', of those Wl.i) in- our r vals fo.
ills honor of celeh.atin^ il.e .n*x
Queen's 15irtl.il. iy.
Our ftiemU in Ne.v Denver are
'joite confident tint ull is eoi'in.: their
«ny. So ore the eeod folk cf Kaslo.
They should rt'ineuth'-r that "there's
many a slip, 'twtxt cup an I lip"', ami
"tlio best-1 lid schemes of utiie and
men, gang aft a-yley",
Silverton is in the field to stay.
Those who attend the Celeb.atlon I.e..
wi'.l be roytiUy entertained and i. the
unlikely event of the principal athletic
lln'm ...   *J**—   *--•.,.— ;,     OSUtSfiUtiLXO   tllVl'I
some other locality, we will not complain. They ..re i-uitii.g themselves.
Ill the most likely event of their
deciding to join with us, we will not
ji•■iv.-le nu.'ht'li es, !ik ■ u boy with bis
first pair of p:in^, as one of our
ambitious neighbors is now doing.
L<*t tl.e rivalry be a friendly one:
In these columns we have avoiihd
saying anything degratory of eith.-t
Knslo or New Denver in their laudable
desire to celebrate. Althou-.li desiring to see the citizens ot both town-
coming to join in our holiday, we an-
not and do not intern! to let the IVt
thut they are in o;>(.msit:oii to u.«,
blind us tu the fact that tin y may suit
tbiiiisilvea, We leave tho i-lutr i.j;
policy to those wbo seem to most
appreciate it.
For full particuUra w.itcto or apply
at the Otfiic of
Silverton, li. C,
(From Il.e Kaslo Prospector.)
The celebration committee were not
idle during the past week. A delegate
wus sent to Sandon to interview the Hitmen and baseball team of Ihat town, and
he returned will, a direct promise that
the baseball boys would come anyway,
nnd Unit the firemen bad about consented
to do the same.
(From tho New Denver Ledge.)
Although contradictory repoits are in
circulation,   it appears  to be tolerably
certain thnt the (Sandon teams have decided to compete at New Denver on the
'Mil. Tl.e Sandon llaseball Club
has also signed an agreement to play
The Silverton Drug Store, t
The S'-inliii Government are in a
position to spring no more, surprises on
an unsuspectiii!* public. Nothing that
they do now can cause mirpriie. Their
action in pasting the Eight Llour law
has not hail its last effect, nor is it
practically suspended, as was stated a
few days ago. The public his lost its
fiith in the word of some of ihe highest
ineiiili'rs of the Ex-CUtiva and it
would seen. that, the ilighett pressure
brought to bear on these oilicial wind
vanes is sullicent to obtain a favorable
i eply. The mine owners were successful in their demands, in spite of the
exp.essed decision of the Minister of
Mines to enforce (he law. Now the
miners will have their heurinfl nnd it
is by no means n settled .jurstion in
the public mind, but that they too
will be given a satisfactory answer
If solitary confinement can keep the
Minister of Mines in a singlo frame of
mind until the House meets, by all
means let it be tried. It weald bo an
interesting experiment, if nothing else
The July Annual of the Konteiiny
iuit.g Staniliiid published bj the
tundard Publishing Co, of ltns-doii-l, B.
t', will be decidedly one of tin* most val-
iiui-lc piiulii*..tions of its class ever
niesented to the public, lhe mining
iln.I general reuourues ail ihe following
imong other cities an-t t> wns snd adjoin-
ing d'uslrU'ts will be illustrated and
(iiitlifully described! Ro-sltiiitl, N-lf-'ii,
;',nu!oi<, Kii*lo, tiii't'i.ixood, Umud Emits,
Foil Sit-i-le, Uevelstoke, mKi-iIoii, New
Denver, Nakusp, Trait, CMca.le, Cran-
biook, Whiletvatcr, Moyie, Ymir, Tiotlt
(,iil.e, Ainswoitli, L.ie, -almo, Cody,
n.rea forks, Slocan Oily. It will be
seeii from tnw partial INt that tu: Root*.
eintisiire well covered, nnd will, un
Million -if over 10 iKU iv.pie* it will
reinl'.ly be Ultdefstou I how thoroughly
tl.e country will be ii.tlj ll 1.0*0 at
In... i- sUdubrun 1.
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton McDONALD,
Cm Have The... Reserved By Writing To--
m\T Ol- BOiKWiJSD \M TOLL   ti CttUgfeu and Colds.
LILRC CREAM, unequalled for the skin.
ri-.UFl'MI'.-*-, SOAPS, TOt-Bt ARTICLES.
aMMNtM l.Mil*. <>».»-. •*iin>\iF..Nrs.
The siiipment   ot   ore   fiom   Slocan
Lake points, np to and Including  tl.e
p.esen   week, ;'roiii Jan. 1, 1899.
Kiuin Boctuti Lsodlgg. Ton*..
UoKiin ,340
Fruin New Denver. Tons
Marlon 20
From Silverton. Tors
Con stock    .-0
" contentrales   100
En ily Edith O'l
Fidelity     .'i
.N'l.'.i.lav    20
Vaneo'iver ,',2>X
Wakelichl &80
Total    1108.
ri'.Y.   CON8TRTW- OF—
Letter and Note Tablets,   I'spetericS,
Bill lle.iii , Memo-books,Time-
Ik'oks.   Not ■   Form**, Order
Blanks, Receipt .'   rum,   I)raft-i,
Sc ibblers, Rl-.tting i-ai*er, Brssara,
Files, Ruler.-., IVnliuhlers, Peas,
Ink,      Pencils,     etc.     etc.
j     M $00 Line
East and West
r.. c.
Thc Metropolitan Opera Company will
play next Monday evening in New Denver. The Company miinteri thirty
i**ople. having many well-known a.tiMta
BRiOUg them, Will Kit-iiii;, who li.it-
eainetl a good reputation lor himself as
a tenor on both fides of tlie water, and
Blanche Aldrach, Jennette Lincoln,
Miuirieo l!.i|*em in, Eddie Bmlth and
Aliee Jiiiner are nnioiig the prlndpltts,
with 20 pretty eboriu girli, Tbe cos-
Innies Died by the Compiiny aro elegant
in design and elaborate in finish.
Seuts can be hold by telephoning In
\el(0D'S Drug Store  at   New   Denver.
Reserved Seat., f 1.00 j   Qtneral Admission tx.
It would be larj-ely to tho interest
of Canada, if our government could
divert at least a portion of the tide of
emigration that is flowing from Russian
Finnland to America, owing to the
enactment of objectionable laws by
Russia for their Finnish Province,
The Finns who are of thc Scandinavian
stock, from which so many of our
Briti-di ftiicestnr** «prtir% (uve proved
thcms.'lvei in the   in ie>.l,-t r'np*   Btyte«.
Thoso who complain of the tardinegn
of Ibe season it. Silveiton, should rea.l
the folio*ing description of the Sand >n
thoruughfi.ri* In Ihe Sandon Paystreak.
It says; "Tho city cletk is out again
ooking for that two dollars read tax.
Considering that the road is still separated from tho ■■edestrion hy three feet of
the beautiful (badly datn.igctl), tbe name
seems a miss-application.
--*-*<««+,.»»*■ .tsar
Divine Services will bu conducted in
the Silverton Church on tho second and
fourth Sunday of Ibe month by tho Rev.
C. F. YatcB, at 3 l>. tn. Yon aie invited
to bo present.
Beginning on Sunday, November, All.
the Rev. R. N. Powell will hold servicea
every alternate Sunday at ;t p. In.;n the
Silvern... Church, tn addition to those,
services will be held on evorv alternate
Monday evening at 7 p. m., commencing
Mondiiy, Novemtiet 13lh ICveryoDt) is
eordi'illv i.ivilt-.l (t. attend
' rmm**mt *..&*MtVmtV>, '-waKc-*.'"?
f . tl. GORDON,
■SILV ER l'( iN. -      B. (
nti-orcn rinsT-ci.Ase k Tdtajsr si.mn
— Tickets I.-.-rn. Anh Baggaok
  Ctt-Crn. To DiiSTrsATios. —
fesceptlng   Snndayj
ReveTsiokc and Main Line Poin'-'.
>*..05—leave—Sn.v*:BToi*:-*-ar. ive—16.3I1
Nelson,   Trad,    Rossland, Ac.
: j ncipifjiiiirlers For Hilling ilt-n :•:
-   B.C.
j    Ascertain pNstimt   rates an I full i«
ft-.rit. nl it. ti   I v   iidd.rssil.g   ne»rt'*-t liO
agent, or     	
\V. S. CLARK,  ..7ent.Pllve.lM
Tr«v. Pass. Agent, N.'!*"1.
Dist. Paia. Agent, Vancosn*
MAY, 24^ 1809
For     PROGRAM    of
•and -Pj-i-iye*'
Mjastmmetm*smt. ■Mme*A\mms\es\sWMs\a\trsi\\Vt\\atvt    _.   —--**■  --*«
•'^(■i^_-^prTT,'*wt_^»isJ,*»pp^jn_^1^*- ..*jr+mr.$a%w>


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