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The Silvertonian 1898-03-26

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 1/sirs, i   n.**^..fn -
Kt«l««    'I'*ie
$2 Per Annum.
"volume one
Neatly (Promptly Done |
We can quote you bedrock prices i»
(^•o*-*~c*oao«oM«o*o«c«OK)tMo a9K**.«««»%
—,—tp. ll., ...II
ir¥Cassill Writes From Wrangl«
p J   to a Mvtrtonian.
Ler »•*«
„f iiil*r«-»t Around  Tow.i-
|0bo Vl.lleil
The Kn ■ « «»>>-
almill t"
l„- Cli-areil «p
■ .        „l,liw||    111-  OW     "   l*»*« •
f ' genl-l 1'ronrie.or oi   .to
^   .,iomFromHe^yru.WIUhe
Li. known here.      ntefld.ng Klon-
,nlo«cl..o«ive..ec.U.  Wtot
,eh ami»•'"
otnlof. fr'"'01
Winnule, Al.iskn. March 17.
Jr. I- M   Kii'iwlef,
limr f-ii:—I sin at last able
write to > on. The r*"l'l<- »'o «»«»m'>
!»Mil'1') 'hi! •*■«■ here cannot nd
•om the mountains at Ktauuav oi
e».   Tin' >t'U»-en river ia ojien at tlie
itli.    They can gn up iibuiit 20 miles
lentliev iwt stuck on   account oi tin
ernii the ice.   The town in
.     are hky-bi.li, gromm
„t|bfrom |CiO tof75 per month, lum-
i, Worth ir ni V-tl 10*85 *M-r M, ami
ry Kurcc. Carpenters gel |4 per d«)
id common laborers 2'> pylitf per hour',
nl board and room costs $1.50 to tj2 .5u
ilav ni'i verv common wi that.   Saloon
Mil rs it im good as tbeie don't secin
besny money, the people are trvii.i.-
nt in with all tbe money ami pravts
|nn Owy cap. There are a i?r-at mum
irriini* bsck and selling their ou'lits f N
ivtliin.tbey cun j^et, so as to get  on
| any who intend coming not le
lirt be(i re May, an that is early ennnch
.Remember me to the boys and givi
letll the news alien yon wii e.
a i.rru i; i rematch?-:.
, The lis* nuudier of the Ledge i*
tticnlsrly stop d and   snarling,  an"!
it it saying a nood deal.    It appeirs
She bent upon cieatinfTi 1 feeling l«e-
fen New l)i nver and nei^hlioriug
»ns whu Ii is utty.lt to I*? deprecated
••ever, if New Denver can atHlifl
ia* other   plifccs  most a'suredly
Cn.  Take for    rx.unple  this choice
senses of cussfdaeta!—
'Whenhard times bit the nei.lihoiinu
jitn|>. ot the Slocan tbey one  and nil
nrn npon Ni w Danver   ns if they would
■hnillier limb liom limb.   It wus so in
H93-':d »nd is being repeated now.    And
In Denver man lies proudly on, totally
wtnimlliil of tin- bubbling- of her rattle-
miiipil liners,"
Hiadin connection   with   this   the
lolltwitig    ixirsct    from    the    same
folunin in which ihe above appear •!: -
It larns ont ilisi there was Utile, il
act may   be   cited   as   the   "Mineral
Clnim Advertisement Act, 1898."    2.
Any notice heretnf(i--e ins- rted in  the
British Columbia  Giiz-ttf-,   or   in   a
newspaper, and purporting to be pub.
lulii-d under sub-section (el of spit.ion
36 ot the   "Mineral    Act,"   shall   be
demned sufficient notwithstanding that
it contains the name of  two Or more
mineral clnim, and nn objection "dial I
be 'al.en to nay such n 'tice on inch
ground, if ihe same is in other reap cist
in accordance with   the  provision*  of
tin "Mineral Act."    3   Hnr-aft«i* the
-mil miIi s ction -Ii ill In- coitsirued   lis
r i|iiiiuii.' he separate publication of s
copy of n initio in respect to each min
i nil claim.
The Siid issue of Tin- L i lgu h a fine
■■x'Miipliticatinn of Ignorance, narrowness aim je ilou^y
Freil Liehscher visited New Denver on
Mrs. Barclay visited New Denver last
Mr. snd Mrs   VV   H. Brandon visited
here on Monday.
Bnnfoid Diiu'le   was   down   from   the
Cumst' c_ rriday.
Flower and Garden Seeds at the Silvio tun Driiu rjtore.
A   A  Webb and.I. R. Woods  visited
Denver on Tiiea..ay.
E. Rain mot meyer returned from Rowland ld»t We Iii-hiI iy.
S J. Miuliioti. Nelson, made a business visll hereon Monday.
The folliiwiiiti extruet  from « pnper
read bv J. C Gwillin of Slocan Ci'y will
prove interesting to our renders:—
"This group consists of flv.* claims.
The formation is shite and the gangue is
a brown spir currying teMntimn. S mineral not known to exist in tbe Lardesil
before this discovery. The verv cIhIiii
which tlie Laile brothers worked was
sUkeil hs a Kuleiin proposition some
yeuri« ago and ubiiudoned ns Wortl'IUSi
The pi "sent owners discovered that \%
was col i Iienriiit.' by mii-'eiit. One of,
[them broke a piece of »  Iwk io two
A meeting of tbe lalien of  bilverton
was bald in the Union church nn Tues-
il.iv sfternoou to complete arrangements
lor tha holding of an egg uncial   in connection   with   the   cliiirc.li.   The   affair,
■»ill dike place on Easter Mondnv nex',
and ii is lioned that a   large attendance
will le'vatd >h- ladles for their effoits.
The receipt* pi th« socinl   sre  tu lie
nFed to diminish the tne.-ciit debt on ihe
church.      The following ludiee are to
uok  . It: r the mnsienl   portion  of the
•octal;    Mrs     lt;icon.   Mrs     liardini-r.
Miss Diki-i, Mi.nltrfti.l.n.      Ms  B«rt
when  Bomttblng Inaide leld  the twnjCall  ck ,i. ; i i^s  McKinnota  n-'re »p-
pieces ti'geiher.    On twihtllW  them np-1 oi.iiite.l  »*  a    oliei i;,g inniniitlee.    A
urt tbediwovety wn- mude tl at ihe link I luriln r no'iee will be given later.
,.    ,    ,     waHaamull piece of gold    Two loi s of
W  llovaith HlocmCity, visited ihej ,      U|kl,n Q1I| Ml,d ,en,  to
Sii.NKiiTiisrAH last Monday. '
M. tii ad. is  b.iik  irom  the springs.
I th • kaslo simpler whiob gave the enor-
"• j-.-    M"i„ '       '      moos leiurn of »l,l*iOlo tlie  Urn.     It is
He afilVid h.-ie on MolldaV. ,    , , ,   A   „,   ._.,, :a
-..-..    ircpoited thnt tbesnme  kind or roe* is
Cliss   Knssler   waa   down   from   the'                                           ^m^m^m^m^mm
I)evel»pnn'nt work is t-eing pu«.h«d on
ihe Echo Mlnlngcl lini uwRi-d nj Mosers.
Ilnllug, Miiiiliniiillt.ii.il.     It Is sbu-
iled u: out one mile   S"ti'n   oi  Silverton
and iiiri-ctly on tlie lake, th * si tiailon uf
he properly is everything tb,it cm be
desired, and ore cm i e handle I inm the
the bargM trim tin- mine for sb n' hh
much as il costs miller orli, :uy    r 'lin-[da
tmiccs to pol ilu   ore on    be dump  oil    -n,,, (,,t... H|  if,H (u
lb« average mine,    There aivtUtoe His- j rreaMKl    o   tblriytlvi
inci veins uiily iraet-d fr.ni tin- lie   «<-ek
met with in other paris if die Lardean
and it i<   l-o«ai'l to  la-  iden ifn-d   with
that oi   Builder C'rfek, Coto-sdo.   Al-
(.runi Ihurbnm was laid up with  la I «»"">-'l>'»»« claims are still undev loja-d.
grippe the fore part oi   hia w.ek. Huh Rjairej have tieeu off r^d for the
' property but the <ltr overers have so f^r
I CollislO k mill ■ o:i     eilnesility,
Wm I .nis, -ii'ulon, wis rvgistereai r.t
ill Tliirnu a House oil Tiiesday.
,1'ihn (Jillis and Chirlev Williams re-;      ,       . - -,   ...   .,
i.in.e.1 to the Couisiock mi- -Aees. ! I'referreti W hold it.
I)    dcVully    and   will',    Ainswi.r h,
werengirlerid.il   lie  Victoria on Mon-
• a
El White to U over the en in iry
ailment ol iheCiirne eon-   on "
nn   in'ervi'W  «i;!i   the  S,ioUhi:
Miner eonceriiitig the 8- -ci i mill 'H -Ir
B. •". ltitilet said—' Ihavvjiwl loniplet-
e,. •'.•• aerial Ir.onvrai Irom Hie lowi-i ore
I- 'i io i.' in- ins « w,« iayne mine lo t'ia t'Hnad.an
employes i ext pic-iii«- rnilwuy -rack. The company l«
sliippinu 60  to 75 tons every alternate
When tto news flash- d over the wre"
that wnr was abvflt to he declared between th.- Ui.ned Stntea and Spain, and
...   _   . .   j  u j    * i-      ca —   oil Empire
tli.it the n -el bad  been massed at. Key _]__
West to fLdit th ■ Spiieidi foe, we threw
a boqnet or Mareehal roses at ourself for
thewie forethongbt we displayed in
Iiuv'iil' nut nn n I nlletin board in front
if Mn- iffi,-.-.    Item-of general   inlcesi
Halifax. N. S.. March 23.—The wildest excitement prevails here over Ihe reports received from a prospector who re-
cenily went to the island of Cape Breton.
A letter was received to day from  Cbas.
McKay, who went to Whyconomngh last
year, saying thut both   Salt   and   Skyo
mountains near this place, contain f nor-
iiious deposits of rich gold.     From Skye
mountain McKay says he found one deposit 2(0 feet wido,   running  east  and
west three miles.    The gold from this
deli- sir assayed last   week  in  Montreal
i ielded from ^0 to $144 per ton.     Geo.
W. Stuart, mayor r,f Truro, one of the
most exin-rt   nnd   practical   miners  of
Canada, was   consulted.     He  went to
i\ hyeoeomagh, visited the tunnel which
had been  driven into the mountain and
was amazed at the richness of tbe gold
shown.    He reported that the strike was
tlv.- richest ever made in  Noith  Ameri-
A prospector named Corrigan, of Donald, was found dead in his cabin on Bald
mountain on Tuesday.    It seems that he
   went out some time ago lo a claim which
if the iffi,:--.    Item-of general   interest i , ., n-u a
.   . . ! he ovna on the mountain   The trip must
thai occur  between   is«ues are al  once j
chalked up on ihe black hoard and per
sued lay pas-ers-ny, who no dotyht marvel at Hie enterpiise shown by tin- management. When the widow Dunii'si'OW
calves it icceiv slhe same business-like
.itenti m as do Maine explosions and
KlondyVe routes, e strive to please.—
IVelaskiwin Erie f^ince.
hora and up the f-n e or 'be nn iinl.iin,
all allowing mineral, and a*ork done mi
hem shows  improvement   «uh  ileptn,
« dull lias la-i-i, inn on he mivl le .en.
ioh depth of 40   hit and is be in, diiveii
uto the mountain ns rapidly as possible
I shorts a vein fran f air to seven lee'
and inns up lo t Jo in gu)d and its |nrse_t
.li.iviing is most gialilyin. lo the owti-
-ra. Some the year- auo Frank lick.as
saver of Slocan City examined and maite
saaays the sarf'c.a. iKairing^of winch
ictiirncd nlioiit $-"i tier ton, so it-Is woii-
ileifufSo see What'lapi.l iuiprovemi lit
the vein lias made for   thu  umuuni  of
work done.
r...i ___	
A sensation has la-en cieat. d in Ni".\
lVnvcr over (be airesi of I'uk* Walker,
one of the most prominent voun. men
of tbi't city, for tbe robberv ol Knox's
jewelry store which occurred on the
night of Kebiuury 8, lust. No f iispicion
was at uched lo the prisoner until a few
days ago when be waa otu-erved searing
a peculiarly nt diumoud ring. This
■ ing was iccognireii as la ing. one of
those fecund «! the time of the robbery
and efforts were made without exciting
tlie snspii ions of Walker to bring him
into Mr. Knox's presence iu older to
prove conclusively the  Identity ol  the
-*i .1—•   _ !...„
John M,'iiiU*.iv m ' Robert MeDoliald du- over sanu
were down   irom the  En. la l'di.b on
Sio.d .i .
\, ii I.;- reiurued • -' idsj from a
„,,„ . ,:,.,i ex.-: <"' -visit ) In] mis in
R. s l,n :
j,,,,,   > Harrla of the Ri , wasa pa--
8,.„v.., , ,, i,. ■ >........,-.  u«f ■■! ■'"••' ">P
on Mon oi-- ■
\ strike of e-irhi inches nf ore was
teal- lasi week ill the f'lid n't r mine,
near Ihe Q ie.ii Bess
  lbeyareal-.n  shiopiiix
litreuiiioniit ever- alternate day over
t ie Raeioawl slwan railwav " Si-eik-
in.of he new'ni ..vay, he iiiiUnOed.
"It is lli^oilv tr-i ii'V iv of the k;nd • v.-r
built as I p • |i .r • I tlie plans myself iiid
had the ui.ii h;in-rv -r, ul»   Ii handles bj
acte.il: t --I 15   'oi- i-   10    iiier     and   ie
i,u.--'.- iinly one mail  to   ip»-iateit.   To
liillld it. Ki.-ta   als.il    oiid-tmid l.-.e | rice
of an  ordii ary  surface, tramuay.   The
have exhausted him for he had evidently just got iu-i le his shack, shut the
door, and dropped dead while in the act
of lakiu. off his clothes and going to
bed He had been dead a long time.
Volunteers were called at Donald to
hring the body into that town. He was
160   ears old —Golden Era
Ernie lb iodic aaid Mm Powell, Sew .one built for the Payne <•• nipany has
t'eni. r ait<-n.!e i niviec in the Union •*,,.„ ;„ (.„nHt:,i,t operation fur two week
church I., re last Sunday. J Hf|, lM )in>v>|, mi)st wtWttslor>>
.1. Tintm.' nn I  It "0     d nb-siin  en
tained then f lends la-  Saurdav even
Spring Suit Patterns Now on Hand,
I  would  respectfully invite gentlemen to an early inspection of my
selections in Sp'ing and Summer Sui'.ings.
9 My prices will be found moderate. I make it a point to keep them as
£ low as is consistent >■ iih «ood material, good workmanshin and the care
*   and attention requistn to get up thoroughly satisfactory garments.
• may-
iv'.O! -
The nipiini'tee havinic in cha'ge the
eelciMaiiou of u.e 84lh' of May held a
meeting last Tuesday evening in the
Tboibiiru House. Chairman Bowes
-alied th-* me- ling to order and the  ron-
P  Daly
The   ru
ing at a progroajslvi   'Vr.'st part.'.
Hhsan   f'i'.    Ii^»     .'werdv-t   »
tdgned petiii-.n >tV)*f la-J-latim-
iii-_' for a reilisiril-ithoii ol W est
A. A   < >'B .et.ol Butler.   Peon.    » »* •^^^^^^^__^__________
visit ins -Lh'   B'Hiiiinn  ibis  week.    Mi. j tine wmk wns pn-oeeded with
0 liri. „ retm n.-.l to th • E <>t   I .si   M■.. | U4 „!,,..,, ,„ „„. c ,.MulU,„fl
mm^^^sWkWm   .
.lad. lliirvcv retur.ed fiom Ms visit to
tin- apt ill. last 'Ii R lev II- icpor's
hituseif fully ie iii.ei ted ..mi ready
lor uniihiug
A verv siiccessf d r. cial »\aa held in
New Deliver last don.lay 111 nil r die an-
spices o; iIik L.nli.-.-'Aid of the I reaby
lerian cliuu'b
port, of thr advertising commiitee was
read and approved. A committee
to sound the townsite company as to
what help we cm Id expect, io gradintr
Lake Ave. was appointed, consisting of
J. G. Gordon and Wm. Honter. An Informal talk over affairs of interest of our
"""" --"-•»-».■ : citv   wa-i  indulged   i-i   after chairman
I ons'ai h- Foii.es returned from;  Nel-.Bowea inljourned the meeting.       The
llr ,U.'L.,livl'K,'.i8ii'oii!niiltre will meet again at the call of
Liehscher. Tim Tailor,
lake View avemp.
Silvi'rtoB, B. C.
X# JStL. _vie -B-E_>-V-B>pxjim:,
Silverton.       ....       B.C.
ring.     It «aM tutt
^^^^^^^^^^^^      I in KuoaV conipany   Walker i..v ria l>
kesose'lor slaim in the report cum-, t j .,„,_ „(r the nn8 or but the baud wearing
[illweek regarding tlie removal of tin
Keconl ollice. T'e circulation of sne*
Us reports only engender Idttci leelli
f  the   liteuilty   ol   Uieisiii   on  mm...
her iinticcd thai win n ' aneiition laBlweon In ie an i New Deuvei
I '.. ii... Inlnra.
siu h a   ing  u.is   in   hi-  poss. ssioli.     A
denial being given, Mr spr.at arretted
nd se rhed VVnUer and lain i ihoring
conc.-slt'il o i his peradn. Au exi>lana
u..ii was given for the p -aeessliw ol lh ■
liog hy Walker, to ihe i ff. ct that he
had secured it from one nl S.iMoti's
deiiiiniimde.     This itoaty was.' IrowttVer,
j»mp toward anotlief and ought ii
biwelliiivestigated bifore given credence "
Who put in cii'cul.ition the fnl*e re-
poit! The answer ia,'tto New Denver people, not the Hnudon people.
They denied from the outset that they
re asking its removal, and ceit..inly
not the Silverton pi nple.    Tin- people
here told the delegates from NTe» L> •'-   .. ..
«rthat the instructions to und aim-i mad.- imp l*»'iiig J
ol the gandon delegation were entirely lel«<«r" »* "
different from wtot Cha N"'v Dm»v»r-
iteirepresented tin m lobe.     There is
imicli more iu iho bane of   the s.me
of kind twaddle.
Then on the secend page of the same
inue we find the following;
"An mt has pasai d the hs'til L"»isla-
lore in Vic olia making it legnl to em-
oo<ly sny number ol dittos io onn cor-
UBiateol iinprovciiient advertisciiiuni.
Thin will a ve ii few dollars for wealthy
iti'iinw iiiuu an I u iti.ie a loas of limns-
•'I'll lu tin ptMS ii mining M0-
fen. Tne mine ownera could have
heeii lu-lued further by ai.olisliiint t'u-
neeeitsiiy if pu disliiug any such notices
in Him 1'.. c. Uasette.   Thut i« the great-
'•tcincli we know of, ami about ua m-e-
less a piece of ex|ienso as could be found
'nuny country.   Shutting off the n-ven-
■» Irom the mining prims ie perfectly
■•■•lit.   . ie   papers have only  l-TOliwhl
ll was limner inni. c,	
^^^^^^  I in tie in'iim,
Uolicrt liiuiii.brothi rof Arthur Gunn-
WM^^^^^^s\\\\\\\\\Ws\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ms\WM^^s\\\\. ; here   I",    in    .Not
the , wel ... his pock, I       After delay l.ig   ^^ ^ |)f      „ , w((| , ^, „., ^  f^_
the   snest   for   some   lime,   B-h-oider J ,*elll,„ amoUg us.
S.roatn.t*«-li..»|tl.epiUne.  iu front   of |     . ,.linwroll. Sn,d ,n, i«> in town  mak
the cbaiiiiinn.
S, rollt   11.eel I u j IIP' ui
1 n r    . J   I miinijii, .,.,,.,
New I) nver posl-orti e asked   hini if j \nu. )mr«n|tioila to abtp  to   Siudon   the
■l-.r    ..I    ill.    Mtlll'k    of    t'lawfol'd    &
remainder nl th- stock ul Crawford &
Moiill n Wt here last tal
Divine service will he hell in the S.i
vert.in church next Sunday sln-rnoQU a:
.1 o'clock, when It.N I'oeil will ptem ll
Subject; Touch d and Troubled.     All
me iieuriilj invited to attend
l>.   McAulev and     id-,  who  recentlc
.une ben- from Alnawonh, have moved i
i E.   Watson, aid are ■
^ ar busv hurg.
Mi hotinlil.   of!     Divle. ulna Sudivau, the   Kil-kanouk ,
Imnnlerer, is tu ban. mi  April   Und,
x.     Ihls  slicedv  tcriiiiliation of   his!
-hi   i.~  ....  _. ,„,,,!„   _,]
Follonin.   is a complete list of the
minimi transactions recorded during the
week for the Slocan Mining Division :
Mar. h 19—tteco, aoj Sdvt rton, Jno. E.
March 14—Lillian No. 4,   Kecipiocit.v,
Ajax Fraction.
March 13—Keyelone, Bveolng Star
Match 21—Marion
Marc'i   15—Al.iy   (.im-en,    Anecories
A   McDonald, ull   u,,.-.» ,*■."-•  „   ...  ,„  . ,    March 17—Daniel. Donelly Fraction,
In  Ihe   conb-ssioii j ii.Hr.l-it- .  ie  Ui   '■•««  "•    -W1"1   f    •   Go.do.i, Gall, Crawford I'.action.
^^^^^^^^_ in XI       I Ills   speed!    t.-r in iii.it l. .il   ol    his;
W„lker a-sei.el that be bul cni.-ht Mi-I h|1(>„ii,,..,- ,re,.r will  lie  an  example   to WAWSPBM.
Douiild in the act of lolnamt the storeIoihvisof his class. !    March 17—Gdi, Daniel Qordon.daw-
an-lw..- forced at the point of a revolve, j    Me-rr     A,,-am,,.r    lin,|   fJHudiford ' ..,r"! ,,"'!";",,.,,r'",!" T''i ^j5?u" *'"
,. .. ,   .. ,     ., .,        r uilocli to Alex t >ra« lout   |-t> i 11
t,.„c. flsncompl,.:.-.     He  te-mred   the  have made ill..   Ilr-i   paunci   on   tie,     ,    ,, ,     , p , ,     ,    D,     ,    .
..(the stolen prop rU fi"in I *b'"tc Mtnilnsliond    A large force wil ; M*      j - '!
— ..     -l--M__l_.»i-tll_tl|      U.',   ,|'|_    rf|(tl
■ IflUIIIIOtUlf. am- a	
proied by ii i,-ip to Sandon an I '-s-lo as ; bdothe cottagf of E.   V
a (abrn.tin.iiniln .oife-simi was Hun I to b. come c.tixeua of on
-♦'     tl -vie. ah is Sudivau,
[;•:      :•:    lleadqniirters for Mining and Commercial Men.
Domestic and Imported Wines, Mqnorc und Cigars at the liar.
main portion...	
where it tod been bidden Jp Ne v Dei
ver. t'oi.stable Toin Powers, after telegraphing to A.-licriift for I'D Uiild's
at test, left on Wednesday mornnuj foi
! thai place ui loiiij; him to N \\ ll
to await tiinl. Walki r was taken to the
Three Forks jail Wednesday alien oon.
It i- sincerely Imped thai miti^ainv
Oircumstauoes can tie loin d as an excuse
for tha criminal f■ »11 v ul tliejjniing man
Wiilkei was iiiiiveis.illv liked ..nd re-
■pocted in New Di nv. r, and has a hoal
of Iri'iids all through ibis province '■''"
(rial i-isitfor next Tuesday,
Grand Army Fraction  ».,'■  Fred Slull
ip.lllc   IIIIBII'" »" --, , 1
^ ,.| ie iv ,.nt on deve o,-,,..'. t w. Ik and
the mine  .peii.-i up. j )0 jj"pj| McDonaJ I. Kiuch 14
Th- pnnnhir linn of ..ackers.An '«'•'»•',"• |     Hiv. Kanawha. Ho«Hnl Donelly to \V.
C  x*awke, June 10.
Ten-1     am
Harvey iVv  to., na-* inn  ,,,r-- . ,	
ipuiu i wn   ■ ii;   .la k llu ve, ■- r llrtmi
:i  n  Ui- lb in I biiMne's   wi.i .... e..i-       -*j-,"'. *,
rieiion l,v im- leuiuini   r paiiiiea Under      /.dniirsl Nelaun, same.
thei.anie'oi' Aiders n. & IV ilv. March IS— lied F..x Fraction,   allin-
! terest as nioi!•;i.'or, ,1. K. Clark   to  All
I Rohlnsnn, nuntuaua tlOiX)   $2oJ down,
A HARD TRIP !$_50in30 liivs.iTiOOii. -OilaNs.
'Ihe Orel  issue ol   the  Movie Cilvj suwasi oi*ty—TKAiwrKiis,
Leader is Still enveloped in ihe  shrouds      March 11—Canadian Boy  J^, Sydney
ul an un.erl.iin luiiin-.    For tlie second ; Cooper M .1. P Aitcbesmi
lute Di l<   Y uri!! bus turned bis hack
That   tic   Cesurd' Aline   minuH  nn
on ilw Cro«''e "-V-i sfter attemntlnii lo
r   „:  i|p field of ids  or, I"" ' joilfnal-
i.,i,.    venture   nioi   assistant    Editm
B||| n,    ai.,» accomi" i d him  on  Ins
That   the   iw'u   """'    "'  ."""   ' ittH, ,rj..iy slill stuck ,n Ihe trail.   D   It.
March 14-l.ecal    I'ender.   J.   F
LB,„,hlln h. Jniui C  H  >'.«2»'H)
]••  |f p..    - oi
it' rhis experience, on the two
.. , "   ' "         ',         . ,   about tO»pa«s iniouKi.    .         1 ,   , ;i|t, rhis experience no <■•» ...»
lit.   .a, papers have only  -wowhl ;-,,,,-,,,,,a, to those thst tto t'oitnlry    • „,.,,„„,.„ Gallon In at-
heaite.,..,,. ol U.e world to Biltlsh Co- lmHl)ef„1.„h.t.„ .....sed w,ih. iai....r.  ha.. ^ ■              Cli|(k„il p_M     „, ,ti.
"«iIm:i.,..         r their reward they should     t-, - „_d„,   ,.01l..|.. alimdy  ot.-.mil  I " '           ^ ,.,,„„,, u,r,  ,„  lHka tto
"Jllsdto    iHlnSUOba grand  pr..v...cc          (        Mol,,ill(t  m(„0  «dl   no -I "d't     ' „„„.,,  M„y{„ city, »s h
"        ...   ., ,,J   .11,    ,11.,   I ,.,,  ., ■    ,.«..- —--
M iiiintilers that wero ever   hived   lo-
Hpr- ad to the adjniiiiiiu properties,    Th
country   will  receive ntiollier set hack
that will take HiiViial  years to  recover
fiom.    Il is unfortunate thnt  nee  differences cannot he nettled  and  adjusted
re again, The Led)(t> is fighting an
''"aginary enemy. Read the uot in
4u,''tioii; it is as follows,
Her Majesty; by and with tto  ad-
v'«' and coii.ent of the legislative u»-
•ombly  of  tho   provmco  of   British   	
U-'uinbia, enacts as follows;    1.  Tnis' sBme wa>tes ns the miner.
WH ,„ r i, •, ,n •• mmOiicliiK their n'lrth-
U   I     j   'I"'
-„,    AllMriieii'.lt'u-ii.moi BrtrilellBrm
|(|. I which «»« '"«' ,l"' '" b ind""   ,.ml  ""!""
(in- i llritn
A. Mightdii,
March 13—North isiar.Sprinjer.J Law
Match  12—l'i inoin.i, Perry  Aitafei•■
Aunlstou, hail llanlou.
The Knotena.v   Minin/  &   Protective
iissociiilioii has made a Mlir.esli.in Hint a
j fr^e miner shall have the prlviVge ••!
dolnu work in excess oi "rl'iO on a mineral claim   and that such mik as shall he
I'olll ll lo I e ill excess Ol lh   I ll'iplileO lilt
the curi-M w.ur shnlt he credited to him
us assesHu em work for fume year* The
Kossliiml Mirer thinks this Kiiguestioii
1 is Wi rtliy ot coiihidcrfttion of the minim.'
ci i   niiilei ol   the   legislative   assiinhh,
 ...I  !.. t|  -
Hotel Victoria.
Taiaaes 3o-wes Prop
15. e.
*|ttonttto resort to sirlkes ttot^^ "jT j,"J "piij,. ,u Victoria linvlng ,,.„-„„„-_„ ^., •---.
cr Uird (cellngS between the ....... ra anil (nier, ^ ^ ,      ihe     ^ |ha|     Urporatod in ll e
(llund„eowners.    fc^^^|£*toKN -  *¥ »-*«*•  -tb ; Mb era. Act i, w t.n.nhi.e devclop-
whettor  the mucker shall receive UK | me i      ^_ mut work
X-..   -ML.   Kno-wles.   .Prop.
ME . -  ■'.
L. O. Matheson, Pub.,
It, C.
Ilea*, of Iatora-atlon aathered From
• Wide Area-Political Happea-
1_K« and Industrial N«-tea-—Crime*
nnd  Accidents.
Minister for the Colonies Lebon at Paris
has refused the petition of Mine. Dreyfus,
wife of former Captain Dreyfus, to share
tbe latter'a imprisonment on Devil's island.
There was great excitement at Yildiz
the other evening owing to an outbreak
among tha Albanian and Turkish troops
is the barracks.  Many arrests were made.
The German flag has been hauled down
at Canea, Isle of Crete, and the German
marines who have been on duty ashore
embarked on board the German battleship
A special dispatch from Kiel says Japan
has purchased the torpedo corvette which
was being built there by the Krupps for
A telegram received at Alameda, Cal.,
states that Dr. Guiro F. Vorbecue, a pioneer missionary, who had labored in Japan 38 years, died at Tokio last week.
Officers have been named for the regiment of provisional troops organized in
Canton, Ohio, to be known as "The President's Own." The regiment is composed
•f more than 600 men at present, including some of the best young men in the
•ity. •
In India the rdododendron grows to a
height of 30 feet. Marigolds and camomiles in North Africa reach a height of
four or five feet
Judge Amidon at Deadwood, S. D.. instructed the jury in the case of the Box-
tons against the Golden Reward to return
a verdict of $220,000 in favor of the plaintiff. Valuable mining property is involved in the suit.
Thomas McKean. one of the wealthiest
and most prominent citizens of Philadelphia, is dead. His wealth is estimated at between $10,000,000 and $20,000,000.
The Home Savings bank of Sioux City,
lows, has closed its doors. The assets
are said to be $100,000 and the liabilities
$00,000, of which $50,000 is school funds.
President Springer of the National Live
Stock Association, with the approval of
the executive committee, has appointed
George I- Goulding of Denver, committeeman from Colorado, treasurer of the
A dispatch from Shanghai states that
Russia informed China that the latter's
delay in replying to the Russian demands
would be construed as an acquiescence in
tbe Russian occupation of Port Arthur.
Sir Claude McDonald, the British minis
ler at Pekin, is said to lie urging China
to resist.
The Texas and Massachusetts, battleships, now with Admiral Sicard's squadron, have been ordered to proceed at once
from Key West to Hampton Roads, where
they will join the cruisers Minneapolis,
Brooklyn and Columbia, and other vessels yet to be selected, forming a new
■aval division.
The first disbursement under the recent
act of congress appropriating $50,000,000
for national defense has been made by
the treasury department on an executive
order for $145,995 to be cabled to London
to the credit of Sir William Armstrong,
in part payment for 12 rapid-fire guus,
including mounts and ammunition   .
Hon. Blanche K. Bruce, register of the
treasury, is deed. He was born in Prince
Edward county, Virginia, March 1, 1S41.
He was of African descent, wss born a
slave, and received the rudiments of education from the tutor of his msster's son.
The republican state convention of
Rhode Island has nominated the following ticket: Governor, Elisha Dyer; lieutenant governor, William J. Gregory;
secretary of state, Charles P. Bennett; attorney general, W. B. Tayner; general
treasurer, W. A. Reed; adjutant general,
G. A. Sackett; auditor, A. C. Lands; superintendent of education, T. R. Stock well.
Rev. Samuel Betts, the cowboy preacher,
is going to the Klondike, says a Grand
Rapids, Mich., dispatch. He will do
evangelical work along the way. He in
building a 10-foot long, 46-inch beam, galvanized iron paddle and sail canoe, with
air tight compartments and room for bng-
gage, and about April 1 will start on his
long voyage His route will be through
the lakes, Erie canal and along tho Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coast to Galveston, and thence hy rail to Los Angeles.
He will follow the Pacific coast northward to the gold regions and expects to
get there some time next season. He will
be accompanied by his son.
Gray wolves are preying upon young
cattle in the vicinity of Laramie river,
Advices from Rome revive the report
that Archbishop Corrigan is to be made a
cardinal next June.
- An epidemic of measles and mumps is
prevailing among the pupils of the State
Normal school at Emporia, Kan.
The British admiralty has ordered that
all British war-ships be painted black or
white, abandoning the uniform gray color
now in vogue.
The convention of cattle raisers at Fort
Worth, Texas, raised a subscription for
a monument to the dead of the battleship
Efforts are being made at Richmond,
Va., to transport tho old Libby prison
back to that city from Chicago, where
it was on exhibition during the World's
Spain's ideal hero, Franscuelo, the celebrated bullfighter, wbo has been honored
by the Queen Regent and high officials of
the government, is dead, and all Spain is
in mourning.
The department of agriculture reports
last year's crops still in the hands of the
farmers as follows: Wheat, 121,000,000
bushels; com, 783,000,000 bushels; oats,
272,000,000 bushels.
Mrs. Helen A. Chuk renounced the provision of the will of her late husband,
which gave her a life estate in property
worth $1,000,000, in marrying J. Charles
l.inthii inn. a young lawyer, at Baltimore.
New South Vales paid last year $180,-
000 for the destruction of noxious animal
pests. Among the varieties slaughtered
for bounties were bandicoots, panemelons,
wombats, wallabies, _angaroos, emus, native dogs, flying foxes, kangaroo nits and
lis res.
The czar, according to a dispatch from
St. Petersburg, has authorized an increase
in the ordinary naval expenditure of 8,-
000,000 roubles yearly for six years, in addition to the special grant of 90,000,000
roubles for naval puiposes recently announced.
Great care is being taken in selecting
men for the new artillery regiments. Applicants must be between 21 and 30 years
old, unmarried, sound physically and able
to read and write the English language.
Boys between the ages of 10 and 18 may
be enlisted for musicians, but must have
their parents' or guardians' consent.
The board of regents of the Oklahoma
Normal school, acting in conjunction with
Gov. Barnes and Attorney General Cunningham, have let the contract for a new
normal school building at Alve to John
Volk & Co., of Rock Island, 111. The price
to be paid is $84,000, and the building is
to be completed by January, 1890.
Guna   and   Ammnnltton   llciujt   Shipped From Sew York.
New York, March 22.—A boat load of
powder and supplies, which was asserted
to have come from Fort Schuyler up the
sound, has landed on the pier at Governors Island. Barrels and boxes and cans,
evidently containing various kinds of explosives, were placed on the end of the
wharf candidly covered with tarpaulins.
No information was given as to what is
to be done with them.
Four 10-inch rifles and two 8-inch rifles,
which have been tested at the Sandy-
Hook proving grounds, will sail for Key
West some time this week. Workmen are
busy at the pier on East river preparing
to load these guns and anchor them to
the deck of the schooner. The large pieces
weigh 33 tons each and the smaller ones
16 tons each. The utmost care will be
exercised in placing them so thnt they
will not prove too heavy for the ship
should A storm strike it. While it is
staled that these guns arc to be landed at
Key West for the fortifications there il
is believed some of them will find their
way to Dry Tortugas, which is being fortified for nn advanced naval station.
H> the Inside Ronte.
Other guns are soon to be sent south
from the Watervliet arsenal and for the
first time the strsgetical value of the inside water route will be tested. Tlie risk
of trusting guns and ammunition on the
open sea, where they would be liable to
capture, should hostilities occur, has lieen
recognized by the authorities. The barge
Morgan hns already been sent to Troy
and will be loaded with supplies. It could
carry a cargo of 200 tons through the
canal- and shallow straits which constitute the inside channel from New York
to Beaufort, N, C.
Lieutenant Harry C. Hale, aide-de-camp
on the staff of General Merritt has started
south for the purpose of completing a series of maps of the Atlantic coast near
fortifications and the surrounding country. He will be gone several weeks. Lieutenant Hale is regarded by General Miles
ns one of the most competent map men
in the service. He has already prepared
several series for the war department, all
of which have received the highest praise.
Tlie maps he is now working on will be
used by commanding officers during times
of wnr. They will go into minute details
so far ass small streams, bridges and ull
means of transportation are concerned.
Good Walton Road Thronwh a Timbered Conntry, and the Valleys
Well Settled—Important Mlnlng
Transaction in Montana—Rise Tunnel Project  111 Idaho.
Oreat  Mortar*  aad   laarair   Hlflrs
Ahoat  to Be  Sfoaated.
Pensacola, Flo., March 21.—-Powder,
shot and shell continue to arrive here in
large quantities for the forts and batteries defending the harbor. Three of eight
big mortars for the new battery on Santa
Rosa island have also arrived, and they
will be mounted ns quickly as possible.
There is great activity at Fort Pickena.
In addition to the six and eight-inch rifle
guns a l.Vinch gun is being mounted st
the fort. Captain J. W. McMurray, commanding thet wo batteries of the Fourth
artillery at Fort barrancas, has been promoted to he major of the Fifth artillery.
The work of deeping and widening the
channel on the bar is progressing steadily and the largest merchant steamships
now pass through it without difficulty.
It is expected that 28 feet of water will
soon be obtained.
Senator Chandler Declares the l*r«-»-
Ident I* About  to Act.
Concord, N. II., March 22.-Senator
Chandler, in nn editorial in the Concord
Monitor, says President McKinley ia about
to take action, in the name of the United
States, to relieve the famine und sickness in Cuba.
"Food nnd medicine and clothing," he
snys, "given by the generous people of
the United States, will be sent with the
approval of Spain, if sho consents, or will
be carried by American sailors nnd soldiers without approval, if she does not
consent. Tlie. end of starvation nnd torment is near nt hand. Every humane person in this whole land should sustain nnd
bless the president in his coining proclamation, which is to cause the name of
William McKinley lo lie. held in sacred
reverence by Cuban generations, as long
as will be revered the name of Abraham
Lincoln by the colored rate of America.'"
Secretnry Woodman of the Spokane
chamber of commerce has received an interesting letter from Ira E. McNutt, who
started from Spokane to walk over the
route to Teslin lake. He arrived in Kain-
loops in 19 days, nnd writes us follows:
"I left Spokane on February 10, at 11:30
a. m., and arrived at Kamloops March 6,
at 5 p. ni. As nea*' as I have been able
to learn by inquiry nt points along tho
way, I hnve traveled 393 miles, walking
all but 40 miles of the distance.
"I encountered snow on the divide be
twecn Spokane and Colville, and again at
Greenwood mountain and on the Cnmp
McKinney road, and 14 miles this side ol
Camp McKinney The rest of the way
to Penticton wns good walking
"I came up the west side of Lake Okn-
nogan over a good trail for 70 miles.
From Vernon to Kamloops the roads were
sloppy with snow and mud The roads
have been wet and sloppy more or less
all the way. I have had my feet sonkiiiR
wet for four or live days at a time so thnt
I have had to stop and wring water from
my socks several times a day, but I am
feeling none the worse for my trip. In
fact, I am more able to walk than when 1
"The country has been mountainous
and well timbered almost nil the way, but
the wagon roads are good ones, and follow valleys that aro well settled.
"There is but little ehnnec for grazing
stock on the way from Spokane to Kamloops, but almost every fanner hns hay to
sell at from $8 to $13 per ton. I have
paid all the way from 15 to 50 cents for
"The distance from Ashcroft to Vernon
is 120 miles by way of Kamloops I understand there is a shorter trail over the
mountains further south, but it cannot be
traveled for six weeks yet.
"Horses can be had all along the route
for from $8 to $25.
"I expect to reach Ashcroft tomorrow
night 1 have been walking 17 days. I
am yours on the trail,
The route taken by Mr. McNutt wns
by wny of Marcus, Grand Forks nnd
Cnmp McKinney to Penticton. This is
only one of the routes to Ashcroft overland from Spokane. The Willard party,
which left a few days since, will endeavor
toxeach Penticton by wny of Wilbur and
Wild Goos Bill's ferry. «
Conaolldatlon   In  Montana.
One of the most important mining
transactions in the history of the state of
Montana is the consolidation of Granite
Mountain and Bi-Metallic companies,
both big silver properties of Granite county, into one corporation to lie known os
the Granite Bi-Metallic Consolidated Mining company. Both boards of trustees
havo agreed to the consolidation, which
will result in the starting up of the big
properties in the near future. Under the
laws of the state of Montana it is necessary that the consolidation scheme hnve
the acquiescence of two-thirds of tho
stockholders of each company. It is said
that more than this has already been secured. An agreement signed by both
boards of trustees as well ns a circular
hnve been sent out to each stockholder
in either company. The amount of the
capital stock of the new company will be
$10,000,000. divided into 1,000,000 shares
of the par value of $10 n shnre; and nil
of the stock is to be issued nnd delivered
ns fully paid and non-assessable, to the
stockholders of the Granite Mountain and
Hi Metallic companies in the proportion
of two-fifths (or 400,000 share) to the
stockholders of the Granite Mountain, and
three-fifths to the stockholders of Ihe l)i-
; Metallic.
Lone Tnnnel on Mammoth Mine.
i The survey for the new tunnel of the
Mammoth is now being mnde. It has gone
fur enough to know that its length will
i approximate 4000 feet, und in thnt distance it will cut at least three ledges
I besides the one t n which the Mammoth
is located, and the whole distance will
be through ground which Ihe Mammoth
people own. By many, the Mammoth is
considered the greatest mine in the Coeur
d'Alenes, there being but two others
which can possibly dispute its right to
thut position, and should anything new
of value be encountered in running the
new crosscut tunnel, it will easily be the
greatest. With nearly n mile on the main
lend, and several side claims covering
smaller leads; with the longest continuous
ore chute yet uncovered in the district;
with the highest average grade of ore on
the South Fork; with an ore chute that
produces a higher percentage of shipping
ore than any other, nnd with n tunnel
cutting the lend 2000 feet below the apex
it will Im a property thnt would coin-
mnnd attention anywhere in the world.
lire, nt Dividend*.
The following dividends have recently
been declared by mining compnnies:
Geld Mountain, Montana. 2 cents per
share, $0000;   March 5.
The 70 G. M. & M. Co., Colorado, 2
cents per share; payable March 19.
Wildmiin-Mnhoney, California, 10 cents
per shnre; payable February 20.
Pennsylvania, California, 5 cents per
share, 1)12575; payable immediately.
Argonaut. California. 10 cents per Snare,
»20.tfe0;  March   1.
Morning Star, Cnlifornin, $6 per shnre,
$14,400-, Manh 1.
Portland, Colorado, 1 cent per shun*.
#■10,000-, payable March 15.
Calumet 4   Hccla,   Michigan,  $10 per
shnre, $1,000,000;  payable April  I.
In  Amerlean   Alanka.
According to the statement of C, Den
hnm of Chlcngo, who arrived at Seattle
the other dny from Cook's inlet, Alasku,
o rich plncer Id Id hns la-en discovered on
Kenin peninsula. The discovery was unule
in January by A. R. McConnnuglity. The
surface dirt panopil $.1 to $40 to the pah.
The find is 2000 feet above sen level, und
for that reason the creek hod never been
prospected before. Mr. Denhnm reports
that the mines of Cook's inlet are tinning
out. very well. The winter has been nn ex
ceptionally mild oue.
Sheep Creek Claim Sold.
OttO Johnson reports thnt lie has sold
the Sadie claim, on Sheep creek, to n British syndicate for $20,000, according to a
report received nt Rossland. Work on the
property, according to the terms. "' M,l>'
Is to commence within two weeks and a
force of not less than six men must be employed. The sum of $5000 is to be paid
on May 2, and the remainder within a
year. The Sadie is one of the first locations mnde on Sheep creek, having been
recorded nearly three years since. Mr.
Johnson hns done considerable work on
the property. The lead, which runs clear
across the claim, is 22 feet wide.
in the Providence Camp.
News reached Grand Forks, it. C. this
morning from Providence cnmp that the
well known Texns mine hns been sold to
nn American company for $20,000. of
which amount 10 per cent was pnid In
cash and the balance is to be paid within
80 days. The vendors were Charles Van
Ness nnd Joseph L Wiseman of (.'rand
Forks, but the name of the purchasing
company has not been learned.
Situation   Has   All   Favorable   Feature* of Some Time Past.
New York, March 20.—Bradst reefs
The aggregnte volume of the country's
business continues sufficiently large to allow of favorable comparisons with past
periods alike in this and preceding years.
Aside from a quieting demand at a few
leading eastern markets where uncertainty as to tlie outcome of foreign com-
mlicntions is advanced as a reason for unwillingness to embark in new business,
the situation is one possessing nearly all
of the favorable features noted for some
time past. The best reports ns to distribution in leading lines come from the center west and the northwest. Favorable
weather has improved the distribution of
dry goods, clothing, millinery, building
materials, agricultural implements and
nearly all other products forming staple
; articles for consumption among the puis
i porous farming community.
The movement of iron and steel is spc-
| cially large, but without effect on prices,
j which arc generally firmly held.    Some
! slight advances in pig iron, in fact, have
! been a feature of the week at some mar-
; kets.    Southern iron manufacturers nre
; active, and fruit and vegetable shipinc-ls
: promise alike to be early snd heavy. Distributive trade is reported increasing at
,tho northwest, navigation  is practically
| open on the lakes, and the llrst of April
I will witness s general movement rf craft.
rOther favorable features of the country s
{general trade situation nre summed up in
| liberal shipments of leading cerenls. un-
precedented totals   of   export   at   New
i ork. fewer business failures and slightly
larger bank clearances.
Wheat exports are smaller thnn last
week, but considerably larger than in corresponding periods of preceding years, aggregating 3.02d,584 bushels, against 4.I'M.
000 bushels last week, 1,020.000 bushel*
last year, 1,.'-0_.000 bushels in IWMi and
2,008,000 bushels in 180.-).
Business failures in Ihe United States
thia week number 2.13. against 247 last
week. 231 in the corresponding week of
1897. 300 in  1800, and 252 in  I8D.V
Veteran    Xew    Knirland    Journalist
anal Polltlrlal Paaaes Avra-.
Boston. March 22.—Roland Worthing-
ton, the veteran journalist, is dead at his
home in this city, nged 81 years.
Mr. Worthington entered the newspaper
business as an employe of the counting
room of the Boston Daily Advertiser.   In
! 1848 he took charge of the Boston True
] filer.    When  Daniel  Webster made his
famous speech nt Mnrshflcld. in August,
1848, Mr. Worthington published a verbatim report and had it sold by the news
jboys in the streets, on innovation which
called down the severe criticism of the
other   Boston  papers.    He sold   n  large
number of copies.
Mr. Worthington wns one of the. earliest
of the free soilers of Massachusetts and
was one of those who foresav.' nnd witnessed the conflict When the republican
party was orgiini/eil he nt once joined il
nnd carried his paper with him. In 1880
his paper wns the first to suggest the.
nomination of John D. Ixmg as successor
to ('overnor Banks. He was opposed by
the other republicuu papers of Boston but
his candidate was nominated and elected.
In 1883 he insisted thnt fleorge D. Hob-
inson was the wisest nomination that
could be made ngainst General Butler nnd
hero he won ngnin. President Arthur
tendered him the office, of collector of the
port in  1882.    Worthington retired from
the nctive management of the Traveller
in 1800.
lir.  i:ii»hI,.(Ii  Dalbey-Norren.
Minneapolis, March 22.—Dr. Elizabeth
S. Dalbey-Norrcd is dead. She was Ixirn
in Wells county, Indiana, October 30, 1843.
In November, 180a, sho wns mnrricd lo
Dr. Charles H. N'orred, a surgeon inllie
Seventh Illinois cavalry, In 1881 she WSS
graduated from the Women's Medical college of Chicago, Her standing In tin-
profession wns represented by membership in the Illinois Stnte Medical Society,
Illinois. Indiana and Kentucky tri medical societies, the American Medical Society, the Society of Physicinns nnd Surgeons, Minneapolis; Henni|>en County
Medienl Society nnd the Minnesota Medical Society, she was also connected with
various hospitals nnd church work. The
remains will be taken to Elkhart, 111., for
Most people feed the liody ton much snd
the mind too little.
The Early Hush of Eager Goldieekers
Having Congested the Passes. Other
Routes Will Have to Be Opened.
Sped.I Correspondence.]
Although the rush to Alaska may bo
said to have only just begun, a condition of affairs bus already developed in
Dyea and Skngwny Which promises to
disappoint the expectations of thousands of eager gold seekers. The trails
across the Chilkoot and White pns.es
aro practically impassable because of
the frequent and severe storms, and
will not be in good condition until
about the first of April. The result is
that thousands of men and thousands
of tons of supplies and mining outfits
are crowded together on this side of
the summit and have already reached
such number and quantity as to create
a blockade.
It has   been   generally   understood
that it was foolish  to go up to that
country earlier than  March  with the
expectstiou of  crossing the passes, and
that one who did so would simply subject himself to a long wait, to needless
hardships and   possible  sickness while
consuming supplies  which   should be
j kept for service in the gold fields.    Not-
I withstanding this fact, travel begun in
I January and   bus   continued   through
February, an  average of a steamer a
day having landed  men and freight at
I Dyea and  skagway.    Those who took
; this  early  start  did   so  because tliey
j feared n blockade and were  anxious to
i get over the summit, expecting to wait
! at the lakes for the opening of tbe river
I to    navigation.      The   blockade   tbey
I hoped to escape has  come  ii|>on them
and   they  are   not  over the  summit.
Many  have spent a month of hardship
j and   toil  and are   worse off because oi
! it than are the newest arrivals
There are not less than 20,000 people
I in Dyea and Skagway encamped along
! the trails ns far as the weather conditions have -H-tmitted them to advance,
only a few miles at the most. The
quantity ol supplies, outfits, bouts, ma-
! chineiy, etc., averages not less than a
i ton to each man. This average will
; lie kept up during the month of March,
1 mid by the first nf April, when the
! work of getting over the summit will
I begin in earnest, a moderate estimate
' of the number of men and quantity of
I freight llial will be assembled there is
j 60,1.00 persons and 50,000 tons of
j height.
The only thing that has Ih-<-h nccom-
: pli.-hed on the Skagway trail to mnke
it more passable than it was last sum-
i mer has been the building of some
; small bridges, and some improvements
1 on the mad leadingont from Skagway.
i There has been a tramway project tin-re
i lint no progress lias been made with it.
i The indications are that the Skagway
trail will not be materially Iwtter than
1 it was last summer, when it was block-
! sided nnd rendered practicaliy Impas-
; salile by 1,000 or 4,000 people and their
| outfits. Of course, as long ns the snow
! lusts in the spring the trail will tie a
j better one than when the traveler has
, encounter mud and lioulilers, which
, were such an obstacle a year ago.
As for the trail from Dyea, which is
. the one experience has proved to he
j the best, two tramways are are under
construction for the triins'sirtution nf
goods. One of these has a tram railroad from Dyea to the base of the summit ridge, ami an electric bucket system across the summit tu Lake L'nule-
niaiin. The other has (wo tramway
cables leading from tha first and second divides and ending at Lake Linde-
iioinii. Connect ion between the last of
these and Dyea will be made with
wagons and pack animals. Neither
Ol these enterprise is ready for operation, and the possibilities are that tiny
will not be before the first of April.
When in complete operation, their combined capacity will not exceed 400 tons
per day. Assuming that hy the use
j of pack animals 100 tons per day could
be taken over the White pass from
Skngway, this leaves the total capacity
of all facilities provided for both passes
at 500 tons |ier day. This means ion
days for transporting 50,000 tons thai
will he accumulated there bv the firt-t
of April, in other words, accumulations could not lie cleared away liefore
tbe middle of June. The probabilities
are, however, that during the months
of April and May an equal quantity of
new freight would demand attention.
In this calculation no allowance is
made for the freight which could he
taken on sleds by individuals and by
the aid of dogs. This would be inconsiderable. In faot, with ench a
mass Of humanity Snd of goods, it
would lie almost impossible for freight
to be moved at all on those narrow
portions of tbe trail where the right of
way would bo the subject of dispute
nnd contention. If people interfered
witli each other Inst fall so as to meats
a blockade on both trails with less than
6,000 people attempting to go over, it
does not require n grent flight of imagination to see the utter blockade thnt
would be created by 50,000 people.
One who intends to go to Alaska may
well stop and consider what his chance's
are likely to be in such a mob, and
whether he would not do better to seek
some other route or some other objective point than tlie Klondike region,
Of course, transportation facilities from
the coast ports to Alaska have been
provided for Dyen and Skagway, but
doubtless as soon ns this blockade so
develops that intending gold hunters
demand to be taken somewhere else,
steamers will leave the Dyea and Skng-
way routes and seek other ports, snub
as Copjier river and Cook's inlet. At
these pines* there is mom for all. No
nanow canyon   trail  confines tbe gold
hunter to a particular route, but there
is opportunity to spread ont over «
wide expanse of country, now praotic
ally unknown, but reported to be rich
in gold. There aro said to be low
passes through the mountains from
both Copper river nnd Cook's inlet,
leading over to the Tannnn and to the
head waters of Birch creek, by which
the now promising gold fields on tlio
American side of the line may lie more
easily reached thnn by the route across
the Ohilr-oot pass and down tho lakes
and rivers. Tlie government is now
fitting out an expedition for Capper
river. Undoubtedly those routes will
lie opened up the present season by
prospectors even should not the grout
stream of travel be turned in that direction.
There are already indiciuions of a
desire on the part of gold hunters to
abandon thoir idea of going to Dyea
and Skagway, and to stike out for the
Copper river and Cook's inlet. Bo-
yond doubt this tendency, will rapidly
increase ns the crowded condition of
the passes becomes better known. At
present the only facilities for reaching
Copper river nnd Cook's inlet is the
United States mail boat operated by
the Pacific Const Steam Whaling Company from Snn Francisco, the two
small steamers now on the route from
Portland to Copper river, and the small
steamer rnuning from Port Townsend
! to Copper river. These steamers me
nlrendy inadequate to meet the demand
; nnd doubtless more will soon lie put
| on the route.
Attention lias also been turned in the
: direction of the route by Fort Wrung"!
'. and   Stickeen   river. Telegraph   creek
' nnd   Teslin   hike, hut as yet, facilities
have   not     been    provided.       Several
! small   river   steamers  are being  con-
i structed for the  Stickeen   river, to ply
between Fori. Wrangel  and   Telegraph
' creek, which is tlie point nf disemtmrk-
; aiion for   the  overland   journey of the
J 150  miles  to  Lake   Teslin.    On   this
! stretch of 150 miles it is proposed by a
J Canadian company to construct a rail-
' road the   present  year  under a special
; grant from the Dominion parliament ot
'. 20,000  acies of   land   per  mile,   and
! the time  set for its  completion is  the
, first of  September.    It  is   thus  seen
'. thnt, for this season at least, only such
travel  can go over the  Stickeen route
as  can he  bandied   by   puck   animals,
, nnd this, of course, cannot la* very extensive.      Possibly   seveial     thousand
people   will   attempt   this   ronte, with
the probability that a large   portion of
them   will   make  a   failure   of   their
effort.     Should   this   railroad   be built
and a sufficient light  draught -teaniei
be placed on Lake  Teslin   mid   I loot».
linquii river, in another year the Stickeen route would be the favorite one.
Undoubtedly a great ill any who intend to go to Alaska are waiting to take
the ocean and river route during the
summer months. Ib-ie theie is as
much uncertainty as on the passes.
The facilities have yet to lie provided.
Possibly as many as 60 small steamers
are under Construction or have been
purchased for use on the Yukon the
cniniiig summer; but navigation of that
river     is    expensive   and   dangerous.
Channels are narrow and tortuous ami
known only to n few people. Fuel is
m-i\ difficult to procure, and it is understood that the companies already
operating on the river have secured all
that can he had for several hundred
miles from the mouth of this stream.
These companies will not take miners'
outfits, prefrcrring to lake in goods for
their own stores and sell them to
miners after they get three. Consequently miners wishing to take outfits
will have to depend on independent
IkiiiIs which promises to la- h very un-
ceitain reliance. Certainly, one going
by th it route should not undertake it
unless the transportation company contracts with him to carry him clear
through to his destination. This, however, is a matter about allied more
will be known a few mouths later. As
stated above, the natural outcome of
the present condition of nffairs would
be the opening up of new routes and
new objective points for the thousands
who will be disappointed in their expectation of getting over the pa*«us,
and nf getting into the Yukon cnuntiy
by the present routes,
Alaika Mining Vnlra.
The Alaska Mining Itecord, published at .luiineau, iu its latest issue
has the following items brought out by
recent arrivals fiom the interior:
Messrs. .1. D. Douglass und D. Uoyle,
who left Fort Yukon iu December, nre
the latest arrivals from the interior.
These gentlemen made a short stay nt
Dawson City, leaving that place iu
January. They bring tlie latest news
from the gold fields, mid while nothing
stuilling bus occurred, I hey re-Kirt a
steady prosperity at the diggings, and
anticipate that the spring clemi-tip will
aggregate a sum not last (ban 115,000,-
000. Al Mr. Royle puis it, the yield
last year was somewhat moro than $2,-
000,000; at least 1(1 times the number
of men inc'wniking this winter and the
output the coming spring cannot be less
lhan the sum liiiincil, after making all
allowances and observing all due i'oii-
■i-rvBt'sm in making the estimate.
Almost every claim being worked in
tlie Klondike district is turning out
fully as well as was nnticipnted.
Hunker creek iu particular is making
rtoll returns, while Eldorado, Honanza,
Sulphur nnd Dominion creeks are
holding their own.
Dawson Oily is reported quite and
orderly, with little to break the winter
and monotony. The dmicehoiises and
gambling places furnish the only excitement.
The opinion prevails in Dawson that
tho regulation providing for the collection nf royalties will fail of enforcement, the idea being hinted upon the
fact that iu the annual licenses issued
to miners no mention is mnde of the
royalty regulation. This position,
however, is regarded by many ns untenable and there is littlo doubt but the
miner will be promptly mulcted In the
10 per cent royalty which the regulation
imposes. i'
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funded, or u*w phulo furnished.   Estimates furnished from one down to ore million
L. P. DAVIS CO., De-*. E, Chicago., Illinois.
The Deoperale Outlaw   IIuikI  of  Ihe
Southern   Border  Wiped Out.
F,ni|»l«»>*« »r llu- % mi <•.. u .hi Company
—■■'Ire Brllrved to Have Started In
the KiiRlne Hooiii—Halle Filled
Willi Smoke—Injured Taken to
Ihe Hospital*.
Utitte. Mont.,  March  21. — The llalc
El Paso, Tex., March 22.—News lias
reached here from Cnsas Grande, Mexico,
of the terrible fate, which had befallen
Ihe members of Black Jack's ganj;, who
escaped from this country several months
ago, soon after the leader was reported
slain, and sought refuge from pursuit by
American oflicers in the fastnesses of the
Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico
itililics.    Advice* have already been sent
to the commanding officers, giving them
I Warning of the possibility of sncli an oiler us Genera} Miles has prepared.
Much  is  lieing  done, however, which
Kr.bl. lonn ,,,,) |w disclosed.   It is properly considered nn unwise thing when the country  is on  the  verge of possible  wur to
mnke information known that would, if
it reached the press, speedily fall into the
hands of the enemy.
Unfortunately the American navy is
not as well a-uipped with torpedo bouts
as it should be. The feeling that n crisis
Washington March 19.—War prepare- is fn»t approaching has led to orders be-
tions, like wars, recognize no regular: ing cabled from the navy department to
hours. All hours and minutes count in the naval attaches abroad to buy lmttle-
thc work, and all are utilized to the very ships, cruisers and torpedo boats without
best advantage. The .Secretaries of Wnr ] waiting to secure options,
and the Navy know no hours ol rest. Thev
On the bosom of the mother
future of the world.
rests the
AS   A1.I.-AMOIMI   I'll n:\ii.
Qrin-ral llelivf nt the Xutloual (Jap-
Hal of the Statement In the Army
nnd Navy Reglater That the
Maine Waa lllovm I p by a Uuv-
eminent   Submarine   Mine.
have their regular ollice hours at the de
partments, and then have (heir confer
ences with subordinate officers at home.      f'onviou
The positive declaration of the Army
and Navy Register that tho President has
certain evidence in au unofficial way
showing that the Maine was blown up by
a government submarine mine deliberately exploded by Spanish officials has attracted much comment in Washington.
In Conner*, ut Ive and Reliable.
Army und navy officials regard the Register as very conservative and reliable in
its statements, and do not believe it could
have made this assertion without the very
best evidence that it was correct. It
agrees with the daily press reports from
Havana, Key West, and Washington. It
has been repeatedly denied at tho White
House and Navy Dejiartment that there
had been any ofHciul communication from
the board of inpuiry.   That is regarded as
wav, mid when the lire broke out, shortly ; Kn"K-
ufter .'1 o'clock, there were 4fH*) men iu it.
(if these, many are now in the hospital,
mid others who escaped, almost without
clothes, are scattered ull over town.
Several men who escaped express the
Is-licf thnt fully ">0 bodies nre in the ruins.
n« many men who were in the building ut
the time of the lire were intoxicated und
were rushing wildly nnd aimlessly
through the corridors. The tire is be-1
lieved to hnve started in the engine room. |
On February 23, Mrs. S. P, McDonald, n
Mormon woman, wife of a prominent resident of one of the settlements, was murdered by two unknown men. Nhe was a
storekeeper at Round Valley, 50 miles
east of Casus <'ramie in an isolated locality. The ruffians split her head open
with n hatchet, looted the store and escaped.
The brutal crime moused the. entire
Mormon community and the avenging an-
nnd many occupants of the building wtrelg8"1 of *•» Mormon church were author-
awiikcncd bv Ihe smell of smoke nnd eg. •*•<« to liunt down the murderers. They
raped before the alarm hnd Wn given. ! «%o»','d the mountains in nil directions.
I. Hnggerly, proprietor of the Hale
The lllack Jack gang of desperadoes and
house, a big three-story building, used as I cutthroat* for several years terrorized
a boarding and lodging house for the men i "l0 entire border between here and the
in the employ of the Anaconda company, l ''"If of California, and it remained for
was entirely destroyed by fire early this!'he avenging angels of the Mormon colo-
ruing,    ihe building is on East Broad-1Mexico, to hunt down and annihilate the i a jury whose verdict should be beyond
even the suspicion of huving lieen influenced by uny high power.
These denials urc no doubt literally correct, and yet it is the general belief that
there has lieen outside information laid
before President McKinley that made him
abandon the accident theory and begin
active preparations for war.
Some of this information came before
the Maine wus blown up. It came from
Consul General Lee, who doubted the wisdom of sending a war vessel to Havana
on a peace mission. He doubted the professions of friendship by the Spaniards.
He had reason to suspect treachery. He
communicated these suspicions to the
state department and to the president.
There have been other evidences of
treachery which did not come from the
at   Holae   Overpowered
l.one Guard.
house, say* nil tbe inmates escaped, nnd
Kin- Chief  Vlunnerv  also  expresses that
I 'nt il the -ofe. now buried in the cellar
uinlcr tons of debris, is removed, nnd the
isioks examined und mil catted, it will not
i.e known how many perished. Estimates
of the dead, which now run up to 35, limy
l«- cut down n« the men report for duty
or to the police. It is knomii thnt 00 did
not show up nt the mines this morning,
but many of these doubtless are with
friends recovering from their fright.
The lire started iu the busciiie.il and
wn- -rfsin lieyiind control. The halls were
filled with smoke nnd it was impossible
for ninny to have eacfped that way. The
lire Meapes were mostly in the rear of the
building, and iIicm- were need by the men
who COUld leach them. Those in front,
however, crowded to the windows. Others Jtnhped nml were more or less injured.
As f-i-t ns men reached the scene Uninjured were tnken to the hospitals or to
(lie homes of friends. Others not injur.sl
rushed nt once for shelter. The nir wns
bitterly cold. It will lie some time be-
f. re u complete roster of the injured c-.in
l-e hnd. Among the mo«t seriously hurt
Matt Doyle, Injured by jumping, died
at 10 o'clock this morning in the Sisters
Prank Rhoadea, also injured by jumping, is dying.
■ lolm T. Cartel, burned nbout head nnd
ii.sk. not seriously injured
On Sunday. March 0, the rendezvous of
the outlaws was located in a lonely, unexplored region, 100 miles from Casus
(.ramie. During Sunday night the avengers closed in upon the outlaws, nine, in I hoard oil inquiry.    Not all the evidence
of how the battleship wus blown  up
held exclusively by the board of inquiry.
There  bus been much   that  the general
public hits received from outside sources.
Rnilvrd  I norn.'lnl  Kvldenee.
The president nnd his cnbinet hnve
Iceived  much  evidence  thut  is  unofficial L.mntv   three
which did not justify the administration
in waiting for the official report  before
beginning preparations for wnr.
It   hns  lien   repeatedly   snid  that   the
I president  will  not  liegin  wnr.    No  one
Hoise, Idaho, March 20.—A wholesale
escape of convicts from the penitentiary
occurred shortly after 1 o'clock Friday.
The quarry fning of 13 overpowered Guard
Jackson, took his gun nnd fled to the
hills. The *wity marched Jackson with
them a mile. Then they let him go and
scattered. A trusty named Young witnessed tlie escape und hurried down to
the prison and gave the alarm.
A short time after the men hnd returned to work after the noon hour the guard
stationed himself a short distance from
them, as was his custom. He was armed
with his rifle. He hnd not even suspected an attempt at escape, and he was over-
•lowered so suddenly tl"* t he scarcely realized what had happened until he was
absolutely in the power of the convicts.
Cowen, who is considered the bud man of
tlie gang, was the first to --ounce down
upon the guard, nnd he was instantly surrounded by four or five men with upi-uis-
ed sledge hammers, nnd in a moment Len-
vitt Reavis had the guard's gun in his poo
sesion. Two of the escapes returned voluntarily, saying they went along only
through fear. Six more were captured
before   dark.
Jackson hns refused to make any statement about the manner in which he wns
caught. It is snid that a convict hurt
his hand. When Jackson undertook to
bind it up with his handkerchief the prisoners closed in nn him nnd got his gun
before he realized whnt was taking place.
The convicts that escaped were: William llluek. Shoshone county, sentenced to
12 years for assault with intent to commit murder; Zell Morris, 1.,-inlii county,
11 years for robbery; Arthur Fountain,
rolored, Lntnh county. 20 months for selling liquor to Indians; Albert Randall.
Caster county, 20 yeurs for the crime
against   nature:   l'at   Sullivan,  llinghnni
At daybreak a voice from the rocks
commanded the bandits to surrender,
wanting them thnt resistance meant
death. They hnd just begun to stir when
the summons came. They made a dn-.li
for their weapon*, but were shot down lie-
fore they were able to defend themselves.
The work of the avenging angels wus complete.
A party of American prospectors, returning to civilization, stumbled by accident upon the camp of the outlaws, several days luter nnd counted the dead.
They subeequaotly learned from the Mormon settlers the manner in which the
desperadoes were killed.
The lllack Jack gang was the most des
perste.   well    oiginti/.il    nnd    suceesnful
handI of outlaws that has opernte.1 inthe j R>, mi'ght',M. uomRndo(,.   Indemnity alone |     ,..,.,    ,„,   .,.,,. ,,,,,„,     ,,.,	
Hiuthwest   in   recent   years.     Urge   re- \      u not. ^ th(. qlw,u„n.   H »n*< be   -,,„, „.-,,  ,„   , ftre  Sulliviin. c<)lc
wards  were offered  hy  the government I ,-,,, disavowal of the act, the execution of i (
nnd the express companies for the cap i ,|1P omPin*s ,vho offended, the reduction j
lure of the outlaws dead or alive. jftn(i disgrace of the captain general under j
We need not talk about the weather
wh.-n we come to cIIscuhh the cause of. so
many aches and pnlns which nffllot min-
klnrl. Much of these amid Ions Is from
heritage of Infirmity of the nerves, muscles and joints of the human body. Many
pains and nches. It la true, are brouaht on
by exposure to cold or by sudden chill,
but us n general condition to which wo
may be subject thero should be a remedy
which In a general way is curative for
all. This is one reason why St. Jacob's
Oil is so popular. It cures aches and
pulns In all forms, and they aro wise who
keep (t steadily on hand to be used in
emergencies at any time In the cure of
the most acule attacks.
Friendship may soon die, but enmity
We are asserting in the courts our right to the
exclusive use of the word "CA-iTOKIA," and
"PITCUSK'SCASTOHIA,'' u our Trade Mark.
I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of llynnnis. Massachusetts,
waa the origiuatar of " 1'ITCHKR'S CAS rORIA,"
the same that has lu rue aud dues now bear the
facsimile signature of CHA3. H. l'l.KR lll-K on
every wrapper. This is the original "I'lTCIIKR'ti
CASTORIA " which has been used in the homes
of the mot hers of America for over thirty years.
Look Carefully at the wrapper and see that it ia
ihe kind you have always bought, and has the
signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the
wrapper. No one has authority from me to use
my name except The Centaur Company of which
Cats. U. Fletcher la President.
March 8, ;*97.        SAMUliL PITCHER. M.U
Hnve II emu veil to Helena to Meet the
Hc.iuii-.-m.-i.iiH of the l.a-r—('on-
template a tUTB.OOO H..lldl.i_ |„
He Completed Before llino-lllda
Will He Aaketl.
Helena, Mont. March 21.-The state
cupitol commission has awarded the contract for plans for n new state capitol
building to Bell & Kent, formerly of
Coucil Willi's, lown, who hnve removed
here to comply with the law requiring
architects to be residents of Montana.
Their contract culls for plans nnd sujier-
vision of a (275,000 building, the pluns
to be completed in live months. The law
requires that the building shull be done
before 1900. Under the procedure adopted
by the. commission, bids will be asked for
horn contractors, who will take their payments in bonds secured by u state land
grant segregated for the purpose of building the state capitol. Four years ago u
former commission expended $50,000 for
a $1,000,000 building, of which Qeorgfl It.
Mann of St. Louis was architect. Minn
received $'20,000 for his plans nnd work.
The present architects agree to furnish
all drawings and supervise the work for
The lnrgest gasometer in the world is
at East Ureenwich. When full it contains 1-.,000,000 cubic feet of gas. It
weighs 2200 tons, is 180 feet high. '100 j
feet in diameter, requires 12*10 tons of coal
to lill it with gas. and cost nearly £40,-
the    Deinoeraln     In
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We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
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Hall's Catarrh Cure.
r. J. CHKNBT & CO.. Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known V. J.
Cheney for the last II years, and believe htm
perfectly honorable in all business transactions
and financially able to carry out any obllua-
tlons made by their Arm.
WERT  &   TRUAX,   Wholesale   DruKKli'ts,  Toledo. O.
WAL.DISO,  KINNAN  &   MARVIN,  *i  hob-sale
liruKKlsts,   Toledo,   O.
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The .first peanut oil factory in the United Stntes will so. n be established nt
Norfolk. Vn.. willi n capital    stock    of
years for resisting nn ofli-
cei: Harvey Cole, Lemhi county, 14 years
fi r robbery: Robert Cowen, Lincoln county. 18 months for grnrid larceny; Ed Russell. Ada county, four years for gurgbny;
William   Edwards,  Bannock   county,   10
doubts thst. but one of the most cxperi- | vcarH I0,. robbery; I>eavitt Reavis. Ban
■enced diplomats in Washington slid that ; nook wuntv, two and a half years for
| this could lie quite true and yet there j burglary; Clarence Hoyt, Ada county, 10
| was every indication of war. If Spain lya^nfor perjury; Thomas Broady, Latnh
I wns directly responsible for the explosion I 'countVi fjve v,^rs for burglury'; r-Ynnk
I il was a hostile act and meant wnr unless I j.-nlman. Ada county, one year for assault
' she apologized and made such reparation j w it), R jMU|]v  weaiHdi.
Those going to the Klondike must remember that a reliable baking powder is
an absolute necessity. If, after a long
aud expensive trip and thu grent cost of
transportation, the baking powder proves
inferior or has lost its strength, the miner
Mike .ludd, right arm broken at the j wj|* *.„, practically helpless. It is no time
wrist He jumped from the third story ot L_ -j^j, to experiment. What is requir-1
the hotel. Jeij i8 „ baking powder that has actually!
loon Dugan was taken to the Sisters'  s)o(Hi ,„,, (,„,. 0f thc arctic climate,
-pital in an uncon-iious condition and |    j\ic we\\ „nown explorer, Lieut. Peary, j
probably sniveling from concussion of |tj> n. X., sayaof Cleveland's baking powd
the brain; his head is crushed und I.e is
otherwise hurt about the body. He Jumped from the third story.
Ned tiulhighcr bad  his hack  sprained
jumping from the noond oflor
Tim Ryan had his leg broken.   He fell
from n fire wraps at the second Boor.
Hugh Boyle left leg broken.
Patrick  (iillignn.  badly  burned   about
the body and hands.
The loss on the hotel  will amount  In I
*:io,(H-n.    Nothing j- left standing but s j	
■ oincr of one wall.   The individual losses  ( „„ ,„ ,„,. central i-nri of f'allot the men will nuioiiiit lo eonsidcraV'e. fornix, will Suffer Severely.
ST, which he used on his Arctic expeditions:
"Cleveland's stood the tests of use in
those high lutitudes and severn tempeni-
lines perfectly nnd gave entire satisfaction. Mrs. IV-ury considers that there is
no better baking powder made than
Cleveland's.   I shall luke it nguin on my
next expedition."
whoso jurisdiction  it occurred, the p-.iy
ment of an indemnity, thc salute of the
(lag, nnd the surrender of Culm, if this
government so demanded.
For such nn act this government would
be justified in demanding the most complete surrender by Spain nnd that with
very short notice, of the Investment of
Havnnu hnrbor. It is for such nn emergency thnt the government is preparing.
It does not fear another attack by Spnin.
It does not fear that. Spain will bombard Xew Yoik or capture some of our
iiiercluint vcssrls without provocation. It
has no reason to fear thst Spain is seeking wur, but it knows Hint it must lie
prepared to make war unless certain
things are done regarding the blowing up
of the Maine and the future of Cuba.
White House Denials).
Denials of the fact that the president
knows what the verdict of the court of
Inquiry is to be have lieen made from
the White house. They nre to Ik* accepted as part of the situation. There is nb-
solutely no reason for retracting the statement  published Thursday  to the effect
owen.  K.I wards nnd  Reavis.
Three More Captared.
Boise. Idaho. March 21.—Thre more of
the escaped convicts were captured yesterday morning. They were on Indian
creek, about four miles from Xampii.
Two of them were discovered by two
boys. They were hiding in a gulch. One
of the boys posted off to town to notify
an officer, while the other kept watch.
Deputy Sheriff Hamilton went out and
got the men, ami found the tliird one
near by. The convicts captured were
Reavis. Cowen and Kdwards. This leaves
only two out, Harvey Cole and I*»t Sill-
< l.eliiiers.    Whose    Wife    Wns
Muskogee, I. T.. March 22.- -A dastardly outrage wns committed Suturduy night
near the town of Wynhnrk, live miles
north of here, resulting in the death oi
two men nnd a woman. The house of I'd
Chalmers, n negro who recently married
a white Woman, was attacked during the
night by six white men, who had evident-
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New York, March 20. -Representative
Richard I'. Itland of Missouri lust, night
dictated the following statement concerning the Cuban-Spanish situation to s
Washington correspondent of the World:
"We are waiting for the report of this
committee of inquiry, which is supposed
to lie hard at work probing for the facts
in the Maine disaster. When I say we.
I mean thn democrats of the house. We
are not pressing matters because we want
to hear what this board has to say. We
want to know whether it is going to find
the Spaniards guilty or blameless and we
want to know other things in this connection.
"What the administration proposes to
do, of course 1 do not know ■ but unless il
drives the Spaniards out of Cuba the |k*o-
ple of this country nre going to ask the
reason why nnd their demands will he
strong and emphatic. 1 do not, believe
congress will adjourn until it knows what
thc president is going to do for Culm. I
believe theso sentiments arc those of the
house of representatives."
Russian papers complain that the Siberian railway, instead of civilizing the
legions through which it passes, is teaching the natives the art of robbing trains,
which is gn-ally in  vogue.
^*>*>-5>-3*->i>*>*5i •>§>•>•> -5>-5>-JJ-5"S'ii
According to Kllsson, the zoologist, the
weight of the Greenland whale is lis)
tons, or 224,000 pounds, or equal to that
of SS elephants or 440 lu-ars.
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couch medicine used In my house.—1>.
C Altirlj-ht, Miffllnlnirg. Pa., Dec. 11,
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§ Dorches er, Mass. 2
t? *0|
Hither    •
» I,unite   In   Cuba
With  America.
i    Snn    Francisco.    March    20.    Report!
| from the central  part  of the stnte say
r   *.*. i. r ', that apricots, plums, almonds and cherries
have been completely ruined by the heavy
  frosts  of  the  past   few  nights.    It   has
Toledo, ()., March 20.    KxHecrctnry of  burnt the pits till they have turned black
the Treasury Poster says: 'Bnd will commence dropping off the trees
"The decision for peace or war really  in a day or two.   The- fruit which holds
lies with Spain.   She must noeedc to in-   on to the trees will not m«tt.n* as it hue !«'«'•' 'Knnnmce ns to what the -.edict of
tervention in Cuba or She must declare ] been   frown so that  it   will  eventually
ivar.   Senator IVoctor's vivid description  shrivel up.
of the condition of the island nnd the hoi- j The orchards in the vicinity of Linden,
tors suffered by the hapless Cuhnn reeon- ' Ijndi and Acampo, w ill not produce suf-
ceritrados show a condition which justi- lficient early fruit for the families of the
lies the 1'nlied Ntntes in intervening I owners. The upricots in these particular
promptly. Now, whnt shape should oni ! sections are very fine nnd usually corn-
intervention take* I mil strongly in hv I niand u good piiie, »o that the loss to the
vor of doing it by thc recognition of the j orchardists will run up into the thousands
republic of Cuba as n free and independ-1of dollni". The late fruit is not affected,
cut nation.   The I'nited Stntes should not
that the president  does know  that  thejly determined to murder both the negn
court expects to rc*ioi1 thnt thc explosion   nnd   his  w ife.  both  of   whom  had  been j
wns due to outside agencies.    Of course   threatened   by   white men  who  disliked
he  has  no "official"  knowledge  of this ■ tho union.    A  door of their cabin was
fact.    To this extent the denials are BO* [broken in nnd   both  the negro nnd  hi-)
curate; beyond this they are misleading,   wife   were   shot down,   but   not   before'
No one for a moment believes that thc i Chalmers had put up a goisl fight against ,
president lacks in ordinary pnidence and  outright.   Although  Chalmers   niceeeded
common sense. It would indeed he remark- j in driving off thc attacking party, they
able if thc administration   was   simply j left him mortally wounded and he died]
groping and stumbling nlong in blind and   before daylight.   This morning the body
•from Mrs. J. H. Mcfllllaa, of 113 Kllburn
Annua, lUokford, 111.
Smelling salts are a prolillc cause of
deafness| all slrong and pungent odors,
particularly those which SCi on the secretory processes, should be uvoid.il hh fains possible.
All tneii arc fools, bul only the wise stop! A shaggy samel may bear S smoiUl
leing so. burden.
declare wnr nguinst a weaker nation. Tut
the burden of the decision upon her by
the simple Course Of recognizing Cuba as
the court will lie. It is doing nothing
nf the kind. The ptcsident told n friend
nl the White house Friday afternoon, lie-
fore the dinner to the Belgian prince, that
he hud uluintlonod the theory of accidental explosion, and when that friend said
to him, "Well, Mr. President, what then
of Matthews, an aged white man who
lived nt Gibson station, was found near
tho Chalmers' cabin pierced with a bullet.
Matthews answers the description given
by Chalmers, before he died, of one of
his iissailniits.
There were evidences that   Matthews'
I body  had  bts'ii dragged  from Chalmers'
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of Schillings Best tea is a sample.
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the president gravely responded, "It means j house to the place when* it was found,
that the Independence of Cuba is writ | A gun lay boide the body, evidently put
ten ill the Irook of fate." j there to give the impression that the dead
Demand Im itiinii Prepared. man had murdered the negro and his wife.
This is the president's exact language. ;     Deputy I'nited States marshals are in
The state department  is already prepar- I vestigating the killing and it  is believed
ing its demand to lie sent to Spain.   De-| thai   the  iiiindcieis  will   Is-  brought   to
niuls from the While house are for the Justice,
purpose Of quieting the public mind. The)
are  ridiculed  Hy  persons  who  have actual knowledge of the situation,
Klnhornte  Melieme.
General Miles prepared an elaborate
scheme contemplating the transfer of infantry and cavalry from the interior posts
•In 14,1101) new
W. im-hi .
I 'HUT-, ami u. ■'
1 1-i.k II Da; Karfish,
Pki:. '."arli- Sprius Tuniir,
'    Karlie.l Krd II...,
1    "    Uiatiiarra. i'... i.uih. r,
fainl o.i.-i ii.wr .ti.-
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mBbl.l'atalogalonete. no. 11
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Aake.i lo del  Onl.
Havana, Murch 1H.   The report is circulated here that S|iain hns requested UlS
United States to remove the lleot now at
Dry Toitugiis and Key West to a greater
distance  from  the t'lilmn  coast, on  the
"I waa dreadfully ill—the doctors
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eyes, and  ■
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I could  not
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stand very long without feeling sick
nml voraltinre.
I also had female weakness, luflr.m*
million of ovuries, painful menstruation, displacement of the womb, iteh-
Ingof the external parts, nnd nice ration
of the womb. I havo had oil these
"The pains I hail to stand were some- j
thing dreadful.     My husband told me .
to try a bottle of Lydla E. rinkliam* ifiEHBJFOS "ESCEIMIVb^LlBi. IU
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yenr druggtat or »ny wholoisl* drug houee, or
from Stewart A Helmet Druf Co.. Seattle..
mcdlclno, which I did, and after talc-   C. E. AUGIE.
to the stations along the seaboard.   Thii I ground that, its presence interferes with I l"8 It for a while, waa cured.'
order  was sent to Hi-cielary Alger, who   the  autonomists  in  inducing  the  insui   I
failed to act on it previous to his depar-1 gents to lay down their arms. i
lure  from home, when he had been up '
WrlU for inrm
prised of the death of his sister. The or
doT is one which does not rciiuire the
immediate movement of troops, but was
golten up to be usod in the event of bos
The diamond mining companies nf
South Africa estimate their losses by theft
ni   £1,000,000 a yenr. of which they r»
cover iilmiit one hull
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\„. i:i.  nx. 5
O V ^V^MWMMW^^^W^^^W^
miuers licence.    That may or may tut
j he a proper charge, but that   was  not
A prospective tariff on all finished t <e question before the House.   It was
lead products imported into Canada
from the United Scutes, or any other
country, would do a good deal towards
stimulating the starting of smelter
enterprises in Canada, and more
especially, in the Koutuuay Miuiug
of this Province, wlure nearly all the
lead, to far produod in tin* Dominion,
is mined und ought to bo suclicd ami
refilled, as the Knotouay District*
f/EiSt and West) produces all iho ores,
wot and dry, containing lead, iron and
copper .-ull.hides, with all the uuons-
saiy (luxes mid vutit'ti".s of ores ne-
ucbhiiiy lo   thu   prolH.ibli:   and   cheap
.-m til. got' the same. And with the
uompli-tioii of the Cow's Nesi Pu»*
K.uli'ouil,  oooil   coke   aud    coal    cun
whether operators in mines should as
such be chargeable with this annual
payment, To us tins tax teems to lie
an anamolous one, and that this question should have been answered in the
negative nnd not in the affirmative a*
was tho case, ltiaan improper tax
in itself rendered still more oppressive
mill invidious by the exemption!* ihjre-
from of operatives in the coil mini's of
the Province.
With such mutter as thn evidence
given before the Crow's Nest Railroad
Qoininisiloti fresh in our mind*, it is
with a good dial of satisfaction thai
we read tlieb.il lately Introduced into
Im delivered  at almost   any   of   the  tin Provincial House prohibiting   ihi
Hotel Selkirk:::
Brandon & Barrett, Props.
lake p'Hits, both the Slocan und
Kooteuny, as c'.ic«p—if not more
cheaply—than any American Smelter
are receiving their supply of ores
or coke. Up lo tha present time, the
inability to get coal and coke delivered into Hie Kootcnnys wniiouc a
long und exp< u~.iv. haul', Willi its attending delays, and the fear of blockades aod suppiy shut off, ihe inducements tor omeHing enterprises u.ve
been lory small—it any-—although it
has been cone, ded by ull sm. lu-r and
milling men, fur tin- List, three yours,
that : he abundance und variety of ores
importation of laborers under contract
into ririti^i Columbia, The bill is introduced, not to p'oti-ot our rwideiil
laborers entirely, but us a proteotio.
to the men brought to our provinpe by
2Q0 Gases Goodwin's Candles
IQO cases Hamilton powder
One car Cumberland coal
9nU one car fresh groceries.
w P_r:§eefli Riglxt
|,orta tdfT?^ SfThel? J. A. M'KINNON & CO.'
promises and Iron clad contracts,   ' '■'   L,   **-r " *
Bill, as wo understmid it, is simply   to-JT <*•**. £iv'42X"to__, B«     0»
do away with the white slavery  wi leh | L
we luivi. seen practised here on eastern I
laborers. Tbe. scale of W8g«-« offered,
bv a line noiitraotora to i.i luos lie unwary laborer to sign contracts :iri\ to
the iiiimls of tho.it; living iu tho older
communities,apparently liigb,but nf'ei
{•'IK- VJMVIlf
Hi is i
(i Lake.
tp to !>alc Service.
and ^stability of Ihe miiies in (he they have worked in this privinoo
Kootensys, woie everything Unit could | where living is in proportion to wages,
be dekired, And ihe Crow's Nestland paid nil the excessive charges
Pats R ulroad w.II settle the fuel sup    brought by   tho  contractors   a-.'aiiisi
ph, and remove the only objection
thai has ever been raised iiy smelter men to the country as a good
place for smelter and I'tiui ig plains.
And,   looking to  the prosperity  and
them lh y find that the ex." SS of tin-it
pay here, over that formerly earned,
has disappeared, often to leave them
in d"bt to their masters, T;ie lull
does not prohibit the importation un-
wi'ltari! of the Provn.ee  and  Oaliada tlei   contract   t)f skilled labor for the
in general, it is to be biped tliut ihe|es»abli.mmt*r,t ofuew iiidustr.eMmong
i authorities  at  Ottawa   w.li  place   a (us, ami alao  excepts teachers,   actors,
elSS tariff on all finish, d l^ai]anists, lccturera and rimers,
of   West Komenay  District      Wheie  p-^«ojjfr, but.it  is  also  to   be   hoped '"--•-'"■--L*-?~r-
In the merry soring lime
-STasT's!   Sarsa/osirilla,
Pee thst vo.i ..'ei the GENUINE
MUr-*Ki~ ~
':.    '3   Saraa-parilla
£&"   I "t Seta bv all I Hading Persists.   __J_I
ibat  they   will  be more   far-sighted
nsnnuiM and General Agi nls,•
,i.jiimn« KBOKEIIS.-.**-.- located-—North of   Fonr-Mile creek,
f!*4f/':-i.!,* oijentfor Silverton Townsite. I    at'out two uiilea from Silverton, 11   O.
crTv-PDiYw   .-»   n                 iTake notice that   I. Charles '•    Hopo, than  Uie   American  authorities,  and
SUA ERTO.L 'd. C.                 Fi*ee Miner's Certificate No   97391. W- ,
-— — -                - : t,,„,i sixty dues fro,, the,.l.,t,- le r. of.  io P""* bo  ^*»«-rlotiou whatever  on  ull |     .-Nt-iough this pinion   ,t ihe Sloeao
< : ■: i riFICATE OF I.\lPRO\ BAIKNTS j;,,,,,), t,, ilu, Minim: K.-.onler nn a Cer- Ane-ricuu oie»~wn     or     dry — thut   is w-il ami   favorably   known   in   tit'
NOTICE—'J. I.   C."  Mineral   r'-iim.  flni-atenf Improvernautaj (or the ii.i. no-*e ,                    -,   ,           j            ,.    |                   ,,                  ,          e i    .
i       ite in the Slot-aii Mini.,-  1-:..-,. n   -f olnaiuiiiu' n Crown Ur.mt oi the am,-,. ib*1   '""y   *H"  '"     s''»''     l!ll°   «■•   m»"U«  *-^ld   a,   a   pmiuoei-of  btfh
<     '•■■ i*st   Kooienay    District      VVii   re clmu.      And   further  take  noiic th.it
1      lod-t- North  of   Fonr-.M. e l'"e action, under section 37, must   ie coin-
rU.uI two miles from 811 verb ",  !'   > meneed before (In- issnauoe ol such Cei-
f-ik.   notice that   I,   Chillies   I'     i  ■ , , : tilieiito of Improvemciits.
!..•  Miner's Certificate No. I'.'. V . H.ileil this lotli day of Fehruarv, l.S'.IS
tend, sixty d.iva from tbe date here. Cms E. lloi'is
:.;';n Id lb" fdinintr Recorder for   '..      j —__j	
.!.• of   Improvements,  for the p ir-   CFRTIFfOATE OF  IMPROVEHENT?'.
lioSi   if olitainini! a Crown Grant  ot ilie ,
claim.   And   further take no';. * ■ NOTICE.—".Mo!'nwk''mincra! claim slt-
•ioti, under section .17. inn i  be      ualo in the SI..can MililftK i'ivicioii ol
• •■! tiefore the isnmnce of sucli j     Went    Kootensy    Hisiricl.       M here
.- . ■■• of Improvements. looatedi    On   Four-AIiie   creek,  a> d
:   'lis l.ith dav of Fehruarv, 1-' nbout tuo miles from Silverton, U.  C.
Ciias E.H.ti:.     Toko notion tbat I, Chariot* E Hope, fro-
  miner's  certificate  No,  07291,   intend
11! ICATE OK I.Ml'KOVEMKNTS.   -dxivday* from Update b.-rcof to apply
ll—"Arena    Fraetion"   Mineral j o the Mining Recorder for a certificate
:,; situate in the Slocan  Mining  "f improvements, for the purpose of ob-
I) v -Mti of West   Kootenay District,  fnlnhig a Crown   (Jrint ol   tbe   above
• located;—North ot Four-Mile .claim.   And further take   notice that
nbout two miles from Silverton,' net ion under section 37.  must  be coin-
[it nieiiccd  before   the issuance of   such
en tint I.   Charles F.  Hope,   Certiliea.e of Impioveuients
country   to   be  smelted   tyd   reUneti,   graie silver.and.lead-Ores,it.is not
L.'i Cauadian railroads haul u; Canadian smell-is smelt ami refine it,   ami
yetgeneraby  knovyn .tbat.tbe yellow
metal is found here m paying qiiunti-
1".     '    i-r's Certificate No. 97291, in-
y days Irom the ilate hereof, to
be Minim.' Recor.ler for a <cr-
.f   ltnpioveu.eiits, for tbe  p.tr-
; ibi.iiuini.'a CroiMi   Grant of Ihe
Uim.    And  further lake notice
on. nnder section 37,  must  he
iced Im-tore the issuance of such
nt-of Improvements.
bis 15th day of l'el'ruarv. 1808
Cn is. E. flora.
Haled Ibis 16th day of Fehruarv. 1898
Ciiab. E. Hoi-k
NOTICE.—"Cres.-ent" Mineral   Claiii'
situate lo the Slooan Muln-| Hivlsioa
of    West   Kootenav  histriet;    Nl'lu-r
located:—North  of   Fair-    il- cisek,
aboul two miles from Silveil..n R t:
Tnke notice thai f, Clmrles E   II .p.*.
Free Miner's Certificate No   97291. in-
i CATKOF IMI'HOVEMFN iS I tcini.ixty days from the dale liercf,   to
;—"Emily     Edlih"     Mineral apply lo the Mining ReOorder for • Or-
M^ . -itnute in  the Slocan   Minim;   titiclc of   Lnproy tiienls,   lor  111"  pur
B     ■        i of  West   Kotmav Di-in.!    pose of obtaining a Crown Grant- of Ihe
V  \\ i   .. jl.Hat.d:—North of  Fonr-Mdejalmveclaim
WsW n .ioiii two miles from Silveiinn,'    An.ifunber take notice tl.it ucii.-n.
j i I under faction ".7, must be coiomeueeil
ice that I, Charles K. ILii-o. j before the lotus u.e o(  wo.b Certificate
•r's Certillcule   No.   97-91,  in- j of lmprov, nieiils.
\ -biys (roni the date hereof, lo      Haled this loth  day of Febrn irv, 189-1
>!ic Miuing Recorder for a Cer-1 Cms E. Hoi-k.
•   -I   lmproveiuents, for the pur-I	
nt.iiiuii'.' a CroiMi l iiiii.I  of ll
Canadians lin.'hb and market it. It ties. Vt in tie opinion of muni
aiII conn- into omnpntitloo with no | mining men*e will soon take a front
class of Ca-iudiau ia'ior and will help rank as a g ild pr »lu:i i^ SAOtion
buildup au industry that will cm- li-vcnt. work and testa mole on the
ploy thousands, -and which will be i Echo and oilier el.uni in tin* iuimediae
s.cuiul to few—iu any—in tbu Do- vicinity, among which are tie L. 11
miuion. Ll- Daisy* Adela and' Queen F.ac-
™*^*^M" ' tion, go to show that w-« are destined
MINKtt'd    LICENSE'S |-0 becom-a large   factor in   Ilie   p.o-
luction of if old ores.
d1ujg store.
0-« *r» • t • . .
pmm m mw   - - -   wwm Mvmi.
Trail BLAZEr cigars.
K.   O.   2v_Cati3_eso2nL-    prop.
With   ibe  ndieni of   spring   there
There has recently been   before   the
Local L-gislature a  0,'ieatiou of great
iiiiportiiuce to a I irg.' diss in this com -
uiiinity.   It *iis whether mineiS woik--
iii-;   in mines as  distinguished from f
in'..- >•••  holding  "in in   more  in  ;--ai
or an  interest in  ••    mineral   ol.  ",
ulioul     ■ -   i ii   i   '   to  lake  >iu*   frei •
» Idevotely h"pej  to)  ^s ih.t  itltvss    f
iiiiinih lie i.» »   A Largo uumbei   of
• hose wh i are at work in mine-, likely I
tbe larger number of them,  bold nn
interest m me or more mineral claims,
llissiiliilii.;: r\otice.
We bejf ti notifv   I lie   l n •' c  thai  the
partii.'i'i'liip'hitle rt i exi-tnn:  Under Ihe
linn n.ime of Aiidcr-ion,   Harvey  & (.'• .
hue.been dissolved by matnsl e-maent,
,, ,      . i John A Harvey ret Inns    The in^i ic-b
w.ll be a largo ... flux of   mining   men ! vyi„ l)(, cirril.(1 ■„_ M  *,,„„. |llliIpr „„.
^controlling   and  representing   a    vast | Turn i.uiiie A nlci>ou& Ilradv. who ivi"
Klllll of IIIOI
iniiiing   enterprises.     Phere   w
cm wild-cat ting («l least   .t  i* to
!   In- AND' RS iN & RRADY.
Ifii verton, 11. C M.ich 28, 1>1>I.
Kaslo & Slocan
tuiiiiiig d es mon tod,.s o.iri-;. inmini-
und hurt adistriol ihi.   any   number
of legitimate Eailares woyld d>   With
very few exceptionf, -vli. r>-  «orn   Ii •
i b-'enprotecuted.during the winter,   it
TIMECABp no. ;.
etisnss   without nniico.
i Paclfle Sisi dsrrl iin.e.
n:Ui i  in   I.. n\p ka-ln ArriveK.,*>ilp in
H:.in    ••   " -,*.n|i Fork "   .--.j.-,   ..
Subj.iet   to
Trains rnn on
001.10 \> :c«t
NO 11 K
•i: .11
I i:l>8
: IH
1,1 Si
('OUKT-Oa* \SM/, .   . i I Ni   '  Pill Mid '■ I'I:.V1
i   dm     And   lurtlier  take  none.
icii ii, niiiler section 87,  must be
ii. tl bclore the i-suauee of sin h
Ceriiii   .. .'i Improvements.
Date I thir loth day of February, lS'iS
Ciias. K. Hon.
I'lllly Joins" M 'iiml
..il.)  in the Slocan  Mining
i   West   Kootenny  D.stiicl
'"d — North of Four-Mile
il iwo mi es bom Blveiion,
i oat I, Charles E. Hniie,
■ Certiliea.e No.  07-01,  in-
.   l.'i-. from the dale hereof, to
lining Recorder for a Cer-
i uprovemei t-.,  for ' ie p ir
I oh  iininj.' a t    .wn lirsint of the
ill  ive c!,.iui. ' And  (niiber  lake noiic.
tciiou. under section  .17, musl be
fore the issuance of such
•i liiipiovcmrnls
Rob l&th .lay of Febnunv J8'.»S
Ciias   E   Hoik
:•; i I'K.VKMI'.NI-
vi       i     Roy"    Mineral
ini.ite in   tin'   Slocsn   Minllia!
Hivision  ul West Kootenav   Dlsirict.
led:—North of Four-Mile
two miles from bilverton,
imt I, Chorlea E.  Hope,
Silverton News Co.
rrnil-*' and loiilodiouery, Toluceiw,
Olid in   r> ifard   to   lh>-se   no  ipi.-tnion   , ,   . . .    -f O'      nnd Tu miei .i    I   '        i
1 b--e|ipro»ecuted.during th- »inf r,   ir '  , ,,.   „ _„. .,,
was raised   b was cmiceiled that they.      ' . ..    ,,  . ,     '       •»''•■• 'f  *■" • .
< I has *bown up delined led es, ndheatly    m  nn lltt'ilalcc     I v*i  .■   vi*   -
were   properly  char'eublr.   w.th   tliis ..       .__  ; ■_        j       ., , t   .it N  n Monday,   'be  :•
v    v     i           n                                  e\ -rythinu I. .8   i.epi ived «rh s(xk.            .   ,          lt„,,                  •
annual UX of#5. but in additiou to n     ,.,„,, , Hav of Jhw, IW3
0 uiitl   lig.t.uia •   strikes hs». beei       T Wii ol U> aid, on  M.,.,l,iy, I ., _
-;i oiiIh » " 2:15
^ hltewutsr " 2;01
Be.ir Ij.k.- " . :4,*t
Mrbnlgafi " l .:i,s
Junction " \ \>
. S.-,n Ion 1,-iivc I On
;•» '■-UT fRVI   <i.
Oe i  Fr. i.bi ..nd :V
All the I.i.ie»t IV.iodic*!*, Inclndlim the
Lcu.li'ig Daily Papers of ll.e  W .rl 1
Blank Hooks, Receipt Rooks, Stationery.
SiipKcri|.tioiu- rcieive.l f a j|| fnaga-
ziiic^     C;>uicoiis   ireutmect.
-II.VKi        .,       .       - B. 6.
■rliliciit,. No. 07201, in
■ irom 'in- date hereof,  to
[lull ader for a Cei-
ioi -,  for Ibe pur-
' ■ uinjr :i •   own Orant of Ihe
i.    And  lurll or take notice
, nnder section  ;17, must be
ii   >     I lioforo tho issuance of such
i     if Improvements.
i    ,s lath day of Februai*
Ciiss. E, i......
Mrs.   Mathi son
.Ins tie n i- doubtless not »n inuonsid
erubl- number who ar at present ui-
der the ii -c-ssity of holding free millers
lieenicS simply tliHi, tiny uny be op-
eritorn in iiiineg The OUUltiou Wis by
■ vol'- of 1G In 1 1 decided in tin' L"g-
laisture tinii ibis annuel tax  must i.e
paid by tliom.
To us this l'c;-b.i seems to bo entirely wrong. Tie si persons pay ut
pre.-e.i* tbe personal tn.x of tf'i. ,in-
iiinlly in addition to this annual tax
of |S.. an.1 blw In addition to the sh • A dej utstion of ladies repreei i tins
■iu ,i tax levied on an) property which th, W.tT.U waited upon the QoV»
tbeyiiuj hold. As well tux u faun J .•ii.ni.rit .i few day, uga in reference to
lubnifo nrncliikiu a stoie 'Ins sum Ifhji liquor traffic in Ibe Yukon, The
annually in addition to otbei I x tp ;, Hon. Mr. M:fto., in teplying itated
■In i , hi i. Us charge the mini laborer j fnt do p'nn.l- had b en granted tins
Wi-Hre eiiiirely out of «v u.iatliy with   year, and thst  thos,   that   been   pie-
ii u mil "ti , .-nd it has b* m fain
ileinoii-tiHt. .1 thai t.,e veins up Ftuii
Mile crc !: nnd vicinity go down, in
prove v-.itli depth, and tlia' the ipiue ,
are here to «trt~. Jl iijilg men ki.•)«■ |
I tliese things when iheysei - In m, nnd'
; have no liei: itioh to i.i-.i k; h.  a   all   I
I tr.ct llliiti. ih'« I'll    p-'iv.'d    ilfi.      S.J  wi
may    look  foi   u   uood   u my    : >*{( to
bo eoii^u eivAteii this Spring, and mm
properties starten up.
III   .III,.' .  I ■'!'
Hi Com    •
J.\ lis It iKl'R,
I'l'.tl  hi;         I,
Privii.cs  S     i-'   ■ '   'i lit!
Hi,   '.. ••!"      Ill    ■
or.. I-: i.,'.)i,;*,iJ
N.», -inperi iten.lent
P* f •
* :A» r a
id Sqcj ij«cific Lina
Is tbe' ii
SfTi     Inter   iticuai ' nn.l   "Al!i •- fa
m K ioti nm Lake and River.
Five-Mile  Point miiirt-eiioii wllh al
, l'11-.-e.ii.ei   irai.ia  of N  4F   S  UK, ro
fori    ■• »n.l iii .si   I'm-t, "■"■.   "'""'    K«rtbport,   QowIhwI   and
For Dress    Goods.    Millinery, fancy
goods. Confectioner and Haktr.
B. c
1N0T7        PUBLIC.
SILVERTON,      -      »       ,
viously jirmi *.e«l were for private cbhv-
kOhiption, i,o. for sole. He. along
with Mi Fishei and M.. Fielding,»s-
-.ur.'d the deputation that the government Mould do what it could to com-
| ^   ,|,0 *    . I     ' ,1 ,1 '      VICT   I- IM,     III   -m       I'll!'   V . "I        "vn,,,,,,,        nun
[(out. ii 'runts l.  sr    r.. P-| ■12f.',llJ"   Tiilteta and baggage checked
elb .'.,.- an! !'• -..• Incill     ons ,''  '   's,.   »]«■•*.      „ ,
To  'ie Rub   Wiulno   I>sui .- of '     , ,,'-1"    ''   nelson  nnd  nay
this oppressive and invidious   lux     I',
has nothing to justify it.
What niuk's the case   worse  is  (Hat
operators in   lin-   coal   mines   in   the
oviuco ore not required to pay  tins
ti.x    Why   this  invidious riintiuutiou   ply With their  nqn-:
between such minus mid those   >iork-     The pool starring meg id ihe frosting In the iiiftiillitVinu-. iiiiu■. of tbe bound Elondyk'*.      How   delighted
Province 1   Weconi'iss ill,I »e nie not j ihey will be loSee the interest taken in
able to cee uny just gnu rU for  diff-'(hem by tin ladies.      Ye: wouldn't it
emit ti.'ii'ini i,t by  the legislators of '• be b tier lo let then, have   tin-   whiS-l
(beta i different ci. res of minors,       l:> snd die a natural tlt-utlil
We  rep»at   th.it  this   is   a   totally  ______
different question (mm the  other   Oil.       F " V,H lo •' ,,,,U' ,l,,ve ,,,"'" ''''"•*•")-'
out ot a .unci since  the  Origin   nf   that
New Toiiiisi Car Sor. ic.- iisili to Si
Petti.     I»-.11y  [ x'i pi   I uesilai ]   lo
Eastern Cans usn nml Unlfedtsuttes
j'i ids.    M gni    i.-ii  SIcpiiiK  und
Da im; C us on .il1 Trains.
»belle r those win, hold an mt re. t  in
,    .  .        ,     ,,   ,                   ,. town      Now Mini tbey .ire t'oin. to have
a nine rul c ami  should   be  • n.-n-c;.! U ,              ,,                , ,  ,              ,
UP       ,t- a |,n Weiy linn can   drink   out   of  two
D. C   with this annual fee cf «)j. (or a  frej pancl-j.-Inlcrnatioual.
Daily Conm.'.ion [eneeptiog 8on-
:. l   vis  Uoseher.v    tf OS  n,   m
Iimvi.m* U.eiton; arrives 4.80p.  in.
Asoetiain   Prusenl   Ueduc ■!   Rites
Amlfi.il In oniuitjii. by   AdilliSSSllig
Nearosl i,<»n\ Ageui, or
VV, s CLAUK, A gen I Silverton.
W  F  AM>!:K-ON,Trav  Pass   Agt„
I...I COYLE, Diet, Pnss, Agt„
•    •    \B   FOIMII.
, I"i. Is dully, I'x.i'i t Sun hiv, 5:45 a   m
ArriVu .Noi'lipn.t, 12-15 p. n.'.: Rossland,
a:-10 p, in. ; Ftpokane, Op  in
Uave Nelson fm Essin and way
1 '1'tf dflilv. excepi Sninlav. 4:.'I6 p. m.
I. sve Rpokime, s a, m.; Komland, lo :80
a.m.; Northport, 1 "iO p  in.
.Leave Nelson lor Knslo. et^., Tues.,
Wed.. rimr Kri ,Sat., 8:110 a. m.: arrive Kaslo, 12.:;0p m.
I.eiiv Kiiraln for Nelson, etc, Mon.,
foos.. Wed . Tburs., Fri, 4 p. m.;sr-
uve Nelson, *p   m
IIOXNMi'n   i icuhv    ano   koots.s •.*■
'  ' '•''  Ka»(o Saturday 1 p.ni, ; arrive
1 1'tfJ   inilniclit;   a'rr've    Ronnerli
Ferry Hundaj 10..'5i)a. m.
lenvc H.ntn- i-*h Ferry Siinila.v 1 p.m.)
arrive Boundary Miin'dsy 5 p.m., arrive Kaslo Hntnbiv 10 a. in.
('lone coiiiieciion nt Bonner's Fmry
with irains rasl-bonnd, Innvinur Bpo*
V line 7:111 a in., and westbound uriiv-
iiK' -p ik itio 7 p. in.
G. AI.KX \ \UKR,Genenil Manager,
K l-lr
.' . '),: )'*or 1,1807,


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