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The Silvertonian 1898-10-15

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J    Rei**ttv^lae^ 4
Every Ittinc ol rromiiience Will Work
This Winter.
________   t
Among: oar Shippers will bt the Usher
BI»ldon. Wake-eld' Emily Edith. - -
Hornet nek kuiI   Vunoonver        ' *■
W^th    Possibly   thu
Co_dor«u_ Elf ex.
The latest addition to the list ol properties now being worked around Silver-
ton is tlie Fisher Maiden, which started
up last Monday* It cannot be definitely
■tated as yet whether this property will
be a steady shipper this winter or not,
although it ia known that the ni'inage-
ment will prepare for some immediate
The Fisher Maiden is, compared to
most of tbe Four Mile properties, an old
property, having made shipments nearly
two years ago. For various reasons, luck
of ore not being one however, the mine
waa shut down about a year ago and no
thing haa since been done towards developing the property. Considerable work
has been done on this property and tuu-
nsW aggregating 1000 leet in length have
Inm*. driven. Up to the date of tbe
•hut down, the Fisher Maiden had sent
down and shipped 125 tons of extremely
high grade ore, giving average smelter
returns of 270 os*.
The Fisher Maidentlies on the north
side of Four Mile creek about eight and
a halt miles from Silverton.
We are informed thst to-day the Congo
jtroup,on Red Mountain, is to entpend
operations ior Uie Beaton. This seems
unlortnnate, as it has one ef the finest
jrarfacn (-bowings of apything in the
camp. Tho present owner Frank L.
Byron enly acquired tho property a lew
weeks ago and as the property lies at a
high elevation, he haa not had time to
put tliinicainto than-to enable tlie work
to be carried on properlv Ihis wim.-r.
He bas therefore concluded to suspend
oueraiious for tlie time being, with tbe
intention of pushing developement work
In the sprint:, and another winter will
see him prepared f >r it. Tho wirk dune
this fill ou the property has itsta-ju-
strated it tube one of onr biggest propoid-
tions.   Conaideialih* work has be*-n Hunt*'
employed and work wiji
fast as possible and probably continued
all winter. Mr. Dawson has been fortunate In securing this property and its
having fallen into the hands of a man
who will dnvplope tnt\ work it is also a
fortunato thing for Silverton, as the
.opening up of this property means
another shipping mine from this town
In the near future.
The Condor Group, live miles op the
gulch above town, which ia under bond
to W II Sandiford, is showing up well
and for the amount of work done is a
remarkably fiat* prospect. The work
done has been confined to the Condor
claim, one or, tho group, and the ledge
haa been traced nnd stripped for 800 feet,
showing more or less ore the whole wny.
A shallow winze his been sunk, showing the lodge to be in place and improving with depth. Across-cut tunnel has
been started, having a present length nf
20 feet, that, will tap the ledge at a trood
depth and when completed will be 130
feet long. This tunnel wili be used as
a main working tunnel and is being put
in as it permanent improvement, the
size being 4>_ by 7).j feet clear at the
timbers. Buildings are being erected
and permanent winter quarters established and a forco of miners will bo employed all winter.
Tjie developement of this property
will be watched wilh interest by Bilver-
toniaus ns it bears every evidence of becoming another of Silverton's shipping
Indisputably the best mining journal
pnWiahed in British Columbia to-day is
the Minim- Record published at Victoria,
R. 0. This is - journal that should be
read by every miner and prospector in
the country and with this object in view
we make tho following offer. To every
now lubacribor to the StLfX-TOKt-- wo
w ill ok the payment of fifty cunts over
our regular subscription price of two dollars, present a yenrs subscription lo The
Minim: Record. To anv delinquent stih-
acriber we mnke ihe sumo offer on payment of nrrears to date. This offer is for
u t-lmrt time only and must bo taken ad-
vantage of at once.
Dr, Rronvp, of New Denver, held nn
inquest last Monday over ihe body of
a woman named Lodie Davis of Naknap,
mostly surface  stripping  and  shallow   n*u, wtindere I off Into the woods while
Hhow   the   un^cri|„, indupneeof   liquor  and  died
from exposure to the cold.
ipo ooooooooooooooeooocccq
openings or test pit_, to
character of the surface ore and extent of
tlie ore shute on the surface. A winze
lias been sunk some ten feet and tho improvement shown is conclusive evidence
that it gains in richness wilh evoiy foot
in depth. A##ys from the bottom of
this winze gave returns of $23.70 in gold
and 7.48 per ceut in copper per ton, and
assays of the iron alone ruu ns high , as
$71. ia gold. Tlie property is a gold-
copper proposition and the ore identical
with that of the Rossland csmp. The
vein, a true fissure, is strong and big.
avetagiug over eight feet in width.
it is unfortunate that work must be
discontinued even for a short limo on
such a property,us its slowing jusiifie*»
big expectation*. However the short
time the present manauement have had
control and the early fall, has made it
impossible to prepare tbe property for
wbter work and a suspension of present j ~" ™
work is the result.
The Condor group is being surveyed
by Herbert TTwigg.
Assessment work has beeu completed
on the Manitoba claim near town.
M. Nicholson has just completed
assessment work on the Amazon claim
whicli lies between the Bosun and the
Neglected and bolon.s to J. C. Harris.
Some of the miners employed at the
Bosun mine have taken up their quarters
in the cabins on the Neglected claim and
will batch in preference to walkiog to
Silverton every night as they have been
The Essix eroup above town, lately
purchased by G. H. Dawson of Vancouver, is proving itself to be even better
tlian anticipated by the purchaser.   No
dombt exists now but  that the  Wakefield vein crosses the group and it is only
a question  of Work   to develope  the
property into a  mine.   Three  tunnels
are being driven, two of which show  a
(Continuous streak of ore that will   pay
good  profits for  mining.    The   third
tunnel has just been Btarted and has not
yet cut the ore body, but It is only  a
matter of depth before the ore  is cut.
The ore is a cube galena carrying grey-
qopper and occasionally -Inc. It is very
high grade and will safely average 200
ounces in sliver and 60 per cent lead per
ton.   The situation of  the property  tt
such tbat it can be opened and  worked
by t, tunnel system, immense depth can
be gained on the property aad as  the
tunnel** can be driven  directly on  the
ledge, this avoids long and expensive
cross-cut tunnels and greatly lessens the
cost of developing the property.   The
•"roup now consists of six claims, making
ample ground for the blgaest kind of a
company.   During the past week uie
camp has been moved to a more suitable
Place and fl,e(iup»0d-iade comfortable
,cf.t&«B>ep,   N»M-»« "* ■* vnBW
Mr. Rackliff, Slocan Cily, reports that
his cabin on the Hoodo claim on Lemon
creek is completed and ready as winter
heudquarters. Tbe cabin on the Tail
Holt claim is also nearly completed.
Work on these claims will doubtless be
pushed ahead all winter.
A force of men are now ongiised at the
junction of the Wakelleld raw-hide trai"
and the 8ilverton waggon road, in building a commodious ore-bouse for this/
winters shipments of Wakefield ore. Unless something unforseen should occur
this property will ship about 75 carloads
this winter.
Ijocal Director Patterson and Engineer
Barton of Ihe Wakefield Mines, Lfd.,
arrived in town on Monday and went
directly to the mine. They left again on
Tuesday. Our reporter had not an opportunity of speaking with theee gentlemen but we hear that they expressed
great satisfaction at the good showings
exposed at the mine.
While building the Comstock waggou-
road near that property, tho graders cut
» fine looking ledge, exposing good ore.
This showing is on the Bonaparte claim
the property of L. Leibert and John
Gillis, who had just campleted tbe
ftwessment work on tbe claim at another
point on the ledge. Tbhs new find but
adds value to what is already known to
as * valuable property.      •
Prlvute, bath rooms, at Tom Mulveys.
Shiii Smitheren has left for a trip to
Many strnnirers sre noticeable ou our
streets this week.
Ed. Hely, of 81ocan City, hss been a
visitor in our Citv.
Laundry, neatly and quickly done at
Mulvey's Laundry.
The uau.,1 number of dog fights camo
off during the week on Lake Aye.
Tom Hauliihan and Herman Brasky
are down from the Wakefield mine.
Ralph Gillette of the Wakefield mine
dropped into our Sanctum on Thursday.
8. G. Mighton. Nelson, paid Silveiton
one of his regular visits on  Wednesday.
The merchants of Sandon have instituted an eatly shop-closing movement.
Al. Haynes, of Victoria, who has been
slopping at the Selkirk, has left for the
Dr. Brouse of New Denver spent
Tuesday on professional business in
Tbe family of W J Barker have moved
into the Hunter Cottage, formerly occupied by J Tinling.
Joe O'Brien, who has spent Ihe
summer in Nelson, went up Wednesday
to work at the Wakefield mine.
Mr. and Mrs. Mcintosh returned from
Spokane ou Thursday. That night the
air was made hideous with the chivari.
J M M Bennedum and J W Kvte were
iu Slocan City ou Monday Inst, greeting
their numerous friends and acquaim-
If suddenly confronted with a star-
wearing man, don't run. He isn't a
detective, only a Fruit Fair souvenir-
H. Hermann and Dick Biiatto, who
lut***- been working on the old Bnrtlet
■croup are-own, work having beeu bu»-
}.eo_i'_ ior tho j-r<ats»l.
D. K. McDou'ild is preparing to
supply Silverton with stove stood this
winter und ha* -cone semen thu lake to
M'cure u raft or iv, o of   it,
There is now competition iu the uui-
clu-r OUeilieau ol tiloean Cuy, li O Dill
I,as opened upa meal j-iiuket ou Mmn
St. unjoining uui Hick's Hotel.
Cb_K. McNicoll i« .lining up the interior pi hia reside-cc ou Fourth si.
iVhuiiier ihis. is in anticipation oi a
bard winter or not, it id bard to nay.
Every morning several four horse
teams aud numerous pack animals oie
loaded iu Silveiton and leave with sup-
plica for Some of our numerous niium.
J W Moffat of Nelson spent Monday iu
our io .mi. In au iuterview with the
Nelsou Miner, Mr. Moffat expressed
gieui Ji.it.ii lii.llio luiure ol Silverton as
u busy milling camp.
LOST. -V black aud while spotted
collie dog. Answers to the name ol
'•iium". The liud<*r will oblige bv bring-
iug tbe dog lo Chai lea McNichol, Silver-
ton, or bv cummiinicatiug with him    ;
II. Highland has just completed a
commodious Ice-house back of tho Vic*
toria Hotel, for tbat property, and the
Victoria will in (uture.be able to supply
its patrons with L*o coul refreshments
the year round.
W. Brandon and wifo uf Brandon, B.
C, aro spoudiug a few days in our town.
Mr. Brandon has sold bis residence in
Biandou to Capt. Seaman of the ss.
Slocan and will leave for the east in a
few weeks to spend the wmter.
The I. 0. 0. F. of Slocan City are
making arrangements for their Annual
Ball, to lake place on Oct. _8th. Invitations will shortly be issued, .ludgiug
from the success which has uttended alt
tbe past affairs of this order, we can safe,
ly predict an enjoyable time at this coming event.
It is rumored in Slocan City that the
much talked-of Springer creek wagon
road will yet be finished this fall. Tnls
ia as it should be, us this road is a necessity for the successtul working ol' Lemon
nnd Springer creek properties. It is to
be hoped that tbis rumor has something
behind it to warrant it and that work wil1
recommence at once.
Tho ss. Slocan bore a party of distinguished railroaders over tho lake on
Thursday. The party consisted of Sir
William Van Horn and the various provincial C P R otlicials. Just below Sil
yerton the steamer waa stopped loug
enough to allow the sports of the party to
shoot adeer, which obligingly swam out
to meet Sir William.
A squirrel trespassing on C P R property and refuain- to vacate, was attacked
by thst company's employees, who, assisted hy several dogs, who's dally scraps
had been pulled off, by armfu Is of rocks
and lucked hy half the rubberneck population of the camp, proceeded to enforce
their demands. After throwing several
tons of rocks and wasting about $2.00
worth of cartridges, 'hey forced the
squirrel to retreat, duly impressed with
the power of the great company.
Slocan City is once more in the ranks
of the progressive towns of the Slocan
and many improvements are being made
in and around the business blocks of the
City. Among others, we notice particularly the building of a cold storage room
for wood in the rear of C P Wicliman'e
barbershop and the installation of an
acetylene gas plant hy Teeter Bros., proprietors of the Wilson House. This light
has proved a grent success and the owners are greatly pleased at the brillant
appearance given to their establishment.
Dyspepsia Cured. Shiloh's Vitaliier
m mediately relieves Sour Stomach,
C miiug np ot Pood Distress-**!, and is the
freut kidnev and liver remeJy. Sold    by
he Silverton Drug Store t
We have in our writings Innocently
caused so much offence that we cannot
move aronnd town at all now withont
getting a roasting from some-bodv. So
regular has tbis become tbat we seldom
move out of doors, prefering like the
Pope to remain a virtual prisoner in our
-Vatican, rather than suffer the slings
and Knows of outrageous fortune on the
sidewalk at the bands of indignant
subscribers. Our room is in the old
Walker House, upstairs, first room to
the left. The window commands a
magnificent view of the hog pens. If
you are on a friendly visit knock three
limes; but it 3011 aro contemplating
doinit ss up, you need'nt knock nt all,
as we wont let you in.—Wctaskiwin
Free Lauco,
Silverton* J3.  O.       j
- ■       "       -  - • ■   - I I !■_
Karl's Clover Root Tea. for Constipation it's the best und if lifter lining it you
don't say go, return the package and get
yuur money.   Sold at
The Silverton Drugstore. +
t:hurch  SERVICES.
Tlie-Rev. C. F. Yutes will hold service
iu thn Silverton Chuich ou  Sunday   evening next  at  7 30.   All  nre cordially
invited to attend.
Not among the leant of the signs of our
returning prosperity was the bringing in
of an additional ten pack-mules for the
already large outfit of cur enterprising
packers, Anderson & Brady. With the
fall in the price of silver aud (he general
depression consequent therto, came the
determination to this firm to divide their
.stock, Mr. Anderson taking the old outfit of mules to faraway Glenora, aud we
are pleased to hear, has been most successful in securing freight at good figures.
Mr. Brady remained in Silverton with
the horses and has been able to keep the
outfit busy 111 delivering supplies to onr
various minus. As the different prospects
have developed and proven themselves
to bo mines capable of shipping large
quantities of ore, consequently needing
moremon and supplies, the firm found
itself unable to handle the freight. They
commenced adding stock, first an extra
team or two and lastly a herd of ten fine
mules, thus putting their Silverton outfit back to where it was and making the
firm one of tbe largest freighting concerns
in the provinoe.
 Sil-V rtofa 	
Hi. :JML   ZKr_-OW-_l.es.   Prop,
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I asMsTWWsjMsi
Item*   Krom   Montana.    Idaho    •"•«■«•
Wi_»_lni»lon-T".ler-l.ii*.t      rhnnee
-Thn Suit of the Bunker IIIII
and   Sulllv-n-Mlnlni   Solus   nnd
Uenernl Mewki
Mining men and residents of the OoeOT
d'Alenes nre "-keenly interested in the
suit which bus just been sUrted «t Boise
City by the Hunker Hill and Sullivan
Mining Company against the Last Chance
ii.iiip.iny und tlie Empire State-Idaho
Mining und Development Company. The
hitter iH tlie compuny organized by V.
Lewis (.'lurk und Charles Sweeney io^ike
over the property <>f the old Last Chance
These mines are at Wardner in the
Coeur d'Alenes. The pluintiir company
owns tho Steniwindcr claim, and is asserting thut it holds, through this claim,
tho apex of the grin t ore body of thc
defendtint company.
The ease wus set for hearing at Potu-
tello, Idaho, lust week, The Bunker Bill
people asked for an Injunction, which
win* refused by Judge Beatty ufter a full
ti earing.
The Hunker Hill and Sullivan people
claim the Last Chance ore body through
|iriority of locution of the Stemwindci'
fluini, which adjoins the Lout Chance
claim on the south. The pluintitl' inserts the light to follow the vein within
the planes of its end lines extended whicli
would include all the ore nl ready mined
by the l-sist Chunce and most of tint
which the newly organized Empire Stale
Main, coinpunv is mining und expect* l'i
mine in the claims beyond the Lust
Chance upon I tin same vein. The suit is
for an injunction and un accounting. The
temporary injunction having lieen refused, the case will now bc tried upon its
merits iu its regular turn in the liilei.il
It the Hunker Hill and Sullivan people
are successful in their suit it will stop
one of the largest dividend |Mying companies in the Coeur d'Alenes. Tlie company is ,i new* one but it has been paying dividends from the first month of its
organization last spring. The company
includes some large capitalists in New
Vork, where it maintains ofliccs in the
Slokeg building, on Cedar street.
While the Last Chance is the best developed chum in thc company's group, it
is only one of*. 17 claims which lie either
upon the great Wardner ledge or contiguous to it.
Ilie case is another of those tedious
ones involving extra lateral rights, and
since the contestants are both large corporations and able to fight long and with
determination, it is predicted that litigation will be king drawn out.
Th* Cyler-I.n.t Chance.
Tlio October session of the United
States court of appeals convened at San
Francisco last week. A number of decisions were handed down, and several
applications in pending suits were made.
In the case of the Tyler Mining Company against Uie Last Chance Mining
I ompany it was ordered remanded to the
lower court ami judgment for darningcs
modified. The companies disputed' Uie
right to certain lands in the Showhonc
mining district in Idaho and considerable litigation followed in the state federal and United States supreme courts.
The present action was over certain
amounts allowed for damages to thc I_ist
Chance Mining Company, the Tyler Company having filed a bond, pending the
hearing of an injunction suit to restrain
the I.ast Chance from continuing work
on the mine.
In rendering the decision Judge Beatty
Si.id: ■',
"While I realize that the total assessments again-i the Tyler company in the
two actions seem large, yet it must be
remembered that when Uie Tyler commenced these actions, the law of the
apex and iindergrc-und rights, as announced by the supreme court, was as it stands
today, and as shown by the county records the Tyler locul ion was junior to the
Lust Chance claim. The Tyler's only
hope of success was eiUier to overthrow
the apparent priority of tlie List Chance
location or procure a change of the views
of thc supreme court On the contrary,
the costs and damages awarded the Last
Chance are but a small portion of its
. actual losses suffered through this action,
but its chief losses are of such nature m
1 think cun hot be included in this taxation."
Mammoth Placer Mining.
J. G. Riehy, a prominent mining man,
lias returned to Ijewiston, Idaho, froiii
Denver, where he went two months ago
to enlist capital in a mammoUi placer
mining propositi^.. . What has been
known as tlie Big Bar on Salmon river
has puzzled covetous prospectors for* AD
yenrs, but engineering lenders and impractical methods of operation have left
thc auriferous deposit intact for a strong
company of practical mining men to
open nnd i*eap Uie golden harvest Uiere-
The bar consists,of*an area of more
than 100 acres of gravel 00 feet deep,
This vast deposit carries values from tin*
grass roots to the -bed' rock but the real
. pay streak is at the bottom and only
seven feet thick, To handle the tailings
ami strip tlie play streak has been the obstacle to suci^-gful mining on this bar.
Tho pay streak pi-ospects $2 a yard and
on this work enough in drifting has been
done in a crude wuy to build the Columbia river locks.
A steam pump was put (a p*n,,P „ few
years ego and it was used till the fuel
supply was exhausted. Then a 10-mile
ditch was eorsftructcd from a creek to
the hluir on the opposite bank of Salmon
river and the water waa brought across
that stream in a suspcnitadpipe Ij506 feet
long. This seven-inch pipe waa too small.
lt "woufcl supply only 50 inches of water,
and so small a head was smothered in
the oruuibhug debris and the batter cur-
vied off the gold, in fact, this tempting
prospect has brought disaster to many
investors but the success of the Salmon
River Cold Milling Company is assured
in advance.
Work will begin Immediately on a large
ditch to furnish a sluice-head und power
to run a pump to raise a plpehrod HW
feet above the river. This arrangement
will meet the conditions thut brought disaster to former operators. There is a
million in this bur and it seems to be
easily accessible to these practical men.
This mine is 50 miles from Ijewiston, near
the mouth of Salmon river, and directly tributary to tliis city.
Struck a Vein.
A contract was concluded recently between the Princess Maud Company uui
tho Jim Blaine Company of Republio
camp by which the Princess .Maud people
nie permitted to start a tunnel on Jim
Blaine ground to tap thc Princess Maud
vein. Thc ledge on the Princess comes
close to the Jim Hlainc side line. A tunnel will be started on the Blaine ground
and will run 300 feet through it. Its total
length will be aibout 382 feet and it will
tup the Princess Maud vein at a depth of
ulioiit 242 feet. This tumid will encounter tlie vein in wbout Uie center of the
claim so that drifting both ways may
be undertaken.
News came from Republic last week
that the crosscut tunnel started on Jim
Blaine, ground to mich thc Princess Mund
vein had entered a ledge on the Jim
Uluinc which has never been opened be
fore. At last accounts the tunnel Was
two and a half feet in quart/, with no
wall in sight. This strike is close to the
Butte k Boston end line and indicates
Unit the latter property also has a vein
which has never before been prospected.
Hit*h Ore on Admiral Dewey.
Arthur Webb, A. J. Burlette and Oie
Tufeson have obtained good values on ore
from the Adi d Dewey, a claim which
they located _•« May on thc north side
of the South Fork two miles below Os-
burn, Idaho. On the surface they obtained an assay of tjilO per ton, and from
the bottom of a 25-foot shaft they took
ore that yielded at the rate of 0." ounces
in silver and 2.2 ounces in gold. The
shaft will 'be continued until the lead is
found in solid formation, it being more or
less broken so far, and if it then makes
the showing it does now they will go
down the hill to where they cun run a
300-foot tunnel, cutting the ledge about
250 feet deep.
, 1Hm Idaho Strike.
What is confidently claimed, to be the
most important strike ever made in the
gold belt of the Coeur d'Alenes was that
on the Crown Point reeenUy. Tills claim
is situated at the head of one prong of
Trail gulch, on which some of the richest
placer-, of the early days were found, lying partly on the Trail and partly on the
Pritchard creek side of Uie ridge, dividing them. Rich ore has been found on
it for years, sometimes apparently in
plan-, but usually as tlo.it, and when
considerable bodies were found further
exploration has always proved them to
be merely fragments of the ledge broken
Francis Jenkins, one of the owners, put
up his Hi stamp mill to work thc Crown
Point und adjoining properties, but although he got some good ore out of a
small ledge, it was evident Uiat it was
not the same ore for which he was looking.
ln doing the assessment work this full
the parties engaged to do the work were
given the privilege of doing the work
wherever they deemed it advisable, and
they started in to find the lead. Their efforts were crowned with great success,
us they have shown it unquestionably in
place,.at intervals of 400 feet The ledge
varies from 10 to HI feet in width, showing free gold in generous quantities from
wall to wall wherever uncovered. A Mr.
Linden of Portland owns the controlling
intercut, and nothing can bc learned regarding further work on the property. '
A rlne Trip,
Willium Munson, who came from Chicago last spring for thc purpose of testing the overland route to the Klondike,
has just returned to Colville, Wash.,
from a trip as far north as Teslin lake,
and will remain for a month resting up
before he goes to his eastern home for
the winter. He says that Uie trip was
as good as might be expected, and in face,
wus a delightful summer's outing. Mr.
Munson and his party found thc country
good enough this side of Teslin lake, and
havo located several valuable placer
claims that they will go back to in Uie
Mining Voles.
Reports from Cooke, Mont., state that
the mill of the Daisy company is now in
operation, and it is confidently believed
that it will open a now era of prosperity
for the New World mining (listrid.
Cun Swanscn has returned from bis
placer diggings on Quartz creek, Mont,,
and has in his possession the largest nugget ever taken from that ground. It
weighs 215,pennyweights and is pure
gold. Its value Is more than $200. The
placer operaUons on Quartz creek this
year have been unusually successful, ond
all of thc cleanups have been satisfactory.
Anderson k Moore of -rSilver Star,
Mont., proprietors of thc Yellow Jacket
mine, have laid off the majority of the
men until a shaft is sunk and more
ground opened up so that the men can
work lo beilei advantage. They made
anoUier shipment of first class ore to
The camp of the mineral land commissioners at I-ithrop, Mont., has been broken up and the field work of the commission in that section will not bc resumed till next season. The members
arc in Missoula and will continue the
work in other districts us long as the
weather will permit. The season's work
has been extensive and the ground thut
has been examined is all valuable.
The Minor Kventa ot the May In All
1'ortlona of the Ulohe—Matter* of
-ouiiuon   Interest,   Hot-   Korelwn
 and        llonirntlo—Accldeuln       Mill
Criminals—Odd* and Hud* of Many
Robber bands infest Puerto Rico and
pillage and burn plantations.
Maroons in Jamaica are seizing valuable property owned by Englishmen.
The Spanish war-ships in Cuban waters
have been ordered to sail for home.
Yellow fever is reported to be spreading
in Mexico.
Wisconsin forest fires have been
quenched 'by  rain.
Three men were asphyxiated in a well
on a furni near Somerset Kan. All ure
'ilie Spanish cubinct decided to main-
tain the wur tax, but to abolish the
tax on imports.
Advices from Pekin say quiet bus been
restored Uiere, and the crisis is regarded
us having passed.
Special Treasury Agent Murry, in
charge of the seal herds, reports a general decrease of Uie seal herd.
At Cincinnati Edward Krit-inger was
arrested for trying to sell at Uie stock
yards Kentucky cuttle alllicted with the
black tongue.
The report comas from Havana tliat
the casket containing the remains of Columbus bears evidences of having been
tampered with.
The nuvy department sent $20,000
worth of uii* bags to Lieutenant Hobson
nt Santiago lust week, to help raise the
Spanish cruiser Colon.
It is said that of the American troops
in Puerto Rico 25 per cent are on the
sick list, and that it is impossible for
them to recuperate there.
Lieutenant Kooney began last week the
distribution of 300,000 rations among the
Cubans in the interior of thc province of
Santiago de Cuba.
Ministers at  Pittsburg, Pa., have  en
tered a protest against Uie laying of cor
net-stones of new public school buildings
by the Masonic fraternity.
According to the statement of Com'
mander Sebill of thc United States gun
boat Wheeling, there is no danger of
starvation in Alaska this winter.
The Cuban-American League has ap
pealed to President McKinley to prevent
the removal of the remains of Christopher
Columbus from Havana to Spain.
Campbell island, in the Altmalia river,
Georgia, is reported to have been completely swept away by the recent terrible
storm in that vicinity. From 20 to 50
people are supposed to have perished
The board of arbitration to settle the
dispute between the American railroads
and the Canadian Pacific, has been completed by the selection of Edward S.
Washburn of Ohnicago as the third member.
Tlie house and furniture of M. Emile
Zola will be sold to satisfy a judgment
obtained against him in thc libel suit
growing out of the Dreyfus case.
The Sponis*h peace commissioners nt
Paris have been armed with a mass of
quibbles und technicalities, und the outcome of' the negotiations is said to be
very uncertain.
Owing to a more fraternal feeling, engendered by the late war, the Forty-first
Ohio volunteers will return a confederate flag to the Thirtieth Louisiana confederate regiment survivors.
Owing to ruinous competition -with
souUicm cotton mills, New England
manufacturers contemplate subsUtuting
machinery for the production of silk
fabrics exclusively.
Thi Cuban general. Heme trio Castillo,
has accepted a position under General
Wood at 13800 a year and thc friction between Cubans and Americans at Santiago is rapidly decreasing.
After foiling detectives for two years,
Mailing Clerk Thomas Miller has been
arrested in the postoffiee at Jacksonville,
Fla., with a large number of stolen let-
lei*s in his possession.
Thc only herring known to be caught
with a hook and line in the neighborhood
of Bristol, Pu., was fished out of the
Delaware a couple of days ago by Samuel Fcnton, a veteran angler.
Thc queen of Holland recently received
by parcel post a herring from one of her
loyal subjects. A note explained that it
was the first herring of the season's
catch, and was the gift of some Dutch
fishermen. Her majesty promptly had it
cooked and ate it.
Tlie bottom of thc Pacific between
Hawaii and California is said to be so
level that a railroad could ^e laid for
600 miles without grading anywhere.
This fact was discovered by the United
States surveying vessel engaged in making soundings wiUi a view of laying a
The yellow fever situation in Mississippi is growing worse.
General Denver, for whom Denver,
Col., was named, is still living.
A general military hospital is to be
erected on Angel island, off San Francisco.
Ex-President Harrison has just ended
a pleasant vacation in the jYdirondack-*.
• 'resident McKinley will make a speech
to railroad employes at Chicago October 20.
General Lee says the United States
forces in Cuba will be used merely to
preserve order.
General Shafter has been temporarily
assigned to the command of thc depart-
ment of the east.
Great alarm has been caused in Havana by the wholesale put don of criminals by the Spanish officials.
Zinc has tuken another jump, eomi.ig
within $1 of thc highest price on record,
reached four weeks iigo.
'Hie government  has placed  an order
foi smokeless powder ut Suntn Cruz,
Ci,., which will keep the plunt busy for
t.w yen is.
"'he ultimatum of the power* to Tin •
Kc' demands thut her troops nnd Affinals be withdrawn from Crete during
Abridge T. Gerry nnd Robert Goelet
live become, citizens ot Newport, R. 1.,'
to escape the high rate of taxation iu
K«w York.	
llic funeral of Thomas F. Bayard oc-
cured nt Wilmington, Del. Ex-Prcsi-
duii Cleveland was one of the honorary
I ..ill bearers.
The instructions given to the evneua-
liiii commissions at Havana and Puerto
ltico provide, it is stated, for the actual
occupation of Puerto Rico in advance of
The overdue transport Senator, en
mute from Manila to Sun Francisco,
wns damaged in a typhoon and is being
repaired at Honolulu.
Edward Tompkins of Camden, N. J.,
hud himself locked up in the Camden jail
to prevent himself from obeying un impulse to kill his family.
Kdward Marshall, tho newspaper cor-
rt'Hpondent who was desperately wounded at Santiago, is recovering at St.
Luke's hospital, New York.
The residents of Abingdon, Pa., nnd vicinity are raising a fund to have thc
highways patrolled at night to prevent
the depredations of tldcves.
Four major generals of volunteers and
ii.'i brigadier generals of volunteers are
to be mustered out of the L'nited States
service soon.
liertha Hell stein killed her mother and
fatally shot herself at Pittsburg, Pa. She
lias dcs'H-ndciil und did not want her
mother to live without her.
Rev, A. S. Orne of Syracuse, 0., who
has made observations in 19 states, says
tliat 95 to 99 per cent, of criminals confined in prisons were neglected children.
Mrs. Annie Kline Rickert, once a famous confederate spy, is now president
of the Stockton and Tuolumne County
railroad, u 00-mile track in California.
Thc president has issued au executive
order creating Puerto Rico n new niili-
t.iiy department, to be known as the
di-p.utmeiit of Puerto Rico, wiUi Major
(ieneral Brooke in command.
The corn-mission sent to Hawaii to examine into the condition of affairs has
concluded to recommend a form of government for the island similar to that
of the District of Columbia.
Irving M. Scott, who built the battleship Oregon, has returned to San Francisco from St. Petersburg. He says the
American naval victories made a profound impression throughout Kun>|>e.
The result of the peace negotiations nt
Paris, it is feared, can only bc a deadlock, and that only a formidable nauil
demonstration off the coast of Spain
cm bring that country to its senses.
The German government will shortly
invite the governments of the maritime
nations to come to un agreement to legally compel steamers to follow Transatlantic line routes iu order to avoid collisions.
The battleships Oregon and Iowa are
nearly ready for their long voyage
around Cape Horn to Honolulu, and
from thence to Manila to reinforce j-id-
iniral Dewey's fleet. Both vessels are in
excellent condition.
Congress Ls expected to take up the
various questions in relation to Hawaii
at the beginning of the session. A
strong demand will be made for the laying of a Pacific cable to bc controlled by
the United States.
Tlie public schools Merc opened at
Santiago, Cuba, Monday. Attendance
is made compulsory, and English will
lie taught. There will lie 30 teachers nt
u salary of $00 a month each, and a superintendent ut $125 a month.
The ScTi-liir*. Will He .inked to He-
ply More l.'ully In Regard to Camp
Mile* nnd Tannin Kufferlnir.
Koreul   Firm   (.ninliift.
Marble, (Job, Oct. lO.—The big forest
fires are gaining momentum again, the
fall of snow a week ago in the Elk mountain range has proved only a temporary
check. . The country has been ablaze in
several places, one of Uie fires devastating the country for many miles.
A big bl.i/e has been started on Belle
vue mountain, on Uie Maroon trail of east
Rock creek. From tho west Elk mountains come reports of tlie ii.u row escape
of a party of Crystal prospectors who
had to move camp three times in one
Great clouds of dense Muck and
white smoke hang over Uie. valleys by
day and at night the heavens arc mirroring red, ominous looking glares.
Another Fool  Dead.
Carlyle, 111., Oct. lO.-While a party
composed of Joseph Corcoran, Scott Crab-
tree, Ijftila Shade and ltosa Smith were
rambling in tho cemetery, Corcoran exhibited a revolver and the party closed
uroiind him to examine it. Corcoran
playfully pointed it ut Mi** Smith. She
jumped aside, but the firearm wns discharged ami thc bullet entered .Miss
Shade's thigh. She fainted away, ("or
coran, supposing ho had killed her,
walked away a few steps, placed Uie
muxzle of the revolver to his left temple
and blew out his bruins. The young
woman wns taken home and is now in a
precarious condition. Corcoran wus 20
years old and Miss Shade is 19.
New York, Oct. 10.—A dispatch from
Washington snys:
Secretary Alger has sent nn answer to
the war investigating coiumittee, which,
in the word* of one of the commissioners,
"does not answer."
'^n Uie llrst place," said the couuiiia-
sio-ier, "wo had tusked who had been influential in selecting the iiiwnp sites. The
ouly answer vouchsafed is that General
Lee selected the camp ut Jacksonville. 1
do not think any other camp is mentioned. But this omission will be remedied
in the supplemental! report tor which we
will call on the secretary."
Secretary Alger's answer contains
about 3000 woiils on the selection of Tain-
pu. an u point of embarkation. Rear Admiral Sampson's dispatch as to the cause
of hastening trooops to Santiago. Commodore Remey's dispatch as to tlie cause of
thc delay of troops. The discussion of
these  topics exhausts the report.
No attempt seems to have been made
to ascertain the ciiuse of the hardships
suffered by soldiers in Tampa. The matter is brushed aside with apparent contempt in the relation that Tampa was
considered a good locution und the most
convenient point of eiuUirkation. Sec
Mary Alger will be asked for u fuller
ansu er.
The program of the commission for this
week is to have no witnesses except those
who limy bc caught passing through
Washington. The time will be spent in
reading the voluminous report of the adjutant general, then the report of Surgeon Oeneral Sternberg, and Uien the reports of Uie heads of other departments.
Chauncry Drpevr Wna the I'rtnelpal
Speaker nt  the   exposition.
I'uu.-t Sound to ll..,..,I..I.,.
Seattle, Oct. 10.—It was announced Sut-
ui-dny that a sleainship line will be es-
U.blished between Puget sound and Honolulu. Tlie first steumer, the Garonne,
will leave thc sound December 1. She
will be followed one month later by nn
other vessel. She will be operated iii connection with the Great Northern railroad.
Oninha, Oct. 10.— Saturday was New
York day at the exposition, The day was
fine and a large crowd greeted the New
Senator Worner Miller presided over
the exercises at thu auditorium, where
Chauncey M. Depcw was the principal
Mr. Dspew spoke oi tne far-reaching
benefits the nation received from the
world's fair, and said:
"The great benefits which the world's
fair at Chicago conferred upon the United
States in acquisition from foreigu countries and Information to foreign governments ihis transinississippi exposition nt
Omaha is to vastly enhance in bringing
nearer together in better underst-iiding
of each other the different Sections of our
own country.
"New York hns lieen too content with
being the Empire state nnd with having
its chief city the metropolis of the continent; (he weat, too aiger for empire independence of the east; the south, living
too much upon its traditions and iu its
past, and the Pacific slope, resting too securely upon its boundless possibilities aud
great expectations. Tlie war with Spain
has superbly restored Uie sentiment ot
nationality nnd eliminated sectional jealousies.
An Bducator for I'nlon.
"But this exposition is a healthy edu
cator for union. The concentrated capital
of thc east is the fruit of 300 years of
settlement and trade. It is needed in the
west to build railroads and mills. Capital
is both selfish and intelligent. It never
deserts u territory because the investment
has failed through Uid judgment. It
seeks other sources for profitable employment nnd finds its remuneration in other
and needed work for the development of
the country.
"Thc honest investor believes in legislation which extends the supervision of
the government over the corporation and
the trust. He knows that his safety, as
well as thc public interests, requites publicity. It is only when thc cominuiiKy
foolishly thinks Unit, by having confiscated today non-resident permanent investment, it has gained without effort
•the capital for hs future, Uiat the investor withdraws and stays away.
"The English language will be the
speech of diplomacy and the tongue of a
quarter of the human race. The United
State and Great Britain, having worked
Harmoniously together for a long jieriod,
will dominate the world. Their rule nnd
example will be for the promotion of
commerce, and the spread of civilization
with its benefits in jVsia and Africa. Year
by year will come nearer thc realization
of the promise which began and hns inspired the Christinn era of 'Pence on
earth and good will among men.'"
The   Canton   Murder.
Canton, 0., Oct. lO.-Mi*. George, ac-
eused of shooting nnd killing U*einge H.
Saxtun, u brother of Mrs. McKinley, |„u
engaged lawyer**; and will he arraigned
today. Affidavits charging murder in the
first degree have been filed against the
The coroner Saturday afternoon began
taking testimony in fho Suxton murder
disc and cxuniiuisl half a d__an or nun«
neighbors who beard the shooting or saw
the -dead mun. The only development of
Uie inquest so far is a statement hy Henry
Bedernran that he saw a woman in black
in if out of thu Alt-house home lire several shots at Saxton. After the first Bhot
she walked away and then there caniu
from the man a faint call for help. She
turned abruptly, walked back und fired
several more shots und then ran away.
He could not tell Who the woman was.
Turk* Are Unlled.
Constantinople, Oct. 10.—The ultimiit-
um of the powers on the subject of the
evacuation of tlie island of Crete by the
Turkish troo|is, declared that should the
sultan refuse to yield he will lose his
sovereign rights in Crete. This hue irritated Turkish circles. They cull thc ucti'in
of the power* unjust und hope is entertained thut Kussiu will decline to coop
crate with the other powera in which case
it is believed the lutter will not resort to
extremities, ln diplomatic einjes com
ment has been excited by the fact that
the censor permitted the newspapers here
to reproduce the dispute- in which llussja
replying to Great Britain declared she
wits opposed to violent measures nnd
would protest beforehand against their
employment. Tills is believed to bc an
attempt to make Great Britain ulonc ie-
sponsihlc for any coercion.
Ilrlleve Ilaudnll la the Man.
Denver, Col., Oct. 10.—George ltunduil,
a negro, has been arrested on the charge
uf having murdered Mrs. Julia J. Voigt,
who was found dead in her apartments,
where she had Iss-n strangled to death
with a towel. It.indall, who frequently
culled on the woman, made some damaging admissions w hile under Uie influence
of drink. It is believed he killed the'
woman because she refused to give him
Solnee Arrived Front Snn Jnnn
New York. Oct. 10.—The U. S. hospital ship Solace arrived Saturday from
San Juan de Puerto ltico. She brought
10 sick seamen from various U. S. ships
and 43 sick and convalescent soldiers.
There is an agitation in Japan in favor
of the state purchase and operation of
all null.>ails iu  that country.
Kaslo k Slocan
Time enrd  No. 2,  taking effect  at  1
o'clock a. m., Septcmlier 1, 1808, i'acirtc
or 120th meridian time—First class passenger trains:
Lv. Daily.
H:::iiu. in Kaslo ...
8:55a.m.... South Fork
0:45 a. m Sproules ..
10:00 am   Whitewater
10:08 a. m Bear Lake 1:50 p.m.
10:20 a. m  McGuigan 1:38 p.m.
10:34c m Payne Trnm..
10:35 a. m.. ..Cody Junction.
10:45a.m  Sandon ...
Arr. Daily.
Mixed Train*.
Lt. Daily. Arr. Daily.
11:00a. in  S,union  11:50a.m.
11:1(1 a. in.. .Cody Junction... 11:50a. ni.
ll:25a.m Cody 11:35a.m.
Arr. Daily. Lv. Daily.
G. F. _ P. Agt. Superintendent.
Arr. Daily.
...3:30 p.m.
...3:05 p.m.
...2:10 p.m.
.2:00 p.m.
.1:23 p.m.
.1:22 p.m.
.1:15 p.m.
Lv. Daily.
Made  iiri_„tiirr Generals.
Cincinnati, Oct, 10.—Advices have been
received from Washington that Colonel
Kellogg of Uie Sixth U. fl. infantry nnd
Colonel Egbert, who preceded him in command of that regiment, have been promoted to brigadiers.
Denlnl of Death.
New York, Oct. 10.—A cable message,
dated Pekin, October 7, to Thuiiow Weed
Itarnes in New York from 11. If. Lowry,
president of thc American university in
China, denies thc truth of all the recent
stories as to the suicide or assassination
of the emperor.
"No one has been killed in Pekin except six natives, who were beheaded for
attacking Europeans. The emperor has
been deposed. The empress dowager
(in«..ii*» Senator.
Salem, Or., Oct. lO.—Joscph Simon of
PorUand wns elected United States senator by thc Oregon legislature in joint
session on Saturday, receiving Uie full
republican vote.   The Vote was as follows:
Simon 04, Kincuid 22, Bennett 2, absent 1.
Congressman Buker'of Illinois has become blind.
. *..*......»*--*
Navigation and Trading
Steamers "International" nnd "-Vlberta"
on Kootenny I.ukc nnd River.
, Five-Mile Point connection with all
passenger I ruins of N. k F. S. It. It. to
and from Northport, Itosslnnd nnd Spo-
knne. Tickets and bnggage checked to all
United States points.
Leave Kaslo for Nelson nnd way points,
diiily, except Sundny, 6:46 n. in. Arriva
Noithpoit 12:15 p. m.; Rossland, 3:tf0 p.
m.; Spokane, 0 p. m.
Ijeave Nelson for Knslo nnd wny points
dnily, except Sunday, 4:35 p. m.    Ijeave
Spokane, H u. m.; Rossland, 10:30 a. m.|
Northport, 1:50 p. m.
I.eave Nelson for Kaalo, etc., Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 8:30 it. in.: arrive Kaslo, 12:30 p. m.
Leave Kaslo for Nelson, etc., Monday,
Tuosdny, Wednesday, Thtirsdny, Friday,
4 p. m.; arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
Tjciivc Kaslo Saturday 1 p. in.; arrivs
Ibnindary midnight; arrive Uortner's Ferry Sunday 10:30 a. m.
fjeiive Homer's Ferry Sunday 1 p. m.|
arrive Boundary Sundny 6 p. m.j arrivs
Kaslo Sunday 10 a. m.
Close connection at Bonner's Ferry with
truins enstbound, leaving Spokane 7:40
n. m., and westbound arriving Spokane
7 p. m.
O. ALEXANDER, den. Manager.
Kaslo. B; C, Oct. 1, 1897.
MM Taints tha blood of millions, and sooner
or later may break out in., hip .disease,
running sores or some-more complicated
form. To euro scrofula 'or prevent it,
thoroughly purify your blood with Hood's
tsai'iirtiipaiilhi, which has a continually
growing record of wonderful cures.
5    parilla
Is America's Ureatcst Medicine. II; six for |3,
Hood's PIN" c"l*e 'ndlnestlon, biliousness.
Alusku    1: *. J..-.1111      will
So.illi   Uefore   Wli.lir.
WAfslIINOTON, Oct. O.-Commen Ing
on the alspaton from Seattle, published a
week iiko, to the effect thut only two oi'
the several government surveying parties
sent to Alaska last Spring by tlie t'nlteil
States would rench the const of tlie tor-
iSlory In lime to return heme befoi'o Iho
winter storms should .look the trail, the
1'itriiin.-iii- parties lieliiR those of Hpurr and
"McCombi'le, Dr. Morssll of the geolotrtoM
survey ollice suys:
"Tho live or six pnrtleH that were snr.t
to Alusku, those In charge of Messrs.
Barnard and Peters art known to have.
reiieheif.-the slates In safely u few days
iikii and Mr. Kldrldirc, who had charge
of tho expedition, and Mr. Mulldrow nro
confidently believed, lo be safely out of
the territory by tills lime, Judging from
■their positions when heard from ln
AiiBUBt on their proposed route towards
St. Michael, Mr. Barber, President Mc-
Kliilcy's nephew, a member of the parly,
has Just commutilcaled with the ollice ro-
iincHiiiiB permission to slop oir at Oun-
lon en route east. There are iwo Survey
geologists, Mr. Bchrader und Mr. Meiiden-
linll, under detail from the wur depart*
ment expedition under Captain Aheicrom-
lile. From tlie.se men there lire no recent
advices but It is uiiileistiii.il Ihey will t>«
out of thc territory iu good season, though
it is probable that Abercromlile is the
Captain MeCromble referred to in Ihe dispatch as the head of one of the two fortunate parties.
One Party nt Seattle.
SEATTLE, Oct. 9.—The government survey party under Georirc Eldredge and
Koberl Muldrow arrived today from Alas-
kn on stenmer Al-KI. The party has been
aurveying all summer at Cook's Inlet.
The lulled sim.-s May Protest
AuhIiihI Spain K.-I..I....I..K the
■•■MMiu»iiL(dL.]^ll_Jl-nmill Amu*.
H Oil   Sli-iiiin-r   oil   1-* I ■•«-.
I-hiUlelphiu, Oct.. 10.- The British
steamer Weehnwken, owned by the Wee*
hawken Steom-hlp Company and chartered by the Standard oil Company, is
aground and on fire on Cherry Flats in
the Delaware river. The stea r cleared bom this port for Venice Saturday
with over a million gallons of oil. The
crew esi*ii*ied.
Chili is Ihictteniiig wnr with tm»tli Ar
gentina and   Peru.
Ure. Rosa Ctaum Writes to Mrs.
Pinkham About it.   Sbo Says:
lit.ui Mus I'inkm-m.—I take pleas-
tare iu writing you a few lines to inform you of the good your Vegetable
Compound has done me. I cannot
thank ynti enough for what yourmedi-
ciuc has dune fur me; it has. indeed,
helped me wonderfully
For years I was trou
bled with an
ovarian tumor,
each year growing worse, until at last I
was compelled
to consult wilh
a physician.
lie said
be   doue   for
me but to go under an operation
In .speaking with a trieiid of mine
about il, ahe recommended Lydia K.
Plnkham's Vegetable Compound, saying she knew it would cure me. I then
sent for your medicine, and after taking three hollies of it, the tumor dis-
•rppearcd Olil you do not know how
much good your medicine baa- done
me I shall recommend it to all suffering women—Mrs Rosa ■" U_.UK, 7!!0
Wall .St.. Los Angeles, Cal.
The great and unvarying success of
Lydia 10 I'inkham's Vegetable Coin*
p-.utnl Iu relieving every derangement
of the female orgaus. demonstrates
ll. lo tie. the modern safeguard of wo-
nmii s happiness and bodily strength
More than a million women have been
benefited by it
Kvery woman who needs advice
about her health Is invited to write to
Mrs Pinkham' at Lyuu, Mass.
New York, Oct. 10.—A dispatch to tlio
Herald from Washington suys:
The United Stutes may submit a diplomatic protest through France to the
Spanish government agiiimit its action
iu sending au auxiliary cruiser loaded
with .uinn ami ammunition to the.Philippines, In any event thc matter is
under consideration ami it is believed
has been culled to the attention of the
American coiniiiissioners in Paris.
The cruiser in question is the Huenos
Ayres, belonging to the Spanish auxiliary navy, which, us Hear Admiral Dewey reported to the nuvy department several days ago, is due to arrive in Singapore October 111.
It is appreciated by the authorities
that Spain has the same right in the
eyes of International law to send reinforcements to tlie Philippines as this
government has, and any protest will be
of a diplomatic character and simply designed to make it plain Unit the continuance of the voyage of the BueuoH j\yres
is objectionable,
On the other hand, a  member of the
cabinet tonight said all the   Philippine
Islands except .Manila are iu the nominal
possession of Spain, and that it is Undoubted that the .Madrid government, if
it deems advisable to do so, has the right
to send troops to the islands to subdue
any insurrection that may occur.
Another member who talked of the
matter with the prealdent admitted that
Spain has the moral right to dispatch reinforcements to the Philippines but as
the forces of our government are iu control, it is within its authority to prevent
such reinforcements reaching their destitution. However, it is not expected
that the matter will go beyond a protest,
if it goes that far.
From the dispatch received from Chair
man Day, the authorities are still of the
opinion that the work of the peace commission will lie completed before eoii-
grese meets. Mr. Day takes iiuite un
optimistic view of the situation. It is his
desire, to limit the time for doci.-'ion of
the various points raised as much as possible, in order that Ihe organisation may
rench an early conclusion.
Tmlny's Sessions.
Paris, Oct. 10.—The i'nited Stutes
peace eomnib_itm held two sessions today. They went devoted to weighing
information relative to ull questions involved in the matters under the Immediate consideration of the commissioners.
•ft hilt ( liRinl.erliilii   **ii)S.
Paris, (hi. ll). The Kvenemeiit tod iv
publishes the substance uf an interview
with Mr. Chamberlain, the seerctury of
state for the British colonies, who i.s now
in America, in which he is quoted as saying* he considers the United Stutes, owing tO the recent wur, to bc in the same
position as (ireat ltiituiu in Kgypt, adding that the I'nited States has the same
imperative duty to keep tlu* Philippines.
Mi. t'hainls'ilain is |Sid  to have added:
"The moment has arrived tor the United States to prepare for an extension of
its territory, and in order to realize this
ideal she will not refuse ('rent Britain's
support. i'nited, ("rent Britain, the
I'nited Stales nnd Canada will be inui'-
Baaeatlal   to   Their   Ktlatrnee,
nml Helps Them I'.scni.c.
(Uvea a training that qualifies £•££*
fnr_   i,radical  bus ness life, sji tMKikseeiwr,
°leuV.r*her%-bor, or general accountant.
H. O. IH.AIB, A. B., Prln.
COr. lit anrt Post.       _SPJt>KAW"^-«rA9H.
llso Ilia 41 'or unnatural
Irritations   '.r ulci-rallimr
I'uli.li'-m. suit tint sntriu
grtit or polni.tii.iiii.
Wold hy l»-_«lsta,
„r ml iii ri«i» *"*.»••£'
I,,  »**P**eSS, St3*m\n.
ifflj or :i iioiii™, ts.ro.
Circular scut o» nxiuo«t
U It Wrung?
Get it Rifiht.
Keep it Right.
Moor.'. ne,..l-.l "«"*«> ^"'^llZ
dose, will make ye... fed better. Os Ittton
your drngfllt or any wholesale drug House. or
ISO. 4!d,  'l»».
The slippery coat of slime found on
nil lish is essential to their existence. It
i.s secreted usually in a continuous scries
of dints with numerous openings, which
in some OS-el an plainly visihle, and in
•then imperceptible. There ure nlso
pores for the secretion of the mucous in
the fish's head. The slime exudes through
the'divisions between the scales to the
outir pint of thc body, over which it
upread-*, forming a sort of outer skin or
covering, transparent, elastic, and teiw-
(Knis, and Often having considcnihle
body. Fishes vary greatly in the amount
of 'lime t-hich they secrete. The eel has
a vtry lihenil share, and an ordinary fisii
of two pounds weight will usually have
,i coating of slime u thirty-second of an
inch in thickness. One of the Important
functions of the fish's slimy coating is to
j.iotect it from the attacks of fungus, a
form of plant life found in ull water.',
suit and fre-.li, foul und pure. If the fish
is so injured thut some spot becomes uncovered hy the slime, n barely visible ftin-
(*U8 will bo likely to lodge there, nnd
when it is once lodged the process of its
reproduction is very rapid. It soon extend.-* over the gills, and kills the _sh,
The priimiry purpose of thc slime of the
lish is to reduce the friction when in mo-
tion, nnd increase it? speed. It nlso
series as a cushion to the scales, which
it thus protects from many Injuries.
The slimy covering makes the fish hard
to bold, und so enuhlcs it thc more read
ily to escape from ita enemies. In some
eases the slime has a very •link smell,
-ind this serves as a means of defense
iiyaiust other fish.
Enormous Klre at He-fern.
Sydney, N. S. W., Oct. lO.-An enormous Are at Re-fern, u suburb of Sydney,
destroyed the whole area covered by husiness shops and dwellings.
The Kankukee river, in Illinois, i.s Mid
fo bc slowly drying »P- °" account of th«
drainage of the swamp* from winch it
recclv* its supply.         '
Iowa towns along the Mississippi river
report the water lower than at any time
since lHill.
(..-.i.iil.iio at Omaha.
Omaha, Oct. 10.—"The Minnesota Indians will see that they have made a
jJie.u mistake in going on the warpath,"
nays ("croni'ino, the Apache Chief, who It
one of thc Indians now In cump ut the
interstate congress,
"I hnve never been in Mintiesotn, but I
hear thut up there and for many li-.ui-
drcd miles beyond the white men arc as
many an the bludea of grass. If so, what
can a poor Indian get in a light? They
are making u grout mistake, and ai'O
foolish. For years I fought the white
men, thinking that my few braves und
I could kill them ull and that wc would
again have the land our Great Father
gave us und which he covered with game,
1 I bought, thut tho Ureal Spirit would be
with us, nnd thut after we hud killed
the white men, the bufralo, deer nnd an-
telo-ie would come back.
"After 1 fought and lost, nnd after 1
traveled over the country in which the
white man lives and saw his cities und
the work he had done, my heart wus
ready to burst. 1 knew thut tlie nice of
the Indian was run.
"There will lie no more big Indian
wars. The Indian's fighting days are
over nnd there is noihing left for him to
do hut be a beggar und live on charity
around the agency."
.Shut  and Killed   III*  Wife.
Tolluride, Col., Oct. 10.—Dr. 0. F. Ment-
zer shot and killed his wife Friday night
without provocation, He then pointed
his revolver at W. K. Monroe of Cleveland, O., a brother of Mrs. Mentzer, who
was visiting her. Monroe grappled with
the murderer and in the fight that ensued the doctor's skull was fractured. It
is believed he will die of his injuries.
Monroe wus not arrested. Dr. nnd Mrs.
Mentzer formerly lived in Denver. .She
left him on account of his cruelty and
obtained a divorce in Chicago. They were
remarried six months ago, Mrs. Mentzer
being assured that the doctor hud reformed.
The   111.....I   Clrenlfite*  Lean at  Main
Than   In  the  llnj time.
The main use of the coverings at night
is to give the body the warmth that is
lost by reduced circulation of the Wool.
When the body lies down it is the intention of nature that it ahould rest, aud
that the heart especially should be IS*
licved temporarily of its regular work.
Sn that org-nn makes ten strokes a minute less than when the body is in an up-
rlght posture. This means tiOO strokes in
lid minutes.
'1 hen-fore, in the eight hours flint a
man usually spends in taking his night's
rest the heart is saved nearly 5,000
sirnl.es. As it pumps six ounces of Wood
wilh each stroke, it lifts 80,000 ounces
less of blood in this night's session than
it would during the day when a man is
usually in un upright position.
Now the body is dependent for its
un until on the vigor of the circulation,
and, as tlie blood flows so much more
slowly through the veins when one is
lying down, the warmth lost in the reduced circulation must, bc supplied by
extra coverings.
Wheat    Quotations,    Wool    Fluiirrs.
and  the Price of  Produce.
Following are the local quotations.
Wholesale prices are given unless otherwise quoted:
Wheat at the warehouse—Country
points: Club, bulk 44c, sacked 45c; blue-
stem, bulk 47c, sacked 48c. At Spokane:
Club, bulk 40c, sacked 47c; bluestem,
bulk 48c, sacked 40c.
Oats—At Spokane f. o. b., $10 a ton.
Harley—Country points, t. o. l>., 70@
75c per cwt.
Kye—Country points, f. o. b., 70c per
Flour, per bnrrel—Gold Drop, $3.75;
Dig Loaf, $1.1.'.; 1 tanner, f&UOj llunsifter,
$4; Superb, $3.75; Spokane, $3.50; Swun
Patent, $4.15; Snowflake, $3.75; White
Lily, $3.50; whole wheat, $4; rye, $4._5;
graham, $3.50.
l'Vcd liran and shorts, $11 per ton;
shorls, $12; bran, $10; rolled bnrlcy, $*_0;
chicken feed, $15@20.
Hay—Timothy, $8 per ton; baled timothy, $10; wheat hay, |7.50@8.50- oat
hay, $7.60;  alfalfa. $10.
Corn—Whole, $23;  cracked, tU.
Wool—Fine meuiuin, o@7c per lb; me
ilium, fif.i lie per lb.
• Produce—Fancy creamery butter, 40
and' no 11. tubs, 28c per lb; 5, 10 and 20-
lb tubs, 20c per lb; prints, 25c per lb;
country butter, in rolls, 13c per lb; cooking butter, 10c lb; eastern creamery,
prints, 25c: cheese, twin, full cream, 121c
lb; cheese, twin, skim milk, D}@10c lb;
ranch eggs, $5.50(5.0; selected eggs, -fAi.25;
honey, white comb, 13c per lb; fancy, 14c
per lb.
Vegetables — Potatoes, 76@00c cwt;
cabbage, $1.75 per cwt; turnips, $i.25 per
cwt; cucumbers, 75c per box; onions,
$1.50 per cwt; beans, l_@ljc per lb;
carrots, $1.26 per cwt; beets, $1.25 pei
Poultry—Chickens, live weight, 10@llc
lb; dressed, 12@13c; spring broilers, $3(3°
3.60; turkeys, live I leu 12c, dressed 12<n
13c; spring ducks, dressed $4@4.60 dux;
geese, live 10@llc, dressed 12(«'12*e.
Meats     Iteef     COWS,     live     $2.5()<«2.75,
dressed $5(3)5.60 cwt; steers, livo $2.75@3,
dressed $5.60@0; hogs, live $4.60@4.75,
dressed $0@0.50; mutton, live 4@4}c,
dressed 7}(«'8c lb; dressed veal, 7@8f
lb; lamb, r_.c wholesale.
Portland, Or., Oct. 10.-—Wheal- Weak
nnd lower; receipt*, heavy; Walla Walla,
67@68c; valley and bluestem, (JOiWfllc.
Tacoma, Oct. 10.—Wheat-Club, 58c;
bluestem, 01c.
San Francisco, Oct. 10.- Bar silver,
Mexican dollars, 47t@47tc.
Iieud, $3.82 12.
Gained 22 Pounds in 5 Ujeeks
jVh.-ii the Bu-Stander, Macomb, 111.
Alderman Louis W. Camp, of our
city, bus-quite astonished his friends
of late, by a remutkahle gain in
weight. He has gained 22 pounds in
Ave weeks. Those ot bis fiiends who
do not anow the facts of bis sickness
will reA_-H.lthJiiter.ttsl.th_Jo.U-__.ugL_	
"I wns broken down in health and
iittetlv miserable," said Mr. Camp to
our reporter. "I was unable to woik
touch of tbo time and so badly afflicted
with a fonu of stomach trouble that
life wus a veritnhle nightmare.
"1 tried various lemedies, but during the six months of my sickness 1 obtained no roltef. I hnd always been a
robust, healthy man and sickness  bore
heavily upon me.
"About two years ago I was advised
to tty Dr. Wi'lliums' Pink Pills for
Pule People. I purchased one box and
received so much benefit that I used
five more and was entirely cured. I
gained twcnty-iwo pounds in five
weeks. Since 1 stopped taking tbe
pills 1 have scarcely bad an ache or
Inter) tewing the A.drrmi'n,
"Dr. William's Pink Pills restored
ma to health and I most heartily recommend them."
L. W. Camp on oath says that the
foregoing statement is true.
W. W. MKLOAN, Notary Public
Following is the physician's certificate as to Mr. Camp's present condition.
1 am a regularly licensed physician
of Macomb, McDonou.h county, III. I
have very recently examined Mr. L.
\V. Camp as to nis geneial pbysioal
condition, ami liml the same to be all
tbat could be desired, appetite and digestion good, sleeps well, and has all
tbe evidences of being in a good physical condition.
Snhscribed  and   sworn to  before me
this 30th day of September. 1897.
W. W. MELOAN, Notary Public.
The Washington mine in the Slocan is
soon to resume operations.
f lOO  REWARD, * I tlO.
Tin* readers of this paper will be [.leased Co
learn that there Is at least one dreuded disease
thut science has been able tu cure In all Its
stages and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is the only positive cure now known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure ls taken InternaIly,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces o' the system, thereby destroying; the
foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature In doing Its work. The
proprietors have so much faith In Us curative
pow«rs- that they offer One Hundred Hollars
fr- soy case that lt falls to cure. Send for Hat
of Testimonials.
Address:   F. J. CHENEY _ CO.. Toledo, O.
Bold by Druggists,  76c.
UrII's Family Pills are the beat.
The percentuge of profits on the railways of India is, on the average, 5.40, ns
against 3.00 for (Jreat Britain, 3.0 for the
United States and 2.3} for thc Australian
One else smaller after using Allen's Foot-
Kase, a powder to be shaken Into the shoes.
It makes tight or new shoes feet easy; gives
lnstunt relief to corns and bunL.i—. It's Ihe
greatest comfort discovery of the nge. Cureu
and pi-events swollen feet, blloteni, callous
and sore spots. Allen's Koot-EtuU Is a certain
.ure fur sweating, hot, aching, nervuue feet.
At all drugglnts nnd shoe elore*., 2.V. Trial
package, FKKB. Ad.lr.-MS Allen S. Olmsted,
I.e Boy,  N. V..  IK)X s.".2.
Sir Thomas Upton's latest scheme for
giving meals to the millions is still lieing
criticised by the small tradesmen und
When coming: to Sun Francisco 60 to
Brooklyn Hotel, 208-212 Hush St. American or European plan. Room and board
$1.00 to 11.60 per day; rooms 50 cents to
J1.00 per day; single meals 23 cents. Free
conch,   (.'has.  Montgomery.
The most rapidly growing of Ccrmaii
cities is Dusseldorf. Twelve years ago it
had 100,000 Inhabitants. Today it has
No household Is complete without a
bottle of the famous Jesse Moure WIiIb-
key. It Is a pure nnd wholesome stlmu-
lant recommended by all physicians.
Don't neglect  this necessity.
Beggars urc unknown in Melliounie.
The poorest part of the city is the Chinese quarter.
[ITS Permanently Cured. "S o BM or nervousnes
III* _rti'r IIrm day's use or Dr. Kline's Ureal
Nirvi Hestorer. Bend tor FKKB SS.OO trial
hetUe and treatise. I1H. B. H. K.ULN K, Ltd., W0
Arch street, Philadelphia, 1*.
Nearly all the gold coin in circulation
in   the   Sandwich   islands  is   of   United
Stntes mintage.
Plso's Cure for Consumption haa been t
family medicine with us since 1SG5.— J. It.
Madison, 2409   42d Ave., Chicago.  HI.
lt was stated in n London police court
recently that 8 or 0 shillings a day can
he made by begging.
In thc fall cleanse your system by using Dr. Plunder's Oregon Hiood Purifier,
Englishwomen arc said to average two
inches more in height thnn Americnns.
Vet Ilr.  Plunder's llrngnn Plood Purifier now.
The finest emeralds known are said to
be those belonging to the S]mnish crown.
Try  Schilling's   Ileet   tea  ard   baking  powder.
A favorite mode of suicide among the
African tribes who dwell near Luke Ny-
nssa is for a nut ive to wade into the lake
nntf calmly wait, for a crocodile to open
its mouth and swallow him.
The Worltl'a lllxlory Haa Never
-slim-.- ii Wnr Willi a •nuttier
I'rreentiiKc of Disaster—It |»
'I'rul)'   He...... l.nl.le.
Washington, Oct. 10.—.Seventeen snilors
killed mill 81 cnsuullies all told wus the
totul loss sulleied hy tho United .States
nuvy during the war. The figures have
just been compiled ut the nuvy department.
.lu Dewey's fight nt Manila bay not ft
mun was killed and every one oi the
nine men wounded returned to duty.
In tho buttle of July 'A oil' Suntiag-j one
man was killed und there were 11 wounded,  all   returning tn duty.
In the attack on the forts at the entrance of i-iniiliago, June 22, one sailor
was killed nnd 11 wounded, of whom
only seven were aide to return to duty.
'llu* heaviest loss of the navy wiiri nl
(■iiautnnniiio. There were 2.'i casualties
in that. 100-hour fight and of the list six
marine* were killed. Of the wounded
nine  returned  to duty.
In  the battle with the forts nnd gun-
Steep -
your tea; don't boil It:
Pirections in ev«ry pack*
•ge of Schillings Best.      m
bonis of! ( ii■ui'uegos the  list  aggregated
11  wounded-nnd-two-^riHed*.r -On-rmair
coiitiiiues  under treatment.
The fierce buttle between the torpedo
boat Winslow und the revenue cutter
Hudson with the Spanish land butteries
and artillery forces at Cardenas resulted
in live deaths.
There were four other casualties, occurring in as many separate engagements,
and this completes the list of naval losses. Considering results this list is said
to bc the most remarkable iirthc naval
history of the world.- ,       .'
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but auto
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the California Fio Syrup
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the California Fig Syrup Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other parties. The high standing of tbe California Fio SYRUP Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs bas
given to millions of families, makes
the name of tbe Company a guaranty
of tbe excellence of Its remedy. It is
far in advance* of ull other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating' or weakening them, and it docs not gripe nor
nauseate. I n order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company —
-OUievlLI.E. K>. NKW YORK. If. T.
Mnnaaere In Sooth Sett**
Vancouver, H. (.., Oct. 8.—Royal Mail
steam-hip Wnrrimoo arrived today from
New South Wales and New Xeqland. She
brings news of h South Sea 'massacre.
The Sea (iluwt, a 10-ton cutter,in charge
of Captain Kolshorn and a crew of six
natives, was attacked by natives of the
dermal) Solomon Islands nt Huka. Cup.
tain Kolshoin was mortally wounded and
four of the crew were cut to pieces with
hatchets and spears. The remaining two
escaped. After the vessel had been looted
the captain's body was thrown overboard
nnd thc remains of the four natives were
! taken to the village for a cannibalistic
' feast. The German government will send
a punitive expedition to the island.
The IIIk Ori-iluer Too Lute.
Port Townsend, Oct. 10. — A belated
Alaskan expedition ui*rived here from the
Columbia river. During thc early Yukon
excitement a company was organized in
St. Louis, known ns the Missouri & Alaska Mining k Dredging Company, with
E. S. Lucas president, for the purpose of
dredging thc Yukon river for gold. A
large steam dredger was built and
equipped on thc Columbia. Through the
numerous delays the expedition did not
get started until a few duys ugo. It was
the original intention to go to St. Michael and thence up the Yukon, but owing
to the lateness of the season the plans
have been changed and now Uie Stiekine
river is the objective point.
rieailH Sot (.ullty.
Canton, 0., Oct. 10.—Mrs. Anna E.
George, charged with the murder of Geo.
I). Sax ton, appeared In Justice Reigncr's
court this morning and entered a plea of
not guilty to the charge in the atliduvit.
The preliminary hearing is set for Tuesday.
Mi. r.......   Hoar   Hi-mi.
Concord, Mass., Oct. 10.—Hon. Sherman
I Hoar, after an illness of Ihree weeks, died
j at his home on Main street of typhoid
{fever, is.nlmeted while making a tour of
- the southern camps as a general of the
j Massachusetts Volunteer Association.
Messrs. Macmillan, the great London
booksellers, in their new premises, have,
it is stated, shelf room for four and a half
millions of books.
A Beautiful Present
In order to further introduce ELASTIC STARCH (Flat Iron Brand), \
the manufacturers, I. C. Hubinger Bros. Co., of Keokuk, Iowa, have
decided to GIVE AWAY a beautiful present with each package of
itarch sold.   These presents are in tbe form oi
Beautiful Pastel Pictures
They arc 13x19 inches in sire, and are entitled at follows:
Lilacs and
Lilacs and
These rare pictures, four in number, bv the renowned pastel artist, j
R. LeRoy, of New York, have been chosen from the very choicest subjects ,
in Ids studio and are now offered for the first time to the public.
The pictures are accurately reproduced in all the colors used in the originals, and are pronounced by competent critics, works of art.
Pastel pictures are the correct thing for the home, nothing surpassing
them in beauty, richness of color and artistic merit.
One of these pictures
will be  given away
with each package of
purchased of your grocer, lt is the best laundry starch on the market, and
is sold for 10 cents a packsge. Ask your grocer for this starch snd get a
beautiful picture.
5 01 cotor aim arusuc mem.
Elastic Starch
ȣ*Eagle Woolen Mills,1"
Manufacturers of Pure All Wool, Fleece Wool Clothing, Furnishings, Blanket*
and Flannels.   Dealers in Hats and all lines belonging  to a clothing'
store.   We save you tbo retailers profit.    Bnng.tlils "Ad "
it entitled you t.  s per cent discount.
And utlicr mokes of cyclc-i. No reasonable alter
Mlnsad (ruin $•> up, lo maki.' room tor ft.OOO
l«»li ll ill It I. Kits and Meals now on ihe
road, Wrile lor I.kiuhui list, catalogues aud
Fred T. Merrill Cycle Co.
Miimiuj ae
;■',, %,'
^re   __<Jow  Prepared
~ToJ5   1>o     -iBt*»frie»J**-r
dc    BROOKLYN   R C.
A Bt.CE PENCIL *_.U»_ ^-~*o«oso«
C> O-F* OE>1VJE£1l*Aly
is trying to run a double-compartment
tnnnei. If that is not his intention
would not a single tunnel answer the
purpose, unlets he needs two exits for
safety out of his workings.
NOTICE.—   "PreBcott" and  "Prescolt
Fraction  No. 1 ", Mineral   Claims;
situate in the Slocan Mining- Division of   West  Kootenay District.
Where   located:— Ou the North side
of F^ur-.Mile creek about one aud one
half miles from Slocan Lake.
Take notice that I, Kenneth L. Burnet,
(acting as agent tor tbe Prescott Mining Company Limited Liability,   F. M.
L. No. 0094A)   Free Miner's Certificate
No. 6897A, intend sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder (or Certificates of Improvements
for the    purpose  of obtaining Crown
Grants of both the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under .section 37, must be commenced
before tbe  issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 22nd day of July 1898.
Kenneth ■ L. Burnet
NOTICE :- "Lorna Doone" and "Prior"
Mii-eral Claims ;aitti_te in the Slocan
, Mining Division  of   West  Kootenay
District,    Where   located:—On tbe
South side of Four-Mile creek to the
West of the Vancouver Group of Mineral Claims.
Take notice that I, Francis J.  O'Reilly
of Silverton, B. C. us agent for Frank
Culver, Free   Miner's   Certificate  No.
11038 A., b tend sixty davs from the date
hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder
for Certificates of Improvements, for tbe
purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of
both the above claims.
And further take notice   that action.
under section 37, mnst be commenced
before tlie issuance of sucb Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated thi? 21st day of Jnlv, 1898.
Francis J. O'Reilly
NOTICE,—"Morning Star No 7 " mi n-
eral claim, situate in the Slocan mining
division of West Kootenav district.
Where located: On the south slope of
Lemon creek, 8 miles from ibe mouth.
Tako notice that I Samuel L. Long,
actfUg as agent for W. A. Campbell, free
Winer's certificate No. 11,415 A intend,
sixty days from tbe date hereof, to apply
- to the mining recorder for a certificate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining • Crown Grant for the above claim,
And fnrther take notice that action,
nnder section 37, must be commenced
before tbe issuance of such certificate of
Dated tbis 4th. day of August 1898.
NOTICE.-"The Alpine Group of Mineral Claims"  (tbe  Swish,   Highland
• Chief,  Berne, Kootenay   Pass   and,
Rocky Fraction), situate in the Nelson
and Slocan City Mining Divisions of
West Kootenay District.   Where located :—On tbe divide between Kootenay
and Slocan  Lakes, least of Summit
Take notice that I, J. Murray McGregor,
acting as agent for Ciias Faas, F. M. C.
11784 A, Henry Stege F. M. C.  79147.
Herman  Clever F. M. C.A10979, W.H.
Crawford F.M.C.4180.A and Max Hickman F.M.C. 4274 A, intend sixty  days
from the date hereof,  to apply  to the
Mining  Recorder /or a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
nnder section 37, must be commenced
be/ore the issuance of fuch Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated thia 27tb. day of August, 1898,
J. M. McGeeoob.
NOTICE,— "Hope No. 2." Mineral
Claim, situate in the Slocan City
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located .—On   tbe   north-east
Hide of Cameraman Creek, 3_ of a mile
from its junction with the north fork of
Take notice   that   I,  J. M. McGregor,
acting as agent for Robert Cooper, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 11794a, and Henry Shewn, 12001 A.inteml sixty dayn from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder   for  a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice tliat action,
under section 37, must bo Commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 8th day of.September, 1898.
j-tton that Cough!
afiy Tmd to Oonanmption.
 Take war aing.    I
mM-r'itad to Oonanmption. A 26c bottle
of Shiloh's Cure mny save your life
BoM £|2m Silvertpn. Drug Store.     f
NOTICE:— "Alexandra" and "Delly"
Mineral Claims; situate in the Slocan
City Mining Division of  West  Kootenay   District.    Where located:—At
the head of Mineral Creek, a branch of
the second north fork of Lemon.
Take notice that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for D. K. -McDonald, Free
Miner's  Certificate  No.   8929a, intend
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
ol Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take  notice tbat action
under section 37,   must be commenced
before the issuance of sucb   Certificate of
Dated thia 5th day of October, 1898.
J. M. McGbeoob.
NOTICE:—"Soho"   Mineral    Claim
situate in the Slocan Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.   Where located:-In the Best Basin on McGuigan
Take notice that I, M. R. W. Rath-
borne, Free Miner's Certificate No.
33371a, lor myself, and as agent for J. C.
Rvan. Free Miner's Certificate No. 4774,
and Henry Eummelen, F. M. C. No 16312
intend sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for tlio pur*
pose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice (ha action nnder section 37, must be commenced before tbe issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this fifth day of October, 189-1.
M. R. W. Rathi-ornj*.
NOTICE:—"Northern Pacific" Mineral
Claim, situate in the Slocan Mining
Division of West Kootenay District,
Where located :-On McGoigan Creek,
half a mile south east of the Washington.
Take Notice that I, M. R. W. Rath-
borne, Free Miner,s Certificste No 33371a
intend sixty days from dot- to apply to
tbe Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a Crowu Grant of tbe above claim.
And fiinhor take notice that action
uoder section 37 must ba , commenced
before tbe issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this fifth dav of October. 1898.
M. R. W. Kathkobne.
R AI_U W\A_ Y	
Direcr and Superior Service to Eastern and European Points. To Pacific
Coast. Alaska, China, Japan and
Australian Points	
 Teat Revelstok
Daily to St Paul.   Dailv (except Wed
nesday) to Eastern Poistb.
Magnificent Sleeping snd Dining Cars
on all trains.
Tickets Issued Tubowou And Baooaob
Checked To Destination.
(excepting   Sunday;
Revelstoke and Main Line Points.
Nelson,   Trail,   Rossland, Ac.
Ascertain present ratea and full in
formation hy addressing nearest loca
agent, or    	
W. 8. CLABK, Agent, Rilverton-
Tray. Pass. Agent, Nelson
DIM. Paaa. Agent, Vanconve
Whatflr.A.p.8aJtof Says.
Buffalo, N.Y.—Gents:—From my per-
•opal knowledge, gained in observin.
the effect of your Shiloh's Core iu cases
of advanced Consumption, I am prepared to sav it is the moat remarkable
Remedv that has ever been brought to
my attention.   It has certainly saved
many from consumption.   Sold at
'. .&KawwM*mLmW*
The following poem, written and published at f\be declaration of vur on
Spain bv the United States, besides
lieing a beautiful poem iu itself, vill bo
interesting as to tbe prophecies verified
by tbe events following its publication.
Behold, we have together our battleship*.
near and afai;
Their decks they   are clear for action,
their guns tbey are primed lor war.
From the east to tbe weat there is hurry;
in tho north and the south a peal
Ot hammer in fort nod shipyard and the
clamor and clang of steel;
An.dtbe rush and the roar of engines, and
clanking of derrick and crime.-
Thou art weighed in the scales and found
wanting, the balauce of God, 0 Spain I
Behold. I have stood on the orountains,
aud tbis was writ in ;bo sky;
''She is weighed in the scales ai.<i found
wauling the balance  God  holds
on high!"
Thn balance He once weighed Babylon,
the mother of harlots, in.
One scale holds thy pride and power and
empire, begotten of sin.
Heavy with woe ami torture, the crimes
pf u thous oi years,
Mortar**.' and welded together with  fire
aud blood and tears:
In the other, for justica anil   mercy,  a
blade with never a stain.
Is laid the sword of liberty, and the balance dips, O Spain I
Summon thy abi ps together I great is thy
need for these!
Cristohol Colon, Viscaya, Oquendo and
Marie Tberese.
Let them be strong and many, for a
vision I hud by niuht,
That the ancient wrongs thou ban done
the world came howling to the fight
From the new world shores tbey gathered, Inca antl Aztec flam,
To the Cuban shot but yesterday, and
our own dead seaman, Spaiu!
Summon thy ships  to_ether,   gather a
mighty licet!
For a strong'young nation is arming tbat
never bath known defeat.
Summon thy ships  together.   tb«ra  on
thy blood-stained sjnds!
For  a  shadowy   army   gathered   with
manacled feet and hands,
A shadowy host of sorrows and of shame
to black to tell 1
That reach with their  horrible  wounds
for thee to drag thee down to bell;
Myriad   phantoms and   spi-ctrea,  thou
warrest against in vain t
Thou art weighed in tbe scales and found
wanting the  balance of   God   O
—Madison Cawcln.
We are in receipt this week, among
our exchanges, of No 1, Vol. 1. of the
Kootenay Mining Standard, edited
and published by D. R. Young of
Nelson. The Standard comes with a
clean make up and full of interesting
reading to the mining world. The
Standard ii edited "to fill a long felt
want" and as the editor adds, "That it
will do so there can scarcely tie a
shadow of a doubt", can any more be
The trouble in Illinois ia tho natural
outcome of the system used by mine
operators through tbe Eastern States,
in getting miners with families to locate at their mines aud then gradually
cutting wages, threatening to bring in
niggers, Chname.c and dagos, if they
did not suouiit, These cuts are stood
until the miner is down to a starvation
wage and the next cut drives him to
desperation. Property is destroyed,
blood-"h*id follows, the law steps in and
the companies win. But tho stand
of Gov. Tanner in this trouble in
protecting the citizens of his state
against .optaida cheap labor is to be
admired by all lovers of .justice.
*. §
sfs888 8 8 888888888383&98888tf
Our list of mines is not so large, but
our list of shippir g properties, is larger
than some.
has been arrested
It ia Lard to keep
Jesso James Jr.
for train robbery,
a good man flown.
Silverton is not a "mine producing
center" but it is a shipping and supply
point for a good many  mines. •
The Editors Association of Kootenay bave, we understand, adopted
the following as their association
motto: ''Put up or we bout up".
The Dowager Empress ot China,
although opposed to reform, has introduced the game of poker in the most
exclusive circle of Chinese nobility.
The ore bins and rawhida trails
being built and freight contracts let
by some of the mining companies,
operating at Silverton, insures our
business men of a goad trade this
Our neighbor the Ledge in a few
pointed paragraphs draws attention
to its meagre local advertising patronage, To stir up the phlegmatic nature
of the usual run of the Slocan business
man requires something more than a
pen. Better give up the pen, Colonel,
and try a club.
The following clipping from an e_-
change will be found amusing as a
unique definition as to what constitntes
a mine. After enumerating the names
of aeveral propertier, the scribe saya:-
"Though these are not mines, in the
fall force of the word, many of them aro
more than prospects, aa their leads have
been reached and their samples of ore
pronounced excellent."
We are informed, through the mining oolome of the Ledge, that Phil
Hiekey ia driving two tunnels side by
ride into the Sandow vein on Silver
Mountain: Jfta.ffw?M-Mr', H&J**»xJ
The SiLVERTOXi-jf is working for
the adyanceinent of the town in which
it is published. Our method ot procedure is to gather and publish each
week all mining news of a reliable
nature that has occured around the
many mines and prospects surrounding
our town, believing that by tusking
known to the outside world the
resources of Silverton, we.will advance,
its welfare. Tliat our mining news
is read aud credited is seen by the
prominence. giv?n to the mines of
Silverton in many nn-aspupers, published far and near. In most cases
it will be noticed that the S.lvp.r-
TO-IAN is copied verbatim but seldom
i« any credit given us for these clippings. We are always ■■Ind to see thin
news re-printed, btlieving that good
results will follow, but at the lame
time we would like to sen tho oredit
where it belongs for thu articles. But
a short time ago tb.-re appeared in one
of the prominent count papers nearly
half a column of matter, quoted from
our pages, and the credit git en to a
paper which had appropriated our
news without crediting it to ua. We
repeat for the benefit of .these clipping
editors the remarks made by our
contemporary the Brooklyn Tiroes,
which is alto   a  safferer:-
'• Editors who do this sort of thing
would not put their hand in your pocket,
yej they might as well aa to steal your
matter, lock, stock and barrel, and
palm it off as original. A word to the
wise is said to be sufliccnt."
Following is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during; the
week for the Slocan Mjqin_ Division:
Oct 4—B Fractional. Cody, Wm.
Callahan. Payne mountain, relocation of
J ml, Henry Dilley.
Oct 6—Kucky Jack, Canyon creek,
Oscsr Andersyn. Bob Tail Fraction,
Wild Goose basin, V H Behne, B H
Oct6—Diamond, Fennel creek, T H
Oct 7—Kaalo Fraction, Cody, D E
Sprague. Mono, opp .Mountain Chief,
D  J McDonald.
Oct 10—Jim. south fork Carpenter,
John Pickart. Maple, Blue Bird slide,
F C Bongard. Silver Vault, Fennel crk.
J°hn 8 (iiMi.s. Know Storm Fraction,R E
Lee moo Main, Geo. Alexander.
Oct 11—Dmnmore, Carpender, J R
Oct 4—Joker Fractional, Lee Fraction,
Erie Fraction.
Oct 8—Sunrise, Silverlne.
Oct 6—Telophone.
Oct 7—Sadie. Kelpie, Lakeshore, Chl-
g igo, Jessie.
Oct 8—Kin-sley, Heber Fraction.
Oct 10—Gladstone, Maggie.
Oct 8-Will_rd#, G M Wlllard to H
T Bragdon, July 10, $100.
Oct 4—Irene, A F Eastman to Geo Alexander, Aug 3
Knima Fra* tion}., S T Walker to Joe
Pi Ion, Oct 3, to0.
Oct 7-Big Timber^, A J Hayword to
H B Alexander, May 15.
Havana, Geo Hendeison to Henrietta
Glntsbu'i»pr, Oct 7.
' Oct 8—Adirondack 1-0, A C Bebne to
Andrew J Murphy, Aug 27.
Parties cntting wood on tbe property
of thn Silverton Townsite, or removing
same will be prosecuted. Squatters are
also warned not to trespass on said property.
by proas 4 Co., Agents.
sent to any address, $2.00
a year.
Wilson Hotel.
Teeter  Bros.  -  .  props
<*>   Headquarters for Mining And Commercial |es.
KwrjthiBg First-class li ill Respect.
. D
B.   0.
-  PROP.
• • •   B. C-
-    PROP.
Ottf *t«t#t«f-*#*««*«*»9»« O
•» *"
:•; Hpintanarters For Mining Men :•:
SILVERTON      •      •     •     -B.C.
Brandon   A Barrett
is mm Bowes
L. Knowls*.
SILVERTON,      -      -      -      B. Ci
Ai'cTio.NKSRH, Customs Bbokiis,
And Gmika*, Rial Estate A-EKTb,
J. A. tf-KlNNON A _-.
Office I* rwalry Ul»ch    .   .      Maker Ol.
J. M. McGREGOR P. L. S. Ac.
or McGbboob,  Atkinson A  Co.
a   :•*
;•: line
O* _F*a_n_©jr
CANNED   GOODS   -    -• -  -
—- ..      ,    ■ 1  -   - —-, 1  , -    -- .  ,    -
CROSS A 0*...~ ...-..,■■
i. 0 Gordon.
A S 8 A Y E R S.
A. P. jfeDONALD.
M-Sil   BR-AD    DAILT.
•   -    -  B. C.
*OR *H*
Wm fj»T   IR  BEAT.
JIM. Mo IN TO 811. •
■      'SILVEiVfON,     b^c:
-■MiiiMi-lniiiii liB-Yi - rrri!-"^*-*-^'**'''»•-!%'1.» Mtmt itwmsw\ihJt \mkn\tttjMt^\ti\m\wllii-i t ■


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