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The Silvertonian 1899-08-19

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 • I
And Up To Dale
Mining News
Of The Richest
Camp  Of British
i omooooocwoooooooooooooom
'|        MINIM LOCALS.        §
Lee Chiiim is up Fennell creek doing
(lie waessmenS   work on hia coming
,;,„  McLean, who is caretaker at the
■VakeDeld Minos, was down  for  a   few
.tavH i i,i*-* week.
On Wednesday Vt. Kyte left for Lemon
Lok. to look after hli mining iuterests
l„ thnt neighborhood.
,. development work is now being
ie June  Bird and  Hnowcap
B'laims neat the Wnketield Mines.
The motitilatnB lying ou tho west side
(SlocanLake trill be looked over by
lonrad Bill during tlie next few weeks.
k retorned on Wednesday
ilone on
safe. The Seven Devils Standard has
the following to say concerning a test of
the powder, which was lately made at
ihat place: "First, a large amount of
the explosive was placed on an anvil
and struck with a large sledge without
Laving any effect whatever; second a
burning match was thrown into a box
full of the powder; third, a large amount
of powder was placed beside of and not
to exceed one foot away from Boma more
powder to which a lose was attached and
ignited. After the explosion wn found
that only tie* powder in which the fuse
wns binied had exploded, and that thc
other, while it had blown some distance,
was not affected in the  least.   A small
nil discoveries in
will develope
lhe  Simil-
his   claims
Hell ( u
In hia nel
here thl« i'"11-
IV, Conioy left on Tuesday for Ains-
nrtli,  Mr. Conroy han soma excellent
,',!,..g. iu ii ul vicinity and expects to
,,... a deal on one of them on this trip.
Ire nono ol Ilia Silverton mines to
■cnlorejam plea for the provincial <lis-
•iv al lhe Tari** Exposition ?   The San-
Bon, Kuslo   and Ainsworth mines are
111-arinK Iheir siieclmene.
1. Myron, under whoso iiuiniigeiiient
: a  I*', ledge Is being developed,
•at  Sntur-
macbinery to put out a product, and also engaging lhe services of Iradosmen
and applying their usefulness, together
,   , ,,  <_^_   ^___      , witil •■"' Machinery, to the execution of
amount of this new explosive  was then  work, and the enhancement of his pro-
plaied on top of a boulder some eighteen < periy.
or twenty inches In  diameter and cx-|    There is generally a vague feeling of
C. A. Burton In Modern Machinery.
I have often wondered if proprietors
a rule consider their relation to their
men as being anything except payers ot
wages, hlreis of help, wbo thus become
tlio promoteis of bis material wsatiii.
Conrad Bill was taking iu the sights
'- Nelson this week.
„,.       . —___.        -^ Knowles visited Nelson and Ymir
there is a grave responsioflfty restiugIlhe ,lret P»rt of the week,
uponi the proprietor, in hierelat-on told-1    ».  W.   Matthews,    manager of  thc
employees.   HI. atlitutfe is at once tl.at! Nelson agency of R. ti. Dun & Co   is   in
of putting capital into plant*, furnishing | town.
The re-appearance of Ihe ss. Slocan
on the Lake will be welcomed by all
local travellers.
On Tuesday
You Know
ploded. Although the powder was
entirely unconlined, it broke the rock in
several pieces. Moisture lias no effect
on tbe explosive, and altogether it is tbe
bent nnd safest explosive for mining
purposes which has as yet been
The labor troubles in miuing districts
are becoming so general, and so many
requosta are being made for miners to
slay away that tboy amount to almost a
notice to get off the earth .—Idaho State
superiority iu the mind of the proprietor
thatgoe.'i far towards making a strong
line dividing the workman from him,[and
a corresponding sense of inferiority on
the part of the workman, ou account of
their difference of position. Iho proprietor, too, many times aggravates tin's
feeling between biinself and his men, by
arrogance, assumption of dignity, nnd nn
autocratic attitude. The men defer to
him, fcr personal reasons, and bend to a
discipline that ir.ny be bird to bear, und
ofttimes is entirelv unnecessary and
The men too often take a middle oonree ]
Mrs. Charles Gardiner
left for Toronto, where eho will visit her
relatives for a few weeks.
Leibscber. the Tailor, received a
consignment of fall goods during Ihe
week.   Call and select your suit.
A raggy football game was played last
night between the Team and the Rubbernecks.   Score l tod for the Rubbernecks,
M. Grady,one of the owners in  the
Baprise Group on Alpha Mountpin, left!
lor Oltnnabce, Unt. on Thursday, where I   I
he expects to visit for u few* weeks. i *j t
F.L. Chiitii!*, Barrister of Sandon j
B. 0. will be at tho Selkirk Hotel every !
Friday iu the future. Anything reqpJr-1
ing his set vices will  he attended to by
GENT 'S     F U R N I S H I N G,
Oeneral Merchants
Silverton,       _8.   o.
  ! ""j ,0k* t0 """"J.™ !!'e *°™ uf ,e"       M„h_»D:   At St. Saviours Church,
»,, from that property last Sntur- rmnng even Just discipline, and hence ' Nelson, by the Rev. Mr. Akehurst   on
...   ||L. ropoits Ihe  .ross-cnt  tunnel! SLOCAN LAKE ORE SHIPMENT.    ! "5*    J¥' °r ^W1*'™ n''*. ****** '" •■"*> I Tuesday the 15th. inst.. Roderick 11 at h-
iciDK run. as now into the solid rock 20 j »hop;   I cannot but think that nropii-  eson. of Silverton, to Miss Ida Margaret
f. .111,1 he feels confident thai the A. E.   ; f,ors st«nd "■ 'heir own way in   assum-   Walker, daughter of Capt. W. .1 Walker
the making of one ol the biggest mines    ...     .... , j ■■•■•,,lis position, inasmuch as it is to of ste. Hnalnlhe, One
,l,,i\I,„,,i.ii.,. Hie shipment   ol   ore    from   Slocan ! their men that they look for results.     ^™
.   . ; Luke points, up to and Including  tbe     Men at* prone to mistakes, and when
M ,,.,,.:,- ^^^jr;   present week, from .Ian. .. 1899, • workman makes one, took tne matter
,n, hi. Nelson, an Old   Bilverton boy. • ; sparely in the (see without nasH„n. The
I.Ins been prospecting on   ibe   north From Bosun Landing. T.nis. ■ workm,n   g8nen,n-   feels bad enough
it of  Salmon   River   and   has made ,        **osun   -,.„    j ._.^_ „„,, ,_ _,___ mpn ^ m ^
,,, | cations,  alihon_li   lie does  not U^ Mmmj ^^ Toils j sitive, it [a amply sufficient to have it
.Ink mnch ot that region  aa « coming        ^^ ^   ,,.___,„ ,h_, ___ _r(j   M]y tfqil_,ntei,
"'"';  wim,rV"       ''     H    *'■    prOI!('n    |.*rom-jv,, *,liu. j with tho mistake to make sure of no rep-  ''"e, left at the bilverton Drug Store, will;
.•rel:it W'in."!, I In I IItltioo Of It,    Our American workmen .!)e promptly forwarded to .Incob Dovei,
680    I art* too well educst,d and value the wel- ! 'he well-known Nelson jeweler.    All re-
Tons. j faieof themselves and their work too ' Pairs are u cun mi: to foro.\_ v.ar. *
. ^»    : omch-to do otherwise Ihr.n give *_ l_r«*,     H<1, -,.„, ^ ^ [
_0    , >iel,  for fair treatment, proper tools and , l0H., of h[lMing ,nateri., J
TOM i e'T,Itable wa8«"'* | front.   A residence is to be built by J
M. M. Benedum and will be ready for
him when he returns from West Virginia.
Tlie bouse will bo erected in the Brook- !
lyn portion oi I be townsite.
* i'ih rrlurnetlon Wednesday from
Vtiiti country -ind rej-orts that
-n'iMI4-i i i'i,- '.I • •! lo.JIv oi lhe pDrk
ii.". Not one of lhe boys who went
Ulin ii en -' 'v •rinn li.tvo "triick any- I Froni Silverton
ingand 'I n'lsh Ihenuelv-l back. He
ports that country ns full of broken I
n ill-u- th.   li*siitutio'i  is some- !
■ in'il it] I lint a p *ir runu's
ni'"-.ii- i. u Ii loiter ill the Slocsn
'ii in "iilin.
Tins. '■
; I
From New Denver.                             Tons I
Marion 20
From Ten Mile.
Enterprise   .    ...
From Slocan City.
Tn in ill ue	
Rlack Prince	
The bills are up for the Rossland I_ibt>r
Day Celebration. The golden city has
prepared a liberal program and will divide 13J00. among the winners of their
spoiling routeste. The drilling contest
will be the prominent event.
All   work   in the Jewelry Repairing
T     AJ. J»-. BEXEDDM.
li   DRUG
PURE OlilfiS.
f-tock    'JO
" concentrates   HXl
En ily Edith    (HI
Fidelity     It
Noonday      etm
Vancouver  '120
Wake_eid     580
m kn.i   mini:**, limit! i>.
i ■■ i mnnajemenl   of  ibe ttolena
is rxpecleil   in   dally,   and it   is
latclnn good -minority that  work   will
mimenred  itt   onoa.     The    new
ni n- bare already given oul thai they
1 i"nin  ronrentrator  nnd   have   it
inninttltia H>'ison.   s.i   it   will he no
piiei*i..-i...iiiis well   known   Slocnn
■i"1'.1 ' i. i.'in full blasl ibis winter.
1   '""■-ilipinenta irom thu  l.n_.* for
"' «c k have heen the lightest for some
iroe, only one car of ore beiii_ sent  out,
l"» being fi in the Tilai-k I'rince a new
• l"i'* i.-i.r stx-nn City.   This car  of
("; Irom the [thick I'rince   Is   a  sample
'"I"1"''" ami if il justifies will  bo   fol-
ti'-i ii onceby others.   A larueamount
*!''" Is in Hiuh! in tbn property  and it
'""' onlv a .pieslion of whether It  Ik
Ihwh enough grade to stand packing,
felsht and treatment.   Wehopa to be
»bi give the returns from this ship-
"iii nexl week.
Tlio Skylark snd Ranger property on
Ihe north fork of Lemon creek, Is being
developed under tho Snperinteiidency or
r- ■■* Copland and la giving employ-
l,m"Ho 18 miners. Two tunnels aro
"eil,K driven, both directly on the led«o
and »re eMh in now about BO feet. The
Wreak is SO inches wide and gives
wwys ranging from 100 to 150 ounces In
PfMdW.lna-oidtOtht ton. The
r»7l«rb and Ranger,   like  most  of thc
,   "n" ''"'^ Properties,  is  a  dry  ore
'"-lotion an,,  „.-,„_   (leveloped   wd,
,". «£*] ""> very best mines In tl.at
The centre of the Eight  Hour Etorm I    ('. A. Filiott, M. D. of Victoria is n.iw
j has shifted to New Westminster. I in the camp, looking over the poaslbil-
The hills sre full of berry pickers and jities oitUe lown if0la « medical stand
thc creek is lined wilh fishermen.  Truly ! P'-*'"1'   ,)r' KllioIt is desiious of locailng
! Nature   favors   lhe   Slocan during the ' »• bilverton and, in tho event of hisdo-
i "strike."
Mineral Glasses   and   Compasses.
- •♦•—
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
Lake Ave - - - Silverton, B.C.
v net
W Bxploslve that has lately been
J-'V-rmllH claimed as one of the best
fmrnik . ,,,n'l>oaes yet known, and
LJJ-J'Wta which have been made It
' ••I'l'i'iir as thongb Iho claims wero
"",''"'*   It is   said   to  havo   -
' ''M'l'iNive (nr
O'er roiling deep, where wild winds
_ sweep, where tempest kinifs hold sway.
Fiom lands ol snow, where north winds
blow, we smite our living  wav,
Our booty dyine  uutions,   our  guerdon
people's tears,
Wnr lords in fi_ht by right or might, the
modern buccaneers.
Rich spoils ol east call to the   feast,  old
China, dying too;
Like vikings bold iu days   of  old   we'll
loot the yellow crew ;
Shall    grasping    Herman   eagle,   -.hai!
covetous Muscovite
Hag all the  game,  ye Saxons? shame!
I.i i I Jingo, 'tis uot right.
One truth we teach, one creed we preach,
the sacred right of pnlf:
Let the under wight i' the sorry fight get
up and save himself;
Ourgospel fliimiiigcauiioii with screaming
idirapuel crammed,
Our creed is short—the   the   world   our
sport, the weaker blokes be damned !
We once heard tell of One—ah,   hell: a
Jew of lowly birth,
Who dying taught, but   all  for  naught,
that the meek should hold the earth!
Forgive  our  scornful   laughter,   Lord
Sooner a high-cast Jew
From Thy  footstool's face sees swept a
race, than lose n bond that's tine.
Tis plain that he of  Oalileo   knew  not
lhe.se lalter days,
Their up-to-date new creed of hate, their
On de-siecle ways;
Knew not onr  blessed  doctrine—the fit
alone survive.
Thn strong in fight have alone the  rigid
to hold God's earth alive.
Shall men forego we'd like to know, the
blessings manifold
Of modern life sn free from strife, so full
of jovs untold;
The thrill  of murderous battle alien
under tropic tuns
Wo thin their ranks and mow their flanks
with wondrous (Sailing trum.7
Poor I lumpier, Drake; a paltry stake you
plaved, for when from Spain
You flung mi board the galieon's hoard,
sacked in the Spanish Main:
Hail lo the modern corsairs bravo,  who
worldwide navies steer.
And rob in might a people's right* while
mobs look on and cheer.
So here's a health to lust of wealth, here's
to tho world, our prey;
From sunset west, fiom Isles o' the Blest,
we Hiniteoiir living way.
Onr booty weakling nations, our guerdon
rabbles' cheers.
War lords in fight by right of might, the
modern buccaneers.
If the mine managers arc only awail-
iiij; lh" result of the New Westminster
bye-election to decide on their future
course of action, they may fust as well
begin hiring men noiv and nol liuscr for
the returi'S from the polls.
The Sudbury miners, nnlil recently
working   nnder contract nt.   the  Ymlr
ing i-o, will doubtless secure a large aud I
lucrative practise, lie holds an Ontario I
diploma and has been practising in Yic- |
toria for sonic time.
A very enjoyable Impromptu hop was
given last evening in McKinnon's Hall.
The launch "Aieit" brought down a par-,
ty of New Denverltes to participate and
the local dancers were well represented. |
mine, aie now down ihe hill and suing | Dancing was kepi np until an euily hour I
their late employers fr wages due.   The   and those piesent thoroughly   enjoyed
Ymir wns one of the mines ■shone man- ■ themselves,    ("has. .McNicholl? acted as j
egements loudly boasted thai tbey could ' floor manager and good music wa* fur  i
and would Ull Iheir miner;  with  "scab"I nlshed by  Messrs. (.'riddle, Webb ami j TT .        Tv /T T5^"*n*™S i^-ttt1 __.*__* T---5*V,***i"V**V
labor.  In this cast Ihe '-cheap*- men Finlay. i^""1-     ■J-v-»—      J-*HOW^ieS.       -r*tg_?.
aro likely to  prove expensive.      Fifty!    »,    i... !_..:_.. ...,  /-!.... r.  t*..i i,
cents a day saved in wages  will not pay
for many lawsuits,
The organizing of a band for
is being discussed by those of our cit-
laens musically Inclined. There are
MVersl old baudsmen here and Ihey are
heating up recruits and fostering
the growing interest in their plans
Tho ball has been started and the Silver-
ton Ilrnss Band will soon be a reality.
The purchase of the necessary instruments need not be delayed as such a
purpose can rely on all the local support
Tenders will bo reseivetl Dp to to-day
for the erection of a school house in Silverton. The plans shown by Secretary
McKinnon, of the School Board, aro for
n. building 28x44 feet. The school room
will bo38x27 feet, the remainder of the
building being devoted lo c'.oak rooms
The successful tenderer *sill lie required to deposit a»250. bond. The contract is careful to specify that no Chinese
are to lie employed on (he work, a rather
superfluous clause for Silverton. Tbe
building must be completed by October
Messrs. Jas Irvine and  Guy C. Karl, ]
two Californiums touring the Province |
with rod and line,  aro spending a few {
duys  with the  big trout of  Four Mile
Creek.     These   two followers of l>ank
Walt.in aie enthusiastic over the .-* len- '
did Ashing here.    Tlteir Friday's basket
consisted of ten big Dolly Varden trout, I
the biggest one,  when dressed,  tipping I
the scales at over eight  pounds.   They i
found Iheir tackle insulllcient for landing '■
the bigger ones.    If the  possibilities of j
Four Mile,   from an angler's  joint ol j
view,   were   better   known,   Silverton
would be the Mecca of Kootenay anglers, j
Patronise Home Industries.
OS 8«!.,*s*.»."i,.*ii».!i»if?.»»,g*iS8»«».!»•»•«
• s • s • s • I • s 81 • I!8.1 s R s ' . 8 • ft 8 88-8g 8888 888888888®
*w* r«-£*&j&l|rVW ^*W*-l*«^M*.;--^rv**ii«f o-r*mm^m>i9irmmmmt
^> '-ftbc mid  still is absolutely l
Trade Unions
Kaiso wageu and lower usury.
Lighten toil and brighten nun.
Shorten hours and lengthen life.
Create rights and abolish wrongs.
Develope manhood and balk tyranny.
Foster ethical ion and uproot Ignorance.
Rc-uce prejudice and Induce liberality
'.il .loin n ll
Capital cannot, injustice, Insist ou its
right to form combinations nnd deny
the same right to lapor. A corporation
cannot reiisooablv insist on treating with
its employee only as individuals while
itself joining other corporations in dis*
cipliniiig laborers, Either organized
capital must rccogi-ir-e organised labor,
dealing with labor organixalious as en
titled tu recognition like organisation ol
capital, or the conflict lietween labor
and capital will produce results more I
serious than have yet oecnred. Con- j
.routed bv a great organization of capi-
tal, id" individual omploycj ia helpless
If his demands are backed up by the
power oi an organization of his lellows,
he has some chance ot securing just concessions, and correcting the abuses of
which he complains. Whon the rights
of both labor and capital tu organize and
to act In their organized capacity are
recognized, mutual concessions will l>e
msde and many o( the antagonisms
which tow occasion Htrlkec and lockouts
uiil  be unknown,**—William J  Snong,
silveiton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway aud Greenwood.
r *Aj**-"**>*-»"i -«*»-»•*■ .■■:*.*#u**n+r+.-*.r*   i wo  lSsusats)m*ttsaa**\sAshW* m&*.!m'"*\m»"\ :";*•
sjK_i-_-_-fl-_----Jfl-_-- ,rjji<irM-^
m^emu.tw^m *mW'*sis^mYrA^
■-***t*'J***fc^-*»^*llBg1.iW'ari,TiM i M-T-ot ii1_n-iir lIBi-Tiiii ll
«__&___-ffl__-_--___ THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C
In a Disastrous Storm-Ponee Suffered
Most-Large Nuiul.er or Lives Lost—
Business Is Practically Bulned—Aid Is
Neede--Au Appeal for Help.
I-once, Puerto Kiev, Aug. 14.—The terrific wind whicli accompanied the recent
storm destroyed the crops und demolished
a number of bouses on tlie higher ground,
while tlie Hoods destroyed bridges and
houses und caused a {-rent loss of human
life. A large number of cuttle were killed.
The storm was most severe in the central
part of the island and along the southern
const. Many hundreds nf bodies have been
buried in thc city of Ponce, and it is
estimated that 2000 persons wens drowned
in the l'onee district. The number of
people of the lower classes lost is not
known, but it is certain that there were
few fatalities among the persons of Ull)
better class and none among the Americans, The work of clearing away thc
debris progresses slowly. During the progress of the storm the municipal hospital
waa wrecked, and its patients were removed to the military hospital.
Saturday Bucoaya, Adjuntas end llu-
inacoa were devastated, and iu some in
stances entire villages were swept out of
existence. One hundred persons are reported to have been killed on a coffee plantation. Everybody is ruined, pestilence
threutens und many months' work is needed, and a newspaper appeal has been made
for relief. The calamity, with the com-
lneiciul depression, has produced a terrible
condition of affairs. A cavalry patrol has
been established.
Whole Purl Wns Inundated.
Sun J nun, Puerto Rico, Aug. 14.—The
port of Arecibo was destroyed during the
late storm, the place being inundated by-
water from the ocean und river. Two hundred bodies ure in the morgue there, and
hundreds of persons ure missing. A nnm
ber of citizens who lived on plantations in
the suburbs were drowned. The coni-
munding officer of the district has ordere 1
thut the bodies of the victims of the disaster shall be buried where they aie found.
"San Juun hits been applied to for supplies.
According to the latest reports from
Yubucou, HU bodies were buried there one
day last week, while the remains of 200
victims have not been recovered. The
church i- tlie only building left standing.
It is reported a number of American
soldiers were killed at Mayagucz.
Promlses of Relief.
Washington, Aug. 14.—Respon es to the
appeal of Secretary Knot for aid to the
suffering and destitute in Puerto Rico are
coming in from the mayors of different
cities in a most gratifying mauuer.
Promises of money, food and clothing
are made und it is said the work of relief
will bc commenced at once und pushed
with all vigor.
Protect   Oui   Food.
The doctors Inform us that alum Is
a poison, and that alum baking powders should be avoided, because they
make the food unwholesome. Prominent hygienists, who have given the
matter most study, regard these powders as an evil that should be suppressed by state action. In Minnesota
and Wisconsin alum powders are not
permitted to be sold unless tbey are
branded to warn consumers of their
true character, while ln tbe District of
Columbia the authorities have under
the direction ot congress adopted regulations to prohibit the use of alum in
bread altogether.
Are not the people of other states,
as well as those of Minnesota and Wisconsin, entitled to warnings of a danger which is apparently menacing them
at close hand, and ls not the whole
country entitled to absolute protection,
as the people of the District of Columbia are protected, by legislation which
is entirely prohibitive?
Until we can have protection ln the
form of a statute, how can our state
boards of health, slate analysts or food
commissions better serve the public
than by publishing in the newspapers
from time to time the names of the
baking powders which they find to be
made from alum?
Meantime, it will aid the housewife
In designating the alum powders to remember that all powders sold at twenty-five cents or less per pound are of
this dangerous class. Pure cream of
tartar powders are usually sold at from
forty-five to fifty cents a pound.
llrcylin Trial.
Rennes, Aug. 15.—The shouting of M.
Labori, leading counsel for Dreyfus, rob
bed the morning session of the Dreyfus
court martial of its paramount interest.
The murderer apparently chose today for
the attempt, because it was anticipated
Labori would crush Mercier, the former
minister of war, wiUi his cross questioning.
Hoquiam's population Is 2,282.
Garfield has a well developed case of
The Seattle Stock Exchange has been
The recruiting office in Spokane ls
making a good record.
Preparations are now on foot to open
a private bank in Reardan.
Pomeroy warehouses lost 60,000
sacks of last year's grain.
Tacoma has issued 4149 bicycle licenses and 650 dog licenses.
Lincoln county laborers report a
shortage of farm laborers.
Company B, National Guard, of Colfax, is raising funds to build an armory.
The Spokane Industrial Exposition
ls to be held from the 3d to the 17th of
Harvest and mill hands are reported
very scarce In the country around New
The most successful grower of sweet
corn at Yakima this season is Henry
Kam peter.
Edward Rlpperton, 4 years old, was
drowned in Duwaniish river, near Seattle,  recently.
In all probability Tekoa will have
one, and possibly two, more banks In
the near future.
A miniature salmon cannery, perfect
In all details, will be part of Washington's exhibit at the Paris exposition.
J. E. Harding of Garfield has received news announcing his appointment
as first lieutenant in the regular army.
Hoboes and tough characters are becoming plentiful in the Palouse country and numerous depredations are reported.
Whatcom county will have a fair this
year and it will be held on Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday, September 27, 28
and 29.
The state road is now completed beyond the eight-mile post from Stehekin
to Bridge creek, and the work is being
well done.
The internal revenue collections for
July by the Seattle office under Deputy
Bowen amounted to $50,994.35 from
all sources.
The Seattle & International Railway
company is charged up by Whatcom
county with $15,814.89 taxes and interest due for the years 1897-98.
A postoffice has been established at
Echo, on Kingston creek, ten miles
north of Colville. George Koeckei, the
merchant at that point, is postmaster.
The Grand Army band of Canton
Ohio, apparently, Is to be the big feat
ure of the entertainment at the Spokane Industrial Exposition this year
According to the personal assessment
rolls for the year ending March 1, 1899
the assessed value of all improvements
in Spokane county for the year is $320,-
The two greatest cornet players of
the world are to be present at the Spokane Industrial Exposition this year.
These people are A. H. Knoll and Marie
Bears are so thick on the Nemah, In
Pacific county, that it is considered a
mighty poor day when four or five are
not seen in proximity to the logging
camp down there.
The county commissioners of Whitman have awarded the contract for
building a combination bridge over the
Palouse river on the Henry Fisher
road, near Winona.
A gigantic heating plant to furnish
steam heat for several of Spokane's
large buildings from a central station
is being discussed by a number of Spokane property owners.
The first official seal used by the territory of Washington has been recently
discovered, it having been lost for some
years. This seal was made In 1853, by
John Clark, an Olympia blacksmith.
Assessor Richards, of Kittitas county, has completed the tax rolls for this
year. They show the assessed value of
town lots and acreage to be $2,928,511;
of railroad track, $757,631; personal.
$1,310,298; a total of $4,996,440.
Wm. Vane haa purchased from Mrs.
Logan the original Newport, Wash.,
townsite. He will have the dedication
set aside and the ground will then be
rented to a wealthy manufacturer of
Newport News, Va., who will some
time this fall erect a large plant for
tbe manufacture of excelsior, sash,
doors, etc.
A Complete Re-lew of the -t-onts for
th* Past Week ln This and Foreign
Lands—Sn-mi-rised From tbe --test.
Samoan Report Reads-.
Washington, Aug. 14.—The report of
the Samoan commission has been received
at the state department. It is a voluminous document and until there has been
opportunity for tbe officials to go over it.
details will not he made public.
Fonr Noted  Hen Return.
New York, Aug. 14.—Among the passengers on the St. Paul, which arrived here
from Southampton and Cherbourg, were
ex-Speaker Thomas B. Reed, Senator W.
J. Bewail of New Jersey, Richard Croker
and  Daniel  Frohman.
New Call for Volunteer*.
Washington, Aug. 14.—Secretary Root
has under consideration the question of
calling for more volunteers. While he has
not decided definitely to do so, preparations arc being made for the call should
it be decided to issue it when the 13 regiments now being organized are completed.
It is said that additional troops may be
needed to relieve those who have served
some time in tropical countries. It is
also suggested that it may be deemed advisable to increase the army of General
Secretary Root has under consideration
suggestions from General Bio ike for bringing home sonic of the troop* now in Cuba.
It has been practically determined to have
five battalions sent to the United States
t olin.il.lt. Can't lie Beaten.
Newport, R. I., Aug., 15.—Tlie Columbia and Defender started in a race of
about 30 miles for the Astor cup, valued
at .$500.   The weather was fine.
At Block island the Columbia was two
minutes ahead of the Defender.
The Columbia crossed the finish line a
mile and a half ahead of the Defender.
Trolley   Linen   lu   London.
New York, Aug. 18.—Albert and Tom
Johnson, the American trolley car capitalists, have been seeking for some time
a foothold in London, and believe that: rested here with three companions on sus-
their plans are about to bc realized, at i pieion  of being connected  with  several j
least partially. 1 local robberies.
A  Notorious  Criminal.
Bridgeport, Conn., Aug. 14.—A desperate young thief who served four years in
the Walla Wnllo penitentiary in Washington, nnd who is believed to be Arthur
Vanghnn, alias Webster, alias Thornton,
alias Knight, alias St. Paul Tip, was ar-
The number of enlistments for the volunteer regiments up to Wednesday was
Andrew Carnegie has given $50,000 lo
found a public library at Keighley, Yorkshire, England.
About $7000 worth of damage was done
in Anaconda by a cloudburst that took
place west of the city.
The British battleship Sans Pareil, while
returning from tlie maneuvers, sank the
British ship East Lothian, Captain McFar-
lane, 1380 tons, at Torquay, England.
Ben Thompson, colored, 24 years old,
was lynched at Alexandria, Va., for attempting an assault on Lillian Clark, the
8-year-old daughter of Edward Clark.
First Sergeant John Jackson was shot
ii nd killed ut Fort Douglas by Private \V.
II. Carter, and the latter wus then shot
and instantly killed while resisting arre*t.
Former Coventor W. Y. Atkinson of
Georgia is dead at his residence in Newman, tia. He had been ill fur 10 days. He
was one of the leaders of the democratic
party in Georgia.
A horrifying accident occurred 30 miles
cast of Moscow, Idaho. The 18-months-
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Thotn-
burg was literally roasted alive in a wagon
bed of burning straw.
The Glenn-Lyon miners of the Susquehanna Coal Company, 1200 in number,
joined the Nantieoke strikers, and now all
the employes of the company in this region, a total of 3000, are out and tlie
mines are closed.
The first run of the New York Yacht
Club froni New London out into the sound
as far as Watch Hill and back to Gardiner's bay was one of the most successful
in the club's history. The Columbia beat
the Defender.
lt will not be long now before the
wounded and invalid members of tlie First
Washington volunteers, who have been
getting back their health and strength at
Presidio hospitals, are on the way to tlnir
homes in Washington.
An electric car of the Big Consolidated
line in Cleveland, Ohio, waa blown up near
the Euclid avenue barns Tuesday. The
car was badly torn. The motorman, name
not known, was badly hurt. There was
one passenger on the car.
Official advices from Old Point Comfort
and Hampton, Va., to the marine hospital
state that no new cases of yellow fever
have occurred in that vicinity since the
one reported at the soldiers' home Tuesday, and that there have beeu no deaths.
It is learned that a movement is on foot
to form another whisky combine to oppose the Kentucky Distilleries and Warehouse Company and to take ull the plunt3
whieh that company failed to acquire, or
about 50 per cent of the entire number iu
the state.
In a wreck on the Bitter Root line of
the Northern Pacific, caused by a landslide, freight engine No. 704, running U
miles an hour, left the track 18 miles front
Missoula, near Florence. Engineer Beebc
was killed, Brakeman Babcuck was seri-
ou-Jy injured.
The steamer Empress of China brings
meager details of the wreck of the steamer
Munobaki Maru in the Orient. Just before
the Empress of China left Yokohama one
boat load containing nine survivors
reached Yokohuma. Another boat containing 20 persons was reported safe. Two
boat loads were lost.
The United States cruiser Olympia
has arrived at Leghorn, Italy.
A recent storm caused great destruction of property in Hicksville, Ohio.
Secretary Root is beginning to get a
firm grasp on the administration of
the war department.
John Engle, 24 years old, was killed
two miles west of Rochelle, 111., by a
Northwestern train.
The Rev. J. H. Bomberger of Columbiana declines to accept the presidency
of Heidelburg university.
Patterson McClurg of Bloomington.
111., aged 61, committed suicide by cut
ting his throat with a razor.
The strike of the employes of the
American Smelting & Refining Company of Denver Is declared off.
Miss Oliver Roy, of Fond du Lac, Wis.
aged 23, was run down by a Northwestern switch engine and Instantly killed
Ethel Burnham of Crawfordsvllle,
Ind., was dragged to death by a cow
she having attached the halter to her
James Murphy, 247 Shaw street,
Montreal, Que., was killed upon the
tracks of the St. Joseph, South Bend
& Southern railroad.
Patrick Drury, of Springfield, 111.,
while superintending some repairs on
his house, took hold of a trolley wire
and was instantly killed.
Two men ambushed Maitre Laborie,
counsel for Dreyfus, and one shot waa
fired, hitting Laborie ln the back. M.
Laborie  fell  ln the  roadway.
By a wreck on the Lake Shore k
Michigan Southern railroad at Ashtabula, Ohio, 15 cars of provisions were
overturned and two carB of cattle were
The French schooner Pauoboto was
sunk In collision off Lowestoft by the
steamer Hercules and five persons were
drowned. The steamer rescued the remainder of the crew.
A consolidation of the leading cigar
manufacturing Interests of Tampa,
Key West, New Orleans and Havana
is in progress.
In saving the life of a friend's child
Paul Montgomery, of Ft. Prngg, Cal.,
was drowned ln the waters   of   Lake
Creur d'Alene recently.
The Protestant celebration of the an-
H. B, Smith, of Hartford City, Ind.,
one of the principal promoters of the
American Window Glass Company, announced that the project had been
The statement of the clearing house
banks of New York city for the week
ending August 12, was unexpectedly favorable, the chief feature having been
the heavy increase of $6,388,800 in specie.
Mortimer Cunningham and a man
named "Big Jim," both stablo hands at
the Harlem race track, Chicago, wero
asphyxiated by gas In the New Era hotel.
It is stated that one of the companies of Royal Artillery at present attached to the Halifax garrison will
shortly be transferred to Victoria, B.
C, being replaced by a company now
in the West Indies.
The state depart, nt has finally
learned that John Keller, the American
who was ctiiflned in a consular jail at
Yokohama, Japan, has been released
under operation of the treaty which
recently went into operation between
Japan and the United States, und has
left tliat country.
The monthly statement of the exports In the United States of domestic
products shows that the exports for
July were as follows: Breadstuff's,
$21,084,475: increase as compared with
July, 1898, nearly $4,500,000. Cattle
and hogs, $2,941,192; decrease, $9000.
Provisions, $14,820,334; increase, $5,-
000,000. Cotton, $5,442,995; increase,
$2,614,000. Mineral oils, $5,245,519;
increase, $500,000. These show a larger total for July for these five articles
than for any preceding July In many
Government commissioners have effected an agreement with the Crow Indians which will become a treaty when
ratified by congress. About a million
acres of land will be purchased on the
northern end of the Crow reservation,
from Fort Custer to Yellowstone river
and from Pryor creek to the eastern
boundary of the reservation, embracing the Little Big Horn and other
streams. This leaves the Crows 2,500,-
000 acres and will make them Independent in time, and furnish homes for
thousands of civilized people.
Hugh Kennedy of San Francisco,
who has just returned from Kotsebue
sound, Alaska, brings a report of the
probable murder of several prospectors
last winter. L. W. Martes of Santa
Rosa, Cal., disappeared on the Noatok
river. He was known to have had,
about $1500 on his person, and it is
thought he was murdered. The Pick*
inny brothers of Kentucky were murdered by natives while prospecting on
the Silawik river. A man known as
Diamond Dick and O. Austenberg, a
whaler, were killed by natives of Cape,
Prince of Wales. Kennedy also brings
news of the drowning of an Englishman named Morris and suicide of
Ch-rlc- Backer ot San Francisco.
Bold   lloldnp   at   .V.rcl.|>..r<.
Northport, Wash., Aug. 14.—A dating
holdup occured here Saturday by two
masked men about 10:30. While all the
games were in full swing in tlie saloon of
.Madden & Riley, the ha* k dour was suddenly opened and two men with their
f.ices covered with red cloth m.isks stepped
quietly into the room and with drawn
revolvers commanded tliose present to hold
up their hands. Some being a little slow
were informed by the smaller of the two,
with au oath, lo hold their hands up or it
would not be well for them. While one
of the men stood the crowd up in a row
tlie other coolly walked over to tlie faro,
trap and roulette games and appropriated
the money.
The smaller of the two men then said
to Davis, who runs the furo game:
"Davis, empty eut your pockets." '
Davis complied, but dropped his pocket-
hook on the floor in doing so, upon which
the man stooped down and picked it up.
The cash register behind the bur was not
Both men then walked out of the door
by which they came in and made their
Neither man was recognized.
Will,  tlie Clianiplou Wrrallcr.
Spokane, Aug. 14.—Saturday night J.ick
O'Neil of Kalispell wrestled with Hali
Adali, "The Terrible Turk," and kept hii
face to tlie mat 20 minutes and 28 seconls
before the champion heavyweight wrestler
of the world threw his man. It was by
fur the cleverest and mo*t closely watched
exhibition mat contest that has taken
place in the Inland Empire.
The Turk stripped to 255 pounds, according to announcement, but he looked
nearer the 300 murk, his prodigious coeo.i-
colored bulk making the form of his antagonists look almost dwarfish, though
two of them—O'Neil and Tom Whalcn—
are men of large stature, comparatively.
O'Neil weighed in at 180 pounds. He
looked fresh and in the pink of condition.
He Whs Waylaid by Assassins-Was on
Mis Way to Hie I'-iir*—He May not Recover-Maitre Labori Was a Bright
Mau-ltiiiiioi* of llobbery.
Rennes, Aug. lJ—Two men ambushed
Maitre Labui'i, counsel for Dreyfus, und
one shot was fired, hilling Labori in the
back.   M. Labori fell iu the roadway.
Maitre labori left his house alone for
the oourt at 0 o'clock this morning. His
residence is situated in the suburbs of the
town, nbout a quarter of au hour's walk
from lhe l.ycce, the route being along B
solitary road beside the river Viilaine. lie
hud reached a point hulf way on his journey when two men who hud evidently
heen lyiny in wait for liiin rushed out nf
a narrow l.ine und one of them liied u single shot from u revolver. The murderers
were only a couple of yards behind their
victim nnd their bullet Struck l-iburi iu
tlie back. The wounded mun uttered nil
agonised Cry and fell tlut OO Ids face. The
iniirdeieis immediately tied through the
lane from which they had eineiged and
both escaped.
Only tuo or three laborers going tu
woik witnessed the shooting ot Labori.
The sunt wns well chosen as the mm deters could nut he seen hy M. Labor! until
they rushed upon him, tlie lane being hidden by bushes. .Moreover, they were .u-
forded an easy means of escape by passing back through the lane which led to
the country.
An incredible side of the outrage is the
fact, it is asserted, that seviral passers-by
saw Labori shut and passed on Indifferently, neither offering to help the victim
nor to join in pursuit of tlie us-assin.
Still more incredible is tlie fact that an
individual v. bo went to the side of La*
bnri us lie lay wounded on the ground i-t
said to have searched the pockets of the
suffering man on pretext of ascertaining
his identity and to huve stolen their contents.
One halibut caught near Marshfteld,
Ore., the other day sold for $9.30.
The beet sugar crop of the Grand
Ronde, Ore., valley is now estimated
at 20,000 tons, or more than double last
year's yield.
W. H. Long, manager for the Farmers' Warehouse Company, has nearly
completed the 100-foot extension to the
warehouse at Oakesdale.
Tho Wlnlock, Wash., creamery Is re
ceiving 3000 pounds of milk per day
When it started operations In the
spring it received 400 pounds daily.
According to the most reliable information from all over the country
the potato crop at Colville, Wash., will
be short at least one-half this Beason.
The Puget Sound Fisheries Company's fertilizer plant, situated on the
shore of Belllngham bay, is now turning out three tons of finished fertilizer
per day.
The salmon season has been a failure, and unless there is a large run between now and the close of the season
thero will not be half pack on the Columbia river.
The records for catching sockeyo salmon were broken one day last week.
At the Pacific-American Fisheries company's cannery 130,000 were received.
Of these over 80,000 were sockeyes.
The La Grande, Ore., sugar factory
expects to handle about 20,000 tons of
beets at the factory this fall. Tbis
should give a product of about 4.500,-
000 pounds of dry granulated sugar.
The exports from Gray's harbor for
the year ending June 30 were valued at
$826,346 and jutting from present indications the coming year will pass the
$1,000,000 mark.
The demand for Washington oats
this spring and summer has been so
great that for the first time in many
years lt has been necessary to draw
on the east for a supply to tide over
the market until the delivery of the
1899 crop.
In the live stock department of tbe
Spokane Industrial Exposition $2450
In prize money will be given away,
Prizes will bo distributed as follows
for each of the three breeds of cattle—
lhe beef cattle, dairy cattle, and general
purpose breeds.
John Oalvln passed through Chehalls, Wash., a short time ago with a
herd of 726 sheep, which he had purchased In Oregon. This is thc largest
herd that has passed through Chehalls
in the memory of man. Sheep raising
Is becoming a lucrative Industry ln
Lewis county.
Harvest hands are in demand in
Sherman county, Ore. Many men who
usually go to the county for work at
this time of the year have kept away
this season on account of reports that
the grain crop would be short.   It Is
3,000 pounds per day. When It started
up it could only churn once every three
dnys. Now lt churns overy day ami
turns out 120 pounds or butter at each
According to H. Erwln, a cattlo dealer of Payette, Idaho, sheep are crowding the cuttle raisers out of business.
Mr, Erwln has had to reduce his herds
from 10,000 to about 700 on account of
this difficulty. He says as a conse-
quence of this condition beef will bo
higher and mutton cheaper before long.
A shipment of more than the usual
Interest to farmers and dairymen has
been received by Dllworth Bros, of Spokane. It conslstB of a car of register,
ed Jersey stock purchased ln New York
and Connecticut. . Tho purchases wero
made by V. E. Fuller, the gentleman
who had charge of Jersey stock at the.
world's fair, and Ib considered the best
Judge of stock In the country. W. J.
Dllworth went after tho cattle, and
saw that they reached Spokane ln good
condition. The heard of Jerseys are
now nt the Jersey dairy on the south
side of tbo river in Ross Park,
Monti, i>i,i...ii. Grain ii...»i.u..->i.
Fargo, N. U., Aug. 12.—A severe hail
storm swept across the northern purl of
i'i.--. und tlie soul hern part of Tiuill couu
ties toduy. Sixty thousand acres of ripe
grain were destroyed. Only a small per-
ccutnge in the storm area hud been harvested. It is reported that 40,000 acres
were destroyed in Eddy county. Passing
to thc east through Norman county, thou*
sands of acres ol grain were damaged by
Lite storm.
At Gardiner, in this county, the path ol
the storm wus 10 to 12 miles wide. Hal-
stead, Minn., reports the crop totally destroyed. At Qrandln 70 to 100 per cent
of the crop ia ruined. The big l.ruinliii
farm of 12.000 seres in Traill county was
struck and the crop totally destroyed.
Reports of acreage lost increase, and may
he u hundred thousand iu North Dakota.
Serious  Blot  In  < l.-vrliinil.
Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 14.—There was
serious rioting on Orange street Saturday,
A non-union motorman on a Hig Oonsol
iduted street car was jeered by a crowd
nnd left Iii* car ami pursued his torment*
ers. A big mob collected at once und Ihe
motorman wus surrounded. An attempt
wns mnde to lynch liiin, but a single policeman arrived and held the crowd st
bay until reinforcements enme. The mu-
torman and several rioters were arrested.
A Suspect I iii.iiii . .1.
I'.iri*. Aug. IS,—A dispatch from Le
Man*, 130 miles southwest of this city
s.ivs the police arrested at tlie railro.nl
itatlon a man named Galton, a marl no
engineer, who was on his wny from
Rennes to Havre, whose appearance corresponds willi thc description of the man
who attempted to assassinate Maitre
It... ..lotion Is t.i.li.i.iu ('round.
Puerto Plata, Aug l.">. I'd pie here are
in a wild panic. The revolution against
lhe government is paining ground, The
situation is considered bad for the gov-
eminent forces Surgeons ind drugs hnve
gi ne fr< m here to Monte Cristo.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Run on Pacific Standard Tims.
Leave. Arrlvs.
Oolng West. Dally. Going East.
8:00 a. ni    Knslo    I:il p. n.
8:32 a. rn  South Fork   3:20 p. m.
9.3" a. m  Sproule's   2:25 p. in.
8:IB a. m   Whitewater   2:10 p. m.
9:65 a. m  Dear Lake  2:00 p   m
10:12 a. m  McOttlgan   1:46 p. m.
10:25 a. in    Bailey's   1:34 p. m.
10:33 a. m.... Cody Junctl. n .... 1:23 p. m.
Arrive. I.eav*.
10:40 a. m  Bnndon  1:16 p. m.
Leave 11.00 a. m.Bnndon..Arrive 11:40 a. m
Arrlvs 11:16 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:16 a. m.
O.   F.  COPELAND,   Superintendent.
Waa  -eft   Alone   to  Die.
North   Ynkinin,  Wash.,  Aug.   14.—An
unknown Indian woman was found on tlio
Ahtanum  by Kd. Carpenter and  Ilnrold j now Bald t-,at tho wheat crop will aver-
Wells,  neur  the Carpenter ranch,  three   ttK') from I ut-° 20 bushels an acre,
miles from town. It Is currently reported  that John
She had evidently starved to death, as ■'••■wards of Wyoming has bought the
she had been there sick nnd unattended Urnyman & Summervlllo interests in
for several days.   She was an aged woman,
nnd when found was naked, excepting n
band of cloth about her loins. She hud
been abandoned to her fate by relatives
who camped there two weeks ago, and
went toward Toppcnish, on thc reservation.
FouIUes Slut.- Champion.
Seattle,  Aug.   14.—The tennis  tournament is closed, with J. F. Foulkes of Victoria winner of the state championship.
the Baldwin Sheep & Land Company,
whose store, ranches and sheep are situated at Hay creek, Cook county. Ore.
Mr. Edwards Is tho largest and best
known sheep raiser In Wyoming.
It has been reported from time to
timo that the grain crop In tho nigl
Bend section would be almost an entire failure. This statement Is denied
by farmers. While tho yield will not
bo as great as lt has been formerly, it
will average well, and farmers goner-'
ally are feeling good  over
Emperor William has sent   to tho  ^c't,""" """"" °""u °,or the Dro9-
crown prince of Greece his portrait, I    when the Cowlii* ,i„„ „„„
nlversary of the relief of Deny, be-1 inscribed with the sentence from Ho-' winw.     w«»h     Jif ,nreamor-' at
sieged by James Il's army In _e», led   mer:    "Only one shall be ruler, only   moXVff «fr^V_£
| to riotous scenes In Londonderry.      jone king." „._„ 4Q0 Kound9       yw      ^°    "Ilk
.... Kootenay....
Railway and Navigation
Operating Knslo & Slocan Hallway, International Nav. & Trailing Co.
Schedule of Tline-Pnciflc Standard Time.
rassrnger trnln for Sandon and way
stations, leaves Kuslo at 8:00 a. m.
Dally, returning, leaves Sandon »t 1:16
p. ni., arriving nt Kaslo at S:66 p. m.
International Nav. & Trad. Co.—Operating On Kootenny lake and river.
Leaves Knslo for Nelson nt 6:00 a. nt.
dally, except Sunday. Returning, lesvee
Nelson at 4:30 p. m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot tlay, Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects with S. F. & N. train to and
from Bpokane, at Five Mile Point.
S. 8. "ALBERTA."
Leaves Nelson for Bonner's Ferry Tuesdays nnd Saturdays at 7 a. m., meeting
■teamer "International" from Kaslo »'
Pilot Hay.
Returning, leaves Uonner's Ferry at 1:00
A. m. Wednesdays and Sundays.
Connects at Runner's Ferry with -rest
Northern railway for all points east and
Steamers call at principal landings In
both directions, and at other polntp when
Tickets sold to all points In Canada snd
the United States.
To ascertain rates and full Information
kaslo, »■ O.
^m.^A^^!k:^4»e^yu^mttt'ue% --■i*'''**'**--'*^*^^
g.TM>-_?W-a*- -_w_--r»**-\-j*At •.jrW*£*tf'im*''*Ac>tatsrL*T. METALS  OF  THE NORTHWEST.
Items From the Bloh Klgl.ms or tha Pa.
el Ho Northwest, Wawt Trmn AU the
rrlnoli.le  Mlulag  Uainpt-Personalt-
Mi.ii.ig Kotes,
Se retary Armstrong ot the Spokane
IniliiBtrial Exposition, has received reports from 7G mining can.pa which
promise to exhibit at Spokane. Nothing like this in the way of Di*e exhibits
over was mado ln the northwest. There
now leiiiuin not more than u dozen or
fifteen camps In tbe en I ire country to
he heard from by this depart incut of
Hia exposition.
lt> -i.ul.ll."    *".«>!.•».
The Delta drift wns run 4.1 feet lust.
i in- Qopher shaft was sunk 50 feet
in July.
I he shaft on the Hodle. was sunk 4S
feel during duly.
I*hi Oolden Lion tunnel was driven
lim feet last nioiitb.
There were !'7 feet of drifts run on
ii, Palo Alto last month.
About 40 feet, of shaft was sunk on
the Oolden Lily during July.
There was 100 feet  ot  development
work done on the Black Tall In July.
Sixty-five feet of drift and shuft were
driven on the Princess Maud In July.
The Copper Mountain Tunnel    was
driven 84 teet during the past month
Tin- Summit Itepiiblic drift was ex
tended To teet during tbo past month
The double compartment shaft    on
Den Hur wns sunk 31 feet last month
The Republic bads the list for July
Tin total number of feet run was 669.
The new tunnel on the Jumbo war
driven  85  feet  last month  with    one
The work of sinking the shaft on the
Golden Lily is progressing satisfae
toi ly,
Work on the Surprise during July
wns confined to running drifts along
the ledge.
Tin- San Poil drifts last month fig-
ure up 86 feet For June 90 feet was
tlie total,
Forty feet of raise was made In the
Quilp during July and 25 feet of cross
cut was run.
Sixty feet of tunnel was driven on
the Nor .*-'*ar claim In July and 10
feel of drifts.
No work was done on tho Rebate in
July except sinking the shaft. It was*
lowered ''.1 feet
A new shaft  wns sunk on tbe San
Juan during the mouth of July to tho
depth of •.'.". feet-
cross-cut tunnel which is being
en on  iho Stray  Horse, north of
i • Mountain Lion, is now In X~i~> feet
The total number of feet of develop
niiiii work on the Tom Thumb during
.!     i   t* B 1 '.'il fei t  .
The Bhafl in the Lucky Consolidated,
Inlng the Copper Belle, is to be
k from the 16 to tbe 65*foot level
ni once.
I he long cross cut tunnel on the
Golden Lion is giving Indications of
nearlng a ledge which Is believed to
be tin   Mountain Lion's vein.
in the Quilp the raise which will
connect the drift with the shaft is
nearly done, and only about 15 feet of
v rk remains to make the Junction.
The Insurgent is .showing up as well
B ■ .' r. The ledge Is holding its own
ill width and the values are said to be
alioul as they hnve been In the past.
The contractor for the "100-foot tunnel mi the Qeorgle Reed, states that
about 40 feet of the tunnel has been
completed and that he is rushing the
'■ •
The owners of the Hoosler Maid
'Ilim nro sinking a shaft on a promising vein, which looks big on top and
l« believed to be on tho Lorna Loon
The l.one Tino is working only In
the crosscut tunnel which Is being driven to tap a ledge thnt lies north of any
Ihat have so far been opened on the
During the past month the winze In
"" Morning Glory was timbered up
in ii most substantial manner. This
with handling about 00 gallons of
' an hour from a depth of nearly
'"" i"i. made sinking tho winze rather
flow, duly about "10 feet wns sunk
during lhe past 30 days.
Brltlaa Columbia.
I'll" output from the mines or Ymir
f"i the present year, computed to the
""I "I last month, is ns follows: Ymir
'"ine. 7,400 tons crushed and 46 tons
"hipped; Porto Rico, 2000 tons crushed.
Dundee, 7no tons crushed; Blackcock
188 tons shipped; New Victor, G tonF
shipped; Tamarao, 7 tons shipped. Total. IO,'!47 tons.
Work has been commenced on tho
Be Strong in the
"Battle of Life.
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**i/? f°r bMl Sexes And Al1 A9es'
dwodS Saua,
wagon road up the North Fork of Wild
Horse creek.
A flno strike has been made on the
Rio Grando property, nonr Ymlr.
A good it/ilse haa been made by
Pcono & Dozer on the Apex claim near
the Big Four on Porcupine creek.
A fine ledge of ore has been opened
on the No. 3 claim, situated In Crown
Point camp, above Rock creek.
One of the Sudbury miners recently
Imported by the management of the
tho Ymir mine, has already quit worl
He says he did not know there was
any trouble here whon he engaged, and
objects to work as a "scab." Ali the
others arc expected by the strikers to
quit shortly.
All the machinery for the Nelson
Sampling Works is now on the ground.
There are now 75 men employed at
the Yelowstone mine, in the Slocan
and 70 on tho wagon road from Salmo
to tho mine.
On behaK of the Grand Forks board
of trade Harry -heads, a local asgayef,
has about completed a collection of
ores of the Kettle River mining division for the Canadian mining exhibit
at tho Paris exposition in 1900. Tho
board of trade is arranging this exhibit at the reduesi of the provincial
A 100-foot tunnel is to be driven on
the Patterson, a claim between the
Paynq and 11. BI, Lee in tho Slocan.
Another 100-foot tunnel will be driven on tbe Lost Tiger on Silver mountain in the Slocan.
While the prospect for railroad communication this season in the Buffalo
Hump district does not seem to be very
promising, the reports from the mining
districts are more than flattering.
It Is reported that one of the greatest
strikes ever made in the country was
In the Golconda mine last week, when
several feet of free gold ore was discovered in the 250-foot level.
Another dividend being anxiously
awaited at Butte is that of the Boston
& Montana, $10 per share, which Is not
due until'August 21, but it is thought
it will be more than $10, probably $15
or $20. In spite of its many lawsuits
the company is waxing more antl more
Clark & Sweeny are pushing development work on the dumbo in the Buffalo
Hump, on which they have a bond, and
the latest workings show three feet of
$90 ore.
While reports from the Buffalo
Hump district are pleasing to those in
terested it is deeply regretted that the
Big Buffalo group is indifinltely tied
up in litigation.
Pour men are employed developing
the Klzora, the big silver and lead
property ou the reservation, three
miles from Bosshurg. An incline working shaft is being sunk, which haa
now attained a depth of 45 feet. A
rich body of ore Is being penetrated
and the owners, who are experienced
miners, are not worrying over It pinch*
"The Slate Creek country, which Is
just over on the west side of the Cascades, but which is usually accounted
B part of the Okanogan country, be
cause all of the business is from this
direction, is enjoying quite a boom
this year. Two 10-stnmp mills are now
lieing taken into tho country, nt.il an
Immense amount of development will
probably be done within the next year
Another big strike is reported In the
Mayflower district, Montana. It being
In the West or Owsley Mayflower mine
Work has been progressing there steadily of late, but witli a reduced force.
A petition for the dissolution of the
Le Roi Mining ami Smelting Company
was recently filed at Spokane.
A linn strike has been made on the
Weallierliy-Bonanza mine, in the
Chicken Creek district of eastern Ore
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Bryant and Cn minings. They ray they do
not know the name of tbe man who did
the killing.
Officer VY. W. Griffith stinted on u
hieyele in pursuit of thc man who did
the shooting. He wns p.iining on him rapidly, when the murderer ceased running,
drew  iu-  revolver    and    shot    Griffith
Kspen.es at That U.pot of Ihe War for   through the hodv, killing him almost ill
tha i*a«i  Sear—Army lopplles- Pur-1 stunllv.
chase   and    Chartering   of    Numerous j "      	
Vessels   Incidental Expenses. ... ,,   ...     ......   ..
1 siinrp Battle wm, i aqnia.
  City of Mexico, Aug. 14.—Official die
New Veil;, Aug 12.—Colonel Amos S.  r****« received here under date of Terin,
Knnhaii, a-ualant quarter-mister general report two severe battles with the Mexican
ol tlie army, who, duiing thu war, ita- in j troops and Yat'iiia.    Une dated  tlie lUlii
charge ol  the .New  Voik   depot   ol   Uufiaysi
quartermasteria department W-ioh fur- "General Torres had a new encounter
aithed moat of the rupplies fur tne arm.., today with the Indian rebels. The federal
lius just completed a lepoil oi the Work] troops came upon the Indian.-, near the
done hy ins ollice during tlie fiscal year | forest surrounding Yicain and a sharp
ending Juue.U, iMi'l. ilie report say*.; I engagement followed, in whicli 37 Indiana
1 i.iu lhe following .-l.il. un in It will ap- \ wars Uillr.1, while the federal loss was but
pear thai the ejiui.iuua sum of ^17,033,-1 I" men. The operations continue with ac-
IjU.ii has been disbursed at this depotltivily and today's victory gives much enduring   the  fiscal  year  ending  June  30,
J. W. Thurston, a shingle weaver of      Caterpillars   are   driving   loiterers
Getchell, had $500 in three certificates; from the Boston common, and are be-
of deposit, one on a California bank,
one on the Everett National and one
on the Washington National, of Seattle. Some time during the night they
were stolen from his clothes while he
ISUU.   (Jf this amount the sum of (7,661,-
180.60 is fur supplies purchased and in*
con 1.1.cment."
•\ dispatch dated the 11 tli says:
"At 5 p. in. today General Torres start-
$100 REWARD, $100
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that tliete ls at least one dreaded ,11s-
en.-e that science hns been able to cure ln oil
Its M.iii.'H and that la Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Is the only positive cure now known to
th*. medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional
trcutinent. Hall's Catarrh Cure ls taken internally, acting directly upon tlie blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease, and giving the
patient strength by building up the constitution und assisting nature in doing Its work.
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coming more and more a pest every
day. To women and children especially
the enforced banishment from the popular little park brings much regret for
the time being, and they are blaming
those who destroyed the English sparrows last spring for the infliction.
Prussian military experiments show'
that severe muscular exertion renders
the blood very poor in sugar, and that
sugar renders the tired muscles capable of renewed exertion, while saccharine is far less beneficial. A similar
Impression prevails in Kentucky, where
the sugar is mingled with mint and
other ingredients.
liidcd in 4215 account*, 95,632,300.130 for  «*cl out, and  with  the Twelfth    National
-iimics  included  in 6571   accounts, $.,-
The president of a large telephone
system bas offered to pay $1,000,000
for a telephone repeater which would
bo as efficient in telephony as the telc-
The French authorities have decided
to grant a reduction of 50 per cent in
freight rates on railways fbr all goods
sent by other European countries to
the exhibition next year.
Guard of the state came to the abandoned graph repeater is in telegraphy
camp of the Indians, but fearing an am-
I'ii- .nit* s. lit out SCOUtl to avoid a surprise Boon sharp tiring fiom Indian!
hidden in the undergrowth was experienced and the fi;:ht became general. The
Indians lied, leaving 70 dead in tbs lieM.
.Oeneral Torres was slightlv wounded nnd
straw, oats and similar supplies, tlie pun    . ,.        , .„   ,      -, ,„ .  , ..
' ,   , ,    .       ,   "      ',    ,        .   tli. 11- were three kill.d and 13 wounded.
adopted ul purchasing tlicm at the lu.ii.-t
I. *.ijii.'ii, placed to the credit ol other
ofllcers representing 3."i7 transfers ami
(£21*1,005 placed io the credit ui the Unit-
ed Males treasury, leaving a b.iuu e June
oO, 1809, of $1^48,073.45.
in referring to the shipment! of forage,!
I'pon President McKinley's desk ln
the White house lies the old-fashioned
Bible given him by his father when he
first went away from his home.
The rapid development, of the gold
mining Industry is reflected in the increased deposits of gold at the assay
office in Hoise, Idaho. These have this
year been running far above the record
of any previous season.   For the week
 ling August 12 the   amount   was
$71,434. the total for the corresponding
week last yenr having been *,*ll,769.
The belief thnt the Myers creek mining district will shortly como to tb!
front is evidenced by thc lively interest
The mineral department of the Spn
kniie Industrial Exposition continue!
to grow In Importance each day. 'I'll,
mining men of Spokane and Manager
Holster are making of this feature all
they agreed to.
Tlio Silver Hntto mine and concer
market rales is explained as follows:
"Had wa undertaken to a->k for bids hy
newspaper advertisciiicin.s tne very largo
quantities, asked Mould have hud i
tendency tu iaise the market pace, whereas by ubUiiiung the lowest cjiiutatiuua
quietly we not only secured  the lowest
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Increase of tourists' travel to Ireland.
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A centrifugal ventilating   fan   hns
been constructed at the Gertrude mine
at Rossland.   The fan is run by the
electric motor that works the hoist and
is capable of making 400 revolutions
per minute and can force down 50,000
narket tttaTfor -JrageTbut also special  ■fee* of alr *n that time*   The fan' which  vania show that snakes are more plen-   Ing in Southern California.
ratea for shipment by competing lines."    i la the first of its kind to be used In  tlful than they have been for many   _	
The  following  vewli  **cie purchased   thai  camp, does its work remarkably   years, and quite a number of persons
for ihe armv  transport service:      Berlin   well, so that US minutes after firing the   have been attacked by the serpents.
Hay titate, Britannia, Chester, Hartford,
Reports from all sections of Pennsyl-j     A $20,000,000 oil well trust ls form-
men are able to start working in the
Mobile, Mississippi, Minnewaska, Maniio-i shaft.
ba,  Michigan,   Massflchusetts,  Mohawk, 	
Missouri, obdania, l'oit Victor, Panama,
L,  write to  NATHAN        * JZ.1N-).
I f    BICKH Ull>, Washington. D. C, th
II receive quirk replies, n, 6th N. H
Relief, Itoiiiiitinian, Rita, and a number of  *p-—p	
lugs and steam lighters. *»-_♦
In additiun thcie «as chartered a large w^
ileet uf vessels, moot uf which weie used1
a- transport! tu cany th! Fifth army
corps io Santiago. The total cost of the
vessels chartered, purchased snd money
-pill in refitting them wal 18,663,488.31
and the number of persons furnished trans
puliation by this ullice was 10,486, besides 3ou animals «»d **3,i**7 tons of supplies.
J lie woik of bringing tlie dead fiom the
West India was expeditiously performed,
,i  complete  record  being  tnken  by  the
n I clerk of the New York office us each body
The total expend!*
Staff 2tith Corps.
ths; will
Prosecuting slainis since 1S71.
trntor.  near  I.ibhy,   Mont.,   hns
sold by the sheriff of Flathead county Icame oil _rt vesse
,\   K. Sedgwick of Spokane has re   tune on thli accou
and decoration!, reached .>i(iii.*<u_.
After giving in detail the locations of
tjr'Jyf', %/'M !    While Canada's tax on Chinese 1
tr^S^f_,*M%-ia    iiilm-nntH  la to be  inerenseil    Tanani
' __.
migrants is to be increased, Japanese
aro to be permitted to come in free
only for imperial reasons.
I'  nn-  Iron Work*.
and Iron fencing! tfdee rnlllng. etc. 334 Alder.
There's  more  In   keeping tha  stomach la
firoper condition than must people suppose. II
sin the stomach that the blood receivea it's
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Attorney General John \V. Griggs
lowered the record of the Norfolk
Downs links, near Norfolk, Conn., making tho round in 39.
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Oro-s. mailed on rsooess.
Ids account, exclusive of collius
centlv  completed  a deal  for the pur
chase of the Wnll Street mine In cast
era Oregon for |K,000.   The property I tl.e various rcciuiiiiig stations, ^P°«
waa sold by Robinson & Son. .tales the expenses incurred on tu.t scu.e
Idaho  Is called  the   "Gem   of
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French Femaie Piils.
At Munich there Is a hospital which
is entirely supported by thc sale of old
pens nnd nibs collected from all parts
of   Germany.    They   are   made   into
I*mise.l hv thoumnds of iu.tiHfled —dlea—,
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Mountains." At no time since the day
thn nomenclature was applied to the
slate ha« she proven herself more
worthy of the name than at the present. _   .
Copper Camp, Stevens county, Washington, and, tn fact, all tho territory In
the immediate neighborhood of Oednr
ennvon. hns been mined for years for
silver and large quantities of rich 111*
ver ore have been shipped,  it has bee-
. i       i 11.
tho 'at $20,677, Including Ww* i01  "PKW*   ^ve principles of plants known to be ; watch springs, knives and razors
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I .%    -_. i_ _i... I-.—— mmI  Bss-fii-Miiinff tn tit
rlTB Permanently CutwL   No rttsornorvonsnoM
* ■ • w
T„o   Polio-  onieers Wero  Miir.l..re.l    UspelH-0 colds, headaches ntirl fevers
1 gently yet pronipUy and enablinfr one
iwt'ie one tierfeet streniftheninir laxa- Nerve Restorer. Hind fur iiti.i smiii trmi
ist.it one l.'',u'v *"''-• „fr„„,„nllv I'.'iil.'iui'l tr.-i.ilse. I) I. tt. II. KLINK, Ltd., HO
live, cleansmir the svstein effectually,    Ari.,, „,.,.,., j.,,nil,i,Mpi,t». I'...
In D.-V*-.
Denver,  Aug.   14.-  Tu..  folltX  officer*
■vers iinirdered here by iivinU-* belonging
to Company L, Thirty-fourth volunteer in
hinlrv, iioiv'sliiliniii'dnt r*orl Logati.   Thc
dien liml been wising I *J|atiirb_nM in
known for some time Hint tlie country ^t. _Uipfeya uJoon, at the corner of
wns also rich In copper, nnd It Is now Mllk(.t     d j*wr.nti. ih itrerte, during the,
irenerally   believed   that   thc   richest ,,„,„•„>,, alld ofli.cr Tim. (.'lilTnrd vvai ii"
mines here will be those carryinR the tiii.-d ol Iheir actions and to keep hli eye
latter    Several fine strikes of copper on ,,„,„,.   He follopd them foi an hour
have recently been made.   A tine strike of .„, and caine upon the in n nl \h*e rnc*
of KraTcoPPer has recently been made of Blake nnd Twentieth .treete.   He m*
?i«-^^tVhlchli being e-Bh on the Dbout to eoeosi the .oldlen when one
In the shaft -hicn is neing ^     ^
Old Cleveland "'ne                                l« ^ ,„ Wj ,„,.,.,, s,.nl
The Trout Uk* Tople m J- h H| ^  , vhlUml „.
strike of a new al.oot 0   o.e In ^            ^ ()f „,„ „,„„
ver cup of almost a jij g,ny oopp. . ^    ,e ^          „j
sacking at about f 1800 to tne ion.      ■ i
toovarcome habitual constipation per
miinently.   Its perfect  freedom from
ivery objectionable   quality and  sub
stnti 'C and its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening j receive the cigars.
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nd -
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Blood, Aid l'i|ri'stionsiidFY»TentHiliooBnsss. DA
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■ is'e. but the medicinal qualities of tbe i  ""
remedy nr.- obtalnea from senna and i     It is reported that   there   aro   184
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..   —Ti i,.      .,.,.     Price 41c iH-i laittl,  i "111 re-npen tn Ihe now nuiiiiing August lt
«ale by all Druggists -Price 50c. per Dottu j -^ ^    ^ ft ^^ _^ _^i -jJJ^^ N, m, ..
nv* ute*A t*^c*t*r^rr**-<«.*ku*sfi**.fe?j»tutm^t*.'»*s'r** wa * «»,*»*.**>s_-'-*<j»i nmmmsx mtAmmmaemwwn* *"..<■««,»»'. ■.•■ -.-.««,/>-.>»-«•*. toe Wm. Hunter OoM I<td.
!^/\fe 9 re now agents for
Sewing Machines
Just Arrived *
0*«»»«O   OR   IN   ARREARS   A
8««*»v»8   BE  FOUND   IN  THIS
Tho present government is showing
good business sense in not wasting any
more money on this piece of foolishness
• as. a aa. » i'. . * i i i'i U . i i * i i i*;
8i 8 8 i . 88 8S 88 88 881 i 8S 8 i 8 8
Silverton   at  tho preaent time is
acknowledged   to      be   tho   second
camp in tho Slooan, and it is   no idle
boast whon we say   that   in  a   short
time—a   very short   time—Silverton
will lie the chief shipping point and
business center of  thc Slocan.    Her
list of shipping mines is only surpassed
by that of Sandon ., and with tho  big I
raincial   country,   tributary   to   her, j   ^ lg*^t y*otori, despatched seem
behind her, it is reasonable to  perdict | ^ ^^ ^ opil)ion that th„  Sen .
that   Silverton    will   not  long  play
It is stated that the II. A. 0 , a big
foreign mining corporation, has decided
to fight the Western Federation of
Miners, known as tho Miners! Union.
It is evident Ita, the management ot
the B. A. 0, has little regard for the
pockets of its stockholders or is ignorant
of the A B 0 ot mining in America,
[f instead of looking for a fight, in
which it is bound to be worsted, it
would go ahead with its mining operations and let the Union alone, its
career of usefulness, both to ths
Province and its stockholders, would
he enlarged and prolonged,
^©.DosaaldL's _L.i"srer3r
Outside Parties During Horeeiin Silverion McDONALD,
Tan Have Tbem Reserved By Writing To—
tan nave f f t t t SILVERTON. • .. B, 0.
Up To Dale Scrviet-.
o you   want
JEWELRY,    -----
PIANOS 1 ------   -
Jnoob Dover,
MU     .   .    Nelson, It. (J.
T>o    You  I-Msli?
Kook     Bottom
!llttl>l>.\\& BARRETT *
B. C.
B. C.
j AMES BOWES    -   -   -   -    PROP.
Auctioneers, Customs Brokehs,
And General Real Estate Agents,
Office In llral.v Block    -   -     Maker St.
:-; Headquarters For Mining Men :•:
SILVERTON      •      •      •      -B.C.
And S00 LINE
New Fast   Daily Service Between
nv THB
Improved Connecting Service via Revelstoke or Crows Neat Routes,
rfi fit clais sleepers on all trains from
Tourist care pasa Revelstoke, Daily for
St Paul, Thursdays for Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays for
Toronto 92 hours,  Montreal 96 hours,
New York 108"      Winnipeg 52   "
Vancouver 20 "    Victoria   31  "
For Ihe North, Revelstoke, and Main
Line 10:80 K ex* Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 15:60K.
For Rostand, Nelson and Crows Nest
Line 15:60Kex. Sunday lv. Silverton,
»r. ex. Sunday 10 30K
For rate* and full information apply to
nearest locaFagentor
\V. S. CLARK, Apent, Silverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
.General Freight and Transfer
Business Done.
Orders  If It at  News Stand will   be
promptly attended to.
SILVERTON,        - B. C
j. m. McGregor,
Wages, $3.00
Per Day.
mmxm wm, mitt.
second to oven world renowned Sandon
The growth of Silverton a£ a mining
camp has beon gradual. Thero has
been no   rush   or   boim.   Legitimate
|in government is nearing its end.
Beginning with "a -.liui iiinjorily, the
Government has alienated the support
of   Joe  Martin, Mcl'lierson and ex-
I {-.peaker Higgins, end some others of
prospecting und mining has met   with ; 1 ^  ^   _,..j  ^y. fo„ow   ^
fie encouragement it deserves at the ^_Attorney.Oeneral,    If  these join
hands   of   our   business   men  while kj^ |ha  0-pogi(io„,  down   will   RO |
''wildcats" and wildcat promoter! have  -^^ ^ 0„tto0)     Hi--lu, IR cre,i_ ,
-Yen   sat down upo:i   and    ^pos"'| iled wilh ftll aml,itio., to be  premier,
where possible   The outcome is  that h*^ |, a Wel|.k„own Mpiraiil for!
to-day Silverton has several   "''^ «f! tho KQme cffio„.    p,.rhaps   Henderson
underground workings and   thousand!  £ffl ^ |je  rL,tu-nMl|  [„  New WVst-
of tons of ore blocked out in her various \ .^^    -,h*ngg po*ilio,|*v ar, SJIU(,_
mines.    Big bodies of   both   (hipping 1^  rajxi,d      0w   (hill„   B,0llP   j,
and     concentrating    ore    has    *^defl-*tCi    xho Eight Honr law must
exposed, some of immense extent and j ^ ^...j ftwJ (.nfor,t(, ...  w_atever
size, such as those known to  exist  in j ^t_M g0; er-me»t we u.ay have,
the    Emily    Edith     and   Wakefield i
»       Toivix-kiv.
MAT TO ANV   \l|i|;l >S.
it <*■> per Antiun
NOTICE,—"Sobtii    Eviiiv.i:    F_,\i-   IT***.        \l-n/3 Ui,*.
no?:"   mineral Halm, si le In tlio| USL       1>UI1C        DUl
The  Best!
Minos. As a result of thc last year's
work over §300,000. worth of high
grade argentiferous lead ore has been j
shipped from the wharf at this place '
and the whistles of no less than three
big concentrating plants will he heard
in bilverton before the end of the
present year. The townsite of Silver-
ton, being owned by private parties
has not, like her sister towns, received
any assistance from the government
and next to nothing from tho owners
of the townsite, but every call made
upon her citizens for any public improvements has been promptly met
and labor and money cheerfully given.
With the result that to-day Silver-
toiiians can honestly boast of the finest
street, healthiest and prettiest town in
the whole Kootenays. Thc prospects
for Silverton's future, at the present
time, are very bright, with many extensive improvements assured and
several big mining deals about to be
consummated. Thc only cloud upon
the horizon, ar.d that will soon pass,
is the present strike, but we hope a
spirit of conciliation will soon be
shown and the strained relations
between mine owners and miners
soon terminate and work be resumed.
Owing: to a reduction in miners' wages
caused by the enforcement of the eiiiht
hour law, the miners are all idle and tbe
mines have  shut down.   Therefore all
working-ten are hereby warned to keep
away from   the Slocan   and   Kootenny
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles are  amicably  settled   between
mine owners and miners.
Sandon, B. Q.      VV. L. Hauler,
June  nd. 1899.        Secretary  Sandon
Miners'  Union
J. M. M Benedum,
Pros. Silverton M. U
L. Knowles,
m.*twutwm •*- • ■t&c^t?**»m&n$? '
Miners' Union
The efforts made by the Mine
Owner's Association to import "scab"
labor from tbe east has so far proved
a dismal failure, and they bave
become discouraged and about to give
up that idea. Their efforts are now
being turned towards defeating Alex
Henderson, who runs as a government
member in the bye-election at New
Westmii inter, to be held on tb<) 24th,
inst., with the idea of overthrowing
the present government and haying
the eigl.t hour law repealed. The
indication*- are that they will here also
bo met by a severe rebuke at the
hands of the people who are becoming
rather weary of thesr* little men who
are trying to fill big men's shoes.
Tho annual cry fcr an appropriation
from the government to again fax up
tho New Denver-Three Forks wagon
road, is again heard. This piece of
road is of no use to anyone, never was
used anil never would bo
•*.«J**f.»j.    V'H« ■*—**«.<• j*** -a.
__• -T-rt_*u_l_-.l Cwtssr trnk V
IMMm Mam.
Tha man wll- a vallee and est am-
hrella bad boaf M em mt two e-*ap volumes of fiction, whra a Mora pr«t«a-
tioms publication on a coaster near ike
door <■».'■_. Ms attention. It oostelaed
• -rass-tr at »,.. 0 r_u pitrar*! of myth-
eUgioal ehancte-j-. _*_ k* wm fl-nclaa
rapidly throag. It wlua cm et tbt
pag-M attracts* hteasTMoUli-torwI. _U
lingered ovar It, tnraed moral Imyn
and then wutbaok. After he bad started away and gone as far aa tbo doss
tbo fasoiaation -gala proved irroa-rM*
ble, and be waa soon gulag thoagbt*
(ally at ths same page.
"Can we do something more lis
yon?" asked tbo elsrk.
"Yon lean a groat deal aboot wbat'i
ln these books, don't yon!" bo asked.
"Wonatsrally become familiar wilb
tbs co-tents in tbt course of time,"
was tbo answer.
"Weil, it will probably bo exposing
By ignorance for me to ask it, bat I
Wish yon wonld tell me -bit that is,"
and hs tamed tbe book -round so thai
tbeaalssmaa eccld tee. "I never had
much obanee to stndy np en n.Inn-
history," et added apologetically.
"That, sir, is a centanr," wm up
His cariosity vu not yet satiiled.
Ho dropped his head over on bis ahooi-
ior and looked at tbo picture with sat
"I suppose," he res-mod, "tbat this
thing wouldn't bother mo so mnch If 1
hadn't recently gone on tbo road for 1
-potent medioine firm. Tbat bas givei
me an interest I never bad before. And
yon know whenever a man hu *h_rt
taken up a subject it's hard for him t«
fit it off bis mind. I don't believe thai
over will get over being puulad aboi*
that oentanr."
"In what way?"
"Supposing be got ilck>"
"Whom would they esnd far, a reg-
•lar physician or a veterinary eorgeonr
—WMhIn£ton Star.
ttm the eotAhM tt ftoMiaoe at ftotfa 4
Wbe. Wight Ml gar the waters Ml
In srrst-l rt-M-s U Hw M.
-Udet skiai-c feMU they take, my ML
■their swmtert, lovsHesi mkm tttm «_ee.
*»« yrhoa esusll 41-..-M nmam lr-
•hey iNMat* thy Ing b&g brow.
TION       I
Moe.in Ci'.v inltiiitg iliviriluii ol Weal
Kis.t   lia>* c'i*tnrl
Where located:   On U.iiton cri'ek ml- j
joining   ilie   ".-iKir I'latu"   minimi]
Take iDliec that 1 1'i.iwi.-.'. Oi.vilh
iisi.i-nt tor Itolieri A Itialshtw, i.•■.•
uiiner'acertilieale No 2.M "m F Ulnnes.
free miner's ccrtiHuiie So 587Bti,Gei>rge
M. Sort-lit*, lie.' miller's ivi.ill nie No
83600and D o I. \.i-, tree min.r'<ieei
lilieate No, 287-11 inici.d sixty day*
from the .late heieof, lo spply t" Ilie
minion recorder fur a certiflen'e uflm*
provemenls, f"r the i.m■ .,«,* <>f obtaining
a Crown Grant of   lhe abovo elaiin.
And farthertaka notio-j tint action
nnder section 87, mn*i he comroenceil
iiefore the issnanco of such ccrtifiuato ul
Dated this Twelfth day ni June 18, ■'.
Fiuxi 1* J. o'K 11 i.v
24 I e I HO.
OF IMPrHE fil.ooii, CUIIEH
Try It-Prove It.
AM, '1111:
Ufiieral Care Of (Ji!;l   Milk
Bt W. 1. ADAMS.
NOTIOK :— "Lock* Jack"    Mlnorsl'
Claim ; "itimte in the BlocM t'ity Mm- ,
InaDivlslonol West Knoleuay Dletrli-t
Where located:—On Sunuiiit  01   I'..*.--
Creek, 10 miles from Sloean Hiv.-r.
Tuke notice ihat I, J. Murray McGregor,'
aetinjr as n.eiit for Kobert Bradshaw,
Free Miners Certificate  No. 2.'W,\, intend sixty da.VH from the .lute  hereof,  to ,
a|>|ily to the Miniuir Becortler for a f'er-
tiiieal,. of imurovemenls, forthe impose of obtaining a Crown (Irani ol the
abort cla'.m.
And further  take   notiee that action
under section 37,   must be commenced
Iiefore the issuance of sueh   CertiftratO O
Dated this fifteenth day of .Mine, ISO*!.    A F.-CTTCAI. Boci r__ Pk. CTIC-L >fi:s*
J. M. Mil iii! 1. .«. SI1011I1I l-e in the liumlri ofoverv
24 I 0 I 9D. Dining Man anil Metallurgist.
It is not linse.l on laboratory tesln, but on
the nucncJt- RBarLI- obtained bv the
author in an experience of om:k twkntv
nils, and tel>s Ik.*** l.<**.t lo employ that
which is already in use, not in any one
locality, lint nil over the woihl.
NOTICK -"lliiMler" und "Rockland Mineral Claims; situate in the
Slocan MiiiitiK Division ol \\ e*it Kootenny District.
Where located:—On Right Mile creek
inlj. iiiiiii* the Willa Mineral Claim.
Tako notice that I, .1. Murray McGregor!
ai'tina* as agent for  W. W. Spinks,  FreelMOD-RH   Maciiinkiiv POBLUHUtO Oo
Miner's  Certifieate   No. BlSMd, intend  oio 1 . j..... ._„,,„_   ,.„ Ir _   .
sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply I "'    W 8*UJI S™BT' ( " CAm> V' s* '
to lhe Miiiini* Ileeorder for a Cerliflcate
of Improvements, for the purpose  of oh-
taiiiinn a   Crown   (iriuit of tho above
And further dike notiee   Unit   aetJOD,
under section "7.   moat he oommeDced
Iiefore tho iM«ii«m*'  of such CerUflcnto
of Improvements.
Dated this 17ih day of July 1890,
J. U. McUaiaoa,
Whee- MSHpg Mm hie tpShf be«
Awakes wti «M_1 stamberteg •*•_
Ir. js» U ws-rs Vis ttmW s« r-1
■e loehe te eee U thee art nuhs.
Ve tttm thee a dlad__
•f every rmfc-, avavy r*n».
Whea qesjeg Iaa4a M the teytrtt eon,
Be bri|ku_s eai thr ayea ->« t_k-i
A aehler looter.  Whea the Aon
Aad dwkeeaie Arril Itat owakea
Aad aivea kle eeotev smUea te May.
%U keere ler •_*• Ue jskmn toy
l-ol Oierkave eeaa, with ra»ture« ere*
•he M-UlM teld. the dia»le4 eWeoes,
-s* (-rteoote de^t) the Uoehioe ■_■
Veroslled ha* when thy __3s w_
For Sale or Rent,
A Hotel lu Silverton.
Notice is hereby n*iven Uiat sixty
■lays after da'e I, W. D. McGregor,
intend to spply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permlMlon
to purchase the following det-cribed tract
ol land j Situated four miles east of
Slocan River on Lemon Creek at the
mouth of the First North Fork, in West
Kootenav Dinttict; starting from a post
marked W. 1). MoGreROr's N. K. Corner.
tlieuee soiitn Mohalos, thenco West 40
chains, thence north 4'J uhains, (hence
east 40 chains, to place of lje(*iijiiitiK, the
whole contaiuinic UK) seres,
Dated June 30th. 18)0.
VT. D. Mctiregor.
tWhen   In
(/onier Ifafl and Vernon Ms. C
I'nriiislieii linniiis.
t Yen it it werei
•<.•*?• •>«*V*''-.,*i<<^tvi r*rv*r_*c
possiblo to keep it  pasiablf for teams. *
Daigle's Blacksmith Shon.
General WafkHiuitliing
ami Uepairing Done.
-, ■ • ■sues**' 15 ■**»•-
Mlv.rl-.n.  B.  C.
Notice is hereby iriveu that sixty
days after dale, I intend lo apply to ihn
Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works
lor permission to pnrchsss the followlni-
described land: ninaied fonr miles east
of Slocan Hiver on Lemon Cr.*e_, at the
inontli of the I'iiHt North Pork, in West
Kootenay District; alarllns from n post
marked .1. M, MoUreROr'S N. W. corner,
thenev south 40 chiiiiiH, thence east 40
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
wen 40 obaliis to place of begrluniiis;. the
whole coutainiiik* 100 acieH
J. M. McGregor,
^i__h_  ••_■ *S__k ^-_k_MI__ai' aa_ iff' .*aeW»mm    w^m^mi ,*. j—^    ^smee a_w__h___t__V_rflM_« mI_«^'___ mt __M ■__   tae**aam, mt _
m*Jmrmm '■*w*r»     "st '***w'»'*» mr.mw-^rWswTjyAietw^wmMr.'swmmA


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