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The Silvertonian 1899-12-29

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Woik is being pushed ahead on Iho
Kilo «ruup «>th vefy wUalactory results.
The Arlington mine near Slocan City
i, reported as 'being >« «nb6h better
,|iap# than ever before. A one hundred
,on shipment will soon bo made from
tUiipr0perU, there being already thirty
loni sacked at the mine,
The lun«el ,M!in& mn on ,h® veln at
Ibe Smuggler mine Is producing some
aire ore. In the low of the drift the
paystreak is fourteen Inches wide of a
high grade ol concentrating ore and the
management feel confident that thia will
be replaced by clean oro as depth ia
Mined on the ledge. At one point on
thli vein the outcrop shows to be over
three leet *i';» *>* we" "Prlnk,«* "'"I'
Oold hss been found in South Alrica
iiuce lime immemorial, end Mssliona-
land is popularly supposed to be the
Land nf Ophir mentioned in the Bible.
In modern times gold was first found by
Arabs ss enrly as 1600. Now it ia lonnd
it Johannesburg, Rlerksdorp, Barberton
and Krugersdorp. in Swaaielend, et
Knysa, at Potchefstrom, in. Ziuuland,
Dsmaroland and Numaqtialand, in
Ratleaia, and a dozen otler spots. The
only alluvial gold worth mining is that
at Lytanbttrg.
Coal is found in the Cape Colony io
half a down places: in Natal, near Dnn-
4m, in Zujtiland, 25 miles (rom St .-
Ukis B*y; in the Ofange Free State,
mar Kronstadt and Viljoen's Drift; in
the Irene uui, at Kleiksdorp and Ver-
Naigtmc and at Boksbnrg; and in Rbod-
urii nu I-.'. !i banks ot tbe Zambesi. The
«l'|40sim..tr on'put of the cbsl fields in
It1', was nearly two million Ions.
Silver is (oiind all over South Africa,
Isit Uie only mines iu operation are
those near Pretoria. TljcoflVal reports
11 :lw Transvaal state that the best veins
ttt from in,i to (our feeV %hie, assaying
i) ounces in all ver aud 10 per cent
coppert tbs ton ol ure. Coder the
presentfryotem of working each ton of
ore produce! Ot .80. I lie Marie" mines
uesrjBeerust, essay 00 ounces ol silver
in ihe ton, but rniiiiut I* worked with
l roflt, owing to a lack of coke.
Copper io fonnd in Natnaqualand,
wiisre i> has been mined since the
seventeenth century. About 20,000 tons
■ t -iu w. r« shipped tn England for
smelting last year, the value beiog about
170 per ton. Large depoells of copper
listsel»0 been lound in Mitshonslsnd.
ilie primipstmines are those ol tbe
• 'dps Copper compan;, whieh made an
animate prollt'of nearly half a million
■l-'llirs last year.
Lead is found in connection with other
meuls in all parte ol the country. Zinc
emits iii tbe Malmsui district, and anti
mony near Bsrbortown und in the
7.mlpansburg. Tin is mined in payable
ipianti'ieB in Swasieland, twenty one
pouuds of pin e tin being taken (rom
•eery ton of ore. Iron is everywhere,
Imt is not mined,   the  profit being too
mote, and in 1898 it was*.A.m,00).
Among the dividend-paying proper-
lies In 1898 were:
Drietfoutein, 25 per cent; (Hcncairn,
'23 per tout; Knights, 30 per cent; Rose
Deep, 40 per cent; Lnoglatt. Estate, 46
per cent; Crown Deep, 60 percent;
Villngo Main Reef, 00 per cent; Geld-
enhuis Deep, 76 per cent; Durban
R<K)ileport,K0|K_r cent; Bonanza. 100
per rent; Henry Nourse, 126 per cent;
Glendenliuls Estate, 147% pel-' cent;
Crown Reel, 240 pet cent; Ferrlera, 300
per cent; .fohanncsbnrg Pioneer, 675
per cent.
The capitalization oi these mines Is ss
extraordinary as thoir dividends. Tho
Simmer and Jack Proprietary is capitalized att23.000.00i). The Robinson (De-
Villiers; cornea next with $13,760,000.
Then comes the Randfontriu wilh a
mere f 10.000,000 and the City and Sab-
urban with a paltry 19,600000. The
latter paid 16 per cent dividend last
But mining companies ore not alone
in tbis respect. There are a number el
load, finance and exploration companies
which ran hold their own when it comes
to a question ol capital. The British
South African Company, chartered, has
a capital of 118,600.000, more or less
watered, and used in the development
uf Rhodesia. Tlm Consolidated Gold
Fields of South Africa, has a capital of
♦12.O0O.OJ0.   Of the hanks, thc ttohison
. i   |—__—_.  (
Where  SilvcrtonuM Spent 1k\t
Holiday Week.
Th* Ml.tlrtoe Sill   KntM Taken at Th*
Hofsa   lllry ruaeiioB.
Tlie Chriiitmas Tree entertainment
given on Saturday evening in McKin-
oou's Hall was a giand stMcess. Tl.e
program, published lu last week's isMie,
waa carried oul by the chiidred in a way
that called for the hearty, appieuseof the
largo audience present. It would lie difficult to pick out those vrho particularly
distinguished themselvos, all doing so
well, although perhaps the recitations ol
Jeannio   Barclay,   Bertha Barker and
but woe promptly shovetl hack under the
tohle.    Dan Hanlon called for a new
deck, but subsided when the company
began tp gobble in imitation of turkeys.
Then thg,bslloting was proceeded with.
After the count it was found thst every
man present had received one vote for
Mrjrore_0eept Red Cordon, who received
IWo.   Mr, Gordon carried a proxy.    He
bore this Itriking recognition of bis popularity ia a becomingly blushing manner.   Ah Teeters captured the Presidency in a hot contest and swallowed the
ballots before a recount could be asked.
Joe Ptlrvlance whs elected secretary because he could read and write.    The
Committee was elected by a standing
vole and ae Harvey Atchison, Harvey
Fifo and Seorge Stull vere the only ones
now able lo stand, they were declared
Next Christmas we will meet again.
T« At M'Kinnon
A Co.,
George Horton received more than the
South African Banking company etands I ^,,,,,1 applause.
first with $15,000,000.
Alter the program Santa Claus arrived
What first strikes a visitor to our
neighbor town of Slocan ia tho spirit ol
renewed confidence in tho future o
their town-that displays itself in the talk
of all the citiseas, miner, merchant and
professional man. And they have an
excellent excuse lor this display ol feeling.   Per two year* or mme tbey have
seen nn'i) epaamndlt' efforts made to
open up the mines in their 'listri :t and
eveiy freeh shutdown seemed to throw
more and more of a cloud on what tbey
kuen- to be a rich mineral country. Thc
district-wae^eeitted by capital *nd wtmt
lew propertiee tad been 4aken np had
ftllrn into the h nds of companies entangled in litigation ur financially un-
ablo to develoue tbeni. But during thi*
time the prospector stuck to his holding..
and the merchant held up the prospector, lor ail felt certain that the Slocan
City district would force its war, sootier
or later, into notice.
And from the preaent outlook for the
camp it would seem that their faith had
been jnstitled. Legitimate mining is
now going actively on around iho district and capital has begun to come in
(reely, with assurances of luoro to follow.
The prospector, who haa reduced the
price ot his claim from his former fancy
figure to its true market value, is beginning to realise on his years of work snd
tbe rasgic "payroll" ia in sight.
Around the town, burinee* in all lines
has been slowly but surely improving
during the past month*. Slooan has
passed through her trial and deserves
whatever good lorton'e the luttire may
hold lor her.
-     .    -_-_»-..T   tf.C   I'lOR! Kill   'llllllt V.Iilll-1   «... 1, cu
—Mining Reporter.: euj distributed among tbe audience the
heaps of presents piled around Ihe two
gaily decorated trees. None w t ro lor-
gotteu, everyone, young and old, re.-wiving something from tlie pile.
Those who had in charge the arranging
of the Tree deserve credit for lis success,
aa do also Miss Duncan aud Mrs. B Calbick tor bavins so well trained lhe youthful perioriuert..
Quicksilver has been discovered in
Urge quantities in tho. northern part ol
the Transvaal, and as it brings $60 a
flask at the gold mines, this find has
proved a most lucky one.
Asbestos six (eel in length has been
fonnd on thu Orange river banks. It is
.iiiirm.r than the Canadian product, bnt
is more valuable on account of ite length.
The Griqualtid West Copper company
and the Cape Asbestos company are
mining the fibre at a profit. Mica ex-
I'ts in the j&outpaneburg between the
Selatl and the Great Letaba rivers.
Salt U also plentiful and especially so
atUitenhsge, Gape Colony, where as
much as 100,000 bushels have mined in
une year.. It ia also mined at Cradock
ami Blosmlontcin. Sulphur in paying
depoeits is found at Tuli Rhodesia. In
Natal there ire (bale beds promising
i»troleu.ii. Clay suitable for pottery,
lime and kaolin are (O be found in a
number oi places. Nitrate deposits
havo been located in ihe Doornbeig
mountaina, where they erp said lo extend for more than Mullet.
Besides diamonds* other precious
stones are amethysts, beryl, cemellsn,
garnets, olivines, sapphires, topas, tnar-
msUnesand turquoises.
Having delved iuto Ihe mineral deposits of Bout© Africa,,It behooves me lo
say something ol the results oi theee
finite. Leaving tftft-offtte-question the
•liamond,minoi it Kimberly, which are
capitallned at ♦'.'P.eoO.QpO nnd wj|ilub pay
dividends ol from 26 per cept to 20 per
CWt por annnm. the total dividends ot
'he gold produolimt^gtaw in mux was
»I.*»,»,nW/-lnMl7;inr«, f\x iiiilUotis
The many Silvertonians who accepted
ihe invitation sent out by the Mistletoe
Ball committee had reason to congratu-
lute themselves for outgoing. Slocan bet
long been noted for giving- n.o.-t enjoyable daooen an.Hni* reputation w** »eli
sustained on- Christmas niglrt. The
specious dining room ol the Arlington
Hotel was tastefully deceiatod with ever*
grtons, tl.e honored mUdetoe being
displayed prominently io all parts of the
hall. Large British and American flags
were also prominently displayed. The
music was first class, the floor excellent
und the dancers numerous. What else
was necessary for an enjoyable evening
came around on time in theshspa of an
excellent supper. About seventy five
dancers were on tho floor, Silverton furnishing about one third.
Begin the New Year aright by subscribing lor Tue (-ilvhbtosian.
Mh J:.r. Bacon and family returned
last Tuesday from Springbill.N. S.
MioaDfiler of Pilot Bay is spending
the holidays wiih her sister, Mrs. Scott.
Frank Kecting of Ingersoll, Ont., haj
succeeded Juo. Barclay as freight agent
Some half dozen Silvertonisns attended
the Quadrille Club dance in New Der.-
ver last Tlgirsday night.
There will be a big shooting match in
town on Monday. Some crack chota
from Slot an Cily will be on tlie range.
See the notice ou bark page,
BivtMB Skiivn-a wil] be held in Silver-
ton next Sonday evening at 7.30. everyone is cordis'.ly invited to attend.—John
G. Duiicsn, Presbyterian Minister.
The Wm. Hunter Co. now weigh their
customers' piirrhasca on a pair ol nickle
plated aelf ouiputinn scales. This is
ihe very latest thing in time saving de-
W. J. Barker returned from flottc,
.dont , on Wednesday. Ou his trip he
was mixed np in the recent accident en
the Northern Pacific in which fonr men
were killed.
All work in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left nt the Silverton Drugstore, wil
be promptly forwardod to Jacob Dovei
the well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs are cii-araist eki> fob on* year *
J, A . Kirkpatrick, w ho has long been
identified with the Wm. Hunter Co..
leaves after New Year for his home in
Nova Scotia. Jake, who counts as a
friend every citizen of Silverton, will le
greatly missed, Wherever be mav go he
bears with him the best wishes of all
SIlTrertoaa., B o-
J"#   *** TM. T*l£3yj£PTTM.
■ • • <. ■ I
The shipment   ot  ore   Irom   Slocan
Lake points, up to and including  the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Boeun Landing. Tons.
Bosun  WO
From New Denver. Tons
Marion   ^
Mollie Hughes •• 80
From Ten Mile.
Enterpriso '.... W0
Prom Slocan City. ,  Tons.
Tamarac    20
Blauk Prince O
Chsplcsu •   15
From Silverton. Tone
Con-stock •■••  IP .
•* concentrates  100
En-lly Edith 60
t Fidelity.....     *
Noonday n\»
Vancouver....., JS"
Wakefield. MO
Mrs StOlw—Jbhn, I expeet to stUnd
the sewing circle to-ntaht.
Mr Stubs—Well. Maria, what Is the
program. ..       v
Mrs StubSf-We are going to discuss
this man Aguinaldo.
Mr Stubs-Absurd I What has he to da
with sewing. „     j" .
Mrs Stubs—A good deal, Don't the
{lapersjuip he ls hemmed in and bis temper TU
The third Annual B inqu t held bv the
denizens   of IloganV   Alley and their
friends was pulled off in a most hilarious and happy manner on Christmaa
night in Slocan City.    Tho banqueting
hall was lit un by many georgeous lights
ol one camllepower each and the mural
decorations were the admiration of the
125 swallow-tailed guests of Judge Hogan
Such legends as "Keep your feet off the
table and don't tramp on tlie man underneath." and "Beware ol ptekpockt U and
wildcats." daintily illutuinaie'l and suspended over the table gave oach guest a
feeling ol comfort, especially as the cutlet)' was securely fastened to the table
and warranted dull.    Alter the guests
had lieen searched lor concealed weapons
and contrabands ol   war,  (only seven
qnsrta of the Utter was found and as the
committee lound the quality indifferent
it was confiscated for the Home Ior Indigent Mine Managers.' the Jnlge ordered the revel to;begin.    The attention
of the guests woe now turned to the table on which was poised 11 turkej's fixed
for execution.   In reality a dozen had
been prepared for the feist and handed
over to Dan ilaulon for transportation to
the hall.   Dan claimed that a mibUke
had heen made in the count but as it was
noticed that neither he nor Al, Teeters
seemed to care about simper a certain a-
mount of suspicion was lelt.   The visnds
were plentiful and all was ipcriy aa a
marriage bell,    fonw slight trouble a-
rose over the distribution of the wishbones, Sam Whittaker   and Geo. Stull|
refusing to abide by the referee's decision.   Whittaker won on points.    The
Yellow Kid, oa master of ceremonies, administered the knock-out drops oa room
was required (or additional guests and
his janissaries checked them off as tbey
piled them up and passed the coupons to
th*relatives.   The Silverion  delegation
was sorted out belore boat time.
When lhe mists had cleared away, the
election ol officers was proceeded with
Ed. Lake ipovod for a vhiyijje ol venue,
O.« of the h»-t fun (shed aMilelic
root a in the Kootenays hss justbeen fitted up in Slm-au City, in the Musi.- Hall
Block. The gymnasium is supplied with
ladders, horizontal and parallel bars,
sainginu Kings, single slicks aod foils,
boxing glove) and  punching  bag.     Io
| one end of lhe hall a whist room is being
fitted up snd everything is kept neat antl
' bright. Such an institution would be a
good thing lur Silverton.
Are You Locking For
LIHiS(W.|{,  ifcfiihn  Mvit1i.ilB..C.
P.'BURIVJS <&:oo
'Taint no good thcormn'.
On the abstract tight or wrong,
To the subject we'ie   disclissln',
Don't properly belong
It's a btraigbtoiit proposition,
, An' we'll artiue it as such,
Who's a runnin' ot' this circus
We British, or the Dutch.
Wa've got no kick on Kruger,
He's siting in Ids right,
We won'l deny to no man,
Tho liberty to Unlit,
If he thinks he holds a winner,
Let him play his hand ss such,
But we don't p'urd any bluflln'
Be'in British (rom the Dutch.
We know that war's Inhuman,
And wicked, so to speak,
We'od like lo ad the Christian,
And turn the other cheek.
But some folks call that eowardice,
And act on it as such,
Thais what fetched qn the trouble,
between us, and ths Dutch,
li may be Joe "the pnshfull,"
Hss jollied us a bit,
We'll settle that with Joseph,
When we've time to 'ook to it.
A little family matter,
We'll dixit up as such,
Just now we've preisln' business,
Lsniboatln'o! the Dutch.
Jean de Frog and Pan  Roasky,
Have lieen workin' ol their ^aw,
Along with Kisw Rll'y
A-laving down Ihe law,
But we give S>tii proper notice
Not to crowd a p»|d too mucht
Or it might turnout wntagloqs,
Tbis trouble with lhe Dutch,
-rpagouet, in the Inland Seutin-1
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Yiuir, Kaalo, Ssndgn,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway snd Greenwood.
in —
TEEfti (eos, run.
MAIN STREET,   -   -
-M-mill'lll-MI.   MUM
' The Boers <<f_tt-fc-_*A Aaal*t*ace-AII
Males Over Twelve Year* Are (Ir-
.l.-re.l tu I.rave Home—Cole*kar«
S.-nrt« Few   lli.leh lu the Boer*.
Cape Town, Dec. 20.—Gen. Oatacre, in
order to cheek insurrection among the
Dutch colonists iiiyl to prevent disaffected
pi-i.ple giving int'oriilaiiou or other assist-
au.-e to the lloers, lias issued a modified
rceoncontrado order. By its terms all
males over 12 years of age, of whatever
nationality, resitting outside of towns or
villages, but wjtkirf ji ratlins .of 12 miles
of military camps now established or hereafter to be established, north of Sterk-
si room, are required im mediately to vacate their places of residence and either to
remove to .some place outside the I'^nile
radius or to form a camp in close proximity to the nearest military camp—the
spot to be selected by the officer commanding—where they must reside unlil
further notice, providing for their own
needs. All persons found within lhe radius without passes will be arrested. Advices from I'lili-slnirg assert Ihat nol many
colonial Dutch have joined the Beers |n
that district. k %*tti    I
Bailer Drops Back.
New York, Dec 23.—A dispatch to the
Herald from 1'hievely Camp, dated the
17th, says:
Ocn. Buller's army has moved back flve
miles, two brigades going to Freer in
order to defeat a possible attempt oil the
part of the liners to execute a Hank mow.-
iiit-nt lo tl.sir.iy tbe British rear.
There is un armistice in order to bury
Ihe dead and remove'Hie wounded. Meanwhile the enemy is placing fiesh guns, so
that they may cover our iiiithul.iuee parlies. They express themselves as satis-
lied with the recent battle, and boast that
Ihey cannot be turned out of their pi esse ni position. The Dutch stripped our
 tt- ~	
Mea otlMe Maine oa Board.
Washington;. Ifcoi 'M.—It is said at the
navy department that only about two
dozen bodies of _|_lie victims of the Maine
explosion were identified beyond question
when they ..taarfcilriail.in Colon.cemetery
at Havana, ln response to its offer to
transport to the homes of the victims'
relatives the remains of such as may be'
claimed, the department has so fur received about 10 applications. The*Texas,
bringing the remains, iyiivctl at Hampton
Roads Monday night'.
The verdict on the recent Kendlrck
wreck is much discussed. The train
was running at great speed. Ugly rumors concerning the method ot conducting coronjjffc-ltjquest Behind cloeed
Kaslo J Slocan
Tournament  of Pullman Gun Club, |
December 28.
People on the lower Yakima are vaccinating their cattle to prevent blackleg.
Ray Spear, a Spokane boy, ls to be
appointed assistant postmaster ln the
The first of the immigration from
Iowa has arrived in southeastern
John Peterson succumbed to hejirt
failure and fell dead in the snow at
Spokane last week.
Moral wave has struck Dayton, as
all gamblers were arrested and variously fined last week.
Large shipments of poultry are being
made from Garfield dally to Spokane
and Coeur d'Alene points.
Richard Wells, a laborer, aged about
30 years, was run over by a train near
Cedar mountain lost week. .„
The thirteenth annual meeting of the
State Teachers' Association will be
held at Seattle December 27, 28 and 29.
The closing of gambling and dance
halls In Northport has caused much adverse criticism by many of its citizens.
Oscar Lamberts of Waverly had a
narrow escape from death last week.
The machinery was moving rapidly
and his clothing became entangled In It
Dr. J: T. Stewart of Nob Hill, near
North Yakima, has raised the prise
beet this tear. It Is of a table variety,
measuring 28 Inches in circumference
and weighs HVi pounds.
An investment ot #25,000 hat Just
been made by Spokane men in the erection of a saw mill on the traeka of the
Spokane Falls k Northern railway
about 16 miles north of the city.
Northport citizens are after the
school directors. They have too many
warrants and say the building cost
$5,000 more than the contract price.
Suit may he brought.
Since August last Captain Wain-
Wright has bought 703 head ot horses
for the Philippines, most of them in
eastern Washington, and he has Just
received orders to secure 800 more at
Washington's members of congress
got few favors from Speaker Henderson. Cushman is on territories and
coinage, weights and measures. Janes
is on public lands and also on merchant marine and fisheries.
Circulars regarding free scholarships
in Whitman college have recently been
issued. These announce scholarships,
.granting full tuition for one year in
the college to the graduate of a high
school or academy ln the states of
Washington, Oregon or Idaho who shall
stand highest In their classes, graduating ln 1900; also a scholarship to the
student who shall stand highest in a
competitive examination for entrance
to the college.
rnis ncKs ao* to wbi.
1 Comsplet* Review ef tke Great* tor
ttt. Past Week 1a Tkla aaa For-
el«a Laaca—Saaiatarl*** Pro** Ike
.Latest Dlepatekea.
Trains Rub oa Pal
Oolne Wsst. Dilljr.
1:00 a. m
o fftsndard Tims.
Oolng Bast.
.... I:H p. ss.
1:11 a. m toutttfork I_M p. m.
1:10 a. in . Bprotal*'*  141 P   m
nctli n
♦ :«». m   \Vhlt«w*t*r
. U a. Bl  Bear I.sks
n»:il a. m Mcwgan
i0:Ma. m  Bauer •
10:11 e. m.... Cody J6nct
Arrlvs. ft
10.40 a. m  Bandon 	
Leave 11:00 ijjnignsyn  flrrtTi ifcOO a. m.
Arrlvs 11:11 JfarvdWr...Leave U:»e. m.
,   O. F. COPETLAND,  ■up*rlnt*nd*nt.
. 1:10 p. m.
. 1:00 p. m.
1:41 P. m.
1:14 P. m.
. 1:11 p. IB.
. 1:11 p. m.
Operating Kaslo A Slocsn Railway, Iattr-
national Nav. A Trading Co.
■chedule of TWde' Patlflo gtandard Time.
PoMsnger train for Bandon   and   way
stations, leave* Kaslo st 1:00 a. m.
Dally, rsturnlnr, leaves Ssndon at 1:11
p. ie., arriving at Kaslo at 1:11 p. re
International Nav. A Trad; Co.-Operating on Kootenay lake and river.
Leaves Kaslo for Nslson at 1:00 a. as.
dally, eicspt iunday. Rsturnlng, IsavsS
Neleon at «:M p. bc, calling ,«t Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Aln»worth, ami all way points
Connects with B v. a N. train to aad
from gpokane, at Five tfhe Point.
Leavse NflAftTT&r fioAnsr's rsrry Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m , meetlag
steamer "International" from Kaalo al
Pilot Bay.
Returning,   leaves  Bonner's  Ferry  at
7:00 a. m.  Wednoixlays, Friday* ami Bu
days, co '--
for l-faal.
Connects at
To Sikeriaa Gold Fields.
Minneapolis,- Dec. 23.—A special from
Deadwood, 8. D., says: John Lody, who
litis just returned from Cape Nome, states
there were 1500 oases of typhoid lever
theie when he left. He met a number of
men returning from the Miberian gold
lirhl-., w hii-h are only about 40 miles from
('«]*• Nome. The miners bad remarkably
iiih specimens of gold ore, which, they
stated, .-.niie from |>l.ires wliere large tjuan
lilies .t.uld be found. A number Of Cupe
N(>iin- miners were planning to go 'into
the new district as soon as they could get
permit* from the Russian government
Utwer af tke Retlrla* Apr.
Washington, Dec. 24.—Admiral George
Dewey was 02 years old on Christinas day,
and uiitler the ordinary process of law
would be placed on the retired list on that
account. The special law under which he
was advanced to the head of the navy
makes no provision for his retirement, and
therefore he will continue on the active
list of lhe navy in all probability until
his death. As a matter of fact, his retirement would, make no material change in
the existing status. His pay would be
the same on the retired list as on the
active list, and he would he entitled to
the same emoluments and privileges, including a private secretary with the rank
of lieutenant, and the usual number of
.     Frlils**
th.ater, Int
snd Hun-
aula.      i
erry with Oraat
Northern railway lot all points east aad
Steamer Intermit I ,i.i I leaves Kasln for
Lardo and Argent . it R:46 p. m. Weilm-H-
ilays and Fridays. Rleatnrr Alberta MA*ea
Kaslo for Lardo a. <1 Argents at I p. m
Hundays. B___^^
gteamsieesaW at sil>n.>at- landing* la
both directions, and at e a*r point* wksa
I te all JMim4* Caaada
a nM/lM fill ifityrmt
Kaat*, B A
< oloalat* Are Re*tle*e.
London, Dec. 22.—A Cape Town dis
|.at.-li says:
Five hundred colonist* of Victoria, west
district, have perfected an Hpparently an
li'Kiiiiih organizuuon there, and as individuals have openly expressed disloyalty
and have threatened to attack the railroad station, which is on Uie direct line
between Cape Town and Deaar. liie Afrikander Dundites, at a meeting there,
passed a resolution asserting tliat the
troops in tbe vicinity irritate the farmer*
dangerously. The meeting proclaimed its
loyalty, but declared the conduct of the
troops forced the people to use impressions and commit scU..which.weiy capable
of being interpreted as disloyal.
Kalal   Qaarrel  of   Attoraeya.
61. hulls, Dee. 23. A dispatrh .dated
from Dallas, Tex., says that V; M. Ethe
ritlge, one of the most prominent, lawyers
in it.e city, shot Attorney Edwin O. liar
r.-ll, who i-, equally well known, four times
in a crowded elevator in the North Texas
I.milling. Il.nr.-ll died later nl his home.
I lur nil hud a pistol half cocked in his
hand as he fell. Klheridgo i* In custody.
i'lie nun were employed as counsel on
opposite side* in a litigation involving
cotton mill property and quarreled over
professional affairs.
- Km.II Steamer haamAere..
New bury port, Mass., Dee. 24_- The
snmll steamer Laura Marion ol Grovelund,
foundered on Newhnryport bar and it is
thought all mi board were drowned.
timmis Mmr Me IWwareCf 4.
London, Dec. 22.—It still seems doubtful  whether the guns that Clem  Buller
slnn of the liner*
A Port Jervis (N, Y.) bank has failed.
- Sol Smith Russell, the actor, is ill in
Martin has again been elected senator
from Virginia.
Hanna gave Christmas gifts to men who
recently refused to strike at Cleveland,
Thomas Jones plunged to death from a
railroaj trestle at Spokane Wednesday.
Powerful factors on Wall street prevented a panic recently. Ten to twenty millions were turned loose to bolster the
. A big fire at Florcitce, S. C, destroyed
a hotel, cily hall, hank and other buildings.
Dr. F,. Ileiijainin Andrews of Chicago,
may lose his job for taking sides wilh tlie
Thousands of men are rushing to volunteer in Kngland, eager to avenge the
recent defeats.
Sampson's pay has heen cut down, as he
must hold a grade before the salary at
laches to the position.
Corporal Hhiriving of the Northwest
mounted -police and two comrades are
missing oa the Edmonton trail,
The Illinois supreme court has held the
anti-department law, passed by the last
tegislalui't^jto be unconstitutional.
Brig. On. Edward S. Kellogg, recently
promoted from colonel of tlie Sixth iu-
fanliy, has been placed on the retired list.
A member of the Universal Netherlands
union has arrived in this country with an
appeal lo end the war between England
and Transvaal.
'liie transports Hancock and City of
Puebla have arrived at Manila with the
Forty-fourth and a portion of the Forty-
third iniauiry aboard.
Plans on an elaborate scale are being
made for the big convention of live stock
raisers and dealers, to be held in Fort
Worth, Tex., early next month.
Robbers'recently went through a Pullman coach in Missouri and forced their
victims, under threats of shooting, to surrender their watches and money. When
the train slowed up the thugs escaped.
Hugo Hunfalvy, a lawyer of New York,
says there is no possible question that two
electricians in Chicago, E. P. and C. S.
Karoly, are heirs to an estate in Hungary
worth 0,000,1100 florins, or about $4,;t20,.
Sanfoid White of Dunbar,' Pa., was shot
and killed by David Pierce, a colored employe. Pierce immediately run, with more
than 200 persons in pursuit. He was
i'Im set! for two miles, when his pursuers
came within shooting distance, and lie
fell, riddled by bullets, and died in a
short time.
Chicago junk dealers are accused of
stealing miles of copper wire.
.   In. Manila cemetery Qen. Lawton's remains are temporarily laid to rest.
Gold shipments to Europe last week
probably aggregated four millions.
, Ice broke on a skating pond in Brussels and forty children were drowned.
* General Miles thinks the Transvaal
people are well prepared for trouble.
Carnegie has raised the wages ot all
employes at the steel works at Pitts-
h»irg. ^^^^^^^^
-'Crown Timber Inspector Wllllson of
the Klondike has resigned to engage in
Proposed new classification of freight
rates, it is said, will ruin the small
McGovern beat down and knocked
out Harry Forbes of Chicago in the second round. .,
The cruiser New Orleans bas arrived at Manila just two months out
from New York.
' A large order ls said to have been
given to a continental firm for artillery for Filipinos.
A plan to refit the historic old craft
Constitution and make her a training
ship is being considered.
J. H. Sanders, a well known resident
of Chicago, killed himself in a Memphis, Tenn., hotel recently.
The large dry goods honse of John
M. Conklln k Son of Brooklyn has
made a general assignment
Sol Smith Russell will retire from
the Btage for a year or more at the conclusion of his interrupted engagement
at Chicago.
Commission men and fruit dealers
of New York report a scarcity of bananas for the holiday trade almost without precedent.
A wreck on the New Jersey Central
railroad at Hlgbbrldge, N. J., recently
resulted ln one death and the Injury
of flve persons.
Captain B. W. Bjornsted, formerly of
the Thirteenth Minnesota volunteers,
has .been appointed captain of the
Forty-second Infantry.
Ed ward Worstell, a laborer, at Lewis-
ton, Idaho, died from tbe effecta of exposure when for 21 hours the unfortunate man lay pinioned beneath an
overturned wagon. i
The urgent deficiency appropriation
bill le now practically made up. Tbe
total will amount to $71,000,000. Of this
over $40,000,000 Is asked for war and
over $3,000,000 for navy department.
It.is officially announced that General Young reports that he believes that
the American prisoners, Including
Lieutenant Gilmore, are now in the
hands of the United States troops.
President McKinley bas ..informed
Senatdr Perkins of California that he
would accompany the Ohio delegation
to Bam FranoMco *ext fall to witness
the launching Of the new bnttleship
Over a month ago he was stricken with
heart trouble at. a revival meeting in
Kansas City, and he ne^er fully iec»v-
ered from the shock.
' A chunk ot Italy recently slid Into
the sea and with It went hotels., monastery and villas, causing a big loss of
life, also four vessels were crushed under the huge earthen mass. It happened at Amalfi, popular tourist resort
on the gulf of Salerno.
The duke of Westminster ls dead.
The duke was the largest Individual
owner of realty in London, and his rent
roll ran into tens of thousands of
pounds a year. His fortune has been
estimated at amounts ranging from
$100,000,000 to $250,000,000.
Six disgusted governors of western
states and territories met at Wellington, D. C. They were Steunenberg of
Idaho, Brady ot Alaska, Shaw of Iowa,
Murphy of Arizona, Otero of New Mexico, and Barnes of Oklahoma. They
were to take part ln a celebration that
was postponed.
W. W. Simpson and A. W. Lager-
quist of the Christian and Missionary
Alliance of New York arrived yesterday on the lilsiml Maru from Thibet.
Before leaving there In August last
Mr. Simpson said the mission at Paon-
gan was completely demolished by armed natives headed by Buddhist priests.
While the school girls of St. Francis
Parochial school, Seventeenth and Vine
streets, Qulncey, 111., were rehearsing
for an entertainment to be given
Christmas one ot their dresses caught
fire on a gas jet and 10 minutes later
six burned to death, two died an hour
later and three others died before midnight. Half a dozen others were burned more or less seriously.
1'rrHfh la Hevoll.
New York, Dee. 24.— A special irom Ottawa, Ontario, says:  . ^mT_
When the llrst Canadian battalion was
seni to South Africa strong protests
against giving military aid to Great Britain came from the majority of Premier
Laurier's following in Quebec. Rebellion
among his French supporters wus only
quelled by the assurances thut the Canadians would be paid by Great Britain and
that no more contingents would be furnished. The offer and acceptance of a set-
ond 'battalion has caused open revolt,
Francis lJouras.su, the liberal member for
St. Johns, Quebec, has resigned his seat
in parliament in protest and others are
likely lo follow.
D. Monet, the liberal member for La
Prairie, Quebec, has just written to l-i
Panic, the French liberal oigan in Montreal, protesting against sending a second
Canadian contingent and declaring bis intention of voting against Laurier on that
llriu. From tke Hick Rentoas ot tke
Paelte Nartk*reet-New* Frou* All
tkf Principal Mlnlu* I aia»*-Per-
■oaals-HlalBK Note*.
C'akaa* S_.tl.Hrrf.
Havana, Dec. '20.—The events of the last
few days have bad a great effect on Cuban
politics. The circumstances attending the
arrival of Gen. Wood and the departure
nf Gen. Urooke, taken with the speech at
the formal farewell banquet to the iuMer,
in which the intentions of the United
States government were restated, have satisfied tlie Cubans that Cuba will certainly
be independent within a reasonable time.
More than this, tlie arrival and public ut
terances of Horatio Rubens have increased
the restful feeling that now apparently exists among all classes. Mr. Rubens has,
without doubt, considerable influence.
Wherever he goes he is cheered by the
people; his room at the hotel is thronged
with Cuban oflieials seeking an interview,
aud altogether he is regarded somewhat in
the light of an oracle.
Caaadlaa Rralmrul  All Well.
Ottawa, Dec. 24.—A dispatch dated Belmont, (Jape Colony, lias been received al
the militia department from Colonel Otter,
commanding the Canadian contingent, reporting all well. Colonel Kvans of the
Canadian-Yukon tjeld force, who is expected to command the second Canadian
exjietlition, lias arrived at Tacoma and
will come east at once.
Mailer Hold* HI*  Own.
Chievely (Sunday)— The British army
is occupying its original camping ground.
Tho Naval brigade tired a few sueiis ul
the Boer positions, me result is not
known, but the tiring is taken to show
that the naval guns aie able lo command
the Tugela bridge
Word   h>   Hellesraak.
London, Dec; 24.—The war ollite has Issued a list of minor casualties received at
PictermariUburg by heliograph Wednesday, December '2D, showing thut ladysmith was still holding oul un Wednesday
slr.lnr Wlacale la Ike Hoadaa.
UOiro, Dec. 24.-—Colonel Wingate has
siH't-cedtsl (ieneral Kitchener as sirdar and
governor general of the Soudan.
Auifcalaace Service for Boer*.
Chicago, Dec. 24.—At a meeting of the
United Irish Societies tonight $8000 was
pledged toward paying for an ambulance
service to be sent to the Boers.
Duke'* B4mI>  Wa* Cremated.
London, Dec. vJII.—The remains of thc
duke of Westminster, who succumbed to
pneumonia al. his town residence, Cros-
venor limine, were cremated at Week ing
cemetery. The deceased had been active
in the prtmiotipu of cremation, und was
president of Ihe Chester Cremation So
ft*s|kUae»t*fcPolenao are iaO*a-lKW«vL j}W|ght Mduly Is dead.   The famous
evangelist passed away at his home.
MiiooiinK fteraa*.
Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 24.—George Pet-
way, a well known man about town, was
hIiuI and killed in Waggoner's hotel, by
Constable John Irwin. A few minutes
later Irwin fell and expired almost instantly from a pistol wound inflicted by
Pet way. The tragedy is the outcome of
former trouble between the two men.
Oeneral Otis' postoffice Is In Monroe
county. New York.
PreBcott, Wis., has a 16-year-old licensed gltl preacher.
Paris is to have on International con-
gresa of deaf mutes.
The statistics of mineral production
In the United States for the year 1898
are presented very comolgtely in "The
Mineral Industry," Vol. VIII, which is
published by the Scientific Publishing
Company. The production tables show
that the year 1898 was a very prosper:
ous one for the mineral Industry, the
production in nearly all the Important
substances lielng the greatest ever re-,
corded. The total value of the mineral
production of the United States ln 1898
was $709,810,700, against $648,804,899.
in 1897. Of the production in 1898
$314,255,620 was the value of metals
against $272,178,392 in the previous
year and $433,659,141 of ores and minerals against $407,913,912 ln 1897.
Samson shaft is at last under development.
Four men are employed on the Golden Harvest tunnel.   It Is In 90 feet.
A double compartment shaft has
been completed on the Ben Tillman.
Princess Maud will soon be fully
equipped as the machinery Is on the
Development work has started on
the Baltimore and Boston.
Superintendent Yeargln has Just completed running 30 feet of tunnel on the
Kambler claim.
Work has been started on the Lucky
Boy and men will lie employed in a
shaft all winter.
The whole face of the south drift
runs about $40 in the Tom Thumb. The
oie body is reported to be showing
steady improvement in the drift
The station that was cut in the Cbl-
co shaft when the drift was started to
cut tbe ledge from the 200-foot level, is
being timbered.
The Quilp bus 40 feet of fine quarts
In the cross cut from tbe 50-foot level
In the wlnse. Tbe values remain as
previously reported, being an average
of about $17 per ton.
Tbe Butte * Boston shaft Is down
85 feet and bas passed Into the footwall, on which there was encountered
two and a half feet of very fine looking
The tunnel of the Copper Mountain
mine is in 560 'feet and has passed
through a two-foot stringer of sugar
quartz, which is heavily Impregnated
with Iron pyrite.
The Merrihac shaft, on tbe Lee Fraction ground of the Merrimac company,
W down 130 feet, and the sinking is
progressing aa usual, but the ground ls
becoming harder.
The Republic Reduction Company
has completed its blacksmith shop, office and storehouse buildings and bas
a good force of men framing timbers
for tbe mill structure. Tbe grading Is
finished and ready for the mill, and
the foundations have been laid. A
good deal of the machinery is in transit from Denver. The company expects
to have the mill building up by the
middle of January, and the mill will
be in full operation by the latter part
of February, provided that the bad
condition of tbe roads between Marcus,
Grand Forks and Republic does not
present too many obstacles.
A tunnel 19 feet In length has been
run on the lVnn ledge. The Penn is
the property of the War Eagle company
antl lies near tbe Rambler, on the west
side of Granite creek, and east of the
Ben Tillman.
nntuk cni.__.hiL
Rossland capitalists liav.- bought the
Old Abe claim in the Fort Steele district.
The Evening Star has been reorganized under the latrs of British Columbia.
A strike on the City of Paris in Central camp, bas been made at the 300
foot level.
Durant keeps the Sheep ereek falls,
much to the disappointment of a couple
of rival claimants.
The Burnt Basin district Is coming to
the front, and from the number of
leads of good ore that are being found
there, It would seem that It has a future of no small Importance before It.
A rich strike has been made on thc
I rou Mask at Rossland. The winze cut
the vein at the 400 level. The full size
of the strike Is not yet determined, but
100 feet above this point the vein was
21 feet wide. The first assay of the borings shows satisfactory value*.    ■  •
J. n. Mackintosh of the B. C. mine,
Summit i amp, states tbat within a few
weeks 40 men will be needed at the
mine to sort ore on the dumps, Regular shipments wil then be made to the
Trail smelter. The main working shaft
has attained a depth of 220 feet
The machinery for tbe stamp mill at
the Bunker Hill mine near Waneta has
arrived with the exception of one carload. As a large amount of ore Is already jn sight, It has been determined
to temporarily suspend the development work until the mill Is ready to
treat tke erf.
The(lontcros8ciit on the Big Horn,
In Yttlr camp, owned by the Siiucoe
company, Is now in about 90 feet It Is
expected the vein will be struck about
200 feet further In, with a vertical
depth of over 300 feet. Tha Porto Rico
mine has hoen temporarily shut down.
Johu Horsey luts bonded the Mountain View In' Hitmmit csmp for $25,000.
It is Sn old location, and mlininn th*
force of 20 men on hia payroll preparing buildings land foundations (or the
new iniu'hinery plant He has nearly
completed the coiiHtruetloi* of a water
tank to hold 8000 gallons. Water wR|
be taken from Deadwood creek, a distance of 1400 (feet and pumped up to
the tank. He has already laid about
4000 feet of pitting* ■ —v
Mr. Graves says of the railroad spur
which ls built to the Knob Hill, passing over the ground ot the Victoria and
Old Ironsides, both owned by his company. This necessitated a cut around
the brow of the knoll end it ran 700
feet in solid ore, bending In crescent
shape around the bill, with 500 feet
In a straight line between the points
of the curve where the ore was entered
and where the cut left the ore. This
cut varies from two to fifteen feet
| depth ana nothing-shows in it but ore.
"In spite ot many delays and drawbacks," Mr. Graves said, "we are still
quite confident that we shall begin
smelting ore at Grand Forks the last
of February. About a third of our
machinery is on hand. The railway
people have been hampered by lack or
rolling stock, which has delayed delivery ot the machinery. The spur to
Phoenix tump is not completed, but
will he done about January 1. Two
spurs are being built to accommodate
the Old Ironsides and Victoria and the
other to the Knob Hill."
A few weeks ago the Monntain View
claim, In Summit camp, was bonded
to John Horsey for $25,000, the bond
requiring the Immediate commencement of development work. Thia has
been done and three shifts are employed in sinking a shaft, which is
down 32 feet. Assays give $32 and $34,
tbe values being largely in copper. The
Mountain View adjoins tbe now fam
ous B. C. mine, which was sold less
than a year ago for $310,000 to tbe
McQuaig syndicate of Montreal. It has
a splendid surface showing and ts Improving under development Early In
tbe year it will be supplied with an
air compressor, hoist, etc.
D. D. Birks, the secretary of tbe
Royal Gold Mines, Limited, received
word that a rich find of free gold had
been uncovered at the foot of tbe working shaft on tbe Empire group, seven
miles south of Rossland.
The Deadwood Gold Copper Compauy has made an Important strike on
the St. Lawrence mineral claim, which
adjoins the Mother Lode on the north.
Tbey started a short time ago to do
surface work and have shown up a very
fine showing of surface ore similar In
character to that of the Mother Lode.
The width has not yet been determined.
The men are now engaged In stripping
the vein, but 12 or 15 feet of fine look-
lug ore bas been disclosed. It Is supposed tbat the St. Lawrence has a continuation of tbe Mother Lode vein, as
it lies directly north and the lead is in
the same direction.
The machinery has arrived for the
War Eagle mine In the Phoenix mining
Mmmo Ko-rsts.
Rich ore has been opened on King
Solomon In Okanogan, on a famous old
Another good strike baa been made
on the Nine-Mile Mining Company's
property near Wallace, Idaho.
A sale involving a one half Interest
in the Cash Cole group ot claims al
Birch creek, was closed in I<ewlston,
Idaho, last week.
Ore bas been found In the Toughnut,
wblcb la about a mile north of the
Father .Lode, and Is supposed to be on
the same ledge as Ihe Sunset near Wallace.
Colonel S. W. Ray of Port Arthur,
Ont., has purchased the Ibex mine at
Sumpter, Ore., for the neat figure ot
$300,000. The first payment of several
thousand dollars in gold was made on
the spot.
Workmen down from the Banner,
near Wallace, report that they have galena specked all through the face of
their crosscut tunnel, although they
have not yet cut the vein. Fifty or 75
feet back of where they are now they
found considerable galena In a stringer
which they cut
Judge Clancy of Butte, In the district
court, has dissolved the temporary restraining order issued ln the suit of
Burdette O'Connor, against the Anaconda company to prevent the company
working certain portions of the Copper Trust claim, which Is alleged to
overlap parts of the St. Ijiwrence and
Anaconda claims.
The Silver King mill at Kellogg, Idaho, has been running occasionally for
several days, but, as is usual in starting up new properties, a number of
changes are found necessary. The supply, of water is also rather short, and
the utmost economy will be necessary
In its use at this season.
■lank  Presldeat  Arrested.
L<n Angeles, Cal., Dec. 24. Charles H.
C«de, formerly president nf the Olobe National Umk of Boston, is under federal
siirveilluiH'e at a hotel in Uiis city. -_*ii>
Cole is charged in a complaint mailed
today hy Ihe Boslnn uiilhoriiies with,misappropriation and ejiilM/zlenient ol $900,-
nun mi four counts.
 ; i £ _-
ttmall WtXAmiP I* WrmM.
Ni-whiuyport, Mass., Hec. Ml; :- Km"!
wreckage which name ashore during lh*
night and the washing ashore of two
liodieii it became powilively known lh.it the
tin u 11 steamer Ijhhm Marion of this I""1
wus wrecked in attempting lo cross thc
Newhnryport bar.
Twrlte r/raske*  to-Deatk.
Home, Dec. '.'II.     |liH|i,il,hi-. fiom Amiil-
*       'I
- Ml
•velopment work l?" EiST'   ^I ^^ ^^^ "m^ut« te
cafn   anSSaSU!   W I)fia,,™*»,   Coeducation. eayjthe^Purltan, tenda
camp   Superintendent    Johns   has   a  to discourage sentiment.
*H:f ■':. t, >Jt.
' A/.' r-.'^/r^.tci' rt..vW'*v_'^ >•■',■ i ■^>-.'Md' tMX ! i*\S 'M& v..   ■ i
Mfjgj^^^VdJjLaMfrllMfcafc   ^.msstasa^sttm 44Ta^ 7hx:t%
The Forelock."
£.   •-£,   .___«      S_.
*ZW/ «m# until sickness overtakes you.
}Vhtn''that tired feeling, the first rheumatic fiain, tht first viarribigs of Mperi
blood are manifest, take Hood's Sarsaparilla and you will rescue your health and
probably save a serious sickness. *Besuee
to get Hood's, because
Sever Di^.ipn,
""-fcelClrS ifi- fire hose can be repaired,
or a new section of hose inserted without the engine being shut, down, by use
of a cut-off key which has a fiat base,
supporting a vertical arm, ln the top of
which fa inserted a cranked bolt, fitted
with a shoe to cut off ^Iiq water when
the bolt is screwed down.
._. M-tVUMOTVBSD   BT...
For holding large pieces of meat on
a block for cutting, a western man has
designed a gripping device, which has
a rod of heavy spring steel secured to
the side of the block, the upper end being colled Into a spring and bent at
right angles to carry a fork nnd press
it down toward the block.
MP llr.,,,,,.,,in,, Heaaerlvwala-.lt 1*
Kaoivu aa tke BraaaeU.MIae-Uow
Ike Ua* United I* at freaeat Ua-
Paulo* otlA HuhK Chan*.
Pekin, Xw. 23.--Li Hung-cv.ng hu.
been appointed acting vietrov of CftntonJ
'    bfliiveil   this  |, pi-t-]4itOrv fV|„s
A   special    from
Tin- l.rrmss  Market.
Merlin,   Dee,  tfl.   The  advance   in   the
Kdchihalk rale io 7 per cent had a peat
e If eel itjiiili I lie securities market.    Value-
- declined only moderately. There was nothing in lhe nature of u panic, uh occurred
in New Vork and London. Notwithstanding ihe fact thai the advance in London
evrliange co_|tinued, reaching yestenhiy 4
pfgs above the gold point, gold Reports
have hitherto been moderate.   The Berlin
, joint stock  hank-, arc doing all ill lln-ir
"(siiiei lo prevent exports.
I'miaj   l~liii.il.
lloilo, Dec. iili. The island nf l'a nay,
sister'island to Negros and others of the
\ i-cut.in group, has for months |,a-,| li.ni
in lhe iiisinjjciiis' hands. Today the Am
eiie.ui foiees an- Inking lhe aggressive for
llu- first time, ami arc mot ing mil lo eovet
and hold more territory, t'p lo Ihe present we have |>0S*essfd the half -burned
, i..«n of lloilo and nothing more.
Iluru.-.l to Death.
Cliillicolhc, Mo., Dec. 20. The chair.il
remains of W. .1. Thomas and his llnce
children were found iu lhe ashes of Iheir
home, II milo soiilhwc.it of Cbillicothe. ll
is suppostsl ihat Thomas murdered the
children and then set lite to the lioii-e and
took his own life. Aliout a year ago
Thomas' «ife committed suicide by i»ol
Violent neatk* la ll.itl.-.
Butte, Mont., Doc. 26. — Two violent
iie.niiN on the eve of Christmas eras the
record of Unite. r.iniille Putimie, a prominent dyer, coHimittetl suicide by placing
the muzzle of u shotgun In his breast alld
touching the trigger with a stiek. Patriw
Joyce, a miner, was killed by u fall of
ground in the St. Luvn-nce.
Katdaad'* I lirl«l.on«.
I/union. Dec. 24.- Not for many years
imt has (treat Britain tuce.1 such a situation as confronts her litis Christmas. Vet,
lo meet this, there has arisen a new Britain, which by its virility antl pluck extorts admiration from even her bitterest
continental critics. -Since Ihe bouslfulness
hus disa|>peuretl from lhe Knglish press,
the comments of the foreign |itipera, at
least such as are piintetl here, are couched
in lones far moie fair and friendly than
when it was believed speedy victory
awaited I ieneral Buller.
A New York woman has designed a
fastener for veils, comprising a double
ended Wire loop, with prongs at the
center to attach It to the hat or hair,
safety pins being provided tor hooks
to engage the loop after the pins are
Inserted in the veil. %   Wei
1"i-.>»i>«-lily fur leon.
Indications point 1.1 xreal prosperty for
the coming tear. This is ths sign of a
healthy nature. Tbe success ofa country,
hs well as of an Individual, depends upon
ii.-iiliii. If vou have anv stomach trouble
try Hosteller's Stoiiiii.li Bitters Which
Clirst dyspepsia, indigestion and bilious
There are 60 separate and independent postofiices within New Vork eity—
not counting stations, snh stations or
branches of any kind. Sixty independent postmasters draw salaries ranging
from $10011 to $}.iion a year.
Stat* ut Ohio. I'liy of Tolfdo, I .una Co..  as
Kmnk J. I'lietiry inakia uulh Uiat lit. la Ilia
■alitor partner ur Ilia Sim ul K. J. Cheney A
Co., Salii*. business In lhe I'tly uf Toledo, ivun
ly and eiuic arorenald, una thnt said Arm will
pay tha .um or onk hi ni>iu:i, lmim.aks
(ur e»,-h and sarry t-aac ul llutarrli Mial can
out l>« . urad i,) |ha uaa ut Hall'a Caiarrli i'ur*
Bworn and subscribed lu liefer* mi and aub
•crlbod I*
my piriM-ni-e, this Cih Say ot December,   A.   D.   IBM.      A.   W.   ni.BABON,
(Seal.) Kotury  PuMlc.
Hall'a Cstarrh Cur* 1* tallon Internally, and
•eta dl red ly nn tht l.lood and maoou* aurfucee
at th* s>stem.    Send (or teatlmonials, frca.
r. t. chunky a ce., Toledo, o.
Sold   b>   drugglela,  75c.
Hall a Family Pill* art lh* beat.
In Janesville, Wis., Is a pearl button
factory which turns out thousands ot
the finest quality of buttons. Tons of
Mississippi clam shells are used ln producing the buttons.
r*k* Lautlve Bromo Quinine Tablets. A
druaclata refund the money If It (alia to car
B. W. Orove'a alcnaiu.a la on each box.   Ma
In Itur-sia the hair of rabbits and other animals is converted into bowls,
dishes nnd plates, which are valued for
their strength, durability and lightness. The articles have tbe apeparance
of varnished leather.
Fe*re  and   Iroa   Work*.
and Iron (rncln*: nfii.» rainn*. etc. JM Alder
KIHed  la  a   ITIvale ttonrr. I.
Cgracas, Dee. ,'_'4. -It is announced here
•thst (leneial Mendoza, commander iu-cliief
of the gtivermnent troop* operating against
the rev.ilnlioii.il v leader, Hernandez, has
heen killed by Cellestino raasa, as a result of a private quarrel.
Js.'l.   11-1 via  I*   to   lln.iu.
Hoise, Idaho, Dec. 21.—Tlie supreme
court has decided that "Diamond Field
.lack" Ikivis shall be returned lo the cus-
l.sly of Ihe sheriff of Cassia county for
the execution of the death sentence.
a j I *<*•« *lss_rr KH|e«l. One lajnretl.
(im-nwood. I!, t'., lhv. 84.—A fatal accident occurred in the Snowshoe mine iu
(.reenwood camp, resulting in the instant
death of John Nelson and terrible injuries
In another miner name.! Mel-cod.
One hundred bales of cotton were recently loaded Into a box 31 feet long,
having a capacity of r.0,0000 pounds.
i h<- cotton was packed so tightly that
thfre waa space to put in five more
A comfortable hammock chair Is
formed of a row of slats secured to two
ropes, tbe latter being extended at
either nnd for suspension to the ceiling,
with two adjustable cords supporting
the central portion to form the chair
seat by bending the row of slats out of
a straight line.—Chicago News.
Mothers will find MraWinslow's Soothing Syrup the best remedy to use for theii
children during the teething period.
A special from Norfolk, Va., states
tbat what is said to be the first of a
number of shipments of Pocahontas
coal for the Japanese navy began recently when 5000 tons were consigned
on the British collier Needle to Nsga-
VTT.At.lTY low,, debilitated or Hhauated cured
by Or. Kllne'a Invljuratlnf Tonic. FKEK $1
Trial Bottle containing t Weeks' treatlriWit. Dr
Kllne'a Institute. Ill Arch St., Philadelphia
Founded 1171.
Spools of thread are held in a convenient position for use hy a new bracelet, which has two spring clips to grip
the wrist, with two spindles supported
end to end, to be inserted In the holes
of the spool.
f shall recommend Hlso's Cure for Con
sumption far and wide.—Mrs. Mulligan,
Plumstead,  Kent.  England,  Nov.  8.  1S»
Boasting of good deeds spoils their
goodness. "Let not thy right hand
know what thy left hand doeth."
1'ittailing,   Dee.  2-i.
Ihimnsville, l'a., says:
"There is scarcely any hope tliat any
man in the pit is now alive." These were
the-words of Aline inspector James K.
Wick, uttered by him as he stood ut thc
month of llruzuell mine, in whose depths
'AO men are entombed. That they will
get oiit alive is exceedingly improbable
antl mothers, wives und sisters mourn
them as dead. They ure separated from
eager searchers by walls of lelnis which
fell when the explosion took pl.tce and
blocked the road io liberty;   . i
in the morning the death-dealinjj blast
was loosened. Oiwng to a a■u-iu-niiig of
cars less than tho usual nuliiber of mtu
entered the pit. The mine i* that of Ibe
Sloekdale Coal Gimp my .unl ,'ies four
miles from BrowMVlliQ and 11 miles from
t.'iiiiintoHii. It is known as the Biaznell
mine and lies near u station ot that name
ou the Ited-ioiie creek bran li of -„lie I'enn-
syltania railroad. At 5 a, m. Fire Doss
James Itudclilf wenl through the nine as
usual und found the gai or "fttcduinp" iu
two places. Uo detected about lour inches
Of gas ill the main entry about 100 yards
from the main shaft aim about an equal
ipiaiitily in u loom on a site entry, a
rtliort distance away. The lire boss re
purled lhe presence of ihe gas, hut. in
formed the siiperilitendfiil thai it was all I
tight for tlie men to enter, ilie men!
Here lotteied into the mine in the cage,
descending the main shall, which is vertical. Flow 40 to 50 men had entered
the mine and dispersed il.ruugli it wl en
the gas wss ignited in some manner not
yet ascertained.
A tremendous explosion occulted. Its
force must have reached eteiy mui in the
mine. The cage iu the main shaft which
was at the bottom was blown lo splinters and the hoisting machinery wrecked.
AUmi loo yards from lhe main entrance
was an air shaft, also vertical and brick
lined. It was torn by the blast and the
bricks were blown to the very top.
Altogether there were from 'Ao to 40
workers in the mine. The men descended
in the cage of the main shaft from eight lo
10 at a lime. A moment after the tilth
load hud descended theie wus u roar that
shook the immense iron tipple above the
main shaft and reverberated from the hillsides. There wis no need ;o tell what
had l>ap].eiied. Frantic woiue-i and frightened children dashed out ol tlie ilwelling-
ings just across the railroa.l lM*k und
rushed toward the mouth of the shafts.
They were driven buck by the smoke thai
poured up from the mine. A minute later
everything was quiet. Tlie big engine*
stopped and the fan was hushed. There
was no poatibility of aiding the imprisoned men through the main shaft and a
rush was made for the ventilating shaft
150 feet away. This is 112 feet deep,
bricked inside to strengthen it, anu bas
iron steps from top to bottom.
A shout tsune from below and it wus
known that not all weie k'iled. lur. who
had drawn free pas-s-s in ihe lottery ol
life and death? Tlie in.xiom em-- al the
top awaited a few .l.otiienis lor the men
to apiiear. They did n.it com.; and on
investigation was made. It was discovered that the explosion had torn away
the brick lining oi the sna/t, taking with
it about 120 feet of the -Htmi steps, 't'he
men below were in a trap. Promptly a
rope und bucket was lowered and 'he men
hauled np. The lirst was Albert Alecsc,
l'i years old, a tapper. He was unconscious uml was lied in the bucket. Tenderly he was lifted out and iciitolies applied, but without avail. He jja.sjied once
or twice und was dead, a vietini of afterdamp. That lold the who'o story of the
accident. The lire damp lia 1 exploded in
the mine.
Fourteen men were rescued by the bucket and rope. All of them were tick J'id
some hulf faulting..
No complete list of the dead is yet compiled. The Manama of the mine have
the pay roll, but it has been impossible
for I hem to discover all lhe survivors.
Hut there is a general agrcemeul Unit
from 30 to Ai ineu are entombed. About
tine-hiilf ure Americans and lhe balance
are Hungarians or Slavs.
Csoon after the extent of the 1C idctil
beettne known, undertakers were summoned from ltrownsviile. A new building
just back from the main shaft, intended
for a blacksmith shop, was conveited inlo
a morgue. Here pine boards ou trestles
were shaped into receptacles for Ilie dead.
All is in resdinms for the victims ol the
mine whea'brougty. to the ajnrlSee.
There'was an explosiorf ia.the wa/nell
mine last July. It adjoins the I'mpire
mine, in which eight nun Were killed lust
year, thc day before ChnsMiius, by a
smaller explosion.
Brownsville, Pa., Dec. 20.   The hotrbt of
the  Rra/.nell  mine disaster grows in Intensity.   The numtier ti the dead is now
estimated at 40, and may pass thai BgUte,
•Ileum   of  a   Colored   Soldier.
Spokane, Dec. 23—His fondness for li
'liinr  caused   the death  of Jeremiah  E
degradation  in  con^lhrncVwit'l," £0 Item't-T Ul U.,efM,1,di"'8 of ComP»»y *,
demands.                              '-» •      ! IT,?ty'/°Urth mU»^7. at Port Wright.
'•'■ ■><"■■ I   .„ ',       '      i Ul"le  «VttU'«i'>t**ic*le<l condition  the
Heady   tor   lite   War "•'"' '," ^T U ^r" *«•** V* W
London Dec "i ^,? „T      ,     , -, ! "' ,"   '^ "f «'* <^,ll/'w,H_d «l«&
J.onu<.n, llec. 2.!.-<.eii. 1 olierts has hid [ and   drank   its  contents     All
den  farewell  lo  the prim* of Wales „ Wl,i|
MarllKi.ougl,   housi-.    lloherls'. staff   wil Id^s1
efforts to
pifo..oi^he j,urt of Dr.' T. G
Nud. Major lieu.  Pretvuiun ^iid  V^ | ^iL^nt^l^S
ti.unt Downe, besides his pi,*ent stuff.       | of lhe poisoning. " ""
I sity funds in.tlic Ol^be Savings bank, of
To prevent a spoon from-dropping  which Spalding was presiSnlat ifietiine
down into it Jar when tbe contents get1 of its failure.
low a New Vork man has patented a —— 	
wire device, whieh supports the spoon Genius in Massachusetts has patent-
on the edge of the jar, being formed of' ed a single-rail system of railway,
n piece of wire bent Into a clip to grip which has a car slotted through the
the spoon, with n hook at the rear to middle nearly to the top, with wheels
eBguge the jar. . In the upper surface to the slot to rest
  |°n the rail, the    passenger   compart-
Some Information Is furnished by a i ments helng separated from each other
well known scientist in regard to the  aml n'a<'he<t hy Individual doors,
ages of trees.    He assigns to the pine
tree 500 to 700 yeaVs as a maximum,
426 years to the silver Ur, and 171) to
the ash.
America has two leper hospitals—at
New Orleans and Sun Francisco.
rireat Britain's postal service earns
$20,000,000 a year.
tTpholste'ry weavers at Philadelphia
are on strike.
11 ' . i. ■ i   ..
Terre Haute workers YnTonhsed a
German dally newspaper offlee.    ""
Garment workers of -Kansas City.
Mo., won a strike, securing an advance
in w^ges. .....
Bricklayers' international convention con vem IirRo'cheslef, N. Y., January 8, 1900.
Troy, N. Y„ newspaper writers have
organized and secured a charter from
the I. T. U. In this city they are above
doing anything like that.
The American Window Glass Co.,
whose plant has bee^ldle since June,
began operations on Moflday/itt* at the
same time ordered a reduction In the
pike ot glass of JS31-3,per^gpt.-'*riie
wage scale of the unions were agreed
to. A merry war between the glass
trust and the Independent-concerns Is
now Imminent.
President Gompers in his annual address reviews the trouble in the Coeur
d'Alenes, Idaho, at considerable length,
condemn ing thp government in strong
terms. It is expected that the matter
will cause an exhaustive debate. It
may not go further, however, than the
mere adoption of the usual*whereases
aud resolves-to "frown upon" such outrages of greedy capitalism.
Jhpan has had a Jewl-ftrsyhagogue
since the year 1182.
Lightning killed 500 birds in County
Monaghan, Ireland.
A horrible, slimy monster that
makes man's life a misery.
After eating: a bloated belly,
belching of gas from the stomach,,
a foul, ill-smelling scurf on the
tongue, dizziness, headache, a sour
rising and spitting up of half-digested food, — it's Bowel Bloat.
When the bowels stop working they
become filled with putrid, rotting matter,
forming poisonous gases that go through,.
the whole body, u you don't have a reg- '
ular, natural movement of the bowels at
least once a day your fate is bowel bloat,
with all the nasty, disgusting symptoms
I thatgo with it.
There's only one way to set it right.
Clean yourself out gently but thoroughly and tone up your bowels with CASCARETS.
Every form of bowel trouble is quickly and permanently . ^
Y   ax      m        WUKCU   BI ws±
25c 50c.
ALL   •
To any nt«dy mortal suffering from bowtl troubles and too poor to buy CASCARETS w« will und a box fret.
Sterling Remedy Company, Chicago or New York, mentioning advertisement and paper.
20c.   SAMPLE   BOTTLE   10c.   FOR   NEXT  THIRTY   DAYS.
How long have you DUniUATICUO
suffered with . . . nnLUlTlA I lOlTI J
Hoi lun; Raw to Head Ibout ».S Drops" Viitioiit Taking liiem?
Do you not think you hare wanted precious time ami suffered enoneht
II ao, then iry the '5>. lirops" and he promptly ami prriiiaiieinly rnr.^l ol
your afflictions,   "filiropii" Is a speedy
Ih Grippe. If* attache inervt
speedy i
lam, Neuralgia, :$c la 11 cn. I.tiinhago (lame hack). Kliliiey UN. :_■*.■•,
Asthma, May Fewer, Dvapepniu, t'istarrh
-^Drops'* Is a -.pe'edy aioi Sure' Cure lor Klieiiiua.
, Catarrh 11 kJu.K, it, uiirhll I.
is anil neuralgic). Heart Weakneaa,
l>n»|tn>, Karaehcs, Bpaaniodlu hiuI ratamml <.'r„ii|,, Toothache,
Nervousness, Nlc*.ple»iNiicNi_, l'reepili|c NuuthneHH, Malaria, and
ktiniiKi iIim .ii-es. "t bretst* hncured more people ifilrlng ihe pa>t (our
year*, of the Hhove-iiroiie.l iliM-a-cs, than all other rcmci \$. know n, and
In ease of Rhenmatlam is cuiIiik nu.rc iln.n all ihe ItOctilri.paietit mi^TcTnea" elictrlc belts aud
batteries couiblmd, lor they cannot cure Guronlc llhemnaiiMii. Therelone Waaje no (Wore valuable time and money, hot try ".'> Dropt" and be promptly CURCD. "8 Drtipi" is not only the
bell medicine, but 11 Is the elieane.it, lot a $1 uo botlle coniain> :<m 'loses. Klfee pel l.olil.-. I1.0U,
prepaid by mall or express, or C Ixiitles lor ,.iv. Koi Ihe next ;m days ue will send a 'J..c sample
FStKE to'an) onr send mt luccut! lu pay fur the inaillug.   AgeuU wauled.   1\ tlte to-day.
For Oonorrtuwi anil QlMt ffet Pabrt'a Oka* Speclrte. II
ll lhe ONLY tiit'ilii'int' wliKli will rure teuh anil evury
aw. NO CAHK known It has «■ vvr Utied to cura, no
matter tiow wriouii or of Itow long stondlng. H«sulu
fiom itr* use will a. (..ni.sli >uu. It Is alMiilutfly ante,
prertsnttt stricture, snd can lie tufceD without Iiu-ooy^.
nfcnce ar,.| .1, t.-nt I nun tui-in. s.-.     1'HIt 'K. |3 ou.    For
Mit bv ail rvllslile ilniKtfi-i-v OT **nt ptrpaul by vxftrvM,
oiainly wrsDuet], on receipt uf priit-. W
V**ma*tJ        vvm~.    ^QmFr^^Q^ OOf. (ltfiff I, BL
Cln-uUr niail.i! on reQuest.
Use BlfW for unnatural
,,„„,   ■    Irrilatlons or ulcerations
■»«wS»*       ol mucous meabrauas.
J rrr.rnu OulaHaa.       Plluless. ami uot aftrin.
IthcEvahsChemioslOo. «"" or »"**•?*■
Potm by DranrleU,
'or sent In plain wrapper,
by eipress,   prspa[d,_ (or
Mrs. Qrldley, mother of Captain Qrtdley, wbo was In command
ot Dewey's flagship, mt the destruction of the Spanish fleet at Manila, says of otir remedy, Peruna:
"At the solicitation ot a friend I used Peruna, and can truth*
thfty'aay It Is a grand tonic and Is a woman's friend, and should be
used In every household. After using It for a short period I feel like
a new person. Ann B. Qrldley.
__s«a_lNe*rly Rl1 onr ,n* *re due to 0tttMrrl1- We nre liable to bave oatarrh ol the
■wl, catarth ot the throat, oatarrh ol the luuga, itomaoh, kidneys, bladder nnd
femo organe. Penma onrei catarrh wherever located. AddreM Dr. Hart-
men, Oolnnibui, Ohio, tor free book.
Dyspepsia i
Wellcome 1|. P.UJ»«rred.
Helena, -Mont., Dec. 24.—The supreme
ioui t lias announced its decision in tlie
Wi'llcome ilisbiirnienl case. The court In
an opinion per curium by the whole couit
reviews the recent memorable proceedings
held before it ami wimln up hy finding
that John H. Wellcome must be deprive
of the privilege of further acting *t an
attorney and counsellor at law. Tlio court
begins ils opinion by reviewing briefly
Ihe charges preferred against Wellcome
of bribery and conspiracy to bribe, M well
as the recent proceedings before the court.
Telegraph poles can be easily erected with a new machine, which has a
crank shaft set on the top of a long
tube, to rotate a screw-threaded sleeve,
which projects a rod out of the sleeve
to raise the pole Into a vertical position.
SI i«i, or i bottles, t>.B.
Circular sent ou request.
Do You Ever Feel
That life Is not worth living. Tired out before
the day's Wort is heguu.
Hoore's Revealed Remedy
Will build ii|ivoiir system, purify your,blood,
tiood health niakca happiness. II uo per botlla
at your dniKgiht's. ,...  -
Ilie Weal French Tonic
Blnce IM3, Endorscd by Medical I:aculty
immediate     lasting    efficacious    agreeable
■ - •
"Wm Da. MARWL'B eoot.
Relief for Women
tars and Teatliuonlals o( DR. HARTU.'
French Female Pills.
aalsRiet.t '»•'!
5-MwumsimwK __
an wn
THI8ICT! Wora for S2I.4I.   •'"".•J!
t luuilam'I'rolli^aTatha Wholaanlnta
rotll. Tak» «il»anbl«» of our coulrncS
urrliaai. llthars tiara nilninceij tliall
prtna of Parlor Btosw, but onr MlnB
with Iha nianufaetur-iro coniiwli* ln«Bl
lo turnlnh u i »Uh thaaa,M "«.';'" W,,J
thMaatBSliiallpm«latl'.'1.4I.M..7auO «_«,.___,_,,, n.nM, D
t"1 II YOU ""aid Ik prouii of altliaa B^,,u>w" ,■""■ ,"I,Br_T,
J'..i'_..?ziT_."l___._.i_3__i   ti„, ..innraa   I-Huhy t'arrliwM.   F~l>
br thousands of saUsflad ladiM a*
»le, al war. rrllal.l a and without an aqual.
DoldbyalTdnnnrlstaln nutal boa, rranca
Ha*OB toTla Blue, White and Rod.  T»l" no othar.
iRMbDrug fo>l* *a l-«»rl8t..ll«w¥«kCIS».
ua of thaw, parlor alowa. Thoulrturaa
uWe hut» faint Idea of their elotmnoa.
lantO. O. l'.ott raoalrtoiaTi^youto
mi to wour hanker (
your .I'M
Agricultural Imnlamentn.
-IrniKi anil l'alant ModJelnHn.
anu  and  Btwlini
pay halanco to four Imnker or f raittht
***** on arrlral at ]
l*l'i"-."jclaa" ,J tOuih and BriortTuB Oooilli.
** ttuanl on arrirni »i-r««" v*i.... .
...»Btoaa takaa laea fuel titan asmall onafor liaat
-».lil3sitWillE U1HIVBKBIPOIJI TRKK.       and price -"•";"•-""•.-•"
-Bnhy <VrrlatiM.
-MubIchI  Inntrtimentn,
K-OmT Hnd BMW huminhlm* OSfOm    f/WH
and prlcmawllTlMiaantalpiwaapald.
1 PUaa are cured hr Dr. Boeanko'eFlle Remedy
■ti£l"hi._«an.l"h_eT_n«. U., tumor.. »« a
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Blood, Aid Digestion andPrerent Biliousness. 1>«
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•ample free, or foil box for Mc. MB. HUMAN KO
DO., rhlladia . Psnaa.   Bold by Uronlsts
Makes writing a comfort.
CANCER it the Ua of to
Address Ml   NI'.WKlItK, Mountain Hoine^lila.
•t ,.v*  »  •#■..> 'tUaft* -"X'-J i*m >'•■ ,J*V" t *■'•*• * *  !»»' 3=
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Thc Imperial 25 year cases. — Lad
ia* solid gold  watches  with plain]
and set cases.
When the supplementary estimates
arc being put through   the   House,
with will probably be   within   a   few
weeks, we hope that Mr. Green will
not overlook the  wants of the Pour
Mile wagon road.    Every spring  sees
some part of this road washed but or
undermined by the creek along which
it unit.   A  small   suni   immediately
expended in its repair will obviate Un
expenditure r-i   a   much   larger   win.
later on, besides allowing coiiltnuoue
use of the road by the teamster*,' Tin
voting of a small sum lor thin pui} oasis a measure of   economy   as   well'an
Slocan On.) uosiics sottttj fin po •
teet.on. Built as it is, lln.ru wuu U be
absolutely no w ty oi suVing' th>- bam
ness part ot the town in the event of t
fire once gaining a i<ood start. Then
seems no reason >»by their leasonsbl.
request to the Government should not
.neet with a favorable answer.
a six months fijtfit, and the Only result
so far discernible is that beaUs «e
not swelled quite a* big aa they were
and a few mine managers' minin*
experience has been lari»e\y inoieased.
The mines of the world, that employ 1
any body o! fthito men,  aro working
at full   blast   and    tbo   demand for
skilled minera   the   world   over   far
exceeds tbe supply.    If the  managers
of  tbe   idle   Slocan   mines  wish  to
operate them they will have to. follow
the example of tho   mines   that   ere
working and pay the standard scale of
wages.   We' do not kuow just how
long tho mino managers can hold out,
but we do know tbat the miners are
in a position to bold out for   years
if necessary.
a^^JDoaaalda's X_ilTr©xy
Outside Parties Desiring Horsee in Bilverton ...
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing To—    A> F McDONALI), . ...
t     _j_     t t_ I t t...„...el,'VKUT0NL,.j>c
Thorburn w*'**
SILVERION, li. (,-
jacob do vers
nelson, b. c.
You Are The Best
at *w**h*^m<ow**ps^w
J.i. .frfolixtoa-n**
BILVKkTQN,     B. C.
,'.'   EAST ahd WEST
First-Class Sleepers on all Trains Irom
TOURIST CARS pass Medicine Hat
Daily for St. Paul
Scmdatb and Wewespats for Tor-
Fridays for Montbkal and Bostox.
— 8a» .e cars pass Revelstoke one day —
mm & mtm
B. C.
AucHosekrr, Customs H-Bokers,
And General Rrai. Estate Amehte,
•«ee la lUal.-r Blaeli    •   -    Baker Ms.
NELSON,   B, 0.
mikes, mimm,mwmn
SILVERTON.       -      -      -      B. C.
J. M. McURE i;i)R
" -Firihe North, Revelstoke, ond Main Line
7:30 ex'Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 16:20
For Rossland, Nelson and  Crows Nest
.;.. Branch and Boundary Country,
10:20ax. Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday 13:(0
'7 " ...To'sHd irom Sandon.
13:00 ex Hundtiy.lv Silverton,
' : ar, ex Sunday, 10:20.
Ticket* issued Tinioroii and Baoo.mil.
Ferrates and (ull iutormstion apply to
nearest local agent or
H. H. REEVES, Agent, Silverton
Tray. Pass. Agent, Neleon
,  JB.J.00YLK.
A. G. P. Agent, Vancouve
-'■ ,>t%i.
For tain or Rent.
Utile! il Silvers.
aeplf i.—i^atUfcauiTTroi,
MllvrrtoB, B. C.
■' ■ ■ ii
—■ ' re
Cki«nl frfiight and Trawler
. wp*\*m \**%
Orders  lett at New* -Stand will' be
promptly attended to.
r. \. EMsllll'T N. I»..
.. 3 din Houston, of Nelson, having
announced himself as a candidate for
Mayor of that city at the insu n(i
election, will give the lutioririg men of
Neison a chance to help pile up bis
majority on election day. Mr.
Houston b«s been A true friend ol
labor aid ha* preached'and worked for
tlif e%u.-■•■•. All of the NeUoo Union*
should rally to his support. Let the
ballot box tdiow that union men vote
ss they talk.
"It looks to me," said Mr. Dfeoley, "a'
liougli me irind MuckM not tiud iv lb'
Strateejv Board, an' WW L'i':n' to lavu tn'
«at to ih' mon in t-luek."
"Hovs's HuiT" a*ked Mr. Heunessv
i\ho linsai burl but a clouiled view ol
public iitr.iirH.
"Well," said Mr. Dooley, "while the
.'iraleijaii* lisvebeeu wearin' ont llieii
j(i.ui8 on ti_iLl:.'i-lM»xes in Watfli'ii'ton,
they'a "reeii Roiu' on   tlie   mobt   ileadlt
o.-fl'ct is'er literd tell lv In tween thi-
piw'iiul   preiieliin'  navies  iv   lb' two
o'.in'litief.   Muiiila I* n iwihiuit at ull to
o' aeeties.lV earim^i-   nn'   sl.«njflili:r,   sis-
ilo^mi H.iya, tlihi'a lisen .liiou^i i abw
ni    tbei-e oebiliroyeni,   Tli'  Hpinvurii-
Bred lhe dpenlmr unn whlu il>' bjaboi
ivCsileH.il   pow'iin'.   turieied   nwnittal
,.{' atrle), stta«kUd us *,ib botbfor^M %&r   hO\i I'oUE.i KN1TJTNG H'AOUIIMSSANU VISIBLE-
guns, an'sini a elorm iv brimstoiw an'', WRITING TYPE-WLITERS WIU'IL I'S     0A IAI.OC UT,>' FREK.
hell into uh.   But lb' viethry war not l'i |   . ..    ..
on;; with th' halo:l Bflknyanl.    He wan.
• iivwcre-.l lie oiirwhnli; tied iv pre.ichers
ruin he was j n»d he ih' biatiqp iv  Bar-]
saluuna an* ih' bishop iv Madrid an' th' j
bi-hnp iv Havana, all bpltle ships iv th' ;
first eUs*, followed be a fleet iv croiherf
r-iuniiin' all th' way fi 'in a full ur-rm- j
ored v:car ueneral to a protected Parish
l-rieat.   'lo meet tbim we ninl th' bie'iop
it New York, th' bllhDpiv Philailelphia,
in'- bishop iv Baltimore, an'   th' bishop
iv  Chicago,  aceompanicd   be   a   fljin'
squ. ''.liron iv Metho'liet'. three  PiesKy-
terjAti monitor*, a fleet iv  Uaptint  tiil-
nV.uine ileatrorer.*, an « (/rmi.laDle a ;.»y
iv- UnlvciMltlt  an'   Ui|i'a:ysn loipeil«'»
!li'ii4i|iiiirlers I'm-.Ninins Hfi :•:
r-vuvriiiNt; m:w, vr.\T
{Mwaeruiiuii, rn.|.s. .
itOAlt, with a Jo* r r.stn.   M.inetlme  th',
hl.l.op iv  Mittiilu  had lired  a   solid] CWCTIWOAM OFIMPBOVEfttEiSlt^|^.J^
office In BARRY BLOCK.
B. C.
Contracta large or small taken
And promptly attended to.
Stables in HIL VINTON, B. 0.
jrder »H
Order 1]
FROM   O O C O b O
th^ jevveler
Wit)| tbe closing of the present
year the labor, trouble ia still with ns
snd thc ont look for a settlement still
seems as far otT aa it did six tmnths
agoi, litis strike, which haa no* la-tel
six months, has lieen one of the most
determined struggles between capital
and labor that has yet taken place iu
Canada. The law, quite properly,
having regulated the number of hrun
that a man could be employed underground, tbe mine owners att.ropled to
reduce thc daily wage of the miners
and this action on their part was resented by the latter, who' demanded a
fiir day'a pay for a fair day's work.
Upon the refusal of the mine managers
to concede it to them they quietly
quit work and sought work 'among
those mines that were not fontftlled
by this syndicate of for.'ign mine
owners and who were willingA to pay
the Slocan standard scale of wage*.
During tho last six months the
mine owners have tried hard to start
their mines with non-union men, snd
anything that looked like areaathey
were willing to employ, in iomn ''cases
offering more than union wages to
endnoe men to "scab" in their minea,
but without success. Then they moved
heaven and earth ^nd Mtfured the
world o. er trying to secure miners .to
operate their mines, but In this they
were also unsuccessful. -
The miners on their part reorganised
and strenghtened their respective
anions and sought by moral suasion
to induce outside miners to stay away,
in which they have beeu entirely
Sttooeaatut. Even the few outsiders that
had been flimflamed into coming to
the eouutry 'have upon learning tbe
Vr«e situation refused to go to work
U the minea mui^ed by thia syndicate or tt*tt
, XAf thr.♦Jtuaiionstamte to-<Uy, i»fUr
pmyer, aeighin' a ton, at San Franuiiico;!
an' a mtifkeil halthry iv roiiKreuaiion- j
all Hi replied, ii.fliciiu' eeveie d.amug* .'
Our Atlantic fleet is now ssicin' I'r H* I
inimy, sn'the ll»l op I* New York is'
lilnckadin' th' bishop iv Baodago dv I
Ciba; an' thej'se, been an rxdhaage iv J
prayers betwion th'biehop iv Billimoie | Nelson, e tine as ntientfor the bl cai    1900
>.i. n!;«'Si.'>. inilend itxiy ilayIs
j lllllll tile il.i'e licei f, toaftUj. tutlie Mill-
1i:i^   Rn-irlif  i. i   a  C+rlittcate af lu-
Mi veiuei.tc lor tie pui v«'se   ol i.hlsiu
iii: Ca»wii Grants nl Hie alu-se elaitu'.,
And fiinbo' I tke I'li'.ic   that   srlieU
NOTICE — "TioKh" "lbtAtwroon'
"Blxsu" Howard INucnaw" and "Ti-
orn FttAcmw" Mineral Ckiins,sltnati
in the Biocan CRy Mining Divisiouo'
We.st Koo.eu»y Hislritt
\Vh*rc  loials-d :-On   ihvide   MWien   Mnderaw'lmn ST, nmsi   n. n«i»ierr«J
North Fork I>mOn Creek ami SpfRr«n I Je* 'r«' ""' lw 'll"'- "! ■•i,,•'''l   < Ml*fles
Creek ahout 7 miles from Sloean Vilv J ot ''"i"-"*' •'''•'•'»
fake   Notice that I.    K,   C.   lirpon,   ol;      l)_slnl lU'.r S I. •hit st «e|t»|,,Lr, J.l».
an' th' bishop iv Hitvana  nitnout tnuch
dama(e.—Chicago Journal.
Following is a complete li<tt ol the
mining irnneac ions recorded duiinn die
week for the Slocan Mining Division.
Dee 11—Bnrnaide. 13—Shamrock.
I.V-O. P. It , Humphrey two years »200.
16—Hetier Fi action, Noil, No '2. 18—
Alpha, Lakeview.
Dec 12—1-Olter* ot Ailmiulslrston, tn
tste E .i Williams, to J C W illiams, Aug
IA— Dominion No 2, \t\ each, A 1. Mc
Uan to A D Mclioiinal.l, D M McDoiir-
aid and D .1 McDoiiKahl, Nov ;H) Old
Maid, tS' B Clark lo L M Nicholson, Deo 1
18—Keystone, im ench, (seortin llavis
to F SA'aunell aud ,1 II iVeieiey, Dec 18.
IU—License ttranied tn Antoine to run
a tunnel through thn Tom Moore, Dec 6
Roi t A Ungell files notice that he
owns one half «jf Joker Fraction, Dec, 19.
20—Mountain Sonery ]ri, 11 Hherau
to HC Wheeler, D0c4,t80O.
Repeater \$, F L Hyrou to same, Dec
22—Gait, Daniel, (ior.lon, Donnelly
•nut Crawford Fractions 'j^. .1 m Donnelly to J A Black, Nov 20 *600 A E W,
ts A .l.u'kinn, 11 C Wheehr, \V S Claik
toF 1. Iftioti, Jul\ ;;
Shooting Match
in Silveiton,
New Year's Day
Owin« to a reduction in miners' wages
caused.bv the enforcement ol tlie eight
hour law, the miners are nil idle and the
minus havo  ehut; down.   Therefore all
wqiklnginen are hereby warned to keep
awsy from   tlm Btoran   and   Kootenay
country. British Columbia, until present
troubles are  amicably  settled  between
mine owners and miners.
Bandon. B. O,      W L Hngler,
June 2nd. 1899.        Seer'etnry   Snndon
Miners' I'nion
*\. M. M. Benedum,
PrtlT. HiWerton M. V
J. I. Melntosb,
■ i    Secretayy,    Silvwton
.... M^ne^'Union. '
Lake Col.1  and Silver.  Mine*.  Limited
Fret Mi ner, s Cert ittente N<i Bl4,2(fS. intend eix»y dnys from the dair hereof t-
n|iply to the  Mining Beernh-r for Cor- l j »
tifieuies of Imp.oveinent. for the purpose ' I  | eg
of ob'uiuing Ctown Grants of tlie above j ^^ v w
claims. j
And (ur h-r take   nolio  thut   actiuf ■
under etetton 37,  must Ihi   cntniiietii-ed )
before the is.uaiicc of .tub Cirtit'.uitcs ■ I
Dated this 14th day of Novemlier, 189». :
F. C. QMtnt, P. I. S.   '   i
25-11-99 .   t
I ft • HO
J. 11   \si.is.i<a
None   But
The Best!
Noticic:— "Bi'knmdr" Mineral Cl lim,' _
eiiuatel    in   iho     Blocan     Minine; JL^ttfl Jgl«?y **
Division of West Kootenay District  !
Where located:—On Four Mile Creek,
about three and n hull miles from ii.- i
Ta^e Notice that I. Francis J (»'R«lly \ WILL BttADICA IK ALL TRACK*
of Bilverton, Free Miner's Certificate No. ,»„ .,iu.,ni, ,,,,.,.i, crj'PM
BMV36,aa agent for Tne Wakefield Mines \0i IMI'l U1-. BLOOD, ».U»EH
limited, of Silverton, Free Miner's Cur- p ,, ,, *i .. , TTC« tvn At 1*
tificate No. 13!W2ii,   ititen.l   sixtv davs   • LMAT   831  AND  a.***
from the   date hereof,  lu Spply  tu the |
Mining   Recorder   for   n t'rrtitinte of I
Inipioveinenta, for the pnrpnae   ot   ob
taining  a   Crown tlratit   ol lhe above
And further take notice that action I
undr aertion 87, iiiu_>t be nommetiesU ,
hefvre thel'HiiSuce of  mw\\   Cenltlc'r''
Ol llll|ili>Ve:.l'M|t-i,
Dated tlds 10th day of November, lsi\i
Francis J. O'Kkui.v.
W| 11 | 99
NOTICE;— "Exchasok, sn vf.u Plate.
-- Bkocvm. Victoria No   1 and Wasa
Mineral Claims: situate in the Rlocan
City Mining Division of West Kootmiav
Whore loculed :—West of Daylon
Creek, a fnile south of springer creek.
TaJte notice that 1, J. Mnrrav McGregor,
acting ns anent for the NewGold Fielda
of Bntwh ('olumhiu, Limited, Free Miners CeHlllcate Np.-ii21297, int»nd sixty
daysfrui the date, hereof, to apply to
the Mininir Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purposaol ohtain-
mc a Grown Grant ol tha above claims.
And further tako  notiee tliat action ,
undarsection 87,   mm.t be uommenced
before the Issuance of such  Certificate o
Dated this 21st day of September, l*JQQ
' Vr\ 91 9Q. Jl M' Mt;C*ww».
NOTICE:—"ExcifAHOE," "Rrokrr "
"SunE-and-Cu,,, No'm^I
Claims;   stttiatein   tha  Arrow   Lake
Ditet.DlviHlon of ^sHftflB
\V here located :^On tlie north hI.Is ol
STlm *   Mll!l° M,,rU   M>M
?ko(TrS|eBm,,>I'JlM»-Wn I'.L
•50W en ill n SlS"^ Ci-itiflcMe No.
^OOW.ana H.C.Pol^k, Free Miner's
m.'ioi)   DLS0RDKRS.
Try it Prove I.
Daigle's Slack-
Gener»I Bbrksinilliiiif
.-. •     and M"*Inexpert  HORSE SH0ER AL*
T*V   '    '     -    ' '***»*..w,*,¥,t
va»__Mi <#«■,.
******' •«   aajis*   a a   4- >t    - *■-  ,.   .
■W-S'W^ pw*  ,*tirt >0 ..„«. ^ ,
m**A t«s«, / < ■
GOOD  sr,HV!i"'-'tuuu
Dinlo,   Roonru^ '"• *«* *
Mfoiftia Carlisle. . .,„«<■),*
Tables MippllerteW*11
of the Mason. _-        j,M<v
IIENIJEK^N.W^111^'^'   '
SIACAN CITJT, •        T


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