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The Silvertonian 1898-04-30

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 mja^cKtototaeaets, oKtoexot 0w*t»lsKwis>Qw3sx*fo
I    Read Tlie
| $2 Per Annum.
KfiC0Ott^.ywOw<iwCw<JwCmO •o#C**_C«0 wimcm^wChKmOwt^wtmof^)
mini milotKiiiib.c
Jot* 'WoirlK
Neatly & Promptly Done
We can quote you badrock prices
Comstock Vein Tapped on the Silver Chief Claim.
Trail ftmelter J2ular tea-Work on  the
Vaacouver   Oro«p—"Dardanelles
Mine  Closed  Down.
If any doubt existed in the minds of
tbe people of Silverton or the stockholders or the various mines iu its
-.J-inity as to whether the mines were
surface deposits or continued down, or
whether the oro bodies were merely
bunches snd the ledges fissures or only
gash veins, tbe question has been settled as tar as the fissures in the granite
formation tn the upper part of the Four
Mile creek is concerned. Not only set-
led but settled moat satisfactorily as far
as the Comstock property is concerned.
This compsny with unbounded faith
11 its It-due.believing it w.uit down,
placed competent men in charge with
instructions to thoroughly explore and
develops the vein. The ont come is
that tbe fissure has been proved to be
continuous, and with no faults or displae
mints. Hundreds of feet of work has
been done, the vein proved up for over
two thousand feet along its trend on the
surface. Eight tunnels have been driven
into the vein varying in length from 100
feet, which is the shortest, to 675 feet the
longest. As the.* tunnels pierce the
rein snd lay one below the other down
the mountain by the trend of tbe vein,
it demonstrates to a certainty tbat not
<>nlv is the voin continuous but thst it
noes deep. Tbe ore bodies or abates go
down as hss bum proved by bting
pierced at various depth by the tunnels.
The ore sbutes improve in size and
value a* greater depth is attained. This
company has within the last few days
cut the rein at a greater depth than evci
before attained, by a crwscut on Ihe
f ilyer Chief cla!«r, on* ei tvV<ris*-*»t'.ei»
and assav returns show .109 ounces of
silver to tho tpn. All the tunnel* on
this property sra now drlvia. in ore excepting lunuei No 5 which has not yet
retched the oro ehute exposed by the
tunnel, above.
Call-nan and his partners, alio
claimed tho Mollie Gibson group on
Koksne* creek,have been knocked out
in their lavrsuit, by a decision given by
Justice McColl, In the supreme court,
the plaintiffs Callanan el al, having
been non suited. The grotiule for the
decision were that the plaintiff hud not
complied with the act rcttirdiug proper
staking ol the clainiB. in the pine » -vhert
stone monuments bad beeu eree'ed in
the place of wooden posts. The nonsuit was given with costs.
Nehon" H°Pe' °' *" Em,ly Edlth' ,g ta
Robert Bates was down from the Vancouver qn Sunday.
Foes Thorburn of the Comstock, was
down for a.vi«lt Sunday.
• ^J..8.1"?"^ °.n *• Conwtock in now
in 100 feet and has a foot of .dean ore in
tlie face.
Axte Larsen timberman at the Comstock was in town Tuesday, he reports
the road in bad shape.
JackNtinn and 8. E. Watson are
doing developeuent jrork on the Mollie
claim above town.
A barcte loaded with machinery for the
Hall Mines smelter accompanied the
steamer Slocan on ber down trip Wednesday.
Arthur Brindle made a trip to the
Willa claim near the Little Daisy on
Mou.'ay. A Crown grant is to bo ap-
p lied for for this property. ,
A serious cave-in in tbe Le Roi shait
between the 200 and 300 foot levels,
necessitating the layiug off of quite a
mi ui tier of men is reported.
The tunnel that Ihe Fidelity company
is driving into the Fidelity hill is liein'g
pushed ahead rapidly and the hoys feel
confident of catching the vein soon.
The Vivians, famed for their great
smelling works in Wales, and the Elliotts, soother smelter firm, are contemplating tbe erection of smelting
works in this province.
Darg and MacCrae have a contract on
No 3 tunnel at the Comstock Tbe face
of this tunnel ia in concentrating ore and
haa a six inch streak ol clean ore.
Sixty cares of giant powder were
consumed iu the late fire at the Payne
mine, without exploding. The v.orking-
ot -pant powder like providence is ini-j-
Arrangements Completed ht Onr
Oaledonlon    8ponalTootoi-.il    Btatch-
Horis   BaciDg-Numsroaa   Othr»
At this btsge of the game tlie following comparison of the American and
Spani.li nuvies will be found interesting.
r'.rtensive improvements are being
made st the Trail Smelter to cost in the
neighborhood of $100,000. Bids are now
being received from the biggest manufacturers of smelting machinery in America
aud the present reverbratorios will be replaced by blasts, which will bring the
capacity of the works up to 500 tons per
day. A complete new system of electrical machinery will be iiv ta'Vd, bo that
the whole smelter cau be run hy electricity. At present p*„*of the plaut Is run
by electricity a_d the rest by Btenin.
The cabin _nd blacksmith shop at the
Lakeview Mine were burned last Thursday. The first notification that anything
was wrong received by those at work in
the tunnel was tbe exploding .>1 the cans
in the fire. Belore going on shift the
men had carefully piled tho tools not in
use In the blacksmith shop and these
were lost with the rest. Thus virtue
has Its own reward.
The Dardanelles Mine is closed down
for the present to allow of some repairs
on the compressor which have become
necessary and also on account, of tho unusual rush of water which h..s practically drowned the pumps. A line
showing of ore is reported iu the lower
The vein has been cut by the crosscut tunnel, at the Vaucover mine. An
addltioual length ot 160 fcot must be
given this tuni el along tlie veiu belore
the ore Bliute will be lapped.
r. B.
Fir.-1-class battleships
Defence ships
1 .
First-class cruisers
Second class   "
Despatch boats
Torpedo boats
"     boat destroyers
Harbor defend* rums
P., minute gunboats
Double-turrett muni Q.i*
Single-turrett      "
Sub-marine torpedo boats
Under construction—
Hal tic.-bios
For a few days only,   110  feet front
on Lake Ave., at one-half list price.
CR088 A 0O„ Agents.
The Nelson Tribune Beys:—
"The Canudian Pacific not only wants
the Boundry Cret,k country all to itsell,
but wants subsidies from the government
to help build its road into thst pountry.
The Kettle River Valley Railway Company would pot only build a road into
that country without a dollar of government aid, but would give the government
a bonus of one n.illlon dollars for the
sole privilege of operating a railway in
that country for ten years. This simply
shows what tbe people of the Boundary
Creek country will bo made to pay for
the privilege of doing business with the
Canadian Pacific."
The C.P.R. as. Tarter will start north
from Vancouver for Wrangle and
Skagway. on the 28th of April.snd the
ss. Athsnia on May 6th For part icul a rs
as to rates, ect., see local 0. P. R. agent,
or agent atVancover.
Here Is what Peter Copper, who died
worth millions, said of a qowspaper; "In
all tho towns where a newspaper Is pun-
lirhed.eveiy man should advertise in it,
if nothing moro than a card stating Ins
name and business. It does not only
pay the advertiser, but it lets people at
a distance know that tlie town in which
you reside is a prosperous cominuniiy ol
biiBinessmen. As ihe seeds are sown
so the seed recompenses. Never pull
down your sigu while you ttpevt
to do
Eorthat tired
feeling use Dr.
Foumd—A email gold locket containing two photographs. Owner can obtain same by calling at thia office and
paying lor tills ailvertisemeut.
It la a fact worth noting that out of 330
Hpnliuanta the other uay belore U. B.
ai t lorlues fur enlistment in Spanish war,
43. or over 13 per .-.nt, were d__*U.a»-
Hem. Siege oua goue to lile«ura.
Tbe celebration committee met last
Monday evening in the Thorburn House
to perfect arrangements for the holiday.
Chairman Hunter called thu meeting to
order and after the regular routine of
business had been concluded, the following were appointed as a sports com-
niitiee, Messrs. Thorburn, Brandon and
Daly. A program was prepared, and
instructions were given to Sec. Matheson
and E. 0. Nelson to have posters printed
and distributed as soon as possible. The
secretary was instructed to communicate
with the lacrosse clubs of Nelson and
Slocan City to have them play here for
a cup. Tbe secretary was also instructed
to communicate with tho New Denver
Foot Ball Club and arrange a match be"
tween them and our local club. The
main feature of the day will be a grand
rnck drilling contest, and suitable prizes
will be given for the winners. Races
will be run, aquatic sports galore, including a grea»y pole walk, will be had
and the Caledonian gimas are to be an
important part of the program. Arrangements are nearly completed for securing
the New Denver Brass Band for the day.
and if the weather god Is kind we can
furnish the rest     Watch for the posters.
O. Lanning who baa had charge of
Pitts Bros.' Btore, left Silverton on Monday for his home in Ladners, B. 0.
.. J*H. Sharpe will conduct services in
Uie Union church on .i.onday at 7:30 p.
All are cordially invited.
Services were conducted in tbe Union
church last Wednesday evening by the
Rev. Mr Yates, Episcopalian minister
of New Denver.
William Macadams, who take, the
place of a Thome machine in the Sandon
Paystreak office, meandered into the
Banana Belt last Sunday.
Jim Bowes returned from bis eastern
trip on Wednesday. Jim looks as if his
trip bad agreed with him, but he js glad
to be back again in Silverton.
The contemplated lacrosse match
between Nelson snd Slocan City on Uie
24th.next will not be played, as the
Slocan City team has not yet been organised.
, Tlie bill extending the franchise of
voting to women in British Columbia
was voted on at the second reading last
Thursday. The vote stood, yeas 16,
nays 18.
We are glad to see J. I. Mcintosh
again behind the counter at hia old stand
and that Pitts Bros, ha.-e secured a
settlement with their creditors and will
continue huaines here.
1 Arrangements have been made with
the railroad for a special rate to Jiilverton
for our celebration, from all points in
Kootenay, tickets single fare good from
the 23rd to the 24th inclusive.
Ed Nelson has a few copies of Oeilvle's
Official Guide to the Klondyke, issued
hy the direction ot the Dominion Government, for sale. f
The Miping Critic spenks as follows of
the Corbin Bill defeat: "If D C.Corbin
gets his dominion railroad charter, the
Silvektonun *dut- s that he will build a'-
big sn elter at Grand Forks. But In this
case Uie significant little word "if"
means everything, for it would seem
that a "chopping and changing" ard
railroad ridden H"U<e nf Commons has
reversed its previous decision and thrown
ont Mr. Corhin's K-*tlle River railroad
bill, despite all the eloqu, nee cf Mr
Bostock, M.P , and all the clever loblj-
ing ol Rodwell of Victoria. The C.P.R ,
u-< usual, li.s won with hands down, and
as u-iinl, the Hon. Mr. Blair, Dominion
Minister of Railway**, has not left. Unfortunately, fur himself, the latter
tracked U«a Grand Trunk agi-inst the
Canadian Pacific, and tho course winch
he emlorbtvl was further and family
jeopardised bv its couivction with American railroad interests, which do not
readilyharnioniae with Canadian aspirations.
Two Italian laborers on the Crow's
Nest Pass construction line were sbol
last Monday by A. Johnston, walking
hose. It appears that the Dagoes
attacked Johnston who wrested a gun
fiom ore of them and shot the pair. One
of the victims of the shooting was killed
instant!-,*, and th'.i other ia in a precir-
ions condition. An inquest was held but
its results have not -reached here yet.
Johnston surrendered himself into
custody immediately after the shooting.
The citizens oi Revc'sloke are having
considerable excitement over the locating of Nan .Slug, one ol the townsmen.
Nan began building on First St., but
dismayed by the roar rai**ed by the residents of that street, moved to Second St
Now, this was something that the Second St. denitens couldn't stand. They
declared that if thu First were too good
for Chinese, the Second certainly wet?-
Meanwhlle Nan Sing ssys nothing.
A meeting for tho purpose of orean-
isiug a football club in Silverton will be
held in the Selkirk Hotel next Tuesday
evening at 8.p. in . all those interested
are requested to attend.
Grant Thorburn made a trip to Nelson
on Tuesday.
Wm. Hunter is making a business trip
to Rossland.
The C.P.R. will be double tracked
from Montreal to Toronto.
The first new onions and lettuce of the
season at Nelson's.
Kaslo aud Kuakonook are to celebrate
24th. of May.
Mineral Glasses and Compasses galore
at the HI I .-ci tun Drug Store. t
William Macintosh returued from a
trip to Nelson Wednesday.
The lot owners on Lako Ave. are industriously cleaning up their premises.
The British Columbia News published
in Kaslo is to issue a daily edition during
the war.
Edit'" Lowery ii wearing a lioiled
shirt und sund-un collar. Business must
be fuipioviuu.
Ill ainds ol Flow f an I Garden Seeds
FullowlnK is a complete list of the
mining trsnsacilons recorded during the
week for the Slocan Mining Division:
April 18—Blue Jay, Goat mountain, M
April 20—Klondyke Fraction, Oalena
Farm, Frank Re
April 23— Old Dominion Fractional,
Queen Bess Proprietory Co., Ltd
April 85—Mas Fractional, New Denver, J 11 Strickland
April 19—Lakeview, Eagle
April .2—Silver Key
April 25—Monitor, Monitor Fraction,
Hustler Fraction
April 19—Ke.ef, Black Knat Fraction,
Niinma Fraction, Deerslayer, Chatham
April i.'6—Lady Jane, Sincber
April 19— Florence J_, D Johnson to
Wm McDonald, April 18, $100
Florenco >i, Wm McDonald to T W
Fitzgerald, April 18, |50
April 20—Tip Top %, Mageie, Nellie
D, Thos Madden to Anthony D McGinty
March 1. (160
Nellie D. Maggie, Tip Top %, Cornet
'..—Mortgage, A D McGinty to RC Rib-
let, April 15. |30Q
Carrie'h,N Fitzatubbs to Louise W
Bereus, April 16, 1300
April 25—Willa, Wm Ward Spinks to
The Willa Gold Mining Co, Foreign,
March 25
Huh Rock %.',
McLaren, Jan 28
Wm A Alton to Peter
April 15—Torpedo, Thos Blench
April 16—Grizzly, Ralph White
April 18—Hurricane Fractiou, Angus
McDonald; Westuiont Fraction, V St ration!
April 12—Havannab. R T Nicholson,
Jno McLnughlan, R C Graham
April  16—Bear's   Nest,   8ilver Tip,
Polly. Manor
April 20—Early Bird, Keno
April 22—Caledonia
Aprjl 14—Superior 1-6., Frank Thompson to T ■> Lloyd 1—IM aud J J Moore
April 19—Vallecitns M, Thos Tobin to
Henry Htege
Neury )_, Russell Ormsby to Henry
Highland Lassie }i, Rudolph Kurtzels
to Frank Anderson
October, Thos Lloyd to same
Ciihiiioh ).. Walter Horn to same
California.'_, Ed t.uiilan to same
lhukc, John Vick to same
9.   C.
.'!■■   '
^•C«cKee>*f><K<et*(MMi»(KeC*»«Ce'»»»fli >+—»»«—>—§»—*§—HI
Spring Suit Patterns New on Hand,
I would respectfully invite gentlemen to an early inspection ol my
selections in Spring and Summer Suitings.
My prices will be found moderate. I make it a point to keep them aa
low as is consistent with good material, good workmanship and tbe care
and attention requiete to get up thoroughly satisfactory garments.
Liehscher. The Tailor,
Lake View avenue.
Silverton, EaC.
i*^>j»)s)»^**»j»j»>)»)*>3-»>>)«)»>)»>)««)»)«5«)*»)«j^ www^wwwtww^w^mmmywmi
_vx- _M[. BBggEBgMif
:•: Jleadqnartcrs for Mining and C«nu_ereial leu.
Domestic and Imported Wines, Liquors aad Cigars at the Bar.
Fivo tons of  rails  also air-pipe and
hose, have arrived for the Wakefield.
at lh. Silvui .lu I>ii.- BU.'!
The Cliff cUim is b**ing siiryeypd.
will oo down Cru.iifd.
To-morrow is May-Day.
Hotel Victoria.
Tames Bo-wes IFrop
J3. e.
Id.  2iv£-  dS-CLO-wle©.   £*a:©P. THE SILVERTONIAN,
R. 0. Matheson, Pub.,
China Is the apple of Russia's eye,"
and there ain't goln' ter be no Corea.
Some statesmen may argue from cats
bating nine lives that It's generally
healthful to be on the fence.
That Holland submarine boat has
tlven another "surface" test. Such
trials don't go deep enough to satisfy
tbe public.
That express agent who eloped with
a $10,000 package and another man's
wife evidently prefers hie trouble tn
large quantities.
A statistician, according to a current
Item, has figured out the fact that "it
coots $7,000 to kill a man." Sometimes It
Is well worth the money.
If the Vlscaya ever runs Into New
York harbor again she probably will be
arrested for trying to work a Bhell
game Inside the city limits.
A North Carolina contemporary says
tbat "there Is plenty of war spirit In
this State." Too much; the moonshiners are perniciously active down tbere.
A bicycle thief was lately sentenced
to ten years' Imprisonment. Evidently
those riders who bend themselves double are not the worst crooks In this connection.
Two Arkansas men have challenged
each other to engage In a contest to
prove they are not afraid of snakes.
That match ought to be pulled off In
In the United States there are between fifty and sixty thousand tramps.
If this number seems small It may be
remembered they are not working to
make It larger.
President Andrews advises all young
men to keep out of Journalism. This
may Induce many a young reporter to
forsake the error of his ways and become a university president.
An agricultural exchange urges farmers to pay more attention to onions. In
which lt declares there is a great profit.
Good Idea. Look out for the scentn and
the dollars will take care ot themselves.
Careful estimates show that the timber supply of tbe United States will be
entirely exhausted In sixty years, but
manufactured gold may be so plentiful
by that time as to make a fairly good
An ex-Confederate soldier died In
Newport, Neb., a few days ago. The
veterans who wore the blue In 18t!l
took charge of the remains of their old
antagonist and conducted the funeral.
Tbe war of the rebellion closed thirty-
three years ago.
The New York Entomological Society Is talking of Importing the Ichneumon fly to drive out caterpillars. Hat
not this war of extermination tone
about far enougb? That was the purpose, If we remember rightly, for which
the unspeakable English sparrow was
brought over.
A Georgia court has decided that a
contract of marriage made on Sunday
le valid and a Montana court has decided that lt Is Illegal to collect a fee
In tbat State for Issuing a marriage license. The New Jersey plan of taxing
bachelors Is not the only way marriage
may be encouraged.
One of the most remarkable developments In the Industrial world of the
United States of recent years Is the Increased manufacture of pearl buttons.
Bo great has this been that the exportation of the low grades of these articles
to this country from Austria has almost entirely ceased. The American
pearl buttons are chiefly made iu Iowa,
and are used on underwear.
An up-to-date liveryman In Berlin
bas hung up In all of his public conveyances a card which reads: "No
passage money has the passage guest
to pay, If to him not on the mounting
of the cab the valid passage tickets, on
height of the for a simple passage to be
paid passage money, by the coachman
downreached become are." That seems
to be plain enough.
That keen observer and accurate delineator of human thought, Walter Savage Landor, stated a paradoxical truth
lu clear and forceful language moro
tban a generation ago when he said:
"The Frenchmen are the most delicate
people In the world on points of honor
and the least delicate on the points of
Justice." Tbere could eCbrcety be a
more forcible Illustration of the truth
of this observation than Is furnished
In the history of the Dreyfiw scandal
and the recent Zola trial In Paris.
< In this world-wide flstlcufllng craze
the various shouts of war are not to be
Interpreted as an equivalent of war,
though they are Its ragged edge. Where
there's bo much smoke there must be
some fire, but lt Is nlso true that bark
and bite are not identical. As a rule,
tbe dog that bays most is gazing the
moon out of countenance. The cost of
battle under modern conditions Is mo
great that since Sedan the civilized
world has generally taken It out In talk,
and It is agreed that millions tor defense are the almighty dollars of peace.
In a crowded church In Pougbkeepsie
recently tbe service bad to be stopped
while several fainting women were earned from the room.   Investigates re
vealed tbat after the meeting the preceding Sunday the sexton had closed
the church without airing It, aud tue
vltlatedatmosphere had lieen reheated
for another audience. It Is as much a
crime for housekeepers and Janitors to
furnish their families and guests with
Impure air, as It would be to set before
them unwholesome food. Indeed, a
man can live longer without food than
without air.	
A writer In the North American Review advances a cure for pension
frauds In the following terms: There
has been too much secrecy and de-
vlousness connected with the pension
business of this country, and I blush
to own that my profession has taken
no small part In It. Here Is a method
by which frauds aud pretenders can
be got rid of. I*t Congress pass a law
requiring a reexamination of every
pensioner, or applicant for a pension,
who buses his claim on physical disability contracted while discharging his
duty as a Union soldier. A board of
medical examiners should be established In each State-two or more
boards might lie required In some
States to facilitate matters. Each
board should be composed of two mem-
beii, one a surgeon nnd the ether a
physician. They should be selected
solely for their eminent and acknowledged professional ability, aud their
honesty aud standing In the State.
They should give all their time to this
work, and be paid a salary of $20,000
each per year. They should carefully
examine every pensioner lu their respective States, and report to the government exactly the physical condition
of each, and how much, If any, disability In any case wns the result of
service In the war of secession. They
would be influenced by nothing except
the physical facts presented, and always give the applicant the benefit of
any doubt. Such a reexamination
would require about one year to complete lt, and would cost the government from $2,000,000 to (8,000,000,
It may be that we nre, with respect j
to the coming century, In the same im- j
mature mental condition In which the j
people of the eighteenth century were
with regnrd to the nineteenth. If some j
In the preceding century had dared to :
predict the wonderful achievements of j
the nineteenth, he would probably have
been declared a fool, aud treated as i
was Robert Mayer lu Germany, in this j
century, who, after the discover • of |
the law of the conservation of lOice, |
was put Into an Insane asylum.   A like
fate might befall the man who should
dare now to cast a horoscope for the
twentieth century, and to predict ihe
progress of the human mind In    the
various domains of scientific research.
After all, those may Ive right who, In
spite of all those acquisitions on which
we so justly pride ourselves, are   of
opinion that we are still moving    in
only the Initial steps, In the   lending
strings of evolution, and that we are
yet very far from the goal of those material and Ideal alms which the human
race In Its unremitting onward strug
gle is destined to attain, or to show Its
capacity of attaining.    Tlie great Mr
Isaac Newton used, perhaps, the most
appropriate simile when he compared
men with children who on the seashore
pick up here and there a curious pebble or colored shell, while the great
sea of truth lies still unexplored before
them.    We can only conjecture as to
the probable course as we cannot know
which position we occupy in the course
of human evolution—whether we are
still tn Us beginnings or well advanced.
Tills lies hidden in the bosom of the
Lake Doniphan, In Kansas, is one of
the most peculiar bodlee of water in
the world. In the winter, when the
lake Is covered with Ice, It Is possible
to build a large bonfire upon It by simply making a hole through the Ice nud
applying a match to lt. Instantly the
flames shoot up five or six feet and
burn with great brilliancy for a minute or two. The supply for the flames
Is natural gas, which bubbles up
through the water the year round, but
it Is only when the surface Is covered
with Ice that tbe gas is prevented frost
escaping and is collected in large bubbles or pockets, from ten to twenty
yards square. If a puncture is made
through the ice to these pockets the
gas escapes and If lighted furnishes
the skater an excellent fire at which he
may warm himself. In some sections
of the lake Ice rarely forms, except In
extremely cold nights, for the gas, lielng warmer than the water and rising
In such large quantities, prevents the
water from freezing. The lake Itself
Is peculiar, lt Is a river lake; that is,
lt was formed from a bend of the Missouri River by the stream taking a
shorter cut across the neck of the bend,
thus leaving a lake shaped like a horseshoe about five miles lu length. The
lake was made In 1891. The gas does
not rise from all Motions of the lake,
but mostly In the western arm. On
the other or Missouri side of the river
are three small lakes formed exactly
as Doniphan has been, but from these
there Is no gas exhaled except occasional small bubbles. Natural gas has
been found in Kansas. A well some fifty-five miles south of I_ike Doniphan, a
few years ago, gave a limited supply of
gas, while at Iola a gas well has furnished several million cubic feet of
gas. It Is believed that Kansas will
yet prove to have gas areas of no Inconsiderable extent and It Is thought
i hat should a field be discovered It will
be found in an area of which Atchison,
St. Joseph and Kansas City will form
the boundaries.
Text     of    the    I'l-i-xlm-itf H     "Ul'HMllin*—
<'iiiiN|ilriii->      lo     I iimi-I      tlie       11.111
m-i-llj      In       Splllu— \niniillii-«-iiiriil
That the Sunnl-h   l'li-i-t  Will  Still
—The Attitude of t'l-i-iiiiin.v.
Washington, Hpril 25.-—Following is the
report by the house foreign affairs committee of a bill declining that war exists
between tho United States of America
and the kingdom of Spain:
"Bo it enacted, etc.:
"First—'i'luit war be and the same la
hereby declared to exist and that war
litis existed since the 21st of April, A. D.
18118, including Sunday, between the
I'nited States and (lie kingdom of Spain.
"Second—That the president of tlie
United States is hereby directed and empowered to use tlio entire land und naval
forces of the United States and cull Into
actual service tlio United States militia
of thu several states to such un extent
as may be necessary to carry this ad
into effect."
1'renldeilt   llcKliilr-'a   >lcm-iik'i-.
Washington, April 25.—Tlie president
today sent to congress tlie following hill
recommending a declaration of war
nguiust Spain:
To the senate and the house of representatives of the United Stotoo of Amer-
icii: 1 transmit to congress for its consideration and appropriate action copies
of the correspondence recently had with
Ihe representatives of Spain and Uie
United Stales with the United State)
minister at Madrid and through tlie latter with the government of Spain, allowing the action taken under the joint res
olution approved April 20, 1808, for recognition of the independence of the people
of Culm, demanding that the government
of Spain relinquish its authority and government in the island of Cuba and Cuban
waters, and directing the president of the
United States to use the land and naval
force of the I'nited Stntes to carry these
realutions into effect.
Upon communicating to the Spanish
minister iu Washington the demand
which it became tlie duty of the executive to address to the government of
Spain in obedience to said resolution, the
said minister asked for his passports anil j tinue to make hostile criticism of Amer
withdrew. The United Stntes minister ica'a octlon.signs are not lacking that the
at Madrid was in turn notified by the attitude oi the press is not shared by
Spanish representative thai the United the government
States hnd terminated diplomatic rein-1 The immense German population In the
tions between the two countries and all United Stntes nnd the evidence the (ler-
oflicial communications between their re-1 irfan*Amerlcans have given of patriotic
sentiments have told  here with considerable force.
I'1111  for Troon*.
Washington, April 25—Tlie war depart
ment has called on tlie states for  their
Since the beginning,of the war the only
movement of the Spanish navy that has
been reported is the departure of tlie torpedo boat destroyer Aiidaz. from Queens-
town for Spain, her departure being compelled hy the English neutrality proclamation. For the same reason the United
States Asiatic squadron has begun to
leave Hong Kollg.
Where the  Ships Are.
The North Atlantic squadron is enforcing the blockade of Cuba nnd the Hying
squadron remains in Hampton Roads except the Minneapolis -and Columbia,
which have gone to sea on a mission
known only to the naval authorities.
Tlie cruisers San Francisco nnd New
Orleans nre at the Brooklyn navy yard
and may sail tomorrow to join the flying
squadron. Every day adds several vessels to the auxiliary fleet.
Tlio battleship Oregon and the gunboat Marietta are coming up along the
coast i'f South America and will probably touch at Rio Janeiro In a few days.
The dynamite cruiser Nictlieroy, just
purchased from ilrazil, is still nt Rio
Janeiro. The newly purchased cruiser
Topeka is at tea on the way from Portsmouth to New York and the torpedo
boat Soman is still nt Portsmouth ready
fur sen.
No Ken™ for the Purl*.
Tlie steamer finis, for whose safety no
alarm is felt, will arrive in New York
before the middle of the week.
New Vork llnrhor ('limed.
New York, April 25.—The war department regulations concerning New York
harbor in lime of war have lieen promulgated. No vessel will be allowed to pass
Sandy Hook nr the narrows between sunset and sunrise, or during that time to
approach within three miles of Coney
island, Qedney channel, Sandy Hook or
the narrows.
lt< »lniin< l.in   I*   Accented.
Washington, April 25.—Secretary Sherman, resignation was tendered at 12:15.
Assistant Secretary Day has been chosen
to succeed him.
t'ermuny   SmIiik*   Around.
New York, April 25.—It  is becoming
more and more evident that Germany will
cordially follow England's lead in the
treatment uf delicate questions of international law, especially concerning com
inerce on tlie high seas, rather than the
lend of Austria or France, snys the Berlin correspondent of the World.
Mt hough the German newspapers eon
United suite*  ■iiuadron  im»  Mn*e
Mx liinliire-i-Tliree "Were Steiiin-
ers-The Prises Were Worth IHk
Moiiey-t'oiieeiilriillnir Troops ««
Tell*   Htm- He  Would  lluvt- Curried
Un Hln  Campnl-fii,
Brussels, April 23.--Tlie New Ymk
World correspondent called on Don Carlos
at his hotel and obtained the fullo\vin_
declaration from him:
"If tlio Carlilts had been in power in
Spain, war would havo been inevitable
two years ago. Hut S**aiu has erred on
the side of generosity und chivalry, and
thus gone lengths hardly compatible with
national honor. The United States hai
taken advantage of this attitude and lias
utilised the interval by strengthening her
licet. Hut we Spaniards aro tough fight.
era and enter the contest fearless of con-
sequences, We thank the holy father for
his kind offices, hut the time has passed
for Intervention and the final catustropho
is now inevitable."
Tlie World correspondent had expressly
asked for the reply to the question wlietli-
er Don Carlos would, under all circum-
stnnces through his sympathizers with
Spain, support the present government
against America, but on Unit crucial point
he preserved a significant silence.
The pretender * sudden removal from
Osteml to Brussels has excited much com.
ment. His intention is believed to havo
been to go on a visit to Karl Ashburnliam,
his chief supporter in Kngland, but owing
to popular Indignation against Spain lie
was advised that such a visit would lie
Impolitic He therefore went to Brussels
On Board the Flagship New York, nil
Havana, April 84.—Noon.—During the
early morning the Moro castle batteries
again opened lire on the fleet, but without the slightest effect. There have been
110 casualties among our forces up to this
hour, ami not a single shot has been filed
against the butteries.
Last night 10 shots were fired from the
castle at the New Vork, which was Big
lulling.   The warship did not return Ihe
MOSS Ciipturen.
At 'A o'clock this morning the Detroit
made a rich haul, capturing the large
Spanish merchant steamer Cutiiliim,
bound from New Orleans for Cadll with
cotton nil and slaves. She carries a large
quantity of provisions, which she intended to fund in Havana. Ensign Christy
from On' Detroit, Naval Cadet .ones from
the New York and full!' marines and six
biuejackets were put on board ol her und
she steamed off for Key West.
The Wilmington and Porter when dawn
broke were both seen towing prizes in the
shape of small schooners.   The Wilming-1
ton'-- capture  was laden  with charcoal,!
anil Ilie Porter's, the Sophia, had rum and
sugar aboard.    They were both towed to  flogging in the navy.
Kev Weal '"^,e human skeleton, exclusive of teeth,
Ihe torpedo  boat Porter, commanded ' consists uf 208 bones,
by  Lieutenant   Fremont, is doing great
work, and if she keeps mi at this rate her
crew will have no end of prise money to
About 0 o'clock this morning the New
York proceeded several miles closer in
shore. Not a breath of wind stirred the
sea, and the heat was terrible.
rnnt-ii Worth 0400,000.
Key West, April 24.—The gunboat
Helena captured the Spanish steamer
Miquel .loves early this  morning.    The
An act of congress in 1872 abolished
Kaslo & Slocan
spectivo representatives ceased therewith.
I recommend to your especial attention
a note directed to the I'nited States minister at Madrid by the Spanish minister
of foreign affairs on the 21st inst., where
by  tho foregoing  notification  was com-1 quota of volunteers,
municateii.   It will be perceived that the I     Montana's quota is one regiment of in-
Spanish government having    cognizance 1 fanlry; Oiegnn one regiment of infantry;
of   tlie resolutions  and   in   view  of the   Washington  one   regiment of  infantry;
things which the president is hereby re-1 Wyoming one battalion and one troopol
quired and authorized to do, responds hv j cavaliv;   Idaho  two   troops  of  cavalry; I "lilil! Sampson.   Captain Munson will uct
•'"it pilot.   The Dolphin will take him
Going West
.love-.'  cargo is  composed of cotton  and
staves.    The prize    is    estimated to bo
Worth  $400,000,  her  cargo  being   worth
$160,000.     She     belonged  to   the   l'eliillo
line, Barcelona.   The Helena did not sail'
with  the   fleet  on   Friday   morning,   but
remained here    until    today, when she  '•4'"V(*-
stood out to sea.   She was cruising about 8:00 a. 111
160  miles  iu  a  southwesterly    direction! 8:'tll 11. in
when the .loves, steering a southeasterly 1 \):'M\ a. 111
course, hove in sight early this morning, j (>.,-,- .,   ,„
Ill: IS a. 111
lOsSo a. in
of the Joves under command of Knsign I Arrive.
.»ic( lelhin. who had   with   him   Knsigns  10:60 a   in
Lewis and McFurlaml.   The gunboat con-1
voyed the prize Into port.   The Joves was
bound from New Orleans for Barcelona
via Havana.
Captain Charles V. Munson, employed
by tlie Clyde Line at Jacksonville and
formerly with the Ward Line and revenue seniee. arrived here last night, having been called for last Thursday by Ad  :
Subject to change without notice.
Trains run on I'aeilic standard time.
...,.,.-,. ......   ... .-.p,... .....j n-     o:,ii   u.
The Helena  fired a blank shot and tho! .(>,().j
Spaniard instantly hove to.    The gun-1 ,t(.ls
boat then put a prize crew of 12 marines,
an engineer and Hi bluejackets on board
(. I'.(1.
(■oing East
Daily. Arrive.
Kaslo 8t80 p. m.
South  Fork  .. ,3:10 p. m.
.   Sproule's   ... .2: IS p. in-
Whitewater  . . .2:00 p. in.
Hear  l.ike  . ... 1: IK p. in.
MeOiiigan   .... 1 .'l.'i p. m.
. I unction   .... I :I2 p. tu.
1   Sn niton   1:00 p. in.
Con. Freight and Pass, Agt.
treating the demands of this government   Ctiih one troop of cavalry and two light
as measures of hostility, following with   batteries; California two regiments of in-
Hln Experience.
Tom—Do you believe that marriage,
as a rule, Is a failure?
Jack—Judging from my own experience, I believe lt is. /
Tom—Why, I didn't know that you
had ever been married.
Jack—That's Just it—I failed to marry.
the instant and complete severance of re
lntions; nn action which by the usages
of nations nccompanics an existent state
of war between sovereign powers.
The position of Spain being thus made
known and the demands of the United
ture in all intercourse with Spain, we
have been constrained in tlie exercise of
the power and authority conferred u]Kin
me. by joint resolution aforesaid, to proclaim under date of April 22, 1808, a
blockade of certain ports on the north
coast of Cuba, lying between Cardenas
and Dnliia Honda nnd the port of Cien-
fuegos on the south coast of Cuba; and
further in exercise, of by constitutional
powers nnd using the powers conferred
on me by the act of congress approved
April 22, 1808, to iwsue my proelnmntion
dated April 23, 1808, calling for volunteers in order to carry into effect the
snid resolution of April 20, 1808.
Copies of this proclamation are hereunto appended.
In view of the measure so taken nnd
with a view to the adoption of such war
measures as may be necessary to enable
me to cany out the expressed will of thc
congress of the United States in the
premises, I now recommend to your honorable body tho adoption of a joint resolution declaring that a stnle of wnr exists
between the I'nited Stntes of America and
tlio kingdom of Spain and I urge speedy
action thereon to the end that the definition of the international status of the
United Stntes as a belligerent power may
be made known and the assertion of all
Its duties in the conduct of a public war
may bo assured.
Executive Mansion,Wnsliington, April 25.
I'lKinitli-   Conanlrne-.'.
Madrid, April 25—About 20,000 republicans have signed an address to Pe-
nor Castellar under pretext of congratulating him upon his recovery from illness, but in reality offering him their
support if he proclaims a republic.
The newspapers of this city and thc
provinces are filled with rinnors of captures made by the war vessels of Spain
or of Hie United States and with reports
of tho movements of American war ships
combined with patriotic utterances from
all quarters of the kingdom.
Instructions respecting the right of
search of neutral vessels were published
officially today.
Mo.-  to   Notliliiir.
Now York, April 25.—Since the war
with Spain has begun the United States
blockade of Cuban ports and hnve captured nine Spanish vessels. The prizes
reported until sunrise this morning nre
the steamers Huena Ventura, Pedro, Miguel, Jover, Cntalina, nnd Saturnina and
the schooners Mailable, Candida and Antonio. All of these vessels hnve been
taken to Key West except the Saturniiui,
which was seized at Ship Island, Miss..
Tlio Spanish steamers Panama, from
New York, and the Alfonso XIT, from
Spain, both lxmnd for Cuba, are likely*
to bo captured by American warships
within n few days.
Spain has mnde no seizuns of American vessels as far as known.
fantry,  two  battalions  and   four   heavy
Jio Mora* Troons   \i-i .l«-il.
It is positively  stated  that the president docs not contemplate a call for ad
ditional volunteers at present.
Naval   IIIU  FtMtfl,
The amendment lias been adopted to
tho naval bill appropriating *8,8:ii),(HX) to
enable thc secretary of the navy to enlist
men for the navy during the existing
war.   The bill  has passed the Bciutc.
Custom    Will.    I'rewllcilt    A ma lilt    (lie
Early Christian...
The cremation of Francis Willard, following that of several other famous people, shows that the new mode of treating tlie ilcul is increasing in popularity,
snys the New Vork Mail and Express,
When it was started, nearly thirty years
ago, it was a nine days' gossip. At the
time the theosophists cremated Huron de
Palm and strewing his ashes in the
waters of the Hudson it was the talk of
the city. Hut now it is so common that
no one pays any attention to the practice.
Curious enough, the chief opposition to
it today comes from several of the
churches. This is hard to understand, ns
the enrly Christians were almost as much
in favor of cremation ns they were of inhumation, and ns the church at. another
period made use of the bones of dead
Christians to ornament the walls nf the
Catacombs, So strong was the belief in
Immortality at that time that the body
was viewed aB a mere husk, which was
scarcely worthy of attention after the
soul had left it. In some of the Italian
eataeOmba the number of skeletons employed in decorating the walls is measured bv tlie thousands.
f'ovrlej   Compromised.
Spokane, April 25.—It is announced
this afternoon that a, compromise lias
been effected in the Cowley suit against
the Northern Pacific Railroad Company
by which the company nnd Mr. Cowley
each receie a part of the million dollars'
worth of property in the city of Spokane.
This report is confirmed by the ntorneys
for the railroad company.
Presidential  Nominations.
Washington, April 21.—The president
has sent theso nominations to the senate;
Charles Emery Smith of Pennsylvania,
to be postmaster general, vice James
Gary, resigned.
Samuel A. Wells, receiver of public
moneys at Spokane.
William P. Ludden, register of the land
office, Spokane.
IIiiIhIiiic un Army.
Washington, April 21.—The nrmy nd
ministration hns practically completed
the most comprehensive plans for raising
an nrmy of 116,000 men for the immediate occupation of the island of Culm and
to defend the coasts of the United Slates.
as fleet num.    1
to the flagship.
According to the bureau Veritas, the
Miquel .loves (in English the Michael
Joves), Captain Dal, is a Spanish steamer
which sailed from New Orleans April 12
for Barcelona. She was formerly the
Port Denison, is bark-rigged, is of 2264
tons net register, and was built at New
Castle, Kngland, 1HT7.    She is :t75 feet 6.
Inches  long,  has  42  feet  2  inches  beam , l';l■**"'"'-"•'   '"'«'•* of N
und is 20 feet 0 inches deep.   The bureau ] ami  from Northport,  Rossland and Bpo-
Veritas has it  that  her owners are  the'kune.   Tickets and baggage dusked to all
,  Navigation and Trading
Steamer*.  "Intel national'  and   "Alberta''
on  Kootenav   Lake and  BiVOT.
live-Mile   Point   connection   with   all
_  K. S.  it.  II. to
Empress Transatlantic of Barcelona,
t'nplun- of the ( iiliilliui.
Key West, April 24.—.r>:.r>0 p. m.—Kn
sign Christy, with a crew of 1(1 men from
tue cruiser Detroit, and four from the
flagship, brought into port this afternoon
the captured Spanish steamer, Cntalina,
Captain Fnno, .'1401 tons, which left Cadiz March 7  and was l-nund from New
I'nited States points.
Leave Kaslo for Kelson and way point-,
daily, except Sunday. 6-46 a. 111. Arrive
Northport 12? 18 p. 111.; Hosslnnil, 3:10 p.
in.:  Spokane, (I p. in.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo and way points
daily, except Sunday, 4:38 p. m. Leave
Spokane, S a. 111.;  Rossland, 10:110 a. ni.:
Orleans for Barcelona via   Havana, for Northport, 1:60 p. m.
which latter port she was making when ; NEW Sl'.ltVK K ON KOOTENAY LAKE
taken.   The Cntalina was captured about     Leave Kelson for Kaslo, etc., Tuesday,
4 o'clock this (Sunday) morning, 12 miles Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Baturday
from Havana.    Bhe was token by the a< B*soa.ra.i arrive Kaslo, 12:30 p.m.
i-miser Detroit.    When Ihe lirst shot was       ,, .,.„ _.„t_ j      x- 1 »,     1  ..
,,     1   1   _  „„.,.:_   .1 1 .       /        Leave Is, a so for Nelson, etc.,  Mondiiv.
fired   her  ca t it si 111   made  a   desperate  ef-   ... ,,,   ,       ,        „„ '     ,'     ,. .    "
fort to escape hU pursuers and the chase I  '■">'• Wednesday, rtmrsday, Wday,
was prolonged for eight miles.    Kinallv a   ' P* ">•' I,lliv'' Nelson. H p. m.
solid shot brought her to.   She ia carry- BONNER'S PERRY  AND KOOTENAY
Ing a cargo of 8000 bundles oTstaves, RIVER BERVIGE.
The WllmlnKliiii Took n Vrlur. |„.„Vc  Knslo Saturday  4 p.  in.;   anile
New York, April 24.—A dispatch to the   Boundary midnight; an ive Bonner's Yet
Press from Key West says: , ,v Suudav IO18O n. in.
The gunboat Wilmington captured the, ' *„.im. Bonner's Ferry Bunday I p. m.i
Spanish  Schooner Candida   «ilh  a  de.k    }inlu.  „„„,„,,„.,  *,„„,;„   -       '       „,.„„.
load  of  charcoal,   intended   for   Havana,! ,-    ,    ,. ,' '        ■
At this writing the dishing is bearing! Ktj7' 8"ndB*y   ° *• '"•
where it is extremely valuable for fuel.!   ' lose connection at Bonner s Kerry with
down on a schooner lo Ihe Southeast. The:
breeze is slow  ami  while she has on  all ,
sail, the Cusliing will overhaul her short
ly.   She has the start, but the Cusliing
has the steam.
Tlie torpedo boat Purler today caplui
sd  the Spanish schooner  Antonio,  laden
with sugar  for Havana.    The    Antonio:
was sent to Key West with a prize crew!
of four men, under Nnval Cadet   Dubois.
Coni-i-nlrnlliiK   nt   lliiviinn.
Kingston, April 24.--The United Slates
consul at Baracoa, Culin, Alfred T. Triny,
his wife nnd two children, two Spnnish
merchants nnd 22 Cubans and Spanish
Americans,  mostly  women  and children
from Quatanamo, embarked from the Ely
here today nfter 24 hours quarantine
When the Spanish steamer left (iiintnn
amo on Friday last, a Spanish mob, including many officers, filled the public
square and adjacent streets yelling
"Death to the Yankees." Several Amer
ican flags_were soiled, torn, trampled and
treated with elaborate unmentionable in
dignities. Some naturalized American"
were Compelled to take part in the insulting work on the threat of death if they
Iirw.xlin,   the   Interior.
Orders to the Spnnish nrmv declaring
thp armistice ended were publicly posted
nt Quatanamo last Friday, Two days
previous the troops began concentrating
nl  the principal sea const cities, burning
all Interior towns and plantations,   The
passengers of the Kly believe the devastation of that part of the island will he
completed before the Americans invade
the ports held l>y the Spaniards, Ordinarily there are 2(100 Spanish soldiers at
Quatanamo. Now there are 7000 there.
New defenses of earthworks chiefly are
under construction nnd the mounting of
field pieces in progress. Two rapid fire
2-pouiiders, one rapid fire 3 pounder nnd
four ancient models have been received.
trains outbound, leaving Spokane Ti40
a. m.. ami westbound arriving Spokane
7 p. 111.
11. ALEXANDER, Qen Mmmger.
Ka-lu, II. ('., Oct  I, 1HH7.
Is the comfortable and most dlrtot route
to all points Fast. To Paciflo coast and
trans-Pacific points. To the rich mining
districts of
New Tourist Car service daily to St.
Paul. Daily (except Tuesday) to eastern
Canadian and I'nited States points. Mii^
nilieenl Sleeping and Dining Cars on all
TICKETS   isscici)   THROUGH   AND
Daily connection  (excepting Sunday)
via Rosebery 1 H:0.'i a. m. leaves silver
ton, arrives 4:80 p. ill.
Ascertain present reduced rates and full
Information by addressing nearest local
agent, or
W. S. CLARK, Agent, Silvertim.
Trav. Pass. Agt., Nelson,
E. .1. COYLE,
Dist.  l'nss.  Agt., Vancouver.
Set our Klondike Map and Folder. A HINT FROM THE KLONDIKE.
Joseph Lttdue, the famous trapper mid
miner and the present owner of Dawson
fity, and for iiia».V years the agent of the
Alaska Commercial Company, gives u him
i„ persons going to Alaska, und pays
great compliment to a well known article.
j)e writes:
"I have always used the Royal Baking
j'owder in Alaska and Northwest Territory, as im other gave equal satisfaction
in 'i.'uit harsh climate. 1 also found niy
eiistoiners always insisted on having that
Colli  Knibni'Kti.
Washington, April 21.-—The coal embargo joint resolution, Introduced by .Sen-
atnr Quay, passed the senate without division. H authorises the president to lay
or raise the embargo.
Washington, April 21—The senate
'nint resolution authorising the president
to prohibit tlie export of coal until other
wise ordered, passed the house nt 3l30.
sniiirinii   Hmn   Bsen   Captured.
Atlanta, a., April 24. A special from
Ililoxi, Miss., says that  the revenue cut
ter Winona, from Mobile, ooptured the
Spanish steamer Saturnine nt Ship island.
Miss., at  1  o'clock today, but  likely will
have to remain in quarantine with the
prize until tomorrow or next day.
Prof. William Keith Brooks, who holds
tlie chair of zoology In Jolms Hopkins
university, was to years oM yesterday, ami
the students presented him un oil [iurtru.lt
«»**«*   Hundred    and
Thiiu.miil   Men   to  Serve   for Two
Venn, IfaleSB Sooner DUehnrued-
Beraan iinired Increases.
^"Mngton, April 83, -n, pregident
today issued the following proclamation,
Wiling for 188,000 troops to serve two
By the President of the United State*-
• reclamation i
h Whereas, by an uet „f congress, entitled
An act  to provide for the increasing of
the military establishment of the United
States in ulme of wur and for other
poses, approved April •__, 1HDH,
dent huh authorised, in order'to raise i,
volunteer army, to issue his proclamation
calling for volunteers to serve in the army
<d tlie I'nited States.
Now therefore, 1, William McKinley,
president of the United States, by vlrtua
of the power vested in me by the Constitution and by the law, and deeming sulli-
dent occasion to exist, have thought tit
to mil for, and hereby do call fur, volunteers to the aggregate number of 128,000,
Expelled by Lydla E. Pinkham'o
Vegetable Compound.
Mrs. B. A. Lombakd, Box 71, West-
dale, Mass., writes: " 1 have reason to
Twenty-Five think that 1 would not be here now If
it had not been for Lydla E. Plnkham's
Vegetable Compound. It cured me of
a fibroid tumor In my womb.
1' Doctors could do noth In g for me, and
they could not cure me at the hospital.
I will tell you about it:
" I had been iii" my usual health, but
had worked quite hard. When my
monthly period came on, I flowed very
badly. The doctor gave me medicine,
but it did me no good. lie Bald the
flow must bo stopped if possible, and
he must find the cause of my trouble.
" Upon examination, he found there
\\ hnt In titling- un lu the l'<>.( Steele
DiHlrlet—A Clulni I'uahed by the
llulle nnd llonton t oiii-miiy—A
t'lininany to KmnlO)- Over One
Hundred Men on liluho Pincers.
Wild Horse creek, in the Fort Steele district, has a large number of quartz claims
located ou the main creek nnd its tributaries, tin the east fork there is the famous Coronado group, owned by Poison and
others; the Colossal, by Van Arsdulen,
(Irace and Amine. Thes properties ure
all being developed.   The Morris group
the presi-   was a fibroid tumor in my womb, and j ,„„.,   pm,.lms,.d ,1V'UII Knglish syndicate
. if.,...» in,, i......i ,. ....11.....i i aa I a r * •
gave me treatment without any benefit
whatever. About thut time a lady
called on mc, and recommended Lydla
E. PlnUliam'8 Vegetable Compound j
said she owed her life to It. I said I
would try it, and did. Soon after the
flow became more natural and regular.
I still continued talcing the Compound
for some. time. Then tho doctor made an
examination again, and found everything all right.   The tumi - had passed
of himself to mark the event.     He Is well ■ "ml ,,'nil"''*''s 'ind Hie District of Coluin-
known throughout the sdentlllc world for: 1""' according to the population, and to
reseaniies and discoveries In murine anl-
nmla of tho groups crustnee-a molusca and
the primitive vertebrates.
to carry into affeot the purpose of said away, aud that dull ache was gone."
resolution, ths same to be apportioned as •*■* can ■** truthfully stated that
far as practicable among the leveral states! such a result can be accomplished by no
other remedy upon the market, and
forcibly proves tho peculiar virtue of
the Vegetable Compound
The cerebral
eighths water.
matter   is   ulioiif   seven
serve fur two years, unless sooner discharged,
The details for this object will Ik* immediately communicated to the proper
authorities through the war department.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.
Done at Washington this 23d day of
April, 1HD8, und of the independence of
the I'nited Stutes the l__d.
(Signed)        WILLIAM M'KINLKY.
By the President:
John Sherman, Secretary of State..
Money   tor   Wnr.
Washington, April 23. -Chairman Ding
NatUre   of    Ihe    rat-knice    Simueoted
nnd the President laved.
Washington, April 23. — An infernal
machine was sent to the president Thursday, Fortunately its character was sus-
peeted and efforts are being made to capture the sender. The machine was enclosed in a cigar box. An In tenious contrivance was arranged so when "ie lid of
the   box   .wis  opened  there  woulo  be    i
is Located on this large contact. On this
creek are 136 quartz locations. On the
large contact that runs through this portion of the district, including ull tlie
creeks mentioned, the records show 383
locations, All these locations and mining claims are within fourteen miles of
Kurt Steele. The past year has witnessed a large amount of development
on the different mineral claims located
all over the district. The North Star
has taken out ahiiut three thousand tons
of ore, which is ready for shipment. The
Sullivan Company have sunk llfty-foot.
shafts on the Hamlet, Many other claims
on Mark creek show signs of development. Tbe most notable point in the
district is Wild Hone; a lurge amount of
development has been performed on the
j Coronado, Dodo and t.'olossal groups, on
the latter the main tunnel is now in 8.~>
| feet, with a grand showing of mineral.
t The Haiti Mountain, Spirit anil lllue Bird
j have been worked during the past winter
and have a huge amount of rich ore in
sight. On tlie St. Kugene, Moyle, Lake
Shore, und other claims in that vicinity
a vast amount of work has been done,
I and quite a number of these prospects
I will become shippers when the railway
I reaches that  point,    lt  is a  noteworthy
"■.'• iieis  all  over the  district have per-
(lash of powder, \\ hieh would  explode a
ley mads the following statement regard* stick of giant powder sufficient to blow a faot ll",t durin_ lhc lmst y«*r
ing the revenue to be raised: , man   to   atoms.    lieutenant   Cross,   in i owners  all  over  the  district  ha'
The  ways und means committee esti-   charge of the White House police, soaked i 'ormed a large amount of work on their
mute the increased revenue that  would   it thoroughly in a tub until its contents j property.
"x* derived from the tuxes proposed would   were saturated, and then opened it.
produces  120
Is* from 190,000,000 to  •flOU.OOO.I'OO, distributed as  follows:   Fermented liquors,,     The  M,nso 0f touch  j8 dullest  on  the
$36,000,000; tobacco, (16,000,000- cigars, I back.
$16,000,000; dealers iu cigars and tobacco,;	
O-VI-/   JE&2VJOYS» 16,000,000-   stamp   taxes  on  documents!     An  ordinary    elephant
Both the method and results when I'""1 telegram-, $30,000,000■ stamp tax on p„„nds of ivory.
w incs, minerals, etc., undetermined ;  ton-'	
nuge tax un vessels engaged in foreign
trade, $2,000,000, Tea and coffee arc not
touched,   H   all   measures   proposed   for
war revenues are Internal revenue taxes.
A 1600,000,000 loan is provided for in
Mii-lmi-l Devltt ( liilin.
Work on the Michael Davitt claim has
heen vigorously pushed by the Imtte _
Host on Company during the past few
weeks. This claim has become somewhat famous, as it figured in the recent
suit in the United States court in which
Syrup of Figs ia taken; itispleaaani
ami refreshing to the taste, and acts
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys.
Liver nml Bowels, cloanaes the 8\*s
tem effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fovers and euros li.ihitiml I tMa new war tariff bill in the form of 3'
is-r cent  bonds;   $100,000,000  in certiti-
catoB, indebtedness to bear 8 per cent in*
tercet, is also provided.   It is learned the
bill provide thut the bonds be redeemable
ill not less than 10 und uot more Hum 20 ,
: years, at the pleasure of the government, '
' instead of 5 and 20 as tirst proposed.   Tho |
j change is made in deference to the «i-Jics
j of the treasury officials.
Li-mum   Hill red.
New  York, April 23,   The belief that I
j Spain will not give up her original plans ; ,
| in  regard   to   privateering   is  gaining i
i ground in official circles in Germany, says
the Berlin correspondent of the World. |
I The admiralty is considering the advisability of sending a warship to West Indian' waters to safeguard Herman Inter-1
The most foolish attempts arc being
made by newspapers actively hostile to
America to point out the alleged danger'
threatening the I'nited states from the
attitude of the Latin-American republics.I
According t<> Bismarck's chief organ in
Berlin, it would appear that Mexico and
the  South  and Central   American stutes
are getting ready to fly at the throat oi
the   I'nited  States.     These   same  papers
mc also making violent efforts to prove
that the Spanish sea force i* quite equal
to  that  »f  the   I'nited  States ami  that,
many surprises are in sb re for the Amer- ;
icun navy.
Mm il Kit If" « Cnim-rn  lnl" the Capitol
Hiid TnUeii Pictures.
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DAnC ""■ WSSlBI a"'1 loMrtlBt nolil or Bllvor
IVulfil ""'■ l'*al "i burled In-niiiiri-i-. M. I>.
a»ui/U KOWI.Ell. Him :*.'I7. Hunt 111 lltftliu. I'onn.
N.  IK. II.
No.  IH,   UN.
It ia, ii sliictly ("iifniodl ruli
United Btatss muits thst no camera oan
be brought Into tha \i-.it.ir-' (jsllery «lii'«
eongrtm i- in seaakmi but Mrs. Cushmsn
K. DuNi-, «ilc <•' ths senator rroni Uln*
nsaota, smuggled » K.i.liik into the capitol
under her Jacket, determined to procure
simp shots of nl! ths striking scenes during the reception of tha preildanrt mea*
saga and tlie proceedings (oUoariog it.
Whan tin* *«cii(* on ths floor became interesting Mrs. Davis produced her camera
ami iii'Kii" snapping it right nnd left. The
niliciul* nf the senate **"<'u discoTered lior
little trick, mid it oaused a graal commotion) tin* sergeant nt imns eras appealed
to in Induce her to deals* from lior photograph hunt, but hia efforts did not prevail, and sbc succeded in obtaining the
only photographa of the senaU on tlie
memorable day when tbo president a Cuban maaaaga was nut in.
To ii'-i-lH- iMinflili-ncf In our ri-nii-rtli-a. wt vi 111 mall, eloaall acalfit,  a regular full month'! I
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i_Sf ________ ________♦____________♦_■♦
Wnr lt«*vrniic Hill.
Wiiiliiiif-toii, April 21,-Thc wnr revc-
hup bill will be reported In full by t'10
('(iiiiiuitteo on wuj*8 and means Sntunliiy.
Trlnoo ronlatowskl la at ihe head Of a
new conv-muy. wlili'h will t'rlnK a 10.0U0
hornc-l>ower electric current from IUS
slopo of the Sierra Ni vndii moiiiilnlii" to
Sun Francisco.
Prof. J. W. IlofTmnn of the Srnte Oot-
onii oollege at Orangeburg, i. 0., who
waa Bteoted a fellow of Ihe American
Oeonrn,yli1cal Society tho ofher dny. la
the llrat colorea man to be ao honored.
Tho number of lives lost In thi mow.
■didciit, Chilkoot Pan, Klondike, will
reach 100. Sixty-nine bodies hnve been
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I Ml
< HI
« "I
( .11
tbe jury fiiiled to agree. Only u few
iniiiiili-i ago it was purchased by the
Hutte it lloston Company for over 9000,-
(khi. A raise Is now being made from the
350 workings to the surface for h three-
compartment xliatt, through which it i«
understood tbat tbe. Devltt und adjoining ground will be worked. The Hutte
& Boston Company own the Never 1)e-
spa.tr claim, east of tbe Devitt, nnd although thi* property bus never been developed, it is believed to contain rich ore
bodies. It is thought tbat tbe Devitt
lead runs through this ground. Suitable
machinery is being erected on tbe Devitt
ground to prosecute the work of developing tbe sbaft. A portion of the Devitt is
also being worked through tbe Snohomish shaft.
Iilnlin  I'Iiii-.-i-n.
Tho Montana Dredge Company) which
purchased the placer ground at Placer-
ville, Idnbo, hal bonded the ground of
Grimes creek from S. K. ("oldtnip, expects to employ from 100 to J50 men the
coining summer and will pay $.'! u day,
und tbe men will be allowed to board
where they plea-*e when working near
town, but when at work ut sucb a distance from town that it will lie necessary for the company to run a boarding
bouse, board will be furnished at actual
cost. The dredge company on this side
will also pay the going wages, and like
the company on tha other side of the
l.iiMii, will not go into the bourding
house business.
(urn  Mine llomleil.
F. Aug. lleinze has lensed nnd bonded
the Cora mine In East Walkerville, Mont.,
in tlie sum of $00,000, thc lease to run
for six months. Negotiations to this end
have been in progress for some time and
tho deal was consummated yesterday.
The new operators are a lrcady at work
and will nt once erect suitable machinery
to work the property. The Corn adjoins
the Wild Hill on the west and was formerly owned by J. H. Conrad nnd Hunk
Young, Mr. Conrad owning n two-third
interest und Mr. Young the other third.
Some time ago, however, W. A. (Turk
acquired Mr. Young's interest, lt is developed by two shtifts, one 000 feet in
depth, nnd another shuft of 200 feet, dc-
veioped recently. The ore is low grade
copper nnd silver nnd n difficult concentrating proposition heretofore. The new
operators however, believe thnt a large
body of this oro will Ik* opened up. Vn-
der these circumstances low grade ore
could be made to |-ay handsomely in
Butte by a smelting company.
On Sniilili- Mountain.
Northport, Wash., reports that all thc
mines on Sophie mountain are doing nice
ly. The Velvet hns 40 men employed, the
Victor 10 und the Ruth two. A new-
town hns been luid out about one and n
half mile* from the Velvet on Sheep creek
in British Columbia. About one and a
half miles from the Velvet, on Gold Hill
mountain, in the I'nited States, are tbe
Hanging Kock, New Orleans, Humboldt.
Alexander, nnd Black Hoy, all promising
looking properties. Tlie lllack Hoy is
owned by Crossnn 4 Hurr, nnd has plenty
of good looking ore on the dump. Mr.
Davidson owns the Hanging Kock nnd
New Orleans. Work will be pushed on
ilu-se properties as soon us the snow goes
olT, so us to ull iw of active operations.
un sirict-i Creek.
On Siegel creek, between Dixie and
Klk City, Idaho, 15. W. Hrowiiell has just
discovered n seven-foot vein of free milling gold quarts of high grade. Two feel
nearest the hanging wall shows free gold
all through it. lt is reported that a
gold button valued nt |10 was taken
from 18 pounds of the ore with hand
mortar and pan. Hie property will be
developed forthwith. A large body of
high grade me has just been discovered
in the Badger mine, on the KiO-foot level.
Hoisting niaibiiiery will be put on the
properly at once. Peiiiicinan &. Yetter
have lately crosscut the veins of thc
lloiiiestiike at u depth of 3'_0 feet with
a 400-fisit tunnel. They have encountered live leet of high grade free milling
Happy  family   iihiuiIiik   n   Mine.
During his travels through tbe north-
I eru part of Colorado, W. C. Boot, n Den-
' ver  mining  broker  rim  onto   n   unique
j combination In Jenny Mud gulch, Boul-
J iter county, Mont., where nn entire fnin-
i ily is engaged in the suecesful develop
; ment of  a  mining  property.    A  tunnel
200 feel is being driven into the mountain by power drill.   The wife runs ihe
engine,  an  invalid  sou  hauls  WOOd  nml
docs the work outside,  wihle  the father
and  another  son   run  the drills  in  Ihe
mine   Their   work   is  iu  perfect   shape,
and they make as much ground per diem
as a  rail-Hedged   mining  force  and  are
ns hnppy  as  clams  in   their  mountain
1 lioine. They have un excellent gold property Unit promises to return them n SttUg
: little fortune when tbey have completed
the crosscut 600 feet to tup the vein.
The Woman in the mountains is nn essential helpmeet, indeed, in n great many
ways, and in this Instance she is as useful as a mun miner in her place.
\t ll Mini   ... (..•!   Ont.
1/indon, April 80. -The Hritish admiral commanding nt Queenstown ordered the Spanish torpedo lioat Auduz to
quit, the port before 0 o'clock this morning. There is little doubt the Aiida/
will go to l'Virol OT Cadiz, ns she still
lacks  considerable    quantities    of    win
The foreign office expects to publish
tomorrow  evening a formal  notice thnt
ull warships of belligerents most leave
ltrilish ports within twenty four hours.
Slocnn Slil-iiiit-nta.
During the tlrst three months of IMS
the shipments from 20 leading mines of
the Slocan over the Knslo 4 Sloeaii railway were as follows: 1'ayne mine. BAM
tons:   Whitewater,   1680]     Lust  Chance,
10541 Ruth, lo.'iii; Lucky Jim, ooo-. Montezuma, 483) Rambler, 'Am-, Reco, -do-
Slocan Slur, .17: Queen Hess, 140) Anionic, B01 Dardanelles, 4H; Eureka, 42:
Ajuv .'tl: Charleston, .'Mi: Jackson, 88*
Sovereign. '-II: 1'oodenoiigh, 20; (iibson,
Hi.  fidelity,  18|  Total tons, H8.r*0.
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It .-It I in i-nt »f rii-rtlm.v*.
Washington, April 25.—-The president
hns decided to appoint Theodore ltoose-
velt. to be lieutenunt colonel of volunteers to serve in a regiment of cowboys
und mounted riflemen to lie raised by
Koosevelt nnd Dr. Wood, the president's
fumily physidan, now in the medical department of the regular army. Dr.
Wood will lie colonel of the regiment.
Their Places to He Kept.
Spokane, April 2.i.—"The Northern
Pacific has decided to permit all of its
employes to enlist in the war and the
road has nlso decided that their positions shall be restored to them on the
ending of hostilities," snid (ienernl Pa*
senger Agent Charles s. Fee to a chronicle  reporter  this  morning.
Spanish   fleet   tn  Sntl.
London, April 2.").—A special dispatch
from St. Vincent, Cape Verde islands,
dated 0:28 today says:
There is reason to believe the Spnnish
fleet snils todny. It is exceedingly formidable, including four first class cruiser'-, >i\ torpedo lioats nnd two armed
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We nre asseiliiiu; In thc courts our right to tlie
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"PITCHKK'SCASTOKIA," asourTiade Maik.
I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of II yuan is, Massachusetts,
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the same that has borne and doea now bear tin*
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*.iy name tsccpt The Centaur Company uf which
Chas. II. Fletcher ia President.
March 8, Olt,       SAMUUL PITCIIKR, M.U
The roots of hair penetrate the skin
about one twelfth 01 un inch.
Knrope i- less than one fourth the si/e
of  Asia.
■i *~
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Brandon & Barrett Props.
Fine View of th Lako.
Up to Date Service.
Fire Insurance and General Agents,
oeoK-aKINIKG BROKE BS.oaoaoa
fat^Sole* agent for Silverton Townsite,
NOTICE—"J. I.   0."  Mineral   claim,
situate in the Slocan Mining Division
of West  Kootenay   Dirtrict.    Where
located:—North of  Fonr-Mile creek,
about two miles from Silverton, B. C.
Take notice that I, Charles E.  Hope,
Free Miner'-i  Certificatfl No. 07291, intend, sixty dare l'miii the "date hereof, to
apply to th," Mining Recdnlerfor a Certificate of ''Improvements,  for the purpose of obtainins a Crown Grant of the
above claim.   And  further take notice
that fiction, nnder section 37, nr.ist be
commenced before lite issuance] of such
Certificate of Improvements.
1 Dated this 16th day of Febmarv, 1898.
Ciias. E. Hope.
NOTICE—"Arena Fraction" Mineral
- Claim; situate in the Slocan Mining
Division ol West  Kootenay District.
Where located:—North of  Four-Mile
Creek, about two miles from Silverton,
Take notice that I, Charles F. Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 97291, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to tho Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tlie
above claim. And further tal.e notice
that action, nnder section 37, must he
commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 16th day of February, 1898.
Chas. E. Hope.
NOTICE—"Emily     Edlih"     Mineral
Claim; situate in the Slocan Mining
Division of   West Kootenay District
Where Roofed:—North of Four-Mile
creek, about two miles from Silverton,
Take notice that I, Charles E. Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 97291, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Cer-
Jlficate of  Improvement-, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown < 'runt of the
above claim.   And further take notice
that action, under section 37, must be
commenced before the iKsnance of such
Certificate ol Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February, 1898.
Chas. E. Hope.
NOTICE—-'Jenny Jones" Mineral
- Claim, situate in the Slocan Mining
Division of   West Kootenay District.
Where located:—North of Four-Mile
creek, about two miles from Silverton,
Jake notice that I, Charles E. Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 97291, intend, sixty days from the (Into hereof, to
apply to'the Mining Recorder for a Certificate ot Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe
above claim. And further take notice
that action, under seution 37, must be
commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February. 1898.
Chas. E. Hope.
NOTICE—"SiWerton Boy" Mineral
1 Claim, situate in the Slocan Mining
Division of West Kootenav District.
Where located -.—North of Four-Mile
creek, about two miles from .Silverton,
Take notice that I, Charles E. Hope.
Fise Miner's Certificate No. 97201, in
tend sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Miuing Recorder for a Cer-
Uflirate of'jinprovements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.    And further tuke notice
that action, under section 37, must lie
•onimenced before Hie issuance of such
Dertifloatwof Improvements.
' Dated this 16th day of Febmarv, 1898.
91: I Cyan  E. Uurs,
NOTICE—"W.H. R.» Mineral Claim,
situate in the Slocan Mining Division
of   West Kootenny District     Where
located;—North of  Four-Mile creek,
about two miles Irom Silverton, R   C.
Take notice that  I, Charles F.  Hope,
Free Miuer's Certificate No. 97291. in
tend sixty days fro u Ihe date hereof,  to
apply to the Mining Recorder fur a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant ot the above
elsim.     Atid  further take notice that
action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance ot such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February, 1898.
Cu.\h. E. Hoi'K
NOTICE.-"Mohawk"mineral claim situate in the Slocan Mining Division ot
West   Kootenav    District.      Where
located:    On  Four-Mile  creek, ard
about two miles from Silverton, B. C.
Take notice that I, Charles E. Hope, free
miner's certificate  No,  97291,   intend
sixty days from th« date hen of to apply
to the Mining Recorder lor a certificate
of improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining a Crown   Grant of  the   above
claim.   And further take   notice that
action nnder section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of   such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February, 1898.
Chas. E. Hope.
NOTICE.-"Crescent" Mineral   Claim,
situate in the Slocan  Mning  Division
of   West  Kootenay District.   Where
located:—North  of   Four-Mile crfeefc,
about two mijes from Silverton.B .C.
Take notice that I, Charles E   Hope,
Free Miner's Certificate No.   97291, intend sixty daya from the date hereof,   to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a. Certificate of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under .section 37, must be commenced
before the  issuance of  such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February,'1898.
<• Cuab. E. Hopk.
E>. O. JV_B>I_. ^OJV
Fruits and Confectionery, Tobaetos,
Novels, Blank Booka,
Blank Legal Forms,
Subscription received
for all newspapers and
SILVERTON,      -      •       *
B. C.
00 TO
Mrs.   Matheson
For Dress    Goods.   Milliner-, fancy
goods. Cc-'fectioncr and Baker.
B.  0
BILVfcft'lUK.      -      -
r. C
"Coio-ANi-a Act, 1897.7
Canada: I
Phovwce or Bbitish Columbia. J
No. 80.
Wakefield Mines, Limited," is authorised and licenced to carry on business
within the Province oi British Columbia,
and to carry out or effect all or any of the
objects hereinafter set forth to which the
legislative authority of the Legislature
of British Columbia extends.
Tbe head office of the Company is situate in Scotland.
The amount of the capital of the Company ia £100,000, divided into 100,000
shares of £1 each.
Tbe head office of tho Company in this
province is situate at Silverton, and
David Bremner, general manager
of the company, whose address is Sil-
veerton aforesaid ia the attorney for the
The objects for which the company
has been established are:—
(1.)' To adopt and carry out, with or
without modification, an agreement between The West Kootonay (B.C.) Exploring and Mining Corapuny, Limited,
of tbe first part, and Hugh Moncrieff.
Solicitor, Glasgow, as trustee for and on
behalf of this company, of the second
part, dated the 15th day of February,
1898, providing for the purchase by the
company of the whole undertaking, property, and rights of the first party, including fhe mineral daims, mining and
other rights in British Columbia, together with the plant, land, houses, buildings, funds, effects, and other assets
whatsoever aud wheresoever of the first
party,"all as referred to in the said
(2 ) To carry on tbe business of miners, merchant*, agents, store-keepers,
farmers, stockmen, graziers, carriers,
transport agents, builders, contractors,
and brickmakers, and any other kind of
business which may seem to the company capable of being conveniently car
ried on in connection with tbe above.or
calculated to develop,enhance the value
of, or render profitale the property and
rights of the company.
Ci.) To acquire by purchase, lease, or
otherwise, such lands, mines, works,
buildings, easements, machinery, plant,
and stock-in-trade, and also any concessions, claims, licences, patents, trade
marks, monopolies, rights privileges or
authorities of and over mines, mining
rights, land, mineral properties, water
and other fights in British Columbia or
elsewhere, as may be necessary or convenient to enable the company to carry
on its business, and thnt either absolutely or conditionally, and either solely or
jointly with others, and to explore.work,
develop, carry out, exercise, and turn to
account the saqie:
(4.) To acquire bv purchase, confess
ion, u'lise, hire, charter or otherwise, or
to erect, construct, carry out, maintain,
improve, work, cqntrol. and superintend
any roads, ways, bridgeB, machinery,
works, houses, ruihvuys, reservoirs,
WKter-cuiirseH, tramways, aqueducts,
wharve-*, furnaces, niilln, quarrres, (/its,
cmaliing works, hydraulic works. "Iiv-
tricul, chemical and mechanical works,
factories, warehouses, steam or sailing
ships, boring, hauling or other machinery, appliances, or engines, and other
works and conveniences which may
seem directly or indirectly conducive to
any of the objects of tbe company, mid
to contribute to, sulisidise, or otherwise
aid or take part in any such operations,
whether the same belong to tlio company or to any other company or person.
(5.) To search for, crush, win, set,
qneiry, wash, smelt, reduce, amalgamate, calcine, dress, refine, manipulate,
and prepare for market auriferous quartz
snd ore, lead, coal, ironstone, and other
metals and mineral substances of all
kinds, and generally to carry on any
metallurgical operations which may
seem conducive to any of tlie objects of
the company:
(6.) To buy, sell, barter, import, export, manipulate, prepare for market,
and deal in merchandise of all kinds,
and generally to carry on business as
merchants, importers, and exporters:
(7) To establish, manage and assist
chemical and assaying laboratories for
analytical and testing purposes, particularly for analysing and testing the vain-
able substances specified or referred to
in this article, and generally to carry on
and promote the ohjects of mineralogists,
metallurgists and amalgamators:
(8.) To acquire, carry on and undertake all or any part of the husiness, property and liabilities of any person or
company carrying on husiness similar tu
that which this company is imiliori'sod
to carry on, or possessed oi pro|-erty or
rights suitable for any of the purposes of
this companv:
(9.) To enter in to partnership or into
any arrangement for sharing profits, union of interest, reciprocal concession,
joint adventure or otherwise, or amalgamate with any person or company carrying on, or about to carry on, any business similar to that which this company
m authorised to carry on, or any business or transaction capable of being
conducted so as directly or indirectly to
benefit this com puny:
(10 ) To acquire any invention capable
of being used for any of the purposes of
the company, and to acquire any letters
patent, brevets d'iuvenllon, piivilegcs,
monopolies or concessions of an analo-
.oiis character, whether granted hy the
United Kingdom of Greut Britain or
British Ciiluuitiili, or by any other country, in resnei t of any such inventions.
(11.) To acquire and grant licences to
work and use any invention which thu
company is authorised to acquire:
(12.) To sell, lease, mortgage, abandon claims and rights, dispose of, give in
exchange, turn to account, or otherwise
deal with all or any part of the property
and fights of the company, including the
sale of- other alienation, and the granting of powers to work any mines, claims,
interests, or rights of the company on
any terms which may from time to lime
be deemed fit:
(18.) To sell the undertaking, property and rights of the company, or any
part or parts thereof, from time to time,
for pucii consideration as the company
may think fit; and in particular for cosh,
shares, stock, debentures; debenture
stock, property or securities of auy other
company having objects altogether or in
putt similar to those of this company:
(14/ To buy, seil, and to niaku profits
by dealing in claims, mines, lauds, pro-
pertiea, rights ami interests, and to develop and work und otMl wise turn the
same io account, and for tins purpose to
determine how much ot the proceeds of
sale or realisation of any audi claims,
mines, landB, properties, rights and interests are" to be deemed capital, and
how much profit, and to distribute »«*
such profits among the membera in cash
or otherwise:
(15.) To promote, form and be interested in any other company, syndicate
and partnership, from time to time whose
objects shall include the acquisition and
taking over of all or any oi the property
and liabilities of this company, and to
transfer to any auch company .any property of this company,and to take or otherwise acquire, hold or dispose of shares,
stock, debentures, debenture stock,
property or other securities In or of any
such company,and to subsidise or otherwise assist any such company:
(16.) To invest and deal with any
moneys of the company not immediately
required' for carrying on tho business of
the company, upon' such securities and
in such manner an' may from time to
time be determined, and t<Y leAlise, vary,
re-invest or otherwise deal with such
securities as may from time to time be
(17.) To lend money to any person or
company, and on sucb terms aa may
seem expedient, and in particular to any
person or company haying dealings with
this company, and to guarantee the performance ot contracts by any such person or company:
(18.) To draw, accept, make, indorse,
execute, issue, discount, and negotiate
bills of exchange, promisary notes, bills
of lading, and other negotiable or transferable instruments:
(19.) To borrow or raise money in such
manner as tlie company shall think fit,
I and in particular by the issue, at par or
at a premium, of debentures; debuoture
stock (perpetual or otherwise), bonds,
mortgages or any other securities charged upon the whole or any part of the
property (including uncalled capital),
and rights of the company, anil to remunerate any porson or company for
services rendered in placing or assisting
to place any of these securities:
(20) To sell', improve, manage, develop, lease,' mortgage, dispose of, turn to
account or otherwise deal with all or any
part of tbe property or rights of the company on such terms as the company
shall determine:
(21.) To procure the company to be
registered or recognised in British Columbia or elsewhere as may from time to
time be determined:
(22.) To do all or any of the above
things in any part, ol the world, and in
particular in British Columbia and in
Gn-at Britain, ahd as principal agents,
contractors or otherwise, qr by aud
through trustees, 'agents or otherwise,
and either alone or in conjunction with
(-ii.) To distribute amongst tiie members aby ol the property of the compa:iy
without conversion into money, or any
proceeds of sale or disposal of any pro-
lierfy of the company:
(24.) To do all such other things as
are incidental or conducive to the attainment of thc above objects.
Givcu under my hand and seal of office ut Victoria. Province of British Columbia., tins Dili day of April, one
thousand eight hundred and uinety-
[u] S. Y. WGOT-ON.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Jn the merry soring time
33s.  Fears  Saxsapaxlll^
See that you get tbe GENUINE
3  Sarsaparilla,
For Sale by all Leading Druggists.   Jfg
the same racel Do they notnie the same
laws and lenguago1 Of a surety they
l-oth tfapd back to baok in defence of
the oppressed of all lands, and where
their away reaches there cornea true
freedom of speech of press and of relig
"The AngIo-8axon leads the van
And never lags behind,
For Got! created him to be
The Jeado*- of mankind. "
Tyranny or slavery and the Eng-
the town. The past season's work oi-
the various properties have prove! beyond a doubt that the quartz ledges go
down and the ledges are fissures, the
only kind of mines that man has to far
failed to find the bottom of, Situated
aa tho town is, directly on the lake-
shore, with an absolutely safe harbour,
the natural outlet and snipping point
of such mines as the Vancouver, Alpha
Wakefield, Fisher Maiden, Comstock,
Emily Edith, Galena Mines aud Fi-
lish   language   cannot   exist   in   theifjeiity besides  other good  properties
same place.
can any doubt exist as to  the future
prosperity of Silverton.
Courts ok Assize aud Nisi Prim, and
of Oyer and Tennier and General Goal
Delivery, will be holdeu at the places
and on the dates following, viz:—
Citv of Nelson, on Mond.ty, tbo 20th
Jay of June, 1898.
Town of Donald, on Monday, the 27th
day of June, 1898
By Command.
Prov ncial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
8th Mar.h. 1998.
Ill our issue of a few weeks ago a misstatement regarding one of our mines
was published by us. The news was
furnished to us by the owner of the
property in question and published by
us in good faith. When confronted
with the error our misleading informant, adding insult to injury, 'remarked that no importance would be
attached to what was published in the
8I-VERTONIAN. We desire to iuforro
him that the article in question has
been copied by the following papers;
Spokesman-Rfiview, Spokane Miner &
Electrician, Nelson Tribune.and Koot-
e-ain, and the same report was published in the Ledge   and   Paystreak.
We do not want to publish any-
thing but the truth about our  mines.
It is unfair tn Silverton and to the
S*lyf.ktun*i/.\ to allow us to publish
what is not true, but furnished as the
truth. if a sale is desired for any
property it would be surely damned
by any mining man who reads and
hears mistatement regarding the showing ou the property, Do not underestimate the Sij,tk3xoni.\v. We are
first and last for Silverton and her
mines and jny mining news published
by us is and always will be thn truth
as far as we are concerned. We may
be deceived by our iuforuiant e-ncc
but no more.
Parties cutting wood on the property
of the Bilverton Townsite, or removing
same will he prosecuted. Squatters are
also warned not to trespass ou said property.
by Cross A Co., AgontF.
Thk feeling of the British people
a rule are strongly in sympathy with
their American cousins in the struggle
they are now entering into with the
Spaniards. A few, no doubt, are opposed to the Americans and their
Monroe Doctrine but they are the
exception, not the rule. The Anglo-
Saxon people north of the 49th
parallel are almost to a man in
full sympathy with the Americans,
having deeu educated up to their present state of feeling by roading in both
the Canadian and American press
about the tcrrrlili* state of affairs that
baa existed in the island of Ouba for
the past three years.
Tbere is hardly a Oananadian family but is represented in the United
States as well as Canada. The same can
be said ih Canada; go where you will,
you will Mud the American, and more
especially in tho West where both meet
on an equal footing and look upon each
other as the same race, with the same
motives and ideas. In the volunteer
army now being raised a large percentage of those offering their services are
of Canadian birth, and the records ot
the late civil war show where thousands of young Canadians fought and
bled for the Union,
" And he lay in Libby Prison
For the fight that wasn't blii'n."
The Briton is with  the American  iu
Tiib probable effect of the present
war on the mining industry is a question that has been repeatedly asked in
our midst since the commencement of
active hostilities. In most cases where
capital is called into play the effect of
war has been to tighten the irioney
market and cause investors to pause in
their investments but among the
silver-lead camps the epposile effect
should be felt The scarcity of silver
coin in Ameri-t, since tbe practical
suspension of silver coinage by the U,
S. mints, has already been felt in time
of peace and the urgent need cf
silver uioney must yc-open the mints
to silver and cause a corresponding
rise in the price of that metal. If the
war with Spain should prove a lenghty
one the price of lead must rise, aa the
lead mines of Spain have been mortgaged as security for her war debt
The output of these mines has been the
chief source of Europe's lead supply
and exports from this continent should
increase in ratio with tbe decrcaso of
Spanish exports. It is quite probable
that the present import duty placed
by the States on silver-lead ores will
be abolished and tne price to the producer will be inoresed by the amount
of the present duty.
What West Kootenay lucks is
numerical representation must he made
up for in the ability and alertness of the
representatives. That a more liberal
representation is not given ia due entirely to the obstruction and small methods of tbe crowd of "pe^-nut" politicians who make up tha opposition st
Victoria. Mortally afraid of redistribution, though howling vociferously for it
tbe while.the opposition haa left undone
nothing which might delay such legislation, worry, embaroas and harass the
government. The opposition seems to
have conceived the idea that its only
call is to throw discredit upon and fight
and embarass Mr. Turner and his ministry at every point. That the people
sent them there to legislate and enter
into nnd assist plans tor the advancement and betterment of the courijry has
been lost sight of by tbe opposition
members, iu their little, narrow policy
of obstruction, tho main object of which
is to lift themselves into office by discrediting the present government.
It would be a sony day for Briii-li
Columbia should tlie crew of iucapahies
who make up tbe present opposition ever
come Into power.
A man walking along a highway cannot lie ***rr*'e'r*ted to prcgrese with tree
srep against the hundred and one machinations of small h iys hidden ia the
copse. Fortunately for tlie province cf
j Bfi*.isb Columbia, Mr. Turner has lieen
j strong enough to brush everything mjide
but in doing it the full execution ol his
open ami liberal policy toward all parts
of tbe province has been delayed, ami
held back by the petty and senseless opposition of the little fellows in tbe hedge.
Tlie first football game of tbe seatoq
took place on Thursday evening between
the above teams. They were captained
by Pat Daly and J. M, Bennedum respectively. Daly led pff with his right and
Bennedum ducked and countered. Then
Bennedum massed his Fire Eaters and
made an attack on the enemies centre
who formed a counter charge led by the
redoubtable Macdonald. Billy Buuch
made a mad rush for tbe ball and caa-
nonedoff McGuire. shins. The scene
of action then shifted to the other end
of the field and Rob Walker left a terriblo
rent in the atmosphere, followed by two
others in rapid succession from Edward
Nelson. During the scrimmage J'm
Bowes mode a vicious attack on tbe
spheroid, introducin(» the latest Ontario
Quicksteps, but finally found tbe ball and
loosened tbe cover. Goal keeper Mcintosh of the Fire Eaters made a lightiniug
change as the ball was rushed towards
the goal and with groat dexterity dodged
the pigskin as it rolled between the goal
posts. Cries of "offside" "fou." 'kill
de referee" arose from tho ranks of the
grimy Fire Eaters and but for the timely
appearance of Agent Clark on the sceno
with a yellow war bulletin it is hard to
say to what sanguinary end tbe sffslr
would have come.
Wk have just received \ copy of
the first ihsuo of the Moyie City Leader.
Much credit is due Publisher Young
anb Editor Smythe for thu persevering
manner in which they have overcount
tbe many difficulties in their road and
judging from the c -py at hand it is safe
io say that the Leader will take a
good place among the neighboring
i.    .      i
Tub people of Silverton need have
this war, and why notl   Are they not  no fear an to the future prosperity of the dressing room
Don't forget the celebration In Silver-
ton on the 24th of May. It will be a
continuous performance from davligbt
far into tbe hours of the night. Things
will never be allowed'to grow cold as
long aa races of any kind, tugs of war,
foot ball matches, drilling contests or
scraps of any nature can be ribbed up.
If you begin to grow tired or weary of
the order of things at the 24th of May
celebration, why trot out your dogs and
we can accommodate vou in that line.
We have a full line of lighting canines.
Arrangements aro being made for
having steam coils laid in the lake for the
purpose of moderating the temperature
of the water for the greasy polo walk ou
the 24th.
Anyone, who has entered for tbe greasy
polo contest and wishes  to  change his
miod at the last moment must step into


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