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The Silvertonian 1899-09-02

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i h3wJj^4m\\
And Up To Date
Mining News
Of The Richest
Camp   Of British
Wlial is Being Done Around Many ot
Silverton's   Sew   Mines.
brittle stiver besides plenty of carbonates. |
Numerous open cuts and  hhort  tunnels
have  been  driven   on   tho   ledge,   tho
I longest tunnel tapping the  ledgo  nbout
i 40 feet deep.    All that tho   Silver   Bund;
needs is a little capital expended  on  it I
to mike it a tsoo 1 thing for ita owner*.
Do You Know
•iflwttt,    <i*-«'»'    Britain*    8"Y*r
,,.„„■,   QiiBfi.   FraeUon   *re
Promising  _toperi.es.
I.igjer, belter and more permanent
than ever, in what can be said to-day ol
lhe Noonday mine. Tbis mino whieh
has been the nioHt phenonienally rich
silver-lead mine that British Columbia
, mi Ima-tof, has within the shoit space of
six mouths, Irom tbe time work wus
, luinenced on it, shipped 24 car-loads
of rich galena ore tliat has netted the
enterprising operators handsome returns,
Ail ol ibis -ISO tons of ore wns taken out
uf a piece of ground tbat will not measure
up nwrc than el) by 50 feet on the vuit:
and all ol it was taken out above the
level of the tunnel. Besides this ore
taken out and shipped 10'JO tn-is of uood
■ oncentmtlng ore has been piled on the
dump aud only awaits machinery to
concentrate its values and make it
available lor turning into cash. This
ia the result ot the me cMiaclcd above
lbs level oi tbe tumid fiom tlie flr.t
Bhute cut. Now this tunnel has
pi'iieiluted on the vein a distance I I 210
l.'tt a.ni I ir the lust l'i feet bus been
■;ti>in.' into a new ore shire thst gives
i inife of being even biggtr and richer
' in tbe first bhute cut by this tunnel.
This ore-shute assures another good hotly
ol .toping ground drained bv ibis, t'luiici,
and .1-. the ore-shute is biii eud
i* reasonable to suppoae tha
The tunnel being driven on the
Hewitt claim has now reached a depth
ol 106 feet and will be driven ahead nt
once another 100 be1. This tunnel bus
lieen driven directly on the vein and n*
the ledge i i nn 20 to80 feel wide, il
has followed the hanging-wall all the
way in. It is now* proposed lo crosscut
tho ledge, while at tbe unu.e timo drive
the main tunnel ahead, to see if ther
Although the Slooan City kickers, who
visited our town on Wednesday, failed
(o secure a score In their game with the
local team, i; waa not because Ihey did
not play ball, an 1 thu lutein, who scored
fonr goals, did uot have the "cinch" that
the tally seems to show,
Hoth tenuis lined up withoutSOtne P's;-
ular play is,   hut  the  new  men   kicked
hard and often.   During tlie first half of
j„ [ play the game was an even oue and the
a paystieak on thu foot-wall     The work \ tin cnn brigade, which lined one side of
lone Uae exposed a large amount of ore, J yie r*eUl,  gr(.w   wonderfully silent at
mostly concentrating. Ahead of the
tunnel some',00 feet, on the vein, is
what is known as the I.oorna Doone
shute, a large body of clean galena ore.
The tunnel being driven will tap it at a
good depth thus affording plenty ol
Btopi-g ground. At present tour men
are employed and   the   work   ia    being
done under the direction of Major A. S.
Reed, one of the owners.
The open season for game began yesterday.
Kenneth Morrison has located in Kitchener, B. ('. where he expects to reside
(ur some time.
B'tb McDonald shook the mud of Silverton oil bis feet on Tuesday and left
for Libby, Mont.
The wonder is not that it has recommenced raining hut that it bad stopped
(or a day or two.
Magistrate Kashdall muluoted $'A0.
and costs from two drunk and disorderlies at Slocan City on Thursday.
It ii said that some of the smallest o(
the 1'Viotbnll Team aro wearing the
largest hats in town, since Wednesday.
That football match with Now Denver
'night now be played. A series of home
ami homo matches can be arranged
With little trouble.
Leslie Hill, manager of the Vancouver
mine, arrived in town on Monday, lie
spent a couple of days at tho mine and
left (or Sandon on Thursday,
A labor day dance under the auspices
of tlie Sandon Miners' Union, will be
•.'iven in Virginia II ill In Sandon on
Tueedar evening September 6th.
Phil Rowe has secured the contract for
  lhe erection of tho   new   school   house.
reek, a tributary ol  lour »me  wee-. ■ u.-.._.. -....j  «-. ...-» .*. " I The arounds are cleared and the work of
haapntltlitoahspetobeable to make Uiay, the Slocaners had not lost heart frami-g fa bulldina is well under way.
shipments ihi*   winter,. This  group  IsL_d j^- tho tuiT(i _am0 w[,u a mtU.\     p.L. Chiislle,   Bsrrister ol Bandon
situated about   lour  miles  »P Gronlt" However, Uie red and white had found  B. O. will be at the -el-irk Hotel every
creek, and a good  trail  Is _J»lng pu , ^    ^       ^ ^  -^ ft ^ futare    Anythi__ requir_
through to it from the   Bilverton   wagon i set vices will  bc attended to  bv
of  lhe I Otesto score, Barclay making a noat side I ing nia awyiccs wm  oc aiieuu.u w  _j
times as the leather shot back and forth
in dangerous proximity to the Silverton
gnal. Jn»t one minute before half time
was called, a scrimmage occurred in
SluCtyl territory (rim which the ball wns
passed to Findlay. A long swift shotj
got past thc goal-keeper and made llrst
Bcor  for Bilverton.
The second game was fumbled through !
hy Slocan's goal tender, who did not
] relish the rushes of the rcd-sweatered
j forward Hue an 1 rattled hints.-If in hia
| anklcty to rid himself of the ball.    Al-
ol Four Mile  creek. |thou«h only ten minutes remained io
Where   To   Oet
Late development work done on  the
11 real Britain Gioup oi claims on Graulti
General Merchants
Silverton,      __$.   C.
JVI,  _VJ,  3Bli)-VE>r>l_I_M:,
Silverton,       ....
B. C
work   in  the Jewelry R^paiiing
left at the Silverton r»ni'.' Store, will
road,   under   lhe    supervision ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
owner Jack Roberts.   The  main   ladgejgbot.    Another   goal fell to Silveiton,
on the property is about 20 leet wide and ■ .i;s, h,.l,,ro t;„. referee's whistle dosed j , *u
H,ep.,.treak over two   feet In widt*. ^ ^ iTpVornptlv forwarded to JacobDovei,
,,,,!ple8,r,!i,wh,e.,,,     as,    '   .... ^   ^ ^   w ,   ^uo.i ' t ,.t* well-k n.,*.M. X.-lson jov.elor.     All re-
2-0 ounce* in silver to tlio ton  une ""' '
^lr   i*0|lP,tfi Apfccts cl-sn exhibition of football as it Blionld  pairs are ouaba-TBkd fob on* y_ab, *
beplaved.    W. Tliompson. tbe heavy |    <*.,.,,.,*.,v   <v*.   7'h,   will be   "Press
ticker of (I
• •
• *
• *
lown   it
^  a  large
amount of wealth lies below ibe level ol
ibis tiini.iI,   awiiitiiij!   the   enterprising
.• -I... -11 n,an lo extract'il,   A   tunnel
has    i, en  driven   considerably  lower
•I. a*n on the vein, by il.e former owners,
: nil has now   reached a  point   directly
m tbe nioiilh   ol   the  upper tunnel,
rids tunnel waa driven in the country-
rock, the lead not being followed.   It will
i ow be driven1 ahead a   tow   leet   and a
i. ut run from it to rut the vein  nml
on shuts expoaed in Ibe upper  tunnel,
-   uHording   drainage   lor a Urge
imount of sloping ground on   those   two
re •hates.  The present manage*
ii.cut which took a bond and  lease
11 -   property  nboui the   lirst
11- sent year lor llu* .-inn oi (35,000.,  tbe
tirst payment on whieh (ell due yesterday,
1 ■; *.*f not only met this payment but have
hIb i   bought   outright a one   quarter
interest tn the mine, paying cash for it
i bus setting at rest the (ears o! Nelson's
scab paper which   Was   much   exercised
over the fact that the Noonday mino of
Silverton waa woiUinn and payin. union
wages, and in great fear that the owners
would not receive their payment on the
l.oinl, when due.
40 per cent ^^^^^^^^^
todoconsid rablq work on thia properly
;ln* (.ill an l no doubt sl-ipm -nt* will bo
made to the smelter irom  thi-t   gioup
during the coming winter,
\V. Tliomi son. tbe
•   Ni w   D liv •:   "f  111,
made • Day
„n inui.uii.il r.-i..ii'e. satUfying both
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ j teams in hi.-* division-. There was no
OOOfKXWOCKWO-OOCXWOOOOOg  iui.ieees.tary rotigb playing an 1  b rtla el*
o evenafiledoll the Dtld with unbroken
WSISfl locals.      I r>nkgi
mn s.lv.'iton offerings,    A number of
admirers accompanied   the Slocan City
team on Ibeir trip aud New Denver bad
a •   ntingenl on the .round j.
In Iho evening a dance ims given in
uf  tbe
A sample "f Emilv Edith ure, const t -
leg of live sacks, was sent out On   -Iiur8-
tlay, consigned to Park tt  Lacey, s.m
The paystreak in the hoe ol the inn-
nel being driven on  the   Skvlark and
Ranger  mine,  near Slocan  t'ity,  has  McKinnou'e Hall, under (be auspices of
opened lip into two and one hall
y.K). ore.
Jack Burns antl II. A. McMillan went ]
np Tuesday to work on the N >r;ii I i i
of Eight Mile creek. Xheclaim is owned
by .1. Sturgeon ol Nelson, who propo s
to do considerable work on lt this tall, i
Those mine owners snd prospectors
who desire to have ore-samples exhlh-j.y
1 at the Spokane Industrial I'xposi-
'Ujn-    On 'h..t date the management will
banquet   (be  scribes visiting in their
city.    No extra charge  will  be made  to
watch the animals eat.
Hill Bros' mill is kept busy sawing \
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    lumber to supply the demand of Silver-
Tbe amount of money wagered on the I ton nt present.   On Thursday a barge-1
itnewai small, few offering to coverjloadof material for the new school house |
eet oi
the Football Olub, Tbe music was fur-
uishedbj Ihe Silverion Orchestra and
the many dancers wbo otti n !■• I bi j »j d
ibemselves until nn early hour.
There Must be Bomethiug Wrong,
•n earth produce! free and fair
,UA ni the Bnokaoe  Industrial  Exposi-     The gold«n waving i-oni.
itetlattn   . poK.t. Wlien fragrant fruits perfume the a
Bon. should bring in their samples.        "'• ■  , -,.v ;1 „.,:, ,,'„ .,.,.„.
was delivered and another baree load of
lumber for the Waki-lieKI flume will be
lirongl'.t down next Tuesday.
The Silverton Literary So: iety was or-
ganlsed on Thursday night at a well
attended meeting held nt ihe home of
Mm. II (*iil>:<-!.. To- following otficors
were elected: President, R. O. Matheson; Vice-President, Mrs. B. Calbick;
Secretary, Miss Dn can ; Treasurer, Miss
Hunter. An executive committee was
also appointed, Thu lirst meeting of tlie
S ciety will be held n.'xt Wednesday
evening in Iho pchool room. Regular
meetings will be held every Wednesday
evening daring tbe fall and winter.
Mineral Glasses   and   Compasses.
- —-♦	
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
Lake Ave - - - Silverton, B.C.
••ml   of   tb
T. Cross has charge of thia <
OiiTbursilavtliel'   ■   ■ 	
liVbilat tlinnsands move with jiehing head
And pIiboi tin* ceaseli
V, i-  im ve, We tiie, oil. live lis bread '."
There must . c b mi I Idug  «ri
2v£.   Knowles.   .Prop
left hert     ^	
In strengthening   Ibe  wmm.   .v........    Al.l(HS ,,,„ *iui,|„i v,)Ui
rohn Carlson has charge and eittht ■■■'*■■ | when liwiuj Irom pole to polo
Bre being employed,   it will take aboiit,    lu.a,,s (ruu ff0m human
'' ft.|1Brf in complete 1 When Irom a thonsand on** "I-*'
!■*,>','  '. .i j   is a complete list ot Ih
miuiii'.ii  nunc ions recorded during  tlie I
irt'i foi the Slocan Mining Division.
The tunnel on the Queen fraction
claim, just below town, ia now in on the
vein 80 feet. The ledgo In tbo face ol
the tunnel sliows to he over four leet
wide, three (eet of which is ore, not
quite elean but nearly so, The character of the ore is Identical  with  that
Brat eneountered in the Noonday mine,
antl as the ledgo appears lo bo tbo aanio,
(he owners may be fortunate enough at
any time to break into a big rich ore-
flbute. The Queen Fraction i» proving
itself to be a valuable property and it
appearaonly a matter of work to nialie a
Shipping mine ont of it.
three weeks to put the
A   new   trail   U   Icing   built   to   the   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Torpedo claim,  which  will '•i"1"'  l1"'' Wl,(1„ „  _,en*s tables waste awsy
Bilverton   wagon  road  a   Utile below     -fo iwrronnesa nnd drought
The Torpedo  ia   one of There must bo something wron
mines and the present I   That's worth the finding oni
afforded the owners
Silverton's coming
protracted strike haa
a chance to develop it, with  the result
that tbey have now what looks  to   be   a
g toil thing,
U. A. Jacks.in, one of tbe owners,
visited the A. B. claim on Red Mountain
on Tuesday.    Mr. JacklOO reports good
progress being made on the crosa-cul
tunnel being driven, and is we" «,««.-H
in pi nt) roll  along,
An.I olhera carce m j v li ive kn iwn,
In reiiiust be sou etbing «i mg.
lo pay
With surfeits one itr«al table bends
The while a I iniieln ', throng
Fiuht for tbe crust the board extends-
Ti ere must in* something wrong.
Then let the I i\v ulve equal   ri^'il
To we . Ih> ■".' 'I i > po r *
Lot fioedoiu f. n li li. • hand of ml slit-
We nsk (ir nolhh a more,
I'ntil this system Is bi'.iin
I    The burden ol our Bong
II pleased (I*; Khali and can be onlv one:
Vuausi 22—-Lake,  Granite ok, A Me- i
V*. Iiirter.
21—'' use, nr Rosebery, J Clark.
21—Oi rorrora,    n fork Carpenter, C
26—Kitchener, nrC i ly, E M Quirk.
2li—Moan Fraction,   Twin  lake bnsin,
\ .1 Bi,'  r,   Tonka Fmclion, nr Alamo,
1 11 T l'wicg.
-ogiipt 92-Red Fox, Red F->x Fraction, Old Newry, Pram. 23—Ulencoe,
Hub, -I—I'nz. Chltopa, Opatnnka,
ivuii. Hill, Edinburgh (three years),
5—,'ny Dav, 28—Okanaghan tlhief,
28—l.ee Fraction, Golden.
The Silver Hand Group ia ihowlng u*
well under development and is without
doubt tlie inauing of a big mining proposition. Tho IciIko which varies from
live to 20 feet wide ban been traced for
over 2000 feet and a very groat amount
of mirfaeo work dono on it. The pav-
llreak varies from a few Inchon to four
feel in width and gives iissnyn all the
Way from 20 to 800 ounces in silver tolhe
with the showing made on the property,
Be brought down a fine lol oi temples
with him all of which   show   plenty   ol
iron and copper ami   should   k'ivo   K110''
assay returns.
Tom Ueed was in town on Tuesday
the '..fttineau and Sinicoe claims on
The tunnel now being
There must be something wrong1,
Rev, Ktiiran Rav Olurke,
Copper waa Ural discovered on Lake
Superior in lS-l-l, but no metal was
shipped until the following yoar,
1 n peria
reach I
Iriving.     wniie urn...» — --- d ,8 0W,it_i|M_ at »i»,ouu,w*-.   »  "•■
woleadsbavebeeneut.one bel-« '°" ,d („y|(lend, 0f »7.722,800, and is   UU
eet wide with « '« ta*llfMrlrt"' ,r ' derstood lo have ground opened... Insnr
.prinkled win. galena.   ren'eet,u"7, dividends  of  »6»,000 monthly for th
Aiicnsi22-Al'ii ri, 3 A McDonald to
Dan McLeod, Aug 22
Bird Fraction 5-12, ST Walker to Alex
8,S_,,mi?'Fr-.tlon H,   II M Walker  lo
same .
23—Adirondack 2 0, Wm Nlven to ll
r^ve, W Murray and R Sloan, on Aug
10. ,, ,
,  ,   ,    ...|_;-„vsi King M, J Fraser to EL
The Hearst Intercst-ono tnim-ol "»01 wiiiio. \ug 21     Glosy Queen K,   Al
greatB lake „.....-..*f lWwe,.d  s.^,,,,, ,, ^5^^.    U^Ji.
D.^stobewldlnLondon  thlamonth \^^'^Z.l^A. notice o.
_.)iidon Gasette, Jan 10.
Kelvin, J Campbell to E Shannon. Aug
2ttSnnwdonJi,LDoolantoJCarolan on
Aug 28.
-1' Bums and P D Mann to
Patronise Home Industries.
O.•.•. 1 i88 8 8 S 8 8i*i8 .!S 8 888 8S'« «88 8 * * ?•!* ? * p®
@8 8888<s*s 8.8 88 8888888888888888888888888888®
tlie Tailor,
um MOCK SIL1BT0JI,  ii. C.
finlil        ^^^
Ten Mile creek.
driven to tap the main lend on tne »o      ,       iH ,„ ,)(!8uM j,, Lt.ndoii   thia
noau ia  in 80  feet and  i. «P«0ted tc1^ ^ ^   ^   _,,
Pledge with another ten feet o' ine        ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ mm j liqi(Wallon in
While driving this °r0iw'fu_:I —-t t. n»pltall-_d at ♦12,600,000.   It baa
n.   The oro carries iralnna. native and | .   ,., vv|„,„ drifting tut" the
illt|,(, other lead waa rut. beitii! a ^i;;^""ft^   ' .,.,„.  HeB,,u* get  about |
,treak of galena-   When the main leaui   ^ftOO 000 for a third Interesl alone and  LA^0 Aleaander, option to pureh se
reaehed the owners expect to have snip ,wp,illl:lM|u. same Interest In .   fl(llill0| Minnehaha, "■»'!'•;• 'i*"'''-
:;,,,,, the, will 1 -feet o  .op-        ^^.T^nd Highland will [^v,. let.Carnation and Violet. mo.
Kg ground a-divin gain foot lor foot In «   ^ [tion, AaglS,
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and tireonwootl.
4»t**t#>mi*iwn*e :***™'ft««nK-*«*'M1v**i''- *Wp^^m)mtr*Wmi*\\*m>*4t^^
l<»»,-i»4^i^lW)-l^*rf»r^*^ *We\W*WJm1ft «»XW/tWtZemkttWatwismw Tfifi 8tLV_mT6tf_AN, SlLVERTOK, 8. C.
Will Do Must (Vi.yll.lnn to Keep the
United Stntes and Kiigl-ntl Ajo.rl she
Sends Out New Ideas—It Is Said Kuk-
IuikI Kxpe.its to Much.
George Hawkins has been    missing
from 3eattle. j
The Spokane   Stock Exchange   has!
been Incorporated.
Whitworth college Is going to be moved from Sumner to Tacoma.
The Socialist   colony   at   Harmony,
Lewis county, has dissolved.
It ls virtually settled that the Snohomish county fair will be a success.
A saloon within   a block of Seattle
police headquarters waa held up recent-
London, Aug. ".-Upon authority of un
duubted reliability a representative of lhe ly.
Associated Press has ascertained that into]    Joseph N. Spinrod, a barber of Seat-
tlic Alaska dispute there has, crept the tie, was run over by a train in Tacoma
craftiness of Kii.ssian diplomacy. recently.
ltussiii, it can he Btated, will do every- a parasite plant called the dodder, is
thing, wiih every energy, to prevent the attacking clover and alfalfa in Eastern
practical cohesion uf the two great Kng- Washington.
lish speaking nations. In all her em
bassles instructions had been received to
thwart the Aii-.li>-American understanding. A prominent diplomat, who is inti-
iniilely acquainted With the details of the
negotiations of the past few years, said to
a reporter of the Associated Press:
"In any arrangement looking to a working agreement between Kngland and the
United Stales, Russia sees the defeat of
her dearest projects. 1 believe her intense
activity in China is to no small extent due
to her fear that Anglo-Saxon power, once
le-lizcd, will sweep everything before it iu
the far east. Dreading the rapid realization "f this nightmare she is making hay
while the snn shines, in- the meanwhile
intriguing to the utmost to tie the h ids
uf those who are working to materialize
Anglo-Saxon sentiment.
"The latest evidence of this is in the
Alaska affair. Though, strictly speaking,
it is a matter of international polities and
would have been sctlled long ago if left
solely to (lre.it Britain and the United
States, Russia has managed to suggest
motives never dreamed of by America, by
distorting facts It is impossible for me
to divulge exactly how, or to what extent
Russia got her paws into the dispute. But
the attitude of her press, oflieial to the
core, ia quite sufficieir to show her motive."
The report that Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the
premier of Canada, and L. H. Davics, minister of murine and fisheries, are to come
here in regard to Alaska is thought by tlio
colonial office to lie quite probable, but
untiling is known definitely of the matter.
Hoth there and at the embassy of the
I'nited States it is said the status of negotiations has not changed and is spoken
of rather warily.
The caustic remarks of Sir Charles Tupper, formerly Canadian high commissioner,
in an interview with a representative of
the Associated Press, held with him August 18, when "he said the United States
were purposely delaying the settlement of
the Alaska dispute on account of thc pecuniary benefit accruing to miners and
coast cities through the delay and had refused to have the boundary delimited, as
was being done in Venezuela, created considerable dissatisfaction at the United
States embassy.
lt was claimed there that 8ir Charlies
Tupper quite misrepresented the facts,
that the dilatoriness was entirely due to
the Canadians, It was also said that his
declaration that the commission proposed
hy the United States provided for no
umpire, was a deliberate evasion as the
fact is (he United Stales' proposal included an umpire, to he chosen by both sides
from North America. Though this was
not committed to writing, it was thoiough-
ly understood. The hitch came through
the absolute refusal of the Canadians to
accede, they insisting upon a Kurope.in
It may be said that the impresion exists
that Canadian politics are chiefly repan*i-
ble for the Alaskan impasse. This is not
only the American idea, but it obtains
among some of thc British officials, though
most of the latter are Inclined to believe
the United Statea should make vast concessions, in order to convince the British
of the sincerity of their friendship and as
a return for war services. In other words,
(he British are now expecting a quid pro
quo, an expression not uncommon in these
The corner stone of the new Catholic
Church of the Sacred Heart, at Seattle,
was laid recently.
Work on the Inland Telephone line
between Asotin and Anatono is progressing rapidly.
During the past eight months 182
prisoners have been received at Walla
Walla county jail.
Frank Doyle, aged 1G years, was
drowned while crossing the Yakima
river, near North Yakima.
1 Complete He.lew of the R-ents Tor
the Put Week In This end Vorelg-
_i»nds—8uiuui»rlsed From the Latest
James   McGary,   of   Ritzville,   was east coast of Africa.
Admiral Dewey is in excellent health.
He will stay at Nice for some time.
Martial law has been proclaimed at Hil-
vcrsuni, 15 miles from Amsterdam.
Isaac H. Congdon, for many years superintendent of motive power and machinery of thc Union Pacific railroad, is
Thirty-five shipwr.-cked seamen who had
nothing in the world but a few tattered
and torn clothes on their backs, some injured and all miserable, arrived from Hat-
Major Percy Willis, late of the Second
Oregon volunteers, has been appointed captain in the Forty-fifth regiment of volunteers.
The church Missionary Society of London has received a report stating that 40,-
000 persons have died of famine on the
bound over to the superior court in the
sum of $250 for stealing cattle.
Lee Comstock, a 17 year old boy of
Spangle, was accidently shot in the left
arm recently while out hunting.
Jack Howard, of Republic, is under
arrest on the charge of being the person
who murdered W. W. Banning recently,
George B. Kabrlck, of Vancouver, was
run over by a passenger train and
frightfully mangled, one leg being cut
Hon. A. Henderson, attorney general
of Hritish Columbia, has heen re-elected
hy acclamation as member of parliament
for New Westminster.
Henry Nursen, aged 15 years, of Walla
Walla, Wash, was severely crushed under
the wheels of the Oregon express train in
Red Bluff, Cab, and died there.
the congress and John M. Stahl of Chicago, ls secretary.
Crawford, the sergeant, who aided
the prisoners to escape from the Bull
Pen at Wardner, has been captured at
Missoula, Montana.
William Moran, fireman of the Chicago Northwestern road, shot antl kill-
ttl his wife and afterwards killed himself at Marshfield, Wis., recently.
A recent fire at Armona, Cal., the
i ause of which Ib unknown, destroyed
r?::o,ouo worth of property, Including
a large quantity of this season's crop
ul' raisins.
Bergstroen and Zilliaea, prominent
'■'inlanders, have declared than 100,000
(•■inlanders have decided to leave their
native country owing to government
A destructive fire occured Sunday at
the Standard Oil refineries at Whiting,
Chicago, 111., caused by a leak in one of
the stills.
Lady Yarde-Buller, of Oakland, Cab,
daughter of the late General Kirkhani
has been declared mentally incompetent.
The Pope of Rome received in audience the Rev. W. H. I, Reany, Catholic chaplain of the United States cruiser Olympia, while there.
Suspicious eases of fever have oe-
curred at Orizaba, Mexico, and it Is believed ot lie yellow fever by the superior board of health.
The Yellowstone and Montana stage
coach was upset at Dwelles, aliout   60
miles east from Monida, Mont., killing
one person and wounding six others.
George Tanner, formerly a sailor and
J. Harriman Jones, a well known editor, | latterly a water front saloonkeeper
died suddenly in Seattle. Mr. Jones he- S murdered Deputy Sheriff .lames B.
tween 1S78 and 1S83 was the proprietor; Brown and Fannie Barnes in San Fran
and editor of Gudey's Lady's Magazine.     j eiseo, recently.
An excursion train on the Cincinnati ft I    A sensation was recently created
which joins the Yellowetdrlfe mine near
YTdr, are in good spirits over the re-
itnt showings.
On the Canadian King near Erie,
there are about 18 men at work.
On the Arlington, near Brie, a full
force of men are at work. Work on
the shaft continues, and tho workings
ere below the 500-foot level.
The shaft being sunk from the lower
level of the Evening Star at. Rossland.
is down 30 feet.
There  Is every  prospect that work
will be resumed upon the property   of
e of the best  the Iron Colt Mining Company at Ross-
Items from the BlO- Blglons of the P_-
clflo Northwest,   *Uwi Wroas  All   tho
I'rtucli'le   Mining   __I_pi-_,»riO_*slS-
m.iitig Notes.
A new explosive that has lately been
discovered is claimed as on
for mining purposes yet known, and land.
from the tests which have been made
it would appear as though the claims
were well founded. It Is said to have
a greater explosive force than dynamite
or nitroglycerine and still is absolutely safe.
Republic Note*.
Good progress is being made in the
winze, which is twins sunk in the Golden Lyon tunnel.
MINI*.)'   "JOTKS.
Dixie camp is Indeed looking very
The Crystal Butte mine, one and a
hulf miles south of Chesaw, Wash., has
put in a 10-stamp mill and concentrator, which has commenced stamping
ore. The mill has a capacity of 20 tons
per day.
Work bus again commenced on the
protest is being raised by the peo-\hMUi' c,lt aml b'uiscd*
of Olympia against the removal of I  1**°"X_15M.>'* ifT
.-.A/--!.!  J.1  frnn,  H.. -„„ltnl  tn '$1,000,000     worth  of
The city of Walla   Walla   has   sold
$350,000 of bonds,    of which    $133,000 Muskingum Valley railroad was wrecked   Hutte by the disclosure of a copper vein
were general municipal and   $217,000 •" the e.lge of Cinleville, 0„ and five per j of marvellous richness while exca
were sewer and water bonds. |8tlns »<-» seriously injuied and -0 others *ng for a new block to be erreoted
| the corner of Broadway and Wyoming
,000 union depot and
II... territorial iv;,i fi'.-m ll." capitol lo  ■:"•"""■"""    »-<"*«-!    terminal    properly
au    tt  .       ,.    _« -.ir „ut »„_ were sold at auction under foreclosure to
the University of Washington. „,       _, »»__»_____■
„      ,       .     ,    ,   ,   4__ XT„ ., t>„ 'the trust Company   oi   North   America
Burglars broke into the Northern Pa- ,,,-,„„,
».___.-,, „.,.,„.  trustees for $l,10o,000.
R«   it...,,,,    *,*    . ll,. hi i .i  i      r,M>ontlt'      liU.ic *    ' '
Lorelto Villa, one of the chiefs who led
the Vaquis in their 10 years' war agahiit
the government and wiio knows every
inch of the river jungles, is now fighting
with the Mexican army.
cific depot at Olympia, recently, blew
open the safe and stole $108 in cash.
Nothing but cash was touched.
John Roberts, a Northern Pacific section hand "at Pullman, was recently ser
iously injuied by being thrown fromi    NewJ hag anived gtaling lhut , ,„;„„•„,
a hand car and having the car pass over of liussi.,u engineers and  their  escorts
I were  recently  attacked  hy Chinese  bri-
his head.
i treets.
There were several accidents at the
mines in Butte Sunday. Joe Wilder
was killed and D. E. Sumner was
struck by a new sheet iron roof. He
received sevehe internal injuries. Joe
Koen stepped into a pot of hot slag and
was horribly burned.
Forest fires which it is thought were
started from camp fires, are raging on
the foot hills near the entrance to
Platte Platte canyon, aliout 20 miles
south of Denver.
The statement of the receipts of the
Philippines from the date of oceupa-
I'lie Vulcan No. 1 is showing   some  ( urlew mine at Victor, Montana, and 20
fine rock on the bottom of the 2.r,-foot  men are now employed sinking a new
shaft.     There is aliout three feet   of  tlouhle-coinpartment shaft.
lock in two strata. |    It l" semi-ofBclally announced from
Sinking has been commenced on the Washington that the bureau of the
Quilp. A winze lias been started in' mint will shortly order a reduction to
the tunnel. The intention Is to sink be made in the charges for refining
this to a depth of 100 feet, then cross- silver at the government mints and as
cut on the vein. say offices.
The drift on the    Bodie    is making      Spokane men have acquired half of
-bout three feet a day on the 220 foot  the Wiimlow   property in the Buffalo
level.     The vein is the San Poil ledge' Hump camp,
and it is reported holding up well.        i     John Gray, superintendent   of    the
The shaft on the Agnes Is 78 feet' Crystal mine, near Ft. Spokane, began
deep. From the bottom a cross-cut Is' shipping ore this week, and has four
being driven to catch the east ledge.
A big impetus was given in Seattle g,lnds -t Kilill ,.„ lhL, china-Russian tron
to the movement which has for its ob- Uer on lhe nulm Manchuria railway.   All
ject the reception and entertainment of weie massacred,
the First Washington regiment on its!    A cable dispatch has heen received at! ,lon by the r,*ite'- Sl»t(,s government
home coming. | the war department from Oeneral Davis  to July 31. last, shows that the total re-
T. B. Cheer, 70 years old, an inmate giving additional details of the conditions' eeipts from all sources for the period
of the county poor house   at Chehalis, |_ Puerto Rico.    He places the number   named were $4,849,411
I'nder the management of the I'nit-
eii States government the receipts of
Cuba from January 1st, 18!.!'. to June
was struck by the   engine   of a work 0f killed at 1000, and reiterates his esti
train the other afternoon near Newau- mate of 100,000 destitute.
kum, and instantly killed. j    Assistant Secretary Vanderlip instruct-
There are a few Washington volun- ed the collector of customs at Port Town-1 3uth of the current year, exceed   the
teers sick and destitute in California, send not to institute proceedings against  expenditures by the handsome sum of
Governor Rogers has asked the people'the seven Canadian fishing vessels ne-*.  *fi,4S0,U*.l
of the state to help them out and there' last month near Ptirt Huberts fur fishing,
will rfrobably be a generous response.' as alleged, in American water-
It has been discovered at North Yak-|    There   have   been   numerous typhoons
ima, that through an error at Olympia, raging in the vicinity of Luzon during the
Yakima county tax payers have been paat week, aud very few* steamers have
called on to pay about $5,000 more of left t'ie bay, while those at anchor w-erej {y & ,;__.<„ an(1 IjaW8on was
should ordered   to  keep  up  stream.    All  small
I craft weie ordered into the Pasig river.
Details of a sensational affray last
Wednesday at Jordan valley, Idaho
state that Joe l.awson and a man nam-
td Jensen, two notorious characters,
planned to hold up the store of Blaka-
state taxes for 1898 than they
Last year of the 12 mills levied for
The steamer  Doric  which  has arrived
city expenses of Tacoma, G.35 mills was >n Sun l'><"icisco from the Orient brought
for interest on bonds, which, according J»V"^E""** "P,1""', .t* l™.".
to city comptroller Lister, will be in
l'*,K<*ni»-il  From  Hit*  Hull  IVii.
Wardiier, Idaho, Aug. 28.—A wholesale
jail break took place at the hull pen here.
Kiglit prisoners, five of them under Indict ment for the murder of Jack Cheyne,
hnve escaped and are now hiding in the
hills. Bewards are offered, posses are In
pursuit, the whole countiy has b-en given
warning; but there is little hope of the
capture of the fugitives.
Tlie plot was well laid. The only won
der is that scores of iinlets were not set
free. A hand of desperate prisoners:
friends outside the jail with unlimited cash
nt command 1 a weak and greedy soldier,
faithless to his trust - these arc the factors in lhe plot which has lieen forming
for many days antl ended in the daring
and successful tla.*h for liberty.
Sir "Wilfrid Will Attend.
Chicago, Aug. 25.—Secretary Lapnnte
of the Canadian Veterans' Association ot
Chicago received a letter from Premier
Laurier of Canada in response to a letter
of inquiry, in whieh the Canadian minister said he would, in all probability, accept thc invitation to attend the Fall Festival in Chicago in October when a formal
invitation was received by him.
Laurier also stated that the governor
general and most of the members of the
Canadian cabinet would accompany him.
Ili-K'i* Trust In l»r>- Good*.
New York, Aug. 25.—Thc Herald says:
Arrangements are maturing for the organization of a $50,000,000 dry goods corporation in this city to control and operate
dry goods and department stores throughout the country. The Mercantile Reorganization Company has recently been incorporated in Trenton, N. J., as a preliminary
to creating big corporations throughout
tlie country.
creased to about 8.5 mills the present
James Templeton, a bachelor farmer,
60 years old. living near Penewawa,
was found lying in the road one mile
from Colfax recently, unconscious.
One rib was broken and his head, neck
and shoulders were badly bruised. His
hack was lying bottom up and badly
smashed.    The team was missing.
James Boggin, Jr., who Is in the employ of a threshing crew at Anatone,
fest shows that in the held of the steamer
are 21,500 pounds of the drug. The total
value, of the cunsigiuntut is -.:i.\iM'. The
duty amounts to $120,300.
The stage between Bed Rock and Sol-
mun was held up half a mile inside the
Idaho line, 80 miles from Dillon. Four
men, II. T. Rcilney, manager of the dredge
company working on the old McNutt
property near Salmon City, waa a passenger. He had mure than $5000 in gold
dust, which he was bringing to Dillon.
The robbers took it.
Spokane has been very fortunate in re-
was accidently caught by the tumbling sur,a to securing officers in the regiment,
rod, which connects the separator to and Company A has furnished its share nf build the arches and columns   which
the attempt.
Maimed and cut off from a livelihood,!
Newton Holman, until recently an enlisted man of the I'nited States anny
serving in Montana and Wyoming,
tried to kill himself with a revolver at
Washington, D. C.
The roundup of riotous negroes in
Mcintosh county hy the militia has
resulted in the surrender of Henry Del-get, the murderer of Deputy Sheriff
'1 nwnsend, and the location for future
p.rrest of Delaget's brother ami the
women directly Implicated in the kill
President Parsons of the National
letter Carriers' Association has pro
tested to the Scranton, Penn. carriers
in permitting non-union canxmters to
Assays that exceed $1,400 per ton
have been obtained from the wonderful
pey chute on the Princess Maud.
John O. McMillan has returned from
v brief visit to Summit camp, 12 miles
west of Republic, bringing with him
specimens of (tinstone that assays 98
per iflit pure lime.
The Incline shaft on the Gopher has
reached a depth of 182 feet. The
shaft is lieing driven under the ledge
which pitches at an angle of aliout 40
The whim for the Gopher is on the
ground and being put In place.
The Hit or Miss shaft is down 45 ft.
The ledge is the full width of the shaft
The ore is increasing in value ln a very
satisfactory manner.
The managers of the Delta have ordered machinery and have shut down
the mine.
Just at the time when the work of
finking the wlUS-On the Morning Glory was alKiul to Ik* suspended on account of water the pump arrived, was
quickly Installed and the work of sinking the winze was continued.
Ore brought into Republic from the
Pearl ledge, Sheridan tamp is liberally
sprinkled withsulphurets of silver. A
fair sample of It was assayed and the
teturns showed $889.20 In gold and
The Quilp has opened a body of extraordinarily rich ore.
Brlll-tn Columbia.
Ret ent developments on the Hope
claim, of the Sullivan group, near Fort
four-horse teams hauling the product
tt, Davenport.
The mill on the property of the Okanogan Free Gold Mines, limited, commenced running August 8 antl will
make the first cleanup the last of the
The Palmer mountain tunnel measures 2225 feet, and Is making aliout
120 feet per month.
A peculiar change Is taking place
with the development of the Montana
the mine near Sylvanite, Montana.
When this property was purchased it
had an excellent showing of stiver-lead
ore anil the presence of any other miu-
eral unlooked for. News that ore car-
ying high values In free gold is coming into the bottom of the tunnel has
been received by the owners.
The Bmplre State Idaho Mining Co..
declared its regular monthly dividend
August 15. This is the company promoted about a year since by Clark &
Sweeny to take over the Last Chance
mine at Wardner.
A scarcity of lumber has delayed the
building of ore bins at the Palmer
mountain tunnel, antl has somewhat
delayed drifting.
On the Kittie M., in 8h»*>rldan camp
there is a shaft 12 feet in width. This
is less than 600 feet from the Polar Star
It is a promising property. There Is
a 10-foot shaft on the Pasco that shows
a 30-inth vein of ore that assays from
$15 to $500 per ton. The values are
largely silver.
The tunnel that was recently started
in the Wanaconda property has   lieen
, ti riven about 75 feet along the    ledK,
Steele, show that the late strike is one   \. is showing up a fine body of good ore.
lerks.    There arc nine commissioned officers from Bpokane, and a sergeant-major
the engine, and he was whirled around
sevehal times at a rapid rate. The unfortunate man was stripped of all of unj fullr detailed clerks from Company A.
his clothing excepting his shoes and a The United States cruiser Montgomery
collar band. Mr. Broggan was not ser- has arrived at Rio Janeiro from Monte*
iously hurt, barring a few skin bruises.'vitleo. She reports having rescued the
The Rattlesnake country of Yakima crew of the Hritish steamer Nettletun,
county has been considered good only Captain Vigers, from Norfolk July to lot
for stock ranches until this year, when Bio Janeiro, which went aground at
it has lieen thoroughly tested for wheat Marios, 20 miles east of Rio Janeiro,
growing and has stood the test so well | Negotiation! aie in progress for bringing
that those who have land there will the Washington volunteers from San
sell only for fancy prices, lt Is now Frsaeiseo to Seattle in a body after their
believed  that this  section will  prove muster  out at  the  former  place.    Levi
form the main features of the decorations at the carriers' national convention to be hehl there next week.
Judge O. Powers, a prominent attorney of Salt hake city, received by express from Eureka, Utah, a wooden box
containing about five pounds of powder anil dynamite, but handed it over
to the police. Hail the box been opined in the ordinary way It could not
l-avo failed to explode. A search of
tin- express Office resulted iii Hit. dur
covery of a similar Ikix, containing n
to be one of the best wheat growing
tracts in the state.
Following are the apportionments in
eastern Washington of the school fund:
Adams, $2,320.86; Asotin, $1,551.28;
Columbia, -5,191.84; Ferry, $95.60;
Franklin, $304.20; Garfield, $3,008.08;
Kittitas, $8,867.74; Lewis, $10,197.08;
Lincoln, $6,176.07; Okanogan, $2,-
645.68;    Spokane,    $24,949.04;    Walla
Ankeny, the well known banker of Walla
Walla, has offered to bear the entire expense of the vessels' charter, which will
amount to $7000 or $10,000.
The 14th annual national encampment
of the Union Veterans' Union wus held
recently at Chautauqua Park, Des Moines,
la., with an attendance of between 4000
and 5000 veterans, who came from all
parts of the country,   ln connection witli] arrest
fid  alit
pounds   of  explosives,   addresser
Warden Dow, of the state prison.
... i,   ' .n in, n,    -min '      ' .,'crontn   l""* eiieiuiipiueiit there wag also hehl the
Wal a, $9 42191; Whitman, $16,587.10;        ^      ' o( ^ w        ^ -..^
Yakima, $5,561.55. ]{(,li(.f ^^
G. Turin, a prominent sculptor, is
The steamer whicli burned off Fair-
port Sunday, the Sir S. H. Tilly, a Canadian vessel of 750 net tons.
The labor strike In Havana is begin-
ing to cause genuine alarm among the
It Is reported at Madrid that a ease
of bubonic plague has developed at the
Oporto prison.
Mulai-Abd-Rl-Azlz, the Sultan of
Morocco, had a narrow escape during a
recent thunder storm recently.
The trust controlling produce ln
New York has been reorganized with
$2,500,000 capital.
In the Havana custom house are em-
llr.  Ilt'illoe Must  Kxplni...
New York, Aug. 28.—A special    from
Washington says:
In addition to there being some question as to his action in granting a certificate of ownership to the alleged filibustering steamer Abbey, Dr. Edward Bedloe,
consul at Cantor., will be required upon
his return to Washington to answer
charges preferred against him by the Chinese government.
These charges were submitted through
Wu Ting Fang, the Chinese minister hero,
and have been a subject of Investigation
by Assistant Secretary of State Hill and I . Tnurlno Sauc.hlmo, an  Indian, said
Third Assistant. Secretary of State Ci idler.' to have been 120 years old, has recently generally believed,
Just what their character is the officials been burled at the Mission, San Jose. —	
decline to say, but it is understood they|    Tho   exports   of silver   from   New Tmnsvnni him M_ke No Co
rotate in some manner to the is-uiance of  Vork during    the    week    aggregated
Honda) ..r ti,<* Drerfae Trial,
Rennei, Aug. 28, When tbe tmirl mar
tin] opened Ihis morning (ieneral Mereicr
wa* present a* ususl in the front row of
witness seats, Chui definitely setting at
real the reports that be had fied to avoid
Mcitier did not seem very cheer*
hardly said a word to General
(Jonse during the whole morning, but
during a brief suspension of the court's
silting he and Generals Qonse ami Rngol
Walked np and down the courtyard of the
l.y tec, engaged in a eonvei-ation.
••'nil ol Santo Dotiiiiiunii Capital.
New York. Aug. 'id.   Adrian Qrullon,
repit-enlalive of the Sand, Dominican rev
iilutioniMs i„ ii,is Bountry, haa received
the following cablegram:
Santiago ,|,. Cuba.   Revolutionists   iii
capital.  Government surrenders,
(Signed). LA  MA III'IIK ."
I*i Man-he is Ihe represenl.itive „( ||„,
.limine/ revolntionista at Bants Domingo
No detaili ai yei received.
n la ii..i
Capetown, Aug. _!*.■ -Replying to iiM
There were no gold   ship- i«t..-, proposition of the Brltiah aecretary
of state for ihe eolonlaa, Mr. Chamberlain
The National Farmers' Congress will (he government of the Transvaal hai noil
*4Z&!*W* ,„lll(„(M „, .u h ■
Americans. | feet ln height will bo admitted. • ESFl'-ttartrer^nBCTWrOT
American certificates to Chinese.
A new woman's club ls to be started
ef the most Important made
Shipments tontine on the usual basis
from the Le Hoi at Rossland, while the
system of development Is being extended.
It. H. Brucb is working a force of 20
men on the Sitting Hull, in the Wln-
ilermpre district.
The long crosscut tunnel of the Jumbo at Rossland is In for adistance   of
130 feet.
The main crosscut on the 300-foot
level of the Deer Park at Rossland. at
a distance Of Ml feet from the shaft cut
through a hotly of solid ore seven feet
•jml four inches wide.
The shaft of Ihe Josie at Kosslanil is
l.ow down 47", foot, and Is lieing rap
Idly sunk to the 500-foot lev. 1.
Development is repblly progressing
on Hip Bstella, near Fort Steele. The
main shaft is down ii2 feet
The Copper Queen, on Toad mount-
cm, Hritish Columbia, ls at present
considered the most promising, anil on
'.I the most development work has !>oen
Tho Owen Sound Hoy. near Fort
stet'ie. bim struck ore on th.- traction
the ore being of the same character as
that found on the Hamlet.
The shaft on the While Bear, at Ross-
!and, has now reached a depth or 300
The principal bad on the Republic
group, on Hooker creek, Hritish Columbia, Is from g to 1(1 feet wide, with a
pay streak of rich concentrating ore of
a uniform width of four feet.
The Payne mine In the Slocan, Is
raid to lie worth more money now than
f ver before and can ship 500 tons a
week just as soon as It. Is opened up.
In No. I tunnel there Is an ore shoot
400 feet long which averages two and
a half feel In width for Its whole length
Work will shortly bo st rated on lhe
Hi iitf group, near Ymlr.
The Skylark and Ranger property on
the north fork of Lemon creek, In the
Slocan, is being developed nnd Is glv
tug employment to IH miners.
There are now 42 men on the payroll
or the Lake Shore mine at. Noyle.    The
new air compressor and machine .iriiiH
lire working to perfection.
Th- Jenckes Machine Company or
Rossland have shipped a hoist nml a
sinking pump to the Knob um Mining
Company at the Greenwood camp i„
the Boundary creek country,
A plan or Increasing development |.
now being carried out nt. the No  1 at
The news r.-om the Tamarae at Ymlr
continues to be of an encouraging char*
The tunnel will be driven 500 fe<*t.
A 40-horse power, double drum hoist
has been received at the Hauper mine
near Silver City, Idaho.
The ore taken from the 250 foot level
in the Oolconda mine at Sumpter, Or.,
continues to lie the wonder of the camp.
Another rich pocket was encountered
In the drift and several sacks of this
phenomenally rich ore were taken out.
!l is estimated that >t!0,000 worth waa
sacked In an hour's time. This in addition to the strike some days ago.
making over $100,000 taken from the
Alkire P. O., (West   Fork.)    Wash-
has some claims   and the   camp   is a
promising one.
egon.BumpteraUofnhprmtb enmou   Or
The official report of tho mineral pro
duction of the United States for the
calendar year 1808 has been made by
the geological survey.
The development of mining Interests
in the state of Washington during the
last year have been of a character to be
mosl satisfactory to every person Inter-
Sited, and to that public having the rep
utatlon or the state for mineral deposit at heart. The most prominent
points of development arc to lie found
it Itepiiblic in Ferry county—at Loom-
Is, In Okanogan county.
In California there Is no such thing
non-assessable stock" in a oorpo*
A California corporation Is
given power by -Kisltlve Btatute to levy
i ecessary assessments, and no power
fMsts in a corporation to waive such
l"gal riglitH.
Since March 140 mining locations
have been located in Wallowa county,
News has reached Haker City, Ore.,
Of the narrow escape recently, of the
Hiiisby-Hlkhorn mining camp from total destruction by a forest fire fanned
by a mountain gaio.
Iowa  Slnl«* Knlp.
Des Moines, la., Aug. 20. The annual
""'■'ing of (he tows .Slnle Fair Association has begun under auapkdoua olreum*
stances ami „*■*, „,, unusually large al-
tendance for the first day. 'hie city li
Idled wilh visitor* nnd the prospects arc,
exceedingly bright for a successful week.
tne fair this year is more elaborate Ilia"
OVer before, nnd |||0 *jV(, K{wt! ,,-,0Wi the
iwlne show, and ■*,,, poultry slww are the
most complete in (he history of thc exposition.
ll.-tilh   In ii   nine.
Ktlonne, Aug. BO,—While 1(1 men
descending Into the Oouohar. mine
tm^jm^f-"^:'^-'-__:.' _^'.__-.     "J* ___*   "IbreHer  —"—  |"''ii* "ii-fcnding into the Couehartl IWne
rrr^*ft^~^^ imm*wMamm*wa ■ am A.. -
oi    un. Queen    grottD. wm* _itl_.i
group, wen i<iiied.
g**.-*:**-.*** *_ui*s>£ «*****_*« mr«sry*%+ -t^^iw.w^x^ *
rmmjmim<*mmjmm*** ggMgy/^aj^^m^wm. j******
■mm^*p;*mW*f !**^tf+»mm*mw: m. THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
* 'Honor is Purchased
by Deeds We Do."
Ikeds, not words, count in battles of HE
peace as well as in war.    It is not what
we say, but what Hood's Sarsaparilla
does, that tells the story of Hs merit. Iihas  '■» BWu-les •,*•« ite,e,.t stories About
won many remarkable victories over the
arch enemy of mankind — impure blood.
Be sure to get only Hood's, because
Ne^ver Disappoints
Trains Run ou l'aclfic Standard Time.
l^ave. Arrive.
Oolng West. Dally. doing _ait.
8:00 a. m    Kaslo   I:S{ p. m,
8:32 a. m  Soulh Pork   3:_0 p, m.
9:30 a. in  Bpioule's   2:23 p. m.
S:16 t. m  Whitewater   2:10 p. rn.
'j..*>i t. m  Bear Lake   2:00 p. tn.
10:12 a. m  McQulgan   1:45 p. m.
10:25 a. m   Bailey's   1:34 p. m.
10:33 a. m.... Cody Junctl. n .... 1:_.'{ p. in
Arrive. Lsavs.
10:40 a. m  Bandon  1:15 p. in
Leave 11:00 a. m..Sandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m.
Arrive 11:15 a. m...Cotly...I.eave 11:25 a. m.
O.  F.  COPI_LAND,  Superintendent.
„M Kootenay.,,,
Railway and Navigation
Operating Kaslo & Slocan Hallway, International Nav. & Trading Co.
Schedule ot Time—Pacific Staiulurd Time.
rassenger train for Sandon and way
stations, leaves Kaslo at b:00 a   m.
Dally, returning, leaves Sumlon at 1:15
p.  in .  arriving at Kaslo at 3:55 p.   in
International Nav. A Trad. Co.—Operating on Kootenay lake and rlvtr.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson at 6:1*0 t. m.
dally, except Sunday. Iteiuining, leaves
Nelson at 4:30 p. ni , calling at Halfnur,
Pilot Bay, Alnsworlh, and all way points.
Connects with 8. K.  &  N.  Ham lo and
from Spokane, at Five Mile l'uini.
8   8. "ALBERTA."
Leaves Nelson for Bonner's Kerry Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m , mealing
•teamer "International" fro—i Kaalo at
Pilot Bay.
Returning leaves Bonner'a Ferry at 8.00
A. ni. WednesiUya and Sundays.
Connects at Bonner'a Ferry with Oreal
Northern railway for all points east and
Steamers call at principal landings la
both directions, and at other points whsn
Ticket! sold to all points In Canada and
tht  United  Statea.
To ascertain rates and full Inforinatlon
kaalo, B. O
uim imti (irtiierHi oils- Rod of Organised Opposlli'in Ih .Nonr-Hecreluiy
Boot, Hns C'oitlltleiico lu {Ieneral Otis.
Washington, I). C, Aug. 80.—-A private
letter received nt the war department
limn General LaWton refutes the recent
allegations made in dispatches from Manila that the general **an nut in harmony
with liciientl Otis' optimistic views regarding the oainpaigu in the Philippines.
General Lawton has been (Rioted lime and
again as saying that we could not put
down the insurrection without an anny
"i lUO.OOU men, and that even then the
campaign must be one of many months.
In the tetter which General Lawton has
written to an officer in the war department, dated July 12, he says:
"1 believe tho end of the organized opposition to the authority of the United
•i.iv- i- I.,,w iii Bight, \\ c are n long way
in in home and very Mule n«ws reaches
ii*. We have it rumor, however, that
lin ie i- ii new secretary i f war.''
This leu. r ii.>ni General Lawton agrees
substantially with the official dispatches
fn iu General Otis of ab ul tha -une date,
li convinces officials of tlie war department ili.ii General Lawton, and also Gen
fi.tls McAiflmr, Wheat n and Bates	
working in perfect I,aim ny with General
mi*, and that the governor general's optimistic dispatches have been Im ed upon
11 ports lie received from bis commanders in tbe field.
It i* al ii -..tiil thai since Secretary Boot
hai had time to go ovei the official ro
ports of General Otis he has become an
eUthllsi-stic minimi of thc •.•eiiu.il. oinl
has absolute eonlldi n .• in his ability lu
c. mliict tlie Philippine campaign u il lio t
td\ ices I    \\ .l-liile;|e||.
\ Constipation
h Caused by ov_.- nuixX i Over-eating! Over-drinking! No part of the human body receives more ill treatment
^     than the bowels.   Load after load is imposed until the intestines become clogged, refuse to act, worn out.   Then
^     you must assist nature.   Do it, and see how easily you will be cured by CASCARETS Candy Cathartic.    Not a
mass of violent mercurial and mineral poison, but a pure vegetable compound that acts directly upon the diseased
and worn out intestinal canal, making it strong, and gently stimulating the liver and kidneys; a candy tablet,
pleasant to eat, easy and delightful in action.   Don't accept a substitute for CASCARETS
I'.i bring a surgeon.—»ewelcr's Weekly.
"I have gone 14 days at a lima wlthotH
—ti.v«-nn-iit or tl..- bowel., t.'hrontn constipation fur .even : ■ i.-. placed nio in Uiis terrible
coMdltlon; 1 illil cvcrTtiilTijr 1 l.t-ur- of Imt m-ver
found uny iclli'f until I hetitn ti-ln I CASCARETS,
1 now Iiuvii from one to tliro.* pa-tattiteH a day, and
If 1 was rich I would iilve tlW.HU for c-acli tiinvs-
meuti ii-iMt'ti t, no ,t.' /*. yi mi.ui.. iii-NT,
Iftai'llum-ell St.. Detroit, Mien.
as _
25c.    50c
CASCARETS sre absolutely harmless, t pnrely Tt jetshle componnd. Ho mercurial or other mineral pill-poison ln Cascarets. Cascarets promptly, effectively and permanently*
cure every disorder ot the Stomach, Liver and Intestines. They not only cure constipation, but correct any and every form of irregularity of the bowels, including diairhcea and dysentery.
Pleasant, palatable, potent. Taste jood, do good. Never sicken, weaken or gripe. Be sure you get the genuine I Beware of imitations and substitutes ! Buy a box of CASCARBTS
to-day, and ii not pleased in every respect, jet your money back I   Write us for booklet and tree sample I   Address STERLIMG REMEDY COMPANY, CHICAGO or NEW TORK.
I'llinirn llt-\ utir...l the Mritetlllre >,i  St.
-lun..  Mini,, u,,.  In,„„|,.„  *,*,,.,.,.
Ken York, Aug, 2& _ special to the
Wi.il.I from N.v.t. k aays:
1'iiu was discovered in the large boys'
antl girls'orphan a-ylum conaected with I day  coaches  sn.l   luxurious flrst-olasl
lmpi (.veil  Tri.in   Rqulpm—lit.
The i). I'.. & N. ami Oregon Short
Line lmvt' added a buffet, sinokiiii* ami
library car to their Portland-Oilioago
tlnougb train, and a dining car aervico
bai been inangnarate.. The train is
f.Hii|i|it'il   with  tlie   latest  chair  cars,
est. Anne'i convent   -tt   Bparkill, Orange
1 ".*. .it 1 ii. in. today (Monday)  but
nut before the structure, s frame build-
.\l,.ii\   ui
Wnr Willi  thr  Hewtoee.
Atlanta. Cm., Aug. 2S.—liovcrnor Cand
lt*r received advic-i from Oolonel Lawton,
in command of troop* ut D.iii.n, listing
thut the negroes bave congregated in the
wetter- portion oi M»-lnio*h county, sre
fully armed and determined. Lawton
states Ihat Sheriff Hlount, with a p He "f
1(H) men, went to thc stronghold of the
negroes with the Intention ol attacking
tht'in or forcing a surreiitler hut after re*
connoltering, returned to Deri*-, believing
it beat to obtain more mn.
l.iwton says he has c.illetl on the liberty Independent troop of cavalry and expects it to arrive in a few hours. Another
expedition will be tande and battle is ex
(iovernor Cmidlcr says Ihn situation i-
mtmt grave ami a eii*is probably l..i* been
reached. He bu* every eonftdence, ln>»-
ever, in Tain ton, who is known U I brave
and cool bended officer.
A s|h-. i.tl from StVMiiimli says: "O. lonel
l-wton has ordered ibe entire Hwt regl
ment of inf.iiiliy to go to Darien."
Will Nol lio lo Meel Dewey.
New York, Aug. 25.—Rear Admiral
Bampson'i Ileet will not meet Admiral
llcwcy when the hero of Manil.i 0OUMI
with lhe Olympia to be Ibe guest of Nee
York and the nation, instead the niliuir.il
will come into port unattended, ind then
the rear admiral, going from his anchored
flagship to the Olympia will extend to Ad
miral Dewey a welcome on hcha'.f of thf
navy department and pay bis own re
Allrni.ila-il   lo   Selur   Koremi   T   pone.
Victoria, It. ('.. Aug. HO- Thi' Hleiuuer
Tseomi brings new* of a reeeni slttcmpt
to sei/.e the throne of Korea made by an
alleged ntmrber of the obi royal l.nniiy.
Wang Kui Boo,
This patriot or politician bas liecii in cv
ile since In   birth.
Ing, was wrapped in Dam
the inmates, children,  were burned  and
suffocated, it was rep iu-JchU thia moro
ing.   The exact number ol the dead can
nil   be  told.
I In- asylum, which It conducted by the
Bitters 11 Mercy, held about Hkhi children.
li k.i- ,i long frame building three stories
high. The Hum-- wero uol discovered until   the  it litile  building  ...i-  uui-   mi--   ul
il.ini..-.    The children had scant chance
foi et ape.
Statu I trains ovei lhe N ■ ■.-. Jersey Noi
Uui ii iii.nl acre rushed to iln- nearest railroad station, Tin- asylum was situated
between Spark ill .nel Orangeburg
The scenes at lhe eonllagratiun were
heartrending, the children, clad In their
night robes, could be seen f.illi y buck
into Ihe lianies and smoke, wuile the
shrieks oi the dying could be lieud .i wi
lhe crackle of the devouring (lames, Som
ol the children were crippled tor life by
jumping from windows, .\l.m\ ol thc sis-
ten .»1—«> were Injured, while others lost
iheir lives heroically while trying t" rescue tli. ii charges. Although tbe service
of the fire departments from neighboring places had been promptly rendered,
the engines arrived too late to be effective in preventing '.■ h ol life.
.l.-nrlr««**iiiirl.e>-   Fight.
New York. Aug, SO An agreement has
been reached to pull i il tha Jeffries
Sharkey fight before the Cone) Island
Sporting Club this fall.
Tobacco trust has absorbed another
union establishment in Kentucky and
is running it stab.
Ainii-Niie-I i»>* nebcin.
Manila, Aug. 2R.~-Four men of the
Twenty-third regiment, stationed it Oebu,
were ambushed by natives in Ibe hill*
and three weie killed. Tlie fourth mun
succeeded in making his escape.
A-tri-l-nn   Ynclit  Won.
Toronto, Aug. 25.—Tho Amcii SO
yacht Oeneafee beat the Canadian Beaver
in Thursday's, race by over a mile and a
half.   The American wins the cup.
Rsrnli F.. Ilnwen, of Peru, I nil., snid:
"I'.ireiijlili'cii years I Suffered wilh
wciiknP--H -icciiiliir lo my sex. t
could noltlier sleep nor eat well, and
w as reduced to a mero skeleton. W >*
skin was ninthly, rnyeves heavy nnd
1 wns dlSS*" much of tlio time. Di D*
torspreserllietl IbrmeWlUlOUl nvull;
nictiifine seemed to do me no good,
1 wat at tho brink of despair when n
friend told inn what l>r. VT.Ilanis'
I'lnli I'llls for falol'ooplo hnd nt n-
pllslicd Inn cast) similar tt. initio. I
tioiiBht n bm and took tlmu. J
bought moio and took iliem unUl 1
wns well and stronit,   Dn Williams
rink nils for I'aio People brought
mo new life nnd i reoommand them
lo every siillnrinir wt'inau. -rium
thc Rrpisbliean, J: ru.lnil.
puin Tuias to wemetBi a now
book, sent eeulad on roi'iic.l.
The Lutheran church ln Iceland
numbers about 72,000 baptized niciii-
liors, which ls about tho total iiopiilii-
'<»'U'*i'owt*m».t^4'-*mta^matt,\ttmmimi    i   en. w*. -j^^T
and ordinary aleepeis. Direot conneo*
lion made nt Granger with Union Pacific, anil at Ogden with liiii Grande
line, from nil ]i lints in Oregon, Wash-
inglon nml Idaho to all Eastern cities.
For information, rates, etc., call on
nnv O. li. tl* N. agent, oi address W.
11. Iiurlbnrt, (ieneral Passenger Ajjent,
tiiiniiii < niiiiiiiiiii Pair.
Toronto, "ni.. Aug. 20. The annual
Canadian fair waa opened with brilliant
ceremonies in the presence of thousands
i>i ■ i-il r- from linn) part* i f ths* Acrmin
ion. The exhibition t fii — year surrmssrs
all of lhe prcvitms fairs in thc ihiiiiIm-i
ami comprehensive M-ojie of the exhibits
It is also rem.nkablc for a number ol
features, including a comprehensive demonstration of electrical development
wirelcM telegraphy, wireless telephoning
and X i.iy-. Tbe exhibition will continue
I «.I \- eeks.
Idaho ltOTBS. said Mickey Finn to the patrons of,     Tbo population of the South African
The most destructive fire that has O'Shaughnessy's bar-room:   *'Me by is; Republic consists-of 113,000 Hoers, 87,-
occured at Rathdrum, was last week, stlddying twot he calls ke-mist-ree, but 000 other whites, called Uitlanders, and
It was the city brewery, owned by Hen- Oi think It's dom humbug.    He said', 000,000 Kaffirs and Zulus.
ry Reiniger. last noit that if he tuk one bottle of  ■	
The first homocide in Buffalo Hump oxy-gin an' two of hydero-gin, that thin !            Fence nnd iron Works.
camp occurred last week at Graneeville be could make water.   Oi said nothing.! Portland WIBB « IRON works; wirb
snd Iron fencinft; efflce railing. Sta, '31 Aldsr.
Aere   I |..I..|...||.1..|||....
New Vutk. Aug. 20. A dispatch from
Kuenoa Ayrca Bays: Rio Janeiro and
Para paper* contain numerous details ol as a result of the railroad building in
when Charles M. Larrabee was fatally
stabbed by James I^ong.
The Central I,uinber Company, ot
Owyhee, has purchased the Falk-Blocb
mercantile antl forwarding business at
Murphy, and is now conducting the
Senator Shoup, of Idaho, held a family reunion at Salmon city, the other
day. The dinner was served in the
room in which all the children were
Fifty dollars has been raised and will
be    forwarded  to Adjutant  General
Weaver, at _an Francisco, with which
to purchase warmer clothing for the
Idaho boys, on their arrival In San
Fresh fallen snow on our mountain
on the morning of the 14th of August,
and a heavy white frost on the following morning, tends to make people
wonder why people deplore the heat of
dog days.
It is estimated that from 20 to 30
carloads of smoked and salted meats
have been shipped into the section
around Kendrick in the past six months
but Oi thought any dom fool knew that
without going to a school to learn it."
Ttitro Is more Catarrh in this Beotlon of Hi-*
country than all other iliseaees put loge—isr,
ami until the last few years wa.s nupposcd to
be iiiruiahle. For a great ninny years iloctoit,
pronounced It a local S_a_—e, and i -escribed
local remedios, nnd by cons taut ly failing tu
cure with local treat*—ent, pronounced it In-
curable. SctenOS ha* proven catarrh to be a
eoiiMiiutlonal disease, and therefore reQUtrsa
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh —lira,
j manufactured by I*. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,
Ohio, ts the only constitutional cure on tbe
market, lt is taken internally In dosi s from
li) drips to a teaspoonful. II acts directly oil
Ilie bloo.i and mucous surfaces of ths system
They offer one hundred dollars for any case
il tails to cure. Send for olrcttt— ra and testimonials.   Address
P. J. CB-CM-t - CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, "\".c.
jl.tll'tf   J.'jtiiilly   l'lils   are   Hie   best.
Daniel Frohman, the theatrical manager, made his first money managing
a walking match. The receipts were
nearly $10,000.
rl-ro r-ermnnenlly Cured. No fltstirnervou.neiw
illw alter Brst day's nse of Dr. Klines Ureal
Nerve Kestorer. Send Tor FREE •'.•.OO trial
bottle and treatise, D :. ll. II. KI.INK, l.iu.,'jjf
arch street, l'hllmleipiita, l'a.
The visit of the Prince of Wales to
Edinburgh as president of the Highland Agricultural Society was the first
he hius made in that capacity.
i in- proclamation "i the independence
the Aeie territory.   The chief of the neu
commonwealth i- a Spaniard, Luia Aria*:
who i* busy organising iii- administration
the Clearwater valley
Captain P. W. Hunt is believed to be
the only man in the Idaho volunteer
regiment from Lemhi county, and he
 ; went to Boise to enlist.   The company
Dradvroo- Smelter Burned. j ra*se,i here—the    Shoup    rangers—84
Deadwood, S. D., Aug. 30.- Smelter and  strong young men, took all the availa-
chlorination plant of the Golden Reward  hie men In the county.
i ompany i- burned,   TiiU i- the Lirgcol ]    Calls for bids for bonds of Nez Perce
plant in the hills, county have been issued by the county
auditor. There will be a $50,000 issue.
These bonds are to bear 5 per cent, and
be payable at any time after 10 years
Tbe Frankfurter Zciiung has
brought together a number of facts
Bhowing that there is at present ln
Austria a remarkable growth of clerical influence anil multiplication of
monasteries. At the principal hospital
in Vienna 40 nurses were discharged
the other day and replaced by nuns.
For lune; nnd chest diseases, Plso's Cuie
is lhe b*<t medicine we h^ve used.—Mn.
J. h. North -o:t. Windsor, Ont.. (.^anad-,
Russia has abolished the distinction
that hns heretofore existed between
Russian and Finnish postage stamps.
Finnish poatoffl.es are now provided
with Russian stamps only.
An Indiana editor publishes the
names of delinquent subscribers ami
appends brief biographies.
I  ...I   . -   . _,.   Ilrll   ShOOf
Jne size smailei nftrr   nsinf-; Allen's Fool
Ease, a powder to be shakeu into the shoes
It  makes  tight  or   new  shoes   feel  easy
jlres Instant relief lo corns and   bunions
lt't the creates! comfort di.tcoverv of tht   „   _   ,,
., I,       ,,.,., j     .    "• O. Uux \f*>
sge.    Cures   swollen   feet, blisters ana cal
loui spots.    Allen's  Kout-Rase ts a cert_it
eure for ingrowing nails,  sweating, sniar.
Ing. hot, aching feet.    We bave 30,000 teM
monials.   All   druggists ami  shoe aloret
•ell it. »c.    Trial package FKKK by mail
Address, Allen 8. Olmsted, I.e  Hoy, N. Y
Good No. 2, C5c per 1000,
loaded on cars.
Write for pricis of No. 1.
:ral shingle co.
Tel. Civ.      Spokane, Wash.
Great Britain's merchandise imports
dining the first six months   of  1899
were tht largest of any corresponding
period in its history.   Its exports for
and before the expiration ot 20 years, at  tue saim, perlod WCI,, (1r! i.^,,^ „,_-,
the option of the county. ] lgin -nd h.lvt, nr,vei. ,„,,.„ ,.X(.,.,,(.,,(1 ,.x
»"or u mrIkm air. iii**K cvt P»brt'_ Ok»> Ppoeifl** H
• lhe "SLY niodl'-iD. Vta-Cll «U1 ■ un" f*rn miiA -*arj
A*..   NO OAHK known It nr** tftw fuied u- eur*, u
i.**..^-; how wH.mih or Of how lonrf BUll ill tiff. Hr^'iM
-•■■op- tld uaf- wih -Bsnonliih y-m. Ir 1» «.bwiufi*>Jj mf«
*;<t«v->ot-i atni-fur.. \n.\ (*»n U" -nk.ti witiiout IncatiT*
tlec.-n -.mi Uttrnil'ir rrcm bo«-_k«   l hi ^ $Joo,   fM
al.- hy all rvllablft tlr-KKldU, _.- aeut prvpaU by txptem
i-U«ij t..*^^*-, Ut MO*   i* _■*.' j. . -.. ...»
1 AB8t OBfifioVC a.., OltlCH.*, OL
.-rorir-- _-dJJ*<d cm r>-ia--it.
M. L. Sherman, of Murray, recently! (,e])t ,_ Ule 01„,n|ng iKlif of (hat year.| Bomo kino oi tipbnltrllns- the hurry and worry
 ' j ot :*-..* ^"iii ceiiitiiv tile pntls down the healtbi
i niiikv- a nerve ItKid Uece aary.
shot and killed a grey sea fiull from his   a]ul Qf ]Vl.
residence.     It was a very pretty bird, I JJ
ed a pound.
Wardner contains three drygoods
and notion stores, six groceries, two
hardware stores, two jewelry stores,
two drug stores, one hank, four cigar
stores, eight saloons, one novelty store,
two bal-eries. three clothing stores,
three hotels, several lodging houses
three restaurants and several boarding
An Excellent Combination,  ^u■_^~t,n!!!paper, "^ l'hurche8.
The pleasant method and beneficial
and measured just four feet from tip to  nuHlli Don't .on lienr the Htil.y Cry"
tip of wings.     The bird had evidently j   TIie o||ly Mf< _,„„,.,„,, r„r wUr ,.,„,, ,..,,„
become lost in the storm, as it belonged In nursing babies la Caacari ti Cantlj Cath irtl..
.       ai,,,-,,„,, ii vvi« be.t- **•*• moth-n'a mint, uiiiiily purgative,    Uhk-
to the sea coast.     Although u w.ts ne.t   giBlH   lw.  „.,   >o
vilv set with feathers, it scarcely weigh-	
Some idea may be formed of flic cost
Moore's   Revealed   Remedy
Will pr.t "root nerve*, in n healthy roinlltlon—It
will Improve your appetite and digestion, gl oo
pei bottle si vmir druggists.
of accessories to the billiard table.
when it is statetl that it requires the
tusks of three elephants to furnish a
complete Bet of bnis, namely, 10 pyramid, 1 pool, and I! billiard balls.
Rememher that you can buy Jesse Maori
I A. A.  Whiskey for the aame price that Is
| paid for ordinary whisky.   Kor sal. by ar
Brst class dealers and druggists.
one hospital, etc.
fleets of the well known remetlv.
Svkiti* of Kms, manufactured by tht
Jai.ikoiinia I'm Sykup Co., Ulusti-t*
•be value of obtaining the liquid laxa
'ive principles of plants known to W
medicinally laxative und presenting
them In the form most refreshing to tie
lastt- and acceptable to the system.
« the one perfect strengthening lnxn
Jve, oleanalnfl the .system effectually,
-spelling colds, headaches and fever.*
nntlyyel promptly and enabling om
So overcome habitual constipation per
nian.'inlv Hs perfect freedom Iron
■verv objectionable quality ana snn
stance, and its acting on tbe kidneys,
liver antl bowels, without wenketiin''
.r irritating them, make it the ideal
laxative. ...    a..
lu tho process of manufacturing tig'
ire  uaetl. as they nre pleasant to UK
,-isle. bill the medicinal qualltiesof tin'
remedy are obtained from senna ana
■ther aromatic plants, l.y a toethoa
mown to the Caufohniv Pie Bth '
Co only, in order to get its beneficial
affects and to avoid Imitations, plea-'
remember the full name of the Companj
,rii,ted on the front of every package
tnntHVtLI.K   KY. NKW TORK. N  V
Lo, Iw by all Wr.iK*rl»t..-IMice 50c. ptrlxitil'
Cruiser lloslmi nl Sun   PTanel.OO.
San Francisco, Aug. iB.- Cruiser Boa
ton has arrived here from Manila
which place she started OU June S
vas drydocked at Hong Kong and then
vent to Nagaaakl and yokohama, leavln*'
Ihe latter place on duly 28 for Honolulu,
where lhe arrived August 0, milking a
record trip for a men-of-war between
Yokohama ami Honolulu,
The Boston sailed from Hon ilulu on the
17tl, instant, having ft smooth passage
dining the entire voyage from Manila.
Reading Swept by Flames.
Chicago,   Aug.   20,   A   apcciul
Rending, Mich., says:
The business and residence portions of
thia town are bilincil.   T\* cniy-ulic building were destroyed.   There was no loss
of life, but several pcrsom
ties   while   lighting   the
received Inju-
flames.     The
Amount "i Insurance carried on tho v.ui
ii ii-. buildings i* about $60,000.
As a protection for cycle frames dur
ing Shipment an Englishman has patented ii covering of felt tubing cut into {
lengths of the proper size to tit the
different tubes, with spring clips secured to the felt on tho outsido to' , .,,,.,..,
hold it securely in place on thc UR.uUNN S
1 «•* it:-?*i for aiit,»tn<-»
divchRfftM, .afUniiiiAt.-mi
I'-ltfctl.   tl M      Of      U:     'Tli!..     .
of   ra tt c o ii •   tuembrftDM
If.eveiu eenUfiom. p-_i'i>-s, »-i ] not a§ti»
nE«MtV«**»c*L0Os «*nl or Kitonooi.
1   Sold hf Dr*frta*k
'or #p_t iu plai'i wr-i-"***!
r   fiprtm,   ri-fp*,-,   (o.
.00, ur - K-tiiM. p -i
TOBiar wal ol r*Q3«t*
Relief for Women'
Bent frew.in plain, i»*l(v|i>riT*'lopai. Wrt-t
tniK* r.'t :ii. 1-ki'ik.ci'iiUlntiiK r-.rti--.i-
•iir. -iinl Tettu-uoiu-jg uf DH. MAUThL's*
French Female Pills.
rntlMHl l-y tlmnt-Mul*- .if m!mi1i««| laill^nM
wife.alwH-f-arollatilfanil without an c-mal.
Kolilbyall -iMi.'k-i-s-Hiii niT'tal box, Kr_uc_t
on i |i In Bluo, i\'ti n. ami '.-■■!    Takf no olbrr.
Urug c*...3bl A -6J PwlBt., New Vur.x CU/,
ONE FOR A DOSE.  r"'e Hick B««dMhi
UfiiioT#> ninpli
I L write to  NATHAN        rCl^OlWll    Blisid, Aia IMKi-stionsiiilPreTe
I f    B1CKFORD. Wnshlngton. U. C.. ihey wUI , notUrIp«or8liki>n   TocoiiTlni
II receive qulek reellvs. U, Dth N. H. vols.   | .tniple (res, or (ull boi (orSSc
. eis'itl Purify Hit
-tent Hlllousnsss.   Da
Ties you, we will msll
c.  Kit. II. IT ANKO
Rnld by PrunglsU.
JUff 30tb C'nrps. l'roKPcuilng olilms nines 1S7I     no.*, Plill_d-.7_i___iiT
'   r« ni
The queen  regent of Spain recently
Inherited a large fori une from a bachelor, Alexander Solar, and haa given
1800,000 of it to charities,
Tbo firm that fixes the sellln*? price
for miners and smelters quotes load at
$4.36 at the close.
Mothers will And Mr*. Window*. Booth
Ing Syrup the best remedy In u-e fur tlicil
Children during lhe teething period.
An electric donr-opcner has been patented by whicli a push button can be
used tn draw the latch and allow a]
caller to enter, a sliding liar lieing suspended in proximity to a magnet, so
that a push on  lhe button completes j
the circuit and pull- the bar out of connection with the latch.
n't'tTlNl.TMlfH l'i- "Inr»ni.iii!uFl Anile.tii.t'UWiI
Till, (firm, am »<>ll ss Blind, ill I nifi't- I'rntrmlitif
1'iles in-,- i-ureil br Dr. Boannko's Pile Rnmed)
Btnpi. Itching- sml tilet'illnit. ^Imnrtie tinnure 6tv s
.Ur tt arag-nsl hit sent liynisi'.'l'ret i,,, free. Writs
.>•»'' -nt , .iir.-im...    1' U. Ill )MN Kll. I'll, «,l»..l'_
n. \. i.
- None sn gnu 1, Inn It COStl
im mors than thi pour. *t,
No. an, oo.
Best t miiMi Kyrnp.  TMISSUOOO, Use |
hi Unit*.   Sold bv iini.'iti-t.
SI "W«l «*»-.-.■■» m .
-**SMst -*««». t»w**ut*Akw\***l«
\0tt*A**ttt i»u»i.-^.o«...^>i».e... k* ,
■ut* ,. a. .*— ■, teWStytm\m J*.*
'. ~«*    m.
■ I ten.'•. ____k__!'*V_ii;l-ittui i_Wiit ■jjmv!& Corn/p-a*!^* Ivtd.
0_»«^_0   Ult   IN  ABBBABI
5*»_W_-   BE   FOUND   IN  THIS
TAT-n-olesale   and   Retail
dealers I_cl O-enexal
Ji R A N C II    S T 0 R B S   AT   THREE
F O R K S   AND   A L A M 0,    B.  C.
o you  want
JEWELRY,    ------
PIANOS ?--------
J-ft€?r>l"> Dover,
Boi 84    .  .   Helson, B. 0.
Oo   You  I-risl-V
WHIOH    1   OFFER    AT
Rock     Bottom
11. c.
B.  C.
j AMES BOWES    - -    PROP.
;•; Headquarters For Mining Men :•:
(SILVERTON      •      •     -      -   B.C.
And S00 LINE
Auctioneers, Oustomh Brokers,
And Genehai, Real Estate Agents,
Offlce In Hiiil.-v niock    -   -     linker St.
NF.LSON,   B, C.
'Ilout picnic lime, at Sunday school
L always know the Gulden Bute,
An' always I'm the fiisi to shout
The text Ibe minister gave out,
Each week get a picture card
For being go*>d ; Its awful hard,
But dad he bauds mo out ii dime
For ev'ry one, 'hunt picnic lime.
There'* fellers in my class 'at swears,
An' stay away some dnys, an' wear
01' dirty olothes t" Sunday school;
You bet 1 don't; I uiii'l no tool.
I brush my clothe* and comb my hair
An' I'm the very Ihst one there.
Ter sass your teacher is a crime—
At any rate, 'bout picnic lime.
Some tellers tease the little girl-,
An' steal their j-nin, an* pull their curls
But that ain't uiTitliTimnly, so
1 never do bui Ii tl.in-_s, you know.
I always know the questions, an'
1 make believe ter understand
An' 1 say a Utile rhyme
That teacher like.**, 'I out picnic time.
Onr teacher's name' Miss Nnttlewed,
An' bad I'oys Call her ••.Miitionhead,"
Which isn't nice, because she takes
A lot of trouble for our takes.
An' saves our wicked little souls,
An' on our head heap. boTnin' coals;
An' so I love my teacher—prime—
Especially 'bi ut picnic lime!
—Richard Slillman Powell.
The veriest rot is appearing in   the
opposition press in regard to the
repealing of the eight hour la*-, Thr
attempt to r(pcal this measure means
political suicide for any party undertaking it
The strike instill ou in the Slocan
and it behoves all true working-ten to
stay away from this section, until
the present labor trouble is settled
There is no undue bard feeling between
mine managers and miners and it is
hoped their former good relations will
soon be resumed. In the meantime
the 6ght is still on aud working men
are warned to keep away.
New  Fast   Daily Service Between
Improved Connecting Service via Revelstoke or Crows Nest Routes,
First class sleepers on all trains  from
Tourist cars pass Revelstoke, Daily for
fit. Paul, Thursday! for Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays und Saturdays for
Toronto 92 hours,  Montreal 96 hourB,
>Iew York 108 "      Winnipeg 52   "
Vancouver 2H "     Victoria    31   "
For the North, Revelstoke, and Main
Line 10:30 K ex* Sunday lv. 8ilverton,
«r. ex. Sunday, 15:50K.
For Rossland, Nelson and Crows Nest
Line 15:501. ex. Sunday Iv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday lin'iOK
For rates ami full information apply to
nearest local agent or
\f. 8. CLARK, Agent, Silverion
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
$. 3. COYLE.
A. Q. P. Agent, Vancouver
<it±'Jt**iwit*'mt*>u.*t«i :!*tmc*ama*'*jrVisi*w*. •»■
General Freight and Transfer
liiisiiu'ss Done.
Orders  lelt at  News Stand  will   be
promptly attended to.
SILVERTON,       -      -      -      B. C
.1. M. McGREGOR,
AVill visit Silverton every
\Vei)s*i:si).\y, prepared to
repair all disabled Watches,
Clocks and Jewelery. He
will also have on hand a
Complete Assortment ot
■lewelry, consisting of Rings,
Watches, Chains, Guards,
Seals, kc. Ac. Repairing
is Guaranteed. Prices are
as low as First-Class Work
will allow. While in Silverton, be will be found at
Tpi* Lakevikw Horn,, and
•all work lelt Ibore during
the week will bo promptly
attended to on bis first visit,   A triul order is solicited.
Now that the   management of thp
Noonday mine have not only met tin-
payment on the liond on that property
but have also bought outright, in
addition thereto, a one fourth interest,
it is to be hoped that tin; Nelson
Miner will stop its senseless cackle
about this mine and its management.
Because tbe management of the Noon-
day mine would not be forcid inlo
that political association, masquerading
under the name of tlie ''Silver-Lead
Mine Owners' Auooiatioa", this
paper, which pose3 as thr champion of
the aforesaid association, has seen fit
to throw rnutl at the Noonday mine
management nnd the town of which it
is one of the chief supports. Tin-
Nelson Aliner has made mot.** enemies
for nnd brought more dlicrcdit on tbe
town in which it is published than
five f-oo'i papers in ten yean can
reclaim.    It has fouled ita own   nest.
spoons and hammers, and go up higher
where short water aud barren rock aro
known no more forever.
We   say   there are many old miuer>-
waltlng to join their comrades who have
gone to hnd a bonanza in the Great
Beyond aud who leave the world as they
entered It wilh nothing to claim save lhe
uh they breathed,    But they have done
H good  work,   they lived  not  in vain.
Fifty veins ago they crossed Iho Missouri
river and filtered the "Great American
Desert," into an almost unknown country, bearing their lives in Iheir hands,
meeting and overcoming obstacles and
dangers of whloh they knew not, frightening or diiving the savages of the plains
from their pathway and tho less savage
animals from thetr lairs, but defying all
followed tho setting* sun on Its course to
the golden sands of the  Pacific, where
iliey   founded nn empire  in domain, a
storehouse abounding In gold,   But tbey
builded better than they   know.     They
opened the way for others to follow,   in
blazing  the   troll to lhe Paciflo they
passed over great stn tubes of plains and
mountains, out of which Nebraska, Col-
orado, Idaho, .Montana and Nevada have
been carved each  a treasure  vault from
which   countless   millions   have   been
emptied Into U.e busy world's channels
if trade, creating millionaires and tnulll- j
millionaires while tho troll blasters them- j
g Ives wero awokcdlng echoes in camps
thai add.'d more millions to  Ibe  wealth
of countries and their people.
All had lo the old miner! He. opened the Kales through which -he more
fortunate passed to wealth. Ilo uncomplainingly Pndured the privations and
hardships which are ever Ihe handmaids
of the pioneer. His youth disappeared
in his combats with an adverse fnituno
Middle-age claimed i li iii before ho finished his battle, and old ago has seized
him. Physically broken down, but rejoicing, be has lived lo see an empiro In
tbe v\c.*t,"al! of whieh he saw and part o'
which ho was." Envy possi ssea not the
old miner'* soul. It will be a shorl
time onlv when llu busy, husttlug, bust-
ling throng now around him, Kr.i-plug
for the "almighty dollar," will also
travel the ro d leading to Ihn nnfcnown
hereafter, which be is prepared lo take
when lhe signal Is Riven lo 'strike
i amp."—Western Miuing .Voihl.
The word porphyry means purple and
is tlie name ori'.iimllv applied lo (he
purplt* colored rock used in Egvpt for
makin*- monuments, etc., says Ihe Min-
ing nnd _ ientific Press As Applied to
neks now, it hns only a structural
significance. As now understood por
pliyry i* any iock in which distinct
crystals of nny mineral occur which are
larger than the grains or crystals oi the
ground mass In which they occur. The
ground mass may be veiy fine in texture
or may be >piite coarse. A fine-grained,
dark-colored rock iu which occur while
crystals of feldspar is porphyry ; a fairly
coarse granite In which occur crystals of
feldspar hh inch or two in length is also
porphyry. Thero is ulsoquait/.-porphvry
hornblende-porphyry, feldspar porphyry
etc. Porphyrlte la a namo applied to
basic rocks having a porphyritic structure, as diabate-porphyrite, diorite-
porpbyrite, etc,
Outside Parties Desiring Horses In Silverton .IT,nw,rri
Can  Havo Them  Reserved By  Writing To—    A* P* McDONALD,
t + t t + + + SILVERTON, - - B. C.
Tliorburn *^fe
o o s© noB8E mm mmm-
•f2 00 per Annan
Use   None   But
The  Best!
{JOTICK,—"North    Kxi-ha.ncib    Fiuo-
tion"   mineral claim, silnale i.i the]
Slooan Chy  mining division ol  West
Ko it. n I* ilislrict.
Where Incited:    On I)lytnncreek nd-
jolnlng   iho   "Silver Flute"   mineral
Take nilicolh.it I Francis J. O'lteilh
as i.-ent for Robert A. Ilnnlaluiw. free
miner'sccilillcalf No *-'.' I "i \. F ('tunes
free miner's rcrtillcali* Sn 6870a, lie. <■ :<■
\l. S. ti'lli'. free miner's certificate. N'o
8 :*•' ' mid BO l..-*..i*. free mini r's i. r ■
lillcatu No. .s7li intend Bixt\ ilava
from the date he>cof, lo apply tn the
mining recnrdei for a i-ertiflcu'e of Im-
prnveinents, for Ihe pin [mm < f obtaining
a Crown Grant of   iheahovo claim.
And further take   notice   that   action
under section 371   must,  be commenced   ,.-,,, ,.,
Iiefore the i-uaiice of sucb certificate ol: " "•■*• *'*-A' -lOATE ALL TRACES'
improvement*. I . ,,    ,,,„,.-.,,
Dated this Twelfth day nf Juno 1899.      0|'    IMPURE    BLOOD,     CURES
Fn im IH .1. Oil: ill v
24 I ii | 09.
For Sale or Rent,
1 Hotel In Sikerton,
Apply to—M.thesun llros,
Mlifiiiiii. II. C.
THE SILVERTONIAN,   »?  a year.
A Beautiful Tribute to the Pioneers in
the Miuing West.
Every old miner is not a rich mun,
nor ia every rich miner an old num.
Many, very many, wbo joined in blueing
trails to tbe Bl Dorados in the far west,
tr ho have built their humble loa cabins
where prosperous towns or cities  have
long sloes displaced them .who net th'ir
stiikca and spent months or years to
develope prosnecls into paying mines,
whoso hopes of strlkinK wealth ended
DOl in fruition, whoso tenacity of purpose und bulldog hangonatlven ess led
them, over nnd over a*{ain, to vciituro
their time, their labor, their all in other
equally disastrous ventures, have either
passed "over the range" lo prospect for
a home 'not made with ban.).-, eternal
in the heavens," or are now with wlh-
1 cued locks or furrowed cheeks, with bent
j forms and faltering steps, patiently wuit-
i'lir for tbe summons to lay aside their
.^NtJ* . W*a--«.:,#to<?jS<«fi! '*r.^i.A*U
The shipment   ol  ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and Including  thc
present week, from Jan. 1, ]8M.
From Bosun Landing, Tun-.
Bosun   540
Fr »m New Denver, Tons
Marlon 20
From Ten Mile.
NOTICE .— "Lucky  Jack"    Mineral
Claim : sitnale in the Slocan City Mining Division of Wesl K iolenay Dlstrici
Whore   located:—On Siiiiunil   ur  l'n**
Creek, 10 miles from Slocan River,
Take no ice that 1..I. Murray McGregor,
acting as a.ent for Robert Bradshaw,
Freo Miners Certificate No. 22405a, intend sixty days from the date hereof, to j
apply to the mining Recorder for a (!er-
tiflcate ol Improvements, forthe purpose of obtaining a Crown (Jrant ol Ihe
above claim.
And further take notice that action
under section 117, must he commenced
Iiefore the issuance of such Certificate 0
Dated this fifteenth day of June, 1899.
J. M, M.'1 Im (um.
'.'I 10 I 99.
R " f- I'M AT ISM   AND   ALL
Try If- Prove If.
Oeneral Un Of Oold  Milk
V   PliAlTICAI.   BOOS I'OH Pr/.(*TK'.VI, Mra.
Should be in the bands of every
Miuiog Man and Metallurgist.
( i.cril BOUND, ■rt..-.(>.
.... 080
From Slocan City.
Black Pdn io
.   .     30
rr.'iii Bilverton,
Co i Muck   	
concentrates ...
....  100
En Ily Edith	
.... 00
Noonday      ...
Owing to u redaction In miners' wages
caused by the enforcement of the eight
bom* law, the miners pro all Idle nml the
mines have shut down. Therefore all
worklngmen are hereby warned to Keep
away from the Blocan nnd Kootenay
conntrv, British Columbia, until present
troubles are amicably settled between
mine-owners and miners.
Bandon, B, o.     VV, „ Hauler,
June nd. 1899,       Secret uv Sandon
Miners'  Union
.1. M. M  Benndum,
Pres. Silveiton M. I!   j
L. Knowles,
It Is not bused on laboratory tests, but on
CEBTIHCATE OF IMPROVEMENT "■• •'"•■cncai bksijlts obtained bv lhe
NOTICE   '.-"Iimil,."   uu.l    "Kock-  rr,ur,,,:,;n7,Tri<T',;f.0V,i,l,T,;,;,'u
l..nd Mineral Claimsi   situate In the 'i '   ,'''' 8 u.ov '** to °.nlP»°v •'""
Bio, in MiniiiR UlvUlon of u est Koot- i   -   ',   iy "'T' ""t, !n *ny "n"
enay District. u-cllily, but all over the world.
Where located:—On Eight  Mile .reek
adjoining the W Ilia Mineral Claim.
Take notice that 1, .1   Murray McOraaor   MonanM   \i,,,,,>, t> «
actim-asageni for W. W. 8,,inks, P?ee   , N   M A( l"SF"y ^BVUWttQ O
Miner's Certificate No, B1296U, Intend Jl8,1,A ■»*>.«Bt_kiit, 0h,c-oo, U.S.A.
■ixtydaya tram the date hereof, to apply
to the Mil inn Bccorder Ior a Certificate   ^-w-.-- " 	
of ImprovementH, lor the pin pose   ofob-l W W ll©H     IstX
taining a  Crown   Grant of lhe above   Jv
claims. J
And further lake nolle-*  that   action   w -^••-"^EMvStO-V*
under section .'IT,    must  n*>  commenced   ., . , , ...  -_._ _
Iiefore tbe issuance of such Certificate | UAt,L IN TOR YOUR MEALS AT
of Improvements.
Dated this 17th day of July 1800.
J, M. MoQbboor,
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after dale I, W. |). McGregor,
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following described tract
ol land- Situated four miles cast of
Slocan Itivs*i- on Lemon Creek at the
mouth of the First North Fork, In West
Kootenav District; starling from a post
marked VV. 1). McGregor's N. E. Corner,
thence south 40 chains, I hence west 40
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
east 40 chains, to place of beginning, the
whole containing 160 acres.
Dated ,lnno 30th. 1830.
W. D. McGregor.
(taw Hall and Vernon 8t_. C
Fiimixliod Rooms.
«tt«fti»..'*»«,. -*-.
Beoretarv,    Bilverton I whole containing 11
Mtfli_«_l !..:_.. *T
**_-'-*  MKU
Notice is hereby _jVen that sixlv
(lavs after date, I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of hands and Works
for permission to purchase the followltii*
descr|hed land; situated four miles east
of Hlocan River on Lemon Creek, at the
month of the First North lurk, in West
Kootenav Dlstriut; siarllnit from a no-t
marked.!. M. McGregor's tl. VV, corner
Ihei south 40 chains, thence  east  .pi
ohains, thi noe north 10 chains,  thence
west 40 chains to place of beginning, the
Daigle's Blacksmith Slum.
General lllucksinltliing
and Repairing Done.
.'. ^l. McGregor,
iMSSMIk-UMia-SK '-'•»--».
•*_Wffei'«'*M *m#mmrj*:m*Vt**m>mWK *ir^*» *\W0**\\Um. # mW-
&&z.ymmm*m:<. mmM. %v*w&.im m


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