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The Silvertonian 1900-01-06

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I (ill Luai
And Up To Date
Mining News
Of The Richest
Camp  Of  British
of The Slocan and Otlier
Mining Districts.
llimiiiriri lie Will.
\ .-tiike hns lately been made near
town that will no doubt result lo the
opening up of another mine within lens
thnn one mile of Silverton, Ihis Bt ri Uo
has I een made on the Freddy claim,
which lies just bfttow and adjoining ths
Noonday mine. Homo time into lhe
owners Nixon anl Turner of Nelson,
st.wted n cro>s-cnt tunnel a short
iilgtitnco below the Wauou bridge on tlm
tlillena Farm road, whicli crosses the
property, with the hopes ol finding the
Noonday ledge which crosses the pro-
peity but could not ho found on the
surface. The tunning of thi* cross-cut,
blind, was made necessary by the fact
1 lull the surface wash all over this claim
in loo deep to allow ot any surface indications "I the ledge being shown, and
1 he only thing to do was to get tho strike
of the vein nd near as possible and drive
■1 tunnel to cut it. The tunnel after
lieing diiven nearly 75 ioet encountered
what i-i no doubt the Noonday vein.
The vein where cut is over six feet wide
.nl is filled with ledge matter carrying
n fair grade of concentrating ore.
Drifting has been started on thc ledgj
mid unices all indications ate ut (null it
will nol be long Iiefore wo will be able
in chronicle lhe cutting of another rich
ore si.i:le in this vein. The finding of
|he vein on tlie Freddy only leaves one
< Iul in, ihe Adel.i, between the Nootiday
nnd 'In- l.aUe mi whieh this win has not
A full force of mineis ure engaged nt
the Hewett mine aud ihat property is
rapidly being put upon a shipping basis,
Owing to tho danger from snowslides
work on the A. E. property ou Red
.Mountain has temporarily been suspended.
The crew of tho Roi•kliiud, who wero
In town for the holiday, hnve gone hack
to work and the long cru.is-cut is again
being pushed ahead.
Hill Bros, delivered 2.1 000 feet of lumber hero yesterday, pint ioi lhe Wakefield mine buildings and pari tor the terminus building of the train way.
On the Qtioen Prattlou, which was
idledurlng the holidays, work ha-, been
resumed and a line show ing ul oie  is   1:1
the luce of th'i tunnel being driven.
A ^,500 payment on tlm Noonday
bond, which tell due IllBt Wednesday,
was promptly met by the nuwagemeirt.
Considerable development work is now-
being done around that properly.
A Vancouver story tells how''Harry"
Senklcr, a well kn.iwn barrister of Unit
cily, objected 'o an Englishman's deflpj
Itl'ori Of it Canadian AS a "Ninth Amer*
lean Chinaman." Soukler gave the
islnintn, who happened 10 he a re-
Local woodmen will noto lhe  warning
publishcil in 0111 ii'lvei'tisi ng columns.
tired a,my officer, one minute In which I   Knoll->-'11 8now ,,IW ,H,'V f"11"" '" ,uakc
 1 ..I..: .1.1.. .  1  1   (f 011|. Qll|ce0g
to iipologisiMtnd il'cii, noiuiology bilog good sleighingand sovernl
forthcoming, proceeded to piay a tutoo|aretskingadvantage of it to lay in  u
on bis features,    The Englishman now I Hiipply- of wood.
guards his tongue, while Sonkle'r i* Icing 1
pressed to uae bis popularity ns .1 slep lo     Tho lKw< Mr' 1""r:lM
the Mayoralty chair. Ifnniiiy
Work   has   been   suspended   for  the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
winter on the L.  II. cUlin,   Tnis pro- 1
periy has had a large aindiiul ol fin-1 Thore is now allkellhood, ot that dread
provetnentadone upou It last year aridl■oourgoot Asia, the bubonic plague,
is in good shape for continued  develop- j reaching tho Pucillc const  lie fore   many
ment iu tho spring.
will   bring his
over from   Vast Kootenay and
tile il )wil iu New Deliver.    He  ii   1111-
A disappointed Chinese swain of Vic-, able lo lind n vacant home here.
torin sought to avenge his   wrongs  by,  ,.,,,.
,, 111 While nlieiMiiiit the  fibooting match
blowing up a mission house in that city |
on Christmas day. Had this happened Il,ero "" S»w Year's Hay, Howard I'er-
in Ium nalive lund it would hive been 1111 ; kins of New DjiiVf-r had the tuisfnruino
outrage woith nt it ast n thousand squaro j to lo6e n valuable gold watch.
Divisi. RgRVIC-B will be held ill Silver-
tun next Sunday etening at "..SO. everyone is curdi.i.li Invited io attend.—John
(I. Duncan, Presbyterian Minister.
LOST—On Lilko Ave., between The
Wm. Hunter Co's store and .Mr. Bene-
dnm's residence, a fur boa,    The finder
will oblige hy leaving same ut this office.
School reopens on Monday in the
church. Tin) non arrival nf the desks
for the new school-house keeps the
children out ot their more comfortable
miles of territory. Had n Slocan miner
made a playful tise of a slick or two of
; __;i..tit around gomp empty bunk house
what ■•. howl would go up from Hi" coasi
papers and what a stiffening there would
Ik: in the pi ice oi deputies. Hut as it
happened to ue n Chinaman in n Chinese
I loving city, i' iiuscH scarcely it ripple  in
j the Journalistic pond.
11JJA J 1 ? g j I
©Il-rrertori, S C-
And Yet Another   Strike.
een found, and   whatever  cill   ii  Ims
een found to contain pay ore.
Brian  W
Xr t Mm.
The ss.   Slocan   wan   lied up   nl our
wharf lor n sheet time last mgdt owing
tb the deck crew refusing   to  work  any
longer unless ihey were   allowed  something for the overtime they were  doing
The trouble was  snfflcenlly   patched  up
ao that the   deck   bunds   contented   to
serve   until Slocau   City   was   reached.
The pay these men me receiving Is only
t'A's. per month,   in tins coin.Iiy of high I,],.,.,_,,'
livinu and it looks reasoiiahl.:   that they
-h.in.d   be   paid   extra    fur
seeing.i|.i,ey are required to do
inure inoiitlis or even weeks
This scourge lsa!ieady bu>-i
filling graviyauis in both China and
Japan. Already it has reache 1 the
halfway station of the Pacific, iho Sandwich Islands, where the plague is playing
havoc among the Chinese of Honolulu.
Ihiiniis to a defective immigration law
and the fear ot hurting the Chloatnans
feelings nnd thus reducing our export
trade of riitii   nnd   tftisflon&tles to  the
mav pack, j
at  work huertere.
All work in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left nt the Silveiton Drug Store, wil
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Dove I
lbs well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs UlC lil'AIIAXTKItll IOII ONK YKAH.*
The New Year was usbured in by a
trolley froir ull the mx->-hooters and riflos
in the town, witli an  accompaniment of
triuie Ol nun   ntni   missionaries to   inei
land of Chinks, Canada wili no doubt Mpwoeot  Oae of our clUseos, awak-
.,, , . . ...,., • ...1.... (•-....   o Tr_..,u.Jul   ,1,,..,,,        tlmlltfht
have this plague introduced   within her
; borders by these  people.    Tbo   Chinese
[quarters  ol  our Coast   Cities   arc  fu
abiding places for uny filliiy ur loathsome
and   will   no   doubt   UHkofuic
eidng Pini a Transvaal dieani, thought
hiiii-.ii'trancported to Ladysmith, with
its bursting bomlM and counter filing,
Tl.e turkey shoot, held here the early
pari   ol  iho  week,  gave considerable
melt une
__••   much
..■.-.__..-..-  ...... w  ..„ .._..         .,    _,.   .._„   ..__
I breeding grounds for the plague to spread   iporl lo the gunners, although  no  grent
• .: ■ :_..!..!.._..!
The I.eLiniiiri'i oi Ibe now year.sees
iiri.w d<\ 11 .pin'enf wtlik <*omnirtiCfd un
|hi-He|ciilei cluim on Red Mourtaiu.
Tl.id pioperty lies directly below ai.d
ji.ij 11.ing the A 1" claini'' and txtends
limii (hut piopeiiy tXovrti to Smith's
1 inch, 'ihe A.l-'. ledge has been traced
ibe eniiie h ngih of l>'c claim and it is
(ill this ledge ihat development work is
in be 1I1 nc Tl**; property is what is
I; now n us n twUl-oopper proposition, and
ihe h-ilge is nearly if not quite 100 leet
wide. A muip'.e taken across its entire
wi lib on ibe surface gave assay returns
of ijii to the ^on in gold hnd copper,
which is n big asf-ay return for rock of
ihis ebsructdf taken from the Burfnce.
The strike ot lhe ledge is easterly and
Westerly w irtt a pitch or dip south, into
ihe mountain,.ot about 45 degrees. The
piopcrty is 10.lie developed by a system
nf tunnels, (lielay of the ground being
inch thai tunnels can he driven directly
mi the Ic'ge and will gain from 60 to 75
feel nl verlicsl depth for every 100 feet
pf itiunel diiven.   The owners Frank L.
i'ljroti. 11. C. Wheeler and Geo. A.
Jackson intend to push work on it and
lhe property thoroughly prospected this
An Event In Socicly.
The principle society   event   of   the
from. As the plague will no doubt find
Iho laiv'M peiicnlage of lis victims
among eur Chinese it will not he olto-
gi ther harmful as we hope and believe
that outside of   the   Chinese   quarters it
can easily bo stamped out.   Its arrlvs J
may be the means of solving lhe Chines '
problem which unless solved soon will
of itself breed trouble.
auio'Hit of sharpshoollng w is I indulged
in.   Several New Denver riflemen, ac-
com'penied by a squad of Rough Riders, 1
Wi re present at the butts anil eariic I oil"
their share 0! the prise's.
THE    UAH   18   SUrPLIED   WITH   PEST   BEANfiS    OF
Id.   **\\*Zm   STr^o-^vTles,    Prop.
l.isir.ili.M   M,\\  I'miliutioii.
season, 10 far, has l«en lhe (jainiuel and
stug Uauco given lust night ut the Smith
Ranch, on  Trust-io-luck Flats   nt   iho
loot  of   Red   Mountain.    Tho invited
guests, who Included ol  Ihe  bis mine
i operators from Iho   Scratch  liravel dis-
ttict at Iho head  of Eight  Mile   creek
to Whiskey   Point at   tbe  mou'.h ol it,
urrived  early   enough   to ulloa ol iheir
removing   tne bichloride  ol   work   and!
copper  slams   from   iheir   faces helot-■
uppciiring    ut   tho    table.    The   gilcMB j
were iiliiied iu honor of the occasion   in
new overalls, splendid appetites und  ull     ,nu'i.
the  whiskers  they had   accmnmulated \    Tom Ardiel is tracking
since ieuvu.g town,   l'loutv   of turkeys I Red Mountain frsy.
and   boda-waler   wus   provided   und an
hilarious evening wus pasted, only one
accident happening to mar tlie occasion,
that    being    caused     by    snow  wiuei
having leaked into one ul the sodu-wulei
Pottles, and cutting one if the guests  to
sivt'iir   be  was    poisoned     Alter   ibe
banquet iiHEomcof ibe giiesiscouii'laiiicd
of thut tited feeling ihey weie made
comfortable under Hie taub', uml taking
it ull together it was tbe 111 is I   successful
stagilauei.' of the season.
One of our local divines circulated a
petiiion among uur citizens last week,
seeking signatures unking for n discontinuance of Bnnday work. We understand ihat one signed the paper.
hurl) Pi'isunal Parafrtpbi.
Mis. Ilyluiel ia visiting friends iu New
Tn   The   War.
Tho mineral  production of Australia
for lsOH _.ud fvr nil ti'mo codiuar With tlie
flose ol istu, iu given iu the following:
180S, All time.
«i"ld  ^'.2,250,925 $2,000,138,742
r Uei uml lea I..9,874,347
Copper ..*».... 4,481,849
|in  ...    .'....    996,148
Coal  ,::.,'.'9,733,097
icr minerals. 1,363,635
"l'u" said ihe small boy, Llscjeslook
ing longingly   nt iho new  iiieciuiniual
toy, "you've sliowed mu bow io work  it
now for an hour,   lait ine u\ ,'.'***Kx,
First Populist—They say bread in
Kimberly is scion' at three shillings a
loaf." Second Populist—"It must be
aggravating lo lutvobiicliasituool uiiuiis
an' nol beuhio lo blame it on a '■••-'
Totals.... 488,649,001 12,618,208,012
'Iho machinery and buckets arrived
here ou Weduesday for tbe Wakefield
1 mm way, and aro being taken up and put
into push inn ns fast as possible. Accordingly j'ii u very few days tbis piece
of the many improvements that are
being put up by tbis mining company
yi,|ll be completed and in running order.
T. Kelly IsdQWU from Thin- Folks for
a lew days, acquiring a city polish.
Miss Diineiin returned Oil Wednesday
Irom ber holiday tilpto Vancouver.
Ilerl Wilhelm, who left hem last week
for Slocan li'y, will preside ovei lhe
lance nt the ArllniitOU miiiH.
Fi, Raratnslmeyer, who hits tnken up
his residence In Nel* n f'-r ids lime being, has been visiting the SI. -an dtuing
the wiek.
II. Brady, wlm spent Christmas a-
inoiig hi-, friends her.-, It [| nn Ins return
io Dawson, N. w. r. i.n-t Monday, II-
will go via Benttlo.
J. Kirkpatrick left ymdorday lor ihe
llalcvon Springs, where he will Spend  a
few days Iiefore leaving (or the tSnal
lie will return Co Silverton lorn few days
j hefoie commencing his transcontinental
L It. Forbes will represent the Sk-
can iu the Brltlsli-Boer war. He left
last Monday to join (be Second Contingent and was given an eiilhu iaatic send-
off by his many envious Blooan friends,
the New Denver Band and many friends
iiecoinpaiiing him as far as Rosebery,
Mr. Forbes wus presented by ihe citizens
of  Silveiton    and  New   Denver  with a
puree of $187., to lighten his journey in
s.aitli Africa, 'lie presentation was
made by Miring Recorder Mclnnis, just
us Mi, Forbes was prepared to board tlio
We are authorised by Mr. Forbes to
thnnk   the  people   of  S iverton   lor the
many i.i\ois he has received al their 1
1 bunds.
inc. Bilvkrtonias wishes him hick on !
. bis j urucy an 1 s safe return.
Are You Looking For
l,n:i:sciii:ii.  Tho Tailor:  Silwrton, B..C.
A-WAm •
Min'i'.n Idl 1 ll.i|i|Miiili_lN.
I roin 0111 own  (lorrespi ndent, 1
,i .ps.'-..'
Knmn beautiful specimens of polished
onyx and marble are being shown by
^'liief eugifftier R.H. Crosby, of the ss.
Slocan, .'-Ifl.'.lfia .many frlendB. These
specimens come from the quarries ol the
North American Marble and Onyx Co,
of Spokane, w_noae.-quarri.tv. hn- situated
near Valley staitwon the Spik.iie Falls
a^d Northern.
The Widow—Why wus Minerva called
the gotlcHs of wisdom?
The lJatchclor—Probably because she
never niurned.
Tbe Widow—Tneu why whs Solomon,
who had several hundred wn.s, called
lhe wiBt-Ht ot men?
"I suppose you are u believer in harmony," raid ibe garrulous burlier.
/bomeiimus 1 um and somciiuioH I um
not," replied tho locul politician.
How's that?"
- "Well, luke your business for exam-
pie," answered Ilie 1. p., "1 lull lo see,
just why you and jour razor should pull
"'All is not gold thut glitters'   but I
you can bei your sweei uie il uim uiuo." j
You know the mighty legion
Who annually repent.
And begin the gladsome New Yenr
Willi the best ol good in.cnt;
But Ihey Stumble by the wayside,
And Ihey always conic to grief,
For Ihey do not slick the page down
When Ihey turn tho little leaf,
Hut we (Ind them all excuses,
For human 'lis lo eir,
And we ourselvel may falter,
So we Cannot demur;
And as lor ItKIO,
Wo must repeat our grace,
And shield the cuing brother
Who fails lo take u race.
Hut just iiiiotliei twelvemonth
Si all we tolerate Iheir sins.
We're on our best behavior
When the Century begins,
We've no mere) mi the fellow
Who spile of vows nnd tears,
Oan't keep his resolutions
Onco in a hundred years.
Mr. lined  Msnslleld, tin    incesatull
' (oniulir of Can,p Mansfield und the promoter of many Impoitatit mining deals
In Coffee Creek properties, bus left the
Mocun for a short time. H? suils on the
isth Inst tor New Dealand on a business
and pleasure trip ot a few months, ex
i p.cling to n turn to Slocan nbout April.
10. Mr, Mnnsliehl has earned an envi-
able reputation among lie prospectors
with whom helms been dealing so extensively ih.ring the past year. All his
Slocun blends wish him a pleasant voyage nnd an cnily return.
A reception was given Ibis week by
Mi. I'rovost to his many Slocan friends
at his residence in ltriindoi'., at which n
splendid supper whb served. After supper, Mr. A, Teeter was cnlle.il upon to
act as toast-master, and called upon your
correspondeut ns the first speaker. He
was followed by I). McVnnce, I'. Mc-
Guiro. II L. Fife, Jell' Ihity, Geo. Henderson, John F'aley, T. Sloan and Joe.
Fnrviance, wlto lauded their host and
his wife, she being now visiting n,t her
old home In Quebec,    One of ihe guests
was presented with a hotupiet of pansies
fiesh picked from the host's gulden, a
striking proof of Ihe mildness of Ihn
Slocan nInter,
Uefore leaving, thn guests gave three
cbcei-fur the Qiieeii and Ihe Canu^iaii
voliinteits in Smith Africa.
Silverion, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Knslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood,
• ^>/ <_;;,•»   ■ d*.JV'.-    Im
■ twsvmnari wKAWir**rrL:*!i
• r <».i * *.*. V IVH >■*»
iM'AI-MI'.ei'.'ltili k«m .A*, ft A*, n »_■..*•«»•«.«! •_'*•».■•-».•»»<•  »«-' *•■***+* " ..*■■"..* u\- «.■>"- •> f* • *• *t*i.*,-1 ISW8 OF THE WORLD IH BRIEF
A Ca«»Ut« ■•*** •» «*• ■»•■«• *o*
tha Paat Waak la TM* aa* Vmtele*
Ui.«»-8»»ssarls^ Vtmm ta. l**U
Mt Ofpafhr*.
lows capitalists invest in large tracts of
Texas rice lands.
Roberts and Kitchener have sailed from
Gibraltar for Cape Town. ...,.„
Philadelphia will equip an hospital ship
to be sent to the Transvaal.
A recent snovvslide hit the White Pass
A Yukon Railroad rotary outfit.
Cincinnati democrats are preparing to
make a hard tight for the convention.
The I-owcll Anns Company, a sporting
good* firm of Itoston, has gone under.
A blizzard was sweeping over Alaska
in Ihe vicinity of Skagway on Dec. 22.
An unknown bark and 18 men were recently swallowed by the sea near Norfolk,
K. 0. Hodges k Co., bunkers and
broken of Iloston, huve suspended business.
Hy recent proclamation, the queen warns
Hritish   subjects   against   assisting   the
Boars. .
Chicago letter carriers have withdrawn
from the oiganization of the Knights of
Director Roberts of the mint says greed
in speculation is the prime cause of tight
A petition is being drawn up by the
shippers of the country against raising
the rates.
Railroad men purchase a valuable tract
ol lund in Arizona and expect to open up
a /ine district.
The striking French coal miners recently
made a big demonstration, but were held
back by officers.
Pennsylvania coal miners want an in
crease of wages, and threaten to strike it
il is not granted.
investigation of the cause of the wreck
in Kendrick canyon found that the trainmen were lo blame.
France hopes for trouble between Eng-
hind and the United States, ami is much
pleased wilh the prospect.
Emily Drake of limndon, Man., waa
hung for killing her mother because she
was jealous of her children.
Alderman George Hill of Milwaukee,
Wis., committed suicide recently by shooting himself through the head.
N. F. Hayward was ai rested in Portland,
Ore., by the police on a charge of murder,
committed at Farmington, Utah, over a
year ago.
Prof. Kliot V. Couez of Washington, D.
('., the world-famed ornithologist und sii
enlist, is dead at Johns Hopkins hospital,
The celebrated Pinnacle rock, which
overhung Cumberland gup, and wus ■
noted natural spectacle, has fallen from
the lofty height.
The boiler of a locomotive on the Denver k Rio Grande railroad blew up ut
Minturn, Col., killing Engineer IJiiacken-
badly that he died a few hours later.
The Rank of Montreal has subscribed
$10,1)00 to the rebel fund for the British
soldiers in South Africa, 'ine directors of
Ihe bank added $7;">0U to this amount in
personal subscriptions.
Seven Indians, including two squaws,
were drowned a short distance west of
Ashcroft, II. C, by the upsetting of a
canoe in whicli they were attempting lo
cross the Thompson river.
tire recently destroyed tlie wholesale
and retail dry goods establishment of Ceo.
Dt'wuld k Co., and the crockery stoie of
M. !■'. Ka.ig, of Fort Wayne, Ind., causing
an aggregate loss of (200,000.
During a riol among 47 negro men and
women on a trolley car iu Morrisiana,
New Vork, one man was fatally shot and
two were dangerously wounded. Charles
Tj.i-.-v, who did the shooting, was arrested.
American goods have neen confiscated
by the British in heavy amounts An export agent of New York says his merchandise was consigned to a reputable linn in
l.iiicii/n Marquez, and he objects to losing
his money.
Tke recent Nooksack river flood caused
great damage to farms and buildings. Five
of seven bridges over the stream have been
swept away. Rain and a chinuok wind
suddenly melted the snow in the mountains.
The escape of Winston Churchill was
narrow. He eluded liie Boers for over
•even days by hiding during the day and
uneaking along the railroad at night. He
was hidden under a huge pile of sacks
while the lloers searched for him.
The bank of Montreal shipped $300 -
000 gold to Canada.
Eleven millions In bonds was voted
for public Improvements In San Francisco.
"Kid Parker,, of Denver, knocked out
Tom Morlarlty of Boston, In the 10th
round of a twenty-round "go."
The disappearance of L. C. Phillips,
a leading hardware merchant of Port
Townsend, Is shrouded In mystery.
Adjutant General Corbin reports that
the contributions to the Lawton relief
fund amounted to $30,525 Saturday.
Hi-Congressman Michael Griffith, of
Eau Claire, Wis., head of the state tax
commission, died suddenly this evening In his office of apoplexy.
Thos. Mackellar, senior member of
the Arm of Mackellar, Smith k Jordan
type founders, died of pneumonia at his
home In Germantown Saturday.
The Cheyenne flyer on the Union Pacific railroad crashed Into the Boulder
Valley train at Brighton, Col. One
man was killed and 14 persons Injured
The past year In trade shows failures
fewer In number than for the last seven
years, and vast Increases In the capaci-
ty and earning power of the Nation's
fes^f I0"'80"' °f NeW Y0rk' » Duressor of languages, mistook his wife
Z\\b"rg!ar,durln«the "Wit and shot
her st their Lome lo Mount Vernon N
Y. Mrs! Morrison exonerates her husband from all blame. He Is almost Insane from grief.     Mrs. Morrison may
At New York the Jury in tbe trial of
William Neufeldt for the killing ot his
cousin, Mrs. Nathan Kronman, returned a verdict of guilty of murder in the
first degree.
Pool Grlnslead, editor of tho Wath-
ena Star at Troy, Montana, was sentenced ln the district court to 11
months In the county Jail under a conviction of criminal libel.
Applicants for pensions by the soldiers of the Spanish war, Pacific coast,
number 701, divided as follows: Washington, 183;   California, 258;  Oregon,
Rev. Sylvester Malone, pastor of the
Roman Catholic Church of St. Peter
nnd St Paul, Brooklyn, and a member
of the board of regents of the University of New York, Is dead.
Charles S. Kendall, of New York, formerly u manufacturer of sash, doors
and blinds, has died a petition In bankruptcy. His liabilities are $385,875, of
which $181,875 is unsecured.
The two seven-story buildings at 425
to 435 East twenty-fourth street, N. Y.,
occupied principally by the wall paper
factory of William Campbell & Co., nre
destroyed by tire. The loss Is fully
A large German mall steamer, believed to be one of the Hamburg-American lineers, has gone aground during
a gale In East bay, about a quarter of a
mile off Dungeness, the southern extremity of Kent.
Jim Hill to let employees In on the
ground floor and sell them stock.
Shares now worth $175 will be disposed
of to the Great Northern workmen at
par, and no large blocks will be allot-
ed to any one man.
Norvnl Baptle, the Bathgate, N. D.,
skater, covered a mile on the ice at
Lake Mlnnetonka ln 2:08 flat. This is
claimed to be i% seconds faster than
the time made by Tlm Donahue, ot
New burg, N. J., some yars ago.
The ship Eclipse, 52 days from New
Castle, was struck by a squall or water
spout on December 22 and in five seconds her mast had gone, 13 sails were
split and one seaman, who was aloft,
was carried away so far from the ship
that he was never seen again.
Dr. Wickliff Smith, of Indianapolis,
surgeon of t he 16th Indiana regiment,
was killed together with his Cuban boy
Francisco Sousa, three miles from Delphi by a Wabash train. Both were
bundled up so that they did not hear
the train and drove on the track.
Alfred Borllni, the defaulting teller
of the American Bank k Trust Company, is no longer in the custody of thc
sheriff. His shortages have been made
good by friends and the bank officials
have signed a document releasing him
from all further claims or demands.
As a consequence there will be no prosecution.     The amount paid was $7800.
Eugene V. Smalley, editor and publisher of the Northwest Magazine, is
dead at his home in St. Paul. As a
newspaper nun, author and publisher,
Mr. Smalley was one of the most widely
known writers o fthenorthwes t. As a
political correspondent he had traveled
through almost every state in the union
He was president ot the National
Sound Money League.
Manila, .Ian.
eral  Lawton,
iiiiIiiii'»   l-'inii-riil.
1.—The funeral of
who was  killed    at
December is, was held with
pressive ceremonies. The remains were
conveyed from Pace cemetery down the
Luiiela to Pasig and thence In lhe transport Thomas, w liich sails this afternoon.
As the lusty was removed from lhe vault,
Chaplain .Many read prayers. The |*'i-
■mnal staff of Ilie late general  was ailg-
 uted  by Color Sergeant Simon, Trimi-
peter Haberkam and Privates Oakum ami
Mohmsen. The latter, who were closely
connected wit It Lawton's recent campaigns, bore the casket from the vault
to a six-horse osissofl awaiting at thc
The funeral proossslon was composed of
the band of (lie Twentieth regiment, General Hall and his staff, two troops of the
Fourth cavalry, who were with LewtOU
ul the time of his death, a battery of artillery, a number •>( clergymen, ihe caisson covered with Mowers, the personal
staff, generals en foot, General* Wheeler,
Hates, Forsth, Knhlie and Sliwan and
A.I in j t .i I Watson in three carriages, a naval battalion, Major (ieneral Otil and
staff, foreign consuls in full dress and a
Dumber of the Philippine supreme court.
Kstlvs delegations   from   the   towns
where Lawton had established civil governments held wreaths. Women from the
same towns waited upon Mrs. Law ton
yesterday snd presented her with their
condolences und flowers. Crowds of natives and Americans Witnessed the procession. The band played dirges and the
crowds uncovered.
The Pasig Basket was transferred to the
tug, taps was sounded and prayers were
offered by Chaplain Pierce. Four enlisted pall bearers will accompany the remains to the United States.
__— tJle»n«d -Troro tha tmte Rapurt*—
AU DUtriet* Ara Being Davalopad—A
Prosperous Vear Ii Predicted-Mining
Motes and Fanonali,
It Is reported that arrangements for
deep mining nt the Red Boy, in Sumpter district, were perfected last week.
The owners, who so far have been taking out ore by the tunnel Rystem, will
now sink a 100-foot shaft, and go
through t<v_4Sfinm, if the ore holds out.
Experts predict thut wonderful riches
will lie found In the lower regions of
the Iteil Hoy, which bus already, and
is daily,  making such  wonderful  re-
To Keep Ont   Ibe   Vlapar.
•an Francisco, Dee. .10.—News of the
liking out of the plague in Honolulu,
brought here by the transport Centennial,
has i ieated some alarm among the state
and ciiy official*, nnd every precaution is
being taken to prevent lhe possible admission of the disease inlo this city.
OwmcU'i curt to Chsreno,
Cheyenne, Win., j.m. i.
niffie  has made Chevf
-Amliew Car
aMMM .   i      . ,-rmM a v™1"1 °f
WMW0 to bo lWd in the construction of
free public library building.
ll.iiii.lli-«   Conditio
Iloslon,   Jan.   I.—Ot
lelln's  Condition   was   re|Hirted
changed nt  the Mcla-an  hospital.
You can not pray for others till you
feel with them.
i "•■iiium, ,i.
•uigressmnn    Hon-
is    un
I urns from whnt might be called surface mining. A complete plant wi^l
he installed, Including modern hoist
und compressor.
Lone Pine-Surprise is growing rich.
The great Tom Thumb Is showing
up well.
The Princess Maud machinery is beginning to arrive.
John Cody of Cody camp was in
town this week.
Quilp is daily developing into one of
the wonders of Republic camp.
Lone Pine has ear marks of a great
mine, as the vein is improving.
The Gopher shaft is 125 feet in depth.
The water has again become annoying.
Thirteen cars loaded with machinery
Tor the Mountain Lion has arrived at
Grand Forks.
The reported strike In the Belcher
winze is said to have opened four feet
ol copper on the veinshrdlu puputaolu
of copper.
The drift from the bottom of the
80-foot winze in the Golden Lion and
Little Four is in 179 feet. Some fine
looking quartz was taken out.
Capital is pouring into Chesaw Reservation camp. George B. Mechem,
representing capital from Montreal, recently bought twenty-two claims.
The Merrimac shaft has reached the
200-foot mark. This work has been
done in five weeks. It is wonderful
work for hand drilling. The rock was
of a favorable character for rapid
Judging by the activity at the new-
custom mill it is evident that the projectors are live men and are losing no
time ln the erection of a mill building.
For weeks the work could not progress
with any degree of speed as It was impossible to get mill timbers on the
ground. But now a pretty fair supply
is kepi ahead of the corpenters.
Four men are working on the Noonday. The property lies one-half mile
north of Republic and is owned by J.
K. Mayo. A tunnel has been driven in
100 feet. The ore assays quite high
it is said.
As is generally known, a Montreal
syndicate has taken hold of the noted
Poland China property at Meyers
Creek. The Australian and Sidney are
adjoining claims owned by a Canadian
syndicate, There is a 16-foot ledge on
the Australian and an eight-fool vein
on the Sidney. The ore is similar to
thut on the Poland China. A deep shaft
is to lie started at once. The Independent! has a shaft :m feet in depth and a
vein eight feet in width. It curries
high grade ore. It is termed galena
ore, but carries some gold. A three-
ntory hotel is running and if you come
this way you will find as good accommodations as in any ordinary mining
camp. There is a good saw mill in
operation and lumber is sold at $14
per thousand. This is reasonable and
the people here show their appreciation
of the moderate price by using the lumber freely.
Britiah Columbia.
The Chloride Queen development is
progressing nicely.
Tho Gold Drop mine In Greenwood
camp promises to be a shipper shortly.
The pay roll of the Dominion Copper
Company, in Greenwood camp,  has  (JO
names on it.
The Warner-Miller Company has 18
claims under bond, near the Skylark
and Ranger.
For the week ending December 21
the Florida mine shipped from Whitewater 19 tons of ore.
The Rambler-Cariboo has paid to
date $71,000. The next monthly dividend of 1 cent a share was payable
January 1.
Development work Is to be commenced shortly on the Dominion mineral claim on the south fork of the Wild
Horse, about seven miles from Ymir.
A long tunnel is being driven on the
gold-bearing ledge at Silverton, which
will test whether or not wealth goes
with depth on the gold properties of
that camp.
The new machinery for the Minnehaha, Camp McKinney, Is nearly all In
position and is only awaiting the arrival of a few small parts before being
given a trial run.
Up Wild Horse creek and its tributaries there has been more or less development going on all summer, but the
work for the most part has been suspended for the winter.
Messrs. Finch k Campbell, who are
developing the Hennessy group of
claims ot tho head of Midge creek, have
run In one tunnel for 100 feet, where
the ledge was encountered.
The concentrator of the Philadelphia
Mining Company at Sheep creek, near
the line of the Red Mountain Railway
was started a few days since and
trial run of fonr days had.   The
chinery worked well.
A long tunnel on tho Ymlr is to be
wn_i!',(.0<L,W;t to tap the rich ore bodies.
The annual report of the Hall Mines
Company has just been presented ln
London, and, somewhat to the surprise
of the shareholders, no dividend is to
be paid this year. The profits made,
however, have been fully as large as in
previous years.
The Nickel Plate, at Rossland, Is running with a full force. Two compartments of the new shaft having been
sunk to the 400-foot level, the third
compartment is being raised from that
level to the surface. As soon as this
is done sinking will be resumed in all
three compartments.
The electric hoists are being assembled and installed In the Black Bear
tuunel nnd nt the Josie shaft, at Rossland, and are expected to be ln running order within two weeks. The excavation for the hoist and the shaft
station in the No. ti tunnel of the Co-
lunihia-Kootenay is nearly finished.
The department of mines of the province of British Columbia hns forwarded 71 cases of nuggets and gold dust
for exhibition in the provincial section
of the Paris exposition. The gold is
lepresentntlve of all British Columbia'.-; creeks, and among the specimens
ir a nugget worth $01.00 from Storm
creek, Cariboo.
In the Cascade range, 20 miles north
of Cle Elm, are the Mount Stewart
mines.   The ores are copper-gold.
A big strike on the Alamo was recently made at Sumpter, Ore. Seven
feet of quartz with visible gold
Another rich blind lead was struck
last week on the Iconoclast, near Keller. The extent or richness of it has
liot been determined.
There is accumulating evidence that
the Miller mountain gold district,
northeast of Boise, discovered last
summer, is one of the best found in
this state.
The town of Bultalo, It Is reported,
now has one resident—the postmaster.
In this connection it is said he Is getting so tired of himself that he is going to move.
The Mammoth concentrator at Wallace, Idaho, ls nearly finished, only a
few connections of spouts being yet to
be made. The water bas been turned
on the wheels and the machinery is
running to get the roughness off while
the jigs and spouts are soaking up to
stop leaks.
It ls reliably stated that the December output of the Bonanza mine will
be the greatest In the history of tbat
great producing property, which in one
instance not long since cleaned up in
one month nearly $100,000, says the
Baker City Democrat.
News reached the office of the Rebecca company recently that the crosscut which is running from the bottom
of a UO-foot shaft near Keller was In
42 feet with no sign of a wall and solid
copper ore all the way. The ore looks
alike and it is said to show values quite
uniform and sufficiently higb to make
iihippliig possible. The mine is considered one of the wonders of the south
The Boston * Montana Mining Company has brought suit In tbe district
court against the Montana Ore Purchasing Company to recover $600,000,
value of Ibe ore alleged to have been
taken from veins of the Pennsylvania
claim by the defendant concern in the
lust four years. This is looked upon
as another phase of the big controversy
between the two companies, which was
decided by the district court yesterday
in favor of the Montana Ore Purchasing Company.
A correspondent from Mount Idaho
says: J. R. Wolfe, the assayer from
Buffalo Hump, reports that a big strike
was made in the St. Louis mine last
week. Mr. Wolfe reports that development work is proceeding satisfactorily
on the Mother Lode, Fortune and other
i laiins in the camp. The snow is now
six feet deep there, but excellent weather is prevailing. The trail to the camp
is packed hard and is in excellent condition for travel, snowshoeing not being necessary.
Judge Clancy ln the district court
at Butte, Mont., has handed down his
decision in the suit of the Montana Ore
I'urciiaslng Company against the Boston k Montana Mining Company to settle ownership to certain veins of copper under the Rams and Johnston
claims, owned by the plaintiff, and tbe
Pennsylvania, owned by the defendant.
The decision Is In favor of the plaintiff. The trial of the action was before
the court without a jury and occupied
10 weeks. The Judge has had the case
under consideration two months.
Urriunn Steamer lluudt-Ki-Hih Was
Tuwed Into Durban lliii-l,iir--ll»iu-
l.iirji la Stirred L'p—The Owners ot
Ihe Ve»»el Protest.
I.otuenzo Marques, Jan. 1.—The sleiim-
er Itiiiidesrath, belonging to the Herman
Fast African line, has been captured us a
prize and taken to Durban. The llinidcs-
ratli arrived here from .Mozambique. The
German steamer Hunde-mith of l-tl'.i tons,-
sailed Irom Hamburg November 8 for
Taiiga, Kaat Africa.
Hainhuig, Jan. 1. The directors of lhe
German I'-nsl Africa line have received
news of the arrest of the Imperial mail
steamer Buhdesrath. The commander of
the Port of Durban refused an explanation  ot   the  came  uf  the  Hcizure.    ll  is
declared here that there was no contraband of war on board and when application was io.nie lo the German loreign
oiiicc the latter iiiuuediati'ly promised Interposition with the Hiitish government.
'lhe leisure of the HundcHiath was re-
fcircil lo at a meeting of merchants held
here today. After a tpteeh by Adolph
Woeiinann, president of the Hamburg
chamber of commerce, dealing with the
great progress of the German empire during lhe closing century, Herr HeitTc,
.-.peaking ill behalf of the linns trailing
wilh .Ninth Africa, asked whether the
chamber was doing all that waa neces-
saiy for the protection of German trade
iu that part of the World, Geiniuii commerce, he asserted, had already suffered
detriment through the war ill South Allien, and now came the seizine ot a German steamer by a British warship.
Heir Woertuann replied that the chain
ber of commerce had already considered
the. question of representations with the
view of taking action in the mat tei.
Ilorm Shelled Idtdyaiulth,
London, .Ian. 1.—During the night of
December 28 Ladysmith and Chieveley
Camp were in full communication, in',.
former reporting all well. While the sig.
nailing wus in progress the Boers al-
templed to muddle the messages with
flashlights from each extremity of their
long entrenched line.
The naval brigade took advantage of t\m
Opportunity  to shell  the Hoer positions,
which weie plainly revealed hy their ov.n'
The naval battery resumed the shelling
of tho Boer trenches on Ihe morning of
December 80, but their lire failed to elicit
any signs of life.
A dispatch from Cape Town, duted Wednesday, December '21, announced that an
unnoted Irani had restored communication with Dordrecht, where the Free Stale
Hag had been hauled down and that tlm
llocis had been driven from the adjacent
hills lo S tin in lie rg.
'The war ollice, when communicating
about midnight copies of Ihe messages exchanged between the queen and the in.
habitants ol Kimliciley, stated that no
further news had lieen n-ceived up to thai
hour, and nothing of Importance lias i-oinu
from oilier sources iluiiiig (be night.
The week's sorties, skirmishes- recon-
naisanees and lioinlsirdnieiils at Various
points wheie the British and Boers eon.
front each other, so tin as can be judged,
have had uo effect upon Ihe general silua-
tion al the seal of uui, whieh is practically lhe Mime us it was u week ago.
Pretoria, Jan. 1.—Three Hritish prison-
era Irom M.il.ipo iep.ii t that Captains Vernon and Sand lord, of Colonel lluden Pom.
ell's staff, wen killed during the engagement  iu  Whieh  Louts  Kdiiaid  Cecil ami
Cavendish Hentinck were wounded,   Tbs
object of the sorties Has to e.ipiuie can
non.    'The kwaM of the Hritish were Very
Cat He In  lull  uf Hehela
New  Vork, Jan. 1.    The  World's
Kong -|h-. -nil says: H	
ll is well known here that General Otis
is badly worried over the situation in
Cavite province. There aie 21,000 organized ill-urgent- in Cavite, and as many
pea-a n is have rifle* and aie ready lo take
a shot at an American whenever the opportunity is olleied. Before General Lawton's death it had been planned thai his
movement to subjugate Cuvite should bv
pursued Iwo weeks, or longer if ncccs-ury.
His death has had u had effect on Ihe
11..op-, and the lighting since then, uilli
ils list of Anieiican casualties, makes the
statement thul lhe w.u in over ah-, unl.
Negotiations uie said to be in progrev, lor
Ihe sin render uf the province. There has
beeu talk of this sort before, but negotiations fell through. 11 ihey fail now, litis,
it is thought, will ib-p. n.l upon American
success iu the north und famine in the
south to bring about a disposal of the
soulheiu insurgents. No Manila paper is
allowed to ciitu-ise ihe udministrution or
to publish news from the toiled Slates
relative to the Philippine policy of that
government. The pM> icward brings in
lew rifles. Outside of the northern provinces no one is -ale without ., good sired
military cM-urt.
I.ill,,   In   SnriiluN   llrarrir.
New Vork, Jan. I.—The Financier says;
The statement of the New Vork clearing
house hank- for the week ending December :<0 shows a further gain of t*H4,0nn
in -niphi- re«eiie. the total now standing
at *1 l,lUH.!l7,->. As was the ia-e during
the previous week all the cash gained by
the banks went to swell excess reserve
since deposit requirements were lessened
hy the shrinkage in that item. The statement is favorable and indicates that influx of funds from the interior in (he past
six days have been quite as heavy as
has heen estimated. The loss of gold to
Europe by Saturday's steamer does not
count in the current exhibit, but Ihe exports of a week ago figure to the full
extent. The outward flow therefore has
been almost made up by subsequent receipts and lhe gain in legal tendeis represents the surplus shipment from the interior. The hank- have maintained their
position so fur as cash is concerned, hut
ihey have added little to their loaning
There can
lean soul.
never be a fat life on a
Huller   l..,.I...I..M   VI, iln...
I-iii.-.isier, Pa., Jan. L-   Four men were
killed   and   several   injured   by  a  boiler
explosion u mile vu-st of this town.  They
weie employes of Keller k Kressen,
road coiiir.ici.ii-.    ihe dead are:
I tola n.l II a Idem.i ii. of Hainbridgc; Witt
Mieihuhn, of West Donegal; Hurt Hai lis,
u negro 1 un Italian known us "Tony,"
who wus hulled   L'iO feet.
Il.-I.ln   Of   Million,   (...i.r.
Chicago, Jan. 1. Petitions in hank
nipley to lhe number of I UUI were
tiled with Die clerk of the United St.it.-s
district court in this city in IMS, The
total liabilities weie *tHi,<JU0,0O0, and assets were estimated at »ii,imi.ism. The
latter is nominal, us a considerable jior-
(ion of the assets were old book accounts
which proved valueless.
Manila In  II-hhht.
lt will be large enough for two ca
tracks and will form the main working
entrance to the mine. Development Is
to start on the Hillside group on Round
Manila, Jan. 1.—Four explosive bombs.
a few firearms ami D0U rounds of ammunition were discovered In a house In Ihe
center of Manila while lhe police were
seeking Recurte, (he Insurgent leader, who
was said to huve come to Mnnlla In the
hope of effectliiK an outbreak by taking
advantage of the mobilization of the
American troops at General Lawton's
lt developed that the plot Included the
throwing of bombs annuo: the foreign
consuls attending the ceremonies In order
In bring about International complications.
Theye, It seems, were to have been thrown
from the BscOlta'S high buildings, but thu
avoidance of ihe BacOlte hy the funerul
procession spoiled the plan.
The   populace,   li   i-    thought,   had   been
prepared for the attempt by a rumor circulated Widely among the natives yesterday that Aguinaldo was ln Manila nnd
would possibly leud the outbreak.
The American authorities having been
advl-Md of what was brewing, prepared for
all contingencies. Captain Morrison, who
command,, the troopa In the most turbulent district of this city, says he does not
bellSVa an actual uprising will ever occur,
as the natives lack the resolution to take
the llrst Ktep» In u movement that would
email fighting at close quarters with
American troops.
l.o«» of Iii.ii_-k.-__-I. Meat |.
Manila, Jan. 1.-Colonel lax-kelt has
bad a second engagement wilh the insurgent* northwest uf Montulban, and hv
a brilliant charge drove the enemy ttOmt
their |H«ilion. Only one American ollicer und five soldieis were wounded, hut
the loss of the insurgents wus heavy. Our
troops cuptuicd a number of rifles and c
quantity  of ammunition  ami  provisions.
Ore   Krum   Asia.
'lacoin.i. Jan. I. One hundred snd
seventy-one sucks of ore concentrates
were brought here on the City of loindon
from Ihe mines near Singujiorc, in the
Straits Settlement, for treutment in the
Tuisimu smeller. This is thc llrst ship
ment of ore from the Orient to un Ameri
can smelter.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Rua en Pasta* Vianaari Tlas*.
Oolnsr Bast
...Me*, ss.
... I n p m.
... 1:1; »
... t.U». m
... loop m.
.... 1:11 p. t*.
... IMp B
...l:«p. ■
 L. I:U p ■
Laav* 1100 a. m  Bandon Airlv. MM a. ■
Arrlv* u.u a. m...Codr...L_*av* ll » a. ■
O. r. COPELAND, •up*rlal*a4*al.
Oolng WMl
1:00a  ■,..,
South r«rs .
I:*ta. ■....
., Whltawatar .
... Bnr Lak* ..
t»:ll a. »....
10:» •. m'....
....  Ballsy* ...
10 U a. m  ...
Cody Juncth a
New   lurk   Brnher  Bankrapt.
New Vork, Jan. I.-Slunley 11. (J.
Stewart, doing business as Stewart 4 Co.,
bankers und brokers, No. 40 Wull street,
tiled a petition in bankruptcy. The petition was sworn lo by .Mr. Stewart on lie-
eember M in Washington, I). ('.
Jim Hill's New Heme.
Chicago, Dee, 30.—On Dec. .11 the Rimix
City k Northern railroad, from (larretson,
S. 1)., to Hioux Cily, will pass from the
hands of the co receiver* to the control
of the Qraai Northern railway. It is stst-
ed that President J. J. Hill of the (lint
Northern contemplates radical changes.
Miners meet In convention
dianapolls January 15, 1900.
at   in
Robert*'   C'a*e   I*   Poatpoard.
Washington, Jan. 1.—Representative
Taylor of Ohio, chairman of the special
committee investigating the case of Huberts of Huh, gays the case will not come
up for action in the house before the
middle of January.
Railway and Navigation
Operating Kaslo 4 aioean Railway, latsr-
nattonal Nav. * Traolnc Co.
B«h»dul* of Tlm*-I'»«lfle iuadard Tl***
Pa***nf*r train for Bandon   and   ver
station*. l*av*a Kaalo at 1:00 a. m.
Dally, r»iurnin«, luru landoa at 1:11
p. m , arriving at Kaslo at ih p. m.
International NaT. k Trad. Co -Operating on Kootanay lak* and rtvar.
L*av*a Kailo for N*l*on at • oo a. »
dally, *sc*pt Sunday. R*turalnf. X*****
N*l*on at 4:10 p. n. , railing at Balfour.
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and all way polats
Connects with I. r. A N. train to aad
from Ipokan*, at riv* Mil* Point.
l.uuM N*l*on for Bonner's P*rry Tun-
days and Saturdays at 7 a. m """
•t*am*r "International"  from
Pilot Bay.
Returning,   leaves   Uonner's
-00 a. m.  Wednesdays.  Fridays
Kaale at
days, connecting
fh sler.
Ferry i>
... and Hun-
for Kaslo. I.ardo and ArV"}± _„h oraat
Connect* at Bonn*r* r*rry wtrt ore.
North.rn railway for all point* east »••
. .. ..- w hi. Wedn-s-
n7;nmer Alberta leave*
Kaslo for  l.ardo snd  Argents at » P
mmt- m _..!_,
Hlenmer  International  leaves  hasiq
lairdo and Argentu «l R:w V.
dnys and Friday*.
Knslo for  l_urd<
"■■&. call at principal laiUlMi <•
both direction*, and at oth.r point* waea
*'?i7k.t. *old to all point* la Canada aa«
the Unlt*d ■tat**. ......—_.
Te aeMTUln rat** aad full InforsaeU*
• «•_» _*<• «re*v*,,.'t »»w.,v.-.,..«», m* •*»•»• »»> • ..♦e,«>''<* »tpt'l**stm*m*^sr*.i*m*»i. ,- ete^t'm*s^tmtAtwic't*)\A»**wtttmme •A^fPststrtmrn >»rt*\wr -*.•_/..-*-..-*i. ««*•.* Sy.-ia'ti r mm*
m >»  --» ~~.t Jr>-J* HA ._j»4_«<N'M **P!it4t*'*>lw.'.*lita******.*f.. *•»*»<• •
/u.'-Ot'-r- $4200 Reward!
The Sbortttory Publishing Com.
puny, Boitoa, Mass., will pay #4,100
In «*th prim, ranging from |100 to
— etch, to thos* wbo will tell ia
log tone unusual experience,
Mug tdrtuturt, or fascinating
of tbe imagination ln a styl*
that will Interest the hundreds ot
thousands of reader* ot Ta* Black
Cat, tb* unique shortatory waga-
tint which has woo the title of " The
•tery-Ulllng bit of tbe century."
Tbis prlie competition Is open to sll,
sod «*ch story will be Judged solely
upon IU uitrlti without regard to
tbe name or reputation ot Its writer:
but sso story ii ill be cumideied at all
unit; it It tent strictly In accord,
mice with, the printed conditions,
wblcb will be mailed free, poitsg*
paid, to sny one, together with t
complete speolmeu stories, and
many of the names and addresses, *■ references, of the men
and women in all parti of
'America wbo bar* received
over #30,000 cash, for Black Cat
•lories, alio
Information of
real value to all
who are interested In earning
I money tt home.
I Send address at
once, si tbe
contest closet
UtrchSltt. Tbe
ebortitoryPub _.„..
L'/lfiS* »0.'     Z* Hlsb-H»rtIord
Btrett, notion, Matt
An lutirexlliiu Collection of Item*
I'rami the Fonr Northwest Nlule*
«.r n MlacellaneoB* Nature Uiilli-
••i-i-il   Hie I'aut  Week.
The Baltimore Society of the Sons
(American Revolution haa determined
erect a $20,000 monument ln that
(ity to the Maryland    patriots    who
ought ln tbe revolution.
»me Special Things We Do...
At   llu-   VVailil-it-tuli   Mcillrul   liiHlilllli-  at
Mldtl    euereHHfully     treating    nil    rumble
ii'.nl.- ill_>eoei-H nf Ix.tI, sexes,   we KUiirunlee hi
ir«-   nil    kinds   of   rlintitmitlslii,    the    Miiiske)
Shit uml iiriiiimu.   It' our IreAtment of eitlii-i
tlli to move MMIafactory Un- money paid  wilt
a  t.i..ni|.il>    refunded.     M.-.Ii,,h,-m   s.-nt   to all
prin or iiu- •-.lutitr.v.   vv'i- art prepared to tub*
aniluie    onr   rliuiii.-i    hy   reliable    references;
-it.-   lur   iii..ni      i..i    tlu*   uilvt-rtirtiiiK   fakes
F*r on#t set  leutibl*.    if you allow
om-si'ii  to ha robbed, don't enme tu uh with
our laic of woe.
dk.  J.  m.  BOYD,  Manager,
JlnoorporatMl   May  2,   1SW.
iiaz.-i    in.kk.   oorner   iiowaid   street   ami
prague  iivenne,   SjHikane.
The refusal of the A. F. of I., conation to seat the delegate from the
nuha Central Labor Union, because
lie was a member of a so-called seceding
■action  of painters,   has   very   much
ptirred up the labori tea of tbat burg.
|mj raH
The Pletttnteit, Most Powerful tnd
Iffeoilrt Nererftlllng Remedy fee
Le Grippe, Catarrh,
>_._•■ _..__• Wilt ear* *nr tohe or pain knew*
I the human body. Bend for trial bottle, '.Be.
his offei laata SOdsyt only. Urge bottle (900
iol 6 DilOPH each) 11.00or »tor }'_,».
117 *nd tie pMrftem II.. CM****.
Miners in the Mnsslllon, O., districts
Jink they ought to hnve a ten per cent
Bcrease In wages. Will advocate a de-
land to that effect nt their next con-
Mala of Ohio, Cily of Toledo, l.ucta Co.. aa.
Frank J. Cheney make* oath Ihat he la the
nlor partner or the Arm of K   J. ('henry *
dting business In the City of Toledo, cun
tnd elate aforettld, and thut will Arm will
lh* aum of ONU  Hl'NIiltKli DOLLARS
each and every eaae of Catarrh that can
#1 be iiiml by lhe uae of llnlla Catarrh Cure
irom and aubacrlbed to before me and aub-
1bed  In   my  presence,   thia cili  day of  De-
Bbtr,   A.   D.   UM.      A.    W.   GUEASON.
"" tl.) Notary  Public.
tll't Catarrh Cure la taken Intarnally, and
i dire, Ily on the blood and rnu.-.uia aurfaoae
b* tyatem.    Send for teatlmonlals,  free.
F. J. f'liKNiiv  A Ce., Toledo,  O.
h>   druggists,  75c.
lilt Family fills are tha beat.
reive    thousand    building    trades
smen  of Pittsburg have  made  a
snd for the eight hour day to t.il.c
ct April l, 1900.
fothera will And MrsWinslow's Sooth-
| Syrup the best remedy to us* for their
en during the teething period.
English aeronauts are getting accus-
ned to crossing the English channel
balloons and are determining   Im-
rtasit matters In their flight.
[n Excellent Combination.
the pleasant method and beneficial
acts  of  the   well   known   remedy,
■ HUP or Kins, manufactured by the
Ilifokitia Fie Syrup Co., lllustrat*
i value of obtaining the liquid laxa-
1 principlea of plants known to ba
JNclnally   laxative   and   presenting
em In the form most refreshing to the
He and acceptable to the system.   It
he one perfect strengthening laxa-
*, cleansing the system effectually,
elling colds, headaches and fevera
ptly yet promptly and enabling one
overcome habitual constipation per
neutly.   Ita perfect freedom from
ry objectionable quality and sub-
bee, and Its acting on tbe kidney*,
Jr and bowels, without weakening
[Irritating them, make it tbe ideal
I the process of manufacturing flga
» used, aa they are pleasant to the
*e, but the medicinal qualities of the
edy are obtained from senna and
W aromatic   plants, by a method
|wn to the California Fio Syrup
1 only.   In order to get its beneficial
'eta and to avoid imitation*, please
ember the f ul 1 name of the Company
Bted on the front of every package.
ammvrtx.m. nr.      mw tobk, h. t.
■s«l« by all DraggtHL-Price S0c. per bolt 1*.
« Cough Syrup. Ttstet UiutA. Cae
In tlm*.   Sold hy druggists.
Patrick Joyce, a miner employed In
the St. Lawrence mine at Butte, was Instantly killed last week by a fall of
The smallpox scare at Butte Is growing. Place may be quarantined by other cities. The dispute among physicians over n diagnosis hns caused much
According to the school census of
Lewis and Clark counties for I899,there
nre now nearly 400 more children between the ages of 6 and 21 years in the
county than In 1898.
"I um tired of suffering. (Jood-bye.
1 um my own master." Such was the
brief message left by Camllle Paumle,
proprietor of the Parisian Dye Works,
at Hutte, In explanation of his suicide
hy shooting.
Another case of smallpox has been reported to County Physician J. A. Leigh-
ton. It ls nt Homestake. This case
and one or two at Basin is as yet all
thnt our county has suffered hy the disease.     Basin is free from It now.
Livingston will shortly have a free
reading room. At a recent meeting
com in it teen were appointed from the
different societies and churches in the
city, to arrange the details. The room
will be supported by monthly subscriptions of $1.
Adjutant Oeneral J. T. Stanford of
Great Falls is In receipt of a letter from
Captain Moran in the Philippines, in
which he gives a statement of bis management of the company A fund, showing an outlay on his part of $260 more
than received by him.
John C. VanHook one of the employ
ees of the I'nited States surveyor general's office in Helena, has been offered
a good position at Paris during the
great exposition of next year. The
United States government has tendered
him a position ln the fisheries department of the government's exhibit.
Christ Peterson of Great Falls has
been adjudged an involuntary bankt-
rupt in the United States court. Liabilities $1,005.25; assetts, $525. Upon
the petition of tbe Union Bank k Trust
Company the Marysville Provision
Compuny, consisting of Charles Calen-
ty and John Burmelster, was also adjudged bankrupt F. C. Hnbrlsh of
Sheridan was also adjudged a voluntary bankrupt. He owes $4,222 and has
assetts of $3,335.
The postoffice at Fort Hall has been
AVilford O. Ridges has been commissioned postmasted at Palrvlew.
The teachers of Idaho selected Mountain Home as the next place of meeting.
A star service has been established
from Murphy, hy Sinker, to Oreana, 17
miles and return.
School district No. 9, Shoshone county, has heen the happy recipient of a
12x20 foot flag, a gift from State Auditor Sinclair.
Up to date there have been five cases
pronounced smallpox, in two of which
there seems to be a marked difference
of opinion among the medical fraternity ut Wardner.
The members of the Athletic Association of the university at Moscow are
preparing to give their annual entertainment January 12.
Thc Wardner Industrial Union Is taking active steps to urge the congressional investigation of the Wardner
riots on April 29 last.
The dedication of tile new school
building erected by the Bunker Hill k
Sullivan Company, and presented hy
them to Kellogg district No. 9, occurred
W. B. McGraw of Moscow asks for a
pnrdow. He is waiting to go to the pen.
Jurymen, prosecuting attorney and
committing magistrate sign the prisoner's appeal.
The Lewiston city council after a
spirited session passed a resolution Instructing tho city attorney to draw up
nn ordinance calling for an election to
be Held to determine the will of the
people in regard lo bonding the clt> for
the purchase of the water works system and other improvements.
The body of a man named Johnston
was found in Canyon creek at Gem.
His Jaw was broken and the body showed other signs of violence. It is claimed
Johnston drew $700 and returned to
Gem, where nothing was known of him
until the body was found.
Five years ago the law wns changed
In Idaho regarding the date when taxes
become delinquent, from when taxes belt nquent, from the second Monday In
December to the first Monday In January. The provision with regard to the
poll tax penalty was not changed and
still remains as in the earlier law. The
majority of the assessors of the state
failed to collect the penalty required
on all poll taxes not paid by the second
Monday In December. This hns been
responsible for much litigation.
"Salute your partners! Eight hands
round! Ladles to the right! Swing!
All promenade!" Revelry reigned supreme for several hours recently at
Wardner at the most unique dance ever
given in the northwest. The morgue
was used as a ballroom, and the gay
dancers pirouetted and whirled around
tho room, which Bmelled of coffin varnish and seemed peopled with shades
of the departed. Never was such a
dance heard of in this quiet town, and
nothing has caused such comment since
the mine explosion of last spring.        |
An old peoples home has been opened
in Spokane.
Governor Rogers will be asked to call
a special session.
The present winter is the mildest In
Spokane's history.
Dayton Is worked up over the appearance of smallpox.
Spokane grocers sign agreement to
obey pure food law.
Spokane merchants report all records
broken in holiday trade.
Clallam county is on a cosh basis for
tho first time In many years.
Smallpox has broken out among the
Indians on the Colville reserve.
The Courier-Press office, a Dayton
paper was gutted by fire last week.
The Manilla bell at Waitsburg will
be hung in the Academy at that town.
Dairymen of the state held well attended convention at North Yakima.
One of the strongest known in the
history of Wenatchee volley, blew last
Helen Gorkow has been named to
manage the New York Brewery at Spokane.
The Sedro-Woolley telephone exchange now has over 70 instruments
connected up.
Hatton, Adams county and Addy,
Stevens county, have been made money
order offices.
Surveys are completed to supply
Spokane valley farms with plenty of
water from the lakes.
The four steel tanks at the Puget
Sound Flouring Mills, for the storage
of wheat has heen completed.
Unknown persoiiH attempted to poison II. J. Bicknell, a prominent fruit
grower of Parker, Yakima county.
lt is reported thnt Gen. John M. Bacon of Vancouver, is preparing to plant
a large orchard of French Walnuts.
The government ordinance department is furnishing the forts located on
Puget Sound with some very heavy
During the past two months Whatcom county treasurer, V. A. Roderer,
has collected $421,931.69 in county
Anderson Wait, Junior, the son of
Anderson Wait, Senior, founder of the
towns of Waitsburg, Dayton and Elber-
ton, is dead.
The town of Leavenworth on the
Great Northern railroad, is quarantined against smallpox. A fireman
has broken out with the ilisa.se.
By flve years of experiment it has
been demonstrated that proper cultivation increases the weight of the Puget Sound oyster 30 to 50 per cent.
King county commissioners have decided to put the county prisoners to
work on the roads, favoring the inauguration of the chain-gang system.
No county in the state has made the
record in the way of convicting criminals during the past 12 months that
Walla Walla county has, considering
Remains of Rdson Dutcher were
found in his room at Spokane last week
cause of death unknown, but thought
to have been due to natural causes.
His widow at Tacoma.
A fraternal order of Spanish war veterans will soon be formed in Spokane.
Nearly every state in the Union has already formed or is now organizing orders of a similar nature.
Two robbers boarded a street car in
Seattle and the passengers drew their
guns. Stranger on the front end
dropped a robber. A passenger on the
Inside was shot by the other desperaio.
Martin Everette, in jail at Kamloops,
B. C, seeks redress for an alleged abduction, and sheriffs up in Ferry county are to lie arrested, as Secretary of
state Huy takes a hand ln Everett's behalf.
Representatives of twenty of the
leading logging Arms of this state nu'i
in Seattle and made an all around advance in the price of logs, entering into
an agreement to maintain the now
schedule or shut down.
The Cnrbon Hill Coul Company gave
$500 to each widow aud $100 to each
child of a miner killed in the explosion
of December 9th. Mothers dependant
upon lost sons for support were treated on the same basis as widows, This
donation of the company represents a
total of about $10,000. Relief contrs-
hutions from other sources will amount
to a similar sum.
Enrollment In La Grande's schools
has reached 641.
Helix has formed an athletic club
with 40 members.
Tillamook's postoffice Issued money
orders amounting to $4,339 during November.
The Heppner flouring mills report
December's business the biggest ln Its
Coyotes have recently been very troublesome to goats In the Molalla country,
Clackamas county.
In the Junt.ina neighborhood of Malheur county it is said 5,000 Jackrabbits
have been killed this winter.
The steam launch of the United
States revenue cutter Commodore Perry was sunk by running on the Sylvia
De Grace rocks, about 600 yards from
shore, at Astoria. <
The torpedo boat destroyer Golds-
borongh, which the Wolff k Zwicker
Iron Works of Portland have practically completed, wns given her first contractor's trial on tho Columbia last
week to the satisfaction of all.
The Dufur Dlspath describes an Irrigating scheme to turn the waters ot
the Deschutes river onto the sage brush
lands of Crook county. Over 300,000
acres of land are capable of being reclaimed.
A number of the large ranchers and
stockmen of the southeastern part of
Wasco county are organizing a company to build ii telephone line to connect their ranches and to run from Antelope to Muddy, Ashwood and Hay
The IOiiuIIhIi Orunulz.- Into Home
i.uiiiiIm—The Hoith Are Trying lo
Wreck   Train*—Nina 11   NklrmUlia-ia
Tllke PIlK-e.
Cape Town, Jan. 8.—The colonial au
thorities nre using every precaution to pre
vent an insurrection on tlie part of (lis
loyal Dutch in Cnpe Colony, and to sup
pre*<i a rising if one should occur. Everywhere the Hritish colonists are lieing organized into home guards, drilled, armed
und ready to net in their respective localities should armed Dutch colonists gather.
The theory is that the Hritish home-stay-
ing colqnlals should  he fully prepured   lo
cope with ibe Dutch colonials without the
aid of regulars.
The alertness of the Hritish makes united action on the pari of Ilie pro-Hocr residents difficult. Unable to net openly, they
slip away singly or in small gioii|is to join
the enemy's fold's. The authorities have
been informed of many center* of agitation, which it is considered undesirable lo
particularize, but there is nothing like eon.
ceiled action over the wide districts.
The case of Mr. Midi.m. solicitor to the
DeBeera Company, who is accused.of treason, acquire* increased Importance, as he
has heen transferred from the custody of
tlie civil authorities here to the inilitaiv
authorities at DeAnr. Lis high position
causes lhe Dutch lo watch his ease keenly.
Parties of Hocrs have lieen operating
some 70 miles south of Lord Melliiien s
position, itoers appeared mi Christinas
day near the railway about 211 miles south
ol DeAar. A force of the duke of High-
burg's own volunteers prepared to engage
them, hut the enemy retired.
Another party tired inlo a British patrol
camp during the night of Wednesday, Dec.
27. This was near Victoria road. >An attempt was made not far from that i_oinl
lo ii.image the railway. One man was
caught iu the act and shot.
A similar attempt was made between
Multicisoletie and Klapmuts, but the
would-be wreckers escaped. Like attempts
are reported from several other points.
Kvidently mii.iII pai tie., of Boers or Dutch
colonials have been trying to interrupt
tlie movement of trains, but thus lar they
have been battled by the elaborate British
In one ease a pat ml of regulars lired on
a pattol ol' colonials. The latter were
wealing broad-litiinincd hals and weie
mistaken by ihe British for Boers. No
casualties occurred, but in consequence of
the incident all order has U-.ii issued re
.piiiing all elasaea ol troopa to wear helmets.
04.Do Not Barn the Candle
At tBoth Ends.'*
•fkm't think you can go on drawing vitality from the blood for nerves, stomach,
brain and muscles, without doing something to replace it. Hood's Sarsaparilla
gives nerve, mental and digestive strength
by enriching and vitalising the blood. Thus
it helps overworked and tired people.
never Disappoint:
The   IViiinii-.   Are   Active.
Columbus, O., Dec. 30.—A special from
Wheeling, \V. Va., says:
A secret meeting of Irishmen has been
held here in the interest of the Fenian
movement und Ilie Boer cause. T. K.
McVeigh of Dublin made the piiucipjl address. He today continued the report
thai the Keiiian movement was on foot
and said Unit there were 2lH),(l00 Irishmen
leudy to strike a blow al Kngland at any
I',l|ie   l.eo'*    Sil»-cr.,or.
Home, Jan. 2.—it is asserted tliat  the
•lie, during the recent service of opening
ine holy door at St. Peter's cathedral, ad-
tlnsshd his intimate entourage und said:
"I thank Divine Providence for graining
me the grace of being able to celebrate the
great function, and 1 wish for my snci-es-
SOT grandeur and long reign, to the greater
glory oi God. My successor will be young
as compared with my own age, and will
have time to see many glories of the papacy and the church." Liter Ix'o clearly
designated   Cardinal   Qirolemano   Maria
lliil.-li   H <■ l-l I in >• ii I   Irom   Iowa.
Chicago, Jan. 2.—A special from Orange
City, In., says:
An entire regiment of .soldiers is said lo
lie en route from the Dutch colony in this
(Siouxi county to join the Boers in the
Transvaal. If seemingly well authenticated uccoiiiils are lo lie believed, the organizers of the force are .-.hipping the men
out three or four ut a time by different
routes. The money lo hire and equip
them was all raised iu or near Orange City
and Sioux Center. Drilling has been in
progress in remote parts ol the county for
some time. It is laid only picked men
have heen accepted.
!I.-h«>   Know In  (lie  South.
Macon, (la., Jan. 8.—-The heaviest mow
ever kimvvn in this part of the -snith fell
Sunday,     ll   is   estimated   that   there   is
fully -i\ Inches on the level.
Charleston, S. C, Jan. J.The snowfall
was the heavies! here in December for w
yean li lasted four hours, when it turned
into mi ice storm, coating the Ins's with
il thick COTOrillg Of ice.
Picketing in strikes, according to a
decision of Vice Chancelor Reed rendered in Trenton, N. J., is a nuisance
and must not be tolerated.
A Perfect Cathartic.
Not violently emptying the bowel* or rleanln*
lun cenlly Htlmill-ittnK. tiniiiiK. HlreiiKllielilnK
lhe inn-stiii.il waits—<'HH(-uri-ta Candy Ouihurtl..,
UO, '£.; Mc..
The Narrugansett Brewing Co., of
Providence, R. I., lias beeu unionized,
the journeymen securing the eight-hour
duy. The controversy has been ou for
the past four years.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet*. AU
drugflstt iefund the money If It falls to cur*.
B. W. Grove'! tignttur* It on each box.   ISc
The printers on four daily Pittsburg
papers struck because of the refusal
of machine tenders to Join the I. T. U.
Incidentally a demand for an increase
of five cents per hour was also denied.
Fence aad  Iron  Works.
and Iron fenclnc: offte* ralllnc, etc SM Alder.
The National Building Trades Council convenes at Milwaukee tbe 8th of
next month.
VITALITY low,, debilitated or exhausted curad
by Ur. Kllne'a Iiivlguratlnir Tonic. I-'11_■___: fl
Trial Bottle containing 1! Weeka' treatment. Dr
Kllne'a Institute, »:u Arch St., Philadelphia
Founded ma.
The Pioneer Press, of St. Paul, will
be gotten out under union conditions
from February 1, 1900, on.
I believe Plso'* Cure ls tb* only medicine that will cure consumption.—Anna
U. Ross,  Wllllamsport, l'a..  Nov. 12. '«6.
Mini li> Mliltke,
Walla Walla, Wash., Jan. 2.- The fuller
nl of little Roland Burke, which occurred
from the home on Kast Main street Ihis
afternoon, has spread an air of gloom over
the cily. It was another ease of a presumably unloaded gun killing a child. Komi  Hurke is dead, and the little fellow
who Bl
villi t
I'iileutnlly shot him is nearly crai-y
ie horror of his act.
II.-.-1   Famine  In  KI.ni.IIUe.
Tacoma, Jan. 2.—Itecf famine threatens
the Klondike,   loiters from Dawson slale
Unit by the end of December there vvoubl
not he n pound of fresh meat left.
Ilohlier*'  Victim la n.-.i.l.
SIOUX City, la., Jan. 2.   John K. Hobson, the bridge contractor, who was as-
sanltisl hy a burglar in his office recently,
ile.ui.   There is no satisfactory
i murderer,
clue to
lien.   Mclnt>re Not linllly.
Wsterville, Wnsh., Jan. 2.—The jury in
the eaaa of the state vs. Brig. Gen, J. D.
Mi-lntyre, N. G, W., charged with arson,
returned a verdict of not guilty, after be
ing out only 40 minutes.
Silk weavers of Summit, N. J, aro
out on strike.
Five members of the United Metnl
lieie. is now Btirring up the Canucks.
St Paul boxmakers have organized.
Krle painters organized.
i. \ mm   NOTI'.S.
The supreme court of Kansas decided
that the eight hour law pussed in that
ante is legal.
A soap factory at Sheboygan, Mich.,
has adopted the union label to better
place its product.
Chinese laundry men in New Vork
City have organized and adopted a
scale of prices.   How dare they!
K. of L. in Toronto, Canada, are reviving. Several new assemblies have
recently been organized.
The "grafters" in the Omaha central
body caused the expulsion of a delegate who exposed their methods.
Structural iron workers of Buffalo,
after a striked lasting several weeks,
have won out.   3,500 men affected.
Four Chicago wholesale cigar dealers
were indicted by the grand jury for
using counterfeit union labels.
A Farmers' International Union is
the latest. Wants to unite the agricultural nnd mechanical workers.
Pressmen of the Strohridge Lithograph Co., Cincinnati, struck to secure
recognition of the union.
A number of bookbinding concerns
have agreed to adopt the nine hour day
on January I, 1900.
Factory Inspector Campbell of Pennsylvania reports sixty places found during three months ending October 31,
1899, in which clothing was made in
habitations where contagious diseases
prevailed. The goods were "confiscated" under the sweat shop act.
KiiHlnuii'« Grratrat Army Slopped Ity
Two ol the Nmalleat Republic*-,
viillliu-j K<;onom»- Commend■« to
Hurl .Mow.
1-onilon, Jan. L— It is strange to note
tliat us the new yeur dawns for Ore*.
Britain the grealesi army she ever put in
the Held remains passive in South Africa,
held at bay by two of (he smallest republics on the lace of thu cartlu while at
home, in spite of tlie large volume of trade
und apparent prosperity, her financial interests are in a state of instability not
seen since tlie Haling crush. All Kurope
is yelping al her heels, and the necessity
for America's friendship is recognized on
all sides. Paper* and people thut for
years have been ready with a jibe for
America's good will no longer make any
attempt to belittle tic desirability of securing her friendship.
•'America," auys the Globe, usually humorous at the expense of all things trans-
Atlantic, "wilh a crop of 642,000,000
bushels of wheat, is especially in a position lo help us."
'Hie economic shoe already begins to
pinch the military foot. Not very seriously, but enough to suggest grave cogitations as lo what would happen if (Jreut
Britain would war wilh a great power.
The fact ihat lhe government has chartered so many transports has resulted iu
a lise in the price of bread, while coal is
rising by leaps and bounds to lamina
prices. It is such unpleasant results as
these thai silence the scoffer at things
American and induce such a vituperative publication as the Saturday Review
to say: "The Americans have had their
eyes open as to the possibilities of a foreign policy and are taking a sounder, besides a cooler view, of the situation. They
are not less friendly to us than before,
but tlie insincere element hns been eliminated and has left a reliable substratum
of good will," which concatenation the
Saturday Review under different circumstances would have construed into damning evidence of the insincerity of American friendship.
It must not be inferred that this view
is held by many of the sincere English
friends of America, who now point to
whnt they are pleased to term its great
friendliness as proof of what they have
always maintained.
With such a serious outlook for the
coining year, it is hardly surprising that
articles appear under tbe heading "Aro
We Decadent?" and similar strains. On
the other hand, there is still a small section of the press and public which da-
rates its energies to senselessly abusing
the lloers and predicting the speedy entry of the Hiitish into Pretoria.
Mormon lam
Is a blot upon our land—a symptom ef
governmental ill-health. Th* right laws
would net upon it as Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters does upon constipation, or dyspepsia. Tbey would quickly restore h°«*lthy
furitv; and this is just 'what the Hltteit
oe.-. for the human constitution. Itmske*
the stomach strong by curing Indigestion
•nd biliousness.
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■owi-ls clear und clean Is to take
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ior tree sample, and booklet on health.   Addreia
9l»rll_>( I..,!; laapu;, Chlt«jii, a....t.l, t.. Twk. Ota
THISIOI Rlora for S2I.4I-   H«">tha
1 Katallar*' TrotH-nave the Wholaaalara
Profit. Tate nilmutigi. of our contract
lurchaae. Other! here advanced their
price* of Parlor Stove*, bnt oar contract
with the m-iuufiioturora compels tbein
. ^Jto funilali ui with tlieMi.eo we can eel'
2     PU  »thematiieiiiallpnilltiit»'.T.41,»'JI.__7aiid
- > ■ IH.;-).   you would be proud of alther
.onaoftheteiiurloretorea. Xbeiilcturee
viva but a faint Idea of their •_•*___*__*_-
Bentf). O. II. on reoelptof Vic, ><iu to
pay balanoo to jour banker or freight
agent ou arrival at four depot.
mf The unvil eet barttal n»ever offered.
ALariieHtova telle* I***, fudl than a small on* fur heat
oiMLAtti7bc.nl —
■miwrir nan
an* ii
arm yihjr     FREE
LAND      atukuntt
"        fort newt
SlUMPS.tauip-   A-
Pana Vehicles
—Agricultural ImplfmeBta.
Slant tnd Ranges.
-Ilabj Carriage*.    F-l Irucs tad Patent Ma
.. _^|
.   Musical  Iniitniments.    H—Organ*  tod
achlnee. |- Ilioy.-l.-e.  J -Ounn and tll>ortlilg I
-       icycl
-.--Ladle*' and Gents'  .
Joode.   M-lteadr-m-tdo
N-Boot. and Hhoa*.   O—Lad
FurnlHliiiiK Good*.    L-j-lli
i Clothing lor Men tnd Bor
Bend 16cta and our LargeSupplr Catalogue contain-
Ing over KM) Paget aud over onehundiwdtnonitml ogle
tnveninaar In mind when ordering. Ing overlObbptgettndoveronenund
-fiiL-H UJ-rAd K« I'llVK UATALOGI'K Fl.KK.       and prioes wliTbesent eipraa paid,
Fur OonorrrKi* mid (licet vet Pafagfi Okay Specific. II
m the ONLY medk'lm' whieh will cure (Acn and erery
•Mtt. NO cask known it haa ever mil •«] to cure, no
matMr how Krloua or of how long ___Unding- He*ulu
from tU um will -ufemiAh you. It in ahooluU'ly nafo,
pr*r«tiu atrtrtnre, end can be taken without lneonvft-
ftlence and detention from htiHlnew. I'UICK, $3 «x Fi*
*mw bv all reliable dmirifHt*. or aent prepaid by ezpraaa
plainly wrapped, on n* »ii»t of phot*, hy
Cbvular mailed on rvguext.
Us* Ul* ti for unntturtl
irritations or ulcerations
tea ii atrieiar*. of ni iicous membranes.
J Pnvsnu Coataclon. Painless, and not tstrln*
lTHEEl.-UltGHES.MlOo.  K*nt or polsonout.
~    ■•■« Ay Drug* 1st*.
aor cent ln pltin wrapper,
by  express,   prepaid,   for
illHl, or 3 bottles. £.73.
Circular tent on request.
rial letters. '
Has a booiI <Jpcd color and
y     does not strain the eyes.
C A NirCD   l»  Curable
CAnLLK  Without the Use of Knife.
Address DR. NEWKIRK, Mountain Home, Ida.
N.  \. V. No. 1, 1800.
lief for Women"
V Sent/Vw. in plain, sealed envelope. Wrltt
to-day for this Hook.conUlnlwf ParUcli-
lara tad TetUmonialt of UR. MARTELI
French Femalt Pills.
Praised by tbouands of satisfied ladles aa
safe, always reliable anil without aneo us..
(kildbytlldnist'ltuln metal box. Prate*
__j on top tn Blue, Whltt ana nod.   Ttke no other,
reuob Drug Co.,Ml * 383 Petri BL, Hem Vork C'ltj.
Weak and
Worn-Out People
Can secure health and etrcngtli   onu do
it quickly by iisiti);
Moore's Revealed Remedy
It conttlnB no dangilTQHI times—it hns
n pleasant taste. |1 a bottle at ilruitni-is.
ONE FOR A DOSE. Curt Hick Headacbt
and Dyspepsia, liemove Tinvles and rurl'y tb*
Blood, Aid ingestion and Prevent llilloiisutss. Dr
notOript or Sicken. To convince mu we will man
tarn pie free, or fell box for '2.V. l>K. 1IOHAN KO
OO.. Phlladia.. ratnnia.   Bold br DrunritU-
rrOHlNGPiles prudace moisture and ttott Itching.
This form, aa well aa Blind, Bleeding;ur Protruding
fllee sre cured by Dr. Bo»»nko't Pile Hamad*
tope Itching and bleeding. Absorbs tumors. JOo __
tr tt druggists orient by mall. Treaties fret. Wrltt
aa about "tr oaae.   UR. BUS AN KO. P ullade.. Pit
rm... *.**, ,«
tM»ki. **.»■ wts.*s*.'.'***y*
::w**~* ■*- *-•*"-* -
_•'/.•! MCHf. v_s_M- ,'-
. «.a  <marteif ..w...
_,»»■ it svturt'A. v«*r "
-*.'■■.i um me v js\PJA*P**m■  !«..«♦«■".*•• •<s?*'^*w<.f™e.t**r. iWV
■ ..'m>av_W>i«.
*y 1? srPt -.'■...  ..-  . ,/,.mx:
■:-r_,..' ■....^iltll'ST
— i.. _..,..,4..   ..-'"-*
"   '.il"*'."1      ■'..■l.l.JHLJHR
^A.re What   You Are Rooking
IK YOUR firii^CRlKIOJJ W Dl'K' wo understand that Commander W.eni-
Huttf PT » «*" A ,tnwouU1 conslM,t '°h" —     "'
I   HI
. , ,i  vii     . -.'     I It I;
| fl'I'CIICC.
TWO DOLLARS A YK/vK. |   J||'. |)o(.|..Y, On   TIlC KfflVWoiOOII.
;'   ,/,'ir^ mmcm    WIIL but tlio. allies insist on their riMht to
I g   BUrK   C,,0PW     W    j"  settle matte,, w.ihoot outside   Ifltm-
S*»a««S  BE K(),1N|)  iN T,,,S
Come and Sen onr HEAVY TOP SHIRTS (or Men,
Women.      #     *     #     *     #
All These Goods are being Sold Very  Low.      „ #
GROCERIES   and    HARDWARE   ol   tho    BBSI at
BOTTOM FIGURES.     *     *     «
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
Cm  Have Them  Reserved Hy Writing To-r    A' ' ' MoDONALD,
t t t t + t      _t 8ILVKRTON, -■ B.O,
TMie Wm. Hfiiiiter Co., Jf-»tcl..
;"()FJ'f DRV."
18 «>■/.• Crescent street", with Walt-
ham style cases nt 82") 00, ^uorar.tced
to keep good time for three yeurs.
Thesflinelwilh P. S. Lartietts movement ot $L1 50
Deuber Hampden 23 Jewrta
fTr>d li|Vj MKl|pUa«i W$ k0°W    Deuber Grand.      Elgin 17 Je*els,
/M>pe will lull tb« WW) '6 rfy
Stock of cases in the Province.
Ilk Gold Plain, Engine turn»d air!
Engraved — Tlio Jas. Boss filled
eases. — The Deuber filled cuscs. —
Tlie Imperial 9ft year cases. — Ladies solid gold watelies with plain
and set cases.
Royal 2] Jewels.
YEARS.       *      i      X       I      t
Stock of Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and 'Opals in tlie Province.
Cull and get pricey at
Ol Course
3TO-U-   STxroxe
o*ft eryypibs-
. isigv siaa-d.
"Molly Donahue have up on' become
n new woman!
"It'g been a nood thing fr ol' man
Donahue, though, .lawn. He shtud iv-
rything that mortal man end stand. He
wen ber iipnoarin' in tb' road veann'
clothes (hat no ladv shod wear M1 'w"''
a bicycle, lie was tiuniiliateil whin she
,lcinanileil to vote; he put his pride un
tier hia ar nn an' ma-arched out iv tb'
house whin she committed i ssuultan-
biiltlirvimth'l'i.innuli Bnt he's got lo
Hi" end iv ih' rope bow, He was in here
las' nicht, Icw-cune-ye so, with bis bill
cocked over Ills i ve nn' a look iv' lisoln
tion on his face; an' whin Im b It me, he
nays, say* be.'DooUv,' he says, '1*11 com
•inir, or I'd oie,' he says.
"Il's boon untnin l'i monlh«, but it on'>
bust cm D luihue hia' week. lb'.I con.
Iiome at ni^bt liied mit, nn' uftllfr no
per be wan pllllirt' oil' liih bbols, whil
M.illv nn' tb' motber lieuun tall'.in' if
bonl th' iii:bts iv females ' Tii th' cr.
iv tli* now woman.' nays Mullie. 'Yen
right,' says tb' mothrr, 'What d'ye men:
Private Smith of tho   Royals;   the velt
and n slate black sky,
Hillocks of mnd, brick  red   .villi  Wood,
and prayer—half cum—to die.
A lung andu Munser bullet, pink  froth
nnd a hall choked cry.
Pi hate Smith ol Ibe Royals; a torrent ol
fro-sing laiu; 	
A bail of frost and n lifo'nall Itostj ae-
Bpulr nnd a giiiidim pal".
And tlio drlp-drip-ddp of «l    '   avens'o
wash out ihe brand of tain.
Private Smith of the Royals; siK-Eotmii-
Ihg bis fiiin ral knell;
A blirolim ihioal that each en ..'ing DOle
scmi'1'8 row like b broken Bhell.
A thirst liku a red hot iroii and a lon^uc
like a patch of bell
Erivate Smith of the Royals; tiie blush
of a dawuiiig day;
Tbe fading mist Unit the km bus kissed—
and over tbe bills uvwiv.
The blest Red Cross like tn angel in liie
trail ol tho men wjio slay.
But Privaiu Sipilh of the Royal.) gaz< (I
ui. ut ih'espft ''Ine sky—
Hie lose tinged morn  like ft   ba'n' mw | l,e lb'new wnnian .' saysD.nubiie.lio.il
boi'n'and the sweet Siltijed liiidS 6b  iij'.iiuj boot j».biftl\aid. 'To' new «,
man.'sms Al-'h c "II be live fr'iM 'I
..nprisioii iv man' she shjs. 'Slie'll WUll
out bci own vihv viliboul help .>r bin-
doruiici ,'she shvp. She'll wear wl at
clothes she wants.'she shvb,'un she'I
lie no man's fclave,' she says 'They'll b
no sucb lijitiiias lilvlnj a unl in ma'
r. d^e to a clown ui.' nuiUiu* her .!• pin-
dunt on his whime," she says. 'Th'
voimii'll earn their own livin'.' she snys
ii'i' meb'be'siie says, 'lh' uieu'll bmi.v ul
homo an' dredge in lh' lionse vvuirnk.'
s.he says. 'A-ho' snys Donahtic. 'nn'
that's lh' new w.unaii, is «?' hesais.
An' he raid no more that nl«ht.
"Rut tli' nex' inornin*  Mrs Donanlie
an'Mollie come to his  dine    'Oct  up,'
Vp T» Dit« Smiw,
Witli u fleoh of led on Ids | allid 'ips nun
li thin ol whito mi his eve.
—Herbert Uulett In Loiu|ou i.'hronicis
. ,> « t .. - e - -. • «... s .   '
5S88188.8SS8 8S8g8388888 888i
When Yon Mresk Those
Resolutions Come And
Look Over My Stock 01
Pipes,, Tolo-
accos,, 6io.
PASSK1)     IN     THK
The result of this week's development iu the strike problem points to
another six months continuance cf the
shut-dowh, The outlook for a settlement to-day is "loomicr  than  at   any, ,
'     n ' ! sjiy.i Mrs Donuhne, 'an    brinj! in «om
time duiinj,'the past two months. j coal,'the says.    'Ye drowsy man, ye'ii
On Wednesday tlie   Mine   Owners'; be late I'r ye'er wurruk.' 'Divvle th'   bit
, ,       .     , .    i iv coal I'd letch,'sin s Donahue. "Go «av
Association met a delegation from lhe       , , .   , , , .  __...„    ,\-.r~  :.,
6 | an   lave me alone,  be savs.     »e re  in-
Sandon   Miners'     Union.    Tlie   con-' tliruptin,' me dreams '    'What  nils  v.
terc.icc   if   such   the   all'nr mi-lit be ' m;l'"i'ive?'B»ve M"» P","i,,,u'   ,(it"""'
was a short   one,   ihe  Atsoci-
B. C.
k CO.
ftlJ S03 LINE
Eirst-illass Sleepers on all Trains from
TOURIST OARiTpass Medicine Hat
Daily for St. Paul.
Suniiays and Wkdskbdays for Tou-
Kiiida'* for Montreal and Boston.
— Ss» .e cars pass Revelstoke one day —
•i—— earli*'v 	
For the North, Reyelstnke, and Main Line,
7:30 ex-Sunday iv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday, 16:20
For Rossland, Nelson  and  Crows Nest
Branch and  Boundary Country,
10:20ex, Sunday lv. Silverton,
ar. ex. Sunday ]3:(0
To and from Sandon.
• 13:00 ex Sunday lv Silverton,
or, ex Sunday, 10:20.
Tickets issued thboci.ii  ano Baggage
 checked to destination!	
Auctioneers, Customs Brokers,
And General Real Estate Agents,
Oltlce In lienli-y Block    -   .    llakcr St.
|"i G. GORDON,
B. C
t'ontracts large or small taken
And promptly attended to.
Stables in SILVERTON, B   O.
For rates and full iufoi maiion apply to
nearest local agent or
' H. H. REEVES, Airent, Silverton
Tray. Pass. Agent, Nelson
Aa O. P. Agent, Vnncouve
For Sale or Rent,
Hold in Silverion,
Apply t.— Jf ntliciuiriTii-ok,
Nllverlon, fi. C.
dlpntl freight and Trnnsfer
Bnsiness Done.
Orders  lelt at   News Htnnd will   he
■romotly attended to
TX7atch and
Visits Silverton
(Leave Your Orders at The Lake-
view IIotki,.    •
E>. JM. B-rlnclle,
rhe Jeweler,
NEW DENVER, li. C. *
ioaway,' says  Donahue,  'tin lave me
i slum ber,' lie says   • IV idee iv a  couple
atiOn informing Iho Union   that   then•: iv hia strong wniin-n like y.ni in.ikiu'   nn
,. ,. ,,      ,    , I wurruk i'r vr,' In? s.ns    'M.iiiie'll  bilni!
position now was the sains ns thr.'hatl i. ,-. , "   .   .     „ ..
r ' In th   Coal,   he Says,    An  an I r yntl Hon
declared it to be on June lOih  hat.     | orja, J0»,| ivst gel. w„,lt t|, .fL. ia  i.i   iln-
Tbe association   has wittidruwit    its  lUpboard an' put it in ye'er dinner pail '
,„       .,,_,,,, ,  « ,     » tiesavs.  T heerd th' lirsl whistle I-low ii
oiler of *o >■ i per shirt and refuses   to ,, , „      , „
1 iniii)il ago,  he says;'an  Ihere h a  pile
consider   any   proposition   from   tb" j iv slag at the mill that has to be * heeled
rjuiAn j off beiure th'stip'rintiudintrouies round,
' he savs. 'Ye know ye can't alToid to lose
Tins we judge is the outco ce of tbe j yeVr"lob willl mp in tlli., (ii!i.ate Wbdi-
Asaojiatiau's   spleen   over   the   con-! tion.'he says. 'I'm goin" to sleep now,'
...        ,.  ,i   . .   ,,     IT ■     , I he says. rAn', Mollie, dojobrlname n
itions attachi ci to the   Unions   accep- '
tance of their offer of .?.l.L'5 per    shift, j |)t. gays.   T ixpect  me  musi, -teacher a-
The Unions' answer to   their   offer! bout that time.'   Tli' Lord save us fr'm
harm,'says Mrs  Donahue,   Th'  man's
0 ,
£>:•; HiiKlqaarlers For Mining Men :•:
.. —^
•• H i L v r i: ton.  n e
ll KIIIUATt UK I.\IPKiiVI.Mi:M~ Cenri   i e N i nliXiltt   imerid m'viydi»a
\-,\n,.,             ..i I,          ..         •• II' HI lh ' d.,1.! llOIC'I, loilliph tntUf Mir -
.■N«)rU'ii~         v        . l-'.:U'.',:'i"   ; '"-   Bw.ir.ir   ",r u r..;,i.',:,... oi  In
BI.ANO   ll.iui.iiiIinirio.N   und    i   - ,„„„.,„,.„,     f.,r ,,,r            M.    „,,,,„,
,iKRl-,.i,i;oN   M,ue,..ICIai..w,sd„aie Crt>wif Grant! nf if* nHnwrHlm*
in thn  Blocan  ( itv Mininif D;vi:-ion of *,   ]
West Kno I'lniv Dlstrlel ^"', ''"'our lake i-.iin->   Uml    sMI
Wh.-ie  loeatetl:-Oa   divide   between nnderseethm "7,'niiwl     o eonimweei
_N..M ii Fork l/'tmnil'iei-k anil Springer |wn "»•' '" ''"'' "l'■"»>•''   CHliHesies
Cri-pk alioill 7 miles Irom Moran ('itv
Take Notice Ihat I, F. <-. Green, nl
N. !-■ .ii, s liiiu' as n^'fiit for il.e Sii can
Lake Oold and BHver Mines, Lbulleil
Free Miner.s Certificate No nl i.'.'.Vi, jn-
lend Hijly day» fii'in l*ie (lute   lieieol   I"
nply In  tlm   llilttaif Reel ider for l'"'i
of Iiii;ii.iVMiniiis
I'.I I   il  I  ilfl il li   's\  • I »'' | lell.l.n, A   I '.
.1   I)   AMar.ssiK
'.'I ' ID j '.ifi
■   ■ I'.'"
 J   •- -' - I inpu- in   tun    .Tiiniiii,' nee. iner lor  let-     .   r -   » *■*
acupiv cocoaan'a pooched  itfis at,t|u,'|tiiueaiiM of linpio.eiiieiit.ini Ilia pU'i   -'■    I   '<(} -^OllC 15 lit
!,,.  WWW* 'I   iv,,_...l     ma     >„tiu_. -.I..n. .I»._>    ...      di     III ll ll i 11 i 11U     I'lllll'il   III   itlKi.l   I ■..' . ■ I  . , . . *~*     * *T^ »
was a fair  one.     It   had   L.-en   sub-
clean crazy'.    'Divvle'a   lh'   bit,'   syaH
mitted  to   Couiniiisiouer   Glute, who I Donahue, wavin' bis red flinnel niulher- ' Iniprnvini'iits
of obtaining Ciowu Grants oi lhe above
• l.iilllS.
And fni'h. r take notice thvl action
Under section 87, must l-e commenced
bnfore I lie iiihiisi.ee of Sllcb OirtitlcttlM <-l
The Rest!
: shirt in tb'nir.   'I'm the new  man,' lie
the    conditions   reasonable i
j says.    'Well, sir, Donahue said it flurtd
thiin complete.   They didn't know what
The Slocan will now be   held   back! to    say.   Mollie    was   name,   an'  i-lic
♦•._. o„«.i,„_. _.:  .1 .     .:        .     at    I fretcbed in lh'conl; but   Mra.   Donahii'
tor another six month", owinz   tn   tha I
Lgot nervous as eight o'clock cjme around
hot-licadcdness of some of the 'Ye'ro not Koln'lo slay hi lied all day
nieinbtrsof tbe Mine Givners' Associ-I a"' Inse ye'er joii,' she says.   'Tb' 'ell
with me job, ' niyt)  Donahue.   'I'm  not
ation. A prominent meinfaw of this
Association informs dj that those
hot bends had   not   as    ve'    received
Jv r ft «t£ I<^y * s»
the man to tako wurik whin lliejVe
indtisthrees women wilh naiMhin' to
do,' he says. 'Show mo th1 pa-apers,'
, he save. 'I want In see where I ntu kpI
their education. The ... ,ro • Jpoi ioneed ; iin ej^fy-clnt bonnet fr two and a half,'
members wished to accept Uie Unions'   H*'* that stubborn lie'd've slaved  in
conditions, but,   ns  pointvd  put  twH/J far ^ , ¥    "P*.,*?T
1 W-.ikeii«d.     tome,'she says,   dont  lo
inexperienced ones hud  the   majority   foolish,'shesui'i,   'Ye   wudden't have!
Dated ihis I uh day of November, IW.».
I'-. C. Iii:: IN, P   I.   S.
UERTIFICATK i)i l\ipl:u\ i-.Mi- .\ :s
Notici:—"P.i nsrii'i'' Mineral L'Utrtt,
siliniie I in the Slocsu Mininj.'
Division  nf Weat  Kooleiuj  District
Where located :—On Four Mi!e Cirek.
almiii three and a half  miles (rom its I
Take".No.ice.i,.t I. Pranria .1. O'Heilly WILL URADlCATli ALL TRACKS
of Mlveriuii. Free Minei's (Vnilieate No. i-.., ,.lprTnv nrnnil -OURF^
Bj4Wa.ssm.enifi»rflie WskeH.id Mines °b    IMPURh   BLOOl»,     V)tittr-*
Nlvei.oii.  '■"'•■•■l""''-«,'-r-lR|IEUMATISM   A^D   ALL
iiiiniii. No l.'l'.M2ii, Intend sixiy Uavft
fr..nt the date heraol, to apply lo ihe j
Mininn Hecorder foi n G?_t;tilAcate ol'
Improvements, lur the pnrpnaa  of  oh j
tHinin^   s   Crown (iranl    ol the above;
And flit I In- > lake notice Ihat   ai'limi
1'ieir neii ni il", must   h« cominenued
and the Slocun district Inn iiothinq to  '"' "'' w"")l"»  "uirukin' in   th"  m;'ls,'  hefi.re the isanaiice 61   such   Certificate
' ahe savM.    'T«as .11 a joke,'   she   Buy.-'.   ,M fmprovemonl
'lh' ol' worn .ii!    \Y"1I. tli.-H'is a horse iv
another color/lie  rnya.   'An'   I  don't
tniiid telliu'yn lh'mills  is cloned down
do but pay the bill.
The departure of  one  of   tho   most
familiar figures in  this comer oi the
Sloc.ni for the wur   in   Hotith   Africa ; Bays:   Miss Ne« woman.' says   he,   'ye
briii»s   the   matter   directly   home  to ■ "lrty l'"d  wurruk   eiirniih   uioiiud   lhe
us.      Slocanites  can now feel a more ■ bouse,' he says.   'An', If ye have lim.-,
personal ititerest in the war news, \ yH m,,«,,, 1'ai"t ",e 8t,"''|,•, ,,R a">'9'   'Tb'
kdd man is jjdln' to take lh' old  woman
'••        —I [down be Hsltted Street'on' blow luni-
The report of the skirmish in whieh   B'',' Cr a new shawl ,'r her.'
the Canadian troops proved their fij-ht- I    '^"'   1'"'s   1hu'"   ttllU   P'oud   iv  the
Ing powers should make an interesting! vi°tl,r-V *lmt ll0'''   ,,ee"   "   ,e«"lin   n,s-
„      ,  ,    ..    . ,n    . ,s  tomer i'r a week.
paragraph for tbe hungry hunans, who
Dated Ibis lOlh day ol November J 890
l'lii-.'cis .1. O'Hiiiiv.
18| 11 | 00
'o-day, llonori.i.'    So ho ilhressed  him- j CKRTIFIOATE OF   I MPKOVEM KMS
self an'out; an, says iie  lo  Moilie,  he NOTICEi— "Excwamu, hii_v«bPlate, I
Try It- Prove I.
Daigle's Blacksmith Shot.
Owinif to n redaction in miners' wages
The public are cautioned against cutting or removing any timber from within the bouuilaries of tbo i\Iarch Mineral
V   B.   FlMHI'H,
are reported as wanting to emigrate to
Canada.    There aro enougB   more of!
the same breed to line the frontier and j
the Sloean will supply ihe load. j caUs(J(5.by tho enforcement of the eight
| hour law, l,he miners nro all idle and (he
| mines have  sjbut, down.   Therefore nil
The rival armies now couimandered j workingmen ai;e hereby warned to keep
in  Victoria   are  throwing  up  earth- iftWfty 'rom   lbo  Hloenn   and   Kootenay
works and preparing for active hostil- | ',:';,1l|,'1ry' ,,ri,isb Columbia, „nti| presant
ities.     Tlie ailied troops are expected
to commence their attack on tlio  citadel of  the  treasury   benches  under
cover of a heavy shelling nf  mUil.    In
spite of the censorship the news of defections in the Koivrntiien t ranks  has
leaked oui.      If the ,v,,.......ma, ls:,„
wduldbf- settled by   <;„,v- (   El-ci oi
troiiblos aro   iiinicubly   SSttlsd   helwnen
mine owners and miners.
Sandon. t% C.      IV. L  Hagler,
.lime 2u.l. 1890.        Secretary   Handon
Miners' L'uioii
•T. M M. Benedum,
Pros. .Silvertt.li M. TI
'   r  Mclptosh,
Si'cjvln.-i r'.in
•     i
HKOct'M,  Vhtorii Ni^   I mil  W-tax j flnniral  111 u-L mnil hinir
Mineral Claims; fituaie in the Sloean ' U,,t'"!l   ''1.11 kslllllllllll
C^ity Mining Division of West Kootenay
where located .—West ol Day Ion
Creek, a mile south of Rpiingcr ereek.
Take notiee ihat I, ,1 Murray McGregor,
aiding as a sent for the New Hold Fields
of British Columbia, Limited, Free Miners Certificate Nn. n212l.7, intend sixty
days fri in thsdats hereof, to apply to
tbe Mining Recorder for n Cerlldoateol
linprovcmeiiKi, for lhe purpose of obtain-
ing a Crown Ornnt of the above claims.
And further tako notice Hint action
under section 37, must be commented
before tho issuanco of such Certificate o
Dated this2Ut day of September, 180)1.
J. M. McOitr.ooR.
2ft | 9 I 98,	
iiiifi Repairing hw..
NOTICF:- - "FxtuiAMii:," "flnnKm."
"fi.inK" and "Cit.iiu Nn. 2" Mineral
Claims; sitiHttftlli lhe Arrow Lake
Mining Division of it est Kootenay
Whero located:—On Ihe north side ef
Cariboo creek, about nm hall mile
north of tho Millie Maek Mineral
Take nolico Ihst I, ,1 D Anderson. P. L
| S , "f Trail, It 0 , iiciin • ns ageni for II.
F   WtiMOf   I'll"-  Miner's  I'.Tlilcntn Nn.
■r'ft"',  i.  '  M   '   V ll-.-li.rrri.'Mlnff'a
OoBteolMtlf Bitnatsd near ths
Railway 8tation and Wharf.
Dining   Room   under  tht charge oi
Miss Ida Carlisle.
Tables supplied with all thj> deijcselrf*
of tho season.
)o\'*t  CITY, '   *'<?
PWM? .
*t*\ waiwsusBPwy",-
-■"••  ■■■ _«.«yint


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